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My cybershot won't turn back on

Q: My cybershot won't turn back on

I took pictures last night & this morning, but this afternoon - when I turn the camera on the lens goes in and out 3 or 4 times then I get a message on the screen that says turn camera off and back on. I have done that repeatedly, took out the battery, plugged the bettery into its charger, nothing works. I got this for Christmas just a couple years ago, so its not that old. What is going on? I need an answer ASAP. I have flown across the coutnry to see my brandnew grand son for the holiday weekend for the first time & now I can't take pictures! HELP! Please write sallies2 at the yahoo.

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Preferred Solution: My cybershot won't turn back on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My cybershot won't turn back on

Sony camera problem.

This could be happening for several reasons. The camera could have a software /firmware fault, or it could be a problem with something preventing the lens from moving as it should.
But it's just as likely to be the Li-ion battery not holding a charge as it used to.
If you have a mains adapter, try that instead of the battery, see if it works then.
You may need to buy a new battery, as they don't last for more than a couple of years, especially with heavy use.
If you can get the screen on using the mains adapter, go into the menu and do a 'factory reset'. Take the memory stick out first.
All faults are repairable, but you would do well to get a quote first, as a new camera may be cheaper, (unfortunately).
The pictures on your memory stick are not affected by camera faults, as a rule, but if you have another one, try it, just in case there is a problem with the edge connector on it.
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Hello Microsoft team,
We need for an application to unplug and replug usb3 - not physically but with a program.
We checked a lot on the internet but did not find answer how to do it in windows 8.1 pro (in c++).
We know that hibernation creates something alike, but how can we only turn down the power of usb3 and return the power back on back via program (in c++).
Thank you for your help.
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Running Windows Vista Ultimate.

Display turns off after about fifteen minutes regardless of whether I am actively using the computer or not. The only way to turn the display back on is to close and then open the lid. This disconnets me from AOL, so I have to sign back on again, and if I was emailing, I might lose my current email.

Under Power Options, I have 'Turn off the display' set to Never for both On Battery and Plugged in. Under 'Put the computer to sleep' I have both On battery and Plugged in set to never. Nonetheless, the display still shuts off while I am working.

What do I need to do to prevent the display from turning off at odd intervals?

A:Vista Ultimate x64: turn off display, will not turn back on

sounds like your display drivers are crashing.

Do not rely on windows update drivers - go to graphics chipset manufacturer website and get latest drivers
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Once again the computer impaired one comes to the table of knowledge...

I shut down my PC, fans stop, lights go out. About 6-8 mins later it starts up again, been doing this for four days now. I ran a virus scan which came out clean. The only way to keep it turned off is to unplug it. The only tinkering I've done lately is to try to open a port on my router (which I didn't get done, forgot password and reset button doesn't work). I don't think my PC is set to hibernate, I have never used that feature.

Is there something I should check?


Athlon64 X2 5000+ BE @3.2ghz
2 gig G.Skill DDR2 800
120 gig Maxtor sata
RaidMax RX-530SS PS
XP Home sp3

A:Solved: I turn PC off, it comes back on, turn it off, comes back on...
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Hello  i am writing my  mother laptop for some reason it acting very odd brand new not even few months old  Ok yesterday her laptop she could shut it down with no problem this morning she going out she turn it off bout close it.. but it decided turn back on not going thru booting it up with hp Icon no went straight away to windows 10 automaticaly.  So i decided to check some program see if anything conflicting it nothing  so i decided to shut it down thru windows 10  power shutdown but still turn back on..  i shut down it with power button but even still turn back on please help me
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If I turn the laptop off and back on again, like next morning etc the dongle doesn't connect to the internet, but if i then restart it, the dongle connects.

Why is this? anything else I can do?
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Last night, my computer turned off while I was using it. It wouldn't turn back on, and everything else on the surge protector was working fine. Since I've had problems with power supplies before, I turned the switch to the off position, removed the power cord, and let it cool off, in case it had overheated. When I tried to turn it back on, the power light and the LEDs on the inside blinked on and then back off. They were on for maybe a tenth of a second. During that time, there's no sound of my computer trying to turn on or anything, just the lights. Does anybody have any idea what this might be, or where to begin to troubleshoot??

btw, I know I mentioned LEDs, but I don't have any extensive mods, no overclocking, etc. Just pretty lights.

TIA for any help!!

A:pc cut off and won't turn back on

It sounds like the PS went out, or is going out. If you can get your hands on a volt/ohm meter you can test it, or just replace it and see what happens.
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I'm baffled.

Had to reinstall Windows XP. It appears there are issues with SP2 involving the video graphics card and the sound. Now I'm stuck. I thought that if I chose "do not use this device" under "Device usage" on the display adaptor tab, that it would pick the right adaptor.

Anyway, my screen went blank and I tried to reboot in safe mode and it sticks at mup.sys. I disabled mup and it now sticks at "nid" something or other.

I got the bright idea to use "Windows Narrator" to try and reenable the adaptor but I think the reinstall or the SP2 killed my sound.

Now I'm really stuck. Is there a way to reenable VGA adaptor from the command prompt in recovery mode?

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My laptop seems to have a lot of CPU problems, always running a noisy sound, it's running really slower.

My friend has the same laptop with XP on it and it's pretty fast, It's like i am using dial UP and he's using DSL :P I need a lot of time to open a folder and view anything...

So how can i turn back to windows XP? I have the XP DVD.

Thanks !

A:Turn back to windows XP

Well if you want to keep your stuff then back it up if not then How to Downgrade Windows 7 to Windows XP
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Hi. I have a Epson Workforce WF-3640 printer. I was in the middle of printing out my son's term paper, when I heard it stop working. Noticed it was off. Tried to turn back on. Nothing. Check cord to make sure connected securely at back of printer and at outlet. Also check for a tripped breaker. And nothing. I just bought this brand new from Best Buy in February. Please help.

A:Printer won't turn back on

If the printer is getting any power I would try:

A different outlet.
A different power cord.
Checking to see if the printer is still under warranty with the manufacturer and/or Best Buy.
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Hi a few weeks back turn comp Been trying to on... my ago I came home a few hours after having used my computer in the morning to Been trying to turn my comp back on... find it off It would not turn on I unplugged everything and took off the side panel Been trying to turn my comp back on... and found the PSU still warm I read around on similar postings on this forum and decided it was my PSU I bought a new one Still didn t turn on However the f-lock led on my keyboard was lit up when the switch on the PSU was flipped on So I e-mailed my motherboard company Epox I recieved some directions that would get rid of electricity still in the board such as holding the power button down for seconds setting the cmos to - for a few seconds and putting it back onto - One of the directions was to remove the round cmos battery which i did not do because I was unable to reach it enough to remove it I also took it completely apart and replugged everything in No such luck So I bought another mobo one just like it but the chipset was nforce instead of nforce ultra Supported the same hardware though Still will not work So now i m wondering if it s the power button on my case I am probably going to plug my friend s case s power button into my mobo and see if it turns on gt gt gt gt To summarize- Computer mysteriously turns off Buy new PSU Fiddle around with old mobo but end up buying new one Still will not turn on And when I say won t turn on i mean nothing turns on moves makes noise or lights up System Specs EPOX EP- NDA I NF mobo Original one was an EP- nda J not I AMD athlon fx venice x dual channel corsair DDR RAM gb western digital SATA HD PixelView GeForce GT X AGP XFinity watt PSU If you have anything at all to say or suggest thank you so much If not thanks for taking the time to read all that nbsp

A:Been trying to turn my comp back on...

Verranuce said:

So, now i'm wondering if it's the power button on my case.Click to expand...

An easy way to troubleshoot the case power switch is to completely disconnect it from your motherboard. Then take a regular screwdriver, and just quickly touch (short) the two pins that the case's power switch usually connect to.

Hopefully your system will fire up, and you'll know you have a dead power switch!
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Hi guys!

New here, just put Windows 7 on my laptop on Sunday. I'm really liking it thus far.

One thing I noticed maybe just today. When the screen shuts off due to time or the lid being closed, it doesn't seem to want to turn back on. I can put into standby and bring it back out and it works just fine. But, I'd rather not have to do that all the time.

It's a Dell Inspiron E1505 with a ATI Radeon X1400 video card if that helps at all.

If you need more info, let me know. Thanks!

A:Screen won't turn back on

Hi daroga and welcome,

This tutorial from Brink will show you what the power option settings are and from where to access them.
Sometimes coming out of standby, etc doesn't work right. You can turn all of it off if you desire to.
Power Plan Settings - Change
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So I was just playing some TF2 and in the midst of an awesome match my PC promptly shut off, and is not able to turn back on. I checked the power cords and changed slots on the power bar but nothing. My external HDD on the other hand is still able to get power from the PC through USB. I don't know what information will be relevant to my problem so if someone would let me know I'll do what I can to get the information for you.

A:PC Shutoff and won't turn back on

When you try to turn on the PC, do any green lights come on?
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hi we have a lenovo laptop that you can flip round but when it is out like a normal laptop the screen is upside down.

A:how to turn the screen back around?

Hold down Control + Alt and then select the arrow key for which way you want your laptop screen to face. edited by Johnw
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I am adding to this forum because this is May 4, 2016 and the problem has been noted on the forum since October 2015. If I had read the forum prior to purchasing, I would not have purchased this laptop or I would have investigated to be certain the problem has been fixed. I am sooooo disappointed in HP.I really don't know what to do now.
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avg turned off and can't turn it back on. Can't delete it or download the new version 9.0 that is supposed to automatically delete 8.5

A:Avg diabled and can't turn it back on

and welcome to the Forum

It sounds like you need help with cleaning out malware, please follow the instructions here, and post the logs in a new thread in the malware removal section.

After running through all the steps, please post the requested logs in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum, not here.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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I wonder what I've done, and it just turn my cap lock "off" key to "shift" key. Just to make it more clear, I put my caplock on with caplock key, and I need to off it with shift key, do anyone know hwo to slove this? To change back to default.

A:HELP!!! How to turn back the cap locks key?

can't you just press it again to bring it back to default?
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Before I found all of the USeful info here on the
MSblast virus I was trying to fix the problem of the RPC restarting my computer..

It got to the point where I disabled the RPC in the COMPUTER MANAGEMENT Tool under services for my one and only hardware profile.. DOh..not a smart move...

Now when I start up, either in normal or safe mode,
most of my critical windows services just dont run.

My question is this :

Is there a way to get these services started up or enable them again so I can run windows normally and apply the MSblast fix.?

Basically, I think XP needs the RPC service to even consider allowing me to enable it again..
Thanks for any help.

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Hi I ve just recently had AVG on! My I and it can't been back off turned has turn this happen but I ve been My AVG has been turned off and I can't turn it back on! here enough to know I may have contracted a nasty Last week my system started hanging up and plain not responding My wireless aircard refused to work in a manner like it was telling me that it was already in use when it wasn t even plugged in I couldn t get much to work right so I rebooted in safe mode ran a couple of scans which found nothing rebooted in normal mode and my aircard was working again Yay It worked normal except for the Windows pop up box that says you are offline kept popping up and I couldn t close it unless I connected to the net via my aircard Now my AVG has been switched off and I can t get it to turn back on and my surfing via aircard is noticably slower And my power icon in the tray has gone away I have a Toshiba Satellite P- bit processor Vista Home Premium SP I also have A Squared AdAware AVG free edition Malware Bytes Spybot SuperAntiSpyware installed I use this laptop for work and now I m afraid to put in passwords account numbers etc Thanks My AVG has been turned off and I can't turn it back on! Steve

A:My AVG has been turned off and I can't turn it back on!

Just an update.
I downloaded + ran the Kaspersky scanner and it found nothing, but yet I've lost the power icon and the internet connection icons in the task tray.
It still get a black screen for a long time on start up from sleep mode.

I'm not sure if I'm infected, or have something going wrong.

Any thoughts? Ideas?
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I have a new PC with Windows 7 ultimate 64 and want to turn off the annoying pop up messages telling me 'I can back up' etc. I have no schedule in place , un-clicked in the Notification Area and in Action Centre.
Can anyone please tell me where else I must go to get rid of these messages.

A:Back up Advisory pop ups - how to turn off

Hello Walkage, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Did you turn off (uncheck) the Windows Backup message option in Action Center and click on OK like below?

Action Center - Change Message Settings

If so, then please post a screenshot showing the pop-up message to see if it may be for something else.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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Just got upgraded to Fiber, they needed to turn the firewall off to do the installation and now it won't turn back on. Using the windows firewall that came with my XP SP2 machine. Error message is 'cannot start Internet connection sharing services'. any help would be greatly appreciated. Installation guy is not a tech.

A:Firewall won't turn back on!

Open Services...
Start | Run | Type: services.msc | OK |
Are these services set to Automatic and started >>>
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Network Connections
Windows Management Instrumentation
Event Log

[[What services Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) needs to
function properly:
Network Connections
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Windows Management Instrumentation
Event Log
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ]]
Open the Event Viewer and see if there are any errors related to
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
To open the Event Viewer...
Start | Run | Type: eventvwr | OK
Double click the event in Event Viewer | Click: the button below the second
arrow (looks like two pages) [[Copies the details of the event to the
Clipboard.]] | Paste into Notepad | Click:
For more information, see Help and Support Center at
Read all info | Copy and paste to Notepad | Click the [+] Related Knowledge
Base articles | Follow any links that might be useful
HOW TO: View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP;en-us;308427
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I woke up yesterday morning and suddenly my laptop will not pick up my or any routers The blue light on the front of it will not come on even though the switch is set to on When I click quot Diagnose why windows can t find any networks quot I get the message quot this computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed quot Well it was working hours ago I ve restored my laptop to its factory shipped condition and updated it from hp update and windows update but it still does not work I cant even open the hp wireless assistant from control panel when I click on it back on turn my components? How wireless to nothing happens The laptop is a HP G I have of them and the other is working fine Under the network tree in device manager the working laptop looks like this gt gt And the one that is not working looks like this gt gt As you can see the WLAN thing that I need is not there I have no idea why How to turn back on my wireless components? my laptop would suddenly do this I ve been looking for a solution all day and found nothing From reading some stuff on the hp site it looks as How to turn back on my wireless components? though ALL of my wireless devices are turned off which would explain why hp wireless assistant wont even open Apparently they get turned on at the factory and they should not turn off I have no idea how to turn them back on if my computer is not even picking them up I don t think there is a problem with my modem or router because my pc other laptop and ps are all connected to the internet just fine I ve been looking for a solution all day I have no idea how to turn them back on my computer is not even picking them up Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:How to turn back on my wireless components?

Check in the BIOS (Setup) to see if the wireless adapter somehow got disabled.

With laptop unplugged and battery removed take the wireless card out and carefully reinsert it (maybe it got loose).

If neither of these work the adapter has probably died, or there has been a failure in the part of the motherboard to which the adapter connects.
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Several weeks ago I noticed an alert on my computer that my antivirus at the time it was Panda Security's free AV was turned off I tried turning it on through Windows' tool and it didn't work When I tried opening Panda itself it got on turned and Antivirus not turn off back will would take approximately minutes for the window to open then nothing inside it would be clickable I assumed Antivirus got turned off and will not turn back on the issue was with Panda and uninstalled it then got BitDefender's Total Security free trial That seemed Antivirus got turned off and will not turn back on to work better but then the next day I was again getting the message from Windows that my antivirus was turned off This time I opened BitDefender to check its status and it said my computer was protected I tried telling BitDefender to turn on through Windows' Action Centre and then my status on the BitDefender window changed and said that real time protection is turned off I tried turning it on several times in the BitDefender window as well as through the Action Centre to no avail I downloaded and ran FRST and following are the contents of the FRST txt log Thank you in advance to all those who help me Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by cookie administrator on LOLLIPOP - - Running from C Users cookie DownloadsLoaded Profiles cookie Available Profiles cookie Platform Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser FF Boot Mode NormalTutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved Bitdefender C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender vsserv exe AMD C Windows System atiesrxx exe AMD C Windows System atieclxx exe Apple Inc C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe Apple Inc C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe Conexant Systems Inc C Windows System CxAudMsg exe Panda Security S L C Program Files x Panda Security Panda Devices Agent AgentSvc exe Bitdefender C Program Files Bitdefender Agent ProductAgentService exe ByELDI C Program Files KMSpico Service KMS exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlwriter exe TeamViewer GmbH C Program Files x TeamViewer Version TeamViewer Service exe TOSHIBA Corporation C Program Files Toshiba Power Saver TosCoSrv exe Bitdefender C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender updatesrv exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center itype exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center ipoint exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System rundll exe TOSHIBA Corporation C Program Files Toshiba FlashCards TCrdMain exe Conexant Systems Inc C Program Files CONEXANT cAudioFilterAgent cAudioFilterAgent exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe Bitdefender C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender bdagent exe Flux Software LLC C Users cookie AppData Local FluxSoftware Flux flux exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System StikyNot exe Google Inc C Users cookie AppData Local Google Update GoogleUpdate exe Dropbox Inc C Users cookie AppData Local Dropbox Update DropboxUpdate exe Bitdefender C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender bdwtxag exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe Oracle Corporation C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe Dropbox Inc C Users cookie AppData Roaming Dropbox bin Dropbox exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System dllhost exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System GWX GWX exe Mozilla Corporation C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox firefox exe Google C Users cookie AppData Local Google Google Talk Plugin googletalkplugin exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System rundll exe F WDSync v exe Registry Whitelisted If an entr... Read more

A:Antivirus got turned off and will not turn back on

Greetings sqarcle and to BleepingComputer's Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.My name is Oh My! and I am here to help you! Now that we are "friends" please call me Gary.If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that.===================================================Ground Rules:First, I would like to inform you that most of us here at Bleeping Computer offer our expert assistance out of the goodness of our hearts. Please try to match our commitment to you with your patience toward us. If this was easy we would never have met. Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. I need to be certain about the state of your computer in order to provide appropriate and effective steps for you to take. Most often "well intentioned" (and usually panic driven!) independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. If at any point you would prefer to take your own steps please let me know, I will not be offended. I would be happy to focus on the many others who are waiting in line for assistance.Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps may be a bit complicated. If things are not clear, be sure to stop and let me know. We need to work on this together with confidence.Please copy and paste all logs into your post unless directed otherwise. Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter problems simply stop and tell me.When you post your reply, use the button instead.In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see the button. Click on this then choose Immediate E-Mail notification and then Proceed and you will be sent an email once I have posted a response.If you do not reply to your topic after 5 days we assume it has been abandoned and I will close it.When your computer is clean I will alert you of such. I will also provide for you detailed information about how you can combat future infections.I would like to remind you to make no further changes to your computer unless I direct you to do so.===================================================Now that I am assisting you, you can expect that I will be very responsive to your situation. If you are able, I would request you check this thread at least once per day so that we can try to resolve your issues effectively and efficiently. If you are going to be delayed please be considerate and post that information so that I know you are still with me. Unfortunately, there are many people waiting to be assisted and not enough of us at BleepingComputer to go around. I appreciate your understanding and diligence.Thank you for your patience thus far.Unfortunately there is evidence of illegal software on your computer. I am going to request you completely uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 and all other products for which you do not have a valid Product Key. If you are willing to do that please rerun a FRST scan with Addition.txt and post both logs. If you prefer to leave the programs on your computer let me know that and I will be closing the Topic.
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Thank you for following this X1 Shuts down Yoga turn back does on and not thread nbsp I have recently recieved a refurbished X Yoga which has run extremely well until three days ago When I first recieved the laptop I noticed only that the battery charged light and the screen notification were not aligned The light next to the charger would indicate it was charged long before the screen would agree This wasn't that big of a deal but it may have led to my next issue nbsp X1 Yoga Shuts down and does not turn back on Three days ago the touchscreen and mouse started to malfunction On the right side of the screen there was the mouse and three circles frozen but I could still use the mouse through intuition and some guesswork The visible point of the mouse would flicker back and fourth between where it actually was and the right side of the screen Later that evening I closed the laptop and it died I tried to charge the X1 Yoga Shuts down and does not turn back on laptop but no matter how long it was charged or how long I held the power button nothing happened Essentially it became a very expensive brick nbsp Yesterday I charged the laptop again just out of X1 Yoga Shuts down and does not turn back on desperation and it came to life It made a sound like a dial-up and just turned on as if nothing happened Everything seemed to be all right until it crashed again and now is currently dead nbsp Any suggestions The laptop is still under warranty since I got it about three weeks ago nbsp I just can't turn it on to use Lenovo Support
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Hey everyone I m having some hardware issues If I shut my computer down I can t boot it up again until I turn the power supply off and the red power light on the motherboard turns off After that I can get into Windows and not experience any problems Restarting is fine as well as leaving the computer in sleep mode I know it s not my case s power button because it functions as it should and I already plugged the wire in and out from the motherboard As for the power supply I ran a test by running Crysis heh and my computer didn t shut off or anything I m not confident that the PSU is not part of the problem though What could I do to fix this I don t understand much about computers it was actually my friend who help me set this build up so I would really appreciate the help My setup - ASUS P Z -V GEN - CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX - CORSAIR Vengeance GB x GB - Intel Core i - GHz - Windows -Bit nbsp

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Greetings all so lately I ve been having some problems with my Dell Vostro A that runs Windows Vista Home Basic -bit service pack Anyway recently I ve been having problems with my laptop I often leave my goes Screen on. won't black turn back laptop on while I m around the house doing things mainly it s downloading or running a virus check but when I return the screen is off which is good I set my screen to turn off after a few minutes but when I try to get the screen to turn on again Screen goes black won't turn back on. by pressing a key on the keyboard or clicking the touchpad or moving it nothing happens I can t get the screen to turn back on and so I am forced to hard reset my laptop which I really don t like to do When I start up the computer again it works fine but I notice that not much of my downloads or scan have been completed like the computer froze pretty early on At first I thought Screen goes black won't turn back on. it was a virus or something so I posted on the appropriate forums on here here is the link to that topic http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic html Unfortunately it appears that this isn t the problem so now I m here trying to find help to resolve this issue I hope someone out there knows the cause of this problem and a way I can fix it Thanks in advance
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Hello, I have a brand new HP Spectre which has only been used a few times. When I close the lid of the laptop, it goes into sleep mode, similarly when I press the power button once it sleeps. My problem is that when I open the lid and press a key, or open it and press the power button again, the keyboard lights up, the fan goes mental, but the screen never turns on. I've left it for upwards of an hour before and it doesn't turn on. When I put the laptop in sleep mode also, after about 5 minutes the fan goes mad. This is awful for when I'm trying to transport my laptop without having to turn it fully off. Should I take it back as it's still under warranty? Or how can I fix this?
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This happened once, and seemed to fix on its own a few months back. Anyhow, my Vista PC is starting up, then about 2 minutes in, the monitors (dual set up) go to sleep. The pc stays on, but i cant get back in. I have to turn off the system and restart it, only for the same thing to happen again. This happens in safe mode as well.

The pc is not set to go into hibernation mode, there is not even a screen saver set. I have no idea why this is happening, or how to fix it. Ive tried a system restore to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas what this problem is, and how to fix it?

(I havent tried a new graphics card, but the card seems to be ok)


A:PC sleeping and not able to turn back on after 2 minutes

could be that psu is starting to fail. can you get intot eh BIOS and post your voltages and temps?

also please post your full specs including make and model of power supply
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ok heres the situation
for about a week now i go to get on my computer and its on standy when i go to get it off standby it wont go i have to turn it off manually and turn it back on

today it was on when i woke up i went to type my password for my SN for windows and it didnt recognise the keys so i turned it off and now it wont turn back on

what can i do ti fix this by tonight?

A:computer wont turn back on

Run through this lot HERE

Those are the first things to try.
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I turned my speakers off using the control panel, I went to playback devices and clicked on the speakers before clicking a drop down menu and selecting disable. It has now dissappeared, how do i re-enable?

A:Speakers disabled, how do I turn them back on?

Go back into playback devices, right click in open area and select show disabled and disconnected devices and then apply and ok. Then select speakers and make default.
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Hi Guys,

Running windows 10 with the build in windows defender.
recently (in the last few days) a message keeps popping up that no virus software is running and that I should turn it back on.
I tried, but the option to turn it back on is greyed out, I ran a Microsoft antivirus scanner and it came back clear.
I obviously need to turn Defender back on, but have no clue how to

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Cheers for reading


A:windows defender won't turn back on

found the problem

I installed Spybot S&D. because of that Windows thinks there is another anti virus software installed and disables Defender. Uninstalling Spybot S&D automatically enabled Defender again
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I bought this back in July. When it came in I turned it on to make sure that it worked then i turned it off and put it back in the box. It has been off until today. I turned it on and I noticed it was going very slowly. The mouse pad would not click and I could not adjust the sound with the keyboard. Everything would take a long time to open. I tried to turn the laptop off but it did not turn off when i pushed the power button. The laptop finally turned off when I went to power then pushed restart. It took about 5 mins to turn off but now it will not turn back on. The power button is still on but the screen is black.

A:Hp 11 stream wont turn back on

Disconnect the power supply and leave it turned on until the battery fully discharges.  Plug it back in and try to boot it.
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Thank you for following this thread nbsp I have recently recieved a refurbished X Yoga which has run extremely well until three days ago When I first recieved the laptop I noticed only that the battery charged light and the screen notification were not aligned The light next to the charger would not Shuts turn and does back down on X1 Yoga indicate it was charged long before the screen would agree This wasn't that big of a deal but it may have led to my next issue nbsp X1 Yoga Shuts down and does not turn back on Three days ago the touchscreen and mouse started to malfunction X1 Yoga Shuts down and does not turn back on On the right side of the screen there was the mouse and three circles frozen but I could still use the mouse through intuition and some guesswork The visible point of the mouse would flicker back and fourth between where it actually was and the right side of the screen Later that evening I closed the laptop and it died I tried to charge the laptop but no matter how long it was charged or how long I held the power button nothing happened Essentially it became a very expensive brick nbsp Yesterday I charged the laptop again just out of desperation and it came to life It made a sound like a dial-up and just turned on as if nothing happened Everything seemed to be all right until it crashed again and now is currently dead nbsp Any suggestions The laptop is still under warranty since I got it about three weeks ago nbsp I just can't turn it on to use Lenovo Support
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Hi I bought my Toshiba laptop about two years ago from best buy. I was playing a game on it and it froze up shut down and won't turn back on no matter what I do. The orange light just keeps flashing five times on the front of the computer if I press the power button. I am using win 10. It won't turn on if I take the battery out either.

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Okay I have my power settings so that the display and hard disks turn idle Display back on turn won't after off after x-amount of minutes Sometimes when I come back after it s Display won't turn back on after idle been like this for a while I run my finger accross the touchpad and nothing happens normally the desktop comes right up as with a screen saver It s like the display just won t come back on I ve tried pressing keys pushing the Fn F button that switches to an external monitor pressing Windows gt U gt S Display won't turn back on after idle the sequence of keys that puts the computer on standby Ctrl Alt Del Nothing works Every time I ve had to do a hard reboot by holding down the power button The rep from the reseller I bought from is trying to tell me that quot Go into you Display won't turn back on after idle power options and ensure turn off monitor and hard drive are set to NEVER otherwise you will have to do a hard re-boot every time it happens quot and quot When Windows shuts off the monitor and hard drives it is permanent until you re-boot It is different than hibernation or stand by turn off is completely disengaged from Windows so no other programs can turn it back on or unauthorized users etc quot Which is absolutely not true as I have been doing this same thing for years on my previous laptop So any ideas nbsp

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I own a conpaq windows 7 laptop. My problem is that my vomume used to turn on but now it wont. it keeps saying no adio output installed. can anyone plz help me because im make videos and stuff but i need my volume.

A:The volume wont turn back on help

Did this computer come with Windows 7 preinstalled, or was it an upgrade?

Reason I ask:

If it came preinstalled, then the driver has become corrupted.

If it was upgraded, maybe the driver isn't compatible with Windows 7 and needs to be updated.
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Good Morning everyone My husband I and a Cyberpower GX I which turn desktop will turned off back not on and we purchased in June not even a year ago He was using it this morning just using firefox visiting a website he has gone to every day when it suddenly shut down We let it sit for about minutes and attempted to turn it back on but nothing would happen We tested the electrical outlet and its fine We attempted to turn it on again and the light on the front would come on for a second but then go off and the computer will not come on It s like it gets power for a second but then refuses to acknowledge anything Do we need a new power supply What else could have gone wrong I desktop turned off and will not turn back on checked the warranty information and parts are warrantied for a year so it should not have died this early Any advice is greatly appreciated If you need any other details I ll try to provide them Thank you so much in advance nbsp

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I've already consulted Samsung about this issue, and they want me to Refresh (windows 8) my laptop. I have important programs and I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT.

Started about half an hour ago, I plugged my laptop into the wired connection because it was downloading 6 GB. Plugging in a cord activates Airplane mode. In theory, once out of Airplane Mode, WiFi will turn back on. NORMALLY IT DOES, BUT NOW IT DOESN'T. THIS IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF.



A:WiFi turned off and won't turn back on.

Is this a second computer with the same issue?

I would suggest contacting Microsoft as it seems to be a software issue and not hardware. Especially if you can turn on the wireless manually.
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My laptop  (Dell Inspiron 15 model 3531) turned off and will not turn back on. I've tried removing the battery and using the power cord, however, every time I plug the power cord in the light on it turns off. I've tried removing the battery and pressing the power button down for 30 seconds and then plugging the power cord back into it, with the battery in.....same, no beeping or anything. I don't know if it's under warranty as I got it from school and they are now closed (ITT TECH). I have an older inspiron, but this one had all of my programs from school. Thank you for your help.
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So my brother was playing a game, then the pc turned off by it self, now it wont turn back on... But even tho i thought it was the PSU, the mouse receives energy... I tried chanting it to see if the HD would turn on but it doesnt... What do you guys think is the problem?
PSU: Grimtec Model: LC-8460BTX

A:Pc turned off, wont turn back on

The mouse does not require nearly as much electricity as the rest of the system. The problem could still be the PSU. How old is the PSU?

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For me this animation always turns itself off, but in vista I know how to turn it back on. Im running the windows 7 RC right now, and the see moving window animation turned itself off, and I don't know how to turn it back on. Look in the picture. Does anyone know what im talking about?
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I was doing work on my laptop when suddenly it made a small "bzz" sound as if powering down and switched off. It will not turn back on and I have tried removing the battery for 5 minutes and putting it back in with and without AC plugged in, but it will not turn back on. I haven't really had any problems at all before this, and I have a lot of vital work that I had not yet backed up that I really can't lose. It is 4 years old and I got it in 2012 so I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty.  Any suggestions to turn it back on/ get back any work I may have lost?
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I have tried everything! My roommate turned it off and I can't get it back on. I have Windows XP Pro. I went to control panel and phone and modem and can't find anything. I also went into internet options and can't find it there. The volume settings are on and are on high. What is M0L0? I saw a piece of paper in her hand writing and that is in the advanced tab in the modem properties. Can you help?


A:How Do I turn Modem Volume back on?

Modem init strings

M0 Speaker always off
M1 Speaker on during connection
M2 Speaker always on (very noisy)
L0 Lowest volume
L1 Lowest volume (redundant)
L2 Medium volume
L3 Maximum volume

So change the init string to M1L2
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I am running Win on a Samsung tablet and use Windows Defender for protection I own the tablet it is not part of any network I was searching the net and Defender reported malware After a bit of a tussle the malware seemed to be removed but Defender was turned off so I have no protection I went into the Control Panel Security Centre and it reported this and had a button at the end of the message for turning Defender back on However the button did not work It was On back Defender Windows Cannot Turn visible but did not seem to be enabled When I clicked on the defender app icon there was a message saying Defender was turned Cannot Turn Windows Defender back On off at the Group Policy level Cannot Turn Windows Defender back On and was controlled by the Administrator As it is my own PC I assume I am the Administrator but this did not seem to make any difference I searched for Group Policy but nothing was found How can I turn Defender back on

A:Cannot Turn Windows Defender back On

Hello Punchy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Did you install a 3rd party AV program?

If so, they will often disable Windows Defender by default, and Windows Defender cannot be turned on until the 3rd party program is uninstalled.
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I've followed instructions through just about every source I could find and nothing seems to be helping. I've gone through the system properties-system protection, but it won't let me click on anything. It's just not giving it to me as an option to click on anything, not even to change between the drives. I'm signed in as the administrator (I'm the only user on this computer) but it simply won't let me. I'm at 50% available disc space, so I don't see that being the problem (could be wrong). The only thing I can think of is the virus issue I recently got through. It was one of those rogue 'antivirus' fake it cleared up, but could it have screwed this part up? I'm posting a picture of what I'm getting...hope someone can help!

A:Can't turn System Restore back on

Try this tutorial.

System Restore - Enable or Disable
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We've had a recurrent problem with our Dell desktop (about four years old; Vista operating system) freezing up while videos are playing, usually on children's websites, for some reason (like Nick Jr. or, for example). The video freezes and there is a loud buzzing sort of sound. Ctrl/Alt/Delete does nothing; we have to manually shut the computer off. The second to last time it happened, it would not turn back on. After considerable tinkering, it did finally come back on; weirdly after the ethernet was disconnected and reconnected. This time, it will NOT come back on. It is a doorstop. Just give it to me straight... Are we screwed?? lol...
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Hi, having a problem with my Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 600.

Last night i turned the computer off when i went to bed. When i turned on the computer again the next morning, the power went on, but nothing showed up on the screen. We connected the computer to another screen to be sure that it was not the screens problem.
And we came to a conclusion that the problem sits inside the computer.

Anybody know anything i can du to have any remote chance to get this computer working again?


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hi all its my first post so please ,cant turn back turned on vga it off device be gentle with me i ve turned off the vga device in the display advanced settings and can t turn it back on turned off vga device ,cant turn it back on when the system boots up as the screen is off i ve seen another post with the same problem but just cant seem to get any off turned off vga device ,cant turn it back on the tips in that post to work i was trying to install a new graphics card turned off vga device ,cant turn it back on zotac geforce a on an old nd hand dell dimensions but when i tried to install the driver i got an error quot the nvidia setup prog could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware quot so i read the instructions again which said disable the driver already installed looked for and couldnt find in add remove programme bit in control panel which is when i did what i did what i ve tried to remedy this is hit the f key on start up tried safe mode enable vga last known good configand and safe mode with command prompt not sure what the last was doing but tried it anyhow also tried taking out graphics card rebooting reinstalling it and start up again all with no joy as it was nd hand i have no disc with it and was unsure to try the ctrl f to set the machine back to factory setting would this affect the memory upgrade i made thanks for any help nbsp
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I accidentally unplugged the powerstsrip from the wall while vacuuming. I plugged it back in and went to turn on the computer and now it won't turn back on. This happened once before, and in a few days, I was able to turn it back on. Not the case this time. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Help! Computer will not turn back on after being turned off


If you have a surge protector try turning it back on.
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I have a compaq presario v laptop and I have only had it for almost years I was just on my laptop days ago and emailing a friend and all of the sudden my laptop just shut off and I have no idea why I pushed the power button to start the laptop back up and nothign happened I unplugged the AC adapter and took out the battery for a few minutes then put both back in and still nothing happened I called a computer tech dude and he told me that there isn t much I can do Either my AC adapter broke or my motherboard crashed I just don t understand how my motherboard could crash with only years of using the computer I went to Staples and tested out another AC adapter on my laptop and the laptop Power light won t even come up So for some reason even My on! turn Computer back and :( off won't shut with a good AC adapter my laptop still doesn t get power Can anyone help me out I really don t want to drop another bucks on a laptop when I just did years ago Is my laptop really useless now If anyone can help me :( My Computer shut off and won't turn back on! get it back started up please let me know A guy at staples told me he could :( My Computer shut off and won't turn back on! probably fix it for I don t really want to pay that much money to fix my laptop I would rather sell it for parts and buy a new one IF it came down to that Please let me know if anyone can help thank you nbsp

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I just uninstalled Mcafee Security Suite following their instructions for Win 10.  I now can not get Defender to turn back on.
I get a pop up saying another program is disableing Defender.
I was not aware Emsisoft would block/disable Defender. At the moment Emsisoft is the only security program I have left running.
Any ideas?

A:Windows Defender will not turn back on.

Since Windows 8/10 Defender includes anti-virus protection, it typically is disabled by the installation of a third-party anti-virus your case McAfee Security Suite probably disabled it to begin with. However, uninstalling McAfee was not enough. Emsisoft Anti-Malware is an antivirus platform that includes anti-malware protection...EAM combines its technology with Bitdefender Anti-Virus. Windows Defender will remain disabled until that EAM has been completely uninstalled.After removal of the third party anti-virus, Windows 8/10 Defender needs to be activated if you choose to use it. When uninstalling the third-party anti-virus Defender should automatically turn on. In some cases you may receive a message indicating your system has no here to turn on Windows Defender. If not, and Defender remains disabled, you will need to manually turn it on.Since you are using Emsisoft, there is no need for Windows Defender.
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Last night I decided to let my game idle while I went to bed. As the computer is in my room and I didn't want the screen light to keep me up I decided to turn down the brightness. So I went to the right side windows 8 menu clicked on settings and pressed brightness. Now I accidentally turned it down to zero and I let my mouse go.

So now my screen is black. This wouldn't be a problem if the brightness buttons work but they don't (didn't install the boot camp drivers)
Is there any way I can recover this? Or would I have to reinstall my pc?

PC specs: mid 2010 13inch Mac book pro, no bootcamp drivers

A:Turned down brightness to zero, can't turn it back up.

Try to start Windows in a safe mode and change it there.

Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in
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Help please. I have a small laptop computer which is hooked up to a router which is hooked up to cable modem. Operating system is Windows Vista and with Team Viewer.
I am in Ontario and it is in Florida with remote view camera's pvr attached also to router. In this storm my power had gone out and now is back on, however my computer is not powering on which I thought i told it to do before I left it (umm guess I goofed). Almost hurricane Debbie is causing me this problem.
How can I turn it on without being there. I am familiar with Bios but again cannot access it. Anyhelp please will be appreciated and thank you in advance. Without my computer being on the pvr support people cannot access my pvr and router.

A:Turn my computer back on from 2000 km away

You can't turn it on without being there.

Usually there is a BIOS setting about what to do after a power failure that includes restarting. But the program would need to be running as a service because if just a program, it would not be running after a restart.
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i don't know what happen but i just notice that my window defender is turned off and cant not turn it back on even if i click on the screen that telling to click on to turn it back .all i get is window defender is not responding .
now you really need it .

A:cant not turn back on window defender

it is ok .i don't need to have turn on anyway .
how that he got turned off i have no clue
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Anyone know how to get the Previous Versions Tab back for C: in Windows Explorer. It is quite useful, I hope it doesn't disappear...

Windows Dev. Preview 8102.101

A:Turn Previous Versions tab back on?

Hi, Wincomelately! Welcome to the Eight Forums!

Remember, this is an early beta and if you haven't updated an installed program, you're not going to get that option.

You might want to do an update on your Dev Preview, though, as you should be on .109.
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We have a vendor provided web application that uses I.E. as the browser. Occasionally, the customer will choose the <Back> button in I.E., in error. Doing this can leave the current record incomplete, and unaccessable because ownership was not assigned to it.

Does any one know if there is a way to have the web application disable the <Back> button in I.E.?

Thank you in advance for any assistance, knowledge, etc. given to me regarding this matter.

Regards, and have a GREAT day!!!!

A:[resolved] How Can I Turn Off The <Back> Button?

I do not know of a way to turn off or remove the forward or back button in IE. However, if you go to View, Toolbars, and uncheck Standard Buttons, you loose the forward and backward buttons, along with other items that may be necessary. You may be able to make a custom toolbar with some of the items that are missing? Look at Customize in the bottom of the drop box.

It appears in Mozilla Firefox you can take away just the back button by dragging it from the toolbar. You might try and see if you can use Firefox with your application.

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Basically the laptop was working fine It was mine i had to hand it down to my mother as she wanted a laptop and i got a new desktop it was cheaper that way However there was quite a lot of junk on my laptop and not a lot of space on the hard drive so i formatted the hard back turns Laptop on... turn off, won't drive using the system recovery discs that came with the laptop It was working fine the windows XP thing came up that runs you through naming the computer and saying what keyboard you want ect but my mum wasnt available at the time so i put the computer in standby Later on my dad switched it off by holding the power button down When it was switched back on it seemed to be ok came up with the same windows XP beginning Laptop turns off, won't turn back on... thing BUT the slightest bump movement ect and it switched itself off Sometimes it does it withjout a bump or movement automatically We did get through the windows XP thing and install microsoft office but thats as far as we could get When it switches off when you try and switch it back on the quot media activity quot light comes on which apparently means the hard drive is active but thats all Nothing else You switch it off again by holding down the power button for a few seconds and try again and its the same You have to leave it for hours before it finally switches back on and then after minutes or so it switches off and the cycle begins again Please help Its an Acer TravelMate laptop nbsp

A:Laptop turns off, won't turn back on...

Almost certainly a hardware problem, and I would guess unrelated to the reinstall of Windows.

Software problems do not cause such "movement sensitive" issues.

Mind you, about the last thing I would ever do would be to try to invoke Standby before Windows was fully installed! But thats unlikely to be the problem. I would think that service is needed, unless you have microsurgery and microelectronics skills.
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System Protection is turned off. To turn it back on so you can use System Restore, see Turn System Restore on or off. 
I went to turn System Protection on, and this is what the screen looks like:
How exactly should I turn it on, to be safe? (I was recently infected by malwares.)
Also, I never upgraded to Win 7 or anything or using anything like dual-boot. It's a Dell desktop, if that matters.  

A:system restore - how to turn it back on the right way?

Click on OS (C:) (System)
Click on Configure
Select Restore settings and previous versions of files and click ok
Click on Create and enter a name for the restore point and click ok
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Good afternoon nbsp nbsp nbsp I was browsing the Internet when my laptop Back Off and Shut On Laptop Will Not Turn shut off without warning nbsp Now considering the spectre x 's infamy for running very hot and that Laptop Shut Off and Will Not Turn Back On it was pretty warm in room at the time I initially put it down to it overheating nbsp It is worth noting that other than the laptop switching off there was nothing amiss nbsp There were no beeping noises error messages or burning smells as others have reported in other similar threads with similar issues nbsp nbsp I left it it to cool completely and tried to switch it back on and nothing happened nbsp The fans don't spin and none of the LED's nbsp anywhere on the machine light up at any point nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I read through troubleshooting guides checking the adapter is undamaged the wall socket works etc I was unable to find any problems via the troubleshooting and the only thing left it recommended was a hard reset nbsp nbsp After much searching I found a thread on here with instructions on how to perform a hard reset on my particular model These were as follows nbsp -Switch off laptop-Unplug all peripheral devices-Unplug power adapter-hold power button for about seconds-plug supply back in and boot up nbsp I attempted this with no success I still can't elicit any response from my laptop nbsp At this stage I am utterly stuck and can't fathom what to do next nbsp Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp nbsp ThanksSam
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Mod Edit Moved from XP to Am I Infected boopmeGot some kind of virus that turned off my firewall and everytime I try to open the firewall settings in the control panel Started with some kind of fake virus scan thing so I shut down and ran Malewarebytes Anti-maleware in safe mode It found back turn and off turned Firewall on can't a few issues that I had it remove Restarted windows and my firewall is off and when I try to open firewall settings it asks me what program I want to open it with does the same for spybot and even firefox Ran Spybot in safe mode and it found a firewall and antivirus override that Firewall turned off and can't turn back on I told it to fix but I still can t get into firefox or my firewall settings I ll post you the log from Malewarebytes here in case it helps Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www malwarebytes orgDatabase version Windows Service Pack Safe Mode Internet Explorer PMmbam-log- - - - - txtScan type Quick scanObjects scanned Time elapsed minute s second s Memory Processes Infected Memory Modules Infected Firewall turned off and can't turn back on Registry Keys Infected Registry Values Infected Registry Data Items Infected Folders Infected Files Infected Memory Processes Infected No malicious items detected Memory Modules Infected No malicious items detected Registry Keys Infected No malicious items detected Registry Values Infected No malicious items detected Registry Data Items Infected HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Clients StartMenuInternet FIREFOX EXE shell open command default Hijack StartMenuInternet - gt Bad quot C Documents and Settings user Local Settings Application Data ilj exe quot -a quot C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe quot Good firefox exe - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Clients StartMenuInternet FIREFOX EXE shell safemode command default Hijack StartMenuInternet - gt Bad quot C Documents and Settings user Local Settings Application Data ilj exe quot -a quot C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe quot -safe-mode Good firefox exe -safe-mode - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Clients StartMenuInternet IEXPLORE EXE shell open command default Hijack StartMenuInternet - gt Bad quot C Documents and Settings user Local Settings Application Data ilj exe quot -a quot C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe quot Good iexplore exe - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Security Center AntiVirusDisableNotify PUM Disabled SecurityCenter - gt Bad Good - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Security Center FirewallDisableNotify PUM Disabled SecurityCenter - gt Bad Good - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Security Center UpdatesDisableNotify PUM Disabled SecurityCenter - gt Bad Good - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully Folders Infected No malicious items detected Files Infected c documents and settings user local settings application data ilj exe Trojan ExeShell Gen - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully c documents and settings user Desktop eXplorer exe Heuristics Reserved Word Exploit - gt Quarantined and deleted successfully

A:Firewall turned off and can't turn back on

Same computer as here?
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Hello my name is Matt I have a Asus windows 8 laptop when I turn it on a screen pops up and says "aptio setup utility" and will not do anything else I was wondering if there was a recovery soft ware for a phone to be use on a computer

A:Computer crashes and we'll not turn back on

What's the make and model?

It probably has a Recovery partition installed into the HDD.

Try pressing F2 or F8 or F10 and see if you get a "restore" or "re overy" option
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Recently, my laptop shut down and I havn't been able to turn it on since, I thought it might have been my Power Cord, so i got that replaced, but it still never worked?
Nothing works, nothing works when i press the power button, I tried taking out the battery and power cord, etc. but still nothing...

I don't think it is the motherboard because I recently had my motherboard replaced with a brand new one, so I don't really know the problem?

Could somebody please help me...?

A:Laptop shutdown, now won't turn back on?

Hi Howlett93,
Welcome to Techspot.

Just a couple of question:

Why was the orgigional motherboard replaced?

What is the make of the Laptop?

What did you do the day before is didnt turn on again?

CAn we have more PC specs? eg operating sytem RAM etc.

When you tired taking out the battery did you hold down the powerbutton for about 0 second to get rid of any remaining charge.

This gives us a clearer picture.
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I recently turned off my wifi back wont on turn Wifi connection just to do an install I simply pressed func F and i shut it off until my installation was complete Now when Wifi wont turn back on i hit Wifi wont turn back on F again to turn it back on the little light on the key turns back on indicating that my wifi connection is back on but when i try to connect in my network connections menu it says wifi is off I have a Samsung chronos series with windows as my OS I tried everything as far as trouble shooting goes and I also did Wifi wont turn back on a system restore hoping it would reset my network card but I still get know results Does anybody have any idea what might be going wrong I really need to get my internet working again Oh yeah i tried the Ethernet connection and that works but i need my laptop for class and other events where I'm mobile plus i got an assignment due this morning and this is really putting a monkey wrench in my plans So somebody please help Thank You P S Maybe I didn't set my restore point far back enough and also the one suggestion I didn't try was refreshing my computer but i didn't want to have to reinstall every freakin application I have loaded on my laptop

A:Wifi wont turn back on

Have you checked to set what wireless adapter is set as default since you've turned wifi off? Since you turned it off, the default setting may have changed which could explain your not being able to connect to your wifi.
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i plugged my camera into my vista laptop and was asked to install drivers, so i got the installation cd that came with it and put that in, installed everything yet the camera still isn't recognised!

i also have a jessops universal card reader, asked to install a driver but no cd came with reader.

is there a driver that works on vista or either the card reader or the camer its self?
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I d be grateful if anyone can advise me - we use the above camera in a fine jewellery business to take very close up detailed photographs Dsc-t5 Cybershot Sony of each item of stock - we also use a light box for optimum clarity The photos are then loaded into a jewellery accounting programme For some months the photos were of excellent quality but lately the camera seems to change its setting amp photos are blurred amp dull The person who takes the photos I do the computer side of things complains that a Sony Cybershot Dsc-t5 hand diagram amp Sony Cybershot Dsc-t5 an exclamation mark often appear in the view finder We do not have a users manual as the Director of the company bought the camera privately amp despite repeated calls for help from the local camera shop no-one can or will assist there also seems to be only a rudimentary type of tutorial available on the web There is a vast stockholding which needs to be photographed amp it is taking forever to get a single clear picture - the detail needs to be excellent as the photos appear on professional valuations Many thanks for any insights nbsp

A:Sony Cybershot Dsc-t5

Free users guide is available in .PDF (acrobat reader) format here

It has a troubleshooting section but I don't see your specific problem.
Note-the exclamation mark seems to apply to SHARPNESS setting (do a search on the .PDF file to see that command.
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When I turn on my Sony Cybershot DSC-P51 to take pictures, I get this beeping noise & on the display screen it's telling me to "turn the power off and on again". I do this but keep getting the same thing. I can't take pics but I can look at the ones already on the camera.

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Hope I'm posting on the proper area of this forum. I just purchased a Sony DSC-H20 and I'm getting conflicting info regarding Vista compatibility. I have an HP Pavilion Slimline; Base Processor: Athlon 64 x2 (B) 5000+ 2.6 GHz (65W). 2000 mega transfers/second. Socket AM2. My main use for the camera will be shooting at 640x480 for storage on my computer via the 2.0 USB port. Does anyone have inf regarding this compatibility issue . I bought the camera new on eBay so can't go to local store for support. Thanks.

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I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93A. My PC cannot "see" the camera after I installed the driver. I followed the directions from the Sony download site to no avail. I had tried loading everything from the CD that came with the camera, also to no avail. The camera works with my Compaq laptop by showing up as another drive on the computer.

My PC at work is P-4, 512MB ram, and Win XP Professional on a small office network.


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This camera (I recently got it for my birthday) takes photos where reds are much brighter than they actually are. I was hoping someone knew how to fix it, as it's too late to return it. If not...could someone direct me to some good point and shoots?

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I came back to my computer the other day to find it had blue screened, and since then microsoft security essentials won't turn back on either. My bank also detected fraudulent activity from my computer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Microsoft Essentials Turned Off & Won't Turn Back On

Welcome aboard

Please, complete all steps listed here:
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Please, observe following rules:

Read all of my instructions very carefully. Your mistakes during cleaning process may have very serious consequences, like unbootable computer.
If you're stuck, or you're not sure about certain step, always ask before doing anything else.
Please refrain from running any tools, fixes or applying any changes to your computer other than those I suggest.
Never run more than one scan at a time.
Keep updating me regarding your computer behavior, good, or bad.
The cleaning process, once started, has to be completed. Even if your computer appears to act better, it may still be infected. Once the computer is totally clean, I'll certainly let you know.
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I close my topics if you have not replied in 5 days. If you need more time, simply let me know. If I closed your topic and you need it to be reopened, simply PM me.
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When I first started using my p won't light turn back off when displa... external p50 I hooked p50 back light won't turn off when external displa... up my Dell display using the mini display port and set it to only use display in windows and it would display the Lenovo boot screen on the external display and the p display would be completely off Everything was as I wanted it Except I wanted to run hyper-v and I thought maybe it would be nice if all my cables went out the back so p50 back light won't turn off when external displa... I tried the hdmi and nbsp played around in the bios to get hyper-v working nbsp Now p50 back light won't turn off when external displa... I the boot screen nbsp doesn't show on the external monitor and as others have reported the hdmi is intermittent After booting the external monitor comes up at the windows log in and the laptop display is black but the backlight is obviously on It does this with hdmi and mini display port It does this even if I change display priority or delay in the bios I've reset the bios which doesn't actually reset the virtualization settings fyi I've even reinstalled windows nbsp The only way to get the display to turn off is to extend the display to and then extend the display only to nbsp Any ideas I hope I've been fairly clear

A:p50 back light won't turn off when external displa...

Absolutely. I have exactly the same problem with P50 and WIndows 10.This has happened on a w530 with Win 8.1 also, but then the NVIDIA control panel had access to teh laptop monitor, and by turning it on and off again solved the problem. However, in Windows 10 the NVIDIA control panel only "sees" the external monitors connected to the dock.
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I have a Toshiba laptop that shut off by itself and won't turn back on. The LED lights will not even come on. I have only had it for 2 years but I use it a lot. The warranty is no good anymore so that is not an option. When I plug the power cord into the wall it still doesn't work so I know its not the battery and I the power cord I have works with an older Toshiba laptop (broken beyond repair) so I know its not that. I have tried the method where you take out the battery and hold the power button down but it still doesn't work.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Toshiba Satellite L305-S5920
Model No. PSLB8U-OJSO37

A:Toshiba laptop turned off and will not turn back on

It sounds like your dc jack might need replacing if there is no LEDs when you plug it into the wall can you try this on your laptop the next time you plug into the wall riddle the cord near where it plugs into the laptop and tell me if the LEDs come on.
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Hello my name is Tabitha and I own a Dell Inspiron laptop it s a year old and off, on. 8 computer back shut not will turn Windows operates on Windows My laptop shut off and the screen went black when I tried to turn my laptop back on it wouldn t Windows 8 computer shut off, will not turn back on. respond I tried holding the power button for seconds nothing I tried removing and replacing the battery nothing I tried unplugging the battery Windows 8 computer shut off, will not turn back on. and just plugging my laptop in with it s charger chord and the laptop still did not come on My holiday break ends in a week and don t have the funds to purchase a new laptop any and all help would Windows 8 computer shut off, will not turn back on. be beneficial There is no water damage I had Mcfee security antivirus and malware protection on my laptop so I don t believe a virus has infected my computer I didn t have anything plugged into my laptop at the time that it shut off ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Windows 8 computer shut off, will not turn back on.

Sometimes it's as simple as the power adapter has failed, it ran on battery until it drained, and then shut off. If you have access to another Dell compatible power adapter from a family member or friend try that first.

Is it less than a year old? If so you could try to get warranty service on it from Dell.

Definitely don't go and buy a new laptop without at least taking it to a service center to have it checked out.
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I have a ABIT SLI Mobo, 64 bit Dual 3800+AMD Proc, 6800GS PCI-Ex16 Card and Antec PSU.

Built system was running awesome for 3 weeks. Rendered an Image and left it running and left the house. Came back and it was OFF. WONT RESTART!

I see a red light glowing on MOBO but when I unplug the cord it goes out and comes back on when I replug it in.

I figured the PSU was fine because of the red light coming on and off. SO i replaced the MOBO. Still nothing.

Is is possible that the Graphics Card took a poop?? Would that cause the system not to turn on if it died(fans ect....)

Does the red light mean that the PSU is bad??

Any help would be great.

A:Computer died! Wont turn back on???? Help!

unless the video card has some kind of short in it then that should not keep the system from booting or at least giving you some beeps. if the power supply went bad it is possible that not only it is dead but that it damaged other components. like the CPU, ram and video card.

if you have access to another PSU you should try it. if not, places like office depot and circuit city sell antec power supply testers for 10-14 dollars.
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Like a fool I allowed a family member to use my PC against my better judgment this afternoon and now I m regretting it as all hell has literally back or on turn install?!? cannot Webroot off, turned broken loose Long story short I restarted my PC about an hour ago and when it loaded back into Windows ultimate edition x it was instantly clear there was a problem I won t go through all the details but I noticed Webroot wasn t running anymore and Windows was prompting me to turn it back on When I went to do so instead of Webroot running I was presented with the Webroot installation window instead I entered my key Webroot Secure Anywhere and I got the following message - quot Webroot could not be installed This could potentially be caused by malware on the computer Would you like to try installing with a randomized filename quot The latter option doesn t work and as a result I cannot get Webroot running again I ve scanned the PC using Emsisoft Anti-malware which found three suspicious items and deleted them All subsequent scans come back clean but Webroot still won t start install Any idea what I can try next

A:Webroot turned off, cannot turn back on or install?!?

Some further "symptoms" I've come across -

Windows Experience Index has reset itself, i.e there's no score.

My network shares have been reset.

File types are no longer associated.

The hibernation file is back (I'd previously turned it off as I've got an SSD and wanted to save space)

I'm sure there's more I'm yet to spot.
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I accidently turned off my video card, and now have no video output. How do I restore video output?

I am able to get into the Setup when the machine boots, but don't know what to do.

The computer is an old (circa 2003) Compaq Presario with an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX420 graphics card. Windows XP.

Please help

A:I turned off my video card, how do I turn it back on?

I accidently turned off my video card,Click to expand...

do you know what you did

try booting in safemode

hit F8 as it boots
then a menu appears
choose safemode
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Some how I turned off the touch pad/mouse thing and can't figure out how to turn it back on. Please help me!

View Solution.

A:how do i turn the touch pad/mouse thing back on? i have no i...

Hi dolley:



Thank you for your request.  I am pleased to help!


When posting it is most helpful if you provide the model of your computer and what Operating system you are running.  I understand you accidentally turned off the Touchpad., and would now like to enable it. I am sending you a link to a page for  touchpad. You will need to select the one for your operating system click here. You should also be able to enable it,  following these steps. Click the Start button, and type in Mouse. Click on  Mouse to open it, click on Device Settings. You should be able to enable and disable the Touchpad here.
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This computer belongs to a turn back on shut & Avast wouldn't down friend He says it suddenly shut down avast and then he couldn t do anything on line or run any anti malware or virus scanner I was able to get avast removed with the removal tool from website Now I can do things but am sure it has something going on This is an older HP computer a n that is running xp Here is the Hijack this log------ Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe Avast shut down & wouldn't turn back on C Avast shut down & wouldn't turn back on WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exe C Program Files Common Files ArcSoft Connection Service Bin ACService exe C WINDOWS system acs exe C Program Files Common Files Intuit Update Service IntuitUpdateService exe C Program Files Common Files Intuit Update Service v IntuitUpdateService exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LMIGuardianSvc exe C Program Files LogMeIn x RaMaint exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeIn exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C WINDOWS ALCXMNTR EXE C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Common Files ArcSoft Connection Service Bin ACDaemon exe C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe C Program Files Kodak KODAK Share Button App Listener exe C Program Files Common Files ArcSoft Connection Service Bin ArcCon ac C Program Files Desktop Messenger Program backWeb- exe C Program Files NETGEAR WG TSU Utility Gear T exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Palm HOTSYNC EXE C Program Files ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects uCamMonitor exe C Program Files HP Button Manager BM exe C Program Files Kodak Kodak EasyShare software bin EasyShare exe C Program Files Canon CAL CALMAIN exe C Program Files Microsoft Office Office ONENOTEM EXE C Program Files Microsoft Office Office msoffice exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Documents and Settings HP Owner Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page about blank R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO avast WebRep - E E -AD D- bf-AC D-D F D - C Program Files AVAST Software Avast aswWebRepIE dll file missing O - BHO SkypeIEPluginBHO - AE - E C- ED - F B-F F A - C Program Files Skype Toolbars Internet Explorer skypeieplugin dll O - Toolbar HP view - B ... Read more

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As the title says I was updating to the new amd catalyst and it will usually pop into 800x600 then back to 1600x900 which was native for me but now it's stuck on 1280x1024 and it won't go any higher. I'm confused on why it would do this and that Catalyst will no longer work.

If anyone can help me in this situation It would be much appreciated.

A:Amd Catalyst has changed my resolution and it won't turn back!

Un-install current drivers and Install from
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About a week ago I went into programs and features clicked turn windows features on and off and disabled all media features rebooted and they were gone. Awsome. Today I deiced to turn them back on but I can't i get an error message saying "An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed" then I am asked to restart, I do, I see windows changing features at shutdown/reboot but none of the media features are there. I tried running sfc /scannow and it found nothing. I also tried turning the features on and off in safe mode, but I got the same error message. Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you in advance,

A:Can't Turn windows media player back on!?!

You may need to run a Repair Install
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I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and all has been great except one thing. When I leave the computer for about 10 minutes or so, the display turns off like it is supposed to. If I want to turn the display back on though, I find I'm unable to with the mouse, keyboard, or power button. It's like it is stuck in limbo and I have to restart the PC. What's wrong with it?

A:Display won't turn back on after automatically turning off

IS this a Dell? Some Dell computers will go into some damned low-power mode, and the power light will change to Orange. The only way I have been able to fix it, was to put in a new power supply. I've done this for 2 workstations already.

Check your Power Light, is it Green or Orange, or blinking? If the computer is in sleep mode, it will Blink on and off once a second. Other blinking patterns are error codes. Sometimes a system will just get stuck in Sleep mode and you have to force it back on.

When you are trying to wake the system, does the Monitor come back on? I've had computers stall like this.

Try changing your advanced power settings:

Usually you can get to it by Control Panel, Power, Power Scheme, and open your scheme and go into Advanced. Try changing the values for "hard Drive Power Down", change it to 45 minutes. Also, try setting it so that the Monitor does not turn off, just enable toe screensaver after 15 minutes or so, then test it, make sure it recovers from Screensaver.

I don't know if you are just telling your monitor to go off or if you are allowing the computer to go into Sleep mode, I would change the Monitor Off to "Never" and just tell it to sleep after an hour of non-use.

Just try different variations, with the monitor turning off or staying on. You can always choose a Blank Screensaver.
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Hi First I am not sure if should post this in this forum or under hardware problems as I am not sure where the problem is coming from MY apologies if this isn't the correct forum moderator please move to correct forum I on power outage!!! turn back to hard PC after own a HP computer and have been very pleased with it I am running windows and the processor is an AMD Phenom II I have always have pentiums before that My problem is simple when I lose power my PC which I always PC hard to turn back on after power outage!!! leave quot ON quot is very hard to turn back on I turn it on turn the monitor on and it will take or restarts or a wait of - mn to have it back on The last time it happened it PC hard to turn back on after power outage!!! was so bad that I though for sure the HD was fried I have it hooked to an aging surge protector which has protected several of my PC's for years Nothing ever fried when hooked to it Since I am fairly new to AMD and windows I am not sure what is creating this What does this and how to correct it Thanks Patrick

A:PC hard to turn back on after power outage!!!

Possibly a failing power supply. If you want to leave your PC on all the time you should consider a UPS so the PC won't shut down abruptly when the power goes it.

You could try and disconnect the hard drive just to see if that changes how it powers on.
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We just got a Compaq Presario S6500NX from a friend and it won't boot up. It won't even turn on!

When plugged in, the little green light in the back flashes and no amount of pressing the power button makes any difference.

The machine worked when it left his house, just not when it got to us.

What is the problem and how do we fix it?

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I have a brand new LG W VP connected via DVI which turned itself off at random intervals and I had to turn it on from the power button only to have it turn itself off again after a while Worst thing is that once the OS tells it to Stand-by it turns itself off and I can t even get it to power back up via the power button I have to remove on turn W2261VP LG off, back doesn't turns its power cable let the power drain put the cable back on turn it on only to have it go to stand-by and LG W2261VP turns off, doesn't turn back on have to reset my computer computer details windows x intel i core not overclocked msi pro-e motherboard mushkin gbx ati sapphire hd ddr the ati drivers is up to date the monitor is recognized by LG W2261VP turns off, doesn't turn back on windows tried both with hdmi and dvi connections i LG W2261VP turns off, doesn't turn back on noticed the memory cards are a bit hot maybe because they work on mhz due to not overclocking i i tried switch the memory postions not helped tried take off the graphic card and no luck the monitor sometimes can work few hours with no error and sometimes its repeated one after another thank you for any help possible nbsp
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I can't get the wi fi on my laptop to turn on. It worked previously but now the button is permanently in the off position. If I switch it back on it just turns off immediately. There is nothing wrong with my wi fi because it is working on other devices, and the internet does connect on my latop if I use a cable, but the wi fi just won't work. This was not an issue previously. Any ideas?
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My laptop shut off during an update and won't turn back on. I've tried a hard reset and it still isn't doing anything. I do get a white light showing the AC adapter is in and charging, and I also get an orange led light on the wireless key but then after about 20-30 seconds it goes away. There's never a fan sound or anything. What do I do next?
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I need some help, I think I turned my video drivers off and now I need some help getting them back on. A few weeks ago my graphics card failed and some dialogue box showed up and then the computer shut down. Since then I have replaced the card and solved another issue I was having. I can not get the computer to come back now, in normal start up or in any of the safe modes. When I start the computer now I get this:

POST beep
BIOS screen
Loading Operating system
Windows error recovery (with booting options)
The four little dots that come together to form the window with starting windows underneath it.
The screen then goes black I get my cursor arrow and it remains that way until I get pissed and shut it down.

How do I turn these back on and resume normal use of my computer? TIA!

A:I think I turned my video drivers off, how to turn back on?

Hi, that usually is some hardware issue, unknown what though. IF Windows won't start run this 3 times: Startup Repair
It might need a Repair Install to get you back too.
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I use an HP Pavillion dv cl Notebook I have owned since April I have had several problems with it and I think this might have been the last straw I hope there is a fix for it because I cant afford a new laptop just yet so any help will be appreciated Yesterday i was using my laptop conncected to a GB WD external hard drive I began hearing this high pictched whine and I assumed it was my fan since it had been on for a while suddenly it shut off as if I had pulled out the battery Pressed the power button several times but it did nothing Then i noticed the high pitched noise was still audible and more annoying than ever Turned out it was coming from the power supply primarily the big brick shaped section It is the rd power cord I ve owned all my other ones keep breaking or stop working Anyway I dont think it s the problem because i have used another power back Computer won't shuts off, suddenly on turn cord and it didnt charge the battery or allow the computer to power up I have also tried the hold power button for sec then connect power and turn on then connect battery routine to discharge any power in the comp but to no avail Is it dead or is there a way i can fix it Man I never thought buying this Computer suddenly shuts off, won't turn back on pda phone weeks ago would be so helpful well now I m stuck with it as my only means for internet access please help nbsp

A:Computer suddenly shuts off, won't turn back on

Try this... without the defective PSU(Power Supply) or any other power source plugged into the notebook.

Then try the 30-sec, no-battery installed thing.

With your PSU "exploding" - it might have fried your notebook. Hopefully data on drive is still good. Even if your notebook is alive, it may still be damaged... and those HPs are not quite good...

Look at ThinkPads (starting at $550 with Core2Duo CPUs) soon...
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The Laptop Was Stuck In The Sleep Mode, And When I Tried To Wake It Up, It Wouldn't Do Anything. So Then I Took The Battery Out For A Minute And Put It Back In, And Still Nothing. The Weird Thing Is The Port Where The Power Cord Is Pluged In Is The Only Light On, Nothing Else Will Turn On.
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earlier i put my cell phone on the charger . it said battery full so i had to restart the phone . it cut off by itself an dnow it won't power back on. whenever i try to turn it back on it will show the white backlight and cut off after a few seconds . it acts like it wants to turn on but i am not making any progress and i really need my phone .. if you could help me find a solution to my problem it will be greatly appreciated