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Recommend BIOS update?

Q: Recommend BIOS update?

I hope this hasn t been asked already I searched for similar questions but there are a vast number of topics already posted that I don t think I even scratched the surface This is the second time I ve recieved a notification update? Recommend BIOS from Dell Support Center with the recommendation to update my BIOS I didn t do it the first time because I had no idea what I was doing and Recommend BIOS update? knew that messing with your BIOS could cause some serious problems This time I figure I will ask the experts first This is the message I am getting quot BIOS UPDATE AVAILABLE There is a critical new BIOS update available This critical BIOS update will fix problems or add features to the computer Recommend BIOS update? s BIOS It is strongly recommended to update to this latest BIOS quot Short sweet and to the point My question is whether or not it seems like a good idea to go ahead and do the update Recommend BIOS update? In regards to BIOS updates I ve been told quot if it ain t broke don t fix it quot but if the update will speed things up or have some benefit I m interested Also if it does seem like a good thing to do how do I go about it so I don t end up with a paper weight Thanks for the help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Recommend BIOS update?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recommend BIOS update?

I would agree with your final comment, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". But, on the other hand if Dell are pushing this recommendation then it may have some benefits, just make certain it is coming from Dell and not some bogus site. Go to the official Dell support site and look up your PC's drivers, it will show you in there what the latest version the Bios is, just check it against what you have. Go into Bios at boot and it will be written at the top of the screen.
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Hello to the BleepingComputer community First of all I m sorry I haven t finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide It s because these steps require a reboot e g Step Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation I m not sure if I have a type of malware dozen threat of - by folders, Unknown BIOS.sys - BS_Flash.sys, "Bios m... BIOS AVG a and virus/rootkit? Update\Award" which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process - If BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m... there is a good way to find out what is the problem and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present without rebooting shutting down this PC or at least without booting from this hard drive which I feel is probably infected then please tell me what should I do - If you know a place forum where I can get a specialized help for this seemingly BIOS-malware related situation please tell me where I could go - If there is no way to move forward I ll go ahead and risk the reboot and follow the other steps steps to in the Preparation Guide no problem I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me and the things I have tried so far The PC is AMD Athlon X Dual Core BE- GHz Motherboard Biostar TA G AM with AWARD BIOS GB RAM GB SATA HDD and an ASUS EAH card added a few years ago It s with WinXP SP AVG Free standard Windows Firewall and it s behind a router I can t recall exactly but I think on - - evening I ve left this PC with at least one account logged-in with many programs running online locked fast user switching screen and then found the em class 'bbc' PC non-responsive em in the morning so I had to power off it - it was frozen What I remember well is - on - - when I ve turned on this PC for the first time and logged-in with my account member of Administrators group While it was still finishing loading the taskbar icons etc I hit Win L fast user switching is enabled and logged-in to another account member of Users group Right then a bunch of previously unseen quot AVG Identity protection - threat detected quot messages started to appear C Windows system drivers - atkkbnt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then another message showed up C Windows system drivers - amdtools sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - bufadpt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Program Files BIOS Update BIOS Update Award - BS Flash sys threat name Unknown I doubt I have ever seen this folder before on this PC I clicked quot move to vault quot C Games ad binaries system aken sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BIOS sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BS I cIo sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - IOMap sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - ati sgag exe threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - EIO XP sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then AVG asked to reboot to finish the removal I ve let it to go rebooting but I ve paused the BIOS post screen and switched the PC off so I could research about what should I do next I was suspecting that booting process could infect the BIOS and or MBR After researching online with the keywords from these messages I was still puzzled While searching about if rebooting is risky if you suspect having a BIOS virus especially AWARD BIOS virus I ve even found out that it s possible to infect multiple PCs BIOSes... Read more

A:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...
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My Samsung series laptop has been sending out popup messages telling me I need a bios update I go to the Samsung software update site and this bios update has been software Bios Samsung update bios,update for fails failing I have made several calls and chats to techs at Samsung who tell me to do what I have already done they tell to ask for tier tech who can go in my computer and fix Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails it When I finally got a tier tech they told me the same thing I told him what I had been told about him and what he could do He said is it working I said yes but settings on computer change on their own like wifi turns itself on and that concerns me Anyway Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails He said that it didn t need a bios update even the Samsung website said this computer needed a bios update I posted this on hardware firmware concerns and they told me to post here I was going to go to a site that had a download that checked drivers I was told to stay away from this Thanks Jim

A:Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails

Are you getting a direct link from the notification update? Can you post the link/site next time?
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For those running tight on HD freespace

Use the command line Cleanmgr to free up tempfiles from your sessions.
Also run it from an admin account OR runas /user:administrator cleanmgr to free wasted system temps
Consider installing KB2852386: This update adds a new plugin to the Disk Cleanup wizard. After you install this update, you can use the Windows Update Cleanup option to delete Windows updates that you no longer need.
I just installed this KB and it freed 4.8GB of obsolete update files.

Cleanup Wizard KB
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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?
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Hello everyone I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn t find any kind of solution update BIOS B590 failure! Lenovo BIOS FLASH! Black... for my problem Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system which also previously was Windows Ultimate x The installation went as usual and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site for my product When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i ve needed i Lenovo B590 BIOS update failure! BIOS FLASH! Black... stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop by the producer So i proceeded to install the upgrade restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing things that i did not understand at the time i have never encountered anything like that After that my screen turned black I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter When trying to boot it all up again the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else After doing a little bit of research it appears that somehowm i ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something and nothing else would work at this point I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back tryed resetting the bios by taking out the battery but nothing would work I would be really thankful if anyone would be kind enough to point me one way or another as i do not know what to do at all nbsp Around the webz i found some way of creating a bootable usb flash drive where i would put a compatible version of BIOS from the site and then install it onto the laptop but i do not quite know how to do that properly either as the software they are pointing me to wincrisis is not working by any means
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Dear all nbsp Since the beginning I got troubles with charging - plugged in not charging The easiest solution was just remove the battery but not for HP Omen I removed battery and destroyed the rubber on the bottom nbsp I had to open the laptop because one morning I got the massegae that my laptop is overheated and fan does not work properly Both fans works only during the lounch when windows works only one fan was in operations second one never starts again Looking for the solution in the internet I have found that this can be because of BIOS is not updated nbsp update vers... works Fan like helicopter-BIOS BIOS is a blocked I pushed F checked the the system everything is fine and then I installed only one version Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers... which I have found there No massages regarding overheating any more both Fans are working full power and very very loud Temperature of processors is C In my room C nbsp nbsp I followed all instructions but got massege BIOS update is blocked I downloaded the most previous version again BIOS update is blocked Current version of bios is BIOS version F Sep nbsp Can it be solved somehow nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers...

@YuraL? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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I have a old Tecra 9100 with years of good service, and this is my first problem, but is a great one, after a forced reboot the screen shows a BIOS block 1 damaged message. I have tried to repair the BIOS upgrading to the last version I have found, the 1.6 one, but its a Windows version (to upgrade from a running Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a FDD and upgrade BIOS, I cant, beacuse a Toshiba common modules message.

Its there any BIOS diskette image-archive I can dowload to perform the BIOS upgrade in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and how to update BIOS?


All you can find is stuff on Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can obtain all this for you. Make a call and ask for help. I am pretty sure they will help you to solve this BIOS issue.
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Hello all, this is my first time posting here so please forgive any mistakes/oversights. I've just updated my Samsung laptop's system BIOS via their software update program, and my Nvidia GPU (GT 650m DDR3) no longer seems to work. The Nvidia control panel is still there, and it still gives me the option to select which programs use the GPU, but there is no GPU actitivity showing up. Also,I've tried playing Skyrim (which auto-detects the PC's graphics cards) , and the game no longer seems to detect the Nvidia GPU (just the Intel integrated graphics).

My laptop model is NP550PC7, with 6 gig of ram, and an i7 quad core CPU, and the OS is Window 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I've tried looking in the BIOS but I can't seem to find anything related to the GPU or display options. Any help or avice is much appreciated.

A:Problems with Nvidia gpu post BIOS system BIOS update.


Have you updated your GPU with the latest drivers?

Please navigate to:

Start> Control panel> Swith to icon view> device manager.
Look under "Display Adapters"

Is the Nvidia GPU listed there? If so are there any yellow symbols etc?


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I have a five-month old HP Compaq Presario Laptop, which has been working fairly decently (I've had a few virus scares, and my Norton quarrentined something a twenty days ago). On HP's advice, I just updated the BIOS on my laptop. It's currently stuck at Verifying New Bios Image, and it's at 100% - It's been stuck that way for a half-hour plus. Any advice? What should I do?

A:HP BIOS Update Stuck at "Verifying New Bios Image 100%"

You have no choice but to force a reboot and keep your fingers crossed.
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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If you would like to show you appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below. I am glad that you joined in!  Have a great day!
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HP software said there was a bios update and it ran through this one screen said it recommended backing up the bios in case of corruption and it created a partition. Computer will now not boot and as its new I dont have a recovery disk. How is it that an automatic HP update can kill the computer. Anyone know if removing the partition will solve it or if /i have likely lost everything on the C drive. Any help appreciated thanks
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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS Had small MOBO usb prob and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something Wasn t too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong Anyway tried updating BIOS then system would not boot so the Backup BIOS didn t kick in btw the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K N Pro So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the problem - xp now freezes tried bios to - BIOS boots but update main bios OK now computer would boot but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes but always froze up Boots OK to safe mode even to the point of getting online so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios Same result Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode because XP wrongly states that this can be undone didn t find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo My tech support ABS Computer they rule thinks that the BIOS is now fine that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well I ll buy that anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install Is a repair install worth BIOS problem - tried to update bios - now xp boots but freezes a shot Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist bookmarks etc back thanks - I will now write the following times LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE even with Dual BIOS nbsp
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i have a computer i got from my aunt, when the computer starts up, at the top of the screen it says award modular BIOS v4.51PG

at the bottom it says: 08/21/1998-ALADDIN5-2A5KKB0DC-00

i want to know if there is an update for the bios, because i want to use a Maxtor 80GB hard drive.

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Hi, I saw the new BIOS version 1.25 dated ?14?.?09?.?2016 appearing on Lenovos support site. I did not check the version I was having on my system before downloading the "new BIOS", so I started the installer and the tool told me I already have this BIOS version. msinfo32.exe tells me I am having BIOS 1.25 dated 13.07.2016. So apparently the BIOS was released already some time ago and I already flashed it to 1.25. So whats the point of re-releasing the 1.25? If there are any changes of todays version compared to the 1.25 released some time ago, is it worth flashing? If yes, how can I do this if the tool tells me I am already having the latest version and it does not let me override my BIOS? Thanks and best regards,Martin
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I have a Lenonvo H50-55 desktop with an AMD A10-7800 APU (3.5GHz), 12GB RAM, 2 HDD's, and an Nvidia GTX 750 video card, running Windows10 Home x64. My current BIOS  version is IRKT54AUS, and the latest available version on Lenovo's update page for my machine is IRKT57AUS. When I try to flash my BIOS from the downloaded update file, I get the error message in the subject. I am starting everything with Admin privileges, but that makes no difference. If it's a Lenovo machine with stock BIOS, why am I getting an "unknown vendor" message? Inquiring minds want to know  TIA!
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a friend gave me his HP DV6500 Notebook to fix it. He said it made an update and then for hours nothing happened. He shut it and started again.

I could see that it tried to recover 2 times. The second time it was successful but it somehow resetted or returned the Vista to a fresh install!!! His data was locked in a previous User account, I backed it up on a usb-stick with a linux live cd.

I can't make a reinstall because now a bluescreen always appears even when I boot from Vista DVD.

ntoskrnl.exe corrupt when try to boot vista in the normal way.
How can I fix that without being able to use the repair option of the DVD?
Sorry, the title of the thread is wrong. I figured out already that the BIOS version is for an Intel. So everything is ok with the BIOS actually.

A:Solved: HP DV6500 Notebook wrong BIOS update by HP update function?

Ok, I could fix it after following instructions from this page:

The Txf-log had to be removed and afterwards I was able to use the repair function of the Vista DVD again.
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Hi Guys I have a REAL newbie question I ve tried reading a bunch of tutorials but they re a little over my head I think my question is pretty basic but Motherboard BIOS Drivers INCLUDES Update and Windows on M2A-VM? Update after Windows Update INCLUDES Motherboard Drivers and BIOS Update on M2A-VM? a couple hours research hopefully someone here would be kind enough to help I have an M A-VM motherboard and my system keeps freezing up no input from keyboard or mouse no ctl-alt-del nothing It freezes intermittently but never goes more than hours without freezing sometimes freezes in a few seconds with minutes being the average time it works before freezing Seems to freeze more often immediately when I m using the mouse than any other time but it will freeze on it s own just idling if you give it enough time I ve read a few things including updating bios and downloading the latest motherboard drivers My problem starts when I go to download the mobo drivers from this page ASUSTeK Computer Inc -Support- It lists driver updates there for my motherboard files found Qualified Vendor List BIOS BIOS History BIOS-Utilities Chipset AUDIO LAN Utilities Manual And apparently I m missing these Windows Updates Q - Important Q - Important Q - Critical Q - Important Q - Important Q - Moderate Question Do I download all Surely my machine can t need updates How do I know which ones to download and install Question Will a windows update select the appropriate motherboard drivers from this list or is that unrelated Question Will a windows update automatically select these particular updates for me or do I need to do anything manually to get them Question How do I update BIOS Which to choose there are listed above Is this something a professional should do or is it simple enough for a guy like me If anyone takes mercy on me and responds I ll be eternally grateful and I ll promise to help a lost soul in the future as repayment I ll take any help I can get Here are my specs Processor gigahertz AMD Athlon X Dual Core kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache -bit ready Multi-core total Not hyper-threaded Board ASUSTeK Computer INC M A-VM XX BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD ASUS M A-VM ACPI BIOS Revision Chipset Support AMD Socket AM Athlon Athlon FX Athlon X Sempron RAM Megabytes Usable Installed Memory OS Windows Professional build Thanks guys

A:Windows Update INCLUDES Motherboard Drivers and BIOS Update on M2A-VM?

I have the same board on another pc.

You only need to download and install only that which would make your setup current.

You really only need to update the bios if you will be moving up to a newer processor that is not currently supported by the current bios or if the newer bios fixes a known problem.

You need the latest motherboard chipset driver. (I would install this first if you haven't already)

You need the latest LAN driver.

The audio driver you can either download from Asus or from RealTek.
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I have on failed a... update Update System ThinkVantage bios or had a laptop purchased months ago therefore under warranty Yesterday the ThinkVantage System Update recommended a BIOS update After the traditional recommendations about what ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... should not shut down the computer the laptop is reset and started with the update During execution displayed on a screen command a message ERROR XXXX Press any key to continue ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... After press the key the laptop was freezedy was completely blocked After an hour without seeing response and no sign of life I decided to turn it off to confirm the disaster The laptop was dead The laptop began to beep and would not start Before the panic generated by the situation I searched the forums where I found several cases that refer to the same ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... problem and the insinuation that makes LENOVO about the customer's responsibility to avoid recognizing the warranty I was not looking for a BIOS update it was recommended by ThinkVantage System Update the software executed it and damage the equipment Besides being a damage caused by the ThinkVantage System Update the situation gets worse when the answer given by support insinuates that the customer turn off the computer so it is a CID Customer Induced Damage and therefore the guarantee does not cover it I do not understand how LENOVO may imply that the responsibility of the customer Really disastrous In conclusion if you are not needing to make a BIOS update it is preferable to omit the BIOS update messages given to ThinkVantage System Update unless it is willing to buy of your own money a new laptop
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I have a HP 2000 Notebook PC that goes in a continue loop with a black screen.  The operating system does not load.  The fan works and the led power light is operational.  A current system check reveals the last bios update being F.20 and UEFI update being  I downloaded the most current BIOS on  an USB drive and attempted the BIOS update.  The BIOS upgrade did not recognize the usb drive and I was unable to load the update.  I downloaded the most current UEFI firmware and want to know how to upload it.  Can anyone provide some assistance?  Thank you and have a great day.
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Trying to download these updates. Have left computer on for hours to allow them to complete. It never does. Now I read in another post don't update for updating's sake. If that is the case, how can i tell the HP Support assistant (down in the right hand corner) to ignore these?
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once the update started it rained go maybe 15 seconds and just shut my computer off entertainment a bloatware screen say that the software ran in to an error and it would restart itself. I let the computer along for over an hour and finally restarted the system muse us in the power button.  once I went to restart the system I only got a blackberry screen my computer is out of warranty and your dell bios update killed my motherboard I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.  If I gave some on software I wrote and they installed it and it had no warning it would fry the I computer thatbwould be data to someone's personal property... DELL is this how you value your customers?
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once the update started it rained go maybe 15 seconds and just shut my computer off entertainment a bloatware screen say that the software ran in to an error and it would restart itself. I let the computer along for over an hour and finally restarted the system muse us in the power button.  once I went to restart the system I only got a blackberry screen my computer is out of warranty and your dell bios update killed my motherboard I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.  If I gave some on software I wrote and they installed it and it had no warning it would fry the I computer thatbwould be data to someone's personal property... DELL is this how you value your customers?

A:got the windows 10 free upgrade and used the dell diagnostics tool to upgrade driver and bios everything worked fine until the update of the bios!!!!

I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.

Dell just saying it's a "possibility" the motherboard might need to be replace. No one can tell you that motherboard is definite "Fried" without first looking at the system.
What is the system model number and version of windows before upgrading to windows 10? Example: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
You're able to boot into BIOS(F2 key) and diagnostic (F12 key) ?
1. Power off computer
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping F2 key ( BIOS) or F12 key( BIOS) continuously
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When I open setup,it shows: have acer aspire v3-571G  Windows 8.1 Pro
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How do I reset the BIOS or update the BIOS and how can I make the USB drive boot in boot menu? I have been contacting Microsoft multiple times and they need this info to fix my problem.
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Now I don't want to shut down or restart my computer because I fear it won't boot up. This is awful. Is there anything I can do to restore my BIOS whilst my computer still works?

A:Just used @BIOS to update my BIOS, it failed at 50%

Argh is there ANYTHING I can do? I'm going to have to leave my computer on permanently otherwise.
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Model: HP EliteBook 2560pOriginal OS: Windows 7Current OS: Windows 7 64 bit Problem:I tried to update the BIOS using this file: Jun 2016Version F.62 Rev.A After performing BIOS update with sp76188.exe (7.7 MB) the system won't boot. No power problems occurred during the procedure. I have tried creating recovery USB Key, power up pressing Win+b, but the only effect is Caps Lock blinking and CPU fan working. Solutions for Phoenix BIOS won't work, because it isn't Phoenix BIOS, am I right? Do you have any ideas how to fix this? Best regards,macio232 

A:BIOS corruption after BIOS update

Hello, please use the link below to download the link for latest drivers Please be advised there may be chances you will loose complete data while bios recovery  please download the bios file on empty USB Stick and create USB recovery by running that file from the USB drive then follow the instructions as below: with the USB recovery media inserted on the unit  Turn off the computer.Plug the notebook into a power source using the power adapter.Press and hold the Windows key and the B key at the same time while the computer is off.Still pressing the Windows and B keys, press and hold down the Powerbutton on the notebook for 1 second, and then release the Powerbutton and the keys.  

I'm an HP Employee.The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP.Click on Thumbs up if my post helped you.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking an answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.Regards,Vijay
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Hi,I have this note book since 2013 it was running windows 8.0  I try to upgrade it to woindows 8.1 with no success. And I saw someone from the forum says if revert BIOS back to old version 01.05 will do. I tried it didn't help. Then I try again to update the bios to newest ver 01.31 .Now the computer take ages to boot up. "One drive shows script err" and can't even go to Store to down load it say "Your PC isn't connect to internet..."  but my internet access and all the program is working just slow.Now what can I do? Go back to old Bios version? How? or you have any suggestion to upgrade to windows 8.1 or windows 10?Any help would be much appreciated. Stanley
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hi, i have been hitting my head for long to get the answer of this question... and got no sophisticated answer in my google search, hopefully u guys could help me out..

well, they ask for BIOS UPDATE, gather your bios version n brand name, go for appropriate site nd have update..?
but the question that arise in my mind..(being tech student and encounter this bootstrap loader numerous times) is
BIOS IS A "ROM" CHIP, and so we must only be able to read from it..
then how is it possible to write on it and update the BIOS and more over, in my college books i find.. if u want to update your bios then u have to change your entire chip or sometime even motherboard

hopefully i will find sufficient answer.. thanx for anyhelp

Relevancy 43.43%

I bought this HP Probook G and it has just run out of warranty which I intend to renew very soon nbsp I don't like or so I spent more than I wanted to and I bought a new Windows lappy that is a business laptop nbsp I always do the recommended updates that I receive by E mail but one I never do which is the Bios update nbsp The last time I did a Bios update on this lappy it wouldn't fire up afterwards Rang tech help and after going through some troubleshooting it went back for repair It came back working and luckliy i didn't have many pictures on it Started from scratch and haven't had a problem since nbsp I am now scared to do the Bios update nbsp And nbsp Beofre I bought this laptop I bought a Windows from HP direct Hardly use it but update virus protection to Scared G3. Probook update. update. 455 bios as necassary and last week there was a Bios update to perform I also took out another years warranty on it nbsp Same think happened Last week in fact nbsp Wouldn't fire up afterwards Again Tech help tried to help but in the end after frequent crashes it went in for repair on Friday Good job I took out the extra warranty nbsp I am now down to laptop which I do not want to fail on me nbsp I don't seem to have much luck with the bios update. Probook 455 G3. Scared to update. Bios updates nbsp Advice please Is the Bios absolutely essential
Relevancy 42.14%

CPU fan failed and PC would not boot except to fan failure message Fan has been replaced but now no bios update update - option to constantly getting blue screen error BSOD which reads WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR and sometimes other errors Windows tries to boot into recovery but BSODs again and again nbsp What I've tried nbsp nbsp Reset BIOS to defaults DONE - same behavior after reset bios update - no option to update to nbsp BIOS defaults nbsp nbsp Tried booting from USB drives several using Linux recovery tools Kaspersky Ubuntu Live etc KERNEL PANIC etc nbsp nbsp Downloaded BIOS update from HP and created BIOS update USB Rebooted with USB key I turned off secure boot etc to allow USB booting - NOTHING I tried this both allowing BIOS to run untouched nbsp and by going into BIOS options pressing ESC boot up - no options anywhere bios update - no option to update to bios update - no option to update read update BIOS nbsp According to an HP Support doc I tried updating the BIOS from w in HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI The version on this PC is version nbsp I see no nbsp option to update UEFI Flash BIOS Options read as follows System Information System Tests Component Tests Test Logs Language Exit nbsp nbsp What do I try next please nbsp BIOS JA v CPU AMD A - RAM GB DDR single DIMM in slot nbsp nbsp nbsp NOTE System came w RAM in slot Doesn't POST if RAM DIMM is in slot Is this normal
Relevancy 42.14%

Hello, I have updated my HP Elite 8200 CMT from windows 7 to windows 10. In the HP driver download page, there is no BIOS update for windows 10. But I have noticed that there is BIOS update for Windows 7.  The question is, may I use it on Windows 10 ?  And in general, are BIOS updates OS dependant ? 

A:Bios update after update to Windows 10

Hi: You can pull the DOS based flash file folder out of the BIOS package, copy just the contents of the DOS flash folder to a USB flash drive formatted with the FAT file system. Plug the flash drive in a usb port, restart the PC, tap the ESC key to get the menu of options. Select the F10 System setup option to gain access to the BIOS. Select the File menu>Flash system ROM command.  Select the USB flash drive. The PC will see the files on the flash drive.  Follow the on screen prompts to update the BIOS. That way it makes no difference what operating system you are running. One very important note...I have read the installing the latest BIOS 2.29 causes issues with W10. There is a forum post regarding that... am running v2.28 on my HP 8200 Elite CMT, and have no issues at all on W10. I read that post and decided not to update the BIOS to v2.29.
Relevancy 42.14%

Hey guys I just bought a new PC for school and the HP Support Assistant program recommends an update to the BIOS Now I know the update is available but I also know that you typically should only update if their is a problem as updating BIOS is risky if not done properly Now since is a recommended update I have already attempted the update and it has failed twice I do not want to keep taking chances of messing up a brand new machine just for an update that may not even been necessary to begin with nbsp What I would like to know is what exactly does this update update: Should I update? recommended BIOS HP add fix on this machine I have already searched the Internet but have been unsuccessful in finding a description for this paticular update If someone could please take a look at the attached screenshot and let me know what this update is for I would be most appreciative At least then I could make an informed decision HP recommended BIOS update: Should I update? on wether or not I'm going to attempt HP recommended BIOS update: Should I update? this update again nbsp Thank you nbsp
Relevancy 41.71%

I have an Optiplex 9010 AIO. This morning I was trying to update the BIOS of my system, from A10 to A13. During the update process it showed an error: "ME FW Update Failed: Internal error: FWU_Buffer " - please see the photo below. Although the update failed on the Management Engine part, it still boots up and running OK. I tried couple of times to update the BIOS, and each time I got the same error. I tried to flash the A12 and A11 BIOS as well, A12 gives same error, and A11 has the same Management Engine version hence no use.
Any help on this is very much appreciated!

A:Optiplex 9010 AIO BIOS Update Error - ME FW Update Failed: Internal error: FWU_Buffer

Hi Stone3t,
Can you provide a screen shot showing the current BIOS version?
Relevancy 40.42%

I am trying to get my Bios or Update EZ-Bios? system to reconize my new gig IBM HDD It will show in the bios with incorrect cylinders heads ect but only after boot up After searching this site by the way is great I have come to realize that I either need to update my bios or attemp to use a quot overlay quot program It s all new to me but I have contacted Award Bios Update or EZ-Bios? Bios for an evaluation on wich update I need still waiting back from them I have been looking at EZ-Disc for from there site and it look like it could be a fix also My main question s are should I go with the update or EZ Does Award charge for the updates Is this actually a fix I did a Belarc Advisor profile and come up with this- System Model I m not sure what this means Bios Update or EZ-Bios? VIA Tech VT C BX Main Circ Board - -ITE BIOS- Award PG I m using Win SE w mghz Celeron Any insight would be appreciated thanks Jason nbsp

Relevancy 39.56%

hi this is naveen.i am new to tech spot .i have toshiba notebook A45-s150 .. my dvd writer is not i want to format my laptop...but there is no option to boot from USB in BIOS settings... all i need to know is how to update BIOS?

A:Bios update

How to flash/update your BIOS
Note: you can use floppy drive instead of cd
Relevancy 39.56%

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+, x64 Family 15 Model 75 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3007 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 132849 MB, Free - 93389 MB; F: Total - 10235 MB, Free - 4305 MB;
Motherboard: EPoX COMPUTER CO., LTD, MCP61S DDR2: AGF6110-M Series
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I am unable to locate any documentation that defines the changes that might have occurred to my BIOS. Can anyone tell me where I should be looking.

UPDATE: I have found a site, BIOS AgentPlus, that appears to have what I MAY NEED. Are they safe to use? and The date that they provide for the BIOS is the same as as that provided by speccy. Maybe I don't NEED to update.

A:Do I NEED to update my BIOS

If your computer's support site or its motherboard's support site doesn't have a BIOS update listed, then one isn't available.

Going BIOS update hunting through third-party apps or sites is a good way to wind up with a non-working computer.

Why are you wanting to update the BIOS?

A BIOS update isn't necessary unless it addresses or fixes a problem a computer is having.

Relevancy 39.56%

Hey I have an ASUS A7N8X-X MoBo and I was thinking of updating the BIOS, my questions are as following.

1. Is updating it dangerous, using the auto update feature? Cause I have a friend who updated his and fried the MoBo in the process.

2. Is it necesary?

3. Will it make Overclocking easier? Becase the BIOS setup I have now is not as nice as the one that came with my old Shuttle MoBo.

Anyway thanks,

Relevancy 39.56%

Hi all, I've carried out all of the updates in the 'HP Support Assistant' apart from one: HPConsumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4B) I've tried three or four times to update the above which seems to go through okay, however once my machine has restarted it states the same update is available in 'HP Support Assistant' so I can only presume it hasn't updated correctly. It's always listed in the 'Updates Available' section and won't go away even though it seems to have installed and restarted etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark Wain   

A:BIOS Update

Dear Customer,  Please try to update manaully from the below link:HP Consumer Desktop PC BIOS Update (ROM Family SSID 2B4B)Type: BIOSVersion: A0.38 Rev.A sp77850.exe (18.7 MB)   Fixes issue where the BIOS recovery function trigger via Win+b key will malfunction and cause the system to temporary display a black screen.- Adds FAN control support for the AMD RX480 and NVIDIA GTX-1080 graphics.- Improves security of UEFI code and variables. HP strongly recommends promptly transitioning to this updated BIOS version which supersedes all previous releases.** After this BIOS update has been installed, previous BIOS versions cannot be reinstalled.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
Relevancy 39.56%

Relevancy 39.56%

Hi, i am trying to update my BIOS. I went to insyde website (thats the bios manufactor) but then no longer provide the end user support downloads or whatever... and next then i went to acer (my system brand) and they have a few BIOS updates but i do not know which one to choose... any help... what should i do

A:bios update help

Hmmmm, me have same problem,have samsung,it's own program keeps trying to install an update, but it keeps failing, called the company several times with no luck.  Finally one guy said, don't worry about it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Relevancy 39.56%

I had recencently accidently pulled the plug on my desktop after which when booting system the fan comes on and stays on my original operating system was windows 7 but this was totally removed by a spiteful person then  I installed windows 8.1 and then upgraded to windows 10.  please help
Relevancy 39.56%

New laptop is currently running BIOS N81 V01.09  6/28/16.  Cannot find an option to downgrade USB3.0 ports to USB2.0. Cannot find settings to  change xHCI mode to allow using native Windows EHCI driver. Does BIOS update V01.11 Rev.A 9/12/16  enable these options? Is there another place to find these settings without a BIOS upgrade? Virtual PC Windows XP cannot connect to USB3.0 controller, need the use of the 2.0 ports for software dongle use.

A:BIOS Update

Tim_St Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Sorry, but if the ports are configured for USB 3.0 in hardware, there is no way to "downgrade" them to 2.0.
Relevancy 39.56%

How do I do a BIOS update on windows XP? Maybe my standby problem is BIOS related.

I went to the HP site and downloaded a update file for their mercury BIOS. But the instructions are for windows 98 & ME.

It says I have to create a boot disk but when I do, and boot from the floppy, it just starts up winXP like normal. Do I run the BIOS program in windows? I remember when I did this on my computer before, when I had win98, I was able to boot into DOS to do this. How do I do it now?

A:How To BIOS Update

Go into BIOS Setup and check your Boot Drive Sequence, make sure the Floppy is listed first. Because with Windows XP you still can boot with any OS you like, such as with a MD-DOS diskette or a WIndows 98 Startup diskette. Then you should be able to upgrade the BIOS.
Relevancy 39.56%

I have an Inspiron 3455 and downloaded a BIOS upgrade Here's the error. Any suggestions??

A:BIOS update

It's simply telling you that you already have the version you're trying to flash.
Relevancy 39.56%

My laptop is a circa 2008 Dell Vostro 1000 with Win 7 Home Premium.  Processor is an AMD Sempron 3600+; current BIOS version is Phoenix 2.6.3.  The Phoenix website says there is a BIOS update available, but I am referred to a 3rd party site where I have to pay $30 to get it.  That seems ridiculous to me, akin to having to pay for Windows updates.  Is there nowhere I can go to get this update without shelling out any money?  The Dell website is no help - says there aren't any updates.  I have replaced the original HD with a Crucial SSD and want to try AHCI, but the current BIOS version doesn't seem to support it.   

A:Pay for BIOS Update??

The Dell the only place that you should be looking for any updates relating to hardware components.
Why are you seeking a BIOS update?
Relevancy 39.56%

Downloaded HP Bios update. Turned off the computer when it was done. Now it won't turn on. The power button lights up every few seconds, there's a clicking sound and then it goes off again.
Relevancy 39.56%

Product Name: HP Pavilion Slimline s5650uk
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
i need a bios for h-ig41-uatx rev 1.1 by AMI. thanks. if you need more info please tell me.

A:Bios Update

Checked their web site and there are no BIOS Updates available.

HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support

That is a Foxconn motherboard and you may actually locate a BIOS Update for a generic Foxconn motherboard of that model " h-ig41-uatx ". be careful as HP may have added or customised the BIOS for their systems. Flashing with a generic BIOS could turn your computer into a paperweight.
Relevancy 39.56%

Can't I make an update of the BIOS on my HP Z1, the DOSFlash.exe program does not function with Windows 10 (64 bits)? how to proceed? Thank you for your assistance!!
Relevancy 39.56%

I have just purchased a 1gb. memory module for my GA-8SGXLS motherboard
from a reputable outlet :kingston 1gb pc2700 ddr 333-543ms-170-k. have installed it using antistatic strap ect. but my system has not recognised it although supplier comparitor says this is the one to fit. Also states that the Bios may require update, how do I do that. PC is siemens fujitsu scaleo 600
I am a little out of my depth now.............. Total ram permissable 3gb I have
now 1.512gb so well within limit.

please can you help.
Mike ............

A:Bios update.

this site says your pc uses ddr pc2100 266Mhz ram looks like you got the wrong type for your make and model. unless I am missing something....--messing with your BIOS is kinda risky and could render your pc useless if you mess up.

I must add that when searching for ram for the motherboard you quote does say to get what you bought.....

not sure why the search for the pc make and model turned up a different type of ram required......
Relevancy 39.56%

I am trying to update the bios on my computer but I am running into problems when booting from a usb flash drive. I get the error:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

I have been going about this process following instructions found here:

Solution for Updating the BIOS on Windows Vista x64 Machines (VistaJuice)

Thanks in advance for any help.


Well dark.axon,

I'm running Vista 64 also & didn't have a problem updating BIOS. See if they have a BIOS installation option that you can run from within Windows itself. They usually have about 3 to 4 different ways to update BIOS. What's your motherboard's maker & model #? I'll look it up & see if I can't find a BIOS option for you also that'll run inside Vista.

Relevancy 39.56%

I have downloaded the correct BIOS update from Lenovo. I have followed the instructions they provided but I cannot update the BIOS. I run the application "o1wjy27usa.exe" with Administrator privileges, but nothing happens. I get a folder on my drive "C:\SWTOOLS\FLASH\O1WJY27USA" with various different files inside, but that's all what happens. In the instructions it states that once I've run "o1wjy27usa.exe" with Administrator privileges I should see a confirmation prompt "Proceed with BIOS update now?". Click "Yes" to continue, but I don't !Am I doing something wrong ? Is there something else I should be doing ?I hope someone can help/assist.Thanks.

Christum, Christus est in Christo
Relevancy 39.56%

I thought my hard drive crashed and I replaced it with a new one. It turned out to be bios. I get a message that my bios needs updating. can you help me please? I think I have a Windows 7 Bios Star T series. I cannot access windows to add more info. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Relevancy 39.56%

Hello, I'm trying to Upgrade my HP 240 G4's BIOS from version F.1D to F.1F, But I can Upgrade. I've downloaded the BIOS Driver from this link: After downloading the Installer I have Selected "Update" first but it's showing this Error Message: "The BIOS Update is not support legacy flash method. Please select "Create Recovery USB Flash Drive" to create. Click Exit to close the Utility" I have also tried USB Flash System, but when I restarted my Laptop, my Flash doesn't get recognised or anything. Please help me Upgrading my Laptop's BIOS. Thank You!
Relevancy 39.56%


I have been told it is a good idea to update my bios as it is dated 2000, I have all the information I will paste below, but I can't get my head around a)how I do this and b) what is the correct file to download. Any help would be great!

Your BIOS Report Results
BIOS ID: 04/26/2000-694X-596B-977-6A6LJH2AC
OEM Sign-On: (AV14S831) VIA Apollo Pro133A PCIsets
BIOS Date: 04/26/00
BIOS Type: Award
Chipset: VIA 82C691 rev 196
Super I/O: Unknown
BIOS ROM Socket: Unknown
BIOS ROM Size: Unknown
Memory Installed: 255 MB
Memory Max: Unknown
CPU: Pentium® III (0.18 µm) With 256 KB On-Die L2 Cache 768 MHz

thxs in advance for any help!

Relevancy 39.56%

Im on F.41 for my elitebook 8560w running Windows 10 Pro 64bit. The latest version is F.60 On the support page for my elitebook, however, they don't list any kind of support for windows 10. Should I attempt to update the BIOS at all or no? Thank you in advance.

A:Should I update my BIOS?

If it ain't broke don't fix it. Is there some issue you are having that you hope a BIOS upgrade will fix?
Relevancy 39.56%

I was wondering if anyone could find a bios update for my Bios chip. I looked on manufacture website and google but could not find any.

Phoenix Technologies LTD
version: R0230Q0

Chipset PM965


A:BIOS update

Only update your BIOS if something is wrong.

So, what's wrong?
Relevancy 39.56%

So I own HP Elite 7300 MT and I recently bought MSI GeForce 960 graphics card. I put it in my computer and it just got stuck at the startup screen. I've been looking for the answers on various forums and most of them were saying that I have to update my BIOS in order to make my card work. Since I didn't find any available BIOS update for my machine at HP support page, I'm wondering if it's possible to update my BIOS to a more recent version without any bad consequences.

A:BIOS update

Culjakmarko I would advise strongly AGAINST hacking around with BIOS updates -- for two reasons. First, the BIOS is tightly integrated with the hardware built into the motherboard and HP contracts their motherboards to be custom designed and built for them.  There is no such thing as a "generic" BIOS that will work across different kinds of motherboards.  IF you force the flash of an incompatible BIOS, it will turn your PC into an "electric brick". Second, HP makes their BIOS updates OS-version-specific, which means, if you wanted to do a BIOS update released for Win7, you should have done that BEFORE updating to Win10. If you try to run it in Win10, it will error out.
Relevancy 39.56%

I know nx9030 is an old system but I just put Win 7 32bit and I'm sure I need to update bios could you provide that for me please

A:need to update bios

Cdesir. Sorry no W7 drivers or BIOS update. REO
Relevancy 39.56%

How do I know if the BIOS update worked on my computer? I can't see if the update worked or not. What is the latest version of the BIOS for my computer? I downloaded the BIOS update from the HP Support Assistant on my computer. After downloading the new BIOS and then after the restart, it doesn't show whether or not the update was installed. There is no information on the update at all anymore. The BIOS update does not show in the "action log" in the HP Support Assistant, so it makes me think the update didn't work? My product number is P0A42AV. The current Bios information shows as :F.08-06/16/2016.

View Solution.

A:New BIOS update

Whistlingdixiee wrote:How do I know if the BIOS update worked on my computer? I can't see if the update worked or not. What is the latest version of the BIOS for my computer? I downloaded the BIOS update from the HP Support Assistant on my computer. After downloading the new BIOS and then after the restart, it doesn't show whether or not the update was installed. There is no information on the update at all anymore. The BIOS update does not show in the "action log" in the HP Support Assistant, so it makes me think the update didn't work? My product number is P0A42AV. The current Bios information shows as :F.08-06/16/2016.F.08 Rev.A (Jul 17, 2016) is the latest BIOS version available for your notebook.  If you ever need to see which BIOS version you're running, you can open the System Information utility from the Start Menu or boot into the BIOS (F10) to check. You can find all of the latest HP drivers/software on your notebook's Software & Driver Downloads page here.
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Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R V2.0 Quad Core hi all i have read the threads on windows vista wont install,i am having the same problems ,someone mentioned to upgrade the bios ,i havnt done this since i had my pc built so maybe thats the problem .Were do i find free bios and how do i install the new bios please.I have another pc so i can download the bios on a usb stick or cd,or dvd .

A:Bios update help

Hello bigcroc.

It is not advisable to update the BIOS if you have no experience doing so as you could very easily permanently disable the motherboard, it's not something "to try" to fix an issue.

Could you please go into exact detail about the issues you're having and maybe someone can help you find a solution.
Relevancy 39.56%

Just got my new system running.
P4P800 mobo
P4c 3ghz
1gig ram
radeon 9600se
I have heard about flashing the mobo. What does this entail and what benefits would I gain.

A:bios update

You would flash your bios to have the lastest update for your
system which will,in some cases,make it run faster. is where you
can go to read more about flashing,which is updating your BIOS
Relevancy 39.56%

i'm trying to update my bios.1 i pressed (a:\>)dir (to check if my bios flash and file were there, and they were in the diskete),2 i pressed (a:\>)aminf342 e030310S.rom(it sayed my current version of bios ect.),3 at the state i must press enter to start , my keyboard did respond at all!
how can i update my bios? with this problem?
motherboard 4VXASD2+ ECS.

i started to update my bios from this mesage from microsoft (when i was using my pc it automatic restarted and told for a serius problem and send me to this site
this wasn't the first time

why when i'm booting my pc it beeps 2 times (1 time before screen shows me nothing and 2nd time about 7 sec later) whats the problem??

i need help ......plzz

A:Bios update help

What brand of motherboard are you using. I am using an ASUS and they have a utility that does it for you called Asus Update.

If its a different brand then I don't know
Relevancy 39.56%

When I restarted my notebook today (10-Jun-2016)  it displayed a message saying that the BIOS was being updated but could not proceed because the machine was not plugged in. I plugged it in and let it continue. Now my fingerprint scanner has stopped working again!... I had to re-load Win10 recently to get it back after a registry corruption and I don't want to have to re-load again so what can I do to get my fingerprint scanner back? Thanks.
Relevancy 39.56%

HP Support Assistant lists an update for system BIOS (Softpaq # SP76361, version F.28AP1).  I downloaded and installed and restarted when prompted.  No evidence of failure to install--BUT the Support Assistant continues to display a message that this update is available, and the Action Log does not appear to have the BIOS Update listed. msinfo.exe shows BIOS Version/Date as:  Insyde F.28, 6/14/2016. Have I successfully updated the BIOS?  If so, how do I make the Support Assistant stop prompting to update?  If not, why did I not get a message indicating failure when I tried to update. Thank you,Elaine
Relevancy 39.56%

i updated bios on ecs board went ok and it went to power down and it froze up and wouldnt do nothing now it sits there and beeps... any suggestion should i just look into buying new one?

Relevancy 39.56%

hi there!
can anybody help me please?
every time i try to install win xp or win 2000
i get this errormessage:check your bios for the latest update
and i can not install anymore.i update my motherboard
allready with the latest driver.
anybody has an idea?
thanks matrix

Relevancy 39.56%

I have hp envy 15 j110txCurrently updating hp bios and taking too long.How much long is it gonna take?What will happen if I interrupt this update, by removing battery or force shut down?Is that gonna affect my laptop?
Relevancy 39.56%

Hi all, i have a packard bell pc & the updator spftware has an update for the BIOS,, the update is version is 3.15 & looking on my ps it says my version installed is below

Manufacturer : Packard Bell BV
Product : Cuba MS-7301
Version : 1.0
Serial Number : 50424E
Support MP : Yes, 2 CPU(s)
Version MPS : 1.4

what do you think,, leave it as it is or install the update
my system is running fine & with no problems this is why im asking,,, thanks all

A:Bios Update

what do you think,, leave it as it is or install the updatemy system is running fine & with no problems this is why im asking,,, thanks allFiggisI'm a believer in If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Relevancy 39.56%

how does someone who knows nothing about updating BIOS do it safely. I have never done this, and i do not want to cause any problems.

ECS K7S5A motherboard
BIOS v1.00

Relevancy 39.56%

Asus A8N-SLI deluxe motherboard
AMD 4200+ cpu

I am trying to update my BIOS to version 1016.

1. Have used the latest version of Asus auto updater, 7.04.01
but I keep getting "Sorry, there's no proper BIOS image on the server" from
all 3 sites.

2. I have downloaded the update but when it is inserted into the auto-updater I get "Asus Windows base BIOS Flash Program has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

Anyone have any idea what is the problem. No other faults on my computer.

A:BIOS update

Found this intresting

Have you updated the chipset driver before attempting to flash the BIOS?
Relevancy 39.56%

Is it safe to use this update from Intel?

Name of MB: Intel Warm Springs WS440BX
Chipset: Intel Natoma 82440BX
Type of BIOS: Phoenix (10/09/98)

The date shows that it hasn't been updated in a long time.

Relevancy 39.56%

I have the asus a7v8x board and updateing the bios with the asus update is great.. your able to update your bios from within windows with that program.. now i have 2 other systems 1 with an abit board and another with a shuttle board and i'd like to update both of their bios's, and i'd like to do it within windows like with the asus, my question is, is there a program out there that would work on these board like the asus updater works on the a7v8x board??? i'd like to update the bios files on these boards from within windows...

Relevancy 39.56%

Is there anyone that know how to update bios on abit kt7a? I have downloaded awdflash utility,bios ver 7N. I want help, not links

A:Bios update

If that's an award bios, go create a dos boot disk or download one and put the files in a floppy disk. Put the new bios file and the flash utility in the disk as well. Restart your PC with the floppy disk. In the prompt type [name of flash utility] [name of bios file] and click enter.
Relevancy 39.56%

Hello,I just bought gtx950 for my HP Pavilion p6-2032it(H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uA TX), and I can't seem to make it work. Is there a way to upgrade my BIOS? If it is, I can't locate any updates. Any help please?
Relevancy 39.56%

I wish to update Bios version,Earlier OS win 7 64 bit upgraded free to win 10 64 bit.Now I am getting notifications from microsoft to update BIOS Version for anniversary update.I am not getting BIOS Update from Manufacturers website i.e.DELL. Pl.Help

A:BIOS update

Microsoft doesn't send messages to update your bios. You might want to post in our malware forum.,156192.0.html
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I'm getting an error from BIOS update file sp76205.exe, too: "hpqflash\ROM.CAB is missing or corrupt." It is indeed missing. (this was a reply to the post found here: For some unknown reason a moderator moved my reply...)

A:Re: bios update

Hello @_Ari_? Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome ! I have moved your post and created a new dedicated thread for you so that it has better visibility. In order to be able to assist you with the BIOS update, you need to provide your computer model and details about it.   However, I'd like to ask you why  you want to update the BIOS ?   Personally, I do not recommend you do it unless you experience some issues with your existing BIOS and you are sure that the new BIOS will fix it. General recommendation I provide to users/customers is NOT to upgrade BIOS/UEFI unless they experience any kind of specific BIOS/UEFI issue. Updating just for updaing and just for using the latest verson is not solution. Any kind of update (no matter for what and who relesed it) can fix 2 issues but may introduce 10 more issues. Additionally, upgrading the BIOS (for any vendor) poses more risks because BIOS recovery is not that easy as compared to typical software updates IF something goes wrong. Same applies for Windows Updates, OS update, drivers updates, etc - upgrade/update IF you have issues which you know are fixed in the newer version or for some severe security issues. Otherwise, keep the existing version as long as possible.
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i want to update the bios on my 8460p elitebook but everytime i run the sp76205.exe file i get the error the file is from here -----  and i don't know how to update from bootable device help me
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I installed the newest 2012 BIOS update for my pavilion a6620f. It has Windows 10 OS. Everything runs smoothly until the restart. When it restarts, it says that the computer will boot with default options instead, and the only option I get is to press F10 or let the computer continue booting. Both options lead to a default boot. Do I need to downgrade from windows 10 to windows 7/vista in order to install this update? because it says that the update is for those versions of windows, although not explicitly. Looking for solutions that will let me install the BIOS. EDIT: When it boots up, it says something about a checksum and gives me the option to wait it out or press F10.
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After searching high and low, I figured out that I need to update my BIOS to prevent windows from being caught in a constant reboot cycle after installing SP2. The problem is, my floppy drive is inopperable and I can't seem to get a CD to work in its place. Does anybody have any suggestions???

A:Need to update BIOS but...

scroll down to what you want
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A question for WIN2000 ---
How do you make a boot floppy to update the bios.
I have to admit I upgraded without reading first..
HP says I should update my bios before, but I did
not! Can anyone help? I have other problems too,
but I'll tackle them one at a time..

Thank you

A:bios update under w2k

These instructions are for XP but they should be close enough for you to figure it out. Also, there are generally instructions on the page you download the update from. Good luck!
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I have a HP pavilion pc (WinXP) and I will update the Bios, but I havn`t done before; Can you tell me how I do it!

Thank you

A:Bios Update


I think the more important question is why do you think this is needed? BIOS Updates are for specific purposes. You need to make sure that a BIOS update is required by the manufacturer of the product the BIOS update is targeted for. Updating BIOS without a purpose is not recommended. If in fact you do need a BIOS upgrade you should go to the site of the product that is causing the need and get their specific instructions. If it's Motherboard, go to HP, If it's Daughter Cards, go to the card manufacturers site. Updating BIOS when not required may cause serious operabilty issues.

Be (Update) Safe

Da Bleepin AniMod, Animal
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After updating bios 1.31 of my p50, under task manager - performance - ram, the installed ram shows 2/2 rather than 2/4. I think this is bug.
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Hello! I can not update the BIOS!It requires the administrator password! I have not installed ...Help please!
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I have Asus Update V3.28 06E software, when I try to update my Bios it says Sorry there is no Proper BIOs image file on this server. There only 3 Sites and I tried them all, the one works but it is in German. the one that it suggest is, and the german one is are the site for download

Thank you

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K I was told I need to update my Bios (a teach said so)... so how can I find out what bois brand I have... hopefully I find the right update lol

A:Bios Update?

The first screen you see when you turn on your computer (the black and white one with the Energy Star logo) will tell you your Bios type and version. If you hit the pause key you can stop the boot and read the screen.

What kind of computer is this? Do you know the make and model number of the motherboard? Why do you feel you need to flash your bios?
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The system told me there was a Bios update and I should connect the power lead before proceeding, which I did.  After a few minutes the screen went blank and I've now been waiting around a hour with an hour with nothing happening. The keyboard light is on and the on / off button is illuminated but doesn't work - I can't switch off.  Does anyone have any suggestions  please ?
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I have the microsoft sp2 cd. I'm not sure I even want to try and put this on my system because I tried to download sp2 from the Mirocosft site and it messed up my system twice that I had to reinstall my operating system and everything else. I'm told I need to update the BIOS. I have no idea of even how to start to do that. Is sp2 worth the upgrade or should I just keep what I have and hope for the best?

Thanks so much

A:update bios

"I'm told I need to update the BIOS"

By who?

Unless we know the whole story, including the specs of the computer, its all guesswork. Updating the BIOS is a reasonably critical function, you only do it when absolutely essential.
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I need to update the bios on a Tekram motherboard P6B40-A4X Pentium II
chipset Intel 440BX/ZX Rev 2. I have downloaded AWDFLASH.EXE and the update
P6BAX110.BIN It must be done in safe mode and I must make sure that memory managers like HIMEM.SYS and EMM386.EXE are not loaded when running AWDFLASH.EXE. In safe mode I did a search and found HIMEM.SYS
in C:\WINDOWS\system32. How can I prevent memory managers from loading. How many are there in WinXP PRO? I don't want to mess up the bios. From what I understand I either upgrade it or destroy it. THANKS!

BIOS ID 09/09/1998-i-440BX-W83977-2A69KTG9C-00

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I found a new BIOS dated Oct 2016.  When I downloaded the program and ran it, it notified me that it couldn't find pmxdll32e.dll.  The screen to update the bios came up, but I cancelled it as I didn't know the implications of running without this dll.  Has anyone had this problem? Thanks in advance Steve