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Can't detect hard drive

Q: Can't detect hard drive

I am building a new system, only part used is the power supply. My motherboard can't detect my hard drive. I tried switching cables but it only detects my dvd drive. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Can't detect hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't detect hard drive

First make shure the data & power cables are plugged in securely, on both the MB and hard drive. and no there is not a power cable for the hard drive on the MB.
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My laptop won't detect my second Internal 250G hard drive or my dvd/cd drive.After deleting the upper filters, because it stopped working before, the dvd/cd drive worked perfectly again ,but now it can't be detected as well as my second hard drive. I had the hard drive removed and checked and everything is still on it and it works fine.
Neither show up in My Computer or Device Manager any more.
OS Vista home premium. Hard drive WD Internal 250G
Why can't these 2 important drives be detected any more????

Please help!!!!
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I am using Windows Xp #3.
I have an external hard drive Maxtor Seagate ext. hard drive (H) NTSB Free Agent Xtreme 500GB; p/n: 9ze283-500. I used it for the last year for all my backups. Suddenly a few days ago, it disappeared and I cannot detect it. I tried the drive on another computer and it was fine. So, it must be something within my windows registry? that is not working. I have tried RegCure but that did not help.
What can I do?

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I can t seem to find my hard drive I accidently reset my computer and so it went to check disk at start up Nothing unusual but my RD hard drive comes up Not the one containing my windows my detect Cant hard drive?? It scans it gets to stage of then crashes Windows starts up again great Now when it goes past the windows screens it just stays there for like min plus doing nothing So I switched my hard drive around and okay my bios is detected my hard drive but when I get to windows it self It doesn t show my hard drive anywhere It shows all my other hard drives Its on primary slave and i set my hard drive to slave but still nothing I think it may have corrupted something Cant detect my hard drive?? when i first resetted but only problem now is that i cant even format it if i cant even find it I can t seem to find it using memory management and even system restoring can t seem to bring it back up Now when I load up check disk I cant event seem to find it On my bios it detects that it is connected to my computer but windows can t find it any help Any help would be great thx mikhal nbsp
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Hi everyone, I have an issue I can't seem to fix. Whenever my computer starts up, it says something like this:

No bootable drive found--strike F1 to retry booting, F2 for setup utility. Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics.

If I press F1, it still doesn't work. I tested it and everything went well except the DST SHort test which said that there is no Hard Drive. I just want to know if I can fix it by myself or if I have to waste money at the computer repair store.

P.S. Writing this from my sis' laptop

A:Can't Detect Hard Drive

Take a look in the bios and make sure that you have in the BOOT area the following:

Hard Drives or Hard Drive Priority - Make sure whatever it says in there, it is set to the drive you want to boot from.

Second, we need specs like the motherboard and type (Sata or IDE) drive and brand name with model if possible.
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I am trying to install XP home on an Asus A8V motherboard,sata hard drive. windows can't find the hard drive. Any sugestions ???
Thanks Bob

A:Won't detect hard drive

Go to the first sticky in this forum about installing RAID and look at step 5. It's the same idea. Only you need the SATA drivers on the CD (sometimes called SATA/RAID) and you are working with a single HD instead of an array.
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started a system restore from partition on an hp pavillion laptop but power failed when i tried to reboot got message about missing hal.dll files
and with the xp diagnostic cd no hard drive detected.

A:cannot detect hard drive

Welcome to TSG....

Kelly's Corner hal.dll
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I just installed and had working new 120 gb Hd. had a blue screen, and now can"t detect drive..Machine is 1 yr old amd 1800 512 ram xp Phoenix bios Jumpers set right cables ok I have it set at auto in bios but cannot detect the HD's size head and sectors..Help appreciated..............

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I recently posted under "Motherboard IDE" but haven"t got a reply yet, so thought I try again. I have just installed a new hard drive and I cannot get it installed. I've tried just about everything I know and it still is giving me "Primary Master Hard Disk Failure". Could some one please help me. Using WIN98SE.

A:cannot detect new hard drive

that usally means the drive is jacked up just take it back to whee u bought it and get thm to replace it.
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I formatted and loaded up a new hard drive using an external usb drive holder. I then installed the new drive internally and the drive would not detect. I rebooted, still no detection. Then I disconnected one of the other drives, there were 4 total, and rebooted. Then the new drive detected. What could cause this issue?

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my laptop stops detecting my hard drive what is the possible solution for this?

A:cannot detect my hard disk drive

is it booting OK?
yes, problem with the BIOS
if not, your HD is broken

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Okay, my sister has XP on her machine as she had for all it's life. All of a sudden the setup of XP does not locate her hard drive thust not allowing us to choose a partition to install XP on...Can anyone help me with this? I apologize for not being able to give info such as which version and such but it isn't my machine nor will she bring it to me...Just hoping someone has a solution is all

A:Setup won't detect hard drive?

Hi!! Darhhearted.

I thing that you are having Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. If you are trying to install windows XP above it it will not install.

For this you have to format the Hard drive first with some external software but it will cause to lost all your data. So to take precautions backup all the data first on external hard drive.
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Hi all well I just bought a new Seagate gb hd hooked it up and figured it cannot drive XP hard Windows detect was time to format with windows xp home wrong Windows XP cannot detect hard drive I get to the setup screen and it says that windows xp cannot detect a hard drive I have created different floppy with different sets of drivers One from my mobo s CD and another from a tech support person from the place where I purchased my pc from The two that I have tried were SIL Base Controller Driver and nVidia nForce bit SATA RAID Driver and it still gives me the no hard drive can be detected error If anybody out there could help me out and please help me find what I need to do it would be greatly appreciated as it will Windows XP cannot detect hard drive cost me about bucks to get it done where I bought my computer at and that is dollars I cant afford I have an ASUS A N -SLI Windows XP cannot detect hard drive Deluxe Mother Board and the hd that I bought is a Seagate ST AS GB SATA rpm MB Hard Drive If anybody could plz help I have been going at this for about a week now and I am going out of my head Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Windows XP cannot detect hard drive

You may need to initialize the Hard drive.

To do this, hook the new drive up as a slave and boot into windows.

Go into Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.

You should see the 500Gb sitting there as unallocated space

Right click on the drive and select to format it, just do a quick format.

Then see if it is being detected, hope this helps
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hi, I have a problem with my Dell Studio Xps 1640 laptop and its hard drive disk which is Toshiba mk5061gysn. 3 days ago the lcd turn blue and after that when I started win7 at the first instance everything seems fine but when I wanted to do something everything just freeze. I decided to install win7 again but when I reached the step of choosing hdd partitions, there wasn't any and I faced with this error "no drivers were found. click load driver to...". Afterward I downloaded some mass storage drivers and then click load drivers but none of the drivers match the hdd ,if the system could actually detect an hdd device, and that's it. Please help me through this.

A:System does not detect hard drive

I have a problem with my Dell Studio Xps 1640 laptopClick to expand...

I'm guessing you actually have a Dell Studio XPS M1640 laptop.

What's the "service tag" number and/or "express service code" number on yours?

and its hard drive disk which is Toshiba mk5061gysnClick to expand...

It appears to come with a Seagate hard drive and not a Toshiba hard drive.

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On my old secondary computer my setup was Motherboard Chaintech VNF - Master HDS VLAT with Windows installation Slave WD BB- CCB But then I started getting Machine Check Exceptions and my motherboard ultimately perished So I Drive detect BIOS won't IDE Hard replaced that with a Foxconn K S A- ELRS But this new motherboard won't detect the hard drive It will hang at the part that says quot Detecting IDE drives quot sometimes it will give up and display quot quot where the drive is supposed to be other times it will hang until you unplug the cable If it's on the same channel as the Hitachi drive with XP on it the BIOS recognizes the other drive but fails to boot from it If they are on different channels BIOS won't detect IDE Hard Drive it boots the XP drive but will see no hint of the drive on BIOS won't detect IDE Hard Drive the other channel even in Disk Management or Device Manager I also tried connecting it to my other computer's Intel DP DP mobo and it was able to detect read write and all that though it does have a few bad sectors Any help

A:BIOS won't detect IDE Hard Drive

Hi there
Looks like cable or connection is defective. If these are the "Old fashioned" IDE drives check that the ribbon connector is of the correct type -- I believe there are two sorts -- the older version and the newer Enhanced IDE with 40 pins.

Check that you have the correct ribbon type connector for the Mobo. Also connect if the Slave / Master / Auto switch on the HDD (or jump pins on the Mobo if there are any) are correctly set.

Note also at BOOT - ensure also that AHCI in the Bios is correctly set as well -- otherwise the machine will fail to boot.

You really need to set it to IDE for using IDE Disks -- If this has changed from what you were using before you will have to re-install Windows.

You are actually better off getting away from those old fashioned IDE Disks if you can.

It's also possible you might in the Bios have to set the IDE Disk to LBA mode -- to complicated to explain here but notes on this should be available in the documentation that came with the MOBO in BIOS settings.

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Hi all,

My machine was built for me. Up till now everything worked fine. But due to some errors etc. I want to reformat my c: and start over. I have backed up everything. I booted from my Win xp cd, but I get an error message:

Setup up did not find any hard disks installed on your computer. Please check that hard drive is connected and powered correctly and any configuration is correct.

Setup cannot continue.

Obviously I have a hard drive. and at the moment it is working and I'm using it.

I once tried to use hard drive mechanic and got the same problem.

Could anybody help?

Much appreciated.


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I bought this 6 months ago and used it a hand full of times. This is the second time the error has come up. First time a hard reset fixed the issue. This time that is not working. What do I do
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topic start out here but Bron' told me to make a thread here.

basically, i had a infected HD in an old comp... i nuked it, and put it in a new comp... not showing up, wont show up on bios. help!

A:Comp can't detect new hard drive

ok i went to device manager and uninstalled it, then re plugged everything back up... it says adding new hardware and that its adding a drive...

i restart...
its still not there! the hell...
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So hello. I am new to this forum and have a question for everyone. I have a custom built machine with a asus motherboard and windows vista 64 on it. I recently ran into a issue of that when I power my machine up it will detect my hard drives (i have a primary 300 gig and a secondary 100 gig). They are both IDE. Now the have power going to them as I tried a different power source. My question is were should I start to investigate this problem. Could it be the bios, the IDE cable, or the motherboard itself. Thanks and I promise to contribute to this forum instead of just coming with problems. Thankyou and hello all.

A:my system won't detect my hard drive

You need to start with the configuring of the HardDrives

Does 1 work by itself?
Hae you set CS jumper location on bothe HardDrives?
Are they both on seperate IDE channels?
Have you checked the IDE (and power) cables are secure?
Have you tried replacing the IDE Cables?
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Laptop : LG R410-AP62E1
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate x32

Recently I change my Os from windows vista to 7. Because I can't find a way to make the original OS to become genuine.

From there, my laptop can't read external hard drive but it can only read flash drives.
I don't know what my laptop is missing, if it is updates or drivers.

Please help me I really need to fix this problem to backup my files.

thanks in advance.!

A:Cannot detect External Hard drive

How did you get Win 7 Ultimate? If it's not bought from a legit source with a legit key then nobody here can help you.
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Maybe a couple weeks ago I bought a usb 3.0 hard drive. At the time I didn't have any USB 3.0 ports, so I was limited to using in my 2.0 ports. Two days ago I got my hands on a USB 3.0 pci card.

I plugged everything in and installed the drivers and it worked great. However, now, when I turn my computer on in the morning the drive isn't automatically recognized. I have to replug the USB 3 cable into the card for it to be recognized.

If I turn the computer off for a short time period, like 5 minutes or so, then turn it back on, it usually is recognized.

Is there any solution to this kind of problem?

A:USB 3.0 Hard Drive won't auto-detect

I have the same problem with WD MyPassport 500GB usb 3.0.
Please someone to replay.
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So i use Acer care center and found out that my HDD need some attention and it says there that it has a defect. How can i fix it? I will admit that i've made some experiment like downloading themes, installing linux, clean install to windows 7, then back to windows 10. Does this affect the HDD? Also i hear some clicking noise last day in right side of the laptop, on cd side. My laptop also lags each time i open an program an makes noises "toot" until i clean install it to windows 10. The lag become rarely but still it happens. I'm sorry for my bad english.
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My personal system and various other computers Can t detect my quot BUFFALO quot TB quot SATA quot External Hard Drive And Backup I m attempting to recover all my files Apparently my Hard Drive Malfunctioned I read quot quot If your system is unable to detect the hard drive then the issue could be the result of disk controller failure This would categorize under physical data loss quot I installed a drive can hard not detect System quot Data Recovery quot program with hopes to recover all my files from this faulty quot Hard Drive quot however there is no visible drive to run a scan on Can someone explain to me how I can successfully recover all my files by physically removing the External Shell in order that I could fix the quot Disk Controller Attach the quot Hard Drive quot to a Hard Drive Docking Station or USB to SATA or System can not detect hard drive IDE Hard Drive Adapter Converter I would appreciate some knowledge on System can not detect hard drive this issue Regards nbsp

A:System can not detect hard drive

If the drive controller on the disk has failed NOTHING (short of a DATA recovery company) can help you.
You just might possibly be lucky if you replace the controller card, but even that is unlikely to help as the sector mapping and such are held on the card.
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On my old secondary computer my setup was Motherboard Chaintech VNF - IDE BIOS detect drive hard won't Master HDS VLAT with Windows XP SP Slave WD BB- CCB But then I started getting Machine Check Exceptions and my motherboard ultimately perished So I replaced that with a Foxconn K S A- ELRS But this new motherboard won t detect the hard drive It will hang at BIOS won't detect IDE hard drive the part that says quot Detecting IDE drives quot sometimes it will give up and display quot quot where the drive is supposed to be other times it will hang until you unplug the cable If it s on the same channel as the Hitachi drive with XP on it the BIOS recognizes the other drive but fails to boot from it If they are on different channels it boots the XP drive but will see no hint of the drive on the other channel even in Disk Management or Device Manager I also tried connecting it to my other computer s Intel DP DP mobo and it was able to detect read write and all that though it does have a few bad sectors Any help nbsp

A:BIOS won't detect IDE hard drive

"though it does have a few bad sectors"...

ANY hard drive with ANY bad sectors should be replaced ASAP. If you are trying to boot from a hard drive loaded with an operating system from another computer, don't! Select the drive you want as a boot drive, format it and install an OS of your choice fresh
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I have an old toshiba portege ct gb hdd running xp home My hdd is going up the spout so I bought a new quot gb hdd and a usb hdd enclosure All I want to do is use xxclone to clone the new hdd so I can then install it in the laptop because I haven t got a windows disk it just came pre-installed on the laptop The trouble is that the laptop doesn t detect the new hdd I have a usb pcmcia drive Laptop detect won't usb hard card plugged in as the laptop Laptop won't detect usb hard drive only has usb The card is working as I plugged a gb external hdd in and transferred all the stuff I want to keep When I plug it into usb port it just comes up power surge in port so it s detecting something Hubby plugged the new hdd in the usb enclosure into our desktop pc and it detected it straight away and he formatted the new drive to ntfs I then tried plugging into Laptop won't detect usb hard drive laptop and it still isn t detecting it Any help greatly appreciated as my laptop keeps getting blue screen of death as my Laptop won't detect usb hard drive hdd is dying a slow death and it takes ages to get it running again sue nbsp

A:Laptop won't detect usb hard drive

Take the hard drive out of the laptop and place it in the USB enclosure. Connect the enclosure to the desktop system and save the files from the laptop hard drive to the desktop
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I am sick of my computer there is always some issue every single day

i only have 1 sata cable so i usually end up switching it between my cd drive and my HHD

i have to other HDD's but those are ide

today and this has never happened to me before

i switched out my sata HDD for my cd drive so i could install something and which i did.

but then when i reconnected my Sata HDD it won't let me access the files

it shows up properly in the bios

and it will show up in disk management in the control panel

but i cannot access the files on it all of a sudden

it won't display at my computer either

this is very frustrating

any Idea's on how to fix

reformatting is not an option i have files on this drive in which cannot be deleted as they are vital for my work

A:[SOLVED] Hard Drive Won't Detect

First of buy another SATA cable, there cheap. Then take ownership of your files.
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I recently purchased a new IBM Deskstar 180 (60GB) hard drive. I currently have a Deskstar??? (20.5GB, model 305020) drive in a removable drive bay.

I have my primary master mounted inside my machine with the OS etc... then the removable drive is intended for video editing.

My 20GB drive works just fine, but when I pop the 60GB drive into the bay (yes, I take the other drive out first ;-) the BIOS does not detect the drive.

I have a CD-RW as slave on the secondary and whatever drive is in the bay set to master. The jumpers are set correctly on the 60GB drive, it simply won't detect the drive.

I have an older ASUS P2B motherboard.

Thanks for your help.


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Completely new, fresh PC.

Seagate Barracuda Green ST1500DL003 1.5TB Hard Drive

MSI NF750-G55 Motherboard

Have checked numerous times to make sure that all cables are hooked up securely and properly. Attempted to install windows and the installer said that no disk drive was found. I then proceeded to check bios to see if it was listed there and it is not.

I have absolutely no idea what to do at this point. Have spent the past few hours trying to troubleshoot the problem but to no avail. I do not think the Hard Drive is dead but have no way of being sure. Any help with this is greatly appreciated...if any more information is needed I will be here to supply it. Thanks!

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My Antec Neo p s quit working the P/S Can't hard after drive swap detect other day and i bought an Antec Neo to replace it Everything went smoothly with the swap but when i turn it on it Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap won t find my boot drive It states something like no boot drive detected insert boot cd etc I have WD g sata drives in raid I quadruple checked all connections then i unhooked everything and just hooked up the raid drives and vid card power still Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap the same thing I also tried disconnected the Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap sata power cables from the drives and hooking in molex power cables nothing Also tried other sata power cables aswell I can t figure out why this is happening with just a P S swap Do i need to change something in the bios Do i need to stick in my spare g ide drive and install windows on it then replug in my satas and see if they ll be detected Could the new P S be causing this it seems to be working properly though I m really outta ideas I m guessing its something to do with the boot drive being raid but i ve had this setup runing great for a couple years now and all i did was swap P S I went into bios and all the settings are the same as i had them On the main bios screen it shows all the ide master ide secondary sata master etc There all disabled which i think is correct since the only thing i have plugged in atm is the sata raid drives On the boot priority tab i have hard disk cdrom removable disabled The only other selectable option is legacy lan I tried to enter raid setup during post with f but it won t go prolly because it can t detect drives In the onboard device configuration there is the NVraid configuration tab In there it says Raid enabled and its enabled Then the following is disabled ide primary master and slave ide secondary master and slave first sata master and second sata master The third and fourth sata masters are enabled which is where my drives are connected After post the exact message that is displayed is quot Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter quot I thought maybe i could put in the xp disk and maybe windows would boot and i could back up my data real quick So i hooked up my dvd drive and it doesn t seem to be showing up in bios Also it won t open like its not getting power I m beginning to think this new P S is borked But its powering up and all fans are working etc I was also thinking that my other p s might have messed up the mobo but it didn t die while the comp was on it just failed to start the other day completely out of the blue The same thing had happened to my previous p s which lasted about the same time - yrs My drives are full of data i can t lose i kept putting off backing it up Any and all ideas are most welcomed I ll try anything Thanks My specs WinXP Pro Asus A N-SLI Premium AMD Athlon gigs OCZ Plats x g eVGA GT SB Audigy xWD g SATA raid WD ide g storage drive NEC DVD RW drive Pioneer slot DVD drive EDIT I found the problem i scrounged up another p s from my sisters pc and swapped it in and bingo everything works perfect So i m both relieved and pissed lol nbsp

A:Can't detect hard drive after P/S swap

Remove the "non detected" drive and use another drive as the C drive just for test purposes. If this other drive is detected, your old C drive may be bad. We can discuss saving data later
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My System showing Error during Booting process
"Boot from CD"

not detecting HD (SATA)

I have used Installation CD to install fress copy of Windows XP but HD not detecting....

I tried it to detect from other PC by connecting it other SATA channel after that Only One partition of that HD in other system showing in MY Computer i.e dont shows separate partition (C drive and D drive)

I need help friends on this regard.

A:HARD DRIVE unable to detect !

The hard drive may have failed so you need to test it with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software. The links are here: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If you can connect the drive to another PC on which Windows is working, you can download & install the Windows version of the diagnostic software.

If you can't do that, put the drive back in the original PC it belongs to, then download the DOS version of the diagnostic software and, on a working PC, make a bootable CD from the downloaded ISO file using IMGBurn from here: Download ImgBurn -

Now use that CD to boot from, on the PC which contains the faulty hard drive.
The testing software will appear automatically. Select the hard drive and run the "long test". If after a while you see the word "Failed", the drive is no good & you'll have to buy a new one.
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I observe before my computer keeping on restarting and blue screen appear. I check on Chkdsk Command /r /f and /f but it can't continue only 25 % can stop them. During on Chkdsk utility i hear annoying sound like clicking in hard drive. Afterwards, cannot detect the Hard drive also in bios setup. I have lot of documents how can i recover it, please help.

A:Hard Disk Drive Cannot detect

Well; i hate to be the bearer of bad news; but I hope you have some sort of backup because if you hear clicking like that there is a chance that drive may be dead. As far as recovering the documents; dont think you will be able to do that unless you have a backup somewhere
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My Friend's computer won't start. He installed a game and all the sudden some sort of DOS Prompt came up and the computer froze. So he restarted and then he was unable to get back into windows. The computer was unable to detect any hard drives. He couldn't get back into windows. Any suggestions?

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 with Vista Home Premium 32bit. My computer has been shutting down without my doing anything. When I try to reboot, it says that it cannot detect my hard drive and my computer will not start up again. HELP!!!! Thanks

A:Will not reboot; says cannot detect hard drive

Hello arubalover,
Go in to the Bios and see if the HDD is being recognised there.
Take a look and post your results, good luck.
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first of all i would to thanks this website for having this kind of oline learning for computer troubleshooting and repair. as a newly member of this technical cyber society, i appreciate this opportunity to be with you guys.

i got new laptop with vista preinstalled in it. because some of my programs that i usually used is not running on it, i decided to replace it with xp. but during the setup process, setup cannot continue. it always give me this message: "Setup cannot detect any hard disk......." i'm using windows xp pro sp2 bootable cd. this error will come out in the same part of the setup process ( when setup tells you to Press Enter to continue setup..) as i've tried it for several times.

i hope to receive comments about this problem and advice to solve it.

A:Set up cannot detect any hard disk drive...

Welcome to TSG

there's no native support for SATA controllers in windows xp


1. set your SATA operation mode in the BIOS to NON-Raid/IDE

2. press F6 when prompted to install 3rd part drivers and insert a floppy disk with the drivers.

3. slipstream the appropriate drivers into your XP installation CD (i would recommend nLite)
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Hi, I have installed Windows 7 on my SSD and it has only 1 partition.
On hard drive I have 2 partitions, 1 with Linux and another one is empty NTFS. I understand why I cant see linux partition - ext4 but how can I use second one?!

This is screenshot in gparted of hard drive =

I really got lost in searching for solution so please help.. Thanks, regards

A:SSD and hard drive detect problem

If the problem is you can't see the NTFS partition, it is most likely, it has no drive letter. click computer just to highlight it, right click it and select manage, in the left column select disk management. See if you see that drive in the lower portion, if you do, Right click that partition, select 'change drive letter or part, click add on the next screen, and give it any drive letter you want from the drop down box. Click OK and exit. You should be able to see your partition in explorer now and use it.

If, when you go to disk management it shows as raw, right click it, select new simple partition and follow the guide.
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i recently decided to install a 2nd HD. for some reason my sustem won't detect it. Here's how I have it set up.

Primary IDE Slot: HD #1 working fine
Secondary IDE Slot: Master CD-ROM working fine
Slave HD #2 not working

any ideas would be appreciated. the first time i installed the 2nd HD it worked fine, so i shut down my computer so i could put it back together and when i booted back up it wasn't working. i've tried every combination i could think of as far as which drive was the master or slave and what not. they are different HDs, and i've read some HDs may not work with each other, dunno if that's the problem or not.

A:system won't detect 2nd hard drive

Here's what I'd suggest you do, and then post back if it didn't work:
1. HD#1 stays Master on Primary IDE Channel
2. HD#2 becomes Master on Secondary IDE Channel
3. CD#1 becomes Slave on Secondary IDE Channel

You could change the 3rd one and make the CD slave on the primary.

Make sure you have the jumpers correct, sometimes those little diagrams can be reversed from what it appears, the diagrams are right, but if you translate them directly down to your jumper you'd be backwards (in some cases), so always look for an indicator on there such as Pin 1 for the ide cable.

I know you've gone through the jumpers previously, but try setting it up like I said and double checking you have the jumpers correct. Alternatively you could set all the jumpers to CS and hope it works, but I've never had much faith in CS.
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My computer can't detect the master hard drive on boot up. I was in windows before but then it froze and then the blue screen poped up. telling me that its dumping physical memory. How do I get the computer to detect the hard drive again?

I'm running 1.8 gig amd, 60 gig hdd ( master) western digital, 64 mb graphics card, windows xp pro.


A:Can't detect hard drive at boot up

First thing to do is look in BIOS to see if the drive is showing there . . it so, download disc diagnostics from the WD support site and see what that tell you.

It sounds like the drive may have failed.

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He guys Im having problems with adding new harddrive s Because that causes the old ones to not get detected anymore this problem happend to me twice when i tried to add a secondary hard drive first time it happend it tought i had destroyed a new hard drive wich was a samsung spinpoint f gb both hard drives i got are sata so i just connect them with sata cables to the motherboard wich is a asrock p pro and afcourse power supply cables to te drives from here its al good hard Can't one second a detect drive adding after but here s where it go s wrong after adding the empty new drive to the pc and starting it up it only finds the new and the old with windows on Can't detect hard drive after adding a second one it is just gone all of a sudden so i had to install windows on the new rebooted and got into windows and still no sign of the old drive wich all my programms were on so next thing i tried was to just get the new out and boot the pc with only the old in this didnt help i just got a black screen asking me to insert boot device this is really driving me crazy since it costed me hard drives already and i dont know what s the problem i only know that Can't detect hard drive after adding a second one the hard drives aint broken i hope you guys know wat the problem could be i ve been googling my off but didnt find any problems such as this nbsp

A:Can't detect hard drive after adding a second one

Connect the two hard drives SATA and power connectors... Connect the SATA connectors to the motherboard, and then turn on your PC and head into BIOS.

Navigate to the hard drives section, and then confirm under the SATA headings that both hard drives are reading correctly.

Then In BIOS, check the boot order. Decide which hard drive you want as priority ( I recommend your old install as its current) and set boot order up in the following order:

1. Removable media (USB memory sticks etc)
2. Optical drive (DVD or DVD R/W)
3. Your first hard disc (whichever one you decided should boot windows)

Finally, check the hard disks are set to AHCI (I think its that) not IDE.

Save settings, and exit BIOS. the PC should then reboot and start into your windows installation on your hard drive with highest priority as set my BIOS.

If that doesn't work, then firstly let us know whether the hard drives are listed in BIOS.
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My laptop got knocked pretty hard while powered on. I came to find that the hard drive got disconnected. But when I reconnected the hard drive... I am unable to boot to Windows 7. I get a message saying that it can't locate boot data... How can I fix this, or is it fixable? I should note that my hard drive is still not being recognized as connected.

A:Failure to detect hard drive

Does it show in BIOS?

Read through - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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amd k6-2 350mhz
have a problem as of recent where the mobo will not detect the hard drive. here is a list of what i have tried:
different hard drives they all work on other pc's ok
made sure no loose connections
changed the ide cable
connected to the other ide connector on the mobo
pulled the battery left out 2 hrs to make sure
reset clock etc.
regardless pc will not detect hd either in boot up or in the setup
message i get is boot disk failure, insert system disk
any clues to what i have missed
could this be a bad mobo...

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I am trying to reinstall windows XP for a friend, but setup is not recognizing the hard drive. If I use the Recovery CD that came with the computer (Dell 8400) I get a Stop error:0x7b If I use a Windows XP CD It tells me that there is no hard drive. I have checked all of the connections inside and the drive is listed in BIOS. Any ideas?
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I recently got a new S-ATA hard drive; Samsung Spinpoint F1 750gb to my server. Previously the server has only had one IDE hard drive which has worked without any problems. Anyhow, the BIOS (ASUS A7V600-X) does not detect the new hard drive.

What should I do? I appreciate all help I can get.

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Ever since I installed Windows 7 32bit I have been receiving the "Windows has detected faing hard drive." I have ran several hard drive test and they all came back stating the drive is not failing. In disk management it says the drive is healthy.

Is this a false positive thing happening here in Windows 7?

A:Windows has detect failing hard drive

Hi jaxsun, welcome to the forums

1) back up all your data as soon as you can. It might be a hardware problem detected by SMART parameters that the programs don't catch

2) Check the manufacturers website for any diagnostics tool and run it for your drive.

For more advice we will need to know what your specs are, pls fill in by clicking My system specs on the left lower side of your post
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I've gotten a new ELitebook, and my usb drives (thumb drives) work fine on the machine. But whenever I try to use my external hard disk on the machine, it is not able to detect or open the drive. The light on the hard disk is lighted, which means its working fine. I have important files in the external hard drive and I need to get to them! Heeellllpppp!!
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My system was running normal last night. Today when I turned ON my PC, it says no primary disk found (OS not found). When I checked from BIOS my 2 other WD Green 1 TB drives shown but my primary drive was not showing. I plugged in/out several times even i checked with sata to usb adapter but no luck. Is it my hard disk dead?

One more question if i buy new Hard Drive for OS Green or blue best?

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Hi Wondered if you guys can help me out I've spent most of the day trawling through this forum trying to look detect external Windows can't hard drive my 7 for an answer to my problem to no avail I have tried the following links http www sevenforums com hardware-devices -my-devices-printers-wont-show-up html http www sevenforums com hardware-devices -windows- -failing-pick-up-external-hard-drive html and have had no luck therefore I have decided to start a new thread sorry I have a Toshiba Sat Pro laptop about six months old and running with an external hard drive Western Digital My Book works fine This is where my problems start I purchased a second hard drive to simply use as a back up for my main external hard drive Western Digital The new Hard Drive is a Fujitsu Siemens Storagebird EV - GB My problem is that my laptop will not recognise it at all When I click on my computer it's just not there I have tried all different configurations of putting the USB into a different port rebooting everything with no luck at all Any help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance Ray Chisk

A:Windows 7 can't detect my external hard drive

On the toshiba sattilite pro could you please inform us on the model please... under the laptop

it might be as easy as updating your usb drivrs
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I've suddenly been having this problem for the past week or so. Sometimes when I boot up my computer, my other internal hard drives (B and E) are not detected; only the C drive is. The disks don't appear in my computer, and the space doesn't appear to be available in disk partition (all of the files saved on those disks also cannot be accessed obviously).

Usually the problem fixes itself after a few reboots, but it becomes really inconvenient to reboot like 3-5 times every time I want to restart my computer. Does anyone have a possible solution? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Computer does not detect hard drive on startup

Completing this tutorial by Golden might tell other members some needed information.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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Two days ago I replaced my old mother board G M TE with its latest version G M These mother boards are from Biostar Everything went fine until installing Vista When windows was looking for a place to install the operating system it was unable to find a drive My hard drive is a Hitachi Deskstar P cant hard cant install my Vista because detect it I drive K previously had Vista insalled on it from my old mother board I made sure that the SATA and power cables were connected and the drive drive was getting I cant install Vista because it cant detect my hard drive warm so I am sure that it is recieving power When I go to load a driver a pop-up comes up that says the system needs the installation media to access the hard drive having originally purchased the old mother boad and hard drive as a set from CyberPower I did not recieve any sort of installation software for the hard drive I have searched around on Hitachi's website and i was unable to find any downloadable installation software I also looked around for similar threads but didnt find any where the drive wasnt being I cant install Vista because it cant detect my hard drive detected during the installation of the operating system I am at loss of what to do here I have tried using a different SATA cable and restarting the operating system installation process I know there is nothing wrong with my hard drive since i connected it to another PC and moved a few files off of it Is there anywhere you know of that will provide the installation software Is there something else that i am missing or have looked over Also if you need additional information just ask so i can provide it Thanks in advance

A:I cant install Vista because it cant detect my hard drive

Check in the biost setup is it detected there, let us know then
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I would like to install two new hard drives to my PC after a hard drive failure. I have various instructions from websites which generally agree, except one set of instructions mentions matching the IDE cable to pin no 1 which will be marked by either the number "1" or a white triangle on the hard drive. I've inspected both new drives and can't see either - please help thanks.

One drive is Western digital, the other seagate barracuda. I do have a repairman lined up to do it, but was hoping to conquer my fear of messing with the internals!

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Greetings A few days ago while booting my laptop Fujitsu Siemens WinXP Pro SP I recieved an error WinXP hard drive cannot Repair any detect message telling me quot C windows system config system quot was missing or corrupted The first method I tried was booting in safe mode but I got exactly the same error message Then I tried to restore the system last known to function again without any effect Then I tried to repair the whole thing with the Windows Install Repair CD from the manufacturer Initially everything seemed to work well but when chooseing the partiton - for I have no partitions- right after pressing quot r quot the whole thing crashes WinXP Repair cannot detect any hard drive and I get a bluescreen with the message quot BAD POOL CALLER quot STOP x xC x x After that I tried the xp rec con iso http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic html this time I got a new error-message Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer Then I read somewhere on the web WinXP Repair cannot detect any hard drive about running MemTest to check the RAM That s what I did but even after tests MemTest had not found any error I d be really thankful if somebody could help me solve this problem

A:WinXP Repair cannot detect any hard drive

I suggest you run the hard drive diagnostic tool available from your drive manufacturer.
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A build I put together recently shut down Cannot detect device parameters hard drive on its Cannot detect device parameters hard drive own after a day or two of running fine Obviously the first thing I did was try to power on but I got a message that there wasn t a valid operating system on the device So I did a little troubleshooting First I plugged in my flash drive to boot Backtrack which it ran fine to see if I could find anything wrong in the files or at least salvage some before reinstalling Windows but it didn t even show the hard drive So I instead booted a partition manager on the same flash with similar results Then I opened the flash drive and just selected quot boot from first HD quot it showed an error message that it could not define device parameters I also tried running Super Grub to detect the OS but it couldn t find it either I m fairly sure the cables are all plugged in fine so my question is is it fixable if so how or do I need to return it nbsp

A:Cannot detect device parameters hard drive

Cables can go bad. Try a different cable.
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enclosure iMicro http www imicro com item php item IMS SATAS HDD Samsung in Gb model number HM JI The external hard drive connected by USB lights up runs and warms up but is not detected by Drive Hard detect Windows external can't windows It is present however when attempting to close USB devices I have tried removing all other USB connections low power mouse and External M-Audio sound card with no change I have followed the installation instructions both those that came with the items and those linked below http www samsung com global business hdd support troubleshooting Support Troubleshooting html http www samsung com global business hdd support userguide Support DetectionByComputer html but the boot page on my laptop does not contain the Windows can't detect external Hard Drive same elements as the instructions on the Samsung helper I don t feel confident to have a stab at it where there Windows can't detect external Hard Drive are similarities The iMicro enclosure that states it is suitable for drives up to Gb but the store said it Windows can't detect external Hard Drive would be fine Thanks for your help ppinny nbsp

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hi shortly after i bought my p4p800 e, everytime i start up the computer, the motherboard will take very long to detect the harddrive, its a maxtor 120gb. It will go to a screen that saids please insert boot device and hit any key, but the message repeats if i hit any key. So all i need to do is reset and it works just fine. If i start it up and go into the bios, the bios does not show that it detected the harddrive but after about ten minutes it will detect the HD if i click on the master ide. Therefore i know that the mb just takes a long time to detect the hd. I need to fix this problem cuz i dont want to have to reset my computer every time it starts! especially if the p4p takes 6 minutes to boot.

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I'm having the same problem but a little diff. I noticed that the support has said to replace the hdd and that is what I have done with a Windows 8.1 drive and I took a step further to test and see if my hdd is really not usable. I placed it in another comupter that was also running Windows 8.1. It worked but my origianl computer still doesn't, it still says "no harddrive detected". What the heck!!!

View Solution.

A:Re: My laptop does not boot, it cannot detect the hard drive

 think that at this point, the best thing for you to do is call us. It might be that the computer is just shy of a year and is still in warranty. What ever the case, a phone support professional can certainly discuss your options with you.  What you can do, is use the following link to create yourself a case number, then call and it may help speed up the call process:Step 1. Open link: 2. Enter Product number or select to auto detectStep 3. Scroll down to "Still need help? Complete the form to select your contact options"Step 4. Scroll down and click on: HP contact options - click on Get phone numberCase number and phone number appear.
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Hello there I am needing some help with a problem and was hoping that some-one may be able to help Start at the beginning A friend brought me his computer to have a look at as it had stopped working ie it no longer booted or ran at all I built this system for him months ago and it has ran flawlessly until this week So on getting it back I tried has won't detect and Computer died drive hard to boot from a floppy emergency disk but the computer would not even put up a boot screen or show any sign of life on screen Next I took out the hard drive and tried it in my own computer this time I was getting a starting bios screen but it would not detect the hard drive kept hanging at the quot detecting master hard drive quot screen but hard drive is spinning up ok so it s not dead just not being recognized Took out his processor to see why I wasn t getting a startup screen on his computer and put it in my system only for it to wreck my system eg it will Computer has died and won't detect hard drive no longer boot screen is dead or recognize the hard disk and am Computer has died and won't detect hard drive getting a constant beeping noise from the speaker Can t even see the POST and bios screen on monitor Same as the culprit machine As it s an Asus motherboard on mine and I have the I panel I am getting a quot C quot error indicating quot auto detect on-board DRAM amp cache quot whatever that means So I now have systems sitting that I cannot boot or get to recognize hard drives or even show any startup screens I am scared of it being a virus that I have transfered into my system via swapping the CPU and am at a loss as to how to proceed with finding out what is at fault and if it is a virus and contagious I have ordered a new set of M B XP cpu DDR and hard drive to get my system up and running again but am not happy about swapping any more bits to find out if any of the bits on these faulty machines are usable or all faulty and sets of innards need to be ordered Has anybody came across any problem similar My system is an Asus A M m b AMD athlon mb pc DDR IBM gb Deskstar Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance Alistair nbsp

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I was using XP. Which I was happy with. computer crashed. I tried to restore XP with no luck. I restored VISTA to get computer up and running. Now I want to downgrade to XP but can't. It says it cannot detect a hard drive. I really need to get back to work. Please help! Thanks!

A:Downgrading to XP from vista- says cannot detect hard drive

XP is 10-years-old now. SATA drives did not even exist when it came out. So it can't detect them. You may have problems finding drivers for your other hardware, too, so it would be a good idea to try to find them now. Vista can be made to look and act as much like XP as you like and has a newer kernel. It is a better operating system.

Installing XP on a SATA drive
Install Windows XP on SATA without a Floppy
Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation
"Many newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the BIOS and check the 'Sata Operation' setting, change it to 'Raid Autodetect/ATA' if it is not already. Now try to install XP (Verbiage will vary by manufacturer)" - Courtesy of simpswr.

BIOS settings to try:
Claymore said:

you can change the controller settings in the BIOS.

Restart the computer and enter the BIOS.
The location and type of setting will vary with the make and model of the motherboard.
Here are some:

MAIN menu
Select IDE Mode instead of AHCI Mode


SATA Drive Configuration
Select Compatibility (Mode) instead of AHCI (Mode)


Disable Auto
Enable Combination


Set to PATA mode

IDE Function Setup
OnChip IDE => Disabled
SATA DMA transfer => Enabled

Onboard Device
SATA => Disabled

===================Click to expand...
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My old 320gb SATA hard drive recently died, so I took it out and replaced it with a 1tb SATA hard drive. Now the hard drive is not recognized in the BIOS. Also, the motherboard logo screen hangs. After the logo screen, I recieve a "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter".

I've already checked that all the wires connected properly and tried changing the connectors for the hard drive. I've also tried resetting my BIOS.

If I try booting without a hard drive, the motherboard logo screen doesn't hang anymore.

Please help me

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i bought a maxtor 40gig 7200rpm hard drive as my primary slave drive. after physically installing with the right jumper set up and all..the bios found my main hard drive, but wont detect it the new one, and remains idle. i did check with my mobo, and it is compatible (ASUS AX6B). im also using that UDMA ultracable. i cant do much because of the fact that it remains idle detecting the 2nd hard drive.

please help. email reply if possible. thank you in advance

A:bios wont detect new 2nd hard drive

Go into the bios and under Standard cmos settings set it to Auto for the ide the drive is connected to.
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I had a windows 7 system on a 250gb partition and I wanted to dual boot with Debian. I removed another partition and got about 50 gb unallocated space that I was going to use for debian.I restarted and tried to boot into windows again (hadnt installed debian yet), and I go a message like "BOOTMGR missing". I tried to reinstall windows but the dvd can't detect the hard drive. The message is "No drives were found"Some posts said to go into diskpart, select the windows partition and make it active, but I get an error message doing that, saying "disk may be invalid because it is offline".I was able to boot with a linux mint live CD and it shows 4 partitions with 2 of them listed as windows 7 loader. idea how to fix this?

A:Windows 7 installation can't detect hard drive

Try following these instructions. to doing this I will suggest that since you can boot to Live Linux back up you pictures, documents, spreed sheets, and so on just in case a destructive reinstall need to be preformed.,155647.0.html
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Hi forum,

I had bought Hyrican Notebook model M66 SE with windows vista basic. My notebook is unable to detect external hardware. The usb drives are detecting the mouse and webcam. Its also detecing only one pendrive (named as APACER). If i use other pendrives or external harddrives its not detecting. how can i get solved this problem. please let me know if u need any further information.

thanking you
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My friends Windows XP wont detect his newly installed wd caviar se 320gb eide hd 7200/8mb/ata-100 hard drive. It dosent show up in windows or belarc.

His motherboard is the ECS K7SOM+ 1.0

BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 07.00T 04/02/01
I think its the bios not showing that big of a hard drive, but i cannot find a bios update for that model.

BIOS K7SOM PCB 1.X, Version 02/06/20 driver k7som020620.exe [more] Apr 24, 2004
BIOS K7SOM PCB 1.X, Version 02/08/03 driver k7som020803.exe [more] Apr 24, 2004
BIOS K7SOM PCB 1.X, Version 02/08/28 driver k7som020828.exe [more] Apr 24, 2004

I found that at - But im not sure if one of those is correct?

Any suggestions?

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Here's my hard drive:
Seagate Constellation ES ST3500514NS

I haven't been able to get Windows 7 installation to detect this drive for about two months now. I'm running on a Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H mobo, revision 2.1.

I recently found a list of drivers for my motherboard on Gigabyte, but I'm not sure if any of these will help me.
I also found some downloads for my hard drive.

Oh, and I can use this drive if I'm running Windows 7 on a different hard drive, but I just can't install Windows 7 on it.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect My Hard Drive

Check if the new HDD is being detected in BIOS. Also, the HDD may be formatted as a file system not supported for Windows. Make sure it is formatted as NTFS.
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Hey detect Bios upon reboot won't hard-drive im a bit confused here i just Bios won't detect hard-drive upon reboot formatted about days ago and it seems that every time i restart the computer from windows or otherwise it wont detect the hard drive quantum fireball as and it says insert boot cd then disk boot failure please insert boot disc If i go into the bios and auto detect it finds it but it still wont boot when i exit finds the hd but stalls If i turn off the computer and on again everything works fine Im pretty sure nothing on the hard drive is screwed because it was fine before the format unless its some programs doing something like tweak xp i have no idea motherboard is an epox rda with bios version Could it be something like that it is shutting down before it finishes with the cache It almost seems like it forgets the bios setting after a boot i have no idea though it seems like something easier than im looking for btw running windows xp corp with sp Thanks for any help guys nbsp
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My laptop does not boot, it cannot detect the hard drive

A:My laptop does not boot, it cannot detect the hard drive

OK have you tried a hard drive diagnostic in the BIOS (F10)? If the hard drive is not visible there I think we need to begin talking about a replacement. Providing us the model of the laptop is a good way to help us help you.
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hi shortly after i bought my p4p800 e, everytime i start up the computer, the motherboard will take very long to detect the harddrive, its a maxtor 120gb. It will go to a screen that saids please insert boot device and hit any key, but the message repeats if i hit any key. So all i need to do is reset and it works just fine. If i start it up and go into the bios, the bios does not show that it detected the harddrive but after about ten minutes it will detect the HD if i click on the master ide. Therefore i know that the mb just takes a long time to detect the hd. I need to fix this problem cuz i dont want to have to reset my computer every time it starts! especially if the p4p takes 6 minutes to boot.

A:p4p800-e mb take long to detect hard drive

Personally I think that the problem is the HD rather than the Mobo. The "boot device" msg would indicate that the HD has failed to communicate ready status to the system and the Op/Sys is not found.

Can you try another HD?
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Hello everyone. Not sure if this belongs here or in the hardware forum, but here goes.

The hard drive in my Dell XPS 1640 laptop failed, and so i bought a new one and was planning to do a fresh install of Windows 7. What I thought was, I'd take out the old hard drive, put in the new one, and install Windows 7 off a USB stick.

Removing the old and installing the new went as expected, but when trying to install Windows, no drives were found. I went back into the BIOS and saw that the new drive isn't being detected. Was there another step I needed to take? I assumed I just install the new hard drive just the way the old one was installed, same screws, same connector, etc., and it would work. Apparently I was wrong. Can anyone help? It must be something very basic and obvious that I'm doing wrong.


A:Windows 7 (and BIOS) don't detect new hard drive

What make/model drive came out, and what make/model drive went in?
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hello, im new here. ive a problem with my external hard disk. im using 64-bit windows 7 ultimate. and i have a imation hard disk (i dont remember any details about it tho). i still can hear the normal sound it produced but the problem is, it didnt show up in the 'my computer'

help me please!
(sorry for the bad english tho)

A:windows 7 cant detect external hard drive

Hi and welcome to the Forums ..... Does it show up in Device Manager or in Disk Management ? Have you tried using it in different ports?
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My old hard drive was a sata drive but it failed so I had an old ide 80gb barracuda 7200rpm drive that I wanted to install windows on but when I load the windows installation and goto custom it wont show my drive. My bios detects it its just windows . I tried using diskpart and even formating the drive to ntfs witha complete whip but still no luck .

A:Windows installation can't detect my ide hard drive?

Perhaps the hard drive's jumper setting is incorrect. Are there any other IDE devices connected on the same cable as the HDD?
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hey all,
I have an HP G42-154CA that I'm trying to get Windows 10 Pro installed on.
I ran into an issue with the installation disc not detecting the hard drive (ie, no hard drive is listed when the screen appears to select the hard drive to install Windows on).
I've tried various drivers (latest from HP and Intel website, OEM OS installation discs etc) with no luck.. at the very least, the Windows 7 driver from HP's website for that laptop should work for installing Windows 7- same results, does not detect hard drive.
At this point I'm wondering if maybe it's a BIOS setting that's causing this? I don't recall changing anything in the BIOS when I last installed Windows (which was v8), but it was awhile ago, so can't be certain.
Anyone know what's causing this?
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

A:Windows 10 Pro won't detect hard drive, need drivers??

Is the disk connected on a RAID controller? Then you probably need drivers for Windows to install the RAID controller and then detect the disk. Look at the manufacturer's site for anything along the words RAID, SATA etc. Download it and extract it to a folder of a USB Flash drive. During installation, when no disks are detected you should be given the option to plug the USB drive and browse for drivers there. Do that, browse to the folder where you extracted the drivers and then Windows should be able to detect the disk.
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I am running a Intel D845BG mobo and have a 6.5gb hd connected to IDE0. I launch my machine and I can see the harddrive in bios as well as my other devices. When I start Windows 2000 setup, it says that it can't find boot partition to check signature. It gets to the initial setup and gives me 3 choices. to repair, setup, or exit. I choose install fresh copy. Then I get the error message, "Setup cannot find any hard disks installed on your computer" Press F3 to restart.

I have tried all jumper combinations on the hard drive, I know the hard drive is good but can't get Windows 2K setup to recognize it. Please Help.. I have tried everything.

Thank you in advance.

A:Setup W2K Doesn't detect Hard drive

Have you tried using a different ide cable?
Also have you tried a bios flash?
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I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EP -DS R motherboard and my hard drive is a seagate barracuda gb The system is brand new built myself No previous operating system on detect my drive doesn't hard Vista it I tried installing windows vista I get past everything until it asks me to select a drive to install to and the list is empty I tried every driver on the mobo's cd and every driver on their website none of them worked I've tried different SATA modes and ports on the Vista doesn't detect my hard drive mobo and it doesn't work I would dear say I've tried everything except another OS because I don't have access to one However when I select browse to search for drivers when installing vista I can select the local drive and search it for drivers Does this mean it's there and it's something else or is it just an option and what not there's a floppy there too but I have none installed on the computer My bios sees the HD just fine I'm out of ideas and friggin fed up I tried contacting Gigabyte but that was pointless

A:Vista doesn't detect my hard drive

set the sata to be seen as ide in the bios
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Hello all, here is my problem.

I Just formatted my PC and now for some reason my PC (no matter what I do) wont detect one of my hard drives.

I have a 120 gig and a 320 gig so 2 in total, its the 320 gig one that will now show up.

When I formatted I formatted both partitions as they were the hard drives and I wanted them both wiped.

Ive tried unplugging the drive and plugging it into another port on the motherboard, Ive tried stopping it, removing it and then redetecting it and google and youtube dont seem to answer my problem.

So how can I get my hard drive working/showing up again? im really stumped on this and have tried everything I can think of, Ive also asked friends and other tech guys and they are also stumped at what it could be.

Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] PC wont detect my other hard drive

Does it show in bios? If so good, if not make sure connections are
If it does go into disk management, format and allocate. Control
panel, admin tools, computer management, look to left for disk
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I have tried MANY things and now I am resorting to this forum to help find a solution to my problem I does not on detect drive install Win7 hard am trying to load win onto a hard drive - why is that so difficult The computer is an Win7 does not detect hard drive on install older Server which runs server OS It has a SCSI card and SCSI hard drives attached the boot drive slave drive GB slave drive GB with data like backed up digital photos and videos That brands are Seagate Cheetah but I don't think that matters I could be wrong The boot drive is only a GB partition where win server is installed It is overfilled and old and my plan was to clear off and format one of the GB drives and load win on it I inserted my win dvd and chose to boot from dvd drive and after following install instructions I get stopped every time at the screen to choose which drive to load the operating system on Nothing is listed and it offers a message to load drivers for the drive so that windows can recognize it After several attempts to fix I decided to put my WinVista dvd in and try to load Vista on the drive That worked without a problem - went right past the screen I have been hung up on it had my GB drive listed I selected it and loaded Vista on the drive from start to finish That's why I said above that I don't think it matters what hdd I am using However my problem remains - I want to install Win on this drive and it is not being detected at initial install Hardware requirements meet or exceed the recommendations for Win -bit Here are the things I have tried over and over and over Booted up server drive went to Disk Management and checked the health of the GB drive All looks fine I was able to format change drive letter rename make active partition etc It always shows up in Disk Management - No luck when installing win Downloaded a disk formatting partitioning utility program GParted Live Booted computer using this utility and I was able to clear partitions format and basically get drive ready for use - No luck when installing win Attempted to download the drivers for this SCSI controller Compaq -Bit -MHz Wide Ultra SCSI No luck being able to find it online because the company no longer supports this board - But hey this isn't a driver issue because of several things - the drivers ARE detected when installing VISTA and also when the server runs I do not think the drivers are the issue here - I could be wrong - but why would Vista have no problem and Win not be able to locate Attempted to run the Win dvd while the Vista OS was running to see if I could use the UPGRADE choice rather than CUSTOOM INSTALL At first it said I needed to have Vista SP installed in order to upgrade After hours upon hours of ridiculous Vista Upgrades I finally got SP loaded - tried the UPGRADE to win and it hits me with a message saying unable to load operating system on drive I also tried doing this from booting the win dvd and it did not recognize the drive again I booted up the server OS again and connected a wireless adapter so that I could access the internet Then tried to load win and have it search online for the most updated drivers for my hardware As always this didn't work It just asked me to inset the disk that came with my hardware blah blah blah - and didn't find the drivers No luck - still unable to detect the hard drive Ok Win what gives Why can I load WinVista to this hard drive and not Win I am becoming bald from pulling my hair out of my head and my kids are learning all kinds of new curse words and colorful metaphors Please help The only thing I haven't explored yet is the system BIOS However I would assume that if the Vista dvd has no problem installing then why would there be a BIOS problem concerning this drive

A:Win7 does not detect hard drive on install

It's possible the SCSI drivers are in Vista installer but too old to be included in Win7 installer.

Have you tried an in-place Upgrade of Vista? If it's new without accumulated corruption it could be nearly perfect install and supply the drivers needed.

If not, make sure you have the latest BIOS update. If so, reset the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Then wipe the target HD with zeroes, partition as given in Step 2.2 here to mark the partiiton Active to give the HD every advantage to be discovered.

Google the exact SCSI model to try to find Vista or Win7 driver to unzip to stick or CD, browse from Load Drivers link until it picks it up.
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Hi all,

I installed Windows 7 32 bit ultimate edition to my acer notebook today. After taking my laptop to my office it didnt boot up. Taking so long to detect a hard drive. But when i press any key, it detect hardisk and boot up properly.. pls help me my problem.

A:Hard drive cannot detect without pressing a key in boot up process

Sounds like a BIOS issue. If you can load up the BIOS and check to make sure that your HDD is recognized and set to first boot.

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Dear All,
I have a external usb hard drive by HP, dvd550s-H03 8 which my dell XPS computer is not detecting. Seems like the hard drive does not need any drivers. So that is not an issue. Can someone help me a bit here ?
Many thanks,

A:Dell XPS L321X does not detect external usb hard drive

Hi Ashim,
Please try connecting the USB drive into an alternative USB port and see if it helps. You may also try using an alternate USB device such as mouse, flash drive etc to verify the functionality of USB ports.
If the USB ports are not working properly, you may follow the steps below to uninstall USB root hubs and restart the system :

Unplug all USB devices from the computer.
Press Windows + R button on keyboard
Type 'devmgmt.msc' without quotes and press Enter
The Device Manager window will open
Click on > sign next to ‘USB Universal Bus Controllers’ to expand the category.
Right click on each entry listed under USB Universal Bus Controllers and click on ‘Uninstall’.
Click on ‘Yes’ on the security warning.
Restart the computer and Windows will automatically install generic drivers for USB Root Hubs.

If the issue persists after refreshing USB root hubs, you may update the chipset drivers from Here -> Enter the Service Tag of system -> Click on Drivers and Downloads -> select the operating system installed on your computer -> Expand the 'chipset' category and download/install the drivers -> Restart the computer when prompted and check if the hard drive is getting detected.
If you have any questions, please share the system model along with the Operating system installed on computer. Will take it further from there.
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Hi, i have this old lappy from a few years ago. It is running XP with 96mb or ram and it has a pentium II processor at 233mhz. It came with a 4gb hard drive but i was thiking about upgrading the hd to a 15gb disk. Could anybody tell me it this bios will detect it without trouble?

thanks in advance.

A:Will a presario 1622 detect a 15gb hard drive?

maybe you find this information here:
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Hello Ive got a DELL P PC that I have just formatted and installed Windows XP Pro and now when i start up the PC it doesnt detect my nd HHD GB It use to be labeled D but now the DVD Rom is labelled D The drive does show in Device manager and it shows there are disk drives but it says that the drive that isnt showing that the location is Also it says the device is working properly and that status is online and when I click on Computer Management it says that there is HHD Volume C and another volume with no name VOLUME NO NAME - LAYOUT PARTITION - LAYOUT BASIC - FILE SYSTEM NTFS - STATUS HEALTHY ACTIVE - CAPACITY GB VOLUME C - LAYOUT PARTITION - LAYOUT BASIC - FILE SYSTEM NTFS - STATUS HEALTHY SYSTEM - CAPACITY GB I ve tried to name the volume but it wont let me Can anyone help me out Thankyou in advance nbsp

A:Computer doesnt detect my Slave Hard Drive

Hi and welcome. This wouldn't be the same PC, would it?
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Hi guys,

I've had this 3TB hard drive for about 6 months with no problems.

However, for some reason my computer cannot recognise it any more.

It doesn't come up in My Computer, but it comes up in device manager ( see pic 1) and in disk management (see pic 2)

Alarmingly, I can't even assign a letter or do anything but delete the volume (see pic 3)

I can't find the driver cd to install it but I didn't think this would be a problem as I installed it anyway through the computer. I've searched for about 2 days on this forums and others and still can't find a solution. I hope I can find one here

oh and i forgot to mention, i tried the hard drive on two different computers and it had the same problem there as well.

pic 1
By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24
pic 2

By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24
By piraxtiri at 2012-02-24

A:My Computer cannot detect my Seagate external hard drive 3TB


Your images still dont show - can you repost them using the little paperclip icon?

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Install everything, the bios detect the hard drive (it's a new hard drive, never been use) but when installing the Win7 64, the hard drive list is empty.

Here my spec

Phenom II 940BE | Gigabyte 790X-UD4P | Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB | XFX HD4770 512MB | OCZ StealthXStream 600W | NZXT Tempest


A:Windows 7 installation doesn't detect hard drive

You need to format new hard drives. no?
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Pentium D 945 2.8Ghz
x2 Seagate 120 GB
Not sure of the motherboard

Win Xp Pro SP3
I am not able to install Win XP Pro with a SATA hard drive.
I have tried slipstreaming drivers into teh Xp installation CD with these instructions:
I have the problem of the CD being too big in size.
5GB on a 700MB CD
Not knowing what specific drivers for my motherboard?

Any suggestions for me?
Am I missing something?

A:Installing Windows XP cannot detect SATA hard drive

Does the computer have a floppy drive?

Also what version of XP?
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Hi everyone,

I have a sony VAIO, with Vista installed as default OS. I installed Ubuntu as dual boot OS in my computer, and everything has been working just fine.

Yesterday, I decided to utilize the Sony-Windows provided recovery system to try to recover my laptop to the original manufacturer state. After starting the process just a few minutes, it automatically restarts, and then comes the problem.

1 ) Before the Windows logo appear, there is this error:
GRUB loading
error 22

2) I thought there is only the GRUB loading problem until.....
I tried using my old Windows XP CD to try to re-install the whole thing, but it states that the hard disk could not be detected, and I could neither use the "R" to prompt to the Console nor I could install any Windows

Anyone have any suggestion for me ?

Appreciate for any comment or help.


A:please help: grub loading error 22 and could not detect hard drive

please help, thanks
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I've have an IDE 80 gig western digital hard drive which is detected in bios and device manager but, wont show up in my computer in windows. It's on a different ribbon than the drive with the OS on it. I have the Primary master set for the OS(Windows XP SP3) and Secondary Master as the western digital.

If windows is detecting it and it's detected in BIOS, whats the issue here?

A:[SOLVED] Windows Wont Detect WD Hard drive

Unallocated, lul. Silly me.
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I use 3 computers, in one that has Windows Seven and other Xp, the computer detects the external hard drive with no problem
But in another Windows Seven pc, it doesn't detect it at all, the hard drive makes a clicking sound and nothing else

So, what can it be?, I even connect it to a TV and can watch movies with no problem, but being detected in that computer, never

A:Computer doesn't detect external Hard Drive

Do other external drives work with that PC?

Does that external drive appear in Windows Disk Management? If it does, does it have a drive letter assigned? If not assign a drive letter.
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I formatted my laptop and had all my dell drivers saved on my external hard drive, when i plugged it into the usb port it detects it and it lets me saftley remove hardware but it dont show up in my computer.

I went into disk management and seen it was there but wasnt assigned a letter, it wont let me assign it a letter either, its greyed out, so i downloaded WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic and ran a scan, it passed the scan, im pretty sure its detecting my hard drive as a generic multi card instead of a hard drive, can any1 help me with this problem please? thanks

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Hi I have been trying all day to install Windows Ultimate x on my first custom PC build I guess i can start with the list of Install x64 Windows Detect 7 Drive. Hard Ultimate cant parts AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Deneb GHz Socket AM W Quad-Core Processor HDZ FBGMBOX GIGABYTE GA- GA-UD H AM AMD G SATA Gb s USB HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard Rev G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install cant Detect Hard Drive. DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBRL Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive - CORSAIR CMPSU- TX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC ASUS DRW- B ST BLK B AS Black SATA X DVD Burner Now i have been doing some searching and reading other posts on this to no help The things i have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install cant Detect Hard Drive. tried have been to make sure the Optical is the master and HDD is the slave on IDE channel I have made sure im using a VGA cable during the installation Tried different Sata cables As well as downloading the drivers on the motherboard from here and including these drivers Windows said none of them are correct http www gigabyte us products product-page aspx pid amp dl dl Chipset Version AMD Chipset Driver include chipset sata raid driver SATA RAID GIGABYTE SATA Preinstall driver AMD SATA RAID Driver AMD SATA AHCI Driver None of those drivers have allowed me to see the HDD during installation and nothing else has helped I have no idea what to do or whats wrong So any other information you require just let me know otherwise any help will be grateful Thank you ahead of time for any help

A:Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install cant Detect Hard Drive.

You don't install any drivers yet except raid maybe.

Go into the bios under advanced bios features i think set sata mode to ide.
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Hi A few days ago my computer with Windows XP Home SP got infected with anymore detect drive hard setup does not XP Windows a variant of the Virut virus As a result some Windows system files e g logonui exe winlogon dll userinit exe got infected In order to try to resolve this problem I performed the steps below Windows XP setup does not detect hard drive anymore However I ended up in a situation whereby Windows XP Setup does no longer detect Windows XP setup does not detect hard drive anymore any partition on my hard disk My question is therefore how can I make sure that Windows XP Setup sees my hard disk again Here are the most important steps I performed since detecting the virus Originally I had only Windows XP Home Windows XP setup does not detect hard drive anymore SP installed I wanted to perform a repair install of Windows XP Home SP to restore the original system files but accidentally used the installation CD of Windows XP Professional SP and therefore started the installation of Windows XP Professional SP on the hard disk partition as Windows XP Home I interrupted the Windows XP Professional but some files got installed After that I had a dual boot option for Home and Pro I ended up with two Windows directories on the same partition one called Windows the original one for Home and one called Windows for Pro After that I deleted the files of the Windows directory while logged into Home The dual boot is not gone yet but when I boot Pro the system crashes the error message being that the Hardware Abstraction Layer could not be found I am now trying what I wanted to do originally restore the Windows XP Home system files However Windows XP Setup does not detect the hard disk containing Home and Pro anymore When I run the Repair console I end up at a command prompt with C but there are no files on this drive or any other drive Additionally when I try to perform a new install the setup programme does not detect any partitions or hard disks Setup crashes with a blue screen Note that I am still able to boot into Windows XP Home So the installation certainly exists on the hard drive but Windows XP setup does not see it Many thanks for any help Jario

A:Windows XP setup does not detect hard drive anymore

I would boot into your Home XP and save any files you want to a flash drive, burned CD or to another networked computer.
Boot off of the Windows CD, Delete all partitions that you have, and create a new Partition and reinstall Windows.
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So i want to switch the HDD's of my 2 computers, i unplugged both drives, then i put one of the drives into the other computer attaching it exactly as it was (the master slave thingy) but the comp said it didn't detect and master or slave. So i took it out again and changed the master slave thingy so that it was the same as the HDD that i took out of the computer i was trying to get this HDD to work in.

Same thing happened, comp said it didn't detect any HDD at all.

Why can't it detect it?

Both drives are unformatted and have windows and stuff on them, i thought it'd be a simple switch a roo.

Does this mean that the HDD is not compatible in this other computer?

Or do i need to do something to make the computer detect the HDD?


A:Solved: Computer doesn't detect hard drive

I assume they are not being seen on the bios - correct

check the details on the HDD and make sure you have set to Master - what else is on the cable .....

are these identical machines ? because with windows you have installed all the motherboard drivers and even if you swap them around and get the bios to recognise them - windows may not work correctly
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Hello everyone So four All. BIOS Diskpart After Exiting Hard Drive Help. Cannot Detect Clean years ago I custom built a new computer which ran really well However I wanted to make several upgrades including a new Seagate Barracuda gb hard drive rpm SATA II mb cache and Windows -bit on a USB I know it's not flashy stuff but i'm BIOS Cannot Detect Hard Drive After Exiting Diskpart Clean All. Help. on a budget and just needed some upgrades to play some pc games Today was frustrating After finally getting Windows -bit on a USB everything was going fine until Windows refused to let me install Windows on my new hard drive The error message setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition windows kept popping up I tried many different techniques I saw on YT including changing the system BIOS from IDE to ACHI Finally I saw something for Diskpart I stupidly activated the Clean All option but the thing took forever and I realized it wasn't the option So I did an early exit I can't help but feel like I just made a really stupid mistake because now the BIOS won't detect the Hard Drive anywhere Did I just remove a perfectly good hard drive from my system Please help I feel so silly for my impatience I guess I was so annoyed at everything

A:BIOS Cannot Detect Hard Drive After Exiting Diskpart Clean All. Help.

Clean All should do exactly what is implied---wipe everything off the drive. But I've never heard of it rendering a drive unusable. Most likely, you could have used "Clean" rather than "Clean All". Clean acts very quickly.

Can you see the hard drive in Diskpart any more?

You say you had the Windows installer on a USB stick. I assume you built that stick from an ISO file. Where did you get the ISO file?

You enter the BIOS by pressing some key on your keyboard during the boot process. Are you able to enter the BIOS at all?
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I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and my external hard drive (usb powered, 320gb freeagent seagate go) does not show up in my computer.

I've tried switching usb ports, nothing happens.
I've run the troubleshooter (control panel- troubleshooting) but it says that hardware changes might not have been detected. I tried restarting, but the problem still remains.

It detects in Windows xp on the same computer (dual boot).
It also shows up in partition magic installed on Windows 7.

I've attached a screenshot of the two:

Screenshot in xp:

Thanks in advance

A:Unable to detect external hard drive (seagate 320gb)

Assign a drive letter to it - in disk management you right click it and select assign drive letter - not sure with what your using. If if that doesnt work put up your system specs in detail and a screen shot of disk management.
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Hello this is my first time posting hear so please go easy on me. Me and my fiance just finished putting together her first real gaming computer and we wanted to use a Patriot 64g SSD to put win 7 on and use a 1TB Seagate drive for all the rest of the storage. The installation of Win 7 onto the SSD went nice and smooth but when we get into windows it is not detecting the 1TB HD at all. Funny thing is that when I go in to the SSD properties, I can see the Seagate under the sharing options. The only info I have found is how to clone off an existing hard drive with Win 7 on it not how to do a fresh install on 2 new drives. Any help would be great.

A:Fresh win7 install on SSD and will not detect new Seagate hard drive

Try this, right click on computer in the start menu, select manage, in the left column select disk management. Look for the seagate drive in the lower portion of the window. When you find it, right click and select 'change drive letter or path' in the next window, select add. Thake the drive letter windows offers or select another letter from the drop down window. You should be able to see it then, if that is your problem. If that does not work, please post a screenshot of the expanded disk management in your next post.
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< < PLEASE HELP !!! > >

Hi! I am using Bart PE to recover data from my laptop's hard drive, which has stopped booting up and instead comes up with a blue error message stating that there is an 'unmountable boot volume'. Therefore, using the 'get data back for NTFS' plugin, I have managed to see and get to the stage where I can copy the files to somewhere else to recover them. However, the laptop/software just will not detect my external hard drive, a 320GB USB Toshiba!

Has anyone please got any suggestions as to what I can do to 'see' the hard drive and transfer the data to it? Or how I can get the files off another way? I really need the recent data on it, and my last back-up was two months ago mad!

Thanks for reading this,


A:<<Get Data Back NTFS - Can't Detect My External Hard Drive>> Please Help :(