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New Asus randomly shuts off, power button doesnt turn pc off

Q: New Asus randomly shuts off, power button doesnt turn pc off

My brand new PC maybe around weeks old PC just shuts off randomly like week after This has happened twice since I ve bought it First time it turn off the monitor and mouse and keyboard none were working at all the keyboard lights were off but the pc was still running The fan turned super loud and I tried pressing the power button in and it wouldn t shut off So I left it alone for a couple mins and still no change had to take out the plug Second time was a couple minutes ago same thing monitor off keyboard off mouse off pc still on But this time no loud fan noise just the regular amount it makes I would really shuts Asus pc randomly New turn power doesnt off, off button enjoy some feedback on this Could it be a dust issue I New Asus randomly shuts off, power button doesnt turn pc off mean its brand new so It shouldn t be a problem I think Oh and both of the times I was playing a game first League of Legends second time Smite Operating System Windows bit System Model M BB Processor AMD A - APU with Radeon Hd graphics CPUs GHz RAM GB Monitor Dell E WFP Chip Type AMD Radeon HD D Any help is appreciated nbsp

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Preferred Solution: New Asus randomly shuts off, power button doesnt turn pc off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New Asus randomly shuts off, power button doesnt turn pc off

Did you buy this PC from a store? If so, return it. If you built it yourself let us know
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I have a Dell Inspiron 518 desktop Pc. The computer worked fine for a long tme, then the next day i pushed the power button and nothing happens. i tried using another working power cable but it did not work. The only light that comes on is a yellowish green light on the back of the tower just below when the power cable gets plugged in. I took the front off and used my finger to push the button on the inside but it doesnt turn on. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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i recently bought a new video card, processor,psu and motherboard.what seems to be the problem? i really dont have any idea why my systems shuts down. i replaced the new psu with another one but it turned off again. the technician revived it but after hes gone it turns off it the mainboard or the psu? or any component?thnx.

A:Why does my system shuts down automatically and doesnt turn on again?

Firstly, are you sure the PSU you installed is of sufficient wattage? If it's not, that's your problem. Also make sure your PSU's ATX motherboard connector is securely locked into your motherboard.

If those are not the problem then when you start your computer, does it POST (Beep at startup)? If it does, describe the beeps it gives, long and short in order. These beeps are the power-on self test which tests your hardware to ensure it works, if something isn't working it will give a certain beep sequence which tells you what the problem is if you know your BIOS's beep codes.

Also, along with the beep sequence, we need to know what BIOS you are running.
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Hello I have a huge problem with a customers desktop which is a Dell Inspiron One T at first the problem was the after minutes down turn until a few doesnt and off shuts Desktop drivers sound and touch screen drivers where a hassle but I managed to fix this following an order Fixing Touchscreen Repair HDD Sectors using a third party bootable program like Partition Magic Formatted the HD and installed Windows Pro x After activating the OS I used Windows Update and installed all important updates After restarting I updated NET Framework and installed NextWindow version you can find this driver in catalog update microsoft com after the installation touch screen worked perfectly Fixing Audio Fixing the audio was a breeze just download Conexant High Definition Smart Audio and install the driver after a chipset installation Desktop shuts down and doesnt turn off until after a few minutes from Dell Support you can find this drivers in Dell Support page Just leaving a few instructions incase anyone has the same problem Back to the problem this Dell Inspiron One T turns off when writing a large file onto the HDD for example after I installed all drivers I started sending archives from a back up HDD I had to the Dell Inspiron One T after a few minutes it then turned off without any warning and it wouldnt turn back on until after a few minutes I have a feeling it has something to do with the HDD and the MOBO Any ideas or solution would be VERY appreciated because these DELL computers are VERY annoying Thank you nbsp

A:Desktop shuts down and doesnt turn off until after a few minutes

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. I think I am correct in saying that Dell does NOT list drivers for that computer for Windows 8, indeed your post appears to indicate this.
The fact you have managed apparently to find drivers that work - and frequently Windows 7 drivers will - does not mean that Windows 8 will like them and you may well encounter problems, as indeed it appears you are

3. This is what concerns me most
Repair HDD Sectors using a third party bootable program like Partition MagicClick to expand...

What please do YOU mean by repair HDD sectors - as if you refer to a sector listed as a bad sector and it is really IS a bad sector, in that the part of the disc cannot retain data, then there is NO program that can REALLY repair it.
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In reference to the following posting,
I am not the individual who initiated this query but I did have the same issue with my Dell Inspiron 5547, where it wouldn't turn on after a power button shut down.
I followed Hema's instructions by removing the battery and charger and then holding down the power button for a few seconds, and then putting back the parts. It seemed to have done the trick... At least for now. Is this just a temporary fix?
While doing a Google search for a solution I seem to have encountered a number of people who experienced the same issue. Can you also explain why this happens with this particular Dell laptop? Is it a model flaw?
Thank you
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hi guys the on /off button on the wifes laptop broke up and was replaced with a new betzel incorperateing the buttons, it was also noted that the button on the pcb underneath was badly damaged also replaced this part
however laptop will now not start at all, battery charge light on, and on/off button feels mechanically sound .

any thoughts greatly appreciated ( be gentle and plz anwser in plain simple terms as im not a techhead)

A:Solved: hp g60 lap top won't turn on after power button betzel & button pcb
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So this time the problem started out as a simple issue Whenever I bump the desk or move the keyboard out with too much force the computer shuts off Everybody told me that it could have been a loose connection so I checked it all and replugged everything back in The computer starting working fine for about hours then it just shut off randomly while I was playing a game shuts off computer and around it any Power shuts off randomly, movement This time though it shut off without me bumping into anything SO is this a power supply issue I m using a -watt supply while running a GT This is the right power amount so that s not my concern And Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off now the problem has gotten worse to the point where I turn on the computer and nothing shows up again Windows doesn t load and the screen Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off is on too You here the fans and everything but nothing will load All my parts from my old issue were replaced EXCEPT the power supply and CD-drive I don t think it could be another loose connection b c now nothing even shows up Please help nbsp

A:Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off

Have you tried plugging into a different surge protector and different outlet?

Sounds like you need to swap the power supply to me.
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I am using a Satellite Pro S500-139 and am having problems with my F9 key. When i type my palm touches the mouse and send the cursor somewhere else on the page. I have reinstalled the ALPS pointing device and now have access to the advanced setting that i wasn't able to get.

Although i can adjust the sensitivity etc i would really like to be able to use the shortcut to disable the mouse momentarily whilst typing. My keyboard shows that if i press fn and F9 the i should be able to disable the mouse however the function doesnt work. all the other F9 functions appear to work.

Do you know if there is a resolution to this?

I am running windows 7 pro 32 bit service pack 1.

A:Satellite Pro S500-139 - FN+F9 button doesnt work to turn touchpad off

What you can try is to reinstall Toshiba value added package.
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My original OS was Windows 8 and I upgraded it to Windows 10. When I used my laptop too long and shut it down, the power button light doesn't go out. I still have to press the power button to shut down completely. Any suggetions ? Thanks
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I `m still having power Issues. After they replace the power button it still doesn't work right. I have to hit the power button multiple times. What can it be. I`m tired of sending it back for repair for the 5 th time. What ever controls the power button still didn't get fix. This is a  Home/Business computer I use. I  cant relied on it to turn on.
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Hi My Laptop is an HP G - EA which I bought years ago After just one year it started showing problems and the current problems are From the past months on pressing the power button the laptop would not start at all But after pressing hard or after trying several times suddenly and randomly it would start The adapter seems to be fine So I thought the problem is in the connection between the power switch and the motherboard My Questions are Is there any alternative way to start the laptop Any modification or improvisation How do I fix the problem myself I cannot repair the laptop here in Bangladesh since I searched almost the whole city and there are NO experts regarding laptops who can fix the problem I gave it to a well-known repair company and they couldnt fix the problem rather they made other problems as well-- like they cut down the mic and webcam Also I am willing to fix these issues myself if it does not require high-risk parmanent damage I went to the top dealers of HP Button Power Work Doesnt Laptop here but they worsened the problem nbsp

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I am using windoows XP. When I click of the start button, then turn off your computer and subsequently click on turn off. My PC does not automatically shut down or power off.

A:The Shut Down button doesnt power off windows XP

Welcome and hello-
Try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Windows Task Manager will open near the top of the window you will find the Shut Down button. As for shutting down automatically, ask someone more geeky.
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I have an ASUS laptop that I beleive has become infected with a virus that is randomly closing down the laptop amp immediately re-booting it The laptop re-boots fine bar it tries to firstly locate a spyhunter fix rather than Laptop ASUS down shuts randomly the option of XP or Vista I can manually locate ASUS Laptop randomly shuts down the XP option amp then log in OK until the problem recurs The laptop works OK for indeterminate periods of time amp tends to shut down when opening or closing down a programme or a file It is for that reason I do not think I have a power supply issue or temperature issue which seem to be common problems I have advanced system care which suggests the laptop is in A condition amp when it is on it works absolutely fine I am suspicious of the spyhunter fix which I think must be rogue I am also unable to access task manager A longer term problem is I cannot run the laptop in safe mode It gets so far then just gets stuck I accept that any help on here may be limited due to this particular problem Most solutions seem to require safe mode From googling my problem a suggestion of SD fix seems to fit the bill except that I have been unable to download this from ANY link Again I am suspicious that this is part of something sinister going on rather than mere coincidence Any help at all would be appreciated Thanks in advance

A:ASUS Laptop randomly shuts down

Problem has now been resolved.

Please ignore post in 3 days or older thread.

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I recently upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10. When I power down the system from the menu, my computer does not completely turn off. The procedure I use is described below:

Click Windows_Start_button > Power > Shutdown

The system closes applications and appears to initiate a shutdown procedure. Everything appears to be shut off, but my mouse is still lit up. I do notice that the fan stops and everything else appears to be completely shut down. When I was running Windows 7 before my upgrade, my system completely powered down.

I have a dual boot system with Linux, and when I power down from Linux, the shutdown is complete, so I don't think I accidentally did anything to the hardware or BIOS.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm pretty sure there is some tweak in Windows 10 that would fix this, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to offer.

A:Power down button does not completely turn computer power off

I found the solution on another thread. If you have this problem try the following:
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. Right click the Menu button.
3. Left click -> Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power button does > Change settings that are currently unavailable
4. Uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup (recommended)
5. Make sure Hibernate is unchecked.
6. Left click Save changes.
The next time you shut down the computer, it will be completely powered off. At least this worked on my machine.
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Had a flawless Vista install then made some major changes to programs and thought a fresh install was in order.

After fresh install I noticed that the OS was sometimes getting stuck closing down... it would lock and I'd have to hit the reset button.

Then... I shut it off one evening and walked away... the next morning I noticed that even though the monitor was not getting a video signal and it appeared that the os was shut down... all power to fans and peripherals was still on.

Now, even though I have done another fresh install... my pc wont power off.

Yes, I am selecting power off not sleep mode and do not have hibernation enabled.

Who can figure this out?

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So I have an ASUS P4C800-E motherboard in a system that a built a few years back. It worked fine but the system has been sitting in my basement for a year or two unused.

I decided to take the components and drop them in a new case.

I have hooked everything back up properly (i think) but when I hit the power button, the cpu fan, power supply fan and case fans turn on for a brief second and then shut off. (the green standby light on the motherboard is on)

What do I do?

I think you can tell from my question I am exteremly amatuer at this. Simple explanations please...

A:Turn power on... fans start up then power shuts off in 1 second

With it shutting down after 1sec, I would check that the hsf is plugged in and working. If there is no fan input ie fan speed, most boards shutdown. In addition that the hsf is installed correctly. If it is loose, etc you will have problems. Most of the time when the hsf is loose, it shuts down in about 5~10sec not 1sec. I tend to think it is more of a shorting problem of the board to the case.

If that is not the case, I would attempt to pw ON the system outside of the case. There are complete instructions in a guide at the top of the forum. It is called troubleshooting guide for problem builds.
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Dell desktop had been slow to shutdown and this morning it ran chkdsk without promting It closed and booted I ran cc cleaner and it shutdown at It was running ok until or days ago This is a computer that I with ???? XP power button only down shuts added to the family collection that someone was getting rid of so it went from a backup to everyday use I have no XP disk anywhere I can get download a disk Here is the system info OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name DESKSTOCK System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation System Model Dell DE System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date Dell Computer Corporation A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name DESKSTOCK admin Time Zone Central Standard Time Total XP only shuts down with power button ???? Physical XP only shuts down with power button ???? Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys and here is a Hi Jack file Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Internet Security avp exe C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Internet Security avp exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C WINDOWS system igfxpers exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C Program Files HP HP Officejet Bin ScanToPCActivationApp exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Microsoft Office Office MSOSYNC EXE C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system msiexec exe C Program Files Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe C Program Files HP HP Officejet Bin HPNetworkCommunicator exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - URLSearchHook no name - EA - AA - A A- - AF E D F - no file O - BHO no name - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - no file O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO IEVkbdBHO - AB -E D - F -A A - FA CCA C - C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Internet Security ievkbd dll O - BHO Groove GFS Browser Helper - - C - D -B F - BBC D A E - C PROGRA MICROS Office GROOVEEX DLL O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dll O - BHO URLRedirectionBHO - B F A - E - -BA - B E FF - C PROGRA MICROS Office URLREDIR DLL O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO link filter bho - E CF -D - A- F - F A F - C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Internet Security klwtbbho dll O - BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl - E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - C Program Files Java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll O - Toolbar Google Toolba... Read more

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Hello everyone.
Ive read this forum but im not seeing the same situation that im dealing with so here it is. When I turn the power on, the light on the motherboard comes on the fan spins briefly but that's all that happens. The drive lights don't come on, the cd drive doesn't open, no drive checks or beeps are done. I tried all the basic power source checks listed in other posts. What is different is that sometimes the computer will complete booting up and run great. Other times I will turn it on and nothing but then within 3 to 5 minutes it will just turn on and run fine. Im trying to figure out what could be working great sometimes but then not work at all or randomly. My guess is the PSU or MB. Thanks for your thoughts

A:Computer doesnt power on randomly

The power supply is cheaper than a motherboard, so swap it first
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After my power went out for a second my computer didnt turn on anymore. Every time I press the power button the case fans and cpu fans turn on for a sec then turn off. The ethernet slot light turns on if that matters. Also I tried turning it on without the graphics card and ram connected and still the same results. Whats wrong with my computer??

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I first logged out of my computer and came back and I noticed an power on turn There on. light is won't button b... Power the no orange light on the power button I shut it of and turn it back on about two times with the same results of an orange light I then shut of the the extension that houses plugs When Power button won't turn on. There is no light on the power b... I turned on the extension I turned on the computer the power button didn't give off a blue light or orange light The VGA cable mouse keyboard Ethernet cable are all plugged in I later removed all the connects to the computer gave it a minute and Power button won't turn on. There is no light on the power b... plugged it all back in There is a solid green light on the back under the power cable The fans turn on there is noise coming from inside the computer a soft humming and light fan from the back of the computer But the power button will not turn on The monitor light is orange and says No Input signal Input Go to Power Save When I switch to input it reads Cable Disconnected Go to Power Save What internal issue could this be
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My computer suddenly shut off completely about 2 weeks ago. Then I couldn't turn it back on. In frustration, I repeatedly pressed the power on button and lo and behold, about 30 seconds worth of pushing the button convinced it to come back to life.

Then oddly enough, ever since then, the computer has been shutting off completely at random intervals and after about 30 seconds of pushing the on button, it powers up. Sometimes for 30 seconds, sometimes for up to a day. Very, very odd.

Then lately, it has been giving a disk check before entering windows. No bad sectors at all so can't figure what's going on.

Any hints?

I've checked all power connections, sniffed around for any power problems but can't figure out anything. It worked fine for about 6 months but suddenly this odd problem.

A:Computer shuts down randomly and takes about 30 secs to turn on

Sounds as though your harddrive may be about to fail

You may want to make all backups of data before it does

This problem is either
HardDrive (likely)
Heat (are all the internal fans operation ? )
You may also need to clear out all internal dust inside the computer
As long as you are comfortable in doing such a technical job
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Hi there:

My satellite A300 fell from my desk. It was disconected.
Few hours later i wanted to turn it on but when i plug the ac cable the lights that normally comes on doesnt work.
Ive opened it to check if there was anything broken but it seems all good.
What can i do?

My battery is dead so i cant do anything with it.

A:Satellite A300 - no power lights and doesnt turn on

on this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there but if there is no reaction and DC led is also not on I presume there is some problem with power supply electronic placed on the mainboard.

Visually everything can be OK but some connectors are probably damaged.
Repair (mainboard exchange) is pretty expensive so I think you should sell it on eBay and obtain other machine.

Satellite A300 is nice machine and you can get another used A300 on eBay for about 100- 150 Euros.
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Hi I have this serious problem that i need to solve here can anyone help me with this please.

When i press the power button on my laptop the laptop shuts right off. I've tried this couple times and got the same results won't even stay on for 2 sec as soon as i press the power button shuts right back off. Help pls

A:Laptop shuts down after I press the power button

I had a Mobile phone that did that replaced battery and it became fully functioning again. Is there any way to run without battery attached? power source only or could you borrow a battery from someone to check results?
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I have a Acer 5420-5687. It was running very slow so I removed some items and trials emails, etc. and it was working faster. I closed the lid last night and now I press the start button, it flashes a couple of light and then powers off. screen remains dark during this process. Can you give me some ideas. I can't remember if it came with a restore disk, at any rate I can't fine it. Please help. Thanks Chuck

A:Acer shuts off after pressing power button

Is there anybody out there seeing this Acer issue?
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My system specs are a venice ghz x v muskin redline x gig mhz - - - T a u and an antec w true power psu this problem has just arisen yesterday - i pushed the power button all the fans turned on and the mobo beeped not the won't button! with help! A8V power Please boot Asus POST beep but the turning-on-the-power beep and that was it nothing else when i pressed teh reset button everything booted perfectly Asus C P R went into affect and reset the bios and this only happens when the system won t post from ocing it to high but it has been at for the last month or so and has been rock solid Cpu temps never go past c i think that this might Asus A8V won't boot with power button! Please help! be a problem with the video card not booting up My old system an axp on an asus nforce ultra and an fx has the same problem but less common What can this be cpu voltage being set to low maybe setting it to wil help the vdimm was set to v yesterday but it just crashed out of the blue so i set it to and everything was fine windows debugger said that it crashed on ntfs sys but that doesn t really mean anything what can this be please help edit it passed hrs prime and passes of memtest so i don t think this is cpu or memory nbsp

A:Asus A8V won't boot with power button! Please help!

Try another PSU maybe yours is faulty. You said after you pressed the reset button it worked, this could be because the first time you power on computer the PSU isn't Stabilising the voltages quick enough but when you restart it has had time to Stabilise the voltages.
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How to resolve DPC_watchdog_violation error? My laptop shutdown randomly, leaving all unsaved stuff. A blue-screen with this error appears. I am not a techy-savy but I really need help to resolve this. Thanks!

A:asus laptop randomly shuts down with a blue screen and error message

You'd best repost this issue in the BSOD section here. What you're experiencing is called Blue Screen Of Death, or BSOD. I have had the same issue before, I have a feeling it was to do with driver conflicts.
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Hi I have dual Xeon Asus pc dl deluxe motherboard When I press power button POST starts and correctly reports processors memory After about seconds power goes down as I would press and hold power switch for sec I have bought new power supply W and connected both power cables to motherboard I have tried minimal configuration - processors asus down dl shuts sec power deluxe after pc 30 - with fans -memory Tested in another PC and works -video card different one PCI and one AGP It still goes off I have taken MB to shop where it was bought They have checked and reported that everything is OK I went home tried and same behaviour Power off after about sec asus pc dl deluxe - shuts down power after 30 sec I have tried to press del button to enter BIOS setup Screen displays text quot Entering setup quot but it does not enter because seconds elapsed and power goes off I have tried with power supply from different computer which works well and same I have asus pc dl deluxe - shuts down power after 30 sec connected only Power switch connector to MB and power cables during test MB is not in chasi it is on table insulated Only power cables connected and power switch Am I doing something wrong Zdenko nbsp
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Hi My computer is acting strangely -- a warning keeps popping up saying unwanted software has been detected in the last scan even though I haven t run a scan and it asks if I want to quot remove all threats now quot The box looks like a normal window box and I can t get it to close without another popping up Also virus? computer popup shuts internet randomly, trojan down Probable closes, button internet Probable virus? internet closes, computer shuts down randomly, trojan button popup explorer keeps closing when I try to open it unless I close a lot of other programs running on the computer and it occasionally will go to stand by without warning I believe Probable virus? internet closes, computer shuts down randomly, trojan button popup the computer am running windows I am posting below a hijack this log If anyone could offer any assistance or advice I would really appreciate it Probable virus? internet closes, computer shuts down randomly, trojan button popup Thank you for your time Boston Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Linksys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter NICServ exe C WINDOWS System carpserv exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C WINDOWS System DSentry exe C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe C WINDOWS System rundll exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C WINDOWS TEMP winlognn exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C WINDOWS System taskmgr exe C WINDOWS system svschost exe C WINDOWS system sv shost exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C WINDOWS System SNDVOL EXE C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C WINDOWS TEMP csrssc exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dellnet com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http google com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dellnet com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www dellnet com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http www dellnet com O - BHO C WINDOWS System msfokm fdnd dll - D BF - F - BD-F - C D - C WINDOWS System msfokm fdnd dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar amp Google Toolbar - C B - - d - B - A CD F - C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbar dll O - HKLM Run ATIModeChange Ati mdxx exe O - HKLM Run CARPService carpserv exe O - HKLM Run SynTPLpr C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe O - HKLM Run SynTPEnh C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe O - HKLM Run ATIPTA C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe O - HKLM Run DadApp C Program Files Dell AccessDirect dadapp exe O - HKLM Run DVDSentry C WINDOWS System DSentry exe O - HKLM Run MoneyStartUp quot C Program Files Microsoft Money System Activation exe quot O - HKLM Run NAV Agent C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe O - HKLM Run RealTray C Program Files Real RealPlayer RealPlay exe SYSTEMBOOTHIDEPLAYER O - HKLM Run MMTray C Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mm tray exe O - HKLM Run AdaptecDirectCD quot C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper quot C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe quot O - HKLM Run Adobe Reader Spe... Read more
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I have a Dell Inspiron 3537 and every time I press the power button, it will reach the windows logo but then suddenly shuts off. On the second try it will start properly.
But I have generally noticed that it takes a long time to reach the desktop and it is slightly slower.
Any suggestions?

Thank you very much

A:Laptop shuts off seconds after I press the power button

Hi Marheol90,
Thank you for writing to us!
Since the system takes longer that expected kindly try the following steps:
1-Disable Startup Programs.
2-Run a Scan and DeFragment
3- Update Drivers (Check for pending updates on the system)
4- Check for virus and malware on the system.
5- Back up date on the system reset to factory defaults.
Kindly let us know if the this helps.
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My son's computer wouldn't shut down, it would close down the OS but the computer lights and HD would still be running. I did a scan, Ccleaner with its registry fix, and degfrag.. that made it work maybe twice. Now it is doing it again.
It refuses to turn off even with the power button (it shuts off then starts again, on its own - I am NOT pressing the "restart"). I have to unplug it from the wall to make it stop re-starting itself.
Any ideas?


A:Computer won't turn off, even with power button.

What Operating System your son's computer is? Is it Windows XP or Windows Vista?
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Just bought an ATC-710. When I put it into sleep mode, the power button keeps flashing bright white, and it driving me up the wall. Is there a way to stop the blinking in sleep mode? Thanks,
Relevancy 70.52%

I bought a new motherboard , however I do not have the DELL office , and I'm not managing to find pins to connect the motherboard manually , would help it. model GX620. [Via google translator]
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Is there a way to have a computer turn on immediately once power is reaching the computer without having to press the chassis power button (ie. I turn on a power strip and the computer immediately begins booting)?



A:Turn On Computer Without the Power Button

The setting is usually in the BIOS.
It's common with servers.
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Just bought an ATC-710. When I put it into sleep mode, the power button keeps flashing bright white, and it driving me up the wall. Is there a way to stop the blinking in sleep mode? Thanks,
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Can someone please help me. Take in mind my computer skills are just average. This isn't a problem yet, but would like to get a fix before if possible. Here it is. This laptop is only 5 to 6 months old. Windows 8. My power button that turn,s the computer on, sticks some. I have no money to take it to a shop, I was wondering if there,s a trick to fix it? Or another way to turn it on? Thanks, Chuck

A:to turn computer on ( power button )

Is your computer new and still in warranty? if the power button sticks there may be a known issue with the casing. Have you tried to reach out to the manufacture to see if there is a known issue?
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I originally set my power button to "shut down" in the right click taskbar>properties>start menu>power button action

drop down menu. but now whether i choose switch user, sleep, hibernate, log off, it always shuts down. anyone know how to fix this? the button on my laptop is super sensitive and i just don't want it to power off anymore, i've accidentally hit it one too many times. thanks!

A:Power button on laptop always shuts down no matter what option selecte

The first step is for you to fill in you system specs so we know what kind of laptop you have and which version of Win 7 your using.

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I started having this problem about days ago I run my laptop with its power cord in all the time wasn t doing anything and it had some stuff like AIM and word running and then just shut off I d HAD power won't shuts randomly down, Laptop up problems with the AC power jack coming off of the motherboard before so I assumed it was a battery thing but I hadn t gotten a battery warning Wouldn t turn on acted like it wasn t getting power even though the power CORD was lit up Took it in of course powered up for them and they found nothing wrong Has happened a few more times since then Will just randomly shut off and then not turn back on Sometimes for a few minutes sometimes hours Can I rule out viruses and anything software related since it acts like it isn t getting any power when it is off and plugged in light should be blinking Any ideas of what the problem could be Hard to diagnose when the thing acts just fine at the repair place nbsp

A:Laptop randomly shuts down, won't power up

I've been having the same problem with my laptop too. I have an IBM Thinkpad T23 and I've been running Speedfan recently and I've noticed that my CPU temp usually hovers around 154 deg. F or about 68 deg. C. I'm thinking that maybe it's the CPU overheating for the both of us. I've noticed that I can have it just sit there for over 3 days straight, but when I go to use it to write an essay or whatever, it'll shut off on me (The Prof. loves that one ). That's my reasoning on it.. and maybe that's why it didn't do that for the repair guys.
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Recently I have been getting this issue more and more and its basically my pc shutting down not like when you shut it down normally or a crash or blue screen but just going down like you pulled the plug from the pc. I checked overheating in the processor and graphics card but that doesn't seem to be the case. It also only happens when playing certain games. My guess is that the power supply has gone bad and I need a new one but I'm not certain. Anybody got any idea?

A:Pc randomly shuts down like the the power shutdown

For PSU testing, I'd post over in the Internal Hardware forums for more expert advice.
As for determining the shutdowns' cause, let's try looking at these reports:
1)  Please provide this information (even though you may not be reporting BSOD's) so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
2)  Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).
FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:
While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility:
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It turns on but the screen doesnt The backlight is not broken because when turn Asus and laptop screen it freezes on when randomly G73 doesn't does it does turn on randomly everything works Pushing down on the screen works but only as long as I m Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does holding it really So I ve come to the conclusion that the lcd cable has loosened somehow or there is a problem with the program that starts the computer I ve only had the laptop for about months and the problems started about month after buying it And when it does turn on it randomly freezes Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does I have no clue why I m no computer expert and I ve only built a single computer I have already ran defrag and c disk cleanup ran Norton and turned off unnecessary programs The vents are not obstructed and I ve already done what I think is a hard reset Removing the battery holding the power button for seconds and then putting everything back together I m about to throw the thing out the window and I cannot afford any parts to replace or take it to any computer repair shop I only make about a week nbsp

A:Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does

Was able to turn it on

Its in safe mode right now and I'm checking the event log 8,894 errors. They are 7023, 7031, 7034, 10010, 14329, 6008, 55, and 8003. The 7000 event ID all occur when im trying to turn my laptop on.
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Hi Firstly I apologize in advance if I broke any rules or posted in wrong place I recently acquired this laptop from a friend and am trying to fix it The laptop was missing an HDD and ram so I put a GB SSHD and a GB mhz ram stick in it But it takes multiple presses to power on sometimes so BSOD ASUS and Help GPU, N76VZ-DS71 Power Button, much that I give up I already looked internally so it shouldn't be a hardware issue I noticed when it did turn on that the fan was on at power and that the GT M dedicated GPU was not detected But sometimes the GT M does get detected usually tries only when plugged in but when it does a BSOD happens It seems to happen when the GPU isnt working when I plug in VGA or HDMI and when I'm doing light tasks like surfing the web but rarely happens when its being used games ASUS N76VZ-DS71 Power Button, GPU, and BSOD Help furmark etc I do have to say ASUS N76VZ-DS71 Power Button, GPU, and BSOD Help that the ram I am using for it was designed for ASUS N76VZ-DS71 Power Button, GPU, and BSOD Help macs but I tested other ram too and it still didn't work and that the charger I'm using is a old sony one that I soldered a new tip on to so it fits in port but it works perfectly fine laptop V A charger V A I've tested both the latest nVidia drivers and ASUS's drivers both of which have the same BSOD dump which can be seen below Specs i - QM processor GB mhz Ram GB SSHD Windows Pro Intel HD GT M GB DDR vram BSOD Dump as follows Microsoft R Windows Debugger Version AMD Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File C Windows MEMORY DMP Kernel Bitmap Dump File Only kernel address space is available Symbol Path validation summary Response Time ms Location Deferred SRV C Windows symbol cache http msdl microsoft com download symbols Symbol search path is SRV C Windows symbol cache http msdl microsoft com download symbols Executable search path is Windows Kernel Version MP procs Free x Product WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS Built by amd fre winblue r - Machine Name Kernel base xfffff PsLoadedModuleList xfffff db Debug session time Wed Mar UTC - System Uptime days Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck F ffffe a ffffd eff ffffe ERROR Symbol file could not be found Defaulted to export symbols for nvlddmkm sys - Probably caused by pci sys Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt analyze -v Bugcheck Analysis DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE f A driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time Arguments Arg A device object has been blocking an Irp for too long a time Arg ffffe a Physical Device Object of the stack Arg ffffd eff nt TRIAGE F POWER on Win and higher otherwise the Functional Device Object of the stack Arg ffffe The blocked IRP Debugging Details ------------------ DRVPOWERSTATE SUBCODE IMAGE NAME pci sys DEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP d f d MODULE NAME pci FAULTING MODULE fffff d a pci DEFAULT BUCKET ID WIN DRIVER FAULT BUGCHECK STR x F PROCESS NAME System CURRENT IRQL ANALYSIS VERSION debuggers dbg - amd fre DPC STACK BASE FFFFD EFFDFB STACK TEXT ffffd eff fffff ae e f ffffe a ffffd eff nt KeBugCheckEx ffffd eff fffff ad e ffffe c d fffff d e a fffff b nt PopIrpWatchdogBugcheck xde ffffd eff fffff b ffffd eff ae nt PopIrpWatchdog x ffffd eff e fffff ea ffffd d ffffd d ffffd de c ffffe ce c nt KiRetireDpcList x f ffffd eff c ffffd eff ffffd eff nt KiIdleLoop x a STACK COMMAND kb FOLLOWUP NAME MachineOwner IMAGE VERSION FAILURE BUCKET ID x F ACPI IMAGE pci sys BUCKET ID x F ACPI IMAGE pci sys ANALYSIS SOURCE KM FAILURE ID HASH STRING km x f acpi image pci sys FAILURE ID HASH ddeb - eb-ebdc-bd - da ffbd Followup MachineOwner ---------

A:ASUS N76VZ-DS71 Power Button, GPU, and BSOD Help

Moved to Bsod's, App Crashes and Hangs for further help.
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My family and I usually turn off the computer manually by pushing the button located on the "CPU". The computer is setted to turn to sleep .How set it to turn off completly?

if you didn't understood my question asked,please let me know it

English is my sec language

A:How enable the power button to turn off manually

Hi jun and welcome to the forum!

To modify the the behavior of your power button options you can;

Go to Control Panel > Power Options
On the left panel click on "Choose what the power buttons do"
Then select the modifications you want to set

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How do I turn off the Power button lockout on my HPw1858 monitor?

View Solution.

A:How do I turn off the Power button Lockout on my HPw1858 mon...

Hi, Power Button Lockout is displayed.The monitor's Power Button Lockout function is enabled.Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds to unlock the Power button function. If the above doesn't work then try a monitor reset.  Unplug the monitor?s power cord and hold down the monitor?s power button for 30-60 seconds. Plug the monitor back in and power it up.
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Hey, I just built a comp and when I hit the power button it turns on and I see the fan go and everything but then it turns off .. like 2 seconds later. No beeps or anythig... anyone know what is wrong?


A:comp turn off 2 sec after hitting power button

okay so now it stays on but it beeps.. The monitor does not turn on it just has a steady beep... anyone know??
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Just got the notebook for my daughter for Christmas and this just happened nbsp I was trying to run the recommended HP updates and it said installing for a long time nbsp Meanwhile I opened up Chrome and it locked up saying not responding nbsp So I stopped the install action to see if it would help but to no avail nbsp Then I tried Ctrl-Alt-Del to get to the task manager but nothing nbsp Tried that several times nbsp I was finally able to get task manager open by right-clicking the task bar below nbsp Once in task manager I couldn't end task on Chrome nbsp Then I couldn't shut it down by holding the power button nbsp I was finally able to shut it down from the start menu nbsp Now the power light is on but notebook won't turn on nbsp I tried everthing I could find online won't power Stream stays up... HP turn on button lit the but 11 so far with no luck nbsp The HP Support link was a dead link nbsp The only thing I am doing at the moment is trying to wear down the battery nbsp I've got a USB light plugged in and it is on nbsp Has anyone else had this problem nbsp Any solutions nbsp Thanks HP Stream 11 won't turn on but the power button stays lit up...

A:HP Stream 11 won't turn on but the power button stays lit up...

Hello @Lumar99?, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I came across your post about the issue with the notebook not starting, and wanted to help! To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? In the meantime, please review the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as  "Accept as Solution" , this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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This is my not Computer button) response Will power (no on from turn sister s cpu i m talking about so i have no idea if there was an error message before the following happened She was booting the computer and it just shut off There is no response from the power button Yes all the cords are plugged in inside and outside the box The computer is kinda old has had major problems with XP so is back to PII MB ram GeForce video card WD hdds On a possibly related note the problem with XP was that the registry was corrupted every shutdown Could this be an issue with the mobo I know the ram is good and the power supply seems okay Another mobo-ish issue The comp will only go past bios loading area with devices on IDE It hangs as Computer Will not turn on (no response from power button) if there is no hdds in it if there is only one Yes i checked the jumpers and such Either hdd on IDE fails boot if there s one but passes whether it s master or slave if both are in Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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Sorry for reposting thread. I hope this doesn't ruin my reputation as a person. My other thread was named incorrectly, therefore not getting as much notice. Sorry about that.
Okay, this is I did something really dumb. Yesterday I was changing the thermal paste in my laptop for the cpu and when I was taking out the palm rest, I forgot to open the flabs to release the ribbons and I stripped the ribbons badly and also the part where the ribbons plug in on the motherboard. The little tiny metal pieces on the place where the power ribbon plugs in are all bent. I can't turn on my laptop on and I really want to be gaming right now lol Is there anyway I can fix this? Please anybody, please help me. If you guys need me to attach pictures to this post I will. Thanks! Right now I'm on my other computer Btw.

A:I can't turn on laptop! Power button problem

without clear pictures I cant see to assess the damage. im assuming your using a phone. try turning on the macro setting.
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Hey. I recently bought a new tower and was moving my motherboard and all the other things to the new one. I installed everything and connected all the cables. However when I press the power button it doesn't start. I know the motherboard is getting power because the light is on and when i plugged in ethernet cable it lit up too but I can't get the power button to work. I thot I mite have connected the cables from the buttons the wrong way o the Chassis 9-pin Front Panel Header so I wnt online and go diagrams and I know it's properly now but it still doesnt work.

Doesn any1 know what might be the problem?

A:Pressing power button but PC doesn't turn on :(

K wow. I was reading on the board about a guy who had the same problem. He bought a new tower and did everything as me and had same problem. As I was reading it almost near the end the guy found out what the problem was and it was bad. He said the motherboard was touching the metal inside the tower and that that way u can fry ur motherboard in secs and that's what happened to him along wid few other things connected to it. When I read that I almost got a heart attack and felt like shyt since my PC is worth some big bucks and I just bought it 6 months ago. So widout any hope left miserably feeling I unscrewed the motherboard and I have used the plastic dunno what to call it (screws) to hold up my motherboard in the air. And for the last time I decided to press the button knowing it won't work. And guess what everything turned on and I almost shyt myself instantly from the shock and happiness and almost wanted to cry. I don't know what saved me, why my motherboard didn't fry but I know I am lucky as hell like never befo. I turned on my system and eveertyhing seems to work well other than the fact that norton antivirus cant load up it's driver and my date was resetted to default but that's it for now.
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Hi everyone, I bought the brand new HP Pavilion X2 from Costco few months ago, and I think i dont like the power button at all, and I find it really difficult for me to turn the tablet on even though it was being charged or not. Sometimes, it works perfectly, sometime I get failed after several attempts of pressing and holding down the power button, but no signal light occurs. I did search the problem and I think it comes from the manufacture, and one of the solution I have seen is to bring it to the store and exchange, but I bought it in Costco, Can I bring it to Costco and ask for that service ? What should I do now ?  Thanks.Nghia Huynh
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Was using my computer when all of the sudden it died. When I try to hit home button it just blinks. I have tried holding it down and it won't restart.
Relevancy 69.66%

So i was trying to install Sierra on my HP pavilion with i3 , 4GB. in UEFI mode.So i forced shutdown the laptop by holding down the power button and now when i press it no lights comes on. The charging LED is on but the power button won't light up & nothing turns on. I tried both AC only and battery Things I tried:-Removing battery and power cord and holding power button for 5 mins to discharge (didnt work)Removing and resetting RAM.(didnt work).Please help. The power button just worked 3-4 times a minute ago and now its not working.
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I a sony vaio pcv-w30. It will shut off randomly. and wont turn back on. I switch the wall outlet in which i have it plugged into and it turns on but will repeat the process randomly again. For example i have 3 outlets on my room A B and C. It shuts off in A i use C andi t will work for a lil while then shut off then i plug it back into A and it will work for a lil while then shut off... whats wrong with this?

A:sony vaio pcv-w30 power shuts off randomly??

mak: It sounds like a heat problem. Check the bios to see what temperature it's running at. Are the fans working? Can you feel warm air when you put your hand near the fan outlets?
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So i ve had my Gateway SE for a few years now Around november the computer seemed to have a problem I left one night while leaving it on came button power has Gateway yellow 300SE turn won't & on home and the power Gateway 300SE has yellow power button & won't turn on button was yellow I figured it was in sleep mode but it never seemed to turn back on ever So I just bought a laptop and figured it had died Well now I have to get back on that computer I m a graphic designer and realized my whole portfolio that I am in desperate need of now is loaded onto the hard drive of that computer So is there any way I could get the computer Gateway 300SE has yellow power button & won't turn on fixed or does anyone know what possibly the problem could be I figured something was fried in it I m no computer whiz so I have no idea what to do The only thing I can think of is to download all my old stuff off that hard drive onto a new one or whatever I did that once but forget how i could learn though I Gateway 300SE has yellow power button & won't turn on d really like to get the computer up and working though because a computer is a computer it d save me some money Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Gateway 300SE has yellow power button & won't turn on

Well the most likely posibilities are the Powersupply and the Motherboard. First inspect the motherboard and any other components for phyiscal signs that they have been fried (burn Marks,burnt smell).If no phisical damage is seen replace the powersupply
Here are some links to replacements.

A 300W powersupply should be suficent but has limited upgradeibility

I recomend one of the 350W powersupplies below
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My Dell Studio laptop broke a little over a year ago when the need the button! My Seriously replacing help power doesn't laptop turn after on jumper cable for the power on it snapped Until that happened it was working normal and perfectly fine This wasn t a huge deal to me since I was able to recover all of my data that I needed from it and I have my desktop that I can use so I never really got around to fixing it until now so it hasn t been used in over a year I just replaced My laptop doesn't turn on after replacing the power button! Seriously need help the power button and it isn t turning on I also noticed that after I plug in the DC adapter without the battery inserted the white LED light by the jack briefly lights up for about a second then the LED turns off After plugging in the DC adapter with the battery inserted the white LED lights up then the orange LED lights up instead then the LED turns off Nobody should ever be this upset and frustrated and I seriously need help on what I should do I m really hoping that it s something that s going to be costly expensive Please help nbsp
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The power button is located immediately above the  USB slots and is very easy to press. As a result, it is easy to end up hitting the power button by accident when reaching for the USB slots when the machine is tucked under a desk and you are going by touch. I've done it several times now. Would be great to move the power button to a less vulnerable location, or at least have it on less of a hair trigger so a light touch does not turn the machine off.
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My laptop will not turn on with the power button. The numlock led is continually on and the battery led on front of laptop is constantly on. Do these led lights indicate why the laptop will not turn on? Also the power button does not light when pressed. Laptop seems to be not responding at all!
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Some time ago the PC gave the same problem It wouldn t turn on When I nothing but PC power lights -- shows off button on won't with turns turn pressed the button it turned on but showed nothing I had replaced the CPU and that seemed to work I didn t use the PC that much rarely you know But now after some time it gives the same problem It turns on the front light is on it makes the normal noise the PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button pc makes when it s turned on but if I try to shut it down by holding the power button it just doesn t work So again I tried replacing the CPU and it worked again I kept it all day working just to be sure and sometimes I would restart it and it would work again No problems at all So I turned it off at night and next morning it just would make the same problem So I tried replacing the PSU And it worked again Now while I had the PC with the new PSU I tried to insert the old CPU and again it would turn on So I bought a new PSU and installed it The same PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button thing tried restarting too and it would work But this morning the same problem happened I also tried another CPU today and PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button yet no signs of working I don t know now what to think nbsp

A:PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button

The motherboard is most likely bad now... CPU's rarely fail. I wonder why you have had to change so many
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When I turn on laptop power light comes with wifi light and caps lock light blinks but screen does not starts and still black.Model no.-HP Pav 15 n2 07TU
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My laptop will not charge and it will not turn on . Heres the best way to describe it... When i plug my charger into my computer the red light blinks as well as the power button. It stays on for 3 seconds then blinks and repeats this act.  I have tried holding the power button down for 15 seconds to do a hard restart and nothing happens. My screen remains black and the power button remains blinking.  Ive tried using google remedies but none of the research has helped. My lap top is in immaculate condition, i only use it for school or work so im very confused to why my screen wont turn on. it was up and running fine two weeks ago and every since ive been trying to get it to cut on and it wont budge.
Relevancy 68.8%

:knock: Today I came home from work and pressed the power button on the computer to which nothing happened. Not a slight power up and turn off, no lights fans, no sign of life. I used it this morning with no problems or indications of anything being wrong and turned it off when I was done, which it shut down properly. It never just turns off in the middle of gaming or anything. What could be the problem with it? Would that be the power supply? I have it plugged into a good surge protector and there was no lightning of weather effects today while I was gone. I turn it off every night before sleeping and when ever i'm done with it. Anyways, thats some usage of it. Its usually on for 6 hours a day or so and its rufly 3 weeks old. (just built). Thanks for any help you guys can give!!


A:Computer doesn't turn on when pressing power button

Jason - from what you describe (and assuming your power outlet is OK), your computer's power supply may have blown. Thankfully, it is an inexpensive part to replace!
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I've got this problem for a while now. Sometimes, out of nowhere my whole computer crashes. And sometimes it doesn't even start up. I've attached one of the latest dumps, the only crash that generated a dump because it's a freeze, not a BSOD or a crash.

A:PC randomly freezes which forces me to hold the power button.

I also think that this is very handy. SF Diagnostics tool zip attached to this.
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I have had this problem for the last maybe 10 days, and I have even talked to customer service about it. On occasion, the laptop power cuts off at random.  The screen goes blank for about 15 seconds, then the system shuts down.  I can turn it back on, but I must verify my identity in Windows before I can proceed.  (That's why I mentioned the OS in the subject line). I chatted with customer service, which gave me a set of instructions to restart the battery.  However, I did not write those instructions down, so my attempt to reset failed.  The power cuts continue. I would like to see the instructions re-posted so I can make a note of them and try again. Thank you.
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How I can turn off all these buttons in lock screen (when I'm not logged in). I mean: network settings, power putton and ease of access.
I marked them by red color on image.
I don't want to anyone coud turn off or change my settings (like turn off wifi).

A:Turn off network settings and power button in lock screen

This icon will not come with me?
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I just bought my HP Pavilion X not even days ago nbsp I had it on the ottoman and my dog jumped up and knock it off It fell a decent distance but still worked fine I've been using it without any problems until now The battery drained so I went to plug in the power cord and then proceeded to press the power button and it got stuck I tried everything to get - can't on Pavilion turn x360 stuck Power button is laptop it to depress Initially I thought it would have very little to do with the fall nbsp because Power button is stuck - can't turn laptop x360 Pavilion on it was working fine until I had to recharge and power up Sadly I can get nothing to turn on and the button still appears NOT to have depressed still stuck nbsp nbsp Can anyone help me with this I don't honestly know if it was due to the fall or if this is just an issue with HP Pavilion laptops Can someone also advise on the cost to replace this button nbsp nbsp Thank you

A:Power button is stuck - can't turn laptop x360 Pavilion on

According to the message you have recently posted I would like to confirm that this could be a hardware issue and I strongly recommend you to Contact HP Technical Support over the Phone for further assistance without any delay to get your Notebook diagnosed and serviced by an authorized HP Certified Engineer You can also Check your warranty Here to verify the warranty status  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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OS : Win 7 Ultimate SP 1

Problem :
I can not log on windows with power button.
So, for the detail :
1. When i turn on my PC (use power button)
2. It's on then go to dual boot menu then I press enter on
windows 7
3. Then, the normal boot appear (windows logo with "starting
windows" text)
4. After that, the screen goes blank, just black screen
without cursor

my vga and ram is ok, I already use the latest driver for my
vga card

I can start my win xp normally (my dual boot is win 7 and
win xp)

I can start my win 7 with safe mode and low resolution

I also can start my win 7 normally after I force restart my
PC with reset button

A:Blank screen after booting if turn on computer with power button

Sorry, Connection error make double thread posted
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i turn it on i can hear the fan etc.. the green button comes on my monitor saying its on then theres just a blank screen, the computer does endup coming up like after 30 minutes. ive checked all the cables and everything and it still wont work. ive scanned my computer for viruses and nothing apart from a few tracking cookies.

A:My computer wont turn on when i click the power button for like 30minutes.

bad switch and/or bad psu
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So I woke my laptop up after sleep by opening it, but I forgot it was sleeping so I accidentally pushed the power button. Then it turned of. After that I couldn't turn it back on. I tried plugging in the cable, but only the led is on (indicating that it is charging). I would remove the battery, but this model has it built in, so in order to remove it I would have to open the screws - I still have waranty for at least 5 months - won't opening it void the waranty?How do I fix this?

A:Dell Inspiron 5547 won't turn on after power button shut down

Thanks for writing to us. 
Removing the panel to take out the battery will not void the warranty as long as you don''t damage any parts inside :). 
Remove the battery and charger and hold down the power button for 10 secs then put back the parts and let us know if it worked. 
Simultaneously you can remove the memory modules as observe for any change.
Await your response.

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OS : Win 7 Ultimate SP 1

Problem :
I can not log on windows with power button.
So, for the detail :
1. When i turn on my PC (use power button)
2. It's on then go to dual boot menu then I press enter on
windows 7
3. Then, the normal boot appear (windows logo with "starting
windows" text)
4. After that, the screen goes blank, just black screen
without cursor

my vga and ram is ok, I already use the latest driver for my
vga card

I can start my win xp normally (my dual boot is win 7 and
win xp)

I can start my win 7 with safe mode and low resolution

I also can start my win 7 normally after I force restart my
PC with reset button

Any help would be appreciate

sorry for my bad English, I'm Indonesian


A:Blank screen after booting if turn on computer with power button

Try disabling the display adapter in safe mode.
Safe Mode
Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?
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Dear readers as the title states my laptop randomly shut down twice so far when the battery was inside but the AC power cable was in the computer The battery icon bottom left indicated that it was charged running on AC power on High Performance and when I was in a game it randomly went off Rebooted quicker than (when when randomly power is down running shuts inside) AC on battery Laptop usual skipping some of the startup processes it usually does when I manually turn it off The first time it did this the battery was Laptop randomly shuts down when running on AC power (when battery is inside) very hot even though it was running on AC This time it is not it is barely warm Another thing to mention is that both times after being back in desktop the battery would be quot available plugged in charging quot but it would not charge it stays at until I remove it and put it back in I am having a problem while playing games as well which we are discussing in another thread here http forums techguy org games -significant-fps-drops html And here is my original thread http forums techguy org games -large-fps-performance-drop-stuttering html post Hope someone has some insight on the matter Kindest regards Vadim Zinkovski nbsp

A:Laptop randomly shuts down when running on AC power (when battery is inside)

Some batteries can't take the electricity constantly flowing threw them i suggest you take the battery out when you plug it in the wall and put it in when your on the go. You battery does work still when you unplugg it from the wall right? And im guessing when your battery starts to fail it switches to "power saver" mode instead of "high performance" mode.
so take out the battery and plug it into the wall, store the battery until well until you need it. Hope this helps.
Also could be the result of a faulty battery..How long have you had your laptop?
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Hello everyone My one-year-old computer started acting up a few days ago and I'd just like to hear your opinion It all began three days ago after some Windows updates I was using my Favourites folder when it suddenly no longer responded Everything froze and you could hear something slowing down inside until only the CPU was making noise No blue screen Computer Kernel-Power reboots/shuts error randomly down, or anything just nothing at all Pressing the onn and off buttons didn't do anything for a while either until I unplugged and replugged my cable Suddenly the BIOS showed up and I rebooted the system It started a bit slower than usual and funnily enough the time and date were no longer correct from that moent on If the crash happened at say the time was still even if I had rebooted the system at around I also did two virus scans no infections found The computer also worked properly didn't Computer randomly reboots/shuts down, Kernel-Power error become hot or anything like that This happened again a few minutes later without the BIOS showing up this time and I googled around Some website led me to the Event Viewer which told me that some Kernel Power error had occurred not numbers varied too and contained 'Warning Processor-Power' messages Someone in a Facebook group told me my motherboard might not be getting enough power I don't know how the motherboard works but we have no electricity problems in the house and my battery is sitll working Microsoft forums advised me to d a System Maintenance and turn off the 'fast start-up' function which I did Then when I was listening to an album my computer suddenly switched off altogether without any warning problem or what have you as if someone had pulled the plug and battery out of it I rebooted again and tried to type something in Notepad but during that process some noise on the inside faded out again and I cuold no longer save or open any document program I could only type in Notepad What is going on here
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Thanks for your interest Ok firstly from that picture it might have resulted from me have going on naughty naughty sites ignoring McAfee site advisor or me accidently clicking on an app in an un-legit version of Counter Strike Source called 'Bot ' I don't understand the Chinese Came up with 'In English speech converter' in Google Translator When I clicked on it command prompt appeared and I think it automatically did something The word 'Bot' seems suss Can a virus be activate via the command prompt From that could it lead to the hardware I've been experiencing random shutdowns Also this happened in the past days Before these bluescreens virus, and randomly down, shuts more... supply possibly power Laptop appeared McAfee Internet Laptop randomly shuts down, possibly virus, power supply and more... Security Suite was alerting that my computer is a risk But now for the past few days multiple scans and they're all clean Regarding power supply could there been NOT enough power supply with my laptop's Laptop randomly shuts down, possibly virus, power supply and more... hardware Which might possibly be one of the causes to my BSoD BSoD when using Traktor DJ software when an external Traktor soundcard is plugged in My laptop Acer Aspire V - G running Intel Core i - M GHz GB ram GB nVidia GT M graphics Windows OS -bit OS is just a few weeks old with year warranty Bringing it to the store which I bought it from for some testing Also have been getting these kinda screens a few times Would restoring the OS help at all I have been researching about the computer shutting down problem such as this Computer turns off without warning Any help would be appreciated Thanks

A:Laptop randomly shuts down, possibly virus, power supply and more...

First of all, we need your PC specs please?
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i clicked "run" on a pop up without checking it out first, because, yes, i'm retarded. but i did, and about 3 seconds later the computer completely shut off and powered down. when i turned it on again, 1 or 2 minutes after booting up, it shut off again. this happened several times. now it won't even turn on at all. i've tried unplugging everything and waiting a while, but it still won't turn on. would a virus make this happen? or do i need a new power supply, or what?

A:Solved: computer randomly shuts off - virus? or power supply?
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This morning I came to my computer and it had a BSOD from my wireless adapter driver. This has happened a few times before. But when I turned it off and tried to turn it back on, it wont start! As soon as I press the power button, the lights flash and the fans get one jolt of power causing them to spin and die out immediately and then everything stops in under a seccond. What could be causing this? I did add a new new hard drive to my computer yesterday, but it has restarted fine a few times since then, and unplugging it didn't fix the problem. Other than that, I can't think of anything that is different that would be causing this. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Computer turns off immediately after pushing power button when I turn it on
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First time build (September 2012). Machine has been performing flawlessly then end of September 2013 starting randomly shutting down and restarting. No particular activity will trigger this event (no BSOD). I've run memtest, chkdsk, malwarebytes, gpu-z, cpu-z, Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Temperature ranges are consistently around 26C. I've left it on for the last 48 hours with the covers off and a fan blowing directly at the inside of the case and it has shutdown 8 times. This happens even when it is idling. Truly bizarre, definitely frustrating. Need some help here isolating this "gremlin" and regaining control of my machine. I;ve attached a minitoolbox report maybe that willl help you get a better picture.
Asus P8H77-V
Intel i5 3570K
16.0GB Ram
Windows 7 64bit service pack 1
nVidia geforce GTX560
ForceWare 311.06 (driver)
Cooler Master 212 EVO
OCZ ModXstream-Pro (don't remember the wattage, but purchased larger than the recommended

A:Computer randomly shuts down then restarts critical error Kernal Power 41

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When the  FileHippo website opens, click on Download latest version in the upper left pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.
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After upgrading my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, When I manually click on "Start-------> Shutdown " my power button light wont turn off, screen goes black but the bottom is still giving light, it only turn off men I press it 7 sec ore remove the battery. Can some one help me and solve my problem.
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My dell inspiron 3000 series beeps when pressing the power button and wont turn on. It happened about a week ago and when it does, i just leave it alone and then when i try again it turns on.. Now it wont turn on at all. It just keep beeping.
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So this doesn t happen all the time but every now and then my PC will suddenly lose power It PC turn randomly and on. power loses to struggles My back then doesn t go through the shut down process it just dies Then after about seconds it starts to restart It either restarts successfully and loads back into My PC randomly loses power and then struggles to turn back on. windows or it does this thing where it starts up for one second then powers off waits a second then starts up and powers off again It never powers on after that I ve found out that opening up the case pulling out the power cable connected to the motherboard and plugging it back in fixes it Once I do that it starts up next time I try to turn it on Here are my specs Corsair G x GB Vengeance CMZ GX M A C DDR Intel Core i K Processor LGA GHz CPU Asus P Z -V PRO Socket Intel Z Chipset Crucial RealSSD C G SATA M Series Western Digital Blue G SATA HDD Caviar Blue Antec W High Current Gamer Modular PSU Fractal Design Define R Case Arctic White edition Noctua NH-C P SE My PC randomly loses power and then struggles to turn back on. CPU Cooler MSI gtx gb gaming nbsp

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Hello Aggravating issue here Brand spanking new Asus G JM-DS here not Power BSOD: Randomly, G750JM Driver State New Failure Asus even weeks old BSOD with Driver State Power Failure on what I call random occurrence Only reason I'm not taking it back is because I'm now in Ireland instead of the States where I bought it already took back one the first day lol Bought it in store to make sure I had a good and ready laptop BEFORE I left for my trip instead of buying on the internet and having to ship back forth if there were issues of course there were knowing my luck hah Anyway Windows bunch of games installed sometimes it'll BSOD: Driver State Power Failure Randomly, New Asus G750JM happen in a game sometimes during a Skype call sometimes surfing the web or watching a video on my external harddrive sometimes I'll walk away and leave the browser open and I come back to it restarted for some reason Check the logs and sure enough it BSOD'd Happens once a day or every days now The only thing I can think that it always happens is when I'm connected to the internet wirelessly almost always Went a few days when I didn't have internet and it didn't crash I've Googled and BSOD: Driver State Power Failure Randomly, New Asus G750JM Googled for a few days trying to solve BSOD: Driver State Power Failure Randomly, New Asus G750JM on my own but it always comes back Just off the top of my bad memory I believe I've ran memory and hard drive checks updated the BIOS from to tried a bunch of drivers from Asus site some don't actually install for some reason like the network ones just make my CD drive beep and never opens and gone down the entire device list clicking quot check get driver updates quot and updated a couple of those Anyways wall of text really need someone else's brain for this Already contacted the store I bought it from but they're definitely not going to want to pay shipping from Ireland and US twice and neither am I since I bought the warranty and its still in the day period Here's the file you techies need I believe I did everything as instructed and hopefully followed all the rules Cheers and thanks ahead of time

A:BSOD: Driver State Power Failure Randomly, New Asus G750JM

i am currently having the same problem i just bought the computer a month ago. i don't know if this has anything to do with it but in the event log at the time of crash i get critical kernal-power error 41. i have tried going to my drivers to see if any have an exclamation point showing they are out of date but they all say up to date.
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I had my Asus laptop for a while now then I restarted it but stay on the windows 10 but now it loads on ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE then turns black then shuts off then turns on and does the same thing until I turn it off but when I turn it back on it does the same thing somebody help me also my battery is built in so I can't take it out
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It all started when i opened some foreign file and it mustve been a virus or something. That triggered my computer to make these weird whirring clicky noises. Then my computer shut down. That day, i tryied to turn it on, it worked. However, the monitor didnt display anything. The computer was running but something to do with the bios just wasn't working.
Later on, my father fixed it.
However. NOW, the computer randomly shuts off by itself.
I'd start the computer on, and usually, the computer would start to make these noises similar to that of a computer reading a disc.
after the noises, the computer shuts off, and restarts by itself.
Anyone have any ideas?

A:Computer shuts makes busy noise then shuts off randomly

Your hard drive may be faulty. What is the make and model of the system and what is the brand of the hard drive inside the computer?
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this is my hijackthis log after cleaning up with online scans and AdAware Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe c program files common files logitech lvmvfm LVPrcSrv exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Documents and Settings Valter Desktop HijackThis exe O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - button No run up off no turn button computer and in start menu D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper No run button and no turn off computer button in start up menu dll No run button and no turn off computer button in start up menu O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKCU Run swg C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe O - Global Startup Adobe Gamma Loader lnk C Program Files Common Files Adobe Calibration Adobe Gamma Loader exe O - Global Startup Adobe Reader Speed Launch lnk C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exe No run button and no turn off computer button in start up menu O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE EXCEL EXE O - Extra context menu item Google AdSense Preview Tool - http pagead googlesyndication com n preview html O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE REFIEBAR DLL O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - DPF A A - DA - DAF-B - F E E ActiveScan Installer Class - http acs pandasoftware com actives ree asinst cab O - Protocol livecall - A - C - - F- E F - C PROGRA MSNMES MSGRAP DLL O - Protocol msnim - A - C - - F- E F - C PROGRA MSNMES MSGRAP DLL O - SSODL WPDShServiceObj - AAA BA- A C- B - D - D DB - C WINDOWS system WPDShServiceObj dll O - Service Google Updater Service gusvc - Google - C Program Files Google Common Google Updater GoogleUpdaterService exe O - Service Logitech Process Monitor LVPrcSrv - Logitech Inc - c program files common files logitech lvmvfm LVPrcSrv exe O - Service LVSrvLauncher - Logitech Inc - C Program Files Common Files Logitech SrvLnch SrvLnch exe O - Service Macromedia Licensing Service - Unknown owner - C Program Files Common Files Macromedia Shared Service Macromedia Licensing exe O - Service MSCSPTISRV - Sony Corporation - C Program Files Common Files Sony Shared AVLib MSCSPTISRV exe O - Service NVIDIA Display Driver Service NVSvc - NVIDIA Corporation - C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe O - Service PACSPTISVR - Sony Corporation - C Program Files Common Files Sony Shared AVLib PACSPTISVR exe O - Service Sony SPTI Service SPTISRV - Sony Corporation - C Program Files Common Files Sony Shared AVLib SPTISRV exe O - Service SonicStage SCSI Service SSScsiSV - Sony Corporation - C Program Files Common Files Sony Shared AVLib SSScsiSV exe Please help

A:No run button and no turn off computer button in start up menu

Welcome to the forum valter1973


No run button and no turn off computer button in start up menu

Is that the only problem now ?
It appears you do not have a antivirus program running, why is that ?
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Hello First of all thank you for reading my post I recently discovered a Trojan on my computer and instead of going through the tedias process of getting rid of it I decided to wipe my hard drive and load a bit version of windows an upgrade from the previous bit version I had with the virus The installation went smoothly and down crashes shuts with screen Computer IE blue randomly. randomly. I began to download most of my drivers with no issues I even downloaded World of Warcraft with no issues I turned my computer off and got some sleep I returned only to see that my computer would keep restarting during the start up process So knowin a little about computers I shut everything down Checked and cleaned the inside of my PC Re-set the memory and reset the battery to reload BIOS I put IE shuts down randomly. Computer crashes with blue screen randomly. everything back together and it started up no problem Success NO As I began surfing the internet IE will randomly shut down and just keep doing it As I scrambled for a solution to this very annoying problem my computer would shut down sending me to a blue screen which states a bunch of stuff that I don t understand Being IE shuts down randomly. Computer crashes with blue screen randomly. the hands on guy I am I went back to search for a solution with the new information I figured that maybe BIOS wasn t updated or that I didn t have all the needed drivers downloaded yet So I went to download IE shuts down randomly. Computer crashes with blue screen randomly. some more updates and every time I go to download something I get a setup error or something that keeps the download from finishing So I threw my hands up and came here hoping that someone could save me some heartache and a trip to the computer store Any help is appreciated Again thank you for taking the time to listen and respond P S Please excuse any mis-spellings the ieSpell won t download for me nbsp
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Hi every one Recently I purchased new PC After installing windows XP Pro SP I found that there is a missing button in Power option properties The missing button is When I Button my is not option (When press sleep in button) Power [SOLVED] pr of available I press the sleep button on my computer I can find only When I press the power button on my computer My system configuration is as follow Mother board Gigabyte EP -UD R Rev My graphic card is ATI Radeon HD Windows XP SP RAM Gb Kingston DDRII CPU Core Quad GHz It worth saying that I can shutdown hibernate or put my PC into sleep mode so the functions are working but only the button is missing I [SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr will appreciated very much if some can advise me how to restore the missing button Is there some option in BIOS that [SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr will enable this button I contacted Gigabyte customer support but they directed me to Microsoft I also contacted ATI but they directed me to Microsoft or BIOS settings In my BIOS I can't find any option that may affect this button Any advise will be appreciated Best regards

A:[SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr

Does the case actually have a separate Sleep Button? I suspect it's not even connected, as the motherboard manual doesn't show a connection for a Sleep Button, only a Power Button.
Windows Power Options won't list it, as it doesn't exist.

If you have a Sleep Button on the keyboard, it might not be listed in Power Options either. That would be up to the Driver software to add that option. You may have to use the software that came with the keyboard to configure the sleep button on the keyboard.
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I know this is possible, because I've done it before (a long time ago). How do I change which browser comes up when pressing the web browser button that's to the right of the power button?  Google doesn't have an answer. 

View Solution.

A:Web Browser hard button (next to power button)--how to chang...

Hey Peregrin72,  Great question! You could first try changing your default Internet Browser setting in Windows.  1. Click the Start button 2. Type 'default'3. Click Default Programs4. Click Set Your Default Programs5. Click on the desired browser and then click Set this program as default.  Let me know the results of that change. There is also a registry change that may help.
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I have a compaq presario v2570nr laptop. I have replaced the motherboard, cpu, memory, fans, and hard drive. To no avail it still shuts down after about 3 minutes of operation. Whether you are in bios, xp setup from disk, safe mode, or normal mode. I thought what the hell, I will put a hard drive in that has 98 loaded on it. IT WORKS!!! 98 ran on this laptop for about 2 hrs then I shut it down. It didnt shut down automatically. Thought maybe it was the hard drive afterall, so I started loading xp on the same hard drive that ran 98 for 2 hrs. and after 3 mins it shut off. Someone mentioned that maybe it isnt xp came with xp on it. I need to know why any kind of xp activity makes it shut off abruptly, and 98 will run it no problems. Thanks for any help.

A:XP shuts machine down....98 doesnt!

See if XP runs in Safemode
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Hi, I am having a problem with booting up my computer. Everytime I turn the computer on, the HDD light comes on but the power light doesn't. When I press the reset button, everything starts working and the computer boots up. I think the problem might be the wires that get plugged into the motherboard. I don't know how to correctly install them and the manual that came with the motherboard doesn't help at all. I have a GA-7IXE4 motherboard with 1000 MHZ AMD and 256 MB RAM. If anybody could assist me with this problem, please do so. If anybody knows how the wires are suppose to be plugged into the motherboard correctly, please let me know because I think that might be the main problem. Thanks.

A:Reset button acts as power button

It shows the proper connections on page 15 of the manual.

Neither the power on or reset button need any polarity concerns when connecting, they are both use open/closed type switches.

The reset connector is label RE, THE power connector is labeled PW.
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The reset button case was pulled from the pin on the motherboard while the computer was still running, after re-attaching the female part of the cable to the pin and testing the button, all i got was a beep. I turned off the computer and turned it on to try again but still nothing, all i get is a beep. Any suggestions?

A:Reboot button doesnt work.

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Can you take a screwdriver and jump the 2 pins for the reset button? If so, does it work?
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The keyboard works fine, tested in other pcs, its brand new.
Windows XP Professional sp3, up to date, kaspersky anti virus, it's a logitech g15 keyboard, the non-gaming one (orange lights, much easier on the eyes) aaaaand.. that's it?

It worked before I re-installed windows.
It will work if I hit it twice in a row, then it will show up two, like this!
Honestly didn't see the first one, this is not a joke

thanks for the help in advance!

A:My quotes button doesnt work

Beings you have a fresh reinstall.I would recommend try reinstalling again as you may a suffered a hiccup during the prior install.

Anytime you have a promblem right after an install it always best to try another install
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I have been having this problem for some time now.

When I shut down my PC going through Start>Shut down, Windows starts shutting down properly. Windows shuts down, but the hardware in my PC such as all the fans, graphics card and the rest stay turned on. They do not turn off until I hold the power off button for a couple seconds.

I am running Windows XP and it would be great if you could help me with my problem.


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ok heres my specs if i remember correctly Case - Antec Processor - AMD AM X x MHz Processor Cooler - Gigabyte Pro Lite g-power Motherboard - Asus M N SLI Deluxe green edition RAM - GB Corsair XMS DDR PCR Graphics Card - XFX GTX XT xtreme edition Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PSU - CoolerMaster W Hard Drive - X GB shuts boot) pc after seconds(doesnt 4-8 down Optical Drive - Samsung DVD-R - Litescribe Operating System windows bit ok the other night before i went to bed i just turned my pc off without turning the psu switch off next morning i woke up and tried to turn pc shuts down after 4-8 seconds(doesnt boot) my pc on it turns on for - seconds without showing anything on the monitor then shuts off when the pc is on everything is working led fans etc but just doesnt boot i suspected it was the psu so i went to buy a psu cz stealthxtreme w to replace my coolermaster w however the problem still there i think its the cpu but im not too sure i dont pc shuts down after 4-8 seconds(doesnt boot) want to go buy a new cpu and realize it wasnt the cpu like my psu i know some pc shuts down after 4-8 seconds(doesnt boot) people had some success in booting their pc by constantly turning it on but i dont want to do that incase it damages the whole pc i havent had a successful booting since that morning and now i have to go to the internet cafe oh and i havent tried to remove my cpu yet cos i dont know how to cant seem to find a removal guide online for my heatsink as i think its the first thing i should remove i am willing to call in a guy to repair my pc but they cost so much per hour exc VAT lmao i dont mind if that includes cpu replacement too i only have left to spend nbsp