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Removing non-dual boot O/S from partition....

Q: Removing non-dual boot O/S from partition....

I have a Windows 7 laptop that has 3 partitions on it with only one booting Operating System on the Hard Drive. One of the partitions contains a previous version of Win7 on it that became corrupted and I had to install my current version of Win7 on a newer primary partition which Windows boots straight into.

I no longer need to use the previous O/S and it takes up 17.6GB which I think is now unnecessary to retain (and is hogging up valuable Gigs that I could really make use of due to nagging pop-up that tells me that disk [partition] is running out of space) and would like to know if I can safely remove the old O/S from the partition and still retain the other data on the partition and how I can best go about removing the old O/S?
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Preferred Solution: Removing non-dual boot O/S from partition....

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a Windows 7 laptop that has 3 partitions on it with only one booting Operating System on the Hard Drive. One of the partitions contains a previous version of Win7 on it that became corrupted and I had to install my current version of Win7 on a newer primary partition which Windows boots straight into.

I no longer need to use the previous O/S and it takes up 17.6GB which I think is now unnecessary to retain (and is hogging up valuable Gigs that I could really make use of due to nagging pop-up that tells me that disk [partition] is running out of space) and would like to know if I can safely remove the old O/S from the partition and still retain the other data on the partition and how I can best go about removing the old O/S?

A:Removing non-dual boot O/S from partition....

Hi and welcome.

Please post a screen shot of your Disk Management window so that we can better understand what you have.
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I have a dual boot environment with two Win XP installed on different disks, XP1 and XP2 . XP1 was installed first and contains the boot files (NTLDR, boot.ini...) and XP2 came second. Now, I would like to keep XP2 and get rid of XP1. How can i delete XP1 since it contains the boot files? if i delete XP1 i am afraid to not be able to boot on XP2..., thanks

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Help I decided last night to remove the XP partition from my dual boot and keep Vista Home Premium When I made the dual boot I already had XP installed and just partitioned the drive and installed vista on Boot Vista from Removing Partition XP Dual the second partition using Vista boot pro to change the boot order I searched last night and came upon this website http www howtogeek com forum topic removing-xp-on-a-dula-boot-config and used it to remove the partition Before I started I Removing XP Partition from Vista Dual Boot used vista boot pro on the vista partition and deleted the XP entry so that it would only boot into Vista I then booted using Gparted and deleted the XP partition and resized my vista partition When I restarted it came up with an error message so I booted into the Vista DVD to repair but it doesnt give me the option to select my vista drive to repair I think the XP partiton may have been the sytem partition Help please Steve nbsp
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I am running Win XP PRO as one boot option, and WIN HOME as another.

I want to remove the Win XP PRO and then utilize the space for my WIN HOME directory.

I am looking to increase my usable hard drive in WIN HOME.

Can this be done?

A:Removing dual-boot OS and partition to increase space

Not easily, and it depends somewhat on what was installed first, and what Service Packs were on those first two installs of Windows XP..
I assume that Windows XP Professional was the primary install, because it normally will not tolerate being second to XP Home.

If it were my machine, I would buy a new hard drive and install Windows XP Professional, then install this current drive as a slave, and remove what you want to the new drive.
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Hello I have Installed Windows XP like ages ago and then there was some error with the XP back then while booting up so I called up my technician He dual booted my system with Windows Ultimate I've stopped using XP since a while so after Dual XP partition removing Windows not from Boot Booting 7 I thought of removing I from my system The XP files and Windows were on two different partitions of same Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot HDD So I used Minitool Partition wizard to remove Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot the Partition in which XP files were there It even prompted a message saying that I may Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot not be able to boot if I format the specific Partition I clicked on continue and it showed me that the specific partition is in use and the asked me to restart it and minitool will delete it by itself while restarting And after it deleted the XP partition my system can't Boot Windows now I just don't get it I've even lost my Windows OS DVD to try repair the OS Can anyone help me to Boot into my Windows without losing any data from that Partition

A:Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot

Why didn`t you listen to the message ?

You deleted your Active partition now windows 7 won`t boot.

Your windows 7 partition must 1st be marked Active, then startup repair must be run to write the system files to the Windows 7 partition.

Without an install dvd or a system repair disc, you can`t do that. You can easily make a system repair disc on another Windows 7 PC, all you need is a blank cd and a cd burner. But it has to be the same bit version (32 or 64) and Service Pack version as the version you are trying to repair.

Others may have another method. They will post it.

Or call your Tech

System Repair Disc - Create

Startup Repair

Partition - Mark as Active

You can also make and use a Partition Wizard Boot CD

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition
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My single hard drive has 1 primary partition and 3 logical drives in the extended partition.

The primary partition had XP installed on it and is obviously the Active partition(got drive letter C).
I then installed 7 on one of the logical drives.(got drive letter D).

The boot loader(I am assuming) is probably on the Active partition.

I am trying to delete the primary partition as I dont need the XP any longer --to claim some space on the drive.

What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

A:Removing the active partition in a dual boot setup

It appears you know the primary partition is active and the boot files are there. Since you cannot make a logical partition active, then it should follow you need to make another partition primary to be able to make it active.

You can use Partition Wizard to make a logical partition a primary partition. I will assume you will choose the Win 7 partition. You can then make it active and run the Win 7 Startup Repair 2 or 3 times to get Win 7 to boot from it.

After that, moving or resizing partitions can be done with Partition Wizard, but be aware it can be risky, so back up.
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I have two partitions on my HDD. A 'suspect' Windows 7 Home (that originally came with my 'refurbished' second hand laptop) is installed in the only Primary partition. A legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional is (now) installed in an Extended Logical partition. My laptop boots up in Windows 7 Professional, if no other selection is made. I now wish to remove the suspect installation, and revert to having just one partition containing my Windows 7 Professional, without formatting the whole HDD and reinstallng/restoring everything currently on the second, logical partition. Is this possible, and if so, how?
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I have two partitions on my HDD. A 'suspect' Windows 7 Home (that originally came with my 'refurbished' second hand laptop) is installed in the only Primary partition. A legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional is (now) installed in an Extended Logical partition. My laptop boots up in Windows 7 Professional, if no other selection is made. I now wish to remove the suspect installation, and revert to having just one partition containing my Windows 7 Professional, without formatting the whole HDD and reinstallng/restoring everything currently on the second, logical partition. Is this possible, and if so, how?

A:Removing Windows 7 from the Primary partition of a Dual Boot system.

What kind of BIOS you have? UEFI or Legacy (MBR)?
Can you give us a snapshot of disk manager?
Do you have a external HDD to make a backup image of your Win 7 pro partition?
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I am dual booting with Win98SE on my original/older drive and have WinXP on the second/new harddrive.

I want to remove the old harddrive and Win98SE. I tried following some help guides on TSG but I'm stuck at making the new drive the active partition.....

I haven't been able to find something that tells me how to do this.

Is anyone familiar with this?


BTW: Please!, I don't want to reinstall WinXP again.

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With the help of this forum and the Partition Wizard I have successfully installed Windows 7 64 bit on a separate partition (H) on my hard drive and I now have a dual boot system. The other partition (C:OS) runs Vista 32 bit OS.

The problem I have is that all my programs, files and settings are on the Vista partition. So I would like to remove Vista and merge the two partitions so that Windows 7 has access to my existing data and programs.

I have read a number of threads re merging, etc but I can't find one that specifically refers to my issue.

Thanks for your help.

A:Removing Vista from Dual Boot but retaining progs on Vista partition

Hi Paul, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Your issue is a typical upgrade issue, Internet in general and our forums in particular are full of advice in how to do it. As there's no way you can transfer your installed programs to your new Windows 7 installation, you have exactly two options.

Option 1, finish what you have already started:Copy your personal files from Vista partition to respective folders on Seven partition. You can do it manually or for instance using Windows Easy Transfer. Notice that your installed programs will not work on Seven even if you copy them and their folders to Seven
Delete the Vista partition
Use the free space (old Vista partition) to increase the size of the Seven partition
Re-install all your programs

Option 2, start from beginning:Do an in-place upgrade install, installing Seven on top of your Vista instead of clean install to another partition as you have done now. This option keeps all your installed programs and files exactly where there are now, no need to re-install them

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I dual W7 partition HDD exisiting on existing from boot partition create would like to create a bootable partition from an existing Win partition I have two partitions create dual boot partition from exisiting W7 partition on existing HDD bootable now Both Win - one with dragon dictate and various software I am trying out on a TB drive and the other is my regular boot partition on an SSD with the system reserved partition I would like to create an exact image of the regular SSD boot partition on the TB drive with the existing win dragon partition and other data drives to do an upgrade to win avoiding reinstall of lots of additional software I have read lots of threads on related topics but haven't seen one that can help with this problem I have tried acronis DD copying the partition but it isn't bootable and easyBCD adds it but it always defaults to the dragon partition when selecting it from the boot menu I do have acronis and plus versions as well as disk director Also just downloaded partition wizard but thought I might try a question first If there is a thread I missed that has the solution please point me there Thanks in advance

A:create dual boot partition from exisiting W7 partition on existing HDD

After re-imaging the partition to HD choosing Auto drive letter selection, Active partition and include MBR and Track0, unplug all other HDs, set target HDD first HD to boot in BIOS (after DVD drive), confirm partition is still marked Active then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts with the System Active flags onboard.

If you are including the 100mb System Reserved partition then all of these things should be done choosing it, so that it remains bootable and starts Win7. Otherwise the steps applied to C will cut out the 100mb System Reserved as boot partition.
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I'm a long-time reader but new poster I am currently running Windows I want to install Windows XP onto another disc and have a dual-boot setup I keep Windows up to date and secure but for the XP partition I would rather not have antivirus running or even installed in order to limit background processes I will not be logging into any place partition OS boot partition access w/Bitlocker a dual encrypted Can if or making any credit card purchases when booted into Windows XP It will just be used for surfing games etc Further if and when XP becomes compromised or buggy I will simply overwrite the partition with a backup image If I use Bitlocker to lock down the Windows partition with the encryption key on a thumb drive and boot into Windows XP Can OS partition access a dual boot partition if encrypted w/Bitlocker am I correct in thinking the XP installation see or can't access the Windows partition If XP gets compromised can a virus access or write to the Windows partition Is there any other reason why this would not be secure Can a virus write to the BIOS Thanks to anyone who can help

A:Can OS partition access a dual boot partition if encrypted w/Bitlocker

Please, any response would be greatly appreciated.
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It has happened to me twice...I accidentally deleted a partition and later found out that my system is dead....The only way I recover out of that is I reinstall Windows and then install grub again to recover the Linux partition. But I feel the delete partition is a very rapid process just taking seconds and in that I don't think files would be deleted, so I feel potentially I can recover the deleted partitions including the boot partition. But I don't know how to do it. Also now when the boot partition is deleted and the system is not booting up what should be done to recover the system and data?
Thanks in advance,

A:How to recover deleted grub/boot partition in Windows XP(Dual boot system))
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Hi I seem to have royally trashed my original Boot OS removing dual issue in after boot boot capability Please help The original set-up was as follows Vista Home Premium was Boot issue after removing original OS in dual boot installed on Boot issue after removing original OS in dual boot a two-partition disk Subsequently Windows was installed on a single-partition disk I could not upgrade because it was Professional edition and I did not want to erase because there was an important program that I had lost the install disk for I recently got around the problem with my important program and installed it under Win So me being the clever clogs I am decided to free up GB of space and remove my Vista partition forgetting that it was the system partition and it contained the boot sector the MBR was pointing to even if my usual OS was on a separate physical drive Of course now I can't boot Win as the computer says there is no disk with bootable information I have booted with the install disk and run every option I can think of including this kb article to no avail I can't perform an upgrade install since that's only available when booted to the OS and I'm loathe to erase it as that would involve a LOT of setting up again Fortunately the majority of my important files are on different physical disks and I'm competent enough with Linux to recover the few that aren't So the short question is is there a way of rebuilding the MBR other than bootrec RebuildBcd because that one didn't work - it finds the OS and when I say 'yes' to the prompt it says 'Element not found'

A:Boot issue after removing original OS in dual boot

Win7 installer only updated the System boot files on the Vista partition. To move them to Win7 Mark Partition as Active (Method Two) then write the System boot files there by running from the booted DVD or Repair CD Startup Repair 3 Separate Times.

If Vista was on a separate HD in Disk0 slot then it's best to keep it unplugged during these operations and swap Win7 HD into Disk0 permanently, set to boot first in BIOS setup . If this is not possible, mark Vista partition Inactive if it still holds an Active flag.

If Vista was on the same HD then you can recover both the System boot files AND the HD space back into Win7 using free Partition Wizard bootable CD which can also mark Active/Inactive. Highlighting the Win7 HD once marked Active, then choosing Rebuild MBR from the Disk tab, sometimes works on its own precluding the need to run Startup Repair from DVD or Repair CD.
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Back for more and as always a hearty thanks to anyone willing to give of their time For the last several months I ve been running a dual boot configuration--XP Professional and Windows Home Premium managed by GAG Boot Manager--on my HP Pavilion dv us with no problems I mostly use Win but roughly twice a week I ll boot into XP Pro to utilize a legacy app or just to update my anti-virus Yesterday days since my Of Can't Configuration Partition XP Dual-Boot Suddenly Boot last visit I booted into XP Pro and was for no reason that Suddenly Can't Boot XP Partition Of Dual-Boot Configuration I can figure confronted with the classic quot We apologize for the inconvenience quot screen that asks if I want to start Windows normally or use the last known good configuration or start in Safe Mode or a few other options Given that days ago I booted into the XP partition with no problems I chose quot Start Windows normally quot However after entering the splash screen the dots moved across the bar below the logo for complete cycles then half-way through the forth cycle the screen went black then reset to the Power-On password request I have the quot Power-On quot password set to yes in the BIOS so I receive this request every time I power-up Also it s exactly the same if I choose any of the other options Safe Mode last known good configuration etc cycles of dots then half-way through the forth cycle it resets to the Power-On password request My last successful use of the XP partition went smoothly and in the days between visits to the XP partition I did nothing out of the ordinary in Win my avast Home Edition anti-virus updated many times I installed a couple of Win updates Defender definitions and a generic Win security update I ran CCleaner and Glary utilities a couple of times each and truly nothing out of the usual Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be And thanks again for any help

A:Suddenly Can't Boot XP Partition Of Dual-Boot Configuration

Bleeping Computer DOES NOT recommend the use of registry cleaners/optimizers for several reasons:? Registry cleaners are extremely powerful applications that can damage the registry by using aggressive cleaning routines and cause your computer to become unbootable.The Windows registry is a central repository (database) for storing configuration data, user settings and machine-dependent settings, and options for the operating system. It contains information and settings for all hardware, software, users, and preferences. Whenever a user makes changes to settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in this repository. The registry is a crucial component because it is where Windows "remembers" all this information, how it works together, how Windows boots the system and what files it uses when it does. The registry is also a vulnerable subsystem, in that relatively small changes done incorrectly can render the system inoperable. For a more detailed explanation, read Demystifying the Windows Registry.? Not all registry cleaners are created equal. There are a number of them available but they do not all work entirely the same way. Each vendor uses different criteria as to what constitutes a "bad entry". One cleaner may find entries on your system that will not cause problems when removed, another may not find the same entries, and still another may want to remove entries required for a program to work.? Not all registry cleaners create a backup of the registry before making changes. If the changes prevent the system from booting up, then there is no backup available to restore it in order to regain functionality. A backup of the registry is essential BEFORE making any changes to the registry.? Improperly removing registry entries can hamper malware disinfection and make the removal process more difficult if your computer becomes infected. For example, removing malware related registry entries before the infection is properly identified can contribute to system instability and even make the malware undetectable to removal tools.? The usefulness of cleaning the registry is highly overrated and can be dangerous. In most cases, using a cleaner to remove obsolete, invalid, and erroneous entries does not affect system performance but it can result in "unpredictable results". Unless you have a particular problem that requires a registry edit to correct it, I would suggest you leave the registry alone. Using registry cleaning tools unnecessarily or incorrectly could lead to disastrous effects on your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. For routine use, the benefits to your computer are negligible while the potential risks are great.Ed Bott's Webog: Why I don?t use registry cleanersDo I need a Registry Cleaner?As I've said many times, registry cleaners, tune-up programs, and so-called "optimizers" are the current snake-oil of the internet. There are countless free programs like this and apparently some paid ones, as well.Do not be deceived. They promise performance you can only dream about....but only deliver a computer that is worse off than it was to begin with.Which os did you run the cleaners on just windows xp or windows 7? Also the windows 7 os runs just fine? I would try a repair using the command chkdsk /r in recovery console using the original windows xp disc (if you still have it if not we can still help you)
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With an XP Pro W Pro Dual boot configuration is it possible to do the following see screen shot or DiskMgmt info of current config below Move boot data from XP partition to the W extended partition Make W partition the Primary System partition Format the XP partition Extend Expand the W partition on to the available partition I have seen and tried many of the so called solutions currently posted with no success I can't help but notice that Microsoft does not currently offer a solution Alternatively if from W7 System Removal XP Dual boot partition a of boot the above is not currently possible which seems to be the case can I do the following Backup W and my documents partition to another drive Format the system drive Re-install W Successfully restore W with the backup retaining all programs amp drivers If this is all that needs to be done it's a no-brainer and should be recommended as the work around from MS My only fear to taking this leap is for some possible unforseen reason the restore function will not work with the new build Thanks in advance for any quot sure and sound advice quot SojourningAlien ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently booted into W DiskMgmt Disk - GB - Online WXP D GB NTFS Healthy System Active Primary Partition My Documents E GB NTFS Healthy Logical Drive W C GB NTFS Healthy Boot Page File Active Crash Dump Logical Drive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A:Removal of XP System boot partition from a W7 Dual boot

Use free Partition Wizard bootable CD. You 'll have to convert the Win7 Logical partition there to Primary first so that you can mark Win7 Active, then delete XP, resize Documents/Win7 extended partition into delete XP space, then boot into the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD to run Startup repair up to 3 separate times to write MBR to Win7.

[This is complicated by the Win7 partition being a part of Documents extended partition. You may need to include the Documents partition in all of the operations below involving Win7 partition. If you want to separate and move the Documents partition, or liquidate it into Win7 , ask back for additional steps.]

Boot PW CD, select 1 for screen resolution, rightclick Win7 logical partition>Modify>Convert to Primary, OK.

Rightclick converted Win7 Primary partition>Modify>Set to Active, OK.

Rightclick XP partition>Delete, OK.

Rightclick Win7 partition>Resize>slide left grey border to the left to take up deleted XP space, OK. Apply all steps.

Win7 will not now boot, so boot the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, click through to Recovery tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots, to write the MBR to Win7 until it starts.
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I have 2 hard disks with Windows Xp installed on each. When I boot up I get the choice to load either operating system. I wish to remove the (not used) XP version on the second disk. Can I just delete it from windows when I have loaded the initial XP (C drive)? Or should I just leave it? Might it be useful one day? I am asking as I am about to copy the contents of both disks onto a new single hard drive. Thanks.

A:Removing second boot partition

wat is exact problem
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I installed Windows 2000 on a dual boot. W2K is on the second partion (D: ) and Windows 98 is on the first (C: ). I am now at a point to where I no longer use Windows 98 and I would like to remove the partition. I have Partion Magic to remove the partition but I am wondering what that will to do to my Windows 2000 as it changes from D: to C:. Will it automaticlly adjust? Is there a utility to change it for me?

If necessary I will leave the original partition and just make it much smaller but that is not my first choice. If I do this, how small of a partition can it be?

A:Removing Dual Boot

Since you installed 2000 on the D: partition, it is going to freak if you change the partition. The Master Boot Record will show that the OS is installed to the D: partition, while the OS will be residing on the C:

I would just leave it and shrink the D: part. Leaving a few hundred megs over what it already is using. This should allow for the paging file to expand and leave room for your profile to expand.
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A few months ago, I set up my computer to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04. It worked fine. Now I rarely use Ubuntu, and I would like to remove it. I would like to know all of the steps I would need to go through to do this. I have a large partition for winows 7, its recovery partition, then i have one partition for Ubuntu.

A:Removing a Dual Boot

If you are using the windows boot loader, just delete the Ubuntu partition.

If you are not, then you want to delete the partition and then run a repair install of Seven.

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I'm running 64bit Vista. I want to install a second OS (xp 32bit) so I can use some music software that wont run on 64.

The thing is, I dont want to have to uninstall my current Vista OS. Can this be done? I would appreciate a run through.

Stewart Cattanach.

A:Dual Boot without removing 1st OS

You can install the new OS on a new Primary Partition and then modify the BCD menu to add it to the boot menu. The tools provided with Vista are not very friendly so I suggest you get EasyBCD to easily modify the boot menu:
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Ok a little background My problem started with spyware issue I know wrong part of forum but bear with me Upon a run of my superantispyware when it prompted for restart to remove infections I couldn t log back in to windows It would go to welcome screen I would type in password it would say logging in but then go right to logging off and back to welcome screen I tried to boot in safe mode which did not work Now panicked as I still had files to finish backing up I don t know what I was thinking got out an xp setup disc Problem was my system had home and this disc was pro But I really wanted Boot Dual Removing to get my files I installed xp pro on the same drive just renamed it something other than the default windows file folder So I was able to get my files I wanted Removing Dual Boot off But now I have two xps to choose from at boot I subsequently fixed the login loop problem of my xp home start up though safe mode still doesn t boot I would like to go about removing the xp pro from my computer leaving my original home How would I go about that Removing Dual Boot Can I just delete the file folder with the xp pro stuff I really should have come to this forum originally as I still have spyware issues and once I resolve my issue with my dual boot plan to head over to that part of the forum Off to bed hopefully someone can understand my ramblings and yes I see I did idiotic things Please help Thanks

A:Removing Dual Boot

You quite possibly can remove the XP Pro boot sequence by clicking Start > Run > type "msconfig" without the quotes > Enter....Open the Boot.INI tab and remove the one labled "Microsofr XP Professional"...Care should be taken to make sure that you remove the correct one!!!
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I'm helping someone remove XP from a XP/Win 7 dual boot. The two OSs are on separate physical disks with the boot files on the XP disk. I'm thinking I need to copy bootmgr and the Boot folder to the root of the Win 7 disk, set the Win 7 partition as Active, and change the boot order in BIOS so that the Win 7 disk is ahead of the XP disk. But what should I do about the MBR on the Win 7 disk? And anything else I need to do?

A:Removing XP from dual boot

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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Working on a friends Acer laptop with Vista and Win 7 installed as dual boot options. Win 7 is the default OS. The Vista OS has not even been activated. I'd like to remove the Vista partition and run only the Win 7 OS. The internal drive is only 80GB and space is becoming premium.

I've Googled the question and so far have ascertained it is not all that straightforward to eliminate 1 of the 2 OS partitions. Thought the folks here could give me some pointers to make the process a bit clearer.

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I am presently dual booting Win7 and XP and would like to remove XP. The two OS's are on different hard drives, Win 7 Home Premium x64 is on an SSD and XP Pro SP3 is on a mechanical HD. I added the SSD and Win7 upgrade to an existing PC with a mechanical HD and haven't used XP since the upgrade and now I want to clear that HD and use it for storage, backups, little used items, etc...

The tutorials about removing dual boot talk about needing to have bootmgr on the correct drive, both of mine show active and I can't be sure which one holds the Win7 bootmgr, I would like to end up with only Win7 booting off the SSD. I've attached a disk management screen shot.


A:Need help removing dual boot

Unplug XP HD, set Win7 HD first HD to boot in BIOS setup (after DVD drive), boot Win7 DVD System Recovery Options or System Repair Disk to run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
until Win7 starts on its own and holds the System Active flags on its partition.

You can now plug back in the XP HD to access it's data, boot it using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key,or wipe it using Diskpart Clean Command to get it cleanest for repartitioning in Disk mgmt. Partition or Volume - Create New
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Hi I've been looking at this thread as I want to remove XP and work only with Win However it would appear that Partition Wizard PW has either changed OR I've a problem with my Win installation The problem is the very first step i e deleting the XP partition and making the Win partition active all part of step one Yes I can delete XP but no way can I make Win active as PW has it greyed out My question therefore is where do I go from here Yes I can make Win active using Disk Management but what will happen when I delete Dual Removing XP from Boot XP Will I still be Removing XP from Dual Boot running in Win I suspect XP is ONLY required during the boot process I'm just not sure what to do now I'm not in any panic to remove XP so I'll take my time and make sure I know what is needed before doing anything There must be a way of achieving my aim but I'm just not sure how I would therefore appreciate help in making Win active as this must be done before I can go to doing three Startup Repairs Tracey PS I Removing XP from Dual Boot feel I've not really explained myself very well so if any further info required then please get back to me

A:Removing XP from Dual Boot

If Windows 7 partion is active there should be no problems deleting the XP partition. You have only to delete the XP boot entry in BCD.

If XP is your active partition then just do 3 steps:
1. Download BCD Editor - Windows 7 / Vista and install. It has a "Dual-boot Repair" tool. (You can do the fix in XP or in Windows 7).
2. Run "Dual-boot Repair" - click on Disk Management (shortcut to OS Disk Management) and set Windows 7 partition as active. (or any other partition which is not the partition to be deleted next)
3. Click on "Automatic Repair" (in tool "Dual-boot Repair"). Confirm. That's it.

Windows 7 should boot by default. If everything is OK delete the XP partition (format it).

It is best if the first primary partition on disk is also the active partition.
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Is it possible to stop dual booting without formatiing my harddrive?

My boot splash screen order is:
Windows 7
Windows Vista

I want to delete my WindowsOLD direcorty and boot to Win 7 only.
Win 7 and Vista are on the same partition.


A:Removing Dual Boot

Yes it's possible. You just need to remove the boot screen entry for Vista using something like EasyBCD.
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I do not know if this is the right forum. Sorry if not.. may be moved.

History : I run ,actually, a PC with Dual Boot, XP was first installed and after I have installed Vista in Dual Boot.
Now I prepare a new PC with Win7 Pro X64. This new PC already is in dual boot 2x Win7( Base Win7 and FSX Win7). I slowly transfer the applications and game (FSX) from the old to the new PC.
On my old PC I want to remove the Vista Dual Boot and transfer the HDDs to the new PC. Without any risk for my XP this is running on separated HDDs!!
How to remove the Vista Dual Boot?
Thanks in advance.

A:Removing Dual boot?

Hi Emile,

hope this will help:

alternatively check here:

or here:

Good luck!
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I currently have 4 partitions on my hard drive:

1. some Dell utility
2. Windows XP
3. NTFS partition where I keep my music/videos
4. Windows 7

3 and 4 are logical drives in an extended partition because that's how Windows 7 installed itself. I'm trying to get rid of XP because I don't use it any more and it's taking up space. I can't boot Windows 7 from an extended partition, though. How do I get it out, so that it will be a primary partition?
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Hi there Well now that I m using Windows Vista and I m liking it My xp installation is left there completely untouched Though things hadn t dual Removing boot fully stabilized yet due to faulty ram which till this day I have yet got myself down to the hardware store to buy some I wanna officially jump ship to Vista but I don t know how to do that I want to remove windows xp installation The two operating system are on two separate drive with Windows XP being the so called quot master quot I don t want to do anything that will destroy everything I just want to safely remove Removing dual boot XP and get Vista to boot In my bios the boot setting is set as boot from the hard disk where XP resides on If i swap the boot order with the Vista hard disk at the top the whole computer can t find the boot file and won t boot Removing dual boot Help anyone nbsp
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I've read a few related posting etc but my problems are a slight various I was using the Free Window Ultimate Beta for a few months Then bought a Windows Dual Boot 7 Removing new Quad i -Bit Laptop with -Bit Windows Pro pre-installed But wanted a fresh Removing Dual Boot Windows 7 clean install with partitions and without most unwanted pre-installs Made sure I had all the required drivers plus the Windows -bit DvD I then ran into a fresh install problem that many others seem to have Installing from the -Bit Windows Pro Dvd to a totally clean disk Well for thousands like me it hangs and fails but I eventually found a solution as below Tried several other Internet forum blog solutions which all failed but below worked On a single disk I made two partitions plus the recovery partition and I had previously made a bootable install Dvd for the now old Ultimate Beta So I installed that previous Windows Ultimate Beta now expired onto partition I assumed installing onto partition was a clever bit of pre-planning All ok and after it booted up fine I then could did install the new -Bit Windows Pro onto partition So now I have a dual boot but both are Windows and I boot and use the new Windows Pro fine But even though the new wanted O S is on partition and the unwanted Beta is on partition the registry and all paths on the wanted partiton are labeled as D I have installed onto this this D almost everything I want and need There is nothing I need or want on partition with old Beta O S but labeled C I want to quot safely quot a totally zap partition which is labeled C and perhaps leave unallocated b re-label partition from D to C without confusing the bootmgr nor registry c remove the dual boot selection screen d then reclam the unallocated space and recreate a new partition and a new formatted logical drive D Fairly confident but also very afraid I might end-up lossing everything again and starting all over again Any help or advice would be extremely welcomed

A:Removing Dual Boot Windows 7

Unfortunately you cannot change the driver letter of installed OS without it becoming unbootable.

However there is no reason you can't operate Win7 on D drive like it currently is set up.

Please post a screenshot of your full Disk management drive map so we can give you the exact steps. Use Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attach file using Paper Clip in Reply Box.

The steps are roughly to use either Diskpart commands from the Win7 DVD or free Partition Wizard bootable CD (best tool for Win7 64 bit) to mark D: active, delete C, then recover System MBR into D by booting Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD and running Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots.

But let us see the screenshot so we can be sure there are no potential complications.
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I Have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and just installed linux ubuntu 9.10 as a dual boot option. After playing around with it I realized I don't want it as a full os yet. Video problems, sound issues, flash player issues. How would I remove it from a dual boot option and set the space back to windows?

A:Removing Ubuntu 9.10 from Dual Boot

One way is to right click on my computer, click on the manage option. There you can delete the section of hard drive that was allocated to the Ubuntu installation and then expand the Windows 7 drive to take up the empty space left behind.

Also you can remove it from your boot options by following this simple tutorial.

BCDEDIT - How to Use
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I have win7 and 8 dual boot. However, as I had win7 for some time and have been installing and uninstalling all sorts of apps, my registry got filled up, although i have 92 and 94% free hdds memory. Therefore win7 is very slow.

Win8 however starts within seconds, opens anything the moment its told to open, in general processes huge ammount of data without all unnecessay services and processes. Therefore, I no longer have a need to have win7 on my computer.

How can I remove win7 from the computer?

A:Removing win7 from dual boot

Install EasyBCD on Win8, then make the Win8 partition the bootable one, delete the entry to Win7, reboot and format the old Win7 partition. This should work
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I have a Dual Boot System with XP Pro and Vista. XP is my main OS. I need to remove Vista from my PC because it is causing some lagging on the computer. How do I remove Vista w/o damaging my Windows XP Installation? Please get back to me as soon as possible by email..[email protected]

A:Removing Vista on a Dual Boot w/ XP Pro

Format the partition with Vista on it, then edit the boot.ini on the c: partition to remove the Vista boot option.
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i installed windows8 on C drive and and windows 7 on D drive..can i delete D directly by logging in windows 8 and then removing boot entry from easyBCD?

A:Removing Dual boot in My case

As D: is Logical, yes
Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 - Delete Windows 7
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Old C drive was dying Installed nd drive install XP on it Dual boot info is stored on C drive I want to remove C drive entirely I read what looks like contradicting info just delete C partition and Windows will creat mbr on D drive and make it bootable OR registry for D drive will need letters D changed to C A Can I have system with no C drive and it boots from D Right now I boot from D but C is still dual still -- Removing confused boot visible and accessible B Will I lose access to C as drive letter if I remove that drive When I removed C and ran Windows Setup Repair Console and typed Removing dual boot -- still confused in fixmbr I got dire warning that I might lose partition tables and all access to data So I backed off Is that what I need to do Windows will create new mbr on drive D I see that all the standard Removing dual boot -- still confused boot files are on C and none are on D nbsp

A:Removing dual boot -- still confused

You should backup your data anyway just on general principles if nothing else. After you backup your data to CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard drive, etc., I would just do a clean install of Windows. After this your old D drive will become the C drive.
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Okay so i have spent the past two days researching how to fix my particular problem and can't get a consistent good answer I am on a HP Pavilion laptop dv which came with Vista bit I have since added Linux Ubuntu on a different partition on the same disk as a primary Lastly i added Windows Pro so i have a tri-boot i guess you could say For some reason the was added as on a logical drive However it happened i've decided to stick with and remove Vista I'm also considering removing Ubuntu as well but issues with removing grub and dealing with the boot record etc have changed my mind on that Problem is i when i try to format the Vista part i get the quot Windows was unable to complete the part quot message From what i've read in my googling i'm assuming my MBR and bootsect and all that good stuff is on the Vista part I'm also assuming my Grub and linux boot files are on the Vista part too So first i guess i need to convert the partition from a logical drive to an active primary which despite what people recommend Paragon cannot do option is greyed out Then i need to somehow move and Vista boot dual Removing 7 the MBR over to I'm googled out and frustrated any suggestions I've attached a screenshot of my disk manager IMG file C Users ALLWHO E AppData Local Temp moz-screenshot png IMG

A:Removing dual boot Vista and 7

Instead of messing with all of this, I recommend you create a system image of your seven system and reformat your entire hard drive. Once you've done that you can format it the way you like and then place the image back onto the appropriate partition.

Granted you may still have to move the MBR and such but it'll allow you to keep all of your files and wipe everything out.
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Hi Like the proverbial bad penny I'm back for more advice This time my problem is that I have a PC which is dual boot with XP and I want to remove XP Snag is they are on separate drives and the Mobo only gives me the option quot Hard Drive quot to boot from - NOT a choice of either of the two drives installed I am therefore assuming it is imperative to get Win onto drive - but how I've been going round in circles this afternoon trying to sort it out but everything I've tried has fallen to ashes and I've been struggling to get a working system Thankfully I have four bootable as dual-boot 7) on drive Removing same (not from XP CDs Windows Repair CD Partition Wizard Paragon Rescue Kit Acronis TrueImage Home with Acronis Disk Director that are specifically for times such as these and between them they have enabled me to get back to where I started i e a dual-boot system with XP and Win So where do I go from here Since I will be asked for a graphic of the disk management window I attach it here for your perusal Incidentally Removing XP from dual-boot (not on same drive as 7) the Win partition on drive is simply a copy of that in partition K done using PW At this stage it has only been copied with nothing whatsoever done with it - it is just a copy of K which is on drive Tracey

A:Removing XP from dual-boot (not on same drive as 7)

Unless the Windows 7 is on an Extended partition, if it is this will not worh; if the Windows 7 partition is not "System, Active" disconnect the XP HDD and set the Windows 7 HDD as second boot device after the CD/DVD drive, make the Windows 7 partition the Active partition and do the 3 separate startup repairs to (re)create the Windows System boot files to the Windows 7 partition.

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

I don't see a snip of Windows disk management at all.
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Hello and reinstallation removing with Help dual boot everyone I've been reading a few guides on how to do this but I think Help with removing dual boot and reinstallation I might have done something wrong during the installation of Windows Ultimate that is screwing me up or I'm just very paranoid A little background on how this started and I'll highlight important bits to me at least in bold for those who hate reading walls of text My machine was originally running Windows XP bit I had a old drive that had Vista installed on it and tossed that into the case as well and eventually got that up and running again without issue took a while and seems silly I know So I had two independent HD We'll call them Disk X and Disk Y with two independent operating systems and was chugging along happily Recently I bought Windows Ultimate and decided it was time to move on from Vista I opted for a clean install on Drive Y from a usb installer versus doing the upgrade and maybe foolishly formatted the drive just to be certain things would be off to a fresh start The installer ran into a roadblock concerning missing SATA controller drivers so I let it be Kind of figured that problem out later on I'll get to that in a second and this is where the point of it all comes in Problem On Drive X which held my XP install I got the bright idea to setup a dual boot versus having both operating systems independent of each other again It went through without a hitch to I assumed Drive Y so most of the windows files for Win Ultimate are on there What I want to do now that I know how to work around the previous roadblock is wipe the install of Windows from my computer on Drive X keep XP unchanged on drive X and install Ultimate completely on Drive Y Also I do not have the original installation disk for XP since it was put on at a shop I do still have my usb installer for Windows Ultimate however All of my important data files are backed up and I do have a image of Drive X that I made with Macrium Reflect Question Time I've been looking at the steps provided in Dual Boot - Delete a OS and a few more guides I was able to scratch up that seemed relevant but I'm stuck Disk Management shows Drive Y as being the active partition with Drive X being system If I right click on Drive Y and click delete partition it gives me a warning about all data being lost on it blah blah but my question is this Will deleting the partition on Drive Y affect Drive X at all since they are setup in a dual boot Drive X C Windows XP Home Premium bit Drive Y F Windows Ult bit I downloaded EasyBCD and tried one of the steps listed in the above mentioned tutorial to cleanup the bootmgr but it said that the operation is valid only on Vista Win or Win Question Am I royally screwed That leads me to my last question Is there a better way for me to do this or should I proceed with what I have Solutions If anyone out there can help me out with this I would gladly appreciate it It might just be a case of my paranoia slipping into the equation but I cant afford to stumble along without being sure that I should be doing what I am My apologies for the wall of text

A:Help with removing dual boot and reinstallation

I use Aomei Partition Master and it has a function to rebuild the MBR, which includes the Windows XP bootloader. If you can get Windows XP to boot on its own, you can then safely delete the Windows 7 partition. You should then be able to re-install Windows 7 on the other drive, but when you do, make sure you don't have the HDD with XP on it hooked up so it doesn't install any sytem files there.
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yo, i have windows 7 on my comp
and i installed vista on a different hdd connected to this comp for other purposes
i have now disconnected that hdd but the vista option is still there... how do i remove it?


A:Removing dual boot entry

the easiest way imo is using easybcd
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I have spent hours searching and finding numerous instructions about how to do this Every one indicates options selections which don t exist on win7 dual Removing from boot xp my system None of the instructions can be followed through Hard Drive has logical drives I started with xp on logical drive C eventually I installed win on logical E dual boot disk management shows xp drive as system active primary win drive as boot pagefile crashdump logical drive can t format Removing xp from win7 dual boot xp drive because it is quot system quot Removing xp from win7 dual boot though file manager seems to start to let me start to format xp drive though i haven t tried taking it to completion yet I have tried easeus partition manager it won t let me change xp drive system to logical because it is a system drive It won t let me change win drive to primary because it is a boot drive Numerous instructions talk about making the win partition quot active quot but that isn t an option in easeus I have gotten rid of the dual boot screen system boots directly to win How do I get to the next step and eliminate xp should I try formatting from file manager or is there something else that I need to do first If I do remove xp can I leave win on the E logical partition of course it shows as c when booting to win or will it need to be moved to the original c position on the hard drive seems like this should be fairly routine operation at this point but apparently not can anyone help me to figure it out nbsp

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I'm running Windows XP, and a few months ago I installed Vista on another partition and used dual-boot with it...I formatted the partition with vista because I decided it sucked, but it still appears when I boot, and I keep having to choose Windows's really annoying. How do I remove it from the list and just have my computer boot XP without having to choose?

A:Removing Dual-Boot Choices

theres a way to reset the boot loader through the recovery console i think... google "reset boot loader with recovery console" and you might find something.
im not sure if thats true though i thought i heard it somewhere
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Just looking for some help with removing Vista so I can stop having to deal with low disk space. Here is what I want to do:

1. Erase partition D (Vista partition).
2. Backup partition E onto external drive
3. Erase partition E and the extended partition.
4. Extend drive C to take up the whole drive

I wasn't sure how to do it with the "System" flag being on partition D.

Thanks for the help!

A:Removing Vista from Dual Boot

Burn to CD free Partition Wizard bootable CD v.5.2: Partition Wizard

Now in Disk Management, mark C Active.

Reboot into Win7 DVD or Repair CD to Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts on its own. System Repair Disc - Create

Boot the PW CD, confirm that C is now System Active. If so, rightclick E then D to Delete, click Ok after each. Now rightclick C to Resize, drag right grey border all the way to the right, click OK, Apply all steps.

In PW v.5.2 C should resize into Logical Free Space just like Primary Unallocated Space without Logical having to be converted to Primary first. If not, post back for further steps.
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Built a new system, first loaded W2k. Then I added XPHE to the system. I am able to select either operating system when booting.

My problem is that I would like to remove W2K. W2k is on the primary partition of my SATA drive.

Is there any means of removing W2k and being able boot from XP alone?

A:Removing W2K from dual boot system-help!

How To Remove One Operating System from a Dual Boot Windows XP Computer
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I have dual booting on my PC with Vista home premium on a 500 Gb SATA disk and XP Pro on a 250Gb SATA, both internal.
Vista no longer holds terrors for me and I'd like to get rid of XP and regain better use of the 250Gb HD.
Can I just remove XP from the control panel in the XP boot or is it a lot more complicated?
I don't really want to re format the XP drive as I'd have to transfer a lot of data and files.
Any advice please?


A:Removing dual boot setup.

This generally requires you to edit the [boot.ini] (start, run, "msconfig", boot.ini tab, [operating systems]. I've never had a dual boot setup, but under [operating systems], you should see 2 entries, one for Vista, one for XP. If you delete the one for XP, that choice should no longer be available. Check out
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I am having a problem with my win installation I have GB drives with the original XP on it and other with the new win installed on it After I got all my files moved over and was happy with win I set about trying to reclaim the old xp drive to use for storage I followed the instructions from a previous post on here about using DISKPART to make Dual Boot Removing to Drive XP the old XP drive inactive and running Startup Repair times Here are the instructions I was following Quote To accomplish what you want you must set Removing Dual Boot to XP Drive Windows drive as first HD to boot in BIOS boot order mark XP and the Media drives inactive mark the Windows drive active then recover the MBR to Windows by running Startup Repair separate times Back up your files and a Windows system image externally or to the other drive Now reboot Enter BIOS Setup by tapping key given on first bootup screen set Windows partition as first HDD to boot after DVD drive Save settings and exit BIOS Boot into Windows DVD Repair console click through to Recovery tools list and open a Command Prompt type DISKPART LIST DISK SELECT DISK for XP drive LIST PARTITION SELECT PARTITION for XP partition INACTIVE SELECT DISK for Windows drive SELECT PARTITION for Media partition INACTIVE SELECT PARTITION for Windows Partition ACTIVE EXIT Return to DVD Recovery Tools list and run Startup Repair separate times to attempt repair and then rewrite MBR to Windows Check Disk Management that Windows is now System Active so you can now format your XP HD However after using DISKPART and running Startup Repair for the first time I am prompted to restart and if I boot from CD and return to Startup Repair it can't find a problem if I skip the boot CD I get the dual boot menu and win boots fine but disk management shows both disks as quot active quot and the old XP drive still as quot system quot if I remove the CD before restart I get an error about BOOTMGR missing and an option to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart So now I am lost again It appears that Startup Repair is quot fixing quot the startup by making the old XP drive active again and I confused about running it times when it can't find a problem

A:Removing Dual Boot to XP Drive

Here is a screen-grab from disk management console. Also I should not that the my situation obviously doesn't involve the media partition mentioned in the instructions I was following.
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I have a system which was initially set up a while ago as a dual boot Win SE Win K I had a need for the Win SE side of things then but now that has gone but the Win SE partition is the boot of course I want to be able to do away with the Win SE partition completely and ideally add the space to the Win K one maybe leave it as a clean NTFS partition if that makes things easier This would mean that I would end up with a drive with a single boot partition holding Win K This of course is not a trivial process as the drive letter of the boot partition will need to change I do want that drive letter change incidentally Can anyone offer advice on the feasibility of doing this I could just reinstall everything but I have a heck of a lot of stuff installed as the machine has to act in home play work modes Thanks nbsp

A:Removing Dual Boot setup

If you're saying that your Win98 disk/partition is drive C: and you now want your Win2k partition (let's call it D to become C: after you blow out the 98 install, you're out of luck. Many programs (including a number of Windows components) are going to be hard-coded in the registry or their configuration files to look for paths on D:. Changing the drive letter to C: is going to break any number of things. You could assign C: as a secondary drive letter to the existing partition, but I'm not sure if there's any value in that.

As far as formatting the Win98 partition, the 2k boot files are going to be located on that partition, so if you plan to reformat that partition, you had better have a strategy for putting the files back. Optionally you could delete the 98 files and CONVERT the partition to NTFS.

Overall, a re-install would probably be easier to accomplish what you want, IMO.
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I have a dual boot setup on 2 physical disks. the first install was Vista 64 bit and then i added Windows 7 ultimate 64. I would like to remove the Vista 64 so i am just using W7

I have tried to find info on the best way to do this but it all mostly talks about XP.

i know that my bootloader is stored on the vista drive. i know it is in boot\bcd
i don't know where i should copy this file too on the w7 drive. when i installed W7 i didn't use the option to have the 200mb drive created.

Can anyone please tell me the steps required please.

thanks in advance

A:Removing Dual Boot Vista 64

Quote: Originally Posted by dread74


I have a dual boot setup on 2 physical disks. the first install was Vista 64 bit and then i added Windows 7 ultimate 64. I would like to remove the Vista 64 so i am just using W7

I have tried to find info on the best way to do this but it all mostly talks about XP.

i know that my bootloader is stored on the vista drive. i know it is in boot\bcd
i don't know where i should copy this file too on the w7 drive. when i installed W7 i didn't use the option to have the 200mb drive created.

Can anyone please tell me the steps required please.

thanks in advance

It would be the best that you post a screenshot of your disk management to understand the situation correctly ( ).

Roughly it can be said that as you installed vista earlied, it is the primary and system active partition. For the pourpous of recovery you must need the Free Download Partition Wizard . At first, download it and burn in a cd. Without this tool , the process will be very hard.

In if you upload the disk management window, it would be easier to understand the entire situation.
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I moved to Windows 7 from Vista. I had dual boot to Ubuntu but ended up removing the OS and i still get the option to choose this when it is not installed. How do I get this option removed?

A:Removing dual boot options

Try Start Menu > Msconfig
(Type in 'msconfig' in the search box, without the quotes)
Have a look in the boot area.
But this is a really sensitive part of the OS. Be very careful what you do there.
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Hi - thought a new thread for this might be a good idea.

I've already been looking into upgrading from XP to 7 but onto a seperate hard drive (see this thread: Installing Windows 7 Upgrade to secondary hard drive)

I'm starting to think that a temporary dual boot scenario may be a good option. This tutorial is nice and straightforward: Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP[3]=Installation%20and%20Setup

However, it doesn't say how to subsequently get out of the dual boot scenario.

Will simply formatting the drive with the unwanted OS on it work?

A:Removing dual boot setups

Yes, but then you may need to repair the boot loader. Go ahead and format, and we will work from there.
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Hi all,

Would it be possible to install Windows 7 on my windows XP partition? I have Ubuntu installed this way and it seems to run fine, but how would I go about installing Windows 7 on the same partition? The Ubuntu install disc I had did it automatically, and how would I be able to add Windows 7 to the boot sequence?


A:Dual boot on one partition?

It is possible to do this, but the programs that you use may defeat this. For example, you'll need 2 "Windows" folders - which you can force a rename of.

But how will your programs know which Windows folder to use?

I'd suggest changing the size of the partition with a 3rd party tool.
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Whenever my niece stays over for the weekend she messes up my wifes computer.
I would like to create our nieces her own partition that way WHEN she messes it up I can just reload that partition and not interfere with my wifes stuff.
She plays a kids game online with block shaped people and she downloads all types of crap without us knowing,maybe two OS's??

Or maybe some one could help me figure out how to not let her d-load all this crap.

I'm thinking,Vista will stay with my wifes machine and have our niece with XP. That way when she is here we just load XP and everything will be good.

Any thought????


A:Partition help/dual boot?

Here is a great option, and probably the easiest.

Deep Freeze - Absolute Workstation Integrity 100% Restore on every reboot

My question to you is, why are you letting her download anything, tell her either stop or no pc

You could setup a very restricted user account for her.
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Hi im trying to install windows 7 to dual boot with xp already on the same hard drive but have 2 partitions, im getting an error along the lines of unable to create partition when installing windows 7, been looking on internet for fix but nothing seems to work so is this possible?, i have a seperate 80gb ide drive aswell but that means copying 70gb of date back to the spare partition which would take a while so id prefer to have them both on one partition, i need win 7 for new games and have to much stuff on xp partition to save elsewhere

A:Dual boot same partition

Hi how much space is free on the xp drive have you read through this Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums
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Dual Boot Dilemma

I have dual boot XP on one single partition. Duh- I know a second OS should be put on a separate partition, but the damage is done. How can I get back to one OS?

A:Dual boot from one partition

Delete the folder of one of the Windows copies? Your program files and user profiles are most likely FUBAR though. Better format and reinstall.
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This is my first time here so if I need to elaborate on anything or provide more information I'll be happy to I'm trying to set up a dual boot environment on my Toshiba Satellite laptop I've done this one other systems in the past enough to where it had become pretty routine Trying to accomplish that this time has me at a complete loss of how to proceed This is my current system Windows Home Intel Core i - U PNY Gb SSD this was swapped in as the original the for dual boot? partition SSD to What best is way a HDD was going What is the best way to partition a SSD for dual boot? bad I went about how I had done in the past and went into Computer Management gt Disk Management to partition off a significant amount of free space for the second OS Seeing only Gb available when the drive has Gb of free space sent me searching the internet to find out where the extra space was going This lead to several sources that suggested where Windows was storing pagefile sys was the issue that kept the full amount of free space from being available during volume shrinking Several sources again suggested that turning off virtual memory removing restore points and deleting pagefile sys would free up this space It turned out not freeing up the space So I reverted those changes I thought well maybe I could backup the drive and use Windows restoration feature to force it to reformat to the size I'd like while retaining enough space to fit the data I backed up and made a system image using quot Backup and Restore Windows quot I then used Microsoft's media creation tool to create a bootable USB so that I could enter repair mode and force the drive to be reformatted in the way that I'd like to achieve After entering the repair mode both my backup and system image were detected but the SSD wasn't Several linux installers can't see it and neither does gparted After this I'm really at a loss for how to proceed to get the SSD in the state that I'd like

A:What is the best way to partition a SSD for dual boot?

Originally Posted by johnson pw

After this I'm really at a loss for how to proceed to get the SSD in the state that I'd like.

Stop trying to use Windows disk management and use MiniTool Partition Wizard instead:
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free
That will solve your problem.

Adjusting the boot partition (partition that contains the OS that was booted into) will probably cause MiniTool to ask you to restart the computer to perform the actions. That's fine - it's never failed me. Do forget to click the Apply button though.
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HelloFirst time posting a technical question issue Here are my comp basics Asus P E WS Pro GB RAM w GB ready to install Intel Quad Core GHz ProcessorRAID x Western Digital boot? + PC/Dual Partition SATA drives C each IDE hard drives storage only F G XP ProMy PC is about years old custom build and is still operating on the original format I have been extremely careful about infections running Nortons AV The computer is still more than adequate for my use graphics general This is what I Partition PC/Dual boot? + want to do but I am not really that savvy with hardware upgrading reformatting and such I would like to install Windows but maintain the current boot of XP Pro without losing any data Can how do I partition C Partition PC/Dual boot? + and install Windows allowing to boot up to either OS I would also like to acquire and use a program that can Partition PC/Dual boot? + restore a drive from a storage media one use to be called Drive Image years ago Essentially I would like to be able to quot save quot a drive to an external source and quot flash quot it back if I should ever have any problems without having to re-install all the software updates etc Is this a possibility One concern I know nothing about is the RAID There is a Marvell RAID monitor that runs in my system tray System Information also says there is an Intel RAID monitor I don t even know what it is for - is this a significant thing for reformatting installing new OS Best regards and thanks for any guidance I learned that I know just enough to get myself into trouble when I don t seek expert direction

A:Partition PC/Dual boot? +

You can use Partition Logic to add a second partition. There are instructions in the manual.Acronis True Image is good software for maintaining a drive image.My personal opinion is that RAID is really that much of an advantage in most home user computers.
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Hi All I get the following error when starting Partition Magic boot Can't for XP dual in Partition in XP Partitions drive letter cannot be identified I went to the Norton website and the KB suggested the Can't Partition in XP for dual boot the drive may have windows protection enabled on it I checked it and it did not have it on How can I partition this drive with third party s w so that I can dual boot with a fresh install of Vista Should I run check disc again I also get the following errors when running PartitionInfo Error Partition didn t begin on head boundary ucBeginHead expected to be or not Error Partition didn t begin on head boundary ucBeginSector expected to be not Error Partition didn t end on cylinder boundary ucEndHead expected to be not Error Partition didn t end on cylinder boundary ucEndSector expected to be not Error Partition didn t begin on head boundary ucBeginHead expected to be or not Error Partition didn t begin on head boundary ucBeginSector expected to be not Error Partition ends after end of disk ucEndCylinder must be less than Error Partition didn t end on cylinder boundary ucEndHead expected to be not Error Partition didn t end on cylinder boundary ucEndSector expected to be not Any help would be great CUBE nbsp

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I have dual booted my PC so I have windows 8 and windows 7. When I am on Windows 8 I can see my Windows 7 Partition listed in Computer and I can access it and all the files. But when I am in Windows 7 I can't see the Windows 8 Partition. Sometimes I need to access the other to get certain things.

Can anyone help me with this?

A:Dual Boot Partition

For everyone else who as a problem similar to this or you have a drive not showing up. Open the disk manager and assign the drive a letter.
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I should know the answer to this question but my mind isn't working. I have done this before but can't remember how *exactly* I did it.

I took my sister's 150GB HD and set her up with a dual boot with Windows 7 and XP. She now wants me to take Windows 7 off and just use XP for a while. If I use a 3rd party partitioning tool to remove the Windows 7 partition FROM WITHIN XP, will this screw up the boot manager? I think it should be fine. Just take out the partition and extend the XP partition into the free space and it should just boot to XP. Is this correct?

A:How will removing partition effect boot manager

Quote: Originally Posted by nate42nd

I should know the answer to this question but my mind isn't working. I have done this before but can't remember how *exactly* I did it.

I took my sister's 150GB HD and set her up with a dual boot with Windows 7 and XP. She now wants me to take Windows 7 off and just use XP for a while. If I use a 3rd party partitioning tool to remove the Windows 7 partition FROM WITHIN XP, will this screw up the boot manager? I think it should be fine. Just take out the partition and extend the XP partition into the free space and it should just boot to XP. Is this correct?

Your message implies your sister's HDD:
1. Started with new HDD
2. Installed w7 first
3. Installed XP

Was this the case, or did the machine come with XP installed,
then w7 installed afterwards?

When you boot XP, with hidden/system files 'showing', does there exist
both 'ntldr' and '' and the w7 'bootmgr' on the C: drive?
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I have Vista Vista in 7 Dual Windows with Removing a Boot on a separate disk from Windows Windows is on one of my partitions on the disk I tried to format the disk with vista by going in to My Computer and right clicking on the Removing Vista in a Dual Boot with Windows 7 disk and formating it like that but it says that Windows was unable to complete the format I unchecked quick format and put the allocation to default instead of bytes I'm doing it this way because Removing Vista in a Dual Boot with Windows 7 when I go to disk management it keeps loading but nothing is shown I have had it open for a long time now and still nothing is showing All it says is quot Loading disk configuration quot When I close Disk Management and open it again it stays at quot Connection to Virtual Disk Service quot Virtual Disk Service is set to start manually and it is started Is there any other way I can format the disk or do I have to do it this way I still want Disk Management to work though EDIT I did some searching and I found out what the allocation unit size is Is it better for me to decrease the allocation unit size if I'm using the disk as a backup

A:Removing Vista in a Dual Boot with Windows 7

Download and burn free Partition Wizard bootable CD, boot it, select 1 for screen res, rightclick Win7, Modify>Set to Active, OK.

Now rightclick Vista to Delete, OK., Apply all steps.

Set Win7 as first HD to boot (after DVD) in BIOS setup.

Next boot the Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots to write the MBR to Win7.

If Disk Management will still not open, run sfc /scannow as Admin. If this fails, then run a Repair Install
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I have a somewhat wierd setup. I dual boot vista, but i dual boot between a 32bit and a 64bit version (no xp, all vista).
Now, i don't need the 32bit version any more, so i want to get rid of it, but i want to make sure i do it correctly, and don't end up restoring it all.

I installed the 32bit last, so it is the default option in the bootmenu, which i really want to get rid off.

Any experiences with this?

A:removing dual boot vista correctly.

Hi nicolai,

you may want to have a look at this ...

Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

which allows you to edit the vista bootloader (install and run from x64 version which should be where the Bootloader runs from as this was first install)

once you disable the 32bit from appearing in your boot menu should be a simple matter to clear/reformat it's partition using the Inbuilt Disk management or your favourite 3rd party app

hope this helps
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Okay so I ve spent the last couple hours researching how to remove my ubuntu partition from a multi-OS boot with Windows and Vista still boot with Windows dual 7 Ubuntu in removing not convinced of an exact method or strategy I need the space but am more afraid of losing all my data and having to reformat and reinstall Windows Yes my data is backed up but it s just the hassle of having to reinstall apps and shortcuts and every single little thing I ve tweaked especially the registry in the past year Does anyone know of a full proof method to uninstall and remove this ubuntu linux removing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 7 partition Does the fact the i installed Windows after Ubuntu laptop came with Vista then installed Ubuntu to dual boot then recently got change anything or the fact that Windows is listed as my default OS Until i know for sure i guess I m just gonna have to leave it there any help would be greatly appreciated I knew that grub was gonna come back and kick me in the ass Vista Home Premium Ubuntu Windows Professional Thanks

A:removing Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 7

So you have a triple-boot? Vista, Ubuntu, and 7?Do this for me while inside Windows 7:in the Start Menu search, type this and hit Enter:msconfigOnce on the "Boot" tab, take a screenshot and post it here.
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Hello guysI had both Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on my computer until a few days ago. Then, I uninstalled the Windows 7 OS, and kept only XP. I've formatted the Windows 7 partition, but when I start the system, it still shows Windows 7 in the menu, and I can still select it. It doesn't work, obviously, but it's pretty annoying.Any idea how do I remove it from the boot menu?Thanks guysMaddieHello Guys, I had the same problem and tried what you guys suggested. But the boot.ini file only has a line for the operating system I'm using. I checked the hidden files in all other partitions but I already formatted all partitions and there is no other boot.ini files anywhere. I don't know what else could be wrong. Any ideas?Thanks Raaney

A:Removing Dual Boot From Startup Menu

FWIW: The boot.ini file for overridden by the Windows 7 file, normally. The basic assumption is that XP was installed before Win 7 and the XP boot.ini file is incapable of recognizing the Win 7 install because it's newer than XP.Sooo...modifying the boot.ini file of an XP install...won't solve the problem, IMO. In fact, that boot.ini file won't even boot is the Win 7 files which now boot the XP install...and which reflect the Win 7 install that you removed.If it were me...I would simply use EasyBCD to modify the recognized boot files...or simply do a repair install of XP, which will break the Win 7 bootloader and reestablish boot.ini properly.EasyBCDI dual-boot both and have done the repair install of XP when I tired of Win 7...and I've also used EasyBCD (installed in XP) to correct a boot problem with XP after I had removed my Win 7 partition.Louis
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I have a Win8 / Vista dual boot - Win8 on SSD on C: and Vista on HDD on D: (data only on E: )
I have not used Vista since installing Win8 and now want to remove to free up some space and remove dual boot

Is there an option to keep my files on the drive but simply remove the Vista OS folder and remove the dual boot option? Or do I need to follow process here and "delete volume" and then copy all the files across again from backup?

If I do need to "delete volume"
my first issue is that this option is greyed out and cannot be selected for D: drive? How can I sort this?
also what do I do with 11GB recovery partition and 3.54GB OEM partition?

pic attached (hopefully)
many thanks

A:Removing Vista from dual boot with Win8

Physically disconnect the old Acer Vista HD Drive.
Make the Windows 8 SSD, disk0 & first HD boot in BIOS.Also connected to the first Sata port on the MOBO.
Than do a Auto Repair first,

How to do a Auto Repair:
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

When Windows is booting OK, replace the old Acer Vista HD Drive back in as Disk 1, & make sure you mark the D: partition on the HD Drive INACTIVE:
Partition - Mark as Inactive - Windows 7 Help Forums
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I have Vista on one drive and Windows 7 on a separate hdd dual booting.
I want to remove the Vista drive and only retain Windows 7, so that I only need to have one drive to boot from and to backup the Windows 7 OS drive.
I have no further use for Vista, I haven?t used it for months. Space no problem, just a nuisance to have to include it in the image backup and make larger files.
Vista is drive C: Windows 7 is F:
I have 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade disks and Repair disk.
4 hdd?s installed and 2 DVD Writers.
Any help on an easy solution would be much appreciated.

A:Removing Vista drive from dual boot with W7

Hello Jonmor68.

Will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a snip of that.
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I am in a dual boot system with Win7 on 1st HD and Win Xp on my 2nd HD.

I want to remove the HD with just XP on it from the system and only have the HD with Win 7. When i tried removing the xp HD i could not boot back into win7.

How do i boot back into win 7, will it be a repair install?

I am prepared to lose all the stuff on the drive if worst comes to worst but if there is a way to keep the stuff it would be great


A:Removing a Hard Drive while in dual boot

Can you post a screen shot Disk management?

Screenshot tools.
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
Fscapture free download
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Hi all I have a Dell Inspiron System It came with Windows Vista Home Basic when I purchased it years back I installed Windows as a and with 7 its Boot from Removing Recovery Dual Vista dual boot with windows vista on it with tut from here and it ran very smoothly I am happy with my dual boot system But off late I am facing problem of low hard disk space as seen in SS This is because most of programs like MS office few games Acrobat Winamp etc are installed twice one in C Vista and once in D Win Now I am very happy with and want to remove Vista Pls link me to a tutorial that can help me to remove it I want to remove C and E Vista's Recovery which came by default with system I want to Removing Vista and its Recovery from Dual Boot with 7 retain my existing programs settings in win as it is Untouched I want to merge those C and E into one Pls instruct me how to do it

A:Removing Vista and its Recovery from Dual Boot with 7

Hello Inspiron15.


I just finished the new tutorial.

Partition : Recover Space Used by an Older OS

I just started a tutorial today (8 Sept) specific to recovering the space from the first partition on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) how to recover C: into D: but it won't be done until later today, I hope.

Have a look at this tutorial at the link below, in Option Two it shows how to recover that space though it's titled as recover the "System Reserved" partition but the steps are exactly same for what you need to accomplish.

The best way would be to do a partition specific wipe of the C: partition first, then recover the space into D: that is outlined in Option Three, it over-writes everything on the partition giving you the best possible space to recover into the Windows 7 D: partition.

Have a thorough look through the entire tutorial before you start to get an understanding.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

You will have to mark the D: partition as "Active" so that Windows 7 will boot independently, it is listed under Option Two of the tutorial above but this tutorial at the link below gives a better understanding of the process.

Do this first of all to get Windows 7 booting as "System, Active" first.

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times
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Hi all, and thanks for any replies.

Here's the thing. I setup my system to dual boot between WME and W2K. The ME was on the system first and is the one I want to keep. What I need to know is how to remove the Dual Boot Questionair screens at startup. I have allready made ME the default startup system and I have tried 'fdisk /mbr' didn't do it. I can't find any boot.ini files or ntldr files anywhere. Any one with ideas? ? ?
Thanks again for any replies...

A:{Advice Offered} - Removing Dual boot


The BOOT.INI, NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM files are all hidden. Make sure you have explorer set to show all files so you can delete them.

But, before you delete them, you need to change your boot sector. To do this, create a boot disk with WinME (I do not, and probably will never, have WinME loaded, but I have a feeling it is on the third tab of the Add/Remove Software applet). Boot off the WinME boot disk and type:

sys c:

at the command prompt.

Then reboot your computer and see if you can go into WinME straight away. If you can, you can delete the three files above, plus the Win2K partition.

If not, edit your BOOT.INI file so that the Timeout value = 0. That way, it will not even show the choice, and it will feel like you are going straight in....
Though, why you would choose the VW Beetle OS, when you had the Porsche OS already loaded, I will never know....


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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I had xp and vista installed on two seperate partitions that I created using parition magic. I went in and formated the partion with vista and used Partition magic to reallocate the space back to my c partition with xp.

The problem now is that I still get the screen asking which os I want to load on bootup. I have tried going into the recovery console and running fixboot, but I get an error saying can not find the system drive, or the drive specified is not valid When I run chkdisk it also gives me an error The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems

Does anyone have any suggestions to remove the dual boot screen?

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I've installed Windows 7 Build 7057 on a partition where I previously had Windows XP. I wanted this installation to wipe out the XP, but instead it created a Windows.old folder. I've deleted that folder, but now when the system starts up a black screen with three options shows up:

1. Previous Windows
2. Windows 7
3. Windows Recovery Console

This Recovery Console was installed when I had the XP, I have no idea why it's still there.

I would like to remove any traces of XP and this console so that the system can boot 7 right away.

Also, a tiny thing: for like 2 seconds a black screen with all drives attached shows up, I'd like to remove that one, too.

Could you tell me how to do it?

If there was a similar question before, please let me know where the answer is. I apologize if I made a double thread.

Help me!

A:7 & XP & Recovery Console: Removing XP [not dual boot]

Here's how to install windows Vista and 7 after your done setting your BIOS to boot from the DVD Drive windows 7 should start select Custom setting then you should see your hard drives that you got install in your system delete the partition with XP and any other partition that you know is ok backup your data before delete all your partitions install a fresh copy of Windows 7 hope this helps!

Yes there is a Thread that got step but step on how-to install and dual-boot look in the Tutorials
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My computer started out running Vista some time ago, and when the time came to move on to Windows 7, I decided it would be easiest to migrate by dual booting. I shrunk the vista partition and created a new one for 7 on the same drive.

Now I am running out of space on my main partition (only 2GB free) where 300GB is being taken up by the now redundant Vista partition.

Under disk management, the vista drive is the active partition. I have looked around to find steps to get rid of vista in this case, but havn't found a definate procedure, mainly that I will need to fiddle with the MBR.

Could someone give a step by step method to remove Vista, I really don't want to have to re-install windows because of a careless error - again.

A:Removing Vista from Win7 dual boot

AFAIK your Win7 has been installed in a "D" drive with its boot loader bootmgr in the "C" drive. Since Vista is in the "C" drive too so the same boot loader boots both systems.

I stand to be corrected but your Win7 will not boot if you remove the "C" partition, forcing the Win7 to become the "C" drive and rebuild the BCD inside the Win7 partition.

What you can do is to abandon the Vista partition and use it as a boot partition. In such a case you can use Win7 disk management to resize Vista partition to a smaller size and then expand Win7 to absorb the unallocated space. You can keep vista or simply nuke its folders but not the files in the "C" drives and the /boot directories.

I had Win7 booted from a pure data-only NTFS partition before. My current Xp, Win2k, Vista and Win7 are all installed in the logical partitions booted by a primary Dos Fat32 partition as the "C" drive. You can rebuild the BCD if Win7 doesn't boot but it definitely need to be in the "D" drive as originally installed. The files in the "C" drive can be rebuilt and obtainable from the Win7 installation DVD booted up to the Command Prompt. However if you just nuke the unwanted system folder of Vista and shrink the partition then there would be to worry about the booting process.

There is of course another solution and that is to migrate the two systems to a larger hard disk. For laptop you can go to 500Gb and a 2TB hard disk is sold under 100 in UK now. This involves the less work and worry but you need to download an Linux iso, burn it into a CD and use it to do a sector-by-sector cloning. See this thread for rore details I think there are free Windows-based software available too but the cloning can be done by every Linux or Unix as it has the command "dd". If you clone the systems to a larger hard disk you have no need to remove the Vista, add more Operating systems if you want and can have room to install virtual machines too.
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I know I know this has been asked before but I just can't seem to get this done sigh Have XP then installed Win as Dual Boot Now trying to get rid of XP All is backed up from XP REMOVING Boot Dual XP/7 revisited Windows ... in case of disaster I've tried different procedures in these forums with no luck Last thing I tried was using EasyBCD to remove the boot option Now the computer just boots straight into Win but I REMOVING XP from Windows XP/7 Dual Boot ... revisited noticed that the XP partition is still active Made the Win partition active but when I reboot I just get a blinking cursor on the upper left of the screen and nothing happens I've tried the Windows installer Repair my computer and running Startup Repair times and still no luck just get the blinking cursor on the corner of the screen I then have to boot from CD with Partition Wizard and reactivate the XP partition and I boot again into Win The only thing I am hesitant to do is delete the XP partition If I do and then I can't boot I can't make XP active again to boot and would have to restore everything and would be where I started again Just need to get rid of XP safely Any guidance is appreciated Thanks

A:REMOVING XP from Windows XP/7 Dual Boot ... revisited

Hi there

The problem is you need to get rid of the old MBR.

1) Insert Windows XP disc and boot
2) use recovery console option when given install options
3) type FIXMBR

At this stage you won't be able to boot W7 -- not to worry as it's still there but the boot will only "see" the XP partition.


4) reboot from the Windows XP disc or use a GPARTED disk

GParted -- Download

5) delete existing XP partition

6) Now install W7 install disc and chose repair system --this should re-build the boot process - and XP will now be 100% GONE.

(Before doing --please ensure you've got backups in case something gets hosed up - taking image backups is a good idea.).

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I have a Lenovo V laptop which had a working XP-SP system with hard disk partitioned for data and OS and Lenovo s infuriating hidden partition for recovery I decided to install Ubuntu dual boot - all went well - GRUB took over booting Today I tried to remove the dual boot and revert to XP-only I followed instructions found elsewhere that told me use compmgmt msc to remove the Ubuntu-XP Disaster Boot Removing Dual partitions then Removing Dual Boot Ubuntu-XP Disaster use my install-CD to go into repair mode and run a program to fix the mbr - I used the disk utility to remove the two ubuntu partitions - I booted using the XP CD What went wrong - When I tried to enter the repair mode it repeatedly told me it couldn t find a hard disk Removing Dual Boot Ubuntu-XP Disaster and gave me only the option to reboot - which didn t help - Now when I boot without the CD in place I get an error message from GRUB - error - and am totally stuck I tried using the XP CD again and am still told that there aren t any HD s available What should I do to get back my working XP nbsp

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Hello I would like to remove windows XP from my current dual boot setup and have had a few failed attempts already My system - Originally HDD in partitions primary having XP - Added nd HDD in partitions primary having Win I've included an image from Win Disk from Setup XP Boot Removing Trouble Dual Manager My first attempt to remove XP I followed this guide Video Remove Windows XP from a dual-boot configuration with Windows TechRepublic Trouble Removing XP from Dual Boot Setup I was following the steps fine until I tried the BootRec fixboot command which returned an quot element not found quot message After quitting the process there I could not boot into Trouble Removing XP from Dual Boot Setup either OS My second attempt I tried to follow the steps provided by gregrocker under post of this thread Removing Windows XP SP on Dual Boot with Windows After I deleted the XP partition and booted off the Win disk Win did not recognize any drives that had Win installed I could not select anything to repair as a result I have my Win and XP partitions backed up with Acronis and have restored both partitions after each attempt I'm posting this from the same box I'll continue to read through posts guides on the site here Any suggestions in the mean time would be appreciated

A:Trouble Removing XP from Dual Boot Setup

Hello wnyluke, welcome to Seven Forums!

It's much easier than you believe, all that needs done as the Windows 7 partition is marked "Active" is the 3 separate startup repairs outlined in this tutorial at the link below; and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

Then the XP partition can be removed though I would suggest a wipe secure erase first, have a look at Method Four of this one.Secure Erase / Wipe : Definition and Methods
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Okay I'm sure many of you techies get a laugh as you read this but I was eager to try Win And after a few week I realized the it was just slowing my performance some so I just decided to unistall it Was immeaditely faced after boot 8 fix Win Cant laptop.. 7, dual removing Win Disaster with with a BSOD on next reboot and have repairing and re-installing since to keep it running I noticed I have about to accounts under with the same name shared in Disaster after removing dual boot Win 8 with Win 7, Cant fix laptop.. users workgroup etc in each of the three OS that I have comepletely quot cleaned quot quot wiped quot and quot formatted quot by Windows and Paragon Throughout the day the pc will hang and cut off and when I use a repair disc to boot it back up it recovers one of the three OS's Ultimate x and Pro x I shouldn't have did all the quot clean all quot commands I guess but that's how I quot thought quot it'd be best to try to completely wipe my drive and clean install after the boot partition Disaster after removing dual boot Win 8 with Win 7, Cant fix laptop.. or MBR was altered by Win being removed Now after trying everything to get rid of the recovery partition they've got two of them now for mb I noticed quot virus quot written out really big on the table where the binary is near the MBR but I ran Avast Malwarebytes and another notable av and I'm sure it's not there now after wiping formatting and the multiple quot clean all quot elevated cmds I did Any ideas on what to do next I included a sfc scannow and will submit anything else you like It just keeps giving same error code of x and running SLOW as well as inconsisent with power Oh I will attach a spec sheet also THANKs a lot for any help I have class online starting back in a month

A:Disaster after removing dual boot Win 8 with Win 7, Cant fix laptop..

Before removing 8 since you seem to be tied to a single boot drive seeing the one of the other Windows installs set as the default would have been all that was needed before wiping the drive. The finding here with a 7/8 dual boot with each starting off as stand alone installs and later a Refresh PC of 8 automatically adding 7 in resulted in drive errors!

Keeping the 8 Release Preview install totally separate from any other version as far as boot loaders is the actual best move. One question here however is how many drives are actually in use for Vista, 7, and 8 now gone?

For the next clean installs of each other version Vista and 7, one each advised, the clean all command succeeded in nuking the one or more drive(s) involved. With the 64bit Vista however trying to reinstall that version's 64bit flavor requires removing all but 2gb of memory to avoid installation errors. That could be part of the problem you are running into.

The 100+mb partitions wouldn't be recovery but boot file and boot configuration System Reserved partitions the Windows 7 or 8 installer. As far as creating a new primary you could easily seen that done while you had the command prompt option for Disk Part once you had entered the clean all command to see a fresh primary on the one or more OS drives.

As for the virus that could be the result of either a corrupted Partition Table or a rootkit. With everything being wiped clean anything seen now like that would be a need for a new PT to work with.

Besides drive errors you could be looking at a hardware issue as far as bad sectors where a hard drive diagnostics tool could reveal that. With a look at the memory dump from the BSOD you experienced that would also provided the other information for solving this by knowing the actual cause of that.
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I am trying to remove Windows from my system For humor's sake I am having too many compatibility Windows Removing dual-boot 7 7/Vista from issues with Windows so for the sake of disk space I am removing Removing Windows 7 from dual-boot 7/Vista Windows I am currently set with dual-boot Windows Ultimate and Windows Vista Ultimate on two separate hard drives Windows is installed on C and Vista is on D I am comfortable with losing all the data on the C drive however after some research I have some concerns I noticed that there is a system folder named quot Boot quot on C that doesn't exist on D This concerns me I'm thinking the D drive would not boot the system by simply formatting C and switching the cables Could I simply copy the quot Boot quot folder to D I realize that there would be some boot manager editing required however I don't know what changes to make Though I am comfortable with making those changes if I knew which changes to make I have used the bcdedit command previously but simply re-typed what was already written Could anyone help me with this I do not want to turn a 'congested' system into a 'non-working' system I am running a Lenovo ThinkCentre M -Y U with a Pentium It is an OEM build Vista is running sp though I am unsure about I could find out if necessary I would greatly appreciate any advice Thanks

A:Removing Windows 7 from dual-boot 7/Vista

After you delete your W/7 partition, boot off of the Vista DVD and choose Repair Your Computer. This will do bootcfg for you and editing out the W/7 from the boot file.
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Hi All The time has come to remove windows xp from my duel boot configeration I bought a gb ssd and replaced my gb ssd The gb ssd removing boot on dual 7 carification windows from Need that I removed is where my windows Pro is installed So I cloned windows from the gb ssd to the ssd and removed the gb ssd and saved it If I ever need to reinstall windows I'll hook it back up and just copy it to my disc ounce more Need carification on removing dual boot from windows 7 I am running Windows of the cloned copy Need carification on removing dual boot from windows 7 and everything seems to be just fine Now the reason for the post I installed windows first and installed windows xp after I am running three hard drives Which are C-ssd F-ssd G-Convention HD E is parition of G drive All the posts I am seeing are with windows xp first and windows after on duel Need carification on removing dual boot from windows 7 boot configerations Here are some links I looked at Remove Windows XP from Dual Boot Remove XP from dual boot REMOVING XP from Windows XP Dual Boot revisited My windows is on C drive or drive and xp is on E drive which is a gb partition of my TB drive So in my case all I have to do is delete the partition that should remove xp but do I have to do anything else to remove all traces of xp Thanks

A:Need carification on removing dual boot from windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Raner777

Hi All...
The time has come to remove windows xp from my duel boot configeration.
I bought a 240gb ssd and replaced my 60gb ssd. The 60gb ssd that I removed is where my windows 7 Pro is installed. So I cloned windows 7 from the 60gb ssd to the 240 ssd and removed the 60gb ssd and saved it, If I ever need to reinstall windows 7 I'll hook it back up and just copy it to my disc ounce more. I am running Windows 7 of the cloned copy and everything seems to be just fine.
Now the reason for the post.
I installed windows 7 first and installed windows xp after.
I am running three hard drives Which are C-ssd), F-ssd, G-Convention HD ...E: is parition of G drive..
All the posts I am seeing are with windows xp first and windows 7 after on duel boot configerations. Here are some links I looked at...
Remove Windows XP from Dual Boot
Remove XP from dual boot
REMOVING XP from Windows XP/7 Dual Boot ... revisited
My windows 7 is on C drive or 0 drive and xp is on E drive which is a 200gb partition of my 1TB drive. So in my case all I have to do is delete the partition that should remove xp but do I have to do anything else to remove all traces of xp...Thanks...

Since you state you use a dual boot with the options of XP or Windows 7, you will want to remove the XP option. The easiest way is with a free utility EasyBCD which can be downloaded from;

I can't think of any other issues you will encounter.
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I had a dual boot setup of Windows XP and Windows 7. I removed Windows 7, then replaced the boot.ini file with the basic default text for just a Windows XP boot. However Windows 7 is still showing up as a choice when I boot up. In fact it's the default OS that attempts (and fails) to load if I don't use the up arrow to choose XP within a few seconds. Anyone have any ideas on how to rid Windows 7 from my boot menu?

note: I also renamed Boot.BAK to Boot2.BAK and renamed BOOTSECT.BAK to BOOTSEC2.BAK since I know they are Windows 7 related.

A:[SOLVED] Removing dual boot of XP, Windows 7

Try this . . Click on Start . . Run . . type msconfig . . click on the Boot Ini tab and click on Check all boot paths . . if it comes back with one is invalid, click Fix invalid boot paths
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Windows 8, 64-bit.

Used to run Win 7 on our main drive, and used a second one for storage (mainly games), however something happened, making us unable to boot. So we decided to upgrade to Windows 8, which we put on our secondary drive, and that's now the main one (boots from here, is Disk 0). When I turn on the PC, it asks me whether to run on Windows 7 or 8 (8 is the default). C: contains Windows 8, D: Contains Win 7.

MAIN PROBLEM: Since we're going to use the old main drive as storage (the one with Windows 7), I wanted to format it, but it won't let me because, I suppose, of the System files still on it (System, Active). Picture of Disk Management below. How do I format it?

A:Removing Old Windows 7 in 2nd Drive (dual boot)

Hi there

Simple - first ensure the disk is not open in file explorer etc.

Get into Command mode as administrator

Now run the following commands

1) diskpart
2 list disk ==> you'll get a list of disks -- choose the one you want to use say 2
3) select disk 2
4) clean
5) create partition primary
6) active (Only use this command if you want to install an OS on the HDD - otherwise skip command 6)
7) format fs=ntfs quick
8) assign
9) exit
Now you can use the disk as data etc without any trace of the previous OS. If you want to re-size partitions etc use GPARTED either as a bootable stand alone system or use any LINUX live CD and after booting type as root GPARTED and adjust partition sizes to suit.

Windows might do it too as the disk is now cleanly formatted -- in disk management just delete and re-allocate the partitions after the steps above.

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I've seen a lot of the threads that tell how to dual boot XP and Vista and even the other one today that tells how to get rid of the XP Partition.

But how does one get rid of the Vista Partition without hosing one's system?

A:removing Vista from a Dual Boot System

Getting rid of Vista is pretty easy as the system always boots from the XP drive initially - just format the partition. You'll then need to either FIXMBR or something to get rid of the boot menu from the XP drive (the details of which I honestly can't remember, though I'm sure someone here will enlighten!)
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A while back I had installed Windows ultimate as an partition dual a Having boot with trouble upgrade from Windows Vista I had a second partitioned drive only about gbs in space I had used earlier during the Windows beta and I figured I'd install a second copy of Windows on it encase anything should happen to my Primary partition of about gbs Well instead of doing a hard reset of Windows on my primary drive I decided to just move my backed up items onto this secondary Partition in Having trouble with a dual boot partition using and wipe the gb partition however I am having a bit of trouble It's been a while since I've had Having trouble with a dual boot partition to do anything like this and I am not entirely sure how I would get rid of windows on the bigger partition so I can use it as free space or to recombine the hard-drive space with the partition I'm using now It's a really noob question but I'm having a hard time with it nonetheless Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Having trouble with a dual boot partition

So you wish to use your backup Windows version as your primary Windows and your other 600GB partition to join the primary '60GB' version?

If this is correct follow this.

Go onto 'Computer' and find the drive letter of the secondary drive. (Default should be 'D:/')

Click start > right click 'Computer' > Manage > Disk management on the tab to the left.

Right click the secondary drive and click 'Delete Volume' (assuming you have backed everything up)

Then select your primary installation drive and click extend, the set amount should be OK.

(I hope this helpful) please tell me if this is hard to understand.

Backup EVERYTHING on the drive volume your going to delete.
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I have Windows 7 installed and I want to install Windows 10 on a different partition using the free update. The problem is, there is no such option. The WinX installation wants to update the existing Win7 partition exclusively. Any ideas?

A:Install Win 10 on different partition & dual boot with Win 7

Officially, the upgrade requires you to blow away the old OS to be valid. That's what makes it a free upgrade, and not a free OS. That said, you could try installing the upgrade through the official upgrade icon to register your PC as having a valid copy of Win10, roll back to Win7, download and run the Media creation tool, and install from the created media. The installer should detect Win7, let you install Win10 to your desired partition, and configure for dual boot. Be warned, I haven't attempted it, so your new copy of Win10 may not pass activation. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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I have first install shown as D:\ drive = win7 32bit
second install (dual boot) as C:\ drive = win7 64bit

I want to move the system files to the C:\ drive and change to active. then delete D:\ drive and expand C:\ back to full size

I tried to copy the system files to the C drive which fails to copy. maybe because of the different 32bit vs 64bit? so i am afraid to change the "active" to C drive as there are no system on it (shown in the manager).

any advice on doing this? i really dont want to reinstall programs (games, photoshop etc.)

I want to go to 1 partition of win7 64bit because it is AWESOME!

*i dont see how to show an image here*

A:remove 1st partition dual boot

Hello lorddog, welcome to Seven Forums!

If C: is a primary partition it will work; start by having a look at this tutorial at the link below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Partition : Recover Space Used by an Older OS
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I installed DOS into 2GB FAT 16, then installed Windows 7 Ultimate expecting W7 to install itself in a partition with a drive letter other than C (just as XP had done in a previous dual-boot setting with DOS) But no, W7 has hijacked the C drive letter for itself.
How can I stop W7 from "stealing" from DOS, the drive letter C, for itself?

A:How keep DOS as partition C with dual-boot DOS & Windows 7 ?

I have to ask! Why do you need or want DOS? If it's for some apps then there is Oracle Virtual Box which runs under Windows 7 or even DOSBOX.
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I have successfully installed Windows 7 and Windows XP in a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7 on a separate partition. As a space-saving measure, I have forced programs such as MSOffice 2003, Nero Burning ROM, Acrobat 9 Pro and many other programs to install into the same Program Files folder that Windows XP uses and this has worked well so far.

My question is what is the best way to install Windows XP and Windows 7 onto the same partition.
Has anyone here done this yet?
Did you use a third-party boot loader and if so, which one?
Are there any gotcha's that I need to look out for?
Do you have any pointers for me?


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So I made a new NTFS partition with the help of some tutorials & even tried Partition Wizard. But when I restart to boot from the CD I only get my C:\ drive that is in use.

I am using the H:\ for the new one. Why will it now show?

A:Dual Boot 7/XP Partition Not Showing

First check for all the Win XP drivers for your hardware on the manufacturer's web site.
If your Win XP CD, does not support your Sata Controller, you will need to load drivers to uses at F6.
Load Sata Controller drivers with a floppy disk is the best way.
SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD
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Hi I've just installed Windows -bit on my desktop PC as it worked so well for the past month on my laptop I shrunk my Vista partition and installed Win x build on the new partition All went smooth and well As I wanted to transfer some files and settings from my Vista install to Need help a dual partition with boot, hiding my new Win I assigned a drive letter to my hidden Vista drive in the quot Disk Management quot utility and went on with my business Now as I'm done Need help with dual boot, hiding a partition I'd like to hide my Vista partition again but I can't get it Need help with dual boot, hiding a partition to work When I select my Vista partition and select the quot Change Drive Letter and Paths quot and then press the quot Remove quot button I get the following error box quot Windows cannot remove the drive letter of your volume This may happen if your volume is a system or boot volume or has page files quot My Vista volume is the first volume of the physical drive the boot files is there but I don't have any page file on it How come this drive could be hidden and revealed in the first place but not hidden again All and any advice is most welcomed

A:Need help with dual boot, hiding a partition


You may need to use a 3rd party app.

I haven't tried to do exactly what you're after, but a lot of use Paragon Partition Manager 9, it works really well on Win 7 x64.

Paragon Partition Manager – resize partitions, partitioning software

Easeus partition manager also works ( Pro version or higher - the home version only works on x86 ).

Norton Partition Magic alternative - EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition

Acronis Disk Director does not:

Hope it helps

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In a dual boot system with 2 hard drives, one for Vista and one for Win 7, do both OS partitions need to be "Active & Boot & System"?

A:Partition in Dual boot system

If you are installing the OS to each HD with only one HD plug in at time, & use the Dell F12 boot menu, YES.
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The Problem Dual boot Win but OS on one HHD can t access OS partition on nd HDD Both HDD s installed When I boot to HDD with the cloned OS it s Disk C I see amp can access both drives amp all partitions So I set up dual boot with EasyBCD But I couldn t get original OS - on HDD - to boot finally got it after more manipulations However HDD wasn t seen had to add a drive letter to Backup Storage partition on Drive But I can t add change a drive letter to the HDD - OS partition W on Drive How do I correct this Mgt Console - HDD Drive - no problems Mgt Console - HDD Drive - can't change quot W quot letter Mgt Console - HDD Drive - attempt to change drive letter attempt to access the files Here how I got to this point A new SSD is coming tomorrow and I want to add it to an existing multi-HDD Dual Boot array I have several existing setups In the past I ve done clean installs to each HDD partition ? not OS Dual 2nd accessible OS 1st Boot from or SSD and used EasyBCD to setup the drive boot Dual Boot ? 1st OS partition not accessible from 2nd OS priority This time Dual Boot ? 1st OS partition not accessible from 2nd OS I want to clone an existing OS to the SSD and avoid the lengthy OS install settings and tweaks So I thought I d do a dry run on a couple of existing systems before the SSD gets here Practice I used Clonezilla amp everything worked out had to run Startup Repair and use Partition Wizard amp Paragon Rescue to assign drive letters amp repaired boot mgr from command line and got a successful boot then reinstalled the original HDD booted then setup dual boot with EasyBCD Practice The second attempt on another PC I ran into additional problems After Startup Repair I was getting autock program not found skipping autocheck which I eventually fixed by a regedit editing DosDevices C at startup command line I finally got the cloned OS to boot so I took out HDD and installed the original HDD I used Startup Repair amp command line but still nothing looked at disk structure and noticed Clonezilla had removed the drive letter from original HDD which hadn t happened in Practice Fixed that then had the Autock not found and fixed that I got a good boot with the original HDD so I installed the HDD with cloned OS PS - practically all my skills amp tools utilities have come from this forum - thanks

A:Dual Boot 1st OS partition not accessible from 2nd OS

You may not change an OS drive letter. When you correctly install Win7 from boot media, it will always see itself as C when booted.

The letter of the other drive is inconsequential and only used to access data on it. Just accept whatever letter it gives and be done with it.

The best method with multiple HD's is to unplug the other HD when you install. Then choose which drive you want to boot via BIOS Boot order priority or the one-time BIOS Boot menu key. If you don't like this arrangement then add the other OS using EasyBCD. This leaves both HD OS's independently bootable. The way you've done it the W: drive Win7 is dependent upon C to boot.

W should also not be marked Active unless it's intended to boot an OS and it isn't now. If you wanted to make it independently bootable you would unplug the other HD and run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times to write the boot files to the Active partition until it boots and holds the SYstem flag signifying it is booting Win7.

Does this answer your questions? If not ask back. Your description is a bit cloudy and too long to parse easily. But just keep asking questions until you are clear on what you need to do. We have answered these questions literally hundreds of thousands of times here.
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I used "Partition Wizard" to create a third partition "F" by splitting D; so now I have C: (primary), D: (logical drive) and F: (logical drive).

My plan is to install Windows7 on F: and keep WindowsXp on C: to be able to dual-boot.

Do I need to convert F: from logical drive to primary partition (ending with 2 primary + 1 logical) before installing Win7 on it? There's an option to simply convert to "primary" in the partition wizard program.

Also, I read about a possible conflict between IDE and AHCI modes when dual-booting. Care to explain what to look for?

Please help me to avoid mistakes.

PS. I'd rather avoid messing with C: if possible as it's the smallest and fullest partition and also the place where Windows XP is installed.

A:Dual-boot Win XP + Win 7, picking the right partition

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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Howdy 2k/XP / Dual Partition Boot Question - Had a quick question I was hoping someone a little more experienced with the process could help me out with Basically what I want to do is gt Partition my drive to allow for a small partition to run xp on as well as or games thinking Dual Boot / Partition Question - 2k/XP something like a - gig partition Currently using a gig WDC RPM HDD gt However I do not Dual Boot / Partition Question - 2k/XP wish to format my current drive win k with NTFS that simply is not an option gt I have researched this process a little and found out that there are a few options available to me so that I can do this a win k has to be on the drive first np it already is b I can use a couple of different linux tools or partition magic in order to create the partition none of those programs mentioned anything about the boot process however I do know that partition magic is supposed to work with BootMagic to accomplish this though any software suggestions to do this based on experience would be great Now basically what I am looking for is any tips from someone that has done this before what I will need to get ready to do this any tips for any problems that might arise what sort of software is recommended to make the partition as well as any software I might need in order to control the boot process ie which OS boots As well as what I might expect after it s done Things I will have to do etc I will be adding Winxp Pro with SP Some people might be wondering why I would dual boot winxp and k considering they are basically the same OS The reason is simple I love k and I hate xp The only reason I am even considering putting the silly program on my computer is because I am a gamer and sadly win k is getting a little long in the tooth and more and more games are switching to xp vista only or at the very least k can be used but with no support and usually a few minor tweaks to the game software such as dll hacks So there you have it Any help would be appreciated in this endevour Cheers Ej nbsp

A:Dual Boot / Partition Question - 2k/XP

Would really be cool if someone could help out...

I'll check back later when I wake up.