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I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

Q: I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

Last night when I logged in to Rapidahare, I realised all or most of my files were gone, and there are some important files I need to retrive it, and I had already contacted Rapidshare about this, their reply was :

However, maybe you find the files in the Trash Folder in your account. If they
are deleted, there is no way to recover deleted files.

I'm sorry for the inconvenienc

can anyone tell me how to retrive the files and to find out the date the files were deleted? or also the ip address

help help

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Preferred Solution: I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I lost most of my files stored at Rapidshare. How do I get them back?

Maybe one of your family or friends that you share data with deleted your files...
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I don't understand I haven't used my desktop in 3 days, I start it up tonight and after I enter in my password for my profile I get a WINS popup saying it can't load locally stored profile, something insufficient, or corrupt profile. Couldn't get the whole message, then another popup said loading a temporary profile, any changes I make will be lost when I log off. Last time I logged off Wins did the automatic updates so I have no idea what happened. Now I restarted and I am able to get into my profile. That was really scary, don't know why that happened.

A:Solved: Lost my stored profile?!!!!! But now it's back again?

Usually its Windows cannot locate the profile, one shiny new and unused, unlived in and empty profile is being created for you to must be kind of like seeing a loved one have a heart attack right in front of you; darn right its scary.

I don't know if anyone knows why it happens for sure, it happens in Vista often enough to be labeled an annoyance and the workaround there is to wait for a minute or so at the login screen before signing in.

Fortunately the proper profile seems to come back again if one just keeps a level head, and cycles the system.

I have not heard of it happening in Windows 7...yet.
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Lost my folder (my documents) next to my folder (shared documents). Dont know how i lost it. Right under files stored on this computer, under that says hard disk drive (C:). Its on my laptop home network, laptop has Win XP SP2, Dell desktop has Vista. How can i get that folder made or back with the files 2 or 3 that were there.
I have Office enterprise 2007, on XP i deleted the folder by accident.

Help please. new to forum, Have Norton AV, spyware doctor.


A:Lost my folder in files stored on this computer

Hello Tony

Look at this and see if it helps:
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My PC was setup My Files Rolled Lost XP & Back with MB RAM and Windows XP I XP Rolled Back & Lost My Files pulled out the two MB DIMMs and replaced them with two GB DIMMs and restarted the machine The PC ran great It was fast and everything appeared to be fine Then when I told Windows to Shutdown a screen came up and said that updates - were installing I knew something was wrong because I didn t have Windows Automatic Updates set to install updates on shutdown It had been set to download updates but not install them until I said so I also know that I wasn t updates behind The updates completed and my PC rebooted but immediately it wasn t right The PC was terribly slow I d press CNTL-ALT-Del to try and open the task manager and even after two minutes the task manager wouldn t open All apps were slow to open Out of frustration I hard booted the PC a couple of times but the problem persisted The other thing I started to notice was that the apps didn t seem right Apps that I hadn t used for years were there but apps that I d been using the day before were gone My anti-virus said it was way out of date but when I tried to get it to update it failed I went into the control panel and started uninstalling apps that I didn t need in hopes that one of them was causing the problem The anti-virus app wouldn t unininstall claiming that a service it used couldn t be stopped I worked on uninstalling apps for a while and finally got the PC to where it would boot and run okay At one point though I started the PC and was opening and closing various apps and Windows said that I was out of virtual memory I used to get this error sometimes when I had MB of RAM but it didn t make sense to me that it would say that when I had GB of RAM when Windows was set to adjust the page file automatically Yesterday I turned it on to work on it some more and I found that all of my apps pictures movies and files dated newer than were gone As one example I bought a new digital camera in August and installed the software for it All of that software is gone as well as all of the photos I took with that camera All of the photos I took with my previous camera after are also gone but the photos from and earlier are still there I ran several undelete utilities trying to get my photos back but none of them found any trace of my files or applications They all found undeleted files from and ealier but nothing newer It s as if my hard drive rolled back to a restore point and my files and apps never existed How could this happen I know that when you add more RAM the page file automatically grows but that doesn t explain how my apps and files disappeared All I can figure is that somehow Windows rolled back to a previous restore point Sometimes when Windows does updates it stores the last state in case you want to rollback the changes What I m wondering now is whether there s a newer restore point so I can roll forward and get my apps and data back Where could I look for a newer restore point and how would I invoke it Thanks for your suggestions --MATT nbsp

A:XP Rolled Back & Lost My Files

Hi and welcome. XP rollback doesn't do anything to files (other than system). Sounds like you deleted something yourself, and perhaps the entire directory that contained your pictures.
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My knowledge of techy stuff is just awful..a while back I bought an external hard drive (250 Gbs) I have Windows XP on my Dell...I used their facility to do a system back up file onto the external drive..18 Gbs in all. Last week my PC crashed and Dell talked me through re-booting it back to the factory settings..of course I lost all my programs and files. Naively I thought by clicking on the back up folder would do the job..I get the following message..
'' This back up utility cannot connect to the removable storage device..etc..start removable storage device through the system services function on the management console '' What ?! I looked up this mmc. thing but am none the wiser to be honest ! Any ideas ?

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My wife was reading email when the machine shut down and when it restarted most of everything on it was gone. My pictures, Microsoft Office, music files. The desktop background has changed colors and rearranged the icons. The time is an hour off.

I have an older Compaq Presario running XP.

I tried to use the system restore but the only restore point is right after this happened.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I have a pc was windows nbsp I upgraded to windows when the update files Windows all plus back to pc to 10 s... go lost Reset Win7 came out but didnt use my pc for some time after I came back to my pc to make music with reason nbsp reason nbsp didnt work no more on windows cost me so i was dissapointed at the least with this issue so I tried to go back to windows before the update to win Ive actualy reset my pc and now lost all my program files and Windows 10 Reset pc to go back to Win7 lost all files plus s... features that came with the pc new aswell as my purchased products nbsp I cant seem to go back anyway This is realy frustrating As my pc has become useless to me now all my programs data ect has gone and I cant find no way of restoring it to how it was before i Windows 10 Reset pc to go back to Win7 lost all files plus s... updated it to Windows 10 Reset pc to go back to Win7 lost all files plus s... windows That is what i need to do go back to the point just before i upgraded to windows nbsp to get all my software data ect back I have a bad feeling ive totaly destroyed my home studio by firstly going to win thern by trying to go back and reseting I have a long log list of removed apps all my missing content but dont see how im supposed to get it back as its just a document nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks for your time

A:Windows 10 Reset pc to go back to Win7 lost all files plus s...

There was a provision to go back to Windows 7 after the Windows 10 upgrade, but it had to be done within 30 days and had to be done from within the Windows interface.  It sounds as though the "reset" was done another way.   What method was used to go back to Windows 7?
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Cousin's laptop - Dell Inspiron 6000. XP Home edition was riddled with malware. Prior to complete restore I copied all her documents to external drive. Checked transfer had gone okay and reinstalled laptop by clearing partitions and formatting using NTFS. (She hasn't got original Dell O/S disc etc - but that's another story!) Loading external 20gb Maxtor drive, it says (under computer management) -- 19.07gb unallocated. I cannot access the back up data I transferred last night....all her photos....Any ideas?

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Ok on oct th I must have had a bad virus and my computer got turned off before I could get it off using my virus program or spyware program I tried everything but it just kept rebooting after making it to the login screen I could not get it to start up in safe mode I could not find my system disk I have several external hds and I was able to do a system image restore from july However every file favorite places picts videos ect and it was alot from July to Oct th is gone I guess Which leads me to my question is their anyway to get them back Another strange thing it that when I try a restore there is a backup but it fails Is there a way to undo last image restore to Files Lost back? - initial System - How - get Restore Image crash I have made a system disk System crash - Image Restore - Lost initial Files - How to get back? and System crash - Image Restore - Lost initial Files - How to get back? have a new win boot disk If I could System crash - Image Restore - Lost initial Files - How to get back? just get it to undo last image restore then I might could use these disks to get back to that day I would think that Win would automatically make some kind of back up when I uploaded the image but where would it store it and what would it be called I know with vista I use to restore backups from day earlier and there was a calendar that would allow me to pick the date I would backup everytime I rebooted I know I rebooted on many ocasions between July and Oct th I even backed uped some files on Oct th Any help would be appreciated Thank You Tab

A:System crash - Image Restore - Lost initial Files - How to get back?

Did you restore an image of the exact Data you had on your previous Operating system?
(Did it have your media and favourite places etc which you are trying to get back?)
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My OS is WIN XP(SP2). I use Outlook Express and also have Internet Download Manager (IDM).
I have been unable to download files through the free version of Rapidshare. I wait for the download indicator to appear, type in the requested code then click on the "Download" button. My IDM download box appears and when I click on "Start download" an error box showing: "Requested file does not exist. HTTP/1.1 404 not found."appears.
I was previously able to download files from this source however cannot recall what I might have done (i.e. new utility or program)that now precludes me from doing so now.
Would appreciate any assistance you can provide in this regard.TYI, mchaggis.

A:Unable To Download Files From Rapidshare

Iit may be that Rapidshare does not approve of your downloader application (especially if you are using the "free" download). Try downloading the file without using IDM.
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hi everyone, i've been working on this for a while and can't seem to figure it out. i've moved the folder from PC to PC whenever i've needed to change workstations so that might be why i'm having issues now. i thought the folder would be stored here:
C:\Users\Acer\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles could the profiles be stored somewhere else? i'm using firefox now and just want to back it up to an external HDD.

there are a few different profiles there, i thought i found the correct one but it says it hasn't been modified since 2009, or it could be that it was created in 2009, i don't know.

can anyone help me?


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I'm going crazy trying to work this out and hoping someone can help me. I am currently backing up my PC (Windows Vista Basic) but it is only saving the folders and not the actual content within the folders.

The problem is I cannot find where my inbox content would be located in order to back it up. Previously, I would be looking for .pst files in XP but this isn't the case with Vista.

Can someone please help me locate this.

Thank you

A:Help! Where is my inbox content stored re. back up

C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders

The emails are stored a individual files with an .eml extension.

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I can't find my background photos that I was using in Win 7 after upgrading to Win 10. I have searched Drive C:System which is where I thought that they were stored in previous versions. Where should I look for them?

A:Where are screensaver & back ground photos stored in Win 10?

have you looked in windows.old folder , which is created to enable you to go back in the first 30days

have a read here
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using microsoft works calendar for yrs, now on windows 7 os. had 2 calendars with lots of reminders set. wife tried to install word 2002 from old works disk i have from last computer. now i've reinstalled works 9 but the calendars i had are gone and the one that opens doesn't show anything. when i open works and check appointments they are there and if you get the appointment open it shows nothing in the calendar line. so all my info is there but how do i get it back onto the calendar without retyping it all???

A:Works Calendars lost, but appointments still stored

Usually when you re-install a program, your work is lost. I found a link on Microsoft that lets you convert your 2002 media work into 9 here:

I hope that works for you!
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OK, something a bit different.

Background: Recently re-installed Vista on fresh hard disk following a drive failure.
Now: Re-configuring multiple user accounts from scratch to keep everything nice and clean.
My wife's user account wallpaper on old drive was set to an image file that we had downloaded.
Now I can't find it! (and it was important to her.)

I'm sure the image is stored on the complete hard disk backup we were able to take, but I can't remember the filename (nor, of course, where we wrote it!)
So I was hoping someone from BC would be able to point me towards a file (in the backup) which stores the wallpaper filename.
(Or a likely place for writing a wallpaper file, other than C:\windows\web\wallpapers )

A:'Lost' wallpaper image file -- where is setting stored?

Well ... You evidently already know where the default background images are stored. But a custom image that you downloaded sometime in the past could be stored almost anywhere. I would start with the Start menu, and select Documents. If you don't find it there move to the Pictures folder. If you still can't locate it, try the Search feature. It would be easier if you remembered the name or part of it but start your search with *.jpg or *.gif and you'll catch most of them. A little advance warning though, you may have quite a few images stored on the unit.
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These may rank sure How files stored know where for to are as the dumbest questions of the year but here goes I want to know if there is a foolproof How to know for sure where files are stored way to know where the source file is located It looks like the quot Library quot part of Explorer where it seems like files are duplicates of those in MyDocuments are just virtual addresses and I would need to delete files in MyDocuments to actually have them not show up there Is this true Is there a way to have Explorer NOT use the Library option It s nothing but confusing for me since everything I need to reference is on one drive I copied my music to MyMusic folder all in mp format and then loaded iTunes and now find that every single song is duplicated in iTunes Library -- maybe because of the reference files in Explorer s quot Library quot or because I also found them all in an iTunes directory under Users I want to get rid of the duplicates but am wary of what files to delete at this point I have over songs so doing one delete at a time using iTunes software is out of the question I figure maybe I can uninstall iTunes delete all but one directory of music and then reload iTunes and have a clean iTunes library to sync to my new iPod Does this sound reasonable Thanks so much for your help If it matters I m using Win - bit on an HP Pavilion desktop

A:How to know for sure where files are stored

You don't have to use the library function at's intended to be a convenience, providing easy access to media files. I would call it a virtual location or assembly area, it's not a file path of any sort.

You then would have to navigate to the individual folder/file access the files.

Items which are put into library remain in their respective locations. Exploring the actual drive locations will reveal this.

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I wasn t sure where to post this question so forgive me if it s in the wrong forum I took my pc checked over and to have it cleaned out at Best Buy by the Geek Squad They wanted BIG money to do a system recovery but told me it was something I could do myself if I had backups of my saved files Being that I had over songs downloaded to my pc I certainly didn t want to lose them and the only way I knew to save my songs was to burn them to CDs Of course I only get a small number of songs per CD and he was trying to tell me Stored On Files Cds how to get a LOT of Stored Files On Cds songs on just one CD He even said I could save my photos and text documents to CD along with the songs on the same CDs Frankly I paid him to go ahead and do it right there and then in around minutes He got all my music photos and text files on just CDs now here s MY problem HOW do I get the music and other stuff onto my pc now When I put the one CD into the pc it shows all my songs but I don t have a clue as to how to transfer them to the windows media player And on top of that I don t know how to save my pix and text files in their respective places either I know I m an idiot but I have never had to deal with sort of thing before and certainly no pc lessons PLEASE SOMEONE HAVE PITY ON ME JL

A:Stored Files On Cds

You can send the songs directly to your media player, however when you want to listen to them, the cd will have to be in the drive. If it isn't, you'll get a message telling you the player cannot find the file.

Create a folder for your music. Put the cd in the tray, when you see the names of the files, all you have to do is click on the file to highlight it. Since you have a lot of music files, you can hold down the ctrl and a keys at the same time to highlight all of them.

After they are highlighted, on the left side of the page, you should see a menu which includes something to the effect of move or copy. Choose copy-send them to your newly created music folder.
Once they are all copied over, you can import them into your player.

Do the same thing for your pictures and other files.

Think about buying an external hard drive which you can use to back up your folders and files.
It's a lot easier to use this method than it is to use multiple cd's.
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I have to show some legal documents at a company meeting. They have been scanned and given to me as .jpgs on a flash drive. I would show them in the office on a Samsung smart TV through the USB port. I have to return the files when I am finished, having made no copies. Is there any chance there would be any copies of these files left on the TV after I remove the flash drive?


A:Files stored in memory?

Smart TV's just have the onboard firware for the interface
and a small amount of volitile memory that is not permanant storage.
They don't actually have any drives or anything where data can be stored
long term.
So when you close out the flash drive and disconnect it,the data should be gone.
If your still worried,turn the TV off and back on.
That will clear the non volotile memory.
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Seems by default my PC has Shared Documents, Adrian's Documents, and Administrator Documents. Under "My Computer". So instead of just having "my documents" I have at least 3 of "my documents" one for each mentioned above.

I am the only primary user, on my home PC. I would like to have just one user account and set of folders. Rather than guess and loose data, I am looking for the right way... Thanks in Advance

A:Files Stored on this Computer XP Pro

Adrian's documents is your documents. Administratror's documents is the builtin adminitrator account.

If you want to share documents with others on the computer you put it in the Shared Documents.

This is how XP Works. YOu have to have two accounts on the PC. Administrator and your user.
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I installed Paragon Total Defrag and hated it so I uninstalled it boot stored? files Where are However even after uninstalling it a change the program makes by adding a boot Where are boot files stored? screen has not gone away Anyone who has used this program might know what Im talking about as far as what this screen is So Ive searched my computer registry for anything containing quot paragon quot and deleted it Where should I look next Is there a place I can view any sort of boot files or soemthing that shows the boot activity and can be possibly edited A quick explanation of this boot screen The Paragon defrag program requires the defrag to be done before the OS loads So it adds this screen to the boot process where you have to select an OS to defrag Now I have to select my Win partition to complete my boot process as the screen doesnt an advance unless you select something I hit Enter it tries to look for the Paragon program which no longer exists then it loads Windows Any help or guidance is appreciated

A:Where are boot files stored?

Here is how to go to boot folder

My computer --> your win 7 drive --> organize --> folder and options --> view -->
select show hidden files and folders and drives --> ok
then you should see all hidden files go to folder boot
now dont fool around to much in the folder or santa
will put coal in ur sock!!

Best wishes Deven
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Does files stored on desktop or folder containing files on desktop slows the startup and performance of the computer.
If yes why?

A:files stored on desktop

Hi -

Files kept "on the desktop" are nothing more than files in a folder like any other. The location is usually -

There is no reason that an abundance of files on the Desktop would slow the system down.

Any reason for the question...?

Regards. . .


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hello all,I saved all my important bookmarks on a usb.Today after having accidently lost them on my computer I went to open my usb saved bookmark file and was asked what program to use to open them.I tried my browser firefox,no luck.Can someone help me save my important bookmarks please???

A:Reading files stored USB

What format did you save them in, on the USB? Did you Export them to the USB? You should be able to import them from the USB.
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I got an IRQL not less or equal BSOD last night. I was shocked to say te least. I've been using this syetm for at least a year in this exact physical configuration with not a lick of trouble. I was so taken aback that I did not notice from the information provided where the crash files were dropped. All I can remember is that there are two: one somewhere in the bowels of my Documents and Settings\User\Local\.... and the other somewhere in one of the Windows subdirectories. I looked in Windows\MiniDump but there was nothing with the correct date. I even did a seach of my entire C: directory looking for files Modified yesterday but nothing obvious showed up.

Where would these files be located?

A:Where are BSOD crash files stored?

They should be located in the C:\window\minidump. Make sure that you have set your system to create minidump correctly. Does the BSODs occur frequently? Please check the "Set minidump" below to make sure that you have set system to create minidump in appropriate way.

Windows 7:
Go to Start and type in "sysdm.cpl" (without the quotes) and press Enter
Click on the Advanced tab
Click on the Startup and Recovery Settings button
Ensure that "Automatically restart" is unchecked
Under the Write Debugging Information header select "Small memory dump (64 kB)" in the dropdown box
Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as "%systemroot%\Minidump" (without the quotes)
Click OK twice to exit the dialogs, then reboot for the changes to take effect.
Also, make sure you don't use program such as CCcleaner, because they might clean out your minidmp folder anytime
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my hard disk is 80gb and i divided it inot 2 drives (c and d) i dont why is it that drive d is already full and cannot save files anymore, when i look at the my computer and click the properties the graphics shows that it is already full and no more free space but when i manually calculate the files that i store in my disk it is only about 4gb or more, what's happening to my disk? is there some duplicate files that's going on or is it maybe some courruption that happened to my system, i cannot format my drive d it says that quit some utilities before formatting the drive, can somebody please help me tnx a lot...

A:Disk already full with only little files being stored

Enable hidden files and folders option and check if you have any hidden folders...
How large is your D: partition????
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Hi everyone, We suffered BSOD last week and called a person in to fix the problem, we live in Spain so now everything is in spanish. All my old files and programs are now stored. I can see them in- equipo-Boot C- archivos de programa (x86). How can I restore these files and programs so that I can use them.

A:How to acces files that have been stored after BSOD

Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console
Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition 11.0 Free CD

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 7 Forums
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i want to exclude the restore point files from defragmentation (Defraggler has that option). Where are the restore points stored?
I found a tool to make hidden files visible. There is some information on Google where XP stores the files, but it seems to be different in W7.

My reason for excluding that from defragging (and excluding my download and temp folders) is to speed up defragmentation. Those files ae in flux anyway and fast access is not needed.

BTW: how can I add a picture to my name in this forum??? I didn't find it in my account.
Edit: i found where i add the picture, but it doesn't show here :-(

A:Where are restore point files stored?

Quote: Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun

i want to exclude the restore point files from defragmentation (Defraggler has that option). Where are the restore points stored?
I found a tool to make hidden files visible. There is some information on Google where XP stores the files, but it seems to be different in W7.

My reason for excluding that from defragging (and excluding my download and temp folders) is to speed up defragmentation. Those files ae in flux anyway and fast access is not needed.

BTW: how can I add a picture to my name in this forum??? I didn't find it in my account.
Edit: i found where i add the picture, but it doesn't show here :-(


Welcome to sf

By restore points Im assuming you mean the backup file and not the info abt it. the backup file destination is set up when backup is configured and if you go start>cpanel>backup & restore it will show you.

Rethe forum pic its in user cpanel if you mean your pic its uder edit user pic, if you mean avitar thats where you go.

Hope this helped

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I backed all my files up on a flash drive which I just found out I m not supposed to do and now when I plug it in it says quot the disk in drive J is not formatted do you wish to format it now quot I ve been told not to do that or I ll loose my info but I can t get anything off it I ve tried it in another computer - same thing Can I send it somewhere or get my files back off somehow I ll never use it again Another question should I use CD s to back my files up on I never know what s going to be obsolete in the near formatted now files not flash, on says Stored future I ve backed my stuff up on floppys but half of them say they re not formatted too What s the best back Stored files on flash, now says not formatted up And how do I get my files back Thank you SO much for any help frustrated now but soon to be relieved Penny new and computer illiterate user nbsp

A:Stored files on flash, now says not formatted

BadCopy Pro

But you must pay for this, trial is free - so try before buy
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I am in some difficulty; i hope someone can help me here.

I have "onedrive" installed on my laptops in the office and in the house. I discover that if i store a file in the onedrive folder in the house laptop i don't see it in the onedrive of the laptop in the office and vice versa.

What should i do?

A:Viewing files stored in onedrive from different PCs

Hello Jode, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check to make sure that the folder the file is in is set sync with your online OneDrive.

SkyDrive Desktop App - Choose Folders to Sync on your PC

Hope this helps for now,
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Hi --
I'm working on a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium and none of the applications want to run, in normal or safe Windows. I started a chkdsk in GUI with both boxes checked. On step 4 of 5, at around File 3472, I got a BSOD, but it was so fast, I did not see any of the specifics. I tried to use Event Viewer, but that plug-in will not load for this computer. It has very limited capabilities at this point. I can access the drive and move or copy files but that is about it. I'm thinking if I could find where the log files are stored, i could copy them on a flash drive and use another computer with 3rd party software to look at the event logs to see what's going on.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Where Are Windows Event Log Files Stored?

Go to control panel, system and security down on the bottom to the left.
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I recently purchased my new Dell PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition and a TV tuner. I've been recording programs to hard disk, but would like to know where the video files are stored, and in what format? A recorded one-hour program is too large to write to a CD, so I would like to be able to break the recorded material down into shorter segments that will fit on CD-R disks. (Not to mention editing out commercials.) Any suggestions?

A:XP Media Center - Where are the files stored?

I would think your best approach is to get some suitable software such as:-

DVD burners are now pretty affordable too?

If you search around on the net you will find some free editing software - but probably not as user friendly and comprehensive as the above.

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Ok i have been downloading rapidshare links with flashget for years then about weeks ago My Acer Laptop Aspire vista home basic started to crash Now whenever i use flashget to download i have premium account paste all urls and press start then it downloads fine for maybe mins then my vista just freezes and crashes and restarts i have tried this on flashget and latest version all the same so i then tried internet download manager same thing happens finally i tried orbit downloader and it happens with that too wht the heck is hapened please help i rapidshare and files Vista try download download manager everytime i crashes with any am using an acer aspire Vista crashes everytime i try and download rapidshare files with any download manager laptop with windows vista home basic i could always download great until weeks ago no i can only get - mins tops and crash my downloads i pay for every month have just been wasted this month i have run every virus spy ware scanner there is including kaspersky spy bot and avg amp adware no infections i am at a loss please help I Have tried using your uninstaller and removed flashget and IDM and reinstalled but same issue ps vista and internet is fine only when i try and download i hope you can help many thanks in advance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acer Aspire AMD Turion GB Ram GB Hard drive NVIDIA Geforce m nforce m external usb GB Hard drive

A:Vista crashes everytime i try and download rapidshare files with any download manager

Any ideas anyone please, my mkonthly downloads i pay for are being wasted please help i am at a loss.......
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I have a SD card in my pc that I use to backup some files on Card show not SD will files Solved: stored Now when I open the card it says that this quot This folder is empty quot Solved: SD Card will not show stored files It is not empty When I right click and select Properties it says that GB used and GB free It is a GB Ultra SanDisk SD card Does anyone know if there is a way to make the disk show the info on the card It is not a big problem because I also have the files on the PC hard drive but I would like to know what happened and can it be fixed without formatting the card Thanks for any help you can give Don Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB L Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gateway IPISB-VR Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Solved: SD Card will not show stored files

If you have been using the SD card for regular back ups it might be worn out, it is not the best thing to use for back ups as the repeated read write cycles will wear it out far quicker than an external hard drive which is the best thing to use.

Try ejecting the card, then take it out of the PC, reboot the system and put it back into the reader. If it still won't show any files then it has probably failed. As you have the files on your PC you have nothing to loose from running a format on it which might get it working again.
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Last year I downloaded Windows 7-64 ISO files from Digital River before the shutdown. I burned the files to a USB drive so I assume they will still work in a clean install. Will I have a problem when I try to activate Windows?

A:Using stored Windows 7-64 ISO files to do clean install

Not as long as it's the right version, Starter, Home, Pro or Ultimate and you have a valid Windows 7 key for that version.

Should install and activate okay.
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Where are the bios settings for a PC ?Disk stored...are they on the HD (SSD) or are they on/in the windows installation itself.

If I reinstall via windows backup and/or Acronis tib files...are the bios setting contained in these backup files...or are they separate on the main program hard drive itself ?

Can you revert/replace original bios settings after a repair install ?....or are they included in the Windows/Acronis system backup files ?


A:Are Bios settings stored in Win T Pro isntallation files ?

BIOS settings are stored on the motherboard in a CMOS chip powered by a small battery. They are independent of the operating system.
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I am wondering if there is any way to access the files that get stored in RAM/Page file that the CPU uses to access. I am trying to copy some files that a program stores to RAM onto my Hard drive. Is this possible?


A:Access Files stored in RAM/Virtual memory?

It is possiable to take a snap shot of data in RAM. I don't know what program off hand but a google search would help i'm sure.
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I have a SanDisk Mini SD for my LG cell phone The phone takes pictures and records second videos I stored my How do MiniSD on video play I files can down load the pictures and video files from my phone to the SanDisk Mini SD I have a Dell with Windows XP and a Dell Photo All-In-One Printer The Printer has a PicBridge that receives the Mini SD Adaptor for the SanDisk Mini SD I have no problem down loading pictures from the printer to my How do I play video files stored on my MiniSD computer However when I try to open up any of the second videos I run into the difficulty When I insert the SD into the printer I get a window for the Removable Disk F Skip to the end for my question I am not sure if you will need the following I included it because I was ask for the most information possible I tend to be long winded Here is some additional information Above the selection box for the Removable Disk it says This disk contains more than one type of content What do you want Windows to do The selections are Play Media files using RealPlayer Play using Musicmatch Jukebox I haven amp t seen How do I play video files stored on my MiniSD this choice before Play using Windows Media Player Copy Disk using Sony Copy Module Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard I use this for the Photos View Pictures in Media Center using Media Center View a slideshow of the images using Picture and Fax Viewer Print the pictures using the Photo Printing Wizard View picture using Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album View pictures on removable media using Coral Paint Shop Pro X View video in Media Center using Media Center Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer and Take no action When I try to Play Media files using RealPlayer I get Cannot start playback You are attempting to start playback while the playback engine is busy with another function You will not be able to initiate playback until the other action is stopped or completed Attempting to play by clicking on a file or link while converting media format transferring to device or burning a CD is a common way to cause this warning This warning will not affect the current process and is only in place to explain why playback did not occur I am not doing any other operation I do not know why I get this message RealPlayer recognizes the files as Music When I try to Play using Windows Media Player I get The selected file has an extension that is not recognized by Windows Media player but the Player may still be able to play it Because the extension is unknown by the player you should be sure that the file comes from a trust worthy source Do you want to play the file Don amp ask me again for this extension Yes or No When I click on yes play file I get Windows Media Player cannot play the file The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file Close or More information When I try to View video in Media Center using Media Center I get Removable Disk F Along with some choices to Sort by name Sort by date Import Create CD DVD Then there are some files If I open one I get a series of camera images If I right click on a camera image I get Video Details Delete Create CD DVD Add Videos Messenger Setting Then I try to play the file and I get Cannot Play Video Windows Media Center cannot play the file The file is either corrupt or Media Center does not support the format you are trying to play Did I give you enough information My Question is Can I open these second video files stored on my MiniSD arrange them and play them back in a sequence Or at least view them on my computer Windows should support the Mini SD You should know that there is a window that has the entire list of videos in numerical alphabetical sequence They do all appear to be saved for RealPlayer I hope you can help me I have studied this for months now L R itsalguod nbsp

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since files from appearing Video pixelated stored most of the games that i used to install ran too slowly i tried using Gamebooster for optimizing performance while gaming After the st try when i switched back to normal mode from gaming mode all my video files are appearing in- what i think is- low resolution The BR rips especially are appearing too thatched Video from stored files appearing pixelated pixelated and also a little burnt I have attached a few images to help visualize what s happening I tried restarting the system changing the monitor settings and reinstalling the graphic drivers Nothing worked What could be the issue I suspect the gamebooster software to be the culprit as this started only after i ran the s w but i cannot find anything that has been tweaked Please help Any inputs will be appreciated my system specs are Intel dual core GHz desktop NVIDIA GeForce GS MB graphics card gb ddr sdram Microsoft Windows XP professional SE Seagate gb SATA hd P S - All other graphics are perfectly alright Even the youtube videos run perfectly nbsp

A:Video from stored files appearing pixelated

Use System Restore to go back to before you installed gamebooster.
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I'm new, and don't know the rules

contact Kirk Fairley at 1-800-668-2185 ext 261

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We have been using EFS to encrypt our documents on a centralized Windows Server server for over a year now We have never had any issues until recently Two nights ago we restarted this server after some Windows Updates Now two of our users are unable to decrpyt their documents stored on the server It just keeps showing quot access denied quot All of our computers are running Windows XP It is like it is something with the certificates - almost like it replaced the one that was stored on files encrypted access server Unable to there Unable to access encrypted files stored on server with a new one and therefore can t decrypt the documents I can see that when I save a new file to the encrypted documents folder on the server that it is encrypting them still and I can decrypt and open anything that I have saved since this happened I can also see that these files that I have saved and encrypted recently have a different certificate thumbprint Is there some way to Unable to access encrypted files stored on server get back the old certificate I tried a system restore to a couple of days before we saw any Unable to access encrypted files stored on server problems - no luck Please help one of the people whose documents won t open is my CEO nbsp

A:Unable to access encrypted files stored on server

Here's a wealth of information for EFS on Windows Server 2003.
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I have an old Motorola W510i and its starting to freeze on me. So I'm trying transfer all of the files in the phone memory onto my computer. But, my computer doesn't recognize the phone's memory, only the sd memory.

Please help me find a way to access the phone memory's files. It's not showing up on my computer and I've tried motorola phone tools and it doesn't work.

A:Can't access files stored in Motorola phone memory.

Since you can access the SD Memory, could you save the files on your phone to that then pull them over to your computer?
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Recently I bought a new SD card, move all of my data in their respective folders and for some reason my Lumia 640 XL just dump all new files into the "others" folder. Photos, images and documents don't show up correctly, I can still access the files through a file manager app but can't find them on the phone's native apps.
Anyone have a clue of what's happening?
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I was wondering if it is possible to display some of the video files (along with the audio) that are on my laptop on an HDTV. Could I do this by purchasing an external video card that has (let's say) an HDMI output that I could then plug into the HDMI input on the TV? If so, could anyone recommend an external video card that won't break the bank?

Thank you for your time. Any and all help is appreciated.

A:Playing Video Files Stored on a Laptop on an HDTV

What kind of video outputs do you have on your laptop and what kinds of inputs do you have, besides HDMI, on the TV? What is the native resolution of your HDTV?
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I am in the process of getting all my data into my D partition for backup purposes. I can NOT find out how to relocate the files for Outlook-Contacts to that partition. Help

A:Where are the files for Office 2003, Outlook, Contacts stored

At the age of 72 I find it amusing to be portrayed as "Junior Member"
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This is a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L55t with Windows 10. I have had several instances where access to a file is blocked because of a stored profile. My user account is administrator and it should allow access to any file. I found the stored profile but I can't find any way to change it so I can access all files on my laptop. Do you have any suggestions that will help me solve the problem. Thank you
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Please, if anyone could tell me where they are stored, I'd appreciate.

I have switched "view hidden files" on but still the search for .dbx comes up null.

thank you,


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Read only mode of the files stored in my 2TB hard drive,

Suddenly, all files stored in hard drive are switched to read-only mode and in case I open any of them it and click ?save? it goes to ?save as?! The properties of these files don?t show that they are ?read-only? (attached).

? I?m using windows 8 with no anti-virus installed
? The current user has administrator privileges (attached)

What is weird here is that if I access the same files from the default ?administrator? user, then the files are not found in read-only mode

What might be the issue here?

Thank you



A:Read only mode of the files stored in my 2TB hard drive,

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Take Ownership Shortcut

I assume Windows 8 is the same. You may want to post in the Windows 8 forum too Jamal.
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I need some help on how to how to backup your personal folder the folder in windows which has sub folders of your videos documents music downloads etc multiple times without having to a complete backup each time I just want to backup the new files that I have been added I used Cobian Backup for my backup On my very first backup I choose the quot full quot backup type I have no idea why I needed to choose the quot full quot backup type since I only backed up my personal folder and not the entire C hard drive I then chose my seagate external hard drive as the destination source The first folder the one which is scribbled in black for privacy reasons is the backed up folder in the external hard drive Inside the folder has all the sub folders videos music documents etc Flash forward four months later and I have now created new files documents downloaded music and videos etc during that time I now want to backup my personal folder again but I do not want to do a complete backup of files back w/out to back how new Cobian 10: complete up up up back the folder just the new files and folders since it it will be very time consuming to do a complete backup So I used the quot incremental quot back up type for the nuew added files However when I back up my personal folder using incremental it creates a folder and in that folder has the newly added files I used the blacked out folder as the destination for the incremental back up The red folder is the sub folder Cobian back up 10: how to back up new files w/out complete back up inside the black folder above with the new backed up files I do not want a folder to be created that has the new added files I want the backed up Cobian back up 10: how to back up new files w/out complete back up new files to automatically go to its appropriate sub folder of the blacked out folder I wan to know how to do it I probably made this more complicated then it should be but any help would much be appreciated nbsp

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It's very usefull & fun at the same time ( if you consider having a bunch of colorfull rectangle shapes on your screen a lot of fun ). I don't know if it works with partitions other then FAT or NTFS.

The main site seems to be down for the moment so here are a few mirrors :



A:Sequoiaview : a cool way to analyse your stored files & your partitions in general

I downloaded it, and it's fairly helpful. It let me know my max payne CD-rip in my old documents folder was taking up a little too much space...I've had it there for a few months. Very helpful, I'd reccomend it
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A:Where are default audio files for Live Messenger stored in Win7 64?

Hello Delicieuxz,

If you needed to change them back, then the tutorial below should help show you how to.

Windows Live Messenger Sound - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,
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My mother's computer, an HP desktop, was stolen. She has received it back. I think their was a restore done. Probably to factory settings. Is there any way she can recover her pictures and documents?

A:computer stolen, got it back wiped clean, can I get my files back?
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I have been infected with something for a few weeks now. When I was first infected one of those fake antispyware boxes popped up along with a hard drive failure icon. This virus has wiped out all of my pictures and files and redirects me everytime I search on the intenet. I have tried malwarebytes, avg scan, system restore, using the notepad and deleting host files then reseting my internet explorer settings ect... Nothing is working. I have attempted to read a few posts here and am obviously too computer illiterate to do anything further on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Edit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:I am lost! Virus redirecting internet, lost all files and pictures..

BOOT THE PC INTO SAFEMODE WITH NETWORKINGDownload the unhide FIXDownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Please download GMER from here(doesnot work on 64 bit OS) disable any real-time active protection so your security programs will not conflict with gmer's driver.GMER will open to the Rootkit/Malware tab and perform an automatic Full Scan when first run. (do not use the computer while the scan is in progress)If you receive a WARNING!!! about rootkit activity and are asked to fully scan your NO.Now click the Scan button. If you see a rootkit warning window, click OK.When the scan is finished, click the Save... button to save the scan results to your Desktop. Save the file as gmer.log.Click the Copy button and paste the results into your next reply. DownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results here
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Yesterday,i had accidentally deleted my important files in my laptop accidentally,and then emptied my recycle bin, but when i realized this problem, it seemed too late. in order to get back them ,i had checked a numerous webs and forums to find a resolution, and many people advised me to recover my files, such as the iCare Data Recovery Free and Recuva, but i don't know which one is better, what could i do ? please help!!!!!!

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Hi everyone I installed a translating program Systran & by doing so I kept it on the left side of my Url ..........but I got a toolbar installed itself & I cleaned it( 5 hours to get rid of everything + all the spywares etcc ) out.

Now I'm stuck aka lost about reinserting my Url at the top of my screen
I've been at it since this morning & I'm bushed so can anyone help me please

I'm using IE & running XP Pro Sp2
933 meg
512 ram memory
2 hard drives ( 1 of 30 gig & 1 of 20 gig )

I appreciate your help in advance


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Hi all,
For no apparent reason my blue buttons on the top left of screen for forward/backward are greyed out and not usable. Anybody have ideas?

A:lost back key


If you are on line and you are on a web page. There is nothing to go back to.

If you are on a web page and then you go on a link and it opens n the same page there is something to go back to

If you are on a web page and you click on a link and it opens in a new page, there is nothing to go back to on that page.

It is gray in scenario one and three
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I have lost almost all of my icons down in the bottom right hand corner of my screen. How do I get them back? I am running windows xp.

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I was using a program called Hide Super Bar (can't even find it online anymore) to hide my superbar when I was using rainmeter as my desktop environment. But now that I want to go back to default, I cannot get get my superbar back. There was only one .exe in the HSB folder and I clicked that and nothing happened. Also nothing happened when I uninstalled the program. I have already turned auto-hide off. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Lost my superbar, how do I get it back?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Did this program install or is it just a .exe?

Push the Windows key on your keyboard to open the start menu then type msconfig press enter then go to the Startup tab and look for that program and uncheck it if there.

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I just wanted to thank all the ppl helping me.Norton850,Airdale,Bicycle Bill
Brushmaster1,Ciberblade.You all help me in different ways. It was my sound driver , I bought a device driver cd within 5 min , I had sound..Thank- you for all your help Missy03

A:lost sound.....but got it back!!

[tsg=noproblem] No problem [/tsg]

Glad you got your sound back
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I backed up my laptop with the free edition of paragon, im having major issues with laptop and thought i couldn't just reload the back up. Cant find it anywhere , any idea where this would be and what kind of file it would be , dont want to have to reload windows but looks like I will have to. Im on my third sfc scannow so will see what result are and get back to post

A:Paragon back up lost

Hi Linda,
Normally a backup file is very large and put on an external drive. How can you forget where you put your important backup?
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I have a problem you may be able to help me with. The Welcome Center no longer opens on my desktop, however it does open on the desktops of my wife and son. Is this something I should worry about? How do I get the Welcome Center back? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi there,

I did a stupid thing. i wrote a 3 hour essay and I copied th word document without saving it. I was then going to paste it into my email and then email it. Then I copied an email address before pasting my essay, now all is [email protected] Is there any way I can go into somewhere to retreve my last few copied items?? I NEED THIS ESSSAY! I worked to hard to have to do this again!

Please help!

A:I lost my copied doc. Anyway to get back?

If your lucky the autorecovery might have been turned on, are you using MS word, if you are then just check the recovered files, normally they pop back up next time you open word.
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Hi guys,

Sorry not sure if this is the right forum to post this. Got a computer with Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600).

The comp was given to some tech guys to clean and they took out all the mails from 2009. All i got are 2008 mails. I have a VERY IMPORTANT mail that has travel itinerary for a business trip next week. Those idiots probably deleted it cause i cant find it anywhere now.

Im using Microsoft Outlook Express 6. Is there anyway i can get those messages back?? They didnt format the comp so i think it should still be in here somewhere.

Help please
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My computer is years old I have withheld getting a new one because apparently we were all 10 it back? can lost all TWICE! Windows I everything.. How get spoiled with Windows and had no idea that the newest version of windows was going to be so terrible Windows sucked but I was really hopeful for Windows 10 lost everything.. TWICE! How can I get it all back? So when Windows 10 lost everything.. TWICE! How can I get it all back? I got the notification for the upgrade I was fairly excited about it The majority of my data was backed up but I was assured that this wasn't going to be a problem during all of my research about the upgrade quot Upgrading to Windows will not affect your data programs or settings It will not delete any data that you saved on the computer quot By this point most of you already know that when you upgraded everything looked different and nothing was in the place where it was supposed to be Unless you have an extreme genius most of don't you probably had to go online and read a few forums and tips about recovering finding your data that had been moved to a different folder in your files It was a frustrating and long process but I finally dug out and copied all documents and media and then spent forever digging for and saving my bookmarks and personalizing my computer - a process which I was surprised at how much I needed to do considering it wasn't supposed to affect my data or settings All this was said and done Then I got to work on new projects documents new media etc Now please save any comments about backing up all data because I do back up my files However I did not know that Windows was going to update again and entirely DELETE all of my data old and new Only the newest and current important files went to a hard drive and were saved but I still lost quite a bit I upgraded the first time weeks ago and I now have to completely start over all the while losing the newest data that is nowhere to be found on my laptop I would also like to point out that this is not a tech issue I do not need to open my eyes and start looking in the right folder because these folders simply no longer exist The process I used to recover my files after the first upgrade no longer work Without warning my computer updated and deleted all old files Nothing was saved except for one random song which made absolutely no sense I am at a total loss and don't see a way of recovering the lost files Everywhere I've looked from tips and forums from other lost and frustrated users has resulted in dead ends Even my system storage is almost entirely depleted because I there are no document or media files saved - in other words I have more available space than I did after my first upgrade This has been an incredibly frustrating long and inconsistent process with the Windows upgrade I will still be needing a new computer and I'm not sure that Windows can provide the software and security that I'll need Honestly I am seriously considering the switch from PC to mac If you happen to have had the same problem a second windows update and can't find the files and have a solution PLEASE hit me back The simple fact that I have to go through all that work again is frustrating and far from reassuring me on the new direction of Microsoft Windows

A:Windows 10 lost everything.. TWICE! How can I get it all back?

Ok you lost your files. But you have a back up, don't you? Restore your back up.
If you need to get back deleted files you can try a program like GetDataBackNTFS
Sorry about your loss. I don't know how these things just never happen to me.....
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I was really happy to go to when the offer came out to purchase it at such can 7? so How I go I lost am here to back simply a great price Now I really wish I had not I have no one in my usual group of people who know computer stuff who knows I am so lost here How can I simply go back to 7? a thing about and I am having mountains of problems with it It worked great at first but all of the sudden and for no apparent reason I started getting I am so lost here How can I simply go back to 7? a strange error code if I attempted to install anything In this thread I I am so lost here How can I simply go back to 7? need serious help with PLEASE I researched and found that I needed to activate the Administrator account and install from there which I have done Now so many things do not work and I am not really able to figure out why My Incredimail can not access the network from my admin account for some reason It keeps getting a firewall error I have no idea of how to fix this Also I am in the BETA for Neverwinter Nights I downloaded and installed the game which of course had to be done from the admin account This was automatically placed in the public games folder I do not want to play an online game from my admin account I logged out from there and logged in to my regular account It did not show Neverwinter as being installed there This happened with Skype too I figured I knew where it was saved so I went to the public folder and launched the game It is not able to run from there and crashes It does run from the admin account Why How do I grant my regular account permission to install I have searched the user settings and I have not found a way this account is part of the administrator group Why can it not install I have looked all over to find tutorials or any kind of instructions for fixing all of this but nothing I have found seems to apply Would I be better off just going back to where I knew how to do all of this and could make things work or can any of this be fixed in

A:I am so lost here How can I simply go back to 7?

I'm unsure why you are having these problems here with Windows 8, the same should have more or less been true with Windows 7. It's the fact that things have installed under 1 profile that is causing you grief. Aside from some graphical UI changes, the underpinnings of Windows 8 are pretty much the same as Windows 7.
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I have a demension 2400 everything is factory except for the ram. Here is the problem i bought an ati graphics card for my computer when installing the card i deleted the display driver. The ati card ended up not working and now i have no picture. The computer still shows the dell loading screen then windows loading screen then black. What can i do to get the picture back?

p.s. not looking to get the ati card to work just the onboard

A:Lost my display need help getting back

any help would be nice to have
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I have lost the back up of the genuine version of windows 8. I have no back up DVDs with me. And my windows 8 version is lost while formatting the laptop. Can I get the back up DVDs from HP support team or what can I do for this? Thanks
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for reasons i did not know, one partition in my win7 was lost. how to get it back? help plz. i know little about recovery.

A:how to get my lost partition back?

Go to disk management.
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Somehow I no longer have wordpad on my computer. I have windows xp pro and somehow deleted it. Is there anyway to get it back?

A:Lost my wordpad... how do I get it back?

lightingbird said:

Somehow I no longer have wordpad on my computer. I have windows xp pro and somehow deleted it. Is there anyway to get it back?Click to expand...

Did you delete the program or the shortcut?
Look in C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad
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Hi TSF I just bought a Lenovo W and installed a fresh image of Windows onto a SSD that I bought online I then decided to change from MBR to GPT mostly because of the speedy Lenovo UEFI demo videos After going through heaven and hell trying out the UEFI-only boot I was immensely disappointed and decided to go back to legacy MBR to avoid driver problems I did everything as Rod Smith suggested from my GParted DVD and the Terminal After the line Quote MBR is unchanged You may need to delete an EFI GPT xEE partition with fdisk or another tool in the output my hard drive and all the partitions disappeared completely I was a little spooked and restarted my PC but the hard drive was still not anywhere to be found After this I busted out my trusty x Windows install cd to do some Windows RE magic Unfortunately the magic did not work Startup repair resulted in this message Quote Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically Problem signature Event Name StartupRepairOffline Signature Signature Signature is Again My in Back Lost SSD To Aether and - GPT the unknown Signature - Signature ExternalMedia Signature Signature NoOSInstalled OS Version Locale ID After this I To GPT and Back Again - My SSD is Lost in the Aether went into the Advanced tools and opened up a command prompt I typed bootrec fixmbr bootrec fixboot bootrec rebuildbcd The first two commands quot completed successfully quot The third command revealed that Quote Total identified Windows installations I think the problem stems from the fact that I didn't get a chance to delete the MB EFI To GPT and Back Again - My SSD is Lost in the Aether partition since the hard drive disappeared from GParted The BCD is probably outside the bootable sectors of the hard disk and I'm in a tough spot I have a Rescue amp Recovery Startup Disc that I burned before trying all this tomfoolery but I don't want to have to secure erase and do all those writes all over again will affect drive life How do I get Windows back to normal again

A:To GPT and Back Again - My SSD is Lost in the Aether


Originally Posted by DeltaFox

...installed a fresh image of Windows 7 onto a SSD...

What is the source of the image?
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I have an external HD Maxtor GB that I use as my main data storage volume because I files set external stored access HD, access on with security Cannot have had multiple hd crashes on my laptop Dell Inspiron - see profile for details After the first hd crash I added access security to certain folders on the external drive limiting access to only my user for the new HD in case some else plugged into my external roommate not trusted After adding the folder access security the second hd crashed After I installed the new HD and reinstalled the OS and other software I lost access to these files I can see them but Cannot access files stored on external HD, with access security set I cannot play them or move them to a different location These are mostly video and audio files with a few other exceptions I have found many articles relative to taking ownership of the folders and files and have done so several attempts From safe mode as admin from safe mode as user from regular user non-safe mode I run xp pro and have admin rights as my standard user The error message I get from Win media plyr is C D D From quick time it s - I O erro occured From Dell PowerDVD player Error code Access is denied I am sure that Cannot access files stored on external HD, with access security set this problem is cause by a hangover from having set these security access restriction from an account on an old drive with an old different install of my OS The user account is different plus I may have inadvertantly update the xp pro OS to a level beyond where it was when I activated the access restriction One other note - the old harddrive is still Cannot access files stored on external HD, with access security set useable I have can access files and data when plugged in via usb ide sata adapter The boot sector got hosed and I got tired of trying to fix it Does anyone know of a way to regain access to these files HELP I m at wit s end been trying for months nbsp

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I am running Windows build I was trying to get WebEx to work with an external webcam and an external microphone this afternoon and in the process of trying to get the audio working I disabled just disabled the built-in Realtek audio That didn't solve my original problem and it caused a new one now when I disconnect the external microphone I have no devices in my Sound Recording tab at all Normally the Realtek audio shows up I went to do back? built-in Lost How get audio. I it Device Manager to make it do a detect of new devices which sometimes solved problems like this in previous versions of Windows but Win doesn't have that option any more I thought a reboot would make Windows see the Realtek audio again but that didn't work either What do I do to Lost built-in audio. How do I get it back? recover my built-in microphone so that I can use it again For what it's worth the internal webcam still works and can broadcast video it's only the built-in audio that won't work I'm using Lost built-in audio. How do I get it back? a month old Dell laptop if that makes any difference
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I too lost both WordPad and Paint. For some reason Notepad stayed with me. My computer runs XP Home Edition which is not supported. I also lost the ability to open Mozilla Firefox, and the new Google Chrome. Only Internet Explorer 8 opens. Works a little then stalls lots, so have to reboot... HELP HELP HELPMy fix for all my WorPad (rft) files since won't open because WordPad is gone; is to open them in Microsoft Works Word Processor, then save with wps extension. Then I delete the rft file. Would love to get back PAINT software. Gail C..

A:I lost both WORDPAD and PAINT want to get them back. edited by riider
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My system had developed a list of little annoying snags that I was too lazy to chase. So I decided to set back to an earlier Macrium image ( dating from Nov. 09 ). The restore went perfectly well except I was reading in the bottom right corner that my Win7 was not genuine.

Called the friendly people from MS who fixed it. But they had no suggestion either how that could have happend - maybe because the image was a year old? Has anybody else ever seen the same?

A:set back to an image and lost activation

ive had that before after a restore and reboot windows told me it wsnt a genuine copy, after a reboot it fixed its self, I didnt have to call MS
I Am Using 64bit Windows 7 Pro
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Version -XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3

From Windows Components: ACCESSORIES and UTILITIES-I have lost the calculator, the games; FAX SERVICES and from NETWORK SERVICES-the Peer-to-Peer.

It tells me to insert my Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM. Which I do...but then it tells me that it cannot copy the file "rvse.ch_." My disk does not look damaged...but it won't work nonetheless.

I run my anti-virus scan every other day...and it hasn't found any viruses.
I ran my anti-Trojan program yesterday and it removed 6 trojan horses.
I do anti-spyware scans along with the anti-virus.
I currently use Norton 360.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Can anyone send me a copy of the items in the Folder "i386" that I can get these items re-installed and working properly again?

A:Lost some Windows Components-Can't Get Them Back


Originally Posted by rhfarr

Version -XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3

From Windows Components: ACCESSORIES and UTILITIES-I have lost the calculator, the games; FAX SERVICES and from NETWORK SERVICES-the Peer-to-Peer.

It tells me to insert my Windows XP Home Edition CD-ROM. Which I do...but then it tells me that it cannot copy the file "rvse.ch_." My disk does not look damaged...but it won't work nonetheless.

I run my anti-virus scan every other day...and it hasn't found any viruses.
I ran my anti-Trojan program yesterday and it removed 6 trojan horses.
I do anti-spyware scans along with the anti-virus.
I currently use Norton 360.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Can anyone send me a copy of the items in the Folder "i386" that I can get these items re-installed and working properly again?

remove the 360......<---first step

copy the i386 folder over to the c drive
then try it local

also 360 could be blocking the install from the cd rom, thinking its a vrus trying to change system needed dlls

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What the best application to get data back or recovery program.

A:What best application to get lost data back

I recommend using Recuva.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
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For two days, no matter which website I was on, I had no vertical scroll bar on the right. If I minimized, then maximized the window, part of my desktop showed through the slot where the scroll bar should have been. If I restored down, then maximized, my desktop was no longer visible in the slot, but still no scroll bar. HOWEVER, even though it was invisible, I could still drag the imaginary bar up and down.

So today I decided to post a message here, and lo and behold, I suddenly had my scroll bar back. And it's back for all websites I visit.

Any idea what caused this, or what to do to fix it if it happens again?
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I just noticed today that my windows 8 mail app (the standard one from ms) was no longer showing me notifications when email arrived. I went over to the app and noticed that the google syncing had changed and required me to re-authenticate my google account to it. That went fine. Then I noticed that my exchange account is now missing from the app (not in the mailbox view, nor is it in the list of accounts). However, when I try to add my exchange account, it says "You've already added this account". Is there anywhere else I can remove the exchange account or somehow get it show up again in the mail app?


A:Mail App Lost Account, Won't Let Me Add it Back

This is not the most elegant solution, but you could try uninstalling the Mail app (that will remove the Calendar app and the People app too) and then re-installing it. I've had to do that a time or two to fix them when they went wonky...
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I was attempting to change the password but it seemed that it had already been changed, even though the very same day I used the same password to open my OS.....? So I tried many different passwords that I have used in the past but nothing worked. The next morning I went back on the computer to see if I could change the password again and miraculously the password was back to what it had been for the past 3months. Also, NOBODY has access to my computer... at least from the front door.

Any ideas what that might be?

NOTE: When I went to sleep I just turned off the monitor and closed out all windows. That's how I was able to try again in the morning.

A:Password lost then miraculously came back


Originally Posted by Caruso77

at least from the front door.

I am not sure about your problem but may be there is a back door intruder..
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This was weird that I had never seen before I was formatting my local C drive two days ago A file copy error occurred at system files copying process So I reloaded it with another XP installation cd and the new system was successfully installed But NOW another problem HORROR occurred When I logged in to xp after installation I found out Hard Lost!! Back-up Drive that my back-up hard drive the second hard drive on which I did nothing surprisingly disappeared Actually I still can see it by Back-up Hard Drive Lost!! clicking my computer However when I clicked it it asked me to format Back-up Hard Drive Lost!! it What was more surprised was that the capacity of my nd hard was reduced to GB from originally GB which I found out at disk management All my back-up data was completely lost So I tried to use ghost to recovery it I created an image file of my nd hard drive on another drive and reloaded the image file back to my nd hard drive When the clone process was finished I clicked continue instead of reset computer So I happily logged back in xp to see my recovered back-ups However I failed to recover it My nd hard drive is still GB and it still asks me to format it when I click it I ve no idea how to recover it now Can anyone give me any idea My concerns are The size will still be GB even I format it how can I get the rest back It s not displayed on the disk management I can still see my back-up files on ghost but I failed to recover it I wonder what I did wrong I highly appreciate your timely help nbsp
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Lost sound on XP PRO OS system. BOARD is INTEL D845GRG model. I went to INTEL site and downloaded driver I need for sound...SOUND MAX INT DIGITAL AUDIO DRIVER WHen I try to run program and install driver, it proceeds fine but then says...DRIVER NOT FOUND< REBOOT SYSTEM AND RETRY. WHich I do only to get the same message. The downloaded file is called CADENZA.EXE and like I said it starts the install fine, seems to extract files, etc. But get this error message upon completion ? ON Device manager it shows entries under sound,video and game controllers...all look ok,etc. ..but still no sound? Yes, speakers plugged in correctly....and had sound for about 6 months, then suddenly dropped out? Any ideas....?

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I have XP-Home and use Outlook Express. Lately my system has been less than stable. IE-crashes & memory dumps. I was planning on reinstalling it fresh again this week, but this problem has just come up and i URGENTLY need to fix it.

I booted up XP and it came up with the default (fresh install) settings for everything, basically it lost my Identities Settings.
I don't care about the settings, but I NEED MY EMAIL BACK !.
I've looked but cannot find the files anywhere.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you help me find the lost emails. !!!!

[email protected]


A:Email lost in XP--urgent need back!!!

Well, first to find out if the files are actually gone somehow. While on as an administrator, take a look at C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Identities. If you find more than one folder under Identities, then it may be your old emails. While in OE, go to File>Import>Messages, choose correct OE version, then Import mail from OE store directory. You will need to browse to that directory and hopefully you will find your messages.
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I've lost the My Computer icon on my desktop and also the little desktop icon at the bottom left of the screen in the tool bar. I'm not sure how it happened but I noticed it after installing a anti-spyware program named Spywareblaster recommended on this forum. Can you help me get those icons back?

Thank you

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i just recently back up my files to an hd drive with help of win 7 back up wizard and now my question is how to restore back up files if the pc is no longer working because of corrupt files?? or BSOD or anything... please help.. i just want to be prepared in any outcome that may occur..

A:how to restore back uped files if the pc is no longer working because of corrupt files??

Well first of all, you don't want to restore your backup if your pc is no longer working. A backup only makes copies of your personal files, like documents, pictures, ect... You would want to use your Windows 7 CD/DVD to restore your system to factory specs, then you restore your backup (using the same Restore Wizard) to get all your personal stuff back.

Hope that answers your question.
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Hey guys?

I can't back up my files. I accidently deleted this main backup on my external harddrive... and I don't know if tha'ts why.
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When I try to back up special files in C:\Program Files, e.g. C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.ini, I get an error message like: "ERROR: Source directory 'C:\Program Files\WinSCP\WinSCP.ini' doesn't exist or isn't a directory!"

Other files in C:\Program Files can be backed up.

Changing the rights didn't help. How can I make these files back-upable?

Nice greetings, Dirk

A:How to avoid error messages when trying to back up files in C:\Program Files?
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I have been having to rights restoring After post-Vista I files reinstall, lost files/folders have problems with my laptop lately to say the least I realized that it came pre-installed with Vista -bit but that I had a -bit processor so I added in an extra gig of RAM and did a clean install of Vista Other than many many devices not working at first including the ethernet controller due to driver issues it After restoring files post-Vista reinstall, I have lost rights to files/folders was working fine I had previously backed up my files in Vista and tried to restore them after the installation but the only way to do this was to use the quot restore from another machine quot option because Vista thought my backups were from another system due to the restore After getting everything to restore correctly I noticed that I had lost many administrator privileges that I had before After a few days I got a blue screen of death and when the system restarted itself it said that a hard drive failue was imminent and I should backup and replace the drive Unfortunately it would not allow me to backup so I had to replace the drive and restore again with the same backup that was from quot another system quot I am having the same problem with rights to files and folders Today for example I was using TuneUp Utilities defragment utility and there were large parts of the drive that were quot locked quot and were not able to be moved I assume this is because I had no rights to them after the restore My question after all that is how can I get the rights to all my files back safely and easily I tried to go directly into the main drive s security options and change everything to quot Full Control quot but was warned that that would be a security risk Can anyone help I d really appreciate it nbsp

A:After restoring files post-Vista reinstall, I have lost rights to files/folders

Anyone? Please
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I lost Microsoft Edge from my computer

A:My Microsoft Edge is lost from my computer, how can I get it back?

Vague questions give birth to incomplete answers.
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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I have Lost 52GB from my hard drive how can i get it back. The reason for it was that i made 2 backups of my computer to my documents with Acronis true image 1 was sector by sector and 1 wasn't, I then cut and pasted them into my external hard drive, so i thought the computer would automatically regain the space. I have tried Ccleaner windows own Defrager and pargon Hard disc defrager and I have still not gained the 52GB I lost any ideas welcome.
Thank you in advance.

A:I have Lost 52GB from my hard drive how can i get it back

Defragmenting won't be any good to you in this scenario as all it does is rearrange the files on your hard drive so that you can access them quicker.

I realise it's of no help to you now, but the backups should have been pointed to your external hard drive, not your internal drive, and certainly not to your system partition.
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Help! I stupidly upgraded to Firefox 3 the other day- and great with all the new tool bar stuff- and then realized i can't use my favorite tool RealPlayer Plugin that allows me to download videos on RealPlayer. I went online and found all the other UNsatisfied new 3.0 users and tried someone's suggestion on how to downgrade back to 2.0. I did this- and now I can't open Firefox at all- it opens for a second and then and "error" report comes up!

How do I get Firefox back- and back to 2.0???

thanks for any help with this

A:Lost Firefox after upgrading to 3.0 and trying to downgrade back to 2.0

Do you happen to remember what the message you encountered about not being able to use the RealPlayer tool said? Also is that an addon (extension) or a plugin?

What's the error message that occurs now?
You'll be able to revert to Fx2 but you may lose various settings dependant on what this error message is. The simplest fix is to create a new profile for Firefox. Also see Transferring data to a new profile to keep bookmarks and such.
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This was weird that I had never seen before I was formatting my local C drive two days ago A file copy error occurred at system files copying process So I reloaded it with another XP installation cd and the new system was successfully installed But NOW another problem HORROR occurred When I logged in to xp after installation I found out that my back-up hard drive the second hard drive on which I did nothing surprisingly disappeared Actually I still can see it by clicking my computer However when I clicked it it asked me to format it What was more Back-up Solved: Lost!! Hard Drive surprised was that the capacity of my nd hard was reduced to GB from originally GB Solved: Back-up Hard Drive Lost!! which I found out at disk management All my back-up data was completely lost So I tried to use ghost to recovery it I created an image file of my nd hard drive on another drive and reloaded the image file back to my nd hard drive Solved: Back-up Hard Drive Lost!! When the clone process was finished I clicked continue instead of reset computer So I happily logged back in xp to see my recovered Solved: Back-up Hard Drive Lost!! back-ups However I failed to recover it My nd hard drive is still GB and it still asks me to format it when I click it I ve no idea how to recover it now Can anyone give me any idea My concerns are The size will still be GB even I format it how can I get the rest back It s not displayed on the disk management I can still see my back-up files on ghost but I failed to recover it I wonder what I did wrong I highly appreciate your timely help nbsp

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I recently created a new user on Windows XP to install a speech-to-text program. Then I had to re-download my antivirus software, as it got corrupted. When I log out, and then log back in, I can only get the new user file. I can go to the control panel and find the old user file, change things about it, but it does not come up as a choice when I log in. How can I restore this user? I need to access it, as all my work is under this user, and in this user's My Documents. I am really desperate.