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Windows Mail - select recipients from Contacts only

Q: Windows Mail - select recipients from Contacts only


I'm using now Windows Mail for my personal mail.

When I Create a New Message and then click on the To: button to select the recipients for the new message then a list of the addresses of all my previous messages (sent and received) comes up for selection; those addresses are located on the folder <E:\Users\Victor\Contacts\other>.
That -although useful- is not what I really want; I'd like to see ONLY the list of addresses from my Contacts.

I've been browsing throughout the commands, configurations and options to set Contacts as my default list of recipients but I haven't been able to find anything to do that.

Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Windows Mail - select recipients from Contacts only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I've had Windows Mail working well on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit for over a year with no problems until very recently.

A problem started 3 days ago.

I have my Contacts List set to show alphabetically starting at A, and until 3 days ago, the Select Recipients box showed in the same order. It's now showing in the reverse order - starting with Z.

I can't find any way to alter this and can't find any references to the problem.

Any ideas for a fix please ?


A:Windows Mail Select Recipients box show order

I thought Windows Mail was only available in Vista? is it possible you are using Windows Live Mail.
Have to take a guess about Windows Mail , immediately above the contacts is there a box saying name like you get in Windows Explorer click it & it probably reverses the order.
Windows Live Mail look on the Ribbon in the View section for Sort by there are only two option's First name or Last name.
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In Word 2007 I would like to select recipients to place on an envelope. Word asks for outlook contacts which I do not have as Vista uses Windows live mail which is where my contact list is. Is there a solution to this problem or do I need to download outlook for my contacts?
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Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail
About 10% of my e-mail recipients are not receiving my e-mail and I do not receive non-delivery notices. Makes no difference if I select their address from my e-mail list or select respond to one of their incoming messages. This problem has plagued me for many months. I changed from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail 2011 with no results.

Computer is HP Model m9517c, AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core processor, Vista 64 bit operating system with Service Pack 2, 8 GB RAM. Am using Windows Live Mail 2011 with Comcast Internet Service.

The people not receiving my e-mail are using Verizon, Earthlink and probably others. Two of my Verizon accounts changed over to gmail and email went through.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 - recipients not receiving mail

Of course, I cannot offer a definitive answer, but merely give the most like first.
Lets say you are sending from and you send to Yahoo may have been receiving a lot of spam from Verizon and do not allow their email. Tell your friends to put you on the safe list and see if that helps.
Another possibility, is that you may have someone else's address. It may be very close to a correct address with only a small difference. YOu would not get an non delivered notice.
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When I send an e TO myself with BCC to a list of recipients my copy of the Sent Mail doesn't show the BCC list?
Until recently I used to receive two copies of Sent Mail, the one not showing the BCC list the other showing the BCC list.
Any advice please?

A:Can't view bcc recipients in Windows Live Mail sent mail

In case any of the 52 readers of the original question are wondering...

....the answer is:-

The copy in the sent folder will show all the BCC recipients.

The copy arriving in the inbox will not show the BCC recipients as they

BCC'd. Each BCC recipient will only see that the message was sent to the sender

and that recipient.
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When I send an e TO myself with BCC to a list of recipients my copy of the Sent Mail doesn't show the BCC list?
Until recently I used to receive two copies of Sent Mail, the one not showing the BCC list the other showing the BCC list.
Any advice please?

A:Can't view bcc recipients in Windows Live Mail sent mail

In case any of the 61 readers of the original question are wondering...

....the answer is:-
The copy in the sent folder will show all the BCC recipients.
The copy arriving in the inbox will not show the BCC recipients as they
BCC'd. Each BCC recipient will only see that the message was sent to the sender
and that recipient.
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A request from a friend, so sorry if it's a bit vague.
Is there a way of her sending an email so the recipient just sees her name and not email address?
She has tried Tools, Accounts, Properties, General, and typing just the name, but it doesn't change.
Any other ideas appreciated.

A:Windows Live Mail without recipients' address

Read this article: How Do Spammers Get My Email Address?

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Using Outlook Express one can highlight and insert multiple addresses from the Address Book into the Bcc box for a multiple send.

In Windows Mail I can't find a way to do this from the Contacts list. (You can make groups within Contacts, but they can only be inserted into the To box.)

For security reasons I often want to use Bcc to send a message to multiple members of a Club. The only way I can find to do this in Windows Mail is to enter them one at a time, a tedious business.

Is there a way to insert them in a block? One would assume so as WM is supposed to be an improvement on OE, not a backward step.

The OS of the computer concerned is Vista.(Detail below my signature does not apply in this case.)

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I have many people in my contact list...

When I start to type a name, windows mail will automatically pull up the contact with the FIRST letter only...if i type more than one letter it does not pull up the contact I am looking for..


I type "L" and Lance appears; but if I input "LU" no name appears even though there is a Luoise in my contact list.. In otherwords if I put in more than one letter it does not access the contact list... If I enter only one letter it will only pull up the name of the first contact beginning with this letter

A:Windows Mail Only Selects Recipients Based upon First Letter of Name

Download the most current windows live mail 2011
You will have the most current and it should work properly.
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I have upgraded my Computer from Vista and Windows live mail 2011 to Windows 7 and Windows live mail 2012.

Live Mail 2011 used as Contacts just the Vista Contacts.
Live Mail 2012 is having it's own Contacts which are not compatible with Windows 7 Contacts.

I found a way to import Windows 7 Contacts as Live Mail 2012 Contacts but no way to export it as .contact file again (export can be done as CSV or VCF file only).

Since I still want to synchronize my Windows 7 contacts with an old Vista Computer the Import is not a solution for me.

Is there a way to persuade Live Mail to use the Windows Contacts again
and where are these new Live Mail Contacts saved?

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts seems not to be used.


A:Windows live mail 2012 contacts incompatible with Windows 7 contacts

Hi Walter, welcome to Seven Forums.

Your best plan is to access your mail account directly, the use .csv format to export / import them into WLM 2012.
If you don't use WLM signed-in they wont be remembered.
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I have an Windows (Vista) notebook with outlook 2007, and now I have an new notebook with Windows 8.1. Where I want to export my mail & contact to Windows live mail, how can I import this in WLM on my other notebook?

I already have configure my mail on WLM where I can receive and send messages. I tried something with the program Mailstore 8 but my mail is now on another computer.

I also find this link: how to export mail,calendar contact in outlook to windows live mail clientWith the "Outlook Conversion Application" solution but is this possible on different computers and has WLM an import function?

A:Export mail and contacts from Outlook 2007 to Windows live mail 2012?

Don I might be way off track here mate but was the Outlook account the same email address as you have set up in WLM?

Just a thought you might try adding an account to WLM using the old address and password. I did this with my old account from my service provider then went to a Hotmail account.
Now admittedly it was still within WLM but worth a try.

What I will do is try and add my work account (Outlook) to my WLM and see if it works.

PS It added the account but I have to get the POP and STMP settings right first.
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I'm trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail. I've converted them all to a csv file (5.65kb). When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred.....not the e-mail addresses. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Windows Live Mail is Hotmail, with a new look. So I am confused as to what you are trying to do.
It sounds like you created a whole new name for Windows Live Mail... you didn't need to do that.

If you just open Windows Live Mail and logon as the HotMail name you will see all of the contacts.
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clearlyclueless said I to contacts Mail from Live Hotmail Export E-mail Windows m trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail I ve converted them all to a csv file kb When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred not the e-mail addresses Any ideas Thanks Click to expand This thread was previously closed due to lack of answers however I found a solution When importing a csv file into Hotmail the email address field is expected as quot E-mail Address quot however in the csv file created by Windows Live Mail the email address field is quot Email Address quot Note the missing hyphen This means that the email address is not transferred over to Hotmail The solution is to edit the csv file using Notepad - simply add the hyphen to the top line of the csv file save the file and import it into Hotmail If you have the Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail same problem with other fields a useful test to see what field names Hotmail expects is to export a contact from Hotmail and then inspect the csv file which is created using Notepad nbsp

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Thanks for that, but tips and fixes not in reponse to any specific member should be posted here:
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Can anyone help please? All addresses are in btyahoo webmail and I am now using Windows Mail for emails. How can I transfer the emails addresses from web mail to Windows MAil (the old Outlook Express)?

I have selected the addresses and clicked on Export/Import at top right of screen but nothing happened. I understand it should be in the CSV format not WAB as I used to export/import using XP. And ideas?

In the Windows Mail there is the import facility giving the options CSV etc but I can't get the export/import to do anything in the web mail.


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In Win XP, the contacts selection called up the contact name and e-mail in separate columns, so that you could sort the list by name or by e-mail address.
Is there any way of doing that in Win 7?
Occasionally I get an e-mail with just the e-mail address, but not a contact name, and I'd like to be able to find out who it is.
All suggestions appreciated.

A:How can I sort e-mail contacts in Windows Live Mail?

Under the Home tab in Contacts Click on View there is a Sort By with an arrow. Click there and you have a choice of how to sort, last or first name.
Also if you click on Mail- the same thing- Under the Home Tab-View- there is also a way to sort the emails
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Recently i switched from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail.
I managed to import/export my TB mails to Windows Live Mail, but i can't seem to get my contacts into the Windows Live Mail.
I'm Thunderbird i exported my adresbook into a .csv file.
When i import that file into my WLM contacts i only see 2 contacts.
When i open de csv file, i see alot more contacts.
Anyone got a solution or tip for me?

A:Mail Contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

You could try a repair of WLM. Go to Programs and Features, highlight "Windows Live Essentials", click on change/uninstall at the top, and choose repair in the next window. All installed parts of WLE will be repaired, including Mail.
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I copied my "Windows Mail Contacts folder" from my previous Windows Vista pc to my new Windows 7 pc. I have close to 4,000 contacts and they are all organized in subfolders. How can I import them to Windows Live Mail while keeping them all organized as they were in Windows Mail on Vista? If I have to manually organize them again it will be an endless task. I have built this organized list of contacts over several years of work. For people like myself who rely on this type of organized list of contacts for work purposes, switching from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail could possibly be a nightmare. I really hope there's a positive quick solution.
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The edit button on the mail merge recipients menu is disable ( subdue) all the other buttons work just fine (select all,clear all, refresh,find and validate all light up).
Windows xp

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Win 7 Home Premium + Pro upgrade/ HP Pavillion Elite 112y

Hi All,
I'm trying to email to around 320 recipients out of my MS Access program. I've created a good email list, with proper field names that "match" Publisher. The list "loads" into Publisher, and when I send/merge, the screen had me believing that the mail was being sent. Didn't happen, though. The only "clue" I have as to why, is that (contrary to other times when I've used Publisher/Access merge) I couldn't get to see "recipient previews." Tried starting over several times; same results. Any ideas? I love working with Publisher/Access for personalized emails that don't show the others on the recipient list; hope someone can help me find the answer to this problem. Thanks.
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My question is whether I could hide my own e-mail address from the person I am sending the e-mail to, the same way I can hide my caller`s ID in a mobile phone?
I have been selling a few things on-line on craiglist, & this site has the facillity of hiding my e-mail, so the people that answer to my add can send me an e-mail, but without knowing my real e-mail address.
The problem is that when I reply to their messages, they can see my e-mail address.
I am with Yahoo. Is there any way of doing this that is not just creating a new e-mail address just for this sort of thing?
If Yahoo doesn`t, does Windows Mail or Outlook have a feature to hide my own e-mail address?

Thanks in advance!!

A:Can I hide my e-mail address from recipients

With Windows Live, I think, that if you go into tools>accounts. It will show reply to address. Try putting something like etc. See if that works.
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I started receiving emails from a few friends this morning asking me if I indeed send out an email titled quot Secure shopping quot from my yahoo mail address recommending them to shop at a website www ushopcn com I first thought it went to a few email addresses mostly obsolete since I my Yahoo ALL then contacts mail all out to and email wiped phishing my sent a contacts! deliberately do not use my yahoo email much But later in the day I received the copy of this email Yahoo mail sent a phishing email to all my contacts and then wiped out ALL my contacts! and I could clearly see that it did go out to a lot more email addresses than I thought and I now suspect to all of them in my yahoo address book I sent out a short email to most who have received it apologizing profusely not from yahoo mail of course I then noticed that my address book in yahoo mail is wiped out Strangely the email showed up just a few times in my Sent Folder and only showing that it went to ONE email at a time when from my friends' forwarded emails back to me it was obvious that it did go to MANY at the same time I have run Spybot S amp D and mbam I am clean they tell me I have deleted most of the emails in my Yahoo Mail folders I have not attempted to send out a new email from Yahoo Mail Everything else appears to be functioning properly including my Outlook mail and GMail accounts where I do most of my email stuff I am now paranoid What else can I do I would appreciate any help from the experts here thanks Here is the text of the stupid email that was sent Hello How are you recently I would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in electornic products Now the company is under sales promotion all the products are sold nearly at its cost They provide the best service to customers they provide you with original products of good quality and what is more the price is a surprising happiness to you It is realy a good chance for shopping just grasp the opportunity Now or never The web address www ushopcn com

A:Yahoo mail sent a phishing email to all my contacts and then wiped out ALL my contacts!

my hotmail address had the same problem. recently i went to set it up to send auto replies as i was going away, and found the same email message copied in there ready to send again.

i was advised to change my password for my email to something which was capitals&lower key + numbers. Scan using malware and avira. didnt find anything, and had no problems since.

i'm by no means an expert - this is the advice i was given by someone who knew what they were talking about!
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I recently moved from Windows XP to Vista 64 bit. In XP, I was having no problems selecting the recipients in the list in Microsoft Access and merge into Word. However, in Vista after I "clear all" and select one recipient, and click "ok", the Access list closes, but then adds some recipients that I didn't check. So when I merge, there are many more records that what I originally checked. Any thoughts?

A:Mail Merge Recipients Microsoft Access

Are you using Office 2003 or 2007?

These links may provide help -
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I have a need to find a Contacts/Address-book/or integrated mail application that permits the lockdown of the contacts data. Ideally, the info stashed in that Contacts application would be password-protected, encrypted, and could be written directly to a removable device location - in other words, ability to change the default destination for the store to a USB or otherwise removable "drive".

Anyone know of such, or know if there is a version of Outlook or Thunderbird or ???xyz that would have such features configurable?

thank you

A:Secure/encrypted Contacts application? Or mail w/contacts

Right out of box, Outlook has an option to set a password on each of its datafiles (which contain both mails and contacts) which is asked each time it's opened or attached to an existing installation. But I don't know if it's really encrypted or how easy is to crack those.

Another option may be to use an encryption tool like Truecrypt. It can create a virtual drive which is in fact a regular encrypted file on the disk (somewhat similar to zip files, but with a really strong encryption). The idea is to setup such a "drive", and then put the sensitive data files there. Outlook allows to locate its data files anywhere, not sure about Thunderbird.
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I recently added an email contact using windows mail, but i accidentally entered it incorrectly. i have since then deleted the wrong contact and added the correct email address for that contact. now whenever i go to send a new message and i start typing his name in the "To:" field, both email addressees, correct and incorrect, show up. i'd like to get rid of this problem as it is quite troublesome for me. any ideas?

A:Windows Mail Contacts

What server are you using? (i.e. sbc, att, earthlink, yahoo, gmail, live, ect.)

Also, why not try the latest email programs: Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or Thunderbird?
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I am unable to find any way that I can add a contact to the contact list.

A:Contacts in Windows Mail

Welcome jsh,
Have a look through these tutorials to see if they can help you.
Let us know how you go.

"New Contact" and "New Contact Group" Button Missing

Windows Mail problems
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I have downloaded windows 10 from windows 7 but where are my e-mail contacts.I have tried all sorts but nothing seems to work

A:how can I see my e-mail contacts in windows 10

Windows 10 does not maintain e-mail contacts for you. It's the job of the e-mail client you happen to be using. Look up settings in your e-mail client.i_Xp/Vista/W7/W10 User
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With Outlook Express in XP in was possible to have contact list 'pinned' to left hand side ie below Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items etc.

How is this done in Windows Messenger.

Also is it possible to download IE6, and use instead of IE7?


A:Contacts in Windows Mail

With Outlook Express in XP in was possible to have contact list 'pinned' to left hand side ie below Inbox,Click to expand...

Windows mail no longer has the ability to pin the address book like OE did, sorry I miss it also.

Also is it possible to download IE6, and use instead of IE7?Click to expand...

Even if you could I don't recommend it, IE6 is very unsecure for browsing the internet.
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In Windows 7 I had a long list of contacts in Windows Mail but when I opened Windows Live Mail in Windows 10 there is no contacts list or draft folders.Is there any way I can add these to my mail account?.

A:Contacts in Windows 10 mail In

Have you got the 'People' app? They may be in there?
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The "Windows Mail" i mentioned here is the one to send link, page...of a webpage in IE9,
(access from File>Send>Page by email) . (Windows Live Mail had been set as default)
I would like to add Contacts to this "windows mail" but could find a way to do that, could not
import or transfer Contacts from my current Outlook mail (formerly Hotmail) to it. My OS is win7Pro
Any recommendation ?

A:how can I add contacts to windows mail in IE9 ?

Hi tony77,

You need to install Download Windows Live Mail 2012 (16.4.3505) -
When done, sign-in using your Outlook details, contacts will be added automatically.
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When I used to use OE in my old WIN98 program, I had a list of my contacts down the left-hand side of the screen when I was on my OE Inbox...any idea how I can do that (or IF I can do that) in Windows Mail?

A:Contacts in Windows Mail

I have tried everything to make that happen...forget it that is a casualty of the end of Outlook Express.
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Can anyone help me with an annoying problem. I've deleted some contacts on my Windows Mail that I no longer require, but they still appear on the drop down menu when I start to type an email address. For example when I send an email to my g/f, all other names with E appear even though they are deleted from my Windows Contacts list and address book. Any advice is much appreciated.

Many Thanks

A:Windows Mail Contacts

I have the same problem. Does anyone have a fix?
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My "create new contact" and "create new group" buttons are missing in the toolbar. I followed the suggested steps to correct the problem, but, when I get to the point of customizing the folder, "contact" is not in the drop down menu of the templates.

A:Windows Mail Contacts

Hello Jim, and welcome to Vista Forums.

When doing the tutorial, be sure that you are doing it in the C:\Users\(user name)\Contacts folder and not the one from the Start Menu.

Hope this helps,
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I've got a mail merge doc that has an Excel spreadsheet as the datasource. When I try to filter the mail recipient list based on specific criteria nothing happens; the same records that were visible and selected before the filter are still visible and selected after the filter. I've read that filtering will only work with ten or fewer unique values in the column, but my filter criteria fits within that boundary. I can find nothing on the MS Knowledgebase to help me out. Any ideas?

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I'm doing a mail merge document in MS Word. (I have Windows XP.) Does anyone know how I can print out a list of the people I'm sending it to?

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I was helping out a friend with a problem with Windows Mail on her Vista system She was not familiar with distribution lists groups so I said I would help her however I am a bit stumped I created a group and proceeded to add some contacts from her contact list When done we tried to send an email to the list and it aborted saying there was an invalid address We removed that address and tried again and again it aborted I find it strange that the email would not be sent at all to all the other entries in the list with other email programs I have used send the email if the email address is bad it get bounced back to me - all the others in the list receive it Here we have a case were the email was not sent at all to with Contacts Problem Mail Windows any of the recipients in Problem with Windows Mail Contacts the list Is this normal behaviour for Windows Mail Or is there something wrong with my list Another strange problem we Problem with Windows Mail Contacts noticed is that sometimes the auto-complete does not work for email addresses Normally if I enter the letter 'a' in the TO field I get a drop down menu of all the contacts starting with 'a' in the contact list This is not working only some of the contacts are displayed while others that I know are in the contacts address book do not display Nor will they auto-complete if I type their name I think this problem may be related to the first one where email addresses are being rejected And finally she was complaining that her name was spelled incorrectly when she sent mail to recipients I tested this and sure enough it was spelled incorrectly in the FROM field I checked her account settings and her address book and in both locations it was spelled correctly Where else could this misspelling be coming from Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated by both of us Thanks Paul
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I have a list of contacts in a folder that I am trying to put into my Windows live mail but they go to Users\Me\contact which isn't where Windows live mail contact go. So how do I import them?

A:Windows live mail contacts


If you already have contacts in the Users\[Your User]\Contacts then they are already utilized by Windows Live Mail so would not require importing.

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Windows Live Mail seems to force a Contacts Check Names when trying to create an email. So, if my new email address is not in the contacts list it will not send?

Is this correct? Solution?

I have come from Windows XP to Windows 7 recently.



A:Windows Live Mail Contacts

Which version are you using because in WLM 2012 there is a problem with group contacts sending, they do not go and there are other problems with 2012 also
your email address does not have to be in a contacts list for it not to send, but again if you are sending a group contact and your email address is there it actually does not matter if it is there or not it will not send the group
this is only happening in windows live mail 2012
If you have windows live mail 2011 then I suggest you try to do a repair and see if that fixes it

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Hello I fear I've already found the answer to this question but just can't believe it could be this bad so here goes Is there ANY WAY to transfer contacts from Windows Mail Vista stored there in a folder called quot contacts quot accessible within the program by clicking on quot address book quot TO the quot People quot app in Windows mail I have literally HUNDREDS of contacts every windows upgrade through Vista allowed me to continue using these contacts until now If what I've heard is right -- that there is no way short of manually typing in each and every contact one at a time -- I am absolutely dumbfounded PLEASE tell me there is some special back-door way to take my old contacts and add them to my quot people quot If I have to transfer them to another program first that's fine I just can't believe I'm expected to literally add hundreds of contacts by typing them all one at a time How can ANYONE just 10 Windows to Mail Transferring contacts be OK with this It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard A simple step-by-step explanation would be very much appreciated Thanks
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When I first loaded my contacts in Windows Mail on my new Vista system they would be listed A - Z by contact first name when I clicked the "To" button on the "Creat Mail" window. Now they are listed A - Z by address. How can I get the "To" listing back to first name listing.

A:windows mail contacts problem

Yours is an easy question to answer (and to fix). Just do the following:

1. Open Windows Mail
2. Open "Contacts"
3. Right above your first contact are colums including "name, email address" and others.
4. Click on "name" and it will sort by name A-Z or Z-A just like you once had it. If it sorts Z-A, just click on "name" again and it will sort them A-Z like you want.

Now that you have it correct, don't click on those columns again.

Originally Posted by jdr37

When I first loaded my contacts in Windows Mail on my new Vista system they would be listed A - Z by contact first name when I clicked the "To" button on the "Creat Mail" window. Now they are listed A - Z by address. How can I get the "To" listing back to first name listing.
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When trying to add a new contact or group with Windows Mail, Vista Home Premium I get the following 2 error messages:

1. Unable to create this contact. The location where this contact was to be saved is inaccessible.

After I click "ok" on that message, I get another:

2. An unknown error occurred while performing the requested action on this contact.

Appreciate any help or ideas :-)
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I would like to retrieve from backup the addresses that were held in the contacts list. Ideally with the groups too. I have found the .eml files but can't figure out how the address book is held. Any ideas ?
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Hi guys I hope I can make this clear to understand and not too confusing I've recently run Killdisk reinstalled Windows Pro x Live Mail Windows Contacts on my laptop got it to where I wanted including all MS updates and email and have done an Windows Live Mail Contacts Acronis backup Before the format I manually saved the email folder with all it's account and email content Then reinstalled WLM on the fresh W install went to 'Users Me AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live Mail' deleted Windows Live Mail Contacts what was in there and then pasted my saved email folder contents Loaded WLM and hey presto Windows Live Mail Contacts everything there with all my emails No problem with that The next thing is putting my mail contacts back also manually saved before the format but I can't get them to show up They normally reside as DBStore files in Windows Live Contacts folder also in the same area as the email 'Users Me AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live Contacts' So I put that folder there but nothing appears in my contacts when I load up WLM I removed the whole folder and decided to do a test and add a new contact in WLM I found out the new contact has appeared in a different place 'Users Me AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live Contacts Default' and then inside there a folder saying and inside that a DBStore file As another test by removing the DBStore from my contact disappeared in WLM but reappeared when I restored the DBStore file to the folder By adding a new contact I had expected windows to create a new Windows Live Contacts folder but it didn't I tried putting all my saved contacts folder in the folder but they still don't appear Any ideas where to put my contacts folders to get them showing up By the way there were folders that I saved each with a DBStore file One of them is MB some are MB and most are MB I don't know if I need them all Perhaps they're cumulative and only the MB has all my contacts Screenshot shows the two contact locations I mentioned

A:Windows Live Mail Contacts

Hi Roman5, hope this helps. WLM Contacts.pdf
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Before someone suggests this as an answer, let me just say that I am aware that the Windows 10 Mail app supposedly gets its contacts from the Windows 10 People app. The People app on my computer has the precise contacts in it that it is supposed to. The problem with the Mail app is this: When I type the first letter of a contact's name, and the menu with a selection of contacts to choose from drops down, it includes contacts that I was able to delete from the People app. There does not appear to be any way to get rid of them. Any suggestions?
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I just got a new computer with Vista. I transferred by address book for OE to Windows mail but cannot find how to alphabetize contacts by last name.

A:Alphabetize Windows Mail contacts by last name

Hi I had the same problem and after some time of research I managed to get it resolved. First of all I am assuming that your contacts are stored in Windows contacts. Well first you need to go to Windows mail and from the tools menu select Windows contacts. When the windows contacts window opens make sure its maximized. Then from the views icon select details. Then right-click on the field named Name and check/tick the First Name and Last Name fields. This will open up 2 new columns named First Name and Last Name in which your contacts' First and Last Names are displayed. Thereafter right-click somewhere in your window where there is white space and from the menu which appears select sort by and then select last name.

Hope this helps

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I'm new to the Forum so I hope Windows Problem Contacts Mail - I'm doing this correctly Anyway initially I was trying to create a mailing group but could not see a choice for that option in my Contacts folder Turns out it was set on quot Pictures and Videos quot and I read in this Forum how to fix that so it would show my list of contacts and would therefore show the choice for setting up a group That worked fine My problem is - my changes don't seem to want to stay For instance today I was working in my picture folders and then when I went back into Windows Mail and clicked on Contacts it was back to showing quot Pictures and Videos quot Why Windows Mail Problem - Contacts won't it stay on Contacts after I configure the folder I do click quot Apply quot and then quot OK quot but that doesn't seem to make Windows Mail Problem - Contacts a Windows Mail Problem - Contacts difference It keeps changing back Can you help me on this Thanks Marna

A:Windows Mail Problem - Contacts

Hello Marna, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Did you make the changes from the C:\Users\(user name)\Contacts location instead of from the Start menu location?

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I Can't get Windows Mail in Vista to show the 'Contacts' i.e address book below the Folders as it used to be under Outlook Express when using XP. It was very convienient to just click on an address and voila you had a freshly created email to type. Can anyone help please. I've had a look on the Forum list but can't see the exact subject listed.

Thank you
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I've added my corporate exchange account to my windows 8 mail. I can receive/send email, but my exchange contacts are not working. I would love to be able to start typing one of my co-workers' names and have it come up.

Has anyone else tried this/got it working? Or is it just "not there" yet?

Thank you.
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When I select to send a contact, their name shows last name first on the to: line.
I want to show it as John Doe instead of Doe, John.
Any ideas. Thanks Shiron

A:Windows Live Mail contacts

Hi Shiron, welcome to Seven Forums.
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I receive an email. I want to add the sender to my contacts. Get the message: an arror ocurred. Windows Mail could not add one or more of the recipients to contacts.

In the meantime all my contacts have disappeared save one.

any tips welcome.

ps when on Internet Explorer I cannot add website addresses to my favourites list. Related problem?
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My operating system is Vista Home Premium...64-bit. In Windows Mail, when I click "contacts" a window appears with my contact list, however the toolbar shows "organize, views, slideshow, burn". There is no "add contact" button so I am unable to add a new contact. When I click on help, it says "working with the pictures folder". Can anyone shed some light???

A:Unable to add contacts to Windows Mail

Hello cutie1989,
I think after you press the contacts tab and the new window appears, press the "new contact" tab and you get another window, you should be able to add new contacts from there.
Good luck and post your results.
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My Windows Mail in Vista Home Premium does not remember previously used contacts for very long. Is there some trick to getting it to do this. Outlook Express never had this problem.

Gateway Desktop GT5428
Windows Vista Home Premium
3.20GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU
3GB Ram
Minimum 180GB HD free space
EVGA e-GeForce 8800GT 512 Superclocked

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I have just converted to Vista from XP and have also converted from Outlook Express to Windows Mail and my problem is using Sub Folders in Contacts, In OE i used to have 2 or 3 sub folders in my address book so i could hold the addresses that i didn't use very much separately from those that i do.

However I have created a sub folder in Windows Mail Contacts but when create a new emails and use "Tools" "Select Recipients" as i used to in OE it shows all of my email addresses including those in the sub folder, therefore appearing to ignore the existence of the sub folder.

Any suggestions on why this should be happening and how to over come the problem would be welcome


A:Sub Folders In Windows Mail Contacts

Hello Eno, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sorry, but the subfolder option does not work with contacts like that anymore in Windows Mail. Instead, you would just need to use Contact Groups for this.

Contact Groups in Windows Mail

Hope this helps,
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I think I posted this to the wrong part of the forum so I am reposting
I have been using Windows Live Mail on this computer for 5 months or more with no issues. Today, out of nowhere, all contacts, safe sender and blocked senders were gone. I never had to actually sign into my Live Mail account, but today, it prompted me to get a hotmail account so I could log into Live Mail.
I have no need for a hot mail or yahoo account as I already have email through Hughes,net, but after I signed up for a hot mail account, it automatically signs into my LIVE MAIL account also. I had to re-input 150 contacts. What has changed?
I never needed to sign in before and I always had my contacts????


A:Windows live mail - lost contacts

Quote: Originally Posted by bluesman1952

I have been using Windows Live Mail on this computer for 5 months or more with no issues. Today, out of nowhere, all contacts, safe sender and blocked senders were gone. I never had to actually sign into my Live Mail account, but today, it prompted me to get a hotmail account so I could log into Live Mail.
I have no need for a hot mail or yahoo account as I already have email through Hughes,net, but after I signed up for a hot mail account, it automatically signs into my LIVE MAIL account also. I had to re-input 150 contacts. What has changed?
I never needed to sign in before and I always had my contacts????

WLM can be very confusing when it comes to contacts. There are two ways to use WLM (1)"signed-in" and (2)"not signed-in". Each has its own contact list. You may have been signing in automatically all the time using the same LiveID that you used when you originally downloaded WLM. (You couldn't download WLM in the first place without a LiveID.) If you again sign in with the LiveID with which you were previously signing in automatically you will again see that "signed-in" contact list.

If OTOH you really were optioned to "never sign in" (Options/Connections Tab) then you were always using the "Not signed-in" contact list. You will see that list again if you do not sign in. I'm not sure which is the case.

WLM can actually be used with multiple LiveIDs and each one will show its own contact list.
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Hey gang!

I have an issue with Windows Live Mail, it won't let me import contacts, all options are grayed out.

OS: Windows XP, SP3 with all updates, freshly installed.

I successfully imported the email accounts, messages AND contacts after I installed Windows Live Mail. When I launched the program the next day, everything was fine except there were no contacts listed. I saw them there after the import (over 500 entries) but now they are all gone. The contact list is a .csv file exported from Windows Live Mail prior to reinstalling the OS. So I attempted to do the import all over again except I can't; all the import options are grayed out. I can create a new contact from scratch as well as create categories/groups but it won't let me import a contact list. With over 500 entries to restore I really don't want to do them by hand!

Any ideas?

A:Can't Import Contacts in Windows Live Mail

Hi -I just found this post that covers from XP to Windows 7 - << These steps can be followed on windows XP and Win 7Hope it helps -
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i cant figure out how to clean up my contact list...i am using windows live lots of old people on there that i no longer contact  THANKS

A:How to delete old contacts in windows live mail?

Hi: Open WLM and click on your Contacts folder, on the lower left side of the window. All the tools you need to delete, add new, and edit your contacts are right there on the top of the ribbon bar. To delete a contact, highlight the contact and hit the big red X button that says "delete" under it.
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My Windows Contacts folder has been emptied The files are not in the recycle bin Below is an explanation of what I was doing PLEASE deleted. Mail Windows accidentally contacts have HELP!! All been in Please read it all the way through Please keep in mind that I reference both Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail I know the difference and I've been specific in the paragraph below I think most people were reading the first line and leaving with the idea that they can't help That would explain views and not a single reply My computer runs Windows Vista and I use Windows Mail My father's computer is not Vista so he's switching to Windows Live Mail WLM I think that's confusing people PLEASE HELP!! All contacts in Windows Mail have been accidentally deleted. when they read the next paragraph I was attempting to help my father figure out how to import his contacts from Seamonkey to Windows Live Mail He's miles away I opened SeaMonkey Mail to get to its address book and found not only his addresses he uses it when he visits but my contacts from Windows Mail NOT WLM I deleted one of my own email groups in SeaMonkey and was still able to see it in Windows Mail so I figured I was only deleting an imported listing from SeaMonkey and proceeded to delete the rest of my contacts When I was done I was still able to see my Contacts in Windows Mail After I was done I closed SeaMonkey but left Windows Mail open Several hours later I went to forward an email and found every single one of my contacts is gone I do not have this information to re-enter it Is there a backup of the contact list Is there a way to undelete the contacts either from within Windows Mail or Seamonkey Please please please help me

A:PLEASE HELP!! All contacts in Windows Mail have been accidentally deleted.

I don't use Windows mail but I will try to help anyway
I don't know if Windows mail is an online setup like G-mail or all kept on your computer.
What I would do is download Shadow Explorer (a free program) This lets you look through your system restore points and recover any files from them.
Unless you changed the default system restore settings one will be made each time you start Vista. - About
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I had my freind email a bunch of v card contacts to me from my old computer that I gave to him.

I loaded the contacts into my new computer and they work fine under my user account. By work fine I mean they appear when I click the "contacts" icon in Winodows Mail and when I click the "to:" icon when composing new mail.

Unfortunately the contacts do not show up under my fathers account. They appear when clicking the "contacts" icon but they do not show up when I click the "to:" icon when composing mail.

How do I get them to show up when clicking the to: icon in my fathers account?

A:Solved: Trouble with Windows Mail contacts

I guess I should have researched a a bit more before posting.

After I loaded the contacts onto my account I sent them via email to my dads account. After attaching the contacts then clicking send, I was asked If I wanted to change the contacts to vcards (apparently these are smaller then the format the contacts where originally sent to me in which was .csv) I did change them to vcards and windows apparently did not like this beacuase they did not appear in the Windows Mail.

I re-emailed them to him and this time did not change them to vcards (they still went through immediately) and now they work just fine in my fathers account.
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Where and how does Windows Mail Live 2011 store my contacts?

I just started to use W7 and WML2011 and am stumbling through the learning curve for email on this new platform. How do I add/edit/import/export contacts?

Thanks everyone!

A:Windows Mail Live 2011, contacts?

Quote: Originally Posted by toasty

Where and how does Windows Mail Live 2011 store my contacts?

I just started to use W7 and WML2011 and am stumbling through the learning curve for email on this new platform. How do I add/edit/import/export contacts?

Thanks everyone!

Open WLM > left side, Folders list > look down to the bottom......
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I have just built a new PC with Windows on it My old PC had XP with MS Office OEM but I have decided to go with Open Office on my new machine to save expense I have some miscellaneous contacts and Store Windows Live in Contacts Mail some calendar reminders stored Store Contacts in Windows Live Mail on my old machine in Outlook and I need to transfer these to my new machine I thought I could do this using Windows Live Mail So I nstalled it on both machines then transferred my Contacts from outlook to WLM on the XP machine then exported them to a csv file So far so good forgetting about reminders for the moment But when I try to import the contacts csv into Windows Live Mail on my new Windows machine I find I can only import mail messages A lot of the menu icons are greyed out and there is no option to import contacts Is this because I have not set up WLM as an e-mail client I have not done this as my e-mail is web based and I dont need a client for it I just want to store some contacts reminders on it

A:Store Contacts in Windows Live Mail

WLM is an email client or program that must be downloaded and installed on a PC. Hotmail is the web based email service that Microsoft provides. If you want to import contacts into Hotmail, check out the Hotmail website for options.
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I would like to use my WLM as my main address book and to be able to retrieve its information when I use Word or other programs

A:Where does Windows Live Mail store contacts

Hello & welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the question, it's a good one.

First I need to clarify, how do you intend to use the WLM address book in word? The Office 2007 address option is from Outlook! not WLM. The software comes as a package!
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All my other Live Mail features work, but suddenly today my contacts folder will not open or allow new contacts to be added. Any assistance will be appreciated.

A:Windows Live Mail contacts failure

Repair Windows Live Essentials via Programs and Features. Highlight it and click "Uninstall/Change" to get started.
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Does anyone know how to port my windows mail contacts to thunderbird?

The standard "import address book" doesn't seem to cater for ".contact"s

A:Windows Mail contacts porting to Thunderbird

This should work for you:
Open Windows Mail (I'm assuming Vista since you didn't mention Windows Address book)
Click File --> Export --> Windows Contacts
Click CSV (Comma Separated Values) opton
Click Export
Click Browse and choose location to save the file
Name the file
Click Save
Click Next
Check ONLY the fields where you actually have data
Click Finish
Now bring this file to the computer running Thunderbird
Start Thunderbird
Click tools --> Import
Select Address books
Click Import
Click Browse
Change file type from LDIF to CSV
Find and double-click your saved file from above
Finish out wizard.

Good luci.
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I want to know if Win8 mail (Windows Mail) can import my contact list from Outlook 2010. I have Outlook 2010 installed on Win8 and I've imported my contacts and they are visible in Outlook. I want to import them into Windows Mail, if that's even possible. Thanks in advance!
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I installed Windows Live Mail over an existing Windows Mail on my Vista laptop and that went fine and I was able to import the old contacts. But now I want to export those same contacts to Windows Live Mail on another (XP) laptop but I can't find a way to do it. There doesn't seem to be any way to transfer, save, or backup Windows Live Mail contacts. I was thinking I should be able to save the file then copy it over my network to the other computer but I can't find it. Anyone know how to do this?

A:Export Windows Live Mail contacts??

From the lack of responses I have to conclude that there really is no easy way to transfer Windows Live Mail address book contacts from one computer to another?? Hard to believe.....

I did find one way... convert the old addresses in from Win Mail to a vcard format. But those can only be imported one at a time. Not a good option.

There HAS to be a better way, I hope....
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My 85 year old Uncle has a new Vaio with Vista, and loves it, except for one thing: On his old XP desktop, with Outlook, he can display only contacts that he emails. On this Vista machine, all contacts show. He wants it to look more like the other mail, just displaying contacts who have email addys. I'm only down here for a couple of days (I live almost 800 miles away) and could probably figure this out if I had more time, so I hate to bug you all... Thanks in advance for your time!

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I am running Windows Live With Mail Freezes Contacts. Windows Ultimate x I use all of the windows live applications except for Windows Live Mail Freezes With Contacts. quot family safety quot which Windows Live Mail Freezes With Contacts. is currently not installed All of the applications run fine except for Live Mail which freezes when I am signed in and click on contacts No problems sending receiving or writing emails No problems adding contacts to an email even if I am signed in to Live It simply freezes Windows Live Mail Freezes With Contacts. when I am signed in and click on the contacts option of the application Or if I am in contacts and then sign in to Windows Live I have done a repair of all windows Live products I also followed another troubleshooting tutorial and changed the quot contacts quot folder name in order to allow Live Mail to re-synchronize contacts when I signed in again Neither of these worked I would prefer not to have to re-install the application altogether if it can be avoided Any help is much appreciated

A:Windows Live Mail Freezes With Contacts.

Hi NateZ, Welcome to Seven Forums.
You say you can sign in to WLM. Sign in to your account directly, thats where your contacts should be stored.
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Converting from Windows Mail in a Vista PC to Windows 8 Mail (part of Windows Essentials). My contacts in Windows Vista are files with .contact extension. Looks like import to Win 8 mail is limited to .csv .wab .vcf type files. Is there a way to import the .contact files?

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I have 2 contacts listed in Windows Live Mail that can?t be deleted....all other contacts can be deleted OK.
The 2 contacts are marked as Favourites and originally come from my Skype idea how they came to be in my email contacts list.

Anyone know how I can remove them from my email contacts list without removing them from Skype also.

Running Windows 8.



A:Can't delete contacts in Windows Live Mail

somewhere in the settings of skype you allowed WLM to have access, go back into the skye settings and see if you can fix it there.
If not, you might have to remove the contacts in skype, then they should remove from WLM, then just put them back but you still have to go into skype's settings and see where you have a check mark to allow Skype to put your contacts in Wlm and remove the checkmark
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I have been using Windows Live Mail for a while now on my contacts in all Mail Live Lost Windows Windows machine It is the newest version available I have setup my account to be a pop Lost all contacts in Windows Live Mail account to access my ISP's e-mail There were lots of contacts listed in there For some reason today I noticed a button that says quot Sign In quot I clicked on it and it asked me to sign into messenger I figured what's the harm I have never used messenger better and maybe I should start So I signed in All of a sudden all my contacts went blank in WLM No big deal I closed the program and re-opened it Lost all contacts in Windows Live Mail and still no contacts It seems like it Lost all contacts in Windows Live Mail got the conacts from Messenger which I have never used before so there were none and replaced all the current contacts Is there any way to get my old contacts back It would save me a lot of time instead of having to type them in I don't even know why it deleted them I would have been happy if it synced them up with Windows Messenger so I could have a backup online but it just deleted them

A:Lost all contacts in Windows Live Mail

Hi! isilver18, welcome to 7F

Go to the Start Orb\All Programs\Windows Live.

Right Click on Windows Live then click on Properties

Click on Previous Versions, pick a date/time before you tried messenger, click on restore, then Apply, and OK.

You can also backup your contacts. I'm trying to find a good explanation for you .
When I do I'll post it.
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I have been using windows live mail for years, and today I noticed my contacts have all disappeared. I try to restore to a former date, but it wouldn't let me do that, either. I have Windows 7, had taken the computer in because my windows mail got corrupted and it kept downloading for my mail. I did not want that mail program. The computer tech fixed it for me, but at that point my contacts disappeared. AFter working on it longer, I don't know what he did, but the contacts showed up finally.

That was three days ago, now my contacts are gone again. Any suggestions how to get them back? When I log into my email program, it is titled Windows Live Mail 2012.

Thank you.

A:Windows Live Mail - lost contacts

Hello Tielfeathers,

With the way they are disappearing like that, you might check to see if you are still signed in to Windows Live Mail with your Microsoft account (Windows Live account) like below.

Usually your contacts are tied to the account you sign in to WLM with.

Hope this helps,
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I am seeing new contacts in my list that I have not added. I recently installed SP2 and wonder if this has anything to do about it. It never happeded before that.

A:Windows Mail automatically adding contacts

Sorry for posting this.
I did a search and found the answer to my problem right away.
What a great forum !
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How can I point Windows Mail to the new location of my Contacts file?...Thanks...Bob

A:Moving Windows mail Contacts Folder

Hello Rbaurhyte, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Unfortunately, when you move the location of the C:\Users\(user-name)\Contacts folder, it causes the contact to no longer work in Windows Mail in Vista. It appears to do the same in Windows 7 as well. The only way I know of is to restore the default location of the Contacts folder.

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Hello Group Trying to import one long Excel column which has only e-mail addresses into a specific folder in my Windows Contacts I want Excel Windows Mail to Contacts Import to then create a new contact group and then Open that folder with the imported addresses and do a single Add step selecting all the imported addresses from the folder into Import Excel to Windows Mail Contacts the new contact group Have read some posts about this but it is not working for me PC Windows Home Premium Office Step-by-step OK I save the Excel as a CSV file Then Tools gt Windows Contacts and open the destination folder Clicking Import gt CSV gt Import and browse to the Excel file saved in CSV format gt Open gt Next Then quot Map the fields you wish to import quot window appears showing only the first e-mail address from the top of the Excel column I click on Change Mapping and select quot E-mail address quot from the list of fields tick the Import this Field box and OK then Finish Voila The e-mails are imported but they are scattered throughout my Contacts and the destination folder remains empty How do I import to a specific folder in my Windows Contacts I did not see a destination folder option during the import process but that folder was opene when I did the import Thanks for looking in Hope someone can solve this as otherwise I must handle the addresses one-by-one into the Contact Group seekinganswers nbsp

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Hi, I have windows 7. I imported contacts to google, contacts are there. The mail recipient opens in a window that is my windows live mail. When I want to send to mail recipient, I click the TO: button a window opens up without my contacts list. I have tried to import contacts from google to windows live, no way. The CSV file that I try to connect with is an empty folder. I hope I am making some sense of all of this. Please help. Thanks

A:windows live mail contacts missing.

You imported contacts into Gmail from where?
And then you exported them from Gmail to another CSV file? And when you open the CSV file, it's empty?
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I'm currently sharing this laptop with my son and he's not to picky on his downloads. Anyway, he must've downloaded something wrong, because i had to reset my computer to the factory settings. Hence, I lost all of my WLM-contacts. Is there any way to retrieve them?


A:Windows Live Mail: Lost Contacts

Hi Runezever, what account are you using in WLM?
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I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Not sure when this happened but I've just tried to send an email using Windows Live Mail. When I clicked on the "To" section it came up with a new screen and something about favourites. I then went to look in the "Contacts" part of WLM and the only contact was for Skype. I don't use Skype. All my contacts have disappeared.
Can anyone please tell me what is going on?

A:Windows Live Mail = Contacts have disappeared

Googled this problem and it appears Microsoft are scrapping Live Mail. So what do I do now. I currently use WLM for my main e-mail address from BT and my Hotmail account. Help please.
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I have two folders on my desktop with contacts from previous windows that i saved on usb.
One is an Excel folder and the other a text folder.
Can anyone tell me how I can them them to sync with Windows 10 mail and mailbird.
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Hi all
When creating new mail if you click the 'to' link the contacts list pops up.
I find this very useful but as my list is so long now I have to scroll down a lot to find my contact.

What I would like to do is to have my 'favorite' contacts list show instead of the full list.

could anyone explain how or if I can do this please?


A:Windows Mail question on veiwing the contacts

Hi Mike,

If you type the first letter or two in the 'To' box, WLM will find the entry your looking for or a selection of contacts with the same first letters.
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I'm at my wits end. From Windows Live Mail, on my 1st PC I've exported my 1900 contacts as CSV files, (using excel) transferred to my new, 2nd machine (via email) and tried to import them to WLM but only 40% show up and there's no error message. Is there a better way to export / import contacts?

Thanks, John / Airpix
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Hi all I've read a ton of Windows Live Mail lost Contacts posts from all over and still don't know if there might be a solution to my particular situation I am using WIndows Live Mail Build I've been using Live Mail for several years always locally only I've never signed in and don't plan to It is still - Live 2009 Contacts Windows No Mail set under Connections to 'Stop signing in' just as I set it after its initial install Windows Live Mail 2009 - No Contacts All of a sudden when I select Contacts folder it says I have no Contacts When I check the Windows Live Contacts DBStore folder all the appropriate files are there including contacts edb which is M in size The value appears just as it should in the registry I use Casper backup which creates a file by file folder by folder backup My backup from just a few days ago when I know I had Contacts available because I have used my Contacts list since that backup shows exactly the same files and sizes under the backed up Windows Live Contacts folder Replacing the current folder with the backup of course then makes no difference since they are identical If the Contact database hasn't changed and the client wlmail exe has a last modified date of so it hasn't changed I am totally baffled as to why all of a sudden wlmail is telling me I have no Contacts Any thoughts would be appreciated

A:Windows Live Mail 2009 - No Contacts

It might sound like a daft question Bob but why are you using a 2009 version?? Plus I don't understand why you don't want to sign in I use Hotmail and it is my main account in WLM and I leave it just signed in.

Where your contacts are heaven knows have you tried a system restore?

You might even try these from bleeping computer
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Can anyone help me on this?
It looks like it should be easy.
I start off by clicking on " contacts" at the bottom left (below "calendar" and above "feeds")
Then , being sure to highlight a contact , I click on the tab underneath where it says "export" (at the top near the middle -just to the right of where it says import and to the left of where it says "directories") and am invited to choose between .csv or .vcf formats.
I choose one of these and

nothing happens...

I imagine I have failed to spot the next step... unless the program is at fault

I need to do this as I want to backup the program prior to uninstalling and replacing it since there is a small problem that recurrs each time I open it...

A:exporting contacts in Windows Live Mail

What kind of small problem? It could be connected to the inability to export the contacts...
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Setting up a new computer. I exported my 1929 contacts from Windows Live 2011 and saved as a csv file (excel) but when I try to import them to my new Dell, Windows Live 2012 only 45 are actually imported , with no error message. I'm dying here...Thanks, John / Airpix

A:How do I Import all csv contacts into Windows Live Mail

See if these help,
Windows Live Mail - Import Windows 7 and Vista Contacts
Import, export, or change the format for contacts - Windows Help
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I have a Windows 7 machine and had been using Windows Live Mail and after an update, all of my contacts disappeared.  I've read that I can Log on to Live Mail but I have never done that so I don't have an account to log into.  All of my contacts were local.  I tried to do a restore of a previous version of the contacts.  I had several versions, all 24+MB in size so I suspect it has information in the file.  It says it restored the contacts but when I went to view them, nothing displayed.  Of course, I was a fool to trust Microsoft and never backed up my contacts so I have no file to import. 
If anybody has any thoughts on what is causing this, how to recover from it, and how to prevent it in the future, I would be much obliged. 
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I've been using WLM ver for many years but some functions like the quot undo quot arrow ceased working So I just installed WLM Strange thing happened to the Contacts not all but of my contacts appear times I e there are duplicates for every contact When I Live Contacts Windows Mail issue open the Contacts folder only one address exists there for each contact While I COULD simply delete the duplicates throughout the list I run a small business on this computer and have addresses in Contacts which is now and I would have to delete of them Sitting here for an hour or more doing that is not appealing Another unexplainable thing If I go to create a new e-mail and click quot To quot to look up the name the list that appears HAS NO DUPLICATES I only see the Windows Live Mail Contacts issue duplicates if I click Contacts at the bottom left of the main WLM page So why do they show there but not when you go to select someone to put into the quot To quot box
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I am trying to import my old Outlook Express address book into my Vista windows mail or live mail. I have successfully exported my old address book as .csv files into a flash drive and can import about half of the data, but it gets to a certain address and locks up gives me an import error.

I am trying to open the flash drive file in .csv format to look at the address where the error originates and want to delete that file if I can.

I cannot find any software on Vista or the web which I can use to open and modify the .csv files.

Any suggestions

Coug Dude

A:Importing csv files into windows mail contacts

Hello Couge, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I have not done this myself, but this may be able to help you with this.


Hope this helps,
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This may be a stupid question...I can not find a way to paste information into my Windows Live Mail.

I copied a cell number from a Facebook conversation and tried to paste it to a record in my WLM contacts. No Dice. It seems to accept pastes into most of the other fields but phone #s, email addresses and websites are not allowed.

Does anyone know if this is some kind of security setting? I poked around in the WLM options and couldn't find anything.

A:No pasting into Windows Live Mail contacts?

Quote: Originally Posted by vabasgetr

This may be a stupid question...I can not find a way to paste information into my Windows Live Mail.

I copied a cell number from a Facebook conversation and tried to paste it to a record in my WLM contacts. No Dice. It seems to accept pastes into most of the other fields but phone #s, email addresses and websites are not allowed.

Does anyone know if this is some kind of security setting? I poked around in the WLM options and couldn't find anything.

Hi! Try highlighting something and then pressing CTRL and C to copy. And then to paste into those fields, press CTRL and V.

That usually bypasses ALL of the security settings.

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I am running Windows Vista 64 with Windows Live Mail (I've upgraded from the Windows Mail that comes with Vista) and discovered that I keep losing contacts that begin with the letters S - Z. When I've added them back they only stay a day or two at the most then disappear again. I have tried adding them back in the Live Mail application and also tried adding them through my web based hotmail account. Same result regardless. There are a large number of contacts without names, however when I add the name, they also do not stay more than a day. I have the most current version of Live Mail. Any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.
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Hello first time poster here I have a hotmail com email account and an outlook com email account Live Windows Contacts - question... Mail I would like to access these two email Windows Live Mail - Contacts question... accounts using Windows Live Mail I have set up both accounts in WLM But I noticed that I am quot signed in quot to WLM as either one or the other account even though I can send and receive email from both accounts My problem is I only have access to the contacts of the account I am quot signed in quot to So if I am quot signed in quot to WLM using my hotmail username amp password I can send an email from the outlook com account but I can only see my hotmail contacts I would like to keep the contacts separate since one is personal and one is work So I am repeatedly forced to sign in and out of both accounts when I want to get to my two contact lists Its very annoying is this how it is supposed to work or am I missing something here What I want to do is if I'm sending from my outlook com email let me see my outlook com contacts and if I'm sending from my hotmail com account let me see my hotmail contacts Is this possible to do without merging my contact lists Thanks for any help

A:Windows Live Mail - Contacts question...

When you sign in to the accounts can you not click the box to keep you signed in . I hv a hotmail account configured to WLM and that shows all the contacts I have. If you want to keep them separate just put the contacts on one account in a sub folder of the main contacts folder and same with the other one. You can then just toggle between the two!
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Dad recently bought a new computer. Before he finished with the old one I backed up his firefox and thunderbird profiles. Ive managed to import his favorites to IE and his old emails to windows mail. But ive not been able to find out how to import/convert thunderbird .mab files to windows mail or windows contact format.

Any ideas?

A:Importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Mail

Hi swarfega,

Have a look at the following webpage for details on exporting Thunderbird address book files: Export Thunderbird's Address Books and Contacts. Select a format that is compatible, i.e. CSV or LDIF. Save the files in their converted form. I suggest that you give them a slightly different name. Alternatively, backup the original files to removeable media prior to converting them. To import the files into Windows Mail, click on 'File', highlight 'Import' and click on 'Windows Contacts...'. Click either 'CSV (Comma Separated Values)' or 'LDIF (LDAP server)' and then click on 'Import'.
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I now have Windows 7 (bring back Vista!)
It seems so slow and the mail is driving me crazy
I am using my pop account in Windows Live Mail (the same as I did in Windows Mail)

However now I am unable to email a web page as the link is greyed out Any ideas (Have set IE9 as default as suggested on internet no change)

Also I added all my Contacts to WLM and they all work fine
when I click the Contacts icon at the bottom left in WLM I see all my Contacts in the folder that opens

However if I go to my user folders and click on Contacts only me shows as a Contact
In Vista everybody was there and I used to back it up
Please help