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Dell Inspiron keyboard replacement

Q: Dell Inspiron keyboard replacement

I tried to replace the keyboard on my sons Dell Inspiron and the black flip tab/clamp that holds the ribbon wire to the motherboard broke. Any ideas on where to find a replacement or how to connect it securely another way? I really don't want to buy a new motherboard and Dell doesn't offer the part by itself. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron keyboard replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell Inspiron keyboard replacement

Common trouble... I have purchased a non-working laptop just for these clips. Now I have spare motherboards that I can salvage these parts from. There's really no other way to fix this
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ive had my Dell inspiron 1000 for almost 2 years now and i has given me no problems until now as the letter K broke off my keyboard and it cannot be clicked back in again.
Does anyone know where i can get a letter K complete with the inspiron 1000 specific retainer or a complete inspiron 1000 keyboard

Any help will be very much appreciated

Many thanks

A:Dell inspiron 1000 replacement keyboard

you can get them on ebay, click here
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I recently bought inspiron 15 7559 i7 and found that the keyboard is bilingual.
It's little bit hard for me to type as the enter key is really small. 
Would it be possible to get another keyboard (with different layout) and replace it? 

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Searching for Dell Touchscreen replacement R33H8 for Dell Inspiron 15Z 5523, service Tag 757J1Z1.All the places seems to show Out of stock..Is there a replacement part number?

Someone said that 7GYF0 is compatiable, is that true

A:Searching for Dell Touchscreen replacement R33H8 for Dell Inspiron 15Z 5523

Looks like it is, yes.  Here's another compatible part:
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You can replace the hard drive with a 2.5" SSD, yes.  There is no restriction on capacity.
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I purchased my inspiron 1720 about four years ago and just replaced the keyboard with part (nsk-d8001).  The keyboard looks identical to my old one except that it has what I assume to be a backlight ribbon sticking out from underneath. Where does this ribbon go? I don't see an obvious location for it and my old keyboard didn't have this ribbon. Can the inspiron 1720 support a backlit keyboard?

A:Installing backlit replacement keyboard on Inspiron 1720

I don't think that system ever had the option of a backlit keyboard, no.
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I have the laptop model inspiron 15R-5521 with service tag <Service Tag: Removed as per privacy policy>, and would like to replace the touchscreen. The screen has two groups of vertical white lines, which do not appear on an external monitor, but these lines do appear on the LCD BIST test on all colors, except for white. The screen's glass is also cracked in a few places.
Firstly, can I purchase and install only a replacement glass for the screen? Alternatively, would it be possible to entirely replace the touchscreen with a non-touchscreen, matte display?

A:DELL inspiron 15R-5521 screen replacement

Hi JG12345,
As there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
If you wish to replace the parts yourself, then check this link - 
If you choose to replace the screen with non touch / matte screen - you would need to replace the LCD backcover with a compatible one designed for non touch functionality.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Well while running Dell's maintenance software it showed that my battery was failing hmm. I have never used the laptop w/o it being plugged into the Ac charger and when used probably under a hour a day. It was new in 2013.

Does anyone know how Dell determines how the status of a battery is? Perhaps its just how old the battery is? I doubt that Dell's software actually has a Volt/Amp load tested built into the laptop??

With that all said if I do have to buy a battery who would handle the best bang for the buck? I see that the prices are all over the place ;-)
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I m trying to replace the motherboard in my AIO Dell Inspiron One Since I ve never done anything like this before I m following the User Manual exactly I just ran into my first problem The manual simply says quot Disconnect all the cables from their connectors on the system board Well Inspiron Replacement One 2020 Motherboard Dell that s not been as easy for me nbsp as it sounds I m hoping someone with prior experience will reply with a tip trick or suggestion My problem is I can t get the cables out of the connectors on the motherboard With the exception of the hard drive and optical drive cables there s not much to get hold of I don t see any mechanical catches that need to be released I assume I should not pull on the wires just the male connector that is attached to the wires I assume I should not use tools but I m considering the use of needle Dell Inspiron One 2020 Motherboard Replacement nose pliers unless someone can offer me a better suggestion I hope there s someone out there whose done this before and can offer helpful suggestions Thanks

A:Dell Inspiron One 2020 Motherboard Replacement

You just need to sometimes be a little forceful if the cable is stuck. Maybe squeeze the sides of the cable connector when pulling up.
Here are some tools you may need as well.
Phillips screwdriver • Hex nut driver • Plastic scribe
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Hello everyone,
Recently the 4 key on my laptop fell off, and I do not want to do anything to mess it up before finding out if there is a safe way to put it on without replacing the whole keyboard(i could do that, have done it before, but I do not feel like spending the dough for a new keyboard). Thanks in advance,

PS: would superglue do the trick??

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Anyone know where to source replacement hinges, I've removed the old broken pair but can't find any sellers for the replacements? Part numbers 34.48L24.XXX & 34.48L25.XXX

A:Replacement hinges for Dell Inspiron 7737?
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My fiancee and I currently have the Dell Inspiron R SE laptop with the Intel Centrino Wireless-N and it has worked for a few months now up until the Monday of last week Inspiron SE Wifi Compatible with Card Replacement Dell 17R While on the internet my fiancee was noticing her wifi speed slowed down to a Replacement Wifi Card Compatible with Dell Inspiron 17R SE crawl She performed speed tests to find out that the speed was not as high as it used to be She updated drivers for the computer as well as removed any clutter that would cause the wifi slowdown When we tried many options they did not give us the results that we were looking for Finally after some process of elimination we concluded that our wifi card needed a replacement I don t want to get any old card to use and then find out that it doesn t fit or is not compatible with Windows I have been taking my time to research what could be compatible to improve my laptop computer but I have been coming up short What I would like to know is what wifi cards are compatible with our Dell computer so that we can get this replaced as soon as possible without having to pay out the nose for unneeded computer repair
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The DVD/CD optical drive in my Inspiron 8600 is starting to go intermittantly bad on me and I'm looking for a replacement/upgrade. Dell wants $100 for a REFURBISHED replacement. I'd like to get an upgraded drive (DVD/CD burner with Blueray), but am unsure as to what specs to look for. Newegg/Amazon/Tiger Direct/etc... have several to choose from, but I don't want to buy unless I'm relatively sure it'll work/fit in my laptop. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

The existing drive is a Hitachi U5251, 24X CDRW/DVD HLDS DMOD.

A:Need Replacement DVD/CD Optical Drive for Dell Inspiron 8600

I think any slim DVD drive will fit as long as it's the correct format (IDE or SATA). You could also check
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Hi Everyone I have a Dell Inspiron desktop purchased January It used to run really quietly but recently it s sounding louder during operation I ve had the side panel off a number of times but couldn t pin point what exactly was responsible but once the Desktop 3847 Inspiron Dell Replacement fans for side panel is replaced and the PC is placed back in it s usual location the sound is there and it sounds like one of the fans It had been suggested to me to place the PC on a softer surface as it could be just down to resonating I ve stood it directly on my floor in my office but the sound is still there a varied hummmmmmm sound which on further listening seems to be the chassis fan My question is where can i purchase a new replacement chassis fan the one on the back also if it turns out to be the CPU fan can I replace just the fan without disturbing the heatsink thermal paste and processor I also need advice where I can purchase a replacement CPU fan it s Replacement fans for Dell Inspiron 3847 Desktop an Intel core i th Gen Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You Mr Anthony
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My laptop won't boot up and DVD/CD drive won't work. After several dead ends (trying to boot from USB and buying external cable to connect laptop drive to desktop (worked once then failed - foolishly didn't get data off straight away!). Also discovering that failure of DVD/cd drive is very common in this dell laptop decided best option is to buy cheap DVD/cd drive to replace one in laptop. The one currently in is a Sony model DW-D56A-DS.Can anyone tell me if I have to buy an exact replacement. Eg I've seen ones that start with DW-D56A then have 2 different letters at end. Would a different manufacturer one work - any suggestions? From what I've read I'm not sure a new CD drive would last long in this model so the cheaper the better and I'II save up for a new laptop! Any help much appreciated

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This past Christmas I received a Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Just recently I removed it from its laptop case to find that the screen had cracked It wasn t an external screen crack If you run Screen Dell 15 Inspiron Replacement (3521) Touch Help your fingers over the screen it s smooth Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) Touch Screen Replacement Help but there are visible cracks and a section of the screen that isn t showing the desktop but only an odd mesh of white and black with a bit of other colors included in the section I looked up screen replacements and I found a detailed description on YouTube of how to replace the screen in the Dell Inspiron It had a link in the description to replacement parts That would solve Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) Touch Screen Replacement Help my problem but I just have one issue My laptop is a touch screen and I m not certain if the replacement screen is a touch screen I want to be able to use my laptop to the fullest If it includes touch ability I want a touch replacement screen I ll post a link to the website with the replacement parts Please reply and tell me if it is touch or not If not please leave a link to a touch-screen-replacement-screen Please help me on this I m the kind of person that will lose sleep if I can t be sure Here is the link http www parts-people com index php action category amp id amp subid amp refine lcd screen

A:Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) Touch Screen Replacement Help

Those are not touch screens - they are standard LCD panels.
To change the panel, you need to replace both the touch glass and LCD as a unit:
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I have to replace the hard drive in my Dell 2650 Inspiron laptop. Does anybody know the procedure or steps to do it. I can buy one on Ebay but want to find out how to get the old one out first

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My colleague decided to replace the battery for his Inspiron so I helped him by visiting Dell s replacement it compatible was says a Inspiron it but not 5420 for does!) Ordered battery (Dell website inputting the service tag and let it find all compatible batteries http accessories us dell com sna genselector aspx c us amp amp cs amp amp l en amp amp manufact amp amp s bsd amp amp stype amp amp DGC IR amp amp CID amp amp LID amp amp ck mn amp amp redirect I found that there s a high-capacity battery Type NHXVW WHr so he chose Ordered a replacement battery for Inspiron 5420 but it was not compatible (Dell says it does!) to go with this one He ordered it from local distributor it came with Dell s documents and stuff Ordered a replacement battery for Inspiron 5420 but it was not compatible (Dell says it does!) so we re pretty sure it s genuine https accessories dell com sna productdetail aspx c us amp cs amp l en amp sku - We installed the battery it fits but it did not snapped in like the standard battery But the problem is the laptop lid could barely open It got stuck after opening for nbsp a few centimeters the extra battery I don t know how to call it was blocking the way While we are waiting for our distributor to get back to us we want to inform everyone not to believe Dell s website The battery can be installed but it s not possible to open the lid
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Need to replace cable port and can't seem to find replacement part in UK - only from America.  Any suggestions??

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5547 DC Power Jack Socket Port and Cable - replacement part in UK???

Hi JS246 ,
What is the exact issue on the system? Have you checked with another Dell OEM power adapter? Is the current adapter working fine? Is the adapter frayed?
If you have isolated the source to be indeed the dc power cable, then assuming there is no warranty on the machine, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
If you are looking to replace the parts yourself, then you could contact a 3rd party Dell parts seller - they ship parts to UK. Or check on Amazon UK -
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Not sure if this is the right forum but this might sound a bit silly but I ve managed to break Inspiron Dell Keyboard Help the spacebar on my Dell Inspiron Keyboard Help DELL Inspiron laptop keyboard I spilt some food on the keyboard and was cleaning it and removed the spacebar but for the life of me I can t get it back on I still have all the pieces the metal bar and both parts of both key hinges but for the life of me can t get it to reattach like I was able with other keys Usually when reattaching another key I would just press down and it would click in place but can t seem to get this one to latch on and stay Any ideas on what I should do to get it back on Or anyone with the same laptop have any advice for me I was thinking about taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy but after reading reviews have decided not too I would hate to get Dell Inspiron Keyboard Help a new keyboard just because of this and that I still have all the parts Anyone have any ideas nbsp
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I have a Dell Inspiron 2650, whose keyboard has suddenly gone freakish. About half the keys do nothing, while the others give me pop-up windows, bring up the control panel, and various other strange happenings. I tried to run the diagnostic CD that comes with the lappy, but the default selection is run "windows xp" and I can't get the down-arrow to work to select "run from CDRom". I tried booting with a Knoppix 4.0 CD and the keyboard actions are the same as with windows xp from the hardrive. I tried hooking an external keyboard to the mouse/keyboard port on the back and the results there are the same; external keyboard key strokes do weird things similar to internal keyboard. I am looking for some expert advice here because tech support from Dell leaves a lot to be desired.


A:Dell Inspiron Keyboard

If you can get into safemode does it Act the same?
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Do Dell UK sell and fit a replacement backlit keyboard in the UK.
My current keyboard has stopped working.
I can't find replacement part on Dell UK website.

A:Dell XPS L702X Laptop - want to purchase and have installed a replacement backlit keyboard (UK)

Dell generally charges repairs for other than mainboard or screen replacement at a flat rate that probably exceeds what a local shop will charge, but you will find the Spare Parts line and out of warranty support here:
They'll generally charge for a repair estimate and then apply the charge to the cost of the repair.    In the US, a keyboard replacement is a flat $149 -- the keyboard itself is likely under $50 and is a user-replaceable part.
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I bought a new Inspiron last week and I got a 14" 5458 without a backlit keyboard. I wanted one with a backlit keyboard but the retailer said DELL Philippines ordered a non backlit series. I want to know if I can replace the keyboard? Upon checking there is a slot for the backlit but I am not sure if it is activated on the motherboard. Any thoughts? 

A:Dell Inspiron 14 5458 keyboard

Hi eamilo,
The Dell Inspiron 14 5458 is shipped with a Chiclet keyboard. Only Inspiron 5458 Touch screen model ships with a backlight keyboard. You will not be able to replace the existing keyboard to backlit keyboard.
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DELL INSPIRON 5000 & ext keyboard

I have a friend who has the above laptop and would like to be able to use a full external keyboard.

Does that laptop have a PS/2 port and if so can you just plug in an ext. board?Please register YourTraySpell

A:DELL INSPIRON 5000 & ext keyboard

According to DELL's website for the Inspiron 5000, it does indeed have a ps/2 port which can be used for either a standard mouse or keyboard. Shouldn't have to do anything but plug it in.

Good luck.

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My laptops keyboard is a special one with up to five characters on a key. I can access the keys in normal mode with no problem but I can't access the extra characters. I have tried different key combo such as ctrl shift and many more
to no avail. Does the keyboard language choice have anything to do with it?

Appreciate the help


A:Dell Inspiron 17R laptop keyboard

Have you tried the Fn key?
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Hello all nbsp This is my first official post here nbsp I've have the Dell Inspiron M laptop nbsp It worked great till one day the keyboard stopped responding nbsp Problem Dell Keyboard Inspiron All keys don't respond except for some peculiar situations nbsp When the computer boots up the keyboard doesn't respond at all nbsp Therefore I can't even get into my BIOS even if I wanted Dell Inspiron Keyboard Problem too nbsp Once the computer finishes Dell Inspiron Keyboard Problem booting up I can use Dell Inspiron Keyboard Problem the external USB mouse and even the touchpad with no problem nbsp The keyboard doesn't work at all no capslock no numlock no nothing nbsp When I start IExplorer and try to type anything nothing happens but if I hit certain keys in succession the browser closes and then if I try and restart IExplorer from the shortcut on my desktop or the shortcut in the tool tray it brings me to the dialogue box where the exe file is located nbsp At this point the touchpad doesn't work partially nbsp What I mean is the mouse moves if I touch the touchpad but when i tap the touchpad to click on icons it doesn't respond nbsp So I have to manually click the left button on the touchpad nbsp Everything resets when I restart the computer which I have to do almost everytime to figure out what might be causing the problem nbsp When restarting the system the computer beeps atleast - times in a distinct pattern quickly before showing the Dell logo on screen nbsp I've contacted Dell support several times and tried troubleshooting the problem with them and the best advice I got was to check all the connections of the keyboard internally and try to isolate the problem nbsp I not only rechecked the connection of the internal keyboard but I thought it might be some malicious virus so I re-installed windows xp and even flashed the BIOS but that didn't help nbsp I finally decided to replace the keyboard figuring that must be the final problem but when I swapped in the new keyboard same problem nbsp nbsp Although the keyboard appears to completely dead and inactive I've realized that when I start to press multiple keys to get any response some short cuts do activate although I don't which keys I hit exactly nbsp There nbsp are some responses but only when I press multiple keys in succession Anyhow I don't know what to do at this point nbsp Dell acts as if though this problem is a first to them and they insist it has to be the keyboard but I switched it and now I've spent upwards of - hours trying to troubleshoot this and I'm about to lose it nbsp Any advice or help would be much appreciated nbsp Thank you ahead of time nbsp Ks Message Edited by KidSeoul on - - PM

A:Dell Inspiron Keyboard Problem

Unless you are very unlucky and got a bad replacement KBD, it sounds like the KBD controller on the MBD. Are there any signs of a spill ? If not it could have been taken out by static, or you may just be unlucky with it. The MBD costs a lot more than a KBD.........
                                                                    Regards Chris
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Today I dropped a stick of .5 mm pencil lead into the crack of my keyboard. Is there a way to remove the cover of the computer and fish it out? Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 5150 Keyboard

Hi Tacocaster,
try here:™_inspiron™_5000_series_keyboard_removal_instructions.htm
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I have a Dell inspiron 1545 that is still under warranty. The keyboard has been a problem for me because all of a sudden the f7 and the Y keys don't work at all.Should I try to get it fixed somehow myself, or would Dell replace the keyboard?
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Hello again,
I've got a customer with what sounds like a memory issue. I want to run Memtest86+ on it, but there is an issue. On bootup, I get "keyboard failure" and I can't enter the BIOS to change the boot device priority so that I can load Memtest86+ from a flash drive or cd. The keyboard works fine once I'm into Windows, but I can't use it before Windows loads.
Things tried:
Reset CMOS.
Unplugged all other usb devices, including card reader internally.
Checked device manager, looks clean.

Thanks for any help.

A:Keyboard failure Dell Inspiron 580

Is it a GUI BIOS? Can you unplug the keyboard and use a mouse? Is the keyboard USB or PS/2?
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DELL INSPIRON 5000 & ext keyboard

I have a friend who has the above laptop and would like to be able to use a full external keyboard.

Does that laptop have a PS/2 port and if so can you just plug in an ext. board?Please register YourTraySpell

A:DELL INSPIRON 5000 & ext keyboard

I don't see why it wouldn't have at least 1 PS/2 port, and if so I also don't see why you cna't just plug the keyboard into it. That is what I used to do with my laptop.
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I need to replace my inspiron 7000 keyboard, I need help. Does anyone have directions on how to do this, I have the keyboard.


A:dell inspiron 7000 keyboard

Keyboard removal procedure.

1. Turn the computer over and remove the four screws from the bottom of the computer.

2. Turn the computer back over and open the display.

3. Insert a small flat-blade screwdriver along the right top of the keyboard, just above the row of function keys. Working from right to left, free the keyboard by prying it toward the front of the unit. When free, lift the top of the keyboard slightly to clear the palmrest assembly.

4. Slide the keyboard towards the display assembly to release the front edge of the keyboard from the palmrest assembly.

5. Rotate the bottom of the keyboard up toward the display assembly to expose the keyboard cable.

6. Disconnect the keyboard cable from the ZIF connector on the system board. Gently pry up the latches on each side of the connector.

That should do it. Becarefull not to bump the keys tops on the replacement keyboard as they usually are a pain to get back on.
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I have not Dell Keyboard working 1525 Inspiron a Dell Inspiron Yes I know it is a very old model but it has served me just fine over the last few years until very recently when some of the keys are failing There was a loud almost constant buzzing sound in my laptop every time I worked on it so I took it to the repair shop where the engineer told me it is a problem with the fan So he removed the keyboard to open and check the make of Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working the fan and said a replacement fan will need to be ordered While I am waiting for that to be done he put the keyboard back in its place but some keys on it are not working I came across the following posted here more than years ago by Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working the user HYLBJTO I am reproducing it below because the problem I am facing with the keyboard is exactly the same as described by this user and the suggestion given to him by someone to fix the problem did not work from what I understand quot I was reading an expired thread about issues with certain keys not working on a Dell Inspiron I have experienced what seems like the same problem Certain keys do not work - but not the same ones as those in the older thread w d etc for me here s the strange part If I do not screw down the keyboard and hold it up slightly the problem disappears I thought it might have something to do with pressure on the keyboard but I could not duplicate the problem by applying pressure to the back of the keyboard However if it is screwed down tight to the plate it sits on those same keys do not work I tried putting pieces of paper between the keyboard and the plate it sits on and got mixed results SO I m thinking this could be some kind of electromagnetic interference Anyone have any thoughts here The problem absolutely goes away if I hold the keyboard even th of an inch above the plate it sits on quot -- HYLBJTO May Can anyone help me understand what could be the possible issue with the keyboard keys I read on this expired link https forums techguy org threads dell-inspiron- -keyboard-not-working page- where a user mentioned having problems with their inspiron keyboard only to be told at a much later stage by their technician i guess that the problem was not with the keyboard but motherboard Do you think this could be the case with my laptop also Does that also explain the buzzing sound which acc to what I read on several online posts is one of the indications of the hard drive failing Needless to say I am seeking answers here because the repair shop guy has so far been more destructive than constructive in fixing my laptop Can anyone please help share some insights on the above issues It will be a GREAT help thank you nbsp
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hey first of all let me thank you for reading ok the problem i have is issues inspiron 1545 dell keyboard when windows boots i can enter bios f scroll through with the keyboard issues dell inspiron 1545 arrows enter works fine so procede to login screen eveything seems to stop working on the keyboard exept backspace which shows up as a character in the password bar and spacebar so i tried using the ease of access keyboard same nothing works exept those keys however if i unplug the keyboard at this point everything works fine now for the even stranger part i opened ease of access keyboard again when windows started and opened internet explorer at this point i just by chance plugged the keyboard back in and keyboard issues dell inspiron 1545 it worked fine hmmm ok im thinking maybe somehow the ribbon cable worked lose so i restarted and the same happened again so i did the exact same and it worked again confused com any help would be much appriciated was going to try a new keyboard but it actually seems fine once it decides to work i also reinstalled the driver in device manager which had no effect just made me restart which ment had to go through it all again thanx again nbsp

A:keyboard issues dell inspiron 1545

ok quick update the keyboard is now opening random things when i press a letter on the keyboard like shortcut keys i read it may be a stuck ctrl key so pulled them off but same as oh and its running windows 7 thanx
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While typing in Word on my daughters laptop the proper letters do not appear. When you type c you get cv and when you type v you get vc. The same goes for the d and f and e and r keys? Any ideas?

A:Keyboard problem with Dell Inspiron 1200

The template file used by Word might be corrupt.

To rename the file follow these steps:
1. Quit all instances of Word, including WordMail.
2. On the Windows taskbar, click Start, point to Find, and click Files or Folders.
3. In the Named box, type
4. In the Look In box, select your local hard disk drive (or an alternate user template location if you are running Word from a network server).
5. Click Find Now to search for the file.
6. For each occurrence of that appears in the Find dialog box, right-click the file. Click Rename on the shortcut menu. Give the file a new name, such as or
7. Minimize the find dialog box.
8. Restart your automation client to start Word.

When you type in Notepad does this also happen?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop with keyboard issues. Sometimes, not always, when I strike a key it will post that key and other keys (usually just one) that are next to it on the keyboard. Also if I hit a "}" it will display one and if I try to hit the same key again it will just give me periods. Also if I strike the backspace key it will fill in the time and date minus the last character of the year. I have replaced the keyboard and am getting the same errors. All connections seem to be well connected. The os is Vista. Help please!

A:Dell Inspiron 1521 Keyboard issues

Read: Cleaning Laptop Keyboard
I posted that in my No POST, guide, and you reminded me

Or have it replaced (the keyboard) especially if Hardware warranty exists

You can check your warranty status here:
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I am trying to fix a Dell Inspiron 1525 that has a keyboard not working. Most keys work, but some do not work. I ordered another keyboard on ebay, but exactly the same keys would not work. What exactly would be the cause of this and is there any fix. Thanks for any suggestions.

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My Caps Lock light comes up but the full keyboard does not. I have scanned with Dell Management tool from the website, installed the drives suggested and still has not worked. 
How do I solve this? I really need the lights from keyboard once I am used to work in the dark.
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I need to change one of the buttons of the keyboard on my Inspiron 17R 5721.

I need to have the "right click" button that normal laptops come with.

I use excel and other software extensively and I need to change one of the buttons. Since the most adequate change for this function would be the Alt or Ctrl buttons at the right side of the space bar (seeing from the user perspective), I would like to know with which software on procedure I can change this USELESS buttons (yes useless because doesn't even work as Alt or Ctrl, I tried them out).
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Hello again,
I've got a customer with what sounds like a memory issue. I want to run Memtest86+ on it, but there is an issue. On bootup, I get "keyboard failure" and I can't enter the BIOS to change the boot device priority so that I can load Memtest86+ from a flash drive or cd. The keyboard works fine once I'm into Windows, but I can't use it before Windows loads.
Things tried:
Reset CMOS.
Unplugged all other usb devices, including card reader internally.
Checked device manager, looks clean.

Thanks for any help.

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Hello, I'm having a small problem with my new Dell laptop.
I can't find the option where I could set my keyboard backlight to stay on constantly. It keeps falling asleep (turning off) after a short period of time. It is really annoying late in the evening as I always have to wake it up. Is there any way I could turn off the automatic sleep mode or atleast prolong it?
Thanks in advance :)
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Hey guys - 15 No backlit Dell keyboard...? 5559 Inspiron I just had a Dell Inspiron delivered to me yesterday and I noticed there wasn t a backlit Dell Inspiron 15 5559 - No backlit keyboard...? keyboard installed At first I thought it was just off but after looking around this site and doing some research to first make sure I wasn t just not able to turn it on I ve arrived to this conclusion nbsp I ve tried doing Fn F I ve tried Ctrl F I ve tried going to Mobility Center and changing multimedia function key I also have all my drivers updated and made completely sure everything was updated in case it was just a software issue I also updated BIOS and went there and checked if I could change keyboard settings there no luck The thing is my laptop is the touch model and to the extent of my knowledge all touch models are equipped with a backlit keyboard So what s going on Do I have to pay out another for a backlit keyboard Thanks for taking the time to read this
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Hello. I have been having problems with my laptop keyboard (Dell Inspiron E1505).
Periodically the keys b,n, /, space bar, and 3 of 4 arrow keys stop working. Initially I thought the problem must be an obstruction or due to the keyboard, so I replaced the keyboard with a new one. The same problems occur, with the same keys. I have removed the keyboard a few times to check the connection of the keyboard to the laptop, but it has not improved.
From there, I looked around for other possibilities. I scanned my computer for any malware, viruses, etc with Ad-Aware, McAfee, Norton, but have not found anything. I tried to update the driver for the keyboard, but it is up to date. Is there anything else from software, windows, etc that could be causing the problem or is it due to hardware?
Thank you

A:Keyboard problems on Dell Inspiron E1505

Luckily, keyboards are cheap (er)... We have seen a number of problems with 1505 and related keyboards. Replacements are available on eBay for $14 to $26 with free shipping. They do go bad on nearly all laptops, but the 1505 has had a higher record of failure than most Dell laptops.
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My key board keys on the left side have stopped working.  I have updated the bios and an external keyboard works fine. I have tried everything. tapping on the keys with some force sometimes gets them to work.  I notice that I'm not the only one having this problem.  This started about 2 days after my warranty ended, how convenient

A:Dell Inspiron 3147 keyboard problems

The part to replace:
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i have a problem with Dell inspiron problem 1000 keyboard my dell inspiron laptop with service tag hvzhl the laptop works perfectly well until weeks ago when i press some keys on my keyboard it gives me other key input for example when i press the Dell inspiron 1000 keyboard problem E key it appears like this QWERU Dkey like this hightlights all the words and ask me to save C key appears like this ZVCXM at first i thought the keyboard was damage so i went ahead to change the keyboard to a new one and problem persist i change the cmos battery i went to a friends computer with same model and the keyboard works perfectly on his laptop i formated the hard drive and put window thinking it might work but stil nothing Dell inspiron 1000 keyboard problem works the keys stil playing up i re-started the computer this wont solve the problem everything is well connected from the keyboard connector to the mainboard i even went ahead to flash the bios this does no good please help

A:Dell inspiron 1000 keyboard problem

If you've reinstalled windows and replaced the keyboard - the problem has to be in the connection to the motherboard or the motherboard itself.

Have you tried an external USB keyboard? Does that give any errors?
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I've noticed that the backlight of the keyboard remains always on. There is no timeout anymore, the light is always on, no matter, I don't type nor touch the mouse pad. The F10 key function correctly.
The system software is fully updated.
Any advice will be much appreciated!

A:Dell inspiron 7437 Keyboard backlight

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you to update the BIOS and the also follow the steps:
1-Launch Mobility Center
2-Clicking on Keyboard Backlighting to open the setting Window.
3-Change the setting from ?Settings for keyboard lightin
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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hello everyone, firstly sorry for my bad english. i need some help to solving my keyboard error issue.

suddenly my keyboard is stuck. i thougt it was low battery. then im change keyboard battery. and its just the same keyboard cant be use. dell km632 wireless keyboard is the driver. when im reintalling the driver its just the same.. i write this using my touchscreen. i cant use it for my graphic design job.  help me plese
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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that is just over 2 years old. Just a few weeks ago the l and ; keys became super sensitive so that now if i even graze them this happens: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll or ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. And it's only those two keys that do that. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 keyboard problems

You may have something underneath them. With the laptop off, turn it upside down and use a new soft paintbrush carefully between the keys to shift anything that might be there.
Golden rule - no food or drink near keyboards!
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Windows 7 and a majority of the top keys on the keyboard aren't working; more specifically the Q-R, and the U-P keys. I've had the computer for about 2 years now. I've had a previous keyboard issue in the past where I would type a the "I" key and it would type both the "I" and "O," but this was usually fixed by just restarting my computer. 
I've tried the keyboard troubleshooting procedure, but that didn't solve anything. I'm considering buying a new keyboard for my laptop but I don't want to waste the money if it is an issue with wiring and not the keyboard itself. Does anybody have any clue on how to fix or test my issue?

A:Keyboard keys not working (Dell Inspiron)
I suggest that you replace the defective keyboard which is easy to do and costs about $15.  Procedure is available on youtube.
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One key of the keyboard of my laptop wasn't working,. I verified it was a problem on the keyboard itself, so I bought a new one. I have removed my keyboard before, so I figured it wasn't an issue. So I installed the new one, everything ok. Then I turned my laptop off and I saw the keyboard was unaligned, so i moved it a little bit. Now both old keyboard and new don't work. The connector seems to be fine, but I'm not an technician. I have already tried to reinstall the driver, but they still don't work.
Any ideas?
Thank you for you time.
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The combination of keys Alt + PrtScr in not working to capture active window screen in Windows 10.
I have tried Fn + Alt + PrtScr/ Alt + S/....; reset bios default; update bios; install Windows 8.1 again and Windows 10 again but I still can't capture it.
The PrtScr key to capture whole screen is ok.
I have tried a new Dell 5999 but still get that issue.
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Hi group- I have an annoying problem with my keyboard that started about a month ago where certain keystrokes on my keyboard will - 4150 dell problem keyboard inspiron not work It is always a different set keyboard problem - dell inspiron 4150 of keys right now the quot quot quot w quot quot s quot amp quot x quot do not work I used to literally shake my laptop and the inoperative keys would start to work again Since it is a different set of keys that becomes inoperative I m thinking maybe I have a virus on the other hand fixing the problem by shaking my laptop woould seem to indicate a mechanical hardware problem with my keyboard I would like to start keyboard problem - dell inspiron 4150 by testing my keyboard I ve read other threads that say to use a boot disk to test the keyboard Right now I am traveling and have do not have a boot disk So my question is this is there a way to test my keyboard without a boot disk Any comments suggestions would be greatly appreciated Mike nbsp

A:keyboard problem - dell inspiron 4150

That sounds like a definite hardware issue, by your description a poor connection between the keyboard and the motherboard.

Only disassembly and reseating the connection cable would work in that case, a "boot disk" would not help.

With XP, tapping F8 from boot up (twice per second until the menu comes up) will allow you into Safe Mode, which is as near as a boot disk state you can get, as no drivers are loaded.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 and the right-hand side of the keyboard types as if it's in <function> mode. That is, the j, k, l, ;, m, u, i, o, p keys, when typed, come up with the blue function numbers. Only on the right-hand side of the keyboard, though.

I bought a new keyboard, swapped out the old one thinking this would solve the problem but it did not. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 keyboard problems

Re-check the connection from the keyboard to the mobo
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My laptop doesnt have a backlit keyboard....Can i install a backlit keyboard on my dell inspiron n5559? & Also can i use the backlit keyboard of dell n5555/n5558???
Processor-Intel core i3 6th gen
ram-8gb ddr3


My keyboard doesn't have backlit.....Can i install backlit keyboard on my dell inspiron 15 N5559????& Also does the backlit keyboard of N5555/N5558 will work on my laptop????
processor-INTEL CORE i3 6th gen
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I've already contacted Dell, and they tried some things, but nothing worked to resolve the issue. The keyboard is acting crazy. I can be typing along just fine (any software that allows me to type), and suddenly the letters I am typing will insert themselves somewhere else on the screen--either in the middle of a previous line of text, or even in a box such as the font size; and/or the window in which I am typing will suddenly disappear (minimized, as if I had clicked on the minimize icon). Any ideas what this could even be related to?

I have Windows XP Pro, SP3. This problem does not happen with my external keyboard/mouse.

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The combination of keys Alt + PrtScr in not working to capture actived window screen in Windows 10.
I have tried Fn + Alt + PrtScr/ Alt + S…; Reset bios default; Update bios; Install Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 again. But still get that issue
The PrtScr capture whole sreen is ok.
I have tried new Dell 5559 but still get the same problem.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5559 keyboard issue

Please check if the fn key is working - Are you able to use the fn with other combinations on the keyboard?
Disable desktop composition and check if it works -
Could you advise what is the procedure you followed in reinstalling the OS? What media are you using?
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Keep us updated.
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hi, my keyboard never lights up regardless of room light conditions.
any ideas?
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Hello DELL N4030 Inspiron keyboard laptop all I have DELL Inspiron N laptop and number of keys in my keyboard are not working I got to know I need to replace keyboard in this kind of a situation People at repair shop claims - just for the keyboard I said no to them because I am sure I can do this for far low price than this I found some keyboards at ebay for But before I buy one I would like to ask advice from you about quot what to buy quot because I have no much experience about purchasing laptop hardware Any DELL Inspiron N4030 laptop keyboard suitable link for the correct laptop keyboard at ebay amazon DELL Inspiron N4030 laptop keyboard or other online purchase site with shipping to Sri Lanka would be greatly appreciated Following is TS SysInfo for better understanding about my laptop hardware Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc K WN Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and EnabledClick to expand Please help nbsp

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Not sure whether this question belongs in the Windows OS forum but since there s an earlier closed post in Hardware titled quot Dell Inspiron Keyboard Erratic quot I Erratic Inspiron Dell 1545 Keyboard m putting this question here I recently acquired a Dell running Windows and at some point got it into a similar quot weird quot keyboard mode which I had never seen on the Vista and XP laptop s I ve used I believe that I must have hit one or more of the Dell Inspiron 1545 Keyboard Erratic keys on the bottom row Dell Inspiron 1545 Keyboard Erratic CTRL Fn WINDOWS Alt with my palm though there was no visible indication on the screen of any special Dell or Windows mode I had IE V open and every time I tried to enter the quot w quot key in the URL address line to enter a new web address the IE application window became minimized and possibly one of the open tabs would close too though I m less certain of this I tried typing a few other letter keys in the URL line as well and got some other unexpected behavior some dialog box I didn t recognize would open up etc I eventually gave up trying to get past this and re-booted which did reset this weird mode but now I m worried this could happen again so would like to find out what odd-ball key combo produced this idiotic mode and hopefully a way that I can PERMANENTLY disable it Hoping to hear from anyone with some ideas I m guessing this is some Dell specific quot feature quot that I ve stumbled upon by accident but there are two variables I m dealing with here new laptop new OS so this could equally be some Windows feature too This is a brand new laptop and I am it s first user and it s unlikely there are any viruses or spyware on it already nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 Keyboard Erratic

I'd say the most likely cause is a sticky key. You say "recently acquired", so I assume it's used. Laptops take a lot of abuse, especially the keyboards. I doubt it's a keyboard feature.
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The keyboard backlight of my new Laptop Inspiron 15 5558 (bought August 2015) is constantly shutting off.  Keyboard backlight is up only 10 seconds and then shut down.  This is obviously too short and I'm searching how to set the keyboard backlight to a longer time (let say 60 secondes at least). 
My laptop is running W10 Home Edition.  I looked in Config Panel / Windows Mobility Center and there is no settings for the keyboard backlight.
I suppose a Dell system application should be able to set this on my laptop.  Please provide instruction how to proceed.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5558 / How to set keyboard backlight

Hi aptiva01,
Please check this - - and let us know if it works for you.
Keep us updated.
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I want my keyboard to STAY ON when it is flipped into tablet mode. How do i do this?
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I am super going bananas from my Dell Inspiron m I think it may be my fault as I will soon explain but let s first get to the problem I am extremely tempted to throw it against the wall at times The touchpad mouse and keyboard freezes simultaneously right in the middle of either playing a game or just using the computer for other non-game activities The mouse will freeze and I won t be able to type anything at all for a period of a few minutes When the mouse works again it may behave erratically for a few seconds and then start functioning again normally The keyboard freezes and will behave normally once the mouse works again but if I touch either before the keyboard returns then it may cause the keyboard to behave erratic and remain that way forcing me to restart the computer As I stated before I believe it may be my fault I have tons of music files on my computer and my hard drive is nearly tapped for space I m praying it s not a hardware problem b c I don t have the money to get it repaired I am Keyboard Dell Touchpad Freezes 700m on & Inspiron a single mom with a very expensive son and can t afford any alternatives I Touchpad & Keyboard Freezes on Dell Inspiron 700m hope someone can help me find a solution to the problem within reason nbsp

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Hi Team,

I bought a new Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop. From the initial stage itself keyboard backlight is not working. I cant find any symbol for backlight in Fn keys. Below option have tried,
BIOS - Turned on the backlight
Mobility center - No keyboard backlight option
Control panel - In keyboard properties no backlight tab o modify.
I am feeling very difficulty in working in dark places. Please anyone help me to fix this issue in my laptop.
My laptop model is
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Let me know incase of any further details required.
Thanks in Advance

A:Dell Inspiron 5558 - Keyboard Backlight Issue

Dell 5558 comes with an optional keyboard. Apparently, the bios is tweaked for machines that come with a backlit keyboard while your machine doesn't. The only option is to purchase and replace a new backlit keyboard from EBAY or AmaZon and install it. That will work, do check out instructions before replacing keyboards.
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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop and the keyboard has stopped working.  It's not the whole keyboard, just certain keys, and it means that I cannot log into my laptop.  I want to buy a replacement keyboard, but am concerned about getting one off ebay or similar and finding that it's a rip off!  Can I purchase one through Dell and could I get a price please?  I have tried to find one on your site, but can't.  Many thanks Kaye

A:Dell Inspiron 1750 keyboard stopped working

Are the keys mechanically functional? When you press the keys, do they compress and get back into position? Was there any physical damage or liquid spillage? What are the specific keys that seem to have the issue?
Based on your description and the exact keys that are non functional, you would need to replace the keyboard. If the keyboard controller is at fault, then you would need to replace the keyboard and motherboard.
As there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
If you wish to replace the parts yourself, then you could get the parts here -
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Iam experiencing problem with SLOW KEYBOARD INPUT on DELL Inspiron 1501
new system WIN XP sp3 installed. Could not find solution..

A:slow keyboard input DELL Inspiron 1501

I've been looking so much and than I found...
run msconfig --- services --- and uncheck ATI hotkey pollar service -- reboot and everything works as should ,)
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I'm having a hard time trying to find a replacement right control key do 2-in-1 Inspiron 11 3153, but I saw somewhere a 3147 model keyboard that seems too similar the one I have so I wonder if is there a list of similar products that have the same keyboard as it would increase the chances I find the proper key.
Attached a keyboard's image from the model I have and the right control key no longer there grace to my little cat Nino. :)
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Hi all
Would it be possible for me to purchase a standard keyboard without a number pad that I can plug into my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop?

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Hi there,
I'm using a Dell inspiron laptop with Windows xp home SP2.
My problem is as follows.

The device driver for the Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard device is preventing the machine from entering standby. Please close all applications and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to update this driver.

Can any one help me to fix this problem, I'm not vey experienced so step by step instructions would be appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.

A:Dell inspiron laptop. Keyboard driver problem?

I'd recommend downloading a new driver from here. Click on the 'click here to download' thing, if Internet Explorer says that it stopped files from dowloading, then right click on the place where it says that and click download file. then click download.
if it doesnt say it blocked files from downloading, then just click download. after it is done downloading, click 'open folder', and the double-click on the file. if it gives a security warning, click 'run'. i think the installation process should be pretty self-explanatory, at least i sure hope so, cuz i never actually did it myself. but if you got any questions just ask
hope this helps
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I was reading an expired thread about issues with certain keys not working on a Dell Inspiron I have experienced what seems like the same problem Certain keys do not work - but not the same ones as those in the older thread w d etc for me I replaced the keyboard with another working keyboard I have two Dell s The same keys do not work - with either keyboard attached But here s the strange part If I do not 1525 A Twist not - New Dell Keyboard Inspiron working screw down the keyboard and hold it up slightly the problem disappears I thought it might have something to do with pressure on the keyboard but I could not duplicate the problem by Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working - A New Twist applying pressure to the back of the keyboard However if Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working - A New Twist it is screwed down tight to the plate it sits on those same keys do not work I tried putting pieces of paper between the keyboard and the plate it sits on and got mixed results SO I m thinking this could be some kind of electromagnetic interference Anyone have any thoughts here The problem absolutely goes away if I hold the keyboard even th of an inch above the plate it sits on nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 Keyboard not working - A New Twist

The ribbon cable is just not properly seated. Make sure it is clean (alcohol), no fingerprints connecting it, and that the connecotr clamps down perfectly evenly.
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The right side of the keyboard only shows the keys in the <function mode. Letters m,j,k,l,;,u,i,o,p,/, and 0 all show up as if the function key is locked on. What should i do.

A:Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop keyboard problem

Hey, Welcome to techspot

I think i had this problem once before on my 1501 i forgot how i fixed it exactly but i would try hitting the function key and see if there' an f lock or something like that that will take function lock off.

Ill look on my laptop later and see if i can replicate the problem
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I got this new Dell nbsp Inspiron about a week ago and not New Properly Left Keyboard working Keys) (Up Inspiron Dell Since I got it the up and left keys have not worked together They work individually but not together This does is not isolated to my computer the display computer at Best Buy also had this issue This is a big problem because I need those keys in order to test my programs I have looked in many places some say it is a problem with the bios other say with the drives and others say with the hardware I have already tried calling technical support and they could not do anything about it This is not the first post regarding this problem nbsp http en community dell com support-forums laptop f t nbsp slightly New Dell Inspiron Keyboard not working Properly (Up and Left Keys) different model My last computer was also a Dell Inspiron nbsp but an older model and it did not have this problem nbsp I have been I loyal Dell costumer for a long time please help
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Hello I did a fresh install of windows 7 and I downloaded all the drivers but the eject button on the keyboard is not working does any body know what could be the issue?

A:Dell Inspiron 1440 eject button on the keyboard is not working?

Maybe not all the Dell applications were installed.

On a Dell, the correct and required install is (1) install Windows (2) Install Dell Laptop System Software (3) Install Motherboard chipset drivers (4) install device drivers including Video, DELL SOUND DRIVERS, Ethernet, touch pad, etc.

Windows 7 will install some drivers, but the Dell supplied, in most cases, is preferred and customized for the Dell hardware. The Dell sound driver is one example.

The Dell downloads, using your service tag number is the best option. You can also access "My Dell Downloads" which includes added software.
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Hi I'm not sure where to put this request thought since the Dell Inspiron is running Windows including latest update that there might be a conflict between the desktop and the keyboard down in the nuts and bolts somewhere I can turn the machine on the capslock light comes on SOMETIMES the keyboard works well enough to input the pin to get the desktop booted up Sometimes I have to go through steps to get the touch screen keyboard up in order to input the pin However as soon as the desktop is active the keyboard no longer works I've updated the drivers don't know what else to do When I try a search online for a solution I get differing ideas on how to solve the problem I've tried resetting the BIOS to default settings that didn't work Any and all help will be much appreciated I really need keyboard 15 Dell work when boots doesn't desktop up Inspiron the keyboard to be working my kids do their homework on my laptop Thanks in advance for any help
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Hey all!
My keyboard backlight was working fine but then one day it just stopped.
I've pushed f10 and fn + f10 doesn't give any feedback
I've gone to the Windows mobility center and made sure things are fine there but still no feedback.
When i push the f10 key the setting in windows mobility center changes but it shows no light on the keyboard

But the CAPS LOCK Light and back light works  
Apart from that nothing else
Tried restarting also no feedback from the lights
Also could it have been a recent update that might've caused this?
Is there a driver for this?
Please Help

A:Keyboard Backlight Stopped working Dell Inspiron 7000 13

Does the keyboard backlight come on when the system is powered up?  If it does, you may have a software issue.
If it does not, you have a hardware problem.  
First thing to check is that the backlight cable is firmly connected to the system board (this will require removing the keyboard to check).
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Twice my Dell Inspiron keyboard stopped working for no reason To fix it I had to shut down the laptop remove the battery and power source hold start button down sec to drain completely restart I ve restarted both times using adapter without battery in which necessitated shutting down removing power adapter and putting battery back in and restarting If this happens again I keyboard Inspiron reason. for no stops Dell 5000 15 working ll try restarting with battery in and see if it works Simply restarting does not fix problem My question is this Dell has sent me replacement keyboard which Dell Inspiron 15 5000 keyboard stops working for no reason. they said is refurbished Is it worth my time changing my keyboard to fix this problem Is it nbsp a keyboard problem or a software problem I m on Windows and my laptop Dell Inspiron 15 5000 keyboard stops working for no reason. is less than month old I m not keen on changing keyboard if it will not solve problem but I have only a few days left before I have to send a keyboard back to Dell Also will Dell let me try a couple of weeks with old keyboard to see if this problem escalates It s X in a brand new laptop

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 keyboard stops working for no reason.

My laptop (Inspiron 15 5000 Series 6GB RAM, 1TB, AMD A8) is only 1 week old but the space button started to messy a couple of days ago. Sometimes I could hit a space, sometimes the words simply flow together. Today (exactly 1 week old machine...) part of the keyboard went wrong. There was no logic in it: the complete left column did not work: `~ TAB Caps Lock Shift and Ctrl and Fn. The next  2 columns worked, then 3#EDC did not, then the next worked etc. What???
Restart did not work. Then I've found this idea to take out the battery. Now everything is fine. But how can such problem occur with a brand new laptop??? Especially with a DELL...I am pretty disappointed and annoyed.
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Hello what is the Keyboard Key sequence (ie FN+F3 or whatever)  for Disabling and enabling the touchpad please on the Dell inspiron 14 series 3000 (3451) ?

A:Enabling & Disabling Touchpad on a Dell Inspiron 14 3451 using keyboard key?

Hi Andyr123,
To enabled and disable the touchpad on Dell Inspiron 3451, press <Fn> + <F5> simultaneously.
Hope this helps.
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It was yesterday when my laptop had beer splashed on the keyboard. When I tried to turn it on, the AC adapter LED started flashing and laptop could not light its power LED. I disconnected the laptop from AC power supply and this time the AC adapter LED stopped flashing.

Please help.
Thank you in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 3800 won't start up after beer splashed onto the keyboard

sounds stuffed to me...

unless you are compentent in circuit level repair its gonna have to go into the shop for repair.
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Hi Guys I have just purchased an Dell Inspiron in overall I really like my new laptop tablet but A couple of things are bugging me nbsp I would love it if someone who also owns this laptop could confirm Dell 3147 sleep keyboard. 2in1. Inspiron from Wake with a few things for me Can you wake your laptop from sleep by hitting any key on the keyboard not only by pressing the power button nbsp Every laptop that I have ever used can wake via keyboard although my new laptop cannot nbsp It seems strange that Dell Inspiron 3147 2in1. Wake from sleep with keyboard. a new laptop would not have this feature Is anyone else having ghost touches on their touch screen that closes programs deletes stuff and causes chaos nbsp I have found that this issue starts after closing the laptop then re-opening it nbsp If you sleep the computer then wake it this fixes the problem nbsp nbsp Also I m having problems with the USB ports on the left side of the laptop nbsp Some devices get recognized and some don t nbsp My IPhone goes nuts when plugged into the one USB port it constantly turns on and off every half a second nbsp All devices work in the one nbsp USB port on the right side Anyways any input would be greatly appreciated Cheers Ben

A:Dell Inspiron 3147 2in1. Wake from sleep with keyboard.

Hi Ben,
I would suggest you to update the BIOS and Video card driver on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the BIOS from BIOS section and Video card driver from Video section onto the system and install it.

Also, please follow the steps mentioned below to recalibrate the system to check if it fixes the issue.
Press Windows key on the keyboard and start typing Calibrate.
Then tap or click Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input to open PC Settings.
Check that the monitor shown in the Display field matches the screen you want to calibrate.
Tap or click Calibrate, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Please let me know if this helps.
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Please can anyone tell me if my keyboard is faulty or not ?
Symptoms is i start the laptop up fine and works web, office etc but then after a few mintues it goes haywire and the mouse goes really erractic fire over the screen and wont stay in one place its like its got the shakes, Any know what my fault is a friend said to me that happened with him and his was faulty keyboard. Anyone any suggestions please ?

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop keyboard problem faulty or not?

Yes, I would say replace the keyboard too
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Hi there I have an Inspiron months link 1 second keyboard blink - Inspiron Dell 5758 + power start won't old out of warranty of course I was using it just regularly it was not Dell Inspiron 5758 won't start - keyboard + power link blink 1 second specially hot on a glass surface so not electrical not particularly prone to overheating It had been on for perhaps a few minutes at the most The screen just shot black - not BSOD blue screen of death or any error message I tried turning it back on I followed to sec without battery plug in to drain static and all those easy fix standard procedure To no avail When I push the power button the keyboard s backlit lights up amp the led the one in front with a battery sign - there s only one on the lights up About a second a little less then nothing happens The power button itself doesn t have a led I never noticed it - at least now nothing comes out of it There s no color on the led in front - just the regular white light Everything is always the same regardless of whether it s plugged in or just on battery I have never really noticed anything weird before - though I do remember one time not sure how long ago - weeks months where it did shut down randomly on me I wasn t sure at the time if it shut down by itself or not - then I ran the diags amp all that jazz and nothing came up So I had just assumed it was some freak even or random software bug I ve been digging around and some people mentioned motherboards CPU thermal paste failing and the laptop having safety mechanism to prevent it from turning on to prevent damage I have to say I m not really up to par with regards to hardware So if you were to try to diagnose debug this hardware issue with the above as a starting point how would you go on about it I m willing to open it up I have though without moving anything yet as it s out of warranty anyways I ve been looking for tutorials amp such but have to admit I m a bit out of my league and not even sure where to start Thanks Franck
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I have no idea how to turn on the backlit keyboard feature. There is a button (f10) which is supposed to turn it on, but when I press it nothing happens. Would appreciate some help here! Thanks. 

A:Just bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 - How do I turn on the backlit keyboard feature?


Contact Dell Technical Support and they can help with this issue. Since you have the sticker, if it's not working, the cable may have come loose.
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I was playing a video game on my laptop around 4:30, when the keyboard suddenly stopped working. The mouse still functioned, so I tried clicking around to see if it was just a problem with the game. Then at 4:32, the mouse stopped working, too. I decided to try turning it off, but neither holding nor pressing the power button worked, so I unplugged the laptop from the charger and left it to run out of power on it's own. At 4:35, the display froze. I know this, because up until then the clock was still working. Currently, the vent fan is still running, and the screen is frozen. No keyboard buttons work, and neither the built-in trackpad nor an HDMI mouse is working.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, or do I need to send it in?The laptop was a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series, with Nvidia GeForce GTX and an Intel Core i7.
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I purchase this Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 15.6 Inch Laptop last December and it was great to allow me to interchange the use of touch screen and keyboard with mouse. Suddenly a couple weeks ago, the keyboard and mouse were not recognized by the system when I turned on the laptop. I got the touch screen working but I need to use keyboard and mouse most. Any advice on how to fix it?
Many thanks! Jade.
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Hi Guys I resolved to air my views and opinions on how I have been treated by Dell support centre Dell over my inspiron which was purchased inspiron less warranty getting 3148 laptop taking 6month, fixed is Dell under forever. went keyboard than yet bad a Dell inspiron 3148 keyboard went bad less than 6month, yet getting laptop fixed under warranty is taking forever. while ago Less than months after the purchase this laptop coupled with intermittent usage of the PC the keyboard stopped responding nbsp I nbsp Dell inspiron 3148 keyboard went bad less than 6month, yet getting laptop fixed under warranty is taking forever. contacted the dell support centre and sent in the laptop based on warranty for the keyboard to be replaced This is the th week its being there making life unbearable and without communication on when I will get the PC Dell inspiron 3148 keyboard went bad less than 6month, yet getting laptop fixed under warranty is taking forever. back I was initially told it will take days for the keyboard to be repaired today makes it th day nbsp I don t know Dell could do a laptop whose keyboard would go under month talk less of being treated in the inhumanly way possible for an item under warranty My product tag is K B Any help or idea how I can get out of this mess

A:Dell inspiron 3148 keyboard went bad less than 6month, yet getting laptop fixed under warranty is taking forever.

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please private message us the details of the location you have sent the laptop for repair along with your email id.
Also, request you to edit the previous post which has the service tag of your system as it contains personal information.
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I hope someone knows the answer.
I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 running Windows 10. Several times over the past 6 months I have noticed my computer still on and the Screen has turned off. Neither the Keyboard or the Mouse responds either.
The only way I can switch off is to hold the power button for a few seconds.
I have prevoiusly made sure the Sleep options, if ever i use them, is only for the computer and never the screen.
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Hello everyone Both the laptops Dell Inspiron R and Dell Inspiron came with GB of RAM I'd like to upgrade it to at least GB by replacing the GB dimms in both laptops with GB dimms Was wondering whether it is safe and okay to combine different memory modules from different manufacturers I'm also leaving the US next week and so would prefer getting RAM that's more reliable and wouldn't mess up the laptops Could you guys please recommend which ones you'd get I've bought Samsung and Crucial in the past and didn't have any issues Here's the existing RAM information from CPU Z Inspiron R Inspiron Based on the above information could you please recommend the sticks that you would get preferably from Amazon Dell's upgrade page for Inspiron R recommends this one Dell GB Certified Replacement Memory Module for Select Dell Systems - MHz LV SODIMM Memory Dell which is MHz So can I get this one for that laptop Kingston Technology GB MHz DDR L PC - V Non-ECC CL SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory KVR LS at Amazon com This would on Upgrading 15R RAM 7548 Dell Inspiron and laptops Inspiron Dell match the manufacturer of the existing stick Kingston Dell's upgrade page Upgrading RAM on Dell Inspiron 15R and Dell Inspiron 7548 laptops recommended the same stick for Dell Inspiron as well Since I wasn't able to locate Hyundai's GB stick is it okay if I get Kingston or Crucial's stick Kingston Technology GB MHz DDR L PC - V Non-ECC CL SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory KVR LS at Amazon com Amazon com Crucial GB Single DDR MT s PC - CL SODIMM -Pin V V Notebook Memory CT BF B Computers amp Accessories Any comments or be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance

A:Upgrading RAM on Dell Inspiron 15R and Dell Inspiron 7548 laptops

Can't comment on the compatibility, however, make sure laptops support 8GB RAM in a single slot, with 16GB total.
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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.
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I'm going to buy Dell Inspiron 11 3147 and use it sometimes in "tablet mode" with external USB keyboard.
I know that this mode turns off original hardware keyboard and touchpad. But will external USB keyboard work? Seems it should but is there a proof?
Thanks in advance for answers.

A:Dell Inspiron 11 3147 in "tablet mode" + external USB keyboard

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Yes, the USB ports will be working even when the Inspiron 3147 is in the Tablet mode.
Do get back to us if you have any other query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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Hi I had a GPU fail in my Dell Vostro laptop The card that failed was an NVIDIA GeForce GS The Vostro laptop actually GPU dell (Dell pa – Recognition Vostro ship Hardware Laptop) wrong replacement Did in can accept an NVIDIA GT card too So I ordered the replacement part from Dell for the and they shipped me a refurbished unit The surgery to put in the new card took all night for hack like to do I did not look carefully at the refurbished unit they shipped me as I Hardware Recognition in GPU replacement (Dell Vostro Laptop) – Did dell ship wrong pa was nervous handling the card that I might break it But when I turned on the laptop after Hardware Recognition in GPU replacement (Dell Vostro Laptop) – Did dell ship wrong pa the installation I did not get a pause at the BIOS saying I see new hardware like I did when I upgraded the RAM After the computer booted up I uninstalled the driver and then installed the driver Hardware Recognition in GPU replacement (Dell Vostro Laptop) – Did dell ship wrong pa There was a snag at it s possible that Windows automatically reinstalled the driver during one the required reboots but I KNOW that I wrote the driver over top at least I had hoped to do a clean uninstall then reinstall but Windows tried to grab a driver for me So now when I right click on computers properties device manager it shows the video as still the card The card I removed has a sticker on it that says KU on it The invoice for the that Dell sent for the says KU on it too I think I was sent the wrong part from Dell I paid a higher price for the GPU Is it possible that a legacy driver is making the Vostro think it has the when the part IS an Or when I go to the Device Manager does the computer physically check and is for sure seeing that I put another in vs what I intended Thanks for your help and advice as to whether I have the wrong part installed or if I just have a legacy driver tricking my computer I think the answer hinges on whether Device Manager looks at the parts to create the list or just pulls off of drivers Thanks so much Eric in NJ nbsp
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Normally I purchase the dell series 9, as dell brand but they were sold out at most places. So I purchased black and color ink from officemax for my dell printer which said it was for series 9 and the type of printer I own. It's the right series and numbers. I placed the ink in the printer like I normally do and my printer tells me there is no ink. I've read online elsewhere that the chip on the cartridge doesn't match the printer. If that's so then officemax shouldn't be allowed to sell dell replacement cartridge. But is there anyway I can fix this?

A:Dell Photo 926 Printer / OfficeMax Dell series 9 replacement

If it still prints just ignore it, if not then check to se if the metal is the same on the back of the cartridge and in the printer, if it is then you have a faulty cartridge, if not then the cartridge is incompatible.
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I own a Dell Inspiron N5030 for the past four years and it had served me well. Few keys are damaged in my keyboard and I have ordered new keyboard through Amazon so that I can replace the damaged one with this, all by myself. While looking at "How To" videos, I also noticed that it is also easy to upgrade RAM. I currently have 2GB RAM in my system. But I don't know if it is in single slot or 1GB+1GB double slot. Also I am clueless on how to buy a compatible RAM. What should I be buying that is compatible with N5030? Is there a specific type or name that I use to search for the RAM? Like DDR3, DDR2, etc.. I have no clue what they mean. Please help me with this.