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ACPI Power states - Force G3/S6 from Windows. (vs mechanical)

Q: ACPI Power states - Force G3/S6 from Windows. (vs mechanical)

Here s a puzzler at least for me Can I force a G S power state from the Windows OS Here is why When I shut down my laptop I want NOTHING to re-wake it except the mechanical on-button to boot It makes me nervous when it can wake itself I am running Windows Home Premium fully updated SP On a Dell Vostro with the A BIOS i from (vs states ACPI Force G3/S6 mechanical) - Windows. Power - gb Samsung series ssd as boot drive - my own upgrade not original This ACPI Power states - Force G3/S6 from Windows. (vs mechanical) is a laptop used for personal use at home ACPI Power states - Force G3/S6 from Windows. (vs mechanical) I seem to have proven that the Windows shut-down is to s g allowing LAN for example to cause it to reboot AND using the power-button mechanical off at the log-in screen causes a quot Windows did not shut down properly quot on next boot When I leave LAN unplugged it seems not to reboot but when I leave it it will always reboot in a matter of seconds to a matter of hours later What else have I done Well a Bios there is no quot Wake on LAN quot to disable though that seems to be what usually triggers it I have not proven it is the only trigger but When the LAN cable is connected it is likely to restart itself Wake from USB has been disabled - No effect b Device Manager - gt Properties - gt Power Management all devices checked individually Check quot Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power quot unCheck quot Allow this device to wake the computer quot c - gt Network adapters - gt Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller - gt Properties - gt Advanced - gt Disable quot Wake on pattern match quot Disable quot Wake on magic packet quot Disable quot Shutdown Wake-On-Lan quot d Start Button - gt Search - gt cmd - gt Right Click - gt Run as administrator a powercfg exe lastwake - No Results found b powercfg exe devicequery wake armed - No Results found e check the Power Options in Control Panel - gt power options - gt advanced settings - gt Sleep - gt Allow wake timers - gt On battery Disable - gt Plugged in Disable - gt power buttons and lid - gt power button action - gt On battery Shut down - gt Plugged in Shut down - gt Lid close action - gt On battery Shut down - gt Plugged in Shut down f Check in Start gt All Programs gt Accessories gt System Tools gt Task Scheduler program updaters are disabled Garmin Google Adobe etc also Windows updates are not automatic g Disable the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program h Check Event Viewer What is calling during the night Media Center - gt Disable Media Center not using anyway I am at a loss what else to do short of registry edits to force s vs s if this even can be done Any help Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: ACPI Power states - Force G3/S6 from Windows. (vs mechanical)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ACPI Power states - Force G3/S6 from Windows. (vs mechanical)

You don't much mention having poked around in the bios, which is where most power settings originate. It remains an awful fact that MS power saving settings always have been, are now, and probably always will be, a total and utter mess. Especially on portables.

It is possibly understandable (I don't say forgivable) because the functionality is fundamentally split between the OS and the bios (which MS has no control over). Although there are supposed to be standards - you mention G5 and S6 yourself - the fact is those standards do not get finalised until long after manufacturers have been churning out kit corresponding to their own idea of what the standard might end up being. Only point 3 below solves that one - sometimes.

In short, you may never get fully compliant action on power settings, but........some sensible suggestions are:
(1) Create a new, personal power policy, and give it a personal name. Do this while logged in as your major user, and if you have more than one normal user, create a new one for each user. This often works, but only until the next major MS update.
(2) If the above fails to work for you, you can do no better than full shut down each time from the screen start button, and will have to live with that. It's very easy to add a desktop icon to make this simple
(3) FOR EXPERTS ONLY. Update the motherboard bios to the latest available. Never attempt this without complete knowledge as it is very easy to end up with an expensive door-stop.
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In which of the ACPI power states on a desktop computer are the CPU PSU fans on I guess in S all fans turn CPU fan, off/on? Power ACPI when fans do PSU states, are ON In what of the other states are fans off Wikipedia Advanced Configuration and Power Interface G S Working quot Awaymode quot is a subset of S where monitor is off but background tasks are running G Sleeping subdivides into the four states S through S o S All processor caches are flushed and the CPU s stops executing instructions Power to the CPU s and RAM is maintained devices that do not indicate they must ACPI Power states, when do CPU fan, PSU fans turn off/on? remain on may be powered down o S CPU powered off Dirty cache is flushed to RAM o S Commonly referred to as Standby Sleep or Suspend to RAM STR RAM remains powered o S Hibernation or Suspend to Disk All content of main memory is saved to non-volatile memory such as a hard drive and is powered down G S Soft Off G S is almost the same as G Mechanical Off except that the PSU still supplies power at a minimum to the power button to allow return to S A full reboot is required No previous content is retained Other components may remain powered so the computer can quot wake quot on input from the keyboard clock modem LAN or USB device G Mechanical Off The computer s power has been totally removed via a mechanical switch as on the rear of a PSU The power cord can be removed and the system is safe for disassembly typically only the real-time clock continues to run - using its own small battery nbsp
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I get a BSOD when shuuting down the system.

This is Windows Enterprise 64 bit
Originaly had Vista 64
This is a retail copy
The system is two old
The OS was installed the first time 3 weeks ago and has bee installed 2 more times
Intel Duo core t9600 2.80 GHz processor
Nvidia Quatro NVS 160m Video card
Intel 82567LM Gibabit Nnetwork card
Intel Wifi link 5300 AGN Wireless card

I gone to the manufacture for help they basically told me to go back to Vist or go to Mircosoft because they didn't install Windows 7

Thanks in adavntage for the help,


A:BSOD-Power States Driver Failure Windows 7

Hi please follow the instructions here and attach to your next post
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I actually wanted a confirmation dialog box to shutdown when i press power button (physical)
but i didnt got any luck
so, im trying to trigger a application (shutdown apps) when a physical power button is pressed
please guide me
if there is any hack or tweak which satisfies my need to prevent windows 8 directly shutting down when power button is pressed

NOTE: im looking for registry editor or any other script to fullfill my need


A:How to change or force physical power button windows 8

Hello slst, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you could use the tutorial below to create a shut down shortcut with a delay that will prompt you with a custom message.

Shut Down Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

You'll have how ever long you set the time delay for to be able abort the shutdown if wanted.

Abort Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Seeking help for BSOD on a brand new Lenovo W701 Thinkpad running Windows 7 - 64 bit

A:BSOD - Power States Driver Failure

Hello and welcome to TSF.

All are bugcheck 0x9F, and two of the three point to Apsx64.sys - part of a hard drive utility from Lenovo. Uninstall the IBM Thinkpad Active Protection System and see if BSODs persist.

Good luck.

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Hi this is my first post and I am having trouble with an Xp machine which, when windows has shut down properly the fans, harddrives, are still running. I think this is to do with the power management settings but if I turn off acpi in the bios, windows will not start, even in safe mode. I doesn't give any errors but just keeps trying to restart with boot options. Turn it back on and everything is fine but the same problem all over again. Appreciate any help.

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I need to know how important ACPI is to XP. I have recently disabled it becouse it was alowing over nine hardware components (including my video, sound and nic cards) to share the same IRQ. Can I leave ACPI disabled indefantly or will I need to find a better fix?

I have fixed 98.66663% of all my XP problems by turning this feature off. Has anyone else had problems with ACPI?

A:Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

Have a look at this site
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I've been researching Event ID 89 Kenrel-Power ACPI Thermal Zone, which a lot of forums are linking with sleep issues.  To me this reads like a CPU thermal event triggering a protective shutdown.  I'm curious what connects this event with
sleep issues.
I would also like to verify that the _PSV is a measurement in Kelvin at the CPU.  Does anybody know that for sure?

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 2013-01-21T11:16:06.857
Event ID: 89
Task: N/A
Level: Information
Opcode: Info
Keyword: N/A
User: S-1-5-18
Computer: Jacob-Y470
ACPI thermal zone ACPI\ThermalZone\TZ00 has been enumerated.
_PSV = 400K
_TC1 = 2
_TC2 = 5
_TSP = 1000ms
_AC0 = 343K
_AC1 = 328K
_AC2 = 0K
_AC3 = 0K
_AC4 = 0K
_AC5 = 0K
_AC6 = 0K
_AC7 = 0K
_AC8 = 0K
_AC9 = 0K
_CRT = 400K
_HOT = 400K
_PSL - see event data.
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I am making another home server from a 2.4ghz p4 asus mobo from a compaq, and i was wondering if there would be a way i can force the psu to give the motherboard power. Something is wrong with the motherboard, and the connection from the power switch to the motherboard has gone bad somewhere. So is there someway i can make the psu manually give the mobo power to see if it is still somewhat good.

A:Force power on

Are you trying to start the M/b without the front switch on the box?
If so, I was just responding to a thread about doing this here:

But you will need your M/B manual and hardware experience
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Hi my boy a pc.specialist goliath pc last Xmas and a neminis mechanical keyboard...and now the only way the keyboard will work is if he puts on the onscreen keyboard we have unistalled reinstalled updated drivers and so on...if we plug the keyboard into his laptop it works fine...running on windows 10....any help
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Hi,It appears that my HP Stream 11 didn't shutdown yesterday and it's not responding to the power button no matter how long I press it. The screen is black, power indicator light on, and the mute indicator on but unresponsive (I run the laptop muted). Does anyone know of a way to force a power off/reset so I can use my laptop again?Thanks!Phil
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I just moved my Windows 7 partition to an SSD. While everything loads much faster, I still hear the mechanical drive being accessed on the boot logo screen and for a few seconds after the desktop appears. I have the page file, temp folder, and other system stuff all on the SSD. The only thing I think it should access on a mechanical partition is the wallpaper, but that's 2 MB max. Is there a way to have Windows log all of the files that are being accessed during boot?

A:With new SSD, Windows still loading something from mechanical drive

It may still be looking there for some drivers and programs as well.
It's more than likely still using the bootmgr on the mechanical too.
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I'm little apprehensive about recurrent force power shutdown I had to do during past one week in my lappy. First, I had to do it while the whole system got stuck up following Prime95 stability scan when I customised blend settings for CPU 100% load along with 92% memory usage. Next time it was when the system freezed following CoreTemp startup (when I researched it through forums i could notice that the freezing issue is a bug in their latest version still persisting while running on win 8.1 OS). The last one was when I had to do when while shutting down normally I unplugged the usb connection from the port and system remained 'on' for unusually long time while screen had already turned off.
This all happened in the past week. I had bought this system just 2 months back. Could anyone tell me if there is anything to worry about or give some advice regarding it?

A:any harm in doing a force power shutdown?

This has been discussed on here before just recently.
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HelloI have a Compaq Presario V6000. It is unable to locate any wireless networks, although they are available and active. I found out there was a recall on this issue, and when I contacted HP, it was too late for them to do a free repair. They said they needed $260 to fix the problem, which I refuse to pay for an older laptop. I updated the BIOS, and I reinstalled the wireless network card driver. I even swapped out the wireless network adapter itself with a working one of the same laptop. I have run out of ideas as for how to fix the problem, and I don't really have money to buy a new laptop.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.EDIT: Merged posts, seem to be same computer ~ Hamluis.

A:Computer will not power on due to physical force.


I have a Compaq Presario V6000. It will not power on. I have a terrible temper, and when it was running slowly, I smacked it on the lower right side of the laptop, so now it will not power on. I understand I am an idiot, so I'm sure I ruined it. If anyone has an ideas how to fix it, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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We have several of this model experiencing this problem Symptoms are the unit just powers Power E5430 Off ASF2 Force - off down as if all power is removed Nothing in eventviewer other than quot system experienced and unexpected shut down quot The only report I can find on this problem is in BIOS - Power logs quot Power off - ASF force off quot I have even had this happen whilst looking in the BIOS so it s not an OS issue My understanding is the ASF stands for Alert Standard Format which is built inot the firmware of usually network interfaces for business class machines It is use for the OS absent remote control of machines by th IT deparment What E5430 Power off - ASF2 Force Off I d like E5430 Power off - ASF2 Force Off to know is What can be done to prevent E5430 Power off - ASF2 Force Off this from happening and What is happening to trigger the power off response in the ASF firmware Any help would be gratefully recieved as I d prefer to have some answers before going down any hardware swap out route

A:E5430 Power off - ASF2 Force Off

I may have found the problem. When I got the machine the BIOS was onA15. I updated to A16 which changed nothing. Looking at another E5430 with A12 Bios, adnd there is a section under Sys Config in the BIOS of System Management. Withinn that is an ASF2 Option. On this latest machine, system management is disabled (including ASF2). Had no ASF problem with this machine. I'm downgrading the teh A16 bios to A12 to see if I can disable the ASF2 and see what happens. Watch this space...
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Can the joystick plus a serial port to USB adaptor be used on a new computer that has Windows XP as an operating system?
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Y700-15ISK Laptop (ideapad, 80NV)Newly installed Windows7 x64have unknown device ACPI\VPC2004have unknown device ACPI\INT33A3have unknown device USB\VID_8086&PID_0A66&REV_2780&MI_04???
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I used ultimatedefrag for windows 7 but now I don't know if there is any windows 8 compatible defrag software?
Is the built-in defrag in windows 8 good enough? I personally liked ultimatedefrag but I didn't install it to avoid any harm to the operating system.

A:Windows 8 compatible defrag software for mechanical hdds?

Auslogics Disk Defrag can work with Windows 8.
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I used ultimatedefrag for windows 7 but now I don't know if there is any windows 8 compatible defrag software?
Is the built-in defrag in windows 8 good enough? I personally liked ultimatedefrag but I didn't install it to avoid any harm to the operating system.

A:Windows 8 compatible defrag software for mechanical hdds?

Auslogics Disk Defrag can work with Windows 8.
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Hi there,
I am currently using the Filco Majestouch 2 mechanical keyboard, and they have intelligently decided to remove the Left Windows key in exchange for a Fn key (which I don't use). 
May I know how can I do this? I have searched high and low for solutions but to no avail.
The problem is that the key does not generate a scan code, otherwise I would be able to remap it using AHK. 
Even 3rd party solutions do not work as discussed in other forums:
would appreciate all advice to make this work! 
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Hi people sometimes I am in a hurry to go outside and I just press the Power button in the case of my desktop computer confident in the computer will close all programs and shutdown properly the Force button Power case in Shutdown pressing after Most of the time is like this but sometimes a program any gives an error and just prevents shutdown poping a message like an error has ocurred with program XXXX force shutdown and the computer just Force Shutdown after pressing Power button in the case wait for a human intervention with a clic in Yes option but nobody is home I just run away and back several hours later or even the next day just to find my computer still on And the worst scenario is if someone just pres Cancel in the question and get full access to my computer and my private data I dont want this my OS is Windows as plain as possible no fancy programs like AutoCAD or Revit just Office and Photoshop ans some tiny others what I want is maybe touching the reg that the computer SHUTDOWN safely after I press the case's power button I cant wait for confirmation just run away being sure my computer would turns off completely Is this possible with a tweak y reg maybe Thanks in advance Note I reduced already the waittokillprograms in regedit to but the results are the same Mobo Intel R DG RQCPU Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHzRAM Kingston GB PC - MHz Video nVidia GEFORCE GS MBAudio Realtek High Definition Audio

A:Force Shutdown after pressing Power button in the case

There is a registry key that will kill applications instead of prompting you for action. It's HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\AutoEndTasks.How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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I got a series problem with my Sony Vaio laptop. Its still under warranty. I approached 2 service centers but the problem still not resolved. When I browse for half n hour or if i watch any movie for half n hour, then system hangs and screen turns black with power being ON. Need to force restart using power button. After switching ON, i get the follwing message:

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 16393.

I have uploaded the ZIP file (SF_Diagnostic_Tool).

Please help me with this issue.

A:System freezes, need to force restart using power button - BlueScreen


All your dumps are blaming nvlddmkm.sys

BSOD Analyze

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 116, {fffffa8004232010, fffff8800fa7333c, ffffffffc000009a, 4}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for win32k.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for win32k.sys
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+7b333c )

Followup: MachineOwner
2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa8006852010, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff8800fa3f33c, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: ffffffffc000009a, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: 0000000000000004, Optional internal context dependent data.
Their drivers are fairly old, so I'd suggest you to go and download the latest drivers from the manufacturers website.

2: kd> lmvm nvlddmkm
start end module name
fffff880`0f28c000 fffff880`0fefdf80 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Fri Feb 18 23:53:00 2011 (4D5EB1FC)
CheckSum: 00C8109E
ImageSize: 00C71F80
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Source nvlddmkm.sys nVidia Video drivers
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Download and install Speccy to monitor your system specially the cards temperature. If it generates a lot of heat you have to arrange extra cooling.
Download Speccy 1.17.340 -

If there is dust accumulated within the machine get it cleaned carefully.

If you are unsure how to do this, contact your system manufacturer. WARNING: as it can void your warranty!!!

Then run furmark to stress test the card.
Video Card - Stress Test with Furmark

You may also go through this thread for ideas.
STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting

Keep us update and post dumps if you get more
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I was in a rush to shut down my laptop so while windows was shutting down i held the power button for 5 secs to shut it down faster (I know, I'm so stupid!). But now programs that were still active at time of shutdown refuse to work. Some of these are office 2010 starter & Windows Installer (). Is there a fix for this?

A:Programs active after force close (hold power for 5 secs) won't work!

You should always close all programs before restarting or shutting down your pc. Sleep is the only mode where it is fine to leave your programs running.

You are going to need to do a repair on the programs in question, or uninstall and reinstall them.

For office:

For windows installer:
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I have just joined this site and the reason why was was because When I down loaded MCafee it stated it had detected I was using Windows 98 but I am on Windows Me. When I bought this pc for my son a few years ago it came with windows 98 but my son changed it to Windows Me. I bought my son a new PC and he gave me this for my studies. (wish I kept the new one now but he has just started Uni so) How can I rectif this I am a novice on IT but before I went onto broadband alot of drivers were missing I.e for my installed modem which came with windows 98. Plus there are alot of Yellow exclamation marks in the C drive list of the hard drive but I would be here all night so I will start with the above first. Thanks

A:MCafee states I am on Windows 98 but on WinMe

It might just consider ME to be 98, they are built on the same backbone so to speak. Many things will recognise things as 95 OR 98/ME. If McAfee is working properly otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.
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I recently upgraded my hard disk and operating system to Windows 7 Professional from XP Professional that was orignally on my Lenovo T61p Think Pad.

The Windows as purchased from Micro Center was an OEM system builder pack.

Can you advise how I can resolve these issues?

A:Windows Update no longer working, Windows now states not genuine

In order to completely troubleshoot Windows validation & activation issues, please perform the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click Copy - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the tool here in your next reply

More detail: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions
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First, English is not my native language so i hope i make me message clear

My other computer got some sort of virus so i wasnt able to boot Windows XP anymore.
So i got another computer and tried so take everything i needed from the 2 hardrives on my old pc. I hooked up disk 1 (with windows and bunch of other stuff, went ok, but i didnt copy everything at that point..Stupid)

Disk 2 went well too, copied everything from that to new PC.

Now im struggling with HD 1 again, i hook it on the new pc, check in bios and it finds it, 40gb. In windows it says 4gb and nothing on disk..Whats wrong? =(

I have tried with USB adapter cable, and the "normal" way, just connecting it inside the computer (don't know the name of the cable sorry =)..)

So what can i try to make it find the stuff on Harddrive 1 again?

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so yea been an avid windows user for dang near years now at my meager age of and something just is not right I do not know what is wrong but I CAN JUST TELL somethings not right nothing is finding anything not kaspersky total security not kaspersky virus removal tool not mbam or mbam premium however mbam was physically unable to update for anything I straight up had to spend hours gettting the definitions up to date as the servers were blocked and also could not activate my sub due to activation servers also being blocked superantispyware as per my norm with it always crashes when scanning the system msisoft emergency kit is still running has found a total of items of which like are no risk items and its not finding one unsure there is windows 20 infection, but the states exp years what I know is there as everything it finds I'm already aweare of the files in question and know them to be for the most part save one or two to be legit files hijackthis has FOUND THINGS THAT RAISE HUGE RED FLAGS TO ME already and just sooo many other things I've tried that have been completely fruitless unsure the infection, but 20 years windows exp states there is one as heck anywho the logs in question now Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan unsure the infection, but 20 years windows exp states there is one Tool FRST x Version - - Ran by High Voltage administrator on FURRYONE - - Running from S DownloadsLoaded Profiles High Voltage Available Profiles High Voltage Platform Windows Ultimate Service Pack X Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser Chrome Boot Mode NormalTutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation D Vision nvSCPAPISvr exe Logitech Inc C Program Files x Common Files logishrd LVMVFM UMVPFSrv exe Creative Technology Ltd C Program Files x Creative Shared Files CTAudSvc exe Wacom Technology Corp C Program Files Tablet Wacom WTabletServicePro exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Display nvxdsync exe NVIDIA Corporation C Windows System nvvsvc exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System wisptis exe SUPERAntiSpyware com C Program Files SUPERAntiSpyware SASCore exe Autodesk Inc C Program Files x Common Files Autodesk Shared AppManager R AdAppMgrSvc exe Apple Inc C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe Kaspersky Lab ZAO C Program Files x Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Total Security avp exe Apple Inc C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared ClickToRun OfficeClickToRun exe Creative Technology Ltd C Windows SysWOW CtHdaSvc exe Binary Fortress Software C Program Files x DisplayFusion DisplayFusionService exe C Program Files x Gigabyte AppCenter AdjustService exe Microsoft C Program Files x Gigabyte unsure the infection, but 20 years windows exp states there is one CloudStation HomeCloud GCloud exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation GeForce Experience Service GfExperienceService exe Intel Corporation C Windows System IPROSetMonitor exe C Program Files x Gigabyte AmbientLED LEDCtrl exe C Program Files x Livedrive VSSService exe Malwarebytes Corporation S program files x Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit mbae-svc exe SeriousBit C Program Files NetBalancer SeriousBit NetBalancer Service exe Malwarebytes Corporation S program files x Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit mbae exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation NetService NvNetworkService exe NVIDIA Corporation C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation NvStreamSrv NvStreamService exe C Program Files x proXPN bin proXpnService exe Samsung Electronics Co Ltd C Windows System RAPID SamsungRapidSvc exe Horizon DataSys Inc C Program Files S... Read more

A:unsure the infection, but 20 years windows exp states there is one

Greetings mmd123 and to BleepingComputer's Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.My name is Oh My! and I am here to help you! Now that we are "friends" please call me Gary.If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that.===================================================Ground Rules:First, I would like to inform you that most of us here at Bleeping Computer offer our expert assistance out of the goodness of our hearts. Please try to match our commitment to you with your patience toward us. If this was easy we would never have met.Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. I need to be certain about the state of your computer in order to provide appropriate and effective steps for you to take. Most often "well intentioned" (and usually panic driven!) independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. If at any point you would prefer to take your own steps please let me know, I will not be offended. I would be happy to focus on the many others who are waiting in line for assistance.Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps may be a bit complicated. If things are not clear, be sure to stop and let me know. We need to work on this together with confidence.Please copy and paste all logs into your post unless directed otherwise. Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter problems simply stop and tell me.When you post your reply, use the button instead.In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see the button. Click on this then choose Immediate E-Mail notification and then Proceed and you will be sent an email once I have posted a response.If you do not reply to your topic after 5 days we assume it has been abandoned and I will close it.When your computer is clean I will alert you of such. I will also provide for you detailed information about how you can combat future infections.I would like to remind you to make no further changes to your computer unless I direct you to do so.===================================================Now that I am assisting you, you can expect that I will be very responsive to your situation. If you are able, I would request you check this thread at least once per day so that we can try to resolve your issues effectively and efficiently. If you are going to be delayed please be considerate and post that information so that I know you are still with me. Unfortunately, there are many people waiting to be assisted and not enough of us at BleepingComputer to go around. I appreciate your understanding and diligence.Thank you for your patience thus far.I am assuming you set the following IFEO, is that correct?IFEO\taskmgr.exe: [Debugger] "S:\DOWNLOADS\PROCESSEXPLORER\PROCEXP.EXE"Though there is some clutter we can clean up there is no evidence of an active infection on your computer. I know you think you have a problem but what evidence are you seeing?Please do this.===================================================Farbar's Recovery Scan Tool - Run Fix in Normal or Safe Mode--------------------Press the Windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. Type in notepad and press EnterClick Format and check Word WrapPlease copy and paste the contents of the below code box into the open notepad and save it to your Desktop as fixlist.txt. If FRST.exe is not on your Deskptop please move it to that location. (<<<Important)CreateRestorePoint:
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers: [GDriveSharedOverlay] -> {81539FE6-33C7-4CE7-90C7-1C7B8F2F2D43} => No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers: [KAVOverlayIcon] -> {014F27E2-6D75-4E42-A0E9-2A2C68498AFA} => No File
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers-x32: [KAVOverlayIcon] -> {014F27E2-6D75-4E42-A0E9-2A2C68498AFA} => No File
SearchScopes: HKLM -> DefaultScope {0633EE93-D776-472f-A0FF-E1416B8B2E3A} URL =
Toolbar: HKU\S-1-5-21-52... Read more
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OK, so here is my problem. I bought a laptop when I went back to California for vacation. When I was there I had no problems with wireless connection or LAN connection. Turned my computer on and i can immediately surf. I moved back to the Philippines and it will not connect to any wireless network here. I tried hooking up LAN and it works just fine. I can see the wireless networks and It will ask me for key if i try and connect. But after that it does nothing. I tried trouble shooting and it says that is can't find any problem. I have tried at my home, and both my offices at work and nothing. The IT here seem to have no clue what is going on. Anyone have any idea?

A:Windows 7 wireless problems after I moved from the states

Quote: Originally Posted by AlcapOWNED

OK, so here is my problem. I bought a laptop when I went back to California for vacation. When I was there I had no problems with wireless connection or LAN connection. Turned my computer on and i can immediately surf. I moved back to the Philippines and it will not connect to any wireless network here. I tried hooking up LAN and it works just fine. I can see the wireless networks and It will ask me for key if i try and connect. But after that it does nothing. I tried trouble shooting and it says that is can't find any problem. I have tried at my home, and both my offices at work and nothing. The IT here seem to have no clue what is going on. Anyone have any idea?

Your WiFi NIC is channel restricted to the American radio spectrum -- channels 1-11. You'll need 1,6,11 or higher as supported. Please write back for more info if needed.
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I've tried everything I know of, and have even had two separate chat sessions with Microsoft support, giving them control of my computer to fix the problem. Both times they did pretty much the same thing of trying to reinstall it by typing in the product key again, which goes through and the window says that my windows is active and genuine. But then a few hours pass and the popup returns, which I have copied and attached to this post.

A:Popup states i'm not running genuine windows

Hello livingpassions, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please see: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions
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My computer has taken quite a beating last night, power went out 4 times sporadically, thankfully I have a voltage regulator.

The funny thing is.. before the first blackout, I had rearranged a couple of files/folders, and desktop icons, and whenever I would turn the computer back on,everything was laid off the way it was before I arranged it, it's a little bit funny...
Second question.. anybody who is used to TPLINK wireless adapters, is it normal that whenever the adapter's driver gets outdated it will let you know with a BSOD? Whenever I get BSOD's they are always related to my wireless cards driver being outdated, it's a little irritating..

A:Does windows have desktop icon save states?

I use a program called DesktopOK to remember my desktop icon layout.
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Hi,  I have a Lenova Thinkpad model SL510 that I purchased almost 3 years ago, brand new right from the factory.  It came with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit operating system.  I have never reformatted the laptop, never touched the os.  I ran a  microsoft diagnostic tool but I don't understand the results: and don't know if I'm allowed to post it here.  I called Lenova but since the computer is out of warranty, they can't help me.  I hope someone here can help because I can not run updates, especially for microsoft security essentials. 

A:Pop up states "This computer is not running genuine windows"

Hi kakmck,
Try the following and see if this helps:
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Hello all,

This week we suddenly got notification that no legitimate Windows version was running (+ black background desktop). This is strange because we have purchased the computer in an electronic store and the computer has an official Windows license sticker with hologram. So, I re-activated the license key and Windows accepted it.

My worries are that this happened so suddenly. I also scanned the computer with Malwarebytes and Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. Nothing was found except a few cookies.

Can anyone explain how this could have happend. Should i take other precautions?



A:Computer states that no legitimate Windows is running

In order to completely troubleshoot Windows validation & activation issues, please perform the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click Copy - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the tool here in your next reply

More detail: Windows Genuine and Activation Issue Posting Instructions
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Checked and states system OK. Updates not coming through.

A:Hp customer manager in windows 10 states fatal error and mus...

Hey there JillC11!                      Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I understand that you have issues with HP customer manager. There is a known article regarding this issue.To resolve this issue try few steps recommended below. To resolve the fatal error, download and install the following three service packs.Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack and then restart the computer.Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5Download and install HP Software Framework and then restart the computer.HP Software FrameworkDownload and install HP Connection Manager and then restart the computer.HP Connection ManagerHP Connection Manager now opens without the error message. Please find the link for article: Hope to hear from you soon!Have a great day!
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I tried to shrink my Windows partition as I want to try using Ubuntu again (had some issues with some AMD/ATI drivers the last time I tried). I went into Disk Management and used the shrink volume tool. Everything was alright until, alas, the power went out. Now I'm stuck with Windows stating that it only has 1275.71GB available though the partition never shrank and the shrink tool states that it can't shrink the partition at all. Does anyone know if there is any way to revert this? I'm not to confident with having Ubuntu shrink the volume since Windows is having issues with it.

A:Error while shrinking partition, Windows states it has less space

How big is the drive? Your specs say you have WD 120GB WD 200GB but looks like that is no longer the case.
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I have two SATA hard drives that are confused about themselves and are causing confusion in my multi-boot system One of them somehow convinces my BIOS it is the third drive hd in my system even though it is now connected fourth hd and the other variously shows up either as fourth hd or fifth hd even though MBRs and to to pre-Windows-7 states return How drive FATs their it is actually physically connected as my third hd drive All of this began a few months ago following a regular Windows update and absolutely nothing I have tried so far has been successful in undoing whatever Windows had done I can live with SATA somehow convincing my BIOS it is actually SATA but I need my SATA to stop showing us as two different drives Two examples In KillDisk my physical SATA still shows us as two different drives even after having been ZEROed and now here is how its first two partitions are being accessed for their separate installations of XP via boot ini multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows How to return drive MBRs and FATs to their pre-Windows-7 states XP Pro quot multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows XP Pro quot note Both of the above installations are on the same hard drive that would actually be known as 'rdisk ' if I could get my actual to stop somehow convincing my BIOS it is Question Does anyone here know how to manually edit sectors so How to return drive MBRs and FATs to their pre-Windows-7 states my will again have only one FAT note Its first FAT actually could be coming from the other SATA and I have not tried either drive in KillDisk without the other also being connected at the same time So maybe the challenge here is to fix the drive that is somehow showing itself as The two drives appear as physically connected prior to the actual start of an OS but then pushes itself in as and leaves the real with no option other than to be or even while an OS is actually running

A:How to return drive MBRs and FATs to their pre-Windows-7 states

Update: I might be getting closer, but I still need help here if anyone knows what to actually do! Somehow my pair of SATAs still shows up in KillDisk as a total of three (3) drives, and none of my drive utilities can identify/remove whatever is causing that. Then also, gParted in one of my Puppy installations cannot detect anything on one of my PATAs unless its first partition is active...and Acronis "Home Director" is somehow seeing that entire drive as a single-partition "Super Floppy". There must be a utility somewhere that can return those drives to their original states.
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I ve been troubleshooting random errors most of which were resolved when I corrected the jumper settings for the CPU mostly freezing during bootup and ACPI Difference Uniprocessor ACPI between or problems with the ATA RAID driver My original set of problems can be found here http forums techguy org t amp highlight acpi uniprocessor html The Difference between ACPI and ACPI Uniprocessor computer still freezes one out of every bootups while the Windows splash screen is showing and I have gotten the occasional blue screen quot Driver IRQ not less or equal quot the only recurring one A friend of a friend is certain that the problem is the HAL driver and I m curious about what the difference between the drivers is My AMD XP Soyo board single processor board under Win K SP is using an ACPI Uniprocessor setup he says it should just read quot Advanced Configuration Power Interface ACPI PC quot is there a difference Is it possible that I should switch to the second one to change any issues my computer might be having If not what should I be looking for that might be causing the freezing on bootup nbsp

A:Difference between ACPI and ACPI Uniprocessor

anybody have an answer?
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So I got a Windows 7 64 bit upgrade and that is what it states in the disc. However when I upload it to the computer and using Virtual machine to install it the computer tells me it's a Windows Vista 64 bit. Ideas?

A:windows 7 cd disc states it's windows vista

Quote: Originally Posted by zelkirb

So I got a Windows 7 64 bit upgrade and that is what it states in the disc. However when I upload it to the computer and using Virtual machine to install it the computer tells me it's a Windows Vista 64 bit. Ideas?

So...when you run the setup of the Disc it says it is Windows Vista?
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So Before - Force Motor Driving EX Logitech Query Force Feedback anyone tells me to Logitech Driving Force EX - Force Feedback Motor Query send it to Logitech for repairs I should mention that there are none that I know of in my area and I'm not willing to pay R ZAR postage to send a big box km away to get my wheel 'checked' Other than that it's already nearly years old and way out of warranty Now onto the finer details The force feedback suddenly stopped working one day a few months back There was no funny smell or smoke or unusual amount of heat etc Anyways long story short I suspect the motor is the culprit here I can't see any damage or burn marks on the IC boards A Google search for the details on the side of the motor returns nothing even remotely related to Logitech or electronics in general so I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction here Markings on the side RS- PH- Made in China TD V The above is a symbol almost like a logo but I don't recognise it I've redrawn it in Paint see attached perhaps someone else knows it Other than that I've also attached a photo of the motor with a CD beneath it for a size reference I don't play racing games enough to warrant buying a new wheel and everything else on the wheel still works I simply don't have any force feedback and the wheel obviously doesn't center itself anymore no springs all done with the motor If anybody can help point me in the right direction with looking for a way to either test repair replace this motor I would be eternally grateful PS I am currently trying to sort out my account on the Logitech forum to ask there as well but seeing as I haven't used my account in about years problems with an old MX it's been disabled I can't 'enable' my account and it won't let me register again

A:Logitech Driving Force EX - Force Feedback Motor Query

Hello, I am also facing the same problem as faced by you. The wheel is working fine but there is no ff. I dont know whether the fault lies with adapter or with motor or it is a circuit problem. Could you please tell me how did you manage to solve your problem??
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This problem started 2 days ago, as my computer first stopped working screen hang no commands working, so i directly switched off the laptop an than when it restarts, it booting very slowly an after that it always show preparing your desktop, due to which
al my settings are gone i cannot store anything on my desktop on data in downloads also, it's like system gets reset. Please help me out with this problem.
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Hello everyone!

I am looking for information on a issue I have when I open Delta Force Task Force Dagger.

The game will actually open two instances of itself, I will be able to play in the one that pops up but when I click on the Exit button there is still a instance on the start bar. I have to maximize that then it goes back into the game which at that point I have to click the exit button again and then the program is closed.

I checked on Novalogic's web site support and even emailed them but no resolve either way.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I am nearly done with a water cooling system. I want to test the complete rig for a few days to be certain it doesn't leak. What is a simple, foolproof way to force my power supply to turn on so I can provide 12 volts to the water pump, while all other cables remain disconnected from the motherboard? Is there a commercial dongle available to do the job?


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Hi folks.

After a recent conflict with my soundcard and XPs ACPI, I had to go into the registry and disable ACPI altogether.

Creative have now sent me a CD containing unreleased drivers, that have solved the problem. Only thing is I can't remember the key I added to disable ACPI, and can't find the website that told me to do it !

Any help would be great, as I have a nasty habit of hitting shut-down, and leaving the room, only to find my PC whirring away telling me it's safe to turn off !


A:Windows XP & ACPI

Mabe check this site out,>>>
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I would really appreciate having some further understanding on this.

I am running windows 7 on my Toshiba Laptop Model No: L300 PSL B9E.

If I take a look in my Device Manager I have two devices listed as other devices that are not installed. They are as follows.

ACPI\TOS1900 and ACPI\TOS1901.

My question is what are these two devices and their function and is it necessary for me to have these two devices installed.

Many thanks

A:ACPI Device Windows 7

It's a drive controller. Go to Toshiba support and download drivers.
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i have win 7 64x ,i installed updates,before SP1,all are success, unless update for explorer 8,I think its because i update browswer to internet explorer 9,and main problem is acpi utility...this is main question,..why update didnt install acpi utility,how to see if its already in system?

A:ACPI Windows update

Hello neverall Welcome to the forum,

Have a look here for the fix Windows Update error 80246005

I would advise you to get the ATK0110 driver for WindowsXP/Vista/Win7 32&64-bit directly from Asus here; Look under utilities, you just need to type in your OS for some reason that bit is not working in the link.
I hope this helps
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I have a question, I'm building a new gaming rig and I was wondering if I should get a 500GB SSD or 2 2TB HDD's. I have almost 1TB of games loaded on my external hard drive at the moment and I'm sure that I'll end up with more. Is there a big difference in loading times between the HDD & SSD for games?

A:Mechanical or SSD

There is a difference, yes, but only in loading times, not game fluidity/FPS/whatever, and if you say you are likely going to need the additional space... you don't have a lot of choice.
A good thing to do would be to buy a smaller SSD to be your main system drive (where you install Windows 7), say a 256 or even a 160-ish one, and use the rest of the $$$ to buy normal hard drives where all games and other stuff is installed to.

So you get FAST boot times, and general good system responsiveness, and you have lots of space for your games on the other non-SSD drives.

If by "external" you mean you installed the games in a USB drive, then even an internal HDD will load games much faster than that.
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This thread is a bit of a brain dump for me and hopefully others will contribute so that I can pick this back up again when - Machines HAL XP Virtualizing ACPI on Windows MP I get to it After looking at Grinler's Tutorial I decided to install XPMODE to see Virtualizing Windows XP on MP Machines - ACPI HAL how it compared Virtualizing Windows XP on MP Machines - ACPI HAL to VMPlayer and Virtualizing Windows XP on MP Machines - ACPI HAL Virtualbox http www bleepingcomputer com tutorials use-windows-xp-mode-in-windows- If you decide to follow the tutorial Firstly be aware that there are issues with the links to downloads - I think MS moved stuff Secondly there are files you can download for XPMODE and no explanation as to the difference between them The one with an extra 'N' in the name didn't work for me so I downloaded the other one which did I thought the 'N' might stand for New but eventually found it stands for something else I forget what but I think it has something removed The interesting thing for me is that you don't get asked to activate XP when running XPMODE under MS Virtual PC In the info I found for W Ultimate it says it has all the features of W Enterprise which includes licences for VMs so either this is the reason for this or else it's pre-activated somehow However when I ran the standalone converter to run the same XP image under VMPlayer it immediately asks for activation - different virtual drivers I guess - so be aware of this Why did I do this - due to the CPU issue with SVC Host which I tried to troubleshoot myself It occurs to me that anybody looking to virtualize their XP system may face the same issue with having to re-activate XP at least under VMware or Virtualbox - not sure about Virtual PC However the thing that I discovered by accident as a result of the Windows Update SVC Host CPU issue was that my XP VM is only using a single core of my CPU capacity whether I run it under MS Virtual PC XPMODE or VMware VMPlayer It looks like this is due to how MS built the XPMODE image and is either done so that the image runs on all machines including those with a single processor - or else they want people to buy an XP licence to run anything of significance under a VM see below When I next get access to the other machine I'll try these resources which I assume will resolve the issue with running on a single core due to the HAL http tecbites blogspot co uk single-to-dualmulti-core-with-windows html http uk hardware info news problems-updating-to-a-dual-core-cpu-not-anymore What I don't know yet is whether this change will trigger a request for re-activation of XP and whether this will affect both MS Viual PC and VMware NOTE This is an issue where the initial XP Install detects a Single Processor and the XP image is moved to a system with multi-processors or a processor is upgraded I would expect that a new install from media to a system with Multi-Processors fitted would detect them and install the correct component setting Stuff to do back to this later Steve O

A:Virtualizing Windows XP on MP Machines - ACPI HAL

Well, I had a play with this last night - good and bad results.I followed the instructions in the tecbites link for the image running under VMWARE VMPLAYER and after a couple of restarts I saw my VMware partition using between 19-37% of the host CPU (up to 3 cores) so I guess it works.Unfortunately, this does not work under MS Virtual PC and will break the XPMODE image - it won't boot.After reading various posts it seems that MS Virtual PC will not use more than 1 core and probably never will. I also understand that that 1 core restriction applies to all VMs running under Virtual PC - they all have to share 1 core.However, the replacement for Virtual PC under W8 (the name escapes me) apparently will allow use of multiple cores.I believe that Virtualbox will also allow use of multiple cores and I may download that and try.In short, I guess that if you want to utilise multiple cores under W7 you will need to run a Guest image under either VMWARE or Virtualbox - but you will probably then have to activate it with a valid XP licence.However, Windows Virtual PC XPMODE runs using a single core and,for me,does not prompt for activation.I re-imported the broken Virtual PC XPMODE image into VMPLAYER and it works - but now prompts for activation which it never did under Virtual PC Mode. Furthermore, it isn't allowing 30 days for activation but instead 17 days (I installed it a couple of weeks ago I guess) indicating that something in XPMODE is still counting down but there is no activation prompt.I came across other posts about modifying boot.ini for MP installs but this seems unnecessary under VMware.If I get time, I may see if the XPmode is fixable if I can figure a way to access it.Steve O.
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hello i have a windows computer i did not originally own the computer it used to be my brother's and he's a computer genius but is can't corrupt 7 acpi.sys start - windows he's moved out and i don't know much else about can't start windows 7 - acpi.sys is corrupt the computer itself i noticed can't start windows 7 - acpi.sys is corrupt a while ago i was having problems with adblock blocking way more ads than what should have been on general sites like youtube but a simple mbam scan wiped that away some adware and a trojan then it came back but scans turned up nothing then as i scanned more i noticed google chrome became unable to load any pages i closed it out to test something to see if i could get it to open back up but upon clicking the chrome icon the little wheel spun but no window opened then i tried opening IE which would open as a white box and close without an error more scans brought up nothing i restarted the computer and opened it in safe mode with networking where i was able to access both chrome and IE and looked for solutions i had both avg and mbam versions installes and dumb me decided downloading superantispyware and avast on top of those were a good idea i performed more scans and all there was to delete were harmless internet cookies i deleted a couple of old video games my brother had downloaded too i was able to restart into normal mode but still had no success in opening the internet i left another scan open and became too busy to try to come back and repair the computer for a while but today i finally was able to try again only to discover the computer had been turned off likely by a power outage as those happen sometimes i performed a quick scan with superantispyware which produced no results besides more internet cookies i decided maybe i'll uninstall avast because i have heard both good and bad things about it and upon trying to do that through the windows uninstaller it told me i had a conflictiing antivirus avg free and had me restart ever since then i have only been able to access system repair that has only failed me and says it cannot repair automatically the diagnosis and repair details only lists one problem Root cause found Boot critical file d windows system drivers acpi sys is corrupt Repair action file repair Result Failed Error code x after that I restarted again to see if maybe it was a one time thing but restarting brought me the same results and this time i chose to look at the problem details that shows up in the prompt asking me whether or not to send details to microsoft This says Problem Event Name StartupRepairOffline Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature unknown Problem Signature Problem Signature AutoFailover Problem Signature Problem Signature CorruptFile OS Version Locale ID Also I cannot give you a log that you request i give before you help because i cannot access any version of windows besides startup repair sorry My apologies that some of my replies may take a bit as I lead a busy life i also do not believe i have the installation disc thank you in advance

A:can't start windows 7 - acpi.sys is corrupt

Hello and welcome to the Malware Removal Logs area My name is Alexstrasza and I will assist you with your problem. You can call me Alex Before we begin, there are a few things I want to make sure you know:I am currently in training, so my responses might be delayed. I will generally reply within 48 hours - if this is not possible, I will let you know.Please do not run any tools without being instructed to, as this makes my job much harder in trying to figure out what you have done.Make sure to read my instructions fully before attempting a step.If you have problems or questions with any of the steps, feel free to ask me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.Please follow the topic by clicking on the Follow this topic button, and make sure a tick is in the receive notifications and is set to Instantly. Any replies should be made in this topic by clicking the Reply to this topic button.Important information in my posts will often be in bold, make sure to take note of these.I will bump a topic after 3 days of no activity, and then will give you another 2 days to reply before a topic is closed. Please inform me if you need more time.Please stay with me until I have confirmed that you are clean. Absence of symptoms does not mean that the computer is clean.Shall we begin then?===Since you cannot boot into Windows, please try this.Do you have another computer and a flash drive?Farbar Recovery Scan Tool in Recovery EnvironmentOn a clean machine, please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.Plug the flashdrive into the infected PC.If you are using Windows 8 consult How to use the Windows 8 System Recovery Environment Command Prompt to enter System Recovery Command prompt.If you are using Vista or Windows 7 enter System Recovery Options.To enter System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:Restart the computer.As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Repair your computer menu item.Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account an click Next.Note: In case you can not enter System Recovery Options by using F8 method, you can use Windows installation disc, or make a repair disc. Any Windows installation disc or a repair disc made on another computer can be used.To make a repair disk on Windows 7 consult: enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:Insert the installation disc.Restart your computer.If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.Click Repair your computer.Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account and click Next.==========On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:Startup RepairSystem RestoreWindows Complete PC RestoreWindows Memory Diagnostic ToolCommand PromptSelect Command Prompt==========Once in the Command Prompt:In the command window type in notepad and press Enter.The notepad opens. Under File menu select Open.Select "Computer" and find your flash drive letter and close the notepad.In the command window type e:\frst (for 64-bit version type e:\frst64) and press EnterNote: Replace letter e with the drive letter of your flash drive.The tool will start to run.When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) on the flash drive. Please copy and paste it to your reply.... Read more
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Hello is anyone able to explain to me why on my system i do get a BAD POOL HEADER bluescreen stop from Windows XP right after installing it as Standard-PC using F during Install selecting quot Standard PC quot while having ACPI functions and Plug and Play OS option turned off in BIOS My setup ASUS P LD Deluxe with an Intel Pentium- S Prescott GHz FSB Boxed MB Kingston RAM tested ATI X GTO Ultimate Edition passive cooled many different hard drives from Samsung and Seagate all expect for the main setup drive plugged out though My system worked fine with two XP setups on two different partitions of the same physical drive I got a new Audio Interface so i wanted to resetup everything XP Install without BAD_POOL_HEADER ACPI / Windows First - however - i tried to reinstall the drivers for the HAL i think it s the HAL right which says ACPI-PC or STANDARD-PC in the Hardware List in Windows after a reboot Windows didnt start up anymore It made my computer restart everytime i tried to load up Windows I read that when using specific Software Cubase SX i shall set the BAD_POOL_HEADER / Windows XP Install without ACPI BIOS settings mentioned above to BAD_POOL_HEADER / Windows XP Install without ACPI the options also mentioned above With those settings i tried different combinations BIOS settings OFF Windows XP install in Standard Mode ACPI Mode then the same with the BIOS settings ON After a few failures i thought about installing Win k This resulted in my system hanging with the text quot Setup is starting Windows quot on the bottom of the setup screen Num Lock on off on keyboard was not functioning anymore so the system actually seemed to crash To give this a structure my question is simply how can i install Windows XP on this machine without using ACPI Support without setting from ACPI to Standard when already installed Additions All i got connected using USB is a simple Logitech Mouse This cant be the problem actually since i installed so often with such devices connected to the computer I just tried to install Windows without setting to Standard-PC mode but with having ACPI support in BIOS enabled Same setting for Plug and Play OS The install worked fine i got into Windows on initial boot but when checking the hardware list i unfortunately found this Computer - ACPI Computer This is exactly what i dont want to have Now i tried to reinstall Windows with the same BIOS Settings but with setting Standard PC during Install F After loading the setup stuff it then crashed with the following message KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED ----- I d greatly require and appreciate any kind of constructive reply Thank you very much Leonidas nbsp

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Hi I'm trying to find a driver for Windows 10 64bits for this device that has this Hardware ID- ACPI\VEN_HPQ&DEV_0004 I have this on an HP Elitebook 8440p.  Regards

A:- ACPI\VEN_HPQ&DEV_0004 For Windows 10

Martin. Try this one. REO
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Hi,   I have 2x Probook 6460b that both have good batteries but will not charge them.  They worked in windows 7, but have some acpi battery driver errors in windows 10.  I've tried the unistall and reinstall methods for the acpi battery that include removing the battery etc and that didnt work.     Is there a new acpi battery driver that might work?  or another method  to fix  this?  Thanks   

A:windows 10 ACPI battery issues

I susupose that eitehr It started when i upgraded the bios,  or windows upgraded the drivers, though the acpi driver is from 2006 so im starting to suspect a bios update might be the culbrit. any ideas? Thanks
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I can't find ACPI driver for lenovo g40-80. I tried the win10 version but it didn't work. Could anyone kindly help?
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While trying to install windows, it gets through the first part where it loads all the files (like the raid adapters and whatnot), then right after that it says something like Starting Windows.... then it crashes, says the error is with an acpi.sys file... I tried disabling acpi in the bios setup (just was testing stuff out) and when it got to the part where it started windows, it would just hang there...
Anyone have a clue whats going on? any more specific info you need?
(windows xp pro)

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Not used to this so please bear with me I thought that this might help someone I built a system with an ACPI storm Interrupt 7 - DPC 8.1 Windows i on a ASUS z -p board with a Kingston SSD and Seagate harddrive Loaded the correct drivers and Windows downloaded from MS All ok except when lookig at the Performance Monitor it shows Interrupts and DPC sitting at - CPU hogging one core and forcing the clock frequency to Windows 8.1 Interrupt 7 DPC storm - ACPI continuous I found the MS tools and used xperf to id the offending interrupt and found ACPI was full on continuously Looking on the net I saw items relating to the on board Realtek Ethernet and Audio but disabling these had no effect Then messed with services and no joy The weird thing was I Windows 8.1 Interrupt 7 DPC storm - ACPI found that putting the PC to sleep and then back on again cleared the fault Lots of trials and head scratching Eventually noticed a recurring critical error on event viewer on start up Event Kernel Power - The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first This error could be caused if the system stopped responding crashed or lost power unexpectedly Looks to be a startup issue and behold Windows fast start is very different to Win hence those folk don't have this issue Fast startup looks to be the cause so switched it off - see Power Options - choose what the power button does Long story short is that in my case this seems to be the culprit fingers crossed
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Hey, i have a z50-70 just got an SSD and did a fresh install of windows 10 cos we all know how much microsoft's OS "upgrading" (wrecking) works. so it all went smooth and fine i downloaded and installed the latest drivers off and all the drivers work fine except the ACPI one. the installer doesnt even open. at all i tried running as admin, turning off UAC , compatibility etc etc. just wont open it flashes for a few milliseconds and disappears. and im thinking as a result of this my computer wont go to sleep, well it does but wakes up immediately i ran powercfg /lastwake to find the problem it said the power button -_- like seriously? can someone help me get my ACPI drivers updated... and no windows update is not helping.
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Hello WIN10 experts,

I?m looking for the info about interaction of Windows/BIOS/ACPI in general. Looking at Microsoft documents it still looks to me as a black box.

I'll figure out BIOS ACPI interaction, but I really need help with WIN ACPI interaction/documentation (preferable WIN10, but if no info available, other WIN OSes' documentation will be also of great help to me).

Thank you in advance!
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Thanks anyone for help!
I think it may be ACPI problem, but I'm not sure.
I've tried installing the hotkey software from Acer as well as the Power manager, but fixed nothing.
As long as Acer Power Manager is bugged and keeps HDD at 100% for many minutes after boot, I uninstalled it because it's (for me) useless, and without it I have 10 hours of battery with text exiting use.
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Hi there,
I've got the following config:

CPU P4 2.4
Ati 9200
Seagate 1TB
Hitachi 1TB
PSU Corsair TX650
And when upgrade to windows 7 I've attached the error that stops me to install windows 7.

I even do the bios update.

But the same problem
Anyone to help ?

A:ACPI Problems upgrading to windows 7

Are you trying to upgrade a Windows XP system to Windows 7?
Are to attempting to do a upgrade from inside Windows XP?

You must do a clean install to go from Windows XP to Windows 7.
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I am trying to install Windows XP SP3 on my HP Mini 1000 netbook from a USB thumbdrive.

I am able to boot into Windows setup but I get a BSOD at the "setup is starting Windows" step.



***STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0xF8471538, 0xF8471B50, 0xCCC35D5B)

*** acpi.sys - Address F8471538 base at F845B000, DateStamp 480252b1
*** acpi.sys - Address F8471B50 base at F845B000, DateStamp 480252b1
I have searched extensively and I have not found any solutions.
Any ideas?

A:Windows XP - BAD_POOL_HEADER on acpi.sys Error

Do you get as far as the screen where it asks where you want to install Windows?

You'll likely need to slipstream in the netbook's SATA controller drivers unless you have a floppy drive required to load drivers in at F6 prompt during initial drivers-loading phase.

SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

Is this a flash installer that is known-good to work on a previous install - because many have a hard time getting XP to install from stick.

Have you considered running XP in Virtual Box or Virtual Player as it is a lot less trouble. Most XP programs can also be made to run using Win7 Compatibility Mode
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Dear All I appreciate for someone give me some details how can i find the driver of my operation system windows 10. There are not have at HP driver just for windows 8 and windows 10. when I convert my windows 7 to windows 8 all driver installed and can find at site, except one of them ACPI\HPQ0004\2&DABA3FF&2 I appreciate if someone help me to find it. Product Name: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PCProduct Number: A6P74EA#ABV 

A:Driver ACPI\HPQ0004\2&DABA3FF&2 for windows 10 or windows 8

Hi: This W8.1 driver should work...
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Unusual request perhaps, but I'm getting an ex-corporate HP 8470p Notebook PC with 256GB SSD installed.

I don't yet fully understand SSD technology - thankfully, there's a whole lot of reading in this forum I can do on the subject to remedy that.

In the interim, I would like to replace the SSD with a (higher capacity) good old fashioned mechanical HDD so I can get the 8470p up and running asap.

Is it just a matter of swapping out the SSD for a Sata HDD in the same drive bay and re-booting, or are there other configuration changes I will need to make as well?


A:How do I downgrade from SSD to mechanical HDD

There's not much you need to understand about SSD technology. Windows is installed in the same way as on an HDD. The differences are largely transparent to the user. I assume your only reason for going with HDD is more capacity.

Do you want to do a clean install of Windows to the HDD or do you want to transfer the SSD installation to the HDD? Or does the HDD already have a Windows installation on it and you just want to install that drive into the HP notebook and use the HDD Windows installation?
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Is there any real noticable benefit from having a SATA mechanical HDD use AHCI or IDE? Also, if there is any benefit, is it related to the rpm speed that the drive is capable of?

I keep reading conflicting reports on this, some say AHCI is best, others say there is no real difference unless the disk is an SSD.

I am about to do a clean install of Windows 7 on a laptop 5400rpm mechanical HDD so thought I may as well set the mode before proceeding with the install.

Auld Bint

A:AHCI or IDE For Mechanical HDD ?

I never noticed any performance difference between the two modes myself. The 2 main advantages of AHCI over IDE though are hot swap and NCQ (if the drive supports NCQ).

Hot swap means you can replace the drive or unplug the device from the computer without rebooting. NCQ (Native Command Queuing) allows drives to accept more than one command at a time and dynamically reorder them for maximum read write efficiency. But NCQ is only a benefit if you are running very intensive disk operations which may not be the case for the average home user.

Practically speaking, use AHCI if your hardware supports it, as it can only enable features of your drive to be accessed. It should be the same or faster than IDE, unless you have a very bad sata controller chipset or something. Also I think some of the first SATA drives supporting some features like NCQ actually did better with them disabled, but I think that is no longer the case.

Yoy can also go through this thread.

Change IDE to AHCI in BIOS - Much better performance
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Using Intel's Smart Response Technology a small SSD can be used as a caching system with a larger hard drive.

Would it be worth it to buy the

Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 for $165
Seagate Barracuda 1TB hard drive for $140
Corsair Nova 2 Series 60GB SSD for $95
or would the money be better spent on upgrading the CPU?

A:Combination of mechanical HD and SSD

What's your system specs? And what do you use the computer for?
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I have been looking for a good keyboard for my new build. I am looking for a keyboard with mechanical keys, either cherry mx reds or cherry mx blues, I like the sound of the blues better and I am not bothered by it being noisy but I don't know how it feels, can anyone who owns either blues or reds tell me the difference and how they feel?
I have a budget of no more than 100 (tiny I know) I plan on buying it in the future. I have been looking at the corsair k60, but are there any others? I don't mind if it has LEDs in the keys, it would be a nice feature but not a deal breaker.

A:What Mechanical Keyboard?

The CM Quickfire TK is nice, but it has MX Browns. The Corsair K65 is the updated fully mechanical version of the K60. There are also other options like the Logitech G710+ and the Razer Black Widow.
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How many of you own one? Also what are your thoughts on them? Thinking about getting one here soon.

A:Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboard? I don't understand, because all keyboards are mechanical, in one sense or another. Please clarify/
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Have a computer win2000 gigabyte GA5AA board that will only work with a mechanical PS2 mouse, not an optical. An exact same sytem does work w optical mouse. Tried 3 different opticals including the one sucessfully used on other system.

A:mechanical mouse only

Hi, Seems like you have run into one of the many glitches we all face sooner or later with these "toys"-
Was there any hardware detection when you started up with the reluctant optical mouse? On the install disk that came with same- is there a file that starts an install for drivers?
I use a really bottom line Labtec optical, $10, and though it came with a disk, when I started up first time with it, no detection, still running as the same PS/2 type, thats all the Device Manager shows, no drivers loaded from the disk for it. Works just fine.
Can't say exactly, but one thing that might help is for you to boot into Safe Mode, Device Manager, remove all entries for mice and reboot, with the optical plugged in. I've had to do this with keyboards that would not be detected, when one is appearing (or when one is as normal, in use..) and it can be tricky to get some new devices to install correctly....cancel the New Hardware detection routine and try installing with Add/Remove Hardware may run into a standoff, though, as you may not have mouse function until done,,,,you may be able to subsititute the keyboard to OK, Enter, change settings. Also, if you have a USB mouse, this should work through the install of the optical mouse, then you can remove the USB entry later. Hope this helps.
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Hello, i have a Compaq Armada 1700. This computer is from 1997 or 1996, so it doesn't support ACPI. I just want to make sure, to disable ACPI, when i install Windows 2000, when it says "Press F6 to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver", i should press F7 and this just disables ACPI so when i turn my computer off it says "It's now safe to turn off your computer". So i should just press F7? I just want to make this sure. So i don't start up my computer, and when 2000 boots, i just get a BSoD that says i should press F7 during the text-based part of setup or something.Thanks for any answer.

A:How to disable ACPI during Windows 2000 setup

Becuase some websites says that i should press F5. And some websites says that it is F7 i should press.
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Hi there since this morning i don't have anymore the icone amp power management for my battery The battery works fine when i unplug and let it for an hour charging when plugin back I looked everywhere and all seems correct In Device Manager i uninstalled the Battery drivers then rebooted and all reinstalled correctly When i pulled out the battery while wired powered at put it back still not recognized I know it is still a fresh battery but no power management for it Just the No icone and No indications at all about how much is it in use My quot Acer Bloatwares quot Power Management works issue...looks Windows Strange Acpi 7's Battery keyboard light is working aswell so not an issue from their apps Strange Any Help Thanks PS I've run the Cmd quot powercfg -energy -output USERPROFILE Desktop Energy Report html quot and it tells i've no issues in general when set on quot Normal Power Plan quot recommended amp at least Strange Battery issue...looks Windows 7's Acpi it recognize capacity of it i've use it a little minutes ago before doing the powercfg so it remain less than what it is Almost forgot to say i ran Strange Battery issue...looks Windows 7's Acpi Sfc Scannow already I'm on Laptop Acer

A:Strange Battery issue...looks Windows 7's Acpi

Sounds to me like a call needs to be made to Acer about this judging on how many responses you have received.
Sorry Fabe
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Hi all, I've bought a brand new Yoga 900 ISK2 and realized as with my previous laptops, I cannot use Windows 10. So I've downgraded it to Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit and installed all drivers except the ACPI ones. I've tried installing the Lenovo Energy Managment Driver from the support page but nothing happens and the device is still not recognized. Furthermore, I cannot charge my laptop, it only works while the power supply is connected. I do not want to go back to Windows 10 so please don't tell me I've wasted a big amount of money on a laptop I can't use.  Please help,Dennis
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Hello, I am looking for a driver for the "Unknown device" ACPI\HPQ6007 on HP ENVY m6-k010dx Sleekbook for Windows 7 64-bit. Is there any available driver for this device?  Thanks

View Solution.

A:Driver for HP m6-k010dx for ACPI\HPQ6007 on Windows 7

Hi: Yes, there is. This one.
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Gelieve te helpen bij het vinden van de driver voor:
ACPI \ VEN_HPQ & DEV_0004 ACPI \ HPQ0004 * HPQ0004
HP Pavilion dv6-6b50ed Entertainment Notebook Serienummer:   [edited Serial Number by Moderator] Productnummer:   QG795EA Windows 8.1 - 64-???

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A:ACPI\VEN_HPQ&DEV_0004 - Driver for Windows 8.1

Hi, Did you also get the same with driver on the link below? HP 3D DriveGuard. Regards, DP-K
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Helo Everybody ! 
I have Dell Inspiron 11 - 3000 series .
When I install windows 8.1 , it show blue green . ACPI BIOS ERROR .
How to fix it?
Please help me

A:Install Windows 8.1 64 bit Eror. ACPI- BIOS

What version is your BIOS?
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ACPI IRQ Holder isn't compatible with this version of Windows

I keep getting disconnected from the internet every now and then. When I run the diagnostic in Windows 7 I get the above error. I searched Google and don't really understand the results I get. One link suggested I get a download from the manufacturer which is Lenovo but when I search for this on their website nothing comes up.

Any suggestions anyone?

A:ACPI IRQ Holder isn't compatible with this version of Windows

lola2001 said:

ACPI IRQ Holder isn't compatible with this version of Windows

I keep getting disconnected from the internet every now and then. When I run the diagnostic in Windows 7 I get the above error. I searched Google and don't really understand the results I get. One link suggested I get a download from the manufacturer which is Lenovo but when I search for this on their website nothing comes up.

Any suggestions anyone?Click to expand...

Ok I am assuming a clean win 7 install.

Is there a newer version of this? Info is thin on google and at MS. Both seem to be saying whatever is using that is not responding to the driver winthin an appropriate time.

You can search your computer to see where is is insatalled to h elp give you a clue as to what it is for.

Originally it was a vista file not need in win 7 but I would check it first
Ken J
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I am looking  for a driver for the unknown device "ACPI\HPQ6007" on the HP EliteBook 840 G3 for WIndows 7 64-bit OS. And I am not sure what driver is this. Any help will be appreaciated. Thanks in advance.

View Solution.

A:Driver for HP Elitebook 840 G3 for ACPI\HPQ6007 on Windows 7

Hi: Try the link from your notebook's support on the blue download button on the right side of the page.
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I recently upgraded my HP 15-f085wm laptop to windows 10.I have an Unknown device: acpi ven_asd&dev_0001 and I'm unable to locate drivers for it. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

A:Windows 10 driver for: acpi ven_asd&dev_0001

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome.Please download the following file, unzip it to Device Manager, select the missing device needing driver above.Click on the driver tab.Click on Update Driver.Select the Browse my computer for driverSelect the above driver folder (after unzipped).#hpexpertdayRegards;DebashishI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.
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hello folks, i have another problem with a lenovo product!lenovo yoga 20FQthere is a device in the devicemanager i am not able to find a driver for that.1.) this driver is NOT included in enterprise management package2.) this driver is NOT listed on so where can i get this driver? devicename: ACPI\MSFT0101 need fast help.thanks!

A:lenovo yoga acpi driver windows 7

problem solved! intel PTT does not work with windows 7 - i have disabled it in bios!
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Hey there everyone I am looking to buy a nice keyboard reccomendation Mechanical mechanical keyboard to use for gaming and such The problem is is that I am lost on what I should get and what switches are best for me Currently I have a wireless logitec keyboard and I am sick of it it misses a bunch of keystrokes it has a very squishy feel the the keypresses and it runs on triple A batteries which is quite a hassle I am unable to experience or feel all the different switch Mechanical keyboard reccomendation types for preference but I can only imagine how they would feel for example blue is like a mouseclick brown is like a mouseclick except you can press it further than it has too and black and red are smooth key hits except black takes more force if I am correct I feel as if I would prefer blue or brown the most because of the easy feedback it gives and it would be probably easier for me to break into I also know that ps wire is the best for key rollovers rather than usb and my computer does support ps I am looking for a nice keyboard between - dollars that suites its purpose is durable and a little eye candy wouldn t hurt either I am eyeing Mechanical keyboard reccomendation this one right now what do you people think of it http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E nbsp

A:Mechanical keyboard reccomendation

Here are some options:

Steelseries 6GV2
Coolermaster Quickfire XT
Razer Black Widow 2013
Logitech G710+
Corsair Raptor K50
There are plenty more options, but these are the best.
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My HP 720C Deskjet has a new trick. When it has finished printing a page there is a loud CLACK and it pitches the paper out onto the floor! Is it time to go printer shopping??


A:HP DeskJet Mechanical Problem?

Don't give up on your printer yet! I had a similair problem with my 855c at one time...only it didn't even pick up paper. It was cycling for a extended period of time, and then would make this horrid awful 'clunk' sound when it got the end. Fixed it myself by going to HP and searching...
Good luck
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Since the SSD boys and girls have a "Show us your SSD Performance" thread, I thought I'd start one for us mechanical HDD owners.

Simply DL, install, and run HD Tune and post screenshots of results here in this thread. Please also tell us the Make and Model of your HDD(s) and any other specs you wish to.

I will start it off with my two HDD's:

My main HDD is a WD Caviar Black 640GB, 7200RPM, 32MB cache, SATA 2 unit

My backup HDD is a Seagate Barracuda 500GB, 7200RPM, 32MB cache, SATA 2 unit

A:Show us your Mechanical HDD performance...

Here is a WD 640 Caviar boot drive and a WD 1.5 TB Green backup drive:
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I recently purchased the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth keyboard and although I haven't gotten it, I imagine it will still produce some noise so I thought I would buy some O-Rings. Will these work with the Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth?
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Well then, back again...

I have a Seagate Barracuda 500 gig as a second harddrive in my computer (XP) which is partitioned into two parts. Accessing the first partition is no sweat, but accessing the second partition with explorer, windows commander or whatever you can think of only results in the whole computer freezing up, pretty much forcing me to reboot.

I tried to run a scandisk as well and it runs fine until it reaches Phase 4 where it just refuses to read/go on further. Should perhaps add that it doesn't freeze in the very beginning of phase 4 but a bit in it.

Would this be a sign of a mechanical failure by any chance? And if so I can safely assume that the disk is bust, right?

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Can you even get a good one for under 50$? I haven't used ones since the junior high but a lot of people have told me they work a way better. I do a lot of typing for work and I also game. My current keyboard is winding down.

A:Good mechanical keyboard for under $50?

"Good" and "cheap" don't typically go together very often. There are certainly a lot of good lower end choices in the keyboard market, but a quality mechanical keyboard from Corsair for instance is around $100. The cheaper you go, the poorer the quality will be. If you don't mind buying a used one, you might check eBay and could probably nab a K70 - for around your price range. I use a Corsair red LED backlight K70 (w/cherry red switches) and its the best keyboard I've ever used. Love it!!! Once you try mechanical, you'll never go back.
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I'm somewhat electrosensitive (mostly to high power laptops & videos.
Currently I use PS/2 wired mouse.
It's burning my palm & arm (since the mouse cable acts as antenna)
Ditto w/other PS/2 mice in my house.

I was told that at least one electrosensitive gal had her arm-burning resolved by using a wireless mouse.
Thing is, electrosensitives are ALSO zapped by optical mice.
(I know that many eSensitives suggest avoiding wireless mice, but my personal experience is otherwise.

So.. which mouse to get? (based on the above..

I browsed but I couldn't make out from his pic whether he uses a wireless mouse, nor whether his mouse is optical. He suggests using a USB-mouse, but I was told that electronically speaking, PS/2 & USB can both have the potential to act as antenna's of ambient EMFs.

Thus, since PS/2 mice zap me, USB ones would as well.

A:Any mechanical wireless mice available anywhere?

It is not possible to be "zapped" by a mouse.

You should consult a doctor. The PC is not the problem. There is no such thing as a "high power" video, and laptops can never be considered to be "high powered" under any circumstances.
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I need software that allows random parallel lines to be made equidistant from one another for a Logo project. Also, arcs but not necessarily circles.

I tried Word 2007 but there are not enough reference lines to ascertain whether everything is parallel, equidistant, etc.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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Win 7 Ultimate 64byteThe network icon in the tray is red with a red X.Network and Sharing center states I am currently not connected to any networks.I click on 'Connect to a Network', at the top of the pop up it says 'Not Connected', below the 'Connections Are Available' icon it shows my wireless network and connected.I can't connect to a HomeGroup.Internet connectivity is working.

A:Windows 7 states I'm not connected to any networks when in fact I am connected to my wireless network??

I found a solution for (my version of) this problem.  My tray icon never showed the red X, but if I clicked on the icon, the popup showed a bigger icon with a red X, and said "Not connected".  As in your case, Internet worked, but I'm unable to setup a VPN connection because it insists on using a non-existent modem, obviously because I'm "not connected" (which I am). 

I monitored the processes running the NlaSvc and Netprofm services (using ProcMon), and noticed that both were denied read/write access to subkeys within the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList hierarchy.  

The processes were running as NetworkService and LocalService, respectively, so I tried adding full access for these service accounts to the entire subkey mentioned above.  Notice that permissions are not automatically inherited in the registry, so you may need to explicitly "replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object".

Within seconds, Network and Sharing Center tells me I'm connected to my domain.  Yay!
A reboot was required to fix the tray icon and its popup.

However, I'm still unable to add my VPN connection.

I'm interested in hearing from you guys if your registries miss the same permissions?  If so, Windows 7 must have a bug somewhere with misaligned service permissions/rights.
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Hey guys,

I've experienced a problem with my particular iTunes program in Windows 7. Whenever the iTunes program was running, it gives me an error stating in the form of a dialog(ue) box:

"The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access priviges for this operation."

At first, I thought there was a virus that could have altered some files, but I've found out that my trusty 'ol AVG antivirus (free version 2012) that was doing a routine antivirus scan and that would have led into that error.

However, when I stopped the Antivirus scan - the error has simply gone away....

I was wondering how can I prevent this particular problem from re-occurring?

A:Windows 7: iTunes states that a "library file cannot be saved - insufficient rights"

it is scanning your library for nasties If you want to take a chance and if you are sure there will never be a nasty from something you may have downloaded and added to the library, you can exclude folders by using the "Scan specific files or folders" scan.
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I got a simple question, let me explain it like an example: Let's say I backup 100GB of data with Windows Backup and over the time where I do all my backups there is like only 30GB of data which changed from those 100GB and also new files were added. Now my external drive is full. When I now delete the very early backup, the first one where the 100GB of data was saved, will it delete then ALL those 100 GB, or will it just delete the previous versions of the files which were modified AFTER that time, which are in this case the 30GB I talked about? Because otherwhise I would then have in the end an uncomplete, messed up backup.

A:(windows Backup) deleting old backup states simple question

"because otherwhise I would then have in the end an uncomplete, messed up backup."

Correct. Windows by default does what is called "incremental backups". It takes a master image of the entire system per your direction, then on the schedule, it takes an inventory of only what has changed and backs up those changes. That is with a DATA BACKUP.

If you do SYSTEM IMAGE, it gives you two options you can set, from which are accessible from Manage Space > System Image/Change Settings:

You should have similar space management controls for your data backups as well. Since I only do a system image every week as my data is on a different drive than the OS, I do not.
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Hi.  I want to Know what are these device name so i can download driver for them. : Unknow device 1.  ACPI\HPQ6007\3&11583659&1 2.  ACPI\INT33A0\0

View Solution.

A:Any driver for Unknown Device in Windows 10 : ACPI\HPQ6007\3...

Hi: You need these drivers for those devices... 6007: This package provides HP 3D DriveGuard Software (HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection) for supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard Software protects the hard drive by parking the heads if the notebook is accidentally dropped, or is abruptly impacted by another object. File name: sp71811.exe INT33A0: This package provides the Intel Smart Connect Technology driver forsupported notebook models running a supported operating system. TheIntel Smart Connect Technology driver enables the system to resumefrom sleep mode and update supported web applications such asemail. The system enters sleep after the update is completed. File name: sp65233.exe
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Hey guys I have an older but works great laptop that I use as my portable device It's a Toshiba Tecra I was attempting to install a fresh copy of Windows Ultimate on there just so it would match up with my desktop and because I really like Windows and after starting the install [SOLVED] trying to Windows install compliant while ACPI 7 error from boot disc I get an error blue screen that reads A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow these steps The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant Please contact your system vendor for an updated BIOS Technical information STOP x A x D x x Am I not able to install Windows on this laptop because it's so old or do I just need to update the bios or what If that is the case how do I go about doing that

A:[SOLVED] ACPI compliant error while trying to install Windows 7

Hi shewillnotdie,

It is telling you that either the hardware or the BIOS version is incompatible with the Windows installation you're trying to do. I'm not aware of the specific error codes and didn't find a list of them on Microsofts site either.

After a quick look at the specifications of that laptop, I'm afraid it does not meet the requirements for Windows 7.

Sidenote: Some have apparently been able to install Windows 7 on older machines that doesn't meet the requirements, but I can't find any pattern as to which ones can. You could see if there are any BIOS updates for your machine and try, but bottom line is that the requirements are not met.
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Just wondering what the heck is wrong I turn on my computer after I had just installed a new PSU the old one crapped out right after this problem had started I thought the PSU would solve the problem after Windows slow ACPI Error Logo boot and up Really since my computer was showing no activity when I tried turning it on It now turns on however the boot up process is unbelievably slow to the point it is ridiculous like - min process to get to an ACPI error screen I have Vista Ultimate and raid for raptors gb each I haven t tried to flash my bios in the process or reinstall vista as I would like to keep the stuff on my hard drive If anyone can tell me anything it would be greatly appreciated Recap Slow boot post - text and screens take minutes to switch bios setup is also delayed both Really slow boot up and ACPI Error after Windows Logo getting in and switching menus Continuous Reboot with windows error not Really slow boot up and ACPI Error after Windows Logo allowing me to select start windows normally or boot in safe mode before it restarts If I go to press the power button and lightly touch it - the process speeds up and goes to a blue screen showing an ACPI Error Any help once again is much appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Really slow boot up and ACPI Error after Windows Logo

Can you try the F8 boot menu and turn off the "automatic restart" feature.

Then read the error message more thoroughly to identify it further. However the error may be the product of your continued pressing of the power button.

You might want to consider resetting the CMOS. I would also check to see that the memory is properly installed and perhaps experiment with 1 module at a time if possible.

Remove any devices not required for boot and double check all other connections.
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I noticed that new drivers were released for G580. The drivers (Lenovo Enegry Management Driver) canot install because when the installer starts up, it immediatelly closes. Do I have an issue somewhere? Windows 10 (1511, Build 10568.17)Lenovo G580 (20157)

A:Lenovo G580 Windows 10 ACPI Driver not installing?

hi acemod13,
I looked at the Lenovo Energy Management driver for Windows 10 and upon observing the installer behavior, it extract the ACPI driver files (58KB) to C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\ACPIDriver (this may explain why the installer closes right after extracting).
If you're seing an Unknown Device in the Device Manager with an ACPI hardware ID (see image below) then try to update the driver manually and point it to the C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\ACPIDriver folder
 - Sample image
If you're unable to see the driver files, I've uploaded them here.
Let me know how it goes.
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Having problem with this laptop. Can not boot or repair windows 7 on this laptop---always getting bsod a5 error_the BIOS in the system is not fully ACPI compliant. On the support page there is no bios update for this laptop. Can i get some feedback for that from the support? Thanks in advance


DId this just suddenly start, or have you change anything recently such as updating/reinstallling Windows or added RAM etc? Can you boot to safe mode by holding down F8 while turning on the System? Have you tried re-setting the BIOS to Startup Defaults? Do you have a Windows 7 System Repair Disk, or can you create one on another Windows 7/8/10 computer?    Note:  If you computer was running the 64-bit version of 7, the Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer you make the CD must also be running a 64-bit OS as well  See Backup and Restore the Control Panel to create the System Repair Disk.    Requires one CD-R If so, you can boot to the Windows 7 System Repair Disk and run System Restore, or Automatic Repair from there