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Faulty RAM, reccomendations for upgrade/replace please?

Q: Faulty RAM, reccomendations for upgrade/replace please?

Basically I got a new PC with faulty RAM and after I asked them to replace it, they told me it was fine.
I've decided to just replace it myself, any suggestions on what sort of thing I should look for(price range upto about £120)
I'll post my computer spec later.

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Preferred Solution: Faulty RAM, reccomendations for upgrade/replace please?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Faulty RAM, reccomendations for upgrade/replace please?

Give us your make and model of your motherboard. Link us and we will help.

As a side note, never buy from them again. You and I both know it is faulty RAM or that they didn't set the voltage correctly in the BIOS.

Did you ever run Memtest per stick?
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Good morning Eight Forums. I've had a GeForce GTX 560 by EVGA for a while now, and I think it's time to retire it. So, in the search for a viable replacement, I've decided to branch out to the all-knowing community for help.
I'm looking to switch out the old GPU with either two EVGA GeForce GTX 760 FTW cards in SLI or a single EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Superclocked card. My current setup (AMD FX-8350, GeForce GTX 560) runs just fine on my SeaSonic S12II 620w PSU, and I'd like to stick with it if I could. The important questions are, which would give me more bang for my buck, and can the little SeaSonic handle SLI?

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance!

Expected Upgrade Config
AMD FX-83504x Crucial Ballistix Elite 4GB 1600Crucial M550 256GB SSD with 640GB Hitachi HDDSeaSonic S12II 620w2x EVGA GeForce GTX 760 FTW -or- EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti SuperclockedGigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

A:Reccomendations for GPU Upgrade

Buy another 560 use sli and save a ton of money. I'm still on 460s in sli and they work fine. Only problem is memory.

Edit: the 760sli is also more bang for your buck than the 780 if had same memory size
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Hi all,

I've been gifted a broken Samsung R700 and after some diagnostics believe the problem to be with the Nvidia Geforce 8400M which is apparently quite notorious when it comes to faults. What I would like to know is can I replace the chip? I can certainly get hold of one for around £30but so far I can only find instructions to replace them in Dell machines and am not quite experienced enough to know whether this would apply with the Samsung! (There are loads of forums that tell you how to claim your money back on this particular model, but as this was being chucked out I can't go down that route.) Obviously if it would need a new motherboard then it's not really worth my while.

Thank you all!
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I received the following Blue Screen of Death stating quot stop X C X X X X AD C a device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught the faulty driver currently on the kernel stack must be replaced with a working version beginning dump of physical memory dump physical memory to disk thru contact your administrator quot Then the computer reboots and runs through the same cycle again and again My Problem I do not know how to identify and replace a faulty driver on the kernal stack much less where to find a working version So I did the following before posting this message I read through the archives of this forum for any post with quot driver quot quot kernel quot and quot memory dump quot that I thought was relevant I performed the Microsoft Memory Diagnostic via the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis webpage Note Memory was OK I installed Spybot ran it and cleaned out recommended files I installed Ad-aware ran it and cleaned out recommended files The above only cleaned up the computer and did not assist me in identifying the faulty driver on the kernal stack Further once I do Kernel replace driver to on Need Stack faulty identify the faulty driver what do I do Any assistance Need to replace faulty driver on Kernel Stack is appreciated Thanks email protected nbsp

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and the audio input in front is can sometimes get it to work but often it's impossible. How difficult is it to replace it? I also heard from someone that you might be able to do the sound through that correct? What is my best option here?


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Hello anyone who can help me.

This week i started getting these and they are sporadic, sometimes happening frequently almost as soon as windows appears. I have used driver sweeper to clean all drivers and this helped for a while. I have now tried to use combofix but this causes the BSOD every time without fail. I have scanned with AVG and Microsoft Essentials and they come up clean, have scanned from both in safe mode and they identified and cleaned a few things but didnt stop the problem. Relevant files are attached, if anyone has some advice it would be much appreciated.

A:BSOD- need to replace faulty driver on kernel stack

Quote: Originally Posted by CoalMarx

Hello anyone who can help me.

This week i started getting these and they are sporadic, sometimes happening frequently almost as soon as windows appears. I have used driver sweeper to clean all drivers and this helped for a while. I have now tried to use combofix but this causes the BSOD every time without fail. I have scanned with AVG and Microsoft Essentials and they come up clean, have scanned from both in safe mode and they identified and cleaned a few things but didnt stop the problem. Relevant files are attached, if anyone has some advice it would be much appreciated.

Driver verified your AVG is the cause. Remove and replave with Microsoft Security essentials

AVG - PC TuneUp 2011 | Registry Cleaner, File Recovery, Internet Accelerator
AVG Removal Tool
Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2\061611-24882-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\Symbols*;srv*e:\symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (3 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7601.17592.x86fre.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x82a15000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x82b5e4d0
Debug session time: Thu Jun 16 13:46:27.569 2011 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:01:05.036
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. This is
because the driver was specified in the registry as being suspect (by the
administrator) and the kernel has enabled substantial checking of this driver.
If the driver attempts to corrupt the system, bugchecks 0xC4, 0xC1 and 0xA will
be among the most commonly seen crashes.
Arg1: 00000000, caller is trying to allocate zero bytes
Arg2: 00000000, current IRQL
Arg3: 00000000, pool type
Arg4: 00000000, number of bytes

Debugging Details:

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\avgtdix.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for avgtdix.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for avgtdix.sys





PROCESS_NAME: avgnsx.exe

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 82d4bf1f to 82af3f2c

b74d7a10 82d4bf1f 000000c4 00000000 00000000 nt!KeBugCheckEx+0x1e
b74d7a30 82d5ba31 00000000 00000000 00000001 nt!VerifierBugCheckIfAppropriate+0x30
b74d7a48 82d47b7b 00000080 00000000 b74d7a8c nt!ExAllocatePoolSanityChecks+0xb2
b74d7a7c 82d4774f 00000080 00000000 f24b5357 nt!VeAllocatePoolWithTagPriority+0x68
b74d7a98 8f2f65d0 00000000 00000000 f24b5357 nt!VerifierExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x1e
b74d7ad4 8f242156 ac3d2f68 ad014f68 00000020 afd!WskTdiEHReceive+0xb3
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
b74d7b20 8f2422eb b9538f48 ad02cf30 00000000... Read more
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I need to replace my laptop's  network faulty card  (frequently stops functioning on windows 10).Product Number: KS342EA#AB9I read somewhere (in a lot of places actually) that the BIOS will almost certainly disable the card (may even refuse to boot the system).Could you provide me a list of network cards that are BIOS compatible to this specific model.I have an Inter(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (the faulty one).Regards   

A:Replace Faulty Network Card HP Pavilion dv6700, more specifi...

Hi, To be sure is to be sure, only use card on the following list for your country: (look at the bottom of the list). You may want to bookmark the link too. Regards.
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Hi , 

With recent upgrade of Windows 10 upgrade, my computer XPS 2710 totally black out.  I have been told that mother board is gone and have to replace. With the replacement Mother Board , I think I am required to re-install the Windows 8  and I think it will ask for a Product key , since it is a replacement mother board. Please advise, with the faulty motherboard, forced to replace the Motherboard. how will be go with the reinstallation of Windows 8.   With so many details in the forum about the faulty motherboard of XPS 2710 just because of the Windows 10 upgrade. I am planning to fall back to Window 8 with the replacement mother board, pleaser advise.

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I have a Dell 4550 Desktop with 1.8 pentium and 256 RAM running XP, a local computer store suggested I buy an off lease Dell with a 3.0 pentium with 2 GB RAM for $150 and he'll copy all of my programs over.

Or am I better off adding RAM?

The thing runs so slow it takes 10 minutes to restart before everything loads.



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Hello everyone, I'm having a HP Envy m6 x360 w014dx convertible notebook, i see that my CPU is a 2.4GHz 5th generation Intel Core i7-5500U Dual Core, i wonder if i can replace it with a more powerful one so i can play more games on this laptop. The Graphic processor is great, 930M Nvidia, but the processor need more power. Thank you.
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I have an XPS computer at least 6 or 7 years old that's still working well. But the battery now needs to be replaced as well as needing a new network card. The processor is intel cor (TM) i7-2630, QM CPU @ 2,00GH, 64 bit OS APCI x 64 based PC, 8 GB ram with pen support, running Windows 10. It is getting quirkier every time there's an email doesn't scroll smoothly anymore I used to be able to magnify a photo with the touch pad and that's disappeared..I don't know whether it's worth a rehab and if so, what needs to be upgraded. Should I reinstall the OS? Unfortunately money is an issue .I need a computer to do graphic design  and I do try to get a better machine when I need a new one.I've seen some interesting new ones, but the prices are steep.
Many thanks for the help,

A:upgrade or replace

Assuming the system has a hard drive, replacing it with a solid-state drive is the single best upgrade you can make.  That, plus a new battery and a network card should total less than $300.
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I would like to upgrade some of my old pc parts and theres also a Would pc or upgrade like to it!!! replace my game i recenlty dled called supcom that i want the play and the specs are way over for me Others notes i ve had this pc for probably over years replaced nothing yet everything still works fine and my pc has been on almost a week i did purchase a sata harddrive but have been a bit lazy to put it in that and im a total newb but any help would be great What i would really like is to find a nice decent and cheap motherboard to go with a good video card so i can hope to play d later in the future but if you have any other upgrades for Would like to upgrade my pc or replace it!!! my other parts that would be great aswell Here s my specs specs to play supcom is in the bottom Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Would like to upgrade my pc or replace it!!! Setting English System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Dimension BIOS Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------------------ Disk amp DVD CD-ROM Drives ------------------------ Drive C Free Space x x GB Total Space GB File System NTFS Model ST AS Drive E Free Space GB Total Space GB File System NTFS Model ST AS Drive D Model PIONEER DVD-RW DVR- D Driver c windows system drivers cdrom sys English bytes Drive F Model AT A EVV R SCSI CdRom Device Driver c windows system drivers cdrom sys English bytes ------------------------------------------------------------ Heres the system req to play supcom SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack Vista GHz processor MB RAM GB available hard drive space MB video RAM or greater with DirectX Vertex Shader Pixel Shader support Nvidia x or better Sound card speakers or headphones Broadband internet connection DSL Cable RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor or better GB RAM or better GB available hard drive space MB video RAM with DirectX Vertex Shader Pixel Shader support Nvidia or better Internet connection with Cable DSL speeds Any help would be great thanks nbsp

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I have a HP a1020n Pavilion I use to do audio reconditioning on, it's running WinXP. I've maxed the memory and have a terabyte drive installed already. My question is; should I bother to try to upgrade to Win7 and add a DirectX 9 video card and a better audio card to replace the onboard chip or just junk it and buy something newer with Win7 packaged with it? I've read one thread here by someone trying to install an upgraded video (Upgrading video card on HP Pavilion a1020n with ATI Radeon X1600 Pro PCI-e) and it doesn't paint a very good picture of trying to do any of this. Any thoughts/advice are appreciated.

A:To Replace or Upgrade?

It isn't worth the money to upgrade in exchange for the performance increase you would get.

What do you audio reconditioning with? What software? Potentially you could scrap XP, install Linux and use Audacity. Only costs you your time, no money.

I've done a fair bit of audio reconditioning of speeches recorded on cassette tapes with Audacity.
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Hey all Well I ve owned my computer for about - years now and to be honest it s been good but or Upgrade Replace? Solved: just Solved: Upgrade or Replace? recently I ve been getting into video editing D animation and general graphic design and well my computer just can t seem to keep up It would be nice since I ve got legal copies of both Windows Trial and Windows Vista Business N to use these and get upto date with everything and especially since I recently installed the CS Master Collection on my computer I ve noticed I can t export anything in After Effects which is bigger than about a minute long without my computer locking up At the moment I have the following specification HP Media Center PC - m uk Windows XP Media Center Edition Pentium Ghz HT Technology Processor ATi Radeon X Series MB PCI Express x Graphics Card GB DDR PC -pin RAM SATA GB Internal HDD Memory Card Reader x DVDRW Drives x USB Ports x FireWire Ports Hauppauge TV Card These are obviously the basic specs Full List http www amazon co uk Pavilion-Media-Center-m -uk-Photosmart dp B W HIK It would be nice to still have the TV Card built in but not essential Mainly I would like a powerful system capable of handling large amounts of video footage and audio as well as general operations I m not quite sure of my budget as of yet since I ve been out of the upgrading scheme of things for quite some time so I m not sure how much money gets me what these days One thing which would definately be useful is more USB ports since I bought some little devices which extend it although obviously this was just a quick fix to get my new scanner up and running So what would you suggest Ditch the current base unit and buy a new one or upgrade the above system with some new bits and bobs Cheers Andrew nbsp

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So, are these correct sequence of events to get OS onto SSD? 1. Put bootable Win 10 DVD in DVD drive.2. Power off.3. Unplug HDD and plug in SSD into SATA 1 that HDD was using.4. Power on and quickly enter bios setup.5. Change boot order to SSD OR to DVD drive where the bootable Win 10 DVD is at?6. Save Settings and Exit. 

A:Did free upgrade to 10 but now want to replace HHD with SSD ...

Hi: Yes, though you may not have to change any boot order settings. The PC should automatically scan for bootable devices on POST, and with the W10 installation media in the DVD drive, it should automatically boot from that device, since no OS is installed on the SSD. Then when you get to the W10 installation screen, you will be given the option to enter a product key, or select "I don't have a product key." Select the "I don't have a product key" option, and windows 10 will install. Once you are reconnected to the internet, activation should be automatic since the PC was already legally upgraded to W10 and previously activated.
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This is what happens After a few hours of operation svchost exe crashes Doesn't matter what I'm doing Gaming surfing you name it Faulting module svchost exe version faulting module unknown version faulty address x A few seconds will pass as I accept and my theme will change from the start blue one to the old grey one in a few seconds and then reset to the standard XP one Here's what I know so far When this happens crashes it takes faulty randomly, Svchost.exe no address, faulty module crashes no Windows Audio and a few other services with it which I have to start again using Run services msc I know which instance contains the Windows Audio Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module service so the problem is Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module most likely with one of the services hosted within that particular instance of Svchost.exe crashes randomly, no faulty address, no faulty module svchost I'm a bit lost though I don't know what to do because it doesn't give me an address it doesn't tell me which service is messing up so I need some help I have the windows error log and a decent recollection of what has happened since that error started I got a new X-fi sound card a Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal ty Champion The errors coincide with me installing that card but I can't see how that would mess up like this though http img imageshack us my php image errorspx jpg I don't know if I'm totally off the mark here but is it fair to assume that it is only ONE instance of svchost crashing The screenshot above shows the svchost hosting the services that go down after the crash I have a saved version of the program error log Right click on This Computer administrate System tools Log Program I have searched far and wide on the internet and tried all kinds of solutions Others have had this problem and it has been linked with the quot Automatic Updates quot service but that did nothing for me whether deleted the whole Windows Update service and re-registered the DLLs in short even though I replaced the Windows Update service and everything related to it with fresh copies generated by Windows itself Another related problem I found was the same message and the same symptom svchost crashing some time after a bootup There was a hotfix for this but I'm already using Windows XP Pro with Service Pack which contains this update and others addressing such issues And I have zero malware on this computer Am I looking at a faulty product here Damaged ram Lastly I have a copy of my error log containing about months before this error started http www megaupload com d DVZTRVWR Any help appreciated I'm going mad just from not knowing where exactly the problem lies
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Acer M1100
3.5gb ram
currently 250 stock power supply.
(current video card nvidia 7300gs)
Tv tuner card
wireless card.
ipod camera
external hd
wireless keyboard mouse.
this is a link to it Desktop Computer:1995122767:page=details

I already know what card im getting this is the one.
This is what i was looking at will it work(PSU)?
its a small form factor case but im not sure what kind of power supply will fit in it only micro atx or will regular atx work as well there in no little switch in the back and it has the little 115 number in the back.

A:Replace/Upgrade psu on Acer M1100

That power supply will work fine
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I would like to upgrade the HDD in my Aspire ES1 -512-P0SY.  Where may I find detailed specs for this laptop (giving max capacity figures)?  Alternatively, can anyone tell what max capacity HDD is? Also, there is no optical drive - does this mean I could install a second drive? Thnks
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Hi guys,

So let me explain my situation. I have a 15 month old laptop, with a dying hard drive. Quite frequently when it spins up, the hard drive makes a horrible buzzing/scraping noise. I decided I will invest the money and replace it for the $100 and get a faster one (7200 rpm).

Here's the catch. I have an upgrade disk on order, and only an OEM backup disk (Vista) to reformat.

Whats the best way to replace the hard disk and use an upgrade media to use 7 on my computer?

A:Upgrade and Replace Hard Drive

Pull the HDD out of the laptop. Attach it to your desktop, assuming you have one.

When new HDD for laptop arrives, attach that to desktop as well.

Use Clonezilla to clone the old HDD to the new.

Take new HDD out of desktop and put in laptop. Boot the laptop as normal. Enjoy. Remove old laptop HDD from desktop and phyiscally destroy it if there's sensitive data on it. Throw it out after.

Upgrade to Windows 7 on the laptop in any way you see fit.
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In I went out and bought a desktop an HP Pavilion p sc and for the first years I had no issues whatsoever However last year problems started to arise black screen blue screen different types of screens all screens and it s gotten so bad that the computer can t even boot up properly There s a weird sound or p6365sc HP - Pavilion Upgrade Replace? from of of the fans and the screen goes to black almost instantly with the quot no input signal quot message I play a lot of games and I know many here would tell me to buy a proper gaming computer but as I m short on money I simply can t afford it Here s a bit about the computer itself Product number WL AA Release date -Feb- Country region sold in Scandinavia Motherboard MS- Iona-GL E Manufacturer MSI Form factor microATX - cm inches x cm inches Chipset Intel H Express Memory sockets x DDR Front side bus speeds GT s DMI Processor socket LGA HP Pavilion p6365sc - Upgrade or Replace? Expansion Slots PCI Express x slot for graphics card PCI Express x slots PCI Express x minicard slot Processor Intel Core i Operating speed Up to GHz Number of cores Socket Bus speed DMI Direct Media Interface - bus speed not applicable for DMI Processor upgrade information Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades Intel Core i - xx Lynnfield core Intel Core i - xx Lynnfield core Intel Core i - xx Clarkdale core Intel HP Pavilion p6365sc - Upgrade or Replace? Core i - xx HP Pavilion p6365sc - Upgrade or Replace? Clarkdale core NOTE Maximum processor core frequency lt GHz Memory GB Amount GB Speed PC - MB sec Memory upgrade information Supports DDR DIMMs only Dual channel memory architecture Four DDR DIMM -pin sockets DIMM types PC - DDR - PC - DDR - Non-ECC memory only unbuffered Supports up to GB on -bit PCs Maximum memory only if using GB DDR DIMM modules Video graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT Interface PCI Express x Maximum resolution HDMI TV resolution up to p HDMI PC resolution x at Hz DVI TV resolution up to p DVI PC resolution dual-link x at Hz DVI PC resolution single-link x at Hz VGA resolution x at Hz Use NVIDIA software to optimize display GB onboard memory Supports two displays at the same time Two of the three ports are usable at any one time Supports HDCP Integrated Intel H Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed Integrated graphics using Intel H chipset when compatible CPU is installed Intel HD Graphics Sound Audio Integrated Realtek ALC S Audio Integrated High Definition audio Audio CODEC ALC S -channel high-definition audio AC no TV-Tuner AVerMedia DVB-T PAL Figure TV Tuner card top view Interface PCI Express x Supported transmission standards DVB-T digital PAL analog Requires an antenna Either DVB-T or PAL signal is available You cannot use both at the same time A -pin header on the card provides additional S-Video composite video and audio inputs for multimedia connections on the front of some PC cases Built-in IR controller Yes Networking LAN Gigabit -Base-GT Technology Realtek RTL DL Mbps Data transfer speeds up to Mbps Transmission standards Gigabit -Base-GT Ethernet wireless b g n half-length PCI-Express Mini card Interface type PCI-e half-length mini card socket Data transfer speeds up to Mbps Transmission standards b g n Antennas internal Operating band GHz single band Supported security protocols WPA-PSK WEP Hard drive x GB Size TB x GB drives Interface SATA Transfer rating Gb sec Rotational Speed RPM CD DVD disc drive SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology drive Memory Card Reader -in- multimedia card reader Figure View of memory card reader Supports the following cards Compact Flash I Compact Flash II IBM Microdrive MD Memory Stick MS Memory Stick Duo Duo Memory Stick Pro PRO Memory Stick Pro Duo Pro Duo MultiMediaCard MMC MultiMediaCard Mobile MMC mobile MultiMediaCard Plus MMC plus Reduced size MultiMediaCard RS-MMC Secure Digital SD Secure Digital miniSD Mini Smart Media xD Picture Card xD Computer Case Mid-size ATX Height cm inches Wi... Read more

A:HP Pavilion p6365sc - Upgrade or Replace?

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. This
There's a weird sound from of of the fans Click to expand...

together with the no input signal message MAY indicate damaged hardware but MAY also indicate that the computer case is totally choked with dust

That is your starting point to open the case - usually but not always a side panel is removable, you want the side panel that is furthest from the I/O plate where the mouse, keyboard, Ethernet etc connects

Unless you know how to proceed examine that aspect first, just visually and when you reply with how dusty it is, I will offer you further guidance
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I have an emachine T5026 that I am either looking to upgrade or replace. If I were to upgrade it I need a new video card and at least 1 GB of memory. I have had this computer for nearly three years and also know that the psu should and needs to be replaced. I have built an older computer from scratch before so this will be easy to replace these things. Or should I buy a new computer? I would like a good gaming computer. If need be I could scrap parts from the emachine. Either way it needs to be affordable.

A:Emachine T5026 upgrade or replace

Welcome to TechSpot! :wave:
Specify a budget and the exact specifications of your current machine. It would enable everyone to help you better if you could fill out your PC specs in your profile. Also fill out your location.
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So I am trying to make the move from console to PC for my gaming but my computer has long been used for mainly paying bills Upgrade or 2 Q6700 Core replace? online classes and web browsing I am wondering mostly because it seems that the parts I am searching for have Upgrade or replace? Core 2 Q6700 all been rendered obsolete if it is worth it to update and or upgrade my year old PC any further It has seen OS changes currently Windows upgraded to GB ram although not high performance and most recently an additional case fan a Corsair power supply and AMD Raedon HD card this past week My major malfunction aside from lack of knowledge is that I play mostly Battlefield and and wanted to play the Hardline Beta on the PC but cant connect I also tried to buy BF for PC and cant connect either I was looking for a Motherboard with capabilities to OC my Q to around - so I can compete with newer machines but I am finding it hard to find new ones and I am quite frankly scared to buy off ebay for an electrical item that I have limited knowledge of exactly what I need to fit my specs I plan on getting a new Corsair case to make easy on myself this time as I think I may have caused long term cramping in my hands working in that Dell case And I guess it would be a good idea to get an A M heatsink and fan at that point Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated I'm sure I left something out

A:Upgrade or replace? Core 2 Q6700

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You need to be more specific with the "i cant connect" situation.. this isnt a hardware fault so theres nothing broken, this is a connection/game issue.

If you really just want a new pc, then dont buy one, build one. You have a decent branded powersupply so you can keep that for the new rig, the rest is all down to budget.
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Ok so my computer doesn t emit a monitor signal and turns itself off most of the time after seconds this is after reapplying thermal paste because it shut itself down a couple of times from overheating Done a couple of tests and I think the cpu is dead or the motherboard I have or replace processor sure completely? - Not upgrade Asus p b-vm se corsair gb ram ati hd xt intel q Should I replace the broken cpu bearing in mind it could still be the mobo possibly Or should I just replace the cpu mobo and get Not sure - replace processor or upgrade completely? some new ram while I m at it to be up to date I m just thinking that if i replace the cpu i might find out that it s actually the mobo that s broken and also if it is the chip and I replace it how long before I upgrade anyway What processor would be a good upgrade I ve been using tomshardware charts but not sure really what kind of scores in what areas I m looking for I ll be using Not sure - replace processor or upgrade completely? cpu-upgrade com anyway to find out what mobo I need to get if I upgrade Thanks in advance guys nbsp

A:Not sure - replace processor or upgrade completely?

try this:
Download this bootable CD image:

boot the cd, go to Hardware test section and run the eurosoft tests.
its a comprehensive set of tests for all your hardware. you will then know what is causing the problem. (use winrar to extract the image, you only need to download the three parts from one of the sites)

I reccommend that you only perform the Non Distructive tests.
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My Vostro is now years old nbsp It has had replacement hard drive crashed and all the fluff cleaned out nbsp It s the best machine Upgrade or Vostro 1720 replace. I have ever had Please Upgrade Vostro 1720 or replace. can I have some guidance as to nbsp whether nbsp I should upgrade the existing machine or replace with a later model Spec Intel core duo CPU P GHz GB MHz DDR Dual Channel Ram NVIDIA GeForce M GS quot Widescreen WXGA Upgrade Vostro 1720 or replace. x HD GB used GB Serial ATA FFS RPM Wireless a g DraftN mini card Used for internet browsing extensively send receive emails some work on photos XN View MicroSoft Money Above amp Beyond nbsp Used as a desk top replacement nbsp connected nbsp to modem with cable rest of the family use wireless Money has years Upgrade Vostro 1720 or replace. of my money records and A amp B similarly a year diary record time management and alerts I am looking at Crucial BX GB Windows a new modem ac I would welcome comments no matter how expensive to upgrade the existing laptop hardware and software I use a Nokia I don t do Twitter Facebook or games Thank you and regards M Davison

A:Upgrade Vostro 1720 or replace.

It's not worth upgrading this system - yes, the SSD will help but won't perform at its best because of the old controller.  Some things can be upgraded (CPU), others can't (video) and still others aren't worth upgrading (memory) because the type is obsolete.
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I believe drivers? faulty BSOD 116 card or graphics faulty the initial crash was caused by overheating Based on the fact that I have gotten it to work for a short amount of time more on that later Booting up with the drivers for my graphics card enabled causes BSOD to appear but when it is disabled everything is fine I can boot into safe mode and I have already reinstalled windows My motherboard is Asus B M-e and my graphics card is Nvidia EV A GTX How I got it to work for a short amount of time I reinstalled windows and then installed my integrated Ethernet driver After that was out of the way I installed and used driver booster to install the rest of my drivers I then noticed there was a missing driver that the program could not install that was named Simple PCI Controller So I thought I should install that driver using my motherboard's driver installation disk It then worked up until I decided to change the settings in Nvidia Control panel I also do not know how faulty graphics cards behave so it might be my graphics card The game I was playing when this started was Life is Strange if that is needed

A:BSOD 116 faulty graphics card or faulty drivers?

Sorry thought I uploaded this but apparently not.
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I recently bought a new, 3rd party power cord for my Toshiba Satellite L300 from eBay.
Recently I've noticed that my battery stops charging earlier and earlier. At first it stopped at 87%, then 83%, then 80% all in one week. I've had the computer for about a year which seems a bit early for it to start degrading so fast, so could it be the power cord?

The Toshiba cord says Model: PA-1750-29, Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz 1.5A, Output: 19V[solid line above a dotted line]3.95A
The 3rd party cord says Model: PA-34671ACA, Input: 100-240V~1.5A 50/60Hz, Output: 19V[solid over dotted]3.95A

If the new cord is harmful to my battery, I can just solder its input plug onto the Toshiba charger (that's the only bit that was broken) but I'd rather not risk breaking two power cords if I don't need to.


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Sorry card? Solved: Faulty graphics Or motherboard? faulty that this is quite long but I want to give complete details as to the problem rather than just giving a vague problem Nvidia GT card has been overclocked for the last year Original Stable OC Before Solved: Faulty graphics card? Or faulty motherboard? you panic Solved: Faulty graphics card? Or faulty motherboard? it s been stable and temps have been fine lt My motherboard is a Asus P N-E SLI board The computer is dual boot to Vista for general use and XP x for games ONLY XP IS OVERCLOCKED Vista is not overclocked at all Only the GPU is overclocked in the computer Now the problems started when I moved the computer All the games on x crashed unless I underclocked the machine except UT ancient game which garbled the graphics weapon textures on walls etc I found out it was because somehow the card wasn t plugged in properly - so I pushed it back and I was able to play again Since then sometimes the card is alright and other times it isn t The other day I was playing fallout graphics intensive game for around hours without any problems But right now I boot to vista and within a minute it crashes Other times I was programming not even using graphics and the mouse suddenly has a flickering box around it - then the computer crashes When it crashes the screen goes weird colours like its rendered the screen as bit colours rather than bit and shortly after I get a blue screen with it complaining about a graphics DLL At first giving the card a wiggle in the PCI-E slot fixed it Now I ve discovered that when the garbled graphics come up if I physically push the card upwards in the PCI-E slot whilst the PC is still on they go away by this time the computer has crashed amp so I have to reboot anyway It s nothing to do with the drivers I ve reinstalled them on XP and besides the problem happens on both of the OS on the computer Vista seems to be considerably worse though - XP only crashes once in a while whereas Vista seems to be more unstable If you push the card up quickly sometimes Vista quot recovers quot It says quot the display ddriver stopped responding and has recovered quot or something like that You can then use the computer normally If I push the card down when the computer is working fine the computer crashes Any suggestions whether it s the card or the motherboard I removed the card blew dust off it etc put it back into the machine and the problem still happens although it initially solved it I don t want to spend on a new card to find that it s the MB that s the problem I m wondering if the card is fine since it doesn t have an issue with hours of gaming on a good day If it s a lose connection what can I do about it it s fully pushed into the motherboard If you ve read this far thanks nbsp

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My Dell Inspiron notebook hard disk is about to fail (SMART event warnings; Crystaldiskinfo status: bad)
I am still on Win 8.1; reserved upgrade to Windows 10; status is"we will let you know when your system is ready for upgrade".
I have a replacement hard disk available; how do I replace it without new Windows 10 licence ?
Do I need to need to re-install Windows 8 (with Dell OEM installation disk) and then upgrade to Windows 10; or can I do a clean install of Windows 10 (using Windows 10 installation media downloaded from Microsoft) on the new hard disk?
As I am entitled to an upgraded OS (Windows 10) - I should be eligible to install and use Windows 10 on a replacement hard drive. Please correct me if that is not right.
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Computer was purchased 16 September 2009 at Future Shop in Ottawa Canada. It had Windows Vista pre-installed, but an free upgrade to Windows 7 was included in the purchase, with discs supplied by mail at a later date. The upgrade discs were ordered on-line. The discs arrived damaged in transit and were not able to be installed. Now I wish to take advantage of free upgrade to Windows 10, but don't have Windows 7 installed. Are you able to assist? I now live in Australia. HP's on line service help does not give option to ask this question, hence my poast to the forum. Is somebody fro HPP available to respond?

A:How to replace a damaged win7 upgrade disc

pakl wrote:Computer was purchased 16 September 2009 at Future Shop in Ottawa Canada. It had Windows Vista pre-installed, but an free upgrade to Windows 7 was included in the purchase, with discs supplied by mail at a later date. The upgrade discs were ordered on-line. The discs arrived damaged in transit and were not able to be installed. Now I wish to take advantage of free upgrade to Windows 10, but don't have Windows 7 installed. Are you able to assist? I now live in Australia. HP's on line service help does not give option to ask this question, hence my poast to the forum. Is somebody fro HPP available to respond?Hi,I wouldn't recommend Windows 10 on a 7 year old laptop. HP don't develop Windows 10 drivers for such old computers. I would pursue the Windows 7 upgrade and keep it without upgrading to Windows 10. Perhaps a new second hand Windows 10 laptop might not be a bad idea too.
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The reason why I ask is because I just purchased Windows 7 64 bit Pro -Upgrade from school on a student discount for like 28 bucks. I couldn't pass it up.

Anyway I'm using Vista Home Premium 64 bit atm and I know already that an upgrade won't even attempt to install if you don't have a valid copy of Windows.

Obviously I do have a valid copy and I intend to do a custom installation, doing a clean installation.

Anyway does W7 replace your current product key with an upgrade key? I want to know because I'd like to install my Windows Vista to another machine just as long as they don't share the same product keys...

So is this possible? Because I won't know until sometime next week when it gets mailed to me.

A:Does a Windows 7 Upgrade replace your previous product key?

Hello Matt, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, it will replace the old product key. During the installation of any Windows 7, it will ask you to enter the product key number for the one that you are currently installing, and use it instead with the Windows 7 edition that it is for.

If you have a retail copy of Vista, then you will be able to install and activate it on another computer since it will no longer be installed on any other computer.

If you have a OEM copy of Vista, then you will not be able to install and activate it on another computer since it is permanently tied to the first computer that it was activated on.

Hope this helps,
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Hello,        Just wondering if it's possible to replace the motherboard of my laptop with a higher one? Or just the video card with a GTX and not a GT. Thanks in advance. Acer Aspire V15 Nitro (VN7-571G-73ZJ) Intel Core i7-5500UNvidia GeForce GT 940M8GB DDR3L 

A:Replace/Upgrade motherboard and video card?

video card is possible but more is not feasible, however checks your video card it is not welded, if welded is not possible to change the video card and if not welded still have more of a problem, you should check your motherboard supports other type of plate to be installed and also if the driver will be compatible with your motherboard. Already the motherboard if the same model that its possible ée yes replace the motherboard to get a good upgrade, Best Buy and even better that is more viable. I have helped (Used Translator)

Se eu fosse útil, um Kudos é apreciar e lembre-se de marcar Aceitar como Solução se o seu problema foi resolvido . Conhecimento adquirido deve ser compartilhado pois assim podemos fazer este mundo Melhor.Acer Aspire 5733 - 6668 Core I3 4GB 1066 2X2,HD 500 , Windows 10 Pro Insider 19393.5
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Hello,        Just wondering if it's possible to replace the motherboard of my laptop with a higher one? Or just the video card with a GTX and not a GT. Thanks in advance. Acer Aspire V15 Nitro (VN7-571G-73ZJ) Intel Core i7-5500UNvidia GeForce GT 940M8GB DDR3L 

A:Replace/Upgrade motherboard and video card?

video card is possible but more is not feasible, however checks your video card it is not welded, if welded is not possible to change the video card and if not welded still have more of a problem, you should check your motherboard supports other type of plate to be installed and also if the driver will be compatible with your motherboard. Already the motherboard if the same model that its possible ée yes replace the motherboard to get a good upgrade, Best Buy and even better that is more viable. I have helped (Used Translator)

Se eu fosse útil, um Kudos é apreciar e lembre-se de marcar Aceitar como Solução se o seu problema foi resolvido . Conhecimento adquirido deve ser compartilhado pois assim podemos fazer este mundo Melhor
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Two times in the last week my monitor (a KDS visual sensations CRT) has come on with the image looking like an hourglass (wide at the top and bottom, pinched in the center). This happened imediately upon boot up and both times rebooting has returned the monitor to normal, leaving the computer running does not bring the problem back. Which is more likely, that my monitor is beginning to fail or maybe my graphics card (a saphire, ATI radeon 7000) is failing? Is there some way (other than swaping my monitor out and trying another as this seems so far to be an intermitent problem and may not arise when a new monitor is conected) to check and see which it may be?

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My PC doesn't get detect 5GHz and the increase bandwidth from my router, so I want to replace it. But before I take it apart, I want to make sure that I can do so and buy the right parts. Is this possible, and if so what should I get? I also want to add bluetooth as I remember the website had an option to do so, but bc the Costco Set Config was cheaper, I went that route instead.  Is it possible to do this internally w/o an external part [like a usb dongle] PS. Here is the  Product Number: C8P47AV       Is there like an installation/repair guide for my laptop model too too?

A:Replace/Upgrade WiFi Network Card + Add Bluetooth

The Maintenance and Service Guide found HERE, says there are several choices for the WLAN module.675794-001 710418-001 includes BlueTooth690020-001 includes BlueTooth709848-001670290-001  If your unit has an Intel CPU - supports BlueTooth - this card has the best specs of the ones listed but looks as if none of these list 5GHZ as supported.
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I am thinking about upgrading my computer by purchasing higher RAM, a higher capacity Hard Drive, Etc, but I wanted to ask should I upgrade my computer with the Motherboard that I currently have or should I purchase a new motherboard and then upgrade that one? I am worried that if I purchase RAM now, It wont be compatible with another motherboard if I need another type.

Please help!

A:Solved: Should I continue to upgrade or should I replace my Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 Motherboard?
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I have a HP 6005 Pro SFF with a 240W PS, and I would like to upgrade its video card.  It has an ATI Radeon HD 4200.    One HP Forum person (Paul Tikkanen) recommended an upgrade for a 6005 using an optional video card for the HP 6200 Pro SFF: Please confirm this also works for the 6005.  If I replace it, can I actually remove the Radeon 4200 and replace it directly to same motherboard's slot space to save PCI Expansion slot space, or must I use the PCI Express 16x Expansion slot?   If so, is the procedure for direct replacement documented anywhere?

View Solution.

A:Replace ATI Radeon HD 4200 Video Card to Upgrade Graphics fo...

Hi: The ATI Radeon HD 4200 Video in your PC is the integrated graphics chip according to page 14 of the quickspecs at the link below. In other words, the graphics adapter is a chip soldered to the motherboard.  It is not in any expansion slot. The dedicated PCI express x16 slot should be empty right now, and that is where you would install the card I recommended. I see no reason why the HD 6450 wouldn't work.  It works in the dc7800, dc7900, 6000 Pro, 6200 pro, 8000 Elite, 8100 Elite and 8200 Elite business desktop PC's. You just need to make sure you uninstall the HD 4200 graphics adapter and driver in the device manager.  Also check the uninstall driver box. Also uninstall the catalyst control center software in the add/remove programs section of the control panel, shut down and unplug the PC, install your new video card and driver for the 6450. Here is the link to the service manual. See chapter 2 pp 20 - 25 for expansion card installation procedures, paying particular attention to the PCIe x16 slot info.
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Obviously I haven't got a massive budget. Anywhere up to £300.

Hoping to put some better components in it once I get it so looking for something that can be easily upgraded.

P.S - No auctions, as I don't have the money yet.

Help appreciated, cheers.

A:Looking for a low end PC - Reccomendations?

build your own. that's the best and cheapest way.
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Im new here to the forums and the main reason I joined is to get help looking for a newer compatible graphics Any reccomendations? card for my computer Here are my specs From DxDiag only listing System information and Display Devices if more is needed please be specific System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name UMBRELLA Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Any reccomendations? Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Compaq Presario System Model PE A-ABA SR NX NA BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Page File Any reccomendations? MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Intel R G GL GE PE GV Graphics Controller Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip type Intel R G Graphics Controller DAC type Internal Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor hp f flat panel monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ialmrnt dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD ialmnt sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E - - CF- - A C CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Not Available DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run nbsp

A:Any reccomendations?

According to the HP/Compaq site the only option you would have is a PCI (not PCIe) Graphics card, as you do not have a any PCIe slots and no AGP slot on the motherboard of that model computer.
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I have been having some problems with my motherboard (Shuttle AK32A), and I am going to replace it.

I'm interested in your input on what has worked for you, (and what hasen't).

My requirements are:

Should support DDR only. (I have some now, and have heard hybrid/ mixed boards often cause problems)

Must support AMD Athelon 2000+ 1.67+ Ghz XP Thouroughbred proccessor. (because I already have it.)

Must "play nice" with a Nvidia GeForce 440MX PCI graphics card.

Should follow the ATX form factor.

Should be between $40 and $70 USD. (my return is $52)

Should not include a proccessor.
Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Nick M. Rahl

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I am looking at moving from a SonicWall Pro 2040 to something that isn't quite so expensive subscription wise. We currently pay about $2k a year for the Intrusion Prevention/Anti Spyware and Gateway AV along with automatic updates. It is basically just used as a firewall for internal stuff, 3 public web sites and a secondary interface used for public Internet access for guests.

The reporting(Browse Time, etc) from this thing is my big pet peeve as it brings in computer NetBIOS names and LDAP user names and does not aggregate them so all of the reporting is skewed. This is probably more a funfion of the software parsing the logs, but it is pretty useless. If someone knows of a better log parser or reporting tool for Sonicwall I could stand the 2K a year cost.

Any other reccomendations of firewalls and their reporting capabilities would be appreciated.

A:Firewall Reccomendations

Uhh, Sonicwall is the low cost leader.

You could look at firebox. but, yuck.

Everything else is going to be more expensive. Unless you go server / Linux iptables / opensource reporting.
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My current setup is AMD Athlon XP eMachines Motherboard AU K M-NF G A factory eMachine new reccomendations Need MoBo+CPU for motherboard that sucks really bad ATI Radeon XT MB G DDR RAM I mainly use my computer to play World of Warcraft and I want to upgrade to a better mobo cpu keep the ram video card I keep getting confused because I thought dual core processors were without question better but someone told me that some single core processors are better for gaming I m looking for the Need reccomendations for new MoBo+CPU best upgrade per dollar preferably staying under about combined I ve been search TigerDirect Newegg ComputerGeeks zipzoomfly and this is the cheapest big improvement I could find Athlon X GHz MSI K N SGM-V GeForce The total of which comes out to with free shipping Now there is a couple ghz processor mobo combos on TigerDirect that are under or near but is a higher ghz speed always better I also found a Intel Pentium D PCChips P G V motherboard Fan w power supply Case shipping year warranty for If someone can like browse pricewatch and figure out something better please let me know nbsp

A:Need reccomendations for new MoBo+CPU

Newegg for the win
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I'm trying to source a good 'all-in-one' printer copier scanner and would really appreciate some reccomendations.

The machine neds to be laser, rather than inkjet. I would like to connect it to my network hub if this is possible.

I'm not too bothered about scanner resolution.

It needs to be used by an office network - 8 users on Peer to peer network.

Also I would like to pay less than £500 for it.

Any suggestions?

A:Reccomendations for Network Fax

Most of them are not networkable where clients can fax from their desktops.
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Hey everyone,
I have a question for you all. Could you please reccomend some motherboards to me that are compatable with a 2.2ghz intel p4 and a leadtek geforce4 ti4600? Also if you could give any reasoning behind your recomendation such as good overclocking etc. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks a ton.

A:P4 motherboard reccomendations

:wave: Welcome & Hello :wave:
Please read the homepage & please visit our sponsors.

the safe bet would be one of the Intel 850 series boards, however I'd consider Asus P4TE or the Soyo P4X333

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Well since the Nyko gamepad will not get detected by my pc yet my brother can plug and play with no problem I mgiht as well ask for reccomendations for my own pc gamepad. what I am loking for is something like the PS2 controller, I know logitech has one like that but i know the bearings wear out on that too quickly. I saw in another forum that its possible to make the PS2 and even the gamecube controller into a Pc USB and ahve them work great. I have no idea if this is true. I would love more info on that if someone can help. Also I know about teh Xbox360 pc controller and I have never held it myself, so I am not sure how comfy i would be with it. So if someone has some good ideas please let me know.

thanks in advance.

A:PC gamepad reccomendations?

I know that a company called Joytech used to make devices that enabled you to connect 2 PSx controllers to a usb port, but I don't know if they still make them or where to buy them.

EDIT: Not just joytech, I have found many different manufacturers of PSx to USB adapters just by searching for the words: "playstation controller usb" (without quotes) Try It!
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Hi all,

I am looking to add a hard drive, probably external, 150 GB or more. Would like reccomendations on a brand, price range, brands to avoid, etc.


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Hello All,

I have a 8800gtx system which is a tad slow, so I was going to buy another for SLI purposes.

But I have a Asus P5K Premium (which is crossfire).

Can anyone reccomend a decent SLI mobo?



A:Socket 775 SLI motherboard reccomendations?

might i suggest just buying a GTX 260 and save your money on the MB and a new card you will get about double the performance of the 8800gtx for a little over $220 man. Just make sure your PSU can handle it you really only need a 500W PSU with a good 12v rail. The MB you have is a nice MB and it would be alot better to just have 1 high end card as opposed to 2 last gen cards in Sli which takes up alot of space and Watts. Trust me you will love the GTX 260.
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I have a "System Idle Process" running in my task manager. I searched and found it is the WOOTBOT.AO virus. Norton has nothing on this dam thing. How do I get rid of it? Any ideas?

-WZS Virus Got Any Reccomendations?

Two questions: where did you do your searching? What specifically did you do to find out that it is in fact or that you have on your computer?Reason I ask is that System Idle Process is a legitimate windows program: Please read the following for what this process does and what happens when it's blocked: The answers to the questions I asked will help others help you if your computer is infected.Orange Blossom
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We have a Desktop PC and recently purchased a laptop. The Laptop seller recommended the Netgear 54 mpbs Wireless Router. (We have FIOS internet)

When using the laptop, after an hour or so, it will drop the internet connection and we have to reboot the laptop and it will work again. The laptop is never more than 10 feet away from the Wireless Router.

Is this caused by the router? If so, is there a good router out there to prevent this?

Thank you.

A:Reccomendations on Wireless Internet

If you are losing the Internet connection, but maintaining the link to the Desktop PC, then I would look at the Modem first. Are you sure that the Desktop keeps internet access while the laptop loses it?

I have FIOS and a Netgear wireless router, and do not experience this problem with any regularity. If the internet connection drops, which it did with Comcast, I would turn the Modem OFF/ON to reconnect.

Also, an alternative to rebooting is to do a "REPAIR" on the connection thru XP.
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im interested in setting up a wireless network in my house.
this would involve 2 laptops wirless and possibly another desktop to come...

what should i buy, and how should i go about this all....i wouldnt expect take the laptops much further away from the router than about 50meters if that helps! Also the main purpose for this is to share broadband.

Thanks for any help you give, if you need more info just say!


A:reccomendations? wireless networking

I believe i can help with my experence of routers. the 2 brands that i like most r netgear and dlink, net w/e is pretty good too. But when u r buying a router DO NOT get a lower end router cause all it will do is piss you off. They also dont have a very good range at all. So go with higher end routers and you shouldnt have any problems. i have a lower end router and i hate it so much because to my parents lap top they only get 10 mpb and they should be able to get 100 mpb but because the router cannot support that much through wireless. In other words ur not getting all or even half the internet connection ur paying for which can be pretty pricey. low end routers can also deprive ur desktop of bandwith too.

Hope this helps you out!
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Okay, so back in Sept. or so, I had a virus that made my GPU (PNY 8400 GS) heat like it was under load. I got that removed and fixed, but for some reason, ATItool (What I was using to O/C) doesn't read that my GPU is there. Plain and simple, says the clocks for it are all Zero.Not looking for help with that issue, I'm just hoping to find another overclocking tool so I can hopefully gain some FPS back in my games.Appreciate any help I can get, guys.Mods, feel free to move this if it needs to go elsewhere

A:Need an overclocking tool...Reccomendations?

MSI Afterburner
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Im moving to a new computer soon, and i will have malwarebytes/superantispyware for the scanning, and I'm wondering about a good real time antivirus. I'm a heavy gamer, and i would like a program that will not eatup 50%cpu when I'm playing/starting up causing horrible lag. Ive also heard about firewalls? Im not sure what they are are they important? If so, what would you people suggest? The new computer is going to be a windows XP and has 4cores and thats just about all i know about it haha...

A:Moving to a new computer, any reccomendations?

avast! antivirus is free, lightweight and works good.
Some commercial antivirus solutions also come specially for gamers called "gamer edition".

Firewalls protects you from hackers, botnets etc to break into your computer. It also controls which application should access internet and so may help protect from trojans and malware. You can try free firewalls. A good firewall is agnitum free firewall which is lightweight and okay for gamers.
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im gunna get a new video card soon, so im looking for a good video card, one that can run games like FEAR, SWAT 4, Guild Wars, games like those, that is compatible with hp pavilion, A302X model. please give name of video card, price if you know it, and how it works for you.


A:Video card reccomendations

You aren't going to be able to play those games with your computer
Looks like an older model, with only onboard video
you COULD purchase a PCI (not pci-express) video card and use that,
i'm not guaranteeing you will be able to run any real games with just a PCI video card
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My primary use for the computer I'm building will be for video editing. I have a lot of software I'll be using so I'll need a card with openGL support. I hear this is more important than just buying the GeForce GTX 580 gaming card which is supposed to be good. I've read that Quadro FX3800 is a good card for video editing, but I'm a little weary of spending $750 on a video card.

Does anyone have suggestions for a openGL supported video card that is a good mix of performance and price?
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I m planning to upgrade the graphics card in my computer to something more powerful because lately i ve found my own graphics card isn t cutting it anymore and i was hoping to get some advice for something that would work with the rest of my system well My current specs for those who don t want to look at my profile Operating System Windows XP Professional System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Dimension Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz RAM GB Current Graphics Card Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family I m Reccomendations Looking for Card Graphics looking to buy a fairly powerful graphics card something that Looking for Graphics Card Reccomendations will work for modern games and continue to work for a few years price range is anything really im not in a particular rush so if i need a dollar graphics card in order to get something high quality then ill save up a little more and get one It needs to be compatible with my current hardware other then that i dont care about brand and such -Thanks in advance for any help -Valatros nbsp

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Hi, yea,...I'm looking to tweak my computer as best I can, and would like anyone and everyones comments, on what methods, programs, shortcuts or anything I can use to tweak my computer so it runs nice and smooth, and so that I don't have pointless things running that I don't need.

Just so it is known, I have already tweaked it a bit, sort of, by removing a lot of startup programs, turning off visual styles, increasing the paging file.

That is the extent of my knowledge.

So if people would be as so kind as to help me, perhaps I could put a guide together, of course I would reference everyones comment to the respective user.

That is of course, so long as the tweak works. Thanks.

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hey guys

i was wondering if you could check for me on and get me links for a 128gb ssd with these dimensions

9.5 mm / 7.0 mm, 6.35 cm

A:Need SSD Reccomendations again, i have specific dimensions

Id recommend Intel or Crucial.

SSDs are a standard 2.5" form factor. They do not come in various sizes, other than capacity.
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Hi all,
I just bought a new computer a few weeks ago and I was having tons of problems. I currently found out that my new computer is overheating, and because of this, I want to buy some sort of cooling system. I automatically think that liquid cooling would be better but, of course more risky than fan driven. I am interested in overclocking a bit, but from waht i read my mobo is not the most overclocking friendly. I wish i knew that before i bought it, but anyways, I would like some input or Ulrs to which you think is better, liquid or fan, and why? Also is it hard to install? I built my computer from scratch, so could i instal this or should it be takin into a pro?


AMD Athlon 64 3500, Asus A8V deluxe mobo, ATI Radeon 9800 pro 256, 1 gig 3200 duel channel 400 Ram,250gig wd sata HD, 120gig samsung HD, 16x DVDClick to expand...


A:Liquid cooling or fan? Reccomendations please

Because your computer is new it will still be under warranty, so I would suggest that you take it back, as doing anything else will probably void the warranty.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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Hi- I need to buy a new router, but don't know what to go for. I need it to work on Cable/DSL connections and be on sale in the UK for under £50. It'll mainly be used for PC gaming, Xbox Live, general internet use, and possibly streaming video (in some cases in HD) from my PC to my Xbox 360.

Any suggestions?

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I currently own a Nikon Coolpix I love the camera It has worked out VERY well for me To give you the brief specifics of the camera it had a Megapixels Reccomendations Camera Solved: x Opitcal zoom and scene modes I enjoyed the scene modes because it had one for snow sunsets dusk backlight indoor ect As a Solved: Camera Reccomendations weather buff that came in handy most of the time Sadly the camera died the other day I am interested in buying a new camera I can t be without one Not that I use it daily I do enjoy it when I use it I want one that is fairly cheap and only has what I need I know my needs are quite simple I don t need anything over MP becuase most of my pictures Solved: Camera Reccomendations are no bigger than printed as a full page and most are viewed on screen I do use my camera Solved: Camera Reccomendations for weather events a lot Such as snow and thunderstorms And that camera always cooperated well in them Any commendations I was looking at the Nikon Coolpix L but I see it accepted SDHC cards I have quite a few SD cards and was hoping they wouldn t go to waste Are SD cards still compatible with a camera like that I was also looking at the Nikon Coolpix L as well Which was a little cheaper I know my needs are quite simple compared to many Any advice I d like to go this weekend to buy one nbsp

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Thinking of going with a push-pull set up for CM 212 Evo using the stock fan on one side. What's a good (preferably quiet) fan for the opposite side (pull)

Needs to be 120mm btw, the CM 212 Evo comes with mounting brackets to attach the fans either side.

A:CM Hyper 212 Evo - Alternative Fan (2nd Fan), Need Reccomendations

Welcome to Seven Forums EvilPengy. I'm a Noctua fan (no pun intended ). This fan would be a good match for the stock CM fan. Or even better, get 2 and replace the stock fan - sound-optimised premium components "Designed in Austria"!

I'm sure others will have suggestions. You want to make sure the airflow specs are similar lest you build up air flow inside the cooler.

Stock fan:

Fan Speed
600 – 2,000 RPM (PWM) ? 10%
600 – 1,600 RPM (PWM) ? 10% (EU Version)

Fan Airflow
24.9 – 82.9 CFM ? 10%
24.9 – 66.3 CFM ? 10% (EU Version)

Fan Air Pressure
0.3 – 2.7mm H2O ? 10%
0.3 – 1.7mm H2O ? 10% (EU Version)

Note that the cooling difference with the 2nd fan will be minimal. A Guy
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hi been looking to get a usb flash drive can people please help . im looking around £15 20 mark so hope to get 16gb minimum . i want it for storing stuff on but also for reformatting so big enough to fit a os iso on please help

A:Reccomendations for a flash drive please

SanDisk seems to be the most reliable brand IMO. Keep in mind that flash drives are prone to failure. They may be improving but are far from perfect. Check the new models here or just do a google search for some good deals. Obviously, since you are in the UK you will have to shop around with some of the stores that are accessible to you. I would recommend but they are in the US
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Looking for some reccomendation here for a good WAP. All my systems are wireless G (2 laptops and a mini-tower), but I have a networked printer going into the WAP

My systems are 1 Vista64 laptop, a Vista32 laptop and a Vista32 Mini-tower. The units are in a 2 story town house.

My old Belkin fineally died and looking for a good replacement. I dont have anything with "N" at the moment, but that may change in the near future.

Price wise, I am not to concerned.

A:Wireless Access Point reccomendations

I have an ASUS WL-600g, and it is great! Really simple to set up, great range, and very reliable.

It's an ADSL2+ compliant Modem, WAP, 4-port router, USB print server, and it also can use a USB HDD as a NAS device over ftp (which I didn't know about until after I bought it - bonus!!).

On top of all that it was well under AU$200.00 which makes it pretty impressive in my book.
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Whats the best anti virus program, free or available for purchase ?

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I am investigating digital voice recorders for a research project which involves audio taping children. Does anyone have any suggestions on good digital audio recorder. specifically
Quality? which are the best
Reiliablity? kids will be wearing these so they need to be sturdy.
what difference does the microphone make? Are there professional quality lapel mikes? Which is best for recording an invidual wearing a lapel mike? omni or uni directional?
Thanks all - its for a good cause improving the quality of education.
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I need a good free (or not free) video converter, preferably one which can convert DivX files to other types.

please reccomend your choice.

A:Reccomendations for a good video converter

i use a free program called prism. i believe it will convert all kinds of videos . hope this helps u.
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In my area I've had several people get some variant of encryption ransomware, and I was curious, what backup methoods/services/programs would be reccomended for keeping information safe should this happen?
I hear that many of these bugs can also encrypt usb drives and network shares, so I was a bit worried about reccomending hardware backup, but after trying to restore from Norton Online Backup for a customer as well as Carbonite and experiencing how agonizingly slow their services can be, I'm not too sure about online either.
Can someone help point me to a back up solution that is secure but also fast enough to be useable?

A:Backup reccomendations with crypto-ransomware in mind

From Fabian Wosar in his help thread:Or use a good cloud based solution for your backups that provides strong encryption (so you can be sure that the cloud owner can't look at your data) and provides revisioning (so if you backed up encrypted files without noticing you can go back within the file's history). I use Crashplan for example. Costs me $5 a month. Completely worth it in my book.
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Can someone please reccomend me a good and free anti-virus. Besides AVG and browser scans. If you know any. Thanks!

A:Anti virus reccomendations (quick question)

Hi soaringxh3n

I use AVG so I would recommend that one.

But, you want something different, here is a link for several more, some are free, some are trial.

Hope that helps you.
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Hi all The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite A -S A few weeks ago it got dropped right on its adapter? Replace the replace the or jack power corner Replace the power jack or replace the adapter? with the power plug still in it the little metal plug of the AC adapter is now slightly crooked and the power jack has a little chip off the plastic part of it Anyway after this mishap it worked fine for another weeks and then suddenly this week it s refusing to power up Its battery has been shot for a while can t hold a charge and I ve been using it with the battery out Why the sudden refusal to boot I took the whole thing apart---minus the little chip the power jack looks totally fine and cosmetically sound Put the whole thing back together taking care to check that plugs were snug---still no power Stuck in the crappy battery booted just fine and then shut itself down after like minutes How likely is it that it s the power jack which is broken And why did it take this long to crap out if it IS broken A new one of those silly jacks costs over on eBay so I want to make sure that it s the jack before I just up and buy one Of course if it s the AC adapter that s broken that would cost even more Bah Input nbsp

A:Replace the power jack or replace the adapter?

AND/OR inside the case the the jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. Is also possible that
1) It's already cracked
2) If not yet, it's gonna crack

So look to see what connection looks like between power jack and motherboard, If you feel u wanna/can re-solder yourself or the typically price to redo the whole power thing seems to run $125 parts/labor/warranty if you take it somewhere. So how much is it all worth to you?
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For some reason W7 has decided to change 'Copy and Replace' with 'Move and Replace' when picking a file up with the left mouse and dragging it to another folder where an old version of the file exists.

My Excel SS is in two places: My desktop and USB which I use for backup. I would simply open the folder on the USB pick up the file on the desktop with the left mouse and drag it to the USB folder. Then I would get the message 'Copy and Replace'.. But not anymore it's become 'Move and Replace'.

I know I can 'Copy and Replace' by holding down the Ctrl key but I dont want to.

It looks like there should be a simple answer

Can anyone help? I swear I didnt change anything.

A:How can I 'Copy and Replace' not 'Move and Replace'.

Have you ever tried right click drag and drop ?
There will be a list option after you drop,
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Hello I need Replace in Find Column) different (but Replace & a to Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column) know if there is a function perhaps a Macro or Query or a more complex Find amp Replace that can accomplish the following cause my database is huge amp I m hoping not to do this manually I keep an Access database for my homeowners association on the condition amp conformity of different exterior attributes for about townhomes The Board of Directors wants to move away from using the term quot Grandfathered quot which is distinguished by the acronym quot GF quot in the database column that shows conformity labeled IAW We use this database to generate annual architectural reports for our residents Our board wants the entry quot GF quot replaced with a quot Y quot they want the GF entry removed from the report completely amp they re serious about it Now I have already created a Query that has located all the GF entries in their various columns of various records which our Board wants me to use in an internal quot in-office quot database in order to keep track of what attributes actually were grandfathered originally as a reference for our field inspector when he inspects the townhomes But we also want to create an unassuming symbol on the report perhaps an or a something that will alert the inspector to an attribute that once was grandfathered on his field report This is to be done so that he will not be flying blind when he comes across a non-conforming attribute i e he will see the symbol amp know that that symbol means there used to be a quot GF quot in it s place BUT we want to move that symbol to a different column a column labeled quot Comments quot I could run the Find amp Replace function find all the GF s amp replace them with a Y but that symbol would go right back in the very same column that the GF came out of So is there a way to find all the GF s in one column amp replace them w a Y in that same column but have a symbol quot quot appear in another column of the same record I know it sounds complicated but can it be done Thanks mark man Access nbsp

A:Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column)

see attached. But actually getting that data back to the table, if that is what you want, is a bit trickier.
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We have Ecobyte find not replace Need utility and robust Replace - a 2.2 text but Text Like a TON of text based INI files for our companies software deployment scripts We also have a TON of people who use different ways to deploy the same software On one server alone we can have a bunch of different ways people install E G msiexec exe quiet norestart i dfs dfsshare SAV Symant msi msiexec exe quiet norestart i lt qt gt server Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not share WIN Symantec Client Security msi lt qt gt msiexec exe quiet norestart i server share SAV WIN Symantec Client Security msi msiexec exe quiet norestart i lt qt gt dfs dfsshare SAV Symantec Client Security msi lt qt gt and so on down the line I LIKE the abilities of Ecobyte Replace Text but the problem is I have to type in the whole line as it is in the file to then replace it with the new one for the new deployment What I want to do is have a search based on PART of the line so I can then put in Symant msi and Symantec Client Security msi and replace the ENTIRE line with a new line Is there any multi file utility that allows you to search for part of a text line but replace the entire text line nbsp

A:Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not
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Hello guyz,
pliz help me with the steps involved in upgrading or replacing an MFM hard drive with IDE-class hard drive

A:STEPS TO UPGRADE/REPLACE an MFM hard drive with an IDE-class hard drive

Hi kfkaggwa, and welcome to TSG.

Any chance the motherboard has and IDE controller built in? If not, what kind of expansion card options does it have?
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Ok now its been a while since my pc has not been working Ive had it for just over a year now One day i turned it on and it would get to the Bios splash page but it would not go any further There were no beeps nothing All fans run and from what i remember hard drives would start spinning too I thought maybe it was a replace that replace.. is the To to or question. not PSU problem as the PSU would have very subtle flickering sounds almost like sparking cables However after taking the PSU to a technician they said it was working fine This cost me AUD What he then told me was that it may be the mobo But before i go and send it to a proper technician and fork out X amount of money id like to get your opinion As i mentioned above The pc turns on doesnt boot past the BIOS splash screen and just stays there There are odd noises from the PSU Here is my setup ASUS A N -SLI Deluxe AMD Athlon PC- x gb CAS To replace or not to replace.. that is the question. Corsair DDR mem Radeon X GTO Iceturbo Thermaltake w power supply Maxtor gb Maxline III WD Raptor GB Creative Audigy ZS I have not had the guts to take anything out and test them individually But has anyone had or heard of this problem before What could it be about the motherboard that would also make the PSU make that noise Is it just a safety mechanism of the PSU SOS nbsp

A:To replace or not to replace.. that is the question.

Hi and welcome to Techspot!!

Test the RAM sticks individually. One of them might be bad. You can use Memtest86 to try them out.

Also, try them in different memory slots. That sometimes helps.

Regards :wave:

BTW, Great thread title
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I need a pdf maker that can create pdfs from various documents. I already searched on Google for some pdf making software, but the free alternatives that I've found have some limitations ( like watermark or advertising ) and the paid ones were too complicated to use, or had some annoyances. I can use a good advice.

A:Any Good Reccomendations Of A Good Pdf Maker?

PDFCreator is free and no watermarks. It allows you to print to pdf.
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Hi I am new here. My pc recently restarts playing some games which is strange to me. I did some internet research and found that it could be me psu or gpu.
My pc spec:
Intel core i7 870 (base clock)
Intel motherboard dh55pj
Sapphire hd 6870 igb
Transcend ram (4+2) gb
Samsung 500 gb hdd
Thermaltake smartpower 550 watt psu 80+ bronze

Also I borrowed a friends` 6850 gpu+ 450 watt psu to see if there is anu problem in my mobo or processor but it was just fine. But I gave my friend my gpu psu combo and he faced problems like mine after using them for 1 week.
So now I am certain that either my gpu or my psu has gone bad. but I cant know for sure which one.Any helps.....

A:Faulty GPU or PSU?

Does your friend have a 500W PSU so they can test your GPU with their PSU? If they can test just the GPU, it might answer your question.

Actually 500W has head room, a 450W PSU might be enough to test for a week or so.
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Hi I have been given an Advent 5421 laptop by my neighbour which runs 32bit window vista basic.
The problem with it was 4 or 5 after starting the window it freezed I was not given a manufacturer’s recovery DVD and because of the problem was not able to create one after many unsuccessful attempts to reinstall the O/S or to use the utility provided by the vista I removed the hard drive and placed it inside my laptop and managed to reformat and reinstall the Vista (home premium) using the recovery DVD that I had for my Advent laptop and it worked fine on mine but when I tried to place it back and run it again same problem It won’t let me run vista and when I do try to run the recovery utility it freezes
Dose anyone know how I can sort this problem out I be very grateful

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I recently put together a brand new computer from Newegg parts, with 2x 2GB ram. Windows, however, is only recognizing 3.15GB... I also just got a blue screen with the message "Page_Fault_in_nonpaged_area"
Could this be bad RAM?
I have assembled computers before and I know how to properly install hardware, but could it have been an error on my part?

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MSI A m-E mobo AMD A - k apu Corsair w psu x PNY RAM Windows bit I've posted a couple times on here stating that my CPU was overheating while gaming HWmonitor and Speccy both were showing my temps jumping around from - c while at idle I then read that those third party apps have a hard time reading temps on the apu's so I found and downloaded AMD Overdrive and it is showing my PSU? Faulty temps are fine even during the more intense parts of the game but computer is still crashing full restart of the time and then screen freezes with a green checkered boardish looking deal mixed in with the picture my monitor was already displaying the other It gets weirder than that though The problem first showed up when I Faulty PSU? playing Rust which is an open world mmo survivor game and I was playing with a friend also I play another open world survivor game called Life is feudal and i didn't seem to have the problem with this game at first until another player walked up to me in game and we were chatting for a bit then boom computer crash I can log on and Faulty PSU? play for hours at a time alone in game and hardly ever crash although it still happens sometimes but as soon as another player gets close to me I can almost guarantee a crash within minutes Only think I can think of would be a psu going bad idk if a computer uses more power when trying to communicate with another or what seems like that would be an internet issue Any help would be appreciated

A:Faulty PSU?

Please download MiniToolBox , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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Hi all!
does any one know if plugging a lead into the router in say port 1 and plugging the other end into port 2 could ruin a DVR plugged in at port 3?

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days ago while I was playing Skyrim I noticed black dots on floor in one ruin I thought it was a bug and carried on minutes later after loading screen for a second my screen was made of horizontal lines mostly brownish color and a few green pink lines I immediately quit game ran Firefox and when I attempted to load a video from YouTube my screen flashed for a second and the space where video player MB? or GPU Faulty should be was black At that time I had Sapphire HD installed I assumed that GPU was faulty so I removed it and installed Gainward GT it was the best of all the ones that I've got And I installed a fresh Windows Faulty GPU or MB? Ultimate x It worked fine for - days but my computer was slower a lot and system showed my CPU speed to be while before all that it was GHZ OC And two days ago while I was on YouTube listening to some songs I got blue screen of death I did not manage to see which error code was it cause I panicked and just turned of my computer And I couldn't restart it with BSOD nor turn it off with my power switch so I turned it off with my power supply on off switch Sooo again I assumed my 'new' GPU is bad it was loud but not 'normal loud' so I removed it and installed some random GPU that I found ATI Radeon HD series This time I did not reinstall my system It's horrible and my computer is still very slow my OC got reseted cause I removed the battery after BSOD and now it's back to But I still get problems with this GPU for example Desktop Session Windows Manager stops working for no reason and I have no Aero for a while then it just starts working again And I have this ugly problem see picture below which I've seen before with faulty GPU but how unlucky can I be to install THIRD bad GPU And just a week ago I was planning on buying AMD Radeon R x GB OC but now I am not sure if I should buy it or maybe change my MB or CPU cause these problems confuse me Is there any program that tests the health of my MB and other components I would appreciate if someone could help me or advise me of what to do next I have to mention that where I live we often suffer power outage with no beforehand warning Thanks in advance

A:Faulty GPU or MB?

Mostly when I have same sort of problems with my PC I run Hiren`s Boot CD when my computer starts up.
It has alot of test tools that can help you determine the problem, maybe try it out, see what you can uncover.
Hiren's Boot CD
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I bought my new TB Caviar Black WD FAEX couple of weeks ago The HDD? Faulty only thing I've put on the drive is a GB backup Acronis image of my SSD Thing is it would appear to be faulty Normally my PC boots fine from SSD with HDD connected but couldn't get it to boot last night it was hanging on the starting windows screen forever Also when I loaded Acronis to see if I could access the TB drive it took some time while Acronis was 'Analysing E ' then it came up with 'failed to read sectors ' After cancelling it went into Acronis backup and recovery screen and I could see the drive and the backup image But Faulty HDD? when I disconnected the drive my SSD booted fine Having used Faulty HDD? Crystal Disk last night and HD tune these are the results There only seems to be one red block Do I need to RMA it or Faulty HDD? just format it and see if it clears But even if it does clear does it suggest a dodgy drive Just rang the etailer they said rma and collection will be ok but they'd like me to run WD's own Datalife Diagnostic Tool So I better do that I suppose

A:Faulty HDD?

Oh well, it's all academic now as I've got an RMA sorted, collection tomorrow and then replacement drive in a few days.

As it happens, it took ages for the WD diagnostics tool to read the drive and the estimated time went up and up and up to around 40 hours before it got past the bad bit. Now it's showing under 2 hours left.
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:wave: First time here. hello, guy's my name is alex.

I have a dell and i installed a 1 tb hd and then tried to boot, but no sound. And the cpu fan would turn for 2 sec's and shut off, the monitor would start to come on but shut off. I checked all connections and only removed hd. well found someone on craigslist that checked it for me and said it was the processor?
could that be true?
And also on a different pc, is it bad to have a cpu on a motherboard that is to fast. this guy said the cpu is to fast for it. Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank You all. alex from council bluffs, iowa..

A:Faulty PC

It would be very, very helpful if you could give us the hardware specs including make and model. How old is this system? Can your motherboard handle a TB harddrive, particularly the BIOS?
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hi, i have windows xp and until just recently, everything was goin okay. i scanned my computer with mcafee and erased around 3000 adwares or as the program says "unwanted files". now, when i type something to someone on aim, there is huge lag and a long delay before the message gets sent. i tried trillian and gaim and they are both the same. plz help!!

A:faulty AIM

welcome to tsg

are you running a p2p client such as kazaa? if so, you deleted the manditory adware that comes with kazaa, and im guessing it could cause system problems.
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Hello guys.
mu issue is more less common,at my home the electricity is neva stable..its on and of most I woudnt say I used the switch button to turn my pc off.
but a lito while ago,I have this problem of checksum error default loading..poping on the screen,my mouse, keybord not rensponding with some strange noise..(bips) its wen I visited this site read about som tips on the CMOS battery changing ,jumper settings and re-set , but it neva worked so I went for repair it was ok..they tod mi the noise was the one of the RAM was faulty.but wen I went home I tried the other RAM teking off the current RAM one the pc replaced with the one he clamed was faulty was ok..that ment the RAM was finebut the RAM slot was nt not ok...nw same thing has happened and am prity confused...

A:Faulty RAM?

Are you having trouble with your keyboard, or is English not your first language?
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yesterday, when i opened the pc, the net is so slow, sometimes it gives me a failure to read response, sometimes the pages wont even load, i tried to reset winsock but the problem is still there.

A:Faulty net?

What type of internet connection do you have?

Post your numbers form here:
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Decided my system needed an upgrade so i bought an Asus A v x-x mobo mb DDR ram and a W PSU Using all other bits from my existing set up Assembled everthing and it posted no problem and recognised ll the bits I decided that a fresh start with a nice clean drive would be the job so decided to Fdisk and reformat Thats where the problems started i have Fdisked and formatted drives many times but this time whenever i ? Faulty CPU tried to Faulty CPU ? load the OS it kept coming up that the free space was being incorrectly reported and asking if i wanted scandisk to fix the fault I would ask it to fix the fault and the try to load the OS then it would tell me it could not decompress the cab file and the D which is the boot disk RAMDRIVE was write protected I checked all cables and that everthing was seated correctly everything looked fine and the PC continued to post ok After about a dozen attempts to set up the drive i took out everything and put my old mobo and CPU back in and bingo everthing worked fine OS loaded a treat The CPU i Faulty CPU ? was trying to put into the new setup was a Sempron the mobo came with the revision BIOS so it was Faulty CPU ? compatible with the CPU Now the CPU was previously in a PC in which the mobo and PSU blew I rebuilt this one for a friend but replaced mobo CPU and PSU Everything else was fine drives ram etc and went in the rebuild and i assumed that the CPU was ok and only the mobo and PSU affected What i would like to know is are the problems i had indicating a fault in the CPU or a fault in one of the new components If i have to buy new CPU fine but any other bits will be under warranty and i dont want to spend money replacing something that is not faulty i apologise if this is a bit rambling any help would be much appreciated Logo nbsp

A:Faulty CPU ?

I doubt it's your cpu. If your cpu was bad, nothing would work right. You couldn't have seen anything on the screen if your cpu was bad.

Are you loading xp? If so, it has it's own drive format utility built in.
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I have a fairly new computer with fairly new cd-rom drives, however, the drives will only read my accounting cd-rom from school and will not read any music cds or gaming cd-roms. They worked before, but now they are acting up. Could there be another problem other than getting new cd-rom drives? Please help!

A:Another faulty CD-ROM

Things to check.....
Cables to the drive and motherboard are seated all the way in.
Make sure the drives jumpers for master and slave are correct.
Is the drive detected correctly in device manager? Is there any exclamation points?

Try these out first before assuming you need a new drive.
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i have an inteldbg850 motherboard think that it went out how do i find out. i hear no beeps ive tried 4 different graphic cards and 3 different monitors dont have a whole lot of money to replace computer right now. could it be the cpu or the motherboard and how can i tell. please help single father of 3

A:Faulty cpu or the mb?

Go back to the most basic setup you can imagine...
One memory module, one video connection, and a cd or a simple hard drive... or an external floppy drive with a Windows 98 disk.
Attempt a boot.
If no boot, change to the other memory module. Attempt another boot.

The idea is to try various simple boots, and avoid using the hard drive if you can... use a different hard drive known good with Windows 95 or windows 98 installed... or boot to a floppy boot disk or a CD with Windows 98, 95, or ME disk on it..
Motherboards are pretty solid, and the Intell is one of the better ones. Processors rarely go out.
Common failures are (1) dead memory module, (2) failed power supply, or (3) bad hard drive. Very often if any of those three are bad, the computer will not start up.
Testing the power supply is more difficult. Once simple test is to watch the back of the power supply with a strong light. Have somebody else press the <ON> button while you watch to see if the fan blades on the power supply turn. If they turn only 1/8 turn to 1 turn and quit, the power supply is usually bad and is the likely problem.
Better yet, buy or borrow a power supply tester. They cost anywhere from $9 to $29, depending on quality or complexity.
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So my mother's Geforce 6200 fan has started to catch on the sides of the heatsink, I have no clue if its because the little axle inside the fan has warped, or due to overheating or maybe even in need of greasing.
My first question would be, is there a way to find out if it is even fixable? Second, if not, are any of you familiar with any north american component dealer stores that I may find?

I'm located in Odessa, FL
Ordering online isn't really an option tho if I absolutely had to I would, I'm more interested in just going to some store and snatching up a new heatsink for it.

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Hello there I have just attempted to install a stick of MB PC DDR Ram in my PC The starter screens recognise the amount of RAM although they only seem to see about MB instead of the which is in there but the PC is crashing like crazy in fact I can t even get it to log in So I RAM faulty? my Is new took the stick out and everything is fine Now I was about to send the stick back to the person I bought it off when I thought I would test it using PC-CHECK the floppy disk Is my new RAM faulty? based hardware testing tool to my suprise it passed all the tests Now I recently tried Is my new RAM faulty? installing another stick from a friend who said it didn t work at all which seemed to be working fine until it a few weeks later when everything went haywire I tested the RAM and PC-CHECK said there were definate errors with the memory So I took the stick out and the PC is now fine So the question is is it possible that the problem could be with something else on my Pc like the memory slot in my motherboard or should I send the RAM back and try again Thanks for any advice nbsp

A:Is my new RAM faulty?

I'd pick up one of these memory tests, install the memory as the only RAM in the system, and run them. Try moving the memory to different slots to see if the location affects the errors. ANY errors running these tests for any length of time is a problem.

Microsoft Memory Diagnostic