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Flash not installing correctly

Q: Flash not installing correctly

Hello everyone, i have this really annoying problem with flash player. Sorry if this is in the wrong section btw, basically when i go to a site that needs flash for something it says to install it and i do so. After it is installed and i try to go to a site that requires it, it just says to install it. Its almost as if the install that i have does not stay on the PC when i install it, i have tried tons of fixes and have searched for solutions for hours and i know this is a good site and i hope someone will be able to help me out. thanks a bunch

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Preferred Solution: Flash not installing correctly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Flash not installing correctly

if firefox
try uninstall plugin uninstall firefox
then reboot reinstall
always make backup of your firefox profile
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I went on to watch tv series episodes but whenever i click on the player to view the episode, it says "Flash 8 is required to view these full-length episodes. You can download Flash 8 here." So i click on the link and download flash, and it says successful download everytime but when i go back to the player, the same message about having to download flash appears.

I thought maybe it would be a problem with IE, so i tried it on mozilla firefox and this time ti asked me to download Move Media Player, so i did that.. but again the same message appears about having to download Move Media Player again. is this a problem with the website or my computer? can you try it on your computer to see if the abc player works? heres the link

A:Flash not correctly installing?

I can't view anything because I'm outside the US (and I doubt that the player would work on dialup!).

If the message you are getting refers to the Adobe Flash plugin it is odd, because the latest version is 9,0.124,0

Go to this tester page using each of your browsers and see what version of flash is currently installed;
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I cannot get Adobie Flash to function correctly. Additionally about 50% of the pictures I see on sites have a red X or the square / triangle / circle logo on them. I have repeatedly installed the Flash Active X from Adobe?s site. The flash animation comes up and shows that I have successfully installed flash, yet I am still getting red X's and many flash animations don?t work.

I have XP Home SP3.

A:Flash wont work correctly.

G'Day audiobahn, Welcome to TSF!

Please try this workaround...

Go Start > Run > type in the box C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash

Now copy the Flash9e.ocx file and then pasted it back in the same directory.

You will have created Copy of Flash9e.ocx; rename it to Flashe.ocx.

This effectively will give you two files; Flashe.ocx and Flash9e.ocx, both the same file; although with a different name, in the same directory.

This generally stops the issue you have described.

Post back with the outcome.

Kind Regards,
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One day I uninstalled Some programs like acivex plugin for flashplayer and etc but whenever I try to run some programs l get the error message
Flash 8a.ocx is not correctly registered or some of it's dependicies is missing

A:Solved: Flash 8a.ocx is not correctly registered

If you uninstalled Flash via Add/Remove there could be remnants of the old version left behind.that may be causing the message you are getting.

If you want to check that theory, you can download and use the uninstaller from the Adobe site;

If you uninstalled Flash by mistake, you can get the new plugin from here;

Active X version for IE; (read the installation instructions carefully)
Non Active X (Firefox, Opera etc);
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I am new to this quot flash drive stuff quot so bear with me I just recently bought a PNY Attache mb USB Flash not Drive correctly saving Flash drive from Wal Mart I used it one time and everything worked out I could save rewrite add new data everything was fine But then I went and plugged it into another computer to work on the same data that I had stored on my drive and it USB Flash Drive not saving correctly had problems saving I keep getting an error that says it was unable to save or save it in another location and then all the data on it gets wiped I unplugged the USB device then plugged it back in and the original data was there It seems that I am unable to edit the current data on the drive and I can t save any new data to it either This really sucks because I need this to work for college so I can take my homework home and complete it there Please help me identify the problem and solution if any Thx nbsp

A:USB Flash Drive not saving correctly

verify it is formated as FAT
ensure you use the task bar tool to STOP the device before you yank it out.
you might check the partition capacity for accuracy
CP->admin tools->Comp Mgmt->Disk Defrag
my 256mg flash shows up as 246mb formatted capacity,
your 512 should be similar

Formated as FAT, the Flash can be mount on multiple systems types,
Macintosh, Linux, Win/*
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I cannot get Adobe Flash to function correctly. Additionally about 50% of the pictures I see on sites have a red X or the square / triangle / circle logo on them. I have repeatedly installed the Flash Active X from Adobe?s site. The flash animation comes up and shows that I have successfully installed flash, yet I am still getting red X's and many flash animations don?t work.

I have XP Home SP3.

A:Flash Wont Work Correctly.

Uninstall using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller here, and then reinstall it.
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I am using iexplorer 11 preview...

In there is a flash below "El poder de Internet en su negocio..." but it is not displayed.

Flash versi?n: 11.8.800.94

This flash is OK on Firefox or Chrome...

Thanks for your help.

A:iexplorer 11 doesn't execute flash correctly

You have the latest Flash. Preview is exactly that, a chance to discover flaws.
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Hi all I just got an GB flash drive so that I could take all music off the computer and free up some space I took all my flash Files drive to won't download usb correctly iTunes from my hard drive and put them on the flash drive with no problem However I am now having issues putting any new music or videos on the flash drive Whenever I download any videos or import any CDs it ll appear that the files are downloading fine But when I go to play any of the files they can t be found on the flash drive At first the files weren t there and some of them still Files won't download correctly to usb flash drive aren t However some of them look like they re there now but I can t play them open them or delete them Plus they look weird Basically it s files that have a bunch of weird symbols as the file name For example the files will have a bunch of squares as the file name This is the message I get when I try to delete them Cannot delete file Cannot read from the source file or disk I don t understand though because iTunes seems to be reading the disk fine since it plays the music I have been able to save to it nbsp

A:Files won't download correctly to usb flash drive

Ok, now I'm losing some of my iTunes too. It's like the files are just disappearing! I think I'm going to have put the rest of them back on the computer. What is wrong with my flash drive? I never had this issue with a flash drive in the past.
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Hi All,
I need to buy a new hard disk today and install Xp. Been a while since I've done that but I remember last time it asked me what sort of file system I wanted - FAT 32 etc etc - not really sure about that, any advice please? Also - do I need to format the disk first or will that get done as part of the install procedure??
Should I fully install all my cards - (network, firewire etc) before the install?
Thanks for any advice or links you may have.

A:Installing Xp Correctly

First thing you're going to want to do is get windows installed, I always choose fat32 mainly because that's the way my disk is.

If this is a brand new hard disk, it will already be clean of everything and all you have to do is install windows on it, You can format it through the installation program but its not needed

If you can before you install, burn as many programs drivers etc onto a disk to ensure that you can have everything without having to connect to the internet, that's if you can

upon installing windows you're going ot want to activate the firewall, and avoid doing any internet activity until windows is fully upgraded and all your drivers from your motherboard, cd drives or whatever you have is installed

once everything is updated and installed then you can proceed to use the internet again, and use it wisely to get whatever you need.. AVG, A firewall, Etc..

I wouldn't recommned you check e-mail or anything utnil you have an AV going, a spyware/malware program going, a firewall up, Etc... only then I would do things like that
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I have searched everywhere online for an answer to this, but it seems that I am the only one who has ever had this problem.  It was fine until I attempted to install a win 7 theme, it messed up the font on my computer.  I have fixed it everywhere except for in flash based games and videos.  As you can see from the photo I posted, it is near impossible to make out the text.  I have already tried uninstalling and re-installing the flash player.  Is there anything else that I can do?  Oh, and I should mention that it is only in Chrome.  It works fine in firefox, and two other browsers.
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I'm very frustrated right now because I've spent the last hour trying to get GCC 4.3.2 to run. It was installed with Cygwin. If I use the Cygwin Bash Shell and type gcc it says command not found. I used this site: to pick any other files I would need to install. The site also says that the path to GCC is /usr/local/bin, but the bin directory, and the lib and etc directory also in the local folder, are empty. Can someone please help me?
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Despite what the installation wizard tells me I'm fairly certain Java isn't installed correctly in my computer this Java installing correctly not is my third attempt and the problems seems to be the same I've Java not installing correctly been running the offline installer of java update on a windows computer -bit C Program Files Java jre -there is no bin folder -there is no lib folder it appears the entirety of the files in core zip remain unpacked manually unpacking these folders from core zip has not yielded results in Java not installing correctly the past -patchjre exe is kb and attempts to run it display the message -- C Program Files Java jre exe is not a valid Win application Control panel -there is no java icon I suspect this has to do with the fact that the aforementioned bin folder where the javacpl file is should be is missing Other -Java programs fail to run -fails the test on http www java com en download installed jsp detect jre -- Java is required to display this content

A:Java not installing correctly

Use the program in link below to remove Java. Then check in your programs list....Add/ Remove...
to be sure all old Java is removed. Then try reinstalling. Do you really need Java? Security experts
recommend not installing Java or keep Java plugins disabled in your browser(s) and only enable when
Completely Remove Java Using SingularLabs’ JavaRa | SingularLabs
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Hi Everybody,

I've been building computers and repairing computers for quite a while now, and today I came up with a problem that I have not experienced before.
It's really frustrating so I'm counting on fellow forum members to help me out on this situation.

Situation: Client asked to have the computer reformatted. Everything was working fine, but he had windows 7, and his computer wasn't handling it too well.

I booted CD-Rom with Windows XP SP3. Good
Deleted Partition of the Old OS. Good
Installed Windows OS onto the new partition. Good
Computer Reboots itself after 100%. Good
After the Reboot, The Computer stays on "Boot from CD:" Bad
Usually, You'd wait that off, and it will continue on to windows.

I think i just figured out what i did wrong. Im going to go try it ott.
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I often need to upload and utilize various fonts in my line of work I recently used the install as shortcut feature from not correctly Fonts installing an outside folder Fonts not installing correctly that ultimately screwed everything up in the fonts themselves I have a total of fonts that show up in the folder whereas there used to be something When I try and install them the folder says that they are already installed Fonts not installing correctly but they are not and they are not able to be pulled up from any of the programs I am using either I dont have a restore point as I just spent the past couple days REINSTALLING from the last issue I was having just to fall into another one I found an previous version of the fonts folder by right clicking and choosing properties I can see all the fonts and everything but again installing does not work I am logged in as the Administrator of the computer and I have tried copying and replacing the entire fonts folder rather than simply installing them basically the entire fonts folder will be overwritten rather than installed but I am having issues because it keeps telling me that I do not have permission I have tried to go under the windows folder properties and assign the administrators full control but that did not work at all it still says I do not have permission So my question how the hell do I give myself permission to overwrite the fonts folder I can see how not having permission to overwrite in the Windows folder is a good thing but how can I bypass this so I can have access

A:Fonts not installing correctly

Try taking ownership of the folder first, then overwrite it if you'd like.

Take Ownership Shortcut
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I have 3 internal hard drives and am trying to add a 4th. The ones that I have are a 1TB (Boot), a 2TB MBR, and a 3TB MBR. When I try to install the 2nd 3TB one and go into Disk Management to create the partitions, it only shows this 4th HD as being 746.52GB! In fact, I have already returned one to the store thinking there was something wrong with the drive but obviously it was not.


A:3TB internal HD not installing correctly

Never mind. The answer was on the Installation CD. It referred me to a program called DiscWizard that fixed the problem.
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When I turn my HP LaserJet CP1215 on, on a fresh install of Win 8 Preview the Printer Driver loading icon appears on the taskbar and the green shade goes across as if it's installing correctly. Looking in Control Panel/Printers and devices shows the printer installed and the properties shows the device is working correctly.

However when I try to print in any application no printer is shown, and trying to add a printer runs through the search and finds nothing.

What am I doing wrong? The printer works fine in win 7, any pointers or experiences would be much appreciated.

Thank for reading .. Barry

A:HP printer not installing correctly

I think its the drivers, I had the same problem with my HP C309a. Hp is behind in driver updates, at least for my printer.
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I am downgrading from win 10 to win 7 on this laptop and everything has been fine until I started installing drivers, almost every driver I install doesn't seem to install correctly... this has never happened before to me i'm just baffled! After install, the driver doesn't update like it usually does so it still shows in device manager that it isn't installed. I don't know what to do, I know they are the correct drivers since I used the detection tool from HP.

A:Drivers not installing correctly

Hello Lonegeek mate just a little something I do when stuck like that is to download the drivers to a stick and then onto the machine you want them on. You need access to another machine of course to access the machines support site but thats a quick way.

By the by some systems specs would help mate
System Info - See Your System Specs if we had them we could link the site for drivers for you.
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Ipod Software not installing correctly

I just bought a ipod classic, installed the software used it for a year or so with no issues, then this week I get an error message "The software required for communicating with the iPod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall software" Windows sees the ipod ok, but not itunes: I am running Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit . II have uninstalled and reinstalled all the apple software on my PC so many times now I'm getting giddy

Cane someone can help?
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I just bought a 250 gig SATA drive and I have never installed one onto a machine. I looked at my mobo manual and correctly put in the corrections. When I try to run Windows XP Pro, it shows that I have 131069 MB of unpartitioned space. Now, I'm not math wiz, but 131069 does not seem nearly enough for it to be 250 gigs.

Also in the bios, it shows my drive being in the "IDE Channel 2 Master".

Am I doing something wrong?

A:Correctly Installing a SATA Drive

you need to install your SATA drivers. When installing windows you should press F6 to install Raid/SCSI drivers. this is when you should install your drivers. i have the same problem, i have two 160gb SATA drives, but i never installed the drivers so at the moment i have only got about 260gb instead of 320gb...
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I have tried multiple times to install Java 7. I have Windows 7 and the latest updates for IE, Chrome and Mozilla.I am not getting an error when I try to install, however when I go to Jave and verify my version, it produces the following error: ClassNotFoundException - then below it has: testJava2_1.TestVMApplet.class. I have uninstalled and re-installed and restarted multiple times, but I cannot get it to work.
Now the new error is: ClassNotFoundException - hob.hltc.JHLTCap01.class

A:Java isn't working/installing correctly

You must close your web browser and then re-open it after installing Java, otherwise the Java plug-in doesn't get loaded.
Then visit the Java test page.
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My sister installed about windows updates Vista on her computer She ended up with the font being messed up which I see now on the windows forum is a known problem She couldn't after correctly installing Won't updates. boot figure out how to fix it other than to restore back to before the updates Then she started installing the updates in sections She installed the Cumulative Security Won't boot correctly after installing updates. Update for Internet Explorer It said that she needed to restart to complete the update so she hit the button to restart It started to restart and but just sat there for about minutes or so So she hit the power button to turn it off and then turned it back on The windows icon appeared and the status bar fully loaded but then it just sat there on a blank screen We turned it off and on again and it still did the same thing I tried hitting F and it didn't do anything I hit F and it went to options but I have no clue what I should be doing in there if anything So can you help me What do I do now I've posted this on the windows forum but I wanted to try here as well Also I've tried a couple of times to hit F to boot in safe mode and it doesn't do anything I also hit F and it brought me to a boot menu I hit 'diagnostics' and it didn't do anything I then hit the Fn button and am doing the Pre-boot System Assesment It did the initial scan and it said nothing was wrong and asked if I wanted to continue with the rest I clicked yes but it hasn't finished yet

A:Won't boot correctly after installing updates.

When you tap F8 at boot do can you get to the screen that says "Repair your Computer"? If you an access that, you should be able to do a System Restore.
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Hey everyone So the intro is what im trying to do and then i will dive into my issues My car radio needs a firmware update The only way to do this is to connect a laptop with Bluetooth to it and correctly? Drivers Blluetooth not installing do a file transfer directly to a folder in the radios memory Now the problem I can connect and pair to the radio The issue is that i cannot see the files that are on the radio There is a specific folder that i need to send this file to in order for the update to be successful Blluetooth Drivers not installing correctly? But i do not have any options in the control panel to access the Bluetooth devices to see their contents All I can do is go to the devices and printers Blluetooth Drivers not installing correctly? and select the Bluetooth device and then it opens up its properties I also noticed that the Bluetooth module is shown as Generic Bluetooth Radio I have the drivers CD that came with the computer and also the manufacturers website to download any driver i need but there is no driver that i can see for my laptop Does anyone have a solution for me or am i missing something here Thanks Ben

A:Blluetooth Drivers not installing correctly?

Hi Ben,

I am by no means a BT expert, but what options do you get if you right click the Generic Bluetooth Radio in Devices and Printers. Your screen shot shows a headset properties page.
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everytime i install this software, at the end it tells me that i need admin rights. this is wierd because I'am the admin for this pc for this is the ONLY account in this pc. can someone help me? thanks

A:need help installing window blinds correctly...
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I just bought a Nano GB installed the software used it for a week with no issues then this week I get an error message quot The software required for communicating with the iPod is not installed correctly Please reinstall software quot Then a widow for the drive the Ipod is Software installing Ipod correctly not in opens with a list of empty folders Calendars Contacts Notes Recordings and a file named metadata never index they all have a date modified - - I contacted Apple did the Ipod Software not installing correctly uninstall with windows uninstall cleanup a few times still no luck Apple tech reccomended bringing the iPod to an apple store to run on a windows system and it worked fine so that ruled Ipod Software not installing correctly out the unit malfunctioning I am running Windows XP Home Edition I also read a thread in here that someone had a similar problem and unistalled the USB controllers and rebooted still no luck When I do the uninstall with the widows cleanup I remove all five componenets iTunes Quicktime Bojour Apple mobile andApple update Hope someone can help Thanks Dranip nbsp
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removed a cd rom hardware and replaced it with a cd/rw hardware.

about those 3 slots for proper "master/slave setup stuff" on the back of the new cd/rw.
For the cd rom hardware i removed,the middle slot was selected. for the new cd/rw hardware, the far right slot was pre-selected and i set installed it accordingly.

when i bootup, i see this(from my memory,not pasted):

Primary Master....(somewording here about lba,etc)
Primary Slave
Secondary Master
Secordary Slave CDROM Mode 4 .....(some more data)
Have i made a mistake somewhere?

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After the upgrade to Win 8 Pro from win 7 64, I tried the LifeCam Cinema ...nothing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the exe file is said to be the wrong file. When i clik the tray icon nothing happens. When

The camera connects under windows but essentially useless with very dark image.

Anyone solve this?

A:Microsoft LifeCam Cinema not installing correctly

I tried to install this again. Uninstalled, reinstalled and again it installed but still do not have the proper EXE icon. When I clik on the Cinema life cam icon in the control "devices and printers," and the software pops up but when i clik on the start Lifecam button, an error pops up saying that it cannot find "lifecam.exe"/ Checking in the correct program directory there is no "lifecam.exe." There are two exe's, with same Lifecam icon, but neither of them start the program. lifecamd2.exe and lifetray.exe

Mystified. Tried a couple web cam apps and neither have any functionalty and the image is very poor and dark.
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i just bought a used laptop did a clean install of windows 7 only things i have installed other than drivers is chrome kaspersky pure 3.0 and an attempted install of open office. when i tried to install open office it went through some install then just quit tried running it again same affect just stopped part way through. then when i tried to update the database for my kaspersky it gets to 15% then just stops i could use some help on this guys ill be attaching my dxdiag report in case that will help.

A:[SOLVED] used laptop not installing programs correctly

Where did you get the Windows 7 disk from ?

You could try the installations in Safe Mode with Networking, but run Windows Updates and it should give you SP1.
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I have been having this problem for a couple of months now. I currently have 25 Important and 5 Optional Windows Updates downloaded onto my computer, but when I restart/shut-down, the updates fail. It usually ends with the message "Windows update failure; reverting (or reconfiguring) changes" or something like that. Then I can log in and use my computer like normal.
I have been ignoring the issue since everything was working until recently. I have started to notice things are slower (Internet Explorer, Chrome) and updates for Avast and other programs seem to get stopped before they can begin. For example, Avast is now telling me I have no internet connection, even though I am watching youtube videos while I try to update Avast.
Please let me know how to get these updates to install properly. I hope that fixing them will also resolve some of my other issues.

A:25 Important Windows Updates not Installing correctly

Hello,With Windows Update issues on the of first things to do is check for any corrupt system files/WU files, as these can be the often cause for WU to fail.Please follow the instructions Here to run the System Update Readiness Tool. When the SURT finishes installing, copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) the contents of the SURT log into your next post please:C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.logC:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.persist.logSFC /SCANNOWClick on the button. Inside the search box type in CMDRight click on CMD => Choose Run as AdministratorInside the Command Prompt windows copy and paste the following command SFC /SCANNOWPlease wait for this to Finish before continuing with the rest of the steps.Convert CBS.log to CBS.txtClick on the button => Inside the search box copy and paste the following command:cmd /c copy %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log "%userprofile%\Desktop\cbs.txt"Press EnterOnce this has completed please go to your Desktop and you will find CBS.txt => Please upload CBS.txt to this threadPlease Note:: if the file is too big to upload to you next post please upload via Dropbox or One Drive
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When I try to install it at the end I get this message:

Uploaded with

I tried going into cmd and typing ''regsvr32 VbScript'' and it worked as it should, but even after I removed the driver and tried installing it again it still did not work any help anybody

A:Intel Turbo boost is not installing correctly

That is not Intel Turbo Boost. Intel Turbo Boost is part of the firm ware of the CPU.

What you are trying to install is a Turbo Boost monitoring software.
It appears it is not compatible.
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To give you an idea of what I was doing I was upgrading my power supply and graphics card I Installed them both Corsair CX and EVGA GTX Ti I connected my monitor to my PC via DVI Then when I booted it up the monitor wasn't receiving a signal Nor was my keyboard tried pressing caps lock and light wasn't going on So my friend said I might have to take out the new graphics card boot up the PC and disable the integrated graphics card However when I put everything back together the way it was including with the original power supply it did the same thing No signal to monitor or keyboard The PC is not being fully booted correctly It powers on and everything but something is wrong Could you guys help I hope I didn't screw up my motherboard PS I tried moving battery on motherboard to reset BIOS and still didn't work I have an ASUS M CD
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The newest release of this driver is version After installing, my computer restarts and everything is fine. My problem occurs after a couple of days (I think it is caused when I switch power plans or unplug laptop) the power saving technology in the Intel graphics control panel is turned on even though I have the setting disabled. This setting is very annoying because on a white background the brightness is normal, but when on a darker background the brightness gradually decreases. Also when looking in Intel graphics control panel it says I have driver version Even though I have installed the newest update.

Side note I have the windows power option turned off for adaptive brightness

A:Intel HD Graphics 4600 driver not installing correctly.

Right-click on the desktop and select Graphics properties (this is the Intel Control Panel). See if you can adjust the brightness from there and turn off any power option.
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As of yesterday my HP Envy z- laptop acquired a hive error Unable to fix it I simply installed a clean boot of Windows In doing so the quot Recovery Partition quot that comes factory installed on the computer was formatted and I no longer have access to the Recovery options provided by HP I have contacted HP but they only encourage me to purchase the part Recovery Disc set The laptop boots perfectly into Windows Home Premium However a few devices do not have drivers according to the Device Manager including Ethernet Controller Network Controller PCI Device SM Bus Controller Universal Serial Bus Controller Since I am unable to connect to the internet I have been on two other computers correctly Windows 7 Premium, Fresh Home boot drivers installing not of downloading the drivers from the HP website for the HP Envy z- I figured the most important would be the Network Adapter driver so I downloaded the driver copied it to a flash drive plugged the flash drive into the Envy z- moved the driver to the desktop and ran it After going through the installation the SWSetup folder was created and inside it was the SP folder which contains all of the files from the installation Just as I normally would I reboot the laptop to reload the drivers hoping that the Network Adapter would be recognized but the adapter and its Fresh boot of Windows 7 Home Premium, drivers not installing correctly drivers is still not recognized According the HP the OS will constantly reject the installation of the drivers even though I get no errors so long as there is no recovery partition created by a recovery disc So I guess I am asking how on Earth can I get the drivers installed correctly so that the OS can recognize them Edit It should be noted that when I installed Windows Home Premium I installed it by creating a bootable USB install with the digitalriver ISO

A:Fresh boot of Windows 7 Home Premium, drivers not installing correctly

Software & driver downloads HP ENVY Sleekbook CTO 6z-1000 | HP? Support

Just to be sure, you are using the drivers on that page? And, are you using the Broadcom or Realtek drivers?
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Hi I m having problems playing videos on VLC and running Chrome browser The problem began the other day when I wanted to practice using after Chrome Solved: working and hotfix VLC not correctly installing player Microsoft Powershell but my Windows computer didn t have the latest version I read online that I would have to install Windows Management Framework WMF to get the latest version of Powershell After installing WMF is when I ran into a bunch of problems My screen flashed to a black screen for a second and then reappeared and an message at the bottom corner of the screen says there was a graphics driver error but it recovered Later I launched VLC player but when it started playing a video file the picture was either messed up or frozen This was the case for multiple video files I knew that worked in the past The second problem is with Google Chrome I launched Chrome and it runs very slowly and when I type in the browser it takes several seconds for the characters to appear on the screen I uninstalled WMF but I still get errors I uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics driver but that didn t Solved: VLC player and Chrome not working correctly after installing Microsoft hotfix help either I tried to go back to an earlier time on my computer using System Restore but it wouldn t restore to a previous point completely and I m still stuck with the Solved: VLC player and Chrome not working correctly after installing Microsoft hotfix same problems I also tried using quot sfc scannow quot but that didn t help My guess is the problem is related to the graphics driver but I don t know what to do next to figure it out Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: VLC player and Chrome not working correctly after installing Microsoft hotfix
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I have to install flash nine so that I can get family feud on facebook.
I have Microsoft 7 and use explorer, I also use Kaspersky Internet Security.
Each time I try to download it won't take, and it also tries to install Mcafee security which i don't want.
Do I have to disable Kaspersky ? if so, do I reinstall after downloading Flash 9? do I have to accept Mcafee? will my computer run with both ?

any ideas or help will be great, keep it simple, I'm a "old dude"

A:installing flash 9

Please provide a link to the site where you are attempting this download.

What exactly happens when you attempt to make this download. I don't understand what "it won't take" means.

No, you don't have to accept McAfee.

You don't want to run two anti virus programs at the same time, this will only cause complications like false positives.
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Can anyone tell me how to get Macromedia Flash to install in IE?

Whenever I try to visit a website that uses it, it won't load the page for me. Instead, it shows a link which takes me to Macromedia's download site. The problem is, when I click the "Install Now" button, it just shows an instant animation that spins around and says 'Flash has been successfully installed'.

But when I go back and try to access the website, it still tells me I need the plugin! I've tried rebooting the computer, but it still won't let me.

Any suggestions?

A:Installing Flash in IE


Originally Posted by poirot80

Can anyone tell me how to get Macromedia Flash to install in IE?

Whenever I try to visit a website that uses it, it won't load the page for me. Instead, it shows a link which takes me to Macromedia's download site. The problem is, when I click the "Install Now" button, it just shows an instant animation that spins around and says 'Flash has been successfully installed'.

But when I go back and try to access the website, it still tells me I need the plugin! I've tried rebooting the computer, but it still won't let me.

Any suggestions?

Go to tools / internet options/ general/ temp internet files
delete files / delete all offline content and click okay. It is possible a cached page indicates no flash installed. Likewise their cookie may be holding this info.
So go to tools /internet options/ general / temp internet/ view files/ and find and delete their cookie (or just delete all cookies if it does not matter)
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help me please, my laptop is without dvd-rom. how to instal win xp on it useing usb flash?

A:installing os from usb flash

As far as I know you can't, maybe try a external DVD drive?
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What is the best version of adobe flash (stable&usability) to use? I read that the latest flash version has lots of errors.

A:installing flash

Flash did have some issues with version 10, but the newer ones (10.1) seem to be fine.
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Please move if this is not the correct spot.

I want to deploy Flash on several Win 8.1 X64 machines. GPO has been created, uploaded the msi onto a share folder and tried both computer & users. I went to the event viewer and I am able to see the GPO to install flash but it is not installing. Am I missing something? I followed the guide from Adobe (Administrator Guide for Flash 16) but still no dice.

Any input?

Thank you.

A:Installing Flash 16 using GPO

Have you uninstalled older flash versions ?
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What is the best version of adobe flash (stable&usability) to use? I read that the latest flash version has lots of errors.

A:installing flash

Always use latest authorised version from adobe website

if using XP or any other OS with IE 8 then is latest version
if using Vista or W7 with IE9 then 10.2 beta is suggested for compatability

Don't use the beta on a non IE9 system or it will likely cause soem errors. Also don't expect 10.1 to work on IE9 if hardware accelleration is enabled ( it will crash frequently)
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When I go to the download page and click 'download' IE just reloads the same page. Is there an executable file that I can download rom somewhere else or do I have to fix whatever's happening in IE first??

A:IE7: Flash not installing

Hello and welcome to TSF

What browser are you trying to download it in?

Do you have any pop up blockers?

Also try these links:
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get this message: updates not configured correctly, reverting changes.

stuck in a loop, keeps trying to start but wont. safe mode didnt load/work, neither did last known configuration.

any ideas how to get this to boot/work again?

update: trying repair from the install dvd. see if that works.

A:wont boot after installing updates. updates not configured correctly reverting change

Startup repair from the dvd did not work.

I did use this registry defrag program. wonder if that did something to the registry?

Free Registry Defrag

I generally avoid registry cleaning programs because I don't trust them. thought id try it once to see what happened. not sure if this caused the startup issue or something with the windows updates I installed caused it. I did do several restore points. would that help me fix the issue?
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Hello to everyone I have been using Windows Defender as my antivirus software for some time but i recently decided to switch into a better one so i installed Kaspersky Internet Security Even though the installation was successful and Kaspersky works fine with no issues i have a strange problem It seems that Windows Defender was not disabled quot correctly quot I dont know how else to describe it I was still having its icon in the taskbar with a red indication saying quot in danger quot or at least a similar one i dont have an english version of windows so i m just translating what it was indicating In order to get rid of it i had to open the task manager and manually disable "correctly" not installing disabled Defender KIS 2017 after Windows the windows defender notification from processes and startup tab It doesnt seem to be running though because when i checked in Services it was not activated and also in Windows Defender section in settings it says its Windows Defender not disabled "correctly" after installing KIS 2017 disabled Even though it is not running Windows Update still detects virus definitions for Windows Defender and unsucessfully tries Windows Defender not disabled "correctly" after installing KIS 2017 to install them every time it checks for updates Has anyone faced this strange issue How do i stop it I have Windows Pro x with the Anniversary update

A:Windows Defender not disabled "correctly" after installing KIS 2017

Crywolf...welcome to the forum
See Attachment....Note highlights....turned on or off.
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Hello folks,
I'm afraid this may be duplicating my post since I do not see my post in this forum and I cannot remember (really) anything about where I posted it this morning about 01:30. 
I've been using FP for years without major difficulty on Firefox (FF), but in the last week or so, even when happily viewing video clips requiring FP, I was nagged incessantly to d/l a fresh copy of FP.
My problem is, despite many re-downloads, I cannot install Flash Player (FP) further than its Installer Screen, which remains blank and is very difficult to kill.
My PC runs Win7 Ultimate, 64 bit, with all programs up-to-date, and the only change effected in the last month was a silent FF update.
Any help would be very gratefully received,

A:need help with installing Flash Player

Flash on Firefox is an addon, not a separate program. So you should maybe delete the addon and then re-add it.
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I have heard and read some things on doing this but I'm is the problem I see. If I but a flash drive in my computer and then install lets say XP or whatever onto it, how can I take that to another computer and boot up off of it? The installation is recognized by MY registry, not the new computers. Please explain this....


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I am trying to install Windows 7 through a flash drive onto an hp laptop. I have no experience with this. I created an ISO file from the installation CD onto my desktop using burn aware free then I used rufus to put that ISO file onto my flash drive but when I start up my laptop and click install on the Windows 7 installation screen it says there is no device driver I am thinking I did something wrong in the process I am not sure what to do at this point any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure if it's clear enough what the problem is.

Edit I tried using Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool but it said that the file was not a valid ISO file so that may be my problem there I am not sure how exactly to format or create an ISO file from the Windows 7 installation CD

A:Installing Win 7 via Flash drive

Have you changed first boot device in the BIOS to USB drive?
You need to create a bootable USB drive with Rufus, then download a Windows 7 ISO on to it.
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For some reason 2 of my computers didn't have flash installed correctly. (If a script checked to see if I had flash installed it would say I didn't.) I uninstalled and reinstalled flash on one without problems. But for some reason I can't get flash to reinstall on the other. I get no error messages. When the page finishes loading, the box where the flash should be changes to look like ' ' .

There is an entry to in the add/remove programs for Flash but it instantly goes to a send error report.

Anyone have any ideas cause I'm stumped.

A:[resolved]Flash Not Installing

XP did a update which included add-ons to the 'disk cleanup' menu, the first block; flash should be one of them. Try the disk cleanup and add the flash, see if it clears it all out.
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so this is my project
i have an unused disk of winXP found an a dusty, dark corner of my room and i don't really want to install to install it onto my pc as i am afraid the partitioning might go wrong (and another reason i want to install it onto my flash drive is because i want to do it for the heck of it and have some knowledge about it)
i have a 4GB sandisk cruzer, and installed on my hard drive is ubuntu and vista (vista came with the laptop, and i already regret it ._.)
i have googled it, but as unlucky as i am i didnt find anything that talks about it
so can anyone help??

A:Installing an OS on a flash drive
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Sometimes when surfing, a message was visible stating if I wanted to install Flash Player 8 from macromedia.

I set the message to not be visible anymore. How do I make it visible again?

A:message for installing flash

You can just go to and download flash player.
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I could not install Flash on Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit. The install appeared to work OK, but Flash was not detected. I tried several times to use the automatic install but had the same results. I even used Adobe's stand alone uninstaller, deleted the Flash folder from Program Files/Adobe, cleaned up the Register with CCleaner, rebooted twice and then installed using Adobe's stand alone installer! Flash still didn't work!! I finally uninstalled, deleted flash folders, and cleaned the registry again. This time I went to, selected an archived version 10 and installed it. Adobe Flash has been working fine since. I still don't know why version wouldn't install.

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I want to have a Windows installation that can be booted from a hard disk in a USB caddy or a USB flash drive SHDC card So I am installing to a USB connected drive I have created a bootable USB W7 HDD drive a Installing flash *to* or USB flash drive with the Windows install DVD contents on it so I am in a position to install to the Netbook hosting the USB hard disk I have also for reference Installing W7 *to* a USB HDD or flash drive created a VHD on a different Windows machine and set it Installing W7 *to* a USB HDD or flash drive up to boot from that on the internal HDD The W installer will not install directly to a partition on my external HDD because it is connected by USB or Firewire err message quot Windows cannot be installed to this disk quot I can't quot just ignore quot the warning as suggested by some as the Next button is inoperative If I create a virtual hard disk VHD on a partition on the external HDD I am again warned by the Installer that it can't be installed to the VHD as the quot computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk quot If I ignore the warning and press Next only works for the VHD option I am told quot Setup was unable to create a new system partition See the setup log files for more information quot I can at that stage use the Installer tools to Format the VHD etc So I'm stuck - where do I find the installer log files and how can I move forward to get a bootable installation on a USB connected drive

A:Installing W7 *to* a USB HDD or flash drive

Quote: Originally Posted by PhilT

I want to have a Windows 7 installation that can be booted from a hard disk in a USB caddy or a USB flash drive / SHDC card. So I am installing to a USB connected drive.

I have created a bootable USB flash drive with the Windows 7 install DVD contents on it, so I am in a position to install to the Netbook hosting the USB hard disk. I have also (for reference) created a VHD on a different Windows 7 machine and set it up to boot from that, on the internal HDD.

The W7 installer will not install directly to a partition on my external HDD, because it is connected by USB or Firewire (err message "Windows cannot be installed to this disk"). I can't "just ignore" the warning, as suggested by some, as the Next button is inoperative.

If I create a virtual hard disk (VHD) on a partition on the external HDD I am again warned by the Installer that it can't be installed to the VHD as the "computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk". If I ignore the warning and press Next (only works for the VHD option) I am told "Setup was unable to create a new system partition....See the setup log files for more information"

I can at that stage use the Installer tools to Format the VHD etc.

So I'm stuck - where do I find the installer log files and how can I move forward to get a bootable installation on a USB connected drive ?

No moving forward here,

unless you're an extremely talented programmer...

Can't be done.

Microsoft says so...

Do Linux on a stick.
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I cant seem to install adobe flash player with active x controlls

A:flash player installing

what is the problem?
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Hi. I've installed an Adobe package (win8). Everything went fine, but when I tried starting flash.exe only got this prompt: "The FlashResources.dll file is missing. Please reinstall Flash." But reinstalling Flash didn't work.

Please help.
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Sometimes when surfing, a message was visible stating if I wanted to install Flash Player 8 from macromedia.

I set the message to not be visible anymore. How do I make it visible again?

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Hi, I'm having trouble downloading Adobe Flash Player 11. I have a Dell desk top w/XP pro,( i just installed the OS on a better tower than the one i had before)W/sp3, I use IE8 & Google for the internet.
When I download Adobe Flash I see everything being downloaded on my desktop(I have added Adobe to the firewall privacy box in internet options)the downloading window shows that it's installing and then it says congraduations it is installed. But Hulu and other sites say you need to download it and Search can't find it anywhere in C:There are no error messages during downloading or installing.

A:installing Adobe Flash on XP

Have a look at this;

I personally use Adobe's uninstaller to get rid of old versions and then get the new '.exe' versions from the links you will find in the 'Download issues' section of the Troubleshooter under the heading 'Progress bar hangs...'.

If you have the Google Chrome browser it uses an integrated version of Flash which should get updated automatically. If the integrated version doesn't work for any reason, Chrome will then attempt to use the separate 'other browsers' plugin that you get from the links mentioned above.
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I recently changed out my harddrive and reinstalled all my games windows office etc. but when I visit certain sites I get a message saying, "this program requires Flash" or, "you need activeX, get activeX now!" so i follow the link and go and download them and come back and it still says its missing. I have tried different links, restarting my computer multipul times,it just wont install!! any help here would be great!

Thank You,

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Fist of all hello everybdy, i am having a problem trying to install flash player i use to have it and somehow it got deleted so i can not go to alot of website exspecially incredimail which use's this player and i would like to know if i can install this player through a different site because when i use macromedia a webscence comes up and i need another website that won't block me. Please help.

A:installing flash player

You can download it direct from Adobe by clicking here. You may find you have to uninstall the old version first. Again you can get the uninstaller from Adobe here.
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I cant get to certain sites like etc.. - because I'm being told I need to download Macromedia Flashplayer 8. Yet I have downloaded it. And still won't work even after shutting it down and rebooting. It prompts with same response that I need to download Macro.... Its in programs file also!

My son who has a separate login can get them. What am I missing? we all have admin rights...

Please help!,



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pls how can i install windows 7 on flash drive, and what is the software to repair hard disk problem..

A:installing windows 7 on flash drive

Do you have an original Windows 7 installation DVD? Is the hard drive issue corruption or physically crashed with the clunk of death etc? Do you have an external USB DVD ROM drive?,154615.0.html
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Got one of those HP Mini notebooks without a CD drive XP got corrupted somehow and my wife took it over to a friend's house along with the HP OS CD Several days later she gets it back and this guy my wife's friend's husband has installed Ubuntu onto the machine We don't like Ubuntu XP Drive from Installing Problems Flash but this guy is my wife's boss and she doesn't want to make a Problems Installing XP from Flash Drive lot of waves So I take over and use WinToFlash on the HP OS disk to make a bootable flash drive When I booed off the flash drive I STUPIDLY chose install and then REPAIR thinking that we might still have all of her pictures documents etc Everything went swimmingly until I got to the welcome screen and was prompted for her password I initially thought 'great' she hasn't lost anything but when I entered her pw I got the msg box quot The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted quot I hit cntl alt del twice to Problems Installing XP from Flash Drive get the Administrator sign-in but get the same msg None of the available F options semm to be able to get me past this roadblock Meanwhile I CAN boot into Ubuntu but I have no idea how to reformat the drive from Ubuntu figuring tht if I reformat and reinstall using the flash drive the domain msg will go away So I'm unable to get to a command prompt in XP and can't seem to figure out what to do in Ubuntu to reformat we have no Ubuntu disk - only the HP XP OS disk When I boot using the flash drive I get a screen with options st text mode setup Boot from flash after finished nd GUI mode setup continue setup ist start of windows Initially I chose option where I ultimately chose install and repair If I chose option now I get a DOS msg quot Windows could not start because the following is missing or corrupt hal dll Please reinstall a copy of the above file quot Of course I don't know how to reinstall a copy of the file since I can't get to a prompt If I choose option I get to the Windows signon screen where I get the quot The specified domain either does not exist quot msg I am stumped But good

A:Problems Installing XP from Flash Drive

Well this is not a good day... First off if you reformat the drive all data will be lost. I know you said that you cant boot to Command Prompt, but can you get to the Recovery section of XP install on the flash drive? If so follow these.
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i have a very long story but i will try to keep it short if you need more information to help me let me know so in short i just put a new hard drive in set my bios up to boot drive problem from installing flash from usb flash drive first problem installing from flash drive then cd rom well i had both the cd and the flash drive in i'm not sure which one it started installing from but i got a message that said quot restart the computer take the cd out when it asks put it back in quot well i did that but only put the flash drive back in It tells me to insert and hit any key i do and i get DISK BOOT FAILURE so i came on here and found this thread Install Windows from USB Pen Drive Using Grub Dos i did this and am having the same issues now a few things -i already had the windows files on my flash drive before i installed multiboot does it have to be empty when i install multiboot and change the script or does that not matter -ive done this once before and problem installing from flash drive i could have sworn i had to format the flash drive before i did any of this could that be my problem anyways if you have any ideas please let me know i've been trying to fix this computer for two days and im losing it

A:problem installing from flash drive

Well there seems to be confusion here between the cd and the usb. Stick to one. If you want to use usb, use this tut and make sure you remove any disks from the optical drive before you start the install.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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So I have a few dead computers laying around and I was kinda hoping I could make use of one of the XP licenses I have. I was wondering if I would be able to install a copy onto a flash drive, and if so, how?

Part of why I wanna do this is to have a sort of recovery OS, where if a computer is not bootable, I can boot to this, recover files, ,run anti-virus, etc. (I've tried things like BartPE but it doesn't offer the flexibility I would get out of a fully functional operating system)

And on that note; if one OS (OS1) is having difficulties booting or is in a locked down state (due to virus or otherwise), how would I be able to boot to a seperate OS (OS2) and edit the startup programs on OS1?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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A family friend asked me to take a look at his daughters laptop. Now, I have the Windows XP3 distribution disc and the driver disc for the laptop, just one problem, it has no disc drive. So is it possible for me to take a 1gb pen drive and use that to format and reinstall windows? It's been infected pretty badly and needs to be done ASAP. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Installing Windows XP with flash drive?

All it would take is a special USB key that emulates an external CD/DVD drive with a mounted ISO of XP. I don't know if it exists though but external USB CD/DVD drives do for sure.
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im having problems installing from my flash drive, everything seems to work fine up untill the point where windows gathers the information. It tells me "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD or USB flash drive, please insert now."

and i have no idea how to get past this.

some good solutions would be nice =]

A:Installing windows 7 from flash drive

bryson, you seem to be missing a required CD/DVD device driver.

Can you fill in your system specs (left lower corner), that will allow for better and more helpful answers.

Do you have another USB drive you can put the required driver? It might be just that,

Tks and welcome to the forums
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Does anyone have a problem installing flash player in win 7? I have tried everything on Adobe's web site to no avil. I get the message that installation suceeded, but it hasn't. Any help or suggestions would be appriciated

A:Installing Adobe Flash Player

Check this Adobe article for possible solutions.

Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows

I would imagine your installation screwed up and needs to be uninstalled before you have another attempt at installing Flash Player.

You could try a system restore to a point before you tried to install Flash Player, and then try again.
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I complete surveys for two organisations and have been doing so for some years. Today I was told I did not have Adobe Flash installed. I duly went to the Adobe site and installed the programme, as I thought. I was told it had been installed. However I can see no sign of it in my "All Programmes", "Add or Remove", or "Search Programmes" sections, and I keep being told by my Survey that I do not have Adobe Flash installed.
I would welcome any help you can offer, and thank you in advance.
Reena (UK)

A:Problem installing Adobe Flash

It sounds like a Scam. Go to Control Panel. Select Small or Large Icons instead of Category View. You should see a Flash Icon. This only applies to firefox or IE. If you have Chrome, flash is built into the browser.
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I want to install Windows Vista using USB flash disk because I have problem with my DVD Room. I think you guys already familiar with this... First we open command prompt and go to DISKPART> and then insert command "LIST DISK" to list all available disk including the USB flashdisk... But the problem is in my computer, The USB flash Disk is not shown in the list... I don't know the problem. Maybe you guys could help me...

Thank you...

A:Installing Vista using USB flash disk

Sorry, i am new to the forum and finding me feet but have installed a number of OSs using USB flash drives. When you say you open a command prompt etc what have you booted into to reach the prompt? I assume you have successfully created a bootable Flash drive and set your BIOS to allow USB devices to boot before any other devices?
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Im trying to install Adobe flash cs4 but for some reason during the installation process (after I've entered the serial number etc) it completely stops after about 60/70% and won't go any further. I've tried leaving my computer on over night to see if it continues but it stays the same. I have no idea what's causing this problem. All I can say is that it gets stuck at the point where it's installing a "Adobe flash player 10 plugin" and won't go any further.

Any help would be appreciated as I need this programme.

A:Problems installing Adobe Flash

Remove the previous version of Adobe Flash Player 10 plugin
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Is it possible to install Windows with a flash drive? I have the ISO image, so can the flash drive boot like a cd? Thanks.

A:Installing Windows XP with a flash drive?

It is actually possible to install a bootable copy of Windows XP onto a flash drive and then boot a PC off of the flash drive. Read this Article
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I have a Flash Quicktime battle going on in my computer Flash worked fine until I installed Quicktime using the latest version in IE after with installing Flash Problems Quicktime from their website Now certain not all flash websites won t work I get the blue quot Q quot for Quicktime to come up then a question mark in the middle After looking at a lot of different things I realized that it was a site requiring Flash so I installed the latest Flash from Macromedia Adobe I still have the problems with QT trying to run many Flash-related websites I have gone into the settings panel for QT and under File Types made sure that NOTHING is checked except quot Quicktime movie quot Still having the problem The only way to solve the problem is to uninstall Quicktime Then all the Flash sites that I previously had problems with work the way they were supposed to using Flash If I reinstall QT the problem comes back I am sure that there is a way to fix this and that it s more of a common problem than what I am finding I did a search on this forum and someone else had the same problem but no response Is there someone here that can point me in the right direction or explain to me how to fix this Thank you nbsp

A:Problems with Flash in IE after installing Quicktime

You need to change the mime type association

go to the Control Panel -> Quicktime
Then go to the Browser tab-> MIME Settings under Miscellaneous uncheck Flash media.
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Windows Vista, IE 7, Cannot get Adobe Flash 10 installed!
Have uninstalled all Adobe and re-installed Air, Reader9, but can't get Adobe Flash 10 installed.
Any ideas?

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well i downloaded the the file when iclick on it it keeps extractin till 99% then it gives me this message
"a problen occurred while extractin some files.check availaible space on your computer and the write privilege on the destination folder"
Os is XP sp2 and i have large space on my hard drive.
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I am currently installing windows 10 from a microsoft windows 10 flash drive for fresh installing. I have used this flash drive before, and it was super quick. This time it is at the Dos-looking screen that says "Loading files..." and has been trickling on for about 15 mins. We just upgraded to an SSD and a new video card, and it is HDMI connected to a TV. Is this a sign of the computer being really slow? (We just bought a 300$ video card, and 16 gigs of ram for an i7 processer)

A:Installing windows 10 from their flash drive

welcome to the forum..

as the flashdrive has already proved itself, it should be ok. but the issue may depend on the type of machine is receiving the upgrade. but patience may be the key here.
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First let me say that I had thought that the problems I was having were a virus but the Hijackthis folks have declared my computer clean. They sent me here.

Whenever I go to youtube or other video sites, I am unable to watch anything because I see a message that reads, "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe." I have done this a dozen times. Everytime I get a message that the file was installed sucesfully, yet the "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe" remains. HOWEVER, this is only true if I use FireFox. If I visit the site using internet explorer, I do not see the message and I can watch anything i want.

I prefer FireFox over Explorer.

Do you have any suggestions?

A:Installing Adobe Flash Player

Hi, welcome to TSF

The "upgrade your flash player" message can appear when something is blocking scripts from running, even when Flash is correctly installed.

Check your internet options, security programs and Firefox addons to see if anything is blocking java or scripts. (eg. NoScript addon for Firefox)

There are 2 versions of the Adobe Flash Player available. One for Internet Explorer and one for other browsers like Firefox and Opera - Click here to download - Make sure you've got both versions installed and your graphics driver is up to date. If you need to update your graphics driver, reboot after installing.
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Hi, I use a HP PC windows 7 Pro 64 bit IE10 and Norton 2013.
Each time I log on ,I get a pop up to tell me I need to install the latest Adobe Flash player.I always install the latest version,and another Pop up tells me that this is now installed. My program listings confirm this. After a log out and a log in Adobe has vanished and the same old problem arrises again Norton has looked at this and cleared themselves. It would appear that the log out must clear Adobe as well. Any advise will be gratefully received Thanks

A:Installing Adobe.Flash player

Maybe the following can help:
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So there were a few websites where flash videos were not loading. Youtube worked, but some sites didnt. I uninstalled Flash, and am now attempting to reinstall it and it's not allowing me to. :facepalm:

Click on the link "How to do i unblock the publisher?" Got this:

Tried rightclicking on Flash installer and selecting "Run as administrator" Got this:
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So there were a few websites where flash videos were not loading. Youtube worked, but some sites didnt. I uninstalled Flash, and am now attempting to reinstall it and it's not allowing me to.

Click on the link "How to do i unblock the publisher?" Got this:

Tried rightclicking on Flash installer and selecting "Run as administrator" Got this:
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I use Firefox and out of the blue, noticed that when I tried to play a YouTube video, I got a blank screen. I have tried using the Adobe uninstaller and then reinstalling the program several times. When I go into Adobe help and it does the test to see if you have Flash Player, I get a blank screen - even after I've installed it. In my Uninstall Programs window, it is listed but does not have a size. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this? Thanks!

A:Adobe flash player not installing

Hello gooddayz and welcome to the forums

Let's start off by reinstalling Flash. I want you to download and install RevoUninstaller and use this to remove Flash:

Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall

Do a full scan for leftovers in Revo and remove everything it finds Then reboot and try installing Flash from the Adobe website.

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Currently have Flash installed. Now receiving warnings that Flash is out of date. Download the downloader from Adobe and while attempting to install the updated version I keep getting the following error message and installation stops:

I'll admit it...I'm clueless when it comes to sciprt errors.

A:Script Error While Installing Flash

What browser are you using when you tried to download Flash?

You system specs indicate that your browser is named Iron. (Which I think is Chrome reworked by the folks at SRWare.) You should probably update that browser if you really are on version 36..... (or remove the version number - if you are not updating your info with each release.)

You can update your specs via this link:
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I have had difficulty installing Adobe Flash Player. I have Windows XP SP3 and Opera 10.60 Portable. After what seems like hundreds of attempts, I have been able to get Flash Player to work on my main browser. However, I have another copy of the browser on an external drive and I still cannot get Flash to work with that.

Adobe, like most computer and software companies, has made the process opaque. I believe some simple information will help me.

1. Is Adobe Flash Player installed separately for each browser and each instance of a given browser?


2. Is Adobe Flash Player installed on the underlying system and supposed to work for all browsers from that single installation?

3. In either case, where is the installation located? What are the names of the files and/or directories of the installation.

I believe that answers to these questions will help with my problem.

Thanks a lot!

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Dear All,

Is it possible to install the (for example) Windows XP through Flash drive after coppieng the software from CD to Flash drive? Can PC boot from Flash drive as software in CD boot the PC for installing the window?

A:Installing Windows from Flash drive

There are plenty of articles on this if you care to Google
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i know i know... there's tons of threads about making flash drive bootable, put windows 7 onto flash drive and even has a post said ... installing windows 7 onto drive ... but no answer...

i have bootable windows cd a laptop with bootable usb port capability... i am NOT trying to make a bootable windows 7 flash drive...

i am trying to install windows 7 onto this removeable drive so if my hdd really dies, i can just use this flash drive as a hdd to continue do what i am doing light weight computer tasks


A:installing windows 7 onto a flash drive?

I have a flash drive I use to install Win7 but Win7 can not be installed onto a flash drive and run.
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Every time i try to install it it says Adobe flash player installer has encountered an problem and needs to close.sorry for the inconvenience . If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.please tell Microsoft about this problem. We have created an error report that you can send to us. we will treat this report as confidential and anonymous. to see what data this error report contains. click here.send error report don't send. the first time this happened i clicked send then waited like a day or two then tried again and the same thing happen and it keeps doing this what can i do. please help

emachines with windows xp

model t2825
s/no ca139 100 09082

A:I need help installing adobe flash player.

Have a look at this;
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iam trying to install windows 7 from a flash drive 8gg , and i had installed bootsec to the flash but i still cant boot from it .
i had changed the BIOS settings and do everything in this guide but nothing good , an error message keeps showing up 'invalid or corrupted bootable section'
i want help and this is the guide i have been following,

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Dell Inspiron laptop HDD crapped out about wks after the CD-RW DVD-ROM drive failed I have a slipstreamed XP Home-SP CD I created before both drives failed and have all my important quot stuff quot backed up on several DVD s I also have an USB help new reinstalling Drive HDD Need installing & SP3 Flash XP with external DVD-RAM drive to reinstall all my docs progs pics etc but the old - yrs laptop BIOS does not support booting off an external CD DVD--it will boot from a USB Flash Drive This being the first time I m attempting to replace a HDD amp re-install an OS I ll admit I m more than a little overwhelmed by all the stuff I ve read and quite frankly am lost as to what PRECISELY I need to do Here s Need help installing new HDD & reinstalling XP SP3 with USB Flash Drive what I Have Dell Need help installing new HDD & reinstalling XP SP3 with USB Flash Drive Laptop Need help installing new HDD & reinstalling XP SP3 with USB Flash Drive w failed gb Seagate HDD amp failed LG OEM CD DVD drive --original specs amp equipment http support dell com support topics global aspx support my systems info details c us amp l en amp s dhs amp ck anavml amp tab A slipstreamed XP Home SP- CDImportant folders progs docs backed up on DVD CD this comp-- Gateway Win Home Premium A new Western Digital gb HDD new still in sealed package http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp nm mc TEMC-RMA-Approvel amp cm mmc TEMC-RMA-Approvel- -Content- -text- -A new still in package GB Flash driveA second laptop this one to download anything info progs drivers etc I may need during during reinstallationWhat I need to do Install the new HDDInstall Win XP from Flash DriveWhat I don t know besides A LOT LOL Do I need to format the new drive with a third party prog tool Do I need to format the flash drive If so how do I do that Should I let Windows format the drive during installation Is a GB flash dr too small Too big How do I copy the XP CD to the USB drive Do I format the drives in FAT- NTFS I ve read about different answers with about different opinions on each of these and other questions and to be honest I M COMPLETELY BURIED HERE What I m asking is is there a DEFINITIVE source website guide tutorial I should follow If someone can point me in the right direction as to what steps I need to do what hardware amp software I may need and in what order I need to do them etc it would be GREATLY appreciated I m not necessarily looking for hand-holding just a shove in the right direction Anyone with any further questions please fell feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer

A:Need help installing new HDD & reinstalling XP SP3 with USB Flash Drive

Found a way that works (so far, the new drive formatting as I type this) here:Flashboot: with screenshots: & copied CD to USB stick, I plugged it into the old Dell, booted and it uses FDisk to format the drive, unfortunately in FAT-32, no option for NTFS...It's at 90% now, I will post back with any further developments, Good or Bad.Edit 1: Setup is copying files...Edit 2: Converted to NTFS, @ 34 min mark Edit 3: Done! Installing the first 90 Windows Updates.That was a LOT easier than I thought it would be
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I am trying to install the latest flash player, and I keep getting the same
message. (C:\windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe5) could not be written due to insufficient permissions. I am logged on as the administrator ,I uninstalled the old flash player, switched off virus and fire wall. Still no joy. I have also tried installing using firefox and chrome same result. I did at one time get an error message from microsoft saying "macromedia Flash ActiveX control not compatable" Would be grateful for any help as the computer is close to becoming a U.F.O.
Bob wilky.

A:flash player problems installing

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Please follow all of the steps here: Uninstall Flash Player | Windows
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I have had to reinstall windows xp recently due to awindows system 32 failure, and i need to reinstall Adobe flash player for a program my son uses. Now my problem is.......every time i try to install, it finishes and tells me installation is complete, but i can find no location for it, apart from in add/remove programs where there is no file size mentioned ( so i presume it hasn't installed), and my son still cant open his program. I have windows xp and internet explorer.

Can anyone help with this problem please

A:Adobe flash player not installing

sue jane said:

I have had to reinstall windows xp recently due to awindows system 32 failure, and i need to reinstall Adobe flash player for a program my son uses. Now my problem is.......every time i try to install, it finishes and tells me installation is complete, but i can find no location for it, apart from in add/remove programs where there is no file size mentioned ( so i presume it hasn't installed), and my son still cant open his program. I have windows xp and internet explorer.

Can anyone help with this problem pleaseClick to expand...

Sue, Make sure when you are installing Flash you have no other browser windows open. When install is finished, reboot and check it again.
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I have properly configured a USB flash drive to make it bootable, put the files from the W7 install image on it and can boot from it and install W7 on my computer.

All good so far. But I have an extra 5 GB of space on this flash drive and I would like to put some other useful programs on it, if possible, without messing up my ability to install/repair windows with this flash drive.

So can I just add in some more folders to the flash drive, containing other programs like, for example, the Acronis TIH bootable rescue image containing TIH and Acronis Disk Director Suite, and have it so I could choose to boot into them or the Windows install/repair disk? And, if so, how would I set this up?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

A:Installing from USB Flash Drive question

I just added some folders with my AVg antivirus install, wallpapers, gadgets, etc.

After I installed Win7 from the flash drive, I just went & opened the folders & copied the stuff I wanted over to the HD. If you got the space use it.
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Is it possible to install Windows(XP/Vista/7/embedded) onto a USB flash drive, such that it is bootable from any PC (assuming it supports USB boot and meets the minimum OS requirements)?

The installation should ideally provide basic services necessary to perform mundane activities such as web surfing and word processing.

I've seen guides for installing Windows onto USB flash drives and HDDs, but not one that claims to be portable. Is this at all possible?

A:Installing Windows on a USB flash drive

Your best bet would be to have a winpe on a usb stick. PE (preinstalled environment) is a lightweight windows version actually meant to run recovery and imaging tools. You can look up readymade pe's on the internet or you can make one with waik though thats a tedious procedure and not everybody's upto it. SIW2 (a member here) has made some nice pe's, you can message him for help, particularly how to add word processing.

Running full fledged win7 from a usb stick would be slow, also it couldnt possibly have all the drivers needed to run it on different PCs. Licensing would also be an issue.
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I'm having some issues getting Adobe Flash to install.
Running ie8, win xp home.
I've tried all troubleshooting methods on the adobe site to get it to work, except mess with the registry. (I don't feel comfortable with that given the limited instructions they provided).

Have run a registry cleaner, mcafee virus, and found nothing unusual on either. Have attempted multiple reboots with no further luck.

What is happening is that I will start the download for the new adobe flash, get no error messages or other indication that it didn't work, (page will contiue to not show completed graphic after install should be completed) yet some sites are still telling me that I need to download the newest version to view.

A:Adobe Flash not installing propperly

Welcome to TSF


Have run a registry cleaner,

Registry cleaner can sometimes make matters worse, I do not support using them for any reason.

IE8 is still buggy and alot of users are complaining about the same issue. Try removing IE8 and see if those sites still complain. have you tried Compatibility View?
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Hi I have a big problem I recently got a laptop computer for really cheap an old Dell CS Anyhow it doesn t have any disk drives which is a problem So far 2000 Flash USB From Installing a Drive I ve tried to install a USB CDROM drive that I bought but the driver was on a floppy disk Now I have no floppy drives at my house so I went over to a friends who s computer corrupted the Installing 2000 From a USB Flash Drive disk I m told the CDROM drive will work fine on Windows XP w o a driver and I need a way to install one of those I m told there is a way to take files from a Windows or XP CD and put them in a Windows SE system so that it will install the OS I hear it also requires a DOS program Right now all I have been able to do is get a USB Flash drive up and running on this computer but I need instructions on how to do this Thanks a lot Gabe nbsp

A:Installing 2000 From a USB Flash Drive

First and possibly limiting thing. Does the Laptop support booting from a flash drive?