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Building PC for game-server hosting

Q: Building PC for game-server hosting

Hello everybody game-server PC Building hosting for So gaming community needs to build up new pc for game-server hosting and web page I don t know about webpage guess that shouldn t take too much but I know about game servers So games are as follows CSS public slots TF public slots CS public slots and minecraft Current pc can t handle the load anymore Now it s only webpage one TF Building PC for game-server hosting server slots and one css slots but it s almost empty all the time max players Building PC for game-server hosting And TF server is lagging as hell Current pc specs AMD Athlon X Dual Core gigs DDR MHz Now a couple of admins me included Building PC for game-server hosting built a pcs And now there s choice between these two CPU i - K RAM GB DDR MHz MB ASUS P H -M PSU Corsair TX and nd pc AMD Phenom II X T BE overclocked to T level GA- GM-UD H As you can see we can t decide which cpu will do a better job I m on AMD side cause it got cores and happens to be better ar multitasking Some other people is on Intel s side cause it s a better cpu overall So question is which will be better Intel or AMD And then would the best cpu handle one more css public server and tf public We want to build a machine that can handle a lot of servers before lags I m sorry for my bad english Thanks in advance AddicTeD nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Building PC for game-server hosting

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Building PC for game-server hosting

If you really want to set up a server i wold advise maybe buying a server motherboard with 2 cpu's running Intel xeon processors
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Ive recently begun having this issue where my friend and I will host a personal server game and we cannot connect to each other regardless of who hosts Other people can connect to our personal game servers just fine But I cant join his or he cant join mine I have tried port forwarding Hamachi Game Ranger Tunggle and we still cannot manage to join a game with one another This is what has been happening I host the game server He connects via my public IP He joins but then disconnects a few seconds after This happens to him as well But if he or I host a game and invite someone else they can join just fine We just cant join in a self hosted game server that that either one of us hosts We can play multiplayer games just fine as long as we are not I guess you can say hosting it personally But if its hosted by someone else it we can be in a same game for example we can play battlefield together because were playing on someone else's server Or at least that s what i think I just dont understand whats going on I havent changed anything that i know of in my router settings besides port forwarding and i doubt my friend has either It just recently started happening other details Internet- Time warner Connection- cable modem router combo Direct connection to modem Modem model- technicolor TC D firewall anitvirus- windows firewall none
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im looking for a mini pc that i can PRIVATELY host game servers for me and my friends.

i like this one here but i was wondering what the max ram i can put on it?

Windows 10 Mini PC "Win Pro G2" CRZ3735F

i need to put at least 8GB ram because as i said im doing LIGHT server hosting for just me and my friends. ill install linux

A:looking for good cheep Mini PC for (Private) game server hosting

It does not look that you could add any RAM. It is really a very low end entry PC. I would look for something more traditional. Look into the Sunday ads. Sometimes they have good deals. Here are a couple starting at $150.
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A friend and I have decided to undertake a server-building project We were thinking about building a game server We weren t exactly sure what the budget would be as of yet but we are most Game a Building Server likely building the server for games such as Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat not exactly the most graphically demanding games out there I need some advice on the following Processor - I was thinking Building a Game Server of going with an AMD processor just the way I am never had problems with them but I m not sure exactly which way to go - whether to get a Building a Game Server Barton or just a regular Athlon XP A is a bit out of the budget range for now Mobo - Something supporting at least AGP x with a FSB of MHz or more Video - I dont think I need that good a video card considering that the games I m hosting aren t too demanding plus I m not actually playing on the server it will be dedicated Hard Drives - I m definitely going to need fast drives for good transfer times ie when changing maps but I m debating whether to go with RAID or SATA Fans Case - The case I ve been looking at lately is the Antec Sonata It is quiet and has good airflow and has one MM fan Any suggestions for different cases or additional fans are welcome Power Supply - I d like a good power supply that can handle all of the hardware listed above plus probably a CD-ROM and a floppy I ve been using Antec for a while and they seem pretty good so I may go with that Also I need something that is efficient - this machine will be on for the most part OS - On my current rig I have Windows XP Pro running Would XP Pro be fine for the job or would something like Windows Server work better Also Counter-Strike is supported by Linux should I consider that as well As you can see I m not very sure where to start any advice would be welcome nbsp

A:Building a Game Server

If you're going to run a dedicated server, I'd say to put the most money in cpu & ram...

Find a good, stable, motherboard which has the features you want (ie. onboard SATA RAID controller or Gigabit LAN card, FAST memory controller) and pair it with a top-of-the-line cpu (I'd suggest a Barton, but not sure if you'll see much of a diff) and 1GB of the fastest ram the mobo supports (without leaving you broke)...

The mobo doesn't have to support AGP 8x (or any AGP for that matter, see bottom), but should be supporting 333Mhz FSB in my opinion... (You'll want the fastest memory and cpu to make sure that it can handle whatever games you throw at it)

This should ensure that it's capable of the games you want without hickups..

I think you should be able to "get by" with a small, but fast, SATA drive. With 1GB of ram, you won't have too much hdd access, and thus can save a bit here...

No idea about case, just pick something you like

Get a brand PSU... It doesn't have to have a very high Watt rating, as it shouldn't have to run a highend video card.

Video card... GF4mx? Radeon 7000?
Just get a cheap card which can run the OS you want with an ok setting... Since this is a dedicated game server, this'll be the point where you can save the most money compared to a regular rig.

A setup like this should be able to be a dedicated server for most (if not all) games out there on the market...
If you only want to play CS and DoD, then you can use cheaper cpu, ram and harddrive, but I'd suggest not saving too much, as you might want to use it for other games in the future...

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Hi my name is Lukasz and I need help, I need a free web-host 1 GB, webhost has to have a cpanel phpmyadmin and mysql and php extension and a ftp. I also need a free host for unrealircd server, I also need a tutorial on how to setup unreal ircd server on a webhost
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Need Help Hosting Game in CS 1.5, Trying to host a game to play some 1 on 1, but when i host my friend cant connect to my server. I'm going to Play CS, Then Play CS Online, Then create Game, and i gave him my IP, but he cant connect to it, and when i try to goto his Server it says the same thing.

I have done this before, but it was alot easier before, all i had to do to join in on my friends server was goto Play CS online, then click join game and a box appeared then i wrote his IP address in it then double clicked his server on the list and i was connected.

It may have been CS 1.4 because it was a long time ago, maybe even 1.3. Hopefully someone can help me

Castor Troy

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Hi guys I was trying to host a game in Warcraft III Game? WC3:TfT Hosting The frozen throne for my brother and it Hosting WC3:TfT Game? didn t work he couldn t join Well well we thought and he created a game no luck I read up on blizzard s site for technical support and it says that the ports - must be open OK I call my ISP and ask them if those ports are open guess what They tell me that all ports are open and that it must be some config issue with my comp I m using a regular ADSL modem to connect to the internet I get my IP from a DHCP and I do not have a router Neither do I have a firewall when I play and when I do have a firewall software I use Zone Alarm and make sure that it gives the game program full access to the internet Still I cannot host a game at WC I also have NAT issues when using Azureus for torrents could these be related Any ideas for a solution nbsp

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Hey all I have a LinkSys wireless router WRT G and Game Hosting Issues Spy I have two machines on it sharing a DSL connection Recently I have been attempting to use one of the machines to host games of Age of Empires through game spy Now to avoid the headache of the settings which I experienced on MSN Zone I just got one of my PCs under DMZ When I host with the PC thats under Game Spy Hosting Issues the DMZ setting everything works fine my other computer on the network can join and play and so can others on game spy But when I attempt to host using the other computer its a no go I have read the help pages and opened everything they asked me and still the other PC cannot host I know I have opened the ports as they stated and I know that the PC which I have done all that for has the correct IP address I figure theres something that I might not know So I wanted to ask you guys if you know anything I may be over looking Also I have ALL firewalls shut down Any help would be appreciated at this point Mike nbsp
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hey i'm trying to host a game of Sudden Strike 2...

When i tried to host it, the game gave me the error message 'your ip is different from your external ip. The game thinks my ip is, but its actually How can i fix this? I have a speedtoch 710 router. thankyou.

A:ip problem for hosting a game


I would suggest you change your ip on your pc. Here is how: Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connection -> (right click) Properties -> (in list) Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> Properties. Then click on Use the following IP. Type in your new IP that you want. Make sure you use the same gateway and subnet mask. You can find them out by going to start - run - cmd - ipconfig.

Good Luck!
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Hi There With Windows rc amp Windows build I have a real hard time of playing lan games I cant join games hosted on Vista Win No I have disabled the UPnP device host that made my friends pop-up in Worms Mayhem Joining the game then failed lan game / Joining Hosting concetion lost After reading this board I noticed running as admin should help Running the game as admin atleast did let him Hosting / Joining lan game join the game after hitting Hosting / Joining lan game start concetion lost We have the same problem in Red Alert When running Hamatchi RA works like a charm without it wont even show the other player We have disabled the IPv IP is manual set no dhcp We are both in the same homegroup We have access to the shared drives We can play in the internet anyone knows a work arround or how to fix this Since where planing on running a small lan party this weekend it's kind a urgent thanks for the help in advance

A:Hosting / Joining lan game

Quote: Originally Posted by Quokka

Hi There,

With Windows 7 (rc1) & Windows 7 (build 7600)

I have a real hard time of playing lan games, I cant join games hosted on Vista + Win 7.

No I have disabled the UPnP device host, that made my friends pop-up in Worms Mayhem, Joining the game then failed (concetion lost)

After reading this board I noticed running as admin should help.

Running the game as admin atleast did let him join the game, after hitting start concetion lost.

We have the same problem in Red Alert 3.

When running Hamatchi RA3 works like a charm, without it wont even show the other player

We have disabled the IPv6
IP is manual set (no dhcp)
We are both in the same homegroup.
We have access to the shared drives.
We can play in the internet.

anyone knows a work arround or how to fix this?
Since where planing on running a small lan party this weekend it's kind a urgent.

thanks for the help in advance


Hi and welcome to seven forums

First things first. could you fill in your system specs (lower left corner) so we know what kind of hardware you have. Second coulod you tell us about you lan set up. Im thinking this may be just a connectivity issue with IP-6 support

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I want to be able to host, but my computer won't let me (i have vista). I have no clue how to make it able to host so please tell me what to do so i can host.
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I have windows XP sp and a Ghz Game Hosting BF1942 computer I can play online games in battlefield with no issues When I host create a game no-on e can see the BF1942 Hosting Game game either in Gamespy or directly adding my external ip addess I have done the following to no avail Modified my Linksys router to forward port per game spec to my internal ip address I have also unchecked BF1942 Hosting Game block anonymous internet requests In addition I have also tried it with opening additional ports per Gamespy s instructions I have modified the XP firewall with the exceptions and allowed the port to forward I have made sure that Mcafee has given full access to the game I have turned off the xp firewall I can connect to the game via internal lan with the internal ip address of the hose computer I cannot quot see quot the host computer via the internet ip address I have verified the external and internal ip address prior to each attempt I have had external friends try to locate the host via it s ip address I m stumped Any clues Thanks for the help W nbsp

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Hello friends i am new to the forums so i dont know if there is a thread already asking this question. im runnin on wireless internet and i cannot host game servers on any game. i think recevers (SP) have firewalls or something or change the external ip adress different from the internal. these things were suggested 2 me by friends, but no one knew what 2 do. if n e one knows how to host while wireless plz post for me. Ty

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Erm as the title says I ve tried everything I ve found on Blizzard I ve switched direct connection to the Cable Warcraft Solved: Hosting, RoC/TFT etc. III Game modem so no router firewall and still I can t seem to host games I ve opened up ports and - both TCP and UDP in the Windows XP firewall I wasted my time doing that it doesn t help Meh and also Well before when I was connected to the router I m gonna be reconnected to the router again in a few days I would always lag out of ALL custom games excluding Tides of Blood Why only Tides of Blood Well now I can play And when Solved: Warcraft III RoC/TFT Game Hosting, etc. I was playing Defense of the Ancients I would always be in the game for EXACTLY five minutes and it would say that horrid message quot You Solved: Warcraft III RoC/TFT Game Hosting, etc. were disconnected quot I m annoyed can anyone help P S I d rather be able to host games first so if you could fix that problem for me that would be helpful Cid nbsp

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I just installed a router so my dad could have cable on his computer too. The internet works fine and so does everything else except for one thing. I used to play a friend of mine online. I would host the game, and he would connect to my IP. Well, it's not letting him connect to me anymore. What do I need to do so he can connect to my computer again? It's a D-Link Broadband Router. Not sure what other info might help.

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Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Full Retail Hardware 1-2 years Installation around 7month old
Attatched info

A:BSOD Hosting WC3 + A game emulator

Problem Devices:
Hamachi Network Interface ROOT\NET\0001 This device is disabled.

Antivirus Software:
avp.exe c:\program files\kaspersky lab\kaspersky internet security 2012\avp.exe 476 8 200 1380 03/03/2012 00:34 197.55 KB (202,296 bytes) 24/04/2011 23:15
avp.exe c:\program files\kaspersky lab\kaspersky internet security 2012\avp.exe 3404 8 200 1380 03/03/2012 00:35 197.55 KB (202,296 bytes) 24/04/2011 23:15

Possible out of date drivers:
nvstor32 8b6cb000 8b702000 Tue Jun 30 18:17:14 2009 (4a4aab0a) 00041012 nvstor32.sys

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [D:\Kingston\BSODDmpFiles\lxlramlxl\Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2\030312-27830-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Mini Kernel Dump does not have process information
Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\SymCache*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.17713.x86fre.win7sp1_gdr.111025-1505
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x82c53000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x82d9c4d0
Debug session time: Fri Mar 2 17:33:12.431 2012 (UTC - 7:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:04:42.350
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck D1, {2000025, 2, 0, 8b78c19d}

Probably caused by : tdx.sys ( tdx!TdxCallConnectionHandler+131 )

Followup: MachineOwner

3: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely invalid) address at an
interrupt request level (IRQL) that is too high. This is usually
caused by drivers using improper addresses.
If kernel debugger is available get stack backtrace.
Arg1: 02000025, memory referenced
Arg2: 00000002, IRQL
Arg3: 00000000, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
Arg4: 8b78c19d, address which referenced memory

Debugging Details:

READ_ADDRESS: GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from 82dbc848
Unable to read MiSystemVaType memory at 82d9be20


8b78c19d 8b700c mov esi,dword ptr [eax+0Ch]




TRAP_FRAME: a3b3f5d0 -- (.trap 0xffffffffa3b3f5d0)
ErrCode = 00000000
eax=02000019 ebx=a3b3f6ec ecx=86d4d960 edx=00000002 esi=8602cde0 edi=82c1f7a0
eip=8b78c19d esp=a3b3f644 ebp=a3b3f698 iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
cs=0008 ss=0010 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0030 gs=0000 efl=00010246
8b78c19d 8b700c mov esi,dword ptr [eax+0Ch] ... Read more
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Hi, I play a online network game with 5 other people on Football Manager 2005 and recently i have instaled a new router (netgear DG834G v2) which hasn't let me host anymore. What could I do to get me hosting the game again?? Thanks

A:Hosting Game on Router Problem!!!!!!!!

You need to open port 10093 & 10094 (TCP and UDP), can find this type of info at my site (see sig)


CD Dude
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Last week I installed warcraft III on my laptop. And I opened the right ports to host games online (port 6112-6119 tcp/udp). I also opened the ports in my windows firewall and my other software firewall(COMODO).
But when people try to join me, I get a BSOD! I don't know why I get it.
I have a brand new modem/router: Linksys WAG120N

Maybe someone could help me with this problem

A:BSOD Hosting Video Game.


Please follow these instructions:

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Hey I just installed warcraft III again on my computer It works fine I can also play online but when I try to host a game on the internet I get a BSOD I have opened the right ports in my router windows firewall and my software video at hosting. BSOD game firewall COMODO I only get the BSOD when friends people join my game Here is the required information which you probably need OS BSOD at video game hosting. - Vista Windows Vista Basic x -bit or x x What was original installed OS on system Vista Basic OEM version came pre-installed on system or full retail version Full retail version Age of system Around months Age of OS installation Also around months BSOD at video game hosting. CPU Pentium T the sticker on my laptop says it Video Card INTEL Int GMA M MotherBoard Asus Power Supply - brand amp wattage Don't know what to write down so I just write everything down Input - V A - Hz Output V A W I hope any of you could help me regards Kjeld

A:BSOD at video game hosting.

2 firewalls will kill almost anything - and Comodo has some known issues.
I'd suggest removing the Comodo and using this free add-on to control the Windows Firewall:

All of the BSOD's are related to your networking drivers - which makes Comodo a prime suspect. And inspect.sys (a component of Comodo) is mentioned in the stack text - which implicates Comodo even further. The specific driver mentioned is ipnat.sys - a component of the Windows Firewall - indicating that there's likely problems between the Windows Firewall and Comodo (more info on ipnat.sys here: )

Unfortunately, the Windows Debugging Tools aren't able to access symbols for your operating system files (in particular NTOSKRNL.EXE / NTKRNLMP.EXE / NTKRNLPA.EXE / NTKRPAMP.EXE) from the Microsoft Symbol Server - so that makes debugging them difficult if not impossible.

Please do the following (this will not affect the analysis of the current files - but it may help later files that are acquired):
- activate/validate the Windows installation at
- run sfc.exe /scannow to replace any problem files
- open a support incident with Microsoft to see if they can fix the missing symbols issue ( )
- If that doesn't fix it, then wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows
- don't use "leaked"/torrent builds

So, let's try the following:
- Remove Comodo and reset the Windows Firewall to default settings.
- Use this link (registration required) to remove all traces of Comodo:;attach=17692
- Reset the Windows Firewall to default settings
- Utilize the Sphinx Firewall Control if finer control of the Windows Firewall is needed ( )
- Monitor for further BSOD's

FYI - never run more than 1 firewall or 1 anti-virus at a time.

Summary of the BSOD's:

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
Debug session time: Mon Mar 22 14:06:08.459 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:14:49.243
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for tcpip.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for tcpip.sys
BugCheck D1, {0, 2, 0, 8a870803}
Probably caused by : ipnat.sys ( ipnat!NatNlSendDatagram+1a0 )
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
Debug session time: Mon Mar 22 13:50:54.806 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:38:50.656
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for tcpip.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for tcpip.sys
BugCheck D1, {0, 2, 0, 8a674803}
Probably caused by : ipnat.sys ( ipnat!NatNlSendDatagram+1a0 )
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
Debug session time: Mon Mar 22 11:51:13.858 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:31:57.683
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for tcpip.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for tcpip.sys
BugCheck D1, {0, 2, 0, 8a87b803}
Probably caused b... Read more
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Computer Specs -Quad Core GHz - gb RAM -NVIDIA gts mb - gb Network Adapter -Windows XP -Latest DirectX Internet amp Networking Specs -Rogers Ultra High Speed Extreme Plus game Internet / hosting speed upload mb Canada s fastest and suspose to be most reliable -SMC W-G modem router combo I use straight Lan and not wireless Additional Information -all needed ports are open for the applications -runs in DMZ mode -all anti-virus amp firewalls disabled -cable lines amp ethernet cables are functional -internet provider says everything is running fine on their end The problem When playing games such Internet upload speed / game hosting as Counter-Strike and Warcraft Other players complain about massive lag issues when I host For Warcraft its fine when - join my game but when we get a full house of - within the first couple seconds of the game starting everyone says it lags and over the people get dropped from the game In Internet upload speed / game hosting Warcraft if a player doesn t have the hosted map he she would download off the host first and if the host is currently uploading already to another player then it would download off the next available uploader When I upload a map to somone it can take - minutes when the next available player uploads it it takes - seconds And I ve spoken with those other players who upload faster then me and they use standard cable of like mb thats x slower then mine I can run - copies of World of Warcraft at the same time fine on a west coast server im east coast and I get no latency issues But then when I go to host for - people on a Warcraft game which takes th of internet to process it does t work to well Every possible solution that I could think of over the past few weeks has been checked and double checked over and over and I can t seem to find a solution It was working fine months ago nothing has changed Tests -Speed tests show mbs download kbs upload efficientcy -Ping to modem router and other computers on network are fine Any help on this bizzar matter is greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hi all,

Im trying to host a game of Borderlands for friends and I am using the router in the title.

I have setup port forwarding correctly, that I do know but people can not connect. I have also tried pinging the ports via a port checker and checking my router logs. The log shows the ping and says it matches the corresponding rule that I have setup for port forwarding, however it doesn't work when ingame.

My PC knowledge in general is fairly good (I think) but networking knowledge is pretty poor.

Router is setup as DHCP server as I have 4 laptops, desktop and a Wii in the house, my desktop (where I am hosting) has a static IP on the router network and I have a fixed IP from my ISP.

Any thoughts on what I am missing or doing wrong?


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when i try 2 host a server its says something like this, we detected that your internal ip address (********) is diff. from ur external ip address (********) a NAT proxies or other unusual
network configuration. this may prevent u 2 host a sever.
I have 3 comp isp is at&t broadband i think
plzzzzz help and if u have any more questions about my stuff ask
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I've set up my router to allow players to join the game, download and everything goes fine, but once the game actually starts, all players(Save for myself, of course) are dropped from the game. Makes for bad games, lemme tell ya.

I've looked online for an answer, through forums, used search on this forum, and haven't found anything. Seems my problem is unique, go me. -.-

Any help would be appreciated,

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I want to host my website through my own server in my house, but I have Comcast, and they prohibit use of public servers on their service. Does anyone know any ISPs that allow you to run public servers?

A:Hosting a Web Server

Generally speaking, most home ISPs will not allow you to run a public server. They will usually require that you upgrade to the more expensive business connection. However, you do generally get the benefit of a faster connection and a static IP address as well. You may also get an increased upload speed (so you can serve files faster). There are some exceptions to this. I have in the past been able to get permission from Comcast (several years ago) to run my own home server, on the basis that it was for school (I was studying Network Administration at the time) and it was subject to bandwidth and content restrictions.

At work, we do have Comcast Business, and we are able to run a public server. It costs about double what a home connection would cost.

Often the best option is to get inexpensive web hosting from a place like godaddy, which gives you the ability to have a fairly decent amount of control over your server, while being less expensive than getting business hosting.
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Hello Every expert here Happy thanksgiving I am a new bie on Linux managed to install dual boot with windows pro with Red Hat I wanted to run and host a web site for on Hosting red 9 a your web hat server myself maybe - pages working to configure how all these work together and was looking for FREE I like it I have registered a domain name for free www domainname com and now the name servers also Hosting a web server on your red hat 9 for free you would like for free www zoneedit com I have my pc connected to internet via LINKSYS router on cable modem Most of the time my ip is static as I donot turn off the power on router and it keeps same at least I ahve seen for a Hosting a web server on your red hat 9 year the same ip address What would I require to configure my www mynewbielinux com to be published to the world where would I open the web server port Can someone show me the steps Also when I do a dig command on red hat Hosting a web server on your red hat 9 I get the nameserver but not my ip address the ip address I get is from my isp remember I am using cable modem via router I have entered the ip address of my machine not xx xx but the one I get on router while providing information to my nameserver on zoneedit com I know you gurus have done this long back but can you share please Thankyou very much nbsp

A:Hosting a web server on your red hat 9

On the router you have to forward port 80 to the local IP of your Linux box. If you want to use secure HTTP, forward port 443 also.

On your Linux box, make sure you have apache installed and enabled in system services. By default it will serve anything you have in /var/www directory.

First try to access your webpage through the LAN by the local IP address to make sure you have the server set up right.
Then try to access your web server by your public IP to test the port forwarding.
Then try with your registered domain name.
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Hello, on my home network I have a dedicated file server wired into my router that is always on. As a little project I would like to set this up as a DNS Server, and have all PCs direct towards this PCs ( for all its DNS resolving. I will still use my ISPs DNS server as a secondary.

What is the simplest way of achieving this? Does WinXP Pro have this capability built-in? I notice in my Admin Tools in Control Panel there is a DNS icon. Will this do? I've found absolutely nothing on the internet about any of this.

I found a program called Simple DNS Plus. Does anyone know if this is any good? Or if there is an open-source solution?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi I ve been trying to host a server for a multiplayer computer game called Neverwinter Nights Unfortunately I ve run into some trouble because of the way my connection is set up I think I m not running a router but it seems my PC automatically sets up a private IP address and the external IP address from the internet as in the following pictures http i photobucket com albums x SerotoninPics ipconfigall jpg http i photobucket for hosting IP Address Private multiplayer game? woes com albums x SerotoninPics NetworkConnections jpg Now the problem I m having is that whenever I try to run the dedicated server program for this game it automatically attempts to use my private IP address instead of my external IP address How can I set up my connection so that it doesn t try to set up a private IP address beginning with at Private IP Address woes for hosting multiplayer game? all Further useful info Running Windows Firewall with exceptions for the game and the server program and Windows XP SP My broadband modem model type is quot BT Voyager USB ADSL quot and I m on AOL UK Broadband Occasionally my broadband modem is unplugged and taken to another PC in Private IP Address woes for hosting multiplayer game? the house to be used there nbsp
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So I for can game multiple ONE why Hosting not my only connect? person servers guild, ve been hosting various servers for my guild over the past year amp a half I ve hosted servers for the following games Minecraft Terraria Cubeworld Killing Floor DayZ amp now Starbound Everything has been working fine up until about a week ago or so one of my friends has suddenly started having issues connecting to any of my servers Here s the deal He can t connect to my server but he can connect to every other server that he tries it s only my server Everyone else who has been connecting Hosting multiple game servers for my guild, why can only ONE person not connect? fine the past year is still able to connect to my server perfectly fine myself included amp has no issue playing with eachother Why is he the exception Why can t he connect to my server but can connect to other servers amp has been able to connect in the past I m completely lost as to why he can t connect to any of my servers but has no issues connecting to other servers We ve been trying to figure this out since last-night but have gotten no-where Anyone know what could have caused this Did his ISP suddenly decide my server was bad amp is blocking his connection or something Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Hosting multiple game servers for my guild, why can only ONE person not connect?

He's trying to access your server over the internet? Using a URL or an IP address? If a URL is it resolving to the correct address? If an IP is it (still) correct?
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I have a Windows 7 machine that crashes while I am streaming a game. The issue is intermittent.
I have researched the Microsoft Minidump files and they point to a ntoskrl.exe was the cause if the crash.
I have already upgraded the BIOS, Network Interface, and the Audio drivers. I have a copy of the Minidump files I can post if needed.

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hey guys, im havin some probs, my dedicated program is workin great, and my server is begin posted on ASE, but i cant get others to see it because im behind a router. i disabled the firewall but someone told me to open ports and change em to 7777-7778. if you guys can help, please reply asap thanks

A:Dedicated Server Hosting

you may need to forward the ports or use dmz if you have it on the server ip. Not too familiar with this but had the same probs.
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I have hosted a Minecraft server before, but only on one computer. It won't let me run it on any other computer connected to my router. I have forwarded different ports for each computer and assigned that port to the server. I do not run these at the same time. Every time I try to connect to the server it says: Connection refused: connect. This gives me the indication that it recognizes the IP but does not want to connect to it.

You would probably think that this should go on the Minecraft forums, but no one is any help there. They aren't as experienced as the people here. I would love it if someone could help me out.
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please guide me how to change my personal computer to be a server for webhosting.....which program should be setup on my pc to be a server
thank you so much

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Hi. I have been trying to create my own Minecraft server recently and I successfully made one that runs on Hamachi. The only problem is that this makes my computer very slow and I have to reset the server very often. I needed help on the following:

-How can I make a server where one does not have to run Hamachi and can connect directly to the game
-How to make the game faster
-If I can host a server w/o using my computer (so I can play it where ever I want)
-How to change the name of the webserver instead of an IP address
I probably do not make much sense but please do and try to help me out. Thanks!

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Hello guys. I got a problem with my Dedicated server in css, i dont actuly know what ip im gonna use to make people join. And no idea about the routers (i think it is 27015). I use Thomsom (if for any help)

Please tell me if there anything more i should writhe about my internet and i will put it up.

A:Hosting CSS Dedicated Server

well please describe the problem more. are you needing help configuring your router too? if so please post make and model of the router.
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Hi I am trying to host a client server for the game quot Counter-Strike quot In the Router Server Hosting Through past after forwarding the correct ports for the Dedicated Server application I used Hosting Server Through Router to be able Hosting Server Through Router to run a well maintained game server for up to eight people without consistant and irritable lag on the server That was almost a year ago Now when I try to run my server through my router lag is in abundance where no more than - players can play without the server providing an unplayable environment I don t know if my router became old and grouchy or if I can optimize any settings on my router to make it operate as it used to a year ago with no bandwith issues I have a Linksys BEFW S which routes my Verizon Online DSL connection Never have I had problems with this before but now it seems that my connection can not hold up a small game server anymore I also have a Pentium GHz Processor with GB of DDR RAM Someone give me advice how to either optimize my router DSL connection or what router to purchase for hosting this kind of bandwith use Thanks in advance nbsp

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So, i'm trying to host a server on Counter Strike: Source. Thing is, i can't get it online. When i'm trying to host it, with dedicated server, the server ip becomes "" which i guess i my local ip?

I've tried to do several different things. On my router i switched on something called "auto ip" and the router ip changed from to something starting with 169, but i see that all ip's start with 192?

Well, to make my question a bit easier. How can i get my server online? Do i need to talk to my network dealer to get a static ip or something? Or can i i do i myself?

I know, i'm horrible explaining, but if you understood anything of what i just wrote and think you can help, please try All help is deeply appriciated!

(sorry for my bad english, not from any english speaking country )

A:Hosting CS:S server with dedicated

i can host one for you and / or if you want we could go trogh it step by step tomorrow?
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Hi I hope you can help I Play a game called Deus ex multiplayer I want to host a server but forsome reason it will not let me I have tried to open ports Server Deus A Ex Hosting and Added a new one with out knowing the ports numbers i Deus Ex Hosting A Server use are active or work I got them gameconfig com I have truned firewall of lowering it But still no luck with it I have added my Deus Ex Hosting A Server server ini so you can read and may surgest help for me we would love to advertise on our sites as I am sure you will get quite alot of traffic any way sorry if i did exspain myself to you but this is the only way i can My server dos not show in the multiplayer server List i am sorry if i have put this is the wrong place my contact details email protected thank you Log Log file open Init Name subsystem initialized Init Detected Microsoft Windows NT Build Init Version Init Compiled Jan Init Command line DXMP ForBlood amp Honor Game DXMTL b MTLAdvTeam Mutator DXMapVote MVMutator Nephthys Nephthys -server log server log Init Base directory C DeusEx System Init Character set Unicode Log Bound to Engine dll Log Bound to Core dll Log Bound to Window dll Init Object subsystem initialized Log Cd Path C Init Computer CRAIGSPC Init User craig Init Memory total Phys K Pagef K Virt K Init Working set Init CPU Speed MHz Init CPU Page size Processors Init CPU Detected PentiumPro-class processor GenuineIntel Init CPU Features CMov FPU RDTSC PAE MMX KNI Log Bound to DeusEx dll Log Bound to Extension dll Log Bound to ConSys dll Log Loading Package DeusEx Log Loading Package Core Log Loading Package Engine Log Loading Package Extension Log Loading Package DeusExCharacters Log Loading Package DeusExUI Log Loading Package DeusExItems Log Loading Package Effects Log Bound to Fire dll Log Loading Package Fire Log Loading Package ConSys Log Loading Package DeusExSounds Log Loading Package DeusExDeco Log Loading Package UBrowser Log Loading Package UWindow Log Bound to IpDrv dll Log Bound to Nephthys dll Log Loading Package IpDrv Log Bound to DeusExText dll Log Loading Package DeusExText Log Loading Package Ambient Log Loading Package MoverSFX Log Loading Package IpServer Log Loading Package MPCharacters Init Unreal engine initialized Log Browse DXMP ForBlood amp Honor Name Player Class DXMTL b MTLJCDenton Team Skin Face Game DXMTL b MTLAdvTeam Mutator DXMapVote MVMutator Nephthys Nephthys -server log server log Log Doing load not loadgame Log Current mission number is - next is - Log LoadMap DXMP ForBlood amp Honor Name Player Class DXMTL b MTLJCDenton Team Skin Face Game DXMTL b MTLAdvTeam Mutator DXMapVote MVMutator Nephthys Nephthys -server log server log Log Loading Package DXMP ForBlood amp Honor Log Loading Package CoreTexEarth Log Loading Package CoreTexWood Log Loading Package CoreTexDetail Log Loading Package CoreTexBrick Log Loading Package HK Interior Log Loading Package CoreTexMetal Log Loading Package CoreTexGlass Log Loading Package Supertanker Log Loading Package CoreTexSky Log Loading Package CoreTexWater Log Collecting garbage Log Purging garbage Log Garbage objects - gt refs Log Loading Package DXMTL b Log Game class is MTLAdvTeam Nephthys Nephthys Nephthys V b is now Mistress of the House Nephthys C - by Zora amp Winged Unicorn Nephthys Init WinSock version MaxSocks MaxUdp Init WinSock Socket queue Init WinSock I am craigspc DevNet TcpNetDriver on port Log Server Package DXMTL b Log Server Package dxmapvote Log Loading Package dxmapvote Log Server Package MiniMTL Log Loading Package MiniMTL Log Server Package CRDMBugFix b Log Loading Package CRDMBugFix b Log Spawning IpDrv UdpBeacon Log Spawning Nephthys NptServerQuery Log Loading Package Nephthys Log Spawning Nephthys NptServerUplink Log Spawning MiniMTL MiniMTL Log Spawning MiniMTL MiniMTLLoader Log Loading Package MiniMTL Log Spawning CRDMBugFix b CRDM Log Spawning IpServer UdpServerQuery Log Bringing Level DXMP ForBlood amp Honor MyLevel up for play DXMTL InitGame Name Pl... Read more

A:Deus Ex Hosting A Server

Have you opened ports 7790-7792,8777,27900 in your router? Also, what is the make and model of both your modem and router?
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iam currently getting my hands wet on web hosting stuff and need some assistance i have server running iis and setup with dns etc i registered a domain name with a rd party registration company I have already created a lookup zone in dns for the newly registerd domain name The server was originally setup as a DC with a local domain name mydomain local thus my full server name at the moment is quot servername mydomain local quot i want to move my newly registered domain name to my local server in order to do this i assume i need to change the current name server assistance / server hosting Web name to my local server which is going to be hosting these sites My dilemma is what name to use for the name server since my current domain name for the server is a local domain I am able to access the webpages created from within my network since i have already created the zone in dns and the wrkstn are using that server as their DNS Now the hurdle is Web hosting / name server assistance to determine what server name to use for the nameserver in order to move the newly registerd domain mane unto my local server All help will be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Web hosting / name server assistance

create a name that suits u, and tells a little of what is contained on the domain.
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First of all sorry for my english and my weird sentence building
I will get straight to the point
I have a problem with connecting (or sometimes even seeing) servers created by my friends (who are running windows xp) and vice versa.

We have a simple-hamachi-lan and i usually was hosting servers for ventrilo some games etc.

When I start a ventrilo server, even I can't connect to it
I tryed with my IP then my hamachi address and nothing

I have my tcp and udp ports unlocked on my router , I've set it up in the server but it does not change anything

I know there is not much info in this post ,im a little tired from all the hours trying to solve this ... I will update soon.... please help if you can

A:hosting/server problems

My first step would be to remove the router to be sure it is the OS. No sense wasting time trying to fix one or the other without knowing for certain the cause.

You may want to disable windows firewall to and uninstall any AV software to help narrow it down.
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I host a Minecraft server, and a Terraria server, and they all worked fine until I formatted by drive a while back. All of a sudden, all of my servers automatically bind to localhost. Even in the Minecraft file, where I specify the IP of the router where my computer is connected, it still only connects to localhost. Anyone know what the deal is?
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Hi I have to PC s of similar spec and I can t decide which one is better to run game servers on like Server? hosting hardware Best for COD COD UT ect and a teamspeak server Both run windows XP Pro This is Best hardware for hosting Server? only for a LAN btw First one is an old HP ProLiant Server ML G It has a Ghz CPU gb RAM PC R WD setup in RAID supposedly rpm but they are old now Intergrated gb s network card Only has USB ports IDE Raid Controller Also put page file on another intenral system disk Or a Dell Optiplex GX Ghz Pentium With Hyper Threading Gb RAM DDR PC PCI gb s Network Card WD Harddrive seems to get very hot short time case has s airflow but nothing i can do about that Has USB IDE Overall the Optiplex seems the faster PC but the harddrive although new about months old is rather loud cranky The Proliant is about - years old atleast but has more RAM and slightly faster CPU but with hyper threading on the optiplex would the slightly faster cpu make any difference or not However even with the RAID setup it still seems to have the harddrive as the limiting factor and is noticable secong lag every now and then EDIT Also just bought a high speed usb memory stick so was thinking i could use a program like eboostr to act as vista ready boost Also was thinking of switching the fast ram to the ProLiant server would this help at all currently it has ECC Ram can you mix the too or not Just wondering what your guys opiions is Many thanks Spud nbsp
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I'm looking into starting a business. What should I be looking for? I would be looking to hosting 5-10 servers per set of hardware. Thanks.

A:Server Hosting Build

Intel Xeon E5-2670 V3, EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti - System Build - PCPartPicker
How's this maybe? Didn't pick storage as I wasn't sure whether to use ssd or not

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670 V3 2.3GHz 12-Core Processor ($1489.95 @ SuperBiiz)
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($99.98 @ OutletPC)
Motherboard: Asus X99-E WS SSI CEB LGA2011-3 Motherboard ($489.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory ($399.99 @ Amazon)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory ($399.99 @ Amazon)
Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked Video Card ($124.99 @ NCIX US)
Power Supply: Corsair 1000W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($199.99 @ Amazon)
Total: $3204.88
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-04-05 10:47 EDT-0400
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Ok what do I need to make this work This is mostly for fun but I d really like to know how to do this I have a version of quot hosting my email own server Help hmailserver quot which is supposed to be a free email server that works on XP which is perfect for my purposes Anyway it seems to install just fine but I m having problems sending and receiving emails through it I have an account at DynDNS and Help hosting my own email server thought I could use DynDNS to get emails to route to this server Apparently I ve read some stuff about MX records which I don t understand Anyone got any pointers The idea of hosting my own email server sounds like a great idea Sure if my server goes down or the power dies the email won t go anywhere But I can also set all kinds of cool server side features so I m really interested in this idea Ideally I don t want to pay anyone money Help hosting my own email server to host a name but if I do I want it to be as cheap as possible I want as much as possible on my home server nbsp

A:Help hosting my own email server

Looks like you understand the DNS, MX issues, but did you forward port 25 from your router to your lan server ip address?
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how can i host a battlefield 1942 server i have two comps so i can host it on one of them they both have the game installed and they both hve the internet. i know how to host a lan server but what about a public server and how would i use the console commands like to kick people and change the map?

A:hosting a bf1942 server

Going to Multiplayer and Create Game works, but the best way is to download Battlefield 1942 Server Manager from . It's got a boatload more options than the in game server. Almost every Battlefield server out there uses it.
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I am running 64-bit version of Windows 7(connected via Ethernet cable) which I also have on my laptop which is connected wirelessly to my network and I designed an online game which hosts on my laptop but I want to switch it over to my desktop which is connected
via ethernet.
I have the ports forwarded correctly, hence why it hosts on my laptop... When I change the port forwarding to aim at my desktop it just doesnt seem to work at all...
I have exactly the same internet security on my desktop, that I use for my laptop so it cannot be a firewall preventing it. Could their be an issue or settings that I need to fix on my network adapter?

Note: The issue is not related to Port Forwarding...
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My friend is running a website through some free host. Well, I want to do it for her on my own server. I have a old Gateway and Dell laying around so I want to do it on one of there. Anyone know of any good "guides for dummies". I also ran acrross this (Host a Website - IIS7.5[2]=Networking%20Internet) and said that I would need to "register a DNS Host from here for free". So would I still need to do this?

A:hosting website on personal server?

No, you only need the internet connection obviously. I'll post you a good start site in a sec...Let me know.
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In college I learned about networks and how they work, however I am COMPLETELY STUMPED at how to host my web site on Exchange 2003. Is anybody willing to help?? After I get it dialed in, I may even offer a little paypal. I currently have a small computer company but know very little on the server side. Mostly consumer repairs, services, etc.

I will show my appreciation and look forward to all replies with instructions or email me so we can chat at [email protected].



A:Server 2003 hosting question

Exchange is a email server program. You need a webserver program like Apache or your can use Microsoft IIS Web Server.

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Hello I recently got terraria and i want to play the multiplayer without having to use a public server I want to use my two laptops to play terraria together on a private server The laptops are both using the same Smc Network router and Time Warner Cable connection I have tried Hamachi using the ip address that the app gives me i have forwarded my ports the IPv the IP that quot whatismyip com quot gave me and even my default gateway I have used the ports and and Problem Server Terraria hosting i have even spent over hours on the phone with SMC networks chat agents trying their best to help but the thing is I CANT CONNECT When i use one laptop Terraria Server hosting Problem and two instances of Terraria i can log onto my own game When i log onto a public server with both laptops I can see both characters But if i create a server whether with or without hamachi I cannot sign into my own server With hamchi i use the IP at the top of my host PC s hamachi app bar ive tried Terraria Server hosting Problem the other way around too when i dont use hamachi i use every damn IP i can find and none work What am i doing wrong nbsp

A:Terraria Server hosting Problem

Oh and another thing. The Chat agent also helped me put it in DMZ and yet it still did not work
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So I ve been running a localhosted Minecraft server Hamachi from my Windows PC server hosting Minecraft issue for a couple of weeks Worked fine I then updated to It still worked perfectly For a week One day I turned on my laptop after it was shut off tried to loaded up Hamachi Minecraft server hosting issue loaded up my server tried to connect and failed No connection to my server what so ever So I re-Installed Hamachi Several times actually with no success Turned my Firewall off completely Still nothing Tried port-forwarding But my Modem Router doesn t support it according to my ISP Added Hamachi to my rules in the firewall Nothing Added Hamachi to the firewall acceptions added all the Java programs to the firewall acceptations ran Hamachi as Admin made my PC s account Admin started And stopped the Hamachi engine from the quot Services quot page on my PC re-installed Java re-installed the Minecraft server system restored to the point where Hamachi was still working All did nothing It is not my ISP s fault because Hamachi and my server seems to work fine on my Desktop Windows XP but I can t connect my laptop into the server Even if I m in the same network I even turned off the firewall on the desktop Nothing I feel that it is not Hamachi s fault at all but the Firewalls since I read that windows made changes to the firewall After posting this to the Hamachi forum only person replied telling me to scrap Hamachi and setup a VPN connection I tried this but I get quot Error quot If I ve done something wrong creating a VPN connection please explain how to do it for Windows for Minecraft I ve tried about six other VPN programs Minecraft server hosting issue none of which worked I also tried restoring my firewall back to default And of course not working I don t have any third party firewall s on my PC either Also when I change quot server ip quot in the Server properties file to my Hamachi IPv address then run the server it fails to load up The quot server ip quot always used to be blank when it worked This only started happening today but I ve been having this problem for weeks now I have no idea what to do nbsp
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Yesterday I was hosting a Minecraft server, and two people other than myself were playing. My system specs are exactly the ones from the "steambox" thread. After about 15min of playing, the entire server crashed along with my system. My computer was hooked-up to my tv via hdmi. The screen went black, and a loud buzzing noise played until I reset my system. This problem persisted even after I reinstalled the server, although, sometimes the screen had white and blue stripes rather than just being black. What is causing this? What can I do to prevent this?

The router that my friends are all conecting through is a 2wire 3801HGV

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yep... like i said how can i run an application on a server for example.... i want to run RFDSL.EXE in this server its already in here.. its a about a game.. i want a dedicated game to be up all day and night... but the problem is i cant because i dont want to waste lot of energy (which is money) leaving my pc on.. so i want to know if i can run it on a server? can someone tell me? hoW?

A:how can i have a .exe application running in a HOSTING SERVER?

Do you mean, 'How can I run this Appl on SOMEONE ELSE'S server 24/7?'

Well, you have to get the permission of the server owner/Operator, and arrange to upload the code to them. They'll manage the Appl from their end.
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Wile I am in the posting mood. Just thought I would ask the question. Is it possible for me to host/and play a call of duty server from my laptop or desktop?
When I was younger I played games like the delta force collection of games. And could just go into the game, click host server. And then gradually people would join my game as they seen it on the lobby.
Is this possible with any of the call of duty games for PC? I assume it needs some network configuration
If anyone could help me do it I would be really gratefull. I have my Nat port configured to open. But I would like to host a server and have it free for anyone to join


A:Hosting call of duty 2 server

Has anyone any advice on this? :/
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Hello To start off I have Windows XP and I can JOIN a halo game very easily and every time but people can t connect to me I know Server.. Hosting Problem Trial Halo that people are unable to connect rather than choosing not to because I ve had friends try to connect to me I have fast enough internet with cable k upload or something and I ve Problem Hosting Halo Trial Server.. port forwarded ports and for udp and tcp and also tried using dmz I have a static IP address which is I am using a Problem Hosting Halo Trial Server.. Linksys WRT G with a mb wireless connection I have tried disabling the firewall which I m using Default Windows Firewall I have also unchecked the box which says Block Anonymous Internet Requests Lastly I don t think my server IP address on Halo should be with port but it is and I don t know how to change it Can anyone help me with this I ve tried everything but I really dont know on this one Any help is GREATLY appreciated P S I used to have dsl with a different router and on a cord connection rather than wireless internet I have also reformatted my computer since then so the settings may have been changed Sorry for long post nbsp

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Can somebody tell me the easiest way to make some files available for clients to download online from my own system so that I don t need to always upload the files to some other hosting service I m in a photo related business and often files my Hosting own small (i.e. download server)... for find myself uploading files to Picasa online or larger slideshow files to MediaFire For example when the client needs their images fast and can t wait for a CD in snail-mail My upload speeds are not that great I ve seen some devices online called NAS Media Servers from Buffalo and others Are these enough for hosting or do I Hosting files for download (i.e. my own small server)... need a more advanced server setup My website itself is currently hosted with HostGator and will stay that way but I don t want to always need to upload files for clients if i can just host them here easily I just want to avoid spending a bunch of time uploading files every once in a while Any thoughts that lead me in the right direction would be appreciated If you can just start me off i m fairly computer savvy and should be able to figure it out Thank you very much nbsp

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Hello Friends!
Can anyone tell me which is the best available book in subjects like web hosting, servers etc. As I dont have any idea in this field, I need a book that can explain things right from the beginning and in detail.

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Hi, im hosting a lan soon and have a computer dedicated to be the server.

ok the lans going to be 20 people max with 2 servers one file (pentium II 450mhz) (thats fine)

But the gaming server is

Compaq Presario 6000
Pentium 4 - 2.4ghz
512mb PC2100 DDR
60GB 5400rpm ATA100
Windows XP Pro

Is this enough? what should i do to improve? how many people on call of duty will it support?

I have a 24 port 10/100 superstack3 3300 XM switch is this ok too?

Need to know what kind of performance to expect etc ANY HELP IDEAS ETC WELCOME!!! :grinthumb

A:Lan Hosting Server Spec (make sure its alright)

your going to have how many users running games from server?
if as much as 20 at a time your going to need over 1gig, 2 gig preferable of memory
and not to sure about the hard drive thats a slow one
a RocketRAID type setup with 2 drives may help
not going to do video gaming form this point
use the clients
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I'm trying to host a linux server to play Jedi Academy (Old game, but still fun!). I've got everything where is should be, and when I go to run it through VNC, all I'm told is "server.cfg could not exec"... What should I do?

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Hey, I'm trying to host a counter strike 1.6 server through a router..but it won't let me. Please tell me how this can be done.

My router is D-Link 524

Thanks alot.
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I have a small business with 2 inside and 1 outside emnployee. I use outlook with a hosted,shared exchange server. I am having trouble with the company that is hosting, as they have had major service intrruptions lately.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for this type of service. When it works, it works well, to a point. I have other issues but want suggestions first.

Relevancy 54.18%

Im completely new to building a gaming/ entertainment pc and I need help on the build. I been watching some youtube videos on gaming pc builds but im not sure if they are right for me. I will be using the pc to play games like battlefield 4 but I will also be playing my wii, ps2 emulators. I will be hooking it up to my flat screen tv to watch hd blu ray movies. here are some videos I been watching. Budget is $600

these two builds look interesting. any advice would greatly be appreciated

A:New to building game pc

Still some questions to be answered. Take a look at this Stickied post on how to post these inquiries.
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I've built computers before, but never with this much thought involved. But i need help.

Currently i have most of my items decided. The only thing i can't decide on is my motherboard, especially after reading the review this site gave the Asus striker II extreme. (the nvidia 790i ultra chip).

I plan on getting a 9800gtx+ card. The review from this site gave fairly low scores for the 790i ultra asus board compared to the intel chip boards. I was wondering if i should stick with this 790i ultra or go for an intel chip board and loose any advantages of having an nvidia card and an nvidia chipset. The DDR3 thing with this board is a big factor as i can save a bit of money and perhaps go for 9800gtx+ SLI if i save enough.

(I am rushing at the moment, so sorry if my post makes no sense at all)

A:Building my first game PC

Why go for a 9800GTX+ in the first place, when the HD 4850 is a better performer for the same price, and can be paired with a P45-based Crossfire motherboard like the GA-EP45-DS3R or the P5Q Pro for far lesser than the cost of a similar SLI motherboard. Also, you wouldn't need to be restricted to DDR2 only, since boards like the GA-EP45C-DS3R provide support for both DDR2 and DDR3 as well as Crossfire and PCI-E 2.0 slots.
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Hi I recently tried turning the family computer into a dedicated counter-strike source server However when I host a server other people are unable to connect to it When I Counter-Strike dedicated Hosting server, router possible problems? use the same computer that s hosting it and connect to the ip address everything seems to be fine After looking on-line it seemed that I had to open up specific ports on my router So following what it said I opened Hosting Counter-Strike dedicated server, possible router problems? up port starting port ending port for the ip address that I am using for the server The same thing still happens In the directions it said that I should open the port for both udp and tcp however there were no options for that Also it said that I should use a static ip address When I do that I am strangley unable to search the internet but am able to play counter-strike fine Why is that is it because if I choose a static ip address I have to enable all the ports for internet explorer ect manually I ve tried hosting the server with a static ip address and without and nothing seems to work I am assuming that there are still some options on my router that I need to change any help would be much appriciated My router model is a wgr netgear router I would probably just go into my router settings and play around with them till it worked but my mom is paranoid and I have to know exactly what I am doing before I even attempt it It took me like weeks just to convince heer to let me change the settings at all Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Hosting Counter-Strike dedicated server, possible router problems?

What IP are you trying to connect to, and is there a firewall running on the server?
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Discussion of how Microsoft uses the Terminal Server component on five computers running Windows Server 2003 to centrally host a financial forecasting application for up to 2,700 users worldwide. The solution, which requires no custom development, is highly stable, economical, easy to implement, and low-cost to support
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP 64-bit

Windows XP


Relevancy 53.32%

Tried this in Random, but nobody took intrest, will give it one more try, then i am giving up.
Okay here are the rules. Post your dream computer. You must build it all from scratch. bundles are okay, but nothing premade. You can only spend $1500. Post this computer, where you found the parts, and how much they were.
You need
-video card
-sound card
-CD/DVD drives
Maybe USB, floppy, or some PCI cards (none of this is required)

I figure this will allow people to make a nice PC for pretty cheap, show some people about the websites and stores.

You get extra points if you stay under the price limit, or have neat extras.

PS no 4 page arguments (3 pages is fine) over ATI vs. nVIDIA or AMD vs. INTEL

Relevancy 53.32%

I have a couple Windows 2000 servers hosting some web services and mail list servers and email server software. They are directly connected to a Cisco 800 series router with simple NAT but I have had terrible luck keeping them really secure. I have used CA Antivirus for a couple years and Zone Alarm but now Zone Alarm has stopped working well with the 2000 server (it crashes all the time and the True Vector service will not run properly) and I am wondering what the best idea for a decent software firewall and antivirus might be to protect these servers. I dont have a ton of $ for these things either. The servers have seperate external IP addresses as well.

A:antivirus and firewall for Windows 2000 Server OS hosting websites/email

Relevancy 52.46%
Relevancy 51.6%

I recently purchased a node fractal 304 server box to set up a small home server for myself. I would like it to eventually become a basic file server AND a game hosting server for my friends. We occasionally play games with 15 or so player maybe more. I was looking around for parts but needed some advice on what to buy. I have the hard drives for the case, I just dont know how much ram I should get or the level of cpu. The games are rather ram and cpu intensive. If anyone has a server similar to what I am looking for or just has advice I would love to hear it.

A:Building a server

well its better to have more ram esp. for a server because there will be plenty of services running in background. the cpu should have many cores to deal with many of those processes at once. also the choice of os can help in the process as it is optimized for the usage. also don't forget about having a decent network adapter to reduce lag.
Relevancy 51.6%

I m looking to build a tower server from scratch that ll support - incoming connections to a game that will be hosted on this server Budget - I m planning on running Linux on this PC it ll run graphics are unnecessary as this PC will serve only as a server Server Building a PC also the saves for the players don t take a lot of memory so I won t be needing a TB harddrive I ll be planning to upgrade the system in the future to support more users List of items I m looking at Intel Core i - k Crucial GB x D - DIMM Gigabyte GA-Z -HD ATX LGA Samsung E GB EVO SATA quot IPSG LG X DVDRW SATA OEM IPSG Carbide Series R Case EVGA NEX G W GOLD PS Subtotal UEZ Sales Tax Total This is a price quote and recommendation I Building a Server PC got from a sales associate from MicroCenter NJ What I m wondering is would these components be enough to support a hosting server of - people with minimum lag If the playerbase of the game increases would I be able to upgrade the system to support more players Would it be better if I bought a Server Motherboard that ll support more processor for future purposes Are there anything cheaper that I could use to start off with and upgrade to in the future nbsp

A:Building a Server PC

Servers don't need heavy hitting processors. The primary resources are memory, networking and file I/O

The 120GB drive is minimally acceptable, although if I were building a server, I would have at least two drives,
one for the server and the other for the data being served. Performance would be better and either drive could be
replaced/upgraded without disrupting the other - - also improves your backup media consumption.

Let's talk networking. Is this a private server for just LAN connected users or do you intend to have Internet connected players?

* hosting server of 20-30 people * in a lan based server says you will need a good switch connected to the router for wired users OR an access point for wireless

* I suspect you are intending a public server with Internet users {upgrade the system to support more players}.
You should read your ISP End-User-License-Agreement; unless you purchase a private IP address & Domain, the ISP typically forbids your hosting anything. They will cause you and your users all kinds of issues, such as limiting bandwidth and randomizing your public IP address.
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I'm interesed in building a small server for a college house(4 of us atm), main uses would be music and video storage, and possibly hooking up an audio system in the living room and having the server in my room with a possible node in the living room for immediate control. My question is what is different about building a server of this size and building a desktop computer(I've built 2), or do I even need a server for this, could I just get two big hard drives and build a regular desktop with extra Lan connections.


A:Building a server, what do I need to know?

Do you even need those extra LAN connections? Virtually any kind of machine with sufficient storage would be enough for this job (anything above a Pentium at least).

You can set up software RAID if you don't happen to have a RAID controller.
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Hi I have never built a PC before just added some more RAM and changed graphics card nothing much I want to use this PC as a server web server I think maybe later on a VOIP server server a Building so Building a server it needs to be powerfull Can anyone tell me what they think of this build http www ebuyer com product I guess I dont need to Building a server buy a audio card or graphics card as the motherboard has one and it doesnt need to be good its only a server also I need to plug my wired router in looks like its got the ethernet socket though http www overclockers co uk showproduct php prodid CP- -AM http www ebuyer com product I might not need this much power but I might add some more RAM on the computer at a later date Would I need more power or is the W pointless http www ebuyer com product Is the RAM compatable Building a server with the motherboard http www ebuyer com product Does the motherboard fit in I guess there all default sizes so they all fit never built a PC so can you get cases wich dont fit like line up with the ports http www overclockers co uk showproduct php prodid HD- -HI amp groupid amp catid amp subcat I think that is it Do I need some kind of heatsink or fan Do you recommend anything better Thanks nbsp

A:Building a server

I forgot the CD Drive

Is this ok, so now I can load the OS up. I noticed this computer has got no IDE, it's all SATA looks like the PSU has 2 SATA ports so thats ok, motherboard says it includes 2 x Serial ATA cable I guess this is the same as SATA so I do not need to buy anything extra to connect my Hard Drive and CD-ROM can someone correct me on that.

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I'm thinking of building a server for my small business, so it doesn't need to be a monster. I've never built a server so I'm not sure if it's worth it or not to do it, but I'd really love to try to build one of my own, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

A:Building a server?

depending on your needs a server could cost as little as $200 (less if you use used parts) or as much as $15000. I've personally got an Athlon 64 3200+ with 1GB of ram and 1TB (500GBx2) HDDs. all the hardware excludeing the tape drive was less than $1000 but the tape drive (260 GB sony AIT3) cost about $1000 and the operateing system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) cost in excess of $1000 which brought the total cost to slightly over $3000(it was actually closer to $4000 when I built it but I converted the prices down for hardware price drops). If you don't need tape backup or you settle for an older lower capacity model (20GB Taravan Drives can be had for less than $300 and AIT1,DDS4,DAT 72 drives run about $500) and you use a free linux server OS or a cheeper OS such as windows server, Xandros, or a cheeper version of redhat. You should be able to build a good server for $500-$1500.
For a true network server(that has the network connections of all systems in the buisness running through it) I would recomend nothing less than an Athlon 64 or Pentium 4. For a dedicated file server (for storeing files only and not for network operations) a Pentium MMX will be sufficent (Pentium 3 or higher recomended).
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Howdy. I'm in the process of making an mmo using the realm crafter engine and I'd like to build a server for this project. Would anyone be able to recommend fairly affordable hardware and perhaps an os? I don't want to use anything that will accommodate more than a few hundred users for the beta test. I'll of course need this for server-side account saving, web site hosting (user stats mainly), and things of that nature as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :slurp:

A:Help with building a server

Can anyone help me out?
Relevancy 51.6%

Me and another friend were going to mutually fund building our own server. We know how to build it and what parts to get. Just wanted to know what some benefits to having our own server would be, we haven't exactly decided what to use it for yet. (All we have is a name and website for it)

A:Building a Server

Server needs a fast processor like an Intel Duo Core and a motherboard that supports it... with lots of memory and hard drive space, running a RAID configuration
Relevancy 51.6%

I am looking to build a server for my house. This will be primarily for storage and to act as a print server. It will be supporting my desktop, HTPC and two laptops, so storing mostly photos, music and movies.

I currently have a case with an ASUS A7N8X- E Deluxe. It still needs a PSU, RAM to get setup. Is this a good MOBO for this project or should I look for something else?

The server will be kept in a remote room in the house. I will have a good WIFI -G router connecting everything. Will this be fast enough or should it be LANed to the HTPC and desktop for speed purposes? If possible should I have the router at the server or can it be in another part of the house?

I appreciate any suggestions or links on how to go about this.

A:Need help building a server

This sounds like a good choice for staring a home server.

I'd recommend using a wireless N router so that you get the best coverage and speed throughout your home.

Also the router should be LAN'ed to the home server. Here is an example.


LAN is always the way to go for speed.
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Admins please feel free to censor move or remove if necessary I feel this needs to be broght to the attention of our malware alert community Today I discovered that my windows deluxe hosting account with Shared Godaddy Hosting Serves Accounts) Possible on Hosting Breach (Windows Godaddy was hacked on - - The hack was basically a full access to my directories including all my sub folder directories that are alias to my other sites I host Every directory and subdirectory that contained HTM or HTML files was modified with a footer hyperlink Possible Breach on Godaddy Hosting Serves (Windows Shared Hosting Accounts) Data What makes this even more interesting is that I am not alone Doing some of my own Legwork being a former Network Admin I realized by keyword google search that there are numerous perhaps hundreds if not more domain names that reside on Godaddy Servers that are also hacked with the exact same circumstance that I am in So I would assume that there is a common Possible Breach on Godaddy Hosting Serves (Windows Shared Hosting Accounts) issue and quite possibly a breach on godaddy's side I have yet to see if there are common setups such as wordpress joomla or other scripts that have the potential to be a way for an attack like this to happen However I removed all of my joomla based hosting due other unrelated issues and moved them to my linux hosting servers All I have left on my windows hosting is some old custom asp scripting and some custom PHP scripts that I wrote Its possible that these could be a path of compromise but I have a hunch that this hack was done from another direction Here is my reason why Following is the hyperlink data that is placed on each of the HTML files in my hosting accound Warning DO NOT VISIT THESE SITES MANY OF THESE SITES ARE MALWARE INFECTED The follwing code is also on the numerous other infected sites hosted with GOdaddy lt div style position absolute filter alpha opacity opacity z-index gt lt a href http www glangels org gt lt b gt michael kors black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www cleardocketinc com gt lt b gt Babyliss cyber Monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www perignemcrossfit com gt lt b gt Oakley black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www milwaukeekayak com gt lt b gt uggs cyber monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http louisvillemeadcompany com gt lt b gt dior black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www mopac com gt lt b gt uggs black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http friendsofcostco org gt lt b gt uggs cyber monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www turkeycreekgolf com gt lt b gt polo black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http bookforward net gt lt b gt canada goose cyber monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www paulpatrickelectric com gt lt b gt Tiffany cyber Monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www orangecountyfairspeedway net gt lt b gt uggs cyber monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www heavenlyfinancing com gt lt b gt Uggs Black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www needleworkdesigners com gt lt b gt lululemon black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www achca-scchapter org gt lt b gt beats by dre black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www bikemastersmiami com gt lt b gt louis vuitton black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http squireshoppe com gt lt b gt canada goose cyber monday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http elkhartmunicipalband com gt lt b gt north face black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http plattevillesoccer org gt lt b gt pandora black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http raisedvisualmedia com gt lt b gt north face cyber monday deals lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http jennchase com gt lt b gt north face black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www mtfernumcnj org gt lt b gt north face black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www greenfieldfirstbaptist com gt lt b gt uggs black friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www goldcrownenrichment org gt lt b gt michael kors black Friday lt b gt lt a gt lt a href http www nbpcitiz... Read more

A:Possible Breach on Godaddy Hosting Serves (Windows Shared Hosting Accounts)

I did call tech support.  They are looking into this.  THey feel that this was most likly a FTP hack.  It certainlty possible.  But what concerns me is that if this was a FTP hack then wouldnt other hosting sites be affected?  So far all the sites with this inflated HTML hyperlink data are all coming up as Godaddy Hosting IPS's  Even more interesting is that they are all so far the IIS7 Servers (by using mydnstools).
So FTP hacking????  Perhaps...... but am I the only one to think that this is a possible breach?
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i do freelance tech support for small businesses and families, as i'm sure many on this forum do also.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to be asked to build a server for a small business i'm working with. i've never done this before (i understand the basics and concept though), so i have two questions:

1- does this tutorial look good:

2- how much should i charge? i think i would be building it from scratch which would entail buying all of the parts.

should i just do a flat fee (+parts) or bill them for the time it takes to put it together?

i've looked on this forum and the closest question to this one was posted in 2008, so i'm looking for updated info.

thanks for your time and help,

Relevancy 51.17%


I'm building a home server and this is what i have chosen. What do you think?





DVD Drive




I dont really want to boost up the GPU and i will not be playing games just a home server.
Total price = 713.08 inc VAT

Any suggestions?


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I was asked to help come up with a server for the internet company i work for the server is nothing special its just replacing an old P4 server thats in its place. i really only need a good quad cpu a nice stable MB and 4GB of ram we also need a case not a server class case but any case also a good solid FHS. Note it does not have to be a server class cpu as its taking a single core P4s place.

A:Need help building a server for my company

nvm guys i put something together and they really liked it sorry to bother you.
Relevancy 51.17%


I'm looking to build/buy a basic server. It would have the following uses. Please let me know what I should look for when buying/building this system. I have knowledge in building standard PC's, but not servers.

1. Running Either Windows 2000/XP/Server2003
2. QuickBooks Server (4-5 Users)
3. File Server (3-4 Users)
- Share/Store Word, Excel, PDF, JPG files
- 150GB SATA 7200RPM should be fine. Do I need higher RPM?
4. Web Server (future

Thanks for any tips.

A:Building/Buying a Server

Generally servers run server operating systems. That leaves Windows XP out. Windows 2000 Server is already pretty far out of date. That leaves Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

You'll need a separate QuickBook license for each user.

How much storage you need depends on a lot of variables. How many apps are you going to install? How much space do they take up? What kind of limits are you going to place on the size of the shares for people to use? What is the business need there?

Whether or not to run a web server off the same box as the application and file server depends on availability requirements, estimated loads, and overall usage demands.

Once you nail down the specifics, you can narrow down what you need.
Relevancy 51.17%

I live in a condo with a lot of media Building a server EM interfearance and networked music server Building a media server products don t seem to work very well in this enviroment Music tends to stop and start abruptly as connections are broken and remade and it s really hard on my treasured Polk SDAs speakers not Building a media server to mention annoying So I have taken to using my laptop as a music server with a USB optical outlet So here s the deal I want a McIntosh MS- but don t want to shell out five large for it It s basically a media case hard drive mother board gig HD and software So I plan to by an nMedia BA case and get started building one my first computer build So here s the questions I want it to run cool because removing heat from the quot stereo cabinet furniture quot it will be installed in will be difficult and I dont want to hear cooling fans over the music So which processors run the coolest I suppose laptop processors but which ones are the most efficient coolest and or what spec is used to evaluate this Remember speed is not real important we re just playing music here Documentation quality is important as I m a novice I would like to conduct the heat out of this stereo cabinet furniture via some sort of heat transport device I am aware of some liquid cooling products but don t really have an appreciation of the range of products available I could see having a large aluminum cooling fin mounted underneathe the cabinet with coolant circulating through it I suspect someone sells a product for this application which work well I have seen fanless CPU s that would be perfect but they are in proprietary cases and require a well vented space The media servers have small LCD panels and knob style controls that substitute for monitors and mouse Obviously there is software available to drive these but the manufacturs are strangly quiet on the subject Where do I find this type of software Any help on any of these topics would be appreciated Dave nbsp

A:Building a media server


The good news is that you wont be spending 5g's on a system. More like $1000 or less due to the fact that you dont need to buy a monitor or monster video card, unless you plan on gaming with the media center on your tv.

About the knobs and such, unless it is a high end media center case $300 or so the fuctuality of these knobs and other devices are is rather limited and basically usless. Most people that have media centers usually use a wireless keyboard and mouse, or one of these fancy remotes that offer a great amout of functuality in a media center.

A compact liquid cooling device is going to be your best bet for this type of application if you plan on sticking the media center into a stereo cabinet with limited ventilation. Or you can look at an option like this that is a liquid cooling system that sits outside your case like this and can easily be hidden behind your cabinets

But I still reccomend having atleast 2 case fans in your system to dispell any additional heat. These can be nearly silent. Then dont need to move much air, just give a bit of circulation.
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Hi everyone I m new here and this is my first time building a server so please bear with me I know there are a lot of questions but I want to get it right Ok I ve got media Building a server a couple of questions I want to build a server in order to store all my media photos videos and music Simple enough I already have a pretty powerful but storage lacking as it only has GB desktop PC with an Antec P case which itself could house enough drives internal bays for a server lt strong gt First question should I Building a media server just purchase more drives and use the current system which will save money or would it be significantly better more Building a media server reliable to build a completely new system for the server lt strong gt Second being new to the whole server thing do I need to install a server OS FreeNAS Ubuntu WHS etc or can I just use Windows Vista Premium I ask because I don t want to install the OS on the drives as I want to build in some redundancy too I m likely going to buy x TB WD Caviar Greens Can a server just be Building a media server a stack of drives that reads writes data or does it need its own OS Now for the fun part I want to be able to watch my videos on TV and wirelessly stream my music to laptops So should I build an HTPC as well or just buy Popcorn Hour or a media center extender The benefits of an HTPC is that I can include a blu ray drive plus I can use Windows Media Center which I ve heard great reviews about The benefit of popcorn hour or a media center extender is saving money The idea I have is to use Powerline to connect my server desktop to the router router is not in the same room as PC From there I either connect a HTPC or the media extender The router is an g so I will be streaming music fine but video will go over ethernet through powerline If this was incoherent and just a lot of information please let me know I ll try to tone it down but I would love to hear what everyone thinks Thanks in advance Oh and one more thing I already own a copy of WHS and Windows Vista Premium so the prices of the OS s are no longer a factor nbsp

A:Building a media server

just buy the hard drives and put them in the computer u are using, this is the cheapest and u can share the drives over the network if u want.
Relevancy 50.31%

Hi guys server office Building small a I m tech man at my family business and Building a small office server currently we have two office with two computers each - life is easy just network the weaker to the strong and let her be file server We re moving and combining offices so I ll be looking after computers and so believe we ll be needing a server It ll just be a local server for centralised file storage printing etc and holding back ups Aside from tech specs I Building a small office server m wondering what OS would be best All the computers are running Windows one is vista but that will probably be replaced shortly for another machine I m wondering if I can run the server on Windows or if I should use a Windows Server OS I have no knowledge of Linux and would like to stick with Windows for this I m thinking I ll have server wired to router then as much as possible I d like the computers also wired into the router - but if that s no possible do you think using wireless would be practical for this We re a letting agency so most of the files we re playing with are documents and photos so nothing really over mb in a single file Any and all advice regarding the running of the server is appreciated Regarding tech specs I m thinking along the lines of the following i Haswell so no need for GPU - Probably a unless more power is needed gb - gb DDR RAM mhz do I need proper ECC RAM We re not running demanding server applications databases etc Its pretty much just a local file server x TB HDD in RAID PSU Mobo etc determined by price not really an issue I m coming at the build from a gaming pedigree hence the i - are Xeon CPU s significantly different better for this work Many thanks for reading and any advice nbsp

A:Building a small office server

I'd almost suggest you buy a small pre-built and purpose built server from Dell, HP, or Lenovo.

Or since it's just for files, maybe just get a professional grade NAS with RAID-5 like a Synology unit.

Backups can be done to USB hard drives that can, and should be rotated, offsite for safe keeping.

Also if you go wired with 5 computers, a server, and possibly network printers I'd be looking at using a small 8 or 16 port Gigabit switch and using the router only as the gateway for the internet and for the wireless.
Relevancy 50.31%

Well my place I work acquired another office and we need a file server for our rd location At first I was just going to buy a NAS but I m don t think it would have the ability to install a backup client on it like Crash Plan so I m thinking of just building a file server amp loading a distro of Linux on it thats designed for servers some like Ubuntu Server edition Problem is all the computers I have built have been for gaming So this is what my we need - a file server that is going to have data for mostly plans and spec books along with setups for business cards flyers signs and other graphic works Probably going to have - computers pulling a server rush of Building bit file a - data from it along with - networked printers I looked at some of the server mobo but they just seem like more than I need I like the dual gigabyte LAN on them but I think I can find that on some desktop Mobo So I m kinda the stage of picking a mobo and CPU and leaning towards just getting something like a C D of a lower end i or AMD - not against AMD just a bit outa the lop with what they have I don t need much processing power to just pull files from it do i Also not really all the sure what makes Sever Mobo s and CPU s different from desktop other than they are designed for servers IDK I m a little outa my normal zone here and the boss says we need it by the end of the month so I don t have Building a file server - bit of a rush too long to research it So any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Building a file server - bit of a rush

What's the price range for this server?
I would suggest just ordering a Dell. You'll get great support and a pre-build system.
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i have 3 computers and want to buy a server computer so the 3 computers can run the same program where all 3 share the same data form the program and when one computer saves something new in the data base of the program all 3 computers show the update.

what equipment do i need and how do i do it

A:need help building a small business server

The equipment is secondary to the capability of the application in question. You have to have a multi-user application for something like this to work. Why don't we start with the name of the application you're going to be using?
Relevancy 50.31%

what would you guys recommend for a 4 computer network?

I want everyone saveing all their important stuff to a very realiable, fast server that's basically safe from any data loss.

my budget is $700.00


A:building a small data server

$700 is a little cheap for a server thats:

very realiable, fast server that's basically safe from any data lossClick to expand...

Esp.the word fast.

Heres my two cents:
*Get two SATA 160GB drives and mirror them in RAID0
*Get a mobo with SATA Raid0 built in so you dont have to spend $100 on a SATA Raid card
*Depending on how much it all costs, try to get a Xeon or Opteron ( which keep in mind will need a Xeon/Opteron mobo)
*Get 1GB of RAM, but show us what you plan on getting, becasue theres cheap 1GB sticks, and expensive 1GB sticks. The expensive 1GB sticks are more expensive for a good reason, and you want that good reaosn.

I think $700 is pretty low for a server.. thing is with a server, you need things like 2 hard drives in raid, if the mobo doesnt have raid a raid pci card is $100, a second hard drive costs more moeny. Your going to want a large amount of ram that costs more. Your going to want a cpu more cache, hence Xeon etc, which wil also cost more.

Your also going to need a hard firewall (a router with a firewall built into it), and norton AV running 24/7.
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I have quite a few HDD s SATA a NAS/eSATA Server? Building Media amp IDE laying about on my desk that have loads of media files on them I would like to build some sort of NAS eSATA media server box to house them Building a NAS/eSATA Media Server? all in and have the possibility to connect this box to my home Network PC PS Multimedia Playing Device HDTV What would be the best way to go about doing this I Have a LINKSYS WRT N - Wireless-N Gigabit Router on my home network http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I also got a few Gigabit CAT cables laying around i have at least or more HDD s lying around with countless media files on them What else would you guys recommend getting doing to make a big ol Building a NAS/eSATA Media Server? server box to house all these HDD s in and have them connect through either a Gigabit CAT cable though my network router or an eSATA cable or HiSpeed USB Cable What would be the best thing to do or route to take for this kinda setup nbsp

A:Building a NAS/eSATA Media Server?

I really doubt if you are going to use all 15 drives. You will need a server quality case to fit the most of your drives, a server quality motherboard, CPU, memory and power supply or power supplies (more than one supply)... and lots of $$$
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I am attempting to build (my very first build ever) a print server and file share server for home use and will NEVER have more than 10 users (usually only 3 users) at a time. I built this system, but as I said this is my 1st build this not enough for my needs, to much for my needs or just right?

Also, what case would be good for this and everything fit nice? Something cheap (or ugly, haha) as it will be tucked away and not seen.

I will be running Ubuntu Server with the LXDE desktop environment installed and that is about it. What do you guys think? I welcome all feedback

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Hi guys I am new to Linux I want to build a computer server based on linux for my SOHO based on approximately desktop wired LAN and laptop wireless LAN At the moment i am using Linksys Wireless Router LAN Port and wireless print server from Linksys as well Connected to ADSL connection through a wireless ADSL modem even though the connection from the modem to my router is on RJ can t trust wireless in this yet Here s what i need on the new Linux server File storage for the business Building [HELP] a Bussiness Server Linux SOHO application Mail server to serve internally and as a gateway mail server checks for antivirus spam and malicious softwares VPN connection available to seeks data and print from remote location Printing service this is for LAN service wired and wireless Bandwith limiter for designated IP s whereas clients will have less speed than admin IP s some staff get s me headache since they are using loads of [HELP] Building a Linux SOHO Bussiness Server bandwidth for downloading softwares on working hour Here s my question [HELP] Building a Linux SOHO Bussiness Server What hardware should i use for this matter The newest or what Is there any key point i should check on buying hardwares for linux server One big capacity HD or multiple HD for each clients for convenient access Does KVM switch works under linux as well Don t want to but extra monitor and kerboard mouse Hehe What Linux should i use Is there any one solution linux to all this By using linux here i mean coz it s free What to do and how to setup Cheers for the help nbsp

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I'd like to build a network at home. I'd like to have a server to which I can connect my other computers. Do I need a server OS? Or I can use my Windows 2000? What hardware do I need? Do I need two network cards installed on my server?

Could you also please tell me good links (or books) where I can search for some information related to this topic?


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Hi there My friend wants me to set up a NAS server for him - but wants to use WINDOWS -- strange choice but it's doable and I suppose it will be less hassle to keep fixing Windows than allowing him to hose up a Linux system if he's never used Linux before Hardware is simple - cube type box RAID card HDD bays SSD for boot device half height Nvidia graphics card-- gt HDMI and audio output RAID etc no problem - but is there an alternative to the wretched NTFS file system for the HDD arrays I'm currently using this setup on a Linux NAS server There are also some LONG file names which NTFS hoses up totally -- especially on the music files and I really don't want to re-name a whole slew of stuff Any ideas -- at these sorts of HDD sizes NTFS should NAS a problem system Building file server Windows -- really be put to bed IMO Compared with the XFS or EXT file systems on Linux performance is rubbish too once you get large HDD's -- however he insists it has to be Windows and he's paying for the hardware etc Cheers jimbo