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How big should my OS partition be and how do I change it

Q: How big should my OS partition be and how do I change it

Hi, in a different thread archean recommended that I make sure that there is reasonable free space in the OS partition. How do I know what size it is and if I need to make it bigger? As you can see I know very little about computers.

My hard drive has 59.3 gigabytes free and 84.9 gigabytes used.

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Preferred Solution: How big should my OS partition be and how do I change it

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How big should my OS partition be and how do I change it

I think it's fine.
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Hi Folks I have contrived to partition active without partition? removing to change data from How get two active partitions on my PC After a week old hard drive D amp F - died I replaced now F amp G it with an old drive that had previously been configured with XP and as a boot drive I don t think it is acting as boot as drive C has an active partition and boot and largely the computer runs fine with the exception of G not being search index able And there being a phantom path in the backup which I can t reset So the question How do I remove the active setting on G it holds all the variable windows data and will it lose all the data Im at that point where a little knowledge is dangerous and have seen some genius replies so thought I would ask and see if you could help me out See attached screen shot NB The old drive partitions were formatted before being repopulated

A:How to change active partition without removing data from partition?

Hello and welcome to the forums MarkRocketman!

You can easily change the active/inactive flag on a partition easily by following these steps:-

Removing the Active Flag from a Partition
(on a drive that's not currenly being used as a boot drive)

First, open an elevated command prompt in Windows:-

1. Click Start Orb
2. In search box, type cmd
3. Right-click on cmd.exe, and choose 'Run as Administrator'

In the elevated command prompt type in the following commands:-

SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the HDD in question)
SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the Partition that holds G)
Hope that helps!

EDIT:- As a supplementary addition here's how change it back to active:-

SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the Partition you want to activate)
Exit (to exit Diskpart)
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Hey guys I need some help here as I am stuck with this for a day and half now I recently bought a TB disk hard drive and want to swap out GB disk with it I cloned the disk to disk already I am stuck in a dilemma where I can't do either to the I partition the boot partition? How system change turn boot into windows How do I change the system partition either to the boot partition? without the need of disk I figured it has to do with the fact that the system partition is part of disk I have questions question can i moved the system partition over to the C drive where the boot partition is I don't know if this is even possible question Move the system partition where the red arrow system reserved partition is I have not seen anyone with this perform yet Again i am not sure if it is possible at all I know i made a mistake of separating the the boot and system How should i come about to fix it Any suggestions Thanks
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I currently have a dual boot on my computer with Windows 7 and XP. Unfortunately as my computer is quite old my hard drive is not very big and with it being partitioned I am fast running out of disk space. So I tried to shrink the XP partition to allow me more disk space for Windows 7. Unfortunatley this would only let me shrink it by 83mb for some reason. I decided that since I barely use XP anymore that I would simply reformat the XP drive then try and merge them together. When I tried to format the partition it just gave the error "Windows was unable to complete the format". I then discovered in Disk Management that the Windows XP partition was the system partition which was causing the problem. Please help me with this issue before I run out of disk space!!


A:How do I change the system partition from XP partition to Win7?

I think you should do it from outside XP, obviously and suggest install a partitioning tool, like Easus partition manager which I have used regularly. There are a number of good ones, all free including Gparted which you download and burn to a cd, boot to it and then no amount of system files can get in your way.
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When I try to install windows 7 it says it cannot install onto my HD because it is set up as a GPT partition. I have tried using advanced options and formatting the HD but it still says it is GPT. Any help for a novice when it comes to things like this?

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What can I do, to get the partiton D to be C, and vice versa ?.

A:Partition change

Your OS is on C:

Can post a full screenshot?
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Something similar and as powerful and reliable as Partition Magic.

I tested EASEUS Partition Master free edition but it says my first HDD is a dynamic disk so it can not do any operation on it. Besides I heard converting to basic disk would delete all my data!!! DO NOT WANT.

A:Looking for an app to change partition

gpart is good
Gnome (linux) based partition manager. Runs off a liveCD
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I just got another hdd, and i want to use this one for my operating system, while this one thats currently 1tb, for data storage.
Now problem is that this from 1tb already has system on it, it has 2 partitions C 100gb for system and D 900gb for data storage, i want to make it all data storage, to D, with deleting everything thats on C, while keeping all data on D, is that possible ?
ofcourse new system will be installed on this new separate hdd.
If it is, whats the simplest way of doing that.

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~ Use Gparted Live cd for partitioning and set disk type to msdos or choose MBR type when partitioning with diskutil.
What exactly means?
I got 2 hard drives, so, the instruction i see in the manual is the one i posted. The first 2 lines.

So, what exactly i do? Please step by step.

A:Change partition to mbr

MBR = Master Boot Record.
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Installing Linux isn t the problem right now How partition and drives? to change right now the problem is actually partitioning the drive I want Linux on Disk HDD has partitions Unnamed GB OS C GB Data D GB I want to completely get rid of Data D and take all that space and add it onto OS C Data D is empty while OS C is full I want OS C to be Windows Disk HDD has partitions SDATA F How to partition and change drives? GB Unnamed GB I want to add all of quot Unnamed s quot data to SDATA F This will be Linux in the future I would love to do all this without having to format anything I have an external with all of my music so I do not need any other drives on the computer but I may want more later on So how can I change all the partitions to what I want Is there any programs with tutorials out there I can use Remember Disk HDD needs to be bootable Thank you so much Travis nbsp

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My ultimate goal is to eliminate drive C altogether. Win Xp is installed on C ,Win 7 is installed on E, and I would like to set e as the active partition, remove all the files from C and uninstall xp. Please help me out!
I have attached a screenshot of my Disk Management.

A:Please help me change the active partition

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Please read this tutorial on how to use Partition Wizard: Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

However, before you go down this road I would clean up your current disk layout.

Personally, I would wipe the hard drive completely and clean install Windows 7. The reason I suggest this is because it is recognised as best practice to install your operating system to a primary drive rather than a logical volume.

During the install, Windows will want to create a system reserved partition of 100 MB, which will hold the master boot record and will become the active partition.

Windows will then be installed and will automatically give the partition it is installed on drive letter C.
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Hey awhile back I changed my hard drive 110GB and I split it into 55GB
and 55GB. And now I am running out of room on my drive, so I tried to change it back by trying to resize the partition sizes but it did not work. Can you guys help cause I really need the space and I don't want to buy external memory.

A:Can't Change My Partition Size

Welcome to TSF....

What program are you using to make changes to the partitions on the hard drive?
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I had installed Windows 7 to dual-boot along with my old installation of Windows XP so that I could finish backing up the old files before deleting it. Well now I've pretty much got everything off the XP partition so I don't need it anymore. So I set 7 as the active partition, and it was already set as C:. The 7 partition comes after the XP partition, and though it is marked as (Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition), the XP partition is marked as (System, Primary Partition). Is it safe to delete it? Or if not, how do I make the Windows 7 Partition the System partition?

A:Change system partition?

Hello danime91, welcome to Seven Forums!

Are XP and Windows 7 on separate Hard Disk Drives?

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums
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I wanted to re-size my current partition NTFS w winxp in order to accomodate for another partition for linux I used partition magic to decrease the size of my NTFS hang Partition change. Mup.sys after partition by Gb and scheduled the creation of a Mup.sys hang after Partition change. Gb EXT partition as a second primary partition with a Gb Fat Mup.sys hang after Partition change. partition logical as well After restarting to a few errors lt lt Drive is locked etc gt gt i tried doing the same thing in safe mode The partition creation got to about before getting some error don't remember what it said The blue screen prompted me to restart manually After restarting the Mup.sys hang after Partition change. computer kept restarting at the winxp logo screen An attempt at restarting in safe mode resulted in a hang at Mup sys I've seen a few posts on this problem where people used the xp cd's recovery console and such However in my case the recovery console cannot locate any disks or mass storage units to repair so repair or boot from cd doesn't really seem like it would work Btw my two Gb maxtor HDs are on a fastrak RAID set-up When i access the 'fast-build' utility at start-up it shows a functional array but auto-configuration tells me there are no disks available I do have the option to 're-build' the array will this wipe my drives My hard drives start spinning when i turn the computer on and the lights on both are syncronized as usual If anyone has any idea how to solve this problem hopefully without a data wipe it would be greatly appreciated Comp stats AMD XP Gb DDR Geforce MSI motherboard W powersupply
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I have System Partition Change two hard drives in my computer the first with Windows XP installed and the second with Windows XP x and Windows installed I never use Windows XP anymore so my plan was to delete it and copy the bit installation to that Change System Partition drive but as it turns out the XP partition is the system partition From what I ve read in similar topics I could format the drive and then use the Windows disk to do a startup repair As a test I set the XP partition to inactive and used the Windows disk I learned that the disk dosent even see the Windows installation unless the XP partition is active it also tells me that Windows is installed on drive C which is false I figured these tings would work themselves out and deleted the XP partition anyway I had to recover it to get my computer to boot again but now it goes straight into without giving me the choice to boot into XP or XP Is my problem a little more complex because im working with three operating systems Please tell me what I can do to fix all of this and achieve my original goal Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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My PC is W8.1 x64.

I have a 2TB external (USB) drive and have created four partitions of equal size using Windows Disk Management,
the first three are three are Primary (Healthy) but the fourth is "Logical"

How do I change it to a Std Partition, Basis or Primary.

Or does it matter, the Partition will be used for backup of files, so is it okay to use it as Logical?



A:How to change a Logical Partition

There should be no issues with the partition being a logical partition. This is not an unusual situation. Depending on the situation it may not even be possible to change it to a primary partition. There can be a maximum of 4 primary partitions but an unlimited number of logical partitions.

But using a partition on the same physical drive as the data you are backing up is not a good idea. If anything happens to the drive then you will lose everything. For a good backup you need a separate physical drive.
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When using Partition Magic, there was 7 mb 'unallocated' .

I have changed 'unallocated' into a ntfs partition, and I wanted to merge with another partition. When I chose option merge partitions, I couldn't couldn't, as a message stated that there are no partitions on the hard disk that can be merged.
Both partitions are ntfs. The partition I try to merge haven't got win xp installed on it.

When I try to resize, I deleted 7 mb partition and it was unallocated.
the maximum size to resize is only as big as the size of the partition, I can't include the other partition.

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Background I used partition cannot after change partition boot magic to essentially resize a partition smaller and add a new partition The system rebooted after a reboot request then when it restarted it asked to reboot again I said Ok no problem Then cannot boot after partition change when it rebooted again when trying to start up it went to a black screen that said quot windows system config system is currupt or missing quot Im a designer not a tech guy but im thinking that the repartition software may not have recorded updated partition info file properly and now the system doesnt know where the windows OS is Pleeese help - im afraid to use the repair console and tried to reinstall windows over the current system as a last resort but it said it cant do that either because a certain folder did not exist Note im on my laptop now problem on desktop What do you think and what can i do Do i need to put another HD in my computer with windows on it boot to it and manipulate the problem currnt drive with the newley added drive with windows on it I have no idea just a thought I ll be happy to provide any further details Please help me out I appreciate your time and knowledge Josh nbsp

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I don't know how this happened.
My "D" Partition is labeled (D (D
If I try to change it, ie: "K"
it just adds "K" which shows up as (D (K

I would like it to show as just (D

Any solution to this???

A:Change Partition Letters

What do the properties of the D: drive look like in My Computer? It appears that the Volume Name for the D: drive has been created as (D, which can be corrected in Properties by simply renaming the volume.
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hi, my name is Gastón and im from Argentina. Im currently using avg 6 free edition and yesterday when i performed a quick scan a message poped up saying mbr change as if it was a virus. What does this mean? Do I have to format my HD? I also discovered that my Starting page option within IE6.0 is not an available option anymore. Is this related to AVG message telling me MBR Change as a warning?
Im sorry for bothering you.
Thanks in advance,


A:MBR Partition Table Change under AVG

please do this

go to and download 'Hijack This!'.
make sure it is placed into it's own folder, not a temporary folder. Then doubleclick the Hijackthis.exe.
Click the "Scan" button, when the scan is finished the scan button will become "Save Log" click that and save the log.
Go to where you saved the log and click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" then Paste the log back here in a reply.
It will possibly show issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required,
so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.
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After uninstalling AVAST, My computer could not restart. Partition letters have been altered during process and need to be set back to correct values. The System reserved volume has now become C. This should have no letter and is normally hidden. The C partition is now marked as D. This is where the Windows installations is stored but it cannot open while the letter is wrong. There is also a data partition, formally D, now marked E. The DOS prompt is only method of working on the computer, Windows cannot open.

A:How to change partition letters using DOS?

Welcome to the forum.

Where are you seeing these changed drive letters?

Edit: Drive letters are defined within the Windows registry. If you are using some utility outside Windows it will use drive letters that have been arbitrarily assigned and will have no relationship to those used by Windows.

I don't think drive letters are your problem.
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After uninstalling AVAST, My computer could not restart. Partition letters have been altered during process and need to be set back to correct values. The System reserved volume has now become C. This should have no letter and is normally hidden. The C partition is now marked as D. This is where the Windows installations is stored but it cannot open while the letter is wrong. There is also a data partition, formally D, now marked E. The DOS prompt is only method of working on the computer, Windows cannot open.

A:How to change partition letters using DOS?

Welcome to the forum.

Where are you seeing these changed drive letters?

Edit: Drive letters are defined within the Windows registry. If you are using some utility outside Windows it will use drive letters that have been arbitrarily assigned and will have no relationship to those used by Windows.

I don't think drive letters are your problem.
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For some reason my main drive (C is now my slave drive and my D: drive is now the slave. Therefore I cannot install windows XP Pro onto it because there is not enough space. How do I change the partition back so that D = C and C becomes Slave?


PS-Right now I'm running windows XP home...BLAH!

A:Change Window's Partition

"C is now my slave drive and my D: drive is now the slave"

Could you retype what you have and want to do? Two separate drives or one drive with two partitions?
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I have Windows 7 RC on my Computer. It is on Drive C:

I got this Vista Recovry disk that came with the laptop, and I was going to use it to dual boot Vist with the Windows 7. The Recovery disk will ONLY install onto drive C, there is NO OTHER intallation options.

The Question: If I change the Drive letter of my Windows 7 Drive to Drive D: and then change the Empty partition to C: will my Windows 7 still be bootable? Even if I chagne the boot loader option of Windows 7 to drive D: ?

A:Change Drive letter: Partition containing OS

I have never been able to change an OS to another letter without bricking the OS. The only tutorials for doing so make it clear it is only if the OS letter has slipped.

What I would do is save externally a backup image of Win7 using an imaging software that will allow you to select where to reimage, such as Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition - Free Download or Macrium Reflect.

Then go ahead and do the Vista factory restore, shrink Vista partition in Disk Management, reimage Win7 to the shrunken space. Now boot the Win7 DVD Repair console to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to rewrite the MBR to Win7 and possibly configure the dual boot. If not, use EasyBCD 2.0 beta in Win7 to add VIsta.

Others may have an easier idea. You'll have the backup image as a path back, so it's worth a try since Win7's drive letter is in most cases relative anyway.
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Hi I A Home Premium i Partition Primary Change Name Needed laptop I am giving it to my daughter and I would like when Primary Partition Name Change Needed you click on the Button the folder name to be her name not the previous owners The files in the File would stay just want the name changed Currently this is the only partition on the HD I understand that I can add a partition but do not feel quite secure in my abilities to pull this off successfully I am quite unclear on the whole shrinking part of it - I seen the tutorial on this sight Is there anyway to just change the name on the file If not can you tell me in a different way about the partitioning I get the actual steps tutorial is very well done for the steps but some of the warnings I do not understand Also even though I understand what to do I do not understand what it means I really do not want to fry my HD Help thx in advance Sorry if I sound too uneducatede

A:Primary Partition Name Change Needed

Hello Fanazak, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm a bit confused if you mean the name of a folder (user folder??) or a partition by what you described. Could you post a screenshot showing what you would like to change just to be certain and make sure we are helping you with the right one?
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Hello there guys Well this issue is really simple I have two operating systems Windows XP Home Edition and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx installed on my computer both systems are Safely change size partition installed into a single Safely change partition size HD each on its own partition My HD is GB and I have GB for Win and GB for Ubuntu my question is Is there any way to safely change this partition size WITHOUT uninstall any of my OS I ve been using my computer for about months with this partitions which means that my two systems have some applications and programs installed and I feel really lazy about reinstalling Ubuntu and all my programs just because I want to change my partition size of course if there is no other solution I ll have to do it I know this works because I partitioned my Win GB partition to accomodate Ubuntu when I installed it using the partition wizard that comes with the Ubuntu installation program Anyway hope there is another solution to safely do this without uninstall anything Thanks for your help guys nbsp

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Hey all! I was stupid enough while back to make my main partition (C: ) where I installed windows only 50gb big. What I wonder is, is it possible to decrease the second partition in size and move that extra size to the main partition without damaging data on both partitions?

If so, what program would you recommend. Cheers!

A:Change primary partition size?

Partition Wizard is your answer, check Option Three is this tutorial:

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD
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I have attached a file to show the current configuration of my hard drive. Historically, I purchased the computer with Vista OS and then added the Windows 7 and Windows 10 partitions later as as these OSs became available. I am now running out of space on my hard drive and want to delete the Vista OS and expand the Windows 7 and Windows 10 partitions. Using the MiniTool Partition Wizard I change the Windows 10 partition to 'Active' but when I rebooted my computer it would not boot - the error message was "BOOTMGR is missing, Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart". I used the MiniTool bootable disc to change back to the original settings and the computer booted normally.

I would be grateful for assistance to achieve the dual boot (Windows 7 and Windows 10) configuration that I want.

A:Change Multi-Partition Configuration

The Boot Manager is in partition F: and that's why it's marked Active. You need to move it to C:
Download a free version: EasyBCD - NeoSmart TechnologiesInstall, run and follow the screen below.
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Hi All,
I have a PC with 2 disk SATA, with 4 partition.
Any disk has a partition with an XP instance and another partition for data.
Recently I re-installed one of XP instances, unfortunately the one hosting boot.ini and so on.
At the end of the installation, Windows I found this situation:

Window sets as boor partition one of the data partition
I have boot.ini, ntloader,... on this partition
The re-installed XP instance has system files

I would like to move boot partition to one of the partitions hosting XP instances, needing to clean data partition sonmetime.
How to do this?

A:How to change voot partition in a Mutiboot XP?

Not sure I understand you completely. To boot XPs:

1. Ntldr, boot.ini, and must be in the root of the drive you want to boot off of.
2. That drive must be active drive. Giving it highest priority in BIOS (hard disk boot priority setting) should do it.
3. For multiple XPs, boot.ini must be given the info on where the XPs are. Edit boot.ini to set a default boot and list the XP installations, if neccessary.

I'm sure you can find the syntax for boot.ini and how to change the BIOS setting, if necessary, by doing a little googling. I'd be happy to try and help you if you need more help.
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I've been having numerous issues with my installation since 3 weeks ago when everything came crashing down. Tired of trying to fix everything, i decided to do a clean format. But i've got a question though.

I have 2 HDD. Main drive (OS) have 3 partitions and my storage drive.
Before this, my main drive consist of XP, Windows 7 and the other is just a small storage.

I just formatted my PC and decided to get rid of XP and use the space for my Windows 7 backup (as posted here.) Now in Disk Management, i see that the partition (previous XP) shows as 'system' (see attachment).

Could i still backup my Windows 7 on that partition? If not, how could i go about this?

A:Could i change 'System drive' to another partition?

Hello Dj SharK.

Be advised: if you haven't formatted the XP partition yet don't do it or the Windows 7 partition won't boot at all on its own.

I'm aware of a method to assist you but will you answer a few questions first?

1) Is XP still booting/starting-up or have you done the format already?

If you have formatted XP already you may not be able to boot to the Windows 7 partition so don't shut down the PC yet.

2) Is there unused space on the "Disk 1, partition E:" that could be used?
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I have a system partition G: on disk 2 that I want to use as a simple backup partition.
At the the moment if I try to Image my Boot partition C: it is linked to G: and G: will also be imaged along with C:.
Previously G: had a Dual boot of Windows 8 preview which was formatted out of existance, G: now contains various VirtualBox VDIs.
How do I change G: from system partition without loosing the data? I have used Diskpart, I need to know the best way to go about this task without loosing data or messing up the Boot information.


A:How to change system partition to logical?

G has the bootmanger and bootmenu. You want to transfer that stuff (maybe 100MB) to C?
You can move it (actually copy) using Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD this will copy bootmanager, bootmenu and bootsector to C.
After that mark G "inactive" (maybe done automatically) Partition - Mark as Inactive and reboot.

Works great?
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I am trying to get my computer set up to dual boot Win and linux Slackware My computer says that it's using BIOS but size partition Change boot when I use the quot setup quot command on Change boot partition size the linux Change boot partition size install I get a message saying that computer is set up with EFI I have chased down all sorts of info on how to deal with this The last thing I was trying to do was use these instructions to change over to EFI In the diskpart procedure the boot partition example Primary has MB My computer has MB and I tried a few different combinations of sizes to get the EFI and msr partitions but I didn't know what to put and each combo I tried resulted in an error How do I expand the boot partition on my computer to at least MB I have gparted software and tried just expanding the boot partition but the software gave me an error about trying to move the C drive which was on the next partition saying I may damage it To be clear I would like to know either the right sizes for EFI and msr quot System quot partitions for for my existing partition of MB or some way to enlarge the partition to accommodate the minimum I need for the two partitions
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I have a triple boot desktop computer with XP, Vista, and windows 7, and some storage partitions as fat 32 and ntfs types. Each operating system shows the partitions with different drive letters. From booted in the XP it is drive G, Vista is C, 7 is D, and with the 2 optical DVD/CD drives, and the 3 storage partitions, I can change those drive letters some to allow drive E to then become available for the XP system. So is there any way to change my XP from drive G to E, such as booting to the XP recovery console and using the diskpart or map commands, or some registry edit to do this change, thanks.
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I successfully used the program in Windows Vista to create a partition for my hard drive. I moved Word and the documents folder into the new partition, as well as my pics. When I start Word now, I get a prompt to insert the installation CD for Office. Is there a way to start Word from the new drive? I tried clicking on the .exe file for winword, but that is when I get the prompt to insert the installation CD.

Any way to change the default location/settings for Gallery (photos) in Vista?

Thanks much for any help!


A:Change Startup Programs to New Partition

While you can freely move data from place to place, programs must be uninstalled then reinstalled to the new location.
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I did a re-install today and somehow screwed up on the partitions. The partition I was going to install XP on was supposed to be 10g, but for some reason it turned out to be 1.4g.
Can I change this and add more space, without messing up the OS? Is there a free program out there that'll do this?

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Well wooooooo hooooooo I am now at last finally on my new supa dupa tower.

Everything is working extremely well, I am currently using my new sata harddrive as my main harddrive.

I have partitioned it off, (as I have with all of my harddrives).

Which leads me into my question (don't panic I'm getting there) ....... I have also installed my two "old" harddrives (IDE). And yes they are being recognised and working.

Now for the question ...... On my "old" IDE harddrive I used to have the operating system installed on it.

How do I delete this as a Primary partition since it is no longer needed as such, and turn into just another logical partion? To store all my stuff on?



A:Reformat/Change Old Primary Partition

Use any partitioning utility to delete the partition(s) from the drive and recreate them as extended-logical. You lose all the data of course.
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I got a virus on going on vista and each time I load up and start I get a blue screen after a few seconds. I know theres a startup entry that is doing this but I can't get to it in time. But I dual booted with 64-bit Windows Xp Pro, is there any way I can change the values or delete the exe? By the way, it also happens when I boot in safe mode.
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hi i am in the following situation years ago i partition to How from the boots change Windows installed vista x on a partition which was on a raid- some How to change the partition Windows boots from months ago the raid controller told me that there was a problem with one of the drives involved in the raid- How to change the partition Windows boots from and also in windows i got errors then i bought a new harddisc as i had went out of space anyway and installed a clean windows vista x on that new harddisc while i installed the new vista i made a mistake the damaged but still working raid- was activated and the partition with the old vista installation still existed so it seems the new vista detected the old installation and chose to without asking me iirc install a bootmanager on the old partition located on the damaged raid- to allow me to chose which OS to load when booting is it possible to make the new installation work without the old raid the computer does currently not boot when i deactivate the raid- i dont feel too good having my windows installation depend on the boot sector of a damaged raid- and as i dont use the raid- the working harddisc of the two is currently not usable any help is appreciated i have some experience working with ubuntu live cds if that helps best regards maxwelll nbsp

A:How to change the partition Windows boots from

Have you tried looking into using EasyBCD or Vista Boot Pro.
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So previously I was running Xp and somehow it was in a state of decline and decided to move on to Windows I had an alternate internal HD so I formatted that and installed Windows apparently without issue Currently I have internals with more or less functional OS BIOS allows me to chose the one to run However my unstable XP drive I'm unsure if the disk or the windows system is causing the drive Change Partition? System Windows 7 my to instability is still Change my Windows 7 drive to System Partition? considered the System partition I'd like to format it to remove the old XP completely I'd like to find a way to make the Change my Windows 7 drive to System Partition? partition that runs Windows the System partition This became clear to me when the old drive crapped out and in BIOS i received the cannot find NTLDR it could not detect that drive and relied on it's boot files to start up any OS at least that is my understanding That old XP drive displays very odd behaviors and sometimes windows loses detection of it in explorer However when in Windows it will not allow me to format the XP drive Both in explorer and Disk Managment the option is not allowed Now how can I change my partition that Windows runs from to be the main system to avoid further problems And will any further problems go away if I find a way to format and remove the XP system or is the disk that contains the XP system somehow damaged Should I go and replace that drive entirely Also my partition containing Windows is also labeled quot Boot Page File Crash Dump Primary Partition quot in disk management I've never seen those status descriptions are they bad Thanks for the help

A:Change my Windows 7 drive to System Partition?

Can you post a screenshot of the disk management window to make the situation clear to us ?

Usually the system partition in windows 7 is the hidden 100 MB system Reserved partition which includes the bootloader in it . Probably it is in your XP partition now . And there should be another question ... which one is the active partition .

Some utilities like Windows 7 installation Disk, Gparted Live CD and Partition Wizard bootable CD can manage the situation, but first of all, the situation isto be clear with the support of a screenshot of disk management window.
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Using MiniTool PartWiz, I unhid the RECOVERY (F: ) partition. Is it safe to change the drive letter to (E: )? Will it still work?

A:Change drive letter of RECOVERY partition?

Yes. As long as you don't change the starting sector of the recov partition. A letter is just an alias. It won't damage anything.
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Hello everyone on theese awesome forums another troll here The system Drive vista boot loader vista two partitions vista on C partition letter change. 7even System some stuff on D both NTFS drive broken grub loader never mind actually one ntfs partition 7even System partition letter change. with some porn 7even System partition letter change. games and other usual stuff named E so then i copy the x distr into my flash drive boot it and install our beloved even into the drive it does not ask me anything write its boot loader to drive lets me choose which OS to boot into each time perfect BUT T even named her own partition C while drive partitions became D and E i swapped last two easily using even's disk management utility that's of and that's not enough i really want even's partition to have the same letter as in vista i even googled it and didn't find any answers even is still unconfigured so it would not be a problem to reinstall it even more if it's really necesarry i can move all of drive 's data somewhere else so i can format it any help please please

A:7even System partition letter change.

Whata drive letter would you like win 7 to have? and vista??

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I accidentally changed the partition that my Windows 10 boots from to a logical partition (I wanted to change anotherone because I reached the maximum of 4 primary partitions and wanted a 5th in order to install Ubuntu alongside Windows)I have a Windows 7 installation disc and an ubuntu installation disc and a 2nd PC running perfectly fine. I preferably don't want to reinstall Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 10 again. I haven't installed Ubuntu yet, because I realized my Pc boots via UEFI and didn't know how to install Ubuntu with that.When I start my PC now it says "NTLDR is missing". What can I do?message edited by kenogo99

A:Change partition from logical to primary without Windows

Run this.How to use a Lazesoft Windows Recovery CD or USB device to fix the boot problems if your Windows operating system does not start correctly"It is very common for PC users to be faced with a Windows crash. When this happens, the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' pops up, or your PC has a black screen and can not boot or start up"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device
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please help me and thanks
i got only one disk and all of the partitions are dynamic
i have low space on the system files partition so i decided to extend the partition
i deleted a partition and had an unallocated space but i couldnt extend the the system partition
i tried to install windows but it couldnt install on a dynamic disk

A:How can i change dynamic system partition to basic

Hello Mohammedadel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to.

Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk

Hope this helps,
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I am hoping someone here will know what letter Change of partition drive boot I should do I installed an old partition I imaged ready to put on a new hard-drive I need to make it so Change drive letter of boot partition the system does not see it as drive letter quot C quot as that is not what it was originally particularly when the programs on it were installed I boots up fine most of the way but then when it gets to quot Preparing your Desktop quot it hangs for a long while and when it comes out of that it dispays Change drive letter of boot partition quot This version of Windows is not genuine quot I should sat at this point My copy of Windows is genuine Is there a way I can change the drive letter of this partition back to the value the installations on it expect as at the moment it thinks it is quot C quot which I believe is what is causing the problem The old partition I am installing did not have the drive letter quot C quot it had quot O quot I know this was a bad mistake to make but it is too late to change now This is the partition I used that has the most programs installed which are useful for my uni coursework I can start afresh but would rather not spend all that time at the pc basically waiting for each installation process to run nbsp
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Hi,I was messing around in windows 7 disk management,trying to make my 2nd drive visible,but I didnt know what I was doing. I thought it as all good when I changed the partition to dynamic because I could access the drive. But now I need to make that drive normal again so I can boot from it.
Can anyone help me?

A:change a dynamic partition back to normal

See this post:
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I am trying to change the sector size of a partition either higher or lower than what is reported now.

Using the ADMIN | Computer Mgmt tools to shrink the partition does make it smaller, but the sector size stays the same. The one I am trying to change the size of is a logical drive inside an extended partition.

Here's hoping that I don't have to blow out the partition and make a new one.

Why do I want to do this? I have a dual boot machine and on the 3rd partition, I'd like to install a version of Linux to test. But since the two partitions have the exact same sector size, it's allegedly preventing the installer from seeing any of the partitions, it simply shows it as one large one with no partitions showing.

Any ideas?

Thank you


A:How to change sector size on an existing partition?

Sector size is an inherent property of the drive and cannot be changed.
But your problem has nothing to do with sector size.

Post a screenshot of Disk Manager showing the existing partitions.
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i have Ubuntu dual booted with windows 7 32 bit, i am running out of space on my hard drive and am not using the 100 gigabytes i partitioned of for Ubuntu, i was hoping that someone might know how to change the partition size as i cant find out how to do it.
Thanks very much

A:Change partition size of Ubuntu in Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by sholtob

i have Ubuntu dual booted with windows 7 32 bit, i am running out of space on my hard drive and am not using the 100 gigabytes i partitioned of for Ubuntu, i was hoping that someone might know how to change the partition size as i cant find out how to do it.
Thanks very much

Boot with the Ubuntu Live CD, select "Try Ubuntu", and use gparted to shrink the Ubuntu partition and extend the Windows partition. Don't use the Windows Partition Manager, or you won't be able to boot Ubuntu.
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Hey guy, plz help me with this
My laptop was installed Windows 7 Ultimate x86, i have a disk with 4 partitions
Their order like this

Windows C:\ NTFS Primary ~29gb
DATA D:\ FAT32 Logical ~30gb
Empty Partition S:\ NTFS Logical ~69mb (made for fun!)
Data Storage U:\ NTFS Logical ~78gb
and in windows explorer they just appear like that now i want to change the order of them
is that possible to change like this

i know that in the english alphabet "S" is before "U" but i want it to behind, is that possible
plz help me guys
tks very much!
p/s: i'm a foreginer so my english is not very good, sorry!

A:[Help]Can i change the appearance of partition order in windows???

There is an option in Disk Management to change the drive letter -- but I have to admit, I've only used it with CD/DVD drives. You would have to change U to something other than S, then change S, then change the former to U. But, this will affect any app that uses the former drive letters, and any setting that uses them, as well.

An example is the default download directory used in Browsers.
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Hello Everyone I have a custom built PC with a vast array of miscellaneous hardware and I am trying to troubleshoot some system stability problems After some major problems I had to reformat and ran into a few probs annoyances My OS resides on my Maxtor GB drive which is the master drive on my onboard WinXP boot Move/Change Pro partition RAID controller When installing the OS I left my Maxtor GB Master on primary IDE connected and installed windows to the GB drive specifying RAID drivers when prompted The GB is where I put everything I was backing up from the GB for reformat During the windows installation my system partition on the GB was designated as E and the storage partition on my GB was designated as C This is quite annoying for obvious reasons as well as because some less intelligent program installs will install to C Program Files XX without even asking During the install C was also designated as my boot partition even though E contains my OS all of the IO SYS boot ini etc files were placed in the drive root of C I understand that this is most likely because my system drive resides on my RAID controller and the windows setup believed that it would need to boot from a drive not on the RAID controller even though my WinXP Pro Move/Change boot partition RAID drivers load during BIOS My questions now are these How do I get Windows to acknowlege the relocation of the boot partition from C to E I can move the GB to the primary IDE controller if needed but then Windows will not find the boot info where it is expecting it and the data in the boot ini will point to the wrong physical device My thoughts are perhaps move the drive then run a WinXP repair install I am however unsure if the repair install will be able to recognize my copy of Windows on E with no boot info and even if it does is it going to be smart enough to simply rewrite the boot info to E and not screw with any other parts of my installation I do have a CD of Bart PE that I can boot off of and move the boot files to E then modify the boot ini file to reflect the changes but I m not entirely sure how to do this nor am I sure that this would be all that would need to be done If nothing else I would really like to rellocate the boot info I am having some stability issues and I believe it could be due to my overly full GB drive and would like to move all vital system components to the GB to rule this out as a possible cause Is it possible to redesignate my system partition from E to C either before or after relocating the boot info I know that Windows will not allow you to change the drive letter on you re system or boot partitions which makes things quite difficult given that the partions I am trying to swap handles on are my system and boot partitions Is there a way by booting from an alternate source like Bart to change the drive letter and not have it completley screw up the OS I attempted to do something simillar once before found an article online on how to change drive letters via the registry I know now that this was not a good idea as there is a lot more than just the drive letter that needs to be changed for your OS to still function don t remember exactly how I recovered from that one So my question is does anyone know EVERYTHING that needs to be changed in order to make this switch Or perhaps a much less complicated way to do so that I am totally unaware of or overlooking Given the complexity of my issue I can t say I expect much of a respone but any and all help would be appreciated Thanks all nbsp

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I have a Dell desktop PC (Optiplex GX280).
It has a recovery partition, which I occasionally use to take the PC settings back to what they were like when I first bought it.
But there is a problem. The interior DVD drive on this PC has stopped working. If I replace it, would the recovery partition still work 100 per cent, or would it stall because of the new piece of hardware?
If the new drive stops the recovery partition from re-vamping my PC, I will not install it, because I can't run the risk of making the recovery partition useless.
Could someone please tell me if a new DVD drive (or any other new piece of hardware) would stop the recovery partition from working? Thanks!

A:Does recovery partition work after hardware change?

A new DVD drive should not affect the recovery partition. As I understand you, this DVD drive is uninvolved in the recovery operation, which is done purely from the hard drive.


1: recovery partitions are not foolproof regardless.

2: you may be able to make "recovery discs" that accomplish the same task as the recovery partition--but they aren't foolproof either.

3: i'd seriously consider some other means of recovery, such as imaging.
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On my primary drive 0 it is divided into 3 partitions. First partition has always been my Windows XP Pro in a FAT32 file system. Second partition is a logical extension drive D, also in FAT32. Third partition is NTFS and has Windows 8.1 Pro on it. I can dual boot into either XP or 8.1 after the GUI Windows 8.1 boot screen appears. It looks at the folder BOOT (hidden) on my XP_C partition to boot. What would happen if I use EaseUS Partition tool and change my XP_C partition (drive C: when I'm in XP) into a NTFS partition? Will it still boot? Will there bay any issues?
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Can i change my hdd partition from ntfs to Fat 32 without deleting my files ?
I really hope

A:Change my hdd partition from ntsf to Fat 32 without deleting my files ??
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After partitioning a hard drive with Partition magic, the two partitions were labeled D: and E:
The boot partition was D:. I used the option to change the boot partition to C:. The software showed a warning that renaming the boot partition might result in not being able to boot. I went ahead reasoning that, at worst, I would have to use a CD to reboot. Well, now the computer won't start (I don't mean won't reboot. When I hit the power button the front power light goes on and stays on, the power supply runs, but that's it.

Any ideas?

Relevancy 43.43%


I use Paragon partition software to change my c-drive size. I do only one change: 20gb to 15gb, and that 5 gb is "free". After change and reboot my Windows XP totally crashes down. Now my XP even don't start cause Missing NTLDR. Somehow my c-drive is now FAT16.. (before it's NTFS) How I can repair this, or can I? Windows Recovery Console don't know order "Convert". So that is out of plan. What will be happed if I just copy NTLDR form CD to c-drive? I try to use Knoppix solve this problem but even Knoppix not start. (and yes, I have CD-ROM #1 boot) So now I am very very lost about this.

Sorry my English.


George from Finland

A:partition software change NTFS to FAT and now NTLDR missing

Hi, George,
Did you try to use their 'Recovery CD'? When I purchased Partition Manager, I was given special bootable Recovery CD with their own Paragon Linux and the program running under this OS. Booted from this CD one can operate with partitions, mount, explore them and so on.

By the way, how is it possible that FAT16 partition has size of 15 gigs??
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Hello My first post here Partition Windows Drive Change to Need System Letter so I hope I am in the correct place Here is my problem I installed Windows Pro bit on a new Seagate TB drive During the Windows install I created a GB partition where the Windows files would be installed I also left an unallocated partition that I would later use as a data drive for storing music videos docs Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter etc As normal the Windows installer stated it would need to create a system partition where the boot files and other mysterious files would be stored Indeed after installation it had created a mb system partition which I believe is normal In Windows I used the Disk Management utility Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter to make the Unallocated partition useable As a result I had the following partitions System partition no drive letter assigned C Boot and Page File partition where Windows is installed D Data partition where music videos docs etc will Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter be stored So far all is well However What I needed to do was follow the simple procedure in the following link to move my C Users folder to D Users Move All User Folders to Another Hard Drive Windows gt How - To MaxMakeDesign co uk After following the instructions to get to the dos command prompt via the Windows install repair DVD I was bemused to find that the system partition that had no drive letter in Windows was drive C my boot partition where Windows is installed drive C in Windows was drive D and my data drive drive D in Windows was drive E As such performing the C Users to D Users process is impossible In fact I tried it by substituting C for D and D for E but when I went to boot into Windows it claimed that no user could be found which is understandable So how do I make the system partition in the dos command prompt i e outside of Windows be another drive letter i e NOT C or make it hidden so my boot partition where Windows is installed is C and my data partition is D like they are in Windows In this thread I am using Microsoft's way of naming the partitions - System partition where the boot files are stored Boot partition is where Windows is installed Stupid how Microsoft managed to make things confusing by labelling these partitions in a non-logical opposite way I hope someone can help BTW I don't mind if I have to do a complete reinstall of Windows Cheers Mark

A:Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter

Maybe this would be easier.

User Profile - Change Default Location
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A mate of mine bought an old dell at a car boot sale for €20 it had 20 gig pata running xp so i had an 80 gig ide which i said he could have
Anyhow i connected 80 gig up as slave on primary controller and installed xp pro on it for him
After installation i removed the 20 gig and put 80 gig on master on primary,i dont know why i didnt do this at start,but damage was done
I am getting quick message saying invalid bootini but then machine continues to boot with no problems after that
The issue i now have is the system partition is assigned drive letter D instead of C
How can i change os partition to C


A:[SOLVED] Change drive letter on system partition

Remove all drives except the System Drive (previous D:) which is on the Primary Master controller with the jumper pins set to Master, and restart the computer. The System drive will now be C: Now shut down the computer and add the 20 Gb drive on either the Secondary Master controller with the jumper pin set to Master or with the jumper set to Slave as a Slave Drive on the primary chain, on restart it should be the D: drive.
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Is there any way to change or tell windows which letter to use for the default system partition?

By default it picks it as C, i want to pick something else while the windows is still in installer mode and didnt start to copy files to drive.

Windows 8.1 64 bit pro, installation in UEFI mode with GPT file system.
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Hello my computer has been having trouble because of lack of space in the recovery drive Therefore I tried to first expand it which it was unable to and then disk partition to dynamic Making will change new a disks make a new partition which I would move the contents over to However when making the partition it comes up with a message about changing it into a dynamic disk and I'm not sure what this means or how it will affect me I'm not native english and neither is my windows locale so I apologize for the rough translation of the message quot With the chosen action you will Making a new disk partition will change disks to dynamic convert the chosen basic disks to dynamic disks If Making a new disk partition will change disks to dynamic you convert the disks to dynamic disks you will not be able to start installed operative systems from a disk unit on the disks except the current startdisk unit quot and then a yes no choice I put in some information about my computer when I created the account but just in case here are some specs Computer manufactorer Medion Akoya P OS Windows Home Premium -bit Hard drive WDC WD BEVT- A RT SATA Disk Device Thank you for taking the time to read it

A:Making a new disk partition will change disks to dynamic

Please post a screenshot of your hard drive as produced by running DISKMGMT.MSC. Please maximize the program window and spread the column dividers so that we can see all the text in each column.

A standard MBR-formatted hard drive (as opposed to a GPT-formatted hard drive) can only have FOUR "primary" partitions. So if your existing hard drive already has four primary partitions, you can't add a fifth, assuming there's justification for another partition. Simply re-sizing your existing partitions might satisfy your goals, but we need that screenshot to properly understand your current situation.

If necessary, you can use a utility like Minitool's Partition Wizard to convert one of your partitions from "primary" to "logical" (thus leaving you with a maximum of three other primary partitions on that drive). The newly converted "logical" partition is now inside of a space (called "extended partition", which is actually the fourth primary partition on the drive) which has the ability to support essentially any number of additional such "logical" partitions inside of it.

So while there is a total maximum of four "primary" partitions on an MBR hard drive, or three "primary" partitions plus one "extended" partition (inside of which one or more "logical" partitions can live), there is essentially no limit to the total number of partitions on your MBR hard drive if you use one or more "logical" partitions.

We'll see what is needed to satisfy your objective.

Please post that screenshot from DISKMGMT.MSC.
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On double clicking on a partition in "MY COMPUTER" the SEARCH window is starting instead of showing the contents of that partition. In order to see the contents of a partition I have to right click on the same and select "OPEN" from the options. I am not able to change that default search option.

Please provide me the solution.

A:How To Change The Default Option Of Opening A Partition In The "my Computer"

Welcome to BC aparichitRun CHKDSK on that drive and try Doug Knox's folder_open.vbs if you continue to have problems.Save the file to your desktop and double-click on it to run the script. If you have a script blocking program you may receive an alert and have to give permission to allow it to continue. A confirmation dialog will appear when finished.If the above does not resolve the issue then your symptoms could be related to a flash drive infection. In that case download Flash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it and follow any prompts that may appear.The utility may ask you to insert your flash drive and/or other removable drives. Please do so and allow the utility to clean up those drives as well.Wait until it has finished scanning and then exit the program.Reboot your computer when done.Note: Flash_Disinfector will create a hidden folder named autorun.inf in each partition and every USB drive plugged in when you ran it. Don't delete this will help protect your drives from future infection.
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Hi everyone I bought new laptop asus u vc days ago After change, 0xc0000225 won't win7 boot error after partition easus doing some basic changes I did a iso copy of a system as asus app advice me but I didn't had any DVDs at the time so I just skipped burning it Then I wanted to change a partitions size and use this easeus partition master I had two partitions c gb and d gb I resize c to and create new from the rest and divided d for more or less equally sized partitions It went well untill this point I hit apply and Easeus error 0xc0000225 after easus partition change, win7 won't boot restart computer But it didn't boot After Asus logo the display is dark can't upload pictures at the top it says windows boot manager quot Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer choose language settings and then click 'next' Click 'repair your computer' Status xc the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccesible quot error 0xc0000225 after easus partition change, win7 won't boot I don't have a recovery disc as I didn't burn it I had windows home premium sp bit and any of my friends have error 0xc0000225 after easus partition change, win7 won't boot this one I tried to use bootable usb with a version from 'media river' but it gives me error that my version is not correct I was able to get to command prompt window as I thought after reading other similar threads that one of partition has to be active When I get to the partitions there are four system mb reserved mb primary gb primary gb I sure that windows was on the so I tried to make it active But after I tried there was an information quot the selected disk is not a fixed basic mbr disk quot And now I'm lost and don't know what to do Here is a screen I understand that I can reinstall win from this bootable usb that I made but I would like to check out asus bloatware and chose which one I don't need Also I'm not sure if there are any damages on hdd I don't want to go for asus service because they will charge me for recovery disc and again I don't know if it will work Can some one help me I read a lot abot this but still didn't found answer There was one person that used discgenius program to rebuild disc as mbr but I didn't understand that and don't know if it will help in my case Hope someone can help me Ps So sorry for my english and mistakes

A:error 0xc0000225 after easus partition change, win7 won't boot

Boot up using the Startup disk CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.

How to Run a Startup Repair in Windows 7
Startup Repair
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Hi there
Anybody still using Free versions of EASUS

Little nasty here in the product description
EaseUS Disk Copy allows you to backup one partition to another. The two partitions are exactly same in each sector.
Attention Please:
1. The destination partition should be equal or larger than the source partition. Otherwise, the copied data may not keep intact.
2. If the size of destination partition is larger than source partition, after the copy finished, the size of destination partition will be changed to the same size as source partition and the rest space will be distributed into unallocated space.


Now If I'm backing up a partition I might well WANT to move it to a larger one.

The Feature "Change to same size as the source" for me renders this program USELESS and why do it anyway -- requires extra programming and I'm sure reduces the flexibility of the program for NO BENEFITS WHATSOEVER.


A:EASUS Free - Please guys DON'T CHANGE destination partition size

Seems perfectly normal to me.

Copy the partition into the larger one. Then extend it.

Some partition managers offer copy with resize option - it is exactly the same thing -they copy then they extend it.

It is a very good product in my experience - no problems with it at all.
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Hi there I am wondering if it is possible for me to change which partition my system restore points AND my page file are saved to.

I am sick and tired of space constantly changing on my C: Drive and would rather the page file and the restore points be saved to a separate hidden partition so this stops happening... and so there is always allocated hidden space just for restore points and the page file.

How do I accomplish this?

A:How do I change which partition restore points+page file are saved to?

System restore points are stored in the "System Volume Information" folder of the drive where the original files are. You cannot change this. It is possible to move the pagefile to a different partition but this is not a good idea unless it is a separate physical drive.
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I used to boot into Win which has been installed on a partition with in partition Win8 after Changed drive EaseUS change letter drive letter W After I ran EaseUS partion manager Best partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Family the partition has been enlarged and at first glance I am Changed Win8 drive letter after partition change in EaseUS able to boot Unfortunately my login screen is not customized anymore does not display background pictures apps et cetera and upon login I can hardly do anything no desktop is displayed I cannot start an explorer instance et cetera Guest logins are automatically kicked out Upon logging in it has remembered by username and apparently my credentials it just says 'Preparing Windows' for some time en then displays a blank screen in which I can see my mouse and with ctrl-alt-del get some options but I'm not able to start the task manager When I reboot into safe mode which is way more hidden than in Win I m able to start a task manager en from the I can run items browse my PC et cetera However I can see that my drive letter has been changed from W to E Most of the application I start are broken like when I start the MSC snap-in in order to maybe change the drive letter using Windows' built-in partition manager it state it is broken When I try to change the drive letter using the command prompt and 'diskpart' I'm not allowed as the drive I want to assign a drive letter to is a system drive I seem to have suffered no data loss I've got most stuff backed up anyway but don't want to re-install either The system is dual boot so I can work on the Win version but assigning a drive letter in Win only assigns it for the Win instance Any bright tips anyone

A:Changed Win8 drive letter after partition change in EaseUS

Phew, found a solution myself:

With some effort I was able to boot into safe mode, tricked an instance of the task manager, from the task manager I could start regedit.

In regedit I assigned the appropriate drive letter under:

This worked for me, but I recommend this ONLY as a last resort kind of thing.
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I'm adding SSD for the operating system and want to use the existing dual boot HD for my data drive. Need to make it 1 partition and get all the existing win7 and win8 files removed.

I can get to Disc Management screen but not exactly sure what steps to take.

A:How change 2 partition dualboot (win7/win8) into 1 part. for data only

Do you intend to do a clean install to the SSD?

If so, disconnect the HD before installing to the SSD.

After the SSD boots Windows OK, reconnect the HD and do what you wish with it---presumably delete all partitions and reformat.

Or have I misunderstood your intentions? I assume you want to get rid of the dual boot?
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I've done quite a bit of reading but have not found a specific answer to the title of this thread.  The system reserved partition for Windows 7 is created and has assigned the drive letter D:.  While I have no problem with the system partition
per se, I would prefer no drive letter to be assigned or to able to change it at the very least.

A:Change or remove Windows 7 System Reserved partition Drive Letter

It is highly unusual for Windows 7 to assign a letter to the reserved partition.  It is more likely that someone assigned the letter D: to that partition.
However, you should be able to go to the Disk Management and remove the letter on that partition.
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[Apologies if I have posed this in the wrong place; thanks for moving it if necessary!]
Good morning Folks!

I thought this would be simple: 1TB HDD with Two 500GB Partitions E: & Z:. Having available space in E: and needing more in Z: I performed a "Shrink" on E: of 75GB then "Expanded" Z: to the full amount available. I was warned it would change the disk to Dynamic (thus not being able to boot from it; I thought this would not be an issue as it is a secondary data disk). I ended up with 3 visible partitions with 2 named exactly the same and acting as one. e.g. "Properties" on one is identical to the other.
Attachment shows details.
Appreciation to all who read this and those who respond with my next advised move (if any).
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I have a GB drive which I had split into two partitions (Using has resize, disappeared. Cancelled partition Partition Magic) partition during F and G One partition had almost run out of space so I was going to reduce the size of the other and give Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic) the free space to this partition I set everything up and left it to run but it was taking longer than I expected Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic) and I needed to leave so I cancelled the operation The size of the G partition has been reduced and the drive now has GB of unallocated space which I was going to give to the F partition but it won t let me do this Whenever I try to do it it simply says an error has occurred I can t remember the exact message since I don t have access to the computer right now but I remember the error code being Also Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic) the G partition no longer appears in my computer but I can still browse the drive using the inbuilt browser in Partition Magic Since they put a Cancel button on the operation screen I assumed it would be safe to cancel the operation in that it would undo any changes that had already been made but apparently it just stops what it s doing and doesn t let you continue from where you stopped I realise now that I made a mistake but is there any way to recover the partition so that I can access it through My Computer as I usually can and to finish reallocating the unused space on the drive Thanks nbsp

A:Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic)
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My computer came with one great big partition, with XP Home installed on it. For four months all my data got stored on that same partition. Then I got partition magic, and decided to make a separate partition for all my files. This turned out to be too small, after I'd transfered all my music, plus my work files to it. I then tried to repartition the drive, taking most of the spare space from the XP drive and giving it to the data drive.
Just as it started to widen the Data drive, and after shrinking the XP drive, it crashed. Now XP doesn't boot, and my data partition is corrupted too.
I've been daft and so have no backup of my data, and no partition magic back-up floppies. Is there anyway I can get the data back?

If it's any help, Ubuntu is also on the laptop, and working fine.

A:Partition Magic 8 has corrupted Windows partition and Data partition

Do you have the installation CD? If so, "BART PE" may be the solution. I have used it with success. Here is the link:

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I have a GB drive which I had split into two partitions F and G One partition had almost run out of space so I was going to reduce the size of the other and give the free space to Magic) Partition partition resize, has during Cancelled disappeared. (Using partition this partition I set everything up and left it to run but it was taking longer than I expected and I needed to leave so I cancelled the operation The size of the G partition has been reduced and the drive now has GB of unallocated space which I was going to give to the F partition but it won t let me do this Whenever I try to do it Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic) it simply says an error has occurred I can t remember the exact message since I don t have access to the computer right now but I remember the error code being Also the G partition no longer appears in my computer but I can still browse the drive using the inbuilt browser in Partition Magic Since they put a Cancel button on the operation screen I assumed it would be safe to cancel the operation in that it would undo any changes that had already been made but apparently it just stops what it s doing and doesn t Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic) let you continue from where you stopped I realise now that I made a mistake but is there any way to recover the partition so that I can access it through My Computer as I usually can and to finish reallocating the unused space on the drive Thanks nbsp

A:Cancelled during partition resize, partition has disappeared. (Using Partition Magic)
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setup is my pc has been crashing lately random blue screens and non blue screens I ran Hd Sentential and it said that of my hd's has bad sector on the raid setup so I got win installed on my gb raptor drive It still crashes but I hd to to partition it Need boot to 1 and boot change remove make 2 want to remove the other hds to see if that fixes my crashing problem The problem is the raptor drive is partition so msconfig is set to partition I need to edit it so it boots from partition and i don't have to reinstall The kicker I try to used the windows disc to use their repair section of the disc BUT my raid drivers always seem to fail It works fine for installing but not Need to change boot to remove 2 hd and make it boot to partition 1 for this operation Why i don't know i get a long list of the same named driver and none of them haven't tried them all seem to work Weird AND EASYBDCD BLOWS for what i need done

A:Need to change boot to remove 2 hd and make it boot to partition 1

You've got the right idea to remove RAID as we see nothing but problem with it and Win7. Reinstalling to a single HD set to boot first in BIOS setup is a good start. I'd remove RAID and wipe the other HD's to use as storage.

But your description is unclear so please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map with listings, using the Snipping Tool in Start Menu. Tell us what is on each partition and what you want to do in a clear concise list. We will give you the steps to get it done easiest.
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Lately on my IBM computer i have been hosting a minecraft server. I host this server using Mine OS Crux. This is a free linux operating system that lets anyone host a 24/7 minecraft server.

Just today i ran out of space on the partition it is running on. Partiton wizard looks at it as a "other" partiton. This prevents me from resizing it.......

I just want to give it more space. If anyone knows how to do that please respond....


A:How do i change the size of an "other" partition?

Quote: Originally Posted by MasterCreate66


Lately on my IBM computer i have been hosting a minecraft server. I host this server using Mine OS Crux. This is a free linux operating system that lets anyone host a 24/7 minecraft server.
Just today i ran out of space on the partition it is running on. Partiton wizard looks at it as a "other" partiton. This prevents me from resizing it.......
I just want to give it more space. If anyone knows how to do that please respond....


The Linux program gparted will do it - it might even be included in your "Mine OS". If not, you can download an iso file of a bootable gparted disk, and burn it to CD or USB - then you'll be able to do what you want.
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I have got HD 40 GB, I have partitioned it to many partitions some of them NTFS and other Fat32.

I installed XP and 2003, each one on a different partition (not same partition).

Letter for partition is changed to D for Win2003, and F for XP.

I tried to changed (Right Click My Computer->Manage->Disk Management ) the partition letter for XP (From F->E) while I was logging to Win2003 , I could not.

I tried to changed (Right Click My Computer->Manage->Disk Management ) the partition letter for 2003 (From D->C) while I was logging to XP , I could not.

Message that I received:

“Can not modify the drive letter of your system or boot volume”

Can I change the partition letter ? How ?

A:Change partition letter to the default letter

No, you can't change the drive letter of a Windows installation after it's installed.
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Hi all I ve been working on resizing partition Partition partition disappearing! After D: keeps with Magic, a Dell server not sure of the model but can get it tomorrow that has Windows Server and a GB hard drive split into two partitions giving us a C After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing! and D drive Recently somebody from the office used Partition Magic not sure of the version to resize the partitions I think they After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing! re roughly split up for C and -ish for D Anyway the resizing appeared to go well but every couple of weeks the D partition completely disappears from Windows Computer Management shows it as unallocated space I believe Fortunately I m able to easily restore the partition using a bootable Paragon Rescue Kit CD It quickly scans and finds the quot lost quot partition and it restores it in no time I ve done this a couple of times now over the past few months The question of course is WHY is the partition dropping out or how to prevent it from dropping out in the first place The thing I find really odd is that it will drop out while the server is running -- meaning it will just disappear at a seemingly random time and nobody will notice until they try to access data that was on that partition Any suggestions on what I can check or what the solution might be It s really confusing It s nice to know how to restore the partition but obviously it s still a hassle to have to do that It d be much nicer if the partition wouldn t go in the first place Thanks nbsp

A:After resizing partition with Partition Magic, D: partition keeps disappearing!
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I read all the messages about making sure the partition is botable However nothing was mentioned about changing a partition that has an existing OS working on it from not bootable to bootable I have two HDD with two partitions each One HDD has Windows on partition and storage on partition The other drive has Windows Pro on partition and Windows XP Home on partition When I set up my partitions with Western Digital s Data Lifeguard Tools the only partition that was made bootable was the one active partition with Windows The other three partitions are primary but non-bootable I use the Windows loader to access each OS Now I need to format the Windows partition but can t take a chance of wiping out the MBR to from bootable. partition non-bootable Change which is Change partition from non-bootable to bootable. on the first disk and thereby having no way to access Windows XP for regular operations until I get working again So does anyone knowif it s possible to change the status of a working partition Windows XP from non-bootable to bootable without destroying the partition Other wise I have to completely clean both drives and start over from scratch installing all the OS nbsp

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My computer had one HDD and vista Today I installed a new faster hard drive a Seagate Momentus which is a sort of hybrid SSD-HDD and then I installed windows on the new drive In Control Panel - gt Computer Management - gt Disk management the new drive shows up as quot Disk quot C NTFS Healthy boot Page File Crash Dump Primary Partition and the old hdd shows up as quot Disk quot gb recovery partition plus a gb partition D Ntfs Healthy System Active Primary Partition Question I would like to keep not How old change be partition system vista "system" to the to most of the files on the old drive now D but would like to remove vista from it Is it possible to change the How to change the old vista system partition to be not "system" D drive partition so that it is not a quot System quot Partition then delete the Vista files from it Or must I first copy my data off of it and then repartition it Question If I must wipe the old partition should I also wipe the quot Recovery Partition quot as well Is there any advantage to keeping that Question Should I create a quot recovery partition quot for windows I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge but I don't know what a recovery partition is or how it would be used Thank you

A:How to change the old vista system partition to be not "system"

Would you post a screen snip of your Disk Management for us?

Start Computer Management Disk Management
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I have an external hard disk of Samsung 650GB which got damaged when I was transferring some files to my pc through it. Now when I connect to any PC or Laptop it shows the safely remove icon but there is no letter assigned to it and also doesn't show up in My Computer though it can be seen in Disk Management.

I tried Mini Tool Partition Wizard but when I create a new partition it stops at 90%. I tried wiping out the partition but to no avail.

Is there any solution for it??? Please help.

A:Creating A New Partition Or Wiping A Partition On External Hard Disk Stuck

I would check the manufacturers site for a windows utility to low level format it. If you cannot find a utility to do that on manufacturer's site, then try this: to wipe the drive. WARNING!! this will destroy all data on the selected hard drive!! be very careful when selecting a drive to wipe that you don't inadvertently select the wrong disk. After a low level format, unplug the drive, plug back in, windows should detect as a new, virgin, drive and it'll prompt you to format it. Format it and hopefully everything will be fine from here on out for you.

Post back, Hope this helps!!
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I have a Ghost 11 partition image which I have restored before, but today there is a problem.

The image file is 18 Gb or thereabouts but Ghost reports it as

17,875,318,21 bytes (yes 21 at the end)

When I try and restore it it I can select the source partition in the image, it finds the destination drive OK and then it shows the destination partition in the list but it is greyed out.

Haven't a clue why this is happening, I have used this product for 7 years without a problem.

Anyone else seen anything like this?

A:Ghost 11 - restoring partition image - destination partition not shown in list

Destination is too small would be my guess?
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I'm not too sure what to do as of now, the free partition that is worth 66gb is just there. I right clicked my Primary Cdrive partition to try extend it but it was greyed out and so i couldnt merge the two..

Help is greatly appreciated!

A:How do i Merge a free space partition to my Primary C drive partition? IN VISTA

You can't modify the partition that has Windows installed on it because doing so would destroy your Windows installation.
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Since I'm not an expert at present I can't do a lot to help others in this forum solve their problems So I figure that the most helpful thing I can do is post enough information that hopefully others can learn from my experiences That's why I'm putting so much documentation Partition Resize Partition Failure Recovery 2) (Part - PW found issues into this thread I have a WD TB external hard drive that I use for both System Image and data file backups A week ago I was trying to resize one of its partitions and the process got hung up partway through I took some steps to try to address any problems that may have resulted but apparently I didn't do enough Here's the background nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by LaurieD I was using Paragon Hard Disk Manager to resize a partition on a WD TB external hard drive I let the process run overnight and somehow it was interrupted during the Quick Data Moving step Upon resuming the program indicated Resize Partition Failure (Part 2) - PW Partition Recovery found issues it had data that still needed to be moved so I let it continue The process apparently stopped at the quot Rebuilding Partitions Info quot stage - neither the percent complete nor the elapsed time nor the time had remaining changed for at least the past - hours Until it suddenly stopped the elapsed time had been steadily growing I've attached a screenshot showing the Paragon dashboard and status windows nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by LaurieD Update When I began to deal with the issue here were the results - I was able to close the Paragon app and its various windows without having to force it to close - I was able to reboot my laptop without having to force anything to close - Upon reboot I could see all of my partitions both on my internal drive and my external drive I immediately ran CHKDSK on each partition and each one passed with no errors except for the partition I had been trying to re-size - It had a corrupt attribute that said it was fixed and part of the free space was changed to show as being allocated - When I checked that space through Disk Management it had been set up as its own partition rather than being added to the partition I was trying to expand and in fact several sections of unallocated space were showing up in odd places - but the partitions that hold data appeared to be intact and the same size as they were before I started and I could see the files and folders that had been there before http www sevenforums com software -resize-partition-failure-process-stopped-no-error-message html

A:Resize Partition Failure (Part 2) - PW Partition Recovery found issues

I read about PW Partition Recovery in one of the tutorials, so I ran a Quick Scan of the entire 2TB drive, with the following results (see screen shot).
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I'm trying to recover my partition table using MniniTool Partition Wizard. I tried running the Partition Recover Wizard which listed the 2 partitions on my disk i.e. ACER and SYSTEM RESERVED. It also listed the hidden PQSERVICE partition which comes with factory settings. The ACER and PQSERVICE partitions are listed as "Lost/Deleted" and SYSTEM RESERVED is "Existing".

However when I try to select all these partitions so I can recover and keep them all, the status of SYSTEM RESERVED changes from "Existing" to "Overlapped" and I can't select it anymore. When I move to the next step it tells me that it'll have to delete the SYSTEM RESERVED partition.

I don't know if i should go ahead and do so. or if it will just make things worse. What should I do?
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Trying to do a clean install and my Windows Home Premium x seems to have an aversion to putting the system reserved partion on disk My HP notebook has Clean wont system install Disk partition with partition reserved 0 two identical disk drives If I boot up the windows Clean install wont partition Disk 0 with system reserved partition install with both drives unallocated and do a custom Clean install wont partition Disk 0 with system reserved partition install the window where i select the partition for the install if I click new to create a partition on disk it creates one partition on the whole disk If I do the same for disk it automatically creates two partitions one for the system reserved If I try to do that in reverse order by partioning disk first it will still create two partitions on disk one for the system reserved It wont partion disk with the system reserved partition I tried to install windows with only disk plugged to into the motherboard and that worked when i partitioned the drive during the windows install it created the system partion on disk However once i had windows up in running I plugged disk unallocated back into the mother board and windows woudnt boot up I could jsut install windows on disk but ive read that it is better to install it on disk

A:Clean install wont partition Disk 0 with system reserved partition

Welcome to the forum.

When you tried to boot with both disks installed, did you go to the BIOS and check that disk 0 was the first in the boot priority?
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I loaded a hard disk formatted as a Windows Primary Disk onto my SATA controller. The BIOS sees the disk. In this case I want to load the new disk as a secondary drive (of course I have booted with a different hard disk). I load the Partition Manager and inside I find that the partition manger does not see the new disk. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the new disk being a Windows 7 primary boot partition as well. I was hoping to get a drive letter mapped to it so I could extract some data from that disk. What should I be doing when this occurs?

Thank you...

A:Partition Manager. Primary Boot Partition as Secondary Drive.

Have you tried Disk Management? Right click computer and select manage, in the left column select disk management. In the lower portion of the window you will see each hard drive with drive letters. If you see one with no drive letter, right click it and select 'change drive letter or path, next screen select add, and pick whatever drive letter you would like from the drop down list. Once it gives it a drive letter, you will be able to see it in explorer. If you have data on the drive you would like to keep, Do Not format it, if Disk Management wants to.
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I bought a fairly new eMachines E528-2325 from a friend. before buying he decided to use DBAN 2.2.6 to wipe Windows 7 and install Ubuntu 11.04, after buying i requested him to reinstall Windows 7 using usb, so he again used DBAN to wipe the computer. Upon trying to install windows he got the error "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing partition." We both cannot find a fix to this problem, and we have basic knowledge on computers. Please and thanks for any help.

eMachines E528-2325
Intel Celeron 900 processor
2GB DDR3 system memory
250GB SATA hard drive
DVD/CD drive doesn't work

A:Setup unable to create a new partition or locate an existing partition

Hello mrvoid, welcome to Seven Forums!

Boot the Windows 7 installer and do at least a clean to start and a clean all would be best; have a look at the information below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

To start fresh with a clean installation or clean install with an upgrade version of Windows 7, it may be best to over-write the Master Boot Record of any possible corruption and then use the Windows installer to create and format the partition(s) for installation, have a look at the "#6 clean" option of Method One in this first tutorial linked below. Secure Erase / Wipe : Definition and Methods
DISKPART : At PC Startup

If you want to completely wipe, over-write the entire Hard Disk Drive of any possible malware infection and / or to get the best possible space to do the install to or just for security purposes, have a look at these tutorials. SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
Additional Secure Erase / Wipe Information
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When I installed Windows 7 on to my new laptop I think I did it on to the wrong partition as there is still a 30GB freedos one.

Can I merge it with the partition Windows 7 is installed onto as it is getting full?

I don't want to have to reinstall Windows again.


A:Solved: Unused freedos partition - can merge it with Windows partition?
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Win XP home ed.:
What are the steps needed to access one of my partitions, delete it, then use 1/2 the space and apply to system drive and the other 1/2 to another partition?

A:remove partition & add space to system drive & a diff partition
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My Dell XPS desktop has disk drives a GB SSD and a TB internal hard drive I'm running Win Pro which boots from the SSD In March something happened and I didn't notice it until now Whatever happened didn't effect the computer's performance so far as I could notice I'm getting a new computer and want to repartition the hard drive on this one which would involve eliminating the 'Stuff' partition S But I can't as it is now the System partition see screen cap Anyway what happened is an active partition was established on the hard drive in the 'Stuff' S partition and that was also made the System partition Prior to March the SSD's RECOVERY partition was the System partition Both partitions have the full complement of boot files and both are designated as 'Active' which I didn't think could happen unless the rule is only 'active' partition per drive not per operating system What I want to do is move the 'System' designation back to the SSD RECOVERY partition I found a video on YouTube that gave me some BCD commands but that didn't work It did no harm it just didn't change anything The attached screen cap shows what appears on the Disk Management screen I do image weekly Unfortunately I only keep the past weeks so I can't go back to before mid-March which is the date showing on all the boot files on the S partition If worse comes to worse I'll just shrink the S partition and leave it in place as Active partition partition moved mysteriously System & 2nd appears the System partition but if there's a way to System partition mysteriously moved & 2nd Active partition appears move the 'System' designation back to the SSD's RECOVERY partition I'd appreciate it if anyone who might know would let me know Alternatively if anyone can give me a google search phrase to find the answer I'd do that But I can't seem to phrase my google search to get a relevant response In advance thanks for any help anyone may be able to provide to me on this
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I'm a long-time reader but new poster I am currently running Windows I want to install Windows XP onto another disc and have a dual-boot setup I keep Windows up to date and secure but for the XP partition I would rather not have antivirus running or even installed in order to limit background processes I will not be logging into any place partition OS boot partition access w/Bitlocker a dual encrypted Can if or making any credit card purchases when booted into Windows XP It will just be used for surfing games etc Further if and when XP becomes compromised or buggy I will simply overwrite the partition with a backup image If I use Bitlocker to lock down the Windows partition with the encryption key on a thumb drive and boot into Windows XP Can OS partition access a dual boot partition if encrypted w/Bitlocker am I correct in thinking the XP installation see or can't access the Windows partition If XP gets compromised can a virus access or write to the Windows partition Is there any other reason why this would not be secure Can a virus write to the BIOS Thanks to anyone who can help

A:Can OS partition access a dual boot partition if encrypted w/Bitlocker

Please, any response would be greatly appreciated.
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I am getting this error while installing windows 7 again!
My earlier win 7 got corrupted and i am trying to reinstall it.
I am using USB drive.
I have tried re-inserting pen drive and diskpart method to set the location of the partition.but both solutions are useless!
What can be the reason and what should i do?

A:Unable to create a new system partition or locate an existin partition

The problem is all your partitions are Logical.
The bootloader needs to be installed in a Primary partition.

You can delete Partition 4 so it becomes Unallocated space.
Then Windows should be able to create a system partition and install.
Installing in Unallocated space Windows will create 2 partitions, a System Reserved partition for the bootloader and a C partition for Windows.

Or, you could delete Partition 4 and create a new Primary partition.
If you install Windows into that Primary partition the bootloader and Windows will be in the C partition.
You won't have a System Reserved partition.

I like having Windows as the first partition, before any data partitions, but that would be more work if you want to move partitions around before installing Windows.
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Hello all I ve got a gig Partition FAT32 Partition Using to NTFS up Magic Space Free for hard drive divided into a primary C partition and a second logical partition E drive I also have a separate hard drive which is D which I use for backups This is a dual boot system - the C drive has Windows ME on Using Partition Magic to Free up FAT32 Space for NTFS Partition it which I don t use anymore and the E drive has Windows XP Pro The C drive is FAT and the E drive is NTFS I d like to be able to Using Partition Magic to Free up FAT32 Space for NTFS Partition delete all data and programs from the C drive and just leave the ME operating system there so as to Using Partition Magic to Free up FAT32 Space for NTFS Partition free up as much free space as possible Then I d like to shift the free space from C into the E partition I m not sure if this is possible to do Can I use Partition Magic to move FAT free space into the E partition which is formatted as NTFS Can folks tell me if this is possible to do and what steps I need to take using Partition Magic in order to accomplish it I d appreciate tips and suggestions Thanks very much Please feel free to also e-mail me directly email protected nbsp

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How do hd make is How second to when small? bootable image too partition / partition restore I make the second partition which includes all files from another hard drive pretend that it is the main partition I want to simulate the second partition being my main one for a while OR How do I resize system partitions Background I am in deep trouble A while ago I made a hard drive image with Drive Snapshot http www drivesnapshot de en A few days ago my hard drive crashed and I certainly want to restore it Although I can t afford waiting for a new hard drive and I want to restore it to another computer instead My goal is to be able to boot How to make second partition bootable / restore hd image when partition is too small? into the old system with all programs and settings intact Setup How to make second partition bootable / restore hd image when partition is too small? - A stationary computer where the hard-drive snapshot resides gb - A crashed laptop computer gb - A target stationary computer with two partitions system c gb d gb The problem is I cannot restore the gb image file to the d partition as it is gb too small I How to make second partition bootable / restore hd image when partition is too small? cannot use the gb computer and I cannot afford to delete the system partition of the target computer I see only two options Resizing the partitions on target computer Mounting the snapshot-image as a virtual drive done and copy all files but the movie-files etc to D Problems encountered This is impossible as the C is the system partition and they cannot be made smaller with programs like Acronis PartitionExpert Although all files but the movies are copyed I cannot make it boot method I use a virtual pc that mounts only the D partition as only hard-drive It says quot Missing OS quot when trying to boot Trying to install XP in this mode just comes to choosing a suitable partition between quot Unknown quot and quot C quot In reality quot C quot and quot D quot resp but then it cannot continue without having a windows-installation on quot Unknown quot the primary partition Info As I want the settings to be intact the virtual bootup should recognize the D drive as C I also tried doing a fixmbr through the recovery console but I dared not continue Check the attached image for a screenshot Please help Any tips appreciated I had a similar post here earlier but as this is a new situation I feel this requires a new thread nbsp

A:How to make second partition bootable / restore hd image when partition is too small?
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Hi friends.

I just encountered a serious issue. I was about to reinstall Win 7. I used a tool in Hiren Boot CD
and formatted c:, and then i accidentally formatted the 125MB partition created by win 7.

my HDD was partitioned as C, D, E, F.

now i can access only C and D, E is shown as RAW file system (I cant open it).
F is shown only is disk management (without a drive letter).

So i believe that all the data is still on the HDD and can be recovered by re-building MFT.
please help me guys.
Thanks in advance

A:partition table issue - win7 hidden partition formatted

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots