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locations of user data/ user-configurations stored in windows7

Q: locations of user data/ user-configurations stored in windows7

i am preparing to repave my pc which is running win7 home premium. it is very painful to lose years of user-data during repaving. i want to backup the user-created-data in windows. what are the possible locations that i need to look into? thanks in advance
PS. i am aware of the fact that backing up malware-created data is harmful. i will exercise extreme caution to go through what i am gonna backup and try to minimize what will be backed-up; also that i wont restore what i have backed-up without scanning thoroughly with security software.

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Preferred Solution: locations of user data/ user-configurations stored in windows7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: locations of user data/ user-configurations stored in windows7

Are you saying that your system is infected now?
If so...I suggest that you try to get the malware removed by one of our two malware forums...before backing up or doing anything else.
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I m part of a computer intranet network domain For about years now I have been using somebody else s network password and computer In doing so I have installed much software from the internet and other sources in this computer Recently I got word that my colleague will get his own Xp Transfering Configurations In User new computer soon I will continue working with this Transfering User Configurations In Xp computer but with my own network access name and password My question is how do I transfer the settings and configurations that I have made so that I can continue to access them I accessed Transfering User Configurations In Xp this computer with my password and because of user settings the appearance of my desktop was very different I need to have the same configuration that I had when I was using this person s network access password How will I continue to access the settings under Documents and Settings Will any software installations be affected by the changeover I need to keep all the software I have installed in this hard disk intact and accessible under my network password Please help Also this person whose password I had been using belonged to the administrators group and I know this gave me the advantage of accessing more resources than I would have if he had belonged to the ordinary groups Since my access will not be under administrators group how will this impact on what I can access in this computer

A:Transfering User Configurations In Xp

If they're getting a new computer, can't you just have the Administrator change the password on your account?
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(reposted from Customization)

Having just learned from an OLD post here that renaming a user account apparently doesn't change the order in which the corresponding logon icons appear at startup -- due to the order being apparently determined by when each folder was originally created, which was when this computer was first opened back in 2011 -- I want to be able, after creating a new user account, to migrate data from the account whose name I changed. I'd been previously suggested to try User Profile Wizard from would this be a good idea, or can you suggest something different?

HP/Compaq CQ2014, AMD E-300, Radeon HD graphics, Win7 Home Premium 64-bit custom SP1, 3MB RAM, 500GB disk

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Having just learned from an OLD post here that renaming a user account apparently doesn't change the order in which the corresponding logon icons appear at startup -- due to the order being apparently determined by when each folder was originally created, which was when this computer was first opened back in 2011 -- I want to be able, after creating a new user account, to migrate data from the account whose name I changed. I'd been previously suggested to try User Profile Wizard from would this be a good idea, or can you suggest something different?

HP/Compaq CQ2014, AMD E-300, Radeon HD graphics, Win7 Home Premium 64-bit custom SP1, 3MB RAM, 500GB disk

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My user profile became corrupted after years of problem-free usage no clue why so now I to (after new user copy user profile Cannot data ) folder corrupted always end up in a temporary account after a reboot As per Microsoft's instructions I found here Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help I created a new account logged out and logged in again using another account Cannot copy user data to new user folder (after profile corrupted ) not the newly created one tried to copy the data from the account that had its user profile corrupted to the new account However under C Users the user folder I want to copy from is a white generic icon not a folder and it Cannot copy user data to new user folder (after profile corrupted ) is padlocked and has a size of KB - so I can't open it to copy from Looking at how much data is on C it looks as if all my data could still be there I hope How could I get access to copy all data from my old account into the new account Many thanks in advance for some hints as to what to do
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Hey to Accounts Home,Copying WindowsXP User Other Configurations there everybody I was wondering if it was possible to copy user configurations to other user accounts Cause on my computer there is accounts Me My brother My other brother and my dad So far Ive told everybody to use my account cause everything is Fully-Configured I told them i ll try to figure out some way to get their desktops similar to mine but not exactly just the programs and configurations etc of course they ll want different windowblind themes different wallplaper etc I Got the antivirus programs up and running got all the nesscary programs like Mozilla I got all the games AdwarePersonal MicrosoftAntiSpyware Beta updated etc Ya know the whole deal all on my account When i logged onto my brothers account at the User-Selection screen ill go to Mozilla firefox and find out he has no themes Its just default WindowsXP Home,Copying User Configurations to Other Accounts ew ugly lol Or some of the games he wants to play arent there Im not sure if going to Document settings users my acc desktop blahblahblah and making a shortcut of a game to His desktop would work Also i dont think his antivirus programs are updated But i was wondering if there was a way to like transfer everything to Another User if it transfers the walllpaper windowblinds its ok he can change it Oh yeah i forgot to mention I think if on my account if i choose what programs to startup It affects ALL users pretty sure not Can someone confirm if it doesnt then how do you make it like that Then from there on once my brother has all the programs all updated etc he can do whatever he wants Get a new theme of window blinds to his desire get wallpaper of his own etc I just wanna make sure he has all the Main things Then once thats done ill repeat the process a few more times to my other brother amp dad s account Any help links or whatever would be appreciated thanks in advance -Kevster nbsp
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Is there a fix for Unlocking AD User Account in Windows7 so I do not I have to use WindowsXP AD to unlock the User Account?  Is there a fix and/or update for fixing this problem?
Your help will ge greatly appreciated.
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Hi All I m not new to user Windows configurations) XP Exporting from (including Office profile Solved: this forum but havn t visited it for quite a while and lost my old account The query I m looking for help guidance with is Working in a Corporate IT environment we often have issues Solved: Exporting user profile from Windows XP (including Office configurations) with user profiles that we need to somehow extract from Documents and Settings on Computer A and import onto Computer B with all settings intact Although I am aware this is quite easy using such tools as File and Settings Transfer Wizard this tool doesn t keep any of the Office configurations We find that when restoring a user s profile onto a new computer the largest ammount of time is taken setting up their Outlook profile re-adding in all PST files and additional mailboxes This is often made more difficult by users who arn t completely sure how their Outlook was setup prior to their profile being extracted I m looking for a way possibly remotely to access a computer HDD and copy the local user profile with all settings customizations and Office configurations intact of which we can then copy import to a new PC to allow the user to log in without any configuration of their profile required At present one way I can see of doing this although I havn t had much success with this method is the following Copy profile from Documents and Settings to external HDD Export user s profile registry from HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList to reg file Use Office Save my settings wizard to create OPS file which can then be re-imported Once all this is done do the reverse on the new PC Although this should work unfortunately the Office configurations are still not kept and require the Outlook profile re-creating Does anyone have a better method of the above Or know of any applications which make this process easier Also to complicate matters further it would be helpful if this could be done from outside of the users profile i e not logged in as the user possibly from a remote PC Any help guidance or advice on this would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance Vince nbsp

A:Solved: Exporting user profile from Windows XP (including Office configurations)
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I am managing a computer lab at a school. Because of the environment, every user is new to that machine when he or she logs in. It can take up to two minutes for Windows 7 to log in, and generate a new profile for the user. That is just too long. From the time the user logs in, to the time the computer is read to go, needs to be under a minute.

So here is my question: Is it possible to have a profile that is stored remotely on a server, and not on the local machine? We don't want to use roaming profiles, for the same reasons no one else uses roaming profiles. I want what I would call a "remote profile". I know I can redirect the Documents folder, we are already doing that. Can we redirect the entire profile?

A:Can A User Profile Be Stored On A Server?

MongooseMan, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

The reason that Microsoft calls the profiles "Roaming" is exactly the reason that you found. It is for setting up a user on different machines but they will have the same maps and stuff available to them when they are not on their own workstation

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After reboot my user screen resolution is set back to 640x480.
While booting i see a normal resolution but as soon as the welcomescreen appears the resolution is set back to 640,480.
I can set it back to my default 1920x1200. But next time i boot it will be 640x480 again.
When i switch user, i have to set it to 1920x1200 too..
(I expect to have the sam resolution for all users.. )
Graphics-card is ATI Radeon HD 4350
Windows 7 64 Bit



A:User screen resolution not stored

I know that in XP you could go into msconfig and under startup items turn setrefresh.exe off. See if that is available under W7. I can't verify myself yet due to my work pc being XP. I also found this to try:

To enter clean boot mode on a computer, follow these steps.
1. Click Start, type msconfig in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

2. On the General tab, click Selective Startup.
3. Under Selective Startup, click to clear the Load Startup Items check box.
4. Click the Services tab, click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable All.
5. Click OK.
6. When you are prompted, click Restart.
7. After the computer starts, check whether the problem is resolved.

You'll need to return to normal boot once done and find the item that is causing the problem. Could take a bit so be patient.
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On the same computer. Thanks to microsoft's shitty "online syncing" they managed to trick me into putting my actual name for the directory in C:/users etc. I want to change this, but apparently the only way is to create a completely new account on my computer. How can I create a duplicate with all the same settings? Thanks.

A:How to transfer data from old user to the new user?

You could login as your current user then run Windows Easy Transfer , backup your current files and settings by selecting 'This is my old PC' , log in as your new user then copy it all back again using the same method by choosing 'This is my New PC'.

this SHOULD copy everything from one account to another as well as between PCs.
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I have had my clean install of windows for about a fortnight now. I just recently found that the account I actually want to use though is the hidden "ultimate administrator"kind of user. Is there a quick easy way to migrate my settings and user data from the normal administrator user "tom" to the super administrator user?

A:Move all user data from one user to another?

Quote: Originally Posted by Tomha

I have had my clean install of windows for about a fortnight now. I just recently found that the account I actually want to use though is the hidden "ultimate administrator"kind of user. Is there a quick easy way to migrate my settings and user data from the normal administrator user "tom" to the super administrator user?

the "hidden" SU has virtually the same rights as a member of the admin group so why would you want to? Is there something special you need/want to do?
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My IE 9 has suddenly decided to delete my stored User Names. I'm guessing the change is due to a download update? Looking at Internet Options\Browsing History On Exit it seems that if you check delete Temporary Files, History and Cookies you now also delete saved user names and passwords. Is the only way to save User Names now to uncheck the Delete Browsing History On Exit and do it manually every time?



A:IE 9 is Now Deleting Stored User Names On Exit

It might possibly be that. however i recommend going to your control panel, Network and Internet, Internet options.

Then next to where you have checked Delete Browsing History On Exit clicking Delete... and ensuring that Form data & Passwords are not checked.

If they aren't then I do recommend unchecking Delete browsing history on exit, and maintaining it manually from now on.

Adam (Stacy) Winson
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I hope someone can help.  I set up Win8 and used my Hotmail account.  I saved the password so that I would log in automatically.  Then, I changed the password to my Hotmail account, on the web, not through Win 8.
So, now, when I turn on the computer, the saved password is not the right one. Not a big deal, but "pesky".  Does anyone know where I can change the saved password?
I have found many articles regarding CHANGING the password.  I do not want to change my Hotmail password, I want to change the one that is STORED in Win 8.
Thanks in advance!

A:Change STORED User Account password

Wouldn't you be able to just change it via "PC settings"?
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I am in the process of upgrading from Win XP & Office 2007 to Win 10 & Office 2016. I have everything installed and it seems to be running. I copied all of My Documents over using a thumb drive. Now I need to copy several folders of user templates.
On Win XP, they are in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\...
Can I just copy them over like I did with My Documents? And if so, where to?
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Citrix 4.0 - Word 2003: User File Locations is not keeping:

Every time a user log's in, we have to remap the "User File Location" (for the user's Templates") in Word 2003:

Open Word, Options, then "File Locations" - "User Templates "

I have it mapped this way: c:\Documents & Settings\%username%\Windows\Microsoft\Application Data\Templates

It keep's reverting back to : C:\Documents & Settings\%username%\Application Data\MIcrosoft\Templates

HOw do I go about creating a reg hack to set this up at login?
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Guys I have done this in the past but cannot recall how and don't want to botch.

I had hoped Windows 10 corrected the "rename user account" function but nope. I renamed a User Account due to conflict on the LAN [same name, same spelling] and sure enough, now I have two names for the account, one a slightly hidden original name, and permissions issues. To rid it, I will create an all new Administrator account, move everything over, and demolish the old.
How to do? the docs/files are easy... the settings for apps etc are not as I recall


A:Move/copy-paste User Account data & docs to New User account same sys

Don't even try would be my recommendation.

Make a new Admin account and copy your documents. Set everything else up from scratch.

Most applications will store their stuff in %localappdata% but unless you have some specific app (Windows Live Mail or Outlook or something) tht you must move it would be much better not to try to move things.

If there is something specifically you want to move then ask about that - I've moved the 2 I mention above, for sure someone else has moved something else.

Generally it will be quicker (and cleaner) to start from scratch than trawl though everything hoping to make sure you moved the lot. You'll only end up missing some odd directory and it will not work.
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Hey guys A few days ago I logged onto my SP XP Home machine and as it is logging me in an error message pops up saying quot Windows cannot load the locally stored user profile quot It acts as though I am a new user showing the windows classic theme and starting the XP tutorial I restart my computer and it acts as good as new restoring my icons wallpaper and theme My question is why is this happening I know it isn't critical but this happens about times I log into my machine and the only remedy seems to be to restart stored cannot user load the Windows profile locally Which we all know can be a pain if you've had your computer for more than months I hope there is some reason this is happening and Microsoft's KB article is soooo helpful quot Windows cannot load the locally stored user profile Create a New User Account quot - Microsoft Uhm no thank you Also before someone Windows cannot load the locally stored user profile says it I did not delete my profile's folder as it logs on about of the time

A:Windows cannot load the locally stored user profile

Just an FYI that I'm having a few problems with my system now and it's been almost a year since I've reinstalled XP, so I think I am due for a reformat this weekend. That should fix my problems :s
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This is a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L55t with Windows 10. I have had several instances where access to a file is blocked because of a stored profile. My user account is administrator and it should allow access to any file. I found the stored profile but I can't find any way to change it so I can access all files on my laptop. Do you have any suggestions that will help me solve the problem. Thank you
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why is my user file stored in TEMP instead of the name of the user account?

A:User file stored in a folder called TEMP?

Hi found this for you to look at hope it helps;

The system creates a user profile the first time that a user logs on to a computer. At subsequent logons, the system loads the user's profile, and then other system components configure the user's environment according to the information in the profile.
Types of User Profiles

Following are the types of user profiles available in Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003:
Local User Profiles. A local user profile is created the first time that a user logs on to a computer. The profile is stored on the computer's local hard disk. Changes made to the local user profile are specific to the user and to the computer on which the changes are made.
Roaming User Profiles. A roaming user profile is a copy of the local profile that is copied to, and stored on, a server share. This profile is downloaded to any computer that a user logs onto on a network. Changes made to a roaming user profile are synchronized with the server copy of the profile when the user logs off. The advantage of roaming user profiles is that users do not need to create a profile on each computer they use on a network.
Mandatory User Profiles. A mandatory user profile is a type of profile that administrators can use to specify settings for users. Only system administrators can make changes to mandatory user profiles. Changes made by users to desktop settings are lost when the user logs off.
Temporary User Profiles. A temporary profile is issued each time that an error condition prevents the user's profile from loading. Temporary profiles are deleted at the end of each session, and changes made by the user to desktop settings and files are lost when the user logs off. Temporary profiles are only available on computers running Windows 2000 and later.
A user profile consists of the following elements:
A registry hive. The registry hive is the file NTuser.dat. The hive is loaded by the system at user logon, and it is mapped to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key. The user's registry hive maintains the user's registry-based preferences and configuration.
A set of profile folders stored in the file system. User-profile files are stored in the Profiles directory, on a folder per-user basis. The user-profile folder is a container for applications and other system components to populate with sub-folders, and per-user data such as documents and configuration files. Windows Explorer uses the user-profile folders extensively for such items as the user's Desktop, Start menu and Documents folder.
User profiles provide the following advantages:
When the user logs on to a computer, the system uses the same settings that were in use when the user last logged off.
When sharing a computer with other users, each user receives their customized desktop after logging on.
Settings in the user profile are unique to each user. The settings cannot be accessed by other users. Changes made to one user's profile do not affect other users or other users' profiles.
User Profile Tiles in Windows 7 and Later

In Windows 7 or later, each user profile has an associated image presented as a user tile. These tiles appear to users on the User Accounts Control Panel item and its Manage Accounts subpage.. The image files for the default Guest and default User accounts also appear here if you have Administrator access rights.
Note The Manage Accounts subpage is accessed through the Manage another account link in the User Accounts Control Panel item.
%ProgramData%\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Guest.bmp
%ProgramData%\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\User.bmp
The user's tile image is stored as C:\Users\<username>\Local\Temp folder as <username>.bmp. Any slash characters (\) are converted to plus sign characters (+). For example, DOMAIN\user is converted to DOMAIN+user.
The image file appears in the user's Temp folder:
After the user completes the initial system set-up (OOBE).
When the us... Read more
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I run windows 7 premium 64 and all of the sudden I stated to get this popup after windows loads that says
"C:\User\Lori-Bee\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost"
How can I fix this?...I tried check disk running CCleaner ....No difference

A:C:\User\User -User\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost

Hi there ... Read the Link below and follow the Instructions ..
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Error 182418Log.iniis lost
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With SSDs becoming more and more popular and the price not dropping fast enough I want to start a thread on best configurations of the Windows OS with an SSD The configuration can effect performance of the system and the wear amp tear on the SSDs In case you don t know SSD Pros - Fast very fast Up to mb s reads on top end drives mb s typical and mb s writes SSD and Windows7 Configurations HD avg - No spining or moving parts - No head crashing can be SSD and Windows7 Configurations dropped kicked all good SSD Cons - Limited writes with MLC types most popular but should last years under normal use In years MLCs will be Faster and more Life span - Price GB GB GB GB you don t want to know - Writes become slower with usage unless using a Cleanup tool intel or TRIM Windows and a SSD that supports SSD and Windows7 Configurations TRIM Currently on the market in masses the drives with TRIM are Intels X -M G and some OCZ drives More are coming I have bought Intel X GB drives recently To save I have bought the A-DATA version which is STILL an intel X -M G Drive but a WHOLE lot lower price Since I had both intel and A-DATA versions I can confirm that intel tools and FIRMWARE are completely compatible On Newegg intel OEM vs Retail or A-Data depending on availability http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Intels are not the FASTEST drives on the market but they are very fast in Random Reads the G s have TRIM A MUST HAVE and they include tools for performance and maintenance of the drive that nobody else has Windows Configurations The more memory you have the less the swap file is needed This is important as swap files Virtual memory is usually about GB in size This will effect the performance of the computer and of course all that writing slows down the SSD AND reduces the life of the drive But Microsoft does some stupid things and some software may balk at having the Swap file turned off How does one turn off or adjust the size of the swap file - Right click on MY Computer Star menu or desktop and select Properties Or System in control panel - On left plane select Advanced System Settings - Click on Advanced Tab then Performance button and then Advanced Tab again geez this is deep there you will see the Virtual Memory button called Change at the bottom - punch it - Here you can select Auto Custom and No Paging file Some examples I have real world PC with GB of RAM if on AUTO - typical usage is mb On my XP desktop I have it set to mb max only Photoshop complains about it sometimes if I have it turned off On a Win - notebook I have with GB its mb give or take as well On my Win - notebook with GB its mb This is typical of Windows in which the swap file is the size of your REAL RAM It was good back when we had mb RAM on our computers but this becomes rather stupid on GB RAM computers especially those with GB or more So the questions I like to talk about with an SSD and typical user what would be the best to do On a Desktop X CPU with GB of RAM with an SSD I have the swap file currently set to mb to see how WIn behaves Running office and other typical software browsers AV etc No issues On the notebooks one will have GB the other GB for now I am thinking of setting the notebooks to MB and see performance or issues The goal is to reduce the writing to the SSD and even HD for that matter and use more available RAM On the GB WIn - notebook with normal AV Firewall on bootup IE and resource monitor running processes total memory is used Swap file ON Managed MB in size memory is used Swap file OFF MB in size Er what I was expecting MORE memory to be used with the swap file off Start MS-Word and memory goes up to and processes So far no complaints from any programs Very interesting Will others here be willing to SHUT off their swap file and see how their systems behave nbsp

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First time poster but I think I've done my homework on this issue This issue has similar symptoms to a problem with vista http www vistax com tutorials -user-profile-service-failed-logon-user-profile-cannot-loaded htmlHowever it is longer data at any User Service creating log Profile username failed service other on: Apparently than profile W7 picture. and is no W7: user definitely not the same issue see further Current Config HP dv - W RC x Last update up to date as of installed succesfully and should be unrelated to this issue not verified yet by a pre-update W7: User Profile Service service failed at log on: Apparently W7 is no longer creating any user profile data other than username and picture. restore Running with Admin account while diagnosing troubleshooting Currently have two working accounts one standard one admin Symptom New user accounts cannot be logged into On an attempted login to the new account the following information is displayed on the login screen quot The User Profile Service service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded quot Windows then logs off the operator and returns to the initial user selection screen All other aspects of use are normal Current Diagnostics First attempts to resolve this problem were to recreate the new account This was attempted when logged in as both Standard and Admin This was also attempted under safe mode This has been attempted with virus protection disabled All to no difference in the symptom The similarity to the Vista issue linked above caused me to check the registry entry under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList for the new profile as suggested by that link Unlike that issue there simply is no entry for the new user Examination of the new log entries from creation of account to attempted log in provides the following entries Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task Category Information PM Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon None The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification event Warning PM Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon None The winlogon notification subscriber lt Profiles gt failed a notification event Information PM Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon None The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification event Warning PM Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon None The winlogon notification subscriber lt Sens gt failed a notification event Error PM Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles Service None quot Windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded Check that you are connected to the network and that your network is functioning correctly DETAIL - Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed quot Warning PM Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles General None quot Windows cannot copy file C Users Default AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live SqmApi SqmData sqm to location C Users TEMP AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live SqmApi SqmData sqm This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security rights DETAIL - Access is denied quot Error PM Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles Service None Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off Warning PM Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles General None quot Windows cannot copy file C Users Default AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live SqmApi SqmData sqm to location C Users New Username AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live SqmApi SqmData sqm This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security rights DETAIL - Access is denied quot Naturally I started with the earliest error first and decided to look to see what is going on The file that is trying to be copied is there but the destination folder does not exist As near as I can tell whatever process the User Profiles General Service is trying to perform the copy does not have sufficient access to perform the operatio... Read more

A:W7: User Profile Service service failed at log on: Apparently W7 is no longer creating any user profile data other than username and picture.

It could be this version† error "User profile service..."
Great find Flav!While I didn't†resolve or have the exact issue 'Brooks-bilson's had, one of the comments on this blog entry ( did have a comment that worked.First I renamed the file "\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\SqmApi\SqmData720896_00.sqm" to \Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\SqmApi\SqmData720896_00.sqm.bakInterestingly, this failed (bolded to help skimming folks).† However, actually moving the file out of the directory (effectively deleting it) did work.† This file was definately related to the problem, but exactly why W7 wasn't able to copy this (such as insufficient permissions or too long name error) is still unresolved.A little bit of information about the process Vista (and presumedly W7) goes through is well laid out in the referenced blog, and I recommend it for education.Unless it pops up again, I'm considering this issue closed and won't be monitoring it.† I hope everyone dealing with this W7 issue finds this helpful.Thanks again, Flav, for the find.D
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Hi On a nbsp domain pc I login with user quot jack tech quot for the first time windows should create in c users a folder named quot jack tech quot containg the speacial folder My Documents My Downloads My Desktop etc For some issues I was obliged to do a reset for this user so I login on this pc as a local admin and i deleted folder quot jack tech quot from users so when this user login agian windows create a profile folder for him with original settings The issue is that windows not creating a profile folder for this user and every time he login windows prepare his desktop as if it's the first time and all saved data disappeared after a User windows7 in Missing folder restart or shutdown nbsp Note I tried to create a folder in Users named quot jack teck quot Missing User folder in windows7 with sub folders nbsp My Documents My Downloads My Desktop etc but nothing changed nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Greetings and happy holidays!

I've stored sub folders in windows mail and then exported each folder to a new named folder on my desktop (the computer stated I have to do a new folder). Am wanting to send the desk top folder to a new location on my CD disk (for final storage) and when I send it over to the new location disk - a file will come up and say copy files without properties. This file (no) has properties that cannot be copied to new location and the file will go into the disk and when I call it up theres nothing there.

I think I need to transfer straight to disk 'without' desk top storage. But I now have several files on desk top that need to be stored to 'new location' disk. Appreciate you info, wisdom, insight, review and more knowledge than I!

A:Stored Emails to New Locations

Hi, High Vistas, and welcome to the forums.

Exactly how are you attempting to copy the files to the disc? It sounds like you are copying nothing but shortcuts, but even that makes no sense as it should still copy *something*.
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I have a TOSHIBA Quosmio X500-121 Notebook.
I cannot Login to Windows as the user profile cannot be found.
Have two profiles - 1 Admin, this is the one that cannot be found and 1 User which works.

I want to recover the Admin access or to create a new access with Admin privileges.
However, with the profile it seems also the Windows password is gone. Now, it;s the cycle Admin privileges required -> profile is not there -> cannot create new profile without password.

Starting the System in secured mode is not possible and I have no media to reinstall Windows completely.
All measures proposed on Microsoft Forum do not work without Admin password.
I have a recovery CD but when I boot from this, the same login screen appears and I still have no password.
Any idea what to do?

Cheers&thanks Lu

A:Qosmio X500-121 - Windows7 / user profile cannot be loaded

Check this Microsoft page for solution.
[Fix a corrupted user profile|]

It will show you workaround how to fix a corrupted user profile
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We have a noob user in the office who was recently given a new Windows laptop He claims today that on the weekend when he booted his laptop a screen came up quot with some stuff quot and asked if he wanted to reformat As noobs will do he clicked yes and as he said quot before I knew asked Windows7 at claims reformat to boot user him Noob it it was formatting my hard drive and now Noob user claims Windows7 asked him to reformat at boot all my programs and files are gone quot This guy was given an external HDD so he could do Noob user claims Windows7 asked him to reformat at boot daily backups but of course he was apparently only backing up quot occasionally quot and as a result now does not have some files he needs for a presentation So two questions Other than a virus or malware does anyone know why he would be presented with this option at startup Is it possible he hit one of the F keys and booted into a recovery mode by accident Is there anyway to recover the files from the formatted disc or is he SOL

A:Noob user claims Windows7 asked him to reformat at boot

Is it possible he hit one of the F keys and booted into a recovery mode by accident?

It's possible - depends what recovery options the oem put on there.

Is there anyway to recover the files from the formatted disc or is he SOL?

You should be able to get some back - as long as they haven't been overwritten .

The Free Recuva (they do a portable version you can run off a flash - or run it from an external machine to avoid writing anything else to the HD ) is worth a try.

It has a deep scan mode for formatted drives.

Pandora is also a decent freebie - good for certain types of iles - see screenie in link below.

Paid apps. might be beter still. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is also worth a go.

Recover Files After Format
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Can anybody help?
For some extraordinary reason The User Accounts Icon has disappeared from my Control Panel of Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit & therefore cannot access User accounts. I found this out when i could not change the user account picture.
Many thanks.

A:User Account has disappeared in Control Panel of Windows7 Ultimate

Hello welcome to sevenforums.
Have you tried to do a system restore?
System Restore
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As of today in our domain environment consisting of Windows and Windows Enterprise machines we are experiencing the quot User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded quot error message whenever a user tries to login This only affects users new to the particular machine If they have signed on before and already have Default service 8 User Profile loaded. be Profile Profile sign-in Win Environment Domain in Corrupt The failed User 7 the User Win cannot and - a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue This is occurring on both Win and Win machines We are an academic institution so this is becoming a huge problem in our labs Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently I have a solution for the issue It appears that on the non-working machines that the quot Default quot user profile is corrupt I have discovered that if I find a machine Win or Win doesn't matter that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the quot Default quot user profile and replace the corrupt one I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new one Corrupt Default User Profile in Domain Environment - The User Profile service failed the sign-in User Profile cannot be loaded. Win 8 and Win 7 I am doing this over the network by navigating the C users folder Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over computer in labs I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions none which are any more practical than my method I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet If anyone can offer any advice share a possible patch it would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Hello I'm sure this has been asked to the in Locations update menu window's the stored How Previous items many times before but I cannot find a satisfactory answer to my problem despite many searches The mysterious 'previous locations' How to update the items stored in the window's Previous Locations menu at the top of a window seems like it should be very useful But in common with many other users out there my system only displays these same useless few folders which I haven't accessed in months The double-arrow thing to the right - which looks like some kind of 'update' function - seemingly does absolutely nothing I have therefore completely ignored this But I'd LOVE to have quick access to my recent stuff - I know there's the sub-menu from the Start menu but this is no use when I'm saving a file unless there was a way to force the file selector dialog box to jump to a location that's already open in an Explorer window on the desktop like on a Mac I found what should have been a useful link on Microsoft's site but it's broken Microsoft Community On a similar note why does the search box sometimes appear and sometimes not appear in the top-right corner There seems to be no logic to its behaviour Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks Paul

A:How to update the items stored in the window's Previous Locations menu

Hello Paul,

If you like, you could turn off and on recent programs to reset and clear auto suggest in Windows Explorer.

Recent Programs - Turn On or Off
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Restore Point - Create in Windows 8

Using the above tutorial I have created a restore point on my Win 8.1 64-bit Laptop. Where is the created restore point stored on my PC?

I guess I would need to know this if I needed to perform a system restore?

A:Where on PC is a user-created "restore point" stored?


Just go here---

Or type in ---


into a command prompt & press Enter.

You can also type it into a New Task in Task Manager---
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So I created a new user on my laptop and when I went to sign in today, windows was treating me like a brand new user, all of my files, history everything was gone. I went into my user data via my computer and everything was there but windows wont recognise it as me. I transferred everything to my external just in case but any idea how to get all that back on to my desktop?

A:user data gone!!!!

When you look at Users you should also see your other one(s). Try rebooting and see if both are present.
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I am going re-format a portion of my hard drive to place data on this re-formated partition. my question Is this, the best & fasted way to collect my data. thanks

A:user data

You can use this tutorial by Brink for that. User Folders - Change Default Location
There is little to gain by using a partition on the same physical drive though.

This may help too.
Partition or Volume - Create New
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Hello dear , I am using windows 2000 server .I have a network of more than 30 pcs.

when i add profile for workstation on my domain , after a day that profile get currpted .and then it does not log in on the domain . and in that profile there becomes a folder automatically which is named " User data " this folder creats automitically and aftet the creation of this folder profile currpots and then does not log in on the domain .

what i do for the solution is just to delete the profile and create it again .

any solutions ?

thanks in advance
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I am using windows server with active directory and is there a way to have like a profle for each user accont but it only saves the settings, not the stuff on the desktop and that?

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I'm not sure what exactly I need so I will explain my scenario:

I have a 3 PCs that only has one account (Admin). I want to create a user account (standard). When the standard account logs in I want them to have everything that was available in the Admin account available to them (all data, browser configurations, etc..).

Basically I want to make it where the user logs in and they see no difference other than they no longer have Admin rights.

I hope this makes since to someone. Ask any questions you may have. Just not sure how to accomplish this.

I have Windows 7 on one PC, 8.1 on another, and 10 on another.
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I recently experienced a hard drive crash which required me to get a new hard drive. After installing Windows XP on the new drive, I have been able to access my old hardrive.

What I want to do now is access my old user account, specifically My Documents.

The problem, I guess, is that I don't have administrator privileges to the previous user accounts after the new install.

Question: Is there any way around this?

Hope you can help.


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Hi Sir,

My Self Naresh. I am using one personal System. Suddenly it is not booting.. For that I try to repair that OS. But I am getting the error as Hard disk is problem...
So I added that Hard Disk to another System, that hard disk is detecting well. and i am able to copy the data from all partitions(Drives).But One User Data is not able to copy and not able to open that user account folder. While i try to copy the data i am getting the error as "Access Denied". My requirement is Retrieve The user Data of that old hard disk. Please help me to retrieve the Data from that hard disk...

Thanking you


A:Not Able to Open User Data...

See if this helps:
How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP
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Hi I have a laptop with i processor GB and SSD on on data HDD OS and programs user 2nd and app SSD and Win Pro bit OS I want to replace my optical drive with a second GB HDD I believe the Win installation on my SSD is corrupted so I wish to do a clean install and start afresh In the new setup I want to keep the OS and all programs on the SSD but store all user data and app data on the HDD I have figured how to do the OS OS and programs on SSD and user and app data on 2nd HDD reinstall and program install is also straight forward However I am still a bit confused about configuring the second HDD such that all user data is stored there but is accessile from the usual Library and App data folders in Windows Appreciate if someone can share OS and programs on SSD and user and app data on 2nd HDD step by step guidance on how to do this especially for Outlook which seems to have its own special folders Also will Windows indexing and search work reliably if user and app data is stored on a different drive Some people suggest that it will not

A:OS and programs on SSD and user and app data on 2nd HDD

I recommend moving the User folders which you actually use to the other drive. A way to do this is here: User Folders - Change Default Location. Read the whole tutorial so you understand all of your options.

The only other way is to move the whole User profile which has proven problematic so I would not try it.

In addition the steps compiled here for a Clean Reinstall Windows 7 include everything that works best in Win7 in tens of thousands of installs we've directly helped with here, and has been used by over 1.5 million consumers without a single complaint. You'll get and keep a perfect install to the exact extent you stick with the steps, tools and methods there which includes the options and rationale for moving User folders.
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So, my corporate desktop was originally assigned to me with the previous user's login information. Today, when an error was discovered on the account, the IT dept, via T.V., decided to add a new account with my information. I asked why he didn't just change the UN + PW for the existing Login that I was already using. He said that he could not do that. Now, I was able to move all of my User folder data over, but all existing Logins(Citrix) and Firefox data is no longer working. How can I recover this from the other account? Or is possible, as I originally asked, to just change the previous UN + PW Login information in the registry for the previous account.

Your help is greatly appreciated.



A:Need help recovering user data

Hi James -

If you can find the location where Citrix, Firefox and any other missing program data is stored (I ask Google) in the old account, you can bypass permissioning using Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console or Paragon rescue disk to recover data.

Then often you can just paste that data into the exact same folder>file in new account.

I've been able to retrieve any data this way except encrypted.
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We have a lot of guys who are using old company computers and sometimes personal ones to connect to a server over remote desktop With the end of support for XP and no real sense Data Gather User of all the devices some of our field guys I d like to gather some basic data Does anyone know if there is some sort of program that would allow me to build a simple executable to gather some basic info such as -gather OS version -determine Gather User Data if AV is installed -determine if firewall is turned on -determine if updates are enabled -determine if LogMeIn is installed and if possible what version and linked to what account -save a simple text file that can be emailed back It should work for limited users since they won t be able to install anything and good for to bit systems with OS s ranging from XP to Windows I assume a lot of Gather User Data tech support providers need to gather some of this and not sure if they roll their own or their is some way a non-programmer Gather User Data like myself can gather this without requring field workers - who in many cases are not computer savvy to do anything beyond a simple click and email me the text file I tested Piriform s Speccy portable and that gather a lot of info - too much in fact as it also grabs the windows serial number and other items that users -especially if they have personal PC s- rightfully wouldn t want us to have Thank you nbsp
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I am the only User on the computer. When I turn on the computer I see my User picture and I enter my password but Vista has created a TEMP user using my name and password that does not have my stuff. How do I get Vista to use my real User folder for startup?

A:All my user data seems to be missing

Your actual user profile may be corrupted, which is why Windows has created a temporary one for you.
Create a new user account for yourself, then copy/paste from your original user account folders into your new one.
To gain access to your original user account folders you will need to take ownership of them, explained here:

Because you might lose access to your user files for several reasons, you should always keep backups of them on at least one other physical drive or on CD/DVD.
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As SSDs are undoubtedly the way to go for the OS and booting, I am curious how one can configure Windows 7 to install on C: yet save all user data on D: (which is where the 2TB drive is). The main reason being the space is limited on C (SSD is only 90GB) and the media structure of the user library with videos, documents, etc can easily span hundreds of gigs.

Is the only way to do this to manually change the user location to D:? If so, how is this done?

I'll be building a number of systems soon and want to have some sort of C: boot D: user data standard which falls within the management of the traditional Windows 7 Library structure.


A:Installing on C: SSD and User Data on D:

Here is a Tutorial to do this.
Follow closely, seems complex, but read it a few times before proceeding and all will be well.
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My wife's computer is all messed up. For reasons way too complicated to explain, she uses my ID on her computer even tho she has her own. We would like to resolve this by returning her to her real, original, ID. The question is how do we move/transfer/copy the data from my ID to her ID?

A:How do I transfer User data?

Bobland has computer a; wife has computer b.

Bobland has an account in wife's computer b, most likely with administrative functions. (Did she forget pswd?)

Backup wife's user data to a safe place. Copy Bobland's user data in wife's computer b and replace wife's user data. This has to be done from within the account that has administrative privileges.
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Hi Everyone

I am rather new here and hoping Im in the correct section. I bought a used laptop bout a year old with win7. When I do for instance a file download a box will pop up with the old users name ie., trkinney.. as a user I guess, but he is not on the start up menu as a user. If I do a search off the bottom left start menu using that name, it pops up on a whole bunch of operating files and downloads, mostly which I have done since buying from the guy. I am reluctant to change that name on the files I pull up via search for fear of modifying a root file of some sort. If this query makes sense to anyone who has had a similar issue, I would be happy to hear some advice. This is the data I am trying to delete:


A:Windows 7 old user data

What you could do is create a new user account for you in Control Panel then log on to the account to activate it.

Move or copy anything you have downloaded and any other files you have added (including your favorites) from the old user account to your new account.

After that is done DELETE the old user account. Do not save the files. If the user name still shows up under Users delete it.

Another option: back up YOUR files and start clean by reinstalling the operating system. Personally, I think this is the best option. You get rid of stuff the former owner put on the computer and customize it to the way you want it.
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We are currently looking for a solution to migrate user data from one PC to another nbsp Our PC's are leased and have to be replaced every few years nbsp We have over locations in rural parts of North America nbsp Only a handful of these locations maybe have servers at the location nbsp We have a hub and spoke network nbsp All traffic comes back to the corporate office before being routed to the internet nbsp With all of that said we are looking for a more efficient way to migrate user data from an old PC to a new PC when a user receives a new PC nbsp Here are a couple of options we have explored-- - Configure some sort of cloud repository Azure AWS etc where we can backup user profiles and download them to the new machine once it is received - Purchase NAS devices or small servers for the locations and backup new User data to PC's Migrating all user data to those devices nbsp Download the data Migrating User data to new PC's to the new machine when it arrives - Enable roaming profiles Active Directory for users who are having their machines replaced nbsp Sync the profile data to the roaming profile share nbsp Download the roaming profile to the new machine when it arrives nbsp Disable the user from using roaming profiles after they have initially downloaded the profile nbsp Of course this download will occur over our WAN - Write a robocopy script and run as a scheduled task to backup all profiles on all PC's at a location and store them on a share on one PC at the location nbsp New PC's could download the profile data from that PC when the new PC's arrive nbsp We are trying to keep from hammering our WAN when moving the user data which is a problem since we're a hub and spoke network nbsp Most of the locations have PC's only so it becomes a challenge to move user data on the locations LAN only nbsp We have looked at using Microsoft's MDT and USMT to transfer user data but we're concerned it will be too cumbersome to the end user and cause more Help Desk calls as a result of confusion Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this nbsp Any advice would be appreciated nbsp As of now our two most likely options to test are roaming profiles and cloud repositories Thanks
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I am trying to delete user data files and folders from the user profile folder on the server side. I don't know why they are saving to the profile to begin with and they reappear after deleting them from the profile. I removed the files from the documents and settings profile folder on the client and they have not returned, however the server copy of the profile keeps coming back with the user data files and folders. Also wondering what files should be saved to the profile so I don't remove something that should be there.

A:xp profiles have user data files in them

hey, well the profile folder in the server is shared and here user can safe their profile setting known as "roaming profile" if you go to your user then right click and choose properties and it will have some text there about user profile make sure there is nothing written there.

also i don't think you should delete these files because these are used to structure the users background and other settings.
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Am about to switch to fresh user data trying to problems.. up Back HDD laptop and install win current vista While drag amp dropping files to usb external trying to Back up user data problems.. hard drive for back up and copy to new hdd later Several folders are NOT visible on usb hard drive that tried to copy numerous times Subsequent attempts to copy paste drop drag popup 'Folder already exists want to merge ' blah blah Checked folders properties and are NOT ticked 'hidden' they ARE 'Read Only' though - gt One such folder resides in 'root ' of C Users Jason shsh and is back up of my apple ipod's security files from jailbreaking - gt There are likely others that I've not yet noticed which are VISIBLE on back up hdd - How do I make these visible so I can copy to new hdd If I can't see them likely cannot copy transfer don't know they are there unrelated issue question Since back up user data originates from vista for sake of transferring to new hdd win - Are there any settings app data program folders that can be used on win For like program settings device configurations ect Thanks

A:trying to Back up user data problems..

The only files to copy out are those in your user profile folder - Docs, Pics, Music, Video, Favorites, etc...

Regards. . .


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Hope this is in the right forum - apologies if not A friend of mine had a problem with their computer - the harddrive couldn t be found by the bios I think it was a fault on the motherboard but he decided to get a new computer even if it wasn t I tested his harddrive as a slave on my computer and it worked fine On my computer it shws as G with GB used I tried copying the contents of the drive over to my computer so i data Extract harddrive user from could delete the files not required but Extract user data from harddrive it only copied GB I m guessing that s system files that can t be copied etc Is there a way of getting all the documents and files from G that the user would have put on - so that the OS system files are ignored as well as any program files but documents he created can be transferred along with files he downloaded I have tried to look for a way of doing this but i don t think that searching under created by will be good enough For example if he has downloaded mp files these may get missed I m hoping this is quite a common exercise by those more IT than me and an easy explanation is available Waiting with everything crossed George nbsp

A:Extract user data from harddrive

If the drive was healthy you would be able to transfer both user-data & system files from the drive, since the operating system is not currently running from that drive so no files on it are being used by your system. The only other requirement is one concerning access to the user account data folders - to overcome "access denied" you have to change the access permissions for them.

The hard drive can't truly be declared as "working fine" until you've tested it with diagnostic software such as Seagate SeaTools for Windows: (click "Downloads").
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I use a Macbook for my personal use usually, but when I turned on my PC after not using it for a couple of months, all of my user information is gone: Documents, music, everything. The only thing is I don't think it's gone, I can't access my music using iTunes on that machine, but I can access it using Windows media player. If I try to open OneNote pages, I get nothing. I have run Spybot and AVG antivirus. It seems as though my user account information is being hidden. Other user accounts (my wife's and a guest account) are working just fine. I would prefer not to return to a restor point, as I don't even know when this was lost. Any advice? I have Net+ and A+ certs, and I work in software, so any response can assume that level of knowledge.

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Hi I have been encountering some Access Error Data User weird error that has been coming up recently It shows as User Data Access random number has stopped working I'm running Windows Enterprise -bit and haven't encountered this error before Updated the Nvidia Graphics driver and updated some drivers through device manager and I started getting these messages Please advice Code SourceUser Data Access a bd Summary Stopped working Date PM Status Report sent Description Faulting Application Path C Windows System svchost exe Problem signature Problem Event Name BEX User Data Access Error Application Name svchost exe UserDataSvc a bd Application Version Application Timestamp d ba Fault Module Name ntdll dll Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp af eb Exception Offset b Exception Code c Exception Data OS Version User Data Access Error Locale ID Additional Information ac Additional Information ac ad c c a e Additional Information Additional Information bf fe e e e a f Extra information about the problem Bucket ID d beb dcd d b c db ac d ac
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Hi I have been encountering some weird error that has been coming up recently It shows as User Data Access random number has stopped working I'm running Windows Enterprise -bit and haven't encountered this error before Updated the Nvidia Graphics driver and updated some drivers through device manager and I started getting these messages Please advice Code SourceUser Data Access a Data Access User Error bd Summary Stopped working Date PM Status Report sent Description Faulting Application Path C Windows System svchost exe Problem signature Problem Event Name BEX Application Name svchost exe UserDataSvc a bd Application Version Application Timestamp d ba Fault Module Name ntdll dll Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp af eb Exception Offset b Exception Code c Exception User Data Access Error Data OS Version Locale ID Additional Information ac Additional Information ac ad c c a e Additional Information Additional Information bf fe e e e a f Extra information about the problem Bucket ID d beb dcd d b c db ac d User Data Access Error ac Code SourceRuntime Broker Summary Stopped working Date PM Status Report sent Description Faulting Application Path C Windows System RuntimeBroker exe Problem signature Problem Event Name BEX Application Name RuntimeBroker exe Application Version Application Timestamp d e Fault Module Name ntdll dll Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp af eb Exception Offset f Exception Code c Exception Data a OS Version Locale ID Additional Information f Additional Information f a aaaa d e a a Additional Information a ca Additional Information a ca a c be d bdb Extra information about the problem Bucket ID c e c fca b e e
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I know that there is previous thread along this same line but I have a different issue I am a beginner with VBA and have been using examples from the Internet to write my codes I have a User Form that I created in Excel that adds the information entered to the first empty row without any problems Since then I have been creating a new User Form using the same code however I m getting the quot Application-defined or object-defined error quot Debugging takes me to the code for finding the first empty row Here is my code Private Sub cmdSubmit Click Dim iRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws Worksheets quot Inventory Request Log quot check user input If Me txtName Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please enter your full name quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me txtName SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me txtPhone Value empty to Form User Add first row data from quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please enter Phone Number quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me txtPhone SetFocus Add data from User Form to first empty row Exit Sub End If If Me cboCampus Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please select the Campus item is located quot vbExclamation Add data from User Form to first empty row quot Inventory Request quot Me cboCampus SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboProdReq Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please select Type of Request quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboProdReq SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboType Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please select product type quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboType SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboCase Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Must indicate if needed for a specific case quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboCase SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me cboLoaner Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Must indicate if a Loaner item is required quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me cboLoaner SetFocus Exit Sub End If If Me txtItemnumber Value quot quot Then MsgBox quot Please enter the Item Number quot vbExclamation quot Inventory Request quot Me txtItemnumber SetFocus Exit Sub End If find first empty row in database iRow ws Cells Rows Count End x Up Offset Row copy the data to the database ws Cells iRow Value Me txtName Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtDate Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtPhone Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtEmail Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboCampus Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboProdReq Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboType Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboLoaner Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboCase Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtCasedate Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtVendor Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtItemnumber Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtQuantity Value ws Cells iRow Value Me cboUnit Value ws Cells iRow Value Me txtComments Value ThisWorkbook Save clear the data Me txtName Value quot quot Me txtPhone Value quot quot Me txtEmail Value quot quot Me cboCampus Value quot quot Me cboProdReq Value quot quot Me cboType Value quot quot Me cboLoaner Value quot quot Me cboCase Value quot quot Me txtCasedate Value quot quot Me txtVendor Value quot quot Me txtItemnumber Value quot quot Me txtQuantity Value quot quot Me cboUnit Value quot quot Me txtComments Value quot quot Me txtName SetFocus End Sub Private Sub UserForm Initialize Dim cProdReq As Range Dim cType As Range Dim cMeasure As Range Dim cCase As Range Dim cCampus As Range Dim cLoaner As Range Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws Worksheets quot LookupLists quot For Each cProdReq In ws Range quot ProductList quot With Me cboProdReq AddItem cProdReq Value List ListCount - cProdReq Offset Value End With Next cProdReq For Each cMeasure In ws Range quot UnitList quot With Me cboUnit AddItem cMeasure Value End With Next cMeasure For Each cType In ws Range quot TypeList quot With Me cboType AddItem cType Value End With Next cType For Each cCase In ws Range quot CaseList quot With Me cboCase AddItem cCase Value End With Next cCase For Each cCampus In ws Range quot... Read more
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Now I have looked through the tutorials for SSD related functions and I am not sure how I should set up a brand new 500GB HDD to transfer my User and temp files from the SSD to it..

I just want to get it right as I have just had some major issues with using th SSD - problem solved and I don't want to go wrecking my system by doing the wrong thing.

In DISKPART I have my SSD an external (in for imaging) and the new HDD listed.

Could someone kindly point me in the right direction of the tutorial I need to set up the HDD please?

A:Setting up HDD for SSD temp and User data

This is what I do. User Folders - Change Default Location I move the user files, make sure the SSD is aligned, make sure Windows turned off Defrag, disable hibernate and not much more.

To disable Hibernate, in an elevated command prompt, type powercfg -h off and press enter. It will look like it did nothing but it did.

To make sure trim is enabled in the elevated command prompt type (copy/paste)

fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify and press enter if it returns DisableDeleteNotify = 0 then trim is enabled.
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We work a lot with schools and one of the issues is how to handle user data when we implement a new operating system build We use W K and have a our standard implementation across many schools utilising a W K Domain Controller and usually a W K Citrix Server or more When we upgrade the systems we rebuild the OS through a compiled scripted process of standard CDS we produce them which necessitates reformatting the server drives Technical people have told me that we cannot strip (SID User Migration issue) Data the data from the systems and restore them because the SID has changed and therefore the profiles are different Data will need User Data Migration (SID issue) to be copied after the new profiles have been built In an environment where we have many users each with their own profiles it is a long a time consuming task I would like to do this in bulk batch We cannot be the only ones with this issue someone User Data Migration (SID issue) must have a utility for this job Please advise how can we backup and then restore the data once we have renewed the user profiles and hence the SID nbsp

A:User Data Migration (SID issue)

If you paritition the hard drive, create a separate DATA partition, and use Domain IDs you should have no problems with SIDs and reformatting.
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I need help with restoring data. I made a stupid move and need to restore data that I deleted.

This is what I did.

I deleted the user. When the windows ask if I want to delete user's data, I clicked "Yes". After that, I recreated the same user again.

Please advise if this is possible to restore user's information after I did that.

thanks in advice.

A:Need help with restoring data from deleted user

Use Glary Utilities to recover the deleted files.

Provided those haven't been overwritten, you should be able to recover.

Recover your files to another pen drive/ external drive and not to the same drive to avoid any further overwriting.

Accidentally deleted my recovery partion

Let us know how it did.

Note: Installing Glary Utilities in itself, may overwrite some files. But if you want to do it the easy way use this hoping it wouldn't overwrite any of your files.

Otherwise Run TestDisk for DOS from a bootable pen drive and and try to recover the files.

How do I make bootable media which includes TestDisk?

A general guide on using Test Disk. Regain a lost drive using Test Disk - An Illustrated Guide

Note: Once TestDisk finds the partitions, you will only copy the files by giving the Command P to list the files , select the files and copy it to another pen drive/external drive which should be connected before booting into TestDisk.
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Is it possible to move the user data folder from my boot drive to another partition?

I've only been running Windows 7 for a month or so and already my boot partition is getting full (<10% free space) and this folder contributes around 35% (13.5GB) of the used space with the AppData folder contributing the bulk of this. When I partitioned my HDD I left 40GB for the boot drive, thinking that would be plenty. All my programs (apart from graphics and soundcard related software) are installed on a separate drive and all my documents are on a separate data partition so I can't free up space by moving those things around.

If it's not possible to move this folder can anyone recommend a solution? Is it safe to resize my partitions or am I risking data loss that way?


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I recently bought a new computer that has both a SSD and HDD My intention was to have Windows boot from the SSD and then to keep files downloads programs etc on the larger HDD The problem was that all of the User files were on Mixed Data Up Folders User SSD which was being treated as the Local Drive I wanted those files to be stored on the HDD for downloads images documents etc Looked up how I could change this and I found this site http www howtogeek com -tips-for-using-multiple-hard-drives-with-windows I thought great I can just change the location of the user data folders I tried selecting Properties then Location for the Users file in order to move everything at once but Location was not a tab option Then I tried the same thing with my named folder inside the User file but again no Location tab Turns out that the Location tab is on User Data Folders Mixed Up the individual folders for Downloads Documents Pictures etc Started with the Download folder and changed the location to the HDD It moved over there just fine and it seemed good Then I tested to make sure that I could still access the folder from other locations like my named folder in Homegroup While a Downloads folder was still displayed there it was not able to open it because it couldn t find it At this point I got worried about the location of the folders getting crossed and decided to look into an alternative way to move everything over to the other hard drive I went back to the Downloads folder now residing in the HDD and went to the Location tab again in Properties I chose the location as Local Disc C Users Jackson to place it back in the named user folder When I did though for some reason it didn t go inside my folder but instead replaced it Now when I go to Users instead of there being a user folder named Jackson there is the Downloads folder When I open the Downloads folder it still takes me to everything that was in my user folder Documents Pictures Desktop Favorites etc but it also displays all of the downloads that were in the Downloads folder It s essentially combined my user file with my Downloads file I can t move the Downloads folder because it doesn t have the Location tab anymore because it is being treated as my user file which didn t have that option either when I first started this It won t let me create a file with my name in the User folder it just disappears It lets me make folders with other names though so I tried making a folder with a random name and then moving everything inside the Downloads folder into that to make it the new user folder and renaming it but it won t let me copy and paste the contents of the Downloads folder The Downloads folder is still being pointed to from other locations like from the This PC section I can choose the Downloads folder and it takes me to it Problem is it s still full of my other user files and not just downloads I just want to reset my folders and folder locations to how they were originally instead of having folders serving dual purposes and crossing over I m sorry about the wall of text I could not figure out how to search for this problem online and I really need human help Worst part is this is still on the SSD But that will be a problem for later nbsp

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Moving user data folders to a secondary drive (My Docs, My Pics, etc.) via the location tab in folder properties. However, the folder permissions change in the process of moving.

1) Is there some way to move the folder while it retains the same security/permissions/ownership?

2) If that's not possible, is there some way to apply a batch of permissions at once? ie, not have to manually change ownership, then individually update each user or group in the security settings after the folder was moved?

It's a family computer, three main user (standard) accounts, one of which should remain private from the others. Goal is simply to keep the same segregation between users that exists natively when everything is in C:\Users\. Thanks!

A:User data folder permissions

Hello 6forty,

If you are just wanting to save HDD space, then you might consider this below to be able to access the files from your libraries with the files actually located where you like instead. This way you will not have to worry about any potential issues that come with moving user folder locations. For example, whatever partition you move your user folders to will now be included in a system image in Windows 8.

Create a new folder at any location you want.Move any files you want into the new folder.Include the new folder into a library of your choice.If you like, you can also set the new folder to be the default "save" to location for the library as well.
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Hi, I need to share an excel data sheet with my boss. He needs to see what I've logged / entered during my work period but doesn't need to edit it. We are both on the same drive.

I have tried searching everywhere about how to do this , any help would be great!

A:Sharing Excel data with other user


We are both on the same drive.

in which case he can just open it - and if you have it open , it should notify your boss he can only open read only

if he opens before you - then he will have edit and you will be told - read only

are you trying to setup - so your boss only ever gets read only and even if he opens first , you can still open and edit
not sure how to set that up
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Hello everybody,

When my friend booted her computer this morning, all of her user data was missing, and the configuration wizards were all showing up as if she was running her applications for the first time.

In light of this, what Data Recovery software do you recommend?

Thank you for your time,


A:All of my friend’s user data seems to be missing

Welcome to TSG

This article describes how to recover a damaged Windows XP user profile
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Hi all. I'm trying to recover some documents form a totally fried XP box for a customer of mine. I've moved the hard drive from teh bad computer to my system, but it won't allow me to access to user's Password protected folders in Documents and Settings. I'm considering using knoppix and my 512 pen drive, but it looks like that would take a while. Windows is screwed on their Hard drive.

I have all the passwords for each account, but it (seemingly) won't let me on becuase it's another system altogether. I have several data recovery software packages (with filerecovery pro being a favorite), but even that won't let me copy or restore the data because it's not "lost," just "protected." Any suggestions? Thanks in advance !!


A:Recovering data from PW User accounts in XP?

this but is not free
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I'm endlessly sorting out things on my step-mums computer that she somehow manages to brake and finally I have no clue what to next with this one Her user profile data has gone the profile loads but has no background desktop icons are default ones outlook has run off somewhere and I cannot change any permissions even though the account is an Admin Searching through the logs it says the user profile has been locked in the Data Profile Disappeared User registry due to a program using the profile while it was last shutdown it also says that no user input is required well that cant be true All her personal data and settings are on a separate partition labeled D and the system stuff on C the document and settings files User Profile Data Disappeared on the C drive are not accessible to the admin through safe-mode so I can not changed fix the ntuser dat files etc Although there's a new folder with the same user name but with at the end this seems to be the new one the profile is using I tried transferring all the User Profile Data Disappeared data from this folder to a new account but there's still stuff gone missing such as the Outlook files which is of high importance to her I've tried editing the ntuser files to load the old folder but now one is allowed to access it accept the broken default profile who can't do anything anyway I have no more ideas on what to do I hope someone can help Regards Rory
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Skype Technologies has updated its popular Skype Internet telephony software to fix a security bug that could expose sensitive data. The flaw could let an attacker construct a Skype hyperlink which, when clicked on by the target, sends a file from the victim's computer to another Skype user, the company said in a security alert published Friday. Security-monitoring company Secunia deems the issue "moderately critical," right in the middle of its five-tiered rating system. The bug could be exploited by attackers "to bypass certain security restrictions and potentially disclose certain sensitive information," Secunia said in its advisory.An updated version of Skype, release, includes a fix for the flaw and was released
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So one of my clients computers is not seeing personal data in any user profile on the machine. Here is everything relevant.
Windows 7
Domain User
Local profiles (although logging in through domain)
No new hardware (originally thought maybe there was a HDD swap)
user data gone from 2 different domain profiles
NOT defaulting to temp profile (checked in registry)
If I didn't know better, I'd say there was never anything done with these profiles on this computer.
Any ideas????? Me and all the rest of the techs here are stumped.

A:Personal Data gone from user profile

Have you inspected the hdd with a non windows machine? even a non windows boot disk...
I put it to my guys here too, there's probably 50 years of sysadmin & tech experience between the 4 of us. No idea, unheard of issue.
Malware maybe?
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Hi all,

I was asked to add a new user and remove an old one on a friends pc, however on the one i deleted were some important documents saved on the desktop and like a numpty I didnt realise they would be deleted with it.

So current state is I have this new user created but am missing these documents on the deleted users account.

Does anyone know of a way to restore this user and all the data associated with it please ?

I have tried system restore which didnt restore the documents.

Thanks for any help

A:Restoring User Accounts & Data

I assume that you've run a search on the computer for the names of the documents, correct?
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I just slaved a hard drive from a broken laptop to retrieve data from
the user profile in windows xp...

but she obviously had a password and now when i access it it says
access denied...

i remember somebody telling me you had to use a linux distro to get around windows security...but i heard somebody saying there was an easier way

any help appreciated

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Hello - I have a laptop that crashed over the weekend. I need to do a restore on the computer but before I do I need to get the documents and pictures off of the drive. I've taken the drive out of the laptop and plugged it into my Windows 7 desktop using an external USB bay. I hear the computer detect the drive but it will never show up as a drive. If I look in Computer Management it shows up in there. Can anyone tell me the best way to get the data off please? Thank you

A:Windows 8 computer crashed - Trying to get user data off o

The quickest and easiest way I can tell you that would work, would be to use Hiren's Boot CD, the link is below. You can boot to "Mini-XP" and it will give you a full Explorer that you can use to move files off the drive to a safe place, just connect a USB drive to the system and you can copy all of your important Data to the external drive.

You probably could also use WinPE or WinRE, I am not sure if those have a working File Explorer.

The only other thing you could do would be to take the drive out and stick it into another system where you can copy the files off.

There may also be a version of Linux that can mount NTFS volumes so you can move files that way, if someone has a link to an easy Linux that can be used like that please post it.
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Two days ago I had a power surge which damaged by hard User/data I working? a now System's Restore did isn't my and drive in some way and turned the computer off I turned it back on again straight I did a System's Restore and now my User/data isn't working? away and it stopped loading halfway into the loading process and just paused I paid some tech guys to come and fix it they used the systems restore disk to get it back up and running Now the whole point was to get the PC running again but to also make sure I didn't lose any documents data in doing so They also installed a new GB hard drive They left with instructions to let the box that was copying documents from what I can only guess was the 'windows old' folder from my C Drive to my new 'James' user folder in my K I did a System's Restore and now my User/data isn't working? Drive running It was about GB so I left it and came back later The problem is when I came back there was an error in the copy and pasting process that led to me having the option to either 'try again' or 'skip' neither did anything and only resulted in a ping noise telling me they were invalid options My only choice was to kick cancel in the hope it would skip that little problem and carry on the copying what I can only assume were my files data It didn't it instead shut down the entire process and I'm left sitting here having no idea what to do They told me that when the process was finished I should delete my windows old folder I copy and pasted the items in my 'James' folder to the new K Drive but when I tried to paste my program files and other data into the K Drive it said I didn't have enough space Why not phone them up and ask you may be thinking They're closed for a week for some odd reason I realise that's a lot of text so I'll sum up the problem - I had a System Restore done on my PC after a power surge to get my PC working and to save my data - I had a new Hard Drive installed - They left with about GB of data installing from the 'windows old' folder in the old C Drive into the 'James' folder in the new K Drive - I now have the data all on my C Drive in the windows old folder but it doesn't seem to mean anything everything is new on the desktop my icons are gone I only have one user 'Dell' to click on in the start menu and all my programs are acting as if it's a fresh install I thought my data was meant to be restored so that the PC was how it was when the power surge occurred

A:I did a System's Restore and now my User/data isn't working?

Your OS is acting like it's a fresh install because it is. That's why you have the Windows.old folder. I'm not real certain why they did a System Restore.

So you can boot into Windows now? Try copying the Windows.old folder yourself. If you get the error again it would probably help everyone to know what that message is.
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Hello, I had some videos on my roommates computer, and I recently bought my own computer, so he deleted my user account before I transferred everything. Is there any way I can retrieve my videos? They are very important to me, and I would hate to lose them

A:Retrieving data from deleted user account

If he didn't delete your files you can still copy them. If they were deleted there is a possibility of data recovery programs working. One such is Recuva.
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My account on the family computer was corrupted, and all my documents, pictures, MP3's, everything was lost.

I am still able to log onto my account, but it appears in the old Microsoft layout. None of my programs or anything is there, and the thing is, all five other accounts on the computer are fine. Mine was the only corrupted one.

Is there any possible way that I can retrieve all of my lost data?

Much appreciated.

A:User Account Corrupted - All Data Lost!

It's probable that your data isn't lost, only inaccessable.

Is this XP Home or XP Pro ?
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While I was at school there was a system in place where by you had to enter a user name and password to access the internet. Every student had a data limit like 3GB per month for example. I remember it had something to do with a proxy. I would like to recreate this system on my office LAN as some staff members have been downloading a lot slowing down the (very expensive) Internet connection. Limiting each users data will discourage large downloads. Thanks in advance...

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Hello I'm having a problem understanding how the User Accounts work and keeping certain things only for the Admin account and others for my own Safe Use restricted account and the Guest account Problem that sparked these questions is that I had set everything up with a pre-install of Vista from the manufacturer I've been running as Admin for the most part and downloaded Firefox I've obviously created a Safe Use restricted account and enabled the Guest account Then I copied over the the bookmarks html file and User Bookmarks FF Account/Data issues over from my old HD Well using my admin account I have everything I need The problem is that all the accounts on User Account/Data issues and FF Bookmarks my system have the same bookmarks I also have no idea what a Roaming folder is and how it differs from a Local Why is there a Default account AND an Administrators account And what is a Public account Any light that can be shed or online resources explaining things that can be pasted will be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:User Account/Data issues and FF Bookmarks

The default account has basic settings that get loaded/copied over when a new account logs on for the first time. So for example if you want a new user to have specific shortcuts in their start menu or desktop whenever they get their new account, you can put that in the default profile.
Dunno about public.
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1) How to Copy Newest User Data (12-12-09) from Newest C Drive whose operating system will no longer boot up and the HD now is in a USB exteral storage unit;
2) Copy into working restored older Acronis backup of 9-10-2009.

Best Strategy please:? Other strategies?

I have available as tools:
1.WindowsPE Vista boot disk
2. Koppitz Bot disk
3. Vista Ultimate Installation package

Possible alternatives:
1. (A) Boot up with the WindowsPE Vista
(B) Click Users Folder (12-12-09) and Select ALL, Copy it
(C) Paste into Users folder of 9-10-2009
(D) Reboot


2. (A) Boot up with WindowsPE Vista
(B) Rename Users Folder of 9-10-2009 to Users-Old
(C) Click Users Folder (12-12-09) and Select ALL,
(D) Copy it to C drive
(E) Reboot


Other or Better strategies?

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Recently i was battling with a pretty nasty virus and shortly after its removal, i restarted my computer and it popped up saying it was installing new hardware... A non user input data filter but that there was an error during installation. Ever since then, my wireless ketboard and mouse functions erratically and sometimes not at all, and then will function fine at other times. I did a windows update and it tried to update the Non User HID but it had an error with that. I attempted to uninstall and reinstall my wireless drivers and tried different usb ports but it always gave me the same installation error. How can i solve this issue so that i can get my usb devices to work properly?

My computer is running Windows Xp Professional Sp2

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It appears my regular Windows 7 account (a "super admin" account) is blocked from other users. When I try to access the user files from another Windows 7 account, or from my Windows 8 side, it does not let me access the files. Is there a way around this? I'm guessing its some tiny setting or something I have missed or overlooked, but idk.


A:User accounts/data blocked from other users?

Have you set a password for your account on windows 7?
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I am an admin user and I have an assignment where I need to backup a user's data to a folder in our company's shared network, all from my laptop (only because we don't want to disturb the client as much as possible). The user works in the same office area and is connected to our domain. How can I backup their user profile/data from my laptop without kicking them off their laptop? (we all use win7 professional x64)

A:From my PC, need to backup a user's data from their PC to a shared network

Macrium Reflect [or its Pro version] might work for you -- it make backups on the fly [although I recommend minimum activity during its run].  I've not made backups under your circumstances, however, Macrium Reflect free or fee may be worth a try.
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I have a Western Digital My Book World Edition II NAS drive with 6 users that store/access files on the drive every day.

Is there any way to know the daily amount of data transfer per user per day?

Any freeware applications that can do the job?

Thanks and help is greatly appreciated.
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My dad called an said that last night several updates were downloaded and when shutting down the PC the system apparently installed them.

This morning when he booted up the PC he said all user data was deleted, emails, desktop icons I imagine it looks like it does if one had created a new user account and then logged in with that account. As far as I can tell he is still logged in with the same account name and there are no other accounts to choose from.

any ideas with this one?


A:win 7 update apparently erased user data

No chance a Windows Update did that.....more likely, it's a malware infection, which is very prevalent these days. It makes everything on the desktop and Start Menu Hidden.

I would advise visiting our Malware forum on here and following the instructions for posting pertinent logs.
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While I was at school there was a system in place where by you had to enter a user name and password to access the internet. Every student had a data limit like 3GB per month for example. I remember it had something to do with a proxy. I would like to recreate this system on my office LAN as some staff members have been downloading a lot slowing down the (very expensive) Internet connection. Limiting each users data will discourage large downloads. Thanks in advance...


A:Internet data restriction by User account

Buy a firewall and shut down all unauthorized activity. Most also have application filters to block anything like downloads from torrents, limewire, etc.
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I've just received a call from a panicked friend saying her Windows has reset all data reset, gone Spontaneous account user everything When she turned it on she got the quot preparing your desktop quot dialog the icons are just the default ones with hers gone and the user document directories are empty The user account does still have her name so it has been reset - Windows isn't just loading another one She tried a restore point from three days ago and it changed nothing I'll get the computer later today and I foresee profanity in abundance The absolute priority is to recover the user data then I'll probably do a reinstall just to be sure I haven't had this happen before so I'm uncertain Why would Windows just up and reset the user account and is the data recoverable at all if the folders are all empty I've Spontaneous user account reset, all data gone told her to stop using it and I plan to see if FreeUndelete can salvage some stuff but as this is the result of a total user account reset and not just an accidental deletion I have little hope that it'll actually do much of anything Any advice beyond yet again stressing the importance of backups

A:Spontaneous user account reset, all data gone

Hi Same has just happen to my computer using windows 7. Point to note system back ups have gone and its telling me there is no OS which is strange however, all the data is still there in the computer somewhere its just the desktop, internet setting and emails which have been reset, I tried a system restore and that did not work however, I have again gone into the system restore setting and there is now more options to restore to where before there was only one restore point, will let you know how it goes. It did not go well now have a black screen but AVG is working again so going for a system scan. It looks like an update is to blame as we have more than one computer running windows 7 and its only the hp computer which has reset, there was an critical update at 09:30 (ish). Well it looks like a day of red bull for me trying to fix the dam thing
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So i woke up this morning to find that google chrome had somehow deleted all my user data. this is really frustrating as I had some important bookmarks that have now gone. I have attempted to restore the google chrome files back to before it had disappeared but to my dismay i found that system restore had only been setting restore points for the windows update files. If anyone has any ideas that can help me I would be very happy. I am understandably upset so I may have overlooked some possibilities.

my computer specs are in the attached image

I am currently running google chrome Version 43.0.2357.81 m

Admin please move this thread if i have posted it in the wrong place.

A:Google Chrome all user data missing

What to do when your Chrome bookmarks suddenly disappear | ITworld

Recovering lost bookmarks in Chrome | Computerworld
Check the above threads. Also, check Chrome Forum and google search for other possibilities.
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hi has anyone any advice on this Microsoft optional update please i received today i have not installed it yet.

Microsoft - Other hardware - HID Non-User Input Data Filter (KB 911895)

Download size: 1.6 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Optional

Microsoft Other hardware software update released in June, 2010

i found this information >

A:KB911895 HID Non-user Input Data Filter

AFAIK, KB 911895 is a general purpose nickname for all driver updates that are pushed through windows updates.

I would suggest you download drivers from the manufacturer's website as and when you need them.
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A very strange thing happened. I ran SP3 update this weekend and while I was away from the computer, Windows installed a second update and automatically restarted the PC. I have no idea what the second update was, but I'm suspicious that it caused a problem. The account I used to run the update is fine and the second user's account still exists, but all his data is wiped out. Documents, emails, settings--all gone. I back up regularly, so only a few very recent files will be lost. Has anyone else encountered this? At this point, I'm annoyed, but all can be recovered...I'm mostly curious. If anyone has any feedback, I'd appreciate it.
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I am using Windows XP with SP Prior to the profile being corrupted I've had multiple warnings that my C drive is running out of space I already have a nd drive and I'm trying to find out about getting a rd Profile, to new copy data User Corrupt cannot one My user profile on my desktop has been corrupted I found instructions on how to copy the data from the old user profile to a new one however I Corrupt User Profile, cannot copy data to new one cannot find the file the instructions are looking for The instructions say to copy from the old file into the new The problem is I cannot find the correct file The profile names on the desktop are Christina me Scott dh and William ds As you can see from the screenshot of Windows Explorer only Scott and William are listed as seperate folders I believe the quot Christina quot setting are under quot Compaq Owner quot but I'm not sure I created a new user profile in Control Panel and named it quot Mom quot However it does not show up in Windows Explorer as a named folder I took the screenshot while logged into my dh's user profile I need help finding out why the new user name doesn't appear in Windows Explorer and how I can verify if I have been using the Compaq Owner account as shown in the files Then I need to find out how to properly copy the data from the corrupted profile Thank you Christina in GA

A:Corrupt User Profile, cannot copy data to new one

Welcome to TSF....

Try this:

How to recover the damaged user profile in Windows XP
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Hey all I really need some help I and the team I work in work with Tenders and contracts currently we have an Access Database that holds data on dates such as Contract Start Date End Date and then these are usually extended after the friendly user it need and data help: excel making initial period The Access Database isn t fit-for-purpose in fact its a flat database and data has been altered by another team making some of the data simply wrong We also have very little data validation checks for data format but nothing more What makes it worse is that each tender contract can have either one or more successful supplier the database however only has one field for successful supplier And each record is only held in one table Is it possible to create a User-friendly lookup and edit function with some drop-down fields How can I add multiple Suppliers and their addresses amp contract numbers and link this with the contract tender Can I create a work plan based on contracts coming to its final end after the initial contract period and after all possible extensions Userforms or Excel cells Please help really need this information to work need help: excel data and making it user friendly in order to better manage our work I work for a not-for-profit organisation and it would greatly improve the work-flow nbsp

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I would like to install Windows 7 64 with the user data directory already re-located to a 2nd physical disk.
How do I modify the default install directory for user data at install time?

A:Installing windows with user data redirect

We tried that with Vista a while back - never could get it working correctly, and I clamored for it in vLite for a while three, then talked to a guy from MSFN forums who was gonna work on it on his own and after a while it just never panned out.

I am not sure why it was so difficult - with XP I nLite'd the OS so that by default the installation created the Documents and Settings tree and the Program Files tree on a separate physical HD during install - and I am pretty positive this is the exact kind of thing you're looking for.

I, too, would love to be able to do that - however, in retrospect, I actually like it without having that.

I install normal apps to the System drive, but I manually install games to a separate physical drive - thereby bypassing the permissions factor on that separate drive, since the Program Files folder is created manually by me and thus is not subject to the strict permissions limitations imposed by both Vista and now 7.

however, it would be nice if I could 7lite the OS so that I could by default have my special folders (aka Documents, etc) already located on the secondary HD, as I manually do it now - all those special folders that are normally under the users\{username}\ tree I manually move on every install in both Vista and now in all my 7 installs to my separate physical HD, making a reinstall of the OS and apps a lot easier for me....

I can try to get back in touch with the guy from MSFN and see if he ever figured it out - but hat might be a good place for you to go looking as well....
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I am getting the
HID Non-User Input Data Filter (KB 911895) error when I start up

and also the error:

Status Box

The feature you are trying to use is on a CD ROM or other removable device and is not available
Insert the status disk and click "OK"
I am not sure if these two are related but they both start about the same time. I just got finished removing the Security Suite with the help in the infections forum.

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 and I am using a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse as interface devices connected through a USB port.

A:HID Non-User Input Data Filter & Status Box

See Comments Here.Louis
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Hello for everyone!

Recently I used an LCD television, connected via HDMI, and I bought a new full HD monitor connecter via D-SUB interface.

After I connected my new monitor, my desktop icons halved, and a lot of application reseted to default. So I cannot view my saved mails with Windows Live, and in my user directory I can see an another desktop folder, which contains my original Desktop files.

Every game lost its memory, I cannot load achievements, etc....

Can someone help me, how can I restore my profile?

Thank you in advance!

A:User data dissappeared due to monitor change.

Hi there, welcome to the forums

Am sorry to hear that you have this problem, especially because I have never even heard of it, did a BSOD occur? A memory issue? Maybe am barking up the wrong tree, but its quite odd.

A simple question, have you tried a system restore?

It may restore you saved games and what not, it wont affect your user files as in your 'documents' and 'pictures' library. So if you can restore your system files as in saved games. Maybe you could just copy your other files back over.
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This is not a problem, just a question. Are the IE Favorites conidered as User data. E.g. when you set back to a previous restore point, does that also reset the Favorites or do they stay untouched.

A:Are Favorites considered 'User Data"

Hello Wolfgang,

Yep, Favorites is considered to be user data since it's saved in the "C:\Uses\(user-name)\Favorites" user folder. They should not be affected by a restore point.