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Razer Deathadder died, which gaming mouse to get?

Q: Razer Deathadder died, which gaming mouse to get?

My Razer Deathadder's scroll wheel has stopped working

it clicks but no longer scrolls

I have taken it apart and cleaned it all out but still nothing. The actual scrolling action feels like its broken somehow, it feels too smooth

Anyway, I'm out of work at the moment and can't afford another razer

Now I'm tossing up between these two

anyone got any opinions which one to go for?

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Preferred Solution: Razer Deathadder died, which gaming mouse to get?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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OS - Vista x Vista pre-installed on system Asus G gx rx Recent less pluging my Mouse. BSOD Razer Deathadder when in than days ASUS Asus G GX-Rx AVAST antivirus Asus G -Gx rx Razer Deathadder So as the title says when I plug in or plug out my razer deathadder my computer will automatically go into a BSOD ALL THE TIME The only time this does not happen is if I plug it in before startup and after shut down I have made a thread a while before on the topic of random BSOD and there were multiple offenders which I believed WERE NOT the problem Now I do know the exact specific problem I can recreate this problem any time I want to The BSOD range from IRQL driver less or equal to to ntfs sys The problem is WITH the mouse and my laptop How do I fix this I have tried both the drivers for the deathadder and the one labeled windows The USB port works with other devices iphone cooling pad etc But it seems to not be compatabile with the razer deathadder THIS IS RECENTLY HAPPENING I had no such problems like this before More information can be given But I pretty much described the cause that I do not know how to fix EDIT And also what is disk queue length and how can i lower it or raise whichever is better

A:BSOD when pluging in my Razer Deathadder Mouse.

Razer DeathAdder drivers were known to cause BSOD's a while back. If you have older drivers installed, this could be the cause. Please update your drivers from the Razer support website: Razer Support

Please remove Speedfan as one of it's drivers dates from 1995. FYI - there is a newer version available at the Speedfan website.

As for the


The average disk queue length is 3. The disk may be at its maximum transfer capacity due to throughput and disk seeks

Try this first: Improve performance by defragmenting your hard disk
Then ensure that you have the latest drivers from the storage controller manufacturer
Then ensure that all of your programs aren't demanding excess activity from your hard drive (shut down any programs that aren't necessary).

Only 196 updates after SP2, most systems have 250 or 300 (or more). Please visit Windows Update and get any available updates.

Daemon Tools causes problems on Win7 systems. Haven't seen problems with Vista, but really haven't looked. If you choose to uninstall it "just in case", then use this free tool to remove the sptd.sys driver: DuplexSecure - FAQ

5 memory dumps
3 different BSOD error codes
5 different causes blamed
This is most likely:
- a hardware problem
- a compatibility isssue
- a low-level driver problem
- malware

First step is to uninstall the DeathAdder software and install a new, freshly downloaded copy. Then monitor for further BSOD's
If the BSOD's continue, then we have to suspect the hardware in the DeathAdder itself.

To test this, try plugging in another USB mouse to see if it causes a BSOD. Let us know and we can try other things after that.

Also, if the BSOD's continue, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions:
From this link: Driver Verifier Settings


Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. Most times it'll crash and it'll tell you what the driver is. But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. If you can't get to Safe Mode, then you'll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.

So, I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

Then, here's the procedure:
- Go to Start and type in "verifier" (without the quotes) and press Enter
- Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)" and click "Next"
- Select "Select individual settings from a full list" and click "Next"
- Select everything EXCEPT FOR "Special Pool", "Force Pending I/O Requests" and "Low Resource Simulation" and click "Next"
- Select "Select driver names from a list" and click "Next"
Then select all drivers NOT provided by Microsoft and click "Next"
- Select "Finish" on the next page.

Reboot the system and wait for it to crash to the Blue Screen. Continue to use your system normally, and if you know what causes the crash, do that repeatedly. The objective here is to get the system to crash because Driver Verifier is stressing the drivers out. If it doesn't crash for you, then let it run for at least 36 hours of continuous operation (an estimate on my part).

Reboot into Windows (after the crash) and turn off Driver Verifier by going back in and selecting "Delete existing settings" on the first page, then locate and zip up the memory dump file and upload it with your next post.

If you can't get into Windows because it crashes too soon, try it in Safe Mode.
If you can't get into Safe Mode, try using System Restore from your installation DVD to set the system back to the previous res... Read more
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I made the mistake of buying this mouse and luckily I managed to avoid using the Synapse software that they pushed via Windows Update at me when I plugged the mouse in However it still installed drivers and apparently the mouse uses this dll called 'RzCoinstaller dll' whatever that is I still a 4G 2013 Mouse? Deathadder I Razer How uninstall do have an old Logitech bluetooth mouse I was trying to replace with this mouse however I am considering chucking out the Razer due to Razer's hardware and software being rather overpriced low quality garbage and I worry about the drivers effects on my computer given the datamining scare with Synapse I intend to possibly replace it with a Steelseries Sensei or a Corsair Vengance M mouse but How do I uninstall a Razer Deathadder 2013 4G Mouse? how do I uninstall the How do I uninstall a Razer Deathadder 2013 4G Mouse? Razer mouse safely without affecting the Logitech mouse Cause apparently if a mouse still uses one of the drivers it will leave that driver alone if you uninstall via Device Manager I just want to be sure to get rid of Razer's drivers before I buy the next mouse first So anyone got a guide on this or

A:How do I uninstall a Razer Deathadder 2013 4G Mouse?

Hello IllusionaryInno,

how do I uninstall the Razer mouse safely without affecting the Logitech mouse?

The easiest way is to just unplug your Razer mouse and replace it with the Logitech one. Once the device isn't being used anymore, the driver won't be used either.

After switching mouses, you can do the following to remove the device and corresponding driver from your system;

Hit WinKey+X on your keyboard, and from the pop-up menu, select Device Manager.In the Device Manager, click on Mice and other pointing devices.In the drop down menu, right click on your Razer mouse and select Uninstall.A new window will pop up. In this window, click on Delete the driver software for this device.Now follow the on-screen instructions to remove the driver and restart your machine when asked to do so.
And that's it. Now the driver from your Razer mouse will be completely removed.
I don't know for sure with Razer, but you might also want to check the Programs & Features menu to see if there are any left over programs in there. To do so, hit WinKey+X on your keyboard, select Programs & Features from the pop-up menu and scan the list for any Razer software.
If found, right click the entry and select Uninstall. Then follow the on-screen instructions and restart your machine afterwards.

Cause apparently if a mouse still uses one of the drivers it will leave that driver alone if you uninstall via Device Manager?

I don't know about this, but if you switch to your Logitech mouse before uninstalling the driver, it should work just fine.
As a test, try the above described method and plug the Razer mouse back in after removing the driver and restarting. You'll see that it will reinstall the driver needed because we removed it.
Good luck and keep us posted,
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well i guess this would apply to any razer mouse
my question is:
Are the buttons programmable outside of games/macros?

like are you able to say for instance open i-tunes with one of the extra buttons?

just wanna make sure before i buy it
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hello!i can cheaply get a razer deathadder and a razer lycosa keyboard
instead of logitech gaming mouse g400 and microsoft digital media keyboard 3000
can buy both for 400kr 200 each. original prize of the death adder is about 600kr is it worth the money?

A:Is it worth changing mouse from logitech g400 to razer deathadder?

Sisrace, Just my opinion. But, gaming keyboard and mouse is really a personal prefrence. The prices you quoted are very close to retail prices in the US, depending on which model they are. If you have the opportunity, I would try to use them for a couple of days before purchasing. The Lycosa appears to be discontinued here. I guess, all I am saying is that for gaming, they are personal preferences. For the price you quoted, it sounds like an OK deal to me. But, that's no guarentee you will like them in gaming. Personally, I have a Logitech G510 and G500. If they both died today I would have a G510 and G500 on the way tomorrow. Others feel the same about their Razor products.
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Razer has now let loose a left hand version of its popular DeathAdder mouse claiming that it is the first rodent specifically aimed at left-handed gamers


A:Razer delivers DeathAdder mouse for left-handed gamers

Hey, my fellow Lachesis users. I have the 4000 dpi version, 2 actually. If I program one of the side keys to any single key I have a problem. Do you?? I use the front right side key for melee. Try ths. Program any side key to some single key. Then open word or notepad. get the curser ready to type. Press and hold the left mouse button and as your holding it press and release the side key - the let go of the left mouse button. It's a problem for me because while gaming if I am firing a weapon while being rushed I sometimes melee befor letting up on fire. Anyway, 3 of 3 Lachesis mouse I have tried this on are the same. Hold left mouse while press and release side key programed as any single key, then release left mouse and that programed key is acting like it's depressed until you press any of the side keys again. True????

Is that normal. Can I set it up so it does not work that way?? I tried doing a macro but that way the macro won't interupt the fire/left mouse.

Uploaded with

there is my Lachesis config. I tested it again and found that the programed button remains like it's being depresses until you press any of the other PROGRAMED SIDE buttons. The 2 behind the wheel will not un-stick the programed key and for a side key to un-stick it, it can't be off.
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Hi there As described I my middle click function has stopped working on my mouse at first I assumed it was a Chrome update and Working Click Function Stopped Mouse Deathadder) (Razer Middle that I could no longer use it to quot Middle Click Mouse Function Stopped Working (Razer Deathadder) Open link in new tab quot however it seems that it now does absolutely nothing and I am unable to reassign it I used CAD software Solidworks that requires the middle mouse button for me to be able to pivot my view about the pointer on the screen also a few PC games I play would be much smoother if I could do this I have all the latest drivers and firmware installed I did find this thread that I thought might help me Middle Mouse Button however the screen shot at the bottom shows the Mouse Options on the Control Panel having a lot more option than it does for me the Middle Click Mouse Function Stopped Working (Razer Deathadder) only options I have are switching the left and right mouse buttons double-click speed adjustment and ClickLock The buttons assignment window that I get using the Razer software gives no more options other than to assign the forwards and backwards buttons quot Windows Button quot and quot Windows Button quot Thank you for any help you can give

A:Middle Click Mouse Function Stopped Working (Razer Deathadder)

I had that problem when I installed "software" for my mouse. I just use the default drivers that Windows installs upon connecting.

Have you recently installed any new software for your mouse or somehow relates to your mouse?
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I wonder if anyone knows if DeathAdder and Tarantula going to function if I install Windows7 64bit?

A:Razer DeathAdder and Razer Tarantula Windows7 64bit

Here is an article from Razer. They state they will be offering windows 7 drivers before the Windows 7 launch on the 22nd. So I would have to say that they should work. The models you are inquiring about are on the list. Razer & Windows 7 | Razer - Windows 7 Updates
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My Deathadder is on strike I think Ok I ll try to explain this as clearly as possible I m computer literate but not work. Deathadder not Razer will computer Einstein For Christmas I received a brand Razer Deathadder will not work. new hard drive which I had immediately installed I upgraded from an old used gb to a brand new tb Previous to the upgrade my deathadder worked fine no problems no issues no glitches no bugs After I upgrade to my new hard drive everything but my death adder will work For some reason my mouse driver will not I have tried all the basic trouble shooting steps I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver updated the firmware updated my windows system Multiple restarts later nothing I ve even gone into BIOS and to make sure the USB legacy was enabled It was Nothing In another effort to trouble shoot I hooked my mouse up to my spouses computer and ran the driver It worked perfectly So the problem is not the mouse If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it My system Window s Vista -bit New HDD ST DL - VT Seagate Baracuda My mouse Razer Deathadder Driver up to date Firmware up to date Can anyone help nbsp

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Hello there, basically I'm in a rage-mood at the moment because every time I go to download the Razer Deathadder Drivers 1.09 from Razerzone (Official Razer Website), the download automatically cancels and I have absolutely no control over it.

I tried downloading in Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and I even downloaded an old Netscape to try it out.

I'm in dire need of the Firmware and Drivers but theres nothing I can do to download them..

Does anyone know why this is happening?
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How do you go about installing the drivers in compatibility mode? I'm buying the deathadder tomorrow and I know that it comes with a disk to install the drivers from but I've heard they work better while under windows xp sp3 compatability mode. How do you install under compatability mode from the cd? Right click the cd and chose compatability mode?

A:Installing Razer Deathadder drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by akrchstn

How do you go about installing the drivers in compatibility mode? I'm buying the deathadder tomorrow and I know that it comes with a disk to install the drivers from but I've heard they work better while under windows xp sp3 compatability mode. How do you install under compatability mode from the cd? Right click the cd and chose compatability mode?

right click the exe file and set it to xp sp2. If no exe file there should be an inf file or you might even have autorun enabled.

Hope this helps

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Hello everyone issues with Deathadder Razer Funky First I would like to point out that I didn t really had a clue where to put this question but I figured since I m using my mouse to play games with mostly I thought Funky issues with Razer Deathadder I would put it here Since a few days my mouse is really acting strange It happens to be that I can t hold down the Left mouse button For instance I m quiet the counterstrike player and when I m holding down my left mouse button in order to spray it stops after a few shots Another example when I want to drag a file from one folder to another I keep dropping the file Or when scrolling on a website using the left mouse button it stops after a few Funky issues with Razer Deathadder secs It s really weird never had this problem before I m not sure it this has anything to do with it but I m having this problem more and more often since I installed a game on my pc a couple of days ago I m using a Razer Deathadder Thanks nbsp

A:Funky issues with Razer Deathadder

Can you tell us the computer and configuration on which you are working?
What is the brand and model of mouse ? What has happened when you have trieds using an alternate mouse?
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I have a problem with my Razer DeathAdder since I started using Windows 7 on my computer.
Last time, when I used Windows XP I hadn't had this kind of problem...
alright, so when I specify macro assignment on Button 4 and 5 of my Razer DeathAdder (the 2 buttons that u press with your thumb), my razer starts not working in Warcraft III game.
It works if I use notepad, but not in warcraft game...

I am using Firmware ver 1.27 and Driver ver 1.09...
I am logged in as administrator in my windows.
If anyone had experienced this problem, and it was solved.. pls help me -.-
Thanks in advance...

A:Razer DeathAdder Problem on Windows 7

Warcraft may not support those buttons. I have ran into this issue with my Lachesis.

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Hi all, I was having some issues with a new mouse that I received. Yesterday, the first day of use, I plugged it in, installed Synapse and everything was dandy, played games and all with no problems (specifically LoL, if it helps). Today, however, when I plugged in it worked for a few seconds but then permanently stopped, although the lights stayed on. The same happens when I turn on the computer; the mouse is completely nonfunctional and not detected but the lights stay on.

Is there a fix for this? Thanks for any help in advance.

A:Razer Deathadder 2013 issues

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Have you tried the mouse in a different PC?

Have you tired reinstalling the mouse software?
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First of all i dont think its not a driver issue , i`m using driver vers. 1.09 / firmware 1.28 .
The wheel works ok only for scrolling but in some applications/games that require wheel to be clicked in order to activate some menus, it doesnt work. In Windows it works, in any application it doesnt work.
If anyone could help me i would appreciate it

A:Razer DeathAdder wheel not working corectly

I changed with a ps2 mouse (A4Tech) and it works how it should , the problem is with Razer.
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Ok this is a long one causeing BSOD deathadder drivers Razer but i havent found any help even from my school Razer deathadder drivers causeing BSOD tech administrators and at razer support either so ill suite this as best as i can First off i have windows home premium bit had it for about month so Razer deathadder drivers causeing BSOD far and i got a razer deathadder mouse installed all the drivers and firmware updater's then i loaded up my game soldier front played it for about - min and then screen freezes blue screens gives memory dumps all that When i uninstall the drivers and just plug in play the mouse it all works fine no bsod's so its clearly the drivers i went into the Razer deathadder drivers causeing BSOD event viewer and found the stuff about the bsod's that got caused and this is what came up - lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt - lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-WER-SystemErrorReporting quot Guid quot ABCE E -DE - - - FA C quot EventSourceName quot BugCheck quot gt lt EventID Qualifiers quot quot gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt OWNER-PC lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt - lt EventData gt lt Data Name quot param quot gt x e x x x x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot param quot gt C Windows MEMORY DMP lt Data gt lt Data Name quot param quot gt - - lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt another thing i might add because i think it could be neccecary is the 'bugcheck' number or w e its called x e i talked to someone on soldier front that had the same problem i did he said he contacted geeksquad and they fixed it for him he said that they gave him a new motherboard and it stoped bsod'ing i have no clue what motherboard he had or got also i dont know how to find what motherboard i have but my specs are windows home premium bit OS gig ram AMD ATHLON tm II X Proccesser GHz and its an HP Hopefully someone can help me thanks

A:Razer deathadder drivers causeing BSOD


A 0x1e bugcheck = kernel mode exception; however the exception listed in the XML data in your post = 0x0 - none.

Did you load the drivers for the mouse from a CD or did you go to the site and obtain the newest Windows 7 drivers available?


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I've got a Razer deathadder and i'm trying to update the firmware to 1.27.
Everytime i try to run the firmware updater it just crashes.
I've tried it in XP, Vista and Windows 7 and no luck in any of them.

Any ideas?
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Hello i recently bought a Razer DeathAdder DPI and i Razer BSOD! 3500 causing DeathAdder have Razer DeathAdder 3500 causing BSOD! been experiencing BSOD when i am playing a fps game called AVA Sometimes i experience BSOD while just surfing the net I have the settings for hz polling rate and DPI Current Razer Driver Current Firmware I tried all three versions of the drivers still causing BSOD newest driver link When i uninstall the razer Razer DeathAdder 3500 causing BSOD! mouse drivers and only use default drivers everything is fine and no BSOD Therefore i Razer DeathAdder 3500 causing BSOD! believe there are some compatibility issues with the drivers and windows bit Details from in event viewer Code - System - Provider Name Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Guid C B A- - C -AC E- C D B EventID Version Level Task Opcode Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z EventRecordID Correlation -Execution ProcessID ThreadID Channel System - Security UserID S- - - - EventData BugcheckCode BugcheckParameter x BugcheckParameter x BugcheckParameter x BugcheckParameter x SleepInProgress false PowerButtonTimestamp also bugcheck x e Any Help is appreciated If you need anything else ask me Thanks OS Windows Home Premium Type bit Version Build Retail Version Age of system gt year Age of OS installation months CPU Intel Q overclocked Ghz Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Motherboard EVGA -CK-NF Power Supply Corsair W Ram Memory GSkill PC - GB total

A:Razer DeathAdder 3500 causing BSOD!

Here are requested Files:
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At first I thought it was just a problem with my mouse but my roommate who has the same mouse is having the same issue. For some reason the scroll-wheel on this mouse is not responding properly. When I scroll up or down it sometimes skips the wrong direction (I.e. if i scroll down it will go up about half the time making it very imprecise and take twice as long). This has only started happening since I've had Windows 7 installed (my roommate is also using Windows 7)

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue with Windows 7 and the Razer Deathadder mouse. It's pretty annoying and I'm almost at the point where I'm just going to buy something else.


A:Razer Deathadder scroll wheel problem

Driver issue?
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So I am looking at these two mice at the moment I m a casual gamer that likes to have quality peripherals I m looking for a quality mouse to compliment a new keyboard possibly Corsair K The M is Corsairs foray into fps targeted mouse users I m not overly taken with the sniper button on the M60 or Deathadder Black Razer Edition Corsair side A few reviewers have mentioned it can be hard to reach depending on how you hold the the mouse and hand size etc Corsair generally make quality hardware though It looks sturdy The Deathadder Black Edition appearance wise appeals to me love black However it appears flimsier in design judging by pictures Its previous incarnation gets rave reviews across the board so it is hard to ignore They are both similar in price too With regards my grip I think I am a cross between claw and palm but would probably adapt to either Corsair M60 or Razer Deathadder Black Edition if necessary I always find YouTube a great resource for researching hardware etc although why they put so much emphasis Corsair M60 or Razer Deathadder Black Edition on quot unboxing quot a product is beyond me lol Unfortunately there are no shops near me where I can go and test them out I d appreciate any thoughts you may have nbsp
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Hi! I am new to the forums but I'll get to the point. I am getting a Razer Deathadder 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse for Christmas from I am really excited about it but heard it had driver and firmware issues that could totally break the mouse. What should I do when I receive the mouse? Should I use the CD Drivers, plug in the mouse and then update them from Should I install the drivers, plug in the mouse, then install the firmware? Should I install the CD, plug in the mouse then install the drivers and firmware from razerzone? I have heard that you should install the drivers and then the firmware. There are just so many wrong ways to do it but could you please tell me the right way? I REALLY DON'T Want this mouse to break the first day. Oh and I don't even know if it comes with a CD

A:How do I install the Razer deathadder drivers + Firmware.

Install the latest drivers from Razer's website
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I am not a gamer and work on laptop. I go mobile rarely and use laptop as desktop computer because it is more convenient than desktop PC.

I bought Razer DeathAdder Black Edition because i was told that it is better for office work since it offers "palm rest" in ergonomics while still thinking about Logitech Marathon m705. The price difference was $23 more for DeathAdder. m705 has 3 years warranty and DeathAdder has 2 years.

I read reviews on Amazon that m705 has mouse wheel that requires pressure to click and also accidentally scrolls as you click. I read reviews on DeathAdder Black Edition as well that tell the firmware causes mouse to stop operating or bricks mouse.

Did i make mistake by paying more for Razer just for ergonomics and office use? I feel unrestful about my decision.

A:Did I Do Right Thing By Paying Additional Money For Razer DeathAdder?

It's are personal preference. It basically boils down to what is comfortable in your hand and how much you want to spend. There is no right and wrong or "best" solution.
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Hello everybody I am currently having a lot of problems with my working and play Edition not My gaming ready Razer mouse is plug Naga Molten new gaming mouse I recently bought a Razer Naga Molten Edition but its not working right off the box Whenever my pc tries to install the driver for it it just keeps on telling me that Windows can't find the driver for the mouse I even went into my device manager and tried manually updating it from there but it fails once again I even tried resetting my USB ports controllers from my device manager but it did not work either And yes I've tried all of my USB ports but non of them works for my Razer Naga all of the drivers for my USB ports are also up to date After trying everything I could to make this work through Plug and Play My plug and play ready Razer Naga Molten Edition gaming mouse is not working I decided to go ahead and download the actual drivers from the Razer website I tried using Synapse and even tried using the Naga Legacy driver but nothing seems to work I tried calling the customer support from Razer thinking that they could help me out but they just suggested that I return the mouse even when I My plug and play ready Razer Naga Molten Edition gaming mouse is not working told them that the MOUSE WORKS WHEN PLUGGED INTO ANY OTHER WINDOW COMPUTER PS I am currently having trouble with my new Microsoft Sidewinder X asw well ITS GIVING ME THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM THAT MY MOUSE My plug and play ready Razer Naga Molten Edition gaming mouse is not working IS GIVING ME I am running Windows Enterprice SP -bit on my PC Intel i K CPU Gigabyte Z X-UD H-B AMD Radeon HD Gb of Corsair Vengeance DDR ram I hope that I have given enough information in order to get some help fix for this Thank You in advance

A:My plug and play ready Razer Naga Molten Edition gaming mouse is not working

1) Is the device recognized properly in Safe Mode?
2) If you use MSCONFIG and turn off all non-MS Services, and all Startups, does the device work correctly then?
3) Is the Plug & Play service running?
4) In Device Manager click "show hidden devices". Are there any flagged devices?
5) Does the device need & are you using a 64-bit driver? Although I would think that the basic mouse functions would automatically be recognized...

Run chkdsk
check Event Viewer and report any chronic and/or significant errors.
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My Deathadder is having a big issue which annoys me so much.

I've tried my mouse on another computer, it works flawlessly.

But it seems like my computer is hating my mouse, it will suddenly freeze with no reason, i have to plug it out and back in to get it back to work but for maybe for few seconds to few minutes, it might freeze again.

When i removed all razer driver, my mouse goes back to normal, but why do i have to use without Razer Synapse while i'm having a razer mouse? wtf?

I've tried many ways to fix this problem, removing .net and reinstall, reinstall the razer driver, none of them helps.

Please help

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I have a Razer Copperhead gaming mouse and i installed the application that allows you to customize it. The computer at startup recognizes the mouse in the USB port however the application that controls the mouse does not. What might be the issue?
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If your a gamer that used the commands WASD on your keyboard to game. I recommend you use a Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad. There are 16 programmable keys that are extremely easy to configure. It also has the ability to have 8 different custom sets of keys for 8 different games. It is form fitting to your hand and easy to use. I will Post the Link to the Razer Website here and also the link to the Razer Nostromo Keypad Driver here(Driver takes a few seconds to download depending on internet quality and speed)
Razer Website:
Razer Driver Website:
If any of these websites do not work copy and paste them into the URL box.
Hope this enhances your gaming experiences!
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So I've been searching all over the web but I haven't found anything yet that shows a resemblance to do Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet. All the gaming tablets that I've found such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet or Acer Predator 8 can only play android games or maybe stream console games from a computer, but the Razer Edge Pro can play console games from its own such as a computer. So I wonder, are there any other gaming tablets that are like the Razer Edge Pro that can play console games from its own with no stream and that cannot only play small games such as Asphalt 8. If anyone knows any options please do offer them to me.
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The last time I bought a gaming mouse it was this habu mouse. I bought it refurbished for around 20$. Are there any off brands out there that compare with say razer mice for a cheaper price?

I was peeping this mouse

A:Any off-brand gaming mice as good as Razer?

Not cheaper, but I think Steelseries products are better.
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Just as the title says

Hi guys I got a new mouse a couple of days back, it's one of those fancy Razer mouses with 12 buttons on the side that is used for gaming and stuff. I have an issue when I try to use usb 3.0 instead of 2.0 ports. ( my tower only has like 2 2.0 ports so I try to use those for other things ) I am trying not to buy a usb hub before somebody says it

On games ( fullscreen or Windowed ) quickslot controls where you can use the numbers on your mouse I can't use the 3.0 port as it won't recognize the side buttons but it will on the 2.0 port.

I am guessing this is a driver problem but I am unsure. Neither the native mouse driver for Windows nor the fancy Cloud Synapse driver 2.0 works. Is there another one I don't know about or is there a fix to this?

A:Razer Mouse - USB 3.0 port using 2.0

It could be that the 3.0 port is being provided by an add-on chip on the motherboard, rather than native to the motherboard itself, which could explain the compatibility issue.

While I understand that your ports are limited, plugging the mouse into a 3.0 port is a total waste of bandwidth and is not going to have any kind of advantage over using the 2.0 spec. Can't you just unplug one of your existing devices that is occupying the 2.0 port, and use the 3.0 for that to free up a 2.0 port for the mouse?

From my own past experience, using a 3.0 port for a mouse has occasionally caused abnormal mouse behavior.

You could also try looking in BIOS for an option to set your 3.0 port to "legacy" or the 2.0 spec. Some BIOS' will give you that option...
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Hello When my Razer Naga Epic is hooked mouse Razer problem.. up via usb to my computer the computer will stay at the HP load screen on startup My Razer Anansi keyboard is also hooked up via usb and work fine with the computer I have Razer mouse problem.. the keyboard hooked up in the back of the pc on the bottom usb ports I have the mouse on one of the top usbs in the back I switched the slots and it still does it I downloaded and updated Synapse and still nothing I disconnect the mouse from the computer and the pc loads windows and all is well Once the pc is on and loaded I hook up the mouse and it works fine ONce i restart it freezes again at the HP load screen I even tried hooking up the mouse in the front usb ports but still not workig The mouse works fine on my other HP computer What could be the problem thx nbsp
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My Razer Lachesis mouse is not working properly under 7 (jumping cursor).

The system cant find the mouse via firmware and also for firmware and mouseware it`s impossible to upgrade..

Anyone knows when razer is releasing new win seven drivers?

A:Razer Lachesis mouse

I'm using a Lachesis mouse, I didn't need to install any driver myself and I have no problems. You could try a different usb port but I'm afraid it wont help
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for some reason my razer copperhead all of a sudden has become choppy and innacurate. i have messed with settings, installed newest firmware and drivers... im at a loss now, could my mouse be physically failing after only a year??
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Hey all I ve got a Razer copperhead that for some time now the factory software has been unable to find on my desktop but the mouse worked fine otherwise I took it with me last weekend Very Behavior Copperhead) (Razer Mouse Strange to use with my laptop and EVERYTHING worked the configuration program the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment everything Unfortunately I got spoiled and decided I Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead) wanted that level of functionality using the mouse on my desktop so I upgraded the firmware having already tried everything I could think of on Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead) the desktop Nothing changed while using the Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead) mouse on the laptop but when I plugged it back into the desktop it lit up but did nothing Clicks movement everything gets no response Any ideas I ve upgraded the mouse drivers which fails because they can t find the mouse I ve upgraded the motherboard drivers I ve upgraded the bios In the device manager it says the drivers are not installed but every time no matter what else is plugged into my USB ports the wizard says it was unable to complete because quot the name is already in use as either a service name or a display name quot To compound the issue I installed a VPN client Hamachi just before the mouse failed which I have since uninstalled Suggestions TIA y all Oh yeah the laptop is a Dell Inspiron and both it and the desktop are running XP Pro nbsp

A:Very Strange Mouse Behavior (Razer Copperhead)

It was a firmware/software conflict. By updating the firmware, somehow the computer thought it was a different mouse, but was still holding its name available for its old self. Deleting a few regestry keys, slaughtering a chicken, and standing on my head got things squared away.
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I got a left handed Razer Deathadder mouse I installed the drivers on Windows and it works great. Sadly there aren't any drivers for Linux and the mouse sensitivity is all messed up. In the settings I have 0 acceleration but it still moves to fast at the slightest movement. Any solutions?

A:Razer mouse sensitivity out of wack on Linux

This might help you : Lowering Mouse Sensitivity in Ubuntu and Fedora
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Hey. As the title says, my Razer Naga mouse sometimes randomly just stops... And it is annoying the crap out of me every time

This happened with my Razer Taipan too as soon as I upgraded to windows 8 from 7.... It just got worse and worse, so at last I bought this mouse, and that this, not more than 5 months old mouse starts doing it, I am starting to get a little worried :/

I have the Windows 8.1 driver for my new mouse (at least I think so ).

This doesn't happen at any specific point where I do something special, it just happens (in games and on Desktop)
It isn't more than 5 seconds stop, but I would really want to get this fixed :/

Anyone got any clue what this madess is? Lol
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hello guys i have a big problem here today while i am playing with my brandnew asus g with hd i got bsod's Bsod with mouse hd5870 g73 razer on asus each of them happened while i was playing assasin's creed i have upgraded my bios to latest version and my vgui and graphics card drivers too i used to have gsod but now it seems to be fixed my problem is i Bsod on asus g73 hd5870 with razer mouse downloaded a program called quot which crashed quot and it says your razer death adder mouse danew sys is the problem i am running driver verifer right now and pasting these to here thanx Bsod on asus g73 hd5870 with razer mouse for your help OS -Windows bit windows Bsod on asus g73 hd5870 with razer mouse What was original installed OS on system bit windows Is the OS an OEM version came pre-installed on system or full retail version YOU purchased it from retailer Age of system hardware days Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS i backed up once CPU i Video Card hd MotherBoard dont know about it Power Supply - brand amp wattage asus original power suply and these are the files

A:Bsod on asus g73 hd5870 with razer mouse

bump anybody to answer :(
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i have a razer copperhead mouse and i was wondering if anyone was able to find drivers for this yet, because the only other mouse i have is a ball mouse and it is starting to get old

A:razer copperhead mouse 64 bit drivers wanted
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Forgive me if this is long but I have spent a whole day trying to figure this out and have hit a brick wall I m running XP SP and recently bought a brand new Razer DeathAdder mouse from an online shop Upon plugging it in and installing the drivers from the CD I noticed some weird behaviour The mouse button was being clicked randomly without me touching any buttons but only while I moved the cursor around So I opened a file with some text and moved the cursor around over the lines so I could see what it was doing exactly As I moved it around - times a minute it was randomly clicking the cursor onto a different line and running the macro I assigned to one of the side buttons being just a press of the letter a The drivers on the CD were the latest however the firmware was v I wasn t going to update it to v because it only fixed one unrelated bug with waking a computer out of sleep mode However I decided I would update the firmware just to rule it out First time it seemed to hang and failed I must have pressed the wrong key in the wizard Second time it failed again This time I thought I bricked it since the mouse lights went off plugging it in again did nothing Third time slightly Brand acting Razer new mouse weird I thought maybe I will kill the driver exe s running in the background and try again It flashed and updated the firmware successfully I still had the same problem with the random clicking for a split second I thought perhaps there s a driver conflict with my old USB wireless mouse I noticed in the systray app for my USB wireless drivers the green light was going on Brand new Razer mouse acting slightly weird when I moved the new mouse usb wired mouse so I uninstalled those drivers from add remove programs The wireless mouse still worked so maybe I had to remove the drivers in device manager as well so I left that for another time and thought perhaps there s a problem with my USB controllers hubs Maybe I m getting errors or the connection s not fast enough I have noticed before I bought this mouse sometimes it was like my keyboard mouse was hitting page up or the scroll wheel rarely which doesn t and hasn t worked for ages Anyway I uninstalled all the USB devices in device manager and then scanned for hardware changes letting all the drivers install again Rebooted and tried plugging the mouse in a front port - still the same problem Although it seemed to be a lot less once every seconds or so on average although it could range from to seconds I decided to remove everything from my USB ports including leads going to nothing and the wireless dongle for the old mouse I even tried a nd port of the rear ports and both front ports on the USB card reader expansion card I tried updating my drivers in Device Manager but it would always say it can t find a newer version for any of them I then tried removing uninstalling all the USB devices again to no avail I m sure I have USB there s an enhanced controller in device manager So I plugged in a ps mouse keyboard and decided I would remove the new mouse in device manager under the Mouse section and HID so the drivers could be reinstalled Upon doing this the pointer stopped working using the new mouse however the lights were still on I noticed something weird when I accidentally grabbed the new mouse instead of the ps one and moved it The problem was occurring just by moving the new mouse even though it had no pointer action I then decided I would remove the Razer drivers for the new mouse from Add Remove programs and remove the Mouse and HID devices again in Device Manager I rebooted and as I was about to put the CD in to reinstall the Razer drivers Windows detected the mouse and installed drivers Several popups told me and asked me to reboot for it to take effect So I did Problem was gone the mouse worked fine with whatever default drivers Windows installed I noticed though that I had forgotten to uninstall a further Windows driver packages in Add Remove programs that had installed ... Read more

A:Brand new Razer mouse acting slightly weird

You might check the manufacturers website for updated software.
Sounds like you found a bug,and there may be an update.
Could also be bad mouse hardware,as some of the functions may not be activated
until the software is installed.
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So I just updated Razer Synapse on my desktop PC once it was complete I lost the ability to use my Naga mouse and keyboard (not Razer). I pressed the power button and my PC immediately shut down, which I thought was a little odd since I did not hold the power button....Anyways I restarted the PC and when it booted up the resolution was changed and I was not able to utilize the mouse or keyboard. I tried starting the PC in safe mode and it still had the same issue. The mouse and keyboard will function up until windows 7 is loaded. The only thing I think it could have been is that while synapse was updating AVG popped up saying it removed a potentially dangerous file, could that have been part of the synapse software?...Any help fixing this issue would be appreciated!

A:Updated Razer Synapse, now Keyboard and Mouse will not function.


You could simply do a System Restore from a command prompt - Microsoft Windows Help to a restore point prior to the upgrade was done.
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Hi everyone This is such a great forum by the way - I haven't used it before but I've read a few posts and everyone seems so helpful I'll try to make my situation as understandable as possible Firstly the required specs Quote Windows Ultimate I think bit Brand new computer I installed XP Then reformatted to install Win Full retail version - years - years Q Ghz overclocked to Ghz nVidia GTS mb Asus P E x I think - with Rampage Formula drivers Antec TruPower not sure W Background Have always used my Razer Lachesis mouse used to be on old XP firmware driers And then I installed Windows and I probably updated to the latest Windows drivers I recently decided to upgrade to the newest firmware drivers from the official Razer Lachesis page The firmware installs fine Upon BSOD mouse driver Lachesis causes installation Razer installation of the driver I got a BSOD Upon restart it said I had a corrupt file of a letter sys file which I forgot Something like 'cng sys' maybe It booted up fine though using the recovered option The Razer Configurator software didn't install and there was no more Razer folder in Program Files but there used to be So I believe the drivers didn't install I try again and I keep getting BSOD with some dump where the number counts upwards So I'm pretty sure it's because of the new mouse driver I'm trying to install for my mouse Razer Lachesis mouse driver installation causes BSOD Not sure what's the conflict though Any help much appreciated

A:Razer Lachesis mouse driver installation causes BSOD

Yah, from the past two crashdumps (both dated April 5), it's definitely the mouse drivers (Lachesis.sys reported for both), and it's performing the same exact thing. I can't tell without a kernel dump what's actually going on, but whatever it did, it looks like it's corrupted the crashdumps as well (lots of information is zeroed).

Are you installing the correct drivers for it? You are installing the Windows 7 64-bit drivers, yes? I've noticed as well researching this that many other people are experiencing awful compatibility issues with 64-bit version of Vista and their Lachesis, and I'm feeling that this incompatibility has transferred over to Windows 7 as well.

Further inspection has me eyeballing a particular driver that kept unloading itself, thrice in each crashdump, that being LVUSBS64.sys. I know from research it's related to a USB Logitech device, most likely a webcam or speakers, but not entirely sure on that. You should determine this based on your own personal PC setup. Whatever Logitech item you have, you may wanna go into Device Manager and right click the device then click "Disable". Restart the PC. Then install the Lachesis drivers and restart as usual. If it still crashes, just simply consider the Lachesis as being incompatible to Windows 7 environment. Otherwise, it may very well be the Logitech device doing something funky and the Lachesis drivers have been left with the bag.
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I have searched help forums far and wide without finding a solution to this problem or even a similar description Every minutes or so my mouse will lag for - seconds and then correct itself What I mean by lag is that it will suddenly appear to me moving more slowly than before but will still follow whatever Baffling lag intermittent problem mouse Abyssus Razer direction I am currently moving my mouse Clicks done during the lag will Baffling intermittent mouse lag problem Razer Abyssus happen at the position the pointer was at when I clicked them but a second or so after I clicked During the lag the movement of the cursor appears stuttered and jittery as if I am dropping frames yet any action on the screen continues without any such interruption At the end of the lag the cursor suddenly jumps to a new location presumably where it should have ended up after all the inputs I gave it during the lag My mouse is a Razer Abyssus sampling at Hz and set to dpi It is a wired mouse on a USB port The lag does not occur in sync with any obvious system traffic and does not affect any other activity such as keyboard input or talking over Ventrilo or Mumble It can happen just as easily and last just as long while navigating webpages as when I'm playing a CPU intensive game I have tried uninstalling and re-installing drivers changing the USB port and shutting down multiple background tasks such as iTunes and Adobe checking for automatic updates It started about a month ago and I don't recall installing anything that may have caused it Ideas GO D

A:Baffling intermittent mouse lag problem Razer Abyssus

Lower the Polling/sampling rate to 500hz and see if that effects anything.
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Alright I downloaded and installed these new 9.35 chipset drivers for my mobo. After i restart whenever i get to the welcome screen of XP my mouse and keyboard dont work which obviously prevents me from logging in or doing anything. They work at the bios screen but not once windows loads. Ive tried safe mode and they still will not work. I am seriously trying to avoid reinstalling as id lose everything i did.

If anyone knows something that would fix this. Thanks

A:Keyboard and mouse died

check pnp is enabled in the bios
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My much-loved Dell is stuffed full of programs and info but the mouse driver seems to have died. I do have it all backed up on an external HDD so not all is lost but it does seem a shame to have to trash an otherwise perfectly good machine because I can't access anything without a mouse. Is there any way round this?


A:XP mouse driver died?

Have you tried another mouse
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Earlier this evening Windows started throwing the quot Unrecognized USB device quot error in the system tray Clicked into it and disabled the device found nothing deactivated and went about my business The system kept throwing the error over the course of the next half hour or so even after a reboot and then my USB keyboard and mouse both cut out simultaneously So things I know for certain My USB ports are not blown entirely Speakers still work External is getting power when I connect it but not autoplaying or showing in My Computer external works fine on Ubuntu box It is not an issue with just this particular mouse and keyboard I've tried three of each peripheral suddenly mouse died / Keyboard all USB nothing works On a reboot the keyboards' Lock keys give a brief flash but Keyboard / mouse suddenly died don't allow any input whatsoever Any ideas I haven't yet tested with a PS mouse or keyboard as I can't find one but if I can pick some up I'll give those a run as well update PS hardware does work This is on XP SP

A:Keyboard / mouse suddenly died

Either your USB circuitry is faulty or, more likely, the USB software has corrupted. Go into device manager and uninstall everything listed under the USB section. Shutdown and reboot to allow Windows to find the hardware and reinstall the software (will require no intervention from you). Once done, test.
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I am unable to Download TSG SysInfo, because I cannot use my own computer.

I have never had a mouse quit working (has new batteries). With the touchpad disabled and no mouse, I cannot communicate with my computer. Is there a way to install a new mouse in any way or enable the touchpad? Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: My mouse died and touchpad is disabled

Is there a way to install a new mouse in any wayClick to expand...

Usually all it takes is to plug a USB mouse into a USB port.

or enable the touchpad?Click to expand...

You haven't told us anything about your laptop. On the HP laptop I'm using right now to enable the touchpad I'd press the toggle switch located just above the touchpad.
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Do they really make a difference?

I have a Logitech MX Revolution and it's great. Have a Teflon mousepad too which only the MX Rev. can use (so far, could be wrong).
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What mouse

What mouse do u 3D Gamers use? Im after a new mouse and i was thinking optical but i dont mind wires, what refresh rate is the mouse u recommend?

A:What mouse for gaming?

Logitech cordless mouseman optical

I also use a microsoft intellimouse optical at work and much prefer my little logitech mouse.
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Has anyone tried a gaming mouse? The claim is that better resolution of the optical sensor is supposed to give better response time?
"The Logitech MX optical engine is now even better. High resolution is combined with high frame rates to deliver superior performance. This revolutionary 800-dpi sensor now captures an incredible 5.8 megapixels every second. Able to track up to 15 G's of acceleration, you get instant response to your fastest movements."
I've never had a problem with my mouse, but I've just seen these things popping up recently and wondered if there was any advantage to them. I wouldn't think an enhanced sensor would give me any help over a few nanoseconds.


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My mouse just died so I need a new one, but I have no clue what mouse to get. I came of a Gigabyte GM-M6800 so every gaming mouse will be an improvement. I have fairly large hands so a big mouse would be a big plus. I did some research and the roccat kone XTD, cyborg R.A.T 7 and the Razer Lachesis are nice sized mice. But I have no clue which one I should get and which is the most durable.
Help is appreciated.

A:Which mouse is the best for gaming?

Well, I personally like Logitech. But I have never had a true gaming mouse, but I am planning on building a new PC and have been researching peripherals for the past few months. No luck with a keyboard, but for the mouse I decided that I wanted to get the Razer Deathadder 2013. I would recommend a Logitech G500s, but reviewers say that it isnt much of an improvement over the original G500. The Deathadder 2013 has a braided chord, which makes it more durable. But it isnt a laser mouse. But that isnt a big deal since its 4G sensor is plenty good. Make sure you get the 2013 version, since the older version hasnt been updated since 2006.
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Has anyone tried a gaming mouse? The claim is that better resolution of the optical sensor is supposed to give better response time?
"The Logitech MX optical engine is now even better. High resolution is combined with high frame rates to deliver superior performance. This revolutionary 800-dpi sensor now captures an incredible 5.8 megapixels every second. Able to track up to 15 G's of acceleration, you get instant response to your fastest movements."
I've never had a problem with my mouse, but I've just seen these things popping up recently and wondered if there was any advantage to them. I wouldn't think an enhanced sensor would give me any help over a few nanoseconds.

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Hey there!!

I need some advice in buying a Gaming mouse... I am a LEFT HANDED USER and i was wondering which mouse will be suitable for me..

I need a mouse in the range of 1000-2000 dpi..

I was thinking of a Death Adder BUT its design is such that it is suitable to only Right Handed users.. Unless a Left Handed Death Adder is available its a different issue.. Oh and yeah, please let me know if special Left Handed user mice are available also...

I guess the Copperhead, Diamondback, Death Adder, Logitech MX518 and the G5 are the best but i wanna know which one will be best for MY NEEDS...


P.S. You can suggest other mice also.. Like any Microsoft mice or w/e...


A:Best Gaming Mouse for me?

Well the Lachesis is like 4000dpi, and thats way to sensitive for me... I have considered it but i figured it isn't the right one for me...

Are there any good Microsoft mice also? I've seen the Habu, but then again, its more right-hand oriented
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I was thinking of getting a used death adder off ebay. Are their any new mice for 30$ as good as a death adder? With 2 side buttons?

I was looking on newegg but most mice don't tell you their response time, death adder has 1 ms. idk it seems like if I am not buying razor I am gettting crap.

How about 60$?

A:Gaming mouse for $30?

A lot of razer mice are pretty junkie to be honest.
There are many deathadder and razer fakes in general on ebay, so look into it, it's very common (for new ones). Obviously used ones could just as well be fake, and the seller may not even know it.
The fakes are not bad though I hear.

Most mice can support a polling rate of 1000hz.

Some good mice with good sensors in that price range are Razer Abyssus, Logitech G100s, Roccat Savu, Zowie Mico, and CM Storm Spawn.
Most of those mice use the Avago 3090 with a fairly well implemented ROM AFAIK, but I don't have any myself except the Abyssus.
AFAIK the polling rate on all these mice can be set to 1000hz except the G100s, which is 500hz max.

Sorry there aren't a lot of side buttons available at $30, but the mice I listed above have top performing sensors for a good price.
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hi not sure if im putting this on right thread but im looking for a good mouse pad for gaming prepaired to spend $35

thank you

A:gaming mouse pad

This is totally new in my book.
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I want to buy a new gaming mouse but theres so many out there I cant decide what to buy Anyone have some suggestions Im looking for a high quality gaming mouse willing to spend max Right now im using a Logitech G http www newegg com Product Product asp Item a Need Mouse.. new Gaming N E I want to buy a new mouse because I think its broken but ive only had it for a little over a year Randomly I ll hear that chime of something being removed or plugged into my USB port and Need a new Gaming Mouse.. my mouse will stop working and the lights will turn off as if I unplugged it I will have to jiggle the USB connection to get it come back on It also seems that there is something wrong with its laser It seems that its somewhat off I cannot draw a straight line with my mouse in paint for example Because of this im not really optimistic about buying another G I was looking at the Logitech MX http www amazon com Logitech-MX -Laser-Cordless-Mouse dp B UM JW and the Logitech MX http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E If you know a better one that you would recomend please list it Thanks in advance Cody nbsp
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Has anyone got any suggestions for a cheapish gaming mouse?

I play MMORPGs mainly (WoW mostly) so Macros buttons are needed. However, I don't need hundreds of them. 4 or 5 should do. If glow colour can be taken into consideration neon blue would match my keyboard. Also, a comfortable design is an advantage.

I would like to only spend 30-40 so Im aware I can not get the best mouse on the market.

Does any body know of any mice that roughly fit my criteria?
Thanks alot,

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Hi, All!

I'm thinking about a new mouse. I'm looking for better accuracy, but also I'd like to free myselft of getting the cord stuck in the middle of gaming. I was also thinking about going optical, so no more stumbling over the inevitable pretzel crumbs on my mouse pad.

So, a wireless optical mouse? Any good for gaming, or am I asking for trouble?

I''ve heard not so nice things about optical mice, re accuracy. Is this true?



A:Gaming Mouse?

O own both a Logitech optical mouse(corded) and an Intellimouse explorer(cordless) and can't tell a difference in the function of them. The Intellimouse was almost twice the price but it is cordless and I've had no problems out of it. Some people do seem to dislike the Logitec mouse though and claim it doesn't work right in XP, but I had no problems with it, I just decided I wanted the cordless and went with the Intellimouse. As for gaming, I have used both and neither have given any trouble. I did have a little trouble to begin with until I got rid of my mouse pad because it had a glossy surface, I guess it was reflective enough to interfer with the sensor. I now use an old dull grey pad because my desk is also shiny.
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Ok, So for my birthday around 6 months ago i got a gaming mouse. For a while I really liked it, even thought i immediately noticed an issue with it. I picked it out of course, so it is my doing, not my parents. Anyway it is the "Sentey Revolution Pro Gaming Mouse", apparetly it is the best mouse sentey makes, according to the reviews. Well they must not make very good mouses then. Anyway to the point, i am looking for an upgrade. I will be using it for mostly Cs:Go, but i am also playing other games now like H1Z1 and a tiny bit of League of Legends. Either an fps mouse or all purpose under 80 dollars. Thanks for the help guys.

A:New gaming mouse

I like my Logitech G700s.
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RTR- for the site Visit it first if you want a good concept of this review Mouse USB RTR-720 Gaming I ve owned many gaming mice starting with the Boomslang in which was a ball mouse Optical gave RTR-720 USB Gaming Mouse a very keen edge on ball mice due to the lack of the possible situation of the mouse ball sticking from dirt and mechanism cleaning more so the former Nothing was more irritating when your crosshair wouldn t move all the way to your target due to a clog from lint Optical was a clear choice for this remedy but had nothing on a dpi Boomslang ball mouse as long as you kept it clean Now we have laser mice reaching up to dpi and above The RTR- I am reviewing has a dpi cap dpi is a very high resolution for a mouse for First Person Shooters In fact dpi is good using an in-game stock pointer setting generally speaking What I like to do is set my mouse DPI at it s highest setting and tweak the pointer speed settings in the game that way I gain the smoothest tracking Theoretically this should apply where you get the smoothest tracking available but I am unsure if a medium setting on a mouse with a medium setting ingame would give the same results Pros Separate X Y DPI Lightweight Programable with onboard memory No software processes running when connected or on Buttons will never wear out Very customizable Cool Factor out of Ships from USA EUR and Australia LAN parties quot That s a MOUSE Let me try it quot though could be a con if your friends don t let you back on your machine Cons No mouse wheel Mouse wheel emulation scrolls too fast if using MW to change weapons although there might be a way to slow down the scrolling speed have to call Dave again Programming software learning curve could be steep for some users Pal Builder is robust but intimidating they are working on new software Not made for desktop it s hard to double click unless you have a button designated for that Cool geek Factor RTR- Utility will tell you stats about your mouse My mouse has Been on for hours and minutes Has moved for hours and minutes Has moved feet Has button presses Though this may not be a reason to buy the mouse I know of no other program that tracks this kind of information My thoughts I have tried many different brands of mice with the same shape and general size I prefer this mouse for FPS games above any other I have owned I kept this mouse tucked away while I bought many different mice only to have taken them back Conclusion Pros outweigh the cons Getting used to this mouse might take a little time but in the end proves worthwhile If you play Strategy games I would suggest using a different USB mouse along with the RTR- As long as you have no software loaded for the other mouse things work fine and DPI is not affected on the RTR- The guys at http gamingmouse com product website are very helpful and tech support is good if not outstanding when it comes to resolving any issue nbsp
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Ok, here goes ... I have recently purchased a Saitek Gaming Mouse 1600 dpi... really good mouse ... It was going good for maybe the first week then suddenly it woud disconnect and reconnect it self every so often... for example im Playing Counter Strike and then my mouse has no response... It is a USB mouse if the helps... Some times the roller doesnt work but will work if i take the usb out of the port and replace it back. my pc always makes the noise u know that somthing has connected to the pc and disconnected ... thats the noise it always make and gives me no response from my mouse ... does any one have any ideas on how i can resolve this problem to sotp it form doing so???

A:I need help with my gaming mouse

any ideas cause it should be and easy resolution i cant get around
it just disconnects and reconnects i just wante it to stay conected
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Does anybody have any recommendations?

Razer? Logitech?

A:Best Gaming Mouse

I've heard good things about the Logitech G9X, it was the mouse i was gonna pick up. Some people only buy Razers, but my guess its fanboyism. The quality of their mice seems low, and plasticky. I'm gonna pick up the Corsair M60 next time i head over to micro center. you should also consider a quality mouse-pad. Bottom line tho, it whatever suits you the most. The way you grip your mouse, hand size, comfort, type of games you'll play.
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I recently bought an ASUS G75 gaming notebook, which is great, and I'm currently using a Logitech M510 usb wireless mouse. I play mostly FPS and it has enough buttons for me, the problem is aiming accuracy when shooting, especially at moving targets. I've tried playing around with the sensitivity, turning smoothing on and off, but it doesn't seem to help. (Maybe I'm just uncoordinated.)

Would a gaming mouse help with this kind of issue? If so, I'd appreciate some recommendations. I'd definitely prefer wireless, especially bluetooth, since the G75 has that built-in. I don't mind paying up if it's a good product and will solve my movement/accuracy issues. Thanks much.

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Hey guys I'm new here
I'm currently buying new rigs to complete my computer.
I currently own the newest model of the Alienware x51.
Along with the Alienware I own a Logitech THX Certified Z623 Speaker, Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard, and a Razer Goliathus Small Control Edition.

I am now looking for a gaming mouse
I have narrowed it down to either the Razer Abyssus or the Roccat Kova+.
I WAS going to get the Roccat but then I thought wouldn't a Razer mouse would look much better with my already Razer Keyboard and Mousepad?
So now I'm confused >_<

Which mouse would you guys choose?
If neither please recommend me another mouse with almost the same price tag

Thank You

A:Which Gaming Mouse For Me?

Out of those two, I'd go with the Roccat Kova+

If you're willing to spend a little more however, the Razer Deathadder is also a very good choice.
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I'm looking for a good gaming that's worth your money. What do you recommend and why?

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I am looking for a new mouse my budget is up to $50. I use palm grip on my mouse. I was thinking buy this logitech mouse but I don't know if I should go for it or not. So I want to see what everyone else thinks.
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Hello all,
Can u all please suggest a gaming mouse for under 50$ please

PS- i am using microsoft wireless mouse, for reasons i dont know, i find myself having wrist pains and wrist getting swollen, i guess its because i use mouse almost all the time the 24x7

Please suggest for me a mouse in which i don face wrist pains

Thanks in Adv people

A:Gaming Mouse under $50

Changing your mouse is sort of like applying a band-aid when a tourniquet is needed. The tendons that are used to move your wrist go through little sheaths when they move. Repeated use can inflame the tendons and make them rub up against that sheath rather than gliding through it. You need to get that inflammation down. Changing to a different mouse may sort of help by altering angles in your wrist, but not much since they all have the same basic design.

You should consider one of those wrist rest mouse pads and taking some NSAIDs. Or learn to use a trackball.
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just thinking of getting a gaming mouse, i figured if it could handle gaming, then it could handle everything couldnt it?

so guys, whats a good gaming mouse, at the moment im looking at the Razer Salamander or the Diamondback, just cause they dont have those fancy customize it yourself- buttons (i think), didnt choose Logitech cause they look so complicated...

A:gaming mouse

Had a look at the Logitech g5 or g7? The g7 is cordless. THey are not complicated at all, only thing is I dont like the scroll wheel on the g5. But it operates very smooth.
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I have a Logitech G5 mouse and I'm looking to treat myself to a gaming mouse mat. Any advice on what you have or what you think is best or worst + any links to review sites please let me know. Thankyou

A:Gaming Mouse Mat

Personally i have never found a shop bought mousemat that was any good for gaming, there always TOO small. I use a piece of dense foam which is about 5mm thick and cut to 18 inches high by 22 inches wide. I bought it from a craft shop, and found that the extra area is perfect, saving on the need to keep lifting the mouse and moving it back. Especially when using the mouse to "look". Sometimes "size" does matter!
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Recently I bought a RedDragon lava wolf gaming mouse to help make Lineage a little easier The mouse is great I love it only issue I have and i m hoping someone here can help is it came with utterly no instructions on how to run the software I checked the box and the net and just nothing The mouse comes with two modes profiles each I set up the first set help mouse Gaming of profiles easily though the macro function on my summoner does not like to work When I switched over to the second mode to set up for the high rate server i play it reverted the original mode to be identical I was under the impression that mode meant completely different profiles other wise what the point On the bottom Gaming mouse help of the mouse as well there is a way of switching the modes with out having to open the program That has Gaming mouse help not worked once I know i m an utter noob when it comes to gaming mice but Gaming mouse help does anyone have any suggestions or know what is going on nbsp

A:Gaming mouse help

Hi and welcome to TSG.

I can't actually check the video at work as youtube is blocked, but are these any help? I believe they are reviews on your mouse and may well cover things like the software etc.
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Ok I have the on-the-fly sensitivity set to one of the side buttons and it works but for some reason it won't work on one of the desktops on my computer. It works perfectly on all the other ones but on one of them when I push the button the sensitivity adjustment bar doesn't come up. Any ideas?
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Hi, I have been playing some games on my macbook pro and periodically during the game, my mouse lags. It doesn't stop, it just lags. I tried this on my mac and with it running on windows 7 bootcamp . The same problem occured. I then tried using different mouses and even turning the game settings down to minimum ( by then the game was running at 60fps) and still the problem persisted.
I have no idea how to fix this so please help.

Also, I have noticed that when the mouse lags, actions in the game that require me to hold the mouse button only work for around half a second before it thinks i let go of the button. Though that might help, thanks in advance.
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Hi guys. I am looking for a new gaming mouse & keyboard for my pc

any suggestions?

money is not a problem

A:Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

Heyy, welcome to Vista Forums!
I would have a look at Razer and Logitech, they sell some nice gear, and the designs look amazing.
For gaming, I've just got a Logitech wireless Playstation2 controller plugged into an adapter to USB, does me perfect.

Hope this helps,
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Hey, right now I'm looking for a gaming mouse, and a good mouse pad. My price range is about $1-75 for the mouse, and I haven't really decided what my budget will be for the mouse pad. Any suggestions on what I should get? By the way, I will be using this mouse to play mostly first person shooters, and I would prefer a wired mouse over a wireless one.

A:New Gaming Mouse and Mousepad


I have a G7 which is the same as a G5 but wireless. I love it, it has 2interchangeable lithium ion batteries with nice dock that has usb port on it. I dont think they sell them anymore though and most gamers prefer corded mouse, so If I had a corded mouse I would go for the G5 100%. I have never read a bad review of it and it is a great 2000 dpi mouse with good software for settings and tons of customizable options. Go with that, you won't regret it. On logitech it says 99 bucks, I see it all the time for 65-80, it's worth it.,en
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Hey guys,
I'm dying to be able to install my drivers for this mouse, but no matter what i do i can't seem to get the drivers to work.

I've tried installing the drivers then connecting the mouse (as instructed in the instructions).

I've tried installing the drivers while the mouse is connected.

I've tried v1.0 of the drivers.

I've tried v2.0 of the drivers.

But none work. I can't even get the firmware on the mouse updated cause apparently when using the newer firmware the new drivers work with it fine.

Also my other problem is it double clicks when i single click, no matter how low the double click speed is set in my settings. Which is driving me insane.

Any help would be appreciated guys.


A:MS Habu USB gaming mouse

Try it on another pc and see how it reacts. Then get back and post results.
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Ok, so my mouse, (it's a corded optical mouse plugged into a USB port) is freezing in games! The pointer will stop, but I will still retain functionality!After 3 seconds, the pointer will snap to the mouse and it'll work fine for awhile. I hope you guys can help.

System Specs

Windows XP sp2
Pentium 4 2.8
1024 meg RAM
NVIDIA geForce 7800 GS
Soundblaster LIVE! 24 bit
P5p800 ASUS motherboard
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I am sorry if this is not allow, I was so excited when I saw this that I had to post it here... you can scold me later

The price is $49.95 with a $30.00 Mail in Rebate + FREE shipping. Heck, even if you are to lazy to fill out the paperwork and send it in, you are still paying a good price for it.

I had to pull the pin because my G7 is acting up big time on almost all the games as of late.

LTG9LASER | G9 Laser Mouse |

I gotta ask the biggest and dumbest question of all times... Would I be able to plug in both my Mices and use them separately? I mean, use the G7 for my Wife and the Vista OS and the new G9 for Windows 7 and my games? of course they would both be plug to the same PC.

A:Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse... $20.00 w/MiR

I dont know the answer to your question, but I have a G9 and absolutley LOVE it! You will not be sorry that you bought it.

I paid $65.99 CDN, which was $100 off. Same kind of smoking deal you found!
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Im wanting to get a decent mouse ATM I have a little Logitech wireless one not sure which one just a one from Walmart and its done OK but looking for something a bit nicer I have a couple Im looking at but My local Best Buy doesnt even have either so running up there to get a hands on isnt a option Since my Keyboard is a Saitek Cyborg which I love BTW I was looking into this Mouse or RAT Newegg com - Saitek CCB amp amp Black USB Wired Laser dpi Cyborg R A T Gaming Mouse Theres more expensive versions of it but the features they offer are not that important to me I like the fact it has a aluminum base Gaming Suggestions Mouse and wieghts if I want to make it heavier So Im curious if anyone has one or any experience with it can give a bit of persional input The other Gaming Mouse Suggestions I was looking into was Newegg com - Microsoft SideWinder X Black Buttons Tilt Wheel GHz Wireless dpi Gaming Mouse Anyway just curious if anyone has a couple suggestions ot thoughts about these two Thanks

A:Gaming Mouse Suggestions

I had a Saitek keyboard for years and years, and when it finally died, I took it apart and it's the most solidly built keyboard I have seen in a while. Good company.
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What are the differences/benefits to getting a gaming mouse (ie, Logitech G3, G5, etc.) versus a regular optical mouse or a trackball mouse (like the Logitech TrackMan Wheel)? What kinds of games benefit from a gaming mouse? Is it worth the extra $$ to get a gaming mouse?

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I was looking at this one, all I know is the higher dpi the better. Anyone got anything better in mind?

A:What's a good gaming mouse for around 50$?

this is a great gaming mouse RAZER DeathAdderand Logitech G5
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I just received a wireless gaming mouse (carpo v2016 2.4ghz) that I ordered from ebay a while ago (oversees seller). I checked before buying that it's compatible with windows 8, which it is. I tested it first before leaving positive feedback and it worked fine. Then literally within minutes of me leaving feedback it stopped working.
I'm using a hp laptop with an i5 core, windows 8 os.
I've tried plugging the receiver into the other 2 usb ports in my laptop and still got no response.
I've replaced the batteries and tested both the first set i put in and the new ones - the batteries are working fine, just not in the mouse.
Could it be my laptop touchpad conflicting with the signal?
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We bought a SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse. About a month ago we lost the files somehow on the computer or maybe they are just gone. Can't delete the program for the mouse, can't open it to change anything. And the mouse sometimes doesn't work in WoW. We have tried reinstalling the files directly from the site, that didn't work. They had directions to remove from computer, that didn't work. At our wits end. How can we fix?

A:SteelSeries MMO Gaming Mouse

Try using an app such as Revo Uninstaller to uninstall the software/drivers.
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I play quite a few games such as SWTOR Call of Duty series World of Warcraft DC Universe SWG etc Basically I play games where i control a character At times randomly my mouse will jump while I'm playing the game What I mean is I'm walking forward with my game I could be walking towards my next quest or looking straight ahead and getting ready for a headset in CoD Then suddenly I see myself looking down at the ground or the sky or even doing a complete even though I didn't move my mouse in that direction It happens randomly It doesn't happen all the time Sometimes it'll go an hour without doing it Sometimes it'll go a few hours without doing it It only happens sometimes but it's quite annoying I don't notice if it happens on my desktop or when I'm browsing the internet I don't pay much attention to the pointer except of course in FPS games I just notice it inside games cause my character's view suddenly changes by itself The only thing I've found after doing some research on my own is this topic Mouse Jumps I don't know if Windows Defender real-time protection during gaming jumps Mouse is the problem or not I'm mostly looking Mouse jumps during gaming for help to see if anyone else may know what could be causing this I used to use a Logitech optical mouse I cleaned it Mouse jumps during gaming but it was still causing it So I purchased a new mouse I am now currently using the Logitech G Laser mouse with dpi This mouse Mouse jumps during gaming has been doing the same thing inside games as my optical did The mouse is brand new I tried using the older drivers I've even tried upgrading to the newest drivers It's not the mouse I've tried numerous ones They all do the same It has something to do with vista or something Vista is up to date with patches Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Mouse jumps during gaming

Test with a clean boot


Update mouse driver.
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...and a mat.

Budget is around hmm.... let's say 75 dollars.

Mouse + mat specs should be suitable to play Counter-Strike / Left4Dead (1st person shooter game).

Thanks folks.

A:Need a mouse recommendation for gaming.

$75 US?

Where are you shopping from?
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How r ya?

I bought a new razor gaming mouse and for some reason it will not work, any ideas?

I removed my old mouse, plugged in the new one in a USB port and almost nothing, the only button that works is left click.
I managed to install the CD that came with the mouse using the keyboard but still nothing. Restarted the computer and still nothing. The lights on the side of the mouse that I think should light up red dont light up at all

Is it fooked??

running xp


A:new gaming mouse problem

1. plug the mouse connection in the mouse port instead of the USB.
2. check ur mouse on any of ur friends' computer. if it still shows problems, then its probably "fooked". then get it replaced.
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Ok so I bought my deathadder about months ago And 3.5G Problem DeathAdder Driver its a good mouse But all of a DeathAdder 3.5G Driver Problem sudden im having real problems with it I did not update anything firmware or drivers or anything Just started happening after turning the PC on Im having some quot USB Device Not Recognized quot When I plug the mouse in The blue wheel lights up when plugged in but the flashing logo does not light up and obviously the mouse is not functional I got the mouse working or times by doing the following Unplug Deathadder Restart Windows with old PS mouse Uninstall Razor drivers Clean registy with CCLEANER Restart windows Re-Install razor drivers Restart Windows Plug in deathadder It would work and Windows would correctly install some Deathadder driver from windows update But Synapse would not detect the mouse And if the mouse turns off or uplugged or restart Windows I would need to redo steps - to get it to work again These are the files that it uses to work It seems to never recognize the official drives and just bypasses straight to these when it ever works Im wondering is their anyway to bind these files to the mouse So when unpluged it does not reset and try and find drivers eveytime i plug it in Thus cutting out the annoying useless Razer drivers and stop the quot USB Device Not Recognized quot I could really do with some advice help I thought justifying a high priced luxury mouse would mean stability and longevity But its broke after months And im also very shocked to only just find out Razer does not have its own Support forum Oo

A:DeathAdder 3.5G Driver Problem

Try the mouse on another computer. If you get the same symptoms, Download the most recent driver for your mouse. Razer Support
If you continue to have problems, contact their support and get an RMA to send it back
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Well, my MS Intellimouse Explorer finally died .

So I'm looking for a similar mouse to replace it. The New Intellimouse Explorer has the horrible smooth scroll wheel which I don't consider practical for games, so it'll have to be something else. I want something wired, and most importaly I want something big. I like a mouse I can fit my whole hand on, like the Explorer. Any suggestions?

I looked at the MX 1000 but it looks a little bit expensive, plus I don't like having to change batteries (since it's wireless). Anything a little cheaper than this but of a similar physical size?

Oh, and it needs to be availabel in the UK. Even an old style Explorer (version 2 or 3 - with the stopping scroll wheel) would be fine if anywhere still sells those?

Here is the mouse I had, I think it is version 2:

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I want to buy a new gaming mouse and these are the three mice that I have for the same price-g9x , g402 and CM Mizar for 40$.please suggest me the better one and please tell why too.does g402 have no acceleration and is it the fastest mouse and is its sensor as good as g502.please reply quickly.please suggest any mouse if you consider some other mouse better for the same price.
thanks in advance
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I recently bought a gaming mouse: Professional 6 Buttons 5500dpi Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for PC Laptop | eBay and Windows won't recognize it (Code 43) and it calls it: Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed), I tried contacting the seller but he didn't know of any driver for the mouse. please i need help ASAP.

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I was on Amazon com looking at the Logitech gaming mice and keyboards In particular this keyboard http www amazon com Logitech- - TF amp coliid I HFPICXO YVFH amp colid CXCNQ RANJ And this mouse http www amazon com gp product B amp creative amp creativeASIN B J GDXI I ve never owned a gaming mouse or keyboard before So I am wondering what the benefits really are in gameplay Starting questions keyboard and Gaming mouse off with the mouse I can t recall what my Microsoft laser mouse DPI is but I m sure it s nowhere near the of the Logitech gaming mouse above How much difference does that really make say when playing a shooter How does it affect gameplay Is it Gaming keyboard and mouse questions easier to aim quickly and accurately Does it help you to play better There must be some reason people like them I d like to understand how beneficial they are As for all the extra buttons I don t honestly see myself using them Do people really find all those buttons on a mouse helpful What for What do people activate with them On to the Logitech gaming keyboards The one I linked above I think is their entry level model I like the backlit keys feature That is pretty cool Some of the other stuff seems pretty useless to me personally The defining feature of this keyboard really seems to be the macro keys So the question is what are they good for I m trying to imagine what I d want to macro in a shooter for example What would I want to macro playing some RPG What would I want to macro playing World of Warcraft Once again people like these a lot for some reason but I am honestly clueless about what specifically it is So please enlighten the clueless Thanks a lot for any feedback on this stuff I appreciate it nbsp

A:Gaming keyboard and mouse questions

The mouse buttons can come in handy for things like reloading during gameplay. Hitting the mouse button with your thumb can certainly be quicker than hitting it with a finger on the keyboard.

The sensitivity and the acceleration (measured in G's, for g force) can be quite important, but so is having a good quality mouse mat to go with it. Ultimately speaking the higher the rating the more accurate the mouse is, and how sensitive it is to movement during gameplay.

Having adjustable DPI settings can be useful for things like sniping, where you can knock it down a touch to make the scope sight move slower. I use my Logitech G9 mouse at the highest setting all the time, but the option to reduce it on the fly can be handy some times.

As for the keyboard, those extra buttons could be used to perform multi-button actions during gameplay, or just used to perform certain functions in replacement of the existing keyboard buttons in use.

I must admit that having owned many gaming keyboards, I've ever really used the macro functions, so someone else would probably be better explaining this.

The backlit keys are indeed very helpful, especially in late night gaming sessions.
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I debated for about 5-10 minutes whether this would be a hardware or a games thread... Whilst technically the thread is concerning hardware advice it's more to do with their correlation to games?

Plus I figured regular Games forum go-ers might have slightly more experience in this field

Simple question really, I'm looking for a decent gaming mouse and keyboard, as all my life I've had boring simple keyboards and mice and this bottom of the line wireless Logitech is just embarrassing now!

Looking to spend about 70? Maybe a little more if the cost:quality ratio is higher, not necessarily looking for a definite combo, ie, if you can recommend a mouse and then a separate keyboard for the same price then go ahead

Thanks in advance,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum xD


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Hey, do any of you use this OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator brain mouse, it is said the brain games with a Blink of an eye! Sorry I am noob here, do any of you use it? Any good, that's very expensive.
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I bought this mouse from ebay, it is a generic, 2000 dpi mouse. From the ebay page, it said the mouse is just plug and play to work. I plugged it in but it only shows up as a HID complaint mouse with a question mark in device manager of windows. I have searched far and wide but I cannot find the drivers for this thing to work.

Any help?
That's the ebay page.

A:Generic Gaming Mouse not installing

If it's anything like my mouse, with 12 buttons, it will definitely need a driver to function. I'll dig out the driver CD later today if you don't find anything. It might work. Who knows?

If you only have 5 buttons, plus the middle-click and middle-button sideways click, you can probably operate it with Xmouse Button Control. It's a fantastic, generic mouse controller that I use on all my machines, even those with normal buttons, to assign various functions to the buttons that can be done on a per app basis. For example, I can assign button 5 to scroll in Word, but to open a new page from a link in a browser or to go back a page.