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Need control pod for Altec Lansing FX4021 speaker system

Q: Need control pod for Altec Lansing FX4021 speaker system

Hello there,
You can't buy these any more, and there's nothing on ebay.
Anyone have any ideas or one to sell. please let me know!
-Lisa renee
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Preferred Solution: Need control pod for Altec Lansing FX4021 speaker system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a set of Altec Lansing FX 4021 computer speakers and I'm looking to buy a replacement control pod and attached cable. The control pod is about 3-4" square and has a rotating adjuster for the audio levels. The "cable" is attached to the circuit board of the pod and the other end requires a male 7pin Din plug to attach to the subwoofer. I'd like to buy the pod/cable intact, if anyone has one. If not, I need the wiring diagram for the 7 pins, allowing me to solder replacement plug correctly. Thanks
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I have a 5.1 speaker system connected to either my PC via the green/yellow/black leads or to my cable box via an RCA to 5.1 Logitech adapter to use the speakers. I understand that the adapter doesn't make the sound from the cable box true 5.1, that's fine. The issue is that to switch from the PC to cable box, I have to turn off the subwoofer and unplug/replug the leads. Is there a way to have two inputs on this computer without blowing the subwoofer, basically? It would be easier to have my computer and PC always connected. Thanks

A:Speaker system question-Altec Lansing ADA995

What you need is an external switching box that will switch the speakers between your PC's sound output jacks and the cable box's jacks. I don't know if a switching box like that is made.

If it was just simple two channel stereo, there are switch boxes for that (Radio Shack has or used to have a box for that).
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Thinking of buying these speakers for my computer. Use comp. mainly for music, with occasional game playing.
Does this system have a Bass control or are you essentially stuck with whatever Bass is on the CD?

Any opinions on these speakers would be appreciated, local store has it on sale for $41.95(US) & I need something to replace the now-defunct Benwin S50 system.

A:Altec Lansing 221 2.1 Amplified Speaker System .... OPINIONS

The best thing to do when buying speakers is to listen to them first. Find a store that has them on display so you can judge for yourself after all you’re the one that has to live with your decision.
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after i format the computer and installed everything but cant find any Altec lansing XA321 driver. For now i have no sound from music or anything playing.

What is the issue? I cant get to find the driver.

Running Windows XP Pro just formatted now my speakers have no sound. Device manager all works except raid controller but does not have to do with the speaker
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I'm trying to open the right speaker because I think there's something wrong with the power/volume switch. Does anyone know how to open it?

A:I can't open my Altec Lansing ATP3 speaker

If you can't find any screws (they may be hidden), you might have to gently pry the enclosure apart. Sometimes the enclosures are glued
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TechSpot Users Don t worry Buzz Speakers, (2 1 Subwoofer) Altec Lansing Speaker I ve already did a search in this forum with the key words quot Speaker buzz quot and nothing of significance showed up So I ll try and explain my problem My speakers when turned on will produce this buzzing sound that goes like quot Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz quot And yes it does not fluctuate not in a cyclic sense it s just a single tone of quot Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz quot Now the odd thing about this is if I unplug the Audio Jack to my Laptop the speakers will still produce that sound regardless if it is plugged in or not My laptop is appxorimately a good centimeters from each speaker and the woofer is underneath the Altec Lansing Speaker Buzz (2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer) table Also no my Laptop s WI-FI is turned off If I do turn it on I get the occassional random inteference but that s not what s causing the problem My network runs on cables too Now to clarify more things if I use headphones and plug it in to the audio jack the sounds are perfectly crisp and clear with no signs of buzzings whatsoever This is how I rule out that it s not a sound card problem If you re wondering whether my speakers work yes they work perfectly fine Everything works as it is but if I don t turn it up loud enough even in the background I can hear that buzzing sound which really annoys me Here s an interesting fact to help if I turn on my desk lamp the buzzing gets significantly louder as well Please note that the speakers and the lamp are on two completely different power sockets They could be connected in terms of wiring behind the wall So any ideas or takers on what seems to be the problem I bought these Altec Lansing Speakers in October and when they were first used they never had this buzzing problem Is this the result of old age or Cheers and my apologies for the amount of details I just wanted to save everyone the time of having to ask all the minor questions nbsp

A:Altec Lansing Speaker Buzz (2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer)

i've had a similar issue with my altecs, from my (admittedly crude) tests, it seems to be an issue caused by poorly shielded wiring in the speakers. however i have heard a very slight buzzing when i use my pair of headphones that uses alot of power. i got my set around the same time as you so maybe there was a bad batch.
you said your laptop wi-fi is turned off, is your wi-fi router is still on? or do you happen to have a cell phone or a cordless phone within 10-15 feet? lastly are they plugged directly in to the wall socket? i found that when i switched to a good quality UPS the hum in my set went down significantly.

in my set the problem didnt start until after my system had been surged during a storm (no damage, not even to my surge protector, but it did cause a restart). so maybe its damage...
hope this helps a bit,
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Hi., Have BIG problem here, not sure if the world and\or his brother\sister can help, (or even care, maybe!). ALTEC LANSING ADA885 system.... and no remote. Moved house in September, everything has surfaced. The car has it's wheels, the oxygen has it's mask, my legs still have socks.....but no rermote. I've lost 130 lbs walking between the sofabed and the system and we now need a new carpet. So, does anyone; have\do'nt want\know of\can get\- I do'nt do: might have\could be\not sure if but - a remote in good working order for the above system, perrlease,please contact me and make my life so complete again. well....ish. My thanks to techspot and their parents,and Happy New Year to all my readers.

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:Where can I buy a remote for my ALTEC LANSING ADA885 system?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Take a look HERE and see if that helps.

If not, maybe you should contact Altec Lansing.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I've just re-loaded Win7 and all is well - except. The system sound is very low - all other sounds are okay - I've done everything that I can think of, updated software checked the adjustment for communications, adjusted everything I can think of.

I seem to recall that I had this problem last time I re-loaded windows but, of course, I never documented it, think it had something to do with the actual speakers.

Anyone help?

A:Low System Volume with Altec Lansing BXR1121 speakers

Hello Sikm,

Thank you for notifying us of your problem.

Is you think it's a problem with your speakers, can you try plugging them into another computer and see if it works?

If it works fine in another computer, it's a problem with your computer and we'll have to resolve it.

Thank you,
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guyz tell me which audio player is the best for altec lansing atp 3
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i have an Altec Lansing 2.1 vs2421 speaker system. it comes with a built-in mic. how do i hook it up? isn't there supposed to be a pinkish cord to plug into the mic jack?

A:mic on altec lansing

Go here for your manual and how to set it up with mic
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I am thinking of going for the Altec Lansing 641's so long as everything works out ok(trying to get a price match on a website, its a long thing, not gonna get into it)and I am going to use them for my computer and xbox. I wanna know if I can hook them up to my xbox because my tv isn't good and doesn't have the RCA calbes(red, white, and yellow) so I am already using an adapter to hook my xbox up to my tv...can I still have the surround sound?

Also if I hook them up to my xbox can I hook them up to my PC at the same time or do I just have to switch them back and forth.

Thanks a lot!!
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Hey guys! I need help with a sound issue I have on my computers at home using an Altec Lansing Multimedia Speaker system 2100 (2 speakers and a sub) and Win7 Home Premium (64-bit). In Windows XP I used to simply plug the speakers in the output of the computer (green jack) and sound would go to all speakers but now with win7 sound is only played from sub and right speaker, while the left speaker does nothing. At first I thought the left speaker may be busted, but when I switch the right and left jack connections behind the sub, the left speaker plays (through the Right speaker output) and the right speaker stops playing. So I tried putting the 2.1 sound system on an XP computer to make sure it still works fine and it does. Any ideas?

A:No sound in left speaker using Altec 2.1 system in Windows 7

You need to change the sound settings. Open control panel. Make sure the view is set to small icons. click Sound. Right click your sound card and select Configure speakers. You should select one of the boxes under Full Range Speakers. If it doesn't work after the speakers are properly configured, then double click your sound card and you be able to change more options from there. You might also have an icon for you sounds card in control panel that options can be changed through. The main thing to look for is a 2.1 option.

Based on what you have written under you system specs, it looks like you are using the basic default Microsoft drivers for your sound card. Installing the latest drivers from you manufacturer would help solve any sound issues.
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I have Altec Lansing computer speaker, but no driver. How do I get altec lansing ada 310 driver?

A:I want to get Altec Lansing ada 310 driver

You don't. You get the driver for the sound card then just plug in your speakers to the sound card.
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hi everyone i am new to the forum. i am here because of the following problem i need to repair an old lansing atp3 but i cant identify the pins the cable is missing. does anyone have a diagram or can create one and send me. i would be very great full thanks.
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I ve been having a problem lately with popping 2 5.1 Audigy 251 Lansing + Altec and crackling on my speakers The popping and crackling occurs when Audigy 2 + Altec Lansing 251 5.1 there s a huge explosion ex Battlefield or a really really low tone sound voice I can t really explain this one but the Crypt Fiend s voice from Warcraft is one example and another would be a low note bass portion of a song Changing the subwoofer volume in the software or lowering the subwoofer volume has no effect on the popping sound I thought the left speaker was blown because that was the speaker that would pop or crackle but when I put right speaker plug into the left speaker port on the subwoofer it would crackle and pop to at the same time the left speaker would in a song Here s my comp specs Asus P C Deluxe Motherboard P GHz Geforce Ti Audigy The regular one Western Digital Gb Harddrive mb DDR RAM Altec Lansing Speakers Any suggestions on how to fix this problem Someone told me that the subwoofer doesn t provide enough watts to each channel only and that s why it might crackle the way it does However I can t seem to get only speakers to work Even when I set it to speakers in the Creative Advanced Hud Console sound comes out of all speaker and set the switch in the back of the subwoofer to channels sound still comes out of all speakers Restarting the computer doesn t help either Changing the plugs around doesn t work either the green plug apparently seems to be the only one needed I could pull out the black and yellow plugs and leave the green one in and sound still comes from all speakers and the subwoofer The manual doesn t help because the diagram of the soundcard ports don t match the ones on my audigy nbsp

A:Audigy 2 + Altec Lansing 251 5.1

There is nothing wrong with your speakers. I have had the same problem with mine before. I very seriously doubt that there is anything wrong with the speakers. The issue usually lies in the sound card or drivers.

Make sure you have the most up to date sound drivers available for your sound card. The Audigy 2 is known for having some compatibility issues which *may* be the problem but I am not sure.

You could downloading updated drivers, removing the current ones, then installing the updated drivers.

Battlefield 1942 also has some sound problems in my opinion, because I've not only had problems once or twice with popping and cracking in all programs but once I had an issue with just Battlefield 1942. I tried lowering sound detail but that didn't work.

Although the thing that fixed my problem was getting rid of the sound card I had and using onboard sound instead. The sound card I had was really cheap, which cost me about $30 and just had problems constantly with it. The only problem with onboard sound Ive had was the volume not being loud enough, but once C-Medias drivers were updated that fixed the problem plus added a lot of new features that I could change.

If you haven't already, give that a try. BTW, go in Control Panel and System, Device Manager and right click on everything under sound and if your able, click Uninstall. Then install the update.
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hi forum, i just figured this out with these speakers. i am on an acer laptop brand new with VISTA, i first made sure the speakers worked, plug in an audio source to them. i used my old ipod, they worked perfect. next i played a cd in the laptop made sure that worked and heard music. next i plugged in my ipod earphones into the EARPHONE jack and heard music in the ear piece. next i unplugged my ear piece and plugged in the speaker jack with the green end into the EARPHONE jack and HOLY COW music to my ears. these things work perfect, loud and great bass, i can shake the walls. just mess around, i had the same speakers running on windows XP home editions for years. so it can be done i loaded no drivers for this.
good luck
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please help me !
I have dual boot (vista/Ubuntu), during ubuntu start up, i did press the power button and now the laptop is completely death....
Any idea what can be the problem?

Thanks !

A:My HP Altec Lansing is death

So is it able to turn on at all? Or does it not do anything when you press the button?
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Here's the problem. I have a Gaming headset from Altec Lansing. The sound works when i connect it to the front jack on my tower. But my mic doesnt, in both the front and the back (pink) jacks.

I had the mic working when plugged into the front (pink) jack when i was on windows xp media center. Then I installed ubuntu (linux) and i couldn't get it to work. Now I'm on windows XP Pro SP2. Not media center. And my mic doesn't work. It doesn't show the driver for the headset either. I didn't get a cd with my headset. Does anyone know anything I can try?

Here is a picture:

Altec Lansing - AHS602

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I bought altec lansing ADA 880 (5.1), and my friend said that I have to buy a soundcard that support 6 channels speaker to get the best performance, and then I bought Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. But I have a problem about installation that speaker because from soundcard manual, to get the best performance for 6 channels speaker (surround sound), I must connect the rear speakers (R & L) with R & L out (from the soundcard) and so the front speakers and subwoofer.
But Altec Lansing ADA 880, have a different installation because the front and rear speakers are connected to the subwoofer (not to the soundcard), and from subwoofer there are 2 options to get input from the soundcard, using Analog In or SP/DIF In. Does anyone have any experience about this installation, and maybe there is the best installation (the best sound and performance) for my speaker and soundcard. Thanks

A:Altec Lansing ADA 880 installation

Connect both the analog in and the SPDIF, if possible. I don't know if the Santa Cruz supports digital, but it probably does, so just connect up both and enable digital output in your soundcard utilities.
The subwoofer of a system usually acts as the medium between the speakers and the soundcard.
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My Altec Lansing DV6000 laptop keyboard has a few dead keys. I am trying to upgrade the driver and not finding any of the drivers. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can correct this?

A:altec lansing keyboard

Altec Lansing is the sound system not the keyboard. You are not going to find drivers for the keyboard. Those are built into the most basic code of the operating system as they have been since the DOS days. What you can try to do is uninstall the keyboard as a device in the Device Manager, then reboot to have the drivers refresh. If that does not work and an external usb keyboard works OK then it is time to replace the keyboard. Not expensive or difficult to do.
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Can my sleekbook have a new audio driver [altec lansing with dolby advanced audio] for win10 ?? because after upgrade my dolby didn't have sound effect... thank'sthis is my sleekbook specs:AMD APU A6-4455M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, ALTEC Lansing with dolby adnvaced audio, 15,6" monitor screen


Hello @bagoesb83, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I read your post about the Audio Driver issue, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that after the Windows 10 upgrade, you no longer have sound on the system. To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - No Sound or Distorted Sound from Speakers (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!
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Hey guys i am a proud owner of an altec lansing ada system I have this system for nearly years now and had no problems until now It is an exceptional system etc etc Anyways recently it altec lansing ada885 came up with a problem The sub would switch altec lansing ada885 it self off altec lansing ada885 Now the sub has an integrated amp and so it doesn t exactly switch off because i can still hear the sound from the four satellite speakers and adjuxst volume and so forth i just cant hear any sound from the sub It works for about a cpl of seconds when you first turn it on and than after that it cuts off I dont want to buy a new system i am happy with this I will take this system apart before i have to buy a new one Does anyone out there happen to know what the problem is and how i could fix it As i said before i do not mind going inside and trying to solve the problem myself so detailed instructions would be nice please Thank you very much Jaz nbsp

A:altec lansing ada885

I had the exact same problem as well. When I removed the sub-woofer PCB (inside the speaker cab) it was fried. The toroid coils were cooked and other components were burned off the board. For me I would like to try and get another PCB and try to fix it, but really, it's time to get another sub-woofer, or another system.
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After installing new drivers etc for Windows 7 Pro, my speakers dont work (it says they are unplugged?) one of the new install was Realtek.. when you switch them on and off you can hear like a static noise then nowt.... Have checked all the cables etc and they are fine. Clicked on the speaker icon and it says Realtek Digital output 100%. Is there anything I can do to resolve this... I know this is really mundane, and ordinarily I would consider getting new ones, but I am skint! Any help would be greatly appreciated, these forums are a god send xxxx

A:Altec Lansing Speakers Win 7

You should have an AVRack icon in the taskbar.
When I mouse over it,it says sound effect.
Double click it and check the settings.
Make sure the connection is set properly ans speakers
is set to the speaker setup you have.
You may have to click the little up arrow in the taskbar
to show the aother icons.
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I purchased a set of ADA 305's for my Gateway Essential Computer. They only work if they a plugged in my USB port and the regualar line plug in also. The software I installed them is Version 1.01.0020. I can't not use the control's on the speaker, they will only work from the task bar. The light indicates that they are off, but they are still working. They work fine, but can I get the controls working on the speaker. Windows 98 Second Edition is my operating system.
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I just lay on hands on a new set of altec 5100 speaker yest.
But when i set up everything and start the sound test....

without any music o audio at the background, i found some hissing sound from my rear right satellite....

any1 had same exp, o know how to remove it.
And is such hissing sound on a new speaker proved "bad"?

A:Altec Lansing 5100

Looks like a sweet set of speakers!!

I took a look at the 5100 manual and it says this about hissing:

<img src="">
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Hi guys
I'm a music freak and i'm purchasing a set of speakers very soon and i want to know which one's better altec lansing or creative

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This is a shot in the dark. I need either a schematic for the Altec Lansing ACS621 subwoofer or just some information. Two resistors (R29/R30) burned out on my sub and I need to know their precise values. Altec Lansing tech support is, of course, useless. (In fact, they told me they don't support any product that is out of warranty. Not much of an endorsement.)

A:Altec Lansing ACS621 Resistors

add online calculator

hum; likely a LOW PASS filter
(meaning only low frequencies are allowed to get to the speaker)

you should also see a capacitor connected to the resister -- what's it
say on the side of it?

here's an online RC calculator to play with the values

edit#2:low pass filter to a subwoofer would usually set the cutoff Fq at 60cps.
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I have two ADA880 powered Subwoofers with no satellite speakers for either. I was going to use them as bass for my home audio system but i quickly realized that i need the sat speakers to turn them on. Anyways question does anyone know how to get this subwoofer to work without the sat speakers?

A:Altec Lansing ADA880 subwoofers

You probably only have to jump a couple of connector pins. The connector is the one that the satellite speakers plug into. What pins exactly?... who knows
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I have an Altec ACS495 system (on WIN98) that was just fine until we had a power surge yesterday during the Ernesto winds. When cpu shut down and recycled, the ACS system came on at full volume which I turned down on the control apnel and recycled the cpu again. Now I have NO sound and the control panel says: NO DEVICE CONNECTED. The right speaker DOES have an amber light glowing but nothing other than that.. What the heck do I do now to get the system up and running again..? Input appreciated..

A:Altec Lansing AS495 muted

I Think that Happend cuz the power Came So Strong at first then normal,,
hmmm Try to unstall the Sound Drivers, then install it again, see if this works,
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Im looking into a speaker system for my computer, it will mainly be used for music and ive narrowed it down to these too ALTEC LANSING VS4121 or Logitech X-230 , any sugestions?

A:ALTEC LANSING VS4121 or Logitech X-230

The Altec's deep base is better, but they lack middle base, so sound thinner. The Logitech's have a very balanced sound, (though there is little or no bass response below 40 HZ) and I would recommend them without reservation.
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I'm trying to modify my ATP3 speakers, but I'm not quite sure how to open them up. Obviously there's gotta be a way. There aren't any screws on the casing though. Anybody know the trick to taking off the casing, other than extreme methods? And please don't send me questions about why I'd want to modify them. I have my reasons. Thanks a lot.

A:Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers

why wud u want to modify them? haha jk. are you talking about the subwoofer casing?
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Hi I have an Altec Lansing IM510 Sansa docking station which has a sub out for the BB2001 subwoofer unfortunately Altec does not make this anymore do you know of any subwoofers either singularly or in a set that have the same spec that could work.I don't want to blow my Im510 as that was hard enough to come by.I have contacted Altec but they are unable or unwilling to help.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks Mack.
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ARGH I am fed up I have a brand new Audigy and brand new Altec Lansing speakers They both work Audigy Lansing BEEP 2/Altec Help!! 641 great most of the time but once in a while the speakers will play a really loud high-pitched sound Sometimes the sound only lasts a split-second other times it goes for a couple seconds Then once the sound stops playing the speakers sometimes quit playing the song or sound effect or whatever sound it quot beeped quot on I am guessing it s a sound card problem becuase when my headphones are hooked up to the Help!! Audigy 2/Altec Lansing 641 BEEP sound card the headphones do it too once in a while I ve run every diagnostic that exists and they all say my speakers are working fine I called both Creative and Altec Lansing s tech support neither really helped If someone could help me I would be ever greatful P S I also tried doing TS Audigy tweak guide didn t really help Also my friend suggested I do the polarity test would that help nbsp

A:Help!! Audigy 2/Altec Lansing 641 BEEP

Do you have a microphone which is switched on placed near to the speakers? Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?
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I have an Altec Lansing FX4021 computer speaker set. The remote control pad connects to subwoofer with a 7-pin male din plug. I have purchased a plug but I need diagram to find which wires to solder to the correct pins of the replacement plug. Can anyone help? Thanks
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Anybody knows from where I can get the pin configuration for the 8 pin DIN that connects Front - Right speaker to main unit.

I broke the male connector attached to front right speaker.


A:Broken 8-pin DIN plug : Altec lansing 251 (5.1)

If that doesn't help, contact them:
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The question of the century :dead:

My question is, which one of these two excellent speaker systems should I purchase? I've heard equally positive reviews from both of them.

I'm really quite stumped, and my current strategy is to opt for the cheaper one when I buy them. Both have the same MSRP, which is $200. And right now I've found them both for the same price, $119.

Both are THX certified

Logitech Z560

Altec Lansing 641

I'm really stuck Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Logitech Z560 or Altec Lansing 641?

From Tom's Hardware massive speaker roundup:

As for the bigger, more expensive systems, three of them stand out: the MegaWorks 510D, the 641 and the Z-560. If money isn't an issue, then you can go for the 510D with your eyes closed, though the other two will still give you pleasure. Of these three giants, the best quality/price ratio is the Z-560. For design and sweet sound, the winner is the Altec Lansing 641.Click to expand...

Levels the playing ground even further I am a sucker for sweet sound, but also budget!!! :dead:
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i am going to buy the Altec Lansing 251 speakers for my xbox. i wanted to know how to connect them to my xbox does it come with an adapter like the logitec z-640 or what

A:how to connect Altec Lansing 251 to xbox

The adaptor needed should cost $3~8 (Wal Mart > Radioshack)...
RCA to 1/8headphone jacks.
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I got new speakers (Altec Lansing 3piece Mulitmedia speakers) for my computer and the power for them is not working..Maybe they are deffective or I may need an adapter..Im not sure.. so if you have any idea please let me know..BTW I have a SOny Vaio Desktop computer.


A:ALTEC Lansing Speakers not working

this maybe a stupid response, but did you find the power button on the back of the satelite speaker, it should be the one on the right, hidden down low on the back.
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Please help me, I want Dolby audio with altec lansing for my pavilion g6-2291ex.
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i have doubtness on how to use the dolby digital mode with all four satelittes working properly ....i mean the all four generate enough of sounds....besides that how to configure the SPD/IF socket to the sound box,,,,,,,to make the whole four speaker fully finctioning ....

i want to know how to configure the speaker to the sound box so that the Dolby Digital mode is working properly coz what i experienced was there isnt sound comes out from the rear speakers while playing DVD in 5.1 mode(selected from the menu)....unless i change to other mode such as Quad or Stero X2...thanks for the reply

A:Altec Lansing ADA885 and Creative Audigy2 NX

so what exactly are you asking/saying here? if the setup works properly, you've done it right and self-doubt is unnessecary.
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I have an Altec Lansing FX system on my Dell with Vista Home Premium The bass on these speakers goes out and comes back for a week then goes out again I originally thought it was the sound Lansing Subwoofer Altec FX6021 Problem card but after trying out my Ipod on the speakers the same thing happened I then knew it must be the speaekers I unplugged the controller cord cord from sub to volume dial and plugged it in again and heard a loud POP in the speakers They then started working again Now a few weeks later it has happened again and this time when I try to re-plugg the controller cord nothing happens I cannot get any bass response from my sub The speakers work still but the sound is very tinny Why is this happening I am frustrated because this is a nice set of speakers and it this should not happen after only years Altec Lansing FX6021 Subwoofer Problem of use Thanks for your help - Matt UPDATE minutes after writing this post I play an mp and the bass works again I am really miffed Any ideas as to why my speakers can't decide if they want to work or not ---UPDATE--- The sub has yet again gone out only tinny music now hands up in the air

A:Altec Lansing FX6021 Subwoofer Problem

Voice coils go bad - it's a fact of life. Keep monitoring the situation.
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Thank you for the birthday email someone Altec Speakers Solved: 745 Lansing Powerless here sent Yes today I m Not quite as old as dirt But I look about We drink carrot juice and laugh a lot But yesterday when I turned everything on to Solved: Altec Lansing 745 Speakers Powerless start Mr Computer he just turned after flipping the switch on the surge suppressor that carries the scanner printer and sound the little green light I always see on the one speaker with a volume control was not lit It s an Altec Lansing I got through Dell No power It is plugged into a good outlet and acts as if it is simply unplugged There are no moving parts and the wires in and out of it are rarely touched It is a speaker system with a good size subwoofer power unit All wires go in and out of this subwoofer power unit including AC power All my sound software in my PC case is OK and I can quot hear quot with a headset plugged directly into the front of the PC I think Dell discontinued offering this speaker system soon after I got mine It has worked great for years A subwoofer vibrates with heavy bass output Maybe I should try to take the back off and look around for a loose connection But I don t play a lot of music Mostly speakers behind a podium Anyone familiar with Altec Lansing systems Anyone have any ideas Solved: Altec Lansing 745 Speakers Powerless why this happened One minute it is working great Turned off PC Back on no power for sound Dell Computer Corporation Dimension Service Tag JQ Z Express Service Code Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Processor Speed GHz Memory RAM MB Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP Operating System Version nbsp

Relevancy 84.28%

I have the Altec Lansing 251's and a cheap Diamond DT-688 5.1 Sound card. When I play the demo that came with the sound card and is on the cd, the rear speakers work when Im playing 6 channels and everything sounds great. When I close the demo and play an mp3 or movie I dont get any sound from the rear speakers. When I switch to 4/2 channel they do give sound but not surround (im not sure if thats proper terminology). When I reopen the demo that came with the sound card it says that it switched to 2 speaker setup. So I switch it back to 5.1 and everythings fine until I play and mp3 or movie and then the cycle begins over... Anybody know whats wrong? Thanks in advance

A:Altec Lansing 251 rears wont work

I don't know if this is any help, but I had a similar problem with a Soundblaster live! 5.1 card. Turns out the place i got my computer from gave me the wrong driver CD. I don't know what your sound card's software is like, but there's probably a program similar to AudioHQ that you can install from the CD. Use that program to change the setting to 5.1.
Relevancy 84.28%

I am using windows professional, I downloaded everest to try and figure out if there was something wrong with my sound card since there looks to be no audio devices. But my altec lansing 2100 setup does not work and have no other speakers to try. Any help would be appreciated either post here or email me at [email protected]
Relevancy 84.28%

The sound on my new laptop (running Windows 10) is really really low. I Googled and it turns out that it might be because of a driver issue?

I tried searching for Altec Lansing drivers (that's my speaker brand) but I couldn't come up with anything much. I don't have my installation CD anymore. The model is BXR1221. Maybe it's too old or something...

A:Audio drivers for Windows 10? (especially Altec Lansing)

There are no drivers for the actual speakers. The drivers are for the PC's sound hardware chip such as Conexant, Realtek, etc.

Is the "low sound" on the Laptops internal speakers or with the external Altec Lansing speakers?
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I recently purchased an Creative extigy soundcard and a ALtec Lansing ADA885.

The ADA885 supports Dolby digital and has a SPDIF jack. However, I can't seen to get them working with the Extigy. Apparantly, the extigy soundcard treats the ADA885 as sound source from headphones. I can only get it working when I plug it into the headphones jack

Is there a better configuration to optimise the ADA885 or are these 2 pieces of hardware just plain incompatible?... Please enlighten me... thank you

A:Extigy / Altec Lansing ADA885 problem

In the Extigy control panel have you set it for S/PDIF Passthrough (It's shown in the Extigy section of our Soundcard guide). You might still have it set to perform Dolby Digital decoding.
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I have an Altec Lansing speaker system MX W RMS output Hz - KHz audio range It has been fine for more than years but presently I am having some problems with it After power up the speaker is almost okay But very low volume growling noise i e random sound of low frequency in the range - Hz comes out of the subwoofer But noise is audible only if someone attaches the ear to it After some or hours later the growling noise increases in volume Subwoofer Lansing MX5021 with Problem Altec and it becomes audible even from feets But still low volume To make the things worse this higher amplitude noise interferes with the bass portions of the music and creates bits of bass which is very disturbing When I am hearing music it perceives as if the bass is becoming high and low periodically However if I power off the speaker at that time and keep it off for next - minues it seems to become okay again However the problem repeats again after - hours I use Problem with Altec Lansing MX5021 Subwoofer windows with X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card but when the noise starts I have experimented detaching the signal cables from the Problem with Altec Lansing MX5021 Subwoofer subwoofer and the noise still continues So definitely this is not a problem related to OS or soundcard drivers I've found one more way to make the speaker Problem with Altec Lansing MX5021 Subwoofer output quot clear quot when it starts the growling noise This solution does not work always I have some single tone wave files which I use to test the speaker output Astonishingly if I play the Hz tone and Hz tone for - seconds the speakers seem to become quot noise-free quot again for some time Btw could it be a power line problem I power the speaker from home AC V Hz power supply Recently we changed residence and the noise problem started shortly after that Is it due to any power factor problem in AC power supply I have tried changing the AC outlet but at same residence with same results However I haven't tried powering it directly from an UPS so I am not sure if the problem is still there when the speaker system is powered by generated supply of UPS battery But even if there is problem in the AC supply at my new residence should it really have any effect on speaker performance After all they are stepped down inside the speaker system and also there should be filter capacitors and regulator IC I have also tried moving the satellites and the subwoofer far from any magnetic device keeping the signal and power lines physically distant I have also tried keeping those lines as less inducing as I could i e so that no local magnetic field grows up along the power line which could create noisy extraneous electric signal in the signal lines In fact I have been using the speaker system for more than years at that time I didn't have to be careful about these things and the speaker was fine I am not so acquainted with AC power devices and audio amplifiers It will be fine if someone could explain me where the problem actually is and what should be my measures

A:Problem with Altec Lansing MX5021 Subwoofer


This sounds to me like an electrical problem with the subwoofer's amplifier, from your description I'm guessing that one of the components has developed a problem. It could be a capacitor losing integrity and leaking DC current into the electrical path, or possibly a preamp integrated circuit going bad.

If you're lucky, it could even be something like a cold solder joint.

If it's a capacitor, a tech could easily spot it, usually, when they're that bad they've leaked some material.

Either way, you will have to have someone look at it, don't try it yourself.

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Today is a sad day for me. An irrepairable loss. I feel like having lost a dear friend.

My Altec Lansing 5021 has gone silent. I was trying out the Open Free software to play my mkvs and was jolted to find my speakers dead. I had never looked into any other speaker system ever since I bought the 5021. Only a 5021 can replace a 5021 but unfortunately Altec Lansing has discontinued it and the 6021 is not even half good as its predecessor (or so I believe from the reviews).

So what else? I have to do a lot of research to find an equally good one and a THX certified at that. Any suggestions that will shorten my research is most welcome.

A:Suggest a replacement for Altec Lansing MX5021

Best suggestion, if you have a store close that has speakers setup is to check them out and decide. Everyone hears things differently, and I can attest to that being I have a recording studio. We get into "friendly conversation" over what monitor speakers are best or what headsets are best, etc.

You will probably get responses from people suggesting their favorite, but listening and comparing yourself is the only true way to determine what to buy.
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ok so i have a altec lansing 2.1 computer speaker, and the plug on the subwoofer where the right speaker output is broke on the circuit board. where can i find a new one?? it kind of looks like an s-video plug (roughly). anybody know where i can find a replacement? or does anyone even know what im talking about?

A:altec lansing atp3 replacement parts...where are they?

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Okay. In my HP-Pavilion dv5000 (dv5201) it has Altec Lansing speakers, and I can't find any drivers. I had to clean install 7 because my sister isn't smart, and installed Mandriva over XP. I don't even know it's model, because Win7 doesn't recognise it. I installed all but the language updates, still nothing. I know there isn't any 7 drivers, but I can't even find the Vista ones. I'm on my Cell, so I can't download and try every driver out there. A direct link would be nice. Thanks,

A:Altec Lansing in-built Speakers not working?

Along with installing the OS, you also need specific sound drivers. XP drivers are not compatible, but usually Vista drivers will work. However, finding drivers may be difficult at best. I just rebuilt a desktop with an Intel motherboard. I found all the drivers except the SigmaTel sound drivers. I tried what Intel had for Vista, what I could find on the web at various places and none would install and work. I finally installed a separate sound card.

I've seen cases, on Dell laptops, of this and the only option was to use a USB connected sound device (alsong with external speakers or headset), to have sound.
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I followed a thread researching the din connector for this product and you guys found it! I also need one, but I see a hot spot on my circuit board so I thought I would just replace the entire board. I can not get any help from altec lansing on this, can any one find an outlet for a replacement part? This is an older speaker system but sounds so good, and it was free!

A:altec lansing atp3 multimedia computer speakers

DIN = Deutsche Industrie Norm = German industrial standard. You don't tell is where you are, but assuming USA and not Europe I would search for a supplier in Germany.
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Hi all,

I'm repairing a set of Altec Lansing ADA885 speakers and was wondering if anyone out there could help me. Inside the subwoofer cabinet there is a metal case with a circuit board, containing (I think) the power supply and subwoofer amplifier circuitry. There is an approximately 2 watt resistor labelled R2 on this board that is burned. I can't read the value due to the heat damage. Does anyone either have a schematic for this unit, or an open unit they can look at this resistor and let me know the value? I talked to Altec Lansing's tech support and it was like banging my head against the wall. They seem to think that throwing the whole system away and buying a new set because a 10 cent part is blown is the best option. Any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

A:Altec Lansing ADA885 info needed desperately

Howdy! Welcome to TechSpot

Potrzebie said:

I talked to Altec Lansing's tech support and it was like banging my head against the wall. They seem to think that throwing the whole system away and buying a new set because a 10 cent part is blown is the best option. Any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated.Click to expand...

Being they are so widely available and cheap it may be best....
I too wish things were more standardized so we could effect repairs but
the general world industry will not give up the economical soundness of
the new "disposable replacment". To them that sound system represents about
.10 worth the cost and 90% profit. What would do you think motivate them?
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Hi All

I'm in the process of repairing my Altec Lansing ADA885 multimedia speaker system and was wondering if anyone out there might possibly be able help.

Inside the subwoofer cabinet there's a metal box/case which contains the power supply and amplifier circuit board for the subwoofer. On this circuit board there's a 2 watt resistor labelled R2 which is badly burned. Due to the extent of the heat damage, the value (I.e. colour code) is impossible to read. If anyone can advise me as to what the value of resistor R2 should be (so that I can replace it), I would really appreciate receiving a reply. Many thanks in advance...

Apparantly, Altec Lancing no longer have a schematic diagram or any other information for the ADA885 system which they originally manufactured ~2000.

A:Altec Lansing ADA885 Info Needed Urgently

Have you called mon ,wed,and fri,I been calling for 3 wks .no body answers.I have a BX1121 3 pins broke I was looking for what color wire goes to which pin oh now their mail box is closeed
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I am looking for a 2.0 or 2.1 sound system.

I have Altec Lansing VS3151 5.1 speakers and I am EXTREMELY pleased with them.

I was wondering if anyone has the Altec Lansing VS2220, VS2221, or Logitech S200 speakers.

My dad has a pair of 2.0 speakers that have great bass to them. They are about 5 years old. They had a volume and tone control on them.

The thing I am looking for is great bass and quality. I have had great luck with Altec Lansing. My only concern with 2.0 is a lack of bass, but I like them because I don't have to worry about space for a sub. If you notice, the VS2220 has a tone knob on it. Does anyone know of a store that carries them in stock?

If anyone can tell me about their experience or tips with the speakers above, I would appreciate it.

Logitech S200
Altec Lansing VS2220
Altec Lansing VS2221
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which sound card is good?

I bought a new speaker (Altec lansing ADA 880) and I read from PC magazine that Aureal Vortex SQ-2500 is recommended for my Altec speaker. Is it true? does anyone ever try this soundcard? is this soundcard better that Creative SB live 5.1 ?


A:which sound card is good for use with Altec lansing ADA 880 Speakers?

Welcome to 3dspotlight forums...

I own the sound card that your speaking of. Unfortunately the Vortex cards ceased to be manufactured a while ago when Aureal went under. You could probably pick up one second hand. Now I use a Hercules Fortissimo2 soundcard which is newer and maybe mostly because of that has a clearer and better sound. Still supports 4 speakers (if thats all your after). The Altec lansing ADA 880 is a 5.1 (6 speaker setup) and the SQ(SuperQuad = 4 speaker output)2500 has a digital out but I never used it with a 6 speaker setup but I doubt it would be the most suitable card for your speaker system. As I said before, Aureal are no more so you would probably find it hard to get this card if you really wanted it.
The satellites can be used separately as a 4 speaker system but when you have the full 6 it would seem silly not to use them.

For more information on sound cards check out the 3dspotlight audio reviews.
3dspotlight Aureal Vortex2 SuperQuad Review

I would be tempted more to go for a Creative Labs Audigy or the Hercules GameTheatre XP to pair up with those high quality speakers...

For some more information about your new speakers checkout Hardwarecentrals review of them posted today.

Hope this is of some help
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Need to replace r29 & r30 resistors that were burnt beyond recognition, but have had no success in locating schematics or color code. Found a picture of the board online but to small to identify bands. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Altec Lansing ACS621 resistor color code

Resister codes

b - black = 1
b - brown = 2
r - red = 3
o - orange = 4
y - yellow = 5
g - green= 6
b - blue = 7
v - violet = 8
g - green = 9
w - white = 0
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Can anyone please help me? i got a new pc running windows 2000 professional. now my altek lansing speakers wont work on it and i love these speakers. pc asks me for cmuda.sys which is like greek to me. contacted microsoft and the speaker co. and they say i need a patch. is cmuda.sys a patch? if it is how do i get it? any help greatly appreciated. tyvm Bluemarinemamal

A:Altec lansing spker trouble/wind 2000 professional

looks like a driver issue,

cmuda.sys is the C-Media WDM Audio Interface, for the C-Media AC97 on-board sound cards.

have you lately checked or downloaded your latest sound driver? compatible
for your OS ?

and what is your motherboard model? do you use any other PCI sound card?
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I have an Altec-Lansing speakers ACS40 and subwoofer ACS250 system that came with a Gateway 2000 PC that I purchased in 1995. And has worked with every computer I'ved used since, the last having XP Home Edition.
However they do not seem to work with my new Dell with WIN7. Any advice?

A:Altec-Lansing Speakers and Subwoofer not working on new Dell with WIN7

Exactly is the 20 year old Altec Lansing speaker system? Back then many PC sound systems were different.

Are these speakers analog with built in power amplifier? (needed for current PC speaker systems). Or are they non powered as many older sound cards had power amplification on the sound card. And then there were the Gateway PC's that used digital speaker systems (and that digital type is not compatible with current PC digital connections).

What is the Dell PC Model number (such as Inspiron 310, etc). One with a 32 bit OS would suggest an older Dell as most (all that I've seen) new PC's come with 64 bit OS.
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Hi All

I'm in the process of repairing my Altec Lansing ADA885 multimedia speaker system and was wondering if anyone out there might possibly be able to help.

Inside the subwoofer cabinet there is a metal case which contains the power supply and amplifier circuit board for the subwoofer. On this circuit board there is a resistor labelled R2 which is badly burned. Due to the extent of the heat damage, it is impossible to read the resistor's value (i.e. color code). If anyone can advise me as to what the value of resistor R2 should be, I would really appreciate a reply.

Many thanks...

A:Solved: Altec Lansing ADA885 Info Needed Urgently

Have a look here - schematic ada885 subwoofer amp repair notes -
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Help! I Upgraded to Vista and now have no sound! Windows Update does not show a new driver available. What do I do?

A:[resolved]Needed: Altec Lansing VS2221 Sound Driver for Vista

Isn't vs2221 speakers? If so, do you really need drivers?

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I bought this speakers a while ago for my older computer and recently i bought this new hp so im using them on my new hp desktop and ever since i bought the speakers they have allways made this high pitched noise .Now my HDD makes the same high pitched noise but not as loud as my speakers make it i feel like the speakers are just transmitting the sound tha the HDD is making but just alot louder?

Thanks for any help in advanced

A:external altec lansing speakers keep making high Pitched Noise

Thats easy to determine if the speakers are causing it or the hard drive is generating the noise, power off the speakers and see if the hard drive's noise goes away.

I would suspect its the hard drive.
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System - Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H
Sound - Realtek on motherboard
Speakers - Altec AVS300

My problem is that I cannot figure out how to get sound playing from my left speaker and also the subwoofer. It worked fine on my previous Win XP system.
As far as I can tell only the right speaker works.

The Altec systen has 2 speakers and a subwoofer with 1 leads that plugs into the motherboard. I used the Green connector on the back of the motherboard.

The realtek HD Audio Manager does not a a 2 speaker plus subwoofer configuration.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Realtek no sound in left speaker or subwoofer using Altec AVS300 speak

I think your stereo cable has the problem, try connect with your TV or ipod and see if both speakers and subwoofer are working or not. If not, then you may have to buy a stereo cable. Hope this helps
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when i restart my computer the sound icon on the taskbar is missing, yet when i go to the control panel and select the sound it is checked. it says place volume icon in the taskbar. If I uncheck it and then click apply and check it again and click apply it comes back. I am not hiding any icons on the taskbar. This is a new computer only a few weeks old.
What could be the trip?

A:Speaker Volume control

Try this fix from kellys-korner.
Scroll down to line #30,
Windows XP Doesn't Save User Settings
instructions to run regedits at top of web page.
Relevancy 53.75%

Does anyone know where I can find the driver for the speaker control (the little speaker in the task bar)?

I deleted it by accident and now have no sound, sound controls, etc.


Relevancy 53.75%

I had a slide in my system tray for controlling speaker volume, somehow it disappeared, so how to I get it back?

Relevancy 53.75%

Hope I'm in the right place.I want to find out if I can switch from Headphones to Main Speakers, or Back without having to keep going into Volume Control Options and resetting the Default (what a Hassle)??I just purchased Logitech G390 Headphone/Microphone for Using with Skype and My Online Games. I have a Gigabyte MoBo w/High Definition Audio, Main Speakers are the Logitech Z5500.And on a Rare Occasion it would help if I could Have the Headphones On with the Main Speakers On too. The Case has a Audio Control, However it only works with a Pin-Type Jack for Headphone,This G390 uses PnP USB 2.0.Can someone steer me down the right path if there is such a thing?

A:Headphone or Main Speaker Control

Switch Headset to Speakers QuicklyDoes this help?If not, try the guide here.
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Hi, I have a pair of old Yamaha speakers and an SB Live Value sound card and I'm running XP. The speakers have a volume control and a headphone jack on them. Up until recently they were working fine but then my children were playing around on the PC and now neither the volume control on the speaker nor the headphone jack works (if I plug in the headphones the sound continues to be played through the speakers).

I've searched through the archives but haven't spotted anyone who has had a similar problem and since I've been banging my head against the wall for a couple of weeks I'd really appreciate some help.

A:Speaker volume control not working

If I read your post correctly, you are still getting sound from the speakers, right? It kind of sounds like the speaker controls and the headphone jack have been damaged somehow. Do you have another set of speakers you can test with or another PC to try these speakers on?
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The volume control on the center speaker has little effect recently. I know it's not needed but it sure is convienent. Tjis occurred on both windoze 7 and 10. I believe the driver is integrated. Any ideas? The windoze 10 computer is a dell and has the 3 sound jacks for the speakers.

A:MMS 5650 center speaker volume control

Our apologies that you have not received a response from our Audio users. Did you ever get this MMS 5650 issue resolved?
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Hi everyone,

I just got a new monitor with speakers on it and I hooked it up to my video card with a HDMI cable. I don't want to use the monitor's speakers because they don't get very loud but for some reason the volume control knob on my external speakers hasn't worked since I plugged the monitor in.

I've gone into the playback devices and set my speakers to be the default device but I can crank knob all the way from 0 to max on my speakers and the sound remains at a constant level (which is very low as well). I've also tried disabling all of the Nvidia high def audio devices but that hasn't helped anything either. I'd greatly appreciate some advice with this!

Thanks in Advance

A:No Speaker Volume Control with HDMI Monitor

Use a dvi cable instead of hdmi for the monitor.
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In Control Panel, under SOUND AND AUDIO DEVICES PROPERTIES, ADVANCED AUDIO PROPERTIES, I've set my SPEAKERS to "5.1 Surround Sound Speakers" to go along with my new Pro Media 5.1 system. I have a Creative Audigy card.

Every time I reboot it changes back to DESKTOP STEREO SPEAKERS. So I change it again, APPLY, and say OK. When I reboot... same thing happens again.

How can I force XP to stay with that 5.1 selection?

Any Ideas?


XP Home, Athlon XP 1900+, MSI K7T266 RU Pro, Audigy Gamer, Pro Media 5.1
Relevancy 52.89%

I have been searching different forums where or speaker Panel volume from Control adjust icon from Cannot the speaker icon has disappeared from the notification area Cannot adjust volume from speaker icon or from Control Panel of the task bar but have not found a solution to the particular problem I am experiencing In my case the speaker icon is still visible but when I click on it I no longer get the vertical bar which allows me to adjust the volume I have made no recent changes to my computer and cannot understand why this has suddenly happened I have gone to taskbar properties and tried turning the Cannot adjust volume from speaker icon or from Control Panel volume icon on and off but this has not cured the problem I have discovered the problem I am experiencing is limited to my user account only I have one other named account and a guest account The other user is able to adjust the volume from the speaker icon on the notification bar and when I log into the guest account I find it is also working perfectly However when I log into my user acount it does not work I have also tried adjusting Cannot adjust volume from speaker icon or from Control Panel the volume by going into Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Sound - Adjust system volume but when I click on it nothing happens However when I go into the guest account I find I can adjust the volume from both the icon on the notification bar and by going through the Control Panel method I therefore suspect that my user account may have been corrupted in some way I should stress that my problem is limited to my inability to adjust the volume in my user account I do have sound I just am unable to control it I should add that I have run the Microsoft Security Scanner as I thought that my pc might have been infected with a virus but the scanner found no infected files

A:Cannot adjust volume from speaker icon or from Control Panel

The problem is obviously corruption of the user account. Try an sfc and maybe it will be corrected
System Files - SFC Command
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My speaker setup seems to make windows think that all my speakers are 'left'. I dont mind that it does, but the problem is that i will be missing out on all the action coming out of the sopposed 'right' speaker.

The Volume balance control sliders that you can access from Sound > Speaker Properties > Levels > Balance only control the volumes that each individual speaker has.

Is there a slider, windows function or program that can shift both the output from the left and right speakers, to the left speaker, so that nothing will be missed .

Many thanks,

A:Windows 7 balance needed, NOT volume control for each speaker

More system specs are needed. e.g. what is the PC/Model Number or if a custom the motherboard. Also what sound do you have? such as RealTek, Conexant, SoundBlaster, etc.
Relevancy 52.03%

As per subject heading I am unable to use any of the touch controls to change volume, mute speaker etc. I have not been able to find a way to re-establish these functions. Does anyone have the answer?Cheers

View Solution.

A:HP Pavilion model DV6 touch control for volume, speaker mute...

@alwend Hi,Perform a Hard Reset:1. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards.2. Disconnect the AC power adapter, remove the battery, and then press and hold the power button for at least 1 minute.3. Reconnect the AC power adapter (do not connect the battery), press the Power button and check is your problem solved or not.
Relevancy 50.31%

I am having power up issues with the following system Gateway GR System Intel Pentium GHz Intel Augsburg G Motherboard Northbridge Intel i P i G rev B Southbridge Intel FB ICH rev Stock Cooler Master fan and post, light no speaker on system won't System beeps, power heatsink Stock watt power supply I recently decided to upgrade my desktop I purchased an EVGA i SLI FTW motherboard so I could use my old cpu for now I installed the new motherboard P cpu with the stock Gateway Sooler Master fan amp heatsink and the stock watt power supply After getting the system up and running I tried to move over everything from the old Gateway GR operating system After much frustration trying to easily get all software moved over without reinstalling everything I decided to just buy a Core Duo processor and watt power supply for System won't post, no system speaker beeps, power light on the system and just keep both systems going I System won't post, no system speaker beeps, power light on reinstalled everything back to the Gateway system making the same as it was stock except the memory Now the Gateway will not power up When the power switch is turned on the power LED comes on but absolutely nothing else happens no beeps no case fan power up nothing I have tried the following System won't post, no system speaker beeps, power light on to try to diagnose the problem Rechecked in the new system and or other system o Power Supply Good o CPU Good o Fan Acts funny comes on at power up but then doesn t run after that not sure if this could be related to not enough power from the PSU or not o Ram Good o Power switch Good Bread boarded GR components but still no luck Disconnected everything except the cpu fan and power switch not working Removed system battery to reset CMOS no help Disconnected Auxiliary -V ATX Connector Standby power LED on Power LED lights up when power switch pressed Disconnected ATX power supply connector and plugged in power No power indicators working No sounds coming from system speaker at any time even when removing RAM sticks There are things that happened in the disassembly reassembly of the stock GR system process that I am wondering if they could be causing the problem Removing the stock heatsink and fan from Gateway motherboard required considerable effort as the bracket mounted on the backside of the Augsburg mobo was glued When first reconnecting the power switch to I had the header connectors upside down not in the wrong place just with the Power SW lettering down when it should have been up I think I may have had a little too much thermal paste on the heatsink when reinstalling none seems to have gotten on the mobo anywhere but it was a bit thick I do not think that I zapped statically but that is always a possibility Nothing looks fried and no capacitors look blown I am wondering if the board is fixable and if the problem will likely require a trained technician would the repair likely be under which is the limit of what I would be willing to pay to not have to reinstall everything Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ronnie nbsp

A:System won't post, no system speaker beeps, power light on

Hi Ronnie,
The Gateway motherboard will beep if no memory is installed at all. If you hear no beeps, the motherboard may be toast. Motherboards sometime fail for little or no reason. Did you reinstall the CPU properly? Too much thermal compound will act as an insulator and not as a heat conductor
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I hope I can post this. I recently bought a second hand Packard Bell IMedia 4608 PC. Unfortunately it says in my device manager that the drivers for the system speaker and the system timer are not present and I cannot roll back the drivers. Where can I get some from? I have tried to register with PB forum but I am still waiting for their e mail reply, and have been for 2 days! Can anyone help?

A:System speaker and system timer drivers for imedia 4608

Download and install Everest (available free from HERE). This will provide you with an Explorer-like interface that will list all your hardware, and in some cases, provide links to the appropriate drivers. Even if it doesn't provide a link, at least you'll know exactly what hardware you have, and you'll be able to search for a driver more effectively.
Relevancy 49.45%

my laptop brightness control control system software is not working so please tell me a link to download a new brightness control software HP G62windows 764 bit 

A:my laptop brightness control control system software is not ...

my lenevo laptop is brightness not working.please solotion me.
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I have an MSI 785GTM-E45 Mother Board. I have no sound coming from the speakers. Tried new speakers and still no sound. If I click on the speaker Icon on the bottom right it shows the speaker graph going up and down as sound is being produced. I tried the head phones and nothing coming from them either. I tried playing a CD and nothing from there either. I first noticed it when I was trying to play something from YOUTUBE and thought it might just be the site but then I tried off line as well. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. This is the first day that I have noticed it. Thanks for any help. I have checked all the settings I can think of but probably have missed something somewhere.

A:No sound from speakers but showing sound graph on speaker control

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel. In the Playback section, set your "Speakers" as the Default Playback device (if it's not now set). Then see if you have speaker and/or headphone sound.
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Does anyone have any suggestions on a 2.1 or 5.1 speaker system?

What should I look for in a good system? How many watts?

Looking for under $100. Has to have excellent bass. Will be used mostly for music/movies.

A:Speaker System

My preference is the Yamaha brand of speakers. I have a 2.1 system that I purchased quite a while ago

It is YST-MS201. I have been quite satisfied with them. The will play louder than I want or need them to, and the highs/Lows are more than sufficient for my range of hearing...but then as a young man I did work in a metal stamping plant
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had a used base unit,when i plug it in,the computer sounds like its firing up but its also bleeping on and off continuously,nothing on the monitor,please somebody help me because its driving me mad !!!

A:system speaker

Welcome to Techspot
It will help to know more about your PC: systems pecs...

Could you be a little bit more specific about the "bleeping" , how many beeps etc. ?

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Does anyone have any suggestions for a 2.1 or 5.1 speaker system for my PC?

Has to have an exellent, deep bass. Used mainly for music and some games. On a budget, $130 or less.

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i am looking for a 5.1 speaker system and card that run off of optical. i am tired of looking after 5 days of stuff that fit my budget. my budget is around $100-$300.

P.S.: plz put this in the right topic if this is not it.

A:5.1 Speaker System

if its not possible off the shelf is it possible to do it ourselves?
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Now I have a better Computer I would like to play my music on it in my own room (Dads not keen on my music) anyway the speakers in my monitor are OK...ish but I would like something with a better bass, I found this setup, looks nice to me but I would appreciate some advice please, around the same price

A:Speaker System

have you thought about a pair of over ear headphones?
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I was looking around for a new speaker setup. Well these are my choices and i have been looking at reviews, can't seem to find the "Superior" setup...

Logitech Z640 5.1

Altec Lansing 251 5.1

Creative Inspire T5400 5.1

Also on a strict budget for this upgrade, lower the better, but dont wanna sacrifice any sound if possible (for under $100)
Would prefer the Altec or Logitech cause they are about $20-30 cheaper, but willing to spend the extra for creative if its worth it.


A:What 5.1 speaker system is best???

i dunno what your price range is but get the klipsch ultra 5.1 - the sound is amazing...down side is that they dont last long - gotta enjoy em while you can (ima already on my third pair!!!).

edit - just read your last bid about yo budget and all i can say is that my roomie has altec lansing speakers and theyre pretty good for the money (not the ones you want but i figure the quality must be the same). i dont like creative but thats just cuz they only recently started making speakers and arent as far into speaker production as the other two.
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I have a two year old 5.1 Creative p5800 speaker system.
I it linked up via an audo mixer which feeds from my laptop, TV, and radio.
(This has been the case for over a year now)
I was just watching the move with a video through the TV, and suddenly all the sound stoped.

I still have audio from the mixer,
and when I plug hedphones into the jack on teh creative speaker syetem volume remote I still get sound.

What could posibly be wrong? Is there a way I could fix it?
Any help would be very much appreciated.

A:No sound from 5.1 Speaker system

Ok, I have managed to fix my system.
I opened up the subwoffer, filldled with the fuse on the curcit board, blowed dussd, wiggled the paneel (this was in despear ofcourse) and put it back together. It now works! ..I thought it was a bit odd, becuase there was no noise at all.

I did have the voloume up quite a lot when it happened.
Im gald it has fixed, but just wondered if anyone could shed some light on what actually happened? So I know for future!!
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hey guys

i have a Cambridge Soundworks Four Point Surround FPS 2000

and until about 2 months ago it was working perfectly fine. but then
for some reason the sound quality got a little messed up. it is not a
consistent disturbance in sound, some part thru a sound the sound
starts making a crunchy sound like when u take a plastic bag and
keep squashing it. it does this on and off even if im watching a movie
or playing a game. im not sure if its my sound card or just the surround
system itself. my soundcard is a Creative SB Live!

This is all i know, does anyone have any ideas??
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Intel(R) 82801BA LPC Interface Controller

No drivers found for system speaker.

Any other way other than reinstalling windows?

A:System Speaker Driver

reinstall the drivers for just that
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OK I installed a clean version of windows xp on a Medion laptop model# MD42100 with a motherboard madeby notebook model MIM2040 with chipset i855GM/GME SN 30002446 and finally the problem is that I cant get the speakers to work on it when I checked it didnt register there was a speaker and the speakers were working before I reinstalled windows is there any free software to find a solution for this

A:System speaker not detected

was vista installed on the computer before?

sounds like a driver problem. make sure the drivers installed properly. Also check the Device manager to see if your computers detecting the speakers.

try going to your computers manufacturers site and download the correct drivers for your computer.
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I want to purchase a new speaker system cause this old one is blown. But I want to buy this Logitech system thats 200 watts rms and I have a power supply that is 430 watts. I checked on this power wattage supply calculator and it says im using about 280 watts? Can I still purchase this speaker system??? Thanks

A:Is speaker system too watts?

The speakers have their own power supply and have absolutely nothing to do with your PC. Look at the photo and you will see a power cord coming from the subwoofer. That powers the entire speaker system. Buy them and enjoy.