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ie7 cookie location

Q: ie7 cookie location

My work computer got upgraded from IE6.1 to IE7. I can't find where the cookies are kept now. Tried 3 things with no luck:
1. from IE 7 menu: tools-internet options-settings-view files and it goes to the same dir as IE6.1
2. from Windows Explorer: right clicked on the local settings directory, gone to properties-general-and unchecked hidden
3. wrote a cookie and then searched for it by name

I am sure cookie values are being used and that new ones are being made.

1. Where are they on IE7 ?
2. How do I get to them ?
3. Are they not being written to the disk and just in memory ?

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Preferred Solution: ie7 cookie location

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ie7 cookie location

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I built my first computer yesterday and purchased an SSD and a 1TB hard drive. I installed windows 8 on the ssd and I want to have all future installs and whatnot go automatically to my larger drive. However, at the moment my ssd is my (C drive and everything gets installed there. yes I know I get the option of where I want to install things but that gets annoying!

So, how do I make my second (larger) hard drive the place where everything is installed there automatically?

A:How do i make my second hard drive the default storage location?

Here you go.
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I have a Dell Optiplex in same Two drives location L with XP OS Two drives in same location and a GB PATA hard drive I have purchased a WD TB SATA hard drive and connected it to the SATA port on the motherboard When I look at the BIOS the SATA drive appears and the Primary Master PATA also appears My OS is on the PATA drive and I boot Windows there as the SATA has nothing on it yet I can run Plug Two drives in same location n Play and it will find the SATA drive I look in the Device Manager and it shows the SATA drive however when I look at the properties for each drive it reveals they have the same location and both are working properly When I look at quot My Computer quot only the C is showing and when I click on Properties and then Hardware both HDs appear When I go to Disk Management again only the C drive appears for HDs and it reports quot Healthy quot Again clicking on the Properties shows both drives I have rebooted uninstalled the new HD changed the drive letter for the CD all of these things have yet to resolve the problem I do not see any place to import the drive onto Disk Management nor is there any way to format the disk and put the OS on it since it does not show up anywhere I think I need to be able to change the location of the drive from but cannot find a way to do that nbsp

A:Two drives in same location

The new drive needs to be initialized and formatted. See if you can download a drive install program from the new drives support website
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My dad's Dell Studio 1537 laptop hanged during a bios update, so the bios chip is fried. I want to desolder the chip and replace it with a preprogrammed new bios chip, but I'm not able to indentify or locate which EEPROM is the bios chip.

Anyone with tips how to identify the right chip?

A:Dell Studio 1537 BIOS chip number or location

I got a reply from the website that sells the chips and they identified the right chip for me based on a picture I've send them. In case someone else has the some issue: it's the chip on the back of the mainboard next to the large chip with the label ITE.

The id of the chip is:
MX - 15G
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Hello Guys,

I have HP Laser Jet 3050 Printer. I have connected it with my Vodafone Router via USB. It is working fine in LAN\wifi network environment. At the moment i am connecting to printer using But its for local. I want to know, how can I access same printer from remote locations via internet.What port I will have to configure and how? Is it possible? Is there any way to achieve this.
I have a static IP.


Sarabjit Singh
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Good Morning, my PC got infected with a virus. I ran combofix and it took care of the problem but now I cant connect to anyother network pc or share folder.
When I look into my tcp/ip settings netbios is enable but when I look from ipconfig it says disabled there. Can anyone please tell me how to recover from this error. I have tried many things but I can not get it to work.

A:The network location cannot be reached

The message "The network location cannot be reached" means your routing table has no means to send packets to your ISP.
However, that is a symptom of the real cause; your system tcp/ip address is not correct.

After using the combofix tool, make sure you reboot the system.

Then get a command prompt (start->run->cmd) and enter ipconfig /all >myTCP.txt
Open the myTCP.txt file, copy the contents and then paste that into your follow-up on this topic . . .
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HI Guys

Does anyone know if I can print in a remote location?

The remote location will not have a computer.

What do i need to be able to do this without a computer in the remote location,?


A:Can I print in a remote location?

well its impossible to do so u need a pc connected to that remote printer and that pc is linked to ur local pc with lan or wan wired or wireless well unless the printer can connect on a lan or a wan by itself which i never heard of
u can use blue tooth but the remote printer has to be in ur blue tooth range i.e a floor above or down same floor if its REMOTE as in far far away then forget it
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today I bought Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO on my ASUS 4850. But on instructions for heatsinks it shows 4870, I know this is similar cards but mine is different. Where I should put these heatsinks on this card?

I think they should go here. I'm right?


A:Heatsinks location

try something else for vrm and memory

your placement is correct but the vrm and memory heatsinks that arctic provides are crap
go to and see the review of this cooler
the vrm got heated up to 142 c
the gpu stays cool but the vrm gets literally burnt
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I have been using my WD External drive mybook as they call it with Ubuntu until now recently connected it External Ubuntu 1TB Windows / drive mount to location - WD and Unable to my laptop running windows vista I know it sucks but I Unable to mount location - 1TB WD External drive / Windows and Ubuntu just got this laptop and using it instead of my tower to save power and just run the laptop x pretty much and the tower when I need it and during the day I keep it on but anyway s I copied a lot of files over to the external drive disconnected it and pluged it back over to my laptop running windows and none of the files were shown the files I just copied but the other stuff is still on it I get this message when reconnecting it to Ubuntu when trying to use it Error mounting mount exited with exit code MFTMirr does not match MFT record Failed to mount dev sdb Input output error NTFS is either inconsistent or there is a hardware fault or it s a SoftRAID FakeRAID hardware In the first case run chkdsk f on Windows then reboot into Windows twice The usage of the f parameter is very important If the device is a SoftRAID FakeRAID then first activate it and mount a different device under the dev mapper directory e g dev mapper nvidia eahaabcc Please see the dmraid documentation for more details Click to expand Have I damaged the drive I hope not and hope to fix this problem to run on both OS nbsp

A:Unable to mount location - 1TB WD External drive / Windows and Ubuntu

you need to run CHKDSK /f from a windows command prompt
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Hi everyone.
could you please help to find out eprom chip location on DEll latitue D830 and what the chip code is. anyone who have ever been experienced on Dell Mobo please help . Thanks so much

A:Need help about eprom chip location on Dell latitute D830

Dell D830

I need to get this bios reset does anyone know the eeprom location or the number of the eeprom? so i can try to short it. or what way will work to reset the bios and get rid of this password I can't even get to the HD now.
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wheres the lenovo ideapad y530 cmos battery located? anyone pls help. TY.

A:Location of CMOS battery on Ideapad

reading in a manual?

does the Manual for Y530 not show CMOS battery replacement guide? in the link?
or do you need the latest Adobe reader? from this link?
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I want to install Windows 7 using a USB pen drive, since I can't using my DVD drive; but I was having a problem - the cmd prompt wouldn't recognize the USB drive I had connected, so I checked and saw that its location is the same as my HDD. How can I change this? They are both on location 0, so the cmd only recognizes my Hard Drive. How can I change this?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

A:USB Drive Location same has HDD

you need to make the USB drive bootable... and then make sure the device gets booted before the HDD. you can go into the BIOS settings if you need to change the boot order. there are a lot of little applications that let you make flash drives bootable, like WinSetupFromUSB. Google it.
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Hello, does anybody know the location of the 24C02 chip in a dell latitude e6500? Its laying in pieces on my desk right now. Thanks!

A:Location of 24C02 chip in a dell latitude e6500?

I'm sure if you look on the motherboard you can find where it used to be.
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Hello, i need help to get these drivers installed!

1) Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)
This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

2) Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

i have Realtek HD Audio with driver

Cant find a way how to get them installed, reinstalling Realtek drivers gave nothing

Thanks for helping!!

A:Location 65535 (Internal High Definition Audio Bus)

1) If you are running XP you should apply all updates and make certain you running xp sp3
2) To find your Driver files
Click for the driver page listed by System Vendor Find your System Vendor, click for their driver support site. Enter your model number, then download your drivers as needed
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I've had enough with trying to figure out where to put my damn disc drive so I'm leaving it up to the Techspot community. I hope this works and doesn't end up failing drastically somehow.

A:Disc Drive location

This depends on the case you choose. Are you talking about a Hard Disk drive or an Optical drive?
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Recently purchased this laptop just to get the awesome grey screen of death, Does anyone know exactly where the eeprom chip is before I rip this thing apart just to make it easier?

service tag ends in 595b

A:Dell D531 eeprom chip location?

Have a read through this forum: HP / Dell / etc. laptop password help thread

It was a sticky thread posted in this forum

Good luck :grinthumb
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Hello all,

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-GRX500K. I always have to set my clock when power it on. I tried to look for the battery, but cant seem to locate it. It's not like my older VAIO PCG-FX190 which was easy to find. Can anyone help me? I'm hoping it's just a button cell like the normal CR2032.

A:CMOS Battery location on a Sony GRX500K

Maybe under the keyboard? You have checked the bottom access covers?
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please I need help on locating the eeprom chip on my dell inspiron 6400 laptop motherboard. Anyone have an idea plz. The system bios is locked with a password.

Thanks very much

A:Motherboard location of Dell Inspiron 6400 eeprom chip

Good luck. A very difficult fix unless you are skilled in cold solder.
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Hey all I recently acquired online on eBay I Latitude EEPROM notebooks Location 24C02 on D630 of should hacve known better a Dell Latitude D Notebook and our old friend the grey Password screen is showing up on Service Tag GFBFPD - B As usual Dell is Location of 24C02 EEPROM on Latitude D630 notebooks of no help Heck they wouldnt help me one time on an Inspiron that did this AND I WAS THE ORIGINAL OWNER And Dell wonders why they recently had to close their Austin Desktop Assembly plant and are laying off over workers this year But I digress Now I know that the password generators out there wont work on the B tags so I did as suggested I took it all apart and I cannot for the life of me locate this C chip So my questions are as follows Did Dell change the eeprom IC number Does anyone have any idea where the chip would be located The Motherboard is the DT version of the board Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Larry EDIT I just found out that this Model does not use the series EEPROM but rather an unshortable series nbsp

A:Location of 24C02 EEPROM on Latitude D630 notebooks

yes you wont be able to short this laptop. either wait for or buy a password or be the guy with the most expensive door stop in town.
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I have checked the FAQS with no luck and I have read a lot of the threads and I don't see what I need.

I'm giving up on ever getting a master password, so if anyone knows where this bios chip is located on Dell C610 I would be greatful.

But just in case here is the service tag again ( #CDHXS11-595B )

A:Location of Bios chip C610

Are you good at taking laptops apart?
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I need to know the location of the password chip on the motherboard of a Dell Latitude C840. Everything I have tried so far has not worked. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this.

A:Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your answer may be found in this thread HERE Pages 10/11/12 maybe the interesting part for you.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Anyone know the localitation of the chip in this model???
Thanks a lot.

A:Location of the 24C02 chip on a Dell D620 please help


I have had feedback from several users that Dell has switched to a 25P80VG EEProm Chip on the D*20 series(or at least some of them) No one has had any positive results from shorting it. Sorry.
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I'm looking for anyone who has successfully shorted this model , as I cannot find a bios chip that matches anything described in any shorting methods. I don't need pictures or anything of that sort, just what type of chip is used. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 bios chip location

there's no chip to short in this model of laptop. bios chip is 8-pin serial flash chip(SST 25vf080 for instance), but you won't remove password if you "short" it. the password is stored in KBC controller.
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does anyone know where the eeprom chip is located on inspiron 8600 laptop? i need to short it out. it will be my first time. thank you for your time.

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Hi all,

I have an old thinkpad 600x laptop running Windows 2000 Professional. It won't recognise the CD-ROM drive, and I think this is because both the CD-ROM and the hard drive are identified at Location 0. I can't figure out how to change this to Location 1 in either Windows or BIOS. Can anybody help? Thank you.

A:CD-ROM Location issue

Sounds as if your CD-ROM drive has failed, and because of that failure your have the location "error".
You can do further work by going to, then click on support, then Drivers and downloads.
Enter the seven digit type number for your 600X.
Be sure your BIOS is updated, then download all updates related to the CD-ROM drive... You will benefit from downloading all that relate to your model... best way is go to the Thinkpat Matrix for your 600x.
But, as a Thinkpad repairer, we find that most of the time with your issue, the drive has worn out.
You can find them cheaply at $25 to $30 on eBay. or $115 at IBM
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I have the laptop fully taken and I must find the EEPROM so I can do the paper clip trick. Any advice would be most helpful and of course the chip's location.

This is for a job, very important. PLease help

A:Dell Inspiron 5160 EEPOM Location

please do not double post to the same topic.
you may have a look at the thread you posted before this one.
hopefully you find the answer there!
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thanks for the response but the problem is I'm unable to locate the chip on the board and therefore cannot even proceed with the shorting method to clear the password on the bios. plz help. Thank u

A:dell inspiron eeprom chip location

What is the model number and serial number of this Dell Inspiron?
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I/ve just rebooted my pc, and my storage drive has gone from g to e . can I change it back to g

A:hard drive location

of course.
just go to disk management and change the drive letter.
to do this, start > run > diskmgmt.msc
right click on the drive's name and click : change drive letter and paths.
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Hi i am doing a job for a freind what i am trying to do is this well first i setup his server "which is windows 2003" at his work location and all the computers are able to connect to the server. He has gotten a new location down the street and set up 4 pcs there how can i get it so that they can use the server as if the server was there in other words how can they join the network with out being there.

A:use programs in my server from another location

Depends on length of cable or connection... and what kind of connection pulls them all together> Information is available in the documentation that came with your Windows 2003.
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recently i put in a new DVD rewriter in my pc wich changed the driver location of my removable hard drive . It has 1900 artist on there wich are all in itunes and i dont want to change the locatinn of the songs and so is there any way of changing the location of the hard drive from :F to :G. Some one said there was a way of doing it from the administarative tools in control pannel. Please say if you know a way of changing it. My career depends on you!!!!!!.

A:Changing hard drive location

The easiest way is to right click on your "my computer", select manage, then storage, then disk management. Then just right click and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

What i tend to do is set say my cd burner to z then arrange the hard drives as i want, then change the burner from z to the lowest available letter - as an example.
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Hello, everybody

Like many others i have trouble with the Dell Admin Password, but luckily i found this forum. I read through most of the Dell Password Removal thread(didn´t finish it because it was so large and hard to read) but couldn´t find much on where the chip is located on a Dell Latitude D610. Maybe someone has a foto, diagram where to find the chip or could point me i a the right direction. Any help is appreciated.

(1st post)

A:Location of the 24C02 chip on a Dell D610 please help

somebody please, still waiting desperately for the piece of information i requested.

This is already a matter of Life or Stress. An d i want to start living again.
Check out the stickies in the Mobile forum:
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First post and i've already got a problem. so sorry.
I have an old desktop where my motherboard surrendered. I have a lot of important docs on my work on the hard drive and i wish to extract it out. so i got a ide usb cable thing and connect my old desktop hard drive to my laptop.
The thing is the "usb mass storage device" installed smoothly, but I can't see my old hard drive displayed.

After some searching, at the device properties, it said "Disk Drive is at Location 0". I checked windows help and googled. but cant really find my answers. Hope somebody can help me with it. I really need to retrive my docs.
If its any help, my laptop is running WinXP, while my old hard drive is running Win 98 and its FAT32.

Thanks very much in advance for any replies.:wave:


A:Another HD prob - Hard Drive is at Location 0?

What type of HDD is it? SATA or IDE? Have you set jumpers correctly when you put it in? does the HDD spin up or show in my computer? try right clicking my computer>manage>disk management and see if its there, and then try assigning a letter to it.. Also try rebooting with the HDD>USB attached..

Welcome to Techspot :wave:
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hi can anyone help my d400 is locked i have read the thread on how to short the security chip but i can`t find it on the mother board,,, cant even find the ` upw1 ` slot its a compeq board ,,,,,,please please need help
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weird thing going on here jeremysmitherman servebeer com points to my home webserver the page loads fine and everything else Then go to jeremysmitherman servebeer location points internet Webserver wrong directory to com pics once again the directory listing runs fine BUT when I attempt to go to jeremysmitherman servebeer com pics bucket or if i attempt to click it from the directory listing then I get a no content error with an AnalogX simple server web thingy link at the bottom go to the sites and look for yourself my home webserver uses apache with mandrake linux so the analogX thing is completely wrong The problem started when I used AnalogX simple server on my girlfriends computer to transfer image files to that computer could it be a DNS error somewhere The problem happens on all computers I ve tried that on oh and If i know Webserver directory points to wrong internet location the exact name of what im trying to get to like http jeremysmitherman servebeer com pics bucket Webserver directory points to wrong internet location collage copyicos jpg then it works fine heeeelp Webserver directory points to wrong internet location nbsp

A:Webserver directory points to wrong internet location

check your config files look for allow deny setup
indexing rules your server is wide open
as for the other server it may have added a client exe and is running shut it off. check services running on server
I would use gozilla ftp server for transfers on the wan
free and works great.
I am no longer hosting my own site
to much loss of bandwidth
by the way your flash looks good
I am putting together stuff with swishmax and compress with flash mx.swish is just great for a newbie like me
I recompiled this 40 year old virgin
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Im a real newbie at computers.
Where in my computer settings may I find the brand of my sound card? and where can i download the correct sound driver for my soundcard
(note: i have winxp pro)

A:Location Of Soundcard

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go HERE and read my post. You will notice a link to the free Everest programme. Download and run the programme, it will give you lots of info about your system.

If it turns out that you have onboard sound, then you can get the sound drivers from your mobo manufacturers website.

If you have a seperate soundcard, then you will need to go to the soundcard manufacturers website to get the drivers.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have a clickbank account and affiliate ID, When I promote a product there I am given a hop-link with my affiliate ID, Problem is they send a cookie when I create the hoplink but my computer does not recognize it. My java is enabled, so are my cookies. But running a debug on it says my cookies are off. How can this be? I have win xp, I am at a loss on what I can do to correct this. Anyone have an idea?

A:Cookie issue

sounds like Accept thrid party Cookies is turned off in the browser which you can control on your system but not change on any user which accesses your site.
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Google Maps keeps your location data

see the details here

A:Better take location tracking seriously

Thanks for the information. Really liked the stuff
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I'm a little confused by this. Isn't the whole point of using a sandboxed browser is that nothing leaves it. SAS picked this up: [ C:\AVAST! SANDBOX\S-1-5-21-3583729876-1247344376-3946384776-1000\SFZONE\C\USERS\NIGHTMARE\APPDATA\ROAMING\MACROMEDIA\FLASH PLAYER\#SHAREDOBJECTS\JG77RLU5 ]
I assumed that with a sandbox, stuff like this (especially a key bank flash cookie) would simply not exist.
Also, there is no C:\Avast!. I installed Avast to a custom folder and Avast doesn't use the word "Sandbox" to describe it's program in any files, always "SafeZone".

Don't get me wrong, pc's fine. I'm just wondering if this is typical or if Avast just makes a crappy sandbox.

A:Sandbox bank account tracking cookie?

Try using Google Chrome or FireFox with Disconnect + Adblock. That should eliminate the majority, if not all tracking stuff.
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I've read/heard that if one UN checks the cookies box in ccleaner, they won't need to relogin all the time yet I've never had that happen. Is it possible?

A:Cookie settings for ccleaner?

It is true, clearing cookies will clear the login data. If unchecked your login data will be retained, that is if you opted for the login to be saved.
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I need to do a BIOS reset anyone know where it is on the motherboard and what the label on it says?

A:Dell 1720 EEPROM chip location

What is the model of the Dell motherboard or computer?
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Hi all,
I just upgraded to Windows 7 ultima and it has IE8 with it, when i had vista running (IE7) i could save the cookies for sites i visited all the time in the allow part of ccleaner, so every time i clicked hotmail, lets say, i would log straight in.

Now, i have done the same for IE8 except even though ccleaner has saved the cookies i have allowed, IE8 never remembers my log in details so i have to log in to about 8 different sites everytime i shut down/switch on.
Where do i set this option up in IE8 please ?

thanks so much for reading and for anyhelp.

A:Explorer 8 cookie saves?

Under internet options then under privacy then advance. Pretty much the same as prior IE. There are some new security features though. You need to read though what you want to use in IE8. Or just use Firefox or even test that out with what your doing. Make sure you got the latest Ccleaner. You may also want to try instead of Ccleaner is Fcleaner.
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Trying to locate the "Path" to my contacts address book! I've managed to create contacts using Excel but...I'll be damned if I can locate my contacts using every technique that I could find!
Of course, I'm trying to Export to Outlook 2007...Guess I'm just overtired!


A:Address Book path location?

If you createwd your address book with Excel, by default, it should be in your 'my documents' folder.
If for some reason you don't see it, just do a search for 'xls' files.
Also, if you open MS Excel, the last few files you worked on should be at the bottom of the list in the 'file' menu.
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I have all my music on a network drive on a Linux server and it s mirrored to a local iTunes won't music location update drive I mapped the server music directory to my Windows XP Pro SP PC as I and it worked very well Podcasts download to my server and are picked up on my wireless network music player Squeezebox I recently updated iTunes to and iTunes won't update music location ended up with lots of iTunes won't update music location grey exclamation marks next to my music in iTunes So I changed the location to the local Windows drive E My Docs My Music it ran the updater Updating iTunes Library and still had the grey exclamation marks So I changed it back to I and iTunes won't update music location the updater ran again but still exclamation marks I can click an exclamation-marked tune and say Yes to browse to where the tune is located on I and then it plays and the exclamation mark disappears so I know it s not an access problem Previously I could switch between E My Docs My Music and I quite happily and the updater always worked I figured that perhaps it was a problem with iTunes so I reverted back to and the problem persists I presumed that the updater overwrites the file location in the iTunes Music Library xml file so I had a look at that and it had my music folder listed as being at lt key gt Music Folder lt key gt lt string gt file localhost I lt string gt so that s okay But most of the tunes are listed as being at the OLD location which is file localhost Clarkconnect shared iTunes I went into iTunes double clicked an exlamation-marked song browsed to its location and then closed iTunes again Then I went into the xml file to see what had changed - as expected the file location had changed from the old to the new and all was well So I thought it would simply be a case of using Find Replace to change the old location to the new So I did that opened iTunes and to my dismay still exclamation marks So I closed iTunes opened the xml file and found that the old locations were all back again AAARGH Is it something to do with the iTunes Library itl file I moved that to see what would happen opened iTunes and was greeted to an empty iTunes interface Closing it down created a new iTunes Library itl file So I quickly put the old one back but I don t know how to read that file Wordpad etc show gobbledygook So once again much time has been spent trying to fix a problem that wasn t there yesterday Can anyone please help I know this is a bit long-winded but I tried to explain my steps as best I could Thanks for reading through my post Cams nbsp

A:iTunes won't update music location

I still haven't been able to resolve this one. I think I may just have to go through each of my 4000-odd tunes and update them manually. I just don't see any other way and, after about 3 hours of Googling and messing around, I'm exactly where I was at the beginning.

Anyone any ideas?
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Just a quickie. Does anyone know of an install location for the Macromedia flash player. I've got someone trying to open a flash file, I pointed her to the macromedia website and she installed it. Apparently, filetype .swf is still not associated with an application.

A:Macromedia Flash player install location.
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hi there. i am running outlook 2003 on an exchange server and have a signature file for outgoing emails which is saved on the c:\ in documents and settings. is it possible to make outlook look for the file from another location e.g one of our other network drives n:\

what this would let us achieve is that if i was to move to another pc for example, when i log in with my username outlook would search for my signature file on the network and allow me to use it without creating another, if i was to move to another pc the same day it would follow me to that one.

sorry if this sounds overly complicated or if i sound thick, if it cant be done thats ok



A:change signature file location in outlook 2003


Seems to indicate that this is not possible.

What you might be able to do however is locate your entire machine profile on a network share, and then have each machine load the profile (including signatures) from there.
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Whats up guys, I just locked my computer up by improperly changing my windows xp boot screen. I am bringing my HD to my brothers shortly so I can change the ntoskernel file back to the origanal of which I made a backup copy in my recycle bin. My problem is that i am unsure of the location that the recycle bin files are stored, and I am working on a POS Win ME computer so I can't compare the two. If someone could get back to me on this asap it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much people.

A:What is recycle bin location

Look for the directory "Recycled" in the root.
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I recently needed to remove sp2, but now i can reinstall it, though I cant redownload it, nor can i find it on my hardrive. where is the directory located so that i can reinstall SP2!


A:Sp2 location to reinstall

Is there some reason you can't download the net install of Service pack 2 and install that??

Yes, it's 200 some odd MB, but you can store it and archive it to CD.

BTW- Welcome to Techspot!
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I read this article on setting a new cache location folder for Firefox.

I would like to do this for my FF25 version on my primary C:\ drive. I have no other drives available.

Is there any benefit (Faster cache access time?) to making a new FF cache folder?

Thanks for the help.


A:How to set Firefox Cache Location

Changing folder location will only make things faster, if the new location is on a faster drive.
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I'm probably asking the question wrong here's my situation I have my current Win installation on my C drive and a new Win installation on my D drive When the system boots I'm presented with an option to select either quot Windows quot or quot Windows quot I'd like to be able Boot.ini Win7? Location in to rename one the other or both of these so that I can know which one is which quot Win New quot quot Win Old quot etc I think I remember WinXP had a file at the System Root named quot boot ini quot but I can't find that anywhere so I Boot.ini Location in Win7? assume something has changed Where is the text file that I need to edit in order to make these changes what is it called etc And also what is currently the favored Boot Manager Most of my information is dated example Hijack This isn't even used anymore and I don't want to use something that is obsolete Thanks in advance

A:Boot.ini Location in Win7?

Hi, would this be what your after Dual Boot - Change OS Name in Windows Boot Manager - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Hello I'm having an issue with a few not Location message available after mapped is upgrading drive error to 8.1 for different PCs running and now as well where our mapped drive will get this error message quot Mapped Drive Location is unavailable nbsp Location is not available error message for mapped drive after upgrading to 8.1 If the location is on this PC make sure the device or drive is connected or the disc is inserted and then try again nbsp If the location is on a network make sure you're connected to the network or Internet and then try again nbsp If the location still can't be found it might have been moved or deleted quot This happens at random intervals and I'm not able to replicate it besides just leaving a folder open to a location within a mapped drive nbsp The contents of the folder will disappear but you can navigate right back to the location without any issues nbsp This was not an issue in or but when upgrading to it began happening nbsp Windows machines have this issue as well nbsp I've tried adding different registry keys such as adding the key EnableLinkedConnections to nbsp HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System and also changing an autodisconnect key but I can't recall where that was nbsp Since this is happening to some version of Windows and not others I'm assuming there is some sort of tweak to fix this and I'm hoping someone has come across it here Thanks
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Ok this is the first time I've tried to use Win 's Backup Restore functionality I to can't location ok, BACKUP RESTORE but network normally use NovaBackup to DAT tape for my backup restore functionality but for convenience and speed during a hard drive swap I did today I decided to do a Win backup to disk actually to a network drive location of the complete partitions I was transplanting I ran individual unique backups of each partition to be transplanted placing the backup set in a unique folder on a large network drive Each of the backups went fine and the results look good After completing all the partition backups I then removed the two old SCSI drives and installed one new SATA drive I then re-partitioned the new drive as I wanted and got ready to do the RESTORE's for each partition For example to restore my O partition I navigated the RESTORE wizard to the following folder located on my network drive First I point out that the dialog titling looks a bit weird the English BACKUP to network location ok, but can't RESTORE says quot select the folder where you want to save the backup quot This is kind of crazy since I'm in the RESTORE function and I would expect English to say something like quot point to the backup set BACKUP to network location ok, but can't RESTORE you want to restore quot or similar Anyway I don't actually know which of the folders or sub-folders I'm supposed to select from what's shown in order to position properly for the RESTORE No matter what I select I get an error message when I push NEXT For example I selected what seems to be the most reasonable folder i e the one which has the backup set date and time in the picture above But when I then push the OK button I get the following error message No matter what folder or sub-folder I select I always get the same error message RESTORE simply is apparently unhappy I'm stumped Of course even though I'm in a RESTORE function note that the error message above BACKUP to network location ok, but can't RESTORE claims to be from quot WINDOWS BACKUP quot Sure looks wrong to me But if somehow the RESTORE wizard is actually invoking BACKUP well that might explain all of this craziness Big bug in Win of course but at least now explained My solution was to simply go down to the lowest level Files sub-folder where all the individual ZIP files are located and then use WINRAR to manually un-zip them from their network location into the newly created partitions on my new drive And of course this worked fine But why is RESTORE failing Is the complaint really trying to tell me that my current output drive from the RESTORE in my example O not a match for what was originally backed up Of course this is guaranteed to be true when swapping hardware which is precisely why you would be using backup restore so it seems hard to believe this could be the complaint But if not that then what's wrong with RESTORE that it is complaining at all Obviously the backup set on the network drive was produced by BACKUP with zero errors So why isn't that backup set usable as input to RESTORE Anybody have some insights for me Again I've worked around the problem already using my manual un-zip method But this is obviously ridiculous and RESTORE should clearly work

A:BACKUP to network location ok, but can't RESTORE

No reply? From anybody???

Nobody's ever done a RESTORE? From a network drive location??

What have I done wrong, during the BACKUP? Sure doesn't look like I've done anything wrong.

And if I did nothing wrong in the BACKUP, that exactly WHAT folder am I supposed to point to on the RESTORE?

Anybody ever done a RESTORE from a network location?

And what about this seemingly incorrect message boxes, which almost suggest that I'm running BACKUP even though I'm using the RESTORE wizard? Why would the English and titles in the message boxes be phrased as if it was BACKUP that was running? Or is this just something cosmetic, and I shouldn't worry? Or should I phone Microsoft???

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I have searched around on how to move skype history but no good answers for it.

How to move chat history (main.db stored in C:\ ) to another location in E:\ and still see that history in a working Skype?

I prefer to store data (chat history) in another disk instead of C:\


A:How to move skype history location?

That route is pretty much hardcoded into Skype and always points to the current users' profile, it doesn't appears to have a way to change it.

You can trick it to save to somewhere else by replacing its folder in AppData\Roaming\Skype with a junction pointing to another drive, thus "lying" to Skype, redirecting its data access to an alternative location.
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A large thumbnail appears when a file or folder is selected in the right pane of explorer and moved to another location. Aero view only -- no problem when in "classic" view. Help on how to disable this icon much appreciated.

A:Disable Large Icon when Drag/Drop Files to New Location

Which horrible large folder or file icon are you talking about.?
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How can I move the skype chat history (main.db stored in C:\ ) to another location in E:\ and still see that history in a working Skype?

I want to store the chat history in another disk instead of C:\


A:How can I move the skype chat history to another location?

This might help you:

____________________________________________________________________​Create a new folder on your drive. Lets say, the name of this folder is ?Data? and you create it on drive C:.
Create now a new desktop shortcut with the following path:
?C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe? /datapath:?C:\Data? /removable

This is of course under this assumption, that Skype.exe is indeed located in the specified path. If not, then use just the correct path.

Start now Skype with this new shortcut and login with your Skype name. All Skype configuration data and chat history will now be stored in this new ?C:\Data? folder. In order to get your old chat history into this folder, or more precisely, in the folder ?C:\Data\your skype name?, move or copy the original main.db into this folder.
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hi I want to save excel file to a remote location using vba macro.can anyone please guide me to do the same.

A:to save excel work book to a remote location

Hi, welcome to the forum

Try this code, you'll have to add your own bit of code but you can select a folder and then continue

Run the macro named SavetheFileSomewhere to see how it works

Option Explicit
Option Base 1

Public Declare Function SetCurrentDirectory Lib "kernel32" Alias "SetCurrentDirectoryA" _
(ByVal lpPathName As String) As Long

'* Prev Update : 07-04-2014 by Hans Hallebeek (HC&TS)
'* Last Update : 11-10-2014 by Hans Hallebeek (HC&TS)

Function GetFolder(Optional sTitle As String) As String
Dim fldr As FileDialog
Dim sItem As String
Dim initFName As String
initFName = vbNullString
Set fldr = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
With fldr
.Title = "Select " & IIf(Len(Trim(sTitle)) > 0, sTitle, "a Folder:")
.AllowMultiSelect = False
.ButtonName = "Select folder"
If .Show <> -1 Then GoTo NextCode
sItem = .SelectedItems(1)
End With
GetFolder = sItem
Set fldr = Nothing
End Function

Public Sub SavetheFileSomewhere()
Dim sFilePath As Variant
sFilePath = GetFolder()
If Len(Trim(sFilePath)) = 0 Then Exit Sub
MsgBox sFilePath
' The variable is the fullpath
' just add the code below to save the excel file elsewhere
' something like Activework.SaveAs etc.
End Sub

Happy coding
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I am looking to book airline tickets and I was told to make sure I delete the cookies at the sites i visit or else they know I was there and they won't show a lower price. I heard that there is an app to delete the cookies from my browser (fire fox) with one touch. Any one know anything of this?

A:cookie deletion

I believe you just need to do (in firefox)  Menu, Options, Privacy, Show Cookies, Remove All.  Keep in mind that will probably log you out of any sites you normally use.
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How can I move the skype chat history (main.db stored in C:\ ) to another location in E:\ and still see that history in a working Skype?
I prefer to store data (chat history) in another disk instead of C:\

A:How can I move the skype history location?

Hi comsky Apparently, this is possible by redirected the datapath of the Skype executable (Skype.exe). Follow the instructions in the thread below:
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Cookie Monster does not seem to work with IE 11, and gives me nagging errors with Chrome, possibly due to Ad Block Plus Extension being installed.
I want to be able to click certain cookies and blacklist or whitelist them.  I'd like the software to auto-clean every "x" hours, I'd like it to run on browser close, etc...
Any recommendations?

A:Recommendation for Cookie Management Software

Third party utilities to Manage (view & delete) Cookies:IECookiesViewMozillaCookiesViewFlashCookiesViewCCleaner <- under Options > Cookies)WinPatrolCookieSpyKaren's Cookie ViewerFirebug Cookie ManagerMAXA Cookie ManagerFirefox Cookie ManagerFirefox Advanced Cookie ManagerChrome Cookie ManagerUsing CCleaner’s Cookie ManagerUsing WinPatrol’s Cookie Manager
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Dell laptop, win 8.1 - I moved to new state.  How do I get my computer to show searches here rather than old state when doing a google search?
Tks - jb

A:Computer location

G'day jeb1088, and Welcome to BC !!
Have a read HERE
Apart from being quite informative, further down the page it states, "

Location, Webcam and Microphone
You can turn on or off location services, your webcam and your microphone from here and even customize what apps can use your location and what can’t."
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Windows Explorer has got quite an interesting behavior that I really don't understand; when I'm pasting in a file location (or folder location, for that matter) that contains a quotation mark at the very beginning, it launches Firefox, my default browser. Is there a reason for this, and can I disable it?
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My daughter and her air-headed "teener" friends used my computer.  Now the whole taskbar appears at the right side of my desktop instead at the original bottom position.  How can I repair it?
Thank you.

A:How do I restore taskbar to original location?

Make sure it is unlocked, then drag it back to where you want it? Have you tried that?
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I went to best buy and bought an external hard drive and I moved all my Documents folders, desktop files, music pic etc... to the External Hard drive " J " then I transfered everything back to the " C " drive and disconnected the External Hard drive and returned it to the store. Next time I rebooted my PC. I got the following message
Location Not Available

J:\ Desktop refers to a location that is not available. It could be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network.
Check to make sure the disk is properly Inserted.
Please help!!


Alex Z

[email protected]

A:Location is Not Available - Desktop Error Message

Why did you return it to the store?
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Hi this is my first post i just arrived and therefore i would like to say HALLO to everybdy here My Error Awarness Location 1079 Service Network problem Service Network Location Awarness Error 1079 gt i got the following problem on my laptop HP s under Vista Home basic edition i have also installed the service pack I cannot connect to any netwrok wireless or wired Service Network Location Awarness Error 1079 because some services are not running and after investigation i realize that the problem starts on the service in subject When i try to start it manuallu i get the error quot the account specified for this service is different by the account for other services running in the same process quot Well here my competences end I do not know how to find the PROCESS related to this services i went through the dependencies but this is no helping me Somebody can give me an hint Thanks a lot PS This service has Local Service as log on if i try to run it as local system account i get anyway the same error

A:Service Network Location Awarness Error 1079

On my system this service runs under the Network Service credentials - so running with any sort of Local credentials probably won't work.
Use the Logon tab for the service and specify "Network Service" (without the quotes) as the account that it should run under.
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working with vista homeprem sp bit here ran a quick avast scan a few minutes ago unavailable location that to refers Users C:\Users\All *error a is message* it caught some small-time junk in C:\Users\All Users refers to a location that is unavailable *error message* the temporary internet files which C:\Users\All Users refers to a location that is unavailable *error message* were purged easily enough but it also pointed out C users all users as quot the system cannot find the path specified quot so I open up windows explorer C:\Users\All Users refers to a location that is unavailable *error message* and try to go there cue the quot refers to a location that is unavailable quot error message now I don t usually need to prod around in there so I m not familiar with what normally happens but I know vista loves to have a bunch of directories displayed that are shortcuts it uses for people who leave quot hide protected OS files quot checked I don t I want to see what s where which really ought to not be shown when you re not hiding stuff but I digress that s for MS to be groused at after win flops SO should I panic that I ve had another thing sneak past the security screens mvp hosts file spyware blaster avast s shields mbam scans nothing else seems out of sorts but one man s paranoia is another man s preparation and all

A:C:\Users\All Users refers to a location that is unavailable *error message*

This is normal.All users folder points to c:\programdata folder.These are called symbolic links.
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Hi New member first post Hope someone can help me Ive recently copied pasted my desktop items to an external drive as a psuedo backup and it appears the registry has now mapped itself at start-up the desktop icons to that external drive - hence if i dont have it connected it says quot location is not available quot and i only see the control panel icon on a black desktop An error message pops up - its looking for a folder on the quot J quot drive So as a remedy i tried - taking a look at the registry using regedit for entries with that location and I found a few - especially in the explorer shell folders I haven t changed them as i m not sure what i should put there Location is not available now - the files are on the J drive so ide obviously have to copy them to the correct location and then point to this correct folder Now - obviously i dont know how Location is not available i managed to change the registry to point to the this location rather than the usual folder system desktop right location so i don t know how to set it back to the correct location without making things worse by editing the reg Any advice Ive looked online and most recommend a system restore - WTF why I don t want to do that Surely its simply matter of changing a property of some file System Vista Home ps - when i look at the desktop file within my user profile and Location is not available right click it to access its properties in order to change the Location as per some other advice ive seen online - BUT there is no such tab in the properties window kind regards in advance nos r

A:Location is not available

Hello and welcome
I think that i would use system restore to a time before you did this because you are going to mess up and play around in the Registry for no reason. Restore things back to the way they were and then when that is normal, we can address the issue of putting backup programs on an external drive and do it the correct way without messing with the registry . Make sense to you ? Post back your decision and we will see what we can do to get your computer to perform as you need it to .
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I install "Unable 0x80300001 Error location" message this to to just bought a new HDD to replace one that my mother in law broke on her machine She has her Vista disc and product key so Error message 0x80300001 "Unable to install to this location" I put in the new HDD a GB SATA Western Digital drive into her HP Pavilian s Error message 0x80300001 "Unable to install to this location" y machine I boot to the disc it loads I accept the agreement then it shows the HDD which nothing on it Maybe I am just confused on this part but Error message 0x80300001 "Unable to install to this location" I need to create at least one partition yes It doesn t seem to matter what I do though I always get this error message Looking around online some said disabling AHCI fixes it others said arranging the order of the drives in BIOS fixes it But I do not think this PC has anything regarding AHCI in the BIOS and the drive is always the first listed It asks for drivers during installation I found drivers on nVidia s website for this chipset and downloaded them to a thumb drive I just booted up got to the error part and tried uploading both the SATA IDE and the SATARAID drivers but each partition on the list still says unable to install I just want to install this onto a new and clean HDD Any help Thanks

A:Error message 0x80300001 "Unable to install to this location"

The chipset driver gets installed after Windows is installed. Please refer to this step by step guide and tell us exactly where you are having a problem:
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I cannot access my flash drive! every time I try I get an error saying "E:/ refers to a location that is unavailable" make sure you are connected to the internet yada yada yada. how do I fix

A:flash drive "E:/ refers to a location that is unavailable"

Does this flash drive show up in Windows Explorer ?
I suggest the first thing to do is try it in a different computer and see if you can read from it. If you can, the socket you are using on your computer may be faulty, try a different one. If it doesn't show up on another computer the likelihood is that the data on it has got scrambled and all you can do is try to format it and see if you can then read / write to it.
Another possibility exists that it is not being assigned a drive letter. JohnC addressed this issue a little while ago and i quote him :

I should clarify. Right click Computer > Manage > DIsk Management. With the not recognized drive attached, look for the USB flash drive in the list. You may have to scroll down. It's possible a drive letter is not assigned to the flash drive in Disk Management. If you do not see a drive letter right click on the Disk and give it a letter.

Worth a shot.
Chris Cosgrove
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Hello. I'm trying to install drivers for a device, However, I get an error message saying: "The specified location does not contain information about your hardware." What could be causing the problem? I use 32-bit Windows XP

A:The specified location does not contain information about your hardware.

What's the device?
Where did the drivers file come from?
Does device have any directions for installing drivers?
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Hi all,I always use Security Check by screen317 to ensure my programs are up to date. However, it keeps telling me that I have Adobe Reader 9.0 on my system. I am certainly running the most current version of Adobe, and I can't find a reference to Adobe 9 anywhere on my system. Can any of you tell me where version 9 may be hiding so I can delete it?I did a search for ?Adobe? on my system and I got over 200 listings. When I search for Adobe 9, or reader 9, I get no hits. It's not listed in my uninstall list either.ThanksWinXP SP3

A:Question about program location

Did you try to uninstall it with Windows Installer Cleanup Utility or third party programs such as AppRemove or Revo uninstaller?

Otherwise, you may reinstall Adobe Reader 9 and remove it via Add/Remove Programs or with third party programs. If no luck, kill all and get a new copy.
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OS is Win Prof on a laptop My problems started when I tried to of etc. cookie malware, A lot spyware downloud and install a audio program I then got Mystartsearch com and a lot of pop ups started My antivirus program was Awast but I found that it was disabled and not possable to start again So I uninstalled it and installed McAfee instead I used this program a A lot of malware, spyware cookie etc. lot of times to clean my computer I also used Ccleaner and later ProHunter But what ever I do my computer was still infected I then desided to reinstall my OS and was sure that it would solve my problems I have now reinstalled my os two times I have used McAfee ProHunter and RegHunter a lot of times but my computer is still infected Name of some of the programs files are Atwola Adtech o Atlas DMT Serving-sys ProMarket WebtrendsLive Zedo com Adserver Burst Media Statcounter xiti com I don t have Mystartsearch com any more How can I solve those problems

A:A lot of malware, spyware cookie etc.

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will assist you with your malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding.Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one.If you have any problems while following my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem.Do not run any other scans without instruction or add/remove software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me.Post all logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts.If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed.Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean.My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.     HijackThis is not the preferred initial scanning tool in this forum. With today's malware, a more comprehensive set of logs is required to determine the presence of malware.    Scan with FRST in normal modePlease download Farbar's Recovery Scan Tool to your desktop: FRST 32bit or FRST 64bit (If not sure: Start --> Computer (right click) --> properties) Run FRST.Don´t change one of the checkboxes and hit Scan.Logfiles are created on your desktop.Poste the FRST.txt and (after the first scan only!) the Addition.txt.     Scan with aswMBRPlease download aswMBR ( 4.5MB ) to your desktop.Double click the aswMBR.exe icon, and click Run.There will be a short delay before the next dialog box comes up. Please just wait a minute or two.When asked if you'd like to "download the latest Avast! virus definitions", click Yes.Typically this is about a 100MB download so depending on your connection speed it can take a short while to download and become ready.Click the Scan button to start the scan once the update has finished downloadingOn completion of the scan, click the save log button, save it to your desktop, then copy and paste it in your next reply.Note: There will also be a file on your desktop named MBR.dat do not delete this for now. It is an actual backup of the MBR (master boot record).
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I am new to this site so sorry if I am posting in the wrong section!
So I have both bitdefender and AVG free installed on my laptop, both of which i installed when i realised i had a virus. Before then i was just using the pre-installed anti-virus software. AVG says the virus is a tracking coookie smartadserver and has located it to the inetcookies folder which is empty. Every day I get at least 8 new pop up warnings telling me there has been another one found and every scan i do it finds minimum 4 every time. My computer is relatively new, just 6 months old, and it is performing terribly so i know that i definitely do have a virus.
Please help someone! I have exhausted all of my very limited knowledge of removing viruses and don't have the money to get it sorted by a professional.
Thanks in advance,

A:Tracking cookie smartadserver virus

Hello Crimson Fury and welcome to Bleeping Computer.
My name is Satchfan and I would be glad to help you with your computer problem.Please read the following guidelines which will help to make cleaning your machine easier:
please follow all instructions in the order posted
please continue to review my answers until I tell you your machine appears to be clear. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear
all logs/reports, etc. must be posted in Notepad. Please ensure that word wrap is unchecked. In Notepad click Format, uncheck Word wrap if it is checked
if you don't understand something, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification before proceeding
the fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine.
please reply within 3 days. If you do not reply within this period I will post a reminder but topics with no reply in 4 days will be closed!
Please DO NOT install/uninstall any programs unless asked to.
Please DO NOT run any scans other than those requestedMultiple antiviruses
Yoy say you have AVG and BitDefender antivirus programs installed.
You can not run two real-time antiviruses at the same time. Although many have different methods of searching for and recognising threats, they will all be 'fighting' in memory to kick each other out, rendering them all ineffective.
You need to disable one until we’re finished.
Open the AVG Control Center, by right-clicking on the AVG icon on task bar.
click on Tools
select Advanced
in the left hand pane, scroll down to "Resident Shield".
in the main pane, deselect the option to "Enable Resident Shield."
===================================================Note: Please run these in the order given in the instructions.
===================================================Download and run AdwCleaner
Download AdwCleaner from here and save it to your desktop.
run AdwCleaner
when it has finished, select Clean
if it asks to reboot, allow the reboot
on reboot a log will be produced; please attach the content of the log to your next reply.
===================================================Download and run Junkware Removal Tool Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.
shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.
run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8; instead of double-clicking, right-mouse click JRT.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
the tool will open and start scanning your system
please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications
on completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open
post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message.
===================================================Run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool
Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
right click to run as administrator (XP users click run after receipt of Windows Security Warning - Open File). When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
press Scan button
it will produce a log called Frst.txt in the same directory the tool is run from
please copy and paste log back here.
the first time the tool is run it generates another log (Addition.txt - also located in the same directory as FRST.exe/FRST64.exe). Please also paste that along with the Frst.txt into your reply.
Logs to include with next post:AdwCleaner log
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I'm running Windows 7 and I have these four processes running (they show up in task manager):  csrss.exe, winlogon.exe, nvxdsync.exe, and nvvsvc.exe.  I know  csrss.exe and winlogon.exe are supposed to be an essential part of windows, but these have never shown up in task manager before, and I am unable to find the file location or stop them. And you know how task manager gives it a description? well, these don't have one.    In fact, these are the only ones that I have no control over. And all four of these just suddenly appeared recently - I guess I'm just wary because last month I was here to get a particularly nasty little critter removed from my system.  Is there a way to see if these four are legitimate or get rid of them if they're not?  Many thanks!

A:Processes without description or file location and unable to stop them

I have the same in Windows 7.....csrss.exe, winlogon.exe.....and no description.
The other two are legit Nvidia processes
So, nothing there to be concerned about.
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Hello, the BleepingComputer community! My computer might have a virus: there's a csrss.exe running in the background without a description or associated username. When I right clicked it in task manager and chose to look at the file's location, there was no information about where the file was; the explorer window did not open.
My symptoms first started when Windows told me that my avast! installation was not a valid application. I tried to fix it by using the repair option for avast, but it did not work. Then, I installed ad-aware antivirus--which I later uninstalled and replaced with FortiClient. FortiClient did not yet find a virus, and neither did Malwarebytes.
Screenshot of the problem:

A:Csrss.exe running without description or file location

Hello jh

Please download Rkill by Grinler and save it to your desktop.
Link 1Link 2
Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.If using Vista, right-click on it and Run As Administrator.A black DOS box will briefly flash and then disappear. This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.If not, delete the file, then download and use the one provided in Link 2.If it does not work, repeat the process and attempt to use one of the remaining links until the tool runs.If the tool does not run from any of the links provided, please let me know.
Do not reboot the computer, you will need to run the application again.[/list]


Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes:
Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsReset FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run. Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.[/list]
Download TDSSKiller and save it to your desktop.Extract (unzip) its contents to your desktop.Open the TDSSKiller folder and doubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then on Start Scan.If an infected file is detected, the default action will be Cure, click on Continue.If a suspicious file is detected, the default action will be Skip, click on Continue.It may ask you to reboot the computer to complete the process. Click on Reboot Now.If no reboot is required, click on Report. A log file should appear. Please copy and paste the contents of that file here.If a reboot is required, the report can also be found in your root directory (usually C:\ folder) in the form of TDSSKiller_xxxx_log.txt. Please copy and paste the contents of that file here.
[list]Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode and save to your
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Hi Folks I'm not sure where to post this thread so forgive me if this is the wrong section of the forum Has anybody else come across this tracking cookie It gets regularly picked up and deleted by Super AntiSpyware I'm not a particular fan of this malware tool and much prefer MalwareBytes but it DOES persistent - cookie nuisance minadvertising tracking pick up some tracking cookies that MBAM misses It also appears as ad minadvertising com Before posting this I searched on various forums and the internet generally to try and find some clue as to which sites I visit regularly that could be delivering it and I found nothing I've tried to block it on a browser by browser basis but it still keeps coming back I've now tracked persistent nuisance tracking cookie - minadvertising it down to the Internet Explorer cookies folder but the weird thing is that I've disabled IE some time ago and cleared everything out with PrivaZer I'm thinking that maybe it constantly re-appears because some other software is still using IE in a phone-home type of situation and running it in the background Anybody got any hints or tips to stomp this thing persistent nuisance tracking cookie - minadvertising out of existence at least on MY computer Thanks

A:persistent nuisance tracking cookie - minadvertising

Malwarebytes intentionally does not search for and remove cookies because they pose no significant has more important things to look for.We do not detect or remove cookies as they are not considered a malware threat to your system. There are plenty of 3rd party programs to remove or you can even have most browsers automatically remove if you like.Malwarebytes forum, Post #2 by AdvancedSetup (Root Admin)Cookies are text string messages given to a Web browser by a Web server. Whenever you visit a web page or navigate different pages with your browser, the web site generates a unique ID number which your browser stores in a text (cookie) file that is sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from that server. Cookies allow third-party providers such as ad serving networks, spyware or adware providers to track personal information. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and prepare customized Web pages for them.Persistent cookies have expiration dates set by the Web server when it passes the cookie and are stored on a user's hard drive until they expire or are deleted. These types of cookies are used to store information between visits to a site and collect identifying information about the user such as surfing behavior or preferences for a specific web site.Session cookies (transient or Non-persistent cookies) cookies are not saved to the hard drive, do not collect any information and have no set expiration date. They are used to temporarily hold information in the form of a session identification stored in memory as you browse web pages. These types of cookies are cached only while a user is visiting the Web server issuing the session cookie and are deleted from the cache when the user closes the session.Cookies can be categorized as:Trusted cookies are from sites you trust, use often, and want to be able to identify and personalize content for you.Nuisance cookies are from those sites you do not recognize or often use but somehow it's put a cookie on your machine.Bad cookies (i.e. persistent cookies, long term and third party tracking cookies) are those that can be linked to an ad company or something that tracks your movements across the web.The type of persistent cookie that is a cause for some concern are "tracking cookies" because they can be considered a privacy risk. These types of cookies are used to track your Web browsing habits...your movement from site to site. Ad companies use them to record your activity on all sites where they have placed ads. They can keep count of how many times you visited a web page, store your username and password so you don't have to log in and retain your custom settings. When you visit one of these sites, a cookie is placed on your computer. Each time you visit another site that hosts one of their ads, that same cookie is read, and soon they have assembled a list of which of their sites you have visited and which of their ads that you have clicked on. Cookies are used all over the Internet and advertisement companies often plant them whenever your browser loads one of their banners.Cookies are NOT a "threat". As text files, cookies are inherently harmless and cannot be executed to cause any damage. Cookies do not cause any pop ups or install malware and they cannot erase or read information from a computer. Cookies cannot be used to run code (run programs) or to deliver viruses to your computer. The purpose of a cookie is to tell the Web server that you have returned to a specific Web page.Microsoft's Description of CookiesCookies are short pieces of data used by web servers to help identify web users. The popular concepts and rumors about what a cookie can do has reached almost mystical proportions, frightening users and worrying their managers.Do cookies pose a security risk?Misconceptions about cookiesWhat are cookies, how do they work? - Do cookies pose a security or safety risk?The Unofficial Cookie FAQWeb Browser Cookie Forensics F... Read more
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So my laptop connects to the internet through my landlords wireless network.
I then share this internet connection out through my ethernet connection to my home network.

I can choose my network location on the wifi network like this:
Choosing a network location - Windows Help
but I cannot do this for the ethernet network. The option is not selectable.

What I would like to do is set the Wifi as a PUBLIC network and the ethernet as a HOME network so I can share files and remote desktop and all those groovy things.

Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated!!

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I spent alot of time making folders and sorting photos tonight. I have windows 10 and I tried to open the photos, it shows:
on all picture folders
how do I get my pictures back....
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What's happening is that as the browser FF opens with the Google search page set as the home page it opens ok but the blinking cursor is located in the top bar immediately opening browser when location in changes New Tabs Cursor to the right of the URL for the page http google com au here If I then click the 'house' symbol in the Google toolbar ie home when the page refreshes the blinking cursor moves from the title bar into the Google search window in the centre of the screen If I click on the X on the tab for the page ie requesting a New Tab page to open Cursor changes location when opening New Tabs in browser it will open also with the cursor in the top title bar Again if I click on the 'house home' icon on the google toolbar as it refreshes the cursor appears in the Google seach window in centre page I want it to do this from the get go Clearly there must be some clashing instructions somewhere Any ideas how to rectify this issue

A:Cursor changes location when opening New Tabs in browser

I don't see a problem...but my reasoning follows.
Opening a browser window...puts user in position to browse URLs.  The browser setttings are the default.  That makes sense to me.
Using the Google toolbar...puts user in position to search.  The search function becomes the default.  That makes sense to me.
If Google is your default homepage and search engine...I suspect that the search engine settings are the default when clicking on the browser "home" icon...since that is the only reason why one normally goes to Google.
Makes sense to me, although it may not make sense to you.
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I believe I have set myself as administrator.  Administrator appears beneath my name at sign on.  I skipped creating a password as I am the only user. When downloading a file for my canon scaner I got the message "C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\Cannon Download\tb4135_en.exe.  You don't have permission to save in this location.  Contact the administrator to obtain permission.  Would you like to save in the ..........folder instead? "  I have tried selecting other directories but get the same result.  I successfully downloaded Another program from Canon only minutes before.  How can I instal this file/programe?  Without it my scanner is useless.I realise that it is not good sense to run permanently as administrator.  Can I set up a separate administrator sign in once I have set up all the programs I lost when installing Win7

A:"You don't have permission to save in this location"

You may try the following suggestions one by one to check the issue.
Suggestion 1: Temporarily disable antivirus program.
Suggestion 2: Click Start, All Programs, right click Internet Explorer and click Run as administrator.
Suggestion 3: Click Start, type inetcpl.cpl into Search box and press Enter. Switch to Security tab, uncheck ?Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)? and click OK.
Suggestion 4: Click the Start Button, type "User account control" and press Enter. When the User account control settings box appears, move the slider to Never notify and click OK.
What?s the result?
 Arthur Li - MSFT
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All I want to preface this inquiry with the following this is a home lab environment and does not affect production systems in any way Any information provided will be tested in a test VM prior to execution on any critical system I recently joined my primary home system to my lab domain I wanted to retain all of the settings and configurations of my local system but use a domain account to login I followed this migration write-up Step by Step Migrate Local User Profile to Domain User Profile with all Settings The gist of the migration involves adding the domain user to the ACL for the C Users localUser with Full Control and propagate those permissions through the folder This step worked without issue Then profile size local after domain and Explorer longer cache to profile migrating works location no modify the ACL for the HKCU hive by adding the domain user to the ACL with Full Control and propagate those permissions Explorer size and location cache no longer works after migrating local profile to domain profile through the hive This step appears to work but some keys cannot be modified Finally we change the ProfileImagePath for the domain user SID under HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList and reboot The change appears to have worked without issue All of my settings are intact and the look and feel is as expected One very significant problem however is that the window explorer exe size and location cache is not functioning If I click on Explorer size and location cache no longer works after migrating local profile to domain profile File Explorer the window opens as usual but the layout is using tiles while I prefer the Details view I change to the details view and make some other changes close the window re-open the window and it's back to the initial layout with tiles and the size is set back to a smaller default I did some research and significant reading on the Shell Bags and BagMRU registry hives and how they work I read Annanya Podder's response to remove the Bags and BagMRU folders and recreate them with default configurations Windows doesn't remember size and position of previously opened programs This does not resolve the issue however I opened ProcMon and started a trace while opening resizing closing and re-opening a File Explorer window and there are no registry queries or writes of data to any of the bag hives which leads me to believe there's something corrupt with the registry If I perform the same trace on a functioning Windows VM or even with another profile on the affected machine I see queries and even writes to the Shell Bags registry hive The affected profile doesn't even try to query those hives or otherwise write to them and there are no 'ACCESS DENIED' or 'NAME NOT FOUND' results in the ProcMon output I exported the HKCU hive prior to making any changes but I cannot update a loaded hive with the export I receive an error that the key or subkeys could not be updated I did not however save a copy of the old NTuser dat file but the HKCU export should have that data no I'm at the point now where I can go along to get along but I'm curious if anyone could guide me down any additional troubleshooting routes to figure this out The size and location cache used to work without issue but after the migration it's not functional As a system admin I use file explorer a lot and having to resize the window every time I open it is going to be painful Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly welcome Regards Ron Arestia MCSA Server Ron Arestia MCSA Server

A:Explorer size and location cache no longer works after migrating local profile to domain profile

I figured out my own issue. Don'tcha love it when that happens?
I logged into the affected machine as the domain administrator, and when I loaded the ntuser.dat hive for the affected user, I noticed that the \Software\Classes key didn't exist. It did, however, exist for the logged on user and it appears to correlate
directly to the key under HKU\[SID]_Classes.
On a hunch, I logged back into the affected profile, drilled down to HKU\[SID]_Classes, and when I checked the permissions, I noticed that the domain user did not have explicit permissions to the key and subkeys. I added Full Control permissions, propagated
them through the key and subkeys, rebooted, et voila! Everything is back to the way it should be.
I'll be leaving a comment for Mahdi Tehrani to ensure this is done to prevent issues like I had.Ron Arestia, MCSA (Server 2012)
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Where is the IE 8 loading icon stored?
"aero_busy.ani" (in C:\Windows\Cursors) does not contain 16x16 images.

Thank you.

A:IE 8 Loading Icon's location

Still using IE8???,
Major security risk, suggest you update to IE11.

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I tried to open the file location and nothing happens.
I googled the files and the 2 MAY be potenttial viruses.
Any comments?
Maby I hope that they are just normal Win7 Tasks and not viruses
Instructions on how to know if they are not viruses.


A:2 Tasks Running and it's not letting me open file location (VIRUS?)

Welcome to our forum angelt.

Could you put in your (My System Specs) what security programs you have installed.

Could you also let us know exactly what files are in question?
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When I plug my IPhone to my computer (windows 10) the computer wants to download all the pictures to my user picture folder. I want the pictures to go to a specific folder and only download the pictures that I want. Is this possible?
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Greetings seems like MS is becoming more and invasive and less and less useful logical in all programs and features nbsp Pundants say you're on the way out so let's hope you can save things nbsp I've been struggling now with a variety of new mentality perspectives of the MS team but one that has me nearly enraged is the fact that Windows no longer supports or is set to remember the last quot Save As quot file location folder and for the life of me I cannot find a solution nbsp This is sooooooooooooooo annoying when doing multiple versions of an image database structure document video audio file as well as a nbsp simple save as nbsp from Explorer As I 7 remember "Save any in program. location does As" Windows last not recall this was a cakewalk in XP I never used nor Vista's except at work and well shame shame regarding those Anyway please forgive my angst but seriously nbsp There must be a setting but I cannot find it nbsp And if not again shame nbsp I have caught wind that the old method of folders has been revamped with quot libraries Windows 7 does not remember last "Save As" location in any program. quot so I see the default document Windows 7 does not remember last "Save As" location in any program. location of c user blah blah nbsp Again shame just like your Office is a virtual load no exe rsquo s nbsp This should be outlawed nbsp You should remember Windows 7 does not remember last "Save As" location in any program. that some people use their computer with specific INTENT part of which is to be PRODUCTIVE not blind directed by some company that want to control them at evert turn Which btw goes the same for automatic updates nbsp FINALLY you get your computer tweaked the way you want it and wham bam you invasively shoot off and install crap that screws everything up nbsp For shame nbsp Can we get a simple answer on ldquo Save As rdquo please Thank you

A:Windows 7 does not remember last "Save As" location in any program.

You can change the default "Save" folder to a different specific folder, but this may not be what you want if you constantly change where you're saving to.
How to Set the "Default Save Location" Folder for a Library in Windows 7:
You can go to the Windows 7 Feedback page and let them know your suggestions for improving it:
Note: don't make the message too long, there is a size limit to your message even though the page doesn't tell you about it.
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I want to see my own network folder on the Navigation Pane, so it will display the folder tree in the Nav Pane and not just a link to it in the Favorites jump list. Under My PC shows several links (to C drive and 3 network locations). The folder I want to link to is in one of these locations (\\server03\Home\UserName\My Documents\My Docs). How do I do add this location (My Docs) to the Nav Pane? Thanks!
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Trying to locate the whereabouts of the graphics chip on this board from an Acer desktop as I am hoping to apply some heat to it to hopefully correct it

Won't boot - bios opens but then goes blue


A:Graphics Chip location on MB GA061/078L AM2

GA061/078L AM2

Trying to locate the whereabouts of the graphics chip on this board from an Acer desktopClick to expand...

It looks like you've posted this same request in a number of other forums.

A more accurate description of that motherboard or that Acer desktop would be helpful.

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I know there are posts against Temp in and but no location 'Temp' of Variables 'TMP' Changed files? and posts for this tweak for relocating the TMP and Temp files in Variables but more posts say to relocate it OFF an SSD Changed location of 'TMP' and 'Temp' in Variables but no Temp files? drive My Computer is fairly new running OS Windows Premium Bit on a gig SSD with tet disk drive for data I created a folder on my D Disk Changed location of 'TMP' and 'Temp' in Variables but no Temp files? drive called D Windows Temp Files - then went to Advanced system Variables and edited the locations of both my TMP and Temp Rebooted right away and now it's been over a month but nothing is vissable in the new folder Changed location of 'TMP' and 'Temp' in Variables but no Temp files? all Hidden and System files are enabled in view My computer updates etc etc are running fine I checked the new Variable settings I edited and they are both still there D Windows Temp Files If I remember correctly I think the default use to be user profile appdata local temp lt but I'm not possitive Can someone answer a quick question Thanks Bobkoz Shouldn't I be seeing them in the new folder
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Win 8.1 Pro
Mail app

My daughter uses the mail app to access Yahoo mail without all the ads. Unfortunately see keeps a lot of mail and has consumed a lot of C Drive disk space. I have a D drive with plenty of space. Is there a way to change the location of the mail store from
the C drive to the D drive?


John Lenz
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I have network resources available over a VPN connection but Windows 7 will not use the credentials I have entered in credential manager nor does it prompt me for user credentials upon opening the resource.  I have tried the following:

-delete entry from credential manager

-net use * /del (result "there are no entries in the list")

-net use \\servername /del (result "the network connection could not be found")

-net use /persistent:no

None of these steps have done anything to resolve this issue. Please advise another solution to clear the mysteriously cached credentials.....

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it's time to cleanup my pc and now I got stuck on the following:
I have the following structure:

D: Drive

Now I'd like to copy only all Subfolders (including the content) of Drive D.
I tried to find a solution with robocopy and windowssearch but didn't have any success.

Thanks for any help in advance

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Is there any info recorded anywhere in Windows Application - checksum?! at L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe setup.exe location that tells me the name of a setup file that ideally including it's path An executable can usually always be opened with -zip often like itunes revealing the executable internally to contain a collection of msi's Maybe info about the execution Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! of one of these is logged somewhere in which case with a bit more effort I think the 'origin' setup exe could be inferred I read that the journal records every file that's opened is this human-readable Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! Thinking Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! aloud I have about widi setup executables I obtained whilst trying to setup intel widi similar scenario with several other applications installed on various VHDs I'd like to purge my downloads gt gt setups folder but retain installation-media for important applications just in case So much info is installed during installation ie setup msi stuff as well as appdata of course surely something this simple must be possible somehow somewhere somebody Thinkin aloud nbsp