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Upgrading pre-built PC

Q: Upgrading pre-built PC

I was given my prebuild gaming PC (gateway FX6840) as a gift a couple years ago and, while it runs fine, there seems like there is room for improvement. I was wondering what I should upgrade to increase performance, and I am pretty new to the PC upgrading world.
current set up:
ATI radeon HD 5700 series
intel core i7 860 2.80GHz

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Preferred Solution: Upgrading pre-built PC

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrading pre-built PC

What is your upgrade budget (How much can you spend)?
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hi , i have a dell 1545laptop with built in g wifi card, but i want to run a draft n usb dongle in a usb port, because i have upgradedmy router, the problem i have is when i disable the builtin card and set up and install the new wifi dongle, nothing seeems to happen i lose all internet ability, the new dongle says its installed and working with correct driver but i can not get any access to the internet,
has any one got any ideas

many thanks

A:upgrading built in wifi

With the internal card disabled and the other card properly installed, let's see this.
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

I'd also like to see this.

Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, paste a screen shot of the Network screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.
To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file. To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.

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Specs Windows XP Home SP Abit AV Motherboard AMD Athlon GHz Motherboard CPU was obtained by a friend who might have done something to it Overclocked Nvidia GeForce GT x MB GB DDR- RAM My current RAM configuration is terrible slots all MB DDR- GB I would like to reach GB Now that RAM is affordable I m about ready to purchase some more RAM/CPU computer my for built Upgrading custom But I need help Abit s official website on my motherboard says quot Four -pin DIMM sockets Un-buffered Non-ECC DIMM Dual Channel DDR Max GB quot Click to expand Does this mean I ll be able to fill slots with GB DDR- s each and the other my DDR- s I m unsure if mixing types like that would work Also quick question about CPU s I have a Socket motherboard and I d like my Upgrading RAM/CPU for my custom built computer CPU s clock speed to go up There aren t many other processors that are higher than GHz for Socket but if there are they re usually cheap so do you recommend I try to learn how to overclock or try to save up for a whole new motherboard I know my setup is somewhat out-of-date nbsp

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Can anyone tell me why this system seems to run worse when upgraded to XP. Its a PIII 700 mhz that has the sticker on the front boasting 'designed for Windows ME'. I know that ME sucks, and i figure that the system designed for it probably isn't that good either, wondering if anyone knows the differences in the specs that differentiate 'built for WinXP' and 'built for WinMe'

A:Upgrading a Built for Windows ME machine

There are a lot of hardware differences between a computer that was Built for ME and built for XP. these are nothing more than new technologies. I imagine that the problems you are running into are memory related. While XP may "run" with less memory than required, it may not function appropriately.

The minimum required I *think* is 256 mb of RAM... I suggest nothing less than 512mb to run XP smoothly.

Post your systems specs and we will be able to tell you if you are even close to running XP.
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The built-in microphone on my computer (Acer Aspire) is not working after upgrading to Windows 7 (32bit). I have tried using windows update and looking for an updated driver, but I'm not having any luck. Any suggestions?


A:Built in microphone not working after upgrading to Window 7

need the exact model of your aspire to get the specs for it.
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Hi all

Looking for some information. I'm replacing 3 pc's in the business I work for. We use custom software and have to remain on Windows xp to avoid issues with the database hooking correctly. We have used mostly Dell pc's to run our software, and from time to time need to reinstall Windows as needed. With the Dell systems, I wipe the partition and insert a disk, reinstall, add drivers plus our software, then I'm done. I'm considering building 3 new pc's maybe around the i5 level for workstations. I was curious if there was a way to build in the Windows XP serial number like Dell and other vendors do. Is this a specific type of main board ? A function in the bios ? I would love to be able to duplicate this, if it's possible.

Thank you

A:Windows install / vendor built vs homebrew / built in serial

You can not use the same serial number for a different computer. Its illegal. You'll need to buy a copy of Windows XP for each computer or buy a Set copy that will work on 3 different computers.
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Hi I really hope that someone can help here because I am stuck a bit Some days ago I broke a headphone plug and a part of it stayed in the headphone jack Built-in Built-in vs speakers mic I tried to get it out with various methods that were suggested in various forums Did not succeed In fact the part that has broken off is now somewhere in the computer like Built-in speakers vs Built-in mic it went through the jack totally but strangely the headphone jack still works when another headphone set is plugged in The thing now is that my computer thinks that the headphones are always plugged in Hence I did not get any sound from the built-in speakers Yesterday I found a solution to this in some forum that I should go into registry editor find 'ForceDisableJD' and modify its value from to some other forum said to type 'FF' I don't know the difference but both lead to the same outcome It worked and now I get sound again However today a new problem showed up When that value is set to FF or my built-in microphone stops working When it is changed back to it works as it should but this makes the speakers not to work again As this requires a reboot every time it is not very convenient to reboot the PC every time I want to use headphones or the microphone To me there seems to be some kind of problem with the Atapi Internal Atapi Jack when jack detection is disabled with that as this is the jack that is used by the mic when the registry value mentioned above is set to But maybe I'm totally wrong and the reason for the mic not working is something else So here comes the question Is there any way to have that jack enabled while jack detection is disabled for the rest Like in the registry or in some other way I am not a huge computer specialist thus I don't know what to do and actually what to google for Like maybe someone has faced something like this Or maybe there is a way to only disable that headphone jack that is causing the problem although it still works Maybe there is some software that enables switching this without rebooting Well you're most probably smarter than I am I have went over hundreds of pages like really but none of them combine all these issues I'm running Windows Ultimate bit on an Asus X Sr laptop The audio driver is Realtek R As I said I hope someone can help

A:Built-in speakers vs Built-in mic

The problem is a mechanical one in the jack. Replacing (or if you are lucky reforming the contacts) the jack is what is needed to permanently fix the problem. Trying to circumvent the hardware issue can get confusing as you have found out and still not everything works or works correctly. It's going to cost you but check with some of the PC shops to see if they can repair it.
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I've managed to upgrade some of my home PC's from Win or Win to Wn without any significant problems but I am having major difficulty upgrading one of my PC's It is running Win Home -bit and when I originally ran the Windows upgrade advisor it indicated that I could not upgrade as my NVidia GEForce graphics card was incompatible with Windows I tried various workarounds using suggestions on this and other sites to upgrade with the GEForce card but none were successful So I purchased and to 10 upgrading card graphics Win after Upgrading - incompatible installed a new graphics card - an AMD Radeon R which should be Win compatible Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card I then re-ran the Win upgrade advisor - it still said that I couldn't upgrade as the quot GeForce card quot was incompatible - even though it was no longer installed I checked the Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card Device Manager and the graphics card was clearly showing as being the AMD card I then explicitly uninstalled any NVidia drivers software using the Control Panel Program uninstall - still unable to upgrade to Win I also ran the Wagnard tools quot Display driver uninstaller quot and removed any NVidia software drivers - still unable to upgrade I am using the latest drivers from the AMD website I also tried to upgrade using the Media Creation tool and a Win image from DVD previously this also failed to work and gave the incompatible graphics card error this seemed to work up to a point but after a reboot it wanted me to select a keyboard layout but neither my usb keyboard nor mouse would function and the installation froze On rebooting the OS reverted to Win and the keyboard mouse worked ok I want to upgarde to Win rather than do a fresh install but am now unsure what to do - I keep getting the quot Incompatible GEForce graphics card quot message anytime I run the Win advisor tool even after downloading it again from the MS website Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue and finally upgrade

A:Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card

Windows 10 no longer supports NVIDIA 6-Series Graphics Cards anymore as of Windows 8

Hint : Install drivers manually through device manager (it may or may not work)
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Hello I am currently wanting to begin the process of upgrading various parts of my computer in the upcoming months The first item I would like to do upgrade is the RAM I am currently using BG x and would like to Time Solved: Upgrading Hardware - Upgrading First double that I was thinking of going with the Corsair Vengeance x Eventually I would like Solved: Upgrading Hardware - First Time Upgrading to have a pretty sick gaming computer As of right now it can handle a lot but can struggle from time to time if I crank up the graphic settings I guess the reason I am posting this is to ask a few questions Would upgrading RAM be a good starting point if wanting to upgrade other hardware as well I was thinking of also swapping out the video card cpu and adding some fans when I get money that is I must sound like a complete novice right now lol but I am ready to finally go through with this because my computer is starting to feel like it is getting behind the times in terms of speed and performance haha Anyway any insight into this topic and or first time upgrading specifically with the RAM would be grrreat Thanks nbsp

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I bought Windows 7 having come from Vista. However, there is a BIOS update for my system. The new BIOS update states: The BIOS updates the fan control algorithm of the system, and turns the fan on at low volume while your notebook PC is operational. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms on your notebook PC, please contact HP for support. It is located here:

I'd love to flash it but not sure if it will ruin my computer as it's more than likely not designed for flash when Windows 7 is on it or do you's know any better?

I also have 2 blue vertical lines going do the right hand side of the screen. I've seen loads of problems but no solutions. Has any fixed this HP problem?

Cheers folks!

A:Upgrading BIOS after Upgrading from Vista to 7

The BIOS is the stuff that happens BEFORE Windows starts to load.
Do you have issues with overheating or with the fan? If so, the BIOS update is for you.
Also, BIOS flashes are dangerous - and you can turn your computer into a paperweight by doing it incorrectly. In short, if it ain't broke - don't fix it!

The type of lines that you describe on your screen are usually caused by hardware issues. Send it in for repair if the system is under warranty. If not, then get an estimate from a local computer store - it may be cheaper to live with it.
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ok here's what i got (or don't got):

new built pc, mobo asus p5ld2. i get 1 beep when i start. boot priority is dvd/cd rom 1st. now all the quick little flashes on the screen i noticed all the drivers for the mobo are not detected. so i try to use the cd that came with the mobo. when i hit any key to boot from disk, it locates the cd, but says no drivers found aborting installation. there is also a mode it can slip into, but i wouldn't know what to do with it. any help would be appreciated. one more thing. i tried to find a place to download the drivers and put them on a cd to use, but i cant find any.

A:new built pc help please

ASUS P5LD2 Driver Download Page

I don't quite understand what your issue is, are you trying to install an OS? What OS are you using? Is your OS already installed and your drivers are corrupt?
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I just built new pc on msi km3mv board anthlon xp 2300+ codegen case 350w power supply. When I turn it on it starts but 2-5 seconds later shuts off? Any ideas on what's going on

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Right i just built my first computer, and when I turn it on, it says that both IDE channel master and slave are not detected and it will skip that, verify dmi stuff and then it says 'DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER'. So I put in my windows 7 disk and hit enter. And then it says it again. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

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Alright I assembled a PC altogether Parts ASUS P N-E SLI New self-built HELP!!! NEED PC, LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core Duo New self-built PC, NEED HELP!!! E Conroe GHz LGA Processor EVGA GeForce GT MB GDDR PCI Express x DYNAPOWER USA ATX V Ver New self-built PC, NEED HELP!!! W SLI Ready Power Supply G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory New self-built PC, NEED HELP!!! I have others but this is the minimum I start up the PC see the BIOS screen then some black screen with words flickers and goes away Then a blank screen and a line of words saying The disk is empty blah blah Then after like seconds of watching the screen celebrating the success the PC turns off I was very confused I opened up the case and reseated the memory Then I turned it on and the same thing happened So then I just used one stick of ram It worked fine again but instead I went into the BIOS this time I looked around trying to find the temprature just to make sure it s not too hot It said degrees Celcius I was like woah that s hot then seconds later the PC turns itself off again I really think it is my memory because I reseat it and it works However most of the time my monitor doesn t even show anything when I turn it on PLEASE help me I really want to experience this setup asap thnx for any help nbsp

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Here is a question for you super Win 7 specialist:

The following appears below the EULA of a Win 7 I downloaded earlier today:

1. Found at the bottom of EULA (Sources Folder) default

2. Found at the bottom of EULA (Sources Folder) eval

3. Found at the bottom of EULA (Sources Folder) OEM

No I am not saying what download this is at the present though most of you should be able to figure that out. I am asking this only because I found it interesting that some say that the RTM has yet to be released, and some are saying that it has been and they are running it as I type.

So, if someone out there with more smarts than I (shouldn't be to hard) "Please sign in."

A:What Win 7 built is this

Edit: If you're talking about 7600.16384.090710-1945, it is RTM build but not the final.
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brand new compaq laptop and i cant seem to get the built in web cam to work ..iv looked in my windows browser and searched it but i dont know how to turn it on? or get it to turn on,something of that sort..hopefully you useing windows 7
if you need any other information dont hesitate to IM me at sammo513(aim).

A:built-in web cam

Welcome to forum -
please do not duplicate posts here - ONE will do

Continue here

closing this thread
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So I've somehow managed to delete my built in camera in my HP Pavilion dv6700 notebook.
I have tried searching for help, but apparently I'm no good at it and I get way to frustrated at windows before I can fix it :/

Please help me someone to reinstall it

A:Built in cam

Look in Device Manager. Do you see devices that have problems or no drivers (red or yellow warnings)?

How you restore it depends to some degree on how you removed it. How?
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I built a pc about 6 months ago and i ran my copy of XP on it. Recently i started to look at MAC's and i like it. I was wondering if it is possible to buy a MAC os and install it on a normal desktop pc running a AMD processor? If it is possible what OS should i get? Thanks!

A:MAC OS on a Self Built PC?

I am not sure about an AMD cpu but you can do it on an Intel cpu. There are illegal hacks out there to do it though. This is borderline against the forums rules.

It can be done but alot of it is dependent on the hardware you have. Many people have had mixed results using the hack. I wouldn't suggest you try this. Just buy a cheap Mac mini or something.
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When I was enquiring on here for info about now is built My PC new the best components for my new build I was asked to provide info and pictures on how it went - so here goes My components turned up last Thursday at about PM After unwrapping and admiring I immediately started the build I started by installing the CPU cooler sound card and memory into the motherboard BEFORE installing the motherboard This gave me more space to fiddle about with the cooler mount etc without the constraints of a case As you My new PC is now built can see the Zalman cooler is quite a bit bigger than the stock item that came with the CPU I then installed the PSU into the case As you can see from the photo it had to be installed upside down due to the bottom mount Next the motherboard was installed into the case and power supplies connected I then installed the GPU's and connected the power supplies and Crossfire link Next job My new PC is now built was the swapping over of the sata HDD's from my old machine to the new These were installed and so was the new DVD drive All the wiring was checked and double checked and then made as tidy as possible The side panels to the case were replaced and I was ready to go I did try to boot the machine with the case side off but got an open case error message Don't know how as there are no open case detectors on the case or M board Below are some more pictures of the finished machine To see all the picks click this link Image hosting free photo sharing amp video sharing at Photobucket LED case fans All lit up Illuminated GPU's Next to my new monitor Another interior pic Republic of gamers illuminated box LED CPU cooler LCD poster showing CPU temperature Hope you like it

A:My new PC is now built

Thanks for sharing. Very nice rig. Very clean installation (wires and all). Hope you get lots of joy out of your new system!
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1976 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 796 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 225160 MB, Free - 141893 MB;
Motherboard: PACKARD BELL BV, PE2L, , QPCQBF90308626
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled

Built in web cam does not work. where do I find the drivers to activate the b thing


A:Built in Web cam

Need the exact model of the notebook computer-

you can find out how to get it here>

It must be a notebook or netbook, so look in that section and follow steps to get your exact model and post it please.

It's also found on the label underneath the case
Usually, opening a program activates the camera so it's window appears
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well it's been done, the eVGA 7800GTX graphix card, the 4GB ddr2 memory, the Asus P5ND2-SLI Mobo, the Pentium-D 840, the Audigy4 sound card, the 500W x-connect PSU and when it starts up either the just the chassis fan starts and nothing more or the the comp starts up and then totally dies. The 4-pin 12V mobo connection is unplugged and then plugged in, respectively for each scenario. What the heck do you guys think is wrong? When I first had it working, it had a biostar 945 series mobo and it worked ok, then one night in a drunken rage, I ripped out a 120gb hard drive that wasn't even attached (to put into another comp.) but needless to say I haven't gotten any results from just replacing the mobo. Maybe it's the PSU wires but I want to see other people think before buying something else.

A:As built, should be better

DID yuo reformat th hard drive and reinstall windows or at least do a repair install of windows? or did you just slap in a new Mobo and hardware then expect it to boot with your old hard drive?
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I cannot use skype without a headset (earphone + mic).The built-in mic seems to be vanished in windows 10.What's wrong?  I'm sharing some pictures.Any idea? Thank you! ? ??
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Hey, I'm thinking of getting a new PC built(this was is not for gaming plus its 5 years old) anyways i was wondering what you thought of these specs:

512 DDR RAM (1 stick)
80 GB HD
Radeon 9600 Pro

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I have an HP 15" Notebook PC. The problem is that I can't get the built in web cam to operate. I have already made sure that HP support assistant has updated all drivers. Every time I try to create a pic, I'm prompted to open privacy settings and give permission to allow the app to use. I have tried this several time without any results.
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I just built a new pc and I can t get it to turn on I ve checked numerous times to make sure all the cables were connected properly The led on the mobo aswell as my keyboard lights are lit pc... a built Just new but but it won t turn on I m trying to run EVGA i mobo Intel Core Duo E gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM mhz Just built a new pc... but gb x x gb Western Digital Raptor Harddrives x EVGA GT Graphics Cards Ultra X ULT -Watt Power Supply I believe this was pointless for now I ve took everything out of the case and set on piece of cardboard and tried to power it with just the mobo cpu cpu fan one stick of RAM and one video card but still no luck The motherboard has a power and reset button on it Just built a new pc... but but it wouldn t start the computer either And now I am fresh out of ideas If anyone can offer some advice I d greatly appreciate any help nbsp

A:Just built a new pc... but

not sure if this helps,

but when i tried building this pc, i had the same problem, all lights lit up and all but no post, it was an evga 590.

turns out, the mobo was bad and i replaced it with an asus m2n-e 570 and everything worked as projected.

not dumping on evga here at all, just pointing out that i had the same experience as you did and it turned out to be a bad mobo. (even tho the indicator lights would come on)
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Hello want to built new pc but need help
i want to build a new pc using the new allende 2.2ghz pentium dual core processor and the asus P5E-VM HDMI motherboard but i don't know if the board supports the F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ (1GB x 2) dual channel kid from g-skill. The board does say non ecc and unbuffered so i guess it can work but there is no g-skill modules in the qualified vendo list provided by the website

if these modules are not supported, does any body have any suggestions on which 2 gig module to use (below $75)

P.S. if i use the same processor but the c2d version which has 1mb more of l2 cache will i see a notable increese in preformance

all 3 products can be found in newegg

A:Hello want to built new pc but need help

here are the links:



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Hi There,

I have just removed my ATI HD 6870 because it is faulty and am now using the onboard graphics on the MSI motherboard I have (with a VGA connection) I have uninstalled catalyst control centre. Unfortunatly windows won't let me select 1920x1080 resolution, the max I can select in control panel is 1280x1024.

How can I fix this?

A:MSI Built In GPU

You remember to install the Intel graphics driver?
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Hello guys I ve been gaming online MMO FPS since but I ve always built pre-built rigs I m running some outdated gaming PCs and I figured I d give myself a shot at building my own this time I don t have a great amount of experience but as every gamer does I ve upgraded numerous hardware parts over the years video cards processors motherboards etc I am looking for feedback in regards to the hardware I have picked out I m not infinite with funding but I want to build something to run online games on for quite a few years I ve done some research on various components but I haven t sought out feedback on how well they may interact with one another Again this is my first attempt at constructing my own rig from scratch Also I m looking for feedback on the best places to obtain the parts So far I ve searched through tigerdirect com and newegg com Built Rig First but I haven First Built Rig t dealt with them personally yet Feedback on their service and prices would be a tremendous help to me at this point If the system I present sounds First Built Rig like a fairly powerful set up and those websites prove to have decent service prices I hope to place the order on the Aug th I m listing the prices I found at tigerdirect com but depending on the feedback I receive I may change my potential source Without additional word spam here goes the rig CPU Intel Core i k MoBo Asus Sabertooth z Intell Series CPU Cooler Corsair Hyrdo H CPU Liquid Cooler RAM Corsair Vengeance DDR mhz gb VC EVGA Geforce GTX ti g HDD Seagate ST DM Barracude TB rpm HDD Crucial CT M SSD M quot g Tower Cooler Master RC- -KKN -GP Haf Advanced full tower PSU OCZ OCZ-ZX W ZX series Modular Power Supply w mm Fan OS Windows Pro b DVD CD Generic decent Currently the total is sitting at excluding tax but again that s only the tigerdirect com listed prices without any potential student rebate discounts I intend on getting my operating system through UofLouisville and a decent DVD CD from Walmart or Bestbuy If you computer wizzes think this system is worth building hopefully I can place my order within the week Thanks in advance for you feedback and input systems nbsp

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I have installed new system in this PC but its not working to the way it and have many errors going to certain sites. I am now available for any suggestions after virus and other checks there is no issues so far and i didn't know where to type this message.

please help me


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Processor model unknown, x86 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 895 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 2100, 320 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 11664 MB, Free - 4027 MB; D: Total - 26497 MB, Free - 17486 MB;
Motherboard: ECS, A740GM-M
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
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I am using a china mini net book.I upgrade my windows from XP to 7.After that my webcam is not working.I dont know my webcam model.What to do now.Plz help me


A:built in webcam

how did you upgrade the software - is this a genuine version of windows 7 ?

also did you check all hardware on the XP machine would run under windows 7
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Hi, I have a Philips laptop, built in webcam.
But I don't know how to record a video with it.
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Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 computer with Vista on it. I tried to go on skype yesterday but for some reason, my mic isn't working.

I went and checked the sound and made sure it wasn't on mute or anything, and it's completely fine.

I looked around on the internet and the only information I could find was that people had this problem after they reinstalled their computer. A couple months ago I reinstalled my computer, and before I did I could use the mic.

A:Built in mic not working.

try this . right click on your speaker icon (next to clock)
choose recording devices.
make sure the microphone is set to default.(click on microphone & click on set to default)

good luck
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Hi everybody new on here so hoping this all works for me I am built i I no pc a have image! and desperate for some help I built a pc and i have no image! i am a bit of a novice but i have just decided to build a custom pc for gaming on budget anyways i I built a pc and i have no image! have set everything up and it powers up fine all fans run and seems to be normal bar one big thing I have no image i have checked the power connectors i have tried vga and dvi cables for the on board graphics as well as on a graphics card but nothing I know the monitor and cables work so i know its not that daft but i am worried i have missed something simple here is my specs AMD Athlon II x GHz Processor ASUS M A LT-M LE-AMD G-SOCKET AM -DDR OC Motherboard CORSAIR GB MHz CL DDR x gb Memory AXLE Extreme AX-P L- Watt Power Supply Samsung S-ata TB rpm Hard drive DVD R W and case standard so should I built a pc and i have no image! not make a difference with this issue i assume any help would be really appreciated thanks nbsp
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Hiya Does anyone have any good reviews of sites companies that build good gaming systems in the UK Mine is having all Pre-built Computers sorts of problems or so blue screens in months Don t worry still working on it checking something else tonight However as a backup I may just buy a built computer This was by a friend originally but I d prefer to have someone build it where there is a warrenty on it My current system is this AMD Phenom X TT AM - With the cores unlocked Asus motherboard M A X EVO AM Xlcio Touch pc case GB x GB Corsair Vengance RAM TB Seagate Harddrive Asus gb Nvidia Ti graphic card Brand new two weeks ago x spectre mm black blue LED fans A Cool Freez - couldn t have as it didn t fit with the ram so standard fan included Razer Arctosa Black Keyboard Sony x DVDRW now have two writers Windows Pro CMStorm mousemat My PSU is about W from what I can remember Thanks oh and budget is up to so any Pre-built Computers decent sites are welcome Note I don t want to build it myself Pre-built Computers eddie nbsp

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Just trying to see if i have built in graphics on my system and if i can disable it posiible clash with new graphics card or the cards buggered -------- EVEREST Home Edition c - Lavalys Inc ------------------------------------------------------------ Version EVEREST v Homepage http www lavalys com Report Type Quick Report Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition WinXP Retail Date - - Time -------- Summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack DirectX DirectX c Motherboard CPU Type Intel Pentium MHz x Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA- IE PCI AGP DIMM Audio Motherboard Chipset Intel Brookdale i E System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Award Modular Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX -SE MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce MX SE Monitor Plug and Play Monitor NoDB A C Multimedia Audio Adapter Intel DB ICH - AC Audio Controller A- Storage IDE Controller Intel R DB Ultra ATA Controller Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive Disk Drive ST A GB RPM Ultra-ATA Disk Drive Disk drive GB IDE Optical Drive SONY DVD RW DRU- A DVD R x DVD RW x x DVD-RW Graphics in not?? or Built x x DVD-ROM x CD x x x DVD RW DVD-RW Optical Drive SONY DVD-ROM DDU x x DVD-ROM SMART Hard Disks Status OK Built in Graphics or not?? Partitions C NTFS MB MB free F NTFS MB MB free Total Size GB GB free Input Keyboard Easy Internet Keyboard Mouse Logitech-compatible Mouse PS Network Network Adapter Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Peripherals Printer Canon i USB Controller Intel DB ICH - USB Controller Built in Graphics or not?? A- USB Controller Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- USB Controller Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- USB Controller Intel DB ICH - Enhanced USB Controller A- -------- Debug - PCI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B D F Intel E Memory Controller Hub E- Offset A Offset D Offset A Offset E Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset D Offset A Offset A F Offset B Offset C Offset D E B AF B A Offset E A A Offset F FC F B D F Intel E AGP Controller E- Offset A A Offset F A Offset E F E D F E Offset E Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C Offset D Offset E Offset F B D D F Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- Offset C C Offset Offset D C Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C F Offset D Offset E Offset F F B D D F Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- Offset C C Offset Offset D C Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C F Offset D Offset E Offset F F B D D F Intel DB ICH - USB Controller A- Offset C C Offset Offset D C Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C F Offset D Offset E Offset F F B D D F Intel DB ICH - Enhanced USB Controller A- Offset CD C Offset EC Offset Offset Offset Offset C C A Offset F C Offset C F Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C Offset D F Offset E Offset F BF F F B D E F Intel DB I O Controller Hub ICH A- Offset E Offset C C Offset EA F EB F FF Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B C Offset C Offset D Offset E Offset F F C C B D F F Intel DB ICH - LPC Bridge A- Offset C F Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset B A B D Offset Offset Offset Offset A D Offset B Offset C Offset D F Offset E C C Offset F F F B D F F Intel DB ICH - IDE Controller A- Offset CB A Offset Offset F FC BF FE C Offset Offset E E BB Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C Offset D Offset E Offset F F B D F F Intel DB ICH - SMBus Controller A- Offset C C Offset Offset C Offset A Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset Offset A Offset B Offset C Offset D Offset E Offset F F B D F F Intel DB ICH - AC Audio Controller A- Offset C Offset E E EC EC ... Read more

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Hi I have just built my first Pc .Everything powers up the there is a little green light that lights up on the motherboard the fan turns on the cd rom opens and closes i have checked the usb ports and they all work my problem is when i connect a vga cable from the PC to my monitor nothing happens the monitor stays in sleep mode .What am i missing the 1gb ram is in the first Dim rail seems to be in fine its doing my head in any advise would be great it is a Intel desktop board LGA755 the hard drives are ones i was using as external drives and have files on them i was hoping just to instal windows over it

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Umm, well Ive set up the PC correctly (I think), and Ive plugged it into the mains, and switched it on. The fan works, the lights flash, the CD Drive can open, but nothing appears on the monitor?

I will give a list of my components if you need them.......thanks

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I'm using Samsung 850 Evo (500 GB) on an old mobo GB P55A-UD3P, I'm ignoring the Marvell chip which - from lots of readings - sucks compared to the built-in intel so my SSD is hooked up to the 1st SATA 2 channel. My question is: Is there any better driver than the Microsoft one used for my Disk Drive?

A:Can I do better than the built-in driver?

Both of my SSD (and hard) drives use the default Microsoft driver. I don't think there is any other (or better).
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I recently bought a new motherboard and ram to go with it, ive installed windows xp 2002 i know old, and there seems to be problems with my computer, it randomly restarts by it self, mozilla firefox crashes all the time but im not sure if windows is causing that,

Is there anything you can have me run to get specs and information that you may need? please help

A:New built Computer help

I would run a memory tester

Download the prebuilt ISO, burn it to CD as an Image, boot from that CD and run the memory test for a couple of hours or overnight to stress test the memory.

Post the mobo full model number, and the make and model of parts used to build the PC so others can help.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone can make any suggestion it would be much appreciated I am completely stuck If I use one one of MY IDE hard drives already built PC with home Need help formatted with windows XP the system works fine and loads windows XP as should I just have no experience with Sata and would really like to learn how to utilize these Sata Hard Drives I have lying around my house Hello I have no training Need help with home built PC whatsoever I just learn by doing I have an entire room of computers and computer accessories that Need help with home built PC i have been using to teach myself how to Need help with home built PC build customs PCs I have had great success so far but I have an ASUS mother board Seagate Sata Drive and windows xp home or xp professional MCE giving me problems I have been beating my head against it for day now It does not matter what I get running on this I have other hard drives and mother boards also if my problem lies somewhere in there I even have other OS such as Ubuntu I just want to get this computer up and running so I can give it to my sister this is the problem I am having I want to do a clean install of a Windows XP OS on a a computer I have built I m not sure what all you need to know because I just kinda wing it when i do this stuff and follow instructions I find online It may be a problem with drivers bios settings SATA RAID BIOS settings this is what is new to me or simply bad hardware List below here is what i know about the hardware there is No IDE hard drive I do not have any of these just SATAs lying around - Sata Drive Seagate Barracuda GB there is stuff on this harddrive but not interested in saving the data want a clean OS install of XP preferably I have Home or Media Center Edition - Asus mother board A V -X with VIA VT Chipset - x MB DDR amp x MB DDR - Creative CT SoundBlaster Live X Gamer PCI Digital Output Sound Card - ATI Radeon LE MB DDR AGP DVI VGA Video Card w TV-Out - CD-RW DVD-ROM Drive - DVD R RW amp CD-R RW Drive Upon hooking up all the hardware together this are what the screens say when I try to just start the computer without trying to install XP first Screen - After Asus Start Screen Award Medallion Bios v An Energy Star Ally Copyright - Award Software INC ASA A V -X ACPI BIOS Revision Award Plug and Play Bios Extension V A Detecting Primary Slave None Detecting Secondary Master Samsung CD-ROM SC- Detecting Secondaty Slave IMW IA Primary Master drive fails Hardware Monitor found an error Enter Power setup menu for details Press F to continue DEL to enter SETUP -VT VT -A V -X Screen - After Pressing F VIA Technologies Inc VIA VT Serial ATA RAID BIOS Setting Utility V Copyright VIA Technologies Inc All Right Reserved Scan Devices Please wait Press lt Tab gt Key into User Window if you hit tab nothing happens Hardware Initiate failed Please Check Device The Bios does not be installed Press lt g gt to continue Screen - After pressing lt g gt Pri Slave Disk None SPD On Module s Yes Sec Master Disk CD-ROM Mode Sec Slave Disk CD-ROM UDMA PCI device listing Bus No Device No Func No Vendor ID Device ID Device Class IRQ Mass storage controller IDE Controller Serial bus controller Serial bus controller Serial bus controller Serial bus controller Serial bus controller Multimedia device Nertwork controller Multimedia device Input device NA Display contorller DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER If I put in my windows installer disk it goes through the exact same screens as above then starts with the windows set up just when it looks like it is going to let you get to the screen where you select the partition you wish to install windows onto i get an error this error i receive is error code can not load file i ntkrnlmp exe PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone can make any suggestion it would be much appreciated I am completely stuck If I use one one of MY IDE hard drives already formatted with windows XP the system works fine and loads windows XP as should... Read more

A:Need help with home built PC

Pick one operating system and get to know it thoroughly. You can branch out to others later. There is a great deal more good information on a Windows XP machine than any other, which enables you to do more research on what to do next.
You may not be aware that you need drivers to go with what the operating system can do. You will need the chipset, which is VIA, which you can download and install from ASUS if you have not already done so.
It is time to get a good used book on computers and on the opearting system.
There is simply way too much to know to get help on it from this site or any other. A used copy of Windows for Dummies, and Windows XP Inside Out might be a good place to start.
Until you master a few fundamentals of an operating system, chipset, drivers, audio and video graphics, you are apt to become frustrated.

The equipment and components you described is enough to get you going.
Good luck.
Let us know where you are in this process and someone here will try to help
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Hey again TechSpot,

I just built a brand new system, got everything set up and powered it up. The lights turn on, the fans spin and everything sounds right, but the monitor doesn't seem to be able to pick anything up. I've tried it on a CRT and LCD monitor, and with the onboard card (GeForce 6100) the video card (Radeon X300) and an old monitor card. Below are the specs:

Gigabyte GA-M55PLUS-S3G
AMD AM2 Athlon 64 3200+
Seagate 320GB SATAII
Corsair 512MB 667DDR2
CoolerMaster Musketeer
Pioneer DVD Burner
350W Power Supply

Please offer any help you can, I'm counting on you TechSpot

A:Just built a new computer.

I am assuming you are not passing the POST test? Are you getting any beeps?

You'll need to go back to the basics to help troubleshoot.

Take out your motherboard, and set it on a box beside your case.

Intall ONLY the cpu/heatsink, one stick of ram and the 2 power connections from your PSU to the motherboard. (both the 24 pin and the ATX12).

Connect your case's speaker wire to the motherboard as well.

Use a screwdriver to "short" the two pins usually connected to the case's power on switch.

Connect your monitor to the onboard graphics.

Are you able to post?
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Hello while I tried to use my built in camera on MSN it cant read it and I also tried to open the camera from the Program files and this message keeps poping up "Camera is not installed or camera is occupied by another user". what I dont understand is why it keeps saying this cause no other user is using it and the camera is installed, I also downloaded the camera software and tried to repair it but it still didnt work, can any one help me with this problem pls .

My computer is an Acer Aspire 5820T

A:Built In Camera

If its still on warranty, I'd say send it in, although, my friend, who is super paranoid, always puts tape over her web cam because if someone hacked your computer, they could use it. Silly, I know.
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hello . i have an aspire 5920g.
my built in webcam shows that it works probably when i check it in the device manager , and when i try for example to open it on skype . the light next to it turns on , but the cam doesnt work .. black screen .
now some times it does work when i restart my laptop couple of times and then its fine . but when its working . a sound of plugging and unplugging a usb gets on . and it turns black and then on.. i tried to reinstall.. disable . update.. almost every thing i had in mind.. still same problem.. any suggestions ?
thank u in advance !

A:built in webcam

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

How old is the laptop?

Did you try to reinstall the driver?
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Hey my name is Preston and I was wondering what OEM means for windows 7 it's 90$ on amazon something I can actually afford.

But I've heard stories it locks too all my parts on my PC so one of me breaks say the motherboard I have to buy another windows 7 is this true?

I really need a OS for my PC and I need help thanks

A:Built New PC need OS OEM vs Retail W7?

The OEM versions of Windows 7, designed for small builder use, are locked to the hardware they're installed on; not a great problem if you have bought quality components and you're aiming to keep the build for several years.

If you do have a motherboard failure on an OEM licensed build, a like-for-like replacement is not usually a problem; contacting Microsoft would normally result in them accommodating the change, if you carefully explain the situation.

For someone who frequently changes/upgrades components, the Retail version would be the one to buy.

Windows 8 has changed this, there are no Retail versions of W8; the W8 OEM versions are allowed to be transferred (moved) to different hardware, once the version on the older machine is wiped.
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I'm not sure about this problem as I've never had it happen I have a laptop Windows with a built in mic Recently I got a very good headset and mic The connections are both sound jack and mic jack The problem is that built-in Mic with and line-in Mic Help when I go to try and deactivate the built in mic and only use the line-in jack they appear under the same property If I disable the built-in mic then it seems to disable the line-in jack too Is there a way to only use the line in jack and disable the built-in Help with built-in Mic and line-in Mic mic As I said when I plug in the line-in jack it appears with the built-in mic The other problem I forgot to mention is that when I go the Mic properties it shows the built-in mic But it doesn't seem to see the one for the line-in jack I've clicked on the the quot show hidden quot or quot show disabled quot field and it still doesn't see it

A:Help with built-in Mic and line-in Mic

Normally, when a separate mic is plugged in, it will disable the internal mic. You should have "Stereo Mix" set as the default Recording Device, no a mic or whatever. With Stereo Mix set, whatever is plugged in should work.

Go to the Sound Panel, Recording Section. If Stereo Mix (May be labeled System Mixer) is shown, enable it and make it the default Recording Device. If it is not shown, RIGHT click in an empty area in that panel and then check to show Disabled and Disconnected devices. Stereo Mix should now show and you can then enable it and make it the default recording device.
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If this laptop came with the gps would it list it in device manager ?

A:does my e6420 xfr have built in GPS

Unfortunately, the system does not have a built in GPS.
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Hi really hope someone can help me i am a novice when it comes to computers etc so please try and bare with me, I tried earlier on today to go onto a video call with family on skype and i got a message come up my "Camera is not installed or Camera is occupied by another user" I did manage to look in the web-cam folder and it says web cam is working properly, tried updating drivers says they are up to date. I then tried deleting them and downloading newer ones from Acer's site but now i have a message the Camera is unplugged, I am worried i am getting into more of a mess and i am out of my depth i hope someone can help me before i lose my mind 4hrs so far and counting of getting nowhere!!! I even tried uninstalling MSN and Skype

A:Solved: Built in Web-Cam

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Try a System Restore back to a time when you know the webcam was working.

EDIT : Tutorial here :-
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Just got done building my pc last night early this morning Im having some issues with the front two usb ports When I plug a device in I loose my mouse which is plugged into the back usb ports Also my front fan isnt working im not sure if it ever runs I just happend to notice it now Did I miss something here The other three case fans work good and all the temp and fan guages are lit and work Heres my specs duel core i motherboard raptor g rpm gts antec w psu and two gig of kingston ram cant remember what kind but it cost me Also threw a artic cooler on the processor xfr fatality sound card O s is vista basic Another question it looks like a New some pc having built issues..... rats nest in there I have to throw another dvd burner in tommorrow How do you guys keep your cables nice It looks crazy in there lol Also my usb head set wont work Device manager says there are no New pc built having some issues..... problems When I plug it in it recognizes the device but when I hop on teamspeak the sound just comes through my speakers I have also tried to do some mic check thing and it doesnt work in there as well I have downloaded all the new drivers for all the hardware Any help would be apreciated thanks nbsp

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I am having a new computer built after almost years with my hP lemon There are so many choices but my technical savvy is limited You guys seem helpful so I am going to appeal to you for advice Here is what my comp guy proposed Motherboard Matx G DDR - LGA Micro Processor P D CPU bit Dual Core x mb DDR - PC GB RPM SATA NCQ Windows Media Center OK - now my DH says I cannot go near any serious upgrades for a year or two and I do have a budget to work with so what I need to know is will this run Vista Windows Aero Is that a good processor Am I missing anything Obviously video is the other thing - my comp guy says the chipset has onboard graphics but I am reading that s not the best choice I want to play around with video editing watch movies and do some gaming or my kids do but gamings not my focus Mainly I new help - built having computer want solid dependable speedy and efficient but I like the bells and whistles too Something that I won t need to put too much more into in the near future Is that enough info Help opinions forgive my ignorance and please speak in small words LOL Thanks nbsp

A:having new computer built - help

What is your budget?

For your Ram, you will want at least 1GB. I'm not sure what Vista Aero's req's are, but regular Vista reccomends 2GB.

HDD is fine (seagate is a good brand)

Motherboard: not sure about this one. Can't tell with out more info if it can handle a future upgrade to an Intel Conroe processor (currently owns for speed!).

CPU: The 805 is certainly a nice cpu, and at $100 its fairly cheap. But the new Conroe E6300 is close to twice as fast for $183. Againit comes down to your budget.

Vid card: Depends on what games you want to play. Currently the radeon 9600 would be "lowest" card you would wnat to use to play todays games at low res. A Nvidia 6600 or above would be better.

If you want to do a little 'window shopping', check out for competitive prices.

Don't skimp on the power supply! You can get a decent one from FPS for around $40 at newegg.
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I have had intermittent BSODs since I built this PC. Initially there was a RAM problem (failed memtest) but that seems to be fixed now. I also reinstalled the OS (Windows 8.1 Pro) and it seemed to help for a day now they are starting again.

It seems to happen more when video is involved. I also have noticed just now that chrome tabs are crashing for no real reason, in fact that happened when uploading attachments to this and I had to retype everything.

Hopefully someone can help. Let me know if I am missing any vital info. Thanks

A:BSOD Since PC Built

For testing purpose. Please disable avg completely (anti virus has been known to cause BSOD) and in addition, from autorun.txt, you don't need any of those to run.
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Assembled my second computer after reading quot The best pc for the money quot in the issue of pcmagazine following the author s list of components except for increasing the hard drive size seagate sata drive Lite-on SHM- h s dvd rw OCZ gold gb ddr asus p b mobo ZFZ GEforce gt sound blaster audigy ZS Intel core duo e Antec p case Only problem is that it will not show any signs of life other than the green self built won't boot New light showing power to the mobo I have tried the following tried a new power source tried a different dvd drive tried a different sound card tried no sound card tried a second hard drive bought two returned the mobo thinking it was the problem-it evidently wasn t disassembled everthing and removed mobo to make sure there were not any unintentional grounds or potential short circuts still will not boot-nobeeps no nothing It s been a frustrating week and a New self built won't boot half Any suggestions nbsp

A:New self built won't boot

Try connecting the cables from the power switch into the appropriate slot on the motherboard if you haven't already done so. This is a mistake I had, and I almost went crazy trying to figure it out.
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Does anyone know a way of enabling the built in zip feature but not have zip files displayed as folders in Explorer and wherever else? I use a program that needs to use the zip feature but I really hate how zips show up as folders. I know how to disable the zip feature but that results in my program not being able to utilize zip processing.


A:Built in zip feature

Hello Streetwolf,

Do you mean like this below from Windows 7? I haven't tested it yet in Windows 8, but it should work. Be sure to create a restore point first to be safe though.

Zip Folders - Enable or Disable Windows Explorer View - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps.
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I have built my first PC. It's up and running good. Now I am starting to tweak it a little.
When I put it together, I did not put in a floppy disk drive. I though I didn't need it. But, in the hardware manager it shows a standard floppy disk controller and floppy disk drive.
Would it hurt to delete the controller and drive?
Will I gain from deleting them?

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So I just finished building my PC here s my specs in a JPEG P S I do have RAM x g sticks I just finished piecing it all together and am only awaiting the arrival of my monitor and Vista package I figured it wouldn t hurt to see if it would boot up properly even boot my up. built Just new PC...won't without those two so I gave it a shot I pressed the power button and the blue power button flashed and then stopped I Just built my new PC...won't boot up. heard a sound inside the case and opened it up and attempted to turn it on again and see what s going on inside The Phase LED lights lit up and the CPU Just built my new PC...won't boot up. fan as well as the PSU fan spun for a second and then ceased Just built my new PC...won't boot up. I ve gone over everything twice last night and I can t come to a conclusion as to what is wrong There s no way I m taking it to geek squad or something because their prices are ridiculous Anyone have any ideas nbsp

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I built the following machine to be a multi-purpose machine Gigabyte X M Gaming Intel i - use? new to OS machine which but - Built X99 K GB DDR nVidia Quadro Video card not being used for gaming Quad-port Gbit NIC LSI MegaRaid - i x TB HDDs are attached to the LSI card in RAID and are attached to onboard Intel RAID in a RAID x GB m SSD for OS Now I need to decide what OS to use What would you do I would use it as file storage and a video encoding machine I also want to run VMs on it as well I have been using VirtualBox in the past to run VMs on Windows and Windows but I think I ought to get to know a real Hypervisor like ESXi or Windows Hyper-V I have licenses to run Windows Server R which includes Hyper-V What do you think I could run a Win VM for the encoding that i want to achieve and Windows R would be a great file server--no Thank you for your advice in advance nbsp
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I have a LogiQ (M76T) laptop and my built in webcam stopped working all of a sudden. Im on Windows 7. Any help or pointers on what and where to look to resolve this would be great. Cheers

A:Built in webcam

Did the laptop come with any CDs? Sounds like the webcam needs to be reinstalled. Or the drivers anyway. Does the webcam show up in Device Manager?
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I just finished building a new gaming PC My old motherboard was AGP and my video card finally gave out I had no way to load my old machine before rebuilding All told I ended up building from scratch and using my hard drive from the original machine I knew boot. won't Just built PC, new XP it was going to be a big shock for the hard drive on the first boot not having done any proper uninstalls on it On first boot after the BIOS I get Just built new PC, XP won't boot. quot windows did not start normally a recent hardware software change may have caused this quot Just built new PC, XP won't boot. which is to be expected I chose quot start normally quot and the windows loading bar appears Then it suddenly fails and I get a blue screen for less than half a second before it loops me back to my BIOS startup I don't have enough time to even try and decipher what the blue screen says and this loop repeats What should my next course of action be

A:Just built new PC, XP won't boot.

Hi solareus and welcome to TSF !

When changing the motherboard one should always reinstall from scratch to ensure a stable system. The motherboard is the highway that the system uses to access all the devices. If you keep the same installation (same system drive) and change the motherboard and other devices (video card) the system tries to access devices that are not there using roads that are not there either, causing your crashes.

Your best bet is to backup your data on another computer and reinstall from scratch. To backup your data hook the hard drive as a slave drive in another desktop computer or use an external USB enclosure (15$ on newegg).

If you really want to avoid a compete reinstallation then you can try a repair installation, but there will still be remnants of your older devices in the system and in the end it can cause problems.

Open the computer case and remove the new devices that are not needed for the system to start. Only keep one CD-rom drive and the system drive. Remove network cards, sound cards, ... and use the onboard video if available.

Repeatedly press F8 at startup and select safe mode in the menu that will appear. If you can get within Windows in safe mode then log as administrator (leave the password blank if none was set) and uninstall all the chipset, video, network, sound, ... drivers and their bundled programs in add/remove programs. Also go to the device manager (start => run => devmgmt.msc) and right-click => uninstall the devices that are not there anymore.

Once the above is done or if you couldn't boot into safe mode at all the next step is to perform a repair installation.

If you had XP Home SP2 installed on the computer you'll need an XP Home SP2 CD, if SP3 you'll need an XP SP3 CD. If your install CD doesn't have the same service pack as the one that's installed on your computer then google for guides on how to slipstream SP2 or SP3 on your XP CD. You can also use this manual method for SP3. You can use another computer to create the slipstreamed XP CD.

If you had installed internet explorer 7 you'll need to uninstall it before proceeding with the repair installation of XP SP2 or internet explorer will be broken : If you can't uninstall it from safe mode you'll need to uninstall it from the recovery console : enter the BIOS at startup to change the boot order priority to CD-rom first, press enter to boot from the XP CD, press 'R' at the first install screen to access the recovery console, select your windows installation and enter your admin password if needed (press enter if left blank) and from the c:\windows\ prompt type
CD ie7\spuninst
batch Spuninst.txt

Once you're ready to start the repair installation (i.e. you've backed up your data to stay on the safe side, you have an XP CD with the same version of Windows and same service pack as the one installed on the computer and you've removed IE7 if it was installed) enter the BIOS at startup to change the boot order priority to CD-rom first. Press enter to boot from the XP CD. Press enter to "setup Windows now" at the first install screen. Accept the licence agreement. Select your current Windows installation and press 'R' to "repair the selected installation". If you still get BSOD's you'll need to reinstall from scratch.
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I have windows 8.1, and I was wandering if there is any software built into this PC that allows me to change colors?
of things in the home page
if not is there any software that I could by? I posted something about this in 18/2/2014, but it was a freebie and I tend to stay from then on the net
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SO FAR ITS GREAT.. I got a soltek motherboard, amd 3200 64 processor,2 gig 3200 ddr, nvidia 5700 video card.. One problem, when i go into the bios therea re overclocking settings???? I am scared to death to do this.... I have built my own systems for 10 years now, BUT I NEVER OVERCLOCKED..... What should I do???? thanks

A:HI...I just built my new computer and

It is a feature of soltek mb. It is called redstorm overclocking. Just do not use it if you do not want to overclock. What the utility does is start increasing the fsb until it detects some corruption, then it decreases it slightly.

BTW good choice in mb. Do you have the 939 pin or 754 pin? There is a bios update for the 939 that addresses memory speed when using dual channel.
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Help me built a pc that can handle games like half life 2 at full spec at lowest cost possible. And is fully compatible with ATi radeon 9800 pro 128 mb.

All the parts you guys picks out must be from since this shop is located right by my house, and they built custom pc there. I dont know much about pc, so i dont want to get riped off. The site again is

the harddrive size is good at 100 gig, and i already have ati radeon 9800 video card. 128 mb, 8x/4x agp.

The rest is up to you guys. Also, it would be nice if the system could be intel p4 at minumum of 2.4 ghz system and the video card runs at 8x agp (i dont know if 4x is better then 8x but i assume 8x is better since is a higher number. )

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So my dad and I built my gaming PC and at the end it posted successfully all fans were spinning lights were on and everything worked but then I hooked it up to the monitor and nothing the monitor is just sleeping it is a dell monitor and it has a orange light instead of a green one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED HELP

A:I Built my PC and I have a big problem

This is a bit confusing. You reported that the lights were on, the fans were spinning and everything was working but then you say that when you hooked up the monitor it was not. When "everything" was working, did that not include the monitor.

The lights are on and the fans are spinning simply means that the power is on.

Does your machine give a beep when it has completed the POST? New graphics card or are you using the integrated video.

Don't panic. These moments occur with all of us who attempt to "build our own".
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hey all i'm trying to get this guitar program to work on my new computer i made, but to me it seems like there is a built in microphone somewhere on the computer because when i tap on the case or at the back around the sound card i can hear the tapping through the speakers, and i was just wondering if theres a way to turn it off and just use the microphone input on the soundcard itself? your help is much appreciated as this seems to be the main problem in getting this program to work thanks for your help in advance

A:Built in microphone?

You either have a loose connection somewhere in you newly built system or the Mic input on the sound card is turned way up... there is no built in Mic
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I'm logged in as a localadmin. However, I'm getting all kinds of security errors when loading programs. Mostly errors relating to writing to or accessing the event log. Can explain to me what is this "built-in admin" account. And do I need to enable it to have full admin rights. Thanks in advance.

A:Built-In Adminstrator

provide some example of the exact error message. screenshots are always helpful
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Music CD's respond correctly and sound appears excellent. Files show up in "Run" and in Windows Explorer.

However data CD's including software, games, movies etc. do not function at all. No response from Startup. Operate "run", no access to autorun or setup.exe. No files shown through drive selection (in this case Drive E:/) in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Any assistance would be truly appreciated.


A:LG DVD-CD Rom on home built 2GB

Welcome to TSF....

Is the LG DVD-CD a brand new drive?

Have you tried the data disks on another computers drive?
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im a newbie and i want to build my own computer..i would like to assemble the parts on my own..can u guys give some guide to install the OS on a new built computer..can i install win 7 using usb drive on a new pc? im planning to buy two HDD..can u guys give a guide to set up RAID0

A:install win 7 on new built pc

Windows 7 comes on a DVD and you need to install it from that. RAID is configured in the BIOS settings before you install an Operating System.

Take care to assemble using only parts which have Windows 7 drivers available - check that before you buy them.

Good luck - there's a tremendous feeling of success after you've built your first computer and it fires up for the first time.
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hello... i just built this intel based pc. everything is conected right, i have checked many times. when i boot up everything spins fine but i get no video.

moatherboard: Asus P5GL-MX
CPU: intel P4 3.2 GHz 800 MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache
Harddrive: Western Digital 160GB SATA
Video Card: EVGA e-GeForce 6800 gs
RAM: 2 512MB patriot

any ideas?

A:Built PC no video

Might be stating the obvious, but...

Do you have the montor pluged in into the graphic card?
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i have a hp pavillian dv6000.. (well its my brothers) it has a webcam built in and it seems to work fine for chatting purposes (yahoo, msn, etc..) but i was trying to find the program it uses to take pictures couldnt find anything, so i did a google and it directed me to the windows movie maker which is installed on the computer but.. does not take pictures from the webcam. it has the capture image button grayed out and i cant find any way to change the settings so that wmm will acknowledge that a webcam is present on the computer. if anyone has any ideas or recommendations that would be very much appreciated thank you.
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A:My First Built PC is beeping!!!!HELP!!

Got a PCI vid card you could try? Sounds like the AGP port is damaged. Thats just a quick guess from what you said anyway.
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can someone help me find the log on screen changer that comes built in win7 64bit home premium..
i recently formatted my laptop and i remember that the option was available somewhere in my laptop without having to use any third party software to do such task, or i might of downloaded this instead.

just want to make sure before i download that again. is it built in?

A:win7 built in

Hi -Right click on a blank section of the screen (not a program). At the bottom should be a line that says "Personalize".Left click on this and there are options for screen savers and backgrounds there. I think that is where you also select to add your own background.There is a link at the right that says "Get more themes on line". I think this what you are looking for.Mine is the same, only a 32bit version of Home Premium.Thank You - EDIT - I checked the link you left and the site is not yet fully set up, so I would not yet trust it -
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i have built a brand new pc and i was wondering have i chose the right stuff and are my specs good

(new pc specs)
intel 865pe (dfi infinity motherboard)
2.8ghz intel celeron d processor
512mb ddr 400mhz ram
180gb hard drive
jeantech light fusion case
bfg 256mb ge force fx 5200 oc pci graphics card
proveiw crt monitor
usb 2.0
(my upgraded emachines 150 dvd pc)
intel 810 motherboard
1.2ghz intel celeron processor
384mb sd ram pc100
20gb hard drive
e monster case
pny 128mb ge force fx 5200 pci graphics card
no monitor
usb 1.1

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Here are my specs..
e4500 + stock heatsink
MSI neo combo
8800GT XFX
Generic DVD IDE drive(set to master)
vw450w corsair psu
2x1gb g.skill
31c cpu idle
34c case idle(hot room, no side on it)

It posts fine, reads my optical drive + tells me my BIOS version, then the next screen just has a line at the top left.

I have tried running MEMtest on a cd but it does the same thing, along with XP.

A:Just built my new pc, having some problems.

Check to make sure your hard drive is connected to the first SATA channel.
The should be numbered on the motherboard.
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Good day people I've recently built myself a new pc Everything seemed to go pretty well until I started installing windows During the pc New keeps Built crashing Windows Setup blue screen of death So I resumed it after a reboot worked So now Windows is installed I get all the critical updates then install the necessary drivers for the mobo Till now everything is still quot ok quot I try New Built pc keeps crashing running a setup for dungeon and dragon Setup goes well but I cannot launch the game It gives me no resources could be found Launcher execution terminated So I let that go and try some other New Built pc keeps crashing setups pc crashes I've already formatted many times and tried different New Built pc keeps crashing types of Windows XP Pc seems to crash when I run a setup or run too many programs Processeur Mod le AMD Athlon tm FX- Processor Vitesse GHz Num ro du Mod le estim Taux de Performance PR estim Noyaux par Processeur Unit s Threads par Noyau Unit s Cache de Donn es Interne kB Synchrone Ecriture Diff r e jeu voies octets de taille de ligne Cache sur Carte L MB ECC Synchrone Ecriture Diff r e jeu voies octets de taille de ligne Carte m re Bus PCI PCIe USB FireWire i c SMBus Support MP Processeur s APIC MP Non BIOS Syst me Phoenix Technologies LTD ASUS A N-SLI Premium ACPI BIOS Revision Syst me System manufacturer System Product Name Carte m re ASUSTeK Computer INC A N-SLI Premium M moire Totale GB DDR-SDRAM Chipset Mod le Advanced Micro Devices AMD Athlon Opteron HyperTransport Technology Configuration Vitesse du Bus Principal x MHz MHz taux de transfert M moire Totale GB DDR-SDRAM Vitesse du Bus M moire x MHz MHz taux de transfert Syst me Vid o Moniteur Panneau SONY CPD-E E E Adaptateur NVIDIA GeForce GTX Dispositifs de Stockage Physiques Lecteur Amovible Floppy disk drive Disque Dur ST AS GB CD-ROM DVD PLEXTOR DVD-ROM PX- A CD X Rd DVD X Rd CD-ROM DVD NEC DVD RW ND- A CD X Rd X Wr DVD X Rd X Wr Dispositifs de Stockage Logiques Disque Dur C GB GB Espace Libre NTFS Dungeons and Dragons Online tm D GB UDF CD-ROM DVD E N A P riph riques Port s S rie Parall le COM LPT Contr leur USB Hub Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Contr leur USB Hub Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Contr leur USB Hub USB Root Hub Contr leur USB Hub USB Root Hub Contr leur Hub FireWire Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller Clavier Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Souris PS Compatible Mouse Dispositif s Multim dia Dispositif MPU- Compatible MIDI Device Dispositif Standard Game Port Dispositif Realtek AC' Audio Gestion de l' nergie Etat de la Ligne AC Connect Syst me s d'Exploitation Syst me Windows Microsoft Windows XP Professionnel Service Pack thanks in advance ps the attachements are from Event Viewer I thought it would help

A:New Built pc keeps crashing

Hi quietjoe,

The best thing you could do for us (whomever answers or tries to help) is to list the following in English:

CPU - type and speed
Motherboard - brand name and model
Video Card - brand name and model
Power Supply - Watts and Brand Name
Drives - type, kind of drive
Memory - Brand name and type or model

That will make it much easier than trying to intepret something that is not clear at this time.
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Alright so i'm looking to upgrade my old pre-built pc.
The main game i play is CS:GO. On 800x600 4:3. I get 50-140 fps. It varies from map to map. I'm looking to upgrade my computer with a budget of 180 Euro. I'm looking to at least get 300 fps on my current resolution and 180+ on 1920x1080 if possible.
Also my computer seems to be getting slow when starting up , a week ago my pc ended up randomly crashing so i had to reinstall windows 7. Im thinking it might be my hard drive , should i replace it?
My PC's Specs :
CPU : AMD A10 7850k . 3.7 Ghz.
PSU: 500 W
GPU : Don't have a dedicated one , using onboard graphics , r7.
Motherboard : Gigabyte F2A55M-HD2.
I don't know the exact specs of the Ram or Psu due to it being pre-built.
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i bought this thing a month ago and it keeps crashing non-stop i have used windows xp pro bit and bit and both do the same thing my specs are posted its a sys op and in new crashing built two pc in my bio how can i find the exact problem whether it be software or hardware here are some of the many error codes i get in blue screens x D x x x xAA E B portcls sys x E X F BF XBAD B XBAD quot irq not less or equal x A x x x x c quot and a win sys bsod i have errors on my drivers list one is a universal usb device built a new pc and its crashing in two op sys and one is unknown if at all possible can i get some links to the drivers please here is a hjt report Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Analog Devices Core smax pnp exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE CLI EXE C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Gaim gaim exe C PROGRA MOZILL FIREFOX EXE C Documents and Settings Family Desktop HijackThis exe O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - HKLM Run ATICCC quot C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE CLIStart exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run SoundMAXPnP C Program Files Analog Devices Core smax pnp exe O - HKLM Run SoundMAX quot C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe quot tray O - HKLM Run KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra Tools menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http update microsoft com windowsupdate v V Controls en x client wuweb site cab O - Winlogon Notify WgaLogon - C WINDOWS SYSTEM WgaLogon dll O - Service Ati HotKey Poller - ATI Technologies Inc - C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe O - Service ATI Smart - Unknown owner - C WINDOWS system ati sgag exe nbsp
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So I built My self a New Machine New Parts A Gigabyte GA- GPA-UD H AMD T SIX CORE back edition GIG of Mushkin mhz corsair power supply LG DVD burner x tb Hitachi Drives x tb Hitachi Drives existing x Corsair Machine a YAY New Built My Self Force Series Solid State Drive existing Now Heres the question well its what ive done actually I booted to my SDD only no other drives attached it already had Windows Installed and loaded the Motherboard Driver Disc when in to windows then I booted to the Bios and Enabled ACHI rebooted windows found the new Achi drivers and it found all other drivers without any problems the thing is fast and im getting full speed moving files around Question do you think Ill need to reinstall WIndows So far it dosnt seem to have any problems also I loaded the latest Video Driver from ATI and it seems its Built My Self a New Machine YAY slowed the boot screen marginally maybe a few seconds on the windows animation I think I can live with that and the power its using is about watts less than Built My Self a New Machine YAY my old SYSTEM going by my UPS data

A:Built My Self a New Machine YAY

Nice to your question at hand. Professionally, yes when you have a new build always do a clean install, this will eliminate any bugs preexisting and those that might arise later do to software/hardware compatibility/conflict issues...if any. Personally, it's your build, run it like it is for awhile and test drive it for a month and see how she can always do a clean install later.
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I ve been through the issues already discussed on these forums but could not find a solution to mine I have an HP Omni all-in-one computer Windows with an in-built web cam My computer is two years old and I have only recently attempted to use the web-cam I have spent nearly a week trying to find solutions Drivers all updated web-cam displays as quot working properly quot in device manager When I open the HP MediaSmart webcam software the light displays at the top of my screen and a clicking sound can be heard when I select quot snap shot quot but the screen in MediaSmart not working In-built web cam is just like a window - showing the background on my screen I also tested the webcam in Cyberlink Power Director but although the light displays when I select capture with web cam there is just a black screen and no picture detected It was suggested by someone on Youtube that a common problem in HP computers is a loose connection for the web cam and demonstrated that In-built web cam not working removing the frame around the screen would reveal the webcam enabling a fix to the issue It looked very simple but I have not been able to get the frame around my monitor to budge and I don t want to scratch it by trying with something sharper than my nails Surely though if the connection is loose there would be an error message or some indication that the web-cab is not connected If anyone has any other suggestion or advice it would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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But I don built old I computer! So an t know how to install the OS This is the system P Mhz MHZ FSB MB RAM x x W Power supply MB Video card Everything is screwed in place wired and good to go At first I started it with no hard drive with a disc inside Good run it just told So I built an old computer! me I needed a HD Put in a GB HD and started it up it started well it told me to choose to either start the set up for Win Start the Computer with Win disk support or simply Start without the Win support disk I chose the first it went fine and it formated my GB hard drive afterwards it checked on a few things and it got to a screen where it told me to take out any Floppy Disks and press any button to restart So I pressed the quot any quot button just kidding I pressed quot d quot and it went black and restarted It went back to the Gateway screen and it showed me those options again I chose the first thinking that it would maybe finish installing win but it simply showed all the checks it did and it stopped after it checked all the components like it did before on the quot Win Setup quot screen Help Please nbsp

A:So I built an old computer!

go into BIOS, select boot from CD rom. Boot off your CD and format/install directly from the CD.

good luck

Be sure to use all the free opensource software out there to save time and money.
crap cleaner

to name a few
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I've got a new motherboard. It doesn't include enough standoffs, but soon, I realized that it has these little elevated pegs that I assume are built-in ones.

Are these ok? My old PC was custom built by a small little computer shop and I never had any static problems. I'm building this one myself. Is it ok to use these?

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Hi everyone,

Does my PC have a built in microphone, and if it does, how do I use it? My PC is eMachines EL1200-07w.

Thank you,

A:Does my PC have a built in microphone?

That info should be in the user manual that came with the computer.
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I'm contemplating installing 7 on a built-in PC that currently has Windows XP SP2 Embedded on it. Here are the technical specs:

Athlon X2 Dual-Core 4450e (2.3Ghz)
Cache: 256KB(L1), 1MB(L2)
Flash Disk Memory (HD): 4GB [FDM4GB V2.X0C]
RAM: 1GB Single Channel DDR2
LAN: Marvell 88E8055, 10/100/1000 MBit/s
Northbridge: AMD RS780
Southbridge: AMD SB700
AMD / ATi Radeon™ HD 3200 (IGP)
3 USB ports
1 VGA port
Sound: Realtek ALC262

The reason why I'm thinking of doing this is because I can't get Google Chrome to work with the current OS. From the specs above, is this feasible?

System purpose: run Chrome with bare OS environment
Physical constraints: this thing is cast inside a friggin' piece of metal

A:Installing on a built-in PC

Probably need more ram memory
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need help please, my HP Pavilion dv6324 built-in mic not working though device driver is upto date, i even rolled it back to the previous one. further, it doesn't have any sign of being disabled nor any mark in the device manager. when i use an external mic or headset, it's working fine. what could be the problem? what should i do?

A:built-in mic not working

by the way, it's Conexant HD audio, driver version, dated 05/01/08, i need help to make it work please........
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This page was built with Front Page. I was wondering how they did the link buttons at the end of the page. The uniformity of the buttons along with the script for the roll over. Did they do that with Front Page also? When I look at the work in notepad it looks very
puter hater

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I bought an abit IP35-E and it does not have an onboard video out .( why , I don't know) I added a PCI-E card, but I cannot see anything on the monitor. everything else seems to be just fine , Ram Hard drive and chip, what seems to be the problem

A:Built PC but confused!!

Do you get a POST (Power on self test) beep on startup? You should have only one.
It might not be a graphics card problem!
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Ahoy long time no see Seems i've been addicted over... up Reckon it's a built while. to World of Warcraft and neglected pretty much everything else Anyway here be the meat and bones the log ---------- Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINNT System smss exe C WINNT system winlogon exe C WINNT system services exe C WINNT system Reckon it's built up over... a while. lsass exe C WINNT system svchost Reckon it's built up over... a while. exe C WINNT system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Autodesk Shared Service AdskScSrv exe C WINNT System svchost exe C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton Utilities NPROTECT EXE C WINNT system nvsvc exe C WINNT system IoctlSvc exe C WINNT system regsvc exe C WINNT system MSTask exe C WINNT system stisvc exe C WINNT system ZoneLabs vsmon exe C WINNT Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SymTray exe C WINNT System WBEM WinMgmt exe C WINNT system MsPMSPSv exe C WINNT system svchost exe C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center UsrPrmpt exe C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DragToDisc DrgToDsc exe C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator AudioCentral RxMon exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpohmr exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exe C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator AudioCentral Playlist exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpoevm exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging Bin hpoSTS exe C Documents and Settings Loop Stricken Desktop HijackThis exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www blueyonder co uk R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINNT system msdxm ocx O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - HKLM Run Synchronization Manager mobsync exe logon O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINNT system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run TSE PLUtil C Program Files USB Flash Drive Utility PLBkMon exe O - HKLM Run PLFFAP C WINNT System HotfixQ exe O - HKLM Run Zone Labs Client C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run ccRegVfy quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccRegVfy exe quot O - HKLM Run SymTray - Norton SystemWorks C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Symtray exe SetReg O - HKLM Run Symantec NetDriver Monitor C PROGRA SYMNET SNDMon exe Consumer O - HKLM Run SSC UserPrompt C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center UsrPrmpt exe O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINNT system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run RoxioEngineUtility quot C Program Files Common Files Roxio Shared System EngUtil exe quot O - HKLM Run RoxioDragToDisc quot C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DragToDisc DrgToDsc exe quot O - HKLM Run RoxioAudioCentral quot C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator AudioCentral RxMon exe quot O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINNT system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM RunOnce SymTray - Norton SystemWorks C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Symtrdr exe O - HKCU Run internat exe internat exe O - Startup Adobe Gamma lnk C Program Files Common Files Adobe Calibration Adobe Gamma Loader exe O - Global Star... Read more

A:Reckon it's built up over... a while.

Welcome back to TSF.

Can you be more descriptive of the problems you are having with your computer?
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I know this question has been answered a million times already but none of them have resolved my issue.

I have a hp pavilion dv9000 series and a few weeks back any program that could use the mic would freeze my system. I updated the drivers and everything and now the system doesn't freeze but the mic still doesn't work.

Is there anything else I can do?

A:built-in mic not working

Make a full anti virus scan
Download and make a full scan with Malwarebytes. If negative
I would go back one week before the freezing problem with System Restore.
System Restore - How to
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How can we tell if an app is a UWP? Now that the store no longer says "Built for Windows 10," how can we tell if it's a universal app or not?

A:Built for Windows 10

Some apps do mention it in the description.
Also, if you have the anniversary update installed on your phone, you can scroll down on the app page and you'll be able to see what platforms it is available for. For example, if you was to open Twitter, you will see the options to sort reviews by PC or Mobile, and that tells you that it is available on both.
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First off I did it i actually Need Now Help! Computer Built~! My Got BUILT my own computer and it RUNS It did not blow up or melt on the initial power-up No major problems only a few little issues that hopefully I can resolve soon I am running a GA- DX powered by a XP CPU with mb DDR RAM amp gb HD Oh yeah got it all inside a nice Antec case too The biggest problem now is no audio at all Can you guys help me The M B has the creative i think and under bios the sound chip is quot enabled quot Speakers are plugged into Got My Computer Built~! Now Need Help! the appropriate connector Windows XP is configured to use that Creative Sound Blaster so I assume it recognizes it as being there I installed drivers for it Got My Computer Built~! Now Need Help! from the gigabyte CD instead of the generic windows drivers Windows is saying there is no problem with my hardware Am I supposed to install an actual CARD for the audio or is it all onboard with the ga- dx board Oh I have been very aware of the need for cooling with this chip I think I m doing ok I love the BIOS health monitor Hmmmmm my cpu temp is around f Bruce hehehe gotta change that signature now nbsp

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Ok I'am planning to built a pc for begginers before Christmas and this are the following things=Motherboard MSI K8N NEO4-F Socket 939 Nvidia nforce atx amd,Cpu Amd Atlon 64 3700+ 1ghz fsb socket 939,Memory 2 gb of ram Corsair XMS Ddr dual channel,MSI Radeon X800 128mb 256-bit ddr PCI express x 16,Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 160gb Serial Ata hard drive,Power supply Atrix 500w 24 pins,Windows XP Pro SP2.I just want to ask you guys if this parts are compatible?

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So I built a new computer today, turns out the sudden restarts i had with my other one were due to a faulty processor, so now the new one i built is w/o a decent processor (im using a old celeron right now) anyone ever heard of this? I thought if it went bad it went bad and just didnt work....

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when I turn it on it starts fine but then gets lighter and lighter into dull colours.

it goes back to normal if I put my arm over my head.

how do I solve this?

A:built in webcams

Built into what? A laptop? All-in-one? Tablet or phone? TV?

Honestly you will need to provide a lot more info. The exact make and model of whatever device you are using it with, the operating system installed, when it started to happen, and when the device was bought? Is it still under warranty?
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Hey Folks Just got my computer built after a few days struggle I'm very new to this Installed Windows installed graphics card drivers got chrome vlc etc the essentials Then I downloaded steam tried to boot up a game and was met with a crash Now every once and a while during either me logging back in from sleep mode or launching and it built PC first my crashing! Just keeps an applications Windows will crash Additionally every time it restarts from the crash my network adaptor drivers are uninstalled Just built my first PC and it keeps crashing! as well I'm not sure if that's the adaptor windows issue or the system keeps rolling back to an earlier point each time it crashes Anyways here's my WhoCrashed report If you need additional info please let me know I'm sure I've left some important stuff out Thank you so much Computer name DESKTOP-QJ K Windows version Windows build Windows dir C WINDOWS Hardware ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC M A FX PRO R CPU AuthenticAMD AMD FX - Eight-Core Processor AMD level logical processors active mask RAM bytes total Crash Dump Analysis Crash dump directory C WINDOWS MinidumpCrash dumps are enabled on your computer On Sun PM GMT your computer crashed crash dump file C WINDOWS Minidump - - dmp This was probably caused by the following module dxgmms sys dxgmms VIDMM GLOBAL GetPinnedAllocationInfo x Bugcheck code x B xC xFFFFF F BA D xFFFFD C E x Error SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION file path C WINDOWS system drivers dxgmms sys product Microsoft Windows Operating System company Microsoft Corporation description DirectX Graphics MMS Bug check description This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code This appears to be a typical software driver bug Just built my first PC and it keeps crashing! and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module Your system configuration may be incorrect Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time On Sun PM GMT your computer crashed crash dump file C WINDOWS memory dmp This was probably caused by the following module dxgmms sys dxgmms VIDMM GLOBAL GetPinnedAllocationInfo x Bugcheck code x B xC xFFFFF F BA D xFFFFD C E x Error SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION file path C WINDOWS system drivers dxgmms sys product Microsoft Windows Operating System company Microsoft Corporation description DirectX Graphics MMS Bug check description This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that Just built my first PC and it keeps crashing! transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module Your system configuration may be incorrect Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time