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Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning

Q: Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning

Hi So I m helping my friend build his PC and we ve got everything assembled correctly at least we think we do Only thing that is missing is a dvd-drive which will arrive this week but we figured that it wouldn t be needed to only boot the system into BIOS When we pressed the power button for the first time the system did not boot and the motherboard Asrock p pro gave us a handy quot Dr Debug quot message We had no clue what it meant so we googled it We found a huge thread somewhere with someone saying that if you left only one stick of RAM in in the farthest most slot from the CPU it would boot just fine Only it didn t and instead gave us the debug code and still without visual input We only got error if we put in one or both sticks in the WHITE slots and the white slots only beeps, fans of visual, long no series Continuous triple spinning If we put any ram in any blue slot Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning We just got the error again We tried removing the ram but that just gave us the missing ram POST triple beep code In short Dual-channeled RAM in the blue slots Dr Debug code Single stick of RAM in any blue slot Same story Single or both sticks in any or both white slots Dr Debug code No RAM Regular no RAM triple error beeps We have no idea what to do next and would appreciate some help Marty nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning

How certain are you that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard? What brand and model RAM are you using?
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I just changed my power supply and now I am receiving continous long beeping with a black screen.

My monitor has power as do all the fans. Everything else seems to work but the computer won't boot up and I got this long beeping going on.

Thanks for any sugesstions.

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Hi all My desktop used to worked fine only a little bit slow-- MB SDRAM memory only Recently I decided to upgrade it to GB with a DDR one Samsung pin continuous beeps memory after DDR long 3 misinsertion unregistered unbuffered and low density continuous 3 long beeps after DDR memory misinsertion which is exactly OK for this computer Unfortunately I mistakenly inserted the DDR in the wrong way i e switched the back and the front The separated quot Keyed quot does not affect the insertion SDRAM should never have this problem because you can clearly see the match The first time I turned on the power there was one beep and no other signals to the monitor I turned off the power reinserted the memory and turned on the power again from then on I can hear continuous long beeps separated by a little big longer pause I then pulled out the new DDR inserted back the old SDRAM and I got the same long beeps Anyone who knows how to fix it please help Thank you Rosmet nbsp

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Running XP pro Sp2, IE 7 & Mozilla 3.6 8 . Using Mozilla, facebook, farmvile game. Mozilla has the file plugin-container.exe, which taskman shows hogging resources. Out of the blue my pc started the beeping randomly while using mozilla. When I close, no beep since. All other apps are standard, usual and up to date. No new hardware or software. Recent past & some random scroll bar moving by it's self, have not found a fix. That happens on both browsers. Should I remove or disable the plugin-container.exe, & would it affect mozilla & farmville? I read where it suppose to stop the browser from crashing, but it doesn't. Also have virtually the same setup up on another pc routed with this one. Please give me some insight!
If this is the wrong forum, please direct me. Thank You, bikinibeegee

A:2 short beeps, one short beep, & a rare long series of beeps

Mozilla Forum Discussion, Container.exeLouis
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i have to re-build a workstation for a returning employee
i took an older PC tower (Dell Precision 350) and plugged the tower in to see if it still works but i heard a serious of long beeps with a number sequences of 5-1-2-3.
i have been trying to research the beep sequence but no luck
if there is anyone who can give me a hand it will be great thanks

A:Series of long beeps Dell Precision 350

It's a memory read / write failure.

See here.
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About a week ago I installed a new motherboard, graphics card, power supply, and more RAM. (I've got my profile on here updated with the parts list I believe?). I'm pretty certain I have downloaded all the up-to-date drivers, however, my fans are constantly running at full speed. I think the culprit may be the one over the CPU, but I'm not certain. The forums have been great help earlier with Windows 7 not booting properly.

What checks and ideas do y'all have for me?


A:Fans Always Spinning @ Max

As far as the case fans, how are they powered? If you have connected them to a molex connecter from the PSU, they are going to run full speed all the time. If you have them connected to the motherboard, most boards have settings in bios that enable you to somewhat control the fan speed and almost every motherboard has settings for the CPU fan. Normally you set a minimum CPU temp. The fan will spin slower until it nears that temp, then speed up. You may want to download a CPU temp monitoring program to keep watch on CPU temps. I use Core Temp. Then you will be able to see not only your CPU temps, but be able to regulate your CPU fan speed in bios better.
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I messed around with my CPU yesterday on my broken PC and made progress somehow Right now when i press the start button on my computer the fans cpu power supply and the general fan all starts spinning rapidly Before that the fans would start to spin when i press it but always stops before running spinning Fans non-stop at full speed Normally when my PC starts up the fans will do this for about seconds and then reduce themselves to making almost no noise at all and letting the hard drive boot up At the moment it just keeps on spinning forever when i start it up and there is absolutely no visual on the monitor nor have i seen any other part of my computer start up I have checked the power supply and found no sign of burnt parts or leaked capacitors I am using an AMD athlon processor on this compaq presario sr nx system with GB of ram and W power supply Everything is as same as i bought it all original OEM parts Would this be a problem of my CPU or something else that s doing it nbsp

A:Fans spinning non-stop

Do you have a pc speaker hooked up for bios beep code errors? Have you reseated the ram and video card?

If you answered yes to all of the above you may have a dead mobo and/or cpu.
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Hey. First off, I have a Aerocool case, with 4 fans in it. It feels like the fans are almost blowing no air, so I checked the bios. The big fan in the front (120mm) is only spinning around 1300, and the others only around 1500! How would I up the speed these fans are rotating? I believe this is partly causing my video card artifacting, due to the heat not being removed from the case (and the card too). Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb gets hot damned near instantly to where it can burn your fingers!!!

edit--> Added a picture... 90 degrees WTF!?!?!?! I wish all my fans were going at 4000 RPMs, but only my CPU fan is now, and it has NEVER gone this fast! Im considering maybe bad paste on the CPU Heatsink... My Raden 9800 pro 128mb is so hot that if I was to touch it, it would burn me. I have the case open right now....


A:Fans not spinning fast...

Check your BIOS settings to see if you can find any problems with fan speed /temperature triggering you can find there. You may be able to up the speed form the bios as well
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When I start up my 23-q059na All-In-One, I get 3 long beeps then 4 short beeps, several times. It then appears to start up fine. I've tried looking at the diagnostics help but there doesn't appear to be any information on this error. I've tried to find the memory diagnostics option in the BIOS but there is no option for this. It is still under warranty - should I just take it back to the store?
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So just finished my new build and everything is perfect and quiet but I did notice the corsair h80i fans are not spinning yet, temp idles around 40C and only gets up to 50c while using fire-strike extreme, I have not plugged in the USB header for corsair link as of yet because I have no more spare headers on the motherboard. is this normal?

A:Corsair H80i fans not spinning up

U did not tell any thing about u'r build like what MOBO and what headers are u plugged into, as far as the temps that is fine, although 30 for doing nothing would be better, but 40 is fine. No as to the normal, are u shure u are plugged in right, and secure?
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I recently built my current PC, which is a 3.2ghz pentium 4, gigabyte GA-8IG100-G motherboard with 2gb of geil value ram (2.5, 3,3, 6) with an AGP x800 XT PE video card. Sometimes the computer will seemingly power down, monitor displays the 'no sigal' message, but the CPU and case fans continue spinning. Normally a simple reset will allow the computer to post, but once I had to reset the bios. I am using a Antec 450watt PSU, which the shop I got it from assured me was the best they have as it cost a fortune. This might be wrong Had a few problems with this PC, and am starting to get worried its going to die again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit: Max cpu temp is 35 degrees after pc has been on for a while, system isnt overclocked, all cpu, DIMM and AGP voltages are at default.

A:New(ish) computer turning itself off, fans still spinning

The computer store who sold you the PSU wasn't ripping you off. Antec has an excellent reputation for making PSUs (lol @metalX for his post below :haha: ), so that isn't likely the problem.

Let's try a couple of things to troubleshoot:

1. Right click on "my computer" then "manage" then "event viewer". Browse around in the three categories there looking for errors that are being reported to see if you can get any hints as to what is causing your crashes.

2. Stupid question maybe, but best not left unasked. Do you have the graphics card plugged into your power supply? (the 4 pin connector)

3. If neither of the two above produce anything, may as well run a diagnostic on your ram to rule that out. Takes a long time to run this program so be forewarned. Let it pass for 6 or 7 runs.

Let us know how it goes, and welcome to techspot!
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Hi, I recently swapped graphics cards on my HP Pavilion 500-199 and it will not boot. While I swapped the graphics card with an XFX Radeon HD 6870, I also changed the PSU for a EVGA 500W PSU. When i press the power button, the fans would spin, but there would be no display on the monitor. I tried swapping back to the old graphics card and PSU, but nothing would appear on the screen. I reconnected all cables, tried clearing the cmos, and switched the display cable, but nothing would work. Can anyone help me please? Thanks.
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I currently have windows pc that I built my self but when I upgraded the heatsink for overclocking I think that I dropped my screwdriver on the motherboard Now when I power it up all the fans run but the gpu fans stop after seconds and there is no display on the monitor This was after the upgrade it was working ok before won't fans display and stop Pc spinning gpu the pc was pretty slow and applications froze many tomes on it Pc won't display and gpu fans stop spinning I think the screwdriver Pc won't display and gpu fans stop spinning messed up the pc and wanted to know if replacing the motherboard would fix the issue Also if I try to replace the motherboard with a new motherboard that is from a different brand and with different specs will my pc turn on or not because I thought that data from the old motherboard would be saved onto the harddrive so a new one would be incompatible unless its the same one as before I need help on this thank you for your time Also I wanted to know if it s the motherboard itself that s the problem or not The computer is rather new being built about and a half months Pc won't display and gpu fans stop spinning ago Also I have tried multiple methods in hopes of it turning on correctly like taking out the motherboard battery then reinserting it and resetting the cmos Thank you again for your support nbsp

A:Pc won't display and gpu fans stop spinning

Sorry I forgot to mention the specs:
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Hi, I just assembled My computer.
But when I Boot it up there isn't going a signal to the monitor... (No boot)

I've tried clearing cmos. Replacing RAM and GPU.
I've also triple checked that I have connected the wiring accordingly.

Hope anyone here can help me out.

Specs: (all is new)

Motherboard: MSI A78-G41 PCMate.

GPU: MSI GeForce 960 OC 4GB.

CPU: Athlon X4 860k.

RAM: Crucial Ballistix: Sport series 2x 4GB.

Case: Antec Gx500.

Power supply: Corsair CX750M.

Monitor: HP LED 24' backlit.
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I am fixing a HP desktop for a client and need some advice. The machine turns on and fans start, but instantly stops and system won't boot. They complained of an electrical smell coming from the case recently.

I booted with an external Graphics card, but that did no good. I guess my nest step will be to try different RAM and replace the PSU and see if that works. Hopefully it is not the motherboard, but I am assuming this could be a possibility. Is there anything else hardware related that could be causing the problem. Thanks

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Hi guys this is nd or rd post on spinning are no display.Mobo Fans but faulty? this forum so if here its the wrong place please notice me So here is my story months ago i built desktop system not the greatest but which is Mobo Foxconn A vmx CPU AMD Phenom x GPU ATI Radeon R GB GDDR x GB Ram MHz A friend gave me this motherboard and i decided to make something with it The problem with it was that the pc wasnt shutting down Everytime i wanted to turn off the pc i had to unplug the power cord or to switch off from the psu's button I did this untill my hard broke about one week Fans are spinning but no display.Mobo faulty? ago Now the problem is that when i try to start my pc The cpu Fans are spinning but no display.Mobo faulty? fan and one cm fan are spinning but i get black screen Also the gpu fan is spinning for - seconds then stops I borrowed a GT GB GDDR from a friend to see if the gpu is faulty but same Fans are spinning but no display.Mobo faulty? black screen but that gpu's fan is totally spinning I took an older cpu and tried it same problem also tried with one stick of ram same problem Also when i start the pc without ram i dont get that beep noise from the speaker so i think the Mobo might be the problem here Tried my psu on another pc to see if its working properly and it is I took another psu to try it on my pc but same black screen Tried also clear the cmos same problem Now im asking you guys if the mobo is the real problem or could be something else And if you could tell me what else i could try im all ears Sorry for bad english tho

A:Fans are spinning but no display.Mobo faulty?

Hello Poli I know you have checked out the PSU but please do this in my little ditty and post back a pic of the PSU voltage rails
Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic. In my pic the section (Nuvoton) with VBATT is a dead give away you are in the section for the rail voltages. There are other section titles and one that pops up often is ITE
Now the voltage on the different rails have to be within 5% =+/- of what is required or the machine will not work properly if at all.
See this for the rail voltage info,3061.html (Section 2.)
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each small square with + in it on the section the components are in and then click on the individual component/s (it will highlight in blue) - in the right hand side will appear all sorts of details including brands speeds and other essential info that particular device. See pic for example.

Use PART A: and as an option you can use a digital multimeter and test the volts on the 24 pin board plug see this for the colour codes (scroll to the bottom) use the black lead to any black cable the red lead to the different rails.

Also the board is relatively old too mate so don't be surprised if it has or is going south.
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Had a relatives Nettle2-gl8e motherboard go bad. Replaced motherboard and powersupply. The problem is that when I plug in the PC, the fans(both) automatically spin up to high until I press the power button(Swapped out the power button to test). Then everything operates just fine until you Shut down the PC. You can't just hit the power button to turn the PC back on. You have to unplug and plug back in or throw the power switch on the power supply to turn it back on. When you do, the fans spin up high and it all starts over again.

Motherboard: MCP61PM-HM Rev 1.0B
BIOS is 12(Cannot find an upgrade that will install on this PC for some reason. VISTA keeps stating that my PC doesn't meet the requirements although it does.

Any suggestions for what might be wrong here? I'm stumped.


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Good evening I recently started at a new university and after a month fans spinning not No signal detected, Solved: I ve finally moved my computer here from my old place This included a hour drive I plugged it in and the monitor gave me quot no signal detected Solved: No signal detected, fans not spinning quot I tried my monitor on my laptop and it worked fine Opening up my computer I discovered that the chasis fans do not spin although the closed-circuit CPU liquid cooling fans do spin Additionally the aforementioned cooling system lights up and seems to function fine The graphics card lights up and spins although it also does this if I disconnect the power cables from it Additionally I have made sure I m using the right input mode and having tried an HDMI cable as well I suffer the same problem Having plugged it into the power socket my dryer runs off I know it s not a building related issue so it must be something within the system My system purchased New Year s Eve and worked fine through January Corsair Obsidian D Black Full Tower Case with Window Seagate SATA TB RPM Barracuda mb Cache WARE Anti-Static Wrist Strap Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H i Liquid CPU Cooler - Extreme Performance CPU Cooling and Built-In Asus Z -PRO xDDR xPCI-E SATA xUSB CH AUDIO Intel Core i LGA CPU Ghz Mb Cache Haswell Corsair GB x GB DDR CMY GX M A C MHz Dimm Unbuffered - - - Vengeance Pro Black LG BH NS Retail Blu-Ray WRITER X BD-WRITE X DVDRW SATA Samsung GB SSD EVO SATA III Gbs mm MB s MB s Microsoft Windows bit OEM Asus GF GTX TI- GD G Corsair AX Modular ATX Power Supply PLUS Platinum Certified BENQ XL IIT monitor Thanks in advanced ArtisanBlade nbsp

A:Solved: No signal detected, fans not spinning

Hi ArtisanBlade, and welcome to TSG.

Do the status lights of a connected keyboard light up when the computer is first turned on?

Does the CPU LED on the Asus Z87-PRO motherboard have steady red glow? If so, there is a CPU problem preventing bootup. Check to make sure the CPU didn't get loose or had pin damage during the move.

Have you made sure all of the power connecters to the motherboard are secure?

Do you get any kind of POST beep code from connected speakers?

EDIT: List of POST beep codes from ASUS web site:
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So I was sitting next to my computer doing random stuff and the suddenly I see my screen go into power saving mode which it does when the computer has been shut down and a short while later the computer shuts down When I tried to start it back up again there was absolutely no response not even a blink from the LED s I opened it up and cleaned it and after that it seems when I turn the power on at the PSU the fans start spinning as if it s starting up but the monitor stays black I ve tried two different monitors blank spinning, screen Computer suicide, fans but The power Computer suicide, fans spinning, but screen blank button Computer suicide, fans spinning, but screen blank seems to be completely dead when the power is on the fans will spin no matter what I do In the beginning all the fans were only spinning for intervals of - seconds in between that only the CPU fan would spin and at a rather low speed Also the HDD LED at the front keeps flashing as well as some random LEDs mounted on the outside of the box for show I used it minutes or so before the crash and did nothing special The insides of the computer has basically not been touched for two to three years The specs CPU AMD Athlon X Memory Kingston x MB Motherboard AsRock-something it has a slot for the next generation AMD processors it says PSU Hiper Type R W I m only a novice with computers so I m hoping you can help me out here Since it just suddenly broke down I m guessing something must have just died in there and I m basically wondering what so I can get a replacement My theory a novice s theory is that the PSU is broken since the LED s also the ones that are just for show and are supposed to shine constantly are flickering But Computer suicide, fans spinning, but screen blank as I said I m just a novice so I d love to hear your ideas before I spend my savings on a new PSU Also There might have been a metallic voice noise minutes before the computer broke down not quite sure if it was though or if it came from the computer S Anyway any help would be immensely appreciated nbsp

A:Computer suicide, fans spinning, but screen blank

I had a sleep problem in Vista. When the computer went into sleep I could not bring it back. Problem was solved by pressing the power button on the PC itself, it acts as a wake up button. After this I disabled sleep mode and the problem never occured again.

I don't know if this will help. It is just a problem I had and also thought that my PC was broken.
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My PC was not under any serious load when it suddenly switched off and turned on, now my desktop when shutdown appears to still be on.
Reinstalled windows but the issue is not solved. However the PC restarts fine


I've recently went through a replacement of the Psu and Mobo, it's been working fine since I installed these new parts no issues. I'm completely stumped now as its only been about 8 days since installing these new parts.

I have installed a new SSD today, however I have disconnected it from the board and it has not solved the issue, please help my sanity is on the line!

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I recently built a PC with Asus Radeon 380 Strix 4gb graphics card. But 5 minutes into playing the game the screen went red and i had to manually restart. Any help would be appreciated! also GPU fans dont seen to be running either.
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Hello I ve got a bit a problem I m building identical computers for my quot job quot but when I turn it on no image appears on the screen This problem really has managed to get me stuck which isn t too often happens so I ll take any info gladly First the specs MSI KT M-L motherboard Duron Ghz EKL ast cpu-fan that s what the box says Mb PC DDR Crucial ATI LE Mb Qtech midi tower ATX CMD silver Maxtor GB DiamondMax Plus MSI cd player x Everything is securly fastened all cables are in place and the fans spin up Even the case LED s are working But there is no image on the monitors and for some reason the pc speaker doesn t make any sound probably due to bad case speaker I know the monitors work as I get a quot Make sure cable is connected quot message when I hit monitor up, image no led's but on New ligthing spinning, system; Fans the menu button There are two different monitors and they re at work which I m not so no specs Sorry I ve also tested the CRT s with a Dell laptop and that worked perfectly So I New system; Fans spinning, led's ligthing up, but no image on monitor figured that it was double dud New system; Fans spinning, led's ligthing up, but no image on monitor GPU s and took a PCI card from an old puter But still no image I ve reset the BIOS several New system; Fans spinning, led's ligthing up, but no image on monitor times by shorting the jumper I ve taken out everything but Vid card cpu mainboard and ram but still no image The PSU is a W cheapo but I built another system around it without any problems so I doubt that s the culprit And the components aren t the most powerhungry either I wonder if I might have crushed the cpu core as the cpu fan recommended by the store was a tight fit but I can t see how that would result in no image on the screen I ve taken one of the puters home to test but since it s close to AM here that ll have to wait until tomorrow Do any of you have any suggestions about what could be the reason for this Any input is greatly appreciated as I don t know where to start Could f ex the monitor cable have been broken I wasn t too careful when moving them around or is that a very unlikely scenario All the pins are there so that s not the problem nbsp

A:New system; Fans spinning, led's ligthing up, but no image on monitor

Well I know from experience that when I built my first computer I was given a bad mobo. I got all the same symptoms with mine, but at least my PC speaker said "Your CPU may have a problem" over and over. So I put in my buddies cpu (exactly the same one that worked) and got same message, so I took it back to store and they gave me a new one, and all has worked ever since.

That could be a possibility, especially if your mobo doesn't have a voice doctor to help you out.

That is about all I can think of atm, I hope it helps a little.......
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Wow i have taken a new distaste for Asus i order the p5e for my 8400 and it did the fans spin but no video post or anything. And then i read that asus was kind enough to advertise on there box that the board supported the chip, but alas they lied. Anyway i put my old p4 prescott in there to try and boot to bios so i could flash it and still no video. i have just barebones, videocard ram and proc/hsf. Everything turns on and whatnot but just like before no video no beeps no nuthin cept spinning fans...any sugestions?

EDIT: alright so i got it to duhr missing connector....i flashed the bios, and now with the e8400 back in im still gettin the no video no beep issue
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HP Desktop 400 g1 mt, Intel i5, 8Gb (2 sticks), Windows 8.1. Computer gives 8 beeps with 8 power button led blinksinternal fans are running (two case fans, 1 PSU fan)removed memory - same thingbeeps stop for 1 minute after 1 minute, fans go into high speed mode8 beeps, long pause, 8 beeps, continuosly HP error code docs show two possibilities CMOS/ROM corruption; I can't get into BIOS to reset/reloadHP error code for MSI mobo states could be video memoryI added video card but still same thing (guess I need to get into BIOS to chage to discrete video card); can't go there Suggestions on whats next please? I'm about to get another PSU and see if that changes anything.   Thanks. Darryl
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My Dell XPS 13 runs rather hot. Is there a way to make the fans start spinning at a lower temp to cool it down better?
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a friend has a Toshiba Satellite S300, Windows Vista 32bit.
When it opens it just does continuous never-ending beeps and the screen is stuck black with just a cursor on the upper left corner.
Now, I tried via Ubuntu live cd but it just goes on and on without opening(no beeps here).

Also, when I go into bios and then press ESC to get out, after that it normally continues and boots up Vista..

Also I don't know if this is relevant but when I go into Vista there is the same key stuck (and does the sound when a key is stuck) and I have to press some keys in order to unstuck it.
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Hi, I have recently built my own PC but for some reason I keep getting 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps, but it doesnt happen all the time, sometimes it will turn on fine and other times I get the beeps, it is really annoying me because I cant find any problems, I have read that these beeps can be the Graphics card or the RAM but I find it strange that it does it sometimes and not all the time, can anyone please help with this problem, Thanks.

My system specs are as followed:
Asus P5K Premium Motherboard
Intel Quad Core Q6600 CPU
8GB Reaper RAM
BFG NVIDIA GTX280 OC Graphics Card
CoolerMaster 1000W PSU

A:1 Long Beeps, Followed by 3 Short Beeps (sometimes)

hi 1bellb

make sure that all of your RAM chips are firmly placed into their slots and that they aren't susceptible to movement in and out of the slots. You could also run Memtest on your chips from here - You've heard right about the beeping sounds probably being caused by RAM issues. Good luck

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I m attempting to build a PC using this guide http lifehacker com how-to-build-a-hackintosh-with-snow-leopard-start-to-finish GIGABYTE GA-EP -UD P Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core Quad GHz LGA W Quad-Core Processor The RAM is different but that s not an issue at this point When I power on the PC fan fans CPU on, no but All come beeps all fans but the CPU fan come on I tried taking my Zantac fan off and using the standard cooler that came with the CPU--same One tutorial I read online stated it s impossible to seat a CPU improperly I think maybe it is possible Most tutorials mention quot pins quot but I found no quot pins quot at all--nothing that would indicate to me whether the CPU was seated properly There are notches cut into the side All fans but CPU fan come on, no beeps of the CPU which correspond to the shape on the motherboard so I at least know I put it in facing the All fans but CPU fan come on, no beeps right direction but nothing quot clicks quot or even quot settles in quot --I m not sure the amp All fans but CPU fan come on, no beeps has even rested on the quot pins quot but I don t see any other way to put it on There s a good degree of wiggle room in that CPU socket so if any degree of wiggle at all could cause problems I can t imagine how anyone could avoid problems The way the latch on the motherboard--sort of like a mousetrap--is constructed you have to really push down on the amp to get it closed I m not sure if I m forcing it down like forcing too much or if you just have to force it down because it s badly designed This is not just--like with a PCI card--where you feel like you re pushing hard when you re really not this is where you need a screwdriver to use as a lever because otherwise the latch just won t close I think I might have used too much thermal paste Arctic Silver though I ve found nothing online that indicates using too much thermal paste could cause the system to not boot I ve read that metal-on-metal contact between the motherboard and case can cause problems but I don t see how that s possible as I used the quot riser quot screws that came with the case and nothing else touches I ve tried reseating the CPU at least three times I ve tried removing all components except the motherboard and CPU just to hear if it beeps I ve tried removing the motherboard from the case and trying to boot that way Is there any way to determine what the is wrong nbsp

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Hi guys, my friends has a hp g60 laptop and when it starts up it sends out beeps that sound like an alarm. It happens when his computer shows "starting windows". The computer wont load and alarms wont stop unless you press enter. As soon as his login screen pops up it tries to log in automaticly and fails ( he has a password). I have no clue why it beeps or why you have to press enter for windows to move on from the start up page.

A:Continuous Beeps on start up

Quote: Originally Posted by supermasterpig

Hi guys, my friends has a hp g60 laptop and when it starts up it sends out beeps that sound like an alarm. It happens when his computer shows "starting windows". The computer wont load and alarms wont stop unless you press enter. As soon as his login screen pops up it tries to log in automaticly and fails ( he has a password). I have no clue why it beeps or why you have to press enter for windows to move on from the start up page.

First blush guess would suggest that the laptop believes a key is stuck. Incessant beeping and the fact the password fails points as a possibility.
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Here's the situation:
If I restart my laptop, on the BIOS (i guess?),
it will ask me to choose OS, which there's only 1 option (Windows 7).
After that, the laptop will beep contionuously, short continuous beep to be exact.
Nothing weird happens, except the beeps.

And if I boot my laptop normally, it won't beep.

From what I've searched, I assumed that it's RAM's problem
But, it will only beep if I restart the laptop.

Can anyone please tell me what's the cause of it and the solution to it?

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I get continous fast short beeps on startup,and then nonthing just the black screen.
what is going on?

A:Continuous short beeps

Generally those beeps are diagnostics. Bad memory?
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My pc has been working fine with no problems. Today I tried to hook up another monitor but I could only get it to display on one so I put my pc setup back to normal. Now every time I turn on my pc (with/without connections etc) I get two short beeps followed by 8 continuous and it will just not boot up. Any help guys would be much appreciated.
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I've put together a new system using ECS945GCT-M/1333 mobo, Intel
E2140 CPU, and Seagate SATS hard drive. System will boot into BIOS
and will boot into DOS from a floppy. On these boots I get one beep,
which is normal (AMI BIOS).

If I try to boot from a CD, such as WinXP install CD, or Knoppix
Linux CD-based OS ..... it gets to the point where it accesses the
CD drive, but then no boot, and starts emitting continuous short beeps.

I've tried three different (ATAPI) CD drives, and two different cables.
Same problem. The BIOS recognizes and shows the floppy, CD and
hard drives, and the information shown on the drives is correct.

I know this is a cheap mobo, and that may be the problem ... but
interested in suggestions to diagnose and/or resolve.

A:No Boot CD/Continuous Short Beeps

Is it just continous beeps or can you make out a pattern???

ECS boards are known to be picky with ram modules thats why they have such a bad rep.
I suspect this could be the problem. As long as you get the right ones for your board you should be cool when I built my last system I used an ECS board with some old sticks of ram from my old build and I upgraded went with kensington I believe, works just fine.

Heres a link for the manual for your exact board.

Download it and look for the beep codes if you dont already have them.
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First my laptop stops booting while checking the hardware with continuous short beeps The beeps will be gone when pressing the quot delete quot button several times Then it brings up the Boot Menu prompting to select IDE DVD drive or IDE Harddisk After the selection i can get into window but all the applications don t seem to respond properly When i select any of these during Continuous shor beeps startup applications it will appear for less than a second then disappear For example when i select Control Panel it brings up the Control Panel but when i select the Display within the Control Panel window the Display window will appear and disappear within a second Same thing happens when i use mouse to select the Start button the start menu disappears Continuous shor beeps during startup withing a second This symptom applies to all app on my Laptop Before this happened there were no software of hardware recently installed I m running on Window XP Vaio VGN-FE GP Any help would be much appreciated Cheers nbsp

A:Continuous shor beeps during startup

Continuous beeping could be a number of things...

But I would be leaning towards a Power Supply Issue or a Memory Issue/Video Card Memory as well.

Laptops are difficult at best to work on........Can you get inside it......?????
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Hi I am a new person on these forums but a long-time ametuer tinkerer of computers And I have this problem that I cannot figure out and so am hoping some of you experienced gurus can help me out My old gaming computer crapped out on me so I thought this would be a good opportunity to upgrade I obtained the following components Motherboard MSI K N SLI Platinum CPU on Continuous Beeps Short Startup AMD Phenom X RAM GB PC DDR VIDEO BFG nVidia GeForce GTX PSU Continuous Short Beeps on Startup RAIDMAX W HDD Western Digital GB SATA Existing items from previous computer SOUND Create Labs X-Fi Platinum When I booted the system for the first time to install an OS there was a continuous serious of Continuous Short Beeps on Startup short beeps But the system installed Windows Beta fine but slow I had some problems with Continuous Short Beeps on Startup the system freezing a few times and I still get the beeping on startup so now I am installing Windows XP to see if that solves the speed issues But I am still getting a continuous series of short beeps every time I boot It should be noted that the beeping stops once Windows begins startup Does anyone have any ideas what is going on Thanks

A:Continuous Short Beeps on Startup

Are these BIOS beeps ? Check here for beep codes:

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Hi guys, I have a pc just over a year old and now I'm getting 3 beeps and continuous reboots. Sometimes I get booted all the way up to the windows login screen and then the messages says windows is now shutting down and that's what happens. I tried pulling out both memory sticks and the computer stays on. The CPU and fan runs. I'm thinking maybe I have to change both sticks of ram but hoping I didn't have to. Any advice would be great.

A:[SOLVED] 3 Beeps, continuous reboot.

It's not advisable to remove components while the computer is powered up, but it also seems unusual that it should stay on after they are removed.

Have you ID'd those error beep codes as memory failure for your computer and what does the computer do when you boot up with the sticks removed ?
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We're hanging on by a "thread", if at all. This is a Compaq Presario 6300US, 8 years old, not much changed except additional ram a few years ago. Just began beeping & no display. Took side off & cleaned it Thoroughly-& it wasn't bad- it powered up, ran long enough to begin moving files into folders for an emergency thumb drive (maybe 10 minutes), then repeated the beeping & no display. Have tried powering off as well as unplugging. I So hope I'm not looking at losing all that's on it (right- no backups). Help? Thanks.

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Good morning I have a problem with a client machine It is a Laptop noname brand The Laptop starts up I can enter the Down Laptop: Beeps then Continuous Shuts BIOS Setup and change settings but when the Laptop is on for about seconds it starts with a series of beeps I have counted the beeps and they are more than then the laptop shuts down What I have done so far Cleared the BIOS by disconnecting the Cmos battery no effect Removed the SATA hard drive no effect Reseated and replaced the RAM no effect Removed the battery and started up the charger only no effect Reseated and also removed the Realtek Wireless adapter on the motherboard no effect The system has a Phoenix BIOS and therefore I can t see what Laptop: Continuous Beeps then Shuts Down temperatures the CPU is at but having it open after I shut down I can t feel that the heatsink is very hot The System has a DVD CD writer as Laptop: Continuous Beeps then Shuts Down well but I m not sure where to disconnect it other than completely stripping the machine I ve read online that it could be a stuck key on the keyboard but I can t see any stuck keys and have checked all keys as well Does anyone have any ideas The beeps are about a second apart from each other and continuous Thank you Kind Regards nbsp

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Whenever I turn on my laptop I get a continuous beep sound, I ran diagnostics and said it was ram failure, I swapped out ram with new ram that was fitted for my Dell Inspiron 5110, and it still makes a continuous beeping.  
Dell Inspiron n5110 core i7
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Hi first time on board looking for an answer I m fairly new to building computers I ve only did it twice now sooo I purchsed an ECS nforce - a board for the amd athlon Ok so I followed the the mb manual and made sure by checking and rechecking all connections that everything was connected in the proper place I ve got the processor seated properly ram graphics card radeon x xt pci express HD Optical drive PSU So I plug in the PSU pin adapter to display, all fans beeps but going No no my mb click the switch on the back and hit the reset button No display, no beeps but all fans going on the computer Well all the case leds psu fan case fans cpu fan graphics card fan all start up So I m thinking great I then plug my monitor and and by the No display, no beeps but all fans going way it does work but get absolutely no display signal at all My comp is not posting for some reason There are absolutely no beeps whatsoever So I left everything connected and went thru one by one changing first the cmos jumper Nothing Removed the ram no beeps whatsoever No display, no beeps but all fans going on power up removed the cpu again no beeps upon power up So I have no clue what the problem could be I ve checked to make sure the mb is not shorting out somewhere all risers are in place So does anyone know what my problem could be I m hoping it is this You know the atx pin v connector on the board well my PSU is a chiefmax W BUT the connector for it is spliced off the pin connector that comes from the psu and heres the kicker the atx v connector is all the way on the opposite side of the mb from the pin connector and the cable is not long enough to reach it because of it being spliced off the connector of the psu In other words I can t plug into the motherboards pin v connector on the other side because my psu pin v cable is not long enough I still get power to the mb without it being plugged in though with all fans and leds on So is this my problem Or do I have a faulty mb psu cpu or something else nbsp

A:No display, no beeps but all fans going

without plugging in the 12v atx cpu power you'll never know if the motherboard is any good. Powering it up without it connected can ruin the board.

I suggest getting an extender for the power or another PSU.

Extenders are cheap, but every extension has the chance for losing voltage or shorts.
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Okay so I have a Gigabyte S-series mobo w/ a dual core intel processor, BFG 650 watt power supply, Nvida 256 mb Gforce fx 5500 graphics card.

(This may go in hardware forum actually, but it confused me. Mods are free to move it there if they wish..)

At first, nothing would spin, but I'm genuis like that. A flip of the switch on the back to set it at 115 fixed that and I thought I was good to go again. But now, I get no beeps only fans. It is supposed to beep right? I've made sure the power is mounted to the board.

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Hi I was messing around when playing Skyrim with card into graphics & striped sound's spinning stuck fans fast a screen, brown Crashes some ini tweaks to make the game look better since I thought my computer could handle it My rig consists of Gigabyte slightly OC i - k ghz stock speeds GB RAM W PSU PLATINUM So looks like I went to far with the graphical tweaks When loading the game the screen quickly turned brown and sound got stuck really loud and then a fan I can't tell if it is the graphics card fans or the one from my PSU starts spinning in different speeds from what I hear about - It totally freaked me out so I pressed the turn off button on my computer for secs for emergency exit I suspect that my CPU caused the error or possibly Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast the PSU After this my computer seemed to work fine though UNTIL I played a very old game not GPU intensive at all and the same brown screen came This time I waited around to see if something happens After perhaps minute of waiting I heard the Win OS quot log in quot sound Weird My screen was still brown so I pressed emergency exit again Since this my computer has gone nuts When I rebooted the graphics drivers were messed up and screen resolution was as if there was no drivers installed I tried installing the latest driver again but Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast it said there already is one installed So I uninstalled and installed the drivers again Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast and still no fix Now none of my games run however I got the screen resolution to normal in the Control Panel This means the system still detects the graphics card Somehow the drivers just don't work I'm pretty much able to do anything watch youtube vids on p no problem except anything that needs the graphic drivers especially games Upon startup I always get a message saying that quot atiadlxy dll is not meant to work with Windows quot or something along those lines Let me know if you want me to post the whole error line Any ideas what might be the problem

A:Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast

Actually, when I let Steam auto-detect and install graphics drivers, the problems have stopped. Weird that CCC's in-built system failed on me.
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Alright here s what s up I built my own computer and I s been working fine for about months now I booted up and was about to install some software when I accidentally hit my reset button No biggie Continuous Beeps Video Short Output, No But as I waited for the thing to reboot I noticed that my monitor was No Video Output, Continuous Short Beeps not coming on it was stuck in sleep mode not getting any input Then I noticed a slow continuous short beep from the mobo speaker It still won t come on So what s the deal I know the BIOS beep code means that there No Video Output, Continuous Short Beeps s a power supply mobo short problem but why would this happen randomly after it s been working fine Have I fried something be hitting the reset button too many times I ve reset memory GPU and checked all the power supply connections and nothing s out of the ordinary Finals are coming up so I m starting to panic Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi all,

I took out the hardrive to use on another pc and it worked fine and then i put it back in original and when i tried booting it up the bios error beep started. i recorded the code and it was just a continuous beeping and to my bios codes it meant the ram was not installed or detected. I bought some new ram for it and tried it but still it doent work.

The motherboard is the standard A7V400-MX.

Ive tried resitting all the hardware and everything else but nothing.
If you need any more information then please ask. Your help is much appreciated.

Much appreciated,

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Well, what can this possibly be???

Thanks you.


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I am facing this weird problem with my pc since few days

when ever i try to boot up my pc, the memok led lights up and gives continuous beeps (1 long 2 short)
even pressing the memok button dosent help

now to solve this i have to reseat the bios by moving the jumpers, and then push the memok and then it boots
but to further add to my agony once i leave the pc shutdown for 4-5 hours again the same problem reoccurs

i have been using this pair of corsair ddr3 rams @1333mhz for a year now and it worked perfectly until now
memtest+ finds no error

i have latest bios installed and even reflashed it
tried a different psu
tried booting up with single stick of ram
tried different ram slots
tried different cmos battery

plz help

A:PC not booting with memok lighting up & continuous beeps

whats the memok button just so I know sry.
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I have an Acer TravelMate Alright so I turn on my laptop and the Acer logo comes on with the Beeps On Xp - Startup Continuous Home Windows blue bar at the bottom to show that the startup is progressing Only it gets to about maybe and stops The bar doesn t continue until I press some keys then jaggedly it moves along and completes At this point the laptop beeps I ve been told that s the Bios check Continuous Beeps On Startup - Windows Xp Home confirming that everything should be alright The screen changes to black sometimes with a cursor blinking in the corner The beep it sounds like the same beep from the Bios check continues over and over Short beeps but fast maybe two per second approx To get it to stop I press a lot more keys The Windows XP logo comes on and startup continues regularly When I get to my desktop I try to open the Start menu or open a program on my desktop The logo lights up but nothing happens I right click the desktop and the right-click menu pops up the one with arrange icons by and ends with properties As if I m scrolling really quickly down the list each word lights us over and over and over really fast To get it to stop I press escape then everything begins to work properly and I can carry on with opening programs pages etc Then suddenly in the window I have open either application or internet the scroll bar will start to slide down and down not stopping no matter what until it hits the bottom When I try to bring it back up as soon as I release the mouse it slides down again like a dead weight I right click the screen and the right-click menu is doing that really fast scrolling again I click escape and everything goes back to normal except that sometimes even while typing this the computer seems to freeze When I right click the screen - you guessed it - the right-click menu is scrolling again What I ve Been Told and What I ve Done- I didn t know about the Bios check until I went online and did a search Apparently the beeps and the type of beeps means something If I can figure out the beeps I might know what failed in the system check I ve searched I can t find any information or similar advice that sounds like my beeps - Afraid it might be a virus of some sort I tried restoring to earlier points but they started to disappear or a message would show up that No changes have been made and it can t be restored to that point Soon I only had one point left and it was maybe a day old - I used the system recovery and recovered the laptop to the factory default So it s empty now except for the recycle bin etc and the problem is still there - Someone mentioned that beeps have to do with the RAM or maybe a driver so I switched the Ram around and nothing happens Can someone please help If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it Thank you

A:Continuous Beeps On Startup - Windows Xp Home

I switched the Ram aroundTry one module at a time. Do you have a serial number on the bottom of the laptop? Can you post it?
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moms computer...she turned it on and all the sudden it would come on but no did this a few times..then she said it finally posted and while doin the scandisk it stopped again..

all the leds come, cd rom light. but no video post...

i reseated the video card..took out the meomory sticks tryed just one of the 3...used em all in ever slot..

i cleared the CMOS...getting no beeps...i did get a beep though when i didnt seat one of the sticks all the way to check it.

i swear i smell something burnt...but would it be the processor or could it be the power supply?

the CD-rom will not open either even with the power on...

abit KT-7 raid mobo with a amd 1500...

its not the video card cause i took it out and it worked in my system..

A:No video...leds,fans all come on no beeps

well it is the PS ...unhooked all my stuff from my computer and plugged my ps into the other computer and bam..posted....
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I have been having some issues for a few days now here s what s happening I have a usb hub hooked up and days ago my system had trouble finding it st time just lights beeps, no and post, no fans in almost yrs since i hooked it up After getting the system to recognize the hub it worked for a short period and i shut down the system when i restarted later I got a screen saying windows did not start normally and it gave me options and seconds to choose my option I tried normal start st with the same result i tried safe mode with the same result i then tried each of the other options with the same result then i started getting blue screens with irq errors when i checked online the only references i could find to the specific error s i was seeking said that it was devices trying to use the same channel and to use no beeps, no post, just fans and lights device manager to resolve the conflict great idea but i could never get to the device manager no beeps, no post, just fans and lights I tried to look at the bios but could never get to it either after a time i just decided to re-install windows The re-install from my system restore disc did not work because the computer insisted thet it couldn t read the disc so i took a full copy of xp home that i bought a few years back for another system and tried to install that it too failed never getting past the quot installing windows executive quot notification then going into blue screen After trries with this everything quit My current situation is as follows Power on gives me fans and drive lights except the floppy but nothing else I purchased a new power supply same result I purchased a new hard drive same result I get no post screen so cannot access the bios the system will not read from any drive and i m getting no signal to my monitor i get no beep codes or any other indicaors of what wrong i returned the power supply and hard drive since they obviously weren t the issue tried restarting again with all drives disconnected and no change I have a useless hunk of metal and plastic where i should have a computer This is what the system is Compaq Presario Sa T Motherboard- Asus PTGD -LA motherboard I can get a new one from H P for Processor- Intel P J ghz mhz FSB Hyperthreaded I can buy new from H P for or on the web for but not willing to buy unless i know thwt s the problem Chipset- i P Memory- gb DDR - PC Hard Drive- Western Digital WD gb SATA rpm Video Card- ATI Radeon x se pci express Sound Card- Soundblaster Audigy ZS Power Supply- w ATX form factor OEM the power supply i tried was w I m at my wits end and my moneys run out any help is appreciated any help with how i test the motherboard and processor will also be appreciated i do not have a known good processer or mobo to test against Thank You I nbsp

A:no beeps, no post, just fans and lights

Totally screwed up.
Compaq you say? What about Customer Service? Or after those huge changes and replacements its not a option?
First - update the BIOS if its possible.
Sec. - if the battery of Mobo fails, then BIOS just cant remember anything and every time when start, it sets to defaults and don't serve correct to win(really very low possibility). Replace the battery
Third - probably you have some incompatibility between mobo and usb hub, or USB controller is damaged.
After you manage POS its not bad idea to put some hardware tests(memtest, hdd, svga, etc) to see that everything is fine and ran correctly.

Just get rid on all Compaq parts and replace with new one.

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Just built it for my brother:
Atlon64 3000+
Asus K8V SE Delux (soc 754)
512 DDR PC3200 (generic {})
Asus 128MB V9520 8X AGP / FX5200

It only cost about 800 bucks.
Powered her on, and the fans just spin away but there is no beep, no post. H_ll the monitor doesn't even static on to give me any errors.
I removed it from the case (thinking the mobo was grounded). Same thing
Unplugged everything, except power button & HDD. Same thing.
Unplugged HDD (everything unplugged). Same thing.
Reseated everything, including power.
Took everything appart (everything, even my nicely tucked power / IDE cables). Same thing.
I checked the board for any traces I may have damaged and they are all OK.

Oh yeah, when I first booted, the CD ROM, floppy, and HDD activity light were on (and they would be still if they were connected).

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Hello Recently purchased an Core e processor and ecs PT T-A mobo combo at Fry s to do an upgrade Additionally bought a new Antect Neo HE ps and gb DDR memory specs said use but fry s guy said shouldn t be a problem I put everything together with and went into BIOS made some setting adjustments and looked like it was rebooting got to XP logo and cpu rebooted and got just past the screen that tells you the drives you have and then cpu went dead total on time including bios was about - no fans, nada beeps, Help-No no lights, minutes Now when I try to do anything to get it started i get zero No drives fans lights beeps Every now and then I get the flutter of the cpu fan for an of a second Tried my old power supply same thing including flutter of the cpu fan Thoughts or ideas everything seems to be well seated Of note when removing the cpu fan and chip there appeared to be a grayish paste on top of the chip and bottom of fan scrapes off with fingernail Thanks for your time Specs nbsp

A:Help-No beeps, no fans, no lights, nada

My guess is you put to little/to much thermal grease, or didn't mount the cpu hsf correctly and you fried your cpu.
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I built a new server beeps :? no no New bios, fans, build, no post, recently Pentium D gigs ddr asus p rd -vm The mobo is supposed to have onboard video so no video card is New build, fans, no post, no bios, no beeps :? in it I m getting no post originally assumed it was silent no beeps even without ram nothing I rma d the New build, fans, no post, no bios, no beeps :? board which is what it sounds like then after newegg supposedly fixed it they sent it back and guess what it doesn t work I bought another board same kind Same symptoms I took out the pentium d and replaced it with a known working lga p Nothing Changed out the power supply with a known working watt ps the one that I took from my main pc and still fans work but not post I added a pci-e x geforce and still nothing The only thing I can think of is maybe the compound that came with the processor It was very light on the chip predone by intel I guess Didn t require manual adding of compound But then I think if I added a p and it didn t work either why would that be the problem I m really mad right now I ve replaced so many things These are the thing I know for sure work PS mobo HD DVDrom fans I m totally lost I ve never had a problem with asus boards until now Help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:New build, fans, no post, no bios, no beeps :?

Concidering you know PS, Mobo, hdd and others work, all I can think of is CPU. It could also be the RAM, although I find it unlikely that both sticks are faulty. What brand etc is your ram? Make sure its compatible with your motherboard (ie: Voltage).


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I bought a custom built computer off ebay last month until a couple days ago it was working like a charm I - won't No lights/fans/beeps Start Desktop walked away from it one Desktop won't Start - No lights/fans/beeps night while it was Desktop won't Start - No lights/fans/beeps on and when I came back a couple hours after it was off The only led that was on was a red one didn t think to see which of the two lights it was and when I pushed the power Desktop won't Start - No lights/fans/beeps button nothing happened So I switched off the PSU on the back then turned it back on When I turned it back on none of the lights were on and hitting the button did nothing No sounds no response from the monitor no fans spinning no lights SPECS msi h m-p Sentey bxp -PS x GB Team Elite Intel Pentium G Was overclocked to about I believe What I ve tried -Resetting the CMOS battery took it out for about - min and put it back in -Unplugged everything the PSU was plugged into and put it back in -Shorting not sure if that s the right term the on off switch on the mobo with a screwdriver -Power cycling the computer -And I did the paperclip test and the fan did start spinning I don t have another PSU or desktop to test any of the parts on either Wondering if anyone has other things I could try before I end up buying new parts I assume its either the PSU Mobo but I m not sure how to narrow that down either nbsp
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My computer died on me about a month ago The screen suddenly froze one day while idling I tried to fans no no no post, beeps, only spin display, restart and I got no post no display no beep code only the fans no post, no beeps, no display, only fans spin spin and power button no post, no beeps, no display, only fans spin light goes on It s an old used gaming rig I did not build it I got it for free years ago ancient from a tech guy I used to know I ve had problems with it before and had to replace a few parts over the years the most recent being a new Power Supply from newegg Anyways I guess it s finally time for an upgrade Money is tight for me right now and I gather it s more cost efficient to just build a new system from current low-end parts rather than buying old parts for an old system So I plan to buy new MoBo CPU RAM and recycle as much as I can from the old computer Case Power Supply Video Card HDD etc Which is why I want to know what could have caused this kind of failure in case it s one of the parts I plan on recycling I suspect it s the CPU that died but I m a bit of noob when it comes to hardware and I m not sure Could it be the Video Card or Power supply that caused this nbsp

A:no post, no beeps, no display, only fans spin

CPUs are actually pretty hard to hurt unless you overclock/overvolt them or physically damage them while installing.

First of all, post ALL of your parts; no one knows what you are working on except you. In addition, post the exact pw supply you installed. Just because it is new does not mean it is working or that it is a quality unit. Newegg sells high end pw supplies and they also sell junk pw supplies.

If you are intending to replace the mb, cpu, and ram, I would also add a new case and hard drive. Both cases and hard drives have come a LONG way in the last 6yrs.
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I just got a motherboard replacement today the first one did not power up When everything is connected - beeps, LED a Fans on, No Take No Solved: Look! on boot, Power this second one does power up - power led on fans on no boot no beeps motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E PSU ULT- P or v PSU is fine works on a older computer I checked it last time when the first motherboard didn t work Could it be that Solved: No boot, No beeps, Power LED on, Fans on - Take a Look! the PSU not providing enough watts When I got the motherboard the first time I had to get a CPU also CPU http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E But according to http www antec outervision com PSUEngine it should only need Watts more or less Via Google some forums suggested to reset the CMOS For the clr cmos area which I found out stands for quot clear CMOS quot it has two pins on the motherboard there is no jumper on either pin It came like that I don t know if it s suppose to You could also remove the battery but I don t know how to - it seems trap in the slot For this http www fonerbooks com cpu ram htm I got down to quot Runs on Bench quot but I didn t know what that meant also I don t know how comprehensive it is Ask any questions My old motherboard was i think years old and worked like a charm but unfortunately one day it just didn t turn on I think it just needed a replacement of the CMOS it typically loss the date time when the surge protector was turned off but that thought is too late now I don t know what I should do nbsp

A:Solved: No boot, No beeps, Power LED on, Fans on - Take a Look!
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Hi guys I have a computer that we recently cleaned out because boot? no fans No POST but beeps, running, it was getting hot and shutting down randomly At first it wasn t starting but we figured out we seated the CPU wrong don t know how some pins fell in and we missed the fact that it wasnt all completely in so we reseated the CPU according to the notch and it booted up fine Now about a week or two later No POST beeps, fans running, but no boot? the computer will not start The CPU is seated fine Turning on the computer everything spins up but no POST beep for anything If I unplug the video No POST beeps, fans running, but no boot? card power I do get a beep though because it detects that the video card does not have power running to it I ve tested the power supply with a tester and it was fine just makes a loud noise when i test it so I even tried another power supply still nothing showing up on the screen not even bios screen At this point I would assume it was either a video card b motherboard c cpu I don t have another AGP card to try but I can try another motherboard Any ideas on narrowing this down before I do nbsp

A:No POST beeps, fans running, but no boot?

So I used another motherboard/cpu/ram combo I had and put the video on there and everything booted up fine. So now my guess is the problem is either the motherboard, or the CPU. Before we make any purchasing decisions, how can I be sure (without buying one) whether it's one or the other?

EDIT: I should also mention.. I don't mind giving him the cpu/mobo combo I have, but since he already has a hard drive I'm afraid it may cause a lot of issues with the drivers.
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I hooked my hp pavilion up after moving and a series of 7 or 8 beeps comes on when i turn on tower.nothing comes on the monitor

A:series of beeps

What is your pavilion number,is it 7 or 8 beeps?
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Hello I ! Before Every Continuous Computer time) ? Beeps Starting Affected (5 Virus am having problems with my computer and I need help I Virus Affected Computer ? (5 Continuous Beeps Before Starting Every time) ! have a Windows Vista Home Premium x bit well i will attach the computer information My computer beeps time on start up takes several times for my computer to turn Virus Affected Computer ? (5 Continuous Beeps Before Starting Every time) ! on But they are continously fast beeps Im going to explain step by step on what i think probably affected this case Well I have an anti-virus program Which for me is Norton Internet Security Well my anti-virus is up to date Somehow a virus got in my computer which I found since every time i started up my computer and clicked on task manager To see whats running and every time their would be Internet Explorer exe running and i tryed to exit them out so i couldn't So what i did i scanned my whole computer With Norton Internet Security Norton Power Eraser and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware which found some viruses So i deleted them and restarted my computer for the effect I saved a log file from the scan results which i will attach in the attachments also Well after all that the internet explorer exe no longer were opened also when i had that virus i for example searched aol mail and clicked on aol mail and it took me to a random page Like download helper but i exited it out I will attach Norton Recent Virus history also On firefox everytime i start it up norton tells me Blocked Adware Singalng Download like that every time Well the problem here is my computer beeps times on start up every time and it takes several times for me to get my computer to turn on My computer is a desktop by the way But I need help immediately before anything gets worse than it is Thank You So Much

A:Virus Affected Computer ? (5 Continuous Beeps Before Starting Every time) !

Beeps usually point to hardware. You have a Dell. I think that this from the Dell Forum will help
inspiron N5110 beeps 5 times on start up - Laptop General Hardware Forum - Laptop - Dell Community
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I'd appreciate some help on this one I'm a bit stumped as to where to go from here I've had my PC for a year It wouldn't wake up from sleep the other day - just a black screen So I tried holding the power button It wouldn't shut off I had to use the power button on the back of the PSU Now when I turn on the PC I get no display and no POST beeps made sure run No PC all beeps POST drives but fans on. and No display when turns the internal speaker was plugged in but all of the fans work The drives are spinning up just fine too I still can't shut it off with the case button no matter how long I hold it in which seems a little strange Tried Switched the monitor cable from PCIe video card to integrated card No change Tested monitor on laptop using the No display when PC turns on. No POST beeps but all fans and drives run same cable Checks out Tested the PSU with a DMM Checks out Tested the PSU with a DMM while plugged into MB Checks out I realize this could still be bad Breadboarding No change Re-seated the ram No change Removed the only stick of ram I have No change Swapped RAM with the other DIMM slot No change Removed the HDD DVD audio and KB amp mouse No change Inspected the motherboard for blown caps Appears OK Removed the battery for ten minutes with the psu unplugged No change Cleared the CMOS with a jumper pins for seconds twice No change Examined the heat sink compound and CPU pins Checks out Throughout all of this I never got any beeps or display Haven't tried Using a different ram stick - don't have an extra Using a different PSU - waiting for a friend to let me borrow his on Friday Using a different CPU - don't know anyone with an AM socket Specs Ultra LS PSU Transcend Information GB DDR AMD FX- CPU ASRock GM US S Motherboard Yes I realize this isn't a quality build in the slightest - but because all the pieces are in the same range of quality I'm not sure what to suspect I know the PSU isn't great but what makes RAM any more or less of a culprit Kindly don't knock my build too badly - I'm a college student on a budget

A:No display when PC turns on. No POST beeps but all fans and drives run

TT mate have you tried a memtest a you only have one stick?? might be as simple as that mate as you seem to have covered most other stuff RAM - Test with Memtest86+

You need to run it for at least 8 passes unless errors start straight away. Try the stick in different slots too- the testing is going to take you a long time unless like I said the errors start to come up fairly quickly.
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Hoping to get some sympathy there seems like there are lots folks who know what they are talkin about so any help is well appreciated Story is Dell dimension from was ran off a generator which would abruptly kill power to the computer a lot Think this needs to be mentioned Started having problems gettting the computer to turn on resolved it by shaking and beating the hell out of it Actually it was more of an opening and closing of the housing It actually worked about fifty times Finally it is no more there it sits I opened it up cleaned with compressed air checked all connections multuple times took out all PC cards disconnected all drives keyboard mouse moniter and nothing but a green light on my mobo no fans no beeps SHOW ME THE WAY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - could it be that stupid little watchlike battery that has been in there for six years now - a bad switch that turns on the computer not the one on the back of the PSU is there a way to override this switch loop the right wires together - what else nbsp

A:nothing but a green light on my mobo, no fans, no beeps...SHOW ME THE WAY!!!!

An Honorable death, Then Computer Heaven

If the fans don't start the 12 volt rail of the power supply could be bad.
And I suppose it could be that stupid little battery which, incidentally, HOLDS ALL THE INFORMATION in the BIOS. This is all I know. Sorry about the Caps.
Sure, just take the 2 wires off the on/off switch and splice them together, like stealing a car.
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Built a new desktop pc 2 days ago, has been running fine, I've kept an eye on the temperates and no problems there..
Today i went to shut down as the shutdown option had a windows update icon next to it.
It got stuck on the shutdown screen for about 5 minutes then blue screened.
I turned it on again but there were no sytem beeps and no video but all the fans were working and looked like everything had power to it.
Please help!

A:System boot, no beeps, no video, fans working

Sytem has booted after leaving it about 20 mins and seems all fine now.
i have the .DMP file but it says i dont have permission to view it, i have full admin privilages.
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in win 7, everything is perfect. very fast boot.

i upgraded to win 10 and now that circle stays spinning a long time! eventually the desktop will appear.

i tried a fresh install; same problem.

since it is a toshiba, i asked also in their forums. their suggestions did not help.

what is windows 10 doing, that windows 7 is not?
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I installed the new processor I bought on eBay and now when I start the computer I get a series of beeps and no picture. "New" processor is a PIII 933mHz replacing a PIII 650mHz. The only difference beside the speed is the FSB on the old PIII is 100mHz and on the new one is 133mHz. Could this be causing my problems?

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Hello Been reading posts for a while but I ve got a problem of my own now that I need your help with I received an old desktop off a friend recently and the first or times I started it it worked fine However yesterday I started it up and then suddenly the screen went black and wouldn t come back on Upon turning it on again it made a series of beeps long short upon beeps startup Series of Then Short Short I know Series of beeps upon startup that these are meant to mean something but I don t know what I really hope it s something I can fix as it s a replacement for Series of beeps upon startup my broken laptop and if it broke it would leave me in a bit of a pickle However I m guessing it has something to do with the graphics card and that probably means it needs replacing No idea why it broke though It has an ATI Radeon graphics card and an MSI AGP X motherboard but I don t know enough to tell you anymore sorry EDIT It also has an AMD Athlon processor if that helps Thank you Matt nbsp

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AMD Athlon II X Regor GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor Model ADX OCGQBOX GIGABYTE GV-N TOC- GI into fans Newly beeps no on, will CPU lights PC, not built bios, come boot and GeForce GT GB -bit GDDR PCI Express Newly built PC, will not boot into bios, fans and lights come on, no CPU beeps x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card GIGABYTE GA-MA T-UD P AM AMD ATX AMD Motherboard hec X-Power Pro W Continuous C ATX V V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Stick Patriot ddr This system is put together with an older HD that is working When I turn on the power I get light fans but bios will not load and I get no cpu beeps Have returned and replaced the mobo cpu vid card power supply and ram Tried different case and monitor HD works in another pc I am completely stumped Thought for sure it was the mobo but just got a new one in and its still doing the same thing Get nothing on the monitor no signal Have used different cables to the monitor as well According to Gigabyte everything is compatible Any more ideas Added- From Gigabyte support quot Athlon II X is supported on this board but if current mother board bios is F only that need to update bios to F support processor quot Does this make sense to anyone nbsp

A:Newly built PC, will not boot into bios, fans and lights come on, no CPU beeps

Just in case, did you plug in the 8 pin CPU power supply connector to the motherboard?
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i have a home built computer that is about yrs old now but never given me any problems i just recently bought a gig of ram and after i installed it i tried to turn on the pc and nothing happened i took out the new gig to see if that was it but it wasnt still nothing the mobo light is on and ive checked all cables and tried swapping out the power supply or wont light any on, no other but power PC beeps, fans, activity mobo up, and still nothing i have no idea what to do and complettely stumped i did smell smoke but i thott it might have just been dust lol its been a few weeks since it happened but i work a lot and havent had the time PC wont power up, mobo light on, but no fans, beeps, or any other activity im running a socket soyo MoBo an OC d intel p processor a watt PS gigs of ddr ram stick pc and the other pc a geforce gt or gs forgot and windows HDD s a normal and a slave and another external nbsp

A:PC wont power up, mobo light on, but no fans, beeps, or any other activity

what brand of psu? on a 5 year old computer that is always a question, and because the mobo light is on does not mean the power is good.
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Until today my computer has run perfectly. Then I took my harddrive out to tale a look at it. When I put it back in, and re-started I got a series of beeps and it wouldnt boot-up.
The computer has NEVER been on-line. It seems like I hooked something up backwards or something. Not sure?? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Unable to start-up/Series of beeps?

BIOS beeps are indicative of hardware failure. Read your mobo book to find out what they mean.
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The PC speaker just beeps when I power on my computer. Nothing happens just one long continuous beep. HELP!

A:One long continuous beep

Usually memory or video card.
Try reseating your memory or trying just one module at a time.
Try your video card in another slot.
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I have seen a million other thread titles that resemble the one I just made All have alot of people giving a million suggetions to fix it but there is never a posted solution I have had this Video problem once before already My video started to get flaky Then shortly after my pc rebooted a couple times by itself still fine though Then days later nothing just black screen I tested the RAM video card power supply everything No No nothin' Video, fine No Boot, run Error and fans cpu Beeps but drives, @ I could possibly think of still nothing I was entirely convinced that my motherboard or No Video, No Error Beeps No nothin' @ Boot, but drives, cpu and fans run fine cpu was shot or the both just like most of the people in these forums I happened to snag a motherboard and cpu from work i tried just pluggin the HDD into the board and goin to town but as i suspected no go i ve never really had the opportunity to try the HDD swap before because well i dunno just never needed to I ve always reinstalled windows to a new drive and then just grabbed my info from the old drive Booting from the drive though I ve always assumed and heard that it can t be done because of a few reasons None of which I know Anyway wasn t really concerned about the install as i wanted a newer bigger SATA drive No Video, No Error Beeps No nothin' @ Boot, but drives, cpu and fans run fine anyway After I installed the SATA drive I went to get the info from my old drive and I noticed a folder called quot video quot on the root of my drive I can t touch it can t No Video, No Error Beeps No nothin' @ Boot, but drives, cpu and fans run fine rename it can t do anything to it I didn t put that folder there but something did I formatted the drive and use it strickly for storage now and have lived happily ever after until now I now have the same issue at a computer at work we are a small company and I know my way around computers fairly well so I m the resident computer guy making this my problem My problem is I don t have another drive to install to to fix this Is this my only option How can I get to a command prompt to see the drive with no video Has anyone ran into this problem before or is my suspicious video folded a coincidence I m thinkin not Also just for the record anyone wanna fill me in on the whole swappin a bootable HDD to a new MB Can it be done Thanx in advance to anyone who takes the time to post to this thread I need to fix this PC ASAP I have a piece of crap toshiba laptop running in it s place People aren t happy CHEERS E vo nbsp

A:No Video, No Error Beeps No nothin' @ Boot, but drives, cpu and fans run fine

E vo said:

I have seen a million other thread titles that resemble the one I just made. All have alot of people giving a million suggetions to fix it but there is never a posted solution. I have had this Video problem once before already.

My video started to get flaky. Then shortly after my pc rebooted a couple times by itself....still fine though. Then days later .......nothing.......just black screen. I tested the RAM, video card, power supply, everything I could possibly think of....still nothing. I was entirely convinced that my motherboard or cpu was shot, or the both, just like most of the people in these forums. I happened to snag a motherboard and cpu from work. i tried just pluggin the HDD into the board and goin to town, but as i suspected, no go. i've never really had the opportunity to try the HDD swap before because...well, i dunno, just never needed to. I've always reinstalled windows to a new drive and then just grabbed my info from the old drive. Booting from the drive though....I've always assumed and heard that it can't be done because of a few reasons. None of which I know.
Anyway, wasn't really concerned about the install as i wanted a newer, bigger SATA drive anyway. After I installed the SATA drive I went to get the info from my old drive and I noticed a folder called "video" on the root of my drive. I can't touch it, can't rename it, can't do anything to it. I didn't put that folder there, but something did. I formatted the drive and use it strickly for storage now and have lived happily ever after....until now!

I now have the same issue at a computer at work. we are a small company and I know my way around computers fairly well so I'm the resident computer guy...making this my problem. My problem is I don't have another drive to install to to fix this.

Is this my only option? How can I get to a command prompt to see the drive with no video? Has anyone ran into this problem before or is my suspicious video folded a coincidence? I'm thinkin not. Also, just for the record, anyone wanna fill me in on the whole swappin a bootable HDD to a new MB? Can it be done?
Thanx in advance to anyone who takes the time to post to this thread. I need to fix this PC ASAP. I have a piece of crap toshiba laptop running in it's place. People aren't happy.


~E vo~Click to expand...

What's that a desktop PC? Try this and see what happens? Unplug the power and remove the battery and if you have a jumper for the CMOS remove to the clear setting. The place back the batter and put the jumper back in the correct position. Turn it on... Still nothing?

Check the pins on the monitor cable see if they're not bent? Also check the connector for wires coming out at the edge.

Test another montior to your system. If that doesn't work, try a different video card. Disable all onboard Video if using AGP or PCI Video. If all else fails and you say PWS is good, Monitor, Video, RAM, CPU and etc. Then could be the MoBO. Try replacing that...

As to your last question, can you explan it more.. What's your doing?
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when i power up, it beeps 3x quickly, there's nothing on the screen, and then it beeps 1x and the HD light goes off.
i've checked and rechecked all cables and cards.
the gateway people suck

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I recently purchased a used Acer Aspire One netbook The netbook I opted for was the inch screen GB harddrive GB RAM version that come installed with Windows XP So the other night I get a virus on it continuous Freeze long and beep that makes it so I have to buy this company s spyware blocker or I can t even browse the internet Antivirus Live I believe it was So I followed a tutorial on bleepingcomputer to remove it I did this successfully But Freeze and long continuous beep then my computer started freezing up and then crashing while browsing the internet This was followed by a loud Freeze and long continuous beep beeping noise that continually played until I either hold the power button or yank the battery So I say screw it and freshly install Windows XP off the partition on the harddrive and the problem STILL happens I have no idea what is causing this but I think Antivirus Live should be liable Anyways any help would be appreciated I just got this thing and was loving it until this happened

A:Freeze and long continuous beep

Nobody...? Please help me!
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Lately my computer has been giving me one during continuous beep long play trouble It usually happens when I am playing a game online I havent noticed it during offline activities play This seems to only happen during the hot one long continuous beep during play summer Here is my problem About - minutes into a game my system will freeze and the system one long continuous beep during play will put out a long continuous high pitch noise beep I used one long continuous beep during play to think it was just because it was getting too hot inside the system but I now have windows open and extra fans blowing so that is not the problem Then I thought it was a video card problem but it would mean that it only malfunctions during the summer Now I think it has something to do with the power supply I read in a book that the long continuous POST error code meant a bad power supply and that I should exchange it Before I go to the trouble of buying a new one and putting it into the computer I was hoping that someone could give me some ideas as to why the system is doing this Here are the specs to my system Asus A A Motherboard AMD Athlon GHz CPU x MB PC DIMMs GB RAM GB Maxtor RPM HD C amp Windows GB Seagate RPM D amp Windows XP I use dual boot and always use Win XP Inno D Kyro II MB Video Card Soundblaster Live Platinum Sound Card x DVD-ROM CD-RW Samsung Disc Drive x CD-R Pacific Digital CD Burner Drive Linksys Network Adapter W Power Supply i think this is the problem i think i need a As I said before this only happens during the hot summer Putting the system aside and not using it until fall is not an option I think the power supply is the problem but I could be wrong Help would be appreciated Thanks Andy P S - I forgot to mention that this usually only happens during a warm boot After a cold boot in the morning I can play for like half an hour without trouble but then it starts giving me trouble If I need to restart for any reason after then it is a pain nbsp

A:one long continuous beep during play

It really does sound like a overheating problem. Are you using the Asus Probe software to give you an idea of its base running temp vs the temp after heave game play? If it goes up 10+ degrees, that would be another hint of heat problems. If you have had the system running for awhile, pick up a can of the compressed air and carefully clean out the dust on the CPU fan blades and all other fans in the system. Clean off dust on the video card and every thing else at the same time. Dust acts like a fur blanket and raises temp on all surfaces. As it builds up over time, fan efficiency declines. Try moving the computer away from a wall that may raidate heat and make sure all the internal cables are bent to allow the best circulation of air from the front of the case to over the cpu fan and to any rear case fan and the power supply exhaust fan. Remember that space is needed behind the tower to help move the heat away. I have a similar system Asus A7A266/AMD 1.33ghz/512 mb ddr, Cd-rom, Cd-RW, 2 WD hard drives dual booting Win98se/W2kpro with Creative Audigy Platium, Modem, and Nic card. That fills my mid tower case and lately in Michigan the temps have been in the 90s often. Unfortunately that computer is near a South facing wall that for kicks i put a thermometer up next to it and was amazed to see an area temp of 111 degrees near it. I use a Thermaltake MiniOrb which works great until it gets hot like lately. Fortunately, i just take of on side cover and put a small fan blowing across me and my computer. The asus probe shows an average running temp of 49-52 degrees going up after an hour or so of online gamming to about 58-60 degrees. I dont see any system degrading. Just to help the system, try also making sure other non esential apps are off when playing. If you change the power supply, it in itself will probably produce a little more heat, but it is being blown out and not into the system however again make sure the area around the case is conducive to air flow. I upped my power supply from a 300 watt to a 400 watt and it seemed to help as far as system performance when reading info from the hd and using things like the CD-rom and heavy graphics. Cant prove it by tests, but it seems better( just got to at least think my money was not wasted).You did not mention of you are overclocking, but in hot weather, setting it back some would be a real good way to lower temps. I did have trouble with the 2 sticks of DDR memory when i first built the system and it would lockup after 15-30 minutes of heavy graphics use such as a game. You might want to remove 1 stick of memory at a time to see if one of them are sensitive heat build up and fails under thouse conditions. The long beep usually indicates some problem with a hardware device like memory or such.
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Following instructions I opened and cleaned the interior electronics after it developed overheating problems that would result in it powering down. Following reassembly the computer will eventually restart but only after failing bootup at leastg two times. At initial startup or boot from hibernation the computer does not appear to reach boot source but emits a series of beeps, first 1 beep, then 3 beeps, another three beeps, and finally 1 beep. These are all about 1 second long and seperated by 1 second. Pressing and holding the start button again sometimes resuls in a full repeat of the above or the computer emits the series of 1single beats, 4 beats, one second long and one second seperation. Eventually pressing and holding he power button will evenually result in hearing the computer attempt to boot from the CD ROM (which is second on the list after the Internal HDD). Any help would be appreciated.

A:Satellite M105 bootup problem -- series of 1 second beeps

There is a very good explanation of "Beep Codes" here:-
Hope it helps.
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In a continuous word table, with many pages, I cannot force the very bottom row of a page to the beginning row of the next without having a problem.

A:Continuous Word Table (20+ pages long)

Hi lmm, welcome to TSG.

You can insert a page break before a table row without splitting the table. What version of Word are you using?
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Hi guys First of all I m new here I signed up to this forum because of an issue with my little brothers s PC I ve found some threads about the issue but I wasn t able to solve it with the given information So my PC start a continuous beep. long except wont't up for brother is just playing a game and all of a sudden his PC gives a long beep and starts rebooting Unfortunatly after this incident the pc won t start up at all it s just giving this never ending beep knowing that he has an Asus p n-mx MoBo and an Award BIOS I starten looking for answeres The error should indicate that there is an issue with the installed RAM So I removed it and replaced it with a spare strip But that didn t solve the problem So I took PC wont't start up except for a long continuous beep. out the Videocard and tried to use the onboard chipset to boot up Still got the continuous beep I removed all the RAM and tried to boot up The result of that the long beep and short beeps error code as repeating loop Now I am not sure if that is the indication for a not properly installed VGA card but it said so in the beep-code list Pc specs Asus p n-mx motherboard Award BIOS Intel duo core E Ghz Corsair MB DDR Mhz RAM x GB RPMWestern digital HDD ASUS EN GT MB VGA card Windows XP Home Edition It would be great if you guys could help out with this one nbsp

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Hello Lets start at the beginning with the system specifications before I replaced hardware Replaced RAM x gb ram sticks I don t have much more information than that but I can also say they were DDR Current RAM Komputerbay GB X GB DDR MHz PC PC DDR PIN DIMM Desktop Memory Replaced Video Card Again no name known but the details are as follows VRAM GB DDR Specifications DDR Video Adapter PCI-E Monitor Inputs HDMI DVI-I VGA Current Video Card GeForce GT SC Specs --- VRAM GB DDR Specifications DDR Video Adapter PCI-E x Replaced Power Supply DiabloTek DA Series W of course watts Current Power Supply Corsair CX watts Current Processor Pentium R 2 BSOD GBs gives RAM Installing (Long) extra of continuous Dual-Core CPU E GHz GHz HDD Specs --- GBs (Long) Installing 2 extra GBs of RAM gives continuous BSOD OS Windows x Alright lets begin About a month or two ago note I am a very heavy PC gamer I replaced my old video card with my current video card no problems occurred Later which is about a week ago I bought GBs more RAM and replaced the two GB ram sticks this brought me to GBs because I had have other GB RAM sticks still installed GBs is also the cap on this motherboard After booting up my PC and attempting to run DayZ my computer BSODs I assume the RAM is just warming up for whatever reason and try again It does it again and so on and so fourth I tried putting the RAM sticks in different orders the motherboard has RAM ports with one brand of GB ram on one side and the other on the other the RAM ports are separated by color with sets Ex blue port-black port blue port-black port To no avail Eventually after trying for so long my computer would just full up not start up power would get to the power supply and other components which was visible through casing but my external devices and monitor would not work assuming the boot process for the motherboard failed After a while of troubleshooting I couldn t find anything I switched the new RAM sticks back to their predecessors and it booted fine I called my MIT graduate grandfather and asked him to help me he decided the problem with most BSODs was either driver issues or power deprivation I thought on it and tried every possible solution to it without buying even more hardware Nothing worked I eventually gave up and stuck with my GBs of RAM Go back further about years ago I had a monster gaming computer capable of running Crysis ultra graphics and many other background programs at the same time The thing that kept me from that PC was the fact that it had been destroyed via corrosion for years I thought for a little bit and decided that I might as well try to pull the power supply from that computer which was salvageable only because of the excessive external shielding and put it in mine After doing this I tried inserting my new RAM sticks in again This time it boots but it still BSODs after trying to run DayZ Now this time I am a little suspicious because this power supply supported a GeForce GTX Ti Boost and GBs of RAM with countless other high grade hardware I triple check the drivers for my video card and I am up to date I replaced the GBs with the GBs again with the new power supply it worked the same as the last power supply did so I m not too worried about having to replace my new power supply again Also the new power supply connected to my motherboard with ease so I m not exactly thinking that the power supply is incompatible with the motherboard or components Although if that happens to be the case I am more than happy to accept it since now I know what the issue is Sorry that I made this so long but I figured that I should get out all the details so I wouldn t have to give an explanation later instead Definitely any support here would be insanely appreciated thanks in advance nbsp
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please help!!! fixing my computer I remove the cpu by mistake, and after I reinstalling computer won`t turn on.. so I got a new cpu now and after I reinstall it. now it does turn on but no screen and many long beeps... wat did i do wrong??? thanks...

A:help please!! long beeps over and over

What is the beep pattern?
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I have a HP compaq Presario V2000. I have 4 long beeps when I start it up. I replaced the CPU. Before replacing the CPU When I went to start it the start button would just flash on then go off. Now that I put in a new CPU when I go and start it the start button stays on fan starts gives me 4 long beeps. I have looked every where what 4 long longs beeps mean only find 4 short beeps. Thanks

A:OK I have 4 long beeps
Award Bios - used on HPs
Award BIOS 6.00PG/Asus P4T-E: 4 long beeps when turning on your system might indicate yout CPU fan is either damaged ot running to slow. Check your CPU fan. Clean or replace it with a new one.Click to expand...
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Doesnt make any sense. There was 2 sticks in this system. Pull out one stick of ram and replaced it with another. Pressed the power button, no beeps but nothing on the monitor. Pulled that stick back out and put back the original one. Pulled the second stick and replaced it with another, now as soon as you hit the power button, it instantly gives off 3 long beeps and thats it, nothing on the monitor

i have 5 sticks of ram sitting here, 3 of them i know 100% work, and no matter what dimm slot i stick it in (three total) or what order they go in, nothing. Just 3 long beeps and fans spinning

I cant see any damaged parts on the mobo, capacitors etc....argh

the agp video card was slighty hit, this wouldnt be a video card problem would it?


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running a intel motherboard d955xbk
i have taken out the memory, disconnected the hard drives, taken out the video card, but nothing seems to work
still trying to fix it without going out to buy anything...the screen shows nothing

the mother board has no vga
the gaming card has a dvi but i have a dvi to vga adapter not sure what to do...
any help?

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I have a Dell Dimension 2200. I plugged it in and got 3 long beeps. I googled this and got 3270 Keyboard Card. Can anyone tell me what that might mean? I have looked and am not finding what I need. Thanks!

A:3 long beeps

According to dell:
A failure occurred in the first 64 KB of memory.

They say to try reseating the memory:
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I have a Powerspec 9130, Windows XP system and I'm getting 3 long beeps on power-on. No video -- monitor locks up & must be unplugged & plugged back in, whereon it locks again. I'm assuming this could signify a bad video card (I think it's a NVIDIA 4.8.2), but was wondering if anyone knew for sure before I replace it.

All I can find in my BIOS code research is that three longs means keyboard, but I'm not even sure which BIOS code I would have.



A:Three Long Beeps

Have u checked with the Memory Beep code in the starting means that there could be memory problems also, check with that. how may memory u have in u r system, if there is two try booting with one memory.
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I think I must be cursing my PC booting 3 beeps long not - friend with computer problems as this is my second thread today I ve posted about a PC that will not boot the previous thread was about my other machine He gave me a call tonight saying his PC would not boot so I went to have a look at PC not booting - 3 long beeps it and try and help him determine what was going on He said the problem started when his computer crashed PC not booting - 3 long beeps suddenly on him so he turned it off When he tried to switch it back on again he got no output to the keyboard mouse or monitor So he switched the monitor cable from his graphics card slot to the onboard graphics slot still nothing he then tried removing one stick of RAM and still no go So he tried removing the keyboard which is a PS type keyboard and USB mouse and attached them all again Then suddenly the motherboard started beeping long beeps and keeps doing this until he turns it off Weve attempted to clear the CMOS using the jumper on the board and re-seated the battery and also switched the PS USB jumper which is PC not booting - 3 long beeps also on the board as with the motherboard manual instructions and also tried another RAM DIMM After doing this we booted up without anything attached except the power lead for the PSU and it powers on without beeping at all not even once We have even tried powering on without any ram attached and it still doesnt beep We are at a complete loss at what this could be The motherboard he has is a Asrock P VM Thanks in advance nbsp

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I was just browsing internet when my desktop pc totally crashed to black blank screen. Tried hitting restart nothing. Started beeping loudly long beeps with short gaps between, kept beeping until I pulled the plug.

I waited a couple of minutes and switched the power back on - still beeping. Left it half an hour it has now restarted OK. It tells me there was a serious error, here are the codes:

BCCode: 1000007f
BCP1: 00000008
BCP2: F78A0D70
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OSVer: 5_1_2600
SP: 3_0
Product 768_1

My system is running XP SP3
Foxconn P9657AA
Core 2 Duo E6400
2 x 512 Ram
256Mb Geforce 7600 GT
300Gb SATA Maxtor

Any ideas?


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any help please!
i did put an K7VM2 motherboard in pc,now when i try to boot,
i get 3 long beeps!
anybody has an idea?
thanks for help!

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I have a 23-Q120 all in one desktop,  whenever I try to turn it on it goes through a series of beeps, 3 short and 4 long, 5 times before starting to boot up. What is going on how do I fix this

A:3 long been 4 short beeps

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Hi guys,
I need some help with a computer I got from a friend.When the computer is turned on, it gives 3 beeps which are about 2 seconds long each.
I tryed the net but it didn't help me to pin-point the problem. THere is no video showing up in the moniter but the moniter works fine (tested).
I tryed replacing the video card with a GForce 4 series(AGP) but the problem still remains.
THe specs are:

768MB RAM (512+128+128)
80GB HDD (40+40)
DVD RW drive + CD RW drive
Intel Desktop Board D845WN + Intel Pentium 4 processor
320W TurboSupply Power supply
GForce 4 series (AGP)

Any help is appreciated !_!
Thank You!


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I have an msi 4 beeps, short long 2 motherboard which I think uses AMI BIOS code and I accidently changed a setting on the BIOS menu and then it restarted and gave me short beeps along with a message that flashed kinda fast saying something along the lines of quot please insert usb flash disk with bios file quot CHECKING FOR USB DEVICE quot DEVICE NOT Found quot Afterwards I removed anything in the USB slots and tried but still got the same message I then read that some people solved the issue 4 short beeps, 2 long by removing the power cord and waiting before removing the CMOS I waited minutes to insure that the extra charge dissipated then 4 short beeps, 2 long removed it I waiting for about minutes before reinstalling it and now I got short beeps a pause and then long beeps I also have no image on the monitor I tried looking into the beeps but I couldn t find a description of this code I could find info for short and info for long but I m not sure what this means either I am not over clocking either It WAS running windows Motherboard gm E - fx GPU MSI Radeon HD CPU AMD FX A single TB Western Digital black HDD Any help would be much appreciated to solving this nbsp

A:4 short beeps, 2 long

Try to used your onboard video card.. pull out your external video card...
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Hi One of my pc s recently acted up It was working fine for couple of years without problem and then I stopped using it for a few months now when I go back to it the motherboard just beeps continuously long beep According to the manual a continuous long beep might be due to bad ram but when I took out both ram sticks it had a beep but ok boots to long continuous Solved: windows system different kind of continuous beep I replaced the ram with a different stick and it made the continuous beep sound like the other ram The motherboard is gigabyte GA- I PL-G dual core cpu Bios is award When I had the hard drive plugged in even tho it made the loud continuous beep it booted to windows win k pro ok except that the graphics looks as if the video driver has not yet been installed I didnt want to potentially damage it so i turned off and I took out every component except for just the video card and ram What should I do next swap psu I have an antec true power Also what should the beep sound like if i were to take out the video card Please help Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: system continuous long beep but boots to windows ok

ok, i figured it out! it's kind of a duh thing! The fan in the front of the case, instead of being connected to the connector on the mobo (system fan), was connected to the normal molex connector because it didnt have the right end. And in the BIOS, the setting was to monitor the system fan; since there's no fan connected there, it was beeping to alarm me about it; disabling that works hahahah