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No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do.

Q: No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do.

Hi Bought a new Behringer mixer with a USB output Plugged it in and as always happens I get this message This happened before with a Logitech headset Logitech s tech support was of zero help as per usual No matter how many times what do. USB Audio matter I no CODEC No I search for this driver no matter how many times CNET and Microsoft and Behringer point me to things to download and I run them whatever the hell this thing is will not install Now I m not asking it to run some alien software or something some guy made in his basement in Omaha This is all stuff from reputable sources and whatever the hell this thing is will not install no matter what I do No matter how many times I run setup No matter how many times I search for this one seemingly small thing it s not happening Sound goes into and presumably out of the mixer but not into the computer which was the whole point of buying a mixer with a USB output I am beyond frustrated I No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do. simply cannot understand how manufacturers can make something that will not work I m running Windows -bit on an Acer that I bought months ago If there s anybody who has any idea how to put a solution in No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do. fairly plain English I d be greatly appreciative

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Preferred Solution: No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No USB Audio CODEC no matter what I do.

Tried plugging it into different USB ports, no dice. Tried running the supposed driver program that is on the CD that came with the mixer.Now, you'd expect something that said it was the Behringer audio driver to actually be the correct driver, yes? Yet I've run it now three times, rebooted every time, and every time I get With these details:So it's all ready to use! Except for the freaking driver. Which is no small detail.
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Hello you lovely people it s me again I have a tendency to watch videos online - nothing of a less than legitimate nature I assure you - BUT there have been times when I ve attempted to watch a video on my Windows laptop and before the video will play this message is splashed across the embedded flash player that I need Codec-V to watch it Now what the heck is it - matter! for browsers any other that and IE Codec-V and and why do I need it when I ve already got stacks of codecs for the job as it is Also and this is something of a niggling Codec-V and IE - and any other browsers for that matter! issue with me until I just uninstalled it cause it getting right on my nerves in IE which keeps freezing for some reason and in Chrome my OS kept having this message pop up saying that codec-v exe needed to run would I like the program to make changes to my computer I click on the button to have it refrain from warning me about it and then click on deny my favorite button in this case but minutes later it does it again So Do we know exactly what purpose that program serves and is it REALLY necessary PLUS why the heck does my IE keep freezing on me I do also occasionally get other programs randomly hang but not crash It s annoying Windows Explorer does it from time to time as well Any ideas

A:Codec-V and IE - and any other browsers for that matter!

codec-v.exe could possibly be malware. Find the file and have it scanned by uploading it to jotti
Save the log, then copy/paste it back here.
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hi ppl,
i am trying to split a large video file to be able to write into DVD. it is mp4 video, using mp4v video codec, and mp4a audio codec. i tried ultra video splitter, but all clips but the first are corrupted. please give suggestions
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Hello my name is steven and I would like to begin by saying that and Audio Solved: audio IDT RAM limit code 10 high definition codec I am an amateur Solved: RAM limit and Audio IDT high definition audio codec code 10 when it comes to working with computers I wanted to free up space to operate my computer faster and hopefully stop lagging while playing games or just browsing for that matter and it seems the only certain amount of RAM to add to increase my speed is the lowest that is sold kingston technology which is a GB card Unfortunately being the amateur I am I was stumped here http www kingston com us memory system specific server where they ask for my manufacturer product line and model I plugged in all the numbers I could think of that might work for each but nothing matched when it came to the model and I personally have no clue what my product line is so as I said I Solved: RAM limit and Audio IDT high definition audio codec code 10 was just guessing I have all the information about my computer from what I believe to be the complete transcript of it and I just need to be able to answer the questions on kingston technologie s website so I can get my recommended RAM card that will hopefully be compatible with my computer Nothing about product line is stated and the manufacturer of the cpu is unclear and so I would like help identifying the answers to the three questions posed on kingston technologies website IDT High definition audio codec code The title explains it all I went into device manager and the only thing with an on it was the IDT high definition audio codec and quot PCI simple communications controller quot beside it under the same category The IDT high definition audio codec is filed under quot sound cards quot in my computer s information software so I presume it is the ultimate cause of my problem where no sound is being played through any speaker or headset I have tried It also displays code quot this device cannot start quot beside it when I look at it s properties in the device manager and I tried updating the driver but the latest version was already installed If I could recieve help on this problem that would be much appreciated thank you for reading nbsp

A:Solved: RAM limit and Audio IDT high definition audio codec code 10

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238409 MB, Free - 192384 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FJ030
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

These are my computer stats using the techguy's software to identify my information
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Windows 10 was automatically installed on my HP Envy Phoenix desktop computer. Prior to this installation, I had audio. Now I have received a message that says, "No Audio Device is installed.  I tried every troubleshooting strategy that has been suggested but without success. I try everything and even on You Tube Video How to fixed it. I keep getting this messages: IDT - Audio Device - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - Error 0x8007001f, Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all of the issues found. Audio services not responding
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Sound was ok but stopped working at one instant. PC was upgrade to WIN10 just before the free deadline. Was all good for some time but now I cant get it to work. From feedback that I've seen I have to provide the HARDWARE IDS values as this will help the source of the problem.The following is the value from the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, properties: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76E0&SUBSYS_103C1893&REV_1001HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76E0&SUBSYS_103C1893 Any help PLEASE. THANKS
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After restarting my pc from using CCleaner to get rid of BSOD that was being caused by what was left of the NCH software my audio stopped working I decided to use the backup reg that was made and BSOD came back but no audio I have contacted my manufacturer but they wouldn t help with out a cost I have tried uninstalling the IDT HDA driver and rebooting the system but it I still have no IDT Audio: Definition High Audio Issue CODEC With audio Also none of my playback devices are showing which are onboard so I can t unplug and reconnect Is there a way to fix this Or will I have to pay Issue With Audio: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC for service Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard AE Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled nbsp

A:Issue With Audio: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

I was able to fix a similar issue by updating drivers for IDT High Definition CODEC through the Device Manage in Windows.
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Everytime my CPU is forced to do a task like switching wifi connections, openning applications and stuff my audio gets distorted i have no idea why because ive been using my laptop for almost 2 years now and ive been having this problema for about a month now, here is what ive already done:

-Completely restore my computer to its original state
-Uninstall and reinstall audio codec

I dont know what to do now to be honest i would really appreciate your help, i know this probem can be solved.

Thank you so much for your time.

About my laptop:

HP Pavillion dv4-4068la
Windows 7 Home Premium
IDT High Definition Audio Codec

A:Distorted audio with IDT High Definition audio codec

Hello chalotn where did yo download the driver for the audio from? If it was through the Device Manager I am not real keen on that method preferring the sound device or machine manufacturer's site/s.

Try this Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv4-4068la Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support < open up the the top ref
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I'm at my wits end - it didn't take long!

Fixing up an old Intel 845EPT2 for a neighbor. I did a Reinstall of XP, installed all Drivers straight off the Intel Website, and no matter what, there's no Audio.

"No Device Installed" even though the Soundmax appears in System / Devices.

I have double checked Audio is enabled in the BIOS.

I even threw in an old Soundblaster Live!, turned off Audio in the BIOS, installed Drivers and it did the same thing.

I'm running an SFC / SCANNOW .

The weird thing is that it had Audio before {along with a million viruses, which is why I re-installed}

Any ideas, except a litre of Petrol and a Lighter?

A:Can't get Audio no matter what

uninstall all your drivers in device manager, go to your C drive and program files, make sure all files related to the drivers, software is deleted, also, do a add remove any software that may use those same sound drivers that you previously uninstalled. turn off machine, take your card out, if you're using onboard, disable in bios, start up, let windows load, if its a sound card installed in a pci slot a "new hardware" window should pop up, install drivers through that dialog box. If its an onboard sound device just simple restart after windows has started up and recognized no sound devices or drivers installed, go back to bios, enable sound, start up, reinstall drivers and software....I hope this helps as I just had this problem last night and had to figure out how to fix it, GL
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Alright guys my problem is simple I can t record any audio coming from my laptop whether it be a song playing in iTunes or streaming from a website I ve tried using Cool Edit Audacity Kristal and some MP WMA Recording program and whenever I press the Record button in these programs I just hear a fuzzing noise and nothing records I ve got a Dell Inspiron laptop and it uses SigmaTel audio device The device is slightly out of date my current one is like and the new one is or what!!! - record no from audio laptop matter Cannot something I can t remember exactly but anyway when I downloaded the new driver to try and update it I got an error message saying quot Device Object Not Present quot then it said to restart system and try setup again or something I googled this error but nothing really helped So I figured I d try rolling back the driver to see if anything happened but Windows said there were no previous drivers or models to Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!! roll back to - screwed there as well I ve read help guides for Audacity that say to record audio from the computer you just have to select quot Wave Out quot or quot Stereo Mix quot from the Mixer Toolbar but my only options in the Toolbar are quot Line In quot and quot Microphone quot The funny thing is my sound works perfectly well I can hear everything that I play and I even ran a Diagnostics check F from boot to check the audio and I heard everything that it tested Interestingly however in my audio programs such as Cool Edit and Audacity there is an alternative device There of course is SigmaTel Audio as that is the one my laptop uses but there is a device called quot MME Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output quot in Audacity and quot Wave Mapper quot in the Wave Out section tab in Cool Edit Device Properties I m unsure as to whether I m supposed to have these alternatives I m mainly just confused as to why the hell I can t record audio from my laptop that s all I want to do And the fuzzing noise that starts whenever I press the Record button in any of my programs is really unnerving Any help you guys could give me would be much appreciated - I don t want to have to reinstall my O S Anyway if you need any additional System Information I will post from dxdiag or something Cheers sorry that I rambled on Andy nbsp

A:Cannot record audio from laptop - no matter what!!!

Sigmatel audio cards have weird problems getting recorders to work on them. The reliable solution I have found is a piece of freeware called Freecorder. It installs a browser toolbar which has record and stop buttons. Just play whatever you want and press record, then when you are done, press stop. Freecorder will record all sounds coming out of the speaker of your computer and will split it up into multiple pieces based on pauses in the sound (so if you are streaming multiple songs from a site, you will get the songs individually broken up instead of one massive MP3).
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Do Audio Video Cables Quality matter much?

for example with Coax i know the gold connectors worked better then silver connectors. So my question is do the cables red yellow and white connectors have high and low quality cables or they all the same. If they have high quality cables what are the names of them and where can i find them.

A:Do Audio Video Cables quality matter much?

Red,White audio RCA are much the same.
It's haveing and useing a SVHS video cable instead of Yellow RCA.
If your TV has it for VCR's etc.that have it out.
But it also depends where you are.This is a N American reply,not GB.
Add your location to your Profile.
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Hi Guys, I recently fresh installed Windows 7 and lost everything, I used to use IDT Audio, and I remember I had the drivers and the IDT Audio Control Panel. I've searched for the drivers on google but always encountered problem after problem and downloading Driver Search software is a joke, everyone I got wanted to make me pay for it. If anyone has the correct working links or guides to get IDT Audio working for Windows 7 64bit please share. Thankyou

A:IDT Audio HD Codec

I wouldn't rely on any third party program to tell you what drivers your computer needs. What is the Make and Model of your computer?
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Im getting the below error while try playing an audio file in my windows media player.

'The Audio codec identified by the format tag A104 is required to play this file'

It ll be great if i get the codec to run the file.Plz advice me on this.


A:Audio Codec

Can't find a codec for that so it must be something very unusual and obscure. However, I suggest you try using a media player which can play almost anything you throw at it: VLC Media Player:

If VLC can't play it either I don't hold out much hope of being able to play it with anything else.
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I saw a thread here from about a year ago that described the problem I m having I bought a turntable to transfer music from records to mp USB Audio Codec or other files in the computer The instructions for setup say to open the quot sounds and audio devices properties quot and change the sound recording device to USB Audio CODEC from the drop-down menu USB Audio Codec But this option does not appear The solution that was offered last year from ZiggyZooZoo sounded good but in the end I couldn t find the file quot wdma usb inf quot in either of my computers Below is what I found USB Audio Codec from the old posting Can anyone help the solution to usb audio codec problem In the c windows inf folder there must exist two files wdma usb inf wdma usb PNF It is really the inf file that is important Some software seems to knock these out by renaming them to wdma usbinf bak wdma usbpnf bak I simply made a copy of the two files above and renamed the copies to the correct names restarted my pc just to be safe and then the USB Audio device was correctly detected next time I plugged it in Note that the inf file refernces the file c windows system drivers usbaudio sys which must also be present as well as some other supporting files But these are most likely present So it s prob the inf file which got renamed or deleted You can also copy these files from another pc which has them nbsp

A:USB Audio Codec

If you just need those 3 files, I've attached them zipped. Your original post says in which folders they belong.
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I bought one of those devices that you can use to hook up to a cassette player or turntable in order to save your cassettes or LPs onto cd In order when it trys to install the file its looking for which USB Audio CODEC is USB Audio CODEC it can t find it It s supposed to be part of the xp system so it should be there In the instructions it says to change the Audio recording driver to USB Audio CODEC or USB Audio device USB Audio CODEC but I don t have the choice It just has my computer USB Audio CODEC sound driver I don t even know if it is a driver in fact I tried installing it on another computer and its fine on that one I ve tried putting in the Windows disk but it still can t find it I don t USB Audio CODEC know what to do It may not even be a file it may be a piece of code But it means I can t run this device Is it possible to download it from somewhere nbsp

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Im really having problems with sound.
Sometimes the sound works but after it wont work.

other situation is sound works from the internet on my browser but my files wont when tried on wmp. also vice versa.

I restart my notebook and it works normal but after a few hours especially when i tried to listen on mp3 and then used my browser on viewing videos at the same time it wont work again.

Notebook: HP Compaq Presario CQ40-190TU
OS: Vista Home Basic 32bit
Audio Codec: IDT High-Definition Audio Codec version 1.0.5934.0

Please i need help, im so frustated on always restarting it to bring it back to normal.

A:HELP with IDT Audio Codec!

I found out that their is an update of my audio codec on the Windows Update...

its version 6.10.6087.0 C

but im afraid on downloading it since most of the feedback on the net that their are problems with downloading drivers on the Windows Update.

can anyone suggest what should i do?!
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Hello you I have a question -I downloaded a movie that I have really been dying to see -Anyways its an avi movie and does not seem to have any sound on playback Here is what I know so far -Playing An Need Audio Help With Codec Some in MP does not give an error just no sound -Playing in DIVX produces error quot The video file you are opening includes Need Some Help With An Audio Codec audio data Need Some Help With An Audio Codec that is not recognized by the DixX Player The file contains the following type of data Audio data Tag You need to install a new audio codec yada yada -Googled Tag Need Some Help With An Audio Codec -Came to a couple of blog sites stating that they had some results with installing the AC Codec Filter -I allready have that with a Codec Packs I have from free codecs com All-in-one XP Codec Pack -Checked the Control Panel for AC settings nothing going on there hmmm -Next I decided to download AC again in case it was broken nope times xame error still -So I found another cool program online called quot GSPOT quot Tells you info on media files codecs timeline etc -It said that I have the correct codec installed to play the audio which again was AC With all that said If this problem rings a bell to anyone or if anyone could inform me something I am missing here that would be great Thanks

A:Need Some Help With An Audio Codec

Solved It!

Scrap this question as I have figured it out:
-Installed an older (i guess, better Version of AC3 {0.7})
-Open the file and it now works just fine.

"Kickin back and enjoying the show"
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hi i am trying to play a video on my computer the video is fine but there is no audio i have used video inspecter and it is saying that i need MPEG 1 or 2 Audio Layer 1 but i cannot find this anywhere can some one help please.

i am using windows vista


A:Audio Codec

Have you looked in the Device Manager to see if the are any errors in the Sound, video and game controllers?

A side note: When you make a post without using any capital letters or punctuation it is difficult to read, because of this a lot of members will not bother to read the post.
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I cannot get any sound when i plug my headphones into the front jack.

The headphones work fine as the communications device (so i know they work) but i cannot set them as the default playback device.... the option is there but when i click it nothing happens.

The sound just keeps coming from the speakers

Any ideas???

A:IDT Audio HD Codec

Have you tried reinstalling the correct drivers? IDT is the current company that owns what used to be SigmaTel and if you have a "SigmaTel" integrated sound module some times the newer IDT drivers will not work or work correctly. As you have a Compaq PC, first stop would be HP/Compaq and check for a sound driver there for your specific model. If they do not have a Win 7 driver but have a Vista driver download and install that and see what happens as a first step.

There could also be a connection problem between the front panel and the motherboard for the headset jack connection. With the PC powered off, open the case and reseat (unplug then plug back in) the connector for the front panel Audio.
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I have an ABIT VL6 motherboard with the AC'97 Digital Audio controller integrated, AC'97 Audio CODEC on board. I am unable to locate the driver for this. Can you point me in the right direction?

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I just put windows xp on here from vista and i have no sound.i cant find the right took sigmatel high definition audio codec but xp pro wont accept that.any ideas?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Audio Codec Help

Hello ComputerMan23,

You may need drivers rather than a codec. What is the make/model number of your audio hardware?
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Normally I can fix any problem I or someone else creates. But this has me stumped.

I installed a few different DVD rippers (As demos only of course). Now, when I listen to a streaming audio it plays in double speed. For example. It plays seven seconds worth at double speed, then waits seven seconds, then plays seven seconds.

I have noticed that it does not do this on pre-recorded files that I receive as an audio stream, just the actual live voice stream, like live radio shows. The commercials are normal, but the broadcast is at double the rate.

Rather than remove everything or rolling back to a previous date, anyone have any thoughts?

And yes I have rebooted.

Thanks in advance.

A:Bad Audio CODEC?

Sorry. Forgot to add:

Windows XP SP2.
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New to the forum and don't see a place to post questions on audio codec problems for divx players.

Can anyone help please?


A:Audio codec help? Where to post this?
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When editing videos I started getting a unable to access codec audio driver error.

I downloaded and installed codec xp pack as recommended by happyrck in answer to another post but does not work, the video runs but without sound. this happens to both avi and mpg files

any advice
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when I try playing some files (they have an .avi at the end) on Windows media player i hear no sound at all. When i play them on DIVX player i get a message that says - Audio codec Tag 353 need is needed to play this file with sound. Any idea how i can get this codec ??? thanks a ton in advance

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Recently purchased a USB turntable to capture old LPs to the PC. It worked perfectly fine when I plugged it into an old laptop with WinXP, but I want to use it on my new desktop with Win7 32bit Home Premium. I"ve have checked over posts here like the INF and PNF files are present plus the usbaudio.sys file. I've tried the ASIO4ALL driver, but it doesn't recognize the turntable. The only thing I can get to work is the Propagamma USB Driver which I have to purchase. Shouldn't this be built into Windows 7?

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i downloaded the audio codec from this site:
but once I double clicked the installation icon, a window pops up saying somwhere along these lines: this software does not have the windows XP logo, which means it has not been tested for compatibility with windows XP. Installation of software mays cause severe errors in the operating system.

now, i've already installed the codec, but now im worried whether the site downloaded from is a legit one, meaning i may have downloaded a virus/trojan/malware instead of the real thing, because my WMP still can't play sound for XviD encoded movies. so i am wondering, has anyone else encountered the same window when installing DivX codec for WMP?

A:DivX Audio Codec

I look at the file you downloaded and it seems you may be missing the *.DLL file
P.S perhaps you should visit the DIVX home page.
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ok, well I'm not very good with computers but I've been trying to download an audio codec to watch divx movies. I have the video and no sound. Every time I try to download an audio decompressor it says th installation failed although I am the administrator. I was wondering if anyone had any clues as to why this is or tips, or even a different audio codec I could download. thanks ahead of time!


A:divx audio codec

The best all around DivX and DirectShow codec is probably ffdshow. Try it:

Codec installation should be very easy. The codecs are simply placed in their locations by the installer and then registered. Do you have any other installation problems?
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Laptop manufacturer: hp
Windows: 8
Product: either D1Q47EA#ABD or D1Q47EA#ABU
Model: g6-2205sa

Hi, no sound is playing from my IDT Audio codec driver, when I go to Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Sound, video, game controller and then IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, there is a yellow triangle beside it with an exclamation mark inside of it, when I double click it it tells me this:

''This device cannot start. (Code 10) The I/O device is configured incorrectly or the configuration parameters to the driver are incorrect.''

Does anybody have an idea of how to fix this?


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How do I get it back? Media Player 12 won't play any .au files.

These are the audio codecs WMP 12 says are installed

ACM Microsoft IMA ADPCM CODEC 0011 imaadp32.acm 6.1.7600.16385
ACM Microsoft CCITT G.711 A-Law and u-Law CODEC 0007 msg711.acm 6.1.7600.16385
ACM Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio CODEC 0031 msgsm32.acm 6.1.7600.16385
ACM Microsoft ADPCM CODEC 0002 msadp32.acm 6.1.7600.16385
ACM Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (professional) 0055 l3codecp.acm
ACM Windows Media Audio 0161 msaud32.acm
ACM Sipro Lab Telecom audio codec 0130 sl_anet.acm
ACM Microsoft PCM Converter 0001
DMO WMAudio Decoder DMO 0160, 0161, 0162, 0163 WMADMOD.DLL 6.1.7601.17514
DMO WMAPro over S/PDIF DMO 0162 WMADMOD.DLL 6.1.7601.17514
DMO WMSpeech Decoder DMO 000A, 000B WMSPDMOD.DLL 6.1.7601.17514
DMO MP3 Decoder DMO 0055 mp3dmod.dll 6.1.7600.16385

A:Missing the Sun/NeXT .AU audio codec.

You could try the K-Lite Codec Pack.
Download K-Lite Codec Pack 11.10 (Full) -
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where can i go to download a crystal wdm audio codec formy dell latitude laptop.?thank you for your help

A:crystal audio codec.

Have you looked on the Dell website? They usually post drivers for most operating systems for their products:

FYI, to get more responses it a good idea to post details such as the exact model of your Dell laptop and what version of Windows you are running.
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Hi I hope someone can help me. My sound card somehow has been disabled or uninstalled. I have gone to both Dell,Sigma Tel, and Driver Detective and reinstalled the drivers MANY times. It still comes up that the components are not installed. I get an error message on startup that says "stsystra.exe - unable tolocate component STLang.dll is another message. I have tried to uninstall then reinstall to no avail. I have a Dell Dimension E510 with Windows XP Media Edition. My sound was working great until the kids decided it was way more fun to play games on my computer than theirs. I have no idea what they did. But after 3 weeks of trying to fix the problem (Dell is no help, nor is Sigma Tel) I am desperate for help.

A:Sigma Tel Hi Def Audio Codec
this site may help
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I'm can't play the audio on several MPG files, and I tried running them through G Spot, which I found doesn't support MPGs, so I changed an MPG to an AVI, and that didn't work. Anyway, when I try to play it, I receive the message that I'm missing "Audio Switcher Out", as well as this:
Stream 1
MPEG-I Stream Splitter
MPEG Audio Decoder
Audio Switcher

Media Type 0:
majortype: MEDIATYPE_Audio {73647561-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_PCM {00000001-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
formattype: FORMAT_WaveFormatEx {05589F81-C356-11CE-BF01-00AA0055595A}
bFixedSizeSamples: 1
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 4
cbFormat: 18

wFormatTag: 0x0001
nChannels: 2
nSamplesPerSec: 44100
nAvgBytesPerSec: 176400
nBlockAlign: 4
wBitsPerSample: 16

If you have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them. Thanks so much. Have a great night!
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I'm can't play the audio on several MPG files, and I tried running them through G Spot, which I found doesn't support MPGs, so I changed an MPG to an AVI, and that didn't work. Anyway, when I try to play it, I receive the message that I'm missing "Audio Switcher Out", as well as this:
Stream 1
MPEG-I Stream Splitter
MPEG Audio Decoder
Audio Switcher

Media Type 0:
majortype: MEDIATYPE_Audio {73647561-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_PCM {00000001-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71}
formattype: FORMAT_WaveFormatEx {05589F81-C356-11CE-BF01-00AA0055595A}
bFixedSizeSamples: 1
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 4
cbFormat: 18

wFormatTag: 0x0001
nChannels: 2
nSamplesPerSec: 44100
nAvgBytesPerSec: 176400
nBlockAlign: 4
wBitsPerSample: 16

If you have any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them. Thanks so much. Have a great night!

A:Audio Codec Question

Sounds like you need the proper codecs. You may find what you need HERE .
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Hi Problem Codec Audio everyone just recently got a new laptop and downloaded some avi files however when Audio Codec Problem i tried to watch them i apparently didnt have the right codecs so i downloaded a divx codec pack the video would then play but i was getting no sound and the program advised me to download an ac audio codec or something which i did however this also did not give me any sound while watching this movie file so i downloaded another couple of ac codecs and still no luck i also downloaded some ogg vorbis audio codec thing too and still no luck so i just gave up however just now i tried to play one of mp 's that i was listening to earlier and the volume was extremely low and distorted so i naturally thought that the problem would've been the codecs i installed i removed them all But now I am not getting no sound whatsoever When i try to play an mp in windows media player i get this Windows Media Player cannot play the file The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file and an error code which is this C D Cannot play the file Now i'm naturally assuming once again that i kind of need a basic codec audio pack or a windows one or something but i can't seem to find anything to help me i've tried system restore and no luck i've also been into the control panel to make sure my soundcard is selected etc i've also tried about different mp 's in different programs and neither will play them even though they all worked fine a few hours ago please help thanx

A:Audio Codec Problem

Also if this helps here is a list of the audio codecs i have on my computer, maybe this way you could help identify the problem for me.

Audio Codecs
------------ Sipro Lab Audio Decoder
ACM Wrapper
CoreAAC Audio Decoder
GSM 6.10
InterVideo Audio Decoder
InterVideo Audio Encoder
Microsoft ADPCM
Microsoft G.723.1
MPEG Audio Decoder
MPEG Layer-3
MPEG Layer-3 Decoder
Realtek HD Audio Input
Windows Media Audio Decoder
Windows Media Audio V1
Windows Media Audio V2
WM Speech Encoder DMO
WMAudio Decoder DMO
WMAudio Encoder DMO
WMSpeech Decoder DMO
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hi, ive got a media file that wont play its audio, media players error says it can't locate a codec to play audio with an tag of 2000.

what the hell is this codec?

A:audio codec tag '2000'?


take a look at this:


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I have big problem with ventrilo 2.1.4 on Windows Vista.
This system haven't a Microsoft GSM 6.1 audio codec.
Ventrilo need this codec for sound output.

Please help me

A:gsm 6.1 audio codec on vista

Hi, Micro, and welcome to the Forums.

You might try installing the Vista Codec package - see Vista Codec Pack - 32bit & 64bit Media Player Codecs for more details.

Note: If you're on x64, you still need to install the 32bit package *first* and then install the 64bit extensions package *Second*.
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hey guys,

Im using a Dell Inspiron 1520 with sigmatel HD audio codec. Does my audio system have any support for a graphic EQ? Any 3rd party plugins or software upgrades that I can use? Ive spent many hours google-ing and I dont think Ive found any solutions yet. I really want an EQ to tweak my sounds with.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Ty!

Im using Vista Home Premium, btw.

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Hi All

XviD video would not produce sound... great picture. Ran Gspot. Said I needed AC3 Audio Codec. DLed from Intall prog said install was successful. Checked file with Gspot and said the proper codec was now present. Tried to run the movie file with WMP. WMP crashes every time and, the best I can tell its because of the codec. Probably a conflict with another codec?

Frustration sets in.

Thanks for youe help in advance.

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i downloaded the audio codec from this site:

but once I double clicked the installation icon, a window pops up saying somwhere along these lines: this software does not have the windows XP logo, which means it has not been tested for compatibility with windows XP. Installation of software mays cause severe errors in the operating system.

now, i've already installed the codec, but now im worried whether the site downloaded from is a legit one, meaning i may have downloaded a virus/trojan/malware instead of the real thing. so i am wondering, has anyone else encountered the same window when installing DivX codec for WMP?

A:DivX Audio Codec

Well first that was the Xvid codec, not the Divx codec. The site looks legit enough but I think you were in the wrong section

Here's the Divx codec

and here's the Xvid codec
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i need to know which audio codec i need for this pc, i used everest to get the information, here is the report:

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
Motherboard Name Intel Bay Field D865GBF / Hazelton D865GVHZ / La Crosse D865GLC/D865PELC / Rock Harbor D865GRH

Motherboard Chipset Intel Morgan Hill i865GV
System Memory 496 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type AMI (12/15/04)
Audio Adapter Intel 82801EB ICH5 - AC'97 Audio Controller [A-2/A-3]

hope this helps, i already tried downloading the codec from realtek but it doesnt work.

A:Help with audio codec, cant get it to work

Try installing this AC97 driver?* XP Professional&lang=eng
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I have a USB codec Missing audio USB turntable and can t get it to work as far as recording on the PC I installed the inf files but still nothing I didn t see any files with a bak so could not change them as suggested I would assume downloading the actual files would have helped I seem to Missing USB audio codec hear some sound on the Audacity program but it is very low and I can t do anything with it This is the second turntable I have bought which will not feed into the pc Any help thanx PG Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard VM Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp
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Since I have Fix Registry Codec Audio seen this a lot recently I have Audio Codec Registry Fix decided to put a fix here What s been happening is people are downloading new codecs and erasing old codecs or just deleting codecs and so on so forth However when they erase their codecs they take with them their sound and no matter how many codecs they try to install it never works Since I m not an expert on the registry I can only give a short hypothesis on why this happens When you install a program that configures your codecs it associates itself with part of the registry this registry has existed ever since you installed windows Whenever you remove said programs you take with it not just the codecs but also the registry associated with it This would explain why no amount of audio drivers nor extra codecs would resolve the issue these things don t affect the registry in the way we need it to The sollution is actually easy once you understand the problem You have to restore the registry associated with your music files in order for windows to play them again while I can t assure this will help everyone I can gurantee it will make solving the problem easier I have been puzzled on more than one occasion by this mishap However here is the sollution if I could do an attatchment I would Oh and please be very careful with the registry at this point I can t assume any damage you do to your computer as a matter of fact just in case I would make a registry backup a system restore point something just prepare for the worse Also I have not tried this with any system other than XP So I wouldn t suggest you try it if you run any other system Open up notebook and copy this section down and save as a registry file I saved mine as quot audiofix reg quot without the quotes of course once you have saved the file double click on the tetris looking icon that you aptly named and click yes to integrate to the registry Restart the computer see if this has helped you if it has GREAT If it hasn t don t worry we ll figure that out next Windows Registry Editor Version HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Drivers quot midimapper quot quot midimap dll quot quot msacm imaadpcm quot quot imaadp acm quot quot msacm msadpcm quot quot msadp acm quot quot msacm msg quot quot msg acm quot quot msacm msgsm quot quot msgsm acm quot quot msacm trspch quot quot tssoft acm quot quot vidc cvid quot quot iccvid dll quot quot VIDC I quot quot i vfw dll quot quot vidc iv quot quot ir dll quot quot vidc iv quot quot ir dll quot quot vidc iv quot quot ir ax quot quot VIDC IYUV quot quot iyuv dll quot quot vidc mrle quot quot msrle dll quot quot vidc msvc quot quot msvidc dll quot quot VIDC YVYU quot quot msyuv dll quot quot wavemapper quot quot msacm drv quot quot msacm msg quot quot msg acm quot quot vidc M quot quot msh drv quot quot vidc M quot quot msh drv quot quot msacm msaudio quot quot msaud acm quot quot msacm sl anet quot quot sl anet acm quot quot msacm iac quot quot C WINDOWS system iac ax quot quot vidc iv quot quot ir dll quot quot wave quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot midi quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot mixer quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot VIDC WMV quot quot wmv vcm dll quot quot VIDC VP quot quot vp vfw dll quot quot msacm voxacm quot quot vct acm quot quot MSVideo quot quot vfwwdm dll quot quot MSVideo quot quot VfWWDM dll quot quot wave quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot midi quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot mixer quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot aux quot quot wdmaud drv quot quot vidc VP quot quot vp vfw dll quot quot vidc X quot quot x vfw dll quot quot VIDC FPS quot quot frapsvid dll quot quot vidc VP quot quot vp vfw dll quot quot vidc VP quot quot vp vfw dll quot quot vidc VP quot quot vp vfw dll quot quot vidc DIVX quot quot DivX dll quot quot VIDC UYVY quot quot msyuv dll quot quot VIDC YUY quot quot msyuv dll quot quot VIDC YVU quot quot tsbyuv dll quot quot VIDC DRAW quot quot DVIDEO DLL quot quot VIDC YV quot quot yv vfw dll quot q... Read more

A:Audio Codec Registry Fix

Are these the Windows XP defaults? What OS is this from?
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Okay, I have decided to take a brief trip into unix... I need to know how to Dump my audio codec from within vista, for a base for my unix driver. i have not a slight idea on how to do this. I never thought something that sounded this simple would be this hard. I need it to be dumped to a .txt file so i can play with it. If anyone knows where to find a dump already my sound card is a sigmatel 9200.

A:Dumping my audio codec


What do you mean by brief trip into Unix ?

If you have never used Unix/Linux before,

I suggest you start at the beginnning,by installing

a Linux distro like Ubuntu or Gentoo or Debian,

and reading a good tutorial.

You can find Ubuntu + instructions for a dual boot HERE

and Debian + comprehensive tutorial HERE

If your looking for detailed instructions for compiling the kernel,

the next poster will help.
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Hi I m running windows vista home premium my problem is that A When i try to record Codec Audio Problems Sigmatel with Audacity i cant because even though i ve got something plugged Sigmatel Audio Codec Problems into either the mic rear mic or line it it wont find it Now i ve looked in my audio settings and when i plug into one of those spots the computer says its working and enabled B I seem to get the feeling my computer isn t recognizing my audio card maybe im paranoid but when i goto device manager and i goto audio all i see is the sigma tel CODEC I dont see like a sound card or anything I ve also noticed that in my audio settings it doesnt find any sound cards just the sigma tel codec is that supposed to happen Based on what the dell driver website says i ve got a sigma tel hd audio major C driver something or other but i ve got a CODEC I ve tried uninstalling the CODEC installing the DRIVER but then the CODEC just comes back it s quite odd I dont really understand what a CODEC is anyway If anyone can help me out here that would be really appreciated This computer was upgraded from XP Media Center to Vista Home Premium and when it was in XP Media Center the sound recording was PERFECT also this is a dell C

A:Sigmatel Audio Codec Problems

codec is a link to the Vista driver;fileid=209657Click on the + at the bottom of the page by installation. It will give you complete installation instructions
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Hi I recently installed vista 64bit Ultimate and I tried to use ventrilo however it kept giving me the error:

Failed to get encoder for specified Codec.

Unable to initialize outbound codec (DSP Group TrueSpeech - 8 KHz, 16 bit): Unable to find the specified codec.

I have TrueSpeech Installed (says so on WMP) However it doesn't initialize.

This is what it says to do on the Vent site.

Q: Unable to initialize the codec. CODE = -10

-10 means the codec is found but is marked as disabled.

Control panel
Sound and multimedia
Double click "Audio Codec"
Double click on Microsoft GSM 6.10
Click on "Use this audio codec"
Press OK.

Since I've just switched to vista I find it hard to navigate around the control panel since its so much different than XP. Can someone translate those XP instructions into Vista, or tell me how to initialize the codec.


A:DSP Group TrueSpeech Audio Codec

Originally Posted by alee92

Hi I recently installed vista 64bit Ultimate and I tried to use ventrilo however it kept giving me the error:

Failed to get encoder for specified Codec.

Unable to initialize outbound codec (DSP Group TrueSpeech - 8 KHz, 16 bit): Unable to find the specified codec.

I have TrueSpeech Installed (says so on WMP) However it doesn't initialize.

This is what it says to do on the Vent site.

Q: Unable to initialize the codec. CODE = -10

-10 means the codec is found but is marked as disabled.

Control panel
Sound and multimedia
Double click "Audio Codec"
Double click on Microsoft GSM 6.10
Click on "Use this audio codec"
Press OK.

Since I've just switched to vista I find it hard to navigate around the control panel since its so much different than XP. Can someone translate those XP instructions into Vista, or tell me how to initialize the codec.


can you start ventrilo, or does it just end itself when you get that message?
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Where can I find USB Audio Codec for Vista, XP has it but its not anywhere in the Vista driver cabs
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Hi, I'm having an audio problem. Well with the current codec I can listen to music play games etc, but I can't hear sounds produced by the system itself like when using the task manager, if I visit a webpage with a flash video on it no sound it reproduced and so on. The codec I have isn't certified by Windows and I can't find one that is. I'll attach my dxdiag file if it helps.

A:Help identifying the correct audio codec

According to DXDIAG, you don't have your soundcard drivers installed.
Do you have an integrated sound card, or a PCI sound card?
Also, what is your sound card manufacturer and model?


Welcome to Techspot! (opps, I forgot that before)
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Hello I've been having quite a problem with my laptop Upon being turned on the built-in speakers will play sound for a few minutes before cutting off I've cornered reasons that trigger it Naturally after nbsp anywhere between a couple of seconds and minutes Plugging anything Audio High CODEC IDT Definition nbsp into the jack Switching the media being played say click on another youtube IDT High Definition Audio CODEC video play another track from iTunes etc I had found a temporary solution to the problem which was to nbsp use a bluetooth speaker which's sound I suppose relied on a different device driver to work proprely In addition I had to have one media file playing continuously with or without audio for the sound not to abruptly cut off when I decided to play any other video or listen to any other music Trigger reason Hence the first tab I had to open was a h Nyan Cat video that I let roll on minimum volume whilst I did other things nbsp Bear in mind this 'solution' was nbsp necessary nbsp to the bluetooth speakers functioning and USB headsets work the same way It does not work at all on the built-in speakers or on any playback device plugged into the jack I've tried so many different things nbsp It's been about months since this awfully frustrating problem nbsp began Help me please PC specs HP Envy -j nf go RAMIntel Core -MQ GHzWindows bitPlease let me know if you need any additional information on my computer or on what I have already tried out Thank you in advance James
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hey all. i'm having issues with the realtek HD audio drivers. i just installed the latest version (2.24 i think) and i have no sound. note, i did not have a prior working version under windows 7 - i just installed windows 7 RC today for the first time.

one possible issue is that it appears to be using the wrong codec - i believe that i need the ALC882 codec, but in windows 7, it appears to have installed the ALC885 codec.

anyone know how to change the codec?

A:Realtek HD Audio - wrong codec?

quick update, i was wrong about the codec - XP does in fact use ALC885.

that said, i resolved the issue using info from the second sticky in this forum (regarding editing the registry keys to reassign ports) and rebooting.
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PC Info: Windows edition: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 Model: HP Elitebook 8440pProcessor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M520 @2.40GHzInstalled Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB (1.86 GB Usable)System Type: 64 - bit Operating System Problem:At first my laptop was not able to detect earphones that I plug in so I decided to install a driver from HP for my laptop.  I couldn't find one specifically for Windows 7 Ultimate so I downloaded the one for Windows 7 Professional. Ever since I installed the driver, the earphones work fine now but the laptop speakers does not work. When I click the volume icon in the notification area and I play music or video it indicates that there is sound playing. I tried reinstalling the driver but it still doesn't work.  Hoping you can help me with this one. Thank you in advance! 

A:IDT High Definition Audio Codec

Hi, Here are a couple of thing to check. 1.  Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as soon as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu, then select f10 to enter the Bios Menu. Under the System configuration tab, expand 'Built in Device Options' and check that both 'Audio Device' & 'External Speakers' are both selected - save any change before exiting. 2,  If the bios shows the above options are already checked, try the following. Download the IDT HD Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. When done, hold down the Windows key and press R Into the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the IDT device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall. When complete, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the following link. When the Chipset reinstallation has completed, shutdown the notebook. Unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold down the Power button for 30 seconds.  Re-insert the battery and plug in the AC Adapter. When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the IDT installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook and let windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K
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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been here. Busy and few probs. However, I need to find an MPEG-1 audio codec. Searched the net and it's all fine and well that so many people can give me def'ns on "what is" an MPEG-1 audio codec, but after clicking on dozens of "so called" d/l sites, all I got was more definitions and offers to d/l other players, which happen to come with MPEG-1 audio codecs. I don't need another player. I have 2 very good ones, thank you. Just need the audio codec. Any help? Pleez?

A:Need MPEG-1 Audio Codec: (Not sure where to post this, sorry)

Try this site and see if you can find what you need there.
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i have a dell xps 720, running windows xp, i ran all the windows updates

i recently installed sigmatel high definition audio codec and i'm now left with no sound at all on my computer. this codec i downloaded from the dell drivers site according to my system so i don't know what's going on

A:sigmatel audio codec -- NO sound

You can try uninstalling the sigmatel driver from the device manager. After you have done that, just restart the computer. XP will install native audio drivers automatically. You don't need to install Sigmatel.
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I have Dell Vostro 3350 with WIN 7 and the sound is not working properly, whenvevr i try to open websites with sount it dosen't play the sound.
movies as  well.
I usally need to go to settings-sounds- playback- speakers/ headphones and then click on it- configure and test.
only then it start working for the specific web/ movie that i chose,
How can i fix it?

A:IDT High Defintion Audio CODEC

Hello Adi,
I would suggest you to refer to the article on No sound from web browser and No sound/audio from web browser and try the suggestions mentioned. For more details, see Sound Problems in Microsoft Windows.Hope this helps!
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Okay, So, I have that thing, but Stereo Mix doesn't show up. I need to enable that option to record sound for a video recording program. I tried downloading drivers, but they aren't compatible. How do I make this option pop up? I have an Inspiron 1545, by the by.

A:IDT HD Audio Codec and the Stereo Mix Option.

If you are using Vista, make sure that when you are in the "Recording" tab, you are showing "disabled" devices. Under the list of microphones, etc, right click a blank space and select "Show Disconnected Devices". Then a source called "Rec. Playback" should come up. This IS stereo mix. Right click, enable it and then you can select it as your default device and use it from other applications, etc.
If you still don't see it, you may be a victim of Dell's strange policy of disabling Stereo Mix on some laptops. I personally have a Studio 1537 with IDT and it has Stereo Mix enabled, but Dell have restricted it in the past on some computers due to copyright protection.
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After a clean reinstall windows 10 I have no driver device for IDT High Definition Audio CodecI cannot get one from HP support no available for p6-2375eoI would like to know how and where I can get a device compatible with windows 10 if possibleeverything else works perfect but there is no soundany ideas pleaseBK 

View Solution.

A:IDT High Definition Audio Codec

Hi: Try the W8.1 driver from your PC's support and driver page... This package provides the driver for the IDT High Definition Audio solutions in supported models that are running a supported operating system. File name: sp63932.exe You can see in the conversation below that this worked for another forum member with the IDT audio on a notebook PC after upgrading to W10 and losing sound.
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Hi all,
Just purchased Sony DVD Burner that came with a beta version of Nero 7. Seems that this bata version does not come with the needed codec to play audio. I have spent several hours trying to track down the missing codec but to no avail. I have windows xp 2000 and plenty of power to run the programs but I am not literate enough to find and install the missing codec. Help! Any hand holding would be greatly appreciated.


PS. Sony gratiously offered to sell me the full version of Nero for about $80 and did not even offer an appology for selling a burner that does not even have appropriate software to make it work. The box does not even mention this deficiency or that the included Nero 7 was a bata version.

A:Audio codec for Nero 7 needed

Nero 7 would be a limited version if bundled with a DVD drive and Sony is partnered with Nero and has no other relationship or responsibility to support the Nero product. You'd have to contact Nero for that and I'm sure they would probably "encourage" you to buy the full version of Nero 8 but you could probably get it at an "upgrade" price which means it would be a little bit cheaper than full retail but it might be the same less expensive cost at Amazon so its not really much of a deal.

But concerning the audio codec problem, what are you trying to play that you don't have a codec for? There are many audio codecs used for different videos and for different purposes so just to say you are missing the audio codec doesn't describe the problem well enough.
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I just installed WinXP Pro onto a new HDD with a new mobo. The entire install went fine. Before I installed the audio drivers from the disc that came with the mobo, I installed several audio codecs. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but my audio driver isn't working. If I go to the driver window where it should normally say: This device is working properly, it says something to the effect of: error 10. I've tried unintstalling it and reinstalling, with no change. I went into BIOS and switched from AC97 to Azalia for the audio, and it was set to Enabled.

This is an MSI mobo, MS 7508 or 7085 (not sure on the model #) with C-Media Azalia CMI9880L audio codec controller.

Any idea what I've missed?

Thanks for any help!

A:Audio driver/codec problem

I normally fix a problem like your's by deleting all Sound devices in Device Manager and reboot. Windows will re-discover it and then you can select Have Disk and install the drivers you have.

Good luck.
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I just installed Windows XP Professional on my laptop (Gateway MX8734) and my sound card (SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC) is not working.

In device manager, it has a yellow error by it, and the error is "This Device Failed to Start". I've tried multiple drivers from the Gateway Site. I'm not sure which ones though. In the CABS folder of the root drive, these are the drivers:
Both of those are SigmaTel drivers. I've tried a Dell Insiprion drivers. What else could I do? Help me please!

A:SigmaTel HD Audio CODEC not working.

Have you checked your BIOS to assure yourself that the on-board audio card is enabled?This is a link I found at Gateway;uid=280562081See if you can find the correct driver I realize the driver above says windows Vista, but the site really wants your serial number rather than the model number.Bruce.
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I keep trying to play a wav file and keep getting "DSP Group TrueSpeech? Audio CODEC "needed number22.This is for medcal transcription wav fie. I searched and found a step by step fix posted by coolchris. However I can't install the new codec as I can't find the proper .inf file in folder system32.

A:DSP Group TrueSpeech™ Audio CODEC

Originally Posted by Mishlip

I keep trying to play a wav file and keep getting "DSP Group TrueSpeech? Audio CODEC "needed number22.This is for medcal transcription wav fie. I searched and found a step by step fix posted by coolchris. However I can't install the new codec as I can't find the proper .inf file in folder system32. : Download K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.0 FULL, K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.0 STANDARD, K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.0 BASIC : K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools install the basic version of this, its the K-Lite codec pack which does include the DPS true speech codecs, let me know if it works ok.
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I just upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 by doing a clean install with an ISO.  Now the audio works but is not as loud as before and I don't have the proper IDT HD audio CODEC drivers.  I can't find anything on the HP support website. 

A:HP 620 IDT HD audio codec Windows 10 driver

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer would be to try the W7 audio driver from your notebook's support page and see if that works.
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Hi there Someone plz can tell me what codecs and from where should I dowload to get the audio for avi movies on Windows Media Player The video is OK but instead of sounds I hear irregular short high frequency discharges such as tweetings 12. codec Missing for audio WMPlayer but much worse I am afraid of third party codecs most of them have trojans as I noticed And besides why would someone bother Missing audio codec for WMPlayer 12. maintaining websites with third party codecs for Microsoft for humanitarian reasons WMPlayer does not notice errors thus does not offer downloads for new codex My actual codecs are these ACM Microsoft IMA ADPCM CODEC imaadp acm ACM Microsoft CCITT G A-Law and u-Law CODEC msg acm ACM Microsoft GSM Audio CODEC msgsm acm ACM Microsoft ADPCM CODEC msadp acm ACM Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer- Codec professional l codecp acm ACM ffdshow Audio Decoder ff acm acm ACM Microsoft PCM Converter DMO WMAudio Decoder DMO WMADMOD DLL DMO WMAPro over S PDIF DMO WMADMOD DLL DMO WMSpeech Decoder DMO A B WMSPDMOD DLL DMO MP Decoder DMO mp dmod dll Cheers and thx

A:Missing audio codec for WMPlayer 12.

I think you will fine that you need different codecs for different avi files, so it's a good idea just to download a codec pack. Either from avi codec pack downloads - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET or the popular pack from DivX Plus Codec Pack
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Does any one know where I can get a YAMAHA DS-XG PCI Audio CODEC (WDM)/ Gameport Driver by Yamaha?


Originally Posted by Sboetel

Does any one know where I can get a YAMAHA DS-XG PCI Audio CODEC (WDM)/ Gameport Driver by Yamaha?

There is a problem known with this driver, you need to look at the support of Microsoft, I advance you, that you have very hard.

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The volume mute light on my keyboard recently went out so I thought I would reinstall the audio driver and see if the new installation would detect the hardware and resolve my problem. I went to Device Manager>Sound, video, and game controllers>IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and uninstalled the driver. Upon reinstallation via searching online and from previous drivers, the installer states the driver software was found but a device attached to the system is not functioning. If I choose the install High Definition Audio Device, it successfully installs however the light does not come on for the mute button as well as the speakers are not as loud as they previously were. I also noticed that my Beats Audio Control Panel has been removed from my program list. Any suggestions or drivers available?

A:HP Envy 15j-011 dx IDT High Def Audio CODEC

I was able to resolve the issue by looking up the audio drivers that came installed on the machine from the drivers webpage; however, it was a little difficult to figure out as the first few times, after selecting an operating system I did not select the change option. Maybe have the webpage auto update when a selection has been entered? Just confusing that it stated "change" when i had never selected anything to start with.
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When I download music and videos and put them on a disc I can only replay them on my laptop. I use final down loader which is really fast and is suppose to convert them but I cant play them elsewhere. I'm not very good at this can someone help me?

A:I need a video/audio codec converter ?


but I cant play them elsewhere.

By "elsewhere" do you mean on a DVD player? DVD players won't play MPEG, AVI, QuickTime files or any of those everyday computer file formats. You would need to do DVD authoring with a program like DVD Studio Pro. That's a whole complex process. I believe some programs like Toast can burn some file types to DVD that will play on a DVD player but with limited capability. For example if you try to fast forward or run in slow-motion it will just lock up.
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I upgraded to Windows XP on a Dell 266XT and I have no sound. I am getting a code 12 on Crystal WDM Audio Codec. Help!

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ok i want the latest version of IDT HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO CODEC there is the website hp were i get my drivers from for my sound i used to have the latest which allows me to have really high quality sound and bass now im stuck with a 2009 version and i can't seem to upgrade now that i have reformatted and installed brand new copy of windows 7 i am not to sure what to do i have looked everywere there has to be someone who can help me please

A:Idt high definition audio codec

Because of custom implementation by PC Vendors, IDT does not provide drivers on their web site, they direct you to the PC or Motherboard vendor for the drivers. I have an Intel motherboard with SigmaTel integrated audio, when I was using it (I have a separate sound card now) and later an IDT driver update, from Intel, I heard NO DIFFERENCE in sound quality between the drivers. I can be picky about sound as I have a Recording Studio.

If your PC Vendor, and I gather HP from your post, does not have an updated driver usually non HP drivers will either not work or not work correctly.
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After replacing the system Win SE Registry on an Acer TravelMate DX i had problems with various hardware items These were resolved apart from the sound Laptop: WDM Audio Codec Crystal codec This was a while ago but time i started the machine up it would ask me for the WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Labs Crystal Audio WDM Codec Disk and Laptop: Crystal WDM Audio Codec since the laptop came with only Lotus SmartSuite for software i was at a loss At this point i started by going to Acer s site then Crystal s Cirrus Logic and all of the Laptop: Crystal WDM Audio Codec drivers i tried failed possibly because i don t know which chipset the codec is Recently i have tried other sites such as driverguide com but they only give drivers for card-based codecs rather than integrated ones like mine There s a couple of threads with similar problems but again they seem to be for the non-integrated version and are dated Please help me p s yes afaik the hardware is working it makes a crackling sound when i try to play a sound file and at the same time runs into an error nbsp
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I have an Inspiron E1705 I recently upgraded to Windows XP with sp3 I had to get the OS re-installed now I don't have any sound at all and no 3D for my games I have IDT High Definition Audio CODEC with an ! in front of it in the device manager and when I check the properties i get code 10 device cannot start what can I do to fix the problem? I'm also having a problem with my video controller I don't have 3D anymore.

A:IDT High definition audio CODEC

Hi scruffydog420

1) Go to Device Manager and uninstall the IDT item from the Sound... category.
2) Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics devices listed in the Display... category.
3) From the Dell Support Website download
-----> the Dell Notebook System Software
-----> the Intel Mobile Chipset Driver
-----> the Sigmatel Audio Driver

Install them in this order:
1) Install the Dell Notebook System Software
2) Reboot
3) Install the Intel Moblile Chipset Driver
4) Reboot
5) Install the Sigmatel Audio Driver
6) Install the Graphics driver that matches your hardware. It will be one of the following =
.....a) Radeon Mobility x1400
.....b) Intel G945GM
.....c) nVidia GeForce Go 7800
.....d) nVidia GeForce Go 7900S

The graphics drivers are on the following Dell webpages:
a) Radeon Mobility x1400
b) Intel G945GM
c) nVidia GeForce Go 7800
d) nVidia GeForce Go 7900S

If you are unsure which graphics device is in your laptop, visit, select Support, select Drivers, and enter the Service Tag number on the sticker on the bottom of your notebook --- it should list the device in your system. Note that you can find any other drivers that you might otherwise be missing there: such as for the network or the touchpad.

That should do it.
Best of luck
. . . Gary

[the "IDT" device listing is a misdetection, because Windows XP doesn't have enough information on the devices in your notebook].
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It currently uses Conexant HD audio codecs... but here lately, whenever I record something with Fraps or Hypercam, the audio is bad... it sound garbled, to say the least. A friend I know all the way in Scotland uses Realtek HD codecs, and his Fraps records fine... incredible even.

Should I delete my Conexant audio codecs, and install Realtek codecs? I heard Realtek is better anyhoo, so i'll be upgrading my sound, right? Or do you guys believe that I should just leave it alone.

Thanks for helping me numerous times in the past

Any advice would be appreciated Thanks!


Windows Vista Home Prermium 32-bit
Service Pack 1
1 gig memory/ram
1.86 GHz

A:HP Pavilion DV6500 Audio Codec...


By the way, I wanted to include that when I went to the HP website, and put in my computer model, it came up with the preferred drivers that I should install for my computer, and that Reaktek high-def codecs were among the list, as well as that conexant. Didn't know if that's info that should also be mentioned.
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Realtek HD Audio 2.68 audio driver download from

To easily install, go to device manager first. Then right click the Realtek audio, choose uninstall and also check the box to delete the driver.

This saves you a reboot in the process to install. When you run the installer, it won't demand a reboot before actually installing the driver.

A:New Realtek HD Audio codec drivers 2.68

I can't get this one to install actually, the install always stops responding & crashes after extracting everything.
Currently I'm on .6586 from 06/03/2012. I'm going to try removing those first and then installing the newest ones.. we'll see..

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Just like it says. I've tried numerous codec packs, but something about VirtualDub doesn't work. I'm trying to extract the audio from an AVI that used TCM for its encoding. Why is it that people always have to use the most obscure codecs they can find?
It plays just fine in WMP, and will show video in VirtualDub, but when loading the video gives an error regarding bitrate, and file info shows the audio as unknown, tag 0055. I used GSpot (and something else) and it says the audio is Mpeg-1, level 3.
I Dl'ed videoaudio extractor, and got it, but that's shareware. I don't do this stuff that often, so spending the cash to register it is kinda senseless. VirtualDub is free.

A:Looking for a TCM audio codec that owrks with VirtualDub

sure it's not Pcm ? never heard of Tcm audio.....

check pm-
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Ive been trying to use the voicechat feature in Yahoo messenger but i keep getting the message "Your computer does not support the required audio compression format". I did some snooping around and learnd that i need to have "DSP Group TrueSpeech? Audio CODEC " to use the voice chat can anyone help me aquire the needed codec?

A:DSP Group TrueSpeech™ Audio CODEC

Hi. This is a pain to do, but follow to get up and running:

The DSP codec can be installed on Vista using the following procedure:
1. Acquire tssoft32.acm and tsd32.dll at - Downloads
The Download link is half way down the page.
2. Open the Windows\System32 directory
3. If tssoft32.acm is present, rename it tssoft32_old.acm. Either way, proceed to the next step
4. Place tssoft32.acm and tsd32.dll into the Windows\System32 directory
5. Create the following registry entry:
a. Folder (you may need to create some of these folders: KEY_CURRENT_CONFIG>Software\Microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\msacm.trspch
b. Set REG_SZ value to: tssoft32.acm
c. No need to reboot, just close regedit
6. You can verify that the codec installed correctly by going to WMP 11\Help and clicking on “Technical Support Information”. A webpage will open listing all the codecs installed. If tssoft32.acm is listed, you’re set!
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Find USB Audio Codec for Vista 32, It comes with XP but there is no USB Audio Codec in the vista driver cab
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Hi I just uninstalled a piece of software that was made to record you What Audio recommend? pack codec would anything that ran through the computer s sound card Total Recorder It worked by making some kind of virtual Audio device but having it there was screwing up my sound for DirectX based programs games Since uninstalling the software and its drivers I have noticed that certain sound files like quot mp quot play back a bit crackly mp files play fine through quot Classic Media Player quot that I installed with the quot K-lite Codec Pack quot but they still play back a bit crackly with Itunes I have double checked that it is not the CPU or RAM usage jumping up so I am fairly certain it is a codec problem caused by uninstalling the virtual Audio device software So basically what I m asking here is What codec pack would you recommend for me to use Which codec pack is most up to date for windows XP Pro SP Where can I download the codec s you What Audio codec pack would you recommend? recommend nbsp

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I am sunny. i want to download dsp group True Speech(TM) audio codec. but when i download this messege appears "the unzipped file has to be put in to the directory "c:windowssystem32" then the codec is installed.

I want to know which file is unzipped and how would i put it into the directory.
thanks in advance
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I have a new Intel DP965LT motherboard with "SigmaTel" audio control. I am running windows XP SP2. I have two sony DVD/RW burners. When using Adobe Elements to make a movie, audio is burned onto the disk but will not play back in either burner. (Plays great on the TV). I have sound for playback for other recorded files, such as Mpg or WMV that have been burned to DVD, but not for and movie-type DVDs. I seem to be missing a codec? I do have a list of audio codecs in Device manager, but under Sigmatel there is only one.
How do I find and install the proper codec(s)?

I have already checked that nothing is muted, that headphones haven't been selected, etc.


A:[SOLVED] Audio codec problem

try the klite codecs
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Hello.  Im the owner of a HP 620, and i recently installed Windows 8 Pro (x64). It detects the sound card and installs it, the device has no conflicts but it has no sound. I checked out this post: And i used the drivers recommended by the HP team however it still does not work. I reinstalled Windows 8 Pro and I tried to install those drivers provided again, but still they do not work for my HP 620. I also tried to download any other version from Microsoft Update Catalog, but none of them work. In Windows 7 the sound works perfectly. Any solution to this problem? PS. My hardware is an IDT 92HD88B3

A:HP 620 - Windows 8 - IDT High Definition Audio Codec

Try uninstalling the driver first and then re-installing them.
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I previously had a stuttering issue on "only" music playback with my SigmaTel High Definition CODEC, but after rolling back my drivers to the default Microsoft tones, the audio stuttering disappeared.

Since I have never used Microsoft audio drivers, are they of the same quality as the SigmaTel's? My current version is:


Any issues with keeping this default Microsoft HD Audio driver?

A:SigmaTel HD CODEC vs. default Microsoft HD Audio

Yes I get lag during online game play COD when there is specific sounds that cause it. Dont know how to fix it.
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When trying to edit a .avi file in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 I get this message: Stream attributes could not be determined.
This is not the first time this have happened and I usually solve it buy running a codec finder program and download the suitably codec. But this did not work for all of the files this time.

The codec I downloaded this time was: Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder

I get this information when I run the files that did not work in a codec finder program:
128 Kbps, 48,0 KHz, 16 bits, 2 channels, MPEG Audio (MP3) (Version 1) (Layer 3) (Joint stereo / MS Stereo)

In the files that worked because of the codec I downloaded I get this information:
128 Kbps, 48,0 KHz, 2 channels, MPEG Audio (MP3) (Version 1) (Layer 3) (Joint stereo / MS Stereo)

The only difference I can spot is the 16 bits part. Is it this that is the problem?

I have Windows Vista.
Help would be highly appreciated!

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I want to play this movie but it does not work on any player other than Divx

--Ive tried winamp, Windows Media, and realplayer --

It is an .AVI file but in the folder i downloaded it in there is also an .SRT file --

When i try playing it on Divx Player an erroring comes up about missing audio codec and I can see the video perfectly but no sound is coming out..

Is there anything i can do to watch this? Maybe get some other media player but i really dont want to download it again.. ( Big File )

A:Quick Question - Missing Audio Codec?

Sounds like you just need the correct codec. You can download a codec pack that covers most types of video - look at the K-Lite codec pack options, or Gspot is a tool that will tell you the codec you're missing.
You can get both here.
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I have Toshiba Qosmio G30 I need Sound driver SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC for win7 32bit thanks

A:SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC

this should work

SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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This is making static for every song I play and it has too many options with equalizers and such that distort the audio. Is there a way to replace this with something more simple that doesn't require a 500 page manual on how to run? I'm not sure what my sound card is or how to find out. Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver


What drivers are available for this? It's what's at the hardware portion of the Sounds and Audio Device Properties. Is this my video card? Please help.
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i have installed win 7 64bit on my notebook acer core 2 duo 4gb ram. i cant load the driver for 64bit system the same problem is connected with modem as well.
please if you can help me to find the suitable driver for win 7 64bit.

thank you in advance

A:Conexant Audio Codec CX20561-15Z Win 7/64bit

Have you tired to install them in compatibility mode?
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i'm running winxp sp2....and everything aas fine until i installed k-lite codec pack....then i got no sound from anything on my computer....winamp, media player classic....anything at all....
then i tried to uninstall the stuff...but still no sound....
does anyone have any suggestion for me...on how i can get my sound back?!?

i'd like to add another thing....i get no erroe messages of any sort when i run files, i mean..i can see the videos going but no sound...n i can see the time elasping but no sound....
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I can?t use Skype for the below reason. In the control panel, sound shows the below(In Japanese, Micropone ?Currently unavailable?)?IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) I could not select the mic as setting device, it is impossible to choose.(Unable to select the gray out) In some comments on the web shows that only one device can be recognized as ?recording?, I changed the other device unavailable, but could not select the mic as the available device.  Even though property of microphone shows the connection of 3.5 mm jack in rear, panel, the connection of mic does not affect the status of ?currently unavailable?.I changed several jack on the PC panel, no status change happens.Mic works when it connects to other devices. Wiondows 8.1?PC is HP Pavilion Slimline 400 PC Please help me and let me know the solutions. 

A:IDT High Definition Audio CODEC unavailable

please follow these steps:1. In the search option of Charms Bar type devmgmt.msc. Select the resulted file in the left pane. This opens Device Manager.2. Unknown devices would be listed as such and marked out with a yellow question mark.3. Select the unknown device or other device for which you need drivers and right click to access Properties.4. In the Properties window click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id  or Hardware ID from the drop down.5. An alphanumeric string like this PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_012F1025&REV_01\4&6B16D5B&0&33F0 is the identification marker for the device.6. Please provide this number so that we can suggest the appropriate driver.
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This is driving me nuts I have a ION iTTUSB turntable that I ve had for around and a half years On my previous computer ripping albums was a snap just plug into a USB port and use Spin It Again I recently got a new computer and now the USB Audio Codec is giving me a royal headache The sound comes through but I can t hear it through my headphones or Spin It Again or Audioacity but Volume Audio Imput USB Recording Codec it is far too loud I ve followed the steps in the Audacity wiki to attempt to tame this outrageous sound level but to no avail there are no options for the volume of the recording level not a one Nothing I try reduces the input level and my recordings while sounding great are far too loud the sound volume goes WAY into the red and is painful to the ears The turntable itself has no volume control and this was never a problem before I upgraded What do I do I planned to spend all winter ripping albums nbsp
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Hi all, I've been going though posts via search for this help, but had no luck. So now, I'm asking all for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Sony Vaio VGC-RC110G and installed W7 RC 32 bit and it went smoothly 'cept for 2 missing drivers. The main one is the sound device as it is NOT being read. I can't get any sound. I spent several hours on the net looking for a compatiable driver, and alot of people ran into trouble with the SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec when they upgraded to Vista. Tested a bunch of drivers (from Sony site and even updated sound drivers from Dell) and none worked.

Even downloaded some program called detective driver to help me find compatiable driver but I'd have to pay $30 to activate the program. I would but Im afraid it might not find it.

Any help? Thanks in advance.

A:SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec

when you say you installed it do you mean upgrade or clean install?
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I just reformatted my Dell Dimension 5100c with windows XP SP3. I was installing the drivers, all successfully, except one (mentioned in the title). It has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark on the name in the device manager. When I turn on my computer it says "new hardware found" (it calls it an audio device on high definition bus or something similar to that) and i click install from recommended source online. It downloads some files, then this command prompt-like box appears and tries to start audio device. Then it gives me Code-10, "this device can not start." I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device, but that's about it. I've never had the problem before. Help is appreciated and if I'm missing any information to give I apologize.

A:IDT High Definition Audio CODEC problems.

You should be able to find it at the link below.
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I have a NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio Codec Interface 7/26/2005 6.14.0465.0

I ran the PC Pitstop Driver Alert and it showed that my Audio Codec is out of date and recommends I get the 10/26/2007

The only thing is that I can't find this version. I have Windows XP SP2.

A:NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio Codec Interface

I wouldn't worry about it. Many of these driver scans seem to find newer drivers that the manufacturer has not posted and are not needed. NVidia has not released a newer driver for its NForce audio for XP since 2005 and never will.