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Q: Net view/net user

Hello everybody, I have a home network with about 3 computer connected. I am using a laptop and when ever I use the net view command in cmd, I can only view my laptop. Why can't I see the other 2 computer?

All the computer have Win. 7 Home Premium Installed. Is there a way to send messages to those computers within the network, without the use of 3rd party applications... Perhaps by cmd?

I know you can, but I am unsure how.

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Preferred Solution: Net view/net user

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Net view/net user


C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>net view $SYSTEM_NAME
Shared resources at $SYSTEM_NAME

Share name Type Used as Comment
Italy-1 Disk
Italy-2 Disk
RealEstate Disk
SharedDocs Disk
The command completed successfully.

C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>net view emac
Shared resources at emac

Mac OS X

Share name Type Used as Comment
homes Disk User Home Directories
i860 Print Canon i860
jeff Disk User Home Directories
MP470 series Print Canon MP470 series
The command completed successfully.
It should be clear that NET VIEW SYSTEM is dependent upon getting Print/File Sharing working correctly.

C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>[B]net user jeff[/B]
User name Jeff
Full Name Jeff
Comment primary user(LUA)
User's comment
Country code 000 (System Default)
Account active Yes
Account expires Never

blah blah ...

Workstations allowed All
Logon script
User profile
Home directory
Last logon 9/2/2011 10:55 AM

Logon hours allowed All

Local Group Memberships *Users
Global Group memberships *None
The command completed successfully.

Would appear to be Policy settings for the user
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I'm on my account and I was wondering if there is a way to view my password for my account. (I'm using Windows 7 laptop)

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I'm new to this.

Thank you in advance.

A:How to view your user password?

Quote: Originally Posted by STVH

I'm on my account and I was wondering if there is a way to view my password for my account. (I'm using Windows 7 laptop)

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I'm new to this.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the windows 7 forum STVH

The best way to figure out the password is to change it and then you will know it if you write it down. This forum does not support password retrievers or crackers.

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For some reason I cannot view a user account in Documents and Settings.

Like this:

 Docs_and_Settings1.JPG   41.57KB

I can see it on the logon screen, user accounts, etc. I cannot view it anywhere else, and I cannot view there documents, pictures, etc.

Does anyone know why I cannot view it?
P.S. - I just did a fresh install of Windows XP Home lastnight, but everything else seems to be working fine.
Thanks in ADVANCE!

A:Cannot View A User Account!

What's the name of the account?
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hi there, can someone please tell me how i can view all activity on my laptop from all user's including my own, i have 4 of us users set up, and on my old computer, i had a thing called IE History View, from this i was able to view all of the websites that were visited, also if anyone went into My Documents (now called Libraries) i was able to view exactly was files and folders where also view, this also gave the time and dates that all were viewed, does anyone know of a programme that i can use for this?



A:how to view user history

Quote: Originally Posted by kiwi

hi there, can someone please tell me how i can view all activity on my laptop from all user's including my own, i have 4 of us users set up, and on my old computer, i had a thing called IE History View, from this i was able to view all of the websites that were visited, also if anyone went into My Documents (now called Libraries) i was able to view exactly was files and folders where also view, this also gave the time and dates that all were viewed, does anyone know of a programme that i can use for this?



Hi kiwi
You still have History in IE8.
Just open IE and open your Faorites Icon at the top left of the screen.
After favorites opens you will see at the top a TAB for History.
If you have IE setup with default setting you should be able to see past websites.
You can also setup how many days you want to save in the Tools, Internet Options, General Tab, Browser History area and Settings tab.
See the number of days you want to keep at the bottom .

Now the other part of the question about knowing where users have been on your HD is another story. You may need an additional software to do that.
Can someone else help here?

Hope this helps
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Please help! I have been running windows xp home edition IE6 (I think) for ages with administrator as the only user. last week I added another user, it was running fine and I was abole to switch users ok.
Then I only had the option of one user only, I cant think what has happened.
I still have the documents of the original administrator on the computer, but there is no option of opening up the user and having the desktop on show and using the documents.

I hope I have explained it ok and that you are able to understand.
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Hello everyone!

I am brand new to 8.1 as of receiving my new dell 7000 series laptop.

My first question,,didn't receive a satisfactory answer on a Google or YouTube search. Like the windows 7, i would click programs on my start menu, and be able to view all programs on the computer with one look.

How can i do this in 8.1 os??

A:New user: I just want to see all my programs with one view

I installed this: Download Classic Start 8 - - MajorGeeks for a friend couple of days ago.
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In Control Panel>Advanced System Settings>User Profiles, I see there are two for my system.
One is labeled as the default profile, and it is 1.63MB. The second is labeled w/ my user name: Home-PC. It is 58.6GB in size.

Why the huge difference in sizes between the two? I was able to copy the default profile to a folder to view later, but when I tried the same with Home-PC, the "copy" button faded out, and I can see no way to view or modify it.

So, again - why the huge difference in size, and why can't I modify my user profile? (or even view it)

I've had some problems lately where one of my browsers stops functioning, and I need to restart to "fix" it. Could it be related to my user profile?

Thanks for your help!

A:How can I modify or view my user profile?

Because your user account contains all the programs files and folders you have on the main drive under that user name.
That kind of difference is normal.
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I'm trying to fix a corrupted user profile using the Microsoft procedure at Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help.

In 2010 I created a second administrator user account. Exactly why escapes me now. However, the account name I use at the login isn't listed in the C\ drive User directory. There are two administrator accounts listed. One of which is my original admin account. I suspect the other is the second admin account which has been renamed (?). Following the Microsoft procedure, it snags when I attempt to open My Documents which advises that "'My Documents' is unavailable. Access denied". Does anyone have experience with the Microsoft procedure or retrieving an account name history?

A:Is it possible to view a 'user account' name history

What do you get when in cmd: net user or net localgroup Administrators
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On my laptop, I have a built in fingerprint reader.
It works perfectly, however the built in fingerprint software changes my password to a unkown password for me whever I use my finger to login to XP.
This leads to that I can only login using my fingerprint and not with my password, which means when I'm not around, my family cannot login to the computer to internet, because they dont have my finger .

Therefore I need a tool which displays the current windows xp user password.

Resetting the password makes no sense. If I reset it to 1234 and login with the fingerprint, the password 1234 no longer works... so..


A:View current Windows XP User password

Hello Songlive, Welcome to TSF!

Unfortunately we cannot assist you with password recovery.

Please re-read The TSF Rules. (Click the coloured link.)

This thread is now CLOSED!
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I am running Windows XP and Internet Explorer Administrator History User Browsing in IE7? Can View v I am the administrator and as class instructor need to check that the internet is not misused Logged in as Administrator and in IE I clicked on Tools Internet Options On the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box I located the Browsing History section and clicked on Settings In the Temporary History and Internet Files dialog box I clicked on View The path to the history files was shown as C Documents and Settings Administrator Local Settings Temporary Internet Files The Local settings folder was Can Administrator View User Browsing History in IE7? not visible when I tried to follow this path In Control Panel Folder Options View I selected quot Can Administrator View User Browsing History in IE7? Show hidden files and folders quot This made Local Settings folder visible but not the Temporary Internet Files folder I also removed the check from quot Hide protected operating system files quot I can now see a folder labeled Temporary Internet Files as well as one labeled History I can open these folders since they are my folders To view the user's History I follow the path C Can Administrator View User Browsing History in IE7? Documents and Settings Student Local Settings and can see both Temporary Internet Files and History folders However I cannot open the History folder and can't see any of the browsing history files or cookie files in the Temporary Internet Files folder Is there a way to make this visible I have adults taking this class that want to be able to check the browsing history of their children On older versions of Internet Explorer I thought that this was possible Is this an issue only because I am using IE with Windows XP If this is not the correct Forum please redirect the question
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I have used GPO preference - registry method to add an internal site to compatibility view.

but it has over-written all the end users compatibility view list, infact if I add a new site manually,  it is also getting overwritten in some time.
Please suggest.
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I have Yahoo Messenger 6.0 and windows XP - any other messenger buddy who's tried to view my webcam can do so except for one in particular - I am able to view her cam but when she tries to view mine it says my cam is not online...she is using an IMAC - and also, she is able to view everybody else's cam except mine! has anyone experienced this problem?
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Can anybody tell me the View current Windows XP User password ?

A:View current Windows XP User password

and welcome to the Forum

Can you rephrase your question . . it's not clear what you are asking
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I have 3 users logins on my computer. Using XP-pro and IE 7.
All of a sudden, 2 of the 3 logins on my computer can not access videos, the windows help feature doesn't work and there is a lot of websites that load as blank screens (but says done). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling adobe. A few other things as well.
I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, V.S
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hi, iam having trouble looking at user profiles on, the following web sites,

i login to my account and then goto a persons profile i want to view and it doesnt allow me to see the profile of that person,

at the bottom of the i.e page it says popup blocked but i have tried turning the popups blocker off and trying the allow these sites only and it still doesnt allow me to view user profiles,

please help, thanks in advance t4lor.

A:cannot view user profiles? popup blocked?

i have got windows xp pro and the lastest windows updates,
i have been fiddlerling around with the allow pop ups and allow this and that setting but it doesnt make any difference, it stiil blocks me from viewing profiles, please help, thanks in advance t4lor.
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Hello! Edge is not too bad as a tablet (SP4) browser, especially when browsing in portrait mode. Most sites have responsive design and automatically resize to fit the width if you switch to portrait. And if you zoom to 300% or more you mostly get only one column and avoid the annoying ad-column. If sites don't do this automatically they often have a m.* version of their site, like But what really annoys me is that it is impossible to get to the mobile version of, honestly, in edge is awful on a SP4. I know that there is a mobile version of, the one where you see "View Google in: Mobile | Classic" at the bottom, I get it on my Nexus 7.
Those of you with w10m, do you get the mobile version of google in Edge?
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I have desktops with Windows On my own desktop AVP I am the only user admin by default On the second desktop for family use HP-P I have users including myself admin by default I created the user accounts under my sign on account and enabled sharing one way where I can have access to both user accounts for file sharing All have access to Public folders However when I view the after sharing enabling - view Folder one Missing Network user network folder in the family Network Folder - Missing one user view after enabling sharing HP desktop I only see myself jayla and one other user prana I don't see the third user darsh See attachments from each user view for this desktop Even from on my own desktop AVP in the network folder I can see the HP desktop Network Folder - Missing one user view after enabling sharing and myself Network Folder - Missing one user view after enabling sharing quot jayla quot and quot prana quot only See attachment from own desktop user view I don't think I need to go under quot darsh quot user's account and tinker with settings which doesn't make sense as I did nothing under quot prana quot user account Why is quot darsh quot user missing from the folder view under my admin account jayla The other use account prana is visible Appreciate if anyone can help Jay
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I have two users in Win 10. First is My Self an Administrator and second one is a Local User. In Computer Management I stopped sharing of My Self Folder. It is showing now "not shared". In C drive user folders, I clicked My Self Folder and clicked stop sharing but even than Local User is able to view My Self Documents and Desktop etc. Please advise.
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I looked around the 'Net and was not able to find the answer to this question. If I put a site in the IE11 Enterprise Mode site list used by our organization at set it to exclude=true (i.e. default/native mode), how does IE11 behave if a user has that site
in their user-controlled Compatibility View list?
Thanks in advance!
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The issue is since migrating to exchange 2010 1 user cannot read html emails, We have tried it on different machines but it is still the same so it must be an exchange issue, this was what the user said about the issue

'I can view the subject line but not the message body. This affects Outlook and OWA. Mimecast shows no emails since Saturday. '

It is only affecting him and only html emails. Mimecast is working fine, i can't see the emails even after forwarding the email from Mimecast but i can see the emails in Mimecast.

Attached image of issue

A:[SOLVED] User cannot view HTML emails after migrating to exchange 2010

And what version of Office are the users running? If you upgrade users to Office 2007, the problem will go away.
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Hi I am running Windows 'User view Profile safe Getting and message Login' mode Service the Failed cannot Vista Bit Home Premium As far as I know I have all Getting 'User Profile Service Failed the Login' message and cannot view safe mode the latest patches Getting 'User Profile Service Failed the Login' message and cannot view safe mode updates I don't have a CD for Vista I have had no problems until I tried to login today and got the following message 'The User Profile Service failed the login User profile cannot be loaded' I haven't changed anything on my computer between yesterday and today - nothing installed or uninstalled no files moved around As far as I know there have been no major patches updates for any programmes which I've installed My understanding is that the main fix for this is to switch to an administrator login and then fix the corrupted profile but I only seem to have one profile for my computer it is my own home computer for my own use and I've never needed to set up another profile I have tried using the advanced boot option 'Last known good configuration' but that didn't work I have tried logging in using safe mode but when I do this my monitor says 'input not supported' presumably because the display drivers on safe mode are a little off or so I have read I have read that I might be able to use the command prompt through safe mode to get to an old system restore point but obviously I can't see anything once I get through to safe mode Using the low resolution mode from the advanced boot options works but I still only have one profile to log into so it doesn't get me anywhere So my questions are Would rolling back to an old system restore point work And is there any other way of doing this given my current limitations If I managed to get my hands on another monitor so I could see safe mode would that help given that I don't think I have another profile I can log on through If yes what kind of monitor should I try and borrow I don't really want to buy a new monitor just for this to make this work Is there any other way of solving the problem Thanks in advance for all help offered - it is very gratefully received Apologies if I've left out any vital information I am not a computer expert by any means Thanks
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Hello all,
I have a problem with my mail view.. I accidentally clicked something which changed my mail view to a list view.. like the first pic.. But i want it back as the 2nd pic, where i can see on a second line the subject ... I searched but could not find the option to switch it back. Does anyone know how to get it back?

A:Outlook 2010 cannot change my mail view back to normal from list view

You have changed the Reading View pane - here is how to get it back to your original:
Make changes to the Reading (preview) Pane - Outlook -

Just touch the 'View' tab and select 'Reading Pane' in the 'Layout' section on the Ribbon. Next select the option 'Right'. It should then be back to your preferred view.
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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?

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Ever since I did a factory reinstall 3 months ago, every time I close my machine down and restart, my Windows Explorer settings keep getting reverted back to ICON view instead of my saved DETAIL view.

I'm using the button under tools and folder options, View Tab, and Apply to all Folders.

Is there something else I'm missing?

This is starting to get pretty annoying.

A:Window Explorer Keeps reverting back to ICON view instead of DETAIL view

XP forgets your folder view settings?
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Hi, i wonder why my Icon does not show in Large Icon view and can be seen in other Icon View? It is invisible when you use Large Icon view. And i can't change my desktop back ground at all. It just won't save the change. Any help is appreciated.

A:Window unable to view file in Large Icon view

Hi there,

You might want to consider a System Restore if this is a recent occurrence.

Using the System File Checker (sfc scannow) would be my next suggestion.
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Hi Everybody If anybody could give me some pointers on my problem I would really appreciate it I have View Panel switching View / no control constantly, Desktop Windows on my HP Pavilion Laptop I have this problem where after starting my PC logging in and being dropped into the Panel view I wait for about seconds and then the PC starts thrashing and constantly flicking between the traditional Desktop and the Panel view without me touching a button clicking on anything The only things I can access on my laptop are Task ManagerGoogle Chrome by clicking on the icon very quickly in Panel View before it flicks back to traditional Desktop This problem Panel View / Desktop View switching constantly, no control literally prevents me accessing anything else As soon as I start opening something in traditional desktop mode the pc flicks straight back to Panel view and it is lost Even if I am quick enough to click on an application it doesn't even load it I am almost certain it is some piece of software that I must have picked up along the way I've been trying to use my Norton antivirus to scan and detect it but I cannot even open that to scan due to this very problem I even tried using the Trend Micro Home Call service which I could access through Chrome of course Unfortunately as soon as I tried downloading it I was told it had failed as there is no access to the internet very odd indeed I have not encoutered any details of this problem on the internet but if anybody could assist with this I would appreciate it so much Thank you guys

A:Panel View / Desktop View switching constantly, no control

Hi ihill, welcome here.

Try scanning with Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer

See what happens.

Update your video card drivers?
Monitor Drivers?
You haven't got any stuck keys on your laptop?

just a few suggestions to look out for, see how you go and let us all know.
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I am unable to view diagrams in normal view. Application is Word 2003 9.0.6926 SP3

Print Layout view is fine.

In the format Object -> Layout -> Wrapping Style (inline with Text) is greyed out.

Printing of the document is also's just the problem with Normal view.

Also, seems like I keep losing the positioning of the picture (network diagram created using autoshapes and MS Draw)

The above problem is not document specific but reflects in all docs files.

Also, in another document, when I double click embedded equations (written using equation editor on another PC), equation editor doesn't launch itself neither is there any error message. This problem is document specific.

Anyone..any ideas?? Please advise!!

A:Unable to view pictures in Normal view - Word 2000

Magnet said:

I am unable to view diagrams in normal view. Application is Word 2003 9.0.6926 SP3

Print Layout view is fine.

In the format Object -> Layout -> Wrapping Style (inline with Text) is greyed out.

Printing of the document is also's just the problem with Normal view.

Also, seems like I keep losing the positioning of the picture (network diagram created using autoshapes and MS Draw)

The above problem is not document specific but reflects in all docs files.

Also, in another document, when I double click embedded equations (written using equation editor on another PC), equation editor doesn't launch itself neither is there any error message. This problem is document specific.

Anyone..any ideas?? Please advise!!Click to expand...

I had problems with pictures not getting displayed at all. I could only see blank screen and ocassional picture. This problem was solved by reducing the hardware accelaration. This can be done by display properties->settings->troubleshoot->hardware acceleration. Try lowering it to halfway or less and see if this solves the problem. It solved my problem.

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I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2007, How can I get my word attachments on an email I receiveto open in normal view and not in reading view?

A:Open word attachments in normal view and not reading view

Hi gmcin99, welcome to TSG.

This is a Word setting, not an Outlook setting. Open Word and go to Office Logo/Word Options, make sure the "Popular" section is highlighted, and uncheck the box to Open e-mail attachments in Full Screen Reading view. Hope that helps.
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Can I set up Windows Explorer to display all folders to ALWAYS display all items, whatever their type, in list view?
Blow by blow instructions, please.

A:view all window explorer folders in 'list' view

In file explorer the View tab click navigation pane and choose show all folders.
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I was able to keep my home page on the browser where I want it. However, I have a seach toolbar that shows up whenever I open the broswer. I can select not to see with the 'view' tab but it gets reselected for view whenever I open the Broswer.

I also get the same 'search' toolbar in other windows (Windows Explorer for example.

Another porblem which seems to be related to the same source, is that although I have remember file view selections when reopening a folder in 'Folder Option' it always goes back to 'Large Icons' (I want 'list')

The problems all come from the original Broser Hi-jack thing. Can anyone advise?

A:Browser Tool Bar(also folder view) View Default

Please download HijackThis. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Post the whole log file here. Do not fix anything since most of them listed there are harmless (some are system required). This program will help us determine if there is any spyware/malware on your computer.
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Unable to view movies using Clown View
Clone view works fine however when I try to play movie using (windows media player and Divx player) I can see the whole screen on both the monitor and tv however I can only see the movie clip (.avi) on the monitor. On the tv there is just a black screen where to movie would be. When I try to user full screen in both programs the video only shows up on the monitor, I've tried download some codecs but none seem to work. I have also tried downloading the most recent drivers for my video card
geforce2 Mx 400 64mbram tv and svideo out (using rca for tv out)

If anyone has ever had this problem or has a good idea of how to fix it please post or email me .

[email protected]

A:Unable to view movies in clone view (geforce 2 mx 400)

No idea... Works fine on mine. You could be seeing some sort of copy protection stuff like macrovision protection.
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I keep all of my folders in Large Icons view but sometimes they revert to 'Details' view on their own! How do I get them to stay in Large Icons view permanently?

A:Folder view settings changing after I select the view I want

Hello kidxp, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you can use the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders
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Hi All. Baffled again by Microsoft's incomprehensible format...

Set up a quick view this morning, (stupid move) and now cannot get back to my account folders view... so for example to view recently sent items, quick view will only allow me to see all 3000 - everything I have ever sent... WHY?

If I un-click the quick view option, there is nothing in the folders pane, how do I return to the 'account folders view'?, each with their own inbox, sent box, deleted item etc

WLM has an 'all inbox' option, is there an option for 'all sent' or all drafts' etc files that have not been moved to 'storage folders' but are still live like the 'all inbox' files?

Is there a way of simplifying this bloated all or nothing menu? So much simpler and user friendly - like menus and shortcuts that AREN'T hidden.

Cheers - any help greatly received

A:switching from Quick view back to Folder View

I'll assume you mean in WLM? If you click on Menu> Layout do you have these options? (I don't use WLM myself )

If so, is Show storage folders ticked?

A Guy
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Help Am running Win XP Prof Service Pack on a Dell Diminsion ISP AT amp T Zone Alarm Free Firewall gig Ram After having Win XP reinstalled I found that after a few minutes use the task bar changed to quot classic style quot After a few tries at eliminating this glitch I went to Google and came up with a solution which I thought would work I downloaded files from http www kellys-korner-xp com xp tweaks htm restorethemes reg size kb and classicdisable reg size bytes quot restorethemes quot should have restored Win XP themes to default however it DID NOT and I found my computer locked in FULL classic view which I don t like quot classicdisable quot should have disabled the quot classic trainwreck quot it DID NOT CRAP From that point I / view in Classic Win view Solved: XP restore Cannot Stuck could only think to delete both files from the registry but truth be told I am alas Computer Stupid quot Computers for Dummies quot baffels me I have no idea how to access the registry where the files might be found much less the process for deletion I m lost Could someone please help Regards dgxx nbsp

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I'm using Outlook 2010 also as Calendar application.
When I'm switching to the Calendar View the "day view" is open,
but I want to see the "week view".

I think in the early days it was the way i want it - week view.
I don't know since when the behavior changed - maybe the last updates?
(I did not change any settings by my own).

I also did not find any setting where I can change the standard view.
Does anyone know how I change this behavior?

A:Outlook2010 Calender - At start Day view but want week view

See here: Lock default calendar view in Outlook 2010

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I am confused.  "My Music" folder is no where to be found under username. This is strange and I cant seem to recreate it.Under C:/username in the explorer view (left side) I now have:My DocumentsMy PicturesMy VideosI don't have:My MusicBut if you actually go to my computer, then the username folder in the C drive, you won't see those three folders.....why is that 


A:Libraries appear in one explorer view, but missing in folder view

Kindly stop starting multiple threads that discuss the same subject (libraries and user folders). You started multiple threads roughly three hours apart and it's confusing to people following them, myself included, because we wouldn't know which one to reply to and which one to ignore, plus it's in total disregard to cross-posting etiquette. The first one located here already started receiving relevant replies and people are more likely to follow it, so I recommend you stick to that thread and await responses therein. The other extra and unnecessary thread is here, plus this one.
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I run windows 7 premium 64 and all of the sudden I stated to get this popup after windows loads that says
"C:\User\Lori-Bee\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost"
How can I fix this?...I tried check disk running CCleaner ....No difference

A:C:\User\User -User\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost

Hi there ... Read the Link below and follow the Instructions ..
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Error 182418Log.iniis lost
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For example, if I change the view of one folder to "large icons" or to "list" or whatever, then ALL of the folders will have that view. But I want specific folders to have specific view types. How can I accomplish this?

A:If I change the view of one folder, the view of all folders changes?!?

Hello S35,

Is this within a Libray folder?

All Included Folders and subfolders in a library will always share the same folder view. You can have separate Arrange by view settings in each added New folder in the library though.
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I've been happily using Deskview.exe for all windows versions up to Windows 7, but for some reason this tool won't work on Win 8 anymore.
Is there anyway to view desktop icons in List view?

A:How to view desktop icons in list view?

Originally Posted by hydeit

Is there anyway to view desktop icons in List view?

Probably not what you're looking for but,
you can list desktop icons in list view using file explorer > desktop

Running File Explorer and clicking the UP arrow until you reach the desktop.
Change view mode to list.
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This is something that has puzzled me for ages. I open a directory which has some sub-directories and some stand-alone files. I do view details. The file sizes are displayed, but the folder sizes are not displayed. In order to find a folder that doesn't match size with the source, I have to go through the painfully tedious task of right clicking and selecting properties on each folder. With XP, there was a tool I installed which allowed me to display the folder size, but the tool doesn't work in Windows 7.

Is there a way one can easily view the folder sizes without having to right click and select properties for each individual folder?

A:Help!!! How can I view folder sizes in view details?

Just use:

GetFoldersize - View Disk Usage, Calculate Disk Space
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Dear all - ok I am a forum virgin so go easy on me. We have a 10 pc'c 6 of which run XP Pro two of which run Win7 and two run Win 8.1. I have set us all up as a workgroup with homegroup disabled on the two win8 pc's. I have set profiles on the win7 and win8 all to have shared file on, discover devices on and in the advanced sharing set up all setting are share file on/password off etc. All is fine except one of the win8 pc's simply will not show any of the other pc's within the workgroup other than the other win8 pc. I have trudged and trudged to see if I can find a solution without success. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

A:unable to view xp computers in network view on 8.1 pc

Have you tried setting up a different user profile on the Windows 8 machine with the problem?

Try setting up a standard account on the problem machine then see if can see the other machines. This will tell if you the current user profile is corrupted.
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I'm running Windows 8.1 Home edition. How do I make the list view the default view in windows explorer to ALL folders? I actually set this view to all folders. But some folders revert to other views. Is there a fix for this?

A:How Do I Make List View the Default View?

Hello koolx,

You can use the method in the tutorial below to set that folder view to all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for all Folders in Windows 8
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Hey guys First of all let me apologize for putting this in the XP forum I'm tired and frustrated after trying all day to fix this problem so I'm desperate now and figured I'd get a quicker reply all pages https Only at Firefox view can't view can but here Also not sure if it's exclusively a problem with my connection browsers Okay so my problem is that out of the blue google chrome stopped viewing pages I get quot Error quot when I try to view a page The annoying thing is it appears that Chrome isn't even attempting to load anything it just instantly displays this error It was working literally minutes before this error first appeared I was using Firefox at the same Only Firefox can view pages but can't view https at all time I have different passwords saved for different sites on different browsers so I have no idea if viewing something on FF could of caused this What I've tried so far - Making sure I have quot automatically detect settings quot enabled in every browser while making sure quot use a proxy quot is disabled Only Firefox can view pages but can't view https at all - Disabling all anti virus firewall software and making sure Chrome is a trusted application - Uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it - Making sure nothing appears to be blocked router wise - Checking and resetting hosts file - Releasing and renewing IP - Make sure SSL and T-something is enabled in browser settings - Currently running a Malware scan with MalwareBytes but surely any malware would simply change my browsers proxy settings which I've already checked I can browse normal pages on Firefox but when I try to view HTTPS secure pages I get quot Unable to display page quot quot Firefox was unable to establish a connection quot Also when I try to update any software like Spyware Doctor it is unable to establish a connection I can't log into facebook or my e-mail I had to sign up to these forums on my laptop which incidentally uses the same connection as my desktop so I guess the problem is exclusive to my desktop Thanks for any help guys

A:Only Firefox can view pages but can't view https at all

Would like to add that the Winsock fix hasn't fixed the problem.
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Hello all Tiles Computer (My) from view view? missing Apologies if this has been asked before but I searched and didn't find anything I also searched Google but everyone who complained of the problem had a different setup from me I also posted this to Notebook Forum if any of you are there Anyway my preferred view for the old My Computer called just Computer in Win is the default quot Tiles quot view per the attached file Tiles jpg which I screenshot off my work computer But it's Tiles view missing from (My) Computer view? not available on my brand new machine There is no Tiles view available in the dropdown It has been Tiles view missing from (My) Computer view? replaced with an quot Extended Tiles quot view which is completely useless I think this may have happened when I tried and failed to install Win over but who knows I just noticed it the other day The best I can do is a custom quot Details quot view per the attached Details jpg It has basically the same information about the drives but lacks the other hardware I know this is not a big problem but I would like to fix it anyway All the posters in other forums where this issue arises installed some kind of aftermarket software which modified their folder views I did install one called Folder Options X which disables full line selection within folders but I have this installed on both computers so that can't be the culprit I do not want to reset all my folder views unless absolutely necessary Any help would be gratefully appreciated TIA

A:Tiles view missing from (My) Computer view?

Hello PDSF,

It sounds like something may have gone wrong using the disable full row select if that is the only thing you did that affected folder views.

Usually, it's required to reset folder views back to default to have "Tiles" instead of "Extended Tiles".

Folder View Settings - Reset to Default in Windows 8
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Don't laugh if there is a sooper simple fix to this, cuz I just can't find it...

As far as setting all of the folders in Explorer to detailed view, that's a piece of cake.

BUT...When I'm in an application and select 'Open', you know that little 'Select File' window that opens up, where you can kinda browse to the file you want to open?
Well in that little window, there's a little drop-down doohickey in the upper-right where you can change the view to detail or list or whatever you want, and of course it changes the view in that little window.
But is there a way to have it default to a certain view?
For now, it always defaults to List view whereas I want my Detail view, dernit!
And Explorer's Folder Options don't seem to have any effect on it.

Any ideas?

Thank ya.

A:Detail view, List view, defaults...

No, there is no way I know of to do it. As it controlled by the application being used.
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i can only view programs in restored down view and i can't maximize it how do i get it to maximize
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My laptop has only the app view whenever i open it and i want desktop view. i am only able to access the desktop from the folder. i have windows 8. please help

A:How can I have a desktop view and not app view on Windows 8?

Hi and welcome to WindowsCentral. If you update to 8.1, you'll have boot to desktop as an option.
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I use XP Pro

On my desktop, I have a folder where I put all my less used shortcuts, I like to view this folder using "icon" view, I set it but within a few moments, when I open this folder again, it has changed all by itself to "detailed" view.

Is there a way to keep the "icon" view without affecting any other view settings of Windows Explorer?

A:Icon View v Detailed View

Go to "Control Panel"> Folder Options > Apply to all Folders or
Reset all Folders, > Apply, O.K. that should do the trick.
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I currently use Thunderbird and it doesn't have the capability to show my email threads as I'd like. I want to see ALL threads, including any emails I sent, in one view. Right now, I can see threads by folder, but it doesn't bring in any sent emails in my sent items folder. Is there an email client out there that can show me all threads in a single view?

A:Can I view ALL email threads in one view?

hum; the purpose of folders is to segregate. Threaded views collects like topics in the current folder.

You can reorg the mailbox into one fold and use threaded views, but highly doubt
a client reader will thread across folders.
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Lenovo T Intel Core Duo T GHz Win Professional SP bit MS Office Professional v -bit I've had Calendar, err view active list only works, Outlook calendar view 2010 a persistent problem for several months since I migrated to a new hard drive Outlook calendar is working but only in Active List view Outlook 2010 Calendar, only active list view works, calendar view err Any attempt to change to Preview or Calendar view produces the error message quot Could not read the calendar quot Changing from Active List to List works some of the time but inconsistently and sometimes it will hunt for the list and offer the same quot Could not read the calendar quot error message This is very frustrating as I find it difficult to manage the list view and am accustomed to seeing the calendar week view I use an Android phone and use gmail and Google calendar to see mail and appointments on my phone So I've got Google Calendar Sync running Google Calendar Sync appears to be operating normally I have a nice calendar view on my phone or web-based from my computer I have tried adding the Google calendar to Outlook but it is a duplicate of the default calendar and I can't set it as the default Also MS Office does not permit me to delete the default calendar I don't like any of the work arounds I just want the calendar to work like it should Research discloses no real hint of anything that works including running scanpst Scanpst does a great job at fixing the problem by wiping the whole calendar thanks very much MS If you have any clue as to the cause and better a solution that works I'd be very grateful Please tell me what other information you may need to diagnose the problem Thanks Phil Edit I forgot to say I removed and reinstalled Outlook I rebuilt my profile from scratch I recovered email from a archived pst file I recovered the calendar by exporting my Google calendar and importing the data to Outlook Basically killed off the old one and replaced it with quot new quot information For a time after I did that everything worked as it should After a while -- I don't know how long -- the calendar started to act up giving the error message in Calendar View sometimes until finally it went to only Active List view This procedure fixed a bigger problem which was the inability to accept an appointment or meeting sent to me via email I also failed to mention I am a sole practitioner so this is an individual free standing application There is no exchange server involved I use Comcast email POP and also have Gmail coming into Outlook IMAP as part of the means for seeing email on the phone and to see any email that is actually sent to the Gmail account

A:Outlook 2010 Calendar, only active list view works, calendar view err

Try Microsoft's CalCheck tool. "The Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck) is a program that checks the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and items for problems or for potential problems."

You can download it from here:
Download Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook from Official Microsoft Download Center
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As of today in our domain environment consisting of Windows and Windows Enterprise machines we are experiencing the quot User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded quot error message whenever a user tries to login This only affects users new to the particular machine If they have signed on before and already have Default service 8 User Profile loaded. be Profile Profile sign-in Win Environment Domain in Corrupt The failed User 7 the User Win cannot and - a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue This is occurring on both Win and Win machines We are an academic institution so this is becoming a huge problem in our labs Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently I have a solution for the issue It appears that on the non-working machines that the quot Default quot user profile is corrupt I have discovered that if I find a machine Win or Win doesn't matter that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the quot Default quot user profile and replace the corrupt one I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new one Corrupt Default User Profile in Domain Environment - The User Profile service failed the sign-in User Profile cannot be loaded. Win 8 and Win 7 I am doing this over the network by navigating the C users folder Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over computer in labs I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions none which are any more practical than my method I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet If anyone can offer any advice share a possible patch it would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Just wondering if Win 8.1 somehow made available a "all programs" list view (as per win 7 start) versus the highly undesirable Metro all programs view ? Can't find any evidence of it ?
Is there a way to boot into desktop view directly (as opposed to metro view) yet ?
Or am I going to have to buy Start8 still ?

Also, is there a "what's new in Win 8.1" somewhere ?

A:"All Programs" List View as per Win 7 versus Metro view

Here is a video I made showing how to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1.

Here is a whole playlist of both Windows 8 and 8.1 videos.
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I'm hearing complaints from a couple of people that their MS Word 2007 tool bars are so different they are disliking the program very much. I have tried to find a way to make those tool bars look more like the ones in Office 2003 or 2000 but no luck.

Is there a fix for this?

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it is strange and unexpected that when my blog shows 72 page views but when we see on ad sense home page there is not a single home page and our blog is have 739 page views last month and on  ad sense home it only shows 10 page views.
Google analytics also shows almost as our blog shows. we do not know why these things are happening? and how to correct them.please guide.
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I just reinstalled win7 on this machine (clean install of win7 pro x64) and am trying to set it up the way it used to be. Right now on any program (notepad, whatever) when I do a "save as" it shows a details view of whatever is the default folder for that program, but then when I navigate to save it on the desktop it shows icons, instead of the details view (see attached screenshot). Same things happens when doing a "file open".

Can anyone tell me what setting I need to change to get it to be a details view instead of an icon view? Thanks

A:want details view, not icon view, for "save as"


I am unsure as I am currently on a win 8 machine, but I would look inf cpanel>folder options>view. I believe (from memory) there are some relevant options there.

I think if you set up the focused window the way you want then click apply to all folders it may do the trick

Anyway cant hurt.
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Hello, I am using Windows 8.1 Preview. When I changes the View settings of files from "Details" view to "Large icons" view or any other view, changes takes place i.e "Large icons" view is enabled, but after i open another folder and then come back to the previous folder the view settings are keep reverted into "Details" view, which is very annoying . It was working good before some days, but from last 2 days this problem is appearing. Please help me. Thank You

A:View settings keep reverting to "Details" view

Hi and welcome to TSF perhaps the suggestions here can help Change folder views and options in Windows/File Explorer |
I will move you to the win 8 forum for further help.
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-First time poster-

Recently I created a website for some friends of my on my domain name. I can view it all right, but i have some friends that live out west and they can't view it. I tried multiple redirectors, using the real addy for it but it comes up as page cannot be displayed for them. I then tried to get some other friends of my out west that are on a different ISP to view it and they can view it just fine.

The people who can't see it use the same ISP so are their ISP blocking something to where they can't view it? and is there a way for them to view it?
domain name is www.spiderwebshosting/NWM
my webhoster is

A:Cannot view website that others can view

Ok, well I can't view it either.

Make sure you have an index.html in the public folder, because that is what the website looks for unless you specify a file name (e.g.
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Hi Guys One of our staff to User Solved: Account - User Deleted Guest - File Type Changing PC has a problem the scenarios Specs Alias Names -Company Name Contoso -Staff PC under Domain Alpha -PC Name Contoso -PC -Local Users are administrators and john Solved: Changing User Account Type - User to Guest - File Deleted -User profiles gt operations contoso domain gt john local gt administrator local -MS Outlook connected to email protected Thursday IT remove uninstall chat messengers blocked linkedin facebook twitter youtube change User Account Type Local Staff John Doe from User to Guest I change the type from User Accounts gt Properties gt Group Membership gt Others gt Guest shutdown the system Friday turn on the PC and staff asks for the correct username provides the username Contoso -PC john staff login to his local account using his password Saturday staff called and his desktop files are gone and document files are gone IT check the Users folder there are particular folders john and john contoso -pc both folders empty outlook not connected account is totally FRESh IT check on webmail under Domain Alpha not working the usual password webmail contoso com owa after an hour the usual password works IT tried to connect MS outlook using email protected not working saying quot outlook pst is not offline file quot PROBLEM files are gone Totally FRESh account I don t know what happen guys please help the FIles are gone Hoping your best solution THanks nbsp

A:Solved: Changing User Account Type - User to Guest - File Deleted
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For security reasons Microsoft does not allow parents computer administrators to check on maintain adjust or otherwise enter their kids limited users XP profiles without either resetting their passwords or waiting for them to come home and being confrontational about it Ideally I would like to be able to log on to a limited user account from my administrator account without tampering with anyone s passwords-resetting them or Bypass or or Screensaver W/out Password Adjust User Find XP User Reset Limited otherwise Actually I have little interest in the step kids personal life and stuff Alternately perhaps you may help me with my ultimate goal limiting screensaver activity My Find or Bypass XP Limited User Password W/out Reset or Adjust User Screensaver arrogant and belligerant teenage stepson likes to customize the family room to his tastes rather that leave it to the generic unbiased interest of the family in general Latest he has designed his quot my pictures quot screensaver somehow to override cmos settings to illustrate various pictures of himself for unlimited time rather than allow cmos or windows to shut off the monitor after periods of inactivity Typically he would prefer to be confrontational about it fight and argue over the issue stressing out his depressed mom in the process I do not want to fight-I just want my monitor to go off after a while of non-use and not be kept on by XP Sorry about all the disfunctional family issues I had to mention for background It is hard dealing with Find or Bypass XP Limited User Password W/out Reset or Adjust User Screensaver an aggressive controlling kid Obviously most of the time the computer is left on his profile but I quot am not allowed quot to adjust the power settings when it is for some reason from his profile nbsp

A:Find or Bypass XP Limited User Password W/out Reset or Adjust User Screensaver

looks like you have no choice in resetting passwords, who's house is it anyway???
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Earlier today I turned on my Toshiba laptop Satellite P -S and got some sort of error screen and then it brought me to a screen asking if I wanted to do a system repair or start windows normally I chose system repair but then it seemed to get stuck in that process It was taking forever and nothing was happening so I turned off the laptop I know big no no booted in safe mode and did a system restore to a restore point from about a week ago The quot starting Windows quot screen came and went no problem Everything seemed fine till I got to the User Selection screen the default blue one with the little hummingbird or whatever Then it just sat there on that screen I could see the hummingbird and the little squiggly lines but there were no buttons to click my user I just let it sit there and after about minutes the user names popped up and Windows takes the screen 7 user forever load select user/switch to I was able to continue using the computer without any problems no other speed Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen issues whatsoever It now makes me wait every time always about Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen minutes before the user names pop up It does this when I restart the machine and when I try to switch users It is a Pentium Core i Ghz GB RAM Windows Home Premium bit Let me know if you need any other specs Any ideas Thanks Tim

A:Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

The steps begin with disinfection from Safe Mode or boot disk, since if Win7 is badly infected it may not repair until cleaned up. Then everything possible to start it is sequenced.

I would also do the hardware tests provided before rescuiing the data to run Recovery or get the superior Clean Reinstall.
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On build I noticed a new Desktop Icon 'desktop' - solid yellow icon No need for that on the desktop so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement a popup appeared - quot This folder is too big to recycle do you want to permanently delete it quot after it compiled the size IF were to go ahead and do this - the Desktop clears out of folders a blank Desktop On build I noticed a new Desktop Icon 'my user name' I had no reason to go directly to that folder in C Users so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement it started to compile the size after that the popup would have appeared - quot This folder is too big to recycle do you Icon - Issue 10586 leads User User DELETION Folder deleted to want to permanently delete it quot IF were to 10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION go ahead and do this - the ENTIRE CURRENT USER FOLDER would be GONE I'm now running rs release - - which quot fixed it quot by requiring Administrator approval to 10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION continue Why is any Desktop Icon once deleted deleting any other file but itself System Restore wouldn't do any good for that GB of videos gone

A:10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION

Have not seen that on mine. Are you sure that no third party utility placed that icon, along with maybe third party Internet Security software.
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Having just learned from an OLD post here that renaming a user account apparently doesn't change the order in which the corresponding logon icons appear at startup -- due to the order being apparently determined by when each folder was originally created, which was when this computer was first opened back in 2011 -- I want to be able, after creating a new user account, to migrate data from the account whose name I changed. I'd been previously suggested to try User Profile Wizard from would this be a good idea, or can you suggest something different?

HP/Compaq CQ2014, AMD E-300, Radeon HD graphics, Win7 Home Premium 64-bit custom SP1, 3MB RAM, 500GB disk

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(reposted from Customization)

Having just learned from an OLD post here that renaming a user account apparently doesn't change the order in which the corresponding logon icons appear at startup -- due to the order being apparently determined by when each folder was originally created, which was when this computer was first opened back in 2011 -- I want to be able, after creating a new user account, to migrate data from the account whose name I changed. I'd been previously suggested to try User Profile Wizard from would this be a good idea, or can you suggest something different?

HP/Compaq CQ2014, AMD E-300, Radeon HD graphics, Win7 Home Premium 64-bit custom SP1, 3MB RAM, 500GB disk

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So a new box recently built, when booted, defaults to the local administrator account.

This is a Windows 7 machine for a Linux guru that doesn't want to be bothered pressing more buttons than is necessary, if you get my drift.

So my question is, after pressing do I dictate to Windows that the preferred used is "HisDomainAccount" on our company domain, as opposed to the local admin account?

If I'm not being clear, please let me know and I will try to explain a little better.

A:Strange Defult Login User Prompt - Local Admin, Not Domain User

Quote: Originally Posted by Norwood

So a new box recently built, when booted, defaults to the local administrator account.

This is a Windows 7 machine for a Linux guru that doesn't want to be bothered pressing more buttons than is necessary, if you get my drift.

So my question is, after pressing do I dictate to Windows that the preferred used is "HisDomainAccount" on our company domain, as opposed to the local admin account?

If I'm not being clear, please let me know and I will try to explain a little better.

The above is a bit confusing. Is this computer joined to a work domain or is it not?

If this is a domain computer, the user will have to use the classic log on screen (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), not the Welcome Screen. If he wants to switch to logging in to the Local computer account and not the domain, he'll have to "Switch User" then log in with the format of Computername\User Name
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On windows professional -bit sp if a current user is screen locked the lock screen indicates the current user name and account is logged on and the computer is locked I am using Classic Logon in group policy and under local policy-security options-interactive logon i have it set to display username and account info the option with most information the problem i have is say a user is logged in and then I need to use the computer at that point the lock screen says so and so is logged in and locked I do a switch user log in and do my thing then log out Now the screen goes back to the base login screen saying 'ctrl-alt-del' not saying any user is currently logged in Now if that original user does log back in all his stuff is still here and everything acted like a basic screen lock happened so no problem there but what i want to happen is after a switch user logs out the screen goes back to the lock screen displaying who has the computer locked is there a way to do that thanks

A:Switch User then logoff, back to ctrl-alt-del login not previous user

At a guess, I'd say Classic Logon is the culprit here, as I do not have this issue with Windows 7 64-bit SP1 with the default login screen. Changing this is likely impractical next to the simple solution of ditching Classic Logon (It's an ancient artifact by now)
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I am running on Windows 7 and I tried creating a new user. Every time I try to logon I get the error message User Logon Service service has failed.

I created the user under standard and admin and still no luck.

I found some answers but these are for corrupt user. I cannot even find my user name under regedit.


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I changed the values in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList in order to move the default user locations to my second partition. I then created a new user profile but when I try to login I get the message 'The User Profile Service failed the login'. When I set these values back to normal, new accounts work fine but I really want my user accounts on the second partition.
What can I do about this?

A:'User Profile Service failed' when changing default user location

I have done this on another computer with success - perhaps I am missing a step out?
The string values (apart from programdata) were changed to E:\..... instead of %systemdrive%\.....
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Hi, I am using Teamviewer to remotely control my friend's computer and help him with tech problems, and I need to help him with a certain thing that will take a long time. He gets bored of me controlling the computer for so long, so I want him to be able to do something else on his computer while he waits. Can I control his computer in the background while he has a different window open so he can watch videos while I work on his computer?

And if not, is it possible to make a 'plugin' for teamviewer to do this?

I really need this feature, so thank you so much to anyone that can help me with this.

A:Solved: Teamviewer MultiTasking (Local User and Remote User Using At The Same Time)
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When I login to windows (7, Ultimate x64) on most profiles (created a new one, affected, logged into my admin account, 1 of 2 user accounts, a clean one for lightweight surfing with no load time for all 3rd party s/w) and my monitor goes from extended (blank) (1920x1080) to ... looking like it has a FAT black border (on secondary monitor).

Also some issues with network adapter connecting and mounted volumes attaching (instead of being instantaneous they take minutes) event viewer doesn't mention anything significant... any ideas?

Interestingly, I can't open Intel's CPanel (desktop context > Graphics Properties) (gfxui.exe) on other profiles.. will get details

A:User Profile Corruption/RegIssues? How to monitor windows (user login)

Sounds to me like something in one or more of the user profiles has gotten corrupted. you might have to delete one or more user accounts and then re create those accounts which should hopefully fix the corruption issue. I know u might not want to do that; but at this point i dont see any other choice to fix the problem.
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Hi guys i have sql server 2005 i installed before 2 days every thing is ok but when i
create user in security for all database then i click user mapping it hangs and frezes
and take more time and last not open after this error reporting of sql server display
then when i click to see message tell me found that there are error in two files
sqlwb.msdp and appcompat how i solve this proplem please help me
user mapping found in
open ssms
click databases
new login
user mapping
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When I tried to log on to my computer, I'm getting this message saying, the user profile service failed the logon, User profile cannot be loaded. Please someone tell me how I can fix this problem. I tried rebooting my computer but that did not seem to work please help me:( thank you!

A:[SOLVED] I'm getting this message saying the user service failed the logon user profi

I had forgot to mention I have an hp windows 7 laptop!
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Hi all I had to repair Windows XP Home from original disk because of a system error Now choose Showing to Cannot user Names Startup at Welcome No User a logon : Windows when I start Windows on the welcome page it says quot To begin click your user name quot but the right part of the screen where the users normally are is completely blank There are no users to choose from I can run No User Names Showing at Windows Welcome Startup : Cannot choose a user to logon Safe Mode so I have tried the following In safe mode went to Control Panel gt Users gt and added a new user and checked the Administrator password was still the same yes This made no difference and blue logon screen still asked me to choose a user but had no users showing In safe mode Start gt Run quot Control Userpasswords quot and unchecked quot Users must use a password on this computer quot This has now created the error when I boot quot Unable to log you on because of an account restriction quot Then goes back to blue quot To begin click your user name quot but no users Tried repairing Win XP AGAIN but no difference Has anyone seen this problem before I would so appreciate any input Thanks MJ nbsp
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an acount on my computer will not load. it says the user proflile service failed the logon. user profile can not be loaded. ive seen other questions like this and they said to make a new acount. i tried that multiple times and it says the same thing for each new acount that i make. the other 4 acounts are fine

A:the user proflile service failed the logon. user profile can not be loaded.

If your newly created accounts can't log on, then it is time to check for something else.

In case there is hard drive corruption, I would check the hard drive. Right click on Drive C and choose Properties, > Tools tab > Check Now. The machine will need to reboot for the check to begin. See if the check reports of any problems.
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Hi! I did an new install of windows 7 (home first then upgraded to pro)
I want to hide a user by doing this on the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows NT \CurrentVersion \Winlogon \SpecialAccounts\ UserList ..then add dword32 by my username value to 0
I did this on my old laptop and it worked perfectly.

Now I've done the same thing on my new laptop. It works but stangely, the folder still appears in c\users.

The user is not visible in the panel control\users or at the start of the PC

I'm sure i've done the right thing, what is causing this? Could it be a bad install of windows? Please let me know if you have a idea!

Thank you very much for your help!

A:Hide user by registry stange problem: User still appears in C folder

If you log into that user it is going to have a user directory, regardless if you have the user hidden or not.
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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,
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Hi In A domain environment when wifi user a reseting connect cannot user directory from password to Active after i rest a user password from active directory users and user cannot connect to wifi after reseting a user password from Active directory computers he is unable to login to Windows with new password He is configured to login through wifi And we are using single sign on in the wifi settings This issue is only affecting few users connection to company wifi network is authenticated through x so we manualy create a wifi profile for x At the dual login screen the new credentials we are using active directory credentials for wifi since it's x are entered First it user cannot connect to wifi after reseting a user password from Active directory spits an error that unable to connect to wifi Then windows spits an error of invalid user name or password If we enter the old credentials at login in both wifi access and windows access we are able to login to Windows it logs in with Cached credentials but I it obviously is unable to connect to wifi network The user is a member of wifi group so he has access to wifi and he can access wifi through his iPhone Also another observation is that if I login with his Cached credentials and configure a wifi profile connection using his new reseted password password windows spits an error that cannot connect to the network So the core issue is that after reseting his password from active directory users and computers he cannot connect to wifi through windows The workaround that currently I do is i login with his Cached credentials to Windows and then i use my own credentials to configure wifi connection and ask him to login to Windows using his Cached credentials while he will be using my credentials for wifi access And for other systems that will be using credentials like email he uses new credentials Pretty crude solution Any way how to figure out what could go wrong Besides i have tried configuring a wifi connection profile on another users laptop using the affected user credentials I got same error that windows cannot connect you to wifi So the real issue is that after resetting the password of the user from aduc he cannot connect to wifi Any clue idea Windows is latest and updated We are using Microsoft forefront endpoint protection
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I've had a problem recently. I think it started after installing StyleXP to change my Windows visual style. I've since uninstalled StyleXP, but it has not resolved the problem.

My user picture that is usually at the top of the start menu is missing. In addition the green arrow icons and question mark icons in the User Accounts control panel are also missing (I just see red X's). I've tried changing my user picture in the control panel and it does not make a difference. I made sure to restore the default icons in StyleXP before uninstalling, but that didn't matter either.

I've since switched to Windowblinds and IconPackager. I've tried restoring default WinXP icons from IconPackager as well with no luck. Any ideas here? I'll upload some screenshots when I get back home, but I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

A:Missing user picture and icons in User Acct control panel

I've tried logging in under another user and I have the same problem. Here's a screenshot of the issue. Notice the red X's and the blank user picture box in the start menu.
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Hi Am in a bit of a quandary here I am experimenting on a new Windows build and using a domain account I copied it to make a quot new quot default user folder Now when I try and The Login/User the User Prof. be loaded Failed cannot Profile Service login using a domain users account I get the following message The User Profile Service Failed the Login User Profile cannot be loaded I was able to logon using The User Profile Service Failed the Login/User Prof. cannot be loaded a domain users account before I created a The User Profile Service Failed the Login/User Prof. cannot be loaded new default user folder I did take an extra precaution by renaming the old default user folder and I thought I'd be The User Profile Service Failed the Login/User Prof. cannot be loaded quot good quot by deleting the new default user folder - and renaming the old default user folder to what it was BUT I still get the error message I am doing this via RDP but the domain users account does have remote desktop access via the local security group remote desktop etc Anybody out there that can PLEASE help me out Adrian

A:The User Profile Service Failed the Login/User Prof. cannot be loaded

rookie mistake (or lack of sleep ) I was naming the Default folder "Default User" !!! Yo soy idiot.
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Hi all We are having a real issue with local profiles user profile service on our domain Our staff accounts are using local profiles When a staff member changes their password something is happening to their profiles on the machines that their local profile is stored When they try to login the machine is getting stuck at quot Please wait for the user profile service quot It never continues we have left for mins or more and profiles, hanging issue service Big profile and user user's changing :( password local with it doesn't continue We are currently having to use delprof to remove their profiles from ALL machines they have previously logged into which is a lot of hassle nbsp We first noticed this issue when we upgraded our workstations from windows to windows nbsp I was hoping that upgrading to windows would fix the issue but sadly it doesn't This is causing us major hassle on our domain It only affects people with Big issue with user's local profiles, changing password and hanging user profile service :( local profiles our students use mandatory profiles and they are not affected Our DCs are R nbsp I have trawled google but cannot find any information on this At our yearly microsoft meeting i asked our regional account manager and he couldn't believe the issue He had never heard anything like this before From the event log the only thing i can see is that it is not finishing the load of the user profile nbsp Under user profile service events it shows this Event Recieved user logon notification on session Event Registry file C Users USERNAME ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Event Logon type Regular nbsp Local profile location C Users USERNAME nbsp Profile type Regular Event Registry file C Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Event This is where it get stucks But then it does not show the final step Event should be Finished processing user logon notification on session No other events are logged We hadn't changed any GPOs before the upgrade to windows Any help would be greatly welcome
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I get the following error C:\User\user\AppData\Roaming\\nengine.dll wont run and it might be causing my computer to take about 30 minutes to boot up, possibly even longer.

Its booted now. I am following what you said in this post.

I am starting these steps now. As I dont have time to wait.

Now I get this error, which has actually been happening often lately. I thought I really had too many programs open but somethign else is up.(Runtime error program C there is not enough memory)

Running Mbam, still scanning 36 objects detected thus far wtf. Is this malware by anychance causing the adverts on my browser that has been appearing lately? I use Chrome.

Should I change all my passwords when done?

A:The following wont run causing major probs C:\User\user\AppData\Roaming\\nengine.dl l

You might want to move this thread to the virus and malware subforum. Let one of the experts . Help you out.
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Hello I'm looking for a way to give a user admin permissions for his regular AD account on his computer Example he is logged on as a regular user but needs to install software I want to give him admin permissions until reboot or some other point in time after which he loses his permissions again and of to dynamically user user logonid give permissions admin group administrators to Adding has to ask again Adding logonid of user to administrators group to dynamically give user admin permissions I know giving admin access to users is a bad Adding logonid of user to administrators group to dynamically give user admin permissions idea and all but that's how it goes with quot whoami logonid quot I get an ID that I can add to the administrators group by code like this objUser ADSI quot WinNT id quot objGroup ADSI quot WinNT computer Administrators quot To my amazement this works now the user can enter his own credentials in a UAC box and get admin access After a reboot logon this ID changes so he would need to ask admin permissions again It's possible to ask the user for a motivation and log this and to also clean up the administrators group at a given interval or at boot as well as check if a user is allowed to elevate his rights on this computer Of course once a user has admin rights he can circumvent all this but that's something we have to live with What's most important is dat not just anyone can elevate his rights I'm looking for opinions on this way of working Anyone have experience with this mechanism Is it reliable and secure as far as giving admin rights to a user can be secure I may be missing something
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Hi I've been experiencing very slow logins for one particular AD user The User Profile Service operational log shows that the task called quot Disable background user hive upload task quot takes over three minutes to complete This only happens for hive upload Profile wait task - succeeded. User Service Disable background for Please user this one user Usually the login process takes about seconds and quot Disabling background user hive upload quot takes seconds I deleted the user's profile and had Windows recreate it again but the exact same problem occurs Time -- Event ID nbsp Received user logon notification on session Time -- Event ID nbsp Starting synchronize profile from lt Please wait for User Profile Service - Disable background user hive upload task succeeded. profile gt v to C users lt profile gt Time -- Event ID nbsp Finished Synchronize profile nbsp from lt profile gt v Result The operation completed successfully Time -- Event ID nbsp Registry file C Users username ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Time -- Event ID nbsp Registry file C Users username AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Time -- Event ID Disable background user hive upload task succeeded Time -- Event ID nbsp Finished processing user logon notification on session nbsp Any idea why disabling the backgroung user hive takes over minutes Thanks
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Is a standard user account really necessary for tight security for the home user or will a well secured administrator account be sufficient?
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Hi all,
I installed Windows 7 and ended up with a default user (AxeL) with Administrative privileges.

Now I enabled the default Administrator account and lowered the privileges of my user AxeL (see Accounts.png).
If I open the User Profiles Pane in Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings the size of the user account is unknown (see Profiles.png).

If I switch back the user Axel to Administrators everything works and I can see the right size in the User Profiles Pane.

Does anyone have a clue on this?
I've tried also Vista and 8 and they all seems affected.


A:Changing user type to Standard User invalide size

Elevate Axel to Admin account, hide the Built In Admin account: Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums

This is the best way to set it up, the reason a new install is issued Admin account. In five years since Win7 beta I've never seen a reason why not, except for one or two of the most incompetent users imaginable. But who is going to be their Admin for them? Having a separate account just makes your right hand ask your left hand if it can act.

Malware is adequately restricted by UAL set to a high setting and your AV. For chronic infection, adding Malwarebytes Real Time protection has IME never had a recurrence of infection.
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I recently added an admin user to my comp. and the problem is that now when i reboot i have to either select admin or myself. i do a lot of remoting to my comp when im away and if i need to reboot im gonna be stuck because the comp will not automatically reload my profile. If there is no way to do this, how can i delete a user from the comp. Ill just get rid of the admin user.
Thanks in advance,


A:can windows automatically load a certain user without the screen to select a user

If I am understanding you correctly, I think this will help:

From an Administrator account, click Start, Run and enter CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2. Remove the check mark from Users must enter a username and password and click Apply. Follow the prompts.

See if that helps. Good luck!
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My user profile became corrupted after years of problem-free usage no clue why so now I to (after new user copy user profile Cannot data ) folder corrupted always end up in a temporary account after a reboot As per Microsoft's instructions I found here Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help I created a new account logged out and logged in again using another account Cannot copy user data to new user folder (after profile corrupted ) not the newly created one tried to copy the data from the account that had its user profile corrupted to the new account However under C Users the user folder I want to copy from is a white generic icon not a folder and it Cannot copy user data to new user folder (after profile corrupted ) is padlocked and has a size of KB - so I can't open it to copy from Looking at how much data is on C it looks as if all my data could still be there I hope How could I get access to copy all data from my old account into the new account Many thanks in advance for some hints as to what to do
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My grandmother was recently hacked and she changed all her passwords herself (yay!). However she did not write down her new local user account password for her laptop.

I tried downloading OPHCrack, I burned it as an ISO file and put it on a DVD-R(only thing I had on hand) and i changed the boot order on her BIOS menu to had the DVD drive as the first priority. It does not run....I hear the disk drive moving, or spinning but the program does not run. Are there any other options or do I have to do a complete system restore to bypass this? Also if that is what I have to do how do I do that without being in her control panel?

A:Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

Hello there "hater",are you sure you downloaded the right OPHcrack version?It should be the one that is intended to be used on,not the one being used to download and be burned on.Try imgburn,never failed me to create bootable CDs or DVDs.
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Here's my issue, I would like to RDP to a Windows 7 laptop. Even with Administrative privledges, it will tell me "Waiting for user to respond". I would like to either switch users via RDP, or force them to log off without prompting.

Server is SBS 2008. I already have "Set Rules for remote control of Terminal Services user sessions" to Full Control without user's permission.

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I tried to google this and it seems neither is possible but I wanted to hear the truths from the horses mouth I have a Win Pro x computer with users who boths needs to be able this really is a must install software on the computer but they can't have access to each other's private folders user folder Basically I see theoretical options a make standard user accounts and give these accounts the right to install software Is this possible and if yes how b make admin user accounts and prevent them from accessing to each other's user folder I can user user or something prevent Installing standard an admin to rights do this but not in a way that doesn't mess with windows basically I would encrypt the Installing rights to standard user or prevent an admin user something file but then windows wouldn't be able to use the folder like it is built to use it and I'm pretty sure this would cause problems Is there another way to do this which doesn't cause problems with windows Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help

A:Installing rights to standard user or prevent an admin user something

a) This may be possible in theory but it would not be easy. Don't go there.
b) All administrators are equal. Any restrictions you impose can be undone by another.
The only practical way to do what you want is to encrypt the users folders. Windows doesn't care about user folders so that is not an issue.