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change win vista 64 to 32

Q: change win vista 64 to 32

what steps would i take inorder to change windows vista 64 bit to 32 bit ?

iam not very computer literate with all the lingo , could some give me a link on how to or step by step instuctions on how to do this ?

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Preferred Solution: change win vista 64 to 32

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: change win vista 64 to 32

you will have format and reinstall from scratch

boot from the vista 32x disk to the install screen and install

you will need to back up anything you need to save before you start
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I get a message each time I start VISTA that it must change back to the Windows Vista Background. That there is a problem with a program that loads automatically with qttask.exe file. That's a bit odd. I already have Windows Vista Basic background as my default background, and I can't quite figure out what program would be on auto start and use qttask.exe. Any ideas how to get this to stop?

Second, a bit off topic. What is the purpose of Windows Defender? Does it make having Norton on the system too, redundant.



A:New Vista User, Message to Change to Windows Vista Background

Hello jdpeterman

qttask.exe is related to quicktime but there must be an issue with it. Try changing auto loads service in the startup configuration

1. Start\Run
2. Type msconfig
3. Under the startup tab uncheck anythink to do with quicktime or qttask.exe
4. select Apply and Ok and exit without restart

Or check what else is loading using windows defender

1. Start\Control Panel\Security\Windows defender
2. When open select tools and software explorer
3. In the drop down select Startup programs
4. Select anything to do with quicktime or qttask.exe and select disable

Reboot and see if the error message goes away

Windows Defender is a free program that helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software. It features Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it's detected and minimizes interruptions and helps you stay productive.

I use Avast and windows defender and nothing more


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i have windows vista basic( preinstall) on my Acer eMachines 525-902G25Mi ,but i want to install windows xp and i can t .I need some help.stop:0x0000007b(0xf78d2524,0xc0000034.0x00000000.0x00000000)

A:change vista with xp

Why can't you install XP? If you have a Windows XP CD, boot off of that and choose to Delete the Partition with Vista by typing D. Then Create a partition by typing C. then Format the partition NTFS.
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im trying to install XP.
i put in the cd and start the computer.
Pressing del and comes into the bootmanager, but i cant find any other devices than the windows vista i normally run. i dont know what to do

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Hi there

I have recently purchased a new laptop (HP Pavillion DV6558) and it is set up with the Vista 64 OP. I use my laptop mainly for DJ'ing using Rane Serato but I can't get it to work! The Rane website indicates that the Serato system only works with Vista 32. How do I go about changing OP's?

Is it already on my laptop and just needs to be activated? Will i need to buy it? Any help would be gratefully recieved as I have no ideas!!



A:Can I change from Vista 64 to 32? Please help!!

Hi Boon,

Welcome to the forum.

All Vista's, except for the Basic version, has a 64 and 32 bit version available for it. If you got a Vista installation DVD, check to see if it is for the 32 bit or 64 bit Vista.

If you only have the 64 bit installation dvd, then ask HP or the place where you bought it how you can get the 32 bit version from them. You should not have to buy a full priced 32 bit Vista.

If you do have a 32 bit installation dvd, then you can just do a clean install with it using the same product key number.

Hope this helps,
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I bought a new computer and it came with Vista and I have had nothing but trouble with it. I cant get most of the stuff I was running to work. I bought a new copy of Windows XP Pro and would like to change to that as that is what I had before and everything worked OK. This new computer has a 9 in 1 card reader and I would like to know if XP has a driver for it or will I have to try to find one? Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:Change Vista To Xp Pro

Check on the manufacturer's web site to see if it has XP drivers. If not, you may not be able to run XP on that machine. There need to be XP drivers for all the hardware, from the main board to the display adapter.
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I have a new HP Pavillion that came preloaded with Vista. I don't like Vista too much because the games that my wife plays on the older Presario with XP, won't work on the new Pavillion. I would like to replace Vista with XP as my operation system. Is this very difficult to do? Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Change Vista To Xp?

Before you go ahead you will need to find out if HP support XP drivers for your computer so you will need to post the model and number. You will also have to purchase a XP disk. Your warranty may be viod putting XP on, contact HP.
Have you tried to run the games on Vista in compatibility mode? Right click on the short cut .exe >properties>compatibility and choose XP SP2 or change it to something else to see if it will run.
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I have imaged a Vista laptop using UltraBac Gold and I need to change the SID. I am going to try using sysprep but I do not want to make any other changes to the OS other than the SID.


A:Change Vista SID

Sorry. IS there a question here or are you just letting us know what you are doing?
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How can i change my 32 bit vista home to 64 bit?

can i find any upgrades in Removed By dmex!

please help.....

A:change 32 bit vista to 64 bit

Hi khaledmuwahid,

There is No discussion of illigal websites, warez or piracy here as stated in the!

If you own a Vista DVD you can request a 32bit or 64bit DVD from Microsoft for $12

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My Creative ZEN NANO MP PLAYER - G not the NANO PLUS apparently cannot recognize the wma files that are transferred to it from my new computer with a VISTA HOME PREMIUM OS whether or not I use the company s CREATIVE MEDIASOURCE ORGANIZER The organizer shows the MP3 Pro to Change XP Vista files were satisfactorily transferred and the files play well from the device whenever it is plugged into the USB But after it is correctly disconnected from the computer the player does not play and shows only NO RECORDING Everything worked perfectly with my old XP-Pro Upgrading from the CREATIVE DOWNLOADS site the organizer to VISTA-compatibility did MP3 Change XP Pro to Vista not help Also Windows-search for an upgraded driver showed no better upgrade available An attempt to download the appropriate VISTA-compatibility FIRMWARE update from the CREATIVE site resulted in a notification that such update is not available for the ZEN NANO MP PLAYER although it IS for the NANO PLUS model Rather than incurring an unfair and needless fee for a Creative Support consultation I wonder if anybody out there might have some helpful thoughts about this problem nbsp
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whenever i click on the theme button under personalize it does nothing and i cant change my theme theres a video of me trying below

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

A:cant change theme on vista

choose WIndows AERO as the default colour scheme and update the video driver. then try changing the theme...
Hope that works ! ! !
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Just installed new hard drive. when I try to boot up it shows: a:\ not my main drive c:\ I don't know how to change it to c: so computer will boot?

A:Boot up Vista Change a:\ to c:?

How did you install Windows?
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Iv been trying to do this for a couple of days now but cant get my head round it. Iv done everything iv had to( patched/changed the files in the system 32 folder, i.e uxtheme.dll) but when iv re-booted and went to personalize to select a new theme iv added to the windows themes folder the visual style file isnt recognized as a theme file and I still only have the option off classic and aero theme. Does anyone know how to get around this? as im sure it can be done. Thanks in advance

A:How do I change themes in vista?

Hey Patchy
Is this what you need?
How to Change Windows Vista Themes and Skins |
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I recently bought a laptop installed with Vista in Chile.

Naturally, everything is in Spanish.

I am giving the computer to a friend who doesnt speak any spanish and I would like to change it all to English.

Can anyone tell me how to do this please?


A:Change Language in Vista?

mr wolf,

Here is a Microsoft link that (sort of) explains what the difference is between LIP and MUI.
Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI).*
Windows Vista Language Interface Pack (LIP).*

If you have Vista Ultimate - you will be in luck - if you have - Windows Vista Ultimate -
MUI is also available for Vista Enterprise -
I have never installed either of these - so not sure what LIP, would be lacking.
"If you are using Windows Vista Enterprise, contact your system administrator for information about installing additional languages."


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I am having trouble getting a program to respond to changes I make in its ini file I m using file in Vista .ini Cannot change Windows Vista Home Premium and the program I m trying to change is an older program called Cannot change .ini file in Vista Word Ace I ve made the changes to the ini files for this Cannot change .ini file in Vista same program on a machine which runs Windows XP and the program responded to the changes as I anticipated I m trying to change the ini files to instruct the Word Ace program to look for it s sound files on the Hard Drive C instead of my CD DVD drive which is E However after the changes are made to the ini files on my Vista machine the program continues to try and find the sound files on my CD DVD drive I understand from other posts that Vista may have created a substitute for the original ini file which it is using when I start the program Consequently the program never sees the changes I ve made I have seen one other post about a similar problem however I have not been able to implement the recommended solution since the file structure for my program seems to be different than that described in the earlier situation For the WordAce program the program s files are installed in their own folder in the root directory on my C drive rather than in the Programs folder The ini program is installed in the Windows Folder on the C drive This is the ini file I ve been changing Word Ace is an older program which I bought in and which may have been created originally for Windows Even though the program is now discontinued I have spoken to their Technical department and they were kind enough to provide me with the necessary changes to the ini and they told me how to find the ini file Unfortunately especially since the program has been discontinued they have not provided a Vista fix As I said earlier the instructions they provided worked perfectly for the program on my XP machine but seem to have no effect on my Vista Machine If anyone has any suggestions about what I could do to implement these changes they would be most appreciated
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Can somebody help me? I bought new laptop Sony Vaio VGN-FW190 but it has Vista. I hate this operation system so I want to uninstall it and install XP. I found drivers for my laptop but I don?t know where and how to start. I did a lot with computers long time ago but never have installed operation system with drivers. Please help.

A:Change Vista for XP on laptop

First you'll have to get a copy of XP. Then you'll have to install all the XP drivers (not the Vista one's).I'd suggest saving any recovery partition that may exist, and any recovery disks that you may have.First copy all the drivers to a CD so that you'll have them handy when it's time to load them.Next, determine how you're going to load the SATA drivers if you've got a SATA hard drive (either via floppy, or via slipstreaming them into the installation CD).Then install XP, pressing F6 at the first screen to load the SATA drivers (it says something to the effect of "Press F6 to load SCSI/RAID drivers")Once the installation is done, insert the CD with the drivers. Install the drivers in the order recommended in this link:
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can somebody help me How to Change an Icon in Vista?
i have downloaded few icons, but i dont know how to change them., say for example the icon for my hard drive.

i will appreciate all help.


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Hi - thanks for any help
I have only one acct, which is admin. When I start the computer, password works fine. When I go to change the password, I get an error message saying that the password I entered is incorrect - it is a very simple password, and I am absolutely positive it isn't incorrect. Any way around this?
The reason I am trying to change it, btw, is that i get a "password incorrect" message when I try to connect remotely using logmein, as well, even though it is definitely the right password.



A:vista won't let me change password

Which Version of Vista are you using? Have you tried doing this is safe mode? Have you tried logging in as the user named administrator in safe mode and reset your password. You sure you don't have the Caps Lock or Numlocks on when you type in your password?
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i have acer aspire 5315 ,vista in spanish, an i want to change with xp sp2 ,how to get in bios boot from cd?whitch step i must to do.

A:change vista whith xp

welcome to TSG, unreal010
you've posted your question in the Introductions the sign says, it for telling us a bit about yourself, not about your problem.
i'm moving this to a forum where you'll get more help.
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hi all im new windows IP Change i vista on do How my here i am in th grade and used to take computer classes until the school did away with them i still know some like i built my own computer not the best but it works its not the one im on now though but what i would really like to know is how to go about changing my IP adress for windows vista my internet does go off a modem box and through a router to all my computers and phone and playstation stuff like that but when i followed windows websites instructions i got to IPv address and it sayed Subnet prefix length and Default gateway boxes type the IP address settings but the problem is i dont know what to type in here How do i Change my IP on windows vista i have no clue what subnet prefix length is or default gateway all i want is a new IP adress thats all im asking for but its so difficult i know you have to be able to do it any help will be greatly appreciated thanks Kyle nbsp

A:How do i Change my IP on windows vista

post make and model of the PCs and router ,modem etc

then post an ipconfig /all here
Most of the info is available there
You will need to know the DHCP range on the router if you want to set a fixed IP

Why do you want to enter the IP information - most systems use DHCP ....

ipconfig /all

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

TWO -----------------------------------------------

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
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Hi i bought a computer with windows vista and i wanted to change it to xp but when i insert the win xp disc it tells me that they dont get the hdd... someone told me that i have to change something in the BIOS can u guys help me?

I had windows vista, but i deleted it. So no windows atm, and i get an error when i press enter to install win xp, something like i got no hard drive or something like that.

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Hello, i just got a new laptop. I was asked to choose to install vista 32 or 64. It said that 32 was compatible with everything whereas 64 only worked with laptops with 4gb ram or more and although my laptop has 4gb just to be safe i went for 32. With my laptop i also got an offer to get windows 7 when it comes out for cheaper. I just wondered if 1) i would need to change to 64bit to be able to get windows 7, 2) if there is any other reason to install vista 64 and 3) if i could change it to 64 if i wanted.

I have windows vista home premium and a toshiba Satellite L500-13V

A:Do i need to change from 32bit vista to 64?

If its new pc ....i'd go for 64 "no mater vista or Wds 7"

Things are changing towards 64 bit now ...

Unless you have to rely on alot of software that only run on 32 bit OS.

BTW should get Wds 7 for "FREE" when it available .....

Most if not all retailers offer free upgrade "Not for cheaper" if you buy pc with vista now.

And yes you can change to 64 bit later cos all new intel cpu are 64 bit construction,

will run on 32 or 64.
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I did a search for this subject in the forums. Seems like most people want to restore their computers back to XP from which they had upgraded to load Vista.

My notebook came with Vista, but I have the XP CDs from another old computer. The menu choice on the XP installation disk is grayed out, the one that would let me load XP.

I'd appreciate any help to put XP on my notebook. Thanks.

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Hello I want, to change Vista to portuques... anyone...
Please and also to Spanish....


A:How to change Vista to Portuques... please

Run windows update and download the language pack. Pretty sure both spanish and portuques are there.
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I want to know is on vista is it possible to change my start up menu icon, and how would i do it? Confused by what i mean? look at this

personally i think the custom start button on that is awesome, was wondering if you can change the standard one to something else.

A:Vista Icons Change Help Please

Hi Nvideaguru, have you seen the following tutorial yet?

Alternatively, there are various software packages which are able to skin the look of Windows...things like WindowBlinds and TuneUp Utilities come to mind which takes the hard work out of things but they are shareware applications.
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I want to prevent websites and programs from changing my registry, is there a program that can help me do this? thanks

A:vista/ prevent reg change

Programs must change the registry to even function on the PC, its settings and how the are designed to run.

What issues have you been having?
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I have just received my laptop back from repair (it had it's hard drive replaced) and it booted up in German!!

The laptop went to Toshiba's office in Germany and came back with Vista installed in German :(

Pleace could someone explain how to change it back to English?

Thanks for your time

A:How to change the Vista language?


If you make a Google search, you can find many forums and articles how to do it:
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Recently my laptop came up with a Windows error page giving me the launch error repair option or to start windows normally, due to my laptop coming pre installed with vista home premium (stupid idea whoever thought of that one!) i do not have a installaton disc, is it possible to be able to wipe my hardrive of vista and change it too xp, i have a windows xp disc. the problem is i cant get past the error recovery page on my advent laptop so i cannot acess vista.

Is it possible to be able to remove it from the hardrive and replace it with xp?
Any advise given would be apprecited.
Many thanks in advance!

A:How do i change from vista to xp?? Help needed!


I used to be like you, a VISTAphobe.

Thanks to my best friend who owns an online PC service business and more recently, to FORUM and its gurus/wizes/techies, I am now a die hard VISTAphile. Trust me, VISTA is by far superior to XP or any previous windows OS's. Just give yourself a chance to know it a little bit more. Stay with the FORUM...and have fun. VISTA Home Premium is truly fun.

Do not give up until BRINK says so.
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Earler this year my girlfriend purchased a Toshiba laptop running Vista. The motherboard failed within a week and since she was busy I was the one who took it into tech support for replacement. Unfortunately they reinstalled Vista with my name instead of hers.

I changed the admin account name in the control panel to hers, changed the computer name in control panel, and used regedit to change the registered owner as well, but my name still crops up. Whenever you open the task manager I'm listed as the "user name" in the processes listing and the user listing. And at the command prompt the default directory structure is C:\Users\Robert.

I've searched around and have been unable to find a solution - does one exist aside from completely reinstalling Vista?

A:How To Change Username In Vista?

Create another administrator account with your girlfriends name on it.
Copy over the data that you want to save (from the Robert profile to the new profile)
Test the new profile to ensure that it does what you want it to.
Then delete the Robert profile completely.
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I'm not totally sure this is in the right forum If wallpaper won't Vista let change my me it isn't a mod can feel free to relocate it to the appropriate area When I go to my control panel and click on change Vista won't let me change my wallpaper desktop backround I get the message this feature has been disabled by the sysadmin Now this is a brand new laptop with Vista Basic I believe It's an HP I use it for entirely personal use and i'm the only one who EVER uses it at home Now i've read a few different posts by people in the same situation and was directed to this page How to Enable or Prevent the Desktop Background Wallpaper from being Changed in Vista Now that didn't work at all I did everything step one step two manual download everything Nothing works I'll try it once more right now just to see what happens and update all of you I'm trying to do the download thing and the forums are telling me my account hasn't been activated yet which it obviously has or I wouldn't be able to post at all correct I'll just have to wait see what happens and try it again later hopefully

A:Vista won't let me change my wallpaper

Are you able to change the Vista default wallpaper that are available -

If your still not able to do it try to create a different user account with Admin rights and then try to do the same thing -
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Hiya I am pretty heavily involved in the D community Poser ZBrush Carrara etc that change no and Win some Still ways in 7 between Vista means having to download lots of files to check out beta test or just Still no change between Vista and Win 7 in some ways for fun to play with in the various D programs I have In XP when you had a folder full of exe's and zips the common icon was Still no change between Vista and Win 7 in some ways never an issue when the folder refreshed itself when new installation files were added to it When Vista came along I upgraded and this was a real issue It seems that every frigging file was double checked or something when files were added to it Say I download new exe's and new zips I have folders that I need to put those files into I drop them all in and then go into each folder to either install these files or to put them in EXE's and ZIP's install folders to get to later on I wait about a minute some times longer for the folder to be full updated with what ever it is that Vista and now Win is doing in the background The entire system slows down during this I'm sure it's a security measure but I find it really annoying and a waste of time considering I have each file I download checked out my my anti virus program before it's allowed into my system So I've tried various things to speed up things including removing the indexing for each folder seems to do no good I really would like to understand why Microsoft is doing things this way and what I can do to override this complete and utter annoyance and waste of my valuable time Thanks very much Richard

A:Still no change between Vista and Win 7 in some ways

Quote: Originally Posted by RAMWolff

I'm 100% sure it's a security measure

Security measure for what? Is it the anti virus scanning files while you copy them? I'm not sure I really understand the issue here.
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This is Vista Basic Home, recently all the fonts and screen changed to it appears bold was there an upgrade?

A:Vista view Change

Hello jcullen,

Welcome to TSG!

No, there has not been an update to Windows Vista effecting font.

Please do the following.


System Restore

Press and hold the Windows key + R on your keyboard.
In the Run box, type rstrui.exe and hit Enter.
Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your computer to a date before the issue(s) started.

TSG Information Utility

Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe).
After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.
Information about your computer will appear.
Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the entire text here.
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Right now it's just called "windows user". I would like to change it to my grandson's name.

Thanks for any help.


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I have Windows Vista Premium when this problem occured. I download a file .exe that has a Windows ultiamte vista serial. And it restart my pc and this problem show's up

That when i turn on my pc it say's

" GRUB4DOS 0.4.3 2007-03-13, Memory: 632k / 1790M, CodeEnd: 0X3D7BC

Minimal BASH - Like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible completions at a device/filename.] ESC at any time exists.]

Help please. and everytime I open my computer and press the f2 it goes to PheonixBIOS and it asks me for a password but I never create a password.
what should i do? thank you in advance!

A:My OS change to PheonixBIOS from Vista =(

enter the BIOS or CMOS setup, then check to see whether or not bios password is set to on or off.....
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I finally realized by accident that I have 2 IE 8 internet browsers on Vista Home Premium, a 32 bit version and 64 bit version. I've run into some problems with 64 bit version notably the absence of an Adobe Flasher Player version. Is there anyway I can change/add text to IE 8 to tell me which browser I am using. Only way I can seem to tell right now is to click on about from help menu.


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i have a laptop that had windows xp. i used a cd to upgrade to vista. i formatted c and d drive but am now having memory problems. something is eating it up. how do i remove everything on the hard drive and reinstall vista?

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hey guys i bought the pc and haded vista on i changed to windows 7 ultimate now i wnna change to vista again how can i do that need help im tottatly noob x) help me pls i got the instalation disc for vista

A:change from windows 7 to vista

Quote: Originally Posted by stranger19

hey guys i bought the pc and haded vista on i changed to windows 7 ultimate now i wnna change to vista again how can i do that need help im tottatly noob x) help me pls i got the instalation disc for vista

You want to change from WIN7 TO Vista?
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I have installed some car diagnostic software on my laptop (Vista Premium OS ) and the obd connector, which is a serial connector, is connected via a keyspan USA-19QW. The keyspan connector has installed on com port 4 but the diagnostic software looks for it on com port 1. How can I make it look for com port 4 or re-install the keyspan adapter on com port 1. Many Thanks.

A:How do I change com ports on Vista?

I don't know for sure if this works, but you can try it.
Start Device Manager > Ports > Communication port / Right click select Properties > select Port Settings Tab > click on Advanced button. There is a pull down list box and you can change it from COM1 to COM4.
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I was not sure where to ask this question.
I just replaced the hard drive in my daughter's laptop and reloaded windows 7 using the disk that came with the computer.
I have another laptop that has a side by side configuration problem. I tried to correct that problem using all of the suggestions on the Vista forum BUT since it will not allow me to get on the internet, I can't download anything that may help.

SO, my question is: If I back up the hard drive and wipe it can I install (replace) windows 7, using the disk that came with the other laptop, in place of Vista?

A:change from Vista to Windows 7

you would still need to purchase a license. but theoretically yes. wait for more answers before going ahead.
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Apologies if this has been asked Change motherboard Vista on before - I recently decided to upgrade my processor on a Vista PC requiring a new motherboard With Xp this used to be relatively simple - ensure you have the Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller Change motherboard on Vista installed switch hardware and install new drivers With Vista however this was the beginning Change motherboard on Vista of a huge nightmare The rebuilt system would simply not boot - It started the process got to the progress bar very briefly and then just restarted the Change motherboard on Vista PC I spent a whole day scouring the net for solutions I saw plenty of questions but no answers The new Vista boot-time repair is a joke - It takes about two hours and then leaves the system exactly as it was There is no more Repair Install as there was in XP It seems that the only way round is to clean install everything from scratch entailing hours and days of work Has Microsoft screwed its users AGAIN If there is a reliable method for performing this procedure I sure would be grateful to hear about it nbsp

A:Change motherboard on Vista

Does this machine have a OEM OS tied to the original Motherboard?
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Hi friends,one of my friend living in czech republic wants to buy a dell laptop.It comes with Vista Home Premium but in czech language.he wants to ask whether he can change the language to english (after buying the laptop)& if so how?...ur hlp will be highly appreciated..thx in advance..

A:Change language in Vista..

Found this. Maybe will help.
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I bought a laptop for my grandson for graduation. I had Best Buy Geek Squad optimize it which seems to have been a mistake. They placed a folder on the desktop named Peggy. I want to change it to my grandson's name, but it doesn't give me the option to rename it.

I can't find the path to it as I can't figure out how to do so in Vista. I really hate Vista. It is Vista Home Premium if that helps.

It sets on my Desktop and doesn't seem to be a shortcut. I can delete it, but hesitate to do so.

It contains links to the following:

Saved Games

Does anyone know how I can remove my name from it?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hey guys new here to this forum, and was wondering, I formatted today and almost straight after I used Windows Update to update my OS, upon boot I got a Popup saying Your Windows License has changed, reboot now or Windows will not work, this was the first time I ever got this popup. Before that my control panel would not open aswell seconds before i got this message, everything was fine after reboot though. Basically im trying to figure out why this happened and if this is normal. Thanks guys
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I have a 120GB corsair SSD running Vista 32bit--
I have a 500GB internal WD storage hardrive for my pictures & programs---

I finaly bought Windows 7 64bit / Home Premium---
I want to secure errase my SSD & install Win7--
my question is--
do I need to also reformat the internal hardrive ???
or can I re-attach my internal hardrive after I get Win 7 up & running on my SSD ????

I wanted to transfer administrator rights to ""My Documents""" folder on the internal hardrive
from Vista to Win 7
then just delete all the program files on the internal hardrive--
that way I won't have to take time to reinstall ""My Documents"""--its close to a 100 GBs
on my internal hardrive at the present time--
how hard is it to do this & will it lead to a lot of errors ???
thanks James

A:change ssd from vista to windows 7

You should not need to secure erase the SSD as it is not going anywhere. Just reformat it from the install DVD.

You can just re-attach the WD, but be aware that you WILL need to re-install ALL programs that are not portable.
That is why I try to get the Portable version programs that I don't use heavily and even some that I do where they have low integration requirements.
I have my My Documents on a different disk and it doesn't cause any problems, HOWEVER I have it on a FAT32 drive so that it is readily accessible to any OS I choose to run ( and I do use multiboot)
Relevancy 38.27%

I need to have access to my Documents and Settings folder but for some reason Vista is not letting me access it even though I log on as administrator and according to a Tech that is why a program can't run. The Tech tried to help but he didn't know why I couldn't change the permissions.

I have tried various things including running Windows Explorer As Administrator and navigating to the folder and trying to change the permissions but Vista won't allow a change!! This is rather bad.

How can I access my own Documents and Settings folder?

Relevancy 38.27%

I have a Presario laptop. The spacebar is small and the "alt" key is right next to it. I am left handed so I tend to rest my hand in that area and unknowingly have the alt key pressed. Then when I hit the right keys things happen that really mess up my day (or at least my email). Is there anyway to reconfig those alt+(*) hotkeys to some other combination?

A:Change Vista hotkeys

Hi Steve - Understand your frustration.

Try this free key remapping program. I haven't used it but check it out. Maybe it will provide just what you are looking for.

Free Keyboard Remapping Programme Link -> Keyboard Remapper
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I got a rootkit virus a few days ago but I'm pretty sure I removed it now.
Ever since then I'm not able to change my desktop background, it just stays black. I looked EVERYWHERE for this and couldn't find anything. Also, if there is like a file on the desktop and i delete it and the box pops up usually it has like a preview of the thing your deleting but all mine has is a black square. I am able to change the color of the background but I just can't put any pictures on it. If I go online and find a picture and right click and set as background then it changes. But I can't put any personal pictures up. Please help me.


A:Can't Change Desktop Backgound (Vista)

If you are certain the the rootkit is gone. Go back one week before the rootkit and make a system restore.

System Restore - How to
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Windows Vista Home Premium

I downloaded an update from windows last night. Now when I ‘boot up’ the screen looks totally different, and I don’t like it – the bottom menu is grey, they have moved some of my icons around. There is a big grey screen on the right of the desktop, the start orb has been replaced by the start button. It looks like something out of the 1980’s. I can’t find any mention of it on the windows site. Is there a way to change this? Or is this the new look for windows? I tried rebooting, and changing the appearance through the desktop options, but that didn't work either.

Thanks for your help.

Relevancy 37.84%

So I am logged in as administrator. I need to delete a file that is in the "Downloaded Program Files" directory of the "Windows" directory. I right click on the file and only get "properties" as an option. Nothing I do will let me delete it. Even tried deleting the entire directory the file is in and Vista will not let me. This file is damaged and causing problems in IE. I need it deleted.

Also, never had this problem before. I paid a lot of money for this computer and OS. Not sure why it will not let me delete a file I do not want. Would I be better off with Linex?

Relevancy 37.84%

How difficult, costly and practical would it be to remove my Vista operating system and install Windows XP? Would I loose all programs and files, and have to re-install and transfer?

Vista is driving me nuts questioning every new action I want to make.


A:Change from Vista to XP - practical or impractical?

To downgrade to XP, you would need to delete all the partitions on the hard drive and perform a clean install of XP . . you would loose all programs and files, and would have to reinstall all the applications.

Prior to doing anything else, you would need to be double dog sure that you can find XP drivers for the system
Relevancy 37.84%

Ok im running Windows Vista Ultimate on a 997 Mhz P3 processer and it slow as hell, because windows Ultimates min spec is 1 Ghz.

Now i did the whole test and it says Windows Vista Home Basic, is right up my street, so my question is how do i use my Windows Vista Beta 2 x86 Edition to run in Home Basic

A:How can i change windows vista edition?

You dont because I presume your on the CPP. CTP only can use other versions.
Relevancy 37.84%

i recently installed MyColors theme manager. Later i uninstalled it.
Though the look of the windows and every thing is back to default the icons have not changed. one of my friends suggested me to delete the 'shell icons' folder from registry editor. when i did that only few of them have changed back to normal.
Can any one help me please?

A:how to change vista default icons

Rightclick on your desktop, Personalize, change desktop icons, Restore defaults
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Have Windows Vista Home Premium and when I go into Documents, then pictures the photos are there. Now the question is how do I have them go into date taken first, they just seem to line up when I take them. I would like them to be in date taken form.

A:Solved: change way of photos in Vista?

Try opening the Pictures folder and Right click and empty place....

then choose Sort by:
Date Taken
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Hi. I just purchased a used version of Windows Vista and loaded it on my computer. Everything is working fine other than I cannot change the settings on my display. I am stuck at 640x480 pixels and 16 bit. I ran BeLarc Advisor to see my computer information. I can provide this if needed. The Microsoft check said my Standard VGA Graphics Adapter was fine but it isn't and I can't figure out how to fix this. It is very frustrating that everything is so BIG on my monitor and I can't view an entire page while on the internet.

Any assitance would be appreciated.


Relevancy 37.84%

I suspect there maybe a simple answer to this, but for the life of me I can't find how to do this.

My default font was changed about 2 weeks ago (long story as to how and why) to something that looks like GEORGIA or LUCIDA or something similar, and was forgotten to be changed back.

So every webpage I open, every menu option, is all in this new font which I dislike.

Can someone please kindly tell where I change this, to either the original font in Vista or something else.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:default font in vista - how do i change it?

Hello Bishop, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This may be able to help you if it is like this in all of Vista.

Fonts - Change Default

If it is just in Internet Explorer, then you can click on Tools, Internet Options, and Fonts button at the bottom of the General tab. From here, you can change the font used in IE.

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 37.84%

Im trying to change my colour options from Vista to Win 7, I've pressed the take ownership button and tried to rename the .dll file, it still does not allow me to, help?
Relevancy 37.84%

For some odd reason my connection to my home network just went to crap. I got the workgroup the same on both computers ( XP and Vista ) and still nothing so i want to change workgroup names but when i try to change it says an error occurred validating the name of my computer then below that it says A general network error occurred. So I was wondering how i could change the workgroup on vista and would like to fix this networking stuff again?

Relevancy 37.84%

i installed vista from my german installation cd and i cant seem to figure out how to change the system language to english (for example change "programme" to "program files"). Is this even possible or am i stuck with german?

A:Change The Language Of My Vista Installation?

You'll have to purchase the language pack for this. If you've got the Ultimate version (and a couple of the other high-end versions), you'll be able to download the language pack from Windows Update.
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i am using VIsta Ultimate, & when i boot up the OS, at the start up it gives a screen in which the wallpaper says " A World without Religion" ... I respect all religions & really this sort of start up screen is not what i like.

Please tell me how can i change this. there mite be a way....

also note that i am not talking abt the welsome screen in which it shows the users, but i am talking abt the login screen, prior to the login screen.



A:How to change Vista Login Screen

Hi ersilan, welcome to TSF...

The only references I found to this online related to the use of an activation bypass crack. If you have used one of those, that would be the problem.
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Okay guys for some reason my font is messed or something. When I open Play NC Launcher to play Exteel I get an error message saying "Font 'Arial' does not support style 'Bold'." and it won't open. It's rather annoying. If anyone knows how I can change my font or reset it or something, that would be a great help.
I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium(SP1)
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I had gotten a laptop and the hard drive kept crashing and wouldnt recover or let me install XP over vista. I installed XP on a new and the hard drive works fine on my other computer but when I put it on the laptop it starts to load windows and then blue screens for a split second and then reboots. I have a gateway M-6846. Any suggestions on what to look at on this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop keeps rebooting after change from VISTA to XP

It sounds like you installed XP on one computer and then moved the hard drive to another computer. I guess that may work if the computers are the same brand and model. Otherwise there's not much chance that the drivers will be correct for the different computer.
Relevancy 37.84%

Hi all,

I would just like your advice before i proceed

I have bought 2 new 320gb hdd's to replace my 200 to be a clone....i use the xxclone programme (in xp but will try it in vista)

My question is about the activation key..i have heard a lot about people reinstalling vista and then having a nightmare trying to reinstall it as the activation key doesn't this true?

Would it be better me actually cloning from the 200 gb drive straight to the 320 to save any reinstalling..will there be problems doing this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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How can I change my ip address in Vista Ultimate 32 bit?
I have tried to change it using ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew and it didn't work. I hope it is possible ! I think I made a topic about this I think But can't seem to find it, cause so many topics

A:How can I change my IP address in Vista Ultimate 32 bit

Well, theres a few things you need understand.

- There are WAN ip addresses
- And LAN ip addresses.

The WAN ip address is assigned/controlled by your ISP. When you pay for service you pay to use an ip address that's assigned to them. The WAN ip is what's used to route data between ip addresses on the internet.

If your computer connects directly to your cable or DSL modem, your computer is assigned the WAN ip address and is what you'll see using ipconfig.

LAN ip addresses. If you have a router connected to the cable/DSL modem and computers connected to the router...Then
- The router is assigned the WAN ip address
- The router creates a LAN for your home network. Your computers on the LAN connect to the router which can then route it to another LAN computer or out on the internet.

The router assigns each LAN computer its own LAN ip address. This is how all your home LAN devices share one IP address you get from your ISP.

The standards governing use of IP addresses reserve the following for use on LANs. - - -

Note these addresses might reappear and reused on uany number of LANS across the world. But this does not cause internet routing confusion because the router sends NEVER sends a LAN address out on the internet. It always replaces a LAN address with the WAN ip address. LAN addresses never appear in the data travelling along the internet.

This all said:
- If your computer is assigned LAN ip addresses any ip address change you make isn't relevant. Cause i think you are really trying to change WAN ip address.
- If your computer is actually getting a WAN address, you might be getting a dynamic or static ip address depending on what you pay for. (Dynamic is cheaper and most common) Dynamic ip is assigned and changed whenever the ISP feels like it. By definition they can change it every 4 hours if the choose. Or you pay for static ip service where you always get the same ip from your ISP. Period.

Bottom line is you might find a method that triggers your ISP to change the WAN address but more often you can't trigger that. it'll change when ur isp is good and ready to change it. (tho if you have dsl servcie you may find it changes with every restart.)
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Is there any way I can change the background picture on the Vista boot screen? I have tried Stardock's Bootskin but I really don't want to spend the money on the full program. Any suggestions?
Relevancy 37.84%

I need to change the default Windows Mail to AOL mail in Vista. In IE I have went to "Tools>Options>Programs>Set Programs Button>Set Default Programs." I then went to custom programs and unchecked the box for "enable this program"besides Windows Mail. Nothing works. On the default programs page AOL is not listed. The problem is that Windows must have a default e-mail program designated and AOL Mail doesn't know how to register itself with the operating system (Vista) so that it can become the default.
Hope someone can help me.

"Before you criticize someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.?

A:Change default email in Vista

have same problem with friends machine. i cannot choose aol in the custom program under setup default programs because aol is not listed.
how do i get windows vista to recognize the existance of aol mail?
Relevancy 37.84%

I just purchased an HP computer in Mexico City, and asked how to have it run in English; they told me to just opt for English at first start-up. It didn't work, it's in Spanish. How can I change this? Thank you,

Bob Tate

A:How to change Vista from Spanish to English

Hi try here Post 2
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Hi everyone!

I have a Gateway notebook with Vista Home Premium that no longer sets a picture as my desktop background. I have been having a lot of promblems with it crashing, freezing and pretty much thought it was a virus. However, when I used autoruns, it showed three missing driver files. (I forgot to copy one of them)

IpInIpIP in IP Tunnel Driver File not found: system32\DRIVERS\ipinip.sys
File not found: system32\DRIVERS\nwlnkfwd.sys

I haven't been able to find any information on the legitimacy of these drivers. But, I haven't installed anything recently and Vista was preinstalled on my laptop when I got it (not that they helped much haha) I am not really sure where to go from here, so if anyone has any information about this, I would really be grateful!!

Thank you!

A:Cannot Change Desktop Background On Vista

Have you previously run any special virus removal tools?
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Ok I dunno how else to explain this but to provide a screen shoot I'd like to get rid of the Favorite links crap at the top it just takes up space and I would never use it I would like to see the options above folders that had file edit view Tools would like to see the icons in the bar for the same like Cut Copy Paste delete and Map drive etc I used them all the time and makes work so much easier for me Using WinZip now only allows change view Vista to XP Win old ? Explorer you to just one option and that is to extract all wich forces you to select Win Vista Explorer change view to old XP ? a folder and then extract The old better way for me at least was right click and select Extract files Here IS ther any way of getting that back I installed WinRar but it's not listed when I right click on a Rar file What can I do to make that option appear in the right click options list as it did in Win Win Vista Explorer change view to old XP ? XP Pro I know this is a lot so I will say thanks now for any help someone can give me
Relevancy 37.84%

Hey Guys ,
I recently bought an new laptop (Lenovo 3000 N200) and I got a Vista Basic in Hebrew .
Since then , I am trying to change the Vista language into English .
How can I Do it ?
Relevancy 37.84%

I have purchased an Acer Pc in Spain with Vista Home Premium. The salesman assured me that I would be able to see all of my programs in English after the shop ran a conversion programme. This has not worked at all. The program did convert most of my windows to English but in the process lost all of the programmes that were preinstalled by Acer. I restored these using a factory restore disc but this converted my Windows back to Spanish. My question is this "Is it possible to obtain a factory restore disc that will install everything in English". I have contacted Acer support in England and they have referred me to Acer Spain. Suprisingly when I contacted Acer Spain they referred me to Acer England.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Change of language of Windows Vista

Hi and welcome to TSG...

The only people that could supply an English Recovery disk for your system from would be Acer. You could buy a full copy of Windows Vista, but you would not get any of the programs preinstalled by Acer.
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Does anyone know if there's a way to adjust thumbnail quality in Vista. I found some instructions online but I think it might be for XP. It said to change this registry setting:


I found it in Vista and adjusted it, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I deleted the thumbnail cache and regenerated all my thumbs, but the quality looks the same and the new thumb cache is the same size as usual. In Vista they're not actually called thumbnails but "Large" or "Extra Large" icons. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. Anyone know a solution? Thanks.
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I have a HP laptop running Vista and IE. I get internet from the Cable Company (cox). I have a dynamic IP Address and I want to change it. The tech support at Cox had me to to command prompt and do ipconfig. That didn't work.

A:[SOLVED] How do I change my IP Address Vista?

Dynamic means it CAN change, but that does not mean it WILL.

A lot of what I have read says that you can sometimes get the ISP tech support to change it, or you can unplug your router overnight and hope that your old IP Address goes into something called a "pool" (I think it's a list of IP's that can be given to new customers) and then in the morning you connect and the ISP gives you a new one.

Or not. From what I understand there is never a guarantee.

BTW, if anyone asks you WHY you want to do this, ignore them. It's none of their business.
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When i print a pdf for instance it gives a name for the author only problem it isn t my name i traded laptops with a friend User Default ? Vista - Change and her Change Default User - Vista ? name comes up as pdf author and her folder is default download location etc How do i change this is this called default user on start up welcome screen there is an icon for me and and for guest -there is a third other user me my friend and another listed under users in explorer that i would also like to delete what happens if i change default user loose installed applications desktop themes icon arrangements or other application settings or folders or files what should I save before deleting quot default user quot what will i have to re-setup thanks in advance mac Toshiba Satellite A OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista amp Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Turion tm X Mobile Technology TL- x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon X Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ATI SB Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp

Relevancy 37.84%

I have recently been having an issue where I can not install ANYTHING in my program files (x86) folder. For some programs, this is avoided by just installing to a different directory. But recently, I am getting an error about not having permission to read or write to program files (x86), even when not installing there.

I have gone to security and taken ownership of the file, then given myself full control. It simply says I can not. This is when using an account which is an administrator.

I don't understand how I can actually be locked out of my own system. This was with UAC turned off, and I have tried turning it on.

Any help is really appreciated. I've been googling solutions all night, but with no success.


A:Unable to change permissions in Vista 64, ***?

have you tried right clickin the program before installing and select run this program as an administrator?

Unfortunately vista has hidden their administrator controls and its turned off by default. See this on how to reactivate it.
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Hi! All,

My start menu doesn't show any shortcuts except All Programs menu. So tried to solve it with Registry, but I can't add key to this location:


need help:

A:Can't Change some parts of registry in Vista

Why can't you add a key, what sort of error message did you get?
Have you done anything else to the system?
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Not sure this is the right place, BUT can't find anything better so I try here first.
I want to change one of the default icons of Vista. As far as I know Windows uses two: a blank-ish default icon and one for files that are not quite unknown but don't have an icon. This sounds like acacadabra (but magic doesn't work) - maybe it's a lot clearly if I mention which icon I mean: it's the first (nr. 0) icon in SHELL32.DLL. I'd like very much to change this icon, without tinkering with the shell32.dll-file itself. Can't find the spot in the registry (if any...) to do this. Have been searching for an answer for ages, without any luck. Can anyone help?

A:I want to change one of the default icons of Vista

Sorry, but any resources in a system DLL file require the modification of that DLL to change them. You have to use a program like ResHacker to do it. It's not for the faint of heart, as you are doing something that if botched can really screw up your system.
Relevancy 37.84%

I really hope some one help me.

few weeks ago i bought the laptop from Korea which is vista home premium K. K means korean edition. Then I can not understand Korean, i really need to change my display language,

I tried to install language pack, but it doesn't work.

Please guys, help me to change my display language,

thank you

A:How can I change My display language of Vista?

Well i think you can't...Vista Ultimate and Bussiness can...

Relevancy 37.84%

When my Notebook first starts up a note in the bar at the bottom of the opening 'Acer' screen graphic shows lt F gt Change Boot Order in Vista I don't have the confidence yet just to hit the lt F gt to discover where <F12> does do? Boot What Order in Change Vista this leads to and what it is all about I fear that I may do something that will de-stabilise my perfectly operating system or worse get into a predicament that I have no knowledge off nor the technical ability to escape from it I have searched through the Forum threads but have been unable to find anything that discusses the lt F gt What does <F12> Change Boot Order in Vista do? boot order I would like to know the following In what What does <F12> Change Boot Order in Vista do? situations is the lt F gt boot key used or when should it be used What system boot order does it change and can this be beneficial to the performance of the Notebook my system in specs below saves a lot of re-typing Are the instructions clear and understandable to a 'non-geek' Is it easy to exit or escape from lt F gt window and can that be done without making any field or boot order changes Is there an ability to revert to or restore to former boot system settings if incorrect or invalid changes are made which later de-stabilise the system start-up Cheers sassofalco

A:What does <F12> Change Boot Order in Vista do?

Hi sassofalco,

The boot order isn't a Vista thing, it's a bios thing.

One typically changes the boot order when you re-load the operating system. Right now your first boot device is your hard drive, but if you wanted to re-load Vista from a DVD you'd have to make the first boot device the DVD drive. Unless you changed the boot order you would continue to boot off your hard drive and never be able to boot from the DVD; essential if you're re-loading.

Escaping is easy; just save your changes, or not, and exit the bios.
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hi i dont know if i can change from vista to windows 7 or even 10 with my acer laptop its a 7730

A:could i change from vista basic to windows 7 or 10...

If you want to save your data, you can still purchase and install Windows 7 home premium from many vendors. Jack E/NJ
Relevancy 37.84%

When this system boots up I get a dialog stating that quot An unauthorized change was made to your license quot The only options I have are to Validate Online or Close close returns me to the login screen I attempt to Validate online and am told there was either an unauthorized change or a software program on the computer is not currently compatible with Vista What I ve done so far I ve read through and done the recommendations listed Restarting the Software Licensing service and running Disk Cleanup Read through and done what was suggested by Microsoft at http support microsoft com kb Uninstalled PC Spyware Doctor and a few other non-essential utilitiesran Malwarebytes and Spybot while booted in Safe Mode found Change validate to won't license, Vista and fixed errors malware etc Somewhere along the line I noticed quot Rootkit TDSS quot but all the instructions for removing it that I have found depend on booting into normal mode At this time I can boot into all modes of SAFE MODE but unable to get to desktop in a normal Change to license, Vista won't validate boot I really need someone to help me through this issue please
Relevancy 37.84%

I am giving up on my Intel DX38BT board which has been glitchy from the start. Going to an MSI X48 board. Will I be able to reinstall the OS with a different board? I am sure this has been answered on here but too many search parameters for me to feel comfortable at getting an answer.

A:Reinstall Vista 32 after Mobo change?

If you have an OEM version of Vista, then technically no but if you call in to activate, sometimes they will let you. It doesn't hurt to try. If in the end you have to buy another copy of Windows, you might want to go with Windows 7.
Relevancy 37.84%

Hi, can anyone tell me if its possible and how to change the colour of your fonts on the Desktop without changing them anywhere else. Obviously with certain screensavers it would be nice to change the font colour below your icons so you can see the letters more clearly. Thanks ..

A:How can you change Vista Desktop fonts

go to personalize>window color and appearance>open classic appearance properties>advanced>then choose everything from the items menu and change the font or it's color :-)
Relevancy 37.84%

Hi, I have rebuilt system for a work mate. He did all updates at home.This is the messege he keeps getting..

He told me that the copy of vista was activated o.k.
Could some kind person explain this with a possible solution.Many thx.

A:unauthorized change to vista messege


look here and test the system for genuine: -

How to Tell - Home
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Ive been advised after I had already purchased a new computer vista loaded. Its not only a couple months old and Im having so many problems that Im on to every vista post I can find and still sit here trinig to figure out what to do. the program compatibility is the worse. Ill even stop feeling bad about HP sending it all messed up and making me do 2 and a half hours of tech repair myself before I could even boot it up. Im so frustrated about my photography software not working. my printer and scanner not working that Id be a millionaire by the quarters I spit while chewing nails.
ok, back to the advice. Ive been advised to take vista off here and use Linux. Im not familiar with that what is anyones thoughts on Linux as an OS?

Relevancy 37.84%

I have something of a unique problem. I am currently using the XP bootloader to which allows me to directly boot XP, OS X, and Linux and indirectly boot Vista through Darwin or GRUB.

I have been trying to change my Vista bootscreen using TuneUp Utilities but when press Install Boot Screen, it defaults back to the original boot screen. So I tried going into MsConfig to enable No GUI Boot, thinking that this was the problem, but the checkboxes will not check. They are not greyed out (disabled) but I do notice that they do not "highlight" when the cursor passes over them.

I would really appreciate any help in understanding this problem. I suspect it has to do with the boot setup I have and, if it is, I would like some kind of workaround for it.

A:Unable To Change Vista Bootscreen

Ok, I am a little confused.

What are you trying to do?

Do you want to change the boot screen to a black (blank) screen....
Do you want to change the boot screen to that Aura picture....
Do you want to get the loading bar with a blank background? (This one should be there by default).
Relevancy 37.84%

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that I bought this January, and it came w. Vista.
I have a Windows XP CD from my old computer, can i use it to change this laptop back to XP?
Or is there any other ways ?

And its not that I dont lik Vista, but a new game (Sims3) is comming out and the minimum GHz for XP is 2.0 but for Vista is 2.4, I only have 2.1
So i figure if i change to XP i should be good to play it.

Relevancy 37.84%

Is there a third party software that does that? I want to change all the default folder icons of vista

NOT just the desktop icons

A:How to change the defualt icons in Vista?

Anyone know a software that can change ALL the defualt vista folder icon at the same time?

IconChanger seems to change only 1 folder at a time
Relevancy 37.84%

i have look at the Windows Vista Tutorials on how to change color theme...

i right on desktop all i see is Display Properties... how can i change the black color themes??? i have windows XP here are some screen shots...

A:cant seem to change my vista theme color ?

This Should Help you change your colour themes in XP - TGTSoft Home

Have fun
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I HAve broadband connection can someone tell me how to change IP Address, just got this new computer with Vista on it and can't figure out how to change IP. Had xp on my old system and change IP all the time but it doesn't like that on Vista can someone please help

I change IP on Xp system
run> cmd
the network properties
local area connections properties
then internet protocol version4
use to following IP 121 121 121 121
then close
close then go back there
obtain an IP automat close
and it would change

Relevancy 37.84%

I only have 5GBs left (of 74.9) despite having moved all my documents and pictures onto the second drive and also an external one. It has filled itself up somehow and I don't even have that many programmes.

I'm now on a critical-looking red status

A:How do I change HDD space used on the Vista C drive?


I assume you want to decrease the C partition and want to add the free space to the second D partition. Right?

In such case you will need to use an 3rd party software like for example: *GParted*

I recommend searching in the internet for this application.
Its freeware and very nice.
Relevancy 37.84%

So I had windows swedish version but my friend used my computer and he somehow changed the language to Finnish, Now i wanna know how to change back? I dunno the language so i dont know where to click and such..

A:How to change the language on Windows Vista?

I sent a message to Kari, he should be checking in soon.