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What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI?

Q: What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI?

Hi I currently own a photography business www christopher-mackenzie com And I want to start an ftp server so that clients can access their pictures anytime I ve tried using yahoo but between the super slow loads and constantly getting yelled at for various reasons I want to use server has is software, What nice a a GUI? FTP good that a spare computer I have lying around everything is set up to GET to the computer from the What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI? net ex dyndns router forwarding etc I want a good FTP server that has an interface more like e-commerce software in the way the user navigates Instead of having them browsing meaningless files and clicking on each one to open it I want them to go into their quot area quot after logging in and browsing the files like they were at their computer I ve tried phpbb because i thought it would work the way I wanted it to but that was a fail on itself And one more thing that makes things tricky Is i need a freeware type of o s or software I have ubuntu and xp at my disposal if i need them but I don t even know what to look for Any input is appreciated nbsp

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Preferred Solution: What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI?

Re: have you searched the download sites?

a quick google search for "freeware ftp server" yeilds several hits
among them are:

you may also want to search
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I am looking for recommendations for good AV spftware that is administered from a single system to multiple workstations. We have a small windows XP/W2k network running in domain model.
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Hi there to any of you network Gurus -- I'm testing a Virtual version of Windows Server What I'd like to do is to set up a VPN so I can access it from another computer Windows in the LAN while testing but using a VPN rather than RDP A FREE VPN server and client is what I would like at this stage Eventually I would like to login from a mobile phone too - but later The VPN should just present a LOGIN screen to the user and then show a basic desktop with just say Office and IE installed on it I'm totally VPN and VPN AND Create (Server client) Free software good new to this sort of stuff - so SIMPLE to start with - I don't want to get into quot Remote Roaming quot Domains or any other quot Geeky stuff quot at this stage -- just the simple basics - LOGON etc Any links greatfully appreciated -- there's so many to choose from so I don't know where to start The network connectivity to the server works fine --at least with RDP so I don't have to worry at least about that bit of the system Cheers jimbo

A:Create VPN and good Free VPN software (Server AND client)

First off, a vpn in just a virtual network connection, so it won't natively present you with a desktop or applications. It will get you remotely connected to the network, from there you will launch something else to connect to a desktop, either rdp, terminal services, etc.

Doing a VPN is natively built into sever 2012, so you won't need any software, free or otherwise to setup a.basic VPN.
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I was just thinking doing downloading AVG free, Adaware SE, Spybot, and Spyblaster for protection for my clients. Why don't I store these install files this time? Then I thought why not just get WMI files of them if possible. Then I realized I'm a total noob to pushing out things and should probably ask how is the preferred method before doing it. Now I know that MS Server 2003 can push out things but I am unclear about 2 things.

1. Where should you store those WMI files you want to push out to select later?

2. If I can't get a WMI file is there a converter or should I get a third party product that can push out?

Anyone that can help would be great, right now I'm just storing the .exe files in a folder on the server. I know in theory you can do it, I just haven't done it yet with anything.

A:Good place to get WMI Files or autodeploy software for Server 2003?

Nevermind got it but it gives an option in the form of a box instead of just installing is there a switch to auto run?
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Hi everyone, does anybody use any nice collage program. I am looking for the one that will not take twice or more the same pic for the same collage....

A:Does anybody know a nice free collage Software?

An electronic publishing program for home or business use, eXPress Collage Lite 2.1 allows easy integration of text, graphics and sound into customized, multi-page, electronic presentations. Create ebooks, photo albums, calendars, journals, business presentations and much more! Collage presentations are a great way to share family photos, display portfolios, distribute literary works, and show company presentations. (Includes Help Topics and a demo.)
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Like in the title. I know that there are some parental setting biult-in, but I want to install some 3rd party soft on my win 7. I know that there are plenty of programs like that, but I don't know which is reliable and worth its price. I would be gratefull for any suggestions or opinions regarding this topic.

A:Looking for nice thir-party parental control software

Hi there!

That depends on what exactly you are trying to do, is it to control which programs can be run, or is it more of an issue for preventing access to certain websites? If the issue is websites, one of the best options in my opinion is to use OpenDNS, which is free and relatively easy to setup, the walkthrough is very simple and I would be happy to help. This will allow you to automatically block pornographic websites, gambling websites, etc. You can get information about it here:
Home Parental Controls | OpenDNS
The free version is excellent, there is no reason for a paid version unless you need uncommon features.

As for 3rd party applications, I have found Qustodio to be quite useful and easy to work with, you can find it here: Best Parental Control Software - It has a free and premium program, the free program was more than enough for me

Norton Online Family is also quite useful and likewise has a free and paid version here: - It is one of the very, very few Norton programs I am okay with!
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So just a small backstory I lost my other USB which is the SanDisk Cruzer Blade GB I don't know where I placed it My theories are it was be (free missing one would finding USB nice) Software and Tracking the accidentally swept when our house is being cleaned or someone stole it because last Monday or Tuesday an ISP guy went here to fix our internet I couldn't remember where the USB was placed it was either near the phone that was being fixed or up stairs There was no important data on it the contents was just the Memtest and some music and videos So now my new USB will arrive hours USB Tracking Software (free would be nice) and finding the missing one from now Is there any tracking software that is free that I can install so just in case that someone stole it I can find it For the missing USB is there any chance that I can find it I presumed that it's stolen as I searched our entire house I don't want to call for a complaint for the ISP as I could be wrong Here's the info about my lost stolen USB Code Device Name Port Hub Description SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Device Device Type Mass Storage Connected No Safe To Unplug Yes Disabled No USB Hub No Drive Letter K Serial Number C Created Date PM Last Plug Unplug Date AM VendorID ProductID Firmware Revision USB Class USB SubClass USB Protocol Hub Port Computer Name Vendor Name Product Name ParentId Prefix Service Name USBSTOR Service Description USB Mass Storage Driver Driver Filename USBSTOR SYS Device Class USB Device Mfg Compatible USB storage device Power USB Version Driver Description USB Mass Storage Device Driver Version Instance ID USB VID amp PID C Edit The unplug date isn't right as I did system restore The last unplug date is I did some minor backups

A:USB Tracking Software (free would be nice) and finding the missing one

Hi there ... I think the best one is My Device Tracker .. It is not free though but has a 30 day trial .. You would have to think about the cost which is around 30 dollars .. And the cost of the Flash Drive ? .. Would it be worth it
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my old nero wont load
i guess it automaticaly updates and says its expired
if i cant get it to load, what are some free options
im just using it to store pictures and video files
im not making dvd movies, just backing up files
i have win xp home
2.6 gig
what is a
video cd
super video cd

A:whats a nice free burning software for dvds

I have been using Imgburn for years; it will burn anything, including dual-layer DVDs. Click "Download" upper left corner of screen. Be careful to deselect the garbageware that it offers to load.
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hey all i am just asking about a nice easy to use ftp server for windows 7 as for the ones i have tryed out are well lets say crap keep crashing or not responding or don't work how they are ment to so i fort i would give it ago see if you guys can help me out once more

A:anybody no of a good ftp server that works good with 7

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yes i am searching for a good software that can pack all of my software collections into one single installation.exe pack which i can install for later usage will some pliz give me a recomendation of such software to pack all the my files into one installation pack ?

A:finding a good software to make a collection of stuffs software into a installation
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I am looking to run some server daemons on my desktop in a VM. I am using HyperV. Anyways I am looking for what the best OS to use in the VM would be. Specifically I want to run Apache httpd, ircd, MySQL. I am thinking maybe a RHEL like distro like CentOS for RPM compatibility. Though I am curious about OpenSolaris, and BSD.

A:Good server OS

CentOS would be a great distribution for those things that you mention. If you need any help with it, let me know.
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hi, ever1.. this is the first time im here...wazzzzzzzup..



A:good Cs server IP!!

I take it those servers are good for Canadian CS Players, and possibly Americans as well.
However if you are located somewhere else, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Then servers located in your country are alot better to play on.
If you live in Melbourne, Australia then check out Alphalink is my ISP (they do a wonderful ADSL deal) and they have a few CS servers, as well as support for some other games too. There servers are always filled with good decent players. Hope to see you there.
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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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I'm shopping for a server for an installation of Sharepoint, and I'm wondering what kind of capacity I'll need. It's going on a Server 2003 network, and will be accessed via XP & W7 desktops, as well as externally. Any thoughts?

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Hi my server has 128mb ram and 200mhz cpu and i am going to upgrade it cause the php and mysql is slow as ****, but i want to knwo how much ram and cpu speed do i need for a fast server that can run aot of websites at a time?

And also apart from ebay what is a good site selling cheap CPU's to anywherre in the world?

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I'm looking for a 2 TB at least to 4TB NAS but I don't know which one choose, which brand works better, etc. My budget is from $200 dlls to $400 dlls. I'm posting this thread because I need help choosing it so please help me. I'm looking for one that has HDD protection (RAID1, etc). I like iomega, seagate, western digital, hp, etc. whatever brand it's ok but I need them to work with Win 7 and Win XP.

Please help me

A:Good NAS Storage Server

If I was picking something for myself, I would go with Synology DS211J Diskless System DiskStation 2-bay NAS Server, for $210. Keep in mind this is diskless. Check out the specs - excellent. Supports RAID. And then purchase your sata drives. - Synology DS211J Diskless System DiskStation 2-bay NAS Server for Small Office and Home Use
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This is probably opening a great big can o'worms!
Anyone any opinion what makes a good server? Is it huge quick RAM, or huge fast drives or a fast processor?
Any comments much appreciated!

A:What makes a good server?

It completely depends on what your server needs to do. Is it a file server, database server, application server, web server, ... the list goes on and on and the requirements differ between them.
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HI, i am looking for a Good HTTP/FTP Server
It needs to support the following
- .htaccess(or similar)
I don't want to use apatchie
It needs to run on Windows Server 2003
and i don't want to use the iis manager in windows sever

I know it is a lot


A:looking for a good HTTP/FTP server

I myself use "Apache HTTP Server 2.2.16" with "PHP 5.2.14"
works fine and is open source.
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Hi new here

I have 4gb of dual channel 1024mhz OCZ ram
Asrock am2+ motherboard with E8400 Intel core duo processor (3.00gb)
wireless network card (54mbps)
Geforce 260 Nvidia card (not running sli atm)
Net connection is wireless virgin media 20mb BBand
OS is XPhome sp3....

I want to make this system a dedicated server to run 3 other pc's in house as well as a friends pc too...we play online gaming as a team already (not a huge amonut of ppl just close friends)

can u help? im a newbie but wanna learn


A:Is this good for a server base?

What Server OS will be using?
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I've been trying to find a very annomous proxy server to use but I can't find one that is consetintly up and running. It doesn't matter what port or anything, does anybody know of any good proxy servers???


A:Good Proxy Server wanted

Yes, I see dozens of them in my server's security logs.. Not going tell you any though since I have a feeling this information will end up in wrong (and clumsy) hands.
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Okay I'm gonna make a server

I already know about the following distros that seems interesting to me

1) Redhat enterprise ( hate how it is not free)
2) CentOS
3) Engarde Secure
Please suggest a good linux distro. for server or one from the list (not Ubuntu)

Thank you

A:Good Linux Server distro

CentOS works well, it makes some good Postfix servers, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases right out of the box. It's pretty darn versatile.
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Hi all It's very difficult to get really good advice on this but I'm now trying to build the quot Ultimate quot HOME server for Hardware Server good a HOME W7 machine Note the machine will be essentially used as a HOME not a commercial work server so it doesn't need all the fancy gaming state of the art graphics cards etc What it DOES need is enough RAM and horsepower to run Virtual servers whilst also file and print sharing to a number of quot remote quot actually a LAN workstations A quot Blade quot type server would be OK in a commercial environment but my server needs to be a bit like a conventional workstation I need around GB RAM seems hard to get a basic motherboard with enough memory slots these days and a QUAD Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server CPU The I O subsystem nust allow for around drives and two DVD CD units to be connected and have video output capability to drive monitors although most of the tine the monitors will probably be disconnected I need to have as well at least but preferably Network cards on it Most of the stuff I've looked at seems to be more geared to high performance gaming or running NASA's next Mars mission A SERVER doesn't need hideously expensive gear - but it does need the capability to have loads of memory and disk drives to be connected to it Any IT admins out there who use this type of stuff at work -- recommendations The ability to run Virtual servers decently is essential so GB of RAM is the minimum -- Ideally I'd like GB but that's probably like asking for the moon I've googled around -- there's load of info on decent high end gear -- which isn't what I need and also quot server Farm quot type stuff -- also what I don't need I can't be the only person who want to run a decent home server network I need the virtual servers as well as I often work from home on a lot of projects and use the virtual servers to connect to the remote customer and run their apps Cheers jimbo

A:Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

The ability to run 4 Virtual servers decently is essential so 16GB of RAM is the minimum -- Ideally I'd like 64GB but that's probably like asking for the moon.

Jeez...I run a handful of ESXi servers at work and I usually put 24GB of RAM in those to run 10-12 concurrent Linux and Windows servers and that usually doesn't max out the RAM. So, I would have to imagine that 16GB of RAM is going to be more than enough for home use and 4 VM's.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

I need around 16GB RAM (seems hard to get a basic motherboard with enough memory slots these days), and a QUAD CPU. The I/O subsystem nust allow for around 8 drives and two DVD/CD units to be connected and have video output capability to drive 2 monitors (although most of the tine the monitors will probably be disconnected.

Quite a number of new mobo's support 16GB of will just have to be a 4 x 4GB setup. Quad core CPU's are a dime a dozen. The I/O subsystem to allow that many drives will likely just involve adding on 1 additional controller card. And just about any modern video card can easily handle dual monitor support.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

I need to have as well at least 2 but preferably 3 Network cards on it.

Quite a number of mobos have 2 NIC's...You will just need to add a stand-alone PCI NIC to the box. The Intel 10/100/1000 GT cards are excellent and only around $25.

I honestly don't think that this would really cost that much money? Do you have any type of budget set aside that you want to work with? Of course, keep in mind that 16GB of DDR3 RAM for a Core i5/i7 build is going to be over $750 itself.
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i need help with time limits. i want it to cut out service to everyone on the network at 1 a.m. and then not allow internet access until 6 30 a.m. on every day of the week i have tried doing this myself but i cant get it right can someone help me with the codes, and in which section to put it in? thankyou
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I'm just curious if the reviews of Vipre Antivirus and Vipre internet Security latest version I use Internet Security are true I have not had any issues with it though I have had to disable the firewall's web filtering module they call it bad web site blocking because it blocks too many legitimate server, actually it used laptop is my on Vipre: good? and but web sites and prevents some of my games and software from updating properly But I'm wondering why in one review was Vipre's firewall called a paper tiger Is it really that bad at blocking incoming connections I'm curious if any live testers have found anything Vipre: used on my laptop and server, but is it actually good? with the current version of Vipre how good is it really I mean I don't have to worry that much for whenever I end up on a bad web site it's always a typo Vipre: used on my laptop and server, but is it actually good? and not intentional but still one never knows when their favorite legit site will be cracked and broken into Thanks for any feedback I like Vipre for everything that I have tested anytime it's said it has blocked something that something was actually blocked Firewall wise this would normally be a legit application trying to get through the firewall and I denied it once and it actually did what it's supposed to do though I've never tried an exploit running in a virtual machine with it though And then the on access module once blocked a fake firefox downloader from installing Vipre: used on my laptop and server, but is it actually good? What have you guys found Should I be using a different security product Especially with a server

A:Vipre: used on my laptop and server, but is it actually good?

Hi -
Vipre was always (in my opinion) among the better Antivirus programs, but I find from all of the latest "reviews" that it seems to have slipped slightly from its highest rankings. The "reviewers" still list it in the top dozen or so, but "reviewers" come and go.
Kaspersky is in the top few now (as always), and cost-wise may be a better option, even though you purchase a 3 year subscription.
From current "reviews", there are several changes to what I would personally use, but the "review" playing field always seems tilted towards a few programs that may not always be as independantly assessed, as we would wish for -
Just my opinions -
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I don't really have an issue with software so i hope i posted this in the right spot. I was wondering if anyone knows any good software to buy, I usually only game on my computer so i am not familiar with the rest of the software industry. Just wanted to know if anyone knows any good programs to try. thanks..
ps. let me know if this thread is ok for this area on your site. thanks again

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Hi! I'm always interested in windows drivers. Don't want to fix what ain't broke, but I also want my PC up to date. I'm wondering if this software is any good and does anyone here use it or support it.
It's software driver update from AMD!
Thanks for your replies and advise!!
PS It shows I have the latest drivers!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-3400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 18 Model 1 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5610 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6520G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461781 MB, Free - 413179 MB; F: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 612320 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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Okay, I just realized Valve patched Portal and added encrypted messages inside encrypted messages! I want to take a look at these personally, and one of the things I need is a nice BBS program.

Anyone familiar enough to recommend one?


A:Need a good BBS software...

Are you trying to get into encrypted messages that you aren't intended to be in? And what does BBS stand for?

Let us know,
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Someone I know just finished putting together a DVR using a refurbished dell PC and a nice TV tuner card by hauppauge. But the software that comes with it isn't all that impressive (though he may find a few useful features I didn't have time look for).

I was wondering if there are any better DVR software programs out there that will help him achieve his goal of building a Tivo from scratch (so to speak). Specifically, we're looking for something that will download TV schedules but not cost him any sort of monthly fee like Tivo does. The system is running XP so it'll need to run on that.

Any suggestions?

A:Looking for some good DVR software

Although I haven't tried it myself I've heard good things about GB-PVR.
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hey all. i have some "stuff" that i need to turn into iso and burn as iso as well. rigth now i cant find a crack of magic iso to do this. whats does the rest of the forum use? I need something to turn my stuff into iso and burn then aswell i would normally use nero but since im without my computer rigth now i need stuff that words on my dad machine "os vista" thanks!

A:good iso software

iso reply has under audio/video burn4free that should work.
or you can search thier files.
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It's free today and wondering if it is worth it.

A:Is this good software?

Yes, I downloaded the last time it was offered for free and it is excellent. That being said, Macrium Reflect, which is always free is just as good and easier to learn.
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I am working with a patent attorney on one of my patents, and need to be able to generate a high resolution PDF output from 2D drawings I'm creating from my CAD software.

I'm importing my CAD drawings into a software called Snagit, Snagit allows me to add numbering and text per patent specifications. My issue is when I output the Snagit image as a PDF file, the PDF file comes out in a much lower resolution.

So I'm looking for a good, high resolution PDF file creator.


A:Looking for a good PDF software

Adobe Acrobat? PDF writer, create PDF | Adobe Acrobat X Standard
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I need software to ‘create PDF dynamically from ASP’ or ‘create PDF dynamically from VBSCRIPT’
can anyone recomend any?

A:Does anyone know good software

Might find it here
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I just bought an HP a n withan AMD Athlon processor MB DDR SDRAM running Windows XP with an Nvidia GeForce FX graphics card My camera is a Sony MiniDV Handycam the TRV- which was pretty high-end about two years ago when I bought it I m connecting to my computer using Firewire When I plug in my Sony Handycam DVD software? Good it gives me two software options the Windows default program and the basic WinDVD that came with the computer I know that the Windows program is pretty basic and it looks like alot of options in WinDVD aren t available unless I upgrade I ve never burned movies before and I m not doing any professional quality videos just home movies but I want the best quality I can get for a reasonable price and I want to be able to do edits and basic effects on the computer What program would you recommend Can I get Good DVD software? a decent one for under say Or will I get the best quality in that price range already by just sticking to the basic WinDVD already installed Like I said I m just wanting to get good quality home movies with some basic transition effects and maybe some captions possibly add music into the background once I m more experienced One reason I m asking is I m noticing some tracer-effect when the camera is panning and it s almost as if a few frames are missing when someone moves their mouth it looks a bit like a japanese movie that s been dubbed in English I improved the problem by changing it from MPEG duh to DVI and HP had me remove the Digital Audio and DMA capability of the DVD writer drive but it s still there to a lesser degree and I m not sure if this is inherent with MiniDV tapes or if it s the software I m using nbsp

A:Good DVD software?

Firstly, it's better to have DMA enabled as this takes pressure from the cpu and eliminates errors and speeds things up like rendering, capturing, burning and print to tape.

This editor is free and better than WMM And this one is Sony's Screenblast (once Sonic Foundry) which I've found is more stable than Pinnacle, Ulead etc. It's also best to have a separate burner prog like Nero 6.
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I recently got a new Blu-Ray drive for my PC, but found that software used to play said movies seems to be a rarity. The only ones I can find seem to cost $50 to $100, which is definitely an amount I don't want to spend. Does anyone know of any good (possibly free) software that plays Blu-Ray movies? I heard VLC has limited support for it, but haven't heard much else besides that.

A:Good Blu-Ray Software?

Free Blu-ray media player/codec??? - Multimedia-2 - Applications

There are several free programs that some of these people recommend.
If not satisfied just Google ....Free Blu ray movie software and check out each one...
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My computer keeps rebooting; I have gone through my HJT log line by line, this is the only item I am not completely sure about. Please advise. Thanks!
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Hello Friends!
Can anyone tell me which is the best available book in subjects like web hosting, servers etc. As I dont have any idea in this field, I need a book that can explain things right from the beginning and in detail.

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I need to play wow at work on my free time i used to use gotrusted but it does not work in 64 bit vista please advise me on a good program thanks again for your time dont mind paying for it. dont wana have to find server and all that jazz
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Hi all

Anyone know of a good Tv Tuner SOFTWARE program.

The program that came with my card (Spirit PCI - Australia) is rather mental and not the best at all.

This question has been asked some months ago by other members with no responce but maybe someone has a suggestion now.

Thankyou for any ideas!!!!!!

A:Good Tv Tuner Software ????

Cyberlink PowerVCRII is the best.
Chris TV or Dscaler may work...
Snapstream Beyond TV is cost prohibitive but may work well, haven't tried it.
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Hi all,

Please help. I used to use MusicMatch to convert Audio files into MP3s. I had a problem with them about 6months ago and haven't used them since. I then used another company that I downloaded, but it would always cut about 30 seconds off the end of the songs.

Does anyone know of any good software that will convert files completly.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I'm Just wanting to know what software would be good to convert a png or jpeg or jpg to dst file. I am needing to convert an image to dst so I can put my image on a hat
Thank you in advance

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Hi guys,
has anyone ever worked with keyloggers? I need a recommendation. I have found a couple of keyloggers on Google, but I've never worked with those programs before. Has anyone ever used one of these keyloggers:
Thank you for your help.

A:I need a good keylogger software - help

Web of trust (Firefox plug-in) scorecard for each of the sites listed:
First 2 sites are not well regarded, do not know anything about signum-soft. Good luck with your search.
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I've been searching google all morning and I can't seem to find something that will do what I want, and do it well.

Basically, I some software that will run scheduled backups of a handful of folders on my computer to an external hard drive. I was hoping to find something open source, but all I could find was Amanda software which seems like it's just too big. Not to mention, I couldn't figure out how to download it.

I don't mind buying it, I just don't want to waste money on crappy software. Does anyone know of some good stuff for this?

A:Good backup software?

backup exec system recovery is pretty good or even they full version of backup exec 12d either or
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Anyone know some good pdf editing software that will edit lines and objects. Something
that can edit pictures and provide text if need. Public domain and free software is prefered
but I might consider purchasing if the software is good.
Thank you,

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Hi All I have recorded some CDs of my own music that I want to put onto my computer and sort as I have various recordings of some songs and I want to find the best one s and delete the rest I don t want to take up alot of space on my computer as software? making MP3 good Any it s a family computer and everyone uses it for various things so i m looking for some software that will burn the songs from the CD into MP format onto my hard Any good MP3 making software? drive I have tried CDEX But this will burn about of the CD and will then say there is a problem and Windows needs to shut it down I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it does the same I have also tried other CDs to see if Any good MP3 making software? it s just mine but still the same problem If anyone has any ideas then I would be very grateful Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi All

I need a good security software for my computer ... Waiting your help

A:I need a good security software


I personally use and love Microsoft's own anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft knows better than anyone else how Windows works, so they can create very fast, efficient programs.

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Just brought my Windows 7 (Home) laptop home from the tech.  Apparently it was infected with malware that corrupted/deleted a number of drivers. 
Machine's working fine now ... but the tech recommended I delete and permanently stop using Waterfox, Scrivener, Rhapsody.  In fact, he went on to say, most of the other programs I work with regularly may be similarly dangerous -- even if I deleted them completely and reinstalled them.  I should also never bank or shop online.
I've been using Windows daily since 3.1.  I do lots of things, but none are weird or shady.  Admttedly, I've run into a few problems, but they are far from a common occurrence.  I'd never heard recommendations anywhere close to these before.
Are such recommended restrictions The New Normal?

A:Good, but Vulnerable Software?

As a matter of fact, inorder to gain revenue from free software, some developers and 3rd party file hosting websites bundle them with unwanted programs like browser toolbars, popups, hijackers etc. I would like to recommend you to create a new post in Am I Infected or Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware removal logs subforums after reading the preparation guide pinned on those subforums.
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Hi. WinXP. I am looking for diagnostic software to tell me if a hard drive, motherboard or other hardware is bad in a given pc. A "tech tool", if you will, that I can use on more than one pc.

Thanks, randy

A:What's a good diagnosis software

randwald said:

Hi. WinXP. I am looking for diagnostic software to tell me if a hard drive, motherboard or other hardware is bad in a given pc. A "tech tool", if you will, that I can use on more than one pc.

Thanks, randyClick to expand...

such software wouldnt be able to tell you if in xp if the harddrive is bad if a harddrive is bad the operating system itself will tell you by becoming corrupt. i know there are little devices that you can plug into a pc like in a pci slot that will diagnos problems
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what is a good software that i can download to use for editing my jpegs?

something that incorporates basic features such as removing red-eye, making pics black and white...

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I'm looking for a good recovery software which can help me do following things.System Restore
Total recovery in case of windows failiure
Data Restoration from external HDDs

That'd be all, i'll appreciate your help.

A:Which recovery software is good ?

All you need is the free Macrium Reflect. I used it and it saved me several times.
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Hi all,

I need some help in finding a good decryption software, some of the networks users encrypted there work and then complain when they can't decrypted there work so if you know any good decrytion software please could you tell me


A:Does anyone know a good decryption software?

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i have a specific need so if anyone has experience maintaining a home budget within a software program would be great to get your feedback i've tried money quicken etc and even though they all say quot automatically track this and that quot they don't work like how i describe below and they're not simple i could use simple here i want a financial program to be able to get my bank account good software financial transaction history and automatically categorize each transaction based on some kind of templatefor example see below table i want to be able to assign quot MCDNLDS quot to the category of quot Fast Food quot and quot E-BAY quot and quot TOYS-R-US quot to the category of quot Shopping quot good financial software so that i don't have to click on each transaction each month to say quot this is that that is this quot etc Date Transaction Debit Credit BalanceAug E-BAY ------ Aug TOYS-R-US ------ Aug MCDNLDS ------ i read a book named quot Automatic Millionaire quot once it absolutely described how i like to manage money no thinking no doing no clicking no checking just set it all up and be on your way now where's the program that does that

A:good financial software

Have you looked at QuickBooks?
I think it will do the categories but it isnt cheap!
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I need some good software for making movies and DVD's from mpeg and avi files. Pretending that money is not an issue what would be the best software out there? Also is there any good freeware or trial software I can use in the meantime.

A:good moviemaking software

Try soemof the Ulead trials, they have a products varying in price from $50 up. Basic authoring would include Movie Factory. Basic editing would include Video Studio which is probably the most comphrehensive all-in-one on the market for the novice.
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hi just want to know whats a good burning software for win 7 x64 please.

thx clembo

A:good burning software

This was passed on to me, and works great, best of all, it's free!

CDBurnerXP: Introduction and News
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Hm not sure whats good to use, to backup files. Whats better to archive with guys, winrar , winzip? For some odd reasons on some on my cd-r discs, some files are corrupt. Would i have to zip them, to protect them. If so, which would you guys suggest best to use.

A:Good software for archiving

Hi Angel,

DO NOT GO NEAR WINRAR. It is full of rubbish. I have previously had problems with it and there is an old thread in TSG somewhere that also suggests WinRAR should be avoided.

Using Win Zip is easy, and it would be the most common zip program in use.

The other alternative is PDF, which can get a little expensive when purchasing the write programs.

What about archiving onto CD's or DVD's. You should be backing up there anyway. It is cheap to do.
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Hi guys,

has anyone ever worked with keyloggers? I need a recommendation. I have found a couple of keylogger on Google, but I've never worked with those programs before. Has anyone ever used one of these keyloggers:

Links removed.

Thank you for your help.

A:I need a good keylogger software - help

Hello ShouldAt3,

Please be informed that assistance in such activities is not condoned in this forum.

From the forum's rules:



You may not ask for assistance with any deemed illegal activities such as but NOT restricted to the following:-

* software pirating
* hacking
* password cracking
* keystroke recording software
We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.


We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.

Sorry, but this thread will be closed.
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Hi All,

Is there any good open source encryption software out there?

Any other software beside true crypt?

A:Any good encryption software

Quote: Originally Posted by saf79

Hi All,

Is there any good open source encryption software out there?

TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux

It's very good you can do entire drives including the boot I believe but not raid...I can't remember for sure.
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Its orite if u laugh at me but ive A Good Software I Backup Need neva used any I Need A Good Backup Software backup for my laptop and desktop before cuz i thought i would neva get infected I am a medium user which i am quite familiar dealing with viruses and malwares which I know which sites not to go and how to get rid of them if i get one neva failed Both my PCs were running at their peak performances until yesterday my laptop's hard drive corrupted badly too old Which i can still use a bootable media but I know i would have to change the hard drive eventually so I am here to ask for a good backup software that can just copy my entire hard drive fast and restore fast even if i cant boot and takes the smallest volume of archive i have done search on backup software but they are all quite similar i cant tell the diff And i am currently using Acronis True Image Home but it takes about gigs to backup my entire hard drive which i cant fit it in my desktop's hard drive is only about gigs any suggestions soz about the long post Also is it possible to boot from an USB pen drive I tried but it didnt work like a CD

A:I Need A Good Backup Software

You'll find that most commercial imaging programs will use up alot of available resources.What about using the Backup Program on XP Home Edition.How to Use the Backup Utility For Windows XP to Back Up Files and folders.
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Hi All,

I do Desktop/ Entry Level Support for a small bank in NJ (12 branches about 125 computers) I am looking for some Network Inventory Software. Some software that can scan every node ( computers/printers) within my domain, and keep track of all assets on the network.

anybody know of any software?

A:Good Inventory Software?

If you are an entry level support person don't you think you should consult the IT director/manager? Especially if you plan on putting anything onto a banking network.
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If anyone could make me a list of usefull things I will need for overclocking, repair, general testing ect

I already have
AND iverdrive
Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows
MSI afterburner
Performance test
If someone could give me more advice/software I would be really happy
Thank you

A:What software is good for repair?

I don't overclock (because I like my CPU ) but here are two threads with tons of free stuff. I'd imagine a mod will move this thread to Custom builds and overclocking where you will get a better response though.

FREE Great Programs for Windows 7 [2]

Free Native 64-bit programs
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I ran furmark for 3 hours loading the gpu 99%. After 3 hours it was running mid 70 degress C. The cpu was saying that it was loaded 99 %. I did notice that it was intel dual core 3.0 ghz 4800 and only one of the processors was being loaded the other was not loaded at all. The symptoms was the unit is shutting down while playing online games. The video card is only a ge force 4800 but it still passed the furmark burn in. I am convinced it is the cpu overheating. Does anyone know of a good stress program that will load both of the cores ? Thanks .

A:good stress software ?

I've run a copy of Prime 95 on each core for CPU stress testing.
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good day.

i would like to know on what software to use to burn music from an audio cd to my hard drive,or directly to my dvd burner.

and software to burn a dvd into my hard drive or to my dvd burner directly also..hope it can be downloaded from the internet for free,or trial.

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Can someone suggest me few good virtual machine backup software? I found this free software called VMBAK provided by a cloud storage company Any feedback on the software? I would like to better alternatives too!

A:Good backup software?

Veeam - they have a free edition too
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I'm currently using DAEMON Tool Lite and am looking for a better alternative. Does anyone know some good ones?

A:Know any good CD / DVD Emulation Software?

Quote: Originally Posted by Microhard

I'm currently using DAEMON Tool Lite and am looking for a better alternative. Does anyone know some good ones?

Virtual Clone by Elby
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Hi,Im looking for a free/not free zoom software ,I want a good one which really zoom the picture .and thanks

A:Looking for a good zoom software

opening a image in your web browser and holding ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel will zoom.

You can also go into the ease of access center in the control panel and activate the windows magnifying glass.
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Just like the topic said... Thankx

A:Anyone know any good accounts software?

Not quite sure what you mean by "accounts" software, but I use Quicken 2006, which I like a lot. There are a lot of specials out there right now where you can get it for free after rebate or at least close to free.
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I was wondering if there is a way to obtain older software, either from a manufacturer or a reseller.

For instance, money is kind of tight these days for myself and I cannot afford the newer versions of various programs... such as Paint Shop, Adobe, Ulead etc...... Their new programs often times can go for hundreds of $$$.

Is there anywhere you can buy outdated and older programs that are still very effective at a lower price? I know sometimes you can do this on Ebay but does the manufacturer ever sell older versions of their software at somewhat aof a discount?

Thanks in advance


A:Buying OLD (but still good) software. Are they still available?
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Since XP only allows backup to floppies, tape, or another hard drive does anyone know of commercial (or free) software that would allow backup (or ghosting) to CD's? Any opinions of such pieces of software? And also, opinions for external or portable hard drives in case I just decide to go that route for backup would be appreciated as well. Thanks for the help.

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Hello again,
Ok, I'm been trying unsuccessfully to burn a Movie, I already try the following softwares...

DVD Decrypter

DVD Shrink 3.2



Does anybody here knows any other good burn DVD software that will do the work??

Thank you guys!!!

A:A Good Burn Dvd Software

No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.this is a very touchy subject almost anywhere in the world, it's better to not ask
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Hey guys, 
Need help from the experts.  Whats the best anti-virus and anti-malware software suite out there for a home user? 
Not looking to break the bank.  Just something reliable that does the job. 

A:Help me buy a good AV/AM software package?

There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone and there is no single best anti-virus. Every vendor's virus lab and program scanning engine is different. Each has has its own strengths and weaknesses and they often use a mix of technologies to detect and remove malware. In many cases choosing an anti-virus is a matter of personal preference, your needs, your technical ability and experience, features offered, user friendliness, ease of updating (and upgrading to new program release), ease of installation/removal, availability of quality/prompt technical support from the vendor and price. Other factors to consider include detection rates and methods, scanning engine effectiveness, how often virus definitions are updated, the amount of resources the program utilizes, how it may affect system performance and what will work best for your system. A particular anti-virus that works well for one person may not work as well for another. You may need to experiment and find the one most suitable for your needs.Here are links to some related discussion topics:Which anti-virus program are you using?Best Free Antivirus?Best Antivirus?Best anti-virus software for windows 8?Looking for recommended anti-virus softwaresWhat is the best antivirus protection?What's the best premium security suite in the market currently?Here are links to BC polls:Poll: Best Antivirus and FirewallPoll: Best Anti-Spyware/Anti-Malware/On-Demand ScannerJust like with anti-virus programs...there is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone and there is no single best anti-malware solution to supplement your existing security protection.If you have not done so already, you may want to read:Choosing an Anti-Virus ProgramSupplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools
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I did a test with my friend and I told him to try connect to my computer using remote assistance and then my Sygate will pick his ip up and then ill backtrace it and see if it actually works. Works out that this did not work. I got his IP and tried tracing him but it gave me some random address that was way far from where my friends computer was.

I was just wondering does anyone know/have any good ip tracking software because I wanna see this work
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i just got out of being inpaitent at a mental health facuility :giddy: and my moms threatening to break into (hire someone to hack my login pass basically) my computer and rid me of my precious music collection. i need a way to keep whoever she pays out for as long as possible. anything that i can use beyond the xp pro login screen will be ok, but if its something powerful that will be better.

i have a bios password too. im worried that my mom can just open my case and have some dude reset my bios. anyway to stop that aside from locking my case (she may have a key...not sure). im thinkging it needs to be as cheap as possible

A:Good Encryption software

Encrypting it will only prevent someone from accessing the music, not from deleting it.
If you are that mad about the music, copy it onto another harddisk, then take it out and hide it in some safe place. Everybody will be happy!
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Does anyone have good hardware diagnostics software for Windows XP (Preferably free/shareware) as I only need to use it once. I want to scan a PC for motherboard/CPU/Memory/HDD problems that don't show up in the event log.


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Hi I was thinkin about attempting to earn a few pounds by completing online surveys..

However, some of them want me to D/L "survey software"

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences by goin down this path?

Comment would be appreciated


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Hello guys, I am starting to get very tired of avg, it seams like it doesn't block anything, i have had swept the computer with avg KNOWING that there were viruses on the drive and avg didn't pick ANYTHING UP. So i need some positive opinions about alternate software. paying a fee is acceptable as long as its no TOO much. Please don't recommend a program unless you have used it yourself for a good amount of time, thanks to all who answer.


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Hello everyone,
I have a AMD Anthlon in which I try to keep in tip top shape, with regards to security and registry problems as well as hardware connections. My question to all of you is, what would be a good firewall product that I can purchase. I have a few good programs install on my computer to keep it running free from spyware, viruses, ect. Programs like spybot, adaware, Norton system works in which work great but I am looking for a good firewall, any suggestions, thanks to all for you help

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I have a Pinnacle PCTV Plus (India version) TV Tuner card.I haven't installed the default drivers for it but a better third party driver from Connexant, so i cannot use its built-in tuner software.could u name a good tv tuner software with preferably FM Radio reception?I'd prefer a freeware but a Trial/Shareware will do.

Thanx in advance.
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i use Microsoft security essential and malwarebyte is microsoft essentials a good software? looking to scan for virus to see if its the cause of websites loading slow in firefox

A:what is a good virus software

Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2016

I use AVG/ZEN Free Edition 2016 and it works well for me. You need a real-time scanner like this
or others mentioned in link above. But you also need a couple scan on-demand scanners because
ONE program does not necessarily catch all the bad guys.
Good luck.
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Does anyone know of (if there is such a thing) of a good free, downloadable program to get rid of excess "junk" on my computer.

Its running rediculoulsy slow, and my usual de-cluttering isnt doing anything anymore..

A:Good Downloadable Software

You can try ccleaner which is free. That can be used to clean temp files, cookies and even clean the registry.

CCleaner - Home
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Can anyone suggest good proxy software?

A:Looking for good proxy software

there's plenty of poxy software out there, its best avoided
oops sorry, you asked about pRoxy software ...
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Under which Technology a good Medical Health care software is develop? Is is good to make user friendly medical health care software? I mean people who use medical software don't need to be software experts. Software usability at the center of medical software developing process.

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I would like some dvd audio software to run my dvd audios. There is something wrong with my dvd audio player from creative and it won't work no matter what. Does anyone know of a good one?
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I recentlly purchased a Server. It will either be accessed by myself directly or via Remote Desktop (From LogMeIn.Com) to set up a client. I would like to encrypt the entire comptuer and everything on it so that the data cannot be stolen as it will contain quite sensitive data. I do not wish to deploy the encryption to other computers or anything because no other comptuers are using it as a server just accessing it to set it up and work on it.

I looked into McAfee total Data Protection but they only offer a minimum of 11 license purchases which is quite expensive. I only need it to encrypt everything on the ONE comptuer and make sure it is really secure.

I am looking for something quite affordable and perferably under $100.00. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.


A:Looking for Good Encryption Software


Is it using Windows 7 Ultimate? If so, you can use the in-built BitLocker:
BitLocker Drive Encryption - Internal Data Hard Drives - Turn On or Off

If not, I recommend trying TrueCrypt - it is free, but highly regarded.

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Each day I need to scan the entire network in our facility for audit failures in the Security Event Logs and for Windows password changes. Does anyone know of any software (preferably free) that can do this and generate a report?

I'm tempted to try to write my own program in Visual Basic that can do this. If you don't know of any existing software, does anyone know what VB commands allow you to read a Windows Event Log?

A:Anyone know of good event log software?

Might take a look at Eventquery.vbs, included with XP and Server 2003
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I'm currently studying hardware at my college but I was considering moving to do software. I have no previous experience of software, but this doesn't bother me as I'm a pretty quick learner. So, is software a good career choice to go for? Thanks for any advice.

A:Software a good area?

If you want to go in Software development field; then you need strong logical and aptitude skills. Start from C, C++; then go for any professional language such as C#, .Net, PHP, Java, python etc

For more software development faqs visit Tech QnA portal
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I hate windows 7 email, I hate RoadRunner Web Mail.
Anything I forward to my husband (he has Seven and I have Vista) disappears and can't be added to the Contacts BECAUSE WE CAN'T FIND THE THE LABEL NAMED "CONTACTS" OR SOMEOTHER FOOLISH NAME.

About all we do is e-mail and downloading. Maybe a letter to the editor or two, and why didn't we keep XP?

I hope someone can recommend an easy e-mail software to buy and maybe we can get on with out lives like before SEVEN.

A:I need a good email software now!

Would recomend either buying Office to get Outlook - or even use something like Mozilla Thunderbird for a free solution!
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There are so many choices out there, which are among the top to buy?

A:Good security software

There are a lot of threads on this. Scroll down a few pages or use the search function. This comes up weekly if not daily here.

Several of the top choices are free.

Random names that get a lot of discussion here:

Free: Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, Malwarebytes

Not free: Symantec, Kapersky

If you mean firewall, I'd guess the most commonly used one is built into Windows 7.
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I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good diagnostic software out there that will analyze windows and or hardware
for troubleshooting purposes? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Any good Diagnostic Software out there?

Hiya and welcome

I used to use Fix-it:

However, some use Norton's SystemWorks:

Are you after freeware/shareware or to purchase? The two above are for purchase.


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could anyone tell me which software is good for website designing ???
and where can i make my own blog and how am i supposed to put a forum box so that i can get feedback from people who visit my website ... and how can i also come to know whose visiting my website and from which country .
thanks in advance ...

A:What's a good web design software?

Wordpress is generally fairly well regarded for blogging, and content related sites, I even use a Wordpress install for my personal website, as it makes adding new pages and changing things a doddle.

As for who's visiting, that sort of information will be available from your hostings admin panel.

Its pretty easy to install on your web server/web hosting as well. I use it for several sites of mine.
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Im just looking for free software that would come in handy, ive found an HEX color finder, Free HI-Q Recorder and AVIScreen
Any free good software post the url here

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Hi guys,

has anyone ever worked with keyloggers? I need a recommendation. I have found a couple of keylogger on Google, but I've never worked with those programs before. Has anyone ever used one of these keyloggers:

Thank you for your help.

A:I need a good keylogger software - help

Why would you need to use a Keylogger? Kind of an odd request, and I'm weary to answer seeing that you could use this type of software for illegal purposes.

You've never posted here before. And just spring up asking for Keylogger recommendations.

Bit dodgy if you ask me.