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New Build. Monitor displays glitches then goes dark. GPU problem?

Q: New Build. Monitor displays glitches then goes dark. GPU problem?

I recently just built a gaming PC with my friend I have installed all of the drivers for the GPU from the installation disk it came displays dark. Build. glitches goes then New problem? Monitor GPU with Windows has been updated fully also besides three updates that continue to fail They are just security updates they may or may not be the problem The PC runs fine and the display will show New Build. Monitor displays glitches then goes dark. GPU problem? clear and crisp for about half an hour until New Build. Monitor displays glitches then goes dark. GPU problem? glitches will start to appear in the screen and next the monitor will appear black The light is still on and the PC is still running whatever it was last I know this because it did it during a driver installation and after I waited an hour and then restarted the PC the driver install was done Often after I restart the PC nothing will show up at all If I wait awhile and get lucky it will boot up normal The glitches happen most often when I try to run a game The mentioned updates continue to fail and idk why I have ran a troubleshoot for the PC as well and the it says no driver can be found for the PCI Simple Communications Controller After I choose to search for the driver online or on my computer it says no driver found During a Windows Update failure I got another error message concerning my graphics driver saying a problem could ve occurred because a graphics driver is missing Yet the program GPU Tweak that was installed with the disk says that everything s up-to-date When I try to update manually it says the sam thing This computer was not expensive I can post exact specs when I can get back into it and maybe some pics Specs Not listed is a terabyte of memory blu-ray burner and and an msi Z -G Gaming motherboard I have a strong internet connection and am using a DVI port for the monitor I have ruled out the monitor as the problem Before I said the PC was NOT expensive I meant NOT cheap I spent around on the parts nbsp

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Preferred Solution: New Build. Monitor displays glitches then goes dark. GPU problem?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New Build. Monitor displays glitches then goes dark. GPU problem?

Looking at the screen shot of GPU-Z it appears you are running a AMD Catalyst 13.8 BETA drivers. I would suggest downloading the latest drivers from AMD: AMD Catalyst Omega Drivers 14.12. Then go into your control panel and completely uninstall the amd catalyst from your computer. Once completed, you may need to reboot the computer. After reboot, install the newest drivers from the link I posted above. Do so and then try again to produce same error results. Let us know if it works or not so we can try other options, or resolve the issue.
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Hello guys,

i have one simple problem and would like if somebody can help me.
Yesterday i bought new grafic card geforce GT440 after my old 9800 GT stoped functioning normaly(memory failure).
So here is the problem, when I start any program or do anything the computer the computer is functioning normally, but when I turn to desktop(which has black wallpaper) the monitor goes so dark that I can't see almost nothing. I tryed to find some power saving options in windows(win 7 pro, 64 bit) and on envidia control panel but i cannot find any cause for that dark screen. Even if I load a black page on my mozilla the monitor goes dark. As it cannot represent dark colors normally. Thanks in andvance for Your help.

Greetings from Croatia,
Martin K?nig

A:Dark monitor geforce GT440(after going to desktop with dark wallpaper)

First update your driver by choosing the correct model HERE.....
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Just finished putting my new computer together and have some glitches I am hoping to get some help with glitches New with Build some Parts listed in my signature When I installed the chipset drivers my DVD drive stopped working I did a rollback and uninstalled them and the DVD drive worked again So next I installed the chipset drivers again but this time left out the IDE drivers That fixed the problem I am now using windows stock IDE drivers and all seems to be fine Anyone see any problems here Also I have the Antec Sonata case and it comes with the Antec SmartPower W Psu The PSU fan on the back of the case does not New Build with some glitches seem to be working There is of course another fan on the PSU inside the case and it is working there is a healthy flow of luke warm air coming out of the PSU I am assuming that this is normal for this PSU to keep it quiet and the fan will only turn on if it is needed I can t find any info on the Antec site on this Thanks in advance nbsp

A:New Build with some glitches

As far as your ide drivers go I don`t think there should be a problem using the generic Windows drivers.

You Antec psu has a fan design as follows. Fan system design: One fan spins when it powers up, the second fan starts to spin when the power supply reaches certain temperatures to ensure power airflow.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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Hi all I have just completed an upgrade to W -X- ultimate from build I used the quot change sources gt csversion ini quot method to allow upgrade -- worked fine I'm using the version available to technet subscribers I NEED the laptop tomorrow and I didn't want to re-install all my software and drivers again Finding webcam card reader driver etc etc is just a Only Upgrade W7 7137 build RTM 2 glitches from -- bit too much of a hassle currently I know eventually I will do a clean install but for the moment this was just too much to do in the time frame available Anyway it all works except gt pieces of software VMWARE workstation networking -- just simply re-install vmware workstation again works fine True Image workstation NOTE NOT TRUE IMAGE HOME This program is quot W7 RTM Upgrade from build 7137 -- Only 2 glitches blocked due to incompatability quot Solution change the TRUEIMAGE EXE name to TI EXE and then it works fine If you do this don't W7 RTM Upgrade from build 7137 -- Only 2 glitches forget to change or modify any shortcut link you have on your desktop Otherwise everything looking good Note you can only upgrade from Ultimate to Ultimate etc and then only by editing the file as outlined above Check posts on quot Upgrate RTM from RC quot for more info Cheers jimbo

A:W7 RTM Upgrade from build 7137 -- Only 2 glitches

good to know it works
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I'm getting the following glitches on my screen whenever I click on a pinned icon on the taskbar.
I believe it's a graphics driver issue, I'm using the one posted at nvidia website for Windows 7 64bit. (181.71).

Anyone has the same problem?
I think with the default driver it doesn't do this, but I prefer the Nvidia one cause it enabled acceleration which the Windows Update one doesn't.

Note: I had to manually edit the screenshot to show you what I mean , cause when I press "Print Screen" , although I SEE the glitches, they dissappear on the saved screenshot (!)

A:Build 7048 graphical glitches

Hi Limneos,

You might try the 182.08 driver for Vista instead to see if it works better for you.
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Hey Guys,

I need your help! I have been having random graphical issues. Sometimes in games (ie. COD4) the screen goes black when a new map loads. I then have to exit the game and reboot the PC, hoping it fixes my issue. Also, since I updated to the latest version, there are random graphical glitches in the game (weird objects on the ground and in the air in the game). Now the issue is much worse:

When I boot up my PC, my taskbar is completely blank, except for the Start Button. I'd be willing to deal with this issue if I knew how to fix it when it pops up. I uploaded a screenshot here: Please let me know if you guys need any more info. I'm running the latest drivers from Windows update from Nvidia. My motherboard is the EVGA Nforce 680i.


A:Major Graphical Glitches, Build 7000, GeForce GTX 280

I seen other members having this problem in previous threads, although I don't remeber which ones so I would find it if I could. I don't have an answer for you except maybe it's still issues that haven't been worked out yet. Maybe reading this thread you might find a clue somewhere in it or you can do a search at the top menu bar. On your other note, you can use the snipping tool to post quick screenshots and make it jpg.

How to use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
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Hey, well i have a problem with my GTX 280. The drivers are just messed up like crazy. I have the latest 185.81 x64 Windows 7 driver and i tried 181.71 and i still get problems. When i watch movies i get some major glitches like this

And when i run a game, the FPS it extremely low. Can someone help me?
Here is my system Specs:
Samsung SincMaster 2253LW
Windows 7 x64 7068+Windows xp pro sp3 x32
Antec 1200
Gigabyte GA-Ep45C-DS3R
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 w/xigmatec hdt-s1283 at 3.2ghz
Patriot 6gb ddr2-800
Nvidia GeForce GTX 280
ThermalTake true power 600w|Seagate 320gb
Logitech vx revolution
Apple alumnium keyboard

A:Glitches-Windows 7 x64 build 7068 GTX 280 driver issue

Hi jvz555, are you overclocking in anyway?
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I have a Micron PIII running windows XP. I'm having a problem with my monitor glitching on and off that seems to happen more frequently the more I use it. I figured it probably wasn't a hard drive error but I went ahead and put a new hard drive in it and reformatted it. The problem still exists. Would it be the video card? Or do you think it's the monitor itself?

A:Monitor Glitches

What kind of monitor? Separate card, or onboard video? Describe "glitching on and off"?
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My father just put in a ATI Radeon HD 5800 Video card into my computer (I'm running windows 7 btw.) I had two monitors plugged in but I misplaced my power chord for one. While it was plugged my main monitor which is an ACER H243H was all glitchy and whatnot. Lines would flash as a new page would load. I unplugged my other monitor and if fixed it. Now i found the chord and hooked it up and that is a LG L1732TQ. Now that monitor is all glitch when things load. Like my background is on a shuffle of my musics album art and when ever it changes or i load a new web page is glitches out. What could I do to stop it?

A:Monitor Glitches

The first thing I'd look at is to see if your PSU has enough watts to run the Video card
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I m building a new gaming PC and need help I have monitors and can t get them working Please see my system info in my profile Q - PCI Express x Slot Configuration currently set to U Mode not set to X Mode I m assuming that s correct please confirm A - Q - I think I should be able to use HDMI cables and DVI cables interchangably with no problem to displays, can't build, them three working get New hook up monitors I have monitors connected by HDMI isn t detected and displays nothing while the other displays New build, three displays, can't get them working the desktop at a reduced compressed with black around the edges size and I can t seem to change it Can anyone confirm that HDMI cables can be used The LG manual says something about PC not supported with the HDMI connector but it s vague Please help In trying to troubleshoot I hooked a monitor up to the nd card via DVI and it doesn t work either It seems only one of the graphics cards is sending a signal A - Thanks again for your help it s very much appreciated Cheers - Mike nbsp

A:New build, three displays, can't get them working

I think you need to use a Display Port or a DP to DVI converter for eyefinity. I'm not 100% sure though.
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Hello I have and problem with my laptop display/monitor and don't know how to resolve it. Every few minutes, red horizontal lines constantly flicker over my screen or display for prolonged periods.  I have a HP ENVY Notebook - 15-v010nr (ENERGY STAR) and my warranty ends next month.
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It has happened about 3 times now. I open a video on youtube for instance, i set it to fullscreen. A few minutes later my cursor gets white lines across it and if i don't exit fullscreen quickly my monitor goes into power saving mode and i dont have sound anymore and i cannot shut down my computer properly. (i have to do it manually to get i back to normal) If i get out of fullscreen quickly i do not solve the graphical problems, i often get colored lines aswell.

EDIT: i hope this is on the correct area. I assumed it was a vista problem but i'm not entirely positive.

A:Solved: My monitor keeps getting graphics glitches when i open internet videos in ful
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I have several monitors and they have a dark screen. I adjusted the brightness but its not as bright as it should be. I can see everything ok but its very dim. I heard this might be due to nicotine build up so I tried cleaning one with alcohol, clorox, and scrubbing bubbles but it didn't help.

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My 17" CompUSA monitor turned dark, but not blurry. If it was a gradual process I didn't notice(?!) I thought it was the monitor, but I then hooked up a well working monitor and it went haywire (dark and lined like a tv with poor reception). I moved the once good monitor back to its home and after a couple of minutes it restored to its beautiful self.

But I'm still stuck was a dark monitor on my computer. The brightness adjustment is as high as I can set it.

What could be the problem? I've looked at the threads but it doesn't exactly address my situation.

Thank You!

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Dell monitor seems to go dark for a few seconds then comes back. System does not freeze.

When it goes dark, the monitor is not going into standby, power light is still green.

I have replaced the graphics card and same issue.

I switched monitors with another, and same issue.

Only recent change other than new graphics card is new HD and OS, but not sure if issue was before or after.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Monitor Goes Dark

Any pattern to it at all. Are you actively using it or is it just sitting idle when it happens
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I have an AOC 27" LCD. Its worked perfectly until this week. When I'm gaming and go into an area or room where the ambient light is low the image will go almost black. If I back out of the area it goes back to normal. When I'm playing a DVD and a night scene comes up the screen goes black. When I start up or shut down the PC, the screen image is so dim I can't see the POST screen or Windows shutdown. Picture goes normal at the desktop. I use an HDMI cable and switched to DVI and VGA with same results. It also acts the same when connected to 2 different computers. Thanks

A:Monitor keeps going dark

Had the same problem with mine. Check your monitors settings . Some eco settings. make sure their not on.
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Often in the middle of using the computer, when things are going smoothly, the screen will suddenly go blank, and the green light that indicates the monitor is on, will go from green to amber which indicates sleep mode. However none of the usual methods will wake it up ( pressing any key or shaking the mouse). We have to turn the unit off manually and then often turn it on and off 2 -3 times before the keyboard will also function again so that we can either boot it up with F8 in safe mode, or else the screen will come to life and Windows will just open correctly. What do these symptoms sound like? At first we thought it was the monitor, but just don't know. It has been happening at least 2 times a week. Help!!

A:monitor goes dark

Did you try another monitor?"So won?t you give this man his wingsWhat a shameTo have to beg you to seeWe?re not all the sameWhat a shame" - Shinedown
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Windows XP 2
40 GB Mem, 702 MB RAM

I recently was looking at some of my pictures I had Photoshopped to adjust for brightness/contrast/other, and posted online, and they appeared to be washed out. Later on, I looked at the photos on my computer, and they appeared more or less perfect. I tried this on other computers, and the same effect happens. I think my monitor is too dark.

It is a MAG Innovision monitor, and Brightness and Contrast are turned up to 100%, but the problem persists. Any ideas?

A:monitor seems to be too dark

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. The monitor is the same whether you are viewing pictures online or from a local directory in your computer.
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I have a flat screen LCD monitor which goes dark after about 1 second of being on. By dark, I don't mean entirely black. If you look very closely, you can still barely make out stuff. When I switch it with my other monitor, the monitor still has the problem, so I don't think it is an issue with the connection to the computer.

Here is a video that shows it: (save target as). In that, I unplug and replug it, and it goes on briefly. You can't really see it in the video, but it's not entirely black except for when it's unplugged.

Thanks for any help.

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Hello. I have a new gateway monitor(FPD1830) that has gone dark, barely able to read the screen. I leave my computer on overnite and one morning it was dark. I have tried changing the brightness, contrast, resolution and color quality. I have found that when i press the 'auto' button on the monitor screen it goes into 'auto configuration' and looks normal but then back to dark. Thanks for any help! :knock:

A:New Monitor Gone Dark

MichA427 said:

Hello. I have a new gateway monitor(FPD1830) that has gone dark, barely able to read the screen. I leave my computer on overnite and one morning it was dark. I have tried changing the brightness, contrast, resolution and color quality. I have found that when i press the 'auto' button on the monitor screen it goes into 'auto configuration' and looks normal but then back to dark. Thanks for any help! :knock: Click to expand...

More likely than not the inverter is going dead. Click here for examples of parts and equivalents.

Call GATEWAY for an RMA. When you do get the replacement, make sure to leave it on for burning-in, a well design inverter should last forever or for as long as the monitor lasts, even if it had to drive 6 flourescent tubes.
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Not sure what the deal is, but I thought I would check to see if anyone had any ideas on this.

I have an Envision monitor EN-770e. As far as I know, the display adapter is RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro.

The brightness is set all the way up, but it is so dark compared to monitors at work or school. I've tried playing with the contrast, but to no avail either.

I don't find any updated drivers for that specific display adapter. Any suggestions aside from getting a new monitor?

A:Monitor is Too Dark


go into Display Properties .... then Advanced, ... If the software for your video card is installed, there might be additional settings in there.

also.. if this is a new problem, then make sure your cable is securely tightened at both ends. if you wiggle the cable, does the brightness change?

good luck
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My monitor has been fairly dark for some time. I even just upgraded with almost entirly new parts, and it's still the same. My Gamma and Contrast are all the way up, and I can still hardly see darker images. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I took out the video card to get the name off of it for driver download and put it back in. Now when I turn on the computer the monitor is dark. I've tried to reseat the cars several times and still no video. any suggestions!! Could it be the video card went bad. It's a windows 98 system.


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When I view jpegs and other picture files, they're much darker than on other people's computers. I'm almost positive my monitor is fine, and I know I have its brightness settings up to the maximum. Is there a setting in Windows somewhere that I'm missing? Running Windows XP on a P3, 733mhz.


A:Monitor too dark?

It probably is the monitor, I'd try it on another system, or another monitor on yours, that will narrow it down for you.
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I have a fpd gateway lcd dark Monitor monitor it has a pin DFP connector I just purchased a Dell system The monitor was always working fine so I bought Monitor dark a video card that has a DVI amp VGA connector and then purchased a DFP to DVI adapter After placing the video card in the dell and setting the video bios to auto it all worked great Everything continued to work fine for a couple of days Now the monitor is dark If I look closely at the monitor I can barely see Windows XP I hooked another LCD to the vga side of the installed video card and it worked fine I reconnected the Gateway monitor and it is very very dark Any ideas as Monitor dark to why this monitor may be dark Could it be possible that it just died But it would be unusual for it to go all dark Monitor dark like this no I also tried adjusting the brightness and contrast and have them all the way up but no difference Any help appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor dark

Check the pins on the Gateway monitor. Make sure they aren't bent or anything.
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Hey guys, Started my comp this morning and it was completely black. If i put my face close enough to the monitor I could faintly see the tool bar at the bottom. Im on a Dell Inspiron 8000 Laptop. Anyway, I look at the keys on the keyboard and hit the "Fn" button along with the Up arrow key and it brought the monitor back to where its visable and useable. However Its still real dark and kinda flickers a bit sometimes.

Any advice?

A:Dark Monitor

Did you try to hook up to a monitor.
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My monitor has gotten very dark and don't know how lighten it back up. It is a HP Laptop Model ze 4610 us with XP operating system.

A:Dark Monitor

Hi and welcome to TSG

Try FN + f1 key - should brighten the screen FN + f2 should make it darker.
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I have an ASUS 20" monitor.

When I turn it on I get the splash screen and the start of the post test. The monitor then goes black and will pop back every so often. I can turn off the monitor and back on and I will get a picture for about a second.

One thing I have found, If my light is off next to my monitor it looks completely black. If I have the light on, I can see my right side of my desktop very dimly.

It must be the lighting for the screen that is going out.

Anybody know if I would be able to fix this?

Thanks for any responses.


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Not sure if anyone here can help with this. I have an IMB Thinkpad 600. I'm not very technically savvy, so I have no idea how to solve this problem. Lately, if I'm away from my computer for a bit, instead of going to screen saver, the screen will just go dark, and I cannot get it to light back up again. Moving the mouse, hitting any keys, do nothing. When I say it goes dark, I mean it goes black, as if its going to screen saver mode, but it will not come back on again. Sometimes I can get it to light back up by hitting F7, tho it's never been set for another display.
Anyone have any suggestions or ideas why this may be happening?

A:monitor screen goes dark


go to control panel and make sure screensaver and hibernate mode is off.
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Ok. Here at work I have dual monitors set up and I never had any problems but started up a couple weeks ago. I checked the Drivers and they are working properly. I've tested the connections from the monitor to the computer and all fine. But my screen with randomly black out then turn back on. Sometimes it just flickers a couple seconds back and forth. I've researched this topic and I just can't seem to find a solution. I've thought that maybe there's something up with a BIOS setting, but I don't think that'd be a problem, except maybe if I had a 3rd monitor. But its really annoying, not really disturbing anything. Just very annoying. Any advice or ideas?

A:Monitor goes dark then comes back on

Just use process of elimination.

Look through event logs to see if graphics drivers crashed. Use one monitor. Try another monitor. Try another cable.
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I have a Viewsonic Viewpanel VE150B LCD computer monitor that is dark. Not dark as in blacked out, but dark as in you can still see images through the darkness but it is very hard to makeout. When I turn on the monitor it will become clear and bright for only 2 seconds then it will be dark again. I'm thinking it might be a backlight issue, but I don't know.

Thanks in advance,

A:Computer Monitor is dark

Yep, sure sounds like a backlight issue. Since it lights briefly, I'd suspect the inverter that drives the lamp.

If it's in warranty, ship it back, you don't really want to try to fix this yourself.
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Today my monitor is mostly dark. This problem has been coming and going during the last week or so. Hate to hear I may need a new monitor, since that means new laptop. Got this pc last July and it was one year old then. Any chance there are some fixes to use? Thanks.

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This morning, my Dell 17-inch LCD monitor, suddenly and w/o warning went virtually 100% black. I'd originally thought it was completely dead, but when I run its self-test function I can see a very faint image of the self-test box floating around the screen.

Does this sound like an essentially fatal hardware failure (backlight inverter, if I'm reading the Dell support info correctly) or is the faint image an indication that I need to replace the bulb? I've read that that's a heavy duty repair on laptops, but this is a standalone monitor.

Thaks for any help . . .

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The monitor that came with my Dell Dimension 2400 in March 04 works fine, but when I play videos (such as newsclips at tv station websites, or YouTube stuff) they are always too dark.

The rest of the screen looks fine. Just the videos and digital photos that I upload are too dark.

Adjusting the controls for screen settings using the front buttons on the monitor affects the rest of the screen, but not the videos or photos.

Help, please.

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I kinda know how a tv works, but not sure how monitors are designed....when i bootup the monitor screen has been staying dark(no raster) for longer periods up to many hours...i switched monitors and thought that cured the problem, but this morning the monitor was dark for 15 min as comp. booted....did not show anything till win. loaded...
shut down and rebooted with other hd and all worked okay...

could this be a problem with both old monitors, or vid card or what else???

Is the raster controlled by circuitry in monitor or vid card?...seems like i did turn on one once without being connected to computer and it did have a raster...but when on computer it showed a dark screen, then vid card has some control over raster or brightness???,,

using small hd's with os98 on one and os95 the other...

Hate intermittant problems!!!..need smoke!!!


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I have inherited a NEC Versa SXi with a dark monitor. If you shine a lite on it you can see what is on the monitor. Is this fixable and is it worth fixing?

A:Dark Monitor on a laptop

Fixable, yes. It likely needs a new back light or the invertor. Is it worth it, not really.
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I have two led monitors, i don't think either have really been used that much, a maximum of 4months each i think. But when i switched to a different one[ also around 4 months old I THINK] i noticed that there was a huge area in the middle of the screen that appears greyish on white backgrounds, it is very noticeable on lighter images but not at all on dark, it looks like a patch of greyish/almost blue. So i switched to my other monitor and upon inspection i noticed this one has it too! this one has the greyish area on the right hand side. I've attached an image of what they appear like when on a fully white screen.

A:LED monitor dark patches.

i have the same thing on my tv, and the last tv i had also. i believe it is a bad area of the tv, probably the same thing with your monitors. a quick search called it mura effect and one article says that you can lay it flat and remove all the screws and leave it laying flat for 2 days, then tighten the screws a little, but not too much. other than that, time for a new panel. i have done lots of tv repairs and it is relatively easy, but may cost more than a new monitor. laptops get them from too much pressure when opening the lid. not sure what would cause them on a regular monitor, one site mentioned bad pixels or burn in, but that sounds wrong to me.
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Have an older Dell laptop
monitor will go dark every 30 seconds upto 5 mins
only way to get it back is by closing the lid and opening it
can still faintly see the display when it does this
Is there a fix for the back light of the lcd panel ? (i'm assuming that's what it is )
does something need to be replaced and if so, whre would it be located physically....

A:laptop monitor going dark

bumpity bump !!
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I turned my back on my computer for about minutes yesterday and when I looked back poof the monitor was noticibly darker and there were light streaks horizontally across it where ever there was a change in color such as where text or a picture is I have tried the following to and has is 'streaks' Monitor *help* dark try to correct it and nothing has worked reinstalled video drivers messed with monitor settings defragged not sure why that would help but I thought it was worth a try played around with the monitor connections degaussed I even eventually reformatted and did a clean install of OS win k again not sure why this might help but like I said I was desperate I also hooked my monitor up to my other comp to make sure it wasnt a hardware prob and it worked perfectly I pulled my vid card out nvidia geForce and blew it off the fan was completely packed with dust Monitor has 'streaks' and is dark *help* so this made me suspect a possible video card failure though when I run games the video card seems to work fine except for the fact that the screen is darker and the streaks are still there I dont know a whole lot about hardware is it possible to have a partial video card failure - I alwayse just assumed that when they broke they completely broke any ideas suggestions or knowledge is greatly appreciated thanks for your time nbsp

A:Monitor has 'streaks' and is dark *help*

At first it seemed to be a hardware failure, but as you said you tested the monitor with another PC and worked OK, this is discarded. Yes, sometimes it's possible to have a "partial" hardware failure. Even if these cards have only one chip (apart of RAM chips), in its interior has many blocks, so it's possible that the video processor itself might be ok and any other block (like the DAC) *almost* out of order. So, better be grabbing some bucks to get a new card.
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Not Brightness I literally mean the following I start my computer the lights on my keyboard come on i hear the startup sounds through my computers and dark monitor Notebook is I can hear everything whirring inside However no power seems to be going to the monitor as it remains black I can use the arrows to select my user type in my password and hear the login sound So now everything seems to be running while I get to see none of it Fun note This is an HP Pavilion dv notebook from - and it has the little rubber nub that the screen presses when you close it sending the system into quot standby quot if I press and then release that nub the screen lights up for a split second and I can see my destop with all of my icons so I know the system is actually running Everytime I push that nub even if I rapid fire it on the release the screen lights up for a quarter of half a second Help me use my comp

A:Notebook monitor is dark

Anyone? Over 20 views and no help?
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This monitor flashes the picture up for a fraction of a second and then goes so dark you cant use it. You can just about see something but cant read it or use it. Any ideas what to change/ do about this?



A:Viseo 230 ws Monitor goes very dark

Have you tried it on another old is it?
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I usually leave my monitor on 24/7, but have recently noticed that after leaving it off for an hour or so and turning it back on the display is darker on the top right side. I also noticed that after the monitor warms up everything seems to go back to normal once I turn it off then on again. This issue happened a year back as well but I didn't pay it any mind thinking it could possibly be something else. I can turn the monitor off and on over and over and the screen is fine with no darkening, but if I leave it off for an hour and turn it on the screen is sometimes dark. Any suggestions as to what I should do about it?

A:LG LED monitor ocassionally dark

Monitors aren't made to be turned on and off repeatedly - leave them in standby mode.

Almost sounds like something's screwed with the backlight. Hard to tell without a photo.
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Pictures are dark, examples pictures sent in an email or pictures from a web site. I have maxed out the brightness and contrast settings already.

Anyody have any suggestions or maybe monitor is on its way out.


A:monitor screen dark

If it`s your monitor then the whole desktop etc will be dark not just pictures.

Either try your monitor on another system or, better still try a different monitor on yours.

Also have you changed your videocard settings?

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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My monitor intermittently has a dark triangle covering the lower left quadrant. It does not go completely black, and you can still see the display within the dark triangle, but it is very annoying.  Sometimes it will go away by turning the monitor off and back on again, and other times it won't go away unless I reboot.
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My HP monitor intermittently goes dark in one corner.  One of the HP support people responded to my earlier post on this forum, but his suggestions did not solve the issue.  Can anyone else help?
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All images appear very dark on my monitor, a Logisys 17" digital color monitor, model no.: LGX710.

I have the feeling it may have something to do with the fact that I run SuSE Linux 9.0 on it, because with 8.1 I did not have this problem.

The monitor I purchased less than a year ago. I tried to adjust brightness, contrast and several other settings, but I have not been able to get it to an acceptable viewing quality. Not long ago, I found out that now I am not even able to see the menu for adjusting the monitor settings anymore.It appears as a black box on my screen.

Has anyone experienced this too?
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Hiya All.
I have a Dell pc monitor which is relatively old..The last few days, it has started to shoiw dark and dull images. Of course, I have tried the brightness and contrast controls, but they are on full and still cannot make the vision clearer?
I would appreciate some help please? I am not a techno person, so I would appreciate any advice to realise this.


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hi, my lcd monitor has turned dark all of a sudden.
but the loading page is fine and so is the cursor,
as soon as the log in page comes up it turns dark.

could it be a virus or the monitor?

please help

A:Monitor Has Turned Dark

Well from what you described if you can see the monitor with pages showing normally right from startup to a certain point I would say the monitor is probably OK = Alright. Since you see a cursor it means that the Windows system is trying to load and is stopping at a certain point which is just after the drivers for the mouse are loaded.

I think Windows has taken a dump somewhere and probasbly needs some work. A couple of questions.

I - Does your windows have Service Pack 2 installed and was it installed separately or a part of the Windows Installation?

2 - Do you have a Windows Installation disk or a Recovery disk?
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Hi guys, I recently purchased parts to make a new computer. Everything went fine and the computer powered on upon pressing the ON switch. My problem is that when I plug a monitor into the computer, the only thing that happens is that the monitor goes black and the LED light near the power switch turns yellow/orange. I tried switching out monitors to see if that helps, I even took out my video card and plugged the monitor directly into the motherboard's connection. Just hoping that anyone could help me as this is my first computer that I built.

Thanks in advance.

A:Monitor displays nothing

When you tried the new monitor on a different pc what happened? The same orange light as on first pc? You just need to prove what is 'good' (most of your new system will be) and what is faulty/connection problem/cable problem/etc.
You can test a monitor by; plug in the mains power lead. Nothing connected to the VGA input. Press the 'on' button, then press any of the 'menu' buttons. You should see a message on screen, such as 'Power saving mode, press any key on keyboard or move mouse'.
If you don't see any messages then the screen could be faulty from new.
If you do get an on screen message, then you know the fault is around Graphic card, or (just possibly) RAM, or other power cable missing problem.
Best test is to try your monitor on another, known to be working pc.
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Ok first i'll give you the specs then my issue

P4 2.4a
Foxconn 661mx
kingston value ram 1 x 512
ti4440 128mb videocard
1 x WD 80GB HD

before I had an asus mobo

now my issue is: whenever i turn on my system, everything boots hardware wise, although nothing displays on 3 different monitors. I had an asus mobo before this one, and same issue. This current mobo has an onboard vid card, i removed the ti 4440 and tried the on board, still the same. the ti 4440 works on another pc, other monitors work on another pc.

what else can i do? lol i'm so lost now

thanks in advance

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I have a NvidiaGT 620. I am using windows 7 64 bit ultimate.

I want to reset up my PC with dual monitors which has worked in the past.

The Nvida control panel sees both monitors and allows me to configure them as anextended view. The primary monitor works, the second one shows nothing.

I am not sure how to solve this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello. I have an 8 and a half year old PC with XP, and for the past few days, whenever I turn on the monitor after it's been off for a while, the green light on the Power button turns orange and it's dark like it's off, butr when I move the mouse, it stops.

Someone recently adjusted the color on the settings, could it be to do with that? Also, I was wondering if opening up the case and cleaning in there (which I have never done) would help the PC run better and extend its life, or not?

A:PC Monitor Turns Dark When Turned on Sometimes

Hi at 8.1\2 years old you certainly should clean it this will give you some tips for that How to Clean Your PC, Inside and Out | PCWorld
If the settings have been changed then yes it is possible it has made things different there is also the possibility that the graphics are giving out but reset your color and clean it first then get back to use and be safety conscious remove all power and cables from the machine before opening and be sure to touch the unpainted area to discharge any static from you before touching the insides.
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I currently have this monitor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk wb It doesn t say what the backlight is is light for looking replacement Monitor dark, too but I m pretty sure it is a CCFL My monitor is too dark I replaced a quot monitor with a cd m that was brighter than this and it is listed as cd m When I got the monitor I needed a replacement and didn t bother sending it back Now it is too late for that I would like to know if I can replace the back light If so where can I get one I ve done a fair bit of googling and have not found anything I don t really know how to search for this kind of thing I would like to note that I very much enjoy this monitor and the pros out weight the cons by an order of magnitude I Monitor is too dark, looking for replacement light would Monitor is too dark, looking for replacement light buy this monitor again even if it really is dark It has NO DITHERING even with very close shades over a large area The ms response time isn t noticeable I think that this is measured in a full black-to-white instead of the more popular gtg anyway any help is much appreciated even if the answer is quot no that s not possible quot nbsp

A:Monitor is too dark, looking for replacement light

Although it's not something I've ever attempted myself it looks as though it can be done. Found this link as a possible source for the lamp itself and it appears there is a link for instructions. Didn't track it to your specific monitor and don't know if these guys are reliable but maybe it's a good place to start.
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My girlfriend has a comutper that is almost seven years old, and it's beginning to show it's age. It has this problem, I have been trying to rectify, but I am running out of ideas, and it is what I have feared.
First things first, it's OS is Windows 98, and has a pentium 2 I think.
And the problem is that the monitor is dark very dark. It's not the monitor, and it's not the vid card, or so I am told both of thosehave been replaced. SO that leaves me with but one choice. It's the mother board. My question is, is this merely a bad socket on the moter board, or is this a signof a deep rooted problem, with possible expensive implications? Themonitor is very very dark.
some oneplease help!!

A:Help! Crappy old computer! Dark monitor!

I've never heard of a motherboard interefering with the brightness on the monitor...

I figure you've tried to increase the brightness on the monitor, change the contrast, change the colour temperature, and increase the brightness through the driver?

If so, have you tried updating the video card drivers? Some cards can have a very dark colour, but later drivers can have added settings to increase the brightness.

If you could find out what video card it is, and what monitor it is, it'd help us figure out what could be the cause...

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
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Please Help! My family is not able to play online games like WOW or RuneScape due to the background being dark, therefore, we are not able to view the game / images in the game.... this happened after my son did a (alt-tab) between WOW and a background program - when WOW was brought back up the screen darkened..... we have not been able to brighten the monitor screen since that incident and it is becoming a pain since we can no longer view online or computer images probably due to a darkness that over shadows everything.

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My friend's new Sony laptop has an external monitor connected via HDMI. When he restarts the computer, about half the time the external monitor is not getting a signal, it is blank. He then restarts it until it works. I've only connected remotely to it, and I've been able to get it to go on by playing with the settings in Display properties. Possibly if I was in front of the computer I could try Fn + F5 to see if that works, but he is the kind of guy who does not want to press keys to make it work, he wants it to just work. Any ideas what might be done to make the second monitor get a signal on a more consistent basis?


A:External monitor intermittantly dark

Replace the internal pcb inverter board, or it might just be the caps that need replacing. A third possibility is a weak connection (cold solder) at one of the backlights.

Only way to keep it on until it breaks completely is to lower brightness and contrast to 0 or near 0, and don't let Windows turn it off ever.

...or chuck it in the trash.
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okay... My monitor (or the image ON my monitor) is very very dark. Dark enough that some web pages are unreadable, and areas of many games appear just black (even with the in-game brightness cranked all the way up. I have the brightness and contrast adjustments on the monitor cranked all the way up-- and that gets the general brightness/viewability in windows just to an "average" looking screen.

Setting the monitor's brightness and contrast to halfway leaves me with a black screen.

I found an App called the Monitor Calibration Wizard that seems to work, but it would *_seem_* that I should be able to change the brightness in either Windows 98 (sec. ed. with all the patches Mr. Bill has issued), DirectX 8.1, or my video card (GeForce2 MX 400). It's worth noting that the Monitor (ProView 17") was dark with my old video card as well.


tanks in advance,


A:Video issue: Monitor is Very, very dark

I don't really think there is anything that you CAN DO.

The monitor is dying. Its already dead, really. In fact, here is a picture of what I think your monitor will be like very soon....

Perhaps, your monitor will come back from the dead as a kind of undead, vengeful monitor that stalks the night....

Sorry to kid, but I think you had better start saving pennies soon... That screen is already dead...

Maybe I am wrong, and someone can suggest something, but I doubt it and I think the only useful thing you can do with the monitor is put it in the bin and buy a new one... There is no reason why a healthy monitor should manifest the symptoms that you are describing, certainly not that I have seen.
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My flat panel monitor went black ---had been on for a few hours, but have been using it with no problems for a few months. Could it be some backlight that I can replace, or what?

Got this on eBay as a factory refurbished item and did not get a user's manual or warrantee, though of course the seller said there was one, so now I don't know where to turn. Tried to look up the specs on the Compaq support page, but they don't even list this model.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi again I m having this annoying problem with my monitor for a long time My monitor has always been dark even when the built in brightness options are maxed so I have always needed to rely on manually adjusting my Video Card brightness and gamma settings Well the annoyance is each time I exit a game that I am playing my Video card color settings reset to Default so I have to repeatadly go into video card options and change my settings ever single time I exit a game Question is Is there a way I can stop get a dark? monitor will my Exiting game, my Video Card ATI Radeon Xt brightness settings from resetting to default every single time I leave a game Are there any easy to use programs that can fix this Is there a setting I m forgetting to check although I looked everywhere in my video card settings that will stop this resetting to default Id really appreciate it if someone has any suggestions This isn t a serious problem but It is extremely annoying since I have to go into my video card display settings about times a day to Exiting a game, my monitor will get dark? reset my color scheme Thx hope someone can help nbsp
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This is one I can't figure out in spite of searching Google for answers to others with a similar problem I have a few for Monitor seconds dark goes periodically a ASRock Extreme Gen with an i - k CPU and running Windows of course Monitor goes dark periodically for a few seconds Can't see why I'd want to upgrade to Windows and cause incompatibilities with all my software which runs wonderfully for the most part I'm using a dual monitor Dell quot U and quot widescreen P as a secondary and get occasional blackouts on the primary monitory ONLY - not the secondary We aren't talking every few minutes probably once every few hours sometimes more frequent other times it doesn't appear at all Certainly usable but can be Monitor goes dark periodically for a few seconds very annoying The primary is connected to the Display Adapter with the secondary to the HDMI I have tried to update the motherboard and the display drivers but this behavior continues to persist Wondering if there is something I've missed - I think I have the latest drivers for this mobo which now is almost years old but one of the most rock solid I have ever owned
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Was working tonight had my computer on everything appeared to be fine. Screen (gateway FPD1730 monitor, Windows XP) went dark. Rebooted screen still stays dark. When you move the mouse the screen will report ?power saving mode?. What is the problem and how do you repair or fix it?
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Hey all Thanks for the opportunity to seek some insight into an issue I m experiencing I built a new PC about Monitor flickering then 2nd Boot, Very Dark on a month ago BioStar A GU and an AMD Athlon II X CPU Also running Windows I set up two monitors and have them set to extend Everything has been great up until about a few days ago One morning I turned the PC on and my nd display was totally black It was turned on and Windows was detecting it but I couldn t see anything I drug a tab from Firefox over to the monitor and dropped it and the screen started flickering and eventually came on Everything was cool for the next two days A few days later it happened again 2nd Monitor Very Dark on Boot, then flickering This time I could faintly see that the screen was on just very dark because I could see the outlines of the Firefox window I drug over there Now it happens every time I turn the PC on It eventually stats flickering and comes on on it s own and stays on until I shut the PC off again I also can t even see the monitor s menu when I press the menu button on it Does this sound like an issue somewhere in Windows or just a failing monitor It s a bunch of years old and was sitting in my basement for over a year until I built this new PC I m just curious because it 2nd Monitor Very Dark on Boot, then flickering worked fine for weeks after I started using it again Does any of this sound familiar Thanks a lot nbsp

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Hello i run with monitors but one of them have consistently had dark spots showing randomly on half of the screen I dont think its the monitors fault because i sent it back when the problem started and got a new one with the same problems This is an old problem since i had given up hope but recently i downloaded new drivers for my graphic card and the monitor worked perfectly for days then back to the same problems I have tried running the monitor alone but the dark spots still appears Some days are better then others and i cant find any pattern why the spots sometimes appear one day they cover half the screen and the next day Dark spots on inconsistent monitor theres a small spot in the corner I got some new hopes after the driver updates so i want to know if there is anything more i inconsistent Dark spots on monitor can do that would help the monitor i run windows the monitor is BENQ EW Any help would be much appreciated atm i cant afford getting inconsistent Dark spots on monitor a new monitor nbsp
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Hi, My laptop screen turned suddenly  green today , I continued using it but after couple of hours nothing is displayed on the screen. Please help me with this. Thanks
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I was updating my NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 from, my video card is integrated on MoBo. After I installed new driver I restarted PC and now my monitor displays no signal. I have no idea on how to fix this problem. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone has. Thank You

A:(vga) monitor displays no signal

Have you tried repeatedly tapping F8 as soon as you turn the computer on and getting into Safe Mode?
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Ok so today I installed a bunch of Monitor displays being nothing/isn't recognized new updates dont remember any of them and one of them apparently caused a problem I have become familiar with Monitor displays nothing/isn't being recognized If i try to enter the nvidia control panel I get this message You are not currently using a display attached Monitor displays nothing/isn't being recognized to an Nvidia GPU This problem seems to be caused by installing new drivers intel or nvidia So I went and did my fix method which involves uninstalling all the nvidia and intel drivers then restarting once This causes the monitor to display nothing which is what normally happens I then restart again and everything is fine I imagine that during the first blank screen restart the computer is installing old drivers that work So anyways this time after the second restart I still got no display at all For some reason my computer wont recognize my monitor or video card or both I am very confident that none of my hardware is broken My main video card is a gtx and the other one is some intel hd thing that came with the computer On start up I get a message showing my monitors logo after that I get a message that says no signal and the monitor goes into power saving mode and displays nothing So basically to sum things up I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and now my monitor gets no signal and displays nothing nbsp

A:Monitor displays nothing/isn't being recognized

"My main video card is a gtx 560 and the other one is some intel hd thing that came with the computer"...

"the other one is some intel hd thing"
This is your motherboard's on-board video and it should be disabled in the bios, so that the 560 can work properly. The 560 is PCIe x16 right? Is the PCIe slot enabled in the bios?
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I ve installed a fairly new digital quot monitor nokia v my video card is a dull displays monitor red sis s mb agp graphics shared the problem is the display appears to be stronger on blue like a blue tint and the monitor displays dull red red is a dark red I have ran a color wizard deep and half monitor displays dull red way thru a message box states quot your video card or display adaptor shows an unusually high gamma setting reset the gamma correction with software provided with the video card quot I do have the option to alter red green blue but the red bar is not there at all in color wizard and altering the red is no use because it alters the red overall on screen I need to bring the red up so it is brighter tried updating the driver in d manager but it says you have the latest driver for this device dont tell me one of the guns is gone and I have been ripped off many thanks in advance of help nbsp

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A friend of mine says his computer when it boots up displays zeroes, squares, slashes etc...what could this be? thanks

A:Monitor displays zeroes etc

Dan Seese said:

A friend of mine says his computer when it boots up displays zeroes, squares, slashes etc...what could this be? thanksClick to expand...

Does this stuff show up as Windows starts loading or right after you
turn on the system power? Do you get any of the DOS stuff: Memory
test, HD detect, etc.?
If not...
That's BAD news. It sounds like the Graphics card is Toast.
Start looking for a new card.

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Middle monitor just randomly goes dark in the middle of the day.  I've physically swapped the monitors so I know it's not the monitor because it still happens.  Monitor is hooked up via DP and right one is HDMI. ?
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I have Windows XP; Computer is Dell Dimension 3000, monitor is also dell. I am not a techie by any means; I am a single living on my own and working from home, I got this monitor which I would love to use, but when I turn it on it stays on for about 2 seconds and goes dark. Is there anything I could do to fix this? It must work because when it does come on it is very clear and looks fine, then disappears. I would really appreciate any assistance you might offer as I need help! Thank you so much!

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What's wrong with my Samsung monitor? It turns off for a few seconds and then turns back on.

A:Solved: Why is my monitor going dark for a few seconds and then turning on?
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I was surfing this morning on my main computer when the screen goes dark

i rebooted but nothing shows on the screen

any ideas?

many thanks

A:I was surfing and monitor went dark, might have a bug, advice needed
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Hi all
Monitor shows windows start screen then goes dark I can see the images if i hold a light to the screen. so the monitor is on, just very dark.
I have a two monitor set up and the main monitor works fine. when I switch the trouble monitor to primary it acts the same as it did as a secondary, and the monitor that is working fine still works as a secondary.
Thanks for the help

A:Monitor is very dark, shows windows start up

Sounds like the monitor itself is bad.
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Gateway computer with Gateway quot LCD monitor floppy, Insert goes dark? monitor [SOLVED] with W on it Running x NVidia TNT video card with DVI connection only st Problem - monitor went black Gateway support says quot monitor is dead quot after doing some tests Tests included running self-test on monitor reseating [SOLVED] Insert floppy, monitor goes dark? the video card and various reboots Solution - replaced with new Sony LCD monitor using DVI cable This new monitor has both a DVI and a VGA [SOLVED] Insert floppy, monitor goes dark? port on it and you must select the right one to get it to work After a little reading got it right declared victory nd Problem - I was just typing an email and the monitor goes blank The only way to get it back on was to do a cold power off reboot And it seems it resets the monitor s port selection when powered off so that had to be set again rd Problem - I wanted to backup some files so I put a floppy disk in the drive and the durn monitor goes black immediately Once again a cold power off reboot was required Assumption on my part on the nd problem is quot power management quot so I turned it all off But I need [SOLVED] Insert floppy, monitor goes dark? to use the floppy drive to back up my files How can this floppy drive do anything to my monitor Sue Sloan nbsp

A:[SOLVED] Insert floppy, monitor goes dark?

Have you tried using the floppy drive again?
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Hello, we have a HP Pavilion 23 desktop all-in-one computer. I downloaded Windows 10 but the monitor went very dim, so I've updated the drivers and everything returned to normal but when the computer goes to sleep, the screen returns to dim again. If I restart the computer then the screen returns to normal. Can someone please help? Thank you.
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I got a used dell monitor e153fpt touch screen and when i turn it on it goes dark in about a second or two my old monitor works fine but i wanted a touch screen. The hertz is set on my computer for 60hz witch is what the back says it should be set at. Can anyone help.


The most common cause of intermittent display on an LCD monitor is a failing inverter. If it is the inverter, you should be able to shine a light onto the screen and see a very faint and difficult-to-see image of what would be on the screen if it were working properly.

If you can see this image, it means the display is working except for the backlight. The backlight consists of an inverter and a fluorescent tube. Either or both can be bad; but, it is usually the inverter.

Try that and get back to us with your result.
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How do I restore monitor when I cant see anything on the screen?

A:Changed Desktop Settings, Now Monitor To Dark To See Anything

boot into safe mode
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hi, i put together my first computer and i used:
- seagate barracuda 7200 250gb
- amd athlon 36 3000+
- asus a8n-e motherboard
- corsair 2x512mb
- antec truepower 480W atx 12v
- sapphire radeon 9800 pro

when i start up my computer it looks like everythings fine, fans working, lights are on, drive opens and closes, but theres no display on the monitor .
i think it could be the video card, because all the fans but the one one my video card are spinning, but other than that i'm clueless. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.


A:my computer turns on but nothing displays on monitor

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Have you connected the card to the powersupply?

Look HERE for instructions on how to do this.

Regards Howard :wave:
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I am trying to use an older IBM PC with Window 95. I have added a 56K modem and sound card. Prior to adding these items the monitor displayed the desktop now the monitor is black and no desktop displayed it is as if there is no power or the monitor is dead. However the monitor was working before and does have power.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,


A:Monitor is black and displays no desktop

Find the card your monitor plugs into. Pull it out then push it back in..
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I have a Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop with the 256mb GeForce 8600M GT graphics card. The laptop lcd works fine but when i connect an external monitor using the VGA output the external monitor just displays a black screen.

I have already ruled out drivers and operating system as i have tried it across various versions and with different drivers and still nothing. i have also tried it with ubuntu with no success.

The computer detects that there is a montior and can even tell the specs of the monitor. It just the monitor detects that it is connected to a computer but just displays a blank screen.

Any Ideas???

A:Monitor displays a black screen


Ive tried disconnecting everything else just leaving the motherboard graphics card and connecting the external diplay and displays a blank screen even with startup and diagnostics.

What would i be looking at here a new motherboard and/graphics card? evertyhing else works just not the vga output
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Hello nbsp I have a nbsp HP ZBook u G Mobile Workstation nbsp with the ultra slim docking station with HP E monitors and a Samsung Tv hooked up nbsp When i had my Zbook G hooked up to the larger docking station that includes the CD rom i would have presentations up on the TV for others in the room to view My setup then was duplicate dekstop on one Monitor and the Samsung TV so that i could look at my monitor while others in the room would view the large TV on the wall while leaving the other HP monitor in the extend desktop mode In short Duplicate desktop on amp and extend desktop on I had one monitor hooked up thru VGA the other monitor hooked up with Display port to VGA adapter and the TV hooked up with display port to HDMI adapter nbsp nbsp With the new setup i have HP monitor hooked up via DP the nd monitor on the VGA port and the TV on a DP to HDMI adapter all hooked into the docking station When i try to Duplicate on amp and extend to it tells me unable to save display settings and no matter what configuration i do with the cables it still doesnt work nbsp nbsp Any suggestions nbsp
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Hi I have a fujitsu laptop with windows vista home premium. i used to be able to play it through the tv or second monitor, now it does not. I took it to comet and they reset the display settings and thought it was ok, but trying it again, it boots up ok and gets the destop back ground on, but nothing else will show up. when i am working on the laptop, the tv still only displys the desktop background picture please advise

A:second monitor displays only the desktop picture

You'll need to set it to duplicate, now you have the extended desktop mode on (you can use both monitor individually, ie, move your programs onto the TV display if you want to, your mouse pointer should be able to cross onto the TV display as well).
I'm not 100% sure on how to do it, I don't currently use dual monitors so I can't provide a hand-to-hand instruction set, but a quick Google search should provide you with one. ("set secondary display to duplicate vista", or the like?)
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Hello Forum -- nbsp nbsp nbsp Up until about a week ago my HP Envy was working beautifully Then when I Nothing HP ENVY 20 but Displays Monitor Boots, on went to start it up one morning the fans started running as normal but the display nbsp remained black as if I hadn't even started the PC I took it to my local Best Buy to figure out what was wrong but because my PC doesn't have an HDMI port they couldn't connect it to an external monitor to find out if the PC HP ENVY 20 Boots, but Nothing Displays on Monitor trully powered on Therefore the agent I spoke with recommended just tossing out the computer and getting a new one because I'd either have to buy a new motherboard or a new display for the computer and that those repairs outweighed the value of the computer I'm trying to find out exactly what's wrong with my PC on my own because the guy seemed a little too enthusiastic to push me towards the computers that Best Buy offers Any ideas on how to find out what's wrong nbsp Thanks nbsp

A:HP ENVY 20 Boots, but Nothing Displays on Monitor

I would remove the hard disk and then power it on to see if anything became visible on the display.
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New LCD Monitor/TV- only displays in safe mode.

When I first plugged it in, it came up as expected.

I put in a DVD and Media Player popped up (The new Media Center).

When I finally got out of the Media Program, the monitor went into "No signal Input" mode.

Monitor works in "Safe" mode but not in normal mode?????

Any suggestions?
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Sony monitor (17" LCD) flickered from full color to dark blue then back to full color just a couple of times and then..tadaah! now only displays in dark blue. I'm guessing something has happened to the red and green channels? Is there a circuit board I can replace?

Thanks for viewing my thread....

A:Sony monitor displays one color only.

Have you checked the VGA cable is plugged in tightly on both the monitor and the video card?
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So basicly here's what happened I have a windows vista and have No Signal Displays Matter Need No What Help: Monitor had it for about a year now All was well nothing wrong with it when recently of this year my monitor randomly gets no signal And it has been getting worse We've tried moving the rams around Bought new cords and adaptors and made sure Need Help: Monitor Displays No Signal No Matter What they were in nice and snug Yet nothing seems to fix it Some days the monitor will get signal and work perfectly fine while others when i turn my computer on it gets no signal or it gets a signal then reverts to no signal in an instant I've tested the monitor itself on another computer I have and it works perfectly fine no issues at all NOTE Everything else on the computer works fine No problems at all This has been happening for weeks now and I don't know what to do anymore Any help or even better and answer to this would be great If more info is needed I will do my best to provide it

A:Need Help: Monitor Displays No Signal No Matter What

Originally Posted by WiseLoad43

So basicly here's what happened:

I've tested the monitor itself on another computer I have and it works perfectly fine no issues at all!

Hi & welcome to the forum,

From that message, the problem seems to be with your graphics card. Too old, too tired or just plain broken.

Swap/ replace the graphics card & try again. It should fix the problem. OK?
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I have a problem with which monitor shows an activated program.

For some reason, I have had a very small number of programs that when activated, it displays on my TV screen (2nd. option) without selecting this to happen.

When this happens, I minimize the program and drag it to the computer monitor and that seems to take care of it. But I don't know why this is even happening.

Tthe program for activating PPS with Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one that I can not correct by dragging it to the computer monitor. The reason being, that there is no way the PPS program can be "minimized" so that I can drag it.

Can someone help please?

A:Program displays on wrong monitor

When the program is open on the 2nd monitor, drag it to the 1st monitor and then close the program. When you open the program again, it should now open on the first monitor.

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I purchased an Acer quot widescreen monitor months ago but last week I had a problem with my computer and had to reset it back to manufacturer settings The problem had nothing to do with the monitor and I didn t have any problems with the monitor until not displays Monitor 'input supported' after resetting Since resetting occasionally my computer freezes and the monitor goes black with the message input not Monitor displays 'input not supported' support bouncing around the screen Rebooting brings my computer back to working order again but eventually it happens again on an average of - times a day I have only noticed it happening when I am playing games but it doesn t happen all the time I have sat here for hours playing a game and nothing happens Then another time playing the same game it freezes and displays input not supported I have uninstalled the drivers reinstalled the drivers updated the drivers the settings for this size monitor are set correctly including the refresh rate checked the settings of the buttons on the monitor itself and tried standing on my head I don t know what else to try I have done a search of the net and have found this to be a very common problem but haven t found a solution that works Can anyone help with this problem please nbsp

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Hi all,

Im having problems.

Yesterday my comp was all working fine.

Then suddenly my monitor went black.

CPU, etc are all running fine, but my monitor keeps showing me the black screen. (as if it is turned off) and the green light on the monitor keeps blinking.

I restarted my comp, did every possible things, but no luck.

When i remove the monitor plug from my display card, it shows "NO SIGNAL".

Can someone tell me what's the problem and how can it be solved?

Thanks in advance

A:Monitor doesn't displays anthing

yo problem is abit wide,first u hav to know that its a hardware problem.key areas u should check first,find out whether it passes POST,does make that sound at the begining?2. remove and reinsert yo ram and cpu,(make sure blow dust first using compressed air or a blower).if nothing happens then use a seperate vga card.if stil nothing,check psu,if stil nothing,then replace ram.then keep us informed of your progress.Robin
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I have a compaq system ( 4 yrs old). Since last week my monitor displays everything in a yellowish color. It seems to be a light yellow color is painted over everything and some colors (e.g. red color) are displayed as black. But after sometimes it gets corrected automatically and after sometimes the same problem comes back! Could anyone please help me to sort out this problem.


A:Monitor displays everything in a yellowish color

I had a computer class at the school that would do that. Everytime it did it i would smack it and it'd turn back. lol.