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hp 11-n010dx legacy boot

Q: hp 11-n010dx legacy boot

I am not sure which OS is on this unit so I am assuming it's windows 8. I want to load a linux disc to attempt a data recovery but I don't know how to enable the legacy boot option to boot from USB optical drive? The down arrow will stop at Network Adapter in the UEFI Boot Order. I have attached a screenshot of the BIOS, help please?

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Preferred Solution: hp 11-n010dx legacy boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: hp 11-n010dx legacy boot

Just enable Legacy Support and disable Secure Boot. If disabling Secure Boot gives you access to Clear All Secure Boot Keys, you may need to do that too.
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Is there currently any way to configure a custom boot logo for UEFI booting? I can only find methods for Legacy users, but no luck with UEFI.

I'm kind of new to custom boot logos, so if anybody could give me some information as to if it's possible first?

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Hello first post here First some context I have a Dell Inspiron R SE that came with Windows I've managed to get a working dual-boot system with Ubuntu I can't remember exactly how I done that but I remember that I had to disable secure boot I think that the boot configuration those days was Secure boot DisabledLoad legacy option rom EnabledBoot list option Legacy This quot legacy remove from and old Recover entries UEFI boot boot configuration quot worked perfectly for - months Then one day last week can't remember the exact day when I was using Windows the computer crashed I hard-rebooted and got this screen I've searched a lot looking for solutions and after executed boot-repair from a Ubuntu LiveCD dozens of times I've decided to eliminate Ubuntu temporarily and focus to get a system with Windows working nice Then I used Recover legacy boot and remove old entries from UEFI boot my recovery DVDs to recover the system Yup Windows has booted But when I restarted first time I got the same error Then I digging a solution pressed F after a reboot and got here The highlighted option allows me to boot into Windows So I went to boot options F and changed the following configuration Load legacy option rom DisabledBoot list option UEFI Now I can boot directly to Windows without need to press F But my objective isn't complete I want to erase all Ubuntu entries from the seconds image and restore the legacy boot from the first imagem because they worked before I did two things I erased all partitions related to Ubuntu root partition and home partition I created a Windows recovery disk not a system recovery disk I used the recovery disk to run the automatic recovery procedure I forgot the exactly name I've runned it at least times with no success Then I went to comand prompt to try the famous triad bootrec fixmbr bootrec fixboot and bootrec rebuildbcd Still no solution How can I fix this PS sorry about the possibly creepy english

A:Recover legacy boot and remove old entries from UEFI boot

Are you booting the Start up Repair CD/DVD/USB in UEFI mode.

Try one of those.

From the desktop:
System Recovery Options - Boot to in Windows 8
From the Repair CD/USB:
How to do a Auto Repair:
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

How do a Refresh:
Refresh Windows 8

How to do a Reset:
Reset Windows 8
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Hi, My pavilion 15 notebook was have windows 10. I try to install linux (dual boot) and change legacy boot mode. Not yet start to install linux and now i cannot boot my windows.  I did tried already F11 for factory reset and not working. I try to change my boot setup to default and no use still showing no os install. Please help me to get my windows back. I am from malaysia and is it able to get any "HP Recovery Media" ?

A:cannot boot after change legacy boot option

Any one help to get HP service center phone number?
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Just bought a Dell Optiplex Mini-Tower with Win Pro -bit GB RAM GB hard drive and an Intel i processor Right now it has Dell BIOS version A It is normally in UEFI ON and Secure Boot ON boot and Boot OFF - from No CD-DVD Legacy UEFI are Secure so that F on bootup one-time boot options does NOT normally show the CD-DVD as a boot option OK - no problem However if I reboot with F and select both UEFI OFF meaning Legacy ON and Secure Boot OFF and reboot then F DOES show me the CD-DVD as a boot option but if I actually try to boot No Legacy boot from CD-DVD - UEFI and Secure Boot are OFF up from a bootable No Legacy boot from CD-DVD - UEFI and Secure Boot are OFF CD I get an error message I have practiced with two bootable CDs - a Knoppix and an Aomei Backupper both made on earlier machines Both these CDs work as boot-up No Legacy boot from CD-DVD - UEFI and Secure Boot are OFF CDs in my old XP machine and the Aomei Backupper CD also worked in someone else's Win Pro -bit machine What's wrong Again please let me repeat that I am trying to boot from the CD-DVD AFTER I have turned OFF UEFI turned ON Legacy and turned OFF Secure Boot Thanks

A:No Legacy boot from CD-DVD - UEFI and Secure Boot are OFF

But if you're using those settings, Windows 8 will not start.

Here is more info: Legacy BIOS Boot Mode (installing using the MBR partition style) and UEFI Boot Mode (installing using the GPT partition style): link
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how to transfer the boot of windows from legacy support to uefi? 

A:trnsfer from legacy boot to uefi boot

Hi, It may depend on how the existing installation was performed - let me know the following. Hold down the Windows key and press R Into the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Disk drives, right click the ssd and select Properties - select the Volumes tab and then click the 'Populate' button. What is listed as the Partition style? Regards, DP-K
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Hi  Just wondering how to enable legacy boot on the HP Elite slice it is stuck in uefi thanks
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Hi, i've tried everything, but there's no way to boot to EFI boot order from a Wake on LAN.It only boots to legacy boot order.Do you have any ideas? When using Intel Management Engine to wake up, all is OK. Thanks! 

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Product number: N0X16AAR#ABAProduct name: 860-160seWindows 10 boot options do not show the usb stick that is plugged into a rear or top port.  USB is bootable operating system can see the usb stick ok another computer will boot from the usb stick why does the computer not show the usb stick and allow me to boot?  

A:legacy boot option

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer is to make sure the USB flash drive is plugged into a USB 2 port. It won't boot from a USB3 port.
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Help! Kids messing on laptop running Windows 7 and the Legacy was disabled (that's the only word they can remember) out of the system setup before windows actually loads (he presses
ESC). Now compaq laptop says the 'boot device is not found' and to 'please install an operating system on your hard drive'.

What do I do?

Help please!

A:Legacy boot disabled and I'm stuck

Welcome Hannlp,

Power On & start tapping the F2 key to see if you can get the enter Bios setup.
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Hello,I have an issue with a ZBook 17 G3. Context :I am trying to deploy an image created by Microsoft SCCM, and to make it work I have to boot with an USB key in Legacy mode. Issue:  When I boot in legacy with the Usb key, I get the following error : There isn't enough memory available to create a ramdisk device Why ? The laptop have 64GB of RAM, the BIOS can see this amount so there is no hardware problem.Is there any BIOS option to enable ? I already tried a lot of different options & it is not working.  Regards, Thomas VAXELAIRE
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ok it was working fine running windows 8.... i went into the bios and enabled legacy mode afther doing this now the laptop will not boot.. the screen reamines black... the power light comes on the fan turns on but nothing else happenes. thing i have tryed.. i tryed resetting the cash but did nothen i tryed holding the windows botton and the b key.... this is my my caps lock light flashes twice in blue....
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Hi there nbsp Here is the issue nbsp About three days ago I wanted to reformat my Laptop I was on Windows at this point For some stupid reason I downgraded to windows Boot Order in Legacy Bios Luckily for me I have a save of windows on my usb nbsp So the problem is that I don't know how to access the parameter for unlock legacy boot order in Bios Yes I know Legacy Boot Order in Bios that I have to enable it in the Bios but I browser all over Internet to see example of this case whit this specific Bios cause it's not like Phoenix Bios or Insyde Bios nbsp That is why I ask you directly how do I activated that to change legacy boot order nbsp nbsp Thanks nbsp very much nbsp for the reply Asher nbsp nbsp Here some specific nbsp info about my computer nbsp nbsp MiniToolBox by Farbar nbsp Version - - Ran by Julien administrator on - - at Running from C Users Julien Downloads Microsoft Windows nbsp X Model HP ProBook G Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardBoot Mode Normal Flush DNS Windows IP ConfigurationSuccessfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache IE Proxy Settings Proxy is not enabled No Proxy Server is set Reset IE Proxy Settings IE Proxy Settings were reset Hosts content IP Configuration Intel R Ethernet Connection I -V Ethernet Connected Intel R Dual Band Wireless-N Wi-Fi Media disconnected Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Bluetooth Network Connection Media disconnected TAP-Windows Adapter V Ethernet Media disconnected Event log errors Application errors Error AM Source Application Error User Description Faulting application name IEXPLORE EXE version time stamp x e Faulting module name Flash ocx version time stamp x aa a Exception code xc Fault offset x e Faulting process id x ccFaulting application start time xIEXPLORE EXE Faulting application path IEXPLORE EXE Faulting module path IEXPLORE EXE Report Id IEXPLORE EXE Faulting package full name IEXPLORE EXE Faulting package-relative application ID IEXPLORE EXE Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledEvent Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error Continuously busy for more than a secondError PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledEvent Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error Continuously busy for more than a secondError PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledSPRetry Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error m- gt NextScheduledEvent Error PM Source Bonjour Service User Description Task Scheduling Error Continuously busy for more than a secondSystem errors Error AM Source Service Control Manager User Description The HP File Sanitizer service failed to start due to the following error The system cannot find the file specified Error AM Source DCOM User NT AUTHORITY Description application-specificLocalActivation D B C -BB - wbr -A F-E B D CA EE -ACB - C -AFC -AB wbr C NT AUTHORITYSYSTEMS- - - LocalHost Using LRPC UnavailableUnavailableError AM Source Service Control Manager User Description The HP File Sanitizer service failed to start due to the following error The system cannot find the file specified Error AM Source EventLog User Description The previous system shutdown at AM on was unexpected Error AM Source Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Boot User NT AUTHORITY Description Error AM Source Service Control Manager User Description The CyberLink PowerDVD Media Server Service service terminated unexpectedly nbsp It has done this time s Error AM Source Service Control Manager User Description The HP File Sanitizer service failed to start due to the following error The system cannot find the file specified Error PM Source Service Control Manager User Description The HP File Sa... Read more

A:Legacy Boot Order in Bios

@Asher0004? Go to Advance then Boot Options. BIOS Simulator here. REO
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If your PC or laptop supports UEFI nbsp and legacy mode then the following tips may help you nbsp Legacy enabled If the Legacy Boot or ---- tips UEFI bios setting is legacy Boot UEFI or Legacy ---- tips enabled nbsp then hard drives and USB devices nbsp will normally boot nbsp nbsp If you are using two independent hard drives that are not connected by boot manager then the UEFI boot hard drive will always boot first before the legacy hard drive unless the bios allows you to change the boot priority nbsp Legacy disabled UEFI mode If the bios setting is legacy disabled then only UEFI devices will boot nbsp You may run into no hard drive selection menu no boot option nbsp menu nbsp or Boot Device not Found followed by a message Hard Disk f nbsp USB flash drives boot considerations If you wish to boot up a USB flash device using Windows nbsp repair Windows repair Windows or Windows installation media then be sure to create the flash drive formatted as FAT nbsp You may notice a bootable flash drive showing twice in the boot menu one marked UEFI and one not marked UEFI nbsp Both will boot up nbsp The popular MS Windows USB WIndows installation media creation nbsp tool will create a NTFS flash drive using a Windows iso file in NTFS format nbsp which is not bootable in UEFI mode It works fine in legacy mode nbsp To get around the NTFS issue create the flash drive in NTFS then copy the contents to your hard drive quick format the flash drive to FAT and then copy back the contents back to the hard drive nbsp There are other known methods to do the above but this method is very simple nbsp

A:Boot UEFI or Legacy ---- tips

Thank you for this sir.   I have legacy enabled and I still can't boot from the DVD ROM even when I press f(9).  I have secure boot turned off.  Anyone know what the problem is?
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I have disabled the secure boot option and enabled the Legacy boot option which allows me to boot from USB stick. However, UEFI takes precendence over Legacy boot and I don't want that. For a little school project that we are running we want to run the educational OS Sugar on Stick(on a USB stick) to run straight from the stick instead of kids pressing 3-4 different buttons to get to that.  In short, I want to change boot priority from UEFI first to Legacy. Let me know how to do it? Whether its possible or not? If not, then I don't need these 4 laptops that I ordered and I will return the laptops. Thanks a lot in advance. -Ritesh

A:UEFI vs Legacy Boot order

Follow these instruction on how to properly disable secure boot:
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I've been wondering if it's possible to use the legacy (Windows 7 and earlier) BIOS instead of UEFI in Windows 8.1. In my BIOS settings, there is an option to enable the legacy boot mode, but Windows won't boot whenever this is enabled (I get the message 'Operating System not found' instead). Is there any way to enable this?

NOTE: I am not talking about secure boot; I already have that disabled.

Thanks in advance.

A:Use legacy boot mode in Windows 8.1

Also, I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop in case that matters.
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I just bought a new Acer one 10, with 2 Gb RAM and 32 Gb Hdd. !! 32 bit. !! it came with preintalled win10.

I really need to get rid complety of Win 10 and install Win 7. I have tried RUFUS and several WIn 7 .iso, and turned off secure boot but although you can choose boot order, there is no way that the pc will recognice bootable DVD or USB and during boot it just goes straight to win10. So it seems I am stuck with Win 10 for ever...also the Bios (UEFI) setup has not any option to choose "legacy mode"...

Please help me to wipe off for good this dammned Win 10 and install win 7, any 32 bit version would do.
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Hello everyone I just purchased an 800 G2 computer with windows 10 pre-installed. I am trying to enable the legacy boot options in the BIOS but the box I have to tick is greyed out, as well as the "tick" box for UEFI boot options Can somebody please help me enable it? Many thanks
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Hi nbsp My comany is nbsp purchasing HP EliteDesk G some comes with HDD nbsp and some with SSD We deploy Windows x using SCCM using legacy boot nbsp On a machine with HDD installed I can configure the boot options to use legacy boot but when I replace the Legacy Bo... not a show as allow up and SSD UEFI only will boot disk to a SSD drive the only boot option for this drive is UEFI That causes the deployment to fail because the drive need to be partitioned as GPT On the other hand if I disable legacy boot PXE boot to UEFI and partition the disk as GPT after the image deployment the disk is unable SSD will only allow UEFI boot and not show up as a Legacy Bo... to boot with xc d error I imagine the cause is Windows support becuase it does work on Windows nbsp Bottom line I can install Windows on a SSD will only allow UEFI boot and not show up as a Legacy Bo... HP EliteDesk G only if nbsp legacy boot is enabled and I partition the disk as UEFI Is there any way of forcing the SSD to boot as legacy and not UEFI Is this issue caused by the workstation or is it enforced by the SSD nbsp thanks
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My hard disk is broken but the computer can't boot from my new replacement hard drive.  I have checked the Bios setting and the legacy boot option is locked.  I disabled secure boot but it still doesn't allow  me to enable legacy boot.  I downloaded the updated BIOS .exe (sp70481.exe) file from HP website but I am not sure if I can flash the BIOS using that file.  Is there anyway that I can enable the legacy boot option so that I can boot from my hard disk?  I appreicate any advise and suggestion.  Thank you.
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I have an Acer Aspire M T with a SSD Gb Gb HD When I bought it I made it dual boot resizing it partition inside Windows and then installing Ubuntu Ok worked fine for last months Now after getting some bloatware that turned my dev tools broken I needed to make a clean Windows installation After playing around with its SSD I opted to use the factory restore of the system It gave me a quot clean quot Windows installation but as expected I lost grub as the boot manager Trying to restore it I changed the boot mode do Legacy instead of EFI But now I am not able to enter BIOS again Cannot Legacy Acer Boot Bug - anything boot and I don't know which is the current boot order as it only gets quot frozen quot in the Acer logo with options to enter Set-up with F or Boot Order with F but no one of this options works I tried to start with a Windows installation disk Acer Legacy Boot Bug - Cannot boot anything an Ubuntu installation disk or even a bootable USB with Windows and Ubuntu but none of this options seems to be working Anyone knows something I can try before attempting to send it to repair Maybe a way to reflash or reset BIOS

A:Acer Legacy Boot Bug - Cannot boot anything

Try pressing and holding the Fn key, then the Function key (ie F2 or F12).
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After installing an HP BIOS update about a week ago I can't boot the way I've been booting the laptop. HP offered through the support assistnt application a BIOS update. After installing that update, when I boot I am taken to a blue screen that appears to be from the BIOS firmware in the laptop telling me it can't find a certain file needed to boot. It always has booted without issue before that update. I rolled back the BIOS update and it still did not boot, so I have switched to using legacy support in BIOS with the hard drive the first boot option instead of using the HP Boot Manager option. It works fine with this arrangement but I thought I'd post this here to let others know that updating their BIOS may lead to a similar issue, and also wondered if anyone has addressed this issue on their laptop. Thanks!!!Donald

A:Will not boot with HP OS boot manager but does with legacy ...

Hi @t2000kw,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with a blue screen when booting. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number of your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.
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I get the following error when I boot from a Win 7 Pro 64-bit disc. GPT-Formatted disk Legacy boot not supported. I have a EliteOne 800 G1 AIO desktop. The HD has Win 7 Home Premium currently. I want to wipe it and install the Pro version. I've changed the boot order and I put the CD into another computer and booted up just fine.  When I hit F9 to bring up the boot menu and I select the CD drive I get the error message. Legacy support is enabled and I have disabled UEFI under Storage in the BIOS. Any suggestions are appreciated on how I can boot from the Win 7 Pro disk. Thank you for looking.
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I have an old Dell Vistro

I cant boot to Tails USB. I plug it in and turn it on and immediately it freezes on the Bios splash screen. The info I've found is it should work fine because of legacy (normal). If the USB thumb drive is not plugged in I can F2 F8 F12 all day long. I used the Tails tutorial to create. Are there any step by steps for fixing the issue Tails is based on Debian.

Thanks in advance.

FYI I created a Windows 8.1 repair USB I can't boot to it either.
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I am trying to install Windows 7 from a DVD to an HP 19-2113w All-in-One with Windows 8.1 as the factory install. I have entered the BIOS, turned off Secure Boot, restarted, and entered the code to confirm that I want to disable Secure Boot. Upon restarting and going back into the BIOS, Secure Boot shows it is "Disabled." HOWEVER -- when I then go into the boot options and try to enable the legacy boot devices, it gives me a message saying "You must disable Secure Boot before you may configure this option." As I previously stated -- Secure Boot shows "Disabled" when I check under the security tab.  How much more disabled can it get?  Am I missing something here?  Is there any other way to install Windows 7 from a DVD onto this computer?
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A:How to disabled secure boot and enable legacy

Hi, Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Bios Menu ( f10 ). Under the System Configuration tab, expand the Boot Options Menu. Here you should find the option to set Secure Boot to Disabled and Legacy Devices to Enabled. When done, press f10 and select to save the changes. You may then have to enter a 4 digit pin displayed on the screen to confirm the setting changes ( note that you will not see a display of the numbers as you enter tham ) - enter the code and hit enter. Regards, DP-K
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The message that pops up "If you select this option your OS may no longer be bootable" is making me reluctant. So before I go ahead and enable this Legacy boot thing in order to boot from DVD... is this OK?
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I have been attempting to Enable Legacy boot and Disable Secure boot on this machine for a few days now BIOS Enable to Legacy Boot Refuses nbsp My current BIOS version is N nbsp It is the oddest thing nbsp I am able to make some changes save and have them succesfully change but I cannot get legacy to enable and save nbsp Steps I have taken nbsp - Cleared Secure Boot Keys - Reset- Selected Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable - Reset- Go back to BIOS -- gt Boot Options -- gt Attempt to Uncheck UEFI Boot Order Unable to -- gt Check to see if Legacy Boot is available and its a no go- Then I go back to the secure boot options and verify that none BIOS Refuses to Enable Legacy Boot of my changes saved nbsp nbsp I am attempting to get these machines to PXE boot to grab our company's image but I need Legacy boot enabled to do it nbsp After several attempts to get Legacy to enable I resolved to just try to PXE boot nbsp BUT can't do that as well as it says the selected boot image did not authenticate nbsp Of course the fix I found for this was enable Legacy Boot which I can't do nbsp I tried a different method and still no BIOS Refuses to Enable Legacy Boot different results nbsp - Updated BIOS to V - reset back to factory settings in the main menu- back into bios set password --- gt reboot- back into bios disabled bootable devices usb and cd rom nbsp - went to secure boot options and selected in the drop down enable legacy and disable UEFI boot -- gt reboot- back to bios to nbsp the check box next to legacy in the boot options menu was still not available nbsp -- gt reboot- f to PXE boot and nbsp still doesn't work nbsp I have looked through the forums and found a few possible solutions but none of them have worked nbsp Please help
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Hi, i have the same problem as mentioned in some other threads on the forum: or I need to setup a PC to Win7, that has a trial Version of Windows 10 installed. My Bios Version is HP M60 2.14 and unfortunately, some bios options like legacy boot are greyed out.This means that I cannot use my Win7 USB Stick nor the DVD.I have setup an administrator password and also an MEBx password, but am not able to enable these options. In contrast to these other threads, where the solution was to login as guest user and then enter the admin password, i do not get an login option before or in bios. I can startup directly into the Bios Options, but cant find an option to switch user. Thank you for your help!
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Hi, I installed WIndows 10 using UEFI but  couldn't disable Legacy support boot mode in the BIOS.If I disable Legacy support the PC will beep 6 times and red led flashs on the power button. I don't know if anyone had encountered this problem before or have a solution for it? Help please! Cheers
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I bought a brand new HP Pavillion G US from Office Depot It came with OEM installed win I did a fresh install of Support Legacy won't boot enabled unless is BIOS win pro x I had to do this with Legacy Support enabled and secure boot disabled I used an GB USB stick for the install the win iso image was applied using rufus During the install I reformatted the won't boot unless BIOS Legacy Support is enabled HD removing all the OEM partitions I also used diskpart to convert the format of the HD from GPT to MBR The installation seems successful except for a strange WLAN issue extremely limited range despite loading the drivers I would also like to boot in UEFI to benefit from the faster start up times etc BUT if I change the BIOS config by disabling legacy support then it will no longer boot from HD The resulting error message says something to the effect of please install an OS on the HD I suspected that perhaps this may be due to my converting the HD format from GPT to MBR so I converted back to GPT reinstalled and still must boot with Legacy support enabled Any suggestions Thanks in advance

A:won't boot unless BIOS Legacy Support is enabled

Hi jfirthsouth What are the options you used on RUFUS to create your bootable USB?
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I have Windows 7 and Windows 8 Dual booted on my machine. I want to have win 7 as the default so the the legacy bootloader is needed to boot win 7, but what I can't understand is why the bootloader timeout has disappeared and the system waits until I make a choice. I have checked with bcdedit and the timeout is correctly set at 5 seconds, but when I boot the timeout does not appear.

Have tried repairing with Windows 7 boot disk which gives me back the timeout but then Windows 8 can't boot if selected. Very frustrating. Has anyone else come across this?

A:Dual Boot - No timeout in Legacy Bootloader?

Are looking in the right place.

Startup Options - Change Time to Wait before Default OS Runs
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it was windows 7 but now is windows 10 but please help me .

A:How to disable secure boot and enable legacy pls help

@AllAroundGaming? System, one of:"Hp pavilion h8-1230" (6)  Based on the following:HP Pavilion HPE h8-1230 Desktop PC Product SpecificationsandHP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications, M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) See the following document for the explanation:HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - BIOS Settings for the Angelica and Angelica2 Motherboards Section BIOS > Security Menu When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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Hello, I am having an issue with downgrading to Windows 7 and It's not nearly as easy as normally installing an OS. I get to the expanding files screen, and once the system reboots it goes back to the Windows 7 install screen. This is an issue, because it should continue with the installation. Does anybody know why this would occur or how to fix it? I'm sure there's likely something I missed. This is rather urgent, so any help would be appreciated.

A:Cannot Downgrade to 7 Legacy Enabled, Secure boot disabled

Hi there

At the reboot have you removed the installation media -- it might be re-booting again from the install media.

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I have MSI UEFI Mobo, when I try to boot on my Hard Drive in BIOS, it gives me: "Restart and select proper boot device" but I can boot using UEFI Windows Boot Manager, so I want to add legacy boot besides UEFI Boot. Thanks a lot.


A:Q:Add Legacy Boot Windows 8.1 in UEFI Motherboard(GPTDisk)

Hello Addas,

If you like, you could use the tutorial below to disable the modern "Choose an option" screen to have the old legacy "Windows Boot Manager" while still using UEFI firmware.

Startup Options - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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I have an older Dell laptop with no secure boot that has Windows 8.1. I shrank the partition and installed Linux for a dual boot setup. Normally I install the GRUB2 to the root of the Linux partition so I don't "see" the Linux installation at all until I use easybcd to create a boot menu item. Easybcd wipes out the pretty blue GUI boot screen and you end up with the black and white "legacy" menu. This was all expected.

Now the weird part. Sometimes when I boot the computer I get the black and white boot screen and sometimes I get the modern GUI boot screen. I prefer the black and white boot screen because the modern boot screen does a second reboot when you select a linux installation. Can somebody take a look at my bcdedit file and see if I am overlooking something.


A:Boot menu alternates between Modern GUI and Legacy modes

I may have found my own answer. After looking over the file again I see that the bootmenupolicy is set to Standard. I changed it to Legacy to see if that cures the problem. I followed the instructions from here.

How to Disable New Metro Boot Loader and Bring Back Windows Vista and 7 Style Boot Loader in Windows 8? - AskVG
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Hi I've edited this post to make users aware the Sandisk Ultra II SSD has issues with the 450 G3 in legacy mode.  It's simply not visible in the boot options under legacy only UEFI.  I have spent hours and hours and it doesn't work on a 240 and 480 gb models I have running the latest firmware.  I've posted messages on the Sandisk forums reporting the very likely bug. I think I'll stick to Samsung which 850 Evo works perfectly!
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When i try and boot my Windows 7 x64 DVD in UEFI mode my computer completely skips it and boots my hard drive. However when I boot in legacy mode i can boot the CD but i get the error 'Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style'. I'm assuming i get this error because i'm not booting via UEFI mode.

A:Windows 7 Installation CD - Can boot in Legacy mode but not in UEFI

Where do you buy your Windows 7 DVD from?
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HP notebook model tpn-l Windows Having an issue loading windows Father-in-law bought this refurbished on ebay Worked fine when he received it My sister-in-law was installing a printer software and after it downloaded and rebooted it froze on blue screen with please wait She left it that way for hours then finally powered down and restarted only to come to the same screen I received it from there I started by loading setup and doing a HDD scan everything legacy devicenot BUT found using load UEFI/will using boot looks good but still please wait Restored factory defaults and now it loads to boot device not found Changed UEFI to Legacy and it boot devicenot found using UEFI/will load using legacy BUT loads windows only to come back to please wait Tried f to recover but doesn't load recovery info Tried using a repair disk from win still in legacy because UEFI wont load from dvd that got me to system repair but could not self repair I would do a clean install to win but I don't have a windows key sticker on the bottom of the laptop Where do I go from here

A:boot devicenot found using UEFI/will load using legacy BUT

edit: System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8

- Start the computer from the Windows 8/8.1/10 installation media.
- Select Repair your computer (see screenshot below) > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Restore.

How to boot into Safe Mode from the Windows 8/8.1/10 installation media or recovery USB flash drive. -> link

How to download and clean install Windows 8.1 if you have an OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8/8.1 product key. -> link
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I recently installed Linux onto a second drive, but I can't get it to boot by the other hard drive. It's a legacy hard drive, when I try to change the boot order it still keeps the UEFI on top and there's no way to move it down.

A:How do you Switch Legacy Hard Drive to Boot by Default

You have to first disable Secure Boot in the BIOS and set the BIOS to legacy mode (unless you have a Linux distro that supports UEFI). If the permanent settings do not work, try changing the temporary boot order.
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hi all,

windows xp pro
MSI K8t neo2 motherboard
AMD 3500+
Seagate baracuda 200gb HD
ATI Radeon 9600 pro 128mb
Lite-on CD/DVD Burner
2gb ram

When i Enable USB Legacy Support in my BIOS then restart my computer will load some drivers then go to a black screen just before it should boot windows but it never loads windows.

Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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After building PCs for years I thought I had seen it all but I cannot get an HP Elitebook w to see the bootloader installed on a Western Digital T drive The latop has all UEFI completely disabled in the BIOS default It boots windows just fine using bootmgr exe there are no UEFI files present on the windows disk legacy boot confirmed with both 'bcdedit enum' and msinfo -- which reports 'BIOS Mode Legacy' nbsp The problem is that after an Archlinux install of which I've done more than the laptop will not see the grub bootloader installed in the MBR The comical part is I can boot the iso just fine and then Choose existing OS change 'hd ' to 'hd ' and then boot grub and the Arch install just fine As soon as control passes to grub I only 8760w Win10 Legacy GRUB, bootmgr.exe... see Boot, will not can pull the USB iso and continue normally nbsp I'm writing this post from the laptop which is happily running Arch with a full Plasma KDE desktop install -- I just can't boot it without booting from the iso in a USB port - heck of 8760w Legacy Boot, will not see GRUB, only Win10 bootmgr.exe... an unintended security feature The rest of the machine works flawlessly once booted from the iso -- full plasma KDE setup wpa supplicant WPA TKIP wifi bluetooth synaptics touchpad ieee- I even have the console happily running at x - bit mode nbsp I've tried all the suggestions pulling the battery holding power on for seconds to clear any phantom power resetting the BIOS to failsafe defaults -- nothing works windows continues to happily boot in legacy mode while attempting to boot the linux install always results on good-ole error F no OS found Installed BIOS is F Rev A I have not installed F Rev A yet -- the update didn't appear relevant to this problem from its description nbsp The MBR partitioning is simple boot home and a G swap nbsp sudo fdisk -l dev sda Disk dev sda GiB bytes sectors Units sectors of bytes Sector size logical physical bytes bytes I O size minimum optimal bytes bytes Disklabel type dos Disk identifier xff d aa Device Boot Start End Sectors Size Id Type dev sda G Extended dev sda M Linux dev sda G Linux dev sda G Linux dev sda G Linux swap Solaris nbsp grub is installed to dev sda with nbsp grub-install --target i -pc dev sda no errors on install and grub-mkconfig -o boot grub grub cfg nbsp I've read that I might need to boot with UEFI even though with this model UEFI was experimental and disabled by default and --- is disabled for windows This was explained as being due to HP hardcoding the path to the windows bootmgr efi file which makes no sense here as that doesn't even exist on the windows install Nonetheless I've got another T drive I setup as GPT and tried both a meg bios boot partition to boot the GPT install in Legacy mode and I've tried a full UEFI setup which pressing F on this system after enabling UEFI in the bios results in a single blinking underline cell in the center of the screen nothing more then a timeout and continuing with the legacy boot order nbsp For the record the bios boot attempt with GPT used the following partitioning nbsp fdisk -l dev sda Disk dev sda GiB bytes sectors Units sectors of bytes Sector size logical physical bytes bytes I O size minimum optimal bytes bytes Disklabel type gpt Disk identifier B A C-CBDB- -A EC- FA A C Device Start End Sectors Size Type dev sda M BIOS boot dev sda M Linux filesystem dev sda G Linux filesystem dev sda G Linux filesystem dev sda G Linux swap Same result - the laptop will not boot from the hard drive but happily boots the install when booted via the iso and control is passed to grub by choose Choose existing OS from the iso boot menu nbsp The UEFI setup used the following nbsp fdisk -l dev sda Disk dev sda GiB bytes sectors Units sectors of bytes Sector size logical physical bytes bytes I O size minimum optimal bytes bytes Disklabel type gpt Disk identifier B A C-CBDB- -A EC- FA A C Device Start End Sectors Size Type dev sda M BIOS boot dev sda M EFI System dev... Read more
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Hi,We want the Pc to boot from the PXE. We already set the boot order to Legacy boot and its also set that it should boot from the network. But it simply doesn´t do so. So our first thought was that we have to update the BIOS Version.Is it possible that the issue is caused by the BIOS version? If it is it would be nice if you tell us at which version this is fixed. If not I would appreciate if you could help us find the problem why the PC is booting from the hard drive and not from the network as it is set. Thanks.
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Hi I've edited this post to make users aware the Sandisk Ultra II SSD has issues with the 450 G3 in legacy mode.  It's simply not visible in the boot options under legacy only UEFI.  I have spent hours and hours and it doesn't work on a 240 and 480 gb models I have running the latest firmware.  I've posted messages on the Sandisk forums reporting the very likely bug. I think I'll stick to Samsung which 850 Evo works perfectly!
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Gateway P6860FX
RAM 4gb
Processor 2.4ghz
Graphics Nvidia 8800m

dual boot
OS Windows7 Ultimate
OS Ubuntu 11.04

The other day when I got up I noticed that my laptop was rebooting after the splash screen. I thought that my mobo was fried. I had a similar thing happen once when I was altering the BIOS settings and changed one of them to compatibility (I don't remember which one it was but was regarding the HDD mode) anyway I went into the BIOS and changed the legacy support to disabled and the system booted fine. Does anyone know what happened? Was there an update that could have caused this or possible virus? or has my mobo started to die? I realize that I need to add more info before I can get to the bottom of this so please let me know what I need to post for info. Thanks

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I am trying to install an OS that works best when the BIOS is set to legacy boot and secure boot is disabled. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an item where I can disable secure boot, and despite having set the BIOS to legacy boot, UEFI seems to still be active. What else can I do to disable UEFI? I have an Acer Travelmate p633 ms2362 laptop.

A:Acer Travelmate p633 ms2362 legacy boot, but no se...

Secure boot option is available only when BIOS is set to UEFILegacy doesn't have that option. Why do you think UEFI is still enable if your set BIOS to Legacy?
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I have a conputer with windows 10 in default but i downgraded it to win7 because i like win7 more than 10 so i change the boot from uefi to legacy but since my drivers arent compatible i try to change it back to win10 using the iso i downloaded from microsoft sites, and i burn it using rufus. But it cant be recognize in uefi. Need help asap
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I have upgraded bios from F.0D to F.08.Now I cannot boot because the legacy boot option is missing. Where can I get the old bios version and how can I flash/downgrade it? Or how can i enable legacy boot?

A:notbook hp250 g2 mising legacy boot option

dtdrvt Restart the System push F10 for the Bios Go to System Configuration / Boot Option Disable Secure Boot Activate Lagacy Boot Save it F10 Restart confirm sign on the Display It Works
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I am trying to install an OS that works best when the BIOS is set to legacy boot and secure boot is disabled. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an item where I can disable secure boot, and despite having set the BIOS to legacy boot, UEFI seems to still be active. What else can I do to disable UEFI? I have an Acer Travelmate p633 ms2362 laptop.

A:Acer Travelmate p633 ms2362 legacy boot, but no se...

Secure boot option is available only when BIOS is set to UEFILegacy doesn't have that option. Why do you think UEFI is still enable if your set BIOS to Legacy?
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Hey guys I have ran into a huge problem I had Windows installed on my Latitude e and decided to upgrade to Windows since my 8.1 Clean and Windows legacy system wont installed boot university offers a free product key I had to do the installation via USB since all Clean installed Windows 8.1 and system wont legacy boot I had was the key Anyway I followed the steps on this site for a clean install Reset Win Update gt Win Upgrade Product Key amp ISO Everything was going smoothly until after I deleted the partitions Windows started installing but stalled after it had to reboot the first time After the reboot I kept receiving the Clean installed Windows 8.1 and system wont legacy boot error quot No Boot Device Found Press any key to reboot the machine quot I rebooted the machine and went into the boot menu by pressing F The 'LEGACY BOOT' section had two choices quot Internal HDD IRRT quot and quot CD DVD CD-RW Drive quot I clicked on the quot Internal HDD IRRT quot option and received quot Selected boot device failed Press any key to return to F menu and choose LEGACY BOOT or UEFI BOOT option quot Under the UEFI BOOT option there was a choice for quot Windows Boot Manager quot so I clicked it Windows started to install again The problem here is that every Clean installed Windows 8.1 and system wont legacy boot time the system restarts now I have to go into the boot menu and click on quot Windows Boot Manager quot in order for Windows to boot Once it's booted everything works fine I read somewhere that my hard drive connection might be loose and to check the BIOS to see if it is recognized My hard drive info was displayed under quot Primary Hard Drive quot Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this It isn't a gigantic issue but it is an annoyance Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Hello,I have an IMEDIA S2883 and need to change from UEFI to legacy. I disabled the secure boot option but apparently the current BIOS (P11-B1) does not have the option to always launch CSM.I tried updating with the latest BIOS available for my Computer from Acer web site (P21-B2) but when updating I get the error message that "ROM file ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID".Any suggestions?Thank you in advance  

A:imedia s2883 legacy boot-unable to update BIOS

if it's like Acer's BIOS, you can only update BIOS with the same first 3 characters, so: P11 can be updated only with P11 BIOSP21 can be updated only with P21 BIOS if you are still under warranty, i would contact PB and ask LaunchCSM and BIOS version confirmation.
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Hello,I have an IMEDIA S2883 and need to change from UEFI to legacy. I disabled the secure boot option but apparently the current BIOS (P11-B1) does not have the option to always launch CSM.I tried updating with the latest BIOS available for my Computer from Acer web site (P21-B2) but when updating I get the error message that "ROM file ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID".Any suggestions?Thank you in advance  

A:imedia s2883 legacy boot-unable to update BIOS

if it's like Acer's BIOS, you can only update BIOS with the same first 3 characters, so: P11 can be updated only with P11 BIOSP21 can be updated only with P21 BIOS if you are still under warranty, i would contact PB and ask LaunchCSM and BIOS version confirmation.
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I was working on a client's HP Touchscreen and needed to boot a flash drive to perform a virus scan It originally had Windows instaled but had been force-upgraded to Windows nbsp When I enabled Legacy Support it automagically disabled Secure Boot I set the UEFI boot order to USB OSD then HDD I set the Legacy boot order to USB OSD then HDD Saved and exited nbsp Laptop restarted and stopped dead nothing but a gray screen Fan runs but HDD is silent Nothing Legacy Screen boot Option Gray No BIOS & Yields on the screen not even a blinking cursor Power off pull battery disconnect AC drain the capacitors attach AC and boot Same result nbsp Power off on and tap ESC same result Repeat but tap F same result Connect external monitor no video Recover BIOS and boots Legacy BIOS Option Yields Gray Screen & No boot perfectly from HDD still no Legacy support nbsp Tried just disabling Secure Boot only but it automagically enabled Legacy and disabling Legacy automagically Legacy BIOS Option Yields Gray Screen & No boot enabled Secure Boot nbsp I've scoured the internet and this forum Saw one topic with exacly the same problem but with no resolution I no longer have the laptop so cannot give more info or do further tests nbsp Does anyone know why Legacy BIOS Option Yields Gray Screen & No boot enabling Legacy and disabling Secure Boot would cause this Need an answer 'cuz I'm pretty sure this is going to be a problem in the near-future Thanks
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11 -n010dx  wont turn on .. i press the power button and screen remains blank while caps lock button bilnks on and off.. it was working fine before.. no damage has been done to the machine....  i tried following hard reset steps but i cant seem to find any for this model.. i cannot remove the battery and holding power button for 8-10 seconds does not help either....

A:11-n010dx won't trun on

Hi @JudahSee?, Welcome to the HP Forums! It is a dynamite location  to find answers and information! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide. Learn How to Post and More I understand that when you power on your notebook your screen remains blank and you see the Caps Lock blinking. Here is a link to HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting LED Blink Codes or Beep Codes During Startup or Boot as a guide to follow. Please reply back with results. Thank you  for participating in the HP Forums! We want to help you as well as others who may experience a similar issue as you. Please consider marking the post that resolves your issue as   "Accept as Solution"   to help other community  members!To show appreciation for my efforts kindly click the   Thumbs Up   below.   Best of Luck!
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My laptop hasn't stayed on for couple of days now. Whenever I turn it on it will in a page that says automatic repair then turns off. Then I attempted to turn it on again it won't turn on. I tried the hard reset but didn't do anything to the laptop. This laptop is just 1year and 3 months old. It would be a complete waste of money if I couldn't use it anymore. I need help please!
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As per the title, I changed this laptop's boot mode from "UEFI - Secure Boot" to "Legacy" in order to do a boot-time virus scan from USB (with ESET - it didn't find anything fwiw).
However, when I changed boot mode back to "UEFI - Secure Boot", it says it can no longer find any OS.
When I use a Win10 disc to boot into rescue mode, if I go into the command prompt and use dir, I can see that all the files are still there, so the drive hasn't been wiped (thank god) or anything.
I've tried using Win10's default "Startup Repair" option, which doesn't appear to work. I've tried using bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot, and even /rebuildbcd, none of which are helping it find the OS.
Any thoughts?
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nbsp nbsp nbsp I purchased my HP Envy in early July of this year at Best Buy In hours the touchpad began to give me grief It would open the side panel that shows you how many programs are open at the momnt cause the mouse to jump around when I used it would not respond to clicking nd just generally not work I did everything under the sun that I could think about to the pc I uninstalled the drivers uninstalled the entire touchpad reset my pc to factory settings Issues Touch m6 n010dx HP Pad Envy to no avail Within five minutes of turning on the pc the mouse acted up nbsp nbsp nbsp I nbsp returned the laptop to Best Buy in two days and received the same model A few days later I faced the same exact issues This is the laptop that I currently have I thought I could live with it but I am at my wits end nbsp nbsp nbsp I will note that when I have an external mouse plugged into the laptop the mouse gives me no trouble whatsoever nbsp I have an HP Envy M -n dxI'm running Windows x bit Solved View Solution

A:HP Envy m6 n010dx Touch Pad Issues

Hello @Leah_anais  and @sirdoom34 , Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand you're having issues using the touchpad on your ENVY notebooks. Please take the time to go through the following document for touchpad issues: Using and Troubleshooting the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 8). Make sure the touchpad is up to date with the following drivers: Synaptics TouchPad Driver. If neither of those work please contact HP Phone Support for service options. You can contact HP Technical Support at 1-800-474-6836 in North America. For all other regions click here.Thanks!
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I have a HP Pavilion x360 11-n010dx notebook and I would like to be able to have/ use the Miracast/WiDi feature that the Windows 10 Anniversary update is suppose to have. I have the options to use the connect app and project the screen but I can not connect any devices to either. I pretty much just want to know if my pc is able to support the feature and how I would go about adding it to my pc? Ive tried looking everywhere for help so  If someone can help me Id appreciate it. Thanks!
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HP Pavilion 11-n010dx x360 PC (ENERGY STAR) I have the blue screen and the code is 70917582 does anyone have the password for it

A:HP Pavilion 11-n010dx x360 PC (ENERGY STAR)

@Justinfreed? Enter   65675504 Regards, DP-K
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Am using  HP Pavilion 11-n010dx x360 PC,i upgraded windows 8.1 to windows 10 now my touchscreen is not working,i have updated all the drivers,windows thrue windows update but stil nothing,any idea please help....
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Computer screen will not turn on. Black screen and caps lock blinks. What do I do

A:hard reset on pavilon 11x360 11-n010dx

Hi @kenneyjosh ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. It is a great site for information and questions. I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilon 11x360 11-n010dx Notebook and issues with the Screen turning on. Here is a link to computer screen remains blank. Please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices, as these could cause some issues. Please let me know how this goes. Thanks.

Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom left to say ?Thanks? for helping.I work on behalf of HP
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Hi @SALEEN-KIDD  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! In answer to your request, the drivers for that model of notebook can be found here:HP Pavilion 11-n010dx x360 PC (ENERGY STAR) - Software & Drivers I hope this helps.
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Help my left hinge is broken like so many others and I'm out of warranty! I just spent 2 hours on the phone with HP only to discover I will be charged $220!! It's clearly a design error since it's happened to literally hundreds of others with this computer! There needs to be a recall it's not fair to have to pay for something that I've never dropped, etc. I've also read where some have gotten theirs repaired free of charge without being covered under warranty 

A:Broken left hinge HP envy m6 n010dx notebook PC

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). 
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Hello, all others hotkeys work(volume, light the keyboard, etc) but the brightness change button dont work at all ! i tryied to install graphic card from drivers and nothing changed
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hello, my computer had a Windows update today, and now the touchscreen (which was fully functional before the update) is not working.  it is not the screen, as this happened once before to me and I did a system restore to fix it.  I tried a system restor this time, didn't work.  I looked in the Device Manager, and there IS NO DRIVER for my touchscreen.  how do I reinstall, it is NOT listed in the driver list on the HP website for my product.  help! Ivan
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I realize after researching the error that my only solution is to replace my hard drive but I need some advice on what exactly I need in regards to a new hard drive. Not very tech-saavy. Please advise.Failure id 9fnhbr-7b783q-xd7v6k-61ed03.Thank you for any help.

View Solution.

A:Hard disk error long dst failure pavilion 11-n010dx

Here is the Service Manual: Manual Hard drive replacement is shown on page 36 of the Manual. Your laptop, by the specs, came with a 500 gig 5400 rpm drive. This model only uses the superslim 7mm hard drives so that is what you need to buy. There are also options for an M.2 solid state drive or a regular-sized SATA solid state drive in lieu of the slower 5400 rpm mechanical drive. In other words, this would be your opportunity to speed it up a bit.  This would be a 7200 rpm mechanical drive of 500 gigs and would be a nice replacement at a low cost: Solid state drive which would replace the hard drive: If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hi, have just tried to do a clean install of windows 7 64 bit on my new PC. I have been into the bios to make sure it is set to boot from DVD, all good. I then insert the windows dvd, drawer closes, disk spins, I get to the "windows transfering files" bar at the bottom of the screen, all good. Then the "Starting windows" message appears (without the colourful swirl in the background, just words) and thats it!!! It seems to lock on that screen? My motherboard has a LED code AE - Legacy Boot Event? What does this mean and is this stopping windows from booting? Please any help is much appreciated!. System specs- i7-2700k, maximus iv gene-z, g-skill 16gb, ocz 120gb, seagate barra 2tb, gtx 570, kuhler 920, ocz 750w, pioneer opt. antec df-85.

A:"Legacy boot event" what does this mean? Windows 7 wont load?

Boot into Setup (Bios) What is the HDD mode set to? Is set to IDE or AHCI? Also set the Bios to Default. Also check again in Boot Priority again to make sure CD/DVD rom drive is First Boot Device.You may need to do a Bios Update.
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Hi all,

Currently having a wake on lan issue with a certain computer.

The machine is setup correctly but the windows boot information is stored in a 100mb UEFI partition, and when the computer wakes on lan, it will not boot windows, just sit at a blank screen.

When it wakes on lan it is trying to boot from the legacy device (same blank screen happens if you choose to boot from it from bios)

ive tried updating the bios but no luck, all settings seem to be as they should be.

Is there some trick to get it to load the UEFI MBR, or is there a safe way other then reformatting the machine to move the MBR over to the legacy device itself?

Thanks for any help.

A:Boot UEFI from wake on lan, or convert UEFI MBR to legacy.

Back up your files, unplug all other HD's and peripherals,

Boot into BIOS setup to enable Legacy BIOS. Next check BIOS Boot order for an EFI Boot Disk: remove it, set DVD drive first to boot, HD second. Then set SATA controller to AHCI. Save changes and Exit.

Then boot into installer DVD or flash stick burned or written using tool and latest ISO for your licensed here.

At first installer screen Press Shift + F10 to open a Command Box, type:

SEL DIS 0 (after confirming Windows 7 target HD #)
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY SIZE=102400 (for 100gb partition, adjust as desired)

Next click Install Now to Clean Install Windows 7 to the partition you created. If it fails then report back at which step and the verbatim error message.

In addition read over these steps to understand the tools and methods which work best to get and maintain a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. The steps are the same for retail.
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My computer keeps prompting me to run a legacy! What is a legacy? and when I run it I get a screen showing what looks like a series of jack locations ????

A:What is a legacy?

Can you post a screen shot of this message?
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Currently I m capturing a shared printer in a batch file using net use lpt servername sharename We Legacy RR App use the batch file in a legacy report writing app called RR which is completely DOS based We ve been having Legacy App RR problems with the server share and want to eliminate it The printer does have an IP address and we d like to capture it using that I have tried all kinds of captures I believe the closest I have gotten is net use lpt ipaddress printername Please bear in mind that this legacy app is running on Win x as well as XP so the DOS command must work in both versions of the OS RR requires the logical printer port lpt to be used so I cannot create a port and set it to print to that I have been successful in creating Standard TCP IP Ports on x machines using an HP app Is there a way to setup a port on the machine I m printing from and capture that port Thanks nbsp

A:Legacy App RR

Closing duplicate, please reply here:
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Looking through my BIOS settings and noticed a setting called "Legacy USB" and it is enabled. I noticed that according to the latest BIOS upgrade that the default for this setting was "disabled"

Currently my printer, my digital camera and an external hard drive are connected to USB ports. Should this setting be enabled or not?

A:Legacy: Yes or No

Probably not. You usually need it enabled if you have a USB Keyboard or USB mouse that you need to use during a boot up (befor you get to windows). Enabling it can cause some problems with USB printers and other USB devices on some systems.
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Hi guys Here it is in a nutshell I have a legacy camera ricoh rdc- I am using on winxp pro Now I used to be able to connect my camera to a rs- com port on my pc and I used to download files off of my camera using the Photosuite lite software This worked for a month then I strated recieving the error message when I would download my files quot Can t connect win pro on Legacy xp Camera to ricoh camera quot usually after seconds so it is trying to connect Thereafter I decided to Legacy Camera on win xp pro use a rs- serial to usb adapter it worked for another month and now I started getting the same error message Trobleshooting I have uninstalled and re-installed the software drivers etc and even turned the firewall off all to no avail I really don t want to sell my Ricoh camera because the macro focus is manual Also I downloaded the patch off the Ricoh site and tried its software for xp and get the same message quot Can t connect to ricoh quot Does anyone have any ideas I really love my camera and my wife uses it for her online business Even any advice for who I can call for help would be appreciated Thanks in advance Tim Dupuis nbsp
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I have an aging P system that I keep around for its PCI slot which in legacy ITX system PSU is used for an audio interface The prblem is that it s NOISY So I ITX PSU in legacy system have been considering methods to make it smaller and quieter This is a stripped ITX PSU in legacy system down system I ONLY use it for this application It is NEVER connected to the internet or any other network No printing no CD burning It only has the MB CPU HDD the PCI audio interface card AARDVARK ProDirect Q and of course a GPU in the AGP slot I m thinking the power requirements are minimal on this I was able to determine that the CPU only requires W but haven t done all the home work for the HDD and GPU requirements Let s assume the total power requiremenst are W Will the new to me anyway ITX power supplies work for this setup They have them up to W which have a v and v rail I know the CPU voltage is v but don t know if it is limited from a v or v supply Has anyone ever experimeted with thsi type of conversion nbsp

A:ITX PSU in legacy system

Power supplies supply -/+ 3.3, 5, and 12 volts all other voltages are obtain from those via the motherboard hardware, and those three voltages are required by all ATX style systems.

Why not just get a quiet or silent/fanless ATX power supply? An ITX style power supply will need a new case or you'll have to rig up to fit an ATX case.

You can figure out how much power you need by using a power supply calculator like any of these:
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I'm tiring to reinstall my windows 7 into my laptop but it keeps saying set Bios it Legacy Mode and after i set it keeps saying set Bios to legacy Mode anybody know how to fix it
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I have just finished making myself a decent gaming rig and im on the last step at the moment; which is installing Windows 7. I have noticed that when trying to install Windows on my pc there's two option: one is Legacy and the other is UEFI, and since I'm not really and expert when it comes to such things, I decided to postpone the installation process until I figure this out. So, which of these should I choose as an installation method? I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me with that. Thank you!

A:UEFI or Legacy?

UEFI has some advantages over BIOS,such as:

Faster booting
Support of 128 logical partitions
Support for disks which have a size of over 2.2 TB
Support for Legacy BIOS

Since your desire is gaming,install with UEFI. There's no reason to go with BIOS unless you have old hardware.

This tutorial shows you how to install Windows in UEFI:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with
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Hi I have a Sony Vaio running Windows Vista and I use Firefox I somehow got infected simultaneously by the Security Toolkit and Quick Defragmenter malware and after a couple of passes by MAM antimalware I got it wrong the first time and used the Bleeping Computer advice the second time which did the trick so kudos I got rid of Help! Legacy Malware the malware I think But I Help! Malware Legacy am left with a pretty nasty legacy All of the protections the bug created for itself are still there so for instance I can only access Windows explorer in safe mode and I still get the following warning coming up when I try to open programmes quot Windows detected a hard disk problem Scanning for hard drive errors Hard drive scan helps to detect yada yada quot I can open them after about three tries or right clicking and coming in as an admin for firefox The worst problem is that the little bastard crashes my system approximately every minutes or so irrespective of what I am doing as follows First Message quot You are running every low disk space on Local Disk C quot Then instantly Second message quot Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Message x Parameters x FEFE x Help! Malware Legacy x FEFE x FEFE quot Then instantly Third Message Windows Delayed Write Filed note - not Failed Windows was unable to save all of the data for the file Systems A The data has been lost This error may may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware Then instantly Fourth Message quot Windows - no Disk Exception processing message x Parameters x A C x C CAA x A C x A C Same messages every time Then after a minute s grace or so I get this message quot A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive quot and the machine then reboots while letting me save what I am working on if I m quick Finally upon re-booting this message appears which starts the whole cycle again quot Warning The system has been restored after a critical error Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required quot I presume from reading your site that the malware has left something behind in the rootkit but I have no idea how I might deal with this issue and would be grateful for your help in sorting it out and also re-establishing the functions which were disabled by the malware eg defragmentation although I was able to defragment using C defrag and I have loads Gb of space on the drive no remote access and so on Best Regards Chris

A:Help! Malware Legacy

Hello it actually appears to me there is also other malwares on here. We need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.
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for the last few days I thought my computer was crashing out randomly but now I found out that my keyboard and mouse was not working which is controlled by USB and i have no normal ports for my old are ports... grr why no there legacy ... ps/2 mouse and keyboard fun times I can remote into my computer with no issues I don t see any conflicts in Device Manager nor do I see keyboard or mouse in there too I realized it s the USB ports because both mouse and keyboard had no lights on it To reconfirm I tried a USB thumb drive complete with a light still nothing I will open up the case soon to find grr ... why are there no legacy ps/2 ports... out if there is anything in there that could be loose but I don t think grr ... why are there no legacy ps/2 ports... it will help because ALL USB ports are down Has anyone seen this happen The computer is still under warranty barely so hopefully i can get a new board if it is the board My machine is the HP HFE- F nbsp

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just installed xp pro on this old gateway but my sound device isnt working. its a integrated sound card my mother board is a d845glly. so i check device manager and it shows legacy audio device

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I am trying to Initialize TPM on windows 8.1 and it is saying..
"Your TPM is currently running in Legacy mode. If you'd like to use TPM application for this version of Windows, Please contact your administrator."
Now I have clear TPM once. Disable and enable it in BIOS still no change. I am using UEFI bios and secure boot is enabled.
Can someone suggest how can I enable TPM coz I need to encrypt my hard drive without TPM it is a very hard thing to do.

A:TPM Legacy Mode

there is a key OSManagementAuthLevel .. that seems to control if the tpm runs in legacy mode.
It can be changed using local policy or domain policies
(Configure the level of TPM owner authorization available to the operating system)

If your machine is not in the domain I would set that to full
(or in registry to 4)
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Ok Here goes I have a piece of legacy software Legacy software that I use for my business that gives me issues under Windows Maybe someone can help me with this puzzle First off this software was written back in the good 'ole Win days and is now out of print I have been using it on WinXP since It works on everything up to and including Win bit I have not tried on Win or I have been an Insider since the first Technical Preview Build of Win In the first few builds said software installed and ran correctly Since about the th of Legacy software th build of Win TP the software would no longer run Installation goes smoothly as long as I run it in XP Mode So I resigned myself to looking for new software once I get all new Win boxes and then the following happens I have one Win machine at work that I finally get around to upgrading to Win cause it's free so why not It's an HP like all my other boxes at the shop so I have to do the Nvidia GeForce video driver workaround Fine Done Keep in mind that this Legacy software was not a clean install but rather an upgrade I kept all of my programs settings and personal info intact So now the program open up and runs pretty smoothly BUT when I try to link it to my database It does not give me the option to select a shared drive only local I run a peer to peer network and I have been accessing a shared drive with this software on everything up to and including Win BTW It upgraded to Windows Home not Enterprise Any of you Gurus have any clues for me That would be awesome

A:Legacy software

Really best option is to run it in a virtual machine. You would need a licence but old XP licences (for example) and disks are very cheap on ebay. Of course, there is a risk of a scam, but probably lower than buying Windows 7.

As a rule, security of XP (if you chose that) is an issue, but less risk inside a VM but you should install an AV package to be sure.
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Running IPISB-CU (Carmel2) MOBO chipset. Got the new MSI GTX 750 ti with legacy switch.  Manufacturer: PegatronForm factor: uATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)Chipset: Intel H61  (Video integrated)Both switch settings will not work. I am unable to update the video hardware using this card. Will not boot. Just wanted others to be aware that this chipset configuration (Carmel2) may not work even with the legacy switch.My Bio's is fully updated to the most recent one.
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When I go to my control panel and go to program updates I now get a pop up box that asks me to run a legacy CPL elevated microsoft windows. I continue with this and it says there are no new updates. But I am not able to run my Microsoft Secruity Essential updates. It starts to and then I get a box that says: Virus and spyware definitions couldn't be uploaded.
Check Help. When I click on Help it says: Webpage not available. When I click more info it says: Error code Ox80072efe.

Can you please Help? I also can no longer play youtube videos....get a snowy screen when I try to bring one up. Also can't play Words with Friends by facebook anymore. What's going on?

Thank you.......Joyce
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Is it safe to disable it? Some tech on the logitech forums told me to cause my mouse would sometimes crap out on restart, just with the light blinking and i would have to unplug it and re plug it.

So im wondering is it safe to disable usb legacy mode in bios? do i need it?

A:USB Legacy Mode

Hello Soto,

I would just leave it enabled in case you need it. It will not harm anything to do so, or use any additional resources.
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I can't get that rom to work on any GBA emulators (tried nearly all of 'em) properly. Some help please.

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Hello, I'm trying to enable legacy  boot on my HP 20 all-in-one PC and I'm running into a bunch of trouble. So first of all here is what my secure boot settings look like  As you can see secure boot should be disabled here, but there is no option to enable legacy boot as it's shown in the guide on the HP website. When trying to change boot options all that I run into is this  and pressing F5 gives this error message   I'm also running the latest BIOS version that I could download on the HP drivers page  Please help me solve this specific case while knowing that I've already read This guide, and thank you in advance.
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I'm not sure what to post this under but I need help!

Some time ago we were running a 5 workstation peer to peer network running Windows 98 on a 10 base T network. We used a program called CEI which is a healthcare application. It ran fine on this setup. We upgraded our network to a 20 workstation client / server based network running Windows 2000 Professional on the workstations and Windows 2000 Server on a 100 Base TX network. The problem were having is the speed of CEI. It went from going a few seconds between screen redraws to 1.5 mins at it's worst. I can not figure out why! When I attached a Win98 machine to the new server it runs fine. Any suggestions? The server (just for reference) is running DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory.
Thanks in advance,


A:Legacy Problems

closing duplicate, please don't post the topic more than once. You can always ask a moderator to move it to another forum if you don't get any responses.

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I am not a happy camper with Windows 8.
I am confused with the Legacy and the UEFI boot methods. The reason I am confused I think, is because I read to darn much on the Internet. One bit of confusion is with respect to changing from UEFI to Legacy. It would appear from some comments that if I do that, Windows 8 won't boot anymore. I would have to change back to UEFI for indows 8 to boot. I also read that changing back to UEFI could be a major problem when trying to access the BIOS. No, I am confused. My ultimate goal is to set my laptop up to dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu. Like I have been doing for the last multiple years with XP and Windows 7.
Helpful comments would certainly be appreciated.

]Dell Inspiron 5721
Windows 8
Intel i7 @ 1.9 GHz
BIOS Version ? Dell Inc. A06 2/22/2013
SMBIOS ? 2.7
Secure Boot State ? On
Memory ? 8 GB[/QUOTE]


I don't quite understand what UEFI is, it is firmware, or is it Microsoft's new Boot GUI? I've set my systems to boot Legacy mode, and since I did that, I have no trouble getting into Safe Mode.

Does UEFI access your BIOS as well? That's what I'm worried about. The idea of not being able to access the BIOS from outside Windows 8 makes me itch. I think the Legacy Menu may allow that though - You can set it to Legacy, and if you can't access the Bios, then you can switch it back. I forget the command lines to set it, but they are in a tutorial here. It's BCDedit.
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We have migrated our WinNT network to a W2k network by upgrading our NT PDC. This created a new active directory domain ABD.Local. All of the workstations (W2k pro) still log in to the legady domain or almost the legacy domain. There was an & in the legacy domain name and the upgrade removed it.

Although every thing seems to be working, our network security auditor want us to get rid of the legacy domain.

The proposed solution is the setup a new DC stand alone and then migrate all the user information to it. This will also cause some grief with our Exschange server.

Does anyone have a better solution?
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Upgraded my sisters machine from 98 to XP. She has a NEC Silentwriter Superscript 660 laser printer. NEC does not make an XP driver. I found a thread suggesting that the Minolta pageworks pro 1100 driver was a good substitute. Installed the driver, but all it does is initialize the printer. Will not print. Emailed NEC tech support ( who according to aforementioned thread recomended the Minolta driver). NEC said there were no plans for an XP driver. Thought I would give 2k driver a shot but no luck. Install was canceled by the OS.
Anyone have any ideas? Reverting to 98 would be a last resort.

Thanks in advance

A:Legacy printer and XP

dual booting the drive with 98 and xp could be one solution. copy xp files over for 98
to print later. best of both worlds? or buy new model printer. make small partition for ?
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I have just installed the new vers. 8.0 of Legacy Family Tree software but when I attempt to open it I get an empty window with just the words "lblMessage" with no other information. I have tried Legacy support but they are not answering the messages I leave. I am running on Win 8.0. I have never seen this message before so would appreciate some help if anyone knows what it means.

Thank you...

A:Legacy 8.0 error

If that program as yet to run correctly on win/8, then you might need to run it in compatibility mode - - which edition of win/8 are you using {home,pro,ultimate}?