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Web Page distorts and shows some asian language

Q: Web Page distorts and shows some asian language


I have designed a web site for my company which works well when run on local host. The problem is that when i uploaded it and published it some of the pages gets completely distorted and the language is changed to some asian language.

Below is the link of the site.

Below are the pages which gets distorted

Please tell me if any help

Thank you in advance,


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Preferred Solution: Web Page distorts and shows some asian language

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Web Page distorts and shows some asian language>> no distortion>> Most TVs allow you to set a SAP- Secondary Audio Setting, meaning the display will be in both the original language such as English and a secondary language such as Spanish. I don't know what your "sap.htm" represents but could it be to show the site in a secondary language?>> looks like botched programming> view the source code.

You can find numerous sites with the ??????, which in both of the problem URLs. Check your programming for errors.
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Microsoft showed off a whole range of new PCs and devices running Windows 10 at Computex 2015, but one that really caught the eye is the Quanta Compute Plug, an entire PC integrated into a power plug the size of...

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A:Microsoft shows off PC integrated into power plug

They may be handy to a lot and even have very reasonable prices but I can't imagine myself ever wanting any of these.
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Microsoft has had plenty to say about Windows 10 over the past several months leading up to its Build conference that wraps up today. While we've heard some details about DirectX 12 and how it'll be exclusive to Windows 10,...

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A:This Square Enix tech demo shows DirectX 12 in all its glory

Looks like the character was pulled directly from Morrigan (Dragon Age)...
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I have just installed the latest driver from Kyocera for the FS-1020D. I am using the USB connection. This problem has occurred with Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.

When I print the page, the print doesn't start until between 5cm and 14cm down the page (I tried printing off 5 pages, the first page started printing 14 cm down, then the remaining 4 pages left a top gap of 5 cm).

Any ideas?

A:Kyocera Fs-1020D - print starting hal-way down page

Cancel this request - I don't understand why, but after I tried printing from the MP tray, it suddenly sorted itself out and is now printing perfectly from both paper trays!
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I have a Windows 7 HP desktop system that is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable. The system says it is connected, and a ping confirms it is accessing the internet. BUT, all the browsers say the computer is not connected to the internet (tried Chrome, Firefox and IE). All of the Microsoft network adapters (6to4, ISATAP adapter, ISATAP adapter #2, Teredo Tunneling Adapter) shown under device manager cannot start (Code 10). the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller is the only network adapter shown as working properly. What do I need to do to fix this? Let me know if there is any other information needed to help me.

A:Windows 7 computer says connect via ethernet and ping confirms but cannot get to any page

Does your router see this computer on the network?
Are you on Private Network or Home Network?
Is the IP address showing 192.168.x.x or is it showing 169.xx.xx.xx?

NIC network card you can do a few things. You can can disable it and re-able it.
Open dos prompt
type: ipconfig /flushdns
type: ipconfig /release
type: ipconfig /renew

Give this a sec or two.

Now under services.msc (use the control panel and type services)
Select view local services
Scroll down for
DHCP Client (right click and stop it) wait then right click and start it
DNS Client (right click and stop it) wait then right click and start it

If none of the above work go into the device manager. under control panel type: device manager. click on device manager

-Network adapters
-Realtek PCI-e this one uninstall the drivers (BUT DO NOT DELETE THEM)

Two options here.
One: Scan computer for new hardware changes
Two: Reboot the PC

Choose Two, because Windows will re-install the drivers and setup network card settings. for you. The Choosing One would do that same but you really want to flush out any prior issues that got you to this point.
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One of my hard drives just failed after years of reliable service. A lot of valuable information was lost.

To avoid this in the future, it would be helpful to know just how old a drive is to know when it's time to be replaced.

Is there a program that can tell me when I drive was manufactured?

A:A program that shows Manufacture date?

Drive age doesn't really have much to do with 'drive failures'. Time in service increases the risk, but it's not a defining factor either.

The HDD should have a sticker on it showing date of manufacture. I don't know of a program.
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I have an ancient eMachines T- Intel P- Ghz single core Prescott I m running XP-SP fully updated with the exception of SP- If I install SP I lose the ability to do a repair install My AV product is AVG Free This thing s Loading Firefox Page with Slow my Slow Page Loading with Firefox go to erotica finder Trust me I don t log in to my bank with it Anyway it seems terribly slow at loading pages with the CPU at or pushing usage I can t load more than one page at a time Slow Page Loading with Firefox or I get a quot problem server reset before page loaded quot type error Once the other page s have loaded a simple reload page command establishes the connection Firkefox Slow Page Loading with Firefox ver is the browser of choice with quot NoScript quot installed I just did a repair install of the OS which is the only way I could get it to reload the internet driver Intel Pro That doesn t seem to have helped My question is I want anybody s best opinion as to whether this level of performance is what I should expect as typical with this rig or is it just plain worn out and I should retire it with full military honors nbsp

A:Slow Page Loading with Firefox

Try disabling no script. That may be eating up all your resources and slowing down the loading of webpages. If that doesnt work, try another browser like Chrome. I would try completely clean installing windows rather than repairing it since just repairing will not clear anything such as viruses off of the PC. Malware could be another culprit and clean installation will allow you to wipe it out.
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I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to help with a problem. I am connected to my internet network on my PC through an Ethernet cable, but cannot access the internet through a browser or anything else. This is the second time this week this has happened. I had a separate PC issue early this week which caused me to reinstall windows. I have had the issue with connecting to the internet occur twice now since reinstalling windows, both times after installing windows updates. I resolved the first occur acne by having my ISP come out. I do not know what they did to fix the problem, only that the router was not the source, and he changed something while logged into the modem settings. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Cannot open web page, connected to router

First get a command prompt and then issue these to commands

both should give some answers, neither should timeout or show errors
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Hi I've recently built my pc with a lot of help from a friend but I've run into a problem my CPU is:

and my motherboard is

I'm a novice PC builder so I let my friend choose the parts and he assured me the parts were all compatible but this error says otherwise.

I've updated the bios to the latest but I'm not sure my cpu was even on the list of supported cpus...Can anyone please offer me advice?

Oh and I have to keep resetting my cmos whenever I turn on m pc or the monitors just go to sleep.

A:CPU meant to be 4.7 but shows 4.0

FX 9590 is a high Watt CPU and was only supported on a few of the very high end motherboards. That board is not one of the supported boards and in actuality is not designed for that class of overclocking and power.

The only boards with guaranteed FX 9370 & 9590 support are a few of the 990FX boards: The Asus Crosshair V-Z, The ASrock Extreme9, Asus Sabertooth, and the 2 Gigabyte 990FX Extreme boards.

I would return that motherboard and pick up one of those boards to replace the one you have otherwise you will probably run into issues. This particular Motherboard you bought only support up to 140Watt CPU's where as the 9590 is a 220Watt CPU.
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I have a client that has been asking me about a way to monitor internet activities or to get email addresses for people who use his wifi hotspots He owns a chain of restaurants and essentially wants a system page access? restaurant hotspot for Login that retrieves people s email addresses when they connect so he can send them promotional emails Personally I think this is a terrible idea but professionally I have to give him my opinion I was going to suggest that he have a sign in page that the router directs traffic to before it gives full connectivity to the user Login page for restaurant hotspot access? This page would Login page for restaurant hotspot access? have a user agreement that allows for sending promotional emails I ve seen these at airports and some other businesses and I hate them but this seems to be the least morally objectionable way to do what he s asking rather than implementing a shady web traffic monitoring system I m pretty sure all this would take would be to have the DHCP managed by a server that through the dns sends all traffic to a page that requires registering a login before granting full access to the network Has anyone done something like this themselves or have a suggestion for a method or application that aids in something like this Thanks nbsp
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Hi !
I have HP Pavilion w1164d Desktop PC , I formatted my system and now whenever I insert my dvd or any cd it shows blank dvd/cd. I tried a video cd it shows the icons but when I play it it does'nt pay and shows some error.

Conclusion - After formatting my system , my Cd/Dvd reader cum writer is showing the Cd blank, I have tried many dvd's but it shows that my DVD is blank
System info -
HP Pavilion w1164d Desktop PC
Ram is upgraded to 1 GB
CD /DVD reader/writer is from LG (company)
Please click and check the system information -
Kind Regards
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When I connect my external hard drive to my computer it is recognized and shows up and everything but for some reason it can't be opened. This problem started after my brother put some wii games in there and connected it to the Wii...

I clicked on properties and it reads 0 bytes so nothing is detected when I scan it for viruses. (finishes after 5 seconds)

Even though it shows 0 bytes it still has all the data cause after this, I connected it on my wii and it has the games and on blu ray and it shows every video and photo I put in there, it's just a problem with windows...

I don't want to format it because I have like 5000 photos from trips with my family and also some pretty important documents from my dad's work.

A:Maxell HDD shows up but won't open

I found the answer! The Boot sector was damaged and Windows before looking for the information on the hard drive it looks for this sector. So all I had to do was to get a Linux computer and it was able to open it, it would have also worked with a Mac. Didn't lose any file I had in there.
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I have read many posts attempting to solve my own issue all the while failing Some proper assitance will be needed so I needed to create my own post I have a Seagate TB HDD I have been using shows up not BIOS but Windows in HDD for a couple years My girlfriend is a photographer and she filled up HDD shows up in BIOS but not Windows the drive Prior to being able to afford a new one she crashed windows and it would no longer start up Bought a new drive thought my task would be simple however upon booting windows to my new drive the old drive had not shown up I checked the bios and it is visible there The Data on that drive is irreplaceble So by attempting to solve my own issue here is what I have tried -Checking bios for other drive boot options -switching the cables on the drive multiple times -using a different computer -checking disk management -using seagate drive tools -using windows boot disk -using Memory Diagnostic Tools only other method I have read but havent tried is using an external casing in an attempt to get it to apper however I have my doubts on whether that would work If I am wrong please correct me So to be Clear -HDD with essential data on it Seagate TB -Shows up in Bios -Does not show up in Window Disk management or in Seatools Also will not appear for a Windows install disk I appreciate The Help nbsp

A:HDD shows up in BIOS but not Windows

Is the 1.5 TB drive the one that had Windows installed to it? If so, it is pretty likely you are screwed.. I mean, there are some options you have, but none have a real high success rate on a drive that has failed.

Check out the tools on Hirens boot CD. Boot from that, and have a go with a few of those tools, that is your best chance now outside of professional recovery. Professional recovery costs will strongly test how "irreplaceable" those pictures are.
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At the weekend I installed an Asus P5W DH Deluxe after memory problems with P5Q Deluxe. I installed my 4Gb of Corsair RAM and it was showing 4Gb during POST. However, in the past 24hrs it is displaying 3.2Gb with the remaining 800Mb going towards 'Appropriated Memory'.

Why has this suddenly happened? I've never seen it happen on my other P5W DH mobo or the P5Q Deluxe.


A:My RAM was showing 4GB in POST, now it shows 3.2GB?

Are you installing a 32-bit operating system?

A 32-bit operating system will not allow full use of your 4GB memory. If you want to use more than 3.2GB (give or take a few hundred MB), you will need a 64-bit operating system.
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Hope this is the right forum for this topic
any way
I got a Sandisk Cruzer palladium 4 gb usb drive. I gave it to a friend and after getting back it shows only 64mb of space, and it cannot be formatted and cant be opened as well.
IN disk management the partition option is disabled. ANd it was a u3 cruzer drive but now the software cant be installed on it.
I have also tried Hp usb disk format tool but that still doesnt format the drive
One more thing is that the usb light is not on continuously, it keeps on blinking.

Any ideas how to fix the usb drive?

A:4GB USB drive shows only 64MB. Any idea how to fix?

A couple things:

Sandisk Cruzers are often faked. Its possible yours is, especially if you ordered it real cheap from somewhere online or ebay. There are a few websites that can help you identify if its genuine or not.

HP Format tool usually fixes these type of problems. So since it didn't the drive simply may have died.

If you have a virtual machine with 9x on it, or access to a machine running 9x, try formatting it with that machine. I don't know exactly why that brings some drives back to life, but several years ago when people were dual booting XP and 98 I saw a couple unformattable (in XP) drives get fixed by formatting in 98. I've never tried it, but whatever 98 does differently might be similar in Linux, so you could try booting off a live linux disk and formatting it that way - I have never seen this work, but I've also never seen it attempted. Both of those suggestions are kind of a long shot though and I wouldn't get your hopes up too much.
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First engineering samples of AMD's Piledriver (FX-83xx, 63xx, 43xx) CPU's are about to break cover.
As per AMD's recent white paper which I linked to in an earlier post (pdf link), Piledriver = Bulldozer C0 revision (shipping Bulldozer parts being currently B2), so basically you're looking at a slight speed bump (200MHz by current accounts) and a little more efficiency over the present parts.


A:AMD Piledriver CPU shows its face...

Bulldozer still doesn't seem to be as popular as it should have been...

I'd love to see AMD get back in the race a little bit, because they are just not doing that well these days. I feel like if they hadn't acquired ATI when they did they may have not been around today.
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My iOmega TB External hard drive stopped working after it was accidentally unplugged I googled the problem amp found the exact thread here for my problem When plugged in instead of being identified by it s name as before it s listed as Local disc F First I tried disabling write caching to no avail so I followed HDD disk shows as it local & F cannot be accessed External the instructions I found here to External HDD shows as local disk F & it cannot be accessed the same problem started by fish in Aug Mark replied several times giving good instructions which I have followed but my problem isn t solved I downloaded Sea Tools for Windows amp ran both Short amp Long tests which both failed The hard drive when dismantled is a Seagate Barracuda TB amp my PC is Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pk The HDD has much loved photo s of my kids amp tons of video amp music too is there any way to retrieve it now or is it a hopeless case Any help would be very much appreciated I think maybe if possible to get any data now I would have to take it to proffessionals but don t want to get ripped off if the drive is totally broken Thanx so much if u can help all nbsp

A:External HDD shows as local disk F & it cannot be accessed

You could try going into disk management and deleting F: drive, while the External HDD is unplugged, then try reconnecting - OS might have just assigned the drive incorrectly?
Also strongly recommend updating to SP2 if possible (probably not connected to this issue though).
Hope this helps.
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I have made a mistake in my computer and I do not know what I did or where I did it to create the screen to become black when I go to a second screen. I can open a website fine, but when I go to a second page it comes up black with only very light grey printing. Can someone walk me through changing this back from black to a more readable color?
Oh, I forgot to tell that I have Windows 7 on this laptop.

A:Opening second page comes up black

Are you talking about an external monitor connected to the laptop?
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My windows xp 64 bit runs super slow after windows loading sign and it takes me 2 hrs to open up the desktop and transfer 6 images. I use 2 RAM's of 2gb (kingston DDR2). When I opened up BIOS, it showed 640k as base memory and 126m as extended memory.
There are no details under the computer title if I try to check the properties of computer or maybe it is just taking too much time to display. the desktop is fine, my computer still works but takes hours to do a simple task. it all started all of a sudden. Also I would like to know if 'unganged mode' is fine as it is displayed when the system boots. I tried to check another different RAM on the computer, but still no change, so I am confused regarding the problem.
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Hi When I have a problem I can usually solve responsive dongle but PnP USB shows on not it but this one proves challenging Iv read related posts but USB dongle not responsive but shows on PnP none of them concerned USB dongles USB dongle with built in SD card reader This is was most likely my fault removing the dongle improperly but here is the problem Now when I boot up my USB dongle not responsive but shows on PnP laptop windows vista bit I notice the plug and play icon on the task bar I open it up and it shows USB Mass storage device Generic multi card reader USB device Generic volume E E drive also shows in my computer show it thinks the device is still connected Also now when I plug the dongle it does nt respond which means I can t go online now when I m out and about the dongle does still work it lights up on first boot but cuts off right before log on screen I have tried USB dongle not responsive but shows on PnP just about everything Iv uninstalled all USB drivers etc left the battery out etc fiddled with this and that Iv got as far as the laptop picking up the dongle but a bubble just keeps popping up saying unrecognized device and the light on the dongle does nt flash Also had code errors and malfunctions I am sure that the problem lies with the SD card reader everything else I plug in works just not the dongle Please help and Thanks Edit on safety remove hardware I can get rid of E drive but there is a yellow explanation mark on the USB mass storage on device manager nbsp

A:USB dongle not responsive but shows on PnP

"but there is a yellow explanation mark on the USB mass storage on device manager"...
uninstall this entry and run this temp file cleaner from the desktop:

Let the computer reboot and try inserting the dongle again
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HI all, i have this external hdd verbatim 2tb and it has been working fine for a while but all of the sudden it stopped working, i changed the power cable and it started working again but there is still a problem.

It won't show up in my computer and even the program KILLDISK says it isn't ready...
please i need help regarding this as fast as possible.

also in disk manager it say's not initialized and when i try to initialize it say's device not ready as well...

in device manager the hdd has the name USB device and nothing else, i've tried to reinstall the drivers, changing usb cable. I would love to format it but no program seem to see it as a HDD so please i need help...

thank you for reading

// mackesacke

A:HDD shows as "device not ready"


also there is not any valuable information on the disk either
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Hey So this started a few days ago out of the blue i didnt install anything game of out digital in analog, (shows Monitor the sync when thing) goes or change anything i fired up batman arkham city on my pc i played that Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game game before on my pc this was routine and when going ingame monitor went black and gave me that Analog Digital thing at the upper left corner then it ll play that Hardware unplugged sound im on a xp Screen will stay black and go to sleep mode I ran dmark same thing happened Now i m getting no artifacts no tears no weird visual glitches games will even let me go ingame and play for about minutes before the screen shuts down computer will run fine d is great videos run great gpu Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game temps are between to on idle to on full throttle i was thinking of dust bunnies or dirt in general inside my gpu s heatsink and around my gpu i was gonna open the heatsink but the screws are really tight and i only have one of those handle-less drivers http creamyg hugelaser com Projects CES Log Photo Log CES Log Thin Screwdriver jpg What do i do can t afford a new gpu now nbsp

A:Monitor goes out of sync (shows the analog, digital thing) when in game

Ok, i opened up the heatsink, it was pretty dirty, so i cleaned everything up.
I reinstalled the GPU on its usual port, and it wouldn't give me an image. So i set it on another port, and voila, image. i doubt it fixed my problem though.

I'm gonna report later if it goes out of sync again
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Hi Everyone Desperately in need of help right now I m now currently unable to load ANY page which requires a login eg Hotmail Youtube any load which a page Can't requires login Login Page Facebook Yahoo Login Page etc I came across this forum and wanted to post a new Can't load any page which requires a login thread to look for help regarding my problem but this forum also required me to make an account BUT since I m unable to load any log in pages I can t load the log in page to my email too I m a computer newbie so I m really at a loss right now This login problem does not only apply to my computer though other computers in my house my iPhone and my PS also have the log in problem with any application or website with requires a login I m guessing it has something to do with either my Router or my ISP But I have no idea where to start or what to do to find out what s the problem I doubt it s a malware or any kind of bug though But just to confirm what can I do Any help is greatly appreciated PLEASE and thanks nbsp

A:Can't load any page which requires a login

JuicyDragon said:

This login problem does not only apply to my computer though, other computers in my house, my iPhone and my PS3 also have the log in problem with any application or website with requires a login. I'm guessing it has something to do with either my Router or my ISPClick to expand...

Good guess; common symptom across multiple devices implies something higher up in the network.
I suspect you have a port problem for port 443, secured http (HTTPS://)

Using a wired connection to your router, launch a browser and enter the router IP address as if it were a URL. This will access the router config page but should prompt for the admin/pwd.

Now you need the Admin-id, password and the IP address of your router, all of which are make/model dependent - - Please post the name/model number of your router so we can continue . . .
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Well the title sums it up really I OC ed my AMD Phenom II X BE to it s x multiplier at a comfy GHz just to test things and familiarize myself with it shows than different Windows frequency CPU CPU-Z/BIOS s voltages After I set the thing to x and rebooted I checked windows to see if it actually showed MHz but it didn t I then ran CPU-Z and Core Temp both of which showed exactly MHz and a x multiplier Windows shows different CPU frequency than CPU-Z/BIOS My question Is this just a bug Windows shows different CPU frequency than CPU-Z/BIOS in windows and is my CPU actually GHz or is there something else going on The fact that CPU-Z shows higher changing voltages BIOS Core Voltage is set to Auto means to me that windows is doing it wrong But I might be completely mistaking Also on a sidenote I wondered if the popular Can You Run It webservice shows realtime CPU clock speed or just the stock value Because it s showing the stock value for me but I thought it might just be getting that from where windows is getting it the wrong location I hope that is Any assistance on the matter would be greatly appreciated Marty nbsp

A:Windows shows different CPU frequency than CPU-Z/BIOS

CPU-Z is more accurate then windows with these things, i would say if both it and the bios says you have then windows isn't reading it properly
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Alright I have a whole bunch of my music and videos on my external hard drive and I got a new Dell XPS yesterday I had been using my external hard drive just fine for the past - yeas now with different laptops working fine I plugged it yesterday to transfer all my music to my new computer and it seemed to be working fine There was an error as the copy rate External Local -- won't open Disk as only working, shows drive hard stopped up slowwed so I decided to delete and try again I did that about times and then decided to just copy the music album by album Eventually I don External hard drive stopped working, only shows up as Local Disk -- won't open t know how it ended up happening instead of the Hard Drive coming up as Seagate on the My Computer Tab it started showing up as Local Disk J on my Dell and Local Disk E on my laptop now It doesn t matter where I plug it in Not only that it won t open when I try to open it It will get loaded and then just pause and stop responding I m completely lost My hard drive is Seagate GB nbsp

A:External hard drive stopped working, only shows up as Local Disk -- won't open

Hi, first I would run the Seagate diagnostics to check the hard drive is still healthy following this guide.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the Bios setup.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.




Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital:


Toshiba Fujitsu:

If you have a Toshiba hard drive I would suggest the use of the diagnostics from the Seagate link as this will work on all makes of drive and on any OS.Click to expand...

It sounds likely that the circuitry in the drive enclosure is failing (or the drive), if the test won't run then remove the drive from the enclosure and purchase a USB Hard Drive adapter, or use the internal connections in a desktop PC to connect the drive. This should allow you to run the test and/or extract all the files.

If the test runs ok with the drive connected to another PC internally, or with a USB adapter then you will know for sure that it is the enclosure that has failed.
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Put in new dual channel kits of GB of Kingston HyperX KHX D B K G maxed at GB Kingston Specs Everything looks right in PC Wizard CPU-Z except for tRAS timing Per Kingston specs at MHz which it s at timings at v should be - - - not - - - timings shows be - RAM 18 tRAS_should New OK except look 15 The SPDs are programmed to JEDEC standard latency MHz timing of - - - at V Each -pin DIMM New RAM timings look OK except tRAS_should be 15 - shows 18 uses gold contact fingers and requires V Click to expand v is the spec on this mobo amp was the voltage of the OEM RAM however their specs were - - - This is an HP OEM Asus board w no clock settings in BIOS I m not sure why everything looks OK except the tRAS timing PC Wizard General Information DIMM BANK MB - DIMM DIMM BANK MB - DIMM DIMM BANK MB - DIMM DIMM BANK MB - DIMM Information SPD EEPROM DIMM Manufacturer Kingston Part Number G-UDIMM Serial Number CF Type DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz - DDR - Format Regular UDIMM x Size MB ranks banks Module Buffered No Module Registered No Module SLi Ready EPP No Width -bit Error Correction Capability No Max Burst Length Refresh Reduced x Self Refresh s Voltage SSTL v Prefetch Buffer -bit Manufacture Week of Supported Frequencies MHz MHz MHz CAS Latency tCL clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz RAS to CAS tRCD clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz RAS Precharge tRP clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz Cycle Time tRAS clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz Min TRC clocks MHz clocks MHz clocks MHz Click to expand nbsp
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Whenever i type in my ip address in my internet address bar(192.168.x.y) the page brings me to "Unable to connect" "FireFox cannot establish a connection to the server 192.168.x.y". I have also tried it in IE but it just google searches my IP Address. Also this problem is usually off and on. One day i can get on and the next day it wont let me access the page.

A:Cannot connect to my router's web page via IP address

first, get a command prompt and enter IPCONFIG

the last line shown as the Default address is your router's address.

If that's the address you already attempted, then

download LSPFIX,
install and run from an ADMIN login, reboot the system and then try accessing your router again.
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I am in a very bad situation here, my USB which has all my work in for University seems to be faulty. When I connect my SanDisk USB, it shows the orange light for one second then that is it. It's suppose to show all the time... I tried different computers but problem persists

I am extremely worried.. can this be rectified at all?

A:Does my USB have life? Light shows only for a second

The Sandisk is most likely bad...
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When i boot my stationary computer, it starts and everything seems fine. Only the screen shows nothing.

I have over the last couple of weeks replaced every component except my RAM and my screen(Not that it really classifies as a component). The screen in itself works, since i've plugged it into this laptop without problem.

So I'm thinking it's got to be the DVI-VGA apapter(yes, i use a vga cable) or the graphics card. The gfx card would be wierd since i just bought it and everything should be compatible with my new motherboard.

Specs(Will update with all of them when i get home):
XFX Radeon HD 5670
Asus M3A78 Motherboard

A:Problem identifying why my display shows nothing

I've noticed that the dvi-vga adapter is missing a pin, is that i problem?
Could that be it?
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I have a Western Digital 250 GB external HD that had been working perfectly until yesterday afternoon. It has been making this repetitive whirring noise *not the clicking noise of death* and it died before I had a chance to copy the data onto another external. When I plug in the USB it makes the connection noise, but autoplay does not come up and it does not show up in my computer anymore. I did look in device manager and disk management and it does show up but it had no drive letter and it says unreadable. (I've attached a screenshot of this)

Is there any way I can recover the data off of it? Should I just take it out of the enclosure and hook it up to a desktop pc?

A:External hard drive broken shows up in device manager but not My Computer

It sounds like the drive itself is dead rather than the enclosure. The repetitive 'whirring' noise likely is immediately following the click of death, just the click is pretty quiet on a lot of notebook drives. If yours is a full size (3.5") drive in that enclosure, then perhaps you are right and the click of death isn't occurring.

In either case, its not going to hurt to hook it up internally, because even if it doesn't work you aren't any worse off than you are now.
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Hi guys its been years since I been on here but I am stumped I bought a quot new quot motherboard a socket to replace my older My processor is a Celeron D ghz up but on shows screen nothing powers Computer Ram mb video card FX- mb both boards are pretty old fsb and usb yeah This computer are parts from my closet and really want it to work except the board I bought because I thought that was the problem newer Computer shows nothing on screen but powers up board AOPEN AX - older p vxad When I put the computer together I got both of the boards to power on but no screen posting or Computer shows nothing on screen but powers up anything I took out the memory same thing Took out the video card same thing Now I put in a dead P processor and that got hot but same thing powers but no screen that was weird because the Celeron D that works I put in was cold Now this got me thinking maybe these boards are so old they don t support a Celeron D and maybe I have to buy a old pentium could this be the problem nbsp

A:Computer shows nothing on screen but powers up

Friend of mine just had an old graphics card die out, luckily he had onboard video as well to test. No extra agp card laying around?
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Hi everyone out there. I have been working on a emachine desktop that the customer could not get there ie to work. Well I did what I had to to find out that the adapter was bad so I replaced it with an usb network adapter. now it is saying that it is connected but ie will still not display the page. I have made sure that the settings are automatically detected. I need serious help. I know it's something simple. I have reset my router and modem and it still displays the same msg. I have a laptop connected to the same router and modem and its connection is fine. On the desktop I'm even able to update programs on the computer but ie just won't work. What could be wrong? Pls hlp!

A:Internet connected, but IE cannot display this page

You might want to check to be sure the browser is not in offline mode, especially if other network functions are working.
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My friend had her laptop hard drive replaced by some company 10MB drive Explorer is shows External 60GB empty in and They External 60GB drive is empty and shows 10MB in Explorer did not copy her documents and pictures to her new drive so she asked me if I could do it for her I told her I would slave the drive to my External 60GB drive is empty and shows 10MB in Explorer machine and see if I could read the old drive if so I could probably retrieve the items and save them for External 60GB drive is empty and shows 10MB in Explorer her It is a Gig Hitachi Travelstar Hard Drive I put the hard drive in my external USB case and plugged it in to my Laptop running VISTA SP- I also plugged it in to a Windows XP Pro machine The new drive was detected and I was able to see it in My Computer as quot Local Drive E quot the File System says quot FAT quot and the Disk size shows the capacity as MB Used Space MB - Free Space MB When I open the contents of this drive it is empty In Computer Management Disk Management this is what is visible where Disk is my internal drive and Disk is the Slave Travelstar ---------------------------------------------- Disk Basic GB Online GB Healthy EISA Configuration TI V E C GB NTFS Healthy System Boot Page File Active Crash Dump Primary Partition GB Healthy Partition ---------------------------------------------- Disk Basic GB Online E GB FAT Healthy Active Primary Partition ---------------------------------------------- CD-ROM DVD D No Media When I click on the E Partition it shows in the rectangle box all gray diagonal lines I am trying to understand some things Why is it only showing up as MB in My Computer and GB in Disk Management How can I see the entire drive and retrieve the data Can I make this drive show up as a removable device and be able to read it I am a little confused please and thanks for any help you might be able to provide nbsp

A:External 60GB drive is empty and shows 10MB in Explorer

try this,
Go to my computer and right click on the drive you have set up as slave drive. Go to properties-then security-then click on advanced tab near the bottom of that page-then click on owner tab-then on edit-then choose the owner you want to have access in this case you Administrators mine says (Tman-PC\Administrators) and then click apply. You will have to close all the windows down and reopen them and you should be able to see anything that was hidden or unaccessable on the drive.

Hope t works for you.
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Hp laserjet 5p

Wont print whats shown to be print from adobe reader or paint. I used windows xp drivers to install this. Hp doesnt have drivers for this printer. When I all it prints is 2 pages with one of letters on one and bar of ink on the other.

A:Printer won't print what's shown on the page

Does sound like the wrong printer driver.
Which Windows system are you using? I am guessing you are running Vista or 7, and using an XP printer driver.
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Okay here goes I have no sound on a system I ve built It has a biostar mobo with an onboard Realtek for VIA Audio Controller The OS is Windows XP SP with everything updated I have installed all the proper drivers shows Windows, hardware and No despite what dxdiag, test sound... directly from either Biostar or No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows Realtek Whether I use simple headphones or simple stereo amplified computer speakers I have no sound No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows The Windows hardware test the one where you read into the microphone and it shows both the record and playback levels shows great level in each but I have no sound despite what Windows says I ve installed all Chipset No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows drivers as well directly from Biostar I ve run a dxdiag and this is the error code it is showing - quot DirectSound test results Failure at step User verification of software HRESULT x error code dxdiag also noted that the the ALCXWDM SYS is not digitally signed by WHQL the Windows Hardware Quality Lab but I have never had that be an issue Many drivers are not signed Anybody have any idea I ve built dozens of systems over the years repaired many more and I have never dealt with this nbsp

A:No sound... despite what Windows, dxdiag, and hardware test shows

Based on all you say, my best guess is it's a hardware issue as all the drivers/software/Windows seems to think everything is fine. (maybe the audio jacks are broken or not connecting to mobo? idk... just guesses)

I've run a dxdiag and this is the error code it is showing - "DirectSound test results: Failure at step 19 (User verification of software): HRESULT = 0x00000000 (error code)Click to expand...

That result happens when you ran the DirectSound test and you told Dxdiag you couldn't hear anything (i.e. user verification is what failed)

dxdiag also noted that the the ALCXWDM.SYS is not digitally signed by WHQL (the Windows Hardware Quality Lab), but I have never had that be an issue. Many drivers are not signed.Click to expand...

Agree, that's not the issue

The Windows hardware test (the one where you read into the microphone and it shows both the record and playback levels shows great level in each, but I have no sound, despite what Windows says.Click to expand...

As far as windows is concerned, it thinks your sound is fine (again, makes me think is purely hardware is my guess)

/* EDIT */
One other thought (tho don't know if applies) but under Ctl Panel->Sound, i think under Audio tab(?), check that the default playback device is set correctly (in case it lists more then one playback device)
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i have a laptop from hp when i turn it on the post boot is all green you can read everything but its all green when it gets to windows it looks on but theres still green in it you can open anything up and the same there green hey i said to my self it wants to go green lol but any who what could be the problem here please direct and advice.
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My computer froze at HP screen while booting. Replaced the Seagate 7200.12 500gb model ST3500418AS hard drive with another Seagate 7200 500gb model ST3500641AS-RK. The computer now boots but the old model shows in the Bios and disk management. How do I get it to reflect the correct model?

A:New hard drive operating but old one shows in bios

Have you tried the F5 command to reset the bios back to default? Sometimes this can happen if the HDD controller is not set to auto detect your drive. Most, if not all new mobo bios are by default set to auto detect. While in setup or bios hit the F5 key on your keyboard it will ask you to say yes hit y and the system will restart. Then go back in to check if the correct model is listed in IDE settings. If it isnt let me know and Ill tell you how to manually select auto detect. I will need to know what model of bios you have in order to do this because not all bios have settings in the same place.

Hope this helps you
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Hi there I just bought a wbr- dlink wireless router My network situation cable modem hooked up to the dlink router with wired desktop PCs and a wireless Wii connecting I bought the dlink because my previous aging router web D-Link wired wbr page 2310 intermittent resolving stopped D-Link wbr 2310 intermittent wired web page resolving functioning and because it was cheap which I diagnosed by D-Link wbr 2310 intermittent wired web page resolving plugging each of the computers into the modem directly D-Link wbr 2310 intermittent wired web page resolving The connection was perfect in that case but neither computer could connect to anything with the router in between I tried switching ethernet cables that were between the router and modem as well So that establishes that neither the computer nor modem had any issues and that the router which performed admirably to this point suddenly died Now on to the DLink router After installing the dlink I immediately noticed a huge difference between how it functioned compared to the previous router For some reason most basic web page connections will fail unless - refresh reloads are done on the page I can t say the connection drops completely as I ve played online video games without disconnection but web page viewing has become extremely painful Is there anything I can do with this router to fix this extreme intermittent web page resolving issue nbsp
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Hi whenever i try to play any video or so the computer reboots and shows blue screen saying quot STOP x E XCOOOOOO X F XABC C X quot I tried updating drivers B the problem of video playing was just that whenever i start to play a video it just get paused and never plays ahead but i can still move the slide bar and it shows the video But now the problem is more intense so please help i have nothing newly installed in my CPU expect another sound card shows and reboots video? any blue screen Help after playing computer as the one b stopped working It wont give any sound out of any thing so But another thing when i installed a new sound card Help computer shows blue screen and reboots after playing any video? It didnt work too lt I ordered another one now I have Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz GHz GB of RAM Video card ATI RADEON XPRESS Windows xp By the way this problem started after installing that new sound card in try of repairing windows i did dual boot problem of windows xp in same disk tho its fixed cleaning inside of CPU with blower nbsp

A:Help computer shows blue screen and reboots after playing any video?

please do a mem test on the ram
however the graphics card looks like it requires an update
the ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 is a June 2005 card so if you are trying to play anything with HD content embeded in the video stream...your computer will bottleneck and freeze

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My friend accidentally spilt pop into his computer it on? will power not computer shows Motherboard but turn shut off and he then proceded to turn the computer back on The computer stayed on for a few minutes Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on? but then shut off Once it wouldn t turn on anymore he asked if i could take a look at it I originally built the computer for him so I knew his specs and proceded to look at it The first thing I did was try turning it on and no go I looked inside and checked the entire computer for burn singe marks but I did not see any I saw some pop Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on? residue here and there but it wasn t much he said only a few Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on? drips got inside He has a mm fan on the top of his computer the pop fell through and the fan splashed it everywhere But I saw barely any pop I replaced the power supply with a brand new on and I m still getting the same problem I tested the hard drive in another computer and it still works Graphics card looks fine and im assuming the processor is fine as well but I can t be positive Any ideas are welcome im getting rather flustered nbsp

A:Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on?

I suspect motherboard is the first place to have a look at; because probability is it may be shorted and need replacement.

By the way in such situations, best course of action is to turn off the PC/notebook immediately and let it completely dry (may take a day or two depending upon conditions) before trying to turn it back on to give its maximum chance to survive.
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Right now i have 6 gigs of ram on my computer and over 10 gigs of page file ram. Do i need that? If i didnt use page file ram, would it make my computer faster or slower?

A:I have 6gb ram. Do I still need page file ram?

What OS are you using? Generally the OS allocates the pagefile. No matter how much RAM you have, a certain amount of pagefile is always necessary.
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I have a 4gb Kingston USB stick but when I plug it into windows, it only shows up as 2GB. Under disk management, I can see the remaining 2GB but can't format or delete it. I can only format/delete the first 2GB. What can I do to be able to use all 4GB? I'm running Windows 7 ultimate of that makes any difference.

A:4GB Flash drives only shows up at 2GB

What FAT is it in?


You can use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8
Found on this site:
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Have a Verizon USB modem Pantech on my laptop at work get bars out of and it works fine Took the modem home just miles away and having problems on my desktop So I got a Wilson cell phone amplifier and shows USB amplifier antenna Modem improvement? & no antenna and USB Modem amplifier & antenna shows no improvement? absolutely no improvement from the bars I was getting before I can unplug the amp amp antenna and I still get bars just USB Modem amplifier & antenna shows no improvement? with the modem no change And Firefox is crashing every couple minutes Could I be doing something wrong or is the Wilson amp no good or are there better amps amp antennas Thanks for any help Oh so far I don t have the antenna outdoors just in front of a window where AntennaSearch says there s a Verizon tower not too far away although I am down in sort of a low spot Got a foot wire from the antenna to the amp so going to put it on a pole outside the door at a little higher elevation on the tower side of the house and see if that helps EDIT Something strange - I had the USB modem plugged directly into the motherboard while I was having the above mentioned problems Just to try it I plugged it into a USB extender card right term that adds additional USB ports Now it seems to be responding better and hasn t crashed at least in the last seconds while typing this Just the opposite of what I thought would make sense Well whatever works nbsp

A:USB Modem amplifier & antenna shows no improvement?

For now, I'll add just one thing, ensure that the antenna is at the right angle with regard to the tower (verizon in this case), to ensure that you are getting maximum signal strength. I had similar issues with Huwaie USB wireless broadband modem, however, once i got the antenna angle sorted out I get 90%+ signal strength which is very good; never get any disconnections etc. Regards
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Hey there everyone! I'm pretty new to this forum but i really need your help.

Earlier today i experience 2 different BSOD erros at different times, and for no apparent reason.

I'm not sure what the reason is for either of them since i just reformatted earlier today. I have the dump file for each of the BSODs. It is attached.

Could anyone possibly tell me what the problem could be? Thanks in advance

A:BSODs - (driver is mismanaging system PTEs, page fault in non-paged area)

nothing attached.
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...It initially didn't show up in 'Computer' (or My Computer). Device manager said its working properly.
I put the Vista Disc in (had to get a pirate one from someone because my disc drive won't read the official one all of a sudden) and tried to install Vista on this one as a way of forcing it to show, only to get an error code 0x8007000cl. I then split the new 1.5 tb drive into 98 gb and about 1300 gb via the vista DVD's drive list that comes up, partitioned the 98 gb, and now that smaller one at least shows up under 'Computer' but it still wont allow me to format it.

Any ideas please? Thanks.

A:3rd hard drive shows in device manager but..

The fact that your system will not load your disk is worrisome, but I suspect you have a defective drive, or inadequate resources. Tell us more about your computer brand and model, or about the motherboard.
Is this a new SATA drive you are dealing with?
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hi guys Fist of all ty for anyone who can help me I got a hp intel core quads mb memory go fail page not able F11 start - PC boot, Discs to not working on Recovery hard drive NVIDIA gs window xp service pack I am having a big problem here I was downloading a codec when this first happen the blue screen stay like sec then pc reboot choice to start fail since they all lead to he blue screen who stay sec and then restart My Recovery disk are been read since i can press see them with my hard disk but when i try to start with it nothing happen but the blue PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page screen for the last hours if try many things if been able with patience and time and focus too see a little bit my error code who looks like i dont know x witch after reading on the internet seem to be x f For now i cannot press f and Reboot when i plug in the pc its unplug if not it only do the same fail by itself for eternity i did deactivated PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page auto-restart but it restart and fail anyway please help me thanks nbsp

A:PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page

when you hit F8 and disable system automatic restart, it still restarts without displaying the blue screen?
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Windows 2000 pro
HP DC5000 MB
2 gigs mem
Ok about a month ago I went to surf the web and kept getting "web site found waiting for reply" but the page never loaded.
I used the win 2k install disk, ran the repair and that fixed it. Yesterday the same thing happened "web site found waiting for reply" but the page never loaded, ran the repair again but this time that did not fix it. Help please.

A:Page never loads

Does this happen on all webpages or just one?
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Last night my computer froze, so I turned it off and on. When I turned it back on a screen popped up saying "yadayadayada mainboard" pentium inside, and in the corner it says bios-delete. There was nothing different, thats whats always been there since I got the computer. After that, it goes to a black screen and nothing happens. I can hear the computer running and I know everythings on. Any ideas whats going on? It just did this out of the blue

A:My computer turns on, shows one screen, then blackness. Sudden problem

What type of computer?
What is the OS?
What model, brand an etc?
Did this ever happen prior to this issue?
What where you doing prior when this first happen?
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I am having an issue with my PC not loading windows When I turn it on and it starts to load windows it shows the green loading bar moving but when its done nothing happens and the screen stays black The screen doesn t go blank and try looking for a working signal on my monitor its like it freezes or stops right before the vista logo appears Everything has been working fine for months until now It seemed to happen after I restarted my PC because it said I need to install some updates yesterday I don t know what the updates were I never checked When it was loading it went to a screen saying something about scanning or checking the disc and that I could skip it or continue and that it was recommended When it was done everything loaded just fine Later that night I tried restarting my computer again and that s when everything started I have tried booting the PC in safe mode but it stops saying please wait with Windows system drivers crcdisk sys stops Loading Vista then PC shows Bar as the last thing it loaded I have tried swapping out my video cards and using one instead of I have removed some Ram and even replaced the Sata cable from my hard drive to the PC shows Vista Loading Bar then stops mobo Any feedback would be appreciated Hardware and Software Windows Vista Home Premium Asus P N-D LGA mobo Intel Core Duo GB Sata II Hitachi Deskstar Hard Drive x XFX Geforce GT video cards x GB Corsair XMS DDR nbsp

A:PC shows Vista Loading Bar then stops

Boot from the Vista install DVD and go through the initial startup. You will see an option to repair. Select "repair startup problems", and follow the on-screen instructions
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Hi I'm using a MSI GX630 and I tried turning it on a few times yesterday and it wouldn't even show me the logo or anything at all to be honest. Then I turned it on once and the screen was a strange colour, a picture of it is attached. Picture taken with a camera phone at night, so it may not be very clear.

MSI GX630:
AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 2.0GHz
nVidia 9600m GT 512MB RAM
250 GB HD
Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

Any help would be appreciated, please.

A:MSI Laptop screen shows strange colours at start up. Help, please?

What does an external monitor show when you connect one? Is it good or does it show the same as the laptop screen?
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I have just put together

gigabyte ma770-ud3 motherboard
AMD phenom II x3 720
4gb ram ddr2 800
HIS Radeon HD4650 1gb
32bit XP

When i first got everything going the processor showed up as what it is. I started messing around with some of the bios and overclocking. The computer wouldnt load so I changed everything back to default. Everything works fine, i ran a
performance test and it test fine, i just don;t know why it would show only 787mhz. Does it even matter? I also have 4gb of ram installed and its only showing 3.25? Any help would be great thanks.

A:Phenom II x3 720 shows up as a 787mhz processor in Windows?

Only 3.25 gigabytes of ram show up because you have a 32 bit version of windows. As for the CPU speed, have you reset the CMOS? Also, try using CPU-Z to check your CPU's speed.
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Ok so i have 2 EVGA 9800GTX+ SLI'ed display works in windows but doesnt show anything until windows loads up.. im running it on a XFX 750a. athlon x2 4400+ 6 gigs ram 4 OCZ sli 2 random microtech 1 gig chips and it also likes to take a sweet long time starting also.. any ideas? (also i dont know much about sli these are the first 2 cards ive ever sli'd) but my frame rate hasnt increased that much since the upgrade to 2 GTX+s originally 1 XFX9800GT < junk crap right out of the box

A:Display Shows Windows but not BIOS

fixed it, just needed 1.4 bios xD
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A:CD/DVD drive (TSSTcorpCD H552D) doesn't work but shows in device manager

Despite what the Device Manager says the drive could still be bad. In the Device Manager check under IDE ATA/ATAPI controller to see if any of the controllers have changed to PIO mode instead of the faster DMA or UDMA mode.
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I bought a language CD set, and I do like it. The one thing I do not like is using the CDs every time I want to work with it. I have a Dell inspiron mini 10 with the external CD drive. The reason I bought the mini was for portability, but carrying the CD drive negates some of the advantages. How can I load the CDs on the hard drive and work from it, rather than the CD? I appreciate any help with this.

A:How do I save my language CDs on my hard drive and work from there?

This all depends on the software.
Not all programs let you copy the CD to your HD to make it work. If you tell us what software it is, it may help. What does the program access the CD for? Is there an option in the program, of where to look for certain files?
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I different XP memory up memory Bios and shows got a new laptop which im using now came with gig ram i got another gig ram and swapped out the old gig so i now have gig ram When i right click my computer and look at the ram it says Bios memory and XP memory shows up different gigs still but when i go into bios it reads as gigs is this a problem i should worry about can this be fixed am i running gigs or gigs is this a problem at all or normal I swapped the new ram out and left the original gig in and it read as gig i took the old one out and put in the new gig and it read as gigs i put the old gig and new gig and it read as i put old gig and old gig in and it read as but when i put both gigs in it reads as in xp while all other configurations show up properly in both bios and xp If you need more information on comp just ask nbsp

A:Bios memory and XP memory shows up different

Hi MysterioMask,
the short version is that it is something called MMOI, memory mapped I/O reservations, its an architectural design and decision made long ago when the idea of having a full gig of ram was thought to be preposterous and would not ever happen or be needed. in a 32 bit os
it lets you use somewhere between 2.75 and 3.25 Gb of 'working memory' and reserves the rest for things like pci buses, installed hardware, etc. the other Gig is there, you just don't get to use it as working memory. your bios shows you physical Ram installed. and XP is showing you the "working Ram" you have availible.
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hai pals
my usb drive is not working.
I have both os ubuntu and windowsxp.
my pendrive is not working in windows.
It's been recognised as unknown device
in windows xp.but it works finely in ubuntu (linux)
can any tell me a way so that I can fix my problem
I have transcend 4gb pendrive

A:USB shows as unknown device in xp but not in linux

In XP autoplay for CD drives may affect USB device detection... See if autoplay is turned off or on. Toggle it, and see if the USB device is detected
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Hi guys, I downloaded a movie (Asterix and the Olympic Games) but found that the sound track was in French. I was wondering if there was a way I could change the language of the track or download either english subtitles or sound track and then combine it with the video.

Thank you.

A:Video Sound Language

You won't be able to combine them. Even if it were possible with editing software (it may be) the timing would be off. You have to try to find another copy in English...
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ok here goes to the best of my descriptive powers.

my computer scree is to light, and the graphics are missing. I must have changed something and now I cannot seem to correct it.

its like its missing where to click example if i am on a page i regularly visit i know where
the places are or i guess, if i place the cursor over that invisible point the hand indicates that i can click.

is this making sense? the pages are not vibrant and are blank in places i have a hp 6400
and i am using a usb stick wireless but it does the same thing when wired at work.

thanks please walk me through the steps to correct.

A:Internet web page graphics setting

You might need to reinstall your graphics drivers. These can be found on the HP support site using the model number of the laptop
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So I had my OCZ Rally2, it had linux on it, and it was bootable and working just fine.
I accidentally reset the MBR on the flash drive while I was fixing another computer's MBR (i'm not sure if you should delve into this further, i'm not even sure I know what I did). It no longer boots or is accessible on windows. When I plug it in, all it does is make a new Removable Disk on my computer. The drive is empty and asks to insert a disk when clicked on.

A:Reset USB MBR, shows as empty removable disk in My Computer

In linux (or windows) try running TestDisk to recover the MBR.
Does the drive show up in Disk Managment?
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Good morning I woke up yesterday morning to a quot S M A R T - only Data - HDD RAW Died Shows Failure quot on my primary HDD So much for advanced warning the drive was dead as dead - not complete booting to windows etc I have since replaced the drive and reinstalled my OS to get back up and running ASAP I do have a few questions I didn t loose a lot of data from my primary HDD I do back up - yeah but there are things I would like to snag from the pile of data just to make my life a little easier - things like FireFox Bookmark backup and a few HDD Died - Shows only RAW Data config files that map the backups from my backup utility software I have placed my HDD into a external enclosure and the drive after some time will be recognized but only as quot Local Disk quot and the space shown is quot quot bytes and the data HDD Died - Shows only RAW Data is RAW versus NFTS Is there any way to get back in to this drive My understanding from what I have read is that the Partition Table or the MBR has been corrupted or deleted What do I need to do to see the data again Specs Broken Drive WD GD- HDD Died - Shows only RAW Data NLR GB Raptor Windows XP SP Thanks in advance for your help Benjamin nbsp

A:HDD Died - Shows only RAW Data

Recovery Software

Try this one: (I would )
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
C:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

Here are a lot more free ones to choose from
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I have a Windows XP, and an Ethernet Cable is connected to by a wireless router. It says everything is connected to the Internet, but when I try to go on IE, or Firefox its "Page cannot be found" I try refreshing, and still nothing. Right now I'm on a computer that works ( as why I can post this now) but the other one in a different room doesnt work. I'll post any information as needed. Thanks!!

A:Reload this Page Connected but no Internet (Windows XP)


1) try swapping out the cable between the PC and the wireless router.

2) go into device manager (start settings control panel system hardware device manager) and see if your network card is listed.

3) if its listed then click start run and type cmd and press enter in the black box type ipconfig and post the details back here. we can see if its getting an address.

4) if 2 shows and error then right click and uninstall the card and reboot and let windows find it again and it should reinstall it,

I wont go any further until you post back with what you have tested so far, then we can go from there.

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I have this rig:

I haven't found any bios update to it, but i always wonder why i have 139GB, but i have a Hitachi (160 GB). Same as my external hd, 500GB but only shows 465GB.
Not that 139 and 465 aren't enough, because its perfect haha, i was just curious.
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Hi all,
I would like some input from the more learned in the room. Since DDR2 is so cheap, and as someone else in here put it, my enthusiast OCD wont let there be empty dimms on my board, I filled er up with 8GB of OCZ. and 4gb of it is pretty much useless. a while back i read up on turning off the page file. its a strange subject as experts seem to be split on weather this is a good idea or not. from what i can tell the page file is an antiquated relic,like memory mapped IO reservations, from when 64mb was a lot of ram. does anyone have any experience with this? , and know how to use it to increase performance? would like to hear from you. thanks

A:Page file input

modern system use pagefiles!

in fact, the whole system uses the model

program ---> accesses Virtual Memory <---> real memory
This allows large programs to run even when there is only a limited amount of real RAM on the platform.

Using multiple programming model then allows many programs to use the VM
at the expense of stealing memory pages from other programs which are currently not active.

Unless you have x64 hardware, that 8gb is fruitless and XP will limit the effective use to something between 3-4gb.

Don't out smart yourself nor swim up-stream -- just go with the flow and be happy
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I have wireless broadband on my laptop and there is a Protected Mode On, which I think is part of the built in firewall in the trial antivirus programme. It lets me download certain websites like this one, for example, but it won't let me go into Googlemail and comes up with the message in the title.

Is there anyway I can fix this. I googled it and another forum has said to go into Control Panel, Systems and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, Scheduled Tasks. Under "Active Tasks" double-click on "InternetServicesand offers", left click to highlight and press Delete to delete this.

Is this an advisable step to take?


A:Navigation to the web page was cancelled

Is this in Vista, Internet Explorer 8? If so, go to "Tools", "Internet Options", "Advanced", select "Reset"... You might have an Add-On that is causing this problem
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Good afternoon to all this is my first try on your site.We have a Hp 3200 all in one,some how my wife has it speaking in some foreign language and we would like to get it back to English.Is there any one out there who can help me.Thank you for any and all help.
Thanx Again,

A:HP LaserJet 3200 language help

All HP drivers here:

Just click Start Detection
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hi ppl hope everthings good there, i have a seagate barracuda 7.200 with 1500GB and my windows 7 and vista only shows 465GB how can i access all the disk size???


A:Windows 7 and Vista can't recognize my 1TB HDD only shows 465GB why?

Have you formatted it properly? Is there any unpartitioned space on the drive?

Go to Start->Run and type compmgmt.msc and hit Enter. Click the Disk Management option in the left pane of the window that appears and check the drive to see if there is unallocated space.
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I have this laptop which has been fine but all of a sudden I had issues with it. So I deleted the OS and reinstalled it, I use it for testing purpose. I installed windows fine with no problem but when it starts up and shows the loading screen it shuts off. I tried to run DFT to test the hard drive but the keyboard is not working so I hook up a external keyboard and still nothing, so I took out the hard drive and I was able to get into the bios and the keyboard works. I did buy a new hard drive but the same thing happens shuts off and the keyboar will not work.

A:Sony laptop shows the loading screen then shuts off

For any one who is having this problem it is the motherboard
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I am not setting my game shows a crashed on new Old and monitor computer, resolution nothing sure exactly what forum this fits under but here it is I recently switched monitors with my brother he finally moved his ginormous monitor out of the house So now I have a dinky inch any who yesterday when he was over visiting he went into war which has had its resolution set to x from the old monitor when my new monitor only goes to x So the screen flipped out and hours later of rebooting and aimless clicking it still wasn t displaying properly Very seldom would it show anything its just a black screen today i messed with it for minutes and saw nothing at all I tried hooking up an ancient screen from years ago same results anyone have any ideas I bet if I knew how to blindly get into safe mode It would work When I initially put in the new monitor I set the res to its proper size on the desktop and in world of warcraft not war Heres the wopper now when I start it up hoping it will magically fix itself it makes erent Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing erent noise on boot and judging from my interface screen on my keyboard its not Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing getting into windows Because the little screen on my keyboard will light up when windows is loaded I believe this is due to the hours of my brother trying to get i to work So I dont even know if getting into safe mode will help I am sorry Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing I dont have a dxdiag so ill tell you what I can remember about the computer Windows xp sp nvid video card gig dd ram Plenty of space It has no tempature problems If there is any other specific information I need to give ask and I will see what I can do about getting it nbsp

A:Old resolution setting on a game crashed my computer, and new monitor shows nothing

I'd shut down and reseat the video card, all the monitor swapping may have caused it to become unseated.

After doing that, are you getting anything to display on screen at all (like the POST). If so, you should be about fixed. Just before Windows begins to load start tapping F8, then you'll get the boot menu where most people then go into Safe Mode. Do not go into safe mode, choose VGA mode. Windows will then boot normally, just with a crap resolution. But the correct drivers and everything should be loaded, so then you just set the resolution to what you want and you are fixed.
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I have a Toshiba M700 tablet PC running Windows Vista ultimate 32-bit edition.

I wanted to run a program that requires me to have the non-unicode language set to Japanese.
I changed it to Japanese, and then proceeded to try and run the program.
Program runs fine.

I tried to connect my bluetooth headset to listen to my music. No luck. I get an error message about copy protection.

What's odd is that if I change the non-unicode language back to English, the headset connects just fine, and it doesn't complain about copy protection or anything.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

A:Bluetooth malfunctions when language is changed

The bluetooth program you have installed is set to work on one user only
By changing the language it thinks you are another user

I think ipod software does that too
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I have lost my sound on my computer recently and just decided to uninstall and reinstall realtek. But after that, still no sound and my goddamn computer thinks my dvd drive, is my sound card. It is my main audio device. So I would really appreciate any advice given. Thanks guys.

A:DVD Drive shows up as my sound card

Just to clear something up is this the same PC in your profile? If so, what did you do with the sound card listed? If that card failed and you are reinstalling the onboard sound, did you enable it in the BIOS? BTW, this probably should have been in the Audio and Video forum.
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When composing an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (Vista), the typing never wraps round to the next line; it types as one continuous line from left to right. What do you do to change this back to multi-line?

Thanks for you help.


A:Outlook 2007 (Vista) email page layout

Which format are you using to compose the message? (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text?)
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A few weeks ago we downloaded an updated driver for our video card so that my son could play a particular game. Now everything on our computer is larger in size: our desktop icons, our internet pages, our office software, etc. Is there an easy way to return everything back to it's original size or I am going to have to do it program by program?

A:Quick Question about page size, icons, etc

Right click an open area of the desktop, Left click properties, left click settings, move the screen resolution slider to the right a couple spots and apply. That's how you adjust that.
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Hi I have this strange problem with my laptop, its a pain to start my laptop, it shows complete blank screen, with all the lights on, hard drive light blinks for a while and then stops. After trying the power button again and again, when it finally starts, my laptop runs fine and all the programs also. Please assist i have an updated version of BIOS and have already tried BIOS resetting and Power Management resetting. Also when it starts, it works fine with both battery and AC power.

Configuration: Windows XP Professional SP3
Model: Presario V3000
Processor: AMD Turion 64, 2.21Ghz
Hard disk: 120 GB

A:Laptop shows blank screen at power on

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)
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ive been running around trying too find different drivers etc and i can not seem to get my tv to display anything other than the desktop picture. funny thing is it shows the picture but nothing above it if i am using a window on my main screen.

i simply am trying to use the tv as my display to play movies. it is a sony kdf-e42a10. the computer is a dell inspiron 8100 with a nforcego proc. running windows xp.

i had read on some threads of trying to set your resolution to a 16:9 specific ratio but the one suggested is not available in my main displays resolutions. the tv shows an active desktop up intill the windows loading screen then reverts to just a the picture on my desktop.

i cant seem to select it as my primary display either?

A:Secoundary display shows only small part of desktop

You may need to install a much better video card in the Dell, inorder to do what you want to do
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Hoping someone can help me with this......

Sometimes when I detach my ext HD using windows 'safely remove hardware' , the device still shows as being connected under 'my computer'. Even with the external HD detached, I can still view the contents of the drive but nothing more. When I re-attach the drive, the computer freezes.

A:External HD detached though it still shows on my computer

Very Strange.

Please run CCleaner
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when i boot my pc all the lights come on inside and the led on the front but nothing shows on screen.The monitor power light is yellow (power save mode).I have tried chnaging the monitor, the mobo, the graphics card and the ram.
Any help would be much apreciated thanks

A:PC Boots but nothing shows on screen

Check out the NO POST guide in the guides forum. Should help
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Well this one has me completely stumped A friend with works ATI drivers, artifacts but without them XT Radeon X850 shows gave me his old Sapphire Radeon X XT after upgrading to a new card so I threw it in my rig After installing the latest version of Catalyst I tried demoing a couple of WMV HD videos just to see if everything was tip-top Well I got a mess of snow and red and blue pixels - the kind of artifacts you d expect when things are getting a little too toasty inside I tried reinstalling the card a couple of times and one time I ran the WMV HD video BEFORE installing the card ATI Radeon X850 XT works without drivers, but shows artifacts with them XP detected its presence but I didn t give it any drivers Worked like a charm Picture was crystal clear Every time I install Catalyst or just the bare display drivers the thing goes haywire but with no drivers it is just fine Any idea what could cause such a thing Should I try to find an old version of Catalyst or something Setup ASRock P TurboTwins mobo P ICH Core Duo E GHz GB DDRII - nbsp

A:ATI Radeon X850 XT works without drivers, but shows artifacts with them

My guess is two different drivers.

Is XP popping up the New Hardware wizard? Am guessing so and it's choosing diffferent drivers in the two cases.

When you uninstall the product it's uninstalling and removing/deleting the driver files for the one driver completely as well. So XP goes searching it doesn't find it for that case and chooses something different.

Look in Device Manager for both cases. Find the card under Display adapters. Rt click Properties and look at Driver tab.
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Hey I have a toshiba laptop model: p105 s9312. When I turn it on there are a bunch of red lines then when I go into the bios or windows I get things like this


Weird letters. It also does this when I connect it to a external monitor. Is it the video card and does this one have a removable card

A:Laptop shows weird letters

Please run Memtest on your Ram
Mind you, yes I think it's the Video card that causes this
You could also update the bios (reading all precautions first, and done from bootable media)
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Yes I have Area Nonpaged Fault BSOD-Page in fallen victim to the infamous alias doesn t really tell you anything code stop error To set up my current state of frustration here s my story A few weeks ago my rig began randomly blue screening and hanging no real rhyme or reason just bam blue screen or hang I began the usual diagnostics restored to previous states ensured current drivers etc ultimately to discover one of my RAM sticks as bad Memtest I replaced both sticks with a different set formatted re-installed the OS long story got the system back to operation Up until today all was good my rig was seemingly running as strong as when I built it Then bam BSOD code with the ambiguous error statement other than codes that I have not been able BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area to find definitive explanation for At this point however I have noticed that the first and subsequent BSs I have gotten are only during video or D applications pretty easy at this point to suspect one of the video cards But before I spend yet another week tearing into my box after I spent what little spare time I ve had in the last two weeks putting it back together I thought I d ask if there is anyone who can clarify the error codes for me or point me in the direction of clarifying them myself googling turned up zip The code STOP x xBAC F x xBAC F x My rig relevent specs Mobo XFX i nVidia chipset most current BIOS CPU BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area E stock voltage and clock GHz RAM Gig - gig dual channel kit OCZ Reaper DDR PSU Corsair TX amp single v rail GPU XFX GTs in SLI drivers OS Windows Xp Pro bit SP all current updates Onboard audio used current drivers - DVD RW drives SATA HDDs totaling Gig all nicely fitting in a well circulating Cooler Master Centurion My guess at the code would be since there are two BAC errors with one followed by an IRQ error that maybe one card is bad Takin a wild shot there but like I said my searches up to this point have been fruitless Any help would be much appreciated TBolt Edit Forgot to mention that following a BS I reboot into Windows normally fine and can BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area stay there for relatively long periods of time so long as I don t do anything too demanding or requiring heavy use of video d sniff video card or driver sniff I ll attach a dump file or two once I figure out how Edit Ah ha here we go attachments nbsp

A:BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

Minidumps are most commonly placed in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump

You can upload your dumps, as is, with your posts.
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For about two weeks now when I put my SD Memory card in my computer nothing pops up to allow me to upload videos I have tried to go to quot My computer quot and look for the device but unfortunately it says there isn t a memory card in Though the light is on memory to nothing up in, help pops but Computer is pictures/videos upload card shows next to where you insert the memory card telling me it s in there The pictures look fine when they are on my camera I don t see a problem with my memory Computer shows memory card is in, but nothing pops up to upload pictures/videos help card and it is not on lock So I tried using a USB cord for my Polaroid camera my memory card in the camera as well When I go to my computer it says it recognizes the device but it tells me the file cannot be formatted Only photos on my camera not on my SD memory card can be uploaded The pictures on this memory card are important to me and I do not know why they are not uploading Please helpp nbsp

A:Computer shows memory card is in, but nothing pops up to upload pictures/videos help

Sounds like the SD card has died to me, i'm not sure if it's possible to get the pics off of it, maybe someone else on here knows more about that side of things.
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Both of the hard drives in my computer are 40GB, but one of them only has about 32GB accessible. it used to be in a 95 computer.
Does anyone know how to access the other 8GB?

A:40GB hard drive only shows 32GB

Are you using it as the OS drive in a computer now? If not the easiest way is to copy the data you need off of it and on to another drive. Then to format it as FAT32 or NTFS, perhaps deleting the partition and recreating if a simple format doesn't fix it.

This table: seems show that maybe the reason you only see 32 gigs is because the drive was probably set up and formatted in the 95 computer, which would have had it limited to 32 gigs even with FAT32.
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Hi There is a problem with the background of our monitor My homepage is msn com and to the left side of the screen there is a pull-out version that is stuck there You can t delete it and the web url or any stuff that appears when you get on internet explorer isn t there The page itself is there but none of the other stuff Wierd page msn Picture pressing F while you re browsing except the tab the name of Wierd msn page the url or any of the loading icons are not there and you cannot maximise or minimise it It is stuck on the left side but you can pull it out so that it becomes your full background It appears behind the desktop icons and there are usable links on the page I have no idea on how to get rid of it When you pull it back as far as it can go to the left an inch of it still sticks out I want it gone Gone for good Is there anyone who has a solution nbsp

A:Wierd msn page

Actually I'm a bit confused if you mean within your browser or just sitting on the Desktop.

I'm going to go for Desktop

Start-->Control Panel-->Display-->Desktop (tab) -->Customize Desktop... (button) -->Web (tab)
Delete anything in there (by highlighting then Delete (button))
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Hi all
Monitor shows windows start screen then goes dark I can see the images if i hold a light to the screen. so the monitor is on, just very dark.
I have a two monitor set up and the main monitor works fine. when I switch the trouble monitor to primary it acts the same as it did as a secondary, and the monitor that is working fine still works as a secondary.
Thanks for the help

A:Monitor is very dark, shows windows start up

Sounds like the monitor itself is bad.
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I have a laptop in the office of peculiar make as peddled by the box-shifters in UK which has suddenly started misbehaving. Devices have stopped working - almost all of them, one by one, and on looking in the device manager I see that although the drivers are all installed the message shown for the thing not working is that there are no available resources.
Checking the IRQs and allocated memory all looks normal - anyone any ideas?
Bear in mind that because of these problems I cannot get data or programmes in or out of the machine!

A:Laptop shows no available resources

I would try a different hard disk with a newly installed operating system first to cross check this. if the result is the same I would consult the support and let them have the laptop checked. I assume that it is a new laptop and has warranty.
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hello, I have a new issue. I got this mobile phone from my german friend, it's used and on german, ofcourse. now I wonder is it possible to change it to english, I've already tried but I cannot find language setup and how can I do that. I'm beginner and if it requires software change i'll need your help. I forgot to add that it is O2 xdaII mini

A:Xda pocket pc language change

I didn't find any settings where you can change the language and I donno if it is possible to do that with the phones software.
you could try to reset the device. press and hold the power on button and at the same time press the reset button with the stylus (see attached pic)
if you need the data try to make a backup first. all data that have not been installed originally will be lost on reset.

you could also ask help & support at for an "english firmware" !?

hope this helps you a little
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Good morning So I am receiving the above error debuglog txt is attached But I d like to give some background - I searched the forums and saw many similar problems but just not quite the same I have a Toshiba Fault Page in Blue Area Screen Nonpaged - M -S about - years old running Windows XP S Over the years I ve upgraded Blue Screen - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area the memory several times first from factory Blue Screen - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area mb to mb - just had to add second stick for this then recently from to - the max this laptop can handle required replacing both sticks Prior to purchasing the memory I searched several sites to ensure compatibility I also had a tech at the store verify I ve learned the hard way evil So - supposedly this memory works with my system It was recognized upon install and no problem - surfed the Net all day played my online MMORPG etc no crashes - until I put my laptop into hibernate Trying to come out it said it didn t have enough memory to complete API uhh huh So the next night I just put it to sleep not hibernate - this time I got the error above I ve tested the RAM both pieces together and individually in different slots - multiple times - they are fine apparently I ve even put them into my husband s laptop and fooled around - no problems And as I said this only happens when coming out of Sleep or Hibernate It is not triggered by playing graphic-intensive games I can run the internet games and music apps all at one time without setting off the fan I ve played and played to try to get to the root of this evil My next step thoughts are - change the virtual memory allocation it is way under the recommended and dare I say it resort to one of those registry cleaning apps Could that really be the problem Please help nbsp

A:Blue Screen - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

you could have registry issues. more than likely it is power management issues.

but try CCleaner. works great anyway
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Hello first of all nonpaged Page in area 0x00000050 fault sorry for my bad english But i hope someone will understand me and will try to help because im out of ideas So there is how it started I ve Bought Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 a new PC recently everything only one thing Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 witch i have old is my hard disk drive with old windows xp installed So i started it installed all drivers and i Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 was playing a game i dont exactly remember how long but i think it was hours of playing and my pc restarted without any blue screen-of death after that everything was cool and next day it happened again few times so i disabled autorestart function in windows and next time it crashed today it showed me this error PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA STOP X So i tried to search on internet what it cold be and ive found here topic with the same problem and maked dump files same as this guy did and i hope that someone will help Any ideas Thanks Avenger nbsp

A:Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050

Try reformatting your hard drive and installing a fresh copy of XP on it
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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I have a HP laptop with D-links router. The wifi signal was working for a few months and all of a sudden it stopped working. I have tried to reinstall the router and checked everything i could think of but it still isn't working???? I have windows xp and i checked to make sure all my wireless setup was right but still not able to get internet unless i plug straight into the modem. Please offer any advice you can think of. My ex-boyfriend was good with computers, but he isn;'t around and i don't know what to do. Thanks!

A:I am connected to a wifi signal, but I get "page can not be displayed"

Have you tried reseting your router? If not,

1. Disconnect the router from the modem (not always necessary, but sometimes it is).

2. Find the reset button on your router (you will probably need a paper clip).

3. Hold it for 15-30 seconds, then release and let it set for a minute or less (probably when the power light stops blinking).

4. Do the same for you modem.

5. Once all of "internet," "dsl," light, or both, are on and not flickering, connect the router back to the modem.

Give it a minute or two. Once your hardware components make friends again you may or may not have to run through a basic setup for you router (it depends on the model, don't worry, most new routers are very easy to setup). If it doesn't good for you. Either way, your net should be working. Hopefully, if not, keep posting!

That should fix your wired part anyway, as for wireless you may or may not have to reconfigure something. If it still isn't working, post what model/version your router is.
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I'm helping out a friend who bought a usb stick for his son. They followed the instructions how to start using it, but somehow managed to end with a flash memory of 27 Mb instead of 128Mb

If tried various ways to restore the 128Mb incl. Computer managent, formatting, mediarecover, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, X-format and Verbatim support, but none of these were able to sort it.

If you had similar experiences or others suggestions please let us know.
thank you

A:Verbatim 128 usb-stick only shows 27Mb?

Format it in FAT32, using a W98SE PC with working USB.
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Hi, I decided to reformate my HD from 0 Because of bluescreen errors, I have a P4VM800 Board with 512MB DDR 333 ram and a P4 1.7 CPU, the thing is that when I try to install XP SP 2 with a new reformatted HD the installer is giving me a bluescreen.

The reasin to reinstall were to get rid of the bluescreen.
I was getting random restars and windowws has recovered from a serious error messages... but after a day I could not make the computer start without a blue screen.

I have changed the memory module for a new one and have removed the wireless card and modem so the only thing conected to the board are the CPU and HD and CDRom. CPU Fan is clean and working perfect.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance.


A:Blue Screen Page Fault in non Paged Area Installing from 0

it seems I am a bit lost about where exactly is the cache memory in the Bios Config...