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Mobo + memory = POST failure

Q: Mobo + memory = POST failure


asus m4a88t-m


hynix hmt125r7tfr8c

the board does no beeps, but it features MemOK! and has a dram_led... the dram_led is blinking red continuously... this is the ecc memory and the said board is supposed to support ecc... i tried reinstalling / reseating the memory - same result... i'm going to buy some other memory, but what could be the problem here? any help is appreciated

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Preferred Solution: Mobo + memory = POST failure

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mobo + memory = POST failure

Assuming the board and system is powering up...
Have you tried resetting the board? Clearing CMOS ?
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I have just swapped out my mobo for a foxconn NF K nForce4 failure POST MOBO on AC with Athlon cpu and POST failure on nForce4 MOBO geforce GT POST failure on nForce4 MOBO MB PCI-E graphics card The graphics card cpu and mainboard fans spin up as do the CD DVD drives and harddrive but the system simply emits a series of single prolonged beeps I have swapped out the RAM in all the various slot combinations and bought a nice W Ultra X-Connect PSU but to no avail Should I buy new RAM as my current PC RAM is supposed to be compatible according to the manual but it touts itself as a DDR compatible board or should I get my machine checked over POST failure on nForce4 MOBO by an expensive professional Any advice would be much appreciated Regards gor System specs Mobo Foxconn WINFAST NF K AC-RS- nVidia nForce Phoenix-Award BIOS CPU Athlon socket Venice core ADA DAA BP RAM GB DDR PC Infineon Graphics card Expertvision Geforce GT MB PCI-E OS Windows XP Home Edition SP Hard drive Seagate GB LG DVD rom drive CD R RW drive Floppy Audigy sound card modem card TV tuner card nbsp

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After upgrading from 4gb to 16gb RAM my Adobe Illustrator files are still crashing with "There's not enough memory. ID=-108"
I also wiped my hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7.
My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 2 GB.
This problem started a little while ago when doing image traces into Illustrator.
I was hoping this would fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Sys W K SP IE megs SDRAM gig AMD Athlon CPU ECS K SEM mobo Award Bios Problem Upon system startup power comes on but nothing else--no beep to indicated the system has entered POST After several tries it will finally beep and the harware will come to life Once working it sys failure. no doesn't go POST to beep, pre-POST will usually keep working as you d normally expect as power cycle to work It s mainly after sever hours of being off and now always over night that the error occurs--no power to the hardware until several tries History Recently been hit with many Trojans amp viruses They ve made it past my NAT router pre-POST failure. no beep, sys doesn't go to POST past my software firewall and have taken apart my McAfee AV program But they have been contained before they could do any damage so I hoped except I just got a bounced email yesterday that shows I have been spoofed and my address book copied and is being sent to So a Trojan got in I have SpyBot S amp D Ad-aware McAfee VS two firewalls going I have cleaned all the viruses Trojans off the system out of the registry with S amp D Ad-Aware VS Trendmicros VS and Pandasofts VS programs As well as using CWShreeder MRU Blaster BHO removers HiJackThis The system is clean no hidden files every thing ok It doesn t seem to be an OS problem A week ago my power supply went out I replaced it It s since replacing it and getting all the viurs trojan hits that the problem has begun I thought it might be the new PS so I put in another but still the same problem I ve taken component after component out of the system to see if that makes any difference --removed my optical drives removed my HDD removed my floppy amp replaced it just in case Put in new Cables Attached a different monitor with diferent cables pulled up a backup of C drive and tried it in case something was wrong there Nothing has helped Still no beep letting the system go to POST no lights on the HDD or Floppy but all fans are running temps are nominal One time after everything was out of the system I finally got it to come on and tried to boot with a DOS boot in the floppy It was completely misread--saying no config file no command Put the same disk in another w k sys and it booted perfectly Now though the bad system will boot from the floppy once it gets into POST Since then I have reinstalled each device reconfiguring the BIOS to accept a new install resetting the ESCD each time but that didn t help I also took out the keyboard amp mouse expecting to get a beep or error code on that But still the sys would just power up and hang--no lights to anything until after the fourth -seventh try Then it d start and I d get the expected errors or if everything is back in the system it works fine So all Hardware seems to be ok All cables seem to be ok The PS is ok since I swapped it and got the same results I did notice that my system battery clock is running slow I check the BIOS it looked ok I tried a few changes and told it to save which it did But when the failure occured I found the BIOS had retruned to the way it was before I made changes I tried using the BIOS in fail-safe and optimum modes--still no change Could it be a BIOS problem One of the viruses got to it or when the PS went out it did something to it and I need to reflash it That s scarry though because I never know when the error may occur and it may happen while I m trying to execute a BIOS flash The only things I haven t pulled are the CPU amp memory But I don t have replacements for those to see if they are bad The other possibility is that I ve lost the mobo but i don t have a way to test it What do I try now other than getting a new system Oh I ve also taken the components amp mobo out and tried to run it with them out of the box--same problem Thanks Bob nbsp

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I have an old IBM NetVista which was having all sorts of problems which I eventually traced back to leaking capacitors After a number of calls to IBM they agreed to send me a new motherboard their action reaction helped restore some of my faith in the goodness of people So when I got the new mobo I took the CPU and heatsink off the old one and transferred it to the new one with some thermal paste Mobo New some post!! not Need will help... I then connected the PSU the bare essentials monitor New Mobo will not post!! Need some help... stick of RAM and then plugged it in The heatsink fan and the PSU fan both turn on right away and keep running but nothing else happens Pressing the power button on the front does nothing and I notice that no lights on the front panel light up I also have another almost identical computer so I tried the New Mobo will not post!! Need some help... same thing disconnected everything except the items above and plugged it in this computer initially starts both fans then turns them both off Then when I press the power button it starts up and I see the IBM logo on the screen of course I also get some beeps because it can t find certain things like mouse amp keyboard etc Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this How do I debug this issue I read that if I unplug the CPU heatsink fan and turn on the computer that the heatsink should get hot fairly quickly and that is an indication that the CPU is the problem I tried this and there was absolutely no heat however I am not sure that this means a lot because since the power button doesn t seem to be turning the computer on I don t think any power is being sent to the CPU does this make sense What else should I be looking for Edit Since the last post I am wondering whether or not the mobo was being shorted so I pulled it out set it up on some cardboard and tried it again same result Then still on the cardboard I tried it with the PSU from the other computer again same result Still need help nbsp

A:New Mobo will not post!! Need some help...

Strip it down to just the CPU and power up this should tell you if the CPU is at least working by the beep codes.
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I have a Biostar K8HNA Grand with a 2800 Sempron 64 processor.
I've connected everything and when I turn on the switch to the power supply, the power supply fan and CPU fan turn on. The case power switch and reset switch do not do anything.
The 450W power supply is new and I've already swapped it with another known working PS.
MOBO will not POST so I can't get a diagnostic tone.
I've tried the MOBO in the case and I've also tried it outside the case, still no difference.
I've tried with video card in and out.
I've tried with 2 different memory sticks in and out.
I've reset the CMOS and replaced the battery, still no go.

Any ideas?

A:No MOBO Post

Perhaps this will help -
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I have a computer that when you turn it on the fans kick on it sounds like it is going to boot then turns off right away. We took the computer to our local computer store they could get to boot by removing on stick of ram they determined that the north bridge fan was bad so I replace the motherboard and ram leaving the sound and video card still the same thing. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I built this computer so I kind of know what I am doing but This is about to drive me crazy.
Thank you

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I just bought the following to upgrade my old lga pentium I am upgrading an old motherboard the only thing I am carrying over is the processor and the psu w http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E In a nutshell the new mobo Biostar supports up to gigs of ram ddr and has pci-e x for my new vid card I bought gigs of ram x gigs ddr I realize the ddr ram is while the mobo supports but it should still work The graphics card the a pci-e x GT I dont know if it works or not because I cant get the mobo to work I stuck the mobo in the case and powered it up no post New mobo, but nothing happened no signal to the monitor New mobo, no post and my graphic card s fan does not power up I did test the graphic card fan by plugging it in to the mobo directly and it did spin up So I bench tested the mobo no video card no hard drives or dvd drives and only one stick of ram Still nothing I reset the cmos still nothing I have tried both sticks of ram one at a time still nothing I have reset the processor still nothing All of the fans power on - on the mobo The keyboard lights flash and at one point they were continuously flashing I think the board might be doa I just want to make sure I did not miss something completely stupid or I am not doing something right This is my first build after all Any help appreciated Edit Should I just have geek squad look at it How much would that cost nbsp

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ok i have presariocq f mobo died so put in new asrock n mobo help post!!!' no with need c-gsfx along with sempron that was in original setup the ram i had was g rx pc - - - -e and g mx ddr now asrock sent me a email to diagnose my system with everything disconnected i got beeps sofar so good acording to asrock instructions need help with mobo no post!!!' after installing ram allkinds of ways i got no beeps i was to get beeps but got none so even though I quot m not sure if whatever happened to my mobofried my cpu i susspect ram because i got no beeps after i installed it what could this be bad ram NOBEEPS or a combinattion of ram as well as cpu dont have any tooo buy these right now but would like to save this pc any help will be apreciated ps my new mobo specs are ddr nonecc crucial already told me thatmy g was equal to nbsp

A:need help with mobo no post!!!'

Hey, a few things might be wrong:
- incompatible motherboard. For Crucial memory see:
- Improperly installed RAM (make sure the pins are pushed in and the RAM sticks are installed in the correct slots)
- CPU is fried
- Something else that is connected to the motherboard isn't working
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Hey so I am scrounging amongst friends to get parts to troubleshoot further but if anyone can add suggestions I would love it Here s the scoop Ordered a new proc mobo memory combo as an upgrade to the wife s rig I got an i - k an MSI P A-C B so no issues with the RAID silicon and some G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR This is probably the th machine I ve built from scratch so I m not really new to the process put it all together and hit the power button Board doesn t post of LEDs on the mobo briefly flashes and all fans twitch and then stop I should mention that this is also a new-in-box PSU So far I have Stripped the machine placed mobo on nonconductive pad and attempted to power on with mobo cpu fan stick of memory and video card plugged in Tried this with each stick of Ripjaw individually then tried with a separate pair of Crucial Ballistix seperately Popped heatsink and reseated CPU Didn t see any post. Mobo Help? won't bent pins double dimples on the CPU pads or other indicatrions of bad fit Cleaned GENTLY and re-greased the CPU with Arctic Silver my old standby Swapped video card Is there anything I ve forgotten At this point Mobo won't post. Help? I am guessing I need to RMA either the CPU or the mobo since I ve tried different sticks of RAM from vendors The video card is a Mobo won't post. Help? HD if that matters Suggestions completely welcome nbsp

A:Mobo won't post. Help?

If the motherboard has a clear cmos jumper,not a switch,
make sure it is in the normal/run position.
I have seen them on 1 pin only to keep the battery from draining.
If that is ok,try clearing the cmos just in case the bios has hung up.
Try booting without the video card and see if the bios alarms.
Need the system speaker connected for that if it is not on the motherboard.
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I have upgraded my system with a msi k7n2 delta2 mobo and a new cpu an ATHALON XP 2700 when i first cranked it up i got it to POST it just wouldn't load xp so i changed some settings in the BIOS to get it to load windows now it won't POST tried pulling the power and removing the battery still won't post tried clearing the CMOS still nothing i'm stuck don't know what elese i can do do you think its something in the BIOS? any and all help would be appreciated thanks in advance

A:mobo won't post

MBO won't post

First, clearing the CMOS requires shorting the pins for at least a minute. You did make sure the power cord was pulled before you attempted to clear the CMOS right?

2nd, if the first step fails to get you back to zero, repeat step and pull the battery for about 2 minutes. That will definitely give your caps time to drain of their charges.

Let me know how that works for you.

Oh yes, when you get into Bios - make sure you set stop on no errors - read the sidebar before you close and save. Setting the stop to no errors should make it go past any problems and report them to you.
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Hi All I hope you can help me Here is my delema- I left my computer in hybernation one night and came down in the morning and smelled burnt or CPU to POST How - MoBo PC test won't electronics I noticed the HDD lights were on but would not wake up I turned off the computer and tried to restart How to test MoBo or CPU - PC won't POST and got nothing not even HDD lights Took PSU out and took it to computer repair store to have it tested and it was dead so replaced with W Hooked it up didn t work at first Then realized my husband plugged the add l -pin with v v v into the -pin power connector on motherboard He didn t realize the - v -ground was a different cable and started the computer we got nothing but a little hiss noise We found the correct cable How to test MoBo or CPU - PC won't POST and plugged it in and the PSU starts and How to test MoBo or CPU - PC won't POST cpu fans but when we plugged in the P O S T card we get C first then seconds later C C for my MoBo is CPu failure C is memory present but not responding I took my memory to my moms house who has a similar setup and checked the memory both sticks of memory work just fine in her computer So either MoBo or CPU Any suggestions on how to test these I want to make sure which one it is before I go out and just spend money I don t have any other computer parts to test these with Please help nbsp

A:How to test MoBo or CPU - PC won't POST

MB unfortunately U don't have to test it anymore !
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Alright well a few weeks ago my computer was shutdown and I unplugged the power cord Later that day when I went to plug it New No and MOBO, No CPU, PSU video, POST RAM, back in the system wouldn t power on at all I just guessed that the PSU was bad because it was a stock W so I bought a new W PSU Orion HP D When I put that in still no luck so I bought a used Mobo CPU combo off eBay Installed that and fans ran LEDs lit everything appeared fine but got No Signal on monitor and used my old memory from previously I thought the motherboard No POST No video, New CPU, MOBO, RAM, and PSU this guy sold me must have just been DOA so I bought a brand new mobo Biostar MCP P M CPU AMD Sempron Gz single core MB cache W socket AM and x GB DDR sticks Still no signal I ve tried out the case shorting power pins and tried basic CPU PSU Mobo stick RAM and integrated video and still no POST tried PCI video card no luck don t know what else to test Any ideas -Thanks nbsp

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Hi guys I have been having issues with my desktop computer for a while Here is my specs -Intel D XBX -E -EVGA GT -Memory DDR gb Crucial Ballistic -Seagate GB SATA drives -Win iXP Prof Edition Lately my computer will not POST when I had it cooled for over an hour When the computer is turned on all I get is a blank screen It will not POST to the BIOS However if I did not shut it down instead just put it on quot Stand By quot Position even for days I could get it to on again instantly So with this problem I have been always putting it to sleep position instead of will mobo POST Intel not turning it off completely and this has been fine for quite sometime But today when I had it turned off completely and turn it back Intel mobo will not POST on it never gets back to my BIOS Looks like to me the BIOS is corrupted I tried resetting the BIOS with the jumper and also removed the battery for an hour it still does not solve the problem So until now the computer will never get to POST Intel mobo will not POST All I get is the fans on but no video signal and no POST Any idea This is really killing me I am very certain is the BIOS problem as the video card seems to be working fine and like I said if I were to put it to sleep and use it in the next second or hour I can use the computer for Intel mobo will not POST hours without any hiccups I need advice from someone who used to have this problem and able to resolve this I am so desparate to get it fixed By the way i had tried to took everything apart by removing all drives cd rom and just test the mobo but it still shows the same result which is just blank no video signal and no beep either Thanks again nbsp

A:Intel mobo will not POST

Bad RAM or Bad PSU.

Sometimes one voltage segment of a PSU will fail, giving symptoms such as you describe. Sort of like the fans are on but nobody's home.

I >think< Intel's RAM beep code is 3 short.

Tutorial "No POST";
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I have several K7T- Turbo's, Pro's and others closely related to them. Non eof them will post, but im trying to test my Duron 600 in them. I know that all of the boards support it, but I can never get te boards to post. Can someone help me figure out whats wrong?

A:How to make I MOBO post, I want to know

Maybe your MOBO or processor isnt working properly. Are you sure it was installed correctly, and including(if there's any) drivers?
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Laptop Boot Issue I have a Gateway Nv laptop I am having some issues with it It does not boot When ever I turn between No A MOBO CPU - & Gamble POST a it on The BLUE led is on and I can turn on a few media keys But the activity light is missing and no display to the screen I plug off all the peripherals removed and re add ram A Gamble between a MOBO & CPU - No POST and battery Now sometimes if I turn it on and leave it and A Gamble between a MOBO & CPU - No POST restart after a while I will get it to boot and when it does boot it can stay on forever without problems but once its shut down even after secs it won't boot up again Now after a couple of weeks it starts to power on after many tries and runs but I encounter a random shut down when I try to play a game for too long I went and got a new set of ram and it still would not boot Now I am wondering if I need a CPU change or mobo

A:A Gamble between a MOBO & CPU - No POST

Unlikely to be the CPU. Motherboards are available on eBay for about $50.
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I ve upgraded I've won't mobo PSU & my upgraded POST now my PSU amp now Mobo NO-POST Background - I recently bought a second hand Mobo to upgrade my system to be able to extract the most out of my Socket- pin Intel GHz CPU Standard settings NO overclocking FROM- gt GA- GE Pro with MHz FSB DDR PC pin v with Max capacity Up to GB amp x AGP x supports v display card only TO- gt GA- KNXP with DPS amp MHz FSB Dual Channel DDR - x DIMM slots with Max capacity I've upgraded my PSU & now mobo won't POST Up to GB amp x AGP Pro slot AGP with Voltage Clock adjustable via BIOS I then needed to replace my PSU to quieten the whole system down and control the temperatures within my Tower case so I purchased a W quot CoolerPOWER quot model PTI- which I've upgraded my PSU & now mobo won't POST has an internal mm fan to replace the standard item W quot TT model ATX- Pentium quot which only has a external mm fan The noise and cooling problems were addressed well I thought until about two weeks after purchase and the computer froze whilst I've upgraded my PSU & now mobo won't POST I was surfing the internet So I forced the system off using the frontside soft-off power button and since then the computer does not POST Everything is running eg all the fans the drives including the DVD power up And even the RAM LED illuminates but there is no BIOS beep I ve reconnected the old PSU and disconnected all other power consumtion but still NO POST Question - Was this caused by the new PSU or is it just more likley that the Mobo has given up the ghost The retailer that supplied the new PSU suggested that I bring in the Mobo but they also said they will charge for this service Any assitance would be very appreciated Cheers nbsp

A:I've upgraded my PSU & now mobo won't POST

Does the motherboard have a 4-pin power supply connector near the CPU socket? If so, is the power supply connected to it?
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I gave a friend a PC a while ago, and it's got more fedex miles on it than I care to mention. She has 0 computer saavy and I can't believe the number of times we repaired it over the phone. But...

This time she was moving it (while on) to free up some tangled cables...KB/mouse. It shut off when she set it back down.

I know that it has an MSI mobo, and she tells me that the diagnosis lites are all on and RED. I can't find any MSI books on my shelves, nor online.

Does anyone have one that says what 4 red lites indicates?

If not I guess it'll make another trip to Texas

A:Sorry for this desperate Post! MSI mobo

On my MSI NEO K8T, it means that the 4 wire cpu power connector is disconnected on the mobo.
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Hi guys I just installed a new ABIT KD A mobo Althlon XP proc and mb pin ddr PC ram into a gateway chassis of mine I m having a bit of trouble connecting the front panel switches as when I press the power button nothing happens I took off my front panel cover and I can see I have cables running from my power button coloured blue and white I have cables running from the LED coloured orange green and black They are arranged in the connector in the following order Gr Or Wh - - - X - - - Blu - - - Bla - - Empty X Blocked off The mobo has the following pins - - - - - - - - No Pin no proc new post - mobo & Connects to the HDD LED new mobo & proc - no post cable of chassis front panel Connects to the reset switch cable of chassis front panel Connects to the system speaker cable of chassis Connects to the suspend LED cable if there is one of chassis front panel Connects to the power switch cable of the chassis front panel Connects to the power LED cable of chassis front panel Could anyone help me out please I m at a loss here Any help or assistance is much appreciated Thanks Phil nbsp

A:new mobo & proc - no post

From the sounds of this, the blue-white are your power wires. Connect them to the # 6-8 pins. Don't connect any others and see what happens. You could also try jumping pins 6-8 with a flat blade screwdriver and see if you turn on. I would seriously consider a newer case with all the correct connectors.
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I am sorry if it was posted before but I couldn t find No mobo Asus post anything regarding No post Asus mobo this My system spec Intel P Ghz HT L Asus P GDC Deluxe x DDR RAM Nvidia XFX PCIe video My system had been hanging up once or twice every day until last week The monitor went black and the PC froze No post Asus mobo but the lights fans were still on I thought the problem would be a PS I had a W PS or b overheating I invested in a new PS W as I got something plugged in in every possible socket and a CPU watercooling system I installed the cooler No post Asus mobo but I kept having CPU temperature in between - C I tried every possible way to lower the temperature but with no success The mobo temperature was on a steady - C Since the CPU temperature was C when I opened a game or DVD app I decided to get rid of the watercoolin and put the HS back in with some improved ventilation in case Everything booted up ok but then went bang My system won t boot and there is NO POST Not a beep The Asus mobo s green led comes on but no response I stripped the system down but everything the same Changed video card cleared cmos etc without success I am really stuck atm as I wouldn t know if a possibly faulty CPU PS wrecked my motherboard Oh yeah I changed the proc as well but the same thing happened I am afraid testing another mobo in case it ll be wrecked again What do you think about that Can a CPU wreck a mobo Or a PS I really did hope that clearing cmos would help but didn t I read it somewhere on these forums to unplug ATX from mobo then remove batteries and leave jumper on for a good while to clear the capacitors I might give it a try overnight and see what happens Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated Thanks for reading this nbsp

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I just got a DFI LANPARTY UT ICFX3200-T2R/G motherboard to replace a broken one but when i my pc together with the new mobo i the screen on the mobo says C1. the screen is blank too so i cant get into the bios. i know its a RAM problem but ive tried 3 different sticks of RAM and bought a new stick that has on their compatability chart. ive refitted everything in my pc, rebuilt it outside of the case too but no luck

any help is appreciated


A:mobo C1 error, no post

Did you read crj's stickie at the top of the Hardware Threads for troubleshooting a new build. Your sure the casing and motherboard aren't shorting each other out. Have you pulled the motherboard from the case and set it up outside and booted like that to make sure. Let us know...and read the stickie, Jazz
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ok, I have a mobo. its a dell (proprietary sucks) anyways, I wrote down all the significant looking text on the motherboard, and noted the slots and the cpu socket number, if I could get help finding a pinout, manual, anything really, this old beast won't post and I don't know why. its DIN sockets are both black, no I/0 shield, has 4 pci slots, no AGP, two DIMM RAM slots, and a cpu socket PGA370. numbers on MOBO are:





AA A01025-310

and near the DELL logo, theres a barcode with Rev. A04 under it. I assume this means its revision A04.

ANY help is appreciated and I'd like to add one piece of information, on any keypress, the system freezes up, and if the delete key is pressed, it'l show the "entering setup" but will never move to the BIOS screen. thanks much ~Maxturbo211

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PC Had a soltek board & went out. Bought the new A-bit board NF7-S2. Nice board, so I'm told. I have an A-Bit board in another machine & has proven to be rock solid for me & what I do on my PC.

I install the new A-Bit board & she will not post. So the older Soltek board will not post & now the new A-Bit board will not post. I wonder if there might be some issue with the case to make the board go out ???

I could really use some assistance. If any of you might be able to help solve the mystery, would love to hear from you. Feel free to respond here or via e-mail. [email protected] Please mention "Motherboard Problem" in the subject due to a lot of junk mail from day to day.

One without post

A:Brand new A-Bit NF7-s2 MoBo. Will not post at all.

It sounds like a common problem with DIY PCs. I'd check any stand-off's shorting the mobo and the case. The best way to deal with it would be to remove everything from the case, and test the bare bone on anti-static bag on a desk. Only mobo, cpu, ram, video and psu.

BTW, what PSU are you using?
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I ve been looking at an American Megatrends M LMRE behaviour Strange not! or mobo - POST mobo equipped with a Celeron MHz CPU and MB of SDRAM It was replaced because it just wouldn t behave and I ve discovered that if I reset the CMOS by shorting out the appropriate pins it will go through the POST and let me into the BIOS to set it Once it s been Strange mobo behaviour - POST or not! set usually to Strange mobo behaviour - POST or not! the optimum defaults it will no longer show the POST and just won t boot up until I reset the CMOS again Sometimes it won t even power up at all - even with a new PSU attached - and I ll go away and leave it for a few days usually - I have other things to do and then it powers up again and shows the first described behavior Clearly there is something wrong with it but I ve never come across behavior like this before Has anyone else Has anyone any idea what sort of fault might cause this nbsp

A:Strange mobo behaviour - POST or not!

The CMOS battery is dead and makes the CMOS memory go bananas and corrupt itself?

Did you try the failsafe defaults?
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I have a PC with a Gigabyte GA-8SGXL MOBO and a P4 2,4Ghz. It worked fine until it crashed last night. I was just copying some files and suddenly the PC stopped responding to anything. It seemed like a regular XP freeze. I turned it off and can't get it running since. When I hit the power switch, the PC powers up (fans, HDD, DVD-drive all running) but nothing appears on the screen. My monitor just displays "NO SIGNAL". It doesn't even give any audio signals.

I tried everything I could think of, but nothing helps.
-I removed all peripheral and PCI cards
-cleared CMOS
-Tested the video card in a different PC (works just fine)
Any ideas??

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Dear TSG community,

This is my first post here at TSG(This is probably what u call it in short, I hope).

I want to check out the warranty available with my Intel Original 945GNT motherboard. Where can I check it. Where do I enter the s/n. Is there any link as it is there at seagate site?

I searched the Intel website, but could not locate it. So please guide me.

Thank you all in advance.

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When you turn the system on from power off it takes what seems forever-(about 1-2 Minutes) to get past POST and open Vista.
Is there a BIOS setting for this.
It has 4 gig of ram/512 Vid Card/all the good stuff.
After Vista loads its fine.

A:ASUS M2A-MVP MoBo is Very slow to POST.

And the problem with Vista is ? (no only joking)

Please download Startup Control Panel from HERE
And remove some of those un-needed startups
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I ve been googling this for most of the latter half of today and I realize this is hoping POST; not No mobo probably fried, a common event After the troubleshooting I ve done I m holding out some hope that the mobo isn t trashed but we ll see mobo No POST; mobo probably fried, hoping not Gigbyte GA-K NE Rev cpu AMD Sempron RAM sticks of OCZ MB vid card nVidia psu Antec No POST; mobo probably fried, hoping not TPII No POST; mobo probably fried, hoping not The tower is my pc my file sharing and browsing-while-gaming computer It normally runs Earlier this afternoon I decided to shut it down and clean it I did just that and the cleaning was unremarkable I removed only the cpu fan heatsink and then the video card There wasn t as much dust as I d feared and it was short work A few q-tips looked after the rest of the guts of the tower Cleaned the cpu and put fresh grease on it put everything back together and tried to power it up Almost nothing happened The DVD-RW drive light would quickly flash twice and I could hear the fans just beginning spin like they d gotten a half-second of power Checked the plugs on the back of the tower tried again a few more times and then pulled it all out and started over again Checked all the connectors in the tower and they seemed fine Returned the tower and reconnected it and nothing Pulled the tower and checked it again Still seemed fine Reconnected it and she fired up but no POST The fans come on and I can hear the HDDs spin up and run The HDD light comes on and stays on But the monitor never gets a signal The tower doesn t have a speaker and the mobo doesn t have a power light I haven t been able to get any further than that There is one thing that I didn t see mentioned in my Googling Both computer are connected to a DI- router PC is connected to port on the router and that port s light is always on whether PC itself is on or off Since this problem started that light has been off Between my earlier progression in restoring power and this clue that the ethernet port is not seeing power I m hopeful that a solution remains I don t recall bumping anything inside the tower I certainly didn t drop any tools or anything else onto the mobo while working over it and a multimeter test of the -pin power connector said everything was fine I m now in the midst of trying power-ons while swapping the RAM around but I m expecting that until that light comes on on the router I shouldn t expect anything Any comments suggestion would be appreciated nbsp

A:No POST; mobo probably fried, hoping not

There could be no connection between the light on the router and the motherboard... you have no way to know.
Forget about the router. It is probably a power supply failure.
Try a basic setup... Motherboard, one memory module, power supply, optical drive, Install of boot disk of some kind, or a floppy disk..
Does it boot.
Change memory module
Does it boot?
Do you have power from the power supply? Do you have a simple power supply tester? $10 at a computer parts store.
Test the power supply in another computer, or the power supply from the other computer in your computer.
Is your CD-DVD drive known to be good?
One step at a time. No panic. You will figger it out.
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Booting hangs at the screen with the revolving dots progress animation My machine has two hard disks in it One is loaded with Win recently upgraded automatically from Win Pro The other disk i recently installed Win Pro on Both were working okay until last week when i logged on and got a message that my E drive the one with Win needed to have CHKDSK run on it CHKDSK ran and it's last action before quitting was to go through every single security ID file and replace it with default security ID files Over files It took over hours to complete this process After that I could no longer boot into the disk that ran Win I also couldn't access that disk from my other hard drive the one running Win even after repeatedly changing security permissions by entering the disk properties preferences menu I ran a virus check using Avast Antivirus It found several medium-level threats and repaired them However that disk still remains inaccessible to me with any program or POST 10, Past Screen Can't Win MOBO Get while booting up I've tried using the BIOS setup menu to change the order of drive booting and even disconnected the other drive No luck there At first i was sure it was a system problem but Win 10, Can't Get Past MOBO POST Screen now i'm starting to believe it might be a virus I would appreciate any assistance Thanks very much My machine is a custom-built running on dual AMD X processors Mhz with Gb of RAM Video card is NVidia Ti with Gb memory

A:Win 10, Can't Get Past MOBO POST Screen

Update to my post:
I ran Emsisoft Anti-Malware, targeting the problematic drive.  It found no threats.  
Upon looking at the "properties" menu for that drive, it claimed (with the pie graphic) that the drive had no unused space at all on it, but i know that the last time i was able to log into that drive, almost 50 percent of that disk was free space.
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Hello there.

I have just rebuilt my system and all was working well for a few day. Last night I turn it on and it just hung on the mobo splash screen for about 3 minutes. After that it boots up like it did before. I cleared the CMOS but it had no effect.
It is still within the timframe that I can exchange it but I would like to know if it is something that I am doing so I can avoid it.


A:New Mobo hangs on POST screen

Double check everything in the manual... then talk to the motherboard manufacturer tech support... often there is a common cause.
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I built a new system with plans of giving old one to my daughter...took all the components out (mobo, processor, memory and HDD) and shelved them for three weeks.

Hooked them all up and CPU fan spins...but will not POST...could the CMOS battery have died AND will this cause it not to POST?

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OK, I am trying to put together a puter for my sister and she bought a ECS (Elitegroup) MOBO 755-A2 and I can't get the thing to post. The CPU fan goes on so there is power. I tried a different power supply and tried posting with it out of the case but nothing. I think its DOA. Any ideas to troubleshoot?

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Booting hangs at the screen with the revolving dots progress animation My machine has two hard disks in it One is loaded with Win recently upgraded automatically from Win Pro The other disk i recently Past 10, MOBO Can't Screen POST Win Get installed Win Pro on Both were working okay until last week when i logged on Win 10, Can't Get Past MOBO POST Screen and got a message that my Win 10, Can't Get Past MOBO POST Screen E drive the one with Win needed to have CHKDSK run on it CHKDSK ran and it's last action before quitting was to go through every single security ID file and replace it with default security ID files Over files It took over hours to complete this process After that I could no longer boot into the disk that ran Win I also couldn't access that disk from my other hard drive the one running Win even after repeatedly changing security permissions by entering the disk properties preferences menu I ran a virus check using Avast Antivirus It found several medium-level threats and repaired them However that disk still remains inaccessible to me with any program or while booting up I've tried using the BIOS setup menu to change the order of drive booting and even disconnected the other drive No luck there At first i was sure it was a system problem but now i'm starting to believe it might be a virus I would appreciate any assistance Thanks very much My machine is a custom-built running on dual AMD X processors Mhz with Gb of RAM Video card is NVidia Ti with Gb memory

A:Win 10, Can't Get Past MOBO POST Screen

I'd suggest posting over in the Am I Infected forum:
Please read the pinned topics at the top of the forum for instructions on how to post there.
While waiting for a reply, please run these free hardware diagnostics:
Please start with the hard drive diagnostics on all of your hard drives.
Then, when given the all clear from the malware experts, feel free to post back to this topic if the problem continues.
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Hello On occasion over the past days my Windows -Win k machine has had some wierd output on the screen when it boots up It looks like bad Satelight reception This happens before Win k boots up so I know it is not a OS thing also because I did a system wipe The only other time this happend to me was when I got my Win machine and had to send it back The Win Possible failure-screen?mobo?-videocard?-Help failure?! please+hardware hardware box had a intergrated AGP built into motherboard card so I had to send the entire Possible hardware failure-screen?mobo?-videocard?-Help please+hardware failure?! thing I tried my screen on my Win machine with the monitor and it works fine every time My system is new The parts were sitting around for a long while but they we not removed from the boxes a few times but that was over months ago What could be the possible problem s I don t have much money to work with so what should I do Help TY nbsp

A:Possible hardware failure-screen?mobo?-videocard?-Help please+hardware failure?!

You might try re-seating your video card. AGP cards tend to be a bit tricky; even a small point of non-contact can create havoc. If you have access to another video card, you can try swapping video cards and see if the problem goes away. I suppose cable connections are also a possibility, although I have never seen the symptoms you describe with a loose cable.

Are you able to boot into Windoze (sorry, I couldn't tell for sure from your post)? If so, any video-related problems there?

Hope this helps.
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I really need Wake on Lan to work (you can see my issue thread here: Wake-On-Lan not working after a long sleep)

I'm considering building my own PC parting out a Dell I just purchased.

If your wake on LAN consistently works (ie after being off or asleep for hours at a time, and you can wake it up from outside your local network) using Win7x64 would you mind telling me what motherboard you use and NIC (if not onboard)?

Any suggestions of working setups would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance.

A:Wake on Lan (WOL) Working Successfully? Please post MOBO

Don't know if you ever got your WOL worked out, but I just posted an answer here:

Wake-On-Lan not working after a long sleep
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so here's the problem..
i have a athlon64 3000+ 939 proc on a abit an8 ultra mobo..with o lot of usb slots.

- when there's no usb device plugged...there's no problem. everyhing works great.

- when there's a device [ IrDA, printer or iPod], i turn on the the computer and it gets stuck on the POST screen...but if i press reset again it works

- if i boot without any device and plug then in windows, everything works.

[i have the latest bios update, latest drivers for mobo, video, etc...]

what shall i do ?

A:mobo / usb problem.. stops on post screen

you should be able to boot w/o the usb devices and after login, plug them in.
for the printer, I would install or reinstall the printed software from the CD.
likewise for IrDA and iPod if they come with software. Once each device works
correctly with this sequence, your cable-up then boot sequence should work too.
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A friend of mine came to me with this problem He has an American Megatrends motherboard and can Problems getting POST Megatrends MOBO to American on t get it to boot past the Checking NV RAM part here is what is on the screen when it freezes American Megatrends AMIBIOS TYAN TSUNAMI AT V Intel BX Problems getting to POST on American Megatrends MOBO AGPset P II Mhz Checking NVRam then down at the bottom of the screen it says - - - - - BX GX- - What we have done Switched PCI video card to another PCI slot Disconnected everything but the floppy cd harddrive Reseated the RAM switched RAM slots and tried different RAM modules with ones that are known to work He says time it made it past checking NVRam where it counts the RAM and then froze when it first said hit del to enter BIOS Edit He also remembered that when he first booted he had RAM modules in and all it would say is American Megatrends with the logo and that was it so he removed and left and thats where we are now nd Edit When I asked him what happens when he tries it with no RAM he says quot nothing it beeps quot Anyone have any ideas on what to try next Could it just be that the motherboard is bad where the RAM fits nbsp

A:Problems getting to POST on American Megatrends MOBO

Alright - I just recieved word that it now works. Which leads me to believe that even though it appeared we had the RAM set properly it wasn't.
Now it boots into Win98 and just gives the usual errors when you don't have proper drivers installed and such, I'm going to let him work on that on his own because I think he has a pretty good handle on getting that set straight.
(he pulled this PC together from scrap parts so even getting this thing to run is a plus for him)
I'll post back with any other motherboard related problems that might crop up.
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AMD Barton 2500
Volcano 9 HSF
512 Corsair 3200 LLPT
Abit NF7-S
Radeon 9700 pro

Working great for 5 months, shutdown to dust out the inside w/ canned air.
Restart sytem, it posts just fine. Can goto Bios and change settings etc.

When it tries to Boot the OS right after teh checking Hardware
the screen goes blank and nothing.

Tried to Boot from CD, same thing.

Any ideas...

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Last night, I took apart and rebuilt my desktop to replace the MoBo. I went from an MSI 785GTM-E45 to an ASUS M4A88T-M.

Now, after everything is back together, it won't post. The rig turns on. LEDs turn on. Fans turn on. The board even has a green light going. There are no beeps and the 'Mem OK!' light turns on for a bit and then turns off altogether.

Now, I'm using 8GB (2x4GB) Patriot 1600 RAM, which isn't on the 'approved RAM' list in the manual. I'm not sure if my problem is that the RAM is not compatible with my board... or if it's something else.

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black
Patriot DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) 1600
ATI Radeon HD4850
1TB SATA Hard Drive
ASUS DVD-RW Combo Optical Drive

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My existing PC has been running for the past year no issues went to install two new of Solved: on MOBO v. Post -- components replacement No PSU? hd s and had a power loss into the formatting process a couple hours later I was already suspicious of the current load on the PSU because I would have infrequent reboots from inconspicous events such as activity from the USB mouse etc I added the two hard drives at a time in order to transfer data and systematically remove the old GB drive Solved: MOBO v. PSU? -- No Post on replacement of components entirely from the configuration Original System Enermax PSU W Gigabyte SINXP- MOBO Intel P - Ghz Verto GeForce FX Mushkin MB DIMMs DDR PC - Mhz HDs - GB GB GB CD-ROM SB-LIVE Platinum Fans During the reformat process of the last drive where the effective number Solved: MOBO v. PSU? -- No Post on replacement of components of drives Solved: MOBO v. PSU? -- No Post on replacement of components attached was I encountered a random reboot On the restart I updated BIOS settings to adequately reflect a few system settings On the restart there was no Post My initial belief being that I had changed the BIOS incorrectly so I reset the BIOS battery removal the system still wouldn t post At this point I figured the Enermax PSU was underpowered at W and I probably fried something with the substantial load This begins the systematic replacement of most key components Here is what I have replaced thus far PSU W Allied AL-B E attahed to old system no change MOBO amp CPU DFI Lan Party Pro B amp Intel Ghz E same issue VIDEO ATI Radeon Pro However still no Post I tried refitting the components on the board thinking there was a short but still nothing At this point I m trying to discover any other potential problems I might be missing here are some more discoveries The Hard Drives are intact as they get into the Windows start-up on an old P system I got up and running When using the GB drive that was no longer connected during the initial power loss it will spin up when connected to the PSU but NOT if the IDE cable is also connected The MOBO DIMM amp PCI LEDs fire up when PSU is turned on The fans on the Video amp CPU Heatsink come on when system powered up The RAM is the only thing left I have not changed No Beeps No Post Still unclear where the issue is in the system I am not sure if I have a bunch of still good hardware that I ve replaced due to a single point of failure since everything that I have replaced has come up as not the issue nbsp

A:Solved: MOBO v. PSU? -- No Post on replacement of components

Hi and welcome. Have you tried hooking things up outside the case, just the bare minimums to see if you can get a post? And only one ram chip, just in case there is a problem there.
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Hi I have a home built computer that is a few POST (help) beginning locking Mobo of A7N8X at the up years old Recently I put it in a new case and it was working fine for a few weeks Then all of a sudden it stopped recognizing one of my RAM chips so that I only had mb instead of gb So I took it apart and reseated the ram thinking maybe A7N8X Mobo locking up at the beginning of POST (help) I knocked it or something when I changed cases Well when I went to boot up It decided to lock up at the splash screen of the POST I tried unplugging everything and trying different RAM combinations on the motherboard and it still did the same thing I even reset the CMOS but still no luck I recently bought a new stick of memory gb and it seems to be doing the same thing Is it my mobo psu memory or something completely different SPECS mobo - A N X Deluxe cpu - amd athlon xp mem - mb pc elixir original mem gb pc pny new mem Graphics - geforce PSU - WATT Ultra x-connect HDD - GB EIDE GB SATA Let me know if you need any other info nbsp

A:A7N8X Mobo locking up at the beginning of POST (help)

Is there any post beeps
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Following spec

Asus Crosshair III Formula AMD 790FX (Socket AM3) DDR3 Motherboard - Republic of Gamers
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 4.20GHz - Coolermaster V8 CPU Heatsink
Corsair XMS3 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Dual Channel
HIS ATI Radeon HD 6970 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-E

i have taken all cards out and tried resetting my cmos, and have taken my graphics card now, and the lcd post screen that comes with the motherboard keeps saying, Welcome - then it says - DET DRAM - LOCKED

Before i reset bios battery it just said welcome that started a random timer counting up from 0

this rig is less than 24 hours old, anyone know why it won't post, its driving me mad!

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I've noticed that my system, despite having the OS on an SSD drive, takes the same amount of time to boot as a well tuned spinner HD.

Right now I'm about 75 seconds but a good 40 seconds or more is spent waiting for the MOBO to post. I have the ASUS TUF Sabertooth.

On a boot, it seems to run through this check routine where these little red LED lights on the board bounce around and then finally ends near the serial ATA block. It hangs there for about 5 to 10 seconds and then posts.

Then there's the ASUS power up screen where you can go to the EFI bios if you want. It will chill out there for a while too.

Then windows.

All in all, the shut down and start up of the OS only is about 25 to 30 seconds, way shorter than waiting for the MOBO to post.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

A:Reboot time - Mostly waiting for MOBO to post.

Have you looked for BIOS quick boot options?
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I just moved to a new case with a larger PSU (300 was old, 350 is new).

When I powered on the comp, I don't even get a POST. As far as I know, everything is plugged into the correct spot. I used to mobo manual for all the correct headers and I can see the power on LED illuminated. The HDD LED illuminates briefly too. The reset switch works, as well as the power switch (obviously). The CPU fan and Northbridge fan is turning. I did discharge the CMOS memory too using the jumper, but that didn't solve my problem. Any ideas? Could something have gone wrong when I moved all the components? Actually, obviously something did go wrong, but anybody have any ideas?

Athlon XP 2100
ABIT KR7A mobo
512 266DDR Mem
40 GB Maxtor HD
couple CD drives
Netgear NIC

thx for any help

A:mobo wont POST after moved to a new case

Disconnect everything except the cpu, fans, memory, and video card with monitor and see if it will post. If not I would start by checking the standoffs to make sure one is not shorting the motherboard to ground. To do this you could even take the board loose and put it on a piece of cardboard to insulate it and see if it will post.
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I have a BIOSTAR U8668-D Mobo and is not working at all... now.
I turn it on, and nothing hapens but the power is OK, the procesor's fan cooler turn on and the Harddrives feels like is doing something for one moment... but then nothing...

After this I turned off the power and installed a POST Card on the MOBO and saw that the LED for BIOS was not on.. like it hasn't a BIOS at all thi mobo...

what to do?

A:Mobo with no POST test (No BIOS activity)

I guess it is the BIOS ... try the process where you remove the BIOS chip and fix it with another similar motherboard (while turned on).

I am not sure though, and am a starter just .... sorry couldn't find the links for you at the moment.

I hope others will have a better reply for you.
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My bros computer had no post black screen on boot we narrowed down mobo screen black New no post cpu still bios no the problem to either the cpu or the mobo He got a new Mobo a week ago same result He got a new cpu today same result He also has a new psu in it Today we swapped this working video card with his to see if that was causing it We tried different known working monitors When this problem first occured the old mobo made a beeping noise one that was not identified in the mobo New mobo cpu still no post black screen no bios beep codes however when we took out all the ram it beeped like it was supposed to with no ram With the new mobo there is no beeping Things I tried with his old mobo old cpu and with his new mobo old cpu Swapping out video card Swapping out ram Swapping out psu Swapping out monitors unplugging everything thats not essential Jumping the bios Unplugging the hard drives What we tried with the new mobo new cpu Swapping out video card Swapping out ram Swapping out psu Swapping out monitors unplugging everything thats not essential Jumping the bios Unplugging the hard drives I have no clue what to do my only guess is that we were sent a bad mobo The old mobo had no burn marks where the cpu was I don t even know if its possible that they both went bad at the same time I was hoping through trial and error we would find out which one was bad and send the other one back New mobo ASUS P N-D LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard http www newegg com Product Produc E R New cpu http www newegg com Product Produc E Intel Core Quad Q Yorkfield GHz MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core nbsp

A:New mobo cpu still no post black screen no bios

Its been seated and reseated, it doesn't look like anything is grounding it. It is on metal things that screws go into holding up the mobo, I have as many in as the mobo will allow (I think this is what you mean by stand offs), the old mobo worked fine with the same setup for about 3 years.
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Hi I m sorry if this is probably one of the longest posts to be posted on their forum but I need to explain the more information that I provide the clearer the picture is power or no post with Solved: mobo display New for everybody to read It s true what they say for every new rig you build no two are the same and they are unique with their own problems sent to task our brains to the limit This is build I don t Solved: New mobo with power no post or display know I have lost count over the years it could be I don t know but I ve run into a problem and I need a fresh pair of eyes to look over my trouble shooting and see if there is anything that I have missed Personally I think I ve been sold a duff mobo and I am really p d it s not the suppliers fault they didn t know they had sold me a duff mobo no more than I did not until I installed it along with other hardware Throughout this build I was waring an anti static wrist strap and was earthed at all times because all you need is a small spark of static electricity from your body and you an ruin a processor and mobo Rig Spec All the hardware is New NZXT Phantom white case ASUS Crosshair Formula Thunderbolt FX Chipset AMD -Core Black Edition GHz AM Arctic Cooling Freezer Corsair XMS GHz DDR Sapphire HD Toxic OC Edition Sapphire HD Toxic OD Edition Seagate Barracuda GB SATA Seagate Barracuda GB SATA Seagate Barracuda TB SATA OCZ ZX Series PSU COLD Certified W KWClick to expand Description of problem I started the build over the weekend and everything went very well because I started a bit late in the day I decided to leave the inaugural power-up on Sunday which I did I turned on the power and the motherboard lit up and the Start button and O C was lit up so all was well Then came the devastating silence of no POST with a blank screen So I thought Okay I m not worried because turning on a new system for the first time is like turning over an engine for the first time you get teething problems that you have to resolve and fix So I Cleared CMOS and tried again waiting for the post and beep and again nothing Please find below diagnostic tests that I ve carried out myself to try and resolve this matter Diagnostic Tests on new rig Diag Test Cleared CMOS but pressing the CLR Switch which is located at the rear of the motherboard Diag Results Rebooted after clearing CMOS and still no post and no beep Diag Test Powered off removed PSU power cable and then moved CLR CMOS jumper from - to - for seconds and then moved the jumper back to - default position Diag Results Rebooted after clearing CMOS and still no post and no beep Diag Test Turned off the system removed PSU power cable and then removed in series different hardware connected to the motherboard Removed memory modules and tested them in series left to right and right to left in module A and module B Removed VGA cards and tested them in series of - from top to bottom with bother VGA cards Removed and reseated CPU Checked over the CPU with a high powered LED magnifying glass could not find any faults Removed the HDD and tested them in series and individual connections Removed mobo battery and replaced with a new battery Disconnected all fans and none essentials Cleared CMOS again Diag Results Rebooted after removing and replacing all of the above in a series of swapping and changing hardware and clearing CMOS before each reboot and still no post and no beep Diag Test Took the mobo and PSU including all hardware connected to the mobo out of the case just in case there was a short being caused across the mobo somewhere I needed to eliminate the case as the cause of the problem I placed the mobo on cardboard because cardboard in none conductive but I placed an anti static bag underneath the cardboard just in case Diag Results Connected everything to the mobo and rebooted using the Start switch at the base of the mobo which is very handy Cleared CMOS with the switch at the rear of the mobo and restarted and still the same No post or beep Di... Read more

A:Solved: New mobo with power no post or display

The Asus Uk site says you need Bios version 0705 or later to use the FX-6100 Cpu.

There have been 4 Bios versions, 0404, 0506, 0705 and the latest 0813.

So I think you are probably correct and your Bios is too old for that Cpu.
Unfortunately I don't know of any way you can find out what Bios you have now if the PC won't POST.
So I think your plan of buying a cheap compatible Cpu and then flashing the Bios is your best bet.
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Iam having problems with a new mobo and PSU....
the PSU works when tested
but the new mobo wont post/boot
when I remove the RAM it doesnt BEEP to indicate that the RAM is missing
although I cant find an onboard speaker
its an ASRock P4VM890
its not touching any other casing that the bumps that it screws into
any ideas?

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Hello trying to help a friend figure out this problem His PC gradually became less and less stable sometimes it would boot but with errors kernel errors sometimes no boot beeps sometimes would boot fine then suddenly shut off in the middle of web browsing or whatever Now it won t boot at all It just gives a second continuous beep pause then a non-stop beep will continue as long as you lonnnnnnng - post dead? no one the mobo beep, is let it All fans are spinning including the CPU The rig was built in August Specs w off-name PSU Asus P S P cpu mhz bus stick mb Corsair pc ATI GB WD IDE HD NEC X DVDRW on-board sound Here s what we ve tried so far swapped PSU for known good Antec w PSU - results in same beep code swapped vid card for know good ATI Video card - results in same beep code swapped cpu for known good P ghz CPU - results in same beep code swapped RAM for known good stick of exact same brand and type - results in same beep code tried unplugging all devices except mobo video mouse keyboard No go same beep code tried re-seating video and cpu nada one lonnnnnnng beep, no post - is the mobo dead? Does this narrow it down to the motherboard For the life of me I can NOT find beep codes for this board Anyone know what one long continuous beep would normally mean Thanks for reading this nbsp

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Specs ECS nForce -A motherboard Running PhoenixBIOS AMD Athlon GB Dual-Channel PC Corsair GB RPM Western Digital HD IDE MB GeForce PCI-X Alright there was a power outage in my ram? or mobo at POST Fried stops processor neighborhood not too long ago and when I got home I turned on my computer and the video card did it Fried mobo or ram? POST stops at processor s little display thing stating what it was and what not then it switched over to the BIOS and started the POST It quot freezes quot after it mentions the processor type speed The hard drive access Fried mobo or ram? POST stops at processor LED remains lit constantly and I am unable to access the BIOS control because it freezes so quickly The power reset button works just fine oddly enough so it s not a total freeze I also tried leaving it running for a few minutes to make sure that it just wasn t taking forever and no go I m thinking that it might be something on the motherboard that just fritzed or the RAM went haywire because that is what usually gets Fried mobo or ram? POST stops at processor tested second after the processor I m at a loss for this one and I know I m going to have to shell out some cash for this one the question is is it for memory another motherboard gt lt or a brand spanking new processor AND mobo cause it s possible that the processor bit the dust as well but it looked fine and the finer inspection on the board didn t reveal any signs of damage So I m confused thanks for helping me out and if I am omitting anything please ask for it I m pretty sure I might have forgotten something cause its am gt lt Thanks for all of your help -Desthro I did some reasearchs and I found that it s not the post cause well its AFTER the post and it fails to bring up the entire system configuration summary halting after the CPU description I know its still running but I can t hop into the BIOS config or setup nbsp

A:Fried mobo or ram? POST stops at processor

Try clearing your BIOS using the jumper on the motherboard or removing the battery.
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I'm Jermaine and I've been experiencing some issues with my dell inspiron 1e1505 laptop for a few months now. The issue is that a error stating that RAM memory usage5 is critically high. Ram memory failure. Windows xp is the software being used. what do I do?
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please can anyone help, i keep getting this message

A:Ram memory usage is critically high. Ram memory failure

probably this

so click report and ask to move to spyware forum

but COULD be something else if you installed it or recognise it then as i say click report
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Nothing on screen at all. Fans power up as well as power button light, but no LED on mobo (not sure there ever was).

Tried new monitor, Power Supply: same.

Removing RAM and everything else except CPU and onboard GPU chip generates no beeps.

It's an older HP Walmart special so no real value but want to use it as practice for trying everything possible to get it working.

A:Mobo failure?

Sounds like it could be, Greg. With no ram the board should beep, a lot. To me that's a good indication there is a serious problem with the board.
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I finished watching a movie off of my server a week ago TB HP MediaSmart EX and attempted to start another when Mobo What might - failure? cause this? I noticed my server network light had grey d out on my tool bar indicating it was What might cause this? - Mobo failure? offline I assumed that the What might cause this? - Mobo failure? shoddy router modem combo Siemens Gigaset provided by my ISP must have gone down again I then went into my computer and could no longer find a WD TB external HDD as well as another GB Maxtor both hooked up via IEEE however the internet was still active I first shut What might cause this? - Mobo failure? everything down manually including both external HDD s Tower HP Pavillion m n Q Vista Home Premium router and Server I gave everything hour to think about things and started everything back up No change in the lack of status of the peripherals but I did notice the red blinking health light on the server may have been there prior to shut down but I didn t notice I then thought it may be a corrupt firewire driver as both externals were offline but my PC was connected wirelessly prior while playing movies music etc off the server I should note that the only new thing installed - hardware OR software was a quot Samsung Plasma TV - weeks earlier This did not add up so I then went ahead and ran PC-Doc Hardware diagnostic tools There were no major issues with this other than it failed a loop-back test I believe this is what it was called for the firewire I then entertained the thought that this might be a virus of somesort I ran both a virus scanner which found a pile of the typical malware but nothing serious and Windows Malicious Software removal tool - it too found nothing noteworthy It s been just over a year since I purchased the PC and was probably due for a freshening up anyways so I formatted my C drive and reinstalled my OS - Fresh install and there is no change in the status of the peripherals however my machine certainlymoves a little faster I know there are a few other things I could attempt at this point but an educated observation would be greatly appreciated If this sounds eerily familiar to anyone please feel free to share your thoughts nbsp

A:What might cause this? - Mobo failure?

It sounds like the motherboard may possibly be the culprit here, however it could be a driver issue as well. Have you tried to reinstall the chipset drivers at all? (Especially since the reformat). You should be able to find them on HP's website if you no longer have the disk. Another thing you may want to try is if you have any other firewire devices to try using them and see if you have the same problem. (Btw, I'm not sure if you were aware of this or not, since you are using it, I thought you most likely would be, but decided I should throw this in just in case, IEEE 1394 is firewire.)
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Ok so I was overclocking my cpu to 2.8 ghz wasnt quite stable so I increased the voltages a little bit next thing I know cant pass bios I reverted the bios back and managed to get into windows 7 however my integrated network controller no longer registers in device manager and when I try to put the bios back to the stable settings I had before it wont boot so I'm trying to figure out if its the cpu that's failing or the mobo any advise would be greatly appreciated

A:possible mobo failure

You are going to test each part by swapping in known good units.

Usually CPUs are pretty robust and hard to hurt however since you upped the voltage, it is anyones guess as to which one [or both] you fried.
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I plugged in an external Hard Disk (power off, power supply not connected) by USB to my PC, and suddenly, the whole screen froze, and I couldn't do anything with the keyboard or mouse.

Then I pressed the Power button on the PC to restart the computer, but it wouldn't turn on anymore.

The fans still work, so it can't be the PS, but I'm wondering whether the CPU or the motherboard died?

Has anyone had this problem before? The motherboard is new (only got it a month ago).

PS: 480W
Motherboard: Inno3D MCP73V

Thank you very muchv for any help in advance!

A:CPU or Mobo failure?

Is the external HDD still plug-in to the PC?

Also check if all you cable are well plug-in as for screen, etc...
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I have a Dell Inspiration 570 and I have no output from the VGA too the Screen. I'm think MoBo as I have tried every configuration of Memory in the system and then took out the packet a Branded New Module of DDR3 to test in the System.

The System is not giving a VGA out put even with a GPU PCIe Installed than the actual on board VGA Controller.

I have also stripped down the full system to the PSU, Mobo CPU and Memory and finally tested the PSU with a Tester.

Would anyone else come to this conclusion after doing all this that it could be the MoBo.

A:Possible MoBo Failure. I'm not sure.

If you're not getting a signal from the onboard nor from a video card then the signal is not getting to them. I'd stop wasting my time on a Dell and just replace the mother board.

BTW why do you have such an extensive setup in your home? Your power bill must be out of this world.
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I started building a new system last night and had it working for probably minutes or so Failure? PSU/Mobo and was working through the BIOS to setup RAID During one of the resets however the PC wouldn t start PSU/Mobo Failure? up again More specifically what I did during that reset was PSU/Mobo Failure? add a power cable to each SATA drive rather than having them hooked up on the same power cable After the startup pushing the power button the case did nothing No fans started up no LEDs lit up Nothing I stripped everything minus the motherboard PSU and RAM just to be sure nothing was interefering with anything else Also double-checked that all the case wires were plugged in correctly Still nothing This PSU/Mobo Failure? was all last night This morning I was jiggling some cables to try to get something when I noticed that if I pulled the main -pin power cable out of its seat just a little bit the PSU fan would start up and the case s power LED would light up The CPU fan didn t start though And if I plug in a case fan that will start up as well But as soon as I fully seat that -pin again everything shuts off So I figure it s a problem with one of three things the PSU the motherboard or possibly the case power button Does this behavior sound familiar to anyone Here s the products in question http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Thanks ahead of time for any assistance nbsp

A:PSU/Mobo Failure?

I went home at lunch to play with it some more, and it definitely seems to be the motherboard. Depending on how I jiggled the DC power 24-pin cord in the seat, I could get different fans and LEDs to turn on: in one position I could get PSU fan, CPU fan, and chassis fan to turn on; in another I could get the PSU fan and the power LED to turn on; etc.

Then I brought in the PSU to work after lunch and tried it out on a new Dell 745, and it booted up fine, without any quirks. Couldn't find all the drives, of course, since only the main power was plugged in, but everything was fine power wise.

So looks like I'll be talking to NewEgg to get a return. Dangit.
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I just built a custom PC and have a problem. I have an Asus P5LD2 Deluxe-Wifi mobo, and when I tried to book all of the fans come on, but no Boot or POST. I had a Thermaltake Pure power 600 watt PSU and at first I thought it was the problem, so I bought a new one. It now does the same thing, as before. I tested the power supply and now it shows all of the voltages as working, except the 5v?

I read a similar post and someone said it may be the BIOS revision will not detect the Core 2 Duo processor I have. Is this true? Please help..

Asus P5LD2 Deluxe-Wifi
Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 GHz
Corsair (2 GB DDR 2) RAM
Asus EAX5150 Video Card
Samung DVD-RW
Card Reader
Western Digital 80 GB hdd
Zalaman Cooler

A:Asus P5LD2 Deluxe mobo won't post or bios

Yoy have BOTH power supplies hooked up to the mobo?
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My neighbor has a ASUS P4B533 mobo and he handed it to me to repair. He told me that one morning it was working fine and the next, it "broke". The problem with the mobo is that it will freeze at the post-boot screen.

Here are the things i have done.
1)Disconnected all pci devices and cd-roms expect video card and hard drive.
2)switched out ram from my computer (DDR)
3)flashed and upgraded BIOS
4)switch out video card
5)used different power supply
6)used different hard drive
7)put his hard drive into my computer *booted up fine*

here is a very pic from my *cheap* web cam of where the computer freezes. and to go in to further detail when it freezes it say PCI DEVICE LISTING and i know when it freezes because some of the letters from words can be found missing.

my neighbor is eager to get his computer back plz help!

A:ASUS P4B533 mobo freezes during post-boot

Give the board a very close inspection with a bright light. Check for any leaking / discolored / bulging capacitors on the board

When you said you removed all pci cards, did you also disable any onboard devices like onboard nic, onboard sound, onboard raid controller?
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Ok here s my situation My PC shut down when I was playing World of Warcraft I know for a fact the problem was the video card I was running a Radeon x Pro - which needs at least w - with a power supply that had w max The PC wouldn t even power-on again until I removed the card The card had a burn on it and one of the electrical compnents on the card was partially melted Now I put the stock video card back into the PC - a Radeon - and the system powers up However I get no video signal and no beeps Nothing I can hear the hard light but not no power video Mobo PC signal, is post, on will drive quietly spinning but the only time the orange HDD indicator LED on the front of the PC works is PC will not post, no video signal, but Mobo power light is on when I open either of my CD drives The green power light on the mobo still goes on I plugged in my mouse and the laser still lights up when I move it PC will not post, no video signal, but Mobo power light is on The capacitors around the agp slot and the CPU all appear fine The CPU is generating heat which leads me to believe it is working properly I guess that I have a bad AGP slot or just a bad mobo in general I would need a new mobo in either case Am I missing something Any other possible solution here Would running a video card with too small a power supply for too long PC will not post, no video signal, but Mobo power light is on a period of a few months normal use cause a mobo to die Of course the card was fried but I need to know if i fried my Mobo too or if it may even be the CPU Thank you nbsp

A:PC will not post, no video signal, but Mobo power light is on

The PSU is probably dead now, it might be the only thing dead. (maybe your x1650 pro is still working). Replace it with a decent unit this time. If you plan to game, one the most important components is a good quality PSU.
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Hi Guys,

Im having trouble with BSOD related to ntskrnlmp.exe, and cssrss.exe according the windbgx. However i cannot find the source driver, can anyone give me a hand? Attached is the dump long and SF grabber files, the dump log was outputted from a BSOD related to driver verifier. Ive updated all my drivers as far as i can tell so any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. I have also done malware scans via malware bytes.


A:BSOD After reinstaling windows post mobo change

Hi felicequach.

The Verifier Enabled BSOD says it is somehow related to networks.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck C4, {9100e, fffff8000034fd90, ffffcf801bb8cf20, ffffcf801bb8cf98}

Probably caused by : NETIO.SYS ( NETIO!NsiGetAllParametersEx+1f8 )

Followup: MachineOwner
So you should plan to update your network adapter drivers.
Qualcomm Atheros Extensible Wireless LAN device driver (c:\windows\system32\drivers\athwnx.sys): Drivers for Atheros AR9287 and Windows 7
Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI Express Network Connection Driver I (c:\windows\system32\drivers\e1i63x64.sys: Network Adapter Driver for Windows 7
Scan the system for possible virus infection with the following programs, for a safety reason.
Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
Windows Defender Offline
Let us know the results.
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If you are using a mobo that uses DDR2 RAM can you use a graphics card that uses GDD3?

A:Graphics memory vs Mobo memory

No problem......the graphic card memory is separate and runs on the video card only...GDDR is now up to 5.....there sure isn't any DDR5 memory yet..................just make sure your power supply will accomodate the new card
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Had trouble with a Barracuda which has caused me strife in the Strange mobo Hdd / failure past it died on me once with the much loved firmware fault which they promptly flashed and I ve since used it as a backup drive instead using a newer for the os So after leaving my computer alone for an hour I come back to find it rebooted telling me that there was no bootable drive installed checking the bios the os drive is displayed although Strange Hdd / mobo failure with a changed position on boot order and my older backup no longer detected After removing the backup it booted up seemingly fine the only error report of relevance stating that quot The previous system shutdown at on amp amp amp was unexpected quot not too helpfull Since then I temporarily gave up on the backup drive but a new issue has emerged making the mobo seem like the most obvious candidate Tried to boot up and was greeted with a disk read error rebooted disk read error checked the bios all as normal shut down for a minute before restarting and windows repair fires up Tried running checkdisk through command prompt and it fails giving me some generic error after seconds and a disk size of around gb shut down again and tried switching the SATA port the drive s hooked up too It s now seemingly running again it is possible that two drives die in a week in slightly odd circumstances but seems very unlikely Is it time I buy a new mobo Being only a year and a bit old I d not be impressed to have to replace it already but would rather do it during the sales then afterwards I ve also run Seatools on the drive which my OS is on every test has come up clean nbsp

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So there I was, happily typing out a school paper, when my computer completely froze. like, everything, even the light from my usb mouse was gone. I rebooted, and now the computer doesn't even get more then 3 seconds into a boot before it resets itself.

So, thinking it was possibly my PS or HDD, I did the routine check of trying to boot the computer with each part unplugged or removed to see if I could get it past those three seconds... no luck.

So, whats a sure fire way to test if my mobo is dead? and is there any other part that could have gone bad that would cause it to act like this? I have to admit, if anything was to go bad, I would rather have it be this as its about the cheapest part in my PC.

A:possable mobo failure

"thinking it was possibly my PS"

You haven't elimated this yet. Only way to eliminate a MB is to replace everything else first. (Of course you can just replace the MB, but if that isn't the problem then you haven't accomplished anything).
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I have a month old Dell Dimension running XP with Hard disks installed The PC was running fine until yesterday when it reported that no hard disks could be found on the system I removed IDE Controller on failure mobo? the nd HD slave and tried it on a different PC and the HD seems to be perfectly OK Trying to boot up the Dell with just one master HD seemed to work fine as well - at least initially Thinking that the HD cables may have become defective I swapped it out and now the Dell IDE Controller failure on mobo? refuses to work again Error message being no primary drive found - regardless of whether I use the old cable or the new cable Am I right in assuming that this indicates a faulty IDE controller on the mobo If yes is there any way of getting around the problem - e g installing an IDE controller card and somehow designating this as the primary controller and disabling the mobo controller Any advice would be much appreciated nbsp

A:IDE Controller failure on mobo?

Welcome to Techspot
For the money of a Mb If I were you I would prefer the Stability of a new one. I am not convinced that disabled Primary IDE controller is going to be reliable in the long run . I am not even going to get into the differences in Data pipline ,as opposed to PCI 's etc.BLah Blah
Before you do though Do a proper diagnostic test on the drive .Check Dell for update to Bios etc just in case .
If you do a new Mb make sure it is compatible with that Dell case.
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I believe that my motherboard may be having problems, possibly with the memory controller. Anyone know a way of testing my motherboard to make sure everything is working ok? its an Asus p4s533 . Any suggestions other than swapping parts in and out would be helpful and appreciated, thanks.


I found this freeware program that looks promising. you put it on a diskettte and boot the system with the diskette in and it runs tests on yur hardware.
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I Failure Post to m not new to PC building as i have been doing it for nearly years but i have a problem right Failure to Post now I m unable to figure out and hopefully i can get some help as i am getting rather frustrated So about weeks ago my parents started up there computer and it would not Post in fact it would only beep repeatedly forever well i swung by and picked it up and tried to figure it out i tested all the parts in another computer to see if they worked everything checked out except for mobo and CPU as i didn t have the means to test those Well i figured it was time for an upgrade for them anyway so i ordered a new Mobo CPU and Ram which arrived yesterday and after installing all of it into there case turned on the computer to find it still isn t posting but now instead of beeping everything turns on the fans will spin the lights turn on but after seconds it shuts down then it starts back up on it s own and then again after about seconds it shuts down again on off on off and so on I tried running with only the Mobo CPU Ram and Vid card still nothing i tried running it outside of the case and still nothing figured the case might of been shorting it I reseated the Ram and Processor and video card several times reset the bios using the jumpers and removing the battery and nothing is working Any Ideas or help would be great thanks nbsp

A:Failure to Post

Pretty sure you covered 99% of everything there, as stated in the: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

The only other possibilities are:
CPU Fan: Yes I have seen faulty fan wiring, cause no post, try temporarily unplugging the CPU fan
Ram: This really falls under hardware compatibility, but some Ram cards (manufacture wise) just don't work with some motherboards
Bios: You didn't actually state that you reset the Bios, from the motherboard jumper
Power Supply: Even a seemingly, working power supply, may in fact be faulty

My first choice (other than CMOS reset and fan ) would be Power Supply
Also try one stick only of Ram

Last option would be DOA parts

That would just about cover everything
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Recently my systems failed to boot and the repair utility started. It repaired the system and the pc booted into Windows. This has not happened before and I was wondering if there is a logfile somewhere that could tell me what the problem was, and the repair made?


A:POST failure

Go to search
type event viewer and then check out administrative and system. It can be sorted by day and time, which will helpl
In addition, perform and SFC to correct any system problems.
System Files - SFC Command
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I have Windows 7 Professional running on an MSI X48C Platinum motherboard. Has been working fine till receintly. Keyboard & mouse would periodically be disabled forcing a manual reboot. Problem:When uninstalling NERO 9 the MSI boot splash screen appeared locking up keyboard & mouse. Hard reboot resulted in signal failure to monitor and continuous on & off cycling of computer power every few seconds. POST sees CD drive but will not read restore disk. Keyboard & mouse remain inactive. Computer continues to power on & off indefinitely.

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Alright so I am building my girlfriend a new pc Right now I have the mobo mounted The cpuy amp post, to Failure please help~!! heatsink installed The ram in place and all the jumpers and stuff hooked up I think what the problem may be are the front panel jumpers My mobo s pins look like this for the jumpers There are plugs coming from the front panel - HD LED - Power LED - Power Switch - Reset Switch This means the Power LED is missing one pin So when it s hooked up it looks like so x x x x x x x x If you notice there is an open pin above This is because there are only pins for the Power LED But the plug has places for pins I m not sure if this is the problem but it was my first guess My system seems to power up Fans run and all Leds flash Even my mm fan on the side powers up and its Led s burn I don t hear a system beep and there is no visual So I am not sure what s going on right now Here are the specs and information ATX Case WinFast Mobo Amp Memory gb Failure to post, please help~!! x AMD Socket Am Processor w Power Supply I made sure no metal was touching the mobo and used insulators These came with the mobo they are plasic screw type things Anyway if anyone has any ideas of help please do This is urgent this is supose to be a birthday present Regards Mass nbsp

A:Failure to post, please help~!!

WinFast what model mobo?

What make and model ATX case?

Do you have both power plugs connected to the mobo?
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Need help here I have already read through several other threads of people with the same problem though none of them seem to have exactly the same symptoms The threads I read are here http www techspot com vb all wind -wont-boot--No-BIOS-beep-or-video-signal html http forums anandtech com messageview cfm catid amp threadid My Problem I am building a or Asus Deluxe post bios beep mobo won't P5LD2 new computer Basic components are Asus P LD Deluxe Motherboard Intel Pentium D Processor GHz LGA Pkg x L Cache UP only DDR g RAM ATI Radeon X Asus P5LD2 Deluxe mobo won't post or bios beep Pro Just like the other people in those threads I can turn on the power to my computer all the interior fans come on the LED on the motherboard is glowing green seems to be power everywhere there needs to be Except the computer won t post The monitor stays black and there are no bios beeps I can t Asus P5LD2 Deluxe mobo won't post or bios beep tell if the computer is loading anything or not It just sits there like a giant rock I can turn the power on and off with the main tower switch though the reset doesn t seem to be doing anything I figure that s nothing to worry about since if the computer isn t posting anything there is nothing to interupt My problem seems to differ slightly from the other people in that just to make sure my speakers were working I took the RAM out and rebooted Except I still didn t get any bios beeps telling me there was a hardward problem That leads me to suspect there is a problem with the motherboard though with so many people experiencing the same problem even with replacement motherboards I am hesitant to conclude that One other abnormality in this installation on the Radeon Graphics Card box one of the requirements was an additional interior power supply Except once I had the card in my hands there is absolutely no place on the card in which a power cord can be plugged into The manual was made for about different ATI cards and only says If your card requires additional power plug a cord into the power plug on the card Well that was really helpfull Thanks a lot ATI Anyway the fact that I didn t get a bios beep when there were no RAM sticks in any of the dimm slots has me worried I have checked all the wires plugging into the motherboard relating to sound on the hopes that one was installed upside down but no luck No matter how I have them plugged in I still get no bios beeps from the empty memory slots Anyone have any advice PS The CPU specs require Intel X Express chipsets and the specs on the motherboard are compliant with this possessing a P chipset Also the bios chip on the board seems to read as I believe it is commonly refered to though I may be wrong As far as I can tell from the other threads this should mean my motherboard has adequate bios for the situation Though this is a newer pentium with a larger cache I think and so perhaps that is the problem nbsp

A:Asus P5LD2 Deluxe mobo won't post or bios beep

I believe that the X1600 pro only needs the power connection for the AGP version. Yours is a PCIe-16x version so the power connection (I believe) is not needed. If it is needed, there would be a 4pin molex jack on the top right side of the card (opposite from the side that mounts to your case).

As for what bios supports your CPU, it depends on which revision your CPU is. Revision B1 is supported by bios version 0415 or newer. But revision C1 was not supported until bios version 0603.

I don't understand the bios number you have provided enough to tell if it means your board has been updated, perhaps someone else can help out with that (I am at work now). If your CPU is the C1 revision, then an out of date bios would explain things.

By the way, are you sure your board is not shorting out on the case? (You used the riser pins)?

Also, what make is your PSU and how many watts is it rated at?

What speed/make ram are you using?
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i have 2 computers crashed, the motherboard has power, the processors fan is working as well as the video card i suppose is still up, coz its fan is running also. But bios screen is not showing. The reset button is useless...the problem began when i noticed the machines frequently hangs up at restarts its self. and i tried to check the bios setting, it hung up in bios. Somebody please give me a tip to somehow try to resolve this. thank you.
motherboard is ASUS P5P800S.

A:BIOS/POST not loading, black screen only, mobo has power.
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Good evening everyone Been a long time lurker of MoBo - Restart/Shutdown Upgrade Post Cannot Windows Issues the and forums was a member of the forums back in the day Anyway I have me a fun little problem that is making me lose hair and I am hopeful someone here can help I had a Gigabyte motherboard that died and was replaced under warranty The replacement was a Z -HD which was a slight upgrade on the one that I had before because they didn't Post MoBo Upgrade Windows Issues - Cannot Restart/Shutdown have any replacements for my version While I was awaiting replacement I had an Asus motherboard as a loan from the shop Once the new permanent board was installed I have had no end of issues with my Windows PC I am unable to shutdown or restart the PC the blue spinning screen lasts ages then the screen goes black but the fan and lights remain onI am unable to install windows updates suspect this is due to the above I cannot install new NVidea Post MoBo Upgrade Windows Issues - Cannot Restart/Shutdown drivers as the installer hangs on quot Installing Drivers quot Scanning for hardware changes in device manager is eternal These are the things that I have tried SFC Scannow Returns a single issue of OpenCL dll being corrupt so basically a non-issue as this is normal Disabling the Intel MEIUninstalling the Intel MEI so that it will install the version it wantsRebooting to Safe Mode Curiously there are no issues in Safe Mode Post MoBo Upgrade Windows Issues - Cannot Restart/Shutdown though Windows Installer won't run so I cannot test the driver installBooting to Ubuntu Everything works normallyManually updating the Intel MEI and Chipset Device Software Former has no effect on driver latter hangsRun MalwareBytes in Safe ModeRun Windows DefenderRun Spybot S amp DRun Intel Driver Utility program Only identified the Chipset Device Software as being out of date Based on all of the above I believe the core issue is I have some incorrect hardware drivers but I have no idea how to identify which ones may be causing the problems The only software change bar game patches that occurred between the old and new MoBo's was a windows update that installed something for the Asus motherboard While I can go the whole PC Reset route I desperately do not want to Anyone got any ideas
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Hi guys I was having problems with the mobo so I searched the net and finally bought one, I received it last week but I have just gotten round to putting it in it is the same model. Now I have just changed it and it will not go to post I have checked that the graphics card if seated correctly which it is also changed the ram around but still won't go to post am I missing something.


A:Solved: Fitted mobo now wont go to post Help! (Moved from XP forum)
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Hey everybody I got a little problem at the moment I am currently fixing Solved: or failure MOBO? Cooler a HP DV laptop Actually there are a few problems Let me start The main problem is that the cooling fan in the laptop works badly It s like this when I got the machine the cooler didn t spin at all After cleaning the cooling system and changing the thermal grease I put it back together After that the cooler started Solved: Cooler failure or MOBO? working yet it will sound funny as if not working on the max when stressed by software like OCCT And then about of the time it stops working while booting or just in Windows When the laptop is on I turned it upside down to see the cooler through the ventilation grill The cooler was not working under stress so I slided a small screwdriver inside to try and move the cooler in to action It actually moved but like an arrow ticks the seconds on the clock and then stops And Solved: Cooler failure or MOBO? you can keep going it forever Sometimes randomly it will start working almost normally again So I was wondering what could be the problem MOBO failure Cooler failure Cooler needs some greasing So this is the main problem hope you all some Solved: Cooler failure or MOBO? good idea PS one of mine ideas was to connect the coolers power to a USB power cords inside the machine It will spin with one speed I guess since the controller wire will be disconnected but working and cooling ATM I am fixing PC s for a living So by now I fixed disassembled etc a lot of PC s and laptops I guess I will give you the details for the other problem in another post since its about the HDD and SATA drivers Thank you for your time Sincerely Me nbsp

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Posting here as a last resort after chatting with Microsoft for a few days nbsp Windows mobo re-install 7 after OEM failure. I purchased an HPE- z Windows 7 OEM re-install after mobo failure. around nbsp It came with two HDDs - one with a pre-installed windows and the other with a recovery partition nbsp The orignal motherboard Aloe that came with the system has failed after years of faithful use nbsp I purchased a new one MSI GMA P FX after chatting with a microsoft rep told me that all I would have to do in my case is plug in the OS HDD and boot with the new mobo installed nbsp nbsp I'm even using the same ram and CPU Phenom II x T and the bios sees the ram and CPU fine when I check the CPU and Memory screens nbsp The two HDDs seem fine because if Windows 7 OEM re-install after mobo failure. I plug them into certain ports the BIOs and boot order list sees them nbsp What the first tech instructed didn't work as no matter how I plug this guys in I'm presented with error akin to insert propper boot device or no partition table or no boot Windows 7 OEM re-install after mobo failure. device found nbsp After getting back in touch with microsoft and relaying my case number and situation - I was told by another tech that all I would have to do in my partciular case is contact HP with my system serial number in hand and that I would be able to get a recovery disc or something like that so I could re-install windows nbsp I even told them how long ago I had bought the system nbsp She even told me she would send me a re-connect link once I got what I needed from HP - that email has not arived nbsp Well I can't seem to contact HP without paying a fee because that system warrenty expired in so I just disputed my warrenty in a last ditch effort to do what I was told to do to try and salvage this system by filling out a form with my situation nbsp Is there ANYTHING I can do or am I just going to have to look at buying a new HDD and a new windows and a new whatever else to get this stuff working again nbsp Thanks in advance for any insights

A:Windows 7 OEM re-install after mobo failure.

I also have the OEM key if that means anything - forgot to add that haha!
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Ok a little background I purchased an HP Pavilion P Y Desktop about two years ago System ran well perhaps a little hot from time to time until one morning shortly after the warranty period of course it froze and and started returning quot No bootable media found quot errors on startup I narrowed down the problem to having something to do with the SATA connection on the motherboard for which the solution would to be to attempt to find a replacement MOBO from a third party distributor or have HP repair it for a small fortune So my next idea is to purchase a replacement MOBO and processor and memory to match Theoretically I have a functional HD powersupply and case While not failure, after possible? Install 7 Moving HD/Win MOBO trying to be Moving HD/Win 7 Install after MOBO failure, possible? cheap I would like to be as cost effiecent as possible After doing some research I've found that likely it would not be as simple as Moving HD/Win 7 Install after MOBO failure, possible? hooking my existing equipment into a new MOBO Moving HD/Win 7 Install after MOBO failure, possible? processor or the second choice dropping my old HD with win into a new barebones-type kit Since I cannot prep my installation for the move will a complete reinstall be necessary Also I'm planning to change from AMD processor MOBO to Intel would that cause further issues I have access to other Windows machines through work but none with the same hardware setup as my personal machine would I still be able to create use recovery media from those units to repair or reinstall Win on the new hybrid machine Or am I just better off biting the bullet and purchasing a new physical copy license of Win and reinstalling from that I don't have any system created backups but I was able to retrieve my files from my HD onto a backup drive using a USB on a different PC so I'm not too worried about losing files Finally from an inexperienced builder are there any other glaring issues I'm overlooking Thank you all for taking the time

A:Moving HD/Win 7 Install after MOBO failure, possible?

Since you don't have the old mobo to run SysPrep on the HD to remove all drivers, HID and SID to prepare it to start on new hardware, your only sure option is to boot Paragon Adaptive REstore CD on the new hardware and point it at Win7.

That said, it might start on the new hardware but you cannot be assured of this by any means unless using one of those two methods.

A clean reinstall is always a great start. Adapt these steps to get a perfect install, based on thousands of them done here: Reinstalling Windows 7
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Just wondering if anybody here has any tricks for removing
a stuck screw off of my motherboard fan.

Yesterday I started up my machine only to hear the alarm
go off telling me my mobo fan had failed (CPU fan is working
fine though...).
I have a replacement fan I can use but one of the two screws
holding the fan onto the board won't budge!

I even tried spraying some WD-40 on it... still won't move.
(is the WD-40 dangerous for the mobo btw???)

Any suggestions are welcome... I thought about freezing the thing
to loosen everything up but it's summer time and I don't own a freezer
so that's not an option...



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Starting Windows 98...

Windows Protection Error.

New mobo is Asus P4P800...W P4 2.60C And 2 sticks of DDR 3200 Memory (256 each).

Could the DDR Memory be causing this...what can I do?

This is the first time this OS (win98) ahs seen DDR Memory.

I have put my old board/memory/and CPU back in to type this plead for help.

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Hey peeps...

My PSU recently blew so i replaced with an old one (only 200W)

Now my PC sits there with a clicking noise coming from a red L.E.D (motherboard power to board light) sometimes it boots when i press the power button... other times just continues to click.. (with light flashing on and off clicking away)

Once the PC is all booted up everything runs fine so i just dunno

Mobo: Abit AN7

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I had a replaced my Mobo & Cpu and now it won't reboot. I orginally had a AMD 450 and I wanted to upgrade. I bought a Mobo combo on Ebay, P4 2.4 Ghz Prescott with a ECS Mobo. I also had bought 2 sticks of 512 ddr 333. The old mobo wasn't working that well, it's a long story....powersource blewup and disabled some parts of the mobo. I install the new hardware and the modem and video card. Now, it indicated that there was no OS detected. It also says "Failure to Boot Disk, Insert System disk and press enter". WTF? THe last time I upgraded the mother board, everything went fine. I made a windows boot disk and it tried to reinstall windows xp. It won't work. Any ideas?

A:Replace Mobo & CPU, Failure to boot


What OS are you using?
If you are using either XP or 2k, changing motheboards like you've done is a major problem. But it is solvable.

The easiest way to fix this is to move the harddrive into the old system, and boot into the OS.
Then follow these instructions.
Now, they look very difficult, but just ignore all the pnp-id stuff and follow the instructions on how to create and use the mergeide.reg file.

That should allow Windows to start when we've gotten the motherboard to recognize you've got a system disk in.

To do the latter, make sure your system harddisk is set to "Master" on the primary IDE channel (it'll have a name tag with "IDE1" or similar next to it).

That should be all that you need to do, but if not, post back and we'll try to help you further
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System celeron G hd OS se M ram My son removed his faulty CD writer and now I have been unable to boot the system to install a new dvd writer When I switch on the power supply fan comes on - the dvd writer light pulses for a while - the key board lights flash - the monitor s power light comes on and then goes off The floppy driver s light does not flash - the screen remains blank and the system does not bleep Does this mean it has not passed the POST TEST This is what I have tried checked all leads and plugs to make sure they are in the right place and are tight tested the graphics card in another pc - working tested the hard drive in another pc - workig tested the power supply in another pc - working checkerd the ram is secure tested monitor on another pc - working I was hoping to install Xp and M of ram once I TEST think??? FAILURE- POST the sysem is up and running But as I cannot even get into the BIOS I am completely lost as what to do POST TEST FAILURE- I think??? Please help nbsp

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Hello Here s an interesting problem that I never though possible and I ve been involved with computer support for many years I just purchased a Samsung quot Syncmaster B which is a beautiful monitor However it s caused problems ever since I connected it to my Dell Dimension with New Causes Monitor Failure LCD POST Gb of RAM used and two hard drives boot PATA and secondary SATA My graphics card is an ATI All-In-Wonder with Mb RAM Upon boot and before Windows loads the computer displays the following message New LCD Monitor Causes POST Failure after beeping twice quot F to Continue F to Enter Setup quot If I hit F the computer continues to boot into windows - slowly However once booting is complete my optical drives are not visible Neither my CD-RW not my DVD-RW is visible in Windows Explorer or Device Manager No error conditions noted It s as if no optical drives are installed When I reconnect my old CRT monitor the computer boots normally and the optical drives are visible When I switch back to the Syncmaster B it boots abnormally as before This is true whether I have the B connected via a VGA cable or a DVI cable If I hit F and enter the setup utility no optical drives are visible there either The B display is set at Optimum x Hz as recommended by the manufacturer Samsung s second level tech support hasn t a clue This has never been seen before and they recommend I return the monitor for exchange Do you have any idea what s causing this Do I need a new graphics card Is the controller to which both optical drives failing but no symptoms previous to this Thank you nbsp

A:New LCD Monitor Causes POST Failure

got into to your bios and set it to default settings then reboot.I have had that several times and setting bios to default solved it.
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I have an issue with my computer booting up past POST Boot, it seems like it just sit there once powered on, front light just blinks over and over again but nothan happens on screen any additional info i can post as questions are asked. also have video of the pc doing its hickup.

Not sure if i explain it right and i am at the moment uploading video what this computer does. i haven never seen this happen



Originally Posted by Noixion

I have an issue with my computer booting up past POST Boot, it seems like it just sit there once powered on, front light just blinks over and over again but nothan happens on screen any additional info i can post as questions are asked. also have video of the pc doing its hickup.

Not sure if i explain it right and i am at the moment uploading video what this computer does. i haven never seen this happen

VIdeo of the PC
PC issue - YouTube
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New system Dell 630i - 2 weeks old. Has been running fine but for the last two days all of a sudden it sounds like all the fan are running at top speed and it is non responsive. I shut it down and it starts up the same way- but sometimes it starts with the normal sounds and the screen tells me -setting has failed to POST- enter setup to adjust oc/ou. ?????? The event viewer shows nothing. What is going on???

A:[SOLVED] POST failure

It's possible the battery inside your computer is going bad. Since you have a DELL it is likely still covered by warranty. If I were you I would just send it in and request they repair it.
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Hi I get a failure to post when I switch my computer on I put it together in December I have not added anything in the last couple of months or so although sometimes the computer would shut down by itself at night for reasons I could not figure out No beeps as far as I can remember the computer beeped cpu and Failure, on case Post fan once when it used to start correctly the MB light comes on the fans come on and in the beginning the HDD light just came on and stayed on I started by taking off all the pci boards I reset the CMOS by unplugging the computer taking the battery out waiting for - secs resetting using the jumpers and putting the jumper back in the original position I even tried booting without hard drive and optical drives and floppy drive As a last ditch I took out everything except cpu and tried to boot I have tried to push down on the power connectors and everything I could imagine no luck no beeps I strongly suspect its the Motherboard It could also be the memory or the PSU or the CPU I don t have spares of either I have tried the graphics card in another computer and that seems to work Here is my system configuration -Aus P P PE with AMI bios -Coolmax True power Watts power supply - P Ghz MHz LGA -Mushkin pc DDRAM - - - - timing not a verified vendor by Asus but it has worked fine for close to two years - -hard drives - PATA and Post Failure, cpu and case fan on SATA and Optical Drives and floppy drive -Radeon PRo graphics card the fan on the card does not come on But the card works on another computer without the fan coming on Any ideas should Post Failure, cpu and case fan on I get one of the computer stores diagnose components should I just buy a new MB Please Help nbsp

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Built PC successfully then unlocked th core on AMD Athlon II X Rana GHz Socket AM W Triple-Core successfully and system was stable but after I used AMD Overdrive utility to raise parameters slightly I read reviews of that particular CPU becoming unstable after core unlock and or overclock Not long after I tried to install the GPU M4A785TD-M Mobo Asus Boot EVO Failure NOS but it made my pc slow down so uninstalled Then I decided to use AMD OverDrive to switch settings back Asus M4A785TD-M EVO Mobo Boot Failure to normal but it failed to load Which made me want to change back to factory settings even more Right after AMD OverDrive failed I got a blue screen After I uninstalled GPU NOS my computer Asus M4A785TD-M EVO Mobo Boot Failure was stable again as long as I didn t try to load AMD Overdrive but I wanted to go back to my Asus M4A785TD-M EVO Mobo Boot Failure mobo s factory settings just to be safe so I used the jumper instructions in the mobo s manual to clear RTC ram bad idea Hasn t booted since so I guess I should have just took the battery out instead of using the jumper I was running Win -bit w -G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR DIMM -OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ MXSP W ATX V V EPS V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply compatible with core i -Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive That s all the specs I know off hand If anyone can help please feel free to ask me anything else about the issue I m an amateur and this is my first pc build but I think there has to be something minor preventing my mobo from booting At least it seems that way I like the mobo and might order another one just like it if this one is toast The CPU and everything else should be fine I think it s just the mobo that s preventing the system from booting nbsp
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Hi everyone,

I am new here and I do hope I have posted in the correct forum. I believe it's a hardware issue, so hopefully i'm in the correct place!

Basically, when I start the computer everything seems to start. The fans come on, my HDD seems to turn on, the DVD-Rom comes on.

However, nothing else happens. I don't get a beep from the BIOS to indicate the computer has actually started.

I have taken the battery out and put it back in to see if this may help, but unfortunately not. I am going to try and re-seat the RAM, but I'm not sure if that will help.

I think the MOBO is just knackered but I don't want to accept defeat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Computer won't boot (poss MOBO failure)

Disconnect any peripherals, especially USB devices.
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Hello I am running a Samsung Pro GB failure? cmd. successful only or fixmbr MoBo with Reboot SSD SSD and I've been experiencing BSODs and MoBo or SSD failure? Reboot successful only with fixmbr cmd. boot failures ever since I installed an HDD into my custom rig The BIOS never recognized the HDD but I had been running the SSD just fine for at least months prior to HDD installation That is another problem in itself though In order to install the HDD I had to remove the drive bay along with the SSD perhaps static electricity is the culprit The problem first made itself apparent by a failure to install any programs followed by crashing of all processes including explorer exe This kept on occurring and was occasionally accompanied by BSODs This became more frequent over time I ran a chkdsk and it found bad sectors Boot up was normal and I was able to install programs But now every time I shutdown the rig a blinking cursor will appear with a black background I run a Windows install disk and run the bootrec exe fixmbr command I tried to run system repair but an error explaining that this version is not compatible with MoBo or SSD failure? Reboot successful only with fixmbr cmd. my version of Windows they are both Windows Ultimate Usually the comp boots up just fine I am now sometimes experiencing BSODs after this temp fix Any help would be greatly appreciate Thanks Paul Windows OS Version Win Ultimate SSD Samsung GB Pro HDD Seagate Barracuda GB Processor AMD FX GHz -Core MoBo ASUS M A R RAM G-Skill Sniper GB x

A:MoBo or SSD failure? Reboot successful only with fixmbr cmd.

The problems that you describe started with the Seagate HDD being installed.  Try removing it (temporarily) and see if that helps.
Another thing to try is a hard drive diagnostic.  See this page for a link to the Seatools bootable diagnostic:
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I have been trying to transfer my HD with W7 enterprise32 to a new motherboard (Asus p8z77V). I followed the nice tutorial illustrating the use of sysprep prior to the swap (method one), everything went fine but when I booted my sysprep system on the new mobo it booted in W7 for about 15 sec and then rebooted, asking for a startup repair (it says the system cannot be repaired). Tried booting in safe mode it reboots after loading some of the drivers. I have a system image file on a backup drive, but will need to reinstall the old mobo to make it work since it?s on IDE HD and my p8 doesn?t have any IDE port. It there is anything I can try before having to reinstall the old system? Thanks !

A:boot failure after transferring W7 HD to new mobo using sysprep

you can attempt startup repair, but I'm not convinced it will solve your problem, to be perfectly honest the new set up will be much more stable if you install windows fresh to it anyway.
I'm guessing the drivers in place on the previous installation are just not working with the new system.
It's trying to recover the situation by updating to proper drivers but likely it's crashing before it can get to that point.

Anyhow startup repair may at least get you in under Safe Mode
Startup Repair