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Motherboard wont turn on

Q: Motherboard wont turn on

Hi, I have a MSI g31m3 v2 s-7529 motherboard and wont turn on.
I change the power supply
I put on some themical paste in the cpu
I put away all hard drivers
but didnt work, only the fan turn on then its turn off
I think the motherboard dosent work.

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard wont turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Motherboard wont turn on

Please provide list of make and model for everything you have for this setup (CPU, RAM, GPU, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Power Supply, Aftermarket coolers, etc.). We need to make sure that you have all compatible parts.
Also, have you tried to disconnect all things except the power supply connection to the motherboard, CPU & RAM and see if the motherboard starts?
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i have a slight motherboard problem dont know how to fix it ......

when i shutdown my computer through turns off but my motherboard is still on. i mean the processor fan is still spinning and all the lights are on but my windows is turned off ... and my moniter is blinking ... so i have to take out the power switch to fully turn the dam thing of.. than when i want to restart i just have to press the power button....

Why wont my motherboard turn of when i want to shutdown my computer instead of taking the powercord of pressing the off button on the PSU

512 MB DDR
Geforce 6800

Thanks in Advance

A:motherboard wont turn off

Probably you have some trouble with the power management settings in XP, but I don't know anything else about it, sorry.
However, there should be an emergency shutdown implemented in your front power switch. Try keeping it pressed until the machine powers down.
Switching it off the way you do is not exactly a healthy option...but I understand your situation, of course.
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I just bought a new cpu and motherboard and i tool out my old one and put in the noew cpu and motherboard. But the computer wont start at all. I dont know what I did wrong. I connected everything and the light or anything wont even show any sign of power. What can I do to fix this problem?

A:Computer wont turn on after installing new motherboard

Try everything all over again a couple if times.

I know it's annoying but maybe by the third or fourth try you might do something differently which would fix the problem.

This is obviously however some sort of Power Supply + motherboard problem. Try using a different power supply.
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Synopsis PSU died replaced PSU with different model system boots to bios successfully on recognize wont bios devices, new now wont died, SATA PSU, PSU turn but does not recognize any devices in SATA ports nor do those devices appear to be getting power Now can't PSU died, new PSU, bios wont recognize SATA devices, now wont turn on even get to BIOS entire PC flicks on and off repeatedly as soon as I turn the PSU on regardless of whether I hit the power button on the front of the computer System Specifications Original PSU that died SeaSonic M II SS- AM w PSU CPU Intel Core i - K Ivy Bridge GHz GPUs ASUS non-top version SLI x MOBO ASRock Z extreme RAM Mushkin Enhanced Blackline GB x GB SDRAM DDR Optical drive Sony AD- S- B x SATA Internal DVD -RW Drive SSD SanDisk Extreme GB SATA Gb-s -Inch OS is installed here Storage drive Western Digital Caviar Black TB SATA III This was not connected when power supply died Detailed explanation About a week ago my PSU Seasonic w died randomly while the computer was left running in sleep I RMA'd the dead seasonic In the mean time I happened to come accross an extremely good deal on a new PSU so I bought it Thermaltake smart m w PSU to have a backup and to get my machine working again I hooked up the new PSU to GPUs CPU fans ATX power connector and to all of the SATA devices the SSD the HDD and the Optical drive I made sure to connect the data cables to the SATA devices in the same configuration they were in when working properly The computer boots successfully to the ASROCK BIOS all fans spinning However I get the error code quot A quot on quot dr debug quot the led display on the mobo The manual says this means quot SCSI detect quot I have no idea what that means I was able to load the UEFI and bios recognized all components except for any of the SATA devices-- SSD the HDD and optical drive not recognized The RAM GPUs processor and fans were detected At this point I was stuck in BIOS because I couldn't boot off anything I did not have the HDD connected when the PSU failed but now the BIOS won't read that either I don't think any of the SATA devices are actually receiving power Again the UEFI showed that there were no SATA devices connected to any port when in reality they clearly were connected both by power and data cable Then things get really strange I unhooked all of the SATA devices except the HDD the one that wasn't hooked up when the original PSU died I plug the AC into the PSU then turn on PSU not the power switch for the computer the switch on the PSU The computer starts flicking on and off in this weird rhythmic pulsating pattern quot click click click click quot with about a second between each click Each time the power flicks on the LEDs come on and the fans spin briefly The strangest part is that I don't need to hit the power button on the front of the case for this to happen it just starts as soon as the PSU is turned on In fact I can't get the computer to turn on at all--the switch on the front of the computer appears to be dead Measures I have taken in an attempt to fix the problem Unplug the power cables from everything and re-seated them Reseated the data cables to the optical drive and the SSD on the drive end not on the MOBO side as they are covered by my GPUs and I would have to take them out in order to do that Tried hooking up a SATA power cable from my old modular PSU and using that in the new PSU in an attempt to power the optical drive didn't work I know bad idea--I learned you aren't supposed to do this shortly after I tried it Setting all preferences to default in the UEFI Disconnecting the power cables from one or both of the GPUs I think that this is either a problem with the motherboard the new PSU all SATA devices unlikely The fact that I can't even get into Bios anymore tells me that this may be a MOBO or PSU issue My main question is how to procede from here I suppose I can wait for my Seasonic to come back from RMA--perhaps that will clear up the issue I jus... Read more

A:PSU died, new PSU, bios wont recognize SATA devices, now wont turn on

I had a similar problem when I had an Antec PSU die on me. After I replaced it, my Biostar mobo's BIOS would no longer retain settings, and both my Pioneer DVD burners were completely dead. Not recognized in the BIOS, they would not acknowledge any discs inserted, nothing worked. I also started getting BSODs pointing to a corrupt BIOS. Replacing the burners didn't help. Putting the Pioneer burners in a new machine didn't work.

It turned out that the dying Antec PSU had wrecked the Biostar's BIOS chip and both Pioneer DVD burners. Replacing the BIOS chip was more expensive than buying a new motherboard, and reflashing the chip wasn't possible because the flash utility told me I already had the latest BIOS version. I ended up trashing the board and buying an ASRock board and Samsung burners.

If you get a new motherboard (or try another known-good working PC), and you connect your present SATA devices and they don't work, then the dying Seasonic may have burnt them out, too.
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OS Windows Vista Basic SP Hardware Intel Pentium Dual Core e processor gb ddr gb rpm sata hard disk gb allocated for recovery system DVD RW R Nvidia GeForce up to mb Packard Bell turn most Wont but sometimes even bsod. on does Newbie wont boot, times, Imedia d uk I give quick summary Im not at all good with tech knowledge mth old pc Wont boot But is temporamental Sometimes will turn on make noise and the dvd drive can open Other times wont even power up or even the odd time i get to the american trends black screen with some commands like f for SETUP f bb Newbie bsod. Wont boot, wont even turn on most times, but does sometimes popup Also noticed it said checksum bad My girlfriends pc this is It happened when she was using farmville Got the bsod PC was working really amazingly Newbie bsod. Wont boot, wont even turn on most times, but does sometimes beforehand like brand new Very little software on it and no music or movie downloads No file sharing Satisfactory AVG etc bsod arrrggh I noted down what i could from the first one before it restarted automatically PAGE FAULT IN NON-PAGED AREA down the page after a bit of warning about recent software or hardware installations or missed windows updates this technical info STOP x xEE x x FQ D x collecting data for crash dump initializing disk for crash dump After autorestart it done a repair startup which at first looked like working and everything it seemed fine So i opened firefox browser which reopened the farmville page that had been on at the previous bsod Well it happened again except this time it froze After mins nothing was happening Still the same bsod as st time around except nothing was crash dumping I decided to turn off at the mains and press on button few seconds later Then i got black screen with options REPAIR STARTUP recommended START WINDOWS NORMALLY Use arrow keys to navigate Arrow keys didnt work to let me select the startup repair so it tried to start normally The screen just went black as in nothing happening After min I thought i would cut power and try to see if it would automatically try another repair startup but this time i tried to hold in f to try and get into safe mode Didnt work Just went to black page with American trends at top which usually pops up for a second at regular startup But it just stuck there It said down the page bad checksum and i had the option F SETUP f BB POPUP I wasnt sure what to do here I tried space and enter but nothing seemed to be working It was stuck again so I turned power off again

A:Newbie bsod. Wont boot, wont even turn on most times, but does sometimes

If I leave it alone for a few hrs, the system might seem like its going to work, the on switch goes blue lit, theres the normal beep it makes, the three lights on the keyboard flash, then i get packard bell screen for split second which gives me options like enter BIOS, but that scares me. Then it will go straight to the American Trends page i explained earlier and wont go further

Then if you switch power off again and see what happens, it may not even power up next time, no blue lit on, a split second of fan noise then nada. Or it may have nothing happen except you can hear the fan running and the dvd drive can open

Of course she cant find her vista disc!!! We will find it 2moro somewhere though. There is no important data on the pc so if it was possible to reinstall vista I would just leave it in to get fixed. I got quoted 25 pounds.

Can anyone help me out or have any clue. My brother had a problem last month with a firefox update which gave him similair trouble. But lucky for him, it resolved itself after 3 days of turning it on/off and hoping for the best
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My computer will not shut completely off when I shut it down. The light for the wireless internet connect does not go black, it turns orange, saying that it is off but now the orange light does not come off unless I hold the power button down.  Also when my computer goes to sleep, when I press a key to turn it back on, it does not turn on. The screen stays black and the wireless internet connection light is orange. It does not boot back up anymore. 

A:HP wont shut off all the way and sleep mode wont let me turn...

Hi, Try the following. Open Settings and select System.  Select Power and sleep, then click on Additional power settings - in the following window, click on 'Choose what the power button does' in the left hand pane. In the subsequent window, first click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable' ( near the top of the Window ) and then remove the checkmark from the box against 'Turn on fast start-up (recommended)'.  Click the Save Settings button, then close any open windows and restart the notebook. When windows has reloaded, download the IMEI driver directly from Intel on the following link, unzip the package and run the installer. When the installation has completed, restart the notebook. When the machine has reloaded, re-enable Fast Start-up and reboot the notebook once again - let Windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K
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i took my computer apart and cleaned the insides and put it back together and now it doesnt turn on. what went wrong??

A:computer wont turn on at all!! wont do anything

Computer won't start troubleshooting suggestions

Try each one in this general order until problem is fixed:
1) check all your connections including your memory, power connectors, cards, fans and ensure the 4-pin connector for your CPU is installed if your system requires it. If you have removed your memory, make sure it is the correct slot(s). Not all slots work. I don't know if this will prevent the computer from trying to boot. At any rate, every motherboard manual details exactly how RAM should be installed for that particular board. If problem persists:
2) test the power connection with a lamp
3) make sure your on/off switch (if you have one) on your power supply is ON
4) remove the cables from ALL drives and restart
5) also remove unnecessary cards and non-cpu fans
6) Borrow a power supply (sufficient power and appropriate 20 or 24-pin connection)

I've seen this happen when a connector is improperly placed. The motherboard and/or power supply can detect an inappropriate power surge and not even start.
Some people have accidentally joined power connectors to each other, usually when hooking up system fans.

Your system can turn on and start booting to the BIOS with only the motherboard, a power supply and I assume some RAM (though I'm not positive the RAM is requied). It does not even need the monitor, although you obviously won't see what is happening but you will hear the power supply start. In general, with such a fault if the problem is not immediately obvious you should start with only the absolute bare essentials and, if your system starts add your components a few at a time.

Also, it is best to clean the exposed computer parts with compressed air.

Good luck,
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How can I turn on an ATX-PIV 400WATT power supply without connecting it to a motherboard? I tried connecting the green cable (PS-ON) to several black cables (COM/GRD).
- This model doesn't have a switch.

A:How to turn on PSU without motherboard?

If you unplug the PSU, jump the Green connector with any Black pin and plug it in, it should be on. I usually use a paperclip bent in a "U" shape.
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Ok, I just installed a new motherboard and I was pretty sure I hadconnected everything right.

Except the main power doesn't turn on. I don't really know what could be doing this... but I think I could have put the System Panel headers in wrong... I just can't tell if they are in right or no, or if this isn't really the problem at all. The reason I think it is, is that i would have expected the psu to turn on whatever... or could the board be a dud?

This is the motherboard:

Attached is a copy of how they should be set. Each of the heads has a side with writing on detailing their name. I have no idea which way this writing should face...? On the reverse side of each head there is a small arrow set to one side...
Any ideas?

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so my computer would randomly turn itself off after some time without being used, however the other morning when I went to turn it on, my processor fan turned on for a split second but then stopped, I know the motherboard has power because the little green light is on, as are all other lights that would be on without hitting the power switch. any ideas?

A:Motherboard has power but CPU won't turn on

The power supply has died. Just because you see green lights doesn't mean the power supply is supplying all the voltages needed by the computer. It could also be the motherboard, we'll go for the power supply first
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Earlier I created a thread in which I had suspected the system panel connections of being faulty and the reason that my new computer motherboard? turn won't Computer on, still bad wouldn t turn on but now I am thinking otherwise I switched out the motherboard of an older computer I have and it turned on my computer when I pressed the power on switch on the pront panel I also switched out my newer motherboard into my older computer case and tried to turn it on but it would not respond I did the same for Computer still won't turn on, bad motherboard? my PSU switching out Computer still won't turn on, bad motherboard? an old PSU with my new one in my new case and vice versa The PSU isn t the problem as it turned on when I switched it out Computer still won't turn on, bad motherboard? to my older computer case by then I had put my older motherboard back into that case and it worked perfectly I now have a sneaking suspicion that my motherboard may be bad but if it is bad would the LED light on the motherboard still come on when it is plugged into a PSU Please help I am at wits end and want to finally finish my new computer Thanks nbsp

A:Computer still won't turn on, bad motherboard?

You have to make sure you have the proper power supply connectors to the motherboard. Many make the mistake of either forgetting to connect the 4 or 6 pin connector near the CPU, or using the wrong connector
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Hi guys please help me to turn this new computer on This is a new computer that i installed and it worked for a month until motherboard went faulty I sent the motherboard back and got a new one but now i still cannot turn it on after i install everything correctly i hope on will but Motherboard on turn computer not light The led light on motherboard is at green so it should be receiving power from psu but when i pressed the front panel switch to turn on and nothing happens After the first few attemps Motherboard light on but computer will not turn on the fans spins for sec then went off After that few attempts my computer Motherboard light on but computer will not turn on simply does not respond when i press switch It shouldn t be a problem with my psu since i just bought a new psu to test and i still having the same problem I disconnect everything from motherboard except cpu heatsink RAM and PSU but Motherboard light on but computer will not turn on my computer still won t turn on I even pull the pin switch wire out of the -pin slot on motherboard and try to turn my computer on by using screwdriver to touch the -pin slot on motherboard and no luck I insert LAN wire into back panel and no light come out My spec Corsair cx Intel CORE I - GHZ Asus P P LE Kingston ValueRAM GB MHz DDR Coolermaster Elite Case Sapphire HD MB GDDR Seagate GB SATA-III Any chance they sent me a faulty motherboard again Any help would be grateful nbsp

A:Motherboard light on but computer will not turn on

Make sure that the motherboard is not shorting to the case. Place the motherboard outside the case on a piece of cardboard... Install the CPU/heatsink, memory, and video card. There's no need for a hard drive at this point. See if the board posts at all. Make sure you connect the 4 or 6 pin power supply plug to the connector near the CPU
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weeks ago the hinges on my Acer Aspire E - broke completely and i tried to fix them however one nbsp screw was stuck and I had to apply pressure which nbsp broke a small part on the top case near the power button The broken part was just plastic so I dont think i destroyed anything After fixing the hinges I reassembled the laptop but it didn't turn on at all However it did turn on with the battery so I knew the problem was with the dc jack - one cord was cut I had to buy a (dc on motherboard) turn Laptop doesn't jack, new one nbsp which I nbsp got today but the laptop still doesnt turn on This time even with the battery which is weird cause it did turn on with the battery and I havent touched the laptop since that time Also I changed the thermal paste today- dont know if that matters nbsp By the way since I have acer laptops and they use the same charger to test nbsp the broken laptop nbsp I take the charger from the good one and after that the charger doesnt work on the good one too I have nbsp to completely unplug it - times until it works again

A:Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard)

It sounds like something is shorted out in the motherboard and when you plugged in the good charger, you were shorting that out too. If there is now something wrong with the charger and you use it on the good laptop, you stand a chance of destroying it's motherboard too.
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I have bought a new Dell motherboard nbsp OCT for Dimension E I have received the motherboard screwed with and turn off manufacturing ALT+F cannot Replacement Motherboard mode into computer and all works very well But The motherboard was delivered with activated manufacturing mode Now I have the problem that the systems stays in manufacturing mode though I have entered the new Replacement Motherboard and cannot turn off manufacturing mode with ALT+F servicetag number already many times I have booted my computer many times but there is no chance to boot in normal mode There always is a message at end of boot that quot system is operating in manufacturing mode Press ALT F to operate in normal mode quot Pressing ALT F at this moment deletes the servicetag in BIOS again and all settings are reset Is this normal way On Dell homepage I found the information that I have to boot into BIOS setup and there press ALT F in main setup to deactivate the manufacturing mode But when I press these buttons I got a beep nothing more Please can you tell me how to deactivate this mode properly and permanent Thanks for an answer

A:Replacement Motherboard and cannot turn off manufacturing mode with ALT+F

I recently got a renewed machine (inspiron 660s) from dell.
The start-up screen always shows "manufacturing mode", even after I entered the service tag.
I tried many keys to try to switch back to normal mode but did not work out.
Finally, I pressed "Load Defaults" on the Exit Menu and then Exit BIOS setting.
Everything became normal then. A Dell Logo appeared on start-up. (Afterwards of course I can change any settings :)
Hope this help!!
Mario :D
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My friend accidentally spilt pop into his computer it on? will power not computer shows Motherboard but turn shut off and he then proceded to turn the computer back on The computer stayed on for a few minutes Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on? but then shut off Once it wouldn t turn on anymore he asked if i could take a look at it I originally built the computer for him so I knew his specs and proceded to look at it The first thing I did was try turning it on and no go I looked inside and checked the entire computer for burn singe marks but I did not see any I saw some pop Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on? residue here and there but it wasn t much he said only a few Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on? drips got inside He has a mm fan on the top of his computer the pop fell through and the fan splashed it everywhere But I saw barely any pop I replaced the power supply with a brand new on and I m still getting the same problem I tested the hard drive in another computer and it still works Graphics card looks fine and im assuming the processor is fine as well but I can t be positive Any ideas are welcome im getting rather flustered nbsp

A:Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on?

I suspect motherboard is the first place to have a look at; because probability is it may be shorted and need replacement.

By the way in such situations, best course of action is to turn off the PC/notebook immediately and let it completely dry (may take a day or two depending upon conditions) before trying to turn it back on to give its maximum chance to survive.
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In my previous mobo, the ethernet port's green and orange LEDs would always be lit. Even if the computer was powered off.

But i noticed that this new mobo doesn't do this. I connected the network cable, but LEDs won't turn on.

Is there something wrong?

A:New Motherboard - Ethernet port LEDs don't turn on.

Disabled in the Bios? or perhaps in Power Saving mode?
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Do I take a paperclip and quickly short the 2 pins on the motherboard that power up the system. Will it work?

A:How do I manually turn on my motherboard any system by hand?

well, yes you can do it, but why the hell do you want to do that?!?!
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weeks ago the hinges on my Acer Aspire E Laptop motherboard) jack, doesn't on turn (dc - broke completely and i tried to fix them however one nbsp screw was stuck and I had to apply pressure which nbsp broke a small part on the top case near the power button The broken part was just plastic so I dont think i destroyed anything After fixing the hinges I Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard) reassembled the laptop but it didn't turn on at all However it did turn on with the battery so I knew the problem was with the dc jack - one cord was cut I had to buy a new one nbsp which I nbsp got today but the laptop still doesnt turn on This time even with the battery which is weird cause it did turn on with the battery and I havent touched the laptop since that time Also I changed the thermal paste today- dont know if that matters nbsp By the way since I have acer laptops and they use the same charger to test nbsp the broken laptop nbsp I take the charger from the good one and after that the charger doesnt work on the good one too I have nbsp to completely unplug it - times until it works again

A:Laptop doesn't turn on (dc jack, motherboard)

It sounds like something is shorted out in the motherboard and when you plugged in the good charger, you were shorting that out too. If there is now something wrong with the charger and you use it on the good laptop, you stand a chance of destroying it's motherboard too.
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Hi guys Big problem here Yesterday my computer was working just fine I shut it down without a problem went to sleep Today I wake up try to turn it on and it doesn t make a sound After trying to press the button a few more times getting over the panic attack having two shots and a few advils I decided to venture into my computer s depths The motherboard seems to on, receives motherboard doesn't computer The energy the but turn be getting power since two leds are turned on when I plug the PSU into the power source yet when I press the power switch I can see no The computer doesn't turn on, but the motherboard receives energy response It s The computer doesn't turn on, but the motherboard receives energy not that the PC doesn t boot No fans start working Nothing It s dead I ve checked the connections to no avail and I m thinking about the PSU and the power switch I wanted to know if it could be the PSU since the motherboard does seem to get power and I changed it - months ago It should be working fine What else could it be The cables into the power switch seem to be glued to the connections so it s hard to check it with a multimeter I d try another PSU but a cheap PSU over here Argentina costs around hours worth of work for me so I d like to hear your opinion nbsp

A:The computer doesn't turn on, but the motherboard receives energy

Sorry to make you repeat yourself but both the 20/24 pin power connector usually to the right of the cpu and the 4/6 pin power connector to the left of the cpu are definitely clicked in?
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I followed the instructions listed on this page for "performing a Hard Reset or Forced Reset". In particular I followed the "Reset a notebook with a sealed or non-removable battery" section as my laptop has a non-removable battery. However, I did all this to no avail. When I release the power button it produces a brief white light and the F12 button with a "wireless" icon (see attached image below) produces an equally brief orange light simultaneously. I don't know what's going on From what I can gather from this thread, it has to do with the motherboard. Please help me!  I found that this user experienced a similar, if not identical problem with her or his very own HP ENVY Sleekbook 6-1010eo just this month and posted about it, but the thread did not produce an answer. Image of F12 button:

A:Computer won't turn on, motherboard issue? (HP ENVY Sleekboo...

 Hi @badbit, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I have read all of your post's that you linked to on the HP Support Forums.  I see you are having issues with HP ENVY 6-1010eo Sleekbook not starting correctly. Here is an explanation of the flashing lights.  Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows.Plug the power adapter directly into a different wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.Have you tried reseating Memory and the HDD?Please let me know how this goes. Click the Thumbs up to give me a Kudos high five, just to say thanks for trying. Thanks.
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Hi all I recently replaced spilled water all over my laptop I make the mistake of not waiting for it to completely dry and attempted to turn it on So after accessing the damages I took my Lenovo Y to a certified technician who told me that the motherboard was damaged I decided to replaced the motherboard by Turn won't On Now (Water Replaced Motherboard, Damage) It Laptop myself purchased Lenovo refurbished from Ebay and proceeded to install it When I turned it on Replaced Laptop Motherboard, Now It won't Turn On (Water Damage) the LED lights up to signal that it is being turned on however the fans do not start my keyboard does not light up my display does not turn on Basically only the power button LED turns on for about - seconds then shuts off I made sure the ram harddrive thermal paste screws cords etc was installed properly When I charge my laptop the LED lights up to signal that it is charging I attempted to turn on my laptop without the battery to this I received the same - second LED and nothing more Does anyone have any recommendations of what is wrong with my laptop Can we narrow it down to a specified region Thank you for your time guys I really appreciate it nbsp

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I have an HP media center PC running x64 Vista, when I usually put the PC in sleep mode (I'm assuming s3?) the case fans, PS fans and CPU fan would all cut off, now they do not. I have been reading and scanning forums all day on the subject and find no fixes. The closest thing I can come to is a registry setting? There are no power management options in BIOS(the BIOS is the most recent release, I checked).

Any suggestions appreciated!
JC Carmichael

A:Motherboard fans won't turn off in sleep mode anymore.

Fans won't cut off as in woon't turn off or keep on going? Have you tried flashing the BIOS?
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AMD 3400 lan party msi motherboard,

Ok. I was going to put a fresh copy of windows on a sata drive i already had in the system. It was set as slave so i switched it to master and tried to turn the machine back on. Will not turn backon! I have no safety switches in the chasis. i have checked all connections, tried turning the power on from the motherboard, and checked voltages to the motherboard. If you are familar with the voltgages is all i am gettin are 2 pins at plus 5 volts to the motherboard. Is that correct? this sucks do not want to spend any cash is there something i am missing. Anyones thoughts or comments are very much appriciated.

A:CPU Wont Turn On

Nothing no lights sounds nothing. The 115 is good to the back though i checked that.
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So everytime I turn on my computer it tries to start but then it goes to a blue screen and says "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"
If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer, if this screen appears again, follow these steps:
The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI complicant, Please contact your system vendor for and updated BIOS.
Technical information:
***STOP: 0X000000A5 (0X0000000000000011, 0X0000000000000008, 0XFFFFFFFFFFD1B018, 0X0000000020120913)

A:my pc wont turn on

Hi, my research of hour STOP code refers to a CPU that BIOS doesn't support fully ....ha e you made any changes to your pc lately?? What's the full specs of your system?
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i have a old celeron 300, have just put xp on it but when I click turn off, it( It is safe to turn your computer off ) come up with that , I then push the off and on button and it seams to reboot , the only way to turn off is to hold my finger on the start and stop button until it powers down, if I take it off straight away it will boot up again !

A:Pc wont turn off

look in control panel at Power Options...there is a setting for the power button
some mobo's have bios settings for shutdown.
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hello i have a Compac Presario S UK its about or years old now i suppose the computer was switched on and i was listening to some music on media player while turn wont on. PC i was giving the place a tidy but i accidentially knocked the wall socket switch off when i was hoovering and the whole thing powered down i left is powered down a good ten mins b turning the wall socket back on but now the PC wont turn on. PC wont turn on at all on closer inspection there is a small green light on the front of the machine that is flashing on and off quite quickly there is also a little green light on the back of the machine near to the power cable input socket and something inside is clicking as as the little light is fllashing i v had a search on the sight and came accross this thread http forums techguy org multimedia -pc-won-t-turn-green html which appears to be the same or similar problem tho under different circumstances but there was no definate solution to the problem i tried leaving it unplugged over night and un re-plugging PC wont turn on. all the leads in the machine which is all i feel safe doing with my little knowledge of pc s i presume it must be a power problem as its not switching on but the flashing light makes me think that power is getting so far so any tips or advice to help me get the machine going again would be greatly appreiciated thanks for reading k duck nbsp

A:PC wont turn on.

If there is a switch on the back of the PC turn it off and then plug the main cable into the wall socket....then turn the switch on the back of the PC making sure all the cables are plugged in all the way....

If you get the same problem then it could be your PC power supply...which are inexpensive and easy to change.
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Hey TSG,

Recently ive just built a pc for a friend:

Abit KV-7 V Motherboard
AMD Athlon 3000XP+
Radeon 9600XT 256mb
512Mb DDR PC3200
80Gb Maxtor
After Building the pc, i simply plugged it in and tried the power switch... no such luck. I dont know where ive gone wrong either.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Me And my bro are Building a new computer. It doesnt turn on. Do I need memory installed for it to turn on?

And right now we have the Harddrive, ATX Motherboard, Power Supply, Processor, CD Drive. And Wires that we thought was the problem.
oh and I think the Motherboard had somekind of graphics card built in. But any suggestions?

If this is wrong board sorry. if it is, someone make a link or tell me which board please. Thank you.

A:Wont Turn on.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What do you mean by "won`t turn on"?

Normally if you try and start a computer without any ram, you will get lot`s of beeps.

A computer won`t post without ram.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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i have avg free edition on my laptop but i keep gettin a notice sayin that it is turned off!!! i have tried to turn it on but it goes through all things it needs to but then doesn't turn on! i can scan my laptop using avg and it comes back sayin all clear!!
how do i turn this on? please help as i dont think my laptop is pretected!!!

A:avg wont turn on!!

Hello and welcome to TSF.

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last september i built my own computer and it has worked until now. Recently my computer would not turn off even when i commanded it to, so i have had to turn it off manually. today it was working until i was playing a game, fear, and the game froze. i turned off the computer manually and proceeded to turn it back one, and it wouldnt. none of the fans would spin, none of the lights or leds worked, and my router does not indicate thecomputer as connecetd as it usually does when its off. lastly, when my computer was off but working, before this happened, one green indicator light would stay on in the computer, but now it is not. i believe the issue is either the mobo or psu, but i dont know for sure, nor do i know how to test it. please help, i would be grateful!!!!

A:please help pc wont turn on

well now its morning and mobo green led will turn on now. unfortunately the computer itself wont turn on, and the router still does not recognize the computer as being connected, please help me
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Allright this may sound like a common problem but this is just boggling my mind About days ago I figured id actually shut my computer down for once while I left for the weekend So I come home last night and it wont turn on First thing I figure is that the power supply was tripped by Pc turn need wont on, help a surge from the lightning storm the day before so I unplug everything and Let it reset BTW pc is running thru a surge protector go figure So I plug it all back in its starts booting off then suddenly shuts off after about seconds So I take a few parts out thinking I may have a faulty PCI card and I turn it on it boots fine and starts up The computer is running for about mins when I decide id like to sit the tower back upright an as soon as it goes upright it shuts off Im not dropping it or putting it down hard either I tried htis a few times and times in a row it shut off when put upright and Pc wont turn on, need help now it wont turn on again If I leave it off for a while I will get the fans to turn and such for a split second and the lights will turn on but it all turns off imediatly Yes I have removed the cmos jumper and battery and I am at a loss for what to do right now You might need some sys specs so here ya go P Intel Board ill have to find out what make im not in the house right now WATT psu Meg DDR ram And I assume thats all you need to know Help me nbsp

A:Pc wont turn on, need help

Replace the computers power supply and also replace the surge protector. Even after 1 surge, the protector could and probably will be toast
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We are currently running 300 workstations, 190 of them use ONE model (Gateway E4620). There are some that had same problem (about 20). Initially it works great until a while later, it will not power on. I had to unplug the power cord and plug it back in then I will be able to power on. The staff have to do that every time.

What is the possible cause? What should I look for to get it FIXED?

A:PC wont turn on

I would start first by purchasing ONE new power supply with sufficient wattage, amperage, and if possible dual 12V rails. Replace one of the workstation's PSU and see if the problem remains. If the issue is fixed after a bit of trial and testing, order more PSUs for the remaining systems and replace them.

That's a culprit if the PSU isn't the issue, is the mobo(s).
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My friends laptop (no really...mine's fine im using it now)

My friend plugged an mp3 player into her laptop before the laptop had finished switching on
and the laptop just crashed and turned off, now you can acess the F2 menu on startup and you can start the computer from when it first got bought by pressing F10 i think.. but it still wont work-
the startup logo comes up and it starts to load windows but then just switches off, we've tried all the F2 options and all the others but it just wont work, help?

A:Wont turn on!

Hello mmeeggii. Why doesn't your friend try a complete reinstall she/he may lose their installed software but at least the machine will work.
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yes after using my pc i turn it off but i forgot something so i turn it on again but it dint turn on nothing happens no light no nothing wen i press the power button so i decide to open my pc to see what happening well my cpu fan does move wen i turn the pc on also there a small buzz noise coming from the power supply please help
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Processor- Ghz pentium HT Motherboard- GBF intel GPU- ATI Radeon MB Ram- x MB DDR MHz hynix Hard Disk- GB seagate baracuda PATA SPMS-mercury W LAN and modem card seperate I used turn wont on CPU to use the system but after I recently bought another CPU I stopped using it for months Now i need to use my old CPU again with the above mentioned config CPU wont turn on But when i start the system by powering it up CPU wont turn on the fan runs the led lights up the hard disk rotates the cd tray open and collapse but nothing else happens not a single subject comes on the CPU wont turn on monitor not even the intial intel original motherboard logo that used to come earlier The monitor remains completely inactive I checked my hard disk jumper its in master I also checked the bios jumper its too in configure I also tried to check with by removing the hard drive and just switching it on with a single ram stick of but to no avail any success I tried to switch on with only my motherboard graphics after removing the GPU card but the result remains unchanged The fan runs the SMPS fan runs the motherboard LED lights up the hard disk rotates but nothing on display of the monitor please help me and tell me were does the problem lies and how to correct it nbsp

A:CPU wont turn on

Try another monitor first
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My brothers pc keeps turning itself back on when he closes it down.

any ideas guys

A:Pc wont turn off

Are you sure he is using the Shut Down option instead of the Restart option?

I might suspect a bad power supply and would try a different one that is suitable for his system to rule it out as the culprit.
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my PC wont turn on i push the button and the lights come on and as soon as i let the button go the lights turn off again and when i hold it on i cant hear anything could this mean the switch has gone.
and it has had this problem once before but the next day after pushing the on/off button 20,000 times it turned on and the next week it started just turning it self on??? please help

A:pc wont turn on ??????

Is this PC an eMachines?
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well i got a new WD gig Hd for christmas so I put it in as my slave to my gig First i forget to plug the cpu fan back in but it was only on for about seconds big heat sink anyway then i plugged it back in and walked off to tell that I had it on when i got back it said CPU UNRECOGNIZABLE so i rebooted It was stuck on detecting IDE drives so I made sure to see if the ide cables were tight then when i plugged my stuff back in the pc turned wont HD...pc turn New on on for a split second then it turned back off Then i tried again and nothing happened i looked in the case for inspection but everything was Okay I tried again and it turned on so that the fans made about one turn and the LEDs didnt even turn on This is where im stuck Here are my specs Abit nf -s v mobo Athlon XP no OC cpu MB pc ram x DVD-RW and DVD-ROM as master and slave on one channel gig Seagate on master and gig WD on slave GEforce agp x mb vid card did i miss anything thanks a New HD...pc wont turn on bunch and merry christmas nbsp

A:New HD...pc wont turn on


This was an 'ungood' occurrence!

This may have been sufficient to turn your chip into a "CPU UNRECOGNIZABLE"

Two Seconds with no fan at start up is a lot...hopefully the system was able to shut itself off in time as protection?

The symptoms you are now experiencing are indicative of an overheating problem OR a 'cooked' CPU.
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Hi, my dell laptop wont turn on at all. I tried plugging it in, thinking it was just dead, but it wouldn't turn on. i waited a few minutes, but then it still wouldn't turn on. i checked the light the show that it is charging, but the light wasn't on.
i tried unplugging everything from the laptop, taking out the battery, holding the power button for ten to twenty seconds, then putting the battery back in and plug in the power cord into the laptop. that didn't work. not even a screen with a text. i have tried looking at different diagnostics, but none fit the problem
What should i do?

A:Wont turn on.

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly click on the link below which will give steps to troubleshoot which will help us identify the issue :
Kindly also private message the service tag and email address.
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Hey, a week or two ago an issue came up, now i decided to see if anyone here can help me out.

I turned off my pc cause i was going to upgrade RAM and video card. I plug em all in, and then my computer wont turn on. The orange light on the front comes on and i hear the cpu fan, but nothing happens. No boot up. the monitor doesn't even go on.

So i take out all the new parts i put in, same thing happened.
any suggestions?

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I bought  lenovo ideapad 100s but  it wont  turn  on.. i chrged it and light on. But  when i pressed  the  power  button  still  dont  come up.  Please help  me.  Thank you
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hey guys,

it's been awhile since i've needed help, but now i do. For some reason my agp is enabled in the bios, but ati's control panel will not let me turn it on. I've tried everything but smartgart is determining that agp is not safe for my computer.

i have a...
Asus a7n8x deluxe mobo, which has agp 8x capability
128 9800 pro agp 8x
amd 2600+ xp
gig of ram

Any help as to how to get this to work, would be much appreciated. Also i did turn fastwrites off.

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i switched off my lenovo b50-80 laptop and now it doesnt turns back on. The power button light glows whenever i click it but nothing comes up on the display or the keyboard light also doesnt glows.. I tried to click on the on the one key recovery but still nothing works.. Only the power button glows.. But whenever i plug the power brick after pressing the one key recovery key i get a short beep and also when i disconnect the power brick after pressing the one key recovery key.. What seems to be the problems? Please help.. I have exams and i need to study Edit: i checked the fan.. It switches on when i press the power button and after a few seconds say 2 seconds it switches off again and also the hard disk lighr doesnt lights up
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Hi, well I turned my PC on and the blue light came on as usual. The fans started then they went off and so did the PC. So I turned it on again, but this time it didn't do anything. No lights came on and the fans didn't do anything.

I've tried switching the fuse, switching the plug socket, changing the wire, nothing fixes it. Something with the PC itself is broken.

It hasn't ever overheated, after all, it's a new PC - less than 1 month old.

I want to see if there are any solutions which I can try myself. Although I can't fiddle with the inside of the PC, it'll void my warranty.

If nobody can suggest anything I'll take it to a shop tomorrow.


A:PC wont even turn on

Typically this type of problem comes down to a hardware component and most often - power supply or motherboard.

It can, however, be any of the hardware components. If it's under warranty, you're best bet is to take it in and have them replace whatever it is. Don't trouble yourself with swapping parts, etc. It's not worth your time or money.
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i have been without internet for 4 months because BFE (base filtering engine) wont turn on, after visiting many sites and posts,i got to this point:
ive been working through services

all errors been solved but error 1059(circular service dependency was specified)
error 1059 effecting
#2Windows firewall properties--------------------------------------------------------------- attempted to start using NT service\bfe
#3IPsec policy agent properties----------------------------------------------------------------| | | |
#4routing and remote access properties--------------------------------------------------------| | |
#5internet connection sharing properties--------------------------------------------------------------| |
#6IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying modules properties------------------------------------------|

so could you please help,thanks

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ok i recieved a non working computer from one of my uncles thinking i could fix it and use it well when i first pluged it Pc wont on turn in and tryed to power it up it didnt turn on at all no hard drive sound no fans nothing but there is power cuz there is a little led on the board that is lit up and the power button blinks Pc wont turn on when i push the power button the first thing i did was double check the power cable going to the mb so i unpluged it pluged it back in and as soon as i connected the power cable to the computer it turned on but nothing on the monitor it ran for about seconds then turned off and the power button started blinking so i unhooked the memory and left one stick in and turned it on nothing happend so i took the one that was in there and swapped it out for the other as soon as i pluged the power back into the computer it turned on this time it started to beep and would not stop and nothing was on the monitor so after another seconds it turned off and the power button started blinking and still wont turn on so i have no idea what could Pc wont turn on be wrong with this i checked all the hardware the only thing i could think of would be the power supply right now i took the battery out of the mb so any help would be great nbsp

A:Pc wont turn on

that does indeed sound like a power supply problem. either swap out the power supply for another one you might have lying around if it's more powerful. or buy a new one and hook it up and see if that resolves it. judging by the fact it just shuts down and doesn't restart, i'd say that's purely power related UNLESS the motherboard itself has had it.

in which case, you replace the motherboard. but first, power supply. see if that resolves the problem and if it doesn't, then you can be fairly sure you have a faulty motherboard.
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i have an hp pavillion a450n and i got comcast internet installed today it the internet wudnt work so the installation guy sed tht i needed to get an ethernet card and install it then it wud work so i bought an ethernet card and installed it then i tryed to turn it on and it wudnt start up at all and in the back of the pc near the powersource a small green light is blinking rapidly and i removed the etherent card and i had the same result. can anyone tell me wat might have happend or wat i cud do to fix it? thnx in advance

A:HP wont turn on

I moved you to hardware, this isn't a networking issue.
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Hello my other pc wont turn on Well I suppose it does turn on but makes a horrible beep beep beep sound continuously First it the pc would cut off by its self and when rebooted we would have a turn Pc on.......` wont error message that Pc wont turn on.......` read Durning the last boot-up your systems hung for an improper CPU speed setting Your system is now working in safe mode To optimize the system performance the system and reliability make sure the CPU speed conforms to the specifications of your CPU It was doing the beep thing off and on And when giving it time or after multiple times of turning it off and on the pc would finally boot up and continue with the above message I then would default everything and it would be ok at least for the time being until it decided to cut off by itself again Anyways my pc seems to have a ghost in it or a mind of its own So could someone please help me out in trying to exsplain this to me I would greatly appreciate it nbsp

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Hi all -I can not get my laptop to turn on (Modeal number 11-k059TU)when i plug the power adaptor into the laptop, the light next to it flickers,(blue) but does not stay illuminated. I have tried holding the power button for ages, etc. I would have to unscrew the back of the laptop to take the battery out....Any suggestions as to how i can get to the root of the problem without sending it in under warranty just yet (2 months until it is time up) Thanks

A:Wont turn on

Hi, please unplug it from the main switch, take off the adapter disconnect and reconnect the adapter  again. If the problem still persist, dont worry just send me a personal mail to [email protected] Thank You.
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The other day I bought some new bits to upgrade my PC with installed new Mobo and cpu fine tried installing new GTX but dont have enough qualifying molex connectors to run it at the mo lost them Powered up worked fine reinstalled vista etc I then tried to fit my GTX again with no luck so reinstaled the i have tried to power worked fine then I smelt a burning smell near the Dimm slots Tried to power on again nothing My Mobo has LED s on it one red power from PSU OK and a green blue one to indicate that its running Only the red light comes on However if i wiggle tho - pin atx connecter the blue green led pulses the fan spins a fraction and the PSU clicks with the pulses Tried my other MOBO and same thing happened powered on then burning smell now dead any ideas My Specs are w jeantech storm PSU Intel dual core MSI p n sli LGA mhz nforce i MOBO DDR mhz dimms x mb BFG GTS mb graphics upgraded to XFX GTX nbsp

A:My PC wont turn on

Wiggles the cords while it was on is def. a mistake imo.
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I recently got a new computer, a shiny new hp pavilion a1630n, loaded with a Nvidia geforce 6165 LE graphics card. However, i was in the middle of playing a game when the computer shut off, tried to restart, and got as far as powering up and then making a really high pitched beep and then try to restart again, and then it would beep, and so on until i drained the power. Someone told me that this might be a graphics card issue, and it seemed to me like that would make sense since i was in the middle of playing UT2004 when it decided to die.

Does this problem have anything to do with my graphics card, or is it something completely different?

A:Gah!!! It Wont Turn On!!!

There is really no way to tell, and no way that you should be trying to find out, as being a "new computer" it should be under warranty.

I would be onto HP for a repair.
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My pavilial 17 will not turn on. It will start and then go to automated repair and take forever then state it has a pproblem and the it will restart and then it freezes. The one message i did get said something about a reboot?
Relevancy 45.58%

it wont turn on at all, the PSU at the back has a lighted switch on the back that flickers so im thinking that might be the problem, pehaps theres no constant power going through.

ive changed the power cable and nothing changes so its not the cable

is this a faulty PSU or a lose wire inside?

can someone help, thanks

A:My pc wont turn on

Hello robbww77,

Can you give us more details on your computer ? Make & Model ? Desktop or Laptop ? Brand of power supply?

Any pics that might help ?
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I just transplanted my computer wont turn Everything off from a smaller mid-atx case to a larger Thermaltake Tsunami Dream mid-atx case and upgraded the power source from to After attatching everything i plugged it in to the wall switched the power on in the back and everything inside the front back HD and vid card fans as well as the memory LEDs and i cannot shut them off In addition the CPU fan doesnt fire up and im hoping this is because the CPU isnt being calld upon yet because the computer isnt even supposed to b on I try holding down the power button and nothing happens i also tried the restart buttons and again nothing happens Im not getting anything on my monitor to indicate theres any information getting to it My friend has the same chassis and he says sometimes he shuts down the computer the case stays lit up and he has to hold down the power button The computer is an A Everything wont turn off N -SLI Motherboard AMD FX- GB Corsair GeForce GT SoundBlaster FX and a GB SATA HD with a duel mount fan on its underside Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance for your time nbsp

Relevancy 45.58%

well my PC problem is turn Pc on.. also wont a little different when i turn on my computer the screen stays black the front side red led stays red i think that is the light that normally only lights up when the processor is working at use or something like that anyhow the PC stays at a black screen Pc wont turn on.. also then moments later the PC just shuts itself off i put a speaker on my motherboard i have no beeps not sure if i even have it on right but by what the manual says i Pc wont turn on.. also do I ve never had the speaker in before so i don t even know if it is supposed to work anyhow i am very upset right now and have been Pc wont turn on.. also troubleshooting this problem for about hours now and cannot fix it hopefully the help i get from here will be my gateway to paradise because ill once again be able to go onto my PC Asus p v x-mx intel P HTT ghz Prescott gb ddr x pro W up to W psu dont know if that will be oif any help but im putting down whatever i can i really want my pc back i canbt deal with this vacation without it whats worst is the fact that i ordered new parts for it just to keep it alive for another year or so that i could afford to build a new better system i ordered a W psu and an x that i would really like to use nbsp

A:Pc wont turn on.. also

Hello, truenoob, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

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The Techspot FAQ

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Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, no beeps at start up means "No Power, Loose Card, or Short" on an IBM BIOS. Try reseating your graphics and PCI cards and making sure there aren't any short circuits anywhere. If this doesn't sort it then wait for the new PSU because it sounds to me like a PSU problem if my other suggestions don't help.
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Im currently haveing a problem with my PC The other day i went to turn it on and the computer would turn wont CPU turn on on but it wouldnt boot and there were no beeps So because i didnt hear any beeps but the power CPU wont turn on turned on everything was running the hardrives the lights and and the moniter but no beeps and it wasnt booting i assumed it was a motherboard problem Well not knowing enough about the motherboard to check anything the only thing i could think of doing was maybe resetting the CMOS or BIOS or whatever it resets by popping out the battery So i pop out the battery put it back in and now nothing happens when i push the power button The power supply still appears to be working as the little LED that tells me the Ethernet cable is plugged in is still on I havent been able to locate the problem on the internet so i was hopeing for a little help thank you nbsp

A:CPU wont turn on

Hi and welcome to TS

I had that problem before, my solution was to remove the memory modules, and clean the slots on the motherboard using compressed air (they were full of dust), so you could try that.

Hope it works =)
Relevancy 45.58%

i have serioouslt tried everything,Problem:When i try to startup my computer the power button flashes really quick once and the power ac light flashes blue,red,and stays blue (the acpower light) Please Help! i didnt to anything it just decided not to start 1 day  Have a nice day!
Relevancy 45.58%

hey guys i was wondering if anybody knew why my laptop wont turn on. i have been surfing the web trying to find all different methods of solving it. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5560-sb410, i have it plugged in but it is showing no signs of life. no lights are on, and the screen is just black. I was told to unplug and take the battery out,and hold the powerbutton. after i did that nothing happened. I really need help!

Relevancy 45.58%

my pc wont turn off i have windows xp service pack two

Relevancy 45.58%

Hi, my name is Fábio, from Portugal, i have a HP 15-r004np, i replaced the hdd with a ssd, all good until i used the computer only with the baterry  and turn it off, never started again! The power light is always off.I did hard reset, checked if power reaches the board and it does, but no signal of any power on the power button. What can it be?
Relevancy 45.58%

My computer wont turn on. When its plugged to the charger the light turns on as if it is chargiong but even plugged in it wont turn on. There is no light or noise its just like if it is dead. Please help i need my laptop and the documents in it 

A:wont turn on

i tried the steps that it say of unplugging it and removing the baterry and push power button plug it again and still nothing
Relevancy 45.58%

presorio laptop win 7 ,pc wont turn on. battery is good and shows charge. i get nothing more then that. took battery out, it is cold to the touch. nothing left to do but have it looked at?!?!?!. thanks jeff

A:pc wont turn on.

Not much you can do yourself with a laptop. I don't have any ideas. You'll probably need to bring it somewhere. I assume you tried it without any battery, too.

No lights, sounds, or anything?
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Hi my mothers laptop HP- Large Battery just stopped working There have happened a couple of things so I'll tell it one by one - My mother turned on From hibernation her laptop one day and the screen was green My BIOS! is dead! on Computer Afraid motherboard doesn't turn even thoughts I thought that it might be the graphics card that had some kind of error on start up so I just turned it Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead! off and on again Then it ran like it used to - A few hours later the laptop had these random freezes which made Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead! quot Force-shutdown quot the only possible way of rebooting My thoughts Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead! I thought that this was perhaps a virus but I never got the chance to run our Anti-virus Kaspersky Antivirus PRO - Now two days later when she I tries try to turn on the laptop nothing happens The laptop powers on but doesn't actually run the HDD or even the motherboard for that matter Doesn't run the BIOS My thoughts I noticed that the only light that's on is the power-light The HDD doesn't even blink I also noticed that the screen doesn't even turn on but the fans actually run Most likely because the laptop is powered on So I can imagine that the motherboard is dead and in these couple of days it's shown me that this is it's last days to live But before I rip it apart and save the value parts and scrap the rest I would like to ask you guys for your opinion Do you guys have any other suggestions Thanks in advance xD

A:Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead!

Quote: Originally Posted by suuunly

Hi, my mothers laptop (HP-2133 *Large Battery*) just stopped working.
There have happened a couple of things, so I'll tell it one by one:

- My mother turned on (From hibernation) her laptop one day, and the screen was green.
:My thoughts: I thought that it might be the graphics card that had some kind of error on start up, so I just turned it off and on again. Then it ran like it used to.

- A few hours later the laptop had these random freezes, which made "Force-shutdown" the only possible way of rebooting.
:My thoughts: I thought that this was perhaps a virus, but I never got the chance to run our Anti-virus (Kaspersky Antivirus PRO)

- Now (two days later), when she/I tries/try to turn on the laptop, nothing happens... The laptop powers on, but doesn't actually run the HDD, or even the motherboard for that matter (Doesn't run the BIOS).
:My thoughts: I noticed that the only light that's on, is the power-light, (The HDD doesn't even blink). I also noticed that the screen doesn't even turn on, but the fans actually run (Most likely because the laptop is powered on)

So I can imagine that the motherboard is dead, and in these couple of days, it's shown me that this is it's last days to live.

But before I rip it apart and save the value parts, and scrap the rest, I would like to ask you guys for your opinion.... Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance xD

If it is a laptop there isnt much you can do. One thing you can do if you have some skills is to remove the cmos battery (its under the keyboard) and push and hold the power button (wile the battery is out and it is unplugged) for one minute
If you are at all unsure, or if it is under warranty dont do it.
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Hello there I was kind of messing around with the video card today and before this I could turn the computer on easily with the graphics card inside it mind you it never worked into Motherboard to on setting computer Inability video turn after card but it turned on and I never took it off so I don t know abou that Yesterday I took off the video card for god knows Inability to turn on computer after setting video card into Motherboard why and put it back in I checked everything and it was all plugged in the video card locked in place and I plugged the power into it Tried turning on the computer and for no reason I could find the computer would not turn on I proceeded to take the video card off and it suddenly worked Did I mess up the video card somehow in the process I can t find anything that I did Inability to turn on computer after setting video card into Motherboard wrong P S I installed the video card drivers from their site thinking it would make the video card work and of course it didn t now I have an enlarged screen I know it Is probably the drivers doing this and I have to just uninstall them but how do I go about doing that P P S Computer isn t connected to the internet even though my phone can get it via wi-fi any help on that Sorry for the extra two questions much thanks nbsp
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So i decided to build a new computer and i got everything connected, hit the power button and the computer wont power up. I have made sure all the power cables are connected well but nothing.

using a intel dp55wg mobo
intel i5 processor
coolermaster gx-750w power supply
xion axp 100 series case.
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hello everyone

it appears my computer a e machines windows xp is failing to start, well it starts and loads and goes to this black screen with a list of startups (safe mode, safe mode networking, normal start etc) and when i click the normal one it loads but before it gets to the screen with all the users it will restart after a blue screen appears. this blue screen has a bunch of words which i cant make out something about command because it disappears and reboots so quickly
help would be wonderful

A:Computer wont turn on

that's what we like to call the blue screen of death...lolz...when you get the startup options, u might want to try and start up in safe mode...see if that works... and then get back to us...
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Hi i notices some dust on my computer so i inplugged the computer i hovered around it pluged it back on press the power button but it wont switch on. The computer screen turns on but not the computer. Behind the computer there is no lights in the computer case i dont know what to do. My os is windows xp home

A:Computer wont turn on

Hi .

<< i inplugged the computer i hovered around it...>>

You need to be more explicit, please. Why did you unplug the system? What did you do after unplugging it?

System manufacturer and model?

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I have Windows 8. When I uncheck proxy it checks back. It sets it to I have run malwarebytes and it got rid of it for a couple of days, but now it came back and wont let me run malwarebytes.
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when i go to turn on my computer, the regular short system beep is longer and then nothing happens, then it beeps again... and so on and so forth. prior to this problem my computer was running pretty unstable, for about 2 days it would reboot whenever it wanted and a couplke times i got a bluescreen message that i dont remember.... i didnt write it down cuz im a moron, i have a feeling it has something to do with a surge and the power supply and im hoping i can just get a new better power supply. does anyone have any idea?

PLEASE HELP! my computer is my lifeline!!!

A:computer wont turn on

It's possible that a power surge screwed up something but I would try doing a system restore before anything else. If that didn't work I'd try booting with the XP disk and doing an XP repair.
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I only got the computer 2 days ago, i have barely used it but today i unplugged a usb stick to plug in my phone wire so i could charge my phone. But as soon as i plugged it in the screen and whole computer turned off and wouldnt turn back on. I have tried unplugging and replugging in everything and i have left it for a few hours to rest but it still wont turn on

A:My new aspire Z wont turn on!

Any LED or light appears when you connect the power cable and press the power button? if so...give Acer support service a call.
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a few days ago when turning on computer the display just showed lines then I would reboot and the start up window would appear and I would be fine. today it wont even come on, not sure if its the video display or if the power supply died.

I know its an older computer but as usual I have important files on there

any suggestions

averatec 5500 laptop

thank you
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So I built a new gaming rig and I put everything together and I can't get any power to it. I get one brief flash of blue on the power light. Other then that nothing. The fans don't turn on or spin, no start up beeps and the HHD is not spinning. I know the power supply is good I got another computer to turn on when I put it that case. Im thinking maybe a dead motherboard?

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It is a HP Pavilion running on Windows XP. When I press the power button nothing happens but the green light on the back goes on, however none of the fans or anything goes on. Right now I think it might just be the switch, or at least thats what im hoping it is. Would there be any way to check that or turn it on without the switch working properly? Thanks in advance.

A:Computer wont turn on

We'll need to no more info about your computer setup, give us your system details, be as complete as possible. It could be your psu, or LED wires may have come loose from connection.
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Hi I have the same problem as the below post which went unanswered --any takers this time XPS WHL turn Dell wont on for me thanks Somebody has just asked me to look at their computer because it won t turn on It is a Dell XPS WHL desktop computer and is about or years old When you press the power button Dell XPS WHL wont turn on on the front nothing happens I have checked the power cable and also tried a spare that I know works and that Dell XPS WHL wont turn on is not the cause I have checked that all of the cables in the computer are secure and that there are no burn marks or breaks in cables When you first plug a computer in you normally hear the fans spin for a second or some noise but with this one there is nothing the only sound that I could get it to make was by plugging the power cable in to the mains and then connecting it to the computer and it makes the quot Pop quot sound Even the fans on the power unit don t make a noise or move The owner has had this problem once before where it would not turn on and they took it to somebody who plugged it in and there was nothing wrong I have heard of this before though and it is when the computer needs totally disconnecting for seconds and then everything is fine but now that does not work No lights on the front of the computer or on the Motherboard light up even for a second there are no beeps Does this sound like a problem with the motherboard or the power supply unit and how would I test each of them I had a look to see if it is possible to have a look at the power unit but it seems to be in its own compartment that I cannot see how you detach it from the tower I have got a volt meter which I can use to try and find a voltage but I am not brill when it comes to electronics but if somebody is able to give advice it would be great nbsp

A:Dell XPS WHL wont turn on

Try another power supply first, its easier and a more sure way to test/rule out the power supply.
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I have a Dell PP25L and it was given to me and when i turn it on i can hear the fan going but the screen wont come on can you help me figure out what could be wrong with it.

A:The screen wont turn on.

Try connecting a monitor to it.
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Well for the past few weeks my computer has been not turning on. I really need some help, im running windows ME with a 1ghz athlon processor. 256mb Ram. 64mb vid card. I can rule out the video card because when i turn on the system, after it does a few beeps it has a blinking bar on the top left of the screen that looks like this _ . I can open up the cdrom drives fine but this is just killing me. I cant think of what it could be. Anyone have any ideas?


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HEELP my computer wont turn on I have an HP slimline the really small pc s like a month ago or so I had an energy power off turn on wont Help, computer my but I had my no break which is really good then when I was done using it i turneed it off anyways wheen I trieed to turn it on again it would Help, my computer wont turn on t start so a couple of days Help, my computer wont turn on later it turned back on likee nothing happened and for these last weeks this has been going on sometimes it turns on sometimes it doesn t The little green light on the back is on when it s plugged and off when it s unplugged when I push thee power button it blinks once and if I keep pushing it it sounds likee the computer is starting but the light on the front won t turn on at all and if i stop pushing the sound stops and you can hear like your turning off thee computeer p s Pls heelp mee I really don t know that much about computers so Help, my computer wont turn on try to explain mee in the eeasiest way you can nbsp

A:Help, my computer wont turn on

I strongly expect this is due to hardware.

In reality, it could be anything from the PSU (Power Supply Unit) to RAM or motherboard. But i think it is a psu problem.

Put your hand over the rear PSU air exhaust vent. Is it cool or very warm?
If it's hot your PSU is undoubtedly running near its design limits.

Also, check to see that the cpu heatsink is seated properly. (Which is your cpu fan, and is quite big so you shouldn't miss it).

Regards Jase
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I have an Advent laptop, im not sure what type =P, its fairly new, I just got it in May, and it's been in repairs for two weeks. I sent it in because it wouldn't turn back on after I turned it off, and after waiting two excrutiating weeks it will not turn back on still! Help me pleaseeee!

A:Laptop wont turn on

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I was on my laptop for a while left and then when i came back it wouldnt turn on even when its plugged in. Its a compaq presario 3000

A:Laptop wont turn on


A very vague post, first is it under warrantly if so take it back to where you bought it from.

If your able test the power supply with a test meter and see if there is any voltage coming out of it.

Post back and let us know.

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i have just moved all the parts from my old case to my new one but it wont power on now, i think it might be the f panel connectors as i have a f panel place on my motherboard but i dont know where the wires go.

here is a screenshot of my motherboard f panel

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I get an error message on startup and the error message is

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse recovery: LogonUI.exe - Application Error

The instruction at 0x0000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be written.

Click ok to terminate the program.

when i click ok i get another error message.

explorer.exe - Application error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000007b). click OK to close the application.
And when i click ok it is just a blank black screen.

A:Computer Wont turn on

Can try using a non-bluetooth keyboard and mouse?
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My laptop won't turn on at all, blue light blinks 5 times. I have removed battery, held the power button for 40 seconds, replaced everything and still nothing. It wont turn on. Does anybody have an answer for this problem?
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Hi i bought all my supplies from tiger direct I put them all together and when i tried to New wont PC turn gaming on turn on the pc the mobo light was blue and another very small light that was orange came on but no response to anything else I think it might be the power supply but it seems that the mobo is getting power I tried using the screw driver on the mobo start pins but that didnt do anything maybe its the mobo that came defective but im not sure does anyone have any suggestions heres what i have in my pc hard drive- WD Caviar GB SATA- G HD MB New gaming PC wont turn on SATA- G motherboard-XFX nForce i -Way SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA nForce i Socket CPU-Intel Core Quad Q Processor power supply-PowerUp GEN- -Watt Power Supply - SLI-Ready RAM-Corsair Dual Channel XMS MB PC DDR MHz Memory x MB Video Card-XFX GeForce GTX Standard DVD burner Apevia Black Black X-Plorer ATX Mid-Tower Case and a zalman heat sink for the cpu and artic silver thermal grease nbsp

A:New gaming PC wont turn on

Did you use standoffs for the motherboard? Also, you probably bought the case and power supply as a combo deal but did you happen to read the poor reviews the power supply received at its separate listing? A few DOAs. Just because you get some power from a power supply (a few lights) does not prove it is good.
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i uplugged vidoe card and plugged it back in and now my moniter wont turn on it goes green when comp starts up then it stays orange and the screen s black

A:Monitor wont turn on

Try another monitor before doing anything else
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Hi I'm new to all this and not sure if I'm posting this in the right place.

When I turn on my laptop the power button comes on for about 30secs and then it goes off nothing happens on the monitor any ideas how to fix this???


A:laptop wont turn on

Did anything peculiar happen the last time you shut it down? Has the computer been exposed to high humidity or general moisture? Most likely this is an issue with the power supply, as a quick fix you might try booting without the battery, or visa versa without the charger.
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my computer wont turn on but i have the light around the power button on

what happened as far as i know was
last night i went to bed with the computer on when i woke up it was turned of
so i tried to turn it on and nothing happened so i unplugged it and replugged it in and still nothing all the power connectors are pluged in right and i dont think its the power supply because i just got it 4 days ago

thanks for reading this and any help with be nice.

A:Help my computer wont turn on at all

What are your system specs? I think that is needed before any diagnosis can really be made.

BTW, welcome to TechSpot!

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Hello. I have a Asus cg series desktop computer. It is a 64 bit, and I am running Windows 7 home premium. I was doing a system update, and after I used it for like a half-hour. Than after that my computer turned off and when I start the computer up it stays on the Asus startup screen. I tried booting my Windows 7 recovery discs and when I try restoring my computer it says that my computer has no partion memory. Idk what that means. Than when I click restore computer to full HD it says error code. No memory. Idk what to do. I think it's the hard drive but I don't know it's a new computer

A:please help my computer wont turn on.


it says that my computer has no partion's a new computer

No partition means, that the Hard Drive has probably failed. How "New" is this computer? If you just bought it from a store in the last 30 days, you can take it back and get another one.
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I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 and when I press the on switch, the switch just blinks as if it was on sleep mode and it wont turn on. The monitor works fine and I tried everything like unplugging and plugging back in and stuff. are there any other solutions?


A:My computer wont turn on

Check out the manual to see what your blinking light means?
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not sure if this is the right section or not but i thought this would be the best bet .

My dad had a pc at work which is alot better than the one i have now.

yesterday he bought it home as he no longer uses it there. I set it all up but the monitor doesnt seem to be recieving and signal so it doesnt turn on.

iv tried both my current monitor and the one he bought home that was origonally used with the pc.

any suggestions?


Hewlard packard

dual core 3.0

nvidia 7300 512mb g card.

2 gig ram

A:monitor wont turn on

ok fixd that problem

but now when i turn on it gets to the start up black screen and i get and error

sayin soemthing about OC and to ender CD to fix OC
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HELP MY COMPUTER SCREEN WONT TURN ON.  Our family computer usualy works just fine even though it's a bit old. A few days ago it was working perfectly no issues or whatever. But yesterday, I tried opening it but it won't start. The CPU was working (I think it was working) the light on the back was turning on, the fan was working and overall i think the CPU was working. But, the monitor wasnt. It kept saying no signal and then the monitor is going to sleep. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP What do I do with it?