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AMD processor upgrade - large wattage change question

Q: AMD processor upgrade - large wattage change question

My computer currently has an AMD V140 processor (Single Core) that runs at 25 Watts. I want to upgrade it to a Turion II (Dual core) that runs at 35 Watts. I want to know if this will be a problem especially since I am running a Toshiba, Which are known to run a little on the hot side to start with

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Preferred Solution: AMD processor upgrade - large wattage change question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: AMD processor upgrade - large wattage change question

Have you checked that the motherboard is compatible with a dual core processor. An additional 10 Watts should not be a problem but the extra heat might be although that may be overcome by using a cooling pad.

What is the model of the PC.
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So let's say I have a 450w PSU and want to get something like this:

So it says that it's wattage is 125w. So does this mean that the processor requires at a minimum a 125w PSU? If not, how to I calculate what kind sort of wattage I'd need if I wanted to majorly upgrade my PC?

A:Upgrade question regarding wattage

Quote: Originally Posted by Mercy

So let's say I have a 450w PSU and want to get something like this:
AMD Processors for Desktops: AMD Phenom?, AMD Athlon? FX, AMD Athlon? X2 Dual-Core, AMD Athlon?, and AMD Sempron? Processor

So it says that it's wattage is 125w. So does this mean that the processor requires at a minimum a 125w PSU? If not, how to I calculate what kind sort of wattage I'd need if I wanted to majorly upgrade my PC?

That means that CPU can use up to 125watts. Use this power supply calculator to determine your needs

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
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Hidy ho all,

I'm trying to do some research on this on my own. But I figured I'd post this question here as well.

Every once in a while, I head over to PC part picker and just start building a machine. This could be a server, a gaming machine, ect. I do this so I can try to keep up with the hardware trends, and test myself. Of course, I finish building the machine, then post the build somewhere and ask for feed back.

Today I started building a gaming machine, and I noticed something I've never seen before (or never paid attention too). On the CPU choices, there is a wattage number column. And the higher the wattage, the higher the prices.

I'm curious what this means, and why. Do the higher wattage cpus perform faster?

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I have a P4 2.6ghz processor. I would like to know what the watts it runs at. Can anyone help me out? thanks in advance!!!

A:Processor wattage

The power consumed varies, depending on the computational load. That's why the processor gets hotter when it's running harder.

Here's one reference, Typical Processor Power Consumption, and here's a Comprehensive Processor Power Consumption Charts.
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Hey guys,

Right now in my computer I've got a 800MHz Pentium III on an AOpen AX3S Pro motherboard. I was wondering what kind of processor I should upgrade to, since the one I've got in there now is obviously 5 years old. I have Everest Home Edition and yet I can't seem to find out what type of processor socket I have. My best guess as to the socket type would be maybe a socket A, but then again I am not sure. I know that AMD Athlon processors are socket A compatible, but I'm not sure which one is worth it. Is there a notable difference in performance between the 2400+ and the 2800+? Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks again,

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i have a two part question.

ive had my system for a few yrs now, and i was thinking about upgrading the memory or processor or both.

currently the processor have a P4 2.4ghz and i think i can go up to 3.06ghz. would that make a significant increase?

secondly i think my RAM is a s.o.b. cost wise to replace. i have 2x256 of rambus inline pc1066. from what ive researched, it is pretty pricey to get that exact memory.

is it possible to get different ( cheaper ) memory. according to this link about my system: ( it says i have that or pc800. im not sure if i can interchange the ram or not.

any help is always appreciated. thanx in advance,


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I currently have a P4 with 1.8G processing speed with a 478 socket and 400 bus speed. If I upgrade the chip, would I have to get the same bus speed or could I shoot for 800 bus? Your help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Take Care!

A:Question regarding processor upgrade

As for upgrading your processor you will need to check with the motherboards website to see what cpu's it can handle. As for a 800mhz fsb its really dependant on the motherboard. If this is a fairly new motherboard. It may support it, otherwise you may just be stuck with maxing out the processor with a 400mhz fsb. Which i believe is a p4 2.6ghz if i recall. Just check to make sure the board can handle a 2.6ghz before buying it.

Is this a custom built pc or a hp, dell, etc?
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My current sys uses a Biostar GeForce6100 M9 socket 939 Motherboard with an Athlon 64 3200+ Venice processor with 3 G Ram running Vista Business Edition. I'd like to upgrade the processor to one that would speed up video encoding. What would give me the most bang for the buck? Any suggestions?

A:Processor Upgrade Question

You'd want a dual core Athlon64 X2 or an FX processor. I'd also get the fastest processor you can since the 939 platform is going the way of the Dodo.

I see only has the X2 3800+ and the 4400+:
I think the 4400+, 4600+, 4800+, or 5000+, or the FX-60 should do the job well. Even the 3800+ will do better then the 3200+.

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This question is about XP, but it relates to the processor.

I want to upgrade my processor but have been informed that my xp might not work afterwards as I'm effectively putting it onto a new computer.

I tried ringing Microsoft, but were as much use as a trap door in a canoe.

It is an OEM version and I'm still on SP1 - can't make the jump yet!!

The motherboard is an ASRock K7VM2 motherboard.

If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it.


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Hi all I have an ideacentre AIO 700 24ISH WITH INTEL I5 CPU. cAN i UPGRADE TO AN i7 if so which one supports it cheers.
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A:700 24ISH AIO - Processor upgrade question

HI tescr500 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
CPU upgrade for your model :  Intel Core i7-6700 3.4G 4C FRU part number 03T7446 (page 68)
From your Core i5-6400  you can change it to Core i7-6700 (replacement guide  of Intel CPU page 39).
Hope this answered your query. 
Update us. 
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Is a X9000 compatible with this laptop ?


A:Question about Processor Upgrade on Tecra A9 (PTS52E)

It should be Tecra A9 right?
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I have a lenovo c-series / c-325  machine type: 3095  sn# ********* it has a 1.65ghz cpu I am trying to find out if I can upgrade to a 2.8 cpu or is my computer all-in-one just no good any more. ???   and Lenovo support is no help at all thank you maybe some of you guys can help me .    I wish to use it for some game play that is all
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Go to Solution.

A:C325 (3095) - Processor upgrade question.
as this only shows 2 models both with the same cpu i would say no, as they would not test any other cpu with the mother board as they dont need to, can look on google as someone might of done it and it worked or there is a work around.
one thing you have to look at is the cooling of the cpu if you change it for a faster one it will produce more heat and the current one might not keep your system cool enough
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I am buying some new parts for my PC and wonder if a 850 PSU will be enough.

GPU = XFX Radeon HD5850 (500W)
CPU = AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition (125W)
CPU Liquid Cooler = Corsair H50.
MB = Asus M4A785-M
RAM = 4x1GB DDR2 800MHz
Case = Cooler Master CM690 (With 4 Case Fans)

Of course I will have a DVD player and some usb devices connected

The PSU I will use is, Corsair TX 850W PSU.
Is it enough to run all this smoothly?

Responds would be appreciated.

A:PC upgrade, wattage?

The Corsair TX 850W will be plenty for your application.
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right now im using 2 Nvidia GeForce 7600 GTs with a 500W Ultra X-Connect PSU and the hardware in my sig, how can i find out how much wattage i have/or will need if i sell my current Gcards and buy a 8800GTS? do you think ill have the power? What company sells the BEST 8800GTS?

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Ok, I want to buy a new case and PSU and I was wondering if it would be OK to buy any wattage PSU (preferably the most powerful) does it make any difference to the performance of the PC or should I try and find out what the wattage of the current PSU is and stick to that one?


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Ok just built a new PC and now that ive got it running I'm wondering could I put A Ge Force 8600 Superclocked model in it takes up 400 Watts but with my pc already taking bout 80 watts would I need a new power supply?

If so what do you think I should get?

(P.S. This is made to run games!)

Connor Case
[email protected]

A:Solved: Wattage Question

Depends on the amperage on the 12 V rail(s) your "450W" PSU offers. Watts mean nothing.
Anyways, it's theoretically just fine. The 8600 doesn't take 400W, they recommend a 400 W PSU, and the recommendation is based on tests run on a system with a Intel Core 2 Extreme and few other high-end components.
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So I have an HP Pavilion (as a gaming system...don't ask.) running:

AMD Athlon II 2.97 GHz Quad Core

And my power supply is at 250 Watts...

Okay, I'll stop confusing you and get o the real question...

With that PSU and CPU will I be able to run a video card with the power I got...

Im thinking of running an ATi Radeon HD 5770. Will I have enough wattage for it?
Thank You (sorry I know I make everything confusing )

A:Power Wattage Help (nub question)

Short answer: No.

With a 250 watt supply you barely have the power to light up your motherboard and processor, never mind your hard drive, fans, and whatever else you put in. You certainly won't be running a video card.

You need - at a bare minimum - a good 500 watt supply and you would do better to go 600 watts or more.
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I'm thinking about building a super rig computer that will have a top of the line CPU and GPU.

What kind of power source do I need? I was told a 500w will be enough.

A:Power Source Wattage Question

Go here:

and select the components you are using. Works great.
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Hi I'm wondering if im getting enough voltage for my rig It would help me if this is one of the problem whereas I have cold boot problems sometimes I currently have a COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS- -PCAR-A -US W ATX V v Power Supply Output V A V A V A V A - V A Vsb A I'm not real good with power supply amps and what not but here's the specs of my rig and already my video card enough Power Is this wattage? Supply Question. minimum req are Minimum of a Watt power Supply Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amps Specs AMD Phenom x ghz x GTS mb DDR x GB Corsair XMS x SATA Hitachi GB H D rpm x ASUS Is this enough wattage? Power Supply Question. CD- RW DVD- RW x PC-e TrendMicro Ethernet Adapter x mm Case Fan w Is this enough wattage? Power Supply Question. LED x mm Case Fan w LED x Antec Case My question is it says i need v or more amps and the specs of my power supply says it gives off only v amps Do I need more juice for my rig

A:Is this enough wattage? Power Supply Question.

Yes, I would go with at least a 650W PS
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I know Wattage Question Compatability Question... and SLi it s best to use two of the exact same cards and I probably will do this but I was wondering if Could I use an MSI GeForce GTX Gaming G and a MSI GeForce GTX Gaming G Gold Edition They are basically the same card SLi Compatability Question and Wattage Question... Here is a comparison between the two http www msi com comparison vga I was wondering if my Corsair HX w PSU will have enough juice for them I might overclock some I ll be getting a i k -core CPU with GB of DDR RAM MSI X S SLI Plus mobo and of course two GTX s I ll also get SLi Compatability Question and Wattage Question... the CM Hyper EVO HSF as well I have a WD TB SLi Compatability Question and Wattage Question... RPM HDD and I ll be getting a Micron MX GB SSD I ll just get another MSI like the one I have now if the other is a problem I have an Optiarc DVD-RW burner but might get BR burner I think my Corsair HX watt PSU is enough but I want to make sure Also using a CM HAF case might upgrade to the I currently have Windows HP x Thanks in advance nbsp

A:SLi Compatability Question and Wattage Question...

Yes, they should work since they are both GTX 970's. The Corsair HX 850 should also be enough, each card only draws 145 watts of power, you want at least a 500 watt PSU for a single card system and around a 750 watt or better for an SLI system.

More info on SLI here:

And more info on the power consumption here:
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal The exact Error that s provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last Collaborative are for Power Processor Controls disabled Processor upgrade after one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb NOTE my laptop has an Nvidia GeForce m Chip as well but it did not detect that for some reason Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC N JN Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Have not had time to get antiviral software yet So is there Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade anything i can do or do i just have to wait and see if Asus pushes out an update thanks in advance nbsp
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power for Power disabled Collaborative Processor Controls after upgrade are Processor was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal I went into event viewer to see if there was any ACPI Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error's listed and this came up The exact Error that's provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Asustek N JN-MH Notebook Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Core Thread Ram GB MB Video Intel Onboard MB Nvidia GeForce m OS Windows Home Upgraded from Windows So is there anything that i can do or do i just have to wait for asus to publish a new Firmware Update even though it's probably likely they won't Thanks in advance guys

A:Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

See if this finds any new drivers:

Intel? Driver Update Utility
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Hello I have a very rare issue here I'm trying to convert a normal xlsx processing - when Processor Excel large overheats 2013 files file into a csv file In the xlsx file there are normal columns and rows nothing strange nor formatting or something pretty only colums and rows with products plain information I've received these files via email I've downloaded them and when I open them they open in protected mode or view-only mode Each files have thousands of rows let's say to rows When I click on quot enable editing quot button the processor starts working at it takes stays one minute frozen Excel 2013 - Processor overheats when processing large files and starts overheathing untill it reaches the temperature of emergency shutdown The problem is not the processor itself I've made maintenance to the computer recently removed all the dust I've changed the cooling creme I've played heavy video games for weeks with no problem and none of them make the processor reach more than C Excel exceeds the max temperature of C My processor is a six core AMD FX I have B of RAM DDR and the file is stored in a GB SATA hard drive Any advice I won't be able to work with this important files unless this is fixed Thank you

A:Excel 2013 - Processor overheats when processing large files

Would it be possible to do the conversion in smaller batches, rather than trying the whole lot at once.

I see you are using Windows 8, so it might be worthwhile posting on the Windows 8 Forum as well.
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I somehow changed my dpi settings etc and my icons etc etc are way too big. when i try to change the settings...the pane is so large that i can't get to the bottom of the pane to click "apply" or 'ok'. How can I get my fonts etc back to default settings or at least smaller so I can customize them?

A:Can't change fonts etc.(panes are too large)

Hi again nathansdad04,

If you can open Control Panel > Display,try this.
Go Settings, and reduce the screen display down to say 800x600, and see if that helps.
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Hi, I have the exact problem as another member. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a 15 inch Toshiba laptop my first computer ever. I changed the DPI screen resolution to the largest print since it was orginally too small to see and now cannot access the bottom of that screen to make any changes to reset it back small again. This enlargement of the screen also occurs on many of the control panel screens and all websites I visit. Spent hours trying everything possible all kinds of ways to fix this and very frustrated. Tried to enter through Classic Control Panel and Ease of Use suggestion to change it but no luck. Will read up on that safe mode idea. My 20 something computer neighbor was also baffled and tried to reboot but was unable to do this either hoping to reset it all back to the factory settings. Thanks for any help. Judy

A:Cannot change large DPI size back

Hello Judy, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You should me able to boot into Safe Mode and change the DPI settings back there, then boot back into the normal desktop mode.

Hope this helps,
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It only fits two rows of apps and even the metro app I've been working on now has everything sized funny. This could come up as something that will bother users and make our apps look terrible without the user even knowing why.

A:All Icons in Metro mode have become very large - How to change it back

Hello r3ap3r, and welcome to Eight Forums.

What is your screen resolution set to?

You might check using the tutorial below to see if this may be the issue.

Start Screen - Metro Apps - Change Number of Rows in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Hi i need your help.

I want change the detail and large icons from status bar of the file explorer, i use WSB, but i not found the options for make this changes.

i want change the icons with others, por example this.
Thaks for all
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For some of us with a slow/unreliable internet connection the upgrade may be a real hurdle. Any Idea of the size of the upgrade? Best guess? Might be wise waiting for an ISO file I think, rather than risk the store method.

A:How large will 8.1 upgrade (in the store) be?

Probably up to a Gigabyte at least. But the updater is probably a stub-installer which is a small file. But when it is run, it continues to download files from MS, and a whole MS OS can be several Gigabytes in size.
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my dell laptop with microsoft windows xp has had the screen settings in the diplay mode locked up too large to be able to get to the resolution bar reset to a higher resolution so that i can work with my programs. I can move the program up or down just enough to see the two monitors but not any lower. I'v gone into the safe mode to try and change the resolution settings but this has not worked and i have tried to reset the computer in safe mode to an earlier date when it was working ok but upon retart the curser andhour glass is as large as my thumb.

A:[SOLVED] screen size settings locked up too large to be able to change it

Are you able to reach your display settings?
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ok I did a lot of research and a lot of people seems to think they know what I am talking about but infact they icon change toolbar/quicklaunch other than size large/small. dont and i have try and tried many of the methods they suggested and its obviously not working thats why im posting here I want to manually change the icon size of the toolbar quicklaunch NOT the taskbar but most likely the pinned icon via toolbar quicklaunch in window this might also be related to changing icon size of the pinned icon on taskbar but its not the taskbar thats troubling me it is the toolbar quicklaunch icons options listed and exists large and small icon change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small. size large is too large small change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small. is too small i believe and strongly believe there is a way to change it either through registry or resource hack some dll file i donno which but i would like to get some help from experts please i hope to see other people out there sharing the same pain as i do these are the things that ive tried - shellicon in registry size to whatever it is has not helped - desktop - gt personalize - gt windows color - gt advanced settings - gt captions etc none has helped - HKEY CURRENT USER - gt Control Panel - gt Desktop - gt WindowMetricsFind quot MinWidth quot which obviously has no effect on the toolbar quiclaunch icon size

A:change toolbar/quicklaunch icon size other than large/small.

Quote: Originally Posted by koolkat77

could you post a screenshot of how your task bar looks now?

as you can see from picture below, same icons. but large is too large, small is too small. i wish there is a change in registry where i could modify this as i do not wish to use 3rd party dock.

those 3rd party program looks nice, but since they are not part of the taskbar, windows that are opened block them, and even if they do come with functions to be always on top, they block the windows that are opened instead.

unless theres a 3rd party dock that can be part of the taskbar, im wont be interested in it.
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Hello Yes I m a newbie and a numpty This place looks wonderful I hope size icons/windows reset to or too change cannot preferences large, smaller All you can help me Here s All icons/windows too large, cannot reset or change preferences to smaller size what happened I reinstalled Windows for my sister who is visually impaired I All icons/windows too large, cannot reset or change preferences to smaller size just installed Windows XP Pro Just finished it and then handed it over to her to customize her settings Since she has bad vision she usually lowers the resolution down to x and has the font size and title bar sizes larger Well as soon as I left her alone with her computer she messed up the windows or icon settings so bad so everything is HUGE Everything is so huge that what should be small menus now fill the whole screen We can t get to the part of the preferences window to change the resolution to something higher and we can t get to anywhere that we know of to change anything back to something resembling normal Basically we can t do anything anymore I know I can reinstall Windows XP all over again but since I JUST DID THAT I d like to avoid having to do it all over again Is there some way to reset the preferences without having to reinstall the whole operating system for something so seemingly idiotic Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:All icons/windows too large, cannot reset or change preferences to smaller size

get into "safe mode" hold F8 key down soon as pc starts to reboot highlight top menu when the safe mode window opens tap enter once in safe mode boot up, you should be able to access the resolution settings and reset the one you require..
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I added a Seagate 18gb drive to my Compaq Presario (9660) but bios supports only up to 8gb. I contacted Compaq TS through web and inquired about flashing bios to increase capacity. They recommended Sofpaq SP9847 so I reviewed descriptive text for that fix. It had no reference to disk support. I inquired again if this fix addressed my problem and received from Compaq "upgrading the BIOS would give you the best chance of increasing the system’s capacity.....". They don't know ! Their 1st-level support doesn't know how to find out ! They support their hardware and customers with this kind of nonsense !! Can anyone help ?? THANKS..............bk

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I just wanted to know that if i can change my processor of my desktop to a better one.
I right now have celeron processor motherboard acer veriton series with four slots for ddr3 ram
and everthing is awsome only thing it has a celeron processor.
And i cannot view the motherboard model no

Pls help me

A:Can i change my processor

Georgio, the answer is generally yes, but it will depend on what your motherboard can accept. Maybe you can't upgrade from where you are, if your motherboard won't take it.

Download and run SIW, it will tell you what your motherboard is so we can check what you can upgrade to
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I just got High speed, a huge switch from my 'Amish Dial Up', but lego games run slow and choppy. I think I need to upgrade processor, since they run ok on other pc's. How do I do that? How much do I need? Currently has XP HOme SP2, Intel Celeron 1.70Ghz, 756 RAM.

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I have a Compaq celeron 2.7(R) processor and i want to change it for a P4 3.0 but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. I checked the specs on my mother board Neon (MS-6577 v3.1) and it is compatible with a celeron 2.8 to a P4 3.06. But thats about all i know, do i have to format my comp once i put it in?

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I have an older L7VMM2 - ECS Elitegroup motherboard with a 266MHz FSB and a AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 333MHz FSB Processor. Will the difference in FSB make the two incompatible?

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hi im new to all this and im after upgading my processor i have a chaintech 7VJL deluxe apogee mother board with a amd athlon 1700 processor what is the best processor i could fit to it ive done some research and got abit confused lol

A:Processor change

chaintech doesn't make motherboards anymore so i cant find a CPU support list for your motherboard. if i was you i would save up for something like this eMachines ET1331G-03w Refurbished Desktop PC $359.97
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Could upgrading my processor affect the amount of ram my system will support?
I was under the impression that the amount of supported memory was dictated by the mobo, but after changing the processor it appears my system may support more ram, or I'm just getting an error from the software I'm using to check it. Any ideas?

A:Processor Change & Ram

The amount of ram is dictated by the the board and what it will support
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I have a computer with a celeron processor. This computer has win xp loaded onto it.

I thought I will upgrade my computer by just changing my motherboard and my processor to core 2 duo intel . I will keep by hard drive, ram, dvd drives, etc.

After I get this done, do I have to reinstall my OS and all my programs or will it automatically detect changes and work?

My current processor is celeron D 335 on a VIA motherboard P4VM800

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Dear Tech Guys,

I am operating my computer with an AMD Duron (tm) processor. Speed 1.20 ghz, model 1203, Standard type.

My Mainboard is an ISA AGP PCI USBi2c/SM Bus.
Mainboard SiS-730

Chipset 1 Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) SIS730 CPU to PCI Bridge
Front side bus speed: 2x 100MH (200 Mhz data rate)
Memory 256 MB SDRAM

If I change my processor to a higher capacity within AMD Duron, or if I move to Pentium shall I have to change the Mother Board ? What other changes in my hardware shall I have to perform ?

I warmly wellcome your advise,


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hi all. i have a 8200 elite desktop i7-2600.i wanted to know if i can upgrade the processor to a newer one and if so which one/s. thanks seb
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Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but here I go.

The Story: I have a Dell Dimension E510 with 1gb of RAM Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz with a processor speed of 533 MHz. I recently bought a 4 GB ( - G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ), with a processor speed of ddr2 800 and installed it. After going into bios, it says

Installed Memory = 4.0GB
Memory Speed = 533MHz
Memory Channel Mode = Dual Interleaved
Memory Technology = DDR2 SDRAM

Why is my memory speed still 533 MHz and not 800 MHz? Can I change this?

A:Change Processor Speed

A pentium 4 3.0Ghz CPU has a front side bus speed 133Mhz. And quad pumped 133x4 is 533Mhz.

Now, your RAM is DDR2 ram, so you take the FSB speed of 133Mhz and double it to 266Mhz (DDR part). Then you take the x2 part and take 266 x 2 = 533Mhz.

Thus, your RAM is going to run at 533Mhz. The way to increase the RAM speed is to overclock the CPU and increase it's FSB speed. You could then take the FSB to 200 and then that would run your ram at 800Mhz. However, the Dell is not likely going to let you make these changes.
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I have a HP G61 511WM. I'm looking to change my laptops processor as the one in it at the moment blows. I want to know if this is possible, and which toupgrade and things to be weary of.  So far is seems if they are in the same series, you can replace the processor of a better model. Which means I would be able to replace my processor, AS LONG as it was in a better version of my laptop. According to this article I found, this guy did it and it worked, but his was a different model than mine, just wanted to check with you guys to see if it will still be possible on mine.

View Solution.

A:HP G61 511WM Processor Change?

Hi, Here is the list of supported processors (page 1-1) not many to choose. Regards.
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i have hp pavilion g6 amd A10 2312 AX 1TB 4 GB RAM 2.5 GB Graphics Windows 8 quadcore processor and i want my processor to i5, is it possible?

A:can i change my laptop processor

you can't change from an AMD cpu to an Intel cpu.
download the service manual from hp support site for you model to see if can be upgrade
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hp1840 (U3E1) mother board i am having in my laptop with i3-2370 processor, is it possible to change the processor which will compatible to the mother board? please help me out if, and its has  radeon 2gb graphic card as well still works slow.  Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardModel 1840 (U3E1)Version 56.2CChipset Vendor IntelChipset Model Sandy BridgeChipset Revision 09Southbridge Vendor IntelSouthbridge Model HM76Southbridge Revision 04System Temperature 56 °CBIOSBrand InsydeVersion F.14Date 9/20/2012PCI DataSlot PCISlot Type PCISlot Usage AvailableData lanes x16Slot Designation PCI Express Slot 1Characteristics PME, Hot PlugSlot Number 0Slot PCISlot Type PCISlot Usage AvailableData lanes x1Slot Designation PCI Express Slot 2Characteristics 5V, 3.3V, PMESlot Number 1

View Solution.

A:change the processor of my laptop

The Manual seems to say you can install an i7-3632QM, which is a major leap from what you have. So much so, I am trying to get a second opinion from @erico  so I do not send you down a blind alley. But I am pretty sure you can.
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Right now, I have a P4 2.26 GHz processor in my PC that needs replaced. Looking at the motherboard documentation, it says it can accept up to a 3.0Ghz P4 processor with up to 533 MHz system bus.

My question. Is it possible to replace it with, like a 2.8 GHz Xeon processor? Would the performance be that much different? Would it be worth the extra cost? Or, should I just go for a regular P4 processor to replace it?

A:Possible to change processor to Xeon?

I believe that going from a P4 to a Xeon, requires a motherboard change.

Duncan Pollock
CompTia A+ Certified
Currently working on Network+
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i have an ASUS K42JP with Intel Core i5 560M, which is 1st generation, dual-core
can i replace it with a Core i7 3612QM one, which is a Quad-core 3rd generation processor?

A:Can i change my laptop's processor?

I think you'll find compatibility issues with the motherboard. You'll probably want to determine the mobo make and model and then research whether or not it can handle that Quad-core 3rd generation processor. Another consideration is how much disassembly will be required to access the old processor. This manual may give you an idea of what's in store:

How to disassemble Asus K series notebook >> Inside my laptop
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HI AGAIN yea. im gunna be posting a lot of unanswered questions. my laptop has a CPU i can access. can you change laptop processors??? if so what would you recomend for


my current is intel centrino duo. 2 cores 1.80GHZ+1.80GHZ

A:laptop processor change

Originally Posted by nostaw5

HI AGAIN yea. im gunna be posting a lot of unanswered questions. my laptop has a CPU i can access. can you change laptop processors??? if so what would you recomend for


my current is intel centrino duo. 2 cores 1.80GHZ+1.80GHZ

stability will be fine on any cpu. gaming wise you will will need a dedicate graphics card which can't be changed on a laptop. as for getting another one, you will have to find out the socket a processor will support. use cpu-z to find out. post back.
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Hey everyone, I'm currently administring a network with about 200 computers.
(All running xp).

And everytime a new employee starts I have to configure a bunch of stuff, and I'm looking to optimize.

And the question that is my current priority is as follows;

Is it possible to configure a printer on a computer, that stays configured for any user?
It's a network printer.

Right now, the printer configs are user-based, and I want them to be computer-based.

Any ideas?

A:Large network, printer question

Why don't you segregate users to say who will use what printer and map the printer for them automatically. Are you using active directory in your environment?
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i have a large file thats been segmented... how do i put it all back together to make one large file? A mate of mine segmented GT3 from a playstation disk and put it up on his ftp...

But i dont know how to get it back.

Any ideas?

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I am working on an older Gateway for a teenagers chat and internet accesible comp I I My Safely Change Can Processor Solved: want to replace the OEM mhz Celeron with a mhz Pentium II Gateway s Tech support says that the mhz P is not supported by my motherboard but the motherboard does support Solved: Can I Safely Change My Processor the mhz and the mhz PII s Everywhere else I have seen doesn t single out the Solved: Can I Safely Change My Processor mhz PII as unsupported Here is the link to the supported processor list on gateways site http support gateway com s MOTHERBD INTEL m m shtml Any help as to if it would still work and if not then why would be greatly appreciated The Computer is Gateway Essential C Intel Celeron MHz Slot Processor Want to upgrade to the PII - TG PC MB SDRAM Intel Tolstoy BX Slot MBD Rev Integrated Audio Video NV T Western Digital Caviar GB H D Model WD AA Toshiba XM B Internal x CD-ROM Drive Mitsumi CR- ETE X X X CD-R Rw Panasonic -MB Floppy Disk Drive Astec Solved: Can I Safely Change My Processor ATX - W Power Supply Windows SE US Robotics AD JS K v Modem Everywhere Linksys NC v E Lan Card nbsp

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Hello guys, I am wondering if It possible for me to change my laptop processor. Anyway there is several model of Lenovo G400 that used different processor as you can see here (Lenovo G400 Laptop | Entry-Level Laptop from Lenovo | Lenovo UAE, and mine have Intel Celeron 1005M. Is it possible to change this laptop processor for example to the one listed on the website like Intel i3-3130M? And yes, are they soldered to the motherboard? Or Do I need to replace the motherboard as well?
Thank you in advance. Any help is always appreciated. Of course sorry my bad English

A:Is it possible to change or replace laptop processor

Nope. Laptops are so cheap now days. You could buy a new one, for the price of a motherboard for the current laptop. The Celeron CPU is actually a downgraded CPU (say i2 or Core-Duo). Biggest scam was when P4's were considered high end, but the budget systems had the word "Celeron" in it. So people figured that the CPU was garbage.

I all that the laptop is being used for is Web Browsing, email, looking at PDF's, occasional documents, online streaming, the current one will be fine.

You can use CPU-Z to find out the actually Factory "die" that Current CPU is. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID
Relevancy 47.73%

Please let me know I like the amd brand and cant afford much but would like to make it better if I can and if I can change it what can I put in it the mother board is a MCP61SM2MA gateway is the manufaturer bios name is phoenix-award workstation bios v6.00pg the processor is a AMD Athlon (tm) 64 Processor 4000+ the CPU id is AMD64 family 15 Model 95 stepping 3 the socket designation is a socket AM2 if you need any more let me know

A:I have an eMachines T3642 and need to know if I can change the processor

Is it this motherboard you have? If so it shows a few CPU's that are dual core you could use.
Foxconn MCP61SM2MA-ERS2H processor support

Check out the support list from Foxconn
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Brisbane 2.4GHz Socket AM2 Dual-Core Desktop Processor ADO4600IAA5DO for $28.99.

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A:Hi. Can i change my processor in my Acer Aspire v5...

I would assume if you could crack the laptop open and find a processor that has the same socket type that you could do it. You'd have to reapply thermal paste and reset the cooler though. Bit of an undertaking but if you're handy with technology and can take your time it shouldn't be too tough.
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I use a netbook powered by an Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to remove the processor and fix in one like intel pentium or a better one for my netbook to be used for effective 3D light gaming. Not Mario stuff. cause the system is so slow even on 2GB RAM
Name: HP mini 200
Ram: 2GB
Processor: Intel Atom (x86), 1.6ghz, N2600 (32 bit)
OS: Originally Win 7 (32 bit), I upgraded to 8 (32 bit)
Hard Drive Capacity: 320GB and stuff like that.
pretty sure i supplied the right info. thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Can I Change My Netbook's Processor?

Never Mind. Just found out it's impossible.
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I have Word Pad set as the default and want to change to Word. I tried to print a document and this notice appeared: Wordpad does not support all of the features of the doc's format. Some content may be missing ot displayer improperly.

I checked control panel's Default Programs but Word's not listed.

All help will be appreciated.


A:Change the default word processor.

Generally the easiest way to do this is right click the file you are trying to open.
Choose properties the click the change button.
You will then need to navigate to word manually.
Since you are on 64 bit it should be located somewhere within the program files (x86) area.
Since I don't have it installed on this machine I can't give you the full path name.
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Hi, i have got a Toshiba Satellite C845-SP4214SL with Intel Celeron.
I was wondering if i can change the intel Celeron for the Intel Core I3 of a Toshiba Satellite C845-SP4143SL.
I will have some problem with that processor?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, i speak spanish
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Hi, I have Acer E1-570G  with Intel i3-3217U (1,8Ghz,3MB L3 Cache) and i want to replace it. My question is, is the processor on this model laptop changeable and if it is how can i know which processors would fit into my motherboard.Thank you!
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Is it possible to change motherboard and proc without reformat ? Perhaps a repair install ? Possible with windows 7 x64 or not ? Windows 7 x64 7137 BTW.

A:Change Mobo and Processor without format ?

Quote: Originally Posted by ghost301

Is it possible to change motherboard and proc without reformat ? Perhaps a repair install ? Possible with windows 7 x64 or not ? Windows 7 x64 7137 BTW.

Welcome to Win7Forums Ghost!

It is definately not true that you have to reinstall Windows with a MOBO/Processor change. 7 is smart enough to detect the processor and use it, the only issue might be the MOBO. 7 will more than likely load a default driver for it but you may want to load the manufacture version to make sure you can use all the features of it.

Hope This Helps
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So, if I were going to enable wi-fi in a mansion (7000 SQ ft)... what;s the best way to go about it? I've been reading online and I haven't found any cut and dry, or even recommended, solutions.

I had thought about putting 1 router and several boosters, but my experience with boosters is, well, sullied. Most people have to unplug and replug them every so often to ensure they're working, and I figure that house will require about 3 (to be safe).

I had also considered, as the place is wired for Ethernet, putting 3 separate router with the same ssid and wep key in different areas of the house, as most routers don't seem to support bridging.

I was looking o see what an expert would suggest. Am I missing something? Are boosters the best route?

Any help would be much appreciated, and will be met with grand levels of good Karma....



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Have a dvd(the video) that is 7 gb, how would I burn it either onto 1 dvd that is not dual-layer, or copy the dvd into two seperate non-dual layer dvds? Looking for a free solution.

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Hi All

I have a Qosmio G30 and as usual ive had all the graphics problem motherboard problems and all but they are now fixed (though my HD DVD drive is not working!)
I am not sure what my current motherboard is but i think its Intel® 945PM Express chipset and i wanted to replace it with something better so that i can get a better processor.

Is this possible and if so what can i purchase to replace my current motherboard. Or could i just replace the processor to something better?

Also does ne1 else have a "CD Rom Error" on boot???? (HD DVD problem)


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Hello I am the owner Lenovo IdaePad y p Intel i m Not so long ago I bought a i processor MQ Both the i m and i MQ work on the Socket G also i5 IdeaPad from the ... Y510P-change Lenovo processor known as RPG B Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P-change the processor from i5 ... or FCPGA but with the difference that the intel i m has a TDP of W and Intel i MQ has a TDP of W Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P-change the processor from i5 ... So after update the BIOS to version willingly I took up the replacement processor To my surprise after an exchange with i to Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P-change the processor from i5 ... i m MQ laptop will not turn on for a short time to seconds shone on the white button power but immediately afterwards extinguished I suspect that it is a voltage input to the processor but the BIOS is not possible because the feature voltage change is not visible hidden I hit it on https www techinferno com index php forums topic -lenovo-y p-y p-unlocked-bios-wlan-white but it seems to me such output last resort and I wanted to ask what to do now I do not want to believe that the W power supply does not could handle the additional W per processor What to do in my Lenovo IdeaPad y p to use Intel i MQ I'm sorry for his handling of English who constantly grind Thanks
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Is it possible to change
the textual processor information on Windows 7, that that's written on
Control Panel
System and Security

It reads: Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor 2.31 GHz

I'd want it to say AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor 2.5 GHz
without actually changing the physical processor of course.

Can I do anything about it?

A:Change textual processor information on windows 7 - is it possible?

lovelf, I don't think you can do that... Why do you want to do that anyway?

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Hi, I need to know if I can change my laptop processor HP Pavilion dv6-6c40us Notebook PC roduct Specifications: Product Name: dv6-6c40usUS Product Number: A6Y50UAMicroprocessor: 2.5GHz/1.6GHz VISION A8 Technology from AMD with AMD Quad-Core A8-3520M Accelerated ProcessorMicroprocessor Cache: 4MB L2 CacheMemory; 6GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM)Memory Max: Maximum supported = 16GBVideo Graphics : AMD Radeon HD 6620G Discrete-Class GraphicsVideo Memory: Up to 3061MB total graphics memory 64 bits, SO NOW, Windows Home 10 64 bits , either with one of greater speed or replace it with a INTEL,  Thanks
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Hi, I want to upgrade my CPU so I'm asking if on my Mother Board M2N68-LA (Narra5) I can mount an AMD Phenom II X4 810 CPU?Sorry for my not so good english, thanks.Roberto.
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I have an old desktop with a pentium 4 2.2GHZ processor. It seems it can't handle the netflix streaming (processor goes up to 100%). Am I able to upgrade the processor?

Relevancy 46.87%

i have hp Pavilion G6 2320SX note-book and i want to upgrade processor i3 to i7 does it possible?and how to find right processsor.thank you.Faheem

A:upgrade processor i3 to i7

Hi, Please use part number on page 84 of the following manual: Manual also shows you how to replace the CPU (Processor). More manuals: Regards.
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My Processor is a AMDTK55HAX4DC 1.8MHz S1 Socket (Laptop)

From my searches this is now not listed as current.
Any suggestions which of the current AMD processor range I could use and speed is not the essence.

Also my current RAM is '512MB 2Rx16 PC2-5300S'

I have 2 slots, one has a faulty retaining clip. Could I use only one slot and fit the Max. RAM the M/board will allow of 4GB such as a single 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 or a 4GB DDR2 PC2-5300. Or must I use both slots.


A:AMD Processor and RAM Upgrade to ???

You didn't list your motherboard model so I can't advise on a better CPU.

Depending on what is wrong with the faulty retaining clip you could use the slot, or not. If it is simply broken so it doesn't clip onto the end of your RAM module, but the RAM module is fully seated in the socket, go ahead and use it as-is.

If it is broken in a way that prevents the RAM module from plugging in properly, well then can't use that slot.

If your motherboard supports dual channel mode it would be better to use two slots.
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I do not know which version of the Pavilion G6 I have but it has an AMD E2-3000M processor.Can I upgrade it to an Intel Core i7 processpr? If so, which ones are compatible?ThanksChris

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A:Processor Upgrade

ChrisO147 wrote:I do not know which version of the Pavilion G6 I have but it has an AMD E2-3000M processor.Can I upgrade it to an Intel Core i7 processpr? If so, which ones are compatible?ThanksChrisNo you can't go iNtel-AMD and iNtel do not swap. You have to buy a iNtel i7 laptop to get a iNtel CPU. And don't upgrade AMD they aren't worth upgrading.
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Hi Everyone. I was thinking of upgrading my processor and was wondering how to tell if my motherboard would support it. My MB is a gigabyte K8 Triton right now using an AMD Athlon 64 2800 processor. Im looking to upgrade it using a Dual Core processor, but not sure if my board would support this. Not to knowledgeable when it comes to hardware, so im searching for advice.

Thank You

A:Upgrade Processor

Go here, , and choose your motherboard, make sure you get the revision correct, there will be a CPU support list telling you what processors your motherboard supports. It will also tell you what updated BIOS version adds support for different processors.
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I have a Dell xps600, probably from 2005 or 6, with a Dell OXH241 mainboard, Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00GHz processor with Chipset : nVidia nForce4 SLI X16 Intel Edition. Also has a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX video card. Just wondering if I can upgrade processor to be able to play Black Ops a little better. I don't play multiplayer, I just need it to run a little smoother. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:processor upgrade

You'll probably have to upgrade motherboard to if you want to upgrade your cpu. What kind of cpu are you thinking about upgrading too? If you want to play black ops then I would have to recommend at least a quad core to play it smoothly.
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When I searched the computer model HP Pavilion Elite e y desk top pc I got this pagehttp support hp com us-en product HP-Pavilion-Elite-e -Desktop-PC-series model I then clicked on Motherboard specs and got thishttp support hp com us-en product HP-Pavilion-Elite-e -Desktop-PC-series model Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades TDP WAMD Phenom II X xx xxe xx Quad-Core D AMD Phenom to Looking processor upgrade II X xx xxe Triple-Core H AMD II Athlon X xx xxe P AMD II Athlon X xx xxe AMD II Athlon X xx xxe This is the system requirements note under processor there are options that run more advanced stuff Windows recommended Windows x Windows -bit OS highly recommended Intel Core i or AMD A GHz or higher Intel Core i or i GHz or higher required for AVCHD amp Intel Quick Sync Video support Intel Core i or AMD Athlon A or higher for UHD Multi-Camera or video nbsp http www pinnaclesys com PublicSite us Products studio ultimate nbsp Is there a processor that will work with this motherboard that will run this studio nbsp
Relevancy 46.87%

I've not had a problem with my processor until now, because I've not been into anything all that processor intensive before. But now, I've found that working with video files which require a lot of encoding, runs my CPU at 100%. That is not a problem, except that I can't use the computer for anything else, during the processing...even simple programs will freeze up.

I don't want to spend the money for a real upgrade to current standards, but I'm wondering if upgrading my 4400+ S939 to a Athlon 64 FX-57 would make enough difference to make it worthwhile to upgrade it? As far as I can see, the only change would be to increase from 2200Mhz to 2800Mhz. This upgrade would cost ~ $200 for a used processor.

A:Processor Upgrade?

I know squat about AMD. Do you have a dual core?

Have you considered altering your "affinity" settings via Task Manager?

I have never changed my settings, but it supposedly allows you to force a certain process to use only 1 core, rather than the standard 2. That would slow down your video processing, but free up 1 core to do something else.
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Here is the deal. I have had an old HP XT963 computer for a LONG time and I have kept it in really good shape and clean etc... But the time has come where my 1.2 Celeron processor just doesn't cut it. I cannot identify the motherboard on the system so I haven't ever had the guts to just go buy a new processor and install it. How do I know what processor I can install on the motherboard? Also, is there a processor I can get that will actually improve my system performance?

A:Upgrade my processor.

Sorry, you're stuck with a 1.2Ghz. Celeron.
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Hey guys I'm a newbie here and I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not my HP ze5730us laptop with a 2.8 Celeron processor can be upgrade to, say, a P4?

Thanx, dcmossano

A:Processor Upgrade?

don't know much about laptops but on a desk top it would not be a problem,so i would think the laptop would be the same
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I am currently running a 500 mhz Athlon , the PC is about 4-5 years old & I’m looking at upgrading the processor.
Not able to spend a great deal, probably around £60 - £80 ($120 approx). Have been reading a lot of reviews & was looking at the Athlon XP2500+ as a cheap solution, packing a 1.8ghz, this is fine for me. BUT, I read that if your motherboard is more than 3 years old you should, or may have to change it in order to upgrade???

Generally need some advice on upgrading please. What would be the max I could go up to? Should you switch from an Intel to an Athlon or vice versa? What things do I have to take into account? Don’t know anything about BIOS, clock speeds etc…

Relevancy 46.87%

I started out thinking I needed more RAM and now I'm looking at swappin' CPU's. I am currently running a single core AMD Athelon.
There are a bunch of different CPUs that will work with my MOBO. I have an AM2+ socket and here are the processors I have to choose from.

•AMD Phenom II Quad-Core
•AMD Phenom II Triple-Core
•AMD Phenom Quad-Core (A) 9xxx series (AM2+)
•AMD Phenom Triple-Core (T) 8xxx series (AM2+)
•AMD Athlon X4
•AMD Athlon X3
•AMD Athlon X2 (B) (AM2+)

Is there a major difference in the Phenom and Athelon??? The "Black" series???
I went to Newegg and found only 3 different CPUs to choose from. Tiger Direct has about 15. am on a budget so I can't just pick the most expensive and figure I am getting what's best. So...I am looking for input!
I love this place!!!

A:Processor Upgrade ???

There are several good sites that let you compare CPUs,such as Tom's Hardware and Anandtech. What a "good" CPU is depends on what you want to do with it. If you are not doing things that can use multiple cores, they only add cost, not performance. Blacks have the CPU multiplier unlocked, if you want to play with overclocking.
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Could you please suggest me the best upgrade for my laptop with processor and graphic card 

A:Which is the best processor upgrade

Here is the Service Manual: Manual You have the Pentium B950. The motherboard is only able to accept Pentium processors. See p. 19. The only "upgrade" you can do is to a slightly faster Pentium processor like the P6300. Not worth the effort in my opinion. The video is also limited by the motherboard. The video chip is soldered on. You have the Intel HD video and there is a motherboard with discrete video which would be somewhat better. If you were going to do that you might as well also get the motherboard that would accept an i5 processor. But the cost of the new motherboard and processor and heatsink would certainly exceed what you paid for that laptop. The CQ57 series was widely offered as a low-priced doorbuster special. You would be much better off with a new laptop.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Simply Put.
Is it possible to upgrade my processor? I haven't taken my PC apart yet, but I don't know exactly where to look to find my processor. And I don't know if it can be upgraded or not.

I do a lot of graphics work and my PC really needs a boost, so upgrading from a P4 to a Dual-core or a Quad would be a helpful step. I just hope I don't need to buy and install (if I could :/) a new motherboard. (If that is applicable)



A:Is it possible to upgrade my processor?

Open the case of your PC and find out the make and model of your motherboard (or check you manual if you have one). This can usually be found printed somewhere on the board itself. Stick that into google to find the documention and hence the processors that are supported by your mobo.

To get a significant boost you'll probably need a new mobo, CPU, more RAM and a faster hard drive (10/15k rpm).


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I have a Dell Dimension 2350 that has a celeron 2.0 processor. I am wondering if I could upgrade to a Pentium processor and if so which models? Thanks

A:Processor upgrade or not?

With a 400mHz. FSB there is nothing you can really upgrade to that would be a significant improvement.
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i have laptop lenovo z50-70 it has slow processor i want to change it can i do it?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:Z50-70 - Can I upgrade the processor?

Hi kevinsamer , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
What processor do you currently have?
Checking on the socket supported for the CPU on most variants on this model :
Intel® Celeron® Processor 2957U , Intel® Core? i3-4030U , i5-4210U , i7-4510U all showing socket support as FCBGA. 
In a Ball Grid Array , processors are mounted in the board soldering it in making it not possible to remove thus not upgradable.  
Hope this answered your query . update us .
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I have an acer aspire V5-122-P and I have got the AMD A4-1250 APU and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my processor (if I can find the A6 version as I have been having trouble finding it :P ) My motherboard is an acer one. And my socket is an FT1 and my chipset model ID1536.
If you need more information let me know and I can see if I can find it
- Windowz

A:Processor upgrade

I don't think you can upgrade that CPU as it has BGA 769 (Ball Grid Array) and means it's soldered to the Motherboard, you may have to take it to a shop and replace the CPU by a professional.
AMD A4-Series A4-1250 - AT1250IDJ23HM
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hi all ,        i have owned a idealcentre b520 for a number of years now , and was wandering if i can upgrade the processor from its intel i5-2320 3ghz ...7745 motherboard , if so what would be ideal to upgrade too , also it has only 6gb memory , but when i look on sites regarding the model it says only will take upto 16gb but when i do a scan with the solution centre it says maxium supported memory is 32gb.all advice much appreciated
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Hi, can anyone tell me if I can upgrade my processor in my laptop? I have an emacines E625 with cpuTF20, 2gb Ram, 160 gb harddrive, Processor AMD Athlon(tm) Processor TF-20, 1600 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 1 Logical Processor(s)
If it matters I currently run windows Vista Home Basic. I would like to upgrade to a dual processor if possible? Very slow playing games. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

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I am fairly new to the hardware side of computers, i was wondering if I can take the processor out of 1 computer and put it into another computer, if it is possible i would like to switch hard drives too, but i know how to do that.....(i think )If it is possible what specs do i need to see if they are compatible?? please help?
1st computer
AMD Athalon XP 2400+
128 mb DDR

2nd Computer
AMD Athalon
256 mb DIMM

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I don't know exactly where to post this topic but I think it would best be placed here I'm currently looking to upgrade my processor I'm looking at both the AMD Phenom II x and the AMD Phenom II x T They both take Processor upgrade up W of power and the six core is just more than the four core And I have a few questions I have a GTS Processor upgrade GPU and a W power unit specifics are in my specs below and I'm wondering if my power supply can hold up to the demand on one or both of these processors I have also noticed a W quad core at GHz and a W six core at Ghz and am now wondering if either of those would be a better idea Is the extra worth it to go six cores instead of four cores Processor upgrade After seeing benchmarks I've seen that the four-core is faster than the six core but will the extra two cores actually boost performance in heavy processor-demanding games Thank you for any advice in advance

A:Processor upgrade

If it is a good high end power supply which judging by your specs it's a fair one at least.
I think you will be okay.
The high-mid to high range psu's are often rated under what their actual delivery potential is.
I have a 1000 watt that can kick up to [email protected] if it needs too, so yeah majorly overpowered.

Oh that's something to note too, strong amps are a key component too.

If wattage is the amount amps is the force at which it's applied.
so 500 watts with very small amps is far less useful than a 500 watt with a strong amp rating.
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After I install a processor to a motherboard, can I upgrade that prcessor in the future?

A:Processor upgrade?

Entirely dependent on the ability of the Motherboard as to what it will accept.

If the processor you are installing is the maximum in terms of clock speed etc that the board will accept, then no.

If the board will take a faster processor than the one you are installing, then yes.
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You guys wanna help me out a bit, I'm getting laid off next week sometime, and I wanna get a new Processor this Paycheck, I've liiking for something in the $100-$150 Price Range.

My Current Processor is an AMD Athlon KUMA 7750 X2, I'm looking for either a tri or a Quad-Core.

I've been looking at a this


and suggestions would be great!!

My Motherboard is a BIOSTAR TA790GX 128M.

A:Processor upgrade

If you tried both processors on two different systems with the same Motherboard, you probably would have a very difficult time detecting which CPU is which... unless you are an ardent gamer... in which case you should be into Intel anyway.
That is a huge reach from $89 to $129... for very little difference. Both are excellent, but not the gaming machines the Intel series are.
You will be happy with the $89 purchase, methinks.
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I have an IBM Aptiva computer with an AMD-K6 500mhz computer and 120 mb of SDRAM. I'm not sure what type of motherboard it is nor do I know where to find out (no help from the Aptiva website). IBM gives no information as to whether a processor upgrade is possible or not. I know it only has 2 slots for RAM though.

I would like to upgrade the processor and the RAM. Is there an easy way I can change the amount of slots available for RAM? Can I upgrade the processor? If so am I limited to type? The current specs say max 256 RAM - will this change if I change the processor?