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Max hard drive capacity for Pavilion zd7000?

Q: Max hard drive capacity for Pavilion zd7000?

Hi i am hard capacity drive for Pavilion Max zd7000? trying to mend a friends laptop the HD has packed in and i need to replace it The laptop is a HP Max hard drive capacity for Pavilion zd7000? Pavilion zd the hd is a toshiba gig lol and i am just wondering what the max hd is i Max hard drive capacity for Pavilion zd7000? can put in it I have seen these below but am unsure if it would be ok to install i have no knowledge of laptop requirements like PSU demands etc so i need your help in getting the biggest HD affordable for this unit Here s the one s i have looked at based on dimentions http www ebuyer com product http www ebuyer com product The original one is a Toshiba MK GAX and i think looking on the net its an IDE its mm depth the first one above is mm and the other mm so unsure if the first would fit being mm thinner Hope you can point me in the right direction Kindest regards Lee nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Max hard drive capacity for Pavilion zd7000?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Max hard drive capacity for Pavilion zd7000?

Ayup Lee....again

Looks like you can go with any 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, or 120GB (Non SATA) Hard drive. That HD in your first link is a 9.5mm....The 9.4 is probably a typo.

Here's the website i looked up
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I hope someone can help as i m a novice to the technicalities of this notebook I was using this notebook belongs to a 7383 screen (zd ea) zd7000 Pavilion HP friend the other day with the battery pack and on adaptor power I was looking at a map suddenly the system stalled and i had no other possibilty to turn it off other than take adaptor plug and battery completely out Now it will turn on all lights on but the screen remains stuck The screen is on hazey blue grey but there is no picture There is also no beep upon start up I can hear the XP music starting up faintly in the back ground HP Pavilion zd7000 (zd 7383 ea) screen though I have removed and reinserted RAM - this hasn t done anything All i know is that my friend has sent this notebook into HP repeatedly over the last years due to malfunctioning for whatever reason She now ofcourse wants me to get it sorted out repaired but my insurance will not support me as it was loaned to me I need to find cheapest solution to get it fixed I live in Germany Any help would be GREATLY appreciated nbsp
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put the recovery disk in nothing.
and now really messed up have to have gridlock password and password which i creared and would like to get rid of.
see i said i was a dummy

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I'm reloading xp pro sp2 on this laptop. I am getting the error Setup cannot copy the file Msncli.ex_. Ensure the disk labeled xp pro sp2 is in the drive selected below. Of course its in there, thats what I'm using to load from.

Please advise. Has anyone seen this message or know what its referring to? I can browse, cancel or retry.
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I installed Win 98 SE on a Compaq 5240 with a 10GB WD drive and it shows up as a C drive at 1.9 GB and a save D drive at 1.9 GB . Maybe I didn't format or partition correctly ? Maybe the drive is bad ? The restore disk indicates an error message #108 "partition doesn't end at end of cyl."

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Quite a while back I installed two identical hard drives, one as my C drive and the other a back-up drive.
For some reason still a mystery to me, I only have about 60% capacity on the C drive, while I have virtually 100% capacity available to me on the back-up drive.
They are both 200Gb SATA disks.
Is it possible to transfer EVERYTHING (including Op Sys [Windows XP]) to the back-up drive and then re-format the original C drive disk? I think the error (whatever that is) occurred when I originally formatted those drives.
This is becoming much more of a problem recently since I am running out of useable space on the existing C drive.
John 090301-20:49EST

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I have a 250 GB hard drive which i installed to my system...but it shows only 150GB . Could anyone tell me why is it? does this mean i can only use 150GB& not 250 GB.

A:hard drive capacity

Welcome to TechSpot!

Is this a WD drive? Did you run the CD that came with your new HD? Did you check your BIOS and make sure it can handle 250GB drives. If it can't , then you need to run FDISK or some sort of partition software to split the drive into two. So you would start off with 250 split into 125MB D:\, 125MB E:\.

Or you just do the samething using Windows XP Pro Computer Management.
Click on start
click on run
type: compmgmt.msc
scroll down to storage
click on disk management

On your right panel you should see your new HD listed.
Right click on the white shaded with black slanted lines for your drive listed
you should see format

Click on format..
Select a name for your drive (volume)
Example: DATA, SYSTEM an etc..
I would leave the rest to for Windows to setup...
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I would like to state up front that I am not a knowledgeable person when dealing with comps.

That said, I have an old pentium 166 mmx chip in a megatrends mobo, I am running win 2000 pro with 64 megs of ram, I am using a WD caviar 2 gig hdd as my master. I have recently slaved a quantum bigfoot 6.2 gig and a samsung 4.3 gig. Both of these show as having only 2 gigs. Is there anything I can do to get the rest of the space to be usable?

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Trying to work out why my hard drive storage capacity has dropped from 8G to 7.5G??

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Hi this isn't specific to Vista so sorry if i posted in wrong forum but couldn't find a more suitable one.

My problem is this:

My hard drive reads as this:

C: Capacity 99.9 GB
Back Up: 9.9 Gigibite

This equals 120GB No?

See i'm supposed to have 160GB, If i'm just being stupid let me know, i'm no expert

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I am currently using windows 98 and plan to install XP on a new hard drive.

I have a VIA Technologies KM266-8233 system with a DFI AZ30-EL board with a 1666 MHz AMD Pentium III. The bios is Phoenix Technologies 6.00 PG 08/30/2002.

Will I have any capacity restrictions on the size hard drive I will purchase?

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I am new to the PC stuff. So sorry for a dumb question!!

Just doing a fresh XP pro install on a new 200Gb hard drive.
When installing XP, it only sees a partition space of 130gb?

Why is this, how do i get the other 70 gb??

Thanks in advance


A:Hard Drive capacity false

xp with no service packs will give you that
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With the intention of gaining extra storage capacity I have added a 1TB internal hard drive to my windows 7 PC. It shows up DATA (E) but is only showing a capacity of 449GB. This drive came from a friend who was disposing of components from a dead Windows 7 PC.
Why does the drive not show full capacity.?

A:Hard Drive capacity question.

Likely someone partitioned it.
Anything useful on there, or is it blank?
If there is, you can either: transfer everything on it to another harddrive, then reformat that drive to use the 1tb in a single partition; or, create a second 500gb partition.
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I recently bought a new hard drive with a capacity of 160 GB, but my computer is only allowing me to use 30 GB. Is there anyway I can get to use the rest of the capacity?

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After searching the forums I see I have a similar problem that others have getting Windows XP to recognize the full capacity of the large hard drive.

Mine is 160 Gig's and when installing XP Pro, it only shows 131070(131 Gig).

Okay, so SP 1 or 2 solves this problem but I have Pro only. I'm wondering if I install the Packs after, how do I reallocate the space? I mean what good is it to see the full 160 after I install the SP if I can't use it? Do I need something like Partition Magic?

Short of using Partition Mag Is Fdisk in option?

Perhaps make a partition, install sp1 or 2 and then make a new partition with whats left?

Hmm, not sure what to do here

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Hi everyone.

I'm using a notebook ASUS A43S that comes with HDD 640GB. I recently formatted my notebook and surprised that the hard drive capacity loss (40GB) and left only 596.07GB. I used EASEUS Partition Manager to navigate and divide the hard drive before formatting the notebook. What should I do?

A:Loss hard drive capacity

Nothing, it's standard, you lose quite a bit in formatting.... a 2TB drive formats to 1.8TB and change.

It's a fun little game they have been playing for years.
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I'm a bit perplexed. I ordered the 1TB hard drive, however tonight when I went to look at the capacity under "my computer" I see the capacity is only at 118GB.   That isn't close to the 1TB I paid for.  Help me understand what the issue here is.  I'm pretty tech savvy but am confused on this. I apologize if this isn't the proper area to pose this question.... Thank you.

A:Hard drive capacity question

Hi, What is your Envy laptop ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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My Sony Vaio was purchased as a 200GB Hard Drive, yet when I check the capacity it says 183GB total. Why is there a 17GB difference?

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Hi I purchased a new 3 tb hard drive and fitted it to my XP desktop machine. I initialized it ok but it only shows as a 745 gb drive. How do I access it properly for full capacity?

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Installed new hard drive(250 gb)only showing that it is 127 gb in size.Anyone have any ideas?

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HI, I have just had to reinstall my operating system (Windows 98SE) and since then the capacity of my hard drive is not being displayed correctly. I have a 20GB hard disk but the computer is saying that it only has a capacity of 1.99GB. As such I'm having problems installing many programs. Can anyone help so I can get my computer to read the size of the hard disk properly?

A:Hard Drive Capacity problem

OK, a bit more information. I ran Fdisk and it sowed that my full disk capacity is 20GB bu that I'm using around 2GB for a partition. Have I made an error when I was re-installing my OS. If so can I correct it and get full use of my hard disk again without formatting my hard drive?

I laos used Partition Magic and found out that around 18GB of my hard disk is unallocated. How can I allocate this free capaity to my the existing small partition?
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Given my new PC has 2TB then should I have a 2TB external hard drive for backup? I'm considering nothing other than equipped capacities. Truthfully, I currently have no idea how much of that 2TB will be used. I just want to be on the safe side.

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All else being equal is there a difference in performance between say a 500 GB and 1 TB external hard drive. If specifics help, trying to decide between WD elements external HD 500 GB vs 1 TB to run itunes off of. I think 500 capacity should be sufficient, and there is not much difference in the price between the two ($10) but if capacity affects performance i will have that be the deciding factor. i am also going to get an additional external HD for scanning my office files (PDF). So, again, same question. thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone. I have an issue with the capacity on my HD. Heres the problem, when I open up the Computer window and look at my HD, it says "106GB free of 149GB" but when I go to the system information it says that the capacity of my HD is 160GB. So, where's the 11GB? It is really annoying knowing that there should be an extra 11GB. Where has the 11GB dissappeared to? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

A:Hard Drive Capacity Issue

Take a look here:
Hard Drive Size Capacities Calculator

500 = 465.66.
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What is the maximum capacity of external hard drive that Windows XP sp2 can adress?
Many thanks

A:Hard Drive capacity and Windows XP

You should consider updating to SP3.

The "Max Volume Size" depends on the partition type and in some cases whether third party drivers are installed.

NTFS compared to FAT and FAT32
NTFS vs FAT vs exFAT
What are the maximum volume sizes and maximum file sizes for the various Windows file systems?
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I arrived at work this morning to see some updates were available for WinXP I have SP installed and my system has Problem Help! Capacity Hard Drive - been running fine with no problems After the updates were installed my computer needed to be reset When it tried to boot back up no operating system was detected I put in my Hard Drive Capacity Problem - Help! WinXP disk to try and repair the problem I got to the partition management option only to see my gb drive had been reduced to a mere gb I checked the BIOS but the correct capacity was being displayed there I tried using some Partition Magic rescue disks to redo my partitions Once again the correct drive capacity was being displayed I set my partitions and formated the drive in NTFS When i returned to WinXP setup s partition management options the partitions i had just set were still present showing the full gb capacity but i tried moving on to the format options setup was unable to continue and the gb limit was displayed once again At this time a delivery man showed up with a brand spanking new gb drive which i promtly installed When i tried to install windows the new drive was also showing a gb limit an identical mb limit to the gb drive Until i installed the Windows Update my system was reading all hard drives correctly I have reset the CMOS but it made no difference I have run out of things to try nbsp

A:Hard Drive Capacity Problem - Help!

Look for 48-bit LBA support. This option is hidden somewhere since XP-SP1, a Google should help you further.
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I'm trying to build a computer for a friend from spare parts.(Computer A) The Hard Drive was too small, (about 2 Gigs, w/ Win ME) so I added a bigger drive as a slave. The slave drive came from a newer computer and was clearly marked 20GB. (It was corrupted, had to be formatted. The computer I took it from, (Computer B) wouldn't boot, no OS.)
Computer A says this is a 2GB drive.​ I assumed old BIOS/ can't recognize over 2GB. I removed both drives and put them into Computer B, where the 20GB drive came from. (Same config: 2GB master, 20GB slave.) Computer B calls it 2GB too!​What's going on? Damaged hard drive? Need to reformat under Computer B BIOS? Will it still hold 20GB despite the smaller label?​I'd really appreciate some good advice here.​

A:Spare Hard Drive / Capacity a Mystery

Since you have not listed the Harware you are working with ,I will just give a couple of things to check on .
If the bios is identifying each drive is correctly , check the settings for cylinders etc. some older bios needed the HDD's characteristic's set manually.
Also you can download Drive Diagnostic programs for all major HDD's and run them from Floppys. These will check the drives for errors and format the drives for use.
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hi everyone new to this site. i just bought a maxtor 500G ext hard drive (one touch 4) usb.
plugged it into my computer running xp home ed. it reckonized it as drive e. storing files on it no problem. turn it on next two days its saying i have only 69G and 0 free capacity. i cannot access no files it keeps on saying do you want to formatt drive.
computer specs
1.6 duo core pro
gigabyte s3 mother b, vista copatible
xp home edition. ive got vista but had to unistall because it wasnt compatible with my existing software.
can someone please help
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I have got an external hard drive with no files on it but it shows 14 Gb of used space.
Are these the MFTs and will I have to reformat to get my space back, or how else can I do it?
Thank you

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hi guys,

as far as i remember, i do have an external HDD with a 250G capacity... i bought an enclosure then...
i think i have this almost 3 years now...

i have noticed lately that max capacity is now 150G...

i mean, could this be possible?

i am really sure that i have a 250G external HDD....


A:External Hard Drive reduced max capacity

Where are you reading that 150 GB figure? A command prompt? Window Explorer? Diskpart? Other?

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.
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I have just got a new second GB hard drive came with no instructions what so ever It was recognised straight away in BIOS CMOS screen I think the first time I booted up I was asked to format it - but it was named hard capacity window/dos New differs in and drive quot C quot so I was a bit worried that it was my main drive- so I didnt choose the format option After that I could never find the drive again in DOS or Windows as it had no letter After a number of reboots and days it suddenly appeared as quot d - removable disk quot in quot my computer quot But after formating it with right click it only has GB though it still shows GB in BIOS CMOS After abit of research I think I should have probably used FDISK - does any one New hard drive capacity differs in window/dos and know how I can get back the extra GB - should I try FDISK now System is Windows ME Jumpers seem to be okay and detected in Bios Correctly -main hard drive is primary master I set this new one as primary slave and have CD-dvd combo as secondary master nbsp

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Only in Windows 7 at the install screen. Even after a fresh install and adding updates, it won't see it. However, if I plug drive in as slave, xp sp3 will recognize the full capacity. Bios recognizes full capacity and all the partitioning softwares recognize the full 320GB. Ironically, I can only access 137 gb. This makes me wonder about the 48bit LBA. But this can't be the case since everything else sees it, right? Why won't windows 7 see the hard drive's full capacity but other OS, partitioning softwares, and the bios recognize the full 320gb? Trying to install Windows 7 x86 Ultimate.

A:Hard drive full capacity not recognized

Welcome Jaunty!

I would recommend doing a Google search for 137gb limit. I have found one page that looks promising, 137GB limit on 200GB disk?, but there are loads of them out there!

Good luck!

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Hey there,

A while ago i purchased i an external hard drive and being forgetful like i usually am i left it at my friends house, my friend then proceeded to steal the hard drive off me and use it as his own. I finally have it back but now it only has half the capacity it should. I know that he has divided the hard drive into two partitions one being " (G): " and one being " New Volume (F): ", all i want to do is delete everything off the hard drive and return it to one full partition but i have no idea how to, please help?


A:Hard drive doesn't have full capacity

Geez mums are handy, and i'm just lucky my mums a computer wiz, all i needed to do was get into disk management and delete the partitions and then format the drive!!!
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Hello All You Lovely People Out THere I have bought a hard drive to replace a faulty slow The make of the one I Drive not full Hard showing capacity m replacing is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus GB ata HD IDE connector as I my mobo is an old one and doesn t have SATA My new hard drive is a Western Digital WD Caviar SE Enhanced IDE Hard Drive GB I plugged it in and booted up and went into the BIOS settings and it only shows GB I have formatted it and partitioned it and in disk management Acronis Disk Director it only shows GB it is used as a slave drive I have read a number of forums solutions but non seem to apply I know that some old mobos won t show more than gb but my mobo had no trouble showing up the gb hard drive I m replacing nor the gb primary drive I have tried the drive in both primary and slave but the result is the same Does anyone have any suggestions I haven t updated my bios settings ever and in case this may be the solution is Hard Drive not showing full capacity there anyway of finding out what mobo I have as I didn t build my own pc so I have no idea what mobo is in there it s a winfast something or other Thanks in advance for any help given if there s anything else you need to know just ask nbsp

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Is there a capacity limitation for a hard drive in the Sprout? I notice that the 4TB Seagate Hybrid drives are now priced under $150. I might also, instead, updgrade to a 7200 rpm non Hybrid drive. Would heat be a problem if I did that?

A:I want to upgrade to a larger capacity hard drive in the Spr...

Hi LarryMeBoy, Sorry it took so long to have someone reply to this. I looked into your question. Here is what I have found out about Sprout and upgrading the HDD: Sprout supports 2.5? form factor hard drives.  From what I know, the 4TB hybrid drives from Seagate are 3.5? form factor, so they will not fit in the Sprout. I don't believe Sprout was officially qualified for for a 7200RPM HDD, but the motherboard should be able to handle this. However, as you rightly questioned, there could (and likely would) be more heat generated by a drive with that RPM. It's possible the heat could reduce the life of the drive over time, but I don't think it would be a major issue. Regarding a 7200RPM HDD vs. a SSHD (5400RPM + flash cache), the former can have higher sustained read/write throughput (due to the higher RPM), but the SSHD can deliver read throughput more quickly once the data is in the flash cache.  For example, I would expect the SSHD to boot OS and cached apps faster than the 7200RPM HDD. The ultimate drive for performance is of course a full solid state SSD. Sprout's motherboard has an mSATA slot that can accommodate an mSATA SSD module up to 1TB in size.  I don't know if this slot was validated for different drives, but I believe it is functional and can serve as a second storage bay.  However, to access this mSATA slot, you have to remove the motherboard shield cover, so it?s not recommended for typical users.
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Only in Windows 7 at the install screen. Even after a fresh install and adding updates, it won't see it. However, if I plug drive in as slave, xp sp3 will recognize the full capacity. Bios recognizes full capacity and all the partitioning softwares recognize the full 320GB. Ironically, I can only access 137 gb. This makes me wonder about the 48bit LBA. But this can't be the case since everything else sees it, right? Why won't windows 7 see the hard drive's full capacity but other OS, partitioning softwares, and the bios recognize the full 320gb? Trying to install Windows 7 x86 Ultimate.

A:Hard drive full capacity not recognized

I'm not sure about what might be causing the problem, but it may have been that the disk has an error? Go to computer and right click your C drive and check the volume for errors on one of the tabs. If there isn't an error, you might want to check your hard drive from your bios. If that doesn't work, go to your internal hard drive company and download another driver, one that is updated for windows 7 perhaps.
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I am down to about 24% capacity on my 70G HD. I have moved all of my son's game files and other large files to my external Maxtor, done cleanup, defrag, etc

As I "explore" and look through my file tree, I see that My Documents is in the tree twice, once under My Desktop and once under Documents and Settings. Each instance is exactly the same size - 24G and contains the exact same files. When I save a file it is saved to both locations.

Am I really seeing two seperate and complete instances of My Documents on the HD (24G+24G = 48G), or is the instance under My Desktop just a mirage if you will, appearing there because I have a My Docs icon on the desktop?

If I could pull 24G off of my HD it would be great...

A:Hard Drive nearing Capacity, but shouldnt be

Post a screenshot of the results of treesize.
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Hello,I recently purchased a refurbished Z800 workstation, Product #: WJ105EC#ABA.I would like to fill my machine with hard drives but am not sure what the maximum capacity is for each drive with this particular model.I have tried to find this information online but have found several different versions of the Quickspecs catalog"DA - 13278" - all showing different maximum sizes of hard drives. Can you please confirm what my maximum hard drive capacity is for drives using the RAID controller and non-RAID controlled drives. Very much Appreciated!
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Hi My computer has been the subject of many many problems over the course of the past years I don t know why and I ve tried enlisting the help of friends and professionals alike in my quest to solve these problems but nothing yet has worked The most recent issue For the past months my computer has laid dormant in my bedroom It pretty much quot fried quot at a LAN party I took it to during September and since this was the th time it had quot fried quot I was in no rush to find out why So a few weeks ago I finally decided to send it into a local computer shop to get it fixed Well they checked it out and reduced! Drive's Total Hard Capacity been has told me that there was no Hard Drive's Total Capacity has been reduced! ram in the computer Apparantly I had lent it to a friend of mine during the computer s month hibernation and I had simply forgotten In any case they told me my computer was working just fine and there were plenty of programs still on the hard drive Great I thought I paid these guys bucks to tell me I m stupid So anyway when I got it back I decided to start off fresh with a nice reformat So I called over a friend who works with computers and he reformatted my computer for me Unfortunately about a day later I realize something odd I was using up out of gigs on my hard drive What was odd about this was twofold A It was only recognizing one of my harddrives and B neither of my hard drives had anything less than gigs of maximum space In the end I tried reformatting again and installing XP on the bigger of the two hard drives but that didn t work either Something about quot This drive cannot be partitioned quot or something So here I am with a gimp hard drive and one that doesn t even work Is this just a stupid mistake on my part or do I have to buy a third hard drive nbsp

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I have a hard drive that i'm using as an external drive in an enclosure. it is a 320gb hard drive but when i plug it into my computer it only shows as having a max capacity of 128gb. i've tried reformatting several times and nothing has worked yet. it is a Maxtor S TM3320620A drive. i'm running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. looking for help on getting this thing to show the right capacity. any help is much appreciated!!

A:Hard Drive only shows 128GB Capacity...Help!

right click "my computer"............ manage...........disk management ........hows it look?
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New Technology Boosts Hard Drive Capacity;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

-- Tom

A:New Technology Boosts Hard Drive Capacity

When they can get a Flash drive to 100 GB that would truly be a feat.
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I image copied data from a 20 GB Maxor hard drive to a 60GB Maxor hard drive using the Max-Blast v1.30 utility that ships with the Maxor hard drives. All data was correctly copied, but the 60GB
hard drive capacity now is read by Dos and all other utilities as 20GB. I tried deleting the DOS partitions and reformatting the hard drive, but it still is recognized as a 20GB. Does anyone know how to recover the missing 40GBs?

A:Hard drive capacity being incorrectly reported

Does your BIOS and OS support large partitions?
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I'm looking at buying a new laptop and am trying decide between 2 similar specs where one has a 1 Tb 5400rpm hard drive and the other a 750Gb 7200rpm hard drive. Other than that they are identical spec and price. Given that I am replacing my old laptop due to lack of hard drive space I was inclined to the 1 Tb but would the hard drive speed make much difference? I would be browsing, photo editing, some video editing and using Microsoft Office apps occasionally.

Any advice gratefully received.

A:New laptop - faster hard drive or more capacity?

Hello there Pinmac.

I'd get the 1tb5400rpm one. I currently have two HDDs on my desktop PC, a "Seagate Barracuda LP ST32000542AS 2TB 5900 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"" & a "Western Digital WD Blue WD3200AAJS 320GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"" and I don't really notice a very big difference between those two. The slowness is in a very small amount, you can't even notice the difference really.

That's my two cents on this
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hey , i have a maxtor 40 gb drive which i have been using for a while. the capacity is usually set to about 37.2 which is correct. however, i have just formatted my drive and the capacity has now changed to about 31 gb. where has the rest of the space gone and how do i get it back?
thanks in advance to anyone that helps

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I have Win95 SR-2,and am installing a new Samsung 13.6GB UDMA hard drive. When I partition it, it lists only 8,024.6 MB of disk space, using fdisk. The sys config lists it as 13,703MB on boot up. I am setting it up as a slave drive D: and plan on changing it to the C: drive master after I get the formatting done. I am missing something, anyone know what I need to do? My computer is 3 years old. Tyan Tomcat S1563S mother board with Award bios 2A59FT5A. Bios is set as "user defined" with the cylinders set at 26,550, heads at 16, sectors at 63, per the label on the hard drive. The drive I am replacing is a Quantum 2.5 GB fireball drive.

A:{RESOLVED} New hard drive partitions to less than full capacity

In order to properly support an 8.4 GB or larger IDE drive, your
system's BIOS must be capable of supporting INT13 Extensions. At
this writing, only a few BIOS's on some (but not all) new systems
support these functions.

Check Samsung for utility to help or you will need a bios upgrade.

go here for bios upgrade

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I'm having a little difficulty with ECS 848P-A7 recognizing the full capacity of my 320GB SATA II Maxtor drive. After installing drivers and enabling the SATA ports on the board, the system only recognizes 136GB of the 320GB.
Maxtor's web site and documentaion was not much help. I also followed Maxtor's recomendation to update my MB's Bios, but my MB already has the latest bios available through ECS. I understand that there is a barrier on some old board that only recognize limited capacity, but I've had 200GB and 250GB ATA HD full capacity recognitaion on the same board witout any problems.

I'm trying to avoid purchasing another SATA add-on card but that seems to be my only other choice.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A:SATA hard drive full capacity recognition

"Have had full capacity recognition"? What exactly fails to see the drive size correctly? The BIOS or the OS? What operating system are you using? Do you have 48-bit LBA enabled?
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I had a hard time getting this drive recognized in vista so I installed a older IDE drive and installed my OS to it.

I had to unplug the SATA drive to install the driver
or I would crash on boot. I managed to get it installed and now it's only 204GB.

Any ideas on where to go from here? I am completely lost.

Abit Uli M1689 MOBO.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive


Disk: Disk 1
Type: Basic
Partition style : (MBR)
Capacity: 610479 MB
Unallocated space: 2MB
Reserved space: 0


(D:) Capacity 207347 MB

A:[SOLVED] SATA Hard drive capacity 1/3 in Vista

what do you see listed for it in disk management,any unallocated space
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This is a common issue I am experiencing. Why is my hard drive's disk use so high? Is there anything I can do that doesn't adversely affect Windows or my computer?

A:Hard drive frequently at full disk use capacity

Looking at the Task Manager, it appears that you have Windows back service is running.
You can also check in settings:
Settings > Update and Security > Advanced > "Choose How Updates are delivered" and make sure that "Update from from compters on the internet is not selected.
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What would cause a such a large chunk of the hard drive to not appear in disk management - the capacity is approximately a third of the total drive (see attached)!?

I have used TreeSize and other tools to see if there is anything out of the ordinary, such as over-sized temp folders, pagefile, etc. But nothing but a couple over 19 GB (typical usage) shows (see attached).

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!

A:160 GB hard drive shows capacity of 55 GB in Disk Management

Please see this thread in the forum: 1tb HDD only shows 523gb
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I have a HP 6000dv with an 80 gb HD. I am running Win XP media center. I purchased this in 07. I recnely had to perform a system recovery as advised or prompted. I used the disc that came with the machine. Prior to performing System Recovery, my Hard Drive had approximately 60% of free space. Now it has 12% and I have removed the games and nothing more. I have not installed any new programs. Why is it that I have less disc space? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. tj

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Set up new system to find that XP would only recognise 128gig of my new drive, expected that to happen from the reading that I had done

I have since installed service pack 2 and windows continues to fail to see the full capacity of the drive

I have the drive partitioned 20GB/108GB, I didn't bother formatting the 108 partition since I didn't expect to use it in that form and I'm booting windows from the 20GB partition

the drive in question is a Western Digital SATA WD2500KS

Also have an old IDE hard drive in the machine

Motherboard is an ASUS A8N-E

When the machine starts, the drive is listed as 250GB in the list of devices before windows loads
Basically ran out of ideas on how to get it working properly and need advice

A:Problem recognising full capacity of new hard drive

The ATA Interface Limit (128 GiB / 137 GB) Barrier

In order to avoid previous disk barriers and limitations, other than those imposed by the operating systems themselves, today's hard drives no longer rely upon discrete geometry (specific cylinder, head and sector numbers) and instead use logical block addressing and a sector number. Unfortunately, even when we move away from bit addressing in favor of head and sector numbers, we still reach the limit of our ability to address all of the bits when taken together. Let's take a look at the ATA interface. There are 28 bits used for the sector number interface with the operating system, BIOS and the hard disk. This means a hard disk can have a maximum of 2^28 or 268,435,456 sectors of 512 bytes, placing the ATA interface maximum at 128 GiB or approximately 137.4 GB.

As little as one or two years ago, no one thought there would be hard drives exceeding 137.4 GB. However, as many of you have seen, hard drive capacity surpassed this mark when Maxtor released their DiamondMax Plus 540X at 160 GB on October 29, 2001. Of course, Maxtor's release of a drive at 160 GB caught many techno-geeks off guard. How could they possibly make these huge drives work? Maxtor considered the 137 GB barrier well before releasing the drive as part of an entirely new initiative to take storage capacities into the petabyte region. To conquer the 137GB barrier, when Maxtor released their new drive, they made a new Ultra ATA/133 PCI adapter card available as part of the package. Believe it or not, for a limited period, the add-in card was "free". The adapter itself, however, was Maxtor's method of bringing these new drives to market and in the process temporarily solving the barrier problem without requiring users to purchase new computers to handle the new technology.

Significant changes have occurred to the ATA interface between the hard disk and the rest of the computer system in less than a year, and more are in the making. One entity charged with the responsibility of developing the new standards for this interface (and its changes) is Technical Committee T13. It is responsible for the coordination and development of all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized on most personal and mobile computers today. A few years ago a number of different proposals to expand ATA addressing from 28 bits to either 48 or 64 bits were made, and over those few years the committee examined each very closely. Either of these technology changes would permit huge drive sizes. The first to surface, however, was 48 bit addressing and delivered in the form of a hard drive at 160 GB by Maxtor. Using 48-bits like Maxtor takes drive sizes 100,000 times higher than current limits. This is most definitely a signal of what lies ahead!


Due to BIOS limitations as well as those unique to Windows®, partitioning and formatting drives larger than 137 Gigabytes without proper driver or controller support will result in data loss when storing data to the drive beyond the 137 GB Barrier.

In order for you system to recognize more than 137 GB you will need to utilize one of the following recommended solutions:

If you have a motherboard that has a Intel chipset (810, 810E, 810E2, 815, 815, 815E, 815EP, 815P, 820, 820E, 830M, 830MP, 830MG, 840, 845, 850, or 860) please visit Intel's web site and download the Intel Application Accelerator. Intel's Application Accelerator supports the full capacity of drives larger than 137 GB.
If you do not have a motherboard that has a Intel chipset then it is recommended that you purchase an Ultra ATA 133 PCI card that supports 48 bit Logical Block Addressing (LBA). You can purchase the Maxtor Ultra ATA 133 PCI Card, which supports drives that are larger than 137 GB, directly from us or your local distributor.
If you do not follow either of the above steps, and you attempt to use a drive that exceeds 137 ... Read more
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I am going to put this in a windows xp (32-bit) computer.

How much space can xp handle before i have to partition?

I am thinking 2tb and up.

I want a GOOD hard drive.

I have not looked at 2 tb hard drives much due to all the stories of them failing.

Price range $150 maybee a little more?

What is reliable hard drive?


A:Buying a high capacity hard drive...what is good

Quote: Originally Posted by computergeekguy

I have not looked at 2 tb hard drives much due to all the stories of them failing.

Don't listen to the person who told you this anymore. A drive's size doesn't have any effect on it's failure rate.

Just stick to a quality brand, such as Western Digital or Seagate. If you are in the U.S., check out
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Hello everyone I installed Windows XP Professional on my old HP m n media center PC I could not do a factory restore the only way to get it working was to delete the HP actual Computer capacity My showing drive hard not recovery partition and install it there Now it works except that the hard drive's capacity which is GB My Computer not showing actual hard drive capacity is not displaying correctly When I go to My Computer not showing actual hard drive capacity disk management you can see that there is GB recognized however it isn't a part of the main C partition like it was before I know there is a method in Windows to extend a partition to include additional space however in Windows My Computer not showing actual hard drive capacity XP when I right clicked on the unallocated GB I could use the windows new partition wizard and create a primary partition extended partition or logical drive I chose extended partition thinking this would merge it with the C drive but it did not It only shows it as available highlighted in green but it is not merged with the GB that only shows on drive C As you can see in the picture when I right click the space I want to add to drive C I can delete the partition or create a new logical drive Any idea on how to remedy this issue Thank you
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I've been reformatting my computer for a few days now, yes it is going that well, and now I have a new problem. My formerly reliable and sturdy 160gb hard drive (was master) has been turned into a 32gb hard drive (now slave).

I wanted a way to 100% wipe the drive clean so I ran DBaN and that went well. After bringing it back up in My Computer (that was a problem in itself) it tells me it's only 32gb. I check my BIOS start up screen thing and it also tells me it's only 32gb. Does anyone know where my other 120gb might have gone? Did I somehow mess up my hard drive?

Any help is wonderful, thank you.
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For some reason, after upgrading my Windows XP computer to Windows 7, my C: hard drive maximum capacity has reduced 50%. I do not know what has happened because a computer professional had done it for me. I need more space on this computer badly.

A:Hard drive capacity dropped after Windows reinstallation

hi, check C:\ for a windows.old folder,if it is there delete it if there is nothing in it that you need from xp
How do I remove the Windows.old folder?
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right i recently built a new pc. and the problem is my motherboard does not reconise the full capacity of my hard drive. hard drive is 250gb sata and its only reconising 127gb....wheres the rest of it? however the bios reconises 250gb which is ok but when i click on to windows explorer and view the details of my hard drive it jus reconises 127gb and now it says i only got 20gb free space left but really i should have more.

ive tried EnableBigLba and value data as 1 and still no luck. im running win xp pro sp2.

spec : asus p5wd premium mobo
p4 3.2 ghz 800fsb
1gb ram
250gb hard drive (supose to have 250gb but mobo reconising 127gb)?
gefore graphics card t6200 with turbo 256cache or sumink. lolz.

A:mobo is not reconising my full hard drive capacity...?

Have you updated your bios lately
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Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. This site has helped me change many an icon and other simple customization tasks so I thought I would ask this here. I'm trying to change the color of the meter that shows how full a hard drive is. It seems like it should be simple, but many things never are, and this is one item I haven't been able to find any info on but I know its possible through windowblinds (however, I don't want to run a 3rd party app just for an appearance).

I'm attaching a pic in case I'm not clear about what I mean. I have a very simple black and white theme going on and the light blue bar just kind of messes it up for me. Is this possible with a registry edit or file replacement? Possibly a setting I've missed? Any and all help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Hard Drive Capacity Meter Color Change

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Yes that is possible to change that is just a image.

To help you out I need to know if you are using a third-party custom theme or the default Aero theme, I need to know this so I can give you the right image number.

If it is a third-party custom theme post a link to it.

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I have just bought a 160GB hard drive and i installed Windows XP and everything is fine.. except that when i went to My Computer i went over the Local Disk drive or whatever.. and it says Free Space : 122 GB and Total space is 127 GB.. does anyone know why?

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I ve been trying to get a new machine I just built up and running and after some initial stupid things that happened I m now on my way to loading the OS and other tasks First I have to mention that when I initially installed the two GB SATA hard drives I jumpered them on jumpers and or third column from the left Now I know that normally you do not need to jumper SATA At least that s what the label on top of the Western drive Large capacity! it's not hard SATA reading Digital said But it also said something about an exception I can t even remember what it was now but it must have been convincing enough to talk me into jumping the drive Anyway after finding out that the jumping of the two drives was affecting my boot in my new machine I decided to take them out and after that the machine booted into the BIOS fine Then I booted into my Acronis Disk Director to start partitioning the drives but Large SATA hard drive not reading it's capacity! I noticed that the readout for unallocated space for Large SATA hard drive not reading it's capacity! each drive was only GB s So where did the rest of it go Did that have anything to do with those jumpers I removed nbsp

A:Large SATA hard drive not reading it's capacity!

No the difference you see btween what the Manufacturer states is the capacity of the drive and what you actually will is because of a math difference. Advertising uses the decimal system. 1 kilobyte under that system equals 1000 bytes but the real equation is 1 kilobyte equals 1024 bytes If you carry this into the Gigabyte range you will see a much larger difference. So your 597 GBs is the correct size of the drive. Both numbers are correct though given the sense that they are used. 640Gbs is the correct number using the decimal system and approximately 597GBs is the actual size that will be read by your computer and operating system. It is confusing and sometimes misleading to start with. THere are on IDE Drives jumpers that will limit the size useable on a drive. This is because of an old limit that was imposed by system bios's.

so you did nothing wrong nor made any size changes by removing the jumper.
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I'm thinking about upgrading my T540p's hard drive. I have a 256gb SSD and as a second drive a 500gb hd, I would like to replace the second for a 4tb hd but I cannot find anything if the T540p will support it or not... What are the maximum capacities for harddrives to be supported by the T540p?
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Will Sony Vaio PCV RX 755 accept a 200GB 2nd hard drive in addition to the 60 Gb one it came with?
Win XP Pro SP2 is the OS.

Thank You

A:Solved: Sony Vaio PCV RX 755 hard drive capacity for motherboard

Well the BIOS for that board is dated 2002 so I would guess you can go above the 127/137GB barrier the older boards use to have. You'll have to make sure the hard drive you buy is Parallel ATA(PATA) IDE to be compatible.
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I'm thinking about upgrading my T540p's hard drive. I have a 240gb SSD and as a second drive a 500gb hd, I would like to replace the second for a 4tb hd but I cannot find anything if the T540p will support it or not... What are the maximum capacities for harddrives to be supported by the T540p?
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Good evening,

I have a Satellite P300-1C9 running Windows 7. It has twointernal 250 gig hard drives, one is a Hitachi and the other is a Toshiba. I alsohave an attached Toshiba 1Tb external HD which I would like to upgrade to alarger capacity model.

Could anyoneplease advise me what is the maximum capacity external HD that could be supportedand is it down to the laptop?s hardware or Windows 7?

With thanks,
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I have a Dell Inspiron E GB capacity This computer is used daily mostly for internet use This computer runs PC Tools Performance Toolkit where it dumps all temporary Internet files cookies in addition to their Spyware Doctor with Antivirus After receiving a message that the hard drive was almost full I transferred all photos and graphic program files to a thumb drive and that seemed to alleviate the problem A few days later I received the message again went through unused programs and removed Hard additional keeps without etc. adding Drive capacity filling to software, That too seemed to alleviate the problem for the time being as well Not long after that I received the message again and removed more unused programs which that too helped the problem at the time It again filled up and I received the message again Having exhausted all unused programs and transferring most of the documents to the thumb drive I uninstalled iTunes and it s entire library and that took the drive from capacity down to Since that time an HP printer was re-installed to alleviate some errors from when I uninstalled some of the programs components and also an update from PC tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and the hard drive is again filled to capacity I ve exhausted any unused files programs and at a stand still with what to do next Any advice is welcome Thanks nbsp
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Aspire 5755G-9417 current (original) HD is 1TB. I'm looking to replace it with a larger one. Can I use a 1.5TB or 2TB HDD in this unit or is there some limitation on capacity? Also, the original drive height is 12.5mm. It looks like I can use a 9.5mm drive as a replacement and the caddy will keep it from moving around. Is this correct? Will the caddy hold it firmly in the correct position or will I need to use something to fill the gap and keep the HD stable? Thx. Other info in case it's helpful:OS: Windows 7 Ultimatefirst 10 characters of SN: LXRQ002092
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Recently I did a System Image Recovery from an image created from a 320 GB HD. This old hard drive has problems. Buy a 1 TB new drive and did an Image Recovery on to the new drive. When I check directory of the new drive, W 7 only shows there is only 320 GB . How can I get the remaining capacity recognized?

A:system image recovery to a higher capacity hard drive

This is normal. You need to extend the partition to the right using Disk Management. Right click the partition in Disk Management and select Extend.
Edit: Fixed link.
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I recently bought a new computer with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium. The HDD inside is supposed to be 1TB but Windows only shows 55gb available, of which over half is already in use. I checked from BIOS and it recognizes the drive as 1000gb. I've searched all kinds of forums and DIY -tips but haven't been able to find anything useful. I'd call customer support but it's a holiday today in my country and all the places are closed, so I wondered if anyone of you guys could help. If not I'll call tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

A:Windows doesn't recognize full capacity of hard drive

Open start menu and type in disk management, hit ok.

Please post a screenshot of it.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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Aspire 5755G-9417 current (original) HD is 1TB. I'm looking to replace it with a larger one. Can I use a 1.5TB or 2TB HDD in this unit or is there some limitation on capacity? Also, the original drive height is 12.5mm. It looks like I can use a 9.5mm drive as a replacement and the caddy will keep it from moving around. Is this correct? Will the caddy hold it firmly in the correct position or will I need to use something to fill the gap and keep the HD stable? Thx. Other info in case it's helpful:OS: Windows 7 Ultimatefirst 10 characters of SN: LXRQ002092

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A:Aspire 5755G-9417 largest hard drive capacity

For a legacy bios system such as yours, you should be OK with up to a 2TB MBR partitioned disk. You can go beyond 2TB with a GUID partitioned disk but cannot boot from it. Jack E/NJ

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I would be grateful if anyone can help me out.After my Windows 8 Asus n56vj 750gb hard drive failed I replaced it with a 1tb hdd. After carrying out a system image restoration using EaseUs To-do the new hard drive shows in File Explorer as a 750gb capacity. How can I get the increased HDD capacity to register.

A:Replacement hard drive showing wrong capacity in File Explorer

This is normal after a cloning. The partition needs to be expanded. If you look in disk management is there a partition after your Windows C: partition? If there is then you will need to use a third party partition manager to first move the partition after C: and then expand C:. 
Partition Wizard can do the job. All steps are virtual and will not complete until Apply is clicked. This lets you back out of any steps if a mistake is made.
If there is no partition after C: you can expand it in Disk Management by right clicking C: and selecting Extend Volume.
Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?
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I have 2GB RAM. I want increse my PC RAM what is the max RAM cpacity of my PC Product Name: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PCProduct number: F0C25PA#ACJ

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A:what is the max RAM capacity of HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC

Hi, Your machine is a "HP Pavilion 15-e024tu" which has 2 user accessible slots: and its supports (page #4 of the manual) Support for DDR3L (1600-MHz) dual channelSupport for 8192-MB of system RAM in the following configurations:? 8192-MB (8192-MB×1, 4096-MB×2)? 6144-MB (4096-MB+2048-MB)? 4096-MB (4096-MB×1, 2048-MB×2)? 2048-MB (2048-MB×1) Please use the following manual to get more information (RAM type) and how to replace RAM: Regards.
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I am looking to upgrade the RAM on my Pavilion 15 n265sa but I am unsure of the limitations of my unit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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????????? ?????? ??????? ???? SSD ? ??? ??????? ?????? DVD-rom ????? ??????????? ???????. ????? ??????? ???? ?? ???????????? ? windows 10. ? BIOS ? ?? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ? ??????????? ???????? ?????. BIOS ? ??????? ?? ????????? ??????. ? ??????????????? ??????? (??? ???????) ????? ???? ???????????? ? ???????? ?????????? ???. ??? ??? ?????????? ?????? ??????? ????.

A:g7 pavilion second hard drive


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Thank you for your understanding

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I have 64 bits  windows 10.  ran a test on hard drive  said short drive was out.  replace hard drive  but  said no hard drive  found  it a sea gate 250 gb  windows 10 on it  it a good hard drive because it work in my HP desk top just the  brand and gb is different  also had another hard drive it sea gate but has  windows xp on it  it wouldn't work I connect  it same as the one that bad  can someone please tell me  how to get  the all in one to accepted the hard drive   Will it not exchange to a sea gate ?   I thank you for any help  you can give me    BJ
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With VERY FEW HOURS of operating time on this machine, it appears that the 1TB hard drive has failed. (No boot disc error message) Although running HP extebsive diadnostic reports all OK. Have removed and reinstalled the HD several times as per one suggestion and used contact cleaner with no results. Highly dissapointed at this time and with more than 17,000 youtube views from "others" along with many others experiencing the same issue on other forums. In my opinion having been a quality control engineer/manager in manufacturing, HP should have extended the warranty to purchasers of this computer at no cost and performed repairs to consumers at no cost for a known issue.
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Can I add a hard drive to a Pavilion x2 10-n100na? I've noticed that some models in this range, eg. the Pavilion x2 10-n107na, have a 1TB drive. These 2 machines appear the same externally, so I'm wondering if the 10-100na has all the internal connections required such that I could slot in my own hard drive. Any responses gratefully received. Thank you.

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A:Can I add a hard drive to a HP Pavilion x2 10-n100na?

@Huffer?I notice that the manual states that this is for select models only, but unfortunately there is not any information as to which ones they are. I would have to  disagree with you and say no. You can't add a hard drive unless your x2 is one of the special types.   You will notice in the manual that even the keyboard, cover and bas enclosure are different. Take a really close look at the manual.
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Will the 550-126 recognize a 3tb drive?

A:Re: install a second hard drive on pavilion 550-126

MBR or NTFS partitions are limited to 2 TB (without using dynamic disks and volume sets). If you are installing a hard drive that is 2 TB or greater, HP recommends formatting the drive using GPT partitions.
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Can I install a second hard drive on this computer?

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A:install a second hard drive on pavilion 550-126

Hi @wreavesjr! You can install another HDD in the PC since there's a free SATA port.As for the power cable, if your has multiple SATA connectors you can use it to plug the secondary HDD to the system as well. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Cheers!
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Hi, My friends notebook hard drive just went and she wants to know if she can get a better hard drive than the one she had in it? Does she have to buy the same hard drive or can she get most any of the notebook hard drives on the market? She has an HP Pavilion ze4500 notebook. The hard drive model is: MK4021GAS

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The hard drive on my HP Pavilion p7-1380t died and needed to be replaced. I purchased the same model drive and the correct recovery discs from HP. I installed the hard drive, turned on the computer, inserted disc 1, turned off and on - nothing happened, blank screen. I checked all connections, checked the monitor with my laptop and tried again. Power to both the hard drive and DVDs drive appears to be ok, still nothing.
I know I'm not the most computer literate guy, but I have replaced a hard drive before without issue. What am I doing wrong?

A:HP Pavilion hard drive replaced

Is the disc drive set first in the boot order in the BIOS so it can boot from the disc?

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I have a Pavilion 4535 PIII w/Win98. Turned it on yesterday and instead of my desktop, I get the message "No Operating System". I'm told this means my hard drive crashed. How do I know what brand/size/etc. to buy?

A:New hard drive for Pavilion 4535

It may not be a bad drive, your IDE cables may be loose check them out first at the hard drive and motherboard just push on the back of the connector first may be the problem can't hurt to check. And if you do need a new hard drive you can use any IDE hard drive but your capacity may be limited, it would be safe not to go over 60GB. Then you'll have to partition and format and install the OS.
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 Morning,  i found the mini pavilion 300-240 computer to be a great little system....   and i I want one add a hard drive to it ....but, I am having the worst luck finding the sata cables....  i will I'll be adding either a standard 2.5 hard drive or a 2.5 SSD  what is the HP PART number and where can I purchase them ???    I will I'll need three cables for the systems that I bought for the family ...   thank you
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I woke up today with SSOD after leaving the lapop leeping overnight. I have tried repairing, restoring, but with no luck. HP Extended disc diagnostics tell me that there is hard disc failure. My warrenty has just run out! How do I replace the hard drive and restore the operating system etc?
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Out of anger I recently hit my laptop causing it to break the hard drive. I think it was the only component effected. I tried taking the back off to see the dimensions and if I could replace easily or not. Just wondering if I need to replace it (my laptop won't start up) a good replacement HDD to buy, whether or not I should do it myself and if theres any way to take the back panel off.Thanks

A:Replace Hard Drive HP Pavilion 15-n096sa

It's not a back panel. You come in from the top down removing the top cover.  Your Service Manual Start on p. 63. You can use any 2.5 inch wide SATA drive whether mechanical or solid state as long as it is 7 mm or 9.5 mm thick. Almost all are, What country do you live in? We can certainly help you locate the drive, but then there are issues surrounding software reinstallation.  If you are more "visual", we can also help you find a video showing hard drive replacement. This is not a super easy procedure so you need to honestly assess your tech skills and just sayin' maybe an anger management assessment, too. I am sure the laptop did not deserve what it got or maybe it did.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hello,I want to upgrade my laptops (hp pavilion g6 2005 ax ) hard disk.previously it has 500 gb disk.So can this model supports 1 tb disk.Product Specification -Model - hp pavilion g6 2005axOS : windows 7 64 bitRam - 4 gbPlease suggest.Thanks.
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Hi nbsp I have an HP Pavilion x -n Pavilion drive - x2 install 10 HP hard Windows on the ns which has a Gb eMMC drive and a Gb SATA hard drive nbsp It came with Windows Home bit preinstalled on the Gb drive nbsp When the Windows anniversary update was available for install it started but failed saying that there was not enough space nbsp First question - how can I install the update Is it possible nbsp HP Pavilion x2 - install Windows 10 on the hard drive Second question - I would like to install and run Windows from the SATA drive I have made an image of the eMMC drive so that I can restore back to factory if required When I run the Windows setup from a USB installation stick and select clean install I get the option of which disk to install to and I can see both the eMMC and SATA drives I have deleted the partition off of the SATA drive which now appears as unallocated space However the installation cannot continue on the SATA drive as I get the following message - Windows cannot be installed to this disk Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disks connected through a USB or IEEE port How can I install and run Windows on the SATA drive nbsp Thanks
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Anyone know how to upgrade the hard drive on an HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop (out of warranty)? I've upgraded desktops but never a laptop before... I don't even know the name of the screws and where to purchase the special screwdriver for starters. I Googled the topic but couldn't find anything useful, and of course HP's not providing easy upgrade instructions...

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 hard drive upgrade - how to?

simple. clone the current contents of your drive to your new hd - use a usb to ide adapter. use a clone tool like acronos. Some new drives have kits.

then remove the caddy containing your old hd from your laptop. you may have to unscrew it from your system.

carefully slide the caddy out. if there is a pin adapter on the end of the HD remove it, you will need it on the new drive. If not, don't worry about it.

unscrew the hd from the caddy, remove and replace it with the new one.
put the pin adaper on the new hd if applicable.
slide the caddy back in, screw it in and reboot! simple too easy!
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I have an HP Pavilion a6500f running Windows 7 Home Premium.  I'd like to add a second 500 Gb 7200 RPM hard drive to it as a slave drive.  Can I do this?  And if I can how do I know what dimensions the hard drive should have?
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Bought this Pavilion 17t in December of 2014.  Upgraded to Windows 10 about 6 months ago.  Just last week the laptop got stuck in an automatic repair loop. I tried a hard reboot and that didn't work.  I ran the diagnostics test and got a Hard Drive Short DST check Failed.  Failure ID Q4JF9G-7G189F-MFPV7A-60SU03  Product ID J7B57AV.   Does this mean my hard drive is failing after such a short time?  Is there any solution other than an expensive repair?

A:HP Pavilion 17t Hard Drive Short DST failed

Yes unfortunately it means the hard drive must be replaced. If you are willing to do it yourself, hard drives are probably not as expensive as you fear. We would need your precise model number to provide the correct manual and instructions and likely a video. Since you had Windows 10 installed and activated you can use media downloaded for free direct from Microsoft.
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I woke up today with SSOD after leaving the lapop sleeping overnight. I have tried repairing, restoring, but with no luck. HP Extended disc diagnostics tell me that there is hard disc failure. My warrenty has just run out! How do I replace the hard drive and restore the operating system etc?
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A:pavilion 23 hard drive nogood. purchasing new from hp d...

Sorry @rob616 but it does not come preloaded. To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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Hi can someone help me with this, I just wanted to double check that my hard drive is faulty or not. Ok so when I load my laptop is says SMART Hard Disk Error. The SMART hard disk check has detected an immient failure etc. And when I did the test it said the HARD DISK failed. Also when I try start it up it says 'A disk read error occurred'. Do I need to replace my hard drive?? SOMEONE PLEASE ANWSER ASAP!!THANKS!!!

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GamingPro334 Most likely, yes, it has failed -- since the test indicates that and you can not boot from it. If you want to be sure, you could do the following:1) Remove the drive from this PC2) Connect the drive to another PC using a USB-to-HDD adapter cable3) Download and install a partitioning tool:  Free Partition Manager Software - AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard4) Use the option in the tool to Check the drive -- it should fail. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================