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Laptop Boot issue

Q: Laptop Boot issue

So I ve owned my P HM gaming laptop for around years now and for the most part I haven t had any issues However when I start my laptop it always defaults to booting off of the ethernet card even after switching my SSD to the position in the bios menu Normally this isn t that much of an issue as I can just cycle through the bios boot options using CTRL Laptop Boot issue ALT DEL The main issue that I am having now is that the last time I was using my laptop I used hibernate instead of the normal quot sleep quot or quot standby quot Now whenever I attempt to start my laptop up the message quot Resume from hibernate quot is on my screen which is normal except it tries to resume using the ethernet card If the laptop is in hibernate evidently I am not able to access the BIOS menu or cycle through my boot drives I have read that a way to fix this Laptop Boot issue might just be taking the battery out and letting any residual power that the motherboard might be running off of fade away over time I read that this normally only takes minutes or so I tried waiting minutes and it Laptop Boot issue didn t work so I just tried again but waited a few hours this time before putting the battery back in and attempting to start my laptop up The laptop is still attempting to boot from hibernate Does anyone know of any way to get to the BIOS menu from the hibernate screen Or does anyone know of anyway to fully shut off my laptop Laptop Boot issue to get rid of hibernate and just start up normally Any assistance would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Laptop Boot issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop Boot issue

it always defaults to booting off of the ethernet cardClick to expand...

This means that BIOS is not seeing any HD, marked Active and contains a bootable partition
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Hi gang:

I have an HP Elitebook 8760w with an i5 and 4GB memory Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Upon power on it goes directly to startup repair. If I boot in safe mode, -w- networking, -w- Cmd Prmpt Ect. it always boots into the repair. I have tried restore points, ran the repair 10 times now and if I click on disable auto restart on system failure it doesn't blue screen it just goes into the repair. It's as if the boot.ini is sending it to the repair as if it were normal windows. I have tried to do boot fix through CMD prompt using a win7 dvd but if I use fixboot, fixmbr or repairbcd it changes the active partition to system reserved and cannot find an OS to repair. I change it back to the windows partition and it goes into startup repair. There is no OEM partition on the HDD just sys reserved and OS.

A:Laptop Boot Issue

Did you try a Startup Repair?
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So I'm not sure if this is going to show up as a reply to the question I was reading, because it wasn't very clear. However, I have a question of my own so please answer it?

I just got the new Dell Inspiron N5110 for Christmas and I really love it! Yesterday I tried to do some homework so I turned the computer on and it started to log on. I got the black screen with the Dell Logo, my buttons all lit up, and it even showed the "press f2 or f12" for more options. But then the sceen goes blank. Like an illuminated grey. I've tried taking the battery out and everything. Turning it off and on. I let it sit for about 12 hours and still nothing. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Help please!!

A:Laptop Boot Issue


Start you own thread, as it is very difficult for the Tech's to keep track of multiple questions in a single thread.
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I have a Gateway Nv53 laptop. I am having some issues with it. It does not boot.
When ever I turn it on The BLUE led is on and I can turn on a few media keys. But the activity light is missing and no display to the screen. I plug off all the peripherals, removed and re add ram and battry. Now sometimes if I turn it on and leave it and restart after a while I will get it to boot and when it does boot it can stay on forever without problems but once its shut down even after 5secs it won't boot up again

I need help

A:Laptop Boot Issue

Safe mode and other advanced methods,
Sounds like your infected,
If you ever do get to safe mode with networking I would suggest downloading these free scanners,
Try not to use your computer while the scans are running, (one at a time of course).
This one is the longest up to 4 hours, the others are only about 45 minutes,
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One of my kids just inherited a laptop courtesy of grandma, however we can not get it to boot up. It is a Compaq Presario 2100 and operates with XP.

I suspect the hard drive is bad - I get the error "a disk read error occurred, Press cntrl alt delete to restart".

Is my diagnosis correct?

The next question is that if we do get a new drive and we can't find the disk to recover the XP, is there a way to reload the OS? I don't think I can I use an XP disk from another computer to get started - correct?

A:Laptop Boot issue

May well be. I'd check the CMOS battery. Also, have you checked the bios, boot up and hit F11 to enter, and search the tabs until you find the sequences for drives. Make sure your HD is the 1st boot and your DVD is second, and so on. Sometimes that can cause and issue.
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So I ve owned my P HM gaming laptop for around years boot Laptop issue now and for the Laptop boot issue most part I haven t had any issues However when I start my laptop it always defaults to booting off of the ethernet card even after switching my SSD to the position in the bios menu Normally this isn t that much of an issue as I can just cycle through the bios Laptop boot issue boot options using CTRL ALT DEL The main issue that I am having now is that the last time I was using my laptop I used hibernate instead of the normal quot sleep quot or quot standby Laptop boot issue quot Now whenever I attempt to start my laptop up the message quot Resume from hibernate quot is on my screen which is normal except it tries to resume using the ethernet card If the laptop is in hibernate evidently I am not able to access the BIOS menu or cycle through my boot drives I have read that a way to fix this might just be taking the battery out and letting any residual power that the motherboard might be running off of fade away over time I read that this normally only takes minutes or so I tried waiting minutes and it didn t work so I just tried again but waited a few hours this time before putting the battery back in and attempting to start my laptop up The laptop is still attempting to boot from hibernate Does anyone know of any way to get to the BIOS menu from the hibernate screen Or does anyone know of anyway to fully shut off my laptop to get rid of hibernate and just start up normally Any assistance would be appreciated nbsp

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My laptop boots up, goes to the hp logo screen. Goes to a blank screen, laptop still on. Laptop turns off and goes the hp logo screen, goes to a blank screen, and it keeps doing the same thing.

A:Laptop boot issue

DJ2001 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about laptop boot problems and wanted to help.Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot | HP® Customer SupportHP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) | HP® Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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This Issue Laptop Boot G62 appears to be a variation on the common black screen of death issue with this laptop model except that the GPU does not appear to be faulty nbsp I actually do get a screen however the machine remains stuck just pre-POST nbsp The HP logo is in the middle of G62 Laptop Boot Issue the screen but that's as far as it gets G62 Laptop Boot Issue Sometimes I see the Press the ESC key for nbsp Startup Menu message and I am able to press it however it takes a long time to actually reach the menu nbsp The ESC Pause Startup message remains on screen for several minutes before I get to CMOS Setup nbsp On one such occasion I ran the memory test and the HD test and both completed without issue nbsp The laptop has been sitting in its soft case on the floor for approximately three months nbsp It has suffered no physical shocks during that time nbsp I was worried that the HD might have become stuck due to static friction but the HD test seems to have eliminated that possibility nbsp I initially suspected that the machine simply needed time to recharge the battery but after having left it charging overnight the problem remains nbsp I am not hearing any death-click noises from the HD and since the screen works fine I am hopeful that this is something that can be resolved without major surgery nbsp I think it's the battery and am just hoping for confirmation of that nbsp When initially plugged in the orange charging LED flashed regularly nbsp I noticed when I unplugged the charger the machine would not start up at all nbsp When I removed the battery per standard troubleshooting procedures it was cold evidently having not charged a bit nbsp Now that I've re-plugged it back in I see the orange LED first lighting up white then eventually going back to the orange flash nbsp Thoughts nbsp Should I replace the battery or give it more time to charge nbsp Check the seating of the battery to make sure it has full contact nbsp
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I am getting an error message with my laptop stating:

services.exe - application error
the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on ok to terminate the application.

What should I do?

A:Laptop Boot up Issue

Hello dmcooky

First of all check it is not malware

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I recently got an older dell laptop, and i have been having a problem during boot. Right before the BIOS finishes loading, i get a white screen that reads- "unknown device in system modular bay." I cant proceed beyond this point, so i just keep rebooting over and over until i get to my desktop. I unplug everything from it, and i still get this problem. any thoughts?

A:Dell laptop boot issue

"sounds" like you have a new hardware device or input device without the drivers installed. Is that possible?
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I have a Thinkpad T500 and I have to say it's has always being a wonderful machine, EXCEPT today.

It will not boot, that is, I press the power on button, it starts, display the ThinkPad logo, and stays that way(stuck). That has never happened before.

It's like the logo is mocking me.

Any I idea as to what is happening? anything I can do?

already done(short of taking it apart):
unplugging everything, drain power
take out cmos battery
shut off and then on

Eternal thanks to any help

A:Laptop boot issue is driving me insane.

I am not sure is it connected to Windows (the issue it self).
I would say maybe faulty RAM or smth with HDD...
I would run memtest from a CD, but you r saying it hangs just after/during showing the logo :/
Can you enter the Bios?
I will track this thread, it is interesting what's wrong.
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Hi everyone I have been working on trying to get my brother s Dell laptop to boot It has apparently been doing a checkdisk every time he boots up This has been going on for about weeks Before that it was acting flaky like it needed Windows reinstalled His wife likes to download games and junk from the internet and I m constantly fixing the darned thing He brought it to me tonight Dell laptop issue with boot Strange Solved: and what it is doing Solved: Strange boot issue with Dell laptop is not booting at all When I turn on the power it goes to the typical Dell screen that gives the option of F for Setup and F for Boot options If I go into setup it is showing the info on the memory and HDD so I know that it probably is seeing those ok If I let it try to boot without hitting F or F then it goes to a back lit black screen and stops It won t go any further If I hit F and try to boot to the Dell utilities CD it will boot to it And run tests There was a bad spot on the HDD when I ran the tests just on the HDD If I put in any Windows CD I ve tried different cd s both tested ok in another computer to reinstall the OS then it does just what it was doing while trying to boot to the HDD Just that back lit black screen If I boot to the utilities CD and then exit the program and then change directory to the C a directory listing shows quot Volume in Drive C is MS-RAMDRIVE quot and shows command com as the only file on the C drive I m not sure if this is an accurate listing of the physical drive or if this is the utilities disk creating a temp disk This is not making any sense to me why I can t get the computer to boot to a Windows install cd Any ideas nbsp

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Hello I have a laptop thats stuck in an infinite grey screen or automatic repairing screen The laptop is a Samsung NP E C-A AUS and was loaded with Windows I've created a Windows installation disk with Microsofts media creation tool in hopes of using it to repair or reinstall windows It brings me as far as to the quot Press any Key to boot to CD DVD quot screen but pressing a key does not work I've tried using another USB keyboard no - any Issue boot media Laptop wont Windows Installation ps slots which has not helped I've tried the same with a windows boot disk and it got post the press any Windows Installation Issue - Laptop wont boot any media key phase but the laptop quickly froze ive tried several times but it keeps freezing a few seconds after pressing an any key Ive tried Hirens boot CD to test the laptops hardware but it will not boot either All these media have been tested on my main machine and work -SECURE boot has been disabled -Boot priories have been set in BIOS Any suggestions Much appreciated Getting desperate

A:Windows Installation Issue - Laptop wont boot any media


Hope you've enabled legacy in BIOS too?

If that didn't work, Just a suggestion:
Could you try make UEFI bootable USB with Windows 8.1 ISO using Media creation tool, then boot from it? There is a media creation tutorial in here, you could go through it for help.

I don't think disabling Secure boot, enabling legacy is needed in this case.
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Hi Guys,

In the last few days this Acer Aspire 5535 Laptop, crashes during a reboot cycle, this is on the powering down phase. After this takes place a system restore is required which takes it back to the state prior to the reboot.

Powering on from cold and shuting down present no problem, this presents its own issues when installing new software.

Any help that you guys can give on this would be appreciated.


A:Laptop Crashes When Rebooted, no issue when shutdown and boot takes place?

Please post this info to give us a hand in sorting out the issue:
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I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop, spec. is i7-2640 processor, 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive. The problem is that it often freezes and when restarted it suggests no hard drive, "No boot device found". If I go into the BIOS there is no hard drive, if I boot into the diagnostics screen (F12) and run thr tests on the hard drive it comes up as passed, if I then restart the laptop it will boot into windows 7 Ultimate.
Evertime it freezes it won't boot after a restart unless I run diagnostics then it will start OK.
My thoughts are that it is hard drive, although all tests I have carried out on it suggest its OK, one of the times it booted into windows I ran the Seagate seatools and it was fine.
Anyone any suggestions as to the cause?

A:Laptop hard drive issue -- no boot device found/disk read error

Sorry, message at start is "A disk read error occurred", not sure if that makes any difference to your thoughts.
I reformatted and reloaded the software to see if that made any difference but the problem still persists.
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I am on a Dell Inspiron and when I boot the system most of the time I get an error before the BIOS loads that reads as follows quot The Device in the system modular bay cannot be identified It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem Please read and complete the following steps Press the device completely and firmly into the bay Press the ESC-key -- wait issue issue/boot-up bay Dell modular Inspiron for the system to power Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue down Press the power button to retry detecting the device quot My BIOS version was just recently updated as I Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue ran into the problem to BIOS Revision A I Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue called Dell Technical Support and the support told me to remove the optical drive and reinsert it I did as told I booted the system up and before the BIOS loads bam error once again The technical support didn t even know what to do The support said that I may have a failing mobo Now how would one go about seeing if their mobo was failing I d really love to check this before actually going to purchase another mobo Hell purchasing a brand new computer or building my own considering I am sick of Dell s erroneous electronics nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue

You should first try a second hard drive with a full install. That usually fixes the problems with the 1100, 1150, 5100m, 5150, and 5160 which all seem to have the same problems.
Remember that this optical drive is fragile, and has a history of failure. New models are available with DVD RW that are quite reliable, on eBay. They range from $72 to $85 to $89 to $95. If you are good with tools, you can get the generic one, then revise the hardware to make everything fit just fine.
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OK so I hope this can be a quick fix and thanks for your help Randomly computer didn't start get something telling me that the ci dll file is missing or corrupt and error xc safe mode and last know good configuration both result in bsod Tried a few things disconnect all other drives raid HDD and one normal HDD that I used to have windows on before switching issue Boot issue, file 0xc0000098 ci.DLL to current SSD Tried putting the installation disk in but it does not recognize the drive under any circumstance can't find the drivers under quot load driver quot Tried a few other things on this site like bootrec exe and and checkdsk or something either I didn't do them right or they didn't work Now I get an message quot Reboot or select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key quot I'm not a computer noob but Boot issue, 0xc0000098 ci.DLL file issue this is beyond me I hope someone can give me a hand I appreciate all the help I can get Oh and sorry if this isn't the right category it looked like the best option

A:Boot issue, 0xc0000098 ci.DLL file issue

Have you tried put your windows drive on another computer?

Try these steps:
SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery
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Here is my system Whitebox PC years old Motherboard ASUS M A PLUS Bios v Insert device and Boot Boot Media - or Issue Reboot Select Proc AMD Phenom Quad-Core Disk Drive Patriot Pyro GB just purchased Window Ultimate -bit x SATA Drives for Data I wanted to breath in some new life into this older PC purchased the SSD just to be the boot drive for Win Loaded Win on the SSD no issues Reboot and Select Boot device or Insert Boot Media - Issue Then I deleted the old Win partition on the old C drive so that I could Reboot and Select Boot device or Insert Boot Media - Issue repurpose that GB into a data partition on that SATA drive When I loaded Reboot and Select Boot device or Insert Boot Media - Issue the new Win it made the SSD drive the A drive After a reboot I started getting the Reboot and Select Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key message I have update the BIOS to v I have changed the boot order from the SSD to the DVD and back again I have unplugged all the SATA drives I have x of the Patriot Pyro SSD's so I switched them I have changed the SATA cables going to the SSD and DVD I have hit F during reboot and try to force a boot from both the DVD and the SSD I cannot get this to boot from either I would be happy to get a boot from the Win DVD and start the repair process or do the install again I have read hours of forums related to the boot error isse no one seems to have this issue that I can seem to find Any ideas on how I can get this to boot from the Win disk in the DVD drive

A:Reboot and Select Boot device or Insert Boot Media - Issue

Hi Billy.

Unplug all other HDDs and SSDs but that one on which you lately installed Windows, and then run Startup Repair for three separate times, with restarts after every single run.
Startup Repair: Run three separate times.

Does it make windows bootable? If so, now attach the other storage devices and see if it continues to boot or not.

If it even does not boot after running startup repair for three instances, better you do another clean reinstall, keeping the other devices unplugged.

If it boots on the SSD but does not boot after adding the other discs with this message "Reboot and Select Boot device or Insert Boot Media" .... then I have a question to you ..... is the new BIOS update is a UEFI one?
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Hey everyone.

So I've been having this issue where my computer won't boot up into the login screen for Win Xp. It simply posts, goes to the Windows loading screen, and just as it's suppose to display the users and login page, the screen just goes black. I can however get into safemode, but it simply won't boot on the regular startup.

I believe it's another system or boot file error that has malware as I've had a previous thread years ago with a similar issue, but need some assistance. Any thgouhts? What info can I get for you to take a peek? -Jeff
PS: I will post the event viewer as soon as I get home from work.

A:Windows won't boot, black screen before login. Boot.ini or system.ini issue?
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Tried Ubuntu amp didn't like it so wanted to remove it completely After deleting amp recovering that portion of G which is where Ubuntu was installed I couldn't boot in Windows I was able to use my install disk to load into repair The OS it found was- OS -Windows Partition Size - Mb Location - F F struck me odd as I thought this would be C I then when to Command promp amp used Bootrec exe fixmbr enter - then Bootrec exe fixboot enter then restarted The PC booted in Windows amp all seems OK but still wondered if the location was correct I reloaded the install disk as before amp when into repair amp it still says location as F which is my backup drive OK my PC boots but shouldn't the location be C not F After all if F is removed or goes bad I'd Linux boot Windows dual 7 now Uninstalled with OS issue. boot have the Uninstalled Linux OS dual boot with Windows 7 now boot issue. non-boot issue again wouldn't I If so how do I write it to C

A:Uninstalled Linux OS dual boot with Windows 7 now boot issue.

Dual-booting 2 or more Operating Systems can mess up the drive lettering, especially when 1 or more are uninstalled. If Windows is working properly the only issue will be in assuring program installations point to the drive Windows is on. The earlier versions of Windows such as Win98, WinME, etc., were particular as to the drive or partition they were installed on. Part of the situation may be affected by the newer motherboards and HDDs that use SATA connections instead of the older PATA, SATA has only one drive per socket on the board while PATA have one data cable for each socket and can have one or two drives on each cable.

The easiest/less time-consuming way I've found with such an issue is to backup any user data then boot to a GPARTED CD and wipe the HDDs that have or had an OS installed followed by connecting only one HDD for installing the OS then reconnecting the storage drives. Leaving any of the boot files of a previous OS on an HDD can mess up the boot process, sometimes slows things down when booting.
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Hi I seem to have royally trashed my original Boot OS removing dual issue in after boot boot capability Please help The original set-up was as follows Vista Home Premium was Boot issue after removing original OS in dual boot installed on Boot issue after removing original OS in dual boot a two-partition disk Subsequently Windows was installed on a single-partition disk I could not upgrade because it was Professional edition and I did not want to erase because there was an important program that I had lost the install disk for I recently got around the problem with my important program and installed it under Win So me being the clever clogs I am decided to free up GB of space and remove my Vista partition forgetting that it was the system partition and it contained the boot sector the MBR was pointing to even if my usual OS was on a separate physical drive Of course now I can't boot Win as the computer says there is no disk with bootable information I have booted with the install disk and run every option I can think of including this kb article to no avail I can't perform an upgrade install since that's only available when booted to the OS and I'm loathe to erase it as that would involve a LOT of setting up again Fortunately the majority of my important files are on different physical disks and I'm competent enough with Linux to recover the few that aren't So the short question is is there a way of rebuilding the MBR other than bootrec RebuildBcd because that one didn't work - it finds the OS and when I say 'yes' to the prompt it says 'Element not found'

A:Boot issue after removing original OS in dual boot

Win7 installer only updated the System boot files on the Vista partition. To move them to Win7 Mark Partition as Active (Method Two) then write the System boot files there by running from the booted DVD or Repair CD Startup Repair 3 Separate Times.

If Vista was on a separate HD in Disk0 slot then it's best to keep it unplugged during these operations and swap Win7 HD into Disk0 permanently, set to boot first in BIOS setup . If this is not possible, mark Vista partition Inactive if it still holds an Active flag.

If Vista was on the same HD then you can recover both the System boot files AND the HD space back into Win7 using free Partition Wizard bootable CD which can also mark Active/Inactive. Highlighting the Win7 HD once marked Active, then choosing Rebuild MBR from the Disk tab, sometimes works on its own precluding the need to run Startup Repair from DVD or Repair CD.
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I have my desktop configured with as a triple boot system Win Win XP Professional Win XP Professional I had everything working fine for quite some time now I had to do a repair on one of my XP Pro installs I had previously installed Service Pack I booted from the windows CD did my repair and everything worked fine But I noticed that certain functions and modules that service pack had previously installed left traces Master Triple SP2, Boot Record Issue Boot, behind The wireless network wizard was still in the control panel but it didn t function In fact my wireless network wouldn t Triple Boot, SP2, Master Boot Record Issue function at all I thought it would be simple Install SP again I installed it and restarted my computer Before ever getting to restart it hung up on the shut down I finally had to reset it On reboot it will no longer boot into any of my OS s I cannot boot from the XP CD either It hangs up when it says quot Windows is starting quot I cannot get into the recovery console from the CD and I didn t have it installed on the hard disk drive Any suggestions nbsp
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I pulled a newbie error and forgot the command to get me out of this issue, so here it goes...

I was hit with spyware and hijacking and it was eatin up RAM, so I decided to boot into safe mode using the MSCONFIG console. Went to the BOOT.INI tab and checked the "Minimum Boot(Alt. Shell) option. <Newbieisms>

So now it boots up to Safe mode and within the Administrator profile, I get the command prompt <cmd.exe> and I dont know the command to use to reboot back into "Normal mode" not Safe mode.

Keep in mind, I CANNOT access the run prompt, explorer, the Start bar, msconfig<to uncheck it>, or any thing !!! Dooh!!

Can any one help or point in the right direction on this one??

Thanks again,
Harcore Baller

A:Msconfig,Boot.INI, minimum boot alt shell issue.

Just a thought - can you hit F8 while starting to get a startup list, then choose normal boot?
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I might be in big trouble here but I'm hoping someone can help I turned off my computer which triggered a bunch of updates A few days later when I turn it on it doesn't boot and or asks for input that I can't see due to having turned off the boot GUI a while back So I have a (Boot GUI Issue after Boot off) turned Update Windows blank screen right now that I can't get passed What I've tried Double checking all the hardware Ram GPU etc Tried to hit F on startup to get to safe mode Since I can't see i've made an educated guess on which opton is Last Known Configuration and tried that a bunch to no avail Tried to hit F to get to the Bios Tried to start it up with a Windows Recovery Disk again I don't know if this was successful as I can't see anything I know I'm stupid to have turned off the GUI and wishing I could go back in time to fix it Help

A:Boot Issue after Windows Update (Boot GUI turned off)

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I've never had the guts to try that
Possibly just wait a while on the black screen and enter the password and the enter key will work :?
GUI Boot - Enable or Disable in Windows
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I recently purchased a copy of x64 Windows 7 Business. I downloaded it from the Online store DigitalRiver as part of the students deal.

Here is my system information:
Current operating system: Windows Vista x32 Business
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2 Q6600 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4GB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz
Motherboard: Intel 975XBX2 KR Socket 775
BIOS version: 2838 (Latest)

I burned the x64 Windows 7 installation files onto a DVD. I am aware that it is not going to run from my current OS since it is x32.

My Boot order is the following: DVD/CD ROM -> HDD

I tried to boot with the x64 Windows 7 DVD but it simply didn't. So I decided to format my computer using the x32 Vista DVD.

After the format, I tried to boot with the x64 Windows 7 DVD and it failed again.

So I re-installed x32 Vista and I still cannot boot with the x64 Windows 7 DVD.

Any help will be much appreciated.

A:Windows 7 x64 dvd doesn't boot up -Not boot order issue

Make bootable iso from student d/l
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Hello I have been struggling with boot issues ever since I decided to install ubuntu LTS along Win bits on myVAIO computer To install it I chose quot Something else quot and resized the partition myself within the Ubuntu Installer At first I got GRUB working and finding Win but I could not start it after this boot-info Ubuntu Pastebin I reinstalled GRUB in sda using the following commands sudo update-grub sudo grub-install dev sda I got 7 BCD issue dual installing Boot Ubuntu Win boot after a seemingly quite common black screen from Windows Boot Manager saying this HTML Code File Boot BCD Status xc f Info An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data From this message I found out that I needed to rebuild the BCD and then reinstall GRUB to get a working dual boot I have created a Win bits repair USB and using Win 7 Boot BCD issue after installing Ubuntu dual boot diskpart I know I have primary partitions - MB - It seems Win 7 Boot BCD issue after installing Ubuntu dual boot to me that the boot files are supposed to be there According to DISKPART it s the volume C and labeled quot System Reserved quot - GB - Windows is installed on this partition According to DISKPART there is no Win 7 Boot BCD issue after installing Ubuntu dual boot volume associated with this partition and it is hidden - GB - Ubuntu is installed on this partition - MB is SWAP Auto repair from Win repair usb does not recognize my Windows and does not work Therefore I have to work with the command prompt I have tried most available tutorial on rebuilding BCDs Basically when I run all the tutorials I could find and they involved the following commands bcdboot c windows s c I get quot Failure when attempting to copy boot files quot bootrec rebuildbcd I get quot Successfully scanned Windows installations total identified Windows Installations GLOBALROOT Device HarddiskVolume Windows But when I try to add installation to boot list I get quot The requested system device cannot be found quot My current boot-info is available here Ubuntu Pastebin I am definitely not an expert in this matter and I would really appreciate any good advice you can provide Thanks a lot for your help
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Hello My Old hard drive has Windows Vista Ultimate bit installed on it I purchased the Windows Home Premium upgrade and ran the upgrade Removed the Vista hard drive and can not start Windows Only issue on this system I have upgraded two other systems without any problem SSD with Windows Home Premium upgrade on it Hard drive with Windows Vista Ultimate on it Error Loading operating system Insert Windows setup disk eventually choose command prompt then ran bootrec It came up with four choices FixBoot FixMBR ScanOs and RebuildBcd Vista drive is removed from the system bootrec ScanOs shows successfully scanned windows installations Total identified Windows installations D Windows D Windows old Windows The operation completed successfully bootrec fixmbr The operation completed successfully bootrec FixBoot Element not found bootrec RebuildBcd Total identified Windows installations D Windows Add installation to boot list Yes Y No N All A Choose Y D Windows old Windows Add installation to boot list Yes Y No N All A Choose Y Element not found Reinserted the Vista hard drive then did a bootrec scanOs E Windows C Windows E Windows old Windows bootrec RebuildBcd Total identified Windows installations E Windows Add installation to boot list Yes Y No N All A Choose Y C Windows Add installation to with issue record boot master boot 7 Windows boot list Yes Y No N All A Choose Y E Windows old Windows Add installation to boot list Yes Y No N All A Choose Y Element not found Reboot then the Windows 7 boot issue with master boot record prompt appears to select two Windows and one Windows Vista From this point If I choose the second Windows I can get my Windows to start Likewise if I choose Vista Vista starts What do I need to do to get Windows to boot up without the vista disk installed Thank you

A:Windows 7 boot issue with master boot record

Try this:
Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD
As your HD set up is about the same, have look at my post here:
Follow this base tutorial:
Help me get windows 7 to boot (again)
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Ok so I have searched all over the internet looking for an answer to this.
I have an HP Pavilion P7-1459 that came OEM with Windows 8 on it. I added a new HDD and installed windows 7 on it (had to disconnect the windows 8 one to do so) and booted into windows 7. I didn't have drivers for my Ethernet adapter so I Hooked up the windows 8 HDD and left the 7 one hooked up and loaded into windows 8. Worked fine. Got the drivers and used EasyBCD to add Windows 7 to the boot menu and rebooted, tried to load into windows 7 and it just hung for about 5 mins have no idea whats causing this any help would be appreciated.

A:Dual Boot Windows 8.1 and 7 Boot issue

Try using BIOS to boot to Win8 drive and use EasyBCD to make changes there.
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In attempting to install W on generic non-micro ATX full form factor desktop Windows will successfully begin installation Upon reboot to complete installation I am informed that the boot Found Not Boot Issue: Boot Manager manager cannot be found How might I determine what is wrong so that I might correct the problem Might it be a problem with jumper pins No-o-o-o it s not IDE HDDs I m using it s ATA Might Microsoft s installation disc be at fault I ll try using a different -bit disc with the legal new license and then a -b it disc with the legal new license but I m at a loss If it were the processor it wouldn t even get to the install GUI that originates from the Boot Issue: Boot Manager Not Found disc would it Otherwise I ll have to take it to the shop and pay them to do a RAID striped config install The reason I m posting this here is that I strongly suspect the -bit edition discs to be inherently flawed On my -bit processor laptop the -bit disc wouldn t install but the -bit one did I never worried about that because all I m using on it are -bit apps It s only on the custom-built desktop I need the -bit environment nbsp

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Hello I am issue's OS7/xp/linux trip boot boot having trouble with my computer trip boot OS7/xp/linux boot issue's I have a triple boot with vista xp and linux Was running well until my xp caught a bad virus and a BSOD that no one could fix forced me to reinstall it clean to the same partition After the install my boot for vista and linux was messed up I decided to get the new Os and deleted my vista partition for it After the install Os boots fine but xp and linux are still unbootable Os gave me a boot menu but only two options Windows and Sony vaio recovery something I'v seen trip boot OS7/xp/linux boot issue's countless forums that say at this point you are done and to boot into xp you choose the Use an earlier version of windows option but I do not have that I tried using easybcd like I did before for vista but when I add the menu for xp and the path it says the ntldr is missing and cannot boot What do I have to do to get this to trip boot OS7/xp/linux boot issue's work I copy and pasted the ntldr and ntdetect in both os 's and xp's root was unable to find the boot ini that I was told should be put there Thank you for reading and any possinle information
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Hi -

Had a dual boot set up with Win 7 and XP pro each on its own hdd, Installed new hdd and put XP pro on it. Now when I boot the WBM only shows two OSs, the original XP and Win 7, can I get the second copy of XP pro to show so I can select it?

Thanks -

Oh, I know that if I purchase or download a third party boot manger software I can make it happen, just want to know if I can get this to work in Win 7 without buying/installing anything. Yhea, I am cheap.

A:Triple boot with two copies of XP Pro and one with Win 7 - boot issue

So you have three HDDs now ? Each having a sing copy of OS installed ?

If so, it is the best practice to use the the BIOS Boot Menu (F8 for Asus motherboards). After power on, when the motherboard splash screen appears, tap and hold F8, it will list up all the possible drives to boot from. Select which one you want by the scroll arrow keys, and enter to boot from it. Let the MBR not to be messed up.

But if you want to use a third party boot manager, you may opt for the free version of EasyBCD. Get it from EasyBCD - Take control of your boot loader | NeoSmart Technologies .

To add all the three boot entries to MBR , run Startup Repair with all the three HDDs plugged in.
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this question pertains to preserving the life of the battery. my old laptop was 6 years old or so, we have been running off the charger for the past 3 years or so rather than replacing the battery, but the new laptop i do not want to run it off the charger. normally it will be booted early morning and shutdown at the end of the day, my question is when we are not actually using it during the day should it be placed in sleep mode, hibernation or just fold the screen down. (this is the only windows forum i'm on that's why i am asking here)

A:laptop battery issue not really a win 8 issue

You're fine to be asking windows 8 and hardware-related questions here

I wouldn't worry about it too much. By the time your battery goes out, it will likely be time to upgrade.

Consider shutting down whenever you leave it for an extended time, such as longer than a day. I think hibernate is the preferred laptop method of low power states because it drains far less than sleep. So you could perhaps keep the computer plugged in while in hibernate, and unplugged while shut down, unless going on a trip or something.

I think HP had a power plan on their laptops that would keep the battery from charging fully to 100% (it would go instead to 50%), which wore it out less than the normal full charge. That may be hard to emulate without a program on your computer for such a plan as that.
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Ok, so recently ive switched from using a HP Envy laptop, to my new MSI GE62 gaming laptop. Now the headset i was using on my old computer the Turtle Beach PX22 work perfectly on the old laptop, with no issues at all..

Now ive switched to my new computer, an issue has arisen. The microphone, every so often crackles while im talking to others, or even when im testing it through my speakers. This issue seems very off and on though, e.g. After playing some Arma 3, i received a crash to the Orange screen (windows 10), after collecting the data, the computer restarted as it usually would. HOWEVER this time the microphone had no crackling at all. Even after i didnt move the USB microphone port at all, or do anything to change the microphone.

ISSUE: Crackling Microphone upon switching from older laptop to a newer laptop (Both had windows 10)
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Hi my laptop was having troubles (Windows 7) after installing AVG. I was having problems with the boot configuration and followed a guide but it didn't work so I decided to reinstall Windows on the laptop.
It reinstalled fine but it still BSODs on boot (STOP Error 0x0000007b (0xfffff880009a98e8 0xffffffffc000000d 0×0000000000000000…) but if i take out the harddrive and connect it/boot off my desktop setup, it works fine and I can access the Windows installation?
Any help?

A:Solved: Laptop BSOD on boot, but works fine if I boot HDD from desktop?

STOP Error 0x0000007bClick to expand...

Please see


Was W7 installed with the HDD in the laptop or the desktop?
Please provide brand, model & model # of the laptop & desktop [ or motherboard for the desktop ]
Please run this forum's system info utility & post the results.

it works fine and I can access the Windows installation?Click to expand...

Is there a question, or is the "?" a typo?

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I have a laptop which has odd startup behaviour and which reflects the behaviour of another laptop, my sisters laptop that I was fixing.  I copied files from my sisters laptop to my laptop but scanned her disk before hand, but think now I've copied across a boot sector virus or something worse.
The beheviour of my laptop is when I press the start key, the button and power light come on, the fan comes on at a low speed, the dvd is checked, and then it repeats this behaviour with the lights going off, then after about 30 times on/off, it finally comes on, with the fan constantly on. But no screeen, no boot.
My sisters laptop reported almost the same behavioir. My laptop Windows 10. The other laptop Window 8.

A:Laptop will not boot, suspect boot sector virus or worse.

I've moved this to the more suitable forum,

Am I infected? What do I do?
This is now closed.
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I have a HP ze cl laptop Windows XP SP For a few years we ve had trouble with the power connector We order, drive just boot Laptop boot, won't can't change clicks cd ve just wiggled the power cable to keep it connected and lived with the problem It also gets very hot and the fan runs constantly Yesterday when I powered it on there was no power absolutely nothing My husband has some electronic knowledge so we took the laptop apart and he soldered the loose part of the power Laptop won't boot, can't change boot order, cd drive just clicks connector While he was doing that I cleaned the fan couldn t believe how much dust was in there When we plugged in the power cable the orange light came on so we were excited When we powered it on all the keyboard lights lit up so we thought we had fixed the problem but that s all it did It went no further except that the fan kicked on There is Laptop won't boot, can't change boot order, cd drive just clicks a clicking noise coming from the cd drive about every second with the green light flashing I suppose it is checking to see if there is a bootable cd in the cd drive I have attempted to change the boot order by holding F then F but it still continues to try to read the cd drive I can t get to the screen that will allow me to change the boot order I also put the OS disk in the cd drive hoping that it would start with the disk but it just clicks Hubby removed the cover of the cd drive and I could see that the cd is spinning There were no problems with this laptop prior to the power problem It was really working very well especially considering the age of it The information in my sig is not for the computer with the problem It s actually for an old computer which my son now has at college Any suggestions Please nbsp

A:Laptop won't boot, can't change boot order, cd drive just clicks
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Hey guys I've been searching the web for solutions for hours now and won't find anything that works for me You are kinda like my last hope Situation I have a Asus A C Laptop here it's my brother's that won't boot If I turn it on it quickly shows the Logo screen and nothing else happens If I have a WIN -DVD in the DVD-drive created with downloaded ISO it seems to be working on another laptop the drive makes some noises but nothing else happens If I have a Ubuntu-Live-USB plugged in worked on this Laptop before nothing happens If I press F repeatedly after turning the Laotop on it's the BIOS-key nothing happens What I've tried I tried several boot boot from (Logo won't Laptop access or BIOS USB/DVD screen),can't potential BIOS-keys although I am sure that F is the one I tried the turn off Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS deplug battery and cable hit power-switch times and for a minute thing I tried unplugging the Laptop while it was in the logo screen hoping this would bring me to BIOS after starting it again How I got there An Ubuntu system has been installed on the Laptop for a while Now my brother needed a windows and I wanted to create a dual boot system what I had succesfully done before Some stupid mistakes later I had a corrupted Win and wanted to overwrite it with a fresh install I tried to delete the Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS MB system reserved partition in the WIN -installation menu because I Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS thought a fresh install would create a new one This took about hour for the MBs without any visible progress I finally force-turned it off I then had a Blue Screen several times On started with quot x E quot one was something like quot stop x xFFFFF FC X XFFFFF C C D X quot Unfortunately I don't exactly remember how I got from blue screens to where I am now How I imagine the solution Is there a way to get into BIOS so that I could set DVD or USB as booting device I hope I could then reinstall WIN Is there another way to force the Laptop to boot from USB or USB Is there a way to plug the laptop to another laoptop in order to solve the problem But that's just my amatuerish imagionation any help is very much appreciated Yours Joe

A:Laptop won't boot (Logo screen),can't boot from USB/DVD or access BIOS

Hello and welcome Joe mate the BIOS key is F2 and this is the manual for that model sorry but I can only access the English version - if you type in what you want to search for it automatically will go to that setting or instruction.

Now if you select the optical as the first boot device and it will not go then maybe it needs a new optical drive - very cheap these days and you may be lucky that it is held in with one screw on the underside of the laptop without any pics it is hard to tell - it possibly could be in that manual.

Now for the BSOD's please use these if you want to get them analysed

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Hi all,
I just built a new PC which is giving me a few headaches. Primarily, when it reboots, even if it's a windows XP soft boot, a few seconds after it cycles, the power clicks off, then back on, it then tries to boot, but hangs on a black screen with my CD, & HDD lights on. I have to turn off, clear any remaining charge, then reboot manually. I'm stumped, have checked my bios, defaulted all setting sto "fail safe" Any more ideas? Specs are:

AMD Athlonxp 3200+ Barton
Gigabyte Nforce2 400MHZ FSB Mobo (don't have model, at work)
1GB Kingston DDR 3200
Nvidia 5900xt 128MB AGP card
On-board audio (Audigy blew out somehow)


A:Boot Sequence Issue . . . Won't boot

Could be any number of things from heat to bad cables. Set it up with a minimum configuration of hardware installed and unplug all ribbon cables to CD-ROM's and power to those drives. Also take out all cards except the video and try to boot from there.
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Hi I have a Portege A30-C-10H laptop. I am trying to re-install Windows as the software has become corrupted. I am having an issue that the machine does not boot from a Windows 7 disc - it just goes back to the boot menu screen. It does boot if I insert a UEFI diagnostic disc though.

Is there a way to allow CSM only booting in this machine? I have looked in the BIOS setting and it only gives the option for UEFI (Legacy).

I have also tried to update the BIOS. I am using version 1.30 and I have tried to update to 7.40 but it gives the message 'This computer is not supported'. Is there a way to resolve this?

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Here is a new one for me History No recent upgrades Sata harddrive installed with Windows only no partitions no dual boot etc basic drive. in XP without boot Cd Can't Boot Issue: machine Additional Sata harddrive installed as backup additional space No OS installed on it just use it to store music pics etc Standard XP pro installed nothing fancy Problem When powering on the last few days I get the quot Boot disk not found please insert system disk quot error may not be exact wording Then computer just sits there If I put in the XP disk Boot Issue: Can't boot without XP Cd in drive. it starts to boot from CD and gives the quot push any key to boot quot message But if I just sit there and do nothing it boots into XP just fine and everything is there all programs run fine etc etc life is good Question WTF is wrong with my computer Additional helpful info maybe Was playing with Bios to see if the HD just unplugged done that once when dog Boot Issue: Can't boot without XP Cd in drive. hit the comp and it didn t seem to recognize that there was a HD where the HD should have been Another great mystery to me My one thought is that my HD may just be getting on the dead side Its about years old left on a lot and I probably abuse the crap out of it with my multitasking and stuff Any help as always will be greatly appreciated

A:Boot Issue: Can't boot without XP Cd in drive.

I suspect that your BIOS boot options...still list the optical drive first. It's easy to check .

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Hi I bought a new laptop - HP Compaq Presario Intel Pentium Processor T GHz GB Hard Drive GB RAM nVidia GeForce G M with MB DDR dedicated graphics memory After a week i got the firs blue screen error after which it laptop dying? boot, laptop BAD_POOL_CALLER; won't a new screen Blue couldn t boot i couldn t even get to BIOS I was out of the country so my friend called the service staff who told him to try to run some tests that time it worked he got to BIOS ran the tests everything was fine and the laptop started up normally Now Blue screen BAD_POOL_CALLER; laptop won't boot, a new laptop dying? weeks after I m getting blue screens continuously and laptop won Blue screen BAD_POOL_CALLER; laptop won't boot, a new laptop dying? t boot If it boots and it usually happens when you hit it slightly though i don t know if it s a conincidence windows Blue screen BAD_POOL_CALLER; laptop won't boot, a new laptop dying? starts up normally and everything is working fine until the next blue screen shows up which disables my laptop all over again Blue screen looks like this BAD POOL CALLER Technical information STOP x C x xFE F DC x x Collecting data for crash dump Initializing disk for crash dump Beginning dump of physical memory Dumping physical memory to disk Physical memory dump complete Is it a software crash Can I run Win repair if I manage to boot it and how to do that Is it my hard disk problem What to do - - nbsp

A:Blue screen BAD_POOL_CALLER; laptop won't boot, a new laptop dying?

If you can get it to work by tapping on the machine, then it doesn't sound like a software problem. It could be a bad system board or memory.

I would call HP again and see about getting service on the hardware.
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First of all, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section. If not, please guide me to the correct section.
I have a Dell Inspiron 17r SE Laptop and my problem is that every single time, I have to turn my Laptop ON twice in order for it to boot up successfully. The first time I turn it on, Dell logo appears for a second and then, black screen shows up. Then, I have to turn my laptop off and start it back again. Second time, it boots up without any problem. I am fed up of turning it on twice everytime, and also concerned that it will affect health of my Laptop . How can I fix this Issue, please help.
I don't have a Recovery CD or Windows 8 CD. Windows 8 was pre-installed on my Laptop.

A:Laptop screen goes black on startup, have to turn laptop ON twice for it to boot up s

If it's still under warranty, call Dell. The unit or parts might be covered for replacement.
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I get a message that Windows failed.
Status: 0xc000000e
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.

It instructs me to insert the windows installation disc, restart, and run "repair your computer".  However, I did not receive an installation disc, only a utilities disk (which does not boot)
What do I do now?

A:Inspiron M5030 recovery boot issue. Recovery disk does full restore and starts Win7, which operates fine. But on restart, windows will not boot.

1. Reseat the hard disk drives, reseat the controller and monitor. 2. Perform chkdsk /r on the RAID volume. 3. Run diagnostics on the hard disk drives and controller and replace as necessary.
Additional Information:
Event ID 1001 is logged in the System event log. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-WER-SystemErrorReporting Date: 12.08.2013 11:23:04 Event ID: 1001 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Description: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000f4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffffa800644ab30, 0xfffffa800644ae10, 0xfffff80001be07b0). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 031214-68266-01 Review of the memory dump files using Debugging Tools for Windows will result in output similar to the following.BugCheck 7A, {fffff6fc40040128, ffffffffc000000e, 6454cbe0, fffff88008025000} Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+36c1a ) Debugging Details: ------------------ ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000000e - A device which does not exist was specified. DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardwareBugCheck F4, {3, fffffa8006332b30, fffffa8006332e10, fffff80001b8e7b0} ----- ETW minidump data unavailable----- Probably caused by : csrss.exe CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION (f4)
Look below for more details
Source :
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Today when I was surfing on my laptop G S Series I wanted to restart the laptop because my hardrive find windows laptop, OS.. boot can't any boot to Cannot the internet crashed and it usually helps to restart But I restarted it holding down the power button thing So I Cannot boot my laptop, windows can't find any hardrive to boot OS.. restarted it and while I was waiting staring in to the screen the blinking quot quot thing when you start up was doing that for a while and nothing was happening and a couple of seconds later the computer tells me that it can't boot the laptop pc because no drive was found I saw an error code but I didn't catch it but it was something Cannot boot my laptop, windows can't find any hardrive to boot OS.. like quot x quot So then on later it sent me in to quot Image Restore quot But I have no image to restore with so I cancel it and then it sends me into the menu where I can choose to quot Restore Computer quot or quot Scan for startup errors quot or something like that I don't really have a such accurate memory And on the top it also says quot os unknown on unknown local disk quot Everytime I start the computer it sends me to that menu where I can choose to restore my computer etc And I can't really do much about it since I don't have the windows disc dvd thing either And this all came all so sudden I don't really know what to do I don't have any backu or anything and windows can only detect my D drive and not C and I have my OS on C Is my hardrive corrupt or what happend And what should I do Any suggestions Hope I posted this on the right part of the forum Specs Intel Core i GTX M GIG RAM Windows Home Premium x

A:Cannot boot my laptop, windows can't find any hardrive to boot OS..

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can order OEM Recovery disks from your OEM manufacturer's website.

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
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First some system specs This is about a stock ASUS K ID laptop so the specs are as listed in this Newegg description The very basic description of the problem is that whenever I turn on the laptop it seems to boot into Windows in that boot cannot failure Laptop into 0xc000000f Windows, possible boot the quot Starting Windows quot text appears and the little animation of colors forming the logo shows but as some point it fails This message appears on screen autocheck not found - skipping AUTOCHECK After a few seconds a BSOD shows up but too fast for me to make out what it says It used to but after some hasty Laptop cannot boot into Windows, possible 0xc000000f boot failure fix attempts no longer does cycle around to a menu that informed me of this error Status xc f Info The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible Here's the longer history As some point in the past I decided Laptop cannot boot into Windows, possible 0xc000000f boot failure to try out dual-booting Win and Linux on the laptop I got it to a state where this worked fine I had partitions roughly as follows Ubuntu Windows Data and files Boot The parentheses denote a logical partition The Boot partition was Laptop cannot boot into Windows, possible 0xc000000f boot failure very small and only held what was necessary to launch GRUB This week I realized that I hardly ever used the Linux partition and decided to get rid of it to reclaim storage space This is where the trouble begins I rebooted into a thumb drive that could run GParted and modified the hard drive layout in the following steps Delete the Ubuntu partition Delete the Boot partition Grow the Data Files partition to take up the space left by Boot Shrink the Windows partition to make it faster to move Move the Windows partition to the front of the volume Expand it to take up the remaining space What I ended up with was Windows Data and files My naive and fatal mistake was to trust that the Windows Repair CD could fix any boot issues and also that there would be no catastrophic hardware failures Both of these assumptions turned out to be false First the laptop's CD DVD drive has either broken or is too unreliable to use I have noticed it becoming more and more unstable over time but now when I need it most it simply does not seem to want to spin up and function at all This forced me to create a Windows Repair USB drive However I can't load any installation media This is because the laptop did not come with an install DVD It had a recovery sector which I cannibalized for the Linux partition I did copy the stock recovery stuff to a series of DVDs but well This is all to say that any solution that requires a DVD drive is straight out until I can replace it which I'd like to consider a last resort My expectations for the Windows Repair CD USB have been dashed Attempting to automatically fix boot issues either fails for some specific reason I can probably reproduce it and provide the details if necessary with a dialog to send a report or fails because it cannot detect any problems I have tried a variety of things based on my own research to fix this through the command prompt Running chkdsk x r on all drives Does not find any errors Running various bootrec commands fixmbr fixboot rebuildbcd scanos All complete successfully but the last report finding Windows installations Using bcdboot and bootsect to recreate the bootloader Again no errors result but it does not fix the issue I guess it should have been obvious that none of the boot record fixes would matter since the laptop does boot into Windows briefly I understand that this is a pretty bad problem I would not be surprised if the only thing to do is get a new DVD drive to load the recovery DVDs I made However since this problem was caused by a software operation in GParted I'm hoping there is still some software solution Alternately it would be good to know if know recovery is possible DVDs or not

A:Laptop cannot boot into Windows, possible 0xc000000f boot failure

You are probably going to have to wipe the drive. I hate to tell you that but it really does sound like grub has totally messed your boot files.

There are ways to remove grub and regain access but given that you seem completely locked out of the device I don't know if that will work.
there's the link describing that method anyhow in case it can help you.
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Heres my problem when I Moved from Laptop at boot restarts Laptop Support: turn on my Presario I get the Compaq screen then it goes to the windows xp loading screen and at the next step when it should Moved from Laptop Support: Laptop restarts at boot go to windows log in it flashes a blue screen too fast to read what it says and reboots Now I just signed up here a couple of minutes ago and when I got to this forum I saw the recovery sticky and tried those directions At the compaq screen I repeatedly tapped f but instead of giving me options per the instructions it seemed to do the diagnostic on it's own It passed a lot of the functions the only error being quot system cmos checksum bad- used default settings quot So I looked Moved from Laptop Support: Laptop restarts at boot up the error and it says the error could be three things bad cmos battery bad bios update or corruption due to incorrect shut down Now if I was to guess at one of these three options I'd guess it was the battery This is a pretty old laptop and as far as I know the battery has never been changed So heres my questions Does this sound like a plausible explanation of whats wrong I've had the hard drive go bad on me once before and the symptoms were completely different If it was the cmos battery would the laptop start with default settings even though I haven't changed the battery The laptop took a jolt shortly before this started happening is it possible something just came loose I had the laptop shut down on me once because the fan was clogged with dust and bound up overheated Now with this problem the fan starts up at boot but shuts down within seconds before the laptop starts to reboot Could this be the problem Or a symptom Thank you in advance for any help I'm not a computer dunce although I don't really know squat about laptops Thanks

A:Moved from Laptop Support: Laptop restarts at boot

Moving you to XP support. This is a Windows issue.

Can you boot into safe mode or do last known good config?
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I am having issues with one of my laptops, when I press the power button and nothing happens, but If I take out the battery and put it back in, it sound like its going to boot up (power and HD lights come on, cdrom starts), then It shut down. Try to press the power buttonagain and nothing happens. The laptop also will boot up on its own every once in a while, with out me doing anything with it. Also when I go to shut it down, it does a restart instead.

If anyonw have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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I just recieved a new laptop from work, the computer works fine and fast once XP Pro is loaded but after I login it can take upto 5 mins.+ to load so XP Pro is functional. I used BootVis and noticed that fltmgr.sys is a driver delay over the entire boot process. I am eager to fix this so I don't have to vegetate while the computer reboots on windows frequent reboots. Please let me know if I can offer anymore info.

Thanks in Advance!!

Mike George

A:5 Min. Plus Boot On New Laptop? Process Explorer? Boot Vis?

This can be caused if you have a mapped network drive that is no longer available.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron running Windows Home Premium bit Here Boot hdd issue issue/possible is the issue I'm having and what I've done to try to solve it bear with me Woke up this morning and computer wouldn't quot unsleep quot did hard power down restarted normally showed splash screen then went blank monitor turned off nothing Tried this a couple times Hard power Boot issue/possible hdd issue down started in safe mode ran system recovery it didn't work same thing as above Retried this ran recovery it restarted but same as above Splash screen then nothing Hard power down booted in safe mode got quot recovery successful quot message restarted When it restarted it went to chkdsk screen and ran chkdsk successfully It deleted an Boot issue/possible hdd issue index file and recovered a bunch of stuff Then restarted went to splash screen then nothing Went blank monitor powered off Is there anything else I can do besides taking in to get repaired Any assistance would be highly appreciated Thanks

A:Boot issue/possible hdd issue

Hi have you tried running the dell diagnostics tools from F12 when starting computer? test the hard drive? some dells have that capabilities.
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Hey Guys,

So I just got my hands on Windows 7 and wanted to play around with it, and everything works but:

Previous Computer Setup:
I had a dual boot with XP and Vista that worked perfectly (both OS's were on separate HD's and worked / booted correctly.)

Drive C: --------> Vista (Now Windows 7)
Drive D: --------> Windows XP

After upgrading my Vista to Windows 7 (Via clean install) I lost my boot menu to choose XP. Now everytime I flip the power it boots DIRECTLY into Windows 7.

How do I recover my boot screen option so I can boot back into XP when I need to?



A:Dual Boot Issue (Lost my Dual Boot Menu)

Hello Asif,

You can pick up at step 7 in METHOD TWO of the tutorial below inside Vista to add XP back to boot.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

Hope this helps,
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Installed GB of new ram today My PC wasn t detecting them so I PC RAM Issue? boot. Won't went in PC Won't boot. RAM Issue? and tried to fiddle with the RAM slots Testing each one I found my new RAM still wasn t being detected even in the bios Now I m not sure what happened but now my pc turns on graphics card cpu heatsink fans all turn on but my monitor has no input This happens even when I try using only my old RAM too I ve tried removing the cmos battery rebooting with a single stick of my old RAM in each different slot and reseating my gfx card Did I manage to fry my motherboard somehow Also found out the new RAM isn t compatible This is the PC in question http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E And the RAM I tried to install http www amazon com gp product B J E G psc amp redirect true amp ref od aui detailpages Thanks for any help guys I m at my wits end here nbsp
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I have browsed through many threads on here and other forums and also check microsofts website, I am sure there are fixes I am just stuck at one point.

I am getting the <windows root>\system32\hal.dll. error when I turn on the computer.

I switched the boot order to cd with the xp cd loaded but it just come up no bootable device. I am sure some of the other threads may help past this point if I could just get past this point

The pc is a Dell inspiron 8200 laptop with xp home installed. I dont know which service pack, sorry.

I hate to start another thread but didn't want to hijack someone elses either.

A:Another XP boot issue
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Yesterday I started having an issue with my Dell Dimension 8200. I moved it from an old desk to a new one in the same location. I plugged all the devices back in, then powered on. The system boots to the Dell boot screen (bios?) where it gives you the option of entering setup or boot sequence then hangs. For some reason it wont continue beyond that. I shut down and tried numerous times with the same result. At one point I got an alert message saying it was having trouble at the HDSK boot. I removed the hard drive and installed it on another pc here at work today and the drive works fine. One thing that I did notice was that my surge protector was fried. Any help on what could be the problem would be appreciated. I assume its either the power supply or the motherboard.

A:Help with Boot issue

Before you moved the PC, was it powered up all the time at the old location?
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Hi, My pc doesn't boot up all of a sudden.

If I could attach a picture then I can show you the message.

I have checked the boot order and the hardwire is the first, Cd room, then something called pxe-mof.

Here is a Dropbox link to the screen picture.

Here are the bios boot options pictures


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I can't boot, it just says
I tried putting my Windows XP installation CD in and going to the recovery console, but when i type 1 and then enter, it says "The command is not recognized Type HELP for a list of supported commands." It used to say BOOTMGR IS MISSING PRESS ALT + CTRL + DEL TO RESTART, but I typed the FixMbr and FixBoot commands, and it now says NTLDR IS MISSING, but now those commands dont work, please help!

A:Boot issue

If you have a admin password otherwise you cannot get into the recovery console.
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Hi Just when I finished to install all my numerous programs on my new comp HD partitions C for System and D fr Data and thought it would be a issue boot good idea to create a ghost image from my C to my maxtor external disk connected thru port When I did so with Ghost the process stopped in the middle I had to reboot and from then on hell Ghost created a virtual partition that did not allow me to boot my Windows replace my C boot issue by boot issue the new partition renamed my c - gt d and my d - gt e Looked into symantec database found this http service symantec com SUPPORT ghost nsf docid And this http service symantec com SUPPOR cid amp nsf ghost nsf amp view docid But that didn t help me much since I have no floppy device So I went to repair my Windows and when asked on which partition to repair Windows I deleted the Virtual Partition created by Ghost C and repaired my Windows on my C Now I get a quot Reboot and Select proper Boot device quot message and can t get my Windows to boot What s frustrating is that I can see my partitions original C and D thru Windows Recover Console Dos and the files too all look perfect and untouched but I can t boot I tried Bootcfg too didn t help either Entered the Bios and changed the Boot order to use my HD first sata GB No success Tried to use the Mother Board CD Asus P k doesn t work either Please help me Aharon nbsp

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I have an ex Govt IBM itellistation M pro, had a virus and i ran AVG and Malware bytes, seemed to fix the problem ok. Started having issues again, wife played arouind with it, now it will not boot, gets to just past the Windows XP screen and goes black and reboots, will continue in this loop. Cannot boot from cd using ubcd. This came with no install cd. I can hook it up to another computer and it functions fine as a hard drive, I have not tried to boot with it on the other system. Any thoughts.

Thanks in advance

A:Boot issue in XP

Have you tried booting via Safe Mode?
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OK So last night my wife s PC lost power not properly shut down and afterwards would not boot into Normal mode After several hours of attempted restore actions she gave up and shut it down Later when she returned she had no function at all it would not turn on WE purchased a new power supply which brought us back to no normal boots We ve tried several different options to try to find what s Boot XP Win Issue hangs it up to no avail using msconfig and such The machine works fine in any type of safe mode except the command prompt option which freezes up Normal mode Win XP Boot Issue gets trapped on the Windows splash screen the load screen where the horizontal dots scroll WE are using Win XP Win XP Boot Issue Media Center Edition SP all current updates SP caused lock ups she has Win XP Boot Issue noticed that a few hours prior to the shut off several Windows updates tried to load and failed It s a HP Pavillion Media Center n with gb or RAM and a ghz processor NO hardware software changes have been made in over a week prior to it dying on us Anyone got a fix or and idea nbsp

A:Win XP Boot Issue

By way of an update....she managed to get run diagnostics which now report a HD521-2W error per the SMART short test, for HDD failure? What I don't get is if the hard drive is failing, why does it work so smoothly in Safe mode? Wouldn't a HDD failure affect it no matter what the mode? How reliable is this test?
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Running Windows XP Home Edition on a Compaq Presario US and recently on a cold boot I get the following message quot - SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure Your hard disk drive is detecting an imminent failure To ensure no data loss backup contents and replace this hard disk Attribute Failed Initializing Intel R Boot Agent Version PXE Build WfM RPL V COLOR quot At the bottom of the boot screen is F Boot lt F Setup gt lt Boot Issue F Network Service Boot gt The question is whether this is Boot Issue indeed a hardware failure or is it a virus corrupting the boot sector of the hard drive I have run Ad Aware V run Spybot and have the logs from Hijack This which are below Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System PackethSvc exe C WINDOWS System drivers CDAC BA EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system pctspk exe C WINDOWS System TSIRCSRV EXE C WINDOWS TSI tsircusr exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS System Smtray exe C Program Files Compaq Easy Access Button Support StartEAK exe C Program Files Common Files LapLink Scheduler LLSCHED EXE C Program Files MusicMatch MusicMatch Jukebox mmtask exe C Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mm tray exe C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe C Program Files Compaq Easy Access Button Support CPQEADM EXE C WINDOWS System hphmon exe C COMPAQ CPQINET CPQInet exe C Compaq EAKDRV EAUSBKBD EXE C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files LapLink Scheduler LLSCHENG EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exe C PROGRA Compaq EASYAC BttnServ exe C Program Files Microsoft Office Office msoffice exe C WINDOWS System HPZipm exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Outlook Express msimn exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C PROGRA Winzip winzip exe C DOCUME DALER EVA LOCALS Temp HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http store presario net scripts redirectors presario storeredir dll s searchfavweb amp c c amp lc R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www abcnews com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http store presario net scripts redirectors presario storeredir dll s consumerfav amp c c amp lc R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Compaq F - REG system ini UserInit C WINDOWS system userinit exe C WINDOWS TSI tsircusr exe O - BHO no name - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE NvQTwk NvCplDaemon initialize O - HKLM Run WCOLOREAL quot C Program Files COMPAQ Coloreal coloreal exe quot O - HKLM Run Smapp Smtray exe O - HKLM Run CPQEASYACC C Program Files Compaq Easy Access Button Support StartEAK exe O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Portfolio C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe AllUsers O - HKLM Run srmclean C Cpqs Scom srmclean exe O - HKLM Run LapLink Scheduler quot C Program Files Common Files LapLink Scheduler LLSCHED EXE quot O - HKLM Run mmtask c Program Files MusicMatch MusicMatch Jukebox mmtask exe O - HKLM Run MMTray C Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mm tray exe O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run HPHUPD C Program Files Hewlett-Packard B B-DCAB- - EE - F hphupd exe O - HKLM Run HP Component Manager quot C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run HPHmon C WINDOWS System hph... Read more

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Intermittently I get the following message when I boot up:

client macaddr:001320e83c32 Guid:
B874F006 70D7 11DA A6B6 00EA68F733F

PXE-E53: No Boot Filename received

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent

I then have to turn the computer on and off a couple of times before it boots up normally

I use antispyware and anti virus frequently. Is my computer failing?

I have Gateway /GT5040

Win XP Media Center Edition ver 2002 SP3

Pentium 2.80GHZ 2.99GB Ram

A:Boot Issue

<<Is my computer failing?>>Probably not , but your system is trying to do a network boot.My experience is that this normally happens on systems where the CMOS battery is failing...which may return boot options to the original defaults first used.If the system is a will cost approx $4 (U.S.) to replace the battery and find out if that is cause of the change in boot options.Since that system is a desktop...I'd take a $4 chance and replace the CMOS battery, being sure to insert the replacement exactly as the old way was inserted.How to replace the CMOS battery. - This document is old, there is no need to write down any settings before replacing the battery. Just check that the system is set to boot from hard drive...after changing the battery.Louis
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look this is a special case,
i installed Vista,
then XP ( for my webcam )
then ubuntu(linux).. and i couldn't access xp nor vista with ubuntu so i formatted ubuntu..
then i had no boot..
so i installed a second xp to have a boot ( at least! )
and now, i'm in this new xp and can't boot Vista nor my real xp..
please help

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Upon booting my parents PC today, there was a bit of an error. I googled the problem, and found a description of the exact problem I'm having, but not the solution, so I'll just ahead and post that rather than try to explain it myself.

"I get the windows welcome screen and then a bright blue screen without desktop functionality. This does not appear to be the well known 'blue screen of death' but a bright royal blue colour with the cursor and mouse working OK with no desktop icons. I can do a control/alt/delete which brings up the task manager but no other key commands."

I can boot into safe mode, and have done. I've run Spybot S&D, and MSconfig to disbale the startup processes. I've also tried a System restore, but all of these have been fruitless.

Anybody got any ideas?


A:Boot Issue

When you bring up Task Manager, try it's File menu and select New Task... Then type in "explorer.exe" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Does your Desktop show up now? If not, what happens? Are there any particular error messages? Does explorer.exe pop up in your Processes tab (in Task Manager) and then disappear?
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Hi All Ok long and short of it A friend had issues with issue Boot his laptop the system Vista Boot issue Home Premium came with lots of preinstalled acer software he had tried getting rid of them but had no luck anyhow he ended up turning off all the Boot issue startup programs in system config upon rebooting he had the error no os found i have since managed to get passed htis however i Boot issue cannot get any further The HD is recognised in Bios The repair from a disc was completed Now it will boot into windows but nothing no user no task bar nothing just an arrow on the screen with a background I have tried removing memory and starting up repair for a second time bootsect via cmd nothing i cant boot into safe mode it just loops back to normal boot it has no restore points I only have vista basic and vista business discs and he does not have a disc it came with a partition i have tried recovery but it tells me there is not backup yet i can get the task manager up and into cmd this shows me all the files so i know there is no issue there I am assuming that the boot file in boot ini is up the duff Is there any way i can get this thing to boot up with his user and all back to normal i have scoured the net but nothing of help Thanks

A:Boot issue

Originally Posted by lovejones

Hi All

Ok long and short of it,

A friend had issues with his laptop, the system (Vista Home Premium)came with lots of preinstalled acer software, he had tried getting rid of them but had no luck, anyhow, he ended up turning off all the startup programs in system config, upon rebooting, he had the error no os found, i have since managed to get passed htis, however i cannot get any further.
The HD is recognised in Bios
The repair from a disc was completed
Now it will boot into windows but nothing, no user, no task bar, nothing just an arrow on the screen with a background.
I have tried removing memory and starting up
repair for a second time
bootsect via cmd
nothing, i cant boot into safe mode, it just loops back to normal boot, it has no restore points.

I only have vista basic and vista business discs, and he does not have a disc, it came with a partition, i have tried recovery but it tells me there is not backup, yet i can get the task manager up and into cmd, this shows me all the files, so i know there is no issue there

I am assuming that the boot file in boot.ini is up the duff.

Is there any way i can get this thing to boot up with his user and all back to normal? i have scoured the net but nothing of help.


Of course removing all the preinstalled junk (which is fine) with Acer was not causing his problems.

He might have ran msconfig and turned off all Microsoft startups. Bad, bad, bad.

Removing memory shouldn't help as that wasn't the issue to begin with (it was the startup change).

Remove and Recreate your partition, do a clean install.

Courtesy of Brink...
Clean Install with a Full Version of Vista
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Sorry if this is not the correct place I am currently on a nd computer toshiba windows but the problem is the st computer Dell Vostro Windows xp pro issue???? boot.ini Basically someone tech person from internet company connected to the computer to take control work I didn t do anything was trying to clean the computer get rid of unnecessary files etc today in an effort to optimize my performance Long story short it all went terribly boot.ini issue???? wrong when the computer that was working great before upon reboot was no longer able to get past start boot.ini issue???? up as we would receive a blue screen and stop error STOP x B etc Tech person said they think a virus corrupted something or hardware issue nbsp Been working with technical support all day and made no real progress unfortunately boot.ini issue???? despite being windows xp pro we tried booting from a windows home edition cd I had per their recommendation to try and repair any missing files etc - this did not work it would go to blue screen once the windows install start up said it was starting windows My family member did find the actual windows xp pro cd near the end of the call and we loaded that up however none of the command prompts the tech specialist told me to try in the recovery console would work They are suppose to call back tomorrow to try again thought they recommended taking it to a repair shop but my family member nbsp not happy that his computer worked great before and now won t start asked me to keep messing with it I was trying to follow something I read online about going into the recovery console and doing bootcfg rebuild since their was no repair option in the install windows section I entered this and it was going thru this process restarted i didn t boot from the CD this time and was given two operating systems to choose from the first was labeled oops did I do that nbsp and the second was Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition NOOOOOOO If I click on the his computer will start I can log in I think there are some left overs from the tech persons work so I tried to do system restore - this would not revert the entire computer to before this mess began because though I can still choose the operating system and login in function normally all files there there is one error about some programs not responding properly roxio nbsp and the system configuration utility comes on Selecting option Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition just leads to they blue error screen we ve been seeing all day Can someone advise me on how to straighten out this mess and just get the computer back to one working operating system that is Windows XP Pro While keeping files intact Just trying to get the computer back to how it was before all this started thanks

A:boot.ini issue????

First of all, the problem is with Windows XP, -Right?Second, you need to find tech people  who know what they are doing.Third, any major changes to your system must be preceded by a system backup to external media. Otherwise, trysting to undo a change is very hard.The remainder of this post is mostly  about a new install and not repairBoth PCs are desktops? Both have DVD drives? USB ports?OK? If yes, here iis a general outline of how to recover Windows XP.Begin dictation.You should have available some type of external storage device. If not, you need to free up some disk space on the working computer so you can save your important documents, videos and photos. Once you have backed up your personal material then you can proceed to try to repair or reinstall Windows XP system.At some point you'll need to recover the product key for your windows XP installation. A possible exception is for some OEM versions that were preinstalled at the factory. If you to not have the product key, your new installation of windows XP will only last for 30 days.In your case you want to use the windows XP Pro version to try to repair the system. If not available, you could try using the Windows home XP to make a new installation.In any case, there's no guarantee you can repair or recover the existing installation. The amount of time it takes to do that, if possible, may even exceed the amount of time it takes to do a fresh installation of windows XP Pro on the troubled machine. Personally, if there is a lot of facile I like to just start with a fresh install and get the needed updates later online.Of course, at some point, you'll need to have an antivirus program installed. Hopefully, you won't get a virus attack while doing the installation. The basic installation should not require access to the Internet. Windows XP will install suitable drivers for most devices on your system without having access to the Internet.Now about a backup method for your personal files. Actually, that is the part you have to do first, but I was trying to do a quick summary of what the steps are so you would understand what's going on here.The backup can be done with one of the backup utilities that will boot off of a DVD, CD or USB. One that I use is by a company called Esaus. The product is called Todo Backup. You can get it for personal use from their website.Using the working computer, prepare a bootable disk using the instructions you get from the TodoBbackup program. Once you have that disk prepared you will put it in the trouble computer and try to boot from the DVD drive. You may have to change a setting in the B IOS to get it to come up. Alternatively, there is an option to use an USB flash drive.Once up and running, the backup program will let you make copies of files to an external device. The external device can be a USB flash drive or a hard drive that runs off of the USB port or even a portable DVD burner. If using a DVD burner, you might want to use the R/W discs so that you can use them over again at a later time. I believe there is also an option to do a backup over your local ethernet connection to your working computer. That will require you to have a shared folder on the working computer.Now about the installation of windows XP Pro. There's not really much to it. Read the instructions very carefully on the startup screens. At one point there is an option to repair a partition that has the current operating system. That might work and it may be worth a try. It does not do any damage to try it. I mean to say, no more damage than what you already have. I don't think this is really a hard drive issue, rather a clumsy attempt by someone else to clean up your system and destroy files that were needed.To make this easier on myself, this is being done by voice dictation. That saves me time and gives you a longer more detailed post.Installation instructions for Windows XP Pro are available online at various sites an... Read more,150219.0.html
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Odd but when I get the windows 7 icon screen and it transistions to the login screen I will always get a blue screen even though the window theme plays over my speakers. As well the 8 port usb hub may or may not activate. Odd part 2 when booting from win icon screen to login screen, once the usb hub lights up if I move the wireless mouse and left click this can bring the login screen to life about 30% of the time. If it goes to blue screen I will have to hard shut down and reboot again. If I am successful to boot to login screen about 40% of the time the powered usb 2.0 (8) port hub will be flashing on and off. This didn't happen with same hardware and XP pro 32. Any thoughts ?

A:USB hub issue on boot with win 7 64

Does your computer boot up properly if you disconnect your usb hub?
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All my tech expert redditors need Your help in Identifying the issue with my laptop... I am able to boot into mini windows xp using Hirens boot cd but laptop doesn't boot any other way be it boot usb (windows 10 set up) or recovery usb ...When I diagnosed using mini xp I found that System is not detecting the harddrive (c drive in which I have installed OS). However strange thing is if I keep laptop untouched for few hours it boots normally but after sometime it will shutdown automatically ..Adding to the woes Acer customer support advised that this is discontinued model and no hardware will be available.
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Yesterday I bought a new motherboard. I have connected to the motherboard a 2.2 GHz pentium 4 processor, 2 hard drives (80 and 120 GB), a dvd player and a DVD/CD re-writer. Everything is showing up in the BIOS ok.

I installed Windows XP (made no changes or installed any software after installing) and rebooted the PC. When I rebooted the PC after the initial P.O.S.T the PC hangs for about 1 - 2 minutes and I get the following error message

Hardware/profile configuration menu

This menu allows you to select a hardware profile when windows is started

If your system is not starting correctly, then you may switch to a previous system configuration, important: system configuration changes made since the last successful start up will be discarded.

Profile 1
If I choose profile 1 (the only choice) windows loads normally.
I tried reformatting again and I still get the same boot up problems.

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My notebook is installed windows 8,
I need to install windows xp but blue screen is comming, when installer, how do I do?
My system information is:Notebook model: HP 2000 Notebook PC
Product number : A7A78UA#ABA
serial Number: (removed content)
System body ID: 3577
Product configuration ID: 068612000020A10000620100
System board CT Number: PCHMDA47V1×086
BIOS Version: F 48
Processor Type: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon (t) HD Graphics
Processor speed: 1300 MHz
Total memory: 2 gb.

Please help me.
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My system keeps crashing on me! I start the computer up and as the windows logon screen apprears the system automatically restarts itself. I have tried booting up in safe-mode but the same thing occurs. I had this issue occur several months ago and the guy who fixed the system is unavailable. However, he mentioned to me that it was an error in my anti-virus software. If that makes any sense. I just would like to get the issued resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Had the recurring boot problem mentioned in other threads, was able to us disk to boot and run chkdsk. When I got into XP encountered variety of other issues including no access to wireless or internet and no ability to get to command. cmd gives me the extension issue - asks what program I want to use. Went in and copied regedit.exe to but can't get into regedit after, keeps saying not a recognized command...possibly because I was in recover mode?

A:XP Boot Issue

You are missing quite a few files in Windows. If you have a Windows XP disc, you can go to Start/Run and type SFC /scannow and press enter. Put the XP CD in and it will replace any missing files from the disc. Or you can do a Repair Install.
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Hope someone has some ideas around this. Computer won't boot up. When you turn on the power switch nothing happens. No power on test. No hard drive processing. Nothing. Changed power supply without any change. In fact you can feel air blowing from the power supply when you try to boot up. Thanks for any advice in advance.

A:Boot up issue

More info about your system and what happened before your problem started would be very helpful. Have you installed anything new or flashed your bios or anything?
Here are a few things you can try.
1.Turn off your PC and try resetting the CMOS (most boards have a jumper near the battery, check your motherboard manual) or pull the battery out for a few minutes and put it back in again.
2. Check and make sure the video card and system ram are seated properly.
3. I have seen bad ram cause your problem. You can pull out all of your ram and try re-booting. You should get a series of beeps which will tell you that your system has no ram and also tells you your Mboard and CPU are probably ok. If you do get the beeps, turn off the system and try putting the ram in one stick at a time, and turn it back on. (If you have more than one) this can tell you which ram stick is bad.

Good luck.
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Succeeded in getting Win to boot to my usb hard drives after weeks of banging my head against the wall but now it does work Have Usb issue boot now hit another issue with booting to usb The weekend I installed a game for one of my Grandsons Special Ops The Line Game worked great and he had a blast Well today I backup the primary drive to the Lacie usb ssd Booted to the Lacie to make sure it worked which it did not Backed up my backup internal drive to the Lacie which did not have Special Ops The Line installed and the Lacie booted I uninstalled the game but the Lacie would still not boot I restored the primary drive with the primary backup backed up the Lacie and it booted Took it another round and installed the game which again killed the booting to usb So apparently the game is causing the issue but I have no idea as to what to look for as this appears to be the only issue the game causes my computer Any idea as to what to look at
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Here is my eddited boot file for my custome machine. Thing is that it will default too XP. However, I cant get it too go into DOS, or WIN 7

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(2)partition(0)\WINDOWS="Dosl" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(0)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(0)\WINDOWS="Windows 7" /fastdetect

A:Boot.ini Issue

If Windows 7 is installed the Boot Loader needs to be Windows 7's boot loader. Windows 7 does not use the Boot.INI file to boot up.
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Hey appear to use this forum a there any reason nobody is responding to my question? Or is it just super dumb and I don't know it? I'd appreciate any input I could get on this...

Good luck with your install, papeman...

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My win 7 version boots awfully slow. Is that the case for anyone else? It takes my PC from pushing start button on PC to actual desktop 3 min and 50 secs. When I first push on start button I get to a blinking cursor and it stays there for 2 minutes. Anyone know why this is happening?

A:boot up issue

How is your boot order in the bios setting ? Do you have anything inside your optical drive ( cd rom ) how old is your computer ( HDD ) ?
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Hello All I have been working with boot issue computers for years and am pretty experiences but am looking for a second opinion on this Anyways I have recently built this system and it has been a very good stable build I have recently got a new video card and am having some trouble with it I have an ECS P H -A It does not have on-board video In the meantime while I was waiting for my new graphics card VisionTek to come in I threw is some old card to get by Two days ago I received the card and installed it in my system installed drivers ran a few benchmarks Everything was going fine I left my PC on overnight to download some files and boot issue when I returned the the morning the screen would not turn on I let the PC reboot and I kept getting hung on code PCI Bus initialization is started on the board I have done a little research and can not find much on this topic I have tried clearing the CMOS and can not get it to work Once I replaced the old graphics I have everything went peachy again I m really just looking for any opinion on this I just assumed it was the graphics card and sent it in for exchange I just do not know exactly The card was not DOA as it worked great for one day Could the card really have just crapped out on me that fast Is there something more to this that I am not seeing Thank you in advance for any replies to this message Other PC Specs Motherboard ECS P H -A CPU Intel Core i - Ghz Power Supply ULTRA LSP W Graphics Card VisionTek Radeon HD Ram Corsair Vengeance LP GB PC DDR Storage Devices OCZ AGILITY GB Western Digital Caviar Green WD EADS TB Before anybody asks about the PSU here are specs nbsp

A:boot issue

Sure it is possible the card failed. It may have had some faulty capacitors or other components. If the system works fine with your old card, I would tend to think you are correct in thinking the card failed.

One thing I would do with your old card installed is to run something that will stress the system and check the voltages; ie 3.3V, 5V, and 12V rails. If you see the 12V rail dropping under a full load, you may have a pw supply that just cannot supply the amount of current needed by your card.

I use prime95 for this task however OCCT will work as well [both free downloads]
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So, sometimes I get a thread_stuck_in_device_error blue screen, and when the computer restarts I get another blue screen that says dpc_watchdog_violation and then it restarts and works.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8119 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953366 MB, Free - 834147 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z97X-SLI-CF
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
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When I start my pc it powers on and goes thru the beginning steps gets to the screen asking for my password then either the picture on my desktop pops up and nothing else or automatically starts to shut down. I have tried going in through safe mode but it sometimes goes past the password screen and just the desktop pic comes up or it automatically starts to shut down, saving my settings etc. What can I do?

A:boot up issue

Can you boot in Safe mode? try checking for viruses. google for some trial versions like esetnod32,avast,avira and etc.
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Recently I restarted my computer and when I did I noticed something was out of place The entire boot sequence up until the Windows Login screen is extremely pixelated It's in patterns Issue Boot and everything is extremely hard to read I ran a couple virus scans checked for spyware even cleaned up the registry but nothing seems to be working I'm not sure if it's a virus that isn't being recognized or if it's a corrupt file I decided I would Boot Issue just go ahead and reformat my drive and try a fresh install however since I can not read the menus this is proving Boot Issue to be quite a task I got the boot sequence set to boot from disk after a few minutes of trying to remember the layout of the Setup menu but I can not for the life of me get through installation or even begin to reformat the drive without being able to read it I took some video of the computer booting up and will post them if they will be of any help however they are not the best quality because they were taken from my phone although you can tell Boot Issue what the problem is by looking at it Any ideas would be greatly appreciated I'm at a complete loss and can not get anyone to look at it in person for a couple of days minimum Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have I'm willing to try nearly anything

A:Boot Issue

hi and welcome possibly a graphics/video problem,is it a laptop or desktop,please post as much info as you can make model ram gaphics card power supply etc.then someone may be able to offer some ideas
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Hi Guys I am not sure where my original thread is by now but this refers issue Boot to a problem that a friend is having with his PC He lives in a semi rural country area about mins down the road from me and his PC when he boots it Boot issue seems Boot issue to stop at the start of post bios stage Previously i have discussed this with several people who suggested it was proberly a power issue i have since then made my friend buy a UPS to filter the power and just last night replace the power supply with a good corsair one but the issue remains I guess from here i will now have to look at the mainboard as potentially being the next inline that might be the problem but that said the really strange twist with this is when he brings the PC to my place it works fine Any other thoughts on this strange one guys Thanks for your responses in advanced

A:Boot issue

Originally Posted by Titancom

Hi Guys,

I am not sure where my original thread is by now but this refers to a problem that a friend is having with his PC. He lives in a semi rural country area about 40 mins down the road from me and his PC when he boots it seems to stop at the start of post bios stage.

Previously i have discussed this with several people who suggested it was proberly a power issue, i have since then made my friend buy a UPS to filter the power and just last night replace the power supply with a good corsair one but the issue remains.

I guess from here i will now have to look at the mainboard as potentially being the next inline that might be the problem but that said the really strange twist with this is when he brings the PC to my place it works fine? Any other thoughts on this strange one guys?

Thanks for your responses in advanced

My first guess in this scenario would have been power, but you've already checked that.

Are the any cell tower nearby your friends place?

I had a similar issue some time ago, where the client complained about blue screens, up to 15 a day, each different, but when I had the pc in my workshop, I had no problems. Even after replacing the motherboard with an entirely different one, the BSODS continued when the computer was returned to the customer.

It turns out that the cell tower for Vodacom is something like 20 meters away from his study, in the empty lot nextto his house. The problem is still there (Vodacom refuse to lower the power of their cellular tower), but my customer DID take his pc to a LAN some time ago, and it was stable.
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I was having a issue with my old HD it froze in every mode Recovery Safe Start up repair Etc I decided to buy a new use Just put it in and then inserted HD issue with Help. new Boot a burnt copy which was proven to work on another unit It won't Help. Boot issue with new HD boot Bios works and I reordered the boot order and then back to default I get the same error Cup test - passed Hard drive connection test - passed Boot test - failed Error code -BIOHD Warning boot sector corrupted not found Memory test - passed There is Help. Boot issue with new HD no OS on this drive and the disk I have is Help. Boot issue with new HD burnt Is it possible that my DVD CD drive is dead I had problems with it before and had it disconnected I really can't afford a new system or a new copy of windows or I don't have a flash drive handy and I'm doing this from my phone I don't have a nd pc This sucks ass I thought this would work Please help of you can Thanks in advance

A:Help. Boot issue with new HD

I meant I installed a new HDD. Phone typing sucks
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Windows repair?It's hard/impossible to guess which key (apparently) files you disabled via Autoruns.Do you have a Micrsoft XP install CD?System manufacturer and model?Try getting screen where you use Last Known Good?
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My desktop seems to be having a boot issue When I turn it on I can t get it past the early boot stages without getting the following message Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer Choose your language settings and then click Next quot Click quot repair your computer quot If yo do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance File windows system winload exe Status xc f Info The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt My OS is Vista and the model number of my computer is GM and it issue! Boot s a Gateway computer I no longer have the installation disc it s Boot issue! asking for and it seems that both Staples and Best Buy no Boot issue! longer carry Vista discs only Windows discs Any ideas on what I could do to get it to boot up and run properly nbsp

A:Boot issue!

Go to gateway support and order a recovery cd.
They usually run about $20
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Hey i was wondering if any of you guys could answer this question for me. So i was playing CSS and i go to quit the game and my comp just freezes up and then i had to shut it down manually. When i went to boot it back up it would load to where it said windows xp and a blue screen would pop up for an instant and then it would just restart and do the same thing over again. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

A:Issue with boot up


Originally Posted by d0yle

Hey i was wondering if any of you guys could answer this question for me. So i was playing CSS and i go to quit the game and my comp just freezes up and then i had to shut it down manually. When i went to boot it back up it would load to where it said windows xp and a blue screen would pop up for an instant and then it would just restart and do the same thing over again. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

have you tried booting into safe mode and uninstalling the last thing you installed, which i'm assuming is css (whatever that is)?
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I have a raid (stripe) hard drive and it was working fine and i turned on my pc and it states floppy disk fail and when i press f1 it states boot up failure.

I have tried all the recovery options and system recovery takes forever and does nothing and it does not even have my drive listed in the option box in system recovery so i dont know what to do i don't wanna loose my data.

any idea of what i can do....
any advice would be appreciated and thanks in advance

A:Boot up issue please help.

Do you actually have a floppy drive connected/installed in your PC? It sounds like your BIOS may have reset to defaults. Double check your boot order/ first boot device setting in the BIOS to make sure it is correct. If you RAID array is setup in BIOS I would check those settings too.
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Hi All,
I recently purchased a laptop and performed a clean insall of Win7(x64) to get rid of all junkware etc. Everything is working great, however now upon booting I am asked to select which OS to boot: Win7 or Win7. I went into msconfig to check the boot configuration and noticed the following: Windows 7 (c:\Windows): Current OS; Default OS.

I also ran bcdedit, but I am not experienced enough to decipher it. Can anyone provide a permanent fix- meaning not going into msconfig/ boot to change the timeout function etc? I am considering setting up a dual boot system and don't want to have to select between 3 options. I attached a snapshot of my msconfig/boot and bcdedit screen. Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.

A:Boot issue

Hello theschlepp.

Those aren't much help; before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums
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I have an issue in booting..i can only see the windows logo and later blue screen is getting displayed..kindly assist me.

A:boot issue

this means that you cant hep me out?
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I recently reinstalled Windows via a bootable DVD Just when I got all of my files and settings back onto my computer and it was working fine for a day or two I downloaded and installed a new and in hindsight suspicious program When I restarted my computer following the installation it got caught into an infinite boot loop Dell BIOS will load Issue Boot then it fails to boot Windows and restarts into Dell screen again I know this is not a hard drive issue as the HDD is only months old and worked fine with a Boot Issue previous installation of Windows as well as this one before I installed the Boot Issue latest program I put in my Windows disc and selected quot Repair your computer quot It finds a Windows installation on the D drive even though I installed Windows on the C drive When I try to repair the Windows installation on the D drive it tells me the disc is not compatible with that installation of Windows When I click quot Load Drivers quot to look at my files I see that I have a C drive called quot System Reserved quot and then the D drive has become my Local Disk So it appears the program created a new drive and moved Windows to it Since I cannot use the Windows DVD to Repair the Windows installation I m not sure what to try next I have an old Ubuntu live disc if I need to use it I just spent days getting Windows back to how I wanted it so I d prefer not to wipe my hard drive if there s any way around it Any suggestions nbsp

A:Boot Issue

Also, if it's any help, I have a Dell XPS 15 L502X.
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As with most here my first post is for help heres what I have in my Computer Winfast K S GXMG - MOBO AMD Sempron not sure the model but it runs around Ghz MB Corsair Value select Pc ram issue Boot Gb Samsung HDD equal Partitions Nec Ag Dvd Burner Floppy drive Formerly running XP Home Sp Okay so last week I was planning to reinstall Xp as Boot issue it was getting horribly slow and resources were often - used while idle Also for the past year or so I d been having the issue in that it would refuse to reboot unless I gave it - minutes to cool down it would get to the point where the login screen should Boot issue pop up once running it was fine So when I went to reinstall and was able to get as far as formatting my os partition and up to the point to begin the install and it shuts down and now when I try again and again I get to the point where it brings up the option to Install Repair or quit I ve gone through to check all the cables checked with other hdd with the same result At this point I think if I can t get it back up and running on my own with all of your help obviously I m going to go ahead and buy a new system I have beginner to intermediate knowledge of the inner workings of the hardware components Thank you in advance for all of your assistance nbsp

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Hi Everyone,
Just a bit of a nagging query really on a Windows 7 32bit Home Premium.
Just a lately it has taken three attempts to boot the system .Once running there appears to be no visibly problem, just the 3 attempts before it will load.....
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Boot Issue

 Run chkdsk and have it scan for and attempt repair of bad sectors.  It sounds like you have hard drive problems.  I'd also run the system performance report from the Performance Information and Tools applet of the Control Panel paying particular attention to the hard drive's SMART data.
Good luck.