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Accessing all Folders using Limited User Account

Q: Accessing all Folders using Limited User Account

My operating system is Windows with user accounts Only of those accounts is an administrator When using the administrator account I have no problem accessing directories within the other limited profiles e g Limited Account A's Limited all using Accessing Account User Folders Documents or Limited Account B's Pictures However if Accessing all Folders using Limited User Account I am doing some work on either of the limited user accounts and need to access files from another user account it gives me the following message Quote You don't currently have permission to access this folder Click Continue to permanently get access to this folder I know how to edit the folder ownership but that's not what I want to do otherwise the limited account user will always have access to that folder I would like to make it so that when I'm troubleshooting something on the limited accounts I can just enter my administrator account password to gain temporary access to the file or folder I used to be able to do this a Accessing all Folders using Limited User Account long time ago many reformats ago when I had Vista I just remembered it and thought that it would help me out a lot anyone know how to do this

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Preferred Solution: Accessing all Folders using Limited User Account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Accessing all Folders using Limited User Account

Any help would be appreciated...
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I am new to this forum. So kindly inform me if there is any format in asking queries. It would be helpful in my future queries.
I have an Administrator account. Now i want to create another user account so that others can use my laptop through that account. I want to restrict those users in accessing my documents,folders,files etc and limiting them to certain programs only. I guess this is what is called Setting 'Permissions'.
But i haven't yet understood the clear picture of this. Can anyone explain it in a simple manner and help me out in creating an user account with limited access to my hard drive C and D.

A:How do i block other user account from accessing my folders or files

Hello SysEngineer and welcome to Seven Forums.

You probably want to deny those users permission to access your data. These tutorials hsould help.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Block Drives, Folders, and Files from Other 7/Vista User Accounts [How To] | Windows 7 Security | Windows Tools, Help & Guides
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Hi everybody, recently my desktop running on Win xp started to boot very very slowly (unimaginable ... it's not posssible to work !!!! horrible!!!) so I tried to boot into SafeMode. But in safemode after loading some files it displays Safemode in four corners and stops. I've a password protected account and "My Documents" folder is not accesssible to other users. When I try to get the files from "My documents" folder by connecting the SATA HDD to another PC, the folder shows empty and when I try to copy it, it doesn't allow. Pls tell me how to get back the files and folders. After backigup the files I'll format the drive and clean install Win xp. Thanx in advance...

A:Accessing folders/files of Password protected User account in Win XP

Try this on your other pc with the laptops hard drive connected:

Use an Administrators account:

open my computer and from top menu select tools >Folder options > View :

Then scroll to the bottom of the list in window and UNTICK "Use simple file sharing (recommended)"

click apply at the bottom and apply to all folders at the top and click ok:

In my computer note the drive letter of your problem hdd then run: "chkdsk D: /r"
where "D" is the drive letter of your problem hdd.

Let the process finish (might take a long time).

When diskcheck has finished open the drives and go to the folders that you want to access (dont try to open them yet)!

Right click on the folder and select properties then select security tab at the top,
Click the owner tab at the top
then in the change owner to section click to highlight the "Administrators (........)administrators"
(.....just means some chars)
tick "replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and apply. then ok to exit that window.
In the properties window that is still open, Highlight the "Administrators" and Tick the "Full Control" tickbox under "allow" Apply and OK to close the window.

You should now now have full control any data in that folder. Repeat step (2) for all the folders you want to get information from. You can also perform step (2) on individual files if you still cant access them.

If this does not work I'm sure someone else will suggest recovery method for you
let us know your progress please.
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Hi guys, just the title of the thread pretty much says it all.
want to create a really limited user account for the kids of the house. I already have a user account, and have tried to set up a limited one through control panel. But that asks me to first create an Administer Account, which i already have. So it would be pointless if i had two Administer Accounts showing up on the welcome screen.
Also i'm kind of a novice at this, but i am keen to learn. so help with privacy and parental control would be appreciated.


A:Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

log off your user account and login as administrator,to get admin acc. ctrl_alt_del do it twice, if the admin one is not seen then login create the user account and edit the permissions
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In our company, there are few computers where we can access only limited user accounts. I went to control panel >> user accounts >> shows the only limited user account name like "xyz". It doesn't show us any administrator account names, why is it so? And how I can make it happen in my personal computer?

A:xp shows only limited account name in user account control panel

Because you are logged in as a Limited User, so you can't make changes to the computer. Speak with your Network Administrator at your company.
At the log in screen hit CTRL+ALT+DEL 3 times fast. This will give you the traditional Windows Log In Screen. If you have the Built In Administrator accounts password, you can log in as Administrator and create a new Admin user account.
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hello every one
I was hoping if some one could help me at this.
I had created a local account in my machine which is a part of a small office network. and given it administrative rights. every once in a while the account gets downgraded to a limited user account and a I had to go all the way to control panel to reset the settings for that specific user account. I tried background check on the machine to check it for possible malware or virus infection but couldn't find anything.
could it be the user profile settings getting changed athomatically due several usages or could it be log file getting full or needs to be cleared?
so much in need for help

A:admin account gets downgraded to limited user account

possibly because that comp didnt come with Ultimate and when it re-activates, it uses the true Admin account and resets the others.

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Since this a security forum, I thought it would be nice to see how many of our members bother creating a Standard User Account or simply use the default Admin User Account.

Anyone is free to explain their own reasoning for choosing a type of account if he/she wants to.

Currently I use a Standard User Account. Decided to try one a few days ago, and so far I like it. I don't find it that much annoying or bothersome(so far)
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Hi,For a reason or reasons unknown to me, my Limited User account (on Windows Xp Media Centre SP2) seems able to access System files, Administrator files and Administrative tools. It can even access the Registry Editor! I am not sure if it supposed to go this far... But it cannot create a user account or change account type. I have recently been wandering through Local Security Policy and Services in Administrative tools, but I don't recall making any changes. Even if I did, I make sure I know what I'm doing first and normally after confirming from more than one source. I have checked again that it is in fact set to 'Limited User'! Please help. I have been trying to figure out the problem for like 2 weeks now. Thanks in advance.

A:Limited User Accessing Adminstrative Files And Tools

At Member request, I am bumping this question.
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Hi all.

I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition and I would like to use my current account as a Limited user account.

I realise that I will need at least one administrator account on my PC -- so I go into user accounts, create a new administrator account, then I try to change my current account to a limited account, but it will not let me!

See the screenshots;

I would like Admin to be administrator, and Dell07 to be Limited... I do not have the option to change Dell07 to limited for some strange reason.

I have managed to do this on my parents PC easily. I simply created another Administrator account, then changed their account to a limited one. I don't understand why this will not work on Windows XP MCE...

Any idea why this is happening?!

A:Help change my account to a limited user account!

You should log-on to the administrator account thru safe mode and this will allow you to change the account you want to so it will be a low-admin account. You can not change the account you are logged into t anything other than the account it is because it is the active account.
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i did something kind of stupid..

i had an oldaccount and there was a folder that i had made private with that account.. and now i moved everything from that one account to a new one.. and deleted the old account.. now i cant access that folder.. because it was made private on the old account and that old account is already deleted.. i need to access that folder.. but it wont let me.. how can i access that folder now?

A:Accessing Private Folders from another account ..

Are you using WIndows XP Home or Pro?

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First, thanks guys, and thank god i found you

I am running on Windows XP Home, we have 2 user accounts, today one of the user accounts can no longer access internet anymore, tells us it is firewalls etc, i have tried everything. The other user account is quite happily doing its normal thing, what is that all about and how do i fix it? we haven't installed anything new or made any changes lately, have done all the usual updates and scans. Just cant figure out why one account will and one wont.

Thanks for anything anyone can provide. Tina
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Hi everyone I hope user from Accessing read-only 7 Win account 10 Win this is the correct Accessing Win 10 read-only user account from Win 7 forum Yesterday I ran the Seagate Discwizard from an external boot CD intending to clone my GB Windows system drive to a TB new drive The clone option errored out twice each time it selected the TB as the source drive To my horror it had prepped my system drive as the destination drive without any prompt So gone Accessing Win 10 read-only user account from Win 7 are the partitions and Truecrypt partition that I had on the system drive I combed the web for help on restoring the partitions but haven't had much success until I found the software quot Partition Find and Mount quot It was able to locate three of the smaller partitions the OS the users which I separate into its own earlier for speedy backup and non-important game partitions It was not able to find my data partition the largest of them all nor the smaller Truecrypt partition I was able to mount the three it found as read-only to copy files I reinstalled Windows trial since I don't recall the license for Windows or the old Windows that I had upgraded from I was abl to mount the three partitions as read only by the Partition Find and Mount software On the system partition I am not able to access the users directory It kept refusing me permission although I'm sysadmin on the Windows system I tried to add access using the UAC but was not able to because the partition is mounted as read-only Is there a way to bypass the permissions and read the user account directly I have some important downloads that I did not get a chance to move over to the users partition Thanks a lot Ben
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Hey I ve been cleaning up my Issue accessing account old user with PC lately trying to organise everything etc but I ve come across a problemn I had an install of windows on a drive which became unuseable as a primary after some major issues I therefore deleted the instalation of windows and use it as a dump drive instead However one of the user accounts I created was one I protected for viewing editing from any other source I therefore have the problemn that I cannot delete or open said user account I believe I have things in there that I would like to retrieve before I remove the rest however of course I cannot see them thanks to not being able to view the contents via search or anything so I have delayed using KillBox to delete the whole file in the hope that perhapse there is some way Issue with accessing old user account of retrieving the info I was wondering if perhapse there is a way to add the user account to my current windows install or something I still know the password to it but of course its not connected to anything for me to be able to use it Can anyone help please Many thanks in advance JJ nbsp

A:Issue with accessing old user account

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP
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Normally I try to find out myself, but for this problem I think I'll try asking.

We are often recommended to not run in Administrator mode/account. For this reason I created a second account on my Windows XP and have found that Internet Explorer can't get out through the wireless modem.

In the Admin account IE seems to have no problem.

greg c

A:Accessing internet from other user account

Quick fix is to use the Guest Account which has internet Access.
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Is there a way to configure a Limited User Account in XP (MCE in my case)? I've read that a limited account can help protect against infections but I've got several programs that do not function properly in a limited account. I know the computers at my college were not granted full administrative privileges, but I was still able to install applications. So that leads me to think there must be someway to configure each user beyond a limited account being on or off.

Thanks for your help,

A:Limited User Account

I've read that a limited account can help protect against infectionsLimited account won't protect yourself from any infections.Limited account is designed so other users can't do certain things, you wouldn't like them to do.You can't protect yourself from yourself
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I have set up a limited user account and can not play the game Scrabble unless logged in as administrator. I have followed the steps provided in MS KB Q307091.;en-us;Q307091

However, if I run the app logged in as the limited user and choose to use the "current user" (which is selected as the admin account) I get the error message, "Failed to find then failed to create the Registry Key Hasbro\...."

If I choose the radio button for "The following user" and drop down to the administrator account my password is not accepted. If I select to run with the limited account I am prompted with "unkown user name or bad password"

The limited account does not use a password. Does it need one to run the program this way?

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank You!

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Is a Limited User account as useful as it is on XP and Win7?
On my other machines I use the Limited User accounts for internet facing activities.
Is it just as worthwhile on Win8?
Thanks for your time

A:Limited User Account

yes, it is worthwhile. you gain some protection from hacking.
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Hi I used to load my computer and i could see user account mine as an administrator and my wife as an administrator and I would start from there without any password protected Now the babysitter without my consent and i don t know what she did but now i have to log on to window with a password and this is ok but i didn t have to do it before After when i go to try to change user account under control panel I cannot pick a task and like adding a new user account or change limited to limited user . only account now administrator only have user account and its a limited one So what can i do so that i can have administrator account again I know that I can see my old account when i go to tools computer management local user and group user i can see my old account and my wife too but don t know how too or if i can restore them Please help me and I hope i only user limited account now . explained it properly First ever post here Thanks Dan nbsp

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Recently I had to do a system restore Accessing user folders XP accounts Problem due to a virus infection and it restored the computer months back only Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders there was one problem USERS before System Restore Account P Computer owner Account Account X Administrator Account Y limited Account Z Administrator USERS after system restore Account N COMPUTER Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders ADMINISTRATOR After the system restore there was only a Computer Owner Administrator account After weeks of trying to recreate the accounts to no avail i have given up However When I go to C Documents and Settings I can still access all the folders and files of the previous user accounts P Y and Z All except for Account X which was an administrator account and had set its sharing of files and folders to PRIVATE and unable to let other users access When I try to open the documents folder using the Computer owner administrator account it says quot Access to C documents and settings account X Is Denied quot I have tried to change its properties of the folder to share and i have tried booting the computer in safe mode and changing its permissions to no avail It still says quot you do not have the permissions to change this quot Can somebody help me with this Much appreciated nbsp

A:Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders

Sometimes when you reinstall WindowsXP, you can receive an Access Denied error when trying to open a previous user's directory.
To take ownership of that folder again:

1. Log on with an account that has administrator rights
2. Right click on the folder
3. Select Properties
4. Click on the Security tab
5. Click on the Advanced button
6. Click on the Owner tab
7. In the list of Names, click on your name
8. To take ownership, click on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
9. Click OK and Yes
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Can anyone help me in enabling msconfing to run in a limited user account in Windows XP Professional? As of now I am getting Access is Denied error on trying to access msconfig!

I tried a lot looking around in gpedit.msc from an admin account for an option to enable it in a Limited User account and also in Registry but to no avail.

An early response will be appreciated.

Technical Support Officer - MS Windows XP

"Compatibilty without Flexibility is a Liability."

My System:
[5.1 (BUILD 2600) SERVICE PACK 2]

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I have created a second account for me (a limited on) in order not to use the lapton under the admin account. However, after I log-in to the limited, I can't connect to the internet. When I go the Network area in order to try and connect or set uo the connection to the Internet by setting up the connection I get a message saying that I do not have the right to change the settings. Where do I go in the admin account in odrer to set the connection to the Internet for the limited account?

A:Settings in a Limited User Account

first question is, what os? You will only be able to make those changes from admin. Why don't you want to use the admin as your default account?

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Hi can anyone help me? I have a pc thats running XP home edition and I have set it up so that I am the admin and my two young children have limited user accounts, however when I set the kids accounts to limited the internet connection is cut off but if I put them back to admin all is fine! any ideas what I can do? I have uninstalled norton and any firewall was turned off still the same problem. I do use a belkin wireless card and have done the usual removed and reinstalled and used the windows software to set it up and still the same problem.
I don`t want to give the kids full admin rights but right now its all I can do please HELP!!!!

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Hello all, just found your Forum - hope you can help with a problem...

A friend of mine has set up her XP-based PC so that SHE has the only Administrator account. But one of her kids has managed to lock her out of seeing his temporary files - he has a Limited User account.

Normally, she can go to C:\documents and settings and open his user folder. now, if tells her 'access denied'. She is OK with opening the folders on other Limited User accounts.

How can she get access again?


> Jimmer <

A:Limited User Account privacy?

Can you go through your Administrative Tools part and change it from there?
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Basically, I have a family member who does things on the computer that they shouldn't be doing and never listen. Currently, there is only 1 account on the computer and it is the admin account.

What I am looking to do is, create a user account that is limited from absolutely everything pretty much, except browse the internet, use Skype, watch online streams, etc.

I want to set the account so that they cannot install absolutely anything on the computer. That's one of the biggest issues I have right now. I tell them not to download anything, install anything and what not, but they never listen. I want it so that even if they manage to download a file, they cannot install it.

I hope I've made my problem as clear as possible.

Needless to say, the OS is XP Pro SP3.

Please and Thank you!

A:User Account - Limited Control

Control Panel Icons: Windows XP User Accounts



I advise not to use fast user switching (or as less as possible). This option has a great advantage to quickly check your e-mail, print a file or whatever, while the other user is logged on. To disable this fast user switching: Control Panel, User accounts, Change the way users logging on or off, disable Use Fast User Switching. By disabling Use the Welcome screen, users must long on with both their username and password.
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I have been having a spate of trojans invading my system so have changed my logging on . I have instead if staying administator all the time I have opened a Limited User account which I will use from now on .

When I open it I notice my Anti Virus there in the taskbar and running OK now what about my Firewall , it is running in the administrator account do I have to load it so it is running in the taskbar of the Limited User account or what ?

Hopefully someone can answer to me which is most likely dumb question .


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No such thing as dumb questions? Well here goes...I've never really setup other accounts on my XP home edition, but I'm trying to setup a limited user account with just games for the younger kids and I'd like to lockout access to the All Programs menu, the recycle bin, and lock the desktop. I know how set all the Start Menu options but not the others. Will it change global settings? Any ideas? Thank You!

A:Limited user account setup

I am thinking that you want to do this on your home computer? I work for a library system and a big part of my job is locking up computers. A good tool to start out with would be TweakUI front at Here you can get rid of some of the things you want to remove (like the desktop. Not knowing your skill level, but if you are comfortable changing the registry a good website would be . I use a number of tools that I use when I set up a public computer. I start with the PAC security tool designed by Bill Gates Foundation which is 100% free. Info can be found at : and here: . It is the best tool ever you can limit accounts to have nothing if you wanted too. The only problem for you is you need XP Pro to use it. When I get that all set up I use a lock and key program that you add to you computer. With these two on a computer no one can ever bring a computer down. Found here: they also make a software version for home users. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Ok guys I'm having problems with my user accounts on windows xp. I accidentally changed my User account to limited now it wont let me change the account type. It says only the administrator can change it so how do I get around this. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

A:How To Change Limited User Account

Is it XP Home?

If so boot into Safe Mode and change the account there.

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I finally set up a limited user account for better security. Now, some programs don't run properly. For example, NTI and Nero burning programs don't find any CD/DVD burners, though they work fine in Administrator accounts. I don't know what is going on or how to fix it. Is there any control over what limited accounts can be allowed to do?

A:Limited User account troubles

Hi there...

Do you have XP Pro or Home Edition?
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Consider this scenario for Windows 7 Ultimate:

I'm using the PC administrator account. My family siblings are using their own limited accounts. Sometimes I leave my account logged on (but switched) and then wake up to find the PC turned off. It doesn't make sense that limited users have the authority to turn off the PC when this dialog box comes up:

In my opinion, there should be a way to restrict them from being able to turn it off if another user is logged in, otherwise it's not really a limited account if it can do something like that.

A:Limited User Account Shutdowns

You can restrict them How to restrict users to Shutdown in Windows 7
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Hey guys, I'm having trouble with my windows xp home edition. I have other people using my computer who are limited account users and im the administrator. I recently downloaded Winamp 3 and on my administrator account I can use it fine but on every limited account they try to use it and get an error screen that doesn't say anything and says send error report or dont send. I'm not sure whats going on but I thinks its something with the sharing and security. I already checked all the folders and they are all on share. Does anyone know whats going on...?


A:Win XP limited account user problems...

right click on the folder and choose the security tab and from there it is self explanitory
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I earlier tried to add a second user onto my system a limited one as sort of a guest account with a little Creation Account User Limited more access and a password I went in through the Users control panel and added a new user Limited User Account Creation as a Limited Account That part worked fine but when I go to log into the user account the system just hangs I m able to move the mouse and Ctrl Alt Delete When I do bring up the task manager the only processes running are winlogon exe csrss exe and SDMCP exe and of course the task manager After trying to run explorer exe through the run dialog I used the task manager to log out of the limited account which worked perfectly fine I then used my main account to create a third user a second Admin account I logged into that account and everything started up like it should I went back into my main account removed the second admin account and tried activating the Guest account I tried to log into the guest account but got the same problem as with the limited account Could there be something wrong with my system that doesn t allow certain administrative access to be restricted such as the guest and limited account would require Has anyone heard of this happening before and hopefully know how to fix it without having to do a system restore Even if you ve never head of this before some ideas would be useful to know what up P S I m running Windows XP SP and the only things that should be running on startup is my firewall ZoneAlarm and my Anti-Virus NOD

A:Limited User Account Creation

Are you using the fast user switching mode or the logon mode?

In addition to the av ap and the firewall there are also Windows processes thta should appear in your startup menu. Did you disable any?
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I have set up a new regular user account (Windows 7 Home Premium).  I want this user to have access to only one program that is on my PC.  How do I limit this?  Thanks.
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Dear all,
I am not able to copy files and folders from one drive to another.The Error: cannot copy (the file name). Access denied
Make sure the disk is not full and write protected.

Secondly I am not able to run executable files or programs in my limited account using the 'run as' feature to run the program with administrative privileges. The error shown up is : Windows cannot access the specified device,file or path. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item

Pls do help me!
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I ve recently setup a limited user account on a XPSP Home machine The intent is to use it for internet and email When Account User Limited Problem I switch to this account and try to setup say my email client the configuration or settings do not stick On a couple other apps too when I click on them to start them it s as if it s the first time they are being executed I enter the info apply or save and when I shut the app and come back into it the same thing happens For Limited User Account Problem instance in the email client each time I go in the setup wizard starts and asks for my pop and smtp etc I enter it save shut the app come back in and the wizard starts again asking for the same things Along with this limited user account is the original admin account the one that shows up in safe mode and a password protected admin Limited User Account Problem account visible at the welcome screen Any help would be appreciated Thank you for your time patmac nbsp

A:Limited User Account Problem

It has been awhile since I messed with the limited accounts in XP Home, but I remember finding them difficult to configure the way I wanted..
Have you tried extending the account to administrator, and doing the setups, then reducing the account to limited again?
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Hi I used to load my computer and [RESOLVED] account only user i limited Now have i could see user account mine as an administrator and my wife as an administrator and I would start from there without [RESOLVED] Now i only have limited user account any password protected Now the babysitter without my consent and i don't know what she did but [RESOLVED] Now i only have limited user account now i have to log on to window with a password and this is ok but i didn't have to do it before After when i go to try to change user account under control panel I cannot pick a task and like adding a new user account or change limited to administrator only have user account and its a limited one So what can i do so that i can have administrator account again I know that I can see my old account when i go to tools computer management local user and group user i can see my old account and my wife too but don't know how too or if i can restore them Please help me and I hope i explained it properly Thanks

A:[RESOLVED] Now i only have limited user account

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Boot into Safe Mode as Administrator and change your account back to admin.

You might then want to use system restore to a date before she used the pc. Then you want to put in place a password on both your accounts so she cannot access your computer. You might want to enable the guest account and make her/him use that or you may end up in a heep of trouble when she/he returns.
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I'm running Win XP Pro. I have a "Admin Account, which has all my software installed along with my personal settings like the look of Windows XP Pro, wallpaper, icons and etc. I would like to use the "Limited Account" that I created just like Leo Laporte recommends. Is there a way to migrate all my settings and configuration of the environment that I have set in the "Admin Account" to the "Limited Account" so that I can only install software or make major changes when I am logged into the "Admin Account" yet still have all my settings and look in the "Limited Account?"
All your help is appreciated.

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To slightly rehash an issue I brought up a few weeks ago I was having problems getting any of my limited user accounts to be able to print The main culprit is an HP Photosmart P hooked up as the local printer to my Windows XP PC By trial and error I was able to fix that problem by going into printer properties clicking on the quot advanced quot header and setting the option not to spool Account Problems User Limited but to print directly to the printer A little later I noticed that this caused another problem This Limited User Account Problems P printer is also used as a network printer to a Windows system hooked in thru a wireless network to the main XP system Prior to changing the printer properties to print directly to the printer there was no problem printing to the network printer from the Windows PC Once the change was made however that is no longer true Now whenever an attempt is made to print to it thru the Windows PC an error comes up indicating that an access code is invalid and asking whether I want to set the printer offline Further investigation led me to a Microsoft Knowledge Base Article which almost sounded identical to my problem I tried their suggestion but it did not work Is anyone familiar with this situation nbsp
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Have windows XP. Have created separate non admin account. When I try and install Itunes on this account I can't. How do I permit downloads on this limited account.


A:Downloading on Limited User account

What happens when you try to install iTunes? Do you get any error messages?
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Hi I have a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium where I have setup an Accessing services User Account from Solved: administrative administrative account and a user account I have also setup parental control over the user Solved: Accessing administrative services from User Account account Now when logged in the user account I try to open a blocked website or any other blocked system resource for that matter I am presented with UAC dialog asking me to enter my administrative credentials in order to continue Solved: Accessing administrative services from User Account And so I enter the credentials and I am allowed access to that service Now the problem is the user can now Solved: Accessing administrative services from User Account access this service again and again without UAC asking for administrative credentials So how to I lock the service s again back to the way it was so that the user cannot use that blocked service again For example take the following scenario A normal user is not allowed to access the folder contents of Administrators or other users in the Users folder But it asks for admin credentials in order to access it If I do enter the admin credentials then it remains accessible for the normal user How do I lock the normal user account back so that he can no longer access other users folders behind my back And this is happening to not just folders but all of the services which require admin credentials like parental control bypass program installation etc which I dont want the normal user to have access to Is there a way to lock the account again automatically or manually so that the User can no longer access administrative services Regards Robin nbsp

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Hi guys,

I need a little help as per title. I have created a user account but its showing the programs i use as admin. I want to create a user account with very limited info, i want the internet completely disabled (without disabling as admin first).

I only want the option to install programs.

Also on a side note, is it possible to run a user account with a different time/date to the admin user?

A:Help me create a limited/restricted user account?

Possible answer here -> User Account Permissions and Restrictions

Basically, you are looking at setting Permissions for the account.

edit: also see -> How to set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders in Windows XP
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Ok well I tried doing the right thing by using a limited user account and keeping my administrator account hidden by creating a registry value
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList\(username)
(username) = administrators name

and now it is invisible also from UAC..

Although says it's as simple as fixing with ctrl + alt + del at the logon screen to bring up the logon dialog, which it didn't.

I have tried to restoring from a previous state but I do not seem to have any restore points. (no idea why)

all help is appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Stuck on a limited user account

Thank god I fixed it.

For anyone that has run into the same problem as me do the following:

1. Login to your limited user account
2. ctrl + alt + del and start task manager
3. Kill explorer.exe
4. click new task (under applications)
5. type cmd
6. type in "runas /user:[username] explorer.exe" (without quotes)
7. search cmd in start search box and right click then run as administrator
8. type in "net localgroup Administrators [name of limited user] /add"
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1. I have set an account as a limited user in Windows XP. It has to temporarily run as an administrator when he wants to install a program. Most of the time it works but I encountered a few cases where the programs have problems or simply doesn't run in limited user account. What can I do to fix or minimize those problems?

2. Sometimes a program installs but only install on that user, in this case, it would be the administrator, so the limited-user account can't run that program. What can I do to instruct the program to install on all users? Thank you.

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When I try to open DFX ver6.400 in a limited user account under Windows Media Player or RealOne Player I get the error message that DFX is unable to load the 'skin.txt' and as such I'm unable to configure the options or use DFX in a limited user account.
The exact message generated is:
Unable to open skin configuration:
C:\Program Files\DFX\WMP\dfx_skin.txt
C:\Program Files\DFX\WMP\dfx_skin.txt: permission denied

Please Help!!!
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I have heard that it is safer to be logged on only on a limited/standard account rather than an administrator when logging on to the Internet.
Is this true?
I am the main user here on a home computer – My grandchildren have access on a limited account.
I am the only administrator and my user account is as administrator.
Would I have to turn my present main user account (where all my documents are stored and which I use for everything on a daily basis ) into a limited/standard account and create a second user account with administrator rights and switch to the second ( administrator ) account when I want to download something or change settings?

A:Use of Limited / Standard User Account for Security

Yes, it is more secure to run your computer daily with a limited user account. Attackers take advantage of coding flaws in Windows and try to install malware when you chance upon their websites. If you are running as a limited user, some of these installs will fail, because only administrator accounts can make system changes.

You will have to create a second administrative account first and then demote your present account to limited user.

You don't have to use the admin account to do downloading. You only have to use it if you are installing a program. I normally download applications to the Public/Downloads folder ( on Vista, or a subfolder of All Users on XP )
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- This is a new HP Win portable our son bought for his mom He originally set up the computer for her The computer has no problem opening pictures in an admin account It uses the photos app which is installed in the computer After I created the limited account pictures wouldn't open there was an element missing The Twinui app was the installed app for the Limited account How do - photo user Win Limited open Can't account. in 10 I replace the TWINUI app with the latest photo app I Win 10 - Can't open photo in Limited user account. was able to replace the TWINUI App but now there are some issues with the registry -While posting with EDGE I find that I can't paste Win 10 - Can't open photo in Limited user account. in the post The paste option Win 10 - Can't open photo in Limited user account. isn't available Had to switch to Google browser FRST log follows and Addition log attached Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by david administrator on DESKTOP-AC F C - - Running from C Users david Desktop Loaded Profiles david amp julie Available Profiles david amp fredr amp julie Platform Windows Home Version X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser Chrome Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved AMD C Windows System atiesrxx exe Realtek Semiconductor C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtkAudioService exe Realtek Semiconductor C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVBg exe Realtek Semiconductor C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVBg exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Skype Toolbars AutoUpdate SkypeC CAutoUpdateSvc exe Hewlett-Packard Development Company L P C Program Files x HP HP System Event HPWMISVC exe Apple Inc C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Skype Toolbars PNRSvc SkypeC CPNRSvc exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnhService exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C Program Files CyberLink Shared files RichVideo exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender NisSrv exe AMD C Windows System atieclxx exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System dllhost exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe CyberLink Corp C Program Files x CyberLink YouCam YouCamService exe Realtek Semiconductor C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtkNGUI exe Hewlett-Packard Development Company L P C Program Files x HP HP System Event HPMSGSVC exe WildTangent C Program Files x WildTangent Games App GamesAppIntegrationService exe Hewlett-Packard Company C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP Support Solutions HPSupportSolutionsFrameworkService exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Defender MpCmdRun exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System SettingSyncHost exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows ImmersiveControlPanel SystemSettings exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft WindowsStore x wekyb d bbwe WinStore Mobile exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System LogonUI exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System LockAppHost exe C Windows SystemApps Microsoft LockApp cw n h txyewy LockApp exe C Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft Messaging x wekyb d bbwe SkypeHost exe AMD C Windows System atieclxx exe Realtek Semiconductor C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVBg exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows SystemApps Microsoft MicrosoftEdge wekyb d bbwe MicrosoftEdge exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System browser broker exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows SystemApps Microsoft MicrosoftEdge wekyb d bbwe Mi... Read more

A:Win 10 - Can't open photo in Limited user account.

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Does anyone know whether this protects against clickjacking or malicious scripts which download and install viruses such as trojans ?

A:Running Windows under a Limited User Account

Well read this and always run as Adm., with no UAC either, but if other users were around I would set up more accounts for sure. To fix inconveniences try Surun Download and look at readme.txt, tells you difference to Runas and why to use this instead. Dont think that much malware is targeted towards "fixing" limited user. Too troublesome I would think. Clickjacking - how can it protect since a web-event? Browser might but output from whatever exploits, downloads/installations or what matters it does protect against. Found a nice guide to Surun and more 20 pages of forum-chitchat If you only want to set up a personal "Im an idiot" account for browsing then may be not so important with Surun, but if other people are involved you must avoid those problems Leo dude talk about. Or focus will be on problems not benefits and away it goes, like UAC on Vista
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I read that some people had problem running games in winXP limited user account. Is it a widespread thing or just rarely happened?

A:winXP limited user account & games

Many games need to access files not usable by limited accounts and will therefore not run on limited accounts... It's not that widespread, but does happen.
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Hello This is on a Account Limited User Setup Solved: ASUS laptop WIN I d like to have a Limited User Account for facing the internet on my son s laptop I have this Solved: Limited User Account Setup on my old Dell which is running XP SP His ASUS has Express Gate which I understand is based on Linux and fairly safe but has limited functionality and I d rather see him using a Limited User account The following link shows how to do it and I m wondering if this is the way to go http technet microsoft com en-us library ee v ws aspx When I go to User Accounts I see two accounts one called quot Alex quot - administrator the other Guest - quot off quot Is the Alex account the out of the box admin account Solved: Limited User Account Setup that my son named which had administrator rights Should the system s admin account show up here as well I was expecting to see the System Admin account here as well I d like to follow the info in the above link but got stuck on what I saw in User Accounts Any help will be appreciated nbsp

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I'm wondering if a person with a limited user account in Windows XP has access to see what the administrator ahs been doing on the internet? Is there a built in component of Windows that log time spent on internet sites? I'm wondering cause one of my limited users appears to know what and where Ive been and for how long. I don't know how they figured it out but I know that I don't even know where to look for a timer for my own activity much less someone elses. Please advise as to how this was acomplished so I can quit felling perplexed.

A:Limited user account able to spy on administrator activity in Xp???
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Hey guys, on my win xp I have multiple accounts set up and they are all limited accounts except for mine cause I'm the account administrator. On my account kazaa works fine and all but when I go to their accounts I open kazaa and and I get an error message saying.. Unable to open C:\Program Files\Kazaa\Db\data1024.dbb . I opened up the kazaa folder and the file is their just kazaa is not opening it for some reason on the limited accounts. Do you know what is happening??


A:Kazaa problems with limited user account on Win xp

I've had that problem to. I assume It's cuz limited users just don't have enough privilages for Kazaa to operate properly. What I'd recommend instead is you download Kazaa-Lite from and install with administrator privilages then try running that under limited user accounts. That should work. Download it from cuz it comes with hacks like always keep participation level at 1000 and more...

Good luck,

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So I am very familiar with windows and stuff and for obvious security reasons I don't want to use a an administrator account just to browse the net and do day to day activities like most people do and then wonder why they have malware So I have installed some software from the administrator account that was originally created during install and then I changed that account to a standard user account and created a separate administrator privileged account named admin All should be good right When windows starts up now in the standard user account that I want to use most of the time I need to use my password for certain startup programs like core temp i e you have to verify you want to them to run using the administrative password What if I don't want to do this I just want them to run without the password I tried going in and changing the permissions to allow full control for authenticated users and my standard user account but it still asks for a password on log on Is On Startup User Issues Account Limited there any way around this Thanks in Advance

A:Limited User Account Issues On Startup

Perhaps you are refering to the user account Control. To disable it: Turn User Account Control on or off.

After that, there will be no more prompts for your password for anything, however, limited account will still have lower permissions than an administrator and therefore not be able to access everything, as you already know.

To just turn the settings down (less prompts), use this tutorial found on this very forum: User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
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I recently changed the settings on my computer's administrator account to deny access to third party cookies (can't remember how I did it or how to change back), I don't know if that effects the limited account, but now I can only login to email accounts with the administrator account. In the limited user account Gmail and Yahoo wont even load the login page. Hotmail will load the login page but when I enter my password it says their is no connection. Other logins, like here, seem to work.

I have XP sp3, IE8.

Is there any way that I can fix this so that I can login to email accounts using my limited user account?

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in windows 7 i hav created a new user(others) . i am the administrator and hav to restrict access of some hard drives like c:,g: from the user(others)..!! how to do tat and i had to disable the control panel,cmd prompt,run also..!

1) i went to group policies and try to disable the hard drives..!! but in tat i can see onli "restrict A,B and C drives" but i need to restrict drives c: and g:..!! and how to select the other user account..?? the drive restricted in my administrator account itself..!!

2)i hav managed to disable the cmd prompt,ctrl panel but its getting disabling in my admin account but i need to disable in other account..!!

Pls help me out.. im noob in this..!! i searched but cant find a detailed discription..!!

A:How to disable the hardisk drives accessing form other user account ?

1. cmd is automatically disabled by the admin password
2. for data drives you could use encryption.
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An interesting problem limited problem account XP Zone user Alarm that even Zone Alarm hasn t been able to solve Zone Alarm runs XP limited user account Zone Alarm problem fine in XP limited user account Zone Alarm problem Windows XP limited user account Zone Alarm problem XP administrator mode However when logging into a limited account on the same computer it pops up briefly in the icon tray and then disappears and is not running in Windows Task Manager There are no error messages Same problem occurs if directly clicking zlclient exe or zonealarm exe in root directory Zone Alarm will run in the limited user account using the quot run as quot option to access the owner admin level--but still will not initiate when later logging into the limited user account Doesn t matter if using fast switching between accounts or logging off other accounts before logging into limited user account Creating new limited user accounts encounters the same problem Unsuccessful solutions tried -removing and then reinstalling latest paid version of Zone Alarm -disabling all rd party services including anti-virus thru Msconfig amp deleting temp file cache--then reinstalling Zone Alarm - enabling sharing in security properties - using Safe Mode level security sharing to give limited user full control of Zone Alarm folder The problem seems to be that something is preventing ZA from fully initializing in the limited user mode or it running into some kind of conflict Any suggestions for solving or at least diagnosing this problem nbsp

A:XP limited user account Zone Alarm problem

ZA has had several issues.
I would ditch it and go with comodo free firewall.
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I'm wondering if there are any drawbacks associated with running installers with the Right Click -> Run As process from within a limited user account. I have always logged out of my restricted account and into an account with administrative privileges to install software, but I don't know if that hassle can be avoided by using this method.

A:Windows XP software installation from a limited user account

with limited user accounts you really cant install anything....that's why you use that. it keeps you from downloading anything that will be detrimental to your system.....even though it's a hassel the admin. is the only way to download unless you make a user a power user then you can dowload somethings but not all.
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I have two limited user accounts on my system, and my Admin account.
My Admin account can access Start/Computer and any drive I have.
My limited user accounts cannot, they can't even access the Public folders, only their own folders (which also means the libraries are limited to them also).
I created a new test (limited user) account, and it was able to access these with no issues.
Originally they could access the drives with no problems.
I do not know what changed, and therefore how to resolve this.
Please help?

A:Start/Computer access, limited user account.

Windows 7 Take Ownership & Grant Permissions to Access Files & Folder

Read this information and see if it is helpful in your situation.

For drive, right click,properties, share.
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Hi all I recently formatted my drive and did a fresh legit reinstall of XP I ve been trying to run a very tight ship since issues limited access user account file then among other things doing my daily work in a limited account I have a large number of files that I backed up from my previous admin account and have copied over to my newly formated drive and which I now limited user account file access issues need to access regularly as a limited user Mostly this works okay but I ve found that for a lot of my files I just can t get write access to as a limited user These are just random text and image files -- not anything significant or limited user account file access issues sensitive They re not being used by any other process If I switch accounts and open them as admin then I can write to them Otherwise not I noticed that after I initially copied all these files back onto my drive they were flagged as read only I changed that in the Admin account and now there s no read only flag when I check the properties as a limited user However I still don t have any write permission Any insight would be apprecited Cheers FP nbsp

A:limited user account file access issues

Welcome to TSG!

I suspect you need to take ownership of the files from the limited account.
First, change the limited account to a Computer Administrator account
Follow the steps in this article to take ownership of the files:
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

Then, change the account back to a Limited Account.


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hi i just noticed that i have a problem when i logon using a limited user account it beeps four short times beeps limited user when Solved: to logging in account 4 before loading up completely i searched bios central for the beep codes and this is what it says beeps short error message system timer failure description The system clock timer IC Solved: 4 beeps when logging in to limited user account has failed or there is a memory error in the first bank of memory it goes like this when i logon to the limited user account of my sister which i made for her but she never uses i deleted the account but when logged on the beeps are still there anyways here are the specs of my pc windows xp pro sp sempron s Solved: 4 beeps when logging in to limited user account kingston mb ddr msi k ngm-v nforce AMI bios gainward i checked the ram if there is anything wrong with it using checkit diagnostics and there is nothing wrong i removed the video card and booted the pc again the Solved: 4 beeps when logging in to limited user account beeps are still there i changed to voltage of the rams to v the beeps are still there i changed memory slots and inspected the rams if its not seated properly the beeps are still there i made another limited user account the beeps are still there in the support site of ami bios it says there that if i have four beeps it means that the mobo timer is not operational but what is this lastly how do i test the ram should i have the motherboard for rma and why does it give the beeps whenever i log on to a limited user account thanks nbsp

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How do I map existing User Folders to a newly created User Account?

I had existing User Folders on drive D. I added a new drive C and installed the OS on C but changed default location of User Folders to D. Now my existing User Folders are in the Users folder on D but there is no User Account associated with them. If I create a user account with the same name will it map to the existing folder within Users?

I did a test of this. I created a folder called Test within Users then created a User account called Test and logged in. It created another folder within Users called Test.Computername.

A:How do I map existing User Folders to new User Account?

Check this post.

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It works perfectly well in an Administrator Account but when I click on its icon in a Limited User Account, it starts and then asks for the game options.
On selecting New Player, and then 'Load Profile or 'making a new player', and thereafter, clicking on 'Next', the game screen disappears and the game does not start at all.

The same issue is with some other games also that do not work on a Limited User Account.

How to make such games work on a Limited User Account?

Please help to solve this problem.

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Does any one know how to fix the User Account control panel when it has fewer options like this to make it back to normal?

It should have options like 'Change your password' 'Remove your password' 'Manage Another Account' and a few others.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Windows 7 User Account Control Panel has limited options

Select the Control Panel from the Start>Search option. Instead of the Control Panel you're receiving, you should get the all control panel items version
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Hello I am setting up new PC with Windows x for office user I would like to have following account configuration Administrator account - for administrative purposes user permissions limited with admin Power/Super account full access control Power Super user account - for maintenance purposes program installation minor setting change almost full control but GPO and similar quot admin quot access not allowed - like some sort of Service Help desk account Standard user account - for everyday use limited access control - no installation and or settings Power/Super user account with limited admin permissions changes allowed I have all three user accounts created and Administrator and Standard user accounts are working fine but I am struggling with Power Super user account There is only Power/Super user account with limited admin permissions one PC in office so no domain is established - all permissions are Local GPO based Power Super user is needed because there is external contractor for some programs that run on PC and he needs some level of administrator rights - installation etc I need advice how to setup Power Super user account Thanks
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A trojan slipped past my AV f-Secure yesterday from a zip file It recognised and cleaned it after it was extracted but it appears to have done some damage even though not run Most of my desktop icons were missing and the Favourites trojan attack. Account Limited after Error Runtime user - to one folder was empty so I rolled back with System Restore which brought back the desktop icons but opening Photoshop CS results in Runtime error This application has rewuested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way Premiere Pro CS is freezing at the Splash screen Everything else appears to be OK The disappeared desktop icons had me wondering if it was a User Account issue so I created a new Admin account and sure enough both Adobe apps worked fine from the Runtime Error - Limited to one user Account after trojan attack. new account Switching back to the original account returned the problem It would obviously be useful to know what the trojan was but I have Runtime Error - Limited to one user Account after trojan attack. search f-Secure for a log without success I am also wondering if the trojan has created a remote gateway to the affected User Account I huess I could switch everything to the new account but it would be good to fix it BTW I have tried running SFC SCANNOW and it found no problems Can Runtime Error - Limited to one user Account after trojan attack. you guys help I assume my system specs appear somewhere have spent minutes entering them when I registed

A:Runtime Error - Limited to one user Account after trojan attack.

It sounds like you received an OS 2012 Trojan. They hide all user files and move files around so you are unable to access the files. A system restore probably was not a great idea since it may make it difficult to fix the problem. The typical fix is to download and run the Fakerean removal tool to remove the virus and return files and settings for users. See if it will still work.
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I am logged in as admin. I go to create another account, and wish to select "limited", and it is present, but not a choice. We I mouse over it, it does not allow me to select it. What is the problem here.

A:[SOLVED] create user account with limited access problem

HI -

Could I get a screen grab of what it looks like before and after you're hovering over the choice, please.
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Does any one know how to fix the User Account control panel when it has fewer options like this to make it back to normal?
It should have options like 'Change your password' 'Remove your password' 'Manage Another Account' 'Change Account Name' and 'Change Account Type'.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have User Folders - say Mog and Mog-PC in my C drive under Users But I do not have a User ACCOUNT for Mog - only one an Administrative Account for Mog-PC which is the one I use most In trying to get rid of Mog I have set up other administrative accounts with completely different names and a Standard User Account and copied most of the Mog and Mog-PC folders over to each of them Most recently I discovered some of the Mog files were checked as shared so I went all through Mog and Mog-PC ensuring none of the folders were shared I 2 User one Folders User Account then tried deleting Mog Folders AFTER moving any that did not appear in Mog-PC over to Mog-PC I ran into trouble with deleting the Desktop Folder most of Mog-PC Desktop disappeared as well When I tried to delete the Mog User FOLDER it 2 User Folders one User Account was obvious the system was deleting files and folders from Mog-PC so I hastily cancelled I do have backups to external hard drives of all important stuff Anyone any ideas as to what short of clean installing I can do about this System restore has stopped working recently as well My Windows disk is OEM from Mesh who made encouraging noises about sending a disc when I first rang but who are not answering my emails since I may have to try to borrow one from friends of my son but wonder if there is anything else I can do first Thanks if you are reading this - even more thanks if you have any ideas even if only to confirm clean reinstall is the only way forward
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I am shifting this query from the quot Customization quot forum as it got no answers there I hope this is allowed i beg your pardon if it isn't My O S is Windows My HD has two partitions C and D the latter intended for all data leaving the whole of C for the system Windows and the applications In the directory tree the Windows Explorer shows my user s account account in user?s folders, partition? which My say Name both under C Users and under D Users - O K Now I want all my data files to go by default to folders temporary or others under D User Name Instead though certain savings go to temporary folders under C User Name for instance files attached to e-mail messages if viewed and then saved How can My user?s account folders, in which partition? I direct everything to D by default Also I tried to trim off all folders from under C User Name but then some applications failed to perform right it s as if certain My user?s account folders, in which partition? folders must stay under C User Name like Desktop or Favorites if Favorites is under D User Name but not under C User Name then the Favorites wont display in my browser Must that be so Thank you for any help ACA

A:My user’s account folders, in which partition?

In the properties window you've clicked on location tab. Yes?

You then press move and search for your now location, I always have a new folder waiting there with its new name. Press OK and on the location tab press Apply. You'll be asked if you want to move all the files etc., say yes and off it goes.

Desktop & Favorites I've moved the same without a problem but you can't move the C:/User/Name folder as, yes, some of your folders have to stay there. App Data for a big example.

Hope that helps.
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I want to clean my laptop. I go into the "User" folder, and see all these user account folders. Because I am the only user on this laptop (admin), which folders can I delete? I am using the user "Chris" right now.

Chris (I use this one)
Default (hidden)
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Ones like Contacts, Downloads, Favourites, Links, etc...

Anyone know how to do it?

A:Can't Hide Certain Folders in User Account Directory

Hello FrozenInferno,

Are you trying to hide them from your C:\Users\(user-name) folder location?

File and Folder - Hide or Unhide

Hope this helps,
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Hi I work from home on the PC shared by my kids and friends when they come around I also tend to do the same work on my laptop for instance if the kids are watching Tv or something so I can be with them whilst also getting my work done My problem is twofold Firstly I want to be able to make it that the kids can t access my documents on the PC account Password folders/user protection on but that they can still be shared across the network when I am working on my laptop XP settings seem to be all or nothing either it s private or shared with everyone Secondly I want them to only be available to my laptop and not others on the same network I ve looked through all the settings and can t find a way to do it When I was office-based we had a way older version of windows and were able select a user-name from another comp and were prompted for the password Is there somewhere I need to switch this method on for XP Thanks nbsp

A:Password protection on folders/user account

Hace you creates a separate profile for the kids/guests and granted limited user access?
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Hi I ve got the weirdest thing going on with my pc I have kids accounts and for my spouse other than the admin account When I go to the local disk C and select the quot Documents and Settings quot folder I find that of my kids accounts have a second folder set up For example There s a folder for Child A We ll call this folder quot Child A quot for simplicity Folders Accounts Doubled Issue Account in User Then there s also a folder that s called Doubled User Account Folders in Accounts Issue quot Child A Name of Computer quot Where quot Name of Computer quot is actually the name I gave to the computer Doubled User Account Folders in Accounts Issue Not literally here But it s really a folder with the dot extension name of the computer attached onto it Now there is also an account for another child exactly like this too A third child account does something a bit different It takes the account name say quot Child C quot and then the other folder would be quot Child C quot Where it really gets creepy is that I m using an app that views the history of urls visited Checking on the fold quot Child A Name of Computer quot results in hits to porn sites Don t yell at me - I m in the process of cleaning this up these are young kids and I m po d that my spouse even visited these sites on this community pc My question is What s the best way to clean up the folder issues I m not sure how these folders even got added other than maybe the accounts not being added correctly My thought was to back up only the important stuff and reinstall windows xp from scratch Ugh what a mess Any tips would be appreciated Thanks PS The folder issue is not there for the youngest child or the owner or my spouse s account Just these three other accounts PPS I wasn t sure what type of title to give this issue In the system admin it only shows one account for each user But apparently something happened in the account creation nbsp

A:Doubled User Account Folders in Accounts Issue

Have you ever repaired the system using the computers own non-microsoft recovery manager preinstalled on the system. I had this happen before when I performed a repair and re-entered all the same names of all users accounts on the machine.

This was the Compaq System recovery utility.
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My previous user account became corrupt and so I created a new one and moved all of my data to the new user account But account access a after user Cannot moving new files and to folders like the title says I can t access any folders I can t even access My Computer or even the Control Panel It keeps saying I don t have the appropriate permissions to access these folders and paths I ve tried changing ownership and I ve tried changing permissions to the new user account So now I have no idea what to do Does anyone have any ideas When I go into safe mode I am able to open my files and folders I've also tried disabling all services and startup programs and still have the problem I've Cannot access files and folders after moving to a new user account also installed Malwarebytes and did a complete scan of that Update Cannot access files and folders after moving to a new user account So I tried creating a new user account with admin privileges At first it seemed to work but after I finished transferring all of the data from the old user account I got the same problem and now I can't access and folders It still says I don't have a appropriate permissions

A:Cannot access files and folders after moving to a new user account

Take ownership of the files and folders?
Take Ownership Shortcut

Dont run Take Ownership on the entire C drive or on any system elements without consulting with the experienced members of the forum. That might be fatal.
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I'm helping a friend with his older Dell system running Windows XP home SP He had someone else working on it and they appeared to have installed Windows Server Update Services WSUS and then it or perhaps this person created an administrator user account called WSUSUpdateAdmin He now has two visible administrator accounts - his own account and the WSUSUpdateAdmin account When he starts his computer he receives a Logon Message window - The system could not log on etc with the logon box for WSUSUpdateAdmin behind it for this account It evidently has been configured to AutoLogOn but cannot complete Just hitting OK removes the Logon box and presents the standard XP logon where he just chooses his own account happens a account what Deleting/removing folders? [SOLVED] to user - it's and then the system boots normally I would like to delete the WSUSUpdateAdmin account so that his system just boots up to his default user account I've researched deleting user accounts and have found plenty of information on how to accomplish this Prior to doing this I have a few questions Will deleting the WSUSUpdateAdmin account also remove it's folder under Documents and Settings or do I need to do this manually Anyone have any knowledge of this WSUSUpdateAdmin account and will removing cause any [SOLVED] Deleting/removing a user account - what happens to it's folders? particular problems related to it I plan on doing a full registry backup and also creating a restore point prior to doing this Any other suggestions Appreciate any advice or suggestions

A:[SOLVED] Deleting/removing a user account - what happens to it's folders?

Hey, When you delete some user account, Windows does not remove the user folders (in Documents and Settings). I believe that you need delete individually which you want. Sorry for my english xD
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For some reason my XP user account has been corrupted. I was able to fix it by following some step-by-step instructions online (system restore wont work). everythings good now except my outlook express lost all information like the inbox, sent items, address book etc. All these correspendence are tremendously important since it is used for business and i have no backup for them (pretty stupid, i know)
There hasnt been any data loss (as far as i can tell), all files are intact so i assume that the communications are still somewhere in the disk. Any help on how to recover my folders would be GREATLY GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:XP user account corrupted, Outlook express folders now missing

I would imagine they are not lost, just in a different user profile now.

Search your hard drive for *.DBX files, these are your OE folders.

Once you find them, you should be able to re-import into current OE.
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I would like to delete two user accounts from my XP Pro machine, but if I use the Ctrl>Alt>del process I need a password for the administrator.
I used to use the Admin account only, and don't remember ever having a password for it . How do I find out what it is?

Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] Administrator unable to delete user account folders

Command Prompt -> Type net user Administrator * -> Change the Password.
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Public folders are available on original administrator account. Not other accounts (standard or administrator)

Originally this was vista oem. Got win7 pro update from university.
Installed, activated, verified, got windows updates including SP1.

Have done the drive c: - properties - tools - check now - yes - restart and they are still missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have created a new user acct for my roommate I we don't really care much for IE and I'd like to add Google Chrome and FF for her to let her choose her own browser Plus I'd like to add some other apps for her and transfer some of her personal info that she's been storing on new & applications, personal User to Adding Account files/folders my administrative acct i e personal photos and such So like I said the account is set up But when I go to use Chrome it won't open It along with other apps are listed in the list of quot approved quot applications under the parental control list Application Restrictions List But they either don't show up when searched for in her acct or won't open and operate One other example is Faststone Capture And then I've got one application Yahoo quot Unchecked quot and yet there it is in her account AND IT WORKS I do not get it The purpose to setting up an account for her was to only restrict that she couldn't delete or uninstall anything on the computer I don't care obviously within reason what she installs but NO TAKING AWAY lol Here is a screen shot of the restrictions list So here I sit wondering what I did wrong Adding applications, & personal files/folders to new User Account or forgot to do in order for these to work I don't care if Yahoo works or not But her photos being transferred Chrome FF working and Faststone Capture working are a priority for Adding applications, & personal files/folders to new User Account me If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate any advice Thanks OHEdit My acct is an Administrator Account The account I am creating for her is just a Standard User Account

A:Adding applications, & personal files/folders to new User Account

Standard User Accounts do not have access to an Administrative Account, most of these programs where installed to C:\Users\Odean\AppData\Local\(App Name), using the Administrative Account.Since Deb dosn't have rights to your account, copy the files from C:\Users\Odean\AppData\Local\ to C:\Users\Deb\AppData\Local\.The App Data folder is hidden by default, but if you where to type in the full path in the address bar it would work.
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I started my desktop computer and the desktop was blank. All my files from the desktop and from my user folder have been moved to C:\Users\DH (DH is the name of my account). All the settings in my account are deleted. For example I can't access to my Outlook and so on.

It seems that the computer somehow destroyed my account (account settings) and moved my data from user folders (Documents, Downloads etc.) to C:\Users\DH.

Is there any way how to get back to my normal account? Right now I am in my account, but the account just simply is not there.
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Hi sorry to be one of those guys whos first post is one asking for help but here I am so I appreciate any and all help and hope one day I can reciprocate the favor I also havent seen this problem described anywhere else online and thought people may find it fascinating as well When logging into the Primary user with admin privaledges account the desktop no longer has files and icons it used to have and the start menu no longer shows the User XP redirected set empty and documents account of to login settings folders Windows list of dfault or frequently opened programs some programs but not all are also Windows XP User account login redirected to empty set of documents and settings folders missing from the start menu programs section If I open my documents from the start menu it takes me to an empty folder not even my music or my pictures default folders inside I also have restricted permissions and cannot change any of the folder view options such as show hidden files Windows XP User account login redirected to empty set of documents and settings folders and folders When examing the Documents and settings folder I found a new folder called quot TEMP quot inside are the standard user account folders application data local settings documents desktop etc these folders now contained whatever I put in the my documents folder or on the desktop The actual user name being logged into still has its folder located in the documents and settings folder and still has its files and folders intact It seems that the login however now has these new TEMP folders associated with it and a scan of Malware bytes has revealed nothing more then an ask com adware toolbar but I believe the virus may have been removed prior to me having the computer in my possesion So is there a way to undo this login redirect or should I just create a new user account and move the files into it Edit more info in the event log is this is event source userenv Event ID Type Error Description Windows cannot load the user s profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system DETAIL - Access is denied Steps I have taken so far ran CHKDSK to automaticaly fix filesystem errors only minor inconsistencies were found like unused index entries Had to set static network ip information to connect to the internet certain windows folders like windows registration had no permissions for administrators or system Edit looks like I have found a solution and its possible that this profile issue was simply a coincidence but this KB article has fixed the issue by changing the profile registry key maybe someone else will find it usefull http support microsoft com kb

A:Windows XP User account login redirected to empty set of documents and settings folders

Welcome aboard Let's see, if we can recover your missing features.Download and run UnHideThen....Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be sure to restart the computer.The log can also be found here:C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs\log-date.txtOr at C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs\log-date.txt=============================================================================Please download GMER from one of the following locations and save it to your desktop:Main Mirror
This version will download a randomly named file (Recommended)Zipped Mirror
This version will download a zip file you will need to extract first. If you use this mirror, please extract the zip file to your desktop.Disconnect from the Internet and close all running programs.Temporarily disable any real-time active protection so your security programs will not conflict with gmer's driver.Double-click on the randomly named GMER file (i.e. n7gmo46c.exe) and allow the gmer.sys driver to load if asked.Note: If you downloaded the zipped version, extract the file to its own folder such as C:\gmer and then double-click on gmer.exe.
GMER will open to the Rootkit/Malware tab and perform an automatic quick scan when first run. (do not use the computer while the scan is in progress)If you receive a WARNING!!! about rootkit activity and are asked to fully scan your NO.Now click the Scan button. If you see a rootkit warning window, click OK.When the scan is finished, click the Save... button to save the scan results to your Desktop. Save the file as gmer.log.Click the Copy button and paste the results into your next reply.Exit GMER and be sure to re-enable your anti-virus, Firewall and any other security programs you had disabled.IMPORTANT! If for some reason GMER refuses to run, try again.If it still fails, try to UN-check "Devices" in right pane.If still no joy, try to run it from Safe Mode.
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Hi I recently installed a new webcam Canyon on my home PC Windows XP Pro SP The webcam came with AMCAP version which works fine except for the following strange scenario When I log on with the Administrative account I can start AMCAP and then see the camera window I can then click on the menu Capture gt gt Capture Photo upon which another AMCAP window pops up with a functionality under User AMCAP Account "Capture a - Photo" ... Limited Using still image which I can then save as for example a jpg image Now when I log on to me desktop with my Limited User account everything works as before EXCEPT that when I click on the Capture gt gt Capture Photo menu Using AMCAP "Capture Photo" functionality - under a Limited User Account ... item the second AMCAP windows Using AMCAP "Capture Photo" functionality - under a Limited User Account ... does NOT popup and I can therefore NOT take a photo using the software Why could this be What rights can I grant the Limited User account that will 'help' AMCAP to perform the Capture Photo function Any ideas It is really frustrating having to switch to my Administrator account JUST to take a photo
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I clicked on the Hidden box of Properties for a couple of my folders.

I lost my limited user account folder in the Users folder. How do I get it back?


A:I lost my limited user account folder icon in Users folder.

You mean you hide it? If that what happened, just change the folder view setting to show up the hidden folders.
Refer here:
Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide

If that isn't what happened, then elaborate the situation much more.
Take Care
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Hi I just got a new laptop that had a second Hard drive bay so to speed up copying all my information from my old laptop which had Windows I just took the HD out of the old and put it in the new Everything seems to work fine unless I try to access the files stored in the users directory which is where almost all of my work files were When I double click the file for my username on my old computer it tells me I do not have permission to view this folder Under that is a button that says Click here to permanently gain access to this folder with an admin icon So I click there Then as it begins to open the folder the green bar flies up and stops at about Windows folders PC 8 7 Windows Accessing User on and just sits there I had Accessing Windows 7 User folders on Windows 8 PC about GB of data in Accessing Windows 7 User folders on Windows 8 PC subfolders to this is that how long it takes to change all their permissions Or do I have to put the HD back in the old laptop and copy it another way

A:Accessing Windows 7 User folders on Windows 8 PC

Hello Goodbrew, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You have the thread marked as solved. Were you able to get it sorted?
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Guys I have done this in the past but cannot recall how and don't want to botch.

I had hoped Windows 10 corrected the "rename user account" function but nope. I renamed a User Account due to conflict on the LAN [same name, same spelling] and sure enough, now I have two names for the account, one a slightly hidden original name, and permissions issues. To rid it, I will create an all new Administrator account, move everything over, and demolish the old.
How to do? the docs/files are easy... the settings for apps etc are not as I recall


A:Move/copy-paste User Account data & docs to New User account same sys

Don't even try would be my recommendation.

Make a new Admin account and copy your documents. Set everything else up from scratch.

Most applications will store their stuff in %localappdata% but unless you have some specific app (Windows Live Mail or Outlook or something) tht you must move it would be much better not to try to move things.

If there is something specifically you want to move then ask about that - I've moved the 2 I mention above, for sure someone else has moved something else.

Generally it will be quicker (and cleaner) to start from scratch than trawl though everything hoping to make sure you moved the lot. You'll only end up missing some odd directory and it will not work.
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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account
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Is there a fix for Unlocking AD User Account in Windows7 so I do not I have to use WindowsXP AD to unlock the User Account?  Is there a fix and/or update for fixing this problem?
Your help will ge greatly appreciated.
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I have a Vista 32 system that has some corruption. Several things like the NET v2.0 framework do not work correctly and it does not do a Windows update without an error. Basically, I know some corruption must exist in the registry.

I have a new drive that I restored a backup from way back when the system was working OK. Naturally there are programs and files that need to be updated. I will have to reinstall the programs that did not exist on the old backup, but I was hoping I could restore my user account profile "in bulk" without just moving individual files. Is there anything wrong with deleting the whole content of the restored user account profile and replacing it with my present profile?

A:replacing a restored user account from backup with present user account

You could use Windows Easy Transfer, I will be back with more information.

You can also, just back up your files etc and then restore them to the new account.

You have to be careful with anything that you do, to be sure that the corruption is not transferred.
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My folders and files in C:/users/myname/ can be viewed and accessed from the Guest user account. How do I stop this?

A:Files in my user account can be accessed from guest user account in VISTA
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I just realized that I am unable to access my other users accounts (which are limited) desktops. I use documents and settings folder to get there, but I get this error:

"C:\Documents and Setting\Natalie and Dave\Desktop

Access is denied."

I can access the other limited account, but just not "Natalie and Dave's" desktop. I don't know why either, I am the only administrator account and I am able to access one of two limited accounts desktop.

Is there anything I can do, besides removing the account? Thanks!

A:Administrator account unable to access limited account's desktop?

You can try taking ownership if you're really an administrator.
I don't know what effect that will have when Natalie and Dave try to log in though (if they'll have permission to access their own Desktop that is).
The other possibility is corruption in the file system. If that's the case, run chkdsk /f from the command line (click start, (all) programs, accessories, command prompt, and type chkdsk /f press y and then reboot). When it reboots it will run the disk check, then reboot again. You can see the results of the chkdsk in your event viewer. (control panel (classic view), administrative tools, event viewer, application log, and look for events named winlogon).
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I have a Dell XPS 9100 with Windows 7 Prof. I am using the user account made during the initial bootup of the new computer, to make the desired settings and adding software installations. However after I finish with the initial tweaking, I will reduce the account privileges from Administrator to Standard user level. However, before I change the account level, I will make another user account with administrator user level.

Is there a way to have the new user account have the same settings as the initial user account when it is Simimade, such as copying, etc? I am not looking forward to manually making all of the sames changes/settings that I have made in the initial bootup user account, to the new user account with administrator privileges.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions regarding the above. Thanks Sam

A:Creating a New User Account Similar to an Existing User Account

Hello Scams,

About as close as you can get to this would be to create a new administrator account with the name you like, then copy all of the contents of the old user account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders (including hidden AppData folder) into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder. After everything checks out ok, you can delete the old user account while logged in the new user account.

It will copy most of your settings, like your Start Menu shortcuts, to the new account, but items stored in the registry, like your desktop background, would have to be reset again.

Hope this helps some,
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I have a user with a machine that was setup with Win 8.1 Home. The machine has been upgraded to 8.1 Pro and joined to a domain (WinSrv 2003). I need to get the conten/configuration from their old local machine user profile to their new domain user profile. I tried to copy the contents of their ../users/<name>/.. folder from the local user profile to the new domain user profile (after they had logged in once, and then logged off). This did not work. When I did the copy, I grabbed all files, including hidden...was that my mistake, or is the issue broader?

In the end....they want their old stuff and configuration under their new credentials/profile.



A:Merge Domain User Account with Local User Account

There are 4 conventional ways of accomplishing this task.

Option 1: Simply copy My Documents, Favorites, Desktop items from one to the other. You will have to setup program options again, may or may not be a big deal

Option 2: Use the Windows Easy Transfer option. Explained here. Vista & Win7 local to domain profile migration

Option 3: Use the Copy To Feature in User Profiles, explained here: Copy a user profile. The steps are outlined for different versions of Windows, but they work the same in Windows 8.

Option 4: Use the User State Migration Tool. User State Migration Tool 4.0 User's Guide. Here is a link to a video on using the USMT. User State Migration Tool in Windows 7 - Install | TechNet
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We are creating a PDF file in login user's local application folder (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\folder1) through a custom .Net application and displaying the created pdf file in application.

The above functionality is working for users who are part of domain and added to local vista machine as users (both for administrator and standard user accounts).
The same is not working for local users (both administrator and standard user accounts created in vista box).

File is getting created for any user under their local appdata folder and can able to open from that location, but not displaying from app in case of local system users (admin or standard type).

Can anyone help me what security settings differ between domain users vs local users in vista business 32 bit OS?


A:domain account user vs local account user in vista

Policy that is actually causing the problem (or lack thereof) is corresponds to Internet Options control panel, Connections tab, Lan Settings button: Use Automatic Configuration settings.
Having this turned on causes IE to load a configuration file prepared by IT department which makes a whole lot of configuration changes to IE, including remapping the security zones. We can test this by unchecking this option (the default state).
Since the machine is in domain and since we are testing with domain users accounts, I have monitored domain controller pushing down a bunch of policy settings which relax the IE security settings, causing the reports to display.
First, domain settings will resync over time and this checkbox will keep getting turned back on automatically. So you can?t really turn this off, it won?t stay off. I would feel better just testing local accounts, but since the computer is also a member of the domain, machine-specific policies are applied by the domain as well.