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Here s the scoop A friend of mine was running XP sp and his system started getting very slow and would not run properly I ran malwarebytes and found File recovery several errors and corrected System still wouldn t function right Spent several File recovery hours trying various things with no luck Decided to offload his files and reinstall xp We managed to get his documents offloaded but didn t have enough media for his photos I removed hard drive and used my hardware connection package to hook it up to a usb port on my system The drive did show up and I started to copy his photos Get ready here it comes he has g of photos from years worth of saving on system without backing them up My system has enough space to copy but about g into copy my system started to give File recovery all kinds of errors that my avg WD elements etc weren t working I canceled the copy and deleted the photos from my system did a safe remove of the drive ran a restore from a previous restore point for my system All is well in the land of joeretired Now here s where the problem comes in When I reconnected the drive it no longer shows up with a letter assigned to it so I can access the drive I checked quot My Computer quot and it s not there Checked Device Manager and it shows as a usb mass storage device and properties says it s working properly Device Management doesn t even see it The questions are why can t I see it anymore how do I get it back to copy the phots Just for info s sake I m going to copy them to flash drives so my friend will have them backed up and be able to view them when he wants Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated and if we meet I ll buy you a beer nbsp

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Preferred Solution: File recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File recovery

Thanks Rick I will try what you suggested. If it is what you suspect I'll let him know. I was looking around and found a program from CGSecurity called "TESTDISK". Due you think it might be worth a shot running this?
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I recently was forced to run the Media Center ver 2005, recovery disk, it was successfully. I can access the Recover folder but can't access the Doc/Settngs folder within the recovery folder ... all other folders are accessible ??? Am I just SOL or is there a way to access this folder ??
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So I ll try to give an exact account of what has happened GB of ISO files in a folder on my desktop I drag and drop the folder into an opened folder window this folder is futher in my C New folder is created and a message says some files is in use and stops immediately Close program delete partial folder created Message says files too large for recycle bin do you want to perm delete them Yes Drag and drop folder again nothings there when I open it The whole process took no time at all Never once did I see a status bar even blink on the screen No waiting time whatsoever Here s the fun part My drive In Program Recovery Showing Not Files Recovery: Up File properites shows a GB decrease in size and no iso files show up in a search I tired one file recovery freeware program and only of the iso s even showed up All were quot over written quot and not recoverable Restarted the computer Ran File Recovery: Files Not Showing Up In Recovery Program it again now no iso s show up I had a pretty knowledgeable programer help me through the above steps and they tried several options I can not describe because they involved command prompt and other things I m clueless about Unfortunately Windows is not their hot subject so suggestions are more than welcome Any ideas as to where the heck the files went Is it worth it to try other recovery programs or will that just increase my chance of actually writing over the iso s Vista Home Edition Maxtor DiamondMax HD ASUS A N-SLI MB Thanks a bunch I would greatly appreciate having the second half of my hard drive back nbsp

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Hiya I managed to lose one of my HDD s with all my multimedia on it and have been trying unsuccessfully Pc Data File Recovery Inspector Recovery With to regain it with PCINSPECTOR The Data Recovery With Pc Inspector File Recovery HDD ISNT where my windows is installed and has become corrupted something happened with the partition and it went kablooey The problem i seem to be having with PCINSPECTOR is that it comes up with for example quot Cluster MP quot and it doesn t work Is it something wrong with how im using PCI or something like that I scan for drives Choose quot NONAME on FIXED DISK quot scan for logical drives and withing the first ten seconds it comes up with two partitions Choosing the second one i get these files and the first one nothing Scanning them for FAT So basically am i using quot PCI FR quot properly am i doing something wrong and or is there a cheap better alternative with results Patch Sorry guys bt i managed to fix this with the use of a different program Awesome program I m gonna plug it now quot R Studio quot well worth the investment My Multimedia was worth the odd
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Boot sector of hard drive went bad. Putting new drive in. Does anyone know how one can use the old drive as a "slave" drive in an attempt to recover files from the bad drive? Does anyone make a HD cable or adapter for laptop computer hard drive?

A:Compaq N600C laptop hard drive file cale for file recovery

Hi Al

If the laptop uses a standard IDE laptop connector you can buy an adaptor like this to hook the laptop hard drive up to a standard PC IDE port.
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I'm trying to recover an entire terabyte, and I don't want a recovery software which will scrap filenames and file structures, leaving an unintelligible mess to wade through. Is there a software which will preserve file names and structures, and possibly allow me to restore only particular directories?

A:Is there a file recovery software which preserves file names and directory structure?

have a look at this one
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I'm trying to recover an entire terabyte, and I don't want a recovery software which will scrap filenames and file structures, leaving an unintelligible mess to wade through. Is there a software which will preserve file names and structures, and possibly allow me to restore only particular directories?

A:Is there a file recovery software which preserves file names and directory structure?

Hmm; Normally any backup software would do this for you.

If you had a secondary copy (say other media to which you did a copy), then this would be a snap.

It sounds as if you only have the original media and you need to recover "whatever is possible".
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Can it be done?

Some video files I have are not supported in WMP, or in WMM. I have a 3rd party media player that plays them, but it has limited editing capabilities.

If I pull the vid files through a file recovery utility, set to recover video files, in MPEG-2 format perhaps, will they recover into a format that's supported in Windows applications? Would there be quality loss of the vids in changing the format?

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I performed a system recovery some months ago I was under the impression I would be able to read my MSWord files after the recovery I found I have a D Recovery partition with all the old files listed but they are unreadable Can anyone suggest a way to recover the MSWord documents My system stats are XP Recovery System after Recovery File as follows OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name JB System Manufacturer GATEWA System Model GT E System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz Processor x Family File Recovery after XP System Recovery Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date Intel Corp MQ J A File Recovery after XP System Recovery SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name JB Owner Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys I appreciate your time and efforts File Recovery after XP System Recovery to help me solve this problem rainyman

A:File Recovery after XP System Recovery

what kind of error message do you get when you try to open them?
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Ok, I don't know how I did it but I got both Windows 7 File Recovery and Windows 8 File History active at the same time. I upgraded from Win 7 to 8 Pro and transferred settings so win 7 file recovery was already active, when I tried to turn on win 8 file recovery I got a message saying I cant because win 7 FR was active. So I deactivated win 7 FR then activated win 8 FR, for giggles I went back and turned on win 7 FR and it worked. Now I have both active, from what I have read this was not possible. Did I break my OS or am I just lucky? thoughts?

A:Windows 7 File Recovery and File History Both Active

Hello Kybreos,

To be specific, you cannot have the Windows 7 File Recovery (Windows Backup) "schedule" turned on and be able to use File History.

You will be able to manually create backups and still use File History at the same time.

Hope this helps,
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on windows live messenger dus anybody know how to recover a file lost from a file sharing folder ????????

A:File Sharing Folder file recovery

From the help file:
"If your contact deletes a shared file, your local copy will be permanently deleted. However, if you delete a shared file, you can still recover it from the recycle bin. If you want to keep a file, copy it to a nonsharing folder."

So if you deleted it, it should be in the recycle bin as long as it hasn't been emptied. If the person who sent you the file deleted it, they should have it in their recycle bin.

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I am currently using ubuntu 14 I installed it to dual boot with windows 8.1 but something went wrong on install and I deleted / corrupted my Windows 8.1 install before I made a recovery disk.

Asus say that they cannot send a recovery disk because they only have them available for Windows 8 not 8.1.

I did however, save the recovery partitions (x2) on looks like a boot partition the other has a install.wim file. Is it possible to create a bootable ISO file with these recovery files so I can boot into Windows and make a fresh install.

Any help or advice appreciated.

A:Create ISO file from recovery install.wim file

Probably. Depends exactly what you have aside from the install.wim. I expect your install.wim will be for 8.0 if it came with the machine.

Might be easier to d\l the correct edition of 8.1 using the download tool they provide:

Creating installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help
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I am about to uninstall everything on my XP system reinstall. I plan to use the File Transfer Wizard to hold and restore my user files. Will the File Transfer Wizard automatically include the .pst file from Outlook or will I need to do a separate copy of that file?
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Recently (Dec 27) i downloaded a file recovery program to help recover some lost photos, the program was by ParetoLogic and i later uninstalled it because i found the pictures actually on my computer. However, now that i've uninstalled it an error message keeps popping up once a day that reads: "Error loading: C:\Program Files\Common Files\ParetoLogic\UUS2\UUS.dll The specific module could not be found" and i don't know what to do to make it stop. Help would be greatly appreciated

A:ParetoLogic file recovery file not found

Wow I know it's old ,but I was looking for something and I saw this, If it still exists it can be fixed.
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Hi There My housemate s laptop has a virus and they asked me to help fix it By the looks of it they have the quot Data Recovery Virus quot on their laptop Ran various virus scans and removed about malicious files but still no joy Upon startup several boxes pop up stating quot Failed to save all the components for the file System c The file is corrupted or unreadable quot Each box has a different sys file including em and em d I ve ran spybot and SUPERAntiSpyware both removed a whole load file for \System32\(several file components Data is corrupte... the recovery - The system32 virus Failed save files). to of crap on the Data recovery virus - Failed to save components for the file \System32\(several system32 files). The file is corrupte... laptop but not the damn virus im after Also ran Security Check Results of screen s Security Check version Windows x UAC is enabled Internet Explorer Out of date Antivirus Firewall Check Windows Firewall Enabled Norton WMI entry may not exist for antivirus attempting automatic update Anti-malware Other Utilities Check MVPS Hosts File Spybot - Search amp Destroy Java Update Out of date Java installed Adobe Flash Player Flash Player Out of Date Mozilla Firefox x en-GB Process Check objlist exe by Laurent Norton ccSvcHst exe End of Data recovery virus - Failed to save components for the file \System32\(several system32 files). The file is corrupte... Log Running a comprehensive virus scan again atm will post SAS results when its done Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

A:Data recovery virus - Failed to save components for the file \System32\(several system32 files). The file is corrupte...

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 10/27/2011 at 04:10 PM

Application Version : 5.0.1134

Core Rules Database Version : 7856

Trace Rules Database Version: 5668

Scan type : Complete Scan

Total Scan Time : 01:16:31

Operating System Information

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (Build 6.01.7600)

UAC Off - Administrator

Memory items scanned : 306

Memory threats detected : 0

Registry items scanned : 71337

Registry threats detected : 0

File items scanned : 225087

File threats detected : 18










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I deleted many folders that I did not want to delete. I tried using Recuva and see many files that I want to recovery.
I do not want to recover and organize all the files in the folders manually. Is there a way to recover the files so that the folders/file hierarchy is kept?
Will Recuva do that or is there a better recovery software to do that?
Additional Information: I am on Windows 8. I was moving files to my Google drive. I thought that I selected one file, but my entire desktop started to copy into my drive folder. I tried to stop this action. When I did stop this action, all of my desktop folders were gone. I checked my trash folder. The folder/files were not there. I checked in my drive folder. The folder/files were not there.

A:File Recovery that keeps file hierarchy ...

Try using the System Restore, choose a restore point prior to the removal of the files.
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Hi, I have created a excel file few months ago to prepare my tour planning. But now when i tried to open it, it cannot be opened with the error "Tour Plan.xls : File format is not valid".

I had online search for solutions but it does not work. I really do hope someone proffesional can help me to recover the excel file. Attached is the zip file consists of the excel file.

Thanks and appreciate your friendly help a lot.

A:Need help on excel file recovery - "Tour Plan.xls : File format is not valid".

I tried to repair the file but it did not work. In my experience only a very small percentage of corrupt files can be recovered.

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Hi Guys I thought that I would try backing up my operating system s using the Windows File Recovery option available & Recovery - Windows - 8 File Backup Windows Recovery 7 in the control panel The top left-hand corner of the Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery Windows File Recovery page provides the option to quot Create a System Image quot I have had no Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery problems performing this action in fact I have completed the process twice - Once with Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery my desktop and once with my laptop The process takes about minutes creating a folder called quot WindowsImageBackup quot on my external hard drive Different drives for laptop amp desktop What concerns me a little is that there is no way of verifying the backup More alarming is when I checked the Properties of this folder Both desktop amp Laptop I find the details incomprehensible bytes KB Bytes File Folders Looking at my C drives Operating System my laptop is GBs my Desktop GBs It looks as if the details size of the backup are hidden - I tried copying one of these folders onto a Flash Drive and received a message advising the Flash drive was not large enough All this does not give me too much confidence in the backup So what is going on

A:Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery

Mine says the same thing. If you doubleclick on the WindowsImageBackup folder it will give you the message that you don't have permission - just click to continue. Drill down a couple more levels and you will see all of the catalog/backup files and it will list the sizes of each. I've never had one fail in Win7 and Win8 when restoring an image backup.

I basically have two images for each computer (one with clean install and all apps installed and configured and one that is current.) Worst case scenario would be having to go back to the first one but at least I wouldn't have to reinstall all of my apps.
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Hi Guys I thought that I would try backing up my operating system s using the Windows File Recovery option available in the control panel The top left-hand corner of the Windows File Recovery page provides the option to quot Create a System Image quot I have had no problems performing this action in fact I have completed the process twice - Once with my desktop and once with my laptop - Windows 7 Recovery Windows Backup Recovery File - 8 & The process takes about minutes creating a folder called quot WindowsImageBackup quot on my external hard drive Different drives for laptop amp desktop What concerns me a little is that there is no way of verifying the backup More alarming is when I checked the Properties of this folder Both desktop amp Laptop I find Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery the details incomprehensible bytes KB Bytes File Folders Looking at my C drives Operating System my laptop is GBs my Desktop GBs It looks as if the details size of the backup are hidden - I tried copying one of these folders onto a Flash Drive and received a message advising the Flash drive was not large enough All this does not give me too much confidence in the backup So what is going on

A:Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery

Mine says the same thing. If you doubleclick on the WindowsImageBackup folder it will give you the message that you don't have permission - just click to continue. Drill down a couple more levels and you will see all of the catalog/backup files and it will list the sizes of each. I've never had one fail in Win7 and Win8 when restoring an image backup.

I basically have two images for each computer (one with clean install and all apps installed and configured and one that is current.) Worst case scenario would be having to go back to the first one but at least I wouldn't have to reinstall all of my apps.
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ok, here's the situation...
we just got DSL and we didn't put a firewall up the minute we got it so we got viruses and stuff... under the username for windows "Owner"
so we deleted "owner" and made a new username called "Family" and put a password on it and it got really messed up.
so we deleted "Family" and made another usernname called "Us" with a password...
we went to go fix a file in our documents, and they were all gone!!!
we tried to open the "owner" files in the Documents and Programs file under C and it said we couldn't open it.

we need the files from in there. we tried to use "Search and Rscover 2" and it didn't work...
please help.

A:File Recovery HELP!!!

Did it give you an access denied message?

You could try going in using safe mode or try rolling your system back to an earlier day using system restore.
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Hi guys,
Can anyone recommend a good file recovery program. Paid or free ?
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hello all after turning on my PC I immediately got a error that would not let me go any further something about a faulty keyboard which of course was not the problem could not do a thing so did the system restore from the recovery console the recovery file was already installed on the emachines T computer XP service pack I guess it reloaded windows XP to file recovery another partition called recovery disc D when I go to quot my computer quot I can see the local disc C area with usage of GB of the original GB so I m assuming that all my music and jpeg pictures and PDFs are still there but I cannot see them also all my progarms like printers photo software etc are there but I can t access them in a way to open them up Mainly i want my music and photos What do I need to do and how do I get back on the original c disc area to use the computer with everything I had installed like I used to I m wondering if the last windows update I let install was bogus as they are not supporting XP any longer thanks for your help nbsp

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Hi guys, what would be a good Data recovery Software outhere?
i deleted a lot of important pictures by accident !

any ideas


A:File Recovery

Recover lost or deleted files from the hard disk using PC Inspector
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Any ideas about the best software to use to recover files from a re-formatted HD FAT32? Machine was running Win 98SE and upgraded to 2K Pro. Want to recover WAB. Thanks in advance.

A:File Recovery

There would appear to be a demo version of a particular program here :

Alternatively try this general Free / Shareware site :

Cannot recommend any specific progs. merely used Google.

You could also perhaps run

And use it to look for reviews on any software that interests you to see how easy / effective others found it.
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How or can you recover files that were accidentally deleted? We did not find out they were deleted until recently and I believe they were deleted a month or so ago. The OS is Windows XP Home.


A:File Recovery

Try some of the links provided here.
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while backingup videos to dvd from the harddrive in my Painasonic DMR-EH50 dvd recorder, I accidentally formatted the harddrive rather than a new dvd. In hopes of restoring the files, I've removed the drive (maxtor diamondmax 10 100GB) and slaved it into a pc. It was originally jumped as cable select (CS) as well as a jumper across j42 and j44. In order for the bios to recognize the drive I had to remove the j42/j44 jumper, otherwise i received a hardrive failed warning. Windows does not see the drive, however, a couple of file restore programs that I've tried will see it as a 93.4GB logical drive. Even fewer programs will scan the drive and show any files (.mpg) present. However, any program that does show any files locks up and shuts down during the scan. Any ideas?

A:file recovery

The drive is being properly detected. The difference between the advertised size and the detected size is due to the cheating the manufacturers do in advertising.

So far, you've done it correctly by connecting it to another system. I use a program called Easy Recovery Pro. Which programs have you tried so far?

You might also use a testing utility available from the manufacturer to be sure the drive is good. Just don't do any test that would destroy the data.
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Ok, somehow I managed to delete a folder on my data drive, which had photos,videos, coursework etc. on, god knows how i did it, but yer now tryin to recover them, but having no success, i did download a file recovery thing, which did recover them but they wont open as i think they must be broken somehow or something.

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated :D Please + Many Thanks!

Would love to have all the files back and working fine


A:File Recovery. HELP!!

hi,,,, try this free recovery program,,,,, its by piriform,, the well known software maker of auto runs (another very good program) luck.
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I just installed my copy of vista, I couldn't do an update, because when it restarted for the first time, it gave me an error, and shut down. So I did a clean install, running fine now, but I lost all of my files that I was intending on keeping with the update. I know, I know. I should've backed my data up, but I didnt anticipate a problem. Anyway, A while back there was a piece of software I saw on here that could recover some files from up to I believe it was 3 previous formattings. There are some pictures that I would like to recover, and if at all possible, some of my music. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:File Recovery

A clean install essentially wipes a hard drive clean with a format. I don't know if it is possible to retrieve lost data like that. Once a drive is formatted and the previous data overwritten on the disk, the data is nearly unrecoverable. I know of some law enforcement departments that have drive recovery software that can find bits and pieces of data, I'm not sure if it is available for the consumer market.
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Because I am not doing so well with a RAID device, in the past I mirrored a hard drive with another. I had to break the RAID, and left it that way for a while. Today I tried to rebuild the RAID, and accidently got the old HDD to mirror over the HDD that was in use out of the RAID. There were a couple of music and picture files in that which is lost.

What advice is there to recover the files in this case? What are the chances of getting files back? So far I am trying NTFS file recovery, trying not to install it on the computer.

A:File recovery

Hi Jay,

Backup, backup, backup! Accidents do happen, and this one is not pretty. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, or so it is said.

I would search for: RAID +file recovery tools

There are hits that once you explore the promises, you might find a solution that fits your situation.

Good luck!

-- Tom
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Wonder if anyone has any advice, my PC failed today, it turned itself off and refused to start, it wouldnt recognise the operating system. I was advised to reload using the recovery disc, it now works fine. My question is, is it possible to recover any of the lost files, photos, music etc. Any advice would be gratefully received.



A:File Recovery

Possibly, yes. But probably no.

It depends upon several factors, such as the reason for the failure in the first place. The next factor is how you installed the Operating System. Did you reformat? If so, it just got tougher to recover the data.

And finally, by reinstalling the Operating System you overwrote some of the data, making recovery very difficult. And if you installed other programs, even more difficult.
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I have an AVI file saved on CD.

Because I wrote on the non data side with permanent marker 3 years ago, hairline marks have appeared on the data side where the writing is.

Obviously there are some corrupt sectors. I have tried ISO Buster, but the file it produces is not readable with Pinnacle Studio. Although Power DVD will play some of it ?

Is there a method to recover this file so I can read it again with Pinnacle Studio ?


A:AVI file recovery ???

Short of buying a program that specifically tries to recover data from CD's by slow reading and re-reading of the sectors, about all you can do is to copy the file to your desktop using the slowest read speed that you can (if even copiable) and then run DivFix on it. Or, you could try running DivFix and having it save the repaired copy to the desktop.

Waht kind of file did you make with ISO Buster? Why does it need to be read by Pinnacle Studio? (Not sure what you were trying to do here.) ISO Buster (full version) CDCheck, CDRoller, or any of many recovery programs should be able to extract any readable data from the CD and then produce an avi file. But the index will no doubt be damaged and DivFix will remove the old and rebuild it.
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Hi everyone,

My mother deleted very important files from her flash drive he other night. Files include word files and pictures. I told her I would look into the various file recovery programs out there, and low and behond their are more than I expected (of course).

To the chase: I need to know if anyone has ever used a program called "File Recover"?

I need to know if it works.

If not I need more suggestions, or helpfull tips on recovering the data.

She has winXP and NTFS file system.



I've never used that one. But I highly recommend Recuva.
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I'm fairly thrifty with computers and technology, so now my great aunt who happens to be a nurse had her grandson - my cousin - delete some files that she needed for work, I immediately told her to stop using the machine so that the files arn't written over by something else, and it was deleted through windows so I know for a fact it's easily recoverable, but I need a program or utilite that is free..any suggestions? She is bringing the computer from her house which is like 1 1/2 hours away, so I don't really want to send her home without her files, so some fast help would be great.

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Having endured a failure installing Vista's SP1, and then yet another while attempting to simply restore the system back in safe mode to pre-patch conditions, it is now left unbootable. At this point, I'm resigned to saving some important files, before reformatting altogether.

To do this, I'm planning on removing the C drive from this system (running Vista HP), connecting it as a slave to another system (running WinXP) to access the folders and make copies.

I would then replace the C drive back into its original machine, and reformat, using the backup disc which I believe is located on it's D drive.

Should I anticipate any problems with this?

A:File Recovery

Yes. You need to check first that the type of drive you are trying to recover is actually supported in XP. An XP system, if old enough, could be ATA drives only. Even if it has SATA connectors onboard, it may never have used them, and lack the necessary drivers.

Secondly, you expect to recover from a D: drive, which I assume is a second partition on the original HDD. This needs checking as to what it's format is. Is it a drive image, or a recovery image, or a plain old backup of data or what? Be sure you can actually recover what you need from it, and hope the original failure is not down to a HDD failure which would make the whole HDD inaccessible.

An alternative to mounting in an XP enclosure would be to burn any small Linux stand-alone download (Ubuntu is good) to a CD drive, and to boot from that CD in your current PC, without any need to remove the HDD at all. Doing that would enable you to check the D: drive you mention, and also recover what you can from the HDD to any plug-in USB media
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I used to dual boot WinXP and Win7 i formatted the win7 drive getting ready to reinstal and lost all my files on the WinXP partition.

Ive lost a lot of valued holiday photos could anyone recommend software to recover these photos.
Thanks in anticipation haddo

A:file recovery

Hiya HADDO,try this, this,
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I have a laptop which crashed a few months ago and I need to get some files from my hard drive. I tried putting it in a new laptop but there was a boot error. Then I connected my hard drive to my computer and tried to get the files off but some of the files are corrupt. I tried everything I could think of. Anyone know how I can get the files off my computer?

A:File recovery

If it crashed and the files are as you say corrupt you may be out of luck unless you want to pay for those expensive disk recovery services.

If you boot the laptop to dos mode copy the file to a floppy and try to open it on your desktop PC does it open? Assuming the files fit on a floppy that is.
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I have followed the directions from your and others, when I boot back in normal windows there it is again.
Please Help.

A:File Recovery


In order for me to help you I need some more information. Please follow the steps in this guide: specifically steps 7-9 (though do not start a new topic, please reply here instead).

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Hi, I was trying to lock a file of mine using Folder Lock program which uses the file extension flk to lock folders. However I deleted the flk file that already contains some files of mine in it, so I couldnt find my files after deleting the flk file...

can you please direct me to the way to get my files or at least the flk file back.. thanks..

Note: I tried to use file recovery to find the pictures that was in my files but no results so I thought I should first get the flk file and then the files inside it..​

A:flk file recovery

Cant anyone of the people here help please, its really important for me.
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This is the screen that I get Recovery Your PC/ Device needs to be repaired   The operating system couldn't be loaded  because a required file is missing or contains errors. File: clipsp.sysError Code : 0xc000000d You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB Drive), contact your PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer.
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Few days back I have lost my some important word file from my hard drive.The file contains my important data. Anybody knows good file recovery software that recover my lost data.

A:File recovery help

Recovery Software

Try this one:
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
E:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

Here are a lot free ones to choose from
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Hi I feel very embarrassed and angry with myself I have recently bought a new MSI lady so I negletted the HP one a bit and now I am surely paying the price File Recovery What I thought was a backup of Gb of data I need to transfer to the File Recovery new laptop turned out to be an empty folder This was not created by the WD software as it claimed it does Now I have lost Gb of data some of which I will just never see again if there's no way to recover those files I need and application to recover my deleted files and folders that includes almost any extension one can think of Now I have tried RecoverMyFiles but for some reason it does the scan and I can actually see the lost or deleted files and folders but it never actually ends the scanning process and the only option left is to cancel scanning It does however let me save the files it did found and I can see the files being saved but the same thing it never ends the whole saving process Now I am saving the files to an external drive as it suggests that the recovered files not to be saved to the same volume it is recovered from just for interest sake Please can you recommend some application you know works for certain to recover lost data even from a format I'll use anything as long as I am sure it DOES work effectively Thanks

A:File Recovery

Have you tried "Recuva" - it is a free program from Piriform - the same people who write Ccleaner. I have used "Recuva" several times to recover all types of file with no problems. Here is link - Piriform's recuva
It says it will recover files after a format but I have not tried it so not sure if it will work after a format.
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Not sure if I am in the right place or not, but here goes.

I recently deleted a spreadsheet while cleaning out some old files, by mistake. Fortunately I had printed it out once before and was able to recreate the majority of the info that I had on it. I downloaded a demo version of a utility that found the deleted file, but being a demo, wouldn't recover it for me. I have the path (c:\recycled\*C8). I am not in great need of it now, but am curious if there is a way to dig down and get this file or any other for that matter, with out buying special software? Explorer only shows the recycle bin, but nothing in it. I tried from a dos prompt, but didn't find anything either. I also did a search on *C8 and came up empty.

Just curious. Thanks a lot,


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I have windows Vista and the other day i was on my computer and deleted itunes and quicktime from my computer and right after i did a disk cleanup and i do not know what happened but all of my files on my hardrive got formated. Can someone please tell me how can i get my 20 GB of music back into my computer if possible? Thanks in advace!

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I know maybe is not the right forum.

But I need your help I recently lost my drive and had to reformat it.

Then I used a software to recover some important files.

Now when I try to open 7z archive that I really need it says it corrupted.

Can someone help ? or maybe some software I can use to repair it.

Thank you in advance,

A:7z file recovery

Quote: Originally Posted by Reverence


I know maybe is not the right forum.

But I need your help I recently lost my drive and had to reformat it.

Then I used a software to recover some important files.

Now when I try to open 7z archive that I really need it says it corrupted.

Can someone help ? or maybe some software I can use to repair it.

Thank you in advance,

Welcome to the forums.

What software did you use to recover the files?

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

might help you.

Regards....Mike Connor
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Running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit which was inadvertently installed over a Windows XP Pro program. I need to know if anyone knows of a program that will remove the win 7 applications so that I can recover the XP files and settings. Any suggestions will be appreciated.....Thanks...rocknroller

A:File recovery

If the Windows 7 installation formatted the hard drive I'm not sure if any of the usually recommended file recovery software will work. A formatted drive may require the services of a professional file recovery lab and cost big money.

16 Free File Recovery Software Programs (Free Undelete Software)
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Hi all,

So here's a conundrum: my girlfriend is working on a slideshow for her sister's wedding and suddenly her computer froze up. When she got things under control again, she couldn't access the file, and got an "unsupported file format detected" message. She's using an old version of Corel Presentations. Any thoughts on how to recover the last six hours or so of work? Thanks in advance.

A:file recovery

She could try unin/re-installing coral and see if that works.
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My Pc crashed and I had to reinstall Vista. I would like to try and recover some Word documents and pictures from the drive.
Does anyone have a suggestion on a good data recovery program that I can use? Thanks

A:File Recovery Help

There is an excellent recovery progam available called "getdataback". I used it to recover data off of a disk that had lost it partition table and recovered everthing on the disk.
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I have windows vista home premium operating system. I deleted some files from usb drive(F: DRIVE). I emptied from recycle bin also. using [email protected], i run the scan and find out the files I deleted. could you please let me know how to restore those files to usb drive or in to system. Please suggest free file recovery software.

A:file recovery

Hi and welcome to TSF please try recuva and see if you can recover the files from the usb device
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I have three questions really....

Is there anyway to restore a file to it's original state, say picture files I tried to edit before I printed, way after the fact and if you don't remember what programs you used to edit?

Also, any reccommendations for good file recovery or undelete programs that don't cost anything to actually restore the files avaiable for restoration?

I have reason to believe someone has hiddens some files from me. They don't even show up when I allow hidden files to be shown. How would I go about finding the old file. I don't remember the filename, it was just in my documents. But it could be anywhere now...with a different extension and name.

please help, suggest, or direct me in the right direction.

i hope this is the right forum. i have XP.

A:file recovery

Do you have admin rights?
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Hello guys...

I have a computer that has the file recovery virus...I found the guide here and followed it but when I try to update Malwarebytes it doesnt let me.....the guide said to post something if this happened so here I am....

Its running windows XP

A:File Recovery

Boot into safemode with networkingDownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Do not change the default options on scan resultsDownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results hereDownloadESET online scannerInstall itClick on START,it should download the virus definitionsWhen scan gets completed,click on LIST of found threatsExport the list to desktop,copy the contents of the text file in your reply
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can I recover files from the hard drive on my dead computer without repairing it---thanks chuck

A:file recovery

Sure. Just either slave the drive to another or install it as a second hd on another system.
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Thanks ahead of time for any and all help provided Just yesterday my mom had a Total Security download on her computer Against her wishes of course She did a System Restore with My Backup which was an option for her Well the backup only way worked A few of my pictures and music files made it onto the new restored computer However 's of family photos music files and much more are completely lost We would like to know how to get these File Recovery Help!!! files back I would use a recovery program I am afraid Help!!! File Recovery that the virus quot Total Security quot will reappear onto her computer Is there any way I can go into Safe Mode and pick these files up All of the missing files are in folders if this helps If you know how to do this can you send me a set by step inxstructional page on here So I can print it out on my computer and get my mom's files back Thanks so much to all those who help or try to help

A:Help!!! File Recovery

First you have to clean up the virus. Once done, then right click the Start Button and choose Explore. Under Documents and Settings, there should be different users, Open up the users Documents/My Pictures folder and browse these folders for the lost pictures. You can also do a Search for any files if you know the name of one.
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Yesterday my computer was reformatted *I'd prefer not to explain why * I've used Piriform's Recuva to uncover almost about 60 gigs of the files that were lost. However, I'm unable to open any of the files.

The files (ranging from word documents, excel files, image files, videos, etc) are in a folder, and are acknowledge as taking up space in my hard drive. They even have the previous modified times and so forth.

When I attempt to open up any file, the file does not open, even on a different computer. For example, when I open image files, an image comes up with a red "X" and it says that it's not the proper format.

I don't know what to do. I'm mostly concerned with all the pictures that were lost.

I'm currently running Windows XP with Service Pack 3.


A:File recovery

Have you determined whether the files do, in fact, have the proper extensions. i.e. *.jpg, *.doc, etc?

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Well I was trying to install Windows on my secondary harddrive and the installation failed Now it seems all the files on the end of the harddrive are either missing or damaged I have harddrive - gb that I have been using to boot up Vista amp Ubuntu The nd hard drive - gb had paritions A gb at the front and the reamining at the end I decided I wanted File Recovery to install File Recovery XP on the GB the installation failed and I gave up on it I get back into windows and its showing the harddrive as only gb File Recovery and gb free I probably only had gigs of stuff on that and it seems that is the amount that is missing When I browse the HDD on linux it is only showing Windows install files I know i did not select that partition when I installed but it seems windows did put stuff on it Has this happened to anyone Any suggestions on recovery The files are not extremely important enough that I m going to pay a heck of a lot of money to get back but they are really wanted and would make my life a lot easier to get back Thanks in advance Jason nbsp
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I had a Dell PC that has Windows File recovery Service Pack installed on File recovery it But it failed to start up recently because I deleted important system File recovery files by mistake when I was cleaning virus manually Then I tried to repair using recovery console but it didn t work Later on I was trying to repair it using Windows CD In the middle of repairing it asks for a file called ialmudlg exe I downloaded that file gave it to the installer but it didn t continue the installation and again asks for the file To be honest I don t know what this file is The thing is I need to get my important files in My documents and desktop folders How can I do that Or can I finish the repair installation I have another Windows OS on D now Oh I got it I got it Thanks God Read the following article if you need answer on this A post by Rick in techspot as topic html or http support microsoft com default amp Product winxp Thank you techspot members nbsp

A:File recovery

on (2) above, the MS KB Article is here
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Hi can anyone recomend a file recovery program as i have had a hard drive problem and i have lost a lot of important files.

I did have a backup but not upto date

What is the best file recovery program please.


Ps i am running Vista premium

A:File Recovery

Hi 49sam,
These 2 free progs might help? I have used them from time to time and also seen good reviews:

PCFile Inspector

I hope one of them does what you want?
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I accidentally deleted some files on my C drive like BOOT.INI and other files (don't ask me how). The next day when I tried to reboot my computer, the OS wouldn't load. I used the HP System Recovery to reinstall the OS and other software that came with my PC. I thought that with Recovery, I would only lose my software and some of my files in the Documents and Settings folder but after I finished Recovery and rebooted, there was nothing on my C-drive. I tried file_recovery.exe from but it couldn't find anything. Why wasn't I able to recover any files and What is the best free File Recovery Software? And is there any way to get my data back? Thank you!

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I have an important file written. It contains images etc.

I have saved it a couple of times, but the recovery procedure doesn't work, what to do now ?
The last save date is 1601-01-01 01:00
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I am currently writing my thesis and saving my data on a USB flash drive as I am commonly using public computers that erase data after log outs. I stupidly left up some work on my personal laptop and saved the old verson of my word document after plugging in the flash drive - deleting my work I've done earlier today. Is there any way to recover this old data?

Thank you so much!

A:File Recovery

What software are you using to write the thesis?
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Is there a way to recover deleted files if I have already emptied the recycle bin? Thanks much for your help.

A:File Recovery


you can undelete stuff from the bin if you have a program. (sorry but i cant remeber what it was).

The thing is that once you delete it and if you write stuff to your hard disk then there is a good chance that it is not recoverable. may if your running winme then system restore might help. but i dont know about that

sorry i couldnt be more helpful

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Yeah, I have a question. If I've deleted a file from the recycle bin and I'm trying to recover it...well, I used a couple of different apps, but few of them had any results. Only one program turned up a [filename].lnk shortcut, but it can't find the original data. This was deleted more than a month ago, so I'm afraid my computer must've overwritten it. Anyone know what I can do, if there's any possible way I can still retreive this file, even if the recovery apps can't find it? I'm using Windows Vista as an OS, if that's of any help.

A:Ugh, file recovery

unless your computer not been used at all for a month i dont think you have any chance at all,sorry
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There are a few threads about file recovery here but my question s a little different so I decided to make a new topic I had some picture files mostly JPGs on a CD-RW for a slideshow After I was done with them I got rid of everything on the disc and put some MP s on it later I didn t save all the pics to my hard drive only the ones I needed Now I m wanting to look at some of the ones Recovery Cd-rw? A File On that were on the disc that I didn t copy to my computer Is there any way to recover files on a CD-RW that have been deleted or overwritten I don t have a clue the exact steps I took for getting rid of the files as it was a while back I ve tried CD Data Rescue inDisc Recovery and Power CD DVD Recovery but they only find the MP s which really aren t hard to find I also tried several other data recovery programs but they re only for HDDs and Floppy discs Very cool but no help at the moment If there s something about the way CD-RWs File Recovery On A Cd-rw? work that make it impossible that s fine no big deal File Recovery On A Cd-rw? If I can get them that d be nice but nobody s going to get killed over it or anything File Recovery On A Cd-rw? Well they could I can t think of a plausible circumstance in which that would happen but I can t very well guarantee it won t What do you think I am psychic Sheesh

A:File Recovery On A Cd-rw?

Once a file, whether it be on your hard drive or on a CD is actually overwritten, it would be very difficult and next to impossible to retrieve it without very special and expensive help.
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Hi 2 All,
The FAT on my 80gb maxtor got accidentally damaged a week ago. its a virus or something else. So i thought that all my files are lost. After two days of reading about file recovery and trying different tools i managed to recover everything and in the same time nothing - over 90% of my mp3's are incredibly mixed . Can anybody with experience in file recovery recommend me some tools. Im really mad about this thing, so i really need a program which can build the files properly. I tried "PC Inspector File Recovery" and "GetDataBack v2.31" with the result described above. thx in advance.

this should be in the software section - sorry about this
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I am a very stressed mother of right now I recovery with help file I etc. need am fairly techie for a year old woman I upgrade my own memory and add hardware like dvd burners card reader bays ect Have decent general computer knowledge I use my comp to run several accounting programs I do the books for family businesses one fairly large I always back up on a flash drive My year old son bought himself a new computer and wanted to transfer files to his new comp so I let him erase and use my back up flash drive it is starting I need help with file recovery etc. to sound bad right It was taking too long so he hooked his old comp up where mine was to put it on the network and tranfer files over the network Unknown to me he took my power cord out of my UPI and plugged it in a cheap power cord to reach his old comp When he plugged my comp back in it fried my motherboard hours after I eraserd my back up then he plugged his old comp I need help with file recovery etc. back in and fried his mother board his was a nice pavillion he was giving I need help with file recovery etc. to a younger brother I don t want to invest a lot of money in my comp as it is not worth it I would rather upgrade I bought a hard drive case with usb capabilities which I was assured that I could access my files from It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can t access any files that weren t already set up to be shared I am running windows XP There is no way to replicate all the accoutning records they are priceless Can I do anything to retrieive them short of spending and up on a year old computer to replace the mother board it was a cheap emachine T with upgrades I also have a huge music collection as my teens and I all have various ipods I would hate to have to go through and transfer my cd s back on and buy MP s again Pretty long intro Sorry I am hoping somone can help me I can t even sleep as the business accounting records are so important to get back I am quite late in filing income tax from april last year and was almost finished Thank you for even taking time to read my log winded post thanx Kim nbsp

A:I need help with file recovery etc.

First of all I would recommend a better backup when dealing with critical files.
I'm not positive but I would swear there's an application that can reset all the security info so that the files would be accessible. Google for something like that.

You could also try a program called GetDataBack. It looks at the raw data, I don't think it cares about privs. or user rights. They have different versions depending on the file system used.
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My computer (windows 7) got infected and after a system cleanup with a virus scanner and a run of CC cleaner, the system won't start, it restarts after the 'windows' logo appears. The windows repair doesn't fix the problem.

I took the hard drive out of the laptop and hooked it up to another compouter running XP with a SATA to USB case.

I can see the files but everything that matters to me is in my user file and I get an access denied when I want to open it. I can open the public files and do whatever I want...but it is useless.

Is it because I'm using a winXP computer to salvage data on a Win 7 drive? Is there any way to get access to my files?

Thank you

A:File recovery

Take ownership of your user directory. How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP
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I have deleted a file from a network drive. Is there anyway i can recover it?
I deleted it on a Windows XP workstation from the drive which is located on a Windows 2000 server. I have looked in all Recycle Bins and nothing.


A:File Recovery?

I only thing I can think that you could do is pull it off of your tape back up if you have one. I have ran into this problem before and I had to pull it off of the backup tape. I know that Server 2003 is able to purge files after they have been deleted.
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I have recently had to recover some deleted files which I have managed to do much to my relief, however when I go to open the files in the software they were created in it comes up with the message unknown file type.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why that might be.



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Hi All

I was working in a program called paper port and adding numbers to scans that i had when it crashed and than now the file says its corrupted and cannot be opend up

Any idears how to recover the file?
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So a while back after I got my new laptop, files kept getting mysteriously deleted. Sadly these were files that I needed desperately and now I can't get them back. I have no idea what deleted the files or how to get them back, but i'm hoping somebody here does.


A:File Recovery help?

Since your data was on a Windows partition, based on my experience at doing this successfully, my suggestions are the following:
1) Download and install the trial version of RecoverMyFiles from Runtime Software in MS Windows.
2) Right-click the RecoverMyFiles shortcut and select "Run as Administrator"
3) Select the option to Recover a Drive
4) You will get a list of drive, scroll down to find the one for your USB stick or memory card
5) Select Automatic Driver recovery, press Start button
6) It will run for a while but when done, will show a directory tree in the left pane. Do NOT interrupt it.
7) When done, browse the folders in the directory tree -- and be SURE to check the filesizes of the files you want to recover. If the filesize is zero, the file is trashed and you will NOT be able to recover it.

If the files look OK, you will need to contact Runtime Software to purchase a license for the recovery. You won't have to reinstall the app; instead, they will email you an activation code which you can use to turn on the recovery feature.

According to their website, the "standard" version of the app is $70 USD. They also have a Pro version for $99 dollars, but if you go to the website below, you can compare the features and (at least for me) the extra cost wasn't worth it:
Recover My Files: Purchase GetDatas Recover My Files data recovery software
Your data ... your money ... your choice.
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accidently reformated a hard disk with all my music and photos on, tried diff file recovery programs can't seem to find anything, can anyone help

A:file recovery

Didn't you start a thread on this already.
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what is the best (free??) program for file recovery

A:file recovery

i have used this succesfully
its free if 4 or less top level folders
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I'm trying to restore some pictures from an external hard drive. I've used about a dozen freeware tools to try to do this (PC Inspector, R-Undelete, Recuva, FreeUndelete, Easy Photo Recovery...)

Does anyone know if the software you pay for would be any better at recovering the files?

If not how much does a recovery service cost, and do they make you pay if they can't get it back?



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Hello - I am having my trouble with my laptop When I bootup my laptop XP Home I get the login screen but NO usernames show up The right hand side is blank completely blank So in order to extract my files I purchased a enclosure and put my laptop hard drive in it When I connect it to my desktop and browse that hard drive When I try to open the quot Owner quot although quot Owner quot is not the name of the user name that I had on Windows folder the most recently modified one File Recovery it says access is denied It File Recovery also says the folder is empty but I am assuming that is since access is denied it won't let me see what's in that folder Anyway my question is how do I get my files off my laptop hard drive I really don't File Recovery care if File Recovery I have to format I just want to get the files in My Documents off the laptop hard drive before I format Thank you Suraj

A:File Recovery

Asset ownership:;EN-US;Q823306

Remember that under XP Home "Owner" is the default account created at setup.
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Not sure which forum to post this in... Please redirect me if necessary.

My computer using Windows XP was reformatted. I lost all of my files. I used Piriform's Recuva to recover about 60 gigs of files; however, I am unable to open up any of the files on any computer. I have double checked the extensions, and have even tried re-saving/renaming copies of files. I don't know what to do. It's almost like my files are in a cage and I don't have the key! Please help!


A:FIle Recovery

If you're not getting permissions errors, and files with known extensions fail to open with otherwise completely compatible programs, sorry to say but it sounds like the data is all or mostly corrupt even though the headers seem good.

If you still have the drive in the state of possible recovery you might try it again with another recovery program and see if the results are any better.
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i want to recover as many deleted images as i can, off a digital camera, so i downloaded a couple of programs which say they can retrieve any deleted files off harddrives and other hardware such as digital-cameras. the problem i have though, is that my digi-cam is old and connects via a 9-pin female CGA/MGA port, and the recovery programs won't detect it. i tried putting the camera in PC-mode but when i click on the drop-down arrow on the recovery program to select which drive i want to scan, it only comes up with C:drive. does anyone know of any programs that will scan my digi-cam's memory card and retrieve any deleted images. i don't have a card reader on my PC, otherwise i suppose i could of used that.

A:File Recovery

Have you tried Smart Recovery from PCInspector? ( )
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Is there anyway I can recover files from the HD after a fresh XP install?

A:File recovery

have a look there please
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I recently upgraded my computer from ME to Xp, I bought the xp home edition. Can I use this cd on another computer I have to recover some lost files?

A:XP File Recovery?

Not legally........
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My friend accidently deleted a bunch of image files she wanted to keep and was wondering if there are any free file recovery programs, or if necessary, a file recovery program she can purchase to restore the deleted files.

A:File Recovery

I use GetDataBack.
Not free but the eval version will let you see the deleted files.
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Hi can anyone recomend a file recovery program as i have had a hard drive problem and i have lost a lot of important files.

I did have a backup but not upto date

What is the best file recovery program please.

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My sister, in her infinite wisdom, decided that she was going to recover from her vista crash by reformatting her hard drive. :)

Is there a way I can rescue her 2k+ music files and school documents from said drive? It has been reformatted and Vista home has been reinstalled.
Let me know if you need more information.

A:File Recovery

Hey, it's quite hard to get info back from Formatted hard drives... I've heard it can be done but don't know exactly how, you could try an undelete program (e.g. free undelete but with the whole format thing i'm not sure it's possible...

Relevancy 39.13%

i had to replace my mobo because the oldone was fried. i purchased a small 40 gig drive to install the new OS on in the hopes that i could recover my documents from the old main drive. i now have the problem of figureing out how to bypass the restrictions. is there a way i can get the data from my old drive?

A:file recovery in xp

I think you need to take ownership of the files ?
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A mate of mine has managed to delete all of his files on his laptop. I know there are programs out there that can recover deleted files and i was wondering if anyone knew of a completly free program that i could use.


A:File Recovery

Data Recovery Tools

Don't use the PC till you ready to recovery.

Best to install the recovery to another drive. Then use the recover to option to recover to another drive so you will not write to the drive your recovery files from because you can over write data that you will want to recover.

Now if you deleted lots of files your be limited on some of the free recovery programs. So read up on all of them to find out what there limits are.
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Today I made a mistake. I was going to wipe a drive and install Windows 98 on it. The drive was this computers slave. The master has two partitions. The slave drive and second partition of the master are both about the same size. I moved everything from the second partition to the slave drive thinking it was the other way around and formatted it, then installed 98 to it. I then realized what I had done. The files that were on the second partition before were all graphics files(.png, .gif, .jpg, .bmp). I had cut them all and pasted them all to that seperate drive. What I want to know is it I am able to get the graphics files that were on the second partition of the master back. I have only done a couple things to the partition, which was putting three exe files on the partition.

Any way to get them back?

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Hi I was trying to help out a friend with one problem and ran into another one His wi-fi was not working and i could only put this down to the driver - the ipconfig function told me that the media was connected and working properly but he could not connect wirelessly to my network - I know the network was fine as this is how I am connected So I decided after trying to download a new driver to reinstall windows but the repair function rather than a totla reformat I have done this in the past and had no problems but for some reason on this occasion all the previous files on his disk are now hidden and inaccessible How File recovery can I go about recovering them The C drive says it is full File recovery but if you serch for documents with the filenames of what he had then they are not visible The data HAS to be there as there were files on there from before the formatting The only thing that I may have done was to setup a separate user account but I have tried to undo this and still cannot get to the files Can anyone suggest how to get access to them Many thanks Mark

A:File recovery


Originally Posted by markfedwards

The data HAS to be there as there were files on there from before the formatting.

so did you format the drive ? or did you just do the recovery ?

if you formatted the data is gone if you did the recovery everything should be there but might have some weird user rights.

as it seems you cant even see the files can you ?
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Hi. I just joined and am very nervous about what I've done. Can someone help?

I followed the information under the previous post: "How to Delete a Windows System Folder," from 26 Aug 2000 by Jim Holly, Senior Member. It shows how to use MS-DOS mode to run the "Remove Directory" command.

What I did specifically was in MS-DOS mode, ran the command:

RD /S c:\Docume~1\Sheila~1

and then

RD /S c:\Docume~1\Egonza~1

Before doing that, I thought I had successfully backed-up everything I needed. Unfortunately there are some files that I was not able to back-up properly that now are gone, and System Restore does not recover them.

Is there any way to undo this? I have discovered some data recovery software which I would be willing to purchase, but I wondered if anyone here knows whether it would work for a recovery like this.

A:file recovery

Hi and welcome to TSG.
If the files haven't been overwritten you may be able to recover them [emphasis on may]
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I hope this is the right forum for this. I inadvertantly deleted some phots on a laptop I am borrowing from my mom-in law!!! They were in a wierd folder that I thought was something else. I need to know of a good program or method to get them back if possible. A free program or trial would be good but im not above buying a new program if I have too. Any ideas or sites I could look at to help me with my problem?? Thanks

A:File recovery

my favorite would be Davory but it ain't free.

Recuva is a free program that might do the trick, however, it is important NOT to install the program on the drive you want to recover data from, you can install it on a USB stick rather than the default path c:\program files
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I messed up huge!!
I wont go into details how but i formatted the wrong hard drive and lost everything.
I went out and bought the program "recover my files" and it seems to work ok except for the fact when i go to save the files that it finds they are all only 1kb ??? why is that?
what am i doing wrong,it says nothing about that in the read me or faqs or help.

A:help with file recovery

Hi, It sounds like the program may have only found shortcuts, or markers, to the files but no actual data....I might be wrong, though.

Do you have a file path for any of what it did show you that was 1kb?

Maybe we can tell from just some of the need to post a huge amount.

If the files were pictures, there are a few tricks involved.

This could be what you are seeing,, too:

Pirate Version


We have received continuous reports of a pirate version of Recover My Files that is circulating the Internet. It saves files of 1kb (and probably does other unknown things to your PC). It sounds like you have it.

I would say that your data is recoverable it you were to purchase a real copy. If you can preview the files in the preview window, then it is 100% that they can be saved.
Graham Henley
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from their Knowledgebase:
"""What is the difference between the download version and the registered version?

When you download Recover My Files from you are downloading the full version. The only limitation is that the program is 'save disabled'. You must purchase a registration key which, when entered into the program, will activate the ability to save the files that Recover My Files has found."""

That is from the online knowledgebase. Is your copy registered, to unlock the Save feature????

Have you been through the Knowledgebase for RecoverMyFiles? (I'm just trying to be thorough, if you have been through all this, good.) Saving search results
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first of all hey guys!

right heres the story. my dad decided to reinstall windows from a partition on my hard drive to try and fix a tiny problem that really did not need a reinstall for (don't ask what it was cos it was really pathetic). My pc is an HP home computer. All of my stuff was in the hp_owner user area as i "was" the main admin and when windows was reinstalled all of my stuff has gone. All of my school work important documents and general important crap, however all of the other users areas documents were still there. So is there any chance of me being able to retrieve my data from the hard drive. The hard drive is partioned c and d with d being the recovery drive on a 160gb hard disk. hope any of you lads n lasses can help me.


A:file recovery

see if this gets them back
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Ok guys,

Now I have tried to recover two files using various recovery programs.
All the programs say recovery is goo and no problems, tha files are on a 256mb memory stick. but when I try to open the files it does not work.
One is a bmp file and the other is a winzip winrar file.
They are both recovered at the correct file length but the bmp and rar files will just not open. AM i missing something here????

Thanks Geoff
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Hi. I'm wondering how long a file is likely to be able to be recovered for? I am running a PC with Windows XP. I got it in 2003 and it's never been reformatted and the OS has never been removed or re-installed. I am wondering if it's possible to retrieve photos deleted back in 2005. It seems extremely unlikely, but I thought I'd ask. I've tried a few file recovery programs, but my issue with them is that it's extremely hard to narrow down my search results and there are thousands of files to sift through, and many do not have thumbnails. Thanks for your time.

A:File Recovery

I would say in this case it will not happen, as when a file is deleted, the next saving of any file MAY overwrite the area or and part of the area that a deleted file may been in.
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Anyone care to recommend the best file recovery app out there? Freeware/Purchase - either way.

A:Best file recovery app?

I couldn't say who the best is, but I've downloaded and tried at least a dozen over the years.
And one that I always seem to use the most is Bad Copy Pro

I've used it mostly to recovery off of floppy disks. But it does a pretty good job of getting as much data as possible.

Lastly, doesn't matter how good a recovery program is, if there is physical damage, data simply cannot be read off it. These programs just try to read and compile as much data back as possible.

Also of note, though slightly off topic. I use Beyond Compare a LOT for getting data off drives. In these cases, the drives are more or less "good", but may have bad sectors here and there.
This program is excellent for "comparing" your backup folder with the drive you are recovering from. Select all the files you want and have it syncronize. If there are any files it can't copy, it just skips them and moves on. Unlike, say, a plain Windows copy where, if one file fails, the entire copy quits. Beyond Compare just keeps going. I love that program.