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Optimizing vista for gaming - windows indexing ?

Q: Optimizing vista for gaming - windows indexing ?

Hey guuys trying to tweak vista the best that i can for stable gaming..

Ive read quite a bit on windows indexing, how it speeds up your searches of your hardrive or storage space...

but how would turning it off improve performance ? i dont understand that part , is it gunna make much difference at all ? is it pointless ? will i even notice a difference..

apoligies for the simple questions, im a simple person :)

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Preferred Solution: Optimizing vista for gaming - windows indexing ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Optimizing vista for gaming - windows indexing ?

This article explains how to disable indexing.
Speed Up or Disable Windows Search Indexing in Vista - How-To Geek

But don't expect much from it. Indexing only runs occasionally so unless it is running this setting will do nothing. When it is running the impact on performance depends on many factors.

You can find tweaks all over the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them have little effect and some are harmful.
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Hi I'd like to do whatever I can to optimize my laptop for gaming Here are my specs System manufacturer Model HP DV US Operating system Windows Vista Home Processor AMD Turion tm X Mobile Technology TL- GHZ System type -bit OS Direct X DirectX c GFX card NVIDIA GeForce M nForce M Memory GB DDR RAM DIMM KB KB L Cache microprocessor cache Hard-drive GB rpm Would switching from Vista to XP make a difference The only game I really play is Combat Arms and I've been experiencing a lot of ingame lag lately gaming? Optimizing PC my for Not internet related I even used the website systemrequirementslab might be better known as quot Can You Run It quot Optimizing my PC for gaming? to test my laptop for minimum specs on Combat Arms and it basically said I Optimizing my PC for gaming? passed the quot Recommended quot test with flying colors Why am I lagging I x-out of everything else before Optimizing my PC for gaming? gaming but somehow I'm still being slowed down Yes I do have an antivirus program but it doesn't take up much processing power at all No it doesn't scan on its own regularly I did a HijackThis scan and nothing looks out of the ordinary so I don't think it is spyware or anything like that Any ideas on what I could do Edit I noticed my HDD speed is rather than if I used my external hard-drive for Combat Arms might that be faster I think the RPM is

A:Optimizing my PC for gaming?

To get an idea what your computer would be like with XP try running it in classic mode for a while.
Up until 2 weeks ago that is how I ran mine and it was fast.

Control panel, personaliziation, theme, classic.
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Hey all So quick question I have this thing called Rainmeter and it basically takes up a lot of memory processing power when I run it and when I turn on a game I would like to have rainmeter paused or disabled automatically when I run said game If you don t know what rainmeter is it lets you do this to your desktop http img imageshack us img futurewar jpg A lot of those things are reactive like monitoring your computer s drive space processor usage and temp network usage etc Which bring my processor usage when idle from - to - and my Physical memory goes up to - So im looking for a program which would basically Optimizing Gaming pause these applications AKA still have them but they arent recording or moving or reacting to anything so that they dont use up memory and processor space I know I could just exit out the rainmeter Optimizing Gaming exe process every time but it takes almost a minute to start rainmeter back up and load all of my objects on my desktop which isnt convenient I would just prefer to pause them Thanks nbsp Optimizing Gaming

A:Optimizing Gaming

Unless you write the application yourself, and Rainmeter doesn't create one, you probably aren't going to find one out there. A similar program by Stardock, called Object Desktop (Windowblinds and DesktopX) does something like that when a program is full screen, but Stardock is the company that created the Microsoft Windows desktop in the first place.

Good luck in your search.

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I recently turn on indexing for certain areas like users and start menu but it temporarily slows the games down when its indexing.

Is there any tuning I could do to alleviate this? I would like to keep indexing but maybe make it not index when gaming.

A:Indexing and Gaming

Once indexing is turned on, it index's everything including games. I know of now way to set it to only inext stuff like applications.

To totally shut off the indexing service, click the start menu if using classic start menu and select control panel. Then if using classic control panel, open Administrative Tools, then double click Services and scroll down to Windows Search, right click it and select properties.

On the General tab for Windows Search properties, set the startup type to Disabled and click apply. However in your case try setting the startup type to manual and click apply.

Windows Search handles the indexing service, and I don't use or have a need for it at all.
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Hi Guys This is my very first post on Windows Vista Forums and Ultimate 64-bit Gaming Windows Vista and Gaming Compatibility I am eager to get into this thread First off Windows Vista Ultimate is the very best you can buy for gaming This features the bit OS version which can process GB of RAM at top speeds you can find in a new OS I would definitely recommend this OS for gaming and none other Now on to the main part of my thread Compatibility Gaming This is the most discussed issue for gamers across the US The problem is how do you get games to work specifically older games on Windows Vista Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Gaming and Compatibility Gaming Ultimate Well there are solutions You could wait until the company of the game makes a OS patch for the game although that could take a while You could go into the game files and put the game into compatibility mode for your OS And You could revert back to an older OS that works for your game Which one would you choose I would choose They are always going to make games work on a newer OS Lets take the game Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth amp Electronic Arts EA has already made a patch for those two that will have more chance of running on Vista If doesn't work then it's the type of computer hardware you are using The hardware would guarantee be outdated In that case just get more recent hardware It's not that difficult With a bit of research common sense and problem solving skills you can get gaming compatibility issues out of your hair I hope this thread has helped a couple of you out there Sincerely alienware Think I helped you out Click the scales Give me some rep Thanks

A:Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Gaming and Compatibility Gaming

Very Smart Post!
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Hi all I use an animation program called Poser and to say it is processor hungry would be a MASSIVE understatment I have a brand new PC its a PackBell I-xtreme It has an intel core quad Q Ghz chip set with gig of ram and gig of HD and i am running bit Vista Premium Now then it also have an Nvida Poser 7 and Vista optimizing card which uses gig shared memory and has a dedicated mb on board So thats the gear the program uses complex wire frame characters and very detailed texture mapps to create very realistic renders either animated or stills for Poser 7 and optimizing Vista artistic application All in all its a bloody good program but I have been told that Poser only uses processor although i cant confirm that When i have been applying texures the memory of the PC seems to fill up and unless i save and close Poser ends up telling me there isnt enough memory to load the textures frustrating Also The program would sometimes crash just opening it but this has been resolved by someone descovering that in the Nvidia controll panel the threaded optmising should be set to ON rather then just default Auto this has indeed stopped the program crashing What i would like to know is can i optmise my PC or Vista to give Poser more Power Ram Cache or something I am not too good with the tech side of things so if you have any ideas please use quot -ed talk quot so i can undestand Just one last thing I do weekly virus scans defrag updates etc so i would like to think my PC is running ok Thankyou in advance for any suggestions Kindest regards Vale P S here is a link for some info about Poser http shop smithmicro com v -img operations smicro site poser poseruk html nbsp

A:Poser 7 and optimizing Vista

As the video card has both shared and dedicated memory, I would try to disable the SHARED.
This will reduce the interaction on your installed 3gig of ram.
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Hi All!

I'd be interested to know who apart from me has adjusted/tweaked their 'Vista Service' settings as per's recommendations/suggestions and what has been your experience doing this?

Please refer to the link below for more information:

Warmest regards

Neil (Mr Smiley)

A:Optimizing Vista Services

Hi Mr. Smiley,

I used it along with SpeedyVista and had no problems with using the recommendations. Of course, a person needs to aware of what they will and will not be using before hand.

Windows Vista Services Explained

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Nvidia nForce Networking Controller - Phoenix AwardBIOS v PG Vista Ultimate gig RAM Corsair Quadcore mb rated connection with Northland Cable GA USA Webstar Cable Modem DPC R series No Router - Hardlined I Download my 64 Vista Optimizing Speed? speed test at pretty much exactly mb Optimizing my Download Speed? Vista 64 Max download speed is kbs when downloading via torrent or direct link I am noticing huge disparities when downloading files compared to friends with similar locations ISPs downloading simultaneously the same file They will be getting - kb s when I am chugging along at kb s I hear this is a priority thing any settings that I can optimize Also a friend downloading from Los Angeles will be getting kb s when downloading from a server located in Optimizing my Download Speed? Vista 64 New Jersey and myself in Georgia will be getting kb s just doesn t seem right even if he is next to a hub and I am not My Network Adapter Settings Flow Control -------------------------------- Disabled Interrupt Moderation -------------------- Enabled IP Checksum Offload -------------------- RX amp TX Enabled Jumbo Packet Optimizing my Download Speed? Vista 64 ----------------------------- bytes Large Send Offload V IPv ----------- Enabled Large Send Offload V IPv ------------Enabled Large Send Offload V IPv ------------ Enabled Low Power State Link Speed ------------ Disabled Network Address ---------------------------- Not Set Priority amp VLAN ------------------------------ Disabled Receive Side Scaling ----------------------- Enabled Speed amp Duplex Settings ----------------- Autonegotiate for FD what does this mean TCP Checksum Offload IPv ----------- RX amp TX Enabled IPv ------------------------------ RX amp TX Enabled UDP Checksum Offload IPv ----------- RX amp TX Enabled IPv --------------------------------- RX amp TX Enabled VLAN Id ------------------------------------------- WakeonLAN from PowerOff --------------- Disabled nbsp
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Has anyone else noticed this as well? Say I want to use a 1280x1024 .bmp for my desktop wallpaper. If I right click > Set as Desktop Background, it seems like the applied wallpaper is not in fact my original .bmp, but it is a compressed .jpg located in

C:\Users\(me)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows Photo Gallery

If I view the Properties of the picture, I can definitely tell that it's been optimized at a lower size and that it's been converted into a jpeg. The reason I'm concerned is because the optimized image shows typical jpeg artifacting around bright edges, which is of course, undesirable .

<< like those on my avatar around the edges of the text

What is the cause of this optimization process, and how can I get around it? Thanks in advance.

A:Vista Keeps Jpeg-Optimizing My Wallpapers to look Ugly!

I noticed I also have this problem when I make my own wallpapers, but If i set them as my background directly from the web it does not do this.
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Hey Guys I love this site with all the great help here I have a Vista Home Premium bit on my Toshiba laptop There is GB of Ram I have performed a complete system recovery due to very slow performance and frustrating freezing episodes My first question is Without having to buy additional RAM are there things I can do to lower the demand on Ram use to make the system more efficient with less freezing and crashing My second question is what is the recommended sequence of steps to restore the computer after the recovery i e antivirus java updates adobe updates driver updates and any other necessary updates My third question is Premium Advice optimizing 32 Home for Vista what is the recommended method to insure total update of all drivers applications software etc is there free software to download all the updates besides the Windows Update provided for by Vista My fourth and final question is my C drive Advice for optimizing Vista Home Premium 32 does not have a recovery partition I want to create a partition for system recovery instead of using recovery discs Is there a way to create a recovery partition using available free software Can anyone tell me what all I need and the steps used Advice for optimizing Vista Home Premium 32 to create a recovery partition that works from when I reboot the system into a recovery mode Thank you in advance for any help you can provide You guys are great and very appreciated

A:Advice for optimizing Vista Home Premium 32

Originally Posted by mojowon

Hey Guys,

I love this site with all the great help here. I have a Vista Home Premium 32 bit on my Toshiba laptop. There is 1 GB of Ram. I have performed a complete system recovery due to very slow performance and frustrating freezing episodes.

My first question is: 1) Without having to buy additional RAM, are there things I can do to lower the demand on Ram use to make the system more efficient with less freezing and crashing?
Speed Up the Performance of Vista

My second question is: 1) what is the recommended sequence of steps to restore the computer after the recovery (i.e., antivirus, java updates, adobe updates, driver updates, and any other necessary updates).

Update SPs and any windows updates including Security updates, update drivers (for software etc) The rest can be done as needed.

My third question is: 2) what is the recommended method to insure total update of all drivers, applications, software, etc. (is there free software to download all the updates besides the Windows Update provided for by Vista?)
There is software but it is not recommened.What I do, at a convenient schedule is to go to search and type cmd, in cmd type driverquery. You will see all your drivers and dates. Any older than 2008 should be updated.

My fourth and final question is 3) my C drive does not have a recovery partition. I want to create a partition for system recovery instead of using recovery discs. Is there a way to create a recovery partition using available free software. Can anyone tell me what all I need and the steps used to create a recovery partition that works from when I reboot the system into a recovery mode?
You do not need a a recovery partition, there is something better. Download the free macrium reflect. On an external hard drive make a back up of your hard drive. If you update it once a month, you will have a current back up and will not have to reinstall anything.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. You guys are great and very appreciated.

Hope this helps
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I solved error 3100 invalid handle by going into task manager and end prosess windows search index and reboot and my pc in vista .Been trying to fix for a month and reading blogs ect.
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Hello, I am trying to figure out how to fix up my indexing options for the search function. The indexing options control panel item indicates that 11,000+ items are indexed. I want to reduce this to speed up searching and indexing itself.

The indexed locations I have are:
Start Menu
Internet Explorer History
and something called oneindex://{s-1-5-21-blahblahblah

My Internet Explorer History is cleared. My start menu definitely doesn't have 11,000+ items, so the culprit must be the oneindex:// location. What is this and how can I remove it?

  My System Specs
You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ...

OS Vista Ultimate x64
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After noticing some issues with Libraries performing the way they should, I discovered that Indexing services are started, but Indexing Options in the Control Panel says that indexing is not running.
Suggestions are welcome.
KenKen Kimbrough

A:Indexing Service is started but indexing Options says it's not.

Seems to be related to the index. Go to Control Panel > System & Maintenance > Indexing Options and in the Advanced Options you click on Restore Defaults and also Rebuild Index. Click OK and then try to start the service.Blogging about Windows for IT pros at
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I am trying to index an external hard drive. It has take a day so far and it hasn't moved past a certain point for a few hours 1,787,175. How can I fix this. How can I found out which file is causing the indexing program to freeze. Once I get it fixed how can I make indexing run faster. It takes quite a bit of time so I'm willing to devote more system resources to speed it up. Also, I noticed there is a way to narrow the index by file type. There are a few hundred. Is there a way to deselect them all really quickly or is it absolutely necessary to unclick them all, which will take 5 minutes!!!

A:How can I fix Indexing freeze and make Indexing run faster.

Could be it's being stalled by corrupted files. I'd right-click the drive icon, choose Properties, click the Tools tab and do the Error-checking choosing the full/complete. It requires shutting the computer down then should run when starting up [I don't use Restart for this]. Following that one could defrag the drive, Piriform's Defraggler tends to do better than the built-in application.
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Hi everyone.

My father recently purchased a new Toshiba notebook pre-loaded with Vista. This is my first experience with the OS, but I have been using WDS on my computer for awhile.

WDS was working fine, and then on the 29th of June it stopped indexing Outlook! It still indexes everything else. The PSTs are open and loaded in Outlook 2003. I went and told it to stop indexing Outlook, closed out of Indexing Options, then went back in and re-selected Outlook to try and kick its brain back into gear. No dice.

The only thing I can think of that I did on the 29th was to set up file sharing. Since I wanted to share the root of his C: drive, I needed to do some finagling. I found a site with some step-by-step instructions on doing this, so I'm pretty sure I did exactly what's outlined here.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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The first thing I did when I got my new laptop was index the quot my files quot folder so that it could search the contents of wordperfect files This would be such a great improvement since this isn t possible with my desktop computer on XP even Indexing Wordperfect Vista Problems Google Desktop has never been able to find anywhere near all the documents containing words I am looking for UNFORTUNATELY it would seem that certain wordperfect files that I edit during the day get REMOVED from Vista s searching engine When I do a search of quot My Files quot after a hard day s work only about half the files I have modified appear in the search window annoying since I always back up my day s work on the thumbdrive Likewise if I search for words contained in documents even file names Vista WILL NOT SEARCH about half the documents I have modified The ONLY thing I can figure is that while Vista is updating the index in the background it blocks anything that I happen to have open in Wordperfect Vista Indexing Problems Wordperfect at the time This is my theory since the files that get blocked tend to be ones I have had open for longer durations of time Does anyone have a recommendation Is it possible say to TELL Vista when to update its index so that it would incorporate the new material after I ve closed Wordperfect Or could something Vista Indexing Problems Wordperfect else be afoot nbsp
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I was surprised when running a search to find that I was given details of files Help. from Index Vista Cannot stop indexing everything. that were on external drives that Help. Cannot stop Vista Index from indexing everything. had been connected at different times but no longer were I presumed first that these files were selected to be indexed by default but when I checked they had not been I am wondering why and how details of files on these drives appear It seems almost as though the system indexes everything by default As an experiment I rebuilt the index which I understood would remove all existing records of files etc and then rebuild only the the selected locations which do not include these drives I then connected the drives again Once the indexing options tab showed indexing complete I tried the search once more I found I could search for the same files and locate them as before I am wondering why details of files on these drives appear although the drives are not selected on the indexed locations and how I rectify the situation Nothing so far appears to stop the system indexing everything

A:Help. Cannot stop Vista Index from indexing everything.

Hello Phmc,

You can use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to select to turn off the Index for a selected drive.

Index - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,
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I have the RTM of both programs, though previously I had beta of Office 2007
on this machine (removed, then RTM installed).

Every time I try to do a search in Outlook, it complains that the index
isn't completed. When I check the indexed items waiting, I find that the
number never changes unless I receive new mail, in which case it goes up with
the new mail. If I do a rebuild, it finishes successfully, and everything
works, until I get additional mail.

Any ideas?

A:Indexing problem with Vista and Outlook 2007

I'm having the same issue and it's been going on for a long time. I have rebuilt the index using the indexing option in control panel and it shows "complete" but when I try to search in Outlook 2007, it tells me that "the search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed". Arrrgh... Were you able to get it fixed? Thanks.
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I have always un-ticked Indexing in XP Pro (to speed up overall system performance) and search/find worked by actually searching the hard drive/folder. But in Vista when I turn off Indexing, search does not work at all. It doesn't list any search results at all, it doesn't even attempt to search through the drive/folder. Is that normal?

A:Does Vista Require Indexing for Search to Work?

Hello Hammerdown,

Normally when you disable the Index in Vista, Vista will just default to searching with a non-index search. Check you search settings to see if they are similar to how it is set in the tutorial below to see if that is why you are not having any search results.

Search Options

This may be useful as well.

Advanced Search

Hope this helps,
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Hello everyone I am trying to find out if you can Index a website on Vista Ultimate bit service pack IIS using indexing vista Indexing a 32bit on website ultimate services I have a website set up and I have indexing services enabled I have created a catalog and then tried to go to the properties of the catalog to click Indexing a website on vista ultimate 32bit on the tracking tab and select the web site I want to index from the WWW server dropdownlist but Indexing a website on vista ultimate 32bit it will never stay selected I can select the web site in the WWW Server dropdownlist and then click apply and then OK but as soon as I go back in to properties to see if the website is still selected it losses its setting and the WWW Server dropdownlist has a blank value I was under the impression that if you set the website you want to index in catalogs properties tracking tab that Indexing service would automatically add the virtual directory for my web site to the directories listed in the catalog that are to be indexed by Indexing Service This never happens I have tried setting it and stopping the index service and restarting it but I can never get the value to stay set in the tracking tab WWW Server dropdownlist Can you index a website on Vista ultimate hosted on IIS I can create a catalog and index regular directory path C indexthis mycontent without a problem but I need to index a web sites virtual path directory Is Indexing a website on vista ultimate 32bit there a way to add a virtual Path directory manually Any help would be great as I have been stuck on this for days

A:Indexing a website on vista ultimate 32bit

Okay here is the answer as to why.
Hi Scott,

As Syed mentioned, Index Services is still included as an optional role in Windows Server 2008. You cannot index Internet Information Services (IIS) Web sites in Windows Server 2008 because of the design changes that were made to IIS 7.0. The catalog that you use for the Indexing Service still has the Tracking tab. However, the catalog does not save any changes that you make to the WWW Server setting. To work around this issue, add the Web site folders to the catalogs in the Indexing Service snap-in as physical folders. Then, edit the scope registry entries for the folders. To make the scope return a virtual path, change the value from ,,5 to ,,3 .

For more information, please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
954822 How to install and configure the Indexing Service on a Windows Server 2008-based computer;EN-US;954822
Laura Zhang - MSFT
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I'am new to this forum and would like to ask is there any complete guide for customization and tweaking Windows 7 after clean install? Sorry if there is another topic like that,

A:Optimizing Windows 7

Hi Alex and Welcome

General consensus is that Windows 7 is pretty well optimised as shipped, It does not really need a lot of tweaking to run well, the services circus that was such a part of the XP experience is not needed, and things such as memory usage is better than ever, although it is different from what has gone before.

Saying this there is a wealth of customisation possibilities in the customisation section and a lot of tutorials in the collection here - as for optimisations a search of the subject here provides lots of food for thought

Search Results for optimise windows 7

Hope this helps, any questions you have can be posted directly in the relevant sections, ether as a post in an existing thread or a new thread,(which may get quicker response)
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For some background I have Windows Vista installed on one partition of my hard disk and Windows XP installed on the other Media Player and Media Center on the Vista Vista indexing extra folders Center Media partition are both configured to index just the Pictures Music etc folders for the Vista users In Media Player this works just as you d expect it to - the Picture library only shows pictures in those folders Problem is in Media Center the Picture Library has all those folders there as well as quot Local Disk D quot Vista Media Center indexing extra folders - the partition XP is on Somehow it s managed to index the entirety of the disk without any instruction from me It s not a huge Vista Media Center indexing extra folders problem seeing it there - it can be ignored easily enough - but then when I start a slideshow I have to deal with seeing slide after slide of temporary and system images from XP and the programs installed for it - icons help files screenshots etc How can I keep the partition out of Media Center s library nbsp
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I m running Vista Home Premium on suddenly halt ground has (search a to Vista indexing?) a system I built two months ago specs in my signature Have had a few bugs here and there but nothing too serious until three days ago when I turned it on and nothing happened I am often getting stuck on a blank black screen after the BIOS flashes by but before Windows displays its splash screen Sometimes it will boot all Vista suddenly has ground to a halt (search indexing?) the way into windows after about minutes but then every single Vista suddenly has ground to a halt (search indexing?) task takes two to three minutes to complete For example click on Vista orb wait seconds menu pops up Press control-alt-delete wait minutes get to the menu Click on Vista suddenly has ground to a halt (search indexing?) Start Task Manager wait minutes task manager appears Click on processes tab wait one minute switches to processes tab You get the picture right now I m two seconds from throwing the whole thing out the window in frustration There was however a glimmer of hope Once there was an error message that said something like search indexing had failed and after acknowledged that error my computer ran fine for ten minutes before grinding to a halt again I m not sure how that helps me I ve also tried booting from the Vista DVD to repair reinstall Vista and start from scratch but the same slow down happens and I can t even get in to Vista on the CD Once it got as far as displaying a screen that said Windows files are loading but there it was stuck Please help I m at my wit s end nbsp

A:Vista suddenly has ground to a halt (search indexing?)

have you looked ion device manager to see if drives are running in "pio mode"?
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I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I was looking around and noticed that Windows 10 optimize drives, is schedule to optimize (defragment) my solid state drive. I have always been under the impression that defragmenting a solid state drive, is not advised. Has this changed?

A:Is Windows 10 Optimizing My SSD Drive

What this does is run the Trim command to wipe blocks which are no longer in use.
It does not actually defrag the drive.
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I've updated to Windows 10 and wanted to know how I can confirm my PC is optimized for performance. I'm running a free version of Avast Anti-Virus and after the last scan it identified the issues in the files I attached. Are these issues legit? If so could someone walk me through on how to resolve them?
I was also looking at software that benchmarks your PC. Would also like feedback on whether this type of software is the best way of optimizing your PC. 

A:Optimizing Performance in Windows 10

BleepingComputer does not support any sort of registry cleaners, they can do more harm than good.
Wise Disk Cleaner would be more than enough (check my signature).
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Hi all,

Just installed Windows 2000 on a couple of my home PCs. There are so many tweak sites out there, that I get conflicting info on which optimizations are most important.

What would you all recommend for me to do to optimize my systems? For instance, some sites said to set the paging file on my fastest drives (I have 3 HD's in each pc). While others said to place the paging file on the first partition of the C: drive.

Some sites recommended setting the paging file to Memory + 64MB, while others said to set it equal to my amount of memory. While I was going through MCSE training, my instructor said you should set it to 2 1/2 times your memory, and to set the minimum size and maximum size to the same value.

Should I put a paging file on each drive? What if each hard drive has two or three logical drives? Should I put a paging file on each logical drive?

Any and all suggestions are much appreicated. Thank you!


A:optimizing windows 2000

Heck, if you have a gig of memory, you may never need the paging file unless you are working with some pretty large files.
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Hey guys,

I was wondering what 'Services' in MSconfig are unnecessary? Here's a list of mine:

(I'd like to get rid of any extraneous stuff even though it may not make much a difference.)

A:Optimizing Windows (Services)

Hi -

Why do you want to know what ones are necessary and which are not? I'm just curious.
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I was just browsing around the forum for tips on optimizing and making sure my PC is running at it's very best possible when I ran into an article that explained that registry cleaners do more harm than [SOLVED] Windows Optimizing they do good for your computer I continued my reading and ended up reading many articles and I can honestly say that I will [SOLVED] Optimizing Windows not use registry cleaners anymore and understand the reasoning behind [SOLVED] Optimizing Windows doing so But in the process of doing this research I was constantly asking myself quot If I was wrong about registry cleaners what else have I been wrong about quot in terms of PC optimization tools That's what led me to make this thread I would like to post an image of my computer's [SOLVED] Optimizing Windows installed software and perhaps conjure up an opinion from you all of what to keep and what to ditch as well as what I should begin using that you experienced users may recommend or if Windows even requires any external software to make it run smoothly since I read somewhere that most of the essential tools are pre-loaded in the OS Feel free to suggest me to make any other changes remove any other software you deem unfit to have installed Here goes

A:[SOLVED] Optimizing Windows

First off do NOT use registry cleaners at all! Like you read they cause more harm then any good plus any improvement is so small you can't tell.

Second uTorrent is a P2P software I recommend removing it as it will bring viruses to your computer.

Here is a list of the following that you should remove:
Auslogics BoostSpeed
Avast! Free Antivirus - And download Microsoft Security Essentials
ESET Online Scanner v3
ImageShack uploader
Java - Or atleast update to Java Version 7 Update 7. An out-dated Java is never a good thing.
Malwarebyte Anti-Malware - You don't need 3 anti-virus programs.
All of those can be removed and will help on speeds.

Also please read these:

Is your PC running slow...?
PC Safety and Security - What Do I Need?
Windows 7 Tips and Tools | Tech Support Forum
How to maintain a Safe, Healthy, and Fast Web Browser | Tech Support Forum
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Basically I'm at a stalemate with myself. I know well about Vista's issues - but what I'm wondering is from a gaming point of view. I'm currently running Windows XP Professional SP2 (my Win7 disc is 64 bit only and won't run on this rig 'till I upgrade the CPU =( ) and essentially I'm wondering - is Vista any better for gaming? For the record, I've an ATi Radeon HD 4350 graphics card.

A:Windows XP to Vista - Better for gaming?

This board is not for support or advice running Windows Vista, hence the name Windows 7 Forums.
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I have HP Notebook with Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit and 4Gb ram. When i Watch my system I only see 3 gb ram. I read that all the 4gb is still there, but the 1gb what is not shown is used by OS. When i play games, does my computer uses all 4gb or only the 3gb that is shown? Does 32-bit windows take down my gaming performance?

A:Windows Vista 32-bit and Gaming

See if the following article helps explain why you are not seeing the full 4GB RAM in a 32-bit Vista system: The system memory that is reported in the System Information dialog box in Windows Vista is less than you expect if 4 GB of RAM is installed. Seeing 3.2-3.3 GB is common and not indicative of a problem with your system (nor is there much you can do to change this).

I don't know if gaming performance is better with 64-bit systems or 32-bit systems if both have the same amount of RAM installed and the same video cards (with the same RAM on the cards) and the same other hardware performance characteristics (like the speed of the hard drive, the refresh rate limits of the monitor, and other such things). I suspect the 64-bit system may be a little faster all other things equal on some games and no different on others but that's just an educated guess (assuming you have a 64-bit processor and motherboard). Of course, if you add more RAM to the 64-bit system (something you can't do with a 32-bit system) and increase RAM on your video card, you will probably see some improvement - if the rest of your system can handle it and all the other devices are "enhanced" so nothing is causing a bottleneck (like maybe a slow monitor or something like that).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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I believe in freeware and portable applications, being me running from place to place, fixing computers with nothing but a flash with well above 100 apps, a Windows LivePE, and an external to back up data if needed. I know many useful tools already in windows that can speed up your computer, and to fix quick problems. Lately, as some of my apps become a bit outdated, i've been looking for new apps that may have not been recommended to me for Optimization, any helpfull apps would be appreciated

also, it doesn't have to be only about optimization, if there's any apps you frequently use, then tell me

Just remember, free and portable

--edit, some antivirus i dont know about would be nice

A:Looking For good optimizing software, for all windows OS's

Red try this for a quicky Optimize Windows 7

some good and easy tips here I like it and use it for my own and fixes

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Hi guys I came across an interesting article called quot Windows Way Smarter With Graphics RAM quot - Found here Windows Way Smarter With Graphics RAM - Tom's Hardware They talk about WDDM Drivers version and how Windows uses these drivers to manage ram and video ram differently from Vista and how it makes much more efficient use of your ram What are these WDDM drivers Are they built into Windows and do they really help I am confused on this The article mentions Direct X - Are these Direct X drivers and Do you need a newer video card that supports DX and to make this work I need to know soon because I am planing on getting a new video card in less than a month This will be Gigabyte card but I am not sure if it will be an ATI or Nvidia - Price and functionality will determine 7 for - Memory Help Optimizing Video Windows I am trying to get the best performance out of my system as possible Currently my system specks are Motherboard- ECS GF VT-M CPU Type Intel Pentium MHz Optimizing Windows 7 for Video Memory - Help x With Hyper-threading listed in Everest as Cedar Mills Motherboard ID nVidia MCP Multi CPU CPU Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz MHz And CPU Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz MHz Someone please clear this up for me this does Not mean I have physical processors but processor with cores Is that correct Confused Socket type Contact LGA Instruction Set x x - MMX SSE SSE SSE Gigabytes of DDR SDRam American Megatrends BIOS Version Video Adapter ATI Radeon HD Pro RV - PCI Express with MB Video Ram older card made for direct-X However in Everest it does say Direct X hardware support Confused GB SATA Hard drive running Win Bit with SATA Mode in ACHI Enabled I enabled ACHI Mode to be sure I get all of the functionality for speed out of my drive as it' capable of Can someone please give me advice on the above and answer my confusion on my system specs Also is there anything in Bios I can change settings wise I want to replace my processor - not sure if I want to replace the motherboard made in January of and the processor together or just the pocessor Price is a big factor - Just can't afford it yet I also use a program called Game Booster to defrag my PC games folders and system memory just before I start a game I play a lot of PC games So far I have not played any games that require a DX or higher video card - I do not know that I can with my system processor I will accept all advice on Bios or Windows Settings - Virtual Ram settings - And also on video cards under and replacing my Motherboard and or processor- preferably under Please offer advice I want this machine to be the best I can get it with what I have to work with until I can get everything upgraded Thank You

A:Optimizing Windows 7 for Video Memory - Help

WDDM stands for Windows Display Driver Model and does not require a new card per-say. However the manufacture most supply WDDM complaint drivers. Windows Display Driver Model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Norton SysWorks Pro Ed performed a scheduled optimization It automatically rebooted but stalled with Windows won't load after Norton optimizing I hit the reset button The Dell logo then the Windows ME screen popped up but after that came the black screen with the Warning that Win did Windows won't load after optimizing with Norton not finish loading on last attempt and offering reboot options I chose SAFE MODE and after that NORMAL but in neither case would Windows load I also tried the VERIFY EACH STEP but the computer would start grinding away and stop at a certain point leaving a black screen amp blinking non-responsive cursor The computere DID recognize the hardware amp peripherals each time I tried rebooting from the A Win ME Startup Disk but the Help did not help Scandisk all found no errors scanreg restore came back with a quot Bad Command quot message I did get a couple of messages to the effect that drive C had no valid FAT or FAT partition and when I tried to reinstall WinME one that said quot cannot create a temporary directory If you have HPFS or NTFS installed you will need to create an MS-DOS boot partition to set up Windows quot I started to do that but backed out because I was afraid i might make things worse Also i turned the computer off completely after each failed effort then turned it back on Sorry for being so verbose - I am trying to be as specific as possible - am at my wits end Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer Gratefully A Elmwood Dell Pentium desktop G hard drive Windows ME Norton System Works Pro Ed nbsp

A:Windows won't load after optimizing with Norton

I meant to ask: Would the problem be with the fact t hat Norton closed the WinRegistry before it started the optimizing routine? It was supposed to re open it when it rebooted the system

A. Elmwood again
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I was wondering if windows vista business would be any good for gaming (flightsims) or would I be better with home basic or XP? If I was getting windows bussiness would I be better with 32bit or x64?
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Hi. My name is misty. I just bought a pc that has windows vista on it. I have a hp pavilion slimline. My problem is that online games runescape and pogo are no longer working. i can get runescape to pull up and play but it lags really bad and pogo will not let us play but one game. it refuses to let us open any other games. i need some serious help. this windows vista has beaten me and its becoming more of a problem than a blessing. please help

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I know that I've seen a handful of threads on this subject, but I can't seem to locate any of them (or any specific information at least).
I have a clean installation of Windows 7 Home SP1 on a client PC. The network adapter drivers were supported out-of-box, so I have done nothing to this installation except enabling Microsoft Update (to receive updates for other products in addition to Windows)
and checking for updates. It has been scanning for new updates for about three hours now and I am well aware that this is not an unusual experience.
I know that some admins have figured out how to optimize the process by downloading and installing specific updates manually before letting the automatic process run. .NET and IE11 being the updates that come to mind. Does anyone know exactly which updates
to download and install and in what order to keep this system moving along installing updates?
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Is windows vista home premium good for gameing? I have over 2000 memory, over 200 GB free. Every thing is greate on my computer but..... my graphics card. I went to curcuit city to get my computer and i told them i want a good gaming computer package. Why would they give me a computer with a horrible video card? Im scared to put a new video card into my computer. I dont want to breake any thing. I know how to open up computers im just scared to put new device in. Help please???

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So i am having issues with searching for programs and files on my computer. At first i thought it just wasnt finding things on my D: drive(storage). But now ive recently installed origin on to my C: drive and i search for it but it does not find anything. Any ideas on what i can do to solve this? Ive attached pictures showing my windows index, my search in cortana, and the fact that origin is indeed installed(it does this with more than just origin though)
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I was having trouble with searching in outlook so I turned on windows indexer.
My computer slowed down so much I thought it was a virus and it was frozen.
I scanned with AVG then uninstalled AVG and installed windows new virus scanner scanned with that scanned with superantispyware.
No viruses!!
Then I checked memory and processor and I was not using a lot but the computer was still amost frozen when I would load firefox or outlook.

I shut off indexer and I can now use my computer again but there is still a pause when I click to open firefox where the computer does not respond.
Any ideas what I can do to get my computer back to normal?

Thanks in advance

A:windows xp indexing

Oh one other thing
I used ccleaner to clean
I went into system restore and I had a lot of restore points. I was going to do that but when I went back I had lost my restore points and only had one....!!!!
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There a lot of old threads on indexing, none of them seem to address my problem.

Windows works perfectly except that it doesn't index anything.
No results from the Start button Search function and no results when using the File Explorer search box.

Results always show "0 items indexed, Indexing complete" in the indexing options.
I don't think I have overlooked anything obvious and have been trying to fix this for months.
I've checked all the indexing options and performed numerous rebuilds.
I've use the Fix-It tool and the Windows troubleshooter.

I could really use some imaginative ideas on this one. Is it a missing or broken registry setting perhaps.


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How do I delete this application, it was installed as an upgrade to XP and I do not find it helpful but very time consuming when booting.
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I use windows live mail client for my email, is there any way to get the start menu search to search my emails as well? So for example, i type ebay into my search box, it would come up with the ebay links in my favs, but also the emails i got from them as well.

Im sure my pc used to do this, but i might be wrong.


A:windows email indexing

Originally Posted by fieseler

I use windows live mail client for my email, is there any way to get the start menu search to search my emails as well? So for example, i type ebay into my search box, it would come up with the ebay links in my favs, but also the emails i got from them as well.

Im sure my pc used to do this, but i might be wrong.


If you are still on sp1 try installing windows search 4
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Can not seem to find where I can disable indexing. I use an app I have just for searching.

A:How to stop windows from indexing

Originally Posted by gladstone

Can not seem to find where I can disable indexing. I use an app I have just for searching.

Click on your C drive properties then at the bottom, click on indexing....on/off
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Hi am wondering if anyone can help me After googling the internet for hours and trying loads of different solutions i still have not been able to fix my problem and so resorted to posting a new tread I am running Windows -bit and currently I am unable to search emails in outlook or files in explorer After looking on the internet I have established that this is down to indexing on my computer however as much as I try I Running not Windows is Indexing am unable to fix it When going into indexing options there are no indexing locations available The only thing i am really able to press is rebuild which does nothing And clicking troubleshoot just brings up and error saying troubleshooter was unable to fix or start indexing great load of good that is I have been into windows features unchecked and checked the windows search and indexing services in all combinations however nothing has changed I have disabled the windows search service and deleted the temp files and data files for windows search then re-enabled it to no effect I have even reinstalled windows that did fix my problem for a short period however has now re-occured all I can think is that its a windows update causing the problem or another thing im not sure of that could be Windows Indexing is not Running the cause it that im using Windows Indexing is not Running a RAID mirroring system and this somehow is preventing the indexing from unning correctly Please help and any additional details you would like to know just ask me Many Thanks

A:Windows Indexing is not Running

I saw another thread where it seemed running defrag hosed indexing on RAID. By default defrag.exe is run at idle by the Task Scheduler. You could try disabling it and see if you can get indexing to happen.
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I've read in several places that the Windows "Fast Indexing Service" should be shut off. That's what I'd always read as well but my company's IT guy said I should let it run.

Hissaid the indexing service helped Windows find program components more quickly. I had always assumed that all it was doing was indexing files for when you might run a search for a file.

Which is correct? And...if you were to install something like Google Desktop that indexes all of your files, wouldn't that make Windows indexing redundant?

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How would I change the default schedule for file indexing? My wife's new computer with Windows 8 appears to run file indexing every morning when the computer is first booted. It's that unique sound of rapid accessing of the hard drive.
With over 700,000 image files in addition to all the usual system files, it takes a very long time every day. Annoyance aside, I worry about wear and tear. 99.99% of the file locations never change.
Is it possible to change the entire schedule or limit the file endexing?  All those files are on a second hard drive so excluding that from the indexing would work if that's possible.
Thank you!!
As a secondary question, is it possible to bypass the log in feature in Windows 8 the way we could on earlier versions of Windows?
Thanks a second time.

A:file indexing in Windows 8

Personally I always kept indexing off on any Windows I ever had.
I simply see no need for it.
If you want to disable it:
If you want to change its properties like scheduling see here:
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I am having a problem with Windows 7 search when searching for emails:

1)When searching for an outlook email in the "instant search" bar in Outlook, the results are as expected (many results are displayed for the search term)

2) However, when searching from a search box using the exact same term as in #1 above, (eg/ when using Windows Key + F), no results are displayed.

My understanding is that both of these search methods utilize the same index, application, this is perplexing.

In looking at Inexing Options, it appears to be completely indexed. I have tried to rebuild the index several times with the same results.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Windows Search Indexing

In Outlook, the search function is purpose-made to search for emails in your mail folders, matching the criteria you specify.

However, when using Windows Search or (Windows key + F) it searches files; emails in Outlook are not actual files because they are all contained within an encrypted PST file which Windows Search cannot read.

So Outlook Search & Windows Search are entirely separate tools for two different purposes.
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Is it possible to use windows search as a regular search tool; so without the indexing part? I tried some non microsoft tools, i read this article and, but they still index the files. That means that you wont be able to find youre files when they are not indexed. Correct
me when i am wrong.
So my question; how can i find my files when they are not yet indexed(just like the old search companion did)

A:windows search without indexing

By default, you should be able to search filenames in non-indexed locations. To search file contents in non-indexed locations tick this option:
Control Panel -> Folder Options -> Search Tab -> Always search file names and contents.
You should in theory then be able to stop the indexer or remove your indexes and still search for anything, but, of course, it would be very slow.
A few people (me included) have reported many issues with searching, so you may or may not find this works as expected.
Without the indexer, you might not be able to search file contents for all file types, (i.e., non text formats) I haven't tried that.
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I have a win7 64 bit install, for some reason, the "allow files to be indexed" box keeps checking itself. I uncheck it, then a few days later the disks start thrashing, and when I look the box is checked again.

Have three drives attached, sata, Esata, and one on firewire, the firewire is the only one that doesn't get reset.

What can I do to uncheck it permanently?

Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] windows 7 disk indexing

Hi -

Go into System Services and disable Windows Search -
START | type services.msc | scroll down to Windows Search | click it 2x | change "Start Type" to "manual" | Apply, OK | re-boot

Regards. . .


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So I've done everything I can possibly think to get rid of this thing. Turned off indexing, killed the service...yet there still sits a magnifying glass in the systray remains.

What do I need to do to get rid of this thing?

A:Windows Indexing Magnifying Glass Won't Go Away!

Maybe you installed Windows Search. If so, can be found in the Windows update section of Add/remove Programs and can be uninstalled.
Have a look in the start-up items. Assuming you have Wxp, did you try Start, Run, msconfig. Go to Selective Startup and untick the programs you don't need in the Startup tab.
It helps if you attach your PC specifications to your profile.
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Is there any way to change the time of day that Windows 7 runs the indexing service? It seems to run every morning just about the time I start compiling all the VC++ projects that were updated the previous day--not good timing.

I pulled up the dialog for "Indexing Options" and it appears that my only recourse is to disable it completely, or "pause for 15 minutes" which just postpones the problem.

I'd really rather run this thing at like 4:00 AM or something when I'm not depending on every spare CPU cycle for project builds.

A:Solved: Windows 7 indexing service.

I have not found indexing to be helpful, but more of an annoyance like your issue.

I disable it in Services>Windows Search

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 Labtop , OS - Windows XP Professional (service pack 3)

After reading a post in the malware section in regards to slow computers not necessarily caused by malware, I decided to turn off Windows Indexing service. I followed the instructions from the link provided in the post. The instructions failed to mention that I would be asked to choose between just drive C or drive C and all subfiles if memory serves me right. As the second' option's radio buttom was already selected, I went with that option. However, a minute into the process the following occured

Error Appling Attributes
An error occured while appling attributes to this file
access denied
I was asked to Ignore, Ignore All, Retry or Cancel

Should this have happened and how should I proceed.

A:turning off windows indexing services

Every reference I took a look at with that message...referred to some type of attempted change with an encrypted file.I would not worry about the error. Ignore.Yes, you want to turn off indexing for everything, Turn Off and Disable Search Indexing Service in Windows XP ? My Digital Life - Louis
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I read this recently quot The indexing service in XP indexes your files presumably to shorten the time needed to search your hard drive if you are looking for a specific file or part of a phrase inside a file Windows phrases files (XP) Indexing in quot Now I can understand Indexing phrases in Windows (XP) files how someone using a file in a accounting firm for example might wish to be able to sort that file alphabetically by last name or by the largest account moneywise first So they create an key for names alphabetically and one for amounts largest first And these keys are stored in a file called an index file And away you go Neat isn t it Note above that you can be quot looking for a part of a phrase in a file quot But how would you define describe and so index your various phrases I mean almost any selection of to words say could be a phrase How would you set up a key or keys for that situation nbsp
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I have trouble ejecting my USB memory sticks. Using Unlocker it tells me Windows's search indexer is running on it. At one time I had another HDD as the D drive and I'm thinking Windows's search indexer still thinks D is there so it tries to index it. Any way to clear out what Windows Search indexes?


A:Windows Search indexing USB sticks

Hello Frosty,

Double check in your indexed locations to see if D: is still listed. If so, then you can uncheck D: to remove it from being indexed.

Index Locations - Add or Remove

Hope this helps,
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I'm posting here after doing a lot of unproductive googling and getting nowhere with my issue Windows bit It started about a week ago Woke my computer from a sleep and not working Windows Indexing/Services 7 it wouldn't recognize my USB label printer though another on the same hub different model works fine Reinstalled drivers software etc no help You'll see that the DYMO XL listed in the MiniToolBox Windows 7 Indexing/Services not working output shows the driver is fine Then things started acting up on the computer -Lots of broken registry issues it seems see attachment - when clicking these system links I get the errors shown -Cannot update MSE due to connectivity error -Cannot stop MSE services so I can rename the db folder see attachment I am admin -Cannot search in start menu ghost icons for programs or control panel appear and won't allow me to click -See attachment -Cannot reset indexing -Start menu customize doesn't work either See attachment -System restore attempted twice does not correct issue -Some forums suggested removing a certain folder from the registry mine does not have that folder attachment -Cannot click on users to create a new profile edit I'd like to also mention that a couple weeks ago after the PC crashed I lost some font files default fonts so i was getting symbols on web pages instead of characters and the default Word document font changed Not sure if that's why the MiniToolBox results show Russian Characters tried running MalwareBytes but I believe it froze halfway through and I got a blue screen Any advice or tips would be appreciated I am ready to follow directions

A:Windows 7 Indexing/Services not working

1.  Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
2.  Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download.  

When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.
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After upgrading to TH2 I had an issue with windows search. The service wouldn't start at all.

I managed to run the Windows Search service.
I had to delete the Key RebuildIndex and change value of key SetupCompletedSuccessfully to 1.

Now that the search service works I have another problem. The indexing is not working:

In Advanced options the Index Location is blank and the button Select New is grayed out.

When I run the troubleshooter I get : Incorrect permissions on Windows Search directories -- Not fixed

The owner of folders C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Search and C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Search\Data is SYSTEM. Administrator and my user name are added with Full Control.
What could be the problem?

A:Windows Search and Indexing Broken

Hi, part of your problem may be addressed towards the end of this thread:

Solved File Explorer Search Not Working - Windows 10 Forums

Modify button: I had to do this once having even lost Indexing Options in Control Panel- I first fixed that, then to solve the modify button being greyed out:
Disable and re-enable the feature through dism.
dism /Online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:"SearchEngine-Client-Package"
dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:"SearchEngine-Client-Package"
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Dear Friends I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack all updates having been installed I am trying to disable the Windows XP Indexing Service and have searched the internet and came up with the following - To Turn Off Open My Computer Right click on C Drive and choose Solved: Indexing Windows Service Properties Uncheck the box which reads quot Allow Indexing Service to quot Click O K to remove files from memory To Disable In Start Menu choose Run Type quot services Solved: Windows Indexing Service msc quot and press enter Scroll to Indexing Service and double click on it If Status is running press stop button Under Startup Type choose Disabled Click O K I have tried both of these methods but the next time Solved: Windows Indexing Service I turn the computer on the Indexing appears to run as a small icon of a magnifying glass appears on the Solved: Windows Indexing Service right hand side of the task bar Also if I go into Task Manager it does not show that any programme is running I wonder please if any one has any thoughts on this matter as to what I might be doing wrong Thank You Red Cloud nbsp

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i just got my computer 2 months ago and windows indexing is using 9.3 gb of space is there a way to minimize that without sacrifising anything i really need the space and everytime i put music,pictures or prettymuch anything on my computer it get indexed if it was like 3-4 gb that would befine but "9" in two months in a couple more months it will porbely fill my harddrive im kinda a novice but learning fairly quick any suggestions would help ,thank you.

A:is it normal for windows indexing to ues 9.3 gigs

You can turn indexing off: on the Start menu, click Computer, then right-click on your hard drive and select Properties. You can then untick the box that says 'Index this drive' and hit Apply. You'll probably get a User Account Control warning; hit Continue, and for any error messages (eg. "this file is being used by another process") just hit Ignore All.

That should free up the space the index is using.

Hope this helps! :)
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I notice that the indexing service is available as a windows 7 feature  along with windows search.  The indexer service does not appear to be checked/installed by default but the windows search feature is installed by default.  My question is why is the "indexing service" an option when the newer and better "windows Search" does the same thing better?  What happens if you install both? Thanks.

A:Indexing service vs windows search

Hi,The following website answers your question in details.Windows SearchFor more information, please also refer to the following articles.Windows Index FeaturesBest RegardsDale Qiao
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Dell Inspiron 14R, Core i5, 2.53 GHz Processor
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I have added all the required folders to the indexing service in windows. Have rebuilt the index several times, and each time approx only 500-600 files are indexed, when i know i definitely have more than 60000 files in the folders that i have indexed!

I am unable to search anything in the windows box. Help!

Thanks in advance,

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I'd like to set this time for the middle of the night so it doesn't impact daytime performance.  I can't seem to find a way to set the time it rebuilds the index.  Please advise. Thanks

A:Is there a way to schedule the time Windows 7 runs Indexing

You can schedule a task to start the indexer.Create a new task using 'Task Scheduler' in 'Control Panel' | 'Administrative Tools'.In the Program/script: section type in 'net' and in the Add arguments (optional): type in 'start "windows search"'. Windows search is enclosed by quotes.After you create the scheduled task, edit it and in the General tab check 'Run with highest privileges'.Then indexing will run at the scheduled time.
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When I click on the Windows 7 start button and type in a file name into the search box, very often files I know that exist on my hard drive are not listed in the index.
I went into Indexing Options where it shows about 4000 files index (seems low), Local Disc (C) is listed under indexed locations.
Is there any way to fix this problem so that ALL of my files on my hard drive are indexed, so I can quickly find them via the Windows 7 Start menu search box?

A:Windows 7 File Indexing - many files don't appear when typed in the St

Quote: Originally Posted by techman41973

When I click on the Windows 7 start button and type in a file name into the search box, very often files I know that exist on my hard drive are not listed in the index.
I went into Indexing Options where it shows about 4000 files index (seems low), Local Disc (C) is listed under indexed locations.
Is there any way to fix this problem so that ALL of my files on my hard drive are indexed, so I can quickly find them via the Windows 7 Start menu search box?

Is the entire "C" drive checked or is it partially grayed out. Normally index doesn't include some folders (like system 32) because it slows down indexing.

what folder and file was searched for
Ken J
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First I noticed that on my Windows bit laptop from one day to the other Windows search crashed I tried to delete and rebuilt the Indexing but the response of the program was Indexing is not running way and resolve No to errors Indexing Search Windows Tried to troubleshoot the problem Troubleshoot and No way to resolve Windows Search and Indexing errors prevent computer problems - Search and Indexing find items on your computer using Windows Search Start next Files don't No way to resolve Windows Search and Indexing errors appear in search results Next blah blah - problems found windows search service not running Not Fixed OH REALLY OK then I went to Microsoft's page No way to resolve Windows Search and Indexing errors to download the Fix It programme Cool trying to run the downloader We are sorry but the program encountered an error trying to contact to the server Please try again later WHEN To download an utilito to try to troubleshoot the problem click here Code FE C OK I clicked there and comes a cabinet file Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services Diagnostic - Run - Result Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem You can try exploring other options HAHAHAHAHAHA Then I noticed that I could download the portable version of Fix It I manage I install and run Launch Fix it Detect Problems and Apply the Fixes for me recommended resetting windows search detecting additional problems Result Windows search is crashing and failing NOT FIXED Windows search does not star and gives and error message NOT FIXED Windows search does not show any results NOT FIXED Explore additional options --- Get online solutions tailored to your PC's specific problem --- I click there then appears a captcha code to send your troubleshooter results type the characters you see below I type them in then long waiting then An error occurred while sending your information to Microsoft How would you like to proceed MAYBE TO SEND A NUCLEAR BOMB TO REDMOND IDIOTS FROM MICROSOFT

A:No way to resolve Windows Search and Indexing errors

Hi see the suggestions here Windows Forums ? indexing not running - View topic
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Hi all - So my hard drive dropped dead a couple of months ago and I bought a new one The old one Indexing fixes Search -- other all tried and Windows crashing have was GB and while looking at prices on WD notebook hard drives the GB was pretty close in price so I bought it My mistake After a full system restore from a disk image I had I realized that I couldn't search for text in the body of my emails in MS Outlook the way I used to be able to So the first thing I checked was the indexing Options That window opened and said Indexing is not running The list of included and excluded locations was completely blank Windows Search and Indexing crashing -- have tried all other fixes So I clicked on Advanced and hit the Rebuild button A window popped up that said this might take some time to complete but nothing actually changed or started Windows Search and Indexing crashing -- have tried all other fixes running Also in the Advanced tab for indexing were fields for Current Location and New Location Both of those were blank So I clicked Troubleshoot search and indexing but A problem is preventing the troubleshooter from Windows Search and Indexing crashing -- have tried all other fixes starting Then I realized that whereas I used to be able to type a file name into the Start Menu Search programs and files field and have it come up this no longer worked Once it couldn't find the file I clicked on See More Results and instead of the usual search window opening the window seemed to disappear AS it was opening if that makes sense It looked like a crash So I went all over the internet looking for solutions I found loads of suggestions but none that worked Here's what I tried so far First I was told to go to the registry location HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Windows Search But that path does not appear at all in my registry which in itself seems like a major problem Then I went to Control Panel gt Programs gt Turn Windows Features On or Off Windows Search was checked I unchecked it rebooted then rechecked it and rebooted again Still no luck I used the fixit tool here http support microsoft com mats windows search en-us But all it did was detect the problems Reset Search three times and then said it couldn't fix the problems Thanks Microsoft I did the sfc scannow as described on a page another user directed me to It scanned and returned the message Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them I viewed the CBS log file but could find no match for corrupt or unable or cannot etc This came CLOSEST to solving the issue Another user said I finally was able to solve this problem I found the answer on another forum and it solved the problem as well The error was caused by the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program that comes with my Toshiba laptop I guess the old driver didn't like the new gb hard drive I installed Maybe it was only designed for up to gb this is my old hard drive size that worked fine The Intel Rapid Storage Technology program was shown in the taskbar notifications with a yellow exclamation point However I don't have that Intel utility or even one that seems similar on my computer and I couldn't find any yellow exclamation points on any other piece of software or any entry in the device manager that could be causing the problem What I am getting from that is that Windows is particularly obnoxious when it comes to installing new hard drives -- that for some reason other software utilities preloaded in the original factory settings even ones that don't seem like they would have anything to do with Windows Search screws it right up Now I know many users won't see why I need the index it takes up space and speed and I don't What I DO want to do is be able to search for files easily from my start menu and for text within emails in MS Outlook Can anyone help Please excuse my long-windedness I just want to be thorough so people don't waste their own time suggesting things I'... Read more

A:Windows Search and Indexing crashing -- have tried all other fixes

I had a similar issue after replacing a failed 250 GB Toshiba hard drive with a larger 500 GB Toshiba drive and using HP recovery disks. The recovery seemed to go fine until I attempted to use Windows update. I kept getting messages that said the service is not running and several error codes. Windows built in Troubleshooter also would not work just like in your case. I didn't use the computer after that as I immediately began researching the problem so I don't know if Search and Indexing was working properly or not.This is not my area of expertise so I had to ask for help. I received help here at BC and over at the HP forums. I spent hours with Microsoft Support over the course of several days and tried every known fix. Microsoft Support does not charge if there is an issue installing updates or applying service packs.Anyway, apparently this is a known issue with Windows and Advanced Format Hard Drives.The symptoms and error codes all pointed to installing (updating) the Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID Driver.The first time I tried installing the driver there was no change. I found a more current driver version tried again, rebooted twice and Windows accepted/installed the driver. After a third reboot windows update and the Troubleshooter was working.The manufacturer of your computer (you didn't say) may require a similar driver if not the Intel Rapid Storage RAID Driver so you may want to start with them and find out what they use.
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I thought I'd post this as an issue I came across today I noticed that the contents of PDF files were not showing up in Searches from File Explorer and I guess Cortana I should be able to type in a word from a PDF file and as long as the PDF file is in an indexed location this should appear in search results It turns out that this is a problem which occurs when Adobe Reader is installed apparently affecting x versions of Windows The search quot iFilter quot for PDFs gets broken so the search doesn't index them When looking in Indexing Options Advanced File Types the entry for pdf says quot Registered iFilter is not found quot This seems to be the relevant page on Adobe's Knowledge base https helpx adobe com acrobat kb p -install html Note that it says it's fixed in Adobe Reader but I'm using a later version of Adobe Reader and still had the PDF Reader Windows indexing if files Search using Adobe not problem in Windows x iFilter PDF search doesn't work on Windows x Windows bit provides native support for the PDF iFilter which enables Windows Search not indexing PDF files if using Adobe Reader indexing PDFs so you can search for specific text Installing Acrobat or Reader breaks this feature It overwrites the Windows native iFilter registry entry with the product registry entry Solution Do one of the following Update to Acrobat Reader or higher The issue is fixed in version DavidY But it wasn't for me PDF iFilter is not supported on Windows update to PDF iFilter from here If you cannot update your Acrobat Reader or PDF iFilter here is the workaround Workaround Restore the registry entry to the Windows native entry as follows Go to HKEY CLASSES ROOT pdf PersistentHandler Create the key if it does not exist Verify that the value is AA BF - A - c -BA -D Windows Search not indexing PDF files if using Adobe Reader DCE E C Windows Search not indexing PDF files if using Adobe Reader If the Acrobat or Reader install overwrote the entry with F A D-D F- EFD-B C -DCD E E return it to its original value DavidY Note if you do this make sure the values are in curly brackets like AA BF - A - c -BA -D DCE E C If you have any third-party PDF iFilters installed reinstall them Restart the Windows Search service Go to Task Manager gt Services Select WSearch Right-click and then choose Restart DavidY I believe you also need to going into Indexing Options Advanced Rebuild to regenerate the index for all existing files
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please look at the attachment 
i have pc that do not have  this folder.
1.what this folder means ? i need this folder ?
3.when i go to indexing options >modify >"show all locations" is gray
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As topic title says.

I have windows search disabled, but do find myself occasionally searching through emails, is it enough to just enable indexing in outlook or does it require the OS indexing also enabled.

A:does outlook indexing need windows search enabled to work?

You should be able to search (slower) with indxing turned off. Better yet, you can modify indexing to only search in specific places/for specific things. If you disabled windows search service, I don't know if you are able to search still. You should only need to deselect the harddrive/folders/files that you do not want to index.

Go to indexing options>modify to find where you can disable searching for specific things.
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Hi I have a Toshiba computer running Windows Vista Home Premium For the past couple - not Indexing Windows Error Service working 1053 of weeks I cannot get Windows search to start When I go into settings there is no option to restart the service Windows Indexing Service not working - Error 1053 or to stop it I then went to properties and set it to disabled When the computer rebooted then I went back to Services and there was an option for starting it I clicked it and then an error message pops up It is error quot The service did not respond in a timely fashion Also I scanned my computer with SFC It found some corrupt system files that it could not repair Could anyone also help with this I really need Windows seach as when I tried to search for a file Windows Explorer says that it could not find the file Windows Explorer can only search for programs I also need the Indexing service running because I have another problem on the same computer where I need to search for files and delete them If I can t search for them than how will I delete them Any Help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hello I have been trying to enable the search feature on my windows -bit machine but when I attempt to do so or use indexing nothing seems to happen When I try to enable windows search in services I get quot Windows could not start the Windows Search service on Local Computer - error access denied quot When I detect problems in search and indexing it tells me windows search service is not running but lists the error as not fixed When I try to manually add a config folder in the ProgramData - Microsoft - Search - Data folder it erases itself after a few seconds This account has full admin control I don't get it I even tried to do this through Search Access - Windows Denied? Service/Indexing the hidden admin account This laptop is only a month old but I can't turn the search feature on I think maybe if I modify it to not include the external in indexing it would not mess up but I can't even touch the modify button without enabling windows search which is currently impossible Any help

A:Windows Search Service/Indexing - Access Denied?

Try reregistering the windows installer service:

You want to unregister and then reregister.

1) Start> Run

2) Type in msiexec /unreg

3) Press enter

4) Start> Run

5) Type in msiexec /regserver

6) Press enter

Hopefully that will fix it, if not let us know. A Guy
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I have a TB Usb External drive that I use for backup storage with one partition and many large folder directories containing my backups music collection pictures and movies I have been using it with several different computers along with my main Windows box I have the drive indexing option turned off on this drive because I have never felt the need to do so and have never had any problems using it with the Win box or my older less powerful Xp pro box until a few days ago Windows Question Indexing Explorer and about Crash Drive Recently when I tried to open any of larger folders Question about Drive Indexing and Windows Explorer Crash there is a progress bar that runs across the address bar at the top and this seems to take an awfully long time several minutes to complete and windows explorer has started crashing if I do not let this progress bar finish completely before trying to open any files the XP box has never done this progress bar or crash and opens the files immediately It is very frustrating that my less powerful XP computer with indexing off handles the files from this external drive better than my Win box My question is could windows explorer be crashing because drive indexing is not enabled on the Windows box for this drive If so why did it just recently start doing it and why not on the XP box Could something else be causing the problem If indexing IS causing the problem where are those indexing files stored on the system drive or on the external usb drive and how much additional space does this take up What information is stored in these files Also if I want to use this external drive on another computer will I need to re-enable indexing on that computer also Thanks alot for any help or advice C

A:Question about Drive Indexing and Windows Explorer Crash

Quote: Originally Posted by chasoscar

I have a 1TB Usb External drive that I use for backup storage with one partition and many large folder/directories containing my backups, music collection, pictures and movies. I have been using it with several different computers along with my main Windows7/32 box. I have the drive indexing option turned off on this drive because I have never felt the need to do so and have never had any problems using it with the Win7 box or my older(less powerful) Xp pro box until a few days ago. Recently when I tried to open any of larger folders, there is a progress bar that runs across the address bar at the top and this seems to take an awfully long time(several minutes) to complete and windows explorer has started crashing if I do not let this progress bar finish completely before trying to open any files.... the XP box has never done this (progress bar or crash) and opens the files immediately. It is very frustrating that my less powerful XP computer(with indexing off) handles the files from this external drive better than my Win7 box.

My question is...... could windows explorer be crashing because drive indexing is not enabled on the Windows7 box for this drive. If so, why did it just recently start doing it and why not on the XP box. Could something else be causing the problem? If indexing IS causing the problem, where are those indexing files stored...... on the system drive or on the external usb drive and how much additional space does this take up? What information is stored in these files. Also, if I want to use this external drive on another computer will I need to re-enable indexing on that computer also?

Thanks alot for any help or advice!!!

Indexing is probably not the cause but you can check here

There are several ways to find what the problem is. The best is to go into event viewer (type eventvwr in search). Go to the windows log>application tab.

You want to look for critical errors (they have red in the left column ).

When you find them you want to look for critical errors that say app hang, app crash, or anything that relates to the problem.

When you find them please note the event ID, and the source codes and tell us what they are.

Let us know if you need help with any of this.

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My indexing stopped. When I checked "Windows Search" service is in auto startup mode but it wasn't running.
When I tried to manually start, it gave me "Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified." message.

Please help. Without an ability to search my computer I am pretty much lost now.

A:Indexing doesn't work. Windows search service stopped

Can you clarify that please? Is Windows search enabled?

Regards....Mike Connor
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I have previous question) Indexing Windows (re-phrased got on drive problem External re-phrased my question from previous post OS Windows Vista Home Premium bit Japanese version Hi As Windows Indexing on External drive got problem (re-phrased previous question) usual I connected my external drive and there are many Folders and Windows Indexing on External drive got problem (re-phrased previous question) File for quick work in the search filed I typed the file extension of PSD for Adobe image file and it started opening PSD files in thousands I had completely forgotten there are many Any way by click right then from Property I found the Folder path and then opened the Folder I was looking for BUT during that process Windows Windows Indexing on External drive got problem (re-phrased previous question) asked me do I want to add in Index hope my English is correct I clicked Ok After that I closed the folder exit window and tried to safely remove the external drive by clicking the Icon in the Task tray but it showed some program is using I must close that However non of the window was opened even I checked through Windows Processor I thought may be drive would be indexing and left it for some time but afterward when again I tried to remove safely the drive it showed it is being used The drive's red light kept blinking while green stays I did not want to remove by force but I was also afraid that if I keep drive open I might loose my data therefore I turned off computer and disconnected the drive But later when I connected again the red light started blinking My question is The drive red light is blinking because there are so many files and it might be indexing I can't think of drive got any problem because it was working fine no sign of any strange noises etc Please suggest what am I suppose to do Or is there any way I can check the drive Health other than windows CHK because sometime windows turn the entire data in to CHK files Thank you Additional Would it be better to delete the Index file for external drive to avoid problem

A:Windows Indexing on External drive got problem (re-phrased previous question)

Hello Ari,

Since it's an external drive, I would recommend to use Option Two in the tutorial below to turn off the index for it. Afterwards, see if you are able to safely remove it.

Index - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,
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hey i was wondering if you could help me with a small problem ive been having. i use a 8600gt on vista ultimate and have been using it for 1 year, but ive experienced a much slower gaming experience on games like cod 5 and gta 4 with vista ultimate and windows aero, yet when i reverted to using xp my problems were solved, but since windows vista basic doesnt use aero, would the gaming experience be any different on vista basic than it is on windows xp? thanks a bunch , raiyan =)

A:Vista gaming vs Xp gaming

Well i read that only the vista can use the all power of the new directx, so it should be better for games, anyway Windows Vista is heavier than the XP, even if you disable the Aero. How many RAM do u have?
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I have been trying and trying, but something is missing ...
I have two Vista PCs connected via wall-plugged ethernet bridges (this way I can usen them anywhere in the house via the electricity network).
Both PCs are connected to the internet ... no problem there
Both PCs share various files (music, pictures, docs ... etc) ... no problem there

The problem starts when I want to play LAN games ... they don't find eachother ...


A:Vista vs Vista gaming problems

Hi, AirCommando, and welcome to the forums.

I am moving your post to the Gaming section.
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is there a forum for optimizing here?

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I have a HTPC that I often transfer large files to I've worked hard on making sure I have all the equipment to have a fast LAN but for need my help LAN I optimizing some reason Windows is slowing it down I've tried following directions all over the net and haven't had any I need help optimizing my LAN luck I'll post my equipment and the results of my experiments below Equipment Desktop W Ubuntu - Ethernet gbps MacBook Pro OSX -Ethernet or Wireless HTPC W - Wireless but can hook up gigabit Ethernet for testing ASUS N -U Gigabit Router Latest firmware All ethernet cables are Cat- e No other Ghz equipment nearby Tests Direct Ethernet from Desktop W to HTPC W - MBps Same but through router - - MBps Again through router but Desktop Ubuntu to HTPC W - - MBps Macbook Pro to Ubuntu - I need help optimizing my LAN MBps This tells me the router is working as transferring back and forth between Ubuntu OSX works fine However when my Windows HTPC gets involved it slows down significantly ONLY if the router is involved though Direct ethernet gave me MBps This makes me think it has to be a setting in Windows I've spent dozens of hours trying to figure this out myself but can not figure out anything For the record I am aware of differences in bits bytes and they are correctly labeled in this post

A:I need help optimizing my LAN

I ran another experiment: Windows 7 to Macbook also gets 60MBps. So Sending isn't the issue, just recieving on the HTPC
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My pc is getting on in years and I am always asking it to do more. Would someone mind walking me through the steps I need to optimize its performance?


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Hey everyone it s me Stephen or DJ StormBringer For those of you that don t know I am an internet radio broadcaster on Stickam and Radio org and I am having a bit of a problem I am running computers laptops and desktop with monitors one of the laptops has an extended desktop My setup is a bit confusing for some but I got it down pat The problem I am having is buffering while I am broadcasting For me to broadcast on Stickam www radio org Need Optimizing... Help storm-cam I have to setup a local shout cast server Here I will do a little diagram Desktop Streaming music amp microphone to Dell Inspiron hosting shoutcast server ip Dell Inspiron Hosting local shoutcast server which is streaming to Sony VAIO Sony VAIO Relaying local shoutcast to stickam page www radio org storm-cam with webcameras through a virtual loopback cable combines Need Help Optimizing... two input sources into with a ms buffer Any suggestions I tried running it all on one computer but it lagged way to badly nbsp
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1. How do I change my SMBIOS/DMI information, and make it accurate?

2. How do I change my AGP Aperture size?

3. How do I create SMBus/i2c/BMB bus support for my system?

4. How do I shadow my BIOS?

5. How do I lower my PCI latency?

These problems and more are driving me crazy, please help!

A:need help optimizing my pc

Once the BIOS is loaded, there is no reason to shadow it in the main memory. Similar as with the Video BIOS, it will only occupy base memory addresses and, thus, make them unavailable for other system devices. That's one down 4 to go. Are you trying to tweak your video card?
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I want to increase the speed of my computer because it's kind of slow right now. I want to do this by buying some hardware but I don't know where to start.

The specifications are the following:

- Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz Processor
- 224 MB of RAM
- 20 GB hardrive
- VIA cc'97 Audio (WAVE) controller (WDM) (for sound)

I don't know what other requirements you need to view, but you can always let me know...

Thaks for the help,


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30gb Vertex OCZ, x64 7600 build. I tried to disable hibernation and it wasnt there anyways. With only windows, ATI drivers and the MOBO utilites I'm at 13.6 GB free.

The rest of my system specs are in my signature.

A:SSD - need help with optimizing

Quote: Originally Posted by jorpe

30gb Vertex OCZ, x64 7600 build. I tried to disable hibernation and it wasnt there anyways. With only windows, ATI drivers and the MOBO utilites I'm at 13.6 GB free.

The rest of my system specs are in my signature.

There are a couple of good articles here:

Optimize Windows For Solid State Drives Usage

and here:

Windows 7 and Optimization for Solid State Drives - Tom's Hardware

I'd look at moving the swap file and temp files as recommended.

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Hello to all here on Windows Vista Forums.

ill make this breif as possible.

Basically i want to optimize my computer.

i have already slipped in a 4GB of ram into my laptop.

i want to know what else i can do to optimize my computer
to the max.

what more can i add to it? what products to get?

please and thank you


Hello Fatbluntsallday,

Other than buying faster hardware, the items listed in the tutorial can help improve the performance of Vista.

Speed Up the Performance of Vista

Hope this helps,
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I am currently looking for software to help optimize performace out of Windows XP. If anybody has any suggestions for software that will clean the registry, or a better defrag utility than windows defrag, or just an overall performance optimizer please list them here. Thanks

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It says with the exception of the following necessary logs Application SEcurity System and Security ESsentials I can disable them from starting The only ones I see are EventLog-Application EventLog-Security and EventLog-System that are Enabled There's no Security Essentials listed under Startup Event Trace Session If I left the alone enabled and disabled the rest should I be okay with my system Quote Go to start admin tools and select performance monitor Expand data collector sets Click on Startup Event Trace help optimizing ssd Sessions With the exception of the following NECESSARY logs Application Security System Security Essentials we can stop them from starting To do so right click on each one that has a status of Enabled except the ones mentioned above and select Properties Click the Trace Session tab Unselect Enabled Click Ok Repeat for the others including readyboot After your next boot you will have a lot less writes going to the SSD that are not needed So far what I've done to my computer with windows installed on SSD Disabled System Restore Disabled Drive Indexing Disabled Drive Defragmentation Schedule Disabled PageFile Disabled Hibernation Disabled Prefetch and Superfetch Disabled Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flusing Disabled Windows Search and Superfetch

A:optimizing ssd help

I think you are a little too worried about writes to your SSD, they aren't as fragile as you seem to think.

Just stay away from defragging and enjoy your SSD. You would be surprised at the actual life span of SSD's today.
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Hello there Larry Core, thy good neighbor...Question is there a BEST way to optimize MB besides the uninstalling of programs...I quess my question is a bit vague but I have a program that will run smoothly @ about 65 mb free, but problem is that I have 40-45mb free or whatever....soooooooo besides fishing around for 2mb programs to uninstall is there any other way??
ya follow me?

by the way guess a free dinner didn't catch your attention to well LOL


A:Memory optimizing???

Hey, you didn't offer me a free dinner! Just a free dessert.

Anyway, to answer your question, no. About the only other thing you can do is look around for old data that you don't need. A good way of doing that is with Tree Size. It will show you your whole hard drive in a pie chart, and show where all your space is going. I found a 500 meg CD image that had never been erased thanks to this program...
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I need help optimizing my Adobe Premier CC on my laptop. I am running a HP Envy Intelcore - i74510 with a CPU @ 2.00 GHz To be honest I really dont know what any of this info means but I do know I need to upgrade my video card. But from what I understand I c annot do so on an HP Envy b/c the card is built into the mother board.  So it seems that the only course of action to make this computer run premier adiquately is to upgrade the motherboard. This seems kinda extreme.  What should I look for, in a motherboard, to speed up premier

A:Optimizing Premier Pro

Hi, What is your Envy 17 ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine: Upgrading motherboard ? Well, you are talking about buying a new computer here. But before we have a proper recommendation we need to know what is your machine. Regards.
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Can anyone tell me how to optimize my connection speeds and help me with improve my computer's performance in general?

A:Optimizing Performance

You might glance over this checklist to see if there is anything you might have overlooked: kind of connexion are you using, to move on to your other question?Regards,John
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Currently my network is exceptional, but when i first had internet a couple years ago, i realized there were different setup methods that were better than others

for example, I used the windows wizard instead of the software Sympatico gave me

Now, i have two computers, one wired to a Linksys wireless router, one wireless laptop, and one wireless desktop. I also use my network to share printers and files.

I hooked everything up, and to set things up, i went to the "Local Area Network" under Network Connections and made up IP addresses to connect my network. Is this the best way of setting up my network?

Is there any other way of networking? Any better option? Any other option at all?

Thanks for your time, this isn't that urgent, just to improve what I have (if I can)


A:Optimizing my network

Looks like you got everything covered.
Are you using Encryption on your Wireless connection?
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Hi all I just joined the forums hoping to get assistance in resolving my problem I use my LAN to connect to a HD tuner SiliconDust HDHomeRun via crossover ethernet cable My WLAN is used to connect to the internet It seems whenever I connect to the internet the data transfer from my HDHomeRun is disrupted So I m trying to prioritize amp optimize the data flow from my LAN See my signature for the system specs What I ve done so far Set my LAN connection as the first network priority using the Advanced menu in the Network Connections window Disabled Windows Firewall for the LAN connection Used the Optimizing Connection LAN following config for my nVidia nForce Networking Controller Flow Control Disable default setting Low Power State Link Speed Optimizing LAN Connection Disable default setting Network Address Not Present default setting Optimize for CPU default Reset PHY if not in use Disable default setting Speed duplex settings Full autonegtiation default setting VLAN amp Priority Disabled default settings VLAN ID In addition to the Windows Firewall I use Comodo Firewall Pro as well Even disabling Comodo didn t help the problem I had to do a very very quick test opening www cnn com as an example Any further suggestions Also Anyone know what the optimal networking controller settings should be Thanks for your suggestions in advance --Roy nbsp

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I have been using jv16 Power Tools for sometime now, with great results, but I was wondering if there is a way to remove the free space in the registry and compact it? I'm using XP Home.
I remember being able to do this using 98SE but the command line had to run outside of windows.


A:Registry Optimizing

Come on people, Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and I don't have a clue but someone might be nice enough to let me know that.

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I've been in the habit of going into the "defragment and optimize drives" menu and noticing that it will say something like "20 days since last run" even though it's scheduled for weekly.. Not sure why.. so I always click "optimize" and do it manually for both "Windows (C" and "Recovery Image" (both are SSD). The other two things in the list say "never run" and "needs optimization" but nothing happens when I click optimize. Anyway, I just came upon a blog post that says you're not supposed to optimize SSDs and this shortens their lifespan. So is what I've been doing bad? Should I stop doing this?

A:Optimizing SSDs is bad?

Yes.. you don't need to optimize or defrag an SSD. The extra writes that are performed can shorten the life of the SSD.

One link to check out:
defragment - Is it bad to defrag a ssd? Or just pointless? - Super User
Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD | PCWorld