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Heatsink mounting bracket - removal or replacement?

Q: Heatsink mounting bracket - removal or replacement?

I am replacing an old mobo due to constant running and bulging capacitors. But its my first time dinking with anything mobo related. Or really anything that isn't replacing a bad PSU.
The old one is an MSI P965 Neo-7.
The new one is a Biostar G41 DVI.
I have the CPU installed fine and went to put the heatsink on top (Ultra brand). The screw holes are too small. Of course, that's when I noticed that I didn't remove the mounting bracket for the heatsink from the back of the old mobo. But I can't get it off. It seems to be glued in using some kind of foam tape pad. The new mobo didn't come with a mounting bracket.
Is there some kind of way to remove the old mounting bracket and install it on the new mobo OR do I have to find myself a new mounting bracket (or heatsink) somewhere?

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Preferred Solution: Heatsink mounting bracket - removal or replacement?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Heatsink mounting bracket - removal or replacement?

Usually some foam is placed between the mounting bracket and the back of the motherboard to prevent the board from getting short circuited. The foam has probably stuck to the two surfaces and hardened over time, which is why they seem glued together. If you aren't worried about damaging the old board (since you are replacing it), just pry off the old backplate with a screw driver.
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Hello all I have a D PERL mobo and a P E CPU socket I am looking to replace the stock heatsink fan but I need to know if the retaining bracket for the heatsink is removable replaceable without removing the Heatsink bracket removal/replacement retaining mobo I am looking to install a Thermalright XP- along with a Panaflo mm Fan High Speed FBA A H-A that should work with the current retaining bracket I Heatsink retaining bracket removal/replacement figure if the retaining bracket is replaceable Heatsink retaining bracket removal/replacement without removing the mobo I will go ahead and order a metal version of the retaining bracket to replace the current plastic one But if it s not replaceable without removing the mobo I will have to pass because I am not experienced enough to be messing with removing a mobo Thanks in advance for any help insight anyone can offer BTW my system was built by a friend but I am unable to contact him at the moment And researching this online and at Intel s web site etc has been unsuccessful nbsp

A:Heatsink retaining bracket removal/replacement

hi mdexter2,

I went on Intel's website to find some pics of that motherboard. they have a nice page on the D865PERL that lets you view the board from all angles. going by the pics i saw, you should be able to remove the bracket without removing the motherboard. it appears that it uses plastic pins & anchors to hold the bracket to the motherboard. (make sure there are no screws holding it as well)

1. the little white pins (they look like white circles from above) in each corner will need to be pulled (or pried) out.

2. once you have all four white pins removed, you can pull the bracket right off the motherboard. it will take a small amount of force to compress the anchors as you pull up on the bracket.

that's it!

if it the bracket uses another retention method that requires the removal of the motherboard, don't worry it's very simple. the only tool you need is a phillips screwdriver. if you're worried about all the wires... don't be. they only fit where they're supposed to go. if you're still worried, then take a picture before you unplug anything so you'll have an idea of where each wire goes.

hope this helps, cheers :wave:
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specs of system are,   Intel Core i7 6700 Skylake @3.4Ghz to 4Ghz16Gb RAM DDR42Tb HDD & 128Gb SSD StorageNVIDIA GTX980Ti 6Gb GDDR5Windows 10 just wondering if its ok to remove mounting bracket thats attached to graphics card to acheive better airflow is this just in place for shipping ? thanks,
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I would like to add a SSD to my M73 (in addition to hd). It looks like I need to buy 04X2175 mounting bracket to mount the SSD below the optical drive. Can anybody recommend a supplier? I have tried but they are showing a 45 day lead time.
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I have an old IQ815 that I've upgraded and loaded with win10. My question is, does anyone have the mounting bracket for it, so I can mount it to the wall? For the life of me, I can't find one online anywhere at all. Somebody has to have one somewhere.

A:Need a mounting bracket! Can't fine one anywhere!

Hi, It does NOT have standard VESA mounting holes therefore no standard mounting brackets available. You may try the following option: Hope this helps. Regards.
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My mounting bracket is here:

The center of it seems to be glued to the Mobo as it is almost impossible to remove. My question is, is there any way to get it off without damaging the motherboard, or do I need to buy a new one?

A:Mounting Bracket is stuck

Try to get a screwdriver (non magnetic) with a straight bit to pry it off. Or try a floor tack remover if you have one. Just use something thin to put under it and pry it up. I don't know if that would damage your motherboard but I highly doubt it.
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Hello, I've recently purchased the Lenovo Y700 Gaming PC and would like to install a Samsung Pro SSD in addition to the pre-installed hard drive. Is anyone able to advise a mounting bracket and/or additional accessories I'd require to do this? Thank you
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Hello, I have this monitor, the HP Envy 32: I misplaced the VESA Mounting Bracket that came with in the box, which was never a problem until now. I'm looking to buy a replacement.  I couldn't find anything online. Does anyone have a link, or better yet, a spare that they aren't using that would sell to me? I believe the bracket from this monitor would also do: Thank you,Eric
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Hello, I've recently purchased the Lenovo Y700 Gaming PC and would like to install a Samsung Pro SSD in addition to the pre-installed hard drive. Is anyone able to advise a mounting bracket and/or additional accessories I'd require to do this? Thank you 
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Hello all I am having a bracket fan Heatsink problem finding a heatsink fan bracket retention bracket My description Heatsink fan bracket of this is a black plastic square that surrounds the CPU and is what the bracket s clip to hold down the Heatsink to the motherboard Motherboard is a Dublin which is a micro ATX Socket P- ghz I have an emachine T after speaking with the salesman at emachine they told me that I would have to purchase a new mobo for this item later and a few day s for delivery I got the mobo opened it and poof this item was not attached to the mobo I called there tech support for this back and they said it does not ship with the mobo Well here is the delimma it does not ship with the heatsink fan either Matter of fact they do not even carry this item at all So as of now my whole pc is shot due to a piece of plastic I don t mind spending money on a new heatsink if need be or whatever but I do need to know if this item is possible to get The PC has been very good to me and don t want to loose it can someone help me on locating where I may get this item because Emachine seem s like they would rather we purchase a new pc than pay buck s for a piece of plastic Thanks for any help Bobby nbsp

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30 November 2005.
2326 Hrs.

FM: Rumba352

SUBJECT: I need a better bracket for securing my new heatsink.

I just received a new heatsink in the mail.

Description of new heatsink:

Thermaltake heatsink.
model: Tower112 Heatpipe cooling CL-P0024.
This is a heavy chunk of copper.

Description of motherboard:
ABIT model VI7.
CPU Intel pentiun 4.

After opening the box containing the heatsink,
I realizied, "this is one heavy chunk of copper".
After looking through the manual which came with the unit.
I thought, maybe, the bracket/base plate
that comes with the heatsink may not be strong enough
to hold it up (In the ATX confitguation).
... Being supendid above my PCI cards and PCI devices ...

Question: Do you know of a company
that makes a more heavy-duty bracket/base plate?
The bracket which comes with the heatsink is rather weak.
I don't trust it.

Thank You.

Awaiting your response.


A:Need for a better heatsink bracket.

I'm sure the bracket they supplied will work fine.
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I bought a heatsink and fan for my lga because I did not want to use the one it came with The bracket it came with has a what looks like a peel off clear bracket? heatsink Lga Asus 775 coating on the side that goes to the mobo Where the opening is for the cpu it has a smaller white peel off that is sticky underneath I am sure this comes off prior to the install The clear one that covers the whole bracket is not sticky which leads me to believe it stays on Is this a cover that helps so the metal is not touching the mobo or if I don t remove it will it heat up I am putting it in today so tech support is Asus Lga 775 heatsink bracket? closed if you were going to tell me to call I made it sound harder than it should be Here is the fan ASUS P M - SB W mm SuperFlo CPU Cooler - Retail nbsp

A:Asus Lga 775 heatsink bracket?

You should be looking for a metal to metal contact with heat transfer paste between them. Most heatsinks have a pad of paste already in place, protected by a transit cover. There should be no plastic between the CPU and the heatsink. Looking at the images shows that you have to remove the existing backplate and fit the custom one. As this is metal there may be a cover to prevent shorts on the back of the motherboard.
Hope this helps
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I have tried a standard 1366 heatsink on T410. The screw distance does not fit. Can anyone tell me the dimension of the two and also the distance between the screws?
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Does anyone have any idea where i can get replacement mounting pins for the LGA775 stock heatsink. I managed to break one on installation and can't find replacements in the UK.


A:775 heatsink mounting pins

I believe they will ship anywhere, and if not I'm sure they can tell you where you could get the pins in the UK.
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I buy cheap MBs to upgrade systems on a charity basis I bought a MSI MB MS which is a slim form factor It is a P socket board There is no heat sink mount and the mounting holes are not standard socket mounts The holes are quot and quot on center Where can I Size Heatsink Problem Mounting obtain a heat sink mount and matching heat sink for this board I am at a loss as to what type of heat sink and mount to ask for to match this MB The MB was sold as a IBM Netvista product but research indicates it is the same as this MSI system Hermes GV MS The online MSI documentation does not specifically address the heat sink by part number but discusses it indicating it is all copper and smaller than standard The picture shows the fan mounted on the side of the heat sink rather than the top Any guidance on my problem will be greatly appreciated Thanks- nbsp

A:Heatsink Mounting Size Problem

From what I read online, this board is a manuafcturer proprietary board, and I doubt that you are going to find a heatsink retension mechanism or cooler unless you contact the manufacturer for whom the board was manufactured.
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Got this from www warp search com Hardware AMD Abandons CPU Heatsink Mounting Holes gt Posted by Rancho gt Saturday March CET http www warp search net article php sid amp mode thread amp order AMD has issued the latest version of their Thermal Mechanical and Chassis Cooling Design Guide which is the official guideline for hardware vendors to build their products on According to the January release of the technical white paper AMD recommends that the four mounting holes surrounding the Socket A are removed from the so called Motherboard Keepout Area Read more This Abandons AMD CPU Holes Mounting Heatsink sums up to the following Maximum mass of heatsink g Only clip AMD Abandons CPU Heatsink Mounting Holes attachment will be possible The Socket A allows heatsink attachment AMD Abandons CPU Heatsink Mounting Holes by noses on two sides of the socket using a metal clamp design to firmly seat the heatsink Due to the maximum clip force of lbs the maximum heatsink weight is limited to g Almost all high ranked heatsinks from Alpha Swiftech or Thermaltake exceed the g limitation and were usually attached by being bolted on the motherboard itself using the mounting holes AMD s PDF doc http www amd com us-en assets content type white papers and tech docs pdfClick to expand I wonder how many heatsinks will be usable by then nbsp

A:AMD Abandons CPU Heatsink Mounting Holes

Swiftech is gonna hit the roof...A universal clip design needs to be implemented for all HSF's on the market. And the HSF clip needs to be easy to use. I dont want to have a set of needle nose pliers and a flat head screwdriver to install the HSF..
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I have an Acer Aspire X1800 in a ridiculously small case. Everything gets way too hot and no room for cooling. Plus according to eXtreme Power supply calculator the supplied 220W PSU is well below recommended minimum (and making noises!). So I've nearly finished moving the hardware across to a Thermaltake V4 case with 450W PSU ($73 all up).
I want to keep the old Nvidia 9500GT graphics card but it has a low profile (~1/2 height) mounting bracket with DVI & hdmi holes. The card does really need to be secured. Any suggestions????
(I don't want to buy another graphics card as this is not my main PC)

Edit: I'm asking the question here because I'm guessing quite a few people may have thought about doing something similar. ie. OEM PCs from a crappy little case to a decent sized case.

A:Half height PCI mounting bracket BUT full height slot.

Did you check your box for your video card. I have a half height video card that had a short and long mounting bracket. If not, you may be able to find them online.

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Hello, A component that holds the hinge of the screen has broken on my ultrabook.  I've scoured the internet and cannot find a replacement part anywhere especially since I don't know the part number.  I've only been able to find full screen assemblies that have it included but those are $150-200+ and my screen works just fine - just the bracket that holds the hinge to the main body has broken. Anyone able to help?  I pulled an image from the service manual below to help identify. Thanks.
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I have a Pavilion dv6t-7000 Entertainment PC and I need to replace the fan/heatsink.
Problem is I don't know whether I have discrete or UMA memory.
This is all that I can provide because I've chosen not to turn on my laptop until I replace the fan seeing as the last time I turned it on it shut down on its own after a message indicated the fan isn't operating properly.
Product: A3E87AV
Serial : [personal information removed]
Intel i5
I've looked through the pdf manual and read through several posts but none of them have helped me figure out what type of memory I have.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.
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I have HP G72-259WM laptop ( with heatsink part number 606013-001) and my cooler stopped working,;the service guy from local IT store wants to charge me a lot for original part ( 606013-001 );I have another  HP G72-b10em with heatsink part number 606014-001 so I'm wondering can I use that one instead, because they're almost identical phisicaly...thanx in advance..
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Can Bracket or PCI Esata Bracket? Express Direct someone assist me in finding out which PCI Express Esata Bracket or Direct Bracket? option is best Should I use this Amazon com Monoprice Port Internal SATA to eSATA Bracket Computers amp Accessories or something like this PCI Express SATA III Card - PCIe SATA Gbps StarTech com Will the latter perform as fast as the former Or will the former even work given the lengths of the cables I have to use Also I'm getting really confused when it comes to the maximum length of the sata to esata The esata bracket comes with a inch cable and the esata cable that comes with my external drive is about inches That makes an even inches I know the maximum sata length is inches and I don't want this inch chain causing corruption What should I do I also want to make sure using the pci express port isn't going to cause any issues with the graphics card and I really want to make sure I'm using the fastest method possible

A:PCI Express Esata Bracket or Direct Bracket?

bump. Right now, I'm averaging 110mb-150mb a second with this bad boy Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay 3.5" Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA, Support SATA 3 6.0Gbps hard drive transfer rate: Electronics (WD Caviar Black).
Through using a usb 3.1 port on my mobo.

Would sata be that much better?
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The mm x mm x mm heatsink cooling fan AVC p n F B UX needs to be replaced on my HP Pavilion a n desktop I ve searched everywhere and cannot find the correct replacement fan for this computer I ve spoken replacement HP needs cooling heatsink a420n a fan with HP parts HP HP a420n needs a replacement heatsink cooling fan tech support and an AVC distributor Since the computer is five years old as of this week nobody can find the part number or information I require to order a replacement fan I tried to use a replacement fan that I found on the internet but the computer would not recognize HP a420n needs a replacement heatsink cooling fan the fan My guess is that the new fan didn t have the proper amperage or speed to satisfy the processor I found several fans on the AVC website but I don t know the operating characteristics required to satisfy the HP a n s processor The AVC website offered the following fans DA L A W RPM DA M A W RPM DA H A W RPM DA U A W RPM Does anyone know if one of these fans would work Thanks Bob nbsp

A:HP a420n needs a replacement heatsink cooling fan

Your replacement fan may be one that doesn't have speed sensing.
You may be able to disable the fan speed detection warning in
the BIOS setup.
In order to use the speed detection,you need a fan that has the
third conductor.
If you have problems finding one in your area,you might consider
buying a cheap,stock amd 939 heatsink and taking the fan off it.
Something like this.
Heatsink Ebay.

That fan size is pretty standard and the speed is a matter
of preference.
Faster is more cooling,but more noise.
Basically,the motherboard checks that the fan is running.
If not,it will issue a warning or shut down.
It's usually a warning and will shut down at the cut off temperature.
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I've just bought a replacement fan and heatsink combo for a gpu of mines, and I've realized I don't know what I could clean the previous heatsinks thermal paste/grease off with that wouldn't be terribly caustic to the chipset, there also seams to be a bit of paper or something on the chipset, any recommendations?
Here is the combo I was speaking of;

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I have a board that has dual AMD Athlon 64 FX-74s, the fans are incredidbly loud and I searched online but all I found were pretty much the exact same ones that I already have. I don't want to replace the current fans with identical ones that I will probably have the same problem with... So I was wondering if anyone knew of some compatible replacements for these... I would like ones that will give good air flow for the price seeing how I will need 2 of them....


A:Looking for replacement heatsink/fans for my CPUs

No modern CPU coolers support the socket F from AMD. You may have to find older models.
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Hi Seven Gurus, having problems w/ my 4 yr old laptop computer shuts down after powered on 2-3 minutes, have eliminated HDD & RAM as possible culprits (reseated both & swapped out both HDD & RAM...same result) Tried blowing out the dust bunnies... same result... don't feel hot air blowing out side vent.

I've found these links online for replacement Fan/Heatsink but am concerned about vendors being trustworthy.
Gateway NV53A NEW90 NV59C NV59C66U CPU Heatsink Fan AT0C9001DR0 KSB06105HA
Gateway NV59 Laptop Cooling Heatsink and Fan AT0C9001DR0 | eBay Gateway NV59C Intel Laptop Heatsink w/ Fan, 60.WJ802.006 , AT0C9001DR0, at0c9001ss0, 60.psv02.005, at0c9001av0: Computers & Accessories
Gateway NV59 Laptop Cooling Heatsink and Fan AT0C9001DR0

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Part # AT0C9001DR0 see attached image:
Attachment 336017

A:Need replacement cooling fan/heatsink Gateway NV59c notebook

Just ordered the part from the E-Bay link above seller had very high marks. Now I hope it's just the fan/sink needs replacing...
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Does anyone know a part number for the white plastic heatsink frame retainer 'screws' that were used in some of the GX270-era Optiplexes?  Or a source for buying replacements when they break?
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Part number or replacement source for GX270 plastic heatsink retainers?

The GX270 part page does not list screws. All I can find is this but it is black and green?
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Basically, either my motherboard or processor has died, so I have gone to remove the fan / heatsink system (A Coolermaster). The fan unclips easier than the plastic system shown on Intel's website, but the heatsink appears firmly attached to the chip! I'm guessing that the thermal pad melts to produce a better 'seal' but it means when I lift the heatsink out - which requires a litter force, the heatsink comes up with the chip attached to the underside.

Obviously this means I've removed the chip without lifting the ZIF bar, but I don't see how else it would be possible to remove the heatsink - there is no lateral space for me to 'wiggle' the heatsink as suggested in the intel article.

Any ideas, comments or advice?

Many Thanks


A:Removal of P4 Coolermaster Heatsink

thats probably not good but if the processor is ok and the zif is ok dont worry about it. on my old processor the thermal compound was so old it just stuck together. i just carefully pryed it apart scraped the old compound off and put new compound on. wasnt a promblem.
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I'm trying to replace a friends' motherboard. Everything was going smoothly except I can't get the heatsink/fan off of the old board.

In the past, all (2) of the heatsinks I've dealt with have had a lever release that you push and the locking mechanism pops off.

Well this doesn't have that. It has the same style of locking mechanism, though.

It's in an eMachine, the standard stock heatsink. I don't have a model or anything for it.

A:CoolerMaster Heatsink/Fan Removal.

Is this a question of how it is disconnected(clips, screws, etc) or is it that you have it disconnected but can't get it to seperate from the CPU?

If it is the latter the Thermal interface material acts like glue and can make it difficult to remove without ripping the CPU out of the socket. Even though this is a guide for AMD64's i think it will provide some helpful info for you:HSF removal guide
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Hello. I want to buy a new processor in the next 6 or 7 months. However, when I installed some new DDRAM, I decided to take a look at how I would remove the processor. LOL, the processor isn't the hard part. It is the heatsink. How do I safely remove the heatsink without damaging the mother board? Are there are specific tools that can be utilize?

I am using an asus a7s333 [ ] motherboard. Thank you.

A:AMD Heatsink Removal - Asus A7s333 - Please help - Thank you
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Anyone know of a heatsink that is similar in dimensions to the stock AMD heatpipe heatsink, but performs better and has a larger fan?


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Real simple here - Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink for an MSI KT6v with Via kt600 Chipset
oh yes i scrappd the FIC peice of junk MB and use the above for now -

ty & GB,


ty & GB,


A:Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink
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Dealing with an slim Dell Dimension 5150c..

Beside main heatsink there another smaller heatsink...which is extremely hot to the
touch...what is this?

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i noticed yesterday that the fan & heatsink on my athlon xp (2100+) processor is pretty full of dust. can anyone please tell me how to go about
detatching that clip that holds them to the mobo socket so i can clean them out? i built the pc, but have kinda forgotten exactly how the clip latches down & i don't want to exert too much force on anything in that area.
is it correct that i'll also need to regrease the bottom of the sink with thermal grease? is this grease available at places like best buy or circ. city?

thank you!

A:How to remove athlon xp heatsink/fan for heatsink cleaning

Forgive me, but I find it hard to believe that if you put that machine together once, you forgot how to take it apart now.
It is human nature to never forget something that you did on your own.
That hold's true for computers also.
Maybe it will suffice if you just unscrew the fan from the heatsink and clean the fan and heatsink fins with a 1/4 - 1/2 inch paintbrush.
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P4 processor sockets have a plastic, rectangular bracket around them that the heat-sink and fan attach to. What do you call that bracket?

I need to buy some and I can't even search for it because I don't even know what to call it.

A:What's the name of this bracket?

I have one on my motherboard. But it's socket 754 but I guess it's the same thing.
In the installation book it says
"Push down the retention bracket lock on the retention mechanism to secure the heat-sink and fan to module base."
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I am about to order a probook 470 G4 with 256GB SSD. I want to add the harddisk from my old laptop that recently died to add some diskspace in case I need it (I have the disk anyhow). Looking at the service manuals for the G3 and G4 versions of the Probook 470 I see 2 different numbers for the brackets:In the G3 manual I see 828147-001, in the G4 manual it says 906002-001. The part numbers for the hardisks are however the same for both revisions of the 470. That suggests that this is the same or similar part. I cannot find the number mentioned for the G4 online (except in Eastern Europe). the G3 version is however available here in the Netherlands. can somebody explain the difference? Will the 828147-001 fit in the G4?
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I got a SLK U with a mm Tornado for my Epox RGA and earplugs One of the holes in the X-bracket is too large to hold the standoff I looked at it under magnification and it appears it was just made with a tap that was too large I was wondering if anyone else got a bad X-bracket from them A word of advice to anyone who does RMA the unit immediately and don t mess with Thermalright Support will tell you they X-bracket SLK900U can t help and pawn you off to sales And sales will just ignore you until you get really aggressive It has been a week and as far as I ve gotten is a message SLK900U X-bracket from sales that they will not use any type of expedited shipping when they finally get around to shipping it it hasn t been shipped They do seem to be aware of the problem but haven t set up any reasonable customer help nbsp
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Hello people, I have bought a HP ProBook 470 G3 and I am trying to insert a second hard disk into the notebook. The first drive is a SSD M2. I found out that there is no bracket inside the notebook, so I cannot secure the hard disk. I have found the HP 828147-001 HDD Hardware Kit, but then I get two different brackets. One with three screws and one with four screws. I need the one with four screws. I hope one of you can help me to find the right one what will fit in my notebook. BrokenWing PS: I am located in The Netherlands.

View Solution.

A:HP ProBook 470 G3 HDD bracket

Dear Customer,  You have found the right part number for the HDD Bracket.  828147-001You may use this and it is compatible. For more information sending you the complete guide. Please check the below link.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Im fixing up a HP h8-1070uk for a friend and hes lost the metal plate that holds the GPU in place on the back of the case. It looks like this  - im wondering if anyone could identify the part (name/number) and could let me know where i could find such a part or if something else could hold the gpu/pci in place.  Thanks for any help.  Adam
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My heat sink bracket broke where the fan attaches... is there any where i can buy a new one or do i neew to buy a whole new fan? It attaches to an Asus P4P800vm.

A:Broken Bracket

Buy a new heatsink and fan combo. They can range from $10 to $100. A cheap one will likely be fine because in general any aftermarket cooler will be as good or better than the stock cooler.
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I was looking online for a 2.5 inch bracket for my SSD. I found this "Dual Bracket" - BYTECC Bracket-35225 2.5 Inch HDD/SSD Mounting Kit For 3.5" Drive Bay or Enclosure Are you able to put two drives in the one bracket and thus double your space? I have never heard of these. My question is, if I get one of these now, can I just put one drive in it now and possibly use the second space for later or do you have to put two in at one time to make them secure? Thanks,

A:2.5 Inch Bracket

From what i can tell looking at the pictures it seems like it should work with one or two SSD's. Some of the user comments seem to say it works with one SSD ok. The good news - it has free shipping. Very often on cheap items the shipping costs more than the item. And it comes with a free 18" SATA cable if you need one.
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I bought M3800 without internal HDD but I want to add additional HDD now. Can I buy HDD cable and bracket for M3800 or can I use any alternative one?

A:HDD cable and bracket for M3800

Yes indeed.  I ordered the HDD bracket 21YWY and HDD Interposer Cable DG95V from Dell, bought a 61WH battery from eBay (Dell did not carry it at the time....) and a Samsung EVO 1TB SSD drive from Amazon.  It was easy to install (although you need a very small size 3 torx scree to remove the bottom cover) and works like a charm.
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i just installed a new msi motherboard and everything started to load and after a few minutes it just died while i was trying to load the os. i put in the d bracket that came with the board and the leds indicate that the memory module is damaged or not installed properly. does this mean the memory mod that i installed on the main board or on the mainboard itself

A:d bracket 2 on msi ms-6570 motherboard

It probably means the ram that you have in it, however i am not to good with msi so you shoudl check your mobo manual. Try taking out the ram and putting it back in. See if you get any wierd beeps. Make sure your ram has the right frequencies and speed.
If you overclocked it undo it, if possible test the ram on another system. Double check your jumper settings to see that you havent messed up anythign and check your dip switches (if you have any).

Hope i helped.
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I'm using an IBM Netvista 6578 LBG desktop PC and wish to install a second hard drive (HD). I do not have a problem with the cabling, jumpers, etc. but I've been trying to locate a supplier for the fitting bracket.

I want to fit the HD in the bay immediately underneath the CD drive and require a slide in sleeve that has the mounting points for the HD screws.

I can't be the first person who wants to do this, but I can't find anyone who supplies the part (it's always possible that I'm not using the correct keywords in my searches).

Can anyone recomend a supplier of the part please?

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I'm looking for recommendations on a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter to install my laptop drive into my new desktop.  I've seen mixed reviews on a number of adapters due to size issues.  Apparently there is enough variation in the "standard" size to make this a potential issue. Does anyone have a recommendation for the 750-170se? Thanks in advance! 

A:Bracket to add a SSD to ENVY 750-170se CTO

Hi, Please bookmark the following link for future references: Scoll down, you can find part number which is designed for your computer and you can buy from Amazon: Regards.
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I need a bracket for my floppy drive in my Dell Dimension 3000. I wanna put a floppy in it and I don't have a bracket. Anybody have one or know where I can find one?

A:I need a bracket for my floppy drive

donjo13 said:

I need a bracket for my floppy drive in my Dell Dimension 3000. I wanna put a floppy in it and I don't have a bracket. Anybody have one or know where I can find one?Click to expand...

The Dell Dimension 3000 is a new computer so the Spare Parts department should have the brackets for the floppy drive. I have been working for Dell Sales until last year but I left before this computer came out. But usually Spare Parts have these parts for new computers and some old ones too.

If you bought the floppy drive at Dell and did not get the brackets, call customer service because they need to replace the whole drive or send you the brackets for free.

If you lost them or broke them then you will need to buy them. No idea about the price since I was not in Spare Parts.

I hope this can help you.
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Does anyone know where I can find the bracket screws that would hold a VGA in place?

A:Video card bracket

Are you talking about the single screw that holds any of the other PCI cards in your computer in place?
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Microsoft Works Spreadsheet has replaced all my negative numbers with brackets. How do I change this

-101.45 has become (101.45)

How do i revert this??

A:Microsoft Works () Bracket Problem

With the spreadsheet open that you want to correct, highlight all the cells you want to change.

Then go to Format>Cells, click on the appropriate entry in the left pane under Category (if it's not already selected) then choose the format you want in the right-hand pane. Click OK and the brackets should disappear.
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Hi all,

I'm starting a new pc build, and would like to install an eSATA bracket that converts 2 SATA ports to eSATA.

What do I need to look for in a motherboard to ensure that it will support hot-swapping external HDD's?

Would any relatively recent motherboard that has an onboard RAID/AHCI controller allow this?


A:eSATA Bracket - Hot Swapping external HDD

Hi IniquiTrance and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Most motherboards have on-board RAID controllers, however for eSATA capability your motherboard also needs to have one or more SATA sockets that are designated as being hot-swappable. These may or may not be RAID capable. Obviously, these can also be used internally, but if you wish to have eSATA capability, you need to ensure that the motherboard has the correct type of socket. Generally speaking, if it does it will also come with the bracket. Check the motherboard manual and what it says on the box. You could also see what it says on the manufacturers website prior to purchase.
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hello i have a geforce gts 250 and i am in need of a new slot bracket for it either the high profile or low profile and i cant seem to find just the brackets any place online. thought i would check here and maybe someone has a good site to get parts like this..

A:needs a new slot bracket for my video card

I do believe those are specific to that make and model card and not generic or interchangeable. At best all you will find on line are blanks to fill empty slots. If you are handy with a drill and a file you could make one from a blank. You might be able to get one from the original manufacturer, but the cost may not be worth it, even if you can get it.
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Hey All, I have a probook 450 g3 that originally came with m.2 ssd only, no mechanical hard drive. I wanted to add a hard drive for secondary storage on the empty spot but there was no mounting bracket or screw provided with it. Where can I buy these parts. I tried searching on amazon but no luck or maybe I'm not serching correctly. Anyone know reputable place to purchase these?
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I want to install a new PCle SSD into a Latitude E5570 but I need the bracket that goes over the card and secures it from popping out.

Does anybody know what the specs are for the bracket, the part no. perhaps or where I can get it?


A:PCle SSD Bracket for Latitude E5570

They won't fit at the same time.  The bracket for the 2.5 SSD doesn't fit when the M2 is in there, so don't bother trying. You have to decide which one you want and maybe use an external network drive, external storage or Dropbox, etc. for more storage.
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I look for a wall support bracket for my Qosmio DX730-104. Do you know if it's possible to unscrew back?
Or do you know which kind of system can I use?




A:Support Bracket for Qosmio DX730-104


I don?t know what you want to do with the DX730 display but I don?t think that you could mount this on the wall.
According to some pictures which I could find in the net, there is no holder which would allow you to mount the monitor on the wall?.
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Anyone have any idea where to get this besides here:

I can't find this anywhere and Asus Customer Service is not returning my emails. I really am frustrated and tired of looking. Any help would be appreciated.

A:HDD Bracket for Asus G50V Series

Something like this:
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Ok, I i want to buy a wireless card, but my computer is slim so It can only use low profile ones. I found a bunch of cards i like, but they'll all Normal size brackets.

I was wondering If I can remove the bracket so it'll fit in my case.
Or will it cause some kind of problem?

Relevancy 43.43%

Have googled all over the place trying to find a place that sells these (without the motherboard) just need the card itself.........

Relevancy 43.43%

 No idea what the part is called but it's this metal bracket that is to the right of the extendable GPU slots: and here is an image of how I have been holding my GPU for the past 2 years:,VwR4sg2#0
Relevancy 43.43%

Hello, I just bought the arctic cooling silencer rev 3 vga cooling fan, but before I can install it, I have to remove a sqare shape metal bracket that encircules the GPU. I have the AIW 9700 and was wondering how I can remove this ring. Tips on how to remove the ring would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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Hello I have an NC382T Dual NIC with a full height bracket attached.  Can anyone help me find where I can purchase a low profile mount bracket? Thanks.

A:NC382T Low Profile Bracket Purchase Option

Hi, Have you found a solution as I have exactly the same at the moment. Regards,Swiep
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HI, I've got a Dell Dimension 5100 and a few days ago I was given said graphics card as a gift. However, due to my case and the position of my PCI-E slot I can only fit a low profile card into it and the 9500 has a double bracket. I would like to know if it's possible to buy a low-profile bracket for this card? I've looked around at a few LP brackets but none seem as though they would fit the output ports on the card. This is my card:

^ The top half with air inlets make it too hall to fit inside the case. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful, thanks.
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I am trying to install an additional hard drive in my Compaq Presario and can figure out no way to attach it with the brackets that were included in the maxtor kit The original hard drive which I want to keep is enclosed in a cage type metal bracket and there is not a second one for the new drive Have contacted Compaq with no result They keep giving me directions on how to configure which I m sure will be helpful if I ever get hard drive bracket installation problem it attached They studiously ignore me when I say I think a part is missing i e the bracket Does anyone out there know the type of bracket or part so I could find another one I can see that it would be simple to put in if I had that particular bracket Written on it is Mace Tech REV and p n but I can t find that anywhere and am thinking that Compaq must use another number Is there some other way to attach using the brackets that came in the Maxtor hard drive installation bracket problem kit Or hard drive installation bracket problem a way to jerry rig it without harm The hard drive installation bracket problem new hard drive is a Maxtor G Rpm I would really like to try this myself rather than have a tech install it but not even being able to connect to begin with is frustrating nbsp

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I bought a new tower and when I replaced my mainboard etc., and tried to switch on my pc the monitor didn't show anything, and the d-bracket(msi) showed four red lights. Nothing works, and I don't know if it is the mainboard or the processor.
Could somebody please help me.

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Does anyone know the part number for a set of hinge/display supports for the T110-121?

Mine broke last week and I can't seem to source a replacement or suitable alternative.
Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite T110-121 - broken hinge/support bracket

Huh... it is not easy to get such information but, in my opinion, you don't need it. all Satellite T110 have the same hinges and there is no difference.
Different can be only mainboard and some other hardware components like HDD, Ram WLAN card and so on.

Basic stuff like hinges is the same. I don't know where do you live but try to use Google for your country and check if you can find ?Hinge Bracket Set or Laptop Hinges for Toshiba Satellite T110?.

Check also eBay for your country.
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I have an E5530 that shipped with an M.2 SATA drive.  I replaced it with a larger model, but i would also like to add a 2.5" SSD to it.

Because mine shipped with an M.2 drive, it doesn't have a bracket or what appears to be the needed cable to attach it to the motherboard.  There is a spot inside the case to put a 2.5" drive, but without the bracket and cable you can't do it.

Where/how can I buy a bracket and cable?  I can't find any part number for it.
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Hello Does anyone have or Digital Out S/PDIF-SA Bracket ASUS 4-1 WANTED! Audio know where I can purchase an ASUS S PDIF-SA - Digital Audio Out Bracket I've looked WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket all WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket over the internet but can't find anyplace or anyone selling them anymore I need it to compliment my ASUS motherboard It allows for playback out of both Digital Out's simultaneously Despite my motherboard only being years old and most other ASUS motherboards also including the - header for it ASUS seemed to have discontinued it and now it's hard to come by There's an older revision before the ASUS S PDIF-SA bracket though There's the regular ASUS S PDIF - Digital Audio Out Bracket but this has the removable cap on the TOSLINK instead of the newer Flip up door design They can be found on eBay shipping from either America or China I bought one from America for and it arrived two weeks later but annoyingly the TOSLINK doesn't hold in any cables It just falls out I much prefer the newer flip-up door design anyway Much more convenient Thank you

A:WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket

Maybe its your cable? I have a recording studio and have a TOS Link connection, without any "door" and I do not have any problems with it. I used to have a SoundBlaster interface panel with the S/PDIF TOS link and it too didn't have a "door" and no problems.
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I'm looking for the 2.5" drive bracket to put an SSD in the "new inspiron" desktop 3650.  The picture from the service manual is below.  I've called Dell parts, they have been terribly unhelpful so that has been a dead end.  The picture below is from the Inspiron 3650 Service Manual, page 39.  Here is a link to the manuals PDF.
Any help finding the part number or where to buy it would be greatly appreciated.  

A:2.5" drive bracket Dell 3650 (or 3655) Desktop

You can order this bracket through a Dell Sales chat. You will also need these cables: Dell Part Number : 949TY and GP2JM !
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I'm planning to install a new 2.5'' SSD in my Dell Optiplex 790 (Mini-Tower). Unfortunately, the original hard drive bracket (3.5''?) has been lost.
As the number of (Dell) hard drive brackets is quite overwhelming me, I'd greatly appreciate any help with finding the fitting bracket.


A:Dell Optiplex 790 hard drive bracket (2.5" SSD installation)

DN8MY = Hard Drive Caddy Bracket Assembly 3.5"R494D = Hard Drive Caddy Bracket Assembly 2.5"
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PCI slot on my case too tall for my video card to screw into bracket. How can I fix this? Is the problem my case or my video card? I also want to know if it is the cases problem. If so, which kind of case would you recommend for this mb? Preferably cheap. Thanks



video card:
Relevancy 39.13%

I have this Motherboard and this case. People in the reviews have all talked about how they get they're Socket LGA 775 motherboards in it. Where am I supposed to mount the 4 square holes for the Heatsink and fan? Look at the pictures on the case, it shows where all the wholes are. Thanks for the help.

This Motherboard

This Case

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Recently, I began to use programs like MagicDisc to mount images. I love the ability to do this: it's so convenient and perfect if you don't want to wreck a disc.

Well, I now want software that allows me to alter or edit (or whatever) some images. Software that allows a lot of versatility and good features. Programs like PowerISO and Virtual CD.

However, I'm a freeware junky so I do not want to pay a cent for the program. Does anybody know of such software? [Even if there are multiple softwares, I just would like the features of the above mentioned programs.]

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Mounting :)

What type of editing? There isn't much in freeware that will do that. UlltraIso does a good job of adding and removing files and folders from the iso image.
Relevancy 39.13%

Have managed to mount certain types of images with 'Virtual Clone Drive' -but not as many types as I need to... Anyone know of a good all round Virtual Drive program? Daemon Tools and alcohol dont work...

A:Mounting ISO's

UltraISO 9.3 works flawlessly under Win7. Run it as 'Admin', especially if you plan on doing mounts.
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I installed VirtualBox 4.1 on my Windows 8 RP dev PC and uninstalled It. It removed the functionality to click and mount a VHD file. Any help?

Thanks Friends!

A:Help: VHD mounting

Hello Grant,

It sounds like the default associations for your VHD files got messed up. Downloading and merging the .reg file for the listed .vhd option in the tutorial below should be able to fix this for you if this is the case. It will restore the default associations for .vhd files.

Default File Associations - Restore in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Bin/cue files are CD files that can be mounted with programs like Nero Burning Rom etc...
My question is can I use a virtual drive tool such as Daemon-Tools, which can read bin/cue images without burning, and copy the files from the virtual drive to burn using a program which does not mount bin/cue files?

A:Mounting Bin/cue


You can also load the image into the virtual drive, and then copy the contents of it to your hard drive... or whatever else you want to do with it. It's the same as putting in a disc, except there is nothing physical that you have to load into your computer.
Relevancy 39.13%

I have just tried Daemon Tools and it tells me i'm on an unsupported platform and shuts off

What are you guys using for mounting ISO's?

A:ISO mounting

I used ISO Recorder, but I had to burn it from within Vista as well.
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Hello everybody.  I want to put into my laptop (ENVY dv7-7390el) a 2nd hard drive. It is a Samsung SSD (model: 850 PRO-512GB).However, even if I have firstly done the initializing with USB cable because it is new, when I link the new component using its cable to the motherboard 2nd HDD port and I switch on the laptop it does not detect anything. Anyway I have also tried to put a different device, another HDD, but the problem is the same, It is nowhere.How I can do to find it and then to use it? Could someone help me? Regards

A:Problem with mounting a 2nd HDD (a SSD)

Where did you get the 2d hard drive caddy and cable?
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Maybe this has been asked but, I can't find an answer doing a search. I have a newer case and decided to buy a nice intake fan: "Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 PWM" Now my problem is, the fan mounting method on the face of the PC is to the outside of the case behind the faceplate as opposed to inside the case. So, when I go to place the new fan on, the center of the fan (motor) magnetically sticks to the metal case.... this is weird and I've never encountered this before (1st case with this mount arrangement).... It has me believing this will/would cause serious problems for the fan itself. Am I correct in this assumption? If so, any ideas on a simple work around keeping in mind the intake fan really needs to be on the front?
Relevancy 38.7%

I didn't get the .iso file but this. Can someone please tell me how I can mount an image with these files?

Relevancy 38.7%

One of the quot features quot in XP is Disk Management which requires the user to quot mount quot each HD beyond the boot MBR HD However it also seems to REQUIRE each HD that is quot new quot to this install be reformatted This causes problems - I bought a new HD and wanted to boot from it but still use the data on Mounting - in HELP existing HDs XP the HDs in the Primary Slave Secondary Master and Slave positions XP won t let me assign a drive letter w o reformatting - thereby destroying existing data XP saw these drives during the installation Mounting existing HDs in XP - HELP and recognised they were all formatted with Mounting existing HDs in XP - HELP NTFS - I have one position set up with a swap tray arrangement and want to be able to swap data drives among PCs This means everytime I swap a HD from one PC to another I will have to re-format Is there a solution that would allow me to mount drives w o having to reformat them nbsp
Relevancy 38.7%

K - I had diablo 2 some time ago, and my friend made a copy of it on a cd.
Basically its an iso file and works w/o the cd...

Around a year ago - the cd was thrown away by my parents -and I do not have the origianl disk - only the iso.

For the past week Ive been trying to get both expansion+d2 from a retailer = NOT ONLINE (no acces to credit card, see?) Anyways - its proving to be difficult ><, but I have the ability to still purchase d2 LOD, before it disapears off of the shelves 4ever.

Now - my question is this :
Will I be able to mount d2, and install LOD + be still able to play on battlenet?
please help ><

and how will I go about doing this?

A:Diablo 2 mounting?

We really don't support the copying of CD's here, or the mounting of CD images. If you have the original CD-key, you can request additional CD's from Blizzard, it costs about $10 (Last time I did it, anyway). And most online stores will let you pay via money order or check, so credit cards are not necessarily required.
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i am given a task by boss to install win 7 in lab having 100 Pcs running already win XP,i know it will take a huge time. i want to know that is there any way to execute directly Win 7 iso image file in XP after copying in it so that i will not install win 7 again and again one by one in each pc.

A:Mounting Win 7 Iso image In XP

Hi is this what you mean How To Create Unattended Windows 7 Installation Setup
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Okay this is weird i have hardisks on my PC running win ultimate previously when i click defragment i can see both hardisks C and D but now when i click it i can only see C and no D although both hardisks still running fine but i just dont get it when it is not there when i choose mounting?? Disk defragment before it was there and secondly when i want to run scan disk on the drive D and check both options it says something about quot mounting disk quot and i choose to cancel it cause im afraid it might format everything and then after that comes the second options to run the scandisk after restart that one i cancel too because im afraid due to the st option is it okay if i cancel the mounting and run the scandisk but what is happening why is it asked for mounting but the D is still running fine and accessible files inside it are mostly private used e g medias Disk mounting?? etc

Relevancy 38.7%

A while ago I was having problems with my drives. I quickly made backups (multiple) of everything and proceeded to fix the problems.

Now, I've been going to the cleanup process and getting rid of the multiple copies of the backups I've made and I found an ISO file that I can't seem to:
1. Remember how I created it.
2. Mount it.

It's labeled as a backup (Backup_20080130.iso) and when I try to mount it, it only shows about 3 or 4 files yet the file is huge (16.1 GB (17,367,498,752 bytes)).

So, how can I get this mounted to see what's in it so I can free up the 16GB off my drive? I've tried all the normal ISO mounting methods and it does mount but only shows a few files and none of them are 16GB - it only shows about 500KB.

A:Mounting ISO Backup

Use daemon tools to mount .iso files as virtual optical drives. I am not sure how you created it, but you can create .iso files in almost every CD-burning software including Nero. For freeware, look at Imgburn.
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Im sorry if this is in the wrong place but I think it is.

I have downloaded Visual Studio Express 2008. I downloaded the offline version and am trying to use it on a computer without a dvd drive or internet. I transported via a Flash Drive.I have tried using Daemon Tools, IsoBuster, Virtual CLone Drive, Magic ISO, Power ISO, and the Roxio UFD Reader. I am willing to try almost anything at this point.
I open up the ISO and only see a single text file. Here is what the text file says:

This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system
that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification.

Where can I get a FREE program that will mount an ISO-13346 UDF file onto a Virtual Drive?

Thank you for your help in advance

Relevancy 38.7%

Hello... Has any Hard Disk Drive manufacture stated which position is best when mounting a HDD? I was thinking of mounting a couple new Seagates on "Edge." Thats having the 4 mounting 6-32 screws in a vertical plane. Another way of saying it would be: One inch wide, 3.5 inch high and 5 inches deep when looking at it in a very small tower case. Thanks.. agpilot

A:HDD, Mounting position?


Hard drives will work just as effectively upside down as it will normal-way up.

Edit: To be quite honest, it's hard to understand what exactly it is you are asking.

Relevancy 38.7%

Looking for a software to mount a drive for sims. something like demon tool but safe. 
 i downloaded power iso and it gave me malware . Just looking for advice and links to safe mounting tool, until i get the malware sorted.

A:Mounting a Drive

Hi keronkkumar If you're using Windows 8 or later, you can mount an .iso by right-clicking on it and selecting Mount. Otherwise, I don't know why you wouldn't want to use DEAMON Tools Lite. I always used it and it's perfectly safe. Same for PowerISO except that it bundles programs (PUPs). You need to pay attention when installing it and opt-out the offers (uncheck them and use a "Custom" or "Advanced" install). If you do that, you'll be able to install the program only and nothing else.
Relevancy 38.7%

According to all the research I've done, this should be a fairly straightforward matter:

Add/remove Windows components
Install Services for NFS and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (with the downloaded extras)
From command line: mount server:/share z:

However, it doesn't seem to be that simple.

I've tried just about every guide I could find on the matter. My first problem is that when I try to run the "mount" command, there's no executable found for it. A search of my hard drive reveals one buried deep in an obscurely named Windows folder, but when I run the help command (mount /?), it just outputs a blank line, and when I try to use it to mount a share, it does the same (ie nothing).

Trying to mount the share from a "net use" command, or through Windows Explorer produces nothing useful.

Has anyone been through this process? Can anyone point me in the right direction?


A:Mounting NFS Shares

Instead of "mount" use the "mountvol" command
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I've done this before, but can't remember how to now. I have a folder which contains the contents of a CD. I'd like to run this cd without actually burning this img to a cd. I know there's away to use magiciso to run the files as if from a cd without requiring burning the image. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

A:Mounting ISO/ running CD w/o CD

You're thinking of Virtual Drives. You would want Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview, which will accomplish this with MagicISO. Daemon Tools is also a good alternative.
Relevancy 38.7%

Ok so as posted on here before I had a whole mess of problems with Windows Pro bit that I didn't have with RC and don't seem to have with Home mounting Frustrations bit on the other computers First was Adobe CS not working It would install but when I'd go to launch any of the programs nothing would happen The process world run but I'd never get so much as the load screen This wouldn't work in the admin or my account but would work in Virtual XP Next up was Office k It would work fine in admin but I'd get quot Microsoft Office has not been installed for the current user Please run setup to install the application quot I got that to go away but Word won't open files unless it's already open otherwise I get quot There was a problem sending a document to the Frustrations mounting program quot And whenever I do launch an Office program I get the annoying installer configure ever time Keep in mind this all works no problems in admin mode Now I got o burn a music CD with WMP and it tells me quot connect a burner and restart quot I go to admin mode and it's fine Edit Now that I've gone back to my account it works -- Honestly though as someone who loved Windows RC and the Home premium installs on other computers Frustrations mounting at home seem fine it's just really frustrating having so many issues with my copy So should I format reinstall and try again Just use the admin account permanently Make my Frustrations mounting account full admin if that's even possible I dunno

A:Frustrations mounting

Have you tried a Repair Install?
Relevancy 38.7%

So I have several slots with trays that fit my desktop computer Regular HDD's mount to these trays without issue Now I want to mount a SSD into one of these trays Got this to quot adapter quot orange and no matter how I try mounting it everything seems backwards The SSD only mounts in the adapter with the pins towards the quot handle quot The mounting holes in the SSD align with pins in the adapter turning it these pins holes do not align I think the handle should be in the front Once the ssd and adapter sit in the tray there is approx quot gap on either side yet the adapter looks to have rails on the outside with holes for mounting to something into an 3.5 a SSD Mounting Tray. It came with screws which do not fit the threads on the SSD nor does it have any threads on the adapter If any body uses this kind of adapter which seem to be quite popular can you share your experience would appreciate it The snap in trays seem to be popular with most desktop cases Tx

A:Mounting an SSD into a 3.5 Tray.

Think you will find that this tray adapter was intended to be installed in an internal bay hence the connectors facing the handle.
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For some reason I have noticed that mounting a usb stick is taking a really long time. I have Security Essentials installed and thought that might be the problem, but after it was disabled it still takes a long time to mount.

so I tried it on another 64bit version of 7 and it loaded fast. I know it is not the stick. I then checked setting and it acts as though it is running at 2.0.

Is there a way I can fully remove this drive from the system so it will be like the first time it has ever seen it the next time I plug it in? Any suggestions?


A:Mounting a USB stick

Try plugging in the USB in safe mode. If the recognition is faster use msconfig to isolate the problem. (Please post if you need help in doing that).

To remove the drive from your pc try the following software:-

View any installed/connected USB device on your system
Relevancy 38.7%

does anybody know how to mount .daa or .ed2k?

A:image mounting
suggests that .daa files are poweriso images, so you can try opening them with poweriso (or any other image mounting software that supports the format).
.ed2k or edonkey links (kind of like torrent links). I'd suggest opening them with emule.
Relevancy 38.7%

I can generally do it with mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbdrive but since I installed an USB webcam, I have no idea what /dev/sdxx to use.

I've tried /dev/sdb1 but it doesn't work.

I only have two USB ports on this machine ( i815 chipset I believe ) & RH9 so Kernel 2.4.20. Any ideas how I could get this thing to mount without having to reboot without the webcam ?

PS. yes I've tried unplugging the webcam & then doing a mount /dev/sda1 again but still no go.

A:Mounting an USB drive

Use lsusb to list your USB devices

You can also modify your hotplug configuration to make it automatically mount the flash disk.