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2.5" SATA drive - data recovery

Q: 2.5" SATA drive - data recovery

My laptop stopped booting in either safe/command or normal mode. it keeps shutting down after first Windows logo screen(animated block moving from left to right) and keeps repeating...

So to recover data i took drive out and connected as via adapter to USB port. Now when i open it it says 'drive not formmated'. So used EASEUS - it went though and pulled about 25GB data but all are in 'SWF' and 'GZ' format. nothing else.

Can someone guide me what can i do to either fix or recover data?

Thank you,

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Preferred Solution: 2.5" SATA drive - data recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 2.5" SATA drive - data recovery

Hi, i think you should download Hiren use Acronis its better at restoring partitions...

Hope that helps
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This is my first post on here, so please be gentle!

I am using Win XP Pro and have a couple of 2.5" SATA laptop hard drives that I need to get the data off. I am connecting the drives via an external USB adapter and can see the hard drives (connecting them one at a time) in the device manager and in disk management. However, wheras I can access my "C" drive from disk management, I cannot access the new drive - all the icons are blank.

I'm really stumped as I've never had this problem on an IDE hard drive

Any help would really, really be appreciated - I have looked for answers on this forum for Viruses, etc. and its always been 100% accurate and helpful


(one confused computer user)!

A:Data Recovery From A Sata Hard Drive

Try assigning a letter to the drive.Right-click the drive and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click Add. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, and then either accept the default drive letter or click the drive letter that you want to use. Click OK.How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP
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Hey guys I need Getting on data Error" drive "Hard SATA Disk second one of you hardware geeks to help me here I finally bought the Maxtor DiamondMax hard drive Its SATA Gig with a Meg Cache and NCQ I already Getting "Hard Disk Error" on second SATA data drive have a SATA WD Raptor as my main drive and Getting "Hard Disk Error" on second SATA data drive trying to install this one has a data drive I have an Asus PW D Premium Board When I boot up it takes a long time about a minute to do anything than I eventually get a quot Hard disc error quot and I have to hit F to continue The BIOS recognizes the drive but Windows does not I ve swapped out the cable and tried a different controller same result While I have like hard drives laying around they are all PATA--no SATAs to try I think the drive is damaged I downloaded Maxtor s PowerMax but its worthless--goes through some tests and the inital ones pass and later ones fail but its the same thing on the other drive the Raptor and that one works fine Tells me eventually to contact Maxtor Tech Support on both drives Any ideas nbsp

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I have 2 drives with the same error message, both have data on them that I must try to recover ASAP. I will post 2 separate threads so as to not confuse the issues even more... This is problem drive #1

FYI:I recently purchased this item to get data from my husbands laptop:
"Rosewill SATA or IDE 3-in-1 to USB2.0 Cable Converter Adapter."

My drive must have failed, as the error message states:
"This disk in drive D is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"

Is there good free software to help me recover the data or should I purchase something?

A:[SOLVED] Need help with Data Recovery (Drive "D") #1

Is the drive properly detected in Device Manager? Also go to disk management and see what it says (click start, run, then type diskmgmt.msc). Don't format or partition, just read what it says.
There's also the possibility of a corrupt partition table or something like that. Try testdisk. There's a thread on using it here
You want to use it to check if everything is all right. Don't make any changes if what it reports seems inconsistent with what you know about the drive (For example if you know it's a 500GB drive and it reports 200, do you want to apply changes? say no). Also browse around to see if your files are still there and intact.

One last thought I was wondering was - what service pack do you have on your current XP? XP with no service pack will not recognize drives over 128GB (possibly what the drive in the enclosed USB case is). Very unlikely scenario that you have XP without any service pack, but just checking anyway.
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Hi I need some help direction or advice Earlier this year a virus crashed my computer If possible I want to try recovering data from hard drives that were configured in a sata raid Since the crash I have installed a new ATA Maxtor GB hard drive and have XP installed again I have installed the SATA DRIVES and they are recognized in the BIOS They don t show up in my computer When I open VIA Raid tool they are there and shown as operating normal but not in any array I don t know if I should try to create a new array or how to proceed and not damage any data if any is still available Any guidance and help Recovery Solved: RAID Data 0 SATA from is greatly appreciated Operating system XP Mother Board ECS P M PRO-M Processor Intel Pentium socket GHz MHz FSB MB Solved: Data Recovery from SATA RAID 0 L Cache Using onboard sound Video e-GeForce LE Hard Drive GB ATA Maxtor set as Master IDE Hard Drives - GB SATA Seagate Baracuda DVD Drive Sony R W set as Master IDE Memory Corsair GB - modules MHZ nbsp

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I have problems mine is recovering data from a DVD-R amp a friend is looking for my help in recovering data from a quot corrupted quot Flash Drive I was burning data on a DVD-R multiple sessions disk when my Burner crapped out while using Nero I now have a new Burner amp when I go back into this disk I can only read data from my st session when I compare the s from Nero s disk info tool however it also shows that session is still open but I cannot read anything from sessions amp Looking around I spotted CD Recovery Tool Box Free is there anything more recent and or better that would let me try to recover the data on this disk The data in session is still on my HD but I would like to be able to recover the data in the other sessions worst DVD-R data recovery data Flash & Drive recovery possible case even just the file names would be a DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery small plus Now for the Flash Drive It is a Lexar Gig DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery amp what supposedly happened is that Peter lent it to a fellow employee so he could extract some data probably a mistake When he got it back a few minutes later amp tried to use it all he got was a message that it was corrupted As it has all of his product codes phone numbers amp personal sales data for the last year he is really desperate to try amp recover DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery the data He does not have a computer of his own so he has no backup another bad idea He has gotten a new Flash Drive a Sony Gig but I have told him that he better go out amp get a nd one to use as a backup As I know basically nothing about Flash Drives is there a program out there that maybe can recover his data Any and all help along with a few words of advice would be greatly appreciated Oh yes I have computers one running on Windows so I can run my old DOS programs amp HD so I guess that dates me amp the other on XP Pro which from what I have read may be an advantage in recovery Happy Skies Chris nbsp
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Re cloned a G HDD to a G USB Flash stick Nov this link helped me http www techspot com community t e-old-usb-storage-drivers post- Andy ----- Original Message ----- From Andy Sent Friday November PM Subject cloned a G HDD to a G USB Flash stick hi all happy holidays etc this USB drive Flash into solved data "Insert H: drive" loss/lock/error drive is an old issue yet i am still working on it in July I cloned my G HDD onto a G USB Flash solved USB Flash drive "Insert drive into H: drive" data loss/lock/error stick in Sept I had a data loss so I thought to recover my data using this G clone I put this G Flash stick into my computer and it showed up as a Local drive yet was inaccessible and with its LED flashing incessantly this was solved USB Flash drive "Insert drive into H: drive" data loss/lock/error after I treated this G USB flash stick as if it were a whole computer and I then attempted to use misused Win Vista s EasyTransfer program in a failed attempt to restore my lost data solved USB Flash drive "Insert drive into H: drive" data loss/lock/error img src styles default xenforo clear png class mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie alt title Frown I later ran CHKDSK f r on it and Chkdsk repaired and or deleted about quot attributes quot files after which this G Flash only shows up as a Removable Storage not Local drive and remains locked data inaccessible yet without the flashing LED the USB drive when I clicked on it in My Computer would give the an error message quot Insert drive into H drive quot Insert a drive into my tiny USB drive which isn t even a CD or DVD drive I tried all the free home remedy data recovery tools that I could find then I snail-mailed this thumb drive to my computer whiz baby brother finally I purchased for and downloaded Seagate s data recovery tool and had my brother return the drive this was when I found the link above and it s freeware DriveCleanUp program and this solved my issue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ what I think was still is quot the problem quot locked drive issue is that the clone looks for the same C assignation as my HDD which btw I had been able to upgrade to G the problem now I guess is where can I find an old XP or Vista computer to fool around with changing the C drive letter as I m afraid to experiment on this my only one of my two working lt Vista gt machines ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this wasn t the problem my issue was caused by left-over USB Flash storage and other USB drivers which once installed were never removed the freeware DriveCleanUp program linked in the link and properly installed please study the instructions in the link should help you with this issue it helped me ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- any thoughts appreciated Andy nbsp
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Ok so I got my Maxtor Gig SATA Hard Drive and used the XP utility to create it This is the first time "Basic" on to change SATA Can't drive volume "Dynamic" I did that--I was so used to using Fdisk I always did it that way in the Can't change "Dynamic" to "Basic" volume on SATA drive past Anyway I m using it as a data drive and followed the wizard in XP and ended up with a quot Dynamic quot volume instead of basic I guess that s the default when you go through the wizard--I Can't change "Dynamic" to "Basic" volume on SATA drive just kept clicling the quot next quot not even really paying attention to the choices as I usually do since I m impatient Anway I Googled and noted you need this for RAID drives and its not recognized in OS other than and XP but is there any advantage to it Can't change "Dynamic" to "Basic" volume on SATA drive I m not running a RAID configuration and my main OS disc is quot basic quot Does it matter I can change it to basic it seems pretty easily according to MS article on it nbsp

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hi i have a scSi disk GB i [Hard header sql recovery] data Drive / extractors data lost information from it and tried to recover with other recovery softwares to no avail finally i got winhex amp got the professional licence i can now data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery] be able to see all the information on the whole NTFS partition but the problem is that i data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery] can t be able to recover it when ever i open the logical drive i can see all the information and most of the information is stack up in a quot free space quot which is around gb which i can be able to see has all the information that i need i have tried to recover the free space but its only copied to the location that i specify and no recoveries are made recovering the files by type name has bore no fruits a freind told me i have to curve out that area and use data extractors to get the information out of that area freee space the information in that drive are sql data bases and zip files whats the header for sql what techniques do i use to curve out that space and be abele to extract the information for i can even read the information in text format which are the data extractors available in the market kindly assist its quite urgent i get this information out nbsp

A:data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery]

I don't know where this thread properly belongs -- but I suspect the question may be too esoteric for most here.

Since it involves data recovery from a hard drive I'm going to move it to Hardware, I think "all other software" is not likely to have anyone with this type of experience.
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I have an entire column of data that I need in one cell. When combined I need each piece of data to be surrounded by " " and a , between each one.


results = "151","183","2001"

A:Solved: Excel Column of data place in one cell with "data", "data" results

ASAP's "Merge row data" ("Columns and rows" category) will do 99% of the work for you.

(edit: "entire column" -- do you mean full from top to bottom? )
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I've seemed to have picked up this spyware. I downloaded and ran Spyware Doctor in Safe mode and I can't seem to get rid of it. Any guidance would be appreciated.


A:Removing "SMART Repair" Data Recovery Spyware

here's one solution:

"Smart Repair" Data Recovery - how to remove

here's another (more involved):

Remove/Get Rid of Smart Repair,Smart HDD Virus Removal-How To Guide | How to Virus Removal

and--if you're into You Tube--here's a video:

Remove SMART HDD Virus, S.M.A.R.T. Check Virus and S.M.A.R.T. Repair Virus - YouTube
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Hi, When I go to Computer Management my main (OS) drive shows as "Disk 1" and my 2nd internal data drive shows as "Disk 0". Should I switch the SATA cables so that the main drive will show as "Disk 0 and the 2nd internal drive as "Disk 1"? Or should I ignore this? Thanks.

A:Main drive and data drive SATA connectors?

Hello Antares,

As long as you are not having any issues booting to Windows, I wouldn't worry about it. It doesn't matter what the Disk number is.
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2 days ago I did a re install of windows becuase of hardware upgrade..

Since this new install my new SATA Drive shows up as a detachable item..Like a USB Pen drive..

Any Ideas..

Info in screenshot..
Thx for any info..

A:SATA Drive showing up as a "Safe to remove drive" ?

From your sig, you have an nforce mb. That is normal. After you install the nforce drivers, it shows as a removable drive. It is because the board supports hot swapping the drives.
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"invalid image" after system recovery?? Help please!

Hi I have an DELL STUDIO WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE, I locked some files with folder lock..i've unnistalled it..n used data Recovery to recover the deleted files.I've successfully recovered the files but the images which have been recovered shows "invalid image".i checked its properties its size is has attribute "A".. I see all my files, but the when I open an image I get an "invalid image" message.

I have over 10 years of images and videos!
Any help will be appreciated...
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16296 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 99 MB, Free - 62 MB; D: Total - 228834 MB, Free - 146706 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 70 MB; G: Total - 1497586 MB, Free - 1218407 MB; H: Total - 286064 MB, Free - 134942 MB; L: Total - 99 MB, Free - 70 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, Z68 Extreme4
Antivirus: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Just installed Corsair 240 gig Force gt sata 3 But per Intel Rapid Storage program the drive is only being accessed as sata 2. While quicker than my WD Raptor 300 it does not blow it away like I expected. . I am in ahci mode and have system restore disabled. So how do I get the ssd to operate in sata 3 mode?

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Recently my old Win Pro OS IDE driven computer crashed black screen-no nothing but How fat32 my data do drive? my I onto get SATA the Drives and cooling fans still spun so I got a new E-Machines ET - Windows at Best Buy I naively figured I could take the two HDD's from the old machine and put them on the new one in parallel with the drive it came with so I would be able to access my old data I have program on those drives going back to the days of DOS that I still use believe it or not in my everyday work So what happened was Windows How do I get my fat32 data onto my SATA drive? could see there was something in E but How do I get my fat32 data onto my SATA drive? when I clicked on E a Win error How do I get my fat32 data onto my SATA drive? message appeared saying the drive was corrupted or had an unrecognized file system Then it says if I want to use the new drive I'll have to format it Of course I declined that option Jeez pressing the wrong mouse click and I would loose everything A buddy of mine said I had to get a Vantec SATA IDE to USB adapter and load the data by means of USB So I got that and hooked it up but basically there's the same error code It sees E is there but it doesn't recognize the file system and suggests I format the disk Other of my friends who are supposed to be knowledgeable lead me to believe that the problem is the file system on my old drive is fat and win only understands NTSF So researching this I found a site that told me to go into DOS command mode run convert from win to convert my fat files on the old drive to NTSF I tried that but a dos error message appeared saying it could not convert files on a raw drive In other words it recognizes nothing on the old drive but rather suggests that the drive was raw it was about full on the old system So I'm stuck Can anyone help Also I was wondering if there is any possible way after this problem is solved can I get my new computer to read a floppy drive I know floppies are supposed to be ancient history but I have an old Toshiba Notebook that has no USB port but I use the floppy from the toshiba to feed my desktop machine I mentioned this to my computer expert friend who told me I needed the vantec adapter and he said forget it Am I screwed on that or what Hope someone can help Thanks Jim

A:How do I get my fat32 data onto my SATA drive?

Sound like your HD shot.

Floppy, you can buy USB floppy.
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I currently have a 120GB, 7200RPM Western Digital HD. Nothing wrong with it, but I want to add an SATA drive to my system, my new mobo has the connectors.

I recently purchased a digital camcorder, so I'm getting into video editing and will need the extra space.

My question is, should I go for a smaller SATA drive and set it as the boot HD, or should I buy a bigger one to use as the data drive? I won't be doing video editing most of the time, so I want the configuration that will give the the best overall performance.

Thanks for any advice!

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Okay so I now have the disks HP sent me so I can do a HD slave for as "data recovery"? system restore due to a Unmountable boot Volume BSOD but it warns that I may lose data even if I only do the quot R quot option This cannot happen it is not my computer but I messed it all up I have another HP that I think I could hook the HD from the farked computer to but I am not sure how to go about that I have to somehow get the important stuff off that drive again not my computer not my fault they don t back their files up but I broke it so I want to fix HD as slave for "data recovery"? it All I know is that I somehow have to change the jumper pins on the quot broken quot HD to make it a slave drive and hook it up to the cable in the working computer crosses fingers the IDE cable in the working computer has a hookup for a slave drive Does anyone know where i can find a simple hah step by step guide for this I tried to Google one but did not get much They are both HP s running XP quot Media Edition quot with SP amp on both in case that makes any difference nbsp

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here s the specs and then the problem ghz celeron ddr ram soyo p i pe v mobo socket gb hitachi deskstar sata hdd gb western digital ide hdd gb maxtor ide hdd audigy platinum an array of pci cards but that is really irrelavant this ight be lenghty and alot of it mught be erroneous but to give a complete picture of whats goin on heres how it goes the parts mentioned above drive to boot of that is can sata i corrupted use off can't data so get ide minus the sound card western digital hdd and hitachi sata is is about to be given to my grandparents when my new stuff gets here in the next few days thanks to newegg the hitachi hdd is my primary drive and will be reformatted and put in the new rig that is on its way i was bored and set up xp pro on the maxtor that is not staying with me it had all my important stuff backed up on it not a big deal i was can't use ide to boot so i can get data off of sata drive that is corrupted going to back up all my stuff on the western digital drive off of the sata drive so i didn t care that i reformatted all my backup i got lazy and didn t back up all my data from the hitachi on to the western digital and well i think i got a virus and my xp pro has become unbootable on the hitachi it hangs at the black screen with the scrolling blue bar and then reboots its self so basically i am pretty sure i am S O L on getting back my music porn etc about gigs or so of stuff i have collected my mobo only supports a single sata hdd no other type of sata device it is only detected as the master no way to make it the slave it shares an ide channel i ahve three ide channels total i wanna boot up with the maxtor ide and have the hitachi sata just show up as another drive i can t seem to do that i have tried tweaking the bios jumpering the ide drive right and no matter what the install of xp which doesn t fully boot is always seeked out first i hope this has made enought sense for somebody to help me out the only other thing i can think of that might work would be to get an external enclosure to put the drive in and use it through a usb anway if somebody could shed some light on it for me that wouldbe great nbsp

A:can't use ide to boot so i can get data off of sata drive that is corrupted

simpler way of putting it

i failed to mention or it wasn't made clear that i want to get my data off of the sata drive before i do a fresh install on my new rig thats coming. unless someone has a definite way of doing it i can bet i have already tried it. i am horribly stumped and am going crazy. i need the eqiuivalent of jumpering two ide drives to make one boot and the other not boot if that makes anymore sense.
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Hi there I have been trying to help some friends who had problems with their old hard drive running Windows XP pro They could not boot from their hard drive - the system was stuck in some kind of loop I managed to get it to stop on a blue screen which indicated that some files drive a data from SATA Recovering hard may Recovering data from a SATA hard drive be damaged corrupted I tried to repair restore but to no avail They have agreed that their system needs to be upgraded but they would like to recover the data on the old disk if possible I have purchased an enclosure - plugged in the disk drive I have connected to a PC running Windows Home Premium Although the drive is recognised the system cannot read it It wants to format the drive which I have not done The hard drive is Seagate Barracuda part EU - I do not have any jumper - do I need one to set the drive as a slave Also is it an issue that I am using a Windows OS rather than the same as the original OS The enclosure is IT-CEO IT USB external hard drive enclosure I have gone beyond the limit of my expertise - I would be very grateful for any help Many thanks SP nbsp

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I m not too familiar with SATA HDD s and I don t have Drive: How from Hard extract data to SATA it? this problem a friend of mine does He has this SATA Hard Drive: How to extract data from it? SATA HDD that he has used SATA Hard Drive: How to extract data from it? from his previous PC for awhile He built a brand new one So he figured he could use the same HDD from his previous PC with the new PC that he built The problem is he realized that he can t use the HDD from his previous PC Now he wants to know how he can extract the data from the hard drive He has a brand new SATA HDD with Windows XP on it I believe its XP is it the same concept as an IDE hard drive Make the Primary hard drive quot master quot and the secondary hard drive as quot slave quot by placing the jumpers in the correct pins Since SATA don t have the pins is it configured through the BIOS That way he can transfer whatever he has from the old hard drive to the new nbsp

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I have a 750Gb hhd with thousands of hours of tv shows on it. well i can't get vista to recognize it in explorer. Disk mngt will recognize it and I don't want to format it without pulling that data off first. How do i get the data off in order to format the drive???

A:Solved: getting data from an unformatted sata drive

Is the disk one that was originally installed with your current OS or onethat was pulled from another system? Is it an internal drive being used as in ainternal, iternal as external, external as internal, or whichever?
Does it have an OS on it, ot just data? If you can give a bit more info will help
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Hey my ps3 recently buggered itself and before sending it in to get fixed / formatted i want to retrieve the data on the sata hard drive. When i connected it to computer and activated through computer management, it asks me to format that hard drive ... erasing the information is there a way to access it without purchasing a plug n play external HD case?
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Hi everyone Working through some PC issues ISSUES... lost data?? Sata i drive Have my and think i may have done a silly thing I installed windows onto an IDE drive and booted but also attached SATA drives one Western Digital gb - a blank new disk one Maxtor gb - with my music and Sata drive ISSUES... Have i lost my data?? video amp work on When booting both of the drives showed up when i got into windows i think only one was visible The WD drive I decided to format the drive but after a few seconds i realised that maybe the drives were working in RAID and that i d be formatting BOTH drives I want the info on the Maxtor drive saved so i cancelled the format I restarted with just the IDE and WD drive attached and the SATA drive works fine So I restarted with just the IDE and Maxtor drive attached and although it shows in the boot it does not appear in Windows Could i have lost my information I thought that RAID drives worked in paralel so wouldn t BOTH drives be not working e g be formatted at the same time or does windows format one at a time Help nbsp

A:Sata drive ISSUES... Have i lost my data??

what OS are you using
what mobo is it
what drive did you have in this computer before
what computer did you have the Maxter in before
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This morning I got a "STOP: C000128" error and it says that "systemroot/system32/config/software" is missing. I got onto my girlfriends computer and looked up how to fix it and this site was suggested:

I want to do that but how do I run the recovery console with a sata drive? it says there is not detectable drives at the moment and to restart. i know the SATA/RAID drives are installed. I installed them to run the SATA as my primary. Any solutions to this?

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I am getting a blue screen with error message 0x0000007b when trying to start the recovery console en XP Pro running from a SATA disc

I have had this before and know that it due to the SATA disc and fixed it but have forgotten what I did, probably a driver or something but buggered if I can remember what or how

Am running XP Pro with two SATA drives and a IDE drive the SATA is the boot and apart from that all is well an the system runs well


A:Recovery console on a SATA drive

Hi Shazbot, Welcome to TSG

Did you hit F6 to load the SATA driver in the beginning of setup?
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every time i try to open one of this folders a window apears with this content
cant have acces to C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Local Configuration\{one of these folders} acces denied
this affects my IE i cant download nothing thru IE all my files on that locations i cant set dispaly pictures on WINDOWS LIVE messenger and all thinks that has anything to do with those folders
any suggsestions or idea
hope you can help me
pd ive scanned my computer and its all clean also i cant install windows XP serivce pack 2 im kinda stucked :/

A:cant open "temprorary files" "aplication data" "program data"
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Hi all Seeing this thread being preoccupied today drive, "data" How on relocate separate 2nd internal OS drive? from to with work projects and generally obsessing over the imminent arrival of my first system with dual internal drives I must ask my next really stupid question How do I relocate my data from quot My Documents quot on the GB SSD OS drive on which I assume How to relocate "data" on 2nd internal drive, separate from OS drive? it will arrive from the factory to the other internal data drive a TB spinner All of my previous and current systems had have a single hard drive either a spinner or a SSD but not both So this is new How to relocate "data" on 2nd internal drive, separate from OS drive? for me This will be an OEM box not an upgrade and not a home-built system I assume it will arrive from the factory with quot everything quot on the SSD C and quot nothing quot on the spinner I guess the HDD will be D FWIW the system will have only a single Admin user account Before I get too far down a rabbit hole when it arrives later this week and before I move my quot How to relocate "data" on 2nd internal drive, separate from OS drive? old quot data from the old system to the new one I just need to know how to make sure that I properly locate my data folders documents pictures videos etc on the new system's data HDD rather than on its OS SSD I presume it's not as easy as a mere quot drag and drop quot of the quot My Documents quot folder from C to D right I have to somehow quot point quot Windoze to the new non-default location I know this is a really really stupid question from an old geezer So thanks very much for your patience MM
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I'm building another computer and am still new to "how to install a SATA Drive". (HD Manufacturer) no longer provides the link to thier downloads. So how can I get the SATA driver so when I go into Windows XP instillation it will recognize the Hard Drive. I also put in my Windows disc and hit F6, tried all the options but just got error codes. Lost, please help.

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Do I need to remove the jumpers from my IDE drive..if not does anyone know what positions they or it must use.. Can it be done this way..? Mods may be wrong forum..sorry if it is..

A:Old IDE drive to Sata with converter connections etc to transfer data

Usually with a 1 connection drive, set it for "Master".
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Trying to recover some files from bad hard drive using usb to sata hard drive enclosure submitted minutes ago by mdwilson I have an Asus K a I had a Hitachi gb hard drive that failed on me I went out usb enclosure data bad recover to hard from sata drive Trying using some to and bought a new samsung ssd gb hard drive and replace Computer is up and running on Windows My computer has gb of ram I have an TB external hard drive I had most files back up with the exception of a very important pro tools session i was working on right before the crash I need to Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure recover it Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure Before buying a new drive i downloaded ubuntu live cd on a different computer and used it to boot up computer I recognized my hard drive but wouldn t let me quot mount quot to it It also said my hard drive health as quot will fail soon quot or something like that Also Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors somewhere near I went out and bought a usb to sata hard drive enclosure I put old drive in and plugged it into computer with my new drive in it In quot my computer quot it shows the old drive as drive quot e quot And in bios the hitachi is recognized The problem is when I click on the drive it tries opening or loading for several minutes and then eventually says quot E is not accessible parameter is incorrect quot It then also freezes my computer and makes me hard shutdown I downloaded ontrack easy recovery but it says I need a drive large enough to fit all the data on old drive I can use my external but I have important files on it and I don t know if those files would be wiped if I use it to recover Also when I plug both external drive and old drive into computer it freezes ontrack software So I m wondering my best options are I can not afford professional recovery I really just need the one session file folder which probably adds up to about gb Would love to recover some other stuff but it s not nearly as important When my old drive is in enclosure and quot starts up quot it doesn t make a clinking noise and sounds like it is spinning normally What can I do Thank you for responses nbsp

A:Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure

With that amount of problems
Also, showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors, somewhere near 20,000.Click to expand...

recovery of anything is unlikely
see if you can access it from a cmd prompt with admin rights, change the prompt to E:
then if that does show type
see if it will show the data
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I have a customized Asus M A -M system with - Phenom quad core CPU GHz - GB RAM - BluRay amp DVD R W optical drives - W Antec power supply - disks drive - Vertex GB SSD quot drive - Toshiba GB quot drive - White Label TB quot drive - Seagate TB ST AS just upgraded drive firmware to CC from CC -Multiboot Windows Ultimate OpenSUSE tumbleweed linux Linux Mint Windows Windows Home Premium OpenSUSE v My boot loader is grub with a nice custom boot menu using this background image The issue is the Seagate drive is listed as an quot unknown device quot under Windows Ultimate OS along with other volumes despite the fact it works OK when I boot Windows Home Premium Haven't gotten Windows to boot yet so don't know about that but its just fine under all of the Linux OSs too I have all of these backed up using Macrium on a TB external USB also All of the UUIDs for each disk and partition volume are unique as reported by gparted under Linux Having an issue "unknown for standard Issue resolve drive device" 2: 1 SATA Can't with Windows but I'm saving that Issue 2: Can't resolve "unknown device" for 1 standard SATA drive for a separate thread The Seagate was showing up OK before the FW and RAM update I may have confused the Win Ultimate OS when I had to remove the CMOS battery to reset mobo and I forget to switch the SATA ports to AHCI mode Win Ult booted up but many volumes weren't recognized When I discovered and fixed the move items shown as quot unknown quot starting with the Seagate drive explicitly labeled and other drives presumable the other NTFS partitions on that same drive For a map of the partitions on all of the drives see my Issue Can't boot Windows on multiboot system thread
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I have a new Gateway laptop and all last week I was using Error" "Disk Read SATA Laptop Drive Hard it to connect to my home pc using Remote Desktop I noticed a few times that after shutting the lid to the laptop SATA Laptop Hard Drive "Disk Read Error" and walking away when I would come back and open the lid the laptop would be froozen I wonder if it was becuase I was leaving the remote desktop connection open and then the laptop would go into sleep mode and it woudnlt wake up properly Either way the only way I could unfreeze it was by restarting the lapt by forcing it to power down Well the last time it happened after I held the power button and forced a shut down when I powered it back on it said quot Disk Read Error quot I have yanked the drive and connected it via usb to my dekstop pc The drive shows up in disk management but has a red circle in the top left hand corner of the partition and doesnt show up in my computer I put the drive back in the laptop and booted of an XP CD and choose the quot repair quot option I tried to do a quot MIXMBR quot but got a return message that NO partition could be found Does anyone have any ideas how I can recover from this I have Acronis disk director suite installed on my desktop pc and I can reconnect my laptop hard drive to the desktop pc but I don t know if it can do the job Does anyone have any ideas I really can t afford to loose my data Please Help nbsp

A:SATA Laptop Hard Drive "Disk Read Error"

This thread can be closed as #1 the issues has been resolved and #2 it doesn't look like anyone will be repying anyways.

Now, in the case that someone does stumble onto this thread here is an update....
Turns out the hard drive was physically damaged (or so I'm told). Since there was sensitive data on the drive I was being extra cautious and after removing the drive and connecting to another pc and seeing the drive but not the partitions or data I didn't even try FixMBR or anythinhg else becuase I didn't want to take the chance of further damage. I took the drive to a data recovery specialst who was able (for a small fee ofcourse) to recover the data. Since the laptop is still under warranty I took it into the store I bought it and told them the sit. Tehy gave me a new hard drive on the spot and I have now restored it back to normal. Thank You all and goodnight.
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I have a larged data drive that failed a disk check. It stalls when starting stage two (I belive that is the verification of indexing). I have been able to back-up all of the folders except for a large folder of raw video. The PC locks up when I attempt to access/copy this folder (it appears to be part of the problem). I want to make an attempt to recover this data before reformatting the drive.

The check disk fails both at start up or if I run from the desktop both in regular and safe mode. Does anyone have tips for recoverying this data?

A:Data Recovery of data drive

You could try using a 98 boot disk and then run ntfsdos from there to access the ntfs partitions. Then try an xcopy of that file to another drive.

Another method could be to use Winrar to create a multipart archive and store it on another drive. This might chunk it up enuff.

Or boot to recovery console from the CD and then run chkdsk /r which marks any sectors that are corrupt as bad so they will not be used again, even after format. All take some time, but they are readily availalble fixes.

Alternatively, you could create an image of the drive and save that somewhere else, then run your drive manufacturers disk utility to check integrity of the disk.

Hope this helps
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Hi all

I have a 2.5" Hitachi HTS541680 hard drive that has died and will not boot.

I proceeded to connect it to a caddy but it will not appear in My Computer, i then tried to load it up using a recovery software tool called GetMyDataBack but it doesn't see my hard drive does anybody know why?

Strangely i tried a different recovery software tool which did locate the failed hard drive but could not continue to recover the data due to "bad sectors encountered" it then went on to show no partitions available.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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I just built a new computer. Everything seems to be working fine, Windows loaded etc. THen I noticed the icon by the clock that says Safely remove hardware. It lists my C: drive. I only have the one harddrive, a SATA 160GB WD. It is plugged into SATA port 3 as 1 and 2 were hard to get at. How do I get this to list as a normal C drive? The motherboard is a
XFX nForce 680i LT SLI. DO I need to change something in the BIOS?

A:SATA C:\ drive lists as "removable disk"

Look at its properties in Device Manager. You may be able to unselect "Removable".
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I have the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in my system tray. One of my drives, a WD20EARS (WD Green 2TB) is listed there. I want the icon to go away since I obviously have no need to eject the drive.

How can I stop Windows from thinking it's a drive that's ejectable?

A:Internal SATA drive showing as "ejectable"

Is this a new drive recently added? Is this drive the primary drive or just for storage? Is this an internal drive or external drive? Did you follow the manufacturers directions for installing the drive if it's an internal HDD.

SATA Hard Drive - How to Install and Setup
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Hey forum First post here I hear this is a great place to come for Vista help so here goes I recently completed a new computer and am having trouble with my optical drive Model LG GH NS The funny thing is I actually installed Vista onto my main HD also a SATA drive using the optical drive when I first loaded the in problem? "Please drive D:" disc insert SATA computer The error now is that when I put a disc into the drive Vista doesn't recognize the disc and when I try to access the drive the error message quot Please Insert a disc in drive D quot shows up and the drive ejects The drive shows up in device manager I've tried deleting it and rebooting to let Windows reinstall the drivers and have tried upgrading all the drivers I can find myself Just to be sure I took the drive out and tested it on another computer and I now SATA problem? "Please insert disc in drive D:" know the hardware is working just fine I've seen other posts on other forums with similar problems but haven't found SATA problem? "Please insert disc in drive D:" a solution Here are the specs on my rig BIOSTAR TA GX M AMD Phenom II X Deneb GHz GB DDR RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT MB LG Black X CAV DVD R GH NS which I hope to soon have working Thanks in advance for any help you can offer -Q

A:SATA problem? "Please insert disc in drive D:"

Install the SATA drivers/software for your controllers either from a download or FDD/usb floppy. Did it come with a disk?, and have you updated your system at Windows update for Windows and other pruducts?, (keep going back until it says no further updates available for your system)

It should work out of the box as long as the sata/raid controller is loaded (and it must be if Vista sees your SATA HDD). Check your BIOS setting for the optical make sure it sees it as a SATA AHCI DVD RE optical drive, and not running under IDE mode.
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Since changing to I've had a really hard time cleaning infected Cannot SATA/IDE-to-USB via adapter drive connected "see" hard hard drives In fact it's been impossible With XP I could connect the infected drive using a SATA IDE-to-USB adapter take ownership of the drive and get rid Cannot "see" hard drive connected via SATA/IDE-to-USB adapter of the offending files With however the drive isn't recognized until I initialize it which naturally will blow away everything on the drive nbsp Cannot "see" hard drive connected via SATA/IDE-to-USB adapter It's another MSoft catch- If I back up the data so it's safe to initialize then I have to be able to access the data to back it up so I can initialize it right If I do that on the infected computer chances are I'm backing up the virus anyway Same goes for old hard drives I have lying around I'd love to see what's on them but I can't unless I first initialize them which precludes my ability to see what's on them I don't have an IDE port on my desktop so some of these drives cannot be connected directly Finally I don't do this kind of stuff all the time anymore due to health reasons so it's not worth building a retro machine just for this purpose Is there not some kind of work-around for this or is another shining example of planned nbsp obsolescence nbsp I'm out of my mind please leave a message

A:Cannot "see" hard drive connected via SATA/IDE-to-USB adapter

Something must be wrong with your disks, there should not problems with connecting old sata disk with a sata-to-usb adapter.
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Greetings from me in St'go de Chile Finally my eBay 3.5" Drive / to arrived!! My 2.5" IDE Adapter SATA HDD ATA Converter quot China flavored quot quot quot Drive SATA to ATA IDE Converter Adapter HDD arrived Now my problems start In USB mode Gb free HDD space is shown yet when I connect with the SATA to ATA IDE adapter BIOS shows Gb Using quot Paragon HDD Manager quot I tried to copy the OS amp data of another HDD to this new Gb HDD At first it all went well yet about half an hour later I got error messages Disk I O error When I try to format it Drive not read error And now Paragon HDD Manager does not even allow me to see My 2.5" / 3.5" Drive SATA to ATA IDE Converter Adapter HDD arrived!! the disks When I go back and plug in the USB front part of the new HDD everything seems OK just like before Maybe the new HDD need to have the pins for Master Slave etc assigned I just left them as they came and wouldn't know which ones to assign for quot Master quot

A:My 2.5" / 3.5" Drive SATA to ATA IDE Converter Adapter HDD arrived!!

What type of drive are you attaching, IDE or SATA? There are no jumper pins per se for SATA drives. If it is an IDE drive the jumper should be in the CS or Master position. Are you using the power adapter with the USB Adapter? If you are attaching this to a Windows computer go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. In Disk Management, what does the drive look like? You may have a 137 GB partition and the rest could be Unallocated space.
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I have a custom built HTPC with a Seagate SATA drive. Media Center halted, and Win7 would not reboot. When I attempt to reinstall Win7 it cannot find the drive (C) - "No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation."

My research tells me SATA drives don't have drivers, at least that's what Seagate says.
I've changed BIOS SATA controller from "Enhanced" to "Compatible" with no effect.
Don't know what to try next. Please don?t make me go to Geek Squad J
Any help?

A:Win7 "No Drives found" SATA drive

May we get the make and model of your Motherboard?

Also the model of your SATA drive?
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were would I get a splitter canle for sata hard drive

A:Install second hard drive need a sata data cable splitter???

Hi, You can't split SATA data signals.  SATA power yes, but data no.
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since last 2 or 3 days i am experiencing a severe problem in my pc
(p4 HT 3000hz, 1GB ddr2, seagate 80gb sata---xp service pack2). copying data from d: to e: is taking several minutes to complete, like 2.5 gb data copy is taking 50 minutes, and a 4.38gb dvd writing in 8x that took hardly 7-8 minutes, now taking 25+ minutes.
What is wrong happeing with my pc.
Games like sims are working very slowly, performance is too poor.
Please urgently reply.
Would reinstalling xp solve the problem

A:Seagate 80gb sata hdd copying data from one drive to another is very very slow

Is the other Drive SATA, or IDE?

Is the PC slow in general, or just when moving stuff around?

Open the Task Manager, CTRL/ALT/DEL and go to Processes. Is something using a lot of CPU?

POST back & we'll see if we can get it sorted.
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One of my computers is configured with four SATA non-RAID drives I ve used this setup for about a year The other day I noticed that one of the drives main backup was missing all of its data The drive still shows up in Disk Management as D quot healthy as well as in Windows Explorer However a right-click quot Properties Local Disk PropertIes quot check shows the drive as having zero bytes an indication that there is no data on it Additionally a direct click on the drive letter initiates quot The disk in drive D is not formatted quot etc This has caught me completely by surprise as the drive showed no early warning signs of impending failure at all BTW the drive is a WD MB Could it be that the data on the drive is now kaput I hesitate to deploy some of the many software data-recovery methods I currently have because of creating irreversible data-lost condition Experience tells me that I may be screwed already choke If anyone has experienced this problem or know of a possible solution please feel free to chime in Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Internal SATA Hard Drive Data Has Vanished!

Sudden death of a drive is not an impossible thought, and would be my first bet. Sounds like the file system got the first bit of damage, as it's not a case of slowly deteriorating to a corrupted, useless state... In other words, it's not completely dead, but what's dead in it makes all the other healthy parts useless.
Just my thoughts, can't know for sure...
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Hi! I bought a toaster sata enclosure and a 1.5 tb hard drive, but can't use it: the xp does not recognize it: I suspect it is not formatted.

What do I do? I called geek-squad and they want to charge 150 bucks just to format the hd... crazy, and they don't know what a toaster is...

Can you help? I have seagate disk utility cd, google lifeguard tools, etc.

the computer is acer veriton, and I have the recovery cd's and the acer system disk formatter...

Thank you.

A:How do I format a sata drive 1.5 TB to use in a "toaster"?

how does your enclosure connect to pc? usb esata... does the found new hardware wizard run when you attach it or on startup when it is attached? did enclosure come with instalation disk or does drive show up as raw or unformated in control panel/administrative tools/computer management/. If none of the above you need to either format the drive by direct connecting to mainboard or trying an already formated drive in the bay to determine if it is communicating with your pc.
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I have a Samsung 160GB SATA drive as the boot drive. I don't have a problem with that - it works fine. The only problem is that I've tried to add a Seagate Barracuda 40GB drive on, and it's IDE/ATA100. The BIOS does not detect the drive and therefore neither does the OS. Basically, nothing is being recognized. What's going wrong?

I've got experience in putting them together and pulling them apart, but I've never come across this problem before. Got any ideas?

Things I've checked:

1) Everything's up correctly.
2) The cable isn't damaged (it's new, infact)
3) The drive isn't dead (it was working five hours ago and SMART reports didn't have any problems)

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I am wondering if I can access files on a SATA or IDE hard drive installed in a desktop computer with no other hard drive installed. Meaning, the drive I am trying to access isn't configured with drivers for the desktop's other hardware or motherboard. There is no other drive installed in the desktop. I was wanting to know if I could use a boot CD (Hiren's or Linux) to use as way to access files, pics, etc. and transfer it to a usb flash drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Can I access data from a SATA or IDE hard drive on a system it's not configur
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Hi there im wondering if there is anything wrong with running three hard rives Power data / SATA Molex hard drive cable question and off the same power source Basically coming form my power supply antec watt im looking to split a single molex into three SATA power cables for the SATA / Molex Power and data cable hard drive question three hard drives b c i have the molex to sata power splitter to do so This way the case can stay a bit neater But am not sure of the reprcussions of doing so if any I can see in the case of a power surge that there might be an issue but i think there would be an issue either way if there was a power surge But other than that i think i should all right i think But id rather ask first and she what ya all say before i go killing three drives with one stone Also with the SATA II data cables that have the metal latch for keeping from coming dislodged can those work on drives that are only sata I Well im sure they would work but would the latch actually make the data cable from coming off easier if the drive isnt meant for it Any suggestions is greatly appreciated nbsp

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Ok, so what happened was I formated my D Drive and made that my OS, then I restarted my computer. Everytime I turn it on it gets to the boot manager and then restarts again over and over. It never gets passed that, not even to the logon page.

Is there a way I can undo what i did (make my C Drive my OS again)?

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2GB Memorex usb drive not working. drive doesn't appear on computer after plugging in. Is there ANY way possible to troubleshoot these little monsters???? Can I open it? There has to be something -- I've already returned it to Memorex; the new one they sent me doesn't work either.

Any suggestions or websites I can check out.


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I wasn't sure Data Recovery Drive Help USB where to post USB Drive Data Recovery Help this because I'm panicing a bit Sorry guys please move if it's not in the right place So I'm in college and we have to do this really long assignment which constitutes of the final USB Drive Data Recovery Help grade I had one section of this on my USB drive but today as I was going to print it I noticed that something had changed the extension of the file making it inaccessible it was a microsoft word document I also noticed that a weird file named PERSON then a USB Drive Data Recovery Help weird square doc was on my flash drive and according to windows was last edited in USB weren't even invented then so I'm sure it's a virus which edited my file to the same extension however norton doesn't detect anything My friend recommended a recovery program which was only an eval copy but it didn't work However I did see a file which I can't seem to view in explorer named BE which was edited in I wasn't even born then I've made it so I see hidden files in explorer but I still cannot see this BE whatever it is I really need this file and by thursday which is why I'm in a panic I stupidly didn't back it up so I can't afford to lose it Is there any way to recover my file Is it a virus problem which has corrupted it for good

A:USB Drive Data Recovery Help

Anyone at all? I know it's a shot in the dark as it's probably replaced the file with itself (if it is indeed a virus) but still, It would be great if I could recover the file.
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My no-name (KingStar) USB 1.1 drive "malfunctioned" and I am getting sky-high quotes for data recovery (i.e., $700.00 for recovering about 125 MB of data); does anyone know a reliable data recovery person/service with lower rates? Thanks!

A:Help: Data Recovery for USB Drive

I don't thing there is such a thing because of how hard and time consuming it came be to recover lost data like that. I didn't even know it could be done from flash memory.
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As per my last post of slow transfer speeds from my PC to NAS Drive, I have found the NAS Drive has gone faulty, the Ethernet cable connection port has failed. I have stripped the unit down and removed the HDD, and I have a external caddy to connect the drive to, to try and recover as much data as I can. However Im led to beleive that NAS Drives are not simply data storage, they store the files in a different way, which is why I seem to have issues connecting to the HDD. When I connect the recovered HDD to the computer It wont allow me to access the disk unless I format it, Can anyone advise me how I could recover the data from this HDD
Relevancy 59.34%

Hi All,

I have a DVR that uses a 3.5" HDD. The HDD is having reliability problems and I have a spare 2.5" (laptop) HDD that I could use.

Anyone know where I can get a cable-adapter that will plug into the 3.5" MOBO socket (power and data) on the DVR and then accept a 2.5" drive (power and data) plugged in at the other end?


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Hi - I have a home-built PC Asus A NE Athlon running three hard drives C drive is a MAXTOR GB IDE drive is the Boot drive D drive is a Seagate barracuda GB IDE drive I have recently added a SATA GB drive which when it feels so inclined shows up as the F Drive E Being an optical drive This is the issue it doesn t always show up I can quot remind it quot to appear by going into bios at start up and looking at the hard SATA XP in "disappears" drive drive configuration it is always there in the BIOS and seemingly be simply looking at it it reminds windows to load it but if I don t access the bios at boot up it usually forgets to include it SATA drive "disappears" in XP I have been into the disk management utility to rescan and refresh and this doesn t seem to make any difference - the only way I can quot jog XP s memory quot is by actually looking into the BIOS The only thing I can think which might have a bearing on this is that I have set up the SATA drive as a shared drive for a newly acquired IMAC I keep all my pictures and Itunes on the SATA drive for this very reason This isn t a huge problem - more of a pain really I suspect I m doing or not doing something really obvious - I m a dabbler and a fiddler with PCs not someone who really understands them per se - but would appreciate the consideration an expert Cheers ElectricRay nbsp

A:SATA drive "disappears" in XP

Ideas :

Have you installed manufacturers SATA driver, or are you leaving it to the XP built-in driver?
Try moving the optical drive to say W:, so your SATA drive becomes E:
Try disconnecting your 2nd IDE drive for a few days, see if XP consistently recognises SATA then
Try turning off sharing of the SATA drive similarly to check consistency
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I hve a gig maxtor SATA hdd which I was running as my master and I believe that I have a boot sector virus console drive, to use SATA virus unable sector Boot on recovery a I am unable to boot into windows or safe mode for that matter Upon trying to use the recovery console the computer restarts to Boot sector virus on a SATA drive, unable to use recovery console quot avoid damage quot upon trying to access the drive I have a lot of data that I was hoping to save I have had this exact same problem before perhaps months ago I brought it to a computer repair and they successfully saved my data and were able to reformat the drive for me My main question is how can I access the drive to save my data Even when I try to boot windows from a different drive it will not boot if the infected SATA drive is connected My motherboard brags that it supports quot PC Cillin Anti-virus quot which led me to believe that I could disable that in my bios however I could not find anything in the bios that would allow me to do so Can anyone help me Thank you nbsp

A:Boot sector virus on a SATA drive, unable to use recovery console

Airwalker700 said:

My motherboard brags that it supports "PC Cillin Anti-virus", which led me to believe that I could disable that in my bios, however, I could not find anything in the bios that would allow me to do so. Can anyone help me? Thank you.Click to expand...

The AV is just another program which runs in Windows. Has nothing to do with your MB or the BIOS.
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A friend of mine was having some problems with their computer last week The PC would randomly shut down almost always around pm although I am guessing Recovery Can't Drive Not Recognized, to Console [resolved]SATA Enter repair that is just coincidence and then when they turned it back on it would shut down again This would happen a couple of times before they were able to boot up again Finally yesterday the PC wouldn't boot at all and it gave the C WINDOWS system config system is missing or corrupt I tried to get into [resolved]SATA Drive Not Recognized, Can't Enter Recovery Console to repair recovery console but it said it did not detect a hard drive The Hard Drive is a SATA drive SATA is enabled in BIOS They are running XP Pro A couple of weeks ago they upgraded the memory adding another stick of but I am not sure if they were having these problems before the memory upgrade or not Anyways my first question is what can I do to have the drive be recognized again I did some research and it mentioned having to install Third Party SATA drivers but since the drive was working before and we haven't done a clean install I shouldn't have to load the drivers again correct Unless they got deleted corrupt somehow Well let me know if anyone has any suggestions Thanks

A:[resolved]SATA Drive Not Recognized, Can't Enter Recovery Console to repair


A couple of places to start:

> If you have any IDE hard drives hooked up, then disconnect them to get it going.

> Enter the BIOS setup menu and set everything back to default settings and try it.

> Make sure your drive detection in the Bios setup menu is set to AUTO

> Try clearing the CMOS ....... When and if you get it back up, try the recovery console again.

> The SATA drives are notorious for having loose cables (I have to use cable ties for some at times) and they do not fit into the drives very secure, so you need to make sure they are making good contact with the cable to the drive.

> Make sure the power cord is hooked in secure to the drive. Try another cable if this one does not do the job for you.

Post back with questions/concerns.
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I have a USB drive that is always giving me this message: ďThe disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?Ē
I didnít get it. After searching on the internet, I know that my best bet is to try a data recovery application, if I really want to get back the data inside it.
So, do you have any suggestion? It could be better, if it is a free one. I donít have extra money to pay for it this month.
Help me, please!
Thank you in advance!

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I have been having great difficulty trying to figure out how to recover all of my data on my hard drive that just stopped working three nights ago. I was foolish to not back anything up. I have attached a picture of what my desktop looks like with two windows open. One being Disk Management and the other being Minitool Partition Wizard. They both show the hard drive that I am trying to recover. That hard drive will not show up on "My Computer" but I can see it in those two windows. What can I do to recover this data? I have tried a couple tools, but they could not see it, and the Minitool Partition Wizard was still at 0% after 18 hours of scanning. Thank you.

A:Data Recovery on Old Hard Drive

Hi Mat the w,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

I presume it is an internal drive on your desktop.

Please run the manufacturer's diagnostic/repair utility. ( Since you did not tell us the make/model number of the drive, I can only give this general statement.) Check whether it is able to repair your disk.
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Seeking low-level data recovery tools ---

I have an external drive (WD10TMVW-11ZSMS5; was in a "Passport"). The drive was dropped; hard -> head crashed and diver board circuit was damage... Tried to transfer plattens to new drive, but plattens became misregistered in process (duh) [Oh yeah... The head mechanism was damaged too; otherwise I'd have just replaced the circuit board and not tried to transfer the plattens (would that it were that simple)].

Does anyone know if there exists an app that will allow me to control the disk; read heads individually; transfer bit patterns to another media for reconstruction of the image?

I know it's a long shot, but I have to try.

Thanx, from Hell.

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I have a "Tiny" 128 mb flash drive from When I try to access the password protected drive I get a message that says "Drive Is Busy". "Close all applications & documents opened on the drive & try again"
But of course I can't as it won't let me in!
I've tried many times, restarted the p.c. with & without drive connected. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. Checked for a website. (Does not seem to have any info. on it)
I'm suspicious that i might have disconnected the drive while the L.E.D. is flashing. (not allowed according to instructions) and I presume that the software in the drive itself (is there any?) must have been corrupted. Any ideas on how I can access the data (pics) on the drive? Many Thanks.

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My OS became corrupt but my hard drive is still good, obviously i cant access the hard drive to save the files elsewhere, anyone know a way to take the info off the hard drive when i cant access windows

Note: this is what i get when you don't backup important data.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



A:Data recovery from hard drive

Is this a laptop or a desktop?

If it's a desktop remove the hd and place it in another desktop as a slave. Transfer the data to either that machine's hd or a cd.


You can try to repair the op system and hope you don't destroy the data while attempting it.
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Dear Friends Please Big Help me As there were viruses in the gb Kingston pen drive it didn t show any files the viruses were cleaned There was Help Data Recovery Friends Pen Big Drive only one shortcut visible but no data at all However upon checking the file properties of the pen drive it showed the use space as as GB and free space as mb After using the Restore kb tool Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends the free space is shown Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends as GB and used space is only kb I used this software https drive google com uc export download amp id ByIph ae VAcY xRlhrX tPQ c Now used space is kb and free space is Gb Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends Attempting to recover the data using recovery software did not result in showing any data Attempting to recover data using the command line did not work and neither did trying to recover using Ubuntu Changing the folder options did not work either My computer is using Windows XP as the OS kingston DT G USB Device ID VID PID Serial Number UP AD A B Device Vendor kingston Device Name DT G Device Revision Manufacturer kingston Product Model DT G Product Revision Chip Vendor Phison Chip Part-Number PS - PS - F W - - Flash ID Code DE - SanDisk TLC Can you please help me recover the data I ll appreciate it nbsp

A:Pen Drive Data Recovery Big Help Friends

I have used Recuva to recover data from a formatted memory card.
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Okay, my harddrive in my laptop is corrupt. So I have got it plugged in to my desktop pc at the moment. I used GetDataBack to try and recover all my files. It found then all, and can play/open all of them. But when I try to copy, nothing happens.

Does anyone know of a free (or under $15-ish) hard drive data recovery program that works? Also, my hard drive is NTFS.

Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive Data Recovery

Some people have had luck with PC Inspector page:
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I have recently upgraded to a new system from XP and was hoping to recover some data from my old hard drive which has the 40 pin connector. I was hoping to find the grey ribbon inside but instead there is what I think is a SATA cable connecting the hard drive. Therefore I'm a wee bit confused as to what I connect the slave to.
There is a grey ribbon, but that is connected to the DVD drive although it does have a second connector halfway down.

Thanks for the help!!

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I m trying to recover data from a friend s hard drive that suddenly failed to boot It s a Samsung SATA Hard drive recovery data I ve got it connected directly Hard drive data recovery to the motherboard of my computer as a slave It is seen in the Hard drive data recovery BIOS Device Manager and Disk Management but not in Windows Explorer The drive spins and doesn t make any unusual noises I tested it with HDTune the SMART data is all OK and a quick sector scan showed no bad clusters I ve tried Spinrite computer froze O amp O Format and Recovery Scan started then computer froze A couple of other recovery apps froze too and some just didn t see the drive GetDataBack found a few things but not much and couldn t recover Trial version I installed Ubuntu on an attached drive it couldn t see the drive So I m about ready to throw in the towel but thought I d run it by the gurus at TSG first Is it possible that password protection on the drive limits what can be seen recovered or do the recovery apps look beyond that Anything I ve missed here Thank you in advance nbsp

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Ok here is the deal. I had a new laptop that dual booted vista and linux. the vista partitioned was encrypted with bitlocker. I decide to give windows 7 a try so I repartition the drive in to one large volume, format and install windows 7. Everything worked perfectly. The problem is after about a week I realize there was some important files on the vista partition before I wiped everything out. I have found several data recovery programs the can recover files after a format, however they only show files that where on the linux partition. My guess is that the bitlocker encryption is preventing these tools from finding any of the vista files.

So the question is, Does anyone know of a application or company that can recover files from a bitlocker'ed drive after it has been formatted.
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Any assistance on how to recover data off of my slave drive would be appreciated Slave drive not being recognized by the OS when I try to access via Windows Explorer When I click on D a window opens stating quot Disk in drive d is not formatted do you Data off recovery of drive slave want to format quot so I click NO I ve checked the BIOS and shows up in Disk Management Disk Management shows D Drive as Health Active but the HDD capacity and free space shows the same GB or free space File system is blank Data recovery off of slave drive This particular drive has a FAT file system Have gone to DOS prompt for D and get the following message quot The volume does not contain a recognized file system Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted quot Called a couple of Data Recovery companies and was told if they could recover any data off of the drive that it would cost between to They mentioned the probability that the volume structure could be damaged I need the data but cannot afford that kind of money Had no idea that data recovery would be so expensive If anyone has been through this and can assist please advise Thanks Logoman nbsp

A:Data recovery off of slave drive
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I'm working on an older Compaq Presario 5070 for my father-in-law. He has been lax in keeping his virusscan up to date. I've built him a new computer that is ready to install, but days before my trip to do the install his presario took a dump. It appears through various boot attempts that the Config.sys files got corrupted in line 2 and 3. The drive is running Win 98. I can access the drive through DOS and run DIR and see all the files intact. I would like to recover his address book for Outlook Express. When trying to boot with windows I get an error that reads, "Can Not Find QR System Save Drive". I don't need to save this computer or drive, I just would like to retrieve some info. All help would be appreciated

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Help. Can I recover the data on my hard drive which is in a desktop PC that died last week? Take the HD out, hook it up somehow, move the data to a backup or portable HD?
Thanks from Pacejo

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Hi all,
I formatted my C:\ (win 7 64 bit os), bt on d way realized that my most imp data was kept hidden under C:\Users\Prashant , but couldn't help stopping the format.

Now, since the C:\ drive is formatted , I can't access C:\Users\Prashant , so is there any way to recover back my "mostttt imp data"...((

plzzzz help asap...its very important for me....:|

A:formatted c drive data recovery

Oh joy! Another one who scrubbed C!

You need to spend some time looking over a number of data and partition recovery programs for sure! That's the facts right up front! If it was simple accidental file deletion a small program like Recusa would be a fast help.

Most of the better programs are the paid for type and run upwards of $70US! Don't bother with the free to try and buy versions since those never work it seems. One better rated freeware program for accidental format of partitions you can look over would be the DiskInternals Partition Recovery program found at Data Recovery Review - secrets of DiskInternals Partition Recovery 2.5
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I have (yet another Maxtor) hard drive that has crashed - It is visible in the BIOS as a Maxtor ares 40gb drive, but invisible to any operating system. Maxtor's own low-level utlity can't pick it up and hangs - others do, and show the drive's parameters, but cannot read the drive. The platters are spinning. Anybody know any software that might get data off this drive? Have tried all the usual stuff, Spinrite, Easy Recovery, etc.

A:Hard drive data recovery? Can it be done?

If the drive is physically damaged enough there is no software that will recover the data. Have you tried the freezer trick yet? It may make the drive available long enough ot get the data off of it.
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I want to recover data (pics) from our Pavilion. SSD is an LBT-64L6G-HP (part #735315-001) by Hewlett Packard. My current tech can't find a cable/connector for transferring/retrieving the data. Any suggestions? Thanx!   John

A:SSD Hard Drive data recovery

Does something called M.2 NGFF sound like the right kind of product?
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My son spilled milk all over one of my laptops, which basically killed it.  I opened up the laptop and dried everything off, but It just will not boot at all.  Fortunately, however, the Hard Drive actually survived and still works.
I connected the hard drive as an external drive on my other laptop using a USB adaptor, and can open the drive in Windows Explorer.  However, when I try to navigate to my Users folder, I get an error dialog box that says the folder "is not accessible.  Access is denied."
Does anyone know how I can get passed this so I can retrieve my data before I reformat the drive?
Thank you

A:Hard Drive Data Recovery - PLEASE HELP

Hi jamespeck
Please try this links
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Hello everyone!

My brother accidentally hit his LENOVO laptop and it won't boot anymore with "unmountable_boot_volume" error showing.

I have tried connecting the damaged harddrive to my computer using 2.5'' enclosure for SATA harddrives. My computer was able to see the hard drive but wouldn't let open it, saying there was an input/output error.

I have also tried using chkdsk, but not to avail - chkdsk said it cannot get direct access to the drive.

Is there anything I can do myself besides taking the drive to a data recovery service?

A:Please help with hard drive data recovery

see this to get your DATA off the drive.
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Ok my ac adapter charger would not register when plugged into my laptop so it was sent away for repair i assumed that i would be given a new charger i wrote a letter explaining that i specifically did not want anything REMOVED REFORMATTED as i was unable to back up my personal files due to my laptop not being able to work without a charger and i asked them to ring me in advance if they had to do so Upon receiving my laptop back i found to my extreme annoyance my old hard drive was removed then replaced with another one I was furious as all my personal files were on the hard drive I went to PC World to complain im sorry the level of customer service they provide ia appalling i am never going to old recovery drive??? Data hard from shop there again they said they could try to recover some of Data recovery from old hard drive??? my personal files for free such as Uni documents pictures etc but not Data recovery from old hard drive??? my music Anyway the data Data recovery from old hard drive??? was backed up but the adviser said the data that he managed to transfer was unstable and that if i was to recover the data by any other means it may damage my laptop All i want is my music videos etc back how can i recover it off the old hard drive I was told it had become corrupt somehow but i dont understand what that had to do with my ac adapter not working My computer worked fine before it was virus free etc All i want is my music back someone mentioned something about a caddy Please someone help me nbsp

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I have a USB maddog external drive enclosure with an IDE maxtor drive in it. I have used it to transfer files. The device will not access my files. This morning I turnned it on and it only show half of my files so I turned it off & rebooted. Now I can get any of my files. It gives the error "E not accessable" "File or dir is corrupt or unreadable". Is there a way I can recover data & files? The drive is used on a home & work computer.

Thank you,

A:Data recovery for USB drive crash? Help?

first thing to try would be to plug it into your computer internally, if that fails then there are some companies who might be able to assist you, but that can cost a fair bit of money, other than that, i would think the data is lost
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I have a hard drive that would not boot Windows XP. I replaced the hard drive reloaded windows xp and I am trying to retrieve data. When I plug the drive in using a USB to IDE adapter the compuiter recognizes the drive and it even shows in computer manager as the correct size, however the file system type is blank. When I try to look at it in My Computer it comes back as says the drive is not formatted do I want to format it now, I said NO.
also when I first plug it in the autoplay starts on that drive but does not give me options.

Any Thoughts??


I have tried a couple USB to IDE adapter same results also the to plug it in directly to the IDE controller no luck

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Hi everyone I have a GB USB flash drive I recently plugged this flash drive into my Ubuntu Linux-based computer while VMware was running because I needed to get a file out of the virtual machine "invalid recover USB -- data table" to drive flash need partition and I thought that would be the easiest way VMware took control of the device and mounted it in the Windows XP environment it was running I copied a file I needed to get out of the virtual machine onto the flash drive then shut down the virtual machine Now I USB flash drive "invalid partition table" -- need to recover data am having a desperate problem -- the flash drive is no longer readable USB flash drive "invalid partition table" -- need to recover data or mountable in any computer Linux tells me that the device has an quot invalid partition table quot Mac OS X tells me that the device is unreadable or not initialized and another Windows XP computer tells me that the disk in the drive is not formatted The Linux error message gives me the most hope -- I have data that I cannot stress how valuable it is to me on that flash drive and I desperately need to be able to recover it Is there any way of bypassing the partition table and getting at the data I hope someone is able to help me Thank you nbsp

A:USB flash drive "invalid partition table" -- need to recover data

You could try PC Inspector, it's made for these kinds of situations.
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Hello I was recently made time) from a data over hard (to Refreshing prevent on "evaporating" drive it aware that the data on the disc will vanish overtime due to the fact they are stored in a magnetic way if the disc is not used internaly This is the case with my GB Seagate disc that I consider as data storage and which is just laying on the shelf in a closet I wanted to ask what I need to do to prevent Refreshing data on a hard drive (to prevent it from "evaporating" over time) it Do I need only to READ the data off the disc or do I have to RE-WRITE Refreshing data on a hard drive (to prevent it from "evaporating" over time) them to prevent this from happening If I only need to read them is there a command in windows XP terminal that I could use to do this I found a command for MAC to read the whole disc sudo cat dev rdisk gt dev null but I can t find similar for Windows XP The best soslution for me though would be to use the software to scan the disc as I want to do it from time to time to check if everything with the disc is ok So would scanning of the whole disc using some software to find bad secotrs like for example quot Active Hard Disk Monitor quot do the trick If it would coule be great as I would cook dishes on a stove Thanks guys nbsp

A:Refreshing data on a hard drive (to prevent it from "evaporating" over time)
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athlon 2600+, Gigabyte NNXP Mobo, Windows 2000, adding a new 250Gig slave HDD (Seagate ATA).
Plugged it in and booted up, bios sees it, boot windows, starts hdd install, instead of success message, a message comes up that there was an error with the install and data services were locked, click finish.

Once windows had fully finished booting, no second drive visible, did "find new hardware", and selected exclamation marked hdd, and installed drivers from win update. The hard drive still does not appear in the My Computer drive tree.

Please, does anyone know what's happening here? Can this be fixed?

A:Hard drive instal error "data services locked"

Check your Disk Management. You can find this in:

Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer management
Disk Management

It should tell you if it is properly formatted, healthy, or degraded. Post results.
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I'm trying to wipe secure erase my computer hard drive and put it back to factory settings--the computer is getting sold From reading the forums I realize I can use clean all or other programs to write over the quot deleted quot data with ones or zeros However my plan of action was to Use system recovery to system the a data save "deleted" hard on image Does drive put the computer back to factory settings Create a system image Use clean all from the command prompt to wipe the drive Reinstall Windows via installation CD Restore via system image The one problem is that I don't know if a system image saves absolutely everything including data that had been quot deleted quot and is still present on the hard drive but is designated by the computer to be written over I'm worried that if I do this I'll just be undoing my attempt at securely erasing my hard drive and the quot deleted quot data will still be available for people Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive to find if they tried Does anyone know If this is true I'll Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive just do all of this and just reinstall the HP drivers and software that came with it manually and the hard drive won't have a recovery partition for the next person

A:Does a system image save "deleted" data on the hard drive

I'm not sure I follow your steps. I'm missing why you'd install Windows 7, then restore. Do you have a Recovery Disk ?? If not can you still make one ?? If either is yes, then I'd wipe the drive and restore and be done with it.

On the other hand, if I was that concerned I'd probably just put another HDD in it and restore to it.

In answer to your question though, it depends on what you use to capture / apply the image. Imagex, by nature, simply gets the "meat" of the OS install and leaves behind anything else. Other stuff may well carry the "ones and zeros" of deleted data as well. I seem to recall once using a utility that grabbed the entire partition to apply elsewhere. I quit using it because it was more trouble than it was worth.

But by far the most secure method is to replace that hard drive and keep the drive that "might" have recoverable data and use it yourself as a spare or external drive.
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Hello So a while ago my computer crashed and I wasn't sure what it was so I tried many proper with device" Boot data only "Reboot Select and 1 drive things because I wasn't getting any BIOS beeps so I thought it was the motherboard but long story "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" with only 1 data drive short it's the graphics card so I've replaced that with my old one for now But since I took out so many parts so many times I keep getting the quot Reboot and Select proper Boot device quot error I have a Motherboards - P P LE - ASUS And I've set the SSD to the primary boot I've tried to directly boot it via BIOS but they both still give the same result I've put the Win disk in and done a repair but still "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" with only 1 data drive no change Since my OS is installed "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" with only 1 data drive to my SSD is there a chance it could have corrupted the files or the actual drive when the computer crashed From what I heard SSD's seem to be a bit fragile Any help or recommendations would greatly appreciated Thank you

A:"Reboot and Select proper Boot device" with only 1 data drive

How many times have you tried startup repair ?

It may take 3 attempts.
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Am I kidding myself that using Google Drive free is a good idea for my off-site backup Every once in awhile I notice its system tray icon is quot faded quot meaning that it isn't running probably because I lost the wireless signal on my laptop possibly because my router seems to require resetting every week or so Other than that I've had no surprises And did I mention the price Googling shows failures from both Google Drive and Carbonite so why pay Two weeks ago I had to Google Drive Is backup Dell NOT Data"Safe" reliable? is reformat my C partition and so lost the Is Google Drive reliable? Dell Data"Safe" backup is NOT User data that was in it but I used Ubuntu to copy it onto an external Toshiba hard drive so other than the inconvenience it turned out OK I didn't consider trying to restore from Google Drive because I felt more comfortable dragging folders onto drive C after reformat I wish I HAD used Google Drive to see how restoring ALL the data would go In the process I learned that Dell Data quot Safe quot Backup is FAR from it Took forever to backup no time at all to FAIL TO RESTORE Knowing in advance that this is common--i e that it is NOT SAFE AT ALL--I used Ubuntu to access the folders on drive C and copy to external drive Windows backup quit working the day I installed my Seagate external drive So I wrote my own Java backup program which seems to work well enough But since it's not automatic and since I'm like most people the backup on it when drive C went bye-bye wasn't exactly up-to-date Thank whoever for Ubuntu

A:Is Google Drive reliable? Dell Data"Safe" backup is NOT

I suppose any online backup is better than none
But it would be best used as a second or third alternative and not as primary
Mostly the download time would be a deal breaker as you found moving folders is much faster
Or restoring from a local hdd with a system image on it.
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Hello A friend of mine s father hard be Urgent *Help External data "Needs reformatted" drive to passed away suddenly and she gave me an external hard drive to try and retrieve pictures from for his funeral this upcoming Thursday she said it malfunctioned when it was knocked over and fell a few hours ago I *Help Urgent External hard drive data "Needs to be reformatted" tried it with the case still on and Windows wouldn t even recognize it so I took apart the *Help Urgent External hard drive data "Needs to be reformatted" case of the external drive and removed the SATA WD Desktop drive to my Hard Drive reader it shows the Drive under the letter F and says quot The F Drive needs to be reformatted before any access quot Is there anyway I can retrieve the data from this drive with the current tools I have Drive reader along with a potential program perhaps or will they need to escalate this to a data recovery place that takes the platter completely out and retrieves the information that way I am using Windows Bit and this drive reader is pretty good never let me down in the past I m just stuck Thanks nbsp
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Hi guys Hope you can help this has been driving me nuts for some time now Not quite sure what triggered this issue but I have recently been unable to access play media or music delete modify any files on my internal SATA slave drive B Everything seems to work ok on the internal primary drive C Recent files are held on C then transferred to B for archiving back-up or when C is running low on space Sometimes when trying to access a file or directory on the for RAW drive not available slave ?? is with message drives" Data on "Chkdsk Getting B drive I get an I Getting "Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives" message on slave drive with Data ?? O error but even when this error does not appear I still cannot play or view the mp avi or jpeg I Getting "Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives" message on slave drive with Data ?? read somewhere that perhaps the permissions or User Controls have been messed up I disabled User Account Control in Vista and tried to modify permissions as they were not the same as the directories permissions on the C drive It worked for most files but some are still inaccessible I get the I O error I tried to run a chkdsk on B and get the error quot Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives quot But the drives are both listed as NTFS in the Disk Management System Any thoughts on how to get the disk working again or recover the existing data As it stands I cannot even copy files to C to try and recover them Hope I have provided enough information Thanks Chris nbsp

A:Getting "Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives" message on slave drive with Data ??
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Is it possible to permanently move my Application Data into my DATA folder which is located on my second (internal) hard drive? This would make backing up my programs so much easier.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!


(Windows XP Pro)
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Hola Every1 ! Got a buggy C drive ! So i`d like to reformat or scrape it ! Have a duplicate 98se on D drive . So transfering all data from D drive after C drive is SCRAPED seems like the ultimate BACKUP don`t it ?! Now both these drives are PHYSICALLY seperate/no partitioning here! Ha ! OK heres my question . Y`all have a description or guide how to accomplish this heroic fete of daring do ?!?! Please any help is greatly noted in my memory?! THank you Dean P.S. 98se/ IE6/ C drive is newer fastr/ D drive older slower/ Via mobo/ AMI bios/ fully Updated

A:New "C" drive reformat+transfer duplicate D data?

Whew! If I understand it you want to transfer "all" data which I assume means the directories and program apps from "D" to "C" after formatting C.

No, that won't work because the registry will be looking for "D" not "C" when launching any program or file shortcuts. Now you can do what's called an image of D to C but again you're going to have to do a lot of cleaning up. Did I understand what you wanted to do?
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Hello I don't know from where but i got some virus in my comp I tried scanning my comp using AVG but it did not find any virus It did find some but they were not removed as AVG was unable to computer How Drive data without i losing format "C" Can in my remove them Now i restarted my comp But my comp won't start After the Windows XP loading bar comes i get a blue screen and it won't go ahead from How Can i format my computer without losing data in "C" Drive there I thought of formatting but realized that i had many important documents on quot C quot Drive I don't want to lose it So i did not format just gave the repair option to repair my Windows OS After repairing it still gets hanged at the windows loading bar So please help me I want the data on quot C quot Drive badly and i can't afford to lose it I have no backup of it whatsoever Please tell me how can i get the data and then i will format it Waiting for some good replies Thanking you

A:How Can i format my computer without losing data in "C" Drive

Pull the hard drive from the computer. Put it on an External USB Enclosure/Adapter. Mount the now external drive to a working computer. Pull the data off that you can't live without. Put old HDD back in computer, boot off of XP CD and Format and install Windows.
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Ok so first off let me say I regret ever going to the stupid Geek Squad to fix my computer at all I understand it instantly makes me an object of Recover hard "dead" from drive? data ridicule However I am a jerk and usually can t fix my computer myself So A few months ago my computer was acting all sorts of wonky taking forever to boot up refusing to run simple programs taking forever to connect to the internet wouldn t run even a simple YouTube video etc etc As I desperately needed the computer for school I had an online class about to start I caved and took it to Geek Squad They told me the hard drive was dead and needed to be replaced They also told me it would cost about for data recovery I didn t have any Recover data from "dead" hard drive? this was all done under warranty so I told them to just go ahead and fix it Fast forward a week or two I m at Best Buy picking it up Geek Squad Sign here Oh and here s your discs Me Discs What discs Geek Squad The discs you dropped off when you dropped off the computer Me I didn t drop off any discs Geek Squad Well they were with your computer when we got it Come to find out my two darling sons ages two and four shoved a couple discs into the DVD drive at the same time and without my knowledge Hence my computer did NOT need a new hard drive I m assuming because my kids just clogged it up by trying to force two discs to run at the same time Rather than check this before they ran their diagnostic tests Geek Squad simply chose to say quot failed hard drive quot and replace it Now I m stuck without all my old data I insisted they give me the old hard drive back and they did My question to you all is Is it possible for me to pull the data somehow off this quot dead quot hard drive Or is it possible for me to just put it back in the computer but still keep all the data programs etc I ve been doing a little research and it seems easy enough ha but once I get to that whole quot set it to slave or master quot part I get confused I don t want to screw up the hard drive that the Geek Squad put on here when they replaced it but it would be nice to have all the old data also the old hard drive had a recovery drive D drive for such problems as this so I don t know why they felt it necessary to swap out the entire drive I did make a set of system recovery discs for the old hard drive and I still have them but that didn t include any of my data I m running XP on an HP a n desktop apparently with an ATI hard drive newly installed Any takers nbsp

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Fastest way to upload 1.3 TB of data to NAS, "cloud drive"??

I've uploaded about 400 MB to a 3 TB personal cloud & it took several hours with an ethernet connection thru 100mbs dual band router using W Explorer. There has got to be a faster way.

Does anyone know how to upload MB of files faster, more efficiently?
Please advise.