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I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi .

My initial impression...since they play in one program, it's probably a codecs issue. This may be complicated by the fact that this system has been insert/unused for 4 years and may be lacking various updates for the O/S which have been issued since then.

Since you have SP3 installed...I have to ask what version of WMP is installed...and have you installed any of the other noncritical updates pertaining to XP that might impact DVD play/WMP?

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My computer wont let me type my password and the screen has letters larger than normal. I already tried removing the power cord and the battery and press the power botton for 30 seconds put back the power cord. I then started the computer and keep pressing F10 to setup defaults and the pressed F10 to save and exit. The problem remained.

Please help.

A:My Windows 7 HP Pavillion

start computer and keep tapping F8 when list of options appear use arrow keys to goto safe mode see if safe mode works
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FIrst, how do I find the type of touch pad system I have?  

A:HP pavillion 360 windows 10

Yesterday I removed the action center window as I don't like it.  After that no light tapping on pad.  Full double click needed to do anything.
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I have a HP Pavillion Dv6 running windows & and wish to remove all traces of the HP Software because it seems to interfere with whatever i want to do, be it system restores or anti-virus installation/running. The paid for version of Avast is the antivirus that is running on the system. Any instuctions as to uninstalling the HP stuff would be gratefully received.
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Problem upgrading to Windows nbsp The hp and 10 dv2500 pavillion windows video adapter support from HP nbsp for this laptop is only up to Vista nbsp nbsp Furthermore the Nvidia adapter is hp pavillion dv2500 and windows 10 not a standard one so downloading a driver from Nvidia does not work i e it will not run nbsp After upgrading you are left with only the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter nbsp If you try downloading and running the HP video driver for Vista it also won't run as it doesn't recognize Windows as a valid operating system nbsp This is particularly annoying since the Vista driver will run under Windows nbsp Here is the workaround Download and run the Vista video driver installation software from HP nbsp The installation completes very quickly and may look like it completes successfully but it doesn't nbsp Windows will probably tell you the software may not have loaded correctly but ignore the error and click through as if it worked nbsp The driver installation should have been copied to your computer in my case to a folder called C swsetup SP WinVista but yours may be different nbsp You can go to that directory and try to run nbsp setup again but it still won't work nbsp nbsp To install the Vista driver open control panel and start Device Manager nbsp Scroll down to Display Adapter and open it to reveal Microsoft Basic Display Adapter nbsp Right click on it and select Update Driver Software nbsp Select Browse my computer for driver software and then browse to the folder where the driver is located C swsetup SP WinVista in my case nbsp Note make sure you select the folder that is compatible with the -bit or -bit version of the operating system you are using nbsp If you don't know which you are using do a web search to find out how to tell nbsp Select next and the driver will install nbsp It will take a minute or two to install and the screen may flash or go blank during installation nbsp Restart your computer and the Vista video driver will be loaded nbsp I also had a problem with no sound after upgrading nbsp Device manager showed no problem with the Conexant High Definition Smart Audio device but I got no sound nbsp The solution was to use the Microsoft generic High Definition sound driver instead of the Conexant driver nbsp Instructions can be found here nbsp See Matthew Van Eerde s excellent process here http blogs msdn com b matthew van eerde archive troubleshooting-how-to-install-the-micr nbsp In my case Windows was able to find a driver for all other devices

A:hp pavillion dv2500 and windows 10

This is great, however the vista drivers for the dv2500 are no longer provided.  Do you know where I can get the video driver?  Jim
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I have a Hp Pavillion dv3 205oea and have just done a reinstall of Windows 10 on it. The problem is I cannot find any drivers for it anywhere, so I'm wonder if it will be ok to run it with just the Windows 10 drivers it installed? The Windows 10 64bit display driver was my main concern and the chipset drivers, but like I said I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!

A:HP Pavillion dv3 with no drivers apart from Windows 10?

Do you have an Internet connection? Windows 10 will find the right drivers my itself.Do you have any resewn to think it does not have the right drivers?This is from Microsoft: it's likely you already have the most recent driver, if you're having trouble with a device, you can try fixing it by updating the driver or reinstalling it. Here's how:    Select the Start button, type Device Manager, and select it from the list of results.    Expand one of the categories to find the name of your device, then right-click (or tap and hold) it, and select Update Driver Software.    Select Search automatically for updated driver software.    If Windows doesn't find a new driver, you can try looking for one on the device manufacturer's website and follow their instructions.Did you try that already?,155938.0.html
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HP Pavillion 23 with windows 10 does not respond beyond the opening screen. Non of the icons respond, the start icon does not respond, task manager does not work but it does allow you to log off. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I am currently getting the following message with booting up: Hard Disk ErrorPlease run the Hard Disk Test in System Diagnotics.Hard Disk 1 (3F1)F2 System DiagnosticsFor more information, please visit: I ran the hardware diagnostics and got the following message: SMART Check: PassedShort DST: FailedFailure Id 9GF81A-6T787E-,F[WWL-60TD03PRODUCT ID: F2E00UA#ABA I am looking for advice on what my next steps should be.  Thanks
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Ok I have read the prior postings regarding thise Windows err that didn't start successfully. and it continues to loop. I can't get out. I found my OS disk and App and Driver disc. I put in CD I can here is spinning but no go She is an 2005 HP Pavillion, but I need to recover some files that were updated before this happened. Any suggestions or am I SOL!???

thanks for any help you can offer

A:Windows XP error on HP Pavillion

Can you perform an XP repair like this:
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Help I'm new here I was hoping that some one can help me I have a (HP Pavilion slimline s7620n PC). My problem is that my computer will not let me restore past October ,30 ,2009. and I need it to go at bleast till August,2009.
Please some one Help.....

A:Windows XP HP Pavillion ( HELP) to Restore

Are you saying you want to restore your computer as it was last August? Below gives you assistance on finding out how much disk space has been allocated for your system restore points and more:


By default System Restore will use 12% disk space for most size drives. With larger drives the data store can get quite large, which has been known to cause problems in System Restore. Setting the data store to approximately 1 GB should be adequate. Note: Reducing the data store size will purge the oldest restore points on a FIFO (first in first out) bases and leave as many recent restore points as the new size will allow.

The above quote came from here which will give you even more information for customizing your System Restore.

kind regards,
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For the last week I have been dealing with microsoft to try and manually update the windows 10 anniversary edition. My HP Pavillion was purchased after Aug 2013. Refer model number above.  The probelm is , it will not complete the upgrade. It get stuck on 75% on the last stage of the process ( working on upgrade ). I let it go for 16hours with just black screen with dots circling. Everytime. I have spoken with level 2 dept at microsoft who informs me its a problem with the drivers on my model. When you search drivers fro my model on the HP site, it only has drivers available for windows 8.0 & 8.1. So they are saying this is why I can not downlaod the anniversary edition.  Can some one advise me is it possible to update to the anniversary edition with my model pc or not. Thanks

A:Windows 10 Drivers for HP Pavillion 500-120A

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. Unfortunately, your computer does not officially support Windows 10 - HP officially supports Win 8/8.1 on this model based on the info at HP support site. Your computer was created long before Win 10 was published. HP has released drivers for Win 8/8.1 only. If you currently run Win 10, this is because there were some drivers Microsoft has found and applied on this model. If you did upgrade from previous Win edition to Windows 10 (e.g. from 8.1 to 10) and if your Windows is activated fine at the moment, your Windows should be activated using a new method known as Digital Entitlement - no product key will be needed. If this is the case, I'd recommend you a workaround (note that HP does not officially support this scenario) - perform clean installation now with Anniversary upgrade built in. Information:>>>> Just download the ISO from MS web site, write it on a USB thumbdrive or burn it on a DVD.Then, when ready, boot from it and perform clean installation. Do copy/back-up of your information before the clean installation as it will erase your existing installation, files, etc.   How to create bootable ISO on USB device >> to write ISO to DVD >>   When ready with the USB drive or with the DVD: * Ensure Secure Boot is disabled.* Ensure Legacy mode is enabled.* Save the UEFI/BIOS changes.Details>> Eventually, please, shutdown the computer using the power button.Insert the Windows USB thumdrive or the DVD prepared previouslyPower  on the PC.As soon as you press the power-on button, keep hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu which may look similar to this one Choose F9 to open Boot options. Select the thumb drive as boot option. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10Install drivers taken from HP web site when Win installation completes or via Windows Update/Device Manager >>   Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.
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Laptop stopped working, Geek Squad says it probably is the Motherboard ($400) to repair? When pressing the power button on either plugged in or battery or with battery removed the lights flash once and turn off! Is it possible to remove the 750gb hard drive and mount it on my desktop as a secondary HD? I don't know if it works or not since I can't turn it on.


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For about a week, my computer has been gradually slowing down, until recently: my PC is seemingly incapacitated. About 4 days ago (though problems began to appear over two weeks ago), I've noticed that my computer has slowed down significantly, and have had trouble running any sort of program, even task manager. I repeatedly attempted to install windows 10 but was incapable, as something was apparently already installing on my PC repeatedly (this has led me to believe it is indeed a virus). Last night, I restarted my PC, only to be stuck on a "Do not turn off your computer. Installing updates 1 of 1" screen. What do I do about this???

A:PC likely infected with virus, please help (Windows hp Pavillion v. 8.1)

 The "do not turn off your computer..." message is standard for Windows updates.  If you believe you have been infected, you should post in the "Am I infected" forum here.  They don't like us talking about this subject in this forum.  One other possibility that could cause a slowdown is bad sectors on your hard drive, so I'd run a scan for that, letting it check for and attempt repair of any bad sectors it finds.  Bear in mind that this can take quite a while to run.
 Good luck.
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I could not find any solution to my rather unique problem. I just recently got my new HP Pavillion g6x notebook. I am having issues with connecting to the internet. I use a trendnet router. My other laptops which run on Win XP work fine. But the moment i switch on my Win 7, the router goes into infinite reboot mode. When i switch off my windows 7 machine the router is stable. Can you kindly help me out. Also let me know if i need to provide any more details.

A:HP Pavillion g6x, Windows 7 64 bit, internet issues

this is strictly a guess, but I would try updating your routers firmware, if there's one available, go here and put your info in and see..
TRENDnet | Downloads | Routers

good luck
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Just recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 from XP and it works fine as far as my keyboard, and touchpad and things. But, I have no sound driver at all. I went to the HP site and looked up my sound driver and it was only developed for XP and doesn't work with Windows 7. I even tried the compatibility mode to run the driver and same thing. Some help would do a great deal for me right now.

A:Windows 7 Drivers For HP Pavillion dv4000

Does your computer still actually have sound? And did you use Windows Updater? My soundcard driver was updated through their and I was all set after that.

Let us know,
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Hi guys

got an HP Pavillion a6318f for free from a friend
and I want to use it as a networked PC for my TV

anyway, I don't have the original HD, so the installed operating system is gone.

I was told I can install (on a new HD) a fresh copy of Windows
(I own XP and 7)

if I "disable the SATA Native Mode in BIOS"
and get all the correct drivers for the system.

Not sure about the task in BIOS, but I'm sure I can figure that out.

Does this sound correct?

and how do I go about determining the correct drivers needed?

all specs for this machine here:



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Hello, I have found many posts from users with windows 8 or 10 who have downgraded back to windows 7 but encountered issues with missing drivers. I have done this myself many times but am currently unable to find the proper drivers for the 17-f230ca notebook. Currently have windows 7 installed but usb ports will not work however cd drive does and obviously no network card drivers.  Have tried all of the windows 8.1 and 10 drivers listed for this notebook on the HP support page but none have worked.  anyone able to point me in the right direction?  Thanks, Mitch
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hi the new to the boards and i have a question.... i have a hp pavillion dv9700 entertainment notebook with 2 slots for ram max 4 gigs i know x86 or 32 bit only supports 3.25 gigs max or something like that and if i want to udalize more i need 64 bit ... i now have windows 7 64 bit wich supports over 4 gigs of ram can i put in 2 times 4 gig sticks = 8 gigs or will my duo core amd 64 prossesors not me compatible will my computer not like this?.......? i tried asking hp but man..... they seem like they cannot understand english and are absolutly usless

A:HP PAVILLION dv9700 windows 7 ram question


It should do mate. I haven't tried and tested that out myself (i've got an AMD 64x2 processor aswell) but the AMD 64x2 is caple of simutaneous 32 bit and 64 bit processing without performance degredation and if i remember right a 64 bit pro can take up to between 16 and 32 GB RAM.
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after update to windows8.1 my laptop is not connecting to wireless connection, everytime i have to reset my router and it get connected, next time again it show no wireless network,please help.thnks

A:my hp pavillion laptop is updated to 8.1 windows and is not ...

 Hi @mukesh_jain, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and wanted to reach out to you. With the Wireless turning off and on. Here is a link to the troubleshooting the Wireless connection, if you need it. This has helped others as well, go into your power options.Select Balanced and click Change plan settings.Click Change advanced power settings.Look for Wireless adapter, click it. Change the setting to never go to sleep. Please let me know how this goes. Thanks for participating in the HP Forums where we want to help you as well as others who may experience a similar issue as you have. Please consider marking the post that resolves your issue as Accept as Solution to help other community members! To show appreciation for my efforts kindly click the Thumbs Up below. Thanks.
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I am going to uy a new HP notebook (selected Pavillion family and preferable HP Pavilion 15-bc002ur).But i have IT restriction to install MS Windows 8.1. On HP site I have not found the drivers for this device despite it's mentioned in the list ( Is it any chance to find MS Windows 8.1 drivers for this or similar device?I need HP with i7 CPU, SSD drive (alone or with HDD), not more 15 inches LCD, not less 8Gb of RAMI heard that Ultra HD resolution may be not supported well on MS Windows 7-8.1.Is it truth? Thank you!

A:HP Pavillion Laptop and MS Windows 7-8 drivers

  Hi Please refer to this forum
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Hello guys, please can somebody help me? My laptop is HP Pavilion dv6 which using Intel I5 2.40GHZ processsor, 6GB ram and two gpu i think, one is intel hd 3000, and one is radeon 6700m. At windows 7 i was running game like mafia 2 on max details, no lag.. (without physx) I think that was becouse it switched to radeon GPU. But when i installed W8 its laggy on low. I think its becouse it starts on intel HD. Guys pls help me how i can switch it ? Thanks..... Otherwise i will need to go back to W7 if thats not work on W8.

Edit i found some Leshcatdrivers it works profit, but problem is so my brightness not working (i cant change it)

A:Windows 8 RTM x64 HP Pavillion dv6 radeon gpu not work

Hello Riwerry, it seems you aren't the only one who has the brightness bug on a laptop. What you can try is update your Intel Chipset through the Intel website and see if it fixes your issue as this was the fix for some people that had the brightness bug.
Here is the link:
Intel? Driver Update Utility

If the Intel Detection Utility tells you that your computer manufacturer has made a custom driver for the Intel Chipset then go to the HP website and find the specific dv6 model of your laptop and see if there is a driver update there.
Hope your issue gets resolved!
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Hello everyone My laptop has been operating fine without any issues until two weeks ago when turning on the computer Windows XP Home edition wouldn t load The computer would then not load Windows XP in Windows HP XP Pavillion troubles Home safe mode previous successful configuration etc I do not have recovery disks I got a copy of XP and tried to load it from disk When it has loaded all the files and goes to open windows it states WINDOWS HP Pavillion Windows XP Home troubles XP PROFESSIONAL SETUP SET UP WINDOWS XP PRESS ENTER REPAR WINDOWS XP INSTALLATION USING RECOVERY CONSOLE PRESS R TO QUIT SETUP WITHOUT INSTALLING WINDOWS XP PRESS F Pressing ENTER or R checks the hard drive flashes the script at the bottom of the screen for a fraction of a second I had to capture it with my digital camera to write down what it was ENTER EXAMINING MB DISK AT ID ON BUS ON ATAPI and immediately goes to a blue screen and gives me the following error STOP x x F xF A xF A xF B ntrs sys - Address F B base at F AA Datestamp b dc d It is almost like it isn t reading the hard drive at all It seems to me like there is either a severed connection with the hard drive on the mother board a failed file allocation table FAT or the very first sectors read on the hard drive are faulty I removed the hard drive from the computer and inserted it into a desktop computer as a slave drive to see if I can salvage the repair files from the D Drive partition The other computer could not recognise the drive my employer s IT department said the drive is inaccessible and I would have to buy a new one Of course the warranty ran out weeks before the problem I purchased a year protection plan with my computer from Circuit City CCAProtectionPlan they are not responsive to inquiries and their mailbox is full I purchased a new identical Fujitsu MHV AH drive and attempted to install Windows XP from a good cd had been used before to install Windows Windows failed to load on the computer because of quot incorrectly saved files to the disk quot Files unable to be saved to the computer are CERTCCI DLL ESENT DLL MSVCP DLL SRVSVC DLL SRV SYS TAP DLL CSUCUI DLL LICDLL DLL EXPLORER EXE BROWSEUI DLL LOCALSPL DLL SHDOCVW DLL THEMEUI DLL MSI DLL ULIB DLL CMD EXE NTSHRUI DLL WMVCORE DLL WMASF DLL AVIFIL DLL MSISAMII DLL MSUNIII DLL WMPLORE DLL WMPLOC DLL SYSSETUP DLL MSIMSG DLL IEDKCS DLL MSDXM OCX QUARTZ DLL WMP OCX CRYPTUI DLL RICHEDZO DLL NETUIZ DLL NETSHELL DLL HNETCFG DLL CREDUI DLL VSSAPI DLL WUV S DLL LOGONUI EXE PRINTUI DLL APPWIZ CPL D D DLL MSHTML DLL ACGENRAL DLL ACSPECFC DLL ACVERFYR DLL ADSLDP DLL ADSNT DLL AMDK SYS APPMGR DLL ATMFP DLL ATMUNI SYS AUTOCONV EXE BLACKBOX DLL BLUE SS DLL BNTS DLL CARDS DLL CDFVIEW DLL CDOSYS DLL CERTGGR DLL CEWMDM DLL CIC DLL CINEMST SYS CLASS SS DLL CMDIAL DLL COMPATUI DLL COMPRES DLL COMSETUP DLL CONFMSP DLL CRUSOE SYS CYZCOINS CHM D DIM DLL D DIM DLL D DRM DLL DANIM DLL DATEIME DLL DBGENG DLL DFRGUI DLL DHCPMON DLL DIALTFRM DLL DINPUT DLL DISKCOPY DLL DMBOOT SYS DMCONFIG DLL DMDLGS DLL DMDSKMGR DLL DMIME DLL DPNET DLL DPVOICE DLL DVDPLAY EXE HID DLL MDWMDWSP DLL NIC SYS NIKEDRV SYS RIO DRV SYS RIODRV SYS SPNIKE DLL SPRIO DLL SPRIO DLL LYUV DLL PAQSP DLL NTKRNLPA EXE Windows Setup then shuts down and displays the following message BAD POOL CALLER STOP x c x x cp x xe bf What does this mean The DVD read write drive appears to be in good working order I bought the computer in the States as I accepted a job in Australia and wanted the laptop to keep contact with friends family in the States via email and VOIP Please advise what my options are and how to proceed Is this a hard drive problem Is the original hard drive ok If so how can I access data on it Is it possible that my computer configuration not compatible with Windows XP Pro Please help I am beginning to realize that I don t know as much as I thought I did Thanks for your help Cheers Eric nbsp

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So I just installed windows recently on my sisters HP windows dv5000 hp problems 7 pavillion pavillion dv There are a number of problems First the keyboard is wack After I type a few words hp pavillion dv5000 windows 7 problems it'll jump to a middle of a sentence before or words before and start from there as I type like I'll write hey how are you and it goes between h and ow and starts the cursor all the way over there or it'll be gone and start no where and it'll go to the post button or something Another issue but not as big is the fact that there is a mute button if you are familiar with the HP pavillion DV and when you press it the light goes on if you turn on the mute This always happens It happened when I still use windows XP now that I changed it to windows however it no longer works If I press mute or even if I don't the button is not turned on Any one can help ESPECIALLY with the wacky keyboard situation I can't type anything without it going back midway and start to type out of the wrong section of it Thanks Sound Issue whenever I hibernate then restore windows the sound is gone I cannot get it back unless I restart my PC

A:hp pavillion dv5000 windows 7 problems

Check here for updates

Product search results
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After 3 incorrect attempts 93158477 was the number given

A:Hp pavillion g6 windows 8 system disabled

Hi: Enter this unlock password... 22830479
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Hi all, Can somebody please aid some help my way at all?
I am running Windows 8.1 which i purchased and downloaded over wifi so all legit.
Since installing it i have had problems when starting my laptop or when my laptop goes to sleep.
When i turn on my Pavillion dv6 the Blue window shows but no circular dots and after about 10 secs my screen goes black and stays that way. I have waited nearly 2 hours just incase it was updating in the past but it does this everytime. If i restart i.e force close the computer as that's all i can do as there isn't any response from said comp and reboot it does exactly the same but then starts after about 1 minute. In this time the mouse is switching on and off. Also crashes if the comp goes to sleep too.
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance folks.

A:Windows 8.1 problems on startup on HP Pavillion dv6

Hello Bob,

So how did you do the installation? Did you attempt a clean install or just upgrade your existing OS to 8.1? If a clean install, did you keep the existing partition structure or did you wipe the hard drive clean? If you just upgraded, did you chaeck for the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website? Also, what was your previous OS? Win 7 or 8? The reason I mentioned 7 is because I assume you now have a legitimate key for 8.1; whereas, many of us, that did the upgrade, do not have that 8.1 key.
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I upgraded to Win 10 on MS's scan result that it would be compatible. The display driver "works" but is difinitely not optimum for the MS publisher and graphics work that I do; because the windows are "squashed" to fit.  It is the Generic Non-PnP driver right now. Is there anything better that you all or your users have/will have available? If not, what other video card can I get for a better result?
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All of a sudden I have no sound. I have RealTek AC97 sound driver as a part of my motherboard. I do NOT have a sound card. I go to the RealTek website to download a new driver & RealTek says to update thru HP because it's in the motherboard. Maybe I'm not in the right place, but HP says to go to RealTek. So I'm no where fast!

I've plugged & unplugged the speakers. I borrowed a set of speakers & they don't work on my system either. So I know its not the speakers!

I checked to make sure that the sound is not muted. I also checked to make sure the sound is activated, which is is. Any other suggestions?

A:Sound gone - Windows XP SP3 - HP Pavillion A1330n Here is the link to the HP website for the realtek drivers. I would check device manager first before you installed it though. Right click on my computer>properties. Select the Hardware tab and goto device manager. You should be able to find the audio drivers in the list. If the driver has an X on it, then just right click and enable it. If it has a yellow ? then go ahead and install the driver. Hope this helps.Good luck,John
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I hve a HP pavillion desktop with media centre installed on it,2 days back i tried to recover my infected system via recovery CD(OEM Windows,HP manufactured) but GOT a FATAL error..

than i plugged out my HDD and formatted the i am try to install new XP windows on it but i am getting "MASTER BOOT DEVICE ERROR".


1. changed boot sequence to bootable CD...didnt worked again "Master Boot record error"

2. tried another HDD.. same error

3. New ram .... No use at all

4. tried another CD Drive.. nothing happed as well
now is my bios chip is killed... Pls help

A:Hp pavillion with Windows media centre

If HP used a hidden partition to store the files for restoring to factory defaults...and you formatted, thus deleting those files...I don't see how you will be able to reinstall MCE without those files.

What model HP system is this?

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Does anyone know where I can find Windows XP drivers for the HP Pavillion dv6205? I need the SM bus controller driver, Video Controller, and the Ethernet Controller. Any guidance would be greatly appretiated....



A:Windows XP drivers for HP Pavillion dv6205us

could you install the following program and pass the motherboard/chipset details...
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Earlier windows 8 used to boot within 1 minute but after upgrading it to windows 10 it take about 6 to 7 minutes to boot.actually it seems like it boots twice, the HP logo remains on screen like normal boot then after a minute screen goes blakg for a second and then again hp logo appears in same booting condition. thanks

A:very slow startup on windows 10 hp pavillion 15 ab032tx

ritesh418 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your Win10 booting problems and wanted to help. First of all, the double-splash is a side-effect of some Win10 upgrades -- as I get that on my PC, too.  The Anniversary Update, coming out in early August, is supposed to correct that, but don't be surprised if it does not. As to slow booting, go into Control Panel - Open Control Panel --> Power Options.Select "Choose what the power buttons do"Select "Change settings that are currently unavailable"At the bottom of the Window, under Shutdown settings, look at the the box regarding fast startup Is it checked? If not, check it.  That will enable the new hibernation option with Win10 which SHOULD get you faster boot times. HOWEVER, like so many other things with Win10, it can actually seriously slow down booting, as well.  So, if the boot time gets longer, then go back and uncheck the box.Good Luck
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I can get in no problem with safe mode, i even removed all in msconfig and still samething
it looks like it is going into normal mode, but no sign on there are 2 users available but none are showing, gets to welcome and no further.
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Since the last remote update to W10 was installed 19.10.16 my laptop will not print. HP wireless printer completely checked by professional and error free. Will not print wirelessly or via USB.Laptop out of warranty so HP support website won't allow communication via the website. Surely I do not have to replace my laptop without any recourse???
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bought computer 2014 computer shipped with windows 8.1computer upgraded to windows 10when mcafee expired computer just went dead slowHave done the following:1. reinstalled mcafee and run full scan2. ran all available virus scans (Klebzs, Stinger and Bugbear)3. ran MS malware scan4. ran Norton virus removal tool5 ran Nod32 ESET 9  computer HDD's Windows C : 561 GB free from 679 GBRecovery D: 1.95 GB free from 17GB (Not sure if this can be the problem) Computer so slow i could go and m ake coffee. Not able to exclulde if it is some process that takes up cpu Mouse freezes,touchscreen freezes, browser freezes and then starts working after a couple of minutesSometimes have black screen Help please

A:hp pavillion running windows 10 has suddenly become so slow

sabrahamse Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your laptop running really slow in Win10 and wanted to help. I should mention that years ago, I used ESET AV on my PC, and I noticed that every time I booted it, it would hang up while the app would go out to the ESET server, check for an AV definition update, and if it found one, downloaded and installed that update.  I got really sick and tired of waiting for what seemed like an eternity for my PC to boot, so I uninstlled ESET and the problem went away! My suggestion is to follow these instructions to boot into Safe mode and see if the slowdown persists there: Safe Mode - Start Windows 10 in - Windows 10 ForumsGood Luck
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MY HP Pavillion dv6 doesn't starts after updating to Windows 10. It continously says restarting and never restarts... Any solutions?

A:MY HP Pavillion dv6 doesn't starts after updating to Windows 10

MY HP Pavillion dv6 doesn't starts after updating to Windows 10. It continously says restarting and never restarts... Any solutions?
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I did a clean install of Win 7 on my dv9830. Everything works apart from the built in microphone which seems to have disappeared. Not even in the Device Manager list, or in the Sound section - says it's not plugged in!

I don't even know if it's Realtek or Connexant hardware! (I have tried both Vista drivers though).

So, how can I get my microphone found, and what driver should I use?

Thanks in advance


A:Pavillion DV9830ea Windows 7 - lost microphone


Bit of fiddling about - unistalled it and re-detected it. Picked up the right driver!

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 I brought a HP Pavillion Touch Smart laptop about 6 weeks ago, a couple weeks later a update appeared for the new Windows 8.1 which I installed, since doing so the touch screen no longer works. I have checked the settings, it make no difference still nothing happens. Can anyone help? Toyah

A:HP Pavillion Touchsmart screen not work after Windows 8.1 up...

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I bought a refurb HP from Best Buy and after about a month I started having all kinds of lock up problems. When you turn it on, the blue screen comes on that shows the F10, F11, etc options. The Numbers Lock illuminates and stays lit. The screen usually is stuck at this point and no keys work. I turn the tower off, unplug, hold the power button until the light goes out, open the side panel, take out the button battery, and reset the three circuit cards. I then insert the button battery, plug it in and start tapping the F10 button and then turn the tower on. The blue screen comes on and then allows me to start up. This happens at least twice daily. Does this sound like a Windows 7 problem, hardware, .........?????? I would love to chuck this thing out the window but financially I need to be frugal. Any hep would be great. Dave

A:HP Pavillion with dual core and Windows 7 trouble

If you are able to...

How to find and post your Minidump Files:

My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don?t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don?t Zip each one individually.
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I have a HP Pavillion 23. I upgraded to Windows 8 yesterday. As I went through the final stages of set up, it kept telling me to hook up the ethernet cable, the only option it gave me to connect to the internet. My PC came with a wireless card installed, which worked perfectly before the upgrade. I have searched everywhere and the wireless is just gone. It does not detect any wireless device at all. Help!

View Solution.

A:HP Pavillion 23 Windows 8 upgrade -- missing wireless

You would see it listed as a Network Controller along with all the other devices in the device manager. It would have a little yellow ! mark on the lower right of the Network Controller. It will not be under the network adapters section of the device manager. Did you just try installing the driver for it anyway?
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Hi all,

My notebook HP Pavillion DV5-1140br is leaving with blue death screen when i try to install a windows xp SP2.

I put the WinXP-SP2 CD in the tray, power-up and wait...
It asks to press F6...
Asks to press F2...
It loads many drivers from CD...
Now crash with 0x0000007B blue screen of death...

Please anyone help me...

A:0x0000007B When installing Windows XP in HP Pavillion DV5-1140

Hi, error 0x0000007B while you try to install XP its because you dont have sata drivers in your XP Cd.
You must put it in with Nlite programa available on

Many howsto integrate sata drivers in XP can be found on Google.

But thats first step to migrate you laptop to XP, after install XP you have to find drivers to get working video, audio, lan, wlan and many features on that laptop, so here I left you two links:

second link originally is in italian, so I use google translate to put it in spanish

These 2 links are enough to find all drivers for that HP model. I Have same model working perfectly with XP SP2 in spanish.

If you definitly cant find drivers the use "SaveHwids" program, available on http://driverpacks.mirror.thesneaky....save_hwids.exe

Savehwids shows you a list of hardware address in you Pc, then you can search in google.

I can give you copy of my drivers and Xp cd but maybe are not fuctionall for you because are in spanish, anyway you can find me at
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I've a laptop here i've just cleaned it's a purple G6 Pavillion i3 on Windows 7 HP 64bit and lots of priceless work on it. I cannot get the WIFI drivers to run stable, I've downloaded various .exe's from HP links within Google, and they all make the computer take ages to boot through "starting Windows" (yet fine when wireless is removed in safe mode ) and then the WIFI is up and down within Windows 7. Please help Drew
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Hi My Hp Pavillion is only Years and months old not very old at all but suddenly it will not boot into Windows it freezes at the HP logo screen it boots to a HP logo screen then goes to another HP Windows ye... HP 2 Pavillion - boot PC2170 Notebook not 15 Does logo screen then freezes I cannot get into safe mode HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC2170 Does not boot Windows - 2 ye... nbsp I have got into the Hp diagnosis screens and I have ran tests on everything and everything has Passed I did a HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC2170 Does not boot Windows - 2 ye... hard reset still froze I removed the memory cover took it out and placed it back in still nothing Every time I try and reset it it says Administration Privileges is needed but there are no administration privelges on this computer There are no restore points I ran chkdsk through the command prompt and got no errors I tried to run sfc scannow but I got that their was something pending and it could not do it nbsp The notebook is HP Pavillion Notebook AMD A - APU processor nbsp Can anyone computer whizz out there shed some light on this problem please thank you
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I have an HP Pavilion dv laptop with windows I do not have access to the install disc AVG detected and cannot remove the following trojanhorsegeneric anic trojanhorsegeneric axa trojanhorsedropper trojanhorsebackdoor Here is DDS txt DDS Ver - - - NTFSAMD Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by alexis at on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT - AV Lavasoft Ad-Aware Enabled Outdated B C - FA - B 7 dv7 Being windows by pavillion Trampled Trojans!HP Multiple - F - F D AV AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Enabled Updated A Being Trampled by Multiple Trojans!HP pavillion dv7 windows 7 B -DEE -F A-FBCD-ADB C F SP Lavasoft Ad-Aware Enabled Outdated FF AA - E- -B B - E BD SP AVG Anti-Virus Free Being Trampled by Multiple Trojans!HP pavillion dv7 windows 7 Edition Enabled Updated E A -F D -F Being Trampled by Multiple Trojans!HP pavillion dv7 windows 7 D -C D- C DBE F D SP Windows Defender Disabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF FW Lavasoft Ad-Aware Disabled C C E - CB- A E-A -CC DD F B Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Windows system atiesrxx exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Program Files IDT WDM STacSV exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system Hpservice exe C Windows system atieclxx exe C Windows system vcsFPService exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows system conhost exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Program Files DigitalPersona Bin DpHostW exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C Program Files x Ad-Aware Antivirus AdAwareService exe C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM armsvc exe C Program Files IDT WDM AESTSr exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files x CinemaNow CinemaNow Media Manager CinemanowSvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C SwSetup QuickWeb QW SYS config DVMExportService exe C Program Files x Flip Video FlipShare FlipShareService exe C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard Shared HPDrvMntSvc exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch HPWMISVC exe C Program Files x Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exe C Windows system wbem unsecapp exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Windows system taskhost exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Program Files x DigitalPersona Bin DPAgent exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP MediaSmart SmartMenu exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch HPMSGSVC exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HPToneControl HPToneCtl exe C Program Files IDT WDM sttray exe C Program Files x Common Files LightScribe LightScribeControlPanel exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C ProgramData Macrovision FLEXnet Connect ISUSPM exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C PROGRAM FILES SYNAPTICS SYNTP SYNTPHELPER EXE C Users alexis AppData Roaming Dropbox bin Dropbox exe C Users alexis AppData Roaming Verizon UA ar UtilityApplication exe C Program Files x Qlock qlock exe C Program Files x ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files x Common Files Research In Motion USB Drivers RIMBBLaunchAgent exe C Program Files x real realplayer Update realsched exe C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C ProgramData Ad-Aware Browsing Protection adawarebp exe C Program Files x Brother Brmfcmon BrMfcWnd exe C Program Files x Hp HP Software Update hpwuschd exe C Program Files x Brother ControlCenter... Read more

A:Being Trampled by Multiple Trojans!HP pavillion dv7 windows 7

Hello and welcome to TSF.

If you still need help, please post a fresh DDS.txt as it has been a while since you posted.

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don?t hear from you in three days this thread will be closed.
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The volume icon on the taskbar reads "No Audio Output Device is Installed". No sound whatsoever not even out of the headphone jack. HP does not make a driver update. They told me my computer is too slow to run Windows 7. Funny, because I'm running 7 as I type this! Works great, other than this issue.

If there isn't a driver, I can of course get a USB or Expresscard soundcard, right? Thanks!

A:No Sound after Windows 7 install! HP Pavillion DV 1000

In fact, your "X-Fi Expresscard 34" sound card is the Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook sound card.
The drivers are here :
Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook

They should be compatible with Win7 since it was last updated on June 29 2009.
Try it out! If you need more help, post here
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I am seeking help with getting into the Setup window under Windows 10, which came on my PC. It would open when I first got it and now it won't open, but I have the icon on the task bar showing that it is open. When pressed it still don't open. Everything else seem to work fine except that one problem. I have a laptop which was upgraded to Windows 10 and the setup page opens normally on that computer. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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my wifi adapter has vanished from my netork adapter list. Is there a simple way to get it back?Please help

A:missing wifi adapter hp pavillion windows 10

Can we have your model number? Do you have any problem devices in the device manager?
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 i have problem in figer print driver im format and install windows 7 ultimate then i download  driver in HP Site and install But the figerprint not work please i need solution for this problem reg

A:Finger Print - Windows 7 - HP Pavillion DV6 - 1390 ev

To make the finger print reader work, you need to install both drivers and software. Please download them as suggested below:Validity Sensor Driver: Persona Fingerprint Reader Software:
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An HP update was done on Oct 31st. A couple of days later I tried to login and PIN was not recognized/accepted. I do not remember password and need to reset password or PIN to gain access.

A:How do I reset password on Pavillion notebook (Windows 10)?

Hi, Do you use Microsoft account to logon ? Regards.
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Ok here is my issue i have a few other threads out there but nothing solid yet I am working on a Hp pavilion a n in the begining the issue was the video card was causing pink screen and blured screen then upadated video driver still no windows consistantly start to HP Pavillion failure good did the system restore and still nothing tried the automatic startup fix and it could not fix Did a HP Pavillion failure to start windows consistantly complete system format with manufactured instruction completly wiped drive and purchased new Hp software and installed Got everything installed and after installing updates it started acting up again not wanting to start so did hp hard drive test came back fine swapped out HD with new drive and reistalled OS and after all updates continued to not want to start windowsdid a memory test that was recomended to download and restarted and ran test came out fine Was instructed that it was bad hardware so i purchased a duplicate board but refured and installed everything started up and got most everything installed and it started again I tried resetting bios pulling out battery and clearing jumper That worked fine and now after everything im sitting here ive tried to restart the pc times and it shows the microsoft bar moving across the screen then the lights on the key board go out and the screen goes black but i can see a little bit of light on the bottom and the top like light bulbs or something but pc is still on and running but HD light not flashing so any ideas would be great thx

A:HP Pavillion failure to start windows consistantly

Try booting to last known good configuration. Start your system and start pressing F8 on the keyboard. Before you see the Windows Vista load screen, you should be prompted with a list of options. Use the keyboard to select the "Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)" option. See if that works.

If that does not work, then I suggest you get a Windows Vista installation disc, restart your system and boot to the disc. On the first window just select the language you want, click next, and then click on the Repair link at the bottom left of the screen.

You'll end up at the System Recovery Options area. Select Command Prompt and enter the following:

chkdsk /r c:

It will most likely want to restart and will take time.

If that doesn't fix it, go back into disc, command prompt, and run sfc /scannow.

Again, if that doesn't fix it, back into disc, back to System Recovery Options, and run a startup repair.
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not able to find windows product key

A:how to find windows product key in hp pavillion 15 au003tx p...

hardik2 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post and wanted to help -- but need more information. Need to know the version of OS as the key is stored differently depending on the OS version (i.e, Win7,8x,10). Also, WHY do you need the product key? If you're trying to reinstall the OS, we need to know that as that presents problems you will need to address.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks
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Hi,  For the past day or two my mouse has decided to keep freezing every so often, and will take a few minutes to come back to normal. I am using a touchpad rather than a mouse.  I haven't changed any settings or installed anything.. so has anyone got any ideas on what could be wrong.. and how to overcome it?  Thanks

A:Windows 8 Pavillion Laptop - Touch Pad Freezes

Hi nicolleminto93, Welcome to the HP Forums!I would like to take a moment and thank you for using the forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I see that your Touchpad  freezes every so often and takes a few moments to come back. Have you tried  running the The HP Support Assistant to look for any updates or issues? Have you tried running the built in  troubleshooter in Windows 8?Press the Windows key + C to open charmsType troubleshoot touchpad and press enter,Follow the on screen prompts. Here is a document to  assist you in some troubleshooting steps.  Using and Troubleshooting the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 8) If  you are still experiencing the issue, I would suggest calling HP support.Please call HP technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region. HP Technical Support Sitemap
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I have a Pavillion Model A6525UK I wanted to upgrade from VistaHome premium 32 to Windows 7.I ran the Windows 7 upgrade advisor which told me to download the latest driver for the Nvidia nForce 10/100mps ethernet before attempting the Windows 7 Install. I've been in contact with Nvidia customer services and got this reply Upon checking the system information using the screenshot provided I see that it is a  Nforce 430/Geforce 6150SE chipset in your system and there is no upgrade possible to windows 7 using the chipset as there are no supporting drivers for the card for windows 7. Please do let me know if there are any questions or concerns. Best regards,ShahbazNVIDIA Customer Care  On the basis of their reply it looks like I can't upgrade to Windows 7 if I wanted to due to the driver issue I think this is pretty poor. Can anyone confirm. Thanks  

A:Pavillion upgrade Vista to Windows 7 No compatible NVidia Dr...

Hi: The information you received from Nvidia is incorrect. There is indeed an updated chipset driver from Nvidia, which updates the ethernet driver so you can upgrade to W7. W7 is not listed on the drop down menu for the driver download but when you select Vista, it shows the driver is also good for W7. Here it is...32 bit...
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hp pavillion laptop 15-p067ca model, purchased year ago, came with windows 8.1, was not updated to windows 10. seems to have a bug: on start up it welcomes me as a user "vladimir" asks for password and then hangs up forever with the white screen and unresponsive. Password  I'm sure is right, because if I type different password, machine comes back with "Incorrect password" message. What do you think is a problem and how to go back to factory settings? I have not made a recovery disc. Any comp supposedly have a recovery partition, and Recovery Manager but how can I do anything if Window does not come up?  

A:hp pavillion 15 notebook 15-p067 Windows 8.1 recover factory...

@vladimir5? Look at the video here. REO
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I recently had problems with my HP Pavillion laptop.  It was still under warranty so they repaired it.  The Warranty has since expired.  When they repaired it, they replaced the hard drive.  The hard drive no longer has a recovery drive but 4 other partitions.  The original version of Windows was 8.1.  I am having problems upgrading to Window 10. Is it possible to completely erase the hard drive and re-install a copy of Window 8.1 (which was the original program) on the computer (I have the discs).  And then install Windows 10 onto another drive.  I would need explicit directions (nothing vague, please) on how to do this.  I am medium proficient on working on my computer but the more technical and complicated the more I need input so as not to err.
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Hello Gurus,

I am having problem installing Windows 7 on this laptop HP Pavillion dv7-3007sg.
This PC comes with a German language and I want to convert it to English language
so I decided to clean install it. So I decided to delete the all partition including the
recovery partition and the recovery disk cannot be found already.
It restart or reboot during the loading of Windows files whenever I tried to reinstall it.
My question now is, how am I going to clean install Win 7 without needing the recovery partition and
recovery disk. Is there any work-around of doing it?

Thank you so much,

A:HP Pavillion dv7-3007sg : Restarts on loading Windows files

Do you have a Win 7 DVD with a valid COA?

Delete or remove all the partitions, insert the Win 7 DVD and it should install. Select your options to load the English version. There are several tutorials covering clean install. Do a search of the tutorial forum and follow the tutorial explicitly.

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Hello, I'm having the same problem and it says  Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition Audio Codec, Currently Unavailable). I even called HP and their Tech support couldn't fix the issue! we did install the drivers and everything enev I performed a factory reseta! No success! The whol thing happened after I upgreated windows to win 10 from win 7! even after I put the laptop back to win 7 stil no audio input and out puts and codecs in device manager!
did you find the sulotion? If you did please let me know.
hank you very much
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Hello This is my first post here as this is my first issue with this 7,... Pavillion issue! (windows HP dv6 notebook audio recording computer My microphones won't pick up any sound- this computer has two different ones an integrated one and an outer one and yet neither work Troubleshooting only picks up whether they're enabled or not and I've tried recording after enabling them and disabling them restarting etc I've checked with Beats Audio and they're turned on there as well and the drivers say they are up to date Yet nothing is working HP Pavillion dv6 notebook audio recording issue! (windows 7,... when I used to voice recognition test it wouldn't even pick up any outside audio nbsp I should note that the webcam doesn't work as well because when I bought it it would disconnect the internal camera often and when trying to fix it someone uninstalled the driver or something - though at the time audio still recorded just fine and I didn't need the webcam nbsp IDT High Definition Audio CODECIntel R Display Audio nbsp If any other information is needed please let me know Thanks for everything

A:HP Pavillion dv6 notebook audio recording issue! (windows 7,...

Hello katrapezo.  I understand you're having some trouble recording audio. Have you tried recording in another application such as Sound Recorder?  I'd also like you to remove your audio drivers and allow Windows to reinstall them.  Here are the steps.Click Start, type "Device Manager," and press Enter.Expand the "Sound, video, and game controllers" section.Right click on your sound card and select "Uninstall."Reboot your computer.Verify whether the problem persists.Also, what is your notebook's product number?  This document can show you where it is located.Have a wonderful day.
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Hello everyone My first time posting here so have patience I have searched the forum for some answers to a few DV6000 Upgrading bit to From 7 Home Windows Pavillion 32 HP Vista questions Would it be worth it to upgrade my HP Pavillion DV from Windows vista bit to Windows bit The warrantie ran out and the hard drive crashed the pc is five years old but is is great shape I have looked around and as of now windows vista is more expensive than Windows What I do not understand is why would HP Upgrading HP Pavillion DV6000 From 32 bit Vista Home to Windows 7 put a bit OS on a bit system Was it not running correct with bit OS This laptop has all kinds of cool devices on it webcam remote for media center light scribe including touch controls by Upgrading HP Pavillion DV6000 From 32 bit Vista Home to Windows 7 power button I do not want to loose any of those functions It has Nvidia geforce mobile graphcs to I just want to make pc better without loosing anything Anyone know where I can get step by step install for this laptop model I think what I want involves all the drivers including webcam lightscribe touch controls which are part of media controls remote control for media center HP Pavillion Model DV repair tag number p n DV nt Also it says I have HDMI but it is not anywhere is connection on a plug or something System specs

A:Upgrading HP Pavillion DV6000 From 32 bit Vista Home to Windows 7

It was likely running just fine with a 32 bit OS. How much memory does it have installed? Better yet, what are the core system specs?

You don't really need a list of instructions. You back up your data, and boot from the Windows 7 disc. I would download drivers for either of your network connections, and see what Windows 7 finds on it's own once installed and once Windows Update runs. You can go back to HP's website for anything it doesn't find. All of those apps should be listed on HP's website, but if not, backup your C:\swsetup directory, too. On all HP's I've dealt with, that folder contains the installers your programs that were preinstalled.
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HP Pavillion m t originally purchased -months ago with Vista Upgraded to Premium keeps crashing m9600t 7 Home Pavillion HP Windows Windows Home Premium The original Seagate hdd crashed recently I replaced with a WD rpm mb Black HDD Reinstalled Windows operating system Everything appeared to work fine for a week Then began to get one or two BSOD check sum errors then Windows Explorer would stop working intermittently this morning PC crashed then slowly re-booted into a BSOD and then quickly turned itself off So quickly I had no time to read the BSOD Tried system repair without success Ran diagnostic tool F all the hardware passed the test including the boot path Scratching my head as to what to try next Seeking help for other solutions PS I read HP Pavillion m9600t Windows 7 Home Premium keeps crashing in a forum elsewhere that there being a problem with the motherboard bios of m t Is this related btw I did download and install all the latest bios and software updates available for the m t from the HP site

A:HP Pavillion m9600t Windows 7 Home Premium keeps crashing

Hi, Will, and welcome to the forum. Please read this thread, follow the instructions and post back. We will be glad to help you.
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Ok so This is a bit of a story I'm a student and i'm not all that tech savvy I know about hard resets and system restores and have 10) doesn't (windows Pavillion properly laptop up HP start done that ilk in the past but i'm not that confident when it comes to machines nbsp Christmas of i got my laptop to help me with my final year of HS nbsp The Pavillion x It was very very fast and i have very few programms HP Pavillion laptop (windows 10) doesn't start up properly installed on it I do all my school work on it and only use it for occasionally playing small steam games HP Pavillion laptop (windows 10) doesn't start up properly or watching YouTube or Netflix Nothing big at all nbsp But in the past - weeks it's gotten increacingly slow and is now at the stage where it takes between - minutes to start up when only months ago it took HP Pavillion laptop (windows 10) doesn't start up properly less than seconds It takes or three tries to get it to start up as well the first few stating 'Boot Selection Failed' I have no access to the BIDOS or whats-it's-name system and I can't do a system restore as it crashes each time nbsp I've done a lot of virus scans and defragmented the disk shredded all loose files and everything McAfee reccommends to speed up the laptop but to no avail nbsp If i leave the pc for or minutes and it goes to sleep it won't wake up At all The caps-lock light or the mute light won't turn on when it's asleep and i can't wake it up at all the only thing that works is holding the power button for around seconds till it goes off then turning it back on and starting the whole polava again nbsp Turning it on means waiting for a minute for it to register that power is running through it then it whirs into life The fan gets reaaallllyyy loud for - minutes and then the screen goes from turned-off black to turned-on black no curser nbsp The caps-lock button flashes intermittantly throughout this process but nothing I have control of then the BIDOS error message flashes up i press enter and the power dies It's fully charged and there doesn't seem to be any hardware problem at all nbsp There is barely anything on this PC at all and I don't understand why this is happening I just want it to go back to when it worked quickly and let me get on with my work and watch Netflix in peace nbsp Please is there anything I can do I'm really not tech minded so if you're useing a lot of jargon please elaborate nbsp Thank you very much for your help nbsp nbsp
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Alright, here's my issue.

I had to installed a completely fresh copy of windows xp home SP2 on my Hp Pavillion.

When I say fresh, I mean not Hp recovery cds, I mean I bought the install disc from microsoft so I do not have HP back and recovery, hp restore, nor hp update

I'm having trouble reinstalling the Realtek ALC880 sound device.

When I install the original update from HP, it says I need the Microsoft UAA driver

Once that's done. I have a generic sound device but no realtek sound manager or nothin like that.

When I install the latest driver from realtek, windows tell me I have no audio device even though it shows up in the hardware manager

Can anyone help me figure this out?

A:[SOLVED] I need help installing Realtek ALC880 on HP Pavillion a1104x with Windows XP

and welcome to the Forum

Upgrade to SP3 and Run Windows Update . . it will usually offer the right sound driver
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Hey guys,

Long time lurker on this forum. There's a lot of good info on here that's helped me through some stuff with my laptop. Just want to say thanks for that.

Anyways, here's my question:
I'm wanting to reformat my hard drive on my laptop which currently has Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I just want to have a fresh start, and get rid of all the useless crap that has piled up on the computer over time. My question is, do I need to download all the drivers before hand and store them on a USB drive, or will Windows 7 automatically download all the needed drivers (ie. network, display, etc.) for me? I've heard of doing the recovery disk, but I honestly don't even need most of the stuff that came with the computer when it was purchased.

Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.


A:Reformatting hard drive on HP Pavillion dv6000 w/ Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows will try (and most likely succeed) in finding a driver that works for most of your devices.

However this may not be the best/most up to date driver thus I would also recommend after installation you download the most up to date drivers from the internet.

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 Hi,These last days the mouse coursor was freezing. And sometimes even disappearing when touching the screen until today the mouse pad gone dead... I have plagged an external mouse and it is working perfectly. I am really sad about it because the laptop is not old at all. I have it only for some months... Any idea on how to fix it?Thanks in advance

A:Pavillion X360 Windows 10 Laptop mousepad stop working :(

Hello, please ensure you create a system restore point on the notebook and backup complete data. please check with external mouse  uninstall the touchpad drivers from device manager  install the drivers from HP RECOVERY MANAGER  if not please install the drivers from HP WEBSITE

I'm an HP Employee.The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP.Click on Thumbs up if my post helped you.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking an answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.Regards,Vijay
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will not boot in safe mode or when I get to recovery console there is no choice to say which windows to log on to nothing shows. when i try a new install, it freezes at the Eula agreement. Had to use a xp home disk to get to recovery console but upgrade disk will do nothing. have read so many instructions and can get to each to a point, what do I do now?? I feel soooo stupid that I can not figure out what to do next. Your site is so easy to read and follow, but I can't get this other computer to act right. I am on the laptop which you helped to tweak and fix.

A:Hp Pavillion 6630 Won't Boot Corrupt Of Missing Windows\system32\config\system Files

Your registry has become corrupt

You need to replace your system hives
If these become edited or corrupt you cannot boot.

For the whole proceedure please post back and I will explain in detail

Relevancy 36.55%

Hi all

I have got a new desktop PC, which works fine with Ethernet but I am not able to connect through wireless.When I tried to connect to the broadband, it says error connecting to the Broadband connection
Error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported error. However, same comnnection works very well with my vista home premium Dell Laptop.

Thanks in advance

A:HP Pavillion PC with windows 8 works ethernet works well but not able to connect through wireless

How to reset TCP/IP by using the NetShell utility
Relevancy 34.4%

I have tried to revert back but to no avail. Apparently I waited a couple days too long.  I wanted to at least give it a try.I seem to be unable to revert back as there is no previous backups???? Bizarre.. After doing some research I think I will have to get another copy of Windows 7. as I do not have a disk.  apparently Microsoft won't issue me an ISO file as this is a retail version...Can anyone help? I don't think I can even purchase a Windows 7 now.Lizbeth

A:Windows 10 loaded it self on my Hp Pavillion Loaded with Win...

Hi, Lizbeth: You can order W7 recovery media for your PC from HP at the link below...
Relevancy 33.11%

I had a virus and I deleted some files I restarted Pavillion Hp my computer Hp Pavillion and now it is going to Hp Pavillion the menu to choose from normal safemode etc it is telling me the the XMS cache had an error of some sort if i go to normal it brings me to a gray screen telling me that it Hp Pavillion has found new hardware so im trying to find the software for the hardware but it only looks in the a drive when i try to find it in the browse area it keeps telling me it isnt finding the software if i cancel the new hardware setup it brings up a box stating SUREGCREATEKEY COULD NOT BE FOUND I still have the files in the recycle bin but i cant get to it to put the files back i have a system recovery cd but it keeps telling me that i may lose the programs i have installed since i bought the computer i dont want to do that when i am at the first menu where i have to choose normal safemode etc it tells me that i need to run scanreg but i cant get to the dos screen to run it any ideas to get my computer going nbsp

A:Hp Pavillion

what happens when you boot into safemode
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At first time, the DVD player was working, and the second time when I tried to insert DVD to the player, the player made some sound like Krik Krik, and sipt out the DVD. Eveytime, different DVD used and the DVDs or Audio CDs are working with other Computer DVD players and CD players. My boss just bought it for classroom. But no DVD or CD player, it is not useful. What is the solution for this? My boss bought it one month ago. Maybe less.
Relevancy 33.11%

Trying to help my daughter out, She has a laptop HP Pavillion DV6 that will only boot in the safemode. She called HP and of course she is 60 days out of warranty. Any suggestions? She's try to restore it to a point about a week ago but the same thing keeps happening, just boots in safemode.

Thanks for any and all suggestions,


A:HP Pavillion DV6

Hi sonbon,

Does the computer give out an error when your daughter tries to boot the computer to windows normally? Go to the safe mode menu again and this time, choose "Boot the computer to last known good configurations". See if this helps out at all. I would also recommend performing an In-Place Upgrade(Windows Repair) on the computer. You will definitely need your Windows 7 CD in order to perform this process. When was the last the computer was able to work successfully?
Relevancy 33.11%

It is a MS Win but I wasn't sure which one Anyhow It is a new Pav t nbsp Taken out of the box on Aug nbsp Since then I spent one long night on phone with HP tech support due to freezing nbsp Tech blamed me Pavillion 17 HP New for not up-dating it nbsp Tonight it froze again another long phone call amp now nbsp I'm sitting next to a brand new computer that I can't touch while it goes through hrs of diagnostics and writing to you New HP Pavillion 17 from my old HP Pav g nbsp never had a computer do this twice in it's first weeks of life before This is my rd HP amp I felt some kind of loyalty to the company nbsp Bought the best care pack amp it is no good nbsp Suggestions Already went through the turn it upside down amp remove battery drill Brand new computer should not be frozen My Internet connection is fine as you can see on my old HP Pav g
Relevancy 33.11%

I seem to have a problem with my RAM i need to upgrade to a higher GB could someone please help and advise on what i need and the highest GB i can upgrade toas i have only had this computer for 7 months and the ram is full already.
Relevancy 33.11%

Hi, I have hp pavillion a6317c pc, I unpluged it for 8 months, now it wont boot, power led stays on, green light on the back stays on, fans on, no signal to the monitor, try to turn it off but power light stays on, had to unplug it to turn it off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Hp pavillion

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

See if you can boot it without the battery.

If that doesn't work unplug the battery and power cable.

Then press and hold the power button for 45 seconds.

Replug in the power and battery to see if it will boot.
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It is a MS Win but I wasn't sure which one Anyhow It is a new Pav t nbsp Taken out of the box on Aug nbsp Since then I spent one long night on phone with HP tech support due to freezing nbsp Tech blamed me for not up-dating it nbsp Tonight it froze again another long phone call amp now nbsp I'm sitting next to a brand new computer that I can't touch while it goes through hrs of diagnostics and writing to you from my old HP 17 Pavillion New HP Pav g nbsp never had a computer do this twice in it's first weeks of life before This is my rd HP amp I felt some kind of loyalty to the company nbsp Bought the best care pack amp it is no good nbsp Suggestions Already went through the turn it upside down amp remove battery drill Brand new computer should not be frozen My Internet connection is fine as you can see on my old HP Pav New HP Pavillion 17 g
Relevancy 33.11%

My daughter has a HP Pavillion Model a f bit that HP Need Help Pavillion with is running Vista Home Premium It has gigs of ram a gig hard drive and a dual core processor The computer ran fine until tonight When she turns it on the keyboard is recognized but a blue splash screen for HP comes up that asks to click Need Help with HP Pavillion on esc to go into bios F for setup etc It won't go Need Help with HP Pavillion any further There appears to be a yellow or amber light that lights up right behind the power swith which does light up I can hear the fan is running and the mouse shows that it has power too If I press esc a message comes up that it is entering setup but never does It just sits there I would sure appreciate it if somebody could give me an idea what I might try to do to help her get her computer going again Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions

A:Need Help with HP Pavillion

Solved the problem myself. Opened the tower and changed the port that the SATA drive cable connected to. At least after doing that and restarting the computer I was able to get into BIOS. Showed no hard drive as being recognized. Went to HP's site and found that Seatgate had a problem with some of the hard drives (500, 700, etc.) After calling a technician with HP it was decided that the hard drive had failed (no indication of it failing-it just stopped!!!)

HP is sending a new hard drive and a recovery disk (the recovery partition was on the hard drive that failed. No cost. There was still 50 days left on the warranty.

I guess we were LUCKY!

Thanks for looking at my computer problem.
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Hi. I bought this laptop used from someone online. I know it is old. It uses the FS1 socket, and has an A4 processor. So I can't expect too much. But it just locks up on me aall the time. As soon as I try to open anything, it just locks up. The day I got it, I was able to open Google Chrome and watch some Youtube videos. The next day, nothing. I think the HDD is screwed, and I would like to replace it with an SSD. My problem is, it will not detect my SSD. What can I do to get my SSD installed in this thing, so that hopefully I can use it for some basic things on the go?
Relevancy 33.11%

HI there. I have recently cracked the touch screen on my pavillion 23. as you can see I am able to do some stuff on here but everything flashes and turns the pages by itself. ugh!:-(I thought i had turned off the touch screen but on reboot it starts up again!Can beautiful person please give me lamen termed instructions on how to remove the touchscreen capabilty or any othe constructive advice would be good.I cant afford to replace it. no idea what it will cost to fix. hard to research anything on here right now.Please help:-)Sorry about it being the wrong board and its I5 core. it wont let me select the right ones grrrrr
Relevancy 33.11%

 Whilst working the computer froze. I removed the battery to switch of. When switching on the next time I got a message "scanning and repairing hard drive". This progressed to 9% and then made no further progress. After 10 hours I finally removed the battery again as there was no other way to do this. What can i do to revert to correct operation'/


View Solution.

A:HP Pavillion

Dear Customer, Try a Hard Reset as follows. Shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold  down the Power button for a full minute.  Plug in the AC Adapter ( leave the battery out for the moment ) and see if the notebook will start. If it doesnt load,Please perform the Steps as shown below:-1. Please "Turn OFF" the Notebook2. "Power ON" the Notebook and keep tapping the Escape Key during the start up to enter the Start-up Menu3. Now here, Please select the BIOS option [F10] and under the Advanced or Diagnostic tab4. You should find the facility to run tests on both the Hard Disk Drive and Memory Note: Please perform these two tests and post back with the details of any error messages Please click the below shown link to find the steps for performing Hard Drive Test OR  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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my computer as a Black screen and saysBoot Device not foundplease install an Operating system on your hard diskHard disk (3FO) Can anyone help me

A:HP Pavillion

Hi, Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and run the tests on the Hard Drive. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Can you also post back with the version of the operating system currently installed on the notebook. Regards, DP-K
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was wondering if anyone could help me please, i installed windows 7 onto my laptop a while ago and as i don't use my CD-ROM very much i've only recently realised it no longer works, i've had a look under device management and 'coprocessor' has a yellow triangle by it and ! mark ?

I'm really useless when it comes to technology but was wondering if anyone could help me in finding out how to fix this problem please?

i've tried to update driver software but that does not work, and states windows could not find driver software for your device

and underneath properties it states;

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element."

thanks again for any help really appreciate it

A:HP Pavillion DV9000

Hi LOu33z,welcome to the forums, download and reinstall the chipset drivers Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv9000 CTO Notebook PC - HP technical support (United Kingdom - English) you may have to install them in compatibility mode for Vista as they are the only drivers supported
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Hi So yesterday I was using boot x2 not will Pavillion Hp my laptop and all was fine until it randomly switched off and then refused to switch back on After about half an hour it eventually switched back on yet brought up the system recovery menu I pressed enter and it collated data which it then sent to Microsoft and came back on as usual After Hp Pavillion x2 will not boot around minutes black lines started flashing on and off the screen until eventually my computer just randomly turned off and I have been unable to turn it back on since When I put the power cable in the orange charging light comes on yet I cannot power the laptop up as when I hold in the power button the charging light briefly flashes off yet the laptop does not come on Without the charging cable there is no light and no matter how long I hold the power button in for no light comes on I know the laptop is not dead as I had left it to charge for hours and then re-tried this to see if it worked although nothing happened Can somebody please help RSWReece

A:Hp Pavillion x2 will not boot

Hi @Rswreece,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 Notebook and it having startup issues.  Try performing a hard reset. Please note the section of Hard Reset for non-removable batteries.When performing a hard reset please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows.Plug the power adapter directly into a different wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as Accept as Solution, this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for. Thanks.
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I have an HP Pavillion zd7000 laptop that runs on Windows XP. When I turn it on it starts to boot and then gets hung up saying "windows is starting up" but it doesn't! I've tried booting it in safe mode and looking around for the answer. Right now I'm defraging it, hoping that helps. I don't have a restore CD or a Windows XP CD, unfortunately! Any thoughts?
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Hi i come here to get an serious help to serious problem Yesterday at pm ive turned off my laptop couse it was late and had to wake up early So next morning i powered on my laptop it booted up normaly showing HP logo then i came back to enter my password to log in but when it logged in it immediatly goes black screen but i hear still the fan running as hell and all leds are on but the screen not But after few seconds laptop crashes with all led's and fan stops I've tryed to boot up again but same thing My first attemp was to go on safe-mode and it worked without sound of course but it won't log-in on normal mode it just crashes---FAILURE- My second attemp was to remove the battery and plug-in the Pavillion dv6 log-on problem!!! power cable and try---FAILURE My third attemp was to remove the hdd ram gpu fan and clean the whole mother board from dust and puth back everything in tryed again to log-in after---FAILURE What is the problem i dont get it I can about pc and laptops but this won't work Some help before i send it to Pavillion dv6 log-on problem!!! an expensive pc geek

A:Pavillion dv6 log-on problem!!!

Hi and welcome to TSF did you try system restore from safe mode to a time you know all was working well
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My laptop won't turn on and when plugged in the charging light isn't showing up. I've tried a hard reset and nothing is working. I took off the keyboard and nothing is wrong on the motherboard, and the same with the back panel. Please help, I really need to study. 

A:HP Pavillion not turning on

Hello @Rayna19, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I came across your post about the notebook not starting, and wanted to help! First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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This morning I opened my laptop and it was nearly nonresponsive. I held the power button for a few seconds to shut it down. Then, when I tried to start it back up, it stayed on the hp loading screen for a bit, went to prepairing automatic repair, and soon afte black screened. does the ame thing ove and over. already tried hard reset. Am currently running the longer diagnostic thing. not sure how im going to post it. guess ill have to sit here and type it out. If you have any idea of whats going on, please let me know. Thank you very much.

A:Hp Pavillion G6-2211nr

Hard Drive Short DST Check: Failed
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Hello All

Bought a new laptop online, windows 64bit pre installed (home premium) -

HP Pavillion dv6 3141ea, AMD Phenom II Quad-Core N930 Processor, 15.6" HD Screen, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD Rewriter, Dedicated ATI 5470 Graphics, Bluetooth, HDMI, Fingerprint Reader, XD499EA#ABU

- and I booted up, plugged in a memory stick and during the copy got a BSOD! Good start.

Got another the next day, the crash dumps appear different though. There were two red error events in the log at the exact same time as the two crashes, both just said "BugCheck" EventID=1001.

I've attached the requestedBSOD info and the two dumps separately.

Any pointers much appreciated.


A:BSODs on HP Pavillion

Quote: Originally Posted by frankslade

Hello All

Bought a new laptop online, windows 64bit pre installed (home premium) -

HP Pavillion dv6 3141ea, AMD Phenom II Quad-Core N930 Processor, 15.6" HD Screen, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD Rewriter, Dedicated ATI 5470 Graphics, Bluetooth, HDMI, Fingerprint Reader, XD499EA#ABU

- and I booted up, plugged in a memory stick and during the copy got a BSOD! Good start.

Got another the next day, the crash dumps appear different though. There were two red error events in the log at the exact same time as the two crashes, both just said "BugCheck" EventID=1001.

I've attached the requestedBSOD info and the two dumps separately.

Any pointers much appreciated.


This one caused a memoery exception. You Symantec and msn toolbar are to blaim.

I would remove symantec and replace with Microsoft security essentials.

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product | Norton Support
I would also run a system file check to verify and repair OS files

Run a system file check to verify and repair your system files.
To do this type cmd in search, then right click to run as administrator, then

Read here for more information SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Let us know the results from the report at the end.


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2\040211-19562-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\Symbols*;srv*e:\symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7600.16617.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02c0c000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02e49e50
Debug session time: Sat Apr 2 13:10:25.904 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:16:05.636
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff9600017e207, fffff8800b7fae70, 0}

Probably caused by : win32k.sys ( win32k!xxxCallHook2+10b )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An exception happened while executing a system service routine.
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Arg2: fffff9600017e207, Address of the exception record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg3: fffff8800b7fae70, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, zero.

Debugging Details:
EXCEP... Read more
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It will not turn on at all, no noises or anything. Have tried another power cable and other plug sockets and den taking out all USBs ect ,but nothing is working.
Relevancy 32.68%

At first the track pad and keyboard stopped working.  THEN one of the USB ports quit working, and now it will only charge if you hold and wiggle the cord.   I did buy a replacement Top cover with keyboard, and that did not solve the problem.  What are my options, besides having to buy a new laptop?  Can I buy a whole new/refurbished base?  This works as a tablet, but I don't need just a tablet.  I keep getting different answers from different people at HP, and it is frustrating to say the least.
Relevancy 32.68%

I have somehow managed to destroy my recovery partition.. and desperately need to recover my laptop!!
I was wondering if anyone (who was sensible enough to create restore discs) for the same model would be able to upload the restore disc for me to use!
I know they are avaliable for purchase but times are hard at the minute..
Thanks Guys

A:HP Pavillion DV3500ea

Reproducing the operating sysetm is against the copyright law.
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Hello, my neighbour has a HP Pavillion g6 running Windows 8 and lately these days the computer has been crashing/rebooting and there appears some message with links to dump files. I have saved the .dmp file to a flash drive and attached it here.

I'm sorry but I cannot use the SF Diagnostic Tool because the computer is not with me at the moment and won't be with me for atleast 2 days, she's gonna be back with it somewhere at Thursday and I promised I'll ask for a solution on the net till then.

So if someone knowledgable from here can review the file and figure out what could be causing the problems that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

A:Crashing on a HP Pavillion g6

The lone memory dump blames NDProxy.SYS - a windows driver associated with networking. As such, it's possible that any network/Internet aware program can be causing this. Due to the info from the memory dumps, there is a possibility of a hardware problem, and a possibility that it may be with a USB device (but these are just guesses based on the data in the raw stack text - which may not even be signficant).

Please run Driver Verifier to attempt to force a BSOD with the offending driver's name. Please use this procedure: Driver Verifier Settings Let it BSOD 2 or 3 times, then generate the reports from the SF Diagnostic Tool and upload it with your next post.

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

hpdskflt.sys Fri May 13 14:47:26 2011 (4DCD7CBE)
HP Mobile Data Protection System Disk Filter

Accelerometer.sys Fri May 13 14:47:26 2011 (4DCD7CBE)
HP Mobile Data Protection System Accelerometer

Rt630x86.sys Wed Oct 19 08:13:13 2011 (4E9EBED9)
Realtek 8101E/8168/8169 NDIS 6.30 32-bit Driver

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Tue Mar 26 07:53:35.370 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Owner\SysnativeBSODApps\032613-10328-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (2 procs) Free x86 compatible
Built by: 9200.16384.x86fre.win8_rtm.120725-1247
System Uptime:1 days 19:02:06.236
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for NDProxy.SYS
Probably caused by :NDProxy.SYS ( NDProxy+972f )
BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, 81eca672, 88617ab4, 0}
Arg1: c0000005, The exception code that was not handled
Arg2: 81eca672, The address that the exception occurred at
Arg3: 88617ab4, Trap Frame
Arg4: 00000000
PROCESS_NAME: svchost.exe
CPUID: "Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz"
MaxSpeed: 2200
CurrentSpeed: 2195
BIOS Version F.12
BIOS Release Date 08/30/2012
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Product Name HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC

3rd Party Drivers:
The following is for information purposes only.
Any drivers in red should be updated or removed from your system. And should have been discussed in the body of my post.

**************************Tue Mar 26 07:53:35.370 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
hpdskflt.sys Fri May 13 14:47:26 2011 (4DCD7CBE)
Accelerometer.sys Fri May 13 14:47:26 2011 (4DCD7CBE)
Rt630x86.sys Wed Oct 19 08:13:13 2011 (4E9EBED9)
netr28.sys Wed Apr 11 04:26:27 2012 (4F854033)
HECI.sys Mon Jul 2 18:14:54 2012 (4FF21D5E)
intelppm.sys Wed Jul 25 22:34:02 2012 (5010AC9A)
dump_storahci.sys Wed Jul 25 22:38:58 2012 (5010ADC2)
SynTP.sys Fri Aug 24 19:18:33 2012 (50380BC9)
igdkmd32.sys Wed Sep 26 15:44:50 2012 (50635B32)
... Read more
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Charging HP Pavillion x2 will not power on. Have charged for 3 hours and pressing the power button...nothing.

A:Hp Pavillion x2 will not turn on!

Hello @Tffnys, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I understand that you are having an issue with the notebook starting, and wanted to assist you! To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook? Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes: HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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Hello there everyone, I'm interested in buying a new screen for my HP computer, when I came along a post concerning a new 2K Pavillion that apperently is upcoming (see this link:,news-52907.html ). Does anybody know when to expect it to be released in the Netherlands? Or how quickly products are released after the are released in the US?