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Fax server software recommendations

Q: Fax server software recommendations

My firm has a number of PC s running Winfax software to print faxes direct from any application under Win se After various tribulations involving putting a correct line in Win ini believe me this works Fax software server recommendations just fine and is an excellent solution It s expensive on individual phome lines however so we wanted a networked fax solution with just one PC acting as a fax server The network is Novell IP only We were advised to use RelayFax and installed it on a brand-new Win XP pro server PC There are problems well basically it doesn t work First we found we have to add Microsoft client for networking as well as the Novell client on each PC before we could even see the fax server Having sorted that the faxing works but Fax server software recommendations extremely erratically Sometimes fax pages are not sent sometimes a cover page several times and no furthe pages oh you name it Are we douing anything wrong or do we just junk it and get something else Any recommendations welcome but please only if you know it works in our specific environment - Win clients IP protocol Novell server nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Fax server software recommendations

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Fax server software recommendations

I think you may find Tobit FaxWare a good contender:
FaxWare 7, Complete Fax Server incl. 5 users, 1 Port (ELD) 475,00 / 551,00
incl. 25 users 975,00 / 1.131,00
incl. 50 users 1.975,00 / 2.291,00
(Prices in Euro, Nett / Gross)

Lots of UK reps all over the place:

Lots more to wade through, if you feel so inclined:
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I will start by saying what I have been using for desktop computers. I like the way Ghost 15 works. It lets me set the days of the week or month to back up and allows me to specify how many backups it saves and deletes the oldest backup image as it makes a new one.

If Ghost 15 would work on Windows 2003 Server, I would be well pleased.

What is there that is similar that will work on Windows 2003 Server?

And that doesn't cost a fortune?

A:Solved: Recommendations on automated imaging software for Win Server 2003?
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I'm looking to streamline some company procedures, and would like to know if anyone can recommend a fax server for a small business.

Our service techs fax in their worksheets currently, so we end up with hard copies floating around the office. We're thinking that we can use a fax server to facilitate storing digital copies for better record keeping. I know small biz server 2003 has this capability, but I'm leary about installing a modem on my server (power surge more than security). And most of the server based apps cost more than I can justify spending.

So essentially what I'm looking for is a stand alone program for XP pro. Big plus if it can route traffic by the ID of the senders fax machine. Stability and a relatively simple user interface are also important.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Precision IT

A:Fax server recommendations

Ok,,,I'm looking for basically the same thing. I was using a client/server setup, but now most of our applications are web-based and we are going back to 5 workstations setup on a peer to peer network. All workstations are windows xp pro and we need to be able to share one fax modem to send and receive faxes. Any fax server software recommendations???
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Hi kats I thought I d asked this once before but I ll server Email recommendations be darned if I can find it in a search of my own posts I have a client who wants to set up an internal e-mail server i e just one mailbox on a file-serving machine connected to a bunch of baby outlooks across the network allowing all users to see one quot pool quot of incoming messages and then pull them off onto their individual machines so that they disappear from said server I know Email server recommendations that I m Email server recommendations describing exactly the job of Exchange but this is a small organization and Exchange costs a wad and the only server capacity needed is that of this two-tier mailbox Are there other alternatives out there Ideally the thing I m looking for would be simple enough for a relatively sharp db programmer yours truly to figure out configure and run without too much hassle but with enough power to go and go gooooooooood on a Win k network Your input is always appreciated nbsp

A:Email server recommendations

how about something like Pegasus' mercury mail transport system
<i>Mercury Mail Transport System: Mercury is a free, standards-based mail server solution, providing comprehensive, fast server support for all major Internet e-mail protocols. It is supplied in two versions, one hosted on Windows systems, the other running as a set of NLMs on Novell NetWare file servers.</i>
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I m running a Windows XP p p network and am using an old PII Mhz computer with about MB of older SDRAM and a gig PATA RPM drive as a pseudo-file-server I say pseudo because it s still a peer but I don t use it other than as extra storage for the other computer Anyways I m using it to store large binary files which I access often MP s movies and such Now my network is only Mbps Ethernet which is probably the bottleneck But even pulling smaller files around KB are taking at least seconds to recommendations hw File please & Server sw load up I m upgrading my one system and I ll have a P Ghz with a GB SATA drive File Server hw & sw recommendations please and GIG of DDR RAM to use for a new file server Do you think this will remedy the problem of a second delay Or am I just crapping up a wall because I ll still have the bottle neck of the Mbps Ethernet Also I ve ordered SUSE Linux to use for one of my computers I ll be breaking my Linux cherry with this install Should I use it for the server or for the main computer that I work off of I really do want to learn as much about Linux as possible with this OS I also have a version of FreeBSD which I was thinking about using for the server but I have no idea if it would even be compatible with the hardware I m going to have My other choices that I have are using Windows NT which I know for sure would not support the File Server hw & sw recommendations please hardware without some major driver digging and chopping up the harddrive into small partitions which would defeat the purpose of it s size Windows XP Professional or Windows Server evaluation copy which would only run for about half a year I was thinking of trying to get a copy of Windows Server and change my p p into a client server network What do you all think would be the best idea at this point Thanks for anyone and everyone s help nbsp

A:File Server hw & sw recommendations please

For me, a file copy from a P2-233 128MB RAM is limited only by the network speed (10Mbit ethernet (I'm not in a hurry )). A 30K file gets here (over wireless) pretty much instantaneously. My server is not Windows though.

So your problem with Windows either on the server or the client most likely.
How exactly are you accessing the files on the server? Do you have a network drive mapped?

Reinstalling Windows from scratch on a more powerful machine may fix your problems of course

SuSE will not install on the 500MHz - too little RAM for the installer. BSD should run just fine.
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No mail server client came with W7, that i can find, any recommendations? Thx Dorothy

A:No mail server client any recommendations?

Microsoft wants you to use Live Mail. I use Outlook, but Thunderbird and possibly others are options.
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I need to set up a server to take the place of what is now a workstation doing double duty Down time at this location is not an option I plan on a single workstation-type computer with redundant hard disks and an automated backup system that images the hard disk every couple of days as well as backs up the mission-critical for with setup server Need recommendations redundancy. data every two hours to an external device This Need recommendations for server setup with redundancy. will be the primary Next to that computer will be another computer built with the exact hardware as the first It will not be connected to anything It will not even be plugged in It will be there in case of a serious hardware failure on the primary system In the event of a failure on the primary the hard drives in the primary will be physically moved to the secondary Cost is one of the least factors Does anyone see holes in this idea Is there a better way nbsp

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My ISP has as a free download an F-Secure based Antivirus Software for it's subscribers. I personnaly dont like it. In the past, I actually had no AV software installed as I was careful where I went and I used Firefox with script blocking. As a habit, I routinely went to various sites that did free malware scans. I have malwarebytes scan and SUPERAntiSpyware FREE Edition Unfortunately, F-Secure no longer does a complete online scan of my Windows 7 files. It basically craps out and tells me it cant read various cab files even though I specifically checked for it not to scan within archived folders. I just reinstalled my Windows 7 OS and I felt compelled to install the full time version of the AV software.Are there any apps that I should use or have within my arsenal to scan for malware? If so, what's recommended and that is not heavy on resources or bogs down your system?

A:What are your recommendations for AV software?

I use and recommend Avast Antivirus.
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I ve got an HP Media Center PC and am using it for exactly that it sits in a cabinet of my entertainment center and is NOT hooked up to a monitor although one can be dragged out for setup purposes Now with that out of the PVR Software Recommendations? way I am looking for recommendations on PVR Software Recommendations? what is the best PVR software Currently I m using Media Center s built in thing and its crap it chokes on playback of even live tv at times PVR Software Recommendations? and is downright unwatchable at other times I ve used sagetv in the past on an older system but never with a remote and never as a standalone pvr Anyone have expierence using it like that What about with a cable box rather than changing channels on the computer itself I don t have a cable box right now but I m thinking about switching ISPs to a cable modem and in the package deal I have to use a cable box for TV Also what about GB-PVR Same question about the cable box Any other good ones that I m unaware of MythTV is sort of an option but last time I tried that on a different PC I couldn t get my PVR- to work nbsp

A:PVR Software Recommendations?

I'm evaluating ChrisTV myself (simply because it's the only PVR application I've found for XP x64).
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Any recommendations on good DVD burning applications that'll do

AVI - DVD format or MPG to DVD etc...
also, what is the real different between DVD -R and DVD +R ' s ??

A:DVD software recommendations...

Check out VIDEOHelp for conversions tools.

And, for the R+- rundown.
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I have installed Norton Antivirus on my own machines and all my customers' for about three years now; however, in the last several months Norton AV has begun to give me a lot of trouble with registrations, updates, subscriptions, etc. Solutions to these problems have required me to remove all Symantec software, edit the registry, delete program folders, download various fixes, etc. These so-called (and troublesome-to-use) fixes are arduous, extremely time-consuming and often don't work at all.

I am now looking for another brand of antivirus software for myself and to recommend to my customers.

Please list your recommendations and your experience with your AV software.

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Hello All,
I am fairly new to the industry and am trying to put together a "software toolkit".  What I want to do is have access to a program that I can pay a one-time fee and then be able to use that software on multiple computers without having to purchase individuals licenses.  
What kinds of programs does everyone use/suggest?  I am not opposed to freeware at all, just wondering what the market has to offer.

A:Recommendations for Software

What type of software are you looking for?
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Hello everyone.

I'm looking into acquiring some software that's good for everyday use. I'm not quite in the loop of the popular applications these days.What are some applications that you find useful and can't live without? I happened to stumble upon IncrediMail just recently and am looking into software similar to that, whether it's an email client or in the utilities category or a good tool in general. What are some of your favorite ones at the moment?

A:Recommendations for Software?

Take a look here: Freeware Replacements for Common Commercial Apps
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I lost the software that came with my Blu-ray drive, so need an alternative.

I tried PowerDVD free trial, but got the message that it only work with hardware accelleration and i would need to purchase the Pro version for it to work. Not happy to do that if the trial doesn't work.

I then tried Corel, but it was buggy on Win8 and wouldn't run properly.

So, before I go down the route of trying all of them, what works for you? Free would be nice.

A:Blu-ray software recommendations please.

One thing to try is to download the media center software from the app store. That'll get you at least DVD playback, not sure about bluray though, I haven't tried that.
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My company is using FortiClient (installed before my time here) and I HATE it. I want to give some recommendations to my boss who is the IT Director. I seem to be going towards Kaspersky but wondered what other's feel is good / great.Edit: Moved topic from All Other Applications to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Server Anti-Virus Protection Recommendations

What do you think your boss wants of an AV product?
And why are you going towards Kaspersky?

I'm asking because selecting an AV for a server is very different than selecting an AV for a home user.

How many servers do you have? Do you need centralized management of the AV?
Are these "real" servers, or do people also log on to them and use them as a workstation?
Are the servers mission critical?

These are some questions you should ask yourself.
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I need recommendations for a good, reliable backup software for Windows XP x64 as I have just discovered the hard way that the backups I have made using Norton Ghost do not show up when I try to reinstall them using the recovery disk. Bummer!

Does anyone have experience with Terabyte Image software, which is described as compatible with Windows XP x64?

As another possibility, how would I go about creating a recovery disk to get at backups I have made using the backup software in the system tools of Windows XP x64?

Does anyone have any experience with backups made with this Win XP x64 applet?



A:Need Recommendations for Backup Software for WIN XPP 64 bit

Have you looked at Acronis True Image 2010?
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Hi, I've been wondering, Do I need to download any software firewall in my PC? If yes, can anyone tell any good and free software firewall downloads? thanks!

A:Software firewall recommendations

My router has a firewall which should protect my PC's so I just run the standard Windows FW (which is pretty basic). If you want something extra, Online Armor is supposed to be good:

Zone Alarm free is another popular one.
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I know this question gets asked quite regularly, as I have searched the forums for answers...but it seems to be required with each new operating system/software release (so forgive the repetitiveness).

For Windows 7, can anyone recommend a reliable image/backup/recovery software.
In the past, I have used:

Ghost 14: Regularly produces huge backups and fails when there are multiple users on one computer.
Acronis: 2009: Happy with this, but does not support W7. Acronis 2010 has gotten horrible reviews.

So, can anyone recommend a good image/recovery software?


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Greetings all I ve been using MS Office forever I currently use Office for Home amp Student which does not include Outlook The Outlook version is pretty old and update seems exorbitant at gt Is there another mail program that would be comparable and or allow me to easily transfer my existing Outlook files Suggestions por favor Also My Norton AV expired and need & recommendations... Outlook AV Software to update or Software recommendations... Outlook & AV find another AV I am looking at Norton Are those programs essential or something I might have Software recommendations... Outlook & AV as part of Win I would appreciate hearing from those in the know Thanks much Ungeek Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M G Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Micro-Star International MS- Ver BSS- Antivirus None Software recommendations... Outlook & AV nbsp

A:Software recommendations... Outlook & AV

Try mozilla Thunderbird, i've heard good things about it.
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I have 2 internal and 3 external HDD's that I want to monitor. I have lost HDD's in the past and it has been a terrific PAIN! and while I know that monitoring software wont prevent this altogether, it could help.

I have tried a couple but for whatever reason the programs could not read the SMART data of my 2 internal drives.

Anybody have a recommendation for a good program?

A:Want recommendations for HDD monitor software

Other than SMART software included with drives, I'm not aware of any real-time hard drive monitoring software, but there may be some.

For temperatures, I use HWInfo.

For general health, I rely on SMART, Intel SSD toolbox, and occasionally Checkdisk or the drive manufacturer's own utilities. I usually use HD Tune as a benchmark when I first install a drive.

Frankly, I'm not sure how useful the monitoring tools would be in detecting an impending failure.
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Hi, all, quick question, i am looking for backup software, something really simple, simple enough that it doesnt even have to compress the files just copy them to my flash drive, i dont have that many important things to back up, basically what i do is find each programs folder and "Send it to my flash drive, but at times doing it this way, i can get lazy, any recommendations,??

A:Recommendations for backup software

Hi jpmurph1,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Since you have Vista Ultimate, you can use the included backup programs. These tutorials will show you how to use each one.

To backup and restore file types:
Backup Files


Restore Backup Files

To backup and restore complete PC:
Backup Complete Computer


Restore Complete Computer

If you are wanting a great 3rd party program, then I would recommend Acronis True Image. We have a deal with Acronis where our members can get 20% off if you are interested in it.

Hope this helps you,
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I used handybackup before and was quite pleased with it, however it is not working right on one of my computers. Now I am looking for a good alternative. I need a backup that won't compress the backup it makes. I would love to have email notification concerning the backup. I also need to be able to restore individual files. Any recommendations?

A:need recommendations for backup software

I'm a huge fan of disk imaging software and have long maintained that it should be a staple on all systems. The best of breed is Acronis True Image, but it is not free. The best free alternative is Macrium Reflect.
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Howdy Folks My daughter has asked me to help her have a computer custom built for her use that s gonna be fun and I m sure I ll have a number of questions during the process One of the first items she wants to get established is what softwares she should have At this time she does not have a Digital Camera but that will be one of the items she will Photo Recommendations Software want as part of the package With that in mind the next question becomes what photo processing soft to get I ve been using an older version Photo Software Recommendations of Adobe Photodeluxe for quite some time and have been reasonably happy with it The one aspect of the soft I m not fond of is it has it s own format pdd which cannot be accessed by any soft I ve found except PhotoDeluxe I assume it s proprietary Explorer cannot open them and even Irfanview cannot open pdd files I d like to avoid any such problem with whatever Photo processing soft I recommend for her Any and all thoughts on this subject or specific recommends will be considered are appreciated nbsp

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I apologize if this has been asked a thousand times. I'm just wondering what software firewall you all would recommend?

Also, I have a router, so do I really need a software firewall, in that case?

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Anyone have any recommendations for PC/server, hardware/software inventory application? I want to start keeping a better list of what PC/servers and software we have. It'd be nice if it can be kept in a database and searchable.

Keeping records of the hardware specs, IP, serial numbers, what software is installed on it, etc. Maybe share some of your ideas on what you've done to keep inventory.

Right now I stick everything inside a spreadsheet and it's getting nasty. So I'm looking for a way to clean it up.

Thanks in advance,


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I know I am trapped in the previous century, but I just recently purchased my first DVD burner. I am currently using Nero 6 Ultra for all my CD burning needs, but is this software capable of handling DVD utilities as well? If not, I am certainly open to suggestions based on what you use.

A:Need recommendations for DVD Burning Software...

from what I see nero 6 can burn cd and dvd look for your self.
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i'm looking for recommendations for software(free/share)for using with a cd/rw. software is to use,i dont plan on doing fancywork just music and transfering utility programs on a disk.

again,something uncomplicated,easy to you.

i currently have easy cd creator 5 and i'm not happy with it.

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Hey guys,

Just got a blu-ray burner from Newegg (OEM version), and am currently looking to find a good software program that can play and burn blu-ray discs. From what I've read so far Cyberlink, Corel, and Arcsoft offer good programs. What do you guys recommend? Have you had issues with any of these companies or know if they work pretty well. Thanks.

A:Blu-Ray Player Software Recommendations

The race is only between Power DVD and Total Media Theatre.

My personal choice would be TMT.

But I would suggest that you download the trial versions of both, try and choose the one you like best.
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I work for a small organization approx 100 pcs and a few servers. Can anyone recommend any inventory software that tracks the inventory via the network? We currently have no software and manage everything by hand and its becoming a pain just to do updates and simple things like email alerts would help us from our systems crashing when certain hard drives reach capacity.

Does anyone know any really good software that they would recommend? We dont mind spending the money so long as the product is really good.

Any help would be appreciated

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For the last few months at work we've been using Google Adword's Keyword Planner, and making sure that we are adhering to Yoast's SEO optimization within Wordpress for each of our blog articles. We choose search terms ( a single search term per article) that have on average between 30-500 searches per month. We don't have anything to show for it in terms of sales or improved Google search returns.

Which makes me think that we might be doing something wrong. None of us are specialists at this kind of thing.

If anyone does SEO for a living or has more than casual knowledge of it, can you suggest any sofware apps that can search for the terms or at least assist in the search and implementation process?

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In next month's PC magazine, there is an article on "overclocking" one's PC. Therefore this Question might be asked alot.
Any Overclocking software recommendations? Windows,XP system. i am starting to understand heating problems associated with overclocking so i want to do just a test overclocking of my PC,...then reverse the overclocking.

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Hey, I have a phone without caller id. the caller id is on the other phone in the office. I sure would like to have a little program that pops up the caller id/name/phone number on my screen such as msn or yahoo pops up when someone comes online. Anything like that out there? Could anyone recommend something cool to me? I'd really appreciate it! -and heck it would be way fun!

btw, i am running xp.

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As I work as a translator, but to date have always done it all "myself" I am considering buying software as I think this might speed up the process. Does anyone have any suggestions / comments about the various software options available?
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Any software recommendations for hiding one's IP address from internet surfing? I tried a couple demos and most seemed to slow internet surfing to a crawl and/or were kinda confusing to use.
(By the way i have no fraud intentions and realize authorities can find out a real IP if they want to)
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I occasionally need to fax documents and have been using the built in MIcrosoft fax program in Windows XP. Today, a five page document took 30 minutes and that seems really slow.

Would Fax Talk or any other such program be that slow?


A:Solved: Fax software recommendations

This evening, I resent that fax through FaxTalk (trial version) that I downloaded tonight. It took 3 minutes as opposed to over 30 minutes using the Microsoft WinXP program.

This may be due to something I did or did not do in the Microsoft program but the interface on that program is not conducive to easy setup beyond the default.

Over the last few months, I have sent several faxes using Microsoft and each time thought that they took a very long time to send. Now, I see why.

I bought the FaxTalk program this evening.
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Hi, I could use some help narrowing down the webcam software options out there.

I only need it to stream video from the cam to the PC screen, and am looking for something stable/not buggy.

There two main features I'm having a hard time looking for:

*Full screen or adjustable window size for the screen showing the stream, and not just a fixed small window.
I'm looking for a streaming window with at least a decently large portion of the screen but preferably full

*Software that can show multiple streams from 2 different cams on the same screen. Possibly from two different brands of camera? Is something like that just a pipe dream?

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:webcam software recommendations?

How about Cyberlink Youcam?
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Our IS department uses an old DOS Btrieve application (SupportMagic) to log and follow-up on internal Help Desk calls. We will be looking for a replacement in the next quarter and I would love to hear from some of you what applications you are using at your places of business. If you've got a vendor contact name/number, please include so that I might illicit a quote from them.

The application should be able to interface with an Exchange server.


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Hello Software Recommendations Backup all and Happy New Year to you as this is my first post this year I have a need for a backup software that mainly does one thing I am looking for If it has other bells and whistles that I could use great My one need for a backup software is that it would compare a Backup Software Recommendations folder on my main hard drive to its copy that is on a backup drive and copy any files that are new to the folder on the back up drive Instead of me visually comparing the two folders and seeing what needs to be backed up I can just let the Backup Software Recommendations backup software do it I had Acronis True Image Home but it looked very complicated after I installed it I just recently reinstalled Windows XP and was wondering if I should install it again because it would suite my needs or is there another backup software free preferably that would do the simple backup things I need it Backup Software Recommendations to do better Could you please recommend a simple backup software for me If Acronis True Image Home can do what I need it to do can somebody show me how to setup the type of backup I need using Acronis Thank you for your time -TeachPower

A:Backup Software Recommendations

Hello,have you looked at Cobian Backup - <<--free A little bit about it HERE
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I'm looking for good antivirus programs that are premium, since I want to spend some cash. Although some free programs are good as well. I'm also looking for programs that are helpful and should be kept on my computer all the time. Some programs can be one use or daily use (spyware blaster/ ccleaner). Stuff such as hijack this, ccleaner, spyware blaster, spybot immunization and etc.

I forgot to mention, if there are any hardware updates I should be doing periodically, such as; modem firmware updates, dvd drive updates, I heard bios somewhere I'm not sure... info,clarification and recommendations welcome.


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Running Windows XP Home with Norton Ghost.

Had to do a full recovery today. Had to go back through several backup dates because Symantics Norton Ghost failed to recognize backup discs it had previously passed with flying colors on the Integrity Check.

Fortunately, it finally recognized a backup from two weeks back. This is not acceptable and I'm now looking for a better backup software package. Any suggestions?

A:Need recommendations for better backup software.
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I am looking for backup software recommendations.  I will be using it for a home PC to back up my internal hard drive to an external hard drive.  I am running windows 7 and I have a lot of photos, videos, and music that I want to back up and then have the option of doing full backup or just backup changed files.  Thanks in advance!

A:Backup Software Recommendations Please

Check out the thread at this forum, particularly quietman7's post #3 for additional information that may help you choose a Backup program.
Suggestions about Backup
I use Macrium Reflect (free version) for full-HDD Imaging and my paid Acronis TI 2011 program for Cloning and unattended scheduled backups.
Macrium's free version doesn't offer Incremental/Differential Imaging but there are other free backup tools that offer those options.  Aomei Backupper is one of the free versions that offer those functions.
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Hi All,
I'm hoping for some recommendations for software I can use to burn CDs, DVDs and Bluray discs on a Windows 10 machine.
I have very simple needs: I only need to burn a bunch of jpeg files to discs so I can snailmail them to people, I don't need to create movie discs or anything more complicated that a simple data disc. I do need to be able to give the discs names longer than 16 characters, which is why I can't use the built-in Win 10 burner software.
I'm a Win 10 user who until recently was a Mac user, so I'm a babe in the woods (a unique feeling for me!).
Many thanks for any recommendations.

A:CD/DVD/BR burning software: looking for recommendations Win 10

Getting hardware and software to burn BluRay might get pricey in a hurry!  If you only burn CD/DVD [nonBlueRay] audio and video and text, prices range from modest to free.  Which tine of the fork in the road would you like to take?  I have both Cyberlink PowerToGo pay-for as well as several free burn utilitiies I can name for you.
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Just installed a LightScribe drive and went to, downloaded their free template software. It's pretty basic - too basic. Editing options are extremely limited.

Anyone have some suggestions for a decent LightScribe software program?
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Hi all,

Been using Norton (Comcast version) and have pretty good web practices. Got a nasty zeroacces trogan, and don't want another. Paid teesupport to help out. Didn't feel real safe, and re-built the PCs. Then had teesupport put Malwarebytes on PCs instead of Norton.

Should I go with Norton or Malwarebytes? Both are currently free to me, but...
Should I trust someone I don't know to administrate security?

A:Who does the work and software recommendations

Should I go with Norton or Malwarebytes? Both are currently free to me, butMalwarebytes Anti-Malware is not an anti-virus program nor should it be used as a replacement. Malwarebytes does not act as a real-time protection scanner for every file like anti-virus software so it is intended to be a supplement, not a substitute. You need both an anti-virus and an anti-malware tool...together they provide the most comprehensive protection.You may also want to read Supplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools, then read the entire topic for tips about safe practices.Should I trust someone I don't know to administrate security?No...I would not recommend doing so.
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I'm looking for something to help track and organize IT requests and tasks. We have about 100 desktops overall in two locations, and I'm the entire IT department. Any recommendations?


A:Recommendations for help desk software?
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I'm looking for suggestions / recommendations on any kind of bookkeeping software that doesn't require you to have an accounting degree in order to understand or operate it. Is there one in particular that I could get (not necessarily freeware) that would be a good starter software? I've never really worked with any kind of bookkeeping software in the past so I'm looking to teach myself how to use a good basic package and then work my way up the the more advance packages. Any and all suggestions welcome!

A:Bookkeeping Software Recommendations

You might try Quicken or Money, both are widely used and therefore you can find help when needed. Plus banks, brokers, credit-card companies make it easy to download your information to either program. The 'current' versions are usually in the $40 to $50 range, but you can get 'last year's' version for under $10 on eBay.
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i am wanting to purchase software to let me backup DVDs that i have on film (my own personal ones that i own!) ... i am looking at DVD X Platinum, and DVD Copy One. does anybody know anything about these softwares, or any others? i want a software that makes identical copies, good resolution, you know? thanks in advance!!!

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I'm just running AVG free, Bitdefender included, and windows firewall. Too lax?

A:Security software recommendations


Originally Posted by b72077

I'm just running AVG free, Bitdefender included, and windows firewall. Too lax?

it all depends upon your online habits. IMO, windows firewall is worthless, its okay for general usage but if you do p2p, im, visit the red light district, download and try different utilities, you really need a third party one for full protection from both directions.
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I have just had to format & rebuild a neighbors son's PC as I located a dater miner Trojan (which was after bank accounts, passwords and bank details which had also stopped the MSE from scanning, I redownloaded it from Microsoft but it still would not scan and other strange things were happening with the OS.I found it with SUPERantispy scan. Their problem is that the lad is 18 with mild autisum and does not understand that he has to have responsibility for his actions. Problem is he has used his Mothers PC as well when she is at work I have spoken to her and she is going to put secure password on for her and her daughter as she does do banking on line. I gong to swap her PC over with the re built PC but I need to put on the best Security Software I can. ANY suggestions

A:Security Software Recommendations

What OS is been used ?
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I am interested in backing up my files with an on-line company and was hoping I could get a few recommendations to any of you that use such a backup, such a Carbonite or one of those companies.

My main concern is I'm not particularly happy about having anything running in the background all the time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:On-line back software recommendations

I use Google Docs, Picasa Web Gallery and MS Sky Drive. They are manual, but have a reasonable interface and plenty of room.
I just upgraded my Google storage to 20GB for $5.00 a year.
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Hi guys,

Not really sure where to post this, perhaps mods could move it to appropriate location.

I have a DVD (a rare, deleted edition) which has a fairly deep scratch on the surface which prevents it playing properly. I have tried to copy the data from disk and paste it onto a folder in the hard drive but I continually receive error messages in the process. I have also tried to back up the disc with DVD Shrink but it has problems reading it too, and stops the process when files cant be accessed.

Can anyone recommend a good recovery program which will help me salvage the data on the disc in order for me to back up the contents?

Thanks in advance.

A:DVD Data recovery software - any recommendations?

You may need to to have that scratch filled in first ... Call around to some local CD shops - some have the means to repair the damage. After that, you may have better luck. - DVD/CD data recovery software
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I belong to a private beach club with about 75 members. Can anyone suggest a program that we might use for recording and monitoring dues, assesments etc.?

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Would someone be good enough to recommend a reliable Anti Trojan SW program? I have been using TDS-3 on a trial basis and wanted to know if there might be something as good if not more thorough? I also used SpyBot for a while but it seemed to somewhat limited in its coverage.

Manythanks in advance
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I am looking for recommendations for a software package that will produce an artist rendering from a photo. I work with several cabinet shops and each of them have a need for renderings of the product they build, but they are not artists. I would like to take an existing photo of the millwork, scan the photo and turn it into a drawing or rendering.


A:Solved: Rendering software recommendations

i have been using Ulead software and it seem to work well
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I use Win Movie Maker presently as that was already installed, and I dont prefer that as it changes the video specifications or quality of the clip & doesnt give enough options to match the original specifications. Result is cubes on the screen, etc.
My only need is to trim, cut-short & in very few cases combine the clips. No effects or anything else is required. I mostly work with .mpeg, .wmv, .flv, .mp3

Can somebody please tell me what would be the best software for this purpose.

Thanks in advance

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OK some judicious surfing and searching didn t pull up what I was looking for so here goes I have a -year old son who is getting very much into the internet We supervise his use but I m looking for a parental control software that will allow us a Control Parental Software Recommendations? little more hands-off control Parental Control Software Recommendations? Specifically I want to be able to control his ability to add new MSN contacts and I want to be able to build a quot yes quot list of web sites he can access In other words I don t want the program to just filter bad stuff I want create a list of acceptable sites rather than build a list of unacceptable ones I ve looked through some reviews of CyberSitter NetNanny etc but no one seems to be able to come to a consensus so I thought I d ask if anyone has any experience with any of these My son isn t actively trying to access inappropriate stuff yet and I understand that someone actively trying to skirt the controls could probably do so Right now I m more at the level of I don t want him looking at funny Flash animations on albinoblacksheep com and then getting a ridiculously inappropriate one by mistake Thoughts nbsp

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Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced preferably free knowledge base with the following requirements - have multiple search criteria ie can narrow down a search with in a search and modifiable search fields - allow multiple users to modify and access at the same time - be able to search through e-mails and attached documents - uses a database which can easily be extracted to Oracle - GUI interface - simple implementation I ve found a couple which looks like it ll provide what I need but I would like to get some opinions from many of you who might have implemented one Ones that I m looking more closely at currently are Software Needed Recommendations Knowledgebase - ThoughtTracker but have no idea about the database Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed export options - Web Board kind of costly hope to find something cheaper - Forum need Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed a closer look - KB heard it Knowledgebase Software Recommendations Needed s pretty good - Personal Knowbase yet Any help would be very much appreciated -- Yori-ko nbsp

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I have a server running Windows Server 2008 64bit and the C: drive is getting full... very slowly, but still. The drive is partitioned into two drives and I wanted to expand the C drive so it has more room to grow. My D drive has 335 gigs of free space, so this shouldn't be a problem, I just need some good software to do it.

On my home computers I use Gparted, but I'm not sure thats the best choice for a 64bit server?

Any tips or suggestions are welcomed!



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I find that I have infrequent but necessary need to transfer large files and sometimes a large number of files between unnetworked systems.

I have been using a 16-bit DOS program and product called Brooklyn Bridge by Fifth Generation Systems, a company and product which apparently no longer exists. It came with a (null modem) cable that I could connect to the parallel ports of two systems between which file transfers were to be made. It has proved very satisfactory.

However, with W95/98, FAT32 systems, and long names, a replacement program that can handle long names is needed.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for a program that can run as a master on one system, slave on another, with a cable between the two, that would enable file transfers that preserve long file names?

Freeware would be especially welcomed.

R. J. Emery

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I'd like to know of a complete software that I can buy and not have to "subscribe" to annually to get updates. I have used Norton but find it a bit overbearing in all that it interconnects with. McAffee is the other I have had bundled with computer purchases and I am a bit ambivalent about. I really like Symantec information but haven't pursued information regarding it having software available. Is it wiser to keep utility software separate or bundled with virus software?

A:Anti-Virus Software Recommendations?

Hi, when it comes to anti virus this is complete enough for me, and it is free. Worth a look for sure, Good Luck.
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hey forgive me if i ask a question you've heard a million times i'm a bit of a newbie to this board...

i'm looking for recommendations on good security deletion software - the kind that really deletes a file (by writing over it with random data?) rather than just makes it look that way. would also be helpful if the software were able to security delete/format a whole hard drive, as although i need something for everyday use i'm looking to sell an old pc and would like to give its hard drive a good clean before it becomes someone else's.

thanks in advance for your help


A:Security delete software - recommendations please?

Hi one of many products..
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I feel dumb asking for a recommendation for an Anti-Virus software but I am going to do it just the same.  I am a novice and if I do a clean reinstall on Win7 64 bit I would like to start out with some Anti-Virus software that other have used with good success.
Free stuff or buy?
Any input highly appreciated.

A:Recommendations for Anti-Virus Software

You ask a question that we get asked many times. Due to that fact our very own quietman7 has created a pinned topic covering that for you: excerpted the specific information about AV software in the link. However that whole thread is excellent material.
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I need a player for divx files. Windows showed me these three players. Which one would be the best idea?

1. Divx itself;

2, Real ? ;

3 Final Media Player ;

Do any of these include adware...?

A:Divx player software recommendations?

First one is the best, so far I know.
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I m being asked Backup & Software Hardware recommendations more and more recently advice on a backup solution mainly for people who have very little knowledge of PCs In most cases the people have quite a lot of data maybe GB of photographs - GB of music documents etc for example today I migrated a system with GB of photos going back to Normally I would advise to backup onto two separate external harddrives as they are quite cheap now I have also recommended a NAS drive but thats a single point of failure but very useful when you have a family household with multiple devices I wondered what other members here do any cheap hardware solutions to this increasing problem AND what software people use i have used and recommended synctoy what free very low cost solutions are available - that are reliable and remember the audience I m particularly focused on do not know PCs very well quite a few in there s and only just started to use a PC for the Backup Hardware & Software recommendations first time but most are now on windows nbsp
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Hi there,
I would like to create bin/iso files, extract images, mount ISOs etc and would like some advice on some good software eg Ultra ISO, MagicISO PowerISO etc. Which one comes most recommended ?

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Hi, just wanted to know if there's any good 64-bit firewall software out there, 'cause I'm finding difficulty finding anything other than 32 bit, and none of them have worked yet. Thanks for anyone that knows something.

Running Win XP Pro 64bit

A:64-bit Free Firewall Software Recommendations..?

Comodo has a 64bit version
Youll see it on their free firewall download page.
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I've got kind of a problem. Me and my friend are doing a school project about computers, their history etc. First, we wanted to do a presentation about this in PowerPoint, but because of compatibility issues (MSO vs. LibreOffice in school) we'd rather like to do a simple video about it, kinda replacing the standard presentation.
My first idea was to do things like this in Sony Vegas, or Camtasia - you know, just copy some text, add some images, simple effects, music, etc. But it's really not optimised for doing things like this - it's slow and even simple text formatting takes high amount of time.
My question is, is there any software that could help me in this situation? Maybe some plugins for programs like Vegas?
Thanks in advance.
PS. I know, the title may be a little misleading, I honestly had no idea how to describe my problem...

A:Video presentations software - any recommendations?

You know that you can save a PowerPoint as a video without extra software ? 
MS Office 2010 : File - Save & Send - Create a video
MS Office 2013 : File - Export - Create a video
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Hi, We are looking for data encryption software. Does anyone have recommendations?


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Looking to purchase software for backing up drivers.

Would appreciate recommendations based on personal experience with recommended software.

A:Driver Backup Software Recommendations

Hi polak,

Check out this thread: Backing up

-- Tom
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Any software recommendations for hiding one's IP address from internet surfing? I tried a couple demos and most seemed to slow internet surfing to a crawl and/or were kinda confusing to use.
(By the way i have no fraud intentions and realize authorities can find out a real IP if they want to)

A:Ip Address Software...any Recommendations For A Good One?

Just surf through a proxy.
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I have a Panasonic MiniDV camcorder (tape) and am looking for a good program to import and edit video. The camera comes with MotionDV Studio which basically works to import the video, but it's not very useful beyond that. I've used the latest Windows Movie Maker, which works fine but it's pretty basic. I've also tried Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD - it has many good features but it doesn't import properly from the camera (sync problems). Can you suggest anything? It's for personal not professional use and I don't want to drop too much $$ on it. Thanks!

A:Video editing software recommendations

have a look here

i'm not 100% sure you can trust sites like this though - how much of it is marketing? anyway, they have a few reviews of several lo-cost products, hopefully there are free trials available so you can try-before-buy.

i've always been a vegas fan, so i haven't tried any of the above i'm afraid.
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Looking for a task mgmt system for personal use.

Can you recommend any open source and/or low cost solutions?

Basically looking to add and track projects. Within each project add tasks. For each task denote the start date, end date and most importantly note interim progress (i.e. add specific details of what exactly has been progress to date, challenges, etc.) and note metrics (e.g. task is 50% complete.

I know about and have MS Project but that not my ideal solution. Looking for a solution that would allow multiple entries of status updates for both tasks and projects (e.g. task 7 partially complete, but resulted in the addition of 4 new tasks, etc.)

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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I just bought a Pioneer BDR-2207 for archiving home movies and photo's. I've researched reviews on software but come up with many that are very old. I would like to potentially take advantage of the triple and/or quad layer burning which is why the latest software appears to be a necessity. Also do I have enough computer for this? The minimum specs I i saw stated an AMD processor and I don't know the equivalent Intel processor. Dell Studio XPS8100 core i5 [email protected] Ghz 8GB ram Windows Ultimate 7 64 bit 1.5 TB Hard Drive.

A:software recommendations for archiving on blu-ray burner

You can use Imgburn to burn files to Blu-Ray DVDs.
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I need a software package that will convert pdf documents in to a Word document. I want a really good one so I do not have to do a bunch of editing on the converted Word document to get it to look like the original pdf document. Currently I have Office 2003 on my PC at work and Office 2010 on my PC at home.

Any suggestions!

A:PDF to Word Converter Software Recommendations

It was just discussed a few days ago here: PDF to Rich TXT
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Anyone following me within the last few days should know about software? on backup good Any recommendations my struggles in getting rid of this malware known as Backdoor Tidserv Request Well hopefully with the assistance of the people here in these forums which I think is becoming my third home rather quickly I think it s gone for good Anyway the one thing that I kept thinking about or dreading is that the person helping me would tell me to push the button You know the one marked quot Format your hard drive quot The red button The nuclear button Yep that one Yet before I could do even that I would have to push another button The one marked quot Backup your data quot Except for one thing I have no clue how to backup my data Other than of course using whatever CD DVD burning programs I have on my PC and a pile of CDs DVDs that s pretty much all I have So anyone out there can recommend some good software to use to backup my data I have Roxio CD Any good recommendations on backup software? DVD Creator probably not the full version just whatever came with my Dell when I bought it and I think I still have Nero somewhere in my software CDS probably not a full version either just whatever came bundled with my CD DVD burner when I upgraded the original burner from my first PC Didn t Windows XP come out with a backup program

A:Any good recommendations on backup software?

I use Acronis I've tried a couple of the "free" backup programs and did not like them. Acronis is fairly easy to use and I've been able to restore individual files with it.
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I'm trying to find a good automatic backup/synchronization software for Windows, and so far I've found that Allways Sync looks good, and Corbian Backup is fairly popular. Does anyone have a recommendation for one? I'm not sure how to choose just yet, as I can't just try them all out since it's not for my own computer.

A GUI utility that can make scheduled backups on Linux would be good, too, since I didn't find anything like that.

A:recommendations for auto-backup software?

Try Vembu StoreGrid. And its free if you are going to use it for a single PC.
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Hi Guys!!

I need a software that can pop-up or ring an alarm or something to remind me of birthdays/anniversaries or other events I feed into it. It would be really helpful if it can also update itself from my Gmail contacts or Google Calender. Please suggest me some softwares. Thanks in advance.

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Hi can anyone recommend some good point of sale software for use with bar code scanning equipment and possibly a touch screen cash register We are a comic shop with a bespoke access powered CMS basically information about our products stock levels pricing etc software of Point recommendations - sale We are looking to introduce a bar code scanner and relevant POS software to integrate with the existing CMS to facilitate purchasing of items booking in new stock automatic adjustment of stock levels up or down as appropriate etc We might well consider adding a touch screen cash Point of sale software - recommendations register as well in fact we probably would Can anyone recommend something which would be suitable We only need to integrate one scanner and one cash register into the system We do have the capability programming skills to do any necessary tweaking of the POS software assuming that s allowable and or the CMS database to allow importing of the bar code information from the scanner cash register I ve searched the net and there s obviously various stuff out there but what I d really prefer is a recommendation from someone as it s difficult to see which software is actually the best We are based in the UK and Point of sale software - recommendations would only sell in sterling in the actual shop kind regards Jonathan nbsp

A:Point of sale software - recommendations

Well, if you have the budget for it, you could try using a Mac OS X based POS system called "Lightspeed" by Xsilva ( I'm not really sure if it would intergrate with your CMS.

Another company that has great suite of software to manage inventory and sales is Wasp (
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The only thing like this that I use is CC Cleaner, but there are literally thousands of others and some are viruses posing as beneficial utilities so I'm scared to try Google.

I'm looking for personal recommendations from the wonderful, knowledgeable TSF Staff. :)

Oh and I already know the best thing to check first is viruses/malware, drivers and overheating issues so let us stick to performance enhancement & cleaning software only thanks!

A:Tune-up/speed-up Software Recommendations?

I've got a program called RadarSync, I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but i scans your computers hardware and finds all of your up to date drivers. It then downloads and installs them in the program, wonderful tool and it has great free features

Also, Uniblue's 2009 range of software to clean and tune your computer are excellent
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I have a friend who wants to upgrage from a HDD in his laptop to an SSD. The thing is the current 500GB hard drive has two partitions (400B and 100GB ). It sounds like one has the operating system and the other his data. Altogether he has used less than 100GB on both partitions so he wants to buy a 256GB SSD (probably Evo or MX100).

He has come to me for advice but I always do a fresh install when I upgrade to SSD. Can someone give me advice on what software to use and whether the two partitions will be a problem.

A:SSD Cloning Software (Two Partitions) Recommendations

Macrium Reflect free, or Macrium Reflect Standard (with additional features that are useful, including vendor support if you need it). Either can do the job of making transition from one HDD to another (or SSD) a breeze, no matter how many partitions are involved. The complexity or simplicity of the job depends on whether or not you can have both the old and new drives available at the same time, or if you have an "intermediate" storage device (such as an external USB 3.0 drive to copy-out to and copy-back from). Use the standalone boot CD to run from during the time when you don't yet have a bootable OS from SSD.

For any partitioning requirements (including resizing, creating/deleting partitions from free space, merging multiple partitions, moving partitions left and right, etc.) you would do well to make use of Partition Wizard. Again, using the standalone boot CD when you want to most conveniently perform operations involving the C-partition where Windows lives is the simplest way to complete those tasks.
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Can anyone recommend a video editing software program that will allow students to edit and burn a DVD? I have a school setting which uses Windows XP in a Domain enviroment and the students have only restricted user rights. Currently we are using several copies of Pinnacle Studio which does not support MS "restricted user rights" policies (ie, can't burn a DVD!!!!) only the administrator can burn a DVD (that's me). I have been round and round with Pinnacle and they finally admitted their software won't work. What a waste of taxpayer money!

Any suggestions?
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I have Googled up SIM card reading and SIM data recovery software and I haven't found any freeware. Before I fork over $$ for something, I would like to have recommendations from user experiences with whatever software you might use.

To be clear, I want opinions from users on software they have experience with.

If it make any difference, my phone uses a t-mobile SIM card.
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Hi, I have searched through previous posts before opening a new topic however if anyone can recommend a good post please quote a link thanks.My friends computer is infected with a virus that results in autoplay constantly starting over and over again. It doesn't mention what it trying to atuoplay. It simply starts, then you see the 'spotlight torch' move about, then it stops. Seconds later it will do the same thing. As a temporary measure I have disabled autoplay on all drives using 'tweakui' this has stopped the constant interuptions, however im concerned that it is still running in the background using up system resources.So far I have tried: malwarebytes + adaware (full system scans on all drives) - however when I enable autoplay the problem still happens. Does anyone know of a good antivirus program that will remove this particular problem?Thanks in advance.Mod Edit: Move from Windows XP to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Autoplay virus - antivirus software recommendations?

Can you tell us what the hopefully installed antivirus program is and when it was last fully run on a deep scan? Also , assuming you have only recently updated the malawarebytes program and run a scan , do you have the log report from that scan for checking ; see if it sheds any light on what might be happening ?
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I am looking to purchase software to clean up the registry, make the computer run faster, etc.

Can anyone recommend a good software package I should buy for this.

Also, my anti-virus expires soon, any suggestions for that as well?

Windows 7 - 64 bit

A:Best Utility Software/Anti-Virus. Recommendations?

Quote: Originally Posted by ScottR02919

I am looking to purchase software to clean up the registry, make the computer run faster, etc.

Can anyone recommend a good software package I should buy for this.

Also, my anti-virus expires soon, any suggestions for that as well?

Windows 7 - 64 bit

I would leave the registry alone. Doubtful you would see any improvement in speed of your system. Here is a search result of this forum on "Registry cleaners" Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. - Search Results for Registry cleaners

As far as AV goes I use ESET | Antivirus, Internet Security Software & Virus Protection, never had a problem and light on system resources. I've been using this for the last 5 years.
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I am looking for a good and reliable diary or journaling program, preferably freeware. Does anyone have any good recommendations?


A:Recommendations for good freeware journaling software

If you have Office, your copy MAY include OneNote.

Then there is EverNote from
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Hi i ve been using iolo System Mechanic Professional for a little over a year now and for the better part of the first maintenance software Solved: system recommendations Need for year it ran great and kept my system running pretty quickly with little problems Now however it causes my computer to keep compressing the registry files on startup after i turned that feature off months ago which causes it to reboot once when finished and overall prolongs the time it takes to boot up and also will no longer defrag my main HDD the SATA device listed with Windows installed on it This is getting very annoying and i am desperate for some serious recommendations on good software to keep my system running quickly and a good defrag tool is a Solved: Need recommendations for system maintenance software must-have since the windows vista defrag tool does not seem to work I really appreciate all the help i can get P S I d appreciate recommendations on both good premium software as well as free software whatever works well i will be interested in nbsp

A:Solved: Need recommendations for system maintenance software
I wouldn't use the memory optimizer.
It's hard to get rid of.
The rest is decent.
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I have recently started a side job as a PC repair person and I am trying to see if there is any software that people use generally to help take care of the common issues more effectively. So far I really rely on just 3rd party apps for example like HiJackthis to help fight malware but I was curious if there was any other tools that people purcahse to help streamline the process a bit more?

Relevancy 51.6%

Occasionally, I would like to capture an on-screen video. I have downloaded and tried three and so far this one I like best of those I tried. If anyone has recommendations based on personal experience and personal use, I would appreciate your comments.

Here are my requirements:
I am willing to pay up to $50.
It has to be free of ads.
It has to be free of trial restrictions.
It cannot be a web-based program or require an internet connection to run.


A:Need recommendations for video screen capture software

I just used LiteCam HD and It's quite fast and easy to use .The only downside is that there is a visible watermark and side control panel when recording with this software. The recording quality is in clear HD.
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My 30 gig witch I run Xp on. I know its not in the best shape,Id like to repair it,I dont want to format or loose stuff on this drive,just want to fix it can u please help me by recommending a software or two?
Thanks in advance!

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Hey there bleepingcomputer community I'm here asking for some recommendations of some good free non trial version antivirus spyware malware software I currently have quot Bit Defender quot quot Malwarebytes quot quot ComboFix quot and quot SUPERAntiSpyware quot I got recommendations. software Antivirus/spyware/malware a pretty bad virus yesterday from trying to find a House episode online Worst virus I've ever had Antivirus/spyware/malware software recommendations. and all from visiting a site for like seconds Anyways I made a post yesterday of my problem but I thought I resolved it so I deleted the post But this morning I found out my computer is not completely clean I did a full system scan with Bit Defender and it was successful at deleting a loooot of infections off my computer Then I did a deep system scan with it and it found a few more infections and stuff but was unable to delete or remove those infections Then I also scan with Malwarebytes but every time I scan it picks up exactly the same amount of infections after each scan even if I scanned right after I Antivirus/spyware/malware software recommendations. just scanned So I guess that means Malwarebytes is unable to delete those infections ComboFix was able to fix the big problem The big Antivirus/spyware/malware software recommendations. problem was that when I logged in after restarting my computer explorer exe wouldnt be an active process and if i tried to type it in new task it wouldnt let it open which was because of the virus So now I can use my computer normally thanks to ComboFix but my computer is still infected and if i were to restart my computer it would be the same situation when i logged in again which means i would have to use ComboFix again to get my computer working which according to you guys isn't safe because its so powerful Basically what happens is I open ComboFix and before any of the stages start ComboFix comes up with a message saying quot rootkit detected quot and has to restart the computer Then when it logs back in it does the regular scan and then my explorer exe is back and i can use my computer Now you'd think that after that the rootkit and virus were gone for good but no If i were to scan again with ComboFix it would say rootkit detected again and do the same thing as before Which means this virus must be healing itself or something Its annoying So I'm trying to get some good programs to completely get my computer clean and working at full potential once again My friend recommended to me quot Spyware Doctor quot and quot Spyware S amp D quot or something like that Are those good programs Thanks in advance for your input

A:Antivirus/spyware/malware software recommendations.

You should not be using combofix without guidance it can seriously wreck your system , also you are posting in the wrong section though you are looking for software you are obviously infected with some form of backdoor that has left your system open for more infections. You should not be visiting pirate sites to download free episodes of tv shows since they sites most likely have files that have been tampered with and you will most likely be infected again.
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I currently us a program called Protect Folder by encryption software Recommendations wanted & for locking Everstrike Software I'm Recommendations for encryption & locking software wanted fairly satisfied with the product but I'm not sure the company is still a going concern Also the few times I've tried to get technical support I got no response So I'm trying to find alternatives Features I find important Folders are password protected Until the password is entered the folder looks empty to File Explorer Folders are encrypted If the software is removed everything in the folder including contents of sub-directories is unreadable An unlocked file is locked when the user logs out of when the PC goes to sleep A folder unlocked for one user of the PC is still locked for other users Actually I'm not sure if that's true for Protect Folder but it's important to me Are there other programs around that provide these features I'm willing to pay but not too much I think Folder Protect cost around per PC or years ago when I bought it