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Trouble with multiboot and a PCI card

Q: Trouble with multiboot and a PCI card

Hello all,

I have a desktop with three hard drives in it that I can boot from one to the other. One has XP on it, one has 98, and the other has 95. It has been working fine until I installed a new pci card in it. The card is a two port usb with a two usb pin-block on it. The problem is when the card is in, the computer will boot up in 98 and 95, but locks up after it POSTs in XP. I just get a blank screen. The card works fine in 98. I have booted up the computer with just the XP HD connected and get nothing. If I just connect the 98 HD, it works fine. If I leave everything connected and pull the card, everything works fine. I don't understand why the card works fine with 98 but not XP when I'm using all the same hardware.

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Preferred Solution: Trouble with multiboot and a PCI card

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Trouble with multiboot and a PCI card

Why in the World are you still using Win95 and Win98? Microsoft's End of Life hit and support ran out for these versions a long time ago. XP should be able to handle everything you do now. It is possible that the new PCI card has exceeded the computers power supply load ability or it could be a driver issue. Using those old OS's I can imagine drivers are real issues now
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I am trying to set up a system with multiple partitions and MS multiboot Here s the steps that I have completed installed XP on partition booted and worked fine hide partition installed Windows Server R on partition booted and worked fine unhide partition but leave partition active Windows Server on partition still boots and works fine with the Windows system drive still seen as C partition is Z working getting a multiboot Trouble system change active partition back to XP edited partition boot ini for choices XP amp WinServer when I choose XP XP still boots up fine Here s the problem When I choose WinServer partition the system hangs with Trouble getting a multiboot system working a blank screen I Trouble getting a multiboot system working added SOS in boot ini and I see many drivers loaded from the partition windows system directory The last driver loaded attempted is crcdisk sys If I switch the active partition back to again Windows Server loads fine I just can t get the boot menu from the st partition to launch Windows Server on the nd partition successfully One other thing bootcfg query returns everything OK Any suggestions nbsp

A:Trouble getting a multiboot system working

If you had not hidden XP back in the first part, 2003 would have set up the dual-boot menu for you and there would have been no problem. I suspect that since you installed 2003 second, it controls the boot process. Try doing what you did, only in the 2k3 installation and not XP (edit boot.ini and make the 2k3 partition active).
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Hello guys this may sounds weird to you all buat this is what really making me sick I ve been using my computer for nearly years so far so Card with Trouble LAN good Recently I Applied for a Trouble with LAN Card ADSL connection and that means I need another Trouble with LAN Card LAN plug than the one I have in my motherboard My motherboard is ASUS P S D and it has SiS- PCI Trouble with LAN Card So I bought a new D-Link DFE- TX an usual common LAN Card After I install the driver and plug the device my computer won t detect the LAN Card I tried plugging it into all the PCI slot but still couldn t be detected I m sure my PCI ports are working coz it used to be a dial up modem in the PCI slot I tried to install a fresh windows XP still can t But when I tried it in my sister s compie it works as usual no problem So what s wrong with my computer is it the motherboard Please help me dead nbsp

A:Trouble with LAN Card

Did you check your device manager and install any software that came with it.

There is a possibility that you are conflicting with something else on your system.

run winmsd on the command line and look for conflicts
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I have a problem with my SD card. When I turn my camera on and go to review my pictures it says Unrecognized File Format. I tried different SD cards in my camera and they work. What's wrong with this one? I was able to upload my photos to my pc an hour ago but now all of a sudden it doesn't work.

A:SD card trouble.

You were lucky to have got all the pictures off as it sounds like the card has developed a fault. Try formatting it in the camera, if it gives an error then it is best to replace it. Personally, even if it does recover, I would not risk using it again as next time you might loose the pictures.
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Built a new system consisting of PIII 933 CPU, Soundblaster Live pci sound card, Windows ME OS, 256MB PC133 SDRAM, Asus CUSL2 motherboard, Asus V7700 AGP card - with that behind us here is the problem. I turned the system on initially, set bios and restarted. Upon fireup of Windows the display and keyboard hung. Rebooted and came up with black Icons and pointer. Rebooted and came up all the way but with short colored dashes being dropped all over the desktop by the pointer then hung. Rebooted came up all the way still had dashes could open a window but again keyboard and display hung. Works fine with onboard video (not one single problem). Have flashed the motherboard bios to new version with same results. Have updated AGP to latest driver with same results. All items say they are working properly without conflicts.

B]What could be the problem????????[/B]

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I am attempting to install a PCI to USB card made by pcally and it is supposed to be a true plug and play device with no driver required I place the card into a PCI slot and start the computer Windows begins loading but the computer restarts part way through the loading process The next time windows attempts to load a screen comes up that reports that windows could not load properly last time and gives me several options including run windows normally run in safe mode command prompt only etc I choose normal and windows starts up but in color mode Before any of the icons appear on the desktop a text box pops up and says quot There is a problem with your display setting The adaptor type is incorrect or to USB card trouble PCI the current settings do not PCI to USB card trouble work with your hardware quot I press the OK button and the Display Properties screen comes up I press the Cancel button and go into Control Panel - gt Settings and choose the Device Manager tab Under the Universal Serial Bus controllers heading the PCI card appears as Opti C PCI to USB Open Host Controller and has a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in it I double click on this In the Device Status box it says that the NTKERN VXD device loader s could not load the device driver It says to fix the problem I should click the Update Driver button I do this and the Update Device Driver Wizard starts up I eventually get to a point where it tells me that I am already using the best driver but I can reinstall the driver I choose to reinstall the driver It says that the location of the driver is C WINDOWS INF USB INF I click next and it tells me that it could not find device at that location and asks me to insert the Windows SE CD-ROM I do this and it tell me that the file openhci sys could not be found on the CD and asks me to insert the same CD again I click the Skip File button and the same process happens twice more for the files usbd sys and usbui sys I skip through both these files and it tells me it has finished reinstalling the driver It then asks me to restart so the new hardware can take effect so I restart and the machine starts up again in color mode When I look at the Devices Manager List again the PCI to USB Open Host controller still has the exclamation mark I was later able to find the files usbd sys and usbui sys already on my computer so I repeated the process and pointed the wizard to these locations when it said it could not find these files on the Windows SE CD However I could not find the file openhci sys I restarted but the computer only runs in b color mode again and there is still the exclamation mark on the PCI to USB controller in the Devices Manager I also checked under the Resources tab when looking at the information about the PCI to USB controller and it reports no conflicts Thank you for reading and for any help you may be able to offer nbsp

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I just got a 1gb SD card for my camera and the first thing id did was put it in my laptops card reader, it worked right of the bat. so I plug it in to my camera and it works there too.

but when I take the card out of the camera and stick it back in my card reader it tells me I have to reformat. it also doesnt work with the usb download cable the camera came with.

the camera is a Vupoint 2.0MP p.o.s but I do have the right card for it.
whats happening to my SD card when I put it in the camera.
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I have an Acer Aspire One notebook. Basically I took one of those SD cards (video camera) and put it in the computer. It installed the device no problem, then it said I needed to format the drive (D before I can use it. I clicked format, start. Then it says Windows is unable to complete the format. Help?

A:SD Card trouble.

Have you checked the lock on the SD Card?
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hello, i am using a micro sd card that has some videos on it that i would really like to see, but i cant open the files on the card. i have a usb card reader, and when i plug in the card reader it shows up. when i click it it tells me to insert disk. so i put the micro sd card in and then i try again. this time it takes about five minutes, and at the top where the file path is there is a green loading bar. when it finishes loading it just tell me to "insert disk" again. when i close the pop up that tell me to insert disk my card reader disapears. and i have to unplug it and plug t back into my computer. what is happening. PLEASE HELP

A:trouble with sd card

Hello, and Welcome
What device did the SD card come from? You may have better luck using a live linux distro like puppy linux to pull the files.
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Hi, My Nic card built onto my motherboard stopped working yesterday,keeps coming up network cable unplugged. I dont know if its related,but I installed a new video card yesterday,but even with my old card,it still dont work. I bought a new nic card today and when i booted up the computer it installed fine,but now that one says network cable unplugged, so i got 2 little icons in the taskbar that says cable unplugged. I tried reinstalling both items,3-4 cables,got it working no problem om my laptop,but still no luck on my desktop. anyone got any ideas?? my last resort is to format. would it be my motherboard thats fried or something??

system is: Mobo is P4P800-MX, ATI X1600 Pro 512MB AGP/9600XT 256MB, 1280MB Ram,One Nic built onto the mobo and i bought Linksys one,model LNE100TX.CPU 2.4 Celeron

A:Nic Card Trouble

Try moving the NIC to a different slot on the mainboard.
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I just installed my new radeon 5770 graphics card into my computer and turned on the computer. The computer started up fine but the monitor says there is no input. Then I realize that I didn't disable the intergrated video on the motherboard. So I cut power to the computer and remove the graphics card and plug the vga back into intergrated video on the motherboard, which returns the computer to exactly how it was before I did anything, and the computer was working fine, and I turn the computer on and my monitor still says no input? Does anybody know what might have happened or how to fix this? Thanks
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i have just purchased a second hand pc and found it has two sound cards in it one is a realtek ac97 wich it is using as we speak not the best sound but it works the other one is a c-media cmi8738 wich is not working even when it is enabled can anyone help me with this my os is winxp home edition many thanks

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Hi I just built a new computer and I'm having network issues. I have a wireless router set up and everything and my internet used to work on my old computer with the same device, but I'm using an old wireless adapter Linksys Wireless-G USB adapter I believe its called. Anyway it was working great with the CD installed drivers I used. Then I started getting BSOD's because the drivers were outdated. I updated my drivers for the device and now the internet is very bad. It spikes from 1MBps to 0BPS over and over again. Watching it download League Of Legends was like a roller coaster. I cannot figure out why or find the right drivers to make this thing work. My driver version is It says my IPv4 has internet access but my IPv6 doesn't show any internet access. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

A:Trouble with USB Wireless card.

My understanding is that your router is to old to work well with Windows 7 and IPv6.
This might help.
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows
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for some reason every time i load a game my video card resets its settings making my screen so dark i cant see a thing. any ideas

A:Video card trouble

De ja vu

My old ATI 9550 did that all the time, i was forever having to change the brightness in CCC everytime i booted up windows or just finished playing a game etc...

I cant give you any help on the problem because i never actually fixed the problem on my system =(

I've upgraded now and the setting always stay the same now, which makes a lovely change =P
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Hey all, my sound werked pretty much perfectly apart from there was crackling when i tryed to play gta sanandreas, so someone told me i should update my drivers, but that just made me loose my sound all together, is there anyway to re-install the sound? i have a built in sound card, and my motherboard is a American Megatrends P1.30, 07/19/2004, is there a way to find out what sound card is build in and re-install it? or will i have to by a sound card to get the sound back? any help will be apprisiated, thx

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I purchased two wireless n lan cards for 2 machines both running XP. I can get them to connect, but once the machines are shut down, the connection resets and I have to run the install all over again just to get it to work. It keeps renaming the connections by number, and I am already on "wireless network connection 8".

- I am using the Microsoft configuration tool
- the cards are both Rosewill rnx-n300x
- I have already downloaded the newest version of the drivers

Thanks for your help.

A:Trouble with Wireless Lan PCI Card

Be sure you do not have extra profiles already saved to the computers and are using the one you intend to use for the connection. Also the Rosewill mx-n300x connection software can create conflicting issues with the built in windows services. Id recommend doing an msconfig and turning off the Rosewill service upon start up so the connection will be handled with windows only. Try those things and we can go further from there.
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Okay here s what s up I just got a geoforce graphics card I ve noticed on a couple games in Video card trouble? particular have these little horizontal lines all Video card trouble? over the place on the screen In the case of one game ultra cool pool when I go to play a game the entire table is black but when I move the mouse around or the balls roll on the table it gets rid of the black and I can see the table If I change to the top down view then I can see the table but the horizontal lines are all over the place I m hoping that maybe some settings on the card are wrong because I d hate to think I bought a P O S graphics card for dollars Any info is welcomed P S - I am currently running vista ultimate but I also had the same results when I installed the card and had XP Pro nbsp

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Hi, i was reading some of the other posts and did find one similar to my problem.

It seem that my enternet card is not working. when I plug in the cable it does not light up, I do know that it works because i use it on another laptop to get to the internet.

Here is what i have done so far:



Windows IP Configuration
Host Name ......................user-564ea34999
Primary Dns Suffix.....................
Node Type..............................Unknown
IP routing
WINS proxy

Ethernet adaper local area connection 6:
Media disconnected
Description.............3 Com 3C920 Intergrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX compatible)#2
Physical Address....................00-06-5B-D7-D5-75

I also did ping test and it did show some sort of reply. (if you need those details let me know)

So, what do you think, can something be done?????


A:Ethernet Card Trouble

If it's a known working cable and a known working LAN port on the router or modem or whatever at the other end and your ethernet LED does not light then the NIC is bad. Unless it is turned off as a power saving option (some laptops do this when on battery).

EDIT: Just remembered--one other person discovered that his NIC had been mysteriously disabled in the BIOS. So, check the BIOS to make sure the NIC is enabled.
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Hi, I have an ATI 9600 graphics card which worked perfectly until I connected the computer to the Internet. When I'm using any browser the PC keeps freezing after a few minutes. But when I'm offline, there's no problem at all. What should I do now? Please help me! Thanks!

A:Help! ATI card & Internet Trouble

Make sure you are using the latest ATI Catalyst driver for your card and for your operating system. If you use XP, SP2 you will need Microsoft's NET. Framework installed on your system first, before you update the ATI 9600 driver. You can get both the driver and NETframework from
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I have a Radeon 9250 128MB PCI card, when I attach it to my computer it doesn't seem to power on fully, I get a yellow light instead of a green light, and it won't even boot up to Windows, my screen just stays black, and my computer seems to be on standby. If I disconnect the video card my system boots up like normal. I attached the video card onto my other computer, and it worked perfectly, so it can't be a broken video card I assume. When I first got the video card (was put in by an actual compuet guy) it worked fine, but after I wiped my harddrive and tried to use the videocard again is when it started having problems. Anyone have any ideas?

Dell - Dimension 2400
1256 ram
3 ghz

I don't know much about computers, other then how to play games on them, so any help, would be greatly appreciated.

A:Trouble with video card

Hello rustyfoz04,
I'm sorry if I ask a stupid question:
- Did you plug your monitor into the new driver card?

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i need to know if this is a good graphics card for a gaming rig

Diamond: ATI Radeon HD 4770

Interface: PCI Express x16
GPU: HD 4700
Core Clock: 750 MHZ
Memory Clock: 800 MHz
Memory Configuration: 16Mx32
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth: 51.2 GB/s
Memory Size: 512MB
Memory Controller Interface: 128-Bit
ports: 2 Dual-Link DVI,Video Out [S-Video, Composite, HDTV]
Dual Link DVI: Hydravision 4

A:Graphics Card Trouble

Hi Andres,
It looks to be a very good card. you can use this review to see if it fits the gaming you do (resolution,game settings, AA, etc)
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I installed a new audio card. The card wasnt recognized at first. I later used the drivers included, installed them and the card worked. The card still works. The problem is every time I start the pc up it's sayign new hardware found and cant find the drivers for the card. Again the card does work, i tested it, but each time i start the pc its does hardware config changes an searches for drivers not finding them after I used the drivers included.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

A:Audio card trouble

Uninstall the drivers ,and also remove it from device manager. remove the card and try a different pci slot,boot up and install the drivers, see if that works.
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Hi, just requesting sum advice on a matter at hand i have a multimedia controller a VDTV thing i have never used it to watched TV or anything and iam pretty aware that it is also my sound card as well. However i was just giving my p.c a good old thorough clean and i removed everything cleaned all the crap off and then put it all back together i.e putting the multimedia/soundcard controller thing back and for some reason its not responding. I go on my device manager and it has the Yellow Exclamation Mark so i assume it detects it, ive also tried installing the drivers it used to use which is a driver called Realtek AC'97 Soundman. however to no avail it still has the yellow exclamation marks and no sound. any replys would be really appreciated Thanks. mick.

A:Sound Card trouble

also i was gonna ask do all sound cards universaly fit all ports or is there 2 or more different types like Video Adapters ?
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Hi Guys Bit of an issue with my PC I think its the graphics card but I d like a second opinion from someone who knows better before i splash out on a new one year old asus geforce gtx that I think was getting to the end of its life anyway middle of a game on a dual monitor set up on an excessively hot day screen blacked out lots trouble GFX boot card up of s pc crashed tried to start it up again but got a mix of no output whatsoever s and GFX card boot up trouble Windows Start up repair trying and failing to start my computer everything is getting power even the cooling fan on the gfx card Are there any other tell-tales I should be looking for Intel Core Quad Pro Q GHz Asus GeForce GTX MB GDDR Asus P N-D nForce i SLi Corsair GB DDR XMS Dominator PC - C TwinX x GB MHZ OCZ GameXStream w Silent SLI Ready ATX PSU nbsp

A:GFX card boot up trouble

Are there any lights on the GPU or motherboard that indicate a problem?
Based on what you've said I'll say it's a dead graphics card but just to make sure please could you upload an image of the PC's screen when it's on?
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Hi. I have a ATI TV Wonder Pro tuner card installed on my computer, along with a Radeon 9250 256mg graphics card. The card works fine except when I am playing video games through the Audio VIdeo Composite input on the card. When I Plug my Playstation @ into the the Composite input on the card and try to play a game the audio is synched with the video just fine, but when I try to move characters/objects around in the game there is about a two second lag between the Controler Commands and resulting action on the screen. This is very irritating. Is there somkind of fix for this?

A:Trouble with ATI Tuner Card

Update the video drivers or get a better card
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Hi, I've been trying to install a msi r5450-md1gd3h/lp into a hp pavilion m7650n. With the minimum system requirements I should be able to use it. I added a 500w power supply and some ram up to 2.99gb awhile back. I've tried downloading the driver from here 32 and other places. When I try to search for the driver with device manager to update it never finds it. I been at this for days staying up late and haven't gotten any luck. I'm lost if someone could walk me through it or have a reason it's not working please help oh and I have windows xp if that could be a problem

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i am having trouble reinstalling my grapchics card its ati radeon 9800pro on to windows xp the system automatically disabled it after the fan quit on the card itself and i have gotten that fixed and i have been trying reinstall it but its not showin up on my driver list anywhere any ideas on wat i should do

A:Grapchics card trouble

It is almost certainly dead. Disabling it in Device Manager, if that is what you did, does not shut off power to the device and it will still overheat.

You could try removing it and reseating it, or even trying it in another machine. But if the fan stopped, death is what my money is on.
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Hey guys I have had this problem for a long time with my PC now and it has been preventing me from putting in any decent graphics cards What has been happening is I ve put a graphics card in played a game then after around mins of gaming the screen freezes and the sound just goes over and over and over I ve had to PSU trouble? Graphics Card help -- reset my PC many times because of this problem and I m wondering Graphics Card help -- PSU trouble? what is causing it However when I only use onboard graphics or low-end graphics cards everything is fine I can game for ages and nothing will happen For example here s me specs when it WILL crash AMD Sempron Ghz mb Kingston Memory not sure about the motherboard w PSU I think its w max Ati Radeon gb Seagate HDD Take out the Radeon and it works fine For example I used a Radeon SE and it worked perfectly no Graphics Card help -- PSU trouble? problems Also when I used the higher-end graphics cards and sometimes even with the lower-end ones it gave me an alert during games that quot Your gpu was not responding to driver commands It has been reset quot etc This gave me the idea that not enough power was running to the cards This is just an Acer T that I have moved to a new case and stuck some more RAM into All I need now Graphics Card help -- PSU trouble? is to be able to put higher-end graphics cards in like the nVidia and series and I ll be completely happy Please help What do you think the problem is It isn t temperature my case has a huge fan at the front and two fans at the side blowing air directly onto where the graphics cards are so it surely isn t I think it s the power supply Anyone think they know what it is nbsp

A:Graphics Card help -- PSU trouble?

Ok, can you give us the exact wattage of your psu and can you open up the pc, take a look at the psu sticker and tell us the amps on the 12v rail? Also, if you know what temperature things are running at can you tell us that too? Might as well rule it out as a possibility.
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Hi, i decided to upgrade my graphics card from a gainward phantom 570 to a gainward phantom 970.

i was expecting to see an increase in perfomance however this is not the case.

running pcmark7 free benchmark software i got a score of 3848 with my 570 card.

running the same program with the 970 card i got 3630.

also the framerate s noticeably lower in a few games i play.

so what is going on pls help.

my system specs are

processor: i5 2500K

mobo - MSI P67A-GD53

Ram - 4gb in 2x2GB sticks (corsair ddr3 @ 667mhz)

psu: corsair HX650

thanks in advance

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Hey There..

Extremly fusterated. I just received a rebuilt tower and I am having trouble with the sound. I already checked out Device Manager and there Multimedia Audio was in yellow with exclamations. I tried to delete then reboot, it says no software found. My guess is it is the sound card. Problem is where do i get the sound card? Any help would be great

Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Model # DR-8360BTX
on the part that my speakers plug in to it says foxconn

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I just bought this new DVD and I loaded it up on my pc ati's dvd software started up and man its messed up before I formatted everytime the mouse pointer touched the video screen the pc restarted now its doing the same but even worse freezing up and because i maximized the screen the second it loads up it restarts cause the pointer is on the screen and I cant navigate anything cause the mouse needs to be on screen and it cant. Any help info below:

Video Card: ATI All in wonder 9600
O/S: Windows XP sp1
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I just got a Usb card to go with an external hard drive The card came with a cd with some drivers installing Usb Trouble card on it in a little program that automatically downloaded them to my computer When I Trouble installing Usb card install the card the following shows up in my device manager Universal Serial Bus controllers -- gt ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller from the card -- gt Intel r AB EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller -- gt USB Mass Storage Device this is the external hard drive NOT connected to the card just to the Usb already on the comp -- gt USB Root Hub -- gt USB Root Hub Universal Serial Bus Controllers from the card -- gt ALi PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller from the card -- gt USB Root Hub from the card Thats right there are two quot Universal Serial Bus Controllers quot directories Also it says everything is working properly When I plug in my usb flash drive nothing happens even when I right click and click scan for hardware changes When I uninstall the two entries in the bottom directory my usb flash drive works but I get a message saying quot High speed usb device plugged into a low speed port quot or something to that effect When I also uninstall the ALi entry above and reinstall the card with the flash drive plugged in the card still installs but when I click on the flash drive and try to install it I get a message saying quot A problem occured during installation Your hardware might not work properly quot I really need help my GB hard drive is extremly slow on the old usb I m running XP home Pentium II MHz MB ram nbsp

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I sure hope you folks can help me I just purchased an ATI All-in-Wonder XT and cannot Card Trouble ATI Graphics get it to properly work in many ways First about my computer Dell Pentium GHz RAM ATI Graphics Card Trouble AGP x Windows XP ATI Graphics Card Trouble with every current patch and update Direct X b IE etc As far as I can tell all non-graphics card related drivers are up to speed I installed the card downloaded all the latest drivers for it and yet it fails to work correctly in the following ways -D games like Civilization III work fine but whenever I try to run a game with any full motion video or intensive graphics l ve tried Dungeon Siege Knights of the Old Republic and Railroad Tycoon so far the screen is garbled There are black bar graph style lines that move up and down on the screen and an assortment of lines and patterns that flash and dance all over it as well Behind all of that you can make out what is supposed to be on the screen and the accompanying sound works fine but the picture as a whole is a mess If you click on the screen for example to skip past an opening video sequence in the game the picture clears perfectly for just a moment then goes to the next screen which is garbled again I have tried adjusting my AGP aperature up from to turning off antialiasing and antsotropic filters turning Truform off disabling write combing backing off the hardware acceleration from full tilt to just enough for Direct X and DirectDraw to continue to function and even backed of the colors from gazillion to I ve tried all of these individually and in various combinations and I still can t get the picture to clear At the same time anytime I m online and go to click on a link that should open a Windows Movie and begin playing it I now just get a page not found screen Nothing requiring anything but the simplest of movement within a program will run The TV feature of the card works though not perfectly so I know the card is seated correctly on the motherboard The Windows Control Panel Device Manager also shows that the device is working properly It s gotta be something else Can anyone offer any suggestions on something I might have missed I m really stumped on this one Thanks nbsp

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I am having trouble with my video card that I've had for quite awhile.
I am trying to play like Warcraft and other games that I have played many time before with no troubles whatsoever.
Now I get this a 10 second hang up and when it comes back, I get this weird, almost Matriz like sound, almost like a buzzing.
That happens every 15 seconds.
I can play some others games fine, like Starcraft and Real War with non of these problems.
Like I said, the card played all games with no prolems whatsoever.
Please help me find a solution to this annoying problem.
I have Win XP with 384 mb ram.


A:Trouble with graphics card

384Mb RAM... thats not enough to play alot of todays games.

As far as the noise/freezing, it may be time for a new card.

I would verify that your chipset drivers and your video card drivers are up to date first.

What kind of card is it?

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hii i have a HD 4670 video and it suddenly stopped working couple days ago iv'e had it for 3months....was working fine ....
first my computer froze, den pushed power off...den ii turned it back on, and i hear like a click click noise, my cpu/video card/ fans. maybe psu too ii didnt check...turns off and on by itself repeatedly for about 15secs..den it'll boot currently on-board graphics...ii removed my video card , and it boots up on the first try... no clickiin noise/fans turning off....ii put it back in.still have same card is running rite now/fans/power doesnt detect it thou.

is my card dead?

A:Video card trouble

You need to give more information about your pc, you can start by filling the pc specs section in your profile. It would make it a lot easier for all of us.
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This graphical problem has been bugging me for nearly half a year now and I m completely out of ideas as to how to resolve it so I m hoping maybe someone here could assist me While playing online games my computer experiences card video More trouble graphic image corruption not to mention gaming crashes freezes Also from time to time if the crashes happen more than once between restarts my monitor will shut itself off I receive an error message from ATI stating that either my display driver has stopped working More video card trouble altogether and I have to reboot to fix the problem or I get a VPU Recovery system message telling me that due to an error my hardware accelerator needed to be reset The reason for these I would assume obvious it s all display errors so it must be the graphics card however I ve replaced the card twice now and while it will work More video card trouble fine for a short amount of time the problem somehow finds it s way back and yet More video card trouble another card is screwed up and the problem remains I know it is not caused through an overheating problem because along with the fan on the graphics card itself there are also two others mounted inside the case I have no problem with my monitor it works perfectly aslong as I m not playing anything As far as resoultions and refresh rates in or out of gaming altering them doesn t change a thing except how hard it is to read things because of how small the writing gets with the changes I ve contacted a so called quot expert quot about the problem but he was about as much help as wet paper bag Below are my systems specs the ones I can remember anyway Below those are the games I ve tried to play and what happens after minutes of gaming Operating System Windows XP SP Processor AMD Sempron GHz Memory MB RAM Video Card ATI Radeon Series MB x AGP DirectX ---------------------------------------------- World of Warcraft Font flickers corrupt images and crashes as soon as the login screen appears Warcrafft Same as with WoW with the exception of allowed gaming time of upto minutes Starwars Galaxies Corrupt images screen freezes game crashes and ocassionally the monitor switches off Game time of about minutes Age of Mythology Corrupt Images Game crashes Eve Online Corrupt images font flickers and game freezes Vpu Recover with hardware acceleration error The Guild Corrupt images ocassional freezes and sometimes reboots the computer The thing that bothers me most about the problems I m having is the fact that while all those games are completely e and I m unable to play them the one game I can play without any difficult is Everquest which for anyone who knows is a HIGHLY graphical game and requires fast draw rates on images Given that those problems could differ depending on a persons meaning I thought I should give a little more detail When I say quot Corrupt images quot I mean that the graphics merge with one another sometimes they brighten up sometimes they don t They also square and flicker like a guys leg could move to the top of the screen and merge with his head I don t think it s happened but considering the limited time between it happening and the game crashing who knows The font flickers are kind of obvious but when I say type my login into the world of warcraft screen pieces of the lettering will constantly flicker try to imagine a knife cutting through the letters at light speed or something they ocassionally merge with each other so an Lmerges with an I and becomes a U I think you get the idea here Now I m ready to buy me an entirely new computer but it seems abit extreme for an issue caused by a single piece of hardware so before leaving myself completely broke is anyone able to solve my problem nbsp

A:More video card trouble

Your system is a little weak, not to mention the video card. I used a 9600 for a long time and I loved it, but I had to upgrade. You don't mention your motherboard... is it time for you to upgrade your system? I think so
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my laptop I have had in just over a year(in other words the warranty just ran out a week ago)
is having serious graphical trouble..

its a dell inspiron 6000, with a ati mobility X300 in it.

anyways I was getting a lot of red lines and stuff all over the screen, not like dead pixels but just red lines all over the place. It got worse and now it crashes every time I try and use it, and I get the error message
"VPU has reset your graphic accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphic driver commands"

I have the graphic drivers uninstalled right now and it is working just fine, but the ridiculously small resolution is getting on my nerves. I reinstalled the graphic drivers earlier and it went right back to the same problem...

any help would be apreciated

A:video card trouble

Look on the Dell website, see if they have an updated driver for the graphics chipset/card. Might help.

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i have the same problem, i have the same graphic card that worked perfectly and i had 1 gb of ram, yesterday i installed another 1gb of ram but didnt recognized it but then i uninstalled mi graphic card and windows recognized the 2gb of ram... dont know what to do...
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hi all . i am trying to install a cisco wireless pcmcia card on my laptop , i have installed the drivers

it shows is in network connections but wont let it connect to anything

and when i do an ipconfig it keeps saying the media is disconected

i have reinstalled the drivers a few times , but am getting no where

hope ypu can help

thanks mark

A:trouble with wireless card

Are you trying to connect to the network through the Cisco software?
Is the network encrypted?
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Acer Aspire Pentium I MB ram Windows Sound video these are listed under Sound Video amp Game controllers Acer Labs M MPEG Accelerator Game port Joystick Mwave Audio Device Mwave Midi Port Device Mwave MPU- Port for Dos Wave trouble Sound card device for voice modem OEM Mfg Audio Device Under IBM Mwave Digital Signal Sound card trouble Processors IBM Mvave Digital Signal Processor IBM Mwave DSP Audio Control amp Dos games Under Modem OEM Data Fax VOD Modem this one does not work and Sound card trouble in connect to the MWave card I now use an external modem and it is working fine the internal modem quit working along time ago My sound is not working right since I upgraded to Win had to long story It starts to make a sound then it is cut off after about of the first word or sound My question is Can I replace the sound card without one that has a modem with it I understand the Mwave card I have has the sound video and modem all in one and is no longer made If I can what can I replace it with Can this card be fixed nbsp

A:Sound card trouble

My recollection of the IBM Mwave sound/modem combos, is that they do not actually have any impact on your video. What you should check first off, is that the monitor does not plug into the same card as your speakers and the old modem. If the monitor plugs in somewhere else, go down to the local computer shop and ask them to buy an old sound blaster 16 for maybe 5 bucks or something.

If your PC is a pentium 133 or higher, then my suggestion is to purchase a 30 dollar PCI sound card like an AOpen AW320 or AW240, they put out great sound and are highly compatible with all the operating systems that i've come across on the market.

To fix the old MWave card is going to cost more than 30 dollars of labour time and parts(if any can be replaced which they can't) and it would be a waste of your time and money to try to salvage it if you know one part is faulty.

The problem though with the sound card is due to the drivers you have installed. Attempt to remove all the instances of the IBM Mwave device from the device manager and then proceed to reinstall the drivers(latest ones if you can find them, try and see if it works. If not, try the above solution, because if you do get a new PC, you can always use that new sound card in the new PC to save a few dollars if you go custom made.

Hope that helps,
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I have an Nvidia Geforce 4 440 mx video card. I am trying to run grand theft auto 3. The only problem I am having is whenever there are any words on the screen they are displayed as different colored boxes. I had previously tried a Radeon 7000 which didn't have this problem. The other Nvidia geforce 4 420 card did the same thing. I downloaded the most up to date win xp drivers for the card but still didn't have any luck. Please Help, thank you.

A:Trouble with Nvidia Card

nevermind fixed it with some microsoft update.

Here's the link....;en-us;Q306676
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Just bought a GeForce FX 5500 video card, and as we speak, the monitor CONSTANTLY either
1. Freezes up for about 10-18 seconds, and goes black, then appears normal again (Like it's doing a hard refresh
2. The whole monitor refreshes itself instantly
I messed with the monitor, and nvidia refresh rate, making them the same, But it didn't work. ALSO when I try to play Guild Wars Factions, It will go to the main login screen, and freeze the computer completely.

Please help me,

A:Graphics card trouble

How many watts is your powersupply? If you don't know off the top of your head, you can check in the manual that came with your computer, it usually says in there.

It may be your card getting too hot also . . .
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I have a Leadtek dtv1000t card. Windows 7 will not allow the device to start. It says "Driver Blocked due to incompatibility"

I had it working on an older build of windows 7. Using the 7 or vista drivers would cause a bluescreen on startup but the xp drivers worked fine.

It seems this issue was recognised by ms and now the driver is blocked on the rtm.

I know the xp drivers work but windows blocks them, i have tried many different drivers, all blocked.

Is there a way to force windows to allow these blocked drivers?

A:TV card driver trouble

I had exactly the same trouble with my DTV2000H, which uses the same drivers.
Thankfully, someone posted modified drivers that install and work fine on builds 7201 and later.

They can be found at:

Good luck!
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Okay I have a ATI Radeon or not Trouble video the card with sure with I think it s either or think it s the first video ram But recently Star Wars Galaxies has been reporting me not having enough memory for it to start quot Required mb found mb It runs but there is lag barely noticable through However Trouble with the video card Today I tried playing World of Warcraft and the Trouble with the video card lag was hellish so the problem is becoming a major problem Does anyone know what I can do the fix this problem short of buying a new card as I don t have much money EDIT I just ran SWGClientSetup exe and now it s reporting something different lag is still there both games Hardware Info Version Number of Processors physical logical Cpu Vendor GenuineIntel Cpu Identifier x Family Model Stepping Cpu Speed Mhz Physical Memory Size MB CD DVD Joysticks Joysticks FlightSticks GamePads Video Description RADEON Video Identifier x v x d Video Driver Version Video Memory Size MB Vertex Shader Version Pixel Shader Version DirectX Version c Operating System Windows XP Service Pack BITS enabled trackIR Version Not supported User Info Version Audio enabled DOT enabled HW mouse cursor enabled HIQL enabled Safe renderer no Screen width Screen height Windowed yes I used window mode as it allows me to switch between the game my web browser or my chat clients with ease Borderless windowed yes Texture baking enabled UseJoysticks enabled UseForceFeedback enabled nbsp

A:Trouble with the video card

bump. Please help.
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I have a Palm Tungsten E2 and I just got a Palm Wi-fi card. I am having trouble, although I easily got hooked up to the internet, but when I went to to check my email, I got a message that the page was too big to open and/or another message saying I don't have enough memory. Also I have gotten fatal error messages and had to reset. I have plenty of memory & my Palm battery is full. I haven't had luck getting help on Palm Support. I'm not sure if I should be asking this on the PDA forum, so I guess I'll copy it there too.


A:Palm wi-fi card trouble

You should not double post, I'm closing this thread and will leave the other one open:

If you want your tread moved to a different form use the red triange and report it.
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I have recently installed a pcchips motherboard with a sis735 chipset and onboard sound the sound doesnt work.Has a yellow exclamation by it in device manager.When I try to install the driver I get a msg that the name is already in use as either a service name or a display name.Im running Winxp.Any ideas?It wont take the driver and yes it is supposed to be xp compatible.

A:Sound Card Trouble

my advice would to go buy a cheap Sound Blaster 16 PCI and disable sound on your mother board and don't beat yourself up over it ....
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i need some help with my video card. I cant find the specs for my VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP. I need the specs or wath it can run.

A:video card trouble

type dxdiag in the run prompt

click the display tab. theres some info there
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Let me start off with thanking anyone that is willing to help me in the issue I am currently experiencing on my laptop I own a Dell Video Card Trouble Inspiron Laptop computer which is approximately two years old The specs are as follows Video Card Trouble OS Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP Processor Intel Pentium Ghz Memory MB Video ATI Mobility Radeon The problem began about months ago yes I Video Card Trouble have been procrastinating this issue when my screen began to do this http i photobucket com albums g themicrohawk glitch jpg I assumed that the issue was a video card and I am hoping I was correct in doing so Also when the above distortion occurs I can tap the case of my laptop and the image on the screen changes and sometimes even goes back to normal This lead me to believe there could be something wrong with the socket as well Anyway I decided since the laptop was outdated I would just pick up the same type of video card on Ebay for a few dollars I found one for around dollars that was the exact same model ATI Mobility Radeon and installed it After installing the video card I restart my laptop only to get a black screen This is where I have been stuck since I last worked on the issue I m hoping there might be some suggestions floating around as to what I could do about this problem and how I can get my laptop to read the new albeit same video card Again any help would be appreciated Thank you themicrohawk nbsp

A:Video Card Trouble

Question? does the bios screen show up or is it just Black pure black. And have you tried reinstalling the old graphics card to see if that one will load up?
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Friends, I was wandering if you could help me with a problem. I have bought an HP SCSI CD Rewriter, and an Adaptec 2904cd SCSI PCI host card for it. All of my connections are fine, but device manager says that there is a problem with my (detected) SCSI card. I have tried Adaptec's drivers, but they don't seem to work.

My OS is the older version of windows 98. I have tried re-installation many times. Please help.

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I have no idea what category this would fall under on this forum but I'll try this one first I have Card an Wiping SD Trouble an GB SD memory card that has over pictures on it and am trying to wipe it The first time I wiped it and ejected it from my laptop I ASSUMED it was wiped To my surprise after trying to use it again it didn't wipe I plugged it back into my laptop and it said the same thing it did the first time around - MB free of GB I have tried reformatting the Trouble Wiping an SD Card card and Windows gives me some kind of weird message saying its unable to reformat it I have right-clicked all the pics and looked at their properties Trouble Wiping an SD Card attributes and the Archive checkbox was checked I unchecked Trouble Wiping an SD Card it deleted all the pics once again and ejected the card This time I plugged it back into my laptop and it didn't wipe What's going on with this SD Card Anyone know of a solution

A:Trouble Wiping an SD Card

I have never did a sd card but if it's like anything else right click, go to properties and make sure read only isn't checked. Try it and let me know so I can learn a little.
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Hey guys, when I try to play World of Warcraft on my computer, the game runs fine, but the graphics are all staticy, for lack of a better word. It's hard to describe, really. I also notice it in all the other games I play, like the Sims 2 and Unreal Tournament 2K4. I know it has to do with my video card, since I noticed the graphics problems when I changed video cards. My video card is an ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 256MB. Any help would really be appreciated!

I've already updated my drivers and checked everything I could think of. Hopefully someone can show me something that I may have missed. Thanks in advance!

A:Video card trouble

Is it like, white dots all over the screen? It sounds like your video card is overheating. Make sure the fan on it is working properly, and that there is adequate ventilation inside the case.
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Greetings folks- Here I am the proud owner of 2 different memory card readers, and I have the same problem with both.
After downloading images from my card to the PC, upon withdrawing the card to re-use I lose 1/2 my memory capacity on the cards-every time. It's not the camera as I have used 3 different cameras, and 3 different memory cards.

I want to use the card readers as downloading is much quicker than the provided USB connection option, but not at the expense of losing memory. I might as well be using film! Any help out there? Thanks-Voot

A:card reader trouble

voot said:

Greetings folks- Here I am the proud owner of 2 different memory card readers, and I have the same problem with both.
After downloading images from my card to the PC, upon withdrawing the card to re-use I lose 1/2 my memory capacity on the cards-every time. It's not the camera as I have used 3 different cameras, and 3 different memory cards.

I want to use the card readers as downloading is much quicker than the provided USB connection option, but not at the expense of losing memory. I might as well be using film! Any help out there? Thanks-VootClick to expand...

Are you saying you take the pictures then put the card in the reader and downlaod to the computer then when you take the card out put it back in the camera and formatt to erase the pictures it won't hold as much but if you transfer with the camera and cable put the card back in the camera and formatt to erase that does not happen and it does this with three different cards and camera's? Do you keep your settings the same every time on the camera or maybe they are chaning to bigger file sizes so not as much can fit on the card? I know on my Olympus I have a memory setting so every time I turn the camera on it will remember what I have set and keep it that way. When I have to take the batteries out to charge and put them back in the memory setting gets reset and I have go to the menu and tell it to retain everything again then it stay's until the next time I change the batteries.
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I have an "IDT High Definition Audio Codec" named sound card running on Windows Vista.

The problem is that two songs don't seem to play simultaneously on it. Let's say am playing a song on winamp and at the same time there is a windows sound that needs to play. the song will pause, there will be no sound till the windows sound has to play and then the song resumes.

How do I fix tihs ?

A:Sound Card trouble

I also have a sound blaster X-fi MB
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I just got my new video card (PowerColor Radeon X1600 Pro), and eventually got it all set up, but now it'll only run for a few minutes before dropping me into a black screen (apparently no signal). Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

A:Video card trouble?

do you have a strong enough powersupply?
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Heres the deal I Geforce 4 card trouble have a PNY geforce Geforce 4 card trouble ti A few weeks ago i started getting wierd graphics red dots colored lines I got a G mx cheap card to see if it was the card or not When i put the MX card in it works fine So i thought great my good G is dead I put the old G in an old pc to see what happened and it worked fine I put it back in the original pc and it wont work So i put the MX back in and it worked fine again hope that makes sense What it Geforce 4 card trouble comes down to is the G will work in pc but not the other My question is why Geforce 4 card trouble would this be It worked fine untill i updated the drivers and updated Direct X After that I reformated and used the drivers that came with the card but it still wouldnt work specs pc this one the G wont work on amd athlon cpu pc ram gig WD hd win XP pro soltek sl- drv mb pc this one the G will work on Pentium cpu pc ram gig ibm hd win xp pro asus p v mb nbsp

A:Geforce 4 card trouble

When you reformatted and reinstalled everything you did reinstall the mobo chipset drivers?, and also the service packs for winXP.
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Hi - I have a RealTek HD sound card in my E-Machines desktop system (new). I'm trying to record streaming audio - basically I want to simply record what I'm hearing through my speakers. But when I try to choose that input, it doesn't seem to be there. My choices are CD Volume, FrontMic, Mic Volume, and Line Volume (see attached pic) - and FYI - I did scroll over to the right - no additional options there.

There is no "wave" or "stereo mix" input choice. Any of the available choices I've tried and they don't record the live audio that's playing on my system. Is there a plug-in or something that will allow me to do this? I just want to record the same stuff that I'm hearing. Help! Thanks -


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This is my computer that i added a 512 memory stick too

I checked my power supply sticker and this is wat it said

300W Max
+12v - 19A
+5V - 30A
+3.3V - 28A

ok so here is my trouble i want to know a graphics card i could buy that would run on these specs and PSU and no be outdated also that would decently run games like

-Star Wars KOTOR (I & II)
-City Of Heroes
-The Movies
-Age of Empires 3

i was maybe think of a card from the Nvida Geforce 7 series and if not from there then a good one

A:Graphics Card Trouble

millert said:

This is my computer that i added a 512 memory stick too

I checked my power supply sticker and this is wat it said

300W Max
+12v - 19A
+5V - 30A
+3.3V - 28A

ok so here is my trouble i want to know a graphics card i could buy that would run on these specs and PSU and no be outdated also that would decently run games like

-Star Wars KOTOR (I & II)
-City Of Heroes
-The Movies
-Age of Empires 3

i was maybe think of a card from the Nvida Geforce 7 series and if not from there then a good oneClick to expand...

Check the Games Specification... I'll start searching for you
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hai gaiz, i am running WinXP and my problem is this... windows does not recognize my sound card, how do i get windows to recognize the sound card? also the computer is a hp pavillion 540n

when i check the drivers, they are all up to date

but when i run dxdiag there is no sound card information, just blank space, someone please help, i am a telemarketer that works from home and i depend on my computer and sound to make calls and work to make money and pay the bills


T12iP'[email protected].....

A:sound card trouble

Hello there,

It sounds as though you have accidentally removed the sound driver or it has just gone corrupt on it's own. I have searched the HP website for a sound driver but cannot find one. Click Here

Any way. It is probably best to download the following from that page.

+Driver - Keyboard, Mouse, and input devices
+Driver - Modem

The sound driver may have been bundled into one of these as I cannot find it on any other page. If not a manual scan for drivers may work by using the device manager search function while it is connected to the internet.
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I followed instruction installing a new PCI Card, I even disabled my onboard video card. After installation computer wont boot. A black screen with three colored bars appears and it says 1. monitor working 2. test pc and I forgot the third, but keyboard won't do anything. Please help.

A:I am having trouble installing new PCI Card.

If you have onboard video you may have to change a setting in the BIOS or a jumper on the motherboard. The BIOS needs to be changed from AGP to PCI. What kind of computer is it?
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I just replaced my onboard graphics card with a pci card but now instead of entering windows I just get a black screen. I checked all the connections and switched the pci graphics card setting on in the bios but still have the same problem. I can hear it logging into windows so I know its not locked up. help!!

A:Graphics Card Trouble

If you connect the monitor to the integrated video after booting up to Windows do you get a display? If so then Windows is still using the integrated graphics as the main device. Was there an option anywhere in the BIOS to completely disable the onboard video - maybe by setting the shared memory size to None or Disabled?
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I recently installed a Radeon X on my HP to replace the horrible built in X I have a HP Pavilion a y with a HP Asterope motherboard I connected the monitor Trouble Video Card to the accessory VGA slot I am running Vista Home Basic I have a mhz processor and GB RAM I have all the current drivers off the ATI website For some reason the video card works just fine on start up and for a while but suddenly will crap out giving me blank screens or strange vertical lines of grey and green or red It especially seems to do this when the computer is idling for a while I have to manually restart every time I am running Directx Could that be Video Card Trouble messing it up I wouldn t think so because it crashes when I am not playing games The temps are running in the mid fifties and I have not touched any of the overclocking options I am going to try to update my bios and motherboard drivers if I can find them Any other suggestions would be great nbsp

A:Video Card Trouble

I poked around some more for more info, and my card needs at least a 350 W power supply and I had a 300. I am going to upgrade the power supply and see if that fixes it. If not, I still have some time in the 30 day replacement warantee.
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I bought KOTOR the sith lords and my video card S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR
card cant handle this game. I cant afford to buy a new video card. Is there a way to upgrade this with a download. If anyone can solve this ll be in your dept.

A:Im having trouble with my video card!! I NEED HELP!!!!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If updating to the latest drivers doesn`t work, then there`s nothing you can do, except get a new videocard.

You can find the system requirements for the game HERE

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I just reinstalled my operating system on another computer. I was attempting to reinstall my software for my cable modem and i get an error saying that the internet card cannot be found. Also, my start menu and taskbar disappeared. Keep in mind i don't have access to the internet on that computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a motorola surfboard modem by the way

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I bought a new Gateway GT and added a PNY nVidia GS MB video card I used a Chiefmax ATX Card Trouble Graphics Switching Power Supply W to run the card Now here s my problem Every time I try to play a game with higher-end graphics like Obliivion or Sims my graphics card will freeze up I will get little lines in the picture the picture freezes and eventually the card just shuts down My monitor will go off and I will be left with no other option than to turn off the computer and restart it I have contacted PNY a test of patience in and of itself and they seem to think the card is faulty Since it was much easier to do so I returned the graphics card to where I bought it and got another one It does the exact same thing I have downloaded the newest drivers so that s not the problem Could I have another faulty card or is it possibly an issue with the type of power supply I got I m frustrated as I can get Can someone please advise me as to what the problem could be nbsp

A:Graphics Card Trouble


I can come with two thoughts. First do as you suggest and check your power supply. Borrow another one and give it a try (Try to get one with similar power) .

I don't thing both cards are faulty! Well no one knows but we have to go by common sense. Maybe your card is not fully compatible with the mobo. BIOS updates usually correct stuff like that. Try a BIOS update using extreme care as it can damage your mobo if something goes wrong.

Maybe the mobo's PCI-X interface is faulty...That's bad news but it is a possibility.

Did you overclock your card or tried to unlock pipelines by using apps like RivaTuner?
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Hello I didn t know whether to post this in the windows section or the hardware section Recently My pc crashed and I formatted the harddrive and started all over reloading all the software and hardware I lost access to the internet for a full month because of the software upgrade of my ISP while I was down This caused problems with getting the updated drivers loaded to my pc I ran the directx troubleshooter in safe mode The sound was recovered for a short time Then I needed to download updated drivers While running the directx troubleshooter the system was configured for windows to ignore the soundcard Card Usb Trouble Sound & and usb devices I am getting a windows error message that says quot code quot Windows will never attempt to load the Usb & Sound Card Trouble hardware you are trying to use again Can an error of this type be corrected Please help if you can Hopefully I have given you the information you need to help resolve this problem I appreciate your attention in this matter Thanks Wildflower nbsp

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want to play Restaurant Empire. when I click on PLAY computer asks me to select video card. I only have one which is ATI Rage Pro....driver ver 4.10.
Should this card work with this game or is there another problem....
Other games work..thx

A:video card trouble

medicineman said:

want to play Restaurant Empire. when I click on PLAY computer asks me to select video card. I only have one which is ATI Rage Pro....driver ver 4.10.
Should this card work with this game or is there another problem....
Other games work..thxClick to expand...
Yes, it should work...but u need to post the minimum system requirements so I can be sure...your card is a little outdated but it should still work.
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When I boot up my pc I my monitor says "NO SIGNAL". I connected the monitor to my pc and it was working fine. I connected an old monitor to the pc and it said "NO SIGNAL" also. I assume it's the video card that needs to be replaced. I have to tap F8 and go to a previous configuration in order to get the monitor to display. The video card I have now is Nvida GeForce 8400 GS. I wanted to upgrade to something a little faster do you have a recomendation? If you need more information I will gladly send it to you. Thanks in advance. I'm fuzzy on most computer language by the way! :<)

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i dont have the net with this computer

i have all the above drivers none work please help me i need sound

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does anyone else get this problem with their creative Audigy 2 ZS.
when i enable hardware or eax in games, many sounds that i that software buffer will play, will not be played when hardware or eax is enabled.
like on battlefield 2, gun shots will not be played but the sounds of the bullet casing falling will be played.
has anyone found a way to fix this. PS i am using the latest drivers.

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I have purchased a sound card and downloaded the driver, but everytime I try to install it, I get this error

"The procedure entry point Thunkconnet32 cannot be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

Can anyone offer any suggestions on making this work? I really need the sound and this is me SO much!

Thanks in advance!

A:Sound Card Trouble


Can anyone help me with this? Or send me in the right direction to get help?
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Im having trouble installing the video card driver on a windows 7 laptop. When i install the drivers, i either get a blue screen of death, a black screen or death, or scrolling lines on the screen like the old style tv sets. I can usually figure this stuff out, but this time im stumped. The computer worked for a little while with windows 7 and the video card driver.

The specs are as follows:

Alienware M5550
NVidia Go 7600 video card
2 GB Ram

Those are the specs that i can remember off the top of my head, as this isnt my laptop that im working on, its for a friend. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Video Card Trouble

Possibly failing hardware would be my first impulsxe...can't install a driver for hardware which isn't functioning properly. Laptop components don't last forever.

<<The computer worked for a little while with windows 7 and the video card driver>>

How long has this system been long is a "little while"?

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I have an intel motherboard with the 945 gzm3 chipset. I originally used the built in sound that was 97 ac or something like that. I was having trouble with it stuttering while playing music and games so I disabled it and put in an sb x-fi xtreme sound card. This seemed to lessen the problem,however it still does the stuttering and hesitation. I have the latest drivers and plenty of memory. 2G Any help would be appreciated

A:sound card trouble

Is there anything else that may be running in the background at the same time ? Downloading programs , music ?
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For about nearly a year now I haven't had sound on my computer because my onboard sound card went out. So today I went and got a USB sound card hoping that maybe it will get my sound working. I put it in and installed all of the drivers and it says that it is working properly, but I still can't hear any sound. There is a red X over the stereo symbol in the bottom right corner and when i try to go to the volume mixer it says no audio device is installed. How can fix this?

A:USB Sound Card Trouble

did you look in device manager for any problems with sound hardware?
did you uninstall and/or disable the old sound card?
check the manufacturer's website for the latest driver?
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I have a Nvidia "Gforce2 go" installed on my dell ispiron 8100 laptop. OS=Windows XP

When I open the device manager I have that stupid little yellow question mark and it says "Video Controller (VGA compatible)"

I tried to download the drivers but it won't let me install them.

Any ideas?

A:Video Card Trouble

Most manufactures send thier Drivers in compressed form. these have to be opened up(uncompressed) inorder to load them. With any luck they have an excutable files that once clicked on will start an istallation process. Good Luck!
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Well I'm at a total loss here. I think my video card is shot. It's an ATI All-In-Wonder 8500DV, it's around 3 years old(had it since i built my computer in June of 2002). Well now it's virtually impossible to watch any videos on my computer and sometimes it doesnt even take that to crash my computer. Usually when it crashes now, it brings up a blue screen, which in short says there has been a severe problem with your atidvag2(i believe is right) and then says at the bottom of the blue screen "Dumping Physical Memory" and starts counting up and usually gets to 75 or 100 and then reboots. Does anyone have a suggestion for me? If i have to get a new card I'm content with that, even though i dont want to. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers about 3 times to no avail.

A:Video Card Trouble....very bad...

First off I would download driver cleaner, google it. It is a very good program that cleans out any remnants of ATI and other drivers. Read the "read me" that comes with it.

Reload your drivers.

Then download ATI tool and run it, just have it scan for artifacts. If ATI tool crashes then you would have a good indication it is a video card issue. Other things can cause the crash, but the "atidvag2" sounds like an ATI issue, matter of the fact it is an ATI issue.

I'd try some older drivers also. Maybe like the catalyst 4.6 set. The newer ones are aimed at the newer cards but they should still work. Sometimes they don't work as well as they should. Try these ideas and post back. Driver Cleaner is a very important part of what I asked you to try.
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My video card has been giving me the error "no input signal or cable disconnected" seemingly at random the past few days, but always when I turn on the computer, never had it from a reboot. I didn't pay it much attention because I had ordered a new card, which I got today. After uninstalling the old one, I put the new one in only to get the same message. Unlike my old card it never worked even after 10+ tries, so I have put the old one back in for now (gave me the error once, then worked.) The LED lights all come on and I get the normal beep, so I have no idea whats going on. The cards are AGP if that matters.

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Hello I have recentlly developed a strange occurance on my PC The monitor will click on and off for a second Nothing is lost while this takes place and after that second it returns to normal I believe this has caused my system to no longer play Video Card Trouble? streaming video The video slows Video Card Trouble? or stops and then the screen will start to turn on and off I have tried evrything I can think of to new Drivers for the Video card AGP bus drivers updated bios and even updated sound card driver I thought maybe it was a heat issue so I installed two extra fans The core temp has dropped from degrees to degrees I have also checked to make sure the card is properly fitted into the card slot I have also disabled all shadowing and cache options in the bios I m running out of options and I would love some help Thank you Specs Motherboard - ECS k series KT A Sound card - Nvidia Geforce FX Monitor - two year old Envision e Chip - AMD Athlon XP Ram - DDR nbsp
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I am trying to add a USB 2.0 card in a pci slot. the computer doesn't seem to like it much. any ideas about how to proceed with an install of this type of card would be appreciated.

the mobo has USB 1.0 integrated. Disabling it in the hardware manager seems to have no effect.

I see only one setting in the bios refering to the usb. It is USB IRQ, enable/disabled

A:trouble/usb on pci card install

I've had trouble installing USB2.0 cards in really old machines; that said, I had no trouble putting one in a Pentium Pro machine that came out before USB sockets on the backplane were even standard. NEC USB cards have given me trouble also, what brand is the main chip on your card?
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I installed a Sierra Wireless Card on my computer it is recognized by my computer but I don't have a way to gain access to any hotspots or anything. I can't get any icon and I know that WINDOWS 2000 doesn't have a generic WireLESS NETWORK CONNECT TAB.


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I have a Nxidia Gforce4 440 MX Video card in my system and it is tell me it has way more memory than it has and I have the up to-date driver installed for my system
i AM RUNNING Windows 98se and was wondering how I might be able to solve this problem I will attach info you will be able to see the amount of memory it is reporting
thank you

A:NVidia Card trouble


Sorry no one has addressed your question as yet, BUT what really is the problem?

Does your card not work properly?

Is its performance not up to par?

Is the "extra" memory being somehow stolen from the System RAM pool?

I guess I'm missing the "problem"....I'll give you minor nuisance, but that's about it.
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about a month ago my computer stopped connecting to the internet...i have yahoo sbc xp pro...every time i try to renew its ip it gives me an error saying it cant renew the ip...its not the modem or the ethernet cables cause it works fine on my moms old comp, and shes running win 98. any ideas?

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For some strange reason, my Geforce DDR card (AGP) is reading in Hardware Properties as being on the PCI bus. I tried recently to load a game demo from this month's Maximum PC magazine CD, but it says that it isn't detecting a 3D card. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. When I try to load the latest drivers from Nvidia or Asus, the system crashes continuously.

P.S. Fresh Diagnose also crashes the system now.

A:Video Card Trouble


Go into CMOS and make sure that your video card setting is set for AGP instead of PCI. I know that my board has a setting under CMOS to select AGP or PCI. It may need to be changed to AGP. I don't know why it would already be set for PCI instead of AGP being default unless someone changed it. Wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Worth taking a look at though.
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Hey there everyone this is my first time using this website and im in urgent need of help with a problem involving the sound system on my computer Ive never had this problem before and it has been going on for a month or two whenever i try to either go on microphone or listen to music or anything involving sound an onscreen error message comes trouble!!! card help!! Please Sound up on my screen saying that there is no sound device installed on my computer I did not delete or uninstall any sound devices from my computer but one day after shutting my computer down for the night i went on the next day and it would not play sounds im not a computer expert and im trying to avoid taking it in for repairs i would really appreciate any help that anyone Sound card trouble!!! Please help!! could offer Im using a pentium athlon processor with windows XP sorry if that is not enough information thanks for any help that anyone is willing to offer nbsp

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I have a SanDisk 30GB SD card that I took from my android phone and I plugged it into the computer to add files onto it.

I when I tried to move files I got an error 0x8007045D.

I tried to format the card but it formatted it into FAT32?

Any idea on how to fix this?


A:[SOLVED] Trouble with SD card


0x8007045D I/O Device Error

Seems is though the card has failed. Try putting it back into the phone to Format it.
You can also go into Disk Management, highlilght the card/drive/Volume/partition (if if shows up) right click it and Delete the volume/partition or go up to the Tool bar and press the X to delete the volume/partition. If the card was not previously formatted FAT32, then put it back in the phone to Format it. Or Format it FAT32 in Disk Management
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Good day all!

Please Help!!! I have a Dell dimension 4600 with 1 GB ram, i upgraded my Video Card with an ATI Radeon 9550 and have had no joy gaming sice it was installed. any help or advice would be greatly apreciated.

A:Video Card Trouble

Can you give details please.

"Had no joy".....?

Card is working? Card does not work at all? Crashing?......

As much detail as you can please.
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Im fixing someones dimension 2400 for them. They basically ripped the onboard video out by pulling it out while screwed in it seems. They basically pulled the entire I/O of the motherboard out. So i ordered a ATI Rage 128 pro 32b pci video card for them. It wont put out video through this and i cant get into the bios to disable the onboard because the onboard video is broken.

I tried my other video card in it and it does work so i dont get why its not working with this one. Any suggestions?

A:Dimension2400 video card trouble

Maybe because the card might be bad?
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Pre-note Thanks for reading and thanks for your help I bought a RAM card Ram Card installation/initiation New trouble. the other day and it came in the mail today quot New Ram Card installation/initiation trouble. Viking P M quot and it fits nicely into my extra little laptop slop New Ram Card installation/initiation trouble. I popped it in there closed it up booted up my laptop and tried to install it WELL in the Device Manager Window it has that satanic little yellow exclamation point under quot PCMIA and Flash Memory Devices quot and then next to the device entitled quot M-Systems Disk on Chip quot so I open it up and it shouts wildly at me quot Windows cannot determine the settings for this device Consult the documentation that came with this device and use the Resource tab to set the configuration Code quot Well I didn t get any documentation with the device--I bought it off www newegg com and the resource tab eh That says quot The device isn t using any resources because it has a problem quot So I click Set configuration manually and what do I get CRAZY LETTERS AND NUMBERS so I set the memory range to quot D - D FFF quot having no idea what the hell that means but it s the only one that doesn t have a conflict and says something nice to me restart my computer and then I get the error message saying that the device couldn t be started WHAT THE HECK DO I DO I want my RAM nbsp

A:New Ram Card installation/initiation trouble.

No details. Was it the right ram for the laptop?
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okay as some of you that may read this know about - weeks ago i bought a new video card a Radeon x mb I was having issues from day one the card It would randomly fill my Video Card still Trouble Solved: screen with red dots red lines or all like blocks with black ones thrown in or a Solved: Video Card Trouble still mixture of those things than my moniter goes black and comes back on and everything is good this happens every like hour I bought a new power supply about weeks ago a watt PSU thinking that was the problem and during the installation best buy broke my mother board so they sent it away to get fixed for free this took about weeks maybe i finally got it back a couple of days ago and the problem still exsists i tried reinstalling and using multiple drivers before i replaced the PSU didnt work i just reinstalled drivers a little while ago and going to try it out doubt its gona work so if these drivers still get the same problem should i go and exchange it for a new card keep in mind i ve tried diff drivers too not just the same ones reinstalled Also one other consern it says Crossfire-compatible motherboard now how do i check that could that be why its randomly doing that while i play a game or would it not even work if my MB wasnt compatible nbsp

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i recently reinstalled my OS and the video driver got wiped and i don't have the cd that came with the motherboard also I know nothing about computers can someone help me?

The motherboard is a Biostar M7VIG 400 I have already gone to the Biostar website and downloaded the drivers they offer but neither worked

A:[SOLVED] video card trouble

Hi Ca16,
Are you using the Video card (On-board) on this motherboard or an Add on card (PCI).
Did you install the Chipset driver:
The only driver under Chipset (VIA_HYPERIONPRO_V512A.ZIP VIA Hyperion 4-in-1 driver)
This is a ZIP folder so you will have to unzip it to a new folder and run the Setup exe file.

Your Video driver (for On-Board) is the first on the list under Video.
(VT8378_614_WIN2KXP.EXE VT8378 (KM400) Unichrome video driver)
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Got myself a problem with my ethernet card on my desktop computer. One day, when I turned it on, I could not access the internet. Upon investigation, I discovered that my ethernet card was not listed in the Device Manager. When I reinstalled the drivers and restarted the computer, I checked the Device Manager and found that my ethernet card was listed under "Unknown" and it had a yellow exclamation point on it. The error code was 31, saying that Windows could not load the correct drivers.

This is what I have done thus far with no positive results:
1.) Entered safe mode, removed the drivers from the driver folder in windows/system32.
2.) Installed a new ethernet card but the same problem happened = ethernet card listed under Unknown and the same error code.
3.) Scanned for viruses and spyware = clean.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks in advance.