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Burning an image file to cd

Q: Burning an image file to cd

I have one pc that I think has memory problems. To check, I downloaded memtest86. My stripped down Nero does not allow me to burn an image file to make it a bootable cd. It was suggested that I use image burn. I downloaded that but not I have no idea of how to proceed so that I end up with a bootable cd that will run the memtest software. Instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Burning an image file to cd

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Burning an image file to cd

I think the free "ISO Recorder 2" from would be great for you, it lets you right-click any ISO file and select "Copy image to CD". You can find instructions here.

If you need a more complete free package visit
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I downloaded the Utimate Boot CD to my desktop. The mirror site lists it as an ISO, but it has an .exe extension. I want to burn it as an ISO boot disk.

Should I try to convert from .exe to ISO? My burner converts .bin to ISO -- should I convert the .exe to .bin? Is this possible?

Not sure how to proceed -- advice appreciated.

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Hi all,
I can create ISO image files using NERO or InfraRecorder. I can easily burn the ISO image into a CD or DVD. What I like to do is burning the ISO image into a file on my HDD thereby bring back the entire file structure to the original from from which the ISO image was creared in the first place.
Searching thru NERO & InfraRecorder I have not been able to do this, or am I missing something here. Are there other softwares that can do this.
Any help is very much appreciated.


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Hello all,
I can create ISO image files using NERO or InfraRecorder. I can easily burn the ISO image into a CD or DVD. What I like to do is burning the ISO image into a file on my HDD thereby bring back the entire file structure to the original from from which the ISO image was creared in the first place.
Searching thru NERO & InfraRecorder I have not been able to do this, or am I missing something here. Are there other softwares that can do this.
Any help is very much appreciated.


A:Burning ISO image into a file on HDD rather than a CD

You can use any virtual DVD-ROM program like Nero ImageDrive or Daemon Tools or Alcohol or whatever to "mount" the ISO image.

Also, many archival tools like WinRAR can open ISO files.
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Is it possible to burn zip files or other files with iso image on same DVD, so can get all the files on one dvd and the iso burn image to work ?

If so, what is the best way to burn it using Nero Rom Burn ? -

Cd-rom iso

cd-rom (udf)

cd-rom (udf/iso)

And is there a way to add two nrg file images into one DVD ?
Instead of extracting 2 *.dat video files from the file and burning them as DVD video to
save time.

Thank you.

A:Burning zip file with iso image on same DVD

you can add drivers to a ISO file,what is in the zipped files?

what are you using to burn the ISO
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I'm trying to back up a pc game, and have burnt off an image using CloneCD (.CCD .IMG .SUB). I'm just wondering if it's possible to get it to burn onto a dvd. That way I can put the original and expansion on the same disc, just makes it slightly easier to organise then.

EDIT: The game is Starcraft and Starcraft: Broodwar if anyone cares

Well thanks in advance,

A:CD image file burning question

I prefer Acronis True Image to make an image of the game.
It's possible to burn it to a DVD.And it'very reliable and easy to use.
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hi.. i was trying to burn an Image file but the burining process failed..

I tried using Nero as well as with Image burn software

here are the log files:
[ATTACH]Logfie of Nero[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH]logfile with image burn[/ATTACH]

i tried also anpther DVD bt it gives same error..

A:Image file burning problem

Where did download the ISO file from?
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I can't burn to cd. I'm wanting to test my memory with memorytest. I downloaded and extracted files to my documents. When I went to burn it said I had no cd in drive. But I do. It is a cd-r disc that has not been used. I even tried another, with same result.
dell demension 2400
40gb hd
pentium 4

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Hi I DVD to iso image Burning downloaded Ubuntu Linux Beta for desktop The download was successful and then I tried to burn the ISO image to a DVD The DVD was blank but when I Burning iso image to DVD clicked burn to burn the disc image it said that the disc was not recordable and to please insert a recordable disc and try again I used the media program I run on my computer to determine what the disc location was called Then I went back to my downloads and right clicked on the ISO image and went to send to and the DVD was listed as a location to send to So I clicked on this and that started copying the download to the DVD It successfully copied the ISO image to the disk but I wanted to know would I be able to boot this ISO on another computer Does using the quot send to quot option work just as well as burning the disc image And will I encounter any problems if I try to boot this on another computer I want to know if it will be okay before I try to use this on another computer Any advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Burning iso image to DVD

No. "Sending" the file to the disc simply burns the file as data. If you view the disc contents, you will see the ISO image just like it was on your HDD.

To create a bootable disc, you need to actually burn the ISO to disc (assuming the ISO you are burning is a bootable image).

Use IMGBurn to burn the ISO. It's very highly rated and free. IMGBurn will check for you, but ensure you are trying to burn a dvd iso. Most burning apps won't let you burn a CD ISO to DVD.
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Arial BlackSize 3black

I use Windows ME. /Sony Power burner./Nero 5.5.
I have used this programme with success for burning images on to CD-R's,but have the unexpected problem that my images are not burned on to the CD inspite of the writing programme indicating that the process has been completed. No capacity on the disc has been used. I have also tried using different manufactured CD's. Any help please !

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i sent my cousin an image that i made from a CD and he's trying to burn it onto a blank one. but herein lies the problem...

The entered block size does not correspond to the image lenght. the block size may be wrong. do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem?

what in the heck does that mean?!?! thanx for any help.

A:CD image burning

ok new problem my cousin ignored the problem and it burned fine. he opened the windows explorer and there was nothing on the CD! anyone wanna take up the case?

hes got a P4 2.4, 512 mb RAM, 128 ATI Radeon 9200 he cant remember what type of mobo tho hes got XP pro SP1

hes using the Ahead Nero burnin software version
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Is it possible to burn a CD .bin/.cue to a DVD?

Ive tried using Nero but it wont let me.
And before anyone says 'just buy a blank CD!', I get blank DVDs for free.

A:Image Burning?

Try using MagicISO to convert your .CUE/.bin files to .ISO and burn it with MagicISO also, or DVD Decrypter.
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I am using windows 7 have a ISO image size 3GB want to burn on a DVD size 4.3GB how can I add more files to free space of DVD after burning the ISO ... there is a way or can I add a folder into ISO image file in this case anychose of crouption of ISO image if I do so ...??

A:Image Burning Help

What are the files you want to add on? Why not use another CD or DVD?
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I have an ISO image.. the problem is that it won't allow me to burn it to a DVD. I don't have any CD-Rs, so I am wanting to just use a DVD. It is a bootable image. Is there a way to get around this?

A:Burning ISO image to DVD

Is your drive a DVD/RW drive, or just a CD-RW drive?
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K hmm I tried burning (image burn) the following files using Alcohol 120% ... there was an error so the file called image.img.ecm... I changed to image.img (got rid of ecm)... then it burned fine... but when I went to the CD is was blank... so I'm guessing the burning didn't work.. any ideas why? Maybe I have to keep the ecm extension and get rid of the img? Dunno... any ideas appreciated.... Thanks[/img]

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I am running Win7 home 32bit on my laptop. I saved the C drive image to my D hard drive because I didn't have any double density 8.5gb dvd's. I now have some double density dvd's. 1st off I have a 250gb hard drive. About 1/4th used for the C drive. Will the image fit on one 8.5gb dvd? and how do I move the C drive image off the D hard drive to the dvd?

A:re: burning sys image to dvd

Look at the size of the image file, properties from context menu, I don't think it's likely as the basic installation is over 20Gb without added programs and stuff.
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I downloaded what is supposed to be an iso image. The site I downloaded from says it's a self extracting zip file. I saved it to my computer but, it's an exe file, I expeted it to be an iso. The file is a boot disk to format a dvr hard drive. Do I need to run the .exe in order to get to the iso file? I've tried copying the file as it is to disk but it won't boot the computer. I don't have anything yet on my computer that will burn an ISO to disk. Once I do that, will the exe file be considered an ISO?


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Not too long ago i downloaded some software and it turned out to be a .ISO image file. I know little about this and what i want to do is burn the .ISO to a cd so i can run the installer from there.

I have PowerISO but i am willing to try any other software to get the job done.

THANKS in advance!!

A:.ISO image burning HELP!!

How To Write ISO Files To CD

Free ISO burning apps:

Standalone ISO Burner (Be sure to check the "Finalize" box.)
[email protected] ISO Burner
ISO Recorder for XP (Uses XP's burner and adds context menu - Vista version also available.)
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how do i burn a label on a dvd?

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I am trying to burn a bootable backup image of my harddrive to cd. The problem i am running into is that the image i created with Ghost is about 1.4mb in size. Is there a way i can split the image in two pieces and still have a good bootable set of cds ??


A:Burning back up image

Do you mean 1.4gb?
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not sure if this is the correct section to post this but I need help desperately

I have just finnished downloading visual basic studio 6 and then went on to download the msdn cd 1 iso and cd 2 iso it took me weeks as I only have a 56k modem and I am not sure what to do now, I was told I have to now burn them as images, but not sure what speed to do this at and if I need to name these files as a specific name or not.

I tried once but the image burn failed, I use nero and I am very new at images, I hope you can spare time from your busy day to spend time to reply to me. I have tried to private message the people I downloaded these iso files from on kazaa, but no one ever replies to messages on there, I hope you can help me please. Thanks......

A:msdn cd 1 & 2 cd image burning

closing thread, it would appear the software is illegal and against the forum rules
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hi i have a 2gb duo core 3ghz custom tower, i just bought a new lg lightscribe dvd/cd burner and insttalled it for the use of my grand theft auto san andreas i purchased for my computer was a lemon and i got in hold with thje distributor and they emailed me and iso and know im burning my iso on to a dvd R and it say this help me please i want to have it done at least 3 times faster?

A:Slow Image Burning

Hi Nick. Welcome to BC? Am not sure what you are trying to burn, but that is ridiculous. Try the free IMGBURN. Select MODE/Build to make an ISO and MODE/WRITE to burn it. Takes a few minutes, and the same to verify. wouldn't bother using anything else.Cheers
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Hey all,

I have got an .iso file i need to burn to a dvd so i can reinstall vista on a laptop.
Can anyone recommend a free program that will burn a .ISO imagefile and make it bootable to install the OS?.
Also, is it the .ISO i need to burn or do i need to unpack it with winrar and then burn the containing files onto disc?. Im not sure atm and a little rished for time.

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im having trouble...
i downloaded and installed Diablo II. mounting the images and installing them from there. But when I go to run D2 LOD expansion, it asks for a disc. Well I did research on it and foudn it to be because of some copyright protection scheme. They suggested I burn the image again using Alcohol, and by choosing the Data type "SecurRom *NEW"

I followed those instructions and still, when running the expansion, it still asks for the play disc even w/the newly burnt CD.

these are the websites I used if it helps:
(i didn't understand what sub-data channel was or is)

Edit: Removed links -- Nodsu

A:burning D2 LOD image w/Alco 120%

Oh my.. You do know that this stuff is illegal, right?
Thread closed.
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I have been using HP Photo & Imaging to burn photos onto CD-R for a few years now and have had no problems.

Now I have been getting this message when I try to play back the CD onto the pc.

It says - Windows Explorer The path "HOMEPAGE.HTM" does not exist or is not a directory.

I can playback onto the DVD with no problems but not on pc.

I have tried un-installing and re-installed but I am having the same problem.

Any ideas?
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I USE NERO TO BURN MOVIES TO THE IMAGE RECORDER...after that i mount with daemon tools and burn with dvd shrink to a disc...heres my problem..the movie thats burned to a disc isnt ever in the rite will usually start at the worked fine 1000s of times on my old comp(which was running xp) does anyone know of any other programs besisdes nero and dvd shrink???????
p.s. wen i mount the image and watch it on my monitor its fine..

A:Image Burning Problems!!!!

Hello hatred

I would personally recommend

[email protected] burner

Virtual Clone

CD Burner



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i really starting to get frustrated, for some reason all of my iso imaging burning software hasnt been working lately. It has worked fine before and i have tried several different programs none of them work. It finishes burning but there is still nothing on the DVD when im done. I dont know if its the dvds im using or what, please post if you have any ideas.

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When I'm trying to burn an 'nrg' image I get the following error "Unfortunately your source CD has a special format that cannot be written" - and then the burn is terminated.

What's the problem (do I need to upgrade Nero from ver 5.5?)and how do I get around it?

A:Nero Image Burning error

try using cloneCD. you can download it
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I just converted my avi files to vob files using alok avi to dvd...however when i tried to burn the file using imgburn it said it needed to build the files so i let it do that, it made a iso file for me and then it burnt greatly, when i tried to play it, i had no sound but picture was can correct this? iam new to burning dvds this way, normally i used to chuck it in nero but that takes ages


A:Solved: No sound after burning a ISO image to dvd?

Never heard of that app.

Start over with DVD Flick (free and decent) and see what happens.
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So I tried burning a DVD ISO image file to a blank x DVD R Image DVD 120% Problem: w/ Alcohol burning using Alcohol and the process stopped at I already updated my firmware with the latest version for my DVD-burner so I know it s not a firmware problem Furthermore the file was GB so insufficient space on the DVD R disc isn t a problem either Here s Problem: DVD Image burning w/ Alcohol 120% the logfile from Alcohol System Information Windows XP Professional Service Pack Build Processor info Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x MHz Memory Available to Windows KB Program Information File Name C Program Files Problem: DVD Image burning w/ Alcohol 120% Alcohol Soft Alcohol Alcohol exe Company Name Alcohol Soft Development Team Description Alcohol Original alcohol exe Product Alcohol Trademarks Alcohol Soft Development Team Copyright Copyright C - Alcohol Soft Development Team Version Build Date Size Bytes Hash d f bed e d ef a c a Hash d a e d ef e d b c e e ff f aaabdc f Hash de bc fd a db afcfbd dfaaae f fd cfde ad c e d d File Name C Program Files Alcohol Soft Alcohol alcoholx dll Description Alcohol virtual device control library Original alcoholx dll Copyright Copyright C - Version Build Date Size Bytes Hash fb b a a efc dadd ead e File Name C Program Files Alcohol Soft Alcohol devsupp dll Company Name Alcohol Soft Development Team Description Alcohol Software Device Capability Library Original devsupp dll Product Alcohol Software Device Capability Library Copyright Copyright C - Alcohol Soft Development Team Version Build Date Size Bytes Hash f a a b d da d b User Information User Name Arthur Wilkinson Company Name Shadow Corp Registered User ID E Options Setting Devices control interface Default Driver Control Interface CPU Priority Level High Memory Buffer Size MB Examine the accuracy of data read from physical device Yes Turn off quot Auto-Select best write speed quot function if possible No Overburn disc s No Fill memory buffer before recording discs Yes Ignore Media Type Yes RMPS Recordable Media Physical Signature Emulation No BAD Sectors Emulation No Sub-Channel Data Fixed amp Emulation No Laserlock Emulation No Current Language English Device s List F AXV CD DVD-ROM xmasscsi Port Bus Target Lun E HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA- B atapi Port Bus Target Lun Installed Device Drivers List ACPI sys afd sys AFS K SYS ALCXWDM SYS ati cqag dll ati dvag dll ati mtag sys ati duag dll ativvaxx dll ATMFD DLL audstub sys Beep SYS BOOTVID dll Cdfs SYS cdrom sys CLASSPNP SYS disk sys dmio sys dmload sys drmk sys dump atapi sys dump WMILIB SYS Dxapi sys dxg sys dxgthk sys eeCtrl sys EraserUtilRebootDrv sys Fastfat SYS fdc sys Fips SYS flpydisk sys fltMgr sys Fs Rec SYS ftdisk sys GEARAspiWDM sys hal dll HIDCLASS SYS HIDPARSE SYS HTTP sys i prt sys imapi sys intelppm sys ipnat sys ipsec sys isapnp sys itchfltr sys kbdclass sys KDCOM DLL kmixer sys ks sys KSecDD sys LHidFlt Sys LHidUsb Sys LMouFlt Sys mnmdd SYS mouclass sys mouhid sys MountMgr sys mrxdav sys mrxsmb sys Msfs SYS msgpc sys mssmbios sys Mup sys NAVENG SYS NAVEX SYS NDIS sys ndistapi sys ndisuio sys ndiswan sys NDProxy SYS netbios sys netbt sys Npfs SYS ntdll dll Ntfs sys ntoskrnl exe Null SYS parport sys PartMgr sys ParVdm SYS pci sys pciide sys PCIIDEX SYS portcls sys psched sys ptilink sys PxHelp sys rasacd sys rasl tp sys raspppoe sys raspptp sys raspti sys rdbss sys RDPCDD sys rdpdr sys redbook sys RTL SYS SCSIPORT SYS serenum sys serial sys sisnic sys sr sys SRTSP SYS SRTSPX SYS srv sys STREAM SYS swenum sys SYMDNS SYS SYMEVENT SYS SYMFW SYS SYMIDS SYS SymIDSCo sys symlcbrd sys SYMNDIS SYS SYMREDRV SYS SYMTDI SYS sysaudio sys tcpip sys TDI SYS termdd sys uagp sys Udfs SYS update sys usbaudio sys usbccgp sys USBD SYS usbehci sys usbhub sys usbohci sys USBPORT SYS usbscan sys usbvm sys vga sys VIDEOPRT SYS VolSnap sys wanarp sys watchdog sys wdmaud sys win k sys WMILIB SYS xmasbus sys xmasscsi sys Detailed Information of Device s E HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA- B detail information Vendor Identif... Read more

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Im having problems buring discs currently.

It is writing to the disc and the disc will play when playing it on my computer but then will not play on a dvd player or cd player.

This happens when using media player, nero 8 or itunes as the burning software.

Does this sound disc image related? I tried uninstalling itunes but this didnt work and i dont have daemon tools installed.

I have two optical drives but which ever i use i have the same problem.

specs are:-
Athlon X2 dual core 6000
Secondary Seagate 150gb hard drive
Asus m2v motherboard
550watt PSU

A:Problem burning cds/dvds. image related?

Disk image insofar as the write process is not writing leadins and leadouts?
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i cant seem to find the Windows Disc Image Burning Tool when i right click on iso image to burn to disc please help

A:Windows 7 Disc Image Burning Tool

As mentioned in the linked article

Windows Disc Image Burner will need to be set as the default program with all of it associations (.iso & .img) set to it for this to work. It is by default in Windows 7.Click to expand...

If you have installed other burning software (e.g. Nero), the Windows Disk Image Burner will still work but not exactly the same as the steps in the article. To access it you right click on the ISO you want to burn and click "Open with", then choose Windows Disk Image Burner.
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the great benchmarking tool CD-DVD Speed, by Erik Deppe is up and ready for download! We use this software in our optical drive reviews to check among other things: Transfer rate, Seek times, CPU load, Burst rate, DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) quality & Spinup/spindown time. It can also check the CD and DVD media quality.

What's new in this version:

Added seperate Create Disc function with following improvements
buffer level display, both graphically and numerically
CPU usage display, both graphically and numerically
Added option to set priority
Added options button on main screen
Greatly improved image burning engine
Added menu shortcuts for burning image file
Improved erase function
Disc Quality Test
Added 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x CLV and 8x P-CAV speed settings for BenQ drives.
Enabled support for Pioneer drives
Small improvements and bug fixes
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I am working with Norton Ghost and I am trying to put together an imaging service I burned an image of a hard drive to a folder on an external USB hard drive I then burning image to DVD 2003 Norton Ghost tried to burn a data disk using Nero of those image files that Norton Ghost created When I tried to use the DVD to image a hard drive from Norton Ghost complained that the disc was not created by Norton Ghost I am going to try imaging directly Norton Ghost 2003 burning image to DVD to the DVD now but I still think I should be able to create a DVD using Norton Ghost 2003 burning image to DVD third-party software Norton mentions this in their help file but they don t go into it in detail I also tried making an ISO and bootable ISO in Nero of the image files but those had the same error Do I need to include certain files that Norton Ghost is not telling me about in their help file Thanks for any help nbsp
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I have a file that I downloaded from a university It is suppose to have th Octave audio test tone from hz to hz The problem is when you unzip -zip the file it is in BIN CUE format or a disk image My version of Roxio Creator Solved: - Burning 9 Creator Disk Roxio Image DE Not DE claims it will burn the format but when I try I get the Error Message - quot There was a problem writing to the disc You can try again by clicking the Retry button You will need another blank disc ready quot Naturally neither a Retry or another blank disc made a difference Solved: Roxio Creator 9 DE - Not Burning Disk Image I wondered if maybe the free version did not include this feature but the documentation is worthless in determining this Has anyone else had and or solved this problem Does anyone know of a reliable free program that will burn an audio disc image in BIN CUE format that I can use in my DVD player What I mean is these Audio Test Tones are meant to be read by a Audio-CD or DVD Player and played back Solved: Roxio Creator 9 DE - Not Burning Disk Image through your Stereo so you can test your speakers So I need a software burner that will burn a BIN CUE image onto a disc that my audio CD player will recognize Any thoughts or solutions Steve bluewizard nbsp

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Is there?

I'd like to burn a cue/bin set of files and wonder if the basic Win7 burning software will burn them properly or if I should use a 3rd party app?

If the basic Win7 burning software doesn't, is there a freeware from MS for it?


A:Native Windows 7 Disc Image Mount/Burning Software?

Have a look here:

FREE Great Programs for Windows 7
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Everytime try to burn an ISO file to a blank CD, I always set it to verify before finishing the disc image burning process and I always get the warning that the disc image didn't burn successfully and it has Error Code: 0x80004005.

I've tried burning disc image on a number of blank CD's but to my dismay, they all get wasted upon getting this error. This doesn't usually come before, unless the discs I used were of poor quality. I've tried different discs with different brands, different ISOs and just now a re-writable CD to no avail. I've been using the built in ISO disc image burner on Windows 7 and I also tried ImgBurn but they both report some sort of error on the disc verification process before the completion of the disc burning. I don't know how this is supposed to be. I was gonna burn some Linux ISOs but they just won't burn well.

A:ISO disc image burning always displaying Error Code: 0x80004005

There are 3 points of failure: The burning program, the disks, the burner.

You test to see if you get the same error using a different burning program (check).
You test to see if you get the same error using different media (check).
You test by using a different optical drive.

Optical drives are cheap (both meanings) and the heads can be knocked out of alignment too easily. Once that happens there is little to no chance of repairing it. It is just easier to get a new drive.

EDIT: be sure to try cleaning the drive. Use compressed air or vacuum to try and get any dust or hair out of the compartment (carefully). NEVER try to clean the lenses by touching them.
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I have a new PC, previously I had a 320 GB HD, this one has 1TB I have put on four or so programs, how long should it take to make an initial system image to DVD, I have a set of 4.7 GB DVD+R 16x disks.


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Anytime I drag a file(s) in a folder window, a translucent, oversized icon follows the mouse pointer, partially obscuring up to 4 nearby items.

Can this effect be disabled? I'm sure somebody at MS thought it was slick idea, but it just gives me a headache. I haven't found a setting that controls it -- maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. (Am guessing, while this isn't an "animation" per se, it's in the same general category.)

Thanks a ton for any clues.

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Hi This is my first post First of all I would like to congratulate and thank all the Admins Developers and Tech enthusiasts on this forum site for dedicatedly and painstakingly helping solving and resolving issues and troubles of tons of people around the globe saving them time and money This is really appreciable My Issue I have a large number of audio and video karaoke files more than in one folder and the lyrics of them in another as text or image files When I have to play Audio video file to Link an file text/image file audio/video without the lyrics I have to manually locate the Lyrics image file to sing along I was wondering if somehow I could be able to open the lyrics file text image when I click the audio video file So when I double click on an audio video file the associated text image file would also open along with it Like mp file is a hyperlink to text file Some mp files have text lyrics which I can open in Winamp But creating converting all audio video with lyrics will take Link an audio/video file to text/image file years for me taken into consideration the number of songs I have Please enlighten and help me with this issue Thank you Link an audio/video file to text/image file for your time and efforts Cheers nbsp
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Hi all. Being new to 3D editing i am starting off with the supplied Sony Picture Motion Browser. I shot some 3D video with the Sony TD10 3D camcorder and imported to the PMB software (5.8) that allows for 3D burning to Blu Ray Disc. After following the simple software instruction to make a disc the files came out in 2D. Am I missing something quite simple here? I checked all the versions, software, burner, disc etc and they all support 3D burning. Thanks for any help. If any further info is needed please let me know.

A:Burning 3D file to Blu Ray with PMB

Hello dbrown4400 and welcome to TSF!

Silly Question, but is the monitor/TV you are using 3D?
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Dear all,
I had downloaded a movie which was in two parts and was in .avi format which i used to play on VLC.
Now as i wanted to watch it on a standard DVD player on my TV i had to burn it to DVD.
So,firstly i joined the two .avi files and than converted the combined .avi file to .vob file using Super DVD Creator.
Now when i tried burning it with Nero 8 it didnt accept the .vob format and said "unexpected file format".
Can anyone guide me how to burn .vob file to DVD using Nero or any other application?
I have really tried hard to get the help online but no luck
Pl someone help me...

thanks in advance...

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Hi, hope this is the right place for my query, or if not peeps will point me in the right direction instead!

I've got an .avi file on my HD which I want to burn onto a DVD-RW (pal). Do I need to convert it into .vob format. If so- how... and where might I get free conversion software...?

And does anyone have advice on free, reliable software for burning out the disk itself, plus instructions as on how to do it.

I've actually got Nero 6, but don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Burning out a DVD-RW of .avi file

Check out this thread:
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im wondering how to do this so i can watch the files in a dvd player.

A:burning .avi file to a dvd

You could use dvdflick.
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i just got hirens boot cd iso when i burn it using nero ultra when i put the disc in a webpage comes up telling me whats on the disc when i went back and looked it up a splash screen suppose to come up what am i doing wrong thnxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi! I downloaded a file from the internet and its a .bin file. I'm not sure if it matters, but there was no corresponding .cue file although I know they usually go together. How do I burn this file to a CD? I have Nero 6. Can I use this, and if so, how? Do I need some other program? Thanks for any help!

A:Burning a .bin file to CD?

NObody gonna answer that question.. sounds illegal..
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Could someone please offer guidance on converting an IMG file to a format which can be burned to DVD.

I have tried using Nero and it doesn't like the file format and I have tried using Alcohol 120 but it flashes messages about RAW data, offers to have a try and then returns errors during the the burn.

Straightforward writing from HD or converting from B&C files are no problem. To date it's just the bare IMG files which have me stumped.

Thanks in hope and ignorance.

A:Burning IMG file to DVD

Where did the IMG file come from? Are you sure of the format of the file?
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hi people,i just downloaded the windows 7 package however i cant seem to find the iso file anywhere,can someone help me please? where is the iso file?

A:burning the iso file

Are you sure it finished downloading completely? If you downloaded it it should be in your recent downloads or whatever.
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I have a video clip (30minutes) which is saved as a VOB file (0.99Gb) on my computer. I would like to burn this on to a DVD which will work in a normal DVD player as well as a computer. I have Vista Home Premium and WMP 11. VOB files seem not to work with these, so it won't play.
Can anyone tell me, in simple terms, how to get that video clip burned on to a DVD? I have Roxio Creator Basic V9 on my computer and have tried that but it seems not to handle VOB files. I have tried ImgBurn but it won't handle VOB files either. I have converted a copy of it to a wmv file using Convert VOB to AVI free software. It will play on my computer but I still haven't managed to get a usable DVD.
Can anyone help?

A:Burning a DVD from a VOB file

Try downloading, installing and using a program called DVDFlick ( with the .VOB file after changing the extension to .MPG.
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I downloaded a huge greeting card program (3.8 gbs) and made them all ISO files. I have burned ISO to CD in the past but that was with only 1 file. However the one I have now is on 6 disks and I am not familiar with how to do it. I imagine I have to burn each one on it's own separate disk since the files are so huge.

Also what is the easiest program to use to burn the image files to disk? I am kind of a newbie at this and would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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I want to use nero 7 to burn a movie i made on my computer. The movie is 1GB and i want to use CD's to burn the movie. Do you know how i can burn the movie using more than 1 cd? What do i do? the movie is Mpeg4 format

A:Burning a file using 2 cd's

u can use the edit movie function in vision xpress 2 cut the movie in half & burn em that way; but why not just put it all on 1 disc like a dvd?
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I have a .iso file everyone is saying works fine. I have Nero to burn with and I burned the file to a blank dvd but my comp won't boot to it. I have changed the boot sequence to boot from usb-dvd rom and other discs will boot fine but not this one. When I open the discs that work fine without running the autoplay option they have "application" or .exe file instead of a .iso file. I'm not sure what the problem is?

A:Burning a .iso file

Are you burning it as an image file? Sounds like you;re burning it as though it were a data file (which is why you see an ISO file on the DVD. If burned correctly as an image file, you won't see it on the DVD) The ISO is actually the image of a DVD disc surface to be burned. It's not a data file

Check your Nero Help directions for ISO or IMAGE
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I need a good program that can backup my ASF files onto a CDR, I used Handy Backup but the trial period expired, and when I use B's recorder gold, while analyzing the data, it stops and my whole 600/700MB CD is wasted.
Any help is appreciated.


A:ASF file burning, Please help!

Nero 6 Ultra Edition,

There's some free ones that are recommended, so you might want to wait until someone chips in (I don't know the names)
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I have a .mdf file that i would like to burn, either to DVD(S) OR CD(S), i am using IsoBuster, can I burn it from that? If so how? Otherwise I have alcohol 120% how do I use that to burn it? Thanks!

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How can I convert and burn a WMV movie file onto a DVD?

Basically, my class had a project in which we used Windows MovieMaker to create documentary videos. Now, my teacher would like to play these movies on her classroom DVD player; however, both herself and I don't know how to make it so that we can convert and burn these WMV files onto a DVD and play it. Any and all help would be appreciated by tommorow morning (before 8:00 AM).

A:Burning A Wmv File Onto A Dvd


The easiest way around your trouble is to download a program like Movie Factory 3 or Nero Vission Express. These programs are used for creating movies with a menu system just like the ones you see and rent from a video store, or purchase off the shop. They are capable of taking all sorts of movie types such as MPG, AVI including WMV and making a movie DVD out of them.

If you know of a way to say turn a AVI or MPG to a DVD format but you can't cause its the wrong file type and you don't want to download another piece of software. Then I sugest you find yourself a converter that will convert the file type to a WMV file type and then burn it to a DVD.

Other problems could be you are using the wrong DVD type for the burner or the DVD player your using is not compatible with the DVD media you are using.

Have fun

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If I do this I can't play it on a dvd player. I tried downloading trial software to convert it to divx but only 30% gets converted for free so how do I know if it will work before I buy it? Is there another solution please? thanks

A:Burning bin file on to dvd

So in the bin file there is video? Download CD Burner XP Pro (google it) and go to the File menu and convert iso image, that will open your bin file and then you can convert it to iso, then you can burn that by selecting write disk from iso file.
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Recently I burned an iso file from a website.

I was given the option to save, and I saved the file to a CD-R.

The burning was successful.

However, I have Roxio Dell Edition burning software on my pc, but it appears not to support iso files. The burned iso file has the Roxio logo.

My question is 'Can Vista burn files'.



Os is Vista Home Premium, 32 bit

A:Burning iso file


I don't mean to be rude at all, and you may not have done this, but you must copy the contents of the .iso to the disk, not the .iso itself. If you don't know how to burn an .iso, I would recommend using the free 7-Zip: Download

Download, install it, and then open the .iso in it. When it comes up, copy all the files to the DVD, then burn the DVD using windows, or use your Roxio to burn a Data disk, and select the iso and DVD drive. The DVD will most probably be formatted, and so all current data on it will be lost, so back it up.

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I haven't done much dvd burning and am a little confused by what file formats are required.I burned an mpeg file no problem straight to dvd but then converted another from divx.avi to mpeg and it came out all messed up.What format do the files need to be in to burn them to dvd and does anyone know of any free converters to do this?Thanks.

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I have both Nero and Alcohol 120%, but both have failed me.
On the alcohol 120%, it says ,"Image File loading aborted!
something is wrong with the recording procedure!
Please check the log file and report any errors to Tecnical Support."
On the Nero, it simply says it's failed.
I try two .iso filed, and both also failed.
I don't know what's wrong with it, but I run on a laptop with external hard drive (the iso file is there on the external HD) and external burner.
Please help me.

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I have some avi video files and they play on my computer, video & audio are good. A few files that I have burnt come out having no audio when I play them back on my DVD player. I am thinking this is a codec problem, but I have downloaded a good codec pack and most of my video/avi files burn ok. Any suggestions?

A:Burning Avi File - no audio

You need to provide more details.

Run the problematic AVIs through GSpot and see what it says.
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I have windows 7 professional edition, and I'm running an HP notebook. I downloaded something that is in nrg format, but it's in two parts. It doesn't have .001 after it. It just says "Filename Disk1.nrg" and "Filename Disk2.nrg". I'm wondering how to burn these to a disk? Do I have to combine the files or something? Thanks

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Tried searching for an Problem DVD burning to file SL 4.7gb answer I m trying to burn a gb file to a Problem burning file to 4.7gb SL DVD single layer DVD I m new to this and have learned that capacity actually means - usable capacity I get a message that my file is k over capacity What s puzzling is that my friend can successfully burn this same file to the same DVD on his system So I guess that means the problem is either my DVD burner or the software Problem burning file to 4.7gb SL DVD I m using I ve successfully burned CDs before so the burner works I m using the DVD burner software that comes with Windows Vista And I don t have my laptop in front of me but the CD DVD burner is the standard one on a Dell Inspiron about years old sorry if that isn t specific Do you think the problem is the software I m using My friend successfully uses Nero but before I go buy it I was wondering if the software could affect the usable capacity of a DVD nbsp

A:Problem burning file to 4.7gb SL DVD

in nero options special features setting to "overburn"
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I have a 6 gig ISO file. I only have the standard 4.7g dvd"s. How do i go about burning it. Can I split it into two files and burn? If so what do I use to do it? i have DVDFab 8, DVD Flick, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, IMG Burn. Thanks

A:Burning A Large ISO File To A DVD

Can your DVD burner burn dual layer?

If yes, use a dual layer DVD.
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Burned disk with windows 7 disk image burner many times successfully, but a couple of dvds when played freezes after 58min - only 10 mins left. why? how to burn completely? tried burning again but same problem with that particular iso file. Disk shows 106 mins long but only plays 58 mins - it looks like the rest has not been burnt on disk - no marks. But iso file has been downloaded completely.

A:Burning iso file issue

Try the free (and popular) Imgburn program. I've used that several times to make iso discs, such as Windows install discs.

The Official ImgBurn Website
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Hey guys,
I have some really big files on my pc. They are books on tape and well there big. And the average cd wont fit the files. What I am wondering is if there is any way to make the file split across multiple discs? I do not know if there is a program that can do it for me or not but i have tried file splitters and manual splits, well no accurate time is given from the splitter or auto split will make two files that will not fit on disc but the rest will fit without trouble. If anyone has a program to split the files accross multiple cds please let me know.
-new tech guy

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I ve been putting words in search here because it seems like this must be a common problem Mainly all I find is to use Nero I think there s a free download of this but if I don t have to go through all that I d rather now I have a file that s ISO It didn t file ISO problem burning come from from p p and I know it s a legit file It s documents and think it has images on it which is why it s ISO if I have this correctly CD burning seems to be one of the most complicated things I ve ever tried to learn and use What I have is HP problem burning ISO file Record Now which came with my HP CD burner and NTI Dragon Platinum which I really like it s fast and seems easy to use But I can t seem to get the ISO file on the CD correctly It came as a zip file I unzipped it and have tried various ways of burning the unzipped file on the CD All I get is either nothing or a file OF the CD burner software when I open the file saved on the black CD it brings up the burning software I have tried burning it as quot data quot data CD and this is the result The only other options seem to be audio and video and these say it s the wrong file type Is Nero the only way to do this I want it so the CD has the file on it and when put in come up with the files or whatever is in them I tried Nero one other time because people keep recommending it and found it VERY complicated It seemed like things that were supposed to be there like a button to click- with flames for quot burn quot weren t there And sometimes I d get a wizard and sometimes not But if that s the only way When I ask questions about CD burning I ve sometimes been told I don t have a good understanding of this Like I m still trying to figure out how to use CD-RW like floppy disks to save on I ve heard some new pcs don t even have floppy disk drives now they just use CDs I agree I am easily confused about this and don t understand a lot of it That s why I come and ask here And having a better understanding of the basics would help a lot Is there a good tutorial that explains it all in depth and easy to understand I ve looked and found some about something and a lot I still can t follow Like I sometimes find audio files that say they re not the correct format and need to be changed I have CDex that change them to WAV and it still doesn t work Many settings on it but I don t know what is what Thanks Carrie nbsp

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I have email Archive file, size over 1.75GB i want burn it for record, please advice me how to do. B/c the maximum CD media capacity are 700MB.

I would b grateful for u responce.

A:1.8GB file burning problem

If you have WinRAR, you can compress your archive file to a RAR archive and split it to 600MB segments, each of which could be burned on a separate CD...

If you don't have WinRAR, get it from here:
WinRAR @

Its an evaluation version, but it can accomplish your task...

1. You can also do this with WinZip, but from practical experience I have found that ZIP format is not that reliable when it comes to splitting and joining files...

2. Once you get WinRAR, please use the recovery recored feature explained in help.. (I use it all the time to split my system backups to CD-sized files)

3. WinRAR is slower that WinZip in compressing files, so this might take a while especially if you choose a higher compression level...
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I haven't done much dvd burning so I was wondering if anyone can tell me what format a file needs to be in, in order to burn it to dvd?I mostly want to put divx, avi files, onto dvd and does anyone know of any free software to do the conversions?Thanks.

A:file formats for burning

it's a bit complicated but easy once you get the hang of it - all video files have to be converted to a specific type of mpeg form - after that it must be put in dvd form ( a series of files with vob, ifo, bup extensions) - then burned as a dvd video disc

i use this to convert files

and this to create the dvd
this place has many guides on creating dvds
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hello ppl. is there any (free) software that will allow me to burn any file on a DVD-R. (like simply just dragging the file)i tried to slect the files and right clicking/send to/ but my DVD burner was not listed there. my cd burner was though. is there any software like that, that will burn my slected files?

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I have downloaded memtest to my downloads folder. I can see it in explorer. But when In try to browse to it in Burnaware I do not see it?

A:Cannot see file in burning program

I like ashampoo burning studio free 6.80, got it from cnet. Just do a search you will find it. Burned memtest to boot cd to test the mem on the new computer I slapped together.
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I am trying to burn a DL disk for the first time
I have the right disks
I have a DL burner
My problem is that I am dealing with a file format that I do not know to much about.
The file seems to be in a .ink? format. I can't even seem to convert it.
DVD Flick seems to recognize the file, but after about 5 hours it gives me a terminal error message and suggests I should start to cry b/c it's all over.
Power ISO which I use often won't even see the file "unsupported file format"
I'm not sure how to go about trying to acheive this burn.
Please Help
1st time user

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I'd like to know if someone can help me with the following problem. I have serveral movie files with the extension *.bin they came with a *.cue file and i use CDRWIN 3.9d to burn them and it workes fine.
Although some files are above 800 mb i can burn them on a 80 min blanc cdr.
I have also some files DL that didn't came with the *.cue file
Now my question is can you make the *.cue file if you have only the *.bin file?
Or is there some other way to get these movie's on a cd just like all the other .bin files that came with the *.cue files?

I realy need some help becouse my 120 GB harddrive s running out of data for me !

I realy like too BURN them all !!!!

tnx for helping
Dutch tactical fighters
[TSB] clansite

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hi.i am trying to burn a movie file to a blank dvd.but all i am getting is a grey screen.i have tried different types of dvd rw but get the same results.

A:burning a video file to dvd

What format is the video file and what software and method are you using to burn it?
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What software plays MV file extension ? VLC ?

Can Nero burn MV files to DVD video or need DVD Flick to do that ?


A:Playing and burning MV file

media player classic will play it as will wmp,and vlc dvd flick can convert and burn it and many others DVD FLICK Guide - AVI to DVD, FLV to DVD, HDMOV to DVD, MKV to DVD, MJPG to DVD, MPG to DVD, M2V to DVD, MP4 to DVD, M4V to DVD, NSV to DVD, NUT to DVD, QT to DVD, MOV to DVD, RM to DVD, SMK to DVD, OGM to DVD, WMV to DVD, ASF to DVD, 3GP to DVD, 3G2
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Hi, probably a dumb question to you guys but I am struggling

I have a blank Imation CD-R 1x-52x 700MB 80min

I have an MP3 file 162MB 182mins or the same as a WMA which is only about 82MB but obviously same length

Is there any way I can make it fit on the CD or is it purely to do with the number of minutes of music being too long? You used to obviously only be able to get 90mins on a blank 90 min tape but we're talking technology moving on here surely

Or should I just buy some bigger capacity cd's?

A:Burning CD's & file sizes

Burn it as a data CD so your burning software doesn't try to turn
it back into a standard audio CD.
If you don't have data burning software,try this.
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Hi everyone,
This may not come out as clear as I want but it's four in the morning and I'm a tad frustrated so please be lenient.

Here's the dealio. I need to burn a .dmg file onto a dual layer DVD-Rom using my Windows 7 system. Now, I do in fact realize the .dmg file is a Macintosh format but I have no other way to do this. Is it possible to burn a .dmg file using Win7 that would work on an OSX system? I usually use Nero 9 Lite but I have yet to try it. I want to be absolutely certain before I waste my time, effort, and money (on the DVD-R DL, which are fairly expensive) before I do in fact try this.

Thank you,

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all whom are celebrating today.

A:Burning a .dmg format file

the .DMG is a means to MOUNT an image, which normally is not required.

put the software/files on the CD or DVD and then insert to the mac.

Most of the time, an 'installer' is not necessary at all.

Care to tell us more details so we can make better comments?
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Story I was editing a picture at the time and I needed a render of a hexagon So i searched Hexagon in a Is file? this what virus? file IDK image .SVG happened. Google found one I liked and right click on image - gt Save image as - gt Save Like I normally do This file was a bit different though It was a SVG IDK what happened. Is this file a virus? .SVG image file? which is my first time encountering it I looked it up on google and google said it was an d image file so I figured i should try to open it in Photoshop However right after I tried my Photoshop crashed IDK what happened. Is this file a virus? .SVG image file? I was like IDK what happened. Is this file a virus? .SVG image file? No big deal I'll just reopen Photoshop But then it kept crashing I deleted the image file and then went to save my after effects composition Surprisingly After effects crashed too and kept crashing after I tried to reopen it Shortly after I got an error that said Windows explorer stop functioning would you like to reload and that kept popping up I decided to do a scan with Malwarebytes Malwarebytes didnt find anything except some PUP stuff I restarted my computer and everything seems to be working fine now Question Is the image file below a virus or was it just my computer going funky and I have nothing to worry about Google Image File This is the picture I downloaded and tried opening in photoshop Could anyone please download and check it for infections Too download just right click on image - gt Save image as - gt Save https www google com search q hexagon amp source lnms amp tbm isch amp sa X amp ei EInU--eOeGqyAHO oDwBg amp ved CAcQ AUoAQ amp biw amp bih facrc amp imgdii amp imgrc sQoreWNMfIaEuM A BVWy ookQOaxZcM Bhttp A F Fupload wikimedia org Fwikipedia Fcommons F F FHexagon svg Bhttp A F Fcommons wikimedia org Fwiki FFile AHexagon svg B B

A:IDK what happened. Is this file a virus? .SVG image file?

This is what I see....
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how do you convert an image file into jpg file?thank you.

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Hello, this is my first post here so pardon me. i have a problem when burning files to a dvd using the live file system. When burning the files over halfway through the application freezes; it wont continue, eject, or cancel. when it finally ejects and i insert the dvd again the files are all there but i cant move, add, or delete them. when i try to do these things the following errors come up: "there is not enough space on DVD...#MB is needed to recycle." it also gives me the option to just delete or cancel but when i press delete the same error comes up. I dont know what is causing this to happen, any ideas would be much appreciated.

A:When burning file to dvd, the application freezes

The Live File System is a packet writing method of creating discs and is unreliable, I wouldn't use that method. Do you have some other burning software like Nero or Roxio on your PC? If so use that.

What kind of files are you trying to burn to disc? Are you making a video disc or something else?
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hey anyone know how I can get my computer to do this. When I insert a new dvd r the option of burning files to dvd does not appear therefore it seem that by default it wants to burn in mastered mode. Can I change this manyally any where in my dvd settings.... help

A:burning in live file systems

What software are you using for burning discs? What version of Windows? The Windows XP CD Burning Wizard doesn't support DVD discs.
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I created a slideshow using Windows Movie Maker and saved it to my computer so I could view it with Windows Media Player It saved as a wmv file I a a disc wmv with containing file nero burning then opened burning a disc with nero containing a wmv file Nero to burn it to a cd I followed the instructions NeroVision Express to create a video cd Imported the video and tested it and it played fine just like I had recorded it with the fade ins and outs etc I followed the next steps which was basically just creating a title and was taken to the review page right before burning the disc When I review it at this point it plays the movie but the transitions aforementioned fade ins and ease ins and outs of the pictures no longer work I did not change anything at all on the burning a disc with nero containing a wmv file video just added the title Can anyone tell me what has happened please This is quite frustrating My os is Windows XP by the way if that matters nbsp
Relevancy 43%

Hey, a friend of mine have made a memorial thing on Windows Movie Maker. He saved it as a AVI file, but now he can't get his file burned onto a dvd. He's using Nero Express. I don't know how to help him, so do any of you have any suggestions? He wanted to burn it onto a DVD so other friends could see on the television. Thanks.

Relevancy 43%

I tried to burn my first Cd, ever. It was distro Puppy Linxu 4.0. and I really can't tell you what the heck. I put the disc in two computers Compaq desktop Win86 & notebook WinXP and it was a no go. Tried it with Vista, I see the Puppy Distro in E:drive but when I tried to open it up it sends me to Power2go( I guess a Windows Burning softtware) and asked, would I like to burn Cd. When I say yes, it says put in a new cd. How can that be? When the copy files are on the Cd already in? I even tried to replace with a clean Cd, but of course the file go missing from the E:drive. I don't know feeling kinda stupid. Thank you for any assistance you can give me. Vista Home Premium

My Regards,

Trina a.k.a tdb

A:Burning a Cd: see file on Cd (E:drive) but.. can't access

OK, I think I kinda know why the Cd may not be "working".

From E:\puppy-4.00-k2.6.21.7 seamonkey (2) iso.

To E:\TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L63 2N 0503

Anything special about ISO files? Do I need additional burning software?Thanks

My Regards,
Trina a.k.a. tdb
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i'm trying to burn OS X Mountain lion dmg file ona dvd but it's too large and i cant get a blueray or a dual layer dvd :/
so can i burn it to 2 dvds ??

A:problem burning large file on a dvd !

That's a Mac OS ! This is a Windows 7 Forum! Try you question on the Mac Forum1
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hello I m trying to burn a set of files to a CD and the order is important It s a set of architectural plans and the order is important because the one who gets this CD will be printing the plans out file preserving burning order CD when to frequently and it is important that they are printed out and bound together in the proper order The problem is every time I burn a CD even though I set the file preserving file order when burning to CD order manually this order is overwritten whenever I open the CD on a new computer It likes to order them alphabetically For example there are files a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - and a - This is the proper order but when the computer orders them alphabetically we get a - through a - coming right after a - i e the order becomes a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a - and a - We can t have this The person who gets this CD must see the proper order I can t order them in the way I want with the options under view - gt arrange icons by - gt because this order is arbitrary from the computer s point of view Even if I uncheck autoarrange and organize them manually it doesn t preserve my order I need a way of preserving the initial order of files and folders when burning to a CD and opening it on different computers Is there a way nbsp

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I have recently created a video on Showbiz and want to burn it to a DVD in my DVD-Rom drive. I went out and bought DVD+R's and when I go into Showbiz My DVD and create the DVD folder, the burn DVD option is always grayed out. Why? Is there another program I can use to burn this show onto a DVD?


A:HELP!!! Having problems burning a Showbiz dvd file onto a DVD

Showbiz DVD burning problem

Try uninstalling your DVD burner by opening start/settings/control panel/administrative tools/computer management/device manager and DVD/CD-ROM drives. Right click on the name of your drive and click on uninstall. Recheck the above path to verify that the drive no longer appears. Then exit and restart your computer. Check the above path to verify that the drive now appears. This should solve your problem. Apparently when Showbiz is installed it somehow corrupts the path to the burner. Hope this helps.
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Just started using Cyberlink to burn video files to DVD R disks as a simple data DVD no conversion to VOB file happening here In the configuration tab I noticed the option to choose File System - ISO Joliet - UDF - UDF - UDF - UDF Did some quick File system DVD when data to a burning use research on what UDF is and concluded that for my OS and disk type DVD R I should use UDF I burned a disk full of video files mostly AVI s but at least one MKV No one file was greater than mb When the burn and verification was complete I tried to view the disk on same PC Disk was full but appeared File system to use when burning a data DVD to contain nothing Took the disk and tried playing it in the DVD Player attached to TV All files were there and played without problem Repeated the process File system to use when burning a data DVD choosing the ISO Joliet file system option Disk contents could be viewed and played on PC and the DVD Player Apparently if I want to read data from the completed disk on a PC I have to choose the ISO Joliet file system option Can anyone explain what is happening here nbsp

A:File system to use when burning a data DVD

UDF requires a UDF file system driver to view the contents. Most modern OS's can do it, but not all.

The most common file system that is most compatible is probably the ISO9660 with the Joliet extensions. Microsoft uses both file systems simultaneously on their media to expand compatibility. But they use UDF 1.02 for reasons beyond me. However, that UDF version seems to be preferred by others as well, so there must be some logic to it.

Most burning software will allow you to use both at the same time.
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I'm trying to burn files to a double layer DVD +R using Windows Explorer. The total size of my files is:
7.43 GB (7,980,351,488 bytes)
When I drag the files onto the disc, I get this error:
"There is not enough space on BD-RE Drive. You need an additional 3.28 GB to copy these files."

My C and D drives only have about 4GB free each, so Windows must be trying to use one of those to store the temporary files before they're burned. But my E drive has about 40GB free. How do I get Windows to use that drive instead?
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I'm having a problem with the Windows CD burner when trying to burning file system CD - problem burn a data CD-R or CD-RW in Mastered CDFS format CD burning - file system problem Windows Home Premium -bit Whenever I use a new or blank disc and then select the Mastered option when I CD burning - file system problem re-insert the CD after burning it says it's in UDF format What is more I then have problems trying to open or copy files from the CD - files won't open bad block errors in the event viewer etc These errors are seen when trying to use the CD on any computer including the one it was recorded on and I've tried several different makes types and speeds of disc I can record in CDFS format using the Windows CD burner if the CD already contains files which were recorded in that format using a rd party application or another computer This is happening on two Windows computers I have considered using the Live File format UDF instead but when using Windows 's burner to format the disc it reduces its capacity by about MB and the data won't fit any more I know I can use other CD burning software and already do but there are occasions when the Windows burner is the simplest option so I'd like to get it to work properly Can anyone help please

A:CD burning - file system problem

In the absence of any comments from anyone else, it might help others if I add some more on this in the light of further experience and research.

1. Windows 7 Help goes into some detail about Live File System (LFS) and the various versions of UDF that are available. What it doesn't explain is that the Mastered file system in the Windows CD burner is not the same as it was in XP. That was defined by Windows as CDFS, and as far as I can tell, was a version of ISO 9660. However, a CD recorded using the Mastered option in Windows 7 seems to be a hybrid of ISO 9660 (CDFS) and UDF (presumably the default 2.01 version): such CDs are identified by Windows XP and higher as UDF, but a disc burning application which doesn't support UDF 2.01 or higher identifies the file system as ISO 9660. Burning to blank discs in CDFS only appears not to be possible with the Windows 7 burner.

(I have found that some 3rd party burning applications have problems erasing CD-RWs recorded using the Windows 7 Mastered option. I invariably get an application hang if I try this, and I suspect this may be due to an incompatibility with UDF 2.01.)

2. I still don't really know what caused the bad block errors etc. It happened with two separate burnings of the same data on to two discs, which were both relatively new but had been successfully recorded to and erased on 3-4 occasions using 3rd party software in CDFS format. I had also used exactly the same type of disc without problem for at least two years, on an XP machine. Thus I had assumed the errors were caused by the Windows 7 burning process, particularly as it seemed to be recording in the wrong file system.

However, I have since used the Mastered option in the Windows burner to twice record approximately the same data to an identical disc without any errors. So either the Windows 7 burner is inconsistent, or something else was causing the errors on these discs. One possibility may be that we were experiencing exceptionally high humidity (up to about 79%) around the time I was reading them. So I'm still unsure on this, and it's possible that the errors were in the reading rather than the writing.
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I try burning Mp4 file using DVDflick.

I get a message pop up saying it needs to be resampled and it has more than 2 channels.

What should I do to make it encode to a dvd video with DVD Flick ?
It wouldn't accept my file to encode it to dvd video.


A:[SOLVED] Burning Mp4 file using DVDflick

This may well work WinX DVD Author - Free DVD Creator, Free DVD Burner Software
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Without using any Nero or file burning software, can Windows XP itself supports simple file copying to disc. Not that I know of, but i have a user who can do these.

1. select a file, right click and press SEND TO the burner
2. simply copy and paste the file to the burner
3. reopen a file on a disc, edit it, and then can save it back onto the disc.

Strange, anyone welcome to comment. Thanks.