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Stuck red pixel on Samsung monitor

Q: Stuck red pixel on Samsung monitor

I just bought a new Samsung monitor and it has 1 stuck pixel. I tried applying pressure to it and it didn't do anything.

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Preferred Solution: Stuck red pixel on Samsung monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Stuck red pixel on Samsung monitor

Did you apply pressure during a full power on/off cycle?
I don't know if that still works, It's been years since I have tried it. If captaincranky finds this thread, He probably knows the best remedy or things to try....he's a bit of a monitor expert.
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I recently bought a used dell u2212hm on eBay. The seller said it didn't have any stuck or dead pixels, but when I powered it on I saw a black dot on the screen. I have owned multiple devices with stuck and dead pixels before, and the defect on the screen didn't look like one so i was thinking that it might be a scratch or something. Is it a stuck/dead pixel or a scratch and is there anyway I can fix it?
The Defect:
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I got a new LG Flatron W2242S LCD monitor yeasterday and last night I saw that it had a stuck pixel o this morning I called the company who sold it to me - - to return it, but they told me that anything up to 3 white stuck pixels, 7 stuck coloured pixels or 3 dead pixels was allowed before they or LG would accept that the monitor is faulty!

I've tried the tapping and rubbing methods but neither had any effect, and I have a program running on it now flashing waves of colours on the screen, but it also hasn't had any effect.

Ca anyone help me out? I don't know what else I can do, beyond actually trying to break some of the pixels so that ebuyer will have to take it back.

A:Brand new monitor with stuck pixel

Thats probably your best bet, but don't make it look to obvious, its just the luck of the draw for those failure monitors. Have had a couple screens like that.
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I have a light blue stuck pixel on a dell monitor How do I saftly attempt to repair it The pix is not black so I think it is not dead An online program called JScreenFix will make the blue dot faid out after hour for a period of time After I leave the monitor off for hours the blue dot comes back So it must be a stuck pixel Some times it comes back on it own when the monitor is on Maybe I should try JScreenFix for a longer period of time How long is good Applying pressure does not work but I don t know how much pressure I should apply I have been using a pencil erase head cut into a dull point PDpixel does not work Only JScreenFix does the job give to pixel dell up. stuck Don't monitor? a a want Repairing on on a temporary basis With PDpixel I don t know what interval settings should be used Any suggestions I really don t want to give up nbsp

A:Repairing a stuck pixel on a dell monitor? Don't want to give up.

Are you the same one who said it didn't bother you? I've heard of the "massage" (rolling pressure in the area at and just around the dead pixel) method but it's rate of success is apparently very low. How much pressure is too much? Well if you kill more pixels, that will be too much.

I put up with a dead pixel on a monitor for about a month and then my solution was to replace the monitor.
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Hi I recently got a monitor from one of my friends saying that it was broken Its a Dell in LCD I have my main monitor a in Samsung wide screen So i just plugged it into the not my display is stuck dual Computer in monitor will Samsung and monitor mode second Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor DVI slot on my graphics Card When i went into the display config i set up dual monitors just to see if it was working The dell monitor would blink up then quit on me When i was messing with the Display settings I made the Dell Not my Samsung the Default Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor Monitor I Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor unpluged the broken Dell and restarted Now my computer regognizes the Samsung as the second monitor and it just shuts it off and recognizes nothing as the main I managed to get it into safe mode and it recognized the samsung but every time i try go back to Normal Start the screen is blank How can i get it to recognize the Samsung as my main nbsp

A:Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor

You might try reinstalling your cards video drivers
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I'm using a Lenovo laptop with integrated intel graphics, I'm also using an Acer B223W attached as an external display. There is an issue with the monitor where there is a four inch black bar running down the right side. Basically the display is shifted four inches to the left, leaving me with four inches of unusable monitor real estate on the right. I've trouble shot it, to no avail and the monitor's display settings only allow me to shift the monitor's display an inch or so. I need something like catalyst control center that will allow me to shift the monitor's picture as much as I'd like. Any ideas?


I need a piece of software that will allow me to shift my monitor's display pixel by pixel. I have integrated intel graphics.

A:I need software that will allow me to adjust my monitor's display pixel by pixel.
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Hey everyone, I need help with a stuck pixel. The thing I need help with is how to fix it without sending it in... what should I do?

A:Need help with stuck pixel!

If its only one pixel, live with it.

If it's under warranty take it back.
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This is the exact model: ASUS MS Series MS228H Black / Blue 21.5" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 10000000 :1 (ASCR) -

Got a very small red pixel,or at least i think its red,its so small that i can barely make it out let alone tell the color BUT it seem's like its red and according to google,its probably stuck not dead. Will try to fix it today using Jscreenfix as i dont wana risk using any other mthods like heat or massaging it etc. Just wanted to know if getting the pixel stuck means the LED is nearing the end of its life or something? How do they happen? Any special reason?
Wouldn't even have noticed it if i wasn't looking for it. It is in the top right corner if that matters!

A:Is it okay if an LED has a stuck pixel?

try this for stuck pixels,

LCD repair v2.0
bit more info on pixels here.

it doesnt sound like a stuck pixel is about to die as apparently they can become unstuck over time ,without doing anything to fix them, not always though.
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So, I got a new LCD TV/monitor and it had a stuck pixel that was red set it back and got one with a blue stuck pixel this time. How do I fix this? I've tried several methods and none of them seem to work and I'm get frustrated.

Tried rubbing it through a cloth, tapping it with a pencil through a cloth, tried the color flasher things that claim to fix it and nothing. Is there a definitive method to fixing this?

A:How to fix a stuck pixel

Learn to ignore it, or return it if they have a "1 dead pixel" return policy. Some have a 3-5 minimum dead pixels policy before they will accept an RMA. IIR.
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I have had a stuck pixel on my brand new laptop for months now and I finally cant take it. I can always find it right away and it bothers me, my problem is its stuck in red and from what I read it has a chance to be unstuck with a program like jscreen but my problem is its up on my laptop where my url bar is so therefor the program doesnt reach it. Any ideas?

A:Stuck Pixel

Dead pixels are usually black. No fix for these.
Stuck are usually "stuck" on a color. So there may be a good chance of fixing it.

I had a monitor a while back with a stuck pixel but I never had any luck getting it working again. its worth a try.

Have a look at this video that explains a bit about alternate different methods you can try. (May come in handy if the software method fails)
YouTube - #91 - Question/Answer: Fixing LCD Dead/Stuck Pixels
Although I would take his advice and try the both software versions first.

AS far as the program you are attempting, make your browser Fullscreen, then try pressing F11. See if that may help.
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I ve had this pesky stuck pixel pixel red Pesky stuck on my laptop display ever since I unboxed it I contacted them about it and they need at least pixel defects for the warranty to cover it so I couldn t send it back I ve read pretty much everything on the internet about stuck pixels and nothing has worked so far I ve tried software pressure tapping and the whole nine yards yet nothing seems to fix it However the one good thing I have going for this pixel is that it ll dim down after the display has been turned on for about minutes Then I won t notice it Pesky stuck red pixel at all unless I have a solid black background and even then it s hard to pick out but the red dot is Pesky stuck red pixel still visible Am I out of luck or is there something I can do to make this go away for sure And yes this is the same MSI GT S Titan as all of my other problems Well not actually GT S Titan but it s a knockoff device from CyberPower Same specs and all except that somehow I can crank out Hz on the display That has nothing to do with the stuck pixel as it was present when I first turned on the laptop nbsp

A:Pesky stuck red pixel

nothing guaranteed, maybe dead or maybe stuck pixel.. try free v jscreenfix.
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my laptop screen is suffering from stuck pixel problem. i used some software and videos that changes color rapidly to fix the stuck pixel, but that did not work. now the stuck pixels are grownig in numbers. is there any way to fix the stuck pixel problem. it's really annoying.:bounce:

A:how to remove stuck pixel in lcd?

Replace the LCD. Yes, there are urban legends about "fixing" stuck pixels, but they shouldn't appear in the first place. The LCD is bad and you should replace it.
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I recently bought a webcam.

I noticed that there is a stuck pixel in the static and dynamic image. It is a pain! A small white annoying square near the middle of the screen.

I know that there are some software programs that fix LCD screens with bad pixels. I'm wondering if there are any that fix webcams. Or, is there any way I can fix it without doing major surgery?

Thank you! And please respond.

A:Stuck Pixel in Webcam

Still need assistance with this pixel. Bump.
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My XPS has a few problems but the main thing that i could not live with is the stuck pixel in the upper right corner, it's pinkish and ive tried a few methods to pix it and failed.

I am living in Israel and visiting US once 1 month for a few days. 
any suggestions what should I do? is that possible maybe to get just a new screen, while I can still use the laptop?

A:XPS 15 9550 Stuck pixel

Defective pixel policy:
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My XPS has a few problems but the main thing that i could not live with is the stuck pixel in the upper right corner, it's pinkish and ive tried a few methods to pix it and failed.

I am living in Israel and visiting US once 1 month for a few days. 
any suggestions what should I do? is that possible maybe to get just a new screen, while I can still use the laptop?
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hai sir, my brand new hp lap top showing one dead/stuck pixel (only two days old ) .when i contact supplyer they old hp will not gave replacement for one pixel. i would like to know the solution and why hp this lap top to customer after qc please not that i contacted  them on next of purchase
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I had a bright lime green pixel on my laptop lcd screen. I"ve seen that there are many ways to fix this but after a while of pressure, it turned dead. But before that if flickered between green and black.

Is there anyway to fix this?

A:Stuck/Dead Pixel

No if its truly a "dead pixel" but I would say based on the color you mentioned, it's a "stuck pixel."
Try the link below for some tips on how to fix the issue if possible:
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I just bought the new Sony Vaio Z series.

After 3 days it has a pixel issue:

On a white background, the pixel is red
On a lighter blue background, the pixel is black
On a green background, the pixel is black
On a red, dark blue or black background, the pixel seems normal (the right color and blends in with the rest as it should)

Is this a dead or stuck pixel?

A:LCD Dead or Stuck Pixel?


If it were dead, it would be black permanently.
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I can see the bad pixel on a white, green, and yellow. Looks fine on a black, blue and red background. (using DPT.exe pixel tester)

A:How do I know if a pixel is dead or stuck?

It's a "stuck" pixel - the green is not working.
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I noticed a black pixel on my laptop's screen quite by accident. What is that supposed to mean - is it stuck or dead? I tested the pixels with UDPixel and came out another six that are inconspicuous, apparently are not so damaged.

A:Black pixel/s - stuck or dead?

Originally Posted by Valeri Mazdrashki I noticed a black pixel on my laptop's screen quite by accident. What is that supposed to mean - is it stuck or dead? I tested the pixels with UDPixel and came out another six that are inconspicuous, apparently are not so damaged. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Usualy a dead pixel is a BRIGHT pixel, not black. It might be always white, or some of one of primary RGB colors.
Guess dust or little insect nside panel and protection
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This problem has just come up recently. Multiple green pixels appear in a rectangular pattern, and they go away when I minimize the window. However, sometimes they do not. An example of one is attached below.

It shows up primarily on my Mozilla Firefox. It has on one occasion shown up on my word processor. At first I thought it was a stuck pixel. But I was under the impression that a stuck pixel stays on the screen and will not go away. This goes away after changing the window size. Does anybody have any ideas?

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So I got an Alienware laptop. Joyously, I start up Serious Sam, only to see stuck pixels everywhere. I try another game. Same thing. Completely black screen? Same. The pixels are in diagonal rows. There are about eight columns, some of them blinking on and off. Some additional columns appear and disappear at random. In the columns, the pixels are spaced very sparsely. Every stuck pixel will have one more spaced ~75 pixels up and ~75 pixels right. They are green on a black background.

My video card is a GTS 260. My OS is Windows 7 64-bit. I've had this laptop for a little over a week. Anyone ever heard of this before?

A:Stuck pixel grid on a new laptop

It's new and under warranty. I would take or send it back for replacement under warranty.
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Hey guys, I hope to have some help from you. I bought a Samsung S24D300HS a few weeks ago, 2 days ago I noticed that when I start a game or play a full screen video, a red stuck pixel appears near the center, only visible on black background. Then, if I turn off the monitor for a few mins, it disappears, but it comes back as soon as I start the game etc.

I'm sure that it doesn't appear after turning it on, for example I check a full screen black picture, and it's all black, then I start a game, I notice the red pixel, then I go back to the picture, and I can see it on the picture too. I have tried massaging and JScreenFix with no help. What can cause this?

A:Strange stuck pixel issue

It could be a dead or partially dead pixel. I think most monitors are allowed to have a few before the brand will replace it under the warranty. One I recently worked with had the pixel almost completely disappear when using a higher-number resolution such as 1440x900 versus 1024x768.
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I have both Linux and Windows Vista installed on my notebook. Today when I turned it on I accidentally chose "Samsung Recovery" instead of "Windows Vista" in GRUB. After Samsung Recovery has loaded, I quit it and the computer shut off. I turned it on again and now it doesn't make it to the GRUB, it shows the Samsung logo, then "boot from ahci cd-rom", and then it reboots and shows the samsung logo again. I can enter BIOS (F2), but can't enter Samsung Recovery (F4) anymore (after showing "please wait..." the computer reboots again). I tried setting the BIOS back to default but it didn't help. Any input would be much appreciated...
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I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP My Computer was made by Cyberpower Inc P N-E SLI Graphics Integrated Motherboard NVIDIA nForce i SLI i Series I was playing World of Warcraft when suddenly everything became sort of pixel-y Nothing would a screen on Pixel-ly Computer Crashed, and black now stuck respond and I was forced to just unplug it When I turned it back on I got the blue screen of death Another try and I got it in safe mode and managed to System Restore and restored it Now I can turn it on SOMETIMES without it getting Pixel-y and when i get it normally it hits Computer Crashed, Pixel-ly and now stuck on a black screen a black screen with the mouse I cant Computer Crashed, Pixel-ly and now stuck on a black screen hit Ctrl Alt Delete OR Ctrl Shift Esc I have a disk that reads quot The Software included on Computer Crashed, Pixel-ly and now stuck on a black screen this Recovery DVD-ROM was pre-installed on your hard drive at the factory and may only be used for backup and recovery of your Cyberpower Inc computer system quot And when I use it it goes to the Select your language screen then product key screen and finally a screen that says select the drive to install on No Repair options just a few that say Delete and etc Please help me Thank you so much for those who try to help I have seen the stickies about providing all you can but I can't get on my computer to use anything to help me find out more about it Very Sorry

A:Computer Crashed, Pixel-ly and now stuck on a black screen

can you get to device manager to see if you have any red or yellow signs of trouble?
click the + next to the devices to see any signs.

can you enter safe mode? start pc and start tapping the f8 key.
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Is there any possible way images viewed on an LCD monitor can be 'stored' in the pixels and then recovered?

I returned a monitor that I had been using for a few days because it had stuck pixels. This is more of a security concern but I thought it would fit in the hardware section.

Thanks for the help!

A:Monitor pixel 'memory'?

You are fine..nothing to worry about..A pixel doesn't store anything.
pixel memory refers to a color or image being viewed a long time..and then the pixels may not perform 100 percent true for a short time after the prolonged image or color is not longer being viewed..
An example is a web page with a bright dark color...when you go to another page after ...the page is a bit funny for a short spell
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Hi. I own a 17" LCD Monitor and I have been noting during the past few months that it appears that one pixel in the center of the screen is either missing, broken, or malfunctioning part of the time. I believe it isn't there because when the screen is black, this one tiny pixel stays white which is in the middle of the screen. Its like it does not work. Are there any ways of repairing this without having to pay tons of money? Any other advice about this topic will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello guys, I'm having a strange problem, I have a P1 Pro Express Dual LG laptop, and there is a colored pixel dots on my monitor, sometimes they are flashing and changing location every second, and sometimes they are standing still, It's just odd.

My computer also crushes a lot and it seems like the colored dots is the source to all of my problems.
Of course I can take my computer to a technician and fix it, but maybe there is a possible solution I can try before wasting money.
Or perhaps, if there is no solution, what might be the problem (heat, video card, etc.)?
If you need any additional information in order to help me find a solution, just say.

Yours sincerely, Mike.

A:Colored pixel dots appear on monitor

Hello Mike,
sounds like a video driver problem. Do the dots take some time to appear or do they show right away? How long has this laptop had this trouble?
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Hey I have a strange a pixel some red time generates after Monitor issue I couldn't find anything like this So I bought a Samsung S D a few weeks ago It works well didn't have any pixel problems etc But yesterday I noticed that after some time let's say around hour after turning it on it generates a single red stuck pixel which is only visible on black background But after I turn it off for minutes it disappears And as I see it becomes brighter and brighter still not that big deal at least I will turn it off more often but it annoys me as my previous B also had a blue stuck pixel and Monitor generates a red pixel after some time I cannot return it now What can cause this I will try running JScreenFix and other softwares after it appears however it does not disappear if I massage it gently Has anybody had any problems like this Thank you EDIT now I didn't have the problem for hours then I started Skyrim and the red pixel appeared immediately

A:Monitor generates a red pixel after some time

Help !!! i have the same problem ...same model....
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Hi i'm looking for any advice for my pc monitor that has a green haze.

I'm using a lg e2251vr 21.5 inch monitor, and a dell laptop with windows 7 using

I have had it for 2 days, first day i hooked up my ps3 via a hmdi to dvi cable and the picture was perfect, second morning i tried connecting up my laptop screen to try out the dual screen feature (still using hdmi output on laptop to dvi input on monitor), and the screen showed this green haze. Now its always present even when i hook it up to my ps3. or without any connection.

I know i can send it, back but the distributor was a pain in the *** with shipping, so i'm looking for a quick fix or any advice if possible.

Thank you

A:Green pixel Haze on new PC monitor.

You sure the cable isn't bend. I had that awhile ago. Was a total pain.
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This is a difficult problem to describe so have provided a screenshot attachment. I have been using the same setup for a year now and this has only just started happening.

I am getting a strange pixel-effect on my monitor, almost like a low bit-rate ghosting effect. If this happens on the desktop I can "refresh" the screen and the effect disappears. Sometimes (in browsers is when I've noticed this) the screen starts pixelating (low bit effect) and then just goes insane and the whole screen is effected and usually sends my monitor to sleep and kinda keeps waking up and I'm forced to hard reset the PC (as I can't even use the Start->Restart function.

Its driving me quickly insane so I hope someone can give me some ideas...

Thanks in advance,


NB: See attached

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I have that blue vertical line that appears only on dark pixels, it's about 80% screen height starting from the bottom,My monitor is Samsung syncmaster 300 LED, and I'm running windows 7 64bit.

I've connected my laptop into the monitor and the line persists, it's probably a screen problem, but I wonder if there's anything to try on my part.also the mouse pointer covers that blue line but I guess that's only because my pointer is white and that line does not appear in the dark pixels.

any help would be appreciated.thanks

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My Dell Inspiron One 2310 - All-in-One is showing Dark Sub-pixel defects (i think, due to black spots in lower region of the monitor).
As the screen is huge, so I was thinking I would reduce the display area to exclude the lower band of 4 centimetres in order to exclude the Dark spots.
How can I reduce the display area inDell Inspiron One 2310 - All-in-One?
I checked out the setup & service manual, but couldnt find instruction to do so.
Please help me out.
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I just connected my new Samsung Syncmaster 2333HD TV/Monitor to my desktop computer for use as a monitor. After powering up the unit I was prompted to scan for available television channels. As I noted, however, I want to use it as a monitor instead of a TV. Since it's already hooked up to my computer, I figure it should be a relatively easy setup process, but so far I haven't been able to figure it out. I've already set up the language, time zone, DST, etc., but all I have onscreen now is a box which reads HDMI in the upper left-hand corner, and a box which reads NO SIGNAL in the center. What should I do next?

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell me how to get the unit recognized as a computer monitor. Thank you very much.

A:Solved: How do I set up my Samsung TV/Monitor for use as my desktop monitor?

Hooray! All I did was reboot and the WINDOWS screen appeared. I guess that's all there was to it.
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brand new here with no issues other than the header.

i was resetting windows 10 home as i "was selling said laptop" and it hung at 17% and proceeded to stay there for around 7 hours. i restarted the machine and its now stuck at the Samsung logo. i can get into the BIOS but im not a tech. is there a setting i may access to set me on my way or is my motherboard most likely dead or dying?
i downloaded iso of win 10 from the windows site to usb flash and dvd but par for course, its not reading from either media.

any help at all is greatly appreciated.

heres the system as i know it minus the motherboard as best buy upgraded it while under warranty and didn't forward documentation for new board.

Samsung NP-300E5E
2.6GHz Intel Core i5-3230M
8 gb
intel hd 4000
bios ver: p08rbd
windows 10 home

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Samsung RC510 - Got stuck at windows 10 logo when trying to boot into USB.
Help me!

BIOS Type:

BIOS Date:
January 19th, 2011



Intel 044 rev 2




A:Samsung RC510 - Got stuck at windows logo when trying to boot into USB

I also have the same problem with my Samsung RV511
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hows it going everyone just want to start out by saying I m a newbie when it comes to computers so i really hoping I m at the right spot my laptop died on me recently so i hopped back on my desktop and it was acting really weird it would get some blue pixel lines going any where from half an inch to a few inches long through the screen and it would get to the point where i would freeze and restart blue screen or anything that was open would flash a bunch of random colors or wouldn t let me access anything on it or it would say something like this program has been disable then freeze i use every program out there from spy bot spy doc melware bytes to combo fix and i ran them all in till they all said my pc was clean but the problem keep happening i was only able to use my comp in safe made monitor on blue and light blue lines pixel my dark when i was in safe mode i didn t see a single dark light blue pixel lines which was really nice dark blue and light blue pixel lines on my monitor then my buddy gave me an extra copy of windows so i reformatted and sadly the lines are still there but its not freezing or glitching out like it did and windows is up to date and I m stumped i don t know if its a video card problem or a super virus HELP ME PLEASE i might have screwed up on the reformatting because i seen a few programs on my comp still from before like mirc and perfect world on it so i just might reformat it again if we cant figure out the problem Thanks Mike

A:dark blue and light blue pixel lines on my monitor

Hello,I will be helping you with your problems. Please be patient while I assist you.Some points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do NOT run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post. Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process. Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Button, select Immediate Notification, and click on Proceed. This will send you an e-mail as soon as I reply to your topic, allowing us to resolve the issue faster.NOTE: Backup any files that cannot be replaced. Removing malware can be unpredictable and this step can save a lot of hartaches if things don't go as planed. You can put them on a CD/DVD, external drive or a pen drive, anywhere except on the computer.NOTE: It is good practice to copy and paste the instructions into notepad and print them in case it is necessary for you to go offline during the cleanup process. To open notepad, navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Please remember to copy the entire post so you do not miss any instructions.----------------------------------------------Please do the following:Step 1Please download the TDSS Rootkit Removing Tool (TDSSKiller.exe) and save it to your Desktop. <-Important!!!Double-click on TDSSKiller.exe on your desktop to run the tool for known TDSS variants.
Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.If TDSSKiller does not run, try renaming it. To do this, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe, select Rename and give it a random name with the .com file extension (i.e. If you do not see the file extension, please refer to How to change the file extension.Click on change parametersCheck the boxes next to Verify file digital signatures and Detect TDLFS file system, then click OK.Click the Start Scan button.Do not use the computer during the scanIf the scan completes with nothing found, click Close to exit.If malicious objects are found, they will show in the Scan results - Select action for found objects and offer three options.Ensure Cure (default) is selected, then click Continue > Reboot now to finish the cleaning process.
Note: If Cure is not an option, Skip instead, do NOT choose Delete or Quarantine unless instructed.A log file named TDSSKiller_version_date_time_log.txt (i.e. TDSSKiller. will be created and saved to the root directory (usually Local Disk C:).Copy and paste the contents of that file in your next reply.Step 2Download Security Check by screen317 from here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.Step 3Please download Farbar Service Scanner and run it on the computer with t... Read more
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I came home today and found my Samsung Syncmaster 216BW in power save mode (blank screen, power button blinking) and it won't come out of it. I've tried everything I can think of, including trying it on my other pc and it still just flashes with no picture. Its not the refresh rate or resolution as these settings have been fine since I first installed it. I've tried rebooting and re-inserting the cables a number of times without any luck, and the power turning off/on and hitting keys does nothing. None of the menu buttons on the actual monitor itself do anything either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Searching the net, others seem to have had similar issues with other samsung monitors.

A:Samsung Syncmaster 216BW - Stuck in Power Saving Mode!

There is a test you can perform with the monitor to see if the monitor is malfunctioning. An explanation of which is located at the link provided.
Go here:

and click on #16 "When I Turn On My Monitor, The Screen Remains Blank"
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I have a Samsung NP E A-S SEA with Tb internal Seagate HDD All of a sudden it stucked up at Samsung logo with fix how boot on home premium to win7 stuck at samsung logo F and F options Could how to fix boot stuck at samsung logo on win7 home premium no longer boot to its OS Windows Now trying to press F hoping for a recovery but it'll just say please wait then for at least how many seconds screen will just turn black with blinking cursor on the upperleftmost part of the screen not blinking in a few seconds after Again trying to do another way by pressing F Yes I could enter setup hdd is detected cdrom is detected Defaults have been loaded boot priority set to cdrom st then hdd nd saved and reboot inserting windows installation disc or any other disc such as the windows recovery disc that comes from the laptop pack when i first bought it But it seems nothing has worked even almost all cd's related to windows installation all autorun Sorry not really an expert on how to fix boot stuck at samsung logo on win7 home premium troubleshooting procedures But since childhood this is my first time to experience the problem Now writing and telling you this problem and asking you all to please help solve if you have any solutions I have important files on the hdd which I haven't back it up By the way I even bought an enclosure hoping to recover the important files inside the hddisk but of no avail Does not detect the hdd it only detects the enclosure Thank you and hope to hear from you

A:how to fix boot stuck at samsung logo on win7 home premium

Download Seatools: dos version as the windows version requires windows to be running on the drive being tested). It's an .iso file you can burn to a cd and then boot from it. There's a .pdf guide on that page too you can download if you need help.
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So I've had this monitor for about a year now, and i got it for free. It worked perfectly fine until as of late in which it has been stuck in sleep or standby mode. I confirmed that it wasnt my computer as it wont even turn on, even when unplugged from my computer. It says it was manufactured in march 2007, which makes it kinda old, but i would still like it to work, without anything too hard to do as im quite inexperience in saudering and other such things.
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Hi - new forum stuck 8.1 upgrade loop 900x Windows 8 failed Samsung in to member hope I'm doing this the right way I have a Samsung NP x D i with Gb SSD and Gb RAM running running Win x After several months putting it off I decided to let Windows update itself to At some point during the upgrade it stopped and began cycling itself on amp off showing the blue screen message quot Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart We're just collecting some error info and then we'll restart for you quot Then it's stuck in a Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop loop restart samsung logo blue screen restart etc I cannot access the BIOS with f I have made a recovery USB drive on another Win x Samsung laptop different model The X will not boot from this in either the USB or USB port and as I cannot access the BIOS I cannot check whether boot from USB is enabled The boot time has always been very fast due to the SSD With more conventional laptops and desktops in the past I have usually been able to solve this sort of problem on my own but I can't even get started with Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop this Does anyone have a suggestion how I might recover the computer or do I have to take it in for repair I'm also wondering whether this is most likely to be a windows issue or could it be a hardware failure Many thanks Nigel PS If wrong forum please advise

A:Samsung 900x Windows 8 to 8.1 upgrade failed stuck in loop

I too this week encountered this issue, after speaking with Samsung support, they insisted this was my fault for installing the update and i would have to pay them for the privilege of re-imaging the msata hard drive. I thought otherwise and have tackled the re imaging myself, some items of software are required and one part required to complete the task.

The Steps i took were as follows -

1 - Purchased a msata to USB converter for about ?15.

2 - After removing the msata hard drive, insert in to the converter and back up all your files to another PC.

3 - Using another PC I next used a software tool - Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool - using this selected the correct HDD and removed all partitions, allowing the hard drive to be reinitialised.

4 - From windows Disk Management - reinitialised the HDD, the created 2 partitions, one is 200mb in size and formatted to FAT32 (this will become the EFI partition, and format the rest as NFTS.

5 - Download a copy of Windows 8 Enterprise from the Microsoft website, or if you have a disk that can also be used.

6 - Download a tool - Win to USB - and install.

7 - Run Win to USB - select the Windows 8 ISO, and choose the correct version required, then choose the destination drive to install, this will then show the two partitions with two check boxes, choose FAT32 partition for EFI, and NFTS for windows installation files. then let it install the files to the Hard drive.

8 - When at 100% and complete, remove hard drive from converter, reconnect to the Laptop.

9 - Some adjustments are required to the bios, with my x900, it kept booting straight to bios, i disabled secure boot and deleted all configurations listed. then form boot list, find Start menu (might be worded differently) press shift key + 1, an exclamation will appear next to the item, preventing it from booting straight to BIOS, you can also adjust the order, i moved the internal HDD to top of the list. Save Bios and Exit.

10 - Laptop should now cycle to internal HDD and boot with fresh install of Windows 8.

This worked for me, hope it can help others out too,
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Hello when my samsung syncmaster 940b 19" screen goes in sleep/stand by mode(blue light on the power button flashing), it sometimes get stuck in it, i usualy can get it out of it by moving the mouse but now recently for some reason it get stuck in it i have to restart the comp, is there a solution or something i should check? or is there a way to shut down that damn stand by thing.

Thanks in advance.

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So I've had this monitor for about a year now, and i got it for free. It worked perfectly fine until as of late in which it has been stuck in sleep or standby mode. I confirmed that it wasnt my computer as it wont even turn on, even when unplugged from my computer. It says it was manufactured in march 2007, which makes it kinda old, but i would still like it to work, without anything too hard to do as im quite inexperience in saudering and other such things.

A:Samsung SyncMaster 906bw D Stuck in Sleep/Standby mode, help :(

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.
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I have this Samsung Notebook and after using it for certain time, the PC crashed giving DOS sounds. When I started the PC again, I was at the boot screen asking me to choose the OS. Although my keyboard didn't worked. Now my PC is somewhat a brick. How can I solve this issue? What's the best way to restart the keyboard?

A:Samsung Notebook keyboard not working and stuck at boot screen

Could you please write exactly what you see onscreen? What is written?
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Hi, i just moved in to college and set up my computer, but due to limited space didn't bring my second monitor. Now my aim, and ventrilo windows are still on the other monitor but no way to get them to the current monitor for use. Any help?

A:Dual monitor to single monior, windows stuck on other monitor

Go into the properties of your graphics card and select Single Display.
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i have only one monitor, and somehow it is being treat as though its the secondary monitor in a dual monitor set up.

i cannot view my start menu, or view any programs being opened, as when i try to open them, they presumeably open on the phantom primary monitor.

even when i try to open display settings, i cannot see the box.

i am able to move my mouse to the left border of the screen and move it off into oblivion, and occasionally drag random folders and short cuts over to view.

if anyone can walk me through how to fix this (im not very good with computers, beyond playing games it would be appreciated.

im on my gf's mac right now to write this post, as my pc cant do anything at the moment.


A:single monitor stuck in dual monitor setting

just wanted to add, when i go into safemode to try to change the settings from there, there is no monitor alternative to choose, and it is stuck in default. ive read here and there, that safe mode is where need to go to change this back to a single monitor, or at least choose your monitor as the primary, but i dont know if there are no options
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Ok,i have a problem..i use 2 monitor on my laptop,one from the laptop itself and one is regular lcd monitor,i set my another monitor (not the laptop monitor) to a main monitor,and if i connect the sec monitor to my laptop it sayd out of range,and my laptop monitor is not turned up cuz i just select "only display on monitor 2"on didplay setting,so i just stuck with double blank monitor when i connect the sec monitor,plz help me out from this shitty things
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Hi there,

I'm looking at hooking up an old Sumsung monitor to a fairly new computer with windows xp while my monitor is getting fixed. The current monitor is a plug and play monitor so a need a driver for the old monitor. What driver would I need for this old monitor and at what site could I download it from.


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I've got this 19" Samsung LCD monitor that was sent to me to be repaired. The initial problem with it was that it made a hissing noise, then stopped working. Right away I knew it was the capacitors, so I fixed them. But now the backlight doesn't come on. Shows images on the screen, but no light to illuminate them. I'm pretty sure that it's not the screen since I've tried two screens in it already. Could be something on the board, but off hand I can't think of what it could be, everything looks fine. Anyway if anyone could help shine some light on this problem, I would really appreciate it, but as of right now I'm going to see if I can figure it out.
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My Samsung monitor (900NF-19" CRT) just started displaying a window titled 'Control Lock'. It then cycles between 'Locked' and 'Unlocked' and I cannot control it or any monitor settings.

I even tried the manual for the use of this "feature" and the technique described to turn the feature off/on, does not work. I have rebooted, un/re-installed 3 different driver versions all to no avail....

Any help greatly appreciated.
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I've been trying to get my Samsung LN-S3238D LCD tv to run as my computer's monitor, but it's not working so well. The TV has a VGA outlet, but when I plug it in I get nothing. Also, I thought it might be worth noting that the "PC" option in the TV screen menu is not available, and I'm not sure why. Any help would be appreciated! Forgot to mention.. I have a Nvidia Gefore 6800 video card running at 1280x1024 resolution.
Thanks in advance,
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Hello Guys I'm looking for a favour from fellow owners of a Samsung inch Monitor S B DS EN to prove a blank flashing screen Samsung monitor please help is a fault and not normal behaviour which I am being told by the Samsung repair centre Viewtek My monitor has been in for repair times the fault is if the monitor is switched on from cold and a short Samsung monitor help please video clip from my security camera is played in either Windows Media Player or Gom player the screen will flash to a blank black screen for - second then the picture will return If I put short video clips in to a Gom Player play list the screen flash will occur every time I skip to the next video in the play list by pressing the page down key or when the video ends and moves on to the next clip The flash will also occur when some programs scan for hardware changes or software updates like Samsungs Magician program and NVIDIA's Geforce Experience program There are video clips I have uploaded to You Tube the first was taken yesterday after the rd repair with the fault worse than ever - http www youtube com watch v zCkd pxYs The Second is of the fault before the first repair with a full description and with me letting the monitor sleep etc - http www youtube com watch v A f ature youtu be The strange thing is if I let the monitor go to sleep after waking it the flashing problem does not occur at all then if I switch it off then on again the flashing fault returns There is no problem when maxing out the Computer while gaming at a resolution of x After the monitor went in for repair the st time the base was replaced and the problem was fixed for days then it returned the nd repair it had the screen replaced and it came back with the flashing screen worse than ever The rd repair they connected of these monitors to the same video source and they are saying they all flashed when playing the video clips and that the monitors are doing a calibration run to give the best possible picture which they are now saying is normal behaviour I do not believe this at all To make things worse the monitor came back with what looks like a small crack under the glass and several black dots so it definitely going to have to go back for a th time unless Samsung agree to replace it or refund the I paid for it I am waiting for a phone call from a customer services manager on Tuesday If anyone has this monitor would it be possible for you to help me prove this is a fault by - Turning off monitor then turning it on Queuing up a few short video clips in ideally Gom Player or Windows Media Player In Win Playing the clips and keep skipping them using the Page Down key Does screen flash if so allow the monitor to sleep by putting computer to sleep then waking or rebooting then retest I can email you short video clips of about - kb each if you do not have any Thanks for helping Tony
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When to boot up the computer and my three year old samsung syncmaster 151s was dark .... I can bearly see the screen ..... I can't believe it has gone bad after only three years!

Is there something I could do or is it a lost cause?

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I just installed a Samsung which is a in widescreen lcd I am running win xp and i only have properties adaptor and then either quot list all modes quot or quot properties quot Either way i can t see any place to change the resolution to its native resolution of x In quot list all modes quot it shows many different resolutions all the way up to but not So can anyone help me with this please My level of skill is pretty good in general but I help 940 Samsung Need w monitor know very little about video stuff as i am not a gamer and often have relied on the video built into the mobo I am running win xp pro sp w a gig of ddr ram version Need help w Samsung 940 monitor of power strip mb version of nvidia geforce mx in pci format The power strip is registered but i dont know what to do there or how to force x so can anyone Need help w Samsung 940 monitor help me with this I dont care if the help comes thru windows or thru power strip I would just like to get this resolved Thank you nbsp

A:Need help w Samsung 940 monitor

try going to the properties and under the settings tab there should be a screen resolution setting bar that you can slide through the resolutions, are the current drivers installed for the monitor?
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I apologize for my newbie-ness but I have what I think is a simple question and I haven't had any luck finding info I'm going to be purchasing a HP A F machine with a PCI-Ex slot running Vista Ultimate bit What I want is this I have a Samsung DLP HDTV that I want to use as a second monitor for the purposes of viewing video The VGA specs from the manual are as follows Mode VESA Resolution DLP second VGA Samsung as via monitor? x RB Vertical Hz Horizontal Hz Vertical polarity P Horizontal polarity N I have a dinky quot LCD VGA only that I want to continue using as a normal PC monitor it's x Samsung DLP via VGA as second monitor? I am not a gamer there will be no games played on this machine other than Minesweeper or Solitaire I just want to do my browing Excel Visual Studio etc on my quot and watch video on the Samsung Doing both at the same time would be great though I could probably live with single tasking if I had to So is this something a quot normal quot dual monitor capable card can do with Vista Again I apologize for this being such a basic question but my knowledge in this area is very weak Thanks in advance Brad

A:Samsung DLP via VGA as second monitor?

Hi Brad and welcome to the forums

You should first check to see whether or not your graphics card is capable of supporting this monitor at its native resolution. If it does, there should be no problem in connecting this to your PC providing you have a suitable cable and, if necessary, an adapter. Make sure that your system is configured to use your 17" LCD as the primary display (check the graphics card manual for details on which is the primary port on the card). Set both ports to output data to their relative monitors at the native resolution for the monitor attached to that port. The colour depth can be set to 32-bit for both monitors and, since you are using solid-state (as opposed to CRT) monitors, you can leave the vertical refresh rate at 60Hz.
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I purchased a Sumsung LED monitor 5 months ago and I recently noticed that anytime the screen is suppose to be entirely black, there is a 3 inch grey vertical stripe on the left side.

Is there anyway to fix this or do I have a defective monitor?

A:Samsung LED Monitor

i would contact samsung immediately........... while u have warranty
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Hi guys, i have a samsung 941bw widescreen 19 inch...i installed the drivers for the monitor but did not install the software. the Auto adjust feature does not work, it says feature not available, do i have to install the software? that's weird i shouldn't have to install the programs that came with it just to have auto feature work.

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Okay, a bit weird but:
after ten seconds of use, the screen goes black. Pressing the source button will bring the screen back up, for ten seconds. Strangely enough, opening the case of pc itself will stop the blackouts.

A:samsung 223 bw monitor

I have also noticed that while playing some games I can alt tab back to the desktop, which will bring the monitor back to life. I'm wondering if this is some kind of sleep mode that is coming on or if there is a hardware defect in either the screen, video card or mobo.
If someone could at least point me in the right direction...
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24" LCD monitor
Moved it recently and now it will not display. Connected my old dell and it works fine.
Model T240
Cable must be ok since dell works fine.

A:Samsung Monitor help

If the video cable and power cable work fine, then it's broken.
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this is a many faceted and increasing in facets issue ill try to make it as short as possible doesnt booting work; mode? external which monitor stuck safe stuck mode, in backstory the male side of my video cable connection stuck booting safe mode, which doesnt work; stuck in external monitor mode? the part on the motherboard had bent pins the pins were unbent and the cable was able to fit back in BUT problems the picture was garbled--wrong colors moving lines etc the people at a tech store told me the video cable was pinched and knowing that it had been jammed in the hinge for a while i believed it extremely feasible I finally ordered a new video cable but replaced it and to no avail the picture may have been slightly better--but not significantly if so additionally and im not sure if it was this way the first time as well the computer was displaying at the size of the external i restarted and reazlied that the laptop screen displayed nothing at startup until logged in--exactly like the external i figured that at least a portion of what was going on was the computer was sending the external screen signal to the laptop things i've tried -reseating both ends of the new video cable MANY times -turning the computer off taking out battery holding start button putitng battery back in restarting -every variation of screen resolution external monitor setting -pluggin in the external putting laptop to sleep unpluggnig external -reinstalling video image drivers function key combinations when i tried to put in safe mode via F the screen went blue or light gray and stayed that way without booting so in my infinte wisdom i changed the settings to always restart in safe mode as a last resort before backing up and wiping aaaaand - the same thing happens it doesnt boot and now im unable to select normal mode and boot at all i am on another laptop right now ANY suggestions to help boot and as to why the screen is malfunction would be GREATLY appreciated if it helps it is a Samsung r laptop and emachines external monitor

A:stuck booting safe mode, which doesnt work; stuck in external monitor mode?

i managed to change the safe mode option, unfortunately the laptop screen still isnt working correctly (the external is)
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I cant reply to any messages or the successful sending of replies is intermittent. Most of the time they just go into the Outbox which doesn't have a SYNC Icon Button in it. Ive tried rebooting the device to no avail. I don't want to have to reinstall the
software as it may permanently wipe out some messages, etc. and I read some very unfavorable things about the updated version of this same App.
What other remedies exist?
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I have a Samsung s23a350b led monitor, up till yesterday it was working fine but today when i turned my computer on the screen would show the digital conections in the top right but then just go blank, not sure how to fix it, connected an old monitor to the tower and it works fine but i still cant get the other one to work. What should i try?

A:Samsung monitor not working

That's a nice monitor, is it by chance still under warranty? How long have you owned it?
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In reading the specs on the Samsung LCD Monitors, I don't see any mention that they have "anti-glare" coating. In particular I'm interested in the Samsung 912N LCD Monitor. Does this monitor have "anti-glare" coating?

I emailed the company a couple of days ago, but haven't heard anyting from them, not even the obligatory auto response.
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Just hooked up a new Samsung model 997DF 19" flat screen crt monitor. The color is faded badly . Installed the Magictune software that came with it, but it doesn't seem to do much. Is this just the way things are going to be, or can I resolve the problem? Bought this thing from Circuit City over the telephone, so returning it would be a real hassle. When I change the screen resolution the icons and text are very small and hard to see, so that isn't much of an alternative. Thanks!

A:Samsung CRT Monitor problems

I use a Samsung 915n 19" lcd. The colors are incredible. I doubt you have a defective monitor. Have you tried the normal adjust buttons on the front face of the monitor itself?

Changing resolution does require some minor adjustments to your icons and other preferences. That can be done in start>settings>control panel>display>appearance>"advanced" button. (or right click on an empty spot on your desktop, and click "properties") From that place you can change the sizes of any one of your items.

good luck
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Hi All i have issue at hand My monitor is giving me problems Monitor Brand Samsung Syncmaster N TFT Error Situation I boot up my PC it is working fine After some time i reboot it I can see the Bios I can see the windows bootUp screen Issue*********** *********Samsung Monitor TFT but before going to the to the user selection screen it blanks out and a message is displayed quot Select Resolution Hz quot After some time i blindly click i donno have a pwd and log in and reboot This time around i cant even see the bios screen i again intuitively click to log in and reboot Same condition prevails i cant even see the bios screen even multiple reboots doesnt work All the time the same message keeps on coming Now the trickiest part i stop fiddling with the machine and just leave it for around hour and Bingo *********Samsung TFT Monitor Issue*********** the monitor is back in action But the moment i restart the same same things happen all the things from to Now i will be happy if anybody can help me If any logs are required plz let me know rgds som nbsp
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I have 2 lines running across my screen. One about 2-3 inches from the top and one about the same from the bottom. I bought this about a week ago. I also tried the monitor on another system and monitor still had lines. Please help me.

Also When I go to my control panel then system I see 1394 bus controller can you tell me what that is.

a7v266-e mobo/athelon 1800 xp
512 ddr
radeon 8500(retail)
40G maxtor
365 watt psu
sb audigy
windows 98

A:samsung-syncmaster900nf monitor.

Fire wire controller, you must have a motherboard with firewire capabiltiy or it's your audigy. They have firewire controllers on board

The lines, very faint, line the lines on sony monitors that are actually wires holding the shadow mask in place??????
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Can anyone help with a link to 64-bit drivers for this model? The only ones I can find on the Samsung site are version 1.0 (it doesn't say whether they are 64-bit and I suspect they aren't). Either way, they won't install (Vista complains that they're not digitally signed).

On boot-up Vista tries to install generic pnp drivers, but these won't install either. Device Manager shows Generic Monitor (with a question mark on the icon) under Other Devices, but Vista tries - and fails - to install drivers on each re-start.

Any help much appreciated...

A:Samsung T220 Monitor

Download Center SAMSUNG is the driver page for your monitor. I dont think there are any 64-bit drivers currently, Im just using 32-bit ones. I dont think its as crucial that you have to use 64-bit for monitors.

Incidentally I have 2 T220HD 22" and they are very nice monitors
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My monitor and computer shuts down after approx. 20 minutes. I have narrowed down the problem to the digital cable; if I unhook that cable, the computer will stay on. Once I hook in the digital cable to the video card, the computer shuts down after approx. 20 minutes. Help, please.

A:Samsung Monitor causes CPU to shut down

Get into the power/ display settings and reapply them. What Operating System are you running?
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I have a Samsung SyncMaster 170mp with TV tuner that I've hooked up to my Ibm thinkpad 2628 f2u laptop installed on the IBM docking station.

I have no sound thorugh the computer but I do have sound when the tv is on.

I tried everything I could think of less hooking up speaker cables and I shouldn't have to do that. Have tried to change hardware settings, bios settings nothing is working. I even hooked it up directly to the laptop away from the docking station.

A:samsung monitor has no sound

Maybe when you dock your computer it thinks the sound wants to go through only the dock. Thats what my computer does.
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Im using a custom built tower I put together at Christmas It's not the greatest but it works well and I'm happy It was water cooled but the raijintek aio leaked and took out a r and a ti so I went to a evo Everything was fine until I got a new inch TV problems UHD a as monitor Samsung samsung ultra hi def tv that I use Samsung UHD TV as a monitor problems as a monitor It replaced a Sharp inch that wasn't a problem After my nd water leak I installed a r I had laying around and it was fine for my sharp tv but wasn't up to my samsung tv in x resolution So I bought a pny gtx gig gddr card Problem Even at x resolution so of my things come up so small I cant even read them and there's no way to make them bigger I need to adjust my logitech keyboard and mouse settings and when I pull it Samsung UHD TV as a monitor problems up the Samsung UHD TV as a monitor problems type is super small and some of it is layered on top of other print Can anyone help please Love this tv but this sucks
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Hello - I would like to buy a quot to quot LCD Samsung Sync Master monitor since I ve had one for almost years and it s been good to me It has both a DVI port and a VGA port I have a Sony VAIO desktop Serv Pack Pentium chip GBs of RAM Almost half the hard drive is unused Don t know where to look for the voltage It has a lot of memory as I filed up help Samsung monitor with buying Need the slots thinking the system would move faster It only goes up to by pixels I know the new monitors go much higher Highest color quality is bit I m replacing a quot CRT that came with the computer I don t know much Ask me if you need any more info I researched DVI connectors but I don t know what this older computer Need help with buying Samsung monitor can handle I figured why go to DVI if the computer can t put that out to the monitor What if I just did VGA to VGA Under what circumstances would I need a new video card The Sony has the original Video card I just don t know if a quot LCD monitor is compatible with my older computer Can anyone please be kind enough to explain what I m facing and what options I have in layman s terms Oh also I think this monitor may be refurbished by the factory The site I d buy it from has sneaky language about that New Egg sells the same quot monitor for more but it may be worth saving a little more money to get a brand new monitor Thanks so Need help with buying Samsung monitor Much Dawn nbsp
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The monitor goes black.when i press button of monitor then the light came back.and a little time later again the screen light turned off.though i can hear the sound as usual.

A:samsung monitor disruption

Hi imranul, and welcome to TSG

What is the model number of the monitor?

Does the monitor work normally with showing the Windows (assuming you are using a computer running MS-Windpws) desktop for a little while and then it goes black? If so, does any kind of message appear on the monitor before it goes black?

When you say "screen light" do you mean the backlight of the LCD panel or some kind of indicator light?
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My Samsung Syncmaster743bm is always on standby when powered on and no display why? can anyone help me. ThanQ

A:My samsung monitor on standby!

Tell us more.
What OS?
Did it ever work?
What have you tried?
Does it work with another computer?
Does a different monitor work?
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I've had an ongoing problem with this for some time now You can see here that my Device Manager tells me that I'm missing a video controller and also in that post Samsung Driver Monitor is my inability to watch full screen videos online Here I talk about the problems I've had with my display driver crashing Now yesterday I downloaded Photoshop and as it opened a window popped up saying that my quot monitor Profile quot is defective and needs to be calibrated See first attachment If I choose to Ignore Profile I can use Photoshop as usual but everything I export has an irremovable yellow tinge If I choose to Use Anyway there is no white in Photoshop's color pallet only the same yellowish color This got me thinking for the first time that my monitor was the Samsung Monitor Driver cause of my problems so I searched online for Samsung swx drivers On their webpage they had up for download only one driver which is for a VGA graphics card See second attachment I've been running a PCI graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GS and I was wondering if this could be the problem Samsung Monitor Driver Would you say I ought to buy a VGA graphics card

A:Samsung Monitor Driver

No VGA card a PCI or PCI -E ATI or Nvidia.

Actually I';d choose Nvidia

You.e already got a decent card in the How does it show up in Device Manger under Display adapters?.
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Every time I try to run a program (fullscreen) with lower resolution than the monitor (1920x1080) it gives screen waiting ... and only comes out if I press alt tab ... how do I fix this? I called the tech support .. and said that it has seven windows drive yet .. anyone know what do I get?

A:Monitor Samsung 2233SW

hi Thiagi Tupi, and welcome to sevenforums,

thank you for taking the time to fill out your system specs.

do samsung have vista drivers for your monitor? if so, try them.

also look in your nvidia control panel for fullscreen settings - i don't have an nvidia card, so i don't know the exact place to start looking.
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Hey , I own a Samsun SyncMaster 913v, and I am missing its driver for Windows 7 but , when I check the website for download, it's only available for Windows XP, does it means I won't be able to find a suitable driver for it?
Will I have to wait?

A:Samsung Monitor Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by g0tit

Hey , I own a Samsun SyncMaster 913v, and I am missing its driver for Windows 7 but , when I check the website for download, it's only available for Windows XP, does it means I won't be able to find a suitable driver for it?
Will I have to wait?

You could try running the installer in xp compat mode, see if there is a vista driver floating around out there.

Let us know if this doesnt help

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I was uploading pics to FB and walked away, I came back to a black screen with a floating bubble that said "samsung monitor not optimum mode recommended mode: 1180x1024" however no buttons on the monitor work nor the keyboard. I tried to turn off then on and get the same message as well as unplugging the monitor-NOTHING! I am on an iPod now! Help!

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I have a Samsung monitor, model 460FP-3. It has been working properly by HDMI but I plugged a device by VGA, then I went back to HDMI source and it didn't work. Now the monitor seems to be blocked in some way that I can't run it by HDMI. Could you help me? I've tried resetting to factory settings.
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Hello I am interested in purchasing a new LCD display used primarily for gaming I looked up quot The Beast quot in the pc powerplay magazine and found they recommended the monitor Samsung BF quot ms LCD http www samsung com Products Monitor LCD Digital LS BIDKBVXAA asp I Monitor: vs. Sony Samsung went to the store asking for the monitor and the sale attendant said it was good but also suggested this monitor Sony SDMHS PS quot ms LCD http www pcshopper com au product php productid amp cat amp page I was wondering since I am using the monitor primarily for gaming which monitor would be better The Sony monitor has a glossy finish meaning the image it produces is sharper than the Samsung However the Sony has a lower Monitor: Samsung vs. Sony response time of ms when compared to Samsung s ms Would you notice much ghosting with Monitor: Samsung vs. Sony the Sony s ms response time Is it justifiable to have a slower response time but a crisper image Any advice would be most appreciated Cheers Maqqie EDIT I actually heard that Sony s response time is ms rather than ms This is because Sony time their response time in REAL TIME where as Samsung do it internally in the pc itself In otherwords if Sony were to time their monitors in the pc itself their response time would be ms not ms nbsp

A:Monitor: Samsung vs. Sony

Always Sony, nevermind the response time, you won't tell the difference beetwen 12ms and 8ms.
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My problem is everything looks awesome with the new 4K monitor except Virtual Weather station display it show's up in the upper left hand corner very small cant seem to figure out how to make this one program show up larger. Any help would be appreciated thanks
P.S. this attachment was when I was using a 43in 1080P as monitor but still the same issue
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Hi I have a Samsung SyncMaster 932-BW im using windows XP when I try to use it there a message floating on the screen saying no data. I called samsung and they told me to press the source bottom on the bottom of the screen that did not work, they also said it might be the cable that runs to the computer but im using that cable now on a flat screen and it works fine. The computer im using is a HP pavilion 516x any ideas?

A:issues with samsung monitor os XP

make sure the computer video resolution is set to one that is supported by the monitor.
800x600 and 1024x768 are pretty common ones to use.
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Hi everybody I have a Samsung SyncMaster BW - quot monitor connected to my Gateway laptop Model T- I've been using it as an external monitor so I have dual monitors running in this fashion for about years It's worked great But earlier completely randomly the monitor went black It's still on my preferences says it's still connected I can drag my mouse and browsers to the external monitor But nothing displays Samsung Black Went Monitor I'm running Vista service pack Drivers say everything is installed and installed properly I don't believe it I think there is a problem with the drivers So luckily I had already downloaded all of them from a previous problem and have them all on a usb drive But this time that I'm trying to re-install the drivers the dialog box that pops up the winzip extractor won't let me click on quot overwrite files without prompting quot so it makes me click yes over and over Samsung Monitor Went Black and over again for every single thing And then it eventually makes me abort because something is damaged Not only that but I tried going to Gateway to download new drivers just in case and they changed their download site Now they make you download drivers Samsung Monitor Went Black for the entire T- series instead of just the computer that you need But guess what My computer T- is not included I found this out after installing it and then eveything broke and I had to do a system restore I looked at Samsung Monitor Went Black the documentation that came with the driver download and everything up through T- is covered just not the T- It's like they said quot okay that's enough anyone with a can go f themselves quot How can I get my computer to display the picture on the external again I've tried rebooting unplugging everything and resetting the display preferences nothing works Also I could re-install the operating system but then it'll store all my current data in the documents folder and take up more space and I'm currently running a little low on memory I don't want to risk running out while doing a re-install Thanks James Edit I've used this Samsung-Gateway combination for about years and it's always worked great until now Except the stupid fact that every single time I reboot the computer it forgets my display preferences Also is it possible for me to uninstall all my drivers and then re-install them Will I lose power from my battery if I uninstall that driver or will my screen go blank if I uninstall all the monitor drivers Edit There is also an update from regarding the display but it won't let me install it Vista is giving me Error Code and as usual the Help info that it giving me is completely useless and it doesn't in any way help me find a solution I sware as soon as I buy a new laptop I'm putting Linux on this junk

A:Samsung Monitor Went Black

The first thing to do is to connect the monitor to another computer to see if it works there.
If it doesn't, then the monitor is probably broken
If it does, then the VGA port on your laptop may be broken. You can test this by plugging another monitor into it.

Is there anything special that you use the drivers for? In most cases the in-built Windows drivers are good enough for most folks, and it's much easier to use them than it is to track down and install custom 3rd party drivers.
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I'm looking at the 191T/192T and the PX191. $100 difference in price and the Planar seems to be the better of the 2, but at a cost.

Other than the mount, what is the difference between the 191 and 192?

I do some gaming, but not that much, but I do scroll web pages and ghosting/trailing images/text would be a problem. Half the reviews for the Samsungs say ghosting is a problem the other half say it's not or at least very little.

I assume it is some kind of issue with the video card and the monitor, but don't know what. Any input on why a card would cause ghosting (using recent cards)?

A:19" LCD monitor: Samsung or Planar?

I have the Samsung 191T and it's a wonderfull monitor. I don;t notice ghsting in it. Ghosting is independant of the gfx card and wether you use DVI or D-Sub. I also have a 18' Gateway with some noticeable ghosting, but when you get used to it, it just 'dissapears'.
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We installed a nice new Samsung LED TV Monitor last night #T24A550 and the keyboard and mouse were both working ok for a few minutes, then everything froze and now they won't work. I think it's both that won't work but it might just be the keyboard. The system boots and the windows screen comes up but I can't click anything or even manipulate the keyboard. EX: I can't turn on/ off 'number lock'. I unplugged both in back, turned off the computer. Then back on and rebooted and still nothing. I am running Windows XP Home edition. Thanks!!

A:Samsung LED TV Monitor - now no mouse or keyboard!

Are the mouse and keyboard USB or PS2? If they are PS2, are they in the correct ports for their type? (Keyboard in the Keyboard port, and the Mouse in the Mouse port, and not vice versa) If PS2, did you turn off the PC before disconnecting and reconnecting them?

How is the TV connected to the PC? Is it a standard VGA connector, a DVI connector, or a HDMI connection, or a mix of these connectors?

Please examine the cable and connectors of your TV, Mouse, and Keyboard cables. Is there any damage or bent pins?
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I just purchased a Samsung C A X computer monitor It has a central station that contains USB ports USB and USB an HDMI port and a headphone jack I run it in a dual mode monitor setup alongside a Dell quot monitor The monitor works very well in all respects except sound If I use the Samsung monitor I cannot get any sound from any part of the system internal or external However if I unplug the Samsung and leave the Dell connected I get sound I ve gone through all the settings but don t see anything that helps me solve Problem C27A750X monitor Samsung with the problem I called Samsung Problem with Samsung C27A750X monitor and they were poloite and friendly but insisted the monitor has nothing to do with sound That confuses me based on my discovery that I get sound if I disconnect the Samsung Is anyone familiar with this monitor and setup or have any thoughts as to why the sound is affected Thank you nbsp
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The WARNING IS Samsung Monitors DO NOT WORK under HDMI with all Graphics Cards To say I am disappointed with the Samsung Monitor I purchased recently is a warning hdmi monitor lcd / Samsung gross understatement but in Samsung lcd monitor / hdmi warning order to keep my post free of bad language disappointed will have to do I have a Samsung LCD B H Model LS PUHKFW XM When I purchased the Monitor it did not come with an HDMI cable I can see why now I bought one but the HDMI connection would not work I spoke with Samsung Service and they said it was the HDMI cable I bought another HDMI Cable an expessive BELKIN HDMI cable and it still did not work So I took the Monitor back to Samsung Service Centre they had it a while and said it was repaired but did not even have the facility to test a HDMI Monitor with the computers at the service desk I got the Monitor home and guess what It still did not work As Samsung Malaysia PJ seem incapable of testing HDMI Monitors I returned the Monitor to the vendor ALL-IT Hypermarket Sdn Bhd Ikano Power Centre yesterday Great Company by-the-way ALTHOUGH THEY ESTIMATE SAMSUNG WILL TAKE WEEKS TO GET MY MONITOR BACK At least ALL-IT had the facility to test the Monitor They tried it with my PC HDMI did not work they tried it with their PC and it worked They changed the Graphics card in my PC HDMI still did not work they tried my PC with another HDMI Monitor and it worked All they seem to be able to prove is the HDMI connection of a Samsung B H does not work with an ASUS ATI Radeon EAH Graphics Card neither will it work with an ASUS ATI Graphics Card Chatting with other Service guy s it quickly became clear Samsung LCD Monitors are plagued with HDMI compatability issues LZ nbsp
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Yesterday, I upgraded my existing Samsung monitor to a new one, model UN43J5200AF. My Win7 HP x64 recognized the old monitor, yet continues to see this one only as a Generic pnp monitor. I've uninstalled the generic monitor, and rebooted, uninstalled and scanned for hardware changes, uninstalled my nvidia driver and reinstalled/updated, tried a new dvi to hdmi cable, no change. Samsung's site does not have a driver for this model (that I've been able to find). Can anyone be of further assistance getting my system to recognize this new monitor?

Thanks as always,


A:Samsung UN43J5200AF Monitor Driver

I don't really see a need for a special monitor driver these days, especially with LCD. Not much to gain. They may have some color profiles, but that's about it.
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Hello everyone

Today I received my new monitor and I am not very happy with it.

I must adjust it so how, I tried to use Magic Tune but it seems my model is not supported.

When I look on the screen I feel a pressure in my head :P

So I will have to adjust it manually.

Maybe someone already have a monitor like me and can help me with some adjustments.


A:Adjusting my Samsung BX2450 monitor

Hi Reverence...

Not sure if you got a Manual so I added a link for you to Samsung's web page on the to Manual is near the bottom on the left...Section 3-1 is for setting up Optimal
Resolution. Section 4-1 is for setting up the Software and it does show Magic Tune.

There is a Trouble shooting guide in the same section as the Manual and there is a section for Magic Tune in the guide.
Samsung BX2450
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The desktop is crystal clear on my desktop and remote monitor but fonts, especially in office programs it seems, are fuzzy and if i adjust the zoom in excel for example to get max benefit from the larger screen it is very poor. Any suggestions??

A:Fuzzy fonts on samsung monitor

Are you running Windows in "Native mode" for what the monitor is, so you get the best resolution. It helps to know more about your system spec's, other than you are running Windows 8.1.
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I need to run a Samsung 731B flat panel monitor on 12 volts DC rather than 110 volts AC.
Running off of an inverter eats the battery too quickly. Warrentee voiding is not an issue.
Can anyone advise on getting into the power supply and finding a point that I might tap to power the moniter with 12 Volts.
Thanks very much, Roy

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Hi, I want to know what would be the better choice among LCD Monitors
The Samsung 710N II or the BenQ FP71G+.
Samsung 710N II
$305 CDN

BenQ FP71G+
$299 CDN

Both do not support DVI as I am no enthusiast, and also I've heard both these monitors perform alsmot as well as DVI.

Which one is best for your money?