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Got a video card with 4332MB memory (2559MB shared). Can I change this?

Q: Got a video card with 4332MB memory (2559MB shared). Can I change this?

hi got a question i have a video card withe 4332mb
the problem is it Shared Memory of 2559 MB

this gives me alot of problems withe gaming and i realy would like to change this
is there a way to change the Shared Memory to dedicated memory?
this would realy help

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Preferred Solution: Got a video card with 4332MB memory (2559MB shared). Can I change this?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Got a video card with 4332MB memory (2559MB shared). Can I change this?

Could you provide the details of your graphics card?
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Well guys, first post *woo*.

I have looked all over the internet for an answer to this problem, but I cannot find one. You see, in my setup menu (or rather the BIOS? I don't really know. The thing that you press F2 for after seeing "acer" or "DELL") there is no video options tab. Just, if I remember correctly, "information, Security, Boot, Exit", and one other thing that shows the time, date, and total RAM. I cannot however highlight total RAM or video RAM (I have about 120 MB of VRAM, 4GB of total). So how do I change shared video memory if there is no video tab? I'm looking to boost performance (even if it's only by a little bit) in games. I'm willing to share more PC info, just ask

A:Hello guys. I would like to know how to change shared video memory.

You can't. The BIOS is the only place that would allow you to, and apparently your system manufacturer chose to hide some advanced BIOS features so they can't be changed. Sadly this is typical, unless you build your own computer.

In any case, your onboard video probably used shared system memory beyond the 128MB allocated to it anyway, if it needs to. I wouldn't actually expect any performance increase from upping the dedicated video memory even if you could.

Oh, sorry, my manners... Welcome to SevenForums.
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I have a nvidia GeForce 9400 GT, how can a change the shared memory because for some reason its taking 1.5gb of my precious ram! Can I change it or will I have to buy a less ram thirsty graphics card

A:How to change a graphics card shared memory?

Go to bios setup look for the shared memory option there
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I have a compaq S4100NX with a 2.5 celeron and 256 Mb . It uses intel shared memory for the video. I'd like to add a video card. there are no agp slots so i would have to use a pci slot. I want to know if i can disable the shared mem and add a medium level video card.

A:Replacing shared video memory with card

If you disable the onboard video thru the BIOS, it should not take a memory allocation (shared memory request) any longer.

Install the PCI card, make sure its driver's load correctly, and you should be good to go.
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I have an HP Pavilion ze4560us laptop. The video card is a ATI Mobility Radeon 7500. I have two sticks of 256MB RAM, 64MB of which goes to the video card. I'm thinking of getting a stick of 512MB to pop in there. What I'm wondering is, can I increase the amount of memory that the card gets? What I would like to do is up the video card to 128MB. So..

Question 1:
Can I even do it?

Question 2:
Would it work?

Question 3:
Would it make a difference?


A:Can you adjust shared video card memory on a laptop?

No you can't change the video card memory. :knock:
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hi guys (first of all sorry for my bad english)
i have asus g75vx with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX
when i was on windows 8 i had 15 go shared memory for my video card as shown in this screenshot :
but when i change to win7 pro x64 it went down to nearly 3go :

what i can do to go back yo my previous stat ?
ps :
1- driver is updated
2- i'm not sure but i believe after i installed my windows7 and video card driver it was like in win 8 the shared memory : 15go and went down to 3go those last days

Thanks a lot guys for any support <3

A:Video card Shared memory went from 15go to 3go (Os changed win8 to 7)

There is nothing you can change as that value is based on an algorithm depending on how much RAM you have installed. It is also never used unless your video card runs out of its own memroy, which ideally you don't want to happen as system RAM is slower than video RAM.


Video Memory Virtualization - A Brief Guide

should help to explain it.
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somehow my vista home premium box system properties dialogue box reported a gig of ram.. now it reports 767 MB of ram.

with 767, my pc has slowed down quite a bit since my video card hijacked my memory without my permission.

checked bios chipset, and video configurations.. there's nowhere to adjust shared video memory there. checked harware manager properties for all video devices.. not there either...

when this happened my windows vista rating dropped from a 4.0 to a 3.0 too.


pc: acer t180

A:Vista video memory hog? shared video memory issue. only 767 MB RAM (1 gig istalled)
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Hi , just wondering , I have a 4GB laptop (dell inspiron n5010) with i3 350 processor and 500 GB HD ... lately I wanted to play the most recent GTA and what happened ? well the game booted but barely have i gone out of the first corner the whole background disappeared ... I went to my graphics settings and it says Generic PnP Monitor and Intel(R) HD Graphics
-Chip type Intel HD
-Dac type Internal
-Bios info : Intel Video BIOS
-Total Available graphics memory 1696 MB
-Dedicated Video Memory 64MB
-System Video memory 0MB
-shared system memory 1632MB

Is there any way to increase the Video memory on my laptop ?
I will add to it that in the Bios itself there are no options available for me to even lower it they are all kind of @[email protected]
I have been trying everything even updates from intel etc but not helping...

A:How to increase video memory in a shared memory system (Dell Inspiron n5010)

All you can do is max out your system memory, if it isn't maxed already. There might be an option in the laptops bios to increase the shared video memory
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Is there a way to swap these values? default windows 8 drivers has 256 shared system memory but 0 dedicated video memory but after installing sis mirage 3+ drivers dedicated video memory has gone up to 256mb and shared system memory has gone low to 64mb. Editing sis drivers maybe? but how?

A:Swap Shared System Memory and Dedicated Video Memory values possible?

Shared memory is changed in the bios. Find the button to go into the bios and go under advanced or graphics, then look for video memory.
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I have a compaq 5360 presario with 128 megs ram.4 megs are shared for video can I increase this ?

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I have 256 of a gig allocated to my on board video. The video is nVidia GeForce 6100 on board . I cant seem to find a place to reallocate the memory. I would like to use only 128 and then nothing when i get a new vid card. But the prob remains i cant seem to reallocate it now. Anyone that can help... thank you in advance.

A:How do i change my allocated shared memory

Look in the BIOS
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Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz (2675 MHz)
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
DirectX version: 11.0
GPU processor: GeForce 9600 GT
Driver version: 196.21
CUDA Cores: 64
Memory interface: 256-bit
Total available graphics memory: 2303 MB
Dedicated video memory: 1024 MB
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 1279 MB
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: 16
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen2

Hi guys,

I have 4gig of memory but since I switch to Win7 32bit I can only use 3gig of it.. now the issue is the shared system memory of 1,279mb.. since my memory is reduced to 3gig i'm having problem with my system memory, my system is slower than usual specially when I use photoshop cs3.

Appreciate any help..

Love this forum it helped me alot.

A:How to change the shared system memory in W7

Quote: Originally Posted by romel

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz (2675 MHz)
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit
DirectX version: 11.0
GPU processor: GeForce 9600 GT
Driver version: 196.21
CUDA Cores: 64
Memory interface: 256-bit
Total available graphics memory: 2303 MB
Dedicated video memory: 1024 MB
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 1279 MB
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: 16
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen2

Hi guys,

I have 4gig of memory but since I switch to Win7 32bit I can only use 3gig of it.. now the issue is the shared system memory of 1,279mb.. since my memory is reduced to 3gig i'm having problem with my system memory, my system is slower than usual specially when I use photoshop cs3.

Appreciate any help..

Love this forum it helped me alot.

32 BIT WIN 7 CANNOT USE 4 GIGS OF RAM. PERIOD. The max (without special hardware) is usually around 3.25 gigs. the rest is probably used by shared video memory.

If your system is slower than normal it is from something else. I do wonder with a quad core why you are running 32 bit

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]Changed my CMOS battery and now my usable memory has decreased by 512MB and shared memory has increased by 512MB. All the BIOS setting haven't changed. Did a search of this site and tried suggested BIOS changes (decrease video memory) and still no luck. How do I get my usable memory back?

This use to say 3.5 usable.

A:Shared Memory Increased after CMOS Battery Change

Have a good look through the bios for a setting called "Memory hole remapping" or something similar and if it is disabled, enable it.

Changing the battery can and usually will cause the bios to reset, and that is one setting that depending on the motherboard in most cases is set to disabled and needs to be enabled to use/see more than 4 GB of ram in 64 bit.
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I have an nvidia 6150 on my hp laptop. the sticker on the front said up to 559mb shared video ram , vista display settings says I only have 399. 128 is dedicated from the bios 271 is shared system memory. Nvidia control panel says 128 dedicated and 256 shared system which equals 384 turbocache. How do I utilize the full 559mb? I have 2 gig ram so I want it go to video if I am playing a game. My computer couldn't run halo1 on lowest settings at 640x480 without slowing down, but I got 28fps on half life lost coast stress test.

A:how do I change my shared video settings

You may be able to change it via your BIOS settings. As the computer is starting up, before Windows starts to load, hit Delete, or F11, or Ctrl, it varies according to the computer, but one of those should work. Then, you have to navigate your way to video settings, I'm not sure where it would be on your laptop, but look around for it. There should be an option for video memory settings there.
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My Mother's computer has one of them SIS 530 video setups where it shares memory with the main boards' ram. Windows (display prop./settings...) reports that it has 8 meg and accelaration is enabled - one of the games I tried to load won't load and tells me that it only has 1 meg and no acceleration - other games run slow or won't even start. Is there another way I can check which one is right? and how can I fix it if it is only 1 meg? Thanks!

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Hey I spent my christmas money on a laptop and I pretty pleased with it but, Vista came pre-installed. It has a 128mb graphics card but has taken some away from the RAM (Shared Memory) I waas wondering does this slow down the graphics card overall?

I know shared memory itself is slower but does it drag the actual performance of the graphics card down?

Also it is a HP laptop, it says I have to make a recovery disc but for some reason when i try it tells me that my laptop does not have the capabilities for burning a disc when it has a DVDR drive...

Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.

A:Shared Video Memory...

*Bumps* Anyone?
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I have Radeon 5670 1gb graphic card and the total video memory is 1754 as per windows info.. shared system memory is 730mb.. problem is my system is limited(by me) to only 2gb of ddr3 ram that i've installed and i play games like crysis warhead at enthusiast mode(my resolution is only 1366*768).. does this shared system memory will be any use while gaming or should it be removed?

2. As it is shared will the memory cant be used by processes?

3.If yes how can i release the shared memory, via bios settings?

i use win7 ultimate 32bit..
thank you..

A:shared video memory

Quote: Originally Posted by bala2289

I have Radeon 5670 1gb graphic card and the total video memory is 1754 as per windows info.. shared system memory is 730mb.. problem is my system is limited(by me) to only 2gb of ddr3 ram that i've installed and i play games like crysis warhead at enthusiast mode(my resolution is only 1366*768).. does this shared system memory will be any use while gaming or should it be removed?

2. As it is shared will the memory cant be used by processes?

3.If yes how can i release the shared memory, via bios settings?

i use win7 ultimate 32bit..
thank you..

This means that when the video card is in use, especially in higher display modes, it will take some of the memory normally dedicated to other computing activities and use it for its own tasks. Thus the computer 'shares' its memory with the graphics card.
You cannot alter shared memory, it is system managed.
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Hey all. I have a question. I have a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP video card for my laptop. It currently has 64mb of the total memory. In looking at reviews for my laptop, I saw a comment that says the shared memory can be increased to a max. of 128, with all the memory coming from system ram. I've looked around and can't find any way to do it. Did I misread the article, or does someone know how to increase the memory without adding new hardware? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Shared memory with video cards

I'm not 100% sure but i think it may be an option within the bios have you tried looking there.
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Hi i'm trying to change my shared video memory to System video memory. I'll looked in my bios, but it doesn;t have any setting for tht.

any help?
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i have vista, p5n32-sli deluxe mobo, 3.4 pentium d 4gb ram (2.8 usable 32bit) nvidia 8800ultra, physx 128, audigy x-fi extreme music,

i was wondering how i can adjust shared video ram, becausei definetly dont need it and i have actually been getting low ram messages which should be impossible. the ram started being shared after i upgraded from XP.

A:how to adjust shared video memory

Most high end PCI express cards like yours don't use shared memory.
If you are using 32 bit Vista,you may be having a problem with
having too much memory installed.
I beleive 32 bit systems can only handle a total of 4 GB addressable memory.
With the video card memory,you are over that limit.
You might want to try it with 2 or 3 GB and see if you lose that error.
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Hello, I have a DELL Latitude 110L laptop I got through my school, and it has 512MB of shared memory. The brochure said 32-64 MB would be used from the RAM for the video card. According to the diagnostics for the video adapter, a maximum of 128MB is available for use. However, only 8MB is being used for the video... I hate this because all my videos and graphics look like crap.

I was curious if I can change it to have at least 32 MB? And if so, could someone tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance.

A:Shared RAM for video memory question

yeah just go in to the bios and increase Video Aperture Size to 32MB
but Onboard video is kinda slow so you wont feel big differencies.
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someone took 8Mb of memory and dedicated it to video memory on a friends computer,so now he only has 56Mb left does anyone know how to reverse this?

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Hi here,

My Lap hp pavilion-vd6 1350us so boring from this problem I cant play with high quality
or mid quality cuz this vga mb I'm tryed many times and changes games and still same problem I got screen-shots to understand my problem.

PS : I had windows 7 + Vga Intel 4500mhd 256 up to 1695 + 4 G.B ram + Processor 2.2 cash 2 G.B + system 64 bit + got Directx 9 + 11.

I hope some one help me about that , This game Pro 2010.
Sry if I posted in wrong section.


A:Problem In VGA & Memory video shared.

Hi Inevitable, welcome to the forums
Could you explain a little better what you are trying to accomplish? Do you want a higher resolution to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2010?
I think your problem is that your video card does not support what you want
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Hi. I dont know why Vista has enabled shared video memory for my graphics card. Its a GF6200 256 MB and I dnt undrstand the point of sharing.. I have 768 MB RAM and due to sharing I'm left with only about 512-640 MB... and somethimes the level of available RAM drops low....

Plz.. help me out. I've already changed my BIOS settings n desable shared graphics and so on... but no effect..

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Hi to everybody I know this topic has been discussed many times but I am still confused about if there is a definitive answer or not Some premises still !!! about shared disable it video need to memory: - my motherboard does NOT have onboard graphics - my graphic card is a nVidia Quadro FX with its own MB DDR memory - Vista reports that the device is working properly - nVidia driver is something also downloaded latest something not beta but I'm a bit reticent in upgrading something that currently works --- Problem I'm making tests with a computationally-intensive and RAM-eating application ANSYS v bits Well still about shared video memory: need to disable it !!! there is some settings in Ansys with which I can force it to use any RAM available But doing so causes a general Vista hangup anytime Ansys tryes to allocate also the RAM which is still about shared video memory: need to disable it !!! used for the Shared Video Memory I KNOW that quot shared quot shouldn't mean quot stolen quot nor quot blocked quot but the FACT IS that Vista doesn't seem to be sufficiently fast to de-allocate it in favour of Ansys OR some allocation conflict arise Shared Video Memory in my case is as big as GB or so which is perfectly wasteful because there is NOTHING which needs GB buffer for video --- So I absolutely need to force Vista NOT to use so large a Shared Video Memory or best of all I'd need to disable it --- Thanks in advance

A:still about shared video memory: need to disable it !!!

Originally Posted by cloche

I'm making tests with a computationally-intensive and RAM-eating application: ANSYS v.12 64 bits.
Well, there is some settings in Ansys with which I can force it to use any RAM available.

When you force a program to use all available RAM, you will freeze your computer. Have you ever used the 'Intel Burn-test'? It destroys your RAM and CPU, completely freezing Windows.

I KNOW that "shared" shouldn't mean "stolen" nor "blocked", but the FACT IS that Vista doesn't seem to be sufficiently fast to de-allocate it in favour of Ansys, OR some allocation conflict arise.

Unless the graphics card is using it, Vista does not allocate any RAM. The reason it is called 'shared memory' is that it is available to either, when they need it.

Shared Video Memory, in my case, is as big as 2 GB or so, which is perfectly wasteful because there is NOTHING which needs 2.5 GB buffer for video.

The more RAM your have, the more Vista will share.

So, I absolutely need to force Vista NOT to use so large a Shared Video Memory, or best of all I'd need to disable it...

Bad idea. I don't even know if it is possible but you will not solve your problem by stopping Windows from sharing the RAM.

Off-Topic - When 12GB became possible for the average user, with the advent of DDR3 and tri-channel memory, people thought "I have 12GB of RAM, I can disable my paging file. YAY, I can reclaim that XGB of HDD space." Long story short, Windows and other programs will act strangely when you disable something that is meant to be running.

This post describes the effect better, they may be talking about the page file but it applies to shared memory as well, IIRC.
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Hi all,

I Have a Notebook - Toshiba A105 with ATI XPRESS 200M, and on bios doesn't have an option to determine size of video memory.

When i use WIN XP I can choose on ATI Software Control Paniel or in Catalyst Software the Video Frame Buffer like a video shared memory.

The options are:


When bought a Vista Ultimate i download all driver's available from Toshiba, but doesn't have the same option to change video memory.

I've tried remove all and re-install all Vista and driver using the last driver from ATI site, but i got the same situation.

Anyone here know how can i change the video memory ?

I have 2GB RAM memory.

Thanks all.

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Hey peeps,
I have on board video (no vid card) running Win2kpro 1.3ghz with 512megs ram. 16 megs is shared for video. Now I know to go into bios if I want to increase shared memory.But can`t seem to get there.
I thought it was f8 @ startup or something but nothing works,I keep getting to the advanced startup options. I want to increase the vid mem to 32 or 64 megs. Thanks

A:Onboard shared video memory increase

Hi There!

Most PC's have other key options for the BIOS

Most Common are:

One the first screen you see when you power on your PC it will say:
"Press XXX for setup"
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I Just installed a new graphics Card (GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB WINDFORCE 2X OC EDITION) on windows 7 64 bit with 16 GB system memory. I installed the 4 GB Video card to free up system ram from integrated graphics. Why does it show under advanced display setting shared system memory 2048?
I attached picture as well.

A:New Graphics Card Has Shared system Memory available.

That is normal and is not your RAM but your card's VRAM, unless you see "Shared" in the location where mine says 32GB (system RAM) then you have no issues.

Hope this clears it up for you, you might want to also check in your device manager to make sure you have also disabled the on-board GPU in the BIOS.
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I find that when I use certain software packages (mainly CAD) then my video ram remains untouched. I cant seem to disable the shared system memory - which I believe is part of Nvidia Turbocache.

Some websites and forums say that one can disable this in the BIOS is the manufacturer has released a BIOS drivers which would allow this - this does not seem to be the case at Toshiba.

Is there another way I would be able to disable this setting. This Toshiba Qosmio x870 was purchased as we needed a notebook with a high end (class 1) graphics card. Unfortunately it seems to be under performing.

I have tried to set all setting in the Nvidia control panel to Max Performace but I am still not getting the software (Micromine) to run properly.

I would appreciated any suggestions or support from this form.

Kind Regards,

A:How to disable Shared Video Memory on Qosmio X870?

As far as I know shared memory works automatically and notebook user cannot control it.
It is nothing new and the same principle is on all Toshiba notebooks.

Sorry but I'm afraid there is nothing to do about it.
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My daughter recently gave me her old Sony Vaio and I don't know much about it. In any case, the system specs tells me it has 480MB RAM.

It also has an "internal" SIS 650_651_740 Video Card that "shares" the machine's memory. So I'm thinking that I actually have 512MB RAM on the Vaio with 32MB allocated to the Video Card. Since I'm somewhat technologically challenged, I have to ask does that mean that the Video Card has 32MB of mem?

The reason I need to know is that I want to buy a particular game and my system meets all the requirements except that the game calls for a GeoForce 2 card (or its equivalent).I don't know what they mean by "equivalent" but I'm guessing they mean the card should have at least 32MB mem. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading thus far.


A:Shared mem Video card

could you list the game you want to play. most of the games make in the last 8 years, an onboard video card wont play.
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Hey peps, question i have a ATI 4670HD PCI-E card why does vista say i have shared video memory? when the bios has shared video turned off.


A:Seperate Video card why still shared

have a read through this , it explains how the memory is allocated , turning it off in bios doesnt disable the windows feature
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I want 2 purchase a laptop. and i am confused in shared memory and built in memory.
I want 512MB of video memory.

1. (Video Memory) = Up to 1309 MB Total Available Graphics Memory &(Ram 3GB)
2. (Video Memory) = shared & (Ram 2GB)

1 and 2 are the two spec's avilable in market. suggest me which one i purchase.

A:What is best "shared memory or built in video memory" for laptop

Not knowing which graphics adapters they are makes it really hard to know which to recommend. A ton of video memory on a very low end card or low end integrated GPU isn't going to help much.

What's the purpose of this laptop?
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Hello all I need help with some issue My system says that I have GB RAM available for applications services etc The rest graphic How card? of the can shared memory - Tecra R850 I the reduce of it between and GB RAM is shared and Tecra R850 - How can I reduce the shared memory of the graphic card? reserved for the graphic card I searched for a way to reduce it via BIOS how it normally works tried an update for the bios hopping that it would add this feature But that wasn't the case I can't understand why Toshiba doesn't allow his customers to modifity this setting I can understand to put such a setting by default but also giving an option for advanced users to modifiy this setting GB RAM are not very much and I Tecra R850 - How can I reduce the shared memory of the graphic card? often need more than that MB more RAM for sys would be really nice And bit OSs are currently not supported in our company So does anyone know a way to reduce the shared memory to e g MB My system specs Windows Pro SP bit Modell TECRA R Serialno B H Partno PT E- E KGR Thanks in advanced for your answers null

A:Tecra R850 - How can I reduce the shared memory of the graphic card?

As far as I know shared memory works automatically and notebook user cannot control it.
It is nothing new and the same principle is on all Toshiba notebooks.

Sorry but there is nothing to do about it.
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Hello guys!
Please help me with this problem.
It was a desktop computer in my office.
While roaming around the BIOS (AWARD), i suddenly uncheked the shared video memory. The system had 128 MBs of RAM. Then booted. ALAS! there was nothing on the screen and instead, i heard one long and two short beeps. I went through the documentation to find out that it was in-built video that went wrong.
What i tried was:
replaced the RAM with 1GB
removed the battery and tried to reset the BIOS
But all in vain.

Please help me with this problem. I have not installed and tried with any external display card. Is there any other way i can get my video back?
Will flashing the BIOS help? I'm scared though.

Thanks in advance.
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Been tracking down an odd glitch in HDTV playback.
the glitch I now remember only started after I plugged in the NIC Intel Pro 1000

I think it has to do with IRQ 16 being shared between those 2 devices.

other than pulling the NIC, how can I force these to use a distinct IRQ?

in the bios, PNP OS is set to no.
If I set to yes, will windows then be able to force a change?

A:IRQ shared between video card and gigabit NIC causing trouble

I dont think you can actually force a device to use a distinct irq per say. If one device is conflicting with the other; i would say go in to the windows settings like you have shown above in the image; and select let windows choose the settings(not sure what it says exactly as i havent been in there in quite some time) But i believe it will have the word automatic in it and if it will let you; choose that setting then reboot when it asks you to. EDIT: Also; You could try completely uninstalling the NIC; rebooting; and letting windows reinstall it and hopefully that will clear things up
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hi i have an HP pavilion dv2000 laptop with a Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family shared video card.
the laptop came with windows vista loaded in it. but i changed it to windows xp pro sp2.
the problem is that i know the size of the memory is 128MB and when i check on bios it says shared video memory up to 128MB. but when i check the graphic card proprietes it shows only 32MB
is there any way i can increase it back to 128MB? knowing that there is no option in my bios that can change it( 100% sure).
here is things that i already tried:
unistalling the driver and installing the newest version
playing around the configuration but no results.
here is some pictures from my pc attached.
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I installed the Nvidia GT got the Blue screen of death after many headaches I took it back and got the Nvidia GT still got vs memory system conflict? Video card memory BSOD I have done a complete hardware diagnostic test on every piece of hardware on the computer and everything checks out good I have Video card memory vs system memory conflict? the latest Video card and mother board drivers installed and keep getting the blue screen of death on random things mostly DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL a theory I have is maybe the Video card memory speed is conflicting with the Video card memory runs faster then the System memory and I ve read that Vista has problems with ram Video card memory vs system memory conflict? that runs at different speeds could that be the issue Just a quick update I just uninstalled the Nvidia HD Audio Driver I have a feeling it was conflicting with the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver We will see Any help or info from you guys will be helpful thanks Here are my system specs System Information Saturday June PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model Name m f Product Number GX AA-ABA Software Build NAv PrA Serial Number XXXXXXXXXX ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer HP-Pavilion Total Number of Logical CPUs Total Physical Memory GB Total Number of Optical Drives Total Number of Hard Drives Total Number Video card memory vs system memory conflict? of Video Cards Total Number of Memory Modules Total Number of DIMM slots ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motherboard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Board Chipset nVidia MCP Base Board Manufacturer ECS Product Nettle BIOS Vendor Phoenix Technologies LTD Release Date BIOS Version String ROM Size kB AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor CPU Specification AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor Size kB Size MB AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor CPU Specification AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor Size kB Size MB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Memory ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Memory Total Physical Memory GB Free Physical Memory GB MB DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Manufacturer Hyundai Electronics Memory Manufacture Date Week Year Memory Part Number HYMP U CP -Y Memory Revision Code MB DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Manufacturer Hyundai Electronics Memory Manufacture Date Week Year Memory Part Number HYMP U CP -Y Memory Revision Code MB DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Size GB Memory Type DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Manufacturer Hyundai Electronics Memory Manufacture Date Week Year Memory Part Number HYMP U CP -Y Memory Revision Code MB DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Size GB Memory Type DDR -SDRAM PC - MHz Memory Manufacturer Hyundai Electronics Memory Manufacture Date Week Year Memory Part Number HYMP U CP -Y Memory Revision Code ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Disk ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hitachi HDT VLA SCSI Disk Device Model Number Hitachi HDT VLA Firmware Revision V O Total Capacity GB Driver c windows system drivers disk sys Driver Version - - Hitachi HDT VLA SCSI Disk Device Model Number Hitachi HDT VLA Firmware Revision V O Total Capacity GB Driver c windows system drivers disk sys Driver Version - - HP - C Drive Letter C Volume Name HP Volume Serial Number -AAC File System NTFS Volume Capacity GB Volume Free Space GB Volume Used Space GB FACTORY IMAGE - D Drive Letter D Volume Name FACTORY IMAGE Volume Serial... Read more

A:Video card memory vs system memory conflict?

Just tried this: this will fix the BSOD issue,I'm sick of getting the BSOD on my system when nothing is wrong with the hardware. I work to hard to keep it running like new, don't want something simple to take it down. but this has been going on for weeks hopefully this will fix.I'll know in the morning.This is also interesting:
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Please I want to change my dedicated video memory but i don't know how please teach me
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Please how can I change my dedicated through software or may be through another way.Please my BIOS is F.34 OLD
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Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

I looked in a shop and they said "a laptop graphic card can not be changed."

Can a laptop graphic card be changed??
(Nvidia geforce go 6150)

Please help
With many thanks,

A:Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

Unless the laptop has onboard graphics, there is no reason why the card can't be changed.

Of course, I am not very knowledgeable with GFX cards, so I can't necessarily tell whether is has onboard graphics or not.
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my problem is that the games in my pc doesnt run properly. even small flash games has a very low frame rate. the display isnt fluid at all.

i own a sony viao with windows vista 64 home premium. here is its display settings

Adaptor = Mobile intel 4 series express chipset family
total graphics memory available = 1759 MB
dedicated video memory = 128 MB
system video memory = 0 MB
shared system memory = 1631 MB

apparently, i cant change the dedicated memory manually from the bios as i used to do in XP. the OS is suppesed to automatically increase video memory as per need. but it doesnt increase enough. i end up with very low picture frame rate even if i have sufficient memory available.

thx u in advance

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I have Pavilion DV7 3021eo running Win7 64bit.I need to increase my dedicated video memory. How do I do that? Tried to find something in BIOS but I can't change much there...

A:change dedicated video memory

Hi, Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the dedicated video memory as this is determined by the physical capacity of the memory chips on the video adapter - you could only possibly increase the ammount of shared memory if this is not already at the maximum allowed, by adding more system ram, however this will not give you any performance benefit. Regards, DP-K
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i have a work laptop with 4g Ram. Its an HP 6530b laptop with Windows 7 professional. 64 MB of dedicated Video Memory.

Normally, in a non Win 7 laptop we can go to the bios and allocate more memory from the RAM.

I went to the bios and it is not the "old" bios where you cn change things.


How can I bump up the 64 mb to 380mb?

Thanks! And help is appreciated.
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Hello My total system RAM is 4 GB I change Share Video Ram from BIOS and set to 512MB VRAM but When I check Video Dedicated Memory from Display Adapter Properties still it showing 128 MB VRAM Didn't change. Thanks
Relevancy 59.77%

I want to change my dedicated video memory because in my laptop total available graphic memory is 762MB, but to dedicated video memory just 64 MB and in shared system memory 698MB. like that, maybe I can change the dedicated video memory until 128MB or anything. I hope anyone to help me to solve this problem. thanks...

A:change dedicated video memory on TOSHIBA L645

I know with a PCI-e card you can't change the dedicated memory because thats whats installed on the card.

With integrated graphics you can dedicate some system memory for use by the Graphics card in the BIOS, if it's there, but this will take from the rest of your system.
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My computer is a bit on the slow side at times.... while on the internet and especially while playing some newer games..... not too too bad but enough to get on my nerves..... i was curious on what i should get to upgrade and make it better.... like what kind of RAM and how much and stuff like that.... i know nothing about this stuff.... my video card is nVidia Geforce 6100 GPU (with available PCI-Express slot.... whatever that means??) my computer specs are eMachines W3118 AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3100+, 1.81 GHz, 256 MB RAM... Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2.... PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks

Relevancy 58.91%

Is it possible to change the video memory size allocation using the HP BIOS Configuration Utility? The only options given are:UMA Video Memory Size Policy*ChangeViewHide I'd like to change it from 64MB to 512MB on 100+ machines without using BIOS Setup/F10.  Thanks, Mark

A:Change video memory size allocation with BCU / HP BIOS Confi...

Any luck finding an answer?  I need to do the samething
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Can anyone help me take the video card out of my old gateway and put it into the HP? Will it work? Thanks!

A:change a video card

Is there a slot where it will fit?
Relevancy 58.91%

Hi all i have a saphire 9800 pro 128mb video card and i was thinking of upgrading it to a x800xt. is it really worth it to change or should i wait for the cost to drop a bit.. is there a huge difference in quality and performance?

A:Should i change my video card

why change the card you have will play about any game you can think of very well
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I am about the change my video card, and I am afraid of any malfunction on the way. Any advise before I start?

A:Video card change

Firstly, ensure that you get a video card that is supported on your motherboard. Remember to uninstall all present graphics drivers before removing the old GPU. Check that your PSU is sufficient to power your new graphics card.

It would be helpful if you tell us what your system specs are and what GPU you are considering to purchase.
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--------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory Memory,Dedicated consistant Memory,Shared not Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NICK-PC Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build Service Pack longhorn rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc System Model G S BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode A person in my thread here http forums worldofwarcraft com thread html topicId amp postId amp sid said That doesn t look right my GTS displays Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Could you have bad videocard memory Or maybe reinstal direct X Click to expand So I m not sure where to start and I Display Memory,Dedicated Memory,Shared Memory not consistant m hoping someone here can point me into the right direction as to what it is I need to do to fix this problem I ve been having with graphical Discrpencies in World of Warcraft I haven t notice any in Call of Duty nbsp

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Is it possible to upgrade the video card for M30?

Also lately noticed that the cooler starts roaring from java =.=' can it be connected to my (now ancient) video card or I just better clean the cooler?

A:Satellite Pro M30 - Can I change the video card?


The video card can?t be upgraded because it?s soldered on the mainboard.
Here is a Toshiba document about upgrading the CPU and GPU:

But why you want to upgrade the video card?
However, you clean your notebook if you use compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators.

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I'm using windows vista ultimate 32 bit and have 4 gigs of RAM

it is using 3/4 of a gig for my video card.

I have an 8800 gts 640 meg card.

it says in dxdiag that it has 1378 megs of RAM

I want to lower that to standard 640 megs, but how?

I want my 4 gigs back.

A:RAM being allocated to video card, How do I change that?

I remember being told by a best buy "geek squad" guy that Windows Vista will always allocate ram to the video wheather you have a video card or not. As with windows XP, the system will not allocate ram to the card. It a Vista thing.
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 Hello !I've recently bought an HP PAVILLION 15-AB112NL and I have a question if,in the future, i want to change my video card with another will it be possible or not?And if the answer is yes, which video cards will be compatible with this pc? This morning,due to a mistake, I posted the same question in desktops section so please remove it from "desktop section"

A:Change notebook video card,is it possible?
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I recently got a game that the video kept crashing going blank I discovered the game required a minimum MB card When I checked for my video card I found that I currently have an nVidia Vanta Vanta LT MB card Help!!! space it card change, Video fit available can't in I then bought an Asylum GeForce Ti- SE MB DDR AGP card I finally got brave enough to change it got the instructions for installing a new card etc I opened the case and discovered that the new card won t fit in the AGP slot because the fan on the card won t fit There is another card in the bay below with a TV cable out hookup This card is attached directly to the motherboard by some wires which to move the card down PCI slot would cut off the wires and the card won t seat all the way Specs Processor GenuineIntel Family Model GHz Stepping Math Support Present BIOS VIAP X - e Award Modular BIOS v PG Bus Type PCI ISA USB Ports Parallel Serial Memory MB Hard Disk GB Video x in K Colors NVIDIA Vanta Vanta LT Ver OS Windows XP There is AGP slot for the video card the PCI slot with the TV ethernet card an empty PCI slot then the PCI slot with the fax modem card After having Help!!! Video card change, can't fit it in space available said all this I hope it s enough how do I go about rearranging the cards to get them all to fit and do I have to reinstall all the drivers when I do Also how do you know which drivers to save in case everything goes south and I have to put it all back I m worried about this because for some reason I don t have very good luck with computers like I have a gremlin or something This pc is VERY touchy and it seems like everytime I try to do something even basic like installing a new program it goes through brain freeze I called tech support where I got this from and because my yr warranty had run out and I didn t extend it they won t even give me the time of day Can anyone help me or should I just make do amp hope for the best amp not get anything that needs video memory nbsp

Relevancy 58.05%

i changed my video card resolution to a setting that is out of range so my monitor wont come on it just sais out of range change timing. so my question is how do i change the timing when i cant see the desktop???


A:how can i change video card timing??

Reboot into safe mode, and then reset your resolution.
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I'm running win98se. When my win98 screen blanker activates and begins scrolling text....the machine locks up...and ignores the 3 finger salute. The video card is on interrupt 11...along with about 6 other things....pci bridge..etc. I have a couple of interrupts not being used. I think 6 is one of them...and one or two more. When I try to change the card to a vacant interrupt...the sytem informs me it can't be changed. Can it?

A:How to change interrupt for video card

If Windows is installed as an "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" or "ACPI Multiprocessor PC" (look under Computer in Device Manager) then you cannot change IRQs. You can change the drivers to "Standard PC" which will allow you to change IRQs, but may cause other problems.

I don't think that is your problem though, IRQ sharing problems almost never occur on ACPI enabled systems.
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any idea where i can find the video card settings, think i need to change them to run a PC games. im running XP

Relevancy 58.05%

So I have an HP Pavilion g - dx Notebook with Windows I'm an avid gamer and wish to play the newest games However there's it to g7-107... of change a pavilion card possible is video the one problem thats keeping me from doing so Alot of the newer games require newer video graphics cards This particular laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD The newest games seem to require ATI Radeon HD and above This is the only thing thats keeping me from playing games like Starcraft II on the highest settings OR in the case of Star Wars The Old Republic it almost keeps me from playing the game period due to the graphics being too much for my current is it possible to change the video card of a pavilion g7-107... card to handle causing massive lag I was hoping I could change the video card Upgrade However i've heard that with most laptops or notebooks you can't upgrade anything other than the RAM I'm hoping anyone on here can help me out and tell me nbsp if it is possible to get a new video card for my laptop We don't have a desktop computer so this laptop is my only hope for a long time to play newer PC games

A:is it possible to change the video card of a pavilion g7-107...

Alright, let me put this in a simpler message: Does anyone know if it is possible to change the video card currently in my laptop, the HP Pavilion g7-1075dx, for a newer and better one. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 to ATI Radeon HD 4850 or higher.
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How to switch the graphics card from integrated to discrete with this HP laptop? I have already put in AMD Catalyst Control Center to high performance, but it didn't help. You help me please.
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guyz can i change my video card for my lappy???

A:Can I change my video card for my lappy???

Typically not. I have seen a few laptops that have a add on card that is the video card and you could change it. But you would have to get it from the OEM.
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hey guys i currently bought a sapphire radeon 9600 256mb AGP not quite satified with the performance and my video (wmv) looks like crap

now i was thinking of buying this

its 128mb but i heard that memory isnt that important for world of warcraft (which is the ONLY game i play)

if that card is no good can u guys suggest a good one?
sorry to say...i cant go over the price you see for the above one

A:want to change my video card...need suggestions

the 9600 should be able to play that game well
post your system specs

but you will need to get atlest a 6600gt to notce much increcs imo

if you can go an extra 7 dollors over dudget get the ati 9800 PRO great card despit its age
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It all started about a few months ago In the middle of playing a game my computer would momentarily freeze then all the textures would be replaced with other textures For example the ground would be pink At first this happened sparingly enough for me not to worry too much about it but over time its gotten worse Now I can hardly get thirty seconds of game play in before a lock-up and a texture scramble I can fix the problem by minimizing and remaximizing It takes a full - card, Video or else? Memory something seconds to fully maximize and sometimes it only fixes the problem for - seconds before it messes up again Like I mentioned earlier the problem has progressively gotten worse sometimes resulting in a permanent freeze just before a blue screen Video card, Memory or something else? At first I thought the issue might be due to my video card over-heating Yesterday I opened up my laptop case to clean it out I removed large chunks of dust from the inside of my video card that might be constricting air flow But after powering the machine back on the problem immediately persisted I ve reinstalled my drivers multiple times it s what windows suggested after each blue screen but to no avail Yesterday in a last ditch effort to remedy the problem I completely reformatted my computer Even now with all the drivers reinstalled properly the problem still exists I feel it s safe at this point to assume the problem is not a software issue Any diagnostics I should run or any ideas anyone has are welcomed At this point I m out of ideas My video card is an Nvidia GeForce M GTX nbsp

A:Video card, Memory or something else?

Sounds to me like a hardware issue, but more info is needed..

It's possible that your video card has faulty memory; your video card has known issues with memory and heat issues.

What is the make/model of your laptop?
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Is 831MB of approximate total memory for your video card a lot? All my games run fine, I just wanted to know if that's a really good amount of memory to have.

A:Video Card Memory

The video adapter is not using 831MB of RAM. A quick search turns up 128MB.
Relevancy 57.62%

Hey guys,

First off here is my basic system info (it was recently rebuilt)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, build 7600
AMD Phenom X6 1090T
Kingston HyperX 8GB (2x4GB)
ATI Radeon HD 5770
2 TB HDD (4x500GB)

Problem is with the video card, my DXDIAG says it only has 753mb memory but it is a 1gb card and this is shown in AMD Overdrive and in Performance, Information and Tools page it says it has 4863mb available graphics memory. I know that it uses more than the 753mb it thinks it has since I run Crysis on High/Ultra but for games like The Witcher 2 that auto detect and find only that much it means I can't play them at the specs I would like to. How can I resolve this so games that auto detect find all of the memory?


Relevancy 57.62%

Hello This than less Video should ? card memory it with is my third post here recently my new video card went bad an dI had to roll back to an older one for a while things were going fine Then I decided i wanted vista so I reformatted and put vista on Then I didn't care for vista so I reformatted and put xp back on I installed all the drivers and Video card with less memory than it should ? updated what I could but i noticed a lot of lag in my online game that wasn't there before After doing some searching I realize that my computer is now reading my display adapters memory as only mb when in fact the memory on it should be I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled them they are from the nvidia website this doesn't seem to fix this and I cant find a solution without a little help so please help - the video card I am currently using is an nvidia GeForce mx with agp Video card with less memory than it should ? x mb but the computer is only reading -

A:Video card with less memory than it should ?

:-9 I am guessing its just bad memory on the card because well, both computers I have only get 32 mb from it... oh well 100 bucks to a 512 mb card from best buy i guess. thanks for the quick replies.
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I am know very little about the specifics of upgrading my system but I want to upgrade the RAM and memory/video card I What get? should GPU I am looking for performance boosts on gaming applications such as HL and TF I don t need a Crisis computer Though that would be nice System Specs OPS Windows Vista Home Premium Manufacturer Acer Manufacturer model AM -U A Processor Intel CORE DUO E Sata hd x separate not raid Power Supply LiteOn PS- - A WPS Memory DDR GB Micron technology PC - MHz V DDR GB Samsung PC - MHz V Graphics card VGA ATI HD Pro This is all stock and yes I know acer is crap But it is what I have so might as well make the best of it Again I am only looking to upgrade RAM and GPU on a semi bargain level less than Thanks in advance Edit What do you think of this RAM and this card never mind these nbsp

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When using my memory card to watch videos in vista, the video is presented in small sections which have to be downloaded before viewing. My laptops OS is XP and when inserting the memory card I can view the video immediatly in its intierity which I much prefer. Is there some way I could do this in Vista?
Relevancy 57.62%

I just installed a 512MB ATI X1650 card. When I run dxdiag and click display, it says the approximate total memory is 766MB. Anybody know why? I'm running Vista if that means anything.

Relevancy 57.62%

we cant get our pc rto boot up and we went to the hp site and it told us to reset the video and memory card..i am not sure where that is if someone could please help me its on a windows 95 hp thanks so much or if you have any other ideas please post them..we just cant get it to boot up thanks again tasha

Relevancy 57.62%

Hi I am very dumb when it comes to computers card video memory and fail to understand anything about them so bear with me I went to play a game yesterday and it told me my computer has insufficient video card memory The game recommends mb of card memory but only detects mb I have been into the setup menu at the startup and cannot find anywhere to increase The computer states in control panel that shared card memory is mb card memory is mb and allocated card memory is mb Is there somewhere i can allocate more of the computers memory into the video card I dont know if this helps but I have a intel R Celeron R CPU email protected I am running windows vista All other games i play on this particular site work so far but none have been as big as this one sorry if i havent supplied you with enough info let me know if you need more Thankyou in advance Mel nbsp

A:video card memory

Its in the BIOS. If it's a PC, then I would suggest getting a video card put in there as shared memory (integrated) video is actually more worse. it will use the physical memory (RAM) thus slowing your computer down.
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I recently looked on system requirements lab to see how well I could run Crysis. I have a 320mb 8800 GTS, however it listed my video card memory as 1.7 gb. Is this some sort of error?

A:Video Card Memory

What are your system specs? Things like computer make and model, motherboard model, amount of system memory, power supply wattage and CPU type and model. All these things willl determine how well your 8800 will perform
Relevancy 57.62%

Hello . I want to ask how much memory i can have cuz i have 2 GB now and i have 1 more slot . And i have Intel G41 express chipset ( it says so on windows xp properties then settings and advanced - adapter 256 MB video card) I am thinking of adding 1 GB I mean change tihs 1 and put one with 1 GB nvidia ge force ? What do you think can i change it ? and how much memory i can have . I mean where to check it

Relevancy 57.62%


This might sound stupid but im not sure how much memory my graphics card has? I ran 'dxdiag' to get its specs:

Name: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Chip type: ATI display adapter (0x68E0)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Approx. Total Memory: 2736 MB
Display mode: 1366 x 768

I wanted to see if my system would run Just Cause 2, but it says it can only run it on minimum specs. which is why i wanted to find out what my video card memory was.

If anyone would be able to help me with this it would be appreciated



Relevancy 57.62%

Okay, I have installed a video card that has 128 mb of onboard memory, so shouldn't i be able to disable (free up) the 128 mb that is currently being allocated to the on board video card. does that make sense?

A:Video Card memory

Yes, but you may have to disable the onboard video, either with a mobo jumper(older sysytem) or in the BIOS. The allocated memory is set in the BIOS as well. Make sure you also set the primary Video to AGP.
Relevancy 57.62%

My current pc information dc nbsp OS Name nbsp nbsp nbsp Microsoft Windows ProSystem Manufacturer nbsp nbsp nbsp Hewlett-PackardSystem Model nbsp nbsp nbsp HP Compaq dc Small Form FactorSystem Type nbsp nbsp nbsp x -based PC nbsp System SKU nbsp nbsp nbsp KK ET UUWProcessor nbsp nbsp nbsp Intel R Core TM Duo CPU nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp E nbsp GHz Mhz Core s Logical is video small to way('s) ? dc [Q] card change possible 5800 Processor s BIOS Version Date nbsp nbsp nbsp Hewlett-Packard F v nbsp BaseBoard Manufacturer nbsp nbsp nbsp Hewlett-PackardBaseBoard Name nbsp nbsp nbsp Base BoardPlatform Role nbsp nbsp nbsp Desktop nbsp nbsp My Video Card Information nbsp Name nbsp nbsp nbsp Intel R Q Express Chipset FamilyAdapter Type nbsp nbsp nbsp Intel R GMA Intel Corporation compatibleAdapter Description nbsp nbsp nbsp Intel R Q Express Chipset FamilyAdapter RAM nbsp nbsp nbsp MB bytes nbsp nbsp nbsp Current Problem Devices nbsp Not Available nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp The drivers for this device are not installed PCI Simple Communications Controller nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp [Q] is possible way('s) to change video card dc 5800 small ? nbsp The drivers for this device are not installed PS Compatible Mouse nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp This device is not present is not working properly or does not have all its drivers installed Standard PS Keyboard nbsp nbsp This device is not present is not working properly or does not have all its drivers installed nbsp Post ScriptInstalled Physical Memory RAM nbsp nbsp nbsp GB nbsp [Q] is possible way('s) to change video card dc 5800 small ? nbsp So can i plug in or change somehow video card with mb vid ram

A:[Q] is possible way('s) to change video card dc 5800 small ?

Hi: For the PCI Simple Communications Controller driver, you need this one... This package contains the Intel Active Client Manager Host Embedded Controller Interface (HECI) device driver for the supported desktop models and operating systems. Newer Video cards that should work in your model are the nVidia geForce GT 610, or the AMD Radeon HD 6450. Otherwise, get a used but tested and working model on eBay or wherever that was offered in the dc5800 when it came out 8 years ago. ATI Radeon HD 3470 (256 SH) PCIe x16 Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 3650 (512MB DH) PCIe x16 Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 256MB DH PCIe x1 Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 256MB SH PCIe x16 Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 256MB DH PCIe x16 Graphics Card Make sure you get low profile cards with low profile brackets or ensure the low profile brackets come in the box with the video card.
Relevancy 57.62%

I bought crysis 2 yesterday, it runs but very laggy. I was wondering if I could change my video card on my laptop so it can run better. All the places Ive checked say it might be on the motherboard, so I would have to purchase a new motherboard with a better graphics card. Unfortunately I just got my laptop 3 months ago and I rather just keep it the same. Please someone help me and tell me if i can replace the video card without changing anything else, I also decided to change my ram to 8 rather than keep my 4.

Cpu - dell inspiron N7110
Processor - Intel Core i5 2410 @ 2.30 ghz

A:dell inspiron 17r 2nd gen video card change?

You can't change/upgrade the video adapter on a laptop.

Unless you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, increasing the RAM from 4GB to 8GB will serve no useful purpose because 32-bit Windows cannot address more than 4GB (3.25GB to be exact). So unless you intend to upgrade your OS to 64-bit, you've just wasted your money on RAM that won't be doing anything.
Relevancy 57.62%

Got fooled by an salesmen who said the r580 had an nvideo card... well it turns out samsung changed model but not the model number...stuck with an intel hd graphics, not bad but i use my laptop for video editing and i can't use all the effects in the program, any help would be helpful Thanks

A:can i change the video card in samsung r580

According to its specifications this laptop has the Geforce 310M Features and Specifications - R580 Notebook | Samsung Office
Your laptop may have a feature called Nvidia Optimus which can switch from Intel HD graphics to the Geforce one
Go to Nvidia control panel and set Preferred graphics processor to "High-performance Nivdia processor"
Relevancy 57.62%

In anticipation of upgrading to vista and Aero I picked up a VisionTek Radeon® X1300 512mg agp card for the 400sc. Does not work. blank screen. Just nothing at all. The card in my machine now is also an ATI card working well. Thought another ATI based product would be OK. Do we know of a work around to use this card?

Thanks, Ron

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I not games are video working with how card, do I change My PC my it? recently rented a pc game and it wouldn t play because my video card wasn t compatible and not good enough Here are the system requirements for the game REQUIRED SYSTEM SPEC Microsoft Windows XP PC with Ghz equivalent or higher processor MB of system RAM MB of system RAM for online play with or more players GB My PC games are not working with my video card, how do I change it? available hard disk space x speed or faster CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive for the Collector s Edition MB GeForce -class video card The game only officially supports cards with ATI Radeon or greater and Nvidia chipsets and the Intel My PC games are not working with my video card, how do I change it? GMA and GMA products The GeForce MX is not supported Sound card with speakers or headphones Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Kbps or better modem for v online play Broadband connection for online play with or more players DirectX c or above Please note that while you will be able to play The Battle for Middle-earth tm II with the specifications above play experience can benefit from additional RAM above the required MB I tried to download the required GeForce -class video card driver or something from http www nvidia com content drivers drivers asp because all the other requirements are met by my computer When I finished and tried to start the game an error message came up saying quot Please make sure you have DirectX or higher installed Also verify that your video card meets the minimum requirements and that you do not have hardware acceleration disabled in the Display control panel quot When I checked under the Display Settings Advanced tab to see what I had I saw that I still have GeForce MX which is not compatible How do I update or get a video card so that I can play my game Can someone please help me nbsp

A:My PC games are not working with my video card, how do I change it?

Do you have DirectX 9?

Go to Start > Run and type:


to find out. If you do, then you need a new card.
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I didn't quite know how to categorize this, but the other day I attempted to put a few videos and photos on to my computer. When I inserted my memory card a message saying that there was something wrong with the memory card and asked if I wanted to computer to scan and fix any problems. I clicked yes and moments later it was fixed, but the memory card was then empty. I then bought a photo recovery program and got everything back. Except all of my videos are now photos. Is there any way that this is fixable? I have Windows 7. If that helps anything? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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I have a winfast leadtek a310 i beleive is based on the NVidia 5600fx chip. I have the option in my bios to enable to card to use system memory.

Will each increase in this number ... ie it is at 128Mb now.... be met with an increase in video card performance?

is there any limit to how much a set aside if I have lots of spare memory?

thanks. alex

A:Video Card Memory Question

if it can use system memory, then it's an integrated graphics chip (I've never seen a graphics card that can use system memory)

And in that case, it's not very powerful anyway. It'd probably hurt system performance if you let it use more than 64 or 128 megs. The limit is usually 256, as far as i know.

And if it's an integrated chip, then it's probably not based off any nVidia platform.
-=of course, all this is based on the assumption that it's an integrated graphics chip. so let me ask you to make sure, is it?

EDIT: After a quick google search, it seems that card is actually an expansion after all.... which confuses me since i've never seen an expansion card that can borrow system memory O_o.
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I own a HP Pavilion a6030n Desktop computer. Used primarily for typical home/school use and part time gaming. I'm looking to upgrade Graphics Card and Memory to make game play a bit more user friendly. Recently, Video Card and Computer crashes due to Card not being compatable with WoW requirements. I tried to lessen the in-game graphics but still come up with video issues (70's ACID FLASHBACK graphics show) and eventual crash. Not looking to buy a new system, just looking to upgrade components for better play. Ideas???????? P.S. stock system other than typical updating of software via windows    

A:Looking to upgrade Memory/Video Card...etc

Lets discuss the existing parameters !   The a6030n base configuration can be found here.  The base requirements for WOW and a means to test your system is here.  First you need to max the motherboard RAM, and with a 32 bit system, the extra 2 GB add will only net you 1.5 GB. So your stuck at 3.5 GB of RAM.  The Legacy BIOS means a non-UEFI card. At present, I was unable to determine the PCIEx16 version of your circa 2006 motherboard.  I would be ill-advised to suggest any PCIE x 16 version 3 card.
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gang I have a problematic MSI radeon How test to card video memory? card and thought it How to test video card memory? would be easy to find a utility How to test video card memory? to simply test the onboard gb of memory - have not had any luck so far Can someone point me to such a test utility this card replaced a nearly identical sapphire card which worked perfectly for years or so firmware wise they should have been the same but the new one causes BSOD s Win quot driver has stopped responding and has recovered quot etc I have stripped the registry of every video driver including the non-implicated Intel onboard video and reinstalled directx etc etc to try to remedy this The behaviour will change but the issue is never solved not related to flashplayer shockwave particular video modes - the hang can occur anywhere at any time doing any thing or nothing at all sometimes its stable for minutes or so then I come back to the office and it has rebooted from a BSOD I can only guess that the card itself has defective memory and when the error is triggered it bails thanks for your help nbsp

A:How to test video card memory?

If I remember rightly Fumark is a well known video tester.
I haven't used it in years.
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I recently bought a Medion High Def camcorder which came with a 2gb card. I particularly wanted a high defintion camera as I have a full High Definition LCD TV. I was, however, disappointed to find that I could only film for about 30 mins (at 1080) before the memory was full. We are travelling overseas later in the year and I would like to know what size card (and how many) I would need to record 2-3hrs of high definition 1080 video.

A:Video storage on memory card

i would use a few cards rather than big card - that way if any do fail , you still have at least some videos recorded on other cards
whats the exact model of the camera - it should have somewhere in the user manual the size of card and how much storage it will hold in various definitions
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I have a homemade system and it refuses to boot I can get as far as OS selection before it will freeze up Everything will keep spinning but it will stop responding to input and the timer will stop Similar results running a memory test from an ubuntu disk However the flashing signs will continue to blink but all progress will stop and it won t take input Even just snooping around bios a minute or so in it will freeze up I or video card +memory problems psu realized that this happened after I changed my graphics card so I switched it back and now can get to windows booting before it restarts but that might be an unrelated error What I want to know is if there is any way to figure out if it s a bad graphics card or the psu isn t powerful enough The new graphics card is an evga geforce gt and recommends a watt psu The psu is one that came with the antec sonata II case and is watts Bonus With the old card which is a Radeon X GT from video card or psu +memory problems Crucial I can get to the windows os selection Normal boots basically just flash the loading bar before restarting Safe boot gets to mup sys video card or psu +memory problems hangs and restarts I don t know if this is the same as the previous error a hard drive error or a memory error At the same time Whenever I insert both of my memory modules the computer turns on gets everything turned on and then just hangs before output or post beeps My D-bracket tells me it s hanging when detecting memory amounts It works with just one in and both past memory tests I tired swapping places different configurations order of insertion I don t know what else to do So I have a lot of problems I don t know if they re all related or I have a bunch of failing components Any help would be greatly appreciated Any other specs required will be posted nbsp

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When a Graphics card requires, say 900 MB, is that only a requirement just to start it up, or does that mean that it will consume 900 MB as it's being used. Basically, if you had only one GB, and this is the case, than would you have only 100 MB available?

A:Video Card Memory Requirement

Usually.what you see as far as graphics memory is concerned,
is how much memory it has built in and not how much system
memory it uses.
Dedicated graphics cards use their own onboard memory.
For instance...
This card has 512MB of built in video memory that it uses
for graphics.
It probably uses 50-100MB of hard drive space to install
drivers and software,but no where near 900MB of system
memory to run it.
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Ok so I have an Intel740 Compatible Graphics Adapter which has an aprox total memory of 8.0MB. I've recently bought a computer game that needs my video card to have at least 32MB of memory. Is there any place that I can download or add more memory to my video card, or will I have to buy a new one? Thanks to anyone that can help (and I'm pretty computer illeterate so don't make fun of me if this doesn't make sence.)

A:Is it possible to increase memory on video card?

Types of Video Memory Supported
The local memory controller on the Intel740 graphics accelerator supports a 64-bit wide memory data interface running at 66 MHz or 100 MHz and memory sizes up to 8 MB. Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) and Synchronous Graphics RAM (SGRAM) are supported.Click to expand...


So, it looks like the answer is no. Don't kill the messenger
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hi everyone.. i installed a couple more fans today to improve airflow in my case.. one intake from the front n exhaust in the back n another one inside to make sure air is circulated..

i also installed these things to cover the unused PCI and RAM slots so they dont get dusty.. n i had to remove my vid card for a minute to stick the cover on for the PCI below the AGP.. neway i turn the PC on n checked temps.. n i noticed my vid cards' memory chips are hotter than before.. usually my GPU n memory chip Temps are close.. like 1C degree apart.. 5 at the most when im playing games.. but even on idle i get this..

one thing that worries me is it gets as hot as my CPU... n it has never done that b4.. hottest it got was like 41C wit BF2.. n that was with 1 exhaust fan >_<
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ok well, the specifications for the ATI Radeon 2600 HD is:

Memory Frame Buffer: 256MB GDDR4, 256MB GDDR3, 256MB DDR2
Memory Interface: 128 bits

so which is the one that tells me how much I have? I really want to play assassins creed, but do you think my graphics card can handle it? Thanks a lot for looking at my thread

A:Do I have 128 or 256 total memory for my video card?

You have 256MB.

What are your others specs for your PC? It should run with that card, though not at max'd out settings.
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Yes I want to or What increase Want way? More best Video FPS. is Memory? Card to increase my FPS to run around - the game I play is WWIIONLINE I currently run around - FPS and game is Want to increase FPS. What is best way? Video Card or More Memory? kind of jumpy I really want to keep the price around Want to increase FPS. What is best way? Video Card or More Memory? - if possible I understand if we go over that budget range Here is all the specs I can give you on my computer Motherboard - Don t know its a Dell Deminsion E Graphic interface - MB PCI ExpressTM NVIDIA GeForce LE TurboCache Memory -Dual-Channel DDR SDRAM MHz I got GB CPU -Intel P with HT at ghz with a FSB CPU Speed -look above Power Supply Make Model - Watt DC Power Supply Watt output Amperage-not sure about this one Like I said its a Dell E I am not a quot HARDCORE quot gamer I just want a nice FPS rate If can get around - Avg FPS that would be awesome If you need anymore info just ask and I will try and get whatever you need Thanks nbsp

A:Want to increase FPS. What is best way? Video Card or More Memory?

Lots of memory, and a very good graphics card, with a power supply that can handle the graphics card. The more you spend, the better it will work... The more you read up on video graphics card, the less you will spend.