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New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

Q: New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

Alright, so recently my stock cooler for my CPU has been getting really annoying. It seems to get really loud during gaming, with my CPU temps averaging around 43c.

So I decided to grab a new CPU cooler. Ive had my eyes on the

But now after a little of reading up on the cooler, I'm a little concern about size and effectiveness. Here's my case if anyone knows if it will definitely fit. armor gaming case

Also,id like to know if there are any other good CPU coolers out their along the same price range, that performs better.

-Thanks In advance

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Preferred Solution: New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New CPU cooler to replace AMD 965BE stock cooler

The V8 is still a very good cooler, and was top dog for its time. if you want the top performers now , you are going to pay another $30 for them. 50001444&IsNodeId=1&name=Thermalright, Inc.

I have the Silver Arrow (3 fan) cooling an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T @ 4.3Ghz and It's stellar.

Make sure you know the measurements of your case if you are getting a high end cooler.
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Hey guys,

I've got a brand new core 2 duo stock cooler from my old PC, and it seems much better than the stock cooler I got on my i5: cooper base, twice as much heat sink and pretty much the same fan. I was wondering if it would work better on the i5 than the tiny little I think I got along with it. Place your opinions, I'll test it this afternoon and post the results.

A:Solved: i5 stock cooler vs. 775 stock cooler

Eh, how embarrassing, the 775 cooler doesn't fit on the 1156 socket.
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im after something better then the stock cooler for my lga 775 Q9550, from the link below or or any sites please recommend one to me, price limit is $60 AUD

im looking for a good balance between noise and cooling, good cooling and not noisy.$60.00&rbSrchType=ALL&recMax=500&Page=1

thanks for the help.

A:Best cooler other than stock?

Are you planning to overclock?
Will your chassis accept a tower cooler based on a 120mm fan design ? (You will need approx 160mm of space between the motherboard and the side of the case)
From the Techbuy site these are good coolers:

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 would be the best performer.

If you limited to approx <130mm of space then this:

the 3R Systems Iceage 120 (especially the Boss II variant if within your price range), Thermalright Ultra-90, Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer (120 and 92mm fan versions) would also be good choices.

The Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 range are cheap but not a huge step up from the stock Intel cooler- ok if you plan on no (or mild) overclocking.

My second system runs a tower cooler (Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer- the 120mm version) on top of a Q9400 running at 3.6GHz ( 425 x 8, 1.25v in BIOS) 24/7 at 33-37 C idle, 45 C (approx) normal load, 47-52 C using OCCT torture test (Prime95 small/blend FFT). These are summer temps when the ambient (room) temp is 26-34 C.Most good coolers in a well ventilated chassis will give similar results.
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Playing around a bit with overclocking my E5200 today, since I read it does it easily.

So far, I'm up to 3.13 GHz w/ FSB of 250 MHz on the stock cooler, and I'm staying right around 100 degrees F (38 C) with no stability issues as of yet. I'm thinking I can get to at least 3.25 with the stock cooler and no issues, but I'm going to run it where it is for a while before I go any higher.

Anyone have any experience overclocking this CPU? I've heard of people getting it up to 4 GHz with aftermarket air cooling.

A:E5200 O/C (Stock Cooler)

3.25 is stable and cool, tempting to push it a little further.
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Im looking to add new thermal paste and replace the old one but not sure how to remove the stock cpu cooler.  The cpu cooler is called Cooler Master 644724-001.
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Guys, I'm about to purchase my new system components which i have spent months shopping around for.

I don't really ever plan on overclocking to be honest and would like a professional opinion on whether the stock CPU cooler that comes with the 95W GO stepping Q6600 processor would suffice for my mostly internet / desktop publishing activities?

And is the stock cooler noisy?

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I have an fx 6300 non black edition at stock clock speed of 3.5Ghz. Although i do know that aftermarket coolers are pretty cheap, Im getting 24 C idle with a stock cooler right now, making me feel as if I wouldn't need to buy another one. From basic research, many look down on stock cooling overclocks. Due to such low temperatures, I wanted to know if it was safe to to overclock to at least 4 GHZ currently?

IDLE 20-30 C
Gaming 40-50 C

GPU temps (just in case it affects anything)
Gaming 50-60 C


A:Overclocking with a stock cooler?

I'd ratchet things up slowly and see how it goes. It's not just temperatures you need to worry about, but voltages and clock multipliers, etc. Given various imperfections in manufacturing, sometimes one motherboard is able to handle any kind of overclock you throw at it, while another one of the same make and model will pitch a fit at even the slightest bit of overclocking. So move things up a little at a time, with some time to test in between each step up. Remember you're dealing with a highly sensitive bit of electronics that'll cost you a minimum of a couple hundred dollars (or convert to your local currency) to replace. Unless you've got money burning a hole in your pocket -- and if you do, allow me to tell you about the Alvin Svent Wellness Foundation, where all funds go to my general well-being and happiness -- to replace that CPU, maybe even motherboard, it doesn't pay to be impetuous.
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i am replacing a stock p4 cooler with a new one. Unforunatly, the cpu came out of the socket with the cooler when i removed it. I am wondering if anyone knows good tricks for getting it apart


A:seperate p4 from stock cooler

I hope you didn't twist it when you pulled it. Otherwise you may have some bent pins. So the fan housing is off and the CPU is stuck to the bottom of the heat sink. It's probably stuck more with suction than actually glued on there. I use a very gentle twist with the CPU still in the socket to break the bond. Try setting the heat sink down with the bottom and the processor facing up. Use a plastic credit card and just work it underneath on one corner carefully avoiding the pins. It should pop off. Make sure you are grounded when handling components. You will need to clean off what ever is stuck to the CPU and bottom of the heatsink. Some people use rubbing alcohol. I use denatured alcohol because it evaporates quick and leaves no moisture. When you have the CPU clean, then you are going to need to prepare the bottom contact surface of the new heatsink before applying a thermal paste. I use Arctic Alumina because I'm cheap , but Arctic Silver5 is what most people use. Here is a link on how to prepare your surfaces and apply the paste before you assemble it back on the mobo. Make sure you buy thermal paste and not epoxy. That's used for gluing heat sinks to NBchips
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Hi, i am going to build my own pc soon and plan on getting the AMD Athlon X4 760K CPU. I wanted to know if the stock cooler is any good? I am prepared to buy a new cooler if i need to. Sorry if im asking lots of questions over the next few weeks, i just need to know how to get it done right.

A:AMD Athlon Stock Cooler any good?

AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Deneb 3.7GHz with stock cooler on this rig with no issues. AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.6GHz with stock cooler on my other desktop, no issues there either.
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How much would i be able to overclock my Core 2 Duo processor with the stock cooler and without having the risk of the CPU damaging or frying? Would I be able to make it to 3.00GHz? Because I'd be happy with that

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I accidentally bought a 4770K without a cooler :/

But I have an unused 3770 stock cooler somewhere, would it be OK to use that?


A:Can the 3770 stock cooler be used on a 4770K?

I would say yes after reading the following. It seems the difference mentioned below is all in the backplate design. Since the stock cooler doesn't use a backplate, it is a non-issue.

Noctua Offers Free LGA 1150 Haswell Mounting Kit Upgrade for Older Heatsinks

Because the LGA 1150 socket keeps the same mounting hole spacing as the current LGA 1156 and LGA 1155 sockets, many newer Noctua cooler will not need the mounting kit upgrade, and can simply be installed into the Haswell machine as is. In other words, if the heatsink worked with your Lynnfield, Sandy Bridge, or Ivy Bridge-based system, it will work in a Haswell system as well.Click to expand...
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How much would i be able to overclock my E6750 Core 2 Duo processor with the stock cooler and without having the risk of the CPU damaging or frying? Would I be able to make it to 3.00GHz? Because I'd be happy with that

A:How mucn would i be able to overclock my CPU (with stock cooler?)

Taking it to 3GHz from 2.66 is a big jump in one hit. Also the amount of heat generated will depend on what you are running on the system (games are demanding, for example. Depending on the board, I would increase clock speed in small jumps and watch the temperature using something like Everest from - the system will usually become unstable before you do any damage to the chip. Still, that is not a cheap chip to be messing with.
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cooler is rather large with copper base and what looks like copper headers lol
downloaded cpuid hv monitor
cpu 85c
mainboard 33c
core 0 49c

core 1 51c

cpu vcore 1.57v

+12v 12.67

vbat 3.17

seems a little hot to me guys

shouldn't a higher performance fan like this do better

fans all working and running approx. 3600 rpms

your thoughts are most appreciated


A:AMD 6400+ running at 85c with a stock cooler

Try seeing what your bios is telling you about cpu temp. is this a stock cooler?
when was the last time you applied new thermal compound?
Have you recently moved the computer? any gap at all, even a .001" gap will heat things up
third, download a different temp program to verify that reading.
and is that reading under load , or idle?
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Hi, I'm using an Akasa K32 cooler on my 3770 and my max temps seems to be 95 degrees so I'm wondering if I would get better cooling with the stock cooler.

My idle temps are 47 degrees.


A:I7 3770 with stock cooler, what are your max temps?

You shouldnt go past 80C on a CPU, otherwise you are killing its lifespan. The Stock Cooler should be better for now. Get a Hyper 212 Evo for $35 if you want. It is very good.
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Hey all i have a stock intel cooler and want to overclock my cpu it is the G0 stepping model i was wondering what is a the maximum temps that would my cpu could handle for a 24/7 overclock?

A:Overclocking a Q6600 with stock cooler

You won't get far with just a stock cooler. I suggest you get a custom cooler, they don't cost you much, like the budget killing Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro or the OCZ Vendetta 2.

Its pretty risky overclocking with a stock cooler... max temps i would allow is 80 on full load.
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I am now entering a stage where I feel confident enough to over clock my pc( after much research).
I currently have a HP Intel core duo E6700 running at 2.66Ghz with 3gig of ram. I have a changed the power supply to 700 watt and dumped a XFX geforce 8800gt xxx apha dog to play with.
I haven't changed any of the fans as the cpu never get above 50 under load and the gpu never goes above 70.
The system is very stable but what I would like to know is what speed would people recommand ( I have seen them running at 3.5 and above) with the current cooling system or should I upgrade the cooling system? then over clock?

Any thoughts?

A:Overclocking E6700 with stock cooler?

Yes get an aftermarket CPU cooler. Keep in mind that you will have to clean off the old thermal paste and apply new clean thermal paste when you change the cooler. Overclocking is increased little by little until the computer won't start. Make note of the overclocking values and when the computer won't boot, use the last working setting after you reset the CMOS and get the computer booting once more
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Hi, I just bought a GB Windforce 770 4GB. It has an asic quality of 83.5%. How far have you guys taken this card on the stock cooler?

A:How far have you OC'ed your Gigabyte 770 Windforce 4GB on stock cooler?

According to this write up, you wouldn't get much more out of the card. They mention the card is already clocked near its maximum.

Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB Windforce 3X Benchmark and Review - Page 5 of 18

With our favorite overclocking tool MSI Afterburner we couldn?t get any where when it comes to overclocking. However, with EVGA Precision we managed to slightly bump up the voltage which enabled us to reach a stable 1280 MHz for GPU and 7484 MHz for memory which, we must state again is a very nice overclocking endeavor, especially if you take into a count that we were dealing with a cards voltage that has been locked in the BIOS. Now since the card was already overclocked to its maximum we knew we won?t get much out of it. +50 MHz (1280 MHz w/boost in total) and +233 MHz for memory making it 7484 MHz respectively is probably the maximum you can get from any GTX 770 unless your really really lucky.Click to expand...
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Hello I just installed a 'arkua' 788m-7n cpu cooler on my xp 2200+. I was concerned that the orig cpu cooler fan was malfunctioning. I was running CPU temps 52-55 under load. So I switched to the 'arkua' sink&fan combo, now I'm getting 35-38. No kidding ,- 20 degrees!! To you more experienced guys, Is this the norm??? I had a cheap aluminum Sink with fan that came with.. Anyhow just thought I would share my findings with y'all. Graiskye

A:Running stock amd xp cpu cooler??? Read this!

Yeah, could happen. My 2400 used to run at 55-60. A volcano11+ and AS5 dropped it to 38. Stuff happens.
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I have used the stock cooler on my Master vs. Hyper HSF stock Intel 48 Cooler j for some time now I ve had good results but the noise level is bit too much Now I have this very large and heavy copper HSF with a mm fan A Cooler Master Hyper I ran a test with my stock HSF I booted up at Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48 my GHz Vcore x and ran idle for awhile then at full load Stock Intel HSF I then Installed the Cooler Master I had to remove the motherboard to install a back plate than the HSF is screwed down too Then I ran the same test It comes with a replacement bracket for both socket and Athlon It will clamp down to the regular bracket but as Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48 heavy as it is the back plate is required Cooler Master Hyper After week The noise levels are lower with the Hyper but still much louder than a Arctic Cooling Freezer The Cooler Master s overall performance is a disappointment so far I hope that once the heat sink compound cures performance will increase over the Intel unit I may also replace the Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48 mm fan with a more quiet one The Hyper gets ZERO green bouncies nbsp

A:Intel stock HSF vs. Cooler Master Hyper 48

if you're looking for silence, you need to move up from air cooling

i prefer water cooling, but you can buy fan-less heat pipe coolers as well (they are huge though.. lol)
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I'm an Audio guy mostly other than Halo and Fallout I really don't play Cooler - 101 your Hardware VF-900 Upgrading (Zalman VGA used) Stock a lot of games I do however hate having GPU Hardware 101 - Upgrading your Stock VGA Cooler (Zalman VF-900 used) core temps bumping to - Celsius at Idle for no Reason except later learning that my fan was barely running and was about to die anyways so good timing I guess So I upgraded the stock fan and documented out of boredom and also in case it might help someone on here In this Lesson- I used a BFG-Tech Nvidia Ge-force GS OC And a Zalman VF- -Cu Air Cooler The Steps I lay out here are more or less interchangeable And apply to a lot of different cards and setups About the Card used BFG-Tech Nvidia GeForce GS OC Mb MHz vs MHz standard Dual MHz RAMDACs Mb GDDR MHz GB Sec Bandwidth Pros It's Fast even for only having Mb but it is GDDR which helps I've been running it hard for over and a half years now and It's showing no signs of slowing down now It's a Tank It's never given me a single Problem in under any circumstances despite the over heating worries i once had Cons It's Late to boot On the DVI out into an LG Flatron U It's display is a bit sluggish coming out of sleep mode although I think that it's more the monitor than anything else It Likes Power This isn't even really a Con it's actually decently efficient about it's Amp draw It's still a GPU and so therefore It still likes power About the Cooler installed Zalman VF- -Cu VGA Cooler Solid Copper Quiet Easy to install It really only took me about - minutes Comes with VGA RAM heat sinks which I like rather a lot Comes with manual speed controller that I didn't use but It later broke anyways Blue LED Ball bearing long life Silent operation Brushless fan which is Really Blue Pros See above Cons -The Springs on the Back nuts were annoying to assemble -The damn LEDs purely personal preference on this one -The Speed controller is a MUCH LOWER quality unit compared to the ones I have had for years and actually ended up breaking at one point later on when I was using it on another fan I'm still using the Original fan speed controller that I received when I bought my first Zalman CPU fan about years ago and it still works flawlessly -The Solder joints are exposed on the fan motor wiring and the solder job didn't exactly look amazing I'm being picky about the Cons because there really isn't a whole lot to pick on It really is a well built little unit More later Now to the Assembly Step On the Back of the VGA card Remove the mm Philips screws from the stock fan and heat sink assembly There Really is a Pretty big difference on the size quality and gauge of copper used here Old Vs New Sink and Fan Step Clean the GPU surface REALLY WELL with a damp rag moist with Technicians grade Isoprophol Alcohol and make sure the contact surface of the new cooler is also extremely clean Step ADDING THERMAL COMPOUND Use a Very SMALL AMOUNT of Thermal grease on the chips surface to Help bond the the Sink If you use too much It'll act as an insulator keeping heat in and negating the primary purpose of having the grease in the first place Thermal Grease does a few different things It helps Create a much more efficient thermal transfer between the chip and the copper sink It helps bond the sink to the chip as to not let it shift or rock loose in the event of a nut or screw loosening still helping the Thermal Transfer to be more efficient It acts as a vibration damper from the fan and other moving components around the chip and other parts on the PCB as to not cause any unnecessary wear or possible solder-joint breakage or separation due to fatigue related stress and mechanical component vibration Also I ONLY use Artic Silver or equivalent because of the metallic base I believe that It's a lot better than ceramic because it has a much lower heat capacaty and Ceramic as far as I've ever learned since I was a young kid is used as an insulator Am I missing something I d... Read more

A:Hardware 101 - Upgrading your Stock VGA Cooler (Zalman VF-900 used)

Nice job
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I had a problem with my PC turning off which occurred in Ubuntu and Windows I turned to the bios hardware monitor and found that heat ineffective fan/cooler suddenly I2500 stock was building up to degrees and then turning off The case was full of fluff and dust which I cleared out The stock fan cooler was loaded with the I2500 stock fan/cooler suddenly ineffective stuff No wonder it was overheating Now I cleaned off the old thermal grease with isopropol alcohol qtips and a glasses cleaning cloth I reapply a small amount of thermal grease I had a lot of trouble with one push pin on the cooler but got that running Each time I fit the cooler fan I use I2500 stock fan/cooler suddenly ineffective fresh grease after cleaning off the old gunk I found that the grease seems to be about right as applying it in a small blob in the middle of the CPU I found it covered the whole area of the cooler when I later took off the cooler as cooling isn t working The grease isn t leaking outside of the area of the heatsink so I guess my loading isn t excessive The grease is Arctic silver It may be a couple of years old Is that the problem The temperature still climbs up to about before shutting off I turn it off early now once I see the cooling isn t working Taking the other side of the case off I can see that all four push pins are correctly seated on the motherboard I check the CPU fan and it is working OK The other case fans are working but even they being off couldn t account for overheating like this Any ideas nbsp

A:I2500 stock fan/cooler suddenly ineffective

What are you getting for a reading on "Vcore"?

If the CPU voltage is too high, that would explain the heat up.

That's all I got ATM.

Is this thing overclocked at all?
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So I was buying ram for my next build (2 x4GB sticks DDR3 1600 high profile) and didn't consider the cpu cooler in worst case scenario I can buy another cooler but I just need to know if they will fit

A:stock intel cooler and high profile ram

The stock cooler generally doesn't block the RAM slots, the board would have been designed with the slots placed far enough away to fit the stock cooler.

For some larger coolers it matters what motherboard you use since the position of the slots can vary.
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Recently bought an Artic Cooling Freezer Pro Im not planning on doing any major overclocking just want a little headroom to up my Core i over the ghz mark On first installation the temps werent great I put that down to the pre-applied thermal paste So I cleaned it off and put on the Arctic Silver Im pretty pissed off to see that the temps are still near enough if not worse than stock cooling With the system running at stock settings the cpu is idling at degrees and minutes of Prime pushes it over the degree mark and climbing At this rate I havent a hope of overclocking the cpu past as it can t even cope with that Artic Cooling state on the box that the cooler should be able to get an overclocked i ghz down to degrees Any suggestions as to what the problem may be Im using a Coolermaster CM case with front rear and side case fans Even with the side panel off it only makes a difference of or degrees but the readings are still way over what they should be for a system running at stock speed nbsp

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Needless to say, having the stock fan going absolutely full bore while trying to play Mafia 2 is not fun! I have a Corsair 800D case, but I have not yet focused on the cooling part of things. I built it last week and both side panels are STILL off!

So, air, or water? Either way it will be from Corsair.

The A70 is on sale right now at a local store for $30, regular $65! It is either this or the H70 or H80.

What's the best way to go? My goal is QUIET, I want it to be as quiet as possible.

A:Stock cooler on 970BE driving me absolutely nuts

If you decide to go air, I just installed the Thermalright Silver arrow in my machine. It is the coolest and quietest air cooler available. (if you have the chassis for it.)
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Hi, I have an amd fx 8320 with an r9 280 with the stock cooler, it's at 3.5 ghz, no overclocking, and I was playing some Saints Row 4, I left HWMonitor on and when I came off (20 mins later or so), it said max temp 79?!?!?! During gameplay the fans are louder than a chainsaw... I was looking at getting some decent thermal paste and a 212 evo, but I dont know if that will help. The airflow in thecase is quite poor, but im going to try and work on it.. also, it went over 70 max temp when I was just playing football manager 2014 last night...

A:AMD FX-8320 stock cooler/heatsink - crazy rpm/temps

79 on what? CPU or GPU?
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Hello all new to this forum I bought a Cooler Master chipset cooler for my Asus P P -E Deluxe I was checking my GPU fan when I with Problem Master Cooler HOT! cooler RUNNING chipset touched the cooler and it was hot Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! I mean HOOOTTT like cant touch it for more than a second hot The fan is spinning the K revs it runs in but its super hot anyway I gave my stock Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! cooler away and this is what I have The MB temperature is normal c and cpu c fanless at idle I dont know where that MB sensor is located but the chipset must be over c at least Whats the best chipset cooler out there My MB has an Intel chipset i need an upgrade My Antec P provides great Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT! ventilation with mm fans case is sitting standing up like its meant to be and I was reading in another forum that some heatpipes dont like to be sideways could this be the case nbsp

A:Problem with Cooler Master chipset cooler RUNNING HOT!

chipsets have a higher heat tolerence than CPUs, 40c is a safe operating temp. also, temp sensors are not accurate, so you can't really go by the reading from it anyways. it's not unusual for software based sensor to be as much as 10c off the actual temp.

the cooler you bought should work fine. did you thoroughly clean the chipset and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol and then apply new thermal compound before mounting the cooler?
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know what CPU cooler this is? It is for the silverstone SUG SG07

link to youtube is:

At 1:20

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I upgraded my GPU recently and noticed that my CPU fan was making more noise than I remembered - sort of a droning noise nbsp I checked my CPU temps and discovered much CPU 8900 - XPS cooler upgrade cooler operation quieter and that at idle the CPU was hitting - C I decided to upgrade my cooling nbsp The XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation main limitation besides the fact that Dell has a non-standard CPU backplate setup is the somewhat narrow case on the XPS doesn t allow installation of most of the inexpensive high-performance coolers because they are too tall XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation by quot - quot nbsp Then I found the Cyrorig H which has three heat pipes a huge heatsink and mm fan all in a package that is quot only quot mm high - just short enough to fit in the case nbsp I installed it yesterday and it works GREAT nbsp Very happy with it initially at least I also swapped out the stock Sunon case fan for a Cooler Master Blade Master mm fan which is quieter but similar CFM specs Overall the computer is now quieter at load than it was at idle before nbsp And my CPU temps have dropped by degrees C nbsp Great upgrade nbsp I made a video on how I did it here and here are a couple of pics

A:XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation

Nice !
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Do you guys think that Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler will fit in a regular full tower case. Its not a branded/famous case, just a normal full tower with handle on top.

Thanks for your answers.

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Is it acceptable practice to reuse the "thick", white, thermal padding originally sinking a factory 7900GTX cooler when replacing the cooler? Some pieces have "reoriented" themselves.

If this practice is frowned upon, what is my best alternative? Thick Ceramique? You can't seem to buy the meshed white padding online. Thanks.

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I just got the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler today, easily installed and really good. Well better than stock cooler.

Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus review

The 1 fan which is mounted is intake.

If i were to install another fan to make it dual fan, would both be intake or would one be exhaust and intake etc. As in going with the push pull flow?????

A:Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler

Quote: Originally Posted by rmw020

I just got the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler today, easily installed and really good. Well better than stock cooler.

Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master - Leading Provider of Computer Case | Cooler | Power Supply

Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus review

The 1 fan which is mounted is intake.

If i were to install another fan to make it dual fan, would both be intake or would one be exhaust and intake etc. As in going with the push pull flow?????

I have the 212+ as well. You'd want one push and 1 pull. Also, make sure the 2nd fan moves the same amount of air as the 1st, or you'll create a bottleneck of sorts. But with 2 fans that have equal airflow, you will notice a drop in temps. But there will be more noise, unless you change both fans to a quiet fan like Noctua's. A Guy
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I recently started getting BSOD's when gaming. I thought my OC's had gone unstable for some reason, so I reseted bios to default settings.
However, that didn't help.

I ran Memtest and it passed with no errors.
I also ran Furmark and that didn't crash the computer.
Then I ran Prime95... Computer crashed within 5 minutes.

What the heck. Is my CPU faulty? It has always been very bad overclocker, but it was stable at 3.8GHz, CPU voltage 1.475v
My motherboard is Asus M4A785TD-M EVO.
It has worked several months with those settings.

I have noticed that if I had Cool and Quiet on, it would sometimes drop the cpu frequency to 800MHz even in load. I disabled it and no more drops.

Btw, yesterday after one of the first BSOD's the computer wouldn't POST at all - had to reboot two times to get it boot again.

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hey there,

im thinking of buying a new CPU cooler, as my CPU runs quite hot on full load (around 60 degrees C) and according to AMD max. is 62.

what would be a good one, keeping in mind i'd like to try to OC in the summer. my computer is on the top floor which is always very hot in the summers, that'd be a thing to keep in mind to when choosing

i've read about the scyte mugen 2, but im not sure if my case is big enough.

and how about mounting it? how hard is it? howmuch thermal paste do i need to put on the CPU? how do i clean off the old thermal paste?

thanks in advance


A:new CPU cooler

Quote: Originally Posted by dutchdarky

hey there,

im thinking of buying a new CPU cooler, as my CPU runs quite hot on full load (around 60 degrees C) and according to AMD max. is 62.

what would be a good one, keeping in mind i'd like to try to OC in the summer. my computer is on the top floor which is always very hot in the summers, that'd be a thing to keep in mind to when choosing

i've read about the scyte mugen 2, but im not sure if my case is big enough.

and how about mounting it? how hard is it? howmuch thermal paste do i need to put on the CPU? how do i clean off the old thermal paste?

thanks in advance


The default inexpensive choice is the Cooler Master Hyper 212, which sells for around 30 bucks. Well above average and cheaper than most. Large, but not enormous.

You clean off old thermal paste with isopropyl alcohol and clean cotton rags or q tips.

You don't need much new thermal paste. The standard paste recommendation is Arctic Silver 5. Apply it according to the instructions for your processor at You don't need much.

I know nothing about mounting on AMD, but mounting on Intel is a cruel joke designed by the Marquis de Sade and Alfred E. Newman (their only joint venture).
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Building a new rig with N-Force 680i LT SLI mob and need advice on cpu cooler. Been reading the reviews on NewEgg for various types and many describe problems with Zalman units along with others.
Has anyone had experience with a good cooler that will fit this board using all four ram slots?

Responses appreciated in advance.

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Hey all,

I have a Noctura CPU cooler installed at the moment. I 'd like to use this cooler again on another CPU, so I have to take it off and remount on new.

Question is what do I do with the old cement from the original installation? Do I need to remove it and how would you do that before remounting on new CPU?


A:Old cooler on new CPU

i would definitely remove the old stuff - i've used a cotton bud dipped in alcohol successfully in the past.

let it dry well, or give it a good rub with something sensible.

apply a thin layer of fresh thermal paste, et voil?...
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I plan on getting a new computer soon, and will buy the AMD 2500+ Processor. What I was wondering, is if i plan on overclocking it to 3200+, will the stock cooling be good enough, or should I get a different one. My case is going to have 6 case fans, and it's huge, so it will be well ventilated. I was thinking about this one, Is that even better, and is it even necessary. Or if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. And water cooling isn't really an option, it's too spendy for me, plus I doubt it's necessary.

A:CPU Cooler

You will definitely need a new fan if you are planning on going up to a 3200+, and the fan you linked to seems very good to me, and it suprisingly shouldn't be particularly noisy either at only 21dB.

Remeber to get some good quality thermal paste, such as artic silver.
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ok i was thinking about getting a new cpu cooler cause the on my cpu atm is loud and annoying atm i just have the standard fan and heatsink that came with my cpu amd athlon i was looking around and i found some that are cheap cause i dont really want to be spending that much maybe - australian i dunno if its even gonna be worth changing if im only going to be new cooler cpu payin that much so here are my links if some could tell me the best out of these and any other info advice would be good thanks http www coolpc new cpu cooler com au new cpu cooler catalog product info php products id http www megapc com au product details and order php select part indx http www nintek com au x scripts prodView asp idproduct http www nintek com au x scripts prodView asp idproduct http www nintek com au x scripts prodView asp idproduct http www coolpc com au catalog product info php products id http www scorptec com au product thanks again nbsp

A:new cpu cooler

Any one but the third one as its for a lga775 socket!!!!
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Hey lately i have currently been looking for a new cpu cooler considering that i still have the default stock cooler that came with the cpu and or case Which isn't really doing its job too well not cooling and extremely loud doesn't help that the computer is in the hottest room thats like a oven through out the day I would like to aim for something between - excluding postage costs preferably something cheaper thats half decent I was wondering if you could recommend a good cpu cooler for me I'll list all Cooler CPU New the main pieces of hardware in my case so you New CPU Cooler can have more information in as what i would be New CPU Cooler able to use what i New CPU Cooler have Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA XT-UD P PSU W HX Corsair Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD x CPU AMD Phenom II x Fans mm bottom fan x mm top exhaust x rear exhaust Case CM Thats the main components of my computer and also i live in Australia so i dont know if all the products that might be good for me will be available PS To save you having to read about it the motherboard is AM socket well thanks for help in advance

A:New CPU Cooler

You could look at the Cooler Master hyper 212
Arctic freezer 7
or the cooler master Hyper TX3
Those are in your price range and are fairly good if you don't OC much. Just to get you started. You may find better prices other places.
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Hi i need to get a new cpu cooler a.s.a.p ,but im not sure which one to gett.

I see there are ones where the fan points down rather than at the side of the pc case.
My case needs the cooler that points to the side as there are holes case.

But i cannot find any decent ones only down pointing ones .

My cpu is lga 775 and i use a matrix mobo ..gigabyte specs below !!

Could i use the cooolers with the fan point down or up ?

A:Cpu cooler set help

My best experience was with a ocz cooler that actually blew air out the back. This continued the flow from front to back and helped airflow in general as well as keeping the cpu cool up to a 15-20% overclock.

What I had was similar to this - CORSAIR CAFA70 120mm Dual-Fan CPU Cooler

Up or down airflow will actually just interrupt the over all flow through the case, at least that's my personal experience.
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Im running and intel i5 750 on a gigabye P55A UD3R motherboard with 4 GIG DDR3
and a gtx 275 GPU.

Ive been looking at thermeltakes coolers but cant make up my mind?

any suggestions?


A:what cpu cooler should i get?

You should get the cooler master hper 212+ best cooler for the money
Hyper 212 Plus - Cooler Master
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I have installed a Gigabyte GH-PDU22-SC CPU HSF unit on my computer. This is killer. In the 9 hours since I have had this installed, I have noticed my CPU temp drop by 12 degrees C. From 44C to 32C and this is before the arctic silver has had a chance to cure. I am looking forward to seeing if the 300 hour curing time makes it drop even lower. And the Fan at full speed of 2400 rpm is absolutely silent. It is a big unit so mounting in some cases and on some boards might be difficult. But I am impressed so far. This was not my first choice in coolers but I didnt have the funds for a Thermaltake Big Typhoon.
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what is the best socket 478 cpu cooler? i need help deciding which one to upgrade to.

Relevancy 70.95%

hi all. i have a barebone system and it's had some minor problems with the heat. i'm not 100% confident that it's the problem with the heat, but people tell me to replace my stock cooler anyway, so i'm hunting for a nice CPU cooling system for a P4 2.8GHz Northwood core CPU. if anyone has any good suggestions, feel free to shoot! in case it matters at all, my system is a MSI Mega 865 barebone system. thanks in advance everyone

postscript: thanks for the help brite!

A:Best cooler for P4 CPU?

I love my Thermaltake 7+ Xaser. But not the cheap goop that came with it.
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I'm looking to overclock my AMD 5000+ Black Edition and I was wondering what would be the best cooler for me to get? I can afford to spend about 25 and will probably be buying from Could anyone help me find a decent cooler? I just don't know much about coolers and am getting bogged down with all the info. I was looking at the OCZ Vanquisher which is on offer but I don't know if this will be much good for overclocking.

Any help would be appreciated because I just seem to be going round in circles


A:Which CPU Cooler? Click on cooling tab.
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I have a question about CPU cooling, I have an AMD 1.1 Thunderbird and I want to use the Thermaltake Mini Super ORB model # DUO 462-8 with a copper shim, but its says not to use the shim unless you are installing a Dragon Series ORB, can anyone tell me the differance between the two coolers, and why I cant use the shim on the Thunderbird chip.

BTW I looked at their site and I couldn't find anything telling me the differance between the 2 cooloers

Relevancy 70.95%

Im going to be upgrading from my basic Saphire stock cooling which consists of a fan with some copper around it and a small copper film on top. My card runs at an average of 69C and this just wont do any longer. I was wondering what will give me the best results? I need the site to allow paypal echecks as I dont have credit cards and refuse to wait for money orders to arrive. Thanks to anyone who can help me

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I'll soon be buying a 8800GT card and was wondering whats the best cooler for this card? If you can, please give me a link, thank you in advance.

A:Best VGA cooler?

You need to fill out your profile system specs area and your country so we know what site to direct you to.
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is the

Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler

or the

Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme Rev.2

for i7-920

A:CPU cooler

Both can be used with i7-920 .
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Q: Cooler

Monday after work I am going to grab one of these

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO RR-212E-20PK-R2 Continuous Direct Contact 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler Compatible with latest Intel 2011&#47;1366&#47;1155 and AMD FM1&#47;FM2&#47;AM3&#43; -

what do you think, have a better recommendation? I work about five miles fro Fry's so I will grab it instead of using newegg


I would consider a sealed water system !

Fry's steal then add two or four quality fans!
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Hi! I couldn't decide on which liquid CPU cooler to get so I decided to ask TenForums.

I want a good CPU cooler that liquid cools because those are better.

My max budget for a liquid CPU cooler is $70 so if you recommend one that isn't on this list, please reply it.

If possible, LEDs please.

Here is my Build: (I know there is no CPU cooler): Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 1070 8GB G1 Gaming, SPEC-ALPHA ATX Mid Tower - System Build - PCPartPicker

Here are the ones I'm thinking about:

Corsair H60 V1: Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (H60 (CW-9060007-WW)) - PCPartPicker

Corsair H60 V2: Corsair H60 74.4 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH60) - PCPartPicker

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120: ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 74.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (ACFRE00016A) - PCPartPicker

NZXT Kraken X31: NZXT Kraken X31 69.5 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (RL-KRX31-01) - PCPartPicker

Thank you in advance.
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Need a cooler that's going to fit easily on the motherboard, and work well, enough to overclock and obviously not too loud. Is posting the case necessary?

A:Need cooler for CPU

Without knowing the type of CPU its impossible to know what heatsink / cooler would work.
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Hi all I have my computer specs filled in for reference What I would like to do is replace the stock Intel CPU cooler that came installed with my i K I monitor my CPU temps with Core Temp running on the taskbar and lately I have been noticing that my CPU temps CPU cooler my New for PC have been running hotter than they were just a few weeks ago I clean the dust from my computer on a regular basis and at the moment I don't see any problem there when I New CPU cooler for my PC checked it It might be that I need to redo the thermal paste on the CPU cooler but thought that since I would need to remove the cooler to do that I might as well bite the bullet and get a better after market cooler I do not run games on this computer nor do I have the CPU overclocked So I guess what I would like is some recommendations on a new CPU cooler My case is the Coolermaster Haf X full tower so I have plenty of space Thanks a lot LittleJay

A:New CPU cooler for my PC

Coolermasters Hyper212 would be perfect, it's cheap, and it does what it is supposed to.
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Ive been watching it from its preview state... it was just released. Tell me what ya think about it.

Heres the old cooler...

And here is the new...


A:What do you think of my new cooler?

Its not a power consumer at all... Its just got the one fan attached to the top. And no its not loud either. Its quieter than the zalman that was on there before.
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Hi Guys,

My processor fan is making some strange sounds when I initially boot the machine. Do you think it is about to die?

If so how do I go about finding a replacement that will definatly fit correctly. The sticker on the fan reads "A65061-001 Intel Sanyo Denki" but i cannot find this anywhere?


A:CPU Cooler?

Your cpu is probably a 478 pin type, you will have to verify this when you buy a cpu fan. Your socket or where the cpu is plugged into on your motherboard is what the fan mounts to, to look for a fan you just look under Socket 478 cpu heat sink fan at your favorite computer parts site.
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My GPU is GAINWARD GeForce 9500 GT, it doesnt have a cooler, just heatsink. Temp is about 50C when idle, and 55-60C in games. So i though that it might be a good idea to see if i can add a cooler on this gpu beacuse i want to overclock it.

A:GPU Cooler

you can get a 80mm fan to put on the heatsink with zip ties, this would be the cheapest. or you could get this ZALMAN VF900 ? CU 2 Ball VGA Cooler
Relevancy 70.95%

Hey lately i have currently New CPU Cooler been looking for a new cpu cooler considering New CPU Cooler that i still have the default stock cooler that came with the cpu and or case Which isn t really doing its job too well not cooling and extremely loud doesn t help that New CPU Cooler the computer is in the hottest room thats like a oven through out the day I would like to aim for something between - excluding postage costs preferably something cheaper thats half decent I was wondering if you could recommend a good cpu cooler for me I ll list all the main pieces of hardware in my case so you can have more information in as what i would be able to use what i have Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA XT-UD P PSU W HX Corsair Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD x CPU AMD Phenom II x Fans mm bottom fan x mm top exhaust x rear exhaust Case CM Thats the main components of my computer and also i live in Australia so i dont know if all the products that might be good for me will be available PS To save you having to read about it the motherboard is AM socket well thanks for help in advance nbsp

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Which cpu cooler would you recommend, parameters are quality, reliability and quiet.
I have an Asus P5W DH Del with an E6400 Core 2 Duo. It has the stock Intel cooler.
I am not o/c at the moment (if I did it would be minimal).
The cpu runs cool.
However, this stock cooler is more noisy than I would like so I am considering this upgrade.
Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.

A:Which CPU cooler to use??

If you just want it to be quieter, I would enable the smart fan feature; check your mb manual for how to enable / disable this feature.

FWIW I use an asus VR cooler on a Pentium D 940 and it works very well. Quite as well.
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Hi all whent to frys had a v6 gt cooler instaled got the comp home pluged it up and it was idl at 41 c same as stock fan , did a stress test temps shot upto 80c fast ,called frys they say it just need to breakin so I let it idl for 15min at 41c .did the test agen same thing 80c stoped the test fast so i took the v6 gt off and saw they did not take off the clear sticker , so i was pissed off so i cleand it off and put as5 on it. my ? is now it idls around 38 to 40c and stress test it hits 55c should it be better or is that good haf912 2x200mm fans and 2x140mm fans in case i7 950

A:V6 gt cooler

You're good to go with those temps.
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I'm looking for a completely silent CPU cooler, and I have already checked some options from thermaltake and thermalright with huge fanless heatsinks. The problem is that those seem too large to fit inside the case, and the pictures taken only show them on a motherboard outside of any case.
1) Do you know of such a fanless heatsink that can fit onto the case, and maybe even extend outside of it?
2) Can such a fanless heatsink support a quad core CPU (With case fans of course, particularly 2 120mm fans)?
Relevancy 70.95%

I want to get a new cooler for my Radeon 9800 series and I just wanna be 100% sure that the cooler I found will be compatable with my card, if you see what I mean. So the link to the cooler is below, could someone tell me if it's gonna work? I wouldn't wanna be wasting money lol...Thanks

Oh and if you know, is that cooler any good? If u can reccomend a better one that I can get in England then sure ill get that instead.....

A:Is this the right VGA Cooler for me?

That cooler should work, however it is going to be somewhat loud. Has the stock cooler failed?

Unless you are trying to overclock your card, I always recommend using the stock cooler with an ati card.

If you do not mind the noise, the cooler you selected will work fine. Make sure you clean off the old thermal paste before you apply your new paste and cooler.
Relevancy 70.95%

I am not overclocking my i7 but was wondering if anyone knows the best cooler that will fit with a gigabyte EX58UD4P with an i7 and in a Antec 900 case. I have two 3870X2's crossfired and the extra fan on the case side. I am running Rivatuner as the fan control on the ATI cat does not work for the 3870's. It never gets hot but I thought I might want to push it some and see what I can do. Yes, It has the stock Fan for the i7. LOL

A:CPU Cooler

here are some universal coolers

Micro Center - Extreme Spirit II Universal Northbridge Chipset Copper Heatpipe Cooler

Micro Center - G Power Lite Universal Heat Sink

Micro Center - 92mm 3-Heat Pipe Universal CPU Cooler

Micro Center - CNPS7500-AlCu LED Universal CPU Cooler - i use this one overclocked and my temps never go above 38c

there are two stores in cali or you can order online.
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Q: Cooler

Has anybody used this cooler (Coolermaster N520)?
Hyper N520 - Cooler Master


Here's a link to the reviews on newegg, a surprising amount of which are good I might add: Customer Reviews Of COOLER MASTER Intel Core i7 compatible Hyper N 520 RR-920-N520-GP 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler
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For the most part my CPU run pretty cool but with a couple of apps Hulu Desktop is the only one that comes to mind at the moment it revs the CPU to nearly when in full screen If I just have a small window showing it drops drastically but when at the high end the CPU temperature gets closer to the limit than I'm comfortable with This has me thinking about an aftermarket cooler but I've never used anything except the AMD OEM cooler I don't want to spend a lot but haven't set a budget for it yet Also I noticed a used set of components on eBay a while back that included a Cooler Master cooler than used an internal water system along with a fan that Cooler CPU looked a little like an overgrown OEM cooler except that it was designed so that the airflow went from front to back rather than vertically It seemed that this would work well with the overall airflow patterns of CPU Cooler the case The bottomline is how much would I have to spend for a cooler that would make a significant difference in temperature I really don't like the idea of water cooling except as I described CPU Cooler above Along with a price some specific recommendations would help

A:CPU Cooler

Two inexpensive ones I have tried are the CoolerMaster TX-3 and Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7

I'm not sure if they're compatible with your setup, but they will both do a good job if you use some good thermal paste and apply it right.

Do a search on your favorite retailer's site and see if they are compatible with your system and good luck. It a good inexpensive upgrade.
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Hi all!

I am going to buy a new computer, and I basically have everything now. Except for my CPU cooler. I will be using it on a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, on a Asus Crosshair IV Formula motherboard. I am not planning to be pushing extreme limits, around 4GHz I guess. My budget is about $60-$70 or 40-50 euros.

I heard that the Prolimatech Megahelm was really good with a Push-Pull confguration. So that would mean that I should get 2 seperate fans. Does anyone know some good ones? I'd prefer them to be under 10 dollars or 7 euros. I just found these two: and Both have really good reviews, but one has a sleeve bearing type and one a 2 ball bearing type. Is there a big difference? Are these good fans?

A:Need help on CPU cooler

If those are the options,go with the ball bearings. Stay away from the sleeve bearings, especially on the HS cooling your CPU. They have a decidedly shorter life span, and in some cases can 'go out' rather quickly.
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I'm planning to upgrade my motherboard and CPU to a Gigabyte CPU - help cooler Some GA-EP -UD R rev and Intel Some help - CPU cooler Core Quad Q respectively in the next few days I am planning to buy a Thermalright Ultra- eXtreme CPU cooler because the stock Intel cooler just doesn't cut it in our Indian summers I'm hearing very good things about this particular CPU cooler and need to know whether it will fit on the motherboard I know this is probably Some help - CPU cooler nothing to do with the trend of this board except that I do run Windows and plan to do so for the conceivable future or until the next version of Windows arrives whichever is earlier If any of you people here are running this combo or know someone who does could you please let me know what the experience has been like Quick replies greatly appreciated as I need to get the payment part done tomorrow so I can have the parts in hand for the weekend Mods please move this thread to the appropriate forum if necessary Thanks in advance NPP

A:Some help - CPU cooler

Don't have the MB, but looking at its image in Newegg, it looks like it should. I would also make sure there's enough clearance in your case. I know mine almost didn't fit, if not for the fact the side panels are recessed.
Relevancy 70.95%

i want to replace the stock cooler on my amd quad core cpu but every one i keep looking at means me taking the mother board out to put a plate under the board

i would like one where i take mine of and put another one straight on but keep the orignal clip design on the board any ideas

thank you

A:cpu cooler

If AM2 coolers are compatible with AM2+ socket (think they are), then look at Zalman 9500 or 9700 coolers (9700 would be better for a quad core Phenom). They just use the retention clip design without having to put a backing plate on.

I used the 9500 cooler on my Athlon x2 and it kept it nice and cool, and using the 9700 on my E8200 atm, and it's running great.

I have to say, the best thing about AM2 sockets is the very easy installation of coolers on it.
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Hey I was looking at the Intel QX and wanted to overclock it to about GHz cause I know of someone who did on Air Cooling and I know it s possible most likely with all these fans but I want to know the best one I was wanting to know what would be the best cooler out there that would keep it cool on idle and on Need CPU on Cooler Help extreme load playing Need Help on CPU Cooler Crysis and a billion other scanners and stuff running at the same time pretty much while screaming Need Help on CPU Cooler I saw a few coolers that looked good which do you think would be best or do you know of another that s even better Thanks Everyone Also this would all be in the Cooler Master Cosmo S Case on a EVGA i Ultra FTW Edition Motherboard and the size of the CPU Cooler isn t a problem so don t base your opinion on that I just want to know what will give the best cooling ZEROtherm Nirvana NV http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Cooler Master Hyper http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Ultra ChillTec Thermal Electric Cooler Worried about Condensation cause the way it cools http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Thermaltake V http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Thermaltake DuOrb http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId nbsp
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So I'm doing another big rig build. I have my Intel i7 processor on the board and a honkin' big cooling fan and fins to help it run cool. But now my memory won't fit.

My plan now is to use the cooling fan and heat sink that came with the processor. It's considerably smaller but it was included with the processor. I usually go big with the CPU cooling but it seems to me that if Intel put the fan in the package, they are satisfied that it will do the job.

The case has lots of space and HUGE fans itself so, I'll go this route until I find a suitable replacement. Or maybe this can work indefinitely. Any thoughts?

A:CPU cooler big enough?

As long as you do not overclock the processor, the stock intel fan does fine.

With some of the large hsf, you have to do some engineering to get it to fit. I had to grid some material off of the bottom of a coolermaster 212 to get the memory to fit. Another option is to use low profile memory like this;
Relevancy 70.95%

Hi Guys, just changed my desktop case to a new opera media case, but now the CPU fan seels very loud, can anyone recommend a new silent fan, I am running windows 7, on a ASRock 4 core sata2 motherboard, with pentium quad 4 processor, thanks

A:Cpu cooler

I have the older ver of this cooler and it is almost silent unless stressing the system; then you can hear it.
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Hey I m planning OC Which cooler ? for on over clocking my E as I feel it is bottlenecking my system at the minute I ve had it for a while and I m beginning to see it slowing So for the time being I m planning to over clock it to tie me over till I can afford a Sandy bridge model Which cooler for OC ? MB DDR I m looking for a GHZ - GHZ over clock really however if I have poor chip will do lol I need some advice on what cooler to buy I ve been having a look around and the which stand out for value as well as OK performance is the Cooler Master Hyper plus and the Arctic cooler pro rev They are both fairly cheap which is what i wanted Of course different sites say different things I have read a lot of good things about both but recently read a review from toms hardware and the Hyper was apparently brilliant for its price and still good for enthusiasts while the AC pro lacked behind for bigger over clocks I wanted to know your opinions and gather your advice Any thoughts are much appreciated Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 70.95%

Hey, soon i wanted to overclock my Amd athlon ii x4 640 so i wanted to ask for some suitable cpu coolers which are quite cheap and also effective, i wanted to look at around 15 - 25 pound? is there any that you would suggest?

Thanks in advance.

Relevancy 70.95%

I'm buying a new heatsink for my PC (currently i have the stock Intel heatsink and well yeah its just getting too hot). I'm hoping to go for an AIO water cooler and was going to go for the Corsair H110iGTX however my case is the Zalman Z11 Plus Mid tower case with an Asus Sabertooth Z97 motherboard and this means that there is very little room between the top of the motherboard and the case. (preferably i dont want to remove the fins on top of the case as they're half the aesthetics)

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with fitting 240/280mm rads in a Z11 Plus or if not then if anyone has any experience with a Corsair H80iGT which would be my alternative.


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Just a quick question:
Does the Scythe Mini Ninja Heatpipe CPU cooler work with Socket AM3 processors? It only states AM2 in the description but I've heard somewhere it works with socket AM3 processors, it would be going on an AMD phenom II x2 3.2ghz black edition processor. I've got a small case so I need this coolers size, unless you can suggest any other small cpu coolers (preferably under 130mm in height) for AM3 sockets.

Many thanks, Alex

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I am thinking about doing an overclock on my build

CPU/GPU AMD A83870K APU with Radeon 6550HD GPU

CPU Cooler Stock AMD Cooler

Mobo Gigabyte GA-A75M-D2H (Bios F5)

Memory G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

PSU OCZ ModXstream Pro 700W

Anyways I am almost certain that a Stock cooler will not work for Overclocking and was looking for some good suggestions for an after market cooler. I have one in mind but was just looking for some other opinions on weather the one I am looking at is a good choice or not. I am looking at the Cooler Master Hyper TX3
Also too I understand that every situation is different but has anyone on here overclocked an APU build or even a 3870K and did you see any noticeable results.


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Ive got myself a graphics card, but i require a cooler for it as it doesnt have one currently.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding what i should get.

the card is an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX OC 768MB.
(importantly i dont want to accidently buy one that doesnt fit the card)



A:GPU cooler

You could use something like this one.

Or This
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hi everyone whats the general opinion of ram coolers? im thinking of them if they are worthwhile i have seen this one thats on offer Corsair CMXAF1 Dominator Memory Fan Cooler

A:Ram fan cooler


I see that you are using DDR2 RAM, this could get hotter than DDR3 RAM because of the higher voltage used. If you want to overclock your RAM it is always better to use a RAM cooler to protect the RAM and may be helping in getting a higher overclock stable. Extra cooling is always better and a RAM cooler will cool the RAM and the surrounding components. They are not that expensive but can sometimes be a bit noisy because of the small fans and high RPM. I'm using the OCZ XTC cooler and it has a high/low switch and when set on low it is almost inaudible.

Relevancy 70.95%

I have an old Sunbeam Core Contact 92mm CPU cooler that fits these sockets; Socket 754 / 939 / 940 / AM2 / AM2+ / LGA 775 I have a friend that has a Gigabyte mobo (GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0) that supports sockets AM3/AM3+ and I want to give him this CPU cooler. Will this CPU cooler work even though the specs only list's the AM2/AM2+ sockets? I don't have the mobo in front of me or I sure would attempt it....just wondering if anybody knows or has tried this?
Relevancy 70.95%

Hey guys I'm looking to replace the heat sink / fan on my Geforce 9600 GSO. At full load it is borderline 80 degrees C. I was looking at some coolers on Newegg and some of these ones make me wonder if it will work.

This one from zalman
on their site says it fits a 9800gt, gtx, 9500gt and such. But nothing for a 9600 GSO listed. I wonder if the bolt patterns are the same as the 9800s and 9500s since they are very similar in design. Any GPU Gurus out there that can give a little more insight. I tried emailing Zalman but that was a complete flop as expected.

A:Will this VGA cooler fit?
Relevancy 70.95%

Hi does anyone know of any good cpu coolers i can use for my Phenom X4 which i do not need to move my mobo and connect it etc?

A:Cpu cooler

I used this Zalman unit till I went with the H50.
Zalman CNPS9900LED CPU Cooler - Socket 1366, 775, 754, AM3, AM2, AM2+, 940, 939 at TigerDirect
The Zalman doesn't require a back plate but they provide on if you want. The fins are seriously sharp and installing this sucker is a trick but it cooled well !
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i purchased this cpu cooler and it came yesterday. i installed it on my new rig (witch is yet to be completed ...still waiting on video card and psu) and ran into a question about it.

it has a seperate fan speed control that i can either use in a 3.5" floppy drive bay or a pci bay in the rear.

my question is, do i have to use this control? or can i just let me mobo tell it how fast to spin the fan?

in the instructions, it says to disable the mobo function in bios while using the extra control that came with the cooler, but it doesnt say i have to use it or if it is optional.

any advice on this matter i would love.
thanks in advance.

A:Question about my new cpu cooler

The control knob is optional. You can plug the fan directly into your motherboard, and have it control the fan.
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Based on the title above during my startup at the bios, i got the message. Infact, all cooler in my desktop are running. Anythings wrong?

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Hello people,I am new here. My name is Alexander.

I have one question about my lap top from title. I want to know did my lap top have cooler fan or he have passive cooling? This is important to me because I can not find anywhere this information on internet. Sometime he raised the temperature of CPU.. and I want to know is this some cooler fan factory mistake or need to provide additional cooling. Lap top is new,old only 3 months.

Greeting from Monte*****.

A:Satellite L50-B-1VR Cooler fan

Some models have no fan.
If you hear no fan noise when pushing the CPU to the maximum, and the notebook doesn't shut off, the notebook is a fanless model.
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Hi, everyone. i got a acer aspire r11 and im planning to get a laptop cooler, but the whole laptop was totally has a enclosure. no fan grills or something. so what do you suggest guys?

A:do i need a laptop cooler?

i tested a R14 and honestly the default cooling fan was perfect and silent, never had high temperature feelings, so not worth in my opinion.
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My heatsink just really sucked, so I bought a new one. I took off the old processor and replaced it with the new one. When i turned the computer back on the computer would just power down, althought power light still stayed on. Did I miss a step in the replacement process?? Should I have cleaned the old themal stuff off and then replace it? Is it not turning on because it has no contact?

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Replacing Old CPU Cooler??

Yes, you need to completely clean off the old thermal paste/pad and apply the new stuff. If you didn't then the heat is likely not dissipating into the heatsink, and your CPU is overheating. Most motherboards will automatically turn off when the CPU gets too hot to avoid damaging things.
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I have TbredB [email protected] and Spire WhisperRock II cooler. At summer time it's temp. raises at cca 58C so I was wondering if there's any new cooler which would keep temp at max 55C, but that cooler must not exceed 20$. Cause I plan to do more OC of CPU in near future, it would be nice that cooler could keep 55C at least at 2100mhz and all the time that it's noise wold be lover than 30db :grinthumb

A:Help me buy new cooler for TbredB!

Do you have case fans? it may jus be the "Hot" air is just sticking around inside your case,,try to bring "Ambiant" temps down,,your CPU temps will follow. other than that,i would go Thermal Take Silent boost or, one of the volcano's, i have also heard the Zelmans work well.

Good luck.
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I have a quiet startech fan+heatsink combo for my pc building project. To cut a long story short, the heatsink fell onto my floor. A small piece from the silver plastic on top snapped off, however I cannot see any damage done to the fan. Should I try using this? Or booting up the computer with the side off? Here is the link to it:
I am one annoyed guy right now.
P.S I will try to upload a picture if my camera decides to work.

A:Damaged 775 Cooler

If by "top" you mean part of the fan shroud, as long as the structural integrity of the whole shroud isn't compromised, it should be okay.
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I have a AthonXP System that I put together and it s Cooler and Getting Quieter PC My not too hot or too loud but still I d like to get it as cool and quiet as possible I have a fan in the front pulling air in with some cloth to filter dust and one on the back blowing air out plus ovbiously the CPU fan and the power supply fan The CPU Getting My PC Cooler and Quieter runs around or C most of the time and the system temp is usually around or In addition to those fans there are some vents in the side panels on both sides of the case So my theory is if I take some foam rubber the spongey type stuff and put a inch or so layer inside each side panel big enough to cover the whole area of each side and cover up those side vents in the process it may make the machine a little more quiet and maybe a little cooler at the same time because it wont allow any air in those side vents and it will force a faster and maybe cleaner flow of air through the system This sound like a good idea or just a waste of time nbsp

A:Getting My PC Cooler and Quieter

Did the CPU and box come as a set or did you purchess them seperate??? The CPU usally runs hot and I personally would not Cover any of the vents up. With one fan in the front and one in the back and everything else closed up you might actually cause the system to heat up more. The ventilation is there for a reason. Just my 2 cents.
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I just bought an Albatron Trinity card on Ebay cheap. The owner said it never worked right an now I know why. It has a huge HSF thats so badly designed that it barely makes contact with the VPU. It also extends over the RAM but doesnt make contact with it. The card runs very hot and the fan is the loudest Ive ever heard. I think I can blow dry my hair with it.
I wanted a VGA Silencer but it looks like they dont have one for an AGP card, only PCIx. Thanks

A:Need a cooler for 6600GT.

Maybe one like this then?
A little pricey, but I think it'd work.
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ok.... so whats the best cooler for the Phenom II?

A:Best cooler for Phenom II

Any type of cooler that has more than 4 heatpipes and dual fans installed on the sides. Aluminum structure and aluminum base. Copper composites the heat faster but not dissinpation. It is thicker in density than aluminum, platinum & titanium while all of these metals are light in nature thus I can't see how copper is better. I don't remember characteristics of each metal from chemistry class but I'm certain about the dissinpation.
We're all equally different with opinions, some suit for flashy looks, some pick for a decent price & some buy for the quality of the product.
There is a large variety of cpu heatsinks on the market. Just need to research & decide which suits your motherboard the most to it's potential.
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Is 7 susposed to be cooler than XP?
Windows 7 CPU runs about 10-15 degrees C hotter than XP. I have a M2A-VM ASUS motherboard. When I ran Win 7 RC for quite a while it seemed cooler. It has quite and cool AMD technology!

how can i make the cpu cooler?

A:Is 7 susposed to be cooler than XP?

What runs hotter? The video card? The CPU? The Chipset? Hard drives?