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Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute.

Q: Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute.

I am the recent owner of a new to me nbsp Z with the C revision motherboard nbsp Specs are pretty basic with one E GB x gb unbuffered ram a gb SATA HD a DVDRW and a single NVIDIA Quadro nbsp The machine posted the first two times without incident and I booted a live CentOS CD and everything was working fine so I installed it and everything went perfectly nbsp In fact I can't recall such an easy linux install ever nbsp Then I rebooted again and Z600 cmos cannot reset compute. after enabling entered the BIOS to enable hyperthreading nbsp While in the BIOS Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute. the genius in me could not help but play around nbsp At some point I enabled compute for both of the x slots nbsp I know I know big mistake nbsp When I rebooted again I was introduced to the six beeps of death nbsp To me enabled meant allowed not mandatory nbsp I reseated the card cleared or attempted to clear the Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute. CMOS and the offending setting about a nbsp hundred times following the official procedure then Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute. any other I could find to no avail nbsp I found a thread with the exact same issue which mentioned having to wait for the stored energy in the system to bleed off and pressing the power button several times before pressing the CMOS reset button nbsp It worked for others but not me nbsp I have tried everything moving the card changing the card to one that supports CUDA but I enabled both slots I have powered down the machine unplugged the power cord removed the power supply waited hours pressed the CMOS reset button for seconds three times and I still have the six beeps nbsp Unless my machine contains some secret alien technology I am lost nbsp How do you clear the CMOS nbsp I have tried every procedure theory guess chant and encantation I know nbsp I started building computers when Jimmy Carter was Preident and I have seen it all almost nbsp The only other option I can see is a PCI VGA card so I can get back into the BIOS nbsp Any ideas or advise would be appreciated nbsp nbsp It's a great machine and I want it back

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Preferred Solution: Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Z600 cannot reset cmos after enabling compute.

I don't know the exact positon of the CMOS RESET switch, but you can remove the battery to set BIOS defaults.Don't forget to unplug the power cord, no need to remove the power supply or graphics card.Put back the battery after a few minutes and power on the machine.Video should be back now and all BIOS settings (including time and date) are lost.
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I have an old Toshiba laptop and it is unusable and I was wondering if there was a way to factory reset it without a disk.

Model # - psk2cu-s5150

A:Reset My Laptop

I believe there's a partition that contains the OEM setup, but you need a CD (any) and to recover from the Restore partition
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Lenovo is the latest PC maker to join the budding PC-on-a-stick movement. The company on Tuesday announced the Ideacentre Stick 300, a wallet-friendly compute stick suitable for use in multiple scenarios.

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A:Lenovo undercuts Intel's Compute Stick with cheaper Ideacentre Stick 300

It's too bad HDMI couldn't supply the power.
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I have an Dell Inspiron N5010. My wireless mouse and touch pad bar lock up on me. I cannot move my cursor/pointer only when I sign into my computer. Otherwise it's no hope. I tried everything I could possible do. Even the key to the right of F12 key. No luck. I can only tab or move the arrows L, R, U, D. That it. It will not allow me to change my setting in the mouse to enable it. Can someone help.

A:Enabling Cursor

Have you tried a USB Wired mouse to test if that works? If you do not own one, maybe you could borrow one for a short time to test your system.
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Hello I need to connect power/reset buttons to dell optiplex 620, but I just can't connect them anywhere on motherboard.

I need help as fast as possible

Thank you
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Intel's Compute Stick, the impossibly small computer crammed inside an HDMI dongle, is now available for pre-order running your choice of Windows 8.1 or Linux (Ubuntu 14.04).

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A:Intel's tiny Compute Stick PC is now available for pre-order

I like it.
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I would like to get gaming desktop computer and would like to know if Alienware would for get compute to I like under gaming $650 desktop or computer from Dell or Dell Alienware is good way to go or not Are mini computers like from Alienware or from Dell good for gaming http www dell com us p alienware-x -r pd aspx Are these Alienware or mini computers good for gaming Or is full desktop tower better I was thinking of buying computer of ebay Looks like it may be good computer http www ebay com itm AMD-Quad-Co pt LH DefaultDomain amp hash item b d But I think it may be build computer kit You have to put the computer together Buying computer from Best buy you are stuck with brand name computer like Acer or Gateway being very cheap and low budget computers or HP or Asus better and more costly computers I would like to get gaming desktop compute for under $650 CyberPowerPC and iBUYPOWER Gamerner PC both over price and not reliable computer lots of lots hardware problems I would like to get gaming desktop compute for under $650 and outdated Well build computer kits are good but you have to put it together and you get no software and windows does not come with it And Best buy office place business depot or target computers are over price and like years old Not sure if I should go for a full tower or mini tower The computer will be hooked up to my big TV for gaming I will also be doing some video editing and sound editing too and some basic Microsoft office apps Some games will be The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Dark Souls Witcher Dragon Age II Divinity II Diablo Mass Effect Far Cry Risen Fallout Grand Theft Auto and Doom so on The budget no more than Is Dell Alienware or ebay a better way to go nbsp
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Good day PC masters/expert/etc, can I ask something? about my computer, the cmos battery of my motherboard just last with in a week what should I do? need some help or tips, thanks a lot


A:Cmos Battery Drain Fast

Gazher said:

Good day PC masters/expert/etc, can I ask something? about my computer, the cmos battery of my motherboard just last with in a week what should I do? need some help or tips, thanks a lot

-gazClick to expand...

I am not an expert. my limted experience with CMOS battery (CR2032) tells me that it will last for years. for replacement, I use energizer brand which costs less than a dollar.
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In regards to my Vista Home Premium I've had problems with it possibly due to a bad or dying CMOS battery & possibly defective battery as I posted in here
The most recent time was mentioned here
Ok, I know I can google for info but since I trust the knowledgeable people in here, I'm asking for help because I want to find out if it'll be worth getting it fixed/repaired or getting an iPad instead.
The Vista laptop was 2nd hand
The Vista battery is VGP-BPS9/S 11. 1V/4800mAh

A:CMOS & Laptop battery

Get the laptop fixed or not? If yes, a ball park guesstimate as to how much.
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Hi I have an older PC which I gave to my mum It originally ran Vista but I bought and installed Windows Ultimate around weeks ago after it had been inactive for months It was running great but a couple of weeks ago it just started hanging for no real reason Also at startup it would say that the computer had not been shut down properly even if it had This was only when it was switched off at the wall not after checksum defaults loaded" replaced error battery after - "cmos a restart or when the PC was left plugged in and switched on She only "cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced uses the PC to look at You Tube and some webcams from her grandkids and that s it she s not very computer literate Initially I left Windows repair to run overnight but when I looked at it the following morning it was still in the repair screen so I assume it had hung I spoke to a local repair shop and they suggested I test the RAM test the hard drive and replace the CMOS battery The RAM and hard drive checks went without any errors and after I replaced the battery the hanging stopped I played with the computer all evening and shut it down as normal and switched it off at the wall Next day I thought I would start it up just to check it and I was faced with a quot cmos checksum error - defaults loaded quot message I thought that was strange but maybe the battery was dead so I swapped it over with one from my perfectly working desktop to try it out and my desktop worked fine but after shutting down my mum s one it had the same problem when power was pulled So battery was ruled out Incidentally I will say that I reset the BIOS date and time every time I was faced with the error following up with a save and exit It worked fine until I unplugged the computer I then moved on to the BIOS and set it back to default and the same again After this opened the case and used the jumpers to reset the BIOS to default again but no difference My mum will not leave it switched on at the wall constantly in case it self-combusts same with her washing machine TV lamps etc otherwise I would just do that and ignore it Is there anything else someone can suggest that I try System Shop bought by Mesh Motherboard is an ASUS PSN-E SLI gb Ram - samsung gb hard drive - ASUS Thanks for any help nbsp

A:"cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced

I must add that the PC is the same as when I bought it new from the shop, except for adding a Creative Labs sound card (approx 2012) and installing Windows 7 (around 6 weeks ago). All Windows updates are downloaded and installed.
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I have an ASUS MeMO Pad 7 inch non HD keep that in mind total different situation. But I cannot Factory Hard Reset it by using any normal button combinations or reset button. I have done a lot of research but have come up empty. The reasoning behind the need to perform factory reset is the number pin to log in was forgotten. Yea, yea I know I should not use it but it happened so non the less any ideas?


A:Asus MeMo Pad 7 Inch non-HD will not factory reset

So you can't get to the factory reset menu? Holding the power button will turn the tablet off right?
This might help:
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I have recently installed a new power supply due to the fact that the other one had seen the light. Now when I try to start up the system, the POST test is just fine but then I get the message that there is a CMOS setting wrong. (See picture) The system boots in windows and everything looks okay except the fact that my mouse and keyboard are not working. Any advice on whats going on?

A:CMOS settings wrong

Did you try setting the bios to default? Or removing cmos battery for about 5 secs. ? This might reset the bios for you. This may resolve your problem. If not post back.
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Hi all, a friend has a laptop running XP, the system clock resets everytime it's switched off for more than half an hour or so. I have tried three replacement CMOS batteries (and checked the voltage with a multimeter, 3V or thereabouts), no joy. I have cleaned the battery clip contacts & definitely inserted the batteries right way up, any polite suggestions please?

A:Laptop not keeping time, CMOS battery good

Have you check the bios to make sure the time is set correctly in the bios? If not windows will not keep the correct time.
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Hello all!
I regularly have the folllowing line appear when my bios starts up -CMOS checksum error defaults loaded. I am having a problem about CMOS Checksum Error, every time I turn on the computer it will wait about 30 secs before the first beep. Then the CMOS checksum error occur. Some days ago I had changed my battery after that this problem occurs. Please help me. I have a snapshots of the same problem.You can check here:

A:CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults Loaded

Could you have installed the battery backwards by mistake? Even though the battery is new, it could be defective.
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Good evening fellas The Problem This is an issue I have never run into before on numerous builds My computer wont reset from pressing the reset button or through software reset I was able Computer wont reset (Hard or Software) to get through windows installation by pressing the power button and powering back up This is when I noticed a second issue My computer wont boot to windows with the USB mouse and key board plugged Computer wont reset (Hard or Software) in Front panel or back panel its just a black screen It will post with the USB mouse and keyboard plugged in as I am able to press F to get into bios I tried rearranging the front panel connectors on the mobo running with only the power button hooked up running with the front pannel usb hooked up and looking around bios for any relevant settings cant find anything there related to boot Once in windows I test my hardware by playing about hours straight of AC and doing burn in tests with no errors I am at a loss The Background I recently bought Computer wont reset (Hard or Software) a replacement mobo and power supply to replace a pair that fried due to moisture I bought a new case because I fell out of favor with my old case that had a window pane and led lights and I upgraded my ram to gb x gb modules Essentially I only kept my TB HD DVD-RW Video Card and CPU I tested all of the hard ware I kept in a friends system he let me use for the purpose and those components all burned in well after about hours of benching and burn in testing with no errors The Hardware Mobo Asrock N C-GS http www asrock com mb NVIDIA N C-GS FX CPU Phenom X BE GPU Pallet GT Sonic Edition http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM GB PC http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E PSU Raidmax Hybrid W Modular http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

A:Computer wont reset (Hard or Software)

A strange problem indeed.

Triple check your wiring is correct using your motherboard manual. Be sure the motherboard is mounted correctly on the standoffs and no grounds are occurring.

Faulty buttons on the case itself?

Reset bios to optimal defaults, clear cmos.

After that I would return the mobo.

Sorry I cant be more specific, Hope this helps.
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So recently my machine has been in my backpack travelling with me due few reasons. When I came home today and mounted it all up again, one of my HDDs became RAW system and I am unable to access it. Now Windows keeps insisting that I should format the drive but I really need to preserve most of the saved data.

Iv downloaded TestDisk but have no idea how to use it.

Is there a way to at least recover my files? I really need to get another backup drive to have my important work saved on.

Using Windows 7 x64 Pro.


A:After re-connecting HDD, reset to RAW from NTFS. Fix Needed.

Shall I let Windows format the drive? Would this make me loose all my data?
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I have a 11yr old Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook computer. It started shutting down mysteriously while working, and sometimes shuts down a second or two after powering on.
I was planning to scrap the thing, maybe try to sell it for parts on Ebay, but decided to take one more look.
Today I found that the CMOS battery (reserve battery) is bad. It is leaking but has not damaged anything.
Could the fact that this battery is bad (maybe shorted) cause the computer to shut down as I described?
Since I have the whole thing dis-assembled I can replace the battery easily. I found them on Ebay but not sure I should buy one there, since it could be an old battery that is no good.
Any ideas?



A:Can bad CMOS battery cause laptop to shut down?

The CPU cooling fan may be worn out and the thermal pads and paste may be seriously burned and dried out. I doubt if the laptop parts would be worth much because of the age...
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Hi friends

Mine PC is running on a AMD quardracore, Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H, 4 GB DDR III 1600 Mhz Corsair Ram & Power supply along with 8400 GT nvidia . This PC has been OC to 3.2 ghz and is currently working at 3.2 ghz.

Recently I was getting BIOS notification to change the battery as everytime the BIOS had to be reset.

I changed the battery 3 days back but again after a day I again started getting the same notification of changing the battery.

Pls tell where could be the problem.


A:CMOS battery problem

Was the battery you replaced the bad one with brand new? Also make sure it is a 3V battery and to be safe, make sure it has the markings 'CR2032" on it (that is what mine has). Other batteries of the same size and voltage MAY be fine, but I can't really vouch for them. Also, if you have one, it might pay to check the batteries voltage with a multimeter.

Also, if you buy a new one, it might pay to make sure that it is meant for a computers motherboard, as some may or may not be, just to be on the safe side. I don't really know a great deal about these batteries.
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i am unable to reset my router back to default username/password setting.ive been able to reset it in the past, but i cant remember what i did.

i have held the reset button down for 90 secs. then i unplugged the router while still holding down the reset button for an additional 90 secs. and finally plugged the power back in again still holding the reset button for an additional 90 secs.

ive tried switching between different web browser. default gateway is

tried using cmd prompt. used ipconfig /release. ipconfig /renew. just for the heck of it.

ive also read that this same model and version is giving alot of people trouble as far as resetting it goes.

honestly, im not sure what firmware i have installed. im not sure how to check it... if that may be the issue.

while trying to login to router via firefox, i get the security level 15 message

cant remember my username/password

A:Unable to reset linksys BEFW11S4 ver 4 router

Sounds like your router needs a hard reset, the following has helped me in some cases, but be aware, if these procedures don't work, than your router has gone bye bye, it's junk.

To reset your router to factory defaults, use the following procedure:

1) Power down all computers, the router, and the modem, and unplug them from the wall.
2) Disconnect all wires from the router.
3) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
4) Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release it, then let the router reset and reboot (2-3 minutes).
5) Power down the router.
6) Connect one computer by wire to port 1 on the router (NOT to the internet port).
7) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes).
8) Power up the computer (if the computer has a wireless card, make sure it is off).
9) Try to ping the router. To do this, click the "Start" button > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. A black DOS box will appear. Enter the following: "ping" (no quotes), and hit the Enter key. You will see 3 or 4 lines that start either with "Reply from ... " or "Request timed out." If you see "Reply from ...", your computer has found your router.
10) Open your browser and point it to This will take you to your router's login page. Leave the user name blank, and in the password field, enter "admin" (with no quotes). This will take you to your router setup page. Note the version number of your firmware (usually listed near upper right corner of screen). Exit your browser.

If you get this far without problems, try the setup disk (or setup the router manually, if you prefer), and see if you can get your router setup and working.

If you cannot get "Reply from ..." in step 9 above, your router is dead.

If there's some time left on any type or warrenty for this device, I would recommend using it, that is if in fact your router is dead.

Good luck.............hope this helps!
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I have a HP Pavillion dv5000 and would like to replace the cmos battery due to charging issues. I can't find the darn thing. I removed the keyboard and the wifi card and NO battery. I removed the ram sticks also to see and still no battery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seems easy but you try lookin in this machine lol

A:HP Pavillion CMOS battery... where the heck is it?

Section 5.8 RTC Battery, page 5-16
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VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator or it was no longer responding to graphics driver commandsClick to expand This phrase always pop out in my computer whenever I turned on my computer After the phrase poped out the computer will start lagging The lagging I mean is like whenever you use safe mode without graphic card and you try to move some tab around with mouse it will like lagging I don t bother it but recently the problem turns worsen Black screen poped out whenever I turn on then sometime monitor won t show any desktop sometime recover with the phrase above sometime just lagged and VPU recover HD responding to no Radeon has driver 5600 longer reset... graphics auto restart I tried to reformat but it still won t work One day I can t Radeon HD 5600 VPU recover has reset... no longer responding to graphics driver stand it any longer Radeon HD 5600 VPU recover has reset... no longer responding to graphics driver so I search the website for solution one of the solution was quot disable auto recover quot if i remember correctly and I did it It don t work and furthermore when I lagged it auto restart and i can t open my computer anymore I restarted - times and it never work But safe mode network or without network works properly without any black box or whatever thing though it is still lag but it s understandable since safe mode is work without graphic card So what is the main problem is going right here There is no flickering on the Window Startup or anything black thing when I am using safe mode I hope there is a quick and simple solution so I won t go and buy a new graphic card It cost a lot for me Anyway sorry for my bad english english is not my native language Edit I has no problem for a half year before this problem pop out from nowhere I am using ATI Radeon HD gb Ram Athlon ghz nbsp

A:Radeon HD 5600 VPU recover has reset... no longer responding to graphics driver

When in safe mode, Windows is not using the graphics card driver. While it is in safe mode the graphics card is still being used. If it wasn't, you wouldn't get any display at all.

Download the current AMD/ATI graphics driver that is compatible with your operating system. Then uninstall the old graphics driver from Add and Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features (Vista and Windows 7). Install the new driver and see if that fixes your problem.

Go here for your driver:
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I am very very frustrated since I waited a while to get this motherboard from china. My last DFI board randomly died on me and I ordered this as a replacement because I wanted a decent 775 board. I worked on it all night tonight and despite it reading all the hardware... it will not boot unless I reset the cmos every time. On top of that... I can not get the bios to update... it doesn't read any of the 5 usb drives I tried (fat/fat32). Also I tend to get this grey screen when trying to flash it sometimes. I am beside myself at this point after fussing with it for hours on end and I really need some help.

A:Asus P5E3 BIOS won't update and needs CMOS reset to boot every time

Sounds like either the BIOS is corrupted or the motherboard battery is a goner.

Have you tried burning the new BIOS to a bootable CD ?
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I put a password on my bios page and can't remeber what it was. (was kinda drunk at the time) I have W3506 2.5Gig celron radeon200expres motherboard. Does anyone know how I can reset the password so I can reset to factory default? EMACHINES wants $100 to answer this question, WTF?, Oh forgot OS is XP sp3.

A:Reset BIOS password

OS doesn't matter, since BIOS is actually running underneath it. I can't help you past that, though.
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Hi guys I need your help in my MDG PC mother board is locked, so now my MB password is not working any more, my child did some thing mesh up. So PC Mathorboard is locked, at the begining of Computer ON.

So I open Cover and Remove Battry on Board and ON Computer still not reset PASSWORD.

Please help me how to reset password on MDG PC.

Thanks for your suggations.
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Hey guyz! I have an HCL HCM780 M monitor. It is not showing colors as they are. Black appears a little foggy and white a little dull. I have set the RB color to 55 and 55 respectively. Plz Help Me.

A:How to reset factory settings of my monitor?

outlander said:

Hey guyz! I have an HCL HCM780 M monitor. It is not showing colors as they are. Black appears a little foggy and white a little dull. I have set the RB color to 55 and 55 respectively. Plz Help Me.Click to expand...

Sir, just set your monitor to its default settings. locate the monitor menu button at the front, below or side or your monitor.
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I replaced the Perc5 Batt and from a previous call to DELL, I was told the RAID controller needed to be reset after disconnecting the 4 drives and restarting.

Anyone know the proper procedure? I'm told the 00 drive can restore the controller when it is reconnected again. True?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. As someone who makes a living by the hour, I appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with me.
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About a week ago now, turn on at won't reset all PC Power I came home and my clock was blinking and my PC I had left on was turned off a mild storm passed by Now my PC won t turn on anymore no fans no lights no sounds nothing Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all Things to note Yes I checked to make sure the PSU switch was on and plugged in I tried different outlets My PC was plugged into a power Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all strip during the quot storm quot not sure how much surge protection that provides No visible burn marks on my hardware I bought a new power supply because the PSU was my first suspect since it was pin and I needed a new a pin to fit my motherboard best anyways ---No luck with new PSU--- I figured it might be my front panel power switch so I tried bypassing it by using the reset button as the on off power sw I also tried touching the on off pins lightly with a screwdriver ---No luck--- I ve tried naked booting with just mobo cpu and video card I ve tried different computer power cords When I turn on my new PSU I can hear it begin a very soft hum like a capacitor charging or something so power is getting to the PSU I ve tried booting with both V V PSU settings I ve tried taking out RAM and reinserting Idk if this is relevant but my drive data cables are very old My computer is basically new new cpu new mobo new ram new PSU My best guess is that it has something to do with the front panel power switch Any ideas Please help Also I put up my PC specs in my profile let me know if you can t see them Thanks -Ethan nbsp

A:Power reset now, PC won't turn on at all

We just had a nice line of storms come through a few weeks ago.

I was extremely busy replacing motherboard and PSU combos on various customer computers, mind you after having fixed them, I STRONGLY recommended they buy a decent surge protector.

Turns out all but one were running straight out the wall.

I've come across one scenario where the motherboard survived a PSU failure, luckily for me that was mine about a month ago.

Generally a PSU fails, it takes the motherboard with it, if you have any other motherboard that will jive with your hardware, swap it out.
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My internet was working fine, i thought it was the cat5 cable came loose but no cause i can connect on the network and transfer files and what things.. my other computer connects to the internet just fine..

I use firefox and my proxy settings were changed, so under configure proxies to access the internet, i checked No proxy, since that is the default option when i don't use a proxy but after clicking ok, ok and restarting

Nothing changed and now I don't know what to do to restore the connection.

A:Internet not working and I've tried to reset original no proxy setting

I'm going to have this moved to the Storage and Networking forum where your previous thread was posted.
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With HD Tune Pro it shows

C7 CRC DATA ERROR it says warning.

When I use HD Sentinel it shows those errors but says ok and all it 100 percent no warning.

My COCD is bothering me with how HD Tune says warning.

IS there any way I can reset or clear that value so hd tune will say ok instead of warning. Thanks a lot
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Hi I am seeking some assistance or advice with the above problem. Prior to resetting this laptop (Acer Aspire3680) the bluetooth dvice was fully functional but now it does not ppear as an option in the control panel nor do I see a device icon on the bottom left of the screen. thelaptop has a bluetooth toggle switch but when this is filcked a pop up sign flashes on the bottom of the screen "No Device" Can anyone advise on this matter please? Regards Keith

A:Bluetooth device not found once Vista reset to factory settings?

Prior to resetiing? You mean you used the options to restore to factory condition? Then you almost certainly just need to re-install the driver for the blue-tooth device. Read the manual, or the website support for the laptop, where you will also find the necessary driver if you cant find it on the HDD or CD's that came with the PC
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ok today i moved my pc with a plane... after i went home and set the pc again on fist try everything was fine but when i restart my bios reset (not sure why) and after that i have no sound i get a little red circle with an x on it on the volume control and the following message "no speakers or headphones are plugged in"

when i look in control panel in sound there is a HDMI but it says its not plugged in

im working under windows 7 ultimate
my motherboard is msis p45 platinum ms - 7512

p.s. i have some knowledge of computers but not to much any help would be greatly apreciated
if there is a similar thread i apologize

A:After a BIOS reset I no longer have sound

See if this might help to start Reference Guide to Help Setup and Troubleshoot Windows Audio and Sound Cards
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after unplugging the cord for a day, the following message appears upon booting system: cmos settings wrong cmos date/time not set
after resetting time and date in setup, all is cool. shouldn't there be a supplemental battery on board to hold this setting in case the main battery discharges? Is it replaceable?

A:CMOS resetting after unplugging brick

Yes, there's a battery and it's replaceable.
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what is this error when i boot my cusin portable it doest boot immediately error appears as" bad cmos battery -error date & time. it says there that i need to choose either f2 (utilities bios or press f1 .when press f2 it goes straight to bios of course! but the best option is to press f1 so it will bot normaly to the xp windows OS specs is WIN XP SP1. Do we need to replace the cmos battery now.

A:Bad CMOS battery

Does it do this on every boot up? Have you tried going F2, after your in the bios hit F10 (should prompt you to SAVE, if not, then exit and save) If it continues to do this then yes, you will need to replace the CMOS battery and hope that it is just the battery and not where it sits.
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People say that you should Overclock in increments, but what if you memorized the Overclocking settings and jump directly to them after a CMOS reset?

A:CMOS reset then OC'ing right after

It will either work or it wont... no real way of knowing until you try it. Every motherboard is different, and some even allow you to save your settings in profiles, so you might experience a problem or it might work just fine.
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My mom has a Dell Dimension 4550 and we just got it fixed but it says there is no audio device and wont play any sound at all so i was gonna restore the optimized defaults in bios so i hit f2 and tried but i cant figure out how to do it.. does anyone know? oh an i tried hitting delete repeatedly like some other guy said to do and nothing happened...

A:How to reset defaults for Windows XP in BIOS?

Does the system have onboard sound or a standalone (seperate) Soundblaster audio card ?
It sounds like (no pun intended) that whoever "fixed" the system didn't reinstall the audio driver. You should be able to download the appropriate driver here
Audio drivers aren't at BIOS level, they operate within the operating system enviroment, so it's a fairly simple operation to download the driver, then run to install.
I'm assuming that XP's "Device Manager" ( Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager) is showing a yellow triangle/exclamation mark notification alongside the sound device.If correct, that would indicate that no driver (or a corrupt non-working driver) is present.
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Hello I have trouble with MB Foxconn A -PE with Pentium IV Prescott CPU When I press power button HDD and CPU fan spins up but screen remains blank there is no beep from MB speaker and LED on MB is blinking I tried to reseat every component and cable many times but only way how to get it working is resetting CMOS by jumpers When I do it PC boots up normally and works without any problem But when I shut down that PC I have to reset CMOS every time when I want to boot It seemed that the problem is in a battery that keeps BIOS settings alive so I replaced it When I did it it seemed that problem is solved and I could boot OS for about three times but next day the problem returned This problem has started to appear after I tried to replace that noisy P fan but PC didnt start up when I resetting possible after CMOS only Boot pressed power button so I put stock cooler back Any suggestions nbsp

A:Boot possible only after resetting CMOS

I'd say power issues..Try a new power supply if you can get one.
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Hi on cmos Dv6700 reset laptop power after wont recieved this laptop with it turning on with only black screen Power leds were on along with the quick play and battery lights Fan was running No show on external monitor Removed Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset battery and wireless card Hooked it back up to AC power and it booted up all the way Problem was when it went in sleep mode Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset it wouldnt respond Had to remove battery and AC power then reconnect them to get it back on Decided to do the reset thing Removed battery cmos battery and AC power then held down power button for seconds After that i left it alone for about an hour Replaced all the batteries and connected it back to AC power and now nothing No response at all No power lights except for the blue ring at the dc jack Battery light comes on for about minutes then goes out No fan or hard drive spin What happened How did reseting the cmos and static discharge proceedure make it do this Im lost Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Dv6700 laptop wont power on after cmos reset

Yeah I had the same problem. I Don't know u laptop or desktop model, but exist a Crisis Recovery Disk.

If you put your model maybe can extend the information about.

zeta27 cambio y fuera.
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I just installed an Asus P T mobo in an Antec with an i and I am having problems with the sw reset / power with Problem system panel connector power sw you know the thing with the power ground and reset ground that plugs into the case power reset wires If the case sits for a long length of time it won t power up I hit the power button and it doesn t do anything It s been doing this Problem with power / reset sw since the first power up after installation To fix the problem although temporarily I have to pull the system panel connector adapter out replug the reset wire the power wire and the led wire and plug the adapter back in Problem with power / reset sw Once I unplug it and refit all the wires it boots right up It doesn t happen in short intervals however I can shut the system down wait a few seconds and it ll power right back up Finally after I refit all the plugs on the system panel connector I have to change the boot order on my hard drives Don t know if this is related though nbsp

A:Problem with power / reset sw

Instead of unplugging the panel connectors from the motherboard, try switching the power off at the back of the power supply for a couple of minutes. Of course, the PC should be powered off at the time. Turn the switch on the PSU back on and see if it will start.
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Hi my name is Viviana I had set my password in BIOS awhile back And I had forgotten it I needed to format my hard drive because of an intense accumulation of viruses I tried everything the default password for phoenix nothing worked I even removed the battery on the motherboard Still nothing I shut the computer off but leaving it connected thru just the wires on back Then I googled for directions on what to do next I played around with the wires but not really clear on Computer wont to turn after cmos attempt touching or moving much then I downloaded the manual for micro star msi from the manufacturer It told me to look close to the battery And don t quote me exactly I m on my android phone it told me to lift the plastic like piece from the jumpers I think I m not sure of the name But they are little spikes so I did that and went to turn it on No response Nothing would turn on I really hope maybe I did something wrong any my motherboard IS NOT FRIED Can anyone please tell me Wats goin on here nbsp

A:Computer wont turn on after attempt to clear cmos

First of all what you did was pull the jumper that is used to reset the BIOS password so it sounds like you have done the right thing.

Around the jump (little plastic piece) there should be printed on the board PASS RESET or BIOS RESET or something of the like. Alot of times you have to pull the jumper, cycle the power, then put the jumper back.
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wheres the lenovo ideapad y530 cmos battery located? anyone pls help. TY. i plan to reset my corrupt bios.

A:Cmos battery?

Anyone here who knows the location of cmos batt of lenovo ideapad y530.
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wheres the lenovo ideapad y530 cmos battery located? anyone pls help. TY.

A:Location of CMOS battery on Ideapad

reading in a manual?

does the Manual for Y530 not show CMOS battery replacement guide? in the link?
or do you need the latest Adobe reader? from this link?
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i have a dell 1545 laptop and i cant seem to find the cmos battery can someone help me

A:Can't locate cmos on Dell laptop


why do you need to find it.?

they are usually under the keyboard, or attached to the motherboard inside the case, it would need to be opened to find it.
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Hello. I'm getting an error message about the date and time not being stored on a Dell Latitude D800 laptop. As a first attempt to alleviate this problem I am going to replace the CMOS battery. I opened the covers on the bottom of the laptop but don't see the battery. I tried to take the shell off but haven't been successful yet.

Before I go further do you know if the CMOS battery is soldered to the motherboard? (If so, this may be a nonstarter for me.)

Thanks for your help!

A:Is Dell Latitude D800 CMOS battery soldered to motherboard?

the bottom of a laptop case doesn't give you access to the CMOS battery.

You have to pop the frame off from the top. Be gentle. It is tricky and you can break it if you don't know what you're doing.
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i recently updated my system from an ati 1950xt to an ati 5770.
Now when i startup the system, i get the 1 long-3short beeps error, wich indicates a video error. When i wait a few seconds and press the reset button, the system starts up normally and everything is functional.
I only get these beeps when i do a cold boot. Not when i do a warm boot.
What could be the problem? I'm not sure if it could be the videocard itself, i cannot test it in another system.

edit: system specs:

core2duo e6400
asus p5be-plus
2x1gb kinstong ram
creative audigy 2
sata 160gb
ide 80 gb
enermax 500W
HD5770 ati
ethernet card

A:New GPU - system only boots after reset

Just try clearing and resetting the CMOS. Remove the battery from the motherboard for about 10 minutes, put it back and start up the PC. Check if the error still persists.
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Hey there Last night my system froze amp when I rebooted I got this message quot Please re-setting CPU re-setting in Please frequency CMOS CPU frequency in CMOS quot I went into BIOS and made sure defaults were loaded then booted again At the Windows XP Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS welcome screen I got an odd window with only a warning icon and the quot yes quot or quot no quot buttons no text in the box Trying both yes amp no Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS upon different boot cycles I am able to get to my desktop and access programs normally for a few minutes however the computer still freezes regardless of clicking quot yes quot or quot no quot Not overclocked AMD fx socket in an ECS KN Extreme mobo I pulled the CMOS battery and replaced it with a new one I pulled a RAM to see if that would work nothing I tried setting the Halt option in BIOS to quot No errors quot didn t work The default CPU freq in BIOS is now set to and Vcor to Normal I am at a loss here and need help Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS

Any clue in the system logs if you have checked them? Also check if CPU may be overheating?

I remember there was a utility to check AMD CPU's stability but i forgot its name :/ and search has not turned out something of significance.

However, you can try AMD's official overdrive utility's Advanced stability tests to ensure that your CPU runs smoothly
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Solved I messed up powered on while cmos jumper set to quot clear quot That s right me someone who deals mainly in hardware made such a stupid mistake I ve never done this before "clear" jumper cmos on messed to powered I set up, while so I ve never had to remedy the problem I set the jumper to clear went off and did a few things came back plugged it in not thinking and fired it up the fans spun for a second and it shut off now me being the stubborn i am i continued to try and figure out why it wasnt powering up until finally i remember oh crap you were clearing the cmos The board is an old DFI Lanparty PRO Im using it and the hot ghz Prescott to run as my media center PC it I messed up, powered on while cmos jumper set to "clear" was at the point where it wouldnt go past the post so i was clearing the cmos now i have no clue if it can be fixed google turned up nothing Please tell me i can save it its just an old board i had I messed up, powered on while cmos jumper set to "clear" lying around but it served a purpose and it served it well EDIT I guess i should be patient i left the battery out for however long its been since i did it powered it on a few times to no avail then the final time it came up no problem I don t really know why it suddenly started working nbsp

A:I messed up, powered on while cmos jumper set to "clear"

GameJunkie72792 said:

EDIT: I guess i should be patient, i left the battery out for however long its been since i did it, powered it on a few times to no avail, then the final time it came up no problem...

I don't really know why it suddenly started working...Click to expand...

Just removing the battery and replacing the battery doesn't allow the accumulated charge in the board's capacitors to dissipate. Leaving the battery out of a few hours (or overnight) wil allow the charge to dissipate or the same result can be achieved by pressing and holding down the Power button (after turning off the power at the wall)

My usual procedure is:

Remove power from the system.
Hit the power button to discharge the capacitors.
Move the CCMOS jumper to the clear position. (or press the CMOS button)
Remove the battery from the motherboard.
Spend an hour doing stuff you wouldn't be neglecting if you didn't have a computer
Replace the battery.
Place the jumper back in the normal position.
Restore power and boot up immediately into BIOS.
Select "Load Optimized Defaults" and set the recommended voltage for your RAM
Save & exit.
On reboot, go directly into BIOS and set the recommended timings for your RAM and any other options you'd like to set (i.e. boot order, voltages, power saving etc.)
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I have a Biostar AMD R690A-M2T board, I have it setup to boot up when I turn on the power strip to it. Occasionally it will not boot as if the MB got reset to factory spec (or the CMOS battery failed). I then have to hit del to get to the bios and reset the date and eliminate the floppy (because there isn't one). I don't think the MB battery is bad but unsure. What can I look for??

A:MB reset to factory spec, happened twice in the last few weeks

The CMOS battery is the first thing you should replace here
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Hi guys My computer just started having this problem since Christmas I ve had this mobo since and this is the first time when I switch on the comp it gives me thsese messages randomly quot CMOS CMOS battery low, help? battery low quot quot Error loading drive A quot quot Error boot sequence quot quot Press F to continue or F to enter setup quot I went into the BIOS and it is always set at factory default settings even when I attempt to change them to the previous settings I had It gives me a message that says that because the CMOS battery is low my date and time and other BIOS settings will be reset to default then gives me the error boot sequence msg and still continues to load windows and desktop is messed up a bit but otherwise quot normal quot except for the sys tray that s missing icons I have never really encountered this situation before but the solution seems straightforward replace the CMOS battery only that I CMOS battery low, help? don t know where to find it I ve tried tigerdirect ca newegg ca and even a local computer store but they don t have it on their website My mobo is an CMOS battery low, help? OEM Lenovo J - ASUS M A-VM with a G chipset amp AM socket What additional details do you need to know what CMOS battery I need to buy and if possible any websites I can go to in order to find it preferrably CMOS battery low, help? Canadian due to shipping costs but I don t mind US Also my OS is win RC although that might not be relevant I really appreciate any help you can provide nbsp

A:CMOS battery low, help?

CMOS batteries are almost always CR 2032 basically a button battery taht is a available in most big box stores or electronic store. Take the side of the case off and see if you can locate
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Hi guys,

I've accidentally reset my bios and now whenever I boot it says "missing operating system"! I have an Alienware Aurora and I really don't want to reinstall the whole os... please help is there a way I can get it back??

A:Accidently reset BIOS.. missing operating system help

Running Bios Setup Defaults should not have done that
Unless you have your Windows system drive not connected internally in the right spot?
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While I wanted to play a game, this error with Send/Don't Send popped: "VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator...". The thing is the error doesn't show up anymore, but it certainly had some effects. A game that I played smoothly before, it playes with a sensible higher latency. What's it to do?
I hope I posted in the right section.

A:VPU Recover has reset

I believe this an ATI Graphics card issue. Do you have the latest drivers?
We had a card here that kept throughing those and then closing the App the person was using so we ended up replacingthe card.
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Hi All,

My folks computer began forgetting the time and BIOS settings so I just assumed it was the CMOS battery (it is 6 yrs old) and replaced it for a new Energizer CR2032.

It seemed to work except for when the system was put into S3/STR and later brought out of standby the there would be no picture on the monitor and it would not shut down. So since then we have avoided standby and just shut it down.

However this evening it has begun forgetting the time again and the new CMOS battery is only 2-3 weeks old so I was wondering whether the CMOS has had it on the motherboard.

Could anyone shed any light on this?

The system in question is a MSI 648-Max Mobo, 2.4GHz P4 Northwood, 1GB DDR400

Relevancy 33.97%

Hi there My graphics card has Issues Enabling Integrated Graphics been getting to C and the PC has been freezing regularly because of this So i ve decided to enable the onboard graphics but im having trouble doing so Specs Motherboard - DFI LanParty JR GX M RS Bios - Phoenix quot Award Winning something quot Tried taking the graphics card out and plugging the monitor directly into the DVI-I output from the motherboard - That didnt work I ve tried looking through the Bios to enable Onboard graphics but none of the options are written plainly enough for me to understand Also the disk that came with the motherboard when opened has options of installing quot Chipset Graphics Raid quot etc The graphics option gives you the choice to install both and bit I Issues Enabling Integrated Graphics installed both as I wasnt sure I m not sure which Issues Enabling Integrated Graphics options have been installed previously and which may need to be installed for this to work I d greatly apprecaite it if someone could give me some clear directions on how enable my Onboard graphics or some sort of guide through my Bios thanks nbsp

A:Issues Enabling Integrated Graphics

Reset the motherboard CMOS (Bios) to failsafe defaults
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Hi there My graphics card has been getting to C and the PC has been freezing regularly because of this So i ve decided to enable the onboard graphics but im having trouble doing so Graphics Enabling Onboard Specs Motherboard - DFI LanParty JR GX M RS Bios - Phoenix quot Award Winning something quot Tried taking the graphics card out and plugging the monitor directly into the DVI-I output from the motherboard - That didnt work I ve tried looking through the Bios to enable Onboard graphics but none of the options are written plainly enough for me to understand Also the disk that came with the motherboard when opened has options of installing quot Chipset Graphics Raid quot etc The graphics option gives you the choice to install both and bit I installed both as I wasnt sure I m not sure which options have been installed previously and which may Enabling Onboard Graphics need to be installed for this to work I d greatly apprecaite it if someone could give me some clear directions on how enable my Onboard graphics or some sort of guide through my Bios thanks nbsp

A:Enabling Onboard Graphics

First off, please give detailed specs about your PC. What OS are you running? Removing the graphics card just because its getting hot and switching to the onboard adapter is no solution.

Read this page to determine your OS Version (64 or 32 Bit).

Also to enable onboard graphics:
1. Uninstall all present video / graphics drivers
2. Remove your graphics card
3. Plug the monitor to the mobo VGA adapter and start the PC
4. In BIOS select onboard graphics
5. Install the correct drivers from the motherboard support CD
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Hi folks!

I have a question. Will BIOS gets corrupted if CMOS battery is left dead for a while? The reason I ask is because I bought a P4 mobo from vendor and it is an non-retailer box. Apparently when I receive the mobo, I tested the CMOS battery is dead and when I put everything together, there is no POST or beep at all coming from the mobo but power light and fan are on. Any idea?

I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct? Please advice. Thanks.

A:Will BIOS gone if CMOS battery is left till it's dead

"I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct?"...

I would say yes. This doesn't happen all the time, but in your case, after a new battery was installed, no POST is a bad sign... Did you try resetting the CMOS by moving a motherboard jumper? Is the CPU and memory supported by the motherboards model? Was the CMOS battery totally dead or did it show some DC voltage?

I just repaired a Compaq desktop computer that was built in September 1999. It had an AMD K6 550MHz CPU. The CMOS battery was bad, but it still showed 1.3 volts DC. It should have been 3.0 volts. A new battery brought this old baby back to life
Relevancy 30.96%

I've had this computer for 2 yrs since I built it. Has a Asus M2N-SLI mobo with athlon 6400 x2. 4gigs ram, Nvidia 9800 gtx, 600W PS. Most of the time runs fine, no signs of problem. Clock's acurate no lost time. Every 2 months or so, in the morning go to boot up and no beep or post. Just runs all fans and everything but never posts.

After first time I figured out when I replaced cmos battery it works fine. But keeps happening every 2 months or so. Any ideas? Battery should last much longer than 2 months. I'm stumped on this one and even my professors at college don't know. One tech support guy said might be a grounding problem with mobo and case. But that sounds weird. Mobo is mounted like case manufacturer says with brass pins holding it up. Please help...

A:CMOS battery keeps dying every few months... computer starts but no beep to post

Just got a new cmos battery and it booted up. When I booted up it was resuming windows from hibernation.. Would that cause battery to die? Doesn't sound right to me... Please help. Can't keep buying these batteries.
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I have a dell inspiron 9300 that I acquired through an auction. However when I start the computer it goes to a screen that asks for a password. the id is #31f5l71-595b. can anyone help with bypassing this problem?

A:Dell inspiron 9300 bios password reset

Negative man, we don't do that stuff here.
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My screen resolution persistantly sets itself back to 800x600 nearly everytime i reboot my pc. This has been happening ever since i built this pc, ive checked google and nothing seems to solve my problem. Not even a fresh install of windows.

Any one have any ideas as of the cause of this?

A:Screen resolution reset?

try updating your monitor driver. Is this windows xp?
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yesterday i was tweaking my bios as i went to save and boot up windows the screen went blank, i then unplugged the power supply and put it back in when i started it up it brought me to the options on how to boot i chose last known good save when i hit enter the computer freezes and i need to restart it by unplugging on the second restart i got "CMOS checksum bad" so i went to the store and bought a new one only to come to the same problem with it freezing at the boot options. NEED help please


A:Cmos problems

What are the specs for your computer?
What changes did you make in your BIOS?
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First, my computer had BSOD every time i start up my computer so i reset the cmos but after my computer didnt power up at all, no fan, no sound, nothing other then the green light on the mobo when everything is plugged in. I try turning on the computer with another PSU that i had but still nothing. Anyone has any idea what is wrong or what i can do?

A:PC doesn't power up after cmos

csjohnjj said:

First, my computer had BSOD every time i start up my computer so i reset the cmos but after my computer didnt power up at all, no fan, no sound, nothing other then the green light on the mobo when everything is plugged in. I try turning on the computer with another PSU that i had but still nothing. Anyone has any idea what is wrong or what i can do?Click to expand...

Hi CS,
did you clear the CMOS by removing, and moving a jumper pin?....if you did make sure that the metal insert (the part that connects the pins) in the jumper didn't fall out or come out of the plastic casing and stay on the second set of pins when you reset the CMOS.
Relevancy 25.37%

So i have BIOS A8/ problem Satelite reset 120 Tecra Pro Toshiba been Toshiba Tecra A8/ Satelite Pro 120 reset BIOS problem trying to get this Toshiba Tecra A Satellite Pro to boot but when I push power it goes directly to a screen that says quot Password quot and after a few attempts it says Not Certified Shutting down system I opened the laptop up to see if i could find any jumpers to clear CMOS and i found two solder plates and the words RESET above them I shorted the two plates while pushing power and the Toshiba Tecra A8/ Satelite Pro 120 reset BIOS problem boot started but then held up I released the short and the computer began to boot but then went to the normal password screen but this time it said quot ALERT System protection failure Password Toshiba Tecra A8/ Satelite Pro 120 reset BIOS problem quot I am assuming that maybe i cleared the BIOS password but when it starts to boot and sees there is a password on the hard drive it gets confused and sends the error saying the system protection has been tampered with However when i boot without a hard drive it does the same thing Does anybody have any suggestions or previous experience with this message A google search only showed three sites in Spanish with that phrase so i guess its not too common Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Toshiba Tecra A8/ Satelite Pro 120 reset BIOS problem

The only password help available on Techspot is to be found in this thread...
Other threads / requests are normally deleted within a short time. Do not be surprised when this one is deleted.
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I have an older laptop with out a DVD drive so i formatted in a desktop and put it into the laptop but when i started it up it says the cmos batt is dead push f1 to continue or f2 to enter set up so i push f1 it goes to the screen start in safe mode normally or last know good config i push normal and it freeze's good this be because of the dead cmos batt

A:Will a comp start with out cmos battery

As far as i know it should start fine, you just need to keep entering the time and date.
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Hello friends,

I am in dire need of a new CMOS battery or "RTC" battery. I ordered a new one and as luck would have it I got a laptop LCD cable instead. My question is the following.

Is it possible to buy a new CMOS battery without the laptop cable and wire my own CMOS battery? I could use the cable from the dead CMOS battery and wire it to the new battery. Is this possible, It seams like a fairly simple thing to do. Anyone have any input or experience with this?



A:Laptop CMOS battery

What is the laptops make and model? Serial number or Service Tag would also be nice
Relevancy 31.82%

PC will not POST or Boot consistently Hi guys first post so please be gentle Had my PC running for over months with no probs but with an Boot not CMOS (daily) without will POST PC clearing or oem XP installation from my desktop I have since found out that I shouldn t have done this and so went out to buy a copy of XP home for the desktop Reformatted both hard drives Installed windows OK then went to bed Next day PC would not boot Fans started Floppy drive gave very short clump sound Hard Drives and CD Drives woud not spin up No nothing on monitor green light went to amber and stayed there No beeps Thinking that this could be a device problem PC will not POST or Boot without clearing CMOS (daily) I opened the case removed all PCI devices reseated memory reseated AGP card removed heatsink to check contact area and for damage to chip then reassembled checked PSU voltages at PSH and on HDD s all seemed OK but no boot Removed CMOS battery for a day reinserted no boot Cleared CMOS jumpered for hour reset CMOS then hey presto all came back to life great I thought until I turned it on the following day only to find that I had to clear the CMOS again before it starts done this PC will not POST or Boot without clearing CMOS (daily) times now and wondering what is wrong any ideas greatly appreciated Basic System MSI KTS Ultra MOBO AMD Athlon Palomino XP Mb PC DDR RAM Q-Tec W PSU Radeon SE AGP x Gb HDD DVD Reader DVD R RW nbsp

A:PC will not POST or Boot without clearing CMOS (daily)

I think your CMOS battery may be too far gone, to hold the BIOS info, so replace that, and see what happens. We have to rule that out, as the culprit, before going any further.
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So I had my OCZ Rally2, it had linux on it, and it was bootable and working just fine.
I accidentally reset the MBR on the flash drive while I was fixing another computer's MBR (i'm not sure if you should delve into this further, i'm not even sure I know what I did). It no longer boots or is accessible on windows. When I plug it in, all it does is make a new Removable Disk on my computer. The drive is empty and asks to insert a disk when clicked on.

A:Reset USB MBR, shows as empty removable disk in My Computer

In linux (or windows) try running TestDisk to recover the MBR.
Does the drive show up in Disk Managment?
Relevancy 26.23%

Hi i have a "Gericom 1st supersonic PCI E KN1 series laptop" and been having major problems with it,
i was just wondering if there was a factory reset button on it anywhere? and if so where?

A:Factory Reset?

you can do factory reset of the laptop, by disconnecting CMOS battery(while laptop turned off and if main battery and charger disconnected too) and reconnecting it again. if you wish to remove password you can try this procedure, but in 99% cases it won't help.
Relevancy 58.05%

Hi all, can anyone tell how to reset my CMOS to factory defaults? My laptop (Compaq Presario V4000) is dead, power led lights come on but no POST, I am getting the BSOD (black screen of death). I verified for a faulty RAM but they ok, in fact if I try to power without them gives me the beeps of not having RAM. Now i need to reset the CMOS but do not know how, found the RTC Battery and removed it for a while, but that did not work. Looking to see if there are any jumper to short out to reset the bios like on regular motherboards but do not see anything. Thank in advance.

A:Presario V4000 Cmos Reset

There's a disassemble guide here:

Actually you can find all info about your HP here:
Including live (free) chat with HP

You can also read the Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test) guide
Relevancy 32.25%

hi all before i start i did just about everything in your previous threads to try to clear a A13 (revised) bios password. bought it on craigslist with the bios unfortunately live and learn and when i call dell they say i need to know the previous owners real name. okay. cant change boot, finally found cmos_clr on motherboard but dont know what to do with it. it has been almost 2 months if there is a cmos_clr could someone please explain to me what i could do with it. My ST# for Latitude d630 is GZKQJH1-(595B) your help is greatly appreciated.
Relevancy 24.94%

I downloaded avg anti virus & a day later I tried logging into my side. I got all these error messages, after clicking ok to all of them the screen went blank n you cant get anywhere unless you shut it down by the button. what can I do to get it back to normal???

A:How do you reset the entire computer back to a previous state through safe mode?

How to Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt


Reference Here:
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I just installed a slave hard drive to my computer It worked okay Then I installed some new PC DDR GB memory into the board P VXAD I m pretty sure this memory is okay with this board since PC is backward compatible with memory and CMOS Checksum problems error PC When I powered on the initial memory test read GB and I got a CMOS checksum error I looked around the internet so I replaced the battery for the CMOS I don t CMOS Checksum error and memory problems think this was the problem as the CMOS Checksum error and memory problems old battery still seems to have charge I still get the CMOS checksum error When I try to access the BIOS I get a blue screen with all of the options but when I try to select CMOS Checksum error and memory problems something the computer freezes When I boot into the hard drive my Linux OS freezes Am I going to need a new motherboard If so will my memory still work Why isn t the memory reading the full GB Should I use this memory with the new motherboard if I get a new motherboard nbsp

A:CMOS Checksum error and memory problems

Have you tried taking the new RAM out to see if it works then. And a note, mixing speeds(types, sizes etc) of RAM is generaly not that a good idea and is a good way to get problems
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weeks ago I built myself a new computer and all has been fine for that time until yesterday I was playing Fallout was is slow and reset, random A now everything running smoothly as normal when suddenly my PC just randomly reset no BSOD or anything Since then it s been running much slower than usual Boot up is a lot slower and games especially for example loading my save in Fallout has gone from seconds to about minutes and loading a map in Battlefield about the same It seems to be slowest after a fresh boot up in the morning difficult to say for definate though because it happened yesterday so the loading time in games will be the minutes and then after the first load of whatever it is it seems to be back to normal however it is A random reset, and now everything is slow still a lot slower than usual I m also noticing frequent stuttering and constant lockups in Fallout that I never A random reset, and now everything is slow had before Also I A random reset, and now everything is slow ran a disk check and at stage verifying file data is went at snails pace getting to after hours This is what I upgraded to - Intel Core Quad Q G Stepping GHz MHz Socket L MB Cache x MB MB per core pair Retail Boxed Processor Corsair GB Kit x GB DDR MHz PC - XMS Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL Lifetime Warranty Gigabyte GA-EP -S L iP Socket channel audio ATX Motherboard XFX HD GB GDDR Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card OCZ Stealth XStream W PSU - SLI Ready ATX cm Fan Some help please nbsp

A:A random reset, and now everything is slow

Hi Thalin

Did you check whether your system was overheating whilst playing the game? This might have caused the initial shutdown. Keep track of your temperature settings. Do you only experience sluggishness whilst playing games or when doing anything else as well (browsing, scrolling, opening other programs etc) ....

Relevancy 32.25%

I built a second system with an EPoX NPA Ultra mobo that I got off of eBay back in April It has been rock solid I purchased it from a IT guy The cpu is an Athlon Last night I shut down this system and when my son went to start it today I was getting one long intermittant beep code and the monitor didn t come on I eventually was able to reboot and the first screen came up It said that the system is now running in Safe Mode and that I had an error and that I needed to go into CMOS to reset the cpu voltage to correct measure The thing is when I went into the BIOS the voltage was set correctly So I saved and exited no I didn t set any default settings 64 3200+? Athlon CMOS with Error and the system booted right back up Perhaps the CMOS battery is going but the board isn t that old nor is the battery Thoughts Ideas Suggestions Thanks nbsp

A:CMOS Error with Athlon 64 3200+?

POST Code / beep code

Per computerhope dot com slash beep dot htm

"POST ABCs - The computer POST (Power On Self Test) tests the computer, insuring that it meets the necessary system requirements and that all hardware is working properly before starting the remainder of the boot process. If the computer passes the POST the computer will have a single beep (with some computer BIOS manufacturers it may beep twice) as the computer starts and the computer will continue to start normally. However, if the computer fails the POST, the computer will either not beep at all or will generate a beep code, which tells the user the source of the problem."

From your description, the single beep meant that it POSTed okay...
but I am not sure what you mean by intermittent...

The codes will vary somewhat per bios... see the above website for more details.
It provides very detailed information on the post codes.
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This is my first build All the components are new except the DVDRW Everything went pretty smooth during the build except for this little issue my computer won t load into Vista normally when powered on I can get to the bios screen IF I take out the Mobo battery and CMOS to boot cleared start or Need reinsert it If I do that I can get it to load to the Bios screen I then can enter the bios settings Need CMOS cleared to boot or start and configure everything However when I save the bios thinking I m about to boot to Vista nothing happens My monitor goes into stand by mode but all the lights and fans still run like the computer its working but other than that the computer is dead The keyboard doesn t wake the system the mouse doesn t wake it Its basically on but no one s home Ok so I take the mobo battery back out and start the computer again but this time I dont go to the Bios settings I just go to the option to leave original bios settings and continue and presto windows loads like normal Problem is I can t turn the darn computer off because then I have to go through the same procedure of taking out the battery out That means I can t reboot either I went through the entire Vista re-booting process popping the mobo battery out to load Imagine the aggravation Vista works like a dream once I m up and running it All programs I ve loaded and whatnot work fine I just have to set the clock every time I power on I did change the mobo battery on the brand new mobo just to be on the safe side and rule out dumb things like a bad battery I flashed my bios to the latest and greatest from Asus too Still the same issue It seems to be a bios problem but I can t figure out what the issue is Any ideas Heres my build AMD Athlon X Asus M N -AM GeForce Corsair MB PC DDR MHz Galaxy GeForce GT MB Ultra LSP w Power Supply nbsp

A:Need CMOS cleared to boot or start

A defective motherboard... replace it
Relevancy 32.68%

hp pavilion ze4906us ive had a few years, the CMOS battery is at the end of its life and needs to be changed. I have not done this before, and am wondering if there is a video or something to guide me thru what i need to do to change the battery.

As i was looking online for people with the same problem, i did find that i need a Maxell ML-1220 3volt rechargeable battery, but do not know if they are available at bestbuy or something like that or if i have to order it online.

any help is appreciated greatly. thank you in advance....

A:CMOS Battery for hp laptop?

The CMOS battery may be located under the keyboard or accessed under a "door" on the bottom of the laptop. Taking the laptop to a repair center might be a wise thing to do
Relevancy 32.25%

hi can u help i'm got a warning !! now system is in safe mode please re-setting cpu frequecy in cmos setup i got to press f1 when strt up pc

A:Re-setting cpu frequency in cmos setup

there should be no reason to set CPU frequency (also known as FSB and multiplier) in your BIOS unless you are an experienced overclocker. (also not recommended.)
You will have to be more descriptive with your problem.
Relevancy 30.96%

hi, i am having trouble wth my computer. i don't know much about computer. actually if i want to restart it, it keep showing me "Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup." but if i plug off the power supply cable, and put it back, the warning was gone. but, then if i wanna restart it again, that warning will appear again..
so could anyone help me what should i do with this problem ?

thank you...

A:Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup.

The battery on the motherboard is probably dead. It's a coin-shaped and -sized silver metal lump on your computer's motherboard. Pry it out (make sure the computer is off and make sure you don't break anything) and take it to your local electronics/computer/watch store. They should be able to give you a replacement.
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Here s my system to boot every CMOS on the clear up Have Mobo- MSI P Neo RAM- Gigs Corsair Dominator Processor- Intel Core Quad Q GHz GPU- Nvidia GeForce GTX Sound- Creative SB X-Fi OS- Windows Vista Ultimate bit Let me know if you need to know any more Here s my problem I built my own computer about months ago and have had this problem from day If I power down my computer in order for it to boot back up I must clear the CMOS Most of the time this doesn t even work I ll clear it and start up only to look at a blank screen Everything powers on Have to clear the CMOS on every boot up just fine only no display of any kind I ll repeat this process once every ten minutes or so and eventually it will boot I ll change nothing about what I do Power on no screen power off unplug Have to clear the CMOS on every boot up power supply clear CMOS wait power on again That same process over and over again until it eventually works Sometimes it takes an hour sometimes a day I ve updated all of my drivers my bios everything I ve cleared the CMOS via jumper and via the handy button on the back I ve changed my CMOS battery dismantled and reassembled my entire computer re-formatted my hard drive flashed the bios etc My power supply is a massive w and should be able to handle my hardware no problem When my computer does eventually boot everything runs perfect Besides getting it turn on I have no other issues what-so-ever Does anyone have some suggestions or solutions that I haven t tried yet Any help at all would be much appreciated I really don t want to pay the Geek Squad to come out here and tell me they have no idea what s wrong Thanks again guys and the possible gal or two -Jansky nbsp

A:Have to clear the CMOS on every boot up

have you replaced the CMOS battery? Are the CMOS jumpers loose?
Relevancy 32.25%

I am just having an OCD moment. I know I can clear CMOS settings by taking out the battery. But, I am trying to learn how to clear it the "right" way using the MOBO jumpers. Here is the link to the exact Dell GX270 desktop mini-tower I am trying to clear. I believe I followed the instruction, at the bottom of the web page; but the CMOS password prompt requirement is still there. I grounded the MOBO by pushing the power button. I took the shunt off the password jumper and put it on the RTC jumper for about 1minute. I put the shunt back on the password jumper. Although it did reset the RTC, it didnt clear the CMOS password. What am I doing wrong?

A:How to clear CMOS using Mobo jumpers

The best way, if there is no Clipable jumper, is to remove the batter for an hour or longer. The press the power supply button and hold it in for 12 seconds or more, before you replace the CMOS batter.
Otherwise, the jumper method varies from computer to computer, and motherboard to motherboard. On manufacturered computers such as Dell, HP, and so on, the jumper technique is located on the service manual you will find online... Same with most motherboards: There will be a place in the manual for shorting plugs or CMOS jumpers, etc.
Some desktop motherboards, and most laptop motherboards, have actual wires that must be clipped or disconnected.
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Hello all,

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-GRX500K. I always have to set my clock when power it on. I tried to look for the battery, but cant seem to locate it. It's not like my older VAIO PCG-FX190 which was easy to find. Can anyone help me? I'm hoping it's just a button cell like the normal CR2032.

A:CMOS Battery location on a Sony GRX500K

Maybe under the keyboard? You have checked the bottom access covers?
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everytime i open my computer i encounter this error "CMOS Setting Wrong", press F1 to run SETUP, Press F2 to load default values and continue... im doing this for a year already i kept on searching in the internet hoping to find a good solution but i failed...any body can help? i tried to change the BIOS setting already and change the CMOS battery.. well.. after i change the battery it seems its ok but after 1 day it will pop up back the error.. pls.. help me to solve this problem... ty

A:CMOS settings wrong F1 to run setup

Does it happen to say anything more specific? Like which CMOS setting is wrong? Some computer complain even when you change the peripherals like remove a PS/2 mouse.

What if you actually press F1, load the defaults in there and save the settings? There may be several kinds of defaults you can load.

If it still keeps forgetting the settings even after replacing the battery (with a new one I hope (and the new battery is the right type and is making contact)), then it may be the motherboard that has gone bad. Not much you can do about that.

Maybe try updating the system BIOS in the very unlikely case that it is some BIOS glitch that corrupts the settings..
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A:Needed: BIOS pwd reset, Dell Dimension 8400

Well got this from your manual anyway

Locate the 3-pin password jumper (PASS) on the system board, and attach the jumper plug to pins 2 and 3 to clear the password.
When you receive your computer, the jumper plug is attached to pins 1 and 2.
Close the computer cover
Connect your computer and monitor to electrical outlets, and turn them on.
After the Microsoft® Windows® desktop appears on your computer, shut down the computer
Turn off the monitor and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.
Disconnect the computer power cable from the electrical outlet, and press the power button to ground the system board.
Open the computer cover
Locate the 3-pin password jumper (PASS) on the system board and attach the jumper to pins 1 and 2 to reenable the password feature.
Close the computer cover
Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and turn them on
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I just want to know if it's possible to enable ATI Crossfire without installing Catalyst Control Center (CCC)... I don't like that software but I got a really good deal on a second card and I wanted to test the technology on my new board. I am using an Asus Rampage Formula (X48) motherboard which supports Crossfire and PCIe 2.0 speeds. Both of the slots are blue so does that mean CF will be enabled automatically or something? I don't see any options in the BIOS for it. I've never used two ATI cards in a CF configuration before so an help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

A:Enabling Crossfire for Two HD4870s

Bite the bullet and install the latest ATI drivers including the latest Catalyst Control Center software. You will save yourself a lot of time and grief
Relevancy 32.68%

Ok so im an and tried to update my Checksum Cmos Bad BIOS I downloaded the update from the Intel official site and followed directions The update was the type of update you can do while windows is running so i gave it a shot not really knowing anything about what i was doing The program ran fine installed fine i guess and was restarting my computer It took awhile to log off but i sat and Cmos Checksum Bad watched it until it powered down Computer rebooted and i get a CMOS Checksum Bad Error My motherboard is an Intel D PT Ive tinkered with the BIOS for ages and even tried the IFlash BIOS update with a floppy only to find out this model of MOBO doesnt even use Iflash or its not compatible And yes im using a fairly new CR Battery MY COMPUTER BOOTED JUST FINE AND WORKED JUST FINE BEFORE REBOOTING TO UPDATE BIOS Anyone have any ideas how to fix this nbsp

A:Cmos Checksum Bad

That's strange when I check for your correct Bios at Intel :

I get "Download Not Available"

You may need to contact Intel, on what's happened to it

By the way, where did you get the Bios update from?
Relevancy 25.37%

I have been messing around with my Toshiba laptop for a while and had problems installing gigs of ram into it My a -s would not take a gig stick of ram in the main top slot if the lower slot had a stick in it for example My laptop came with two gig slots filling the memory docks If i upgraded to gigs of because problems ram Toshiba bios a205-s5847 reset of ram I had to have the gig slot in the lower dock If I wanted gigs i was SOL If i wanted gigs only I could boot with either - gig sticks or - gig stick in the top slot Toshiba apparently installed hardware that matched Toshiba a205-s5847 bios reset because of ram problems windows vista- capabilities Regardless the point of this post is for one to see if anyone has found a fix to this problem and One person I talked to spoke of resetting your bios because it was holding the ram timing of my old gig sticks and reseting the bios data would refresh it to the new ram timings After days of searching i finally crossed my fingers and decide to try it this resetting procedure works to remove forgotten passwords in bios i tested it to reset the a -s laptop bios you must remove your memory sticks and find a J jumper that is Toshiba a205-s5847 bios reset because of ram problems zig zagg and gold it is directly under your memory and ed to the left side of the memory docks I did this with my battery in and held a screwdriver to Toshiba a205-s5847 bios reset because of ram problems short it for seconds human count human count is not actual seconds i just counted to in a slow manner I tried to replicate this with human count seconds and it did not work I also tried with-out the battery in and it did not work When i refer to the battery i mean the laptop battery not the cmos battery I never tried with the power cable in just in case I was doing something stupid at least it would not hurt me lol Testing this theory was dumb and i do not wish people to replicate shorting out random shiny objects in any piece of electronics it can be deadly and or cost you money I will post a picture tomorrow of the actual jumper and of my model number so there are no confusions I just want a documentation for people with my laptop so they don t have to go through my trial and error This resets time date settings passwords on toshiba a -s if anyone has any information on the Toshiba gig memory limit please let me know tdgeddes at gmail com nbsp

A:Toshiba a205-s5847 bios reset because of ram problems

btw... This is site was the most hits i got on this topic, so I want other electronic soldiers in my predicament to get help too =)
Relevancy 26.23%

I have a d400 and a gx620 that the boards have been replaces but the correct service tag was never entered. Does anyone have the application to reset this?

A:Dell Service Tag Reset

Here it is:
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Hi all I saw somewhat relevant answers here I m hoping someone can help Specs I have a debranded HP Media Center TS-NO M Athlong X T G G PC- mb sec DDR SDRAM G SATA rpm All drivers etc were up to date I was using the system w factory settings Problem history I changed the boot order in order to boot HD can't BIOS now see Reset off a CD to run a bootable CD I ve done that before w other systems no problem That program ran however my system didn t recognize the Enter key tab worked So I exited and it rebooted with lots of text flashing by too fast to read On reboot it repeatedly got stuck on the BIOS looking for the HDs It could not even reboot to a bootable CD just hung So after research and advice from IT at my company even though Reset BIOS now can't see HD it s my system not theirs and now they re all off duty I reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for minutes in order to reset it to factory values I could not see any jumpers to just change the setting With the battery back in I start the computer It finally starts but asks for a recovery CD I put in the XP installation CD which is all I have and it starts to boot But when I go into either the boot menu directly or through setup all it sees is the CD-ROM group The First Channel Devices and are my DVD writer and reader respectively and there s nothing else There is no sign of my HD The Onboard SATA- Adapter is enabled Reloading defaults did nothing It says the HDD Group Boot Priority is Not Installed the option is greyed out Help please nbsp

A:Reset BIOS now can't see HD

So you have one SATA hard drive and an IDE CDROM? Do you have a USB keyboard?
Relevancy 26.23%

I have a speedstream 5660 DSL modem. On a daily basis I have to reset this modem in order to regain Internet connectivity. Is there anything I can check to troubleshoot this problem. Calling ATT I am told everything looks fine on the line. Please tell me which modem you would buy if you were replacing this modem.


A:Why do I have to reset my dsl modem daily?

Call your ISP and ask them which modem you should buy (they might even work out a deal to keep you on, if you say you can't put up with it any longer)

By the way your modem itself, sounds faulty. That's why
Relevancy 31.82%

Ok so i am trying to get this computer working and i have it all hooked up ready to go nice and easy and when ever i flip the swithch it

1. barely gets going and then i see the red light like flicker on cmos and then it starts up and stays on for awhile then shuts off all the time there is no video

2. i presspower button get one sec of running the red cmos light comes on and then it shuts off.

The other motherboard light is green and fine idk what is going on there is no audio and or video to tell the error

A:Intel d845epi or da45gvsr red light on cmos

Are you using a known working processor and power supply? Do you get any beeps if you remove the RAM?

Are there any bulging capacitors on the motherboards?
Relevancy 25.8%

Hi ts community probs i comp when Having my reboot/reset I ve just recently joined due to the fact I m pretty sure i need some tech help with the problems I m recently experiencing As topic states I ve notice my monitor comp won t always load back up properly whenever i choose to reboot my system sometimes i even have to unplug the power cord and wait Having probs when i reboot/reset my comp a little while and maybe repeat that process a few times b i see anything on my screen monitor The question here is I m not sure if its my comp that has the problem or if its just my monitor and today when i woke all i saw was a pure white screen thinking uh oh i got the WSoD If there s any out there that can give me a little advice on why this is happening and how this problem can be fixed your help is greatly appreciated if thos thread is posted in the wrong area please ignore this every is allowed a newbie make XD right nbsp

A:Having probs when i reboot/reset my comp

Here are some details that might explain why i'm having this/these problems.

1. I tend to leave my comp on while i sleep allowing it to d/l or just playing a flick while i fall asleep.

2. comp is almost always if not always on 24/7

3. I've recently in the past few months move/transferred my monitor from one location to another due to work/home etc..
Relevancy 25.8%

I need to clear/reset the MBR to remove a virus - will a standard windows format do this or should I use the manufacturers tools to perform a low level format? Or maybe another tool?

A:Will a standard windows format reset the MBR?

Just do a full format from the XP install disc, instead of using the quick format option
Relevancy 25.8%

Ive had trouble trying to connect linksys to my vista. I reset it to factorie settings and cannot find a way for help other then here. So Sorry for posting i the wrong spot. Anyway, My vista was reset to factorie settings and I tried to download the disk it worked but.... I reset it and I didnt get anything else? So I read the userguide it said follow in these orders or will not work. So I had reset it and did all the stuff and it still wont work please email me... on how to fix tis pc. I need it fast please help me(Email because i cant find this place again.....)

A:I reset Vista to the factory settings

email me and no email address ??? and does this post make any sense to anyone else??
Relevancy 32.25%

Hi all I have an old Toshiba Satellite laptop that belongs to a friend who have abandoned this machine for me to fix that I m going to replace the CMOS battery for Right when I turn the machine on it tells the CMOS OS battery and stability? low affect Does me to press F to enter BIOS because Does low CMOS battery affect the OS and stability? of CMO read error or CMOS checksum error I am convinced that once I Does low CMOS battery affect the OS and stability? change the battery this particular problem will be gone After all it has been used for many years Furthermore I have some suspicions though about the nature of this problem The reason my friend ditched this machine is because it would not boot up completely - At some point while the winxp logo is shown during the startup process a blue screen appears for about a TENTH of a second and the computer just simply resets restarts itself My question is could this problem have anything to do with the fact that the CMOS battery is low Any advice or insight is appreciated p s - the laptop itself is spyware virus free nbsp

A:Does low CMOS battery affect the OS and stability?


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