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P67A-GD65 mobo and 1600MHz memory support

Q: P67A-GD65 mobo and 1600MHz memory support

So I m looking into the MSI P A-GD B motherboard for a new build I was looking at the specs and it says it supports DDR at MHz but that it would need to be OC d to get up to either the MHz speeds Basically I m wondering if it s worth it to OC for the speed and how exactly to do it Here are the specs of the build I m looking at Mobo MSI P A-GD B LGA Intel P SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel CPU Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz LGA W PSU OCZ ModXStream Pro W Modular High Performance PS Graphics MSI R Cyclone PE Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HD HITACHI Deskstar TB RPM SATA Gb s quot So the main questions are a is it worth 1600MHz memory and P67A-GD65 support mobo it to go for the speed memory over the b what do I need to mess with to get the memory running at the full nbsp
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Preferred Solution: P67A-GD65 mobo and 1600MHz memory support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi guys. Recently I have purchased a new computer. 2600k/msi p67a-gd65/GTX470 more info in my profile. I have constant computer freezing during booting, in bios, right after windows starts, during playing games or watching youtube. I have no idea what can be wrong. I heard that many msi p67a-gd65 owners have similar problems, but I`m not sure. Maybe it is my GTX470. Could you help me to read my .dmp file? I was also once able to take picture of blue screen (but it only appeared one time) and I included it to zip file. And also when computer freezes sometimes sound stays on normally, I hear everything like it suppose to be but screen freezes. I have no idea what to do RMA motherboard (I have to due to chip problems) or graphic card or I have to change something in bios. Please help me


A:i7 2600k/msi p67a-gd65/GTX470

Hi roland1989 and Welcome.
Your latest dump file has a stop 0x124 error code, which means blame the hardware.
See this thread for pointers:Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to tryThe majority of your dump files however (5 of 7) have a stop 0x116 error code: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR.
See this thread to begin troubleshooting:STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR Troubleshooting.
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bought these gigabyte ga-p35-s3

2GB (2x1GB) CorsairTwinX XMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400

I have them already ..... still waiting for cpu.

I can't really test them and was hoping someone could tell if this difference in voltages will cause incompatability issues. Nothing is open so I could send the memory back.

I checked the corsair memory configurator and they have no listing for my motherboard.
I checked the gigabyte website and my memory is not listed but the cas4 version is.

I honestly think I'm getting through nearly all the questions someone can ask before they start a build.


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I have an Asus A V X-X mobo in one of my systems Right now it has x MB PC modules in it I m thinking about adding some to increase total capacity I ve looked through the mobo manual and can t make sense of something Here is what is said about the memory capabilities of my mobo The motherboard has three DDR sockets that support up to GB unbuffered non-ECC PC DDR DIMMs And in another place it says How what kind can much memory support? and my mobo this DDR DIMM sockets These three -pin DIMM sockets support up to gigs system memory using unbuffered non-ECC PC DDR DIMMs Note PC maximum to banks only PC maximum to banks only I m confused I do understand that the mobo will support up to GB using PC memory What confuses me is the ability of the mobo to support PC and PC memory Right now I have MB of PC memory in my system x MB chips Is this information saying that if I add another PC stick of RAM the system won t recognize If so can you tell if it says that if I add a stick of PC memory it will or will not recognize it I m a How much memory and what kind can my mobo support? bit confused as you can see nbsp

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Hey, will this 1600MHz RAM work with my motherboard (Gigabyte h61m-s2-B3) which only allows up to 1333MHz, I've ordered it already and don't want to put it in a break any of the hardware, many thanks in advance, Mark

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Hi nbsp I recently bought a notebook from HP the HP G with A - processor Inside there was a GB DDR L- Kingston memory module slot with HP u... speed G2 - 355 only Memory on 1600MHz K7H44ES shipped and there are two slots available nbsp I checked with CPU-Z and other tools and it showed a DRAM Frequency of MHz nbsp I added a GB DDR HP 355 G2 K7H44ES - Memory speed 1600MHz only with on slot u... L- Cruical memory module to the second slot and checked again with CPU-Z The DRAM Frequency was just MHz the memory size of GB was recognized correctly nbsp I thought it must be because of two different modules got for testing two other identical GB DDR L- Kingston memory modules and DRAM Frequency was again just MHz nbsp And if only one slot is used with any DDR L- I had available DRAM Frequency was MHz But whenever both slots are used it dropped to MHz nbsp What's wrong Do I need some specific memory modules for this notebook respectively CPU and memory controller nbsp HP Support suggested just that but I believe it's not because of this Perhaps the memory controller is working that way that it drops down to MHz if both slots are used But why should that be With none of my previous notebooks or pc this happened always the memory speed as specified nbsp And Google says that A - has a single-channel memory contoller for DDR L- which would be even faster but instead it runs with nbsp I currently use Windows Pro -bit if this of matter nbsp Cheers
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Hey! I just bought Asus P6T mobo, with Core i7 920 and 4GB DDR3 1600MHZ XMS3 DHS Memory. The problem is here, I was about to start to put the memory in their places but, I saw a warning sign, that tells me: According to Intel CPU SPEC, DIMMs with voltage may damage the CPU permanently. We recommend you install the DIMMs with the voltage setting belov 1.65V. I don't know what does this mean but could you tell me? And the voltage level thing in these memories is 1.8.

Thanks for your help. Fleshpound.

A:Asus P6T and Corsair DDR3 1600MHZ XMS3 DHS Memory

The voltage shown in the memory specs is the the reccomended maximum voltage to be used with the memory.
The actual memory voltage used is controlled by BIOS and motherboard settings and since ASUS is aware of the Intel limitations, it will be less than that.
The Intel warning is a cover-our-rearend statement. It just means the CPU is designed to run with this voltage or less and that if you "overclock" your system your warranty is void.
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I have a GA-EX -UD motherboard with memory slots i - OC to Currently installed are CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model 6x2GB Modules Memory 2133MHz 4x4GB 1600MHz vs HX 6x2GB 1600MHz vs 4x4GB 2133MHz Memory Modules X G C G My motherboard can handle faster memory so to try and 6x2GB 1600MHz vs 4x4GB 2133MHz Memory Modules give me a boost I bought G SKILL Ripjaws X Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBXL I've read so many different views on this and just need a definitive answer and this forum has always provided me with a wealth of knowledge so thanks With what I am working with what is my best option Should I stick with the x GB modules at MHz or switch to the x GB modules at MHz OR if you have other options I'm more than willing to listen I know I should have posted here before purchasing the new ram but I'm here now I can always send it back If you need more info on my system feel free to ask Thanks for any and all help

A:6x2GB 1600MHz vs 4x4GB 2133MHz Memory Modules

well in my experience ram clock past some limit doesnt have much visible benefit (well benchmarks may say othervise) but real experiencie is not noticeable. I dont do extreme oc so i dont know if that helps in ocing cpu.
in my opinion main reason for upgade would be you use less of your ram slots

i think 4x4 is better than 6x2..
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Recently i bought HP Gaming laptop, now the time i would like to upgrade my all-in-one desktop hp omni 200-5316d to 8gb of RAM.Currently RAM  is pc3-10600 1333mhz 4gb (2gb X 2gb)non-eec. Must i purchase exactly the specification stated or can i upgrade to pc3-10600 1600mhz 2 X 4gb RAM non eec. Thanks  

View Solution.

A:memory upgrade from pcs 10600 1333mhz to pcs 10600 1600mhz f...

Hi: Installing PC3-1600 memory will not speed up the memory, as the fastest it can run is only 1066 MHz. Even the 1333 MHz memory only runs at 1066 MHz, which is the fastest speed of the processor. I can tell you that installing memory in any HP PC that has an Intel series 5 chipset which yours does (and uses notebook memory) is very hard to upgrade. I suggest you read this post and the one I referenced within this post, to make sure you get the right memory, or it will not work.
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Hi everyone.

I just set up my friend's PC with the following specs:

Intel Core i5 750
MSI P55 GD65
Palit GTX 275
Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz
Corsair 650TX

When I power it on I get three relatively short beeps and there's no display. The BIOS fails to POST I presume. After the 3 beeps there is no further beep or sound.

What could have gone wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I tried switching the RAM to the Transcend 1333MHz I'm currently using. The result was the same. No display. So I'm assuming the memory stick has nothing to do with it.


Forget it guys. I had the RAM modules plugged into socket 2 and 4. It's a little different on the MSI board. Googled and got the answer to the problem. It POSTed now.
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I have a customer who brought in a gaming rig he "assembled" himself.....Needless to say there were issues. It will not recognize any PCI-e cards at all. The symptoms when his card is installed are a simple attempt at powering up but an instant later it powers off. With my card it powers on but shows no video. The only way to get video is to completely remove all external cards and run with the onboard card. The power switch on top is also non responsive but I think I can work through that by relocating it. Any ideas? My extra pci-e card may be burnt as well as I pulled it out of a similar system and it has been sitting unused for quite some time. The system also has Kracken water cooling which works fine. Any ideas? I'm a lot more break fix than gaming rig in my work. Maybe I'm missing a bios setting?

A:MSI z87-GD65 wont recognize any PCI-e cards

First question has to be what motherboard and are all latest drivers/BIOS installed for it?

Some more specific info on the specs would sure help.
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The computer won't boot giving the led code 00. Also ALL the pins look bent to me, should they be diagonal like that or pointing straight up?

Click the pics to zoom in.

With my 4690K the computer won't boot.

A:MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING do I have bent pins?

Double check the manual, but I'm almost positive 00 is not a valid code for those boards. Which would imply there's a problem with the board, not the CPU

EDIT: LIttle google'ing. If it's a D0, a few previous owners say it's a bios issue you can reset
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Hey everyone!
I want to know if G.SKILL [ RipjawsX ] F3-12800CL10S-8GBXL(8Gx1) / F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL(8Gx2) RAM supports MSI Z77 MPOWER Motherboard

I searched in both support list and I didn't find, but I think it supports each other because the RAM is DDR3-1600 and this Motherboard support DDR3-1600, but I want to be sure!

NOTE: I want also to know if there is different between buying 2x8G or 1x8G (If I want to buy each one from different store with the same name) or there is no different?

NOTE 2: I will buy Intel Core i7-3770k CPU for my Mobo


A:Need to know the RAM that support the Mobo that I will buy!

First, I think that having 16GB of ram is completely useless. Second, if you are going with Ripjaws, you are mostly an amateur gamer, but I am sorry if I'm being stereotypical. If I'm right, I am sure you don't do lots of multitasking, or video and sound editing, making 16gb of ram just a waste, Two 4GB sticks, or 4 2gb sticks would do wonder with dual channel.

Third, if your motherboard RAM compatibility list does not show the ram you are buying, don't risk it. Ask someone directly from the company, or buy ram that shows as supported. Ripjaws don't do anything that other RAM sticks cannot do and will show any difference.

However if you are just going for looks, just doublecheck with an MSI CSA to see if it would be compatible with the board even if it doesn't show in the list.
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Hello guys, my younger brother got a computer a while ago its a Packard Bell iStart 2311, the thing is its starting to run really slowly as it only has 1gb ram with 256mb being used by the graphics card. The thing is I do not know if it supports 2gb in each slot or only 1gb.

I can get 2x2gb for a very good price but not sure if each slot takes 2gb.

The motherboard according the PB website is a MCP61PM-AM . Even if someone can tell me the real name of it or who manufactures it. I have tried google searches but came back with nothing but people wanting to overclock there systems.
All replies appreciated!

Thanks H

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My GigaByte Mobo (see system spec) was purchased in 2010. I'm considering buying an SSD for the system and I want to be sure my hardware supports it using AHCI mode. When AHCI is enabled I see the following verbiage displayed during the hardware boot cycle before the OS begins to load:
Serial ATA AHCI BIOS, Version iSrc 1.20E
Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Intel Corporation
** This version supports only Hard Disk and CDROM drives **
The part that worries me is the last sentence where it says "...supports only Hard Disk and CDROM drives"
Does this mean the mobo does not support an SSD?

A:Mobo SSD Support?

I have a Gigabyte mobo purchased in 2009 that shows the same message during boot.

It works flawlessly with a Samsung 830 SSD in AHCI mode, running Windows 7.

Not 100% guaranteed, but I think you will not have any problems running an SSD in AHCI mode.
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I have a Chaintech VNF4 mobo from 05 that has a AMD 3000+ processor on it. I'm thinking about upgrading to the 4400+ X2's since they are pretty cheap. Will it support X2 as long as it's the same socket type?



A:Does my mobo support X2?

The board will support X2 cpu's providing you update the bios.
You will need to do this before you change the cpu
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I have a Biostar 6100-m9 (not T-Force) and I have just ordered an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU (E6 Toledo Core). I cannot find anything in my motherboard manual that mentions anything about this specific CPU.

Thanks for your help on this urgent matter,


A:Will my Mobo support this CPU?

Well it looks like it will support it...

From that page on the right hand side under product info click on CPU looks like this mobo will support up to AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+.
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Will the Shuttle AK10 AMD Socket A Motherboard be able to handle a Duron 1200????

How bout an Athlon 1000?????????

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Hello guys I am going to buy a ram for my desktop pc but this i am buying from online store so i want to confirm if it supports on my motherboard or not Desktop Board Specs DDR mhz with Dual Channel RAM Support having two memery slots Mercury PIG T- Board Kobian BrandRadeon installed on PCIEx Having GB RAM installed currently I found some cheap rams can you once check and which one should work and support on my board Dynet DDR GB Mhz RAM - Buy RAM Online Best Price on Snapdeal comTranscend GB DDR RAM JM QLU- G - Buy RAM Online Best Price on Snapdeal comDynet DDR GB Mhz RAM - Buy RAM Online Best Price on RAM ? this Does my [Q] support Mobo Snapdeal comKingston GB DDR RAM KVR D N G - Buy RAM Online Best Price [Q] Does my Mobo support this RAM ? on Snapdeal com Any help appreciated suggest me some tips Thanks Regards Ankur P S Sorry if external link is not allowed here but this is the situation of spending money

A:[Q] Does my Mobo support this RAM ?

Are both memory slots taken right now?

And that RAM is supported by your motherboard but it is a higher speed than your current ram, something like this would do the trick. With your currency I believe the price for this would be Rs 1879.30.
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i have a fic az31 mobo, could someone please tell me what the
max speed duron cpu i could use, i have gotten different info from
amd, the mobo manual says 600-750, but on the same hand they also say that a 800 is compatible and i've read that you can even
use a 1000 duron. is the latter with a bios flash or upgrade ?

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If mobo supports ddr2 800 would it be a problem putting in ddr2 667

Mobo -

Ram -

A:mobo ram support

Yes, that would be fine. If a mobo supports a certain RAM speed, anything at or below that speed will work fine as long as it is the right kind of RAM, in your case, DDR2.
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this problem happens randomly but at least twice per day it will be working fine connecting to the router via lan within - seconds once windows is loaded we have an SSD installed and it takes a mere seconds to get to desktop internet is available within - secs normal now what happens is all of a sudden when i boot into windows it will not up LAN P67A-D3-B3 Gigabit playing on connect a red Gigabit LAN playing up on P67A-D3-B3 X appears over it THEN a yellow triangle Gigabit LAN playing up on P67A-D3-B3 with in it when hover mouse over it says identifying it connects after APPROX seconds ive opened the connection settings and watched it each time and its approx - it connects my router is a Netgear DG GT Mbps and works fine with all the other PC s it aint the router as it works for a while - I can fix it by doing a fresh re-install of the driver uninstall reboot reinstall - when I reboot after that its fine for a few reboots then it will just start doing ti again I will boot into windows and it will take - seconds to connect and continue to do so until I re-install driver can anyone help me with this iam desperate as ive just built this PC tower for my dad to play FSX on and its playing up - he lives miles away and we are going up on sunday to take it up where i will only be staying a few days he is unable to replace boards or do most stuff to fix problems so I must get it sorted before I go up - ive been suffering with this since sunday when I built it and Gigabyte have not replied to my emails and Gigabyte forum staff amp users just say quot update firmware quot which I did tot no avail iam really stressed out because I have other computers to sort out by tonight and a website to finish before weekend and this is pee-ing me off cos I cant just leave it and have to spend all my time on it until i know its sorted wished i went with the MSI board now I chose Gigabyte as i thought they were reliable obviously not this isnt the only problem im having Vcore is missing from voltages CPU-z and HWmonitor do not read the Vcore voltage either - but this lan problem is most important for me whats point of having a PC that boots in seconds if you have to wait for a dodgy LAN connection to connect in seconds after windows is loaded any help would be great thanks nbsp

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Hey guys This is kind of embarrassing Despite being a very seasoned PC user I have never ever used a SATA HDD Always mobo HDD? support a SATA my Does IDE My old machine I custom built back in had been retired a few years ago due to a crashed hard drive I was able to score a GB Western Digital WD ABYS but I was surprised that it Does my mobo support a SATA HDD? was SATA when installing it because I didn t have a cable to connect it with nor do I see one on the motherboard So basically I have no experience installing this Is SATA better than IDE somehow I would just like a summary of the differences and more importantly some guidance on what I need to purchase I tried researching my Shuttle AK S E mobo to see if it was even compatible and if I would need one of those cables or the entire adapter Needless to say I didn t find much info available on it I heard these adapters slow it down which implies IDE is better than SATA to me Most of the ones available on Amazon had bad reviews How do I install this without any drawbacks Do I need a new mobo or is there an easy way to make it work and continue to use this mobo that s still in fine working order nbsp

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I have a socket 370, ASUS cuv4x mobo, and I have a socket 370 466MHz celeron processor. Will that processor work in this mobo?



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i have an asrock dual 915 gl mobo.

does it support ddr2 ram.
i have a pentium 4,128 mb nvidia 6600gt and 1gb ddr1 ram

A:does my mobo support ddr2 ram


- Dual Channel DDR memory technology
- Supports DDR400/333
- DIMM slots: 2
- Max. capacity: 2GB

Sorry, but only DDR (1) up to 400 =)
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Hello SF members,

I see today uEFI is very popular, a lot of people use it...
I have ASUS P8H61-M LX2 (it have modern BIOS utility, etc. ).

So, does my mobo support uEFI?

And what is pros and cons of uEFI? I found that I need GPT formated HDD and GPT isn't recommend for HDD who have less than 2.2TB.

If my mobo support it, does I need anything other?


A:Does my mobo support uEFI?

uefi are the modern kinds of BIOS. They are better than older generation BIOS and their more obvious feature is that they have fancy graphics, they don't look like old DOS stuff. Most other things are "better" but from a customer point of view, there isn't a lot to talk about. It supports newer standards like GPT, and other modern stuff that wasn't possible with older generations of BIOS.

As for what you are saying about GPT, afaik UEFI can boot from GPT drives, but work fine with normal (MBT) drives as well. Who said that you need to use only GPT?

According to the product specs here, your BIOS is uefi already.

In any case, you can do nothing about it, as it's the manufacturer that decides what BIOS each board will have.
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Hello All ---

Looking at purchasing this board (Asus P4P800-E Deluxe) and want to use most/all of my existing hardware. Can someone tell me if it supports Single Channel Memory (i.e. PC3200). I am currently using Corsair XMS3200.

thanks for any and all replies.

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I think that my MOBO can support this processor, but I just wanted to check.

I currently have a Intel Core 2 Duo E660 2.4GHz, with 2GB DDR2 533MHz RAM (2x1GB).

I want to upgrade to an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66GHz Quad Core CPU. According to the ASUS website, my computer can support Quad core.

- Support Intel® next generation 45nm Multi-core CPU
- Intel® Quad-Core

I also wondered how much is the maximum RAM my MOBO can support (can I put in 2GB sticks in or just 4x1GB).

- Dual-channel DDR2 800/667/533

All help greatly appriciated in question #1 or #2.

A:Will my MOBO support a new processor and differnet RAM?

generally it is better just to stick with 2 sticks of ram. So go with 2 x 2gb if you want 4gb. (This is overkill for most applications). 2gb should be plenty.

You should not have any CPU upgrade issues, but you may require a BIOS update. Read:

read: before doing anything else.
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I am considering upgrading my laptop cpu, but I am not sure what CPU upgrades are compatible with my board, and when I try to look I draw a complete blank.

My motherboard is:

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0YXXJJ
Version A09
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision 18
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model HM57
Southbridge Revision 06
Brand Dell Inc.
Version A09
Date 10/19/2010

A:How can you tell what CPU upgrade your laptop mobo can support?


From my experience, I have not seen laptops that the cpu was not soldered onto the mb. But I could be wrong but most laptops require a heck of a lot of tools and experience to take them apart and put in a new cpu.

In the long run, it might be less aggrivation to just buy a new laptop as they are getting cheaper and cheaper.
You might want to let us know why you want to change the cpu?

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How to boot from USB-HDD even when your mobo dosent support it?

Basically i want to install an OS onto my ipod mini 4gb but my mobo does not support booting from a USB HDD, although it supports USB FDD and USB ZIP booting.

I was just wondering if there is a kind of "boot manager" like maybe on a bootable CD that will allow you to boot from a USB HDD (in my case my ipod mini 4gb).

If such i thing exists, which im pretty sure it does i just cant find it - could you please post the link to where i can download this "boot manager"

Thank you!

A:Hot to boot from USB-HDD even when your mobo dosent support it?

Nope.. No such thing. It would be a gigantic task to put together something that would know about all USB controllers in existence and would successfully mask all the relevant BIOS interrupts to make the USB HD to look like a real hard drive..

A BIOS update is your only hope.
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I plan to build a gaming dedktop. I'll be buying an MSI mobo whose link is below. I want to know 2 things:

1) Will this mobo support an Nvidia 1080?

2) For a PSU, how many watts will I need to run an Nvidia 1080 on it?
MSI H110M Gaming LGA 1151 Intel H110 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard -
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My motherboard (AMD Athlon 64 3000+, Venice, Socket 939, 1809.4 MHz (9.0 x 201.0 MHz)) doesn't like to be properly detected by all the online RAM tests, so I gotta figure out everything by hand. I dled cpuz..
it says under chipset:

Northbridge NVIDIA nForce4 rev. A3
Southbridge NVIDIA nForce4 MCP rev. A3
Graphic Interface PCI-Express
PCI-E Link Width x16
PCI-E Max Link Width x16
Memory Type DDR
Memory Size 512 MBytes
Memory Frequency 164.5 MHz (CPU/11)
now I think this is because i have 512 megabytes in there currently.. since it's listing the graphic interface i currently have in there rather than what it supports (yeah i know it sucks..). but i want to know if it will support a 1024 stick of ddr, cause it's actually cheaper and means i can upgrade more later.

the whole cpuz scan is here


A:wil my mobo support a 1024 MB stick?

A phone number here you can try.
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I plan to build a gaming dedktop. I'll be buying an MSI mobo whose link is below. I want to know 2 things:

1) Will this mobo be good enough for an Nvidia 1080?

2) For a PSU, how many watts will I need to run an Nvidia 1080 on it?

A:Will this Mobo Support an Nvidia 1080?

Originally Posted by xlook

I plan to build a gaming dedktop. I'll be buying an MSI mobo whose link is below. I want to know 2 things:

1) Will this mobo be good enough for an Nvidia 1080?

2) For a PSU, how many watts will I need to run an Nvidia 1080 on it?

1. It should be.

2. Start with 450Watts but look at the specs for the card to assure the PSU is adequate, may need to go as high as 750Watts.
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I was thinking of buying the 400gb seagate drive but im not sure whether it would work with my motherboard? (an AsRock 775i65GV). How easy would the drive be to install and will i need to but any extras with the drive to get it working? Cheers

A:Will my MOBO support a SATA drive?

Well does your board have SATA ports on it. Then the next thing to check would be if it does have SATA ports on it is the drive that you have picked out SATA or SATA2, and what is supposed by the board you have
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i have a core i5 3470 ivy bridge processor
and tomorrow ill get a new motherboard : Foxconn p67a-s
my question is can Foxconn P67A-S Support my processor

ive seen a lot of reviews at youtube they keep on saying its for sandy bridge processors
but this link says it can handdle ivy bridge processors..

Foxconn PRODUCT : Motherboard : Details

now why am i having doubts?

the specs on the link doesnt match on what people are saying on reviews

i know the link is legit since it is from foxconn itself but these people who paid for it are saying the oppossite..

i need help please reply if you are 100% sure. i dont want to have any regrets on the motherboard incase i get one because replacement at this season is kinda hassle since its almosst christmas

A:Motherboard: Foxconn P67A-S / Compatibility question....(need help)

Havent been through all the details of the board but the homepage for your mobo says it can, i personally have several LGA1155 boards (Z77/Z68/H61) and none of them have supported ivybridge gen 3 chips out the box and all have required bios updates (even the Z77) i relctantly bought a cheap G620 chip just so i could update bios which i fear is the predicament you will be in, i contacted my mobo manufacturer (gigabyte) who said send us the board and we will flash it for you free of charge but you still have to pay postage and what 1-2 weeks depending where you are to get board back

I must say i think IMO you have gone for a rather budget board to pair with a rather higher spec chip not that it really matters
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Hi Guys, I'm losing my mind trying to figure out why my system is randomly blue screening. I've been building my own pc for years but for some reason my latest rig just wont play. It's absolutely fine for days at a time including during stress testing and intense gaming sessions and then randomly BSODs during start up or shut down.

I've followed the posting instructions (hopefully!) and have attached a zip to this.

If anyone could help it would be MUCH appreciated!


A:BSODs to do with mouse/audio? Gigabyte P67A-UD3

Also here's the windbg dump from the dmp file:

Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\Minidump\072911-13540-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*d:\symbols*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7601.17592.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`02a4d000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`02c92650
Debug session time: Fri Jul 29 20:40:37.455 2011 (UTC + 1:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:04:46.267
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1A, {41790, fffffa8002400660, ffff, 0}

Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+36024 )

Followup: MachineOwner

3: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

# Any other values for parameter 1 must be individually examined.
Arg1: 0000000000041790, The subtype of the bugcheck.
Arg2: fffffa8002400660
Arg3: 000000000000ffff
Arg4: 0000000000000000

Debugging Details:
BUGCHECK_STR: 0x1a_41790



PROCESS_NAME: svchost.exe


LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff80002b3ae40 to fffff80002accd00

fffff880`0640d818 fffff800`02b3ae40 : 00000000`0000001a 00000000`00041790 fffffa80`02400660 00000000`0000ffff : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`0640d820 fffff800`02aba17f : fffffa80`00000000 00000000`19a3ffff 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x36024
fffff880`0640d9e0 fffff800`02acbf93 : ffffffff`ffffffff 00000000`0373f308 00000000`0373f300 00000000`00008000 : nt!NtFreeVirtualMemory+0x61f
fffff880`0640dae0 00000000`776714fa : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13
00000000`0373f2c8 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0x776714fa

nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+36024
fffff800`02b3ae40 cc int 3


SYMBOL_NAME: nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+36024



IMAGE_NAME: ntkrnlmp.exe


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1a_41790_nt!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_+36024

BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1a_41790_nt!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_+36024

Followup: MachineOwner

3: kd> !analyze -v;r;kv;lmtn;lmtsmn;.bugcheck;!sysinfo cpuinfo;!sysinfo machineid; !sysinfo cpuspeed;
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
***************... Read more
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Hey guys and gals,

I bought this mobo back in July and have not used it yet. It's the A1 680ISLI and I am not sure if It supports the new PCI 2.0 interface. Any suggestions/Answers???


A:Does the EVGA 680ISLI MOBO support the 8800GT

The 8800GT should be a PCI-e x16 interface, so as long as the mobo has that then you'll be fine.

Basically everything you can get these days has PCI-e x16 on it so it will most likely be ok

If you're not sure, google for pictures and compare what you have on the board.
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Newegg has some ram I'd like to order, it's listed as:
DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)Click to expand...

My motherboard is listed as supporting:
DDR3 1866(OC)*/1333/1066
* To reach DDR3 1866MHz or above, you must install two memory modules and install them in the DDR3_3 and DDR3_4 memory sockets.Click to expand...

Will my motherboard be able to handle the DDR 1600? I thought that maybe it would since it falls between DDR 1866 and DDR 1333. Am I right to think that?

A:Question about ram/motherboard compatibility. Will my mobo support this ram?

Someone? Anyone?
Relevancy 50.74%

i found in the site that you can use this type of RAM in mobo ECS P4M800PRO-M2...
is this true?????
but in the manual it said that it support only DDR2 533.. I am confused????!!!

here is the link: (V2.0)

A:[HELP] Is my mobo really support DDR2-8500 1066?

yes, it is supported, as long as you don't go above 2G of memory because 2G is the maximum for your motherboard.
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I have a new Aopen AX63pro motherboard (ATX form factor) being shipped from California and wonder if my old AT power supply and case will work with the new board. If I need a new supply, is 300 watts "better" than 235w or 200w? If I need a new case, any thoughts on what's the best value? Does an ATX power supply fit into some AT cases (if there is such a thing) or is a dedicated ATX case/power supply needed?

Thanks to anyone taking time to offer an opinion.

A:Will old AT power supply and case support new ATX mobo?

you will most likely need a new case and power supply. Some AT boards will take either a AT or ATX power supply but I have not seen an ATX board that will do both. There may be some exceptions but it is a good bet that you will need to buy some new equipment.

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Got a Biostar Tseries 945P Chipset here. Apaprently Core2 is only supported after the bios has been flashed. Question, will the pc boot when I use a unsupported cpu, or will I have to use a supported cpu, flash and then put the new one in?

I put a e2140 in the pc and it's not booting.... So I am hoping its just the flash requirement, and not a busted mobo.


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Can my mobo support a Core2Duo Processor?

It has a LGA775 socket and it can support upto a maximum of 1066Mhz FSB.

Thanks in advance

A:Will my mobo support Core2Duo? It has LGA775 socket

Unfortunately we do not have crystal balls at our disposal & need more information on your motherboard before answering that question.
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Hey Can someone help me with this I have this motherboard http www foxconnchannel com ProductDetail aspx T Motherboard amp U en-us Does this motherboard support a Crucial RAM DDR Mhz I think the max of this motherboard is mhz RAM Crucial GB DDR - Kit CT KIT AA http www crucial com store partspecs aspx IMODULE CT KIT AA Also will this RAM improve my pc s performance I now have of the RAM slots used They are DDR not DDR my motherboard can handle DDR and DDR RamSlot MB PC MHz Corsair VS MB RamSlot MB PC MHz Transcend Information Slot and are for DDR and are empty now Also what will faster RAM do to your computer And what will more RAM do to your computer Which of the two is more important Example My computer is fast enough for me but internet browsing is bad especially when loading big pages and when scrolling it Does 667Mhz a support Solved: RAM? 533Mhz mobo laggs My Solved: Does a 533Mhz mobo support 667Mhz RAM? internet connection is fine though Mbps Glasfiber Now what is important for internet browsing Solved: Does a 533Mhz mobo support 667Mhz RAM? - gt more RAM or faster RAM Thanks in advance Abiram nbsp

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Hello Recently I ve dig into my basement and found an old computer about It has an LGA and there s a Pentium D currently installed inside Problem is I want to upgrade to a better CPU and I fortunately have one however once I do the Computer fails to start Even the mobo Is failing to Post After that I took out the better CPU which was a core quad by the way and replaced it with the old one 2 support from Solved: Core Duo/Quad Mobo Funny thing is it runs Solved: Core 2 Duo/Quad support from Mobo normally again I have no idea why I have tried the Core Quad on another different computer which I borrowed from a friend It runs fine Heres the barebone specs of the old computer I m trying to upgrade Pentium D Ghz Updated Mobo make and model included in the picture attached GB DDR ram Solved: Core 2 Duo/Quad support from Mobo HDD GB With Ubuntu Aztec Earth Watts W powersupply Greatly appreciated if someone can help me Thanks D -mike x nbsp

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I have a GeForeve 9800GT from a friend and I would like to know if it will be compatible with my MSI 785GM-E51 motherboard.

Thanks in advance
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How fast of a cpu can my ASUS CUV4X mobo support???
I need to know ASAP!!!


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Hi everyone this Problem B3, SATA Pls MSi Intel P67A-GD55 still persists??? Help is my first post and first thread in the forum I hope y'all are doing fabulous I just bought an MSi P A-GD B from someone yesterday The board was brand new It is MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help a revision which MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help is supposed to fix Intel's SATA problems that used to be there before I just installed windows Ultimate on it using a usb created by win usb dvd tool and installation and everything is good till it is at the part where it needs to reboot and then it either stays stuck at a black screen with the HDD light constantly on or it will say quot A disk read error occured Press ctrl alt del to restart quot I have literally tried EVERYTHING from changing to AHCI mode resetting the BIOS settings and I have gone nowhere Please help me on this Also I tried a different HDD it also did not work on this PC with the P -GDD B I have used multiple hdds tried the HDD on other PCs and nothing helped Also tried changing RAM PLEASE Help me out I would be ever greatful towards you Specs i GB DDr GBX GB MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help HDD MSi P a-GD HD From HIS gb I have no way to return on send it to MSi since it would take me too much to ship it

A:MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help

That motherboard has 2 SATA controllers, one is SATA 2, one is SATA 3. The 2 white SATA ports are SATA 3, the 4 black SATA ports are SATA 2.

Is your hard drive plugged into one of the black ports? If no, then try that.

I'm guessing, but there may be a problem with the SATA 3 ports working until you can load the chipset driver. Which you can't do until you have an OS installed.
So my thinking is to install the OS on the drive while connected to SATA 2, install the chipset driver, then switch the drive to SATA 3, which will have no effect on the OS.

This is a workaround, not a solution. But let's see if that changes anything.
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i have Intel Core 2 4500 CPU. Socket type is LGA775. Have 4 gb DDR 2 (4 sticks 1 gb each). I need a no-frill NON-overclocking simple motherboard for it. Right now I have gigabyte P-35 DS3L but the bios support is no good. I cannot use a USB keyboard to power on the computer. I don't want overclocking feature at all - just a solid mobo with a really good and working bios and preferrably a micro-atx.

A:need stable quality mobo with good bios support

I'd probably look to the Intel brand in that situation.

Here's a link to a bunch of micro ATX Intel Socket 775 boards at New Egg: - Computer Hardware,Motherboards,Intel Motherboards,Intel,LGA 775,Micro ATX

BIOS support going forward could be tricky because socket 775 is on the way out. You'd have to dig into BIOS features to see if they support USB keyboard power on.

I had a socket 775 Intel board for 4 years that had no issues at all, but I can't recall if it had that feature.
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Hi everyone,

I recently built a computer using a P67A-GD80 motherboard. The motherboard has two onboard Gigabit connections using Realtek 8111E. I've never dealt with Load Balancing before but want to know if this setup can handle load balancing, given that the router has load balancing? I've done a few google searches but nothing specific came up. From what I read, load balancing is something that should work on most configurations, as long as you have to ethernet ports, does that sound correct?


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Was just wondering if the ABIT AB9 Pro LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard supports the EVGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card. I know they both support PCI Express, but I'm just wondering about the GDDR3 RAM.

A:Does the ABIT AB9 Pro LGA 775 Intel P965 mobo support a vid card with GDDR3 RAM?
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If you are using a mobo that uses DDR2 RAM can you use a graphics card that uses GDD3?

A:Graphics memory vs Mobo memory

No problem......the graphic card memory is separate and runs on the video card only...GDDR is now up to 5.....there sure isn't any DDR5 memory yet..................just make sure your power supply will accomodate the new card
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does it matter if I have duel channel ddr memory and want to add a gforce card that has its on ddr2 memory

A:mobo memory

It won't matter. Onboard memory and gpu memory are independent of each other. Although you need sufficient onboard memory to operate the video card, it won't matter what type the gpu is running.
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Any information about mhz and how they relate for cpu, mobo and memory??? Anyone???

What does it mean when my corsair 256 pc3200 is '400mhz' and how does that effect the cpu and mobo? (cpu = barton 2500 and mobo = abit nf7 v2.0)

Is there any type of perfect combination of 'mhz' and ALSO how does this effect overclocking???

me good with questions


A:memory/cpu/mobo mhz?

When you buy a cpu these days, you should make sure your memory runs at the same (or higher) FSB speed, as otherwise your cpu would have to wait a couple of cycles before it could use the memory...
yes, I know it's a simple explanation, but it gets the point across

In your case, you've got memory which is faster than your FSB (the barton is running at 333Mhz, and the memory at 400), which is a good thing

As far as overclocking goes, it doesn't really have too much to say, since you'll be pushing the chip/cpu higher than it's rated...
Then it depends on which company has produced the chips on the dimm (winbod is supposed to be a very good chip manufacturer)...

Corsair has some types of RAM which is very easy to oc, so you could be lucky... (As Arris, he's got it)

There isn't any "perfect" combination, but you should try to make sure your memory is equal to or faster than your cpu...
IMO, it's better to be "clock starved" than "memory starved"...

Hope this explains some of what you were asking about
(If not, tell us what wasn't clear/wasn't answered and either someone else will tell you what you're looking for, or I'll take another shot )
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Hi All

Im buying a new system baser around the..
--- Epox EP-4PCA3+ (i875P 4DDR-DIMM 5PCI RAID SATA GB-LAN Audio Socket478 ATX)

My question is, what memory should i get? How does it work with DDR 400mhz // DDR 500mhz ? 500 is better right? Can i use it in my system? do you have to OC? I'm not really good at this so please don't be to technical in your answer, thanks

A:Mobo with what memory?

*trys not to be technical*
For that board you need RAM with a minium speed of that of the FSB of your CPU. If the RAM is slower than the FSB of the CPU the board wont boot. Assuming you will buy a Pentium 4 'C' or 'E' edition (200Mhz - 800Mhz effective FSB) to go with that motherboard you will need DDR400 RAM or higher. It is definatly worth getting two identical sticks and running them in dual channel mode - therefore doubling memory bandwidth - which is a good thing .
You will only need RAM faster than DDR400 if you intend to overclock your CPU. ONLY do this if you have a very good knowledge of the workings of your computer, a good cooling system (the retail coolers intel supply are NOT good for overclocking), and if you know exactly what you are doing. If you do intend to overclock then DDR500 gives plently of headroom for pushing the FSB all the way to 250Mhz (1Ghz effective) which is nice.
When buying ram for use in dual channel boards try to buy Dual Channel packs from high quality manufacters, e.g. Corsair or OCZ. Avoid unbranded ram or Crucial like the plague - the ram they supply is not good enough for high performance machines.

BTW - Welcome to Techspot :wave:

Hope that helps

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Hi. Easy question here. I am looking to buy a "ECS GOAL3+ + Sempron 3000+"
combo Mobo for a PC I'm working on. Any advice on what the best way to go with Memory?

Mobo's Memory specs:
"Memory: 2x 184pin DDR-400/333/266/200 DIMMs, Single Channel, Max Capacity 2GB"

Could I use a dual channel/dual stick RAM? what could that do to a "single" supported board?

Thanks in advance!

A:Memory Q for New Mobo

Here's the answer (it's frightening!)
There is no such thing as Dual Channel DDR Memory Modules.

ie Dual Channel Ram, just means that the two Dual Channel (labelled) rams, can work in a Dual Channel motherboard.

Therefore you can use any ram, that your board supports, including dual channel (dual really meaning single but can work in dual !! It's very hard to explain)
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HI, I have HP envy 4 ultrabook, i5 CPU.Would like to upgrade RAM to 16 GB, currently it has 8 GB RAM.Is it feasible? Thanks.
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Hope I have the correct support room for thid question.I'm buying a gaming computer for my grandson and sent a component list to a online builder.I was requesting a Asus P5N32-E SLI MB with 4 gigs of 800 Mhz RAM and XP home op.. It seems they cannot obtain the requested case and 1000 watt power supply, but was also sent the following info. " When you do build it though be careful on the 4GB of memory for the P5N32-E board we have been unable to get the 800Mhz memory to work properly with more than 3GB installed. We recommend that our customers go with DDR2 667Mhz if 4GB is desired. Also XP home and all 32bit OS's only support upto 3.25GB so for 4GB you will want to use Vista 64bit edition." Can I get around this without going to Vista or reducing the memory?

A:XP memory support ??

well you have a few options:
1:Xp Pro 64-bit
3:Vista ultimate

i think thats it if i remeber correctly i say just get 2gb its cheaper and just generally easier
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Sorry I am dim, but I can't figure out if the memory I have will work with the mobo i have.

mobo: Asus A7V400-MX
(from the supoprt manual: supports up to 2GB unbuffered PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 non-ECC DDR SDRAM)

Memory: 1 x 512 DDR 400 PC3200 UDIMM made by elixir.

I know the 'PC' numbers don't match, but i was assured twice by the tech guy that the memory is backwards-compatible with the mobo specs.

Unfortunately I am having problems with the new mobo, which may be due to the new memory, I'm not sure!!

The full problem I'll describe if I get past this issue. Don't want to bore you with it all stright up at first.


A:Does this memory module fit this mobo?

Yes it should work. It will just run at most 2700 (333MHz) or slower
instead of 3200 (400MHz), depending on the CPU FSB and your settings.
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Have a x58 mobo with i7 920 processor and are having issues with reported memory, it has 12GB installed but sometimes it shows 12 and sometines only 8GB, if I turn it off and reseat the memory it usually shows 12 until I reboot the computer. pc is about 9mth old.
Any suggestions as to the problem?

A:Memory issue with X58 mobo

tried updating the BIOS?
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Hi I have recently built a new system - and happy to say all worked ok first time round.

System Spec:
MSI K8N Diamond NForce4 SLi
Athlon 64 3700+ 939
XFX GEForce 7800G 256Mb
OCZ PC3200 DDR Dual Channel Gold 2x 512Mb
Coolermaster realpower 450w

Was using the system ok for 12 hours, but found that it would not boot past the bios screen after that. I checked all connections - and found that if removed 1 stick of memory - was able to boot again. I presumed was bad memory so have returned both sticks to the store. After installing an unknown 512Mb to use until OCZ is tested i have found that again after about 12 - 13 hours machine will not boot. LED Indicator lights on Mobo tell me a memory failure again :-(

Has anybody seen this before - thanks in advance

Blue Scampi.

A:Possible Memory - Mobo faults

maybe voltage spike... or you use the Y cable to connect the video card to hard drive, causing the error.. first thing, rent out or buy one the strongest power supplies (More than 500 is preferred to those SLi...) if not, you will have to ask and complain the closest computer stores.
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I built a new pc with a i7 920 processor, an ASUS P6T deluve v2 mobo with 12GB of Corsair memory (6x2GB) and am having intermittent issues with the memory. The problem being that sometimes when I turn on the machine it will only recognise 8GB of memory, if I turn off the machine and reseat the memory it detects it all for a while and then it will lose the 4GB again.
It aslso won't run the Windows Experience index but reboots the machine part way through the test, I suspect this may also be memory related.
I will shortly update the BIOS to see if it resolves the issue but was wondering if you guys have any experience of this?

A:Memory issue with X58 mobo

Try running memtest86+ on each memory module to identify if there are any problems with the RAM sticks. I've heard that some motherboards often become unstable having all memory slots populated. Just a supposition. Actually such a thing should not happen.

Also go into BIOS and set the RAM timings and voltage to those specified by Corsair for your modules.
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Hi all.
Could you give me some suggestions on this setup or another?

This is what I had in mind:
ASUS A7N8X-VM400 mobo, AMD 2500+ CPU, 1 stick 512mb 333 memory.
All the rest I will use an old case, ps, hd, dvd

I want to spend around 250 for everything.
Thinking of buying from a place like Newegg, PcParts or Mwave?

Do you think this will be too much for a first time mobo installer to setup?
Done all the other but not a mobo before.

Also is this on board video decent, I heard it was? Im not a gamer or overclocker, but I do enjoy some simple video games

I hope this is enough info to get some suggestions.

A:Mobo, CPU, memory on cheap

Thats a good set up but the onboard video will only be good for older games. You shoud get PC3200 RAM (400mhz). Most XP 2500's will run at 400 which turns it into an XP 3200.
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how can you tell what kind of memory a Mobo takes ?
here is a Mobo i am about to get, a friend wants just a small lil comp put together but not sure what kind of mem, it says DDR266 in the discription
AMD 761 Chipset Socket A 5-PCI/1-AGP/1-ACRSlots AGP8X up to 2Gb DDR266 Audio ATX with cpu - AMD Duron 1.6GHz 266MHz Socket A with fan and heatsink

i buy all my parts from pricewatch and i do not see any DDR266 memory =/

thank you for your time

A:Mobo,s kind of memory

DDR266 = PC2100.

There's a high probability that it can take anything starting from PC2100 up to PC2700, PC3200, it'll just run slower. Just make sure you get DDR-I modules & not DDR-II modules.
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This memory ( + this MOBO ( I checked the manufacts product page and it did not explicitly list that particular ram. However, this is widely used ram and name brand and appears to work in almost every other MOBO I've seen. Thanks in advance.

A:MOBO/Memory Compatability

If the motherboard manufacturer doesn't list the RAM on their compatibilty list then you may have some problem IF a problem occurs. That doesn't mean to say that there will be a problem.

At least if you stick to RAM on the compatibility list you have an avenue to get replacements / money back etc if there is a problem and their is no fault with the RAM itself.

Thats me talking from my own experience haha. I have a Asus P5N-E SLI mobo and I bought 4Gb of OCZ RAM (PC4600) without checking the compatibility list! I haven't run a full memtest on the RAM sticks themselves yet but my system totally locks up / crashes in some games if I have all 4Gb in. It has no problems at all with just 2Gb!

Although quite a few types of OCZ RAM are on the Asus compatibility list the particular one I have isn't!
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Question: Will a stick of pc 133 sdram work with this Shuttle board?
Specs show only an 83 FSB for top speed. Eeeeks.........
The only pc 100 I have on hand is the via only type.
Lacking much knowlege,
- M
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I purchased ??????? Memory/MoBo/BIOS a p c -E Deluxe MoBo and have installed a Intel P E GHz Prescott MHz FSB MB L Cache HT Processor a GB of Ram Below and a ATI AIW Video Card MB DRAM Kingston ValueRAM Dual Channel Kit Pin G x DDR PC- Specifications Manufacturer Kingston Speed DDR PC Type Pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking Non-ECC Registered Unbuffered Unbuffered Cas Latency Support Voltage V Bandwidth GB s Organization two M x -Bit Memory/MoBo/BIOS ??????? I have all the MoBo settings in set-up on standard auto and the latest system BIOS installed yet the system is running my memory at quot DDR Frequency Mhz Dual Channel Linear Mode quot How do I get the system to recognize that the Ram is DDR and runn accordingly I ran test on the memory and am even more confused now I ran Microsoft s freeware quot Windows Memory Diagnostic quot and the memory failed every test I thought that odd and ran the test per chip bank The test showed bank A as generating all of the errors I took the DIMM from bank B and placed it in bank A leaving the bad DIMM from bank out of the system I again ran the test and again the memory failed all test So now I extracted the memory that was originally in bank now in bank and removed it from the system I replaced it with the memory that was originally in bank and put it back in bank while keeping the other out of the system Again the memory failed all test I also tested all memory with the cache turned off as well as on and always the same results I have also run Memtest Pass and received no errors Is there a problem with the motherboard - possibly Bank A In addition before testing the memory I updated my BIOS and received an unexpected message quot Check Sum Error quot I was given the choice of pressing F to go to set-up or F to reset defaults I choice F and later entered setup and switched it back to Plug and Play by OS Could the BIOS be the cause of the memory errors MS Mem Diag is reporting nbsp

A:Memory/MoBo/BIOS ???????

Thanks to you guys that viewed my question even though no one had a response. I wrote ASUS Help Desk and they said to RMA the board - sounded like a dead memory bank. I just built the machine two weeks ago and the last thing I wanted was a DOA MoBO. I guess I should have suspected something sooner as the memory usage was never over 30% even with games and video editing. I suppose it saw the memory - just couldn't use it. Weird!!! I have a new question if someone has experience I would be thankful if they shared it. I yanked the MoBo and plan on replacing it. I have a 0 RAID on the promise SATA connections. I am running XP Pro Sp 1a. Is it possible to just plug up the new MOBO and go. I haven't activated the OS as I suspected something wasn't right. Thanks again to those who stopped to help.
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Hello My PSU died and and mobo, upgrade memory PSU, CPU instead of just replacing it I thought I should just upgrade everything My current build ASUS P N-T Deluxe GSkill GB PSU, mobo, CPU and memory upgrade X GB DDR X-Fi sound blaster X evga GeForce GTS MB GGDR SLI PSU, mobo, CPU and memory upgrade and Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield Ghz Socket I plan on keeping the two GeForce PSU, mobo, CPU and memory upgrade GTS for now and the soundcard Here is what I am thinking I want to spend around I plan on playing some PC games current setup is great with source engine doing a little video editing and using Adobe Creative Suite Here is what I came up with that is essentially AMD vs Intel http pcpartpicker com user computerpain saved qbXJ P vs http pcpartpicker com user computerpain saved fFt TW I am leaning Intel because the higher end processors are supposed to be better than AMDs from what I read Am I missing a CPU I should consider in terms of price and performance Any other components I should swap out I appreciate the help nbsp

Relevancy 46.87%

I have a Sony Vaio desktop running XP Pro. The motherboard has 4 memory slots. Each slot has a 256MB stick. The board can support up to 2G. I went away for the weekend. Before I left I turned off my computer. When I got home, I turned it on and it was caught in a restarting loop. Tried to boot safe mode, and from the XP disk. Same issue. Randomly decided to switch the memory around. It almost booted, so I took all memory out and put each stick in 1 at a time and rebooted each time. All memory is good. With slot 0 and 1 populated the computer works fine. When I populate slot 2 and/or 3, the problem comes back. Is the mobo done? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:Memory or mobo issue

I think that sounds like a motherboard problem. What you could try is choosing 2 sticks of the RAM and putting them in the two working slots 0 and 1. Then put the same two sticks of ram into slots 2 and 3 and see if it works. If not then it is a motherboard issue.
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I just bought an Athlon 64 3700 (s939 san diego) processor with a A8N-E mobo....the mobo supports DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 memory....I currently have 2x512 ddr400 stick in the computer...I have some ddr266 kicking around....would it be worth it to install this extra memory or is the slower memory speed going to significantly degrade the performance of my computer? Or will the extra 512mb give me a little boost in performance dispite the extra 512mb of memory being at a slower speed?

Thanks in advance...

A:Memory speeds and cpu/mobo

You can't mix RAM speeds. Either you run the DDR 400 or the 266, but you can't mix them in the DIMM slots.
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I am having some persistant problems with my memory and motherboard I purchased the following components to built my own computer about months ago mobo asus p ad -e Please Mobo help memory problems... and processor intel memory sticks of crucial balistix DDR mhz vc ati x xl sound sb audigy Originally i was using stock cooling but the thing ran really really hot and often shut down automatically So i changed to a TT bigwater system Then i tried to oc a little bit and kept it running at bus speed but after a while the system slowed down considerably so i dropped it down to Over the course of months Mobo and memory problems... Please help from when it was built the system slowed down and then i started getting serious system errors on startup and blue screens I tried to reinstall windows but was completely unable to So i sent in for a replacement motherboard and when i recieved it i was able to install windows However one of the ram channels in the new board didnt work I ran memtest on my sticks and one came up with errors and the other went many passes without errors I then tried that stick in all of the new mobos memory slots and found one of the channels still to be broken Shortly thereafter i ran memtest again on the single remaining stick and it came up with errors I am confused as to what could be causing such persistant problems It seems like something is screwing up the motherboards and then eventually corrupting the ram But i dont know enough to troubleshoot the problem Could there be problems in the powersupply or the processor or could it be the SC or VC which are effecting the mobo Please advise as i dont see these problems going away if i just keep replacing the mobo and memory thanks ryan lewis nbsp
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Hi Finally set on a new rig and I would appreciate it if someone could point out if it has any major flaws or incompatibility issues or if it s any good Memory OCZ GB Kit x Platinum Series DDR PC MHz Rev Dual Channel Memory With Platinum Heatspreader http www this mobo memory OK? and e6750 is microdirect co uk ProductInfo aspx ProductID Motherboard Abit motherboard IP Dark Raider Intel P LGA Quad core Core Duo Core Extreme PCI-E x SATA G RAID Firewire Gigabit LAN ATX http www microdirect co uk Abit-motherboard-IP -Dark-Raider-Intel-P aspx Processor E http www pc co uk products Processors Core Duo I have settled on the e as for now it s a decent processor that when overclocked seems to more or less hit the same wall as the e at the ghz mark on air But to be honest I would probably e6750 mobo and memory is this OK? only want to clock it to the same ghz as the e and even then maybe not at all The Q seems to not perform as well in games due to the lower clock speed and the extra cores don t seem to be of benefit - yet I keep looking for benchmarks that compare the Q to C D and the only game at present seems to be Supreme commander that utilises the other cores well in most cases it was an extra core But more importantly the benchmarks from different sources seem to contradict each other I saw one bench where a e was only fps slower than the Q and another where the Q was better than the E and so on and on By the time most games use cores something bigger newer and faster will have come along or penryns etc will be out- imho Or rather how over what period do you see games having as recommended system requirements as Q So I decided to go for the dual core for now but get a motherboard that has the fsb to allow for upgrading the cpu in the future and has some overclocking potential with good onboard sound so other recommendations in the same price budget are appreciated The memory is getting good reviews and is CAS - no idea what that is but apparently it s better than and there is no real price difference Does it look OK and the mobo goes with the memory Thanks nbsp

A:e6750 mobo and memory is this OK?


OK supreme commander sometimes and now Lost planet run better on the Q6600.
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Well heres the thing...i just purchased some new parts for my computer and i realized that i have an agp 4x slot but my videocard requires an 8x i found this motherboard..

but i am wondering does the ram really need to be pc3200??? Cause i just purchased new pc2100 ram for my existing motherboard and if i dont use it it is a waste of money...thanks


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My new motherboard (Asus M4A89GTD PRO) says it supports DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1333/1066 MHz memory. Although it is not listed, could I use 1600 MHz because its inbetween 1333 and 2000, or can I use only the speeds listed?

A:Memory-> Mobo Compatibility

YES, it is fine on that Mobo. And your assumption is correct... the mobo also supports 1800 & 1866MHz!

According to the ASUS Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors List)
Here: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-
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I am trying to turn this t3500 I have into a gaming desktop, Atm I have a x5687 xeon, 16gb of mismatched ram and a gtx 950. I want to get 12gb of identical dimms to ensure stability. From what research I have done is it true that I can't use registered ECC or high density ECC/NECC ram? How exactly can I tell between low and high density with modern ram? I want to use this kit here : But it looks like this is high density ram as is most of modern ram.
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Hi, i just wanted to know if a Toshiba Satellite with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 (1.9Ghz), the standard AMD motherboard, running Windows 7 (RC) 64bit or Vista 64bit support more than 4GB of memory as i plan on upgrading to a 64bit OS this week?

A:Memory support under a 64bit CPU & OS

Yes. A 64-bit operating system will support up to 16 exabytes of RAM (4 billion times more memory than 4GB), but most motherboards only support up to 16GB.
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How much memory is supported by Windows XP Home vs Professional? I've heard 2 vs. 4 and other times I've heard 4 vs. 4. And then at other times I've heard Windows XP home supports 4, but can only really access a maximum of 2 (?). Searching the MS website for this info only leads me to server edition specs. Does anyone know outright, AND would you also know where the official Microsoft info on this can be found? It's completely amazing how different responses there are about this when there can be only ONE single answer...

I have Windows XP Home, but would consider getting Professional for more memory support. All I need is to see some very simple specs on this matter. Thank you!

A:Windows XP and Memory Support

I have 4 Gig of RAM. Windows XP Pro reports that I have 3.25 Gig. I suppose that is how much it can recognize and use.
I also tried to read up a bit on the subject and got dizzy trying to get a hard and fast answer.
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These are my specs Mobo MSI GMS-E motherboard CPU AMD Phenom II X - Ghz RAM Kingston GB DDR Two GB video issue memory CPU or mobo sticks PSU X-tech W yes I know its cheap I'm working with what I have I Installed Win x Ultimate everything works fine except that when I enable aero my system CPU or mobo video memory issue crashes and reboots Another problem I noticed is that randomly the computer would crash when I was browsing or installing updates I ran memtest and the ram is in working order Motherboards seems fine Used CoreTemp to monitor temperature and the processor was at - c under low to heavy load However I did notice this on MSI's website that the Phenom II is not supported yet the computer boots up and Windows works besides the aero issue MSI has listed that the mobo supports up to the Phenom II CPU or mobo video memory issue X The specs of the are the same as the except for the clock speed I dont see why aero should be an issue which brings me to what I discovered in the BIOS In the BIOS there is an option to put the shared video memory up to MB GB and I did and those problems happened when I had that enabled I currently have it set to Auto and I have not encountered the problem as yet What are the thoughts on the forum MSI website - http www msi com product mb GMS div CPUSupport AMD website - http www amd com us products deskt omparison aspx

A:CPU or mobo video memory issue

Everything is running fine.

Too much memory in the Shared Video Memory. I had it set to 1024MB manufacturer says it can only take 512MB.

Don't know why there's an option to set it to 1024MB though.
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Hows everyone doing this is my channel help Dual in AV8 need I some memory an mobo with fifth forum ID i have created trying to find answers to this problem i am having with my new I need some help with Dual channel memory in an AV8 mobo ram I just can t find anyone with the same problem or adequate knowledge to help me Anyways this is whats going on if anyone could help me please do I have an Abit av with VIA k t pro vt chipset the bios version is k t p- - a L a c- I had a stick of corsair mb xms pc memory in DIMM for some time until I wanted to upgrade I bought Corsair twinx pc DDR memory gig http www corsairmemory com corsair x - pdf the latency for this pair is this memory is also double-sided this is what I need some help with Dual channel memory in an AV8 mobo happened I took out the old mb ram and put the two new modules in Dimm and dimm just like the manual says to do so now out of the four dimms dimm and are the only ones occupied So i turn the power back on and reboot Everything is fine and dandy for day then BAM out of now where while playing a memory intensive game my system crashes reboots but nothing comes up on screen So i then open up the case and find that the computer is posting c I look up this code in the manual and it says quot expand compressed memory bios code dram quot I have no idea what this means but i decided to take the module from dimm out just to see what happens i shut the power off and take it out reboot and i get back to windows Now listen to this lets call the two sticks of I need some help with Dual channel memory in an AV8 mobo ram i have ram and ram ram and ram in dimm and equals no boot black screen post code c ram in dimm equals boot to windows HOWEVER ram in dimm no boot black screen post code quot C quot this then leads me to believe I have a bad peice of ram However i don t understand why it is bad when it worked for one day Anyways Lets say it is not bad ram what BIOS configurations could i do to make the ram work together like it is suppose to Also does the latency of this ram have a combatibility issue with this mobo and chipset I know there are alot of latencies out there but do not know how they relate with my system nbsp

A:I need some help with Dual channel memory in an AV8 mobo

Might have some bad memory I would next run a test on both sticks to see what it comes up with. You can download a memory tester here.
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I am having memory paging issues when I use 2 DIMMs at 512MB each (AData 2.5V, 2.5 CAS Latency, DDR400 PC3200, both DIMMs are exact same). Using MemTest86+ is giving errors on 64 block moves. No problems with using only 1 DIMM at a time. Tested each one independently; Therefore, chips are good. Discovered this after all of my high-end games where crashing. Leads me to believe this is a BIOS issue. Just installed 50411s.rom for BIOS and still having problems. This is the latest flash posted on PCChips website. System is not overclocked, defaults only. I have downloaded all newest drivers for everything: AGP driver, graphics card and sound card. Also patched all games and updated Windows. Any suggestions please. Thank you, Shawn.

PS-I know Mobo is cheapo.

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Mobo: PCChips M960GV v3.0A
RAM: AData 1GB DDR400 PC3200
CPU: P4 2.4GHz Prescott
Video: Radeon ATI 9550 256MB DDR
Audio: SoundBlaster Live! Platium 5.1
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For anyone who knows loads about ddr memory realy.

I have been given 2gb of some memory and gutted cos my board didnt boot with it. On closer inspection the issue arose about the density of the memory.

My current mem is pc3200u but the nu stuff is pc3200R (aparently high density) works with very specific chipset i think mainly intel - HP boards.

Does anyone know how i would get them to work? heres and example from of the same stuff i have been given, NOT SELLING IT MYSELF THIS IS AN EG.

Maybe an alteration of bios setting, jumper switch or board alteration anything you could tell me is usefull ta.
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Hi there,

Can anyone give me advice on DDR memory compatibility with my ASUS P4P800S-X motherboard please?

I currently have 1 GB of PC2100 266mhz memory in my system but I want to upgrade. I can only afford a stick of 1GB Kingston DDR400 PC3200 serial number KVR400X64C3A/1G which (I hope) will work on its own in this mobo. I want to know if I could mix the 2 sorts of memory (DDR400 & 266Mhz) to give me 1.5 GB of memory. Next month i will buy another 1GB stick and replace the 512MB PC2100 so this is only a short -term problem.

Thanks for the advice.

A:Memory compatibility with ASUS Mobo

check the compatible list on ASUS site.
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Hey everyone, I'm at my wit's end. I recently bought a new BioStar TZ77B motherboard, i5 3470, and 8 gigs of Patriot ram. I installed them with my hard drive and graphics card (Radeon HD5570, made by Sapphire). Ever since I have been having BSODs, almost all related to memory in some way (Page fault in not paged area, memory management, etc.)

I've run Memtest86+ for 10 hours with no errors found, so I don't believe it is a hardware malfunction RAM wise. WhoCrashed has said that all the errors are either a) Kernel errors, or b) a rogue driver. I've done 2 re-installations of Windows (I'm running 7 Ult. 64), yet the BSODs continue. As such I am lead to believe it is a driver. That said, I do not know which one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:New MoBo, CPU, RAM, Memory-related BSODs ever since

Hello apmanley and welcome. Now from how I read your post you have renewed everything except the hard drive and the graphics card?

Now my next query is was the OS originally installed on the HDD while it was still used with the old mobo? Because if it was the OS (original) installation is tied to that old board. It is not tied to your HDD and when you fire up the new build then you should get a message to say the OS is not a genuine copy. .

Why it is blue screening I don't know but could possibly be connected in some way to this situation perhaps because of some corrupted items on your HDD.

I think personally you would have been better off buying a new drive and an OEM 7 of a version you like and then transferring your data from the old to the new drive. You would then have had in effect a new machine for the cost of a new drive and OEM and only need to have done that transferring.
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I have an inexpensive home built PC with a shuttle AI61 MoBo
the board has three memory slots for SDRAM DIMMs. I have a DIMM in all three. The MoBo is only reading half the amount of available memory on 2 of the DIMMs.

128mb PC133 PNY reads as 128mb
128mb Mfg unknown (from tiger direct) reads as 64mb
256mb PC133 PNY reads as 128mb

With this combo it can't be the manufacturer or the size of the DIMM.

The Manual for the MoBo says it should be able to accept up to 256MB DIMMs.

the 128 mb generic DIMM has only 4 chips on it, the 128MB PNY has 8. the 256mb has 8 also. Could the density of the chips (mb per chip) have something to do with it?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Steve L

A:shuttle MoBo Memory problems

Is the one chip that works correctly double sided, chips mounted on both sides, or single sided. Some motherboards will only use single sided, some double sided. could be, just a guess
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My motherboard supports PC2-5300 and PC2-6400 RAMs, but it doesn't support dual channel memory. Does that mean PC2-5300 dual channel kit won't properly function on my motherboard?

A:Memory and Mobo compatibility question

That only means it will operate in single channel mode.

Still, the speed (PC-xxxx) doesn't mean everything in compatibility. You should go to Corsair, Crucial or Kingston website and look up your system/motherboard model to find guaranteedly compatible RAM. Easiest to use is Crucial's automatic scanner.
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What does the memory standard for a mobo mean? Is it the maximum memory speed it will support?

A:Importance of a Mobo's Memory Standard?

The maximum speed/type of memory the board will accept under normal circumstances.
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I m guessing you guys get compatibility questions a lot sorry to be a bore I have a P C -E Mobo and I m wanting to get some extra memory Taken from the manual Dual-Channel Memory Architecture x -pin DDR DIMM sockets for up to GB memory Supports PC unbuffered ECC or non-ECC DDR DIMMsClick to expand Am I limited to how many pins there are in the sockets It says x pin sockets and most sticks I see are pins I was thinking of maybe getting these http www ncix com products index php sku amp vpn OCZ P GK amp manufacture OCZ Technology but I m not sure if they re compatible so I appreciate any help I can get and if these don t fit maybe some suggestions for memory that would fit at that price range or better yet exactly what I should read when I see the info of a memory stick and what I m limited by nbsp

A:Solved: Memory - Mobo Compatible?

Found the Kingston compatibility form thanks to the faq so never mind
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Ordered 2 sticks of (Crucial) 256 PC2100 DDR RAM and just got them today. First tried to install both together and at the boot screen system stalled on NVRAM check. I've tried putting each of the sticks in my computer one at a time in each slot and it works then.

Is this a mobo issue or are the 2 sticks just incompatible with eachother? I ordered both from crucial so I kind of figured that all would be well, but I guess I was wrong. Tried calling Crucial tech support and the guy I talked to had no idea what to do.

Any ideas? Defective mobo? It's a PC Chips 817, with a athlonxp 1600, 300W power, so I have no idea what could be wrong. Thanks for your help.

(*edited by mod)

A:memory upgrade/mobo issue

Honestly - probably mobo - search for a bios update. Hope there is one.

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Hi I m new to memory upgrade could anyone help me to check if the new ram is compatible with the old one because I m putting more gigs next to the old Memory for compatible its if my check mobo ram to make it gigs CORSAIR http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E G Memory check if its compatible for my mobo SKILL Value http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Mobo I m currently using http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E side note The reason why i got an extra G skill ram is because the new Corsair i brought in to Bestbuy the other day for installation was bad the tech told me my PC won t start up when he put the the similar stick of Corsair ram to the existence one so i went out and purchase the G skill instead from newegg and hopefully its compatible with the old one So my other question is was the secondary Corsair a DOA or can the Bestbuy tech fix it by adjusting my PC bio or other setting thanks nbsp

A:Memory check if its compatible for my mobo

it usually works, but it is NEVER good to mix memory modules... all working well individually. You will always note a hit in performance, and some will make the computer noticeably slower.
Better to sell the old, and install all identical modules...
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Hiya all I m new here so bare with me wave Over the christmas period I upgraded my computer by putting a new mobo and chip in Could Mobo/Memory Think - It Resetting Games Be and new graphics card I also aquired a new power supply unit Since this has happened my games have been resetting and starting the computer up again I have changed around graphics cards power supply units and still I have the same problem I even reinstalled just incase of corrupted files One thing i have not changed around is the mobo and memory I know that the copmuter is not overheating the case is at C and the mobo is at C I have just order new memory hoping that this may solve the problem however if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it if anyone would pass thier Games Resetting - Think It Could Be Mobo/Memory ideas forward My specs are GB ram Nvidia Athlon IS mobo memory is unbranded power supply is w however i have my old w in atm Thank you nbsp

A:Games Resetting - Think It Could Be Mobo/Memory

go into your bios and set your memory timings to longer values. and, if you have the option, disable cpc override. this will, simply put, give the ram more time to work. if this works then you'll need to experiment to see whats the fastest timing you can run without restarting.
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asus m4a88t-m


hynix hmt125r7tfr8c

the board does no beeps, but it features MemOK! and has a dram_led... the dram_led is blinking red continuously... this is the ecc memory and the said board is supposed to support ecc... i tried reinstalling / reseating the memory - same result... i'm going to buy some other memory, but what could be the problem here? any help is appreciated

A:Mobo + memory = POST failure

Assuming the board and system is powering up...
Have you tried resetting the board? Clearing CMOS ?
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I m looking to build my first computer I m going to school for computer Combo? CPU, Nice MOBO Memory, networking and I ve been upgrading and repairing my own computers for about years now Nice CPU, Memory, MOBO Combo? Now I want to step up and build my own Nice CPU, Memory, MOBO Combo? I know I want to go with a quad core intel processor at least GB of DDR run VISTA and a good future upgradable motherboard such as the intel X so in the future if I wanted to upgrade to DDR or Nice CPU, Memory, MOBO Combo? intel s new quad core I can Now I have heard that intel s boards are good but not very overclocking friendly Since I don t know how to overclock I really dont know what makes a board friendly or unfriendly to it but overclocking is something i would like to experiment with in the future I am a gamer but not the quot Rig quot gamer I got an email from tigerdirect com and they are having a sale on this package XFX nForce i LT SLI Motherboard Intel Core Quad Q GHz Socket OEM Processor OCZ Dual Channel MB PC DDR MHz Memory x MB http www tigerdirect com applicat LT-Q B amp CMP EMC-TIGEREMAIL amp SRCCODE WEM C This motherboard satisifies everything I am looking for except it doesn t support DDR DDR is not really a concern of mine now but is it something I am going to want a year or down the line or is DDR gonna stay in the game for a little while Also does anyone have experience with this MOBO Is it quot overclocking friendly quot Anything I should know What about the memory that comes with it decent memory I like this board because it is SLI ready comes wit high defenition audio which may keep me from spending that extra money on a card is ATX has a good amount of expansion slots built in LAN and has gotten some nice reveiws but also some bad ones scattered in there I know this thread may not be as clear as it should be but I mainly just looking for some people s comments and feedback on this package especially the motherboard Would this be a good selection for a first time builder Thanks nbsp

A:Nice CPU, Memory, MOBO Combo?

For Intel cpu's I would not be buying Nvidia chipsets. Intel board doesn't matter as they no longer make them anyway, but Intel chipsets will run much better.