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Upgrading graphic card in HP Pavilion a1522in

Q: Upgrading graphic card in HP Pavilion a1522in

hi guys. i'm basically a noob in computer hardwares,hence help me in upgrading my pc
i want to upgrade graphics to ati or nvidia 1gb card so that i would be able to play recent games like assassins creed brotherhood, stalker, crysis2.
so what budget range graphic card would you suggest in the price range of 100 - 150$(3000-5000 indian rupee)
my psu is 250 it possible to upgrade graphics without changing psu?
present pc spec


Base processor
PentiumD 915 (P) DC 2.8 GHz
? 800 MHz front side bus
? Socket 775
ATI Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel Processors
? Manufacturer: ECS
? Motherboard Name: RC410M
? HP/Compaq motherboard name: Asterope3GL8E
Hard drive
? 200 GB SATA
? 7200 rpm
memory 2 GB (2 x 1 GB)

Expansion slots
Slot type Quantity
PCI Three (One available)
PCI Express x16 One (One available)

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Preferred Solution: Upgrading graphic card in HP Pavilion a1522in

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrading graphic card in HP Pavilion a1522in

I would recommend a gtx 460 or an amd 6790. Both run right around $150. For only 150 you aren't going to get anything near max settings. Also you have to upgrade your psu. The recommended amount is at the very minimum 300w for a low end graphics card. You ideally need a mid-high end gpu, but you can't get all that much better performance in your price range. You should be looking for a decent 450-550w PSU. Corsair is a good brand.
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Will I be able to upgrade my graphics card (r7 450) to amd rx 480 ??

A:Help upgrading my hp pavilion 560-p003 graphic card to amd r...

Which specific video card and model do you mean?  You have only identified them with their generic model series names. What is the product number of your desktop PC? I can't find anything with the "hp pavilion 560-p003" you have identified it with.
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I want to upgrade my graphic card to a RADEON 9800 PRO. Does my motherboard determine if my machine can support this graphic card?

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Would this video card go with my PC? Would I need to change my CPU,etc to make my new video card work?

Evga Geforce GTX 760 1085mhz 4GB PCI-express-3.0 hdmi
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz
Memory(RAM): 6.00GB
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 1GB
OS: Windows 7

A:Upgrading Graphic card help

you wouldnt have to change anything, it would work fine.

the main question is your powersupply, what wattage is it rated to? I think the gtx 760 recommends a 500w or above, but different card makers quote differences.

the weakest link in your pc will become your cpu which will bottleneck the system, but youll still be fine playing games, maybe not at their maximum settings.
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for some reason i dont know why i cannot upgrade my graphic card
i'm using IBM T42 laptop and ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 APG (0x4C57)

A:Need help in upgrading my graphic card

What do you mean by upgrading your graphic card?
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I bought a pc recently, I'm wondering what are the compatible Graphic cards and Ram for my pc. Pc model: HP pavilion 550-132dMotherboard: HP 2B47Processor: Intel Core i5 6400 2.70 GhzRam: 4 GB DDR3Graphic Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 730 DDR3 I'm thinking of upgrading it to a better graphics like GTX 660 or GTX 730 ti, but i'm not sure if that will be compatible. Please help. Thank you.
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I have a ATI Radeon X300 PCI Express 1.0 card and was wondering what ATI card would be suitable and will fit in a Dell Dimension 5150 case. I want to upgrade as I'm hoping to get my old Pentium 4 computer up to a state to where it is good enough for games that still do require a Pentium 4 processor to work as I'm finding that whilst it can handle games, sometimes it struggles to work with others.
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Hi,I want to buy the NVIDIA 9800GT Graphic card for graphic design purposes. But before I purchase it I would like to know it it?s possible to be used on the PC?s console.I?m assuming I?d have to upgrade the power supply and maybe the mother board too.Please let me know in regard of the 9800GT what PS and mother board should I purchase, if needed, that would fit the console. I have Pavilion p7-1154. Thank you and best regards
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Just curious but on the site it says that i can download the NVidia graphics software but i can't complete it unless i have an actual Nvidid graphics card installed on my computer. Is it possible for me to upgrade the card. I have the Intel HD Graphics card and i want to switch it out for the Nvidia without any problems.

A:upgrading graphic card

Hi: In order to add the nvidia graphics adapter, you would have to change out the entire motherboard with the one that has the Intel/Nvidia switchable graphics. This would be a very labor intensive and costly project to undertake.
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I was wondering if there was anyway to boost the graphics on my computer. Could i get a newer, or faster one installed? any external ones? Here are the specs. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40 GHz 2.39 GHzInstalled memory(RAM): 8.00 GBSystem type: 64-bit Operating System, x64- based processor1TB hardrive

A:External Graphic Card Possible on Pavilion

Thesdamos, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.
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I'm looking to upgrade my 300w supply to 500w and choosing a video card. I've been looking at the EVGA geforce GFX 750 Ti SC 2GB GDDR5 Will this fit my current system?

A:upgrading graphic card - compatible?

I bought it without upgrading my PSU, i'm getting 1 beep and then 2 beep saying its my video card... Not sure if I just need more juice or something is not compatible. Edited: I replaced my old video card and it works fine. thinking to get a PSU with 500w or more... but I would like to get any advice if something else could be going wrong here.
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Greetings nbsp I'm having some issues upgrading my HP h - it wich has the following components nbsp CPU i - GPU Nvidia GT gbRAM GBMotherboard PEGATRON AB OS Windows -bit Home premium nbsp I just bought Graphic for card h8-1010it Upgrading HP the GTX ti from Palit Upgrading Graphic card for HP h8-1010it to change with my GT and when i was booting the computer with the GTX ti it blocks on HP screen after - secs deniying me every action playing short beeps every secs about and forcing me to shut down the pc from the power button nbsp I tried all common actions drivers mobo reset everything since i saw that many users on the web had my same problem cause of the uncompatibility of probably Upgrading Graphic card for HP h8-1010it both motherboard and UEFI to new graphic cards nbsp There are rumors and unfoccial posts around the web wich explains that there are few graphic cards that actually can be compatible with my motherboard so i'm asking here if someone knows some of these cards nbsp I found too this information from MSI products that could be helpfull especially cause if the ti from MSI could solve my problem could be perfect nbsp http event msi com vga Hybrid BIOS nbsp I was reading about few people that solved too without official response with some AMD cards like R x nbsp nbsp Any help could be a miracle thanks for your patience and replies

A:Upgrading Graphic card for HP h8-1010it

The HP h8-1010it motherboard with it's WIN 7 is a Legacy BIOS.  The answer your seeking is the MSI 750Ti card, which you already know has the UEFI - Legacy switch.  Your PSU is adequate for the GT545 or the GTX 750Ti.  Call MSI concerning your desires on the R7 or R9 series, and ask which specific card is UEFI - Legacy (Hybrid) card.  Be aware that you'll need a new PSU, as these cards need more Wattage.
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I got a Dell Dimension 5150 UK with an a old ATI X300 Series 128MB Graphic Card. I was wondering if can I freely upgrade the graphics card and what is a good Geforce 8800 or a ATI Radeon HD 3850 card that is within my budget of £100 or a Geforce 7900/ Radeon X1800?

I'm also don't know if these type of cards are applicable to my machine as I've only upgraded the DVD Drive and wanted to upgrade my computer before Star Trek Online was released

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Ok so I am thinking about buying a gpu for my PC First of all the specs for it here I was browsing through newegg and trying to find a decent gpu have a budget but then (graphic psu) upgrading computer card my Help and in a review Help upgrading my computer (graphic card and psu) I was warned about the size of the gpu and then I also realized that I ll need a new psu My problem is that most new gpus pci-e x are behemots in size apparently quot x quot etc and it seems they won t fit onto my mobo or will they I just don t want to buy a new gpu and psu just to find out that they won t fit This is the first upgrade I ll be doing to my Help upgrading my computer (graphic card and psu) computer Can anyone help me recommending me cards and psu or at least giving me a guideline of what size of card should I be looking at Also if I m able to use double slot cards or not Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Help upgrading my computer (graphic card and psu)

The graphics cards wil fit in your motherboard as you have a 2.0 16x PCIe slot and from what I can see your case can fit a dual slot card (as far as card slots on the back go) but I cannot find any details regarding the length from the card slots to the (hard drive cages?) edge of the case. The best way would be if you could measure the length from the card slots to the hard drive cages / edge of the case, then we can recommend an appropriately sized card and a new PSU based on the recommended card.
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my system configuration is :
Motherboard :GA -8I865GME- 775
CPU :intel p4 HT 3.06GHz
RAM:1.5GB ddr1
graphics:On board intel 82865G graphics adapter
PSU :450 Watt

i have an AGP 4x/8x(1.5v) slot

now i want to install a new graphics card in my AGP slot and my question is :

Can my pc handle a 1GB graphic card or i should stick to a 512Mb one.

thank you in advance

A:problem upgrading the graphic card

Can you buy a 1GB AGP graphics card at the moment? They seem to be scarce (in the USA) at the moment.

If you can get one, the only harm that I foresee is a slightly higher cost than a 512MB model.
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I recently discovered that I cant run both autodesk recap and naviswork freedom 2017 on my system due to lower graphic card and incompatilibilty of my system OS to naviswork system requirement respectively. Please kindly help out. How can I update the graphic card driver?
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Mainboard : Gigabyte nForce
Chipset : nVidia nForce3 250
Processor : AMD Athlon 64 3500+ @ 2200 MHz
Physical Memory : 1024 MB (1 x 1024 DDR-SDRAM )
Video Card : ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9600 Series (V350)
Hard Disk : Maxtor (164 GB)
Hard Disk : ST325082 (250 GB)
CD-Rom Drive : LITE-ON LTR-48246S
DVD-Rom Drive : TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162C
Monitor Type : Samsung SyncMaster - 17 inches
Network Card : Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Ltd) Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit
I fancy upgrading Graphic card ...for better graphic on my strategy games and google earth any tips

A:Solved: Upgrading Graphic Card

oo.. ill like suggest a GF9600GT just for the fun of it. =)

but seriously, guessing your MB only has a AGP slot, so your choices are pretty much limited. you can try the HD2600XT or the nvidia 7-series. but they cost about $100 or so? not really worth it when you compare them to the pcie cards.
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HiI want to upgrade graphic card in my hp pavilion g6 laptop

A:I want to upgrade graphic card in my go pavilion g6 core i3 ...

No there is no video card slot to add anything in. We would need your model number to see if there is any motherboard replacement with better video but that rarely makes any economic sense.
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Im searching for a graphic card to buy and i cant find any that would be good for my computer, as you can see my search is doing bad. I need a 1gb graphic card for a slimline got any ideas ?
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Hola: Tengo un all-in-one HP Pavilion 22, la cual viene con una gráfica Intel HD Graphics 4400 integrada. Necesito una tarjeta gráfica con mejores prestaciones (memoria de por lo menos 1GB), tipo Nvidia Geforce o AMD Radeon, pero mi duda es si es posible agregar una tarjeta gráfica como esa al ordenador. Gracias de antemanoy un cordial saludo,
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Hi, I have installed Windows Seven on my HP Pavilion laptop. Everything works just fine, except the Aero feature. The taskbar, for example, is dull and grey, instead of being glass-like and transparent. I did a problem sweep with Windows, and it said that I had to install the graphics card driver. I cannot seem to find it, however. What am I supposed to do?

A:HP Pavilion dv6000 graphic card driver

Welcome to Seven forums Glouprie: Well first we need to know if your running 32 bit or 64 bit windows 7, Then go into device on display adapter>properties>details tab>drop down menu>hardware id and Copy and Paste the harware id string. This will give us the Nvidia card your laptop is using, and we can get a driver form their. Most likely you'll need to modify the .inf file to get it to work. Thanks . Fabe
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So this Notebook has NVIDIA GeForce 830M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated) and i was wondering if I can upgrade the Graphic card to something else which is higer than this.. Is it possible? If yes can someone suggest which Graphic card should i upgrade it to..

A:HP Pavilion 15-p210TX - Graphic Card Upgrade

Hi: There is no removable/replaceable graphics 'card' in your notebook like what can be done in a desktop PC. The only way to upgrade the graphics would be to replace the entire motherboard with one listed in the service manual for your specific model PC that may have better graphics. This would be a costly and labor intensive project.
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presenly using intel 945 chipset graphic family. window 7ultimate 32 can i replace this graphic card? and which one is best graphic card comitable with my note book.thnx 

A:i am using hp pavilion dv 2214 tu. can i change graphic card...

Hi: There are no graphics 'cards' in your notebook that can be removed and replaced, like they can in many desktop PC's. The graphics adapter in your notebook is part of the motherboard, and in order to upgrade the graphics, the entire motherboard would have to be replaced with one that is listed in the service manual for your notebook that may have better graphics.
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I am in the process of upgrading the graphics card on my HP z400 works station.  The computer original had a Nivdia Quadro 4000 graphic card, 2GB, however, this is presently proving to be a bottle neck when carrying out renderings.  In view of this I am considering purchasing an Nvidia GTX 1080 8 GB graphics card.  However, I am not sure that this is compatable with my mother board.  I have read that PCI 3 cards are compatible with PCI 2 mounts, given that this is a costly upgrade I do not want to get it wrong. Can anyone tell me whether the HP z400 workstation can run a Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB graphics card with no loss in performance. Many thanks
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Hello, so I was wondering about upgrading my laptop's dedicated graphic card since it has dual graphics. The integrated one being an AMD R6 Carrizo, and the dedicated one being an R7 M360X. I've searched about it, but I haven't really found a clear answer. I do know that it isn't possible to upgrade an integrated card, and that there are cases in which it is possible to upgrade a laptop's card. So back to the question, can I upgrade my laptop's dedicated card? The model is an HP pavilion ab012la.
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After upgrading to windows 10 my Intel(r) HD 4000 graphic card is not working. I've tried everything , from windows updates, hp updates and intel updates. At the device manager when i check the device i get this message in its status "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" . It's really frustrating

A:After upgrading to windows 10 my graphic card is not working

Hi there @Matselele,  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and see that you are having the frustrating issue with the Device Manager Code 43 Error. I read that you have tried to do some troubleshooting on your own at this point including updates. Some of the steps below are going to seem redundant and repetitive to what you have already tried. I am posting them again for you to try in an order that may help you. Please just bare with me and I will do my absolute best to help you with a resolution .  When you open the Device Manager, do you see any red x's or exclamation marks?Did you Uninstall the Intel Driver in the Device Manager?Do you have more than one Graphics Driver in the Device Manager? Please try to: Open Device ManagerUninstall all of the Graphics DriversRestart the Notebook twice,The proper driver should pull in automatically after restarting twice. If it does not, try manually downloading the Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver:File name: sp72370.exe.Released: Aug 5, 2015Updated: Jul 7, 2016Fix and enhancements:  Provides support for Windows 10.I found this download and information on your HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j003tu Notebook PC Software and Driver Downloads page.  If you need to update the driver manually:Right-click the graphics driver available in the device managerselect Update Driver Software. Browse my computerSelect the graphics driver download (sp72370.exe)Click Next There is also a Microsoft tool called Microsoft Fix It that may help resolve the Code 43 error you are receiving.  Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue by marking this post as Accept as Solution. If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. If you wish to say thanks for my effort to help, click the Thumbs up to give me a Kudos. Please re-post and let me know how the detailed results of the troubleshooting!  Have a fantastic day!
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ATI Radeon HD Upgrading to AMD Radeon HD Unistalled old card via quot Programs amp Features quot in Control Panel Restarted Cpu Took out old card put in new one I do not know if i have this quot PCI Express based PC is required with one X lane graphics slot available on the motherboard quot Nor do i know much about HDMI VGA DVI So Card Graphic Upgrading NEEDED HELP SIMPLE i start up cpu amp use CD to install card Went flawlessly and installed nicely Restarted CPU Upgrading Graphic Card SIMPLE HELP NEEDED and was in excitement to see new graphics on Black Ops so i started the game to come across a message and same with GTA Then it also has other errors Pictures here http imageshack us g jpg I restarted CPU after facing the Black Ops error Then started getting quot No ATI graphic card installed quot but it s in there and was installed with CD properly I used the regular VGA cord to connect to display screen inches Do i need more HDMI DVI Because it would make sense Says on the box quot VGA HDMI DVI quot So right now I tried to reinstall old graphic card but no luck as i am not experienced in this kind of stuff I restarted CPU and windows automatically found my old graphic card so it installed it So i restart cpu then it says quot No ATI card quot Like wtf CPU SPECS AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GB Ram Vista bit operating system Anyone have any insight on how to fix this Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Upgrading Graphic Card SIMPLE HELP NEEDED

First of all, we have no idea what we are working on; post your exact system specs; ie make and model of mb, exact pw supply installed, etc.

Next here is how to properly install a new video card;
1 Uninstall ALL software related to the card using control panel; ie driver, any editing software, any control app, etc
2 When prompted to reboot, do not. Just shutdown the system and pull out your old card
3 Install new card and pw ON the system. Do not use any supplied CD. Go to the amd/ati site and download the latest driver for your card. Install the driver and reboot when prompted. Note you can download the driver prior to removing the old card; just do not attempt an install until your new card is installed.

Note for ati cards, I never install all of the stuff that comes on a CD. I install just the driver files downloaded from ati. IMO the CCC is problematic at best and often causes problems.
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can someone please help me out here ,, after i upgraded my windows to 8 yesterday im having problems with my graphic card i cant find it in the device manager all i see is microsoft basic display adapter ,,
i have an asus laptop the g75vw rs72
12 GB ram
Geforce gtx 670M 3GB
i got the driver thingy from the nvidia website
and everytime i try to install the graphic card driver it doesnt work it gives me a message "Nvidia istaller cannot continue a system restart is required. restart system and try again." i restart the computer and nothing happens same message.
thank you <3

can someone please help me out here i want to play battlefield ,, thank you
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Hi, i want to upgrade my graphic card to NVIDIA GeForce 9700M GT but not sure if my computer can handle it. Anyone know how to check it before i buy (motherboard and powersupply wise). Thanks.

A:Some newbie question about upgrading a new graphic card

What are your system specs currently, and ... are you planning to upp graphics card on a laptop?

For an advance indication, before you provide your sys specs, you can check PSU req for any Nvidia Videocard on their website:

Motherboard-wise, we'll need to know what you have already; what kind of laptop mobo do you have?
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Hello,i need the latest drivers for my display adapter Amd Radeon R7 M260,the hardware id isCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6900&SUBSYS_22C8103C&REV_00   hope you can help me out,than you

A:pavilion f100-nm graphic card driver update

Hi, The following driver is for 17-f100nm machine: Regards.
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Hi, Please give me recommendation or choice, compatible graphics (vga) card for HP Pavilion Slimline 400-020l available on the market.

View Solution.

A:Compatible graphic card for HP Pavilion Slimline 400-020l

Hi, You need an UEFI enabled, low profile, low wattage graphics card with a full size bracket.  Sometimes graphics cards are shipped with both brackets.  Your PC only has a 270 watt power supply so your pickins will be limited. I have seen some cards that might work but the graphics card manufacturer's all recommend a bigger power supply. A higher wattage Slimline power supply from Athena might work in your PC. You can use GPU-Z to determine the performance (memory bandwidth) as a place to start from when looking for a graphics card.
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Hi. I currently have a HP Pavilion Elite HPE-315be with a nvidia geforce GT320 and I would like to upgrade it for the new models of graphic cards such as GTX900 series. Is it possible in terms of the size to fit the Case, energy supply and so on? If no, are there better graphic cards that may be an option or since it's OEM it is a brand new desktop?I'm keen on changing the graphic card because since the windows 10, when I play some video games the computer crashs and reboots for no aparent reason (I'm assuming it is the graphic card). I someone as a better explanation, I'm all hears.Thank you
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i own a hp pavilion slimline 400 and i wanna upgrade the graphic card of it .However  the power supply is not enough for my new graphic card.The graphic is too large for that case . SO i decide to buy a new case and P.S! move all the thing inside the hp pavilion slimline 400 to a new case. However i have heard somebody saying that this kind of PC can not match with the case which we can buy in the store and the pin cable of those power supply in the market dont match with the motherboard. CAN i really do that?
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motherboard chipset H I ve upgraded this machine before PSU W and nVIDIA GTS It works fine for a long time Today I upgraded my other PC and got a spare PSU W and AMD So I just replaced the PSU and GPU in my old nbsp Inspiron When I turned on this computer nothing showed up just pure black screen without signal and there s no beep on this motherboard so no alert of course Then I pushed the power button it turned off immediately which means it didn t pass POST at all Now I m using it with w PSU and GTS works fine It s clear that the w PSU v graphic - after upgrading Inspiron card screen 620 Black rail A is enough for this system both PSU and works fine in my other PC Black screen after upgrading graphic card - Inspiron 620 with a more powerful CPU TDP W nbsp Black screen after upgrading graphic card - Inspiron 620 So I suspect it s the compatible problem between H motherboard of and AMD Radeon HD nbsp The BIOS version is A It s the newest one released in Thanks for your help
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Hello!! I'm new here so bare with me

My question is: I'm deciding to upgrade my graphic card and power supply on my "HP Pavilion P7-1010"
I came across these two that I really like! I wanted to know if they will suit my computer specs so I don't over fry anything or end up buying it and realizing that I don't have a PCI-E input.

My computer specs:

Graphic Card:

Power Supply:

Any help is appreciated!! Thank you

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My parents bought this computer for me last year from Circuit City for At first I was like quot YES I can finally play good games on this computer We were surprised by how quot good quot it was and the price compared to that Well last year my definition of good games had to do with low to on new GFX card Hp a my a6700f Pavilion Upgrading graphics Now that I'm older and games have gotten better I need a new graphics card Now that Black Friday is coming up I have a great chance at low prices I need a new PSU Power Processing Unit to accommodate the greater power I need for a new card What PSU should I get Then I need the card itself which needs to be able to fit into the right port in the computer What is a good but not too expensive graphics card Some more help I could Upgrading to a new GFX card on my Hp Pavilion a6700f use is knowing what ports for video cards does an a f have PCI PCI express AGP and or etc Another thing could be a picture of the internals in the tower I want to know what I will see before I open up the cover Somebody please help I need to find out all these things fast before Black Friday sneaks up on me Thanks

A:Upgrading to a new GFX card on my Hp Pavilion a6700f

You first need to determine if your motherboard supports PCIe, AGP or PCI.

Use this picture to figure that out.

Once you have gone that far, what is your budget?
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The graphics card that comes in this PC only has VGA and DVI outputs. Is there a way to add a card that will have HDMI and DVI outputs? I prefer to use two monitors. I don't want to have power supply issues as mentioned in previous forums.

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A:HP Pavilion p7-1421 upgrading graphics card

There is no way to add a video card without upgrading the power supply unit (PSU).  The current PSU is only 300W.  While some of the newer cards state in the specs that they will run on 300W, most members have reported that they require 400W. Here is a USB 3.0 video adapter that will work.  You have two USB 3.0 ports on the back of your computer.  I suggest contacting StarTech's Tech Support for help with choosing the best video adapter for your needs. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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A few months ago I started getting into pc gaming after purchsing my desktop.  I didn't origannaly buy the computer for gaming, but now that I have really enjoyed it i would like to upgrade my graphics card.  I understand that I will probably have to upgrade the power supply.  What I really want to find out is a few video cards compatible with my motherboard/processor that will allow me to play games like Crysis 3, Far cry, and any newer games I may want to buy in the future without going over around $200.  I'm not looking for a card that  I will get to play the games on the highest setting just for something that will give me stable fps.  Thank you.  Link to specs:

A:Upgrading the graphics card on a HP Pavilion HPE h8-1210

Boba729, welcome to the forum. Here is a card that should work for you.  It is a double card, so you will no doubt lose the use of one of the PCI Express x1 slots.  Read the "Customer Reviews" to see what other users have to say.  If you decide against this card be certain to stay under 9" in length to assure that it fits into the space provided. It doesn't state the amount of wattage required to run it properly, but I believe that you can get by with a 550W to 600W power supply unit (PSU).  Here is a highly rated PSU manufactured by Corsair.  I also like OCZ products. These two items should keep you close to your $200 limit. Please click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.
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I've had my Pavilion for awhile and I've enjoyed it but it has always kind of struggled with gaming I don't usually try to play the latest titles or go for ultra HP for 500-320q... Considering Pavilion graphics card upgrading graphics so Considering upgrading graphics card for HP Pavilion 500-320q... it hasn't been a huge deal but I've been thinking about upgrading to get better performance Considering upgrading graphics card for HP Pavilion 500-320q... and play some newer games In particular I would like to play Overwatch and get better performance in WOW Here's my current stats which are just what the computer came with nbsp Intel Core i - GB RamNvidia GeForce GT nbsp I did some research and it seems like the graphics card is the weak link that is hurting my gaming ability I've never upgraded a graphics card before so I just want to be sure I get something that would work for my system I did some research and I thought the GeForce GTX Ti looked like a reasonable option for me Does anyone know if it would work in my Pavilion Any other suggestions for graphics card or otherwise Thanks
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Hello, I am wanting to upgrade from the integrated graphics that came with my computer to a GeForce GT 730. I already have the card and had plugged it into my PCIe x16 slot and do see the fan running but neither my BIOS or Windows sees a card plugged into that slot. I did go into the BIOS to see if I had to enable the slot but the only option I see is to Disable or Enable security on the slot. It was already set to disabled. I'm kind of at a loss as to getting it recognized and if any more info is needed I'm happy to provide.
Relevancy 67.08%

Many people say it's useless to upgrade the video card on a Hp Pavilion like mines because it only accepts PCI cards. I'm not looking for any expensive high-tech cards, just something that can Handle COunter-Strike:Source.

Help please.

A:Upgrading Video card on my HP Pavilion a705w

Honestly, your best bet would be to buy a new computer, if you were going to run CS:S on a system like this, you would have to upgrade video as well as some memory... There are no "good" video cards for a PCI slot, and the memory in that system isnt all that great...

Also Check: The STICKY at the top of Audio and Video: So you only have PCI slots and want to game?
Relevancy 67.08%

I'm looking to upgrade my Graphics Card to a newer nvidia model, currently have GT 620 which came with the pc. I'd like to know how far up the nvidia line would the motherboard of my HP Pavilion HPE H8-1203 be capable of handling(ex. 700 series, 800 series, 900 series). I have heard that this particular model has some issues with newer Graphics Cards due in part to some issue with the bios. Just wondering at what point would I be wasting my money by purchasing a newer graphics card.  Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
Relevancy 66.65%

I want to upgrade my graphics card with one that will run 4K. I bought and installed a GEForce GTX 980 (was on special) but the PC wouldn't boot with this installed. I played around with it for a while, with no success. I contacted the shop where I bought the card from and they said, bring it in, we'll sort it. I took it to them and they had the same result. They then said that HP put a block/code in the BIOS to stop third party peripherals from functioning. I've not been able to verify if this is in fact the case. If it is, does HP have a prefered "vendor" of graphics cards they "allow" to run? If not, what card/s will work with this PC? To save ppl looking up the hardware specs:Motherboard is a Cleveland-GL8Graphics Card is a AMD Radeon HD 6850
Relevancy 66.65%

I'm wondering if I can upgrade my Graphics Card and what models I should use to upgrade with? Thank you very much.

A:Upgrading Graphics Card on HP Pavilion g7-1328dx Notebook ??

Hi, Unfortunately the amd chip is integrated into the system board and is not an upgradeable component - this is the case for the majority of consumer class notebooks. Regards, DP-K
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Firstly i went to to check what gfx cards my computer was compatible with. It told me PCI-express

I bought the above gfx card.
The gfx card installation CD doesnt have instructions for its specific type of card (X1300), just a bunch of other ATI Radeons, which is ridiculous.
Its made by Sapphire so it figures.

Well ive never done this before, ive installed RAM which is easy but ive heard this is a bit more complex. Ive been told i need to first uninstall my current video drivers and possibly disable the onboard. My Current card is on a Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset Family motherboard. I also heard i have to hook a bunch of things up. Could anyone give me a walkthrough or point me in the direction of an installation guide?

A:Upgrading video card on HP Pavilion a1020n with ATI Radeon X1600 Pro PCI-e

Don't kill the messenger but....

It looks to me like for expansion slots, you are limited to PCI only. You do not have any PCIexpress slots on that motherboard, nor any AGP.

The card you purchased will not work in your system. You may want to wait for a second opinion before you toss it out your window, but I am 99.999999% sure.
Relevancy 59.77%

First of all I don't know too much about computers so use easy language please I have sent in my computer to get repaired and got it isn't my Graphic graphic finds found. Help! card Only integrated card. back yestersay Since then i've been trying to get it to work properly again I can't play any of the games I used to play before I sent it in to get repaired for example Battlefield I can start dota but it looks pretty messed up I can run minecraft though Anyway after a lot of questions asked trying out different stuff and after getting further and further to the end of this problem I've come to this My computer shows me that I have an Graphic card isn't found. Only finds my integrated graphic card. Help! nvidia geforce nforce a graphic card Although it says in the computer description that it SHOULD have a AMD HD GB GDDR My screen isn't plugged in the graphic card since it doesn't recieve anything from there It is plugged directly to the motherboard So from what I understand the nvidia card is the integrated graphic card or am I totally wrong Anyway the device manager can only find the nvidia card and I cannot run any game smoothly on this computer Before I realized this possibility I've tried to download newer drivers for the nvidia card but it didn't help Please help me to get my ADM HD GB GDDR to run I'm trying to google for solutions but I'll give this site a shot Thanks

A:Graphic card isn't found. Only finds my integrated graphic card. Help!

first check they havent stolen you GPU
then check that the 4/8pin pci power supply is plugged into the top left of the motherboard.
then check the gpu has power cable(s) plugged in.
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I start having hardware problems with my graphic card (NVidia GT 750) and I am looking for a replacement.  We don't need a gaming card, but we are doing high end graphic design with Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator, InDesign and so on...Thanks for your help!
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Hi, i'm running window 7 32-bit OS.
My graphic card is (ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics)
My problem is that after i went to, downloaded,uninstall the old catalyst and installed a new catalyst which matches my OS and yet i got this message whenever i tried to run that catalyst.
"No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.
Please install the AMD driver appropriate for you AMD hardware"
can anyone help me solve this problem?

I've downloaded the catalyst alot of times and kept install and uninstall but i'm still having the same problem.
I really appreciate any suggestions..

A:graphic driver can't detect graphic card

Try downloading the driver from HP; select your model from this list Compaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center
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I installed windows 10 and since then I have not been able to download AMD radeon HD 7600m and AMD Radeon 7520G driver. I tried installing it through device manager but I get this reply :windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems .(code 43).please help me with a solution .thanks .Regards .
Relevancy 52.89%

HP Pavilion dv6-6155tx graphic driver i have tried "AMD/Intel Switchable High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver Rev. 84.9 MB Mar 1, 2016but it not even installs

A:HP Pavilion dv6-6155tx graphic driver

Hi: That 84.9 MB driver HP posted is a mistake.  There aren't any AMD graphics drivers in that file. This is the one you should be using, and if it doesn't work, unfortunately I would not know why it doesn't. This package provides the AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver and Catalyst Control Center for supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. For notebooks with switchable graphics modes, this package includes drivers for both graphics processing units (GPUs). Switchable graphics enable users to switch between a power-saving graphics mode (normally used under battery power) and a high-performance graphics mode. If high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) video output is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver. File name: sp55092.exe
Relevancy 52.46%

I just reinstalled my computer with windows 7 64bit and I have HP pavilion dv7 6050ec with two graphic cards : mobility radeon HD 6770M and a generic Intel HD Graphics Family. Since I reinstalled the computer, I no longer have to option to chose what graphic card I want to use. Before this reinstallation I could just right click on the desktop and there was a option that said Switch Graphical units, but now there is nothing like that. And I have the latest drivers for both graphic cards and latest Catalyst Control Center and Direct X installed. And in device manager all drivers are installed correctly. So I have no idea what to do.
Please help

A:Cant switch graphic cards on HP pavilion DV7 6050ec

Have you looked in BIOS to disable the onboard video? I don't know where that option came from, I confess that I've never seen it. Otherwise, you could try and disable the onboard video in the device manager.
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Hi everyone My Pavilion dv - us was running great on Windows -bit til I upgraded it to windows It was also working nbsp fine graphic pavilion driver dv7-6195us not working on windows for sometime until pavilion dv7-6195us graphic driver not working Microsoft genius years anniversary upgrade My laptop then started to freeze on startup tried multiple ticks to make it work I could not even get to safe mode it was bad I had to go back to windows with a clean install my problem now is that I cannot pavilion dv7-6195us graphic driver not working get my graphics to work I installed and reinstalled multiple times the graphic driver from HP website Radeon and AMD website Radeon series with no success The Radeon or the series cards shows up with a yellow triangle always along with the intel graphic card on the device manager but every time I install the Driver either from HP AMD or even from nbsp Windows update and restart the laptop freezes at the windows starting logo I then have no choice but to force restart go safe mode then device manager and nbsp uninstall the Radeon driver only way to escape the freezing screen each time I attempt a driver install On top of that I have only choices of screen resolution either the x or the x my native resolution I believe was x also the screen brightness keys are not working they are grey like and they do not move when selected The screen switch key isn't working either Also the Monitor Pnp device isn't showing on my device manager or on my device and printers windows I also reinstalled unsuccessfully my bios from HP website twice I do not know what else I can do I spent many days now and hours googling my problem without success I'm thinking that AMD dumped the Radeon Looks like there might be a drivers incompatibility or conflict I do not know I'm not a specialist I would truly appreciate any help or advice Thank you very much in advance P S My laptop was purchased in still looking and working great besides the graphic issue I'm not dumping it nor replacing it anytime soon This lap top has still great days ahead not giving up Please help give it a second chance Thank you again product name Pavilion dv - usproduct number LW OUA ABA

A:pavilion dv7-6195us graphic driver not working

Hi, My suggestion go to the gollowing link to download and install    Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver   Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver then reboot. After that download and install the following order (also using the above link):        Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver       AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver Regards.Note: Try the lastest drivers first.
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Help! Now my standard VGA Graphic Adapter only works on my HP Pavilion dv9000? I have a Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS on this Laptop but now its not loading up right, on start-up? I had to, chip Rev for the Nvidia to get my laptop to work... or see anything on the screen? but now I can not play any game or watch movies correctly. HP are no help ether as my warranty has run out now, can anyone help me? I have attached some images of my display settings.

A:My standard VGA graphic adapter only works on my HP Pavilion dv9000?

If you are using Vista 32 bit go here an get the Video Card Drivers
If you are using Vista 64 bit go here an get the Video Card Drivers
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Hi all I would consider myself to have a basic knowledge of the workings of graphic upgrading needed! EL1352 advice eMachines a PC but I m no Einstein I bought an eMachines EL yesterday and knew eMachines EL1352 graphic upgrading advice needed! that the graphics card was dire and have today gone and purchased an ATI RADEON HD card I purchased the card based on it s price and its low profile capability as my PC is a SFF I need some advice on how to install the card as an LP card as the current set eMachines EL1352 graphic upgrading advice needed! up of the card s connectors means it wouldn t fit How do I convert the card into a low profile card with the plates provided Also at the back of the machine where the ports would sit when installed there are metal plates covering the slots Do I extract these plates they need quite a bit of force to take them off - I haven t done so yet as I want to be sure I know what Im doing If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it - I ve upgraded bits before RAM HDD DVD drive etc but have never changed a graphics card - and I have never encountered these new fangled SFF PCs before Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me - or any websites that may hit the nail on the head Ta nbsp

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From 512MB now. Is it worth it? Will my laptop run faster?

A:For graphic editing/video programs, will I benefit upgrading to 1GB ram?
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I am currently using a Sony Vaio All-in-one desktop It probably around years old and has been running slowly lately so I wiped it using DBAN and then proceeded to install Windows bit After installing java activex and some other drivers I sony tried issues w7, to upgrading graphic driver vaio then downloaded a game called League of Legends When I tried running the game however I got sony vaio tried upgrading to w7, graphic driver issues a quot could not load direct d quot error sony vaio tried upgrading to w7, graphic driver issues So after delving into some research my model number is VGC-LT E it seems to me that this computer is so old that Sony never released updated drivers for Windows compatibility The only drivers I could find graphics card is GeForce m GT were compatible only with Vista To add to the mess this comp apparently only uses proprietary drivers so I couldn t get drivers from nvidia s website TL DR - Does anyone know of a way to get working drivers for my Sony Vaio VGC-LT E on Windows bit I want to try and avoid having to downgrade back to Vista Thanks in advance to anyone who replies nbsp

A:sony vaio tried upgrading to w7, graphic driver issues

Give this Sony article a read regarding your VAIO & Win 7:
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Just picked up a Hp Pavilion. Got it with just the basics. It's a 2.93 Ghz Pentium 4, 16 kilobyte primary memory cache, 1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache. Has 1, 256 mb of ram. For a 2.93 ghz..........this thing is a sled as far as muti tasking!! I know I need to add more ram.....what do I get as far as what kind, etc? It's in a DIMM slot. I want to get a separate video card too instead of an on board one. A link to newegg would be nice and any suggestions would be appreciated as well. Thanks, B-72

Relevancy 51.17%

Hi i got a pavilion w la with a p processor ghz i want to upgrade the processor so i found pavilion upgrading my this on hp site this is upgrading my pavilion the motherboard Motherboard specifications table Motherboard description Motherboard manufacturer s name MSI MS- HP Compaq name Graphite-GL E CPU upgrading my pavilion Processor Socket Supports the following processors Pentium series Pentium with HT Celeron D Front-side bus FSB MHz Pentiums MHz Celeron D Chipset Northbridge i GV Southbridge ICH Searching on intel site i found some p processors but i dont know wich one the best of them -Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition Supporting upgrading my pavilion Hyper-Threading Technology Processor Pentium Extreme Edition GHz KB L Cache MB L Cache MHz Front Side Bus this is the best for my mobo i think beacause is the only one with mhz fsb there are better processors but with mhz fsb i think they woulndt fit right -Intel Pentium Processor Supporting Hyper-Threading Technology p or running at ghz mb L cache and mhz fsb this is the faster here First i want to know if my mobo will support the p extreme edition ghz second if the p extreme edition is way better than the p ghz Thanks for the help nbsp

A:upgrading my pavilion

-Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Supporting Hyper-Threading Technology ?
(p4 670 or 672 running at 3,8 ghz, 2mb L2 cache and 800 mhz fsb this is the faster here.)

Is probably your best choice, but if I was you I would actualy build a new computer instead of upgrading a old one, Saves you from upgrading all the parts ( which could add up to alot of money because the Manufacture's website sometimes doubles or triples the price of the part so you pay more )

If you go on Newegg you could probably find the same part for cheaper then the manufacture's website

Hope I helped
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i have an hp pavilion a1700n with this mother board......

i was just wondering what type of power supply would be came with a 300W i was looking to get like a 450W or more ....but i need at least 350W to run the video card i just bought.....any specifications on power supplies that will be compatible would be great then i could shop around for a good deal on one

A:upgrading the psu in my pavilion

Any standard ATX one will do with a 24pin motherboard connection and a 4 pin CPU connection. Both those should come as standard.
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So I'm going to upgrade the default HDD on my laptop HP Pavilion DV6 2153.eo. There are two things that I'm not so sure of tho.

1. Can I get a SATA/III SSD HDD and throw it in the laptop <- are the SATA/III SSD HDDs backward compatible with/to SATA/II

2. What HDD should I get, it should at least be something like 180Gb but then also the price shouldn't be sky high...and then ofc I should also be able to get it here in north Europe

P.S. I'm also going to get more there anything else that can be upgraded..?

A:Upgrading HDD on a HP Pavilion DV6

...a bump here maybe...gonna need to order the parts soon so O_o
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my pc has only 2 slots of ram. first slot have 8gb and i tried to put in extra 4gb ram second slot and it's still on 8gb no changes please help me . much appreciated
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Hi all,

I wanted to get some suggestions on upgrading ram in a HP Pavilion dv6. Possibly going to SSD harddrive also.

The system currently runs on Intel I5 on 6gb of ram. Can this be doubled? Limitations?

(Right now is shows I'm using 85% of its memory, and less than 20% of the CPU.)
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I've managed to upgrade some of my home PC's from Win or Win to Wn without any significant problems but I am having major difficulty upgrading one of my PC's It is running Win Home -bit and when I originally ran the Windows upgrade advisor it indicated that I could not upgrade as my NVidia GEForce graphics card was incompatible with Windows I tried various workarounds using suggestions on this and other sites to upgrade with the GEForce card but none were successful So I purchased and to 10 upgrading card graphics Win after Upgrading - incompatible installed a new graphics card - an AMD Radeon R which should be Win compatible Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card I then re-ran the Win upgrade advisor - it still said that I couldn't upgrade as the quot GeForce card quot was incompatible - even though it was no longer installed I checked the Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card Device Manager and the graphics card was clearly showing as being the AMD card I then explicitly uninstalled any NVidia drivers software using the Control Panel Program uninstall - still unable to upgrade to Win I also ran the Wagnard tools quot Display driver uninstaller quot and removed any NVidia software drivers - still unable to upgrade I am using the latest drivers from the AMD website I also tried to upgrade using the Media Creation tool and a Win image from DVD previously this also failed to work and gave the incompatible graphics card error this seemed to work up to a point but after a reboot it wanted me to select a keyboard layout but neither my usb keyboard nor mouse would function and the installation froze On rebooting the OS reverted to Win and the keyboard mouse worked ok I want to upgarde to Win rather than do a fresh install but am now unsure what to do - I keep getting the quot Incompatible GEForce graphics card quot message anytime I run the Win advisor tool even after downloading it again from the MS website Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue and finally upgrade

A:Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card

Windows 10 no longer supports NVIDIA 6-Series Graphics Cards anymore as of Windows 8

Hint : Install drivers manually through device manager (it may or may not work)
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Hello. Few days ago i bought a new laptop. HP Notebook 15-ay057nw. Everything was okey but not the graphic card and performance. I can't play games !!! ;/ Laptop uses only Intel HD Graphics. I have the newest drivers in both graphic cards. In BIOS i can not find the option to change graphic card. I set all to "max performance" but still the dedicated card doesn't work ;/Dedicated card in any apps, games are 0%. I try everything and i can not find the solution. Guys please help me i really need a helpI'm giving a prof to this the AMD Graphic card is 0%. In dxdiag the first graphic card is Intel HD Graphics. In the advanced options of resolution the graphic card is Intel. Sorry for my english, i'm polish so my english not the best. Thanks for any help-Best wishes, Luke
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Is there existing external graphic card or video card for integrated laptops

?? or other suggetions ^^
it would be a great help for me hihi

A:Is there existing external graphic card or video card for laptaps

Well they have these but they just give you a port to use.
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Hey there, I'm looking to upgrade the RAM and CPU/GPU on my Pavilion G6. Below are my current specs; Laptop Model: HP Pavilion G6-2217clOperating System: Windows 10 Home (x64)Current RAM: 6 GB (2 slots used)CPU/GPU: AMD A8-4500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics What possibilities do I have to upgrade?If any more information is needed, I'll be happy to provide it.
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OK, someone at my wife's work was having pc problems and old HP would randomly and often hard-lock on her and wanted me to look at it. After checking a few things, ram, heatsink, power supply, I told her that without parts i was kind of dead in the water, so I started looking for parts. Ebay seemed to be the only prospect, old AMD slot A MB with pc100 ram, mostly everything was going to be used stuff and she didnt like that so had to look for something else. I ended up finding a socket A MB, Sempron2400+/333 and 512 pc2700 for approx $125. After messing with the HP case awhile we desided to deep six the case I had a spare mini-tower that she could have, fiited with a new 400watt ATX psu. After getting everything together there is only one part left from the HP a cdrw dirve

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Hey! I was wondering if i can upgrade my pc with GeForce GTX 750ti, Cooler Master v750 750w in the HP-Pavilion p6-2490eo without any other problems. i got a Joshua-H61-uATX Mobo, i7 3770 socket-LGA 1155, 6 GB memory and a Nvidia GeForce GT 630.If there is some other components or a case that fits uATX Mobo i should replace, then tell me. My budget for this project is 400 dollars.  thank you!
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Hello,I tried to search the cpu upgrade information by following the instructions the website gave me. And I got lost since there's no cpu upgrade information link. I tried to search my motherboard's specification for upgrading the cpu, but I'm totally out of idea how. So, here's the informations about my laptop. Is it possible for me to upgrade my cpu? If so, what kind of CPU would you recommend? thank you.Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bitSystem model : HP pavilion dm1 Notebook PC (HP Pavilion dm1-3206au Entertainment )BIOS : InsydeH20 version CCB.03.60.43F.12Processor : AMD E-350 (2CPUs) 1.6 GhzRAM : 6GBSo, I wonder what kind of CPU match for my computer's specifications. If there's anything else you need, let me know. Thanks.

A:Upgrading CPU for HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC

Hi,I'm afraid that there is only one supported processor for the laptop. The E-350 one. I have got a DM1 maintenance and service guide and according to this there no other processors except the E-350..
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My 4 year old Pavilion 9695c came with 128 MB RAM, and an empty slot for another 128. The literature said that 256 was the max.

I added the second stick but now find that 256 is not enough. Some applications (twain) will not run adequately for lack of memory.

I inquired to HP to see if they offered a motherboard/RAM upgrade. This was their reply:
The motherboard shipped with your HP Pavilion 9695c PC supports maximum 512 MB, 256 MB in each of the two memory slots. Although installing more then 256 MB might sometimes work on your computer, it is recommended that you install 256 MB memory only.

Rather than buy a new machine, I'd like to keep this one, just need more RAM. Before I buy two new 256 sticks and see if it will work, does anyone know? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi evreyone, I have a pavilion 15-P035NF (J1Y40EA#ABF) with 1 RAM Memory 4 Go DDR3L 1600. I would like to upgrade it. But before demounting the laptop (not simple operation) I would like to know if I have one or two slots available, till which capacity I can go (16 Go?) and which type of RAM is compatible.I can't see it in the system of the laptop self because he 's crashed (age of my laptop: 1,5 year ...) and I need to replace the hard drive (by a SSD). If I look in the HP customer support, the information for this specific laptop is not available ...  Can you help me please? Thanks a lot, Best regards,Bern
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It started out as windows 8 with 8gb ram, is there a way i can upgrade to 16gb ram so that i can make it run smoother with more programs running? and would it be worth it, or should i just get a new compter that has a better graphics card. This is what i use for school and playing steam games.

A:HP Pavilion 17-e049wm upgrading ram

The official specs say it maxes at 8 gigs but the service manual says 12 and we know it will run 16 as reported by many users. You will not see a lot of benefit from the 8 gig to 16 gig upgrade. It is generally a pretty powerful laptop with an A10 processor and 8650M video but it is onboard video. The processor is an APU which does both the regular computing and the video chores. If you want to do gaming you are going to need a laptop with real dedicated video. 8 gigs is going to give you all the gaming performance the laptop is capable of providing. If you are doing heavy video editing or photoshop work 16 gigs might help.  See p. 54 of the Manual here for memory installation instructions: Manual Post back if you have any more questions. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello HP customers and personnel; I have Notebook HP Pavilion  G6CPU: Intel Core i3-2310M processor (2.1 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache) Ram: 8 GBOS: Windows 7 - 64bitCan I upgrade my CPU ? if yes what are compatable CPUs ?I do have pdf manual but I didnt find an answer to my question Thanks in advance
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I Have a HP PAvilion a6600f desktop computer. I love playing my Sims 4 games on it... But lately i have been  noticing slow performance while playing. The game alerted me to upgrade my video card . Question i am asking is what kind can i upgrade to.. and also which Nvidia Geforce can i upgrade my computer to.. I can't afford the Cyberpower computers that are Gaming computers but with what i have currently what do u suggested that i can upgrade and have the best game playing.    my product number is fk792aa-aba if this helps..   Thanks !!!
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Hi guys. I got problem with ram upgrade of hp palivion 500 - 374 na. I bought ram with the same parameters of my current one and my pc didnt read it . I try to swap their places on the slots but still got only 8 bg of ram. Tryed only the new one and my pc didnt started and make some noice witch i beleive is that the new ram dont work . Can u help me with some advice please. Thank you
Relevancy 50.74%

Hi I'm interested in upgrading from the nbsp NVIDIA GeForce GT that comes with the nbsp Pavilion p - a I run Windows -bit The specifications for my desktop for non-HP support people can be found here GPU Upgrading Pavilion in p6-2307a http support hp com us-en document c nbsp I'd like to get an EVGA NVIDIA GTX GB however I've heard that other people have been unable to upgrade their Upgrading GPU in Pavilion p6-2307a graphics cards in Pavilions because they're locked such that HP won't allow you to change the default graphics card Is this true for my desktop If so would it be fixed by getting a new motherboard nbsp Even if I can use this GPU there's a capacitor very close to the PCI express x slot just above it which I think might get in the way I could possibly use a PCI express x extender however I'm not sure how the GPU would actually be physically supported Upgrading GPU in Pavilion p6-2307a so I don't think this is a long term solution If I do replace my motherboard would I then need to re-install Windows And would I need to purchase a new copy Or would my existing copy of Windows some-how be transferrable to my new motherboard nbsp Any help is very much appreciated nbsp Thanks Lachlan
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Hello I only have 4GB of RAM currently and would like to upgrade the ram myself but I am unable to find out exactly what type of RAM to order and what is the maximum capacity for my model laptop. Thanks for the help!

A:upgrading ram on HP Pavilion P1A84UAR#ABA

Model is 17-g119dx.  specs Two SODIMM slots - NON customer accessible / upgradeable DDR3L-1600-MHz Single Channel Support Supports up to 16 GB of system RAM in the following configurations: ? 16384-MB total system memory (8192×2) Manual Memory upgrade is shown on p. 41 and it will take up to 2 x 8 gig modules like this: 8-GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz) 693374-005 This is really only supposed to be done by an authorized tech, but removing the back cover is not terribly hard. You will put the warranty in jeopardy however. Post back with any more questions.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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15 days ago My laptop was unable to boot , when i have formatted it and after installing graphic card driver it is unable to boot again , i tried more than 5 times and even i tried windows 7 ultimate , proffessional and even 32 bit and 64 bit but its not working the momment i instal video driver after installing it requires boot and after boot its unabe to start please help my laptop is not in warranty . serial - [Personal Information Removed]  product number - LZ801PA#ACJ  micro poccessor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

A:video card/graphic card reboot problem

boynamedanurag Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about booting and video card problems and wanted to help. So, if I understand what you're saying, you reinstalled Win7 and the PC boots OK, right? But when you then install a video driver and reboot, it does not boot, right? My guess is that you have one of the old DV6 laptops that has two video chipsets, something called Switchable Graphics.  And the problem with that is that only the HP OEM video drivers will work on that laptop.  IF you install other ones, such as the ones you get from AMD or Nvidia, they will NOT work -- which sounds like what is happening to you. What DOES work is restoring your PC using HP Recovery Media because that will contain the HP OEM drivers.  Media. This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while! Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

I looked in a shop and they said "a laptop graphic card can not be changed."

Can a laptop graphic card be changed??
(Nvidia geforce go 6150)

Please help
With many thanks,

A:Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

Unless the laptop has onboard graphics, there is no reason why the card can't be changed.

Of course, I am not very knowledgeable with GFX cards, so I can't necessarily tell whether is has onboard graphics or not.
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I want to upgrade my HP Pavilion g6 A3J87UA#ABC laptop... This laptop is been with me since 2010 and I want it to last more by upgrading it. I want to prioritize upgrading the RAM and storage memory, what is the maximum possible memory I can put in this without any errors and such issues?  Another thing to is, I like to upgrade it into Windows 10 (at present its Win7 Service Pack 1 64bit). Can I upgrade my motherboard or even the graphics card to handle large workloads such as Adobe CC, Cubase and Cities Skylines? Or I just upgrade the memory modules only... Thanks for the help!

A:Upgrading memory and others on HP Pavilion g6 A3J87UA#ABC la...

Hi, The following link shows specs of your machine: 1. RAM: Currently it has 4GB of RAM (2 x 2) you can upgrade to 8GB ( 2 x 4). The following manual shows you how: 2. Storage: It has 750GB 5400rpm, you can upgrade to 1TB faster HDD or even SSD. In theory you can use any BUT please use existing brand for compatible. 3. CPU: Please check page #2 of the above manual. You need right part number on page 81. 4. Video: sorry you can't, the chip is solderd to the motherboard and it came with CPU. 5. Motherboard: You are talking about buying new machine, much better. It is not easy and NOT economical to upgrade motherboard for laptops. Regards.
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I have been running win 7 on my a450n. It has a 3.0 socket 478 cpu now. Microsoft says that the prosessor is too slow.  I can update the BIOS and install a 3.4 gig prosessor.  (I think that the 3.4 is the fastest  intel made)  Will this allow me to run win 10?

A:Upgrading a Pavilion a450n to win10

Hi @littlefrog66,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are have questions about upgrading. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me and I will help.
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I cannot use itunes & several other software applications because of my operating system is only Service Pack 1. I cannot upgrade this to SP2 or SP3 because i keep getting an error message saying im missing some .ddl file.

Is there anything I can do ? or should I bring it back to the shop it was bought [If i can remember, must be 3 years old]

Thanks, Gavin

A:[SOLVED] Upgrading from Windows SP1 [HP Pavilion]

Have you got a Windows XP disk?
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i want to upgrade my upgrading the HP Pavilion a4311f Desktop PC to a great gaming pc but i dont know what i should by because not every  thing is compatible and i know wattege is a factor so i need a better video card a better cpu and ram i am doing this because i want a pc that can run fallout 4 which is very demanding game
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The HP site states the maximum upgrade is 256 Mb ( 2 - 128 MB 168 pin sticks - PC 100)
Can I sucessfully install PC-133 256 MB sticks and get 512MB?
There are only 2 slots on the mother board, so I'm limited to what will work in those slots.
Thanks for any help.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 (main concern is: will the drivers work ok?) Thanks

View Solution.

A:Pavilion a6332uk - Upgrading to Win 7 from Vista

IMHO, I would do a clean install but the upgrade is easier for a novice.  The upgrade would bring along any junk from the old install but a clean install would need to have all the drivers saved on seperate media to be available for the reinstall.  6 of one, half dozen of the other.BTW: All the Vista drivers are HERE on the support page.  I do not see anything for Windows 7.
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A friend of mine has this system, and is finding it hard to play most new games. He was wondering what would be his best options for upgrading, and if it might just be better to get a new system instead. It's a HP Pavilion 753N, with Pentium4, 2.53Ghz, 512mb RAM, with a GeForce5900 video card.

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My friend bought a used laptop last year that has been running very slow. She asked me to fix it and I found out she's running Windows 7 on an old HP pavilion dv4250us with only 512 MB of ram. Obviously it needs more memory to run Windows 7 smoothly. I'm not sure if it's worth trying to find memory for this old laptop or going back to Windows XP. She can't afford anything too expensive (otherwise she'd just get a new laptop).

I found this:
which looks pretty reasonable. I'm guessing 2 1 GB sticks will do the trick.

I'm not really sure how to change the memory in this laptop, but I managed to snap a picture of the memory after I opened it up and was hoping one of you guys can give me some tips and let me know if it's worth the effort.

A:upgrading memory on old HP pavilion dv4000

Here is the listing from Crucial Memory. It can be upgraded to 2GB according to Crucial.

Computer memory upgrades for HP - Compaq Pavilion dv4250us Laptop/Notebook from
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Hi there nbsp I have reached whits end here I am looking to upgrade my GeForce HP with a Pavilion GTX my 750 GeForce Upgrading Ti h8-1170uk GT with Upgrading my HP Pavilion h8-1170uk with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti a GeForce GTX ti on my HP Pavilion h - uk I have emailed your support asking for advice and have been told to phone your number although I have explained twice I am deaf nbsp nbsp I asked extremely helpful customer services at NVIDIA who told me my computer would definitely be able to handle the GeForce GTX ti and I even asked on amazon before buying as I really was not sure nbsp After getting yes all around apart from HP who just won't get back to me I bought the card attempted to install it only to find that it needs a double slot at the back of the pc I had looked at my PC and had thought it had at least four slots Photos uploaded as it had areas it seems at the back one with the original graphics card in and more with metal covers nbsp After uninstalling the old drivers and attempting to put the graphics card in I found that only two of the four slots seemed to open and those two were not even next to each other which means that I can not fit the GTX ti inside my computer nbsp even looking at my photos it looks like they should open but they seem to be attached to the rest of the frame I realised this when the rd slot up come out as I expected the other two to come out but honestly they are just welded in The shinier metal strips that you see over them do come off but to no avail nbsp I have to admit I am at the end of my teather and really fearing I have made a huge mistake in buying the wrong card The slots that do not seem to open have what appears to be a screw driver symbol on the back of them which I must of assumed meant you could get them off with a screw driver I now guess nbsp the screw drive symbol means you can not get them off with a screwdriver whcih just does not seem right at all nbsp Any help at all would be greatly appreciated nbsp Regards

A:Upgrading my HP Pavilion h8-1170uk with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Hi, Your first issue is that most NVIDIA GTX 750 graphics cards will not work in your PC.  MSI does have a couple of models of the GTX 750 graphics card that may work. Most if not all graphics cards that I have worked with are designed to fit around the the back slot separator I/O vertical strip.  Review this posted article for the view of a double wide graphics card.  The slotted plate in the middle is easily removed by inserting a flat bladed screwed and wiggling it back and worth until the removable plate becomes loose enough where you can use a pliers to finish the remove process.  The shield is designed to "break off".
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I tried to replace the hard drive in my Pavilion g - d dx with an SSD before taking advantage of the free upgrade to Windows I installed the drive a SanDisk Extreme GB unit that I've had sitting around unopened for a while and then used my recovery discs to get Windows onto the SSD The process seemed to be going okay--it went through all five No luck Pavilion g6-1d21dx upgrading SSD to recovery discs rebooted from the SSD and began the setup process Soon I got a restoration incomplete error message though No luck upgrading Pavilion g6-1d21dx to SSD So much for that The HP Recovery Manager also gave me this incredibly helpful explanation There might be unexpected reboot during Specialize to BBV The process will cause CTO panic because the image might not be normal On rebooting I also got an error message about ntoskrnl exe being corrupted or missing nbsp I put the computer's original drive back in and updated Windows to Windows on that drive just to get the Windows license No luck upgrading Pavilion g6-1d21dx to SSD it was the final day to get the free upgrade I also used the Windows media creation tool to create a Windows installation DVD Next I put the SDD back in and tried to install Windows using the DVD I tried this several times but the installation was always unsuccessful I got error messages like Windows could not set the offline locale information Error code x FE and We couldn't format the selected partition Error x No luck upgrading Pavilion g6-1d21dx to SSD I also got this a couple of times Windows cannot be installed to this disk Windows cannot read from the selected disk Windows cannot be installed to this disk Windows could not determine if this disk and its parent devices have the necessary driver support nbsp This computer is not all that old--is it possible that the BIOS doesn't support SSDs I updated the SSD's BIOS but that hasn't fixed the problem I also made sure that the computer's BIOS is up to date nbsp Thanks in advance for any relevant information

A:No luck upgrading Pavilion g6-1d21dx to SSD

Hi, Yes, it supports SSD and you could restore using DVD's. Sounds like the process compared old HDD size and new SSD size. Now, my suggestion: keep the HDD running and when you are happy with this, try (a) Clone the HDD to SSD using many free clone software (I have not tested all of them, only the 2nd and the 3rd on the list) (b) Replace HDD with cloned SSD, Because the HDD is only 320GB therefore at the end you have empty space on the SSD. You can use its as another drive or merge to C: using Windows Disk Management. Regards.
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i got this the 400-224 Series HP upgrading pavilion slimline computr and it has a processor that doesnt fit what upgrading the HP pavilion slimline 400-224 Series i need it to do and a motherboard that dosent have any PCI so i am working with integrated graphics absolutly terrible i want to upgrate the processor but its sldered to the boardand i want to upgrade the motherboard but i dont know if i can which is why i am here nbsp under this statment i will list the products that i would like to install nbsp nbsp MSI A HM GRENADE with AMD A H microATX Motherboard - Socket FM FM nbsp EVGA -N - -L W Power Supply nbsp AMD A - K Trinity Dual-Core GHz Socket FM W AD KOKHJBOX Desktop APU nbsp PNY GT GeForce GT DirectX nbsp i want to know if i can install these into the pc and or if they are compatible with eachother- if not please do not sugguest any components above of the original product listed

A:upgrading the HP pavilion slimline 400-224 Series

@MSspark, welcome to the forum. HP has their motherboards made to their specifications.  Therefore, they are not the same as retail boards.  This presents a possible problem with upgrading to a different board.  The main problem is find a board that has the holes that match the stand-offs in the case. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.