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PC stuck on ASUS screen

Q: PC stuck on ASUS screen

ok so the other night my computer was fine shut down normally etc then last night i tried to start on ASUS stuck PC screen up Fan starts BEEP lights on keyboard flash and the bluse ASUS screen comes up but it doesnt go any further i have tried pressing all of the keys PC stuck on ASUS screen on the keyvoard i think but nothing happens the cd rom drive will open and close I have up-to-date norton antivirus and microsoft spyware installed i dont want to lose everything on my computer by re-installing windows as i havent backed up for while and all my photos are on PC stuck on ASUS screen there DOH I dont understand it was fine I don't know much about computers I know how to use them but I dont know how to fix them AMD K ATHLON XP PLUS FSB MSI KM M-V SCKA DDR XAGP VGA SND LAN ATX I have an ATI Radeon maybe graphics card which has been in for a few months with no probs I recently added an ASUS TV card thig which has beenin a few weeks with no probs Most recently I added my old Epson photo printer for which i downloaded drivers form epson site it said it was the XP driver although I got a warning about it not being something or other and did I want to continue and so on i continued this was about a week or so ago and it has been working ok Its just odd as it was fine the night before and now it wont do a thing I am going home tonight with the printout of this link http www techsupportforum com comp c - html although it doesnt sound like quite the same thing as his screen goes blank but mine is just frozen or not doing anything if the are different I think I am going to try the XP disk and see if it can repair it please repair please repair please help

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Preferred Solution: PC stuck on ASUS screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PC stuck on ASUS screen

You need to do a bit of troubleshooting -- take it one step at a time.

At first I thought you had an ASUS motherboard, but you don't. You have an MSI motherboard. The only ASUS product I see mentioned is the TV card, so why not remove it from the equation.

With your PC turned off, remove the ASUS TV card and then see if your PC boots. Reply back here with your findings so we can do further troubleshooting, if necessary.
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so i recentley bought a new pc, its less then a week old so imagine my horrror when i booyed it up today to see it stuck on the asus screen. i tried the usual unplug mains and leave 10 minutes, disconnect all usb cables like printers etc. nothing works, cant axcess bios or anything
any help appreciated

A:stuck on asus screen on reboot

Hi if it was me I would return it. have it exchanged. or fixed under warranty.
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Specs ASUS G VX Initially it had Windows but upgraded to black gives I'm stuck Asus screen, Windows several months ago Okay This problem has been happening the past months giving a handful of different error codes and Asus gives black screen, I'm stuck the dreadful Automatic Repair loop I can send in my laptop to Asus for repair but I want to keep it as a last resort Initially this problem occured when my computer suddenly froze forcing me to hold down the power button to shut down Upon booting it back on The black screen pops up with nothing happening for few minutes then starting Automatic Repair black screen again and repeat From the various error codes the one thing they have in common is Asus gives black screen, I'm stuck that the files are Asus gives black screen, I'm stuck missing or contain errors noticeably system files Another thing I see that s never changed is that they only occur when I force shut down the computer or a BSOD which I got once from a KERNAL DATA INPAGE ERROR just yesterday Sometimes though luck more of restarting the computer over and over I escape the Automatic Repair loop and changes to quot Diagnosing your PC quot It then fixes a bunch of stuff although nothing I can recognize from the file names it s a bunch of random letters with dashes similar to a serial code Afterwards the computer boots up like normal although another problem has arisen From that day whenever the computer boots up normally the disk usage spikes up to and lags the computer out This lasts a few minutes to an hour so I wait it out I tried finding what creates this problem but no program on task manager has come up And so from the BSOD I got yesterday my computer was in an automatic repair loop I tried accessing safe mode by holding F wait minutes for it to load and hitting safe mode but it fails to boot up I installed a Windows installation media on a USB Using that I accessed BIOS and tried reinstalling Windows but gave a compatibility error So I clicked quot Repair your computer quot and these are the various things I did I tried resetting my PC and refreshing but says the drive partition is missing I tried going to command prompt and typed in the commands -bootrec fixBCD -bootrec fixboot -bootrec fixMBR -chkdsk C r f x All went successful and found no errors But the problem persists I also tried going to Automatic Repair which was one of the options it lasted hours but at the end it just gave a black screen I tried Automatic Repair again but said it couldn t find the problem As of now it seems that the Automatic Repair loop has stopped Whenever I turn on my computer currently it gives minutes of a black screen the Republic of Gamers logo pops up then gives me a blue screen of error code xc The only thing that works that I ve explored are the BIOS and command prompt I don t know what else to do nbsp

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When I start my pc it gets stuck on the ASUS mobo splash screen. I cant even get into my BIOS. I cleared the CMOS. POST is one beep which should be good. I even went as far as connecting the hd from the bad system as a 2nd hd on a working system and it wouldnt boot as well. Wont even boot to Windows XP System disk.
Here's are list of components on my system:

ASUS A7N8X mobo
Samsung 1gb PC2700 RAM
ATI Radeon 9800 graphics card
AMD Athlon XP +3500 CPU
OS: Windows XP

any help would be greatly appreciated


A:PC stuck on ASUS mobo splash screen

What happens with just the motherboard, memory, and video card installed?
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A cursed ASUS laptop - I've posted about it elsewhere in these forums - was working tonight has worked fine for about - weeks and then when it was put to sleep by closing it upon being opened would only display the ASUS splash screen the first thing one sees when turning it on - basically a black screen and the word ASUS The computer turns off fine with the power button Turns on fine too but gets no farther than the splash screen No POST beeps nothing at the bottom of the screen saying how to get to setup or anything If a boot or won't HD laptop at DVD splash stuck from ASUS - screen bootable DVD is inserted and the computer started there are some noises like the computer hardware is interacting with the DVD sorry I'm not sophisticated enough to describe the noises other than to say I ASUS laptop stuck at splash screen - won't boot from HD or DVD never hear the DVD start to spin fast but then - seconds later the noises stop ASUS laptop stuck at splash screen - won't boot from HD or DVD and it's just the splash screen again and nothing else Odd laptop charger behavior culminating in sparking last night describes the last issues with this computer which were seemingly fixed about two months ago with the replacement of the motherboard It's going back to the shop but I'm wondering about any intelligent suggestions as to what's wrong here Obviously the quot repair replace quot teeter-totter is inexorably tipping toward replace

A:ASUS laptop stuck at splash screen - won't boot from HD or DVD

Google is my friend. Took a lot of poking, but Stuck on asus logo on startup?? - FixYa suggests the following:

Same problem here with my wife's Asus laptop. Called Asus and they said to unplug charger, remove the battery in the back, hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Then, replace battery, then charger, then press the power button and wait for startup. First time it got stuck at the windows loading bar screen for like 5 min. which is abnormal. Did a hard power down (press and hold power button til it shuts off) then restarted again. That time it worked and all is well so far. Could have been due to a static charge as she was on our couch with our dog backing up movies so charge might have entered through the CD/DVD drive opening. (?) Not sure, but if you are sitting on a static-prone couch with your laptop its probably best to sit on top of a bounce sheet.

I did that and it worked.

I'll mark the thread as solved a few days down the road if no further incidents.

Meanwhile - any comments on what might have led to this situation?
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I would appreciate tons of help and input.
My netbook froze on friday night. Try to restart, but was stuck at grey screen. It has asus logo and eee pc written. The options f2 to run setup and tab to display bios post yields nothing. In other words, pressing either button doesn't work.
I have removed the battery, pressed the power button without the power cord, put everything back in, tapping f2.
So far, no progress. Few times, i try pressing f2 similtaneously as i hit the power button, i got american megatrends screens. Still, none go further.
I have this netbook for a little over a year. The warranty just expired a month ago. It is running window 7 starter already installed when i got it at bestbuy.
I had contacted asus support, and tried some i mentioned above. I prefer to do this by myself.
I would appreciate any help.

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Everytime I turn on my Asus eee pc 904HD I get this. Screen and it doesn't start when I select either options help please

A:my Asus is stuck in the secondary black boot screen

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools, WD DataLifeGuard or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.
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I do see that you have had a similar problem already on this forum but it didn't fix mine (I probably wasn't doing something right).
My Laptop wont start up it goes to the Windows Recovery error page where you have to choose either Launch Startup Repair (recommended) or Start Windows normally. Both of these options lead you to the same result to the Asus Preload Wizard page.
I tried pressing F8 and F9 but didn't get anything.
Appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you

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Hello I have been experiencing an issue for the past two hours or so I booted up my laptop 8 at K55VD boot screen. "Please Asus Windows Wait" stuck only to find that the laptop would not boot past the quot Please Wait quot screen From here there is absolutely nothing I can do other than move the cursor I tried looking for a way to boot it into safe mode but I was stunned to find there is no way of doing it without booting into the OS itself at least once and the method of 'turning it off and on three times using the power switch' did nothing From here I have no idea what my options are From what I've read this issue is typically the result of a interrupted update This could very well be the case since I Windows 8 Asus K55VD stuck at "Please Wait" boot screen. unplugged my laptop this morning and set it to shut down so it very well could have run out of energy during the process What can I do from here I should have a recovery drive on the second partition of my Hard Drive however I don't know how I could boot that from the recovery menu in the BIOS options Can Windows 8 Asus K55VD stuck at "Please Wait" boot screen. someone help me with what I can do to fix the problem All help greatly appreciated

A:Windows 8 Asus K55VD stuck at "Please Wait" boot screen.

Hi have you tried CTRL+ALT+DEL that should take you into a menu where on of them is to do a factory reset or run the trouble shooter.
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Hello first of all I'm not that computer savy so please keep this Asus N551JK-DM193H, Screen win "stuck" on 8.1 brightness in mind I can google my way around most problems learning Screen brightness "stuck" on Asus N551JK-DM193H, win 8.1 as I go but this one is giving me trouble Also English isn't my first language so I might use imprecise terms sorry in advance about that I bought this new laptop last week the Asus N JK-DM H and I'm pretty happy with it It came with Windows I noticed yesterday that all of a sudden the fn screen brightness keys didn't work anymore There has been a graphic driver update I can't remember if I was able to adjust the brightness right after that honestly I found this forum while looking for a solution I've tried rolling back the driver but it didn't do anything Trying to change the brightness manually from the power options or the charm bar isn't working either Also sometimes the screen dims a bit and then gets back to the normal brighntess It's quite subtle but noticeable if I'm on a page program with lots of white space I have pretty delicate eyes so not being able to adjust the brightness intense work using the laptop is already becoming a problem I hope you can help me and thanks in advance I hope I have posted this in the right category since I saw similar issues were here ETA graphic cards are nvidia geforce gtx m and a Intel HD Graphics integrated

A:Screen brightness "stuck" on Asus N551JK-DM193H, win 8.1

I can only suggest very non specific things to try.

Have you tried doing a proper full restart (not a shut down and reboot).
You could try 'System Restore' to a date when you know it was working.
Finally, as its so knew and if you haven't much installed then doing a factory reset is an option. That will take it all back to day 1 condition.
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I had my Asus laptop for a while now then I restarted it but stay on the windows 10 but now it loads on ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE then turns black then shuts off then turns on and does the same thing until I turn it off but when I turn it back on it does the same thing somebody help me also my battery is built in so I can't take it out
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My almost 3 year old Asus X52 F3SV Notebook suddenly froze and shut itself down today. It will not boot past the 'Asus' logo screen. The furthest it got was 'loading windows', but quickly rebooted once that screen showed up.
It has been running quite hot lately, but i cleaned the fan out last weekend, and it had been running without problem since then.
I'm running Windows Vista Premium, with no other real problems until now, with up to date windows updates and regular Spybot and anti-virus scans.
There were random multicoloured lines running through the Asus screen on the first reboot after freezing. Could it be my graphics card? (Nvidia 8600m). I did not hear any crackling/popping sounds, so I really hope it's not dead yet.
I've looked around these forums, but couldn't find a similar problem/solution.

Thank you.

A:Asus x52 F3SV notebook not booting past Asus screen

Try running Bios defaults

This settings area can be called:
Bios Setup
CMOS Settings
System Setup
even just Setup
You can enter it by pressing the keyboard key that is displayed on your screen when first turning on your computer
Its sometimes:
A Fn Button like F1, or F2, or F10 or some other Fn key
DEL key
(whatever the computer states on screen when you first turn on your computer)
Once in Bios Setup, locate Setup Defaults (sometimes called Optimized Defaults)
Apply it, then Save and Exit Bios Settings (which is usually F10, but it will tell you in the Bios Settings screen)

If that doesn't help try reming and re-seating your Ram cards (even your hard drive)
You can download your Manual to find the locations of these components, but they are usually located under the laptop, under the covers

If it is your Video card (onboard) then that was be a big concern
You may need to locate the disassemble guide online, then blow out all internal dust

It may also require a CheckDisk scan
You can read HERE on how to do that outside Windows
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After a power outage weeks ago I was having issues with the system going down at around minutes and then less and less time after that I was told it was a display issue Stuck classpnp.sys on stuck screen, safe Windows splash on mode and to uninstall and reinstall my display drivers I uninstalled my drivers and it was still the same I felt like it was temperature related I found my graphics card Radeon was dirty I cleaned it and thought I was back in business Everything was back to normal all I needed to do was update my graphics drivers Once that was done my computer would no longer load past the Windows splash screen I used Puppy Linux on a flash drive and I have access to everything I can use the internet and access all my files This to me says that it is not a hardware issue The fact that when I try to go into safe mode it gets stuck for more than a day on classpnp sys when I finally give up I understand that classpnp sys has Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys loaded but there Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys is something after that that the computer can't load I have Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys seen some people have atipcie sys load after classpnp sys and it makes sense to me that it would be a graphics driver that is causing the issue I need my Windows up and running for school and work projects Any ideas thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated

A:Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys

Hi ,
Follow this tutorial to run SFC /Scannow at boot.
SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot
If you want to run the command from a USB drive follow this tutorial.
Boot Windows 7 System Repair Disc from USB Using Grub4Dos
And apply it to the first link instead of the ERD (Emergency Repair CD).

Generally a good tutorial to read.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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Computer gets stuck On the motherboard screen, and when I try to enter the setup when pressing delete it will change screens and say entering setup but will get and will not load the setup. I think I obtained a virus from a torrent and made my computer act like this.

Specs: windows 7 home edition
Ripjaws 4gb ram
Intel core i5
Motherboard : msi p55a-gd55

A:Computer stuck on motherboard loading screen, and stuck in setup.

Wrong forum for malware issues. Please post here: Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum
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i went from windows 8 to 10 about a year ago ans now i got this problem... and also sometimes it loads up pc detected a problem restarting for u.. and it just keeps doing that... and then gets stuck tp another black screen...i have this pc for more than 2 years.

A:Pc stuck in hp logo then stuck in black screen and startup r...

Hi, Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and run the tests on the Hard Drive and Memory. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Can you also post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your hp 2000 series notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K
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My Asus Eee pc1000H has stuck in its boot cycle and won't respend to any of the start options. The problem shown by pressing f8 is UNMOUNTABLE_ BOOT_VOLUME and the tech info:
STOP: 0x000000ED (0x86BCAE30, 0xC0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I have tried f9 but it doesn't respond and tried to follow similar tech questions and solutions. My computer does not have CD drive. There is no hardware attached, but I did recently install Inet Protector and McAfee. Is was OK for a couple of weeks after this.

Is there a solution in simple language please?
I have another computer with Windows XP Pro. Will this help at all.....many thanks for reading this.
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When a laptop is starts you usually would usually see something like the following quot Windows is loading files quot quot Starting Windows quot quot Screen where you log into your computer quot quot Computer Desktop quot However what I saw when I started the computer was the following quot Windows is loading files quot quot Starting Windows quot quot Light grey screen where I can see and move only the mouse cursor quot and an intermittent low volume cricket noise for lack of better words no change from Someone gave me a free refurbished version of ASUS U F-RBBAG because it gave the above problem So despite being a noob but not a noob noob at fixing computers I tried to make a clean install of Windows However the laptop decided that it didn t want to install the software-- at stuck Startup? ASUS U50F clicked on install button ASUS U50F stuck at Startup? and waited hours The laptop just stayed at progress So I was like quot Okay so let s TRY to restore this thing back to factory settings via Recovery Partition quot Although I waited on the Light grey screen for about - minutes I finally got to the screen that I needed Alas although the laptop did quot start quot the recovery process it ended up the same-- progress and did not budge I know that the Windows installation disc was not the problem--I had other installation discs all legit Since the laptop decided to not move from I figured that getting the ASUS restore disc would not help at this point--sure the laptop would recognize it but it wouldn t run off of it I tried running the laptop via command prompt but all I got was a blank screen I tried everything that I could think of from my little bag of tricks but to no avail The following are the specs for the U F-RBBAG Processor GHz Intel Core i M Memory RAM GB DDR Memory RAM Type -Pin DDR SO-DIMM Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics Wireless Type bgn Wireless LAN Hard Drive GB HDD rpm RPM Optical Drive DVD Super Multi OS Windows Home Premium -bit I don t know specifically what part of the laptop is screwed up and I don t know what part of it to replace to solve this problem Help pretty please It would be awesome if I could use the U F nbsp

A:ASUS U50F stuck at Startup?

Try booting into Safe Mode. But based on the fact that it won't boot or run from an installation disc, I'd say there is a hardware fault. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to troubleshoot a laptop. You can try removing/reseating all hardware (ie: HDD, CD/DVD, RAM, etc.).
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Hello community Well I in stuck Asus loop Desktop have an asus essentio running Windows Bit About a week Asus Desktop stuck in loop ago I got a random BSoD then a restart While the computer was starting up I got a message with two options would I like to run the startup repair or would I like to start windows normally Either one of these options both led to the startup repair Before the setup runs on the bottom left corner there's a minimized prompt that reads quot X quot last time I checked I didn't have an X drive it was running cmd exe A few seconds later the startup repair just stays stick on quot Attempting repairs quot I left it there for days and still it's stuck on attempting repairs I would really hate to have to do a hard reset of my PC I have memories with my recently late father on their and I Asus Desktop stuck in loop would be crushed if all of that is gone Please community I'm in desperate need And by the way I don't have a Windows Installation disk the desktop came with it pre-loaded

A:Asus Desktop stuck in loop

Bump, please guys I need help !
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Hi There!

I Have an ASUS n551JQ Notebook, which I've upgraded with an SSD and reinstalled windows on it. It all works fine except for one thing: everytime when I boot my pc it starts, then shows me the ASUS Logo, and boot again. It keeps doing that untill I press F2 and then press enter; after that it starts up normally for 1 time. Could anyone help me out with this ? Because now I can't update to Windows 10...

Thanks in advance!

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Back in early I took upon myself to build a gaming computer to fit my needs if my memory is correct Windows was the main operating system Well years have past and I've be desperately trying to resolve issues with USB dropouts I keep telling myself I'll make this work I will fix this but seeing how many mud. 990fx Asus Stuck Compatibility Sabertooth - in the years have past now and I haven't been able to even slightly resolve the issues with Windows and Windows I've also been trying to resolve Asus Sabertooth 990fx Compatibility - Stuck in the mud. an issue that happens within all the Operating systems from to I'll go ahead and talk about the main issue first that would be slow refresh rates within explorer exe and icons I even wrote some scripts to try and fix little issue But nothing seemed to work Here's the scripts I wrote Code Waynes Icon Cache Resizer vbs Code ' HasVersionInfo Yes ' Companyname Wayne Fry ' Productname Registry Icon Cache Resizer ' Filedescription Registry Icon Cache Resizer Implemented For Direct Injection Of bit DWORD Value ' Trademarks Registry Icon Cache Resizer ' Originalname Registry Icon Cache Resizer ' Productversion ' Fileversion ' Internalname Registry Icon Cache Resizer ' AdministratorManifest No ' Created by Wayne If WScript Arguments Count Then Set objShell CreateObject quot Shell Application quot objShell ShellExecute quot wscript exe quot Chr amp WScript ScriptFullName amp Chr amp quot Run quot quot runas quot Else const HKEY LOCAL MACHINE amp H strComputer quot quot Set objReg GetObject quot winmgmts impersonationLevel impersonate quot amp strComputer amp quot root default StdRegProv quot strKeyPath quot SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer quot strValueName quot Max Cached Icons quot Call Reset Sub Reset Reset MsgBox quot WAYNES MESSAGE would you like to reset the icon cache size back to default Click NO quot amp vbNewLine amp vbNewLine amp quot Yes Reset No Change Cancel Close quot VBYesNoCancel quot WAYNE reset Icon Cache Size quot If IsEmpty Reset Then WScript Quit ElseIf Reset vbYes then objReg DeleteValue HKEY LOCAL MACHINE strKeyPath strValueName Call Restart ElseIf Reset vbNo then Change MsgBox quot WAYNES MESSAGE would you like to set a custom icon cache size Click YES quot amp vbNewLine amp vbNewLine amp quot Yes Set Size No Reset Cancel Close quot VBYesNoCancel quot WAYNE change Icon Cache Size quot If IsEmpty Change Then WScript Quit ElseIf Change vbNo then Call Reset ElseIf Change vbYes then Call Input End if End if End sub Sub Input Input InputBox quot WAYNES MESSAGE enter a number for how many kilobytes you would like the icon cache size to be KB MB just type then click OK quot quot WAYNE Set Icon Cache Size quot Input Input If IsEmpty Input Then WScript Quit ElseIf Len Input Then Call Input End if verify MsgBox quot WAYNES MESSAGE is this the correct size in kilobytes Click YES quot amp vbNewLine amp vbNewLine amp Input amp quot KB MB quot VBYesNo quot WAYNE Verify Icon Cache Size quot If verify vbNo then Call Input ElseIf verify vbYes then objReg SetStringValue HKEY LOCAL MACHINE strKeyPath strValueName Input Call Restart End if End sub Sub Restart Restart MsgBox quot WAYNES MESSAGE restart WINDOWS now to apply Click YES quot VBYesNo quot If you've enjoyed this vbs scrpit be sure and tell your friends quot If Restart vbNo then MsgBox quot Please Restart computer soon to apply quot WScript Quit ElseIf Restart vbYes then WScript CreateObject quot WScript Shell quot Run quot shutdown exe -R -F -T quot End if End sub End if Code Waynes Icon Cache Rebuilder bat Code Created by Wayne Fry Code echo off set iconcache localappdata IconCache db echo MADE BY WAYNE FRY echo echo The Explorer process must be killed to delete the Icon DB echo echo Please SAVE ALL OPEN WORK before continuing echo pause echo If exist quot iconcache quot goto delID echo echo Icon DB has already been deleted echo pause exit B delID echo Attempting to delete Icon DB echo ie uinit exe -ClearIconC... Read more
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My 1 year old Asus Router is stuck in a boot loop. I have tried holding down the reset button while the device is unplugged and then plugging it in which is suppose to put it in recovery mode but I keep getting this error everytime I try to flash it back to factory settings.
Does anyone have this router and/or has possibly experienced this same issue? If so please share because I'm at wits end with this $180 router. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Asus RT-N66U Stuck in Boot Loop. Please Help!

Funny thing, I just got this same router several days ago. Try this to get into rescue mode:

With the router disconnected, press and hold the restore button. Connect power, and continue holding the restore button until the power light starts slowly flashing on and off. It's now in recovery mode.

Next connect an Ethernet cable from your system to one of the router's LAN ports. On your system's Ethernet interface, you can either configure it for DHCP and wait a bit so it gets a self-assigned IP address (169.254.###.###), or you can assign to it. If you do the latter, you should be able to open up a web browser and visit the recovery mode website at From it you can erase the NVRAM and upload a firmware, though I prefer the utility because it forces you to wait until the firmware is flashed and working.

You may want to read through the entire post:

I also recommend Merlin firmware, running beta3 and no problems:
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I reformatted my hard drive to install a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit (I had Windows 7 Premium, 64bit before) and the installation ran just fine. After the installation, it boots up to what I guess is the desktop, waits a few moments, then just reboots. Every time before it boots it goes to the "Windows is loading files..." screen. I also tried 32bit, but got the same results. If you need more information, just ask and I'll be glad to provide it for you. A USB stick was used to install.

Thank you.

Edit: I just looked through all the forums and I might of posted this in the wrong section, deeply sorry if that is the case.

A:ASUS laptop stuck in reboot loop.

Have you tried booting into safe mode (F8)? Have you tried booting from the win 7 DVD?
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Over the past week I've been trying to cleanse my computer of a virus, after backing up all my valuable files and scanning them on another computer, I've decided to reset to factory settings, all is fine and the computer runs as normal, however when I start it up, it instantly goes back to the desktop, and says that Asus is configuring and not to do anything with the computer, however after leaving it for almost a day, it's still stuck in this loop.

So I decided to hard reset, and it went back to the System Restore screen before going to a windows made "Preparing your Computer for First Use". I'm not sure how to fix this, any help is appreciated.

A:ASUS Stuck in System Restore Loop

Is this a laptop/netbook? If so, turn off, pull the battery and then plug in the AC charger and boot up.

When doing a factory reset on laptops and netbooks...the AC power cord must be plugged in.
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I've been trolling Google for about an hour now and haven't found anyone with this exact problem which worries me Asus Mode. Stuck Recovery In CM1630 a bit My boyfriend got several viruses on his Asus desktop computer After multiple attempts Asus CM1630 Stuck In Recovery Mode. and anti-virus programs we decided that it was best to just go ahead and restore his computer to factory defaults We backed up files that he wanted to keep then followed the instructions from the online manual Asus CM Manual page to do a System Recover since we didn't have the CD Everything looked like it was going well no errors during recovery but after the reboot when the recover was finished the computer brought us back to the Recovery Window after an error quot RDVD folder not exist quot an error I can't find much information on You can click quot OK quot then exit out of the Asus CM1630 Stuck In Recovery Mode. Recovery window but it gives you a quot Disk doesn't exist quot restarts and throws you back to the quot RDVD quot error Only thing I can gather from this is that for Asus CM1630 Stuck In Recovery Mode. some reason it's not writing to the partition properly Again we don't have the CD to resintall the OS Essentio Recovery Software However I did find this site that clams to have official ISO images for Windows Download Windows ISO Official -bit and -bit Direct Download Links My Digital Life I'm tempted to just burn the ISO image to a CD and try to reinstall it that way but he doesn't have any of the paper work or anything so if those installs require an activation code we're plumb out of luck Any help would be greatly appreciated lt Orangeh

A:Asus CM1630 Stuck In Recovery Mode.

Yes you can use the downloaded ISO from Digital Life for the version you are licensed for.
You should have a COA sticker on the desktop with your Product Key.
Every PC shipped with Windows is required to have this.
You do need the Product Key to activate windows.

Here is a tutorial by gregrocker with all the instructions for this.
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%, Only option is hard reset??

This laptop belongs to my Grandma (87 years old). **She did not make the recovery disk for the computer.**

I got to the Recovery options and it has been stuck at 2% for about 6 hours. Asus OEM X55C WIN8


Yesterday I told Grandma I would see what was wrong, but it would bug out, freeze, etc when trying to log into the administrator. The screen would go totally black and then freeze. So, the computer has shut down improperly several times.

However, it did repair the disk last night before I attempted this recovery.

Please help me shutdown and start over.

A:Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%, no way out!

Sounds like you need external boot media and start again.

Not familiar with that model, but I think there a bunch of split wims on the recovery partition.

Do you have anything to boot up ? If not, do you have another win8 x machine you can use to create boot media?

Otherwise, you will need to find win8 installation media from somewhere. I have heard Asus don't supply it.
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Well this computer is brand new its supposed to have windows 7 its a Eee PC. A message pops up saying
The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation.
as far as I know new programs were not added and the installation was completed the first time. I already tried safe mode but it does not allow me. Idk wtf is wrong with this freakin computer but I will appreciate the help

P.S. its the mini so it has no cd rom to insert the cd and it did not come with a cd.

A:New Eee Pc Asus laptop stuck on installation process

OK.Since you say that it is a brand new one, I would advise you not to meddle with it in anyway unless a simple solution that will not void warranty is given by someone who already owns it and experienced such problem.

Check the return policy of the store from which it was purchased, return it and get a new replacement or your money back. IMO, USA is more consumer-friendly than most other countries. ( You may be in Canada too - I am not sure.) I had personally returned a lowly microphone to Radio Shack and got my money back before purchasing another good one from Best Buy where I chanced on it.

If it is not possible, make use of the Warranty Services provided by ASUS. Good luck.
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I have an ASUS Eee 1005 HA laptop running XP that is stuck in a boot loop. I was watching a music video when the sound starting looping/repeating fast, and then the machine briefly crashed to a blue screen and then to start up. I have tried to start windows normally, in safe mode, and last known good, but no luck. It briefly starts to load, stalls for about 5 secs and then crashes back to the "start windows normally" prompt.

The machine does not appear to be overheating, and I tried re-seating the RAM. No help.

I do not have a recovery partition on my HD, or the XP CD. I also do not have an inboard or external cd/dvd drive so I can't reinstall windows that way.

Is this laptop toast? Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:ASUS Laptop Stuck in Boot Loop

Get a look at the error message presented by the BSOD (blue screen of death) ....Start tapping the F8 key after you press the ON button, and continue tapping until you are presented with the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" screen.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select "Disable automatic restart on system failure" and press the <ENTER> key.Your system will attempt to restart normally, but when it crashes, it will not re-start: Instead, you will see a BSOD with error message.
Record the error message details (contained in the areas outlined in red, in the above example image), and post in your reply.
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I have an ASUS Notebook U31SD running Windows7 Home Premium 64bit. About a week ago, I noticed that my computer was running a bit slowly when I was requiring it to work a bit harder. I did multiple scans for viruses or malware, but nothing came up on avast, ccleaner or malwarebytes.

I believe I've tracked down the odd behavior. Looking at Resource Manager the System Frequency is held at 36%. It will not change regardless of what power settings I choose, or what activities the laptop is doing. I have recently installed some windows updates packages, and I'm wondering if those could be at fault here.

Any suggestions would be welcome, I have not been able to find anything online about this problem.

A:ASUS laptop Maximum Frequency stuck at 36%

Found this: What does the "Maximum Frequency" number mean in the Windows Resource Monitor? - Super User

By looking at CPU-z's real-time report of the processor's clock speed, it seems to be loosely related to what frequency the CPU is running at, which would imply that it means "percent of maximum possible frequency the CPU is running at"; this would be of relevance on systems with SpeedStep and/or TurboBoost technology (or similar). Furthermore, setting the system to "power saving mode" lowers the "maximum frequency" value to around 60%, while setting it to "high performance" mode sets it to around 110%. However, the percentage does not seem to exactly correlate to the CPU speed being shown. What value is this actually representing then?

I believe that is controlled in BIOS, check there.
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Hi,my girlfriends laptop seems to be stuck in sleep or hibernation mode.Its running windows vista. She hadnt used it for about a year,then when she tried to use it,it wont do anything.,Ive tried starting it in safe mode,either pressing f8 repeatedly,or holding it down on start-up,but it doesnt work.When it starts up it shows a black screen with the manufacturers name.If i press esc. it comes to this  page
 laptop.jpg   125.15KB
  1 downloads .If i press f2 it says entering setup...nothing happens after that. Can anyone help please? 

A:ASUS laptop stuck in sleep/hibernate mode.

I would see if replacing the CMOS battery helps. Some CMOS batteries are soldered to the motherboard. What is the model number of the Asus?
You can try the following though. Remove the main battery, unplug the adapter and hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Attach the power adapter but do not replace the main battery and then press the power button.
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my computer is in a boot loop. No matter what options I choose at start up e.g. safe mode, start windows normally, ect. it always loads right into asus preload wizard. My goal is to get back to my desktop without losing any information from my hard drive.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Asus laptop stuck in Automatic Repair loop.

Create a Live distro of Linux on a CD or FD. See if it will boot (you will have to go into the BIOS to select the proper boot order to OD or USB). If it boots then there is a problem with the HDD or the OS. Let us know if Linux boots up.
Create a Live disk ... .
Linux distro with a small footprint ... .
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The speakers won't work only if I plug something into the headphone jack will sounds come out.

A:Asus G51VX-RX05 stuck in headphones mode

the line may be muted... you should go into your sound card's control panel and check.
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I'm posting about an Asus laptop that's been going into a loop of showing the Windows Startup Repair screen with selecting Launch Startup Repair causing nothing to happen and Start Windows Normally leading to windows attempting to start before failing and restarting looping back to the Launch Startup Repair screen It started acting like this in startup Laptop Asus stuck in loop repair and since I wasn't able to fix it at the time I bought a new one However Asus Laptop stuck in startup repair loop since my current laptop's charger is broken and it'll take a couple Asus Laptop stuck in startup repair loop of days for it to arrive I figured I'd take another crack at it The laptop runs Vista and I can't be certain but as best I can remember it's -bit I bought it secondhand in so I don't have an installation disc I'm able to access the Advanced Boot Options screen but the last known good configuration doesn't work nor does starting in safe mode The last driver it lists while attempting to load safe mode with command prompt before crashing is crcdisk sys Disable automatic restart on system failure doesn't appear to work either as it'll bring a stop error screen I'll restart it manually and then it'll crash and restart automatically again The error codes from the stop screen are STOP x x x D xC x

A:Asus Laptop stuck in startup repair loop

Hello, and Welcome
Just a couple of questions. Do you have access to a Windows 7 or Vista computer? Do you need any data off the hard drive?
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netbook is stuck starting up in bios. there is no boot options, so i cant even boot into the false SSD.

i have no other iodeas what to try. i tried updating the bios to the most update one. version 2.08.

i tried disabling the secureboot and tried doing a bootable usb with win7 and win8 32bit. it wouldnt even recognize the bootable usb when i KNOW it works.

not sure what to do from here.
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My windows 7 Asus Eee Pc 1005HA is stuck on windows repair loop, when the repair is done and i click finish it shut down automatically. When I turn it on again the same process happens.

A:Asus Eee Pc 1005HA is stuck on windows repair loop

Hello, elie021. You would get better service if you started your own thread. Just go here and press the big Orange button at the very top of the page that says new thread. In the meantime look at this thread but be sure to read the first paragraph. This is the last step before a clean install usually. Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery
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I've read somewhere that the problem could be the synaptics (?) drivers, but how can I do anything about them when I cannot move the mouse?

I tried a separate mouse in the USB key, but that didn't even appear to register.

Help?!? I'm a computer user of limited ability, and thoroughly frustrated!


A:My mouse freezes after login (Asus x61s) and then I'm stuck

Ok, what seems to me to be the problem is the system is having an issue with recognizing USB devices. This might be a problem either with your physical USB ports, or with Windows. Your USB ports might have been damaged, or Windows is having an issue recognizing USB devices once it loads up. Windows is weird in that it loads up all the device drivers and recognizes USB stuff as it starts up and sometimes a USB device that's plugged in before it books will make it go screwy. I've had a similar issue once before.

First of all, what I'd like you to do is unplug the mouse and any other unimportant USB device you have. USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB flash drive, USB external drive....whatever. If it doesn't need to be on there, take it out.

Start up the computer. Once it loads up Windows, try plugging the keyboard and mouse back in. What should happen is Windows, having already loaded the USB drivers and such, will see you plugging in the USB devices again and it will try to detect what they are and get the necessary drivers to make them work.

After you've tried this, let me know what's happening. If it isn't fixed, then there's something even worse that's wrong with Windows or your USB ports.
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I hope someone can help my brain is fried from this issue Have a PC with Asus P X LE that keeps rebooting or resets after trying to do clean install of Win Win The system will sometimes shut off or reset after attempting to install WindowsThings I have tried Update Bios Disconnect all devices except stick of ram video card HD Replaced Motherboard both the old and the new have same symptoms Swap PSU RAM VIDEO CARD HD all new parts Swap Sata cable for HDThe system is set to default AHCI The CPU was previously overclocked but at default settings in BIOS now Ive tried DDR mhz and mhz and in different slots The only thing I havent swapped is the CPU i I assume since it can get into BIOS it isnt a CPU issue A LIVE CD was used it had no issue going into live CD Issue starts when trying to boot off HD or install to HD Anyone have any idea

A:Issues with Asus P9X79 LE, PC Stuck in reboot cycle

Have you pulled the CMOS battery and the power cable for a few minutes and forced the system to reinventory the devices?
Keep us posted
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Sorry in advance if I'm in the wrong section or this has already been posted my is Windows infinite stuck reset Factory it now ASUS, in 10 bootloop I'm new and couldn't find any answers elsewhere I just factory Factory reset my Windows 10 ASUS, now it is stuck in infinite bootloop reset my Asus laptop It was Factory reset my Windows 10 ASUS, now it is stuck in infinite bootloop taking a long time so I went to sleep and let it do its thing overnight In the morning I went and turned the computer It gave me the usual options Shut down start windows or start some recovery thing I chose to start windows After that the computer booted to the Asus logo screen and after a few seconds the computer seemed to shut down and go black Then the Asus logo came back up stayed for a few seconds and then the computer went down again It was running like that for about minutes when I hard rebooted the computer No difference Any info or help would be appreciated Specs Asus S CM-DH -CA Intel core i - u GB DDR RAM Nvidia M GB VRAM Samsung EVO series GB SSD I swapped out the stock HDD and smaller SSD Running x bit Windows Home

A:Factory reset my Windows 10 ASUS, now it is stuck in infinite bootloop

Did you try the "or start some recovery thing). " option?
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Recently while playing unreal tournament I realize there was no sound coming out of the speaker once I unplugged my headphones I restarted thinking that it would fix the problem but that didn t help so I decided to uninstall and reinstall the sound driver from realtek no good either Finally I deicided to reformat my computer using the recovery partition Reassuring myself that this will definitely solve the problem I was shock and confuse as to why no sound came out of the speaker after in Asus mode) working G1S (stuck speakers not jack headphone the recovery After going to the Realtek sound control panel I realize that the computer thinks or detected that a headphone was plugged in when clearly it wasn t The sound does work with the headphone in and I am Asus G1S speakers not working (stuck in headphone jack mode) sure the speaker is not damaged because the POST sound quot boommmmm quot comes during bootup I really don t understand what is going on and I already reformatted the harddrive times I have read that the problem can be temporarily solve by replacing the motherboard but after about a week or two the same problem will arise I have also read that other brands including HP DELL and Sony has similar problems I can live without the speakers but I am not sure if further problems will persist with this laptop since its only been month that I have purchased it Thanks for many reply help nbsp

A:Asus G1S speakers not working (stuck in headphone jack mode)

Just some real quick ideas

Speakers plugged into power outlet and on
Speakers plugged into back jack securely
(actually if you heard the startup booom sound, then they must be)

Sound volume up on speaker
Sound volume up on Windows
Sound volume up in the game that you are using
(That might be it)

If you play a song (through Windows media player) can you hear it ?
If so this must be an in game setting (ie mute sound) Please check all settings in the game.
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Just put this system splash w/ screen Shows Freeze. Asus "asus" A7V400MX then 2400+ sempron together last night all the drives cd HDD s are from a previous computer but the mobo cpu and ram kingston mhz mb are new Entire system contents w power supply mitsumi quot i think quot came with case years ago asus a v onboard sound vid network AMD sempron ghz retail w fan kingston mhz mb pc no add in pci or agp x GB HDD x cd one burner and floppy the problem after Asus A7V400MX w/ sempron 2400+ Shows "asus" splash screen then Freeze. installing everything I turned the computer on it turns on then off and back on as others on this board have mentioned to be normal for this board but then the it starts to post but doesnt even get past the Asus A7V400MX w/ sempron 2400+ Shows "asus" splash screen then Freeze. quot splash asus a v screen quot then it just hangs indefinetly suspiciou on the quot splash screen quot it shows press tab to show post and press alt F to flash bios but niether gives any response Ctrl Alt Del does reset the comp only to bring me back to the same spot a little frustrated thinking possible power supply unit or even processor It does beep once short and then stops and I ve tried the FSB jumpers set to and mhz both with the same result I even tried clearing the CMOS with no change not a big suprise since its never been used please help THANK YOU nbsp

A:Asus A7V400MX w/ sempron 2400+ Shows "asus" splash screen then Freeze.

common problems

well, first off. The beep you heard is natural. It means that the POST (power on self test) went through sucessfully! you might need to check the processor. Sometimes, processors can cause a bad instruction to activate, which causes your computer to freeze. The powersupply also could be an important factor. You should turn the computer on with the least amount of things. for example... (motherboard, 1 stick of ram, processor, harddrive, and the powersupply) doing this will limit what could be wrong and make it easier to troubleshoot. I would definetly check the processor, and even possibly the memory. hope this helps!

"from a person's perspective"
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XP Service Pack 3

Screensaver is enabled and so is 'Display welcome screen when coming back from screensaver'.

This works most of the time, however on a regular basis the screensaver will resume to the following screen and just stay there forever.

The only thing to do is to press the power button, at which point a popup alerts that a user is logged in, do you still want to shut down.


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Hi I have an Asus S E laptop which started life as a Windows machine and was subsequently upgraded to Windows about months ago It's now stuck in the 'Diagnosing your PC - Automatic external won't repair Asus Stuck in loop, DVD-ROM 200E automatic recognise Repair' loop and I can't force it to break out I have a recovery thumb drive that was created when the machine was new running Windows I have enabled Launch CSM and disabled Secure Boot Control in the BIOS and eventually the BIOS Asus 200E Stuck in automatic repair loop, won't recognise external DVD-ROM will recognise the recovery drive I can then select it as the first boot option as USB DISK PMAP not the UEFI option and it boots So far so good but the recovery options don't seem to give me any useful options It can't find any system restore files though I'm certain they exist on the disk I don't know how to locate a system image to recover and the Startup Settings option doesn't appear so I can't get to Safe Mode I'm guessing that the upgrade has wiped the recovery partition that the thumb drive is looking for The command line option is accessible I am also unable to get the BIOS to recognise an external DVDROM drive so I'm unable to re-install windows or boot into Linux Since it's a laptop removing the hard disk or the battery is not straightforward My last resort is to try and create a bootable linux thumb drive that would at least allow me to recover the files before it goes into the skip If anyone has any other comments or suggestions for other things to try I'd be very grateful Kind regards Pete
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Hi I have an Asus S E laptop which started life as a Windows machine and was subsequently upgraded to Windows about months ago It s now stuck in the Diagnosing your PC - Automatic Repair loop and I can t force it to break out I have a recovery thumb drive that was created when the machine 200E automatic Stuck external DVD-ROM in loop, Asus recognise won't repair was new running Windows I have enabled Launch CSM and disabled Secure Boot Control in the BIOS and eventually the BIOS will recognise the recovery drive I can then select it as the first boot option as USB DISK PMAP not the UEFI option and it boots So far so good but the recovery options don Asus 200E Stuck in automatic repair loop, won't recognise external DVD-ROM t seem to give me any useful options It can t find any system restore files though I m certain they exist on the disk I don t know how to locate a system image Asus 200E Stuck in automatic repair loop, won't recognise external DVD-ROM to recover and the Startup Settings option doesn t appear so I can t get to Safe Mode I m guessing that the upgrade has wiped the recovery partition that the thumb drive is looking for The command line option is accessible I am also unable to get the BIOS to recognise an external DVDROM drive so I m unable to re-install windows or boot into Linux Asus 200E Stuck in automatic repair loop, won't recognise external DVD-ROM Since it s a laptop removing the hard disk or the battery is not straightforward My last resort is to try and create a bootable linux thumb drive that would at least allow me to recover the files before it goes into the skip If anyone has any other comments or suggestions for other things to try I d be very grateful Kind regards Pete nbsp

A:Asus 200E Stuck in automatic repair loop, won't recognise external DVD-ROM
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EDIT Should be aswRVRT sys Computer worked fine in the morning Then I turned it off later had windows update then when I came home in the afternoon to open my PC it just didnt work When I try to go to safe mode it just gets stuck at aswRVRT sys If it helps I already ran FRST Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST txt x Version - - Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-FK MU P on - - Running from K Windows Home Premium X OS Language English US Internet Explorer Version Boot Mode Recovery The current controlset is ControlSet ATTENTION gt If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log Registry Whitelisted HKLM Run GamecomSound - C Program Files screen/ "starting stuck Boot menu on at Windows Windows" aswRVRT.exe stuck Plantronics GameCom Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe GameCom exe - - HKLM Run AdobeAAMUpdater- - C Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe Program Files x Common Files Adobe OOBE PDApp UWA updaterstartuputility exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM Run MSC - C Program Files Microsoft Security Client msseces exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKLM Run MsmqIntCert - regsvr s mqrt dll HKLM Run Nvtmru - C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA Update Core NvTmru exe - - NVIDIA Corporation HKLM Run UMonit - C Windows SysWOW UMonit exe - - HKLM Run RTHDVCPL - C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVCpl exe - - Realtek Semiconductor HKLM Run ShadowPlay - C windows system rundll exe C windows system nvspcap dll ShadowPlayOnSystemStart HKLM-x Run IAStorIcon - C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Rapid Storage Technology IAStorIcon exe - - Intel Corporation HKLM-x Run jmekey - C Program Files x jmesoft hotkey exe - - JME HKLM-x Run ModeSwitch - C Program Files Lenovo Power Dial LitModeSwitch exe - - Lenovo HKLM-x Run CLMLServer - C Program Files x Lenovo Power Go CLMLSvc exe - - CyberLink HKLM-x Run UpdateP GoShortCut - C Program Files x Lenovo Power Go MUITransfer MUIStartMenu exe - - CyberLink Corp HKLM-x Run IdeaNotesUser - C Program Files x DDNI Lenovo Idea Notes DDNIMSGUser exe - - Digital Delivery Networks Inc HKLM-x Run SetDefaultSCR - C Program Files x Lenovo Lenovo Screensaver SetDefaultSCR exe - - Lenovo HKLM-x Run avast - C Program Files AVAST Software Avast AvastUI exe - - AVAST Software HKLM-x Run APSDaemon - C Program Files x Common Files Apple Apple Application Support APSDaemon exe - - Apple Inc HKLM-x Run iTunesHelper - C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe - - Apple Inc HKLM-x Run Adobe ARM - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM-x Run SwitchBoard - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe SwitchBoard SwitchBoard exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM-x Run AdobeCS ServiceManager - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe CS ServiceManager CS ServiceManager exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM-x Run KeePass PreLoad - C Program Files x KeePass Password Safe KeePass exe - - Dominik Reichl HKLM-x Run Aeria Ignite - C Program Files x Aeria Games Ignite aeriaignite exe - - Aeria Games amp Entertainment HKLM-x Run ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse - C Program Files x ROCCAT Savu Mouse Savu Monitor exe - - ROCCAT GmbH HKLM-x Run LogMeIn Hamachi Ui - C Program Files x LogMeIn Hamachi hamachi- -ui exe - - LogMeIn Inc HKLM-x Run BCSSync - C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office BCSSync exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKLM-x Run SunJavaUpdateSched - C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe - - Oracle Corporation HKLM-x Run kxesc - c program files x kingsoft kingsoft antiviruskxetray exe -autorun HKU Default RunOnce WLStart - C Program Files x Windows Live Installer wlstart exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKU Default User RunOnce WLStart - C Program Files x Windows Live Installer wlstart exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKU Krystal Run GoogleDriveSync - C Program Files x Google Drive googledrivesync exe - - Google HKU Krystal Run S... Read more

A:Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe

Anyone please?
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Hello My fathers Gateway laptop Windows Vista bit Model number MD u has recently encountered a problem When you press the power button the Gateway start screen pops up the one with F for BIOS F for Boot Menu in the corner the screen then has a blinking underscore in the left corner the screen goes black then returns to the get at into 64bit get stuck list Gateway Vista Mode Bios, Safe Screen, to can't screen can Gateway start screen and continues to repeat the cycle There are no beeps I can load the computer into BIOS but I haven t really messed with the settings there as I m afraid of wrecking things further I can load it to the Boot Menu and a dialog box with the options CDROM DVD Main Hard Drive Boot to LAN and Enter Setup pops up with the Phoenix Secure Core BIOS ver etc popping up for a second before the dialog box pops up I ve tried to boot the Main Hard Drive to no avail - it just starts the cycle over again I ve pressed all the Vista 64bit stuck at Gateway Screen, can get into Bios, can't get to Safe Mode screen list function keys in hopes to find the menu to boot it to safe mode I Vista 64bit stuck at Gateway Screen, can get into Bios, can't get to Safe Mode screen list know it usually F but figured his computer might be different but the buttons just beep As to how it got this way He left it on hibernate last night and when he tried to turn it on this morning this is what he encountered We figure it might has something to do with Windows Automatic Updates Some history about the sad state of his compter His laptop battery will not hold a charge it works off A C power His CD DVD ROM is dead near dead We ve bought him an external CD DVD drive that hooks into his USB port Sometimes if his external CD DVD drive is plugged in his computer won t start up correctly and needs to be fixed through Safe Mode that very well might be because his BIOS Boot order is CDROM DVD USB Floppy drive Main Hard Drive USB Storage stick USB Hard drive Boot to LAN His computer has needed to be System Restored through Safe Mode recently after he got up to use the restroom when watching a movie on his computer using the external CD DVD ROM at around am and when he got back his computer was off He turned it on and the Gateway screen would pop up and then the screen would stay black That time I could get it into Safe Mode this time it just cycles through the Gateway start screen black screen and back again I have a feeling this problem might have something with windows updates because last night my sister s computer HP Laptop Vista bit started itself up out of hibernation mode at am presumably for updates And I ve seen my father s computer start up out of hibernation mode at am before it scared the crap outta me and the timing before when he was watching the movie seems to fit I ve researched the problem somewhat and have seen that it might possibly be a hardware problem ie PCU Motherboard or RAM I ve tried to start his computer without his battery as well as with and without his external CD DVD drive hooked up Anyone have any ideas to fix this Thanks in advance

A:Vista 64bit stuck at Gateway Screen, can get into Bios, can't get to Safe Mode screen list
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Good Morning,

For the past several months I have been having problems with my HP desktop computer. When my system reboots I sometimes get a black screen with nothing on it or it gets stuck on the windows logo or I get a blue screen with a bunch of writing.

The blue screen tends to happen with the computer goes into hibernation. So I changed my settings to that it doesn't happen but I would like to fix that so that I can give my computer a rest during the time that I'm not using it.

I have checked for malware, viruses you name it... nothing.

HP HPE-180t
Windows 7 SP1
Intel core i7 930 @2.80GHz
9.00 GB RAM
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

If you need further info please let me know. ;)
ps I had wonderful support several years ago regarding my laptop.. thank you once again :)

A:Black screen, Blue Screen & Stuck on Windows logo

Hello Britt,


I would like to fix that so that I can give my computer a rest during the time that I'm not using it.

The best way to do this is to simply turn it off; it will also save on the electricty bills too.
When I am not using my machine, I turn it off, because here in South Australia we have the second highest electricity charges in the world.


I get a blue screen with a bunch of writing.

Can you tell us what the blue screen says; usually this is due to a recent hardware or software change; however, in your instance it might be the Hibernation feature that is malfunctioning.
Post back with the information about the blue screen, please.

Kind Regards,
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Specifications Intel Core Duo GHz GB DDR RAM GB WD HDD rpm mb cache Windows Ultimate bit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never had any problem with my desktop and it NEVER got stuck or anything I've searched and tested Ultimate blue stuck 7 at with screen reboots & screen Windows welcome every solution I could find but none seems to work When I power on the desktop a black screen comes up just before the welcome screen for a really Windows 7 Ultimate stuck at welcome screen & reboots with blue screen long time Most of the time it restarts Windows 7 Ultimate stuck at welcome screen & reboots with blue screen after a blue screen comes up When the desktop does appear it again restarts when I press any button It started to slow down a few days ago and got stuck quite often but now this Basically I can't do anything System restore comes up with some error in safe mode and I do not have a backup or Windows CD My hard disk is filled with a lot of delicate data and it also has like GB of videos and stuff I really need your help guys

A:Windows 7 Ultimate stuck at welcome screen & reboots with blue screen

If you can boot in safemode with networking, just follow these instructions
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Using window xp pro
I on computer.
It's fine loading bios and till window xp logo..
when it starting to load the welcome window screen.. (which it didnt reach the welcome screen at all)
It just stuck at the black screen..

so i try to run in safe mode, weirdly it able to open.. okie

i tried to reformat... but it doesnt seems to work, it happens the same thing..

b4 this happened.. it all started one day.. i let my computer to download some personal stuff.. then, my bro went to play gunz online.. so the computer got hanged, and he just shut the computer just like that.. (how stupid) so now, i cant reach the welcome screen at all.. help me pls..

I'm using pentium 3..
as yall know, im a beginner, i dont know a thing.. just tell me what to do if u need any informations..

A:Can't load window welcome screen! stuck at dark blank screen

Try this, boot into safe mode.
Right-click on "My computer" and select "manage"
When that opens, click on device manager

When device manager opens, look at your graphics card normally under "display adapters" - any crosses or red splats?
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Greetings Please could someone help me Recently i had my LCD screen on my 'Toshiba Satellite c - ' replaced because it had become cracked so i got it fixed and now started up my laptop it boots up fine goes past the toshiba inavations screen and then goes to the ''Windows starting'' screen it loads up the windows animation logo and then just stops and freezes on that page if i leave it there i can then hear the computer make the login sounds and it loading up programs the skype sound but the screen is still stuck on the same page its like the starting; on laptop, screen HELP: on screen 'Windows New stuck Gets laptop is still running normaly but the screen is just frozen so i turned it off and then loaded it in 'safemode' it loaded fine and i can use web stuff ect so i wrote this article please if anyone can help me fix my screen freezing problem it would be great Laptop specs bit Windows home premium GB of ram i HELP: New screen on laptop, Gets stuck on 'Windows starting; screen think its HDD but im not sure Thanks in advance if you can help i rearly need it fixed soon Best regards Nathaniel Richards

A:HELP: New screen on laptop, Gets stuck on 'Windows starting; screen

Hello and welcome to the forum Nathanielbot

*Try following the steps in the tutorial below.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Post back what you've done for further suggestions.
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hi i recently had a virus on my computer did numerous scans and did a restore that made my computer go into a continously restart loop on stuck loading cursor on with screen screen after black bootup ive managed to fixed that with couple recovery console commands and finally did a windows xp pair with the disk had some problems installing some drivers after the installation repair was finished computer rebooted but then the screen would be stuck on a black screen with a cursor in the middle stuck on black screen with cursor after loading screen after the windows logo with loading bar the login screen doesnt show ive tried numerous ideas from ctl alt delete and shift f ive hit shift times and i heard a noise but nothing pops up for sticky keys ive booted in safe mode and it shows all the files loading then it gets stuck with the black screen with the quot windows professional quot thing on the top and bottom with the cursor im guessing it has to do with the video card driver i need help thanks oh and im running on windows xp professional thanks edit okay so i decided to do the xp repair again to see if it would fix it and did shift f to bring up command prompt and typed sysdm cpl to see what drivers were missing there was a yellow explation mark on the following Display adapters - Video controller VGA compatible Modems - PCI modem Network - Realtek RTL Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC Sound video and game controllers - Multimedia audio controller System devices - Microsoft System Management BIOS Driver Universal Serial Vus controllers - SiS PCI to USB enhanced Host Controller note when i right click proporties and update driver then click on quot install from a list or specific location quot then click on quot dont search i will choose the driver to install quot it lists drives model Sis and SiS M the problem is i couldnt install or update the drivers because i dont have the disks how can i install these drivers would i have to go to on another computer download all the needed drivers and load em into another disk then locate the file on the disk when needed for installation so right now ima stay put at the xp setup screen with drives selection

A:stuck on black screen with cursor after loading screen

Does it boot in safe mode?
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I have an issue with my laptop. This issue came up while installing remixos. The pop up volume icon got stuck on the screen and would not go away. I have reformated thre system severally thinking it would go away. I have downloaded and installed latest win 10 audio driver from hp site without success. i also noticed that after installing audio drivers i do not see the headphone and hdmi in my playback devices.Since this issue began i also noticed that the keyboard mute button does not work. The logitech mouse i use cannot click on check boxes. I would really appreciate if this could be resolved ASAP. Thanks

A:volume pop on screen, stuck on screen and cannot reduce volu...

[email protected], Welcome to HP Forums. One stop for all sorts of solutions, tips and tweaks to your questions/issues. To have the best experience on HP forum, visit our HP Forums Guide to know more. Audio driver and controller issue. Is that right? I will definitely help you. Did you have any windows 10 update installed recently? If yes, try doing the recovery from the F11 key following the article from the below link and if that helps. Let me know if this helps. Resolv_S Glad to help you. I work for HPPlease click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos Thumbs Up" to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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At random times, the CTRL key on my laptop will act as if it is constantly pushed down. I am unable to type and it is annoying. I have turned off sticky keys, and have tried pushing both the left and right CTRL keys simultaneously to turn it off. The only solution is a reboot of the computer. Is there anyway I can fix this??

A:CTRL key "stuck" on laptop, Asus N55S series, Windows 7

It may be time to replace the keyboard. They're not expensive and relatively easy to replace
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Hi everyone I don't know to fix the problem of my computer it stuck on the window stuck screen, description below:

1.After I click the power button and turned the computer on it gives 5 modes on what enviroment I like to open the computer.

2.Then, it stuck on Windows Screen with the loading bar.

3.I tried to reformatthe computer using the cd I bought from a computer shop,but nothing happened.

Please help !!!

A:Screen stuck on windows start up screen


Originally Posted by lapastangan478

1. After I click the power button and turned the computer on it gives 5 modes on what enviroment I like to open the computer.

Could you explain this point a bit more? Is it the Windows advanced boot screen? Have you attempted to boot into safe mode?


Originally Posted by lapastangan478

3.I tried to reformatthe computer using the cd I bought from a computer shop,but nothing happened.

How did you try to format the drive? When you say nothing happened, what did you do to format? Also, is it an OEM CD or a Windows XP CD?
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I have an issue with my laptop. This issue came up while installing remixos. The pop up volume icon got stuck on the screen and would not go away. I have reformated thre system severally thinking it would go away. I have downloaded and installed latest win 10 audio driver from hp site without success. i also noticed that after installing audio drivers i do not see the headphone and hdmi in my playback devices.Since this issue began i also noticed that the keyboard mute button does not work. The logitech mouse i use cannot click on check boxes. I would really appreciate if this could be resolved ASAP. Thanks
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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1, but it reset my custom lock screen image.  I tried re-applying it but the lock
screen preview in the settings is stuck on a load loop.  Does anyone know why that is and why it won't set my custom image as the new lock screen image?
i can't find the  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Systemdata, folder,
in my laptop
how to get default lock screen images in 8.1? plz help me..

A:Lock Screen Custom Image Stuck on Load for Windows 8.1, (Can't see the default lock screen images)

Please take a look at this link and it should solve your problem.
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Last night, I was met with a black screen on my PC that I could not get around with anything but the Control Panel. However, it happened again when I went to shut down my PC, and I had to force reset it. Now, my PC hangs on the "Welcome to Windows" screen for an extended period of time, or indefinitely.

I'm unable to run the PC in normal or safe mode. If/as soon as I get to my desktop, the PC locks up. If its any sign, that night I was running a Minecraft server, and I was frequently getting an error stating that I had run out of memory. This has never happened until now. No recent changes have been made to my PC in terms of drivers, programs, or Windows updates.

Windows 7 64bit
2.6 Quad Core Phenom
(Forgot Mobo)

A:Black Screen/Stuck Welcome Screen

Hi we really do need the motherboard make and model also the ram,cpu,gpu,psu and wattage, you may need to take the side off to find the info the psu will usually have a label or sticker on it and the motherboard has it printed across it
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Hi there!

Can anyone tell me where I could get an LCD screen for an Asus A6M Laptop, a second hand one will do. I've tried ebay but to no avail.

Your help would be appreciated.

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when I first statup my computer in the morning the asus screen appears for about a second and then continues to boot up. However if I restart the pc later at night the asus screen stays on for around 5 seconds. Can anyone explain why this is?

I have a P5B Deluxe motherboard and Intel E6600 dual core processor.

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I have a asus f3f running wins xp when i turn it on it will not go into a window that i can only view if i keep pressing fn and f8 and i cant get into safe mode. The power light is on. Please help dont want to have to send it way.

A:Asus black screen

When you boot the comp, look at the screen it will tell you how to get into the Bios(might be setup) something like F1 or the DEL key. Reboot and press that key. It should then present you with a screen that you can set certain parts of the comp. Look for Hard disk diag or test. Run the test. you also have the Ram test , run that if the first test is OK.
If nothing is wrong back out and turn off the comp. Turn the comp upside down and look on the bottom to see if there is a RESET hole. If there is insert a straightend out paper clip and push it into the hole.
If that doesn't work call the manufacturer.
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My wife s computer not this one - turn it on and the ASUS screen at screen ASUS PC stops comes PC stops at ASUS screen up and just stops The process turn on PC stops at ASUS screen looks like it tries the A drive and CD then HD before popping the ASUS screen but it just hangs at that screen I hit tab for the POST screen and then DEL to enter setup exit and save no changing allows the PC to boot up I had observed that the date and time was being lost when the machine is off I opened the box cleaned out dust mites dead aliens old electrons etc and installed a new battery Now it still does the same thing but loses some time It has lost about two hours in the last three days Checking configurations with the book the boot sequence looks OK and after the save and continue it boots up OK I haven t attempted to update bios It is a machine ASUS A V X-X Motherboard MB memory and I think a G processor The ASUS bios online reports it is a beta bios from Updating the bios is scary so I m looking to exhaust alternatives Any ideas thanks -b nbsp

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i have a Asus 13.3 in touch screen laptop windows 8. I have had it for a few months now. I went to use it today and noticed the volume would not work. It is all the way up in the setting on my computer and the control on my screen help please!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6027 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 455320 MB, Free - 417444 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., Q302LA
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Updated and Enabled

A:Asus 13.3 in touch screen lap top

Press start, in the search bar type "Device manager" and choose it, once your in go to Sound, video and game controllers tab, do you see your sound card? does it have anything there that shouldn't be, like a yellow question mark? and what is the sound card model?
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Attachment Attachment I just bought a brand new ASUS and have already gotten the blue screen The computer specs are as follows Windows bit Model ASUS CG Desktop Intel Core i CPU GHz GB RAM DDR I have installed Norton and Office to the computer and that is it I did notice that I will get a bluescreen most of the time i run a NEW - - Please help!! screen Blue already Asus full system scan through norton although I have gotten them without running a scan I have also tryed to update all of my hardware although im still unsure if NEW Asus - Blue screen already - Please help!! it is the latest I would like to be able to solve this problem and not pack up this computer and send it back although that day may be coming soon I have attached the files requested in the BSOD posting instructions and have also included my minidump log of the errors that my computer provides to me as it restarts Please help me Thanks for your time Alex

A:NEW Asus - Blue screen already - Please help!!

Completely Uninstall Norton 360 using the removal tool

Then reinstall the latest version

Update your Realtek driver

RtNdPt60.sys fffff880`02326000 fffff880`02332000 0x0000c000 0x475dfad0 11/12/2007 06:49:52
Remove Asus AI booster/Manager(or any other similar tools), it uses an outdated driver

AsInsHelp64.sys fffff880`02b21000 fffff880`02b26000 0x00005000 0x477dc5ca 04/01/2008 09:36:10
You seem to be running an older version of Norton 360

SYMDS64.SYS fffff880`0106c000 fffff880`010da000 0x0006e000 0x4a89e942 18/08/2009 03:35:30
SYMEFA64.SYS fffff880`010ee000 fffff880`01129000 0x0003b000 0x4bcf727b 22/04/2010 01:47:39
SYMEVENT64x86.SYS fffff880`02cb0000 fffff880`02ce6000 0x00036000 0x4a849385 14/08/2009 02:28:21
SYMTDIV.SYS fffff880`02c3a000 fffff880`02cb0000 0x00076000 0x4bdfa4c3 04/05/2010 08:38:27
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My son's ASus will not boot up. He said he held the power button while the computer was doing a disk check or ungrade. Now all we can get is a gray screen with an arrow. I saw something that said 0x0 error so I went to my computer and downloaded the repair tool onto a flashdrive but I don't know how to get the flashdrive to run. I am able to open the command prompt window but don't know what to type in to open the flashdrive to run it. I also downloaded avg in case it's a virus but again don't know how to make the program open and run?

A:Asus gray screen help

As long as your computer doesn't boots up normally , you can not open your flash drive and even can't access to command prompt.
So, the first step is to boot it up with your original DVD and then investigate what the problem is .
When your computer boots from DVD you can run command prompt or perform a startup repair from the menu.
Do you have your original windows DVD ?
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I'm looking for a second hand Asus A6000 LCD screen,
I've tried on ebay but keep getting outbid.
Can anyone tell me of a good website to source
second hand laptop parts? I've just started my
own repair business.


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Oh I desperately need help. On Halloween I guess someone played a "trick" on me and when I got up in the morning everything on my computer was Upside down. It was terrible and I still don't have it on right as i can't get through the Welcom Windows XP screen to logon. I have tried pressing the ctrl button and also the F8 button. I use Windows XP. I surely hope someone can help me with this problem. It is on my desktop machine.


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Hey guys,

(Bear in mind - I do not use the welcome screen)

I got some spyware crap, deleted it all (so I thought). Now, once XP has started up, the screen "Starting up..." stays there, with little or no HD activity, but the computer does not freeze.

I attempted to combat this by doing a full system repair using the XP CD, but the problem is still there. However, the system does boot when I use safe mode with command prompt, (and from the command prompt log into explorer). Safe mode (with command prompt) has the same problem as the normal startup, leading me into a brick wall.

Using msconfig I selected a diagnostic startup, hoping that it would change something but to no avail.

Any suggestions? Ideas?

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I have Windows XP on a Dell Desktop. When I started up my computer this morning, I can't get past the Welcome screen. It's frozen.

I have fullblown Norton's and it's automatically updated and scanned. I'm emailing from my husband's laptop.

Does anyone have any idea of what's happened?

Thanks for listening.

A:Stuck in welcome screen

I'm embarrassed!

Apparently, MS was installing security upgrades. I got back on the computer and everything appears to be fine. Can't believe it took that long.

Have a great day.
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helpI need help too, I have a HP pavilion FOC28PA#ACJ and this appears administrator password and when I type anything appearscode: 91098632help me plzz

A:Stuck on screen

@Abhinav27? Enter   24990214 Regards, DP-K
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Hi As of this afternoon I seem to be having a slight problem with my HP laptop HP G - US Notebook with Windows Premium Last night my laptop began over heating so I closed it set it aside and went to bed When I tried using it again today everything worked fine at first but upon trying to use my Microsoft Word it Stuck Welcome on Screen? gave me a strange popup message One that disappeared before I even had the chance to read it then everything on the computer froze up Turned it off and Stuck on Welcome Screen? then attempted to restart I got to Stuck on Welcome Screen? the logon screen entered my password and the Welcome screen came up This is where the problem began I waited for nearly a half hour on the Welcome screen before everything went black Stuck on Welcome Screen? That was it it stayed black and I was forced to again shut off and restart the computer This time I attempted to start up in safety mode It worked and I was able to click the shut down button in order to try shutting down my computer properly After this I tried normal startup again but met with the same problem as last time I have also attempted system restore but no luck Any ideas as to how I can fix this Thanks

A:Stuck on Welcome Screen?

I know nothing about notebooks but I do know that any computer when overheated will act like that. I have no idea how to get inside of one of them to check for cooling problems but hang around somebody that knows notebooks will be by. I recommend not using the notebook until you find out why it's overheating and repairing it.
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A few hours ago I was messing with my partitions XP welcome screen on Stuck and ended up with an error it gave no useful info When I tried to reboot I got a grub error My bootloaders are set up like this Code Grub Linux Windows bootloader Windows xp xp This has happened before so I popped in the XP disc and did FIXMBR This got me to the Stuck on XP welcome screen Windows bootloader XP works fine I am posting from it now XP however gets to a blue screen not the BSOD it looks like the welcome screen but doesn t say quot welcome quot and hangs I can move the mouse around but that is all ctrl-alt-delete and esc do nothing Both partitions are Service pack I have used the windows disk checker thing on the problem partition but it didn t help My next plan of attack is doing a quot reinstallation quot which should leave all my files in tact but hopefully fix the system file that is messed up http support microsoft com kb Should I go ahead with the reinstallation Does anyone have any better ideas I managed to get a boot log which shows which drivers loaded and which ones didn t but is too long to post here I can try to find a place to upload it if you think it would help nbsp

A:Stuck on XP welcome screen

Try this;
It will check for the system files integrity and should fix most problems
Start-Run- type
sfc /fix
press enter
ps. do this for the reinstallation method whereby you won't lose your saved data.
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Today I booted up my PC and instead of loading normally as it always does, it stucks on the Welcome message on the logon screen. The loading icon keeps making circles, as if it's working but the users don't show up (I can't move the mouse). Sometimes my user appears for split seconds, as if it's trying to log in on it's own. After changing the language with a keyboard shortcut and clicking around it says Username/password wrong and I can finally log in. The only significant change I made yesterday was installing Ubuntu on a different partition, and I even removed all services and applications from msconfig, even did a system restore. Now I'm doing an in-depth scan with NOD32 to see if it finds anything.

A:Stuck at Welcome screen

If all else fails, do a repair install.. This will show you how to do a repair upgrade install to fix your currently installed Windows 7 and preserve your user accounts, data, programs, and system drivers.

Repair Install
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Sometimes when I right click on a file the menu will stick on the screen and will not remove itself unless the computer is restarted. Can anyone help

Edit:One more question, I've got a folder with some icons in it that I would like to replace the existing icons on the desktop with, does anyone know how.


A:Stuck on screen

First thought is malware or virus.
Click here to download HJTsetup.exe
Save HJTsetup.exe to your desktop.

Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Hijack This.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialogue boxes until you get to the Select Addition Tasks dialogue.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialogue box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
Click on "Edit, Select All" then click on "Edit, Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
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helpI need help too, I have a HP pavilion dv6-6c60br,and this appears administrator password and when I type anything appearscode: 77173440 help me plzz

A:Stuck on screen

Hi, Double post, please use Thanks.
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helpI need help too, I have a HP pavilion FOC28PA#ACJ and this appears administrator password and when I type anything appearscode: 77173440 help me plzz

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Tried to start in safe mode and got to loading your personal settings and nothing......

A:Stuck on welcome screen

Never had this myself.

Another thread on the forum discusses this, it may be helpful. There isn't much there, but maybe...

stuck at "Loading Personal Settings"
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Well, i've a 32 bit Home Premium version on a Dell.
My hardware is functioning normal.
But then it says i needed to install a new update for Windows 7 upgrade, so i download it and installed it.
After that i needed to restart my computer, and now its stuck at the first screen where you see a Dell logo and a loader beneath it, well it is stuck at exactly the half of it.

What can i do to get back on my PC?

A:Stuck at the first screen.

METHOD I from this link System Restore - Undo
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My computer keeps sticking on the Welcome Screen, but only on my default username, the administrator account loads perfectly. I cannot fix this name because the primary username cannot be deleted. Any suggestions besides msconfig? I already tried removing all startup programs and it did not fix it.

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I'm having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I am unable to log in to the computer once it goes to sleep and wakes up again. It simply stays at the blue "Windows 7 home premium" screen (where I would normally type in my password) except the text box for the password in the middle is gone. Just missing. So I'm just stuck.
If I turn it off and back on again, it works just fine, like normal. The laptop is less than a year old. Recently had my hard drive replaced. Everything should be up to date. Other than that, the only other major change is that my brother just installed an antivirus program the other day, before my computer started acting up like this.
Any suggestions?

A:Stuck at log-in screen!

Greetings saldana, to TSF.

Turn the Laptop off.
Restart the computer holding the F8 Key, this will bring up a Menu Screen listing, showing Safe Mode; among others, as well as Last known Good configuration > select this and allow the laptop to reboot.
Try this and post back with what happens.

Kind Regards.
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I boot up the computer and it sticks on the welcome screen, have tried booting in safe mode, safe mode with prompts, last known good configuration, normal and nothing,
Have noticed people mention to insert windows cd but I do not have this, any ideas??
Also went into boot up setup and reset defaults, still nothing

A:Stuck on welcome screen

Most people with this exact same problem seem to have no success other than doing a factory recovery using the supplied recovery media, or, on newer laptops and computers, using the recovery discs you are supposed to make yourself when you first bought it.
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I was on YouTube, then the screen went black and restarted, so the Sony Vaio screen shows up, and now it's stuck on the screen where you would tap f7 to bring up safe mode as well as the other options. The screen is all black and there is a blinking white line that goes down a few inches, then stops. Does anyone kneo what to do?

When I restart again and click f7 or f8 it doesn't bring up any safe mode options. It's just stuck on that screen. Please help!

Here is a picture of the screen except mine is a few inches down

F2 is literally the only way to get out of the black screen, but it goes to the bios thing, I think. So it's useless

A:Help! Stuck On Screen! Can't Get Out!

So it does go into BIOS but not Safe Mode or Normal?
Sounds like a system disk or MBR problem.
Do you have a W7 DVD or Repair disk or USB Stick to boot with? If so, do so and check your HDD.
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My laptop is staying stuck on the welcome screen after I type in my password it takes about 10 or so minutes to load, when it finally turns on.. all my stuff is gone, its the default background picture,my folders are gone,pictures,bookmarks on browers.. everything... The internet is always loading VERY VERY VERY SLOW! and I noticed after it was on for a while it froze... Also I don't know if this makes a difference or not but for the past few months my battery is a goner and I have to keep the charger plugged in or it shuts off right away. Been waiting for some extra money to buy a new one. Hopefully I can get this problem fixed?? I don't know what to do!!!

A:Stuck on Welcome Screen, Everything is Gone! PLEASE HELP!

See if you can get this to run and post the logs. If it won't work we can try something else, do you have access to another PC, a Windows 7 DVD and a Flash Drive. I doubt this is related to the battery problem, but try removing it and see if it makes any difference.

Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) and save it to your desktop. Do not get tempted to download Regclean Pro.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Double-click on FRST to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press theScan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run from. Please copy and paste it into your next reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes another log (Addition.txt). Please also copy and paste that into your reply.
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i have windows xp and my administrator account has a password but i cant remember it and its the only account on my computer so i need to get into my administrator account but i cant (hence not knowing my password) so i was wondering if theres anyway to reset the password without logging in since i cant thanks

A:stuck on log in screen

Hi- cannot help with any password related problems.
Tech Support Guy - Site Rules

'Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed'.
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I didn't get an answer to my problem today. My problem is that on Hallloween something or someone turned my computer upside down. I have an eMachine, Windows XP and I had an awful time getting it turned up right-side. So I thought everything would be alright but..... the next morning when I turned my computer on it started to open up but only got as far as the Welcome screen and the one with the Microsoft logo on it. There is a thin white line right down the middle of the screen. There is no where to log onto the screen so I can't get in to anything I have on the computer. Is there someone there that could help me to get the rest of the way and into my computer.
Thank you ever so much,[WEBQUOTE=""]Ezy[/WEBQUOTE]

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Getting the continuous circle on welcome screen.  Computer was running fine, I randomly chose to do sleep mode last night, tried to start when I got home after work today and its stuck as mentioned.  Tried safe mode with no luck.  Please help, lots of important info on the computer.  Its a Dell Optiplex 755.

A:Stuck on welcome screen.

Startup Repair On Dell Systems
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I am currently stuck on the windows welcome screen. the computer will say logging personal preferences and then never login. I have booted in safe mode and this will not work. I am wondering how to do a repair of windows. I put in the boot cd and it wont start up, after having the cd rom boot 1st in bios.

A:stuck on welcome screen

Do you run any type of Anti-Spyware software?
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Hello there I am helping a friend out with her computer Her computer was running slow So I used Stuck Screen "Welcome" at the following programs to help her speed up her computer CCleaner To get rid of the clutter and unnecessary temporary files Malwarebytes Anit-Malware To remove Stuck at "Welcome" Screen malware from her computer Microsoft Security Essentials To remove any viruses from her computer Hit man Pro To remove any malware that could have gotten left behind Autoruns to stop any unnessosary stratup items from bogging down Stuck at "Welcome" Screen the computer Stuck at "Welcome" Screen when it starts up Auslogics DiskDefrag To defragment the hard drive Disk clean up To help remove any temporarry files that got left behind Disk Check To check for errors on the hard drive I am usually pretty good about speeding up computers for my friends and family I have never ran into this problem where the computer freezes at the welcome screen The computer will eventually go to the desktop if i wait about - minuets I am not sure why this is happening Can you guys please help me out I will provide you with any information that I can I am new here and I joined this forum and site so I could get some help from you guys Thanking you guys in advance Dead Bird

A:Stuck at "Welcome" Screen

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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I have a acer travlemate 800 laptop, i cannot get past the welcome screen. I click on my user name and it logs in and then log back out. I cannot get past the welcome screen. Is there a way that i can fix this?
So I can use my laptop?

A:stuck at Welcome screen

try starting in safemode
press before windows starts loading, then select from menu

if that enable you to login go into msconfig
start > run > type msconfig > startup > uncheck all programs > ok > reboot

if you can now start your laptop, you can go back to msconfig an enable programs, 1 or 2 at a time till you find a problem

as this is possibly a virus problem, it may pay to download and run hijack this and post the log, in the appropriate forum here, before doing anything else, someone will analise the log and advise you further if there is a problem
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Well I've recently done something super dumb I reformatted my whole computer From SP to SP With a SP CD Thats not the only stupid thing I didn't remember to backup drivers and such So I was stuck with SP wondering why most things feel different took me awhile to download and install my Ethernet and such Drivers then I decided to update to IE It told me I needed SP so I was like hey Thats what I'm missing went to Microsoft site installed it and restarted my Stuck at Screen. Welcome computer and now it won't go past the Welcome Screen The blue screen that just says Welcome I Ctrl Alt Deleted twice plenty of times the Task Manager pops up sometimmes but it ends up FREEZING Stuck at Welcome Screen. I could get to the Safe Mode though so anyone know how to fix this Or what I should do Should I just reformat back to SP Or is there a way I can download install SP again

A:Stuck at Welcome Screen.

you can do a repair installation using the sp1 disk or if you have an sp2 disk you would be better to do a fresh installtion, just back up your drivers on usb or diskusing a trial program like driver max just make sure you put drivermax on the disk as well so you can retrieve the drivers when you have done the installation if neccassary. to do a repair installtion you basically do the exact same thing as a full installtion but when it recognizes the current xp installation on your c: drive you press r for repair
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Hello, when i boot my toshiba C660 1F1 laptop,after i've typed in my password it get's stuck on the welcome screen.I can boot it in safe mode,can you help please?

A:stuck on welcome screen

It could be one of the startup application or service which is causing the trouble. You can use the Msconfig utility from safe mode to disable third party stratup programs to find the culprit. Read the below guide which covers detailed instructions.
If the system boots fine after performing a clean boot , refer part two of the guide to find the offending program.
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I m not too good with computers but I ll Welcome :S at screen Stuck try and make this as clear as possible Yesterday I restarted my laptop big mistake when it came back on it would get past the Stuck at Welcome screen :S the black page with the green bars loading but then would just have a black screen with a movable cursor So I read somewhere can t remember that you should press F upon start-up and then choose quot Enable Boot Logging quot I done this and it quot fixed quot that error but now I d get to the turquoise page where you have to log in and when I do it d just stay there saying quot Welcome quot forever basically Tried going to safe mode does the same thing infinite welcome screen So I Googled the problem and came to a conclusion that I have to use quot msconfig quot to disable some start-up services or something Anyway when I get to command prompt it has quot x windows system instead of c windows quot So when I type quot msconfig exe quot it won t run Am I along the right track Please help Edit before anyone asks I didn t get the vista cd when I bought my laptop nbsp

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My PC was getting stuck every time when I'm logging off from XP screen,

I can't click turn off button from mouse. I used onboard VGA, and DDR1 512 MB memory ...I'm not sure where that problem....I already replaced new mother board also (P1V)

- Damith -

A:Stuck my pc when log off Xp screen

Hello Damith

Ther are many reasons this could happen

1. I have known Zone Alarm to cause this

2. Make sure all other Users are logged off

3. Start/Run and type in

Startup Tab
Keep the page open then go to one of the links below. They will tell you what all the entries are and whether you can disable them or not. They will also identify any malware. Disable everything which is not needed to run at start up

Read the Key at top of page. Use the Search box to check all your entries

When you reboot you will get a message saying you have started in "Selective Startup" Click "Don`t show this message again" then OK

4. Have a look in these places for errors

a. Right click My Computer / Properties / Hardware / Device Manager.
Look for "Yellow" errors

b. Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance / Admin Tools / Event Viewer / System.
Look for "Red" errors. Double click on error.
Take a note of the Event ID and also the Source and post them back.

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Okay so recently I accidentally let my laptop run out of battery. I charged it and booted it back up and it went through a windows update then stalled on the HP loading screen during an automatic restart during this process. All I see is the HP logo and the white dots circling below until after a few seconds the HP logo goes black but the circling dots keep going.I did a hard reset but it didn't change anything. I've also run every system test it will let me in the diagnostic menu and every one has passed, including 2 extensive system tests.Considering that this issue is usually either a busted hard drive or fixed with a hard reset I'm at a loss for what to try next. It's an HP Envy 15 with Windows 10 - 64 bit.