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PC needs some new parts (Graphics and sound)

Q: PC needs some new parts (Graphics and sound)

So, I built a PC years ago and kept a few things from my old unit.
Sound and video card.
Sound card didn't work with the new system so I'm running it onboard. Sounds okay, but I'd like to update it!
Video card is beyond old. Just picked up SimCity for 10 bucks and it looks like crap. Has to play on low settings.

Here's what I have:
Core i7 950 running at 3.07
6MB Ram (thinking of going to 8 here)
64bit OS Windows 7 home premium

ATI Radeon 5450. (NOT HD) I've looked for the card online and can't even find a picture of it.

What should I be looking for in terms of a video card to last me for years to come?
Santa left me a nice check for Xmas so money isn't really an issue!

Here's a pic of the PC (graphics card is taken out from the missing PCIe slot)

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Preferred Solution: PC needs some new parts (Graphics and sound)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PC needs some new parts (Graphics and sound)

Wow. Bestselling card on Amazon is $359.99
I wasn't thinking of spending more than $200...I don't game that much and just want a much-needed upgrade!
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Hey first things first I ll tell you the specs as far as it can go but it s not going to be as detailed as possible and you ll see why Graphics parts? Graphics other Card with compatibility card Old but has been working in Graphics Card compatibility with other parts? previous Graphics Card compatibility with other parts? system ATI Radeon x Motherboard Brand new Asus P QL Pro PSU Brand new and working for definite OCZ Stealth Xstream W RAM Brand new OCZ PC x Gb CPU Brand new Intel Core Quad Q Also a brand new Western Digital Gb blank formatted HDD The problem is Graphics Card compatibility with other parts? that when all of them are put together plugged in correctly there is no video output on my monitor which does work the cables are working too Seeing as this motherboard has no onboard graphics which is stupid in my opinion we re unsure as to what we can do to make it work My boyfriend is the one who s putting the parts together and he s tried nearly everything we can We have tried another GPU - an nVidia Geforce GT which we re not sure but we think its dead anyway - and no luck there We figured that the harddrive and motherboard would work with the GPU once the drivers were all installed but with no onboard graphics to even show on screen we re stuck He now thinks that it could be the CPU but we have no proof of it Does anyone have any suggestions As you can see we cant get the nitty gritty details from cpuz as we cant access anything Not even bios haha Any replies would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance C nbsp

A:Graphics Card compatibility with other parts?

Do you have a motherboard speaker? Are there any beeps when you power up the system?
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Got a new motherboard (Asus M2N-E). I had a K8N before that and had been using its onboard sound device for about a year with no problems whatsoever. I recently got this new motherboard, a new video, a new processor, and more memory. Now, the sound works fine, except it's all staticy in certain parts of songs.

The drivers I'm using are called "SoundMax" that I found on the Asus site. The RealTek ones I normally use didn't work this time around.

Please help!

Bah. Just ran the SoundMax setup thing and everything is fine. Sorry

Blargh! The staticy sound has definitely been drastically reduced, but it hasn't been removed completely. I've been listening to some Devin Townsend and there are a few parts where you can hear it.


A:Staticy sound after installing new parts...

maybe its the speakers or the cable...
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I have two issues that I hope you can assist me with nbsp The first paragraph below is for the first issue nbsp The second paragraph below is return 15t-K000 S... HP Hinge and to HP Envy repair Parts parts for the second issue nbsp I appreciate any assistance you could provide nbsp On I placed an order for a new display back cover and a set of hinges in the HP Parts Store nbsp My HP personal information removed nbsp Total order cost in US dollars nbsp I paid for the parts already via credit card and the parts were delivered to me nbsp A friend of mine repairs laptops as a full time occupation nbsp She was planning to help me repair the broken laptop hinge and replace HP Envy 15t-K000 Hinge repair and return parts to HP Parts S... the back cover so part of the replacement hinge would be protected when I transport the computer nbsp Unfortunately my friend found out that her sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer after I received the parts from the HP Parts Store nbsp My friend has been spending lots of time caring for her ill sister and her elderly parents in their s nbsp She is unable to help me repair the right hinge and back cover of my laptop nbsp The parts have not been touched and they are still in the boxes nbsp I would like to return the parts and receive a credit applied to my charge account however the HP return policy states that parts must be returned in days nbsp The HP Parts Store also charges a restocking fee nbsp Can you assist with this return transaction nbsp I would prefer to not pay the restocking fee nbsp nbsp nbsp I would still like to have the laptop hinge repaired so that the laptop can close properly and be portable nbsp Aside from the right hinge not closing and the plastic parts missing from both sides of the hinge the laptop is still functional and I like the touchscreen nbsp The laptop is two years old and is no longer covered by the standard one year HP warranty nbsp On this forum I saw that you assisted Mike Amondo with a similar repair for at an HP authorized repair center nbsp Can you contact the HP Authorized repair center group and help me get the same repair price nbsp If the repair center sends me a box I can ship them the laptop nbsp nbsp

A:HP Envy 15t-K000 Hinge repair and return parts to HP Parts S...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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A:Switch HPG60 parts with Sony vaio PCG-3F3L Parts

I guess that would depend on what "parts" you're talking about.
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So I m planning on building my new PC and have found a list of all of the parts parts/best Solved: own for build? Compatible parts that I would like to purchase This will be my first build and wanted to check that A all these parts are compatible and B that these are the best parts I can get for the money To clarify I will be using the PC for mainly gaming and Photoshop other design work The prices below are Solved: Compatible parts/best parts for own build? the best prices I could find online too Budget is about Tower - Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case - Power Supply - Corsair Watt CX V Builder Solved: Compatible parts/best parts for own build? Series Plus Power Supply - CPU - Intel Core i K - Motherboard - ASRock Z Extreme - RAM - Patriot G Series Sector Edition Solved: Compatible parts/best parts for own build? GB - Graphics card - Sapphire RADEON HD - Hard drive - Western Digital Caviar Black TB - Think this all I will need apart from a disc drive any other hidden costs parts that I am missing out too Thanks nbsp

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Before you throw out your old, dead hard drives, dismantle them and recover the magnets inside.

Some of the most powerful magnets known to man are inside.

A couple of cute little motors too, but they don't like to come out easily.

A:Fun parts inside old parts

I agree, just don't put the magnets together with your fingers in the middle of them !
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just got a nvidia geforce 5500 FX. i know its old but its better than my stock card and it was only like 50 bucks but after installing and updating for vista (ugggg) when i play World of Warcraft my sound crackles bad. it only does it while wow is open. when i close it everything is fine. so while wow is up vent,ts, wmp are all crackly and stuff. didn't start till i intalled the card....which is good but still get some low fps and large inc mem ..

A:graphics and sound help

Try installing the graphics card driver that is Vista compatible it should solve your problem.
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Hi I have a problem with my sound card when the mic is boosted I get loads of hissing then if I am loading a game or viewing a website and scrolling up and down I hear high pictched frequencies My mic also sound bad over VOIP I try all different mics and they sound exactly the same so something must be wrong I and Sound Graphics have about to spend not on a sound card but Graphics and Sound on a graphics card aswell so I was looking at this http soundblaster com products product asp category amp subcategory amp product I just have one query I have a front headphone and mic socket can I connect them up to Graphics and Sound this card I use my sound for music playing games and audio editing and hopefully it will get rid Graphics and Sound of the hissing and make me sound a bit better If this is what I am looking for it will leave me with about I allready have a ghz processor so there is no point upgrading that I have gb of ram allready and I have a mb graphics card but I cant see how it can get any better than this my graphics seem amazing so I dont want to waste money on something that is good if I had a bigger mointor than quot I think I might need a more powerfull graphics card the only thing that will decrease would be the loading time for games any comments please So it leave me with about to spend on my computer upgrading it what can I upgrade can I add it to a better audio card Thanks alot nbsp

A:Graphics and Sound

I'm pretty sure that you will not be able to use your front headphone ports with that sound card. Usually all the extra headers on a Creative card output a digital signal that would have to be converted to analog for you to be able to listen to it. Creative wants you to buy the card with the drive bay to be able to use the extra headers. All computers have some hiss and whine coming from the sound card. I'd go to the sound cards manufacturer's website and download and install the latest driver before I'd spend any money for the Sound Blaster but the XFi will probably help some with the hiss and whine.
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I recently reinstalled windows xp on my dell laptop, but my sound card and graphics card weren't installed, so now I'm without graphics and sound. I don't have the drivers for these hardware, nor do I have internet at home to download the drivers. What should I do to get my graphics and sound back? The graphics card is mobile intel 945GM express chipset and the sound card is sigmatel 9200

A:no sound or graphics

Visit Dell websiste and download the drivers for your sound card and vga card. Save the downloaded drivers on a flash drive then transfer it to your computer so you can install it.
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Hello all I just joined here because i am having problems with my computer built from various parts running windows xp bit and i read a post here and it seemed like this would be the place to try for help yesterday i received some free computer components because they were thought to help with sound/graphics need be no good so i threw them all together and all is well except for graphics and sound I am actually using this computer to write this post anyways Ill break the issues up into separate paragraphs to ease the read Graphics problem the problem im having with my graphics is the computer will show color for website text and such but when it comes to pictures there color absent and pixelated I cant view pictures all i see is need help with sound/graphics vague outlines of objects in a field of black and white pixes and maybe some colored pixels i tried updating the drivers but there all up to date no errors pop up either Sound problem the problem im having with sound is that its totally absent whenever i get near anything that would normally have sound the following error pops up quot Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device There may not be a sound device installed on your computer it may be in use by another program or it may not be functioning properly quot according to the person that gave the components to me he said they functioned properly when he used them about a need help with sound/graphics year before but not all in one machine Help nbsp

A:need help with sound/graphics

Sound problem: the problem im having with sound is that its totally absent. whenever i get near anything that would normally have sound the following error pops up, "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly." according to the person that gave the components to me, he said they functioned properly when he used them about a year before, but not all in one machine. Help??Click to expand...

whats in device manager and ? or ! listed
view - show hidden devices

what windows version is installed - and we can move to that forum
Device Manager
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

how to access device manager for different windows versions

windows key and pause Key should open to allow device manager to be seen,
on a laptop you may need to use windows key + FN key + Pause Key

if this does not work then

Windows 7 or Vista
Click on the Start Orb
In the Start Search box type
device manager and then press enter


Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here
Full details are here

this may also help

This tutorial is designed to help you identify and fix common sound problems in Windows, including no sound coming from your speakers or headphones. This tutorial doesn't cover sound problems related to specific programs. Sound problems can be caused by cables that aren't connected properly, corrupt drivers, incompatible drivers, sound settings, missing updates, and problems with your sound card.

How to use this tutorial

For best results, complete each step before moving on to the next one. Check for sound after each step before going to the next step.Click to expand...
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today I installed windows 8 pro, perviously I was using windows 8 release preview. On Windows 8 RP all drivers were installed automatically but this time it isn't even updating from windows update nor it is searching online for drivers.
on windows 7.

A:Graphics and Sound Drivers

hi,check computer makers web site for drivers ,was and always will be the best place to get latest drivers ,
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Computer Specs Acer Aspire about a year old Modifications problem No graphics sound, with installed G extra memory total x G AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor Cache Kbytes x L Kbytes x Motherboard Acer Mod EM SM EM PM Core Speed MHz Chipset NVIDIA MPC BIOS Phoenix Tech Version R -A Memory DDR Dual Channel Mbytes Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium This is not my main computer and No sound, problem with graphics was purchased it to use with a wide format printer and very little else So I didn t go to much trouble to fix it when a sporadic problem with the sound started a few months ago I figured it was just some minor problem settings or such But over the months I ve done everything I can think of I changed the speakers and wiring checked for any problems with the software settings etc The sound would come on and work for days or weeks amp then go out I could never narrow it down except to exclude the speakers wiring and settings I ve tried to load new drivers but it says the one it s using is the best one And it says quot This device is working properly quot which really irks me But since I use it at home now I need to fix it When I changed the location I used the recovery disks to return to factory software I had previously done this a number of times with no change in the sound problem However this time I noticed that now there s a problem with the graphics too I have a video poker game that used to work fine but now when I start it it brings up an error screen something about graphics and locks up the computer I have to do a hard shut down and on reboot I get the blue screen that says Windows has recovered from a fatal error how do I want to start it etc As I said the sound problem comes and goes right now I have sound from my front speaker jack but not the back and it s got constant static It is not a problem with the software settings I have tried every possible setting many times and it has worked as well as not worked on the exact same settings I opened the case to see what cards I would need and it seems that the sound and graphics are built into the motherboard There are no cards plugged into the available slots except a modem What I would like to know is can I simply go into the BIOS and bypass the integrated sound and graphics and install new cards in the motherboard I would like to have something better than what came with the computer but I don t play a lot of games other than what came with Windows and a few others that don t require a lot of memory My other computer was built for gaming and I could use it if I could find a game as much fun as they seem to be in some of the forums I ve read I would not mind spending a couple of hundred dollars or more if it would increase performance but I really don t want to replace the power supply I ran CPU-Z but can t find anything on it about the graphic interface Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated Joe nbsp

A:No sound, problem with graphics

1. For your on & off audio problem:

You can narrow it down starting with the external equipment attached to your

Web cam
External HDD
Usb hub
Card readers
Other USB powered peripherals

Try temporarilly unplugging the devices (if you have any of stated above).
They can eat up system resources & can cause hardware malfunctions.
Normally caused by inadequate supply of power.

2. For the static sound:

> Ground loops
> EMI ?electromagnetic interference? (ie: washing machine that runs in the same electrical circuit line & other motorized equipments)
> Wireless equipment (ie : keyboard & mouse)
> speakers (if not shielded or too close to your computer)
> if you have an amplified speakers,try plugging it to another AC wall outlet that is
not congested with other AC equipments.
> also try your speakers to another PC

if none of the above worked,then you can try un-installing & re-install the
sound driver.please do not override the current sound driver or get over to it by just loading the driver,you have to un-install then re-install.
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I've recently purchased a new graphics card, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and have been unable to get any sound on my PC since. I've tested my boxes, they're working fine when connected to my smartphone.

When I look up my installed audio devices, there are the NVIDIA HDMI Output Port 0 through 4, none of which are plugged in, then there are Realtek speakers, once again, not plugged in, lastly there's a Realtek Digital Output, which is set as default device.

My Bose speakers aren't detected at all. I've checked multiple times now, to be absolutely certain, they are plugged into the right port.

Any help would be absolutely amazing.

A:New graphics card - No sound


Disclaimer: I am just a home user, not an expert.

I had a similar symptom (no sound output) after a recent glitch that necessitated a hard shutdown.
When I rebooted, there was no audio output.

TMALSS, extensive hardware diagnostics (via F12 on this Dell box, Dell Audio diagnostics, etc.) and via device manager (including removing and reinstalling my audio devices) --> No joy, even though everything checked out OK and the tests from device manager showed that the speakers/audio were communicating with the computer, speakers were functional, etc.

On a screen-share remote session with Dell, the tech actually had a logical approach to troubleshooting.

The eventual solution was simply to DISABLE the NVidia HDMI output in device manager, as it was somehow clashing with/blocking the Realtek sound output.
The NVidia HDMI output -- which was not previously in use -- had somehow "re-enabled" itself when I rebooted after the hard shut down.

I have had no further issues for several weeks.

Caveat: I never had an issue with the system seeing any of the hardware or peripherals, including my speakers. So YMMV.

Just a thought,

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I put a new graphics card into my desktop and since then my computer has had no sound. I have a intel computer with 2 gb ram that runs on xp, the graphics card I inserted was a ati hd radion 2400 series. have any ideas guys, I have no idea what is going on.

Thanks a heap,

A:new graphics card, no sound

Check in the BIOS, the new graphics card must have disabled your onboard sound. Enable it again.
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Whenever im playing an mp3 or something in either windows media player or winamp & i open the visualizations, the sound starts to crackle a lot. It stops when you switch to fullscreen so i'm confused. I think its a conflict between my graphics & sound as they are both onboard. I updated the drivers for both my graphics & sound but this only made things worse. Can anyone help me plz?. Cheers.

A:sound & graphics conflict. plz help

hrmm....U sure its not your speakers! When you go to full screen the problems stops???
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Hello I am running Windows Vista Home edition SP It's an Acer laptop with GB of RAM I Problems Graphics/Sound have had nothing but trouble with my graphics and sound For example all flash videos are slow and jerky The most I can hope for is maybe seconds of clear video before it jerks freezes again The same is true for any WMP videos I play I also have a calendar that uses flash player Graphics/Sound Problems http iscrybe com and it is jerky and slow also I always figured it was just the site but I tried it on an XP computer and it works beautifully The same applies to audio-- jerkiness freezing etc This is the case whether I am playing the audio from my hard drive or streaming it from the internet I know it's not my connection speed because there is another computer in the house running XP and it has no problems with the same files Could it be that my audio and graphics cards are that bad I find that hard to believe as older computers function much better But the computer is generally far less responsive than any XP computer I attribute that to Vista I just can't believe Vista would have such terrible audio and graphics I think it's probably my hardward but I don't know how to fix it Any ideas

A:Graphics/Sound Problems

If you are streaming it from the internet there could be a lot of variables involved. Try running videos from your hard drive or CD/dvd drive. If they behave the same in WMP try other media players (like this one).

Some things to consider... get latest driver updates from ACER website.
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I just installed a 3DForce2 MX-32 AGP 4x video card in my compaq presario pc. It works great and the installation went off without a hitch. Now, however I have NO SOUND! I called the company and they said they had never heard of such a thing. I took the card out and rebooted the machine without it and the sound was back. Then I put the card back in and the sound is gone again. Any suggestions PLEASE!!! Thanks!

A:New Graphics Card = No sound

Depends on the sound card...
Many video cards scoop up all the extra power the system has to give...
And some sound cards have now become very demanding of power themselves... consuming enormous amounts of power. If it is a top flight sound system, my guess is that those components were competing for the power... and the sound card lost... since the boards are not designed to deliver certain amounts of power there.
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We have Windows on a Dell XPS Our original graphics card quit working months ago and we just tried a new one prior to that we were just using the one in the computer It did not work and now we have lost sound I have been in contact with both Microsoft and Dell and through them installed the drivers again etc It quot reads quot sound but nothing comes out We have tried Graphics Sound Trying Card No After New the speakers in the back jack and top jack and also tried headphones Nothing Is it possible that the graphics card disabled the jacks somehow If so how do I get my computer to use the onboard sound audio again I have very little computer knowledge I believe this is our old card OEM ALIENWARE ATI RADEON HD GB GDDR PCI-E HDMI GRAPHIC CARD GCJ The new one was MSI Radeon R No Sound After Trying New Graphics Card DirectX R GAMING G GB -Bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support ATX Video Card If that makes a difference When plugged in No Sound After Trying New Graphics Card the power went down to the mouse and monitor and so we removed it nbsp

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I am using a new Win 8.1 desktop PC. Normal use is with a desktop monitor that has integrated speakers. When I want to share with a group, video is sent via HDMI to the receiver. It seems obvious that sound and video should go together, but it seems I have to open two separate control panels to switch both. Is there a way to create display profiles that switch both video and sound outputs?
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Hi Everyone I had an issue with my old graphics card so I thought a shiny new one would be answer to all my Graphics card New no = sound problems And it did the trick all looks fine but from the looks of it the HD audio driver that was installed along New Graphics card = no sound with the graphics card has stopped New Graphics card = no sound the sound from working Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC EMERY Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled I tried reinstalling the old driver Realtek and it won t work Any ideas on what to do That is an exclamation mark in device manager for an unknown device HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN DE amp DEV C amp SUBSYS amp REV amp amp amp I googled the first part of it and it s something to do with the graphics card I checked the HP site and went through their different steps to sorting the problem as well No joy http h www hp com ewfrf wc ry amp cc uk amp dlc en amp lang en amp lc en amp product Any ideas nbsp

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Just installed XP
Now I have no sound and Graphics that don't touch the cormers of the screen. Rather they curve so to avoid them and so distort the image.

What is the cause of this?

How can I fix it?


A:New OS: No sound, distorted graphics

Sounds like you have the wrong drivers,go to microsoft update,they have drivers that work with xp.Alternatively,you can to go to the manufacturer of your sound and graphics cards and download drivers.Also you might want to update Direct X to the latest version
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Couple of questions My first ever home build up and running part in thanks to folks here helping out It is for my OH to replace an aging Vaio laptop His big hobbies are photography and music Currently he has an nvidia geforce GT graphics card but no sound card What would be the sort of sound card we should be looking for for music mainly listened through headphones Operating system is XP home Second question one of my computers also has the same graphics card and I use a Slingbox to stream freeview tv from the UK This is one of the low end graphics cards should Graphics and sound cards I look to replacing it with a better one for better a Graphics and sound cards better picture Currently watching on a quot monitor and not a tv screen yet as not worked out how to hook up the tv screen as a monitor and still be able to use the computer for other things dual monitor Picture is OK but a bit pixelated at times as upload speed is not great Rosalind nbsp

A:Graphics and sound cards

- Can't upgrade video and audio on notebooks. While he may have a "9400" in his notebook, its not the same as whats in a desktop and its not a replaceable card.

- The 9400GT is a poor gaming card, but its more than enough to handle watching videos on a TV. Your card should have dual output... just plug the other one into your HD TV. Most likely will need a DVI > HDMI or DVI > VGA converter. This depends on your monitor options and what your video card has for output.
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I installed the drivers for my graphics card and now I have no sound for my S-220 Logitec speakers. I can't install drivers for these speakers because it doesn't come with any. I checked the Device Manager and status of the 4 NVIDIA and 1 Realtek High Definition Audio are working properly. How can I get my sound back?

A:No sound after installing Graphics Driver

Did you check that the Realtek is set as the default audio device in the Windows playback properties?
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Installed Mentor Graphic Card into system (SIS 6326) (Use Win 95 on 200MMX Pentium). No sound now, investigated this in device manager, and under Display adapters the standard PCI adapter is not working or has not been installed correctly. So I uninstalled, then re-installed - same problem. Went into the bios settings but looked different as the graphics card had changed the layout and I was totally lost as to which part to modify - so I didnt bother.

In device manager I have also noticed that the sound game controller section has the same message under the file ESS 1868 Plug & Play Audiodrive.

No idea what to do, I dont have the original win95 disc.

Would appreciate any offers of help.

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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty stumped. A few days ago, for no apparent reason, my graphics went pixellated and my resolution dropped to the minimal possible setting. I had to hard boot in order to restart. After the reboot, the same thing happened again and online onboard sound would load.

I've updated the drivers for my graphics card and sound card. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled both cards, and have unplugged the cards, dusted them both and plugged them back in, but the same thing occurs.

Checking device manager, both cards show "Device cannot start (Code 10)"

Anyone know what might be wrong?

My system specs are as follows:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ 2.21, 600w power supply
Graphics: eVGA nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 640Mb
RAM: 3Gb
HDD: 300Gb
DVD-Rom: Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1L
Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi

Thanks in advance

A:Graphics and Sound card can't start

try reinstalling the drivers. If that doesn't work I'd open your computer and take out and put the graphics and sound cards back in, there might be some dust blocking it.
Other than that I'm as stumped as you are.

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Hello everyone,

I just want to know if a graphics card is not working, would it prevent me logging into vista? like there isn't enough graphics to boot vista? is this possible?
Also would a malfunctioning graphics card cause weird symbols in the BIOS, like weird vertical lines, dollar signs replacing spaces, E's replacing F's, A's replacing N's etc.?
Also could a power surge possibly damage the graphics card? in terms of hardware?
I am not asking for a fix here; i just want to know if this can happen

Thank you for your time

A:Does this sound like a graphics card error?

Yes a powersurge can mess with a card, hopefully you have a surge protector.

NO, the BIOS is booted from the mobo, so the card should not mess with it, not in that manner.

It also should not prevent you logging in....

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Hi All,

I have an Hewlett Packard SR5401UK pc running Vista 32-bit it has onboard graphics & sound but I've just installed an NVIDIA 8800gs graphics card, the card works fine but for some reason the sound has disappeared!! i've just updated the realtek drivers but still have the problem!! it worked fine before installing the g.card , whats even more strange is that when i plug in my headphones i can hear sound but nothing at all through the speakers!!

When i installed the 8800gs it disabled the onboard g.card automatically itself i was wondering if it has done the same with the sound? but if it had i wouldnt be able to hear sound through the headphones right? device manager says the sound is working fine!! im totally baffled by this if anyone could give me some advice id be grateful!! Thanks for taking time to read this!!



A:installed new graphics card sound has gone!!! plz help :S

Hi Gaz,

Installing a graphics card shouldn't have any effect on your audio. You say that you have no sound through your speakers yet you have when you plug in your headphones. Are you using the rear panel socket for your speakers and the front panel socket for your headphones? Carefully check the wiring to the front panel audio header on your motherboard - it is possible that you have dislodged some of the wires whilst you were installing your graphics card. However, before you do that check the obvious - you are plugging your speakers into the CORRECT socket, aren't you?
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20th April 2007Hello Again Friends,I would appreciate it very much if someone could give me the steps necessary to upgrade the graphics and sound drivers in my computer? For Graphics I use - NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 For Sound I use - Realtek AC 97 AudioWith Thanks.Sincerely,John Gomes

A:Upgrading Graphics And Sound Drivers

Whats wrong with your current drivers? Usually it is best to leave your drivers alone if they are working properly. However here are the sites to download the drivers nVidea Drivers for GeForce FX5200 for Windows XPDriver Installation Hints * "Download Accelerator" utilities should be disabled when downloading any drivers. * Do not run virus protection software in the background while installing the drivers. This prevents the driver from configuring itself properly. * Before installing new drivers make sure you uninstall all NVIDIA display drivers from the Windows Control Panel. Browse to the Start Menu > Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and search for "NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers" or "NVIDIA Display Drivers" and select remove.RealTek AC97 Drivers
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okay so my power went out and when it came back on it fried the power supply i got that fixed but my samsung tv says the resolution is not right even though nothing has changed This leads me to believe my graphics card got screwed up by the power surge and now is screwing up or something first can you tell me if that is plausible second I want to know if I can unplug my graphics card and turn on my computer and is their any chance it would then work I don't exactly know what a graphics card does for all I know the thing could be not broken if you don't think it is the graphics card could you tell me what you think it might be I will of course replace my graphics card but just want to know if that is an easy way of finding the problem the bios screen does not come up when I turn it on and neither does safety mode and it will work on a computer this issue? does sound like a graphics card monitor but I need it for my tv does this sound like a graphics card issue?

A:does this sound like a graphics card issue?

I think it is your graphic card. Power surges are very nasty. Graphic cards are your video card. The part that shows you what you see on the screen.

Cann you tell me your computer model so i can better help the issue.

Its odd your bios screen isnt showing, as thats not even a windows operation, is weird.
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Hi there I'm having serious issues with my reinstall of windows I have a gainward GT which once and Graphics sound driver problems I did the Win XP reinstall seemed to not function as it should I downloaded the latest nvidia drivers and once I install them and reboot the screen goes all funny Graphics and sound driver problems and blurred and has lines running across it - it also Graphics and sound driver problems doesn't let me change the res above x and colours above or colours What gives So I dug out my old Graphics and sound driver problems driver disc for the Gainward and installed those drivers That seemed to work but now I think either my sound or my graphics card drivers are affecting my pc's performance as I am getting blue screen reboots and for instance when I shut down windows the sound is all garbled as the windows shut down theme tune comes out Additionally the system feels sluggish when I scroll in windows and open multiple pages etc something just doesn't feel right and feels as if I have the wrong graphics drivers I am using soundmax integrated audio and I reinstalled the drivers for that but seems to have not made a difference Anyone offer some help

A:Graphics and sound driver problems

Did you install the motherboard chipset drivers before you installed device drivers such as sound and video?

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I had this issue with my graphics card and could not find a solution, I went into the BIOS and changed the sound from Auto to Enable and that gave me my sound back.

A:No sound once Graphics card is installed

Does your new card have HDMI?
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I have Win XP Pro SP and IE A few weeks ago I was having some problems getting online which I blamed on my poor Lenovo ThinkCentre Found a group of technicians who make housecalls and and thought to myself quot Ah ha quot Turns out that the online problems were the result of being punished by Directv for downloading more than they thought I should so they restricted my service Lest you think I was being frivolous in downloading I have purchased over the years many hidden object games and I was trying to re-download them to my external hard drive They re mine I paid for them Anyway after this technician spent four hours on my computer in my home and charged me a couple of hundred of my cherished dollars I found I was a bit worse off than before I d called him He told me my problem was my ZoneAlarm and suggested I remove it and use Online Armor instead Sound up and messed graphics/images Being gullible I followed his advice for a Sound and graphics/images messed up day or two then put my ZA back and it s still working beautifully as it has for years I Sound and graphics/images messed up also found after he d left that my printer was no longer recognized by my computer my sound is gone and the graphics and images no longer come through in my emails As an example I get Redbook and Food Network newsletter by email I can t access the pictures in these emails It s not the little red x that one can right click and choose quot Show Sound and graphics/images messed up Picture quot it s a white square with little multi- colored dots within I re-downloaded Flash player and Java to no avail As for the sound I have my speakers turned up full blast and only occasionally do I get any sounds in WMV or YouTube but they aren t loud enough to really distinguish what s being said I tried switching the ports for the speakers thinking I d plugged them in backwards or something nope When I complained to the tech group first they said it had been too long after the tech s visit and I d have to pay for another visit I don t THINK so Then they offered to do a remote fix That didn t work either because Directv is too slow for them to access my puter So here I sit no sound no graphics images in my emails Also I purchased GetSmile many years ago and have enjoyed putting the little funny faces images in my emails I can no longer do that because the gifs and jpgs become the little white boxes with multi-colored dots as mentioned above Is there help hope for me in restoring what I had before this dude quot fixed quot my computer Did he muck up something in the registry Can t do a system restore because there is no quot last good working date quot don t want to do a complete restore if there s any way around it and I d be totally delighted just to have my sounds and images back Thank you all in advance for any advice or help TNgram nbsp

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Hi. First let me say that I'm sorry in advance if this is a repost.

Due to some problems with spyware/adware that I was having, I decided to reformat and re-install Windows XP on my computer. After doing this however, my computer did not detect that I had a graphics card or a sound card. I tried having it detect new hardware in device manager. I tried downloading the card drivers and installing them. Neither of those worked. So I reformatted and re-installed Windows XP again. It didn't work. My computer is still not detecting my graphics or sound card.

Also, Both times I went to setup upon starting my computer by pressing F2. Both the graphics and sound card appear in the BIOS.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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THE PROBLEM The problem is that I get nasty static when my graphics card and sound card work at the same time This is pretty severe For example without the static I can graphics sound from Static heavy and t use the windows k Static from heavy graphics and sound desktop effects such as fading and scrolling of menus Video is nasty games are terrible visualizations with winamp suck and surfing the web to music isn t really practical either Here s another odd symptom when I play a song in winamp at the same time as something the song actually changes speed along with the noises It s quite the mess Fortunately it s not constant static I can play a song as long as there is minimal graphics activity and I can do graphical activity fine as long as there is no sound NOTE This problem started when I upgraded to windows k It did not happen at all in win MY SYSTEM I run a nicely equipped self built AMD Duron It s got mb of ram a built to the motherboard in sound blaster pci sound card a D Prophet II MX GeForce II Graphics card windows k I VE TRIED nistalling updated sound and video drivers windows update I ve also tried ensuring the devices are on different IRQs This is difficult to do in Windows since it is generally not allowed by the os However after hard work I did it and the problem remained Now after a fresh reinstall the sound card is back to sharing Static from heavy graphics and sound IRQ with the video card Supposedly this is safe and normal in k I m really hoping to get Static from heavy graphics and sound this fixed soon because I m getting DSL and want to enjoy video web content when it comes Also I don t want to switch operating systems since I m running a paid legal copy of k Thank you nbsp
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I just bought a new video card and now my sound seems kinda sketchy ? And when i try to talk to people on Ventrilo they sound all distorted and break up alot. Can this happen from not having enough power, after installiing a new card?

A:Bad sound Quality, Due to Graphics card?

what is the systems specs?
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so today after installing my new graphics card Radeon hd 4850 1gb and new 600 watt power supply i started my computer up just to see if it runs properly not plugging in everything because i was just being lazy anyways i updated the graphics card by downloading the updates from this site ATI Catalyst
and installed all three after i rebooted and plugged everything back into the computer and notice that there was no sound. i guess the sound set so that the out put is for the ati hdmi output ive tryed everything to change it back to original output sound effects manager but it wont work

A:No sound after installing new graphics card

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound panel. In the playback section, reset your speakers (sound card) as the default playback device. That should get regular sound back if the ATI set its HDMI as the playback device.
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Hi I m having problems upgrading my bios It s impossible to create a boot system disk in win but that s not the real issue Athlon XP MB SDRAM WINDOWS Matsonic MS e P mhs mobo My problem is that I cannot get my PC to recognise work WHY graphics WONT my and sound my KYROII MB AGP CARD or my PCI sound card In the Bios features there isn t an option to disable or remove the onboard graphics or sound I WHY WONT my sound and graphics work have stuck the new cards in properly WHY WONT my sound and graphics work etc but the PC just wont recognise them The manual for my board only gives a description of how to change the keyboard power on off jumper that s it nothing else Their support page hasn t got back to me after E-mails Has anyone else got any suggestions Can someone give me an absolute step by step guide in how to flash and upgrade a bios in win obviously I mean tell me how to create a bootdisk and how to congigure it so I can flash the bios There is a BIOS update available and i m sure this would fix teh prob Last time on another computer i triedto flash teh bios and fried teh motehrboard so I m very hesitant to do it again but i m at the end of my tether PLease help nbsp

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I just recently installed a new graphics card onto my Windows Vista Home Basic system and it is showing "No Audio Output Device Installed." When i click on the Playback Devices it shows ATI HDMI Output and is saying it is unplugged. i have tried everywhere i could plug in my speakers and have tried different speakers and headphones and yet nothing is working. before i had the graphics card installed i had a Realtek sound card which is already pre-installed onto the motherboard. i have tried installing a Realtek audio drive onto my ssytem but everytime i restart my system it just keeps showing the ATI HDMI output. i have also tried uninstalling the sound driver from the Device Manager under sound card option. any suggestion? Thanks to all who reply =]

A:No Sound After Installing Graphics Card

Welcome to Vista forums!

I had this problem, here's what worked for me!
Open windows media player, and from the drop-down in the library tab, click more options.
Click the devices tab, and then double click speakers.
Click advanced, then click the onboard sound device, mine is Realtek High Definition Audio.
Right click the selected device, and from the menu, click set as default device.
Click ok.

You should now have sound!

Hope this helps!
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I recently swapped my ATI x card for an Nvidia card when the ATI card died The Nvidia card is a temporary replacement while the guys at the shop try to replace the After replacement I uninstalled all the ATI drivers and utilities and other ATI related stuff and installed my Nvidia card drivers utilites and all During this period I hadn t attached my speakers on so I don t know when exactly this happened but after re-attaching the speakers after swapping the cards I realise I m not getting any sound My Realtek HD Audio control panel FAILS to detect any jack plugged in Volume is turned on drivers are installed correctly default sound is set to the Realtek HD onboard sound card I don t know what is wrong with my computer If I turn on the speaker volume to full blast I can hear loud hissing coming out of the left speaker If I mute turn down the volume in windows not speaker I hear a slight pop swap graphics sound after card No when it mutes the volume reaches If I try to play something I hear some No sound after graphics card swap very faint droning from No sound after graphics card swap the right speaker hiss from left speaker still present even at full volume I suspect this has something to do with the jack detection program But I m not sure Has anyone had this problem before Please help nbsp

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Hi There
I just installed a new Graphics card GTX 760 and I do not have sound. I do have sound to the USB headphones when they are plugged in. When I unplug the speakers from the back of my unit there is a sound so I do not think its the speakers.
Any help would put a smile on my face.
sorry, if this problem was posted before by someone else, I cannot find it
Thanks, Robert
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8137 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228933 MB, Free - 33314 MB; D: Total - 1907599 MB, Free - 292649 MB; F: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 742527 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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hi, getting a dual dvi card. my onboard video plays stereo both dvd's and anything stereo I watch on the computer/internet. The graphics cards I look at say "stereo sound - no". so if I install any of these dual dvi cards I can no longer get stereo sounds from any videos I watch/playback? I don't have speakers through my monitors, just sound coming from the computer through the onboard sound. what's up with that?

looking at this card, reviews unavailable anywhere except the best buy site, maybe it is only sold at best buy:

evga ge 640 02g-94-3645-kb


A:graphics cards only play mono sound...?

The only sound I'm familiar with from graphics cards is the audio available through an HDMI interface.

eVGA doesn't list the same part number as Best Buy, but here's a similar one:

It does 7.1 channel audio through the HDMI ports. (I'm not sure, but DisplayPort may also carry audio. DVI does not.)

If you're not using HDMI, the graphics card is pretty much irrelevant to the sound.
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Hi there I'm a complete nub with hardware There are several events that have made me realize I need to upgrade my sound and graphics cards According to quot Can I Run It quot Can You RUN It Can I run that game Game system requirements my current graphics card doesn't allow me to run the newest games like Modern Warfare etc I've had my Nub & a Graphics for Hardware Upgrading Cards Sound current desktop since fall Whenever I try to run a full screened video e g on YouTube in VLC the frame rate chugs and the sound is choppy I've gotten used to never watching anything in full screen Some of my hardware savvy friends claim that there's interference from my sound card that Upgrading Graphics & Sound Cards for a Hardware Nub screws up my graphics card It's Black Friday Deals FTW Here are my specs HP Compaq dc Convertible Minitower Intel Core Quad CPU Q GHz Nvidia GeForce GS quot High Definition Audio Device quot Sound card Not sure what it is Device Manager doesn't give useful info Do I need to open up my computer GB GB hard drives Dual screen monitors One is x x Upgrading Graphics & Sound Cards for a Hardware Nub hertz other is greater resolution Windows Home Premium -bit So I think it's in my best interest to upgrade my graphics and sound card Unfortunately I have no idea a what sets of graphics and sound cards are compatible with my computer and b what is the optimal purchase If you respond could you please walk me through your process and recommendation

A:Upgrading Graphics & Sound Cards for a Hardware Nub

So many factors!

The sound card is currently on-board and would probably be fine if you found the manufacturer drivers instead of the generic ones.

The graphics card can be any PCI-E up to 16x (assuming PCIE2.0 compliance, I couldn't find this out from HP) but remember your stock power supply probably wont handle a powerful GPU and may not have a 6 pin PCI-E connector to give the card supplementary power.

If you are going to buy a graphics card, I'd buy a PSU at the same time.

Possibly and

to get the Pair for under $200

EDIT: Just had a thought your current case may not accommodate the larger size GPU
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Okay, so I just reinstalled XP due to some weird virus thing, and I just got Explorer up and running again. But now, I need to install my sound device, since, obviously, there's no sound. And also, whenever I scroll down a page, it "refreshes" every time, as if it were reformatting the contents of the page every time. I've read that's due to the fact that I haven't installed my graphics card yet, and I think that's right.

My question is, how do I install these devices? I don't think the devices came with any CDs or anything. I know this is probably a newbie question, but I'm not the best with computers. I've heard I have to reinstall the drivers for the motherboard or something, but I've got NO idea how to do any of that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sound Device Missing, Graphics Card Too?

Welcome to TSF....

Since windows was re-installed the thing that has to be done is to install all of the special drivers like chipset, buss, network, audio, video and others, they can be installed in any order you wish and can be found on the system recovery disk set for the computer if it is an OEM like Compaq, Dell etc. or if you do not have a recovery disk set the drivers can be found on the manufacturers web site for either the motherboard or the manufacturer of the computers web site. You can download these drivers and burn to a CD-R and then install those following instructions to reboot when asked.
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Hi I have a problem Yesterday when I was playing a game on my PC a strange sound started coming form my graphics card I have never experienced this before I have an ATI Radeon HD At first I thought it was one of the fans so I removed the graphics card and cleaned the cooler and the fans as much as possible I also cleaned the side fan of my chassi The sound is still there I tried controlling the graphics cards fans manually and coming sound graphics from Strange card setting them to I could hear the fans speed up but the annoying sound was gone Whenever I start a game movie or other thing that makes my graphics card work the sound returns I filmed a video using my cell phone to illustrate the sound Strange sound - YouTube Does anyone Strange sound coming from graphics card know what the sound is Is it possible to fix it Can I be certain that the sound is coming from my graphics card Thanks in advance

A:Strange sound coming from graphics card

other suspects could be the CPU cooler.

try using a finger (or a pen) to momentarily stop (a second or so, not much more) the graphic card fan, then cpu fan and then chassis fan when you hear this noise. if it stops when the fan is stopped, then you found the device responsible of the noise.

fans do similar annoying sounds when getting older.
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The dreaded CODE 28
First of all, thanks in advance and merry Xmas.

I just formatted my PC and I need the drivers for my Graphics card and my sound card.

Here is some info from Everest.

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 3
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)

CPU Type AMD Athlon 64, 2000 MHz (10 x 200) 3200+
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-K8VM-NF (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR, 2 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN)
Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8383 Apollo K8T800, AMD Hammer
System Memory 1024 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type Award Medallion (11/15/04)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM2)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Video Adapter ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series Secondary (256 MB)
Video Adapter ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series (256 MB)
3D Accelerator ATI Radeon 9550 (RV350)
Monitor LG L1930SQ [19" LCD] (140992181)

Audio Adapter VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller

AC'97 Audio Controller:
Audio Controller Type VIA 8233/8235/8237
Codec Name SigmaTel STAC9750/51
Codec ID 83847650h
S/PDIF Output Supported

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Hello I've been having some issues with my laptop for awhile Clicking sound Y50 ... and standby Lenovo on graphics even though it's only one year and months old to this date I've been having these problems some time before but didn't want to send my computer to get checked out and not have anything to do for a couple weeks nbsp Product Lenovo Y- nbsp Issue s When I click the power button to turn the laptop on standby while I'm not on it it sometimes more often than not makes this clicking flickering sound Here's two examples of what I'm talking about The clicking sound while it's in stand by-https youtu be Lenovo Y50 Clicking sound on standby and graphics ... IdiKBFTMmQoThe clicking sound while it's in stanby AND when I turn it on it'll automatically generate before Lenovo Y50 Clicking sound on standby and graphics ... loading up -https youtu be ry Kj hvtx I would sometimes get an error message that my graphics card failed after my screen would freeze up a bit It used to happen a lot more frequently than it does not but it still happens and was wondering if there was anything I could do Thank you
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I just made some upgrades on my computer - added a new w power supply a couple new hard drives and a new graphics card When I added the graphics card I took out what a think is just a modem it only has a telephone jack on the back of it to make space - How board Card use for to old New Graphics Install on sound? for the graphics card I got the card up and running great it s a PNY Nvidia GeForce XLR performance edition The old graphics were onboard Nvidia LE The rest of the specs are listed here except I boosted the memory to G So New Graphics Card Install - How to use old on board for sound? heres New Graphics Card Install - How to use old on board for sound? the issue I added this card and I think it s supposed to handle sound too through the HDMI somehow but I m clueless about sound related stuff for whatever reason and I don t think I want sound to go through HDMI cuz I dont have the wires and connections for that Do I Maybe if I knew what I needed I would go that route I don t know I guess I just want SOUND again I m pretty sure it s an option to use my old onboard for sound though right But I can t figure it out I looked in device manager and it just says Nvidia High definition audio doesnt really help me Help nbsp

A:New Graphics Card Install - How to use old on board for sound?

You should be able to switch back to your on-board sound via control panel-sound
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Hi everyone Let me start by explaining the problem that s occuring here everytime a graphical processing application a heavy one like games starts running it starts making this annoying buzzing humming sounds that won t stop until you stop the app Now i m pretty sure it s the gfx card causing this noise cause when I start my driver and test the from (what card graphics Buzzing believe) sound I coming D settings the noise occurs till I stop the D settings Now this might be the cause of some interference between my mobo with onboard soundcard psu wireless card but to be Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card honest i have no frickin clue of what really could be the problem Another weird thing is that if I wear headphones i Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card can actually hear the noise through my headphones and it coming out of my pc at the same time Even when using a VoIP program other people can hear this noise Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card and even louder than myself I believe through their speakers only when my mic is activated though This problem has been occuring for about almost a year now but i never really tried anything because it didnt bother me that much as my music is always on but it can t go on like that forever right system specs ati AMD X ghz Asus M A T Deluxe PSU OCZ ModXstream pro W now i dont think the rest of the specs really matter I hope anyone can help it would be really appreciated nbsp

A:Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card

It might also be the power supply. I suggest substituting a known good graphics card and then power supply to find the source of the problem.
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Hi there,

I have a Comapaq Presario sr2019 and have recently installed a at 2600 xt graphics card.
I have the standard realtek integrated sound card.
After installling the graphics card I found that the audio jacks would not pick up the headphones as they usually do.
And also the little speaker symbol at the bottom has changed to High Definition Audio Device.

I have tried to uninstall the device but it would just re-install the device again abck to HDMI audio

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Sound Lost After Installation Of Graphics Card

Try rolling back the sound driver in Device ManagerAlso look in Add/Remove programs for Universal Audio Architecture. You might need to remove it. Better yet, see it it's listed in Device Manager and disable it. I would use Add/Remove as a last resort
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At the moment I have the following spec CPU Thunderbird unlocked to yet running at Mhz explained below Mobo KT A-Raid VIA chipset Sound Creative Soundblaster Graphics Leadtek GF MX MB OS WIN ME RAM MB pc SD RAM Speakers Altec Lansing Speaker system I want to upgrade my graphics card and my soundcard I have a GF Ti on another system and it runs sweet but I want a similar card for my other system I have roughly - set aside for the graphics card What should it be Second any suggestions for a sound card to go with my year old but good quality altec lansing speakers Next is a question on stability I have a copy of max pain and d Mark When I clock my CPU up to just default running speed in bios MHz everything runs fine When I put it up to Mhz normal speed I get a fractured screen when running max pain and d mark crashes Could this be a problem with + Upgrade + suggestions Sound Problems Graphics PC the Mobo VIA chipset If so would I need to replace the Mobo and would replacing the graphics card solve the issue I am using the PC Upgrade Graphics + Sound suggestions + Problems NVidia Drivers which are meant to be the most stable PS I have a sunflower cooler found at the top of this page http www amdmb com article-display php ArticleID amp PageID which I assume is keeping the CPU cool enough so high heat shouldn t be the problem with the strange D problems nbsp

A:PC Upgrade Graphics + Sound suggestions + Problems

Well in that price range I would go with another gforce3 ti200

the gforce 4 will be more, the gforce4mx isn't worth it

ram could be suspect for the lockups, along with temp.

why not download motherboard monitor and monitor your temps to see what your actually running

could be a bad seat between heatsink and cpu core, etc
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Please could you help I hear a beep which comes from my graphics card I think when playing Soldier of Fortune this does not happen with my graphics Beeping card (I think) from sound coming other games i play such as Conflict Desert Storm or Moto GP The nature of the beeps are not consistent and tend to happen after a set period of Beeping sound coming from my graphics card (I think) time for example it will beep once then stop then maybe a few minutes later it will beep again then stop then it may beep times in a row at times then stop again for a while It doesnt happen all the time only sometimes Is this my card overheating If so could i speed up my fan to cool it down quicker The card is a Geforce TI MB with a fan on the card My Processor is GHZ Celeron ive got RAM but I think only mb is available as the rest is taken up I would be very grateful if you could offer some advice such as buying a PCI Fan to install underneath the card for additional cooling or how to speed up my current fan etc Or is it simply nothing to worry about I have not overclocked my G Card Its only this one game it beeps on Any help would be much appreciated Thanks -Rob- nbsp

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I have an hp desktop with vista home premium and the onboard sound card. I removed my old graphics card and installed a new one today and now my sound icon is gone from my taskbar and I have no sound!

Device manager lists 'high definition audio' and also lists my TV tuner and says they're working fine.

What do I do?
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While listening to music in the background and working with graphics (CorelDRAW X4, Adobe Acrobat 3D), the sound crackles when scrolling or more complicated operations are performed. When the cracks are heard, Windows Task Manager shows visible peaks in CPU usage. The sound card is Creative Audigy 2 and the graphics card is ATI Radeon HD3650. The problem occurs only in Vista (32-bit, SP1) and not in XP on the same computer.

UPDATE: I solved the problem by removing the graphics card and using the integrated graphics chip on the motherboard.
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Hi i have a mini Q computer which is pretty crap but i wanted to upgrade the graphics upgrade Q problems graphics mini and sound of my computer i bought a radeon installed it but it does mini Q graphics upgrade and sound problems not work when i connect it to the screen this is very annoying when i want to game and i am only running of internal graphics Is the any good what div x does it have a few weeks back my father was on the computer and ever since them the sound has not worked It says problems detected no sound hardware Also my inter net is a motorola SB surfboard cable modem is that good i always seem to have a high ping is there any thing i can do i got a quote to fix these problems they estimated Australian they also noted that i may have a foulty hardrive are they right and is that a fair quote is there anything else i can do if i do get these problems fixed can i play day of deafeat source counterstrike source and call of duty on my graphics card and internet please help me patrick woops spelling mistakes did not read nbsp
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I tried to play a small game using NES emulator.Upon starting the game I hear buzzer sound and highly distorted display in game window.

I also tried a game on SNES emulator and it played fine although I could not hear any sound as it displayed the following error "Failed to initialize XAudio2".

Suspecting driver issue i tried updating driver for my display adapter ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4650 through device manager but it reported that I already had the latest.

Is it something to do with corrupt directx? please help I do not know much about graphics cards?

Windows 7 32 bit

A:Buzzer sound and distorted graphics while playing games

I'm signing off for the day. will check back tomorrow.pls do post ur suggestions.
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i just installed a geforce 8800 gt pcie on my athlon 64 5000+ x2 (dual core 2.6 GHz) and now my pci soundcard (e-mu 1616M 24 bit) seems to be suffering. Whenever i do anything video or cpu intensive (scroll, drag windows, open a new program), the sound crackles. when scrolling slowly, the sound becomes extremely distorted and slow. this is true of itunes, windows media player, and internet explorer audio.
i'm guessing its the pcie card eating all the bandwidth or cpu ?
anyone know a fix? i'd rather not drop any graphics quality, but if i have to i will.

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Hello All The Members of Seven ForuMs Iam having DELL OPTILEX GX- INTEL G GV GL EXPRESS CHIPSET FAMILY Last days i bought nvidia quadro fx i installed it on windows every thing was fine but COUNTER-STRIKE and other games were LAGGING AND HANGING ON WINDOWS I installed XP on other drive of my hard drive and then used EASY BCD program to get BOOT OPTION For both 7 graphics distroted) hangning (sound problem Windows the windows Windows 7 problem (sound distroted) graphics hangning on startup Well on xp ALL THE GAMES START TO RUN x to x faster then their normal speed IN COUNTER-STRIKE my PLAYER WAS RUNNING VERY FAST Then i realized that this is my graphic card prob But before unplugging it last days my dad installed some of his software like PALTALK CAMFROG K-LITE MEGA CODEC PACK etc After that my windows started to hang i cannot say that this is because of those software which my dad installed Because the type of hang is that when my computer starts and the boot screen of windows comes their the logo of quot THE ANIMATED LOGO quot IT APPEARS BUT IN A VERY HANGY HANGING style After that when WELCOME SCREEN appears and the welcome sound appears in a DISTROTED way Now i have the BUILT IN GRAPHICS Nvidia card i have return in the shop I reinstalled the windows but same problem Where as XP is running quite best and fast IAM HAVING GB Ram And built in SOUND CARD nOthing extra now plx help me I want to use WIndows and if this problem remain then i would not buy ATI RADEON MB I was in mood to buy this card but if this problems remains then i cannot use it SO PLX HELP MEE

A:Windows 7 problem (sound distroted) graphics hangning


ON WINDOWS 7. When i open any FLV VIDEO FILE .. It says an error.. some thing like..

d3d_e** i do not remember the same wording of error because at this time i am using XP..

I installed DIRECT X 9.0c JUNE 2010.. But nothing happened..
And when the FLV VIDEO FILE IS OPENED. IT SAYS THE SAME ERROR 3 TImes. and then the video starts in a HANGY HANGING Mood and SOUND COMES VERY DISTROT..
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I recently reinstalled windows and replaced my my sound. Card New has Nvidia GTX Graphics 460 disabled Geforce old NVIDEA Geforce GT which finally died with a new Geforce GTX However when I installed the drivers it completely disabled my motherboard's onboard Realtek Azalia soundcard and for the last few days I've had New Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 has disabled my sound. no sound at all Nothing I've done has fixed the problem and every time I try to New Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 has disabled my sound. uninstall the drivers for everything New Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 has disabled my sound. relating to my video card the HDMI audio devices reinstall themselves from no discernible source every single time I boot up like a virus I'm about ready to take this pathetic video card back to the shop and demand a refund and get a video card that is not going to screw with my computer like this I don't use the single HDMI port on my video card I use both of my monitors on the DVI ports I really need some help with figuring out how to get the sound working again through the old audio output mic jacks on the back of the PC to get my speakers and headset working once more

A:New Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 has disabled my sound.

Quote: Originally Posted by Synica

Nothing I've done has fixed the problem

Before we can properly help you, please tell us what you've tried which hasn't worked.
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Hello the computer was working ok days ago and days ago i install ram It had gb gskill I install some other old ram that was genaric ram from another computer It was working ok but would not display the physical install memory I cant find driver for this grapichs card radeon hd So i use my lg tv which i guess has a good enough graphics card to run counter-strike go leagues of legends and war of immortals How can i fix my ingame sound lag this is a new problem Dipsplay info l I O Port x - x CF PCI bus I O Port x - x CF Direct memory access controller I O Win an lags grahics graphics sound 7 problems ram game an other in Port x C - x DF ATI Radeon HD Series I O Port x C - x DF PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge IRQ High Win 7 in game sound lags graphics an other problems ram an grahics Definition Audio Controller IRQ Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller IRQ Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller IRQ Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Memory Address xD - xDFFFFFFF ATI Radeon HD Series Memory Address xD - xDFFFFFFF PCI bus Memory Address xD - xDFFFFFFF PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge IRQ Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller IRQ Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller IRQ High Definition Audio Controller IRQ Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller IRQ Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Memory Address xA - xBFFFF ATI Radeon HD Series Memory Address xA - xBFFFF PCI bus Memory Address xA - xBFFFF PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge I O Port x B - x BB ATI Radeon HD Series I O Port x B - x BB PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge I O Port x C - x C FF ATI Radeon HD Series I O Port x C - x C FF PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge Sound info Name High Definition Audio Device Manufacturer Microsoft Status OK PNP Device ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN amp DEV AA amp SUBSYS AA amp REV amp BEFB amp amp Driver c windows system drivers hdaudio sys KB bytes PM Name High Definition Audio Device Manufacturer Microsoft Status OK PNP Device ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp A amp amp Driver c windows system drivers hdaudio sys KB bytes PM Name USB Audio Device Manufacturer Generic USB Audio Status OK PNP Device ID USB VID amp PID amp MI amp E C amp amp Driver c windows system drivers usbaudio sys KB bytes PM Name USB Audio Device Manufacturer Generic USB Audio Status OK PNP Device ID USB VID F amp PID amp MI amp B amp amp Driver c windows system drivers usbaudio sys KB bytes PM Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MICRO-STAR INTERANTIONAL CO LTD MS- Antivirus Norton AntiVirus Disabled nbsp

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Ok MSoft - I don't know if this has been posted/well known. Might have found a bug!

Please divert this post to Sound or Graphics area of website if needed!

I was using a spare Nvidia 6200 512mb Card (which runs Aero etc fine!) I can't get the Win 7 performance thingie to work as it keeps crashing at video.
(That's despite me able to watch DVD films perfectly on my internal blu-ray player and did a test race with huge game GTR EVOLUTION which ran perfectly on my fanless 6200 card (just for a laugh )

Anyway went to change "Video Aperture" from Bios default 64 to 128mb.

This caused 3d graphics/3d screensaver crash, music stuttering, UTUBE video stuttering/crash, Media centre music stuttering/crash.
This is repeatable!

I think this is conflicting with the Realtec sound driver poss in memory!
Is this known about?

I have seen many people posting about this on the internet.
Thanks for any solution.

A:Graphics/Sound Stutter > WIN7 Freeze>CRASH

I solved my own problem after a hunch and delving into WIN7 software nether regions.

Had a look in:
device manager > system devices > [Nvidia nforce2 AGP HOST to Pci BRIDGE]

Found 3 instances of the driver.
I updated to most recent version I could find and 'hey presto' all sound and graphics now working at full steam > 100%

Can now also update Graphics 'aperture memory' in bios to any setting I choose without a problem!

Windows 7 'Performance Indicator' (W.E.I.) now completes without a hitch too!

Hope that helps some of you out there!
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(title was meant to be: XP doesn't detect sound, graphics, and wireless adapter on laptop)

Hi, I reinstalled Windows XP pro after a full format on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 notebook) but no graphic card or sound card is detected. Also, I can connect with wire on internet, but my Atheros wireless adapter is not found either.

I tried to run a hardware detection scan with different softwares to no avail. Now I can't search for my drivers cause I don't know the exact models of my hardware, and since I bought the laptop second-hand, I don't have any cd for those.

I know my graphic card is from ATI, but I don't know which one it is.

If someone has a solution to my problem, I'll be really grateful

Thanks in advance

A:XP doesn't sound, graphics, and wireless adapter on laptop

You need to install the drivers that should be on a CD that came with the laptop. If no CD, try here:
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I installed a Radeon 4670 graphics card (AGP) and the driver that came on the installation disc. It works great. I use the onboard sound (Realtek 97), but then I decided to install the audio driver from the graphics card disc and now I have no sound at all. Apparently the graphics card does have sound capabilities, which I suppose would be an improvement over Realtek 97, so I would like to enable it if possible, but at this point, I just want sound. The solution that comes to mind would be to uninstall Realtek. Right? I would appreciate your advice.

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Ready for a mouthful and a challenge For my home built gaming PC I had to purchase a new graphics card Sapphire Radeon HD GHz Edition to replace my Card issues to and sound, bit, my! bit Oh Graphics no Reformating from Win7 32 64 old one Geforce GTX Ti Obviously the difference between the two cards isn't TOO noticeable in my gaming rig but the has a driver problem that causes the driver to consistently crash red dots during gameplay and glitches until you completely fresh reinstall the driver The problem goes away shortly until it arises again I had to use beta drivers that made the problem go away longer Reformating from Win7 32 bit to 64 bit, Graphics Card issues and no sound, Oh my! but it still would crash Also when booting with this card I have to physically push up on the left side of the card or else boot up screen doesn't appear Yes I have reinstalled the card and used tighter screws to try to fix the problem but to no success After much frustration I decide to swap the card and much to my 'wonderful' luck it won't boot up anything even with the lifting trick I do everything I can to make it work - drivers bios uninstalling the default card on the mobo - nothing works there isn't even a sign of it being detected in Device Manager There isn't any cases of a similar problem in other forums and eventually I discover that unlike the the won't work without GB of RAM quot But I have GB I say to myself quot This is true but I didn't take into account Win bit only allows your computer to use under GB quot Aha quot I say to myself and pony up and replace Windows Ultimate Edition bit with bit Still doesn't boot even with the tricks MUCH to my frustration I have to reinstall the wonky Ti To make matters worse Or worst if you prefer I'm not getting ANY sound from my speakers or headset After reinstalling audio drivers swapping between realtek ' and High Definition and s of plugging in and out and hoping for a PNP This is what I know so far about the issue My headset IS being discovered somehow Inside Sound gt Recording I can see one of the Microphones despite being quot Currently Unavailable quot does pick up sound No success on the playback part though Inside playback are Digital Audio HDMI quot devices quot that are all status Not plugged in No mention of the basic speakers I have or the headset Trying to uninstall them in device manager causes them to plug and play and reinstall on their own still with no sound In Device Manager there are 'High Definition Audio Device' belonging to the HDMI from earlier not sure where the fifth one comes in Inside System Devices I can disable One of the Two Audio Controllers to remove the devices but the computer still doesn't pick up any of my real audio devices I tried reformatting again and reinstalling Windows bit Nothing changed I'm Attaching my SysInf and DxDiag for more information To be honest I'm completely and utterly stumped I hope turning to you guys leads to some breakthrough because I don't have a lot of energy left If you can just even solve the sound problem I'd be appreciative since it would allow use of my entertainment again until I can figure out something else Thank you very much for your time

A:Reformating from Win7 32 bit to 64 bit, Graphics Card issues and no sound, Oh my!

What does device manager show for the sound devices?

The only times I've seen video fail over time and start "glitching" during heavy use (ie game play) is when the card is getting too hot. The fact that you couldn't get it to boot or at least display without "pushing up on the left side of the card" indicates to me that there's also an issue with the pci-x slot or at least the alignment of the card within the slot. You'll never get stable performance if that's the case. A potential test is to remove the motherboard from the case, place it on a non-conductive surface, hook power and devices and then see if you get the same result. I've done this same trick and discovered that one riser within the case was causing motherboard flex preventing good seating of some cards. Once resolved, things worked properly.
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I ve scanned through multiple threads here trying many different things that seemed like they would work yet still no luck So far I have tried Restarting my computer Just to make sure Uninstalling any audio aspects that were installed with the graphics card Disabled everything have to do with the new graphics card in the sound options Disabled everything and tested sounds on everything multiple times Selected my sound card to be the default Xonar DS and tried to use the Xonar DS Audio center to change some settings with no luck Unplugged everything and cleaned the jacks and put them back in and I believe reinstalled my sound cards driver http support asus com download aspx SLanguage en amp p bit Any ideas on what needs to be done to finally fix this problem Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this Here are my sound selections https gyazo com db fa ab d a https gyazo card my new sound after No graphics Track installing Thread com e df e d c Also I Track Thread No sound after installing my new graphics card have Realtek but I ve tried making that a default along with using it s control panel but still haven t gotten any sound to work on anything and switched back to my Xonar one And the new graphics card I got Track Thread No sound after installing my new graphics card was the EVGA GeForce GTX nbsp
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Hi i just installed XP Pro SP 3 on my Dell Insprion 1520 and i tried to install the drivers that i downloaded from dell for my notebook and they don't work. Im not sure what my sound card is but my graphics card is a Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset Family. All i know is in device manager my sound card comes up as PCI device. If anyone could help me it would be great!

Thanks Jay

A:No sound/graphics card working on Dell Inspiron 1520

Ok well i have my sound working now its just the graphics chipset. Can anyone help at all?
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I'm supposed to connect an S/PDIF cable between my soundcard and my graphics card to enable the sound to work on my HDMI cable (between comp and TV).

However, there is no such jack on my soundcard, which is an outdated Soundblaster Audigy Platinum.

For anyone who wants to help, the manual is here.

Can someone help me do something about this? I wish to keep this soundcard.... or at the last resort, buy a new soundcard which will solve this problem, but its gotta be cheap, and has something to connect to the front like my current soundcard, which takes .25" headphone jacks....

A:S/PDIF cable into Graphics card to enable sound in HDMI

I'm not an expert in this area but does your graphics card have an HDMI output connector at the back? If so, you don't need your sound card. HDMI carries both HD video and HD sound. If your TV has an HDMI input, you just connect the HDMI cable from the graphics card.
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Okay now before I install. to Graphics card and Sound working unable drivers are not are and start I will have to say this started with a rather irritating problem One day my monitor just turned Sound and Graphics card are not working and drivers are unable to install. into save mode when I was using this Since I could not get one reaction out of it I had to restart When I restart it a new problem showed itself Broken verticle lines of varying Sound and Graphics card are not working and drivers are unable to install. colors on my Sound and Graphics card are not working and drivers are unable to install. bios and start up of my pc When Windows XP was loading it had even more lines some and then the monitor going into power save mode Since then I started it into safe mode and it worked but I could not resolve the problem So in an attempt to fix it I reformatted to try and fix the problem For a moment I thought it worked since I could go into Windows XP normally but sadly it seems that the problem may be more than I thought Since then I found out I can't update my graphics card or sound card drivers When ever I try I get the message that quot access is denied quot with an yellow exclamation mark next to both of them Also the reformat did not rid my computer of the broken lines in my bios and when windows xp is loading Now I am not sure what caused this in the first place or if I simply did not install certain drivers correctly I am in need of some guidance here since I do not know what to do My computer is a Dell XPS Gen service tag is FC Windows XP Pro Service Pack Graphics card - Nvidia Geforce Sound card - Creative SB Audigy ZS WDM If I left anything out that could help resolve this please let me know

A:Sound and Graphics card are not working and drivers are unable to install.

Did you check to make sure your video cable was securely attached to your video card on the back of your computer? Is this a home computer? Have you tried logging in as administrator to see if you can install the drivers?
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Requesting a delete on my topic, I don't know how to delete my topic, My problem was fixed moments ago by a friend who showed up and slapped me in the back of the head and proceeded to work his "Magic". Thanks Anyway

A:Solved: Fresh XP install No Sound, Ethernet Driver or Graphics Properties

Just mark it solved
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i installed a new video card into my computer, and ever since sound has stopepd working, i tried uninstalling all my sound drivers
and could not manage to install them again
so i made a partition, to back up my data to do system restore, half way through the partition, my comp went into stand by and my hard drive became corrupt, i managed to get Fdisk and format my hard drive
now i back onto windows vista ultimate but now again i have no sound, and i dont have any of the Original HP software.
when i first got the pc. it came with a Realtek Sound icon in the task bar, but i instaleld many realtek drivers for my pc and none of them are making my sound work.
please can someone help me
if you wish to do remote desktop to help me .. add me on msn : [email protected]

A:Sound Stopped Working After ATI Radeon 3870 HD graphics card was installed

Originally Posted by bubbleduck

i installed a new video card into my computer, and ever since sound has stopepd working, i tried uninstalling all my sound drivers
and could not manage to install them again
so i made a partition, to back up my data to do system restore, half way through the partition, my comp went into stand by and my hard drive became corrupt, i managed to get Fdisk and format my hard drive
now i back onto windows vista ultimate but now again i have no sound, and i dont have any of the Original HP software.
when i first got the pc. it came with a Realtek Sound icon in the task bar, but i instaleld many realtek drivers for my pc and none of them are making my sound work.
please can someone help me
if you wish to do remote desktop to help me .. add me on msn : [email protected] thanks

Hi bubbleduck,

Welcome to the forum.

Your new graphic card has built in sound and has taken over from your old sound source.
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After I installed my new graphics card physically, I switched my display to a Sony LCD TV and plugged it into the HDMI port on the graphics card. After that, I installed all included device drivers and have since updated my Catalyst drivers. Still, I don't seem to have any sound from the TV, though I can still get sound by hooking up my speakers...

Despite that, I'd really like to get sound out of my TV. Any advice? Here are my specs:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz 37 ?C
Yorkfield 45nm Technology
8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (5-5-5-18)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. CG5270 (LGA775)
SONY TV @ 1360x768
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Hard Drives
977GB Hitachi Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 ATA Device (IDE) 44 ?C
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device


A:No Sound from HDMI Port after installing ATI Radeon 5750 graphics card

Check your sound and see if your device is disabled.
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The game completely stalls and starts at a rapid rate and the sound cuts in and out.
I bought the game some time ago and played it without any problems until recently, when the graphics problem gradually got worse I gave up on it but now I have a brand new motherboard, graphics card and OS on a reformatted hard drive I thought I would give it a go but it still has the same problem.

I have tried reinstalling the program a number of times.
I have tried running it from disc only.
I can find no problems in dxdiag.
I have tried different graphics setups.
I have lowered hardware acceleration.

What else can I try???

A:Huge graphics and sound breakup while playing colin mcrae rally!!!
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Hello I installed windows pro and running the Windows Experience in System got a due to my old graphics card so I just got a new HIS Radeon HD card and that bumped me up to WEI However it killed my sound when I installed the new graphics card drivers Asus 64bit, Mobo---new card, sound Pro graphics error now P6TSE Win8 Previously I used the onboard audio of the P TSE mini jacks at the back to connect my speakers with no problem and great sound I think the drivers for the new graphics card installed some HD audio devices and want sound out through the S PDIF port or the Win8 Pro 64bit, Asus P6TSE Mobo---new graphics card, now sound error HDMI port In bios I have tried disabling HD Audio and changing the output from HDMI to S PDIF all combos of which don't seem to help I downloaded the Realtek update R and reinstalled the drivers but still have the same problem In Device Manager I currently have -Audio inputs and outputs --Microphone Logitech Mic --Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio where driver details v -Sound video and game controllers --AMD High Definition Audio Device --Logitech Mic --Realtek High Definition Audio where driver details v I have tried enabling the stereo mix device from the quot recording devices quot option when right clicking volume control I also tried disabling the AMD device When I run the Realtek sound manager and test the speakers I have running through a home stereo that has a line-in plugged into the main speakers mini jack on the mobo at the back I only get the test sound from clicking on the surround speakers coming out of the main front speakers and no sound from the other speakers or sub I also have no system sounds in windows and no sound for youtube etc Any one able to help me reason through this one I have been reading the forum here and around the web but can't seem to find a solution that works I played around with drivers and have sound back Switched to other mini plug too Still no but stereo is better than nothing
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Hi I was messing around when playing Skyrim with card into graphics & striped sound's spinning stuck fans fast a screen, brown Crashes some ini tweaks to make the game look better since I thought my computer could handle it My rig consists of Gigabyte slightly OC i - k ghz stock speeds GB RAM W PSU PLATINUM So looks like I went to far with the graphical tweaks When loading the game the screen quickly turned brown and sound got stuck really loud and then a fan I can't tell if it is the graphics card fans or the one from my PSU starts spinning in different speeds from what I hear about - It totally freaked me out so I pressed the turn off button on my computer for secs for emergency exit I suspect that my CPU caused the error or possibly Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast the PSU After this my computer seemed to work fine though UNTIL I played a very old game not GPU intensive at all and the same brown screen came This time I waited around to see if something happens After perhaps minute of waiting I heard the Win OS quot log in quot sound Weird My screen was still brown so I pressed emergency exit again Since this my computer has gone nuts When I rebooted the graphics drivers were messed up and screen resolution was as if there was no drivers installed I tried installing the latest driver again but Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast it said there already is one installed So I uninstalled and installed the drivers again Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast and still no fix Now none of my games run however I got the screen resolution to normal in the Control Panel This means the system still detects the graphics card Somehow the drivers just don't work I'm pretty much able to do anything watch youtube vids on p no problem except anything that needs the graphic drivers especially games Upon startup I always get a message saying that quot atiadlxy dll is not meant to work with Windows quot or something along those lines Let me know if you want me to post the whole error line Any ideas what might be the problem

A:Crashes into a brown striped screen, sound's stuck & graphics card fans spinning fast

Actually, when I let Steam auto-detect and install graphics drivers, the problems have stopped. Weird that CCC's in-built system failed on me.
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So I recently opened my CPU because it was lagging and I thought maybe a little clean up might do the trick. So I softly brushed the drivers inside the CPU to get some dust off. However, when I turned on my PC, it seems that whenever I watch videos or play games, a loud crackling sound comes out from my speakers. I don't know what is causing this.

I have tried disabling my drivers (sound and display) but to no avail. However, if I mute the volume on my sound driver, the sound disappears. Which lead me to the conclusion that it might be a conflict of sound and display.

Since the problem only occured when I opened my CPU and cleaned it, it might also be a wiring problem or something.

Can someone help me on this?

A:Crackling sound in speakers when video playing/playing games/anything with graphics

Have you tried a different set of speakers? Make sure the speakers are all the way plugged into the jack.
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Hello, I just bought a Radeon HD 4650 card and when I installed it, the sound card, which is a Realtek HD audio driver (built in with the motherboard). And after the installation, the sound card no longer shows up anywhere. Its now using the radeon as the default sound source, but I have 5.1 speakers and not 7.1 (the radeon has 7.1 outputs) so that's not an alternative. I was just wondering how i can reconnect the sound card so the computer reads and is functional with it. Tips and advice would be much appreciated as the computer is a lot less fun without sound.
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I decided to reformat my computer as it had pretty much ground to a standstill- this seemed to go okay However I appear to have lost the cd with my drivers on I was able to find the driver for my wireless modem and get that working however I cannot seem to get my graphics card to work I have been to the website of the manufacture Mesh- I got the laptop in August and looking at tge original invoice the graphics card is a MB DDR ATI mobility Radeon M I am not sure what the sound card is However when reinstall or sound card Cannot card graphics I try to download the driver off the ATI website and run it I get a message saying that there is not compatible hardware installed From device manager I can only see a yellow question mark next Cannot reinstall graphics card or sound card to a few devices however I cannot identify the sound card or graphics card from the list What do I do I have tried to use driveragent com but it seems to automatically close down windows I am running windows XP home which I have just reinstalled and put in SP Any one able to help simple terms please I am quite an amateur Thanks Matt nbsp

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Hi All

Basically i would like to get a new motherboard, memory, cpu and power supply. I have 300 pounds min and 350 pounds max.

Hers is what i have come up with. (What do you think)

Motherboard =



Power supply=

I think this is pretty good. What do you think? Also what is the difference between the socket 939 AMD and The AMD AM2.

Thanxs Baltan

A:New parts!

Your missing:


Video card

Without those parts, your computer will not function.
Relevancy 33.11%

Here are the new parts I'm most likely gonna be getting just curious on the feedback from anyone.


Video Card

Relevancy 33.11%

Hey I'm looking at u

A:Which parts to buy?

How about Q and R

But any way, what parts for what?
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At the moment it sounds like im sitting beside a colony of bees and a few 1200 rpm cars. Im seeking to reduce the noise definetly, but what parts cause the most noise?

3.0ghz Intel P4
ATi AIW 9800pro
p4p800-e mobo
Not sure there are other fans, dont wanna check, last time i opened case i made quiet a few problems....

I know my processor has a loud fan and my vid card is ok i guess. Can you swap fans/heatsinks? Also, my case is pretty generic would getting a different case (like antec) make it quiter? When i play music or games my volume dethrones the annoying droning, but when im just browsing the web i can here oh so clearly.

Relevancy 33.11%

Hi everyone, before I ask for some advice on getting new PC parts I know I have posted before about getting a new PC and picking out parts but I don't have the cash so I just need to use what I got :P.

First I have a AMD Rig its ok specs right now.
AMD FX4100
AMD Ghost 7850 GPU
ASUS Motherboard some crappy one
and a WD hard drive.
A really bad bad 500w PSU
I would like to get an Intel CPU a i5 maybe but I need a good
4) I am going to pick out a water cooler.
I am going to get a new hard drive with this and a new windows etc...
Could anyone sugest a good
Intel CPU
also will I be able to use my AMD GPU with the intel cpu?
thanks for reading,

A:New PC parts (need help)

Good news first, yes you'll be able to use your Radeon 7850 in a Intel rig.
What make you think you'll need a new PSU?
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I am looking at the parts list for this Chromebook, it's not all too clear.  I am looking for the part number for the keyboard, is it 04X6260?
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PSU, Mobo and Case must be ATX

Type of RAM module must be supported by mobo

FSB of RAM and CPU shouldn't be higher than mobo's FSB

CPU socket type must match that of the motherboard...

graphics card you want must also be able to be used on the motherboard (PCI-E or AGP, etc)

mobo and PSU have same number of pins (for mobo power socket)

Is this all right, or am I missing something else? Thanks!

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Hello, im looking to build a good computer for playing games to around 210 the most...

which is the best and cheapest mother board i can get from here

And the best and cheapest graphic card from here also


So far for my computer i've chosen



And this Memory Card Reader

any replys would be much appreciated asap



P.S: I dont need a Harddrive, Ram or CD RW because i can take them from the old computer.

A:Help - New Parts

cum on guys, i need really need your help, i hopfuly will be getting the computer tomorrow, if i find out what i need
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So im trying to get a new graphics card to Game on. The other components of my computer meet the reccomended requirements. But my graphics card is just too weak and i cant seem to find a graphics card that would be compatable AND fit in my tower to replace my current one The current one is a GT 520 i need at least a Gtx 660 to run the games i'd like to play  Something stronger is also fine But if you could possibly help me figure out one that would fit It'd be great
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I need to find a parts supplier in the USA for palm Sony. I found some but are very expensive. We need this info to set a small repair shop.

Thanks for the info


A:Parts for PDa's

I would think that you will need to go to SONY on that one. They should be able to tell you who distributes their parts.
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I am sick of buying expensive computer systems and then one of the parts goes wrong and the whole pc is unusable,So I have decided to build up my own pc with good decent parts,I have built a pc before so I do know how to and what I am doing,I am going to be using the pc for general gaming purposes,So Im wondering,Whats the best graphics card to go for ?,Motherboard ?,Processor ?,Harddrive ?,I will be using the pc to play Medieval 2 : total war,sims 2 etc.,I dont mind the price of each part Id just like to know the most decent parts for my purposes,Thanks for any help !

A:Which Parts are Best ?

take a look at my sig, these parts seem to be doing an excellent job for me and my games.
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So, decided I should do a little outside the case upgrading. Problem is, since most of my expertise is on case hardware, I have no clue whats good, or where to buy said items im looking for, so hoping someone can help me out.

Parts I'm looking for is new speakers, new mouse/keyboard, and a webcam. I'm looking for something good, reliable and does the job, some fancy perks would be nice, but nothing wallet breaking. I don't wanna spend $1000 on them, but preferably less then say ooh $300-$400 max, any less and it be better.. The ones I have now, are your basic Walmart bottom barrel ones, they work, but my mouse is already going out and my speakers sound like they're on the way out as well. So any advice, on what kind, where to buy online, so on and so forth would be greatly appreciated.

A:Looking for new parts

Are you looking to upgrade to gaming equipment ( speakers, keyboard and mouse ) ?? if so then I'd recommend not to be so cheap as it will pay off in the long run.
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I bought a Mobo CPU DDR Combo that I saw working on the shop bench after exchanging the initial board because it wouldn t boot or show video But since I ve right have Do I the parts? had the rig at home its been one headache after the next Here s what I got Mobo ECS Do I have the right parts? P CPU Intel SL PM BX PG ESL PM DDR PQI MD UOE DDR Now the ECS boots but the BIOS always hangs after I press Y at the Save to CMOS prompt but stores the settings so I ve replaced ECS with Intel s D P Z rev I got the Intel board out of spite for the ECS but now I m back to the first problem no boot no video This time I think the CPU and Mobo don t match but the info I get HERE and HERE lists a CPU called E not Etreme that has the same MHz MB spec as the SL PM Do I have the right parts With the Intel combo everything powers on but no POST I think There are no beeps but the light on the keyboard flash random patterns Could there be a special P step I m missing when installing Thanks nbsp

A:Do I have the right parts?

The power-on-but-no-post symptom could be remedied by powering the barebone up outside of the case. It could be a shorting somewhere.

Updating the BIOS of your new board may correct the wrong CPU read-out.
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Hi Everybody,
Ok I was thinking about buliding a low-end computer just for Internet use for my father. I already have a mointer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, cd-rw drive, 250w p/s. I dont want a floppy drive in it. And the motherboard doesnt have to have intergrated ethernet becuase I also have an pci ethernet card. I dont want a dial-up modem in it either.

So basicly what recommendation for a case, motherboard and cpu. Also the motherboard has to have intergrated sound and video. I am guessing a celeron cpu? Also what ram should I get in terms of how many mb or gb's. Is 256mb of ram enough?

Thank you very much techspot members

A:What parts should I get?

Also yeah I got 40gb harddrive and windows xp home too so I dont need that