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Q: Processor compatibility

Hello someone know if the I7 3820 is working with a graphic card pci-express3.0?

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Preferred Solution: Processor compatibility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Processor compatibility

Check your motherboard specifications.
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I was wondering if the "AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Processor - 3.0GHz, 2MB Cache, 1000MHz (2000 MT/s), Windsor, Dual-Core" is compatible and can replace the processor in a Compaq Presario SR5110NX. The PSU has been upgraded to 460 Watts,if that makes a difference. I was told by a HP guy that I would need a new motherboard,but is that true?

Responses greatly appreciated!!

A:Processor Compatibility

When you're dealing with a System Builder proprietary motherboard with a proprietary BIOS only the System Builder can tell you positively what processors are supported.
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Good morning everyone I currently own a Song VGN-AR E Laptop It is starting to get a little slow doesnt play some games as nicely as I would like The laptops I have been looking at to replace it are around the mark so I was thinking of the possibility of upgrading it I have had a nose around and this is the spec of the laptop that I have managed to find Processor Intel Pentium Dual T GHz Memory MB Ram Graphics GeForce M GT Approx Total Memory MB Adapter RAM MB Chipset Mobile Intel PM Express Chipset One of the games that I tried playing was BFBC which requires Intel Core Duo GHz MB Ram and MB Video Card Not sure what that means Anyway I appreciate this is a lot of writing but so far this is what I am stuck on I KNOW that I can upgrade the RAM to GB but do not think this will make any difference with the rest of the components Will the Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz be compatible with my system Is it necessary for me to upgrade the graphics card It does appear that it is not adequate and if so how would I go about determining a compatible card EDIT Or are the graphics integrated to the motherboard in which case they cannot be upgraded I appreciate there are a lot of questions here but it is my first time at compatibility Processor upgrading a computer Processor compatibility Kind regards Mike nbsp

A:Processor compatibility

Most laptops use integrated graphics, so its unlikely yours will be replaceable with something better. The CPU may of course not work either, it depends on whether it was sold with your motherboard and that CPU as to whether it will work - There are other factors, but I tend to take the approach of it working if its been done already by the manufacturer.

Upgrading your RAM will boost overall performance, but you won't really see any improvement in game.

My advice would be to replace the laptop. You could probably sell this one and use it against the cost of a new one.
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Is Socket 1156 LGA compatible with Intel Core i7-2700k? If not what processor would you recommend getting to be able to play games such as Skyrim and Battle Field 3 at high-max graphics?

A:Processor Compatibility

Is Socket 1156 LGA compatible with Intel Core i7-2700k?Click to expand...


If not what processor would you recommend getting to be able to play games such as Skyrim and Battle Field 3 at high-max graphics?Click to expand...

Here are some 1156 CPU's 50001157 600005864&IsNodeId=1&name=LGA 1156

The i5 650 is the best one listed here. You can compare CPU performance at this site
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I have a e4500 core 2 duo processor at the moment. I would like to upgrade to q9650 which is a quad core. The q9650 is package type LGA775 which is the same as the e4500. Does this mean that the Q9650 would fit and work in my socket?

ALso, I have downloaded a program called siSoftware Sandra which gives info about your computer. This also tells me that the upgradeability of my socket and it says:
Socket/Slot: 775
Upgrade interface: ZIF Socket
Supported Speeds: 3.80 Ghz -----} Does this mean that the quad core would not work?

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I am going to upgrade my 2.8 ghz processor to a 3.6 ghz

my current processor runs at 90nm???? and the new one is a 65nm

what does this mean? will my motherboard (dell oj8885 Intel i945G/GZ ) support this new chip?

A:processor compatibility

"nm" refers to a manufacturing process, not speed. You would need a new MB (and often other items like RAM) to use the new chip. In general Dells do not allow for much in the way of CPU upgrades. They would rather you buy a new system.
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Custom Built CPU
- I7 950 @ 3.07GHz, 2.75GB of Ram
- GA-EX58-UD5G / GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard
- Zotac NVIDIA GeForce FTX 295, 2GB Graphics Card
- Apollo NZXT Case
- D-Link Rangebooster N 650 Desktop Adapter (DWA-547)
- Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W Power Supply

Currently using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Having mutiple freezing upon sometimes loading computer or loading applications, just wondering is the 32 bit Windows XP campitable with the new i7 processors or do i need a new OS???
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I feel dumb even asking this since I should know. Im building a system and havent been able to get it to boot. Fujitsu-siemens mobo D1675, elixir Ram-512mb,XFX GeForce vid card-256mb. The processor I bought is a P4 2.8Ghz Prescott,after hours of troubleshooting I finally looked up processor compatibility on their site,and that model isnt listed. Northwood is what they recommend. The ram I have isnt listed either although they say other brands could work,but the listed brands have been extensively tested. Would the difference in processor models matter that much? So as to not boot up? Ive tried all the normal troubleshooting tips,removed the mobo,checked the ram, unplugged all drives,all plugs etc. etc.

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Is the AMD FX 6300 processor compatible with the Angelica2 (H8-1534 model) motherboard?  The fx6300 has 8 cores while the FX6200 has only 6 although the socket is AM3-b the 6200 processor was AM3+ as is the 6300 processor.
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I'm running an AMD 64 2800+ (sckt 754) and my mobo is an ASUS K8V-MX. Currently i've got two memory modules in my PC and they're both PC2700. I know my mobo should be compatible with PC3200, but i'm not sure whether my processor is.
The memory i'm getting is a complete upgrade, 2x1gb sticks corsair PC3200 DDR. i heard that DDR memory is all compatible (ie. a system designed for PC2700 333mhz will accept a PC3200 400mhz, although it may run at a slower speed).Is this true and will it work with my rig?
Thanks in advance

A:mobo/processor RAM compatibility

Yeah that motherboard is compatible with the pc3200 ram and it will run at pc3200.

So go ahead and buy the ram if you want to.
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I am building my first computer. I know what hard drive, DVD drive, CD/RW drive, case, memory,and floppy I want to use.

My question is:
Is the Intel Desktop Board D865GBF compatible with the Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.4A GHz 533MHz? What all do I need to check for compatibility?

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Probably a dumb question ...

I've got a 3-year-old computer that still runs well, even if it is extremely slow by today's standards. It has an Intel Seattle II SE440BX-2 motherboard with a 333 MHz processor. I was originally told that this motherboard would accept PII processors up to 450 MHz, and recently a friend mentioned that he had a couple of different 450 CPUs (SL358 and SL2U7). When I was checking the specs to see if one was better than the other, I noticed that both 450 processors have a "100 Mhz" spec (bus speed?) but my current 333 processor has a "66 Mhz" spec. The motherboard specs show a clock speed of 67 MHz in the bus properties. Am I correct in concluding that neither of the 450 processors would work in my motherboard?

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Hi, i am trying to download python 2.5.1/2.5.2 and when i click to install it says "This installation package is not supported by this processor type". I'm running amd 64 on vista.
The version i am downloading is for amd64. Any ideas or more info needed? oh and it is a .msi file
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I am building a computer and I am trying to scrape buy under 1,000 or a little above like 1,300. I was looking for a motherboard with 8x AGP and would support atleast a 1.8GHz or maybe up to 2.4GHz intel with 533 Frontside bus speed. I found some ASUS boards but with only the 4x AGP. I was also wondering where the best place is to buy motherboards and processors for cutthroat prices.

What is a better RAM I have been getting confused with all the diffrent types of RAM. What is the diff between them all?

I have chosen to go with Intel over ATI because of the Bus speed in which the highest ATI bus speed I could find is 400Mhz. Any tips in this area of Motherboards and processors would be greatly appreciated.


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I can get VIA c3 600mhz chips for little of nothing ($10 each)

I have quite a few CPUless VIA and intel chipset socket 370 motherboards and my friend has a slot 1 board that has a slocket.

I am wondering HOW compatible are these with any given socket 370 motherboard?

Must your board be verified compatible to work at all or will the chips work on any old board for example an Abit BX6 w/ slocket.
WIll any board with a VIA chipset work, after all VIA makes the things?

Thanx for any insights, I KNOW the chips aren't the fastest, cost is of upmost importance.

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I require assistance with motherboard/processor compatibility. I have been to both websites (Intel for processor, Gigabyte for Mobo) and I can't really understand how to work the compatibility test. I was wondering if I could get some advice here.

At the moment, I'm using:
Mobo: Gigabyte G41M-ES2H
Chipset: Intel G41

Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 @ 1.80Ghz
Socket: 775 LGA

And I'm looking to replace that old processor with a new:
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core E6600 @ 3.06 Ghz
Socket: 775 LGA

I have spoken to a tech support specialist from Harvey Norman, and he has said that as long as the socket type is the same, it will be supported. I was wanting to get some feedback from another tech specialist, as I like to check things twice before I do them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

A:Motherboard/Processor Compatibility Help

Just go to the Gigabyte page>

...and there is a supported cpu list on the page>

The E6600 is on the list
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This morning I downloaded Windows DefenderX64. When I tried to install the following message popped-up: "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor". I have a Dell Latitude 110L, Intel Pentium M 1.70 GHz with 504 MB, meeting the specifications as listed on the Defender product info site. Anybody a clue?

A:Windows Defender and Processor compatibility

Windows DefenderX64 is the 64 bit version for 64 bit CPU's, as its name suggests.

You have a normal 32 bit CPU.

The message is entirely correct.
64 bit CPU's are not commonplace yet, software is now being released for them.
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I am trying to upgrade my Satellite A500-1GL with a new i5 480M (socket 988) but I don't know if there is a BIOS blockage.
In fact, the fan starts and after a few seconds the machine stops running.

Could you please tell me if this processor is compatible with this motherboard? Do I need a BIOS update in order to unlock it?


A:Satellite A500-1GL - Processor compatibility


Generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported so there is no some kind of compatibility list. Toshiba doesn't support it and BIOSes are not designed to help about it.
More about that you can read on
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I am looking to replace my processor in my T5600. However, I am having a difficult time finding out what is compliant. Here is the info I know:
I currently have a Intel Xeon ES-2609 0 @ 2.4Ghz and a Dell 0Y56T3 Main Board.
I am only utilizing one slot of the two available, so would like to buy a pair. The socket set is FCLGA2011 for each.
I was looking possibly putting 2 of the ES-2906 V2 (Mfg # BX80635E52609V2)
However, not sure the differences between the V1 and V2. Does any know if this will work? Or what would be a good upgrade? \
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Hey, I currently got a AMD PHenom 9500 Quad Core 2.20GHz
looking to upgrade, my proccesor and video card.

My mother board is: Acer Aspire G7200.

And I'm wondering if it would be compatible with these.

Add my msn If you would like:

Thanks alot!

A:New processor and video card compatibility

Acer Aspire G7200.Click to expand...

This is the model of the PC, you need to supply the make and model number of your mother board. If you look inside the box you should be able to find this information written on the board. You should also think about checking your power supply to be sure it can cope with the extra power. What size is your PSU at present.
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I recently put a new motherboard in my pc, previously had an xps 710 but now have the xps 720 motherboard. My current processor is a core 2 duo E6600 2.4 ghz 1066 mhz fsb. I'm looking to buy a new and faster processor, i'm currently looking at buying a core 2 duo
E6850 3.0 ghz 1333 mhz fsb. My question is will my motherboard (my new 720 mobo) be capable of running a processor with a 1333 mhz fsb?

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I m building a computer for my school s media center and the teacher wants the computer to have dual processors I ve found a server motherboard that I believe will work but i have a doubt about it The processor socket type and motherboard socket type match but the under quot CPU type quot the motherboard specifies quot Dual Intel Xeon Series quot Xeons are Intel s server processors for clarification My intention was to install Intel i s since I found some for cheaper and at faster speeds than the Xeons However i s are desktop processors So in a nutshell I m wondering if Motherboard-processor compatibility Solved: an i would work Solved: Motherboard-processor compatibility in a dual-socket server motherboard when they have the same socket type LGA Below are some links if you would like additional information about the parts Thanks for your time The motherboard -- gt http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E The processor -- gt http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

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So I already purchased the cpu... it's a AM2+ Phenom II 920 X4 2.8 Ghz. The MOBO I'm looking at says it supports the AM2+ socket, but directly under that it says it supports cpu type: Phenom FX/Phenom. It doesn't explicitly say Phenom II. Here's the link to the board:

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im having intel pentium dual core E2160 processor @1.8ghz.
and a 2gb ddr2 ram @ 667mhz
and the motherboard is GIGABYTE GA G31M-S2L. the motherboard has one PCI express x 1 slot and one PCI express x 16 slot.
the chipsets are G31 express chipset (north) and ICH7 (south).
now how can i know what are all the graphics cards compatible to it.

graphics cards have core speed and memory speed. what should be these values for moderate gaming.
do i get a driver disk and few games on purchase of graphics card.
what is the use of graphics memory. what will be the use if it is a higher value like 1gb.

A:How can we know the compatibility of graphics card with motherboard, processor and RA

Look for any graphics card that is "pci express x16" compatible.

Some gpus come with free bundled games and such.. all of them come with a driver disk, and are very easy to update from the manufacturers website.

Graphics card memory is less important than overall core, mem speed.

Ensure whatever you choose, your power supply is up to the job, as a lot of these cards require extra power to run.

Hope this helps
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Hey, im looking into buying this to replace my Pentium D. I need to know what is needed for this to be compatable. Any other information will be added if you ask.


A:Intel E7200-Core-Duo-Processor Compatibility?

It would depend on your chipset and you would probably need a BIOS update too.
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Hi compatibility Solved: and Processor (newbie help Mainboard here) people I am Marc I am and I am not Solved: Processor and Mainboard compatibility help (newbie here) really the dude with lots of PC hardware knowledge But I am interested with it I m new here and I need your advice on building a system I am quite of a gamer and I am also a college student I am planning to buy a processor and a motherboard online And the rest of its components needed Here s my choices Processor Intel Pentium Dual-Core E Wolfdale GHz MB L Cache LGA W Dual-Core Processor BX E FSB MHz Mainboard ZOTAC GF -A-E LGA NVIDIA GeForce HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard FSB MHz or MHz I am not sure of my choices here guys You guys can give me any piece of advice Also you can refer me any brands of boards and or processors that you think of Your help means so much to me Oh by the way my budget is ONLY around I m only a student What do you expect HAHA for both the processor and motherboard I know its rough Please I really need your help here I really must go cheap on this but gotta have quot quality quot with the items though I have some parts here that I can still use though That is why I only need to buy a processor and a mainboard I ve got a Tommade TC- micro-ATX casing w a W PS a DVD-rom CD-writer quot VGA monitor Windows Vista Home Basic with product key AVIRA Anti-virus x GB DDR Kingston Office Home amp Student Actually I have an old system here at home And I feel its really time to put quot change quot in it Its a Pentium GHz with a ECS PT-CE -A board Its an AGP-slot board Yea I know Its quot ancient quot HAHA I really want to step in dual-cores now I am sick of being at single-cores cause EVERYTHING is limited I will be anxiously waiting for your help people nbsp

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... I have a few of Intel DZ68BC LGA1155 desktop boards around the office and I run them with Corei5-2500K processor and it works great.
I recently purchased some additional DZ68BC boards at an auction but I was unable to find the 2500K processor so I purchased corei5-3470 LGA1155 expecting it to be compatible, but it does not work ... this is a version 4 processor,I think ... and the 2500K is a version 2 ... but both are LGA1155. Does anybody know if that is meant to be incompatible ... or do I have some other issues going on ... my new boards run if I use a 2500K processor, so the boards are fine. Many thanks for your knowlwdge...

A:Core i5 processor compatibility with socket LGA1155

This Intel web site might help you.
Compatible Processors
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hi freinds..
i am going to buy hp laptop with i3 second generation processor and windows 7 home basic. but previously i was using desktop computer with windows xp and core 2 duo processor and all java developement softwares frameworks on this configuration . so i wanna ask will all those same softwares and frameworks that i was using on desktop xp computer still work on above mentioned hp laptop? or i have to download java softwares compatible with the mentioned configuration of hp laptop?

any help will be appreciated.

A:i3 second generation processor and java software compatibility

Hi -
Your new computer may come with an earlier version of Java installed already -
Then all you would do is update it to the latest version - - and done -

If Java is not installed, it is a very painless 3 to 5 min process -

Thank You -
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I plan processor compatibility Workstation dual check to build a cost effective dual CPU workstation for computation in our lab This configuration is mainly based on the ASUS Z NA-D C ATX server motherboard which can let me to take advantage of components of regular PC This motherboard will only fit seris of xeon cpu if the BIOS version is otherwise only xeon some guy just left review in newegg that he get the updated BIOS version right out of the box So I suppose that is not a problem if I am lucky Here are my list of components welcome any comments and suggestions and discussions BTW I never build server Workstation dual processor compatibility check level machine before I nervous about this machine won t work Thanks a lot in advance Motherboard ASUS Z NA-D C MIO Dual LGA Intel ATX Dual Intel Xeon and Series http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CPUs Intel Xeon X Westmere GHz MB L Cache LGA W Six-Core Server Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk xeon x CPU heat sink fan Intel BXSTS C Passive active combination heat sink with removable fan http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk BXSTS C Server RAM Patriot Signature GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM ECC Registered DDR PC Server Memory Model http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Powersupply hec HP D W ATX V Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Case RAIDMAX SMILODON Extreme Black ATX- Workstation dual processor compatibility check WEB mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Foldout MB Computer Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

A:Workstation dual processor compatibility check

I really can't believe you would consider an expensive motherboard, expensive processors and other expensive components and even consider a $25 power supply.

Personally, I wouldn't use a power supply less than this one for that configuration.

Intel doesn't show the PCG rating for those processors, so I would give Intel a call and find out the PCG rating for the processors before purchasing a power supply.

You don't use a "cheapo" power supply with quality components.
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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing an Acer Aspire 3680-2682 laptop with an intel celeron M 440 from a friend (for less than $300,) the same laptop featured in this add
He has had no problems with it, but decided to buy a better, gaming oriented laptop. I don't really mind for gaming or plan to run programs with high demand of speed power, but I wanted to know what processors are compatible in case I wanted an upgrade to a faster CPU (if it's even possible, since I know some CPUs come soldered to the main board) or if it's even worth it to go all the way for an upgrade.

A:Acer Aspire 3680-2682 processor compatibility

Never plan on upgrading the CPU in a laptop, even if it is socketed, there is often BIOS limitations and there is always heat dissipation issues.

Laptops are designed to be able to "just cope" with the heat generated by the CPU that they ship with. A faster one, if possible to fit, generates more heat. That would "speed step" the processor back to save it from destruction, resulting in probably no improvement.

Apart from HDD and RAM, laptops are not upgradeable.
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Hello I recently had issues with my PSU and rather than play guesswork on whether its still functional I rather just replace it My motherboard is a m n -pro Its a bit dated PSU/Mobo compatibility? backwards ATX confusion, V2.3 12V compatibility but ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility? I d like for this pc to last another months before I build an entirely new rig If I read the manual correctly it requires ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility? ATX V V The PSU I d like to change to since it just has to last another months this w PSU Would the m n -pro be compatible with this PSU One concern I had was that the m n -pro requires a pin ATX v connector If I read the PSU s specifications correctly it has one V -pin CPU power connector Is that -pin two separate power connector ie do I just use of the connectors to fit into the pin ATX v connector Please excuse my noobishness but what exactly does the v Motherboard specification entail I tried to google it but got less useful information and product results from newegg Also I read the wiki on the ATX V V X standard but it didn t answer my question - is ATX V v backwards compatible with the ATX V v standard Thank you very much for any help you can give nbsp
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power for Power disabled Collaborative Processor Controls after upgrade are Processor was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal I went into event viewer to see if there was any ACPI Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error's listed and this came up The exact Error that's provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Asustek N JN-MH Notebook Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Core Thread Ram GB MB Video Intel Onboard MB Nvidia GeForce m OS Windows Home Upgraded from Windows So is there anything that i can do or do i just have to wait for asus to publish a new Firmware Update even though it's probably likely they won't Thanks in advance guys

A:Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

See if this finds any new drivers:

Intel? Driver Update Utility
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal The exact Error that s provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last Collaborative are for Power Processor Controls disabled Processor upgrade after one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb NOTE my laptop has an Nvidia GeForce m Chip as well but it did not detect that for some reason Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC N JN Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Have not had time to get antiviral software yet So is there Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade anything i can do or do i just have to wait and see if Asus pushes out an update thanks in advance nbsp
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I recently upgraded to a HP,Media Center editon pc, Windows XP, AMD Athlon 64 3800+2.4 GHz Processor.

When trying to install Photoshop Album 1.0, I receive this message, "This operating system is not supported by Adobe Photoshop Album. We support Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 , XP Intel Pentium III or 4 processor".

Could my problem with installation be the Athlon processor? When purchasing this computer, our salesman convinced us that the Athlon was just as good as the Pentinum Processor. Any thoughts on this? My computer is less than a week old and having serious thoughts about returning it. I have had problems with other installations. Am I to expect more problems with software and the Athlon processor. Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated. I am getting desperate for advice about the processor.

A:Athlon Processor versus Pentinum Processor in Windows XP

What the message is telling you is that Windows Media Center Edition 2005 is not one of the operating systems that Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 supports. It has nothing to do with whether an Intel processor or an AMD processor is installed. I checked the system requirements for the newer version 2.0, and it also is not supported by Windows MCE 2005.

By the way, Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 has a 13.5 MB patch for it and will upgrade it to version 1.0.1. You can get it from here.

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Can any body tell me the main diff between the core 2 duo processor and core 2 duo processor with centrino.


A:Diff between centrino processor and core 2 duo processor

In a word nothing, the centrino branding does not refer to any specific additions to the processor, it is simply a label that is attached to laptops which use intel branded processor, integrated graphics and wireless chips.

Centrino is more of a marketing tool that Intel use to boost sales of their graphics and wireless chips, so you can pretty much ignore it
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I need to order a new desktop for my office to replace a 3 year old machine that runs at 3.2 Ghz. The new machines that Dell offers only has this option:

IntelŪ Core™2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB L2 Cache,2.66GHz,1066 FSB)

I don't think there is a standard measuring stick that is used to compare all the processor speeds that I can find or understand. I work with CAD programs that use up a lot of resources and I typically get the fastest available and max the RAM. With all the latest software that I have to install, I need the new machines to run faster than the ones they replace.

Can anyone tell me how this 2.66GHz processor compares to my current machine? I don't have the exact specs for it, this is what it lists on the dell support site for my system - PROCESSOR, 80532K, 3.2GHZ, 1M, 533, M0.

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Quad processors are darn expensive You can have a hand in helping me build my new laptop Speed is a priority when I use my computer for PLEASURE I can deal with an occasional slowdown When I use my computer for a WORK or a SCHOOL project and I experience a slowdown I feel like breaking bodies or punching a hole in the wall I m buying a new laptop I ll be using it primarily for work and school I d say quad a buy I Decision processor? or time: should a processor duo of the time that I use the laptop it will be used for serious - business stuff primarily work and school That s why when I customize my new laptop I m going Decision time: should I buy a quad processor or a duo processor? to customize it with gigs of RAM and a quad core processor to have as much speed as possible and as high a flow rate as possible Is that a good build strategy My work school laptop will gt be used for heavy Internet duty gt be used heavily for programs like Dreamweaver Photoshop and Flash gt i will not be using it for computer games but note if i have to sell the laptop on Craigslist in a year or two I d like this laptop to appeal to gamers so I can sell it quicker faster gt i don t have a lot of disposable income The quad processor costs a few hundred dollars more Since I ll be using my Decision time: should I buy a quad processor or a duo processor? computer for work and school and since I might be making more money a year from now If I have to and with your advice I ll pay the extra cost nbsp

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Hello everyone,

I want to build a new system, and I was wondering just what the differences between a sever processor and a desktop processor are.

Would I see gaming performance decrease by using a Quad Server Core or a Quad Desktop Core?

I wanted to build a dual socket server core and have 8 physical cores.


A:Server Processor Vs. Desktop Processor

I dont think any games are designed to take advantage of a dual socket setup. Windows Server OS's are designed to take advantage of dual socket setups. Some newer games are coming out which take advantage of single socket dual or quad core setups on desktops. A server based PC would not gain any performance for games IMO. You are better off investing the extra $ in a good video card.
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My system :

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 1 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 16381 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 775949 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-78LMT-USB3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
Can anybody tell me if a GTX 770 Video Card is compatible with the AMD FX 6100 processor ?

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do any 32 bit versions of windows fully support 4 gigs of ram? ((I really need to upgrade, because video editi g is painfully slow)

A:32 bit 4 gig compatibility

no they do not but if u put 4 gigs in Windows will use from 3 to 3.56 gig. minus what ever u're video card uses if u have an onboard video.
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hey guys
i found the website that leaked the official windows 8
my question is , my dad told me that windows 8 will only work on the touch screen computers
is it true
if not please see my laptop specs and tell me is it good
CPU : intel core i5
RAM : 8 GB
system type : 64 bit operating system
current operating system : windows 7 pro

i'm sorry if i posted in the wrong thread

A:win 8 compatibility

Well... you mean Windows 8 Enterprise N on the torrents? I do not recommend downloading it, some of them include malware/trojans + other bad stuff. I would recommend downloading the

Regarding about the touch screen thing; some features in W8 do require Touch Screen, but it'll work fine without a touch screen.
Also, your system specs will handle W8 fine!

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Hi To whoever replies THANK YOU INFINITY for taking the time because I Compatibility know there s not a short or easy answer to my question Yet I have looked through other posts unable to find the answers I m looking for hence why I m making this post And it doesn t matter if Compatibility everything I ask doesn t get answered help is help no matter what and I appreciate it all the same My question is if I buy parts to build my own new PC from scratch what specs do Compatibility I have to be very careful to look for to make sure all the components CPU video card PSU RAM Compatibility MOBO etc are compatible with each other I don t want to tell you what parts I will buy and then for you to tell me if they are compatible or not cause I m not even sure what I will buy yet NO I want to understand these specs so I can choose on my own Also the model names and specs of the different components are confusing to me as well because I don t know whether they refer to performance or compatibility or both For example Intel Core i - K LGA CPU or Geforce GT -bit GDDR video card I know that LGA is the type of socket on the CPU and that must match the motherboard but other than that I know nothing and that s just one component Like what about the amount of watts my PSU needs for the components I choose how can I verify this manually not via some website calculator In conclusion I want to know all the information that s relevant regarding compatibility so I know all the components I buy will work with each other Thank you nbsp


CPU's are easy, every motherboard manufacturer has a list of compatible CPU's and the required BIOS version. Look at the list and find one of those processors.

The motherboard manufacturer may also have a list of compatible, in reality just ones they have tested, memory modules and video cards. Most big memory manufacturers also have lists/tools that will list compatible/tested memory modules, for example

Most video cards pretty much work with most motherboards. With video cards you have to make sure you have a quality power supply with sufficient wattage. Video card manufacturers will list a general recommended wattage for the power supply, that's for an average system with that card. They may also list the actual wattage the card itself will use.

Best way to figure out how much power your system will use is to actually use one of the those website calculators, someone has already done the work for you, no need to re-invent the wheel, Be sure to leave some headroom from growth and get a quality power supply. If the system will be used for gaming or intensive workloads then get a proper power supply for that for example Corsair has a CS/CX line for basic use and then it has better AX/HX lines for gaming systems, etc.

Also be sure the components will meet your needs. You wouldn't buy a AMD APU system for a high end gaming system nor would you want to use a GT 730 as it's a low end. This is where online benchmarks and charts come in useful. Tom's Hardware has good hierarchy charts for both CPU's and GPU's and there's also the PassMark website as well. Actual model numbers are useful only to a point, yes an i7 will generally be faster than an i3 but not always and not for all tasks. Also model numbers don't really do anything for comparisons between Intel and AMD processors.
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A few days ago I sold 4x 1GB sticks of DDR2 RAM on eBay, but the buyer says that the sticks of RAM will not run on dual-channel on their motherboard.
A picture of the four sticks of RAM is here:

This RAM ran fine on my old motherboard on dual-channel, can the RAM safely be used on the buyer's motherboard in the same configuration?
Apparently the buyer's motherboard is 11 years old and their system runs Linux, the buyer also complains about the speed differences in the RAM; would there be any noticeable difference in the RAM speed?


A:RAM Compatibility

1. The first on your screenshot

2. Second on your list
now discontinued but originally sold as system specific

also operating at 800Mhz

3 and 4

operating at 667Mhz
and also originally sold as system specific

5. What difference will the two speeds make - ram will always run at the slowest of the speeds.

6. Quite possible that it will not work with his motherboard - just as if you purchased ram it may not work with yours
Ideally sticks of ram should always be exactly matched
Certainly pairs in a channel must be matched

7. System specific
Kingston Branded Memory (system-specific memory) is designed, manufactured and tested to the specification of each brand-name computer system we support. The design is fine-tuned to match the timing of the system, to reduce noise and heat, and allow for the most efficient communication between the memory and the CPU.
Kingston ValueRam Memory (KVR) is designed for generic systems. ValueRam memory is engineered to meet industry-standard specifications and is rigorously tested to ensure quality. Kingston ValueRam is ideal for users who purchase memory by spec and are looking for competitively priced generic memory that is 100 per cent tested to meet industry specifications.

Is it possible for system specific to work on other systems - YES
Is it advisable to buy it with the intention of fitting to another system - NO

8. I appreciate you have NOT asked - but as to how you stand on the ebay sale, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to pass an opinion.
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I currently use Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus for video-editing on XP; however, I have been informed that it doesn't work correctly with Vista unless I upgrade to Studio 10, which they will make a patch for. Is this correct?

If so, I could upgrade for ?15, but would prefer a free solution such as an emulator. Any recommendations?

Vista is an absolute must-have. I'm not going to stay with XP.


You could try right clicking the icon for Pinnacle Studio 9 and click properties, then click on compatibility tab and choose Windows Xp Service Pack 2 and apply the settings and see if that works. Please note that I do not know what that program is but that tip can be a general fix for some things.
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So basically, I've just bought a new laptop, which comes with 6gb of RAM (4gb+2gb). The laptop RAM is upgradeable to 16gb.

My old Laptop had 4gb of RAM. I've heard it's always best to stick to the same manufacturer when it comes to RAM, but can somebody compare these 2 sticks and let me know if putting my old 4gb in with my new 4gb, whether it will create issues.

I've attached a screenshot of CPU-Z.


A:RAM Compatibility help?!?!

unless you are doing some very heavy Memory programs , its unlikely you will use the 6GB on the PC

also depending on the slots you have available - you may not be able to upgrade without removing the 2GB anyway - I'll let a hardware expert reply to the post re correct memory
just wanted to explain that the exercise may not be worth while and you maybe better off keeping the other PC with working memory , as a spare
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I hope this is a simple enough question. My son's computer just fried, and mine is the only one left operational in the house. He must have a Windows system for his school work. I've been using Linux exclusively and have never had Windows on this computer. I went to MS to see if this computer is compatible to load Windows 7 on to it, but their compatibility test will not work download with Linux. I have a home built system. Can anyone tell me if the following components will run Windows 7 so that I can dual boot them?

AMD Athlon 64 X 2 6400+
Biostar TA790GX-128M
4 Gb Kingston (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
EGVA 8800 GTS graphics
No Sound Card



Quote: Originally Posted by guns90

I hope this is a simple enough question. My son's computer just fried, and mine is the only one left operational in the house. He must have a Windows system for his school work. I've been using Linux exclusively and have never had Windows on this computer. I went to MS to see if this computer is compatible to load Windows 7 on to it, but their compatibility test will not work download with Linux. I have a home built system. Can anyone tell me if the following components will run Windows 7 so that I can dual boot them?

AMD Athlon 64 X 2 6400+
Biostar TA790GX-128M
4 Gb Kingston (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
EGVA 8800 GTS graphics
No Sound Card


Cpu--Yes, Ram is sufficient.

GPU requirements are 256 mb (check yours)
Be advised these are minimums and it will run slowly.

Ken J
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I have a DC7700 SFF with these specs wanted to upgrade my CPU and I was wondering what options do I have. I mean what's my limit ?  CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86GHz 46 °C Conroe 65nm TechnologyRAM : 2.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 331MHz (5-5-5-15)Motherboard : Hewlett-Packard 0A54h (XU1 PROCESSOR)PSU: 240 W
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Okay I know it's an old program, but I would like to know if there are any compatibility issues with it. Before upgrading from XP Pro to 7 Home Premium, I had both PSP 7 & Corel PSP 10 installed and used both with no problem. But in the compatibility list it shows that there are issues with PSP 10, but nothing on PSP 7.

I searched the forums and could only find one thread concerning this software. Are there any issues I need to be aware of or will this work with the new OS? I suppose I could just try to install it and hope for the best, but I thought I'd get some input first.


A:PSP 7 compatibility

Hi SmokingMan,

See this thread Paint shop pro 7.

As suggested there, running PSP7 in XP mode, which, judging from your PC specs, seems possible for you, may be the way to go.

Windows 7 Compatibility Center don't specifically list PSP7 as having a compatibility problem, however, I do think you are going to have some trouble seeing as PSP8 is still having problems and being worked on.

Hope this helps.
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Hello This is my first attempt at a build and my hardware knowledge is limited compared to my software compatibility I have used PC parts Picker but Micro Center is near me so I built this desktop there Now I need to see if it all fits and is compatible ITEMQTYTOTAL Microsoft Windows Pro -bit - pk DSP OEM DVD SKU Intel Core i - GHz LGA Boxed Processor SKU Corsair Vengeance Series GB x GB DDR - PC SKU EVGA GQ Watt Gold Semi Modular ATX Power S SKU Corsair Carbide Series SPEC- Mid Tower Gaming Co SKU ASUS Z -AR LGA ATX Intel Motherboard SKU ASUS x Internal DVDRW SATA Writer SKU Samsung EVO Series GB SATA compatibility III Gb s quot I SKU Subtotal In-store Pickup Tax Grand Total BIOS does it need flashing paste needed or not with Intel more cables fans Is there a site where I can enter these parts to see if they are compatible or is there some one who an help me I wold gladly check this with PC PP but I cannot figure how to enter it unless it is built there If I build it at PC PP a lot of parts are not available at Micro Center Thanks for taking a look Peter


Hey Peter,
The mainboard will ship with current bios at time of manufacture, the processor may or not come with paste, and you should get cables with your components. I think that case only ships with one fan but has the capacity for five, you should have at least one fan in and one fan out. Check the individual part specifications on Micro Center's or the manufacturer's websites. Asus's MB specs will tell what processors, memory, ect. are compatible with their product. You will also find the extra cables and accessories that are packaged with the individual parts. I would definitely consider a graphics card and an extra HDD for storage. If you plan to use the machine for gaming, video editing or other processor intense applications look into a better cooler to replace the stock Intel one.
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*Edited Post*
Ok, I'm hoping you guys can look at my build and tell me if it's all compatible & any suggestions in general. If you'd suggest a different product pls include a newegg link for me..
This is my 1st self constructed pc & in general was intended to just hold me over a while but you know how it goes
I havnt decided on 32 vs 64 Vista yet & know 32 will only reognize 3GB ram, but will having 2 2GB sticks like this work fine incase i go up to 64 Vista?


A:Help with compatibility?

You have chosen you cpu now you need to choose the motherboard.
If you do not intend overclocking then go for an Intel board for reliability and stabilty.
Once you have made your mobo choice go to the makers website and check the QVL ram list, this will tell what ram has been tested on your board choice.
What OS do plan on using? 32bit OS will not recognise 4g ram.
Look at the Seagate Barracuda's 32mb cache hard drives, the access times are quite a bit faster than the Samsung.
I would never buy a case that comes with a power supply, in general they are crap.
There is one exception Antec who make good psu's, others to consider is Thermaltake and Enermax.
Just find a case you like without a psu and buy the psu separately.
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Can a CD made up of audio and video via the Movie Maker feature of Windows ME be played on a standard DVD player attached to, for instance, a TV? In other words, I would like to share my home movies with others who have a DVD player for their TV I know that DVD players can play audio CDs. Thank you.

A:CD/DVD compatibility

Nope. DVD players only play audio CDs and DVDs. They can't play computer generated data CDs.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money
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Will a video card with PCI 3.0 work with a motherboard that has PCI 2.0?

Video card:



Yeah it will work, someone with more authority here should be able to back my answer
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Hi All I ve just bought an PII PIII m board that has a mhz bus The reason i why i bought it was because i thought my parents old PIII m board was faulty freezing and two or three popped caps and this board was the exact same board However it did not turn out to be the m board so i thought i might just use it for another basic compatibility RAM PC The problem is i ve put PC MB and PC MB into the m board The pc boots up fine to the BIOS screen but hangs after the memory test everytime This happens with only AGP card installed hdd fdd cd modem etc are all disconnected I thought it maybe a quot halt on all errors quot setting within the BIOS due to me only having a USB keyboard but i ve since attached a PS keyboard with no luck however i cant get to the BIOS Can anyone tell me if my RAM is compatible I still need to flash the firmware to get it up to scratch however i RAM compatibility cant even get it past this memory test to do it Any help would be great thanks Regards Steve nbsp

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I've read through several of these posts and am still having issues regarding the downloading of CS4 on Windows 7. I get an error message during the disc one phase, it says to contact adobe costumer service, yet get no real answers through Adobe. Is there something I'm missing? Any Solutions?

A:Compatibility with cs4

Have you clean your registry before having the Install?
Or have you tried another CS4 installer?
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hello all
recently i have bought a dell laptop with windows 8.1 os.
previously i used desktop with windows xp os.  the previous
version was compatible to certain programmes developed
by a reputed company but it was an older version (say in
32-bit format).
back of the above programme has been taken in an external
hard disk.
when i tried to work on this programme, in the new laptop with
8.1 version, a message comes to indicate that this new laptop
with 8.1 os is not compatible.  
is there any solutions for this.  i would also like to know whether
i can install windows xp along with 8.1; if so how.
if this is done, any harm will be caused to the system.
thank you,
m s narayanan

A:8.1 os compatibility

What program wont install
I am guessing you have a 64 bit system?
32 bit programs should run on a 64 bit system
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I purchased a Dell laptop last May with 64-bit Vista. A number of web design and graphics apps I use were not fully functional on that OS, so I downgraded to the 32-bit Vista.

I now plan to upgrade that laptop to Win7.

Does anyone have any idea if the compatibility mode selections in Win7 64-bit will allow me to run more 32-bit applications than on Vista? I would like to take advantage of the extra RAM on my system, but not at the expense of applications not having full functionality.

I welcome any insights anyone can offer before I do the OS installation.


A:64-bit vs. 32-bit compatibility

Hmm... Logicaly if its having problems running on the 64bit before then you might have problems running on the 64bit version of Win 7.

But Win 7 does have backward compatibility and should not have any problems running 32bit applications. No guaranties though with 3rd party software and that it may still cause problems but idealy you should not
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Trying to buy a new hdd for my dads basic setup.
The motherboards an Asus k8v vm, which has 2 sata ports.
The powersupply doesn't have a sata power lead, but i do have a normal 4pin to the sata power adaptor.
The current drive is a dying IDE, but if a buy a sata II drive, which seem to be the only ones avaliable, will it be backwards compatible with the sata 1 port and using the 4pin to sata adaptor?


A:HDD compatibility

You can buy IDE
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Two questions:
Will my AM2 processor fit into an AM2+ motherboard?
Will my AM2 heatsink and fan fit onto an AM2+ motherboard?

A:AM2 / AM2+ Compatibility

Yes & yes, however you won't benefit from HT 3.0 with your AM2 processor.
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I have W10 on my laptop and the graphic cards are being shown as incompatible and am currently using Windows VGA mode. I have dual card one for battery and one for elec plug in Radeon HD 4xxx series and HD 5xxx series respectively.
Does anyone have a line on when patches/upgrades will be forthcoming? I have friends with Nvidia cards that have the same compatibility issue.
Tags: win10, radeon hd, ringtones download, mobiles game

A:W10 & GFX Compatibility

Hello, and Welcome
Did you update to the latest AMD drivers?
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HelloI have dell optiplex 775 and can i put to the dual channel  Kingston KTD-DM8400A/1G Kingston KTD-DM8400B/1G together ? One is i think 533mhz and second 667mhz 

A:Ram compatibility

KTD-DM8400A/1G means Dimension 8400 ram aka PC4200 AKA not working EVER in an optiplex 755 because its TOO SLOW.
Mixing speed and density and ranks is not allowed.
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Is there a way I can run a program in x32 bit mode or something?

Reason being is I need to extract the ROM from my TI-83+ calculator, and I cant do that because it says I need a x32 bit OS.

A:x32 compatibility?

Does it involve installing a device driver? If so then maybe not.

Though have you tried running in any of the cmpatibility modes? THose might fake the program out enough that it'll stop balking at finding a 64bit OS. But then if your installing a device driver you could be taking a chance on causing a problem. A lot of people install older drives and they ususaly work ok but then a lot of them fail causing all sorts of boot/bsod troubles.
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Does anyone know of any AGP conflicts between versions or specific cards?

I am having trouble with a machine I am building. I get no video and get a beep pattern of 1-4-3-3, which is not defined by the manual.

I am attempting to use a Voodoo3 1000 that I pulled from a Compaq Presario 5852 with an Intel SE440BX-2 mobo. The mobo was brand new.

I am hoping that it is not a bad mobo or vid card. I tried reseating the card about half a dozen times.

A:AGP compatibility

You are going to need another video card to test it or another system you can put that card in. Double check all of your jumpers and switches if any. You might want to look at you clear cmos jumper to make sure it is in the proper position. If you have some extra memory or more than one stick you might want to reduce it to just one stick or try some new memory.
Good luck!
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HI there guys!

I have a question before purchasing some ram. I would like to know if the following RAM will be able to run on my Asus M4a79XTD Evo :

I know the ram is i7 optimized but is it possible to run the ram on my mobo at the rated speeds?
Also is it possible to run the triple channel memory on a Dual channel motherboard?
I hope to hear from an expert soon.
Thank you.

A:RAM compatibility

For a dual channel system I would recommend two or four DIMMS. Those will work with the motherboard you have but it's not optimal.
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I have no choice but to try and load a program onto my Windows machine that only has WinXP compatibility well not -bit Windows anyway It is Samsung PC Studio for what that is worth So my plan is to load it in XP compatible mode The thing XP Win compatibility is there sem to be parts to the program is the program as such and the nd part is the usb drivers I understand the procedure is to find the application file go to the compatibility tab and select WinXP So my question is how do I know which are the right applications to change in this way When I go into the folders there are quite a lot different ones Is it really as painstaking as it seems I don't think when I just load the CD I am given an option to load in XP mode and when I click on the CD itself there doesn't seem to be an option to Win XP compatibility change all of the contained applications to XP compatible Again I think I may be able to run the whole Win operating system as WinXP but this seems like overkill

A:Win XP compatibility

search for file name setup in the cd or something like and change to compatibility mode
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I'm making a new computer with mostly new parts and some old. Will a motherboard that has a DDR2 1200Mhz Standard still run 4GB (2 x 2) 1066Mhz Ram?


A:Ram Compatibility

Which motherboard are you referring to? The asus mentioned in your sig?
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium and my computer is 64bit. I have a CD to install Mavis Beacon Typing tutorial. I used to use it on my old computer. But now I thought I would brush up on my typing so I tried to install it. However, a message popped up telling me that it is not compatible with 64bit. Isn't there some feature in Windows 7 where I can make it compatible?


there is a compatibility mode alright but that, as far as i know, is just for installing a programe that is not compatible with windows 7, or if you think a program or app will run better on an older version, for example xp or 2000

im sure there is a way around it tho, im just not 100 cement
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In the bios the fsb of current ram shows 333 MHz. I want to upgrade to 512 mb and the another 256 mb ram that i m looking for has 400 MHZ. Will the difference in MHz of the two affect the overall performance?

A:Compatibility of ram

it wil automaitly downclock to 333mhz but its not recomded to mix and match different ram speeds
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I cannot fugre out how to tell if these are compatible. I have to replace my motherboard so have decided to upgrade to a dual core processor. The motherboard I picked because it has an AGP slot so I can still use the current video card. If these don't fit together, it would be easier to decide on a different CPU than a MB.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Manchester 2.4GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - Retail
ASRock 939Dual-VSTA Socket 939 ULi M1695 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

I would really appreciate some advice. I want to spend as little as possible so if you have better choices let me know.

What I have to have is SATA, mem cap 4 gb (DDR 440), at least 6 channel audio, and at least 1 AGP slot.


A:MB/CPU compatibility

Both are socket 939, and the motherboard supports dual core processors, so you're good to go.

One question though, why are you building a new dual-core rig with an AGP slot???

(BTW - you specify 'at least one AGP slot' when there have never been any boards made ever with more than one. Dual-card setups are only available in PCI-Express)

AGP is dwindling since PCI-E came out, and pretty soon, will be extinct. I'd suggest finding a motherboard with a PCI-E slot instead.

EDIT - - - Never mind, I see that you want to keep your existing Vid card. However, if you can scrape it together, you'd be WAY better off to upgrade your video card too, and go PCI-Express. Otherwise, your whole system will be out of date very quickly.
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Hi guys,
I repost here my question since I mistake my first time

my PC is going slower and slower and I try to fix it with combofix
but it wanning me I can run combo in compatibility mode. How to exit
from this state?
Thanks all


ComboFix is a malware tool, which is beyond the scope of this particular forum...since we do not address malware issues here.
Please read ComboFix usage, Questions, Help - Look here - for info on ComboFix questions.
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does anyone know if the wordpro app in lotus smartsuite '97 runs in compatibility mode? just for wordpro, not the others (1-2-3, approach, etc)

im using win98 right now and would like to know before i upgrade to XP
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Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz - 8GB RAM -  1TB HDD - Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit - WiFi - DVD/CD-RW is it compatible with  EVGA GeForce GT 610 2048MB GDDR3, DVI, VGA and HDMI Graphics Card 02G-P3-2619-KR


Ritsune, welcome to the forum. While this is a Hewlett Packard (HP) help forum, you gave enough of the specs for me to be able to find your Dell online.  From what I can see, I believe that the video card should be compatible.  The GT 610 series of video cards doesn't require UEFI in the motherboards instead of a standard BIOS. I am pleased that you trusted this Forum enough to post on it.  If I can be so bold as to make a suggestion, the next time that you buy a new computer, I would like to suggest that you consider HP.  You evidently have come to know how good the support is for their computers or you wouldn't be here. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hey, I built my own computer in January with two 1gb sticks of 240-pin DDR2 1200 RAM. I managed to get them fairly cheap, and found out that they're actually just pre-overclocked to 1200. I've been wanting to upgrade, but haven't been able to find any DDR2 1200 single sticks for anywhere near as low as the price I found my original RAM at 10 months ago. My question is this: Will buying worse RAM (like DDR2 800) significantly help my computer, or will the DDR2 1200 throttle down and be less effective? I have two more RAM slots, and am unsure if I should buy like 2x2GB of DDR2 800, or 2x1gb of DDR2 1200.

Thoguhts? Suggestions?

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I have this motherboard and planned to order this SSD. - GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 LGA 1156 Intel P55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel 510 Series (Elm Crest) SSDSC2MH120A2K5 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) The motherboard states sata II 3GBs. sockets but the SSD is listed as sata III will the two be compatible? If so, would it be worth upgrading later to a motherboard with sata III sockets or would the gains (if any) be worth the expense of a new motherboard? Thanks!

A:SSD and MB. Compatibility?

After reading the post above I assume the SSD should work plugged into a sata II socket on my motherboard. If there's much of a performance gain with a sata III motherboard, I'll get one later when funds allow.
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I want to make a computer, sadly not right now, but some time soon. So i was wondering if there is a web sit or a way to see which hardware will work, so that way i don't buy to pieces of hardware that are not compatible.


Go to an on-line retailer and post links to your wish list here.
You will then get plenty of advice on whether they will work together before you buy
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My motherboard said its standard for memory is ddr2 1200 but the ram I have is ddr2 800. Will the ram I have still work with my mobo?

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is mcafee virusscan plus 2007 is compatible with vista?


check here. scroll down to System Requirements
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I have my hp scanjet 3300c working with XP. My problem is when I try to send a scan to Adobe photoshop album 2.0. I can send it to the other destinations like e-mail or Adobe photodeluxe home edition 3.1. It won't show 2.0 as being an option.
Any ideas??



have you tried from Adobe photoshop album 2.0 getting from scanner
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Will a HP Pavilion 11 x360 PC with Windows 8.1 64 bit be able to use a graphics pen with Photoshop CS3?  (For masking and painting...pressure sensitivity is nor needed)
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Hello Just wanted to verify this with people who know what they CPU compatibility AMD re doing My friend has an old socket A Gigabyte VM M-RZ motherboard with a Sempron GHz processor He needs an upgrade pretty badly His PC runs alright but he s the kind of guy AMD CPU compatibility that doesnt want to play more than Battlefield Vietnamt not much more He s got Doom on it but it barely runs The Sempron is sort of a slow processor though after all it was intended for office use Anyways I wanted to use this processor with his desktop motherboard I ve been reading online that you can use Athlon XP-M cpus in a desktop motherboard Is this correct Definitely wouldnt want him to buy a processor from ebay to have it not work in his system From what I ve been reading they re nice for overclocking because there s not as many locks for power saving on laptops AMD CPU compatibility Is this true Thanks for the help nbsp
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Im looking into getting a new graphics card

I have the dell inspiron 580s and i wanted to know if the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 will fit and work with the computer


No the power supply is to small.
Only 300 watt.
Inspiron 580 Desktop Details | Dell
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I've been looking to get an ASUS P5LD-2 Motherboard that has a lot of nice features. I shopped around for CPU's of the Intel Core 2 Duo type and the best one I found for the price was an Intel Core 2 Duo Conroe E6750 2.66GHz.

There's one thing though that I want to find out if this will be a problem or not. The motherboard in question has a FSB of 1066/800 mhz, while the CPU is a 1333 mhz FSB

Will this make the CPU and motherboard incompatible?


A:FSB compatibility?

NYCaribou said:

Will this make the CPU and motherboard incompatible?Click to expand...

Typically, no. It just means the CPU will only function as fast as the motherboard will let it. This will reduce the processing speed of the processor, but it will still function in the board. Same thing goes with motherboards. You can stick a slower FSB processor in a motherboard, and the board will auto detect the speed, and run at that speed.

Generally speaking though, you should always try to match the FSB speeds to make sure that you're getting the performance that's been designed by the MFG.
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on the specification part of a certin motherbord, ive read a description that says

"DDR3 1600 with Intel? Ivy Bridge CPU, DDR3 1333 with Intel? Sandy Bridge CPU."

does this mean that if my processor is ivy, (i3 3210) then the only compatibility memory that i can use is ddr3 1600mhz? would 1333mhz work on this specific processor?

ASRock > H61M-VS3

A:Compatibility of RAM and CPU

Hi rapstarrr91.

I can say with 100% confidence that 1333MHz Ram will work fine on that motherboard and with that CPU.

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PC Anywhere 10.5 seems to have issues connecting to machines running previous versions of PC Anywhere such as 9.2.

Is there any way around this problem??

A:PC Anywhere 10.5 Compatibility


Take a look at these:

Compatibility between the current versions of pcAnywhere

Because of these differences in versions, Symantec Technical Support does not recommend using mixed versions of pcAnywhere on a regular basis. Symantec Technical Support will not provide support for mixed versions of any software product other than the currently supported versions of pcAnywhereClick to expand...
and then this is linked in the first site:

pcAnywhere and operating system compatibility
Does that shed any light?


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I'm playing a Japanese-Only game, and I've been trying to get the Microsoft IME to work so that I can type in Japanese characters. I can use it to write Japanese in word and in my web browser, but I can only type English in the game. Is there a way I can make the IME compatible with the game, or do I have to get a Japanese keyboard?
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I just got done ordering 4GB of ram for my Dell Dimension E310. Now I found the video card I want to get and I was wondering if it will be compatible with my computer.

On a side note I may be getting this for a monitor, its beautiful and I LOVE all the inputs. M237WD-PM


Yes, that card will work, but you might as well get a 512 mb one. 1 gb vs 512 mb will show pretty much no performance difference in a low end card such as that. Maybe something like this?

Saves 30$, and there's another 10$ rebate.
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Hi - I am due to visit USA in the next couple of weeks and have heard that my visit will coincide with release of the new Play Station Portable (PSP) gaming device on 24th March

If I purchase one in the states aside from having to use a charging adaptor, would there be any compatibility issues when bringing it back to the UK. I understand the games that are being released will be region free so there are no problems there.


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Just need to know if this video card:

Will be compatible with this motherboard:
Gateway RS780 motherboard

Thanks for your time


it is a pcie motherboard, and the card is a pcie vga, but you might want to make sure it will fit in whatever case you have. some of those oem cases are pretty tight, and thats a long card.
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My one RAM chip just stop functioning (some RAM parity error?). Now i have only 1 GB RAM(ddr2 pc2 6400/5300) in one slot and another slot is empty. I wanted to know if i could install another RAM chip in this slot (of probably higher MHz frequency or of ddr3 type) while maintaining compatibility with the existing one.

A:RAM Compatibility

Possibly, though the faster one will drop down to the speed of the slower one.

RAM is cheap right now - why not replace both?
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I just bought ram for my windows xp at a really good price and I'm preety sure it will work since my compute asks for DDR2 PC2-5300, DDR2 PC2-4200 and the 2GB kit is DDR2 PC2-5300. The part im not sure about is that the ram i bought supports 667/533/400MHz bus speed and my computer has 800MHz bus speed. Will the ram i bought still be compatible or does the slower and faster bus speed not mix well?

A:Ram compatibility

im fairly certain that it will be fine but if you could post a link to the specs of the ram AND the motherboard you have i could verify it.
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Hi I was looking at adding ram into my computer. I was just wondering if I have to use the exact same ram or can I use different brands?
I know already that they should be the same mhz.
What else should I be aware of?

A:Ram compatibility

You really want your ram to match. Not only speed and frequency, but they should ideally be the exact same model. You can mix speeds, and they will work at the lowest speed. But if you are looking to add more, get the same as what you have already. if you are looking to upgrade, prices are generally good enough to just replace what you have with matched dimms. A Guy