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Dell Studio Computrace bios enable?How can I fix it ?

Q: Dell Studio Computrace bios enable?How can I fix it ?

computer Bill belongs to me
I accidentally ran this part of
Turkey not enought support
please help how can i disable?

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Preferred Solution: Dell Studio Computrace bios enable?How can I fix it ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell Studio Computrace bios enable?How can I fix it ?

You can turn it off in BIOS setup (f2 at powerup).
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if you own a dell studio xps and either subscribe to computrace lojack for laptops or it came bundled with your computer you might want to know that either the bios agent in this computer is either missing or actually broken when activating computrace in the bios it is actually doing laptops warning! for , .lojack computrace studio 1340 xps and dell nothing nbsp some time dell studio xps 1340 and computrace .lojack for laptops , warning! ago i upgraded to wirdows vista utiltmate from home premium this is when my laptop stopped contacting the monitoring center for days i reinstalled computrace and started contacting the center when i called absolute com for support they informed me that although the m has the bios agent they say that the xps is not on thier list of supported machines i opened up my dell xps and put in a spare sata drive and wiped it and used the windows vista cd that came with the computer and installed vista after creating a user name and rebooting a couple times i see no evidence that the bios agent actually reinstalled it when computrace is working you should see their process running in task manager after wiping the hard drive the computrace installation did not automatically recover if you got computrace either bundled or purchased seperately you should be aware of this in case your xps gets stolen it may never come back i tried calling the xps support team today but after discussing it they have no idea what im talking about or how to contact the bios team nbsp the bios version used for the test was A nbsp another problem with enabling the bios agent is that it disables you from updating your bios this can be fixed by using the forcetype command line parameter in your dell bios update utilty nbsp

A:dell studio xps 1340 and computrace .lojack for laptops , warning!

comptrace lojack says: 
There is nothing wrong with the Lojack for Laptops license on your machine. It is successfully installed and it is communicating with our monitoring center. The Computrace agent which is embedded on the BIOS of specific makes and models of machines is not included on your machine so the fact that the Computrace agent is not reinstalling LoJack after a hard drive format is normal for your machine. The only problem with your machine is simply the Computrace appears on the BIOS which has lead you to believe that your machine is equipped with Computrace. If you are looking for a machine that is equipped with a Computrace agent, I would recommend getting this machine replaced with a machine that is equipped with one. Pretty much any of the Dell machines that are listed on the absolute website will be equipped with a Computrace agent.
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Hi nbsp I Options Computrace Enable purchased a dell optiplex from an established nbsp company on ebay it was sold with no os installed I try to install xp sp and it keeps bluescreening I can boot to a sp pe environment but not sp I use the sp disk to install Enable Computrace Options but it will not install outlook express and some other Enable Computrace Options ms files I continue and finally get windows up and all the services are nbsp off I get all the services on and it connects for a minute and errors and shuts down IE Using the PE boot disk I could browse the web but certain sites would nbsp crash I noticed in Enable Computrace Options the bios that the computrace has been activated This computer acts a lot like it s still being managed is that this computrace software nbsp I understand what it is supposed to be but nbsp is the software nbsp that complex if so then I am fundamentally opposed to having such as that on a computer nbsp I use How do I nbsp deactivate it nbsp nbsp Thanks

A:Enable Computrace Options

Hi mpyrol,
We are not going to help you disable Computrace for obvious reasons. You need to contact the seller for help with that. If they are an established company, they should be willing to do so without any reluctance.
Since your primary question is about reinstalling the operating system, I'm going to move you message to the Microsoft OS forum for further help.
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Here is what I sent through to Dell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description of problem Earlier this week I tried to update the bios of my laptop by downloading the program from the Dell website The flashing program had almost finished when Windows froze entirely I Studio XPS problem BIOS Dell 1645 left the computer for minutes but with still no response I was forced to unplug the Dell Studio XPS 1645 BIOS problem AC and battery Since then the laptop does not respond at all to any input power button AC input etc Description of any troubleshooting steps you have taken I looked online and found this article http forum notebookreview com dell-xps-studio-xps -bricked-xps- -help htmlwhere the second post has instructions for fixing this sort of thing I followed them Dell Studio XPS 1645 BIOS problem but it does not look to have helped I got the BIOS file by running the BIOS program from the Dell website and finding the temporary location it extracted the BIOS WPH file and putting it on the USB To get the laptop Dell Studio XPS 1645 BIOS problem to power on into BIOS recovery mode with the side LEDs turned orange I had to hold down the end key and then release it at the same time as pressing the power button I did this with only AC power I tried the process with USB drives - one of them had an LED access light which flashed for about seconds total once I had pressed the end key power button combo but then no further access I then left the laptop for sometime more than minutes and powered it off and tried to boot it with no luck I then tried a different USB key that does not have an access LED and after about minutes the laptop turned itself off Taking this as a good sign I removed the USB and tried to power the laptop on but again I had no luck I tried many combinations of waiting and powering on and off as well as different BIOS files named as BIOS WPH or BIOS WPH etc but all with no success It seems that the first USB was not working as if I go into the BIOS recovery mode with no USBs it will just sit there indefinitely just like it does when the first USB is plugged in It is only with the second USB it turns off after about minutes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dell have replied and said quot Your motherboard is broken pay us and we ll put a new one in the laptop quot Obviously I do not want to pay this sort of money and I was hoping someone else might have some knowledge about this - it seems so close to working nbsp

A:Dell Studio XPS 1645 BIOS problem

95% of the time when the BIOS flash does not 'flash' your motherboard is fried. Sorry, but Dell is probably correct about this problem.
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I purchased a Dell Studio XPS sometime ago but when I tried to upgrade the memory from GB to GB I ran into some problems First off here are the specifications of my PC which will hopefully give more information for Dell in 8000 not Bios - detected Memory XPS Studio anyone who is willing to help me troubleshoot Memory not detected in Bios - Dell Studio XPS 8000 my predicament Dell Studio XPS Chassis Serial Number WWXML Running Windows - bit Processor a Main Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Core i kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache kilobyte tertiary memory cache -bit ready Multi-core total Hyper-threaded total Board Dell Inc X R A Serial Number CN BM Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Dell Inc A Chipset Intel D rev The original memory configuration that came with my Dell Studio XPS is as follows DIMM has MB serial number F E B Slot - Black DIMM has MB serial number F E B Slot - White DIMM has MB serial number E B Slot -Black DIMM has MB serial number E B Slot - White I had a total of gb of memory I replaced it with Corsair Vengeance DDR GB x GB This was inserted into Slots amp White with Slots amp Black left empty I had planned on buying another pack of Corsair DDR GB x GB if the GB worked therefore bringing me to the maximum amount of GB of memory which is all the motherboard can handle according to specifications However when I booted the computer with Corsair Vengeance DDR GB x GB only GB of the GB registered in the Bios I rotated the strips and they were both good When I went to switch back to the original configuration that came with the computer DIMM has MB serial number F E B Slot - Black DIMM has MB serial number F E B Slot - White DIMM has MB serial number E B Slot -Black DIMM has MB serial number E B Slot - White My PC would not boot and made a continuous beeping sound I am no longer able to use the original Dell memory in any configuration Therefore I am stuck with Corsair Vengeance DDR GB x GB that was inserted into Slots amp White with Slots amp Black left empty Slot White with GB of Ram being the only memory recognized The GB in Slot White does not register in the Bios and is not seen by other software utilities that I have tried Hopefully you can now see my frustration and realize that I now have less memory available to me than originally came with my PC I read through many internet forums and tried all sorts of different things to solve the problem but the results are always the same leaving my PC with only GB of memory to be accessed I m guessing that there must be something wrong with the motherboard but I m really not sure Unfortunately Dell has been of very little help Not sure what my next step should be but if there is anyone out there that can assist me it would be greatly appreciated Thank you John M nbsp

A:Memory not detected in Bios - Dell Studio XPS 8000

As that model doesnt have diver support for windows 10, that may be part of the issue. That rig wasnt meant for w10, have you considered going back? That may help. I dont see a way to run that OS on that hardware. At least reliably.
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Need bios unlocked for Dell Studio 1558 Laptop. Its password protected as soon as I enter the bios.

The clients son set it up and forgot the password. Sound, wifi, and networking are disabled in the bios unfortunately for some odd reason.

If any of you can help me with that that would be grand.

A:Need bios unlocked for Dell Studio 1558 Laptop

Back in the day, if you pulled the main battery and cmos battery for long enough, all would be reset in the world...

Ninja Edit: It might take a bit of disassembly to find the CMOS battery, and then you should hope it isn't soldered to the board. May also be worth seeing if the Dell tech manual has provisions for a reset jumper you can short.
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PROBLEM Dell BIOS A EXE update utility hangs during BIOS flash process DESCRIPTION Open Dell BIOS A EXE update utility from saved location on desktop by right-clicking and running as Administrator Click Continue button on quot Dell BIOS Flash quot update utility dialogue box asking quot Replace 'A ' BIOS with 'A ' BIOS quot Click Okay in Shutdown Confirmation dialog box Computer Hangs Installation 1535 A06 Dell Studio BIOS: shuts down like normal quot Logging off quot screen then quot Shutting down quot screen Instead of powering down the computer quot hangs quot --still powered on exhaust fan and Media Strip buttons active power button light on The computer NEVER finishes the shutdown process and powers off If I force-shutdown the computer hold the power button down for seconds the computer powers down but when I restart it push BIOS: Dell Studio 1535 A06 Installation Hangs power button wait for POST the BIOS load screen still says Dell BIOS A under the POST test status bar In other words because of this BIOS: Dell Studio 1535 A06 Installation Hangs weird hang-up not finishing the shutdown and hanging in a full-powered mode the BIOS updated never activates This quot hanging quot issue also happens any time the computer automatically restarts itself whether by command choosing quot Restart quot from the Windows menu or through a system process installing new software that automatically calls the system into restart mode EVERY TIME it will hang in this weird powered-but-useless mode never fully powering off I have disabled device drivers some have said that the webcam driver plays havoc with driver update issues so that device has been disabled Others have said that the Roxio EasyCD software is a known culprit However it's been uninstalled and deleted from my system as I HATE Roxio's products and have absolutely no use for the software So what in the world is causing this It's very frustrating to say the least I just want to update to A because I'm having so many BIOS problems under A Media Strip quot Eject CD quot and quot Volume Up quot buttons freezing quot on quot exhaust fan going full RPM BIOS: Dell Studio 1535 A06 Installation Hangs for no apparent reason--even with CPU temperature at C or less DVDs not being recognized or ejected etc etc all of which have been pointed to being known problems with Dell's shoddy A BIOS Just I can't seem to get the darn thing to properly shutdown so that the BIOS updater can flash the ROM PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance -- M J Miller Dell Studio Win v build Intel Core Duo T CPUs at GHz GB MHz DDR RAM

A:BIOS: Dell Studio 1535 A06 Installation Hangs

To fix media strip buttons (touch sensitive) you should do firmware upgrade "FW7_X0D" which can be found and read about in detail here:

How to fix the media control panel on a Dell Studio 1535/1536/1537 - Neowin Forums

I hope this helps at least one related issue you're having.

Note: Upgrading from A05 to A06 DOES NOT solve the media strip buttons problem, only the firmware supplied above does. Good luck!!! (I personally struggled with the media control buttons issue for months before stumbling upon the solution which worked like a charm!)
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i am the original owner of my inspiron 1521, and can verify that.  i enabled computrace in the bios and ever since then it takes forever for my wireless to connect.  i am so frustrated that i can not disable it.  it makes me hate my dell laptop to the point that i dont want to even use it anymore.  since i can verify i am the owner can someone at dell PLEASE tell me how to disable it.  i don't want to hate dell because it has always been a great product for me.

A:computrace problem (dell PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!)

Why do you want to hate Dell? They didn't enable the program, you did. Computrace is designed to not allow easy removal for the obvious reasons. Even if parts are removed, the program is self-healing, and will resist most attempts. You need to contact the Computrace to see if they will help you. Also do a web search. You may find some info on removal. If you look in the BIOS, you will see that once enabled, it can not be disabled in the BIOS.Message Edited by KirkD on 10-27-2008 02:09 PM
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I have a Dell Studio 540s desktop purchased in 2008 which originally had Windows Vista, 32-bit OS factory installed.  I have since upgraded to Windows 7, 32-bit and when I recently attempted to update the BIOS after an error prompt, I found that Dell only provides updated drivers for Windows 7, 64-bit OS.  Is there any way of updating my BIOS, the last version being 2009?  

A:Dell Studio 540s desktop BIOS update for Windows 7, 32-bit OS.

From the Bios file page =
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I work in a college, we recently purchased a bunch of these all in one's. We still use Windows Xp, that is our college standard for now. I can't seem to find a driver for the FOXCONN ACPI BIOS SIMULATOR
Has Anyone else put XP on there Dell Studio One 1909 In the device manager it says UNKNOWN DEVICE.
Any help would be appreciated.


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My dad's Dell Studio 1537 laptop hanged during a bios update, so the bios chip is fried. I want to desolder the chip and replace it with a preprogrammed new bios chip, but I'm not able to indentify or locate which EEPROM is the bios chip.

Anyone with tips how to identify the right chip?

A:Dell Studio 1537 BIOS chip number or location

I got a reply from the website that sells the chips and they identified the right chip for me based on a picture I've send them. In case someone else has the some issue: it's the chip on the back of the mainboard next to the large chip with the label ITE.

The id of the chip is:
MX - 15G
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i bought a lap top from a neigborhood garage sale and they told me it had computrace ,and i found it in the bios and hidden files. but she has not provided the neccesary pass and such shes tring to find it for me.. but my question is in the BIOS it states/ disable/ deactivate( default.) start services.... then states a whole page then at the bottom it says that this is deactivated... and by disabling or activating no further changes can be made what does all this mean is it not working and needs to be re activated ,its a dell xps m140 works great to.but id like to know what it all means any help appreciated pumpkinman... just thought she never said if she activated it maybe thats it ..?

A:computrace on my dell laptop questions

You bought the thing legally and if it does not seem to be activated I shouldn't worry about it.
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Do I have to register this laptop again, to gain benefits of Computrace. What happens not that Computrace is activated?

A:Computrace is activated on my Dell Inspiron 14R; now what happens

Where is the Deactivate Computrace Beside I am new Dell 7559 user.
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HI! i use linux and windows OS for my IT labs, i need to downgrade BIOS and disable computrace.
can you explain me how to?

A:Vostro 3350 BIOS downgrade or computrace disable

I am thinking same like you where is the Deactivate Computrace Beside ? am new Dell 7559 user.
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When will Dell enable Intel Speed Shift via a BIOS update? All the BIOS update requires is requires is writing 1 to MSR 0x770!
Speed Shift was fully supported by Intel and Microsoft in 2015 (1 year ago!). It makes the CPU much more responsive (particularly in gaming and real-time tasks) and costs nothing.
In the meantime, anyone can run software manually to enable Speed Shift but you need to relaunch the software every time your computer sleeps or turns off, so that is inconvenient. But the boost in performance is worth the effort.
I have manually enabled SpeedShift via software such as ThrottleStop or just writing 1 to MSR 0x770.
Dell - can you get Speed Shift into the next BIOS revision?!?!

A:XPS 9550 Speed Shift - when will Dell enable via BIOS update?

Such a shame that a premium workstation doesn't even use some basic skylake features. Dell please fix this.
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whenever i switch on my dell studio 1737 laptop it wont go past the dell logo stage.
any help out there on how to fix the problem?
at the moment i am running a diagnostics test and seems like most devices are passing the test.

A:dell studio 1737 laptop wont boot past dell logo

It could be any number of things but my first 2 guesses are possibly the hard drive or might want to take it somewhere so that you will get a correct diagnosis.
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If you are also running an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor and Intel G45/G43 Chipset I sure could use a copy of your driver for the SM Bus Controller.


A:Anybody running 64-bit dell studio 540 with dell motherboard 0m017g a00 ?

Thanks Sticky for posting the latest Intel update.
This solved my problem. Also had to update and install latest Java before any of this worked.
Side note: Intel installed 16 driver updates. Doing a complete software re-install is not that much fun.

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My problem is that I am trying to restore a friend's Dell Studio laptop back to its factory settings I follow Dell 1555 Studio to option Image Dell Factory settings,no factory the procedure mentioned on Dell's website however there is no Dell Factory Dell Studio 1555 to factory settings,no Dell Factory Image option Image Restore option I Dell Studio 1555 to factory settings,no Dell Factory Image option have checked the laptop's Disk Management and there is a Recovery partition in fact there are partitions A MB OEM partition with no letter assigned C Simple Basic NTFS with Status Healthy Boot Page File Crash Dump Primary Partition GB Recovery Simple Basic NTFS with Status Healthy System Active Primary Partition GB In short when the computer starts I hit F I enter the Advanced Boot Options and select Repair Your Computer I then select the language and login with the administrative account however there is no Dell Factory Image Restore option there My options are shown the image below Another issue that concerns me is that on the picture above it says Windows on D Local Disk however there is no such partition on the laptop's disk I would be thankful if anyone could give some advise on how to restore the laptop to its factory settings using the recovery partition Thank you

A:Dell Studio 1555 to factory settings,no Dell Factory Image option

On a Dell, if some other OS was installed, the Dell "PC Restore" (Recovery Partition) is no longer valid (corrupted) and the only way to reinstall is with a Windows OS installation disc and then download whatever device drivers you need from the Dell downloads.
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My sell studio one 1909 when I plug it in only the eject DVDs lights up for about 5 seconds and then it will not turn on... Thanks

A:Dell studio 1

Do you hear any beeps coming from it at all? If so, can you describe them, e.g. one short, two short, one short and three long, etc?
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when i turn my computer on. it goes to a black screen that says "windows error recovery"
"launch start up repair" which is highlighted. it counts down and then automaticly

then the message is "windows cannot repair this automaticly"
then i am given the option to send info to microsoft
it doesn't seem to matter if i send or not. the start up repair menu remains
asking "if you have reciently attached an exterrnal device, mp3, camera ect.. contact admin if you keep seeing this message."
"click finish to shut down your comp."
2 options are at bottom of menu top one says "view diognostic details
the bottom one says "view advanced options for recovery and support"
clicking on either seems to just result in a frozen screen and the compter never boots up.

A:my dell studio

What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?
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My computer over heats (frequently shuts itself down telling me it detected it was over heating and it always feels HOT when you type) and it crashes (I return to my computer after a break to find it telling me it is recovering data after a crash) on a regular basis, won't run the Firefox browser properly, often runs slow

Can it be fixed or should I dump it and get a new laptop?,

No geek here


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Hi Guys Just wondered if anyone can give me a heads up on sound cards for the Dell Basically my computer is struggling atm running FL Studio so i was debating getting another here s a listing i found on eBay which seems to meet all the spec item number The main thing i need to know is about the sound card On FL Studio requirements it states - Sound card with directsound drivers compatible with ASIO ASIO for recording Here s a link of what i need if any body fancys looking https support image-line com knowledgebase base php ans I have seen i think sound cards HELP! FL Studio 12 Dell - 760 for the DELL but want to be sure Dell 760 - FL Studio 12 HELP! that they will fit if i do require to add an additional to the basic one installed So the route of my question is will this be ok to run the software on its installed sound card and if i do require a additional sound card for output for example the sound Blaster Z would this fit or be adpatable Would be great if you could help me THANKYOU nbsp

A:Dell 760 - FL Studio 12 HELP!


At the moment i will not be using this to plug in mic's or instruments, only for basic EDM production and output speakers...
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Hello people.
I've just discovered that my BIOS is version A00 that's probably been there since manufacture and would like to update it. The download of the last/latest version would appear to be A11, with the caveat being thus:
Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.
As i did upgrade to Windows 10 a while back i'm concerned that this may not work and potentially wreck the laptop.
Has anyone tried this? or will it work?
Many thanks for your assistance.
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Hello ,I have downloaded Android Studio and the emulator doesnt run due to Intel Vt-x hardware accelerator  is disabled from BIOS. I also have downloaded the "Intel processor identifications Utility"and checked that processor supports Hardware acceleration . But when I am going into BIOS I am getting Vt-x hardware Acceleration is unchecked and not editable (not allow me to check it) . Also I am not finding Hyper-v from controlpanel->programme & feature. How do I enable Vt-x ?  Regards,Debabrata Note:My processor is : Intel Core i5
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I need to enable PnP on a friends computer but am unable to make any changes in the bios. I can get into them just can't make changes. They are protected by a supervisor password. Anyway to get around this?
It was given to him by another friend that picked it up at a garage sale.
Asus sp97-v MB

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Pentium 3. I am wondering if anyone can give me any information on how to swap my operating system from my old hard drive to my new one. What are the steps. I am currently running Windows XP. I also need to know how to let the new computer add the hard ware onto the hard drive. Any information is greatly appreciated.

A:Very old Pentium! to a new Dell Studio

norton (symantec) ghost. you may be able to find an open source one that can do the same thing. but by far ghost is the most popular
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Hey everyone Dell is having Dell 16 XPS Studio on Views a pretty nice sale on this laptop for the next hours off I have been looking at buying a new laptop for some time and am looking pretty heavily at this one The reviews I have read are really good Excellent performance durability not too loud etc The biggest complaints I have read are the size weight and heat I dont plan on traveling the world mostly just something for my wife for use at home and the occasional road trip I d imagine a little bulk isnt bad with all the hardware in it Is the heat a problem I could see this being used in the car but mostly at home maybe a pillow between the lap and the computer Also Views on Dell Studio XPS 16 the screen come with options the default is FHD Widescreen inch WLED LCD x The other option is FullHD Widescreen inch RGBLED LCD x This upgrade is also on sale instead of Views on Dell Studio XPS 16 but is it really worth it My knowledge on LCD s is really lacking The use of the computer will be for internet and movies and some games WoW Modern Warfare spore Sims I m aiming for a little overkill on performance so that I wont have to worry about upgrades or replacement for a while Window Home premium bit Intel Core duo P GB ddr Radeon HD - GB GB rpm SATA Input comments suggestions all are welcome Thanks nbsp

A:Views on Dell Studio XPS 16

Hi mate,

The heat on a laptop is important but it depends for what purposes. As for you for little gaming, movies and internet in other words home use the heat won't be a big problem as the laptop will not on continuous running for long hours thus heat won't be a great problem.

Now for the Screen both are good and will satisfied you now choose the better price for you as both have good resolution and both are LED LCD meaning less power/battery consumption and less heat due LED LCD are not too much hungry as normal LCD screens.

Hope it helps.
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My laptop recently died with a CD stuck inside that id quite like back. Unfortunately its a slot load drive and hasnt got a small hole to manually eject the CD. Any ideas on how i might get the CD back or is it lost forever?


A:CD Stuck in Dell Studio XPS 16

See this, read some of the reader comments also
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Is there anyway to speed up the fan on this system? I've only had it for a couple of months, but I've been using it a lot, and have noticed it getting warmer.


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k i have a dell studio 17 which has been crashing for awhile and gives me the b.s.o.d which sayys bugcode_usb_driver. i took it to a tech who scanned my dump files and say's it was my intro turbo tech so she disabled it but it stills crashes.

A:dell studio crash

Hello Eric1555, welcome to SF!

You have too many dumps to check... so for now I only did the last one and it is somewhat clear on a possible reason for you problems.

You are connecting a USB device that is causing problems (either the device, its drivers or the corresponding usb drivers.)
I suspect Creative Camera Class Upper Filter Driver....

You?ve got error messages on multiple USB drivers related to it. Please, as a test, disconnect, de-install the corresponding camera software and, if connected through a usb hub, disconnect that too.
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My Dell Studio 1537 Just stopped booting to OS. I turn it on it goes to the dell logo then to choose an option Eg. Test Memory Test System Exit. I can't even get into safe mode. I went to test system and it goes to main menu Service tag 5SLGZIS With tags Express Test Extended Test Custom Test Symptom Tree. I went to system tree and selected Cannot boot OS and pressed run tests it comes up with error code 0F00.075D Msg_0-self-test Read error. I can't believe this has happened because my 2 TB hard Ext hard drive just crashed now my laptop has done the same can someone please help me.

A:Dell Studio won't boot to os

It sounds like the hard drive has failed. Doing a Google search for the error code all say the hard drive has died.

BTW, you should edit your post and remove the service tag number. Dell considers this personal data (and is forbidden on the Dell users forum).
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Ok guys this is the problem. I dropped my computer and cracked the screen. Its not covered in the warrenty and i have to have it fixed. I was wondering if i could send my computer into dell and have them check to see whats wrong with it and send me the bill? Also i would like to have the touch screen put on it and instead of Vista have Windows 7. If there is a better approach to doing this please inform me. If you have any questions about my operating systems or anything like that ask away.

Thanks for all your help.
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Hi, Can anyone help with this please. I recently bought a studio 1735 laptop, It has soft touch media keys that light when you push them, problem is, I cant see them. They are in a black panel and are hard to see in daylight, no chance at night. Is there any way to switch the lights on all the time.
Thanks for any help

A:Dell studio lights help

Please freely "chat" with Dell here:
I really don't know this one
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Hard Drive: 320 GB
Memory: 4 GB
How old: 8-9 months

[EDIT]Model: Dell Studio 1558

*Intel Core i3 Processor
*Windows 7 Home


On Christmas night, I did as I usually did - turned off my Dell PC by holding the power button until it all turns black and went to sleep with the charger still plugged in AS USUAL.

Then the morning of December 26, my PC did NOT turn on - and guessing it "broke" with no apparent warning. I took out the charger, waited a couple hours, and plugged my charger back in, hoping there was a power-outage Christmas night. The charger light turned white, indicating charge was being put in, and then it turned off, indicating charge was finished - and my pc still DID NOT turn on!

I also have Mcafee Virus Remover, which automatically scans my pc and destroys viruses each and every day.

What the hell is the problem here!?

A:Dell Studio PC won't turn on

"I also have Mcafee Virus Remover, which automatically scans my pc and destroys viruses each and every day"...
In the real world this NEVER happens, it is only a wish. Who taught you to hold the power button to shut down Windows? You could have corrupted the hard drive. Have you ever used a mouse to select the Start button and shutting down the notebook that way? The motherboard could be toast too
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Hello First time poster I come with a problem that has been posted before but since he didn t had an answer nor answered himself with his solution I ask again I studio 15 Dell overheating have a dell studio that s years and a half old It have always had overheating issues but with some clenaing with compressed air it wasn t a big trouble Now I formated and reinstaled windows a month ago A week ago my windows partition decided to stop working so i had to backup with linux format and reinstall Since then the pc has been kind of unstable over heating Dell studio 15 overheating and shuting down randomly and not booting windows for a while after that First I tried installing all the drivers includion bios updates Since that didin t do much I thought that doing some clean up will resolve the problem so i opened up using dell s support manual and disasemble the cooler to blow over there When opened I notice something strange Ive uploaded some pictures of it Some of the I think it is thermal paste has melted leaving the two parts to be in direct contact Since i don t know much about hardware I just looked and took photos blow and cleaned everything and closed up I ve downloaded RealTemp and I m having - while idle and - while gaming and random shutting ups even with and Dell studio 15 overheating open window near the laptop I m in winter here Well what i really wanted to know was if that in the picture is normal and if is not if that can be the cause of everything overheating and if it can be replaced for some new thermal paste I have the proffesional tech guy as a last option because i don t know anyone trust worthy and a random one will only do what I did and return the pc still malfunctioning to me Thanks a lot EDIT Specs Laptop Dell studio Intel core duo ghz gb RAM DDR Windows bits nbsp

A:Dell studio 15 overheating

In a perfect world, the parts would be perfectly flat, be placed in direct contact with each other, and no thermal paste would be used. As that is not the case, the thermal paste is used to fill the inconsistencies and aid in cooling. In other words, what you see is normal.

You can completely remove the paste from both pieces, reinstall more thermal paste (only a small amount is needed), and put them back together.

Having said all of that, as that model has always had overheating issues, there isn't likely much that can be done. Always use the laptop on a hard surface (ie: desk or table top), and you could use a cooling pad.
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I need a new PSU for my desktop since the one that i currently have is only 350 watts and it makes really annoying fan noise.
You think this is a good deal and will it fit my computer?
500W Power Supply fo Dell Studio XPS 8000/8100 K159T PC | eBay
If you guys have any other suggestions feel free.
And sorry if this isn't in the right topic.

A:Will this PSU fit my Dell Studio XPS 8100?

It may "fit", but that doesn't mean anything.

At one time, most Dells used a proprietary wiring setup on their power supplies. For those PCs, you could NOT simply change to an industry-standard ATX power supply.

Dell has largely moved away from that practice, but a Google search implies that some Dells (possibly including the XPS 8100) still use proprietary wiring on PSUs. I couldn't quickly find definitive information.

So you may still need a "special" PSU for that PC and that may be what the Ebay dealer is selling.

But even then I wouldn't buy the PSU you linked. It's a no-name brand and you have no way of evaluating it nor do you know anything about its noise level (which I guess is one of your complaints).

I would:

1: Google to try to find definitive info on whether or not you need a "special" PSU for your PC.
2: If you do, I would then buy a standard ATX PSU along with a connection adapter designed to allow use of a standard ATX PSU in this particular Dell. The adapters are widely available for about $15. is one source for the adapter--among others.

I'd get a Seasonic or Corsair PSU that are known to have low noise levels. You may have to spend a bit more money.

On the other hand, you may find that your PC can use a standard PSU---in which case you would not need the adapter.

At any rate, I would not buy that Ebay PSU regardless. Go somewhere like Newegg as a source.

I'd also measure the existing PSU and make sure there are no space/clearance issues should you go with a standard PSU. For all I know, the Dell cases are very cramped or they may have even used a non-standard size as well as non-standard wiring.

You might contact forum member "Fireberd" about this. He has a lot of Dell experience and provides support on Dell forums.
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I am using Dell studio 15 and windows 7 operating system. I want to use the 30days train version software more than 30days. My question is

1. Is it possible to use 30days trail version into more than 30days?
2. How can we achieve this
3. How to set the system date to use 30days trail version morethan 30days?
4. If we I put Virtual machine(ex. Windows -2003) and if i use this 30days will trail version will expire in 30 days.

Please help me

A:Dell Studio-15 Windows 7

Windows 7 Enterprise | 90-day Trial, Evaluation, Test, Download
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Hello SF!

Yesterday, i installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my sister's Dell Studio 1735, but there aren't W7 drivers for this model (Only Vista 32/64) and there are 2 devices i cant install cause WU can't find their drivers (Unknown Devices), i DO have the Recovery and OEM Partitions, to revert it to Win Vista, thing is i don't want to.. Win Vista STINKS!

So, there's any chance for me to actually install those 2 drivers? or should i revert it to Win Vista??

Thanks in advanced!

A:Dell Studio 1735

What devices are they? Look on the manufacturer's site for drivers. If you can't find any for 7, download the Vista ones. If they won't install, run them in compatibility mode for Vista.
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Ok basically My issue is replacing the Screen because it no longer works

iv done the whole plugging in another monitor yoke and no dice and i sent it to see what the techs thought and they say i need a new screen ..but it costs TOO much to get it done by them so i thought since iv taken apart and reassambled many Desktops i should give a laptop a shot

my question is .. is this the link to replace the Screen because if it aint i cant seem to find a guide besides on youtube

Relevancy 50.74%

Just after the October 22 release date, Dell posted some new graphics and other drivers for Windows 7. How can I tell whether they are needed, or should I assume that Windows Update takes care of making sure the latest drives are installed?

A:Drivers for Dell Studio

I like to work under the thinkg that if it isn't broken don't fix it. But if Dell has released specific 7 drivers for your system.You can check what driver is installed simply by going to device manager and clicking on that device and checking the driver detail tab. If your unhappy with the graphics prefromance now then I would probably install their new driver.
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I know this is old but I don't care. I have a 6 year old dell studio 540 and it wont turn on I had up graded to windows 7 the next morning it wouldn't turn on I unplugged it plugged it back in and did fine and after that day it was getting worse and now it will not turn on. Could anyone help?

A:Dell studio 540 will not turn on

Freddy Fusebear
I know this is old but I don't care. I have a 6 year old dell studio 540 and it wont turn on I had up graded to windows 7 the next morning it wouldn't turn on I unplugged it plugged it back in and did fine and after that day it was getting worse and now it will not turn on. Could anyone help?
 Freddy Fusebear
 Check the reading of the power button LED, is it Steady White, Blinking White, Steady Amber, Blinking Amber?
Are there any 'Beep's, if there are, please post the exact sequence of them?Does the power supply fan run?
The Studio 540 Troubleshooter is Here:
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I have a dell studio that has a lot of junk from downloading so many different things and I want to restore it to factory settings where there is nothing at all on here and i can download what i need. please help me i just want it like brand new?????

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cant find quickset driovers..... downloaded drivers for vista and xp but it dont work..... so dudes i need your help

win 7 (7600) x32
dell studio 1535

A:Dell studio 1535

Quote: Originally Posted by infernOO

cant find quickset driovers..... downloaded drivers for vista and xp but it dont work..... so dudes i need your help

win 7 (7600) x32
dell studio 1535

Try to install the vista drivers in vista comp That might work.
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I'm going to get a dell studio 15 laptop, but from all I've read, still not 100% confident of availability of windows xp drivers for this laptop? I want to dual boot just incase Im doing anything hefty on mem (or just don't like vista.) Also, does anyone know if the ati mobility hd3450 is xp compatible?


A:Dell Studio XP Drivers?

A lot of prebuilt resellers are doing the whole "we're not offering Windows whatever drivers" hogwash on their websites, even if the hardware itself is compatible. I've found this with my laptop (Asus F3 series) and with my gaming rig (Asus M2N SLI Deluxe).

Usually, however, if you find the manufacturer of the hardware component itself, you can find some generic drivers or manufacturers drivers that will function.

Considering that Dell has a "switch to XP for $50" option on a lot of their desktops, I imagine you shouldn't have too much trouble.

As for your video card, there are a few sites that specialize in making generic drivers for mobile chipsets. The problem with mobile chipsets is that often a vendor will to lock you into using only their drivers, rather than the OEM drivers from ATI/AMD or Nvidia. That's why those third party sites exist.

I'd worry about the other components of your laptop more than the video card.
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Just got a new laptop, need help with some drivers...

Drivers & Downloads

Tried downloading from there but wasn't sure of which ones were needed and which were just bloatware..some of them that I know I need weren't installing for whatever reason...anyways here's a screen cap!

A:Dell Studio XPS 16 Driver Help :)

I wouldn't worry about those if I were you. In my opinion, if a) the system runs, and b) you are not missing any features you need, there is no need to mess around with those drivers.
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The USB ports on my dell studio xps 8000 keep dying. the light on the mouse stops working, unplug it and plugging it back in usually fixes it. there's also the sound its makes when you unplug from usb then plug in. sometimes I only get the sound which freezes the cursor then it working again. other time mouse is completely dead (no light) passes dell full tests says nothing wrong
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Had to reinstall Windows Vista OS and of course lost everything. Reloaded the Drivers and utilities CD. Now cannot connect to my home network. ?This computer does not have a network adapter installed and configured?. Went to device manager and under the ?other devices? tab, everything under it has the yellow exclamation marks. Also the display is not right. Under the ?display adapters? tab the ?Standard VGA Graphics Adapter? also has the yellow exclamation mark. I have disabled and enabled all of them to no avail. Also checked the services and they seem to be started. Not sure exactly which ones should be started but all the ones about networking are running. Home network is working because I have other devices running from it just fine. I?m a little overwhelmed at this point. Also trying to sift through the archives at the same time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Problem with Dell Studio 17

Hello, I would work on installing updates needed to get your OS up to date first , then I would work on latest drivers from Computer manufacture site with a combo of motherboard driver updates and graphics as well as audio drivers.
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Studio worked fine until in the cold in for for a few hours, below zero cold. Now no battery power at all. Even when plugged in, when I hit eh power button, the light sequence on the keyboard lights, but after a few seconds only the volume button remails lit. Then, after 20-30 seconds, even that light goes out and the sound stops. The screen is dead black the whole time.

Help. Thanks.


A:Dead new Dell Studio

If the battery after being left at room temperature for a few hours still doesn't power the laptop, I would go looking for my warranty.
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typed on my iPad Pc shut down last night as usual This morning 540 Dead Studio Dell completely dead no beeps nothing except for one power light on back Everything else Wacom monitor amp pad regular monitor etc have power I checked all Dead Dell Studio 540 cables replugged opened the tower reseated stuff blew out dust nothing The only problem I ve been having that might be related is on sites with heavy graphics like Pinterest it slows or freezes though i had the thing Dead Dell Studio 540 custom configured for graphic artist programs like Painter amp Photoshop and begins making a loud humming sound It shows that Firefox is using millions of CPUs maybe not the right term So I ll close the browser and start over Humming goes away So any ideas on where to start reviving the dead giant It s or years old and I ve been wishing I could switch to a Mac but not like this I have a gazillion files on it that I NEED nbsp

A:Dead Dell Studio 540

It is overeating. The humming is probably a fan that has stuck.
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I have a Dell Studio 1735, which was sold with an optional Blu-Ray that I did NOT buy. I am now wanting to buy one but Dell says they do not have anything for my Laptop.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Studio 1735 it has a Slim Slot Loaded Drive Sata Optical Drive.

Does anyone know where I can buy one?

Dell Studio 1735
Windows 7 64-bit
Core 2 Duo 2.63GHz
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My computer has been very odd for the last several months I've gotten lots of serious viruses and have reinstalled Windows countless times After getting everything reinstalled again onSaturday night I went to bed leaving the computer on over night to recieve updates and render some video stuff I was working on Unfortunately when I turned the computer screen back on I saw just a huge glob of random distorted pixels everywhere with weird patterns and such When I did some research I found problems Dell XPS Studio it was my graphics card that had crashed and I then started the pc Dell Studio XPS problems back up as normal yet it got stuck at the Windows flag with starting windows I had a extra failsafe partition with no OS on it and I proceeded to put the installation disk in and boot it up Unfortunately the Windows disc wouldn't even boot up I then ran a diagnostics test that gave me error code - which usually means a failing hard drive when running the DST short test I know for the hard drive is fine and has nothing wrong with it so I'm not sure what the problem is I think it is some underlying virus but who knows what exactly it is I'm currently running of the partion magic Dell Studio XPS problems linux included on HBCD to go here I'm so confused about what the problems are i'm frustrated and I really need to get this computer back up to full health ASAP for work

A:Dell Studio XPS problems

Look like there is something wrong with the motherboard, video card or hard drive.
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Good day everybody,
Small help pls

Fresh installed windows 7 in my DELL Studio 1535 ,,, everything "Drivers" works perfect! no issue except one thing which actually needs your help PLS

Fingerprint seems doesn't work!
Can someone direct me how solve that or guide me to the right place that i would download the right driver "fingerprint" for my DELL

My earlier OS was Vista Home-premium and fingerprint was working perfect on that OS

Thank you all,

A:DELL Studio 1535

Quote: Originally Posted by Hani1231

Good day everybody,
Small help pls

Fresh installed windows 7 in my DELL Studio 1535 ,,, everything "Drivers" works perfect! no issue except one thing which actually needs your help PLS

Fingerprint seems doesn't work!
Can someone direct me how solve that or guide me to the right place that i would download the right driver "fingerprint" for my DELL

My earlier OS was Vista Home-premium and fingerprint was working perfect on that OS

Thank you all,

Hani if it worked on vista it will work with the same driver on win 7 if you install the driver in compatibility mode
to do that right click the installer>properties>choose OS.

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I have a Dell Studio XPS 435 running Windows 7.  It has several USB 2.0 ports.  Is there any way to set this up so that I can operate at least one USB 3.0 ports?  (If I need to add a card, please let me know).
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Apparently Dell XPS have more than lives because I have gone through a complete replacement system hard drives motherboards a fan or two etc etc So the story is I bought an XPS in summer of went through about or hard drives and a motherboard and other replacements I simply can t remember because I ve gone through so many service requests Eventually pops did some serious quot complaining quot and got Dell to replace it with a brand new XPS Since then I ve gone through two motherboards a fan and around - hard drives Luckily I got a year Dell 1645 Studio HELP!!! XPS parts warranty so I m just losing my time and personal files Other than that Dell can fork out the money as much as they want I consider myself a decent computer user I can build a desktop from scratch I know all the parts etc but obviously I don t know enough to know what s going on here I most recently had a motherboard and fan replacement I don t visit dangerous sites I use a pad with a cooling fan have anti-virus malware and spyware protection programs Basically I don t know what more to do After getting the computer back the fan is running constantly and that is always a bad sign to me I can literally tell when its gunna go because response time slows down and everything in the computer slows down Thus I m feelin another hard drive crash again here soon So do I just have the midas touch-of-death with computers or is there something I can do Sorry for the novel but I felt it was necessary to show my disgust with dell and my dire need for answers Dell Studio XPS Windows Ultimate Intel Core i Ghz st gen x Toshiba Gb SATA ATI Mobility Radeon HD graphics card nbsp

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please tell me the best calibration for my dell studio xps 16 using ati's ccc advanced mode
(Colors are oversaturated on my Windows 7 Dell laptop XPS Studio 1640 - Microsoft Answers) (the 5th post from the last)
i am a photographer and would like to get a good calibraion for my screen without using any hardware calibrators.

A:need help with calibrating dell studio xps

Hello ambroochizafer,
I am having a hard time finding any hardware specifications for that computer, The manufacture site does not show it in their products list.
Can you get your hardware specifications for me please and post them for us to have a look at ?
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Good Day Folks Long time lurker first time poster This is a great forum and the advice is greatly appreciated I have a Dell Studio laptop I ve had it for a little over year now and I mainly use it for web browsing work and email Recently I noticed that my fan was running a little faster than normal I didn t think about it too much Even more recently I have been playing Dragon Age Origins on my computer and have noticed it getting quite hot to the touch on the keypad At one point it shut itself off At this point I downloaded RealTemp and discovered that my computer was running at about C while idol Not good I researched quite a bit and decided to open up the back panel and use compressed air to clean out the fan I also opened the heatsink and cleaned it out I then noticed the rubber-like compound under the sink had somewhat melted so I bought some new thermal paste and applied it back to the sink Although my temperature dropped I m still running at about C My fan works very well it runs 15 Overheating Studio Dell fairly high at all times and screams at others so I don t think that s the issue All heatsink points are covered with the stock padding or the thermal grease I also downloaded Everest and it gave me similar temperature readings Does anyone know why this has started to happen Specs Window Vista Home Premium Build Dell Studio Bios Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version A Processor Intel R Core Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB Dell Studio 15 Overheating RAM Display ATI Mobility Radeon HD Chip Type ATI Radeon Graphics Processor x C DAC Type Internal DAC MHz Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Dell Studio 15 Overheating

What kind of thermal paste did you use?

Did you clean both surfaces with Isopropyl alcohol before using paste and reassembly?

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Ok I have this Dell Studio XPS 435MT here is a link to show you
I want to upgrade the Dell Studio XPS 435MT.
I want to upgrade the case and memory and graphics card and power supply but the problem is how do i do this and is this possible?
Also can I install this : 24GB kit (8GBx3), 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-8500 memory module
and a 800 watt power supply and ATI Radeon HD 5870 and this ARMORSUIT
is this possible??????????????????
can some one help me?

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Well i have some problem with resolution... my graphic card is ati mobility radeon hd 3450 and then i playing like an example america's army 3 i have (800x600) not full screen and black collor as it was written at one oll thread.
plz help me
btw i downloaded new drivers for video card, but the results are same ....

A:Dell studio 1535

Quote: Originally Posted by infernOO

Well i have some problem with resolution... my graphic card is ati mobility radeon hd 3450 and then i playing like an example america's army 3 i have (800x600) not full screen and black collor as it was written at one oll thread.
plz help me
btw i downloaded new drivers for video card, but the results are same ....


Where did you get the driver? what version is it? is it 32 bit or 64? how much ram? Could you tell us more abt what you did to try and change the resolution?

Waiting on info

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Want to pick up a ssd for my XPS 8000. Noticing that there is no AHCI in the bios. Is there a way around this?

I was hearing that I can set the BIOS to RAID and that will force AHCI. Is there any info on this?

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

A:SSD install on XPS Studio 8000 ( no AHCI in BIOS )

Hi Domchin,
Your system supports the use of an SSD (at SATA II speeds), but does not support AHCI.
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I ve been having 9100 of 7/3/2014 update Studio XPS BIOS ongoing stability problems with my Studio XPS Windows Based on information for my system Service Tag lt ADMIN NOTE Service tag removed as per privacy policy gt found on the following page http www dell com support home us en Drivers DriversDetails driverId YDK amp fileId amp osCode W amp productCode studio-xps- amp languageCode EN amp categoryId BIthe BIOS ver A were updated on July and it is quot recommended quot to update them nbsp I downloaded File S -A exe and did the checksum verification all successful HOWEVER after successfully flashing the BIOS or so it seems Windows System Information shows the following BIOS Version Date Dell Computer Corporation A Reviewing the contents of the RAR compressed files reveal that they are exactly the same as the ones I Studio XPS 9100 BIOS update of 7/3/2014 downloaded in Feb with most files dated This is confusing conflicting with the stated information on the page Studio XPS 9100 BIOS update of 7/3/2014 and Studio XPS 9100 BIOS update of 7/3/2014 overall disappointing Does anyone know whether there was an actual update to the BIOS on and if so where the updated file can be found Thank you JF

A:Studio XPS 9100 BIOS update of 7/3/2014

Hi JF,
Did you scroll down to see this part:
Systems: Dell Studio XPS 9100Version: A04Build Date: 10/21/2010
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My apologies if this has been dealt with enable BIOS USB won't Award in before I ve spent days trying to get a Belkin F U USB Port USB card to work in conjunction with Windows se Processor Model AMD-K tm D processor Speed MHz Performance Rating PR estimated Type Standard Mainboard Bus es ISA AGP PCI USB i c SMBus MP Support No MP APIC No System BIOS Award Software International Inc PG System System Manufacturer Product Name Mainboard First International Computer Inc VA- Chipset Model VIA Technologies Inc VT C AT MVP Apollo USB won't enable in Award BIOS VP MVP System Controller L External Cache kB Pipeline-Burst Write-Thru Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total Memory MB SDRAM Memory USB won't enable in Award BIOS Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Windows froze on the first attempt to install After a lot of online research I found that this was a clock mismatch problem and I got it to install USB won't enable in Award BIOS after downloading a fix which was supposed to be unnecessary with se I took every reference I could find to USB out of Device Manager took the card out manually restarted shut down put the card back in started up and it installed normally The USB OPTi C PCI to USB Open Host Controller and USB Root Hub are now showing normal in Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the Device Manager No yellow exclamation marks are anywhere in the Device Manager The Award Bios shows USB Controller Disabled in Integrated Peripherals and there is no other option - I expected to be able to toggle between enabled and disabled but it won t Also disabled are various IDE options and one HDD just above the reference to the USB I tried to get a BIOS update from Award and after initially telling me we have just the thing for you boy are you going to be a happy bunny or something very similar they wrote and said we ve taken the money from your credit card but you already have the latest BIOS - or something even more similar Belkin refer me to everybody else except them Should I quit now while I m ahead The floppy disk drive is still working after all nbsp

A:USB won't enable in Award BIOS

Normally, your USB BIOS would only be required to allow BOOTing a USB HD.

Your Belkin USB is not accessed at BOOT time, so stop fussing with BIOS.

If you have modem-->router setup, then the drivers are not required at all!

Use the Modem->Router using Ethernet cable and from the router->pcs as well.

Otherwise, modem-->pc(USB connected) requires a driver.

Does this clarify/help?
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I use Lenovo Ideapad Z470
Can you guys show me the way to enable wireless at BIOS?

A:How can I enable wireless at BIOS

Ngoctraiden9x, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

The bios is where the hardware is turned on/off/configured in most cases. For your computer to use the wireless, you have to have the hardware drivers installed and the software to control the wireless adapter.

Normally, when you turn your machine on the bios recognizes your hardware devices and then as your Operating system loads, it load all the drivers for your devices and at that time your wireless would become active.

Is this what you meant when you said enable wireless at bios?

Some bios screens will allow you to turn on and off devices. If this is what you mean, then by entering bios, go thru the screens and look for the wireless. Some machines have a physical wireless switch or a function key toggle.

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Hi, Can someone tell me how do i enable virtualization in bios on my Phoenix 860-000. When i access the bios configuration there is no option to set the state of Intel VT Tecnology.

View Solution.

A:How do you enable Virtualization in Bios

Hi, Looking at the bios simulator for your PC, the option should be located under the Security tab.....System Security. Regards, DP-K
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where in the BIOS do I enable bluetooth? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and still no luck.

Relevancy 50.31%

When I try to download Android Studios this pops up:

So when I went to the BIOS to enable it, there was no setting there for it. I am running Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 5755G - 6823 with an Intel i5 - 2430M @2.4GHz. I even downloaded the Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility app and it says that it's supported on my device. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

A:Can't find where to enable VT-x in BIOS

It's possible it has some other name on your BIOS, like "Virtualization Technology" or "Intel Virtualization Feature". It's usually under the CPU or maybe even Motherboard settings.
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I want to run a Virtual PC in VirtualBox and get the message, that I need to enable VT-x. I have updated to the newest bios (1.31) but i still don't have the option to enable "Intel Virtualization Technology" under the Config --> CPU menu. What am I doing wrong?

Go to Solution.

A:Enable VT-x in bios on T420s

Look in the Security -> Virtualization menu.
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I recently purchased an asus f5gl laptop running vista OS and just now have needed to use bluetooth, but have found out that it has been disabled in system information. i would like to know how to enable bluetooth in BIOS or where ever i can?
does anybody have any ideas, any help is greatly appreciated.

A:how to enable bluetooth in BIOS

please do not start new posts for the same problem
continue here
this thread now closed
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My company wants me to encrypt the hard drives on all desktop computers. All are running Windows 7 Ent (x32).When I try to enable Bitlocker to encrypt the drive it says I don't have aTPM 1.2 module. My company is located in Ukraine that`s why tpm module is allowed.When I reset security settings in bios, I have a question about reset tpm module(Press F1 if you want to reset tpm)There is no "tpm" word at all in bios(not in security, not in show settings)I already had updated bios to version: F.60 Rev.A 30 ??? 2015Do you have bios with enabled tpm for  HP ProBook 6550b Notebook PC?
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I've bought a Toshiba Qosmio G50-12F 3 or 4 years ago. This computer has an Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 and is compatible with virtualization. I want enable it, but is there any option to do this in my BIOS (it up to date).

Can you help me please ?


+Please note : Sorry if my English is bad : I'm french.+

A:Qosmio G50-12F - How to enable VTx in BIOS


>This computer has an Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 and is compatible with virtualization
This does not seem to be correct...

From my knowledge if the CPU would support the Intel VT, then this would be enabled by default.
But your CPU Intel? Core2 Duo Processor P7450 does not support the Intel VT-x and this is mentioned on Intel page:
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Dell laptop had power issues originally a month before the warranty ran out and sent it in to Dell They sent it back with a new power adapter A Dell problems Studio power few days later it is having problems again Dell Studio power problems telling me to plug in a Dell power cord So I sent it back to Dell again They replace the MLB and send it back About a days after that I start having problems again All the same problems I contact Dell and they get it again but don Dell Studio power problems t repair anything telling me I Dell Studio power problems need to buy a new battery So it stopped charging and I ordered a new battery Now I have a new battery and when I put it in the laptop will work but it is not charging the battery Although it is not draining the battery power either It s at and if I unplug it will not run on the battery itself But it runs if it s plugged in but it won t charge or even show that it s plugged in Not real confident in Dell repair at this point Should I try and buy a new power adapter Could it have gone bad again I am at a lost and ready to ditch this thing Any advice or next steps would be appreciated nbsp

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Hi there, this is my first post on this forum and i really would like someone to help me to fix this annoying problem.
Its basically where some things on my display are fuzzy.
The operating system i am currently using is Windows Vista.
It normally happens:
(1) on my desktop background
(2) on the right hand side of Internet Explorer where the Close, Maximise and Minimise buttons are.

I have enclosed a Microsoft Word 2007 document showing where the problems occur.

Please can you help me with this
I am getting many views but no one is actually giving me advice

A:Problem with my Dell Studio 1555

Thread reopened per request.

If you could take a screenshot and save your image as an .jpg file, more people may be able to view what you are seeing.

I have also moved your thread to the Hardware forum where you should get more help.

This link will help with posting a good screenshot.
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I know Dells usually don't allow for much customization or after market upgrades, but I vaguely remember one of the reasons I bought this particular model was because the description said that it allowed for that sort of thing.

So my question is can this Dell model be upgraded with say a better graphics card, power supply, etc?

The PC is 100% stock from Dell and I have made no changes what so ever to it after it shipped.

Dell Studio XPS 9100
Windos 7 64 bit
Intel Core i7 CPU; 960 @ 3.2GHz
12g RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
I am unsure of the power supply. I want to say 400W?

Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks.

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I need help. I was given a Dell Studio 1558 laptop, it has a slot drive for CD/DVD's and it does not work, so I cant install an OS on it. It gives an error message at the black screen...PXE error, Operating system not found.. I bought a new HD and still get the same error.
Please help me.. I need this laptop to be working for my job.

A:Help with Dell Studio 1558 laptop

you could always pickup an external USB CD/DVD drive, and install the OS using that. Or depending on what OS you are using you may be able to download it online, and install from a USB flash drive
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I got a del studio about a month back and have installed creative media organiser to play my music through cos windows media player has become a memory hog, and just wondering, is there any way to set up the capacitance buttons on the studio to work with this media program like it does with windows media? (i.e. the play, stop, next and previous buttons)



A:Capacitance buttons (Dell Studio 15)

What's a capacitance button? (Please don't use ghetto english here on TS- it's annoying. Words like cos, warez, etc...)
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Hello guys. I have a problem with my laptop. Dunno if it is hardware or software problem. My laptop keeps on shutting down when i use OpenGL in Counter Strike 1.6, i fixed this problem by using D3D mode in the game. Another problem appeared when i installed NFS Underground. I dunno why the problem with the laptop sudden shutdowns appeard again. This problem doesn't occur when i play League of Legends for example (game runs ar high setup). Seems like it isn't a heat problem, non the less i can't figure out what is happening, so i wonderd maybe you can help me solve this.

A:Dell Studio 1555 shutting down

Follow the instructions:
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
We need some information to work with.
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I have a Dell studio laptop that keeps rebooting. I turn it on an it gets to the Dell logo and then reboots. You can select the F2 setup option or the F12 Boot options but this does nothing. If I select F12 then try to select diagnostics it reboots, whatever option it just reboots. I tried to start it in safe mode by pressing delete this did nothing just re-booted and also pressing F8 again nothing. I tried to boot the Dell windows CD that cme with the laptop but nothing it sounds like its trying to start but reboots before anything happens. Pleas can you help me.

A:Dell Studio laptop keeps rebooting

To boot from the Dell Windows CD you need to go into BIOS Setup (F2) and set CD-ROM as the first boot device.
When exiting BIOS Setup be sure to save new settings (it will prompt Y or N (Yes or No), press Y then Enter key.
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Currently 540s Dell upgrade Studio own a Dell Studio s I know that because I have a slim case that I need a low profile card I also know that my current PSU isn't powerful enough to power the card I'm interested in w PSU I come to you all for advice before purchasing Dell Studio 540s upgrade so I know what I'm getting myself into and make sure that I'm not missing anything The card Newegg com - SPARKLE Dell Studio 540s upgrade SX GT D L-NM GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card The PSU Newegg com - FSP Group Booster X W Independent amp Supplementary SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Active PFC Dedicated Multi GPU Power I know how to install the card but I'd really like some help with the PSU part as I have experience with upgrading them most of my experience is PnP at best Dell Studio 540s upgrade Dunno if I'm going to need adapters or anything like that please help Any recommendations for alternate parts or anything like that would be greatly appreciated

A:Dell Studio 540s upgrade

This is the psu for your pc, along with specs:

Dell Vostro 200(Slim) 200s, 220s SFF, Studio 540s SFF 250W Replacement Power Supply Bulk pack

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Sorry for another dell studio post only a day after last one, but I'm really thinking of getting this, and then my friend's girlfriend got one and he said the sound from the speakers is rubbish... Does anyone know if this is true (compared to general laptop speakers that is) or perhaps does he just have unrealistic expectations?

I've read a few reviews saying they're bad, but some otherwise. Unfortunately don't think I'll get chance to hear them before i buy. Don't know if its enough to put me off buying, but would like to have decent speakers. To put it in perspective, I currently have an old (I mean oooollllddd) latitude, which doesnt have amazing speakers, but is acceptable.

A:Poor Dell studio Speakers?

didn't have the chance to hear a studios sound but you really should decide this yourself. maybe you can have a look at your friends girlfriends studio and listen what it is like.
its always difficult to tell and my desktop user always complain the sound when they use a laptop for traveling, just because they have external speakers on their desktop pc's and are used to this kind of sound...
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I am getting BSOD on my dell Studio 1558, I used to get this very frequently before upgrading graphics driver. After the upgrade the frequency reduced a lot. Yesterday it crashed again with BSOD, I followed instructions in post: and traced the problem to Rapport software. Uninstalled it.. and it was fine for some time. today, Again it crashed...

This time again i enabled verifier, and waited till it crashed. Attaching the dump with verifier on. Some help to analyze this is much appreciated.

Is Windows 7 . . .
- x64 ?
- re installed using DVD provided by dell
- an OEM version

- What is the age of system (hardware)? 171 days
- What is the age of OS installation : around 3 months

Also, a thing to note is laptop heats a lot in touch pad area and bottom. CPU temperatures are around 56-78 C.

Please help.

s hegde

A:BSOD on Dell Studio 1558

It crashed again when I was writing this post.. please someone help me.. I am going mad..
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My anyone Windows Studio from 540 10? Dell 7 Has updated to a daughter has a Dell Studio running Windows Home Premium -bit and she's been asking me if it's OK to upgrade to Windows Since I live several hundred miles from her I didn't Has anyone updated a Dell Studio 540 from Windows 7 to 10? want to tell her to go ahead until I had a chance to check things out and now I'm wondering myself what to do I fired up some Dell utility for drivers and updates and it came back with a message that said the Studio had not been tested for compatibility with Windows and if an upgrade was attempted things might not work Of course that doesn't really mean they won't it only means that Dell hasn't tested anything and they're covering themselves just in case Now The Windows Upgrade Icon is in her system tray and it says that the machine was tested and found to be compatible with no issues found so drivers might exist from Microsoft So has anyone upgraded a Dell Studio If so what if any problems did you encounter

A:Has anyone updated a Dell Studio 540 from Windows 7 to 10?

Microsoft is often provided with drivers not designed specifically for the computer, which means updating is risky. It probably will work, but you always run the risk of crashing, or small problems like it having a hard time coming out of sleep mode, etc.

If she really wants it, she can try it out, and revert back if it doesn't work in month provided to revert.

To remove the tray icon, do this: Get Windows 10 Icon - Remove from Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums
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Manufacturer Dell Processor Intel Acirc reg Core acirc Upgrading Studio Dell 435MT XPS bdquo cent i - Processor MB L Cache GHz Memory GB DDR Tri-Channel SDRAM at MHz - DIMMs Hard Drive GB - RPM SATA Gb s MB Cache Video Card ATI Radeon HD MB Physics Card No Monitor ViewSonic Acirc reg VA wb quot LCD Upgrading Dell Studio XPS 435MT Soundcard Integrated Upgrading Dell Studio XPS 435MT Channel Audio Speakers Cyber Acoustics AC- Keyboard Dell Studio Consumer Upgrading Dell Studio XPS 435MT Multimedia Keyboard Mouse Wacom Graphire x USB Tablet Blue Mouse Surface Wacom Graphire x USB Tablet Blue Computer Case Stock Lol I d like to know what the best upgrades for it would be and which ones are the most budget friendly range total You may list all the upgrades but I m thinking of just upgrading the video card and or memory specifically for better gaming not too hardcore I play a couple of games like Skyrim and MMOs and drawing I draw in high resolutions I d also like to point out that I recently bought a laptop that is faster than this desktop and maybe I should just sell the desktop if it can t be too much better than the laptop Here are the specs - Inspiron R Notebook Inspiron - rd Gen Intel Core i - QM MB cache up to Ghz - GB DDR DIMM - Dell Chiclet Keyboard with Multi-touch Touchpad US English - High Definition p LED Display with Truelife - Intel HD Graphics HD Graphics - SRV Software for WIFI Wireless Card - TB RPM SATA Hard Drive Right now I m leaning toward selling it or giving it away to a friend if it can t be sold for much But if I can get it upgraded to a beastly status without spending too much then I might keep it I m new to upgrading and couldn t find the MT in the web page where I can find compatible upgrades for it that s why I m here Please help thanks

A:Upgrading Dell Studio XPS 435MT

100 USD is very little to upgrade. If you change just video card for similar latest generation say SAPPHIRE HD 7750 1GB already $110, it would not require upgrading power supply. Which windows you have, and is it 32 bit or 64 bit? Your memory is very small, if you have 64 bit Windows, however processor is still good, yes it is slower than your laptop, but RAM (memory) also counts, and Operating System? However your laptop would be difficult to upgrade for video card, if at all! Integrated video card in laptop would not allow you to play any serious games without lag and video issues.
Here little comparison for Skyrim only.
XPS 435 with addition of only Sapphire 7750 would allow you to play at Very High/Extremely High, however your memory is on the low side, if you have 64 bit OS upgrading memory is a must.
Laptop the way it is - Low / Medium settings. So Do you like to play your games with good video quality, or you don't care?
Very good detailed information on PC requirements can be found - at Skyrim:System Requirements.
So, if it would be me, if your XPS has 64 bit windows - I would keep it, upgrade video card and memory, spend definitely more than $100. If you have only 32 bit, I would think about it, but is is still possible and most likely would be more enjoyable than laptop play quality.
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Hi I have been given a Dell Studio to fix the laptop isn t turning on and before when it did power on it worked slowly The charger was in a really bad shape tho I tried on Studio powering isn't 1535 Dell to power it on anyway and it did power on but for seconds enough time for me to get in BIOS settings There afyer second I reached them it died because the charger was moved mm Since then the laptop never powered on again I even replaced the charger which besides Dell Studio 1535 isn't powering on it tries to charge it in every position I insert it in the charging jack it did nothing The original charger had A but the newer one has only A We have possibilities Trying to PO power on the laptop with a battery the charging LED blinks red times and white once Trying to PO the laptop without a battery the charging LED stayes on for seconds and then it shuts off In neither of these possibilities the laptop turns on,158473.0.html
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Brand new laptop with the new os from about a month ago now. started having problems within the first week where the sound would randomly not work upon starting the laptop.

whenever i played anything on the internet that had sound, the browser would crash. whereas vids on my laptop play normally, but without sound.

anyone have any idea whats going on?

normally fixes itself after a couple of restarts, but i've done that about 10 times now and it aint changing this time.


A:dell studio 17 sound problem

correction, only vlc player plays anything, and it plays it without sound, and will only play one thing. anything i try to play after, makes it crash
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I recently found a Dell Studio 1558 running Windows 7 Home Premium in the trash, and it works fine. I would like to do a full system reset to restore the laptop to factory condition. How can this be done? I have already tried pressing F8 on the startup screen, but all it would do is stop the loading bar. Then I tried leaving it for a while, and after 20 minutes it had done nothing. Many retries later I am still where I started.

Just a note, the computer keeps telling me that I need to get "genuine Windows Software" and other similar messages.

A:Resetting my Dell Studio 1558

Windows is not properly activated on this computer. You will need to get a retail copy of Windows 7 that can be properly activated, and do a clean Windows install. Go to Dell's support website to get the Windows 7 drivers. If you can see a Windows activation key sticker on the case, you might be able to use this site:
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hello people i have a question so ive been upgrading my dell studio laptop and so far Studio 1458 Motherboard Dell here are my specs intel core i GHZ turbo GB RAM intel GB s GB SSD MB ATI Mobility Radeon Dell Studio 1458 Motherboard HD v as you can see my graphics card is the real bottleneck in my system so ive been wanting to upgrade it well since its a laptop the only way to do it is to buy a new mother board when i bought my computer i had the option of either mb ati or a GB ati graphics cards money was tight at the time so i chose Dell Studio 1458 Motherboard the Dell Studio 1458 Motherboard now my question is what mother board do i need to be replaced with like i search on ebay but cant find the gb graphics nor if anything i do find will fit and support and fit i have the st gen i so it has to be that socket type anyone know the board number i need ive looked on dell website but cant figure out what model studio im looking for

A:Dell Studio 1458 Motherboard

or if some other mother board will fit like the dell xps series or something....
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Hello everyone I bought this PC about a year or ago and used it for gaming and some amazing multitasking With new games coming out and others adding new expansions it doesn t quite cut Studio Upgrading Dell XPS a 435MT it anymore I have already added more advanced cooling systems and am waiting for more RAM to show up in the mail but the main thing I want to do now is add a new Graphics Card and PSU to power the new graphics My budget will allow me to spend - dollars Upgrading a Dell Studio XPS 435MT on total I am a big fan of newegg com So I could really use some suggestions on what items to buy to make this happen One of the major constraints of this PC is the small box size I cant seem to find out the physical size of say a PSU that would fit into the box without causing any issues Also say a PSU that would still allow for proper cooling in my system Here is what I do know about my PC http support dell com support DPP Index aspx c us amp l en amp s dhs amp ServiceTag sz j Thanks so much nbsp

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This is a real nightmare. I was on usenext and d/l some music.... I clicked on something, I should know better and it is bad. It's some crazy reboot program in German that executed causing the machine to boot into some program that executs and then restarts the pc. , at first I could not boot at all then I got into system and restore and it will now boot. It would not let me F8 into safe safe mode. I'm running my paid version of malware bytes now. Would someone please walk me through getting this cleaned up so I create a good restore point. This pc is the one do all my home work on, I really need it to work properly. I know stay off usenext... please help me. again. My next desktop will be a mac.
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I have been getting the BSOD for months. Dell has recently replaced my hard drive and memory, but I am still getting the BSOD. It has only happened twice since dell was out a week ago to replace my drive and memory, but in the past it happened every day to 3 days.

I have the following computer:

Dell Studio 1557
Intel i7 cpu 720
8 GB memory
64 bit Windows 7 Professional

I have attached the info requested.

Thank you in advance for reading these files and helping me to understand what is wrong and needs to be fixed.

A:BSOD W7 Pro 64 Dell Studio 1557

I have the same troubles. Do you find a solution ?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2999 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 310, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 465756 MB, Free - 176236 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G3HR7
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated and Enabled

When I am watching Netflix, or playing an online game, about every 7-9 minutes the screen and and sounds will freeze up for between 5seconds and 2 minutes. It really annoying and I have no idea what is causing it?

A:Dell Studio XPS - Freezing issues

Disable the AVG link scanner and see if it makes a difference.
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plugged in but not charging, laptop works when plugged in but battery not charging. laptop works with or without battery blue ring on charger cord is on and i tried another adapter both are OEM dell chargers. does a 1640 have a charging board(daughter board)?

A:Solved: dell xps studio 1640

I dont know about the board but it might be that the battery isnt working anymore and needs replaced if the computer is working fine otherwise.
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I purchased a new pc for the express purpose to play SC2 and Civilization 5. I got the a Dell Studio with windows 7, intel core i7, 8gig ram, and the evga geforce gt 240. When playing both games the screen will randomly (some times i can get through 30mins, some times only 5mines) go black and freeze. Nothing works but a cold reboot. At first a minimizing would work, but now not even that. I've made sure my drivers were\are up to date but that's not helped. Any ideas?

A:Black screen on Dell Studio

Are all of your windows updates installed?